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File: 1531789810079.jpeg (24.11 KB, 275x272, 1530046416676.jpeg)

No. 638664

21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/614641

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

New Milk:

>Jonny recently bought himself a milk snake and bought Taylor an orchid mantis

>Lies about age of deceased mantis

>Jokes about dead pets

>They both continue impulse buying animals despite owning over 30

>Proof (kind of) came out on Twitter that Taylor smokes heroin with Jonny

>Posts picture of abandoned service dog looking overweight and with an unhealthy coat

>Uses her plethora of illness to excuse not posting, yet she’s somehow able to care for 30+ animals everyday

>Suddenly starts ranting about being vegan and saving the planet despite not even being vegetarian herself

> Claims she is finally getting the cheese tattoo

> Posted photos clearly showing off a number of suspect bruises on her arm

No. 638673

Why the fuck are there 3 TD #15 threads right now?

No. 638692


Because people are trying to make a new thread since it's going to be locked

No. 638693

Seems to be the same op playing with different pictures and not deleting the old ones?

No. 638742


It wasn't, I only made this one. Linking it in the gen pet tuber thread.

No. 638757

File: 1531797512552.png (36.33 KB, 516x210, Picture 2.png)

Thanks for making a new thread, anon.

She's back to playing the victim again. She doesn't want her fans thinking about her monitor enclosure lies so she makes it seem like she's being "shamed" for her illnesses.

No. 638760

File: 1531797938702.png (85.38 KB, 519x434, Picture 1.png)

Also interesting that she got called out on the last thread for calling celiac an allergy instead of autoimmune and calling hEDS a "joint disorder" instead of a connective tissue disorder because she clearly knows nothing about the illnesses she claims to have, and then she tweets this a few hours later.

Hi Taylor, you're obviously lurking. You might want to google some more though because EDS type 3 doesn't even exist anymore.

No. 638761

File: 1531798095668.png (52.86 KB, 518x483, Picture 3.png)

You've never tweeted the phrase "connective tissue" until you read it here.

No. 638766

Her monitor cage is smaller than the cage I have for my two guinea pigs. They’re both about 2lbs and less than a foot.

No. 638864

File: 1531809110094.png (25.31 KB, 520x129, Picture 1.png)

She let the "line god" talk her into a second tattoo. When will she learn?

No. 638881

This is probably weird but in one of the pictures of her sitting in the monitor’s cage, she had her iPhone X sitting next to her. I measured that next to the cage and it’s definitely only 6ft long. She lies about literally everything.

No. 638910

File: 1531816105364.jpg (722.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180717-012742.jpg)

No. 638920

Oh god. That looks terrible. It doesn’t look like cheese at all

No. 638922

File: 1531818542143.jpeg (378.71 KB, 750x920, 9362CAF9-AB36-42C1-B53D-78125D…)

Also here’s Mama Dean whining again. Of course having to bring Tanner up so people feel sorry for her.

No. 638942

Tanner literally has nothing to do with Taylor. Like I'm sure he made her childhood a bit harder but she's now her own person, she probably barely talks to him.

No. 638999

File: 1531831375582.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, 2F166E2A-7753-4F8C-86BE-DEAFE6…)

Her hair has never looked more like straw, it’s actually disgusting.

No. 639006

sage this and post a screenshot that’s not 0.2 MP and old news

No. 639031

God I can’t stand Jennifer. I used to follow her when the whole Jonny and Taylor thing started but then got blocked for linking Taylor’s profile to her when Taylor went on her another fake rant about leaving Jonny and how everything wasn’t what it seemed. Looks like she’s even more crazy now. She’s spends 50% of her time complaining about people talking about tanner and the other 50% bringing him up in things that are totally unrelated to him!

No. 639032

So sorry forgot to sage!

No. 639049

Wow she managed to get an even uglier tattoo than I expected.

If she got a realistic looking cowfish then it wouldn't be terrible. But this cartoon piece of shit? Lmao

No. 639059

Woahhhh that is WAY worse than I thought it was going to be!! And right on her leg like that??? Noooo Taylor WHYYY. I instantly pictured her at 50+, fat, 500 animals running around peeing everywhere, that Cheese tattoo completely blurry and unrecognizable on her ankle.. As her youtube 1mil sub plaque glistens on the wall behind her. She should have gotten it around her collar bone and a realistic version of a cow fish.. This looks so trailer trashy. Has she always had the other tattoo that's peeking out on her other leg?

No. 639101

Why does her tattoo look like it got punched in the face. Lmao

Wonder what horrible tattoo she got after that thing

No. 639104

Ew a huge box on her collar bone? She shouldn't have gotten it at all! We've yet to see a cow fish tattoo done well, it's just not a cute fish and this new tattoo doesn't fit the aesthetic of the rest of her tattoos. This looks like a cartoon slapped on her body and not even a good one at that

No. 639109

it looks like one of those shitty sticker tattoos lmao.

No. 639157

God, it's hideous. Why is it so lumpy and awful? It looks like someone beat the shit out of a fish with a coat hanger.
& its mouth lmfao.

No. 639214

And she paid at least $300 for this piece of shit (if i'm not mistaken, Romeo's base price is $300)

No. 639295

File: 1531851499792.jpeg (268.56 KB, 633x876, CEBDCC47-EC3C-4C04-BF15-872FEE…)

No. 639299

Romeo's tattoos tend to fade and become blurry after awhile so I can only imagine how faded and splotched this will look in about a year.

No. 639313

"so why does your opinion matter?" she asks, after a paragraph of excuses given because she clearly cares way too much about their opinion. that being said, that tattoo is trash

No. 639318


oh god. joke tattoos are rarely a good idea unless its a nice design and an inside joke. lmaoo she's so gonna regret that in a few months, if she doesn't already

No. 639322

Why didn't she pay for it?
And a joke tattoo is not going to be something she'll love forever I'd assume. I could understand getting a well done, super cute tattoo of a pet she loves but unfortunately cow fish jsut look dumb as a tattoo and this tattoo just looks extra dumb. It actually looks like a temporary tattoo, that's how bad it is.

No. 639327

Kek she knows it’s bad and is trying her best to defend it.

No. 639332

File: 1531854016440.jpeg (281.19 KB, 1242x1540, 13C8B984-D62A-4503-B73E-B46440…)

So is she claiming she drew the ugly cheese reference picture?? I have a hard time believing that.

No. 639333

I assume she didn't pay for it because of some collab deal or whatever with Romeo

No. 639337

File: 1531854246673.jpeg (359.52 KB, 1242x1810, 7BF4A0F9-B4F5-42C5-8406-CC24BA…)

Not only is not a good concept it’s just not a good tattoo. Yikes.

No. 639338

File: 1531854357533.jpeg (63.03 KB, 1242x460, B0B059E8-A849-4D2E-A8B2-D3C1CB…)


No. 639347

File: 1531855230411.jpeg (287.98 KB, 750x1084, C1F879EE-FFB6-4D0F-905C-81F192…)

Oh it is so ironic that he posts this when Taylor is getting like her horridly ugly cheese tattoo. Lmao

No. 639349

Something looks reeeeally off about the pigment on that thing.

No. 639352

I think it's bc there's like zero shading he's just solid yellow

No. 639353

Yeah, the yellow's not saturated at all. There seems to be patches of skin without yellow on at all in the body of the fish.

Why isn't it red also? I thought with her super fragile skin issues we'd see some kind of sign she'd been tattooed…

Is it me or does it look more like one of those temporary tattoos lol

No. 639354

It even has the shine of a temp tattoo on the black outlines and scrunched skin from the glue/water drying. Probably just tinfoiling but ya never know with good ol' Traitor

No. 639359

I have to admit I kekked to both.

No. 639362

You're right, it does have that scrunched-up temp tattoo look on the right fin.
One can only pray it's a joke and she doesn't have that inkvomit on her actual skin permanently, lmao. But maybe that's just wishful thinking.

No. 639363

It's so obvious when she gets pressed about criticism.

No. 639365

File: 1531856523673.jpg (388.12 KB, 1070x523, tndcheesetattoo.jpg)


Yikes! That thing has multiple blow outs, none of the circles are actually round, the yellow doesn't even come close to touching the lines, the red circles on the staff don't line up at all, those lines on the rod of the staff are wonky af, the color is so scratchy…. this is one busted tattoo. Even if the design was phenomenal (which it's not) the actual tattoo work is horrid.

The thing that bothers me the most is the mouth. It would've taken about 2 seconds of tweaking for it to look at least 10% better.

No. 639369

He looks like he has a fucking bicep on his face lmao.

No. 639370

File: 1531856755372.png (10.38 MB, 2224x1668, CFB1FFFF-2CB4-4A57-AC18-E88215…)

Also looks way better once you remove that weird line on the cheek.

No. 639371

I'd be so upset if this was on my body forever. What is up with the mouth? And why doesn't it look like a regular fresh tattoo? I'm actually starting to think it's temporary. We can hope….

No. 639374

This is so much better looking than her actual one…what is the weird cheek line thing supposed to even be?

No. 639379

File: 1531857073960.jpg (206.13 KB, 546x498, tndcheesetattoo2.jpg)


Definitely better! So 10 seconds of fixing the mouth and taking away most of the line, it's already way less ugly. A good tattoo artist would've tweaked this thing to at least make it look halfway decent.

No. 639380

The eyes also don't match and are wonky too.

No. 639382

File: 1531857205846.jpeg (398.92 KB, 1242x1378, 9A27A731-F91E-4958-9830-0BFB9C…)

No. 639384


Yeah, and don't even get me started on the fins. The left fin (fish's right) needs to be a lot bigger (wider) and the other fin needs to be moved forward. Otherwise they are starting at totally different places. And don't cow fish have a tail fin? What's with the Slimer-esque tail section? If I cared enough I could fix this thing in less than 10 minutes. It's kinda sad she's stuck with this forever. But then again…not really.

No. 639387

Romeo has a shitty attitude just like Taylor so honestly I’m not surprised they’re friends but just because someone is your friend doesn’t mean you have to let them tattoo you. Romeo is a shit tattoo artist so no surprise she got a shit tattoo. The line work is literal shit and he has the nerve to call himself the “line god”. Kek. Congrats on your shitty tattoo, Taylor. Can’t wait to see the other one.

No. 639389

I mean, with the way it looks now, it's probably going to fade pretty fast.

No. 639398

Yeah, no shade to whoever 'fixed' it by removing the line and altering the mouth… but that tattoo is a mess of errors. To the point where you'd almost be better redrawing it.

No. 639405

File: 1531858423206.jpg (385.82 KB, 1070x498, tndcheesetattoo3.jpg)


Yeah, I completely agree. But in my defense, I never said I "fixed" it. I just said it was 10% better. LOL Just pointing out there were very simple ways of improving this thing from being extremely busted to almost passable. It never would've been fantastic no matter what was done to it unless a very talented artist took the concept and redrew it. This is the best I could do in 3 minutes. Still way better, in my opinion. So many errors that could've been easily corrected in such a short amount of time.

No. 639418

It looks like one of those temporary tattoos that has started to rub off.

I don't understand why she doesn't find/use the same artist every time. She has the money.

No. 639424

Because she only cares about what's Instagram trendy. The Cartier bracelet, the lip injections, the way she dresses. She barely does research on her animals, a tattoo isn't gonna be any different.

No. 639439


This smells like clickbait tbh. I also think it's one of those custom temporary tattoos.

There's no indication/irritation whatsoever from having a real tattoo like her others.
If you look closely you can see the incompletion of the lines/details which are common from peeling off a temporary.


No. 639445

But he's so controversial because we SEE his work. There's no negating he's a shitty artist.

No. 639447

This is way tinfoil, as a tattood anon it definitely looks real to me. Tattoos get all plasma-y and slimy looking when first healing.

No. 639452

I know Taylor’s scummy but I feel that I also have to disagree with the idea its fake… her stans would feel oh so betrayed if she did that. Cheese is their almighty god, she wants to make them worship her by getting this tattoo (which is admittedly worse than I even imaged it would turn out to be.)
Jonny has a past of shaming his exes for their tattoos too. I’d imagine Jonny is furious that she got another tattoo, much less such an ugly looking one. He is making subtle but obvious shame at her for getting it. Image how much of this he does without us seeing it on social media. “You’d look better if you did this/wore that/didn’t do that…” etc. no wonder the insta-thot-baddie lips came and next will probably be a boob job to please him.

No. 639458

this picture is from some like super christian article that's been going around lately- mainly by people laughing at the absurdity

No. 639461

No wonder she’s with Jonny. “Those are just stories that hasnt happened to me because he’s nice to me and we have a special relationship. If it doesn’t happen to me then it doesn’t matter.”

No. 639502

Agreed. I don’t think the tattoo is fake - it’s just a shitty tattoo. Also, on her Instagram story you can see there is some redness and irritation around it. Unfortunately for Taylor it is permanent.

No. 639517

What is the controversy around this guy? I wouldn't be surprised if he were also abusive to women and a rapist

No. 639528

He's just a shitty tattoo artist who paints himself as a God. Most actual artists don't like him and his shop minimum is $300 when for most artists it's around $100 if you're good and only that high ($300+) if you're AMAZING and have a unique style and years and years of experience. He also name-drops all the celebrities he's tattood on a dickride to fame.
The other thing is once someone asked in his comments why he never tattoos black people and he responded to that person commenting their dumb and that he has but because of the way he edits photos (black and white) it looks like everyone's white….which made no sense.

No. 639538


He’s a mediocre artist who “specializes” in single needle tattoos. Single needle tattoos are well known to fade very fast, blow out, blur etc, but he makes grand claims about his tattoos healing perfect and never fading, yet he has only been tattooing at all for a few years, doing the single needle stuff for like have of that, his tattoos haven’t stood any test of time because a couple of years isn’t enough to have a wide enough client base with tattoos showing how they age to tell how long they actually last.

Single needle stuff is usually done in detail work where the intention is to allow it to blur to either improve or at least not damage the design.

In addition to his work quality and longevity being questionable, he basically behaves exactly like Jonny toward criticism, ie, wildly immature.

No. 639547

File: 1531868886779.png (86.85 KB, 517x417, Picture 2.png)

Looks like he doesn't want to take any responsibility for this train wreck.

No. 639563

Didn't Taylor just say she drew it? If they're gonna lie they should've gotten their story straight first lmao

No. 639570

So he admits the line work is shit, lol. Also, I can see why him and Taylor are such good friends - they’re both full of excuses!

No. 639580

File: 1531870498152.png (44 KB, 516x236, Picture 1.png)

Haha, yup.

No. 639582

Kind of sounded like it, but she credited the artist on her Instagram. Maybe the “mad drawing skills” was something about the other “surprise” tattoo.

No. 639583

That’s what I thought at first but I think she may be talking about the second tattoo she got.

No. 639585

Maybe they're talking about that "secret" other tattoo for his channel.

Has Taylor ever indicated that she can draw at all? I guess it can't be much worse than the cheese abomination

No. 639586

No, but she’s made comments about wishing she could draw as well as fans who did drawings for her. So it’s doubtful she can draw.

No. 639588

The cheese tattoo her fan got was amazing

No. 639589

Did the original drawer ever post the drawing that the tattoo is of? I'd be interested to see it…

No. 639594

File: 1531871598757.jpg (348.8 KB, 1080x1721, Screenshot_20180717-175349__01…)

Look what I found

No. 639596

OP you're fucking stupid.

Hoarding is a mental illness.
Do you also get pissed at cancer patients for being in denial about having cancer?

Furthermore she's obviously in an abusive relationship and needs immediate help. Instead of shitting on her offer her the number of a local battered womens shelter

No. 639603

Ever work at an abuse shelter? This is what every battered woman says. It's unhealthy and abnormal and pretty much confirms victim status

Unless they have broken out of the abuser grooming, then they want to murder their abuser and give no fucks about fighting back

No. 639605

What a piece of shit

No. 639611

File: 1531872482982.png (7.31 MB, 1242x2208, A7C3D2F5-94FA-4662-B156-23407E…)

I’m guessing the “mad art skills” is a sarcastic comment about the shitty animals drawn on the tattoo roulette wheel. I’m assuming Taylor drew them to decide what the second surprise tattoo would be and then Romeo actually drew the tattoo.

No. 639612

I think you’re confused about what site you’re on.

No. 639618

So basically they can't blame the fan because he totally took it and redrew it ugly as shit

No. 639622

Pretty much. At least the fans art resembles a cow fish, and the weird cheek line actually looks normal and is shaded. Romeo's just looks like a block of yellow with fins

No. 639639

The OP has been the same for the past six months and 12 threads when I first wrote it. You’re late.

I’m sorry, are you trying to justify that hoarding disorder (which she doesn’t have) gives her a free pass to mistreat, abuse, and even kill animals?

No. 639670

File: 1531875766081.jpeg (229.52 KB, 640x573, AAB58230-FD8C-4F73-A345-7C6BC6…)


No. 639677

File: 1531876181380.png (918.02 KB, 750x1334, 08AF3204-7E7B-4D45-8CB0-90E8EA…)

Yeah monetize on your disabled son saying things he doesn’t understand fully. Careful Mama Dean, you’re showing how desperate and insane you are

No. 639680

God what a disgusting human being she is. How about not using your disabled son for your personal gain for money/followers/attention?? You are just pathetic and sad Jen.

No. 639686


Dear god the fucking cringe. Mama Dean, why not just text your daughter or something rather than tweet this bullshit

No. 639810

>talks about how hard SHE has it raising a disabled son
>takes advantage of his disability to make youtube bucks

What absolute trash.

No. 639811

File: 1531886186322.png (29.58 KB, 522x140, Picture 2.png)

Can you imagine having a whole leg of Romeo's trash tattoos?

No. 639859

Nah, stilll ugly.
Not that I think the fan is bad artist, it's just a terrible tattoo idea either way.

No. 639869

I think the fan drawing is pretty decent honestly. The line on the face with the shading gives more actual structure to the face instead of the deflated yellow balloon that the tattoo shows.

No. 639933

I doubt her channel is monetised, it's far too small. Also given how intelligent this woman clearly is, I doubt she has any idea how YouTube actually makes money in the first place.
Most mothers, deserved or not, are always proud of their child. She's definitely not out to make money, she just wants to share her thrilling life on YouTube and possibly win back Taylor's love.

No. 639941

I'm fucking confused? Romeo doesn't really do a traditional style of tattooing and this cheese is definitely not traditional.

No. 639955

why the fuck would this person want to listen to somebody ELSE'S mother nag at them? fuck off Jennifer.

>hope i don't offend any hoes
…while i exploit my disabled, minor child (and bitch endlessly to complete strangers on a huge public platform about how much he RUINED my LIFE)

Utter trailer trash

No. 640013

You also don’t just do one style on just one appendage being heavily tattooed is a whole body plan.

But no the cheese tattoo is not traditional in the slightest. Traditional tattoos have a thick even outline throughout the entire tattoo while hers looks more sketch style.

No. 640017

File: 1531920880280.jpeg (410.4 KB, 1242x1955, 8366E337-3FDF-4C2A-8C22-012D6F…)

She just told someone this empty ass tank was good for a beta.

No. 640021

didn’t she say she doesn’t like giving animal care advice to specific people over the internet?

No. 640025


Umm how fucking big is that tank like 2 gal??

No. 640043


Looks more like a 5g to me, maybe a tad bigger. I have a 5g and it looks like it'd be a bit smaller if put together side by side. Maybe it's a brand tank so we could look it up

No. 640063

I have that same tank it's a 5g probably bought from petsmart they were having a sale on them

No. 640072

ahhhh fish anon here

A 5g is fine for a betta, that's what it looks like to me. BUT WHAT IS HER OTHER ADVICE. For one that betta needs hides/places to sleep.

Cycling takes 4-6 WEEKS if you don't use bottled bacteria or seed from an established filter.

Ghost feeding on day 3-4 would do nothing? What? That means you provide an ammonia source (fish food) for the beneficial bacteria (what the point of cycling is, cultivating bb). So for 1-3 days, you do nothing, so there's no food source for these bb. Then day 3-4 you feed them? So then they have a population boom, then all starve to death in the following days because you're not regularly providing an ammonia source, THEN you add your betta to a basically uncycled tank?! An uncycled tank = ammonia poisoning, even if your fish survives the cycle at this point, there are long-term negative effects from this. What she said makes no sense.

As an added bonus, NO ONE should trust their pet store's free water tests. They use strips, which are inaccurate. And if you recently set up your tank and bring a water sample in, you'll get a reading of 0/0/0, which can appear cycled to someone how doesn't ask how long the tank's been set up. Splurge on the $20 and get a liquid test kit.

At least this seems like proof she used to work at a chain pet store lol, completely uneducated on the most basic part of fishkeeping, cycling, but believes she should be giving out advice anyway.

No. 640128

File: 1531932826764.png (54.51 KB, 750x221, IMG_1269.PNG)

This just reminded me that her first tattoo was only a year ago. Tattoo fever is a thing and I am grateful every day that I didn't have the money for all of the dumb tattoo ideas I had when I was younger.

No. 640143

Why do all of you care so much about them? Fuck em. Don’t pay any attention to them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 640147

Well tomorrow is the first day Jonny will be on tour almost every day until October 14. I bet Taylor is happy because he’ll finally pull some weight and make money but also angry that she’s home taking care of her 40+ animals while he’s sleeping with other girls, getting drunk and high. I wonder how much she’ll abandon her animals with her friend that has a newborn this time just to be with him again?

No. 640195

File: 1531938502508.png (644.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180718-142612.png)

I wonder if she has her ankle out of the bath water?? I honestly doubt it. She's gonna fuck up her tattoo even more than it already is

No. 640374

Haha her advice on the betta tank is laughable. Yes the size and filter are fine and that’s it! There’s no plant nor enrichment for it nor is there any floating log or leaf or somewhere for it to hang out. And the cycling is really beginners stuff and she doesn’t even know that!

No. 640395

Can’t watch the video rn but why is her hair brown? I thought she just got the cheese tattoo

No. 640417


Maybe she's trying to ruin it on purpose so she can excuse its removal

No. 640434

+ Along with a bunch of the other non-saged posts I keep seeing…
Anons, please learn to sage! Type “sage” in the email field if you’re posting no new information.

Anyways, this is old milk I know was mentioned in the last thread right before the reply limit was cut off, but did anyone call out Taylor on her lie about drinking alcohol? She had a shot of whiskey on her 8AM flight, then told concerned people it was “her first drink in a month” and that she and Jonny were taking the sober thing sooo serious. But she just drank at her friends party a week or 2 ago.
Honestly she’s probably becoming an alcoholic like Jonny, idk if she’s just so bad at keeping her lies straight or she literally doesn’t remember that she drank a week ago and not a month ago.

No. 640446

File: 1531949763897.jpeg (189.08 KB, 750x1063, D1D60469-29B1-4565-86BE-816500…)

Is it just me or do his hands just look huge? Jesus they look swollen as hell.

No. 640450


Reading for comprehension, anon.

>1 year ago

No. 640452

No, I don't think anyone called her out, especially since it was overshadowed by her shitty tattoo. Unsurprisingly, the tweets about the flight/whiskey have all been deleted. She literally lies about the stupidest things and makes it so easy to prove.

No. 640476

I think her meltdowns always start at the bathtub kek
Before her twitter rant she made a story with her cats in the bathtub with some cringey sad comment
Be ready for the milk

No. 640569

File: 1531960571540.png (265.95 KB, 344x652, Picture 3.png)

What a hypocrite.

No. 640594

File: 1531961570669.jpeg (120.74 KB, 1290x933, 8D52E046-8662-46DC-BE9A-192F6F…)

Wonder what her idea of “early” is.

No. 640598

Isn't she just finally uploading it now? I don't know what time zone she's in but it's currently 7pm where I am…. That's not early in my opinion lol

No. 640613

File: 1531962637360.png (40.84 KB, 519x226, Picture 3.png)


She deleted this tweet, so probably no upload today. Typical.

No. 640628

It’s a fucking makeup tutorial, how hard is it to film yourself putting makeup on and making the same typical jump cuts and upload? Jesus fuck. I laugh at her fans who say “there’s no reason to be in a bad mood when Taylor is filming a video!” She SAYS she’s filming, when in reality she sat and filmed but doesn’t feel like editing afterwards. Some hardworking YTer she is. Probably having a mental breakdown about Jonny being in Brazil and she’s gonna use her sudden vague “joint problem” flare ups as an excuse. She’s so predictable sometimes, it’s pathetic.

No. 640634

File: 1531963767928.png (166.25 KB, 518x417, 1531781656983.png)

She also deleted this. No idea why the makeup tutorial file is called "satanic leaf gecko." The footage is probably not even new.

No. 640643

She just keeps opening her new video files in her old edit file.

No. 640660

Hasn’t she done this multiple times? Why is it always the same name? That just doesn’t seem right. I can totally see her using a random screenshot from an old film just to make it seem like she’s being “productive”. Wonder what her excuse will be? Isn’t it 9pm in Texas? “Early” lol

So accurate, her meltdowns seem to always start in the bathtub lmao. She’s probably freaking out and crying knowing Jonny must be with another girl by now

No. 640664

File: 1531965052787.jpeg (289.49 KB, 1265x1904, DAEC1DFC-1D5E-4DA4-B95A-D0D0D0…)

Apparently it’s uploading.

No. 640666

Or she's using the template from that old video ie. intro, music files etc. It's not exactly conspiracy as to why it's the same file name. Idk why anons are getting worked up about it.

No. 640690

No. 640707

Hooktube no longer protects from giving views. it's a straight YT embedder npw.

No. 640712

No one called her out that I saw. I was going to, but the post was deleted. Shocker

No. 640724

Okay but like, why doesn’t she set her face??????

No. 640745

File: 1531970923614.png (580.62 KB, 971x509, Picture 3.png)

That was so embarrassing to watch. It's obvious she wants people to fawn over her and give her compliments.

No. 640750

Those lips are hideous with lipstick on them! You don’t notice how puffy they are when they’re natural. She’s probably breaking out because that makeup is too old and is covered in bacteria! Gross!

No. 640775

Interesting she uses Smashbox makeup, considering they’re owned by Estee Launder which tests on animals.

No. 640802

I mean tarte is also owned by a company that tests on animals so your point?

No. 640827

Because she is so pro-animals rights and shit maybe?
If she wasnt has hyprocrite then it would be fine but she has this holier than thou attitude.

No. 640895

Is she using a beauty blender dry??

Also I could not stop looking at her lips. It looks like it hurts to move them

No. 640901

Didn’t watch the video but a dry BB produces fuller coverage. But soaks up more product. Not looking forward to watching those lips get smeared with product.

No. 640918

She said she had more break out on one side of her face, so its probably because she hasnt change the covers of her pillows (which doesnt surprise me if she cant even pick up her clothes of the floor)

No. 640930

Her makeup is dirty as fuck. Just the beauty blender alone needs to be washed every single time after use, which she obviously isn't doing. The brushes are also dusty as shit. No wonder she's always breaking out. Holy shit man she's dirty as fuck this is so fucking gross. Wash your fucking brushes.

No. 640933

File: 1531989984871.png (962.95 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20180719-093113.png)

So her monitors tank is 6.8x2.4x3.8 feet, not 7x4x4 or whatever she was saying. It's also clear that this isn't the inside space, considering she would barely be able to lie down in it unless she's now over 6ft tall. That tank is only 2.4 feet in depth (inside space very likely smaller than that), she said her monitor is about two feet now. I honestly don't know how she thinks she's taking good care of this poor creature when she's still denying it climbing space.

No. 641025

Damn, any other way we can avoid giving her views?

No. 641035

It depends on the person honestly. Some people support cruelty free companies even if the parent company isnt CF bc they think it will show the parent company that being CF is preferable and still profitable hoping it will make the parent company turn CF.

No. 641037

Not many people wash their brushes after each use calm the fuck down lol

No. 641069

File: 1532013025923.jpeg (411.92 KB, 1944x2592, B2A4D4A3-C10F-499B-B989-8A9C6A…)

She liked this tweet back in September, so she knows about parent companies.

No. 641080

Someone can download the video and upload it on some other site

No. 641101

File: 1532015499046.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1242x1539, E589DDB2-62E7-447D-829C-7077C2…)

Brazil must be so glad he’s there.

No. 641104


Wonder what's in that can hmmm

No. 641116

Hes so fucking trashy. Also I wonder what hes drinking

No. 641150

Pretty sure it’s Skol, a Brazilian beer.

No. 641151

File: 1532018010589.jpg (291.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180719-123244_Ins…)

Yep Popular beer in Brazil lol

No. 641163

So much for being sober… lol

No. 641174

Yep and there's no way any alcoholic can drink causally. Especially this early on. I'm SURE they will try to gloss it over like he's just drinking on the tour in moderation. Even though he's the only one in those pics not holding a bottle of water.

No. 641185

File: 1532020503584.jpeg (339.77 KB, 1242x1715, EA37EE29-F5DF-4507-A175-8A992A…)

gotta fill up those empty enclosures!

No. 641186

File: 1532020553631.jpeg (297.81 KB, 1242x1525, B6BF57CB-87D8-4123-9F24-83CCF6…)

No. 641194

Found the snake, it's supposedly a true chimera so she won't be talking down the price tag. https://www.morphmarket.com/us/c/reptiles/pythons/ball-pythons/134035

No. 641199

File: 1532021152406.png (232.78 KB, 964x572, Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 1.23…)

I used to like Jen but ever since she started seeking attention from taylor/the internet she's become so annoying

No. 641200

Yet you exploited your disabled son for talking about "damn hoes" recently…

No. 641226

"I need to save money, so let me just look on morphmarket for new snakes"

No. 641245

File: 1532025273813.jpg (607.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180719-123430.jpg)

This is an absolutely horrible way to hold a snake. No support on its body, just letting it dangle there…snakes skills can be detached from their spine, and their spines are injurable. She needs to stop treating them like toys

No. 641262

Ugh. It makes me sick thinking of this attention whore buying this snake to pander for instagram likes and view money at the expense of its health.

I hope literally anyone buys it before she can get her hands on it and toss it into the filth den with the rest of her animals. Like maybe spend that money on a fucking maid instead. Or anything at all that actually benefits your current animals, instead of keeping them in the bare minimum while you fling cash at your next living, breathing view stunt.

No. 641272

>need to save money
Does she mean she has to save money to buy this snake? Because that’s what i’m getting at. No wonder she’s uploading videos after videos.. she’s getting broke from providing everything for her manbaby.

Facepalm for someone that can get so much from youtube, yet not think about saving their money until they want something expensive

No. 641292


She's saying that they need to stop spending money.

No. 641358

This breaks my heart, you can see he's desperately trying to support the lower half of his body but all he can get a hold of is himself.

No. 641364

“Jonny and I are taking sobriety very seriously!”
lol sure sis, can’t keep your manlet on a leash without you there. Not like you fully support the sobriety anyways. They’re both alcoholics I’m sure. Nobody just goes from not drinking to having a shot of whiskey at 8AM. And Jonny sure as hell doesn’t know what “moderation” is with drinking.
Someone should call her out on this shit. Her lies are endless

No. 641389

File: 1532034309502.jpeg (160.71 KB, 750x995, BF289C4B-1D4D-41F5-9595-ED7660…)

Imagine not buying fucking expensive animals, regardless of at a discount or not, and actually RESCUING animals/reptiles in need of homes.

No. 641396

What does she mean "let me buy him" is she going to try and come up with some "abusive situation" or something?

No. 641399

Poor little buddy. I really hope she doesn't get him. He's so beautiful and she does NOT need another snake, let alone this little guy. I hope someone else gets him who's going to give him the love and adoration he deserves.

No. 641401

…I get where you're coming from, but snakes aren't made of paper. They've been around since the cretaceous period, holding a small, light snake like that isn't ideal but it isn't going to harm it either.

No. 641412

File: 1532036222986.jpeg (181.78 KB, 1242x1237, AFE9DA54-89F1-45CA-BD4F-783A0F…)

Lmfao. It’s still an impulsive buy. You literally just found the snake today. But you just can’t stand to have empty enclosures even though you don’t adequately care for the snakes you already have. This bitch is going to be broke in a few years time and her animals will be the ones to suffer (more than they already are)

No. 641413


"I cant afford this snake but i want it" = impulsive taytay

No. 641432

“I need to save money”… “I’m buying a 7k snake!” Wow, great adulting Taylor. Who wants to bet she’s impulse buying a new animal because she’s bored/ lonely that Johnny is gone.

No. 641436

Do you have snakes? They also need to feel supported in the case of terrestrial snakes. This is not an arboreal animal. This most definitely stresses out the snake, plus it's literally dangling there. It's at risk of falling too. Thus snake is at risk of injury and stress. Don't defend something if you don't know what you're talking about.

No. 641441

The "letting me buy" seems weird. I've seen this snake on morphmarket as have most of you, it's for sale. It's a purchase, you don't need someone to "let you buy" an item that they're selling. What is she on.

No. 641454


Yeah, and they haven't adapted to human handling quite yet. Terrestrial snakes (hognoses) aren't built to have all of their weight hanging off without any support. It does strain their spine and can cause injuries, stress, discomfort, everything you want to avoid when keeping an animal. They aren't arboreal boas.

No. 641458


Maybe she means a guy will buy the snake for her and then she buys it off of him after that? Whether for a lowered price or not idk

No. 641468

Because here >>641186 she claimed she just told Jonny they need to start saving money so she doesn’t want to spend $7000 on a snake. Most likely she’s pretending the person is letting her buy it at a lower price, even though I’m sure she’s buying at full price and just doesn’t want Jonny to know.

No. 641475

File: 1532037809708.jpeg (307.04 KB, 1286x1071, E20459B5-D89F-413F-B8D3-0A1327…)

No. 641476

File: 1532037820022.jpeg (148.36 KB, 1287x1008, 1BFF3769-DF2F-48AB-B209-32ECF6…)

No. 641483

File: 1532038068479.jpeg (195.24 KB, 1296x1122, 94E5DF01-5A42-414D-9EF2-41D67C…)

So she’s really trying to claim she got the snake free and only paid shipping?

No. 641485

File: 1532038085937.jpg (477.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180719-160834.jpg)

Oh look someone gave taylor a 7.5k snake for free because she's an animal expert and everyone wants taylor to have their snakes!

No. 641487

Someone should contact the seller to see if that's true… doubt it, but hey, if someone is giving away gorgeous snakes like that I want in.

No. 641488


Here's the snake on Morph Market.

No. 641489

Omfg she really thinks everyone is as dumb as her. No one is going to give you a fucking $8000 snake for the cost of shipping. She’s delusional with her lies.

No. 641493

Maybe. It's a paradox snake, aka a genetic chimera. They look cool but the chimera trait cannot be passed down. The snake itself isn't worth $7500, it's just being sold for that.

But with that being said it's likely a VPI axanthic, and those do go for about $800.

No. 641494

in a reply that’s already been deleted she said she explained to the seller who she is and he just gave it to her. who in the hell is gonna believe that??? didn’t get a screenshot because it was deleted so fast

No. 641495

She already deleted this tweet.

No. 641497

but you kind of are supposed to wait, if you're actually trying to save money though? lmao. only taylor.
what rational adult human being says "oh, 7500 bucks, and it's perfect, but i'm also trying to save money and buy a house. better buy the snake!"

No. 641500

File: 1532038845229.png (39.63 KB, 585x162, Skärmavbild 2018-07-20 kl. 00…)

No. 641503

Literally why would he agree to send it to her without cost. Why. He's clearly selling for a profit, I just can't. Has anyone contacted the seller?

No. 641504

I know exactly what I'm talking about, thanks. I'm not defending Taylor as she isn't worth defending, I just know the snake's skull isn't going to become 'detached from the spine' as a result of mishandling on this scale.

No. 641511

I just asked the seller on it's fb page if it's true that he sold it for just 50$

No. 641514

>Payment plans are always possible! Inquire if you have a serious interest in any of our animals. Usually a 20% deposit is required and payment within 30-90 days, depending on the animal and situation. If you've got something else in mind, let me know.

The seller offers payment plans, so it's more likely she did that.

No. 641515

So day 1 of his tour, hes drinking. She responds by getting a new animal. Not even rescuing because no, it has to be unique for her photoshoots. And then comes her typical “I’ve been looking/I wanted one for a long time”

She’s an animal neglecting hoarding enabling fake kim k wannabe

No. 641520

File: 1532039413261.png (71.17 KB, 517x318, Picture 3.png)

What kind of moron thinks 40 gallons is too big for a ball python? Look up termite mounds, they're enormous. But promote more shit care for your snakes to all your minions who don't know better.

According to the breeder's FB the chimera is a proven breeder so that may be why it costs more?

No. 641523

>If you've got something else in mind, let me know

Maybe she offered him a shoutout in one of her videos since she's such a famous youtuber kek

No. 641526

File: 1532039493594.jpeg (370.08 KB, 1668x1982, 9A9E8574-6974-44AA-BB8F-4E23F2…)

No. 641527

File: 1532039547027.jpeg (199.72 KB, 1291x1057, 18AF5CF7-EC4B-4A65-A1F0-8DDDBB…)

She’s not even going to say that the statement isn’t even true? She definitely didn’t build that cage, and it’s not 7’.

No. 641532

File: 1532039653017.png (245.32 KB, 524x547, Picture 7.png)

No. 641539

So here she says she’s buying it.
But here she’s claiming she only had to pay for shipping.

Which is it, Taylor?

No. 641540

Where in this screenshot does it say he’ll give it to you for only the cost of shipping though?

No. 641542

There's no way some guy would give away a 7.5k snake for free just because someone makes YouTube videos. Chimera aside, that snake has some killer genetics (and is a proven breeder) and taylor clearly isn't smart enough to breed. She doesn't even have anything to breed with. Taylor needs to stop lying and making stuff up.

No. 641551

She already deleted this screenshot lol

No. 641557

lmao she couldn't handle the criticism of her cheese tattoo so she had to do something impulsive as a diversion

No. 641560

I can’t stand this chick. She lies so much and it’s for no reason. Just be straight up about shit. Her shitty personality and the ways she pathologically lies makes her such an uglier person on top of all her bullshit.

No. 641561

File: 1532041240905.jpeg (347.47 KB, 640x1127, 9D7F6A9E-52BD-4FFE-8421-A0734E…)

There’s no way in hell did they actually watch her videos and “decide to give her a free snake.” The description alone is proof they know how rare it is to get a snake that’s coloration is split down the middle of the face. Plus no one with experience in reptiles would watch Taylor and think her care was worth 7500. I mean especially with how often she leaves them behind, how her snakes usually look dehydrated with the possibility of being infested with mites. Besides for that she hasn’t said what company she’s getting it from, so it’s not like the company offered a publicity trade. It’s bad business. If every person who had phenomenal care got free snakes then there would be no money in breeding. I’m calling bullshit.

No. 641563

Exactly, and she can't handle criticism about the snake so now she's going off about deformed goldfish.

No. 641568

File: 1532041715604.png (43.97 KB, 284x275, Skärmavbild 2018-07-20 kl. 01…)

She's lying. This is the seller.

No. 641571

lol did really think people really wouldn’t ask the seller??? Like she’s not fucking special, there is no way in hell he’d sell it for $50. He probably didn’t even send that email

No. 641573

Oh this is gold.

No. 641574

Someone please get them to shut her down on Twitter! Show her fans that she lies out of her ass!

No. 641576

Oh boy. Maybe let him know not to sell it to her and give him reasons why, if he's dumb enough to do that after all of this.

No. 641577


Like the email from the shop saying the monitor was captive bred

No. 641579

What a pathetic liar. The poor guy sounds totally confused. You should send him these screenshots and see what his reaction is!


No. 641580

The tweets about getting it for 50 bucks are gone.

No. 641581

File: 1532042158287.jpg (120.88 KB, 1080x886, Screenshot_20180719-171623__01…)

I asked if the snake was still available and….

No. 641584

This is great. I can’t wait to see her try and lie her way out of this lie.

No. 641585

Calling it now she's going to say her haters bullied the guy into not selling it to her

No. 641587

More like your exact words.

No. 641593

File: 1532042723143.png (67.51 KB, 532x538, lol.png)

He is not happy feel free to share on twitter as he want's the information rectifying.

No. 641595

I wonder if she was doing this to try and convince Jonny (and her fans in a way) that she didn't spend 7.5k on a snake so she could say she put the money towards a house or something like that. And fully intended on spending 7.5k on a snake until she was caught and is now trying to cover her tracks.

No. 641597

I really hope he chooses not to sell her any animals now. If it wouldn't bother him I'd totally show him why she shouldn't be trusted with his animals, especially one like this one.

No. 641603

File: 1532043070267.png (23.34 KB, 287x334, TND.png)

No. 641606

I hope this doesn't end like the monitor drama. Where she blames the seller.
Because he seems like a good guy.

No. 641607

Lol here comes the backtracking

No. 641608

Kek. She is not getting the snake anymore. Not even for full price - he doesn’t seem too pleased. What a lying sack of shit.

No. 641609

It’s literally so satisfying to see her caught blatantly lying. We all knew she’s lied about numerous other situations but this is fucking beautiful.

No. 641610

File: 1532043527775.png (28.85 KB, 599x241, Capture.PNG)

No. 641611

>harassed the seller
or enlightened the seller to your lie lol

No. 641612

What a lying bitch. No reverse image search was necessary you dimwit. She posted a direct link to morph market that included the seller's name and all his contact info.

No. 641614

called it shes so predictable

No. 641615

Funny. He seemed more than happy to answer people’s questions about your statements. He seems pissed at YOU, Taylor, more than anyone else.

No. 641619

File: 1532043984110.jpeg (124.85 KB, 1242x485, 3307BFAD-4CDB-4441-811E-372B64…)

Her stans are as delusional as she is.

No. 641621

Meh, nothing will happen. Look at Tanacon lol. Some of these youtubers could quite literally shit on their audience and they'd still have a following. She is soooo predictable I guess she figures she has gotten away with these types of stories for so long she might as well stick with the "they just gave it to me!!!" story.

No. 641624

File: 1532044321213.png (78.61 KB, 522x279, Picture 6.png)

But it's okay when you do it, Taylor?

No. 641626

LOL.. So does that mean she wrote this about herself? Meaning she's just as psycho as Em?

No. 641627

He may have said that, no where in that message does it say he's going to give it to her or any terms.

No. 641630

File: 1532044645184.png (203.6 KB, 924x498, Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 7.56…)

Why is everyone missing the point it's not about the price, it's about the lie??

No. 641633

Is he still going to allow her to buy it? I really want to say something to him but I don't want to bother him.

No. 641634

File: 1532044789469.png (62.98 KB, 522x308, Picture 6.png)

No. 641636


Someone should send him proof of the conditions some of her other snakes are in if they haven't already

No. 641637

File: 1532044980186.png (103.8 KB, 519x531, Picture 3.png)

No. 641641

File: 1532045117452.png (32.31 KB, 516x147, Picture 3.png)

No. 641644

Y'all suck for catching me in a lie

No. 641646

wow I havent seen her handle something this poorly in awhile. great milk

No. 641649

File: 1532045462068.png (30.74 KB, 521x153, Picture 6.png)

She's got her lying and playing victim down to a pathological science. And her subscribers are eating it up in her replies. How can so many people be so fucking blinded by her transparent lying?

No. 641651

Her fans are licking her ass hard. They will never see Taylor for the liar she is.

No. 641653

File: 1532045649856.png (109.5 KB, 519x602, Picture 3.png)

Starting to sound a bit like Jonny. Why wouldn't he want money for it? That's what a price tag is for?

No. 641654


Holy fuck. She could strangle a kitten on livestream and they'd excuse it and eat up any lie she'd throw out to make herself a victim

No. 641657

Someone please convince the seller not to sell to her oh my god. Explain to him her slandering of reptile pets direct. And her animal care. Anything.

No. 641659

File: 1532045934531.png (117.45 KB, 417x650, Picture 6.png)

Taylor, he said to call in the morning for further details. Nothing was ever agreed on.

No. 641668

Taylor just needs to stop. If she’s still going to buy it then she needs to stfu about it. Stop acting like the seller isn’t going to sell to you.

No. 641669

File: 1532046224774.jpeg (274.98 KB, 1300x1315, 4EDF8A59-A220-4157-ACBC-CB6A73…)

She’s definitely pretty worried that she’s been caught in an obvious lie if this is the reason she finally blocked this person. She did this when people were asking about Sabor too, and last time she broke up with Jonny.

No. 641672

It's kind of funny how she never seems to love not designed animals
I got Onion flashbacks with that tweet kek
Her stans are so retarded they can't tell she always use the excuse of "miscommunication" when she fucked up or is catched in a lie?

Also in which world a promotion is worth 7500? (specially hers when she half ass promoted a brand while being high/wasted or with a lazy tone)
I cant see that guy selling his snakes to retarded preteens who can't research for their own without his Godness help.

No. 641676

File: 1532046357927.png (92.23 KB, 516x484, Picture 3.png)

No. 641678

Apparently her promotions are worth 30k!! We'd better get out the scaleless ball pythons, she'll be wanting one of those for her next "promotion"! Anyways, last time she bought an animal and mentioned it on social media she practically slandered the poor shop.

No. 641682

File: 1532046454648.png (39.39 KB, 283x411, pythonguy.png)

Now that's going to be a long response….(Don't go out of your way to message people and post it here)

No. 641685

Oh boy please do a good job explaining this to him! Don't make us/yourself look crazy, don't reach, and be sure to mention the slandering of the last shop, the monitor situation, and how many animals she's accquired with little to no research this past year and a half!

No. 641688

ooooo tHE MILK

No. 641691

She is fucking sperging out. She is so fucking pissed and the milk is flowing. She has mastered the art of making herself a victim, though. Her fans will eat up any excuse she gives.

No. 641693

File: 1532046819611.png (39.86 KB, 557x462, tnd3.png)

No. 641694

all the tweets about the snake have been deleted.

No. 641696

Please be sure and mention the VAST AMOUNT of animals she has and her constant traveling and also her abusive bf threatening her animals well being!

No. 641698

File: 1532046953734.png (165.22 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-07-19-18-31-10…)

Mention her Shrimp mantis being on the same tank with other fishes because she didn't order a special tank for him before his arriving and still hasn't get one.

What bitch? This isn't new
People all talked with the girl who sold you one of the snakes on Craiglist, also the backyard breeder of ghost, the store where you bought the monitor and the satanic leaf geckos
(And with all of them the stories didn't line up with yours)

No. 641702

It’s happened so many times but I still can’t believe that her fans back her up 100% of the time no matter what lies she tells and how obvious her bad animal care is.

No. 641705

I don’t think mentioning anything that’s not related to reptile care will be helpful. However it is helpful to mention how much she travels and to the point where she can’t even keep up with her own YouTube channel just due to her sheer laziness. Honestly he can just google her name and find these threads and get a better opinion on the truth of her

No. 641709

I would send the screenshot of her saying Jonny threatened to flush Nemo down the toilet.

No. 641710

File: 1532047261200.png (295.34 KB, 346x654, Picture 6.png)

What is there to be confused about? How do you mix up $7,500 with $50 or $0? How does "call me in the morning" sound like "take my 1 of a kind snake for free!"

No. 641711

File: 1532047290519.jpeg (552.68 KB, 1668x1980, DD73F8A1-9847-49E3-AE1C-BE6326…)

No. 641712

File: 1532047301539.jpeg (536.13 KB, 1668x1978, 958413DA-685A-4DD7-9D7C-A79D58…)

No. 641717


Anyone else notice she keeps insinuating that the seller was actually going to give it to her for free but changed his mind when she made that public instead of keeping it between them? She's trying to make him look two-faced.

No. 641718

But Taytay, I thought you were looking into ball pythons for only a few months! What is it with her and numbers?

No. 641722

I'm not even going to read this word vomit. She does this every time she gets caught in a lie. She plays the "poor me I'm so naive and innocent wah wah" card until it all gets forgotten. Her dream snake my ass. Maybe if you had 1-2 but you have 10+ that obviously means they aren't special to you.

No. 641723

Every. Fucking. Time. She impulse buys an animal it’s her “dream” fish/snake/insect/etc. that she’s been “looking at getting for years” literally every single fucking time. Professional victim.

No. 641726

File: 1532048119874.png (118.96 KB, 470x649, Picture 3.png)

No. 641727

How fucking funny would it be if Em or her bf bought the snake instead

No. 641730

>>641727 If there's a god, if karma is real, if the universe has any sense of humor, it will happen

No. 641734

If someone is still trying to point out how shit care she is, someone show him screenshots of the water bowls being bone dry, the fact that she doesn't appear to measure humidity or temps, that her tanks don't have two hides in them.

No. 641736

File: 1532048409444.jpeg (128.89 KB, 1232x455, 58682444-5534-4B41-A9D8-C36253…)

Kek is Edwin amongst the anons in this thread?? I know he’s posted in the Dasha thread in the past. Nice that someone with at least some sort of following is commenting on her bullshit.

No. 641740


No to white knight but I think she meant that she has been lusting after a split face python for a year, not that snake in particular

No. 641744

File: 1532048520335.png (212.95 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-07-19-19-00-06…)

Taylor you literally snap every day for something stupid you did or say.

No. 641745


Nope, language indicates she means that snake in particular. "The split face ball python was one that I've obsessed over for nearly a year now and never thought i could own myself. I shouldn't have shared info about him until he was in my possession"

No. 641749

>>641744 "I don't like to talk about money" okay says the one who literally talks about how expensive your animals are and who has a boyfriend who constantly brags about figures and shit lmAOOO

No. 641750

File: 1532048636249.png (121.97 KB, 540x575, Screenshot_2018-07-19-18-59-59…)


Sorry pic was showing

No. 641756

Oh my god. I can't believe she just said that. I was legit in the middle of typing a response about her flexing constantly. If this bitch can mention a specific sum of money she fucking will. Like how she posted the amount her monitor enclosure cost her, how much her Disney tickets were, how much her Blue Apron sponsor paid her.. Etc. I hope that guy doesn't believe that shit

No. 641775

dont forget the potential mites that have been on tate and violet (?) that have been pointed out and she claimed it was eco earth (which is still shit, reptile anons please correct me)

No. 641776

File: 1532049498102.png (149.24 KB, 750x1334, 7EB5EC35-A669-46E2-AC78-16EB37…)

i don’t think edwin has been on this thread. i decided to shoot him a dm about taylor and he seemed pretty surprised to hear that there’s drama surrounding her. he told me to send him some info and that he may make a video but he’s backed up on content right now. gonna make a list of all her bullshit and send it to him and hey, maybe we’ll finally get someone to call her out on it since it looks like petty paige is never gonna come through(See rule 5c)

No. 641780

Lmfaooo "miscommunication" doesn't wash when she was so detail specific with the supposed "ONLY FOR $50 SHIPPING" deal. If the seller believes her twisting then she is very lucky.

No. 641781


Depends on how it's used and for what animal. Ecoearth isn't that bad and if kept moist enough can be pretty okay but that's not much of an excuse considering how she didn't even take time to brush it off, just wanted pictures fast and quick.

No. 641804

Exactly I don't understand how there was a miscommunication that made a 7500 dollar snake free and only make her pay 50 dollars in shipping… and she loves to go on and say that she doesnt view herself as "important" but she was using her platform and "told him who she was" to try and get this fucking snake for free.

No. 641809

If I had the money I'd buy the snake myself. I have had an enclosure for a year now because I really want a ball python, it's just never been the right time. Not only is that snake beautiful but it'd come with the bonus of knowing I saved it from TND lol

No. 641824

Jesus fuck I’m so glad she’s been caught red handed in a straight up lie, she ALWAYS tries slandering the seller, saying she was “misinformed” or she “misunderstood”. You lied you fucking dumbass. I am still consistently shocked at how much her stans eat her excuses up! She could kill an animal on camera and her delusional army would still forgive or make excuses for her. It makes me sick.
She is probably having the biggest meltdown right now. Caught lying, being called out, all while Jonny is away fucking other girls and drinking it up. Lmaooo this is just rich.

No. 641839

One of Taylor's fans is currently reposting my pictures and actually harrassing me. Good to know they don't practice what they preach.

Any news from the snake breeder regarding if he'll still sell to taylor?

No. 641871

wait, but if it was a miscommunication then where did she get the $50 price from? like i dont get how she can claim it was a misunderstanding when she’s saying “im just paying $50 for the shippig price.” like where did you get that number if you werent just blatantly lying. it was probably like

> Taylor: can i have the snake for free? how much is shipping?

> Seller: shipping is $50
> Taylor : yay i get it for free!

No. 641872

I wrote him earlier, as of now, no sale has been made and he is talking to some of the people he trusts and doing some research before making a final decision

No. 641873

File: 1532054639957.jpeg (163.58 KB, 750x689, 24F78246-F97C-4BAC-94C7-77E237…)

Sellers response

No. 641876


Start a gofund me. I'd contribute for sure! Good cause to save that gorgeous animal from TND.

No. 641883

There was no miscommunication, she’s a lying bitch. She wanted to shut down the criticism for going from “yikes this snake is 7 grand we don’t need to spend more money” to “YAY IM GETTING THE SNAKE!”
Honestly how much heroin is she smoking… she is delusional for thinking she wasn’t going to get criticism. She tries to deflect real criticism with anger and she doesn’t even answer people’s questions. She is pathetic.

No. 641895

File: 1532055859674.jpg (214.13 KB, 1440x1359, Screenshot_20180719-220115~2.j…)

Sage for speculation, but isn't salt not good for insects and should be avoided? Her mantis is on a Himalayan salt candle holder.

No. 641900

Also her ball pythons look very dehydrated. She doesn’t keep them at the proper humidity and in some videos their water bowls are bone dry. In her feeding video, she uses way too hot of water and heat lamps to unthaw her mice (her bp’s should have been eating rats instead) and probably ended up partially cooking the prey which can cause a lot of problems with your snake as they aren’t meant to eat cooked animals.

No. 641913

Why did she think nobody would contact the seller after she said it was for free? Not even just because its her, but because someone is supposedly getting a $7.5k rare, beautiful snake for free and would probably ask why and if they could have it instead and offer more money? She didn't think this lie out at all.

Also, how would she know someone reverse image searched to find it? Morph Market is the most popular website for buying. It'd be easy to look there first and find it.

She is just spoiled and once she realized she might not be getting what she wants she started sperging out like the brat that she is.

No. 641914

She's probably lying about the reverse image search, considering she's lurked here before.

No. 641933

If anyone here is a reptile enthusiast anon then they’ve seen this snake a million times. He’s posted on every page. I don’t know why Taylor thinks she’s the only one who looks at snakes online

No. 641935

Alright I’m a little behind on the TND drama so can anyone tell me what happened w/ sabor? Someone mentioned something happened with him earlier and im curious now.

No. 641937

File: 1532058869832.png (26.6 KB, 516x126, Picture 6.png)

After she spent the day lying about the seller giving her the snake for free and shifting the blame to him. Yeah people wanted him to know his precious one of a kind snake is going to a trash heap to live with a dumpster fire liar.

No. 641942

Nothing happened afaik. Anons on here were speculating that Sabor had died because there were multiple photos with his cage empty in the background. Taylor was acting suspiciously blocking everyone who asked, then days later finally said something but pretended she had just now heard about it. He ended up being fine so I don’t know why his cage was empty or why she couldn’t just say he was fine. But in the pictures we do see of him he’s very dehydrated, and gtp’s are sensitive to that so I wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually happens.

No. 641946

File: 1532059116410.png (26.26 KB, 522x131, Picture 3.png)

How long has it been, Taylor? 3 days? A month? Same difference.

No. 641953

We were supposed to get a video today, too. I guess that was another lie.

No. 641958

She always loses her shit whenever Jonny isn't around, holy shit it hasn't even been a day.

No. 641967

Alright, thanks.

No. 641968

What in the world? You guys claim em is bad and yet you hope an animal ends up in her care just to spite taylor? That proves you don’t care about the animals but just care about the drama. Grow up.

No. 641970

She really can’t handle being without him. She needs him to be there to make excuses for her and act like he loves her and everyone is just being mean. Jonny probably loves it because it continues the cycle of abuse and make her feel like she “needs” him, so she won’t leave.
Nice “by myself” tattoo Taylor. You can’t handle a day alone. You’re a hypocrite about everything.

No. 641972

She must have Stockholm syndrome or something tbh

No. 641977

Not every anon is the exact same here. Say what you will about Em's aquatics or mental state but her reptile care is generally far above Taylors. And this is coming from someone who isn't a fan of Em, especially after that whole Lolcow fiasco

No. 641980

This whole ordeal will be used as the excuse of why she didn’t put out a video. Prepare for “This event really put me in a bad place mentally, I’m so sorry people are mean and ruin everything guys :(“. In reality of course she never had a video ready to put up, but you know, excuses. She would have used a different one if this didn’t happen.
She can never stick to her word. That’s part of what makes her such a shitty YTer. She has 0 work ethic. Or morals, since she continues to lie and slander everyone about everything.

No. 641983

Has taylor’s ball pythons ever died? Or got sick? Or anything though?

No. 641989

They will if she never fixes her husbandry.

No. 642000

So her ball pythons have never gotten sick or died, she’s had some for around a year, and yet we are still hating on her for “speculation” that one will die? Clearly their husbandry isn’t that bad if they’re growing and living…..

No. 642004

Learn to sage. And her ball pythons are dehydrated, underweight, and she feeds them improperly sized food and feeds them wrong (moves to feeds up until recently). She also appears to use heat lamps without any sort of thermometer other than the stick on kind, rather than heat mats on thermostats. She also uses red lights on her reptiles. I don't think she has hygrometers, so she wouldn't have any idea what her humidity is at which can lead to RIs. Her animals may not be dying now, but she could very well be decreasing their lifespan and risking illness.

No. 642008

Appears to use… wow what great tea. You don’t have any direct quotes from her saying lights are better than lamps or anything but supposedly she’s so awful! There’s plenty of things that I haven’t liked about her but I don’t care to speculate about her snake care when literally they’ve all been fine for over a year or however long she’s had them while there’s countless places that abuse them from day one. It’s just petty in my opinion. You’re just hating to hate

No. 642011

Watch her video of her setting up her enclosures. She definitely uses heat lamps, but I can't tell if she uses thermometers in her enclosures. Hence why I said "appears to use". Other than that, everything I said is stuff she does. Stop whiteknighting.

No. 642012

100% agreeing with you. Animals are hardy, you can have imporper conditions for them but you may not necessarily kill them for a couple of years. But you can definitely put them through a lifetime of hurt.

No. 642015

Anyways, if you know what to look for, you can see that her snakes have wrinkly loose skin, are slightly underweight, and you would know that the way she feeds her snakes is wrong, and that all of them should have been eating rats long ago. There's a reason why she's had difficulty getting her snakes to eat f/t, and that's her enclosures, unregulated heat and humidity, and her feeding methods.

No. 642037

If you don’t have snakes, you won’t know what to look for or be able to tell what she’s doing wrong. Snakes (except for really sensitive species) can live for a really long time in horrible conditions. I’ve seen snakes that were rescued after living for years in abysmal situations. Taylor’s reptile care is extremely amateur (bad) and is already negatively effecting her snakes. There’s a reason why most of her snakes have feeding and shedding issues, and it’s because she doesn’t have proper heating equipment and doesn’t maintain humidity. Her snakes (most of which she’s had way less than a year) are already deteriorating, but it’ll be a while before one dies, if she even tells people about it.

No. 642039

Stop stanning when you obviously know nothing about caring for snakes. It’s pathetic watching you keep getting corrected.

No. 642045


Jesus christ. Growing and living does not equal healthy and thriving. Bearded dragons can live for years without UVB, calcium, proper diet, doesn't mean they're healthy. The goal isn't to just keep an animal alive, it's to keep it happy and healthy. If your bar is low enough that "alive" means we can stop speculating as you say, then gtfo the thread lmfao

No. 642084

Let's take bets. Is she high or just that dumb that she thought all this snake bullshit on Twitter was a good idea?

No. 642088

The ego on this bitch is astounding, kek.

Is she really delusional enough to think she'd somehow get away with acting as if her shitty channel she never uploads to and abusive animal husbandry are impressive enough to warrant 7k? Even before the screenshots, only her army of preteen fans were stupid enough to buy yet another one of her pathological lies.

No. 642095

>I will handle this buy paying double for the sponsored snake
I wonder if her initial posting about the price was to get Johnny to call her? Seeing as his tours always precipitate crises.

No. 642097


she's sperging out like Jen now lmao. how does her being away from her abusive piece of shit bf actually make her worse?

No. 642102

File: 1532068108795.png (117.04 KB, 522x651, Picture 3.png)

No. 642120


This kind of thinking is like when Taylor got her first snake, and said "I've had a snake for about a month now, and I think I've pretty much got the hang of it,". She then proceeded to hoard a shit ton of snakes, as if one month would be any indication of her piss poor care levels (not to mention spew out informational videos on snake care that she had virtually no credentials on whatsoever) because she has a massive ego.

Don't be as dense as Taylor – ball pythons can live up to 30 years if properly cared for, and are fine going months without food. Her BPs are going to be lucky to make it to 10 years old if they're already dehydrated af and generally neglected. Keeping a beginner reptile alive for one year out of its decades long lifespan doesn't prove anything; they're still fucking suffering. Betsy is the one taking care of her pets half the time anyway.

No. 642132


I feel so bad for the poor guy selling the chimera BP for getting dragged into her pathological lies, and the way she's making him out to be the bad guy after she got caught. I really hope her stans don't go after him. But whoever sends him the list of reasons why not to sell to her needs to make sure all of this stuff is mentioned. Not just the animal hoarding, smoking around animals, or constant traveling, but that she literally can't take care of the most basic of snakes. No one should sell a living animal to this dumb bitch, who is just going to photograph it for insta before even letting the snake settle, and then forget about it forever.

No. 642134

I’m personally glad this guy seems super aware of the situation and seems to be considering the snakes life in the matter and not the money.

No. 642137


>protecting her chicks

She's not 'protecting' shit. She's using both of her children for notoriety on fucking twitter of all places. She's disgusting. Great job Jennifer; mother of the year over here.

No. 642147

glad I'm not the only one who thought this lol art imitating life if you can even call such an ugly tattoo art

No. 642151

You guys literally don’t have a life hehehebhshdgeghehr(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 642159

You sage’d wrong

No. 642167

This was a fun read lol,
Love coming back to threads after a few days to some nice warm milk.

Nice work farmers.

The documentation of chronological screenshots is SO useful

No. 642168

Aaah decided to talk about taylor in a reptile debate chat, few people agreed with me, and now I have some 12 year old whiteknighting against me. They only listen to what she says smh

No. 642226

It's so clear Taylor's always been such a spoilt brat. 'I'll pay even more to get my own way!!!'. It's funny that she preaches to adopt, and tweets stories of animals in need, when she could have adopted a reptile and donated a bunch of money to a rescue to help loads of other animals. There's tons of reptiles in rescues and tons of poorly looked after reptiles free to good home or super cheap online because people want rid of them. Oh yeah, I forgot she's vain as fuck and only cares about what her animals look like, who gives a shit about a snake who deserves a better life when there's one with a 7.5k price tag that clearly isn't going to be sold to someone who isn't serious about snakes. She's such a fucking hypocrite.

No. 642244

I think she was lurking here during this because I doubt he openly told her “look at all these messages”

No. 642247


Surviving is not the same as thriving. All animals can survive so long in shitty conditions but to thrive they need their basic needs met. Like water in their water bowls.

No. 642248

I know this is nitpicking but who in the world still says things like "lamoooo".

No. 642250

>i don't see myself as that important
The seller tells her shipping costs $50 for a $7500 snake and she mistook it as just giving it to her because she's a youtuber with a following. If that's not seeing herself as important then what is.

No. 642309

Lmfao so true. 'I told him who I was and he agreed to send it to me for free!!!'…. Honestly she's so full of herself. How has she 'mistook' the seller sending her it for free? Lmao let's be honest, she knew spending 7.5k on a snake was ridiculous and she'd probably get shit for it, but because she doesn't think before she tweets she already told everyone it was 7.5k, and then she was like 'hmm how do I get out of this one… I know I'll just tell them all he gave me it for free!! You know, because I'm famous and shit!! Like I did with my designer kitten and some of my other animals!!'. Absolute peanut for a brain.

No. 642313

with this whole situation, i'm not surprise about her not listening when she was buying the monitor. she genuinely seems not smart

No. 642316

File: 1532098432725.jpeg (421.85 KB, 1242x1535, 833F885E-1E2F-4AF3-8944-BEB956…)

Meanwhile in Brazil, here’s Jonny holding a coke and a bottle of Jack

No. 642317


Looks cozy with homegirl in the picture

No. 642318

Totally sober guys. I’m ready for the Taylor meltdown when he’s too busy getting drunk to give her constant attention.

No. 642327

File: 1532099212085.jpg (276.23 KB, 1440x1402, IMG_20180720_100509_792~2.jpg)

He really likes getting touchy with his female fans

No. 642343


Yeah chick on the left doesn't even look like she likes it lol

No. 642344

Yeah he’s definitely looking more handsy and I’ve met a shit ton of bands and they usually keep it simple, arm around you, a hug, or something that’s obviously platonic…

No. 642357

File: 1532101305268.jpeg (291.95 KB, 1242x1209, 69572998-B1E2-41A1-9DCF-20319D…)

No. 642360


He's high. Check his eyes and his jaw.

No. 642364

Probably. Especially since in the original of this
One of the girl on the left you can see her pupils compared to the size of his and…yeah. His eyes are pinned even though it seems to be fairly dark where all these photos were taken.

No. 642371

tbh I wish someone from this thread would go to one of his concerts and see just how flirty he gets with female fans, or how he responds to flirty fans themselves.

No. 642379

>>642371 Probably give them some "backstage passes" in return for, well, a backstage pass

No. 642382

File: 1532103540843.png (252.2 KB, 644x224, chrome_2018-07-20_17-07-30.png)

I went to check because sometimes people here exaggerate these things but wow, this difference.

No. 642384

Dude ain't even on this planet now

No. 642392

Taylor’s gonna be pissed when she sees these, especially considering how cute and on target this girl is next to Jonny. Temporary twitter breakup incoming?

No. 642394

Also bc he literally posted a pic of him holding beer when hes supposed to be sober. I'm surprised no one has brought it to her attention on Twitter yet.

No. 642396

Not just beer but also in a fan posted picture he’s holding a fucking bottle of jack with a can of coke. “Sober”. She’ll have an excuse like always, though.

No. 642401

File: 1532105167510.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1337, IMG_20180720_174458.png)

In this one he's literally just holding a bottle of JD with the cap off lmao. So sober.

No. 642407

"I told him he can drink while he's on tour but as soon as he gets back we're going to be sober again!!!"

No. 642418

The fucking exclamation points every time someone guesses what she'll say ALWAYS take me out. It's so accurate

No. 642427

File: 1532107302945.jpeg (486.84 KB, 1242x1426, 1FE99EB3-E256-4859-A60E-0504E8…)

No. 642433

Yikes. Taylor’s going to love this one. Getting drunk, getting high, getting kissed from fans. Kek

No. 642436

Damn he’s completely trashed

No. 642469

File: 1532109972712.png (65.42 KB, 518x351, Picture 6.png)

I wonder what her idea of "in depth" is.

It's hilarious to me that all these trashy pics of Jonny are being posted and she's on twitter acting like she's not having a meltdown about it or didn't spend all day yesterday making up outrageous lies.

No. 642471

File: 1532110025782.png (70.8 KB, 520x370, Picture 7.png)

No. 642472

Has anyone tweeted that at taylor?

No. 642488

File: 1532111494085.png (59.65 KB, 520x349, Picture 3.png)

No. 642506

File: 1532112848096.jpeg (436.12 KB, 750x1334, B3E7B720-1C1E-4452-B7A7-DF6C28…)

hi guys

No. 642513

File: 1532113521464.jpeg (170.53 KB, 750x1334, D9B79054-1D2E-4AD0-97E2-76BCC1…)

No. 642514

File: 1532113539145.jpeg (157.42 KB, 750x1334, A55ABDA7-0595-4D1C-966A-D5BFB5…)

No. 642516

"I used to be addicted to cocaine"???
Hi, who are u anon?

No. 642520

I really hope he didnt sell her the snake ugh

No. 642524


I would bet this is Chelsea

No. 642526


No. 642529

I love that Taylor trashes you publicly and still looks to you to vent lmfao

No. 642530

Wait are these taken from someoes twitter or something or being posted here straight from a source?

No. 642531

Damn, what makes you post all these right now? You've never posted these ones before, have you?

No. 642533

Ty for the text dump, don't use emojis and make sure you type "sage" in the email field if the post doesn't contain any new info or you might catch a ban.

No. 642534

Wait are these taken from someones twitter or something or being posted here straight from a source?

No. 642535

They are both addicts. Which is why taylor is so bad at lying. Jonny at least has mastered his manipulation and lies to the point of trapping his current gf. He is dying of liver failure, aka why he’s so fat and swollen now. Doctors told me he wouldn’t live past 6 months if he kept using and here we are today, the devil is still alive. I don’t care about Taylor drama, she’s an idiot for even sticking around this long, but hey if I was an addict and made thousands of dollars a month on stupid snake videos and had a plug living in my house, I would lie too. I guarantee they won’t make it past these upcoming tours lol

No. 642539

damn, why isn't she leaving? this sounds fucked up.

No. 642543

Why post these here anonymously and not publicly like the others?

No. 642544

Probably because of how much backlash she gets, at least here we agree with what shes doing

No. 642548

I have weeks and weeks of screenshots and taylor knows that. At least here you guys comprehend how fucked yo this entire act of hers is. Those screenshots are from December. She wants him dead. Don’t believe the love bombing. He only does that when he’s in trouble lol

No. 642549

I'm not surprised to hear she used to be addicted to coke. I don't understand the way she jokes about the drug claims so often. She paints doing drugs as some insanely unrealistic claim when drugs are extremely popular. They're fun, which is why people do them, and a ton of normal people do them, and she lives with an addict whose brain has reorganized it's priorities to make heroin seem more important than basic necessities. At least that's my understanding of addiction, I could be incorrect.

No. 642556

godspeed chelsea, you’re doing the lord’s work. when are these screenshots from?

No. 642559

you think he'll die before she finally breaks up with him?

No. 642561


Honestly y’all, I don’t know how to use this website so don’t ban me lol. Those screenshots are from December before she claimed they were all fake. There’s plenty to share.

No. 642562

No. 642564

I don't get why Taylor stays with him if she wants him to die? Cause he'll reveal everything?

No. 642569

I still don’t get how her fans are buying that these are faked. Especially since the video of the texts was posted. They were all so happy last time they “broke up” but believe her immediately when she says these are fake.

No. 642576

We all know taylor lurks here, watch her claim fake again

No. 642578

I don't know, but I do know that on tour is the opposite of where any addict that wants to recover should be. To add onto the coke thing, the active dose and the overdose are close and many people come down from the 30 minute high fiending for more. I know good normal people who struggle to not blow all their money on it when it's in their reach.

No. 642579

He’s scary dude. Very very very verbally and emotionally abusive. He becomes physical when high or drunk. She’s scared of him and also feeds on the extra attention of a “rockstar”. He makes you believe you deserve to live exactly how he treats you. He lives in filth, never washes his clothes, blood everywhere (he has hep c) and just honestly so disgusting I can’t explain. I kinda feel bad for her but at the same time I just fucking laugh watching y’all call her out on everything. She’s a lot like jonny in many ways.

No. 642580

yeah right, does he have something that he can use against her? Or is she just too proud to break up with him and confirm our (basically already comfirmed) speculations?

No. 642581

he sounds like a total bitch. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, not even taylor.

No. 642584

So she was saying she was addicted to coke back in December, didn't she do a shit ton of coke on his last tour and like almost die or something? So it seems the coke issue isn't even because of Jonny. She's an addict all by herself.

No. 642588

I tried to help her. She deserves it simply bc she is defending and standing by him KNOWING she had support and even a place to stay here in dallas if she needed. I felt bad for her but calling me a liar and defending a man who raped me so many times I don’t even have a count, is nothing I feel sorry for now. They deserve each other.

No. 642591

I remember there was blood in multiple photos on their pillows and Jonny tried saying it was just a shadow lol

No. 642593

I get how you feel. She had the chance to get out of this shit and now she has to suffer until he dies. Good riddance.

No. 642594

Not high here guys. Yeah he has small pupils but lemme find a picture of what he actually looks like High. You can tell a HUGE difference. Hold please.

No. 642597

She still has the chance to get out. Even if he reveals she's addicted to drugs, takes shitty care of her animals, lies about fucking everything she can just be like oops I was a drug addict but I will go to rehab and her stans will forgive her in like 10 seconds.

If he's physically abusive it might be more difficult, but her family did care and want to get her out. I think they would help in any way possible.

I just think she doesn't want to tarnish her image by having to admit anything and apologize. So basically she's staying with him and hoping he dies so she can keep her money. That's it. They're both trash IMO

No. 642598

File: 1532117579686.png (622.6 KB, 750x1334, E40749DF-AB34-4270-8EA6-8D8213…)

This is High jonny

No. 642601

Ignore the number. Pretty sure he was using somebody else’s phone cause he wasn’t allowed to have his.

No. 642603


Have there been others pics recently where he's obviously high? He always looks crusty and fucked up to me tbh so I can't tell

No. 642604

looking like a real rockstar for sure jonny boy.
he looks like hobo trash, dude.

No. 642605

File: 1532117796821.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, 31E0F6A3-2FF3-4175-B3A5-7DE622…)

No. 642607

File: 1532117842508.png (2.11 MB, 750x1334, DE63906D-DE45-4306-98C4-59D26E…)

No. 642612

I got a quick question, why does she and Jennifer keep saying you all manipulated them? Do you know why the sudden change in attitude?

No. 642614

1) what would I get out of my story and humility being blasted online?
2) my own mother still loves him because he brainwashed her so goddamn well. They are all brainwashed. He’s a MASTER manipulator. I cannot stress that enough.

No. 642616

Hmm yeah I've seen your mom's tweets about him and she sounds really hurt. It just baffled me how Jennifer went from supporting you, Liz, and Amanda to saying you all somehow manipulated and lied to her to turn you against Taylor and Jonny. He's such a bitch holy shit.

No. 642617

All of the exes tried to warn her. HER family reached out to me. Her family helped me go to court for the protection order. Idk how I could’ve “manipulated” anything by telling them exactly what happened to me will happen to their daughter. The only difference is I didn’t have people to save me from that relationship. I also wasn’t addicted to drugs so jonny was ALWAYS very angry at me for calling him out daily. They all want to believe he’s getting better and proving himself but yet, he’s NOT sober and literally nothing has changed except for the fact that now mama dean is an actual lunatic for believing anything out of his mouth.

No. 642628


Sounds like everyone is backpedaling to minimize the stress of keeping a relationship with him, rationalizing it

No. 642629

I'm so sorry she's turned her back on you after all the proof you've all given her and her family. I actually thought Jennifer was okay until I started to see her parroting whatever Taylor feeds her and actually trying to get on that YouTube bandwagon at the expense of her son. Just know that most of us are on your side.

No. 642632

Damn, I’m really sorry you went through all of this shit. I like that you tried to help her and that you aired out some of this shit because it’s honestly annoying knowing that shits not right and she’s making us all out to be like people who are geniunely trying to ruin her life when we just want her to not be such a dick, take care of her animals, and get away from that dick

No. 642634

I appreciate it. Honestly I just found these blogs a few days ago and the amount of shit you guys point out and call her out on is relieving. I can’t even read them all cause there’s so damn many hahaha. If he dies, I’ll know first hand from y’all. That’s the only thing I’m waiting on anymore. I just want him dead. He doesn’t deserve anything this life has to offer him. He is pure filth.

No. 642637


Do you have any other milk on him that you want to share? This thread is pretty much half his now

No. 642638

And dear Taylor,

When you do finally read this, because I know you’re still laying in bed at 3:40 pm, I hope you know what pain you have caused me. I will never stop until he is finally off this earth. You know exactly what you are doing and when I told you I was there for you, I meant it. I hope you’re miserable because that’s just an ounce of what I feel daily. I have to live with things I will never be able to drown out with drugs and therapy. You are the definition of an enabler and I hope you see what you have done. You think you know but you have NO idea the what I went through in those 4 years. I know I’ll never get an apology but honestly, I never want one from you. When he dies, don’t you dare come to me crying.

Xoxo chelssa

No. 642640

A lot of us were subscribed to her channel and liked her, so a lot of the criticism comes out from people who saw her morphing into the trash she is now. And I don't blame you for wanting him dead. Has she (Taylor) tried contacting you again recently? Or her mom?

No. 642641

I can’t even spell my own name right.

No. 642643

Nobody has contacted me. Just Jonny’s obsession to call me out when he can.

No. 642644


Is there anything that can be done about him violating your protection order thing where he's not supposed to mention you on social media but continues to do so anyway?

No. 642646

I have years of milk on him. He knows he’s trash. He’s told me he wants to die. He knows who and what he is. He has no remorse.

No. 642650

Unfortunately until he threatens me, shows up at my work or home or contacts me personally in any way, nothing can be done.

No. 642652

Has Taylor ever said anything about his hep c? I’m her age and yeah I’ve got friends who have STIs but I could never imagine being so young and knowingly putting yourself at a risk of catching something that serious. Like it’s not even like she didn’t know. I mean at least herpes doesn’t cause health problems.

No. 642660

thank you so much chelsea for sharing this with us. you seem like a really wonderful person and i'm truly sorry jonny was so unspeakably awful to you. i can't believe taylor went to you to complain and then chooses to turn around and say you're lying - multiple times. i really do wish you the best in life. and do come back sometime, we have fun here

No. 642662

Yooo if you wanna drop that milk here, please feel free to do so lmao.

No. 642664

absolutely, it will do nothing but benefit her if he dies while still with her. she will gladly reap all of the consolement, pity, and attention and come out looking like the saint. she is obsessed with being perfect and above reproach, a prime example is her joking around at this moment about her drug habit created only by lying hateful trolls….all while here’s proof she’s an addict by her own admission. it’s so fucking infuriating. like with the monitor cage or the free ball python, she’s constantly caught but absolutely nothing ever comes from it. those are just the ones from this week even! i’m not chelsea but even i want to see some justice served. shit is out of control. i don’t see how someone so flawed is untouchable.

No. 642667

Do you have any insight on this rehab he’s receiving via Skype with some random person he’s friends with on Facebook?

No. 642672

David Sherman. He is a life coach I believe. Jonny was close to him years ago but I don’t know much. Honestly, jonny went to a 30 day rehab last April/May and didn’t do a single assignment or page out of the workbook. He doesn’t have any desire to be sober. Never has. He was in the hospital for 65 days before that rehab and was still having his dealer come to the hospital while I would be at work and he would shoot up. I found a bag of needles under his bed.

No. 642675

File: 1532121374470.png (64.24 KB, 521x366, Picture 6.png)

She sure makes jokes about coke/drugs an awful lot for someone who claims they don't do any.

Sage because tweets aren't new.

No. 642678

File: 1532121423415.png (391.98 KB, 462x646, Picture 2.png)

No. 642679

File: 1532121507584.png (23.49 KB, 468x142, Picture 3.png)

No. 642683

File: 1532121650910.png (76.81 KB, 463x434, Picture 2.png)

No. 642686

File: 1532121895565.png (18.28 KB, 464x113, Picture 3.png)


No. 642692

How gratifying would it be if he dies today lololololololllll

No. 642700

I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Is there specific things you want to know about him/his past?

No. 642701

I'm so happy you say this because people here always doubt Taylor is using when it's so obvious her eyes are always red and pinned out. Also her admitting she is addicted to cocaine and being around someone who is using heroin with her, which she has admitted to trying, makes it even more obvious.

No. 642704

how likely is it that he's sleeping with other women while on this tour?

No. 642710

In Brazil? I am not sure. For the CKY tour, 100% lol

No. 642711

Would he be the kind of person to ‘hold Taylor hostage’ with threats to reveal about her animal enclosures or anything else she may of lied about on social media?

No. 642714

No. 642718

He’s more of a “I’ll kill myself if you leave me” kind of person. Takes the human soul for hostage.

No. 642719

Do you think it’s possible Taylor said some of this stuff to you to get your sympathy and support? It seems like she really did convince herself she loves him. I don’t mean making stuff up, but just highlighting the bad so she could get your sympathy in the moment.

Also, what is she saying we all don’t know about his exes that they’ve done to her? Did she just make that up out of nowhere?

No. 642722

I think she honestly wanted help out. She didn’t know how to escape.

And she definitely made that up. LITERALLY the only thing I have ever “done” to that girl was okay those screenshots and defend myself. She’s a fucking victim crybaby. We all know that.

No. 642723

Post* those screenshots

No. 642725

Maybe she’s realized he’ll die and is banking on it being soon so she doesn’t have to break up with him. Seems likely

No. 642727


Here's something a little bit different - has there been anything we've gotten wrong about Jonny? Even small things. Just curious, it's nice to know how accurate/inaccurate we've been so far

No. 642729

I truly think this is the case. This is where I was at last year. I just was kinda hoping he would die so it would all be over.

No. 642731

I’m very happy you found us here, and I just want to say I have mad respect for you standing your ground through all of this BS this last year. I’m so sorry you have gone through so much horrible shit nobody should, and I’m especially sorry for Taylor turning her back on you calling you a liar (even when you’ve posted a VIDEO of scrolling through her texts). You don’t deserve that.
She hasn’t always been the best person but when Jonny came into the picture she has really flown off the handles and become just as disgusting as he is. In a way I say fine, they’re perfect for each other, but another part of me always says if she just got him out of her life, there is still hope she can turn herself and her life around. She’s so damn young, with so much potential and opportunity in front of her she’s just throwing away. It’s disappointing to see, and I’m sure it’s worse for you, as you’ve consoled her and tried to be there for her and she turned her back on you.

Sorry for being extremely ranty but please know there are many of us who have your back and respect you for being so brave. Please never give up. You seem like you have such a good heart, and you deserve better in your life.
Both Jonny and Taylor are scum, karma gets around to everyone eventually.

No. 642733

do you think she'll turn a blind eye to the fact that he may cheat or has already cheated on her?

No. 642734

Just a heads up. Please type SAGE in the email field. Love the milk…don’t want you to get yelled at.

No. 642735

Not too sure. Like I said earlier, there’s so many of these frickin blog things that I haven’t read most of it. I skimmed through the beginning and read a bit from the last few. I think at one point my “timeline” of when I was with him was brought up. I met him March 2014 in dallas, moved in with him in Sacramento in May, got engaged in Jan 2015, broke up that summer, that’s when he dated liz, then we got back together officially in Jan 2017 after talking on and off for months and he went to the hospital for 65 days in February, straight to rehab, moved into our new house in May and broke up in september(ish) maybe early October, I would have to look.

No. 642737

Have you ever considered making a full video of the texts between you and Taylor? I know you’ve shown a short video of K scrolling through them but I mean like a long, quality in good detail show that it’s real. It pisses me off so much when she’d always lie about the texts being faked or photoshopped.

No. 642738

I am so bad at this guys. I’m sorry!

No. 642739

There’s no turning things around for her. She’s become a compulsive liar and there’s no changing that!

No. 642740

Don’t worry. You’re good now!

No. 642741

yea that'd be a great idea to show it all, like petty paige is doing. this girl has got away with things for too long

No. 642742

I mean I could but honestly not EVERYTHING should be public. I’ve posted the things she has blatantly lied about. I have called her out multiple times. It doesnt matter, either way she will say it’s fake and then post a picture of another new snake to sidetrack her fans.

No. 642743

MAD respect for you, Chelsea. I can't imagine the abuse you suffered and still have to deal with because of him AND Taylor. She's unforgivable for sweeping what he did to you guys under the rug.

No. 642744

This is true, I understand not every single bit should be posted, but maybe go back to the main texts about being on drugs and show them in detail, not just quickly skimming through. Is is so infuriatingly accurate that she will just use her animals as accessories like always and try to divert attention from the situation. Her typical “I just wanna talk about animals guys!!” or her pretending to care about some animal issue comes up when she gets any form of hate. Despite this though, I really think it would be worth a try. We can’t stop fighting

No. 642746

Does anyone think that seller will actually sell that snake to her? Fingers crossed no.

No. 642747

I’m still wondering what exact Paige will be discussing - going far into details with EVERYTHING (animals, herself + Jonny) or just sticking to the animal hoarding? I want Paige to talk about everything but also worry that if anything besides her animals get brought up people will feel like it’s just petty drama, and doesn’t matter at all. However, bringing everything into the light will just highlight what an awful person she is. I can see it being a win-lose.

No. 642748

Given this, what do you think people should do? Ignore her? Try to tell her fans about her lies and how she’s treated rape victims?

No. 642749

I get the feeling it'll be more centered around the animal hoarding.

No. 642751

Yes. Because I think Taylor will offer more money for it than 7.5 and the seller won’t pass up the price tag. It’s become a thing now and Taylor won’t just let it go until she can show everyone that she’s obviously good because she got the snake after all

No. 642752

After she slandered him on social media and said he “misinformed” her? God I fucking hope not. I will not have respect for the seller if he does. He claimed he was doing his research, so let’s hope he’s smart and makes the right move to just stay the hell away from her. She’s caused enough trouble for him over selling a snake.
She did tweet that she might be getting another snake next week though. Idk if she found another similar one or what, but she’s probably doing it to put the attention back on her animals again instead of her lies.
She promised there’d be a video yesterday. She’s acting like everything is normal again after deleting all her tweets, you’d think she’d release the video now so she can get praised for her minimal effort work by her stans. kek she is a fail of a YTer

No. 642753

I’m really hoping that snake doesn’t fall into her care - but I hate that you may be right, I wouldn’t put it past her to do something like that. She says $7k is too much for a snake and she doesn’t need to spend that kind of money, but will probably offer the dude minimum $10k to just let her have it. If she offered big bucks for him the seller might just give him up regardless of what he did, because everyone likes making a much bigger profit on something than anticipated.

No. 642755

We sit back and wait. Karma will take over. It already is. She’s completely falling apart and her appearance alone can tell you that. She will dig her own grave when it comes to her career. Her fans will only be 13 for so long..

No. 642756


If she does offer more money for the snake i hope the seller will realise that she's only offering more not because she's serious about wanting the snake because she loves it and wants to give it a good home, but rather because she's a selfish egotistical bitch.

No. 642759

Can you explain what happened when you went with him to New York last year? He had a show that was cancelled, it seemed to be around the same time you guys officially split as a couple, at least emotionally. Did he really OD on aspirin as earlier posts from you have stated? I find that hard to believe given his history.

No. 642760

File: 1532127119896.jpeg (2.2 MB, 4032x3024, C7455F7E-A8A6-47A8-A191-D6E2EF…)

he overdosed on nurofen (I think that’s how it’s spelled). Basically he went to Australia and came back with boxes of these pills that are Tylenol with codeine. He had two sold out shows in Brooklyn, I flew in the day before I believe and we got dinner, said he was jetlagged and wanted to sleep so me and Ian walked him back to the hotel and I went to Times Square with Ian, when I came back hours later, jonny was nonstop puking, then all through the night and the next morning he made me walk to the corner store to get him food, I came back and he was purple and crying about how much pain he was in, I called an ambulance still not knowing what was wrong. He refused to tell me he did anything, when the ambulance came he was completely delirious, had no idea who I was or even where he was at. Finally hours after being in the ER the doctor came back and told me he overdosed on the pills and they would have to hold him there for the next week. I walked out told him to basically die and I wanted nothing to do with him. He eventually came home and we had an “intervention” with the band and my mom. We took his phone away and he was to do the album release tour without it. Once he left we never saw each other again.

No. 642764

you notice she runs out of video ideas so buys a new pet. title coming "my $10,000 snake!" so many people will click, its sad.

No. 642765

I'm sorry you had to go through that, Im glad you got away from him.

No. 642774

No one's getting banned or yelled at; we don't like chasing the milk away.

Chelsea, please read this: https://lolcow.farm/info and http://lolcow.farm/rules and you'll be good to go.

No. 642777


Speaking of Ian, it makes me sick that he’s taken jonny’s side and didn’t stand by you. He knows exactly what JC is.

What do you think of Taylor saying they do urine tests together to make sure he’s sober?

No. 642781

I saw this on the front page and thought it was new milk damn. Thanks for sharing with us though

No. 642788


I think it’s fucking pathetic haha. doing urine tests to prove to each other they are clean. clearly no fucking trust is built into that relationship.

No. 642802

Of course. Not to mention she has to follow him around whenever he goes on tour to prevent him from doing drugs or cheating.

No. 642809

When I would go on tour it was because he would beg me to or the band would beg me to cause they didn’t want to babysit him. Even when I was with him, he would cheat. And use. And drink. She’s just there bc I’m sure he’s the one begging her to go. To help him “stay sober” and to prove how “in love” they are. It’s all manipulation. Every. Single. Aspect.

No. 642810

Ehhh, until new thirteen-year-olds replace the ones she's lost. A huge amount of the comments on her twitter still go on about how beautiful she is. Not to mention most other ageing YouTubers either move on to something else (Don't see that happening tbh) or survive/ thrive on the snowball effect of a big subscriber base (which unfortunately, she has).

No. 642818

hmm wonder if he has an sti's or std's if hes sleeping around

No. 642824

Does the band even like him? He sounds so fucking exhausting to be around.

No. 642825

His entire band quit. He has a whole new band every few months. Colin is the only one that has lasted and he wasn’t even in the original band. Nobody wants anything to do with him. That band has had like 20 different members. If not more haha

No. 642827


Has Taylor ever said he's physically abused her yet in any way?

No. 642833

He already has hep C but yeah I wonder if he’s got anything else.

No. 642834

Not when I texted her. Just that he was doing heroin and she tried to kick him out but he wouldn’t leave.

No. 642835

File: 1532133005343.jpg (334.18 KB, 1080x1749, Screenshot_20180720-182907__01…)

She posted this after people were getting after her for feeding too small prey items. This is weirdly too big of a prey item? A full grown female ball python will never need anything larger than a medium rat. This is a juvenile male. I'm not sure why she's saying she feeds him medium rats, and if she does she is officially overfeeding him rather than underfeeding him

No. 642837

So, this makes me wonder. She wanted him out early in the relationship and her family was on board with it. Jennifer called the police on them if I remember correctly. I am guessing he manipulated them into staying?

No. 642840

File: 1532133397624.jpeg (125.46 KB, 750x1334, 87080DCB-E204-47A3-8722-D2D7D0…)

No. 642843

File: 1532133620345.png (79.43 KB, 467x536, Picture 2.png)

Keeps things clean? Your fake assistant sucks at her job.

No. 642847

Seeing this just makes it more fucked up the way she slammed you on social media and attempted to make you out to be a liar..

No. 642848

Uhhh, you didn't do a good job with blacking out her number. I can still see it…

No. 642851

How about you read the fucking texts and don’t make this something it’s not. K THANKS.

No. 642852

Oh this is fucking gold, especially after all the shit she's said about you. She can get so fucked.

No. 642859

Okay? I did read the text messages, but what does that have to do about my reply about her number not being blacked out properly? I'm not even a WK but that's considered doxing, even if it's unintentional. Now she has another reason to play victim.

No. 642860

I can’t see anything on my phone or when I zoom in so sorry whatever device you are using is better than mine haha.

No more screenshots guys. Sorry I’m trying to give y’all “milk” and still somehow fucking up.

No. 642862

Unless that goof has X-ray goggles… you’re doing fine. You can’t see the number!

No. 642864

Don’t listen to some of these idiots.

No. 642867

Yeah, blacks come up a lot lighter on my monitor, haha (the last of the four digit is '6', btw). I'm just saying, you might want to delete the post and repost it again with a better edit. But sorry if I came off as a rude. You're fine.

No. 642868

Agree, literally can't see anything on my computer too. Can guess at the digits lol but that's it. Hardly doxing.

No. 642871

I deleted two but the first one was at 31 minutes and didn’t let me delete. SORRY GUYS.

No. 642874

Girl you're fine. There's always one person on here who has to pop up and say some dumb shit. It happens to all of us here lol! It's not you, don't worry.

No. 642875

youre fine! keep posting caps, if youre worried you can just use a sticker to cover it

No. 642876

Taylor one day: “I don’t even see myself as famous or important”
Taylor, literally the next day: “I have an assistant who cleans my house and brings me teas and wipes my ass”

No. 642877

You were fine and didn’t have to do that. We can’t always keep trolls under control on here.

No. 642879

I can't see anything on my computer no matter how much I zoom or change my monitor brightness. However when I downloaded the screenshot and edited the brightness all 4 digits are visible. Not your fault Chelsea. I hope you keep posting.

No. 642880

Please sage. And doing that is downright desperation!

No. 642882

Alright guys. This was fun. I’ll live vicariously through all of you because this has taken up my whole day but thanks for letting me talk. Sorry I’m not a cool blogger or interwebz user. Hahah I feel so old right now. Everybody should go enjoy their Friday night and smile a whole lot because we all deserve it.

No. 642889

It's okay, you didn't do it intentionally. You can always do what >>642875 said. That way, you'll know that the number is blocked out. I didn't mean to scare you away from the boards. I hope you enjoy your Friday night too and feel free to come back when you feel comfortable with posting again.


It's been a while since I've seen the Nemo's vet bill, so I have to read through the older threads. Sorry. I just didn't want Taylor or Jonny to have an excuse to play victim or shrug off any criticisms because a bunch of weens called her number.

I'll drop the phone number thing after this post, but yeah, black shows up a lot lighter on my monitor so it was very easy for me to see. Thank you for sharing your messages though.

No. 642892

Anyways, when you look up that number online it says it's registered under taylor Dean so if she tries to say it's not her number there's that

No. 642902

Too dumb to get/pay for an unlisted phone number!

No. 642920

All she has to do is break up with him while he is on tour but she won't. She's had more than enough of a warning so this is all her problem now. She should not get any sympathy but I know she will.
I just don't get why she wouldn't just break up with him if he were so horrible to her even in the beginning.

No. 642933


Rockstar romance and all that shnazz

No. 642949

Because she's probably still thinking she's not like the other girls who dated him and is also toxic as fuck.

What makes me lose sympathy for her was that she had the resources to get out, and she's the one with the financial means to get out, but won't because she thinks she knows better.

No. 642957

Can someone please repost whatever allegedly showed her number? Just crop out the number part and leave the conversation I guess.

No. 642981

Her assistant is probably Betsy, just judging by the way they're talking like they're friends. I'm not entirely what she pays her assistant for, is she trying to say her assistant cleans for her? I doubt she has one at all.

No. 643007

File: 1532144372276.jpeg (155.8 KB, 1242x342, 938095CA-D0F2-4921-ABC7-FCEB39…)

No. 643013

File: 1532145146604.jpg (837.08 KB, 750x3624, doesanyoneknowwhereiputmykeys.…)

No. 643018

File: 1532145750619.jpg (31.49 KB, 265x563, Screenshot_20180720-202851~2.j…)

The face of sobriety

No. 643022

Why on Earth scare the milk away? Jeez.
Thanks for the screen caps Chelsea! I would highly encourage you to drop more, bc more and more TND fans are finding these threads and the more inside info on the reality of this relationship and Taylor’s pathological lying— the better.
Taylor tries so hard to come across as relatable and endearing and as an ex “fan” I used to like her personality. But the lies are just so offputting.

No. 643043

least we know those screenshots weren't faked just like what the Deans keep telling all their clueless stans.

No. 643044

he's so tiny that his fingers look shorter than any hobbit

No. 643062

File: 1532152909707.png (26.37 KB, 467x138, Picture 2.png)

No. 643094

oh, kind of like those Chipotle chips with gluten in them but you have no problem eating, Taylor? and ofc it seems like she's low key proud of her coke addiction. narcissistic suburban kids with no personality are the worst.

No. 643097

Which animals have died in taylors care? New to her channel

No. 643098

i'm so embarrassed that people keep supporting him…like why would you stan some scamming rapist who peaked in the mid-late 2000s for his mediocre emo vocals after he's already been exposed as a pathetic junkie? not trying to shift the blame away from the abuser, just can't imagine letting those stubby, misogynistic fingers near me. it's also why people supporting Taylor is so problematic, they're condoning her enabling and dismissive behavior.

No. 643100

He's a mini manlet, but he's also so swollen from the drugs. It makes his hideous face even more unbearable to look at. On day one he's drunk enough in the middle of the day that he's flipping off religious monuments in front of families, beer can still in hand. Day two and he's pinned and passing out on random fangirls. What a keeper, taylor.

No. 643109

Because his fans are equally emotionally stunted. They view whatever criticism against him as "hate".

No. 643112

No. 643120

Been here for awhile and i’m Still shocked at how many animals she has that she rarely speaks about unless it fits her current style. That’s so much fucking animals for a small apartment. From the evidence of her messy apartment and messy tanks, I bet her place stinks so bad

No. 643126

The two clown fish were rehomed to a friend's tank,shorty after she acquired the cow clownfish (because she didn't like how they were behaving)

No. 643149


No. 643233

nice going buddy

No. 643250

File: 1532180189065.jpg (42.13 KB, 528x561, Screenshot_2018-07-21-15-15-38…)

No. 643293

Lovely. Taylor is a professional liar and victim and to someone who has no background in caring for exotic animals, like Paige, she will come off as knowledgeable. I hope Paige doesn’t just focus on the animal hoarding as that’s barely scratching the surface of her bullshit.

No. 643335

She probably saw the video being mentioned on here and is doing damage control.

I don’t understand how so few people seem to care she’s dating an abuser, rapist, drug addict, etc. There are pictures proving the abuse, multiple reports proving the drug abuse, arrests, a restraining order, kicked off tours for sexually harassing women AND minors…why aren’t more people upset about this

No. 643349

This is fucking dumb. She's just going to lie. Don't even bother making the video if this is how you're going to get information.

No. 643355

Agreed. If Taylor can control the narrative how would that be realistic. It's only going to make her look good at this point.

No. 643356

File: 1532193275878.png (31.63 KB, 463x195, Picture 3.png)

No. 643357

She's pulling a Kuckian where she's trying to get both sides without realizing it's a controlled narrative.

No. 643387

Lol liver failure is not something to brag about daddy

No. 643401

She might be going to do a live stream now. Go let her know Taylor will lie.

No. 643423

File: 1532199512915.jpeg (149.94 KB, 1242x883, 0BB65500-3932-4C5B-A688-FB8DED…)

I have a feeling this is about Chelsea posting here. Even when he’s on tour he can’t help but obsessively stalk this thread.

No. 643424

File: 1532199590908.jpeg (179.21 KB, 1196x973, E0C4CE1E-5AF1-47D4-9B5F-CFBB34…)

No. 643507

For the love of god just ask her about Chelsea's texts. It's the most important thing and the only excuse she has is that they are fake even though its her actual phone number and there is no way Chelsea would have that. I don't have a twitter so I can't tweet this but I hope Paige sees this or someone tells her. She literally admits to doing drugs. Paige should get in contact with Chelsea instead. Paige plz

I always wonder what happens when he sees them being posted, does Taylor get in trouble or something? If Taylor is telling the truth in the texts I don't know how he would react to seeing that

No. 643520

Which is the exact reason I think it’s BS that Chelsea is posting them because she’s concerned. If she thinks taylor is being abused, posting it publicly is the most dangerous thing she could do for taylor. Also, she seems to say she did it because taylor “laughed” at them. Where did she ever say that? I know jonny posted a tweet saying “we are laughing” but Chelsea claims that jonny is crazy so why would she be phased by what he’s saying if taylor didn’t say it herself? It just doesn’t add up to me. Like of course taylor is gonna say it’s a lie if it was posted publicly if saying it’s actually not fake could be a danger for her??

No. 643527

saged for I don't care if its saged. It's all milk. every last drop. who is telling her to sage when all she's doing is answering -new- questions.

No. 643528

File: 1532206401553.jpeg (104.29 KB, 750x794, 7E669EDA-6C01-4A50-93DC-7F2321…)

god fucking damnit

No. 643542

Maybe Chelsea doesn’t care if Taylor gets hurt anymore or not? If I was Chelsea I would not give a single shit about Taylor after Taylor publicly called her a liar and had her fans attack Chelsea.

No. 643543

From how excited the seller’s message is seems like she payed way over $7500 for it

No. 643558


I'm praying it isn't the chimera, oh son of a bitch

No. 643563

Tweet has been deleted

No. 643565

This guy probably thinks the snake is going to have someone “famous” showing him off, when in reality Taylor introduces her new pets then never posts them again. Pretty disappointed that he’d sell it to her anyway, but most snake breeders are in it for the money.

No. 643593

Come on Anon, have you not been following? Not only has she laughed at Chelsea, but she also made her out to be a lying psycho ex girlfriend that wants to make Taylor's life miserable. I'm sure Chelsea intended to help Taylor. So when she saw that Jonny knew about the texts and said they were laughing at her she felt betrayed. Her fans were attacking Johnnys ex gfs for lying and Chelsea had the texts to prove otherwise. Johnny had already seen the texts so Chelsea most likely didnt post anything he didnt know about.

No. 643630

File: 1532209515282.png (157.07 KB, 466x312, Picture 2.png)

I wish someone at Petfest would call her out.

No. 643633

It's still listed as available on FB and morphmarket. But knowing her she twisted everything to make herself the victim and threw a bunch of money at the seller to get her way.

No. 643634

I’ll be really disappointed if the breeder has sold her that snake. If they had any doubt that she doesn’t treat her animals 100% then how could they let the snake go?

That snake is stunning and would sell anyway at some point, it really shouldn’t be about the money.

No. 643649

Really seems like she bribed him with more money and saying that she will make videos about it and post photos of it. She won't. She'll post one or two then be done with it.
Why spend 7.5k on a snake when that money could go to animal shelters that are in desperate need of things?

No. 643659

File: 1532212616002.png (18.17 KB, 464x111, Picture 3.png)

No. 643669

Are you guys really that surprised he ended up selling her the snake? Of course he would. Breeders don't give two shits about their animals. It's all about $$$. Which is why RESCUING is so important but then we have fucks like Taylor buying animals every other day.

He would've never given an $8k snake away for free, but as soon as she's willing to pay for it, it's hers. Doesn't matter what proof you show the guy.

No. 643678

People get into breeding because they love it, most of them care a huge amount about their animals, and I'm sure this guy does too. Unfortunately, Taytay's care just from scanning her content seems fine- it's only when you go into it that you see how bad it is. Odds are, this guy doesn't have time for that.
To him, snake gets a good home, free advertising for him, if she paid extra that's a bonus.

No. 643683

If u cared about ur animals why would u sell them to strangers for profit

No. 643687


Good breeders are generally breeding to meet a specific goal in order to better the species/breed (size, temperament, perfecting a certain color etc.) and there are many along the way that aren't breeding quality or don't fit into the long term goals of the breeding program. Breeders who would keep every animal they don't need in order to progress their lines would get extremely overwhelmed very quickly.

No. 643692

Because this is the real world, and we all have to make a living. Might as well make a bit of money doing what you love.

No. 643694

A breeder can't keep every animal they produce. As a breeder, I love all of my breeding animals and of course I love the babies, but if I kept every baby first of all I'd have a stupid amount of baby lizards and second of all, I wouldn't make any sort of profit. Of course, I do go above and beyond to ensure the babies end up in the hands of good people, not people like Taylor. Unfortunately this guy probably just watched some videos and looked at some of her animals and didn't see anything wrong because from the outside her care looks almost okay.(blogposting)

No. 643700


You know what, I don't even give a shit if she gets the snake or not at this point. Let her have the petty victory. End of the day, she still embarrassed and exposed her whole ass in public yet again lying for attention and paid more money than she has to responsibly spend just to cover it

No. 643713

Ooaf looks like I finally got blocked, but actually for posting on the petty paige thing to beware of her lying. Not actually anything directly calling her out like I've done a couple times.

No. 643720

Because Taylor has been accusing of being a liar and manipulative.

Also it was clear that Chelsea doesn't give a shit if Taylor gets exposed anymore, for all the bullshit she threw her way. The sympathy train departed a long time ago.

No. 643722

I have a feeling she’s just gonna say since all her haters ruined the first snake transaction she got a different one

No. 643725

I’m sort of salty that Chelsea has a whole year of screen shots she could’ve dropped here and some over eager farmers wanted to look cool and knowledgeable so they kept telling her to sage and block things out better. They literally scared away loads of potential milk, and for no reason bc she didn’t even NEED to sage as her info was brand new shots of Taylor talking trash on Jonny.
I don’t care if you think Chelsea is in the wrong for sharing things that could get Taylor in trouble with Jonny. I, for one, hope she comes back and unloads them all here bc if Taylor cared about her own safety she wouldn’t be such an enabler. She’s not going to leave him bc she feels cool dating a washed up rat eyed musician and despite her protests I think she likes the drugs.
So if Chelsea does decide to come back, don’t engage with her unless you’re going to encourage the milk— not scare it off.

No. 643736

Oh I think she'll come back, definitely. But I really do hope people stop asking her to sage or bitch about doxing when the number wasn't even visible.

No. 643747


Agreed. Don't let these delusional people lie to you (and themselves) that breeders care. Too many unwanted animals are put in shelters, euthanized, or in the case of many reptiles- likely let loose to fend for themselves. We need to stop contributing to the fucking problem and say it's okay because ~the breeders luv them!~

Taylor should be using her platform to set a good example and only get rescues… but of course they aren't pretty or unique enough to keep her youtube bux flowing in, so she won't

sage for stepping on my soap box. Just being real with y'all.

No. 643751

File: 1532219597026.jpg (42.18 KB, 314x680, Diqy9T8UwAA6ZmS.jpg_small.jpg)

No. 643753

Third picture is major yikes

No. 643756

It has porn vibes and makes the enclosure look super small.

No. 643768

taylor said in her insta story 25 mins ago to me posting this message that someone just said that the third pic looks like porn

but it hasnt been 25 mins. The porn anon was 17 mins ago.

Unless someone messaged her on twitter she already knew that it looked like porn and then chickened out of making it her thumbnail for her new video thats coming out "tonight"

No. 643772

I can't believe she thinks that's big enough (it looks so narrow!!) for a monitor

No. 643774

someone commented that here when she first posted the pics on Twitter, too

No. 643775


are those cuts in her arm? one of them looks pretty big

No. 643780

Who called it on those horrible plastic bins for her ball pythons… because yep… fucking awful.

No. 643781

Video is already starting with her talking about how Ghost will not care if you flop him around or anything, hmm maybe because he's a ragdoll?

No. 643786

So she’s keeping her ball pythons and hognose (at least, probably more) in racks now. She claimed the racks have 4 ft long tubs. In reality they’re 33 inches (on the website of the company). Why does she lie when it’s so easy to check? That’s not even 3ft and not big enough for any of her ball pythons permanently. But she claimed on Twitter months ago that these would be permanent for them. She’ll probably change her mind now though. Also they’re not tall enough for any climbing space, and only 18 inches wide.

No. 643795

This also means she has a bunch of empty enclosures she'll probably want to put some new animal into now sigh.
Also probably with such shallow plastic bins is the snakes can rub their heads. Its no a terrible injury but its still not fun. Also where are her hygrometers?

No. 643799

File: 1532223302237.png (10.14 MB, 2208x1242, E229964C-1FD0-401E-9291-ADB4F9…)

This is one hell of a cage for an arboreal animal.

No. 643801


Don't tar all breeders with the same brush, we have turned countless people away who wanted to buy our puppies and we keep in touch with every single one through out it's life.

The breeder I bought my geckos from is the exact same and appreciates updates and photos.

You can support rescues AND responsible breeding.(blogposting)

No. 643802


So you’re saying you should buy from a pet store instead of a breeder, when breeders take better care of the animals? Not all rescues always have animals or have what you are looking for or have the means to care for. Breeders aren’t terrible lol hate Taylor not the breeder

No. 643803

Poor ghost looked terrified when she closed him in the cage and she just went on about how he doesn't care about anything. Like he's obviously scared you bitch. You'd think a self proclaimed "animal educator" would know more about how to read animal behavior

No. 643806

word. why sage anything since everything Chelsea was telling us was new. but nooooooo, the autists were out in full force.

No. 643810

File: 1532223820358.png (7.86 MB, 1242x2208, 6E3C4C4B-078C-4758-B226-7D59E0…)

Did anyone talked about it ?

No. 643815

I didnt watch the whole video just clicked through a bit and I'm surprised at how different she both sounds and acts through out? she actually seemed like she was present and not stoned out of her mind or dead inside lol

No. 643826

This is so pathetic. All her money and this is the best she can do? It's obviously not tall enough, but she doesn't even utilize what little vertical space she has. Roughnecks will also burrow in the substrate if given an option, but of course she chooses an enclosure where that is impossible. She clearly has no knowledge of creating thermal, uv, photo, or humidity gradients. There's no coverage for security throughout the closure, it's all clumped in the center. A child could literally be more creative.

No. 643831

Is it me or does he look stunted (growthwise) too. Shouldn't he be bigger by now?

No. 643840

File: 1532226107673.jpeg (272.1 KB, 750x927, 320894C1-05CD-4F5F-AC6C-AA3B4D…)

Hi mama dean

No. 643845

Probably. I know most monitors have a very fast growth rate. Do we know if she feeds him anything other than rodents? Because a varied diet is important.

No. 643847

Looks like she hasn’t washed her face either…

No. 643851

has this been posted here yet? it's her makeup tutorial

No. 643854

Yeah, a few days ago.

No. 643855

I wonder what she's gonna do with this enclosure when the monitor outgrows it….probably just another excuse to impulse buy another large animal she can't take care of.

No. 643856

I agree. Instead of upgrading an animal she already has, she'll buy a new one.

Also, when people spend like $1000 on an enclosure it's usually because they want to do something interesting like a naturalistic bioactive setup. But she chooses a cage that will only accommodate an inch of substrate. A total waste of money.

No. 643861

She also claimed her crested geckos were getting new enclosures but you can still see them in the closet in the background.

Plus I don’t think she ever showed Sabor’s new enclosure except on Instagram.

No. 643866

File: 1532227764509.png (11.71 MB, 2224x1668, A1847E44-BB5C-4E58-85C7-DA13A3…)

Switched her ball pythons to aspen as if they weren’t already dehydrated enough. Plus you can see she didn’t even bother to wash the hide from when she still was using eco earth.

No. 643875

Damn didnt even notice they were on aspen, and because she doesnt use hygrometers, she probably has no idea what the humidity is or even care.

No. 643879

How did she manage to make her new snake enclosures worse than the old ones? Now they have no height to even attempt periscoping. They have no lights, let alone full spectrum uv. I doubt she's tracking temps or humidity. The husbandry she's representing to her young fans is from the 80's/90's. Ball python keepers are moving on from this garbage.

No. 643881

And they’re only 33”x17”. So no height or room to stretch out once they’re bigger.

No. 643895

File: 1532230912317.png (67.18 KB, 466x348, Picture 2.png)

Now she has her followers believing this is proper care for their own pets.

No. 643899

“Couldn’t find the exact one length wise” because she lied that they’re 4ft when they’re not. I like how she didn’t even link to the actual one she got.

No. 643906


Exactly. Not to mention the site lists them as breeding racks. The whole justification for such abysmal sizing is that they're temporary homes and once the snake is bought the owner will give it a great enclosure. She takes mediocre to a new level.

I know she wants us to believe this is the monitor cage but after seeing her move around inside of it I can't see how that's possible.

No. 643920

I don’t know why she’s been saying on her social media and in her new video that the monitor cage and racks are by custom cages? They are obviously by Vision cages, as custom cages doesn’t make enclosures out of that grey plastic material. Maybe it’s so it’s easier for her to lie about the dimensions of her enclosures if she says that they are custom made.

No. 643922

I just found out that Custom Cages bought Vision a few months ago. Still weird that she’s not calling them Vision racks, as they are still sold on different sites and the names are not interchangeable.

No. 643928

You can buy vision cages on customcages website

No. 643946

I really don't know much about snakes, but living in those small containers seems awful. She probably purposfully waited to release this video until she bought that snake so the owner wouldn't call her out.

No. 643953

And now she can't even see them without pulling the drawers out. Why have pets you can't even watch? People with so much less money do so much more for their animals: https://snakejudy.tumblr.com/post/140053010042/lighting-upgrade

No. 643954

As someone who lives in Texas, let alone San Antonio, she should be using repti-chip for her ball pythons. The guy who makes it literally lives in the same town as her so she can get it discounted (I only know because I do this) plus it’s so much better for her ball pythons. There’s no way they’ll be able to shed properly in that. The humidity will only sit at about 30-45 with aspen otherwise she’ll have to take more invasive measures and end up with mold in her tanks

No. 643955

File: 1532239381804.png (64.6 KB, 462x348, Picture 3.png)

The comment is gross but you're dating a literal rapist who calls women bitches and cunts.

No. 643956

Literally her boyfriend does the same shit she's so hellbent on saying she talks to him about like a toddler.

No. 643957


The irony is too strong, I can't deal with it. Dating a woman-hating abuser and rapist is A-OK according to Taylor. Commenting on her figure? Too far.

No. 643958

Reptichip is just aspen but in smaller chip form… no better for humidity either.

No. 643961

It’s coconut.

No. 643970

You think his snake isn't living in that size container already?

No. 643975

File: 1532243449342.jpg (1.34 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20180722_030756634.jpg)

Comment on Taylor's Instagram on the new monitor enclosure.

No. 643977

Imagine spending all that money on a custom viv and it doesn’t even have a lip for substrate. I noticed that in the other tanks she had made. That’s quite a design flaw.

No. 643985


I’m guessing the incorrect temps would also explain his “tameness” then. What Taylor thought was tame was actually a monitor that couldn’t move to get away from her because he didn’t have enough heat.

No. 643989

It definitely is. Even a super scared monitor would at least be flicking its tongue in a new environment but he wasn’t. They’re known for being super inquisitive and intelligent.

No. 643990

I know they’re completely different species and I know very little about snakes but I keep a dwarf hamster in a tank bigger than anything she’s keeping those snakes in.. it just seems so sad and half assed. Especially considering how much money she has, her animals could be living in luxury if she cared.

No. 643991

Also it's been mentioned that monitors just cannot be tamed, because they're wild caught. She definitely must think she's training the monitor like a dog, but she's not.

No. 644002

File: 1532248462979.png (584.12 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-07-22-02-24-00…)

No. 644004

File: 1532249006027.png (634.68 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-07-22-02-24-06…)

Maybe it's just me but her Moon Crab doesnt look has full and rounded like before or maybe it's just the angles of the photos.
This photo is from her IG story

No. 644006

File: 1532249048797.png (375.91 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-07-22-02-34-18…)

Old photo

No. 644010

How is that even possible. You'd have to throw it or something.

No. 644042

It could just be the angle of the photo. You can see more of the whitish underpart in the 2nd one which may be why it looks fuller/rounder

No. 644071

Taylor has zero respect for money.. She seems to view it as a cute quirk. I mean it makes sense, because most of us don't learn how to manage money until we move out of our parents.. And her mother fails at parenting she didn't set Taylor up for any life other than being an entitled brat. When money is disposable to you, having to constantly replace expensive electronics is no big deal.

I know they like to think of us all as jealous and whatnot.. But I'd way rather be broke and a good person than to speak and brag about money the way Taylor does. She tells herself she's a good person and I'm sure hears it from her fans. But deep, deep down she has to know how ugly she is inside. That's why she tries so damn hard to convince people otherwise.

No. 644074

(Hopefully I’m responding to the photo of the enclosure)
So does anyone thing she’s gonna deep clean it at all? Remove all the substrate, wipe it down, etc.?

No. 644098

She is so painfully lazy. Bags of groceries on the floor - like neither you nor your man could take 3 minutes to put them away? Decorating the cage with whatever unused crap she had lying around and as always, promising something better is coming. Why couldn't she have gone and bought some stuff for that cage before filming? Then the video could have been this big haul and reveal of an enclosure she could really be proud of, without all the disclaimers and promises that it will improve later. I guess she's trying to stretch this into a series but it just feels so lame and lazy. From what I've read and seen about monitors, it did seem strange that he's SO docile. Those snake enclosures/storage bins look so sad and I am so confused why you would want all these beautiful animals to be literally hidden away like that. So frustrating to watch. I hope I saged right, I'm newish.

No. 644099

She deleted this post of course, sad because this guy actually knows what he's talking about. She can't sweep her shitty care under the rug forever especially when that monitor dies because of it

No. 644100

goddammit. that guy wasn't rude or anything. she is truly unwilling to listen.

No. 644108

File: 1532269961326.png (1.09 MB, 1242x2208, 0FE0819C-0000-4321-95FB-8553DB…)

No. 644110

“I don’t like talking about money”
Proceeds to once again shove in everyone’s faces how much money she spends

No. 644113

so sick of her talking about the price of everything. it is beyond tacky. have some class.

No. 644115

At least she's hopefully buying shit for him to climb on.in these threads I always say she's redeemable if she does shit right. Hopefully she'll keep doing it if she reads this.
Tay, if you're lurking, please watch your animals humidity and leave Jonny

No. 644122

I'm probably late but snake racks… man. They're probably better than the enclosures the snakes had before in terms of length but come on.

Corn snakes will take opportunities to climb, there is no space there for the snake to climb at all.

No. 644125

I’m disappointed too. She just bought all of those display tanks and now she’s going to leave them empty? I think racks are fine as grow out enclosures, but the rack bins are way too small to be a permanent enclosure for her snakes. Even her hognose looked big inside it.

No. 644130

How is she monitoring the heat/humidities of her rack system?
Am I right in thinking that the heat from the other racks could potentially interfere with the racks above/below them?

No. 644138

I honestly think she's just lazy and dumb. Her poor hedgehogs have been in cages too small for their whole life, one in particular is too small for a hamster, plus she keeps them in a cupboard with no windows. She's said she's 'getting better cages for them' months ago, she could have bought something and moved them into it in a day (and even filmed it), or I'd let her off if she was having a carpenter build something and it taking a few weeks, but honestly she's just lazy and this constant 'how can people think I don't take care of my animals when I spent $XXXXX on new cages!!???' is just getting tiresome. Maybe sort the animals you do have into nicer, adequate enclosures before you buy more, hmm Tay?

No. 644139

Her having a rack system is just further proof her animals are accessories to her. Shove them away in a literal drawer until she wants to take one out to match her asethetic for an instragam picture. Doesn’t even want to see them when they can’t do something to promote her image as the *~*hot snake girl*~*

No. 644141

Does anyone think she may have got a rack system so people can't see how shit/dirty her enclosures look? She never shows the tanks unless they're new or has literally just cleaned it for a video, she never just takes photos of her animals in the tanks, kinda feel like it's another excuse for her to take her snakes out for photos.

No. 644147

This is really sad. It looks like that person really knows what they are talking about, not some random "hater". Remember when the pet tubers claimed they actually take into consideration what they are doing wrong? They don't and they don't care. This is her first monitor. She can't possibly get everything perfectly, 100% correct. She should have asked first about advice but no, she has to act like she already knows everything when she didn't even know the correct species in the beginning. She obviously did not look up or research this animal at any point in time. I bet she does not even know where this animal originates from (which is so important when you're trying to keep something away from its home).
Now I'm going to be super sad whenever I see this monitor just doing its thing being super sluggish because now I know it's because of how she is keeping it.

No. 644148

Well the petty Paige video is going to be pointless. People warned her Taylor would lie and she totally disregarded it and essentially told them to fuck off. She thinks she's being "fair" by listening to Taylor.

No. 644153

I don’t use racks but some people in the ball FB group im in say that racks actually have a problem of too high humidity and from what I’ve seen people usually switch to aspin because of this.

No. 644167

Just like Shane Dawson was "fair" to Tana in his Tanacon series and Tana got to tra la la la into the sunset with no real damage done. These bitches are so manipulative. If Paige can't see that, she's just as stupid as all the tweens obsessed with Taylor who only like her bc she's pretty.

No. 644177

>>644148 How much do you think she's paying her off for? Wouldn't be the first time she's tried.

No. 644181

Yeah I don't know why people posting here were excited for a video by her. She seems like an idiot. She obviously hasn't done very much research (if at all) and then messages Taylor to get her information.

Plus why focus on animal care if you know nothing about it?

No. 644190

I'm so pissed that she deleted that comment, it was full of imformation from someone who appears to literally devote his life to monitors. But she doesn't want to hear that,and is just going to sit there with her lethargic lizard and insist he's okay.

No. 644199

there are parents out there that just buys expensive things for their children but NEVER tries to be there for them or even see them. It’s not healthy, so just because you’re spending so much on your monitor, it doesn’t mean you’re taking care of them right, Taylor

No. 644201

Agreed, she did the same thing with the Dasha situation, she threw her hands up on that situation. Petty Paige does a shitty job at choosing stories (mostly focusing on stupid beauty guru drama). I’d respect her more if she did the story on Taylor but didn’t ask Taylor to “answer” (aka lie) questions. Petty Paige also has 0 idea how to take care of exotic animals and will likely take Taylor’s side since Taylor like boast and brag about being sooooo smart with animals. /s

No. 644232

So she's getting fluorescent full spectrum lighting fixtures. Yet I doubt she has a uv meter to measure how much uv Kronos is subjected to in the cage (it will change based on how close or far away from the light he is). Every animal has a particular uv index they thrive in and getting more or less than that causes health problems. Also these light fixtures will put off very little heat, which leaves the two angled bulbs she already has. Besides the fact that reptile lighting should come straight down not angle into the animal's eyes, they can't be putting off enough heat for either ambient temperatures or a proper basking spot. With reptiles that bask you need light and heat across the entire cage (albeit one side cooler than another) but you also need a dedicated basking spot with a light that is diffuse (spreads out) because if it is too focused it will cause burns. She's not creating a basking spot like that. In addition I don't see a heat source that doesn't emit light (like a ceramic heat emitter or radiant heat panel). Which means those heat lights are either on 24/7–meaning Kronos gets mediocre heat all the time but no night cycle. Or they get turned off at night but then he's even colder than he already is. Either way none of his needs for climbing, basking, hiding, uv, burrowing, exploring, etc are being met.

I'm also willing to bet she doesn't understand how providing full spectrum light can change his supplementation requirements.


No. 644241

File: 1532279867169.png (83.04 KB, 467x491, Picture 2.png)

No. 644242

File: 1532279881027.png (20.82 KB, 468x102, Picture 4.png)

No. 644284

File: 1532282031494.jpeg (1.21 MB, 2048x2048, 15C47DA2-3001-4465-A8DC-343475…)

This one guy had legitimately good advice, and makes a good point about how keeping a monitor cool can make lethargy look like docility. Taytay starts lying again, saying she took him to the vet and got him fecal tested, and how the pet store “begged” her not to send him to a rescue because “all he’s known is people.” And some 13 y.o. defending her shit husbandry with a lethargic monitor as “he’s just a cool monitor and Taylor has cool animals and you guys are just mad”

Tried to make it legible as one post to not spam the thread. Will see if it worked.

No. 644294

I actually spoke to this guy. He definately knows what he’s talking about and felt kinda bad that she took down the post where he wrote everything.

No. 644297

File: 1532283135817.png (223.59 KB, 1080x1407, IMG_20180722_191041.png)

The guy crossed out in orange is the same guy from earlier whose comment she deleted (along with the photo). I know his name has already been posted but I blanked them all out anyway.

No. 644304

Did she definitely buy that Paradox? Can’t find anything on twitter and the snakes still up on morphmarket

No. 644305

If you've ever been a part of any reptile or pet group, these (kind) comments read just like in those groups. People that know what they're talking about and are trying to help politely. Her fans for some reason think this is an "attack" on her? Even though everyone knows she has never had a monitor before? Her fans are such idiots. I really hope she fixes everything. It's not hard and everyone is helping her out so much with solutions. Nobody is really saying anything about the size of the enclosure. If she upgrades when she is supposed to I guess it's okay. He needs more climbing things though, probably.

>v. rudicollis

Like she didn't have to google this kek

No. 644311

I think he actually stop growing already, he has been that side for months now, and they supposedly grow really fast.
Probable Is convenient for Taylor since she just refuse to give him a proper enclosure.

No. 644312

Hopefully she didn’t. She tweeted that the snake was on its way to her with screenshot of a message from the seller but then she deleted it.

No. 644319

File: 1532284608504.png (753.26 KB, 1125x2436, 049DDC85-1B30-4BBA-BB2D-97E4DA…)

Yeah seems weird she’s delete the tweet, thought she’d whore about it as much as possible. This is all I could find

No. 644330

The Chimera is still up on morph market, I have a feeling she went with a different snake.

No. 644338

I’ve been watching it on morph market and it hasn’t been listed as sold as of yet. Doesn’t mean she for sure won’t get her grubby paws on it but here’s hoping.

No. 644342

I've been watching it too. I noticed the bamboo mojave has been changed to "on hold" in the last 24 hours, so clearly they've been updating their page. If she really bought the chimera I feel like it wouldn't be listed anymore.

No. 644343

I hope not. She probably was purposely vague to manipulate the people who saw the whole drama into thinking the guy was kissing her ass.

No. 644347


Vague is her forte. I wouldn't be surprised if this message from the "seller" was fake. It sounds like something she'd say about herself, just like when she faked the messages from the reptile store.

No. 644362

Message the seller asking if it's still available(don't encourage people to cowtip)

No. 644379


Nah just leave the poor guy alone, we'll know if she gets it or not soon.

No. 644459

Did anyone see if there were arguments on the pictures of her ball pythons on instagram? She had one of Maui and one of Louis and they’re both deleted now.

No. 644461

May be old milk, but does taylor still keep her hedges in a closet? I remember she did it at her parents house, and for the most part no animal should be kept in a closet. The humidity in them is ridiculous and animals hardly have air flow. Closets are also big spots for mold. Not a good spot for animals. (No professional, but I’ve just been told that.)

No. 644463

Her hedgehogs and crested geckos live in the closet. Her mouse did as well until it died.

No. 644476

It's sad to see she's clearly bored with them and can't be bothered to care for them properly. Which is a shame because they can be interesting animals. Most people in the hedgehog community consider 8sq ft the bare minimum, unlike Taylor or Tyler who think 4 is fine. Not to mention most pettubers feed them pellets with insects as treats despite the fact they're primarily insectivores. Their natural behaviors often come out if kept in a naturalistic bioactive enclosure but Taylor can't be bothered.

No. 644479

It genuinely baffles me that she kept those pets in her closet for what I believe to be a year and has the audacity to buy other pets

No. 644484

Pretty soon she'll probably make an off-hand comment about them having died of "old age" like she did with Gus, devoid of any sincerity, then change the topic.

No. 644486

She's really pushing the link to her newest video heavy on twitter. Never seen her retweet a new vid so often. She must need cash after buying her new snake.

No. 644492

Or she's trying to earn the money for the snake. That's why it's still listed, she can't afford it lol

No. 644560

It makes sense she can't afford it. She was talking on twitter about how she and Jonny needed to save up money and her shenanigans about getting the snake for $50.

So much for the "million dollar houses" you were supposedly looking for lmao.

No. 644580

File: 1532306798395.jpg (295.18 KB, 1440x2560, IMG_20180722_194458_651.jpg)

Same person that commented before

No. 644582

I really wonder what she’ll do when YouTube money runs out. Imagine being mid-twenties, no degree, only job you can put on your resume is a couple of months at Petco when you were a teen.

No. 644587


Her inability to take constructive criticism without getting defensive is really embarrassing for someone her age, you'd think she was some 15 year old know-it-all fuck just reading her replies.

No. 644589

Move back in with her parents, probably.

No. 644596

Her parents are why she's like this. They're major enablers or at least mama Dean is.

I mean they saw all those texts Chelsea showed us. Saw that its her number. And then after a couple weeks were like whatever we love Jonny now.

And her mom funded her trip to playlist live where she didn't even bother to show up cause she got high instead.

No. 644604

File: 1532309397181.png (41.91 KB, 463x221, Picture 2.png)

Gotta make up for wanting him dead somehow.

No. 644606

File: 1532309468658.png (18.96 KB, 464x107, Picture 3.png)

No. 644639

Ew lol did anyone on twitter ever ask her about him drinking in Brazil?

No. 644723

File: 1532315896728.png (1008.06 KB, 1080x1337, Screenshot_20180722-235719~2.p…)

Why can't he make a normal smile

Also some ppl on twitter and instagram were mentioning how Jonny's shows in Brazil were short and not that many people showed up to see them lmao (idk if it's worth posting the screenshots since it's in portuguese)

No. 644759

Might be worth it if you could translate it.

No. 644788

File: 1532317939058.png (21.52 KB, 462x103, Picture 2.png)

No. 644800

i also don’t know why taylor is being so genial with him on social media when his tagged photos are nothing but him draped over girls and partying/drinking. i was going to post screenshots too but there’s just THAT many, and other anons have done a few so you get the gist. i guess taylor has no room to talk since it’s been outed that she wants him to just die already? i don’t think this relationship could be more toxic if it tried.

No. 644812

File: 1532320792731.jpeg (123.35 KB, 771x770, 2F08DDC8-7158-4646-AB9D-2E8960…)

No but he’s so sober guys

No. 644813

File: 1532320887782.jpeg (167.12 KB, 778x954, AFE67B74-086E-48B9-93D9-898E28…)

No his tagged photos are him high as balls

No. 644814

Jesus, he doesnt even have a neck from how swollen he is. RIP liver.
Cant wait the tweets " Im sick n at the hospital rn but babe @taylorndean is here w me, not like the other hoes around"

No. 644818

He even admits to using things like kratom on twitter then in the same breath talks about sobriety.

No. 644821

File: 1532321550703.jpeg (329.18 KB, 698x1599, 4B6A2AB7-C1DB-478B-916B-F98E4E…)

No. 644822

File: 1532321597595.jpeg (350.42 KB, 905x1511, 8C8F01B3-45D5-4C5F-AE71-B1833D…)

No. 644843

To be fair, Kratom is a very helpful tool to people who are trying to become sober, but knowing Jonny, he probably thought it was discount kush lmaoo

No. 644848

Yeah I wouldn't typically consider someone using just kratom as "not sober". Plenty of normal people who were never addicts use it for things like pain relief, although he's clearly just using it when "better" drugs aren't available. It's incredibly mild and hardly recreational. Jonny is a problem but I hate to think of kratom being bashed because that fool associated himself with it.

No. 644850

Man he is trashed in those photos. That face is soooo gross.

No. 644858

He's always looking so bloated and greasy. He must smell like ass.

No. 644862


What does Taylor see in this dude? All I can think of when I see any photos of him is how fucking repulsive he is.

No. 644870

he's a famous musician and she wants the "rockstar girlfriend" title

No. 644876

Why does she always chain sentences without using period? Looks retarded. Is this supposed to be quirky?

No. 645028

Say, what was the oldest rant video you know on this thot and her incompetence? Did people really care about her stupid acts prior to the monitor fiasco?

No. 645037

File: 1532354540587.png (245.82 KB, 1080x703, Screenshot_20180723-103106~2.p…)

Alright, sorry if my grammar is bad

"The show was empty, it was short and after that I saw people almost kneeling for Jonny Craig" (gross), and "it was nice, but I would be very regretted if I had paid for it"

No. 645051

File: 1532355120213.png (373.83 KB, 1080x565, Screenshot_20180723-103210~2.p…)


This one starts saying he likes Jonny but his previous bands were better, then "the show was really short, and today's sound (I think he means the technical settings?) was the worst I ever heard at Fabrique. Not worth 90 reais" (about 24 USD)

It must have been a rly underwhelming show if a fan is saying that, I live in a smaller, cheaper Brazilian city and people are happy to pay more than that for local/national artists lol

No. 645090

File: 1532358515963.png (35.92 KB, 466x208, Picture 3.png)

No. 645091

File: 1532358539978.png (48.74 KB, 468x227, Picture 2.png)

No. 645094

File: 1532358682320.png (43 KB, 465x222, Picture 4.png)

We were talking about her hedgehogs last night and coincidentally now one of them is in a 140. Right.

No. 645118

Has anyone tweeted her asking about why JC was drinking in Brazil yet? I would but I don't have twitter.

No. 645153


We already know what the answer will be. "He's drinking on tour but when he gets back we'll be sober!!!!"

No. 645159

I agree I think people need to start calling them out for Jonny drinking even though Taylor said they’re taking sobriety “very seriously”.

No. 645176

I tried, but JC blocked me. Plus my sock acct is just pointing out their flaws, so I am deemed at hater and get ignored. I even posted a SS of him with beer + Taylor’s 8am jack tweet w/ Mama Dean’s reply, so it’s out there.

No. 645188

Can you imagine having sex with THAT? I am feeling seriously sorry for Taylor. I'd rather have sex with the monitor.

No. 645201

Well these are depressing. No wonder he brags about his shoes… that’s the only thing he can actually afford to buy lmao.

No. 645232

the vlog w/ romeo lacoste is up

No. 645276

Was it necessary to stick her leg out to all these animals?

No. 645278


and kick the fish tank

No. 645318

I asked Jonny if he was sober on his pictures on insta and Twitter. He blocked me on both. Asking Taylor would be a waste of time as well I suspect. My plan is to bomb them with all the screenshots on a different account. But I’m just too lazy to do it at the moment

No. 645345

realistically, it won't change much. Her stans take her word for every single little thing.

No. 645376

at 0:20 - 0:26 she says that her house is really clean, because she has an assistant that comes three times a week.

No. 645379

Her videos are cringy.. she reminds me of those airhead girls in the 90s. What type of conversations would she talk about off camera? Just her, complaining that her nails aren’t matching her snakes and that the zookeepers at the aquarium doesn’t know how to do their tanks like her?

No. 645380

Yet in her other new video, you can see her place is such a mess. Haha

No. 645385

File: 1532378053826.jpg (41.62 KB, 480x480, potionseller2.jpg)

Why the fuck did she think that was a good face to use for the thumbnail? She looks like the guy from that Potion Seller video

No. 645398

Tbf it would be nice as a one-off tattoo or a first tattoo maybe? I imagine it will age horribly though

No. 645415

when they started talking about how much she twitched during the tattoo cough cocaine cough lol

No. 645422

Romeo was so clearly into her that even the fans noticed; he didn’t try to hide the eyes he kept giving her at all. The comments on Romeo’s video keep pointing out what a “cute couple” fans think they’d be and how into each other they seem. Must feel good, Jonny. Wonder how jealous he is.

No. 645437


He doesn't have any money it's all Taylor's

No. 645470

Guys when she wrote mantis you KNOW she had to mean an orchid mantis with like the softer prettier look to it and the pink coloring!!
Why on earth wouldn’t she just clarify? I think she felt too awkward on camera to speak up. Cause that’s such an abrasive tattoo that she ended up with. And it’s way bigger than you’d think she’d go for. Idk I just feel like a soft pink orchid tat would have been pretty.

No. 645488

File: 1532385145230.png (367.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-07-23-18-29-25…)

looks like tay bought the chimera snake after all

No. 645489

Buys 8k snake shes not even going to give the right substrate to lol
Couldnt you have done something a little more useful with that money, like buy more coke and ecstasy like you usually so to expedite the process of killing off your remaining brain cell? Keep telling yourself you do anything that matters and that your boyfriend will ever be anything but a junkie lol

No. 645491

Is it really surprising though? The breeder never outright said he wasn't going to sell it to her. And as much as some people might love animals, they also like money, and the snake is expensive. It's shitty as fuck it most likely went to her, but there wasn't any outright "no" from the breeder either.

No. 645503

It's convenient that she picks hardy animals like ball pythons that don't die right away right guys!!

No. 645505


You think Jonny's gonna get pissed that she wasted his drug money on another snake? She said she has to "save up" but she would impulsively buy $6000 bracelets so maybe she's not making as much money anymore since she barely ever uploads. It's gonna suck for her once she realizes she needs a real job and isn't able to support her 700 animals + man child boyfriend off their unstable careers.

No. 645510


She always gets what she wants, it's so irritating. Can't wait till karma bites her in the ass and she's forced to face reality and the consequences of her actions. It's unbelievable how much awful shit she gets away with while other people try their best to better themselves but still get "cancelled" because they said a racial slur 10 years ago. She gets everything handed to her on a silver platter because she's rich, decent looking, and has cute pets, not to mention how manipulative she is. I don't think anyone has ever told her no in her life, or if they did she'll find a way to twist the situation so they look bad because god forbid someone doesn't kiss her ass. Can't imagine how exhausting her constant lying and damage control must be, it would take less effort to own up to her shit and become a good person. But no, she's so full of herself that she always has to be right, always has to be the victim, and always has to get what she wants.

No. 645528

Agreed. She wasn't even going to get the damn thing until all of this happened and now she has to prove to everyone that the dude who sold it FULLY TRUSTS HER and WANTS to sell it to HER specifically. She had to win. She couldn't just be like meh oh well I don't need an expensive snake you guys are right.

No. 645532

Not only that, how can ANYONE who spends that much on ANY animal preach adopt don't shop like she does. It's absolutely amazing how she can say one thing and do the total opposite and her stans are blind to it. They actually dismiss it because it's a snake instead of a dog or cat.

No. 645552


No. 645586

Her spending is absolutely insane, especially considering she wants to buy a house. And no one is sponsoring her for 30k like she claims, that’s actually laughable. Her videos rarely break a million views nowadays. Hell, Shane Dawson consistently gets like 10 mil views a video and a sponsor still pulled out on him, shows how picky they are.

No. 645609

File: 1532392846009.png (4.96 MB, 2208x1242, D9EBEBEA-8B55-4F40-89BE-0C1566…)

Why are her eyebrows so close together? She needs to chill with the dip brow. Also, that hairstyle needs to go. Especially since it’s giving her an excuse not to shower for five days. Gross.

No. 645651


She was honestly so gorgeous with the long brown hair. This disgusting bleached mess braid pony tail and dark roots look is so awful that I have no idea how she has been waking up every day and thinking, "yup, this looks good."

No. 645700

I think she knows she fucked up her hair. It’s so damaged that she will likely just wear it in that ugly ass ponytail until she can dye it back to dark so it looks a little better. Honestly blonde does not suit her and her hair does not hold it well at all.

No. 645702

I actually almost felt bad for her bc it was sticking up bad in the Romeo video. That hairstyle doesn’t scream “Ariana Grande” to me like I think she thinks it does. The roots and mismatched braid look really bad. And this is coming from someone who actually liked her hair all the other ways she had it.

No. 645706

Her hair looked terrible this entire video. Why did no one bother to tell her to fix all her flyaways?

She has the means to get her hair done while it recovers, I don’t know why she chooses to look like this

No. 645707

If it matched her roots, I think it could be cute. Styled differently without that stupid gold scrunchie, obviously.

No. 645716

She really needs to stop wearing the obviously plastic pony tail, it’s so bad.

No. 645735


Taylor and Jonny both seem to try so hard to look like rappers

No. 645740

File: 1532402758198.jpeg (354 KB, 2100x1575, A45DD70D-F56F-4A20-B16C-B628DE…)

“Let me post this pic that shows me in my underwear and let’s all pretend the focus is bindi”

No. 645741


Her own ex said she's the type of person who will go to extreme lengths to keep up her image on social media, whether it be staying in a shitty relationship, lying her ass off to avoid admitting she's wrong, or blocking anyone who calls her out. She can't face reality, she legitimately thinks her reputation and image are more important than being a decent person and doing what's right.

No. 645744


Bindi looks so adorable here but yeah you can tell she angled it like that on purpose. Anything for some extra attention!

No. 645747

I truly wish she would watch a video on how to properly position her eyebrows

No. 645750

Notice how the seller isn't sure if he has a buyer? Cause she can't afford it and hasn't paid him.

No. 645851

she still thinks that trivializing mental health issues with self-deprecating jokes makes her so quirky, yikes

No. 645861

File: 1532419144209.png (70.62 KB, 1162x214, Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 12.5…)

No. 645871


in addition to all the flyaways, is the breakage and damage the reason her hairline is the way it is? it kind of just looks like baby hairs, which would be fine, but i'm genuinely confused bc i didn't think white people had those. tho i do know that constantly wearing your hair up in the same style can be bad for it, so she really needs to just get used to her short hair and get rid of the trash extensions.

No. 645874

File: 1532421532802.png (452.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180724-033225.png)

No. 645890

I guess the breeder didn't do good enough "research" in to Taylor. Good job breeder.

No. 645891

It actually angers me that she can straight up lie about the breeder and every single thing yet still turn their opinion about her around. (the breeder/petty paige/stans). I'm starting to see exactly what her an Jonny have in common

No. 645894

She will make a half assed video of him, regurgitating information she Google about his half body color, and shove him on her new organizer to never be seen again. (+ Flexing on how much she spent)

No. 645898

Let's be real, the breeder wants the snake to get attention. They said so in the message to her.

No. 645900

yup easy money grab ‘my 8k snake!’ wasn’t she askin for video ideas? Well easiest way to get them is a new pet - and an expensive one at that. I think she’s addicted to the high she gets when she buys a new one.

No. 645908

She could have paid extra for him, as other people said you can't refuse that so quickly.

No. 645913

Maybe she said she got it free so Jonny wouldn't get mad after she told him to stop spending money.

No. 645918

I think she jerks off while reading these comments. She actually loves the attention the forum brings her, and I don’t doubt she enjoys the attention Jonny’s notoriety has brought to her. Cling to those 1.4 mil followers, the likes, anything to be noticed… because even with all that money, all those expensive animals, and even forums dedicated to talking about you, you are already aware of the fact that you’re more basic and bland than any of us could have ever imagined. Enjoy the ride while it lasts, dinosaur headass!

No. 645928

No doubt. There's no other reason to say you got a snake for practically free other than to throw off scent after saying that you have to save money.
I think by then we should have known that she had spent money.

No. 646005

Her buying a $7500 (or more if she bribed him) baffles me. That’s a good chunk of a down payment on a house?? Or enough to put down on a nice car?? She’s literally just throwing her money away not only on rent, but on outrageously expensive animals. Get your damn life priorities straight girl.

No. 646017

It genuinely confuses me where she gets this money from. She can’t possibly be making this much money from her channel, she’s getting barely any views and theres no way she’s making money of merch. How much credit card debt do we recon she’s in?

No. 646019

God, I'm pissed. That poor snake, that beautiful boy, is going to die in 5-10 years or less. He'll be paraded around like an object, forced into bright white photo lights a few times, and then shoved away in those drawers. I had a bad feeling way back when she got Atta and I was a fan, but this is worse

No. 646020

I think she already has a car, but I thought she didnt have a license

No. 646030

I understand snakes are sort of like designer dogs when it comes to morphs but honestly… she could have found so many other 'nice' looking snakes for even less the price or rescued one.

She's fucking herself over big time by investing into animals when she should be saving the money

No. 646053

After buying this 7k snake, how many pets does she hoard now? The seller is a moron and clearly doesn’t care that much for the reptiles. I would have never sold her that snake, after seeing how she lied to everyone on twitter

No. 646055

Can anyone update the google doc after she reveals it's actually the chimera?

No. 646078

Has anyone asked her about "Adopt Don't Shop" when it comes to snakes? She's gone hardcore on people buying breed dogs and cats instead of adopting.

No. 646090

Looks like she deleted the tweet already

No. 646124

Lmao if it wasn't her that actually got the snake and she just saw it here or w/e

No. 646125

No doubt she gets some sort of weird high when adding even more animals to her “collection”. If it was with objects fine, who cares, but it angers me because you can’t just “collect” animals. They are living creatures who depend on you for quality care to live the best life they can. She treats them like fucking objects/accessories and it’s so angering.
I can’t wait until karma bites her and Jonny both in the ass. They get away with everything. They could get away with literal murder, I swear.

No. 646127

I mean just look at her funko pop collection lmao

No. 646131

I wouldn’t even mind if she had some friends or other pet tubers that she was trading pets with (it happens all the time in the reptile community) but she just keeps getting new pets without rehoming any that she already has.

Or if she just had snakes or other animals that don’t need a lot of care but she’s got the monitor, the hedgehogs that obviously don’t get enough time, the blue tongue skink, and all the fish tanks.

No. 646241

To be honest I don’t think she has money problems yet. She’ll be getting a more than decent monthly income. Once you get over a million subscribers you’re pretty much set as long as you do one or two videos a month. The issue is when she stops producing she will stop getting new subscribers which are needed to then go back and watch her old videos generating views therefore money and also to get her in recommended videos for new viewers. Along with a couple of sponsors at say 20k then she’s set for a comfortable life. However she seems to have no concept of money management. It’s fine for now but seriously even if it’s 5 or 10 years from now, YouTube isn’t going to be sustainable for a full time income with the little effort she wants to put in. YouTube needs to be a channel in order to gain new opportunities and income revenues. She’s doing nothing for the future.

No. 646302

Agreed, she’s fine for now but if she continues at this rate she will be finding herself getting bit in the ass for it. She could own a nice home in her name by now, and be using her following for good with the animal community and branch out and do good things. Instead she’s toxic as fuck and shows that it’s ok to own 50 animals in a tiny apartment, just because they’re cute. Her followers see her as a huge animal lover but in reality she loves the attention they bring her.

No. 646323

Honestly, I doubt she even has good enough credit to be able to do things like get a house. She doesn’t seem like the type to pay her bills and things on time, and the difference between her and other youtubers is that you can tell them didn’t just buy a house because you can’t just get a house because you want one. Does she even have a car? Or a license? I don’t understand how she gets around and does things

No. 646325

She keeps banging on about moving into a house. Wonder if she means rented or to buy. Her lease is up in September so if she wants to be out and buy a house she should really be looking now given the time it takes. If she had saved sensibly she should have enough for a decent deposit and a couple of years income for a mortage. I rthink really can’t see her moving. God her apartment still looks a mess from when she moved in. As if we believe jonnny when he says they are seriously looking at buying million dollar houses.

No. 646352


Who the fuck buys a house with their drug addict rapist dead-beat bloated corpse of a boyfriend after barely dating for a year(?) after expressing feeling trapped in the relationship and wishing he would die lol she must really be on drugs to think that's a good idea

No. 646367

I can’t imagine he would contribute anything to the house! He would definitely take credit for it though. It’s so messed up since those other texts came out. I seriously can’t believe how much of a front they are putting on. However it’s still more believable than thinking anyone would seriously fancy that goblin and want to start a family with him.

No. 646374

When your life is difficult in other ways, planning or taking big steps forward can help distract from the problems. It’s the same reason why people have babies in failing relationships to “fix” things or get engaged when they have doubts. Sure isn’t smart though. Especially with Jonny. His name better not get put on the mortgage, yikes.

No. 646479

I wouldn’t doubt within the next few months-year Jonny will get engaged to Taylor. It will help the front of how in love they are, and how “goals!!” their relationship is. Taylor will be happy too because when he finally dies of liver failure, she can cash out on some marital life insurance on him. They’re both so fake it’s disgusting. The people who feel the need to proclaim they’re so so much happier and better off than everyone else and have the best relationship ever are typically the ones who have the shittiest, most meaningless life, and are miserable with their significant other. This applies to Taylor and Jonny so heavily it’s painful, but her 12 year old stans don’t see that.

No. 646595

File: 1532488003187.png (241.57 KB, 784x788, Screenshot 2018-07-24 at 10.05…)

dont judge me for the nyan neko sugar girls that was IRONIC i promise guise

No. 646646

File: 1532494097561.jpeg (684.06 KB, 2048x2048, 30441CC9-3BE7-4F18-919E-02ABDB…)

I’m no expert, but I don’t think her pacman frog is healthy. His upper mandible is convex, protruding from his face, and every other frog I could find had a very defined angular profile. The muscles in his jaw look almost atrophied? When you look at the tone in other frogs’ jaws at the same angle. The eyes look very off, the sclera (white part) is fairly pink (which usually means some kind of irritation) and the pupils are not defined, especially in comparison. The lips on the two healthy frogs are even and tight across. Her frogs’ lips are uneven and don’t look like they seal the mouth that well. I’d love to hear from someone who knows more about frogs in whether or not my observations are accurate, I’m much more versed in mammals.

No. 646648

Well in every video we’ve ever seen of her feeding him, she’s never dusted his food. Never dusted any of her reptiles’ food actually.

No. 646650

why do we need to see this?

No. 646656

I am more of a pixie frog person but from my knowledge, her frog is in no way healthy. He definitely has some jaw deformities, which I presume are from improper diet and lack of calcium. I not once have seen her dust her feeders. And she most definitely feeds him rodent prey too often, which could also affect his health. I feed my pixies a rodent every month/month and a half and they don't get fed again until the rodent is passed.
Her frog is also seems small for its age which is never a good sign. It'd be good to see a picture that shows his size nicely since I can't say for sure he is undersized. It might just be his jaw that's making it look that way.

No. 646657

File: 1532495354788.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180724-230947.jpg)

"he's tame because he's captive bred guys he's the nicest monitor ever"

No. 646660

File: 1532496454753.jpeg (298.37 KB, 1261x1252, 0832D00E-504F-4B33-B58D-B6D6F5…)

>>646646 Here’s what he looked like on the day she got him.

No. 646661


That’s what I was thinking. And a number of sites I skimmed mentioned pacmans needing UVA/UVB light for vitamen D and digestion/ metabolizing calcium for proper bone development but I didn’t think she used any for him. It also sounded like some of the skeletal issues were at least somewhat correctable with active treatment but I don’t know how accurate or feasible that is..

No. 646664

He looks so much better before that is so heart breaking

No. 646665

He has a similar nose shape to when she got him though, might've been raised badly as a baby as well?

No. 646667

No, he looks like a normal baby pacman there. He's definitely grown in weird ways.

No. 646669

File: 1532497854875.jpg (589.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180724-235138.jpg)

Compared to this one

No. 646674

Not gonna be cute like it is now when he is older. He is going to rip her hand off.

No. 646684

File: 1532501174666.jpg (17.17 KB, 484x272, C8IG8jjUMAAcSxT.jpg)

Literally no sympathy for her.

No. 646712

If it ever grows.. or even survives that long, since according to the monitor guy’s comments on her twitter she’s essentially killing it slowly with inadequate heat.

No. 646761

With Hep C and liver failure in his history is it even possible to get life insurance on him? Like her dad is in the insurance business and would know the loopholes but I can’t see any insurance company going for that unless premiums were through the roof!

No. 646782

Is it normal for his green to turn to the yellow color that it is now? The other frogs in the comparison picture look green but I don’t know anything about these frogs.

No. 646785

The worst part is, he looked better the day he came imported to Petco. She literally treats her Pac-Man frog worse than a company who mass produces these animals

No. 646786

Is there anyway you can check that she actually pays tax? I feel she’s the kind of person who wouldn’t sort all of that out.

No. 646803

She's not, her parents do it for her lol. She posted about it on twitter

No. 646811

Wow. My god she’ll be hopeless on her own.

No. 646813

Can't cook, can't clean, can't drive, can't budget. Are there any adult tasks she is capable of?

No. 646849

About the pacman, tbh, i don’t think she cares about lighting or calcium powder or any of that stuff because as long as they’re eating anything from her hands then they’re healthy because she believes she’s the best there is when it comes to animal care and no one is above her on that. Poor little guys, i follow alot of people who rescue reptiles, parrots, and other animals from situations like these and 90% of the time, they all suffer from a bone disease and the rescuer would always say that it was from someone who believes they did a good job and don’t know why they don’t move as much anymore so they gave them away. Pretty sad

No. 646860

I think I remember seeing a dusted cricket being fed to one of her pets recently but I could be mistaken.

No. 646922

She fed dusted crickets to her monitor in the new video. I guess us talking about it all the time finally got through to her haha.

No. 646930

File: 1532537216026.jpeg (136.79 KB, 750x812, F171F3DE-A8AF-406B-973B-295CBA…)

No. 646931

Yeah she posted a screenshot of her mom asking her if she wanted her dad to go help her with her taxes and she was like "I'm editing uwu". It's kind of embarrassing lmao. She wants to act like a grown up but is still very much inept when it comes to doing exactly that.

No. 646933

She’s just mad people call out her junkie boyfriend. at least Demi has the money to be a junkie while her bf has to scam his fans with MacBooks and leech of the girlfriends he abuses

No. 646934

File: 1532537607321.jpeg (135.77 KB, 750x806, C6AAF0E3-3487-4B11-B7CD-012235…)

See, Taylor, the thing is that Demi admitted she relapsed. She put it out to the world she relapsed and also struggled previously with drugs. Your MANCHILD and you both sweep everything under the rug and make excuses when it comes to his “sobriety”.

No. 646967

I feel like she's trying to talk about herself here too lmao.

No. 646997

File: 1532542231137.jpeg (162.82 KB, 1295x972, 3FE49F04-ECBE-41FD-8B8F-25C66C…)

No. 647000


thought he was completely sober, Taytay.

No. 647025

So, he struggles with being sober. Period. Stop beating around the bush to make him seem better than he actually is

No. 647103

The thing is no, you shouldn't shame addicts when they're trying to get help. But just because it's a disease doesn't mean they don't hurt you and it doesn't mean they get a pass for everything they do while addicted. That's not holding them accountable for anything. It enables them more because they know they can truly hide behind the addiction. I'm not gonna get into the whole Demi Lovato thing but Jonny hurts people all the time with his drug use including Taylor and she's not helping him by publicly excusing all his shit.

No. 647106

So she just confirmed that a man in liver failure is still drinking, yet “doing really really well~~!!!! uwu!!!” What the actual fuck, Taylor. His bloating/very possible ascites (by his own proclamation, as he says he’s fat now) means he is in the end stages of the disease. But yet he’s still consuming alcohol and doing so gr8 u guise~

No. 647109

File: 1532547427908.jpeg (279.32 KB, 1299x1314, 33B39755-6D15-43B9-BEEC-AD297A…)

I remember her saying to Chelsea in a DM (that Taylor even said was real) that she has an addictive personality.

No. 647111

File: 1532547444422.jpeg (265.81 KB, 1291x1317, 101BD37B-C42E-4D1E-B9A5-113666…)

No. 647115

File: 1532547600320.jpeg (204.78 KB, 1295x720, 8062E376-7749-49F6-AE2D-00A24C…)

Sounds like she’s describing herself.

No. 647116


He's either sober or he's not. Pick one. There's no middle ground.

No. 647121

>>647115 the way she's describing it really does sound like an intimate relationship w/ drugs. Guess there's no doubt with everything tying together that she's a druggie

No. 647122


Good, maybe he'll finally die within the next year or so

No. 647126


Tbh I don't care if she does drugs, it's the fact that she lies about it and enables Jonny (not that he ever wanted to get help in the first place but she doesn't even try to help him and even does drugs with him) that really pisses me off. I don't think she was on anything until she started dating him. She's so naive and full of shit and I don't understand how her fans are so retarded and stuck too far up her ass to realize it.

No. 647132

How'd she go from hoping Jonny dies in her bathroom to defending him on Twitter?

No. 647133

It figures the only people that buy into her dime store psychology are people even more hopelessly unintelligent than herself. "Its not my fault because its a predisposed disease guys!"

As someone who was born into a family with major substance abuse problems, who truly does have an addictive personality, I refuse to allow myself to push the blame of the choices Ive made to any thing or body else other than myself. Johnny makes a constant choice everyday to be the person that he is and value using, even if just with alcohol, over the people and things he supposedly "loves", which obviously is not you Taylor. Just because your manlet of a bf is too weak to reprioritize his life, EVEN THOUGH DRINKING IS KILLING HIM AND HIS FAILING LIVER, doesnt mean that whats to blame is because he was predisposed to an addictive personality or suffers from codependency. Taylor, you absolutely suffer from codependency, just like your mother, but that doesnt mean you can project it onto other peoples issues in an effort to understand why they are the way they are.
As someone who has directly been through this themselves, you Taylor are just making excuses for him and yourself, which is ten times more pathetic than owning up to your shit lives, and terrible mental state of livelihood.

Keep using and telling your stans that you and him are sober and not using drugs, while your friends leave you one after one, because at this point we're all just enjoying the sight of your bombastic life collapse and burn around you.

No. 647149

File: 1532549652315.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1598, 5598AEAE-0AD9-47BD-BB3E-4FB959…)

No. 647152

File: 1532549764637.png (119.89 KB, 840x450, 1.PNG)

Unless that 2015 date is when she got him…

No. 647153

Just because he is not using is DOC does not mean he’s still not fucking using. And just because alcohol is legal doesn’t mean alcoholism is any fucking better than abusing illegal substances. She’s just spewing to her 12yo audience that as long as your addicted to something legal it’s not that bad

No. 647156

File: 1532550303292.jpeg (395.85 KB, 750x943, 257072C7-2D6D-4426-99E9-B8A431…)

Here she claimed mid March. So he was a little less than 3.5

No. 647157

Big surprise, another dead hedgehog

What's the dead pet count at now?

No. 647158

>>647149 So her 3 1/2 year old hedgehog died in a closet… let's see how she spins this one.

No. 647160

How does she always get the age of her pets/when she got them wrong? Always. Like I totally understand she can't keep track because she has too many animals, but Jesus christ she documents everything online and it takes no time to find out.

No. 647161

Yall already know it was the breeders fault

No. 647162

File: 1532550765572.jpeg (579.95 KB, 2224x1668, 7A5CDB26-B005-43EE-ACD5-0733BC…)

No. 647163

So who else thinks that hedgehog died due to improper temperatures from being kept in an inadequate enclosure in her fucking closet? This is a no brained. We are in the middle of summer. I hope she finally decides to give up some of her pets to rescues or something because she clearly can’t even minimally or adequately provide for her pets.

No. 647165

File: 1532550793257.png (1.91 MB, 1080x1799, IMG_20180725_213218.png)

Oh so now it's the breeders fault AND old age? Lol wat.

No. 647166

File: 1532550814150.jpeg (406.37 KB, 2224x1668, 11015454-654B-4C24-97F3-6A0701…)

No. 647168

File: 1532550838538.jpeg (552.21 KB, 2224x1668, 1C726A44-9A93-46D4-9590-722AFB…)

No. 647169

File: 1532550857945.jpeg (457.25 KB, 2224x1668, 46167569-9E7D-4843-9B14-1BD75D…)

No. 647172

At least she knows why her other two hedgehogs supposedly died. This one she can not say it was due to old age. It had not been alive for 3.5 years if it was born in March 2015. She’s a couple of months off on her math, but what else is knew.

No. 647178

File: 1532551185939.png (18.43 KB, 586x182, 3.PNG)

My heart goes out to poor Kovu :( What a fucking sad way to go, in a hot closet during a Texas summer.

Also like how she's using this as an excuse on why her videos take so long to get out, what's her excuse all the other days when she didn't kill a hedgehog

No. 647179


Gotta keep up the illusion that they're "couple goalz" for social media!

No. 647180

Can Jonny die now? Pleeeeease

No. 647189

If she knew the breeder sold her two sick hedgehogs in the past why did she buy another one from the same breeder then? Is it so she can blame them when her pets die early?

No. 647190


Can we trade Jonny to get Lil Peep back?

No. 647192

She's such a fucking terrible person. 3.5 years is a pretty abysmal lifespan for a hedgehog. The average lifespan of 4-6 years is low because most people, particularly in the US, don't provide correct care. If she had provided a bigger, more enriching enclosure, with temperature control and god forbid a proper diet, Kovu could have lived so much longer.

And I hate to be morbid, but I called this just a mere three days ago. Her animals deserve so much more than her fake sadness and laziness.


No. 647195

I could be wrong, but from videos i have seen she’s only given her hedgehogs “hedgehog kibble” which has been proven to be terrible for them. That’s why you give them high quality cat kibble. Also not only did she keep him shoved in a closet, the size of the cage seemed way too small. And didn’t she keep two of them housed in the same cage at the same time?

No. 647198

She's also made them eggs and given them mealworms on camera (live, not freeze-dried). She's actually given them a decent-looking diet rather than just pure kibble 24/7

No. 647200

It's really depressing to think about her hedgehog dying while stuffed in a dark closet.

No. 647204


Exactly. People who actually are living their best life aren't constantly showing off and shitting on everyone else on social media. It comes from a place of insecurity and needing to prove themselves. It's the same reason they're so preoccupied with their "haters." Someone who is confident in themselves and is a good person isn't going to bother defending themselves all the time and blocking anyone who calls them out because they know the "haters" are wrong and there's no need to give them any attention. If you're constantly talking about your "haters" and are always fighting with them and let it get to you so badly that you feel the need to make public statements about it it's probably because they're right about you.

No. 647208


She even mentioned she wanted a family with him, disgusting. I wonder if she knows he already has a kid that he's not allowed to see because the mother has a restraining order on him.

No. 647212

No matter what it’s going to be her fault because every video she has she said he was healthy and nothing was wrong with him. She kept him in a closet, and neglected him that’s why he died. This is the most blantant neglect i’ve seen from her. There’s a heat wave in Texas and she left him in a closet. If she had moved him into better like she said she would, it wouldn’t be so obvious what happen. She’s gonna fucking get hers.

No. 647213

It's heartbreaking. Even worse, we won't ever know how long he was dead before she noticed. If she had done even five minutes of googling she would know how sub-par her care is. She could still make improvements for her other hedgehogs.


No. 647225

Considering how frequently she lies/manipulate situations to her advantage, i can’t help but wonder if poor Kovu passed while she was in LA… 😓

No. 647234

She doesn't seem to care about her hedgehogs anymore. She obviously only cares about her reptiles which is why she spent thousands on new enclosures for them (granted they're sub par but still) while she keeps her hedgehogs shoved in shitty cages in a closet.

Actually she doesn't seem to see any of her pets as pets, just fancy things she can show off on instagram. Probably explains why she would rather waste thousands on a fancy snake instead of rescuing. Like yeah, fancy pets are cool and look nice and lots of people prefer to buy a cute corgi puppy over adopting an abandoned dog but at least they don't constantly talk about "adopt don't shop" like Taylor does. If you don't practice what you preach your words don't mean shit. Just buy your fancy pets and shut up, stop trying to act like you're morally superior. The thing is people wouldn't be on her ass as much about it if she never tried spreading the "adopt don't shop" narrative but the fact that she tries to tell other people how to buy and care for pets properly while never doing it herself is irritating. But then again she preaches about mental health and abuse while dating a rapist and preaches about veganism when she's not even vegetarian. Can y'all imagine what a good person she'd be if she actually followed her own advice? But she made it clear she doesn't actually care about being a good person, she only cares if she looks like one.

No. 647236

if I remember correctly and have Chelsea’s timeline straight, the last time he was hospitalized he was told he had 6 months to live if he didn’t stop the substance abuse. that was around ~10months ago, give or take, and he’s hardly changed his habits. considering he’s on borrowed time and everything Taylor touches ends up dying (Poor Kovu, you deserved better) i say we get our wish soon.

No. 647244

File: 1532554746265.jpeg (292.84 KB, 1125x1277, 69E2C48B-FFDC-4829-A7F2-585543…)

No. 647248

File: 1532555023964.png (19.14 KB, 464x103, Picture 3.png)

Fuck off Taylor and take some responsibility.

Interesting how quickly the story went from "he's great! the closet is perfect for him!" to "yeah, I figured he'd be dead by now, not my fault though!"

No. 647251

I know someone hwo's had her hedgie for over 11 years. I feel so bad for Kovu, Asteroid, and the little Chimera snake.

No. 647260

How can she say he died of old age at only 3 years old? If she truly cared at all for this animal she would know that there has to be some other reason for his death, call a vet or have them look at his body for diseases or something that could spread to her other animals? That death was not old age, it would probably sketch out any other pet owner and I feel like they would be worried for their other animals if something odd happened like this. Taylor knows it's her fault she cared for him improperly.

No. 647267

Exactly. She has plenty of money for a necropsy, too. If one of my seemingly healthy animals died I'd want answers to make sure it's not contagious or an error on my part.

No. 647283

She is allowing him to continue to drink on some fronts. You know, I don't know how rehab may work but someone should be there to establish boundaries for drinking/drug use, and we all know she just isn't the person. He's gonna drink? Cool dude, I don't mind. He's gonna do some coke? Ayyy fam idm.
I don't know why she's acting like she can support this man through any type of recovery when he doesn't want to recover (which imo is the key to success in these cases) but is also going to go abroad and get hammered.

No. 647293

I don't want to think how bad that closet must be now that you mentioned it. Aren't her satanic leafs in the closet too?

No. 647296

>>647293 No, they're right by a giant TV

No. 647298

Can we?! That would be so much better

No. 647300

No, her crested geckos are. Which can get stressed out and die very easily if the temperatures get above 80.

No. 647301

So she can spend 8k on a snake, and not drop a dime for ensuring the rest of her animals are safe? Not a good look…

No. 647305

File: 1532557785753.png (350.99 KB, 781x651, Picture 4.png)

I just checked morph market. The seller just renewed his chimera ad today.

No. 647314

Maybe she made that tweet/inquiry just to fuck with us?

No. 647317

No she can't afford it. That's why she made a tweet about how she bought it and then deleted it.

No. 647322

File: 1532558868551.png (24.28 KB, 466x117, Picture 3.png)

No. 647323

I really don’t think any loving pet owner would laugh in any way when their pet JUST died. She’s a psycho.

No. 647326

I thought she moved them but apparently not?

No. 647328

He was 6 weeks old in March. Born February 5.

No. 647329

Why the fuck would anyone tweet something like this that is so insensitive after their pet dies? She has no self awareness and no conscience.

No. 647330

yeah that's bizarre. i can see laughing if someone cracks a joke when you're otherwise upset because you're vulnerable and you weren't expecting someone to say something funny, but she's just standing there alone laughing at a corpse.

No. 647331

Yeah, he was a light in my life. So much so that I barely post about him, barely film him, barely even talk about him on film. Ignoring the crap living conditions for a second, this is exactly why I lost interest in Taylor.
So many animals, so many new animals, so much bombing on how much she loves them, so strapped for video ideas she either forces them to do things or gets a new animal for the sake of a single video… And yet we know goddamn nothing about them. No updates on anything she's had longer than two months, no plans for the future with them, no personality or genuine enthusiasm in anything. The cats are probably the biggest offenders in that we know nothing of their characteristics, but the hedgies were a close second.
Quirky! Different! Not like other girls!

No. 647336

File: 1532560009800.png (84.82 KB, 461x492, Picture 4.png)

Of course she deleted the tweet.

Then went off trying to act like his death is about her. She's so self centered.

No. 647356

File: 1532561282824.png (203.92 KB, 464x427, Picture 3.png)

This enclosure is so mediocre. I would legit be embarrassed to post this online. I know there's more to it based on the reflection, but it's still garbage.

No. 647360

..There's like barely any enrichment other than the wheel

No. 647362

Yeah, I'm pretty sure if Kovu die from something it could be from a heat
(Ex: when Jonny said it was really hot in the department during a Livestream)
I can bet my ass she keep them in the closet with door lock all the time.
Besides most of the time I have seen other YouTubers announced the near death of their pets because they have notice weird behaviors on them
If he die from "old age" you could have notice things like; it's getting more senil, it doesn't eat like before,etc.
Those little things but like always Taylor prefers to go for something more vague and the classic "it was de bruuder fault!ii1"

No. 647367

I don't think I've sen a single pettuber who keeps their hedgehogs properly. They never give their animals anything to do all day.

No. 647368

I remember I n the video where she first showed the animal room, she said that the door would always stay open but literally in the background you could see that the door was closed. Too lazy to go through the video again but I remember this being discussed when it was new milk.

No. 647370

I wouldn't be at all surprised if he died of heat stroke. She probably found him hanging over the side of an empty food/water dish.

No. 647371

File: 1532562283087.png (46.42 KB, 466x258, Picture 4.png)


She originally claimed it was 140. >>645094

No. 647375

File: 1532562675035.png (732.83 KB, 855x558, Picture 3.png)

Horrible diet for a pac-man frog.

No. 647377

File: 1532562783926.png (356.18 KB, 856x557, Picture 4.png)

3 years old seems to be an unlucky age for her animals. This screenshot is about Gus. The death script she used here was more or less reused for Kovu.

No. 647378

That’s so morbid. I would be absolutely devastated to come home and realize one of my beloved pets was dead. Glad it’s hilarious to you, Taylor!

No. 647384

File: 1532563045830.png (350.3 KB, 856x560, Picture 5.png)

It's her specialty! She mentioned Gus died, made a morbid joke, then went on to do an ad for swagbucks!

No. 647388

File: 1532563274847.png (433.68 KB, 855x530, Picture 3.png)

Into a little rack you go!

No. 647396

Let’s not forget she curated a merch line that included her other dead hedgehog. Aka profiting from a dead animal. Oh and all of those tacky, weird, and morbid jokes she’d make about it any chance she could. Idk if it’s just me but even with pets that have been dead for 10+ years i wouldn’t think to joke around like that.

No. 647400

File: 1532564209812.png (96.41 KB, 462x573, Picture 4.png)

No. 647403

File: 1532564281958.jpg (83.49 KB, 396x679, Di_XSEUUYAAEviL.jpg_small.jpg)

Unreal. She's fucking horrific.

No. 647407

Wow, she is lying. If she had bought the animal that way, she would have shown it from the get go and made her usual scramble to explain how it wasn't her fault/some spiel about how she doesn't normally support bad breeders etc. Instead, she's just now talking about this? Bullshit, Taylor. Bullshit. Your subpar care is what happened to Twisty. But of course, the stans will eat this up and tell her she's such a gooood mom. There's nothing you can do wrong when you're Taylor "It was a bad breeder" Dean.

No. 647408

File: 1532564577161.png (366.04 KB, 854x537, Picture 3.png)


Yeah, their tail is necrotic. Her animals deserve so much better.

No. 647411

She’s an animal expert but couldn’t tell the tail was dead from the start? Of course it was the breeder & vets fault tho. Why buy from the breeder that had “100s of other beardies” in the container? You’re literally funding and supporting their shit practice and business. You’re not saving an animal if you’re giving them business and continuing the cycle.

No. 647418

You'd think that common sense would tell her that this vet is not working and should go to another one, but no.

But then again, this is most likely the same vet who approves of all the shit she does too so why am I surprised.

No. 647419

I was at the expo she bought twisty, and I know for a fact that there was not "hundreds" of them in a bin and so many that were malnourished. The condition they were in was perfectly healthy for their age and size because I remember seeing them myself. This is getting to be hilarious the lengths she goes to hold a facade.

No. 647427

What is with the they/them/their and the one random "she" in quotes while Taylor is talking about Twisty?

No. 647429

Apparently Twisty is actually male.


No. 647430

File: 1532565281558.jpeg (460.88 KB, 2224x1668, 9DB30BA4-C8B0-4A5D-964E-CE77B0…)

Clear shot. May 19, 2018. It was very clearly necrotic OVER 3 MONTHS AGO.

No. 647437

File: 1532565550873.png (76.05 KB, 462x427, Picture 3.png)

No. 647438

File: 1532565594627.jpg (56.37 KB, 680x510, Di_apZwVsAAWBKz.jpg_small.jpg)

Poor thing.

No. 647440

File: 1532565662661.jpg (185.47 KB, 1080x1468, Screenshot_20180725-184008~2.j…)

The tail looks quite a bit better here. But any good vet would amputate something the minute it starts going necrotic, once tissue is dead it will spread and spread until it eventually kills the animal. I've dealt with necrotic tissue first hand through rescuses. I'm not sure why her vet would recommend iodine baths for necrotic tissue

No. 647443

I'd also be curious to know if this vet is her "reptile expert" vet that she takes her monitor to, the one that says it's captive bred

No. 647445

What I don't understand about her story is with the 80 baby turtles, she was perfectly fine calling those people out while waving a camera in their faces. If anything, she could have done all of that off camera, but she needed to virtue signal at the expense of people that were probably dirt poor and making money the best way they knew how. Yet, she claims Twisty was in with hundreds of other bearded dragons, but she didn't bother to call the breeder out and just bought a reptile that was in obviously poor form?

And her stans are telling her she's so mature and handled this so well. They're too stupid to realize this story with a happy ending is so people don't think too much about how she killed her hedgehog by shoving him into a hot closet.

No. 647450

File: 1532566183262.png (21.97 KB, 465x108, Picture 4.png)

No. 647453

Also, most reptile keepers are against buying an animal from a pet store/breeder that doesn't keep their animals in good conditions because it just entices them to do it again, and gives them the funds to do so.

No. 647454

File: 1532566410854.png (189.43 KB, 461x504, Picture 3.png)

1) Tail rot is not common, who is she trying to kid.

2) If it's so easy why did you wait months to have it amputated?

3) Who would ever take advice from her?

No. 647460

File: 1532566673612.png (318.77 KB, 466x574, Picture 4.png)

No. 647465

It's tail looks fine here compared to >>647438 maybe she or Jonny injured it and she blames this on the breeder once again?

No. 647466

File: 1532566841068.png (5.62 MB, 1668x2224, 2BD3A823-C5F0-4FBE-A15C-4031FB…)

Here’s the rest of the story.

No. 647469


Wait, essential oils? That can't be safe, can it?

No. 647470

I've heard of people using essential oils on their reptiles but they are the type of people that think essential oils cure autism… I've never heard a vet recommend them on an animal though.

No. 647472

File: 1532567469169.png (3.43 MB, 1994x876, Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 6.08…)

Looking at how high up it's tail was amputated, compared to the picture she posted when she first got him on the left. His tail is totally healthy looking much farther down then the amputation shows now. Seems like neglect to me, even if they didn't cause the injury in the first place it obviously spread.

No. 647473

"one of the healthiest they've seen" Omg whose vet actually says that kind of shit

No. 647474

It’s very dependent on which oil to say whether or not it’s safe.

No. 647476

It spread a lot. It's irresponsible to not have it taken care of months ago. In May it was the tip, nowhere near the thick part shown in the amputation picture. >>647430

No. 647477

>half the tail is rotted and had to be cut off
>"b-but definitely the healthiest beardie ever!!!"

No. 647482

I’m assuming the vet who supposedly has been telling her for 6 months to treat his tail with iodine is the same one she was just claiming on instagram 100% believes the monitor is captive bred. In both situations, she’s most likely lying, but pretending it were true, how can she still trust the vet that her monitor is captive bred?

No. 647488

File: 1532568957964.png (237.25 KB, 1136x640, F0F4E52A-7FCF-45B1-A23E-772F71…)

So I rewatched her first video talking about the apartment and literally she opens the closet door to show the hedgehogs meaning the door was kept closed…..

No. 647510

They wouldn’t. I honestly doubt she worked with a vet for 6 months because a vet would have recommend to amputate immediately, especially since Taylor def has the means for surgery. She’s just a liar who never took twisty to the vet and is trying to play t off as the vets fault.

No. 647511

She is fucking disgusting
Her fans think she’s such an animal lover who goes above and beyond to take care of her pets but in reality she is an animal hoarder with 40+ animals she is constantly lying about and LITERALLY shoving into closets to keep there. It makes me want to cry for these poor animals she has, what a god damn disgusting piece of shit she is. Someone please call her out on this

No. 647514

Remember when she made an Instagram post about the the one snake (green tree python?) she bought? She crucified the company before they even had a chance to respond to her because she’s an immature little thot

No. 647521

This is how you know she never went to a vet. If you suggest something to them, 95% of the time, they do listen especially when it’s something that visual like this. It’s not like this was some unknown disease that the vet was stumped on, it was a necrotic tail and it was obvious. Taylor just never took him to the vet and is now blaming it on the vet. Also, unless she went to a vet clinic that specialized in reptiles, they aren’t going to comment saying that it’s the healthiest why’ve ever seen because they probably don’t see that enough to comment on it.

No. 647532

File: 1532570612523.png (345.17 KB, 414x651, Picture 3.png)

Hedgehogs are prey animals, they should never be near predators. It's like she wants her hedgehogs to die.

No. 647537

And you know she put the hedgehog on him on purpose. Also why even have the door open while having any of her animals out? They could all be killed by the cats.

No. 647538

…twisted tea…how’s the sobriety going Jonny?!!

No. 647539


Sometimes cats are really chill and aren't a danger to a small animal. But she panicked. Which means she didn't know. I don't even let my dog within 5ft of me if I have my gecko out. What the actual fuck? Is she smoking crack again?

No. 647544


This bitch never takes any accountability. Even when she apologizes she makes sure to blame someone else. Yes everyone makes mistakes with pet care but I wouldn't call the shit she does "mistakes." She's deliberately neglectful. But then again I guess if you have 50+ pets it gets kinda hard to remember them all and care for all of them properly especially when you're busy getting high and traveling and leaving your pets to your friend who doesn't know shit.

No. 647550

Plus she's not the only competent bearded dragon owner in all of Texas/SA. There's no way the standards there are so low that they'd consider Twisty to be the healthiest with a necrotic tail.

No. 647555

I really hope she doesn't let her cats around her reptiles. Cats have gram negative bacteria which is deadly to reptiles, and a scratch can cause death.

No. 647558

File: 1532571489170.jpeg (136.54 KB, 1293x548, B3E719C3-76CD-4B33-B33F-8D2063…)

Retweeting something like this is gross. But the original tweet was gross on its own.

No. 647564

I'd agree except mice generally live 2 years. For a mouse, if Gus lived that long, 3 years old was a very lucky age for him.

No. 647567

Cept he didn’t reach three he was like 2 at most

No. 647569

She was lying about his age, it was discussed in a past thread.

No. 647570

>if Gus lived that long

No. 647575

File: 1532572646911.jpeg (131.39 KB, 1294x895, D620042B-199E-4C0B-B47E-D0F919…)

Ironic that she thinks this person is stupid when baby Savannah monitors look pretty similar to baby black throat monitors, which is what she thought he was for over a month.

No. 647577


They don't look anything alike, Taylor is retarded but we already knew that

No. 647609

This looks Photoshopped to me. Am I crazy?

No. 647610

Question, does she own the apartment? Because I have a hard fucking time believing a landlord would allow her to stockpile 40 animals otherwise.

No. 647612

File: 1532575130657.jpg (763.71 KB, 1080x1550, Screenshot_20180725-221736_Adb…)

This frog isn't in good shape. What hasn't been mentioned is how dilated his pupils are, every picture of him is like this and it makes me wonder how responsive he is to stimuli around him or what his behavior is like. It could be indicative of neurological issues.

I hate to give TND the benefit of the doubt, but her frog may have been defective from the start. Some issues don't show until the frog begins developing. However, as shown in >>647375 she is absolutely not helping him with the way she feeds him. You can have a genetically lacking animal and still do your best to give it a good life. Feeding the poor thing mice this often and not dusting any feeders is putting it on the fast track for blindness, MBD, renal failure, and edema (caused by the renal failure), all of which are irreparable once the damage is caused.

There is a way to make sure they have all they need without a UVB lighting setup, but as I know Tay lurks, I don't want to give her anything to parrot later on when pressed about it.

No. 647613

My vet said that about my cat's splint when she shattered her leg, but knowing Tay Tay, it's probably complete and utter bs.

No. 647616

What the hell. My guinea pigs (Mind you, healthy, strong, large rodents who are like, at least half the size of my cats.) are never even so much as in the same room as my cats. The cats, I know would never harm them, but surely there can always be a form of cross contamination between different species or heck, animals in general.

No. 647625

File: 1532576158353.png (110.95 KB, 419x650, Picture 4.png)

I'm glad someone is calling her out on twitter.

No. 647628

This is fake af. I know the breeders and they work very closely with an SA reptile rescue. Their bearded dragons literally never have problems because they care for them so well. I was also at this expo. There was not 100’s of bearded dragons at the booth, there wasn’t even that many at the entire expo.

I took pictures that day, I’ll have to see if there’s any that show the bearded dragon table.

No. 647629

File: 1532576231633.png (190.99 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-07-25-21-36-20…)

Too lazy to cut

No. 647630

File: 1532576275786.png (192.42 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-07-25-21-36-27…)

No. 647632

File: 1532576441257.png (117.66 KB, 414x648, Picture 5.png)

From her tone, I think Taylor might be panicking. And her stans are fucking delusional. You don't try to "fix" necrosis. You cut it off. She just doesn't want to take responsibility for letting the necrosis spread for 8 fucking months. Now instead of losing the tip of a tail, Twisty lost a huge portion of it. It's neglect pure and simple.

No. 647633

File: 1532576488428.png (172.6 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-07-25-21-36-33…)

I just don't get it. We are taking about risking the life of your pet….for the tip of it's tail?

Besides Tyler doesn't have a room to talk, he literally kill two bearded dragons and their litter (who he backyard breed btw) cause a infection.STFU

No. 647635

File: 1532576763871.jpeg (156.46 KB, 1281x585, 43AA7563-5FA8-406F-8CB7-0E0B0E…)

No. 647637

Lmao that was me. I made a separate account to do it, I was just so angry at that bullshit.

No. 647641

That shit ain't working out tho.

No. 647642

You would think has an animal lover she would report that breeder right away instead of buying from him
A lot of her stans went to that event has well, following her lie, she not only support that but also enable it.

No. 647644

She keeps harping on the notion that she had to wait 8 months to amputate because he would have died under anesthesia. First, I think that must be an exaggeration. Aren't there young beardies somewhere who need surgery? They're a common pet, a vet should be able to figure out a safe amount.

I was also looking in a forum about beardie tail rot surgeries, and they brought up a good point: at that level of necrosis it's likely all the nerve endings have died and blood supply is gone. Possibly a local anesthetic could be used instead, especially before it spread past the tip.

No. 647645

The absolute state of her pets. A dead hedgehog in her closet (what is the total number deaths now?), and an amputated tail in the same day. Such a loving, caring pet owner.

No. 647649

File: 1532577555014.png (95.2 KB, 418x578, Picture 3.png)

No. 647650

The dead hedgehog she blames on the breeder, the beardie's tail is the breeder's fault too. When will she realize that all of these deaths might have something to do with her?

No. 647651

File: 1532577754077.png (27.76 KB, 416x136, Picture 4.png)

Someone should make that office meme about her. 0 days since TND blamed someone else.

No. 647652

File: 1532577878143.png (25.3 KB, 417x124, Picture 3.png)

No. 647657

File: 1532578044083.png (48.21 KB, 466x246, Picture 4.png)

Fucking delusional.

No. 647661

File: 1532578328515.png (23.09 KB, 464x120, Picture 3.png)

No. 647662

“Never did it again”

I don’t think that means what you think it means lmao, it was literally less than a week ago.
Wish I knew how to use twitter better, I like that she’s panicking about the couple of responses I made.

No. 647664

File: 1532578347726.png (20.92 KB, 464x117, Picture 5.png)

No. 647670

Lol now you need to send her the pic of him drinking that Brazilian beer during the day and see what her next excuse is

No. 647673

What?? Anesthesia is a risky thing for any reptile, and some do not wake up, but I've never heard of a beardie being too small for anesthetic. I've had a two month old one go under and he didn't die from it. She's spewing utter bs to cover up her mistake and a potentially bad vet choice

No. 647676

K I got the pics of it, but I can’t find her response to respond directly. I don’t really know how twitter works.

No. 647679


Here's a link to her response from the screenshot:


No. 647680

File: 1532579342997.png (2.58 MB, 2224x1668, 6660D2C5-414D-440C-BF79-747B23…)

Maximum keks she blocked me. Fun while it lasted.

No. 647689

File: 1532579933894.png (25.42 KB, 462x113, Picture 4.png)

No. 647696

File: 1532581080160.jpeg (216.86 KB, 1288x899, 9E9C1BAC-595F-41A0-8793-D79F0A…)

No. 647697

File: 1532581094202.jpeg (352.88 KB, 1287x1373, EF8CDF2F-F279-4FC2-9EEC-2D5432…)

No. 647698

Hold the fuck up did she just say Dementia is a CHOICE?

No. 647700

She’s very clearly being facetious while referencing that quoted tweet that says coke addiction is a choice.

No. 647705

wait that isnt tyler tho lmfao i thought so at first

No. 647711

File: 1532583798759.jpeg (130.03 KB, 1262x867, 4D39865E-D661-4D83-A283-AC5F41…)

This isn’t even a reptile specialist or an exotic vet.

No. 647712

File: 1532583881242.jpeg (175.41 KB, 1255x914, 7F38ED72-B6E7-4528-B959-999C0A…)

So if this is true, why didn’t she take the bearded dragon here to begin with instead of going to a different vet for 6 months?

No. 647715

This is what rubs me the wrong way. The vet should've given her an estimate to see if the treatment was working or not. But she waited half a year to switch vets? Then again, she was so busy traveling and following her junkie daddy around she probably left her assistant to do everything.

No. 647718

because she's lying and the other vet doesn't exist.

No. 647722

A vet that doesn't advertise that they do exotics probably doesn't see exotics often, if at all. So of course he was one of the "healthiest beardies they've seen", because they probably rarely see exotics if they ever do. Like the first rule of getting a reptile is find an exotic vet beforehand. Taylor is an idiot.

No. 647723


This fucking cunt will lump in people who have dementia with rotting scum like JC for pity points. Addiction is a disease, but you damn well know it's a CHOICE to start doing drugs. Fuck right off, Taylor.

No. 647728

File: 1532586503675.png (22.3 KB, 462x129, Picture 3.png)

No. 647731

File: 1532587155648.png (22.24 KB, 463x107, Picture 4.png)


She's been spinning these types of lies since 2014. lol.