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File: 1543963846843.jpg (229.27 KB, 682x910, DlflrF6U0AAk26C.jpg)

No. 743790


>4lung "Jane Louise Fredericks" or "Hushy" is 24 and a transgirl furry "musician"

>has a bunch of cringy furry ocs, most are babies

>is a babyfur, operated a side twitter account for this fetish before deleting it. claims that he does this to cope with "past abuse"
>gets angered when this is called out on him, prompting her to leave her twitter accounts for a couple of days to a few weeks.
>cheated on his girlfriend for not wanting to participate in his fetish, sent a witchhunt after her
>allegedly made a bunch of creepy sexual advances on people
>is friends with a bunch of pedophiles, most notably famitory, and kate wurtz, who both draw pedophilia
>got called out for posting nsfw content such as his nudes on his twitter account where she knew minors lurked
>narcissistic and diverts all blame when engaging wiith someone else about her flaws
>makes happy hardcore and rave music, that all sound pretty much the same because the same samples are used over and over again
>managed to self release over 50 albums under several different aliases - most commonly her furry OCs
>releases an album every month and obviously rushes it
>currently creating a music label for furries
>constantly begs for money despite recieving money on patreon and through album sales
>past history of mental illnesses, posts on twitter all of the medications he takes. many of the pictures he takes of his surroundings often has a bottle of pills in it
>engages in cringeworthy japanese and lolita fashion
>has a diaper fetish, admits to pissing in diapers so that he could spend more time pissing in diapers
>spends his days going to raves and making shitty music

==Important Links==

callout blogs + posts

No. 743795

you keep switching between he and she, it makes you sound like a tumblrite with a vendetta trying to fit in here when you don't actually want to misgender someone.

is there any actual new milk on 4lung?

No. 743838

What the fuck is that outfit? Why can't trannies dress normally? They always dress like tweens or porn stars

No. 743885

>friends with pedophiles who draw pedophilia
Idk who these cringy nerds are so can we get some receipts on the pedo part? That’ll get the ball rolling. Or are you one of those idiots who compare making shitty art to butt fucking a child?

No. 743944

File: 1543978885039.jpg (618.55 KB, 1199x1200, a0809992392_10.jpg)

4lung has his own t-shirt that says Tiny Troon Adventures on it KEK

No. 762978

Hushy hits on underage fans which is very sus

No. 762987

File: 1547252979484.jpg (115.79 KB, 1200x1005, Dwq0XF2V4AA_5Mw.jpg)

Okay so recently Hushy posted about their actual NSFW account which is private, but if you check the bio there are some interesting emotes used by literal pedos AND they're known to flirt with underage fans so like it's very sus

No. 763015

Word what’s the clown emoji all bout tho

No. 763052

Pedophiles use the clown emoji to identify each other.

No. 763053


No. 763062

Disgusting. Can anyone get close enough to follow and get caps? I'd do it myself, but I literally have 6 Twitter followers, no interest in his shit music and I'll overall look suspicious.

No. 763074

File: 1547261577731.jpg (167.9 KB, 1185x945, tumblr_inline_pfwfatzGt31t4bsn…)

Reading through the callout posts for laughs. Pro-tip to OP (if they're even still here, considering the age of the thread): It's good to include caps and other milk when introducing a cow or flake. People typically don't like links, unless it's to verify you're not bullshitting.
Lmao, we're starting off with transage apologism. No surprise someone who looks like OP's image would be this type of (male) bitch.

No. 763080

File: 1547261896624.png (51.82 KB, 500x350, 213131.png)

I ended up reviving the thread because of the pedo stuff but there's a lot of funny stuff to find.

No. 763086

File: 1547262408821.jpg (198.47 KB, 1080x1137, tumblr_pl6m25n7YK1utd11n_1280.…)

How can someone like this exist? Kill me.

No. 763087

File: 1547262557795.png (32.78 KB, 667x419, ohnonono.PNG)

They had a whole twitter sperg out about how age regressors who don't fuck are prudes.

No. 763092

File: 1547263596901.gif (853.24 KB, 400x383, 1543963846843.gif)

No. 763095

File: 1547263772947.png (188.68 KB, 750x388, KCYD1tfbzgn_1280.png)

I call everyone they because it's what I prefer idk.
(picrel is an underage fan talking about their experience with Hushy)

No. 763111

File: 1547264956904.gif (853.28 KB, 400x383, 1543963846843-1.gif)

He's a man, anon. Don't humor this creep even a little bit.

No. 763119

File: 1547265632490.jpg (240.8 KB, 934x1920, tumblr_pl6mk2srcw1utd11n_1280.…)

>Can't shame me if I'm a proud degenerate :^)
You thought wrong, fuckface. "People" like this need to be wiped off the face of the planet.

No. 763124

NTA, but I remember being in a similar state when I was just getting wise to the bullshit. This "respect everyone's pronouns uwu" shit really is a form of conditioning and brainwashing, and it takes time to grow out of it. Insisting on it doesn't help, since chances are anon will have to code-switch when around their peers or risk getting attacked as literally Satan, anyway.
It's better to let people ease into breaking the conditioning once they realize this place won't punish them like other parts of the internet would (plus, it's anonymous, so no harm).

No. 763152

File: 1547269020631.png (224.44 KB, 811x307, 1211.PNG)

I just don't like any gendered pronouns, it probably is some form of brainwashing but I don't know, thank you for the thoughtful post though.
You're right, it's a bit dumb of me to try and be kind to someone who grooms children…

No. 763163

Wait why/how? If the baby bottle and teddy bear ones aren’t the pedos ones what do those mean?

No. 763165


DDLG / ageplay most likely

No. 763169

File: 1547270378065.png (26.02 KB, 732x178, 321.PNG)

That means they are into being the little,
the clown is the sus one

No. 763170

You're fine anon, it's colloquial english that some people misinterpret as white knighting. guy has major male creeper vibes tho

No. 763172

File: 1547270733258.png (8.45 KB, 373x232, ohhuh.PNG)

This person is 24 or something and but has their age on twitter set as way younger

No. 763179

It’s not that’s sept 3rd not 2003 twitter doesn’t shorten the birth year if you set it to show

No. 763185

Oh I'm just a retard oops

No. 763197

File: 1547281734771.png (180.25 KB, 1516x632, Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 12.2…)

anyone got her AD/nsfw twitter? seems unlikely because the account only has a few followers but i'm low key obsessed with this trainwreck of a cow and i bet there's gold in them hills

No. 763211

The safe for work twitter is scary enough

No. 763230

We can tell you are obsessed, OP. This is a man, not a woman. Go back to PULL where you obviously came from.

No. 765061

File: 1547499627483.png (641.06 KB, 583x823, oops.PNG)

So after she started getting called out about the clown his nsfw acct changed the bio

No. 765071

File: 1547500665217.jpeg (38.73 KB, 250x212, 0E479B20-28B6-4CC3-9D54-2AF48F…)


Yeah I’m good after reading this…

No. 765074

File: 1547500795420.jpeg (106.13 KB, 750x860, B0454953-8D39-46F8-A2E6-D35108…)

Besides being a pedophile he’s also a thief

No. 765120

File: 1547506603214.jpg (267.55 KB, 1080x1218, Screenshot_20190114.jpg)

If anyone has a furry/problematic account you should try and get followed.

No. 766347

No. 766405

Are they openly admitting to being AGP with that server name?

No. 766415

this is an imageboard, nigga.

wtf is this

No. 766451

That's the person who they're talking too

No. 766483

File: 1547591775768.png (11.31 KB, 645x104, 4lung be like.png)


No. 766529

File: 1547597097062.png (Spoiler Image,200.42 KB, 724x2184, hushy long 1.png)

spoilered for content mentioned in the first one

No. 766530

File: 1547597133684.png (270.96 KB, 696x2344, hushy long 2.png)

No. 766557

File: 1547598434849.png (269.66 KB, 696x1792, hushy long 3.png)

>never intended to get a huge minor following
>had a lot of suggestive tracks and one based around pregnancy?
>never intended to hide the fact they were a sexual deviant
>minors flocked to their shitty edm
>talking about how being a troon makes getting DJ jobs hard yadah dah
>saw self in some of the kids who was following them, made a pack of files to help them make moosic
>was molested by sister and older kid during childhood, intrusive thoughts regarding incest due to trauma whatever.
>decided to explore c/gl due to being told it was more then just sexual
>long thing about abusive ex, whos a cis female, likes lolicon, longtime lurker of KF (probably here also could be OP.), twitter user name is named.
>they would mommy/little rp. cringy caps of such provided.
>they were isolated w/ each other a lot and became depedent
>go to settle for show which was asked to come to by fan, decided to move to seattle after house was made unlivable by storm, with help of fans etc.
>made raver friends in seattle, started getting help and getting more popular
>kink posi poly friends encouraged littlespace and wanted to explore more, tension to relationship with maria cuz mono
>maria expressed insecurity, took 360 turn away from c/gl, starting making fun of it openly and would watch adult baby cringe vids in front of hush. hush roleplayed with people online for comfort since at the time i guess the relationship was sol.
>maria went thru hushs phone while asleep, cussed hush out and called them a liar etc.
>maria couldnt hold down a job, was dependent on hush, hush felt trapped cuz they were the only one with a job or money for rent/bills
>hush flew to maine for family event, maria just left the apartment while they were gone and trashed it. hush came back to it empty and maria gone. took old laptop and bong w/ her (lol)
>maria claims that hush put them on the street for "refusing to be in their sexual fetish games",
>things such as call outs and weird things began to pop up, hush realizes that maria had access to all of social media of hushs thru the old laptop of hushs that she stole
>has proof of maria sending zoophilic lolicon
>lists options of what they could do, basically 1) delete all presence online and quit music. 2) apologize for how they dealt with their trauma and continuing as if nothing happened 3) blocking minors and stand for what they believe in
>choose 3
>says they are not a pedophile.
> >>766483
> admits to lying to save their ass regarding c/gl
> cleared the air with person in question regarding the minor hitting on claim ?
>they will associate with whatever deviant will accept them i guess
>didnt know about the clown emoji thing and thought it stood for liking gore/weird stuff in art
>has sought help and is still working w/ some psych doc who gave them adhd meds and okayed the whole ageplay thing
>apologizes for letting people down
>apologizes for making a huge mess
>apologizes for waiting too long to speak out
>doesnt apologize for being them

No. 766560

File: 1547598625244.png (Spoiler Image,129.53 KB, 716x800, hush cap.PNG)

caps w/ ex in question

No. 766609

He very carefully makes sure to use the term "autonepiophile", not "autopedophile". The reason that's dishonest is because he fantasizes about being older than babyhood, often ages like 6.
The thing with the clown emoji is stupid, too, since literally anyone can just search "clown emoji" on Tumblr and Twitter to find out that it and the cowboy emoji are MAP symbols, no matter waht they've been "told". Anyone who falls for that "M-My friends said it wasn't for pedos, just ~*taboo*~ art!!" excuse is just lying to themselves.
He's a tryhard manipulator, and not a very good one if you can see the small holes like that. I wonder what he's leaving out about his ex, whether he abused other kids, what's really on his NSFW Twitter and in his DMs, etc etc.

No. 766615

The way the ex is attacked in the whole thing is really upsetting, especially since they literally cheated

No. 766625

Oh more cult like poly troons ok

No. 766651

i just want the ex to come and spill the tea about DMs and further explain stuff.
it seems the ex wasn't exactly in the best place either mentally at the time but who could be when you are… around that… 24/7..

Paraphilic infantilism and autonepiophile is just saying that you are into kid fucking and being a kid while pretending to be diddled by an adult but it's okay cuz uwu trauma so it's valid. which is bull. he's clearly hiding something with the whole spill he wrote. as the anon who wrote the TDLR. it's not even worth the read. it's bull shit.

No. 766667

File: 1547604934761.png (158.6 KB, 691x826, 1.PNG)

So that 16 year old (now 17) is dropping receipts

No. 766668

File: 1547605017930.png (158.78 KB, 836x762, 2.PNG)

No. 766669

File: 1547605053789.png (21.5 KB, 722x110, 1(1).PNG)

No. 766674

File: 1547605831344.png (199.57 KB, 397x562, 12314131.PNG)

So who wants to play mommy for this creature
tempting offer I know

No. 766709

he knows he's stuck being a pedo troon, so he wrote some bs excuse to call his gf out (posting her @, calling her cis, writing "cringe culture" and loli shock to get attention off of him) 4lung is the kind of pond scum that bugs don't even like.

No. 766758

literally what the fuck was up with him calling her cis? as point that out makes her worse? or transphobic or something? everything that 4lung does is not okay. being a troon doesn't excuse you from being a pedophile and into age regression.
honestly the ex didn't deserve to be thrown under the bus, he's just doing that to soften his blow

No. 766783

Fucking disgusting. Poor Zach. Imagine being sixteen and some twentysomething dude creeps on you this hard. Hushy was being obtuse as fuck, pretending not to notice how uncomfortable the kid was because his dick was too stiff.

No. 766784

File: 1547621539946.jpeg (392.75 KB, 1242x1035, 782B80DD-8F0E-42D1-BDB4-0D4E59…)

No. 767686

File: 1547833203562.png (253.6 KB, 602x577, chrome_2019-01-17_19-00-42.png)

No. 767688

File: 1547833296915.png (492.65 KB, 582x677, chrome_2019-01-16_21-51-26.png)

No. 767701


No. 767735

>Don't tell your dad

If that's not the biggest fucking red flag idk what is.

No. 767755

This guy is sick, no sane person ever had this cross their mind upon looking at it.

No. 767804

File: 1547845091316.png (713.78 KB, 579x640, 2019-01-18_15-57-59.png)

No. 767819

File: 1547846730876.jpg (111.02 KB, 490x635, 573.jpg)

post made on his (now nuked) tumblr a few weeks before the babyfur and minor creeping came to light.

No. 767970

this post really is proof that hushy is part of an online pedo ring

No. 767995


I'm so fucking sick of trans women (who are ofc nearly always transbians) co-opting arguments that only make sense when applied to actual women. "Let us be messy why are you always tearing us down with disproportionate criticism!!!!" You dumb boring asshole, these arguments are for women who are maybe in a bad mood sometimes who get blacklisted for being "bitchy" not boring fucking straight nerd boys who don't want to ever feel bad about anything that has ever given them a boner and don't think it's a big deal that they prey on young female people the same way every other boring fucking man has done since the dawn of time. The truth that this motherfucker can't face is that for all his acid puke art and Hot Allostatic Load posting and pigtails and gynecomastia tits in Bodyline sissywear, he's no different from Harvey goddamn Weinstein. Boring fucking men who will shit all over anyone to get off and never want to be told no, who think the fact that they like to nut in Pampers is special and interesting instead of the same boring fucking man bullshit

No. 768029

File: 1547871273740.jpeg (580.27 KB, 1125x1544, 0F6E15A5-43AF-4243-B8F5-4BB3ED…)

Tried to kidnap a kid

No. 768051

hushy said in the diaper manifesto that they actually didnt creep on this 16 year old because theyre a trans man and hushy isnt attracted to ~male aligned people~ despite dating an 18 year old nonbinary female. ok transbian

No. 768058

Eh there's sadly not much to be worried about, Renard actually raped people and makes more money after being outed. Hushy is clearly trying to do the same thing so likely will have the same fate.

No. 768069

I swear to god, all trannies should be fucking gassed.

No. 768255

non binary isn't male aligned tho

No. 769944

neither are underage pre HRT trans men. you get what i'm saying.

No. 770658

ugh people just pretend to be into deconstruction of gender just for personal gain, they want others to respect their gender transition but wont give ftms the same respect and it's fucked

No. 771518

File: 1548422369797.jpg (265.12 KB, 1080x1080, 20190125_051714.jpg)

From his alternate account, apparently he's back but locked up. I dont think hushy can get his pedo diaper covered ass out of this one.

No. 774469

File: 1549122863698.jpg (445.81 KB, 1080x1297, 20190202_075326.jpg)

new alt

No. 774552

How do you know that's Hushy?

No. 774580

pedophiles are usually really retarded and can't hide themselves, they just think getting a new account is good enough, they'll make it obvious its them for their "old crew", but can't comprehend everyone else can see.
i'd also like to know if this is actually him, but it sure seems like it.

No. 774738

his alt, complaining probably about this one twitter that keeps spamming him flirting with a minor to his followers, lol

No. 774739

File: 1549197484971.jpg (432.84 KB, 1080x1836, 20190203_043739.jpg)

lol forgot image like a tard

No. 774827

If hushy and his Stans were confident they weren't doing anything then this wouldn't be an issue lolll

No. 774835

File: 1549232498477.jpg (351.29 KB, 1080x1075, Screenshot_20190203-142051_Twi…)

Has been now changed again.

No. 775802

File: 1549542656770.jpg (680.64 KB, 1937x1937, IMG_20190207_043035.jpg)

new alt is djcheerbear. also this!

No. 775814

a man in a dress calling himself a woman turns out to be a pedophile wow who would have guessed!

No. 775908

>tiny troon
Sentient and self-aware

No. 776300

File: 1549664954244.jpg (470.8 KB, 1078x1855, 20190208_142851.jpg)

It was actually mccheerbear. But they have since changed it. When I clicked someone replying to the username, it sent me here. 4lung trying to be sneaky.

No. 776311

He's watching this thread like a hawk, lmao. You'd think someone who has nothing to hide would let his freak flag fly and show us what he's doing/posting on that account.
>inb4 he deletes all "offensive"/illegal content, unlocks the account and blocks anyone who asks why his post count suddenly dropped.

No. 776631

File: 1549779520132.jpg (233.31 KB, 1069x830, 20190209_221818.jpg)

No. 780659

I have access to Hushy's private twitter. Mostly just her talking about totally not being a pedo and how twitter has ruined her reputation. Also a lot of fetish art, questionable art, and even some fucking gross pics/vids of her and her deviant gf during period sex or whatever category of sex you'd put 'shoving a butterfinger candy up a vagina and then making the recipient eat it' into.

I can get caps but only if you want them because I'd rather not have this shit clogging up my laptop. She posted a couple days ago about remaking and 'dm me for new @' so either she won't be checking it or she'll nuke everyone off there ASAP.

No. 780660

File: 1550932512124.png (1.83 MB, 1206x1154, Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 14.35…)

Sage for doublepost, but I'm just scrolling through and there's a retweet of Kanga/Roo (from Winnie the Pooh) incest art, art of a dog fucking a boy, obviously underaged/baby characters in sexual acts, that sort of shit.

Also dropped proof pic.

No. 780661

File: 1550932952468.png (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 1218x952, Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 14.39…)

Actually, fuck it, screencaps incoming. This one is the period sex one so it's spoilered for degeneracy.

No. 780663

File: 1550932988500.png (Spoiler Image,842.93 KB, 1218x1144, Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 14.37…)

No. 780664

File: 1550933020369.png (272.76 KB, 1236x1018, Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 14.38…)

No. 780665

File: 1550933052164.png (488.5 KB, 1196x884, Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 14.38…)

No. 780666

File: 1550933078838.png (647.53 KB, 1194x1020, Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 14.38…)

No. 780667

File: 1550933123155.png (238.55 KB, 1210x908, Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 14.38…)

No. 780668

File: 1550933148660.png (437.72 KB, 1212x1166, Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 14.39…)

No. 780669

File: 1550933179706.png (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1196x1196, Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 14.40…)

Spoilered for nips.

No. 780670

File: 1550933219983.png (256.49 KB, 1200x930, Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 14.40…)

No. 780671

File: 1550933242003.png (290.18 KB, 1208x1026, Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 14.40…)

No. 780672

File: 1550933270945.png (303.44 KB, 1202x1172, Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 14.41…)

No. 780673

File: 1550933315474.png (347.62 KB, 1196x1174, Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 14.41…)

Aaaand that's all the cap-worthy stuff. Might look through her replies in case there's anything in her convos to other locked-down pedo accounts that could be interesting.

No. 780675

File: 1550933536235.png (180.9 KB, 1282x962, Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 14.52…)

Hushy confirmed zoophile? 1/2

No. 780676

File: 1550933559640.png (320.82 KB, 1274x1448, Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 14.52…)


No. 780677

anon. Anon.
i love you.

No. 780678

File: 1550933683245.png (714.71 KB, 1190x1112, Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 14.54…)

This might have been mentioned before, her zip code 'n all that, but thought it was worth popping in anyways.

No. 780679

File: 1550933941305.png (955.07 KB, 1190x1198, Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 14.57…)

No. 780680

File: 1550934001321.png (135.09 KB, 1204x528, Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 14.59…)

>whines about targeted harrassment for pedo claim callouts
>posts this

No. 780681

File: 1550934178070.png (264.16 KB, 1194x904, Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 15.02…)

Right, yep, that's really it this time. The only other interesting things on there I haven't grabbed were the sex selfies and that's because just scrolling past them put me off my cereal. Watch Hushy nuke that whole account now.

No. 780704

Having a Michael Bluth moment here. There's not enough eyebleach in the world.

No. 780710

File: 1550944525835.png (55.42 KB, 149x151, frothies.png)

WOW AGPs deserve absolutely no respect. Who would've known that an annoying creepy transbian is actually a pedo, color me surprised!

No. 780714

File: 1550945325363.png (41.9 KB, 185x139, E6543225-B318-4C94-A68A-A08A63…)


Please remember to save it with the way back machine so you don’t have to keep it in your computer

Grab as many screeners as you can

I salute you bc holy shit

No. 780730

what this dumb ass doesn't understand is that legally speaking what he did was kidnapping. In the eyes of the law taking a minor somewhere with out their parents/guardians permission IS kidnapping. He's just being pedantic to save his ass, just like hows he's making sure that we all understand that he thinks teenagers is the ickiest, ugliest age bracket.

No. 780792

Every single element of this image is disgusting.

No. 780848

Thank you for the nightmares and milk mysterious anon. 4lung is a man and absolutely disgusting.

No. 780878

Thank you for all of this anon and as others have said wayback & archive.is are your friends both have chrome extensions that make mass saving easier

No. 780889

Np, I've just ran it through archive.is but it won't save a proper archive because it doesn't 'log in', if that makes sense. It just shows the 'this account is protected' page so I wouldn't be able to save it. All the milky stuff is here though jic it disappears.

No. 780934

The shark week image is disgusting. How can people fuck this creature? He looks like hes on meth, not to mention the classic pedo smile.

No. 780958

Well that’s just horrifying. Maybe I’m just desensitized but this thread has tumblr “call-out culture” vendetta vibes. Obviously he’s a horrorcow, but I can’t help but roll my eyes when obvious furries take the cub art thing too seriously, as if there’s some moral standard of which imaginary cartoon dogs it’s acceptable to tug your dick to. The ex-girlfriend seemed to have access to and aired out every bit of his dirty degenerate laundry out, soiled nappies included, so I just feel like if there was anything more insidious she would have found and revealed it. Unless he’s using Telegram like the other sociopathic furfags.

No. 780981


I audibly gasped WHAT THE FUCK

No. 780990

is this a cut on his dick? like is this real blood from an actual cut? I just…. don't wanna zoom in

No. 781051

What? Do you not see the pussy at the bottom of the image? it's period sex.
He's just got a weird little dick.

No. 781056

private twitter anon holy fuck I love you so much. please post more of this nasty, fascinating content

No. 781064

I see, but there's also something like a cut (or not? lol sorry) and the blood is not very period-like, I thought "the fantasy" here or whatever is about him being a little girl on period. But okay that makes sense.
that's a really unfortunate dick

No. 781148

Also the girl nonbinary creature bleeding on them is a teenager (18) which really doesn't support Hushy saying 'Teens are gross and I'd never want to be around one' ect

No. 781150

Wait so, fucking animals is 'woke' and 'empowering' now?

No. 781160

It’s a clot of blood. You’re coming off as a virgin robot fyi

No. 781175

okay lmao. I agreed so just drop it already, let's not derail

No. 783154

File: 1551690562038.jpg (151.54 KB, 852x960, IMG_20190304_020756.jpg)

Sorry for shit Android screenshot, but this seems to be the answer for his dick being so small

No. 783184

Is this new? Looks like he read everyone calling his dick small here and had to defend it by saying its his clit. 4lung will always be a man, just a man with a sad shrivelled dick.

No. 783327

It's off a thread, not to much not worth here though

No. 783328

File: 1551733214035.jpg (148.4 KB, 886x960, IMG_20190304_134924.jpg)

I forget the picture

No. 783360

haha, what the fuck is this dreck?

No. 783374

Yeah, when men close their legs their dick gets squished between them lol isn't this person male??

No. 784153

File: 1551960202714.png (96.93 KB, 1154x278, Screen Shot 2019-03-07 at 6.01…)

Presented without commentary.

No. 784272

Don't lump us in with trannies

No. 787637

Apparently 4lungs highschool sister follows his account

No. 798184

does anyone have more leaked photos like this??

hushy always tries to make themselves out as innocent when theyre literally waving their vienna sausage of a penis to their crowd of preteens.

No. 798187

yo lmao this is me
I did this just before the whole pedo fag shit came out to take the piss, and I love how she's using it to try and make me out like the degenerate

the whole breakcore scene is full of these kinds of tranny sex obsessed faggots, I remember one discord server I was in owned by another producer had like channels for furry gore porn and shit

No. 800496

I feel bad for this fags ex

No. 801016

4lung recently blocked someone cuz they said that they dont talk to minors, its kinda bullshit since they appeal to minors and know minors follow them yet has an open twitter and still has contact with minors
ie (zacharie i believe?)

theyre just trying not to get caught id say

No. 801018

does jane even have a new anon twitter or a place where theres updates on her?

No. 801028

Zacharie (if you mean slimosine) has totally cut 4lung off. At least I hope he has because I told him to years ago

No. 801067

ah, i dont think 4lung has associations with anyone else.

I know 4lung associated with Shoebill for a long time, but I think Shoebill got kinda tired of their shit

that and jane got super uptight with him and stuff

but this was in the era where she was being a pussy over everything

No. 801068


does 4lung still have a discord server/chat?

i heard some stuff abt that too

No. 801070


i dont think jane should be complaining since teenagers make up lots of their fanbase
i'm sure there's lots of adults who enjoy their music too, but be it all she kinda interracts with is teens so its a given.

No. 801462

File: 1556664762080.png (Spoiler Image,807.8 KB, 1156x664, Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 5.52…)

No. 801463

File: 1556664786230.jpg (Spoiler Image,114.96 KB, 900x1200, D5H1XPJVUAArdUy.jpg)

This bitch's bathroom looks nasty as fuck

No. 801475

everything about these photos is literally vomit/nightmare fuel

No. 802554


as far as i know they live in some like
tranny house in a weed state as theyve said

cuz theyre a druggie and cant go days without doing any kind of drug

and they do more than just weed, theyve said it in podcasts and shit

anyways, they share a house with multiple other trannies so all i can say is that its probably just hoarding of just tranny trash everywhere.

No. 802604

File: 1557130058905.jpg (37.01 KB, 540x518, tumblr_pr0i4gVZo71szan9k_540.j…)

>they share a house with multiple other trannies

a bunch of filthy AGPs festering together in one place, doing drugs and not cleaning up after themselves… can you imagine the smell?

No. 812042

File: 1558671543326.jpeg (144.13 KB, 1080x688, A81E53D0-C89E-4365-9795-9E87C6…)

No. 825804

I don't know how to use this site very well yet, so excuse me if I fuck up. I'm a friend of Slimosine (aka Roxy) (aka Zacharie), a teenager you've probably heard a lot of in this thread. They strongly dislike imageboards (and those that use them), but nevertheless they agreed to let me post on their behalf. The following is their exact words, copied from Discord.
"hello. im zach. i also go by roxy. i usually go by slimosine online and as my musical alias. im 17 years old, turning 18 in about two months. i dont care what pronouns you use for me, but most of my friends refer to me as he/him. tbh tho im aware yall arent exactly respecting of personal pronoun choice, so whatever. i also disagree and am made uncomfortable by the misgendering and use of slurs against hushy, despite how disgusting she is. HOWEVER, i was asked to give info, and i hate that bitch, so i will. first of all, her age as written in this post and on her twitter is inaccurate. she's 25 years old, not 24. i dont know why she felt the need to lower her age by exactly one year, but i digress. hushy was a major rolemodel to me when i first discovered her music at age 15. we later became close friends and i looked up to her as a sort of big-sister figure. i was absolutely heartbroken when i found out the disgusting things that she did in private, such as looking at kiddie porn and roleplaying incest/pedo rape. although she was once my idol and a woman i strived to be like, my opinion of her did a total 180 literally overnight. im pretty sure im more responsible than anybody for her downfall. sometimes i feel regretful for having turned on somebody so close to me, but then i visit her twitter and see the shit she does and i hate her all over again. this woman is vile and repulsive and has hurt me and many of my friends. as much as i hate imageboards and the culture around them, i don't feel bad about there being a thread on her in the slightest. watching her life and means of income fall apart is therapeutic. anyways, i'm going to report her to the seattle police department for possession of child porn. bye."

No. 825843

You are no better than us big meanies who use image boards by posting this.
Also stop giving this pedo access to women's spaces by enabling him and pretending he's a woman. You are literally part of the problem. Don't you think the overlap between "trans women" and pedos is weird? I encourage you to challenge your viewpoint from time to time.
Thanks for reporting him though I guess. He should be in a men's prison, let's hope he doesn't just get access to vulnerable women as a consequence for being a pedophile.

No. 827576

well they did make a tumblr post about how they were scared to come out as a pedo or something i believe them right after the shit went down they ended up turning back from it and being all "nope im not a pedo" and shit

i mean her old private twitter is enough to know of the digusting things she says and does lol

No. 827587

File: 1561590702040.jpg (34.22 KB, 480x360, hushy guest stars on htcap.jpg)

No. 827590

File: 1561591342869.jpg (278.93 KB, 1200x1200, mugshot.jpg)

No. 827592

>anyways, i'm going to report her to the seattle police department for possession of child porn. bye.

No. 828292

why is it always furries that have the most inbred pedos who jerk off to pictures of themselves as women?

No. 831392

File: 1562176903345.png (421.06 KB, 530x524, SPOILER_unknown.png)

No. 831397

her zip code is 98122 :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 831893

File: 1562253556502.png (463.68 KB, 1433x2516, Screenshot_20190704-081803~2.p…)

No. 834414

they made a nsfw server(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 835057

anyone able to get in?

No. 839998

File: 1563485169675.webm (3.8 MB, 320x568, 4lungpills.webm)

i dont think these pills are even prescribed to them

they've talked about how much they do drugs and stuff.

No. 840003

File: 1563485427949.png (228.19 KB, 420x486, 4lung eyes.png)

their eyes look dead, completely dead and purple.
i don't know if it's from the massive amounts fo amphetamines they take

No. 840006

the size of his pupils says it all

No. 840022

File: 1563487364675.png (433.59 KB, 574x497, 4lung.png)

The twitter has so much fucked up shit, I'm surprised no one was screencapping it but I guess no one cares.

No. 840031

i was actually about to post that. That with the "nude" photos they took along with it.
They swear that they're not a pedo but then they post stuff like this which is literally on the border of being a pedophile or someone who is fetishizing little girls underwear and what is in their pants.

No. 840035

on his bandcamp there are two different albums titled "Tiny Troon Adventures" and "Rat King World Champion", he's obviously sentient and self-aware, I'm astounded that almost no one else seems to have picked up on this yet. He clearly knows that he's lolcow material and seems to be enjoying it, the sick fuck.

No. 840037


I actually thought they bought SoundCloud followers for a bit because their followers went up but when you looked at the followers nothing much changed. The last follower was the last same follower.

No. 840500

File: 1563557718251.jpg (461.39 KB, 719x1037, Screenshot_20190719-133309_Twi…)

how does someone dress this terribly?

No. 840502

File: 1563557875378.jpg (472.54 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20190719_133804.jpg)

No. 846591

Isn't she always complaining about not being able to pay rent? What's up with the massive amounts of drugs/clothes/food she's buying & posting about before begging her followers for "rent money?" She lives in her rich friend's house for super cheap lmfao

No. 846995

could just be a lie for her to get more

No. 849804

File: 1565141912537.png (27.11 KB, 783x183, why wont you die.png)

No. 850252

File: 1565243983904.png (21.17 KB, 437x199, unknown (1).png)

found on hushy's website. how selfaware.

No. 850331

>why wont you die.png
anon im howling

No. 850690

File: 1565320519624.jpg (189.86 KB, 719x522, Screenshot_20190808-231510_Twi…)

some very unflattering nudes

No. 850696

File: 1565320947338.jpg (Spoiler Image,152.72 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20190808_231706.jpg)

No. 851430

Trannies were a mistake. We got to make it so the only way they can make a living is battling incels in cage matches.

No. 852024

File: 1565631728223.png (Spoiler Image,352.55 KB, 989x1217, Screenshot_20190812-084823~2.p…)

just casual pokemon baby porn in the likes, nothing to see here, kids!

No. 852043

File: 1565633820702.png (2.09 KB, 262x45, subtlety sure is nice isnt it.…)

a song title from an album on their bandcamp. sure is subtle isnt it lmao

No. 852592

File: 1565723630858.jpg (126.37 KB, 719x468, Screenshot_20190813-151339_Twi…)

a life of degeneracy

No. 855929

File: 1566355903959.jpg (Spoiler Image,195.51 KB, 718x511, Screenshot_20190820-225158_Twi…)

No. 855930

File: 1566355931568.jpg (Spoiler Image,381.94 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190820_225201.jpg)

No. 855931

File: 1566355990020.jpg (Spoiler Image,426.31 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190820_225348.jpg)

No. 855934

File: 1566356892808.jpg (Spoiler Image,388.37 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190820_225350.jpg)

No. 856227

why (rather, HOW) does he think anyone wants this? tragic!

No. 857797

Presumably it’s literally just I Want to be a Hippy (by Technohead) but with cub lyrics?

Welp, that’s enough of the Internet for today.

No. 857911

File: 1566754739807.jpg (408.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190825-133523_Chr…)

The pill bottles really tie the whole mess together. Yikes.

No. 858294

its exhausting being trans before tumblr was a concept in someones peanut brain and watching all of the attention seeking 14 year olds, pedophiles, and sick fetishists completely destroy and piss on everything weve been fighting for, for decades

the goal of transition used to be to just become as close to the gender you needed, shut the fuck up about it and integrate into society without causing problems or hurting other people

now its to scream about how hard it is that when you shit yourself you get a boner, this is humiliating

all the shit we went through just to have people see this and wish we were all dead, normal trans people arent like this, these people arent trans, theyre completely fucked(troon blog)

No. 858297

normal trans people are female to male, and male to female, we never get fully there but we get close enough for it to not be an issue or cause a scene or least of all get ATTENTION

there IS NO "non binary" there is no xe/xem /they/zim/its
those people are SICK and need to go to a psychiatrist who specializes in trauma induced delusion

normal people dont want all of this attention and pain surrounding their general lives, NORMAL trans people are just like you and want to live a normal life, with normal friends, and have a normal job, and come home and have a cup of tea while watching bad girls club or other shitty reality tv, fall in love with one of the freaks that doesnt find us revolting, get old, and die after weve ridden expedition everest for the 300th time

we dont want to fuck little kids, we dont want to "break the binary"
we dont want to fuck women covered in period blood
we dont want to redefine anything we just want to fucking Disappear

i wish tumblr and caitlin jenner and all of this other bullshit never existed, its terrifying, sick, and fucked up, and on top of it getting us Killed

regardless of what you believe most of us have absolutely nothing to do with shit like this, or at least the ones that are ACTUALLY us don't, period (blood) (god that screenshot is sick)

blaire white, kim petras, and janet mock are all great examples of REAL trans women who arent sexual freak deviants bent on molesting everything in their path

THOSE girls are us, not MEN deciding being a girl sounds fun and kinda hot, i cant STAND agp men(>>>gendercrit)

No. 858315

>blaire white
Who is also a big cow, FYI. (Saged)

No. 858356

There is no 'normal' trans person, period. And sane people aren't going to feed into your delusion. Grow up.(>>>gendercrit)

No. 861635

This is how real girls show off a new dress they bought, right guys?

This shit is disgusting, he posts it on his unlocked account for the world to see like its not extremely pedophilic

No. 862060

I feel like I'm one of the only people that notices how rushed and how basic their production style is. They can make 7 songs in a month between albums, and new mixtapes.

No. 862385

File: 1567407432295.png (549.15 KB, 658x651, OaSZop1hd0.png)

what the fuck, indeed

No. 862386

File: 1567408308330.png (246.53 KB, 682x1079, 2AkFCn03b9.png)

their amazon wishlist lmfao

No. 863256

yeah. took a listen. its literally just a song with a sample of the "i wanna be a hippy and i wanna get stoned" part on loop, no cub lyrics though thank god

did some digging and it turns out 4lung uses a lot of samples made by emma essex or something, or just the guy who made lapfox trax and all that shit, that's probably why 4lung shits albums out his ass every month "somehow"

No. 863620

https://4lung.bandcamp.com/track/dogfuckers-anthem Looked at their bandcamp and wtf?? Also they have some weird ass song names “urinary track infantasy”

No. 866287

>did some digging and it turns out 4lung uses a lot of samples made by emma essex or something, or just the guy who made lapfox trax and all that shit, that's probably why 4lung shits albums out his ass every month "somehow"

where'd you find this at?

No. 866288

there's a difference in using plunderphonics and using samples to make things sound cool and good, but then there's being a lazy shithead

No. 866289

speaking of 4lung being a zoophile, their new song is called "Dogfucker Anthem"

No. 866307



heres the page full of their samples, also i listen to some of their music and its kinda good and i think its kinda a shame to see it just slapped onto something by this shithead just so effortlessly and lazily

No. 866314


also just to add on to my post, 4lung specifically uses the stuff mostly from the treasure trove pack, mostly the old soundfiles like the drum loops and stuff (even more specifically the heavystepper drum loop most of the time). also, even funnier, 4lung has said in the past that he absolutely despises emma/renard, and yet here we see him constantly using their samples in his music, and not only that, he recently made two remixes of their songs which were on his soundcloud and the bandcamp. very odd

No. 866601

I think they're trying to suck up to them, actually. There was a picture of Hushy giving Emma a flower and stuff. It's been noted that they're trying to suck up to big artists.

No. 866644

I know at one point he kept trying to challenge emma/renard to a competition or something because he kept posting it in the subreddit

No. 866736


haha not surprised

No. 867220

so apparently she has put up a youtube video about taking dxm and said the n word on her twitter (now deleted) in the span of the last day. holee fucken shit lads.

No. 867221

File: 1568176134959.png (115.19 KB, 680x451, EEJwhNuU4AAQXEX.png)


it caused a lot of backlashes.
I personally like to think they like to use their gender identity and sexual interest as a way to get more priveledge but either way, fuck it.

No. 867224


the comments are hilarious

No. 867790


apperently it was fake, they said someone used inspect element on their tweets

No. 867798

The screenshot is from mobile there’s literally no way to inspect element fake it.

No. 867800

ooooofffff his face is so cunted lol

No. 867808

how can you tell its from mobile? it doesnt look more squared or anything

No. 867809

even in their twitter thing where they said they used inspect elements it still said "twitter from iphone"

No. 867826

No. 867827

File: 1568319483424.jpeg (93.76 KB, 675x1200, E062CF88-FCCF-4688-AD75-D47766…)

Pulled this off google but you can tell it’s the mobile layout just flipped sideways cause that’s how the screenshot was taken (minus the custom font) Android phones layouts look like this

No. 867841

What “trans woman” would feel ok with saying that they nut fat loads and not feel dysmorphia? This guy is another gross fetishist.

No. 867932

how is there no posts about the pear emoji thing

No. 867996


it's just a silly saying they've made up so they cant have regression of their feelings, and pro expression of their feelings to others.

No. 867999

4lung is an antifa. Her Twitter name was Anarcho-Mommunist for a while.

No. 868146

File: 1568393504681.jpg (380.18 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190913-074537_Twi…)

hushy trying to deflect blame from their own actions by claiming it was due to inspect element, sad

No. 868424

it's literally being used as a pedophile symbol, seems a lot more serious than "silly"

No. 871894

Hushy hasn't tweeted for a bit, they usually tweet every single goddamn thing they think about. It's kinda strange but relieving.

No. 873249

where is hushy?

No. 874872

it's been almost 4 weeks since hushy has tweeted anything

No. 876073

did 4lung slip into a coma or something?

No. 876099

No. 876104

eh, yeah you're right

No. 876184

Hushy was active as of two weeks ago, last known interaction online was liking a comment on one of his YouTube videos.

No. 876210

File: 1570163133523.png (64.37 KB, 591x511, c.PNG)

Saging as I'm unsure if this counts as tinfoil or not.

According to the tweets made yesterday by a mutual follower (may no longer be still) of Hushy's, he could very well have been arrested. It has been ~21 days since he was last seen on the internet, which was September 12, and a report of an arrest of a 24-year-old man (Hushy's age) for possession of CP near the Rainier Beach area, in Seattle, where Hushy lives.

Link to the report: https://spdblotter.seattle.gov/2019/09/12/detectives-arrest-man-for-child-pornography-in-rainier-beach/

Will add the tweets of the other person in following posts.

No. 876211

File: 1570163267219.png (71.25 KB, 577x636, a.PNG)


Here is the series of tweets by the mutual follower or ex-follower, which likely refer to Hushy, as this person has interacted with many of Hushy's last tweets and had tweeted against those harassing Hushy. They have also tweeted a while back that they are an ally to "MAPs" or minor-attracted people (pedophiles.) The "pear" which is being referred to is likely the P.E.A.R acronym created by Hushy, meaning "pro-expression, anti-repression" and the pear emoji is often used to help MAPs locate each other.

No. 876212

File: 1570163306288.png (45.36 KB, 564x467, b.PNG)


Most recent tweet in the series.

No. 876220

What's Hushy's name? I'm looking at the King County Jail roster and there was a James Ray Fredericks who was in custody for one day at the end of September.
This sort of lines up with his girl name "Jane" and the date being recent… HMMMM

No. 876222

Not sure if his biological name is out there, but he has always used Jane Louise Fredericks as his proper name (as opposed to the many other nicknames of his) so it's possible that Fredericks is also his birth last name. If there are any details about the jail roster (or what day he was in custody) then that could be important if it took place after September 12.

No. 876225

File: 1570167161456.png (5.24 KB, 1080x28, james.PNG)

all i'm getting is this. however, when i click the name it gives me information about another inmate. possibly some data getting screwed up. the booking number and all that are incorrect, just the name.

No. 876232

If accurate, very interesting. INV means in the process of being investigated (investigation) and DV means domestic violence. Would be strange if that was accurate, too, considering it says he was released. The spdblotter article does say that the arrest was brought upon by a tip to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, so it's possible that someone could have sent a tip about him, and he was released if no evidence was found.

No. 876242

that info is not tied to his name. it's tied to another inmate, sorry if i wasn't very clear.
also i'm unsure if that article is about him because his last tweet was late september 12th, the article says "early yesterday" which means the morning of the 11th. IF that article was about him, he probably got released the afternoon of the 12th. and i guess he's laying low in case the news surfaces.
those mutual/ex-mutual tweets though, definitely sounds like it's towards hushy. are they still following him?

No. 876253

File: 1570168797397.png (43.91 KB, 577x376, a.PNG)

Ah, found the roster, I understand you now.

According to two twitter followback checkers, neither of them follow each other, although weirdoslam_0u0 is seen defending Hushy both on Hushy's most recent tweets, and a few times on their own page. They also have posted several screenshots of people who have blocked them, calling them "antis" (people who typically are anti-pedophilia.) (1/2)

No. 876254

File: 1570168824541.png (50.58 KB, 584x499, b.PNG)

No. 876264

File: 1570169563109.png (85.98 KB, 590x684, a.PNG)

Apparently someone posted on October 2nd that they had talked to Hushy and weren't revealing anything about her absence.

No. 876323

Did a quick search and this article isn't about Hushy, but someone else named Michael Isodoro. Hushy just turned 26 at the beginning of September so the age is incorrect. Also, if anything were to actually happen it would be under the name Jane Fredericks, he got it legally changed from John Fredericks II sometime ago. Before 4lung he was literally 4lungboy.

No. 878634

4lung locked his twitter

No. 880746

does anyone have any photos from the twitter?

No. 882320

just found a 4lung song on youtube again after it popped up before, but now the comments are all flooded with the "wow i cant believe hatsune miku made this song" shit, which is dumb but now it seems people are aware of how disgusting hushy is

No. 882483

File: 1571549730835.png (111.23 KB, 1082x813, lol.png)

yeah, still don't get why people enjoy his embarrassingly lazy music though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b07xXtsAgGg

No. 882490

I can literally smell this song. I have flashback of every degenerate flithy furry, pet play, ddlg, bdsm, abdl internet freak I have come across over the years.

No. 882608

File: 1571596117839.jpg (281.54 KB, 1073x790, Screenshot_20191020-112417_Twi…)

No. 882645

File: 1571603428876.jpg (369.73 KB, 540x1774, Screenshot_20191020-162821_Twi…)

4lung hiatus statement

No. 882648


>being an adult baby ruled

The pear in your un still shows that you still want to fuck kids (and support people who want to fuck kids) so this does nothing, Hushy.

No. 882656

Yeah, I'm also not buying this.

No. 882662

"my kink evolved and now I don't mind admitting I'm adult while fucking kids" such growth!

No. 882707

wait, the pear emoji alludes to fucking kids?

No. 882714

File: 1571615857938.jpeg (189.8 KB, 750x1064, 15F94A36-E32D-49F9-93E2-3F4508…)

Yeah, it’s basically the new clown emoji. This is the first Google result when you search “pear emoji pedophilia.” https://twitter.com/nonervana/status/1168584848442707968

PEAR = “pro-expression, anti-repression”

Coined by Hushy himself.

No. 882775

so does this mean shes gonna get a job now? i really think the fuck not

No. 882802

You don’t go MIA for a month, come back, suddenly decide you aren’t a fucking freak anymore and act like nothing is wrong and you being a pedo was just a silly chapter in your life that you grew from.
If he’s trying to backpedal and go back to the image he had before the “babyfur and pwoud uwu” saga this is a really weird way to do it because he seems really disingenuous and unapologetic about renouncing the babyfur thing unless this is just a safe test announcement he made for his babyfur following so when he unlocks his account and makes an actual public statement he’ll at least have the babyfur troons to fall back on when damage control fails

I hope he knows that unless he completely rebrands with a whole new name and mascot like lapfox did it’s still gonna follow him around. You can’t just renounce being a pedo and expect people to forget ESPECIALLY when he double downed as hard as he did when it came to light that he was a babyfur

No. 882927

their profile picture is still the same either way if they were ashamed they'd change it. It's their "4th birthday" icon with their character having dog tits and all.


No. 882929

File: 1571680733574.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.17 KB, 365x750, tumblr_221b839198ee5e6f55810f2…)

No. 883135

> i feel ready to be an adult lesbian now

…well, uh, you can definitely be ONE of those things

No. 883825

reading that sentence made me laugh so har
>i'm ready to become an adult lesbian

No. 888480

File: 1572820654824.png (629.1 KB, 798x888, chrome_2019-11-03_17-36-34.png)

hushy deleted everything from their twitter profile

No. 888481

File: 1572820687900.png (659.29 KB, 747x816, chrome_2019-11-03_17-36-44.png)

they deleted everything except for a few retweets

No. 890756

Did their AD account change? It was https://twitter.com/leachpeech but it's now unavailable.

No. 896614

cate wurtz is into poop and she actually molested her brother, who was 7 att

No. 896635

will toledo, who hangs around them both wrote "goodbye love" about the three kids from Maladolescenza. He's a diaperfag as well (not that theres anything particularly wrong with that) thanks

No. 896639


Uh, yes, there's a few things wrong with that.

No. 896647

>this [deviant thing] is bad but this [other deviant thing] is not

No. 896669

>will toledo, who hangs around them both wrote "goodbye love" about the three kids from Maladolescenza.
Any more details on that, or is this more of a low-key thing? Did he talk about it anywhere, or hint to it?
This gave me pause when I read it, but the song's lyrics seem normal.

No. 896702

at least he didn't molest anybody

he changed the name of the little girl to alex. also, dogs are pedophiles. cate wurtz is/was a huge watchman fan
they used to bully me

No. 896706

cates the worst, she does meth. Will's thing is more lsd.

the bullying went as far as them hacking my computer and listening to my fucking therapy sessions. A bunch of content was created solely to fuck with me. I wish I was joking because I have autism and psychotic depression. I'm the girl on the cover of cute thing and my boy. ama.

No. 896708

will also wrote puppy lasagna, sabrinas christmas wish, and all of the songs for destroyer. I'm half puerto rican and he called me a negress lmao

No. 896711


spirit world rising was about my almost sucsessful suicide attempt. I woke up and I hear their voices. They are reading my mind with apple technology bought from google. they spoiled avengers endgame for me, and this is how I know they are real.

No. 896724

also, those boobs are underage. will photoshopped my underaged tits onto 4lung(autism)

No. 896732

???? what the fuck is going on

No. 896740

>he changed the name of the little girl to alex.
It seems like he changed the names of all the characters, if true. The "Claudia" in the song sounds like the girl who gets bullied.
>also, dogs are pedophiles. cate wurtz is/was a huge watchman fan
Can you explain what this means? I'm having trouble understanding, your posts are pretty disjointed. Sorry, anon.

No. 896798

Please don't bump a thread for this type of thing, or any of your other posts, if you're not going to provide conclusive evidence of anything you say.

No. 896892

>They are reading my mind with apple technology bought from google
uhhh. pretty sure this anon is schizo

No. 896951

File: 1574532097600.png (2.16 MB, 964x5161, evidance .png)

the dogs in the story eat a girl

No. 896952

yes, he did. claudia because she has curly hair like the girl from interview with a vampire

No. 897050

What is…. this

No. 897589


how are those photoshopped those look like actual implants or post hormone thing going on

No. 897597

this is batshit, fwiw, but attempting to translate: in the comic/movie watchmen, a character kills a pedophile who abducted a girl and fed her remains to his dogs. idk what the fuck the rest of this is about but boy am i along for the ride.

No. 898437

What the fuck ????
you ok?

No. 898633

i have no idea what the fuck is going on in this thread anymore

No. 899342

someone had a psychotic break

No. 899491

File: 1575073883502.jpeg (592.25 KB, 828x1113, CDEC36ED-10D2-4A83-8E34-A34E00…)

You know what? I’m gonna delude myself into believing this because I want a reason to hate Will Toledo other than just finding him unlikeable.

Really though, these accusations have some grounding to them. Hushy 4lung is connected with CSH, idk to what extent but they seem to be friendlier than just acquaintances. CSH (really its offshoot project 1 trait danger) has a prevalent dog motif and Will has been speculated to be a furry. An extremely (if not the MOST) prevalent motif in 1TD is jokes and even whole songs about hacking.

I don’t think everything anon said is real (or even humanly possible kek) but I wouldn’t immediately write all of it off… even though I honestly couldn’t blame you if you did.

No. 899826

Will/CSH probably knows Hushy because Will used to date Cate pre-transition.

No. 904494

i do ngl.

No. 904537

No. 904547

I was hoping the story ended with this freak being investigated… What the fuck happened to this thread?

No. 904553

There's not as much milk around Hushy ever since he made his Twitter private in November, and even when there is milk, it's him up to the same fetish antics that he's been up to for the past year or so. He doesn't really have an online presence outside of Twitter now, aside from on SoundCloud and Bandcamp when he releases music. He released a song titled "Tape Loop Flip" yesterday.

No. 911411

sorry i don't have anything to add to this but does anyone know any info about will? i'm a huge csh fan and i had no idea i could be supporting a pedo supporter .. i'm sorta worried now.

No. 911756

There's some artists that are questionable that Hushy had hung around. I'm not too quite sure about Famitory?

No. 911825

I've heard people saying 4lung has a "special thanks" credit in a csh album. Not sure which, but pretty sure it was when they were viewed as "Renard but not a rapist" instead of "Renard but even more of a rapist"

No. 912590

Doesn't Famitory identify as a plush dragon or something….?

No. 914180

File: 1578290308249.png (184.91 KB, 443x562, return of the pedo.PNG)

No. 914279

File: 1578316666223.png (135.63 KB, 570x915, a1.PNG)

As >>914180 posted, 4lung is trying to rebrand himself as "Dalmatrix" with a new fursona, named Dot DuPont.


No. 914280

File: 1578316849273.png (220.97 KB, 720x1142, tumblr_c7073929a53e4886fd6a0c5…)

He's also befriended stwawbwewymilk, a troon lolicon & bestiality artist and comic creator who has his own thread in /snow/.


No. 914941

good on him that he quit smoking (and age regressing), honestly. implying that he actually did and isn't just being hyperbolic. it's kind of telling though that he didn't say anything about the fucking MOUNTAINS of prescription pills >>839998 so i think it'd be safe to tinfoil he's still drugged up; and considering he allegedly drinks wine now it's only a matter of time until a drug interaction

also fucking KEK >>914280 when cows collide

No. 915178

File: 1578489897495.jpg (115.88 KB, 583x1200, ENtQgHUU0AEe4JQ.jpg)

Speaking of drug use, he's not looking too great. He tweeted this picture 15 hours ago.


No. 915179

File: 1578489985883.jpg (384.94 KB, 1164x1194, ENuKJqYUwAAN8_C.jpg)

No. 915277


kinda just looks like they didnt wash their eyeliner all the way off

No. 915558

Will Toledo apparently names 4lung and cate wants in some song / album credits

No. 915560

File: 1578587195390.jpeg (579.4 KB, 2120x3464, 06DD04C2-D836-4F30-A56B-AD932B…)

Sorry if the editing a bit wack, I’m on mobile

No. 915635


They changed blog names, so the post can be read here instead:


Btw, why did bpdpetergriffin deactivate? That account was what most people linked to for proof of 4lung's shit.



No. 916451

File: 1578763259271.png (245.83 KB, 516x633, 1.PNG)

Does anyone know what this tweet refers to? I know he's got an album titled Rat King World Champion, so this might be the sequel, but is there any importance to the picture or the people in it?


No. 916454

File: 1578763610057.png (2.46 MB, 1268x1024, 1.PNG)

Samefag. Two new pictures of Hushy (and he's wearing the same top as in the pictures from >>915179, posted 3 days ago.)


No. 916456

He's covering something up on the wall behind him, might I add.

No. 917064


what do you think that would be

No. 917101

Initially I thought it could be an art piece or gift with his birth name on it, but his birth name is public information online and he knows this. It could be a suggestive/sexual poster or art piece, maybe depicting something he wouldn't feel comfortable with others knowing he liked.

No. 917442

File: 1578933274272.jpg (698.45 KB, 1652x812, EOKCUMQUwAE1QCa.jpg)

No. 918106

Obviously just an album you autist.

No. 918108

Post some sauce on the latter, her diaper fetish is literally on e621, super easy to find.

No. 918310

You bumped a thread for that?

No. 918637

File: 1579117433826.jpg (100.62 KB, 1024x1024, EON5tOcU0AAz2xh.jpg)

No. 919200

File: 1579203618417.png (49.15 KB, 578x443, 1.PNG)

No. 919490

where’s the milk

No. 919826

File: 1579298338947.png (55.45 KB, 263x459, 1.PNG)

It isn't particularly milky which is why it was saged, unlike your post.

Has anyone entertained the idea that he may be detransitioning? His bio says that he's fine with any pronouns, and I wonder if that's a way for him to get reaccustomed to being called "he" again.

No. 919975

Bumping cuz I need that milk

No. 920072

i think this is the ugliest man i've ever seen outside of legitimate deformity

No. 920308

Learn to sage, newfag.

No. 920384

yess agreed anon. something about his translucent skin, brown under-eye circles, and hook nose just make him look so gross and goblin like. just looking at his face is disgusts me. especially here >>916454

No. 920554

File: 1579471794550.jpg (263.3 KB, 1080x1604, Screenshot_20200119_221007.jpg)

they put back up their old bandcamp. look at this shit lmfao

No. 920580

File: 1579475155320.png (205.89 KB, 929x469, 1.PNG)

That account doesn't seem like it's actually run by him, hence the description and the fact that all of the "4lung" work is still up on the Dalmatrix account. It was probably a fan of his who took the URL so someone else couldn't take it in at attempt to pretend to be Hushy. I'll provide a link in case it actually is him, though.


No. 921026

4lung got married?

No. 921059

File: 1579562348483.png (27.79 KB, 585x277, 1.PNG)

No. 921060

File: 1579562449286.png (26.3 KB, 521x351, 1.PNG)

No. 921062

File: 1579562516453.png (34.02 KB, 501x291, 1.PNG)

I guess some people from Twitter were there, too.


No. 921063

File: 1579562575917.png (31.71 KB, 579x393, 1.PNG)

No. 921064

File: 1579562693575.png (44.33 KB, 548x438, 1.PNG)

Not sure what MMFWCL means, I assume it's an acronym for something.


No. 921067

MMFWCL = much mother fuckin wicked clown love

it’s an icp/juggalo thing

No. 921315

love me some drugged up vegas weddings!
who the fuck would ever marry this >>916454 , let alone be around it for more than five minutes, is absolutely beyond me

willing to bet infinite amounts of money it's another trans or he got engaged to an anime girl/miku. maybe that's wishful thinking

No. 922020

File: 1579733328738.jpg (153.69 KB, 1439x393, Screenshot_20200122-164743_Twi…)

Happened to be on Slimosine's Twitter when I saw this. I don't think the reply they supposedly wrote here a while back was real.

No. 922291

File: 1579772925922.png (231.77 KB, 514x660, 1.PNG)

No. 922292

File: 1579772953662.jpg (108.51 KB, 874x1200, EO61OLiX4AEPHrx.jpg)

Here's the original image.

No. 922293

File: 1579773022481.png (52.51 KB, 572x344, 1.PNG)

No. 922294

File: 1579773482429.png (71.31 KB, 571x607, 1.PNG)

No. 922295

File: 1579773533700.png (41.74 KB, 562x462, 2.PNG)

No. 922462

>Why did bpdpetergriffindeactivate

They made a new blog- Tumblr staff took down the old one. https://bpdpetergriffin2.tumblr.com/

No. 922545

File: 1579814043210.jpeg (173.42 KB, 640x476, 4929DF3D-B6E3-43F8-A691-D50E03…)

No. 923021

isn't that button on the right only visible to the person who tweeted it?..

No. 923029

it's a share button for sharing tweets on different social media, i think it's a mobile thing (android).

No. 923132

File: 1579879790884.jpeg (186.13 KB, 640x433, F5CEA3C3-88EE-4C96-932F-44C32A…)

No. 923668

File: 1579965654331.jpg (594.93 KB, 1439x2220, Screenshot_20200125-101756_Twi…)

No, it shows up on any Tweetwhen viewed on android.

No. 925060

File: 1580239158877.png (215.47 KB, 588x593, 1.PNG)

No. 925061

God, he's gross.

No. 925691

Posting some users with Twitters I found on his secret discord, forgot I was even in it
@QuestForTori @Tori Rose#6696
@chelc_txt @chel-c.chat#2937
@oktokuiten @oktokuiten#2369
@CozyMapleMoth @Robirb#2255
@nykalily @nykalily#5445
@MaddieSoftpaws @Mads#4027
@MizukiGoesWoof @The Pantheon System#2078
@FairlyLip @Frisky Chara#8000
@uncooldana @girlfiend#8850

No. 925697

Full list, if you know anything about any user, feel free to contribute. https://pastebin.com/FGFLG5G0

No. 925911

Are there any interesting server screenshots?

No. 926111

File: 1580437763249.png (654.31 KB, 583x608, 1.PNG)

No. 926112

File: 1580437807777.png (299.16 KB, 580x599, 2.PNG)

No. 926114

File: 1580437847973.jpg (106.51 KB, 577x1024, EPf3SHTU4AAqadZ.jpg)

No. 926115

File: 1580437901222.png (26.49 KB, 584x355, 1.PNG)

No. 926116

File: 1580438026239.png (544.16 KB, 582x608, 2.PNG)

No. 926117

File: 1580438047727.jpg (13.77 KB, 215x219, EPhTnqKUUAYcqi1.jpg)

No. 926122

File: 1580438162622.png (460.8 KB, 587x505, 1.PNG)

No. 926124

File: 1580438238306.jpg (60.08 KB, 510x680, EPg93vaU4AIO4tk.jpg)

No. 926126

File: 1580438340267.jpg (66.11 KB, 510x680, EPg93vXVUAICyNv.jpg)

No. 926128

File: 1580438443602.png (794.69 KB, 585x604, 1.PNG)

No. 926129

File: 1580438476192.jpg (159.88 KB, 675x900, EPfwsZFUUAAgVt9.jpg)

No. 926130

File: 1580438511471.png (25.38 KB, 587x356, 1.PNG)

No. 926131

File: 1580438570989.png (734.84 KB, 584x618, 1.PNG)

No. 926132

File: 1580438593917.jpg (99.13 KB, 675x900, EPfEL2YUEAETDTz.jpg)

No. 926133

File: 1580438675303.png (342.22 KB, 578x598, 1.PNG)

No. 926186

i dont think posting all of their twitter tweets are really necessary to showing the bad side of them which is mostly about this but you can do you though but yes they can be pretty cringey but they also somewhat just look like a normal teenagers facebook page lol

No. 926188


No. 926191

god he is so ugly. he looks like a jewish version of john lennon

No. 926193

It's not as much about "showing the bad side of them" (his bad behavior's already public and known) any more than it is about documenting what he posts, given he's had many public and private accounts in the past and has tried to lie about things he'd posted before.

Also, and you seem like the same anon that's been doing this again and again in this thread, please sage your posts unless you're contributing something.

No. 929920

File: 1581222539820.jpeg (995.85 KB, 1386x1400, 6187E82A-B943-4F30-A1A9-8EC9D3…)

The original writer of the big 4lung callout now retracts his stance against the pedo but definitely isn’t being gaslight by hushy or endorsing/excusing pedophilia guys~ uwu ~~ for now this is just pinned to the top of his profile while he takes a break offline kek
Twitter thread http://archive.ph/IFC1P

No. 929921

File: 1581222598272.jpeg (409.03 KB, 1438x1784, 15D70298-8A68-4BDB-A2EC-0C119D…)

And here’s the statement in 3 parts

No. 929922

File: 1581222642637.jpeg (440.05 KB, 1439x2102, C20B70CA-E9DE-41A1-A011-978AA3…)

No. 929923

File: 1581222710025.jpeg (338.72 KB, 1439x1714, 3080B0A1-E69F-409A-8CDF-75D99D…)


Last one

No. 929927

yeah OKAY he just so HAPPENED to be driving a random teenager home for no reason at all, and then that teenager turned out to be an evil abuser. funny how i literally never see these supposed "abusive teenagers" target normal people, just insanely creepy furries with no boundaries

No. 929936

ahem, i think you meant "insanely creepy pedophilic furries with no boundaries". let's not not give him the credit and ire that he's worked so hard for.

No. 929945

I'm amazed that he didn't see the red flag on how victim balmey it is to say that the minor is an abusive manipulator when hushy was the adult in the situation.

No. 930026

Regardless of how true any of this is he's still friends with rape fetishists, pedos and dogfuckers. Like, even if he didn't do some of the shit he was accused of he's proven that he's perfectly fine with those behaviors because those r the people he associates with. Unbased and stupidpilled.

No. 930054

Still doesnt explain why a minor was in their car.

Why would they be talking to or interacting with a minor at all when they were posting on twitter about "nutting in little girl underwear" and liking pokeporn pictures. And who cares how old the minor is now. It doesnt make them any less a minor when they were sitting in an adults car who fetishizes being a little girl.

Just seems like an AGP finally getting bored of talking to minors on the internet and looking at porn and migrating their fantasies to irl.

No. 930109

Like I know you just hate this dude and I'm not trying to defend him but if you actually read this new account by slimosine and the original post where they accuse hushy of kidnapping the kid >>768029 slimosine says both times that hushy was driving the kid back from a rave or some loser show like that.
I just don't get why you guys are acting like he literally just picked up some random kid off the street? Whether you think he had creepy intentions or not, it's still very clear that he was simply offering to give the kid a ride, and did not just pick up some rando kid to take home and molest.

No. 930113

>crazy pedophilic furry who often talks abt children sexually and sexualizes children’s things offers random unaffiliated child a ride home from an adult event with no parental supervision
you, an absolute retard: nothing to see here!!! how can you say there’s anything weird going on? hushy dindu nuffin!!!!!!

No. 930133

Get over yourself. I literally have no opinions on this irrelevant freak, I was just giving context since you guys seemed to be glossing over it in your blind rage.

No. 930159

File: 1581287350940.jpeg (226.89 KB, 1242x1200, D37B1E3B-58A7-4CDB-A183-DF1F87…)

They decided to backpedal hard once again (1/4)
I wonder how this is gonna go now that hushy thinks they’re in the clear just to have it turned back onto them

No. 930160

File: 1581287374636.jpeg (455.87 KB, 1241x1527, ACD87B40-D64D-47AF-9637-E65286…)

No. 930164

File: 1581287525113.jpeg (261.83 KB, 1242x947, 5D37D844-0EBA-4B0C-A60C-5C4CDF…)

No. 930165

File: 1581287691978.jpeg (267.31 KB, 1242x936, 81D5CD8F-E791-4BA7-B3FF-A43F1A…)

No. 930167

The backpedaling AGAIN lmfao this is priceless… I really dont know what he thought would happen reaching out to a known abuser and manipulator for the truth?? Ignoring other victims too…dude needs to just delete all internet presence for a little while, get a job, and work in the real world for longer than 5 minutes

No. 930219

Hushy wasn't even the one driving the car, what the hell are you two on?
Maria was driving the car; Hushy was a passenger.

No. 930270

This is the one thing that magically makes the entire situation ok to you? It's still mad sus for people like this to offer to take a teenager home and then pass them off as abusive when they say it was shady

No. 930282

nice scare words. it's entirely possible the kid didn't want their parents to know that they went to a show, asked around, and maria and hushy offered to drive them to a fast food place to get picked up at. kids are fucking stupid like that.

case in point. >>930159

No. 930523


you don't really belong here, do you?

No. 930549

File: 1581369630741.png (618.52 KB, 1440x1597, Screenshot_20200210-131559~2.p…)

It came out that kidpix green furry is Janes new wife. The furfaggots that jerk off to babies are using their mob of furries to tell zach that he was wrong for realizing that hanging out with a pedophile is a bad idea.

No. 930626

File: 1581380686765.jpg (92.24 KB, 1069x1280, EQcdTlsVAAA3_RM.jpg)

http://archive.is/d0JYr hmmm… it seems like sadie layton might have her own shit worth checking out seeing as she flirted with the kid when he was either 17 or just 18

No. 930699

>>930626 looks like sadie was around slim lot earlier than that going off post history. what's the age difference here

No. 930708

Irrelavent. Fuck out of here with your vendetta shit mongler.

No. 930712

If it's 4lung's spouse, how is it irrelevant?

No. 930718

File: 1581397228169.png (174.2 KB, 524x560, sss.png)

Nevermind, I misunderstood that. Sadie is 4lung's ex.
4lung's orbiters have very clearly been directed to this thread.
This whole furry breakcore scene is a mess, I can believe any ex of 4lung is also a pedo.

No. 930722

File: 1581397420156.png (16.33 KB, 524x158, sss1.png)

Same person posting the archives.

No. 930756

This shit is rich coming from an ex 4channer dude now a troon hopping around furry cons getting blasted while being Mid 20s- 30s. This dudes a cow for sure too

No. 930796

ngl 4lung and partyprat both highkey fuckable

No. 930800

Breathe deep in the chamber, anon, go to sleep, theres nothing left in this world for you.

No. 930967

id let 4lung change my diaper

No. 931147

>implying you wouldn't look if feet pics leaked

No. 931246

I like how you're bumping the thread to give it more visibility. You must love when people make fun of this pedo

No. 982999

well im guessing this case is outdated?(necro)

No. 983011

Not so much outdated as it is that the milk ran dry without him acting a fool online.

No. 1012367

There's also this blog, last update Feb 2019:

slimosine changed their handle to transmascs before getting suspended. Here's their current url:

No. 1021127

Slimosine posted that all the stuff about 4lung he apparently faked because he was jealous out of spite. Not sure what to believe now.

No. 1021237

the fact that you posted this without screenshots or links, plus the fact that 4lung and orbiters have been using the "jealous out of spite" shtick to handwave criticism since the beginning, gives SERIOUS doubt to your claim. either post proof or gtfo this thread, don't just throw this shit out hoping it'll change our minds about this creep

No. 1021617

Cool, 4lung is still into babyfuck shit and made that "pear" pedo acronym so even if everything was faked whatever he's still a pedo creep imo

No. 1039803

4lungs new alt account is @REACTOID

No. 1041417

shes hot i wont lie(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1042737

His newest account name is rawrdcore, and he changed his alt too reaktoid instead of reactoid.

No. 1045863

File: 1601156575505.jpg (227.77 KB, 1280x960, pedopedoepedopedo.jpg)

photos of him with car seat headrest singer will toledo. will chose to hang out with 4lung DURNG the accusations but what can we expect from a man who uses a pedos art on his album cover am i right

No. 1045904

When did Will use pedo art on his album covers?

No. 1046088

his ex cate wurtz is a babyfur, she drew the art for twin fantasy

No. 1046156

yea its really unfortunate since car seat headrest is one of my favourite bands whyd you do us like that willy(newfag)

No. 1046159

ok troll

No. 1048107

HA gay

No. 1049919

Saw some comments on one of 4lung;s songs saying that her abusive ex girlfriend made up all these accusations which just shows she still possibly has some delluded fans who like her.

No. 1049920

replying to myself but i meant to put "abusive" in quotation marks since the commenter didnt seem to give anything to back it up

No. 1050282

wasn't this posted already?

No. 1061779

why the fuck were you a fan of this person in the first place? Seriously what is there to like? He's disgusting.

No. 1061786

should have specified "was"
i had liked the music, and only had previously seen enough about her to think it was excusable
but clearly it isnt
and of course somebody saw that in the minute before i was trying to revise it to be anonymous

i also have a near 7 gig amount of music from her that im willing to post wherever as a mega link as a stand against her so let me get that set up

No. 1061794

actually fuck this im just gonna sit in hate sorry

No. 1074579


No. 1074581

wills no babyfur smh he cut ties with 4lung once he found out

No. 1074621

proof? And learn to integrate.

No. 1077144

Sure, anon
I wouldn't mind that, especially seeing alot of the stuff is behind a paywall now
That'd be appreciated

No. 1084388

why did he date cate then?

No. 1122325

All the the other Audmonsters should be looked at as well

i think there are more there

No. 1122440

stop bumping this boring ass dead fucking thread PLEASE I'M BEGGING U

No. 1129695

She is a bad person, but people need to stop misgendering just because she's a bad person. You can still hate her, but respect her pronouns.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1129701

Retarded or bait. 50% chance of either one.

No. 1209469

honestly i'd be down to hatefuck both Hushy and PartyPrat. Just rape their tranny ass faces and asses and piss on em both afterwards(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1320467

File: 1631268992188.jpg (2.62 MB, 4032x3024, ylive.jpg)

>you are at the late night boba chain popular with undergrads and in general the youth of seattle
>its almost midnight, gonna pee and call it a night
>in the bathroom you look up and see this irl jumpscare

No. 1359905

File: 1635808947394.jpg (546.49 KB, 3185x1803, PicsArt_11-01-06.18.45.jpg)

hushy spats with @leftatlondon today (1/2)

No. 1359908

File: 1635809212285.jpg (689.36 KB, 3144x1247, PicsArt_11-01-06.21.07.jpg)

i like how he says that he's struggling to make money now when just a few weeks back when he rebranded back to 4lung and made an entire thread bragging about how stable his income was now and how all the artists who "left him" were struggling

No. 1360049

lol this is pathetic

No. 1360153

It’s really funny 4lung is holding idk hanging out once and watching music videos over someone’s head. Imagine being so bitter and having so little reason for it you gotta stretch like that.

No. 1360157

you gotta love how the brockhampton thing (a group that was extremely popular the same year he got called out) is weird and strange behavior in his mind, while that "i nut fat loads in my pull-ups" tweet was just fine

No. 1360764

Not to be overly suspicious, but why does the second pic here show the same icon next to "tweet your reply"? Was that a screenshot 4lung posted himself?

No. 1360835

Oh ur right that flew over my head but how curious. Did he think we would dog pile the viner with him?

No. 1361211

File: 1635979454417.jpg (177.11 KB, 1043x1449, Screenshot_20211103-174332_Twi…)

yes thats his screenshot

No. 1414855

File: 1641943578508.png (1.86 MB, 828x1792, EB96DB94-08DC-448A-A120-1B57CF…)

why are 4lung fans so obnoxious

No. 1447617

File: 1645337876898.jpg (1.14 MB, 1296x3488, Screenshot_20220220-011613_Twi…)

Hushy is sperging on Twitter once again after they got pushback after releasing a poorly written song.

No. 1447627

File: 1645338193736.jpg (972.68 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20220220-012233_Twi…)

No. 1447630

File: 1645338403073.jpg (765.38 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20220220-012619_Twi…)

No. 1447633

File: 1645338532272.jpg (857.02 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20220220-012823_Twi…)

No. 1447640

File: 1645338780710.jpg (880.62 KB, 1296x2856, Screenshot_20220220-013220_Twi…)

No. 1447652

File: 1645339494722.jpg (1.09 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20220220-014434_Twi…)


No. 1447932

File: 1645379770972.jpg (685.95 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20220220-124706_Twi…)

Hushy privated his account again very recently. Anyone know what's going on inside?

No. 1888513

File: 1693025760836.png (65.06 KB, 194x259, 2Q==.png)

so true sister(necro)

No. 1889885

File: 1693273646008.jpg (68.99 KB, 765x1024, tylersosexxi.jpg)

you can't read me, you're illiterate. if you don't understand me, it's deliberate.

No. 1938738

Honestly they sound awesome(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1938748

praying every loser fag necro’ing will go back asap

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