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File: 1408711412590.jpg (414.23 KB, 941x647, wtf.jpg)

No. 65297

the levels of creepy on this girl is starting to frighten me. did she actually bruise her own legs in honor of Kotex?

No. 65298

Holy crap, who is this bitch?

No. 65299

No. 65300

File: 1408712071532.jpg (190.5 KB, 980x737, A92Z9513590.jpg)

This is horribly creepy.

No. 65301

File: 1408712108295.jpg (198.25 KB, 966x708, A92Z8553590.jpg)

No. 65302

File: 1408712203843.jpg (111.61 KB, 990x738, 2hAqfJ2.jpg)

No. 65303

File: 1408712351974.jpg (157.26 KB, 994x727, 687c492391e7320ca63938625e9c12…)


No. 65304

File: 1408712602296.jpg (115.44 KB, 945x705, pLkKpAF.jpg)

No. 65305

A new level of creepiness. She clearly wants attention and know how she will get it. I always ignore attention seeing individuals like her. Not gonna give her what she wants. That's creepy as hell.

No. 65306

not attention. she doesn't directly associate herself with Kota, has ever mentioned her, or even tags her shit with words like 'living doll'. this is 100% obsessive psycho trying to BE her.

No. 65307

I meant that it could be because she knew people will recognize that she's copying Kota and will write about this and give her attention. Maybe she's obsessed or just knew what will make people look at her. Either way - that's creepy.

No. 65308

File: 1408714461174.jpg (158.48 KB, 1002x725, mljfbt.jpg)

I can just imagine her glancing back and forth at her computer screen to get the pose right, then snap the picture and kotify it like serious business. even the fucking bedsheets are the same

No. 65309

I'm sincerely hoping that's a replica

No. 65310

Creeeepy. I'm surprised monstrengas hasn't harrased her yet, and hope they don't.

IMHO she coorded these better

No. 65311

She looks Charo :/

No. 65312

File: 1408725183801.png (388.54 KB, 500x744, tumblr_n8zbl07J1C1rjyhcdo1_r1_…)

I feel like she generally has better style than Kota tbh

No. 65313

kooter's face is way cuter, this girl has too much of a pig nose and her face is too long

No. 65314

Please tell me that's a replica and she didn't alter Fairy Marine.

No. 65315

I dunno, both she and Dakota look quite plain to me. I liked Dakota back in her Tumblr days before she started trying to go full kawaii, though
I also don't get why people are ragging on this girl's nose, it's not THAT bad.

No. 65316

Her nose is awful. And this is coming from someone with a horrible manly nose who'd do anything to have a tiny, cute upturned nose. If I wake up after surgery with a nose like that I'll be suing my surgeon.

No. 65317

File: 1408731137900.jpg (13.26 KB, 530x108, Capture.JPG)


No. 65318

Looks like her and Dakota have the same lenses too.

No. 65319

Most of her clothes are taobao tho so she is probably lying about burando.

No. 65320

File: 1408733495243.gif (774.32 KB, 276x220, 1405050192982.gif)

Oh gosh she is SO obsessed with Kooter it's fucking creepy.
That and her face itself is creepy ,it looks like a pig/alien creature out of my nightmares. It's so obviously (and badly) shooped…it's just cringe worthy.

No. 65321

I think she's not even trying to be "like Kooter" she wants to BE her.
Fucking Psycho.

No. 65322

I actually thought at first that she copy pasted Kota's eyes, because they look nearly the same and her eyes are edited quite badly.

No. 65323

Princess Mimi Almond Brown (they are basicly only an outer ring).

No. 65324

you can see up her nose no matter what angle the pic is from. her nose is bad and you should feel bad for defending it.

No. 65325

File: 1408741386945.jpg (229.21 KB, 1200x482, stHwchh.jpg)


I've heard Vassen Natural Sparkling Blue.

No. 65326

File: 1408743811967.jpg (83.31 KB, 600x1066, 2emd4d5.jpg)

She wears the same lenses longer than Vassen Natural Sparkling Blue exists plus you can see the brown tint near the border at most of her photos besides that there is no blue from lenses at her eyes.

No. 65327

Ohh, I like these. They're very close to my real color, and my prescription! (-8.5 is hard to find). Thanks for posting them!

No. 65328


idk what you guys are talking about, their lenses don't look the same. Kittyphina's eyes look bulgy and too saturated. Like they're colored over with photoshop, maybe her real eyes are not blue so she colors the center to match the lenses.

No. 65329

File: 1408750156407.png (958.72 KB, 999x712, 140132667675.png)

No. 65330

Kitty's style is way cuter imo. It's the nose that ruin everything for me.

No. 65331

She even has the same cat shoes as dakota but in pink instead of black.

No. 65332

This whole thing is giving me single white female vibes…

No. 65333

They're not the same shoes, TUK's don't look like that.

No. 65334

Kitty doesn't have a style, she has close copies.

No. 65335

File: 1408754033575.jpg (46.81 KB, 390x512, kiff.jpg)

She looks like fucking Kiff

No. 65336

File: 1408761360150.jpg (6.26 KB, 213x237, images.jpg)

She should copy this koti style.

No. 65337

her tumblr's description used to be the same as Dakota' old tumblr description, until PULL caught wind of it and she changed it.

No. 65338

Aw man Kotakoti is old news. She also did embarrassing things in Japan, but hasn't been very relevant for awhile

No. 65339

Oh wait damn that isn't Kotakoti my bad. She photoshops herself to look just like her,damn she has some issues she needs to work out

No. 65340

Such as….?

No. 65341

Posting photos of kawaiified puke for example.

No. 65342

File: 1408799518567.png (655.71 KB, 700x1136, 32138735769.png)

I feel bad for thinking these are cute. Unrealistic and photoshopped to fuck, but cute.

No. 65343

lmao she's trying sooo hard and just ends up a really obvious knock off. i do like the altered strawberry dress though, das cute.

No. 65344

File: 1408860268805.jpg (342.51 KB, 895x656, fuck.jpg)

shooped her a bit, and she's Kota now! (I fucking scared myself doing this)

No. 65345

she looks like a fucking idiot. who would ever want to be someones copy?lol get her some help because she looks fucked up

No. 65346

what kind of fucking sorcery did you there

No. 65347


- shorter but wider face
- flatten nostrils
- eyes farther apart and more slanted
- lifted mouth and corners
- lips a little fuller
- wider forehead
- browner hair
- fixed Kitty's goggly eyes

No. 65348

and shitloads of photoshop…

No. 65349

Honestly, if I were her I'd stray away from copying Dakota.
She's better at coording than Dakota is, her eye makeup looks better and she probably has healthier hair. Literally all she needs is a
nosejob and to dye her hair a different color and fucking bam.

No. 65350

eh. Sorry I didn't look at them closely enough!
Must be replicas?

No. 65351

I thought Japan was all about dem ski slope noses and kawaii nostrils?

No. 65352

Her coord here puts Kooter to shame.

No. 65353

File: 1409022621355.jpg (35.6 KB, 500x500, tumblr_m2fnw5oAT81qm9ro1o1_500…)

no. this is different.

No. 65354

File: 1410474070466.png (472.36 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nbpt78vmJv1rjyhcdo1_500…)

Awkward as hell

No. 65355

aw man i have that identical ikea nightstand

No. 65356

File: 1410477996528.jpg (10.59 KB, 480x360, sissy-spacek-carrie.jpg)

all I'm seeing with that nose is Sissy Spacek

No. 65357

File: 1410494842567.jpg (172.68 KB, 934x656, jj.jpg)

No. 65358

Both their legs are freaking me out.
They're too thin.

No. 65359

Skinny but not freaky. Stop being a fatty.

No. 65360

Pretty sure they shoop them that way.

No. 65361

Too skinny isn't pretty to me either
I'm not even that anon and not even a fatty stop thinking that everyone is omg skinny shaming1!! and "such a fatty" for having another opinion than yours.
I'm underweight and i had similar legs it's so ugly to me i think that some chub is cuter (but too fat isn't healthy) A soft and cuddly body is better than just bones (and by just bones i don't mean "skinny girls",skinny girls are pretty too off course but too skinny is like too fat,it isn't healthy)

No. 65362

You write like you're retarded.

No. 65363

her room is so barren.
it's as though she tried to make it look like she owns NOTHING BUT kawaii things but it really looks like she lives in a mental institution instead.

No. 65364

My room is even more barren that that, some people just like to have a lot ofspace to dance, paint or just because they like the clean empty look.

Rooms fullof shit look like tacky hoarder rooms if you ask me.

No. 65365

Anyone know where to get that Jigglypuff shirt in the OP? All I'm finding are tshirts, am I going to have to mod one of those?

No. 65366


In b4 bitching about the website.

No. 65367

Bloody hell, my cornea's.

No. 65368

Shit I had a bad feeling it was on there. I love the site's clothes but holy shit the site itself makes me feel like someone slipped acid into my coffee. Also the prices leave something to be desired, $40 for a tank top?

No. 65369

Shit I didn't mean to come off as ungrateful for you finding that, I'm sorry. Thank you for finding it for me. I may end up doing a little shopping spree there if there's a sale or discount code.
Sorry again for sounding like a spoiled brat

No. 65370

Ha, it's fine. They have discounts fairly regularly, sign up to their newsletter.

No. 65371

How do they get a way with selling copyrighted stuff?

No. 65372

They're based in Singapore, they probably just don't care. Anyway, you can find unofficial Pokemon t-shirts everywhere.

No. 65373

Far from it girl. Some of us just know what's a healthy body, ana-chan.

No. 65374

Lol at the lopsided eyes

No. 65375

she deleted her tumblr.

No. 65376

I'm 90% sure Seraphina isn't her real name, and without the shoop she'll look unrecognizable.

She's lucky that means she can disappear easily and get on with her life without her internet mistakes hunting her down.

No. 65377

seriously. i don't get why she's so upset over the pull thread about her. i could understand if there was private info or something linked to her internet persona, but there's nothing. i could also get it if she was acting like a complete fool, acknowledged it and apologized for it, and asked for it to be taken down. no one was personally attacking her, no one really has anything to personally attack her with, it was literally just them talking about her terrible shoops.

No. 65378

some people are just sensitive. i called someone out on an instagram comment once and they deleted their whole account for it lol

No. 65379

really? that's really ridiculous. what did you call them out for? i'm really sensitive too, so i kinda get it but not really bc i've done much more humiliating things than that, ie, i was one of those living doll/kota wannabes too and i acted really autistic cringes. these people take themselves way too seriously. literally no one will really care about the cringey shit you've done unless you're acting like a cringey asshole again. just because this stuff is on the internet forever doesn't mean people will care forever.

No. 65380

File: 1413262281116.jpg (10.12 KB, 280x210, ana43.jpg)

they posted this picture and tried to imply it was them. i recognized it from the myspace days. the rest of the person's pictures were really them, so she probably just thought that since they had similar hair that she could pass off the body as being hers. she probably deleted her account out of embarrassment. although she could have simply deleted the picture and blocked me

No. 65381

lol, they're really stupid.

No. 65382

kek, and PULL locked the thread on her too.

"b-because she baleteed!"

omfg PULL this is fucking why nobody good goes there any more, fucking hugbox.

No. 65383

Has nothing to do with that, threads always get deleted when somebody deleted al accounts to avoid spam until they come back with new drama.

No. 65384

*always get closed

No. 65385

yea this girl has a weird ass nose but her coords are always better than dakotas tho

No. 65386

Agree that Kitty's outfits are better.
Dakota should copy her looks in return.

No. 65387


Yeah but if somebody has new drama to talk about they don't see the old thread because it's buried under pages of new ones and even then they have to go beg a mod to unlock it. Ridiculous.

No. 65388

File: 1413815037011.jpg (67.29 KB, 640x640, 10706834_814595371932423_12813…)

The Kittyphina thread on PULL has been unlocked because http://instagram.com/xoseraphina

No. 65389

it kinda looks like she's wearing a diaper

No. 65390

File: 1413816684263.jpg (41.44 KB, 496x438, 7.jpg)


like fuck, I thought this bitch went pull pedo for a moment

No. 65391

does she only have those 3 pairs of shoes tho

No. 65392

Does anyone know where she got her top?

That's the only thing I care about.

No. 65393

No. 65394



No. 65395

Wow, I know the people that are posted here are truly awful if I think "she's not so bad, at least she tells people where she gets her stuff from, instead of being a condescending brat. And she doesn't really talk." I like her coords, and without context it's fun to go through her instagram. But this thread really shows off her creepiness. I still appreciate the fact that she doesn't say asinine, offensive shit.

No. 65396

File: 1422378313473.jpg (174.09 KB, 1003x931, image.jpg)

So a photo of her real face popped up yesterday

No. 65397

she doesn't look as shooped in the face as many other girls do. obviously different lighting.

No. 65398

Yeah she looks a lot cuter and more natural. Expecially without the eye bags.

No. 65399

lol okay then.

No. 65400

I will never understand the attractiveness of eyebags for Kawaii idorus. Makes them look like they injected Botox.

No. 65401

She looks pretty cute imo,maybe even cuter than her shooped self.
I don't know why PULL picks on her so much, like yeah she copied koots but not so much anymore.
They usually pick on her for shopping herself too thin and use the "Muh triggerz!!" Excuse, but it's obvious its an excuse to basically pick on her

No. 65402

There is a reason why we have a thread on here too.

No. 65403

>her real face
>all that smudge tool abuse on the left pic
…are you for real?

No. 65404

File: 1422383834873.jpg (124.9 KB, 768x1024, 1369596515625.jpg)


Oh ffs.

No. 65405

Goddamit, Seraphina

No. 65406

She copied Dakota for a contest held on vk.com/clubkotakoti. That pic was her inspiration.

No. 65407

Kota really needs to learn how shooping cleavage works. Even her stalker gets it.

No. 65408

am i the only person who thinks she looks a lot like honey lemon from big hero 6?? because that's literally all i see. she's cute tho

No. 65409

Which one? Blonde or brunette?

No. 65410

waaaaaaaait are they legitimately the same person??

No. 65411

Seraphina admitted that her natual hair color is brown on her instagram. Plus if you look at the 2 photos the features looks the same other than her using photoshop to make her nose appear smaller and change her top lip and shit. Either she has a twin or this is was she looked like around June of 2013.

No. 65412


the eyebrow shape in both pics is the same

No. 65413

if you think that's too thin then you seriously have no idea what the fuck you're talking about
>implying because you have thin legs, you can't be healthy
fatty-chan detected

No. 65414

Not even that anon but i am underweight and had the same legs few months ago its ugly as sin. Stop ana chan.

No. 65415

I agree with you. I prefer pretty thin legs rather than ugly fat flabby legs.

There is nothing wrong with having thin legs. Y'all just hating bc your used to lookin at chub chub legs all day.

No. 65416

Lmao you realize you sound like the inverse of fatties complaining that anyone who doesn't look like them or have their "voluptuous, feminine thighs and shapely legs" is "anorexic" or a literal stick?
Fucking stop, not everyone wants stick legs anon

No. 65417

>arguing about legs
>these bitches we are talking about shoop their legs thin and are fatties anyway
>dakota's clothes always tight and shoes/belts on largest strap

No. 65418

Agreed. Well at least for Dakota. That girl is chubby, I saw the video of her on the beach in a bikini….not cute. Idk about kittyphina though because we don't know what her real body looks like.

No. 65419

You're the one bitching about her legs being "too thin she looks anorexic omg". You're confirmed for being a fatty in denial, just saying.

No. 65420


No. 65421

the chicken legs that come with apple shaped bodies aren't cute. no one is saying thinner legs are bad, but it's the most ignorant thing when girls starve themselves for thigh gaps ignoring the fact that they now how grandma felice legs, or will when their bad health catches up to them.

this is coming from a health nut. both extremes are gross, but includes them knobbly boy legs.

No. 65422

File: 1422761151709.jpg (29.52 KB, 408x604, image.jpg)

Her legs don't look like she starves herself to me. My legs are thinner than hers in this pic and I eat A LOT.

No. 65423

How the fuck does she have an apple shaped body? Her waist is smaller than her hips, her whole frame is slender. You're just fucking fat, admit it.
omg eww such anorexic boy body no CURVES liek real wimmins lol

No. 65424

She's not apple shaped though so your opinion on apples is irrelevant. She's a slim rectangle if anything.

No. 65425

Fatty-chan here, she doesn't look too thin to me.
All I have to say is that when she shoops body parts thinner it looks a little wonky. But it'd probably look a lot weirder if I tried that lol.

No. 65426

I am as skinny as her and I don't starve myself. I don't care if I have thigh gap or not, in my opinion is horrible so I try to hide it. I don't understand the obsession with the damn thigh gap. She doesn't look unhealthy for me, it's obvious she uses photoshop because in some pics her legs wouldn't stand her body, or her waist is too small. You know it's obvious she shoops her pics, but I don't think she has an ED

No. 65427

she shoops her legs, waist, nose and lips. I think that's all.

No. 65428

She obviously shoops her eyes.

No. 65429

And her skin, her eyes, her jawline… basically everything.

No. 65430

File: 1424106749755.jpg (393.66 KB, 980x737, kotaphina.jpg)

I tried to make Kitty look like Kota and Kota look like Kitty.

No. 65431

Holy shit. Thanks for the nightmare fuel.

I actually like Seraphina now. She's kind of dropped copying Kota and lately she's even ditched the unflattering aegyo sal. She's still heavily shooped but she looks a lot more human and cute now IMO.

No. 65432

I hate her just because she said she doesn't wear her kawaii gear outside. Can't fucking stand posers or people who lack the conviction to do what makes them happy.

No. 65433

Just checked her instagram/twitter (looks only recently made, could it be fake?), you're right, she's dressing a lot nicer and not kotafied. Her clothes are so fucking cute, it makes me jealous tbh. Like all her stuff is amazing and adorable.
I guess she might not feel confident enough and doesn't want to be judged by strangers on the street but still wants to wear cute stuff. I often order something I think looks cute or nice but will lose confidence to wear it out when I try it on if I feel I'll get strange looks from people.

No. 65434

whats her twitter?

No. 65435

Thinking it's fake. She has her instagram linked on there but the writing styles on there and her twitter are different and she seems to speak not as good English on twitter as opposed to insta.

No. 65436

Her instagram could be real, I think. Someone on one of her pictures asked where she gets her clothes from and she said mostly from http://bobon21.taobao.com/ which sounds legit, her clothes match the style of those that are on there. I appreciate that she shares where she buys her clothes from, unlike Kota.

No. 65437

I can see your point, but for some people, going out like that can be hard. I know, it's just clothes, but think of the praise she gets online vs. the weird looks she will get in public. She obviously has self esteem issues if she shoops herself so much. I wanna say she said her goal is to be more confident in herself and to go out in kawaii fashion. If so, good for her. I know it's not a huge step to a lot of people, but it probably is for her.

No. 65438

Her insta is real. She has new content and you can tell the pics w.o the eyebags are new

No. 65439

I feel sorry for the girl, really. PULL really ripped into her and embarrassed her and some people in this thread did too. She ended up deleting her tumblr and I think all social media because of it. I've heard she's really sweet. It's obvious she has confidence/self-esteem issues. I think Kota might have been her idol and that's why she copied her so much.

No. 65440

Couldn't feel sorry for someone who is just copying someone for the fame. It's not that Kota's her idol, it's that Kota has what she wants.

No. 65441

Eh, you don't know that for certain. She seems to reserved to want the amount of fame that Kota has. I think she just aspires to be like Kota for the way she looks, as in she wants to look cute like her. Not the fame aspect.

No. 65442


No. 65443

Yeah, that's what I think, too. I think she just wants to emulate Kota's look because…well, it's Dakota Rose. She's known throughout the world (or she was when she first got famous, anyway) for being a cute, waif, elf doll princessu.
Maybe if Kittyphina starts trying to reach out to China/Japan specifically, I would say she's trying to get a piece of what Kota has. Otherwise, I think she just wanted some attention online.

No. 65444

She brought it on herself with those ridiculous photos.

No. 65445

wtf are you talking about, she's right here http://instagram.com/xoseraphina

No. 65446

Her Instagram is real, the Twitter is fake.

She would have posted it on IG if she had a Twitter, and she said recently she doesn't even know how it works.

"Her" Twitter location says "Tokyo, Japan" which is a typical thing for fakers to add if they don't know any better.

And her "official" wouldn't even be there. Anyway, not her. But it is her on IG.

No. 65447

File: 1424118481073.png (101.78 KB, 253x255, 1421892123165.png)

You heard she's really sweet? From who? Her neighbor? Her grandma?

Well, in that case, I've heard Quirkplanet is sweet as a cookie, and Kaka is as humble as pie.
(From my private sources of course, you wouldn't know them so don't ask)

No. 65448

File: 1424118802150.png (400.14 KB, 466x606, Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 20.3…)

I don't know why this picture is making me laugh. It's just awkward.

I wonder why she posts winking photos so often.

No. 65449

Dat bad lid crease shoop starting from her nose at the open eye, gurl needs to learn some anatomy.

No. 65450

And at the closed eye she painted her eyebrow on the lid…

No. 65451

File: 1424119371762.jpg (18.44 KB, 200x206, 1258094815140.jpg)

No. 65452

No. 65453

I feel like she's posting here.

These defensive posts "feeling sorry for her" and saying "she doesn't want fame" lol yeah right

No. 65454

Oh brother, have standards. She's just wearing the typical cheap ~kawaii dolly~ clothes from taobao that all the ~kawaii~ bloggers have been wearing for years. I was going to say that the only reason you'd be envious of her clothes were if you were too insecure to wear cute things yourself, but you already said that for me. Thanks. (but seriously though, how insecure do you have to be if you're unable to wear these types of clothes out?)
Yeah, see, there's a difference between being inspired by your idol and obsessively copying them. Did you guys even see the comparison pics at the top of the thread?

Fuck is up with lolcow today

No. 65455

File: 1424169939482.png (781.8 KB, 1024x611, gurl.PNG)

I completely forgot about this girl but her "Angelic Pretty" dresses are most certainly replicas, I've noticed of the few she owns, there are replicas available from Taobao though y'all probably figured that out already.

Berry Garden: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.1-c.w4004-9912669457.14.QeWUCr&id=42555410812

Fairy Marine was available to buy from this shop: http://shop107974389.tw.taobao.com/

And her pic related Sheep Garden is from Dream of Lolita.

I thought it was perhaps a coincidence that she happened to have those first two given I knew there were replicas of them, but the bows and lace on the bodice of Sheep Garden is a dead giveaway. On the original, the bows are much bigger and touch, and also they didn't use eyelet lace running across the bodice, or the two vertical rows on the bottom of that one.

Don't even try.

No. 65456

Where have you been?

She openly admits she uses Taobao for pretty much all her clothes, including her lolita dresses. I don't recall her even once saying she bought brand.

No. 65457

No. 65458

Off topic a little, but how do I get this popular hair colour in OP? I love it and I have no idea what hair dye to buy or how to maintain this colour.

My natural hair is a light brown and a bit brassy

No. 65459

I have the a similar color but lighter since my hair was bleached. Dark ash blonde dye was put on the top portion of my hair, beige blonde was put on the ends, and all of it was combed through. I would suggest you use a lighter dye with an ashy tone or dye from the loreal hicolor series. I don't think you'd need to pre-bleach your hair at all since your hair is already lighter.

No. 65460

she was once asked if her lolita dresses were replicas and she said they're original and are second hand. So or she is lying or was scammed by a selle

No. 65461


No. 65462

she prob rammed her filthy pile of trash to the side for the kawaii pic

No. 65463

So did she delete all her shit?

No. 65464

the only thing I really like about her, is that she has nicer hair than Dakota.

No. 65465

She changed her name. This is her.


No. 65466

File: 1430184049446.jpg (39.88 KB, 436x604, cM6fw-pYukM.jpg)

She really seems to be into that nymphet shit these days, she is late to the train.

No. 65467

She was late to the living doll train too, all she does is belatedly follow trends with none of the creativity needed to actually get ahead.

No. 65468

File: 1430200233109.jpg (93.14 KB, 640x640, 11193043_830567490374633_16305…)

This her without shoop?

No. 65469

……where'd you find that?

No. 65470

I clicked on the link at >>65465 and clicked on the tag on the very first pic lol

No. 65471

No. 65472

No. 65473

They both look like actual retards

No. 65474

well they did fall in love on instagram

No. 65475

he went to Australia to see her lmao

No. 65476

poor dude, I hope he didn't get a heart attack seeing her without shoop

No. 65477

I think that photo still has a lot of shoop. As you can see, she's the one taking the photo with her phone. She could have edited it and then hand it out to him for porting it.

No. 65478

It has, look at her nose lmao.

No. 65479

god, why would anyone willingly give themselves a pig nose. its weird seeing a piggy nose on a girl with a really skinny face.

No. 65480

I think it looks like that because she presses it against the dude's face but it looks odd due to her shooping out the creases on her nose.

No. 65481

that's the weirdest "goofy face" I've seen. She looks like she got scared in the middle of an orgasm

No. 65482

Where the fuck are her hands? Holyshit

No. 65483

natural ones are qt
Ones like this are fucking ugly

No. 65484

Late but I thought the website's background was full of vaginas at first.

No. 65485

holding the camera out and the other is at her side?

No. 65486


What you're seeing as arms are just the front edges of her cardigan.
It took me a while to figure it out too

No. 65487

Your giving me the creeps they way you are constantly going on about her talk about creepy?

No. 65488

One of Dako's makeup tricks is inner corner of her lower waterline. It brings the inner lower eyelid up towards the pupil, yielding the appearance of a smize. If you look at photos of teenage Britney Spears, her eyelids are like this naturally, where the lower lid skims the pupil. Humans are intrinsically attracted to this for some reason.

Anyway, this girl is missing that, which is part of the reason she looks creepy and vacant compared to dakota.

No. 65489

*lining the inner corner of her lower waterline

No. 65490

Do you mean the highlighting on the inner corner of Dakota's eyes? Got example?

No. 65491

I'm confused by this example, because teenage britney spears doesn't appear to have it lined

No. 65492

File: 1434169559654.png (868.29 KB, 614x589, decoden.PNG)

Also, this decoden is really cute

No. 65493

File: 1434173326889.jpg (13.07 KB, 236x323, 483bd0af0264f97b8ff51ec7e62acf…)

What anon means is that Dakota takes her black liner and lines the inner corner of her bottom waterline. Pic related.

No. 65494

>Sailor Moon in the middle

I wish that more decoden would stick to one or two themes, instead of just throwing everything but the kitchen sink onto something.

No. 65495

Hmm I don't see black on her inner corner of eyes though.

No. 65496

wow, you are blind

No. 65497

File: 1434176665811.jpg (41.63 KB, 440x604, eyes.jpg)

No. 65498

There's no black on Dakota's inner eyes anon, not this photo.

No. 65499

what photo of Dakota?

No. 65500

File: 1434187146004.jpg (85.89 KB, 500x750, tumblr_lw28csaZtH1qljbqro1_500…)

In her tumblr era it's in all of her pictures, anon.

No. 65501

File: 1434188981752.jpg (88.65 KB, 976x636, Capture.JPG)


No. 65502

Why is her sweatervest tucked into her skirt? Is that supposed to be cute?

No. 65503

File: 1434194434836.jpg (66.55 KB, 540x540, sera.jpg)

From her Facebook, taken the same day

No. 65504

he looks like a teen himself. did he fly from the U.S to Australia alone to meet his instagram gf?

No. 65505

He's Dutch.

No. 65506

oooooh my bad. but whatever, did he travel long distance by himself to meet her?

No. 65507

That's what it seems like. From their exchanges and pictures, it doesn't look like anyone went with him.

No. 65508


They look like a cute couple. Well, not "cute", but cute together.

No. 65509

No. 65510

File: 1434230209228.jpg (106.99 KB, 640x640, 1339365783.jpg)

yep, she did this quite often

No. 65511

bump test

No. 65512

File: 1438020100137.jpg (310.78 KB, 1536x1536, image.jpg)

Great, it works.

The moment you have all been waiting for:
Unedited candid photo, in non-kawaii clothes.

Isn't she cute? Man, she gotta be insecure to edit so much, she looks just fine!

Definitely different and older, but super cute.

No. 65513

Can someone dig up that Kota-lookalike contest photo from VK? I know it was super edited, but I wanna compare

No. 65514

Oh wow.
Yeah, I don't see her need to shoop. Honestly I think she looks better here than in her edits. She looks creepy and alien-like in them. Here she looks nice and normal, but still cute.

No. 65515

What the fuck girl, you're adorable.

No. 65516

she looks cute!

No. 65517

This is insane she's totally adorable without the shoop? What's her problem?

No. 65518

sure smells like samefag in here

No. 65519

Is me.

Maybe we can all agree she's actually cute?

No. 65520

u sound salty

No. 65521

>posts made 13-36 minutes apart
Yeah, okay.

No. 65522


It happened!!!! Finally. She looks way better without photoshop dear god, also with a lot more pensonality

No. 65523

Wow she actually looks better without ps. She is naturally pretty its a shame she is so insecure.

No. 65524

tbh i also think she is way cuter without ps

No. 65525

Dang, I was expecting her to look ten times worse. She's actually quite cute and her hair is so pretty. That whole kawaii uguu schtick she's doing really doesn't suit her imo now that I'm seeing her like this. She looks so much better in regular clothes. Why on earth would she even feel the need to edit her pictures so heavily?

No. 65526


She probably thought she'd get e-fame like kota and whizzed away to Japan for jobs, why? Just for being thin/white/cute and wearing loli on the side when infact it's all an act.

Someone once said/had a pic on PULL of kota apparently in Starbucks wearing normal clothes just listening to music/writing apparently…

No. 65527

well fucking POST IT THEN

No. 65528


CANT because kaka/kota threads are GONE dickhead

No. 65529

I don't think they can. PULL has been gutted of its Dakota and Kiki forums.

No. 65530

Dakota's a lot better at photoshop than this girl. Kitty can't hide her shoop.

No. 65531


No. 65532

It most likely wasn't her. The photo was blurry as hell, and there was no way to tell, you couldn't even see her face.

It was just taken by a gossip thirsty anon who was sooooo sure it was her

No. 65533

File: 1448671666843.jpeg (108.41 KB, 750x840, image.jpeg)

Bustedface-chan is now resorting to showing her vagvag on photos for attention

(Not exactly, but you can see a bit more than what one would want to see)

No. 65534

File: 1448671845499.jpeg (104.91 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

Btw her real name is Sarah Elizabeth

No. 65535

File: 1448671919106.jpeg (125.98 KB, 941x941, image.jpeg)

She'll probably delete her fb now, kek

No. 65536

moar fbphotos plz anon

No. 65537

It's all I can access! The most candid one was this >>65512

No. 65538

She photoshooped herself to have marfan syndrome?

No. 65539

She looks like Voldemort. I almost wonder if she had a huge nosejob done because it is very common for drastic rhinoplasty to result in the front of the nose turning up and looking like a weird little pig nose like that.

No. 65540

File: 1448691967543.jpeg (147.85 KB, 750x832, image.jpeg)

That (Voldemort) is actually one of the first things that were said about her, I remember people saying stuff like "She looks like a Dakota clone with Voldemort nose"

I don't believe surgery, why would anyone pay to get an ugly nose? Reminds me of one of those generic j-fash girls in Japan on Instagram

No. 65541

she's even copying kota's lips. Kek

No. 85778

File: 1453795156283.png (1017.78 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

How old is she? Does anone know when is her birthday?
I just know she is not a minor, so ok.

No. 85787

1: christ, what a skank (seriously, what is the point of showing your butt like that……?)
2: I believe she turns 19 this year

No. 85794

Well, at least she got a cute booty

No. 85823

Guys like this kind of stuff. Let them fap away to her butt.

No. 85967


It's a dumb dolly desperate niche all blondes are following these days. Kota did it so they all try copying her. Thing is with Kitty or B4by w/e she's called is that she BLATEZ copied Dakota to the point where it's painful. Instead of coming up with her own thing… All these dolls look the same.

No. 85969


She's cute just average? I see so many girls like this, short, thin and blonde (brunette/ect) on the street when I go out. Same with kota, taylor and peachymilk. They're all average. Cute but just normal.

No. 85974

File: 1453843969766.jpeg (162.58 KB, 749x841, image.jpeg)

I'm surprised she kep this up for 2 whole hours. She looks like a derpy fish.

No. 85979

File: 1453844081741.jpeg (83.03 KB, 397x600, image.jpeg)

Reminds me of this

No. 85987


Reason why it irks me is because they shoop themselves and play with themselves so much on meitu that they don't look human anymore.

No. 86578

I imagine that's because she's like a second POV to Kota's outfits and can "perfect" the style because of this.

I mean it's not Kota specific, we naturally "perfect" or change other people's coords all the time.

I'm enjoying the fact that Kota will be immortal if this catches on from girl to girl.

No. 86689

It's a swimsuit brah relax lol

No. 87302

that fucking cat is adorable

No. 87748

File: 1454216845068.jpg (55.95 KB, 640x640, 12545464_1533376736961228_1326…)

Not much milk but first one was uploaded then deleted and replaced by the second one. Teehee oopsie. I can't make an overlapping gif but if you save both images and toggle between them you can see the changes in her shoops. Here was the first one:

No. 87749

File: 1454216858323.jpg (56.44 KB, 640x640, 12479214_1562472094078646_1811…)

And the second:

No. 87752


what the hell is wrong with her knees

No. 87755


what is this cat pillow in her lap i need it so badly please help me farm

No. 87756

It's a Tsuchineko. There's lots of different ones and they're ultra cute.

No. 87757


omg this is the best thank u anon ?

No. 87793

What is up with that arm?

No. 87802

I would hit that tbh ( ° ʖ °)

No. 87933

No. 87955

Am I the only one not seeing any difference?

No. 87958

She darkens a piece of her hair to make it look more shiny, and makes the elbow part of her arm a bit thinner, because stick thin arms aren't very convincing when the elbows are twice as thick. Not a huge deal, but hey ho, there it is.

No. 88065

I always found it funny how she and kota shooped their legs super thin, with bruises and all intact.

Surprised this chick is still around, how does she have so many followers? Her stuff looks to be the same old stuff from way back.

No. 88156

I think she looks cute

No. 88160

absolutely gross

No. 88183

Why is this account suspended?

No. 89671

File: 1454639037281.jpg (54.2 KB, 640x640, 12407316_454898911367200_11590…)

She deleted and re-uploaded this a THIRD time. Girl, maybe if you didn't edit so much you wouldn't have to keep taking it down due to all the inconsistencies.

No. 89674

Why the fuck does her arm always look so skelly despite her editing three times? Like seriously fix your arm if you're going to bother. Skelly ain't kawaii.

No. 89675

File: 1454639803131.gif (164.07 KB, 275x275, ymxpy.gif)

No. 89684

loool, she edited her smile

No. 89800

Thanks for making this. Man, it's really ridiculous how far she goes.

No. 90074

her instagram is b4by.jpg ?!?!?!

No. 90084


No. 90416

She did edit her arm, smaller. Look at gif, she made the inner elbow parts thinner.

No. 94436

I feel sorry for you guys, making fun of this girl. Really, is your life so boring?! When I first followed her instagram, I also thougt she's probably attention-seeking and arrogant. I mean… I think most popular people are. xD Buuut through a coincidence I got to know her a little bit, and damn she's so nice!! I love kawaii clothing, but am to insecure to wear it outside…but she tells me that you should dress for yourself and not worry about others. Really she's such a sweetheart!!<3 And there are millions of girls using meitu, do you criticize them all?! Why do people always need to bash others, just to feel better about themselfs?! >.< ._.

No. 94443

you are pretty ignorant. kittyphina said herself she doesn't have the courage to wear her taobao or whatever outside. So I guess she buys it to wear at hone, who the fuck knows.

No. 94457

File: 1455818601596.png (435.97 KB, 545x507, pathetic.png)


No. 94464


Troll harder.
Next time try more rage and less kawaii shit.

No. 94495

File: 1455826478659.png (103.22 KB, 288x200, tumblr_inline_nzamraTBer1tu1lq…)

> >.< ._.
Obvious troll.

No. 94615

pls sage next time.

No. 114227

File: 1459605846567.jpg (80.2 KB, 1080x1080, 1389059_1703745096561788_17190…)

she looks like tyra banks.

No. 114228

File: 1459605879119.jpg (80.41 KB, 750x749, 12728485_1020297098013419_1304…)

Ure such a twat. ^.^

No. 114229

File: 1459605898154.jpg (99.67 KB, 750x749, 12424764_565498163617283_15009…)

grgeous FAS u shitposter two-faced fuccing fuckface.

No. 114239


wow ok u grimey fukking twat

No. 114252

>>>/pull/. -.-

No. 114264


>>>/tumblr/, pleb

No. 114282

wut the fuc did u just say to me u europoor.

delusional tryhard skelleton.

No. 114315

your cunt yeast could bake 600 baguettes, you embarrassing salty fag. .-.

No. 130134

ummm…. one of my facebook friends is a mutual friend with that dude she's with. wtf

No. 130135

You bumped the thread for this?

No. 130142

Ok sooo I've been suspecting this profile of being the real her, and really, when I check dates and stuff (when the user talks about her boyfriend, how she hasn't got a place to her and is living with "people" -so not her family-, how she's 17-18 (I don't know kittyphina/b4by.jpg's real age, but could match)) I think this is her.


No. 130147

I think she's 19 now

No. 130154

i thought i remembered her being this age as well. could it be that she lied about her age on public platforms so as to not get into trouble for posting certain photos? i don't know enough about her to make any particular connections from the MPA user mentioned, but it it possible i suppose

No. 130260

Can you screenshot? I don't really want to sign up for a website called myproana to see whatever is there.

No. 135435

File: 1464539705470.png (46.6 KB, 341x427, Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 12.2…)

Her and her bf have been telling people to go kill themselves. They've been also harassing other girls in the kawaii and doll tags on instagram. ugh.

No. 135438

What you're not showing in this screenshot is that it's basically a hate account of Kittyphina, that's why they are mad. Also I don't see them harassing other girls ? I smell the owner of this account

No. 135446

Hi @sukaihighian

No. 135478

hi pull-chan

No. 135503


No. 136349

File: 1464802714881.jpg (102.23 KB, 947x445, 1234567.jpg)

No. 136500

She reminds me so much of Mila Mortice now.

No. 136570

I see she has changed her style of shooping recently. Is the boyfriend Dutch?

No. 136573

Yes, he is. She's Australian but staying now in The Netherlands.

No. 136574

i chuckled at the lapfox shirt. she would hang out with someone who wears a rapist's brand.

No. 136660

why is pull going crazy about her shooping
she looks like the same person, just makeup and white filter
girl is actually cute

No. 136723

What does she actually look like? Because she looks like an entirely different person in her earlier photos. First it was the corpse bride/ Tanya Dzhialieva/ Voldemort type of face, now it's this weird jawless fetus. Do any proper unedited photos exist? The one with the bf is edited as well.

No. 150950

how did she get so many followers? shes at 100k now

No. 150953

really? I've seen this happening to so many girls on Instagram. how do they do it? they go from 1k, to 5k, to 10k, and then all over a sudden they're at 100k.

No. 150960

No. 150984

It's called buying followers

No. 158880

She is now 121k hahahaha its ridiculous

No. 158940

she's not. her posts are getting hundreds of comments, a lot of them in foreign languages. people who buy followers have like 4 comments per pic while having 300k followers. it looks like she's slowly going the instagram hoe route, so that could explain it. she alway did get a lot of followers before, though it used to be a legion of "living doll" wannabes.

No. 158950


Ive noticed too. Thing is… I don't think her pictures are even nice she looks creepy. I think she's aiming to become Kota 2.0 but whether IG counts as a platform to get noticed by Japan idk. She should make a Youtube if she's trying to get noticed. But again the doll shit has been done before so it isn't even exciting anymore.

No. 158971

File: 1469404036154.png (1.28 MB, 1397x1391, 20160724_194558.png)

I found this

No. 158978

doubt it, she actually comes across as too shy and easily crumbled, like she'd rather live out a virtual fantasy than have anything intrude irl. she deleted her last instagram after getting overwhelmed by the attention and mentioned having heavy anxiety once.

No. 181261

any new son this girl? did she go viral somewhere because her follower count went up crazy for somebody just being a copycat

No. 181271

anyone have that picture of her in a binky and diaper doing ageplay? lmao that was wild

No. 181275

hilarious & unfortunate

No. 183343

File: 1476572589755.png (744.26 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Candid pic dump

No. 183352


Dunno why she copied Koots when she looks cuter imo.

No. 183565

MOAR also she's actually almost 22, not 19.

No. 183664

File: 1476637669469.png (94.39 KB, 640x932, IMG_8661.PNG)

is it just me or is she trying to be less like kota and more like sarah marie kardax lately? girl needs to find her own personality

No. 183668

She looks kind of like Taylor Momsen, I think. But something about her face is creepy. Probably the soulless eyes…

No. 187342

File: 1477281623610.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

B4by when she was a baby

No. 193187

File: 1478209216294.jpeg (234.21 KB, 1660x1660, image.jpeg)

Idk why she shops herself to look so spaced out and freaky. Idk what she does to her eyes but it's not there in her candids. Got a few more that haven't been posted.

No. 193189

File: 1478209353851.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Liek dis

No. 554444

does she have a new ig name?

No. 554460


here you go:


she said her old account got deleted so she made a new one.

No. 554566

Is she trying to look Russian now or is she actually Russian?

No. 554701

She is Russian

No. 554833

She looks extra spoopy now. Like Dakota's old shops and new shops fused, but had an ED.

It's too bad too, because if she wasn't trying so hard to shoop/starve herself into looking eternally 12, she'd probably be pretty cute.

No. 555350


she looks like a Dakota with FAS

No. 555381

Russian? Her surname sounds more Serbian than Russian to me.

No. 555399

Still hasn't given up on the shooping, I see

No. 603319

So, her real eyes colour is brown? Because of that photos. And what is her surname?

No. 603404

Everyone's talking about the nose, but it looks fine to me. If anything, I'd say that her lips are too thin and the face is too narrow but ofc I'm subjective

No. 603420

Her new ig name it's like Joanna Kuchta's Twitter (@pixiejoanna)

No. 606839

File: 1528652355798.png (2.12 MB, 1862x1196, Captura de pantalla 2018-06-10…)

I've been reading the comments on this post and, really? She said she had anorexia?

No. 606859


I'm pretty sure she's actually Australian

No. 606869

File: 1528655667815.jpg (162.24 KB, 1080x1080, 27878923_186153212147881_32422…)

Wouldn't surprise me since her legs are constantly covered in bruises which is very common when people are malnourished.

No. 608933

i wonder why she didn't shop that out. unless if she's trying to be an ana queen, but that doesn't really fit with her "dolly" style.

No. 611482

I thought the same :/ and also I wonder how would be her real face without all this shoop and makeup knowing she is almost malnourished

No. 612537

File: 1529177000362.png (862.04 KB, 597x600, Screenshot_38.png)

why has no one posted that photo of her on her kneels wearing that frilly pink swimsuit in an attempt to appeal to her 80% pedo audience? also, heres an un-shoop i did on one of her photos, even though i made her look like she has down's by accident, hope i give you guys a kek

No. 612542


Well, as she's still style-wise stuck in 2011 tunglr (sad!), the bruises fit the uwu broken pastel dolly whatever image, actually.


Lmao I bet this still needs a lot of unshooping. Like, a lot. Anything but her frame (ana-chan) still looks fake as shit.

No. 612610

I have seen girls with 20k or 80k followers trying to still grow in social media, but this girl has had +100k and now almost 20k since her new account, even though she is almost missing. It's obvious she shoop A LOT like, a lot, herself and still people adore her '-' This is a true phenomenom

No. 612636

>being surprised let alone shocked by this with the fact that dakota exists

imagine being this new

No. 612637

She's always admitted to editing though, unlike kooters or most e-famous people.

No. 612665

are you quoting the wrong person? i never said she never admitted to it.

No. 612671

I think she admitted it on her last account. She was really hush about it at first, and wouldn’t acknowledge it/delete comments but she made a post admitting it.

No. 612672

Wait I fucking read it wrong

No. 612797

Lmao, chill a bit. ALL OF US know how Dakota is irl cause videos, tv shows and photos exists. We don't know nothing about Kittyphina. I meant that.

No. 612905

Soooo, why is this girls thread active ? She's honest about her editing, honest about her body issues and ED and has literally as far as I know never been rude to anyone … At this rate if all it takes to have a active thread is to edit your pictures, then every IG wannabe model/kawaii doll/ thot/person should have a thread.

The only interesting thing she's ever done is hard core copy Kota, which was years ago.

No. 1189514

File: 1616342511427.jpeg (757 KB, 1284x1032, 3A5614EF-0A05-41F6-B552-1D3432…)

She’s now back under the name
@bunibabiee (currently deactivated) and @dollette (her shop.)
She now copies a girl named “dreamdoll / dreamgirrl, aka angelldoll on tumblr who has had her own shop for over a year.
She takes all of the “aesthetic”
Photos from dream doll’s tumblr and depop, then uploads it to her Instagram. She also copies her poses, editing, and style just like she did to Kota. She now also photoshops her body with the current trend which is curvy and hourglass. She even wears a blonde wig to look like dreamdoll… she will never be original will she?(newfag)

No. 1189520

Ok, but when will you ever learn to sage ?

No. 1189524

nta but this is new milk, it doesn't warrant saging

No. 1189539

Damn, this a blast from the past. Last time I checked on her I got the impression that she moved on from the online stuff. Did she deactivate because she got called out? How did you find her and is she still with the dutch guy?

No. 1189726

No. 1189742

OT slightly but, It’s been years, she definitely gained weight . She looks healthy. Good for her. Cant find the other girls account though?

No. 1189757

Can you post the accounts she’s supposed to copy? I can’t find them

No. 1189916

same, the names are too fucking generic

No. 1189922

File: 1616373351836.jpeg (62.37 KB, 480x480, CD6728E2-D7DD-4D35-9A51-2341D9…)

1. How did you find this?
2. The teeth don’t match, how do we know it’s her?

No. 1190095

At one point the b4by.jpg insta linked to another account that linked to the new bunibabiee one. It's a labriyth but it's her. I have bunibabiee archived (don't ask kek) and you can tell it's her just shopped in an extremely different way.

No. 1190162

This is her current depop, her profile pic looks extremely different from her old pics

No. 1190264

File: 1616416547474.jpeg (162.77 KB, 828x1699, 99F84306-8375-4B0C-8595-9549E1…)

Interesting, especially when you consider this is what she looks like. Not too off from her old shoops compared to… whatever it is she’s going for now. Not gonna lie tho I really enjoyed her aesthetic and her shoop style together and low key wish she’d come back.

No. 1208134

Ok but show us pictures where she’s trying to look like her and not stupid anniversary pictures. Also newfag?

No. 1208146

What is this word salad?

No. 1208151

Every single thing you're doing is newfag. Take ya meds.

No. 1214033

I’m going to start off by saying I’m the girl in the Instagram screenshots above. This thread was brought to my attention because I received many messages on Instagram about it along with threats. I don’t know why that user is creating posts claiming I’m the depop owner and I have no idea who that is and somehow i I keep getting linked to it. Whoever wrote the things about me and my husband,clearly has severe mental problems because what they’re saying doesn’t make any sense. You are clearly trying to hurt me for absolutely no reason. This type of harassment should not be allowed on this website because I’m being brought to this even though I have nothing to do with the depop owner drama.

No. 1214036

It was just some one person who got a hateboner against you without proofs and a big chunk of wordsalad. I do not know how people can even take the previous anons words seriously, when they are unreadable and sound like they were written by a 13yo.

No. 1214205

>This type of harassment should not be allowed on this website
do you know where you are

No. 1216930

Not a single person cares, sperg.

No. 1216949

You're not supposed to enter in your email, Darcy.

No. 1216986

nta but wtf, she clearly says she's only here because someone linked her. no need to be rude

No. 1217002

Kek that's the whole point; she doesn't.

No. 1263039

I just read this, and I want to know the topic of this web.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1263376

File: 1624563347511.jpg (25.42 KB, 500x726, 11e3497872bc208eeda786beac13b4…)

With Lolita's dress

No. 1263377

Pinterest says she is Dakota Rose: https://www.pinterest.fr/nicomustaine/dakota-rose/(imageboard)

No. 1263380

No. 1263431

Are you pretending to be dumb?

No. 1265331

This girl looks like shes just pandering to pedos. Its really weird tbh.(sage your shit)

No. 1265354

Why is this super old thread being pushed like once a month?
The girl had a Kotakoti phase and then moved tf on. There's no milk and she has been gone for five years. Let it go

No. 1265542


No. 1265667

Can the mods autosage shit shitshow alredy

No. 1271226

its only been brought up because dreamdollstore - "doelita" hates her and copies everything she does

No. 1352726

File: 1634797417864.jpeg (189.06 KB, 1125x840, B0C6086E-833B-45C4-AB35-EBFFE0…)

Dreamdollstore saras stalker exposed

No. 1352728

File: 1634797495074.jpeg (147.56 KB, 1023x1200, 2BE49B6E-86A5-4DDF-B422-3D670B…)


No. 1384567

File: 1638609394573.jpeg (160.73 KB, 1125x1123, 3159C342-7C91-4B80-9078-E6DB17…)

Saras stalker ‘dreamdollstore’ has now “rebranded” to btqbabydoll boutiquebabydoll shes disgusting(namefagging)

No. 1384601

Mods please autosage this shit

No. 1386289

File: 1638791492578.png (664.94 KB, 540x795, B0BCA19E-2671-4014-B477-27E99E…)

Scary… ew

No. 1386291

File: 1638791626553.jpeg (249.1 KB, 1094x830, B9941D7F-D490-408F-A2DD-2175F6…)

Btqbabydoll, boutiquebabydoll lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1406177

File: 1641032931844.jpeg (205.31 KB, 1125x1483, FC2B7F14-60EF-42BC-B2D6-45E9D8…)


No. 1452027

Btqbabydoll is an old man crossdressing(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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