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File: 1426452583502.jpg (1022.2 KB, 3390x2847, Eat-Your-Kimchi-eatyourkimchi-…)

No. 65755


Someone asked for a thread, so let's bash on these two ugly fucking losers who think that they know everything about Korea.

No. 65756

I don't mind Marina, but her husband seems like the most immature asshole.

No. 65757

Marina is pretty bitchy and throws shade at Hyuna and other Korean girls like crazy. Not even a Koreaboo, but whenever a girl does that kind of shit period it's just disgusting.

Then again, looking the way that she does I'm not surprised that she would feel jealous. Gross hair, not a great body, Chiclets teeth and a pig like snout.

No. 65758

Really? for me it's actually the other way around. I can actually laugh at some of his jokes (I laugh at things that are not actually funny because of that fact). Martina regularly comes off as obnoxious and special snow flakey to me.

No. 65759

No. 65760

>special snowflakey

That's because she is. You can feel it in the videos and the site posts. Marina practically oozes that kind of bullshit from her pores.

You can tell that they're threatened by the idea of anyone else coming to Korea to do what they're doing (maybe even better than them), because they refuse to even give solid advice on how to run a gig like theirs from Korea, how to go about doing it, etc. It's like lol bitch, neither of you are anything special. You're two white kids in Korea who refuse to even become a part of this culture and regularly bash on Koreans for stupid shit like daring to make music in other languages.

No. 65761

>those ugly fucking tryhard LOL SO NRRRRRDYYYYY XDDDDDD tattoos

Jesus, take me now.

No. 65762

Her fucking bangs bother me. I'm so tired of seeing those Bettie Page bangs everywhere. They don't flatter every single girl. Your goddamned brows and hair should FRAME your face.


No. 65763

Ugh come one, Marina is a pretty name compared to Martina, it's insulting to call her anything than Martina

But yeah, the fact that they get so upset at people criticizing legitimate issues with what they say lets you know how entitled they feel to Korea. Like no one is telling them to stop making videos or to change their personalities (even though it would be an upgrade), but fuck realize why so many people have a problem with what you're saying.

The majority of their fanbase are young teens, I think, so they're going to completely overlook what they're saying and accept their personal experience as being applicable to the entire country. Koreaboos do this shit too because they want to believe the bs of two people who don't even attempt to acclimate to their environment.

They don't even make that many videos talking about issues in Korea, since they don't know much about it outside of kpop and street food, and people flock to them as though they were gurus.

It has to be because of how these koreaboos think 'well if they're willing to accept those two fuckers, I should do fine once I get there, since they're so wacky xD!!!'

No. 65764

File: 1426454290433.png (823.98 KB, 1021x609, jfc.png)

and the way she dresses, I know tumblr tards love wearing mismatched shit to draw attention, but Martina takes it a step further

ffs she's 31, she's still in her teen phase. She did that #Dear Me vid talking to her teen self and mentioned how different she was from everyone back then, I think she identifies with that word. Not because it's true to her character, but because it's what she wants to be and goes the extra mile without jeopardizing her "career"

I always try to imagine her in Japan, which was always where she wanted to end up. I think that because of all the other youtubers there (i.e. Rachel and jun and others) her and Simon wouldn't have made it as big. So now b/c of youtube they just loooove Korea.

No. 65765

It's funny, looking through their Twitter mentions there seem to be two levels of Koreaboos.

The kind who love EYK and follow everything they say.
And the truly delusional types who hate EYK because they said some negative things about Korea and HOW DARE THEY CUZ KOREA IS PERFECT OMG

No. 65766

I seriously can't stand them trying to pronounce Korean, it actually hurts me.

No. 65767



if no one had donated any money they wouldn't exist as eyk anymore, they actually might have just gone to Japan

No. 65768

File: 1426455310837.jpg (11.65 KB, 259x194, 10407431_10204198627437558_669…)

My favorite thing about EYK is how they got their Koreaboo fanbase to buy them roundtrip flight tickets to Europe. I remember reading an article about how they didn't have real work visas in Korea after quitting their teaching job, and just left the country every 6 months to renew their Visa Waiver Program tourist visas. Now I'm not knocking that at all (it's how I lived with my boyfriend for 1 year+ without a proper visa), but they seriously got their delusional fans to pay for the most expensive and annoying part of staying in Korea on that visa. They even registered their business in Canada so they wouldn't be caught working in Korea without a visa (freelance work is a huge loophole when it comes to working on a visa.)

But now they managed to get TTMIK to open a cafe with them (which they are hardly at), so they probably finally got themselves a business visa. Hyunwoo and the TTMIK team does all of the advertising and visit pretty damn frequently, and I always see them when I go there.

No. 65769

Its sad, you hardly see them interacting with any Korean people that isn't Soo Zee, and even she hardly shows up in videos anymore. I don't think they truly care about Korea as much s they do with their fame that's associated with Korea.

They're doing everything they can to stay in Korea, with other people's efforts. They don't even mention the Cafe anymore. I hope that TTMIK are making most of the profit off of it.

No. 65770

I was in Korea when this launched and I really dgaf about EYK but my friends looooove them and wanted to go really badly……… I can't believe i waited 1hr+ under Seoul's summer sun for this…
what we don't do for friends tbh.
It's good that at least TTMIK are behind this, and I believe they are respectful.
But seriously my eyes almost fell of secondhand embarrassment when I saw an asian-american girl crying on the line to enter because Simon with an ugly-ass beard showed up there

No. 65771

>over a literal nobody

Internet fame is a cancer.

No. 65772

maybe the beard threw her off and she thought it was the second coming of Jesus

No. 65773

When I took a trip to Korea, I really made it a point to go visit the cafe but I was really sad that they weren't there :( I really wanted to see Spudgy most of all tbh. Didn't they use to hold like weekly liveshows there? I didn't even notice that they stopped

I really only watch them for fapfaps and wanks, I can't care too much for their kpop videos or anything. I know they really support LiNK, but even LiNK is a bit questionable compared to other similar organizations.

No. 65774

I've never heard of them before, but I can't make it through any of their videos… so must cringe.

No. 65775


I love you

No. 65776

File: 1426456194909.png (452.1 KB, 548x584, xkAyF0O.png)

No. 65777

Actually this is the second time I got to wait under a line for them because of my friends (you guys gonna think I'm lying but i'm just lonely and i don't have many friends), and the other time i froze inside of the building where they held that pop-up store of their overpriced and unfunny goodies ("I'M NOT UGLY, I'M EXOTIC!!11!!" kill me pls.. and these ear hats you can buy for $10 at Dongdaemun but they sold for $40 because it has some pink ribbon on it). Spudgy was there and that doggie is really qt and kinda friendly so it was the only thing worth it there. lmao I didn't saw it on the cafe tho

No. 65778

I believe you. I've been pressured into going to events with friends for shit I really, really did not want to be at but went along anyway.

No. 65779

File: 1426456549006.jpg (10.54 KB, 300x168, Fa4ZHMJ.jpg)

All of their 'merchandise' is overpriced Gmarket crap that they marked up x30 because they stuck a Spudgy pin on it

BTW what ever happened to their 'new lifestyle diet'?

No. 65780

They did what many people do; Just stopped fucking having one lmao

No. 65781

Martina's hair is kinda tumblr try hard, but simon's is even worse. I'm glad these two are here. I tried to talk smack about them on PULL but so many whiteknights defended them and thread died.

No. 65782

It's very much Tumblr.

I'm glad one of you asked for a thread or else I would have hesitated to make it. My friends adore these fuckers and any time I bring up legitimate criticism, I get told that I'm "negative".

No. 65783

Thanks mate ):
I seriously don't get how people think these guys are even funny… I remember when exo released 'what is love' and tumblr was filled with that "i lost my pants" cringey shit and I don't even know how this managed to happen…..
The two videos of them i watched were the one about NK bombing threats (kinda useful because most foreigners thought some crazy stuff was going on when it didn't) and one about what one should pack to Korea.
Besides this their videos mostly suck and I couldn't stand 1 minute on it

No. 65784

>$10 at Dongdaemun
>overpriced Gmarket crap

Or only $0.90 on Taobao, plus low shipping from China to Korea. I can't believe people pay so much for that crap.

No. 65785

Meh, it isn't too surprising. Just look at Wannablaze's eBay. She sells Daiso shit at jacked up prices, too. Weebs take advantage of other weebs knowing they'll gladly pay for anything from glorious Aznland.

No. 65786

MTE. It sucks to have friends who are fan of them, because they just don't get what are their problem. One of my best friends is their fan and it hurts

No. 65787

I didn't say it was surprising, I meant it's ridiculous that people are that dumb.

No. 65788

I should have grabbed a pot or a can and stamp "Filled with Korea's air" and sell to weebs worldwide, I would be rich by now

No. 65789

Lol they do that shit with cosplay.

EYK comes up in the same conversations when we're casually mentioning Korean products or music or food.


No, not really. They're cringe.

I was just exclaiming that it didn't surprise me to see them doing such a thing. It's pretty shitty that they think people are that stupid.

Honestly? Do what I was about to do. I was on /cgl/ last year when everyone was crying over wanting real shimapan and how striped underwear is apparently so hard to find. These dumbasses, I have like three pairs from Target in several colors. Wide striped, just how they like them.

Buy a bunch of Target panties and sell them as real shimapan, lol.

No. 65790

I really only got into watching them because of Spudgy haha… I have my own pekingese so I have a huuuuuuuge weak spot for anyone who has them…

I remember when they held an AMA they seemed to avoid a lot of questions that outed them but I can't really remember much of them unfortunately. I really wonder where they'd be now if it wasn't for Soozee and Leigh. I used to think that their korean must've been at least halfway decent since they have lived there for quite some time but… lol

People are so gullible and desperate that I wanna just buy bulk off taobao and do that shit myself ugh

No. 65791

weird how they get a new resurgence of hate on tumblr and now they get a thread here? Feels awful tumblr in here.

No. 65792

Actually it started on that weeb Ahri thread and someone asked for it so it happened
But come on they're lolcows

No. 65793

How? I'm the OP and I made this because of someone asking in another thread for a EYK thread to be made. I don't have a Tumblr because the bitches hate everything that I am.

So, lol.

No. 65794

Don't Soozee and Leigh do all the editing and filming? What exactly do S&M do these days?

BTW, it's hilarious that they only bring up Soozee when they need a Korean opinion. "Soozee said ____, so it must be true!" I wonder how many Korean friends they actually have?

No. 65795

don;t read that thread but yeah, it's funny seeing everyone here call them tumblr when tumblr hates them lol. they're white cishet cultural appropriators!

No. 65796

a really dumb and OT thing that pissed me off was when Martina was trying to open a gachapon and it took her so long…

??? take the piece of fucking tape off the small tap on the front and lift the tab up and TA-DA SO EASY NOW TO OPEN

it just made me so mad lmao

No. 65797

I believe all of their Korean friends are Asian-american like TTMIK and the idols such as Amber, Eric Nam…

No. 65798

They really are.

Also, I dislike this trend that if there's something that Tumblr likes/hates, you must also be from there. Sometimes shitty people like what you also like. That's just life, man. Sometimes, they hate what you also hate.

It's because of their manner of dress/hair and their obnoxious attitudes. All of EYK is very tryhard and sad, like much of Tumblr is.

No. 65799

*okay that i worded it strangely but you guys got it

No. 65800

Why are you guys hating on EYK? Theyre infitely better than these unfunny tumblr fucks Hallyuback:


shit listening to the guy especially makes me want to take a waffle iron to my face. Could he be any more mono tone and annoying?

And the girl. Shit.

Like, they are soooo much more tumblr than EYK.

No. 65801

just because there are worse things than eyk it doesn't make them any better lmao

No. 65802

Yes, I'm so glad there's an EYK thread, they are my guilty pleasure. I have major conflicting love/hate emotions towards them. I actually do find them funny, but I mainly like to laugh at Martina's clothes/makeup. I remember one video she had a slight tan and a brown neutral smokey eye that was actually well applied and she looked so much better it was ridiculous. But ofc on the next video she was back to that ugly ass cat eye and smeared on crayola colours. And ofc simon always looks straight up gross, like a creepy uncle. When I first started watching it took me a few videos to work out they were actually married and he wasn't her gay BFF.

No. 65803

yeah but, why not make a thread about hallyuback instead? theyre so much worse lol, way more lol-worthy than eyk imo

No. 65804

then make a hallyuback thread

No. 65805

You don't have to post here if you don't agree then. No need to shit up the thread.

Because people wanted to.

Go make one if you're so concerned.

No. 65806

Cat eye makeup is love but it isn't like makeup is gonna help fix Martina's face, specially if she keeps doing faces all the time
I still think Simon is gay or bi or into men somehow

No. 65807

So what's the hate for? They dress like tumblr but otherwise, not seeing what's so lol-worthy. Not like they're scamming people with the merchandise, it's just over marked. At least they deliver it though, unlike that stripper with the chubby hands.

No. 65808

I'm willing to bet the majority of anons here use tumblr or have at some point, no one gives a fuck.

No. 65809

Can't remember if it was HallyuBack or not, but they once had a video about having kids in Korea, and somebody in the comments said something about their kid could "toTally have Korean citizenship!!!11!!" and I corrected them saying that they wouldn't, because that's not how citizenship works in Korea, and then my comment was promptly deleted afterwards lol

Other than that, I know nothing about them and they are completely boring

No. 65810

File: 1426458194767.jpg (102.45 KB, 946x960, 1411479061132.jpg)

You're right, anon.
It isn't at all shitty to make mass, sweeping generalizations to your impressionable mostly teen fanbase who will readily believe your words without question and go around spreading bullshit.

It's not shitty to >>65768 or >>65769 or even >>65763

We should all just drop the thread, specifically because YOU said so, and talk about only what YOU want to talk about! ^_^

Jesus, where the fuck did all of these asshurt anons suddenly come from within minutes of this being made..

No. 65811

They are lol-worthy because they are huge 31 year old Koreaboos.

This isn't PULL, people don't post here under the guise of exposing people. We laugh and bitch at people because it's fun.

No. 65812


If people don't want to talk about certain cows, just fucking hide the thread. Nobody is forcing you to read any of this and yet they act like they're obligated to.

No. 65813

Nigga you are projecting mad hard. Where's the videos of them telling their ~impressionable youth fanbase~ shit that is bad? They are hipsters hippin' about korea. Like. Wow. You got some pure unadulterated hate for eyk. They're two chunky hipster dweebs in korea. I don't see anything to get worked up about at all lol. But keep staying buttmad at them. That's funnier, imo.

No. 65814

>calling anyone here buttmad when you and another anon literally just barged in and got mad over ~*unwarranted hate desu*~


No. 65815

where? I asked where the drama was as in, give me links so i can read I wanna see the vids where they tell their lemmings crazy shit, or proof of where they mooch off their followers for hotel stays. That should would be lol. But so far… zilch.

No. 65816

File: 1426458676416.gif (766.09 KB, 244x180, 1418346773830.gif)


No. 65817

Gross. It's one thing to be a hipster, but it's another to look like a greasy hipster. I usually find hipsters insufferable, but they always seem bathed and well groomed. Hipsters usually find fairly decent quality of clothing to keep up the try hard image. These two look like haven't bathed and bought all their clothes at hot topic and modcloth.

No. 65818

striped underwear is so common though, wtf? why did they make a big deal out of them?

No. 65819

they can be really funny (or at least could) but they choose to do some really cringy stuff like being rude to/about koreans, and martina seems to try too hard to be 'unique' sometimes

other than than than I don't see the issue really

they're nowhere near as bad as some of the other 'WHITE IN ASIA' vloggers

No. 65820

whats wrong with hallyuback? I'm watching their vids and they seem more informative somehow, maybe because they seem to have conflicting thoughts against each other but they don't edit it to seem like they agree 100%. It comes off as even a couple experiences Korea differently despite being together a lot of the time.

No. 65821

There are links out there, but 99% link to tumblr. I've read them, and I agree with a few, though don't know if you'll consider it credible enough to form an opinion over since you're whiteknighting them pretty hard. You already have a positive perception formed for them, and we have ours. You can't change them just because you don't agree, and no one is trying to change yours. Just don't tell me I'm wrong.

No. 65822

Who specifically? The only one I've watched are Kanadajin3 or whatever it was and EYK, both of which I dislike.

No. 65823

Because their argument was that striped underwear was allegedly sooooooooo difficult to find because baw all undies have stuff on them!1!1!1

They were such morons about it. There were so many threads about amg I need reel shimapan ackshullay frum nippon it HAS 2 be frum nippon!!!11 Meanwhile, I'm finding striped panties at Target and Kohl's, nothing on them but stripes, in several different colors. They wanted them because shimapan became popular again and of course the most desu and moe NEED to wear striped underwear!

I don't see the appeal, they're underwear with stripes and I use them as period week panties. People must have some real grand imaginations to feel turned on at stripes. Can't imagine what they feel when they saw Steve from Blue's Clues in his shirts.

This. It's getting pretty annoying seeing these white knights hopping into the thread and then denying that their knighting after getting passive aggressive about "amg y rnt u gaiz talkin bout wat i wan talk bout QQ"

No. 65824

jfc this happened to me with a casualfag. She was like "You've been cosplaying for about 7 years now, right? Do you like Yaya han? She cosplays too. Are you going to choose a cosplay career like her."

Painful shit.
And yeah, I feel you with people bringing up EYK if you listen to any KPOP or like anything at all Korean.

No. 65825

Is it just me or is koreaboos and weeaboos in denial that get most upset about other weeaboos and koreaboos living in their asian utopias? I just cant find the interest in kanadijin or eyk or insert-white-blogger-abroad-here but i also dont care about japan or korea at all lol

No. 65826

I swear that Soozee or however her name is spelled is the only Korean person they know, but wasnt she born in America?
I find it bot sad and hilarious that Simon and Martina quit their teaching jobs to do this. What are their back up plans? Live in Korea forever and do KPOP reviews on youtube?

(All these fucking EYK whiteknights. Same thing happened on PULL. Hide the thread if you dont wanna read it.)

No. 65827

File: 1426464187305.jpg (50.13 KB, 591x426, looktoyourleft.jpg)

Why doesn't Leigh get her eye fixed? Shit bothers me like nothing else.

No. 65828

File: 1426464217495.jpg (51.94 KB, 563x437, wtf.jpg)

That greasy ass beard.

No. 65829

Probably all or very most of the E.Asians/Koreans they know are something like Asian-American, or Australian, or anything similar.

No. 65830

man sometimes I feel jealous of them :/ they managed to get visas in Korea by being obnoxious unfunny foreigners….

No. 65831

same :( though I really wish I could be someone like Rachel or Sharla (mostly Sharla) just livin the weeb life. Instead I just live vicariously through studying abroad and pretending like something cool will happen to me one day :( sucks. I'm mad that even shitty kanadajin3 gets to still be in Japan like wtf.

it's must be scary living as a vlogger though, one day it's gotta end and then what are they all gonna do?

No. 65832

lmao, steve

but yeah, the fact that it became a "trend" just tells me they're all sheep. They're stripes ffs.

Btw, not to come off as too tumblr as many complain but, is it meant to be ironically sexy, like this whole sexualization of shit thats usually meant to be innocent? Because for the most part, people usually associate lingerie in lace, silk or that mesh like material as sexy.

Cotton panties are usually associated with younger girls…

No. 65833

yup, I keep searching in hopes I can find a nice scholarship for my master degree…

It seems they are planning to move to Japan soon, and they already registered the "Eat Your Sushi" domain. They'll just keep living off weebs. Maybe they gonna ask for money again to buy a kawaii sugoi studio in Akihabara

No. 65834

Yep, I agree, no one would invest any time on watching any of these people even if they just had a casual interest in knowing about Japan or Korea because they're not learning much from them. I think Koreaboos and weeaboos get so butthurt because they invest their energy into the people, so they don't care whether the info is accurate or not. They just want to know about these peoples experience in terms of it being negative or positive so that they can easily relate to it on those terms.

So if a really good looking chick had a bad time because she couldn't get a date, it'll draw weebs and koreaboos more than someone who cares about the cultural reason behind why. I mean when I think of koreaboos and weeaboos I don't think of people who legitimately care for the culture, I usually think of people who reduce the countries down to anime, idols, music genres, food and interest in foreigners.

No. 65835

Soo Zee is so pretty

Leigh's eye bothered me at first too, you kinda get used to it of you watch eyk for a while, but it would make me so paranoid. I ended up looking up if your eye can become like that at any point in your life and it can.

No. 65836

File: 1426465596604.jpg (12.28 KB, 599x125, secretlyfurries.jpg)

What the fuck? What do they even mean by breed? Are they fucking their pets?

No. 65837

>I'm not interested

Then why are you still here?

All this fucking butthurt.

No. 65838

breed is a word for 'animal race' eg. a cocker spaniel is a breed of dog

No. 65839

Omg I can't wait for that moment, I wonder how the other vloggers will react to their success since we know they'll bring all their fanbase with them to that different domain. It'll be frustrating because eyk will be doing shitty vids of topics they already covered and likely more inaccurate.

No. 65840

Not likely that anybody will be mad. Rachel and Sharla both like EYK.

No. 65841

They'll just be rehashing shit. To be honest, I always preferred the Canadian students who would vlog from Japan. Just all of them. It was nice seeing just students being casual in their tiny ass rooms and being like, "Hey guys, well this is something I learned in Japan tonight.."


No. 65842

I see no problem at foreigners doing videos over impressions at a country they live in. Not even Kpop-wise. But they should do this respectfully, by not trying to create EVEN MORE stereotypes and giving actual useful information. They just keep giving the impression that Korea is a 'freaky exotic crazy place!!1!1!'. Plus all their hipocrisy about mocking ""engrish"" while not being able to speak the basic.

No. 65843

>Plus all their hipocrisy about mocking ""engrish"" while not being able to speak the basic.

This. People already get pissy with Westerners for going to countries and demanding that English be spoken when it isn't the native language of the place and these people perpetuate that very image. It's fucking embarrassing, even if secondhand..

No. 65844

EYK started off being kind of cute and 'here's how to survive in korea' tips from packing and what to bring/what not to bring. Then for some reason they went completely off the wall from just vlogging as teachers in Korea from Canada.

No. 65845

I want Leigh to cosplay Egor so bad from Young Frakenstein.

No. 65846

File: 1426466163397.jpg (9.49 KB, 320x240, 5574-21781.jpg)

Meant Igor

No. 65847

Exactly. One of my peeves concerning eyk was that at one point when they first started receiving criticism I think, they began to start off their vids with these disclaimers saying, 'these are our opinions based on our experience, and we have to say that otherwise people will get mad,' like dude. We know these are your experiences, the point is you're making generalizations.

Those videos that have like 56 views on them sometimes end up being more informative. I was just looking up stuff now and came across Trish J luv, though idk if she's accurate, but she doesn't have all the bs frills and thrils eyk throws in to detract from the fact that they don't have anything of value to say.

No. 65848

I swear Leigh didn't looked that bad in person…. But maybe I didn't paid enough attention because I could care less

No. 65849

A lot of people would ask me tons of stereotype-based questions on Korea, and I would give my take on it, but always saying "hey, I don't know all of Korea, so maybe it's not really that way, this is just what I saw about it". I mean, it's not too hard..

No. 65850

That haircut doesn't suit her face, her medium length hair was much prettier

No. 65851

yeah they stated that they didn't need to learn english because Koreans want to practice their english instead or because of the places they hang out with or something where everyone speaks english.

It's like they forget that the reason they pick on the english of kpop artists is because it isn't amazing, their primary language is Korean and they're trying to learn a second language. Then here come these bozos wanting to stay below intermediate level in a second language to make things easier for themselves rather than what would be best in a convo between them and a Korean who may not get the gist of what their saying.

They made a video saying how Koreans don't understand sarcasm, and since thats about all eyk is good at, you'd think they'd be concerned about how they come off.

No. 65852

>They made a video saying how Koreans don't understand sarcasm

lol they obviously haven't gotten to know that many Korean people if they think that.

No. 65853

Gee anon, couldn't imagine why.

No. 65854

While it's true that some Koreans will take the chance of talking to a foreigner to practice (come on, who in anywhere in the world wouldn't???), it's still not near on how much you need to learn Korean. There are way more complex stuff than getting a coffee. They are lucky they have so many Korean-American friends, otherwise they problably wouldn't get any near of where they are now. To real estate stuff you're 99% likely to need someone who speaks Korean to help you.

No. 65855

EYK isn't even that popular in Korea.

영국남자 and that Dave kid have way more Korean fans than these 2 could ever dream of.

No. 65856

… did anyone actually think they were popular in Korea?

Do their fans think they are because they've had a few shit interviews with mostly low-tier groups?

No. 65857

This is really true. But EYK doesn't need any Korean fanbase in order to keep going

I think the most important interview they had was with SHINee and still all they did was making them very uncomfortable and SM really angry for releasing that shit

No. 65858

Yes, sadly.
A lot of people who pay attention to internet celebs are.. retarded. They think that anyone with a webcam and a YT account is ~*famous*~ and this blogging via video crap culture has given complete, talentless nobodies with nothing to offer a platform to speak their irrelevant and unfunny opinions all the while people with the same attention span nodding their heads.

No. 65859

I believe there's an reason why:

영국남자 and Dave speak Korean. And I bet they lived either the same amount of time or less in the country in comparison to eyk

No. 65860

lol they were mad because of that, they had promised all their fans that they would do an interview because they were sooo sure that it would go through and when SM rejected it after watching the vid they bitched all over their blog

yep, plus 영국남자 is decent looking

No. 65861

The new opportunities internet has given to people is really impressive and i like it, the problem is mostly content-wise. Some people shoot to fame just by saying bunch of stuff taken out of their asses

No. 65862

It just blows that the fame goes to shitheads like EYK, Venus, and other YT whores who really don't deserve it. I've never wanted to YT blog, but there are people I like who deserve more attention and praise than some of these fuckers.

No. 65863

Oh god, is there actual footage of this interview? I can imagine how cringey it would be.

No. 65864

Dave is kinda cute too I think…
And let's not forget the Abnormal Summit cast. They didn't got famous off the internet but some of the guys even have idol-like kr fansites lmao

No. 65865

File: 1426468597806.gif (923.02 KB, 200x264, tumblr_ni0ew1Q7WT1r3azwso1_250…)

that's all you need to see to sum it up

No. 65866

Why does she dress like an autist.

No. 65867

I hate those bear tights more than anything.

No. 65868

who's dave?

No. 65869

No. 65870

she's gonna be 32 yrs old and this is how she chooses to express herself. I'm trying to picture her with nice hair and make up and a bit of weightloss, and Imagine she would look nice.

No. 65871

she should at least stop with the ~~funny faces~~ I believe it would be a great start

No. 65872

File: 1426469855000.jpg (123.3 KB, 1920x1080, Fa4ZHMJ.jpg)

She used to be more normal looking

No. 65873

How they deal with negative comments:
"Thanks, your comment made us 20$"

No. 65874

File: 1426470252782.jpg (13.04 KB, 300x168, 000.jpg)

No. 65875

Both are delusional tbh

No. 65876

Her hair looks 10x better like this.

No. 65877

I asked for it in the ahri thread because i always found them to be cringe-worthy

No. 65878

Slut-shaming korean female singers, making fun of aegyo while martina acts aeyo and shes fucking ugly, doing videod about kpop groups without doing any research (like the fucking shinhwa vid), horrible way to handle critism, retarded fandom, they are annoying and bad people, etc.

No. 65879

That pudge bitch has no room shame any other woman with the way that she looks. She's like a deformed Cindy Lou Who.

No. 65880

I keep hearing about the 'slut shaming Hyuna' incident and watched the video it was from. They weren't even doing that though. They were saying it's shitty that Hyuna stands around being dead pan and sexy when she can just sing and dance without upskirt shots. It was the video when she was with another male singer, right?

No. 65881

they had tagged the video as slutty

No. 65882

They did? Oh shit, didnt know that part.

No. 65883

I think it's bad in general the way singers like Hyuna are treated in Korea as opposed to their male counterpart.

No. 65884

I agree.
Theres various ways to be sexy. Hyuna wears provocative clothes but so what? while male artists do dances that include humping or touching their crotch

No. 65885

This reminds me of when this video came out and the comments were absolutely atrocious. Countless people both here and on Hyuna's 'Red' screaming AMG NO ASS NO TITS LOL WHY ARE YOU DANCING/DRESSED LIKE THAT LOL OMG SUCH FUKKIN SLUTS

No. 65886

That's digusting. There's no need for such comments like that. Really sucks.

No. 65887

I don't know why anyone in any country would choose to be an idol anyway. You're just a object for your fans.

No. 65888

it's so stupid, at least they dance in their videos rather than just posing and staring at the camera with a fake sultry look on trying to look sexy

The one dance I wish wasn't a part of kpop, and 95% of the rest of the world tbh, is twerking. I think you do need to have a reasonably larger butt to do this, and while it looks really tasteless, if it's what you're going for, there is a "right" way to do it. Kind of like how you can't be stick thin to do a proper belly dance since it defeats the purpose.


No. 65889

This video has a lot of nasty comments, too. Same type of shit that EYK would probably imply.

No. 65890

It's all international fans too. Sistar and Hyuna are really popular in the general public. The people who write those comments probably just see Korea as some 'pure' country where regular girls don't wear booty shorts and guys are too innocent to like looking at girls asses.

No. 65891

Honestly, yes, when I first saw the comments on both videos the users were white or black. Then you get people on there thinking that they're standing up for them by saying stupid shit like, "WELLHELLHELL YA KNOW, HYUNA MAY NOT GOT A BIG ASS, BUT IT STILL NICE!~"

Just.. they're not funny or cool. They sound like creeps.

No. 65892

doesn't every Korean expat rant and rave about how in Korea you can wear something as short as you want as long as it only applies to the legs?

I know in the US for the most part people usually didn't wear shorts that short, usually leaving short cut clothing to tops to show off cleavage, but for the past few yrs girls wear short shorts like that too, getting even shorter now a days so that they look like high waisted underwear basically, with braless tops. People are getting more used to it, so idk why they go there spewing such bs.

No. 65893

I haven't seen the high waisted shorts look here yet, but I do know what you mean about people whining about that short dress/skirt thing. My clothes from Korea are a lot shorter than I had expected them to be and I need to wear shorts under them.

No. 65894

why is she marking videos as slutty?

No. 65895

Holy shit yes. I was at a con and I heard this girl talking to my sister's friend bout what songs played at the J-pop dance and some Japanese versions of K-pop songs played or whatever and I asked what played (I'm Koreaboo trash tbh) and right away she was like "oMG U LIKE K-POP??" I said yes and she asked my favorite group. I answered with SHINee, she then proceeded to yell "SOY UN DORITO!1"
Y'all remember that shit joke?
I tried to get away from her after that as nicely as I could but she talked for so long I just gave up. She tried to talk to me about how EYK gave her good tips on stuff for when she wanted to go to Korea. I cringed. They're the last people you should listen to. They're like kanadajin but in Korea and there's two of them.
Anyway, sorry for the rant I'm just so gld this thread is here.

No. 65896

His face says it all.

No. 65897

I remember the target pantie thing on /cgl/ it was fucking funny

No. 65898

Their tips aren't even that good tbh. I was a major Koreaboo around 2008-10, but K-pop kind of wore on me. But I still liked Korea and came to Seoul, and it was still pretty different than what I expected. People like EYK paint Korea to be like some big playground, where everybody is "SO RANDUM LOL" and wears weird accessories and clothes. Or that the internet is some magical thing, and that everything in Seoul is super high tech, and that all apartments are high tech.

I fucking love living in Korea, but it's not all sunshine and rainbows here.

No. 65899

what were the greatest surprises/differences for you?

actually this question applies to anyone thats visited

I notice that when I go to another country, it's usually not to different from home for me for some reason, like I've yet to experience culture shock (then again, I haven't been to any outlandish places).

No. 65900

Nothing too big or 'culture shock'ish, honestly I was just surprised that it was pretty much like any other place. There isn't magical wifi that is found everywhere (only available to certain users of certain mobile phone services, if you aren't a member, you don't get the free wifi thats available everywhere) Everything isn't super high tech everywhere. Maybe in some buildings in some areas, but a majority of the area is quite normal.

But if I had to give a useful tip to people coming long term to work or study is this:

You need to be VERY careful about how you are treated by some people, mostly guys. Obviously this doesn't apply to all men, but a lot of guys will treat you like shit if you aren't careful. Also, if you aren't Korean, most guys will think you are pretty easy. They say you want to be friends and offer to hang out, and by the end of the day they ask you if you want to spend the night in a motel with you.

People forget that men are men everywhere, and Korean guys are just as likely to want to hook up as any other guy in any other country. You've got to be smart and look out for yourself just like back home. If you aren't careful, crazy shit can happen. Oppa won't come and save you.

No. 65901

making excuses for korean men to be disgusting piggus. okay.

No. 65902

lol where exactly in my post did I say that?

No. 65903

The OP picture is so fucking ugly it's really starting to rustle my jambos.

No. 65904


To add to what >>65900 said. Definitely be careful. Date rape is a problem there. I know from experience. My translator for the police was a police woman and she said as such and that women rarely report it so not much gets better regarding it. My friends have also had men follow them when they walk alone or in small groups.

Overall though, my experiences have been positive. My husband is Korean and been very supportive about helping with the language and culture so that makes the experience better. Most people speak minimal English in shops and such but knowing basic Korean is better.

No. 65905

File: 1426485523072.jpg (11.73 KB, 246x205, 9797.jpg)

let me burn my eyes in acid please

No. 65906

hope they never reproduce

No. 65907

They most likely aren't. I think Martina's condition makes it difficult for her to get pregnant. I don't think they want children anyway tbh

No. 65908

What's her condition?

No. 65909

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. They've mentioned it a few times, but recently made a video actually talking about it. They didn't talk about fertility in the video, nor have they anywhere else as far as I know, but even just looking it up tells you that infertility is common among people with EDS. She might be infertile, but it's rude to assume so imo.

People have also mentioned that having a kid would really hinder them right now. There's no doubt that their videos probably take up the majority of their time and attention rn, so having a kid would just be a huge hassle on top of whatever else they have to do.

No. 65910


The post says that Korean men are like men everywhere, including where you live. Be careful because men in probably any country like to pick up exotic chicks for an easy fuck.

No. 65911

What I loved the most was awesome security, great transportation and yeah, wifi everywhere LMAO also cosmetics are the best
I adapted really really easily to the life there and I really really want to return.
this is true imo, i've gone on dates with guys who just wanted to fuck. This shows koreaboos that Korean men aren't all innocent and are men just like anywhere else. Of course i'm a foreigner so I don't know how it can be as a whole. I mean, they'd probably thought i was easy and wanted the same thing as them.

No. 65912

I could of lived a million years without seeing this trainwreck.

No. 65913

They don't want children. They said a few times that they're fine with just spudgy and the cat.

No. 65914

Her tattoo is so child like a bad. Design.a cute shirt with this, but a tattoo? Grrrrl

No. 65915

Thats one of the most common things I've read about from people who go to study there. They say that what they thought was a friendship was actually a guy priming them for a quick fuck, only to rarely hear from them again unless its to have sex again. Obviously not everyones experience is like this and doesn't speak of every Korean guy out there, there are multiple factors at play. Though for this to be common occurrence among foreigners is telling.

I may be fucked up for this, but it makes me laugh when Koreaboos get uspet at the fact that the sex was awful or the guy didn't fall in love with them and treat them like the girls in romantic dramas because its like a reality check for them. They actually made Korea and its men to be the definition of chivalry when its so far from the truth.

No. 65916

Fuck, I'm actually in love with this dance.
Makes me wanna dance.
They're really good too, I feel like Koreaboos are worst than Weeaboos, jfc.

No. 65917

This reminds me of a black Koreaboo friend of a friend who visited Seoul last year and posted a status along the lines of: "Went clubbing last night and let's just say there was no need to worry that Korean guys wouldn't like black girls ;) I got way more attention than back home!"
Clubs are for hooking up in every country, Korea is no different, PLUS the stereotype that black girls are easy… and she's still thinking she's going to get dat Korean husband soon.

The other thing is that she's fairly SJW but loves the 'hiphop' style Kpop. I never understood how Kpop doesn't get more hate for ~cultural appropriation~. Does it not count because they're Asian? Every so often there's an article comparing CL to Iggy Azalea and all the SJW types cry about 'OMG SHE'S NOTHING LIKE THAT CULTURE APPROPRIATING BITCH~~'

No. 65918

when i went to korea some korean guys on a dating app wrote to me- they only wanted sex. i asked if korean girls would do that, not knowing the guy. the guy said now and i answerd me neither lol

No. 65919

That's retarded, considering CL came before Iggy and her biggest inspiration is Beyonce.

No. 65920

>The other thing is that she's fairly SJW but loves the 'hiphop' style Kpop. I never understood how Kpop doesn't get more hate for ~cultural appropriation~.

That's because they are not white devils

No. 65921

Man often I see a post around tumblr about how Black kpop fans are waaaaaaaaay more supportive and less "koreaboo" than white kpop fans, and I'm like, bitch have you ever seen a kpop fandom? Like ANY? If there's one thing that doesn't sees race it's kbooism.

No. 65922


Wait, so let me get this straight, sjw only talk shit about white rappers, but not East Asian ones??

I thought they would shit on Asian rappers too considering some of the vids I would see being reblogged back when I was on tumblr, I think one was about how rapmonster was saying "I can talk black" and proceeded to embarrass himself, and how some other chick was like "I rap better than the black boys". Ugh I actually find a good percentage of the rappers in Kpop pretty horrible, not just due to their lack of skill but because of their lack of knowledge of hip hop and rap itself.

A lot of them always mention the same rappers as their fav, and it's usually the worst artists in the U.S. I wonder if they think they're good not because of lyrical content but because of the amount of play they get or how catchy the songs are? I never hear kpop artists mention the traditionally known good rappers in the U.S.

Anyway, to not keep this going for too long, I would 100% support white rappers more because of this if I was a black sjw. Like, at least a good amount of white people can recognize when a song is actually good regardless of who's rapping it, can understand the culture that created it and can assimilate into it without coming off as try hards (kek, those kpop vids with the random, mute black people that are just there for street cred/"solidarity").

These sjw's yellow fever knows no bounds. They only call out Koreans when they make fun of dark skin, but if they fetishize black people or appropriate their culture it's all good??

No. 65923

kpop/jpop sjws talk shit about asian rappers, but since kpop & jpop is a pretty small niche outside of asia you don't see many sjws talking shit about it.

No. 65924

Do we have anymore stuff about EYK? Because I'm tired of the music discussion.

No. 65925

oops, sorry your highness, what would you like to discuss about eyk specifically?

No. 65926

Her tattoo looks like a kindergarten drawing. But it's "SO RANDUM!!!" so of course the fans eat it up

No. 65927

There was 6 posts. No big deal.
Why not contribute yourself then?

No. 65928

To be honest, I used to be a fan of EYK. I really liked the back in the day when they were producing KMMs like this. Not saying their videos back then were perfect, but they were a lot better then what they are now.

They used to be a lot nicer back then too. I would email them through their website asking them questions and they'd respond nicely. It wasn't too recent, but I messaged them asking for advice on learning Korean and how they learned it and they pretty much just said "We never learned Korean. We just speak it."

No. 65929

>someone asks to get back on topic
>cuntiness in return

Really, faggots?

No. 65930

>still not contributing anything
Really, faggot?

No. 65931

Do you not get that some of us had no idea who the fuck these two were and were looking for others to fill in the blanks because clearly everyone had so much to say earlier itt?

Jesus fuck the past 48 hours has reeked of fucking newfaggotry.

No. 65932

not everyone followed eyk, crackhead.
and most results for any dramu surrounding them are going to come from unreliable tumblr blog posts.
that doesn't mean that you get to shit up a thread by being off topic.
it doesn't fly in any other thread and yet you and other anon somehow think you're above the rules.

No. 65933

lmao how does that even make sense? They're basically saying they didn't need to try and just picked it up like it was nothing

No. 65934

File: 1426536942707.png (38.03 KB, 1058x105, Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 20.1…)

Ahahaha, I've been here for a long-ass time, but OK.
Complaining about a few OT posts shits up thread in the same way as the posts themselves, only absolutely no-one is interested. Improve your post quality by taking 2 seconds to look up some other info on EYK and bring the thread back to topic. Even if the info turns out not to be true or something, you've at least generated some discussion rather than just bitching.

Wasn't even one of the OT anons either, but OK.

Here you both go. EYK getting in trouble for asking for fanfics to talk about. Did this video ever get made in the end?

No. 65935

Korean is said to be easier than Japanese, but we all know that they're full of shit.

No. 65936



it sucks because tumblr is basically the only place where you can get any info on them. though a lot of the links on this post are valid

No. 65937

The links are valid, but the point was that lolcow anons are looking for a different kind of drama and we hate them for different reasons. Tumblr just wants to play their same old game of wahhhhh how dare you appropriateeeeee when none of us here give a shit about that sort of thing. We hate EYK for being obnoxious pricks who think that they're above learning a fucking language yet slam natives for not being oh so perfect on English.

No. 65938

if they actually spoke it, they wouldn't need translators when they go on talk shows in Korea, they're definitely full of shit

I don't think they did because they may have used common sense for once and realized it would make them even bigger douche bags

No. 65939

yeah thats one of my reasons for disliking them as well, plus they turned out to be shittier than I thought when I checked out the link about not giving credit to the artist whose work they posted

I don't get why people get so enraged about the cows people want to talk about on here

Enough people on the Ahri thread were talking about EYK and subsequently koreaboos that a thread was dedicated to them for those interested to bitch about

No. 65940

Oh, and the shaming of Korean women yet Martina tries so fucking hard to be aeygo, the whole cafe thing, jacking up Taobao-tier items to sell as if they're ~*exclusive*~ when there's just a stupid pin on it, getting their fans to foot their living expenses in order to stay in the country so they can continue playing LOL WHITE N KOREA XDDD. The whole language thing is just the most entitled and rude fucking thing. It isn't even just because it's an Asian country either. I want to visit France, but holy shit I would not dare set foot over there unless I were able to rattle off in French in my sleep. It is so fucking rude to visit another country and make fun of their shit while simultaneously attempting to assimilate.

From the looks of the posts, it's anons who liked certain people and I guess they didn't realize that something they enjoy could also be hated by other people. I mean, think about it; They don't HAVE to post in the threads if they don't want to. They have the ability to hide them. It isn't as if a thread about someone else existing means that it somehow takes attention away from other threads. That very notion is retarded in itself. It also doesn't clog up anything since they can just hide it or simply not click on it. Yet they act like they're chained.

In the end, it really does boil down to, "I like this person, don't talk bad about what I like!", but the posters try to play it off in the 2apathy4u way like they don't care when they obviously do or else they would have ignored the thread to begin with.

No. 65941

It's disgusting that so many in the public eye think that they can just take artist's shit simply because they're well known. More entitlement, I suppose.

No. 65942

does anybody even know of a video where they are talking korean? I always liked chonunmigooksaram for her analysis of the korean language and short skits where you could hear her talking the language!

No. 65943

the only korean words I've ever heard them speak are in reference to food

No. 65944

This. They're your basic boos. They're like the girls who can only shout



No. 65945

please don't tell me after years of living there they can't even converse properly.

how do you even get such a teaching job without any language skills but english (great skill there having english as a mothertongue)? and why would you go there without any knowledge? it really baffles me

No. 65946

I don't even visit every single thread here, but just in passing I see that bitches who don't even fluently speak the language somehow keep getting over to Japan or Korea and manage to get by.

I really don't understand this witchcraft. Should we all just abandon common courtesy and fly to wherever regardless of whether we know the language or not?

No. 65947


No. 65948


No. 65949

honestly it's witchcraft. I went to china and had studied the language for over 2 years before that and still it was hard to learn the language there. and to even go there I had to apply to scholarships… I kinda get the whole hate all thos lolcows recieve, just going there without putting in any work.

No. 65950

I don't know about Gepik, but similar programs like JET don't require its teachers to know the native language of the country. I think it's more of a "well if you cant speak the language, the kids cant get you to spoil them by always having you translate it from english into w/e language." That's how I've always thought about it.

No. 65951

The only thing I can say in their defense (not that I'm defending them, just how they can get away with this), is that Korea requests teachers fluent in English who will speak in English all the time, preferably white, so that their kids have no choice but to learn English to communicate with them.

No. 65952

Makes sense, I just don't get the people who end up over there who are not in teaching programs like that black gyaru girl.

No. 65953

Yeah, basically.

It's fucked up but I've heard enough stories of Europeans who even speak ESL being picked over Korean Americans, just because they're white. It doesn't happen everywhere obviously, but some shit schools do to please the parents (who don't speak English themselves) and think the English is more ~genuine~ coming from a white person.

No. 65954

That reminds me of my boyfriend's cousin's experience. She was approached by a company in China that hires White people to be "office models" as in standing around an office just looking nice because it apparently impresses Western clients to have White people around? His family is from England and her accent is apparently what sealed the deal, but she didn't take it.

No. 65955

That makes ZERO sense to me. If you're going to teach abroad, you should have a fluent or very good grasp of the language. How can you teach if you cant even speak the native tongue? That is setting up people to fail.

No. 65956

I've heard about this ironically. Can they actually afford that?

No. 65957

Apparently so. The only thing that confuses the fuck out of me is how it's impressive to have White people in an office when you have Westerners visiting. They're likely from a place where White people are common, so what's so mind boggling? I would have thought that having an Asian woman fluent in English with maybe a nice East Asian accent would have made their dicks hard for business negotiations.

No. 65958

Asia is a mysterious country, filled to the brim with generalizes, stereotypes and incredible racism; all which seem to be legal in the work place. (I'm assuming you're mainly speaking about Korea and Japan?)

No. 65959


It's big in Japan too, the idea is that the students are learning English from a native speaker in English, not in Japanese.

No. 65960

It's funny because teachers for JET don't need to know shit Japanese, but if you want to apply for their other position (Coordinator of International Relations) you need top notch JLPT1 Japanese. They really don't fuck around during the interview apparently and you seriously have to prove yourself. It's really funny how it's such a drastic different. I do think that >>65951 really hits the nail on the head. OT but When I studied abroad, even though I could barely understand what was going on at first, it kind of clicked for me after a while and it became a little easier to pick up the language once you stop questioning EVERY. SINGLE. LITTLE. THING. and having the professor translate it and spoil you. ofc, there are downsides, but for the most part I think it made things a little easier.

My current Japanese professor is a white dude who did JET a couple years back as a teacher, and I don't think his Japanese was as good as it was now but he's pretty much fluent nowadays. It's amazing what a little effort into learning the language will do for you.

tbh I really do quite enjoy EYK as a guilty pleasure to binge watch when I'm bored, but it seems like such a huuuuge waste to not learn the language. More than anything, I think being fluent in another language is one of the coolest things to show off. When I was abroad, I went through so many periods of stress and self hatred because I wasn't picking up the language as fast as I wanted to. Going out anywhere stressed me out because I couldn't speak the language. I really don't understand people who don't want to learn the language of a place they're going to live in. All I would want to do is fully assimilate myself, or I could take it as a failure and move back home.

No. 65961

Yeah I imagine being in a country where you can't communicate with the vast majority of people is terrifying. I just imagined what EYK would be like if they were completely fluent. I think it would have a lot of people have less things to criticize, but I also think they wouldn't be able to get away with as much as they do, because Koreans can argue with them if they disagree and EYK wouldn't be able to write it off as "!#@$T%$^%^&^&??!!" Though if no koreans had issues with what they "report," it would be of great benefit for these two to learn. They would be asked to be on tv muuuuuuch more often, especially since they go abroad so often, they would likely be asked about that all the time.

But nope because being fluent in Spudgy speak is apparently what has them rolling in cash.

No. 65962

do we have any news on the eat your sushi domain being registered and their possible move to Japan?

No. 65963


>We know that if we ever get Eatyoursushi.com up and running, it’ll definitely be in the Harajuku area.

>Side note: from what we’re told, rent there for a studio space is CHEAPER THAN IT IS IN KOREA!!!!! WHUUUUUUUUTTTTT????!!!??! I was under the impression that Tokyo is the most expensive place in the galaxy.

>When we were asking different people about real estate costs, everything they mentioned is cheaper than what we pay, and it doesn’t have the absurdly steep key money deposit that Korea has. THAT’S NUTS!

>Not that we plan on moving to Japan anytime soon. We just kept on thinking to ourselves that we couldn’t do so unless we were insanely rich, but now it seems like we don’t need to be loaded in order to set up shop there.

>Also, don’t freak out and think we’re gonna abandon Korea for Japan. We just like thinking about the possibility of living in both countries and making videos everywhere.

No. 65964

No. 65965

I'm so fucking annoyed they've been going to Japan and attempting to get into their 'kawaii culture' lately. Like, they had ZERO interest in Japan until they were invited over by some nobodies and now they're like "OMG KAWAII DESU NE"

Fuck Simon and Martina.

No. 65966

No. fuck them. Stay out of Japan.

No. 65967

tbh it really just shows how much they DON'T know what they are talking about if they are really just able to get up and move to Japan and make videos about what goes on there without ever having lived there.

No. 65968

I really hope that people get on their asses.

No. 65969

Me too, but I think they would have to do something extreme for people to do so.

No. 65970

They're just gonna be another set of fat white foreigners. I heard it's really hard to get a business in Japan if you're a foreigner/not married to a native Japanese person. I dont think they'll do it. Just because it's less expensive to live in japan means jack shit. They're not going to be as successful there as they think. ugh

No. 65971

I know. I've heard that a lot of people who were born in Korea or live there who have heard of them have either laughed or cringed at their advice.

Also thanks for the actual tips/views on it. It's really helpful for a lot of people to know what it's really like and what to be aware of. I think we all appreciate the fact that you didn't sugarcoat it like they do. And I've heard that Japanese men, Russian men, and pretty much men anywhere are like that. I'm sick of hearing that "zOMG ASIAN BOYS R SO NICE BC OPPAR/____-KUN"

No. 65972

As a side note, I think Martina's been interested in Japan since she was a kid. She said in her draw my life video that she had a Japanese neighbor and it amazed the ever loving fuck out of her. Ofc, they did settle for Korea instead (but I forget why Korea over Japan, I think it had something to do with being interviewed for a position in Korea or whatever???).

No. 65973

>It's amazing to have a neighbor that is a different race than me

Getting really bad flashbacks to high school over here when my grandparents picked me up from school once and the weebs went nuts.

No. 65974

yeah,t hat shit is embarrassing. she never showed any interest in Japan in all their Korean videos. I heard it's 10x easier to get into Korean schools for English than using JET for Japan. Besides, they wouldnt be able to teach in Japan with pink and red hair. Martina's a fucking obnoxious person.

No. 65975

Would the tattoos be an issue since tattoos are seen as taboo over there and people with them aren't permitted in bath houses or does it slide because they're white?

No. 65976

They're not teachers anymore so i don't believe it's an issue. They have their ~~business~~ now and they could care less for actual Koreans.

No. 65977

>They have their ~~business~~ now and they could care less for actual Koreans.

Why does that still rub me the wrong way

No. 65978

I find sad that North Americans (mostly) with 0 interest in Korea go there easier than stealing candy from a kid because ~OMG IT'S SUCH A QUIRKY EXOTICZ PLACE SO FUNNY AND STRANGE~ lmao… I want to return to Korea, and I'm fluent in English (learning Korean), but I'm not a native speaker, so…….

No. 65979

Well, they have the studio which their fans paid for and the coffee shop which I believe it's at least partially administrated by them, so that's kind of a business I guess?

No. 65980

This makes me so salty because one of my dreams is to grow old with my wife and own a coffee/tea shop of our own. I want to obtain that dream by working hard. They can just ask young people (usually under 21) to throw money at them and they do it. I really pity them.

No. 65981

I think it's understandable for anyone to be annoyed by this. It's annoying when some of us work really hard for shit and make sacrifices and then there are terrible people or just entitled shits who get things handed to them by rich parents, scamming, or just having obscenely retarded cult-like followings.

No. 65982

I don't even understand why they have such a following. They're literally the prime example of dweebs who scream "zomg I'm so randum xD" from the pits of hell.

Like honestly, if it wasn't for the amount of Koreaboos out there (from theor subscriber count at the very least 600,000), would they have such a cult following?

They literally have no talent, jfc. They can't teach (if they can't communicate in Korean, they can't properly teach Korean kids), they're corny as fuck, they're unoriginal, tacky, fat, I really don't get the appeal.

No. 65983

The appeal IS the lolsorandum XD bullshit. That's what sells nowadays. It's even in tv shows and cartoons now. The premise of A LOT of shit is just being as random as possible and it is truly fucking lazy and cringeworthy.

No. 65984

If it's so easy and you know what's REALLY appealing to people then why aren't you doing it?

No. 65985

File: 1426561469273.png (333.81 KB, 470x443, 1416193325929.png)

>this defensive cuntiness

Honey, really? You're late to the party, we told the fangirls to BTFO earlier. You mad that we're talking shit? You hide the goddamned thread and move the fuck on.

And, as for your comment; Because not all of us aspire to be YT bloggers. Believe it or not, I know it must be oh so shocking, not all of us have the desire to be on a camera nearly every single day or week, even. You know what they call a person who lowers themselves to a certain level in order to make money? A sell out. Not all of us want to be that. Maybe some of us would like to get to where we want to be the normal way, not the "Hi, I'm entitled suburban Starbucks sippin' white qurl gib moniez pl0x XDDDD omg is that a taco?! XD" way.

I absolutely love how every video blogger and "professional cosplayer" nowadays thinks that these gigs will bring a lifetime of financial security. You will age, you will become irrelevant, some other person will replace you, and yet everyone thinks they're the next PewDiePie.

No. 65986

Not that user; This is also called a living or just living and there is no normal way to living except the way you are taught. If you don't steal or damage someone severely it shouldn't be a problem for anyone especially since they didn't take money and disappear they are still dont whatever they were doing whenever the fuck they started it.

The type of person to usually say or think its a problem when there isnt, is people that are afraid to do something in the first place that is similar to taking a chance (yes I know about that ONE video about slut shaming) which is why you mentioned pewdiepie. They Prey on whats "normally accepted" or call things "a real job" just to feel a bit better about the fact that they can not live and do whatever the fuck they want to do and get paid for that, you know life is unfair you didnt get lucky enough. You dont think or maybe even try to think that they maybe already know it cant last forever urr durr, they maybe have a life savings? No? Not an option?
But because you harp on this conclusion of failure so you can feel superior, your "Ha ha thats what you get for trying to be something not normal to my 9-5 life." its blatantly obvious whats the real problem.

You girls give me life and yes I harp on girls bitching about girls that shouldn't "really" be bitched about its a life lesson. And sure my words will fuel you to write even more self pity worth drama, yues these tears, I drink.

Go on…….

No. 65987

Wtf, lmao I don't have a right to criticize people who publicize themselves? You literally just gave me shit for not thinking that Simon and Martina deserve the following that they do, especially when they provide information that is based more on personal experience than actual fact. It makes no sense to me that people flock to them as though they were credible sources regarding Korean people or culture when the two can't even speak the language unless it involves food or Kpop names.

Literally all they do is make the same type of comments people in their lolsorandum xD phase make regarding kpop artists. They also make the once in the blue moon video providing their subscribers with Korean "facts," as well as their Korean food vids where its just them eating and their wtf Korean or Japanese items vids, 'cause hey why the fuck not? They're interchangeable right? If you're a weeb you're likely a Koreaboo too and vice versa. They know their fans will flock for anything with Korea or Japan in the title, so just throw it in there, no matter how stupid it is.

Like there is nothing of actual value being shared regarding Korea itself. Other youtubers with a decent following who market themselves as vloggers in Korea usually make sure they let their subscribers get some insight about what life is like there for many, not just themselves. They seem to isolate themselves within Korea yet want to talk about it as though they founded the country. Although I know it's Simon and Martinas channel and they can do whatever the fuck they want with it, they could do better.

I don't have to take their place to prove that, the fact that others already do is enough, and not even pertaining to Korea itself but vloggers from all over the world in general.

No. 65988

File: 1426564132704.jpeg (11.92 KB, 292x173, indexrgyfeuwji.jpeg)

Your words literally didn't do anything but make me laugh because this whole post reads like an autistic person, but hey, we always get sandy cunts like you barging into cow threads trying to tell us all why we're so wrong and yet here you are.

No. 65989

It's the logic that 12 year olds on the internet use, anon. They shout the same whenever you criticize Miley Cyrus or some shit.


When you encounter these people, there is literally no reasoning with them. They jam their fingers in their ears and refute all logic in favor of being willfully ignorant and "rebellious".

No. 65990

Just because someone doesn't want YT fame, doesn't mean they work a 9-5 job. and what's wrong with that anyway? Anon is simply stating that YT fame will fade and you're lucky if you go 10 years. They're already in their early 30s ffs. They need to think about a real long lasting career.

YT fame is temporary and ages like old pumpkins.

No. 65991


not the anon you replied to, but Ho.Ly. shit anon, are you one of their nasties?

Everyone has a right to an opinion, and no matter how long this board will be up I think this will remain being repeated because people like you get so butthurt over the people they like and think you will change everyones opinion like the entitled asshat you are.

It's not about the fact that they aren't following your typical mind numbing 9-5 desk job, no one is trying to bash them for that or weeping in envy.

It's the fact that you would expect people that have such a following due to the info they share about Korea, would at least know how to speak the language and make better videos regarding Korea. That's it. They shouldn't claim to do what they say they do when they don't.

The other anon >>65984 questioned why people who are here complaining about the kind of shit eyk puts out don't make our own channels and become more successful, but its evident that the moron doesn't realize that their audience doesn't give a fuck nor does it want useful information. Thats why they can get away with making fapfaps and wtf videos. If I was envious of what they had then I would do it too, fuck it, but it would make me feel cheap because I actually know better.

No. 65992


People don't get that this shit is honestly annoying. It's online. It's offline. It's everywhere; People constantly thinking that they can whine or demand something for an easy way out in life when there's no such thing and nobody is obligated to just hand you shit. Being random or obnoxious or having tits isn't a free pass to do whatever the fuck you want. It isn't about bitterness. It's about not setting yourself and others up for failure years down the road. People hop on the YT bandwagon not realizing that people like Michelle Phan, PewDiePie, and Jenna are all examples of pure luck. Even within the cosplay circuit, we have dumb little cunts fucking up the hobby by trying to be like Nigger and Yaya when even Yaya herself is slowly becoming irrelevant because she's aging and shooting herself in the foot over and over by being obnoxious with no remorse.

EYK is honestly no better because they do exactly what others have done, which is avoid getting real jobs. They registered this bullshit "business" in order to avoid getting deported back to Canada because they're desperate fucking hipster weebs. Had anyone else made such a channel and actually did shit CORRECTLY without such a blatant entitled air and lack of respect for other people, nobody would be here bitching.

No. 65993

I wonder how long they're going to get away with doing their fapfaps and wtf videos? They're so cringe worthy. And "Eat your sushi" for Japan? really? so much second hand embarrassment for Canadians everywhere.

No. 65994

Eventually enough good looking, young North American, Australian and European koreaboos will come to Korea, start their own channels that will relate more to what people who can actually travel there will want to know.

(When I was thinking of travelling there and looked up info on where to go, one of the most common themes that came up was sex, dating, birth control, body image, family issues, Korean relations between men and women, etc.) But because they have a demographic primarily composed of people who want to hear Martina talk like she's autistic and enlighten us on the wonder that are diet shoes, they get to be as mediocre as possible and provide info a few google searches can lead to. They don't even have to get out of the house, or better yet, talk to a Korean person that isn't Soo Zee.

No. 65995

>Everyone has a right to an opinion, and no matter how long this board will be up I think this will remain being repeated because people like you get so butthurt over the people they like and think you will change everyones opinion like the entitled asshat you are.

I think it's the same one anon because it's been happening way too extensively for a day and a half now in multiple fucking threads.

No. 65996

I can already imagine the channel:

>Won't learn Japanese because they'll find enough people willing to translate for them or who "want to practice their english so they couldn't learn"

>Will get bombarded with weebs who want to see Akihabara and Harajuku but because that would only consist of them panning across streets when recording and not actually interacting with Japanese people, they won't make them

>Instead they'll make more videos about food. They've already tried "the best sushi in Japan" and Kobe beef, I hope they try fish sperm next and die from projectile vomiting

>they'll make comparison videos between the differences in Japan and Korea which can take up 90% of their channel, each one being devoted to the most trivial of things, for example:

>Driving on the left vs the right side of the road and how difficult it was for them to get used to, all in their spudgy voiced ofc

I don't want to think of the rest

No. 65997

Anon, how could you forget all of the crayzay pocky flavors in grorious nippon XDDDDD video?

For shame.

No. 65998

Don't forget tons of cameos by other J-vloggers like Sharla and Rachel who love to kiss their asses.

No. 65999

Yeah, they've been shitting up multiple threads for the last day or so.

I really cannot stand the Korea vs Japan videos because they know that's going to bring a political shitstorm and they dont give a fuck. They're so misinformed too about both countries. ugggh.

No. 66000

Yeah, they were in grave's earlier, multiple times in this one, and in a few others. Pretty sure they're the same anon who whined to admin about their idea of "non-cows" being posted here and they're fannyflustered because nothing was done about it. I'm sure they're lurking, will read this, and go samefagging around now in order to make it look as if more people are on their side when it's just them on a fucking VPN.

No. 66001

File: 1426566935212.jpg (38.65 KB, 480x360, seferf.jpg)

ugh, I can't believe I forgot about the pocky, I'm sick of it, it's the go to food mention for everyone who goes there (ot but when I first got into Kpop every guy group would be forced into playing the pocky game, do they still do that?)

Lmao though I wonder how different eys would be from Miras channel

No. 66002

File: 1426567125738.jpg (12.88 KB, 300x168, 000.jpg)

Not too different I imagine

No. 66003

man Canada, clean up your messes before you let them spill over to korea

No. 66004

I didn't see this coming at all. ha you think I didnt see this before you. I live for this lol but please go on….

>>65991 The fuck is a nastie? All I know about the people is from this thread

>>65990 You can summarize my post like this +You aint happy so others who look like it shouldn't be+, has nothing to "literally" do with 9-5 or youtube, dong berry. And im suppose to be the 12 yr old? 12yr olds takes things literally.

I truly enjoy you guys raging and thinking im the same anon as some anons ago. The only good thing to happen to this thread is us. Gets you guys revolting to find and talk more about these two or their fans and still bring up nada.

No. 66005

ofc they're trying so hard to be "omg guyz! look at this interesting foodz from Nippon!"

Such try hards.

No. 66006

Anon, is there any reason why you type like a stoned toddler? Nobody here is impressed, just go kill yourself already.

No. 66007

>I didn't see this coming at all. ha you think I didnt see this before you.

>And im suppose to be the 12 yr old?

>Gets you guys revolting

dude you speak the same language as Asha

ALso, lets not forget:
>All I know about the people is from this thread

then stfu, if you don't know anything then don't contribute bs

No. 66008

>dude you speak the same language as Asha

my fucking sides, anon

No. 66009

Cause I don give a fuck?

Cause grammar will not validate me here?

Cause I rather spend more time laughing at you guys sidetracking on mwah to prove the point that you guys will bullshit anything just to talk bad about anyone?

Cause its popcorn worthy.

Cause I can.

Have lots of options, choose wisely.

No. 66010

then stfu, if you don't know anything then don't contribute bs"

From the horses mouth. Guess this should end now huh? Someone is getting salty though.

If it has been this long and still i haven't seen anything massive but one video, that means you guys don't know anything but assumptions? So we all should stfu right?

My psychic powers is telling me some bullshit response is coming this way.

No. 66011

English isn't your first language, right?

No. 66012

kek, this entire thread is salty.

You guys needa step away from the computer and smoke a bowl or something

No. 66013

File: 1426583396283.jpg (71.34 KB, 960x1002, SUS-Hannay-Black-1.JPG)

Look, I really don't give a shit about these people, didn't even know they existed before this thread, but you have to understand that just because they are getting everything handed to them through scamming doesn't mean that the rest of us are going to do the same, nor does it mean that we have to just deal with it and ignore the fact that it's annoying to see them doing this shit.

Some of us are trying our best to live a life where we get shit because we earned it, and although it is easy to go and try to make a youtube career a la Pewdiepie, not all of us can actually afford to go on a daily video schedule like most of these people are.

These people weren't lucky; they just knew how to play their cards to get the shit they wanted, and what that anon was saying was that a career on a platform as wobbly as YouTube is really no guarantee that you'll live in luxury forever.

Just how many "famous" youtubers have had to sell merchandise and books because they're living beyond their means?

>But because you harp on this conclusion of failure so you can feel superior, your "Ha ha thats what you get for trying to be something not normal to my 9-5 life." its blatantly obvious whats the real problem.

You're being an incredibly condescending piece of shit right here, sweetie.
People may live average lives and to them, average may be good, so what's your problem with that? Scamming can only take you so far and the little cult of people who may be following for the next couple of years is probably going to be gone once they get bored of them. They won't be the first nor the last youtubers who suffer from this. Someone stops being relevant and then they get replaced, that's life.

This is a place designed for gossiping. I don't know what you're doing here if you're against people gossiping, and honestly trying to sound like you're educated and condescending when your English isn't that good is honestly annoying. English isn't my first language but at least I don't try to put myself on a high pedestal by pretending I am better than the rest of the people here.

You can call me salty or TL;DR all you want, in the end I'm still tipping my fedora to you, m'lady.

No. 66014

Considering they used mwah and not moi, yeah. It honestly sounds like some asshurt cunt of an 11 year old. They've been senselessly bumping threads for hours. Time for a ban.

No. 66015

>you guys don't know anything but assumptions

you said that you don't even know who they are but we're making assumptions?

YOU haven't seen anything but the mention of one video because you choose to not read anything else people have spoken about in this thread. You don't know anything about them? Go to their channel, watch some videos, form an opinion, then go look up the controversy regarding them to see if you agree. It's as simple as that.

Your so fucking lazy you want everything handed to you wrapped in a nice little bow. The people who dislike them here have all watched their videos, many transitioning from being their fans to no longer liking them. We invested time into eyk, and it's why we're able to speak about them. Notice how those who do watch their channel or used to are in agreement, and the only people complaining are those like you who don't even know who they are much less what they've done to anger people.

The only difference between eyk and the other cows on this board is that a lot of people find them intensely likable, which is one of the points we made here. It makes people disregard the fact that people paint them as Korean ambassadors when they haven't done anything to deserve that title aside from having a bunch of koreaboos flock to them and fund their living expenses there so that they can keep making videos about how mystical Korea is.

If that isn't lolcow worthy enough for you than don't worry about it.

No. 66016

yeah they definitely give off eyk 14 yr old nasty vibes

No. 66017

So true. I was an EYK fan from 2009 to 2011. I even stayed up late for their live streams. After a while, I realized how unfunny they were. I grew out of them. And their fan base is really young and misinformed. They hang onto their every word.

No. 66018

thats what I dont like about them, that they claim to provide information about Korea, but its so damn general that you could look it up yourself if you know how. Thats what leads me to believe their audience must be very young or not care about how accurate the info is.

what's their channel basically about anymore? Although they got a lot of hate for the way they went about talking about kpop, at least it wasn't information that was coming of as fact but an opinion, so its more forgivable than saying something like Koreans are all thin to a bunch of gullible teens.

No. 66019

They've been all over and in /b/. Looks like they learned a new word, "samefagging", and are now applying it to anyone who doesn't agree with them.

No. 66020

you don't have to have a grasp of the language at all. you're there to speak english, that's your sole purpose of being there. not to explain grammar (for which you might need to have a grasp of the native tongue). really - just to speak speak speak in english - this way you help to improve the student's fluency and communication skills in another language as well as widen their vocabulary. sometimes it's actually pretty effective

No. 66021

it makes no sense though, you're basically leaving kids to figure out what the noises you're making mean on their own, without knowing if they're getting it correct or if its being properly translated by a co teacher

No. 66022

Well, I guess they think it's like how you learn your 1st language.

No. 66023

i can't believe people watch these niggers and that they actually got interveiws with groups. aren't these the same people that caused a shitstorm because they said b.a.p stood for "bitch ass pussies" or something? LMFAO.

No. 66024

ESL teacher here. The jet programme, interac, and other teaching companies don't hire you as a teacher you are an ALT (Assistant language teacher) rarely do you come up with the lesson plans or do anything of importance, that's what the actual teachers are for. The actual teachers are usually japanese/korean and you are there to make the school look international and occasionally help out. It is seriously the worst job if you actually enjoy teaching.

No. 66025

it actually makes sense in terms of an immersion experience

I've gone to a language class abroad and the teacher rarely used English in class. a lot of it did just sound like noise, but becoming familiar with the sounds aided in being able to pick them up in other conversations and figure out meaning through context.

No. 66026

but how did you or your teacher know if you were right?

No. 66027

File: 1426695462448.png (60.82 KB, 595x271, korea tag.png)

eyk is successful because it attracts these delusional fucks

No. 66028

The teacher corrects your work, rewrites your broken sentences the way they should be wriyten. Spoken lessons are basically just for pronunciation and practice reading and saying sentences.

No. 66029

>Some of us are trying our best to live a life where we get shit because we earned it, and although it is easy to go and try to make a youtube career a la Pewdiepie, not all of us can actually afford to go on a daily video schedule like most of these people are.

>These people weren't lucky; they just knew how to play their cards to get the shit they wanted, and what that anon was saying was that a career on a platform as wobbly as YouTube is really no guarantee that you'll live in luxury forever.

This is the most self-delusional thing I've ever read, lmao

Go ahead and keep trying to convince yourself your sad little life is better because you "earned" it. But the fact is you're just a lazy fucker like the rest of us, too unmotivated to start a side job and making excuses for it.

Waaaaah I'm too busy to make videos~ I wouldn't ever do it because it's SCAMMING~ It's EASY and I could totally be popular on youtube I just don't want to do it because I have MORALS~

That last one in particular is seriously precious. You're just human shit with no entrepreneurial spirit like the rest of us, wasting time on the internet instead of doing something productive. At least the rest of us recognize that. Acting like it's a moral choice is just pathetic.

No. 66030

I would understand vacationing in a country for a week and learning a few basic words an phrases to get by from. But it really seems like thy have been living in Korea in years and haven't studied the language at all? I can't imagine how ignorant Korean people must think they are.

Also, I noticed some of you anons studied in China. I'm planning on studying there next year. Can you tell me about your experiences or any helpful tips? Thank you and I'm sorry if this is way too off topic, I jut didn't think it warrents it's own thread or anything.

No. 66031

Anon, if you advocate scamming so much perhaps you'd like to create a thread about yourself. I mean, you surely don't care what we think of you, right?

No. 66032

>not wanting to be a shitty person means I'm lazy

Lol those mental gymnastics

No. 66033

Ugh. Just like the idiots who go to Japan BECAUSE IT'S JUST LIKE ANIME.

No. 66034

I am planning to study abroad too.

Should I make a study abroad thread in /b/?

No. 66035

link here if you do :)

No. 66036

Oh god, that picture is so incredibly unflattering for both of them.

No. 66037

Here you go:


No. 66038

No. 66039

No. 66040

omg i am DYING at this bitch mouthing the words when the guy is speaking. like that is something CHILD ACTORS do, this is gold.

No. 66041

Lmao I never noticed that till now, holy shit their horrible elementary level comedy is actually scripted

No. 66042

It is reeeally bad at 1:12. She literally just says exactly what the guy is saying

No. 66043

And I love how she makes the ugliest (and funniest) strained faces ever to stop her from doing it, lmao. omg this bitch, seriously.

No. 66044

File: 1430280049626.png (398.16 KB, 483x473, martina.png)

She's really unattractive

No. 66045

File: 1430280467943.png (40.01 KB, 860x192, jksndkaef.png)

I hate how childish they are, and whats worse is that they've seem to become more immature the longer that they have had their channel. I think that this is due to their fanbase being made up of preteens and teens. Martina especially seems keen on behaving 20 yrs younger than her actual age. I wonder if she does it to fit in with her fans or if there is something else going on.

I went to see the video of her in this screenshot >>66044, and couldn't help but notice the comment in the image.

Am I wrong for finding that fucked up? Like these two literally make a living by talking about Korea, but find it a fucked up place to raise kids in? Where the hell do they think their Korean friends were raised? Oh yeah, I forgot, they don't seem to hang around many Korean people aside from Soozee and that guy from Talk to Me In Korean or something.

No. 66046

tbh i see a lot of white koreaboo sjw's with superiority complexes and koreaboo denialism complexes bitching about MUH CULTURAL APPROPRIATIONS
half black half korean girl being accused of blackface

No. 66047

Her tattoo is so bad. I can't believe she thought that tokidoki style shit was a good idea. It would of been an adorable tshirt, but it looks like a child's crayon drawing.

No. 66048

jfc they're both so unattractive. They're 30/31 years old. It seem so childish how they act. I dunno. And her hair is so ugly.

No. 66049

I find it hilarious EYK has been around for 4-5 years now? I think longer and they still don't have 1 mil subs. That seems off considering how many places they travel to on other people's money.

No. 66050

Wtf are they talking about? I dunno about T.O.P but G-dragon is a huge fan of the Wu tang clan and other old school rappers. You can like something and be apart of its origins without being originally from that culture. That makes no sense.

No. 66051

omg they are so ugly…

No. 66052

This comment is in response to the anti gaming laws in South Korea, which are actually fucking retarded.

No. 66053


No. 66054

Yeah, and that's the kind of bullshit mindset that doesn't allow our human race to progress and wants to keep all cultures secluded from each other, creating homogeneous societies.

No. 66055

Even if she wasn't half black those tumblrites are still fucking retards. The strawman argument of "u all laughed at black rappers now u like rap cuz they not black !!!!" is ridiculous, k-pop itself is very far away from actual rap and just because they borrow some of the aesthetics it doesn't mean they're "appropriating" the "black rap culture". I've loved rap and hip hop since I was a kid and listened to black and white artists equally and had the same respect for both of them. Asian hip hop artists constantly do collaborations with western black rappers for crying out loud.

And people don't laugh at white rappers? Have a look at Eminem for example, people called him a mayo and didn't believe he could rap because he's white and laughed at his face. And Iggy Azalea gets shit on constantly for being a "culture-stealing white girl" even though she's been into hip hop for all her life and moved to the states to pursue her dream.

People like the whiny bitches in that post's comments are the real racists.

No. 66056

Uh, yeah, I mentioned that. However, their response, which is right there in the image is not limited to just the anti gaming laws. It would be retarded to not want to raise a kid in Korea bc of that specific law.

They said that while they enjoy many aspects of Korea, they wouldn't want to raise a kid there. This is a general statement and one they have made before on a topic completely unrelated to gaming and more so to do with the educational system in Korea as well as some other issue I don't remember.

Anyway, my opinion still stands. They love Korea and Koreans as they claim all the time, who have been raised under that same system, but it's somehow not good enough for their kids. They were fine teaching under it until they began to focus on their youtube channel, but wouldn't be fine having their kids exposed to it.

I'm pretty sure their issues with Korea don't just end there. Thats why a lot of people dislike them, they don't seem genuine in their love for the country because they don't seem to appreciate it or its people. It's like some gimmick to them.

No. 66057

Pls don't compare Iggy Assface to Eminem. Eminem actually has talent, Iggy is just pure garble mouth shit.

No. 66058

I think you missed the point they were making

It is appropriation of culture when you want to associate yourself with it while subjugating the people who created it. There are tons of posts around online talking about how many black people get told they won't be hired for a job in Korea for simply being black, or will have people fear them from the image that is displayed of them in the media despite never having met a black person.

However, some people still enjoy their music, will want to hear them play it or collab with them, but limit it to just that. It's purely business oriented and they don't give a shit about black people otherwise. Other people will want to go into the genre, while hating black people, despite the majority of the artists inspiring them being black. Other people will actually copy black people down to a t while hating black people.

I mean if I were black and I knew South Korea to have found blackface to be inoffensive in the past (like how do they understand the same racist ideology used in the U.S. despite their not being a history of blacks in SK?), while many places refusing to hire black people but wanting to imitate the culture, I'd be upset. I know that it's not as bad as it used to be, with black people being hired to help out entertainers.

Also, just because you love someone elses culture does not mean you can't appropriate it. I can love Indian culture and done so my entire life but that doesn't mean I should wear saris and bindis for fashion or move to India and become the icon for what Bindis and Saris represent.

I don't have an issue with Iggy rapping, but I do dislike the media portraying her as the best female rapper of all time, etc etc and receiving accolades her black counterparts never did even though they paved the way for other female rappers.

Eminem is talented, not mimicking what black culture is unlike Iggy. Its why so many influential and talented black rappers wanted to work alongside him. Like actually want to. Not just because emimen was doing well.

No. 66059

Why? Because she made racist tweets?

No. 66060

Aside from the fact that it's near impossible to understand anything she says because she garbles all her words since her mouth is constantly filled with T.I.'s cum, her lyrics, rhymes and delivery are pure horseshit.

I'm pretty sure she doesn't even write them herself, which is even worse.

No. 66061

This. Eminem actually has a career and worked hard to make his music, which is pretty good imo.

No. 66062

>companies don't hire black people in SK because of media representation boo hoo hoo

I'd like to see some proof of this instead of the "b-but they're poor pitiful victims all around the globe" tumblr truth. And it's especially ironic because it's the black people themselves who cherish showcasing the excessive thug lifestyle in music videos, not the whitey.

>I can love Indian culture and done so my entire life but that doesn't mean I should wear saris and bindis for fashion or move to India and become the icon for what Bindis and Saris represent.

I can tell you're a white American. Indians couldn't give a rat's ass if you moved to India or wore a sari or bindis. I don't give a shit if someone wore accessories related to my country's mythology. We're not living in the middle ages damnit, it's not like you're burning a flag.

>I don't have an issue with Iggy rapping, but I do dislike the media portraying her as the best female rapper of all time, etc etc and receiving accolades her black counterparts never did even though they paved the way for other female rappers.

The fuck? Have you heard about Lil' Kim, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill or M.I.A.?
Even Nicki gets a lot more recognition than Iggy does. Nicki even got away with her signature "fuck skinny bitches" line and was praised for its empowering message, while a white bitch who said the same thing got loads of hate for body shaming.

>Aside from the fact that it's near impossible to understand anything she says because she garbles all her words since her mouth is constantly filled with T.I.'s cum, her lyrics, rhymes and delivery are pure horseshit.

>gosh darn poser bitch she such shit i hate her so much stupid POSER SHIT HRNNGH!!!!

No. 66063

Iggy worked for her career too. I'm not a fan of her music but she's been practicing and doing her thing since childhood and admired 2pac and TLC. Just because she's not from an abusive broken home like Eminem doesn't mean she didn't work for her success. She was the one who kept trying to find a label, no record company rep came to her backstage to offer a multimillion dollar deal. She just gets shit on because she's white and doesn't give in to the SJWs.

No. 66064

>I can love Indian culture and done so my entire life but that doesn't mean I should wear saris and bindis for fashion or move to India and become the icon for what Bindis and Saris represent.
>or move to India and become the icon for what Bindis and Saris represent.
I'm not sure what you meant 100% by this, but it comes across as that you support homogeneity and xenophobia, really. Lol. Some progressives are so progressive, they go full conservative

No. 66065

If you grew up with and are into Indian culture, then yes, you can wear parts of their culture because you understand and respect it. How is this so hard to get?

No. 66066

The horseshoe theory is strong in this one. They're so far to the progressive end that they're nearing fascism and racism of a highly conservative religious level. Like people should interact with only things from their own culture and avoid taking any influence from other countries. If you have been into a culture from an early age, genuinely respect the hell out of it and know people from the said culture, but can in no way take part in it because of your race, isn't that the purest form of racism because it centers around your race, something you've been born with and can't control?

No. 66067

Well said, anon. Someone focusing so much on race that they can't genuinely enjoy the things they love and grew up with is definitely a form of racism.

No. 66068

Not the anon you're replying to but…
Iggy might've worked pretty hard and all but her rapping is pretty shit. She should just keep it at clean vocals since her songs are nice until she starts rapping.

No. 66069

she gets shit on because her music is shit.

No. 66070

No, because she has no talent and now has an inflated ego because she had a one hit wonder.

No. 66071

You guys completely derailed the thread. Is this even about EYK now?

No. 66072

Thats what I was thinking. I hate when threads focus on issues of race, sexuality, gender, etc when they're not directly related to the lolcow in question.

Anyway, I wonder where the majority of EYK's money comes from. They change apartments and studios all the time. They were able to open up a cafe. They do tours all over the world. They hired numerous assistants. I know that they sometimes get endorsements, like the free car. Though idk if Korean companies themselves are funding them or if its just youtube and their teen fanbase.

No. 66073

They get YT revenue, I think? They haven't even made it to 1 mil subs, so I'm curious to how they get income as well. I know their fans send them money and endless amounts of food packages. It's insane.

No. 66074

I wonder if they get flown out to other countries. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think it was on a trip to poland or something that Simon was thanking his fans for cooking the meals he grew up with or something and supplying the place they were staying at

No. 66075

File: 1430339687760.png (234.07 KB, 350x350, black_bunnybeanie_1000px1.png)

Well they have ads on their website, youtube revenue, an overpriced store (that hat is $28), and some kind of premium membership thing. Plus if they asked their fans to donate once they'd probably ask again.

No. 66076


No. 66077

File: 1430367671627.jpg (109.46 KB, 500x524, eyk.jpg)

Someone on some tumblr blog complained about this once:

"Their store…
Can we talk about their store for a minute? I’ve never been to their actual website before but the other day I saw a post about their store so I decided to check it out. My god, some of the stuff they are hocking are pure rip offs!
I can understand about the shirts. I mean okay sure, you can’t get them from anywhere else. $18 is about the average price of shirts from Youtubers anyway.
But the beanies. Why do beanies cost more than shirts??? They are selling them for $20 each… Meanwhile you can buy them on Ebay for about $2 - $3! Just go to ebay.com and search ‘cat ear beanie’ and you see the exact same beanie.

The only thing that’s special about them is a tiny ass patch that’s basically just free advertisement for them. But of course, that justifies a 10 times price increase. Not to mention that there is a $6 shipping cost on top of the $20. If you really want that beanie so bad you can go on Ebay and get it for less than the price of shipping from EYK.
And the cat ear hats. $30?!?! Again, Ebay for $5. But of course, they slapped a shitty ribbon on it and that justifies the huge price increase. You could do the same thing yourself, just grab a roll of ribbon from the craft store which would cost you no more than $5.
Who is this buying this stuff???"


No. 66078

Wait, that hat i slike $4 on aliexpress or ebay. Wtf!! That's pulling a Suzy right there.

No. 66079

Their under 18 year old fans are buying this shit.

No. 66080

These assholes literally have no shame. The way they ask for things drives me up a wall because they don't even seem appreciative of anything, as though them putting out a new video about a fucking umbrella or their retarded dog makes up for it.

No. 66081

Yeah, most of the travel is for con appearances so I guess they're getting their expenses paid.

Or less than a dollar on Taobao…

No. 66082

Looks like they're having a North American tour. Tickets were just put up earlier today, but apparently the venues won't be released until later on. When I first read it, it was a little off to me… does this mean they don't have the venues secured? I mean, they probably can secure them but to do it after the tickets have been sold… what if the place is taken and shit like that? idk maybe i'm just talking out of my ass but it really stuck out to me when i first read it.

No. 66083

Been a few months since this was bumped but they've been doing a lot of shit lately.

Honestly should they even be called EYK anymore? They're in Korea like 2 days of the month now. And when they are it's just another sponsored WTF or food video.

No. 66084

I remember hating them for not checking their facts for Shinhwa (it's been like 2 years old but come on theyve been in kpop for a long time) and martina bashing hyuna because she's too "trashy" while praising other female artists for doing the same thing

No. 66085

how are they lolcows? they're snowflakes at best

No. 66086

That's fucking shitty but i can't feel bad for any idiot who fall in this shit, even if you're 14 or 18, you know a basic hat like this can be found very cheap on ebay.
this is stupid

No. 66088

same, overpricing hardly = lolcows.

No. 66262

holy shit theres an EYK thread here. Still praying that they will be kicked out of Korean any day now. It's their fucking fault that Korea is now filled with Koreaboos looking like shit (like martina) everywhere spurting basic ''EXO SARANGHAE OPPA'' everywhere.

No. 66285

Truth. Also whats stupid is certain people screaming "go back to tumblr" if you disagree with them about something on here-no matter what it is, the irony. Just does not make sense.

No. 66340

>I mean when I think of koreaboos and weeaboos I don't think of people who legitimately care for the culture, I usually think of people who reduce the countries down to anime, idols, music genres, food and interest in foreigners.

This. Its also the reason a lot of Asian people hate them.

No. 66383

People really do get defensive about this breed of youtubers and its creepy, the amount of sperging i have seen over eatyourkimchi and rachel and jun makes me think theres some kinda secret brainwashing subliminal messaging going on in their vids. Either that or weebs/k-boos are incredibly stupid. Most likely the latter.

No. 66416

Their memes are literally the fucking worst. I picture the day I run into someone wearing one of their autist shirts like "Soy un dorito" or whatever bs they sprout for views.

No. 66431

File: 1448934441483.png (490.34 KB, 844x443, Screenshot 2015-12-01 at 10.44…)

It's so weird because they literally have no following in the country they are living in/blogging about.

They still can't speak Korean for shit. They try to make fun of Korean words that derive from English, but they can't even pronounce those properly, and just say "euuuuuuuuuh" after the word. I LOL'd at Martina being too dense to spell the Korean word for conditioner right in their skincare video.

No. 66441

Who does this bitch look like? It's on the tip of my tongue. She looks like some child actor who's name I can't remember.

No. 66442

IDK, but she looks like Beans from Even Steven to me.

No. 66550

can we let this thread die and start a new one with a different photo. im fucking sick of seeing >>65755 pop up everytime i scroll down. so fuckign annoying

No. 66593

She looks like the Demi lovato meme Poot.

No. 66630

Overweight cindy lou who?

No. 66649

She has the most unfortunate face- egg shaped head and huge nose shapeless nose with thin lips.

No. 66652

You can hide the photo. Just click "hide" next to "file."

No. 66895

OT question, but are those "korean girls react" videos popular in korea?

No. 66904

???? She has lips
Lmao are you blind

No. 66906

I wouldn't think so. I mean from watching a little of Korean and Nip tv, it seems their regular shows are already "Celebrities React to: ______" So I would assume it isn't a big deal.

Maybe if someone did westerners in Korea reacting to shit in Korean it'd be popular.

No. 66907

you should see my lips then if you think her's a thin

No. 67522

the ugliest fucking people on youtube ever

No. 67523

She looks like a child whose mom let her dress up for school

No. 67547

Also, I hate their fucking fanbase.. I remember calling her fat on some other Weeb instagram because people were telling me "omg watch EYK they are totally funny and not Koreaboos" .. their 13 year old fans attempted to drag me but got that ass owned… I was just wondering since they've been in Korea for awhile and most fat foreigners lose weight due to diet change and the fact that Korea is so hill-y

No. 67666

>I can tell you're a white American. Indians couldn't give a rat's ass if you moved to India or wore a sari or bindis. I don't give a shit if someone wore accessories related to my country's mythology. We're not living in the middle ages damnit, it's not like you're burning a flag.

I'm also an Indian and I also have Indian friends, both Hindu and Muslim, and we, my friends and I, do get offended whenever non-Desis wear Bindi or Sari - unless they were invited by a Desi person to experience our cultures and what not.
Culture Appropriation isn't a new fad that tumblr created, it has existed before, there has been papers written on it way before tumblr has existed.
It must be nice to be as egocentric, as yourself, and to make sweeping generalization that everyone from your race must _surely have the same opinion as you!_
Chill, behen-ji.

No. 67809

No 1 curr, people can wear whatever the fuck they want and if you disagree you are appropriating my culture by being on the internet, so fuck off or shut up.

No. 67855


"B-…being Indian is MY thing!"

No. 67862

File: 1449286343212.jpg (222.92 KB, 1024x512, 125b96416096e015f13aaec437e1df…)

kek apparently suzzee and the girl with the weird eye arent following them on instagram anymore. And they've been filming at home instead. There was also this weird post on /r/Korea from someone who went to their fanmeet in Taiwan about them moving to grorious nippon.

honestly, it's not too hard to gain weight in korea. there are a lot of processed foods, and alot of the new foods popping up are super greasy. i remember in their old videos martina said she would eat ramyeon as a SNACK before dinner.

No. 67909

Did they can their interns?

No. 67910

>that disgusting shade of pink
>that hot topic-esque shirt
>that toki doki tattoo
>Simon's beard and hat

Jfc, these two need to stop.

No. 67915

link to the post?

I noticed them filming at home rather than at the studio but I didn't think too much into it… I'm curious as to what happened.

I thought Soozee was actually a worker for them and only Leigh and Rose were interns for them?

No. 67921

tried searching on the subreddit, but couldn't find anything. I saw it went it was fresh, so it was probably bawleted since a lot of people in the comments were snarking on the post

No. 67951

Went through all their instagrams and it looks like Rose and EYK still follow each other, but both don't follow Leigh or Soozee, and Leigh and Soozee follow each other but both don't follow Rose or EYK.

It looks to be the same way on twitter too. I really do wonder if something went down? I'm curious lol.

No. 67963

Anon I love you.

No. 67966

You're black so your lips probably look like a blow up doll's

not a good look

No. 67967

EYK are one of my Youtube guilty pleasures and I was actually wondering what happened to Soozee/Leigh/the studio a few days ago. I really wanna know what went down, maybe they got tired of being used? I can't imagine they were paid well (if at all).

No. 67970


No. 67971

If something did go down, why not still film in the studio? It's still theirs, after all.

Also, a really random note but I noticed that Amber (of f(x)) follows EYK and Rose but not Leigh or Soozee. It's probably not important since EYK and Amber are obviously friends, but since she also follows their web developer… it makes me wonder if Amber ever followed Soozee and Leigh in the first place too? And if she did, I wonder why she would unfollow them like Rose and EYK seem to have.

No. 67975

Pretend you don't know ;)

No. 68132


Maybe their contract is up and they decided to start moving to Japan? They've been there a lot lately, maybe they were scouting locations for the new studio.

It'd be too much of a pain in the ass to make a contract for Soozee so she probably got canned, plus they won't need a Korean if they are doing Japanese shit, and Leigh was probably on a internship so they probably are ending that as well. Rose is the only one the actually need because she does web content and they probably set up their company in Canada and have her hired through their so her contract won't need reworking.

Plus I never felt like Sozee and Leigh got that well along with Simon and Martina. Whenever they interacted it felt like those awkward "gotta get along with my boss" vibes. With Rose I felt like they actually liked her as a friend.

No. 68133

Honestly if they were actually smart and wanted to expand, they should move to Japan and keep Leigh and Soozee in Seoul doing Korean content. It might actually bring in Korean viewers if they had Soozee do Korean vids, maybe looking at foreigners in Korea while Leigh keeps up with the expat in Korea vibe.

Then Simon and Martina can just shit up Japan with whatever pig noise lip smacking eating video they want to do next.

No. 68145

the guy looks like a nasty hipser w bo and the girl looks like a greasy landwhale. why are they trying hard to be quirky

No. 68262

don't give them ideassssss

No. 68390

rhyming shit with shit and talking about how you want to murder women is not exactly a talent. if it were not for dr dre backing his ass he would be flipping burgers at mac d's if not overdosed on heroin in a toilet somewhere

No. 68394

Unfortunatly a lot of e-famous people do this, even tumblrtards, so no shick that EYK would also pull this for extra coins

No. 68395


No. 68396

>you are appropriating my culture by being on the internet


No. 68429

Man, so many unanswered questions now. I haven't seen Soozee or Leigh in any of their recently filmed videos.

No. 68457

Any guesses with how much Simon and Martina rake in each year?

No. 68980

The girl is so fat it's disgusting and he looks like a faggot. He must be the type of guy who cheats on his wife with old dudes and give free blowjobs in the parks at night

No. 68995

I watched a bit of their latest TLDR and they said theyre sick with colds, so that MIGHT explain why theyre still at home? Doesnt explain soozee or leigh though

No. 69445

So I was looking up Kpop diets and came across this: http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/how-we-lost-a-lot-of-weight-in-korea/

I don't know about anyone else, but Martina looks the same to me, tbh.

No. 69499

>Growing up in Canada, we really took for granted to be able to ask for no meat, extra cheese, over-easy eggs, whole wheat bread, or for something to be served on the side.

Or just learn fucking Korean and you can ask for all that, no problem? I've done it a million times (cause I don't fux with tomatoes) and it's not a "scandal"

No. 69755

Yeah, Simon has actually lost weight and put on some muscle. Martina is still fat and shapeless as ever.

No. 69775


Yeah and it's a shame since she isn't ugly or anything, it's average and with better styling she can look good.
He is just so fucking ugly is impossible to fix, like an european 15 century prince resulted from inbreeding

No. 69850

It was a while ago. If you watch their food videos around that time you'll notice they keep talking about how they don't eat rice and shit because of their diet.

But they definitely gave that up, they both gained the weight back and are eating whatever they want.

No. 69869

That explains why they don't look any different to me.

No. 69870

I want to know how you live in a foreign country for years yet have very little grasp of the language.

No. 69878

Looks like Leigh and Soozee are in Indonesia, judging by their instagrams…

When you've got two fluent speakers on your team, who gives a damn about learning the language past knowing how to order food and the very basics?

No. 69880

Still 100% convinced that Simon is gay.

No. 70139

Lol but they don't know how to order food apparently.

No. 70140


This happens a lot with native English speakers. I live in Japan and most foreigners I have met who didn't bother learning Japanese at all after spending years here are mostly Americans.

No. 70144

Depends on your moving habits. I got dragged around the world as a kid and didn't bother seriously learning the languages since we never knew when we were going to be shipped out. We could have been in one place for years, we could have been moved out in a few months and there was no way of telling. I ended up just taking French instead since you could get consistent tuition in that pretty much anywhere.

No. 70170

I wasn't referring to >>69499 with asking for specifics but they at least know how to say extremely basic shit like 'one of this, 2 of this" etc

But even when they went through the McDonald's drive through, Soozee ended up being the one to order instead of them…

No. 70369


No. 72070

I like how their fans kept asking for information on the protests that were happening in Korea but they just kept posting food vids and now something on K-Dramas (basically their millionth video talking about how ~terrible~ the industry is)

No. 72111

I'm actually curious- what protests?

When they've done more serious videos they usually wait a while because apparently the korean news is unreliable (i.e. Ladies Code car crash and Ferry sinking video) so that's the only reason I could possibly think of for them to avoid doing it.

No. 72846

No. 72848

File: 1450230118769.png (941.4 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Oh my you guys were spot-on. I don't want them in Japan :((

No. 72853

they have finally milked korea dry,

No. 72856

I bet all the koreaboos who donated to their kickstarter for their studio are angry now

No. 72861

Oh god the nipnip dick riding begin

No. 72874

Why can't they just go back to Canada? Hopefully they come here and see that you have to work way me to impress and interest Japanese so if you can't speak Japanese and you don't even try they aint got time for you.

No. 72880


No. 72881

because Martina wants to live her dream in Japan

No. 72883

They do give off that weeaboo vibe, like for some reason the Western people I've had the displeasure of encountering in Korea seem to only be here as a "last resort" since they couldn't make it to ~magical Nihon~ hopefully they make an effort to actually learn Japanese and not "just the basics"

No. 72890

i'm actually fucking shocked

No. 72891

I wonder if they'll be part of the Jvlogging group. I know they've hung out with Rachel/Jun.

God it'd be so funny if they were just insufferable and Victor aka Gimmeabreakman made a dramu video about them. I'd die.

No. 72893


You took the dreams right out of my pipe. <3

No. 72895

I guess I'm in the minority because I actually like them, but I'd still be so entertained.

No. 72896

Her condition is kinda sad tho

No. 72904

What's there even to be so pissed about anymore with these two? Martina has a super shitty condition so they're gunna go live a happy weeb dream in Nippon. They're not shitting on your precious kpop oppas anymore, so what's the salt for?

No. 72908

It actually is, and I wonder if it's just me but it felt like the two were actually kind of…fragile in the video? Like they've been dealing with a lot.

I'm sure they're ecstatic to move to Japan but the announcement video wasn't obnoxious. Even if they were straight excited, I would be too so I wouldn't blame them either way.

No. 72909

Well, guess they milked Korea for all its worth…

No. 72915

I see what you mean by fragile. I felt like either of them could have started tearing up and Simon just seemed so… defeated? Is that the right word for it?

No. 72927

Yeah, I wouldn't blame Simon for feeling that way, having to see his wife get weaker and feel more pain each day to the point that the possibility of being wheelchair bound is brought up.

That shit isn't easy on anyone.

No. 72947


Honestly it looked like he was trying to hold it together whenever she talked about her condition and whenever she went into detail it was like he was trying not to cry. Definitely the most genuine emotion I've felt from them in any video, reminds me a lot of their very early videos when they were more serious (and enjoyable).

It looks like they plan on moving back to Canada after Nip to let Martina get solid medical care/a routine, so Japan will probably only be a few years.

Now the big question is what crew or group will they join in Japan? They seem to be friends with Rachel and Jun, so I'm guessing they'll be their biggest support (unless they don't leave Japan or something either, because Rachel's been pretty vaguebloggy the past month or so as well) and Sharla will probably be in their videos as well as she's friends with Rachel.

No. 72954


Honestly I cannot shit on their decision to go to Japan when this is where they're at right now. There's no reason they shouldn't be able to make the most of Martina's last few mobile years. I support them in trying to be happy, I think it's admirable how hard they try despite Martina's condition.

No. 72958

What's the bitch condition? Is she ill?

No. 72964

Ehler-Danlos syndrome, it puts Martina in chronic pain because her joints keep dislocating. No cure for it.

No. 72967


Bad looks, a gay husband and now cripple, sucks to be her

No. 72968

There's something about them moving that makes me feel unsettled. I actually do like watching EYK (though it took me a couple of years to actually start watching them), even though they have their own problems and flaws. I don't really watch a lot of vloggers anymore, but I like their consistent programs and how their videos are shot and editted (especially those trip videos- but that's probably all because of Leigh's camerawork and editting).

I don't know. I've associated them with Korea for so long, it feels kind of weird and sad to me? Kind of like an end of an era. Regardless, I'm really happy that Martina gets to live her dream while she still can. Unfortunately, looks like they'll have to deal with public transportation again. I'm actually also worried about Spudgy too. They didn't take him on tour because they said he's so old and flying would stress him out or something, no doubt moving might also. I really only love EYK because I love Spudgy (I have a peke myself so….) so he's probably the one I'm the most worried about int his entire situation lol.

Also, even thought the jvlogging community is so saturated, I think they'll stand a chance since they've already got an established audience. I don't think they'll lose anyone, because they stopped doing Kpop music mondays a long while ago (good fucking riddance) due to backlash or something, and their audience likes weeby stuff probably. I think nowadays the only really Korean centric thing that people who are interested in Korea would even stay for are the TL;DRs. FAPFAPs are all about delicious food (which, I would honestly watch regardless of what country they were doing it in) and WANKs are the same too. WTFs are just WTFs, they done both Japanese and Korean products.

I remember in another video he even said he was learning to apply makeup so he could do it for Martina when she starts losing mobility in her hands or some shit. Shitty people as they are, I really admire them as a married couple, especially all the things that Simon does for Martina.

No. 72975

It also made her go deaf in one ear, she could lose her hearing altogether at any moment iirc.

No. 72978

I feel like garbage right now. I've seen very few videos of them, but she going deaf and disabled makes me a little happy

No. 73009

I agree :(

No. 73013

IDK, I think they may be exaggerating Martina's health issues. I'm hypermobile too and it does cause pain and stuff but I've never heard of someone going crippled really quickly because of it.

No. 73033

There's different types of EDS, iirc, some more dangerous than others.

No. 73053

Yes, I have type three too and it does hurt, but I never heard of someone going cripped in a year or so. I'd expect that of someone 50+ due to the high possibility of arthritis.

My guess is that it may seem worse due to the fact that Japan and Korea, in developed areas are walkable, compared to rural parts of the US where you need to drive everywhere and buses don't exist. Martina would no doubt do better in a more rural setting.

No. 73068

is it just me or is marina kinda fat and ugly?

No. 73081

Given her situation is actual serious, I feel bad for her do wish them the best in Japan. It sucks that before she's probably 35/36 years old, she's going to end up in a wheelchair and have mobility issues for the rest of her life. That can't be fun.

No. 73082

Good point. Did she ever say when she was diagnosed? It was before they married, right?

No. 73084

Yeah. She mentioned having it in jr high or highschool or something. They met in early college years.

No. 73102

She looks perfectly fine when she has a normal hairstyle.

No. 73121

I actually like their videos, and I hope their move to Japan will be good, I'll miss the Korea videos but I can completely understand their reasoning. I had no idea how bad Martina's health issues were, I feel really sad.

No. 73134

I think in her Draw My Life thing she mentions having been diagnosed early on? Maybe it was after the car accident when she was a kid or something.

I don't think they think she's going to be crippled in a year but maybe they don't want to risk never having gone before she gets a major injury or something?

No. 73136

Meh, their pity party story doesn't change anything. If they didn't have the drama surrounding the 100K donations without living up to their promises, nobody would care if they were moving to Japan.

Kind of shitty that now that they are moving, they are getting their deposits back, thus having all of that money back in the bank. Not much they can do about it, I guess, but it still rubs me the wrong way.

Why don't they just do one last big trip touring across Japan, and settle back in Canada? I mean, I would sympathize more if Martina had not been to Japan yet, but didn't they go twice this year? It sucks seeing Martina in pain all of the time, but yet she is distancing herself more from some medical treatment/medication that she could get a lot easier and cheaper if they just moved back.

No. 73171

File: 1450295776233.jpg (4.67 MB, 3552x1998, article_rlee@weeple.net_201410…)

you are not alone

No. 73176

File: 1450297604811.png (415.18 KB, 471x587, Screenshot 2015-12-17 at 5.22.…)


why would you choose to dress like this when you looked so much more normal before…

No. 73178

File: 1450297663045.png (336.93 KB, 392x515, Screenshot 2015-12-17 at 4.59.…)

No. 73181

File: 1450297758630.png (424.05 KB, 461x542, Screenshot 2015-12-17 at 5.06.…)

No. 73202

Hyuna's reputation in Korean is much similar to Miley Cyrus in the States. A lot of people find her to be a cheap and a ugly whore, but still know her songs because it's everywhere. I don't follow EYK or know if they actually did slut sham Hyuna, but if they did, it's a pretty normal thing to do especially since they have been living in Korea for a while.

No. 73235

why does it look like she has a 5oclock shadow

No. 73256

You know, I really admire how Simon and Martina have supported each other and are getting through this. Chronic illness is a bitch and it's hard to remain as positive as they are, especially when the future is uncertain.

No. 73279

Agreed. I don't care for EYK as a whole, but they seem like a pretty solid couple. Kek, Arin and Suzy could learn something from them.

No. 73542

I my EDS got severely worse the year during and after my ski accident. I didn't know I had EDS at the time. I sort of have to thank that accident for leading me to my diagnosis.

No. 73547

anyone suspect that there were other issues and reasons why Simon and Martina decided to move to Japan, aside from her health issues and not being able to climb up stairs?

I feel like there's a lot they are holding back, like they're sick of Korea or some shit went down that made them feel disconnected with Korea so they want to start afresh somewhere new.

No. 73581

Well they're kinda screwed coming to Japan, it's not a handicapped friendly place. Lots of walking, lots of stairs.

No. 73588

Yeah, you were in an accident. That makes sense. As far as we know, Martina hasn't been in one recently.

No. 73604

> losing ability to walk
> move to japan

top fucking kek good luck funding your expensive ass taxis

No. 73610

Not only that but does she think she can walk into a doctor's office and tell them she has this condition and get immediate medication and treatment? lolno. That isn't how it works. Prepare to suffer through a complete and thorough re-diagnosis!

No. 73611

I get that they want to do it before Martina gets any worse, but if she's as bad as she says she is then she should just forget about Japan, tbh.

No. 73619

I was watching one of their old vids where they were plugging that Hellotalk app, and martina was talking about being so excited about practicing her Japanese. And she wrote about being able to show us her 'japanese language learning journey' on their blog. Yet they never got very far in their Korean. Kek.

No. 73622

Korea can be a cruel country. As they themselves have said, Koreans are blunt as fuck about calling women fat or unattractive which Martina is both, so I have no doubt she's heard it a couple times there by now. In addition to that she's also mentioned a few times how businessmen don't even look at her and go straight to Simon instead. She's probably grown sick of living like 40 years in the past in terms of how women are treated and wants to move up a notch.
That's not to say that Japan is much much better, however, they at least will not call her fat or be rude to her face unlike Koreans would. They'll laugh the second you're gone, but never in your face.
I do believe that Martina wants to continue exploring the world with the time she has left, I dont doubt that for a moment. But I also believe that she never wanted to stay in Korea in the first place and most likely had she stayed anywhere for a few years would have chosen to stay in Japan instead.

No. 73623

As far as I know Japan isn't much better in those regards. I've heard they're pretty blunt about weight gain too.

Also, I don't think she's ugly personally. I don't think she possesses the typical "attractive foreigner" aesthetic but I think she's sort of cute.

No. 73626

lol it's not like strangers just come up to you and call you fat or ugly in Korea. Japanese are pretty straight forward about weight gain too.

No. 73627

uhh she very literally looks like an obese retard who got permission to shop at hottopic from her social worker handlers…
they both look fucking terrible and have only gotten worse over time.

No. 73635

I just like her lips and eyes really. To each their own.

No. 73637

Nose job and weightloss and then she would be pretty, shes tall and kinda blonde too so that helps

No. 73723

Don't need to be rude. I bet you don't look any better than her. So get a nose job by yourself first and then complain about others appearance.

No. 73732

File: 1450488732416.jpg (156.13 KB, 601x601, 1446857289596.jpg)

No. 73823

are you serious? she's less attractive than even the average american girl

No. 73852

I think this anon is just mad because they look similar or just as ugly as martina, lmao

sorry that you're ugly

No. 73884

Are they going on student visas then? I don't think there's such thing as a You tuber visa

No. 73885

Japan isn't good with chronic pain conditions. Their pain medicine is weak, and most doctors seem to think it's more a mental issue "just suck it up and gaman like everybody else"

No. 73901

The studio they're working with probably is hooking them up with entertainer visas or giving them a contract with visas attached or something.

I actually wonder if this studio has any control over their show now and if that's going to cause any issues with them since they've been their own bosses for years now.

No. 83464

File: 1453303037665.jpg (98.73 KB, 768x960, 12509894_10154431450976102_852…)

They've arrived

No. 83484

their channel title is less relevant now that theyve moved to the moon

No. 83666


apparently they are still keeping the "kimchi" name…

No. 84176

Why would they still keep that name

Shouldnt it be eat your sushi kawaii desu now

Lord they never grew out of the edgy teen phase did they

No. 84181

i was about to say eat your sushi too…

No. 84187

Still don't get the point of them moving to Japan but whatever. Do you think they'll bother to learn the language and customs?

No. 84188

Don't they even own eatyoursushi.com?

No. 84189

Simon is really damn unattractive. Like, Martina can look good with better hair and clothes, but Simon's face grosses me out. He looks greasy 100% of the time and his hair and beard look like a smelly hipster.

No. 84190

I think Simon said in a recent video they do own Eatyoursushi but are unsure if they'll use that name in Japan since everyone knows them too well as EYK.

No. 84269

This is why they should have just called their channel "Simon and Martina" from the beginning. That way they can change countries without changing their brand.

No. 84396

how long til they release a video from japan? a few hours? a few weeks?

No. 84411

It was their original intent from the beginning. IIRC, they happened to choose Korea since they scored jobs there and it was close enough to Japan or whatever. They've said in their "We're moving to Japan" video that they didn't plan to stay so long in Korea to begin with, but now that Martina's condition is deteriorating even more, better late than never to complete one of her dreams.

Maybe a few weeks since they're apartment hunting now I think.

I think this sort of signifies the end of their youtube career. I'm not a HUGE fan of them, but I do enjoy watching them from time to time whenever they post something. It's a bit sad, because I remember in an older video they said they try their best to come up with new ideas in order to not fall behind since it's sort of eat or get eaten on youtube- the instant you become boring, everyone can move on to another foreigner vlogging in a different country. Their reasons for coming to Japan were for Martina, before she's unable to walk or whatever because of her EDS. Inevitably, they'll probably have to go back to Canada. They probably won't be able to stay in Japan as long as they did in Korea, and once they move back to Canada, it's sort of over for them. They've built themselves on showcasing countries like Korea and Japan, taking advantage of how exotic it is to others and their interest in a world their fans might never experience. Canada is just another boring Western country that everyone basically considers the same as the US, and no one finds North America interesting.

Of course, they have teaching degrees and whatnot, so they can always go back into education afterwards, but their youtube career most likely won't last for much longer. Part of me is really interested in seeing how things will go for them, but part of me hopes their youtube careers might last because I do enjoy their videos. I know they're cows, but I don't hate them because I don't really find them as bad as someone like Venus.

(also, Simon can't drive in Japan like he did in Korea (not that they get to keep the EYK mobile anyway) so that also hinders them. Taxis are kind of expensive from what I hear)

No. 84740


Thanks for your take on this. I've only a watched a few of their videos… but this is sad…

Why can't Simon get an international license?

No. 84758

I assume that he could (or really, both of them could since they both have their licenses- oops forgot about that), but I'm assuming that he just got his license by going to the Canadian embassy in Korea and getting a translation of it which allows him to drive just fine since Canada and Korea drive on the same side of the road. I don't know what the process is to get an international license, or to get a license for a country that drives on the opposite site. There also come the issue of whether or not they'd like to buy/lease a car in Japan. They would very seldomly rent a car while in Korea for their road trips before they got the EYK mobile that was basically just given to them by Kia. I think if Kia never gave them the car, they never would've considering actually getting a car. Who knows though? Simon might see it as an advantage to get his international license and getting a car to make Martina's life a bit smoother.

Also I just thought about this and maybe, MAYBE, they might be able to continue making a living off vlogs if they returned to Canada. Since they have a solid fanbase who probably also enjoys them as people on top of the content they put out, daily vlogs of their life might not be so bad. I've been watching a lot of JennaMarbles' boyfriend's videos recently, and his channel is composed mostly of daily life vlogs. Of course, I think he has a bit of success since he's associated with Jenna (although I enjoy his vlogs regardless of Jenna or not- but it does help drive traffic to his channel), but EYK also has that success of having established themselves and people might be interested in seeing their day-to-day life vlogs if they do something like that once they return to Canada. It's just an idea though, I don't know if it would really be interesting or not or enough to keep their fans/gain new ones.

No. 84759


If they live in Tokyo they might not need a car, but it would probably be more convenient and helpful to have one because of Martina's health condition.

I would be interested in their vlog's of Canadian life. That seems like an untapped market. Especially if they get paid by the government to be offical tourism ambassadors. On the other hand though I'll be disappointed that it's not Asian stuff because I'm such a weeb. Though at some point Martina might be too tired or in pain to even continue filming or uploading videos often enough to retain the interest of their viewers. It really is a full time job.

No. 84760

honestly, not focusing on korea is their career death knell. japan is no where near as popular in the west anymore (as opposed to the 90s and early 00s).

and fucking forget life in canada. they don't have anything going on in their lives / personalities. their entire career is based on desperate koreaboos.

No. 84762

I've only visited Korea once, but public transportation seemed about the same as Tokyo for me? Then again, it's all a bit of a blur. I've seen those convenient lift-type things that go up the stairs for people in wheelchairs/old people in stations where there arent any elevators/escalators available, but I wonder if their Japanese will ever get good enough for them to ask the station attendants to let them use it since Martina looks like a very healthy and physically capable individual on the outside.

I wonder if she'll turn to becoming a make-up guru instead? She did use to post some tutorials and reviews about cosmetics in the past (though mostly on Open the Happy).

Korea was great for them since they happened to be one of the first to do it, and were one of the first to make it big doing Korea so any competition within Korea got drowned out pretty fast, imo. Kvlogging sort of became synonymous with EYK whereas Jvlogging makes you think of multiple people. Viewers could honestly go to Sharla or R&J's channel if they wanted to see life in Japan, but I think part of EYK's "charm" is the quality of their videos. Having solid segments and sort of decent camerawork puts them at an advantage for me.

I haven't watched Rachel and Jun in a long while now actually (I was so offput by how they would appear bland and sort of cringeworthy for me- while EYK at least seems more natural on camera) but I think recently they've also been developing in the same way EYK has in terms of camerawork and more "professional" quality videos (especially in regards to going out and promoting specific places like the Fox Village and whatnot. I'm sort of confused about all that Japanese housing stuff though).

If they ever do go the route of vlogging in Canada, I really hope there's more Spudgy centric stuff lol. I'm such a sucker for their dog…

No. 84799

I wanted to like them especially as they are transitioning into jvlogging but geez they're really insufferable

No. 84800

File: 1453542919553.png (142.74 KB, 338x357, Screenshot 2016-01-23 at 6.52.…)

Martina always looks so fucking gross

No. 84808

Right? I have a hard time understanding anons who sympathize with her. Downright annoying/childish personality and a face that only a mother could love?

No. 84810

Not a white knight here but I doubt that you guys are models sitting in front of your PC….

No. 84814

She's alright, just needs to lose a few pounds and a new nose, then she would be a qt

No. 84817

I really like her hair but her face is not my thing

No. 84836

You would think putting your life out there on Youtube would make you want to look less like a slob right?

No. 84841

what? japan is still very much super popular. its just that the jvlogger community is over saturated. there are far few kvloggers and EYK had a good thing there.

No. 85443

well I guess that black girl who is always pretending to be white is going to take over as the biggest korea vlogger

No. 85448

shungching saram something right?

No. 85457

black girl trying to be korean*

No. 85471

Yeah she's definitely in second place to EYK, now moving up to first. The downside for her is she's obviously with a production company now so she constantly has to do those awkward ft. videos with the unknown Korean vloggers and isn't as open as she was before, but at least production value is up so she can snap up the EYK fans pretty quick.

There's also another black girl (the lesbian one who is in a committed relationship with a Korean girl) and a Korean American girl who do vlogs, but they haven't picked up really.

No. 85476

I actually enjoyed her videos before she went all Mira. Nowadays her videos are just painful to watch. She has a video of her visiting her family, didn't even know she was black until that

No. 85506

Is she Dominican? They like to deny their Black heritage, and she's playing stupid if she says she didn't know she was Black. Girl's hair is nappy asf and she even has a video where she gets a relaxer at a salon.

No. 85533


She's not dominican and she doesn't deny she's black. The only recognisable black thing about her is her hair other than that she looks white/latino which is weird since both her parents are pretty dark. Maybe a grandparent/ancestor wasn't black and she just picked it up? i don't know…

No. 85534

Who the fuck are y'all even talking about?

No. 85536

is it ChoNunMigookSaram

No. 85605

meh, while she follows the korean fashion trends i take her blue/green contacts and blonde wigs as a sign of wanting to be a kawaii white godess in Korea

No. 85667

Yea GookSaram lol

idk someone said she didn't know she was Black lol. Yea she's mixed for sure. She said her mom's side of the family has White, but she does looked mixed. Her mom looks mixed too. At least she can speak Korean unlike EYK.

Getting back to EYK, I really hope they try and learn Japanese and the culture. Kinda messed up to move to another country and not try to fit into their society. They seemed arrogant in Korea.. apparently the Japanese healthcare system isn't great for foreigners too, so good luck getting care for that disease.

No. 85668

She mentioned a long time ago that she likes to wear wigs in the winter because the cold wind dries her hair out. I don't quite understand what the wig color has to do with it though, nor the contacts. Plenty of youtubers and people in general wear colored contacts and dye their hair blonde or wear blonde wigs, like Martina dying her hair pink. It's almost as if the people on this website want every small thing they personally perceive as wrong to have some deeper meaning so they feel justified for hating it.

No. 85690

I think Martina has a basic grasp of hiragana/katakana, but ooooh boy kanji. They really are gonna have to give it their all. Korean alphabet is a piece of cake, the total opposite of Japanese.

No. 85792

meh its not like theyre gonna go for gold with japanese.
theyll only be in japan like, 1 year, probably before martinas disease goes south

No. 85793

> only recognisable black thing about her is her hair other than that she looks white/latino
lmao ok
her skin may be white but she does not look white

No. 85805

I can't believe they lived in SK for 7 fucking years and didn't learn the language. It's insulting for them to insinuate that they are going to learn Japanese. No matter which country you're from, you would get fucking pissed off when an immigrant of 7 years can't even communicate with you. In Canada, we have two official languages recognized by the government. If you can't manage to learn English or French after almost a decade, there's no helping you and I can't feel bad. Yet there's only one language EYK needed to learn and they refused to actually make the effort. That proves they're nothing but lazy. If they do manage to learn Japanese, it simply makes them look racist towards Koreans because they probably won't be living in Japan for that long. I highly doubt they will commit to learning the language though. They're so ignorant.

No. 85817

> If they do manage to learn Japanese, it simply makes them look racist towards Koreans because they probably won't be living in Japan for that long
lol i wouldnt put it that far…..
but i agree with everything else.

in in america myself and i dont mind all the immigrants who work super hard and dont ask for much and just want their kids to have a good life but damn its their 2nd gen SJW kids that piss me the fuck off. yes there is negativity, even crime, surrounding the language barrier of immigrants, but that happens in any country tbh. every damn country.

No. 85856

I heard she uses bleaching cream on her skin.

No. 85874

Yeah, I agree. Part of living in another country is learning the language and culture. Japanese is pretty hard to learn though, from what I know. So I guess I wouldn't expect them to learn Japanese. There's three different writing systems to learn and the grammar is opposite of English, but Korean is much easier to learn in comparison so there's no excuse there.

No. 85882

Did he really have to film his wife crying? i don't get it.

No. 85883

I don't get that shit either. Almost 8 years in a culture and the only thing you learn is how to order food in Korean? seems shitty. I doubt Japanese people are going to be forgiving. With tourists? yes. With foreigners trying to live there? Hell no.

No. 85886

>With foreigners trying to live there? Hell no.
I doubt that. Japanese society isn't really motivating for learning their language. You can get by with English and shitty Japanese skills if you're a lazy foreigner.

No. 86140

Had they learned Korean well enough, Japanese might have been a bit easier. I hear that grammar wise they're very similar, so all they would have to work on is learning the writing system (which is a feat in and of itself, but regardless).

I've been here for a few months now and it's hard to break out of the shell and knowing how I can get away with barely any Japanese- but it sucks knowing that I'll never really feel like I "live" here. Just knowing spots that natives go to and stuff tourists don't see doesn't make it you any less of a tourist, which is basically what they did in Korea. They'll never really be able to experience Japan unless they master the language and get out of Tokyo.

Also, if they lived outside of Tokyo I think it might be better for them. Not only does it make it easier to learn (people just don't fucking try speaking English at all- they didn't for me at least), but there's this charm about places outside of Tokyo. I've lived in northern Nagasaki for a bit before I came to Tokyo, and there's something about the city life that I don't particularly like (also I miss mountains everywhere).

sage for blog post

No. 89446

So they've officially released their first EYS segment. It's obviously filmed in a larger studio (weird echo when they speak) and they aren't as loud and obnoxious, I guess because they're with a new crew and the space isn't their own. I have to say I don't mind it because they're talking like actual adults for once.

I wonder if they're bitter they missed out on the jvlog opportunity Rachel and Jun got to visit every prefecture in Japan for free.

No. 89451


It seems like every fucker on the web wants to go and live in Japan. Then vlog about their speshul lives. Watch out EYS you might have Venus Angelic buddying up with you in a few months!

No. 89453

I wonder if it's bc Japan values quiet more than korea.

Idk, Japan is super uptight. Id visit but I wouldn't want to live there. It's the suicide capital of the world

No. 89963

the 2nd gen sjws piss me off sfm. our parents came here on a boat and worked their asses off to give us a nice life, now you spend all of your free time complaining about the white patriarchs dating Asian chicks and how glorious PoC deserve free money for having extra melatonin in their skin? Goddamn. Go study engineering like the rest of us.

No. 90016

Its actually good for him, because he is balding.

No. 90024


iirc some Japanese people do appreciate foreigners picking up the language and being involved in their culture. I've watched some lesser known JVloggers recount stories where they do less 'touristy' things and locals really like it.

When you live in Japan if you don't take the opportunity to learn, you won't learn much. People will treat you more or less like a tourist and keep their distance? You really have to try. I was surprised that Simon and Martina have lived in Korea so long, but barely speak the language. So if they will have the same approach in Japan, I'm not expecting much.

Sorta OT but do you guys watch any good and unknown JVloggers? The popular ones have their fair share of drama, and personally I just want to hear someone's good o' experiences. If they dont't do the usual 'Tokyo/Touristy' schtick, then it's even better.

No. 90041

Japanese people love it when someone appreciates their culture and shows interest in learning. But as you said, you can totally live in your English expat bubble and never experience what life in actual Japan is like. Japanese people are not used to foreigners, even in freaking Tokyo only around 2,4% (data from 2010) of residents are non-Japanese including Asian foreigners who tend to be harder to spot. In contrast they had a new record of tourists visiting Japan last year, so a Japanese person treating a foreigner like a tourist is normal. Some people get really pissed about it, but the chances of meeting a Japanese-speaking foreigner on a random day are just rather slim. What pisses me off is when they keep on speaking in really broken English when it would be so much easier to just speak Japanese.

No. 90042

Japan's quite far behind Korea actually…

No. 90714

No. 90721

>Implying Venus and Margo aren't going to try to take over the Korean market know that EYK is gone

No. 90724

File: 1454964945207.png (510.46 KB, 838x425, Screenshot 2016-02-09 at 5.54.…)

since when did Simon become such a smug and insufferable grease ball of a man? He is so far up his ass, think I can see that little ponytail peeking out of his throat

No. 90728

Whichever one of you guys said that Simon looks like an inbred European prince nailed it on the head

No. 90735

I haven't been watching them for long, but I like seeing different foods and an English person talking about Asian stuff so I started tuning in sometimes. I used to think marina was cringe and the guy was ok, but the rolls switched. Idk they're both kind of clownish but I like marina more now. The guy just seems like some weird hipster guy

No. 90759

Neither of them are particularly bad. It's mostly Asian American SJWs who get mad about them. Ordinary people just see them as harmless, inoffensive clownish buffoons.

No. 90773

this is pretty true. I don't exactly like them and I kinda think they're fat slobs but I find it funny that so many attacks on them consist of "they're WHITE people who try to EXPLAIN Korea omg!" kek, so if they were asian or black or anything else, it would be totally okay, right? (I'm just talking about the "explaining Korea" criticism; I do think the e-begging is scummy and deserves to be called out)

for some reason, people expect Simon and Martina to be serious cultural ambassadors and then get mad that they're just two average, dumb-ish Canadians with a weird sense of humor.

No. 90776

>"they're WHITE people who try to EXPLAIN Korea omg!"

Haha, yeah. Have you noticed on that note that Asian Americans love pushing this meme that their culture is too "deep" and "impenetrable" for foreigners to understand?

You'll notice one example of this forced supposed esoteric-ness is how Asian Americans love to talk about how they can "tell other Asians apart" because of their super mysterious Asian powers ^_~

In reality I hear Chinese being mistaken for Koreans and Koreans for Chinese (by each other) in my city's Chinatown all the time.

No. 90779

right? I'm a second gen Asian in a western country and honestly believe these people need to get over themselves.

recently at my university, some kids from the Asian-American association (or whatever they call themselves) decided to protest "microaggressions" by holding up signs with Asian stereotypes written on them such as "you must be good at math" … and then got protested by another group of Asians who claimed that their protest was one big microaggression. lmaooo.

of course this is at a school where a professor got threatened with termination and forced to attend anti-discrimination training for just explaining that "wetback" is a slur so idk what else to expect.

No. 90788

If you try to explain this sort of thing to FOBs they seriously just don't get it. By that I mean they can't even begin to grasp the mindset required to think in that sort of way, lol.

No. 90794

1st gens/fobs generally have more pressing issues to worry about than racist whitey asking what country they're from, lol.

No. 90811

so i haven't seen them in a year or so. what is this new bullshit with the ehlers danlos?
you don't lose your ability to walk just from having eds, not even hypermobile type. you're born with the disease. the absolute worst thing you can do for it is to not exercise and be fat while eating sweets instead of gourging on salt. when i don't walk daily it's the worst pain ever the next day, not the opposite.
plus her skin isn't even light or translucent looking, nor do i see a scar on her. not to mention she stands all of the time, most people with eds develop POTS at an early age.

also this
if she weren't lying it's essentially fucking herself by going to a new country, especially one so lacking in care for rare genetic disorders

No. 90914

I know this is an imageboard, but according to this (if you look under the section that says "weakness of the muscles") It says that more severe cases do require a wheelchair or cane to help them get around.


Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

I do agree though, she isn't doing herself any favors in regards to her weight. In fact, I get really pissed off when they both go film in another country because it's never focused on the sites or landmarks, just on FUCKING FOOD.

You know, it's not like I'd like to see beautiful locations that have some kind of cultural significance or anything. Nah, I just want to see videos of two people eating massive amounts of food like gluttons and only showing different varieties of food for an ENTIRE fucking video.

I love food as much as the next person, but god I am not at that level anymore. I used to eat like that when I was crossing into overweight territory, but now I just feel grossed out when I see how much they eat.

It's pretty obvious that they both have an unhealthy relationship with food. Simon actually does have more of an excuse though, as he actually works off the excess calories that he eats. As for Martina? She looks quite tubby compared to her husband so I doubt she does anything remotely physical.

No. 90946

Watching this is so painful. I can't believe they're acting like bento boxes and egg sandwiches at a local Family mart is a big deal. They're years behind EVERYONE. How are they going to stay relevant?

No. 90947

It's true. It's hilarious when Asians think their culture is still so sacred and special in the year 2016. They need to get over their xenophobia.

No. 90949

It's true. Even if she can only do minimal cardio and weight training, she can mainly lose weight by eating better. I doubt they're rolling in dough, but I also doubt they're too poor to afford fresh fruits and veggies. She is always eating sugary trash and gaining weight. It's like an obese person complaining about their knees. She can stand to lose 15 pounds easily.

No. 90951

Simons looks greasy 100% of the time now. Does he ever shower? he should carry around wet naps or something. it's so gross.

No. 90953


No. 90963

holy shit ive never heard of these people
how do they have almost 1 million followers
what is this i dont even

No. 90965

I like their videos

No fucking shame fam

No. 90966

Same. I want more Spudgy videos though.

I remember in their (old) morning routine video they said they worked out, and I guess Simon's been keeping up with it but I guess Martina just stopped…?

No. 90975

well to be fair if your knee or shoulder can pop out any minute doing sports or working out might not be the smartest thing to do

No. 90978

Martina has mentioned that she was very athletic as a kid/teen and that her constant injuries led to her EDS diagnosis

No. 90979

She can do low impact workouts. There's really no excuse.

No. 90980

I used to really enjoy a lot of their Wonder treasure find videos in Korea, but Japan is so saturated with vloggers and shit. The video they just posted they acted so excited about bento (fucking bento boxes?!) and seeing a Tanuki statue. Like, how old are they again?

No. 90993

Not after the recent developments.

No. 91001

File: 1455054389535.jpg (315.02 KB, 1260x1017, _81N0787.jpg)

I honestly can't believe they are being sponsored and given an apartment by their company when the jvlog market is so saturated by better content creaters that don't even get the same perks as them.

Also lol at them for thinking they are such hot shit for reading katakana and "understanding" (I use that term very lightly) a waitress at a restaurant. No wonder they thought they could 'speak' korean.

and Simon acting like the crust being cut off of a convenience store sandwich is such a big revelation. He is aware that those exist in Korea too right?

Simon is such a big Anthony Bourdain wannabe 'food traveler'. It's so cringeworth trying to see him describe food like a pompous ass lol

there really isn't an excuse, as she's lost the weight before.

No. 91035

Same, I enjoyed them a lot/find them tolerable now but I'm honestly pretty sick of all the food videos.

I know they've always done more food than anything else but now it's just "hey watch us disgustingly eat something everyone knows about and just talk about how good it tastes". I wish they'd do more day videos at cafes or fun locations.

I mean shit, they're in Japan now, can't they release touristy "Visiting ____ Temple!" or something at least?

No. 91058

I was able to do 2 hours on the elliptical just fine with EDS until I developed the POTS. The POTS is what really fucks people up.

No. 91062

thats what so annoying about actually all jvloggers… they literally just walk out their front door and all the video content they need is right at their fingertips.

No. 91380

I guess they're really reveling around in the honeymoon phase of everything being new to them (although shit like bentos shouldn't be since they've traveled to Japan before- shouldn't common shit like that already be old to them?)

I really hope they do something like temple videos or something. The vlogs type videos they did while on their NA and Europe tour were some of my favorite videos because they were gorgeously shot and just interesting and exciting to me. If they did stuff like that in Japan, ESPECIALLY in maybe some more bumfuck locations, I think I'd really enjoy it. Even non-jvloggers will vlog about Tokyo (JKfilms, JennaMarbles, etc) and it's just stale air at this point. Personally, I enjoy more rural areas of Japan and there are asstons of videos on major cities, they might be better off really experiencing Japan outside of the city (isn't that what they wanted anyway- to experience Japan? You're not really getting all that much by just staying in Tokyo most of the time tbh).

No. 91387

Wait, who's sponsoring them??

Also, it was so hard to watch them get excited over bento boxes and conbini sandwiches. Like, fucking really? They're in their early 30s and acting like 19 year olds visiting Japan for the first time ever.

No. 91388

>2 hours
That's a pretty dangerous amount of time on it, but I really wish you well none the less anon.

No. 91647

This, I'm not even overweight but I'll do an hour and 30 minute to two hour walks averaging 6-8 miles.

I get that walking and getting around could be difficult for her, but she could at least half that. It's definitely true that calorie counting at a 1200 calorie deficit would probably be all she really needs right now.

No. 91648

Honestly if she has as many health problems as she said she does, then maybe places like Japan and Korea are not for her. Especially because the medical there isn't the greatest if you have chronic conditions.

No. 91874

I agree that is annoying/getting old about the jvloggers all doing the same old Tokyo and big city vlogs, there is almost no vlogging in other parts of Japan, like for instance Kyushu (other than Fukuoka where Micaela lives), Shikoku, Chugoku, and Hokkaido. Tokyo vlogging is so oversaturated and boring as hell.

No. 92046

idk i like their videos. I think they put some pretty good quality vlogs out there, compared to many other jvloggers. I love their editing and their humor.
I also think both are decent people.
Also i want to add to people who are like "If Martina is ill why does she go to japan?" that they even explained it in their video. They moved to Japan that suddenly /because/ her condition in getting worse and it always was her dream to go to japan. So they want to make it possible for her while she still can walk on her own feet.
I'm disgusted that some people here even go that far as to be gleeful about the fact Martina is ill. I wouldn't wish a condition like that upon anyone.
I'm also laughing about how many people are attacking their looks. Their faces are something they're born with. And i personally think they both look average, not ugly, not pretty but wtv

No. 92141

Channel for the lesbians?

No. 92148

Didn't notice she had left, oop. Ah well, you can see her past videos, they were cute and provided an interesting perspective to East Asia as an open queer woman there and not hiding it (as I've noticed most queer j/kvloggers do until they leave)


No. 92151


They're self sponsored? I don't understand what you're saying. Visa's in Japan are very complex and it's very difficult to get one. There is no sponsorship for jvlogging at all. So… what?

No. 92156


I dream of someone going to like a village in the countryside and teaching English there or something. A lot of villages have specific culture, and I would love to know about one's specific culture.

Or someone who's a big animu weeb, finding the best shops to go to and showing their latest finds. Most of the J-Vloggers are casual when it comes to anime, and I would like someone who knows what they're talking about, rather than just pointing out its cuteness or something.

No. 92168

>Or someone who's a big animu weeb

You might like Einshine he does that kind of videos and is talking about anime like in almost everyone of his videos

No. 93289

I dont understand why Martina has started doing her makeup like she currently does? It looks really half assed and ugly

No. 93290

In one of their videos, she mentioned that living in Korea turned her onto makeup since everyone there wears it. Korean makeup is very subtle though…

No. 93299

Is he mentally challenged?

No. 93318

He reminds me so much of a 16 year old weeb, awkward speech and all. How old is he? Since he hangs out with Sharla so much I'm assuming at least over 24?

Their visas are sponsored by a production company. That's how they are filming in a studio and already have a cameraman/crew. I don't think they're getting their apartment paid for them though.

No. 93322

Tbf, English isn't his first language.
And he just turned 19 almost a week ago.

No. 93363

Well that's creepy. Why the fuck is Sharla hanging out with an 18/19 year old boy.

No. 93368

they said themselves that the company was paying for their apartment

No. 93392

not only that, but many koreans (hell, most easy asians) take skin care routines very seriously.
doesnt seem like she does

No. 93395

RIGHT! i literally thought so too.
his lisp and what not is so sad. since he's kinda cute.
but he sounds like my mentally challenged neighbor :*(

No. 93411

Ah, my bad. I must have missed it.

Spudgy and Meemers are probably what are taking them so long to find an apartment. I keep reading everywhere that it's very expensive to get a pet friendly place in Tokyo, especially with a dog.

No. 93414

Wow, I actually followed her for her natural hair, and didn't even realise!

No. 93417

I can never get over how stupid the names "Spudgy" and "Meemers" are

No. 93478

File: 1455589865425.png (232.51 KB, 563x415, Screenshot 2016-02-16 at 11.13…)

Dat eyeliner on their latest vid tho

No. 93495

Dr. Meemersworth is the full name, right?

No. 93497

That's even worse

No. 93504


oh god what a mess. is she trying to do that japanese makeup trick to make your eyes look bigger / anime? i thought only young girls did that. i mean anyone can do it but i guess it's more appropriate if you've got the weeb style or you're cosplaying. normally it looks super odd, especially with the normalness of everything else

No. 93518


This guy is annoying as hell.

No. 93530

That's crazy how she got completely white coloring with completely black facial features.

No. 93553

to be fair he can't be a weeb because he's half japanese. js

On another unrelated note. Simon and Martina make it a mystery who their camera dude is. And said in the last video he's half british half japanese. Now people think it is PDR aka Duncan

No. 93561

There's nothing black about her facial features. She's 100% pure potato.

No. 94249

Just because he is half Japanese doesn't exempt him from being a weeb, his behavior makes him a weeb.

No. 94250

japanese people can be weebs. its called otaku.
in the west, people refer to themselves as 'otaku' in an attempt to minimize the harsh reality of being a weeb.
in japan, 'otaku' is literally used to mean 'nerd of japanese culture /anime etc' so yea…. einshine is.

No. 94251

File: 1455760821403.png (25.78 KB, 527x409, Yplh18u.png)

>to be fair he can't be a weeb because he's half japanese. js

No. 94255

Something about how Sharla's face looked in that linked video tells me Sharla is sleeping with him. Probably dresses up in cosplay outfits with him in bed. He loves older women probably. Einshine needs his own lolcow thread.

No. 94258

Yup. It's a really bad name, even for a cat.

No. 94259

That's like the makeup someone does for the first time ever at like 16 yrs old. This is so sloppy. And are her eyebrows pink?

No. 94261

And with those huge lines/circles under her eyes is the topping on the sloppy makeup.

No. 94262

Can't tell if gay or Asian weeb

No. 94264

They probably don't want to happen what happened with Soozee and Leigh where they were being accosted by fans and didn't want that.

No. 94266

Soozee and Leigh actually didn't mind the fans, it is just that Simon and Martina got jealous that Soozee and Leigh started to get attention/fans. Simon and Martina are fame hogs who don't want to share anything whether that be fame or gifts/money (like how they give out cheap 3 dollar toy giveaways or used old cds that were given to them as gifts). They are stingy.

No. 94268

I could've sworn it was in the thread somewhere but I remember them saying that Soozee and Leigh were moving onto different projects with the end of EYK and that's why they were pulling out more in the past year, and they wanted a fresh start and not be bogged down by EYK people being like "OMG HOW IS MARTINA?" when they're working with a new vlogger/with a whole other type of production.

I don't think it's a jealousy thing, I mean any sort of exposure was great for EYK and they regularly had Soozee and Leigh on cam, especially for the games. But you could tell Leigh and Soozee were closer and Rose, Martina and Simon were a different group. I think it's because Soozee and Leigh were production and while Rose did do their website, she stayed in Korea to become a dancer/some sort of pop figure so she was more similar to them in craving the spotlight.

No. 94272

Simon and Martina are not on Soozee and Leigh's twitter or any other social media anymore. So they got rid of Soozee and Leigh on bad terms. They were jealous, and something went down between them and they deleted each other on their friend's list. Like I said Simon and Martina are selfish fame hogs.

No. 94274

Don't white-knight for Simon and Martina. This thread is for people who want to bash them, not for Nasty fans.

No. 94279

They only used Soozee and Leigh and when they were done with using them, they tossed Soozee and Leigh. Just like how they used their fans to get money and the studio and then just tossed the studio and used the fans money to go to luxury hotels in other countries. They use everyone to get money.

No. 94287

Simon is such a big Anthony Bourdain wannabe 'food traveler'. It's so cringeworth trying to see him describe food like a pompous ass lol"

Actually Simon is more like the travel foodie/critic Andrew Zimmerman, since Andrew Zimmerman already acts like a pompous ass and Simon resembles his behavior greatly. Andrew travels to "exotic" countries and eats "weird exotic foods" and makes smart ass remarks. Simon likes to travel too, and find weird foods too and make Japan and Korea seem all weird and quirky.

No. 94290

wat. How am I white-knighting?

That's true. I always understood it as more of a "we're only friends because we work together" sort of relationship and that's why Simon and Martina stopped following them, because they stopped working together

How were they using them? They were literally hired by them. It was their job to do all the shit. And thank god they did because Simon and Martina are clearly useless without a production crew, they've gotten super lazy since then. I do think the hotels were sponsored by AirBnB though, because whenever they'd travel and have an awesome location they'd plug AirBnB really hard.

No. 94291

>>94290 here,

Did a quick search on Soozee and Leigh and it looks like they've started their own channel.

I guess they're going to do what some people guessed a few months ago and will try to take EYKs K-fans.

The fact that Simon and Martina haven't said anything about it either/plugged their old 'friends' new channel says something too, kek.

No. 94293

Stop making excuses for Simon and Martina's bad behavior. They used Soozee and Leigh. Was their Vietnam hotel an airBnB? I think not, it was a resort luxury hotel.

No. 94297

Why are you being so irrational, anon? Soozee and Leigh's jobs were literally to film Simon and Martina. There was probably some sour note to the end of their relationship because none of them seem to have any online presence with each other anymore, but Soozee and Leigh are clearly not bitter about their time there, they posted farewells with the fans on their twitters and are happily accepting EYK fans to follow them on their own channel. And the resort hotel was a 'Christmas gift' to each other but I'm 100% sure that was sponsored as well because they plugged it like crazy in the comments, it seems to be a popular Korean resort and they probably want more foreigners.

No. 94300

Why do you like to kiss Simon and Martina's butt so much? They used the money from the studio they tossed that they begged for from viewer's money to go to that resort hotel.

No. 94306

I'm not kissing their butt. Literally every post I've made I've criticized them. I think they're annoying. But there's shit that's obvious and I don't see how it's something to hate them for? EYK is their business. Obviously they get their income from it, so they will use their income on stupid shit like terrible haircuts or fatty foods all day. And if people were dumb enough to throw money at a youtube channel, especially one of foreigners in Asia, and think it was going to last, that's on them. I'm honestly surprised the channel lasted this long. I thought one of them would burn out by now and want to go back to Canada like that other channel, Hallyublack or whatever.

No. 94317

Oh nice!! I genuinely like Soozee and Leigh, so I wish them the best. I find it kind of bitter that Simon and Martina never mentioned anything about their break off when the studio shut down and their new channels.

No. 94318

I also think they ended on really bad terms. Simon and Martina seem like the jealous type.

No. 94437

They piss me off so much. I really really loved their channel because i learned stuff about Korea and the food and the quirk things but when i heard they were going to live in Japan i got really upset.
I don't care if this was their plan all along to me they just seem really really greed and all "zomgz we r makin sooo much moneyz off ze youtubez lets travel around ze world and live in ze nihonz"'
Especially their travel vlogs seem so over the top to me. They're not humble in my opinion. Always staying in the most top notch airBNB places no fucking one can afford and now they have a HOUSE in Tokyo and claim it being cheeper than in Seoul? Gtfo.

I don't care if "thats just how youtubers handle shit" or "well youtubers earn a lot of money". I don't care.
To me, they just don't seem like the cutesy artsy quirk couple they try to show off.

And god don't get me started on their fucked up choices of hair styles. Both of them.

No. 94538

damn they could afford a house?

also, i wonder how long it will take before everything japanese stops becoming magical and kawaii and they start shitting on everything like they do to korea lol

No. 94557

They are renting it, they don't own it.

No. 94597

No. 94598

No. 94601


Oh god, she seriously acts like she has mental problems at 7:08

No. 94608

At 11:36 it was even worse, how she was rocking back and forth.

No. 94618

It looks like complete ass because she didn't tone it down with some mild eyeshadow, mostly.

No. 94633

Martina's facial expression at the end of the house hounting video was just ugly and stupid.

No. 94636

She was trying to make a little kid facial expression at the end of the video. She is always trying to act like a little kid because she thinks it looks cute which is does not.

No. 94654

File: 1455859279088.png (419.69 KB, 873x537, Screenshot 2016-02-19 at 2.18.…)

kind of sad how OP's picture is more attractive than they currently are now.

Also, is it me or has Martina been dressing more spergy since the move? Girl, the pigtails and 'CrAZY jAPAn KAWAII!!!' isn't working for you, and never will. Especially when japanese women your age dress really conservatively with a lot of neutrals and tailored clothes.

No. 94658

Looks like costume jewelry for a 5 year old. Plastic and tacky. I'm around Martina's age and my jewelry display wouldn't look crap like that.

No. 94701

Congratulations on being a cunt.

No. 94702

Congratulations on being a cunt.

At first I thought your replying to the recent posts, but realized your replying to someone's post from 2 months ago.

No. 94916

File: 1455916535345.jpg (46.05 KB, 600x600, dsc_0734.jpg)

No. 94948

Being 20 minutes from the station is hella far so I bet their place is fairly cheap. But if she has worsening mobility problems is that really a good idea?

No. 94984

Well i guess they'll be buying a car soon from all their youtube money woooooooo

So inonsistent right? I am not sure if i remember correctly but did 't they say they moved to japan cuz living in Korea was getting harder for Martina because of her sickness and all the high buildings and shit?
Now they're living 20mins from the station and have to walk a lot??? Also is it really such a difference in Tokyo and Seoul with the stairs and elevators like they said? I can't imagine that…

I think, they are just living a great life off of their earnings and personally i wouldn't give a shit about it if they at leeast were honest about is
T instead of being all meee martinachan is sick and we do this for you guys and omg we wanted to do this anywayyyy

No. 94999

No, it has nothing to do with Japan being easier to live in. It's that they decided that if Martina's health is declining this fast, they need to go now while they can, rather than wait until she's wheelchair bound and can't get around. I don't see how they're dishonest about it when they've always said they planned to go to Japan, and it just took longer than expected.

No. 95169

Are you Simon and Martina in disguise? As in it is Martina pretending to be someone else to defend herself on here? Either that or you are a butt kisser to Martina`s big bubble butt.

No. 95213

idk he seems like a total virgin to me. Sharla is probably just using him to get more weeb subscribers.

No. 95268

yea… im pretty sure they're not banging.

No. 95352

File: 1456011616956.png (456.29 KB, 586x561, Screenshot 2016-02-21 at 8.36.…)

I know Leigh irl. Apparently S&M hired Soozee and Leigh under the gist that they were just a small company so they couldn't afford to pay their interns. Leigh was having trouble finding a company to intern with (she is doing her whole degree in Korea) so she chose them. They told her work would be minimal (a little editing here or there, creating effects on videos) since they couldn't pay. Then they did the gofundme and their viewers increased, so they basically had unpaid interns doing all the dirty work (filming, editing, uploading) while they just stood in front of the camera talking, and after their work was done they would jut order food and watch Netflix in their studio. She also told me that they are the kind of people that think making fun of someones mistakes/putting people down = funny and they would do that all the time. They really are shitty people

No. 95354

Got any more milk on that? More examples of them being shitty?

Also, did Leigh and Suzy secretly just hate Simon and Martina throughout?

No. 95358

Isn't it common knowledge that they've always wanted to go to Japan? Better now than never.

No. 95374

File: 1456015218588.jpg (68.69 KB, 500x334, Milk-For-Cat-qeAh.jpg)

Limited milk, but I'll give what I got.

Pretty much just a shitty boss/miserable employee type of thing from the both of them. They put a lot of pressure on Leigh to put up the videos and edit them by a certain amount of time, so she seemed pretty done with them by the time the whole japan thing came up (I only met soozee like once, so idk her side).

Also remembering her shitting on them talking about always buying expensive coffees/cakes/cupcakes/new makeup/clothes and bringing them into the studio and always shoving them in their face while not paying her a cent lol I think leigh was paid so that they could qualify for some visa, but it was just minimum wage or some low amount.

No. 95376

*I think soozee was paid

No. 95379

Thanks for the response!

That sucks that they weren't paid what they were worth. Hopefully their new channel becomes popular.

One thing that always kind of rubbed me the wrong way was when they'd film Fap Faps and quiz Soozie or Leigh and reward them with food. I get that they have to film Simon and Martina, but they aren't allowed to purchase the same food that they get or aren't offered the same meal? I always found that kind of shitty.

No. 96813

No. 96820

It's kinda sad. I used to think Martina was getting more fit and more pretty, but she's gotten heavier. I'm sure it must be hard to work out with her condition, but it feels like about time to actually take care of her physical appearance again.

No. 96824

When you hit your 30s it gets hard to stay skinny for a female, but still I think Martina must eat too much, and I agree she should watch her weight and she needs to ditch that half shaved hair look it doesn't help her chubbiness or her face, also she needs to change her makeup style its too sloppy and harsh.

No. 96847

People were speculating PDR Duncan was Simon and Martina's camera man, but they revealed the person is single, so that means it could be Duncan's friend PDSKabushikiGaisha because he is also half British half Japanese. Or its Einshine, maybe Martina and Einshine dress up in Sailor Moon cosplay together while Simon gulps down Coco Curry, soaking his beard in curry.

No. 96852

PDSKabushikiGaisha is actually Duncan's brother, not his friend. And Dante is really big in the Japan Youtube scene with nearly a million subs, so it's pretty laughable that people think that they would agree to be S&M's assistant.

Einshine is half american not british, and hell, even he is too popular to work with them lol

No. 96856

ok, I wasn't sure if Duncan was brother's with Dante because they did a video before about being brothers but said they were just joking, so I got confused. Who knows though maybe Rachel&Jun convinced Dante or some other youtuber to film for Simon and Martina because Martina and Rachel are friends. So even if Dante is popular… and I think I seen Mimei comment on Simon&Martina's videos several times so maybe they are all friends.

No. 96857

But the new guy is working for them, not with them. And when you are as big a youtuber as Dante, you probably aren't looking for another 'job' working behind a camera and fetching stuff for a a couple of weebs like that.

And not to mention, Dante's english is shit so there goes that theory entirely lol

No. 96860

Just because he doesn't know much English doesn't mean Martina and Simon can't trick him into being their slave. In fact since his English is bad they could say stuff to him and trick him since he would have a hard time understanding.

No. 96861

Oh and because his English is bad he cannot look up the dirty info on Simon and Martina since all the information on Simon and Martina is in English, thus his image of them could be positive and then he could easily get tricked by them.

No. 96863

And that reminds me, I know of a Russian Jvlogger girl who is bad at English and she is friends with the infamous terrible vlogger Kanadajin3 and I warned her about Kanadajin3 but since her English is not good she couldn't understand all the dirt on her on the forums since its all in English so she remains Kanadajin3's friend thinking she is a great person. I don't think anyone in their right mind would want to be Simon and Martina's slave since alot of people know about their past with Soozee and Leigh working them like slaves, so it would make sense if it was someone bad at English so they can't look stuff up about them.

No. 96864

But Dante is a really really famous Japanese youtuber. He's not a part of the foreigner j-vlogging crew, and he's only ever done collabs with Mimei in that regard, but only because that's his sister in law and they probably see each other a lot. Dante is pretty damn stupid, but not stupid enough to not see that he is way more relevant in the world of Japanese youtube than Simon and Martina. He is bigger than Mimei, Duncan, Rachel and Jun, Sharla, Mira, and Victor. He's like the 2008 Shane Dawson of Japanese youtube. Stupid yet is insanely popular and he and all the other top youtubers do collabs all of the time.

Simon and Martina are nobodies in Japan (as they were in Korea).

No. 96867

you are right about Dante being popular in Japan, his subscribers are about 940,719 (atm). But Simon and Martina have more subscribers at 969,038, but I know they didn't earn all those in Japan (the majority was already their base of followers from S.Korea). But even so maybe Mimei asked him to help them out? And since Dante is already making plenty of money from youtube maybe he doesn't care if he recieves money from them? I'm laughing though imagining Simon yelling orders at Dante. And since Dante is hyper just like Simon and Martina maybe they enjoy each other's goofy company? Though like you said it probably isn't Dante, but just the image of that in my head seems funny.

No. 96878

>those giant glasses
>cheap skinny tie
>those roll up sleeves clash with the tie so bad
>fugly belt
>that hairstyle

Is it actually fashionable for men to look like this? It's really gross looking.

No. 96885

the sad thing is, he looked way better back when this pic was taken

No. 96894

File: 1456146500031.png (505.41 KB, 844x433, Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 13.0…)

Is Martina just wearing eyeliner and no other makeup? It always looks odd when people do that, regardless of whether they're good-looking to begin with or not.

No. 96897

I don't mind eyeliner on it's own but brown is less harsh if you're doing minimal make up.
Also her eyeliner is drawn kinda shitty.

No. 96899

Personally I think Martina would look better without drawing that winged eyeliner look, her eyelashes are so bare she should focus on them instead of trying to make a cat eye look. She is probably doing the winged eyeliner look to try and look Asian.

No. 96906

Seriously. Girl needs a BB pact (pretty much foolproof to apply and decent coverage), nude eyeshadow with a little shimmer, brown liner (maybe gel pencil), and some Fiberwig mascara.

No. 96944

>>try and look asian
haha what?

No. 97017

Tbh, I think they exaggerated Martina's condition in order to stop people questioning their move to Japan. If she can ~barely walk some days, why get a house full of stairs and ladders and a 20 minute walk from the station?

Also I know this has probably been said before, but the fact they said Soozee and Leigh "didn't want to be in the spotlight anymore" or w/e, when actually they've started their own channel, just shows how shady they are. You'd think the least they could do is promote their "friends" channel, especially after how much work they did for them for practically nothing.

No. 97233

This has probably already been said, but FUCK, MARTINA'S HAIR IS SO GOD DAMN, RETARDED UGLY. She dresses like a 12 year old edge lord emo. Seriously. Her entire being irritates me and is the main reason I could never stomach any of their videos.

No. 97256

File: 1456196659244.png (768.63 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

Everything about her looks weird. Her hair seems too childish, her makeup and face are unfortunate and that body looks really poorly taken cared of. She seems a bit chubs tbh or maybe she just doesn't naturally have a nice figure. Simon looks like a hipster asshole though I'm starting to hate their looks so much.. But I still watch them because I like seeing things about Japan in English.

No. 97283

What always cracked me up was her trying to me a makeup guru. Her makeup has always been this way. It's always been poor and crappy. It's how I did my makeup in high school. And she always acts like its just SOOO AWESOME. …yeah no.

No. 97305

I agree. She has very visible nasolabial folds which makes her looked aged terribly, and those childish clothes and terrible makeup along with being fat with half shaved head are doing her no favors. She needs to cut back on eating so much crap and focus on putting on makeup foundation and dressing classy instead of like a 5 year old. Problem is she has huge childish tattoos all over her arm, so she should use her money to get them laser removed. Back in her first videos years ago she looked healthier and normal (that was before she did weird stuff to her hair and got a bunch of tattoos). Now she looks like a clown.

No. 97593

ITT Leigh's entourage and buttmad KorAm SJWs

EYK will always be a simple food & travel channel for me. Since the cancellation of KMM (i.e. the shark-jumping moment), that's the only worth it has left. (Yes, I live vicariously through the diet of Canadian born-again hipsters. Sue me.)

Oh, and I would totally jack off on Soo Zee's ass, tits, and face, and in that order. OMGSOEDGY

tl;dr Don't make it such a big part of your life. Your blood pressure will thank you on account of a lot less sodium.

No. 97694

File: 1456299868312.png (578.19 KB, 860x527, fattyhipsters.png)

jfc how many times a week are they eating ramen and curries? no wonder martina is ballooning up again

No. 98285

Ramen is very fattening, the soup base is filled with fat, thats why you see little oil bubbles in the liquid. I easily get a stomache from drinking too much ramen liquid. Martina probably eats ramen (restaurant one, not the instant kind) several times a week. And she probably gulps down all the ramen liquid/soup base. All her and Simon do is eat, eat and eat, and showcase eating on their videos the whole time they have been in Japan (and when they lived in Korea). It's like they have a one track mind of food and eating. Don't they have any other hobbies besides eating?! No wonder Martina is overweight.

No. 98287

Once again Martina is holding up a bunch of unhealthy food in this cat cafe. Pigging out at the cat cafe.

No. 98540

dat stroke order

No. 98568


The video is not so bad for beginners, though there is some minor mis-information.

Kokoa refers to hot chocolate, Chokoreeto is just chocolate in general. And as you sid there are some minor stroke order mistakes. How long have they been in Japan? Personally she should be already trying to learn the simpler Kanji even if she can't write them. It makes things a lot easier. But I'm just weebing out here lol.

No. 98589

True. Ramen is soooo fatty and i was like wtf how can nihonjin eat it so frequently. Then I realized they just dont drink the broth.

No. 98596

They should've stayed in Korea imo. There's already a bunch of weeb j bloggers.

No. 98605

Dude needs to stop pulling his hair back so tight if he wants to keep the rest of his hairline

No. 98646

No, we need more "CRAZY JAPANESE KIT KAT FLAVOURS" and cat cafe videos.

No. 98671

File: 1456597384217.jpg (71.01 KB, 575x335, Jackie-Chan.jpg)

it annoys me so much that they are putting out 'lessons' of shit they barely learned a few weeks ago when there are tons of videos like this out on the internet made by people with way more experience. If you want to track your learning progress, then make a vlog about it and share what you studied that week, and what your strengths and weaknesses were. Don't teach lessons on shit you don't know. For god's sake, Martina doesn't even know what the small ッ symbol meant, and called it "the little smiley face thing." Ugh.

Why don't they just sign up for classes? They've got more than enough money. That's what baffles me so much about their lack of Korean ability. They could have afforded to take classes at one of the best language schools in the country that was literally a 20 minute walk at the most from their studio. They could have bought a cheaper apartment and signed up for professional Japanese lessons. Martina said that living in Japan was a dream she has 'since she was a kid' and she literally waited until she was 30 years old two weeks into living there to actually sit down and learn the freaking katakana? And kek, simon going on and on about how he was going to learn the language to be able to speak to their new neighbors. YOU COULDN'T EVEN ORDER DELIVERY FOOD TO YOUR HOUSE AFTER LIVING IN KOREA FOR 7 YEARS.

Sorry for all of the salt, but my inner language nerd is having a 'sperg attack

No. 98679

I barely know who these people are but sometimes I spoiler their thread photo because I find them so hard to look at.

No. 98681


It pisses me off too.

I hate the "omg ive wanted to liv in japannn since i was litttleeee amg" its like most people wanted to, you're no fucking different.

The usual shit

No. 98817

That's like twerking if you have a flat butt.
it's just embarassing and they're dressed like whores btw
i dont understand why you're offended though lol

No. 98819

the fuck is that bitch wearing? is this ageplay?

No. 98820


No. 98821

>gives tips about japan
>hasnt even live there for more than 1 year

No. 98822

im scared

No. 98823


I knew what シ meant the first day I started learning Japanese lmao, it's literally impossible to not know about if you're studying the language. Wtf is she making lessons.

No. 98824

>hasnt even lived there for more than 1 week


No. 99105

No. 99111

It has been speculated that Simon and Martina's mystery camera man is Zach/Zack from their Kobe Beef video.

No. 99761

Some fan gave them a bunch of junk food near the end of the video, like they needed more junk food, all they eat is junk food. And I bet they could get the ranch doritos at a store in Tokyo. People should stop wasting their money on Simon and Martina to fatten them up.

No. 99892

File: 1456941394844.jpg (18.71 KB, 400x300, 30fEpD8.jpg)

It's Ouran cosplay lol. Simon is supposed to be Honey and I think Martina is Renge.

Why an ostensibly heterosexual man would accept to dress up as gay pedobait, I have no idea.

No. 100169

Simon and Martina remind me of those kids back in elementary school who would finally show up to school with whatever was trendy a month after people stopped caring about it. Even normie non weeby people know what okonomiyaki is at this point, and a lot of jvloggers have done videos about it already.

No. 100212

No. 100240

They should've just stayed in Korea and vlogged about Korean things, there are already so many foreigner vloggers in Japan vlogging about Japanese things.

No. 100276

Her diet is shit. If she can't do too much working out, she can still control what she eats. She's a typical fatass whining about genetics.

No. 100278

Knowing the difference between kokoa and chokoreeto is so basic, but then again I'm not surprised. They lived in Korea for over 7 years without learning the language, which I find insulting.

No. 100307

these two pigs want to call this their 'job' but can't even do their own camera work. I would sort of understand it if they weren't tech savy, but they used to do their own filming all the time, and I'm sure it wasn't horrible?

God forbid they take their own shots, but that probably just gets in the way of shoveling massive amounts of food into their mouths.

No. 100504

Jesus, when I make okonomiyaki at home one of those cakes would've fed me and my boyfriend…they ordered 3…

No. 100527

gets in the way of shoveling massive amounts of food into their mouths

exactly, they even dream about shoveling food down their throats in their dreams, someday Simon and Martina will be too lazy to shovel the food and will just have an IV hooked up to their vains to feed them coco curry, ramen, ranch dressing, potato chips and a lard of fat.

No. 100528

oops "veins" I meant*

No. 100530

I used to watch them when they were still in Korea, but now that they're in Japan… there are so many other YouTubers who know more than them about stuff. And because most foreigners in Japan live in Tokyo, they can't really add anything new as for places to visit etc. It's mostly been done to death.
(I too live in Tokyo, which is why I don't watch any of the Jvloggers. What are they going to tell me that I don't already know?)

No. 100533

File: 1457084766381.jpeg (68.28 KB, 275x246, image.jpeg)

>mfw I showed my boyfriend Simon and Martina and literally the first thing he said was "their faces are so..gross."

No. 100535

That makes me not want to move to Tokyo, I live in an unpopular undocumented part of Japan currently but soon I have to move to Tokyo area and I don't want to, because like you said that place has been done to death, and is overrated. Why can't people vlog about Kyushu (places other than Fukuoka, like for example Kagoshima, Oita, or Miyazaki), Shikoku, Chugoku, Hokuriku, no one makes videos on these places.

No. 100536

I think everyone who's in Tokyo (and didn't grow up in a tiny village) would love to live elsewhere. It's just that Tokyo has more job opportunities (and we have a house, so yeah). IDK, it's really not that great, I'd much rather live down in Kyushu, chill with Kumamon.

No. 100538

The job opportunities is exactly why I have to move there, mandatory relocation ugh. yeah, all right Kumamon!

No. 100541

I hope there is another opportunity for relocation in the future for you. :)
Tokyo is by no means a bad place to live, it's super convenient, we have Disney Land, lots of stuff to see, and having a foreign community can be really nice. It can just be all kinds of crazy and exhausting.

No. 100577

There are a few people who vlog areas outside of Tokyo but they're either more focused on the day to day (so more about their lives than "Wow Japan!") or its someone who is just visiting the areas.

This guy does amazing quality videos and does either non-Tokyo areas, or areas in Tokyo filmed in a very refreshing way so you aren't just like "wow. 009 again. amazing"

No. 100582

Thanks so much for recommending him! It's like… PRODUCTION VALUE! :)

No. 100589

File: 1457103756856.png (457.5 KB, 909x550, Screenshot 2016-03-05 at 12.00…)

those fugly nails lol

martina is way to ott about sailor moon, it's almost embarrassing

No. 100845

Many jvloggers are OTT obessed with Sailor Moon for the past 1-2 years, its the "trend" right now for weebs. Sharla in Japan also obsesses over Sailor Moon along with Pokemon and all that stuff. Martina and Simon always have to copy whats "in" and alot of times they are very late getting into a "trend." Personally I hate trends my self so I find Sailor Moon annoying and I don't get the hype.

No. 100910

boohoo good for you, I'm assuming you're new since Martina was nuts about Sailor Moon since they started their channel, before the reboot and resurgence of Sailor Moon related stuff. You're not cool for disliking Sailor Moon, it's not a new trend, it's a common nostaglic 90's kid thing. Everyone watched Sailor Moon as a kid and if the new thing is to hate whatever is popular despite the content, I cannot wait intil people start ironically hating other things from their childhood like the Spice Girls.

No. 100934

i cant believe this woman is over 30

No. 100957

go away u edgelord :((

No. 101256

>>100910 Bohoo to you, you are the one so offended that I dissed Martina, who gives a shit. Why do you care I dislike a freaking anime like Sailor moon? Get lost weeb. This thread is for people to diss Simon and Martina not praise them.

No. 101257

You go away Simon and Martina butt kisser. I don't give a shit if you love Sailor Moon. It's just an anime.

No. 101300

Speak for yourself, I grew up in the 90s and never watched Sailor Moon. Not everyone loves it. But it is popular, and it is a trend right now. It's more popular in countries outside of Japan then it is in Japan. People buying the Sailor Moon merchandise in Japan are mostly foreigners or little children, none of my Japanese friends talk about Sailor Moon.

No. 101335

K whatever, Sailor Moon has been popular for ages, and the rerelease hasn't started a trend it's just a bunch of people who finally able to get a hold of the shit that wasn't readily available as kids. If it wasn't so popular and well received among Japanese people then why are the sales for the collectible items always selling out?

Again, you're not cool or interesting for disliking a commonly liked thing, maybe instead find more interesting and valid reasons to hate people other than "they like Sailor Moon ew"

No. 101393

I am not trying to be cool, do you get that? I simply just don't like it, and I don't really care if its cool or not to not like it, I just plain don't care for it. Can you wrap your head around the fact that some people just don't care for it? Because maybe they really don't care for the story line or the art or just anything about it?

No. 101408

>I just DON'T CARE
>writes entire posts dedicated to how much no one cares
cool story

But if we put the stupid animu disussion aside, no matter how much of a Sailor Moon Fan she is, these nails >>100589
look absolutley terrible. And I love the strategically placed Sailor Moon chopsticks in the background. Why are there chopsticks? Because so Japanese desu? Because she loves the animu just sooo much? Both?

No. 101410

File: 1457258641397.png (289.6 KB, 914x326, Screenshot 2016-03-06 at 7.02.…)

Those chopsticks are child sized too, look ridiculous in her ogre hands anyway


Because Sailor moon is just another way for her to prove how 'speshuuuul and different' she is. It all goes back to her childhood. Most people her age are nostalgic about normal-fag stuff, but not Martina! Her kawaii desu japanese friend Miki showed her the magical world of sailor moon and onigiri, so she has to bring it up all of the time as if she were actually raised in that Japanese family herself.

No. 101413


Ngl I'm a bit salty about every token weeb trying to be kawaii jumping on the Sailor Moon bandwagon because of Crystal. If they never bothered to remake the series, nobody would care- not Martina, Kiki or Dakota, and maybe those tacky tumblr magical girl sweatshirts wouldn't be a thing either.

No. 101414

Jesus fucking Christ, she needs a fill in. It looks like she has a diseased nail growing out leaving it like this.

No. 101428


I'm so tired of sailor moon tbh. Wouldn't asians just give her a funny look for using those?

No. 101429


I can't believe you tits are arguing over an old show. Sailor Moon merch is either popular with little kids, MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS or foreigners. Most of my Japanese don't even care, they're in their 20's and some probably have a keychain at the most just for nostalgia. But other than that most don't give a shit unless they're otaku/weebs.

Sailor Moon is just another trend for people to hop on so they get more follows/subs/likes if anything. It's a entry way to gaining more popularity.


You're a twat.

No. 101690

You know Sailor Moon just got a remake last year right? Now it's the token kawaii anime for both weebs and plebs alike.

No. 101723

yes it looks stupid

No. 101742

no, you guys can hate these fucks all you want but Sailor Moon is not a valid reason, it's not, Japan created the fucking sailor moon chopsticks, they're clearly there for decoration purposes, so taking a picture of them is not really a reason to hate. Ya'll just being petty, if this was a japanese woman nobody would say shit. I'm sorry if I am buttmad over Sailor Moon but I'm really tired of using it as a reason to drag people when they have no milk.

No. 101746

They just hate anything that's all it is. It's the equivalent of disliking a person and seeing them eat crackers and just bitching about them eating crackers. It means nothing and it's pretty interchangeable, you could replace Sailor Moon with anything else and someone would come up with a reason why it's retarded to like it and therefore the person who likes it is stupid. You could post a picture of a fucking puppy here and someone would come up with a reason why to hate or criticize it.

No. 101759


Wow you didn't even bother to change your writing style or wait a while before defending yourself. Summer must be coming early this year!

Also Sailor Moon is babbys first animu for girls (DBZ for boys). Tumblr has a huge boner for it because pastels, schoolgirl uniforms, magic and Japandesu. It's all about ~m u h e s t h e t i c~ Or for the wannabe 90's kids (born in 1995 or higher clinging desperately to a youth they never experienced/were too young to remember) who never watched it on tv, only saw the remakes and just pretend they've secretly loved it since childhood.

No. 101769

Thanks gomi.

No. 101798

No. 101813

Why hello there 1 mega sailor moon fanatic and troll. It's pretty obvious you are the same person constantly defending Sailor Moon because your life depends on it.

No. 101864

It's the equivalent of a grown woman buying a MLP kiddie fork and bringing it into a restaurant and instagraming it because she is ~~so special snowflake desu~~~

I get being nostalgic and liking a certain series, but it's still gross seeing a chubby weeby overweight woman not stfu about her animus. She literally mentions sailor moon in every video.

>"No, we are not fluent in Japanese yet. I know it's been six weeks, but we've been trying our best!"

Their definition of fluent must be pretty liberal if they think they could have been fluent in such a short amount of time. Try a few YEARS guys.

No. 101871


Yeah, I know. Kept seeing the merch and shitty SV rip off bags all over the place. It's just something to get views basically, I bet half of the merch is just thrown in the cupboards when they're off camera.

Isn't it true that girl who copied kota b4by.jpg or w/e only buys kawaii shit like liz lisa for selfies and sells it? Lol. As if she would go out dressed like that in person obv. So it's obvious, most of the weebs do it for views/attention.


Yep, everyone born before 95' and so on just claims they love it when they don't remember it. I was born in 1993 and I can't remember shit tbh.

No. 101887

I was born in 91 and i have notebooks full of shitty pictures I drew of the Sailor Scouts

No. 101893

these post aren't even all me but kay

No. 102197

That hideous flourscent coat Martina is wearing, she is like one of those fat sign holders for road construction who wear flourscent yellow-green.

No. 102200

I was born in '94 but I remember that I didn't like it. However I was obsessed with Wedding Peach.

No. 102307

I think you mean born after 1995, those born before then (90-93 realistically) would be old enough to barely remember it, 94+ not so much.

No. 103921

File: 1457619120282.png (291.88 KB, 631x355, Screenshot 2016-03-10 at 11.09…)

>Those shoes
>That sleeve
>Those calves

No. 103932

Looks like white trash, tbh.

No. 104642

I usually don't care because its your body, your tattoo but that's really ugly..

No. 104644

does she ever take that ita dress off

No. 104647

embarasing. people sincerely do not know the difference between what should be a doodle and what should be a tattoo

No. 104651

File: 1457816499912.png (224.14 KB, 324x436, lhklkjhlk.png)

martina's fashion makes kittens cry

No. 104678

Sailor Moon is very popular among (female) adults in Japan. Big brands like Anna Sui release SM related merch and that stuff always selling out fast. Bitch about tumblr SM weebs all you want but it's very much a thing for adults in Japan.

Also those chopsticks are adult size. They're pretty popular and easy to google to check.

No. 104797

The best part of EYK moving to Japan and working with a network is that the bloggers there are not afraid to call people out and get into drama. EYK neer really collaborated with anyone in Korea (sharing money or attention? NEVER!) so they could act like assholes in private with only unpaid interns, er I mean "family" to witness their tantrums. I feel really bad for Leigh and Soozee and the shit they had to endure from these people. I hope the Jvlogger weeb community tears these people apart and posts all the evidence online. Can you imagine the shitstorm that would ensue if a vlogger filmed Simon screaming like a raging lunatic like he's apt to do?

No. 104820

Anna Sui is only located in major cities in Japan, and even so its a "niche," usually only at an outlet brand mall or in Tokyo, its not even a normal store that most people shop at in the first place. Most of that brand Sailor Moon stuff is bought by school girls (junior high and high school girls, and elementary school kids), I don't know of any Japanese adult females (late 20s-30s) that buy or talk about Sailor Moon. And let me remind you that Martina is not a pre-teen, teenager or a child, she is already in her 30s.

No. 104826

They're on good terms with the jvlogging community though, they've released videos with Rachel.

And I think they did do a bunch of collab videos with other western kvloggers/travlers but never posted them on their own page. If you search on youtube eyk colleb you'll see them in a bunch of other channels, they just never posted one on their own.

No. 106536

File: 1458175381022.png (605.51 KB, 923x550, fatgirljewelry.png)

No. 106546

File: 1458178040470.jpg (55.31 KB, 600x450, CdtfwQ5VAAAeKvi.jpg)

No. 106562

Giving canadians a bad name

No. 106617

I always think that Martina is not that bad on her own. It's just that her life partner of choice drags her down.

No. 106623

Where's that video where the k pop dude makes fun of her and her hair
I could watch that a thousand times over

No. 106625

Uh most of the new Sailor Moon merch is aimed at women in their 20s-30s that watched SM when they were growing up. Seriously if you are that ignorant of the whole target market… jr high students aren't buying $300+ Sailor Moon bags

No. 106628

Bitch, don't ruin Princess Peach for me.

No. 106629

Martina has the worst hair. Nice length and looks healthy, but that neon pink has to go! Maybe she can even dye it a darker brown color or a honey blonde? Anything but that tumblr shit.

No. 106631

Ugh, she's so flabby. Bitch needs to lift weights. Her arm must flap in the wind.

No. 106633

Like all ugly flabby women, she attempts to hide it by having ridiculously long hair.

No. 106637

And those tattoos are not doing her huge arms any favors, ugly crap childish tattoos.

No. 106642

I desperately want to see her on Snog Marry Avoid

No. 106644

Simon needs to be on Snog Marry and Avoid as well, those hideous clothes of his, and his crazy hair and beard.

No. 106673

>Most of that brand Sailor Moon stuff is bought by school girls (junior high and high school girls, and elementary school kids)
No it isn't. Bandai did a lot of collabrations with expensive fashion and designer brands such as Qu-Pot, Anna Sui, SV…, whith $350+ bags, expensive jewellery and clothes etc. They sure put out some cheaper stuff like phone cases, but many of the items are designed and intended for a female audience who watched the 90s anime, and is now in their 20ies or 30ies and have enough money to afford all this brand new expensive brand merchandise.

>I don't know of any Japanese adult females (late 20s-30s) that buy or talk about Sailor Moon.

Probably because they keep their mouth shut and their power level low. I can't imagine it woud have much positiveeffect if you reveal yourself as a crazy Sailor Moon fangirl to the public in Japan.
But believe me, most of the expensive merch is not sold to school girls.

You can hate or be indifferent about Sailor Moon as much as you want, but that's how it is.

No. 106675


No. 106677

Sure..whatever you say Sailor Moon fan….

No. 106680

Who even gives a shit about Sailor Moon god damnit, lets talk about Lord Greayheadz and Madame Flappyarmz

No. 106682

They are the korean jun and i forgot her name
You know what I mean

No. 106684

Just went to Isetan shortly after noon today. A lot of the ladies shopping at the Sailor Moon collab pop up (which was packed) had babies/kids

No. 106708

Enough about Sailor Moon already no one gives a freaking shit! Stop bringing up several day old comments to continually defend and mention Sailor Moon. Let's move on to other stuff about Martina.

No. 106984

these people really do pack in the food

No. 106990

The Japanese guys in that video were hot including the guy next to Simon helping him with the soup bowl.
Martina packs down the sake and food to her stomach and arms.

No. 106995

File: 1458290124563.png (139.7 KB, 431x317, Stqx7gG.png)



No. 107312

plz stop

No. 107315

Do people not see through these empty collabs. Like it's literally just two channels come together for no reason other than to build audience.

No. 107318

>>106990 ew have some standards

No. 107331

Spudgy is the most obnoxious name for a pet ever

No. 107344

That's your effin' opinion, why do you care what I like? Each to their own. Don't have to insult someone for their opinion in guys. I take it you find Simon hot then, now that is an "ew" in my opinion.

No. 107348

> our favorite izakaya
> because we have been here soooo long
> sooo cultured
> practically japanese already!

No. 107351

He would look okayish if he were a normal person but his fashion choices accentuate the fact that he's an inbred potato Euro

No. 107626

I agree that his fashion choices don't help him. Also his behavior is repulsive.

No. 107629

No. 107706

>>107348 No I think Simon looks like Euro trash. Also, the fact that you said the guy was hot that was sitting beside him when he really isn't makes it seem like you have yellow fever tbh

No. 107725

Not saying that Martina is an angel, but imho she's out of Simon's league.

No. 107734

Salty americunts detected.

No. 107742

Sorry Simon, it's not your fault you have the face of an inbred European prince.

No. 107866

whoa lol are you fucking kidding, they're both hideous, perfect for each other tbh

No. 107867

I meant personality-wise.

No. 107985

>>107734 I'm not American but nice try Simon

No. 108953

I knew you were going to say that. Pretty predictable response on lolcow. Did you even watch the video or know which guy I am talking about? The guy who helped Simon with the soup bowl not the guy smoking at the beginning. Did you know people can like an Asian guy without yellow fever? You act as if only Asians can like an Asian and that if anyone else does oh it must be a fricken' fetish. No, because I like many races of guys, including Mediterranean men, and Hispanic men and dark haired Irish men. So stfu.

No. 108958

The eight strands of hair clinging to his scalp bullied into that top knot aren't helping.

No. 109611

what does being american have to do with simon being ugly?

No. 109612

just taking their faces, i think his is better, more salvagable if he would get rid of his greasy beard and manbun
martina… her face… so… punchable

No. 109677

Why do they look greasy 24/7??

No. 109683

Probably because they make no effort to look presentable.

No. 109851

They don't wash their hair and also dishwater blonde tends to look oily which is what hair color both of them have. So a combination.

No. 109887

>It's almost as if the people on this website want every small thing they personally perceive as wrong to have some deeper meaning so they feel justified for hating it.

That happens everywhere

No. 109889

I really hated seeing this eyeliner on her, however, it just occurred to me that because of her disease, she may not have been able to apply it herself and relied on Simon

If thats the case, that's the only way anyone can forgive such shotty liner application

No. 109897


No. 109902

Nah, she's just trying to make big kawaii animu girl eyes by bringing down her lower lash line like all weeb girls do.

She's always been shit at applying her makeup and eyeliner, so you can't really blame simon even if it were his fault.

No. 111374

No. 111430

Did they really move without knowing simple phrases? This seems like a fucking waste of time because they're not able to say anything except weeb phrases that make no sense in a conversational sense..

No. 114134

jesus christ look at those eye bags tho

No. 114137


greasy wrinkly fatass

No. 114140

fall down a flight of stairs u amerifat, smdh.

grimey rotten potato nose.

No. 117518

Oh look, they're still doing food reviews and eating so much food it's ridiculous. Like I'm fine with them doing food stuff, but they eat SO much. The potion size is insane.

No. 117717

No. 117913

I've been waiting so long for someone to recognize this.
I love u.

No. 118212

I know right, it's like, people are put on this earth to die and suffer and these fucks are just sitting around eating and enjoying their life, how fucking gross

No. 118226

It's irritating that people think they can use their own money to eat as much and what they want. People these days…

No. 119900

Yeah, it is irritating that people aren't paying attention to what they put in their mouths and don't want to watch out for their body when they work in entertainment. They're special snowflakes though, so they can look however they want cause it's more empowering or some bullshit.

In the past they used to work hard to keep off weight, they talked about that often. While I know Martina has her health issues, I find it odd that they don't seem to give two fucks anymore. It's kinda sad.

No. 119908

Martina's health doesn't impact her ability to lose weight. Even wheenchair bound people can lose weight as long as their calories in is less than calories out. Simple science.

No. 122169

4:18 for maximum cringe

No. 128593

i really hope they dont breed…

No. 128603

they ruined such a nice house with their stupid stickers and posters everywhere. And why would you get a house when you have to literally crawl up and down the stairs on your hands and knees just to get to your bedroom?

No. 128609

Yeah I don't get that. Both your dog and your wife can't go up the stairs and you still get the house?

No. 128610

Such a gorgeous home, it makes me want to live there. Watching Martina trying to get up those stairs just made me sad, think they will install one of those chair lift things elderly use?

Poor Spudgy, I think i feel the worst for him. That dog is best in a flat where he can get around by himself.

No. 128629

So just because English isn't someone's native language means that they can't speak it well and shouldn't be allowed to teach? I'm sorry but native speakers are horrible English teachers precisely because they don't know how much effort goes into learning English, many of them don't even have teaching degrees. Unless they speak with a really thick accent I don't see the problem.

No. 128673

Ew, why does she think talking like a retard makes her look cute?

Anybody else think they have a weird DD/LG thing going on?

No. 128696

I agree, it's like they filled their house with random garbage. I feel like you'd walk in and they'd say "Lel so funny right look at our meme wall!"
also: "asparagus with buh-neeto on it which is like a fish" …what. Bonito IS fish, it's fish flakes. They really are stupid aren't they?

No. 128878

>oh-HI-yo go-ZAIMASS
>urrhmuhgurd sailor moon event in ruh-PUHngii hills!

I'm just amazed they can't even handle basic pronunciation. I thought speaking Korean would be more difficult.

No. 128884

Did anybody see the video of them walking Spudgy and talking to ALL of their neighbors in English, even though the neighbors were speaking Japanese to them? I guess they already learned how to order, so everything else must be meaningless to learn now.

lol their korean pronunciation sucked too. back in the day, people called out Simon for using the wrong grammar when ordering, and his excuse was that nobody could understand his simple pronunciation mistake when using the right word. Martinas pronunciation of Bibimbap hurts me everytime.

No. 128890

What do they even do that they can just live in korea/japan without a real job?

No. 128891

Thats not what that anon said at all. They said "even europeans who arent native english speakers get chosen as teachers over asians" because somehow being white seems to give a more authentic english lesson

No. 128914

That house is SO cute and cozy for two people. I love the kitchen and bathroom/washing room especially, but those idiots ruined it with stickers. Why can't they just use photo frames on the wall and put stickers in one spot? i don't get it. They are my age ( i just turned 30) and I would feel too childish in such a place. That home really is cute, but it seems like they haven't grown up at all since living in korea and continue to remain so ignorant about cultures.

No. 128917

Martina's stupid voices drives me up a wall.

Also she seems to be gaining more weight. Look at her ham arms.

No. 129146

File: 1462893529514.png (298.02 KB, 644x535, theyknoweverythingtojapan.png)

Simon and Martina are coming to Norway's biggest anime/nerd-con (Desucon) where they will talk about Japan…since they are sooo knowledgeable.

In Norwegian: "They'll talk about Japan, food and everything they have experienced during their travels"

…I wonder how much they got paid?

No. 129148

Video from when some Norwegian organizers visited them:

They actually seem OK here tbh. Still themselves but less annoying than their videos

No. 129151

jfc this makes me so mad. as if desucon wasn't a shitty enough convention already.

No. 129155

aren't cons in general pretty shitty?
Not that Desucon is that great anyway…

No. 129158

well yeah, but desucon is the worst of the worst
still gonna go tho lmao, its not like we have that many conventions to choose from in norway

No. 129249

They're still excited about bento boxes, tiny figurines and the covers to keep a bathtub warm in Japan. I doubt they'd be knowledgeable about anything.

No. 129296

You guys are annoying and don't pay attention to local rules. I hate these guys so much

No. 129496

Simon is so greasy, even his cat is trying to help him out

No. 129510

Their house is nice. I'm a bit jealous negl

No. 136721

File: 1464902528288.png (551.52 KB, 847x429, Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 2.21…)

No. 136724

File: 1464903195839.png (250.53 KB, 370x377, martina.png)

so gross

No. 136750

What on earth is her hair? She thinks that looks good?

Also kek at her brows and make up, and her fucking outfit. Jesus. I'd be embarrassed if I knew her, looks like som dd/lg type shit.

No. 136752

She always does her hair in a way that keeps it flattened to her head. That combined with the shape of her forehead makes it look like she's balding, and the bleached eyebrows make it even worse. I'm willing to bet she would look ten times better if she tried putting some volume in her hair and ditched the pink eyebrows.

No. 136760

Oh lord. She's so fat and she dresses like a 6 year old child… It's so embarrassing.

No. 136761

Martina looks horrendous. I'm sure the Japanese people are laughing at her. Simon doesn't look too bad here. He has potential if he had a better haircut and got into better shape.

No. 136763

She would look legit better with dark brown or black hair. She had a brunette wig in a make over video once. Someone else did her makeup, of course. She's over 30 years old and still can't do her makeup in a flattering way. She speaks like a teenager, it's embarrassing.

No. 136769

She looks good with this hair.

No. 136771

I'm amazed she didn't see this and instantly think "wow, I really need to change my style to be more like this." It's so obvious how drastically improved she appears with different hair and makeup.

No. 136807

Woah! She's still pretty awkward looking, but she doesn't look disgusting like she usually does. This is such a huge improvement.

No. 136811

Please remove yourself from this earth.

No. 137251

I'd be so embarrassed to leave the house looking like that. Is she really in her 30s?

No. 137253

she looks like she cried or is absolutely not used to wearing contacts in the beginning.

She looks so good in this style. I wish she would recognise that.

No. 137288

did anyone see the IG video post of her being reunited with simon after 2 weeks being apart? he's crying…such a big baby lol

No. 137320

Probably because she's choosing what she does based on what she likes. Her entire style is like this: over the top colorful kawaii. Maybe she likes that makeup, maybe she doesn't. It definitely looks way better though. It looks a lot less awkward.

No. 137324

What a child. 2 weeks ain't shit. I'd understand if it were like 2 months maybe.

No. 137976

File: 1465287998877.jpg (234.6 KB, 799x1178, IMG_20160607_172615.jpg)


No. 138027

I don't really follow these two but oh dear, they have both aged in a pretty unfortunate way. The terrible fashion choices dont help either, tbh.

No. 138031

They look so normal. Cute even

No. 138035


In some semblance at her defense, I think the shirt is a promo. Sharla has been wearing shirts from the same company and is now giving two away (one is even the shirt Martina is currently wearing)/has a discount code, so I think Martina isn't far behind.

The company is smart, it's total weebware and like this they'll get a solid amount of customers. It's cute stuff just not for 30+ year old women to be wearing.

No. 138036

I don't know if it's aging so much as constantly pulling stupid faces in pictures and weight gain on the both of them.

No. 138058

wow this was actually cute.

No. 138682

File: 1465517469056.jpeg (32.3 KB, 400x400, image.jpeg)

I don't understand why that bag was even necessary…. an actual child's school bag…

Is it really THAT hard to find something classy like pic related?? Sailormoon has so much shit catered to its older fanbase, I wouldn't be surprised if they had nice bags.

She needs to learn to wear what suits her over what she likes, even if what suits her most of the time isn't what she likes. What a fucking cringefest- this is really why I didn't like the idea of them coming to Japan.

No. 138689


That Sailor Moon collection DOES have some older age range bags like the moonstick ones. But yeah, this one just screams weeb.

No. 138690


Can I just ask… why do these pair of nellies have 1M subs?

No. 138717

They started dating in college and have not been apart since. They have a really dysfunctional codependent relationship. I'd miss my fiance like crazy if she was gone for two weeks, but as long as we spoke on the phone and/or skype, it wouldn't be so bad. I definitely wouldn't cry like the giant manchild that is Simon.

No. 138721

Simon is weirdly attached and way too dependent on Martina in his daily life. He likes to show off how #goalzzzz their relationship is, but he obviously can't function like a regular adult if she's not with him 24/7. He quit his job to be a youtuber but couldn't stand the fact that Martina wanted to keep her regular job as a teacher and he wanted them to work together 24/7. And the way that he talks about their love is really creepy too. I don't know how to explain it. He doesn't even seem endearing talking about it, he just says everything so matter of factly and it's just weird.

No. 138732

I know this thread hates on both of them but I honestly feel that Martina is too good for him

No. 138736

Who goes to the airport 16 hours ahead

No. 138739

Simon has a cute 1990s sitcom vibe to him. What the fuck happened?? Now he's such a greasy hipster. I hate his ugly beard, and he's losing his hair. The tight bun hairstyles don't help either.

No. 138740

That bag is actually pretty cute. Yeah, with the reboot of the new SM trash anime, they started making new bags and purses geared towards women in their 20s and 30s. Martina is literally wearing a child's backpack, which is massive cringe.

It took them a very long time to reach 1mil subs. I think they only reached that goal last year? They were a niche in Korea. I'm not ashamed to say I used to watch EYK back when they were just reviewing kpop videos with kpop music monday. It started off as them sending blogs to their parents in Canada and let them know South Korea isn't North Korea, but then they got popular as canadians in SKorea, talking about music shit. They used to be entertaining and kind of endearing, but the fame went to their head.

Then for some reason they got a huge fanbase who supported them on kickstarter to get their studio and even travel around the world to speak at conventions. What did they speak about? I honestly don't know.

No. 138751

Yeah, and Sharla looks like hideous weeb trash too.

No. 138756

I would never forget them buying cheap mass produced shit off Taobao and just slapping their logo and charging 4x the price.
And the cringe when they interviewed kpop stars.

No. 138766

Their music mondays and food segments are what made me like them at first. They seemed really excited to share new stuff with people, especially with the music. I loved how they would also show other types of Korean music like indie stuff, instead of the usual "TOP 10 KPOP BANDS HERE IS BIG BANG"

Now I cannot sit through 5 minutes of their long ass EYS episodes. It's a completely different channel and it's so dull. Even their food segments are boring because it's just yakiniku/sushi/food that we've seen 50 million times already.

No. 141287

Nailed it. Also it annoys me that they made everything about themselves rather than about the country… Like… I would rather maybe learn something about Tokyo Tower, the university or the best Manga Café but i only see them having an awkward ass fuck weekly challenge, talking about how great they are and when they are travelling wherever and so on and so on. EYK was really allabout korean culture and food. EYS is just them worshipping themselves.

No. 141299

I get the impression they can't do as many out and about things due to Martina's worsening illness so the little challenges are a way to keep the content up. I haven't enjoyed the challenges but I sympathize with her.

No. 141549


I sympathizenwith her too but i then again i can't understand how they are buying ahouße with a staircase when they could of easily boght a bungalow or a house with only one story (which are popular in japan)

No. 141564

Yeah exactly. Now it's a channel only about them and they aren't interesting or compelling enough to do it. Plus the challenges are stupid as fuck.

I sympathise with her, but at the same time as the anon said, why get a house with stairs? Also, why buy bikes? And her having to sit down/be less mobile isn't limiting to their videos. Their previous EYK videos were largely sitting. They could easily go back to their music mondays/item reviews, hell, they could get local food probably delivered or get Simon to record the getting the food segment and then they eat the food at home if Martina can't leave that day.

You can easily work around her immobility.

No. 141672

Didn't they stop music monday's because they didn't really follow the latest music anymore? and also because the fans would fight each other to death after each episode like the obsessed kpop fans they were?

Also maybe they bought bikes because at least now she can still somewhat enjoy it.
Don't get me wrong, I"m not trying to whiteknight them (even if I'll admit that I think they're fine other then a tad bit cringy at this point) but I can't imagine how it is knowing you will get more and more immobile.

Would like to see them go back to music monday's though.

No. 141674

It doesn't have to be music mondays, but I just miss their segments tbh. I'm in the same boat, I don't hate them or anything, I just think they've become a weird mix of boring and cringe since they've moved to Japan.

And true, I definitely get what you mean about them trying to live life to the fullest until Martina can't really move anymore, but at the same time shouldn't they have taken some care with like a single story house? It sucks they had to get rid of the EYKmobiles, those were probably great for them in Seoul.

No. 141679

I agree, their segments is what was the most fun to me. These days I don't really watch/follow them anymore, but that's also because they cater more to the 15 year old weeabo/koreaboo audience. Which is fine by me, it's what pays the bills, it's just not for me anymore.

As for the housing, I agree and am kinda curious what made them decide to live there instead of on ground floor.

In the end, I just can't help feel sad that Martina, who's still pretty young, will loose her mobility. That's some nightmare shit to me. I guess due to that I"m willing to just let them be a couple weebs for as long as they want to. Dunno how that opinion is here exactly, but I always thought they were a cute couple and I just hope the best for them.

No. 141680

Kpop fans are some seriously deranged fuckers.

No. 146449

no lol they love hyuna bc they see Kim Hyuna and hyunA as 2 different people and that Kim Hyuna is really hardworking and sweet

One summer of college exchange in seouland being a retarded koreaboo reading netizenbuzz was enough for me to figure out who they love and who they dont

No. 146450


they stopped it cuz they're racist assholes and it was much more evident in their music mondays

theres a reason they're SO hated in korea
I think thats the real reason they moved
even in that video they did with that japanese lady who eats a lot of food all the comments were by koreans in korea saying how much they hate eyk

No. 146462

I wish I could read Korean because the Korean to English google translate is notoriously shit, but from what I could make out a lot of the hating comments from Koreans are pretty petty?

Like they seem weirdly obsessed with the fact that EYK said it was hard to find a place with a bathtub in Korea but they had a place with a tub in Seoul or something. Also they just seem really upset that EYK is talking positive about Japan and were negative about Korea but they just moved to Japan so obviously they won't have as much bad stuff to say? Like I'm sure after 8 years or whatever in Japan they'd have videos talking about bad experiences as well.

No. 146520

imo they were mad because eyk never actually tried and all they did was complain about korea pm the entire time they were here.

they hit all the marks of stereotypical expats: didn't speak the language, and did nothing but complain but stuck around because their options back home are shit as well. despite all of this they acted like ~experts~ on korea and ofc it made korean people mad

No. 146523

I don't think they only complained though. They made videos on issues in Korea like the prostitution industry and the whole 'respect your elders at all costs' thing which I didn't see as complaints. Most of their videos were happy and promoting Korea.

Idk, I'm not the biggest fan of theirs anymore but I don't think they did a terrible job in Korea. Though I do admit I don't understand how they didn't become fluent after 8 years.

No. 147296

So… They are off to a convention in Europe or whatever, and what did they do with their pets?
Because just the other day Martina had to fly solo back to Canada because they did not have anyone they trusted with their pets.

No. 147493

I've been out of the loop for a while but I never felt like they complained a lot by any means.
They might have never been the most integrated of all people but to me they never came across as intentionally mean are disrespectful.

No. 147513

IMHO they were just average dumb foreigners who came to Korea for shits and giggles. For some reason people expected them to be super serious and scholarly and educational.

No. 147571

I dunno maybe because at the time they had just moved to Japan, perhaps in that time between then and now have met someone they are fine with leaving their pets.

No. 147623

Pretty much, they were your average foreign teachers, they had just gotten married and decided to go. They made some vlogs for family which took off and got them where they are now.
Honestly, I never understood why people hate them that much, they're doing fine. If they try to be informative they're hateful cunts against Korea, if they aren't they're ignorant cunts that are hateful against Korea.

I mean wasn't the whole 'slut-shaming' thing because of a single small comment during some Hyuna centered music monday?

No. 147626

tbh, i just think the people going on about how they are disrespectful are the minority. A lot of people just think they are annoying, unfunny immature gross hipsters.

Most of the Korean comments on that video were just calling them gross lmfao and saying things like "There are men on abnormal summit who have been learning Korean for 3 years, yet these two idiots can hardly be understood" which is hilarious because their Korean skills are just the worst

No. 148284

File: 1466945355169.png (382.49 KB, 597x538, gtfo.PNG)

pretty sure their whispering voice is same level as most peoples normal voice lol

No. 148846

I will agree with you on the fact that they never properly learned Korean despite living in South Korea for nearly a decade is insulting. However, they spoke up on a lot of subjects that people almost never discuss in Korea, such as public drunkenness, sexism, the beauty standards of men vs women in Korea, gender inequality, etc etc and I really liked that they did that.

They always stated that their experiences were their opinions and NOT a fact or generalization on all of South Korea, but people will were like 'whaa whaa, you're generalizing so much, Simon!!'

They're kind of annoying now in Japan, but I genuinely liked their segments about info on random subjects in Korea.

No. 148883


I feel like their new "show" focuses more about themselves and how quirky they are together instead of japanese culture or those interessting topics you talked about.

No. 148931

Thay said that they still haven't lived on Japan enough to do stuff like tl;dr

No. 148984

Fair enough imo, in their tl;dr segments they always mentioned how they try to get info and opinions from their Korean friends to avoid just looking at it from an outsiders perspective.

No. 156167

why do they speak english to everybody

No. 156179

I actually like the lavender hair on her. Not so much the neon pink

No. 156235

No. 156291

Usually beginners wear a pre-tied obi, but they need the True Nippon Experience desu.

No. 156296

So no one can call them out on how shitty their Japanese is.

No. 159070

i read this whole thread and didn't see anyone mention this so….

waaaay before simon and martina did the north american tour, there were facebook groups that represented a region of the US that were coordinating how to bring simon and martina over. at the time i was a big fan of eyk so i joined my region's group. eventually, the leader of my group said she spoke to soozee (or someone at eyk) and managed to get costs for the trip, which included roundtrip airfare tickets (in fucking business class (minimum) because simon is too tall for coach and martina can't sit in those seats because of her disorder, and hotel/airbnb stays. the fans were also the ones who scouted the locations and venues for these meet ups (and probably paid for them too). i'm not sure but i think spending money for food and touristy stuff, and maybe even car rental/gas was thrown in there too. i don't really remember though

not only that, but this specific trip brought over soozee and leigh as well (whom i still love so nothing against them), so 4 tickets and accomodations needed to be paid for.

so yeah, apparently, on all of these tours and fan meets, the fans fund the bills, which immediately turned me off when i found that out and started my declining interest in eyk.

No. 159089


Why doesn't this surprise me…

No. 159128

everyone's gotta start somewhere and if they don't start somewhere they'll be no better than when they were in korea…

Just fucking speak Japanese, like no one here actually gives half a fuck lmao.

No. 159131

"what is a kimono"
>picture of furisode
"she can't put it on alone"
>putting on a yukata by yourself isn't THAT difficult. there's quite a few steps compared to regular clothing but it's by no means extremely difficult

I mean, they make a living off on youtube… did they not think of looking on youtube for tutorials? Uniqlo has a really well made one (for putting on a yukata and a seperate one for obi tying) and I watched their obi tying tutorial and can tie it pretty well by myself after following and watching the video twice. It's absolutely nooooooot hard.

Did they somehow miss the beauty that are SECOND HAND SHOPS?? I bought my secondhand yukata and obi for $50 total… Still pricey but I would bet Martina's was $50 minimum from what I usually see…

No. 161007

April lavigne post meth addict

No. 172559

they see me rollin, they hatin…

No. 236863

Bumping an old thread, but goddamn fuck these guys.

No. 236865

I get what they're saying and they admit it's a rosy view but like what the fuck. They didn't need to shit on the place that gave them the opportunities and lifestyle they live today. If it wasn't for Koreaboos they'd probably have left Asia years ago.

No. 236872

This video has been out for a while now…
and the points they make made sense…they basically just said Korea was awesome for the time they decided to go but Martina's condition makes it hard to be there and they are getting older and want more quiet? I don't see what's wrong with that. They said they would never take back their time in Korea.

No. 236880

I dont really think there's much milk from them anymore. The only thing worth mentioning is that they're cringy as hell but even they acknowledge that themselves in one of their videos.
Just an old white couple living their weeb fantasy, they don't really go out of their way to offend anyone so you can easily ignore them if you dislike them.

No. 236886

It made sense but at the same time they are comparing two vastly different experiences. Like in Seoul they lived in the centre and if I remember right even in the party district, so obviously it was extremely crowded and busy. If they had gone to a suburb like where they are now in Japan it probably would have been very similar.
Also putting in their experiences as a boss vs just a preformer for a parent company is also not the best way to compare their experiences because obviously one is a lot more work than the other. Like maybe if they would've joined that one company that like every kvlogger is in right now it would've been a better comparison?

Either way I know I'm being nitpicky, I just didn't see their comparison as that great. I would've liked maybe a lifestyle comparison and then professional one or something.

No. 238785

How can anyone even try to defend this cringefest?

No. 238825

Why does this bitch still have pink hair?

No. 260883

Came to complain about one of their newest videos. I've been meaning to unsubscribe from them for years since I haven't been watching their videos. Decided to watch this one randomly.

Cringiest fucking thing I've seen in a long time, I honestly think they're getting worse. They're in a ramen shop talking like excitable 14 year old weebs and trying to make their noodles that are swimming in oil and a pig skull look like food porn by slowing them down. They keep slurping their noodles really loudly as Simon explains how it's some kind of superior way of eating and Martina scoffs at him for not knowing how to do it (yay Martina! would you like a pat on the back?). Just because the Japanese do it, doesn't mean you have to you weebs. Then as Martina is explaining some of the history of the place Simon slurps right into his microphone and makes grunting noises so that she's inaudible.

I feel ill, finally unsubscribed.

No. 261083

I wonder how many of their older fans from when they were EYK in Korea still follow them?

It's as if they are mentally stunted at 20 years old.

No. 261128


Why the fuck did I watch that? I'm not even vego and that pig head coming out of the broth made me gag.

Also, the food porn bit was funny in one video, in the next 200 videos it's boring and kind of gross.

No. 261153

What makes me really angry about them is that their videos never evolve. They are so self-centered that they forget to take their content to a higher level.

When they film in that ramen shop i din't believe for one second that they do it to show us what ramen in japan is like but rather show us how awesome they are and what cool shit they get to do in japan.

Back in korea they at least had some humor going a long with it (fapfap and wanks) now they are just two greasy weebs with fucked up hair who brag about their awesome life in tokyo, dropping a disease/anxiety/depression video from time to time so viewers "connect". The whole channel is cringe.

No. 261182

I used to follow them back when Korea was new to me and I actually enjoyed their music reviews, I discovered a lot of great artists through that. But now I just cringe at how they still act in the same giddy way in public. 0.30 onward, for example.

Lol sorry. I think it's just the fact that the food they're eating isn't that nice? Like if it was a lovely colourful ramen that was photogenic I'd understand why you'd want to film it. But it was just an oily, meaty one. Makes me think that this whole time despite living in Asia, they probably haven't been very adventurous with their food…

No. 261188

>When they film in that ramen shop i din't believe for one second that they do it to show us what ramen in japan is like but rather show us how awesome they are and what cool shit they get to do in japan.

You're spot on. They even cover things that have been done to death just as a reminder that they are INDEED still in Japan. Some of their recent video titles: Training in Samurai City, What is Tonkotsu Ramen?, What is Onigiri?, One Year in Japan!, Japanese White Strawberries…for $40?!?!

Like we get it, you're in Japan rn and you think you're the first to introduce the world to the concept of onigiri.

No. 261289

Wait, did they seriously not know what Onigiri was before moving to Japan?? Because there are Japanese shops in Canada and they've traveled around the world before… It's a very common food when relating to Japan. Or are they that dumb??

No. 261294

Holyshit, why does this bitch still have pink hair? It's like, that isn't that issue but she never learned to dye or style her hair properly in all these years?? ffs she was living in Korea for nearly a decade.

Also, Simon has been balding for a while.

No. 261325

>now they are just two greasy weebs with fucked up hair who brag about their awesome life in tokyo, dropping a disease/anxiety/depression video from time to time so viewers "connect". The whole channel is cringe.

damn, anon. You got my feelings down exactly lol

No. 261337

>What is Onigiri?
>What is Ramen?
>GUYS, we are covering a topic that's been covered 1000 times before but did you know that JAPAN is WACKY?

What a bunch of insufferable shits

No. 261352

She explains that she had her first at age 5 and it's basically just a video explaining what onigiri are to a fanbase that obviously already knows what they are. It's kind of pointless imo. It ony serves to remind people that they're in Japan and know ~so much more~ than we do. Lol every basic weeb knows what an onigiri is, it's not that exciting.

No. 276296

I always thought simon was a little bit gay but he never assumed it so he decided to marry martina and hide his true sexual orientation

No. 302659


God I cringed so much looking at all of the rubbish they left on the table, normal people don't eat like this lol. Is it actually a thing in Japan to be rejected from an onsen for tattoos?

No. 302667

Yeah it is. Some of the bigger ones have been getting more lax if you have one or two small ones but she has a whole sleeve, definitely a no-go. It's not really a Yakuza association anymore but more of a impropriety/cultural thing. But it's slowly going away as more and more people are getting tattoos.

No. 320372

I'm late but damn you are retarded, anon.

No. 320388

…I loled

No. 368429

File: 1502132081487.png (84.96 KB, 960x661, IMG_1115.PNG)

Guys it happened. Simon finally shaved off his shitty hair.

No. 368434

Thanks for necroing the thread with useless info

No. 368436

Should've just posted in the Jvlogger general.

No. 368484

This is news. He is no longer "fun-yeah". He looks good.
After they ran off with their korean video fans money they make this video. That studio money went to this japan move.

No. 368490

They are reading the stitutiin wrong. They are successful now. The neighbors know they are famous. So they are curious. They have money now so they live better. Get real.
I will agree that koreans can be foul but japanese get huffy about their language as well. Its that they are weird white people so they can say what they want.
I hate korean driving as well.
They do seem happier now.

No. 368942

i saw this thread after i just found out about them and i've been marathoning their videos for a week now. i read some of the thread and saw just ppl complaining about "old koreaboos" so i wont bother reading this whole thing.

i like em.

No. 369200

Thanks for letting us know this riveting information

No. 434470

File: 1511986969184.jpg (55.24 KB, 697x250, IMG_6691.JPG)

They're the first youtubers I've seen go for the YouTube Partnership thing now.

It's getting pretty ridiculous, people keep asking about their old segments/what people actually subscribed to them for but they're just excusing it by saying it "takes too long". Here's an idea, just don't do a fucking food video with you stuffing your faces for once.

But wait! They actually do have time for their old segments! It's just going to be exclusively for people who pay now!

No. 545424

File: 1522786309487.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1242x1567, 3ACC7A81-F39B-4225-A6DC-1C04CC…)

Simon has no life outside of his sick wife. I know people show emotion differently, but he’s just so eager to out everything out there. Crying on camera abiut how much he loves Martina, ‘encouraging’ her to speak up about her disease so he can go on abiut how much he helps her everyday, etc. Its good that he loves his wife, but its almost unhealthy how he puts her in this pedestal. At least Martina has friends and reaches out to other jvlogging women. Does Simon even have any male friends?

No. 545654

no which is probably why he is with her. seems like he has no confidence of his own

No. 545675

Wait, so they have a patreon now? Is that what's paying for their living in Japan?

No. 546028


dang she looks a lot like margaret palermo here

No. 713905

Simon is getting more hideous by the day and the glasses he is wearing in their latest video (about Tempura) make me want to punch him in the face.

Their hipster bullshit is out of control.

No. 715329

Didn't Simon and Martina say they were leaving Korea becuz their original studio did not accomodate for Martina's condition? She kept crying about how painful it was using the stairs then they move to Japan to an apartment with the same issues like the one in Korea

No. 715339

>literally no milk

No. 715346

Literally the only thing they've done lately is have their dog cremated.

Otherwise they're just weebs sperging out in their tiny Japanese apartment and eating food.

No. 715389

I never got that either. They could have moved back to Canada where they have citizenship and free health care, but no?

It's odd they moved to Japan where i doubt a country that dislikes foreigners would have a good effect on Martina's health.


Also, RIP Spudgy.

No. 717159

he made a vid about his tattoos and the meaning behind them, and basically implied he wanted to kill himself at one point but martina came into his life and he had something to live for. gives an explanation as to why hes so obsessed with her but still unhealthy as fuck, what will he do when she finally kicks the bucket? an hero probably

No. 717161

their reasoning was they wanted to live in japan for a bit at least before martina became totally bedridden. i've always been confused as to why they're now going to japan when its been "the plan all along! we never thought about living in korea for so long, our minds were always set on japan!!"

No. 885758

simon and martina are super positive and creative. i love watching their videos, u can really see how genuinely good they are unlike the people in these comments. They have been doing this since before they could get money off of youtube, back in 2008. I see how nasty the world can be on these forums.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 989695

File: 1592603067135.png (1.02 MB, 936x600, sm.PNG)

sorry for necroing, but seems like there's trouble in nipponland. this post makes it seem like simon is finally fed up with martina and is ready to move on like the narcissistic asshole he is.

No. 989823

Maybe it's time for them to settle down and move back to Canada.

No. 989932

Jesus, couple’s therapy? I guess putting up with Martina is finally taking its toll on him after all these years. I remember watching an old, old video where they said they never argue outside of work/video related thing lol, and some videos where Martina mentions how Simon is learning how to do her hair and make up for days when she physically can’t. In their Korea and Japan morning routine videos, he gets up so much earlier to prep everything for her. Not to shift all of this on Martina since it’s not like she can help her EDS, but damn. On a side note, I also can’t really stand her #buildaladder stuff because it reminds me of that fake tumblr positivity lol

No. 990219

Its weird to think about how their youtube careers died. If they never changed from EYK to EYS they still would have been relevant especially with how popular kpop is nowadays.
The majority of their fanbase were kpop fans and they ruined that when they decided to make their channel about japan.

No. 990230

I think it’s more to do with being tired dealing with a terminal diseases be him being a narc anon lol

Was waiting for him to crack or her to die, no one should have to bear all the burden on their shoulders

No. 990233

This is kind of sad. I was not too long ago watching Eat your kimchi videos from 6 or so years ago when i first got into them and they always seemed like a really good couple, but I noticed Martina did talk over Simon a lot and kinda belittle him. I hope they are doing well, because they still seemed happy together and he gushed about her a lot. I'm glad he seems to be taking better care of himself though because he was getting fat in Korea and seemed depressed.

No. 990234

They've always been anime/vidya fans first and KPop fans second, Nonny; it's just a lot harder to teach English in Japan than it is Korea.

No. 990235

Honestly, their show was fun in Korea, but once they moved to Japan, it's like they became generic white people talk about Japan 2.0. It was boring and i lost interest. I think they should also move back to Canada. What is the healthcare system like in Japan? I cant imagine it's as good as Canada is to foreigners.

No. 990244

This is probably more to do with the stress of being a spouse to someone who's literally deteriorating in front of their eyes. Martina can barely walk these days and as cringey as they both are, that's a horrible way to go.

I honestly wonder how they're paying the bills now. They were HUGE with the kpop fans and if they'd stuck in Korea they could've ridden the EXO and BTS waves and probably be world-known. Now they're just riding what little fanbase they have left. There are too many Japan vloggers and not enough Korean ones even though they moved to Japan to do it before Martina couldn't physically enjoy it.

No. 990246

I honestly feel bad for Martina. This is a chronic condition, so she'll have it forever and it only gets worse, right? I always liked her and Simon and they were pretty unoffensive people in EYK. ignorant at most, but i liked them for their fun skits. I bet this is taking an emotional toll on both of them. Shit sucks

No. 990248

Their Exo shit was my favorite and I wish they would have stayed in Korea and kept going with the Kpop stuff. No other vlogger is doing Kpop shit now in the type of format they had. They even got to interview bands like Ukiss. If they stayed, they probably could have interviewed Got7 and other english speaking bands. I heard they stopped EYK in Korea because of death threats. Knetizens are wild.

No. 990249

Are you being ironic by calling hEDS a terminal disease, or am I missing something?

No. 990263

Damn, remembering that gives me major nostalgia, I loved their song "reviews" as a kid lol They actually even interviewed Shinee. They were so popular (and kind of "important" to foreign fans, I got most of my info from them) already during a time kpop wasn't even that big yet in the west (I'd argue that Japan/weeb culture still had the upper hand back then), now with the insane boom of kpop they would have made millions. Just look how many subscribers and views people get for mere kpop reaction videos, there's were silly but so much more creative. They're so dumb, that money could have made Martina's (and his) life so much easier…
I seriously wonder what they live off nowadays, their latest videos are mainly streams and have less than 100k views, that's nowhere near enough for Tokyo…
>I heard they stopped EYK in Korea because of death threats.
I thought it's because Martina's illness made them realize that they "must follow their true dreams (which is living out their weeb fantasy in Nippon) immediately" or something like that?

No. 990285

It's definitely gotten worse. In a few videos she's had to sit on stairs and inch her way down and says some days the best she can do is bike to the store before going back to bed. In their day routine video she dislocated her jaw and popped it back in on camera. Shit's intense.


Also didn't they stop their weekly music segment because of foreign fans being obnoxious shits as well? It was so many years ago I can scarcely remember. I wonder what ever happened to Suzy and the other girl. Do you think they're still earning money off the You Are Here cafe they helped open a few months before they moved to Japan?

No. 990298

if you ever watch the video he has about his tattoos, he mentions he has had really bad depression for a long time and planned to kill himself, and meeting martina gave him a reason to live. watching her slowly spiral into sickness is probably taking a huge toll on him, and already having underlying depression will make everything a million times worse. when spudgy died and they did a stream in remembrance, he was the one who had tears in his eyes/was crying constantly meanwhile martina was upset but every time she was going to crack she sucked it back in and stayed chipper. I wouldn't be surprised that once martina bites the dust he'll go through with an hero.

No. 990307

>That Wolf review
Oh man, memories. I remember when Exo just debuted and i had a good time watching their light hearted reviews about them.

I think if they would have stuck with Kpop music monday or stayed in Korea doing Kpop stuff in general, they would have been huge. They would have probably even moved onto BTS stuff eventually. Japan seems like such a cope out. I know they've been living there for 4 years or whatever now, but they cant be making any money from just being in Japan vs Korea and having their own company.

>death threats

I heard kpop stans in korea/Korean stans made death threats to their dog because they didnt like foreigners criticizing their oppas.

No. 990318

Oh shit, I was wondering when they were going to break up. They made a lot of money in Korea and even had their own cafe. I can't believe they blew everything off and went to Japan when there were already a lot of Japan foreigner vlogers at the time. They could've solidified their presence like how Megan Bowen did.

No. 990619

I'm honestly really surprised they still live in a 2 story house, it's like she doesn't want to accept that she needs either a chair lift or a bungalow since her EDS is just getting worse as expected and come on Simon is basically becoming her full time carer.

No. 990742

Not sure what Soozee and Leigh do to earn money, but they do have their own channel called “Do Stuff”. I remember when they fucked off to Japan, they said they didn’t want people bothering Soozee and Leigh and something like the two of them wanted privacy, but they were starting up their own YT channel. They very obviously ended on bad terms if Simon and Martina didn’t want to help promo them lol. I think when they left, they left the cafe in the hands of the other people they opened it with (I think the people who made the Talk To Me in Korean). I think it’s just closed now though.

No. 990743

Honestly I was so fucking dumbfounded when they first moved to Japan and got a two story house. Martina has to have known what a fucking strain they would have been on her down the line. From the moment they brought Spudgy to Japan, the poor old dog couldn’t get up those stairs. Should’ve just lived in a fuckin apartment and saved themselves the trouble, what the fuck do they need a whole house for?

No. 991784

from what i remember their house is quite small, like apartment sized. it has a garden and they aren't right on top of their neighbors so there was probably a novelty to it after being in cramped seoul apartment buildings for 7/8 years.

No. 1023949

They’ve moved back to Canada.

They put a “bye (for now) japan” little caption in there, which makes me wonder if they really intend on going back to live there again. Curious as to what their content will be now since they’ve always banked on showcasing the food and culture of Korea/Japan to Westerners. What do you show Westerners when you’re back to living in the West with no way to travel back? I was thinking maybe they could do what KEMan does with flying back and forth, but I doubt they have the money for it, plus it’d probably be a big strain on Martina’s body. KEMan also has a huge Korean audience so they have no problem showcasing aspects of the west and having a lot of success with it (plus their colorful cast of friends and family), but EYK rarely feature guests in their channels and I think most of their audience is just westerners. I think this is a big make or break moment in their careers.

No. 1023993

Shit. thanks for the update. Honestly, they should have moved back to Canada years ago. I hope Martina goes there to live a happier life, dealing with her illness.

No. 1024004

I honestly forgot they existed. My sister loved K-POP and watching them, but I thought they were a bit obnoxious. That being said, I always felt bad for Martina and her EDs, I’m sad to see she’s deteriorated so bad, but I’m happy she’s finally going home for help.

No. 1024300

Wow, they're #15 on trending. Their career might not be dead after all.
When I saw this all I could think was that they had to leave because of COVID and I guess I was partially right. At least they have access to healthcare and everything in Canada.

No. 1024327

Wasn't Japan kicking foreigners out because of COVID-19, or was that just Americans? That could be why they are currently back in Canada.

While they're definitely cringe, I've watched them since their officetel days in Bucheon. They definitely should have stayed in Korea, but I enjoyed their Japan videos, and Korea and Japan both suck as a whole with handicap accessibility so I get traveling to as many countries with little to no handicap availability in most Asian countries as they could while Martina was still able to get around with just a cane.

I think overall they're going to really slow down their Youtube production or may quit all together, especially if Simon is going back to school. If COVID-19 prolongs them further enough from going back and Martina ends up being wheelchair bound by the time they're able to, I don't think they'll be able to go back anyway. That is probably what will happen.

I know everyone was really critical of them 1. getting their Seoul office in a building that didn't have an elevator and 2. renting a 2 story home because of Martina's disability and I think it's valid criticism, but I don't think either one of them really knew how quickly Martina would deteriorate. From an outsider, it seemed obvious but the two of them always seemed to be in denial. (Their channel is over ten years old and Martina's EDS has gotten waaay worse in the past 2 years.)

I also see this "make or break moment", as a break tbh; people subscribed to them for Korea/Japan videos. If they made it clear that they will return to Japan when they're able to, I don't think this would have a lasting effect on their videos. But saying that they may never return? Midnight munchies and build a letter videos ain't it.

No. 1024333

From a human standpoint I think this was definitely the best choice for them, especially Martina. But from an entertainment standpoint no way am I going to watch them if they're in Canada. Wish them good luck though.

No. 1024404


Neither of them are wearing wedding rings, Martina is in a basement, and Simon is in a nice apartment with their furniture and a new dog. They definitely aren't together anymore.

No. 1024412

Oh shit, good catch anon. I thought maybe they were just a couple who didn't wear their rings, but skimming through some old videos, they're wearing them.

I know they must love their pets equally, but it always felt like Martina favored Spudgy a little more and Simon favored Meemers a little more so I was a little surprised when Martina didn't show up in the Fudgy video. I chalked it up to her EDS being really bad, but if they aren't together anymore, I wouldn't be surprised if Martina never finds herself ready for another dog. I remember seeing Martina get super choked up at Simon mentioning getting another dog (I think the Totoro cream puff video).

No. 1024433

Given that they had to quarentine, I want to give the benefit of a doubt that they each had to go back to their respective family homes and then they just uploaded the videos later. Especially since Meemers was with Martina in her video and then suddenly Meemers was in the video with the new dog despite Martin's first video being during mandatory quarantine.

Seems odd that if they weren't together anymore the cat would be shuffled around from place to place, especially if Simon is more attached to the cat.

No. 1024459

I don't believe that, but I'm not sure why they wouldn't be wearing rings. I can believe Martina maybe some kind of joint issue (I don't know shit about EDS but maybe it could swell her joints?) but Simon not wearing one seems really weird. Are we sure that they used to? I'd be genuinely pretty sad if they broke up. As cringey as they could be they seemed really good together.

No. 1024474

you think? Martinas hanging out with her mom for her quarantine and Simon went to hang out with his parents and probably take it upon himself to get them a new place. It wouldnt make sense that theyd split up

No. 1024503

File: 1597698837227.png (140.89 KB, 1091x778, crossover.png)

I always wonder what they live off, even when in Japan, their views are just way too little. Plus now they're no longer young, they moved to Korea over a decade ago and I don't think they really worked in different fields pre-youtube, so what will Simon work as, who's gonna hire him?

I wonder whether they regret ever leaving Korea, with the current kpop boom they could have made so much, which could have granted Martina a much easier and comfier life.

No. 1024530

File: 1597701659984.jpeg (132.64 KB, 828x394, C5B08707-C52E-43A7-9F71-FF3BE4…)

They’ve already changed their YouTube about section to include the new dog. I think it would be weird if they chose to update their profile like this before announcing that theyre broken up, which makes me think they’re separated temporarily. Tbh I think that’s healthy for them because they seemed codependent and lacking boundaries.

No. 1024608

not trying to argue this but i have stopped wearing rings and shit due to covid hand washing and hand sani but yea…they over.

No. 1024902

I think Martina is just quarantining separately from Simon before she moves in with him at their new place. Simon very likely went over first to quarantine and then set up their new place so she could just move over, and after her quarantine, move in where Simon has already got everything settled. Makes sense to me tbh I don’t think they’re breaking up

No. 1024951

I think moving back was probably the best choice for them but this will probably be the death of their YouTube channel. I won't unsubscribe because I like watching their older videos on Korea and Japan. But as a Canadian myself I have no interest in videos about Canada or their lives in general.>>1024902

No. 1024965

Why did they name the new dog Fudgy? Don’t do Spudgy like that

No. 1024983

Probably fanservice

No. 1025040

I haven't watched anything of theirs in over a year but I spent the better part of yesterday watching videos after seeing this thread updated. They're still annoying to some degree but there's definitely still something nice about their videos, especially the informative ones about grocery costs and how to do the recycling.

I didn't even consider that. The way the intro vid of the dog was made, the first thing you see is the puppy taking a poop the moment Simon picked him up from the breeders? home so I just assumed it was a spur of the moment naming.

No. 1025144

I like their videos on Japan and Korea too, very much but like I said I'm not interested in videos about living Canada personally and their shitty personalities aren't enough to keep me watching either.

No. 1025174

As someone mentioned, the ring thing may be Martina not wearing it because of her joints, or it could be avoiding the constant handwashing with the ring. The first thing that came to mind for Simon was he is getting in shape, and he is losing weight, so his fingers may be slimmer now and he needs to get his ring adjusted to fit again. Just an idea there.

As for their channel, I don't think it is necessarily dead, it just may be changing audiences and direction. Their channel has been doing that since it began honestly. From life in Korea, to K-pop, to an eating channel, and now it is going to change again. They will still have a dedicated audience as well as gaining new members of it due to the change. I do wonder where their channel will go to now. I'm glad Martina is home and closer to family now. I think that is best for both of them all around.

And yeah, what is the thing with Fudgy. You would think that name would be too close to Spudgy. I didn't even own Spudgy and the name kind of unnerves me. But it's their dog in the end, so if they are happy, so be it.

No. 1035816

Their blog is down and they removed any reference to being married from their about page. Very interesting…(namefag)

No. 1035837

Caps, new friend. Also don't fill out the email bit.

No. 1035916

I've seen comments (can't find them again anymore) from people on their newer videos who have also noticed neither of them wearing their rings and seeming to live apart. They did like a few comments, mainly the ones saying "they wouldn't have split! also their relationship isn't our business!"

idk, anons pretty accurately called it when they were leaving Korea for Japan and when they split contact from Leigh and Soozee, so I don't think it's entirely wrong to think they might have split.

No. 1035921

I was browsing their subreddit and even people there are raising cause for concern regarding their relationship status.

They're clearly aware of the rumors going around. I don't understand why they don't just say something.. anything would be better than silence.

No. 1036010

Any attention is good attention, the mystery around their marital status is what keeps them relevant at the moment.

No. 1036028

nah I think its more that their brand is centered around their relationship and knowing that they split for good would affect that brand greatly. I don't blame them for being hesitant to announce it. It's likely it's not even final.
But I definitely think if they were NOT separated they would have said something by now. But not because they need the negative attention.

No. 1036031

File: 1599681506762.jpeg (657.28 KB, 750x1139, 3D45C585-837B-4C65-AB43-A6BA0E…)

Guess Martina decided to post a pic with Fudgy because people will not stop pointing out how she hasn’t appeared in videos of him yet.

No. 1036035

File: 1599681717748.jpeg (301.92 KB, 750x632, 0ACCE868-74B8-4793-9CB2-BD4368…)

Guess they’re just on a break but don’t want to really announce it straight up. Simon’s mentioned marriage counseling, and someone who follows him on goodreads saw that he was reading a book called “8 dates” or something that’s supposed to be a self help/relationship book. It’s not easy to announce that things are rocky with your partner of 12?? years, who’s relationship with is a central part of your social media presence, but there must really be something going on behind the scenes if they can’t even fake post “Hey guys! Nothing to worry about! We’re just not wearing our rings bc of constant hand washing/other excuse, etc etc. We’re still happily married!” Honest to a fault I guess lol

No. 1036052

I think this is what peopled wanted though. It's vague, like you said they don't want to straight out say "we're on a break" but it's still something.

No. 1036074

I know in one of their Japan trips talking about COVID-19 there, Simon went into a park and talked about how hard he was struggling with being a partner of EDS. It's clear they love each other, but between Martina's rapidly declining condition and being back in Canada in a pandemic after years of living in Asia.. I can't imagine it'd be easy.

No. 1036096

I agree. They both have depression which isn't good and top of that Simon's life was becoming Martina's caregiver.. and I'm not blaming Martina at all, her EDS isn't her fault but if you're already struggling with depression then make your whole life about caring for someone else, it's going to effect your mental health.