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No. 7293

There isn't currently a thread for minor notices and changes to the site. For full transparency this will be a thread to inform you all of any updates or changes that aren't necessarily worthy of an big announcement.

No. 7294

11/19/18 Blade thread to be removed

Anti-Korean thread locked for racebaiting. Thread topics in /ot/ targeting specific races or nationalities won't be tolerated any longer. >>>/ot/306105

No. 7295

Must be sad for her family to have so much evidence of her being a literal crack whore in the months leading up to her OD

No. 7296


No. 7298

After inspection, a minor error in the op for the new alt cow thread has been fixed from thread #5 to thread #10. Hopefully this makes things easier to catalog. >>>/snow/730576

No. 7307

Selfie editing thread in /ot/ deleted for obvious vendetta chan.

No. 7315

>>>/ot/327649 Locked for obvious bait and same fagging.

No. 7360

Could Admin post a notice regarding the 504 server error that is resulting in multiple posts? It is leading to infighting and wasted comments discussing it in various threads.

My latest (my device would not let me screencap):

Error 504
Ray ID: 47ed74987c546da2 • 2018-11-24 17:05:35 UTC
Gateway time-out
Browser Working
San Jose
Cloudflare Working

No. 7443

> Thread topics in /ot/ targeting specific races or nationalities won't be tolerated any longer

yesss thank you that fetid shit was clogging /ot/ so bad I just stopped reading altogether.

No. 8023

Taylor R. thread put into autosage for constant infighting

No. 8036

PnP thread put on autosage due to newfags, nitpicking, and the lack of milk

No. 8163

Did the lastest PNP thread get deleted?

No. 8164

No. 8165

Thank you anon, for some reason her thread isn't showing up for me.

No. 8181

Mamma Bear aka Linda Dill thread locked for being a shit thread and vendetta.

No. 8239

PnP thread locked since autosaging did not improve the quality of the thread. The thread lacked milk and was full of unintegrated users who only nitpicked.

No. 8260

Anisa thread locked for it's legendary poor quality. Since the PnP thread was locked for similar reasons, it's only fair the same is applied to Anisa's thread.
Any disputes on locked threads can be discussed in complaints or at any townhall.

No. 8261

The anachan general and joysparkle thread are both going on autosage for attracting plenty of self posters, newfags, and generally being trolled by the cows themselves. There is potential milk in both of these threads but the quality is low. With significant improvements these threads can be put off autosage.
[aly falls under the anachan umbrella]

No. 8263

You’re just going to ignore the Aly thread making fun of an ex Ana and nitpicking her weight and food posts? Mods plz

No. 8276

you should also put a lock to the onion snow flakes thread since its usually posts from the cows themselves and a bunch infighting and nitpicking.

No. 8281

If Anisa, PnP, anachans and Joy have all been addressed, then how is it that the Shayna thread isn't, at the very least, put on autosage? Maybe I'm missing something here but isnt it exactly the same if not worse?

No. 8282

i agree and it's sad because it's a thread i frequent a lot. it's just getting more and more out of control and i find myself rolling my eyes at most of the anons posting a lot of the time.

No. 8284

I agree too but why post this here and not the complaint thread? This thread is supposed to be for updates only, right?

No. 8286

Fuck. I thought I was posting in complaints. Sorry about that, was before coffee.

No. 8289


The anons in the Shay thread are the most self-policing anons about saging on the entire site. The thread is not being bumped constantly. What would autosage accomplish?

No. 8327


Who is this person who won't take a hint? >>>/snow/772405

No. 8356

A new board was officially added today https://lolcow.farm/w/
Header link will be added in the next 24 hours

No. 8361

Is discussion of this & other possible updates something that should be reserved for the Townhall?

No. 8362

Honestly, I didn't plan to save the creation of /w/ for the townhall because it was something I was going to do with or without feedback. I believe threads will be more organized this way, duplicate threads will be deleted from /snow/ once a header link is added.
The creation of other boards will be reserved for the townhall. >>>/meta/8345
discussion of a /media/ board and the possible merging of /ot/ and /g/.

No. 8369

I would like to safely say that this was retarded, not an improvement, and that you're making significant choices "with or without" feedback is a steep leap in the wrong direction.

We did not need more boards for cows, this is the least of the problems the site has, and dear fuck I already have no hope for improvement; I give up, I'm just here to bitch now.

>merging of /ot/ and /g/

why is this even up for discussion?
when the old admin said you were a long time user of lolcow were they pulling our chains? is there actual user-base demand for this I'm not privy to? why even waste townhall time on this when the thousands of complaints lodged under old admin still have to be fixed and better addressed?

No. 8370

I like this idea, thanks admin.

No. 8371

I think /w/ was a nice idea, but merging /ot/ and /g/ honestly isn't. Maybe just extend the definiton of /g/ and move more threads there, so that it's no longer that slow? All media related stuff could be put there too.

No. 8372


dunno if i like the idea of koreaboo and weeaboo shit being merged into one.

does this mean snow is only for normie/altcows now?

No. 8373

>merging /ot/ and /g/ honestly isn't
Agreed. I also don't understand adding a /media/. Does that mean all media or just non-weeb media? Because technically anime and kpop threads count as media but including those would make /w/ pretty bare.

Also why is the time listed in Japanese time? It looks weeby af, just use GMT to make it easier for people to calculate.

No. 8374

it's the admin's time zone
This is all up for discussion at the townhall. The point of /w/ is to just put cosplay/lolita related cows and k threads in one place for people not interested in those topics.

No. 8375

The time for the townhall is extremely inconvenient for euroanons, in the middle of the night from sunday to monday…

No. 8386

Admin said she won't reschedule the time so I guess the eurofags are gonna have stick with it or miss it.
I like the idea of /w/ since someone wanting to read up on a normie snowflake without seeing a bunch of weebs is difficult.

No. 8387

the time was updated on announcements at the top

No. 8388

Honestly, /w/ is a mess. The mixing of ot and snow isn't a grand idea, let alone throwing a kpop thread in there too. And the majority of pt are weebs, are you going to throw moomookun and our queen PixyTeri, and 99% of the other pt threads in there too? It’s a pointless idea which is going to cause the majority of us to click back and forth through multiple boards.

No. 8389


The only thread I follow that got moved to /w/ was Confetti Club and now I gotta wade through /ot/ and koreaboo shit just to get to it? Really admin? not your best

No. 8390

Merging ot and g seems like a not-good idea, but I like the new weeb board since most of the threads I follow are weeb content

Keeping g separate is better since it really is a lot more personal and girly than ot, plus the girl threads will get lost with all the beef that happens on ot

No. 8391

Per request dressup and kboy spam moved back to /ot/ for now. K pop critical is more of drama general thread so it will stay.

No. 8392

Weren't /b/ and /g/ merged into one board before being split into /ot/ and /g/ again? Or am I remembering wrong?

Anyway thank you for /w/, I hid most of those threads and it made browsing /snow/ a pain in the ass.

No. 8393

/g/ was split from /ot/ afaik it used to be /b/ then it became /ot/

No. 8396


Bookmark it.

No. 8401

I don't think Isibella Karnstein's/thelittleskylark's thread belongs to /w/ - she's a kinkfag (into kittenplay and such), she has nothing to do with Japan/weebism or cosplay in the traditional sense.

No. 8402

i like the idea of /w/ as a board, it's nice to keep all the weeb shit in one place.

please keep /ot/ and /g/ separated. when i go on /g/ i want to see stereotypically girly topics related to skincare, makeup and crushes. not shit about serial killers or bad memes. i do believe some topics (like dress up games) could be moved to /g/?

No. 8404

I would agree but the last posts in there were saying some kpop dude’s face is punchable and that new groups suck. Doesn’t seem like “drama”

Or how about don’t fix it if it ain’t broken? What if browsing through the board gives me new cows to follow? It’s how I got hooked on CC. I’m fine moving weeby or koreaboo cows to one board but having /ot stuff like kpop and jpop critical just seems weird. Why not keep that in /ot/?

No. 8406

welcome adminsama!
i hope you enjoy doing this and i believe you'll do a good job from your actions you've taken already.

my one complaint is the newfaggotry. of course there's new people supposed to be discovering this website everyday, but freely posting bullshit and having no concern about the rules really fucks this website up. i hope you'll find a cure for this cancer.

also, please don't merge /g/ and /ot/. they have completely different feels for me, and it's more organized this way i think. dressup games thread could be moved to /g/ though.

looking forward to hellweek and townhall. good luck!

No. 8408

Kind of confused as to why an imageboard spin off of /cgl/ would then segregate its "weeb" userbase into one board?

>for people not interested in those topics

So are we just admitting the majority of the site is for normie drama/gossip now?

No. 8410

the /w/ board seems like the nail in the coffin for the site. legit the worst idea i've ever seen. there are literally only 3 or 4 non-weeb related threads i can think of. even in like the IGthot and altcow threads, there's a lot of crossover.

No. 8412


Hi, thank you for sharing your concerns. Admin is very open to hear farmers suggestions, advice and criticism regarding the moderation and management of lolcow.

If you can make it to the townhall, it would be appreciated if you would also share these sentiments there in detail. The reason for the separation was to make threads a bit more organized, rather than to segregate users.

No. 8414

NTA but i'd be happy with a /w/ board–that way, i don't see multiple k-pop threads all over /ot/.

No. 8415

in that case just make /pt/ weebshit and /snow/ non-weebshit. /pt/ only really has a few cows so it being a "select cow" board doesn't make sense to me anymore. i will bring it up at townhall for sure.

No. 8416

I know this is unimportant when it comes to all the other much needed updates but…
Will new admin-sama finally update the banners? It would be nice for to add some newer cows up there. They've been the same for so long now.

No. 8420

New banners were updated but there are so many that they're not showing up for some reason. It seems to be a technical issue but it's getting looked into.

No. 8422

Agree with this. I find it extremely confusing considering this sites main focus was always Lolitas/jfashion/cosplayers but now the farmhands seem to want to push it towards being a regular drama site instead of a spin-off of cgl which doesn’t really rub me the right way because it’s just going to encourage more stans who are googling their favourite unrelated e-celeb

No. 8423

Nobody is pushing anything, the purpose behind this is organization. "Normie" threads have been around in /snow/ for awhile if you consider the likes of June, Soren, or kiwifarms normie.

No. 8428

Farmhand, could you move >>No. 362019 to the /w/ board?

No. 8429

well, linked it wrong but you get the jist.

No. 8430

Soren is a weeb no matter how you look at it. I mean, he's obsessed with Kingdom Hearts and (likely) guro manga.

You should move Momomokun, Chris-chan and Pixyteri to /w/ too so failed normie anons don't have to stumble upon weeby threads since this is who you seem to pander to. And don't give me 'but they are lolcow legends!!!' bs, either you move everything to /w/ or not.

The decision does not make sense at all.
Not looking forward to triggered normie anons reacting with 'go back to /w/!' when someone uses an anime reaction pic or mentions anything remotely weeby in the confessions or advice thread.

No. 8431

i think the normie userbase may actually (sadly) outnumber the seagulls and staminarosefags at this point.

i'm all for board organization, but i think it is tricky. i think every single board should have a stickied post that outlines what's meant to be posted there, as /w/ currently does. however, i think that there might be a better way to divide up the boards that the current set-up.

like, what's a """""girl""""" topic aside from threads literally about vaginas. i don't really see much reason for /g/ and /ot/ to be seperate, and i don't see much of a need for /w/ either– although i'm not against it. what do you do when a cow is weeaboo but milky in other ways too? post in /w/ or /snow/? as >>8430 mentions, it seems like most cows are pretty weeby anyway. i think a guideline explaining what goes where in each board would clear this up and would probably help facilitate the creation or merging of other boards in a more "logical" fashion.

No. 8432

Agree with these. I don't see a point in moving weeby snowflakes out of snow and having a separate board for weeb topics. All it does is encourage the worst kinds of posters who think in black and white and bitch about seeing Japanese stuff anywhere as if you can't incorporate and enjoy a healthy mix of geeky things into your life. It will segregate users no matter what. Don't forget that there is bound to be korean vs japanese fights in /w/ since for some reason kpop was included. It almost already happened in the idol thread in /ot/ because some koreaboo was getting mad someone posted a japanese idol.

And yeah, it's taking out the heart of this site. It doesn't feel like lolcow (or any imageboard) stuffing anime/japan related everything onto one board. There's a reason why stamina rose was made and eventually became lolcow.

No. 8434

i agree with this anon. separating /w/ is just going to make the mention of anything relating to anime/kpop/weebshit outside of /w/ to become a huge fight. i wasn't even aware there was a huge weeb vs normie war on lolcow, there was a small vocal minority of spergs but i think its safe to say that most of lolcows userbase has a background in weebshit or fashion or jpop or whatever. if we go down this road there will be a million suboards, a board for lgbt/gender related cows, a board for ana/mia cows, a board for scammer cows.

the devision of the boards wasn't a problem here, it was a the users getting overly nitpicky and hostile. i don't think we need to mess with what doesn't need to be fixed.>>8430

No. 8437

also, samefagging, but the one suggestion i would definitely make re: board organization is reverting /pt/ to a legacy board i.e. if a cow has roots on /cgl/, then s/he belongs there, even if they're no longer milky. that includes the likes of PT, Charms, Dakota Rose, et cetera. have /pt/ for the oldfags and /snow/ for the newfags regardless of current milkiness.

No. 8438

It's official. /w/ is the /w/ew board.

No. 8439

The change does not affect /pt/. The sticky only applies to /snow/ and /ot/ but for now we're keeping /w/ drama oriented.
Normies will never take over since the very nature of an imageboard is rooted in anime and other fringe hobbies.
>go back to /w/
This could easily become the new "hi cow". Most of these issues can be countered with moderation which we're already working to improve. If there is a crazy influx of nitpicking and derailing it's not entirely on the userbase's end, it's the job of the moderators to do their job.

No. 8441

Here’s a tip: a bad admin is one who puts their own interests and bias ahead of what’s best for the culture and success of the board and it’s users. That’s exactly what you’re doing by saying you don’t care what people think about the new board. What you should have done is taken a vote and then seen what other farmers think it could be useful for. We get it, you prefer the normie shit and don’t care for the weeb shit but to half ass throw it all into a random board instead of actually working on the issue is lazy and the reaction to the change shows how bad of an idea it was.

No. 8442

If imageboards are rooted in anime and weeb shit, the isolation of weeby things makes even less sense. But okay, let's see how it works out. I just feel uncomfortable with /w/ being ghetto for weebs.

IMHO it's also not very convenient to mix cow threads with general interest ones (never understood WHY on Kiwifarms you have fashion threads mixed with cow ones in Beauty Parlor, for example - it's messy and makes looking for a thread more difficult than necessary).

>This could easily become the new "hi cow". Most of these issues can be countered with moderation which we're already working to improve.

Honestly keeping my fingers crossed for you admin-sama and your team. Though my first concern is if you guys will be able to respond to gore, cp and incel posts quickly. It's unbearable having to avoid lolcow for hours due to disgusting pictures posted by incels.

No. 8443

The index name can always be changed anytime.
I have heard mixed reviews, some people like the idea, some people don't. I'm waiting to hear more feedback at the townhall like suggestions >>8437 made

>you prefer the normie shit and don’t care for the weeb shit

That's a lot of assumptions friend.
The only goal was to organize /snow/ and more /cgl/-like cows into one place.

No. 8448

you can't even say that /cgl/-like cows are going to be put in /w/, because there's tons in there right now that would never have been discussed on /cgl/ and others like charms or gutterface or zerodomon, who originated from /cgl/, who would not go into /w/. (obviously those three aren't the most active cows any more, but I mean to say cows like these as well). Even our sweet PT (despite that /pt/ isn't being effected by this) would no longer count as a "/w/" tier cow.

why even make this town-hall exclusive? give us a poll or something over how many of us think this is utter shit as a board. I think one of the biggest problems with past town halls was that admin/team act like that's the only place to base our opinions - leaving users who can't make it or don't like the pace of live-chat without a voice. Give us both if you want to be objective. Granted I realize poll results can be tampered, in a case like this I cannot see it hurting. It's retarded we're being told to "leave it for townhall" - saying it'll be better addressed during townhall is one thing, but to imply valid suggestions or complaints won't be taken into account unless they're spoken there is pants on head tier. Now, I'm not saying 100% that's even what is going on here, but the farmhand replies have certainly made it sound like that.

No. 8452

But you already said
>I didn't plan to save the creation of /w/ for the townhall because it was something I was going to do with or without feedback

No. 8453

This is how it used to be and imo how it should revert to. Things got really shitty and messy when farmhands started trying to use their own discretion on which threads belonged where (see: momokun thread spending a couple weeks in snow while the farmhands argued about moving it back and forth.) /pt/ used to be like a hall of fame for the cows who started it all and continued to have major followings and tons of milk flow long term (PT, koti, momo, onion, etc) and it took a really long time to get anything moved from snow becuase it really had to be MAJOR thread to get moved.

I’d rather no change at all if something as shitty and general as /weeb/ is our only option.

I also personally feel like this will open the door to more vendettas about nobodies. Snow already has a small problem with that but by creating a board specifically for shitting on weebs, youre going to have the same problem cgl had that resulted in them enforcing the no drama rule: every other thread is some 1000 follower nobody who upset some other butthurt nobody and they want the angry /weeb/ army to smear them.

No. 8454

Samefag but hard agree with this. A very small % is able to attend the town halls.

No. 8456

If the new admin wants a weeb board than whatever she can do what she wants i guess, but the fact that threads like K-pop general and Anime Recs are mixed in with Cow/Flake/Drama threads is dumb and makes the board feel like a random mix of things.
Maybe just make a weeb general board and a weeb drama board

Also if you're going to have a weeb board then stick to it and put ALL the weeb threads in there, like the cute idol thread in /ot/

No. 8457

koreaboo shit isn't even weeb. putting all the asian related yellow fever shit on a board full of cows we make fun of for being weebs seems retarded. i also don't think the board should have been rolled out before the townhall period.

No. 8459

We don't need a /w/ board let alone 2. There was nothing wrong with keeping weeb cows on /snow/ (or /pt/) and keeping anime related topics on /ot/. We don't want to end up with a bunch of unnecessary boards like other certain failures of imageboards.

No. 8460

Imo a weeb board is fine, whatever. But please PLEASE don't have cow threads and ot threads on the same board. It makes finding specific threads difficult, and I'm sure a lot of people come to lolcow just to read about cows and don't want to sift through a bunch of ot threads to find them. I also find it irritating having to go to multiple boards to keep up with the cows I'm interested in. Snow and pt were fine enough, but having to go between three boards (or more, if lolcow continues to segregate like this) is a pain. And it also brings into question how weeby is weeby enough to be put onto /w/? Who decides what goes where?

I also really hope that admin takes all of the comments in this thread into consideration, as there have been some great ideas. If this is all disregarded just because we couldn't make it to the townhall it would really suck. It's hard to believe but farmers do have jobs/lives that take precedence over an imageboard meeting.

No. 8462

The board is definitely staying, the question is what determines if a cow should go there and if non- cow threads should be included. The name can even be changed to something more appealing.
One new board is hardly excessive, especially if it's a board that can fit a large subcategory of cows the site caters to.
>it took a really long time to get anything moved from snow becuase it really had to be MAJOR thread to get moved.
That is how it should be in my opinion.
The townhall is for much more than board discussion. We need to discuss rules and other matters like manhate and sage.
> I think one of the biggest problems with past town halls was that admin/team act like that's the only place to base our opinions - leaving users who can't make it or don't like the pace of live-chat without a voice.
Well I agree and that's why I'm here and I'm listening. What I mean by waiting until the townhall is me waiting for a general consensus on how things work out from all angles.

I would like to point out that one of the biggest issues from last year was the awful quality of certain threads in /snow/, particularly gyaru threads and the sort (you get the idea). Separating this way makes it easier for the farmhands to go through unreported threads rampant with nitpicking. This isn't to encourage making a thread on anyone with a small following on instagram, it's to make it easier to keep an eye on newfag behavior both on /snow/ and /w/. Bottom line I have to admit it's hard to keep things clean when the boards are filled with more than a dozen dead or locked threads, I don't think the original administrator had any idea how big the site would get.
I'm not saying I'm going to be deleting legendary threads on /snow/ or /pt/ because they deserve to exist for archival purposes. But for example on /g/ and /ot/ it's just clutter that is prime bait for a spammer to purposely bump. These are the things I have on mind. Because /snow/ doesn't have the same option for organization I do stand by my decision to make a new board to not only improve moderation, but to improve the user end.
If it helps we can come up with specific criteria /w/ cows must meet along with /snow/ because /snow/ does often fall victim to newfaggotry vendetta threads. On top of that perhaps changing the board name to something other than weeb will help.

No. 8467

Get rid of koreaboo and weeb “critical” or drama threads and put them back in /ot/. The thread for raving about kpop shit should be on the same board as the thread tearing it a new asshole. Kpop is not a cow. Jpop is not a cow. If there’s a certain milky person within those industries then give them a thread in /w/. I don’t hate /w/, I like the idea of it in theory, but it’s a lot of shit to wade through right now just to get to actual cows. It clutters the board and makes it look unorganized.

I can’t make it to the town hall because I’m on KST and that’s like 4am for me, so please take our advice here in to consideration instead of ONLY the farmers able to get in to a stupid chat room at an inconvenient time.

No. 8468

Will do, sorry about that anon. It will be 5am for me but I did my best to get as many timezones into a reasonable time frame.

No. 8469

I think /w/ is a great idea, personally.

No. 8470

Agreed, I'm all for it. I think some of the weebs that dwell here took it way too personally, especially given the admin did it for completely rational reasons. /snow/ is going to look interesting once all the weebshit is purged. I think it'll be better in the long run. The internet has more than just weebs to laugh at, maybe it'll be an opportunity to bring up other cows. And if not we can reconsider these splits. It's not gonna ruin our lives.

I'm not sure all Asia-related things (like kpop critical) should go in /w/ since they're not all actual cows, so some more care definitely should go into determining what goes where.

/g/ and /ot/ should probably stay as they are. Could use a bit more distinction between /ot/ and /g/ because some threads seem like they are misplaced or could go on either board. The entire site is girl talk fam.

I would like a /media/ board because I hate having to go to 4chan's /tv/ and /v/ to talk about entertainment with shitty incels that will fixate on underage waifus and black people. I'd like to be able to discuss films and games that are recent here without having it get lost in the copious weeby/vent/advice threads of /ot/. Having a "game general" or a "movie general" on /ot/ as a concept is lame because you really do need more focus per topic; it's not as simple as fluctuating between nitpicking Ariana and Azealia Banks. Media threads would be more specialized is my prediction. Maybe the media board could be uniquely formatted where threads don't last forever and we have a more traditional chan board situation. Just some ideas!

^That may make /ot/ get less traffic but maybe not! Media related topics aren't currently being discussed much and I think part of that is that generals are super encouraged on /ot/ and those get derailed fast (or are just way too ADD bc the topic is vast).

I genuinely don't understand people that whine about having to click on a different board to see something. Fuck off if your autistic ass can't stand to click a couple times more than before.

Hope this helps stimulate the conversation. I doubt I can be there for the town hall.

No. 8471

>I genuinely don't understand people that whine about having to click on a different board to see something. Fuck off if your autistic ass can't stand to click a couple times more than before.
Same. I've been laughing about people acting like they've been exiled.

No. 8472

>let's see how it works out. I just feel uncomfortable with /w/ being ghetto for weebs.
kek anons but I do remember people wanting more moderation in the jvlogger threads I mean look at the taylor R thread for fucks sake

No. 8473


Exactly, just bookmark something if it's so important.

No. 8474

When I first looked in /w/ it seemed like a total mess but I can see it's shaped up a bit since then. Dunno just looks better amalgamated somehow.

No. 8477

Honest question: why is the BJD drama thread not moved to /w/? Seems pretty weeby to me.

No. 8478

Why is the Ariana thread locked? It didn't exceed post limits. Is she no longer a cow we can discuss? Sorry if noob question.

No. 8481

A /media/ board would have been a nice idea actually. The new /w/ is looking okay but I still don't see a point in segregating weeb cows from non weeb ones. Admin says its for organization purposes but Ian already fucked that up before his little mental breakdown occurred and he autistically dictated he wanted everything archived around the time he up and left.

No. 8483

it was locked because it got worse after autosaging >>>/meta/8239

No. 8487

I wish our board names reflected our history a bit better, /pt is perfect but I always thought we should have an /sr and a /cgl in honor of those places. Even calling the /weeb board /cgl would be less meh to me. It's not a perfect match by any means but tbh /weeb is awful.

No. 8491

Can you please fix the images not showing up in certain threads? First it was the micky thread which seems to have disappeared now it's the dress up thread.

No. 8495

I don't see the point of the current separation. I'm interested in all things Asian so I would want all asian related things in 1 place instead of having to bounce between boards. weeb should be renamed to /ec/ for eastern culture instead. The idea that milky threads should be separated from general rant threads, why? So long as they're related to the same subjects the same people would be interested.

I like the idea of separate boards I don't see it as a ghetto, I like that it's collected for people who aren't into normie shit so we don't have to waste time trawling through all that to find the content we want.

No. 8496

I'm ok with naming it cgl too. But in the title don't call it cosplay, call it cgl-descended board.

No. 8498

YUP, I see it as purely practical too.

I'm on the other side of the spectrum (not normie just not a weeb), I generally merely tolerate weebshit and I'd rather be able to find all of it in one convenient place when I do want to engage it, mainly on the cow side. People that act like it's a ghetto are weirdly paranoid about MUH BOARD CULTURE but they don't understand true normies won't be here to stay beyond a couple dumb newfag posts, no matter what.

Imageboards are inherently soaked in weebshit but the users have varying amounts of interest in Asia. Not all of us have yellow fever, some of us just like anime and shit. And for those worried about "keking at cows solely bc they're weebs" well sorry to say but half of us have already been only finding them cowlike due to being weebs. Some of you were clearly just on the ride bc the weebs weren't doing weebshit "correctly". Which is all fine, but finding weebs cringy and milky isn't a new concept. We're all on various levels of enjoyment for different reasons here. We should remain on the common ground that the cows are funny, and not try to make things personal.

This place isn't politically correct, that is the true test of who is able to stay in imageboards and who can't.

No. 8500

Agree anon.

Snow is already feeling much better and less cluttered. I think a separate board is a good idea, but I don't think OT stuff should be in there.

No. 8501

I like the need /w/ board. Simple and I like that it is multi lingual.

Good job on it! Keep up the good work!

Massive bonus for having one single photo of the queen.

I would like to see her be featured a bit more, maybe we could get a special decorative page for her bday with sprites of her most iconic looks?

Could there be a containment threat for discussing her? Just remembering good times, share stories and speculations? PT has been a lot on my mind because of Momo. Pt could have been a proto Momo. And in a lot of ways, is.

No. 8502

Completely agreed, she’s not a weeb.

No. 8503

Megan arriola thread locked as it's been merged with pettubers general.
New guidelines on the sticky have been revised so it's fair she's moved back.

No. 8504

I honestly like and appreciate the attempt of cleaning up the site. I think anons need to recognize that Lolcow is growing and expanding in member size and topics. I like that when I want to read up on cows that are weebs its easier to find them and likewise with cows that lean more to the normal side.

I think a storage thread would be nice though. Somewhere to place all old threads that have reached max limit of posts. Plus having those threads organized in groups exp: ( all Onision threads side by side from 1#-w.e # it's at now). While the still active ones and recently active ones are still listed in PT/Snow where ever they currently are. I honestly hate having to scroll thru shit tons of threads just to find one that had something I needed refreshing on.

No. 8505

Due to the way threads never get deleted here we have a really clunky board structure. I think you're on the right track here, there has to be a distinction between archived threads and live ones. Perhaps an option to skip to older threads on the actual active thread? like a sidebar? Something.

I'm sure some autists will ree at any change but as long as the changes are quality of life improvements there really isn't a valid argument against organizing shit. JUST CTRL+F fags are simply stubborn. Sites should strive to be as organized as possible.

No. 8506

Don't really see the point in a weeb board, might as well make boards just for youtubers or camgirls..

No. 8508

I don't know if anyone would be interested but here is a script I edited to be compatible with lolcow. I did this on a whim months ago in the span of 6 hours so it's sloppy and I would say it's in beta mode. Features include:
◦ New board index (can be set to the top or bottom and edited)
◦ Watch thread features
◦ Hide individual posts
◦ Hide replies to a individual post
◦ Broken catalog
◦ No updated settings
If things like this turn out to be in demand I can probably work on it more.
To install:
◦ Have violent monkey or a similar tool installed
Link to install is below.

No. 8517

>weeb should be renamed /ec/ for eastern culture

lol, fuck off
lolcow is for laughing at retards, not for politically correct naming conventions
it's called /weeb/ because only weebs give s single fuck about anything posted there, as you have demonstrated

>don't call it cosplay, call it cgl-descended board

why do you keep trying to rename things and why are you so bad at it?

the w board is a good idea to keep the weebshit out of the way of people who don't care about it, and make it easy for people who do care about it to find it. what exactly is the problem? if you wanna run a board so badly, make your own board, put whatever the fuck you want on there, and see how that goes.

No. 8520

NTA but it's maximum cringe for people to associate anything asian with weebshit. (in fact that in itself is weeby)

No. 8523

>it's called /weeb/ because only weebs give s single fuck about anything posted there, as you have demonstrated
This is exactly the kind of shitposter >>8432 mentioned. It's already starting with this pointless, angry nitpicky infighting.

No. 8524

You are the new one here.

I want it name it something that can be more broad so you can fit in shit like the kpop critical threads. I don't want to jump between boards to find it.

No. 8525

>I want to control the layout and names of all the boards so I can find my kpops!

start your own board then and put all the kpop crap you want on there. why do you have to argue a point that the admin has already said dozens of posts back is here to stay? admin is in charge and it's cute that lots of people are resistant to change, but arguing a decided point in such a fucking ghey way is cringe and entitled. just accept that everything can't be the way you want it and can't stay the same way forever.
btw i've been using the board for years, so i'm not exactly "new" but whatever you gotta tell yourself to feel superior about being a crybaby about change, i guess.

No. 8526

if you've been using this board for years you'd understand that user input is extremely important. this site isn't reddit.

No. 8527

i'd say there's a big difference between "bitching and moaning about name changes" and "user input." /eastern culture/ and /cgl-descended board/ is bad and she should feel bad. that's basically the point i was trying to make and i've made it.

No. 8528

NTA but your point is shit and you whining about others whining does less for the site than you claim they do, give it a rest. Also that sounds autistic obviously they meant it should be /ec/ or something for Eastern Culture, or just straight up /cgl/ for cgl.

The issue I have with the weeb board is that /snow/ is already pretty small, the /ot/ drama like "critical" threads are just drama threads so they should really be there, but imo, there's no reason to have any of them separate because it's confusing and makes no sense. Other threads don't have any similarities so it's just "asian" vs "other" and even now it's obvious there are too many grey areas. sparrow/stefany is in /w/ simply because she's cosplay related, even though it has nothing to do with asian media, and most of the milk comes from her skinwalking western actresses. And at the same time poopchan isn't on /w/ even though she's a weeaboo and her thread spawned from the lolita drama thread.

It just seems dumb with how arbitrary it is. Do we include cows who are weebs but don't do that much weeby shit? Why do the mods think people who cosplay western characters are weebs? It's just confusing and contrive.

No. 8529

read the sticky dude

No. 8530

Admin-sama are you a fan of Anisa?

No. 8531

I read the sticky, I'm saying it doesn't make sense. Like I said, this isn't a big site like reddit, questions and discussions are how we make things better. If you expect us to just blindly accept changes and not voice our frustration the site will lose all it's users.

No. 8532

why do you think you're the only one allowed to voice your opinion? seems like "user input is extremely important" only when they agree with you. there have been plenty of people debating their view on this whole thing for days, why do you think you can step in and tell everyone to "give it a rest" if they don't align with your views about how the site should be run? let users give their input. you're free to voice your frustration, but others are free to see no problem with the changes and support admin-sama.
> Like I said, this isn't a big site like reddit, questions and discussions are how we make things better.

No. 8533

Cause >>8527 (or you) is the only one telling everyone to stop having opinions.

No. 8534

anon…you've been telling everyone else to stop their own discussions. seems to me you don't want real discussion, just to have everyone agree with the admin. but in reality if we don't let admin know something can be improved we will just hurt her in the long run. if you keep trying to shun people and tell them to go to other sites, you're not trying to let people voice anything. and now you are acting like >>8528 is somehow in the wrong for telling you to stop? too funny…

No. 8535

Not just new, also bad at reading comprehension. Did I say I didn't want /w/? No I like that we have it, I just want stuff like kpop critical to be included like it was a few days ago. I suggested renaming it so that it people know korea-related stuff should also be there.

No. 8537

So if cosplayers, Lolita’s, vloggers and weebs are stuck in their own board… wtf is the rest of the site for anymore?? That’s the base of lolcow.

No. 8538

File: 1548911370919.jpg (77.38 KB, 900x900, r0uH2EY.jpg)

I'm totally anisa's orbiting paypig while being simultaneously friends with PnP.
It's a drama board.
• Cosplay or costhots
• Lolita
• J-vloggers, k-vloggers
• drama related to any individual or group with an obsession with Japanese culture or a particular trend
Key word, drama. If it's drama related to their obsession with east asian culture they probably belong there. /pt/ is a unique board for cows that take things to the next level, therefore /snow/ sees the most clutter because that's where new threads and topics start out by default.
I wouldn't feel comfortable calling a board /cgl/ when elegant gothic lolita isn't explicitly included. At the same time the existence of this site is derived from /cgl/ so it feels odd.

No. 8540

Kiki told me that PnP is the new admin here lol

No. 8541

>watch thread features

Omg plz this

>Kiki told me

That should’ve been the first red flag kek

No. 8542

well I'm joking about pnp of course

No. 8544

File: 1548920994798.jpg (174.75 KB, 1920x1541, 1465683986933.jpg)

I heard you are Anisa's and PnP's bestfriend, although you are Japanese and you also are Josh from kiwifarms ruining our culture. In addition to this you are actually Zucc's wife from Facebook and datamine our milk to analyse what makes the perfect dairycow. Moderation team consists of trannies, incels, Wig and Ben Shapiro.

No. 8545

I honestly like the idea of /w/. Though I'm not a weeb myself I would follow some threads purely for the milk and I dont see it as a containment board but just as having it a bit easier to find what your looking for. /snow/ was a bit of a clusterfuck. As long as /pt/ tier weebcows aren't moved I like it. Admin, will the new board follow the old suit of high quality threads being moved to /pt/?

No. 8548

all i want for christmas is our original admin.

No. 8549

Why would you want the original admin who tried to fuck Wig back and who sperged out bad a few times during his reign? Literally anyone would be better.

No. 8550


admin…/cgl/ stands for cosplay and gothic lolita…

No. 8552

Hi, I don’t understand why pnp is now a banned topic. Could the new admin/farmhand/mods please explain why? There are so many other threads in which anons have sperged out and posted unrelated stuff lately, like the Shayna thread. So, I am really unsure why we are no longer allowed to post about pnp on here when there are so many other cows with way more clogged up threads. Wouldn’t just putting the thread on autosage for a longer amount of time fix things? Couldn’t there be another more reasonable solution for this?

No. 8553

definitely going to make her feel like she "won" against the haturzzz
control the spergs, not the cow

No. 8555

who is wig? i must’ve missed all that back when it was going down. i just remember that he had a really good handle on the site in general, was very adept at fixing issues as soon as they arose especially technical errors, and never let the site go down for even a fraction as long as the last admin was ok with

No. 8556

also samefagging to add that the reason i said i wanted original admin-sama back was partially because i’m fairly certain this one is going to nuke every thread they don’t personally find entertaining and that’s a huge problem

No. 8557


No. 8558

oh, not sure how i forgot that. i’m going to try and find what anon was talking about wrt: og admin wanting to fuck her.

No. 8569

it's Cosplay EGL

No. 8573

I personally like PnP as a subject and would like to have seen her develop. Unfortunately, between the 'snap anons' whining that they didn't want to lose their $10 or learn how to properly cap or post, and other anons posting caps every time PnP farted or changed her wig with no discrimination as to whether it was milk or not, she's been ruined.

No. 8574

I personally don’t understand about the whining regarding anons recording snapchats on a second phone. I watched a few of those and the quality of the videos and the quality of the milk seemed fine to me. I would just hope that the mods and farmhand reconsider regarding her ban because it was an interesting thread to follow. Similarly to what another anon posted, Luna’s thread is also full of posting regarding clothing and hair and other details of her life and that tends to get overlooked while pnp becomes banned. I find that difficult to understand.

No. 8575

Tbh I don't see the logic in that. It's a drama board, people are going to whine about dumb shit. If the Admin feels a thread needs to improve, then just autosage until further notice or ban people from that board.
Didn't want to agree with the comment earlier but it literally just feels as if the current Admin is only banning threads they don't like.

No. 8578

I agree with you that autosage was better. But autosage does not mean go full sperg.

No. 8582

I don't think anyone was whining that someone was recording via a second phone - people were glad that someone was recording at all. As most Snapchat anons were just talking about the Snapchat content without providing any proof, which was the main issue.

But I would also like to see the pnp thread get unlocked, as I found her to be pretty entertaining. People who don't know how to behave could just be banned. Let us enjoy the milk.

No. 8583

farmhands are issuing bans for even mentioning her now, so i don't see that happening unfortunately

No. 8587

You're right about that! That was super annoying and an issue. But, I think Admin needs to tell people that when a thread is on autosage they have to work and behave to get it unlocked. That's what they said it was for. If you just block a thread without any real warning, it just looks like Admin is basically saving PnP lol
I don't think people would mind if there was actual communication about it?? So far they've listed reasons that happens in literally EVERY thread - if they're going to ban a topic at least be consistent or give solid reasons. Sorry for the rambling lol

No. 8588

I wish the new admin could provide a solid and reasonable explanation for why pnp is a banned topic. With that same logic Shayna, Luna, Dasha along with a bunch of other cows on the various boards could also become banned topics. A proper explanation for pnp being a banned topic would be nice.

No. 8590

Exactly! I feel like there are barely any cows of note on lolcow every since the moo and Onision boards blew up. So personally, it just feels like we're getting stuck with the few popular boards we do have that aren't those two.
Admin has been replying to people here and there about it but no actual solid reason.
Idk if it's a reach (probably) but I feel like this one thing kiwifarms, as trash as it is, at least makes sure to do - even when the AL thread was an absolute shit show they contained it. Like, why can't we have that communication here? (Admin pls don't ban me/others like the last one just because KF is mentioned)

No. 8593

File: 1549035193391.jpeg (859.52 KB, 1242x1620, 3CE760E9-93AB-4E9A-8BE7-08F0C8…)

It’s true, iirc he even made sh0e a mod so she could filter out all criticisms of herself. She did this at unichan and 8chan as well.

I suspected at one point pnp was posing as a “snap anon” in the thread. When anons first started complaining about snap anons not posting the snaps, an unsaged newfag started posting “well then spend the $10” “sign up for her snap! It’s only $10!” “You should all subscribe to her snap bcuz I’m not posting shit, it’s only $10!” “Give her $10 if you wanna see exclusive content”, mimicking almost verbatim her twitter promos of her snapchat. It sounded like “anon” was promoting and shilling pnp’s snap, and trying to convince more people to pay her money.

When a fresh, new admin comes in, and bans an active popular thread right away, with no communication as to why, anons are going to get confused and weirded out/sus. Especially since we have had a long history of former admins banning cows they personally like and/or subjects they personally don’t care about. I’m hoping new admin gets better at communicating these things because she seems nice and professional, and communicated well in another thread.

I really don’t understand why exactly pnp’s thread was gutted, out of all the threads. There are threads in /snow/ and /pt/ that are much, much worse. Usually it’s put into autosage first to give a chance for anons to change their behavior, not just nuking the subject entirely. Not only is pnp going to take this as a HUGE win, but now she’ll feel free to do fuck all without any criticisms. This >>8553 100%
And it’s weird that bans are being given to those asking about it?

Last admin banned the munchie threads in a really sneaky way because she personally disliked the thread (she said she “didn’t care” about the thread subject). She held an impulsive vote on meta randomly without telling anyone, without even posting in the munchie thread to say “they’ll be a vote on if the munchie thread will be locked and banned”. Only 27 people voted, vast majority had never even posted in the munchie thread. And voting closed quick af before the regular munchie thread anons could even find out, and by then it was locked and all these anons were asking what the hell happened, and previous admin didn’t explain themselves at all and was kinda bitchy about it. Which led all the munchie thread anons to move to kiwi farms, as josh had started a munchie thread there to lure the refugees away. And a good amount of those posters were longtime farmers. Which pissed lots of anons off. I wish we could have the thread back so badly, because now the pro-ana thread is mixed in with munchie-like cows, but only if they have an eating disorder. Ugh. We had so many great cows come out of those threads and they were extremely popular, it’s a shame we lost them all due to one person not liking the subject.

I really hope this isn’t a growing trend and we get some reason behind this and maybe admin can discuss with anons in townhall ways to still have pnp thread, while keeping it in check. Hope this is just temporary and pnp thread comes back. When a subject gets banned, it ends up on the back burner and usually never gets reignited again, even if there’s a bunch of new milk.

Pic related, I didn’t even know anisa was banned too but that wasn’t anywhere near the popularity of pnp thread.

No. 8594

You are speaking my thoughts exactly tbh
I like the direction over that admin is going, really, but every single time we have a new Admin threads are suddenly getting banned left and right for no real reason.
Like it's just a fact rn that most wouldn't mind a thread being locked if communication was solid.
Lolcow is comfy and I like browsing here, I really don't want to migrate to somewhere else because we got another Admin who's trying to show their loyalty to a cow.
This admin is making some real changes but between the ban happy mods and suspicious topic ban this is a rocky start

No. 8599

Just want to point out one thing, the munchie vote was in townhall that was scheduled a week in advance. If that is “sudden” I don’t know what to tell you.

No. 8603

imo i hope the munchie thread stays buried. the insufferable whiteknighting and selfposting was a bore to get through and it was a shit parade of trying to one up each other.

the munchie thread on kf and the threads on related topics arent that active but the subreddits are p active and surprise, its a lot of coddling and whiteknighting.

pnp could have been milky but it was mostly all low quality trash posts.

No. 8610

My vision for lolcow is to allow freedom of speech as long as the discussion meets a fair standard that doesn't devolve into nitpicky subpar quality threads. We're not gurugossip or PULL. I know PnP and anisa weren't the only threads with these issues but they were among the worst with no efforts to improve.
At the same time I don't think /snow/ should be a vendetta haven. Not every camwhore is a cow, not every girl with an instagram following is a cow, etc. So how do we define that is worthy of being discussed here? That's a discussion we can have on this thread and the town hall. Here's what I think.

‣ An unhealthy desire for attention
‣ bizarre behavior displayed online (can manifest in different ways)
‣ Failure to accept criticism the majority of times / negative reactions
‣ A lack of self awareness
‣ No willingness to improve upon their behavior

I do think PnP meets many of these conditions, but Anisa does not. The munchies and anachans do too but those threads are riddled with self posting. Thoughts?

No. 8613

i noticed some international (non-english) weebshit moved over to /w/ from /ot/ and was wondering if that's how it's going to be. i know /int/ was deleted and all the threads moved to /ot/ but i'm fine with having some threads like that on appropriate boards like /w/.

also, kind of off topic but maybe we can make it like "asian shit general" i think that the drama related k and jpop threads (like the criticals) should be there because i find myself popping back to read about jpop artists when i'm in the gaijin hunter thread. maybe just call it /boo/ for koreaboo and weeaboo shit.

No. 8614

I agree. Maybe /y/ for yellow fever?

No. 8616

I like this! I don't really care too much about Korea or Kpop, but having all the yellow fever shit integrated seems like it works, especially since Ahripop tier weebs swap from being fake Japanese to being fake Korean.

No. 8617

thanks for being so transparent. i can appreciate that.
my suggestion is bringing a pnp thread back for like a "trial run" and if the spergs can't keep it together then nuke it after like a week. maybe some hellweek-tier moderating in that thread specifically as well?

No. 8618

I honestly think you lot are sperging way too much over the name. Koreaboos and Weebs are almost completely the same. There’s literally no reason to change the name other than to please you spergs

No. 8621


No. 8622

I don't think it looks corrupt, it just looks like admin is already sick of Pnpfags. I was in the soundclout threads during the post-peep autosage, we had to wait for it to get back on track and it did. But Pnp was different, anons were just "fuckit, reeee" and "fuck you" to anyone asking them to pull it together. Autosage did not have the desired effect in that instance. Hellweek could have done it and it's finally coming but a bit late.

I totally saw it anon, people saying we should pay the 10 ourselves or take their word for it. I saw the instructions given many times. Yes there was some screen recording done eventually but it's archived offsite in personal accounts, not the best imo.

No. 8623

maybe bring pnp back to coincide with hellweek? it sure would get rid of some of the spergs. she does tick every box in admin's list >>8610

No. 8624

/boo is cute, I really like.

Reading this thread, it seems to me that people who identify as weebs have strong and varied opinions about what qualifies as weeby, based on their personal standards and areas of interest. I also notice concern around the intent behind tagging content with a term that is usually used as an insult when applied to others (articulated as issues with "board culture" and "weebs vs. normies").

I think an abbreviation that's a little more neutral and general while meaning essentially the same thing would address these concerns and prevent them from becoming ongoing issues.

No. 8625

That's kind of what I was thinking. I feel like right now there's a lot of "us vs them" in regards to anything anime related on the site, so I think the new board should be more neutral since it's for organization, not for quarantine. I know that some people telling everyone to lighten up would probably flip their shit if /snow/ was changed to /normie/.

No. 8630

Let's go rename /snow/ /normie/ I like this idea.

No. 8631

you guys that are pressed about the naming conventions of the boards are the real autists tbh
any normal people using the site don't give a fuck

No. 8633

Agreed. It seriously isn’t even a big deal. I see debates on whether weebs should have their own board but cringing about the technical differences between weebs and koreaboos is so fucking dumb

No. 8634

You just know these are the same spergs who live in the Kpop critical thread

No. 8636

i honestly think you guys are the ones who need to lighten up. the point of changing the name is more to make it clear what should go there. if admin wants all the asian related bullshit there, it should be more clear. i think k-pop and korean shit should go there but atm it's not clear if it should, same with like yumi king who dropped the cosplaying and is now a vlogger making vids about her dollar store mail order bride chinese life. as the board is now, she doesn't really go there since she's not weebshit related but it makes sense for her to be there.

No. 8637

what does the name have to do with the content it contains tho? it doesn't have to be so literal.

No. 8638

I think anisa applies for all of these tbh

>an unhealthy desire for atention

she is constantly mentioning she is idubbbz girlfriend and tries to show off things that she didnt actually earn to make herself more grandiose like that youtube play button she got through idubbbz

>bizzare behavior displayed online

she always shows these random bits of jealousy whenever she sees idubbbz being more succesfull than her like that time when they went to disney and she was clearly upset that nobody wanted to take a pic with her only with ian and shows how upset she gets when people only ask about ian

>failure to accept criticsim the majority of times

umm hello did you ever watched the vegan gains argument she had. the guy was just telling her where she could improve and she was not having any of it and started crying to her fans making them attack vegan gains.

>no lack of self awareness

this one is huge on anisa btw, she "use to" yes notice how i use quotation marks on use to titie stream and she makes fun of girls like zoe and celestia for doing the same shit she use to do. Also shits on brittany calling her an "ape" and then she goes all "racism is bad guys" she also is those "im not like other girls" type but then she makes fun of those same girls. lol said she was sad that leafy got content cop on but started dating idubbbz

>no willingness to improve

see vegan gains argument, tried to go vegan but backed down because 'im dying guyz" continues to be mean spirted to other women and ballantly making fun of others that share her same issues.

>no efforts to improve

what was the point then? the thread was autosaged anyways even when brittany venti released a pretty lengthy video on anisa and sure you guys took autosage away when the discord leaks were happening but yeah then it silently went back to autosage. sure I am not saying anisa has the best thread or anything but she does have potential and at the same time it also served a containment board for those that want to speak of anisa and heck anisa was even featured in one of the lol cow banners idk I wished I could convince you to let us have that thread back but its clear you will only have boards of the cows you personally prefer.

No. 8639

she even made fun of venus (on of the snow cows here on lolcow) saying very fucked up and mean spirited shit. while she herself use to say "im anorexic guys" "i have body dismorphia" she made fun of someone who actually has an eating disorder.

No. 8641

the rest of the naming conventions on the site are like that /ot/ is literally Off Topic and /g/ is Girl talk. /pt/ and /snow/ are pretty self explanatory when board culture comes in. i'm just saying most people don't seem like they're being autistic about the name, but more about what it implies, like when it was initially made, people thought that anything weeb related including non drama stuff was going to go there.

No. 8643

thank you for exhibiting to us why the anisa thread was locked in the first place.

No. 8645

explain yourself

No. 8647

nta but the sperging

No. 8650

all but one of admin's cow conditions fit the posters more accurately than the cow

No. 8651

The content debates are reasonable. What isn’t is days long sperging over the name of the board. Get over it weeb

No. 8652

You lack self awareness

No. 8660

Ayy why is it that everytime we get a new admin, bans are thrown left and right?

P.S. stop banning me im cool im good

No. 8661

>and the possible merging of /ot/ and /g/.

please, don't do that.

No. 8662

Yeah this idea is out of line, admin-sama. U say u want more organisation, well, this isnt how u do it

No. 8663

With the new admin, we also get ban happy newfag mods and janitors.

No. 8664

Yeah, the new farmhands need to chill the fuck out. Why does making a post to disagree with someone, even vehemently, warrant a ban if it's directly relevant to the topic? And I saw somebody get banned for 'armchairing' when what they were doing didn't even begin to approach psychoanalysis or armchair diagnosis. I mean, their opinion was dumb imo, but it alone didn't warrant a ban, and definitely not an 'armchairing' ban.

As a seasoned do-it-for-freer, I'll impart this advice: if possible, new mods should spend a while observing the current mods or looking through the moderation logs and defer to more experienced people before taking mod actions until they get a strong feel for what warrants action and what doesn't. Letting new mods loose immediately is bad news. Even if you're completely overhauling the interpretation of the rules (which I guess should happen to some degree because rule enforcement before the transition did get pretty stupid), the new mods should be explicitly aware of that interpretation and get feedback on their decisions until they learn how to do things the right way. There's no such thing as perfect modding, and at the end of the day this is just a gossip website, but it's unfair to the users to ban them for shit that is either not against the rules or is against the rules under a new interpretation of the rules that they aren't aware of.

No. 8666

There are no complaints about the new moderator, the most complaints are linked to one janitor and the issues have been corrected. Any more bans on "armchairing" should have been reversed and fixed.
Differing opinions will never warrant a ban. I'll continue monitoring the logs closely until I see significant improvements with the consistency of moderation overall.

No. 8668

Can we get an advanced notice via the header before new changes take place? The sudden creation of /w/ was, I think, unanticipated by most and it's kind of thrown my browsing off. I'm having second thoughts about the new addition since having /pt/ for big cows and /snow/ for the smaller ones seemed good enough. If you're going to break down cows by genre, then why not have a section for every other variation there is?

Sorry if this has been already said before. Besides that, I'd just like to say I appreciate the new staff's responsiveness and moderation so far. I hope you guys don't get burnt out.

No. 8679

Will the non-English cosplay threads be moved to /w/?

Or maybe the international forum should be reinstated?

No. 8685

There is already a German one unless you're talking about another thread? They can be moved to /w/, there won't be an /int/ board.
>>>/snow/730033 PnP thread unlocked. To get removed off of autosage improve the thread quality.

No. 8687


>Return of PnP poll : No


No. 8688

No. 8689

I moved the thread to /w/. PnP was not voted to return but I'm giving it a shot because if a thread is bad quality it's because the moderation team isn't doing it's job effectively. We got a bigger staff team now anyways.
Clarification on rules regarding minors, if discussed in any context outside of drama it's fine by me if they're public figures like celebrities. In drama threads minors faces should be censored, and subjects should be 16+.

No. 8690

Thanks for the clarification. Good luck!!

No. 8693

I couldn't make the townhall but is the patreon still relevant? I'm up for rejoining as the transition seems to be progressing ok.

No. 8694

Will you be hiring janitors anytime soon, Admin? I'd love to apply. Thanks for all your hard work so far.

No. 8695

Applications are closed for now, sorry.
Yes it is!

No. 8697

Ok just rejoined patreon, cheers

No. 8700

This is not the last PnP thread, which is at >>>/snow/753018. Was this deliberate?

No. 8704

The pnp thread is still closed.
Or did you accidentally reopen an old thread?

No. 8706

The correct thread is open now.

No. 8710

four days late to respond and also missed the townhall, but I was thinking if we really wanted the weeb shit out of ot we could do a board for fandom shit in general, so it includes anime, kpop, western cartoons, movies and shows, etc. That way people won't be triggered about the name, there's enough variety to warrant an entire board for it all, and it's separated. I think keeping w for cows who are weebs is perfect tbh, and I'm actually liking how it's set up now that ot threads are out of it.

I know this is probably too late but it's just an idea i dunno!

No. 8712

Can it be changed that only staff can post in this thread and questions concerns complaints about updates in the regular complaint thread? I think meta in general could use some tidying

No. 8713

Yeah, complaints and suggestions can go to the other thread. Locking this one now and it'll stay up for updates.

No. 8934

The duplicate TND thread has been deleted from /pt/

No. 8960

Onison thread put on autosage until anons learn to stop derailing and tinfoiling.

No. 9163

File: 1551572063446.png (453.87 KB, 979x971, 4ZHlmEC.png)

Farmhand applications are open again!

We're currently only seeking farmhands to moderate the drama boards, if you're looking to apply to /ot/ or /g/ you're out of luck.
This is a short scouting period in preparation for hellweek, applications close in 2 weeks.Apply here

Image credit goes to this talented anon

No. 9368

Skellyboys thread deleted in /ot/

No. 9455

PnP discussion is locked and banned from the IG general thread.

No. 9472

Shay thread autosaged for absolute cancer.

No. 9623

Misandrist thread locked for devolving into Man Hate.

No. 10229

Anti-porn and gay male bashing thread locked. Anti-porn posting goes into radfem and gay male bashing posting into pinkpill.

No. 10351

Sage should be working on /pt/ again. An announcement will be posted later about its reinstatement.

No. 10390

Venus Angelic thread autosaged for nitpicking and lack of milk.

No. 11075

Discussion of specific numbers regarding BMI and eating disorders is now banned in the pro-ana scumbags thread.

No. 11164

Anyone ignoring admin message in the onision thread is getting a red-texted ban. We're not repeating ourselves.

No. 11179

No new rules have been created but we're cracking down on politics and racebait.
All discussion of race whether positive or negative is banned from /ot/ and /m/. Repeat offenders may be permabanned from these boards.

The USA thread is getting locked for violating the agreement that politics may be only discussed in pink-pill and gender critical.

No. 11242

After much discussion within the staff team, we have decided to lock the radfem thread. Please post in gender critical instead for the time being.

In the future, other problematic threads may be locked as well.

No. 12769

File: 1578241374819.png (260.17 KB, 710x419, PwDdPWt.png)

Raven's Post History has been posted. More information can be found here.


No. 13394

The /2X/ board will be permanently closed on February 5th, this also happens to be national Loona comeback day.
>>>/meta/13215 ←- more info can be found here.

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