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File: 1543521378956.jpg (53.5 KB, 539x456, crazy aly.JPG)

No. 740653

You know how it is…

Aly deactivated her #recoveryworrior account and can now be found as @itsaly_eleanor.

- started a new internship taking calls for some dodgy property sales company
- bravely battled ~acute tracheitis~ (a sore throat) and was debilitated by being ~immunosuppressed (vit B deficiency).
-Still meets Ma for lunch during work time
-Still hanging off Berto
-Still has the same old ana chan stans from her old account commenting the same old shit
-hints at weight loss
-brief return of the Ensures
-brief return of the Starbucks disposable cup
-still getting her wear out of the spoopy skirt
-return of the crazy eyes
-recently celebrated her birthday by lighting a sparkler in the park while Ma took a pic of it

Be gentle with Aly, guize. She's suffering ~weather sensitivity~ atm.

Currently private because of hater comments, but her rabid need for attention will undoubtedly change that situation very soon.

Last thread: >>>/snow/655635

No. 740656

Couldn't be arsed putting much effort into this one, but here we go.

Hope she's more lively in the near future. The crazy face pics are promising and Berto's away for a while…

No. 740699

Her eyebrows are a goddamned war crime.

No. 741165

File: 1543568923417.png (1.24 MB, 1040x2048, 1533214501097.png)

Over the last days she switched her IG on and off like a disco light gone mad. Got some nasty trolls, Alice?
So much about recovery and stability.

No. 741391

File: 1543604727437.jpg (95.62 KB, 804x599, trashy.JPG)

We also call you "Italian trash" in the UK, Aly.

No. 741398

Well, guess what -
Manipulative, attention seeking numbnuts like her are trash all over the world.

No. 741453

File: 1543611994712.jpg (71.42 KB, 713x100, 1543604727437.jpg)



/you heard it here first

No. 741930

File: 1543684731067.jpg (115.11 KB, 929x556, 4 hours 143 likes.JPG)

This woman is 23 years old and has not one responsibility. She's never paid rent, paid a bill and she doesn't even pay for her lunch. Her mother cooks for her. Her mother's there always because Aly can't be alone.

A lot of us are wondering how to make ends meet at this time of the year and she's wondering which Disney thing to buy next.

Yet she complains she has problems. Heaven help her if she ever takes a #journey into real life.

No. 742076


Justice will be served. One fine day she'll jump on the anorexia train again.
And we will know.

No. 742120

File: 1543706309517.jpg (71.24 KB, 813x599, free nelson mandela.JPG)

Right now she feels FREE.
What does it feel to feel free to you? Well, to not have to pay bills or rent or living costs. To not have the threat of bailiffs knocking on the door. To be free to worry about Disney gonks instead of how to get through #winter with a broken boiler and a shitty landlord who won't fix it. #FREEFOOD #FREERENT #ALLFREEFORALY

No. 742125

Soon enough real life responsibilities will come and knock on Alice in Hungerland's door whilst she is still sorting her Instagram shots of the day.
And for sure she won't be prepared at all 'cuz Mamma and Pappa pampered her spoiled brats' ass for so long.
No chocolate bagel photo won't change the inevitable.

No. 742445

File: 1543767676994.png (344.93 KB, 304x535, Untitled.png)

When a 50 something year old woman is way hotter than her 23 year old daughter;

No. 742518

File: 1543778263066.jpeg (480.71 KB, 640x782, FA561626-91D9-4984-A5B1-81D949…)

No. 742519

File: 1543778327518.jpeg (275.63 KB, 640x689, A83C86CF-85B2-408B-B5B5-373255…)

>wears faux fur once

No. 742563


Oh, so she's vegan? She doesn't use any products tested on animals? She ACTIVELY does things to reduce animal suffering? Thought not.

Sorry, Aly, having Ma buy you a cheap fun fur jacket don't count.

No. 742564

Also oooh that #pressure.

No. 743054

So much pressure… Poor little girly.
Maybe she's not getting enough attention at the office?
You've got to work to earn a living Alice.

No. 743726

File: 1543958867324.jpeg (546.73 KB, 640x1106, 5518B8E5-1F19-4A58-9329-304EF9…)


No. 743728

File: 1543958934912.jpeg (264.72 KB, 640x562, 538B39F6-B5AF-496C-B3DA-A8A2DF…)

Is she hinting that she’s not eating??

No. 743754


>usually downplays not to worry anyone

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Fucking hell, Aly. Here's me thinking you were a humourless cunt and you crack the biggest lol about downplaying your ACUTE TRACHEITIS and DEBILITATING IMMUNOSUPPRESSED self and now #stomach #flu

Not worried, Aly. Hope your diarrhea ends soon. :sadface:

No. 743755

She's got the shits is all.

No. 743762


Girl, at least give it a TRY to get those sharpie eyebrows symmetrical…

No. 743763


It's having the shits for a normal person, yes.
For her it's a reason to stop eating for a while.

No. 743769

I'm sure she'll manage some hot unsweetened almond milk with3 blueberries floating in it.

Hoping for the Starbucks cup with Ensure caption.

No. 744060


yeah but the microplastics entering the water supply and thereby the ecosystem through washing that filthy piece of acrylic are totally #cool, too.
right, aly?

so #environmentallyfriendly

No. 744150

File: 1544017742386.jpeg (336.89 KB, 640x825, 7EBD441D-0736-48EF-8F0C-A848B4…)

Such mystery. She’s really getting into the spoonie lifestyle now

No. 744217

File: 1544030939287.png (1.02 MB, 640x1136, D438D0EC-22AD-4182-A3B8-A6A15B…)

The Starbucks cup is back

No. 744223

That’s a reusable one it looks like, not the disposable cup she had before

No. 744232

"Milk shake" bitch that's just a sad, low calorie smoothie get the fuck outta here

No. 744242

File: 1544035163185.jpeg (226.67 KB, 638x887, 3D270979-21DC-481C-BA9E-CF73F6…)

w o w life is such a struggle for our poor anaemic recovery queer

No. 744273


constantly in #therapy??

No. 744284

Lmao she's trying to make anemia sound so supr srs, it's like she's living under a rock

She probably means checkups for the flu and anemia

No. 744332

Anaemia's nothing. JFC. It's easy to see how she got it looking at the beige food she eats. Can't see how this gave her the shits. Seems like she bunked off work again.

No. 744352

File: 1544046096565.png (392.12 KB, 640x1136, B565C718-7F41-4FD1-ACD3-2CB292…)

Trouble in paradise?

No. 744535


I hope she's not got herself knocked up. Maybe that's why she's anaemic? Is she saying Ma doesn't think Berto is parenting material because, hell woman, take a look at your useless daughter. Idk, I don't really get what she's on about here.

No. 744624

Probably aimed at her own dad since he doesn't put up with her shit

No. 744697

File: 1544105955782.jpg (95.03 KB, 985x524, fatty.JPG)

She's at Vanilla Bakery getting Ma to buy her lunch.

Wonder if she'll delete the comment by fullyfatness.

> #toshareistocare

No. 745281


If she's anemic she's supposed to be on iron supplements and as a matter of fact, if anything those fuckers weill make you constimated like never before.

No. 745392

File: 1544218099465.png (1.18 MB, 640x1136, 1B630605-4D41-4A97-8C5A-93E505…)


No. 745398

That's true, and to put it politely, her stools will be black as coal

He's broken. She broke him.

No. 745414

he's had to put up with this for years

No. 745463

File: 1544231111305.jpeg (22.99 KB, 582x407, 140C144A-DD3B-4EBB-A9BC-FD56B3…)

Is that salmon on a pancake

No. 745720


matt.exe has stopped working

No. 745813

File: 1544291855697.jpeg (499.87 KB, 640x802, 6A640142-6AF9-465C-BDD2-5BC998…)

I thought she’d forgotten her trousers

No. 745823

Anemia aka "I had a heavy period and didn't eat enough red meat/iron supplements during"
What menstruating woman HASN'T been anemic at some point I he life lol

No. 745872

File: 1544300024280.png (1.3 MB, 640x1136, C37F5853-5EC8-4952-85D0-E19B47…)

Berto’s expression says it all

No. 745881

I'd totally post a pic of my boyfriend looking like he's sick to fuck of me.

She should give up trying to do clothes.

Before I read the caption, I thought this was her new tattoo lol

No. 745882

He’s probably tired of being IG fodder for her followers. And for us.
I’ll bet that’s what they fight about most; her being on her phone all the time and obsessing over pictures.

No. 746217


toot toot

She's riding the ED train once again.
That's some fine public bodycheckin' in the park there, Alice.

No. 746301


If he does not like it, he should prevent her from doing it.

What a ridiculous sissy of a man.

No. 746381

File: 1544379662453.png (340.24 KB, 278x496, furry community.png)


I'll never stop believing he isn't a closet homosexual.

Aly outed herself as a furry.

No. 746382

File: 1544379704892.jpg (62.99 KB, 606x565, lara croft.JPG)


And this is her take on ~Lara Croft style~. It's those pregnancy jeans again.

No. 746718

They opened Starbucks in Italy so who knows

No. 746804

you really think he or anyone else could stop her doing shit like that?
It's no comment on him that he doesn't want to deal with the histrionic hurricane and get tagged in a thousand black posts.

No. 746817


Let's not forget that she tagged this #STRONGNOTSKINNY

No. 746833

I cba to scroll through 100s of posts and maybe it was on her other account, but I think someone gifted her a new Starbucks reusable cup.

No. 746921

A follower had offered to mail her one but she declined. You could most likely find the screenshot in a thread from early this year. I think either she or ma finally got her a real, reusable one.

No. 747004

Noooo. That was ages ago when she was a spoop. This was within the past year. I remember it because it was odd that she'd accepted gifts and was communicating with followers. It's killing me that I can't find it but I'd bet £5* there's evidence here somewhere.

*not right now though, I'm skint.

No. 747092


Well, if he had some kind of balls he would drop her for good.

"Don't bed the mad".

No. 747662

File: 1544566442265.jpeg (500.57 KB, 640x907, 87199FF0-972D-420A-A525-548022…)

She just looks so wrong

No. 747965

good lord i want to rip her fucking tongue out

No. 748514

Girl you look fucking HOMELESS

No. 749243

File: 1544822380275.jpg (93.5 KB, 806x590, non.JPG)

> #parisienne #style

>janky homeless woolly hat

>janky white cardi
>mismatched red velvet top
>age old peace sign earrings

Here, Aly, let me show you #parisienne #style below

No. 749244

File: 1544822413326.jpg (55.52 KB, 483x595, oui.JPG)


#Aly #fail

No. 749390

Why does she insist on wearing these horrible earrings? They trigger me. Everything is awful but those are just something else.

No. 749691

File: 1544915878702.jpeg (532.98 KB, 640x822, E132B1B2-4191-4A47-B826-104479…)

Something looks really odd about this

No. 749710

Feels to that. They're so fucking disgusting and she's worn them for YEARS. Even swimming.

Her face looks odd usually, but it looks odder here and it's not just the teeth. One eye's whiter and her eyes don't match.

God. Her fugly clothes. Jesus, Aly.

No. 749795

That’s some heavy body checking. She’s definitely lost a bit of weight. She was BUSTING out of those pants over the summer.
Face still looks like a bloated mess.

No. 749821

Calling it now, return of Aly the spoop for 2019. I knew when she deleted her recovery account she would slide backwards and start losing weight again.

No. 749861

It's nice to see that the last 2 lb of fat always stay in her puffy dumb face.

No. 749892

File: 1544978570126.jpg (23.52 KB, 295x189, return of the spoop.JPG)

She's obviously not getting enough attention/nobody's saying she's getting thinner so she's putting this out there.

Berto and her aunt follow her account, so why is she broadcasting this?

No. 749970

File: 1544989245204.jpeg (304.28 KB, 640x835, 9A4DB98D-6113-4359-89F1-BAC370…)

Looks like the spoop skirt is here to stay

No. 749983

Idk what the temperature is in Milan, but it's really fucking cold in the UK. She's out in a skirt that barely covers her arse and a thin fun fur coat.

That post. SO ridiculous. I really do wonder what Ma thinks.

No. 749985

Oh yeah, meant to write about her #job. Sounds to me like she's moving on to another placement soon? So much #stress. At least she can write about #fasting to give her ED followers #motivation.

No. 750221

I wish for another „calling her out on her dumb bullshit“-comment wave on her insta

No. 750261

It's cold, and I'm not that far from Milan.

No. 750263

her thighs look really weird here. Are they edited?

No. 750299

File: 1545070374678.png (53.16 KB, 414x637, the struggle is real.png)


She can't even get tooth whitening right, I doubt she could try editing her legs without them looking like they'd been gnawed by a dog.

She's falling apart with INSICURITY, guize.

Always #motivational

No. 750300

She's private isn't she? Until she's public it won't happen unfortunately. I'm only following her with one account and I can't afford to get that banhammered.

No. 750394

File: 1545085135953.jpeg (153.55 KB, 640x831, 0C328DA1-A9E7-4206-8F28-E1DCED…)

Latest post comparing herself to Puss in Boots

No. 750395

File: 1545085206792.jpeg (153.32 KB, 639x633, 79C58853-CCB8-4501-A36A-3CE0BD…)


No. 751572


>"I know I need help"

No, girl. You do not really know it.
You're just fishing for asspats again.

No. 751764

File: 1545345954270.jpg (104.7 KB, 772x581, finally.JPG)

Yes, finally. It is a mess.

I hope someone takes a good few inches off that raggedy shit.

No. 751808

File: 1545352015186.png (831.66 KB, 640x1136, F97FD8DA-C94F-40F9-9E4B-6C9A98…)

Nice little bodycheck there Aly

No. 751819

What's the OOPS! about. Is she going to jump off the edge of that train platform onto the tracks?

No. 752097


Showing off her thigh gap again…
She will never learn.

No. 752533

If she’s already using those apps they have a simple and easy “taller” feature for legs, all you do is move the bars up or down. I figured you guys would pick up on that pretty quickly but I feel like there’s a bias because I’ve always considered everyone has been waiting for a relapse for so long now.

I could see her relapsing again but doubt now that she’s older she will ever get as much thin as she was before. So many anachans can’t seem to do it as easily as they could as when they’re younger (like teens).

No. 752658

File: 1545503154721.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1125x1788, BAD49980-2B76-43D7-ACF9-856045…)

I can’t even think of a caption because I’m too disturbed to think who took this for her.

No. 752662

Best me to it, I hope to god that ma casati didn’t take it

No. 752674


Unless it's her brother, it's going to be Ma. This is a new low.

I wrote the original post. I didn't mean she wasn't using a taller feature, I mean she'd really fuck up if she was doing some shooping to shave off bits of her legs. I don't think she's relapsing either. Her weight's settled down a bit, but I'm not seeing anything unusual going on.

No. 752705

File: 1545510013591.jpeg (471.49 KB, 640x929, 0D5368EF-E08B-45FB-AF96-988C78…)

She just looks weirder and weirder as time goes on, also poor Mateo

No. 752734

I strongly feel that in a few years, maybe when he goes far, far away to university, he's going to have not much to do with his family.

He never looks happy with Ma or Aly and I used to think it was a depressed face, but really it's like a tolerating-it-til-my-escape face.

It can't have been easy being a young teen when sis went spoop and Ma devotes all her time to Aly. He knows she's an embarrassment because in the past he was bollocked for taking the pee out of her with his friend on holiday.

I don't think he'll go postal, but I bet he removes himself from that fucked up family asap.

No. 752760

Could be self timer…I hope.

No. 752816

>He never looks happy with Ma or Aly and I used to think it was a depressed face, but really it's like a tolerating-it-til-my-escape face.

Yeah, I can't think of any pictures with her where he looks like he is actually happy. His smiles are more actually grimaces. I think it would have been pretty hard to be him and having to watch and put up with someone who was actively destroying your family. I mean, I know no one asks to be mentally ill, and I am sure he realizes it, but I feel bad for him. It must be hard not to be resentful towards her and their family that was effed up by her. He was just a kid when she was first doing all that, and even now she's still an attention whore.

No. 753435

File: 1545648413641.png (1.25 MB, 640x1136, 78311371-0489-49E9-9D77-B1A5E5…)

I’ll never understand how she’s so obsessed with perfectionism, but posts things as mental as this

No. 753497

The faces she makes are just uncanny. I can see what she's going for, but she overshoots everything and ends up looking manic.

The smushed smile is the worst imo. And Aly, pushing your eyebrows up to your hairline doesn't make your eyes look more open, it just creates lines on your forehead…

No. 753978

Just the fact that Aly eats again doesn't make her stable.
Her rampant narcissism will not allow her to realize her problem on the long run.

No. 754737

File: 1545945519147.jpg (67.57 KB, 809x425, 2fat.JPG)

No. 755224


A digital spoop fetishist, hard at work?

Anyway, things like that are always good to get some more reassurance (from her usual cronies).

No. 755311

I wonder if she'd be smart enough to make a sock account and leave a comment like this on her own post

No. 755317

Looks an odd account with no profile pic. I can't make out a name under the scribble.

This "new" account has turned into her old account without the years of pictures at a lower weight then a pufferfish physique.

I really do wonder how she's managing without all the attention she once had. Must be taking it out in other ways.

No. 759649

File: 1546713236263.jpg (51.96 KB, 454x598, jfc.JPG)

I felt I had to drop by and post a couple of things.

for ridiculousness

No. 759650

File: 1546713292627.jpg (24.5 KB, 235x349, lipcote.JPG)

for disgust at janky lips

No. 763248

wow the milk has never been this scarce with Aly

No. 764896

sage but she's actually looking better? not so bloated and doughy. maybe she is finally getting her shit together

No. 766519

she's so boring I forgot about her.
I only came back to the thread because one of Berto's posts appeared on my feed. not sure if I can post it since it's not really Aly-related anyway.

No. 768837

I haven't even logged into my Aly following account to check on her for over a week. She's so one dimensional and her life's so dull and repetitive it's actually depressing. That and her face is so punchable and her taste in clothes and styling so nauseating. Her ED really was the only interesting thing about her. What a waste of oxygen.

No. 770330

But still, she has a lot of fans even tho there is nothing likeable about her

No. 770381

She posted one thing on her old account. Like 4-5 days ago. Is she planning to seek for attention there too, again?

No. 770413

File: 1548255140364.jpg (703.68 KB, 1074x1730, Screenshot_20190123-095025_Ins…)

never change, aly.

No. 770462

It's like she's stuck in the early 2000s, both mentally and style wise…jesus

Also, wearing mens hats is now revolutionary to her? So bold

No. 771409

Autosaged. See >>>/meta/8261 for info

No. 771671

File: 1548444435134.jpeg (367.15 KB, 640x887, F79A1799-C0D0-4C3F-89A2-555D55…)

She looks so off and I don’t know what it is

No. 772096

That homeless look? Her eyes accompany the fake smile. She looks psychotic yet dead at the same time.

Lol at her going for a "natural look". Her #makeupfree pic had her wearing lipstick. I see that she's forgetting things again, like how she said she's never shown us her wearing her specs before when she's done it 100 times.

No. 772152

If you cover up her mouth and nose and just look at her eyes she looks deranged, like she’s about to kill someone.

No. 772254

File: 1548551225619.jpeg (505.06 KB, 640x805, 6CE56849-00A4-4E34-950A-F3DD73…)

Mildly horrifying

No. 774482

If anyone comes here ever, especially italanons, wtf IS the thing she's wearing on her head? I've only seen women wear them in footage from the 80s when they're on ski slopes. Is this a fashion anywhere in 2019?

She never ceases to look so, so tragical with her clothes.

No. 775321

File: 1549385764729.png (3.01 MB, 750x1334, EDFA42C2-B772-4114-ABAB-621FBF…)

News news news! Aly is now a vaper!

No. 775639

so now she naturally has eyeliner and mascara on?
inb4 #naturallyskinny #bodylove #bornthisway

No. 776223

e-cigs are still deadly. no, Aly, you're not being cool. You're pretty late with yer shit

No. 776491

File: 1549757253610.png (3.78 MB, 750x1334, B960BC00-D2F1-4D2F-9DC7-425365…)


No. 777028

Thats One of the most normal thing she ever posted

No. 777772

File: 1550047894533.jpeg (191.22 KB, 750x1101, 99FA0F83-F80A-4671-B8A9-2003D1…)

Bitch thinks she‘s so fucking cool

No. 777898


"Having a vape while taking a shiat on the landing pier, y'all!"

No. 778574

File: 1550270073977.jpg (14.24 KB, 638x122, 11.JPG)

Nice pic. She made Berto's teeth look jankier by using whiteout on her own.

Yeah, that pic of her vaping blowing the smoke out of her nose made me gag. I switched to e cigs years ago (when they were these weird things with cotton wool that soaked the juice up) because NOTHING ELSE could stop me smoking. End of personal blog to say that after all this time I can't bring myself to use it in public. It seems that here in the UK it's mega chavs who use the one she's got that makes all that unnecessary vapour.

She's pretending she's a manager at work on her latest. That dye job's bad too.

Honestly, I can't find another account where the person's so insanely dull and tragic. She's still a trainwreck without an eating disorder.

It's bugging me where this Dostoevsky quotes come from (next pic). It's either a bad translation or she wrote it herself. Dostoevsky was never optimistic.

No. 778575

File: 1550270095192.jpg (37.45 KB, 480x329, fd.JPG)

No. 778997


That's not Fyodor Dostoevsky. Never.
Maybe some advertising text to shill Chinese sunglasses via ebay.

No. 779457

File: 1550589444283.jpg (41.16 KB, 317x442, munch.JPG)

Her hamster died.

She's definitely turning up the Munchie angle a notch.

No. 781746

I am surprised that she didn‘t make a #NEDAWEEK post to remind us how skinny she was. I start to believe that she really, honestly is recovered now. (still batshit crazy and super dull of course)

No. 781750

There's time, I suppose (for the neda post).

I check on her rarely these days. I really want to know what's wrong with her. Yeah, she's recovered, but she's BEYOND dull, and it can't just be because she's boring. She's saying the same things, exact same things, she's said for years. She doesn't seem to grow as a person. Still no interests.

Her ig friendship with tinyboosteps is odd. You'd think she'd distance herself from spoops. I'm happy she's dealt with her ED because I'm not a total cunt, but something's still not right with her…or the fact is she really is the dullest person on the planet.

No. 781751

There's time, I suppose (for the neda post).

I check on her rarely these days. I really want to know what's wrong with her. Yeah, she's recovered, but she's BEYOND dull, and it can't just be because she's boring. She's saying the same things, exact same things, she's said for years. She doesn't seem to grow as a person. Still no interests.

Her ig friendship with tinyboosteps is odd. You'd think she'd distance herself from spoops. I'm happy she's dealt with her ED because I'm not a total cunt, but something's still not right with her…or the fact is she really is the dullest person on the planet.

No. 781754

File: 1551351934210.png (506.48 KB, 701x437, Untitled.png)

There's time, I suppose (for the neda post).

I check on her rarely these days. I really want to know what's wrong with her. Yeah, she's recovered, but she's BEYOND dull, and it can't just be because she's boring. She's saying the same things, exact same things, she's said for years. She doesn't seem to grow as a person. Still no interests.

Her ig friendship with tinyboosteps is odd. You'd think she'd distance herself from spoops. I'm happy she's dealt with her ED because I'm not a total cunt, but something's still not right with her…or the fact is she really is the dullest person on the planet.

No. 784877

File: 1552154382544.jpeg (213.57 KB, 750x1047, A625BB75-9D4B-4EF8-AA53-CA5FEB…)

Her carnival costume

No. 784889


Carnival or not - She will always look like out of an old fashion catalogue from 2003.

No. 798110

File: 1555350905154.jpg (505.44 KB, 640x904, IMG_2567.jpg)

in her latest post she mentioned being underweight again

No. 798112

File: 1555350985108.jpg (289 KB, 640x919, IMG_2569.jpg)

I feel like she is begging for people to tell her to stop working and taking any adult responsibility for the sake of her mental health. From the very first days of working she's been in ''pain, nausea and feeling stressed'' and so on. I think she uses eating disorder as a way to simply avoid any adult responsibilities she might have.

No. 828828

Aaaand she quit, blaming weight loss and "losing herself" on the job. This is why she'll never get anywhere in life. Pathetic.

No. 828861

Oh, we're not autosaged anymore?
Anything new besides her quitting her job? Is she going back to being a spoop?

No. 828888

Oh bless you, anon for reigniting an interest in Aly! I've only seen her comments on Becky's pics. Kinda thought Aly was being all adult these days with her new haircut and all that.

She needs to quit that angle where she looks like a squirrel.

Is she still living with Ma? She doesn't look thinner, but w/e, Aly.

Surprised this office job lasted so long.

No. 828897

>New hair cut

Pics or it didn’t happen

No. 828933

To her credit, she did manage to be there for a couple of months, which is a couple of months longer than she usually manages. At this rate she might be able to hold down a job for real just before retirement age.

No. 828940

i cant believe you guys are still posting about this chick who has literally never done anything milkworthy. your jealousy is obvious. btw shes hot and i would smash(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 876112

File: 1570135166675.jpg (277.09 KB, 1080x1680, IMG_20191003_223820_658.JPG)

She's doing good lately, though she still occasionally milks old pictures from her lowest weight.

No. 876117


It actually sickens me how she digs for feedback/comments in her insta-posts…
Yeah, she got rid of her ED, but she's still an attention whore of the worst kind.

No. 876134

Not sure if her hair is an improvement or not. Nice to see she actually cut it and it’s not neon orange. She looks healthy. Still too bad about her histrionics and manic faces next to donuts.

No. 876147

Wow, still interest in Aly! I unfollowed her but wish I hadn't. Her fringe/bangs are horrible and the colour's an improvement to the horrid dirty blonde, but it's too fat.

Is her life still the mundane same? I see her poses are the same. Still with Berto? Still being munchie at work?

No. 876148

Adding to >>876147 YES. Very good to see her looking well. As much as she grates and how much she's been a cunt at times, it's good she didn't relapse.

No. 876150

Damn she looks way less moon faced with that forehead covered. She still looks crazy as sin, but good for her otherwise for doing better and looking less wonky.

No. 876160

File: 1570144084490.png (614.65 KB, 463x584, 2019-10-04 09_07_14.png)

The bangs help hide her crazy old lady eyebrows, too.

I think she looks cute.

No. 876176

It looks like she's cosplaying a Disney channel or Nickelodeon character
Like her style is exactly what tween girls would think is really cool

No. 876178

File: 1570148589215.jpeg (253.14 KB, 1124x1500, 0447C44D-E0D1-482F-8AEF-8C60CF…)

Spot on, I'd say.

No. 876201

>the colour's an improvement to the horrid dirty blonde, but it's too fat.
Freudian slip, anon? Best she's ever looked, tbh.

No. 877155

File: 1570394006511.png (321 KB, 431x488, Screenshot 2019-10-06 at 21.29…)

So she ended up with this patchy mess of a hair colour in an attempt to be edgy.

No. 877236

In the past she suited her hair all dark. The colour's too random here and it's a shame it could've worked. I wish she'd work on her clothes better.

Happy she recovered, yep, but still disappointed she didn't develop a personality afterwards.

I remember commenting on how void of a character she has. That was years ago. It's still the same and for some reason it really frustrates me. She still appears to have zero interests.

No. 877255

Her hair has been such an awful neon orange mess for so long that I just can’t hate the hair she has now. Even if it is a patchy mess. Dark suits her skin tone much better and the bangs are cute (she should really thin them out tho). Glad she’s recovered and looks healthy. Not moonfaced or bloated from the daily mc Donald’s (literally made me sick watching her eat a Big Mac everyday).

Still sad about her personality tho.

No. 883680

File: 1571841437365.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1093x1743, 4DB69D23-66F8-4120-A2D0-797645…)

This has been bugging me for a while so I’m gunna post some SS because if you look for even a min it’s very obvious that Aly needs a lot more than one therapy session. Her account has gone back to the Aly, random photo, Aly , random photo etc format again that her ‘recovery account’ had going on before she removed it. Also she’s been posting about fainting again etc. However what gets me is that in every photo that she posts with the exception of one of two, she covers half her face or she poses so you only see one side. I remember her saying that she doesn’t like to wear her hair up and I’m wondering if it’s because you can see her recovers face in full. It’s just too obvious that she’s not recovered from her issues mentally.

No. 883681

File: 1571841475139.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1121x1465, 7198F26E-CAFE-4ECD-9EA0-658F5F…)

No. 883682

File: 1571841538016.jpeg (817.2 KB, 1122x1639, F7FB9E48-A301-4B4D-82D6-436BEC…)

Latest post. Wondering what the ‘diagnosis’ will be… is munchie Aly incoming?

No. 883715

File: 1571848295930.jpeg (9.25 KB, 135x128, D05DD47C-0DCA-469C-93C6-23C047…)

No. 883725

I think you called it, anon. She feels the need to be sick to get attention and act helpless so she doesn’t have to do anything.

Will she go with the typical munchie POTS/chronic fatigue syndrome shit? Maybe mix it up with some PTSD?

No. 883728

She looks positively demented, but I kind of like it. Like a Junji Ito character, which suits her personality.

No. 883749

File: 1571853538388.jpeg (402.16 KB, 750x1224, 8A27B1A7-75F3-4CBF-B331-D33FAD…)

Can’t tell if she died her hair darker again or not, but man these girls are doing a damn service by being her friend. She’s been banging on about losing weight and fainting but she doesn’t look at different to me. She obviously misses the attention she had on her old account & People worried for her so she’s claiming to be ill again. Berto and her friends see and comment on this account so I wonder what’s actually going on.

No. 883834

godamnit i got so excited when i saw the neatly trimmed ends and an even dye job and a fringe that actually suits her very well and then she has to go and do this?

what even is this? morticia adams but make it terrible?

No. 888687

File: 1572884257269.jpeg (659.99 KB, 750x935, A4C9A2FB-1229-40EB-B017-8B0F45…)

I love Aly, she’s so boring that she has to post about her tiny hair changes like she went and shaved her head of dyed it all green, but nope she had her fringe trimmed since the “hater comment” but still has to hide her face with her hair…

No. 888799

I actually think she looks cute here on the right, the bangs suit her

Sage for nothing milky to say

No. 903690

File: 1575905031331.jpg (103.12 KB, 829x1280, IMG_20191209_162225_282.jpg)

Someone's been buying followers and comments. Look at the comments on this post: https://www.instagram.com/p/B52kxb2qPfW/?igshid=1p4hqskmoj1k5

No. 903691

File: 1575905056137.jpg (100.13 KB, 913x1280, IMG_20191209_162220_065.jpg)

More fake comments

No. 903692

File: 1575905084251.jpg (95.82 KB, 893x1280, IMG_20191209_162214_432.jpg)

I mean it!

No. 903696

You can look through her IG and see that she bought comments only for pictures of herself. She'll get 4-5 on a normal photo, but her recent selfies have 40+. She never used to get so many comments on her photos.

I find this hilarious. She must really miss the attention! I wonder if she feels better now that she has paid people to give her fake comments. Most of the comments make no sense.

No. 903712


Wow. Aly's never really stopped being a cow has she? Her progression to Munchie was so slow I unfollowed at one point.

I see some of the old faithful's are still there - notably dogsnpos and koala. Lol, they're still telling her she shouldn't be working.

Her face is still too extremely punchable to refollow and she's still whitening the fuck out of her eyeballs and teeth. I should check up when my stomach is feeling strong. Did she ever move in with Berto? Like, really move in? Has her life actually progressed?

Her fake follower's names jump out a mile. Mostly arabs? I bet she regrets deleting her old account. Still, the way her friend Becky's hemorrhaging followers, they'll be neck and neck before too long.

>very cost effective >>903692

No. 903741

File: 1575914215640.jpg (930.18 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20191209-185542_Fir…)

Holy shit. She makes this face in almost every picture and it's creepy as shit.
Imo, that hair also doesn't suit her, looks like a wig.

No. 903766

File: 1575917228960.jpg (16.98 KB, 225x400, cabbage.jpg)

No, the hair isn't her. It doesn't suit her personality at all. As hideous as the growing out blonde was, it was more her.

This post she does all the time makes her look like a Cabbage Patch doll. She's fucking hideous .Does she ever mention being a spoop in the past?

She tries too hard and I still don't get what it is she wants. How is she still complaining after so long?

No. 903784

File: 1575922208601.jpg (663.28 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20191209-210702_Ins…)

Of course she is doing throwbacks, all the way to 2015

She also seems to think the brown hair with red highlights, darker clothing and nose ring are her "showing her dark side". She's mentally still 14 and incredibly cringy, but not milky.

Her profile is also public in case anyone cares.

No. 904011

how is buying followers and fake comments for only the selfies on an ED/munchie IG not milk? That's pretty special.

No. 904031

I guess I just feel bad for her since the anorexia left her with half a brain cell, but her captions etc aren't interesting altogether, just incredibly cringy

No. 905616

File: 1576346450658.png (300.63 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20191214-185718.png)

Aly's account got blocked from commenting, liking, or writing captions. Is that because she bought followers?

No. 905638


Yeah, looks like ig found out she's buying followers, lol. And to think how she loved blocking so many h8rs a few years ago.

No. 905640

File: 1576350888361.jpg (25.23 KB, 276x261, 1.JPG)

Comment on her last post:
I would like to carry your product in my beauty supply store. How do I set up an account?

Does the thing where she's bought followers use her account to post to other people who bought comments?? Becky's saying ig can stop someone posting if they post too many comments at once, but Becky's thick, so…

No. 906242

File: 1576516998509.png (300.71 KB, 1080x1774, Screenshot_20191216-175114.png)

She's blocked again. The fake accounts are commenting on her post about being blocked, since the first picture is a selfie. It's perfect. I'm thoroughly enjoying this.

No. 906243

File: 1576517022545.png (339.8 KB, 1080x1741, Screenshot_20191216-175121.png)

No. 906245


Maybe this is why lolcow bans emoji.

No. 906329

>I cannot celebrate this life

JFC how mellow dramatic.
>I can’t milk this day for maximum attention and likes on social media!!! Booohoooo!!

I forgot how much of an attention whore she is.

No. 907523

File: 1576770893380.png (354.64 KB, 983x513, 0.png)

What happened to Ma C? She's aged 20 years in 2. Lol at the random bot comments.

No. 912611

Whoa, are we sure that's her? Maybe it's an aunt or someone who looks similar to ma c but older

No. 939566

File: 1583120401439.png (614.84 KB, 1424x2048, Screenshot_20200302-043009.png)

I love watching Aly reply to her purchased bot comments.

Her new persona (I work way too hard all the time and never sleep or rest) is so fake and stupid. She doesn't study. She doesn't take care of anyone else - just herself. She works some menial data entry job doesn't she? Her pictures at work are taken in this cramped office with three women at one table. But her job is so stressful and important that she is there 8am-8pm? Yeah right, Aly.

Her boss told her not to come to the office but she "found a way to get to work and pretend everything was OK." Then the next day she pretended to have gastroenteritis, probably because she didn't want to admit that her boss shut the office, given the coronavirus scare in Milan. She just had to have some tragic thing "happen" to her.

idk why I am personally offended by this woman pretending that her entry-level no-experience-required non-essential job is some kind of heroic act. I need to go back in this thread and find out what she actually does.

I want to place a bet right now that she tries to go to the office today, but her boss tells her to stay home, and this somehow upsets her. And she says something about how she just wants to work to ease her fears.

No. 939623

File: 1583134918180.png (795.26 KB, 720x809, Screenshot_20200302-073508~2.p…)

Her feed is STILL the same after years. Summer, lot of swimsuit pics, one upload selfie, next random shot. Pics with Ma. Is Ma still taking all the Aly pics? Still can only do kissy pic with Berto.

Her latest thing is writing on her hand and lying on the floor.

Still living at home. Still milking the ana. Travels a lot for domeo e who mustn't earn a lot.

No. 939627

Well, so good to see she's remained healthy and hasn't relapsed. She'll always be a histrionic weirdo, but I'm glad she'll get to be a histrionic weirdo for many years to come. You go, Aly, you've successfully beat the biggest threat to your life, now enjoy it however you please.

No. 939695

File: 1583152274408.jpeg (96.09 KB, 750x240, 4D22E5C2-D2F4-4577-BB23-021A1D…)

she’s still claiming bmi of 16.5 though because why the hell wouldn’t she, brave frail workaholic she is

No. 939765

Yeah she still has at least one raging personality disorder and is entirely self-absorbed & vapid.
She can't stand that she gained weight, so she makes up various mystery illnesses and pretends she is a manic superheroine powering through them while being emo and "troubled" at home. When she started losing weight she stopped talking about body positivity and stuff. Her diet has been increasingly more restrictive as well (she now doesn't eat chicken or meat, and she has cut out desserts).

It's hard to summarize it all, but if you have the strength to make it through the past few months of captions, you'll see what I mean.

and lol at these bought likes and comments. She's such a narcissist attention whore.

No. 939779

Another one with a mummy attachment and uses an ED to avoid behaving like an adult. She's lost weight since her body position days of posing half naked on her parents bed. She's never going to get out of her mindset with people like Becky commenting every day. It'd be like getting clean from drugs but still hanging out with your junkie mates.

All she's eating is seafood and that's low calorie.

No. 939807


The OCD is strong with that one.
Remember those painfully arranged food photos with her familiy? Same thing.

ED (and the stuff around it) never changes…

No. 939812

Absolutely nothing changes. Same clothes, same poses, even those same old peace sign earrings. Dear god those fucking earrings.

How old is Matty now? I hope ge manages to escape to uni soon.

No. 939875

she's the one who was stalking Becky for awhile, which I thought was really weird. She would ignore people actually asking for help on her IG and then gush over Becky (never once saying, hey did you eat something in the past week). That's not normal.

I wonder if she liked competing with Becky for passive-aggressive sob story attention. It is funny that Becky begged and begged for people to buy her art but Aly never
bought anything. She just gushed over everything as if the pieces were done by Renoir.

No. 939944

The comment they post to each other are really overblown and insincere. Idk what's going on, but Aly deffo envies how Becky gets to stay spoopy. She must really fuel her disorder. Becky would stop contacting her if she gave a fuck.

No. 940278

File: 1583234935923.png (206.8 KB, 1078x1751, Screenshot_20200303-122657.png)

Good morning Vietnam?!

No. 940300

Guess she feels like she's in vietnam because of corona and the "panic" about it. She's really not the brightest.

No. 940384

I hope she starts wearing surgical masks and writes slogans on them.

No. 940609

File: 1583290474390.jpg (659.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200303-195321_Ins…)

If this isn't bodychecking I don't know what is

No. 941989

Wow. I've been gone from these threads for almost two years? And it's like nothing has changed.. Not shocked.

No. 942812

File: 1583690113481.jpeg (685.16 KB, 750x1035, A4A5D8BA-7011-409C-8F58-253577…)

This fucking skirt again. My god, Aly just let it die

No. 942813

File: 1583690274051.jpeg (437.59 KB, 750x1202, 8410FB73-73B4-49EF-ABA6-F6BF89…)

Our super feminist kween has somehow equated the Coronavirus to female oppression (!)

No. 942819

Poor Aly, having to work from home and can't see her boyfriend because of an illness that won't do anything to her other than give her a cold. She has always had the hardest life. What will she do now that she won't be able to go to Mcdonald's?

No. 942829

Holy shit, she's going to get buried in that skirt.

On a positive note, it shows the supreme quality of Italian materials - anything non-Italian would have turned to rags, if not completely disintegrated, after being used that often and for that long.

No. 943458

File: 1583831381477.jpg (60.96 KB, 632x632, Screenshot_20200310_090933.jpg)

What even is this

No. 945423

File: 1584205301277.jpeg (329.02 KB, 1125x2118, 4D18459C-5ADE-44AE-8C92-C63125…)

Suprised she hasn’t made this ‘engagement’ a big deal… rings must not provide the same amount of bought comments as the coronavirus posts.

No. 945431

Do they even live together? I know Italy is very catholic, but we know they have premarital sex (gag), so wouldn’t it be customary to live together first before getting engaged or married?

I know there’s Americans who move in together and get married after a couple months. Some people are crazy. Just curious if this is normal in Italy. Last we knew she shared a bedroom with her teenage brother in their parents house.

No. 945613


Do young adults actually dress like this in Italy? She looks like a randomized Sim.

No. 945718

it's some lizzie mcguire shit. aly dresses like someone who doesn't give a fuck about fashion, which is fucked because she has no hobbies and when that anon asked her what her favorite activity is she said it was shopping.

No. 945848

Not at all, I'm sure she sticks out like a sore thumb when you see her down the street. She really has zero fashion sense.

No. 946151

It's so weird how different she has dressed herself since her "recovery/now relapse".

When she was a spoop she dressed herself very pretty and had a great fashion sense

No. 946267

That’s an exaggeration her fashion sense was never that great, anon. Although, it has admittedly become much worse

No. 947149

Well yeah, i take that back. It wasn't that great, but it was much better than this horrorshow whats been going on a while now.

Deleted comment, because saged in the wrong field

No. 951335

File: 1585596179325.jpg (51.67 KB, 275x250, 1533320273536.jpg)

I miss Dante

No. 955837

File: 1586344389403.png (3.43 MB, 750x1334, F6130000-15F7-4EA7-8A04-C2BD20…)

In love w ‘weird pyjamas’ or in love with bodychecking and showing off those hip bones? Her poor brother, being stuck in lockdown with her.

No. 956827

File: 1586540103234.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1554, 009D8509-FF35-4AC9-9AC4-A65B11…)

It seems like aly’s desperate need for attention has reached crying selfie level

No. 956879

Jesus I wish she would get rid of the bangs or cut them a bit shorter

And yea, looks like she's been crying because she can't go out to cafes and similar shit, lmao

No. 957104

For the first time I can remember, she’s not posted anything in about two days. Dramatic hashtag-laden speech incoming about how strenghtless and underweight she feels?

No. 957149

Those were good times.

No. 957533

File: 1586698388637.jpg (501.27 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200412-153232.jpg)

looks like we're going to get some fresh milk soon

No. 957586

File: 1586706021532.jpeg (927.73 KB, 1125x2143, 546A3AB8-DE48-4A6C-887D-54166D…)

She says she had a heart attack. Honestly hoping she’s being OTT.

No. 957590

She probably got the Rona.

No. 957654

Can you imagine the tantrums this lockdown would have caused to full blown anorexia-aly? No more crepes and croissant. Oh the horror.

No. 957667

Definite relapse, since I'm pretty sure putting in those massive Italian feeding tubes isn't standard practice for heart attack/cardiac patients.

Wouldn't surprise me that her heart finally shit the bed after the abuse she's put it through.

No. 957669

Ha, even if she doesn't, she'll certainly use being in a hospital in Italy right now as an excuse to pretend like she thinks she has it.

No. 957708

File: 1586724244822.jpg (603.01 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20200412-224208_Fir…)

Yea, I hope so too. But as the other anon said, she put her body through a lot so who knows. She was already crying because she couldn't go out (lol) so a relapse might be possible.

Also question: not a medfag but what causes bruises like that?

No. 957733

Why would she have went into cardiac arrest at this weight though? Idk something seems fishy to me. She looks like a totally healthy weight >>957708

No. 957734

Are you sure that's a feeding tube, not a nasal cannula?

No. 957735

File: 1586731218209.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1125x2213, 5833EE96-D1C1-48C9-BC89-432073…)

It’s definitely both.

No. 957736

File: 1586731284108.jpeg (93.18 KB, 750x196, 1076120E-BF89-4823-AAA1-F7E442…)

Also her post hinted at her being unconscious for several days. If she fell ill on Thursday and wasn’t lucid enough till Sunday, what could’ve caused her to be unconscious for that length of time? I’m no doctor but surely if she was unconscious for 3ish days as a direct result of the cardiac event she’d have sustained severe brain damage at the very least? Maybe I’ve completely missed the mark but it seems odd.

No. 957763

if she was standing up during her cardiac event, maybe she fell over and landed on her arm? kind of a weird spot though.

No. 957767

File: 1586734519118.jpg (167.15 KB, 720x1181, _20200413_023137.JPG)

I wonder what's really going on. Has to be something serious since she wouldn't be in the hospital during this situation if it wasn't.

Dogsnpos posted this. They've actually met? Can't remember Aly posting anything about it.

No. 957772

It's jarring to see her looking totally normal with a nice smile instead of the psychotic faces she usually tries to pull in her IG posts.

No. 957779

I was trying to figure out what's different, she looks pretty here… I'm no expert but I thought her nose tube looked stiffer/bigger than other NG tubes, so was wondering if maybe this wasn't ED-related, but what the hell else would it be…?

No. 957787

Purging can mess with your electrolytes, you don't have to be underweight to get heart issues from an eating disorder.

No. 957801

Learn to assimilate if you’re going to post. Regardless, everyone with a brain knows that aly isn’t a purger. She’s way too prissy

No. 957903

Aly possibly met her when she went to Amsterdam. Strange to not post a pic of them together seeing how she posts pics of herself with random co workers.

No. 958003

Years ago when she was posting selfies from her ED hospital she was sporting a massive NG tube just like the one in that photo. I remember many of the people here commenting on how huge it is compared to what one is used to seeing. So I guess NG tubes in Italy are just gigantic? Looks like it hurts.

No. 958055

File: 1586790726691.jpeg (678.33 KB, 750x1179, 80FF81D5-F7FC-4833-83CE-D569BA…)

Sage because no milk, but looks like she deleted her hospital pic?

No. 958068

File: 1586792782271.png (3.55 MB, 750x1334, 3332E1E1-566F-43B2-B377-F51478…)

She really had to slide the hospital gown down like that huh

No. 958069

I thought that was weird too, it had more comments and likes than she’s got on any of her pics in years. Probs didn’t fit with the aesthetic of her account lol

No. 958073

File: 1586793781509.jpg (115.63 KB, 1080x769, IMG_20200413_175735.jpg)

I didn't know if we had to believe her "heart attack" story or if she was being OTT (like most of the times) but it's definitely real

Someone asked news about her health on her mom on FB


X: I wanted to know if Alice is at the hospital and how she's feeling. I would have called you but I don't have your nr

Aly's mom: Hi! She's better now, thank you (cardiac arrest), hugs

(I censored her name but we all know it lol)

No. 958121

I wonder if she'll change in any way after this or if she'll milk it for attention

No. 958123

wrong thread anon

No. 958190

The hospital pic is back up with the same comments.

No. 958191

File: 1586808289151.png (8.38 MB, 1125x2436, 7309099D-E380-4B9C-9F95-24838B…)

It’s still there, anon

No. 958278

Christ…I didn’t think her facial expressions could get any worse a couple years ago. Apparently I was very, very wrong.

No. 958320

She still has set poses she repeats over and over. It's a shame because like anon above said, she looks better when she's being natural like in the dogsnpos pic.

Ofc don't wish her ill, but now she's never going to get a life of her own. So curious what happened. She never could give a detailed explanation of mysterious posts.

No. 958322

File: 1586819311398.png (94.11 KB, 720x669, Screenshot_20200414-000408~2.p…)

Just noticed this on a recent post. Complaining about tachycardia.

No. 958328

Damage to the heart muscle is irreversible, isn't it? Even weight-restoration doesn't fix it. Maybe stress from the recent situation pushed her over the edge. It's a shame this happened to her.

No. 958331

Another recent post says she's started excercising. Skipping with a rope.

No. 958409

I’m genuinely baffled she went into cardiac arrest before Ash tho..

No. 958569

File: 1586870853963.png (163.27 KB, 720x871, Screenshot_20200414-142504~2.p…)

Inappropriate bot comments on Alys new post about how her brother kept her alive on Thursday evening.

No. 958572

File: 1586870997021.png (138.63 KB, 720x859, Screenshot_20200414-142908~2.p…)

No. 958654

I’m also really curious… I’m not as familiar with her as I am with other cows, but most I’d think would try to milk this for attention and pity if it was caused by her ED- is it more her style to cover it up?

No. 958663

Lol no. She hurt her leg in a minor accident with a car and she still dines out on that. How she looked into the face of death. She's asdramatic as they come so I guarantee she won't ever stfu about this.

No. 958740

She's dramatic for sure, but she also doesn't like admitting her problems are due to her eating disorder. She used to post about doctors appointments or blood tests or whatever and she'd make it a point to say "TOTALLY NOT ED RELATED" when it very likely was.

No. 958743

>the #funfact? I cannot remember anything.

Like wtf. Yeah ofc you can't remember because you were blackedout. I just don't get why those first lines of the post makes it seem like it was somehow amusing that her brother kept her alive.
Maybe i just got that feeling from the "funfact" part.


No. 959310

File: 1586968968759.png (390 KB, 720x1307, Screenshot_20200415-173917~2.p…)

No quarantine and she doesn't even know the mask needs fo go above her nose. Jesus. Not surprised Italy had a high death rate.

No. 959389

File: 1586978207547.png (430.61 KB, 433x787, Annotation 2020-04-15 151436.p…)

This is absolutely a "I relapsed and I'm too ashamed to admit it post." Yeah she may not know all the scientific medical details yet as they do tests, but she damn well knows it was ED related. She already said recently her mom said "You're disappearing, Aly."

I feel terrible that this happened to her as this is no damn joke, but even coming so close to death she still can't park her pride. Hell she could even use this as a platform to show other people in the depths of an ED how f-ing dangerous it is and how important it is to get help. But she'd rather protect her perfect image.

No. 959413

She'll always evade what caused it. You can tell it's ED related because she hasn't mentioned her ED!

No. 959977

Not saying she didn't relapse, but you don't necessarily need to relapse to have a heart attack after having anorexia as severe as Aly did. Just look at what happened to Karen Carpenter, she was weight-restored/recovering when she died.

No. 959981

File: 1587063606658.png (43.9 KB, 716x259, Screenshot_20200416-195318~2.p…)

Karen Carpenter wasn't recovered. She was still abusing laxatives and Ipecac. She'd been hospitalized for dehydration not long before she croaked.

Any medifags know what bloods would be fucked up with s cardiac arrest?

No. 959983

Oh, I wasn't aware of that. I had a feeling Karen's recovery was probably not 100%, though.

No. 960409

Of course it wasn't 100% she fucking died drinking ipeac syrup to purge.

No. 961666

Sage because we already knew she was attempting to relapse

No. 961668

File: 1587305576902.jpeg (667.07 KB, 1125x1835, C405D223-49B3-4295-A5EE-2D9008…)

damn dropped img

No. 961693

Honestly, I bet she's been sitting around in her apartment eating ~100 calories a day during lockdown. I wish I thought to SS it, but yesterday or the day before she posted a Story that showed her body in the hotel bed (She was wearing pants) and her legs were teeny twigs like they used to be before she started recovering.

She's been posting all these home cooked meals during the lockdown and talking about how she's focusing on feeding herself. It was allll bullshit.

No. 963745

File: 1587596975376.jpg (137.44 KB, 720x962, _20200423_020613.JPG)

She's back home. I'm glad she's okay but honestly was kind of hoping for a resurrection for this thread. I miss the good old times.

No. 963747

File: 1587597044596.jpg (149.14 KB, 720x1050, _20200423_020629.JPG)

No. 963776

Glad she’s alright but she’s really claiming she’s got no makeup on here lmao
I don’t know when it started but at some point a while ago she developed a really unnerving way of posing and I genuinely wonder if she thinks it looks good

No. 964029

Her face looks like it was edited onto someone elses body

Of course she does. But no one can even guess why.

No. 964167

Wtf she's wearing a full face of makeup what's her problem saying that?

No. 965248

So, I saged. Can we speculate about her cardiac arrest?

People here always say she never purged. It's possible. But you have to be doing it pretty intensely to have mess up your electrolytes that badly. That said, she was in lockdown. Maybe she was exercising secretly as well.

Could be drug abuse, of course. Rx or non-Rx. Alcohol abuse might be a factor.

If she's smoking and still on birth control, that's a risk too.

It's very hard to take her seriously with her smug self-pitying hospital bed poses. It's like she got her dream-come-true: poor sick Aly went to the hospital during the plague.

Never forget her tasteless selfies with the Corona bottle near her butt while the morgues in her part of the country were overflowing. What a gross person, even if she did go into cardiac arrest.

It's also relevant that once she was 'run over' by a car but basically just had a walking cast on one leg for a couple of months. She was out at some insane hour of the night - almost certainly exercising secretly, since then she wasn't going out or anything.

No. 965694

Yeah, in her newest post she spoke about drinking Ensures, being on a 200m exercise restriction, and gaining a lot (that she admitted she thought was 'too much'). She also mentions that she has to go back to the ED clinic again.

This gives a lot of insight into just how much a mental illness like this can override the self preservation instinct. This wasn't just a messed up blood test, she literally almost died, her heart stopped. But her gaining a few pounds after the hospital scares her way more than going into cardiac arrest at 24 yeas old.

No. 966226

the 200m restriction has to do with lockdown in her area of the country. She's drinking Ensures allegedly after going to the hospital.

Sorry, she looks pretty normal or slightly uw. Not emaciated. Now if she is purging or taking laxatives, that would be a reason for the cardiac arrest. But based on weight alone, no, that wasn't it. Unless she has some underlying health condition and/or COVID

No. 966683

Well she just admitted that her 'blood levels' were the reason for her cardiac arrest. There's no way she doesn't purge or use laxatives. Basic restriction at her weight doesn't cause heart attacks.

Water intoxication is another possibility, but that usually doesn't manifest as cardiac arrest. Usually it manifests as seizures or severe headaches before collapse.

No. 966715

NTA but tbf she was super underweight a few years ago, def enough to do significant damage to her heart muscle that could have predisposed her to further cardiac issues.

No. 966731

IMO she's a human with a sickly disposition. She was extremely underweight for around two years. I can definitely see it affected her heart.

She really has lost weight. Remember the saucy poses on her parent's bed? She's lost a lot if you compare then to now. Ahe was always secretive about her ED, never gave details when she had to go into hospital for a couple of days with a tube. She hasn't given a reason for her cardiac, so I suspect strongly she's back to her old ways. She'll KNOW why it happened but she's saying nothing. Sly as ever.

No. 966739

Yeah isn’t that what happened to Karen Carpenter? Being underweight for so many years weakened her heart so it wasn’t strong enough to cope with a larger body and she died suddenly of a heart attack even though she was a healthy weight?

That’s why I think people like Ash manage to stay alive for so long. Staying super skinny actually helps them because if they gained weight, their heart wouldn’t be strong enough to support a larger body

No. 966754

You are dead wrong and sound borderline moronic or anachan. You can die at any BMI and after years of restriction its probably ate away at her heart. You don't need to purge to be at risk.

No. 966781

File: 1588189062958.png (98.76 KB, 703x651, Screenshot_20200429-203531~2.p…)

Karen Carpenter was still pirging and abusing laxatives and ipecac up to her death, but the ipecac was cited as the reason for the weakened heart muscles.

Found this comment among the bots. Sounds like her potassium level was off.

No. 966844

File: 1588198602093.png (1.1 MB, 1296x635, Screenshot 2020-04-30 00.09.59…)


Did you miss the part where she says that her blood levels (she means electrolytes) caused the cardiac arrest?

The screenshot posted by this anon confirms it. Her potassium being off is a dead giveaway for purging.
Here's a link about electrolytes and eating disorders: http://www.gaudianiclinic.com/gaudiani-clinic-blog/2019/10/22/electrolyte-abnormalities-and-eating-disorders
And a quote from that page:
"All types of purging behaviors including vomiting, laxative use, and diuretic use can be associated with both dehydration and abnormal electrolytes. The mode and frequency of purging behaviors can certainly impact the type and degree of electrolyte derangements. With the exception of low sodium in the blood, or hyponatremia, restrictive only eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa restrictive type, are generally not associated with electrolyte abnormalities or dehydration (unless extreme restriction of fluid is part of someone’s restrictive eating disorder behaviors)."

I'd be careful about calling someone else "borderline moronic or anachan" simply for knowing something you may not know.

No. 966867

With her face so puffy compared to when the first recovered it looks like she has been purging.

No. 966924

this. it's hard to tell exactly how round it is but judging by the ridiculous angle she takes all her photos at, it's getting bad. her chin is receding further and further into her neck with each post kek

No. 967071

I also believe that she has been purging - the swollen parotid glands giving her the odd puffy cheek look against her thin body was the giveaway for me, and the potassium levels+cardiac arrest all but confirms it.

Her teeth will be the next to go if they haven't already. I really do feel bad for her. Her mental illness is severe and persistent.

No. 967073

File: 1588247791052.jpg (17.28 KB, 300x591, 512px-Betty_Boop_patent_fig1-e…)

I think you're right. Her face isn't puffy but looks too full compared to her body which looks underweight. Her face is the shape of Betty Books (idk if BB was a purged).

She's complained of toothache in the past a couple of times so it could've been going on for a while, especially since she mentioned years ago how she'd restrict then binge and feel bad. She's prissy, burying too prissy to puke when you think about wealthy women who are stick thin because they purge. Difficult to imagine Princess Di hurling into a toilet, but she was bulimic.

It's telling that Aly and some of the "recovered" Ana's on the ed thread are the ones who didn't have therapy during or after what they claim is recovery. To not have support for at least a year after being weight restored is stupidity or arrogance.

No. 968016

File: 1588423654382.jpeg (746.07 KB, 750x933, 4A8B888D-96D7-4DAB-AD49-02D932…)

She must really hate herself to dress like this..

No. 968733

Her teeth were always yellowish (she uses some fake filter to get blinding white teeth and scelera). I assumed it was normal or from smoking, but maybe purging was also a factor.

No. 970786

File: 1588938886189.png (841.28 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200508-125337.png)

No explanation, of course.

No. 970821

Her newest post finally explains more (as much as she ever explains, at least). She woke in the night with an erratic heart rate and went to the ER in fear to get checked. Her "blood levels" looked fine but she was told she is doing too much for her weak heart.

I'm glad she's okay. I wonder what this will do to her life expectancy in general, assuming she does totally recover and stops any purging/restrictive behavior altogether?

No. 970955

It's difficult to speculate because she either grossly exaggerates or skips over serious issues. If her heart's really weak it's going to restrict physical activities. A kid at primary school had a weak heart and couldn't even run around in the playground. Shame because Aly likes travel and pre ED she liked physical sports. She needs to stop messing around with restriction and gain more weight, ie get some therapy.

No. 973016

File: 1589315398010.jpeg (477.34 KB, 750x660, 72AFEE6D-15C1-4BE6-8528-63C48D…)

Brothers got a mask pulled down for the photo yet Princess seems to have nothing despite going to the hospital etc lately. And In other “shoots” she’s had a mask dangling off her wrist. Sorry Aly. Can’t condone this one. I will always feel bad for her brother. Apparently he was the one to “massage” her during her “cardiac arrest” it’s hard to understand her terrible English I’m sorry. But damn Matteo! Run!

No. 973030

File: 1589316877463.jpeg (466.5 KB, 750x938, 73104850-FE3D-43C0-A79E-A4D66B…)

We all on lockdown, Aly is out here living it up after a hospital stay. Okay.

No. 973506

I'll never understand her. She goes into crazy histrionics over the smallest things but then hides and downplays when something actually happens to her. Is it that when it's actually serious and life threatening, she goes into denial?

No. 973983

if she's acting like she wants COVID that damn bad, she should sign up to get infected for science and actually be someone that matters

No. 974867

aka she purged or took lax and in the night had palpitations

she doesn't really tell us the truth because she'd have to admit whatever gross purging she's doing

and yes, her fun corona pictures are disgusting. How many died in your country, Aly? How many in Milan?

Aly would never care about wearing a mask to protect other people anyway. The world revolves around her.

No. 977149

File: 1590081759009.png (4.48 MB, 750x1334, D260A1BF-C80C-481D-AADF-0AE6E8…)

Good to see Aly taking social distancing seriously, not

No. 978927

#dayhospital is back y'all

No. 998489

File: 1593433063862.jpg (456.51 KB, 1080x1615, Screenshot_20200629_141549.jpg)

Well, yeah, of course, smoking is just what's most needed after a heart attack. Face-palm.

No. 1072569

So Aly moved in with Berto finally and dad visited and it was "cute" also much mention of weight loss again but looking through her photos and them thighs I'd say she's doing alright

No. 1072571

File: 1604255980685.jpeg (532.19 KB, 1440x1826, Screenshot_20201101-133351-01.…)

Drop pic

No. 1072573

File: 1604256008619.png (519.28 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20201101-133447.png)

And Caption

No. 1072625

Warms my heart to see that maniacal grin again. Hairstyle atrocious as usual. Captions as lush (!) as usual.
I'm glad she's healthy and got her life together (despite whining about it #fatigue #adult).

No. 1072651

This pic is so ominous KEK

No. 1080849

File: 1605186844317.jpeg (133.18 KB, 747x1175, 537A5744-4782-4160-A41E-D63811…)

sage for no milk but noticed something weird on today’s post - her own account left a comment worded just like the spam accounts

No. 1275397

She prolly has multiple accounts where she interacts with her own posts.

In her newest post she seems to struggle with not moving/not doing stuff. I'm always more convinced she's relapsing/she's about to relapse honestly.

I honestly hope she'll get better, I came back in this thread hoping not to find anything new.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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