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File: 1430015817482.jpg (49.6 KB, 604x603, grossfakeboi.jpg)

No. 70404


Things you need to know about Kaden:
He's a fakeboi
He's a rapist
He's the biggest try hard you'll meet
He sends himself ASKS on tumblr
He wants haku senpai to notice him

No. 70405

I don't think it's so much he wants Haku to notice him but more he wants to wear Hakus skin

No. 70406

Did y'all see the pic of the girl he went to sakura matsuri with on instagram? I think she's still in high school or something, which is kind of pathetic for Kaden if the only friends he can find are wildly out of his age group.

No. 70407

File: 1430021167521.png (524.27 KB, 345x613, lol.PNG)

No. 70408

File: 1430021204958.png (2.05 KB, 150x55, lol2.PNG)

Yeah she's 16

No. 70409

goddammit kaden's face just looks so punchable

No. 70410


No. 70411

How the fuck do you even think that's okay? Fucking disgusting. 16 year olds are basically kids. Not little kids, but their mind set is easily manipulative and shit.

No. 70412


Did he clean up his brows? And is that his girlfriend? How old is he?

No. 70413


I don't think that's his gf. And he's around 19?

No. 70414

Could someone give me the tl;dr of him being a rapist?

No. 70415

He got an underaged person drunk ( I believe they were trans) and mocked their genatils while pretty much manipulating them and sexually assaulting them while they were intoxicated, then bragged about it to everyone he knew, including the fellowship.

No. 70416

That's just some high schooler her took to the Matsuri. He's 19 or 20 right now. That girl is 16 though.

No. 70417


I'm writing this from memory, so someone please correct me if I'm wrong: the gist is that he messed around with someone when he (for context, I think this person is trans) was passed out. Bragged about it with descriptions of the person's genitals in person and via text. Victim does not known that the incident is being discussed on this website and also did not go to the police. Posts about it have been intentionally vague out of respect for the victim.

No. 70418

As someone who knows Kaden and the victim IRL, all of this is true except the victim wasn't passed out. However they were still very very much intoxicated and Kaden forced himself upon them. The victim is indeed also trans. Kaden very much laughed and joked about the incident to everyone afterwards.

No. 70419


I was under the impression that Kaden ended up on lolcow because he made the Haku thread but then someone else claimed credit for it? Do you know what the deal is?

No. 70420

Are you new? He didn't make the haku thread. haku's thread came about through the first fakeboi thread because there was a lot to discuss for him. Then another anon mentioned Kaden and Kaden ended up lurking the haku thread and might of posted once or twice, but he didn't make it or contribute anything big

No. 70421

Same anon but, as far as I know no one else I know in real life who also knew about the Haku thread made it. Though lots of people had a severely strong suspicion that while it wasn't Kaden who started the thread, he was definitely contributing to it. From what I can tell a thread was started for him because he kept on getting brought up on the Haku thread and people wanted to stick to just talking about Haku, so they made a new thread to separate it.

No. 70422


Forgive me for not reading every single post. But thank you for clearing it up nonetheless.

No. 70423

>> 88746


No. 70424

Whoops sorry meant to respond to


I'm new to this type of thread format so excuse my newbie mistakes.

No. 70425

Kaden contributed quite a few things here and there to that thread. I won't say much more since that'll blow who I am but there's certainly things in that thread that only Kaden would of had as much knowledge about. A lot of his actions in real life that are highly suspicious and defensive (a lot of which he hasn't even posted to him Tumblr, surprisingly enough) confirms this.

No. 70426

I just remember once a few secrets were exposed, he ran off to delete his twitter.

No. 70427

It got obvious when posts about the fellowship completely ignored Kaden and his gf but brought up people like Chris instead. Other people started catching on, got hyped up and accused him of starting it.
tl;dr he didn't start it but he's still most likely contributing.

No. 70428

Kaden definitely has a weird hate and love boner for Haku at the same time. I wonder what made Kaden choose Haku as his choice of infatuation.

No. 70429

Yeah, there was a collage of pictures of people who were in the fellowship posted in the Haku thread. Lots of people got suspicous when a lot of people on there were pretty much nobodies to a lot of us cows but those people had been extremely close with Kaden in the past, but all of them dropped him and are still close to Haku to this day.

No. 70430

Whatever the reason Kaden got a thread started, I'm glad he finally got outed for being a rapist.

No. 70431

How are you so sure Kaden "didn't make it anything big"? There's no point defending him posting. Many things there gave him away to anyone that knows him irl.

No. 70432

No idea, but there's definitely something about haku. They do have an interesting personal style about keep a lot of their private life in the shadows, so there is a lot of mystery to them. I don't care too much for their ED, but I would like some of their wardrobe and jewelry. Haku is a young person who knows a lot of people and has a lot of connections. He's also on T, graduating college and doing stuff. He's basically everything Kaden wishes he was.

No. 70433

^ meant "interesting personal style about them and keep…"

No. 70434

The thing that Kaden does not realize is that the reason why Haku is so intriguing is because of the mystery. Same with a lot of celebrities. The ones in the tabloids all the time regularly put their stupidity on display. The ones who are more mysterious are probably just as stupid, but they keep it on the downlow and stay interesting.

No. 70435

It's also interesting seeing that there's been 3-5 people who know Kaden irl actively posting on here revealing stuff about him, and there's certainly many more who are lurking. I don't think I've ever seen that out of any other cow who have had so many people step forward basically affirming "Yeah this guy is a righteous prat".

No. 70436


I'm guessing the twitter was deleted so that no one could confront him publicly and in real time…

No. 70437

The literal worst thing about Kaden is that he reminds SO much of another fakeboi I used to know irl. He's 30 years old, mooched off his wife and never finished college. He's stuck in a ton of debt and basically did the same thing with, (even tho he was married) he targeted underage girls at anime cons to make out with them or more. He would always be shit faced drunk and never actually started T or got top surgery, but did change his name legally. It's crazy how similar their behaviors are. They both tell sexist jokes and treat women like scores on bedpost; thinking it's how 'real guys' would act.

I don't understand this, but kaden is just like the 2.0 ver of that guy I used to know.

No. 70438

It's true. Haku is mainly interesting because of the mystery. He does tend to know a lot of celebs. I was surprised he knew the vocalist of Plasticzooms personally, as well as Juria from tokyo fashion.

No. 70439

As one of the anons who has lurked and posted a bit, I wish there was a way for all the rest of us to figure out who the others are to be able to talk about Kaden but still not reveal our identities since he definitely lurks on here.

No. 70440

The kaden v Haku dynamic reminds me of those cable commercials with "peaked-in-high-school" Rob Lowe versus "successful celeb" Rob Lowe.

No. 70441

Talking in person? Lol

No. 70442


i literally just had a flashback because he looks like my fuckboy ex from like high school. uuggghhhhhhhhhh.

No. 70443

File: 1430046114119.png (10.38 KB, 351x149, WTF.PNG)

While I agree that Jenner is lucky to not have to deal with the financial constraints a lot of trans people deal with, the part about Kaden thinking Jenner doesn't have to worry about their safety ever at all is down right rude and shitty.

For someone who's supposedly all about social rights issues, this reeks of transmisogyny.

No. 70444

I have a hunch who some of the anons are, but I don't want to approach anyone off anon about the whole thread and then it turns out they have no idea wtf I'm talking about and embarrassing myself you know lol

No. 70445

Exactly. How much of a fuckboy do you have to be that literally none of your old friends are willing to put up with you or support you.

When Haku whined about being posted at least his friends/fellowship gave a shit and tried to pat his butt. No one even gave a peep when he made his "woe is me" post about him having a thread on Tumblr.

No. 70446

well SOMEONE'S bitter lol

wonder if he hates laverne cox and carmen carrera for being finally stable too

No. 70447

Is he trying to make this about himself again?

No. 70448

File: 1430058417555.jpg (484.53 KB, 455x609, 2354987.jpg)

isn't that haku with kaden's gf? or aren't they dating anymore?

No. 70449

Yep, that's Kaden's gf surrounded by Haku and people that aren't Kaden. No photos of them together recently.

No. 70450

I'm still curious if people knew Kaden when he was clearly acting like a she a few years ago. It seems no one knew about this nobody until she was trying to get close to Haku and cropped off all her hair.

I just wanted to know if back in the day she was still a manipulative and rude lil… shit. Sorry I didn't know how else to end that sentence.

No. 70451

Of course Bruce Jenner is going to have to struggle with trans stuff. Money doesn't change the fact that many people are still bigoted assholes and would cause violence to trans people for no reason. Kaden's a fucking idiot.

No. 70452

She looks cute here. And yeah, didn't see her with Kaden at all. How often do they see each other? She's never in his IG either.

No. 70453

File: 1430064357198.jpg (539.33 KB, 609x528, 23487.jpg)

but there are a few pictures of him on hers.

No. 70454

Just looking at Kaden makes me want to throw up. How can anyone want to date that thing?

No. 70455

That's an old post though. Her hair is longer now and a different color. I feel like they either don't see each other at all in person or just never take photos together.

No. 70456

Those look old based on the hair

No. 70457

Haku strikes me as a person who doesn't drop someone unless he/she does something really shitty. He reached out to set a on that post. I think he's not petty enough to drop Kaden's gf just because she is Kaden's gf.

No. 70458

*reached out to Shmegeh in the comments of her million little pieces post, IIRC, or one that came out around the same time.

No. 70459

I don't think anyone thought Haku and Ren weren't friends. We were just noting that Ren went to the matsuri and Kaden was there, but they were not together at all. Even Ren's fb and IG has no posts with Kaden mentioned.

No. 70460

Same with Marisa, she didn't ever drop Michelle like that either.

No. 70461

jaja, that's super old I just thought kaden looks so unfortunate in these so I wanted to share.

but if the assault story is true she's kind of guilty of standing by kaden. which would be a reason to drop her. at least for me.

No. 70462

Yeah, I'd feel the same. (and the assault story is true) so she's basically dating a rapist and doesn't care, which makes her scum in my eyes.

No. 70463

Does she know about it?

No. 70464

she must be pretty stupid not to realize that something was going on when the whole fellowship dropped kaden. she's 22, not 14. I was wondering the same about maji. but maji's alone somewhere in siberia so whatever.

No. 70465

How the hell could she not know about it? Kaden bragged to all his friends and the Fellowship dropped him last year at the same time. She doesn't care or is in complete and utter denial.

No. 70466

I don't know. I opulent date someone accused of sexual assault and I can't figure out why anyone would. Or why Haku took a pic with her. Maybe he didn't want to be rude. Did they go together? This fellowship is so weird.

No. 70467

*Would not date

No. 70468

haha, make sure to check your spelling before you post. You're doing this in a buncha threads.

No. 70469

Haku went on his own and met up with the guy cosplaying Sanosuke and probably Von.

No. 70470

I'm sorry. I will be more careful.

No. 70471

Yeah, I'm guessing she asked for a pic or they were all taking a group pic and he didn't want to tell her to fuck off, especially in public.

No. 70472

It's all good, anon. I know how annoying it is posting here from a mobile.

Most likely. She probably came by to say hi while they were doing a pic.

No. 70473

yeah but if he really didn't like it he wouldn't have had to post it on his instagram. seems like he doesn't care that much.

No. 70474

I don't condone her dating a rapist but people who are guilty of those forms of assault are usually very emotionally manipulative and successful at keeping others (even victims) from breaking away entirely. I think the fellowship feels bad for her.

No. 70475

There are a bunch of other people in the pic who might not know the situation. It's easier to just post the pic than to explain to them the drama with Kaden.

No. 70476


I think so too, anon.

No. 70477


Yeah, and Haku doesn't look too thrilled in the pic either.

No. 70478

he always looks like this when he tries to smile tbh. his fans think it's cute.

No. 70479

I'm not his fan or smt but I find him cute as hell idk
Anyway this thread should be funnier as Berry's is lol

No. 70480

wanted to replie to >>70477


No. 70481

God I'd give anything for Kaden to go back to a goth ninja. At least he just made me laugh with his appearence then. Now every time I see him I have a visceral reaction to wanting to hit him.

No. 70482

Ugh, No.

No. 70483

Yeah, same. Now he looks like a complete douche and a bag of dicks.

No. 70484


Pretty much what >>70474 said. Lot's of rapists are really shitty and emotionally abusive in their own relationships with their own partners. If anything, Kaden probably kept a tight hold on Taryn since that was his last link into the fellowship since they all dropped him completely.

No. 70485


No. 70486

I think it also has to do with the fact we also know he's a rapist now so we all want to hit him lol.

No. 70487

I made the mistake of reading the comments when I read a few articles about the interview the day after. There were so many people who said if they knew someone like Jenner they'd "beat the shit out of them" until they came to their senses because what they're doing isn't "natural" and other people claiming trans people should be also assaulted because they were going against God etc. etc. shit like that

Kaden is a fucking idiot. It seems to me he's bitter someone else wants to become a woman when it's the body he wants himself to get out of. Still doesn't excuse him being a righteous cunt though.

No. 70488

What kind of deluded bubble does Kaden live in that he doesn't think there's biggots out in this world who want to beat the shit out of Jenner?

No. 70489

nah, I found him pretty punchable from the beginning.


No. 70490

File: 1430079228880.png (4.99 KB, 476x90, welp.PNG)

Looks like Kaden and Taryn are officially over.

No. 70491

File: 1430079632010.png (549.96 KB, 600x1248, lmao.png)

Seems like Kaden's "best friend" dropped him as well.

No. 70492

Without Ash or Taryn, that officially means the entire fellowship and anybody extended from the fellowship has dropped him.


No. 70493

that shitty writing.
is it
> did not have the best birthday because of haku
> because of haku had a better birthday

No. 70494

The latter, probably. I can't imagine they'd make a post like that if Haku somehow made their birthday worse.

No. 70495

"I just ended" that makes it sound like he broke it off?

No. 70496

Saving face, maybe?

No. 70497

this shit gets me so heated, like, does he not know that he's endangering other people's lives? or does he just not fucking care? wasn't there an episode on mythbusters that proved texting while driving is actually worse than drunk driving? I can't imagine the statistics for gaming while driving.

No. 70498

File: 1430093704223.jpg (199.16 KB, 750x958, image.jpg)

oops, meant to attach a picture

No. 70499

I hope he drives off the road into a tree

That way no one else gets hurt but him

No. 70500

Didn't he brag about a follower giving that to him?

No. 70501


It just occurred to me that he's supposedly driving, playing pokemon AND taking a photo all at the same time? I hope he gets hurt before he manages to hurts someone else.

No. 70502

Is this person from Arizona?

No. 70503


He's probably just taking the piss and trying to be one of the cool kids, but fucking hell of course people are gonna judge you if you're claiming you're putting innocent people's lives at risk because you're ~such a nerd LOL xDDD~

No. 70504

what about the tree ):

No. 70505

Literally loled. You'd think that since he spends so much time in garden centers he'd at least care about potentially killing trees.

No. 70506

What's with his recent weird tree obsession anyways? Is he making friends with trees now because people can't stand him?

No. 70507

Tumblr deep sad boii aesthetic.

No. 70508

Oh snap!!

No. 70509

This is the kind of person I think of whenever my wife leaves for work and I pray she returns safely. I'm certain many anons can relate that we think of shitty drivers like this that do stupid ass things, thinking "nothing will happen to me"

Why the fuck would you do this? I hope they were parked or at a red light, but no, fuck you. I hope he drives into a ditch, because even him harming a defenseless tree isn't good. Kaden is a reckless, piece of a shit human being and there is just no sympathy points for him from me.

No. 70510

Juria is irrelevant and no one cares about her anymore and the plastic zooms are not well known at all. Wouldnt call them celebs lmao. Maybe niche celebs.

No. 70511

Is Plasticzooms well known anywhere? I never heard of them until haku kept posting about the vocalist on her twitter and tumblr.

No. 70512

No not even in Japan. Just some idiefags. I like them though.

No. 70513

Juria was always irrelevant and trailing around behind hirari ikeda trying to leech fame.

No. 70514

Nothing wrong with indie bands.

No. 70515

File: 1430112704355.jpg (51.42 KB, 774x598, that-hook-nose.jpg)

His ugly ass profile

No. 70516

No. 70517

That nose is so unfortunate oh my god

No. 70518

Damn. Does this nigga ever last in a relationship? He was with Chris and Ray for more or less the same amount too.

No. 70519

With Chris he basically got free lodging, Ray he got sexual satisfaction, I wonder what he got out of Taryn!

No. 70520

Oh please. We've established that Haku is the real deal when it comes to him being trans and that he's been on T. No need to deliberately call him a girl.
PZ have a strong following but if you mention them in Japan or anywhere else, almost no one will know who you're talking about.

No. 70521

I'm imagining him hugging a tree and the tree leaning away.

No. 70522

His remaining link to the fellowship?

No. 70523

It was a slip of the keyboard. Calm down. It happens.

No. 70524

Pretty much this.

No. 70525

Most people who know about his bad rep and sexual assault aren't in his life now. My guess is that he will take this as a chance to rewrite his personality, start over and take advantage of a new group of unknowing friends.

No. 70526

File: 1430148840116.png (81.09 KB, 543x601, ss (2015-04-22 at 05.15.22).pn…)

Reposting the bingo card.

No. 70527

File: 1430161713432.jpg (2.33 KB, 145x90, images.jpg)

btw. I think the best proof for the assault story being true is the fact that nobody out of the fellowship… especially haku… defends kaden. I mean no matter how much you dislike a person … if they’re accused of something so serious you’d say something along the lines of „yeah, we all dislike him but not because he’s a rapist“. especially if you’re the nice-guy type like haku.

мишка ?!!! I don't know one single person who writes their name in cyrillic outside of Russia, Serbia or Bulgaria.
Someone should get him this for his birthday.

No. 70528

IIRC, Ash's family speaks Russian exclusively with them. They use it a lot on their blog too.

No. 70529

Is this from haku's tumblr?? Does he write his own name in cyrillic?

No. 70530

No, it's from a post Ash made.

No. 70531

well ok, I take it back then. it's not on haku's blog so can't blame him.

No. 70532

Can someone do a summary of who is who for this lil tard Anon here? Who's Ash, Taryn, Ren, Michele, Marissa, etc…

No. 70533

Go to the haku thread. There's more info about them there.

No. 70534

File: 1430168678636.jpg (44.39 KB, 607x611, two-cholas.jpg)

This girl with Kaden is really ugly. And he's calling her his 'bae'
So did he break up with Ren and now fucking someone else already?

No. 70535

File: 1430169336750.jpg (313.98 KB, 341x606, 90347.jpg)

ren isn't exactly pretty either. she seems nice and she isn't ugly but still.. who are haku's exes except for von?

No. 70536

Gimmie a moment while I compile stuff from the Kaden and Haku thread. Michelle also has her own thread on here though under shmegeh.

No. 70537

I saw one when I creeped on his old fb just before he deleted it. It was some girl who's name started with an M, maybe melody or some shit like that. I didn't really pay any mind to it because she's in the fellowship at all as far as I've noticed.

No. 70538

Taryn seems really cute to me, all personal taste I guess but at least I'm pretty sure it can be pretty agreed upon that Taryn is miles prettier than that other gremlin in the picture.

Pretty sure Haku has dated other people in his life but Von is the only other person of note. They're still friends and hang out a lot though so it seems like they're doing well.

No. 70539

Ash has made a couple posts that have obviously been for Kaden (even though they deny it lol), but I wonder if they knew about the sexual assault? Like, was Ash one of those people that Kaden directly bragged to? Seeing as how Ash says their decision to become agender or whatever came from overcoming their own sexual assault/rape, I wonder if they became so disgusted from finding out from these threads (since they obviously have come on here, even if it's just to lurk, before), or if they were like Ren and just ignored it and decided to drop Kaden when it became clear everyone else was doing it too.

No. 70540

Maybe Emre? He's posted a lot of pictures with her.

No. 70541

Hmm, maybe? The posts I saw were maybe around 2009-2010 though. I really wish that I had paid more attention. I only looked since they mentioned they wanted a fresh start when they made their new fb, and got curious enough to want to see what all that old shit they had was about.

No. 70542

Oh nvm then. He's only mentioned Emre since last Otakon since they do lots of cosplay together so it's definitely not her.

No. 70543


>Kaden's what seems to be now ex best friend. They used to hang out frequently and do p much everything together. They don't seem to be directly in the Haku Fellowship (his close friends) but everyone in the Fellowship knows who they are and vice versa. It was also revealed that Ash was sexually assaulted in the past so that probably has something to do with Ash seemingly permanently dropping Kaden too.

>Same person, from what I can tell Ren is just a nickname. They were Kaden's girlfriend for awhile. It seems she was still dating him when he sexually assaulted the person he's accused of fucking over. She probably only stayed with him because rapists tend to also be made manipulative and controlling. She used to be a lot closer to the Fellowship before she started dating Kaden.

>One of Kaden's exes. He was about 15 when Kaden dated him for about 1-3 months so he could basically just use him to mooch to have a place to stay. Kaden couldn't come back to his NYC apartment because he owed 1k in rent so he basically just hooked up with this guy at Otakon then stuck around for awhile. Kaden was also already 18 when he dated Chris.

>Kaden's ex following Chris. They were also together for a super short amount of time but when they were Kaden would post about the sexual things they did together 24/7.

>She used to be best friends with Haku back in the day, she was known for being ~super skinny~ p much. She became a raging alcoholic and then dropped off the face of the earth for awhile. She has her own thread on here if you want to check it out.

Marissa, Spica, Nico, Von, Cain
>People in the fellowship who seem to be especially close to Haku. If you go to >>65977 on Haku's thread and you see the second reply there's a collage of them as well as on >>66948. Nothing is really special or unique about them save the fact they all dropped Kaden at the exact same time and seemed to have severed all ties with him for good.

If I missed anything, someone let me know.

No. 70544

you forgot to mention all the baths they took together under ash's section but i guess "p much do everything together" might also cover that

No. 70545

Oh I also forgot to mention that the collage of pictures is almost certainly made by Kaden. It conveniently excluded him and Taryn who was at the time dating him, yet it included a picture of his ex who doesn't even talk to Haku. I think an anon who actually knows Kaden irl posted in the last thread saying some of the pictures Kaden chose originally had long since been deleted too and he would of been one of the only people to have those pix.

No. 70546

Yeah, me too. I think Taryn is pretty cute honestly. Not sure why she was with Kaden. Maybe self esteem issues?

No. 70547

It seems like Michelle was friends with Marissa, then Haku came into the picture and the three of them were friends for a while. This was a while ago. Marissa and Haku now don't seem to be communicating with Michelle. Cain is friends with Haku but was never friends with Kaden.
That's what I know, correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 70548

I think Spica, Nico and Ren all dated each other at some point. Haku dated Von for about a year or so and they broke up after Katsucon this year, but still remain close friends.

No. 70549

IIRC it was confirmed in the last thread that Nico and Spica hadn't dated Ren but Ren was the type to be really attached to other people. Ren doesn't seem like she's in communication with them as much as before and Spica and Nico seem to talk a lot now, though they aren't dating.

No. 70550

Pardon my mistaken then. I was browsing some of their IGs and thought I saw evidence of them dating, but you're probably right. Ren seems like the type to get really attached to people. I know she was closer to Nico than Spica.

No. 70551

I guess lots of the fellowship dropped a lot of contact with Ren too once she was dating Kaden. I don't blame them since it seems like Kaden would of used any chance he saw them talking to his GF to try and worm his way back into the fellowship.

No. 70552

and every other anons, much appreciated. I had a gist of it but I only knew some of them by their usernames… Thanks, pardner!

No. 70553

Cain was never friends with Kaden but from the looks of it Kaden definitely tried to be Cains friend.

No. 70554

Why doesnt Cain have his own thread? He shoops like crazy.

No. 70555

Make one if you want then kek

No. 70556

Why does he need one? Idk but is s lulzy? I mean, if it's just whoops send it over to PULL or some shit. Maybe make a Fellowship General instead of making a new thread every time.

No. 70557

*Shoops Damn it auto correct.

No. 70558

yes someone make a fellowship thread

No. 70559

Oh god no, they're annoying but they don't produce nearly enough milk on their own even if we group them all together. I vote on holding off unless something big happens with one of them. The fakeboi thread hasn't even maxed out, you can take most of them there anyways.

No. 70560


I agree. Theyre all ~agender trans~ fakebois, the fakeboi general thread is fine for them.

No. 70561

Fair enough, anon.

No. 70562


Here you anons go, the fellowship on the fakeboii thread >>90041

No. 70563

None of the fellowship talk to Kaden anymore and frankly they all seem boring. There's no real drama surrounding any of them besides Haku but he's proven to be an alright guy, same with cain. Why are we talking about these irrelevant fucks? Back on topic pls

No. 70564

I was just thinking the same thing. Who cares about the fellowship if it's not in correlation to kaden's fuck ups?

No. 70565

It's why I posted a Fellowship post in the fakeboii thread, that way it can be seperated so we can keep talking about fuckboy Kaden

Anyways. Anyone else know anything about his breakup?

No. 70566

meh nothing lulzy on kaden's blog within the last 24 hours. I'm disappointed. he's just reblogging pics of flowers.

No. 70567

I dunno how Cain is an alright guy. He's really fucking obnoxious.

No. 70568

Yeah, it's boring

No. and Taryn isn't talking about either. wth

No. 70569

All his answers are sarcastic so if you honestly take offense or think he's serious about anything that's on you. Hes pretty chill from what I've seen.

No. 70570

If you think Cain is obnoxious your standards must be really low….the guy is hilarious, though he can maybe ease up on the dry humour sometimes. The way he handles hate is really good, he just blows it off instead of breaking down like Haku and kaden have been known to do.

No. 70571

Who fucking cares kek
Have you guys seen the pictures of kaden he posted on Instagram lately

No. 70572

No, post

No. 70573

With all the batshit crazy 12 year old white knights who follow Kaden, if I were Ren I wouldn't really want to post about the end of the relationship either.

Now that Kaden doesn't have Ren or even Ash it seems like anymore, he's probably only okay with it because now that he knows that him being a rapist is out there he wants to go onto a new group of people now. He said a few weeks ago when his first thread was made he'd post less about himself and we all saw how that worked out, kek.

I wonder what group of people dropped him before the fellowship.

No. 70574

anons defending Cain?

No. 70575

>batshit crazy 12 year old white knights
95% of them are probably himself lmao, i wouldn't put it above him

No. 70576

File: 1430288132559.jpg (315.55 KB, 484x516, pfffft.jpg)

No. 70577

I'd like him more if he stopped begging his followers for money every 5 seconds. And the only new pic of Kaden we have is him in the same fucking outfit.

No. 70578

I don't think he did, but it sounds as though he confused aromentic with asexuality there for a sec

No. 70579

"Me not having a sex drive the past few years"
"I view sex as something close"


No. 70580

how long ago was he bragging about his sex life with that dude he was dating? not that long, right?

No. 70581

iirc it was as late as of early october

No. 70582

Yeah they were really open about it too, it was really fucking gross they would also threaten people all the time to "wear their teeth as a necklace" and a bunch of fucked up shit like that

No. 70583

I'm looking through his archive right now, and what I'm getting from this was that he was poly and fucking Ray in October, and come December he's dating Taryn, and is asexual?

No. 70584

Does anyone have Kaden on Facebook? Is anything about the breakup there?

No. 70585

He's such a piece of shit. seriously.

No. 70586

I dunno about you anons, but it sounds like Kaden is a self hating woman. She's trying so hard to be 'one of the boys' and keeps going on about it.

No. 70587

to go tumblr on you, "internalized misogyny" lol

No. 70588

Oh shut the fuck up. It's not even a tumblr thing. Kaden is a typical fakeboi with their woman hating attitude.

No. 70589

I don't think he dated Ren because he had any feelings for her. I think because most of the fellowship dropped him at that point he wanted to use her as an excuse to try and get back in.

No. 70590

I'd hate to be Ren right now. It's worded so badly that it makes it seem like it's somehow her fault she's female/female presenting and because she was that way during their relationship somehow all the blame is on her bc she's so ~icky~ to Kaden.

No. 70591

Yeah. That's what I get too and it's really gross how he acts like "How dare you be a woman" towards her. I'm telling you. He fucking hates himself and wishes he was 6' 2" with a big cock. He'll never have that dream, hahaha.

No. 70592

File: 1430291768592.jpg (214 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

He goes on to comment about how it's been "years" since he graduated HS and people need to get over it

Kaden like just turned 19

No. 70593

Honestly, I feel bad for Ren. I feel like she probably genuinely liked Kaden, only to be used like this, and then dumped. And for Kaden to say that he realised that he's not into female/female presenting people BECAUSE of her is such a shitty thing.

No. 70594

to be fair, I was in my third year of college at 19. not exactly "years" out of high school, but at that age it feels like forever.

No. 70595

Like at the very least did he have to make a comment like that public? Now all his tween Knights know personal stuff that should of just been for him and Ren.

No. 70596

It's been at least two years and most people are in h.s by 14/15? So it has been years technically.

No. 70597

I hope Taryn finds someone better for her. She doesn't deserve Kaden's mistreatment and abuse. I really hate abusers. I really do hate people who manipulate other's feelings for them. Like, Kaden is a literal shit for everything he's done and i want karma to get him.

No. 70598

we all know he's just in it for the attention lol

No. 70599

I was getting the impression he "came out" as "trans" his senior year of HS and that's what he was talking about them getting over. Maybe I just misunderstood lol.

Man what I'd give to find an old HS mate of his and ask them questions about what shitty things Kaden did during HS.

No. 70600

Yeah Ren is actually super cute too. I hope Kaden trips into the street and gets hit by a car.

No. 70601

File: 1430292595154.jpg (77.64 KB, 1026x613, the scumbag and the princess.j…)

I feel bad for her too. Hope she finds someone who can treat her right in the near future.

No. 70602

Does Kaden wear the same fucking outfit every day?!

No. 70603

think about the trauma that would cause for the poor, innocent driver! best case scenario is he's playing animal crossing while driving and gets intimate with a telephone pole.

No. 70604

I like this scenario.

No. 70605

As someone who knows both of them, I can confirm that Kaden treated Ren like shit and was extremely manipulative. I'm glad she's free of him finally

No. 70606

Oh? Can you give anymore details about it, anon? You can be vauge.

No. 70607

What kind of details do you want?

No. 70608

Can you give any general details on times Kaden treated Ren like shit or was manipulating them?

No. 70609

Rather than specific events, it's more like he was doing it constantly. From what I heard, he was always arguing with her and trying to make her feel guilty about stupid things.

No. 70610

Didn't someone in the last thread say something about how he wouldn't accept her being agender because it was trans erasure or something?

No. 70611

Yeah, stupid shit like that. I don't want to reveal myself but long story short, he probably made her feel bad for being female presenting.

No. 70612

Different anon, but do you know anything about how Kaden feels like being dropped by the fellowship?

No. 70613

About as much as anyone that knows him. He probably thinks it was his own decision, rather than them dropping him.

No. 70614

Is there anyone in the fellowship Kaden hasn't said anything mean/rude/douchey about?

No. 70615

doubt it.

No. 70616

Idk if it's just me.. But it seems like trans tenders generally tend to end up being attracted to the opposite gender. Like.. laden was originally a girl, and now presents as a boy… But is now only attracted to dudes? Idk, it just makes their whole gender identity a bit fishier IMO, makes it seem like they were just straight all along but wante to be special somehow.. But then again I could just be an ignorant cishetscum.

No. 70617

With weeb ones in particular, I'm pretty sure there's an element of wanting to live out their yaoi fantasies

No. 70618

To be fair, gender identity and sexuality are completely different things and there are tons of transgenders who are heterosexual (FtM who are pretty much only attracted to women, MtF who are pretty much only attracted to men).
That aside, I'm glad Ren is out of this shitty situation. Must have been awful to have your identity shit on. Wouldn't be surprised if he pressured them to look more like a guy.
I love how delusional and full of himself he is to somehow twist it in his head to believe that he's the one who dropped them. Ego defense much? Christ, just acknowledge you're a god damn rapist and no one likes rapists.

No. 70619

As far as i know he came out after graduating. He just came out to HS friends from the looks of it.

No. 70620

oh man i just realized this kid hangs out with one of my friends. there used to be some lame ass video of kaden in a korean restaurant but its deleted now :(

No. 70621

So really he was a fakboi for not even 2 years. I heard rumors that when he moved to NY and met the fellowship is when he started doing this. Maybe this is how they survive? Assimilate with the group you are currently the most interested in. He did attempt to assimilate into the asian group but that failed since they dropped him too. Maybe he is still looking for the next group of people to cling onto.

No. 70622

The next group will probably be a Puerto Rican group, and he'll end up talking about how the Hispanic community is being mistreated and turn into an sjw of some sort.

That's unique, right? Asian looking Puerto Rican fighting for rights while being a fakeboi.

No. 70623

Yeah he started off trying to be a goth ninja when he joined the fellowship

Now he's devolved into fuckboy

No. 70624

I'm Puerto Rican and if I see Kaden SUDDENLY try and act proud when he's given his heritage nothing but shame I'll lose it lol

No. 70625

Warn them that Kaden is a rapist and a fuckboy lol

No. 70626

Fellow PR here too. Yeah, I can't stand anyone, but esp Kaden who wants to use their ethnicity only when it's convenient to them. fuck this fakeboi.

No. 70627

he's always gonna be the dude that goes with the flow. what?

doesn't ren have they/them pronouns on their instagram?

a friend of mine who's ftm and was a buch lesbian before said he got interested in men on T and that many ftm made this experience. but that obviously doesn't apply to Kaden.

No. 70628

File: 1430340910703.jpg (168.89 KB, 395x278, femen.jpg)

Kaden posting a picture of femen in Paris. God he's so dumb. Femen is the absolute worst feminist group on the planet. They patronize muslim women, they compare prostitution to the holocaust, they are attention whoring idiots. just like Kaden

No. 70629

File: 1430341094190.jpg (23.58 KB, 348x167, 6386832.jpg)

kaden has so many friends. so busy.

No. 70630

Ren identifies as a woman. She's very girly too.


No. 70631

in mine and other legit transgender experiences, majority bi
i'm not saying straight/gay ftms and mtf's dont exist but typically the fakers are

>straight "ftms" that are really butch lesbians who think liking girls and being a tomboy makes them a MAN, despite not wanting a dick or anything

>gay "ftms" which are just fujoshis living out their yaoi fantasies, aka most of the tumblr ~ftms~ currently
>lesbian mtf's aka mostly straight guys who want to scream at lesbians for not sucking their girlcocks

No. 70632

Kaden seems to have posted on the fakeboi thread (even though half of the people he posted don't even identify as male) again tryna shit on the fellowship k e k
Idk though, might just be my feeling

No. 70633

?? Ren does not identify as a woman. They're female presenting, but they identify as agender.

No. 70634

Sorry. I get confused with all these bullshit labels.

No. 70635

I miss the days of actual butch lesbians. Are they still around, I wonder?

No. 70636

nope, unless you want Ayyyyydan in the corner over there, calling him/herself both a lesbian AND ftm

No. 70637

>being this autistic to believe agender is real

No. 70638

Calm down retard. I was correcting what another anon stated.

No. 70639


OT, but I googled and found a really interesting op-ed about that question. You may be interested:


No. 70640

File: 1430369478449.png (7.92 KB, 370x80, a1.PNG)

Posting up some shots from his fb

No. 70641

File: 1430369492979.png (460.94 KB, 470x547, a2.PNG)

No. 70642

File: 1430369522162.png (267.65 KB, 336x494, a3.PNG)

jesus this girl he's with is so ugly lol

No. 70643

File: 1430369541831.png (55.75 KB, 503x628, a4.PNG)

and then there's this gem kek

No. 70644

File: 1430370095580.png (561.44 KB, 976x611, bjh.png)

god I wish she wouldn't do this with her brows

he also downgraded so badly

No. 70645

Are Haku and Kaden friends on fb?

No. 70646

Pretty sure they are. Kaden seems to have most of the fellowship added still.

No. 70647

Wasn't he going on though in person about how having long hair and make up made other people unable to pass? What a fucking hypocrite.
Gotta keep up that ~online image~~~

No. 70648

File: 1430371213561.png (24.86 KB, 618x182, garbage.png)

I honestly have no words

No. 70649


No. 70650

What great words from a rapist

No. 70651

My hate for him just escalated. Trying real hard to cover up this rapist shit, aren't we Kaden?

No. 70652

I don't think she's ugly. I think her hair and make up need work, though. She'd look 10x better with a less harsh hair color.

No. 70653

Her hairline looks like it's receding and the pin straight look does not…do any favors for her. She definitely needs something that isn't so brassy and needs to fill in her gd eyebrows. Come on girl. We're living in the age of the filled in brow. Do something about those shitty nubs.

No. 70654

holyfuckingshit, she's hideous

No. 70655

OT from his own incredibly hypocrisy, that's really fucked up. What the hell is wrong with them? I know not all GTAV players are like this, are they?

No. 70656

God damn. Say what you want about the fellowship but Kaden has seriously downgraded. That chick is fucking hideous.

No. 70657

God damn. Say what you want about the fellowship but Kaden has seriously downgraded. That chick is fucking hideous.

No. 70658

…is this not what they did to Haku tho? I feel like this and the GTAV post is some shitty the way of doing damage control without admitting to doing the damage

No. 70659

Look through her fb pics and you may rethink that

No. 70660

File: 1430395778837.jpg (131.56 KB, 1235x571, image.jpg)

Is he serious!? Kek! biggest hypocrite ever.

No. 70661

…who are these people he's talking to who are going to run the country? It's not like he goes to the freaking Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

No. 70662


More blatant misogyny.

No. 70663

yeah, at first i thought it was the angle, but >>70644 proves that she's just unfortunate looking. but at least she's "asiannnnn"

No. 70664

is she actually korean?

No. 70665

Yeah, half.

No. 70666

oh okay

No. 70667

kaden's going full sjw on his tumblr now.

No. 70668

File: 1430422055778.png (907.77 KB, 625x623, fuckk.PNG)

god damn this chick is so ugly
this is what kaden gets to choose from now that everyone left him kek

No. 70669

can we go back to hating on kaden instead of hating on her? it's not like he's the epitome of beauty and she seems pretty average. her face is tense/ unnatural on photographs, that's what makes her seem ugly. it’s called being unphotogenic.

No. 70670

Kaden, no amount of ~sjw~ blogging is going to erase the memory of the 10+ people who you bragged about being a rapist to. One day those people are going to out you and none of this shit will save you then.

No. 70671

No. 70672

No. 70673


yeah i feel bad for her. girl probaby has no idea what shes getting into.

No. 70674

shes so annoying ugh

No. 70675

Them forehead wrinkles. But yes, back to Kaden's bullshit.

No. 70676

But he's a sexist piece of shit too… um…

No. 70677

how is she sexist? please explain

No. 70678

read the fucking thread, newfag.

No. 70679

The bad half.

No. 70680

He's backpeddling like mad.

No. 70681

should have read before asking, sorry. going through it now

No. 70682

His old thread is >>71338 too

No. 70683

Every other time Kaden's tried to be "nice" or a "good" person he quits within the week

He'll be back to posting sexist and transphobic things by the weekend

No. 70684

shit thats bad

No. 70685

i havent really been keeping up with him at all

No. 70686


How often do people who commit sexual assault re-offend? I'm afraid he'll pull a similar stunt with someone else.

No. 70687

If he still doesnt think he did anything morally wrong he might do it again.

No. 70688

the way kaden dresses now is so ugly, my god. i prefer the hair and makeup now to the haku-wannabe phase, but the clothing back then was SO much better. actually, not sure about the hair. it's getting ugly as shit lately too.

No. 70689

Kaden literally can't wear his hair without a hat because it looks so awful oh my god kaden please get a haircut! You have a job now! You can get one! Why haven't you?! PLEASE

No. 70690

honestly, his shitty fried straightened hair looked better than this. kaden, if you're reading this, please go back.

No. 70691

From the looks of it Kaden doesn't think he did anything wrong, but he's back peddling hard to make sure he still stays in good light with his army of followers.

No. 70692

File: 1430460250130.jpg (153.92 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

The cat knows you're a rapist Kaden

No. 70693

File: 1430497171528.jpg (60.27 KB, 377x350, 24315434543.jpg)

No. 70694

File: 1430497302354.jpg (61.21 KB, 356x378, 43526456.jpg)

No. 70695

No. 70696

"I forget words in English since Spanish is my first language "

So NOW he wants to own up to his latino side

No. 70697

the great wall of text..

No. 70698

having to evaluate his essays at university must be the worst job in the world.

No. 70699

we fucking called it, oh my god. i knew the bitch was going to cash in on his latino side for oppression points soon, and he did not disappoint.

No. 70700

Okay, someone please relieve me of my confusion and answer this question if they can for me:

If you're ace and aro, why would you be in a relationship?

If you're Kaden, ace and aro, would you not be in a relationship because of the control it allows you over the other person? Like once you place a label on someone as being your significant other and you theirs, expectations are there. You have the right to request certain things from them, which is what I think attracts Kaden to want to be with someone even though he has no emotional attachment to them.

No. 70701

even more important: why would you sexually assault someone if you're ace.

No. 70702

I'm convinced Kaden's whole ace/aro thing is a load of shit

Like. I get being one or the other and being in a relationship but being both just seems like a scream for attention.

No. 70703

File: 1430509651926.jpg (321.9 KB, 336x593, 5555555.jpg)

I know it's been said 1000 times by now but that hair…. it looks like a purple fried christmas tree.

No. 70704

Well, for tumblrinas asexual/aromantic means that you sometimes feel awkward about romance and sex and sometimes don't. Because you know, non-ace people have a huge sex drive all time time and don't practice it in moderation or feel frigid or uninterested every now and then.

No. 70705

Are there any posts salvageable about Ray and that general time period? Or are they gone?

No. 70706

Asexual/aromantic people don't simply "feel uninterested now and then", it's not only now and then. They just don't feel any drive, any feeling for it at all. Nothing.
Problem is tumblr use it as a fucking trend and even worse says shit like "its ok to be asexual but still find pleasure in sex and feel sexual attraction uwu" like… "it's okay to be vegan but eat meat and love it and don't mind it uwu"
Sorry for OT.

But seriously, if you're aromantic, you don't feel romantic attraction, why would you get in a romantic relationship. I'd say "maybe it's just a sexual relationship" but apparently he's asexual too?

I don't understand and I don't know if I should. I really hope he did not get that relationship just for attention from everyone else.

No. 70707


So his voice is "changing"? Is this his way of letting us know he's on T?

No. 70708

There's no way he's on T. He sounds the same now as he has in his past videos, if anything just like he's being even more of a try hard.

No. 70709

Vagueing did nothing for Haku. Kaden should realize that and cut the shit.

No. 70710

>>70706 amatonormativity?
I mean, he could also want to be in a relationship that isn't strictly romantic? There are many aro people who still want relationships, but maybe for them, they tell the partner no romantic or sexual interactions? Queer-platonic relationships? I'm not too sure.

No. 70711

File: 1430548043298.png (4.39 KB, 498x87, lolol.PNG)

cry moar, kaden

No. 70712

"queerplatonic" thats called a friendship

No. 70713

Yep. It's called a fucking friendship. These snowflakes just need a fancy made-up term for pretty much everything. Maybe they call a work-related relationship with a colleague a "platonic aromantic-asexual mechanical fellowship".

No. 70714

File: 1430601966459.png (42.19 KB, 497x418, rapist.PNG)

Kaden defending himself against the rape accusations by saying he's been a "victim" too.

No. 70715

File: 1430601991822.png (112.58 KB, 507x868, rapist2.PNG)

The comments are just as bad

No. 70716


If I were the victim, I'd be at the police station now reporting the incident.

No. 70717

>i just cannot fathom why someone would do this to me

because you're a piece of shit

No. 70718

i know this really doesn't have to do with anything mentioned, but goddamn i hate the way he talks. so many unnecessary abbreviations, it's jarring.

No. 70719

"It's ridiculous to think that people are so insensative to think that a victim would be so inhumane to want to do this to someone else" This happens quite often, actually. Victims of abuse are more likely to be abusers. She's dumb.

No. 70720

"i just cannot fathom why someone would do this to me" because you're a god damn rapists and rapists deserve to be outed and have their entire lives ruined

No. 70721

File: 1430685784342.jpg (12.93 KB, 336x50, 3q256782645.jpg)

so rand0m…

No. 70722

File: 1430685894671.jpg (19.68 KB, 332x91, 415354235.jpg)

No. 70723

What I would give to call his store and ask "Hello yes, is Kaden the rapist there?"

No. 70724

The next step is for Kaden to write a massive post about his experience as a ~sexual assault victim~.

No. 70725

People who rape or commit sexual assault tend to do it over and over until they are caught because they think they can keep getting away with it. That's why it's such a heinous crime. No sympathy for rapists.

No. 70726

File: 1430711423626.png (9.89 KB, 321x187, k1.PNG)

what a gem

No. 70727

File: 1430711631764.png (12.54 KB, 317x154, k2.PNG)

No. 70728

I find that the people who wanna change sexual labels constantly are usually just straight but wanna be seen as 'exotic' which is …fuck you, really. I've been bullied for being gay before and no one choses to be gay. You just are or are not. Kaden wants to be such a snowflake though - just admit you're fucking straight.

No. 70729

Here's another one if you're reading, Kaden. Please stop being a lying sack of shit and OWN up to the fact that you raped someone and BRAGGED about it. No one fucking likes you. The Fellowship dropped you. Not even your friend's cat wants to breathe the same air as you.

You are a try hard, piece of human shit and the world would be better off without you.

No. 70730

File: 1430711983996.jpg (83.31 KB, 800x600, k3.jpg)

No. 70731


No. 70732

Does anyone know the number to his store? I swear to my fellow farmers, I would call and out his rapist ass.

No. 70733

File: 1430712193470.png (13.38 KB, 337x223, k4.PNG)

On how he knows "five" different languages

No. 70734

Are you fucking shitting me? This is the biggest bullshit I've ever read.
It's like how this one obese NEET pathological liar I used to know on streams insisted to me that he learned French from reading the subtitles on Disney films. And whenever I'd try to speak to him in French, he'd claim he was 'too embarrassed.'
Like, I seriously don't believe that this bitch claimed she learned Japanese from… eating at places where they speak Japanese. I guess she went to Ippudo once during the month she lived in NYC? Kek.

No. 70735

File: 1430712639218.png (7.84 KB, 309x89, k5.PNG)


No. 70736

File: 1430712730761.png (11.01 KB, 352x184, k6.PNG)

this is a goldmine of bullshit

No. 70737

Is this recent?

No. 70738

All the posts I just pulled were from around November/September.

No. 70739

I'm sure we could deduce our way to finding which Pacsun he works at. I've seen farmers pull shit out when push came to shove.

No. 70740

Notice how he swept his underage ex boyfriend under the rug?

No. 70741

I believe in our local farmers.

No. 70742

what the fuck??

No. 70743

File: 1430746435457.jpg (17.83 KB, 352x141, 1234535.jpg)

from March

No. 70744

File: 1430746796805.jpg (23.71 KB, 369x193, 235435.jpg)

february. man, there's so much idiociy in the archive.

No. 70745

What do we have to do to figure out his store number?

No. 70746

Isn't this against the rules? Don't go gettin banned, farmers :(
Besides, we don't have any actual proof… Balls.

I'm worried about the victim though. Please respect the victim's wishes to remain anonymous and not report it, y'all. I fucking hate Kaden and I'm disgusted, but… Please have some consideration for the victim.

No. 70747


Is she seriously trying to act like real guys think she's one of them……………

No. 70748

Is he talking about himself or haku's thread?

No. 70749

File: 1430783239294.png (5.55 KB, 326x110, k7.PNG)


No. 70750

No ones family would accept a rapist

No. 70751

lol if i dressed the way he did my korean mom would lose it

No. 70752

File: 1430846381519.jpg (87.41 KB, 400x533, tumblr_nnur8pYe1l1tbfnh1o2_400…)

No. 70753

Someone should tell him that rocking the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev look is frowned upon.

No. 70754

for the love of god someone fix those brows

No. 70755

way to pick all those flowers for yourself jnstead of letting them grow so other people can enjoy them
It's okay to take one or two but why did they have to rip out every single one? Rude.

No. 70756

Hate that shit too.

No. 70757


I bet they didn't even put them in a vase, and just left them on the ground after they took selfies.

No. 70758

Korea is one of those "The nail that sticks out gets hammered down" countries, especially the older generation. Being gay is still taboo and especially if they're outside the major cities. They won't be having any of that special snowflake sexuality bullshit.

No. 70759

Let's be careful not to turn this into a /pol/ discussion…

No. 70760

Sorry, complete newbie here; what does 'pol' mean?

No. 70761


/pol/ is a political-centered board on 4chins and 8chins.

No. 70762

Even if they put them in the vase those flowers would wilt. I hate when people pick flowers instead of letting them grow, this is one of the biggest pet peeves of mine.

No. 70763

File: 1430931669231.jpg (24.67 KB, 449x158, tumblr34781594.jpg)

yay kaden is back to being rude again.

No. 70764

File: 1430931680597.jpg (104.49 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nnwvoid9sh1tbfnh1o1_540…)

No. 70765

It was way too hard for him to pretend to be nice.

No. 70766

"I have issues with socialising" the fuck does that even mean mr. takes a fucking bath with his besties has a billion followers?

No. 70767

I hate his hair, the texture is horrendous. You can tell his hair is damaged from the way its trying to curl.

No. 70768

He has nowhere near as many followers as he lets on. His special snowflake attitude of his ~social problems~ is annoying.

No. 70769

Why is it so cool to seem like you can't function in your day to day life?

No. 70770

File: 1430971868673.png (12.09 KB, 509x103, K8.PNG)

That's why the entire fellowship dropped you, rapists aren't worth a second chance. kek.

No. 70771

File: 1430971931640.jpg (113.92 KB, 960x720, K8.jpg)

him with his new "friends"

No. 70772

File: 1430971953999.jpg (51.37 KB, 720x720, K9.jpg)

god his hair

No. 70773

He would look good with just black hair. The pastel shit does not look good on him…..

No. 70774

Wow, they're just….hideous

No. 70775

God someone fucking bleach his roots if he can't even bother with upkeep lilac hair is gonna look like shit.
not that it matters his hair looks fried as fuck and like it wouldn't be able to withstand any more bleach.

No. 70776

He needs to go dark to try and hide damage (lol) and give it a chance to recover. If he wants color, he needs to get temporary color (like hairchalk or something similar).

No. 70777

Wait, by fakeboi here you mean older guy who pretends to be young?
Because 'fakeboi' is generally used to denote girls who pretend to be boys online (see: mahouprince)

No. 70778

i haven't been keeping up with this but can someone explain to me what happened to kaden's "friends" ie the fellowship lol and yeah the new group of people he hangs out with look gross not like all his tumblr friends

No. 70779

His new group of friends at least match him better. One looks like that stereotypical dirty french guy who thinks smoking is a form of art, that old chick who is trying to keep up with the kids and does some form of drugs to keep up her delusion, and finally that dirty hipster who is too dirty for the usual hipster.

They all remind me of that group of rejects in high school no one wanted to hang out with.

No. 70780

the pants and shirt the dude on the right is wearing kill me. he looks like he's in some teenage pop punk band like busted (YES I'M OLD)

No. 70781

kaden's so proud he has two guy friends. he's one of the guys now.

No. 70782

The fellowship all drop them at the same time because he raped somebody and then went around bragging about it

No. 70783

Oh no, I mean by a woman who pretends to be a man but is not taking any steps like T to actually be trans.

No. 70784

Anon from

here to post again lol. If you don't know already, I was acquaintances with Kaden at one point but a bunch of my friends used to be close to him and his other ex friends. If you have some Qs just throw them at me but for some things I have to try and be vague.


>Kaden's looking into moving back into NYC again. That's partially why I think he's getting a whole new group of friends because none of them will know about his previous rent scandal.

>He was really abusive towards his ex. He would do things to make her cry constantly by hurting her feelings or just outright being emotionally aggressive and shitty. Whenever she would express that he upset her, he would just turn on her and try to make her seem like the bad one in the situation.
>He would try and compare himself to Haku and say that Haku wasn't a good cosplayer and that he could do much better. (Even though he's never bought any of his own cosplay things besides his Robin for NYCC. Everything else has been borrowed.)
>Would be demanding of Taryn to focus all her attention onto him when HE wanted it. He would get especially angry and pissy if he noticed that Taryn would be talking to someone from the fellowship instead of him.
>Would guilt his GF into buying him things all the time.
>Apparently purposely occupied Taryn the entire day of the birthday of someone else in the fellowship back in the Winter (he went to go visit her) so she wouldn't tell them happy birthday. He kept quipping at her to "stop spending time on the internet ignoring me" even though he used to be good friends with this person too apparently.
>Genuinely thinks he looks better with grey hair than anyone else in the fellowship.
>He asked for donations back on his Tumblr around the time he owed a bunch of rent awhile back but he ended up spending most of the money on alcohol, tattoos and weeb junk.

No. 70785


Welcome back, anon! I hope you have a great day (or night)!

No. 70786

Ah yes, my favorite anon

No. 70787


>Would be demanding of Taryn to focus all her attention onto him when HE wanted it. He would get especially angry and pissy if he noticed that Taryn would be talking to someone from the fellowship instead of him

What kind of petty bullshit

No. 70788


Pretty much this. He got creepy obsessed and jealous over the lives of anyone surrounding Haku.

No. 70789

Any more on his GF buying him stuff and thinking his hair is the best? This is gold.

No. 70790

This ego of his is outrageous.
How much you wanna bet his new friends will wind up ditching him or getting into a huge fight because of other shitty things he'll inevitably do to them?

No. 70791

where did he brag about raping someone is there pics? pics or link plz

No. 70792

It was mostly in person. There are screenshots apparently but anons are refusing to post them to keep details about the victims identity a secret. The victim has expressed multiple times that they don't want to press it further.

No. 70793

Glad you're back, anon! And yeah, not surprised Kaden was emotionally abusive towards Taryn. I don't know how they were together for so long. He's such a bag of dicks.

No. 70794


Do you know if he ever lived with either Taryn of Ash? Considering he did it with Chris, I wouldn't put it past him to try, especially if he was desperate to maintain his image of living in the city.

No. 70795

Underrated post

No. 70796

He definitely mooched off of Ash. I think Taryn lives too far away.

No. 70797

Any deets?
Just how much money does he owe people collectively, I wonder.

No. 70798

Thanks for the welcome back haha.

He has a huge ego. IIRC he got irritated no one talked to him anymore because he's "done so much for all of them". Which, while I don't know Haku's friends that well it always seemed the other way around. He certainly never went extremely out of the way for my friends.

His girlfriend paid for pretty much everything when he visited a few months back. He would whine for her to buy him things like food and trinkets all the time, or make PA comments about things.
Taryn lives pretty far (by convenience at least) but when he went to go visit Ash he would stay in the city for days, sometimes even a week at a time.

He bragged about it/made jokes to multiple people in person. Lots of people who know Kaden popped up in the last thread saying they head him talk about it.

He owes around $1.2k in rent to one of his roommates. From what I've heard he doesn't pay his share at cons and always promises he'd pay later but never does. On top of always promising to pay back for food, cigs and liquor and living with Chris for a while, I'd gauge around $2k ish, give or take.

No. 70799

I kind of really wish I could find out who you are, I'd have the time of my life messaging you on facebook and discussing Kaden.

No. 70800

I presume you're another anon who also has the unfortunate pleasure of knowing him irl lol

No. 70801

Unfortunate doesn't begin to cover it.

No. 70802

Another anon here who also unfortunately knows him lol. I haven't posted on here before but I wish I could know who everyone whose been posting is. There's a lot most of us can't post due to identities being exposed but man would it be interesting lol.

No. 70803

This is just from observation, but for a short period of time I think Kaden was trying to make out he had an ED around the same time he started getting closer with Haku.

No. 70804

>Apparently purposely occupied Taryn the entire day of the birthday of someone else in the fellowship back in the Winter (he went to go visit her) so she wouldn't tell them happy birthday. He kept quipping at her to "stop spending time on the internet ignoring me" even though he used to be good friends with this person too apparently.

That's not bitter at all, Kaden

No. 70805

Yep. He started answering eating questions the same way Haku did and posted about how he stopped eating around people in public.

No. 70806

Do you know anything abt his family?

He kept saying that his dad is abusive (is tht true or is he just fishing for sympathy?)

No. 70807

Different anon here but as far as I know he has a tattoo in honor of his dad and his dad also offered to pay for college for him if he stopped dicking around NY like a whiny fuckboy and came home.
So I really don't know what's going on with him, but given his track record of being a lying piece of shit, he probably took "weh, daddy doensn't understand me" to the level of "I have an abusive father :((("

No. 70808

As an attempt to see if you guys know each other, why don't you all post some sort of status on FaceBook as a code? Like, idk. granted, this does assume you are actually friends with one another on there and idk if you all are or are just linked via Kaden.

No. 70809

HAHA YESSS I've seen him demanding "food" to be tagged by his mutuals on tumblr when I browsed through his archive. unfortunately I didn't make a screenshot.

does kaden or anyone in the fellowship do drugs? do they even go out or is all their social activity concentrated around cons? they just seem like such weird late teens/ early twenties to me.
I hope I worded this correctly, I’m not a native speaker.

I don't think that's a good idea in case other members of the fellowship/ kaden lurks here. if they post the code here and then on fb everyone knows. maybe use privnote?

No. 70810

The fellowship doesn't really have much to do with Kaden anymore though. They all dropped him after they found out he raped someone.

No. 70811

People like vongeist and even haku have lives or jobs or school and friends outside of the fellowship. I don't know much about the others though.

No. 70812

File: 1431111295210.jpg (59.6 KB, 800x600, tumblr_nnzml1aQEs1tbfnh1o3_128…)

No. 70813

File: 1431111326515.jpg (66.79 KB, 212x180, tumblr_234.jpg)

No. 70814

File: 1431111395078.jpg (27.35 KB, 118x105, tumblr_325.jpg)

No. 70815

File: 1431111898896.jpg (13.95 KB, 344x73, boi.jpg)

"the boy"

No. 70816

Did anyone else notice how Haku would mention flower arrangement and posted drying flowers here and there?
Now Kaden is obsessed with flowers.

No. 70817

save him

No. 70818

Yeah. It's so revolting. Kaden will never have his own identity.

No. 70819

File: 1431112736404.jpg (52.86 KB, 375x386, sjw.jpg)

everybody's obsessed with flowers on tumblr. don't reach too far with this kadenwantstowearhakusskin stuff.

No. 70820

File: 1431112826434.jpg (628.59 KB, 605x605, 34567.jpg)

No. 70821

I want to shave his disgusting hair.

No. 70822

True. But it does feel appropriate enough for another mark to the skinning-haku-alive tally.

No. 70823

I hope every cis person in Kaden's life turn their backs on him and refuse to help or give him money. Or just any person in general.

No. 70824

File: 1431114298877.jpg (13.2 KB, 347x62, vlog.jpg)

I'd love to see those vlogs

No. 70825

If it's really just for them, why would he brag about it online?

No. 70826


Same answer as >>70807 when we would hang out he would talk about how his dad was "abusive" by being belligerent and he claimed his dad has a really intense temper but other than that? I never quite believed him but he used it for pity points among other people a lot. He'd claim that was why he never had any money because his dad didn't take care of him.

Kaden used to do drugs apparently. Everyone else in the fellowship is pretty clean? I've only met some of them at mutual friend gatherings and cons. They've all been nice though.

oh my god

No. 70827

Pretty sure vongiest, circuitbird, hiwamu, ash and daulizm all have full time jobs? Haku's about to graduate from college and daulizm and Taryn don't live in NYC so they have other groups of friends too. It just seems like cons are where they all get to meet.

No. 70828

Save Kaden's dog 2k15

No. 70829

what kind of ass backwards argument is this

No. 70830

it depends on the person but this girl looks like a fucktard and kaden is too

No. 70831

I know a few that do drugs but I'm not sure if some of them are part of the fellowship?

No. 70832

Ohh? Deetz?

No. 70833

I've seen sadgh0sts, dirukari, jigaix post about drug use. I don't know if they're fellowship but they are friends with them and I've seen some of them talk with Kaden. The rest of the fellowship seem anti drug. Haku has said he is against weed. (English is not my first sorry for mistakes)

No. 70834

Hahaha holy shit, if this is the same Kaden who had several facebooks with one of them being Kaden gray, then my little brother used to date him.

No. 70835

Yeah IIRC dirukari and sadgh0sts definitely smoke weed. Sadgh0sts possibly done more but I'm not 100% and she isn't fellowship either.

Also don't the fellowship all hate jigaix?

No. 70836

I think that beef is with v0nvamp, not Haku's other friends.

No. 70837

He's had several FBs but not quite sure if Gray was one of them. I hope so though lol.

No. 70838

For a guy who acts like he's the best thing since sliced bread, he sure treats his friends like shit.

No. 70839

Who else is ready for his whinny Mother's Day posts

No. 70840

File: 1431331582322.png (2.76 KB, 342x117, a;;.PNG)

you… never… studied the language…?? like you even said so yourself

for the record the anon asked for a self introduction to be given in japanese

No. 70841

File: 1431335715348.png (37.32 KB, 521x341, lol.PNG)

alright there, bansky

No. 70842

I don't think Kaden knows a thing about his moms personality. He's constantly whining over her but I get the feeling she doesn't give a shit and he knows it, but continues to play her for pity points.

No. 70843

yeah I bet if he had been born in Nigeria or North Korea or 12th century Europe or 4th century Rome or Germany in the 1940s he would have had SO MUCH MORE POTENTIAL.
Check your middle class american privilege, y0.

No. 70844

"speak to me in my native languages"

No. 70845

lol i don't blame his mom i'd hate my kid too if he was as shitty at kaden is

No. 70846

"This era and society is dulling me down"

lol shut the fuck up kaden
you were born a woman to puerto rican and korean parents do you realize how fucked you would of been literally living in any other time period

No. 70847

He was "speaking" it as recently as a few months ago though? Self introduction is one of the first things you learn so you should still remember that if you used to know it so well so recently.

Just admit you always used google translate, Kaden

No. 70848

As someone who knows Kaden irl, I can confirm he doesn't know Japanese, at the very least he doesn't know anything more than a few words. I'm not Japanese myself but I can read a few things (albeit slowly) and understand a decent amount. We used to talk from time to time and he would always ask me to check things in Japanese for him. The only time I noticed his Japanese was any good was when he was near a computer so I always assumed he was actually looking stuff up instead of actually knowing anything lol.

No. 70849

Do rich white people shop at Pac-Sun? Lol

No. 70850

I worked at a Pac-Sun for about four years and yeah, kind of? I worked at three different malls and all in different socioeconomic environments. When I worked at one in a super rich area we'd get a lot of girls who would come in and buy like $200 in one go every month or so because they usually only wore stuff 1-2 times before they threw it out and hoped onto the next super trendy thing. We definitely weren't their only stop either.

Dealing with entitled rich white people was kind of a running joke at work but it was never as over dramatic as Kaden likes to make it seem lol.

No. 70851

File: 1431454050505.jpg (21.91 KB, 328x113, 435786.jpg)

"Oliver" recommended him this. what subtile namedropping. so now he's bff with criedwolves. anyone here good at stalking and finding his new blog?

No. 70852

Aw, man. How we gonna get the milk now? :^(

No. 70853

He namedrops anyone he can. Notice how he's desperate to lump himself in as someone with a "large following" …loosely veiled as 'advice.' No, Kaden, you don't have a following, you have a thread of people that know you're guilty of crime.

No. 70854

lol wonder how quick criedwolves would drop him if they saw the evidence of him admitting he sexually assaulted someone

which the people who know kaden and the victim could be able to reveal it more publicly but in the end it's what the victim wants…i wouldn't be surprised that they feel afraid to say anything considering kaden is so desperate to clump himself with people on tumblr with notoriety

No. 70855

He was calling "that criedwolves" person mayo and boring a few weeks ago lol

No. 70856

Maybe it's not criedwolves Kaden's referring to? Maybe another Oliver?

No. 70857

File: 1431528091566.jpg (137.56 KB, 640x833, image.jpg)


No. 70858


Is this what he's going to give to that "boy"?

No. 70859

kaden y u so boring

No. 70860

Because our trusted anon isn't back with more deets. At least Kaden's tumblr archive is always worth a good kek

No. 70861


No. 70862

it makes me very sad that there's nothing new when I come to this thread. Kaden can't possibly have tricked us by making a personal blog : < we should get some of the anons from the lifting thread to find him.

No. 70863

File: 1431595700611.jpg (27.91 KB, 343x179, 3456789.jpg)

I KNEW Kaden was trying to creep up on Paolo. Maybe he's the next person he'll try to skin alive. Coltre always reminded me of Haku regarding his attitude. At least he's save in Europe…

No. 70864

File: 1431607301808.png (6.42 KB, 358x291, 1304452453485.png)

if he's actually a she why call her he?

No. 70865

Hah. I'll try and post some more stuff this afternoon for you guys. Schools over now so I have some time.

No. 70866

is kaden fucking serious? haku and vonvamp change their urls, two days later he does the same?


No. 70867

Holy shit. He even made it LOOK like theirs with the x and everything. What the fuck?

No. 70868

He should have stayed trash-kadensito it was more accurate kek

No. 70869

LOL he even moved his instagram JUST LIKE HAKU. this is unbelievable. even of you're a copy cat you could be at least a little more subtile about it. does he really think people don't notice what he's doing?

No. 70870

File: 1431708044429.jpg (648.06 KB, 608x613, fox.jpg)


No. 70871


The least he could do is make it look different.

No. 70872

File: 1431708279703.jpg (642.18 KB, 612x608, 234571628.jpg)


No. 70873

File: 1431708331211.jpg (760.14 KB, 614x609, 1352678.jpg)


No. 70874

JFC one thing I cannot stand is thos nonsense about people wanting to live in another era as though they have experienced this era to its fullest or any other. Kaden is what, 19? How goddamned stupid is he to believe that he would have been the same person he is now in any other era? Or that he'd have been accepted as he is now?

He acts as though he's so fucking innovative and progressive when all he is is a mediocre copy of the people he simultaneously admires and looks down on for being who he wishes he was.

Aside from that, he lives in a first world country, I mean wtf? (>>98894
at least the people who leave Nigeria and come to the U.S. have some of the highest rates of Masters degrees and PhDs, so they ahve Kaden beat about 1234567890x over even with all the shit they have to deal with)

He has a muuuuch better chance than anywhere in the world to live the way he wants. Fuck he's openly trans and so many people understand what that even means.

Kaden it isn't that hard to be you bro, like if you find shit to complain about how about you check to see if you can make any differences yourself rather than wishing the world around you changes to another time.

What a jackass.

No. 70875

It can be when they drop shit all over the store and don't pick it up while looking you in the eyes.

My friend was cleaning the bathrooms and had to stop because this guy was dying to go in, when he came out and he went back in to re-clean it, he found a turd on the floor and a $1 bill on top of it.

So while Kaden is a delusional asshole, rich entitled fucks can be horrible.

No. 70876

I know, really.
Like, if I was born in another era, I would have got fucked by some peasant until I had eight kids starting at the age of fourteen, and spent the rest of my life tilling potatoes and struggling to pay my feudal dues.
I probably never would have thought about maths or science or literature or anything I love now, and any latent intelligence of mine would be wiped out from birth onwards due to never having exposure to any of it.
So many people think if they lived in another era they'd use their intellect and passion for knowledge to ascend to royalty where they would live the lives of the 'depressed intellectual,' except this time around they'd be appreciated for all they do and get to party with Socrates and shit.
It figures that Kaden is stupid enough to have never thought through her ridiculous thoughts.
Top keks upon them all.

No. 70877


He needs his own identity. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 70878

This is what makes no sense to me. Kaden learns some bs through tumblr and thinks he missed out on having had been raised a particular way, as though the times itself had much to do with it.

Like if he wanted to live in a place that was less restricting (and lets be honest, we all know he means not having to work and having people praise his "individuality" while getting pampered for it) he could just get some shittier/more gullible friends and live in some sjw small town where nothing ever happens so that Kaden will be the most interesting attraction.

No. 70879

Haku and vonvamp changed their urls? to what?

No. 70880

All of this. Kaden is a fucking little shit. barely half a century old and complaining about their life. She's god damn entitled. living in a first world country with very minimal issues. Try being trans and fakeboi in any other era, kaden- you'd be dead.

No. 70881

haku is "mikhxii" and cain is "oculeux"

No. 70882

Thank you.

No. 70883

File: 1431858261083.jpg (14.68 KB, 361x101, 42567128.jpg)

and here we go again…

No. 70884

File: 1431858355846.jpg (13.96 KB, 344x99, 32415.jpg)

No. 70885

File: 1431858678614.jpg (13.02 KB, 344x108, 3215.jpg)

>> you have handsome hair

is he trying to troll us? is he for real?

No. 70886

Does anyone know if he still talks to anyone in the fellowship? Noticed he commented a kissing face on sanator1um's instagram.

No. 70887

He leaves the same type of comments on dirukari's ig photos too

No. 70888

Why does the wrong beautiful trigger him so much? He's such a fucking idiot.

No. 70889

The word^

No. 70890

I know a bunch of guys with hair that I would describe as "beautiful." He thinks his hair has a gender?

No. 70891

File: 1431888596800.jpg (54.5 KB, 332x348, 234154.jpg)

kaden on "being yourself"

No. 70892

Be the best -#Haku#- you possible.

No. 70893

Damn it, that was supposed to be a strike through. I fail.

No. 70894

He always throws bitch fits when people bring up being trans but he spams his selfies for notes when there's something trans-related on tumblr. He picks and chooses being trans only when it makes him more popular. This is why I hate tumblr fakebois.

No. 70895

How to copy your friends while simultaneously looking down on them A short guide by Kaden ReeXe, author of the bestseller Can you skin someone and leave them alive?

No. 70896

File: 1431889670768.jpg (136.89 KB, 601x1080, 2.jpg)

No. 70897


Holy shit, my sides. Bless you anon

No. 70898

His hair looks like you can break off one of the curls if you tug on it. For reference, anyone remember that Jimmy Nuetron episode when Hugh accidentally broke off pieces of Jimmy's mom hair when he made it winter or something? I can't find it sadly. :( (If someone can locate it, and make it a gif, but with Kaden's head on it, that would be absolutely great)

No. 70899

rofl i love you, anon

No. 70900


I don't even wear shoes in the house, and he has his nasty shoe on the counter.

No. 70901

He's copying everyone who does this retarded pose, but isn't even doing that right jfc

No. 70902

Wait what does the right way look? I thought you just propped your foot up

No. 70903

File: 1431973852550.jpg (115.6 KB, 528x924, tumblr_noijoeeV8r1tbfnh1o1_128…)

for a second I thought this was the same photo…

No. 70904

I thought people do that so you can see the rest of their outift. Its not just a rand pose.

No. 70905

I don't understand mirror shitty selfies now that most cell phones have a timer

No. 70906

File: 1431978808373.png (201.89 KB, 512x384, YSL5N.png)

Can do an intel drop of sorts on Cain.

Someone called him/her out on how his uh, SJW bits of ideology were all just for show and the way he just stuck them in between fashion posts and/or did "fucking white people" posts randomly were proof of how she doesn't really care about blacks at all and just does it for show. The same person also noted how someone going to art school in Nova Scotia wasn't exactly close to any of the action in Missouri or Maryland, etc and also how Canada doesn't have a clean history either when it came to race.

Cain basically did the equivalent of this, it's obvious.

So I guess politics and lifestyle is one way to get at Cain, since she's a comfy white girl hoping for an art career and trying to gain social status by bleating the right political noise at the time and hoping someone gets caught on her watch.

No. 70907

Your points are irrelevant and incorrect. Back on topic please.

No. 70908

I hate this pose so much. It's so stupid I hate whoever started it. It's so awkward and forced

No. 70909

I hate tumblr fakeboi sjw fags but I know irl Cain is trans so please stop calling him a her it makes you look like an ignorant twat and makes me not want to read what you have to say

No. 70910


No. 70911

This isn't a thread about Cain and no one gives any fucks about this sjw bullshit. IMO it's rare to see anyone popular on tumblr who doesn't reblog that stuff. It's different from Kaden who was making videos about Ferguson and liveblogging whatever protests he went to.
TLDR if you want to go whine about your Cain sjw problems at least use the fakeboi thread.

No. 70912

War is war, and you can't give concessions like this to the enemy, especially of this kind. And the fakeboi shit in general will just legitimize (literal) crimes of the kind Kaden is doing. Hey, they're all reinventing the gay guy stereotypes.

I know in other threads it's noted /pt/ is female dominated and a lot of the people here browse their threads, so the responses I'm getting aren't surprising at all.

No. 70913

I think Cain's the most obnoxious member of the fellowship right after Kaden (I know, he's not actually part of it), if that somehow makes you happier.

lol what, kaden did videos about Ferguson? or is this some joke I don get?

No. 70914

Who cares what you seem obnoxious or not really, no one gives a fuck. Stop trying so hard.

No. 70915

Pray tell what point are you trying to make here, Anon? You have me curious.

Yes. IIRC it was around the Chris part of the Kaden timeline.

No. 70916

After someone ratted out the Haku thread to his followers this board has gotten a ton of tumblrites shitting it up and being all ~sensitive~ about social issues and bitching about Kaden being a rapist fakeboi while still using male pronouns to address her. I thought /pt/ was different but it's slowly turning into /cgl/ with even more tumblr.

No. 70917

Did you seriously just try to take a dig at him for him spreading awareness of protests? Only on lolcow

No. 70918


I think trans people (and agender people, and nonbinary people, and whatever else there is these days) have done massive overreach and power-grabbing (or a desire for it anyway, lol) and the fact they're doing all of it based on shaming, secular morality, and yes, looks – we all know what the "fellowship" is about, don't we? – will lead to disaster at best.

The fact the obviously born-female (excuse me, AFAB) kind are following in the footsteps of MTF lesbian types in publicity will lead to only more hilarity/bad things happening, and these people will be the public face. Like I said, FTM "gay" types alone are reinventing horrible gay stereotypes for starters (ephebophilia by 20somethings like frequently seen on this board, frat-style douchebaggery), when they do the inevitable public battle on what a "man" is with cis men, they'll lose badly and they'll have no one to blame but themselves.

Honestly, I almost say this as a favor, especially given the fact some of you people browse /pt/ anyway: think about your lifestyle, yourselves, and how you present yourselves to the world… for your sake.

Awareness! On the internet!

No. 70919

It would be fine if Kaden was doing it because he actually cared and not to put himself on a peadastool to act like he's superior to everyone else is what I think is the point

No. 70920

This. I use he for Kaden but because I don't care enough to remember to write "she." I think other anons will agree.
I've noticed these threads come up in a few google searches, too bad we're easy to find. If we're getting tumblrinas in here I hope Kaden's mindless followers will see too.

No. 70921

do you believe cultural marxism exists?

No. 70922

I do agree with you. Actually everything you said is true for Kaden acting like a fratboy douchebag and dating a minor for starters. Next is being a parody of all the stereotypes of former "friends." And that doesn't even come near the rape.
The whole trans community on tumblr is guilty of overreach IMO But what does that have to do with someone getting angry at Cain for reblogging pro-black posts?

No. 70923

File: 1431983236491.jpg (276.85 KB, 624x810, _77183433_mir27.jpg)

>poor attempts at subtle mockery

Oh, you couldn't have asked for better enemies. This stuff always ends up, at minimum, with rape. There's always the creepy sexual undertones to it all, but at least here it's far more open and obvious.

Do you believe, in it, friend?

Unpleasant status-striving disguised as morality which in practice turns to throwing people under the bus. Which is why spreading "awareness" is always inherently funny. Think of all of this the next time some 20something aging fakeboi goes for a 16 year old or something ten years younger and we see the dancing around because of her status.

tl;dr, these are all terrible people and I think this board needs to address the elephants in the room. It's obviously everyone here is at least aware of it, whether they want to admit it or not. Maybe >>70921 can start the discussion.

No. 70924

Can everyone on this board make a pact to stop responding to Tumblr / SJW / feminism posts?

It would improve everything so much if everyone just ignored everything like that instead of shitting up threads arguing, and therefore giving these Tumblr people the forum to speak and spread their ideas.

No. 70925


anon back again, this is the last past of stuff I have that I can just jumble into one. If you guys have any questions, have at it. I'll do my best to answer.

>This is something I only remembered recently, but he also made a comment about how if Haku wanted people to stop misgendering him he needed to train his voice to be lower (i.e. more masculine) and if it was "/really/ a big issue" for him then he'd put more effort into it.

>He would try to guilt trip a lot of people into going to the Ferguson protests in NYC when they were happening. I had a lot of friends who didn't go to them because they had work (since you know, we actually pay our bills) or had anxiety with massive crowds or what have you. He would make the occasional sarcastic comment about how if people REALLY wanted to make a change they should go.
>He's whined and begged every person he's ever dated to constantly fuel his cig habit and buy him some. When he was up in NYC he would always mooch off of my friends consistently, especially after a night of drinking when no one really noticed. Keep in mind most cigs here are at LEAST $10+.
>Kaden and Ray were long distance, but he was definitely still "sexual" with him. They would frequently sext each other pretty explicit things often. The sexual assault he did happened after they broke up though.
>He got his Iron Man tattoo after his dad and his dad pretty much pays for a good chunk of his stuff. Most of Kaden's jobs in the past have been for Kaden just buying his own superficial things like cosplay and cigarettes.
>Kaden's dad doesn't let him smoke in the house and Kaden used to bitch about it alllllllll the time. (I think the most he was allowed to have was a vape).

No. 70926

woop forgot to add in these couple of things
>He has frequently "borrowed" things from people and forgotten to give them back
>I wasn't there, but one time at a friends birthday party a bunch of people there decided to go out for some drinks at a bar. Now, Kaden was 18 at the time and in NYC, a lot of you know it isn't too terribly hard to get a drink around here. One of the bar tenders who didn't speak much English asked Kaden for an ID and Kaden drunkenly apparently yelled back at this guy about him just wanting to get a drink and the guy ended up giving it to him out of fear I think since apparently Kaden was being a huge asshole about getting his drink.

No. 70927

That bartender sounds like a idiot. Isn't Kaden 5'2"?

No. 70928

Ehh I agree but I wasn't there so lol. Though Kaden is generally kind of an ass to wait staff and he isn't the best tipper, if at all even.

No. 70929

thats the point though, but Kaden propped his foot so far from his body it looks even worse than the regular pose

No. 70930

You're literally being sensitive about /pt/ not being the haven you want it to be

relax, don't slit your wrists about it

No. 70931

Why would you live in NYC if you can't handle crowds? Pressuring people to go to protests is probably the least
Lolcow worthy thing he's done.

No. 70932

Not every part of nyc is crowded though?

No. 70933

If he keeps his dog in the house (which I'll assume he does), why would he WANT to smoke in the house??

someone get that dog away from him

No. 70934


I heard he made Chris' mom pay for things he broke or "borrowed" himself. Do have any deets on stuff like this, anon?

No. 70935

I know at the very least he had Chris' mom pay for new luggage for him when he finally moved out, it's pretty big too.

No. 70936

File: 1432144296084.jpg (38.73 KB, 347x238, 3243242344323.jpg)

Kaden thinks he's an introvert…

No. 70937

File: 1432144313197.jpg (167.73 KB, 596x1080, tumblr_noluefCTui1tbfnh1o1_128…)

and here we go again

No. 70938

File: 1432144330411.png (567.1 KB, 1280x1570, tumblr_nomdwrLhYQ1rv5zk6o1_128…)

No. 70939

Couldn't this person at least add the other leg so he doesn't look like an amputee…

No. 70940

they drew on top of the photo lol, so I guess they dont have the ability to do so.

No. 70941

Her whole aesthetic makes me want to punch her in the face.

No. 70942

You can live in a suburban type area, but you're going to have to go into manhattan at some point which is ALWAYS crowded, no matter what time of day

No. 70943

It's still shitty to think it's your responsibility to lecture friends into going to a protest if they're not comfortable with it for whatever reason.

No. 70944

I live in Manhattan, not all of it resembles Times Square. Even Times Square isn't always crowded depending on which area your are in at a specific time.

Anyway, I get if you're trying to say that it's fucked up to pressure anyone into doing something they're uncomfortable with

No. 70945

File: 1432391954033.jpg (8.16 KB, 98x51, xxxx.jpg)

"writer, painter"

No. 70946

File: 1432392370716.jpg (5.62 KB, 300x168, index.jpg)

>>I wish people that roleplayed now had the patience to build up to nsfw, if any at all, and didn’t just try to make out with my character as soon as they meet, or the shitty “fall in love at first sight” trope either. My characters are complex, with backgrounds and character development that took years to achieve, and your shitty BL tropes is doing them a diservice as well as me, because you’re expecting me, as a writer, to just throw away my characters self so that your character can stick his dick inside of him? ~___~ I need better rp partners with more /writing/ experience and who doesn’t sit around all day reading problematic BLs

No. 70947

File: 1432726464245.jpg (143.24 KB, 579x1079, tumblr_novhx7KfXV1tbfnh1o2_128…)

No. 70948

File: 1432726566134.jpg (10.51 KB, 355x97, 231.jpg)

he has no favorite food because he has an ED : (( so subtile.

No. 70949

File: 1432726675412.jpg (16.45 KB, 344x96, 12354.jpg)

No. 70950


Kaden looks like she smells bad. Like old cigs and fast food bad.

No. 70951


She looks like she'd smell of wet cigarettes and your grandma's house, honestly

No. 70952

isn't that exactly how the anons who know and don't like kaden described him?

No. 70953

File: 1432749667883.jpg (13.6 KB, 573x185, s.jpg)

Wahh I have to do my job and it's not fair

No. 70954


holy shit, he looks absolutely repulsive.

No. 70955

File: 1432750355577.jpg (58.31 KB, 640x640, tumblr_now0ubutp41tbfnh1o1_128…)

No. 70956


he looks like a dirty mad scientist

No. 70957

File: 1432751581833.png (15.51 KB, 331x63, tumblr23746.png)

No. 70958


…Who said he was skinny? He's 5'2". I find him petite, but proportionally normal.

No. 70959

File: 1432753160993.jpg (103.37 KB, 525x937, tumblr_notdu6MlEN1tbfnh1o2_128…)

No. 70960

he wrote something on tumblr about being aro but he deleted it before I took a screenshot. someone that got it?

No. 70961

looks like a god damn corpse

No. 70962

File: 1432852791218.jpg (218.4 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Does anyone know anything about this?

No. 70963

I guess being "aromantic" means having no consideration for others.

No. 70964

Uuuh what does he mean by "getting off his dick"?
I don't remember anyone asking about his weight and I don't see how that would equate to people wanting to ride his theoretical cock. Maybe he wants to pretend he is as slim as Haku

No. 70965


Hahaha which "friend" would fall for her? The only positive point is they are mildly attractive. And by that I mean they are a 6 or a 7.

No. 70966

I live in Manhattan too, anon. Nice to see some local farmers.

No. 70967

Didn't haku answer a tumblr ask like this months ago? It was something to the response of
"What do you eat besides coffee and milk tea?"
and he answered "I don't"

No. 70968

As an ex-gamestop employee, to be fair– people will see you arranging shit and take a game from the R section and put it back in the B/C section. I had to say "Did you find that there?" to be people while i was sitting on my knees, arranging shit. People can be assholes. Like when you unravel a sweater at a clothing store and just throw it on the floor and walk away. Come on.

No. 70969

He actually looks better with black hair. But his personality is still shitty

No. 70970

I worked retail and that's just part of the job. All of my pristine piles of clothes going to shit at the hands of bratty kids and rude soccer moms. But I knew that going in.

No. 70971


When I worked at McDonald's I usually got stuck with wash-the-tables duty. Some tables had chicken nuggets and fries just torn to shreds and thrown all over the place.

A pain to clean up but I had to laugh when I realized that a pack of wild animals would have made less of a mess. People are less civilized than wild animals.

No. 70972

Yes, but that doesn't mean you can't get frustrated over the fact that these people know better but still do it anyway, many times while looking at you re-arranging a mess someone else already made.

No. 70973

Looks like he goes by RJ Park now.

No. 70974

I never doubted they knew better. I think people are evil and my life experience has done absolutely nothing to convince me otherwise.

No. 70975

File: 1433761260255.jpg (133.51 KB, 609x1136, image.jpg)

No. 70976

bump, this piece of shit needs more exposure as a piece of shit

No. 70977

What's with him lately?

No. 70978

File: 1437021077806.png (1.14 MB, 656x1150, sudhkjf.png)

Looks like he's changed his url.


Is this a thing now? Linking to your wishlist on your selfies? I saw someone else do it just a few posts after Kaden's appeared on my dash.

No. 70979

>person is a generous 6
>76 notes
scooby doo please solve this mystery for me

No. 70980

who the fuck hangs pictures that high

No. 70981

People who only care about aesthetics instead of practicality. Scores her more "cool points".

No. 70982

anyone have deets on him scumbagging other people? he has definitely fucked other people over too

No. 70983

looks like she's changed it again.

No. 70984


u stalkin this thread kaden? you can't hide you dolt.

No. 70985

No. 70986

someone should tell his "new friends" how shitty he is

No. 70987

jesus, did anyone else try going through the FAQ? The amount of pretentiousness makes me want to slap Kaden.

No. 70988

File: 1437092932375.jpg (161.02 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

His Swedish isn't terrible but it's not perfect. But he probably used google translate to write that. And what happened to that he knew like five different languages?

No. 70989

I personally don't think sexuality really has anything to do with being trans at all. Some transtrenders are yaoi fangirls going through a short phase of wanting to live out their ~bishi dream~ but we've already clarified Kaden is legitimately trans despite being an abusive piece of shit and has had girlfriends.

No. 70990

Did Kaden just up and delete all his social media accounts?

No. 70991

Never. He just changes his username every other day, I think he's currently baatjr

No. 70992

Thanks, kind anon. I miss the Kaden drama.

No. 70993

File: 1439766615284.jpg (108.71 KB, 750x992, image.jpg)

have any of you seen this?

No. 70994

What the fuck is asexually assaulted?? Pretty sure she meant to say…sexually assaulted, right?

Good to know Kaden is still a piece of shit . I hope more people hate on him.

No. 70995

File: 1439795134568.jpg (45.39 KB, 565x618, ok.jpg)

Good to know he's still sending ASKS to himself on tumblr

No. 70996

I kind of know of this girl, apparently she was having a pretty bad time emotionally when she typed this (understandable, especially if a rapist like KADEN is telling her that her abuse wasn't real) so I think grammar/spelling mistakes should be given some leeway.

No. 70997

Fuck I actually laughed out loud at "asexually assaulted"

No. 70998

File: 1439798956693.png (328.17 KB, 523x759, PEE.png)

I may have pissed myself a little.

No. 70999

Yikes. I would never post something that bad online unless I was 14 and didn't know better.

No. 71000

Good to see he's using Korean now. I keep seeing a Korean women on his tumblr who he says is his wife. is he dating again?

No. 71001

*woman damn autocorrect

No. 71002

It's funny, because he doesn't even speak Korean, he's just co-opting it for the "aesthetic", or whatever stuff he's supposedly against.

No. 71003

You cannot say he and fakeboi at the same time, You don't make sense Lol

No. 71004

OT but what a waste of copics

you can see the lines where he goes over (streak marks?? for lack of better word) when it should look like one nice solid block of color. why r u so shit. ur pricey art materials arent gonna make u any better.

No. 71005

does anyone know why he deleted his tumblr?

No. 71006

Jeez I actually was a huge fan of his and now I'm really sick to my stomach, I don't agree with the fakeboi shit or even that he's ugly but he's an abuser and sounds like a very gross ass person and I'm so glad he deleted tumblr wtf

No. 71007

I thought she deleted it because everyone found out what she did to that trans kid?

No. 71008

can someone fill me in on what's been going on? last time i remember the ~cliche~ wasn't talking to him and he started talking to really trashy people. um also what did he do to that trans kid?

No. 71009


She and "Haku" and her wannabees fell apart after Kaden bragged to all her friends that she sexually assaulted/raped a trans person.

No. 71010

so what's his new tumblr? or other accounts

No. 71011


his new ig makes no sense
like wtf is that

No. 71012

It's not baatjr anymore? Kaden is such an obnoxious twat. haku isnt any better, T or no T.

No. 71013

No and Kaden will probably change it, she changes handles pretty often and "Haku" is fucking pathetic. I have absolutely no respect for her.

At twelve she went from Arianna to fucking "Kohaku Aoki" because of her self hatred and crazy thought that if she changed her name to a Japanese one, she'd magically become Japanese. No bitch. You're a white girl through and through. Way to throw your family away. It's amazing they put up with her bullshit for so long.
On her old tumblrs she would get so defensive and vague about her race and name and practically scream and cry like a little bitch "My REAL name is Kohaku Aoki. IT'S NOT A NICKNAME!!!"

I understand having a nickname from another culture that isn't yours, but trying to live your life as a "gender nuetral" Japanese girl and completely throwing away your family is fucked up.

She saw her thread on here and started to change her explanation's wording about her name change. She goes from Kohaku Aoki to another special snowflake ethnic name to sound cool when she's just an American bitch. And with her completely remaking her mikhxii tumblr, trying to do damage control? Haha, fucking pathetic. Bitch, we all know what a psychotic weeaboo you are.

And "Haku" hun, if you're reading this wearing Asian BB cream and putting on yellow toned face makeup won't change the fact that you're not Japanese. You're white with pink undertones (no matter how much makeup you cake on your weasel face).
Stop doing makeup to look Asian when you're white. Stop using your Asian friends as props. Our features are not something you can just wipe off at the end of the day with a makeup wipe. You want to be Asian so bad? Do you actually know what it's like to be Asian? The bullshit we have to put up with? The ridicule? The bullying? Do you know how it feels when all the kids at school call you a jap, chink, gook, etc.? No you fucking don't . And even though you might know a lot about Japanese culture, you'll never be accepted. We just think of you as the white girl who knows a lot about our country and "it's cute" You had the audacity to just slap on your little bullshit "Kohaku Aoki" nametag, getting coolness points from other white people. You think having an Asian name for a white person is cool, it's totally okay to legally change your name to an Asian one because you're a fucked up little bitch that hated herself, when you have absolutely no idea what it's like to actually grow up and be Asian in this country.

You notice how your Asian friends just apply makeup regularly on their faces? They don't make their faces a pale yellow? We all know that their Asian? FUCKING STOP WITH YOUR LITTLE YELLOW FACE ACT.

No matter how much damage control you try to do, we alln know you're the crazy weeaboo bitch who lived a lie for years.

Regardless of you being on T, regardless of you changing your name (to a stupid ethnic name, when you lived a little rich white girl life) I will never respect you as a person or as a man. A decent human being would never have done the shit you do. A real man wouldn't have done the shit that you do You're a child.

No. 71014


No. 71015

I just choked on my coke omg

No. 71016

Calm down gook.

No. 71017


No. 71018


Isn't this Kaden's thread?

No. 71019

but Kaden's so boring

No. 71020

can we make WHAT'S GOOD, HAKU a meme?

No. 71021

Changed the insta to reeceprk lol

No. 71022

This is so true PREACH

Haku is now wearing another culture around as an identity the same way as before yet people don't call them out because it's still a "white culture".

But bitch please you aren't some slavic full blown Russian. You are American, and as you even said in your own words your family is a mix of ethnicities but they were born here and so were you so you're fucking american. Nothing wrong with that so grow up and stop trying to act "exotic" and romanticize a culture AGAIN. There are tons of Russians in America and they don't act like special snowflakes because of it.

No. 71023

this so fucking much
She's trying so fucking hard to be an exotic Russian man while she's a whiny spoiled AMERICAN girl. You don't deserve to be called a man "Haku" Idgaf if you're on T, you still act like a whiny overly self conscious teenage emo girl.

Her life has been American yet she's trying so fucking hard to deny it and be exotic and special. Fucking stop.

No. 71024

I just looked at her twitter and she changed her fake ass japanese name to a stupid "kawaii" fake ass nickname in japanese "misha" how cute hun <3

No. 71025

You know what's funny? Haku keeps going back and forth from "OMG GUYS I HATE HAKU, DONT CALL ME THAT" to "I guess I cant escape it. Call me haku"

Is she even russian or she's just a russiaphile? Both haku and her fake russian name are both bullshit

No. 71026

Kaden is going be park as her last name now?

No. 71027

She's saying she deleted her tumblr bc she had no time for it on her instagram

No. 71028

what are haku's accounts?

No. 71029

File: 1442022650102.jpg (72.18 KB, 818x602, what.jpg)

Usually goes by this name

Haku's fans are just as delusional.

No. 71030


She's so fucking pathetic it hurts. Like stop trying to fucking hard to live lies. I swear to god she needs to go to a nut house and get some fucking help. She's not stable.

No. 71031


i mean i didn't even realize they were going by something different after all that drama and autism over changing their name to haku lol

No. 71032

Fucking rich white privleged bitch gets to do whatever she wants with no consequences

No. 71033

IIRC all of this russia bullshit was already talked about in the Haku thread. I dont see anything theyre doing that's lolcow worthy now imo.

No. 71034

if she says that she's "uncomfortable" with her body etc. then why would she take all her clothes off in front of everyone, crawl into fetal position, and post that on the internet for everyone to see? attention seeking lying whore much?!

No. 71035

because being cosplay/internet famous is the only thing that matters to her

No. 71036

basically "Haku" and all her white tumblr friends

No. 71037

It's exactly like when she posted that shirtless photo on tumblr and later said how much she loathes herself and her body and lied later saying that she only posted that to fb

No. 71038

anyone else notice how people started whining about the same old haku dramu in here only after kaden deactivated? top kek

No. 71039

It reminds me of the good old days of when Kaden sent himself asks lol
I wonder why he deactivated. Kaden must have done something super shitty again. Anyone know?

No. 71040


I heard he creeped on a ton of underage girls.

No. 71041

caps? or did you hear this from the grapevine? (I'd imagine it'd be difficult to get caps since the tumblr and twitter accounts are gone)

No. 71042


AFAIK there are caps from when he got kicked out of a chat room full of them. word got around they were going to be used for a call out post but he deleted before it got published.

No. 71043

They should still be published

No. 71044

haku is definitely rich too. No one can afford to live in NYC with a one to two day a week job and go to school full time and also anime cons all year round.

No. 71045

She loves showing off her nude kaneki photo too. It's disgusting

No. 71046

It's funny that you think people still don't hate haku just because she made an 'apology' on tumblr and that video on youtube. She's still just as fake as Kaden and all the other fakebois online.

No. 71047

why do you guys misgender haku when he's on T and actually transitioning but still call kaden a fucking he? lmao you guys need to try harder

No. 71048

No one gives a shit about Haku anymore. This is all old news, they graduated school and theyre working. I keep tabs on them and IIRC they paid for full time school with loans and they live in a box with roommates. Correct me if I'm wrong but there's nothing about being an ~exotic russian~ in their posts either. This board cancer that keeps whining about the same fucking things from months/years ago is more annoying than they are IMO.

I want to hear about Kaden fucking with little girls not Haku's old bullshit that's been discussed to death.

No. 71049

Honestly it's all this Kaden stuff and then no delivery, tf is the milk

No. 71050


If someone is saving screencaps for a call out post then I guess we'll see it soon. This thread lost momentum a while ago tbh. Haku has no milk either. No one has to like them off but people need to stop coming here and circlejerking over old news. We get it already.

No. 71051

Kaden did creep on a bunch of underage girls and they found out he was a piece of shit too. It happened IRL though so I don't think there are any caps. I don't have many deets but if anyone else does, be my guest.

I don't get the whole "he's trying to be Russian" thing either.
You people honestly never heard the name "Mikhail" before in America? Do you live under a rock? No one gives a shit.

Ultimately this. Who fucking cares anymore.

No. 71052

I heard that he did it to some dumblr girls online and after he tried manipulating his underage ex to vouch for him. I hope someone finally has screencaps, if he deleted there must be some. Good to know he's keeping it classy online and in real life too.

No. 71053

she's the biggest weeaboo attention whore

No. 71054

her mommy and daddy managed to send her to a rich private school earlier. yeah she deff has money. what really irks me is her wishlist. or rather everyone of those fakebois with wishlists on their blogs. "Oh I'm poor. And even though I do nothing to contribute to society. Am a huge fucking liar and weeaboo. Please waste your money on me so I can have unnecessary anime bullcrap."

No. 71055

If you're down for making a thread on snow or b, i'll gladly contribute there. It won't go anywhere on /pt/

No. 71056



Oh? You're too busy playing dress up to buy some fucking windex haku? Get a fucking life. Act like a fucking adult. My fucking god.

No. 71057

do it guys omg

No. 71058


Would Snow be an okay place for it since haku was a lolcow but is just kind producing low quality milk?

No. 71059

I don't think it's a good idea. It's been said over and over, but all of this is old news and haku does nothing funny anymore. Not even for /snow/. Plus they took their wish list down months ago and their thread is full of all of this same shit. I haven't seen any caps or milk so it'd be a repeat of the same thread already here. Better not unless they start acting crazy again.

No. 71060

Agreed. It was great months ago but there is literally nothing else to see. If Haku was still doing hilarious shit then yeah but he's literally so fucking boring now.
Anyway, I don't see the appeal in talking about Haku anymore. Stop beating a dead cow and start talking about something that's actually interesting please.

No. 71061

I get it, but there's a thread on snow now so it won't clog up this board. I miss when haku was full of milk. they have always been boring though, just a bad liar. I will cherish our thread where we created the fellowship.

Maybe they'll have another breakdown soon?

No. 71062

Who did she rape?

No. 71063

Those of us who know who the victim is have agreed not to say who it is because of the wishes the victim expressed.
Normally I'm all for dishing the dirt on lolcow but in this case I really think it's best we don't reveal this info. This would cause way too much stress for the victim if people knew and they're already having a horrible time still coping with the trauma it caused them.
I really hope karma comes back and bites Kaden in the ass some day.

No. 71064

So you call some fakeboi rapist without any evidence and refuse to spill out the information because wahhh it would damage the victim? Okay tumblr.

No. 71065

Wow. If you were here in the earlier Kaden threads, there was plenty of info given out. A few of his ex friends came in to spill the beans, but yes, they want to protect the identity of the girl he raped. I don't see anything wrong or tumblr about not being a piece of shit and forcing a rape victim to relive her trauma because you want to know things.

No. 71066

So you guys are just gonna let him fuck with underage girls with no consequences?

No. 71067

This particular victim was not underage (he's apparently been skeevy with other underage girls but I don't have deets to confirm exactly what else he supposedly did)
Mmkay so this was all mentioned either earlier or in the previous thread but here are the deets…
Kaden raped a trans person while said person was drunk and incapacitated. Kaden got into this person's genitals and then bragged about having sex with this person while describing their genitals in detail to a whole bunch of other people despite this person being trans. (Apparently not any of this fakeboi trans shit either!!!! So rare wow!!!!!)
The victim told a few people what actually happened (rape!) and between Kaden bragging to practically everyone he knew about what happened and the victim being horrified and traumatized and telling a few close people what actually happened and then Kaden backing off of his bragging as soon as everyone knew the true story we definitely have confirmation that Kaden is a piece of shit.
Anyways, you can't force a victim to talk. Even for lolcow, outing the victim is probably a little too fucked up of a thing to do.
Seems that what was done instead was outing Kaden as a rapist and kek since he was creepy toward other people later on, this thread was discovered by other people he tried to fuck with and now they know he's a scumbag! Ever since more people started to find out about him, Kaden has desperately been trying to distract from it and either deleted or changed most of his social media accounts.

No. 71068

>tfw kaden will never rape you

No. 71069

Kaden bawwleeted his tumblr and changed his instagram again. He's seriously trying to run from his past.

No. 71070


Anon who harvested the screencaps here, they'll be published eventually. Everyone involved in digging up evidence has been busy (it's my first evening free in around two months) and RJ up and deleted before we could get anything rolling.

He deleted because he heard through the grapevine that his ass was going to get blasted.

No. 71071

It's really crazy how many times he's come onto underage people or flat out forced himself on people. When he was in consensual relationships apparently all his exes have revealed or dropped clues about how manipulative he was with them. Isn't he still under 21? What kind of fucked up shit happened to make such a young predator?
It's like he things that the only way to assert his "masculinity" and "prove" he's trans is to act like an absolutely fuckboy.
Maybe he secretly idolizes Bill Cosby.

No. 71072

>It's like he things that the only way to assert his "masculinity" and "prove" he's trans is to act like an absolutely fuckboy.

This is exactly it! I think we've discussed in earlier Kaden threads that he seriously thinks being a 'real man' means mistreating women and basically being a sexist piece of shit to them. It boogles my mind because he was born a woman. Like how fucked do you have to be to be trans to begin with? And then on top of that treat your own sex like a piece of shit because you think that is how men should treat women? Kaden is only 20 years old I think. His parents must of been shit for him to turn out this way.

No. 71073

Internalized misogyny maybe? He's got mommy issues and also hates the sex he was born. Who fucking knows. I know he used to present as a girl and I'm sure he had to have experienced how shitty guys can be towards women. You'd think that would make him more sensitive and hate that kind of treatment, but here he is, a fuckboy.
Part of me suspects that he hates him mom so much that it set him up to hate all women including himself. He obviously mistreats females and I wouldn't be surprised if he started identifying as a guy in response to his mommy issues.
Which sucks because there are a lot of trans people who aren't super fucked up basket cases but it's always the poor excuses for human beings that get noticed like Kaden.

No. 71074

What did he look like before? I remember him making a post about it and his step sister commented on it

No. 71075

Kaden used to present as the dumb looking chick who would be the first to die in a B movie horror flick.
I didn't save the picture but anon from the last thread posted it. Kaden showed it off to his "lil bats" thinking his improvement was so great.
Speaking of which, I always hated how he felt he had to brand his followers.

No. 71076

I remember him posting how he's starting to wear make up again and he looked so bad in it, and his art is so shitty.
The only thing he had were his looks, when he's older he's going to have nothing.

No. 71077

Heard from a source who knew him back in high school that he used to be like, ultimate basic girl, with a side of sk8r girl edge. One day he goes to NY, meets Haku and the fellowship, and does this complete 180 coming out as trans blah blah. He spouts bullshit about being trans forever ago, but his high school friend says that he was always a super girly girl or w/e


here http://sunfirecape.tumblr.com/post/103355616532#

No. 71078

Wonderful, so he was (yet another) big Haku copy cat and then started bitching to his friends about how Haku isn't manly enough. I guess Kaden never took a good look at himself in the mirror. His sense of what's masculine is so warped, from "act like a fuckboy!" to "dress like a girl and call myself a man!"
I think he has been trying really hard to look more like a guy ever since he was first called out on it by wearing clothes that are way too huge and his nasty ass hair, fugly hats, and eyebrows that look like they were drawn on with a thick sharpie.

No. 71079

Damn she used to be kinda hot, the make up was shitty but that hair was so nice wtf
Also I know we're shit talking rn but at least she was genuinely into comics

No. 71080


Idk anon, she looked like a try-hard, stuck up bitch
You know, the ones who think they're hot shit BC they gauged their ears and like comics but really no one can stand to be around then because they're obnoxious

No. 71081

It's a shame she actually makes a pretty attractive korean fakeboi and her girl pictures aren't ugly either, sans the shitty makeup. She just seems to have a lot of issues and none of them are definitely gender dysphoria, she's just a bandwagon hopper who won't go into T or surgeries and will get tired of the whole trans thing when nearing her 30's or finds some other fad.

No. 71082

Kaden lies all the time and I wouldn't be surprised if his ~issues~ were made up from the gender dysphoria to the mommy issues. The only real issue he seems to have is that he's a sociopathic manipulative piece of shit.

No. 71083

File: 1443465444297.jpg (48.93 KB, 512x396, hmm.jpg)

Damn, she used to be kind of cute honestly. Kaden looks terrible as a fakeboi/fuckboi now.

No. 71084

This. I'm sure she'll change her mind about being trans when the fad is over and the asspats stop coming in.

No. 71085

File: 1444113237020.jpg (78.11 KB, 928x602, hahaha.jpg)

There is so much bullshit here.

No. 71086

Is he fucking serious?

No. 71087

This is exactly the type of person that fails so hard at being a man, that he essentially gives up and tries to become a girl to try and see if life is any easier. Truly a fraud and a narcissist. Nothing freaks me out more than people using this LBGT movement as a fad for some reason. It's really twisted I can't put my finger on it though.

No. 71088

File: 1444154129679.jpg (251.68 KB, 2400x2400, image.jpg)

So um, I normally just skim this thread, but none of his links work and moved? Is that old news?

No. 71089

>I realize I have ~male privilege~
Bitch no one off the internet thinks you're a male. Not to mention that you think your definition of masculinity means acting like a fuckboi.

No. 71090

Wtf. How can someone have male privilege if they're a woman? Fuck off, Kaden

No. 71091

He changes his links constantly. I follow his IG only because he changes his tumblr too much. It's annoying. Not sure if he lurks or not.

No. 71092

How ironic, both kaden and oliver crying about male privilege when they're both born women. Why do these women hate themselves so much?

No. 71093

Eh, no guy is going to care about it.
Snowflaek tumblr girls call males gross all of the time.

My bigger concern is, why is a lesbian-in-denial mutilating herself into something she so desperately hates? I definitely get why the community in general is so mad at these fakeboi girls.

She's probably not a feminist, but is saying she has 'muh male privilege' because it's another way for her to feel confirmation from her SJpeers.
If she really felt secure in her maleness she obviously wouldn't be posting shit like that constantly.

No. 71094

I am pretty active in this blogging community, I used to thirst over him so I'm glad this board exists to shatter my fucking delusions.

No. 71095

Yeah, it just feels hypocritical. Like Kaden claims to hate men, yet is a woman pretending to be a man- treats other women like shit and acts like a fuckboi. He's only into women, so he's a lesbian. Meanwhile, criedwolves says he's gay and only into guys, but he's still a woman. It's attention whoring.

No. 71096

Well, she has a cute gf now

No. 71097

Why did you bump this?

No. 71098

He made a new tumblr


No. 71099

No. 71100

>Has askfm
>keeps anonymous off

No. 71101

File: 1448269853291.jpg (542.26 KB, 1024x1024, CYMERA_20151123_110745.jpg)

Sooooo idk if anybody else noticed but lmao Haku - Kaden

No. 71102

Maybe that's why Haku switched to black kek

No. 71103

If I block this asshole will the selfies show up on my dash because I'm still waiting for the callout so rj will slink back into the shadows.

No. 71104

File: 1448273023369.jpg (181.69 KB, 500x650, joxter and snufkin.jpg)

No. 71105

File: 1448279923117.gif (1019.98 KB, 500x375, tumblr_n58sx7vVqa1r8lutfo2_500…)

It's almost like Kaden wants to turn Haku into a skin suit a la Buffalo Bill.

No. 71106


he is so fucking creepy, isn't he embarrassed to copy someone that blatantly jfc.

No. 71107

Well, tbh it's not a good look for either of them…

No. 71108


These people need to leave snufkin alone

No. 71109

File: 1448314077467.jpeg (55.74 KB, 750x549, image.jpeg)

He says, on a completely public platform. Not like he jumped all over trans day of visibility and outed himself to the entirety of tumblr for notes and attention either kek

No. 71110

oh my gah
he doesnt have a creative bone in his body

i stopped follwing haku because it got boring and 3edgy, but at least he did it first and did it best with the fakeboi thing

No. 71111


i cant. with the tryhards

No. 71112

actually she seems psycho.
i think she just started uni so she is probably p young like 18 (rj targeting youngins)
whenever anyone comments on rj's pics on IG, she butts in and answers "as his spokesperson"

No. 71113

He calls her 누나 though, which is what guys call girls older than them (it means older sister)

No. 71114

Does she actually think she passes as anything more than a shabby, hipster-looking lesbian?

No. 71115

I used to think she's on T, now you can tell she has no intention to go on it.

No. 71116

Kaden looked sooo much better with brown hair

No. 71117

>implying kaden could ever look good kek
Funny how she dyed her hair the same colour as Haku's a few days after he did. Too bad it just looks like something crawled onto her scalp and died.

No. 71118


just what I thought. Nuuskamuikkunen-parka

No. 71119


Kaden made a moomin sideblog too. Wonder where the obsession came from?


No. 71120

Definitely not because he's obsessively monitoring Haku, lol

No. 71121

as a finn i feel personally offended by this. also kind of violated.

No. 71122

Kaden has an extremely punchable face.

What is haku's new tumblr?

No. 71123


No. 71124

she's trying to copy Chris Dakota's obsession with moomins

No. 71125

I never understood her URLs. What is rnyjay? Some sort of nickname?

No. 71126

She had a whole description about it when she changed it to rnyjay, something like:
My name starts with r, and I live in NY and like Jason todd
Also it looks like my Jay which is good because I still like Jason todd

But obviously drawn out

I feel like since she role plays a lot with people it's easy for her to fudge her life and steal Hakus style

No. 71127

File: 1448419432105.jpg (103.66 KB, 640x979, image.jpg)

hmm. Starlight huh

No. 71128

File: 1448419499023.jpg (128.18 KB, 640x973, image.jpg)

Before that it was this for a while

No. 71129

File: 1448419608260.jpg (42.34 KB, 640x825, image.jpg)

When he first started up his tumblr this was it. Looks kinda like Haku's tbh

No. 71130

I wonder if Haku fronts being creeped out, but really loves it

No. 71131

File: 1448422381546.jpg (82.46 KB, 640x986, image.jpg)

I don't think Haku would be flattered by a nobody tbh

No. 71132

Damn. It kind of looks like he's really wearing Haku's skin in this one. Pretty fucking creepy.

No. 71133

How long do you think the new gf will last?

Ren lasted a few months ?

No. 71134

She did have a big following before the rape scandal, thats why shes being promod by all the trans bloggers now
Truth bloggers should get on that

No. 71135

File: 1448427487192.jpg (119.81 KB, 640x1086, image.jpg)

Looks like she and Vikko get along.

How fast will Kurovoids drop her once she hears everything

No. 71136

They were really buddy buddy before too, kaden sent her an anon once (not subtly) asking if they were friends or smth for a free promo

I was following both of them before I saw this thread, i was wondering why kaden had deleted

No. 71137

ugh, agreed!

No. 71138

File: 1448427895829.jpg (119.69 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Apparently he said he was 'reviving himself on social media' but I don't have any caps. Also:

If you look at the tag

No. 71139

Bitch's hair looks so fried all the time. I bleach the fuck out of my hair, but I fix it with olaplex. Do they not even know how to proper hair care?

No. 71140

This is Kaden we're talking about. We have to be careful not to give her too much credit.

No. 71141

best part of it all is that the bitch lives in connecticut

No. 71142

Damn, and she's saying Manhattan
I wonder if she's living as a lesbian, I'm sure her voice isn't very deep

No. 71143

File: 1448433223492.jpg (20.52 KB, 250x188, tumblr_nm2zu5A4PE1tbfnh1o4_250…)

>i bought some coconut oil treatment for my hair and it smells sooooooo good :'')
>1:19am - 25 Nov 15

Oo she lurking

No. 71144

lol how do you know exactly where rj lives.
if he lives in manhattan its probably from bumming off his (proably) rich bitch korean gf
bumming in brooklyn. (shits cheap if you wanna share a 4br place with other people)

No. 71145

Nah I heard the gf lives in a dorm downtown. Maybe she sleeps over sometimes ?

No. 71146

I don't get why a cute girl is dating this ugly tranny rapist pedo lesbian

No. 71147

File: 1448490076737.jpg (290.85 KB, 1280x853, tumblr_nsdz8qS5CX1uqj17go1_128…)

It's weird seeing actual photography of her

No. 71148

File: 1448490151958.png (1.4 MB, 1172x1215, Iheartny.png)

And very recently

No. 71149


WTF she's ugly in her selfies but without filters and softening she looks haggard and dirty

No. 71150

It's funny to me because I'm pretty sure she's tried implying she has an ED

No. 71151

yes its too HD

No. 71152

She did. When Haku was making not so subtle posts about hating food, RJ decided she was an ana-chan too

No. 71153

File: 1448496498138.png (704.41 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

she also started to wear a rosary

No. 71154

She wears so much makeup Jesus
I wonder if she shares with her gf

She's sort of stuck in between appealing to the typical "kfashion" look and Hakus style

No. 71155


It's like Kaden keeps a Haku checklist.

No. 71156

File: 1448507170563.jpg (115.99 KB, 640x846, image.jpg)

Someone really should tell her. There's no way without revealing the identity, which is a shame (she seems nice, but I don't know her so ??? Any idea how the fuck they met?)

It seems like the gf popped out of nowhere tbh

No. 71157

Shit, she's literally green in this.

No. 71158


Yeah, Haku's been posting a lot about Snufkin lately..

No. 71159

rofl! Good catch anon

No. 71160

She's so damn boring looking

No. 71161

Her hair is a mess. Gross.

No. 71162

It is actually driving me insane that her septum jewelry is always crooked.

No. 71163


Yeah, Haku's posted mumins for years tho. Then said they had plan to cosplay him like, a few months ago? So of course RJ must make a sideblog and act like it's his thing.

No. 71164


Someone needs to write a horror story about this


No. 71165

Yeah, and plus moomin isn't really well known in the western/tumblr crowd so it just makes it all the more obvious that he's copying him

No. 71166

fucking hell how isn't she embarrassed to carry herself around looking like this. that hair is an absolute travesty. she honestly looks like an autistic hobbit.

No. 71167

I think she is, since she was posting about missing her long hair.
She looks like someone's grandmother, right now.

No. 71168

Moomin is actually pretty common character in japan so theres also that weeb aspect

No. 71169

She is cute
Seems like your typical rich bitch azn girl

No. 71170

They probably do share makeup

Sorry im a basic cis bitch but i cant imagine having to share makeup with my bf…. Or that he would want to wear it. Or that we couldnt have sexy tiem because he is actually a girl.

No. 71171

I don't get how a cute rich bitch azn girl is dating RJ though. Surely she could get any basic ass azn boy - the thing RJ is trying so hard to be. There's plenty of them, but she's with this fake mangirl rapist. Weird.

No. 71172

File: 1448560942529.png (474.66 KB, 1111x571, lol.PNG)

spot the differences. bitch has no shame

No. 71173

File: 1448570936028.jpg (77.19 KB, 640x639, image.jpg)

Lookie it's a new piercing


No. 71174

That has been pierced way too shallow. One way ticket to rejection city.

No. 71175


No. 71176

Annnnnnnd he's wearing rosaries again. Anyone notice he's giving up RJ-isms? No more mala beads/kpop/crystals/dark hair/Mr.Fox.
Why be you when you can skin and wear someone else?

No. 71177

that's totally going to push out very soon and there will be a nasty scar there forever. good move lmao

No. 71178

This is even funnier once you realize one of Haku's friends has the same piercing.

No. 71179

I thought fuckboy was a derogatory term for a gay guy

No. 71180

Don't those outgrow pretty fast? Especially on girls, since they usually have less loose skin on that part?

No. 71181

File: 1448686801026.jpg (54.67 KB, 600x600, CU0yVAOUYAAiWbN.jpg)

Guess who's wearing black again, hmm wonder why…

No. 71182

His gf is Sora and she's pretty innocent in all of this. She's probably going to be one of his new victims.

No. 71183

She is a freshman in college and moved to New York this fall '15. That's probably where she met RJ. She's pretty young and is diving into a new life she hasn't really experienced before so that's probably how she met RJ. She doesn't know anything from his past because she's from a different state.

In other news he's adding every single one of her friends on FB. Wonder how that'll end up.

No. 71184

did she shoop on a fucki get bridge piercing

No. 71185

She blurred the end of her hair to hide damage
She also blurred her face so much the piercings almost gone kek

No. 71186

exactly. she's just a baby.
tbh i think most younger girls get with an older 'guy' for all teh wrong reasons

No. 71187

I guess she's growing her nails out now

No. 71188

how manly.

No. 71189

yup. that piercing is heading to rejection town.

No. 71190

Noticed that too. Is haku growing his nails out or what?

No. 71191

They have a high rejection rate due to the small amount of skin most people have there, as you've stated. But it also depends on the anatomy of the person's nose and stuff like that too. This chick's is definitely poor placed though.

No. 71192

File: 1448999005682.png (42.57 KB, 602x322, lol.png)

No. 71193


Raping people is also an offence that can result in prison. Plenty of rape victims commit suicide. Shut up Kaden. It's not nice when its your life being 'ruined', but it's okay for you to ruin other peoples' lives, huh?

No. 71194

Too bad you won't do the world a favor and rid yourself.

Agreed. Kaden or rj or whatever her name is, is scum.

No. 71195

all the faggy art 'goth' kids are reblogging haku's picture now. kaden is nowhere to be found. kek

No. 71196

File: 1449200239702.jpg (49.58 KB, 640x335, image.jpg)

Wonder what kind of stupid shit he's gonna do then.

At least he won't be able to hide behind his age at this point.

No. 71197


RJ's twitter replies sound like he's on T now, hmmmmmmm

No. 71198

I s2g that I thought she was older than 20…

No. 71199


it's just a birthday gtf over yourself

No. 71200

I thought she was in her early 20s too. Bitch looks older than what she is. Probably from all that smoking.

No. 71201

File: 1449240810143.png (510.63 KB, 1294x760, IMG_8016.png)

i'm laughing so hard, she's pathetic

No. 71202


I don't really bother with Kaden threads but I always assumed she was one of those weirdos who haven't changed since high school mentally and hangs out with a bunch of kids younger than themselves. Weird to find out she's not quite 20 yet.

No. 71203

Lol I understand what you mean. Though when I turned 20 I told myself enough was enough and it was time that I did something to try and work through my depression.

It's not a big deal in the slightest, but many people do see certain ages as a chance to change (in different religions, cultures, etc). Who knows, maybe Kaden will see this as the time to grow up.

No. 71204

Has mikhxii ever shown any indications that he knows about this copycat?

No. 71205

They're both stupid for wearing rosaries. It's not a necklace.

No. 71206

To clarify, yeah, Catholics wear it but wearing it if you're not religious is dumb, especially living in NYC where there are tons of Roman Catholics. It's like wearing a yarmulke and not being Jewish.

No. 71207


It depends on where you wear it. I've seen them as fashion statements before.

No. 71208

just… why? what is the purpose of doing this?

No. 71209

from what i understand, haku when to a catholic school until he graduated and went to college. he's talked before about why he wears one? kaden is just copying lmao

No. 71210

Yeah, they wear it like a basic accessory.

haku is not religious in any way though

No. 71211

Both haku and RJ are extremely uncouth in this sense.

No. 71212

File: 1449288281445.jpg (93.73 KB, 640x800, 12331777_888958204507227_78433…)

No. 71213

Most Catholic school grads actually turn away from the faith, in my experience. Plus, a lot of people go to private schools because their public schools aren't good. I don't think that the rosary is anything but a fashion accessory for Haku. I mean, he was also a Japanese girl back then, right? This (pseudo-religious Russian guy) is just another identity he's trying on.

No. 71214

She almost passed as a guy but then she somehow fucks it up and looks like a girl fucking around in her brother's clothes. She looks like a massive dyke with those long nails and her soft face.

No. 71215

Is RJ trying to do a straight up kpop style now?

No. 71216


I don't think so. IMO the full outfit looks just like one Haku posted.

No. 71217

What the fuck is up with that part jfc

No. 71218

The bridge piercing is gone already? Or are the glasses just covering it?

No. 71219

I will never stop laughing at that dumbass hair.

No. 71220

He hated the school he went to but I haven't seen anything one way or the other to confirm or deny any type of faith or religion. I think it may have been a gift from someone.
Anyway, it's pretty fucking obvious that RJ… Kaden… whoever is definitely going to Buffalo Bill/Silence of the Lambs route and trying to wear Haku as a coat. Maybe a lampshade made out of Haku torso will be next in the background of his ~aesthetic~ copycat pictures. Creep.

No. 71221

File: 1449370973107.jpg (70.2 KB, 640x638, image.jpg)

Nah I don't think so

No. 71222

File: 1449373453599.jpg (95.4 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nscxziS41L1trjk70o1_128…)

This fucking round glasses trend that's going around on Tumblr needs to die it only looks good on muh anime grills REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 71223

Holy shit. Just shave your head, Kaden. That disgustingly damaged hair is killing me.

No. 71224


The Anime grill is looking pretty good though

No. 71225

Is it possible for a guy to achieve that look? Esp without looking gay?
(not saying anything bad about being gay, just curious if this look is possible)

No. 71226

To clarify, I'm talking about looking like a girl fucking around in her bro's clothes, not looking like this person.

No. 71227

haku mentioned that it was his late grandma's somewhere on insta or ask.fm

No. 71228

Well if it's a family heirloom, I really don't think it's unreasonable at all that Haku wears it. It seems to me that he comes from a family that's at least partially Catholic so it's not like he's some rando going out buying rosaries and wearing them for kicks.

No. 71229

Is she just wearing the same outfit every day

No. 71230

File: 1449591375312.jpg (170.82 KB, 640x1045, image.jpg)

No. 71231

File: 1449591421330.jpg (44.48 KB, 640x440, image.jpg)

But then this

No. 71232

File: 1449591460757.jpg (14.95 KB, 640x169, image.jpg)

But more recently this

No. 71233

Yes, I swear she is too.

Now she's back to black hair? her hair is probably damaged to hell and back. Also, bitch you're a woman. stop pretending to be a man.

No. 71234

File: 1449675956596.jpg (17.9 KB, 240x240, 1430349081062.jpg)

fucking gross. I hate people who use the word 'fags' in a funny manner. so edgy.

Why are so many trans people self hating? you're a woman, bitch. And there's nothing with being heterosexual or heterosexual couples. what the fucking hell.

No. 71235

the real question
is rj actually azn?

No. 71236

I think her mom is actually Korean. Somebody posted pics in an older thread. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

No. 71237

im not asian like kaden but how do i make myself look asian like that? I have almondy eyes

No. 71238

Kill yourself.

No. 71239

She looks filipino

No. 71240

I hate people that think cyber-bullying is a real thing. How hard is it to read a message and delete it. Every attractive person online has been told to kill themselves and worse.

>with a girl
Deep down she knows..

Nah it's just disgusting when fakebois with vaginas who can't be gay men say it.

bad joke.

No. 71299

I haven't read any of this thread because it's really long and I'm a lazy shit, but who is this guy? If he goes by RJ, I'm pretty sure I have him on Snapchat haha (we've never talked though and all I see are his snapchat stories at restaurants with his Asian BFFs). If not, oops, but they look really similar.

No. 71303

Rjpvrk, batjr, whatever is being used

No. 71307

>you CAN go to prison for bullying someone to kill themselves
Rarely does this happen and only in special cases. That's a choice thing that the person committing the act has control over. If she's going to play lawyer, then she might as well get her information correct before hand. I'm tired of butthurt people who can't take criticism saying this.

No. 71320

it's not that it's rare so much as that it's a very American-centric thing. and there's always more than meets the eye; I'm sure there are a lot of people who've lost someone due to being egged on into suicide who just don't want to be public about it.

No. 71357

Guess the rape claims were bs, scorned ex?

No. 71367


No. 71372

Where the hell is that coming from? That claim is in no way bullshit. Many people know the victim and what happened. RJ did this to someone who he was not romantically involved with. He took advantage of someone who was drunk and fucking bragged about it to his friends.

No. 71380

Then why's he so popular

No. 71381

lol are you fucking serious?

No. 71385

Really hope you're trolling

No. 71466

You have to understand how seedy the rape claims were to begin with.
>We can't tell details to protect the victim!
>We can't tell the name of the victim!
>We can't show any proof or even anonymous testimonial from the victim!
>Ok well actually he just pulled down someone's pants while drunk so it's more of a sexual harassment case than rape
>But he _totally_ raped someone! He's a rapist! RAAAAAAAPE

Look Kaden is a retarded tumblr fakeboi but there are millions like her. This whole thread is just making fun of her hair and her vaguely ripping off Haku who's just another retarded run-of-the-mill fakeboi who will probably detransition after they turn 30. This whole thread gives a vibe of 17-year old tumblr drama, especially here >>71200 . I'm glad this thread got moved to /snow/ with the rest of the petty teenage girl vendetta threads.

No. 71573


I was creeped out before, and his selfies end up on my dash constantly lately and at this point I'm curious as to if anything even happened because tumblr users LOVE call out posts.

No. 71611

I'll just rest for a while amused over the thought that RJ will think this has all blown over. Considering he baleeted a while ago since he got wind of a callout post in the works, it made it more difficult for them SJWs to make the call out post and not just with the person he orally forced himself on but also to other girls he's been a creep to. They definitely did not forget him and I'm pretty sure they're intent on making one still. I'll wait and see.
Rape claims aside, he's still a total piece of shit. A mooch who still owes thousands of dollars to friends, someone who destroys other ppl's property, an awful cosplayer who likes to make fun of other ppl's cosplays, and a copy cat who both hates Haku and is also his biggest stan. He sends himself asks and lies about how many followers he has in order to make himself sound ~tumblr famous~ and gets his instagram followers from share for shares.

No. 71613

She's a stan, a creepy fuckboy and a mooch for sure, there's no doubt about it. This thread should be more about those things than the "b-but he RAPED someone anonymous and we can't offer any proof besides hearsay!" jig because it reeks of tumblr. Milk can be spoiled with false clauses.

No. 71692

File: 1449980519258.png (789.02 KB, 803x594, not today satan.png)

Looks like he's trying to get back into the haku friends/fam group

Never gonna happen

No. 71696

It's funnier because RJ could've googled Nemeth considering it's been posted what they are and yet the need for attention is too strong

No. 72678

File: 1450202663884.jpg (77.94 KB, 640x376, image.jpg)

You think he looked at the thread again?

No. 72932

did anyone see haku/mikhail whatever accidentally reply to kaden's twitter yesterday? i don't have screenshots but apparently someone linked kaden's tweet of his vivienne westwood ring and asked haku to confirm whether it's real or not and he accidentally replied to the original tweet

haku already deleted his tweets but it seemed like he was really embarrassed about it and kaden tried pulling the coolguy character by being all "nah no worries bro no worries"

No. 72946

Post screen caps. Oh man, that's pretty hilarious

No. 73919


"Feel free to still call me Rj though"

She used the same exact wording as Haku when she changed her name too. Fucking pathetic. Now she's going to whine like a little bitch just like how Haku did when people called her Haku.

No. 73923


Reece is a fugly name, and so is RJ.

Haku/Mikhail are interesting but obviously pandering to people who love to talk and fixate on race. Wtf is 'Reece' doing for this character?

No. 75233

File: 1451101545016.png (378.84 KB, 591x803, fdgdfg.png)


No. 75265

LMAO. Oh man, that's quite the burn to RJ.

No. 75426

Sorry for ot because haku isnt a cow but … The new name is such bs. Went legit transboi but still had to be special snowflake somehow

No. 75427

Wow it makes it even more obvious that rj is a girl

No. 77827

File: 1451967519784.jpg (166.77 KB, 640x937, image.jpg)

I know it's stupid to bump this thread every time he posts on IG, but is this safe?? I mean. He just got that nose bridge piercing and that looks like it's gonna get pushed out.

No. 77839

Where does she work that she can just pierce her face up? Damn. ugly bitch

No. 78014

If you're gonna get facial piercings, why get them in the worst possible places? He's gonna have some wicked shitty scars when he takes them out.

No. 78024

I've never gotten the impression this person works in the slightest. Plenty of time to get pierced the hell out. I'm sure someone else will pay the bills.

No. 78034

File: 1452044330204.jpg (51.06 KB, 640x264, image.jpg)

Apparently he's going for vogue

No. 78123

She's like 5'3"…

No. 78236

File: 1452107344634.png (488.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-01-06-13-06-18…)

>2k+ only

No. 78247

lizzy is fucking scum tho

No. 78451

>2015 was super hard for me but I've changed and become a better person
>now let me use your accounts to gain more followers but only if ur popular kthx

What a transparent little whore.

No. 78826

File: 1452278183028.jpg (166.84 KB, 600x750, Really.jpg)

No. 78857

hi there haku

No. 78858

Damn, you're really off base

No. 78863


this is quite similar to how haku used to dress

No. 78872

but compared to haku the colors are completely mismatched. The cool white doesn't fit the yellowish coat. and the shoes and the bag are awful. did I mention the hair?
she has no taste what soever. just a copycat.

No. 78934

Yes somebody who agrees, Lizzy is one of my fave cows from this group. She's like 22, lives with her father, whines about abuse, and also manages to buy ugly fuckin cosplay

I thought she had a bald spot

No. 78998

File: 1452359276928.jpg (109.88 KB, 640x919, image.jpg)

They're going full Korean w the name now

No. 79010

her body is nice tho

ofc because rj is a failed clone

No. 79015

Looks like a grandma tbh

No. 79019

Yeah, anyone can have a nice body when they are sick all the time and having an eating disorder

No. 79064

I don't see why everyone wants her ED body and her horse face

No. 79373

Why is Kaden so ashamed of being Puerto Rican lmao what a bitch
Didn't his Korean mom abandon his ass anyways, it's not like he's even connected to Korean culture other than shitty kpop music and wanna be azn hipster fashion

No. 79381

apparently he's single again. that didn't last long…

No. 79383

File: 1452465566101.jpg (12.17 KB, 669x164, kek.jpg)

No. 79407

File: 1452469619062.jpg (97.88 KB, 1460x670, eyesemoji.jpg)

this is from her insta. I wonder if she called

No. 79418

Christ that's so awkward and public.


No. 80007

No. 80185

Fucking K E K.

>I don't like RJ; too American

>use my ttly Korean middle name
>also btw I'm Korean

I did notice on his Snapchat he's been hanging out with two new guys, and wasn't posting that girl at all anymore. Shocker. Could he be a little less transparent?

It's so weird and awkward seeing hapas hang out with only Asians when they can hardly connect with the culture. It's different when you were actually raised with the Asian parent, but all he has is a shitty generic middle name, and a dubious grasp of Korean.

No. 81711

haha do you guys remember back when the fellowship were dropping him and he tried to get with luca and rien because luca took pity and rien just outright ignored him

No. 83306

I guess he's still with that girl? They just got matching tattoos, so who fucking knows.

No. 83428

haha wonder what he is gonna do with all those fucking tattoos 21 yrs down the line

No. 84464

This is pissing me the fuck off. Why do all these bitches all of a sudden want to be transsexual now. You're not a fucking boy. You have a vagina. Therefore you are a delusional lesbian. Just because you "Like to wear 'boy' clothes and played video games in highschool lulz" does not make you another gender.

No. 84477

Because they're so fucking bland as a person that they need something to make themselves remotely interesting. Claiming to be transsexual seems to be one of the bigger trends nowadays (not that it saves the fact that he's still a huge copycat with no real personality, tastes, or interests or his own)

No. 84604


Which one is Luca again?

No. 84790

Luca was really popular back in 2015, I think their username was draculuca or lucagloom and other than being /2spoopy4u/ they were actually really sweet to people, eg. they were friends with mikhail and still tried to be quite nice to kaden. Kaden basically was sending anons about himself to luca and shorty after that luca deleted without annnouncment and hasnt really been seen agan apart from sending people on tumblr the occasional happy brthday. i rlly hope people arent being mean

No. 84835

OH! Apparently Luca was a fakeboi who's seen the light now and gone back to being a girl. I remember Rien sending vials of her blood to her and Luca wearing it around her neck on a photo on one of their blogs. They're sweet but crazy. Literal mental cases.

No. 85653

This honestly

No. 85656

Tumblrites crave that sickly ED look

No. 85796

Did he get top surgery? That was a really fucking flat chest in his snap photo.

No. 86065

File: 1453863126817.jpg (125.33 KB, 640x956, image.jpg)

This vid is fucking stupid. 'Shes like a sister to me' pff yeah right.

Also, anyone seeing this?

Nice profile pic there

No. 86068

Your makeup isn't gendered, but your makeup is pretty shitty

No. 86070

terrible make up, Jesus has this person ever heard of primer?

No. 86118

No, he didn't. It's called binding.

No. 86142

could you explain why it's so bad? my makeup skills are pretty shit too, but i don't see anything really that bad other than how bad it looks towards the top of the eyeshadow? would more blending have made it look better?

No. 86166

Looks like he didn't even clean up around the piercing before taking the photo. Nasty.

No. 86176

Luca was an obsessive weirdo. She sent out anonymous asks to tumblr users talking about herself trying to make herself sound popular or trying to stir drama. She would always stir things up between her and rien by sending stupid asks about herself, I can't remember exactly what they were but it was always something petty like why do you hate Luca or she would get asks shit talking Luca so that she'd defend her.

She and kaden used to be friends and she came out as transgendered by sending kaden anons. They made a big show over it.

I have a few more deets on Luca if anyone's interested

No. 86178

Yesss moar Luca deets please!
Now you've mentioned it, I do vaguely remember Rien getting countless ridiculous asks about Luca. I wonder why she put up with it.

No. 86184

Well I can firstly say Luca never took pity on Kaden they were kissing each others asses so hard thinking that being friends with each other made them look cool.
Honestly Luca probably self posted >>84790 reeks of Luca to me.

She's basically just a beg; she clings onto people for popularity and the way she talks with them is obsessive and creepy. She wasn't really friends with mikhail either she sent herself anon hate and then accused mikhail of being the one to send it making a huge scene of it on tumblr or twitter (or both I cant remember) and she basically just forced a situation in which they could become friends. lol.

No. 86185

I bet it's killing her being away from the net now with no attention on her

No. 86194

Counting down the day until that cheek piercing rejects.

No. 86228

oh man i dont remember her sending mikhail anything but i remember when she got super pissed about those 'anons'. they were the ones 'accused' her of sending her own anons lmao

do you have any more deets plz plzzzz

No. 86230

i used to like luca.. she was definatly supppper fucked up like has got really bad bp but she was always nice :(

No. 86231

luca was friends with kaden?

No. 86235


I always thought she was nice but now this thread is making me think otherwise

No. 86247

Her bp is bullshit :)

No. 86262

becuz being PR isn't cool or hip and kpop is still mainstream as fuck. ugh. She's the worst kind of person using their ethnicity as a trend.

The girl she was dating probably woke up and wanted better.

No. 86263

Kek. I distinctly remember Luca suddenly having bp when one of the people she was leeching off talked about her Lithium dosage being increased. At the time I sent an ask to Luca calling her out on it but she never published it because it wasn't self sent hate for once.

No. 86264

rofl another fakeboi? christ, i miss the bisexual trend of the 90s and early 2000s.

No. 86265

And that bridge piercing as well.

No. 86299

tbh im pretty sure luca has bp. she had to be hospitalized and leave the country she was in….

No. 86300

luca is actually really sweet, all of this is misconstrued. whatever it appeared to people she just wanted everyone to feel included this is mean and there is no gossip to be had. she left tumblr because she was being accused of these things and was saddened by that, people just want everyone to be shit. luca isnt shit, rien isnt shit. stop stirring the pot this is kadens thread wtf

No. 86302

any lu pcs?

No. 86304

guys there is a luca thread somewhere can you do this elsewheres

No. 86317

This thread and the Luca thread smells like Luca selfpost now…

No. 86705

can we talk about something else

No. 86711

if this is self post why are we feeding into it? lets talk about kaden and let this bitch fade into nothingness

No. 86714


THAT PIERCING IS IRRITATED AF ALREADY. Bitch wears the wrong jewelry; with the one she's wearing now it'll reject in no time.

No. 87195

Nah, he's been posting naked photos on his Snapchat (in the tub). Full nipple and all, and there are no binders or ace bandages or anything of the like.

No. 87268

Wtf that's so nasty. Is that all she does on snap?

No. 87505


No. 87541

I didn't think to take one at the time, and he deletes anyone who screenshots him. I'll try to take a photo of my phone screen if he does it again.
Mostly it's just boring pictures with his crew of Cool Asians. The bathtub pictures are new.

No. 87568

Looks like she didn't use any primer whatsoever, piled on too much eye shadow which has built up in the crease of her eye. if she used primer, that wouldn't happen. the wing is also terrible but I'm not exactly good at doing that either, so idk what tips to give on that.

No. 87603

pics or you're a freakin liar.

No. 87650

File: 1454195643903.png (523.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-01-30-17-12-52…)


No. 87670

dat Jewish nose

No. 87676

tumblr status: 100%
fakeboi statu: 100%

No. 87678

Everything about this aesthetic is disgusting.

No. 87705

Oh my lord WHY DOES IT LOOKS SO BAD. Every new thing she does to herself just makes her look increasingly worse. She looks like an egg in the middle of a hair transplant.

No. 87720

Looks even more like a fuckboy now.

No. 88117

if shes gonna do that at least make it look clean like wtf are those edges

No. 88151

Oh god why

No. 88583

I'm mostly disgusted by the way he has changed his ethnicity identification based on the trends. I guess it's not out of the ordinary for him but now hes claiming he wants to be referred to as his "Korean name" as if he actually had one of those and didn't just make it up. Ok man…

No. 88816

File: 1454444696897.jpg (160.04 KB, 640x873, image.jpg)

Hooo boy

No. 88854

File: 1454452759784.png (348 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 88856

> She looks like an egg in the middle of a hair transplant.
holyshit, i love you.

No. 88857

File: 1454453078881.jpg (710.26 KB, 1698x1131, Cows_milk.jpg)

HAHAHA, OH YES. Who is she gonna bum off now? will she leech off another chump in nyc?

No. 88894

File: 1454459066569.jpg (89.39 KB, 934x601, wtfbullshit.jpg)

I was on IG and saw this. Didn't expect to, but screencapped it in case it got deleted.

No. 88905

>aesthetic dude

No. 89119

What did he do to get "kicked out" this time?

>For a day or so
Over a month and thousands of dollars mooched later

>Let a knockoff entitled narcissist into your house because ~instagram aesthetic~

Proof that SFS whoring will only get you idiot followers

No. 89140

The edges are so jagged. Why didn't she just go to a barber or hairdresser or something?

No. 89187

File: 1454533855453.jpg (107.62 KB, 743x767, image.jpg)

this cracks me up to no end. how flattering to be defined by the lack of color scheme on your instagram. such personal achievement

for fucking real

No. 89226

Wow i haven't been on in a while. But She is modeling now? Cuz all of their modeling pics just looks like them in a random dirty scene or it seriously looks like a friend snapped a pic while they where randomly out in town. I really don't see Kaden in any kind of ads unless I'm mistaken…

or are they a "model" by definition of some random person with a camera snapped a pic?

Cuz a signed model with a legit company doesn't seem the king to be a homeless bum leeching off of people to survive

No. 89228

'Modelling?" All I see is a dough-faced, vagabond lesbian.

No. 89257


No. 89258

She looks like utter street trash. Gross.

No. 89259

rofl that's what I laughed at too. "Only a day or two"never means only a day or two whenever someone is kicked out of their house. I love how she never explained the reason why.

No. 89260

There's no helping rapists.

No. 89271

fuuuuck these people are so brain dead…

No. 89278

lmfao i'm dying

No. 89283

This lack of self awareness

No. 89298

Of course RJ jumps at the chance to "model" so he can say he's a model, if it gets him attention he takes it. If he gets any payment at all it's probably the use of the photos, really common for most photographers since most are broke AF.

Anyways I just took a look at the artist's instagram and website. From what I can gather she's the right age to be fresh out of college or just finishing up and her subjects are the pretty typical "look at this "interesting" person in soft light" deal which usually means "well shit this is due in two days, I will take anyone." Or she need to expand her portfolio quickly. Either way it could explain the low standards for both the subjects and settings in her recent pics. From what I looked at the majority of her pics are average tier IMO but she does have a fair number of high quality pics if you look through a bunch of them, it's just that none of them are of RJ lolll and I can't tell if the RJ ones are straight up her worst pics or if it's just that everything RJ touches turns to shit

No. 91170

>>she looks like an egg in the middle of a hair transplant.

top fucking kek

No. 91351

File: 1455146623813.jpg (120.33 KB, 640x973, image.jpg)

Again w the remake jfc

No. 91705

I think his followers are finally realising he's boring as fuck, because he keeps begging for people to follow him.

No. 92412

is it just me or the tumblr circles that despise him are getting more geared up on officially calling him out. have any actual callouts been made?

No. 92622

they better include stuff about the rape accusation. not a name of the victim but these fucking "omg hes a rapist! xD" followed by "but no details kukuku~~~~~~~~" posts are starting to make me really angry

No. 92654

It'd be nice to see some actual receipts

No. 92905

i mean i can understand if the victims involved don't want any personal details revealed but i'm with you on that. pretty sure callout posts on other rapists have been made with less receipts on them than this guy

No. 93147

File: 1455510049176.jpg (96.19 KB, 640x463, image.jpg)

Kek sounds like someone's bitter/unique kek

No. 93239

What is with snowflakes and their "Valentine's Day is a heteronormative capitalist plot" spiels? Nonsense with Saint Valentine aside, is it really so hard to stop pushing your agenda just for one day, and let people enjoy a sappy holiday?

No. 93265

there literally have been details posted read the thread
just not the victims name

No. 93653

they meant on tumblr, not on lolcow

No. 105074

File: 1457914537543.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1643, Screenshot_2016-03-13-19-11-42…)

Well look who's trying to run away again.

No. 106349


What did he do this time? Does anyone know?

No. 106635

Oh nooo, I feel so bad for her. She honestly doesn't realize that this looks awful… how can she walk around with that patchy, jagged mess?

No. 106715

Yeah I can't believe someone could look in the mirror an think that looks good much less post pix for all to see. Terrible haircut aside, the headshape isn't great for the style that was… experimented with. Even if the cut turned out allright (which it didn't because he obviously did this himself) it isn't flattering for that shape. I just see a radish. Everyone makes mistakes but damn Lol. I'm serious when I say this, not even saying this to sound mean but RJ would look way better if he just shaved his head. I cant be the only one who sees that, right? Wouldn't look as awful plus he could start all over again and stay away from the 3edgy5u colors. He could even go out and look slightly better than his personality.

No. 106733


No. 106954

File: 1458271221593.jpg (134.59 KB, 640x1092, image.jpg)


Update : username change on IG

No. 106958

Why because of the height? To be fair tho i hooked up with a korean guy acouple months ago who was only like an inch taller than me and i'm only 5foot tall. Believe me he had a penis.

No. 106959

is she white?

No. 106961

Why does this person look so asian but yet they aren't?

No. 106962

Wow lol

No. 106963

Why is insta the only thing she ever keeps?

No. 106980

She's half Korean.

No. 108666

bump anon here just posting that her full name is "Kayla Alma Roman" NOT jaeyoung LOOOOOOOOOOOL im fucken dying rn

No. 108693

How did you get that info? I heard that she changed it to Kaden or w/e after meeting haku.

No. 108774

She looks filipino

No. 108777

She's going by "they" now too?

No. 109002


this is a person who constantly is known to freeload money food and shelter from other people

do you really think they would ever pay the government to get a legal name change as opposed to freely changing names on social media? the answer is she'd probably rather spend the money on cigarettes to further yellow her teeth.

No. 109095

File: 1458669245213.png (345.05 KB, 1438x653, kad.PNG)

This is a bit late, but it looks like something went on between her and that Korean friend from before. Good thing she was able to escape before things got worse.

No. 109103

Wait, wasn't this RJ's friend and they posted a lot on IG? So now she's broken up with her? hahaha.

No. 109547


Knowing how everything she touches eventually turns to shit it really shouldn't be a surprise at all that this happened. Honestly I think there's no reason to ever be such a shitty fuck in life (it really isn't that hard to not be one either), it's clear that eventually anyone personally involved with her will be affected negatively by how pathetic such a person could be.

It's no wonder why even her parents don't want her lmao.

No. 111898

File: 1459203838590.jpg (147.1 KB, 640x1087, image.jpg)

They seemed to have take off the they/them stuff

No. 111899

File: 1459203903519.jpg (79.5 KB, 640x776, image.jpg)

I also looked at their ask fm and it's pretty dodgy and redundant

No. 111916

Most likely isn't actually on T and needed a broader term

No. 112096


Rapist fits just fine

No. 112120

Still waiting on the proof

No. 112502

Hello anon who is probably RJ. For the sake of the victim's identity I'm pretty sure that it's best if it wasn't mentioned here. Other than that you should ask someone who is "in the know".

No. 112527

You don't need to post the victims identity for proof, you guys said you have a group chat with him mocking genitals and shit but you never deliver

I'm not RJ, why would RJ want you to post proof

No. 112676


then ask him ur fuken self sheesh

No. 112700

File: 1459315154499.jpeg (119.77 KB, 750x1188, image.jpeg)

No. 112708

The easiest bait of my life

No. 112713

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought if someone was that far along in their transition there would so visible physical changes to their body? They really don't look that much different than in older photos…

No. 116669

File: 1460159024368.jpg (75.22 KB, 640x800, 12383690_1556531234645120_3914…)

No. 116685

Idk who he is or what this snowiepowie board is but I did not expect someone like him to be there, he looks like the korean dream boyfriend of the average farmer kek

No. 116687

He looks like a fakeboi with a head of fried hair

No. 116691

Mm, nothing like a greasy hermit dyke to get the 'ol knickers moist.

No. 119861

File: 1460699058444.jpeg (118.01 KB, 639x905, image.jpeg)


I can't tell if this is shopped (I was never good at telling), but Jesus fucking Christ

A shirtless photo right after Haku posts a shirtless photo on IG

No. 119864

When did Kayla get top surgery?

No. 120282

It's like she has a fucking schedule of when to copycat post Haku. Kayla needs to get a life.

No. 120432


It's a shoop, and a lazy one at that. Guy nipples don't look like that, she pasted her own nips onto a smoothed down version of her chest and highlighted it all to hide the blur. I give it a 4/10 (I'm feeling generous tonight).

No. 120440

I'm no nipple expert but girl nipples don't look like that either so they look pretty manly to me.

No. 120460

The areoles were resized (in photoshop) but the nipple itself is more puffy and pointy than a man's would be. Not to mention, we already know she's biologically female, and even if she claimed to have had chest surgery without telling anyone, the absence of scarring and overs use of blur and highlight is a dead giveaway. Haku's areoles resizing scars from his chest surgery are pretty good, but they're still obvious, and unless he's super easy about using saline gel and strips or other scar treatments on the religiously they'll be plainly visible, albeit faded for a long time.

>using sage doesn't stop you from being wrong you know.

No. 120461


>super easy about

*super crazy about

Fucking new phone and autocorrect

No. 120476

yeah but if a man is trans wouldn't the nipples be different to someone who was born male?

No. 120732

yes, because male vs female puberty hormones. Male nipples tend to stay smaller and flatter while female nipples tend to protrude a bit more, are rounder and pudgier and are often paler.

But that's not the issue here because Kaden is female and was born female.

No. 125373

File: 1461805386532.jpeg (76.45 KB, 640x781, image.jpeg)

He's doing the bathing thing w others again (I'm keeping tabs on this kid)

No. 125417

Ew they look like grosy ass twins

No. 125535

holy shit LOL i just stumbled upon all of this. he might know who i am if he reads this but idc. after ranting to my SO about RJ flaking out on hangout plans for probably the 10th time, my SO decided to google his name (as we were suspecting he was some kind of compulsive liar), and now here i am. i'm barely even surprised that he's a scumbag. thanks to all for spreading helpful info.

rant: RJ and i hung out IRL one time like a month ago and he seemed decent personality-wise i guess but some shit was still weird. he took some anxiety pills in front of me. he displayed some traits of social anxiety, like shaking when we were about to order food. he also rudely invited his random friend to hang with us without telling me, but the friend was actually chill so no biggie. then RJ proceeded to disclose to us that RJ had been sexually assaulted the night before, and was successfully garnering sympathy from us and getting us really involved. but now i obviously don't believe his claims lol. especially seeing these rape accusations. my main complaint is that for about two weeks he texted me every. single. day. asking to hang out. and not with any advance notice, just on that same day. and i would always say no because i was busy already. felt bad because i figured he was lonely but at the same time he should've taken a hint. for context, i'm a woman. so him feeling like i have some obligation to hang out with him whenever he asks, that definitely smells of douchery to me. once or twice we actually did make plans when he asked, but an hour before he would give some BS excuse ("im sick") and cancel.
so anyways he finally stopped spamming me for plans, and then recently he asked to hang out and i said yeah. day of, he shares a video on snapchat of him in the car. i'm assuming he's going from CT to NYC to meet with me. great. an hour before we're supposed to meet, he says can we meet an hour later and i'm like sure. the time comes and he's not responding to me so i just go do my own thing assuming he flaked. 45 mins after we were supposed to meet he calls me, makes a muttering noise into the phone, then hangs up. texts me, "shit sorry phones broken". im like are you at [the destination]? he goes "i just woke up and im about to vomit i dont think i can come out". ok. at least pick one or the other. you cant say that your phone is broken /and/ you're sick. i call him out on his car snapchat and hes like that was 3 hours ago, im in bed now. then he sends me some groggy snap of him in bed, as if to prove it to me. im like aight. why keep flaking when you're the one asking to hang. needless to say, fuck him. especially after all this shit you guys have shared.

TL;DR I have only minimally interacted with him (IRL and online) and his scumbaggery is still evident.

No. 126123

File: 1461971207676.jpg (39.94 KB, 227x531, roflwaffle.jpg)

lol he definitely knows who you are, and pretty soon him plus a few others that know this story about will definitely know who i am after reading this upcoming post…

before i begin, Kaden/RJ/Kayla/g dragon jeong wook seong wong jae park jae young OR WHATEVER THE fuck your name is nowadays (you're definitely reading this lol hi) let me just say that i've only posted here once, refraining from revealing what i'm about to say as i've had faith that you'd one day change for the better. you probably think that you have, but it seems that everyone else's opinion expresses otherwise… seriously, why are you such a damn scumbag? what do certain people do to deserve the negative action you've taken upon them?

why do i know his name you ask? a few years ago (2014, i believe) he was having trouble with his father living in CT and needed to move out, so a group of friends in NY that were getting an apartment included him to help him get away from the negative environment. apparently his dad was doing shit like choking him out but that aint the point or my business… this was before all or most things on this lolcow mess. the problem was that kaden was broke even though he had a job at petsmart (lol) but i care about my homies so i stupidly sent him $300 when almost nobody would help him to cover his portion of the safety deposit. this pretty much led up to all the fuckery he has already caused in new york (sry guise). something dumb happened with the apartment due to poor renovation which caused the group to disband+scatter but that's another story as well.

the second part of this which all of you guys will most likely be disappointed in me for another time is when i visited him during the aftermath (he was staying at a friend's lol classic stuff amirite). let me also add that he opened a donation drive during this time on tumblr AND instagram which he got several handouts from as a result. embarrassingly i admit that on the first night, i stayed in the same bed as him and made a move on him i shouldn't have (his neck was just open tbh oops) and we kissed but a minute later i realized what a huge mistake i've made… i never had any feelings toward him in the first place (may i also add that his mouth tasted disgusting as fuck lmao farmers pls WTB bleach to drink or a new mouth, no roast me pls). after that minute i stopped everything completely and he insisited on making further advances however i denied him completely. he was really, really frustrated and didnt understand why.

"im single, you're single, why cant we just do this" -kaden 2014
^ fyi its not even our house let alone the
bed so… can u not. disrespectful.

this was on the first night of the visit too… after that night he ignored me for most of the time and didn't want much to do with me even though we were together 24/7 for the visit. he just stayed on his phone and/or laptop (which he claimed i broke when i was using it which i didnt lol) dicking on social media for most of the time. sure we talked and hung out, and i continued to feed him, paid for his karaoke, dinners, breakfast, drinks, and even bought him things that he promised to 100% pay me back for. i never got a single penny back. even when he disputed with the landlord whom owned the apartment for the security deposit back, he said that he needed to eat so i allowed him to keep this money until he was on his feet to return it in the future.

fast forward after i left this guy got a job at Journey's immediately after i left, despite the face that he was "always broke" but also somehow magically able to be going to like every FUCKING con in fresh cosplays he was also able to somehow get… fast forward months later and even a year, on a few occasions i asked for money back or whatever, he just offered the shoes i bought for him at forever 21. which probably dont even fit me and still never got 'til this day… goddamnit. there's really a lot more i can say and y'all can make fun of me whatever LMFAO, but i've been silent about this for too long.

seriously… why? after i left NY he refused to even call me a friend. shit. probably mad that i never gave the dick LOOLOLOLOLOLOLO. but it's sad that his followers worship the fuck out of him and don't know a single shit about him.
so fuck it, i'm not getting a penny back, and PERSONAL NOTE i may not see you again but if that is the case please pray now that you don't ever cross my path. you can really be a decent person when you want to be, but i dont understand why you have to be such a shitter dude. please dont do shitty things and be sad wondering why you "don't deserve" any of the negative things happening to you. also someone close to you before told me that you're nothing and that all of your initial followers are from your constant desperate S4S/f4f fucking ROFL.

drops mic

also, pic very related. we love you, RJ/jae park young man boy named kayla thing

No. 126130

File: 1461972660055.png (594.33 KB, 480x647, Untitled.png)

No. 126133

Shit, if my name were Kayla Alma Roman, I'd want to change it to some Korean shit too.

fucking kek, Alma.

No. 126144

>"im single, you're single, why cant we just do this"
wtf that sounds like some fratboy shit

No. 126992

File: 1462230800228.jpeg (138.88 KB, 640x687, image.jpeg)


Is this Swedish? I can't really tell but I think he's trying to back up what he lied abt

No. 126993

File: 1462230831001.jpeg (131.75 KB, 640x656, image.jpeg)

No. 126994

I still don't buy his 'knowing 5 languages bs' tho

No. 126995

Yes it is.

No. 126996

I think he used Google translate.

No. 127001

This is beyond beginners Swedish and uses the correct terminology… Though there are several mistakes that fluent speakers wouldn't do and it was hard to understand because of sentence structure.

It's almost as if someone used google translate and then just touched it up a little.

No. 127106

OH YEAH i totally forgot to mention that he was on his phone the ENTIRE fucking time we were hanging out. as i was talking to him he was just absorbed into his phone. i excused it because i figured it was a coping mechanism for anxiety but now i dont give a fuck he's just rude as hell like who does that shit.

sorry to read what he put you through, and all the money and effort you wasted bc he tricked you into thinking he was a worthy cause. damn. shit makes me kinda wanna scam people the way he does so i can have more money for tattoos lol.

No. 127243


It's really strange seeing a group of people so involved in hatred and spewing insults at strangers… and then they act like they feel bad for the girl he's with. You'd all probably be tearing her to shreds if she was more public about her life.

All you people do is hate.

No. 127248

lurk more newfag

No. 127453


show anyone this thread bro even his most recent ex

No. 127454

So you aren't just white-knighting for momo anymore, going to white-knight for fakeboi rapists too? That's cool.

No. 127557


Nothing I'm saying here is defending him. I'm just getting a feel for the site, and nothing about it is positive.

No. 127563

Well you're free to leave aren't you?

No. 127583

This. Her Spanish/Korean shit is all over the place, and when I once spoke to her in simple Norwegian (which is pretty much mutually intelligible with svensk/dansk, even as a learner), she got really flustered and said she could only understand Swedish.

No. 127726


Nope, I'd rather leave a note so that maybe someone can read something positive and snap out of whatever mindset leads you people to sit around and just trash strangers based on 90% heresy and lies.

Also I enjoy your replies to my comments, so I have no reason to stop. It's only a couple minutes out of my day. By your same logic, if you want my comments to stop, just stop replying to them.

If you (the collective you) can…

No. 127728

Meanwhile, you are helping bump threads, and bring traffic to this site.

The whole purpose of this place is gossip. There's a ton of other sites just like this one. Your butthurt comments, while funny, aren't going to miraculously end this. But hey, keep dreaming anon.

No. 128879

Forgot to mention that when we hung out he told me he was enrolled in online classes at MIT. But that he doesn't even attend them/do the work. Lol. I guess he really couldn't decide between the "impress people with your intelligence" and "impress people with your indifference."

No. 128900

File: 1462803917587.jpeg (145.61 KB, 640x991, image.jpeg)

He's so indifferent abt his mom too

No. 128913

Kaden is a woman, anon

No. 129351


"90% heresy and lies"/"strangers"

FYI you sound pretty silly because we actually know this person and you're at the wrong site b0ss

No. 131294

File: 1463450515525.jpeg (95.19 KB, 640x1079, image.jpeg)

No. 132037

Going anonymously and probably not going to post here again idk we'll see I needed to like post about this after coming back here every so often but I have a lot of evidence of shit RJ has done since ages ago back from many years ago and he doesn't even know me that well despite being mutuals at some point lol you can keep erasing shit, buddy, but this is going to keep coming back to haunt you. I know exactly every detail of the rape that occurred and it's not an "accusation" but I'm not going to talk about the victim because she doesn't want to be involved and is traumatized by it. Its so fucking funny he always makes the claim "But I'm so small and can't do anything to someone!" Like yea fuckin right you were drunk you fuck and took advantage of someone still and being intoxicated isnt an excuse. Also yeah he was abusive as fuck to an ex-girlfriend which some people might know who she is back in some old comments on here and I also know a lot of exact things that happened. Lots of receipts. and all the stories people are writing here about him are true and I would know because I've talked to all of his past friends and they have very similar stories like with his money spending and lying and being predatory and shit. List goes on but you get the picture I'm not surprised his followers ride his dick and dont know shit at all I mean fuck's sake he guilt-trips tons of girls because they dont reciprocate shit and he has zero self-awareness at all, lmao goes deleting all his social media and starts all over again and claims he's getting help but still doing the same shit again. Typical. How many times I've seen fucks who get called out do that before. and also lemme just say this girl I talked to who messaged me about him said he was going to meet up with him but she told me how he would keep trying to Skype her and and message her and got butthurt as fuck when she decided to Skype with her best friend and then "admitted he had feelings for her" like lmaoo sounds like same-old story I've been hearing I mean he's toxic as shit and everyone knows that. Especially with the underage shit. Girl never met him though after I convinced her but lol I'm glad I steered clear of him because I had bad vibes from the beginning and it's almost like everyone who even remotely initiates interaction with him get stringed into some bullshit and he uses people like they're disposable trash. RJ is trash. Bitch almost got all obsessed with me actually its like you come across as a fuckin creep. Lol as vindictive as this sounds I wish someone pulled all the same shit on him so he can suffer from it.
I'm merely a stranger though who knows way too much.

No. 132042

oh also I might mention the bs he's making up about changing his name "associated with bad memories" is an outright lie lol he's only changing it because of the ~~~rape accusations~~~ he knows what the fuck he's done and knows his name is going to show up on search engines and he's scared as shit about getting in legal trouble like its so fucking obvious.

No. 132057

try using paragraphs and punctuation and maybe I'll read your wall of text

No. 132064

It has a vagina, how does it rape people

No. 132066

Well sextual harassment is sextual harassment, but still if the person knew they 'raped' them they had enough balls to tell online why not tell the police

No. 132067

It has a vagina, how does it rape people

No. 132068

Women are capable of rape. You don't need a penis to penetrate someone sexually. Also, mounting an unwilling person would also be rape. Get an education anon.

No. 132071

No. 132083

All this text and you said nothing new

No. 132085


All of you sound like heifers just like Kaden

No. 132139

Why the fuck have the people in this thread been referring to this girl as "he"?
this is a female. stop.

No. 132160

This again. No one cares. Stop shitting up threads with the same petty arguments and stay on topic.

No. 132167

stay on topic? i'm literally talking about the girl that this thread is about. all of this is a bunch of her special snowflake friends who want to think they're ~~real boys~~. fuck off back to tumblr.

No. 132169

I haven't seen anyone argue Kaden's fakeboi status. It says fakeboi right up there on OP's post. Calm down. No one is bitching about ~using the right pronouns~ right now other than you.

No. 132171

you just said "this again". so literally obviously other people are bringing it up and have brought it up. it's annoying. you cant label this girl a fakeboi while continuing to call her 'he' and 'him'. what kind of fucking sense does that make?

No. 132175

File: 1463634726276.png (601.25 KB, 595x598, kay.png)

You care too much anon.

No. 132176

I assume you don't care at all, and that's why you're here in the thread on lolcow right now?

No. 132178

File: 1463635202428.png (660.2 KB, 762x765, spooder.png)

It's lolcow. I'm here to lol at the lolcows. Not cry about pronouns anon. Stop crying and get back to laughing at the cows. Here, let's have a laugh at how haggard Kaden looks here. feel any better yet?

No. 132179

I actually think she has a nice face.

No. 132181

I don't think Kaden's ugly as far as cows go, but she really doesn't suit the aesthetic she's going for. And being an enormous shit-head doesn't help either of course.

No. 132184

I agree completely. She has so much potential, squandered on this faleboi special snowflake pissing contest. The attitude is a big problem though. That makes her ugly.

No. 132191


dawg, you're a fucking retard. they don't even type the same and these are true stories. there's even evidence. why would anyone post to degrade themselves and make them look worse than they already do LOOOL. let alone the embarrassing picture

No. 132794

oh no another women fingered me, oh the trauma

No. 132795


No. 132870

File: 1463810616757.jpg (4.53 KB, 200x200, eae5e8f9e5fb41239f8e0b3921fd22…)

Obvious bait, but there are such a thing as a strap-on anon.

No. 132896

you're a fucking idiot
you should probably try having a grasp on the situation before you open your mouth

that aside, it seems like he didn't actually "rape" anyone but instead sexually assaulted someone.. different but still scummy as fuck.

No. 170902

Still waiting on proof, not even in a doubting way

No. 175003

File: 1474246572583.jpeg (148.78 KB, 640x901, image.jpeg)

Changed look

No. 175004

File: 1474246605386.jpeg (151.42 KB, 640x840, image.jpeg)


And is going to be at nycc apparently

No. 223478

Ok so I just read through all these posts and honestly you all are mentally deficient. Half of you haven't ever met him and the other half have and just didn't like him and chose to talk shit about him. Fist of all Reese is a HE like all of you guys if you have two eyes you should be able to tell that. Does he have boobs? Does he look feminine? No. Please if you can't see that go get your eyes checked and use some common sense.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 223571


No. 223572

haha hello necro newfag

No. 223574

Hello others. I just honestly don't get why you hate him? like just why?

No. 223581

You do realize that you just revived and bumped a dead thread, right? This thread could have disappeared if left alone long enough, but no, you just brought it back to life with your whiteknighting. gg newfag, gg.

No. 223583

I mean you right you right. but eh

No. 256431



if you want to know, she's done so many fucked up things to people and most if not all of everything posted is true. coming from someone who knows her.

No. 257347

I accidentally stumbled on this website and thread but wow, I've been following this person for 1-2 years on all of his social media (thinking he was cool). I didn't know of Haku or anyone else mentioned in this thread which is probably why I didn't know about the heinous crime he committed and his complete utter lack of remorse for it… Is there still a call out post for him in the making? Because the way he tries to do "damage control" is seriously scaring me, he seems like he'll just hurt someone very badly again. Should we try to DM some of his followers this thread to warn them? I hope that at the very least, all of the people he's hurt have lots of support for the pain he's directly caused.

No. 257704

Their current handle on tumblr/twitter/instagram is jvepvrk.
How many times are they going to keep changing it?

No. 257889

File: 1488048509521.png (135.79 KB, 640x961, IMG_4835.PNG)

I tried to send a politely worded message about the sexual abuse allegations made about him on his tumblr. This was his response. I saw when he posted it and he deleted in within 10 minutes? The fact that he deleted it so quickly and how he worded it makes me think that all of this really might be true…? I really don't know who to believe since this is a gossip forum in the end but to be safe, I won't follow him again…
Thank you to all of the anons who have made this info public, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

No. 263298

He's so triggered

No. 263301

Wait, so is he leeching off someone in nyc again? thanks for the new handles. i was trying to find him on ig

No. 264718

Wait, is it just me or has he started looking more "Korean-KPop-Bishounen" over the years? Has he been getting surgeries or something?

No. 264931

yea, looks like he's on T too. He seems to be hanging out with this cute Japanese guy. Poor japanese guy prolly doesn't know Rj's/kaden/whatever he calls himself now, history..

anyways see


No. 265047

he turned his ask/submit box off.

No. 265144

the poor kid looks so uncomfortable with him trying to kiss him it's so hard to watch ugh.

No. 265394

File: 1488982554072.png (95.11 KB, 640x902, IMG_0158.PNG)


There's a bunch of videos of him and yt user Kisho. Iirc kisho's a dancer learning dance in nyc?

Regardless, it looks like Reece can't resist making videos, even after those failed videos with Ren where he'd just talk all over them.

No. 265401

Yea its awkward. I wonder if the japanese guy even knows if kaden is trans? This dude is such a trainwreck

No. 298708

The first popular tumblr user to detransition?

No. 298841

He's detransitioning? Where did he say that? Post screenshots.

No. 298852


I'm on mobile so it's a hassle to screenshot, if anyone else wants to that'd be helpful but here's a link at least

Wants to be called she/her

No. 298858

lmao what a piece of shit
these fakebois are such trash

No. 298887

File: 1493164070346.png (375.71 KB, 817x599, Screenshot (92).png)

No. 298889

File: 1493164188265.jpg (39 KB, 341x248, fakeboi.jpg)

No. 298892


Remember all the shit they gave Haku, calling him the fake boi along with other trans people who were in the middle of transitioning.

This whole time she didn't even get top surgery. I'm wondering if they lied about taking hormones as well. They probably knew that they never wanted to transition and milked the fake boi thing for as long as they could.

No. 298895

Haaaaah! I knew this shit was gonna happen. Only a matter of time before the same happens to haku and crew.

No. 298898


Haku already took hormones and got top surgery, they already transitioned and I believe they got a prosthetic.

No. 298899

File: 1493164988969.png (10.14 KB, 327x88, Screenshot (95).png)

I went through all the comments. I don't think I need to post all the caps of this chick saying she was a girl all along. I dunno if I'm reaching, but she seems proud she fooled everyone, after how many deleted accounts and name changes?

No. 298900

File: 1493165090169.png (17.69 KB, 324x171, Screenshot (96).png)


Last one and I'm done

No. 298901

There is also a cap of Haku saying they want to grow their hair long but again. I'm so done