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File: 1575907912341.png (875.5 KB, 846x726, Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 10.1…)

No. 903707

From >>902104

stwawbwewymilk/aggy Is a trans, social media "indie" comic snowflake that's known for drawing depictions of CP, incest and furry/cub fetish art. When met with any criticism her army of fellow CP loving orbiters swoop in to protect their mentally ill traumatized incest loving queen.

A description of her years of milk and overall personality are:
>sticking it to the "art school" haterz by making more fetish work
>"taking a break from social media" only to return less than a day later
>made a trauma narrative to cope with muh mental illness/trauma yet continues to make fictional incest work
>speaks in baby talk
>literally lashes out at any criticism
> is friend of fellow Troon and child groomer four lung >>743790
> steals stuffed animals and tamagotchis claiming "I'm literally so poor and broke I need to steal to survive check your privilege" >>903332

>Mentioned that she wanted to apply to CAKE, a zine fest in Chicago.
>Met with criticism and was quickly called out by another artist who then begged people to email CAKE to not let Aggy in
>Aggy retaliates by sending her orbitors at said artist and claims that they "WILL be at CAKE" out of spite
>was called out on Twitter for drawing CP and immediately played the "you're bullying me because im trans uwu? card

Twitter : https://twitter.com/stwawbwewymilk
CuriousCat: https://curiouscat.me/stwawbwewymilk
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stwawbwewymilk/

No. 903709

File: 1575907969266.png (43.82 KB, 944x142, 1575645831342.png)

No. 903711

File: 1575908671442.png (47.13 KB, 275x216, 1575660139005.png)

No. 903717

File: 1575910933031.jpeg (234.35 KB, 484x841, 976F219F-26D9-4610-BD79-E6FECD…)

Can you imagine ever acting this insufferable?

No. 903724

File: 1575911350548.jpeg (273.54 KB, 565x977, B7CE9B61-4CC1-49DC-A199-3ECFE0…)


Aside from this, their twitter and curiouscat accounts are just full of people telling them how deep and powerful their comic “puppy milk” is. It’s crap. All it is is forced mommy issues, badly drawn penises and babytalk, complete with a scene of the main character angrily fucking a stuffed animal. So artistic wow. It’s not like perverts on deviant art or fur affinity draw the same shit

No. 903763

is this person biologically female? the body shape is fooling if they aren't

No. 903768

They claim they're trans (MtF) but who knows, lots of Tumblr-era artists like these have been outed as biological women pretending to be MtF trannies.

No. 903779

File: 1575921040622.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 607.5 KB, 1536x2048, D887E3B3-1E37-48D2-AAB1-42F39B…)

I can’t tell

No. 903783

I think they're faking it. I think they're just a woman who's really mannish and just lied about being trans so they could always get compliments about how 'feminine' they appear to be.

The way their boobs look and the fact that they haven't shown if they have a dick or not (which lbr a lot of trans women love to do the whole 'fuck your definition of female genitalia') - I'm convinced this is just a typical fake lol

No. 903795

Literally all of the features on this body say "I was born with a vagina". Why am I not shocked she's faking being a troon? She knows that's the only way she could get away with defending all the sex pest art she makes.

No. 903815

File: 1575931984528.jpeg (501.62 KB, 750x1064, 40315CAD-3235-462B-AF95-3D9C9C…)

I don’t understand why someone would go so far to defend cp and incest 1/3

No. 903816

File: 1575932039881.jpeg (494.2 KB, 750x1082, F08A608B-4DA5-4DC4-B568-A31498…)

No. 903818

File: 1575932177205.jpeg (529.63 KB, 750x1083, E0127285-F514-4A81-96E8-4672A1…)

No. 903837

"I'm a traumatized transman" kek

It's almost like transmen.. are often just traumatized women

No. 903863

Her pubic area definitely looks female.
Because they know only troons get the spotlight.

Chicago troons are a hoot. I will be surprised if some people I know aren't somehow affiliated with this cow.

No. 903888

The facial structure looks male to me and there’s also a 5 o’clock shadow there. I can’t tell either.

No. 903895

He’s in Minnesota I think

No. 903907

OP, cartoons are not CP, and saying such makes you look fucking stupid, FYI. Everything else you're saying is right and Aggy is a whiny victim complex princess, but lines on paper are not child pornography.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 903909

Pedo spotted.

No. 903911

Child pornography involves harm to living, breathing children, because living, breathing children are required to produce it.
Drawings are drawings.
If you don't know the difference, you might be a retard.

No. 903912

File: 1575945564094.jpeg (105.8 KB, 784x658, 6642D7A0-7726-4A9F-ADAC-42DDCB…)

No. 903916

File: 1575946015962.png (61.66 KB, 1206x288, w.png)

No. 903917

What exactly does that image have to do with the point being made? I don't give a fuck what the definition of lolicon is. Drawings are drawings. They aren't child pornography.

No. 903918

Next, will you argue that hentai and written erotica don't count as pornography since it's fictional humans instead of real ones? Or that a man who jerks off to cartoon gay porn shouldn't be called gay?
This pathetic pedo cope never gets old(derailing)

No. 903921

Okay, radfem.

No. 903923

If noticing pedophiles makes you a radfem, then everyone outside of neckbeard friendly spaces must be the biggest TERFs around.

No. 903926

Okay, radfem.

No. 903929

File: 1575946743581.jpeg (17.71 KB, 500x475, ak.jpeg)

No. 903930

Okay, radfem.

No. 903931

File: 1575946984295.jpg (159.68 KB, 900x1200, ELXbTmfXsAAlo3T.jpg)

Cringy whiteknight aside, what's Aggy's living situation? Puppy Milk seems to imply that familial relations are pretty bad, but I can't really imagine someone like this being a stable roommate.

No. 903933

probably lives with another troon artist that gets paid with furry money.

No. 903934

nothing related to this thread but haha this gave me a big lol anon.

No. 903937

File: 1575948117860.jpg (1.28 MB, 1833x1920, 19-12-09-21-19-33-481_deco.jpg)

I believe he's just a feminine male, might actually have an intersex condition, given those breasts being bigger than usual on a man

No. 903939

that adam’s apple has me confused

No. 903988

File: 1575963279990.png (Spoiler Image, 88.01 KB, 396x609, Symptoms-of-klinefelter-syndro…)

If this is a male, I think he might have Klinefelter Syndrome. Pic attached are symptoms. Spoilered for penis.

No. 904098

File: 1575997884043.png (Spoiler Image, 526.13 KB, 1110x688, Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 10.0…)

oh yeah, i saw someone talking about this chick in the "personal lolcows" thread on KF a while ago. her twitter is a trip, she acts like her art totally isn't fetishy at all and is just "queer messy artistic expression" but then she likes and retweets disgusting shit like this. talk about ruining childhoods.

No. 904101

File: 1575998176758.png (164.45 KB, 702x920, Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 11.2…)

samefag but imagine believing that actual children looking at your kiddie porn would be good for them. "its affect on the world is meaningless to me" yeah i can tell, you don't give a fuck about scarring people with this nasty pedo shit

No. 904109

die mad pedo

No. 904130

Pedos just want to pedo, I guess. I hope this man/woman/whatever is that even will not get into any artist alleys that have kids attending

No. 904132

Can someone PLEASE explain how… this bullshit is helpful? The comic I mean. I suffered and read it and it’s basically to me it seems, disgusting fetish porn? I don’t understand the fucking plot or point. Jesus Christ. It’s a shame because the artwork, when not sickening pedo shit, is interesting

No. 904134

I think the "puppy milk" is supposed to be estrogen/transitioning? And the mother sexually abused both the mc and the sister, but abandoned the sister when she transitioned. Not 100% but that's the story I got out of it.
But it is indeed way too gratuitous with the sexualization of kids. Just fakedeep drawn cp.

No. 904196


this is what's so retarded about all these fights on twitter over her. all these freaks WK'ing her always say "she draws this to cope!!! im a CSA victim and i enjoy this! people are allowed to depict abuse in art!!!" but there's no exploration into the abuse at all, it's just presented as is. it makes sense to me how people who were abused as children can grow up to fetishize what traumatized them, but that still doesn't mean it's healthy in any way. i'd almost rather people just fucking admit that they get off on this shit than pretending like its deep or meaningful. especially with how much she glamorizes "being shameless". like, sis, if you were really that shameless, you'd stop trying to tell people that these characters who are CLEARLY children are "actually adults"

No. 904398

It's not supposed to be helpful one bit, but pedos have some sort of galaxy brain thinking when they want children to look at their disgusting shit. Another cow, Nemu used to draw kids series characters barfing due to her fetish and she'd justify it as, "it's just bodily fluids! This is normal, but not adult!" whenever an obviously uncomfortable child came across her disgusting shit because it wasn't put under a mature filter.
There's better ways to portray abuse for children so they can understand it's not right, but Puppy Milk ain't it.

No. 904456

it isn't at all, instead it's damaging. A lot of pedos have been victims of pedophilia themselves. These ""artistic explorations"" push them to engage in it and continue the cycle, instead of breaking from it.

No. 904471

Yeah my main problem with Nemu's shit and this type of shit is that they won't come out and say "this is porn" they create full fucking backstories to convince everyone its not sexual. They make sure kids can still get access to this content and even adults are forced to look at it and accept it unless they want to "support abuse" or something

No. 904584

File: 1576104096205.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1573x2048, 3E533EC4-5BDC-4964-AC0E-F0465E…)

Anonymous now No. 904582
File (hide): 1576104031473.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1573x2048, 72D3F7C2-1DFB-443C-A417-985EE8…)

maybe she can make the argument that it’s “to cope with muh trauma”. But how does she defend literally drawing incest ? Wouldn’t that be “””””traumatizing””””” or whatever. Repost because forgot to spoiler

No. 904586

File: 1576104166248.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 1577x2048, 4D2521ED-94DC-4003-8B9E-F79EB9…)

No. 904588

File: 1576104265500.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 1579x2048, 14C5185A-15FB-4C02-AAE6-C78A32…)

No. 904605

what the fuck

No. 904636

File: 1576114497116.png (771.23 KB, 720x827, IMG_20191212_023417.png)

Looks like mtf to me

No. 904639

Yeah it’s pretty obvious along with the tubular gynecomastia. Anyway those drawings are absolutely disgusting and should never have been made or shown to the world.

No. 904640


Scrolling quickly, I thought this was Holly Conrad lol

No. 904653

Me too, kek

No. 904658

The pubic hair pattern shown >>903779 says a sad, sad female.

No. 904668

“Coping with abuse” my ass! All this fucking pastel cutesy child abuse vomit is disgusting. A kid could end up finding this because of the art and not fully realize it’s wrong or bad. It’s easy to think these are just really weird pics of cute girls taking pictures with stuffed animals. Where’s the traumatizing abuse at? This is gross and fetishizing at its finest.
I feel bad for any poor kid stumbling onto this and getting an idea in their head to even question if this is okay. Keep this shit off the internet.

No. 904870

File: 1576180464167.jpg (2.34 MB, 1848x3618, 1.jpg)

They posted a (still work-in-progress) comic about "a trans girl forum experience". It's giving me a really odd idea of what this person thinks "girl" means.


No. 904934

File: 1576192276526.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 471.16 KB, 828x1070, 8E2BF43F-B3AF-4464-80B1-EF45F1…)

Wtf, man. This is probably the most disturbing part.

No. 904935

File: 1576192311958.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 472.67 KB, 828x1062, 2B4728C0-85BD-4C43-BA16-BD4806…)

No. 904956

There's no way this isn't a male making these comics, I honestly do think he's intersex

No. 905939

File: 1576428019377.jpeg (200 KB, 750x581, 1E96B729-FD43-40C2-BC4E-35637E…)

This may clear things up for us

No. 905955

I think this is an intersex person with dominate female traits but body does not naturally produce enough estrogen and that's why they take hormones. All people need both testosterone and estrogen

No. 905957

same fagging to say being intersex means neither dominately male or female so technically this is the only case were calling them she or he is wrong. this person could probably be considered biologically they/them, by science, not by uwu pride gender bullshit. Logically this person isn't a man and calling them that seems wrong to me? not trying to white knight I'm just genuinely confused and they don't seem like a MAN to me. im probably getting into to much gender discussion and derailing sorry guys

No. 905970

File: 1576437135163.jpg (110.91 KB, 819x1200, ELx04rLWwAESFY0.jpg)

We get you, anon. A lot of people in this thread have suggested that they're likely intersex (maybe with XXY chromosomes) but why they're calling themselves a trans woman I guess we'll never know. They posted this picture of themselves in the past day which sort of aligns with these speculations.

No. 905973

File: 1576437228301.png (37.24 KB, 574x266, 1.PNG)

No. 905985

Being intersex and mtf aren't mutually exclusive. If they really are intersex, they were probably raised as a boy regardless, since their idea of "being a girl" is just cartoons and fetish porn…
People who don't wallow in mediocrity don't portray themselves as uwu traumatized babies who need personal armies to fend off all criticism.

No. 905998

okay so this is my take on the situation;
so this is an intersex person who was not allowed to choice what they presented as, their mean mommy (as told in "puppy milk") 'forced' them to present as a Male but they always wanted to be a frilly pink tutu princess. They grew up and decided to present as female but instead of just being a normal woman decided they'd get more pride points for being trans. Confusing. I dont think of intersex people being able to be trans more as I view it as choosing what to present yourself to others outwardly, since either way they started out kinda both a male/female, like just lean into whatever side fits you best, type of thing. Like obviously they can transition fully into something else completely etc. but thats not what we are talking about for this person, they just decided to lean into their feminine side and call it transitioning

No. 906050

File: 1576449847569.png (161.02 KB, 1080x715, Screenshot_20191215-164357(1).…)

They seem to be repulsed by vaginas.

No. 906257


the disgust dripping from this tweet is soooo funny considering we could say the exact same thing lmao. "i accidentally traded for a zine about someones kiddie porn fantasies the other day. i didnt want it but accidentally stood there too long listening to them talk about a bad childrens book theyre writing about "trauma"" …except no backpeddling because i don't think it's chill to make a zine about children cumming and people don't get to be excited about little kid bodies

of course aggy is allowed to draw nasty fetish art and no one is allowed to dislike it because its "messy queer art" but she draws the line at art about someone's vagina? like why even tweet this

No. 906258


no matter what gender or sex this person is, i think we can all agree that she sure loves to suck her own dick

No. 906264

File: 1576520236542.jpeg (110.13 KB, 750x256, 77C87F64-A459-46DE-8939-197A91…)

Why can’t she take responsibility any criticism is an attack. Troons always make being a victim their whole personality

No. 907081

File: 1576691096420.jpg (457.72 KB, 1080x1043, 20191218_184331.jpg)

I don't mean to kinkshame but jesus christ

No. 907149


No. 907193

but kink shaming is fun go ahead anon

No. 907195

Shameless blogposting: As someone in the indie comics scene, it's so fucking funny to see all the usual "uwu i'm a trans woman making difficult art and you can't stand it!!" suspects lining up behind this chode.

Like wow, Gretchen Felker-Malkin, who can't make a tweet without jizzing over his own concept of himself as a filthy gutterqueen taking a cheese grater to coddled bourgeois sensibilities loves this boring fucking 2013 loli vomit. Shocker. Carta Monir loves this asshole, never shuts up about being a bimbo poly blah blah goth bitch queen. All the most boring tables in the artist's alley making the same dull male cum comics love this boring shit, defend it as the bleeding fucking edge of difficult art, then fly into a violent sobbing mocking rage at anything that even slightly troubles their hot indie grrl with giant jugs and a lesbian harem futa LARP.

Mark my words, one of them is going to give Aggy space at their table and mount a giant boring crusade about how anyone that complains can't handle the revolution that is male people making porn about sexy girlchildren. Like yeah, that's not literally one of the most common subjects in art, you sticking con basement cat ears and getting a shit demi-mullet really makes it different.

No. 907208

its hobo johnson, thats where i recognized this grease creep

No. 907214

"they"? This is not fucking Twitter. It's a man drawing pedo porn, not a "they" drawing "difficult" art.

No. 907228

Anon, we don't even know what they are. Personally I think they have a vagina, a man (with a penis) is the last thing I think Aggy is. It doesn't make it more worrisome if they are a man vs a woman drawing pedo cartoons. Aggy wants to be male to female, sadly she is just a woman with a testosterone disorder

No. 907252

File: 1576713624571.png (158.04 KB, 1210x770, Bildschirmfoto 2019-12-19 um 0…)

This is obviously a mtf Tranny, he also confirmed it himself.

No. 907265

not that i agree with either of you, but that doesn't mean shit. lor on /pt/ claims that shit as well.

No. 907285


No. 907296

Care to explain how Hobo Johnson grew a pair of tits and a full head of hair in a few weeks? There's recent photos of him with shorter, like 2 inches at most hair.

No. 907406

File: 1576740670536.jpeg (105.35 KB, 750x250, 156E1344-5C42-4364-A6C9-2A0E8E…)

This baby talk shit is so hard to read and simultaneously know it was typed by an adult. The amount of times they correlate stupid with girl is pretty indicative of their attitude on the whole trans thing and women.
All the comics I’ve seen on their timeline have women being the sexual predators. But it’s drawn in such a gross cutesy style that it really devalues how real that trauma is for people. Saying they’re drawing it to help with their mental issues and trans ness isn’t helping.
>Sister puts little sister in a furry suit that makes her defenseless against older sister dry humping her. Both are prepubescent and wearing what can be consider to be kids clothing.
Coping huh? With what exactly? Women are depicted as being overly sexual or just “uwu I’m babey” innocents waiting to be corrupted. Wow not a warped image of what being a woman is or women in general. There’s so many conclusions to be drawn on why they decided to transition and none of them look good at all.

No. 907512

I don't know who this person is but all the anons trying to figure out what their genitalia to determine their gender is is fucking hilarious

No. 907527

He is a man. He has been on estrogen so his fat and muscle definition have changed a bit, but he is 100% a man. The bone structure in his face gives it away.

(I mean, so does the self righteous troon entitlement and larping as a girl, but his face is the physical giveaway.)

No. 908011

He's making his comic "Puppy Milk" pay-to-view soon, so if anybody wants to, save it off of Twitter while you can still read it for free.

No. 908277

I don't want that shit on my hard drive, tbh. I think kiwifarms already archived it

No. 909117

File: 1577123937386.png (177.24 KB, 1136x842, Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 11.5…)

excuse me, what?

No. 909128

I thought they were an incest victim?? So do they support it? I don’t get it

No. 909137

I really don’t understand how any of this helps to cope with csa

No. 909138


they support it to cope, DUH. wanting to fuck pokemon is totally healing and if you disagree then you're just too uncultured and transphobic to understand.

No. 909224

Imagine having a son, raising him, and having him turn out like this. Are they an actual CSA victim? What made them like this ?

No. 909241

it's horrible either way:
1. they're someone with pedo/incest/beast/etc fetishes who's lying about being abused as a way to "legitimize" and defend their fetishes
2. they were sexually abused by a family member as a child and it affected them so much that now it's their fetish. they opt to relive their trauma and continue the cycle of abuse by indulging in said fetishes publicly rather than trying to suppress those urges and deal with the trauma in a way healthy way

but honestly, if you surround yourself with perverts on the internet and create a bubble where you encourage each other to wank it to worse and worse stuff and condemn anyone who questions you, you'll end up in a place like this. head so far up your own ass that you scoff at the "normies" who are uncomfortable at the sight of 6 year old dick. they have a ton of supporters and they follow even more people who are just as nasty if not nastier.

No. 909407

File: 1577198484476.png (684.28 KB, 388x646, Screen Shot 2019-12-24 at 9.40…)

every time i see these stupid fucking bean eyeballs i can feel the gluten coating my intestines. nothing about this is fucking good. just because it makes people feel bad doesn't make it good or controversial or deep or even interesting.

No. 909528

File: 1577221410902.png (34.69 KB, 572x256, 1.PNG)

So he's either got a brain tumor or something of the sort, or he is (like we deduced) mentally ill.


No. 911298

File: 1577637803397.png (Spoiler Image, 2.77 MB, 1084x1310, Screen Shot 2019-12-29 at 10.4…)

i dont know enough about pokemon to know if this character is a minor but knowing aggy i'm assuming she is

No. 911313

That’s Jasmine, she’s the Olivine gym leader in Pokémon Gold and Silver. Not exactly sure how old she is, but I saw 15 and it would make sense since Ash is like 11 or something in the anime.

Also the Pokémon that is fucking her is the sick Ampharos, “Amphy” that the Player needs to get medicine for. What a sick fuck to even think about drawing this shit.

No. 911316

File: 1577642532063.jpeg (474.76 KB, 750x1190, 046C9F21-27DC-4BDB-8EB6-EDF59F…)

What’s Wild is how much support and followers this child predator has

No. 911328

File: 1577644486271.jpeg (82.1 KB, 750x400, 5AB7D160-6154-4160-B2E3-99CF98…)

Excuses excuses! God, what a victim. Imagine having this attitude when there are people working their asses off 7 days a week to provide for themselves? (Also how does this snowflake make money?)

No. 911409

Does this snowflake have roommates ? I wonder if they pay more of the rent other than this man child

No. 911449


this freak made jasmine have a dick too.. more gross fetish stuff, huh?

No. 911507


kek why are all "littles" just fully grown, able-bodied adults who grew up spoiled and pretend to be childen on the internet because its too haaaard :,,c to do basic ass things like work a job and clean their room. guess it gives them an excuse to want to fuck kids by being "a kid" too. for gods sakes grow the fuck up and get a fucking life that doesn't include selling CP to pervy weebs and freaks on twitter

i didn't even see it at first because it was so tiny, which almost makes it worse

No. 911654

That's not much. It's the typical amount of following of a freak's circlejerk. I've seen open zoophiles go around 1k

No. 912937

File: 1578016426537.png (92.31 KB, 1092x492, Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 7.48…)

was gonna try and collage the whole tweet thread but her other replies to this are just her saying the same thing over and over so fuck that. seriously, i'm so sick of people using their oppression points to cop-out of criticism. it's like she can't possibly comprehend that drawing kids having sex is bad so of course people only dislike her because she's trans. newsflash aggie, trans women can be pedos just like how black men can be murderers. if you want to stop being seen as a pedo, stop acting like one.

No. 912956

File: 1578019619029.png (26.41 KB, 613x327, chrome_2020-01-02_21-46-37.png)

lmao this freak is off her fucking rocker

No. 912963

lmao these dumb scrotes really think putting on a dress and some pigtails is a get out of jail free card for everything, pedophilia included

No. 912965

File: 1578021006311.jpeg (149.9 KB, 750x873, 5054F259-8B3B-408F-B3C3-1D9401…)

i screencapped this too lol… this just in! if a pedo is trans, they get a free pass to be a pedo!

No. 912996

if this doesnt cause outrage i will give up on humanity

No. 913010

Lol Aggy’s a fuckin pedo and hangs around pedos like 4lung. No amount “I’m trans so don’t be mean to me”s is gonna fix that.

No. 913141

this is the online equivalent to shoving your fingers in your ears and yelling "LALALA I CANT HEAR YOU!!"
these people genuinely think that just because they're victims or trans or whatever that they're allowed to do whatever they want, it makes no fucking sense. jeffrey dahmer was gay, it doesn't make him any less of a necrophiliac.

No. 913148

File: 1578074311700.jpeg (256.18 KB, 750x1134, D04C7981-38E6-460B-8EC8-D404D7…)

This is so fucking stupid ??? You get a free pass to be a pedo bc you’re trans ? 1/4

No. 913149

File: 1578074333430.jpeg (221.54 KB, 750x1126, 46212AEE-867C-4951-AEDF-817CAB…)

No. 913150

File: 1578074432479.jpeg (214.41 KB, 750x1115, CB336732-279D-4D51-BDC1-D48724…)

No. 913152

File: 1578074533230.jpeg (208.16 KB, 750x1123, FA01F25D-E4AC-47E9-AD60-11A2D2…)

No. 913167

File: 1578078002403.jpg (578.01 KB, 1080x1744, Screenshot_20200103-135328_Twi…)

>Pedophile is not a bad word
Excuse me, what?
That entire thread is a mess.

No. 913171

Lmaooo what he means is “it’s never okay to call ME a pedophile” since he’s obviously guilty and this argument never would’ve been brought up if he hadn’t been getting so many accusations in the first place. This behavior is so fucking disgusting. People like him are the reason why everyone is sick of these gender snowflakes.

No. 913235

It's concerning how these people try very, very hard to emphasize the distinction between "doing something" and "wanting to do something but not doing it" as if it matters when it comes to stuff like this. Obviously, thinking about having sex with a child is different from literally having it, but BOTH are wrong. By desperately trying to separate intentions from actions, pedophiles can absolve themselves of guilt, because as long as they aren't "actually doing it" then they aren't doing anything wrong at all.

There are pedophiles out there who are attracted to children who can't shake those feelings no matter how badly they want to, who ONLY speak about those feelings to therapists and do NOT indulge in those feelings by looking at sexual images of children or talking to other adults (or god forbid minors) about their attractions. Then, you have pedophiles who broadcast their attractions publicly and openly bask in their fetish. They feel pride, because they perceive themselves as harmless and therefore unfair targets of judgement. These people do not usually keep themselves away from children, and do not care about exposing minors to pornography, because to them, it's not sexual abuse so it's okay. One of these kinds of pedophiles is more likely than the other to actually become a dangerous predator, and I think we can all guess which one. But what makes the two so different? Shame. Shame, guilt, self-hatred, et c. The first internalizes it, understands the attraction is a problem, and keeps it under control out of fear. The second externalizes it, making it everyone else's problem; When other people try to humiliate and shame them, they fight back even harder, and act like they're victims for being shamed. But shame is an integral part of society, because some things are just meant to be shamed. If someone thinks for months about robbing their grandmother's house, they should be shamed for even thinking it, even if they don't actually do it: because if they feel shame, they might not go through with it. So it doesn't fucking matter if a pedo is "nonoffending" or if these are "just drawings", people should be allowed to call it like they see it without being told THEY'RE the ones with skewed morality.

Sorry for the long rant, but, for fuck's sakes, I'm so tired of this shit.

No. 913252

File: 1578092160168.png (295.24 KB, 738x753, it_really_is_a_slippery_slope_…)


weird how none of these people are fucking normal well adjusted human beings. weird how most of these pedos are always "trans" or "nonbinary" or wear their BPD and other psychoses on their chest like a big glowing badge of honor.

almost like if……. we allow men to play pretend that they're women…. or allow women to play pretend that they're men……. or if we let men and women pretend that they're some sort of mystic third gender or that ~gender is a social construct~…… we open the door to allow for all kinds of degeneracy and perversion?? we've already got proud pedos and zoophiles and cunts who gather harems of men that they inject silicone into. we've really opened the door for ANYthing to happen.

No. 913255

>weird how none of these people are fucking normal well adjusted human beings
no, it's really not that weird that no one who brags about being a pedo is socially inept
this is better than them being smart enough to stealth

No. 913256

* everyone who brags about being a pedo is socially inept, that is

No. 913267


I understand that. That is a good point- they are out in the open instead of in hiding, and normal people can spot them and condemn them.
On the other hand, they feel justified in being out in the open because there is a subgroup of people on twitter and tumblr that can put "MAP uwu" in their bio and find a group of other pedophiles or pedo apologists that excuse/encourage the behavior.

No. 913323

Wasn’t this literally an SVU episode about pedophiles saying they’re as oppressed as gay people and that it’s ok to “look don’t touch” and then Elliot punched the shit outta him

No. 913324

File: 1578100763128.jpeg (351.34 KB, 1538x2048, E1DA367F-6E2B-41B3-B6A8-4CCB85…)

Yeahhhhh. Hide your kids

No. 913415

Oh bless his heart, he'll never pass as feminine with a face like that. Not even scratching the surface on androgny.

No. 913488

So fucking sick of AGP uwu queer complex messy porn making transbians deploying this "THESE ACCUSATIONS DESTROY US" and all the other MRA-tier "men, uh wait I mean transwomen are disposable in this man-hating, uh, I mean transmisogynist culture" arguments. I know too many fucking women who have been assaulted by trans women at this point who have never gone public about it because they know they'll get hit with shit like this.

They want to think people do this because they're soooo threatened by their fucking of gender and norms and that they're uniquely monstered like gay men or lesbian women are, but it's not. It's because they're men and they hurt women and children in all the usual male ways and eventually enough people will point it out. God they are just so fucking angry over being boring straight men.(derailing)

No. 913648

File: 1578170966573.jpeg (89.14 KB, 750x496, FFB50700-C229-4A21-B619-166260…)

Kek so calling someone out for their pedophillic tendencies is undeserved “criticism?” Also saying you aren’t immune but calling yourself “hyper vulnerable” in the same post is sending mixed messages. “We have to face accountability I guess but reeeeee we’re sensitive so watch what you say!”

No. 913682

lol love how they pose this hypothetical question and then refuse to answer the question beyond "because i said so". its like their tiny pigtailed brain cant understand how someone can be a minority and also flawed at the same time, either youre "us" or "them" and "us" is always right and "them" are always wrong no matter what. its fucking immature and no wonder this manchild would rather hump stuffed animals all day than work a job considering they have the moral reasoning and mental capacity of a 7 year old

No. 913746

File: 1578186730132.png (441.08 KB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_20200103-190037(1).…)

Sort of OT but there's someone in this guy's mentions who has a burner account trashing on solely trans guys. Imagine bringing in this type of audience, kek.

No. 913946

lol what happened to protecting victims at all costs? suddenly when they arent the right type of trans their victimness doesnt count anymore? just like how they ignored that "traumatized trans man" kek. how can someone who claims to be so gender-woke still have the opinion that men=evil and women=never evil, its even more confusing with the trans thing

No. 914249

>I am a gross man in a dress who likes to prey on gender confused teen girls

No. 914282

File: 1578317118997.png (220.97 KB, 720x1142, tumblr_c7073929a53e4886fd6a0c5…)

He's still friends with 4lung (who is now attempting to rebrand himself as Dalmatrix or Dot DuPont.)

No. 914415

I'm out of the loop, who is 4lung?

No. 914496

Tl;dr pedophile furry musician who's into ageplay, cub shit, and has on multiple occasions tried to prey on minors

No. 916056

File: 1578690445436.png (435.77 KB, 1080x2056, Screenshot_20200110-112938.png)

aggy's twitter is now locked and they either are freaking out about "never call trans women pedophiles" being ratio'd or self googled and found their thread

No. 916061

From the looks of it seems like this cow is getting backlash for defending pedophile trans “women’ kek must of locked to keep the “”terfs ”” out

No. 916062

File: 1578691568036.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1431x1620, 9EDB1C05-EE98-4263-AAB0-BD02A2…)

Sorry meant to post this too

No. 916082

>Patreon mention
did someone report his patreon?

No. 916182

No. 916233

It’s still up tho?

No. 916234

More people need to report it.

No. 916271

to report on patreon they want you to attach evidence which is hard to now since he's set his twitter to private. they know how this works.

No. 916275

at least there's evidence in this thread if any anons want to report him

No. 916463

File: 1578764021009.png (49.94 KB, 281x435, 1.PNG)

He drew 4lung a new icon, it appears.


No. 916766

Pedophiles stick together

No. 916768

I followed him on a currently deactivated twitter before he decided to go private, meaning he can't force me to unfollow and I can log in and grab screenshots at any time if other people aren't able to. Unless of course a bunch of people followed no problem, too

No. 916773

Post caps anon pls

No. 916824

Please post caps if you see anything noteworthy!

No. 916867

File: 1578836471562.png (445.96 KB, 750x1334, 3A736141-CED7-4E5F-AEBD-9F161F…)

There isn't much to update so I'll sage everything. So long as he's locked I'll log back in every few days to screenshot more.

No. 916868

File: 1578836514056.png (2.61 MB, 750x1334, 745A0F59-4648-447E-9015-F69F10…)

No. 916869

File: 1578836579743.png (388.83 KB, 750x1334, 72AE4955-3F04-4838-8E98-996B90…)

not milky but he's running apps to block anyone who interacts with people who hate him in true snowflakey fashion

No. 916870

File: 1578836683930.png (253.44 KB, 750x1334, 12E02DFF-A52B-40EF-89D9-F97670…)

might be milky, now will be taking his baby penis fetish art to the public setting. No talk of age restriction. Not gonna sage this one in case it prompts discussion. I wonder if his boss has seen his artwork or what

No. 916871

File: 1578836785199.png (347.95 KB, 750x1334, D6C56AC5-29DA-4409-B0DE-C3263F…)

this is his like 4th "break from social media" and the last few only lasted a couple of hours. Now he's not even committing to the full break, just a break from it while on the phone kek

No. 916875

File: 1578837249911.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, F802A4F7-28B8-4A96-91ED-D95DBB…)

Same anon as above, my dumbass had already deactivated before figuring I should have found the "large circulating post" that he's talking about. I think this might be it, sorry for the shitty screenshot, my phone is bad so I tried to shrink the font a little. It's just someone using posts and images that were already collected here to call out that "transfolx can't be pedophiles"

No. 916888

“Drink” and Draw implies 21+

No. 916893

Oh I am downright stupid, whoops!

No. 916909

local anon here. I kinda wanna go to see if anything milky happens

No. 916946

File: 1578851181840.png (27.31 KB, 882x364, 1.PNG)

This part of his Patreon strikes me as strange. Trying to make people feel as if they're somehow a better person for thinking you're good seems like it came straight from the groomer's guidebook.

>$2 per month; you are better than other people and i see you.

>$5 per month; youre better than most people. i look up to you in awe


No. 916950



wonder what this scumbag thinks of jessica yaniv

No. 916978

He seems like a narcissist. He'd probably defend this by saying "Bc you're supporting a trans woman's difficult art and self-expression!!! That automatically makes you better than most people in this transphobic society uwu".

No. 917022

Why do all of these weird pedo troons live in the post industrial Midwest

No. 917033

There’s not enough people around to give a fuck if you groom or troon. You could murder people in public and no one would care at all.

No. 918558

File: 1579106644119.png (516.81 KB, 750x1334, 653C0063-C70B-4181-9BC0-573B63…)

more twitter posts, he changed his twitter handle to avoid backlash and is having trouble with patreon. Nothing exciting, the milk is dying.

No. 918559

File: 1579106669005.png (479.06 KB, 750x1334, E66D282B-F430-4C8A-835D-17D56A…)

No. 918639

>in case anyone was wondering my crotch smells amazing today
Who would be wondering this? Who? Is it possible for troons to have any nonsexual thought?

No. 918990

Thank you for the updates regardless anon, Feel free to post more when they tweet again also did they change their ig handle?

No. 919026

For sure I will, I'll be sure to check every couple days as it's pretty slow. His twitter handle is currently @stw4wbw3wym1lk but he says he'll switch back once the heat dies down. I imagine once the call out post stops circulating.

No. 919203

File: 1579203860827.png (18.18 KB, 595x394, 1.PNG)

The stwawbwewymilk account is still private but seems to be completely wiped, in comparison to the stw4wbw3wym1lk account which has an icon, followers, and is following others.

No. 919266

He simply changed the name of his old account to now be stw4wbw3wym1lk and created a new account to save the username but otherwise be blank. He was talking about it on twitter with another fag but it didn't seem important enough to cap at the time. He said once the heat dies down that he'll return to the old username since "it was finally perfect" or someshit.

No. 922350

Any updates on them?

No. 923284

File: 1579904029716.jpeg (488.01 KB, 746x952, 17A3F82E-B46A-4287-8285-688BB9…)

His IG is still public and still obsessed w kiddie penises 1/2

No. 923285

File: 1579904050924.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 651.04 KB, 750x1042, 7AE79BF6-B75E-48A7-ABF3-DA2D64…)

No. 923295

File: 1579905924521.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, 6F57B8A3-DA5B-47E0-8D1D-6733DF…)

The only real update from his twitter is that it's now public again @stwawbwewymilk but I still took some screenies. Nothing exciting but still a lot of underage Pokémon girls fucking their Pokémon.

No. 923297

File: 1579905998592.png (932.53 KB, 750x1334, 4EB70BB9-8230-49A7-95B7-959F40…)

No. 923319

For someone who complains about trans creators being harmed by online criticism so much, he sure loves to shit on other trans stuff

No. 923367

So like, people get banned from twitter/Ig for things like slurs, but child penis drawing are a-ok?

No. 923408

IF they’re a ~trans female artist~

No. 923556

This is honestly pretty upsetting I love cutesy girly art styles like this I would b so bummed if I saw this out in the wild and then noticed someone’s dick was out, it would be the same if their pussy was out for no reason too. Idk why these people can’t understand that it’s bizarre and unsettling to put genitals in this kind of art.

No. 926393

File: 1580500869554.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 889.2 KB, 1431x2048, 058360C1-5068-4827-A222-783C76…)

More obsession with children’s genitalia

No. 926394

File: 1580500898615.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 892.8 KB, 1500x2048, 62F6F2A2-03BB-42F3-AB5D-6EF22F…)

No. 926399

File: 1580501063018.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.01 MB, 1493x2048, E7565819-D042-4385-B5AF-88092A…)

No. 926409

File: 1580502886775.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 1484x2048, 1706C9EC-F813-4012-9899-A1BB33…)

No. 926415

>Claire’s bag
That’s a store for literally 5-10 age little girls, every time aggy posts art it gets more disgusting.

No. 926425

This is not only disturbing but i am too retarded to first understand the reading order. Wtf is the point of this comic?

No. 926435

Sick cross dressing pedophile buys children’s items and goes into the woods to defile them

No. 926458

File: 1580511164683.jpeg (771.68 KB, 750x1063, 63A47E5B-AC7F-4001-B2FB-7D467C…)

It’s definitely an insert

No. 926459

OH I THOUGHT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A KID. Both options awful either way

No. 926474

Yea it’s honestly hard to tell with the overly saccharine kiddie style he’s got but I feel like at the same time when it’s a kid he usually draws them bald or with that fugly shaved cut looking like angelicas Cynthia doll

No. 926478

I feel like it’s an insert but a de-aged insert ??

No. 926554

I'm beating now that the sacrifice is him cutting his dick off.

No. 927665

File: 1580738770637.jpeg (740.34 KB, 1581x2048, 0906DC72-CB05-4079-822F-A5C197…)

Not sure who, if anyone, was still questioning whether or not he was faking being trans for clout, but he's confirmed for penis-haver. Quite active on his twitter still @stwawbwewymilk

No. 927732

Infant looking legs and hulking man torso and head with pathetic tiny dick = weal woman uwu

No. 927750

He's not trans, he's faking being a girl for fetish. That is a sleep paralysis demon

No. 927943

I think they’re 100% born male but their bottom half honestly looks like a busted afab gender queer with a packer

No. 934120

As of today, he's gone private so I logged into my twitter that followed him and found that he deleted all of his tweets. Nothing exciting but figured I'd still update

No. 939347

File: 1583079784437.png (751.56 KB, 828x1792, 968E4E7A-C8FD-48D9-A06E-27E59C…)

sage for not milk but what the fuck?

No. 941229

File: 1583392757023.png (420.25 KB, 587x429, aggytweet.png)

Congrats, fellow farmhands. Our collective efforts to call him a pedo have resulted in him breaking his own phone.

No. 941232

File: 1583392934914.jpg (1.75 MB, 2448x2448, aggy1.jpg)

No. 941233

File: 1583393144624.jpg (1.18 MB, 2076x2076, aggy2.jpg)

No. 941242

File: 1583394831280.jpg (1.1 MB, 2076x2076, aggy3.jpg)

No. 941243

File: 1583395596883.jpg (1.36 MB, 2187x2187, aggy4.jpg)

No. 941251

That symbol in the top person's name (ζ) is the unofficial "zoophile" symbol, used for Twitter users of that nature to recognize each other (sort of like the clown and pear emoji for pedophiles.)

No. 941322

File: 1583421698694.jpg (675.47 KB, 1079x1845, Screenshot_20200302-171047_Twi…)

there was a callout post circulating twitter over the last few days, i think this is about that post and the responses to it

No. 941323

Who the fuck would buy these chicken scratches

No. 941524

apparently the etsy store where aggy was selling these comics got shut down fairly quickly after launch

No. 941670

File: 1583457145805.png (139.57 KB, 589x803, aaaaa.PNG)

She's now playing the victim and one of her biggest asseaters is claiming that it was a 'transphobic move' on etsys part.
Even though, as many have stated, selling pornography on etsy is against TOS. But sure, Aggy, you got booted because you're trans.

No. 941671

File: 1583457273155.png (62.07 KB, 605x590, sasaassasaa.PNG)

Also screenshot of Aggy just crying about her Etsy being taken down. She really expected etsy not to catch her ass for selling underage incest erotica on their site. Okay.

No. 941793

File: 1583477810830.jpg (125.45 KB, 640x824, 202519546.jpg)

a claires giftcard says it's going to baraag or pawoo, wherever the pedos flock to after being called out

No. 942259

File: 1583563301113.png (372.65 KB, 830x558, theif.png)

Meant to post this a while back. Now deleted, but apparently he supports stealing from stores as well.

No. 942261

File: 1583565278048.png (31.62 KB, 557x232, ESc6BLvXkAgHX3T.png)

A recent post. Again, just shows her mindset, just putting labels on people critical of her.

No. 942265

Good. Fuck pedos and fuck people that profit off of art depecting underage characters in sexual situations. Hope this shit gets out to his friends and family before he has the chance to act on these urges in real life.

No. 942301

File: 1583572407578.png (Spoiler Image, 958.1 KB, 1006x742, hm disgusting.png)

pfft they legit have blocked every person that has rt'd the call out going around, theres a lot of replies of ppl who havent even interacted w/ them or heard of them b4 this being blocked too. twit has even "correctly gendered" this beast in every post u can find about them.
barely anyone has even gone to them directly but i guess being held accountable in a call out and it having more retweets then most of your art gets is harassment from art cops, terfs and trolls on twitter.

also the post where they said they were excited to share the page where the minor chara in puppy milk masturbates is still up on IG. along w/ the scary pkmn porn. all on ig. they also have been archiving and un-archiving dif ig posts?

truth hurts doesnt it pedo man esp when u break ur phone being a raging sperg for being called out

No. 942378

File: 1583597874639.png (23.96 KB, 538x25, hmm.PNG)

Hey there, so I did some doubling-down reading the Email that Gretchen posted on behalf of Aggy and look at the fine print below;

"Please respect this confidentiality and refrain from distributing this communication without permission from Etsy."

Pretty interesting how Aggy clearly fucking ignored that part and tried to get one their brown nosers to complain instead. It's like they both can't fucking read TOS or basic goddamn rules.

No. 942421

No. 942441

File: 1583606212604.png (19.72 KB, 601x256, 123123.PNG)

Update: Aggy bought a GoDaddy domain (At the point of this post, empty and void of any sort of content).

Anyone savvy in Godaddy's TOS know if they will allow Aggy's creep pedo shit on their website or is this going to be another "THIS WEBSITE IS TRANSPHOBIC" once they catch wind of some jackass peddling pedoincest comics under the guise of it being deep?

No. 942442

File: 1583606328971.png (31.84 KB, 607x344, interesting timing.PNG)

And what interesting timing of this tweet.

"Most rules are bad and just get in the way"

And that's how you lost your Etsy shop because you skimmed the TOS and then you cry "TRANSPHOBIA" because they don't want to be the shopfront for your fucked up comics.

No. 942448

troons hate labels but SURE love to label everything.

I have a question, wasn't this person doing Sims 4 mods? I could've sworn I saw their name somewhere, if so thats fucking gross with all the children and LGBTQ+ kids in that community.

Im new to this thread, I saw it in passing and I was way to grossed out just from reading the thread recap to even click.


I know this is old but,I mean…would we put it past this person not to buy packers? They are obsessed with children genitalia, I could see them having one of those.

ew everything he says is dripping with pedophile juice. These are the people that they want in women's bathrooms/dressing rooms/showers. I really hate this guy.

No. 942469

File: 1583610346869.png (37.49 KB, 583x292, 293929392929392.PNG)

Another update on where Aggy might be heading in regards to selling more content; Big Cartel.

Unluckily, in their TOS, they clearly state "Post content or information that is obscene, hateful, threatening, defamatory, includes child pornography, or creates a risk to anyone’s privacy or safety."

So sorry, Softcore and Puppymilk and Ampharos fucking are off the menu for your clients, Aggy.

No. 942473

File: 1583610607007.png (40.8 KB, 917x328, 3929399293.PNG)

The TOS cap from the website. So, Pawoo or Baraag seems like the options still on the platter. Glad to be one step above and do what something Aggy refuses to do; follow the fucking basic rules of a site and try not to play victim when they're banned.

No. 942474

Totally unsure; as someone who just uses mods, I never seen Aggy anywhere close to there. All I know is the tattoo work (without a god damn licence which can really put someone in danger for fuck's sake).

Anyone who can probably come up with any proof of the Sims 4 stuff would be welcomed but still I doubt that Aggy ever dabbled in something like modding.

No. 942504

>Art Cops

Oo that's a new one. First it was "antis" now the pedos/zoophiles are going full force and really driving home how they think people reacting negatively to erotic comics about the sexualization of children is equivalent to "policing art." No ones telling this AGP he cant doodle his sparkley pink dogs but hes fixated on the idea that not only should he be allowed to product this content but is demanding that websites let him share it?

A real MtF trans person wouldn't draw soft core erotic comics about them jerking off in the woods all over children's toys. They wouldn't tweet how much they loved "nutting in their little girl underwear". If he was such a uwu oppressed trans woman than why does he talk about jerking off all the time and draw it in comics? I cant believe there are people still coddling this freak when he clearly is the hyperbolic stereotype conservative crazies think all trans men/women are. Hes totally fixated on his fetish. Everything he creates is a means to an end - jerking off and making money probably to buy stupid pointless stuff or more drugs. He functions purely on dopamine responses and has barely any identiy other than his obsession with jerking off while dressed like a woman and showing off his fetishes to Twitter. I bet you he physically would not be able to not post his horrible child erotica comics publically. He draws too much of his gratification from showing this fucked up shit to others.

No. 942528

>>a real mtf
I don't know anon, I know a MTF who has the whole set up (an neo vagina and name change) and they are gross as fuck.
In fact plenty of "real" MTF are gross, have these disgusting kinks and share that shit online.

This person is just one of many sadly.
They do a great job making themselves look bad and getting praised for it. IMO a real MTF is someone who gets their dick cut off and there are dudes out there who do it and are still gross as shit.
In the transworld, there IS no fake trans people, if anyone can say they are a woman then this person is a woman.
the " hyperbolic stereotype conservative crazies" don't need to look far online to find someone like Aggy because they proudly show this shit off and it's NOT a small number, so it does make the normal ones look bad.
but it's not even conservative to think that transwomen can be very very gross and it's a fetish, a lot of Liberal people start to realize that shit as well.

for someone whose seen a lot of the trans community they coddle people like aggy.

No. 942696

What's up with this 'scumbelievable' person, by the way, and how the hell do they have 7k+ followers? I keep seeing them around, blindly defending creeps, usually trying to paint everything as a 'transphobic crime'. Because you're allowed to be critical of straight, cis people who break TOS but not trans people who break TOS? Again, I've legit just seen them around so much. Surprised they don't have their own thread around because they just. Say the stupidest shit, as well as just not replying to arguments that counter their points.

No. 942758

im not whiteknighting but why do twitter users get such a hard on when people they DONT WANT to interact (retweeting that post means you don’t want anything to do with them) block them, meaning no one has to interact with anyone that doesn’t wanna interact with them or see their stuff?

No. 942805

File: 1583688871438.gif (2.01 MB, 500x280, 1562263500677.gif)

What a pathetic excuse of a human. Does he seriously want sympathy and asspats for being a pedophile? I would dare him to show this shit to his family and see how accepting they are of it.
I can't wait to see this freak is in jail.

God damn anon, I didn't know it was possible to BTFO of someone like that, well done.

No. 942821

I personally find it wild how people 'correctly' gendered this freak and Aggy is still whining as if a hate crime was committed. Twitter is perhaps the tamest shit and she and her pedo circle still act like 'muh transphobia' was committed. Absolutely fucking wild. It is really funny to see how far these people will reach to try to paint themselves as the ones who were hurt and not anybody else.

No. 942923

I know this isn't her thread but Gretchen Felker-Malkin strikes me as that dumpy fat chick nobody paid much attention to in school, but now that she's an adult she spends all of her time trying to set herself apart with her edgy, overwritten stories. She claims to not have time to reply to hayydurs but it's obvious that she just doesn't have any arguments beyond "I'm right and you're a puritanical hypersensitive nobody." Neither she nor Aggy are in any way progressive or important.

No. 942933

Somewhat related bc she's always up Arby's ass. She's a cow. And not a great writer.
I'm in some of the same/similar writing circles as her but thank God no one ever mentions her around me.

No. 942952

File: 1583729600174.png (350.14 KB, 575x457, artcopsboys.PNG)

Aggy seems to like to coin the phrase 'art cops' now. Moron clearly doesn't understand that their bullshit would've been taken down either way, reporting or not, eventually, because it violated TOS? What does this dipshit not get. Or does Aggy have THAT much of a victim complex??? Do any of you folks know if gumroad has any TOS stuff that they've broken, ooor

No. 942958


Gretchen Felker-Malkin is a trans woman. I'm familiar with him from indie comics, where he spends all of his time with this bizarre little clique of indie assholes who position themselves constantly as these vanguards of authentic fucked-up indie small press work against the hordes of….idk, they clearly imagine everyone else to be either idiot rich people who've never known stuggle and/or pastel uwu adult children who can't handle the dark complexity of their Real Art. Which, ok, both of these types of people exist, but it's clear that they're just a group of people who need an outgroup of Idiots to exist so they can be define themselves constantly against them, need to upkeep that sneering pose, and filter absolutely everything through that filter. Julia Gfroer's the only one of that clique who creates anything decent, Felker-Malkin just writes the horror enthusiast inverse of every Why Cardcaptor Sakura Is So Woke Mary Sue article, with occasional forays into You Liking the MCU is Stupid, Me Liking Game of Thrones Is Subaltern.

What I think has happened over the last few years with him/Aggy is that thing I think we've all seen happen for than once: He's a person who's realized how to get attention and that intense, all too brief hit of validation and importance by being a capital-V Voice on twitter. So, blah blah blah you can't handle real shit blah blah blah disposability of trans women you can't handle our raw messy truth blah blah blah I'm not the weird fucking dude I was in high school who creeped girls out with the lust/hatred/envy aura I directed at them, I'm a raw fucking lesbian who the neolib masses are threatened by blah blah blahhhhh

No. 942966

pretty sure gumroad doesn't want a filthy fucking pedophile selling shit on their website either.

No. 943105

please god learn to sage your absolutely incoherent retardation

No. 943112

I'm not really savvy on Gumroad's TOS, but they allow flatout hentai there no issue, but unsure if Aggy's crayon puke kiddy fiddling would count as "art" on there.

Anyone who knows legal jargon better than my dumbass come up and inspect the terms of Gumroad in case. Thanks.

No. 943115

File: 1583773489880.png (124.03 KB, 579x462, 239293929399932.PNG)

It's funny as all goddamn hell how Aggy OPENLY admits to hate following the rules, thinking its "not fun", then cry wolf when Etsy went "what the fuck we aren't gonna sell your pedo shit out her nastyass.

Also related but can't believe this shitgem didn't get mention of Aggy BAAAAAAAAAAAWing because that one callout, saying people are "DESTROYING HER LIVELIHOOD" like you're breaking a website's TOS and get pissy about how "ITS BECAUSE THAT DAMN TRANSPHOBIA" when in reality you hate rules that you don't like and want to ignore them for your sake to pedal out you crap.

No. 943144

Funny how Aggy cries that their 'livelihood' is ruined because their Etsy was taken down? Don't they get donations from fellow pedo artists all of the fuckin time and, hell, how long did they even have their etsy up? Maybe for a few weeks..? Need confirmation on the timeframe.

Funny how they think being trans is a shield against everything critical, and if a 'big company' (aka a digital fucking marketplace where people fucking sell cutesy shit. Despite gretchens blind fucking claims, I personally have not seen any porn on there before this situation) boots you for breaking their TOS, it's suddenly transphobic. The absolute… Mindgames they're trying to attempt. It's not working on anyone other than their enablers and other 'trans artists' who don't have any context to what Aggy does. Hell, I bet even if they did they'll cry 'WELL I'M JUST PROTECTING MY TRANS SISTAH' or some shit.

No. 943147

It pisses me off, the thought of these people making money. I'll always have more fucking respect for someone who flips patties at mcdonalds than fuckers like Aggy and Gretchen making 1k a month or some shit off of their badly drawn / badly written tripe.

No. 943148

File: 1583778799280.png (12.98 KB, 590x96, 2328382838283.PNG)

I have more respect for the janitors at any place because at least then they're doing their jobs to prevent viruses and shit from being spread via disinfecting than Aggy being like "MUH TRAUMA" and drawing a fucking kid railing a stuffed animal and cumming inside it and painting it as D E E P.

Like it's really laughable how Aggy goes "EVEN MY SUPERIORITY COMPLEX IS BETTER THAN YOURS" like that's something to be proud of? Jesus fucking christ.

No. 943149

Can confirm it's been around during February but can be earlier than that (Apologies for no exact dates) but it's def confirmed that the Etsy got axed on March 5th. So, it was a shortlived run regardless because last time I recall, around 20+ people ordered Puppymilk while 19-20 ordered Softcore before the shop got terminated.

Again, I'm not really one to keep tabs on this cow's timeline so extensively, but to believe 40 people want child diddling on their coffee table as some sorta conversational piece or whatever the fuck is really telling of the "anti-anti" or "we hate art cops" whatever side of Twitter.

No. 943400

File: 1583814172042.png (61.05 KB, 604x581, dewsdd.PNG)

Oh boy, they're working on another comic or some shit. I wonder what this one will normalize. CP? Incest? Who knows at this fuckin point.

Also, I've noticed the same like. Handful of people constantly supporting them in the comments, and despite having 1k followers, getting 20 likes at BEST on some of her posts. Could it be that some folks who support her are pussies who can't commit to supporting a pedo artist outwardly so they just fap to their kiddie porn on the sidelines without being outed for it?

Noooooo, that couldn't be. Totally now.

No. 943401

Fucking shit, I keep calling it a 'she'. The twitter users were honestly WAYYYY too nice to this utter filthbag.

No. 943424

"Summoning"… best guess is maybe that fucked weird comic about the person jacking it to kiddy stuff from Claires and going to the woods to make a sacrifice to a unicorn to summon it. Maybe or not… if so I can't wait for some fake deep talk but not before seeing a kid yank it. Great.

No. 943434

I hate to ask but I have such a morbid curiosity. Anywhere I can read this “Puppy Milk” shit online for free?

No. 943447

pages can be found in image search if you google "puppy milk comic" but out of order and probably not all of them

No. 943468

File: 1583833281130.jpg (312.71 KB, 927x1200, EFkXUZDXoAA9Jiw.jpg)

I saved it once I thought he'd go nuclear. I got you.

No. 943469

File: 1583833327665.jpg (264.6 KB, 927x1200, EFkXUZwWkAA8xG0.jpg)

No. 943471

File: 1583833418979.jpg (Spoiler Image, 319.22 KB, 906x1200, EFkXUZyXYAEMePd.jpg)

No. 943474

File: 1583833547108.jpg (Spoiler Image, 286.67 KB, 923x1200, EFkXVUkXYAAM43t.jpg)

I think I'll just spoiler all the pages, I don't really want to have to look at every single one of these gross drawings (again) to figure out which ones are NSFW.

No. 943476

File: 1583833611311.jpg (Spoiler Image, 378.97 KB, 913x1200, EFkXVUvX0AAy5uV.jpg)

No. 943477

File: 1583833706890.jpg (Spoiler Image, 292.69 KB, 927x1200, EFkXVUuWsAAJRG4.jpg)

No. 943478

File: 1583833841120.jpg (Spoiler Image, 365.21 KB, 929x1200, EFkXVUvW4AAAUMM.jpg)

No. 943479

File: 1583833949813.jpg (Spoiler Image, 345.06 KB, 926x1200, EFkXWN9W4AAH-tQ.jpg)

No. 943480

File: 1583834054264.jpg (Spoiler Image, 332.21 KB, 929x1200, EFkXWOUW4AInMV0.jpg)

No. 943481

File: 1583834145727.jpg (Spoiler Image, 361.8 KB, 923x1200, EFkXWOTWwAQmIdk.jpg)

No. 943482

File: 1583834245808.jpg (Spoiler Image, 313.02 KB, 925x1200, EFkXXA-WkAAF8wB.jpg)

No. 943483

File: 1583834343860.jpg (Spoiler Image, 320.11 KB, 928x1200, EFkXXBSWwAU0scr.jpg)

No. 943484

File: 1583834450352.jpg (Spoiler Image, 332.04 KB, 928x1200, EFkXXBTWkAIwpQ3.jpg)

No. 943485

File: 1583834541363.jpg (Spoiler Image, 384.44 KB, 927x1200, EFkXX2kWwAAzHJe.jpg)

No. 943487

File: 1583834649500.jpg (Spoiler Image, 369.8 KB, 928x1200, EFkXX2kWkAE7MfZ.jpg)

No. 943488

File: 1583834746000.jpg (Spoiler Image, 336.42 KB, 925x1200, EGhZDveXoAEhi3Z.jpg)

No. 943489

File: 1583834856723.jpg (Spoiler Image, 324.04 KB, 927x1200, EGhZDvfXUAAean8.jpg)

No. 943490

File: 1583835007573.jpg (Spoiler Image, 279.08 KB, 917x1200, EGhZDvdXYAAnBWK.jpg)

No. 943491

File: 1583835123468.jpg (Spoiler Image, 289.17 KB, 916x1200, EGhZFrNWsAQrNl8.jpg)

No. 943492

File: 1583835225786.jpg (Spoiler Image, 303.97 KB, 923x1200, EGhZFrQWoAARZfI.jpg)

No. 943493

File: 1583835332837.jpg (Spoiler Image, 335.85 KB, 912x1200, EGhZFrbWkAA5EPn.jpg)

No. 943494

File: 1583835426684.jpg (Spoiler Image, 298.71 KB, 930x1200, EHHU3P6WoActhvB.jpg)

No. 943495

File: 1583835542374.jpg (Spoiler Image, 374.62 KB, 927x1200, EHHU3QAWoAEn4Qt.jpg)

No. 943496

File: 1583835669221.jpg (Spoiler Image, 311.38 KB, 925x1200, EHHU3P6X0AAAZU8.jpg)

No. 943498

File: 1583835771209.jpg (Spoiler Image, 281.25 KB, 923x1200, EHHU5KaWoAARZjg.jpg)

No. 943499

File: 1583835843601.jpg (Spoiler Image, 332.2 KB, 927x1200, EHHU5KKW4AEKu6F.jpg)


No. 943500

Wew, don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't quite that. Thanks anon!

No. 943502

The comic "Summoning" is indeed the Claire's bag comic about chopping off the girlcock in the middle of the woods. Can't wait to watch that shitstorm hit

No. 943520

Yeah, 'processing trauma' my ass.

No. 943558

Can someone explain what this comic is about?m Why did he start fucking the plushie all of a sudden?

No. 943580

Can't wait until Aggy screams "4CHAN IS AFTER MY LIVELIHOOD HOSTING MY COMIC HERE" and spam their Gumroad/Ko-Fi because "I'm a disabled trans woman who is in DANGER because someone hosted my comic somewhere for F R E E .

No. 943584


No. 943585

File: 1583856627305.jpg (16.97 KB, 211x211, IMG_-8b1nln.jpg)

On fucking God, I am not ready to see another porn affair under the guise of being faux-deep a la Puppymilk.

Speaking of, wasn't that comic originally a shitty little flip book done in crayons or did I feverdream that shit up? It was like babytalk and shit. Likes like "I wuv you Mommy" and shit like that.

No. 943595

Yes, there was an original crayon version of puppy milk and it's more or less like that. I live in the same city as her and she had the audacity to go up to people offering to trade both versions of it. She also brought this zine >>941229 to an event and showed it to a bunch of old punks who aren't on the internet. I assume they were baffled

No. 943599

Holy shit, really? Imagine being handed a babytalk comic or worse; one where the protagonist is clearly a minor living under the roof of their parent and fucking/cumming inside a plush animal. Oh also many MANY gratuitous shots of tiny penises sticking out of panties.

Imagine getting a comic about someone throwing a pissbaby fit online when you barely even fucking go online. Holy shit, what the fuck.

No. 943602

this makes me so fucking nervous bc zine fairs and things like that are supposed to be wholesome! everybody trades! i can't imagine ACCIDENTALLY trading my work with someone this fucking disgusting

No. 943607

okay so this may be a dumb question or asking to be spoon fed but…. what trauma did this freak endure to post shit like this? like obviously this is a mentally deranged male but it really boggles my mind how someone could hate women so much yet want to be a little girl so badly that they draw kiddy porn of it. like this isn’t even a cope and it’s crazy how Twitter retards allow these clowns run amuck claiming their baby rape comics are actually about ~*muh dysphoria and twaummmaaaaaa*~

No. 943609

Yeah I ended up unknowingly taking the baby talk one. My friends and I had a good laugh about it, then we looked at the other version on her instagram… Not so funny

No. 943610

As noted before, Aggy basically nuked their Twitter to a certain point in time, so any explanation of their trauma even by a tweet is probably long-gone unless someone can go back in archives to check what the fuck is stirring about in their head when they thought "Yeah, drawing a little kid cumming and babytalking is okay!".

No. 943611

File: 1583857931184.jpg (15.69 KB, 276x271, IMG_20190829_024445.jpg)

Yeah that would be a real fucking surprise to find that the person behind such an annoyingly saccharine comic with babytalking, crayon lines, and simple as shit doodles would make something like that and claim its "TRAUMA COPING ART" like isn't exposing yourself to the shit that does traumatize you make it worse? Not playing psychologist here, just correct me if my dumb ass is wrong here.

No. 943616

He clearly fetishizing his own trauma too, and I highly doubt a reputable therapist would say "its healthy to process your trauma by becoming sexually fixated on it!" Because… that's the textbook definition of having a dangerous relationship with your trauma.

The whole comic would have been a cluster fuck even if it wasnt for the strange closeups of his penis in what's clearly supposed to be little girl underwear. Not women's underwear, but what's depicted as cutesy innocent children's undergarments. He also adds in a weird scene where hes humping a stuffed animal and then playing with the ejaculate. None of these things scream "coping with my trauma".

The person who made this comic clearly has conflicting feelings about their paraphillia but it feels like they're trying to convince themselves in their art that what they're feeling/doing isnt wrong. It's like they hate themselves but also are completely obsessed with their fetishization of being a little girl they choose to identify with that singular aspect of themselves instead of accepting that feeling these things might not be normal.

No. 943635

You took the words out my mouth, anon. Just it's NOT a good idea to sexualize / present your trauma in such a way. It's like dangerous and can cause irreparable damage down the lane, but seeing how Aggy flatout said "TRANS WOMEN CANT EVER BE PEDOPHILES EVER" is really fucking concerning and to see how much deeper this rabbit hole goes is interesting but also fucking depressing.

I did see their earlier works before somehow their brain shifted to "babytalk and dressing up as a little girl is okay!" It was interesting and damn it it had some sort of style but now it's just bean eyes and crayon shitspews.

I tell you; the whole "anti-antis" or whatever circlejerk ruin people really.

No. 943659

I'm going to say, too, Aggy claiming they're 'just coping with their trauma' is a bullshit fucking statement. No therapist would tell you to post your trauma online like this, I'll fucking tell you that.

Aggy, and their little circle of 'anti-antis we don't like art police ya'll are fucking puritans for not wanting to see pedophilia drawn out in a 'tee hee so sexy' kind of way' just use this shitty shield. Kind of like how trans people with no morals use their 'transness' as a shield (which, haha, aggy has done too)

Aggy has absolutely zero morals and integrity, if it wasn't obvious enough. Nobody who's fucking sane constantly publishes ''''trauma artwork'''' online that displays this shit…

And then profit off of it. And expects ZERO kickback from the people who are seeing it on a public platform. But that's just me, maybe I'm just a fucking puritan.

No. 943660

It's really suspicious how they're profiting off their trauma work like if it's really to help with their emotions or whatever; why sell it? Like if it's THAT personal you got to defend it like "I'm trans and this is my personal story about my mother's abuse".

Don't know if I was in that situation to create a very personal piece and have it online, I feel gross as shit profiting off my own suffering, but maybe that's just my two cents on the whole ordeal so far.

No. 943664

if this comic ACTUALLY depicted aggy's experience with abuse, even if it was pretty visually unappealing, it wouldn't be such a big deal to everyone in the industry. instead, it's just a comic about a kid beating off inside a stuffed narwhal. we get it, aggy, you're damaged, but you're just perpetuating it at this point. i imagine she still gets off this way, which is why she claims she needs stuffed animals to live. low-effort bullshit like this isn't ~coping~. get a fucking therapist you creep.

No. 943670

TBH the moment this ugly thing said, "Never call a transwoman a pedophile!" I knew his ass was just shit. There's not one thing redeeming about this asshole. If he's a victim of something he's literally telling other victims that, "hey that dude whose suddenly a "woman" now, isn't a pedophile, yeah I know he did this or that to you, but transwomen should NEVER be called a pedophile"

Then people actually liked that tweet shows you that this isn't just a Aggy issue.Fuck him for that. fuck his pedophile saggy moob having ass. It enrages me that people like him are supported.

The fact there was a guy in the news whose suddenly a honest to god woman, who molested CHILDERN, who I believe was set free because they said the treatement that he's getting when he transitioned means that he won't have a libdo and won't be able to harm childern, Aggy is saying this dude isn't a pedophile.

Aggy says he's a victim but he's telling people who are victims, if their abuser is trans they cannot be a pedophile.
Fuck him.
someone with so much "trauma" that they have to make a comic sexualizing a child, would NEVER say something like that.

Every bitch on tumblr who sexualizes childern says they have trauma, maybe i'm a bad person but I no longer take that shit serious nor do I believe it excuses what they do.

No. 943671

File: 1583866626452.jpeg (80.28 KB, 1242x638, 13EB6EB9-714E-4581-BFED-A3CB7E…)

Does anyone know if he ever had a tumblr? Found an inactive blog with this kind of shit on it

No. 943693

I am REALLY not sure but if this is actually Aggy's Tumblr… holy shit what the fuck

No. 943711

Why are you surprised that a degenerate pedophile posts or associates with disgusting things?

Someone should start a countdown for when this dysgenic fuck is going to get popped for actual child pornography.

No. 943722

good job woketards. good job.

No. 943730


Oh yeah, Just saw some news about a brave and stunning transwoman from Brazil who people campaigned to get him out of the male jail, turns out this person had raped and killed a child.

but we can NEVER call a transwoman a pedophile. NEVER. Whenever people feel bad for this asshole remember this tweet and remember what this assholes represents.

No. 943739

File: 1583876000992.png (194.29 KB, 460x615, 838483084838.PNG)

Can't wait to see these in the wild and know who to avoid talking to ever.

Like colorful stripes and patterns on poisonous frogs.

No. 943742

Perhaps this has been mentioned before, but why "puppy" milk? Or like in >>943739? Is it just a cutesy sounding word to paste onto things, like all the other saccharine baby talk? What symbolism is puppy milk even supposed to be.

No. 943744

File: 1583876474886.png (11.2 KB, 507x188, e939493949399.PNG)

Moreso surprised that if this is the blog, their "MUH TRAUMA" is just a guise to pretend to be a little girl who wants to be molested by a "big bad daddy" even though I'm sure if Puppymilk entailed a tale of an abusive mother, I really don't want to learn in depth about how the fuck Aggy's father plays into it for them to possibly reblog this.

Also this little reblog and remembering their fixation on "Stuffies" or whatever.

No. 943746

All these freaks are either furries or into puppy play. The name is familiar and cute to them

No. 943751

File: 1583877030753.png (520.9 KB, 539x538, 283828382883.PNG)

Reposting this properly, but this was the last post on the Tumblr before it was abandoned on July 14th, 2019.

What you think is the reason? Best guess is that Twitter allowed more people who wanna wank it to kidplay or cubs or some other degenerate shit post-NSFW ban on Tumblr.

Still, what sort of event made Aggy here "BAWW" before leaving for worsening pastures is beyond my comprehension here.

Nothing really of note besides the usual "hehe I'm a little girl~" stuff but also like a few "I miss you" stuff.

No. 943830

Hey, Aggy got a daily dot article written on their 'etsy situation' classy. I know that Gretchen has connections here and there, but. What do you folks think. Of course it has to state that they're 'trans' in the title lmao


No. 943831

Aggy has a gumroad store now

here's another gumroad link for no particular reason:

No. 943843

" playful dreamworld trauma"
This isn't some mature exploration of his trauma, it's straight up masturbation. Tinfoil but Aggy probably didn't even get abused, he just gets off on the idea of being a tiny little loli with a blown out butthole. This is Stephonknee if he could halfway draw.

No. 943846

I've seen 2014-era Tumblr MS Paint ventarts with more exploration than this fucking 26 page fest of tiny penises sticking out of panties.

No. 943847

I'm not going to sit here and act like a therapist, but I think if Aggy really had the trauma they claim to have, they wouldn't be posting this shit publicly. I know not all trauma victims 'cope the same' but most people I've seen with trauma do not literally draw out their trauma, and, hell, if they did, they never posted it out publicly.

This absolute creature is just using the 'trans woman' trump card and attaching themselves to gross, popular people for clout. They're not in this to spread awareness, they're in it for the attention and money, at least to a certain extent.

Just. I've seen some fucking scum on the internet, fuckers to happily jerk off to pedophilia out in the open and don't expect anybody to go 'what the fuck, that's fucked up'. Twitter has let these fuckers run rampant without much respite. They'll ban someone for being 'offensive' but not someone who's literally producing CP and shit? Great fucking priorities.

No. 943848

a traumatized person would probably want to end the cycle of abuse rather than fantasize about and encouraging continuing it

No. 943852

To be honest, if I was someone who had trauma like Aggy claims to get away with all this puppyshit, I wouldn't paint it as "teehee cutesy uwu uwu". Like trauma is disgusting, vile, gnaws at your being for god knows how long until you get the help you need.

It's not some cutesy accessory like Aggy and their Tamagotchis or stuffies. It's a fucking crutch upon someone which you have to deal with for ages and it's not good to glamorize it.

No. 943855

From what I gather it’s supposed to symbolize estrogen. The kid wants it, so he can transition. That’s the entire ‘depth’ of this drivel.
As for why ‘puppy’, it’s pretty much what >>943746 said

No. 943856

There's been a growing amount of people producing content like this and saying it's fueled by trauma since around 2012 on Tumblr (and definitely before then, that was just when I started seeing it become more popular). They usually say that those calling them out are against DEEP QUEER CONTENT and ARENT LETTING CREATORS EXPLORE DARK SUBJECTS as if their content isn't geared towards being masturbatory fuel for pedophiles and other freaks instead of an actual exploration of something that doesn't get shown in mainstream work. It's definitely unhealthy and exposing so many people to your (most likely fake) trauma like that while sexualizing it? They're just trying to normalize their kink and groom people who are vulnerable while hiding under a faux-woke sheet with some holes in it.

No. 943904

>prominent transgender artist
even the most edgy trans artists i know won't even touch aggy. no one gives a shit.
>advocates say the ban is discriminatory
who, aggy and gretchen and a handful of misguided sycophants?
>comic on trauma
generous to call it either a comic or about trauma
>[gretchen] did not respond to the daily dot immediately for comment
bull fucking shit her take is just too hot and wrong that this other author isn't publishing it with good reason
>"etsy bans pornography of any sort…but still"
the $70 or so "ginny woo" was paid to write this reactive trash wasn't enough to change facts
>her storefront was taken down because she was trans
her storefront was taken down for shitty-ass drawings of kid dicks.

No. 943970

File: 1583902899801.png (76.27 KB, 587x641, sssssd.PNG)

Going through Aggy's tag is just. An utter trip of people coddling them, Gretchen of course being a part of said coddling. It's so fucking crazy to me how someone with so little talent who has to make art for the 'anti anti' crowd has such a semi-vocal following.

No. 943975

Of course the usual troupe of rejects of society gotta brown-nose Aggy because their fee-fees got decimated because the BIG BAD TRANSPHOBIC ETSY took down their shop… but somehow made back the money via Ko-Fi paypigs.

It's like they want something new to bitch about and Aggy's shop being rightfully taken down due to TOS was one way to rage about TRANSPHOBIA against "great content creators".

No. 943999

I have no idea why people are so suprised that a TRANS pedo like Aggy still gets support. Do yall not know how much a trans person can get away with in 2020? Twitter will ban someone for misgendering but lets this asshole and MAPs peddle their shit on thier platform ALL the time.

Aggy would have you thinking she's the most attacked person in the world, like most trans women do when the POC trans women are the ones who actually are in danger/being murdered because of sex work, poverty and their issues isn't fucking not being able to sell pedo art on a platform, their issue is day to day fucking living.

All aggy has to do is cry transphobia and no one will question it, people will question racism and sexism before they question transphobia. Shows what a fucked up world we live in because we've pandered to these people.

No. 944106

I thought "I want to be the little girl" was just an old 4chan meme. In 2020 we have grown men with tubular gynecomastia slapping on mommy's dresses and talking like cartoon toddlers on the internet.

No. 944274

The meme came from reality. They're autopedophiles in addition to autogynephiles. I'm not shocked that there are men with scumbag inclinations like this, but the new era shocks me in how many people embrace them and are out & proud of it. And how many woketards nod along.

There was a time not that long ago a person like puppy uwu stwabbymilkymilk would've never shared their deviant desires with anyone. They'd probably just be jacking off in kid's underwear with a sense of shame, and hell, if we're lucky, would be "MAP" anyway.

I am willing to accept some art can be dark, deal with themes of childhood sexual abuse, and be disturbing. Plenty of excellent fiction has been born from those dark themes, and places of trauma. But much like the supreme court I know pornography when I see it, and Puppymilk is pornography. If Puppymilk was the ONLY sexualized thing aggy did, I'd give them a break on one creepy borderline comic. But look at their entire output of "art", it is ALL about sexualizing children. Clearly a pedophile, not a tortured artist.

No. 944275

meant noMAP not MAP, can't keep track of these retarded terms for pedophile and pedophile who hasn't fucked a kid yet.

No. 944314

File: 1583972779265.png (446.58 KB, 589x814, ohboyyy.PNG)

Oh fucking boy, remember when they brought up that new 'summoning' comic they were working on?

Welp, it's here. And it already looks like it's going to go fucking downhill really fast, and we're already at rock bottom.

No. 944388

File: 1583977520748.png (19.43 KB, 584x148, 9293992939293.PNG)

Maybe not be so okay with drawing child dicks, liking beastiality, incest, lolicon & shotacon shit on your only twitter so far because at this rate, bet you blockchained everyone who called out your sorry ass.

No. 944415

File: 1583983221872.png (46.43 KB, 599x478, bitchmad.PNG)

The pedo artist who uses their 'transness' as a shield is angry guys. But they actually don't care. And what they're doing is 'just cartoons'.

Damn, the mental gymnastics of Aggy. Do you care about what people think of you or not? You're clearly crying and screaming like the utter retard that you are. And if they're 'just cartoons', what the fuck is up with you hiding behind the whole 'IT'S JUST TRAUMA ART!!! MUHHH TRAUMA!!!' bullshit. They're so obviously baiting for so much sympathy.

Poor fucking you. Boo fucking hoo. If you don't want people criticizing your bullshit, don't post shit in public. Maybe go on a more pedo hugbox site that isn't twitter, a place where people actively talk shit about 'anti antis' for pretty good fucking reason.

No. 944418

File: 1583985670996.png (27.34 KB, 584x205, 8882888428.PNG)

And yet again more bawwing because people are catching up to the fact of them being a sneaky as shit bastard who uses their trans identity as a get out of jail free card to draw disgusting garbage.

Honestly, it's interesting how they say they don't give a shit but still, in fact, give a heaping lump of puppyshit.

No. 944842

File: 1584070688660.png (228.21 KB, 750x1334, 4E2EFD4F-EB47-421C-A026-F02C45…)

Okay, can anyone explain to me what this overgrown wart is in the front of these walmart panties if he's supposedly gotten a "pussy" hammer-drilled out? I've seen plenty of neovaginas thanks to the internet, but none that left a lil cabinet doorknob like this before.

No. 944843

File: 1584071251618.png (29 KB, 583x263, aggy1.PNG)

Update: Aggy might be interested in therapy which means hopefully they will screw in their head right that kiddy peen out is not a good idea.

Also I saw some of their artwork from around 2014-2015 via a Kiwifarms thread about them and it's disheartening to see their style deteriorate to an overly sugary pedophilefest.

No. 944846

Gender-affirming could be anything, really. Facial feminization surgery, BBL, boob job. Most of these troons save the penis for last because, let's face it, this is all about cumming anyway.

No. 944857

I wanna say boobs with this pic

No. 944913

If I went under the knife for those sleepy basset hound titties I'd want my money back. Is this why the MTF suicide rate is so high? They spend all the money on surgery and end up either looking like grotesque realldolls or with post-menopausal bodies and pocket vaginas that need to be dialated daily or else they'll close up like Claire's ear piercings.

No. 944928

i'd assume it's probably more because of endless autistic screeching like yours, anon, but who am i to know

No. 944940

It doesn’t get further on the spectrum than actually thinking that popping pills made from horse piss is gonna make you a cute woman.

No. 945002

File: 1584112365840.jpg (1.04 MB, 3000x2250, aggyyy.jpg)

No. 945004

from kiwifarms -
On his IG are photos of Matt visiting his “brother” Jo this past summer. Jo is an FTM and is actually his half sister though their dad prior to him marrying Matt’s mom. Matt is the middle child between two very chad looking brothers and grew up in St. Charles, Il., a nice middle class suburb a bit west of Chicago. Matt’s father does not list him amongst his kids on his FB page but does list his other two sons. Matt also visited his grandmother on the same 2019 summer road trip, so he appears not to be totally estranged from all of his family.

No. 945476

File: 1584214827302.jpg (37.61 KB, 720x451, Screenshot_20200314-153838_Twi…)

Jesus christ, them being outed really took a toll on Aggys rockfilled brain, huh?

No. 945481

File: 1584215162072.jpg (44.3 KB, 720x475, Screenshot_20200314-153847_Twi…)

more aggy raging and crying about "IM TOO SMART I WANT TO BE STUPID"

No. 945496

come on ags how smart could you possibly be

No. 945557

They must be REALLY smart to ignore fucking TOS, scream transphobia when the store shut them down because they're selling pornography under their site.

Aggy is actually dumb as a box of fucking rocks but they wanna rebrand it as some sort of cutesy "im stwupid uwu uwu" shit. No, you're just flatout braindead.

No. 946177

File: 1584356868741.png (417.6 KB, 1440x1725, Screenshot_20200316-060345~01.…)

What fucking sickos are buying these pedo comics?

No. 946178

File: 1584357064337.png (868.6 KB, 1440x2270, Screenshot_20200316-060505~01.…)

They're up on teespring

No. 946191

Why is this pedophile's gumroad still up?
Why is he allowed to make any money off his degenerate shit?

No. 946238

It'd be transphobic not to allow her to use the service don't you know!

No. 946241

Other pedophiles rallying behind their King, probably.

No. 946308

as someone who has been a victim of cp people like you hurt me a lot

like a drawing is the same thing as a real child suffering, when I see people say shit like that it really minimizes what happened to me in my head. Makes me think people liken ritual sexual abuse to someone drawing something for 30 minutes.

wtf is wrong with you??

No. 946310

did u know that people can go through the same experience and come out of it with different opinions? it's fascinating. it's also fascinating when newfags sage + integrate

No. 946312

The point is that aggy is making very obviously pedophilic drawings. No one here is saying that his drawings are just as bad as real cp. However, it‘s still gross to try to defend his pedophilic “art.”

No. 946327

>3 months ago
let it go. and liking lolishit does make someone a pedo.

No. 946351

The whole 'I'm a victim of csa and MAPs and loli are harmless.' Your abuse doesn't give you any special say over what is and isn't morally wrong. Your only responsibility is your own mental health and healing from your own trauma. Hanging with roving packs of pedophiles who, most of which probably never got molested or abused, listen to your life story with their feminine penises in their hands. A drawing isn't the same as a real child, but best believe if I found out someone I knew drew and fantasized about zoophilia I wouldn't be letting them petsit my dog any time soon. Pixels on a screen or not, this person still gets off to the idea of children. That fact alone should make you more upset than people online finding it gross.

Why are you guys so keen on 'processing' trauma with people who are more into propagating and exploiting their trauma than healthily processing it so you can live some semblance of a normal life? You're all no better than the anas and miachans who trade purging tips and thinspo on forums. Sick people who wanna stay sick and make others sick like them.

No. 946410

The moment this person said you shouldn't ever call a transwoman a pedophile was the moment any excuse for this person doing what they are doing went out the door for me.

They knew what they were doing made them come off as creepy. Instead of changing it, they told everyone else to change how THEY felt.
Told them a transwoman couldn't possibly be a pedophile! Even if they draw or do pedo things, you just can't call them that. even if they are.

So fuck Aggy.

No. 946504

File: 1584442848179.jpg (722.7 KB, 1440x1853, 20200317_185947.jpg)

Excuse me what

No. 946508

saw this from the front page and would like to forget everything about it

No. 946570


No. 946608

Customf0nt is an entire mess. She's one of those 'I put myself into the place of the little girl' pedos. She's just as much of a cow as Aggy.

No. 946654

Was there a point to this post…?

No. 946698

Yeah also people who are buddy buddy with customf0nt usually fall in the same "anti-anti" circlejerk of "siscon is ok!!!" or "i want the dad to molest his adoptive daughter uwu" camps.

Will we ever see a thread on them maybe not or maybe so but still they seem to be the epicenter of a lotta nasty-ass degenerates who use the "cutesy" appearance to lure in folks and then bombard you with their vile gross shit. Kind of predatory if you ask me.

No. 946737

Customf0nt desperately wants to be a little girl and is obsessed with them getting raped. She's just another example of women who choose to double down and live in their trauma instead of working through it. That or she's lying about abuse to have an easy excuse to be openly degenerate. You should read some of her fanfics lol. IIRC she's in some kind of pedo polycule with another artist who used to draw porn for 4chan's Homestuck generals. It doesn't shock me at all that she's friends with Aggy.

No. 946841

File: 1584501203664.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 323.73 KB, 1505x2048, E8796B26-4B9A-4807-9BD8-A7632E…)

Great, he’s drawing again. It’s not even subtle, god.
Usual Warning: creepy pedo shit, boy in a dress jacking off

No. 946843

Now, go ahead and tell me this is an overreaction but I think any human adult that can draw such disgusting filth should be shot in the head. Fucking repulsive, burn my eyes out, rage inducing material right there. I hope this aggy bitch gets decked with a steel pipe.

This is just as bad a child porn imo, I don’t even want to look at that again. This person is creating content that if people are buying, they are buying it with the intention to hurt children idgaf

No. 946879

Fuck this "trauma" bullshit its fucking blatant as all hell Aggy has a sick fucking fixation on little boys jacking it and/or being groped and no ammount of wailing from him will convince me otherwise. He's a fucking sick perverse degenerate and I know that isnt new information but this art confirms he just doesnt give a shit and wants to draw littlw kids jerking off.

No. 946896

Call this pedophilic man what HE is.

No. 946901

Okay? No one ever said otherwise?
You’re being pretty sensitive about someone simply using the word they. Chill.

No. 946909

you leave Racoon Craig the fuck alone, he suffers enough

No. 946940

"The term autogynephilia (auto for self, gyne for female, philia for desire, often shortened AGP) refers to a psychological condition in which a man (usually heterosexual) derives sexual or even "romantic" pleasure from the fantasy of being female."

oh look, Aggy's projecting his own disgusting fetish on an cartoon child. Yes this is him "coping", sure. This isn't him sharing what he gets off too. This isn't him showing what he thinks "being a woman" is. You know, wearing an dress and then jerking off in said dress because "Cute like a girl". Not once has ever said anything inciteful of meaningful in these "comics" besides, "Little boy thinks he's a girl, so he does sexual things in female clothing", which is AGP, which is what Aggy is.

This is def. not an fetish, nope. Funny how he's played every fucking victim card in the book as to try to make people not criticize him. It's still working btw. "I'm transgender, i'm a woman! I can't be a pedophile! I'm a victim! It's how I cope, I can't be a pedophile! It's art! I can't be a pedophile!"

Yes, drawing dumb ass child porn is how you cope. Getting the pedophiles off who are looking at it is how you cope. "trans childern" aren't reading this shit, they have other propaganda to read to convince them they are the opposite sex, so who is this for? It's not educational. It helps no one but pedophiles.

fuck you aggy.

No. 947098

File: 1584559475079.png (113.55 KB, 598x605, 29329932399293.PNG)

"A hyper-cutesy, painfully grotesque comic about the death of innocence and our desire to cling to it without ever having known safety or happiness."

Is this flowerly language for "It's just about some dude who drawn some child pornography and making it fake deep with SPOOOOOOOOOKY elements like leeches or some shit".

Oh also a bunch of shots of penises peaking out of panties. A common theme which is totally not suspicious and if you dare note it, you're TRANSPHOBIC and/or a COP.

No. 947132


Carta monir also made the list who is a cow in her own right and draws even worse than aggy.

No. 947222

I dunno about that. I’d say they’re better than aggy by a long shot. at least they have a good body of work and seems rather accomplished. Unlike aggy, who just draws anime trans girls fucking plushies and call it deep.

No. 947270

She's def more attrActive but that isn't saying much

No. 947322

You sound like a troon. Did you forget where you are ?

No. 947337

People actually get enjoyment out of Puppy milk? It’s just boring and full of deep shit like you said.

No. 947340

No, just other pedos and Gretchen who loves looking edgy

No. 947359

I’m confused at what you’re even angry about, stop clogging up the thread unless you have milk or something

No. 948782

File: 1584945601568.jpg (1.1 MB, 2448x2448, whyyyy.jpg)

aggy's taking a ~bweak~ from social media as of the 20th. how long do we think it'll last?

also here is a message someone left on their ko-fi ebegging account sixteen days ago
>I heard about you being harrassed and I wanted to support you through this tough time. No one deserves what youve been through.
anyway here is a new creepy dog post she made this month

No. 948783

File: 1584945826359.jpg (1.05 MB, 2427x3283, aggggyy.jpg)

No. 948788

stop entertaining this man’s fetish

No. 948802


The art is pretty cute though

No. 948803



What the hell is CAKE?


What shitty website is that?

No. 948804

CAKE stands for Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, and that horrible website you're asking about is curiouscat.me and it functions similarly to formspring and the likes. Anonymous question asking website

No. 948821

that's what makes it so disturbing

No. 948827

my bad, i don't think he has a dick but this is more of a blob than a human anyway. i'll try using "it"?

No. 948867

Oh no worries anon. But yeah he has a dick. See here: >>927665

No. 950146

Late as hell but I'll give it a shot.

Here's a stupid insight post on this hot mess of a cow.

I'll go with what another poster here said about "puppy milk" representing hormones. The protagonist looks vaguely like the one in the "my sister molested me while i was wearing a fur suit" comic that exists somewhere on here. The mother figure says that it's full of fats and the better alternative is eating vegetables - so, hormones bad, keep to "natural" hormones. So roughly this is all what >>943855 said. The "feeling of strawberry puppy milk" escapes me, but I suppose it's supposed to reference lolita fashion? Or regression? Idk.

Big sister appears (a MTF), and comes off as manipulating the protagonist into transitioning as well; calling her brother "stupid" on multiple occasions, telling him to "try harder [to transition]", etc. From this point on, it's basically back to back abuse - the protagonist is obviously living in an abusive household where transitioning would give him the love of his big sister (she gaslights him about getting his hair cut, saying he "let [mom] cut it" despite the protests we just saw), but not transitioning gets him the affection of someone who is clearly abusive for different reasons: more possessive than anything, but uses her son being queer as a rebellion tactic. She's clearly transphobic, wanting a "normal" family.

As for the leeches… I want to say they're anger? The sister is "possessed by them" according to both the mother and the protagonist. They flare up and destroy the room when the brother tells his big sister "mom still loves you". It could also be self-destruction. However, the protagonist clearly sees this in a good light, given he dreams of the leeches talking to him and that they "don't hate his sister, but she just wants so hard". They then empower the protagonist, giving him the rage to press on and try to transition again.

If this was autobiographical and actually about Aggy's "trauma", then it would appear that their parental figure was/is very transphobic (parentual figure here because I have no information on Aggy's parents beyond what's been posted before.) According to the Kiwifarms post ( >>945004 ), their half-sister Jo had transitioned, but I'm not sure when. This points to Jo being very pushy of Aggy, wanting him to be like her - and if that's the case, and the "my sis uses me as a model for a stuffie fetish site but it's cool" comic points to a rather gross idea of Jo using him for her own gains, Matt trying to transition, being disowned by his parents (especially the step-father?), and then it just sort of spun out from there.

To simply work with what we have rather than armchair, then the copious amounts of "trauma" comics could just be Aggy doing what they've been taught was appropiate: breaking stuff could have been used to punish them in the past, the stuffie fetish stuff and the copious amounts of child dick could be because of Jo, and so on. The "trans person talks to crossdressers" could be a genuine experience in an attempt to learn + insight on how their family's painted their world view of what transgirls are, being either excessively cute or hideous monsters.

But if it's not, and it's just a pedophile getting off to sharing their fantasies, then… well, it's a pedophile sharing their fantasies.

No. 950151

Did you seriously bump the thread for this shit? Thought there was actual milk. Either sage your bullshit armchair or don’t post at all. This contributed nothing to the thread.

No. 950185

so all in all, if this is about aggy, he was groomed or "cracked" by a older trans person (which is normal in that community), his mom is abusive, not because she doesn't want to give into to her groomed child about thinking they are a female and giving them puberty blockers/hormones, but because not only does she not do anything about an obviously mentally unwell child, but uses thier sexuality in a disgusting way.
So does Aggy think his issues would be solved if he was able to troon out earlier? I seriously fucking doubt it. If his mom would've been supportive she'd STILL fucking use his traness and he'd STILL have obvious mental illness that went unchecked.

If his brother is supposed to be the good guy in all this, it's truly fucking sick.
Regardless of if it's based on aggy or not, one thing this story does is shows all the reasons why these kids need mental help and trooning out fixes nothing.

No. 950186

and even if his family was supportive, he'd still be doing exactly what he's doing, he'd still seem mentally unwell, childish and fucked in the head. I seriously doubt support would've done more then make him extra fucked up, because that just seems how Aggy is.

No. 952844

File: 1585778997997.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 663.68 KB, 1618x2048, ECA4AAED-10AB-40BF-9D68-FC6761…)

Sad news, he’s still alive.
General NSFL warning, this time it’s some weird stinky diaper fetish shit?
God why. Some things just should never be drawn.

No. 952949

Ew, the golden shower in the bottom left.

No. 952976

God, I hate men's idea of womanhood

No. 952988

It’s not even womanhood, it’s girlhood. The girl in the drawing is clearly a child which makes if even more disturbing.

No. 952994

There's a penis peeping out from those panties. Still creepy fetish shit tho.

No. 953001

aah i didnt notice that, creepy that it obviously depicts a child

No. 953016

translation: aggy is a fat neckbeard that doesn't shower and shits himself and wants to pretend that's cute lolll

No. 953235

File: 1585853385347.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 601.39 KB, 1591x2048, FC382A67-FB61-4304-8468-B10336…)

You ever see a drawing that just makes you want to kill yourself? God this is so putrid

No. 953245

>You ever see a drawing that just makes you want to kill yourself?
All of aggy’s drawings. Wish this pedo would off himself.

No. 953248

So this whole flashing unwilling people with a disgusting unwashed child body is part of his "trauma coping" too I assume?

Ah yes the "trauma" that is sexualizing little girls, looking like one and forcing others to look at your gross fetishized body because "uwu transphobia". Sounds more like an AGP getting off on forcing people to play along with their paraphillas.

No. 954266

Sage because it's already been reposted here but Aggy left a link to get a free PDF of puppy milk for the quarantine, you know just in case you don't hate yourself enough


No. 954273

File: 1586030591329.png (322.87 KB, 1180x604, thisshitsucksbro.png)

Newish art and the choice comments left on it.

No. 954294

I want to bleach my eyes

No. 954347

I really hope there’s someone out there willing to do god’s work and call the shit out of uggy. this needs to stay in the deepest darkest corner of 4chan and it’s only a matter of time until there’s a generation of manbabies pretending to be anime loli girls.

No. 954412

The fact that no one has a problem with it is what's seriously bothering me. The piss obsession, sexualization of prepubescent bodies and constant baby talk, all of Aggy's orbiters think this is fine. I can't wrap my head around it.

No. 954443


That comment on the bottom tho. Girls peeing is so valid? First off that's not a girl, you can see the ding dong in the pic. Second, valid in what way? Incontinence can affect anyone but it's not something to be fetishized or seen as "uwu cute" any more than being incredibly gross and stinky.

No. 954476

I think a lot of people have tried, not sure if there were any consequences since Aggy is probably a shut-in.
It might be a good thing that Uggo is being so openly pedophilic, since nobody can spin it as just deep art. Nobody who anyone respects, anyway.

No. 954488

I personally don’t care about piss fetish art or lolicon because at least some of the artists are self aware enough that they don’t call it that deep. The difference between them and uggy is how he tries to pass off his jerk off session on paper as “m-muh twama uwu” like it’s the best thing since Vincent Van Gogh. He’s very careful about not starting shit with other twitter pedos and he’s already got minors reading his shit for free. Fucking leave uggy. You’re a shit stain the the lgbt community.

No. 954497

LOLLL I recognize that person, he flew to glitchedpuppet's house AFTER she was exposed as a pedo defender and got mad that she wouldn't fuck him. These people are sex pests who deliberately interact with other sex pests to feel normal.

No. 957048

"___ is so valid" has become a nonsense phrase among internet weirdos and listless people who otherwise have nothing to contribute to the conversation.

No. 957286

File: 1586639605674.jpg (1.24 MB, 1440x2367, 20200412_051229.jpg)

Creepshowart apparantly did a video on this person

No. 957287

>little girls
>and trauma art


No. 957310

i can't watch right now but i really hope they put in the "never call a transwoman a pedophile" tweets.

No. 957316

File: 1586649587083.jpeg (255.26 KB, 828x606, EE67BF4B-12C7-4FD9-B448-4F2B25…)

Bird of a feather flock don’t they?

No. 957318

>We must protect child rapists at all costs!

Someone should check his harddrive.

No. 957319

thats twitter for you

No. 957344

File: 1586653571554.jpg (153.08 KB, 1080x566, Screenshot_20200411-210459_Sam…)

The video must have really struck a nerve for him. He still has a lot of supporters in the comments

No. 957397

File: 1586664008956.png (144.63 KB, 1080x1069, Screenshot_20200411-133340~2.p…)


I peeked at her liked tweets and now i feel even more sick

No. 957398

File: 1586664129170.png (Spoiler Image, 428.5 KB, 1080x1140, Screenshot_20200411-133529~2.p…)



Spoilered because Timmy & Tommy Nook porn, you can't see anything but still

No. 957401

Sorry for being retarded but what does "anti" mean? I see all of these people talking about "antis".

No. 957403


"Anti" refers to someone who is against something; what that something is depends on the context of what is being talked about

No. 957404

he’s such a shameless pedophile

No. 957406

Yeah but it's a term I see the pedophile circlejerkers throwing around without a lot of real context. As in a general "Antis can die" sort of thing. I wasn't sure if it just referred to "Anti-pedophilia" or what because that seems like a complicated way to refer to normal people.

No. 957408


Yeah in that context it would refer to anti-pedophiles. idk why they're like that, I wouldn't bother questioning it

No. 957409

tumblr sperg alert but i think it's a generalized term for "anti-shipper" that rose up from various fandom discourses (the one that comes to mind is the netflix voltron, but i'm sure there are plenty of others). from there as far as i can tell it's become just a loose term for people who they consider overly reactionary when it comes to content creation.

No. 957410

what the fuck

No. 957562

File: 1586701616256.jpg (736.6 KB, 1440x1589, Screenshot_20200412-222559_Twi…)

Bro you're not a victim - you're the one choosing to sit down and draw and post these disgusting things. Like walking into a water sprinkler and crying why you're wet.

No. 957571

Antis basically means people who police fandoms and what can’t and can be shipped.

No. 957612

File: 1586710450970.png (69.89 KB, 590x533, cloutchasers.PNG)

Pretty fucking wild, going through his tag and seeing these people defend him. It's the same ten fuckers as well. Are these fuckers so desprate that they need to get clout / attension from a 'trans' pedophile who literally got booted off of etsy for violating TOS and then 'baaaw'd' over it, claiming whatever is against him is 'transphobia'? Also, he has 2k followers on twitter now. Fucking hell, can he just be nuked? Twitter, you dipshits. Nuke all of these fucking cows, please.

No. 957623

I'm pretty sure Julia has a young daughter. Fucking idiot.

No. 957627

Twitter will only do something if someone misgenders this waste of space. Do you know that Twitter has Maps PROUDLY on the platforms? Minor Attracted People, peope who admit they are fucking pedophiles. They are NOT banned.

Transwomen often wish death on Terfs and transphobes, nothing happens. Twitter is not going to get rid of brave and stunning transwomen who make pedo comics.They'd ban a guy calling one "Dude" though.

Twitter is fucked up and they promote this shit because regardless of what others think, Aggy is just another poor transwoman being bullied because he's trans.

Wow how disgusting.

No. 957637

It's become a catch all term for tumblr users who claim an art/fiction is child porn or incest.

I often spend my time in self proclaimed "anti" spaces to understand where they're coming from and how they interpret media.
Ever since the creepshow vid, the non-anti twitter assumed the aggy situation was another one of their aging up/ age gap controversies: the ones which resulted in antis calling sakimichan/ohnips and similar artists for being "pedos" over aged up yaoi.
Ironically this wave of antis over policing fandoms led to a slew of artists (who had no idea who aggy was) to support their art, since, if I'm being honest, the anti definition of what's considered "pedo art" changes every season.

No. 957827

What the fuck. I did not need to know that Timmy and Tommy from Animal Crossing have porn of them. What the fuck why do pedophiles exist

No. 957830

Someone criticized creepshow’s video on strawberry milk

No. 957832

What a complete dumbass.

No. 957857

I poked through some other videos on this girl's channel and she's got a review of the Jeffree x Shane palette where she's praising them and hyping it up. So clearly her moral compass is more than a bit fucked if she's okay supporting Jeffree after all of the shit he's pulled in the past.

No. 957881

imagine going to hire a new out of school lawyer to your firm and finding out they defended a pedophile, making a whole ass video about it while they were in law school. like damn.
i 100% agree with you on the last bit. the def of what is pedo art changes and not only that allows things like aggy's legitimate pedophilic fantasies/fetishes and not hiding it as shit art to exist. people will rush to defend you if you cry "twauma" and "coping skill" and "i am a transgender" all in the same go. reading puppymilk was far from what you would expect in a trauma related art zine.

also i made a small archive of stuff that he's posted semi recently since he loves to delete stuff then repost and reuploaded the puppy milk pdf just in case it gets nuked.

No. 957886

The one thing that'll always bug me about this is that Puppy Milk could be a good breaking down trauma comic if Aggy didn't keep drawing the tip of the self insert's dick poking out of the underwear and that grotesque plushy masturbation scene. But if any one told them that they would throw a massive fit and call it "Queer art censorship." and draw even more girly boy dicks in retaliation.

A wannabe lawyer in a completely different country trying to teach Americans, american law. She's so smart and cool and doesn't come off as a pedo defender at all!/s

No. 957889

saged because it's already been answered a few times but I'm familiar with an anti being what shippers call people who don't like their ship. these ships are usually abusive, pedophilic or incestuous in nature and these shippers have the mental capacity of a teenager despite usually being grown adults in their 20s-30s

they're the kind of people like aggy who cry that art should make people uncomfortable but that only extends to the a/b/o or peepee fetish art and fanfic of minors

No. 957898

dunno about ships being actually abusive or pedophilc. More than often these retards will find any way to discredit a ship by throwing around sjw terms, so that their ship will top the tumblr charts. If it weren't for antis, aggy would have been thrown off the platform and hardly anyone would notice.

I wouldn't be surprised if a news publication makes a "can art be ethical" thinkpeice after this shitstorm calmed down, probably even name dropping aggy.

No. 957902

Funny how they are defending Aggy the poor traumatized transwomen from people "accusing him of committing a crime"

Yet, she's a fan of Jeffree Star, someone who accused James Charles of being a pedophile, sexual predator and molesting someone.

I'd love to know her opinion on that, since she felt so moved to talk about Aggy. The transwoman who screeched "NEVER" when someone asked when it was okay to call a transwoman a pedophile.

No. 958006

Oh my god her pearls are clutched.
"If she's claiming aggy is a pedo and draws cp, then that video linking to peggy's twitter is distribution of cp!" What a fucking reach. She sounds like she's trying to threaten creepshowart into shutting up. How can you threaten someone that they're going to jail for distribution, if you don't even believe what aggy is posting is wrong anyway? Then everyone in the comments also clutching their damn pearls.

No. 958010

idk how everyone in the comments of that video is so triggered over creepshowarts video but is totally cool with the nasty shit this dude draws

No. 958105

Seemingly good news, the Ko-Fi Aggy happily links to seems to not be working / accessible anymore. Which is good if he was taken off of the platform, I noticed when Creepshow initially called his gross ass out, he got at least 30+ bucks from his pedo hugbox.

All that's left is gumroad.

No. 958154

How the fuck are so many people defending her and this in the comments. Wtf?

No. 958167

Because apparently to AGP defenders the exploitation of young girls and the normalization of fetishizing innocent little girl things is just a sacrifice we have to make in order to validate transwomen feelings.

Grown ass women will throw children under the bus in order to pander to other grown ass people who should know what the dangers of sharing this content is whether or not you think aggy is trans or an AGP. It has nothing to do with bullying a transwoman. Sharing media with pedophilic traumatic undertones is bound to attract not just the people who sympathize but the perpetrators who get off on the trauma surrounding it. But obviously you can hurt a grown adults feelings by telling them that the art they draw, sexualize and then share publically could possibly be used as grooming material for the next cycle of victims. It's all about the adults feelings.

No. 958348

Transfag here. It’s 100% a man biologically. kek. pedos are garbage.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 958386

He looks like a child eater.

No. 958391

For fuck sake leave the PPG alone. They are just little girls taking a bath. Don't sexualize it that's fucking gross you creep.

No. 958399

Wow this is entirely sexist and misogynistic.
So to them being a girl = being treated like garbage. This person has a warped sense of reality.(samefagging)

No. 958412

File: 1586834035007.png (234.59 KB, 588x612, remember drawing cp counts as …)

So apparently to this fucking chuckle fuck drawing fetish porn and cp of children counts as a healthy way to discovering your queer identity. I am so fucking done.

No. 958430

Sage your shit, these posts are over weeks old and your responses added nothing to them. Thanks for bumping the thread for no reason.

No. 958866

Ok so I'd heard of this human from youtube but my question is why isn't the account deactivated. Representing children in sexual situations is kind of illegal. Also before someone tries to say otherwise here's the link to the site where I got my info https://www.justice.gov/criminal-ceos/citizens-guide-us-federal-law-child-pornography(subjectfag)

No. 958895

File: 1586907370294.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 655.78 KB, 1572x2048, 37EC9700-D3D7-4919-A146-194332…)

what the hell

No. 958898

File: 1586907601535.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 557.7 KB, 1573x2048, 1E30D3A8-A912-4C06-972D-7660C3…)

No. 958902


ah yes, important queer art

No. 958926

Shes protected under Twitter Law Article 184828383 Section 284838: Because she's traaaaaaaannsssss

No. 958976

he’s a full ass man anon

No. 959134

serious question. How do you report this shit? cus the Twitter report options don't include anything for child pornography (which is fucked even tumblr had that option)

No. 959170

You can chose the "abusive or harmful" option from the report menu.

No. 959311

>oh no, someone's posting pictures I don't like!!!

You fags are worse than sjws lol(whiteknighting)

No. 959312

Oh no someone's making posts you don't like

No. 959313

alright, nonce

No. 959326

Oh hey, did Aggy send you? This isn't JUST about the 'drawings', it's about this fucking creature hiding behind 'muh trans' to fetishize this shit and acting like a sperg the entire way. Go back to twitter and retweet his shitty chicken scratch art so your degenerate followers can hide behind 'trans positivity' to enable their gross ass fetishes.

No. 959367

File: 1586976655921.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 411.79 KB, 1484x2047, 8DF46723-2F47-4A5F-BA27-3BE65F…)

EXTREME SPOILER WARNING I don’t even have words for how disgusting this one is. Involves a child being sexually tortured and forced to pee? What the fuck man.

No. 959368

ThEyRe jUsT dRaWiNgs11!!
So?it's still sickening and twisted

No. 959371

Lets say you had a child. Based on these drawings, would you let them be in a room alone with aggy? Would love to see your answer.

No. 959373

I went to art school with this guy. He has a fucking asian fetish it’s no surprise he’s defending Aggy KEK

No. 959395

File: 1586978487461.png (631.03 KB, 2048x962, Screenshot_20200415-151605.png)

We gave Aggy ptsd whoops

No. 959400

File: 1586978701441.jpg (61.36 KB, 800x587, 1498446399722.jpg)

Why the fuck can this pedo freak profit off of this degeneracy?

There's already been a video done on him, but nothing has seemed to happen to him? Are people really this passively permissive?

No. 959412

ah yes the PTSD is definitely from internet drama and totally not from being molested by his abusive mother which he graphically depicts in his twama comic.

No. 959416

Probably just him being manipulative, but if it's true then I hope he gets off the internet and gets help for his pedophilic urges.

No. 959417

File: 1586980202255.jpg (374.1 KB, 1920x1080, 20200416_034921.jpg)

Noooo you can't just say it caused PTSD so now were not allowed to criticize your gross shit, it cheapens the term ptsd for all of us

No. 959418

>gains 1200 followers aka almost double all pedoshits
>somehow he is the victim

No. 959420

Any therapist will agree with your self diagnosis if you pay them. You're paying them to feel sorry for you of course they're going to say your shits "valid"

No. 959436

The closest thing I can come to understanding this baffling era of comics is that I've heard some forms of hrt cause bladder issues but this… is a bit much.

No. 959440

It's just fetishism. Just another perverted pedo troon claiming victimhood.

No. 959441

What about the MAPs/pedo enablers that follow you and use your shitty adventure time knock off to groom kids? Explain that Uggo.

No. 959447


If he is claiming that people bullying him for his sick fetishes and pedophilia gave him PTSD, I doubt he’s actually experienced trauma before. Why does he feel a need to capitalize on abuse, which actually traumatizes people, to excuse his disgusting paraphilia?

No. 959565

Hell on earth. If anyone would get PTSD, it would be someone with legitimate trauma and not someone flaunting said 'trauma' on the internet and crying that you're 'coping' through pedo art, like Aggy. Aggy's follower count literally DOUBLED because of his mini-breakdown over a fucking youtube video rightfully calling his shit out on a different platform. I think he's just upset that another money stream was cut off from him. Going off to report his new fetish tweets now.

No. 959576

File: 1586992678864.jpg (240.79 KB, 1182x1920, 899207b1-9fe4-4d08-ab76-c03231…)

I honestly think this piece of shit is copying kanekoshake's style amd trying to pass it off as there own. But with shmorky thrown in there fir good measure.

Which kinda sucks and if that's the case then fuck off kanekoshake is better than yiu in everyway. Just stick to copying shmorky.

No. 959649

File: 1587002009003.jpeg (106.87 KB, 750x812, 55FE6FAF-AD75-4881-A410-730E64…)

sage for possible tinfoiling

Does anyone else think its possible that Jo (Aggy's FtM sister) diddled Aggy and possibly groomed him into troonhood? The whole incest sister thing thematics is way too reoccuring, and while i wish i could bleach the vision of puppymilk from my brain the dialogue with the sister seems weirdly abuse realistic for just fetish fulfilling purposes.

Doesn't make him any less of a gross pedophile tho.

No. 959692

No. Pedos lie about being abused as children. Aggy is a disgusting narc pedo because he wants to be.

No. 959699

I didnt even know about her until creepshow

No. 959702

Wouldnt shit like fate kaleid/prismya Illya be illegal then? Dont get me wrong I fucking hate aggy's victim card spam

No. 959704


Honestly i feel like creepshow deserves a few mentions on other more appropiate threads for cow behavior too.

Depends on the state/country, lolicon is legal in japan where its produced and most of the us.
In some places its totally illegal tho.

No. 959708


Creepshow calls out shit only when it gets her good person points
Yeah I think it's legal in most of the US. Hearing about aggy initially I honestly made the mistake of supporting her before realizing it wasnt the usual Sakimichan or something but… this shit. Callout posts are so fucking overdone when actual pedo art shows up it just gets buried under the normie shit

No. 959713

Last time I checked, "stimulated pornography containing depictions of children in sexual acts," is illegal in the US. It's murky waters because the laws have changed a bit but, as far as I know, this is what's current.

Aggy's work being so childish but also so fetishy really just makes me uncomfortable. Her being trans doesn't help since it perpetuates the stereotype that trans women are natural deviants.

No. 959714

File: 1587011255867.png (28.26 KB, 601x84, picture 2020-04-15 at 11.26.33…)

Honestly as soon as I saw the title page for Puppy Milk, my creep radar went off.

Also she's crying on twitter with how the harrasment campaign gave her PTSD. Go cry about some more, sicko.

No. 959722


You mean the 2003 PROTECT Act? After the Handley case, half of that law was thrown out. As of rn theres two laws regarding cartoons and comics. 2256 uses the words "indistinguishable" and "idenfitiable" so that's out the window. The other one's one of those stupid ass subjective obscenity laws, which is completely separate entirely. I'm not trying to defend her, I'm just talking general now since this argument comes up on anitwitter every 3 fucking days and the Internet Attorneys always battle it out with conflicting sources.

No. 959723

>Her being trans doesn't help since it perpetuates the stereotype that trans women are natural deviants.
>implying they’re not

No. 959727

I dont know if anyone agrees with me here, but I feel like antis are honestly to blame for her getting so much support. People have been overreacting to shit for years, (lremember VLD and the sheith antis whining about virtually nothing? So when an actual fucko shows up people dont give it any consideration. Boy who cried wolf effect kinda

No. 959729

I can see it, honestly. Not only that but "anti-antis" or whatever they call themselves supporting aggy for the sake of being contrarian/because they like this kind of shit.

No. 959733


You're completely right that anti antis will support things just to be "that guy", or just because they like discourse. To explain where they're coming from (we might disagree here): a lot of anti-antis are usually from anime communities where the word "pedo" gets thrown around like hot cakes (usually because someone lewded an MHA girl or something stupid like that) so when someone like Aggy actually shows signs of being a predator they're so desensitized to the accusation theyll support them just to be edgy.

No. 959764

Nta but yes that is exactly what’s happening. There’s been too many pointless witch hunts that when an actual predator comes around no one bats an eye.

No. 959770


There's numerical proof too. She gained a couple hundred followers last week because people thought she was wrongfully accused. She wasnt, but the "anti" movement overreacts to everything so they assumed it was another one. It doesn't help when certain anti accounts on twitter get involved since they have a VERY negative relationship with those anti-antis, just fueling the fire to support aggy just to piss off their mortal enemies

No. 959813

This, I've been saying this for awhile but there's been a polarization of fandom after early/mid 2010s (unlike in the 2000s where no one gave a shit you shipped Light and L from Death Note who are 17 and 25), so you either are 100% correct or you have to seek support among proshippers/antiantis.
The proshippers on twitter see this like they have to all support each other now, so you have loli monster fuckers following yaoi incest fujos following diaper furries and I doubt they all really care about each others kinks and are instead doing it for that sense of 'community'

No. 959822


You're right, the biggest proshippers have said they hate each other's kinks and are only following eachother for that sense of community. This isnt an assumption btw, many just straight up say it.
As for polarization of fandom, I think is due to actual MAPs. Here's my theory:(Please read the entire thing before responding)

Back then you had fandom freaks and then pedos, and they were separate. They were both nasty but only one actually hurt people. MAPs fill in that gap between them now with the "non offending (so in their eyes, not hurting) but normalizing pedophilia (which is very much hurting)" behavior, which sparked debate in fandom regarding whether shipping or art could normalize pedophilia, leading to this polarization. To add on to this, I've seen many fandom freaks (lolicons/fujoshis/etc) actively participate in anti-MAP reporting to try to show that they dont tolerate actual child abuse to distance themselves from MAPs.

This is what I think led to fandom freaks forming proship communities, and unfortunately mistaking aggy for another fellow fandom freak when she, in fact, is a nutjob who spams the trans card while flip flopping on whether her "art" is about trauma or if she likes sexualizing realistically written children in gross fetish scenarios.

No. 959831

ahahhahhahahahahaha hes an absolute unit of a bloke

see this.

No. 959851

Blaming people who don't like pedo shit for being in the bottom fandom is purely anicdotal and doesn't count as a actual argument.

No. 959852

*voltron fandom

No. 959888

it'll be a while but next thread img plz

No. 959889

File: 1587050143447.jpg (266.4 KB, 1440x669, Screenshot_20200416-231534_Twi…)

Lmao you guys are fucking based.

No. 959924

File: 1587054004303.jpg (20.25 KB, 704x396, JUST_AS_PLANNED.jpg)

No. 959930

Aggy fits in great with the trans community online, they all do a great job making sure that "stereotype" stays alive.

In fact Aggy being trans helps a LOT, because if he wasn't a "transwoman" he'd been called a pedophile and would have no fans.

IMO the issues isn't even the "anti's" it's the fact the trans community online is like a cult. They will defend their own at all cost.

The shit Aggy is doing isn't all that crazy for these people to do online, to them it's nothing, plus he's trans so they have to protect.

No. 960061


Someone didnt read.

I said people who are constantly overreacting and witch hunting over barely-problematic anime content is what waters the severity of people like Aggy's actions. Like it or not it's true. Take it this way: if you call everything "LITERALLY the worst thing ever" when you eventually actually find something that is, no one will listen to you because you've overused the shit out of that term.

No. 960064


Also dude, sheith isnt pedo shit. Their end ages are 20 and 26. Calling sheith pedo shit waters down what it actually means. For fucks sake, you're feeding right into the proshipper argument that all antis are sensitive little puritans that think anything outside of senior citizens porking is pedophilia.

No. 960128


Does he still have anything still up besides twitter and gumroad?

No. 960133


as of rn yes. her etsy is gone too
I do not think her twitter will ever go away, but there seems to be quite a few people straight up reporting her to the NCMEC so I wonder if she'll actually be arrested

No. 960141


Maybe that's how it's been the last few callouts, but her defense from the most recent one (CreepShow Art) isnt coming from her personal trans army anymore, its proshippers. Look at her account. You'll find a lot of weebs, fujoshis, and furries (many of which hate her art), and way less actual pedos that enjoy her shit. Problem is CreepShow made the mistake of calling art "literal cp" (which is going to earn you a visit from the anti-anti brigade) instead of focusing on Aggy as a narcissistic pedophile, which her art just proves a portion of.

No. 960147


Aggy has an Instagram account with the same user as the twitter, but it has been set to private

No. 960211

can you learn to sage, it's way too obvious you're here from twitter. I can't believe you're using terms like "anti" and "proshipper" unironically

No. 960217


sorry about that ill do that from now on
what other words are there to describe them?

No. 960235

this is prob the most rapey feeling art yet and this is aggy
"i draw cartoons" says the person who also posts about wanting things to happen to them like in their fetishy art of lil girls… uhuh.
also after this tweet they posted about making another block chain. idk how ANYONE is seeing their stuff outside asskisser tbh

No. 960242


schrodinger's porn: depending on the reader it's either some deep queer art or incest porn. up 2 u

No. 960255

File: 1587084082360.jpg (495.94 KB, 1440x1431, Screenshot_20200417-083916_Twi…)

I went to go see what kind of harrassment they were getting because that announcement about the blockchain had only supportive things under it and I saw this gem lmao

No. 960283

That's literally what these pedo types call themselves though. What else do we call them then?

No. 960284

Could you imagine the utter cryfest that would happen if his account got shut down? Twitter would never hear the end of it for weeks. It would be glorious.

No. 960290


I’m just picturing every Mensa member on twitter just crawling out to cry over a ~trans lesbian abuse survivor~ having her brilliant social commentary censored, when it’s just some creepy fuck drawing little boys pissing on themselves.

No. 960295

You're thinking of MAPs

No. 960300


aggy's baby talk and extreme fetishization of realistically written child abuse scenarios makes her a MAP in everything but declaration
A lot of proshippers dont know aggy's not your run of the mill sakimichan or tofubear

No. 960302

A horrible thing to suggest, but I bet you can get their address if you order their comics. I can see this comment being used as "anons were trying to dox me all along!" Or secondly "it's not safe to put my address on the internet anymore" and maybe she will shut down her gumroad. Usually anything financial requires an address. Hell, you could even go so far as to report their PayPal, as PayPal had been cracking down on cam girls and nsfw commissions because their TOS does not like sex work, and last I know gumroad connects with PayPal. (Unless its direct to her bank)
…honestly an evil part of me thinks it would be more funny if PayPal shadowbans her rather than going to jail, because the inconvenience it would cause her you would never hear the end of it.

No. 960306

good point but id never suggest it either.
maybe im just stupid but what i dont get is why people would rather just perpetuate the cycle for what? memes? call me normie or whatever but if this is serious people should skip the petty your army vs my army shit and go straight to authorities.

No. 960314

Well I'm the chaotic lad that sees her cowiness as entertainment. I don't think she will actually go out and hurt a child nor her internet army (opinions may differ) so i think she doesn't deserve to be in jail, but her dramatics over everything that has happened and like her art is some kind of statement and her drawing piddling makes her some kind of iconoclastic martyr just makes me want to see her get bullied and suffer more.

No. 960323


…so this is just a giant joke to you guys? If Aggy's an actual predator she should be dealt with not left running around for funnies.

At this point I dont know what to think anymore.

No. 960326

Not sure why you guys are pandering to a pedophile and calling him “she”… but I definitely think he’s an actual predator and would NOT be surprised if he was interacting with minors. He fetishizes child abuse scenarios and should really be as far away from children as possible.

No. 960465

I somewhat doubt there is anything that police would actually charge him with. Still, keeping him from having any online influence is a good step, since it would keep him away from vulnerable trans kids that look up to him, if only to some degree. It’s upsetting that he probably won’t face real repercussions, because I genuinely think this guy would abuse a kid if given the chance.

No. 960536

File: 1587139897645.png (87.32 KB, 1158x394, Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 1.12…)

so I decided to look through his followers since he's gained popularity and the amount of MAPs/pedophiles supporting him is…. alarming. Also he has a lot of… underage followers?

No. 960537

File: 1587139932583.png (68.06 KB, 1158x384, Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 1.14…)


No. 960541

File: 1587140240407.png (74.36 KB, 1164x434, Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 1.15…)


No. 960544

File: 1587140345314.png (85.97 KB, 1160x438, Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 1.15…)


No. 960549

"map supporter" "14y/o" they're probably lying but on the off chance they arent, god help us all wtf

No. 960554


Honestly, I believe this kid is for real, and I think this is a great example of why Aggy's shit isn't harmless. It's so insane to look at now, but when I was 11, I ended up "befriending" an adult man who was into a fandom I liked, who, to my eyes, just seemed to really patiently explain why pedophilia wasn't a crime and why I should actually have sympathy for people "suffering" from it. Nothing happened to me, but I learned later he groomed another girl into doing sexy RP with him.

Stuff like Aggy's art, especially when it comes with a "twauma!!!" disclaimer, is a huge fucking part of grooming kids, especially little girls who want to be nice and understanding and in spaces like these, are already weird little geeky types primed to sympathize with "boo hoo I'm a tragic outsider because of things I can't change." You feel like you're doing the right thing, and I think especially for older kids like this one, you get to feel like you're on this noble crusade for an oppressed minority. Pedos exploit kids' good faith massively with "actually I'm societally misunderstood" and "oh actually I was a child sexual abuse victim myself~~" shit, and Aggy's art is just an insanely perfect example of this shtick, to the point that I am almost, almost surprised it's working.

No. 960642


are you sure anon? isnt there a law against distributing obscene fetish material of minors, but it has to hit standards? Like it "does not appeal to society" and I'm sure Aggy's pee fetish comics dont

No. 960926

>the amount of MAPs/pedophiles supporting him is…. alarming.
Definitely not a surprise, though. Pedophiles are the only audience his sick drawings could appeal to.

No. 960990

Ok but why is no one asking Where are this kid’s parents are?

No. 960998

File: 1587189186426.png (125.02 KB, 904x424, 8998391.png)

RIP to my faith in humanity.

No. 960999

File: 1587189215779.png (56.17 KB, 898x176, 01931930.png)

No. 961019

This guy should be shot.

No. 961250


this thread is horrific, but this stuff really goes on under parents' noses. i would 100% not be surprised if these users are actually 14 as they claim

as someone who was groomed and abused as a 15-17 yo by a much older man, my parents practically knew about it and did nothing to stop it (he was sending letters to my house at one point) i mean they didn't know the full extent of what was going on, but my mom fully knew i was talking to a man in his early thirties as a 16 yo

it wasn't until i was a few years older that i realized how completely wrong, fucked up and abusive it was for a man that much older to be interested in me and trying to talk to me as though we're on the same maturity level

and i was just minding my own business on myspace when this happened (2007-2009) and never posted anything suggestive, (people were a lot more private on the internet then so literally i just talked about music i liked and things i was studying in school) so it's even more terrifying that these kids are actively seeking out these communities with people who will undoubtedly abuse them

sage for blogpost

No. 961517

The “I’m 14 and never learned to read” is a meme at least but the rest is still cringey and sad

No. 961528

File: 1587270979954.png (239.65 KB, 592x442, Aggy.PNG)

Are you sure that some of these might not be just some kind of fake account to actually attract MAPs to catch them? kind of like a honey pot situation?
Real or not though, there's actually quite a few followers that are not only underage but also identify as MAPs or MAP allies which is very concerning.
This person specifically describes themselves as a MAP and zoo ally and seems to think that being a MAP is a way to cope with their trauma.

I wish I could forget that was a thing.

No. 961583

File: 1587282063041.jpg (Spoiler Image, 256.79 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20200411-171645_Chr…)

Here's a screenshot of aggys partner(hattie ming hsu / xioamingbean / hminghsu / h_i_gh_deas) sexualizing aggys "trauma art". The h_i_gh_deas twitter account has recently been locked, but her favorites on the hminghsu account include shota porn in the faves. Really undermines the whole "trauma art" narrative aggys been trying so hard to build. She also works as a medical assistant at a clinic that offers services to minors but idk if I can post the name because she recently removed her employment history from her social media

No. 961634

File: 1587295147235.jpg (55.14 KB, 1024x768, ENEY7_VXsAEh16A.jpg)

What a disgusting creature.

No. 961766

' that offers services to minors'
Even if the shit he's drawing 'isn't illegal' as some people claim, I don't think the people he's working for would like to see him drawing kiddy dicks. Legitimately scary if this is true.

No. 963658

Antis are absolutely sensitive crybaby snowflakes. It's obvious you're from their tumblr-twitter cross country pedo call out race. Fags like you the reason why pedos like Aggy has so much support currently.

No. 963856

You couldn’t have saged this irrelevant bullshit? When replying to a post that’s almost a week old?

No. 964487

Dude, sage this shit next time

No. 964522

File: 1587708479129.jpg (300.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200424-020620_Twi…)

Small but interesting update; Aggy hasn't posted since the 16th this month.

He's like usually active in the likes, but likes point to no activity past the 16th as well.

Any suspicions as to what's the case? Did they FINALLY take a break offline for longer than an hour to stop playing the victim card or they got locked out?

No. 964720

File: 1587755396094.jpeg (56.22 KB, 640x400, 47FA57D6-CA3A-4814-AE2B-680BCF…)

Every time I see these mugshots of these amish guys, the 2nd one always looks so much like Aggy to me

Is it possible he’s busy working on some more pedo art? I also get the feeling he might come back and say he attempted suicide because of all the ~twansphobia~

No. 965014

That's usually the case with many folks like aggy where the " i self diagnosed myself with BPD" didn't work and try to justify their piss fetishart more. I bet like five quarters that's going to happen;

Aggy returns with a sobstory about how "antis" or whatever hot flavor of the month it is drove his to that point, shill out their gumroad more and be like "help a poor depressed trans woman fight against art cops :'''("

Like were only talking about you because the shit youre trying to excuse with the "Im Trans uwu" card.

No. 965018

I don't know the context, but these dudes look like oblivion characters

No. 965232

Maybe he thinks that if he fucks off for a bit, people who were calling him out will forget and he can go back to drawing ten year olds pissing themselves.

No. 965382

But alas for Aggy the age old rule remains; the internet never forgets and there will probably be more folks covering this shitstorm while Aggy's AFK drawing more tiny dicks and pedalling it as "uwu queer art uwu" like shut the fuck up I'm under the LGBT umbrella and dont want your fucking disgusting fetish pictures.

Anyways, hoping more of the kiddy diddler club like customf0nt and company get their own threads. There's a lot of them akin to him but god they gotta be rooted out like turnips.

No. 965440

>piddle princess

No. 965890

File: 1587974909951.png (785.08 KB, 1080x1949, Screenshot_20200427-020221~2.p…)

Another quick update it seems that a lot of his more blatant sexual comics have been deleted by twitter. IDK if >>964522 ties in to it since I don't know when it was deleted.
Going into tinfoil territory, I feel that he probably deleted some of the stuff himself since a lot of that shit was incriminating.

No. 965937

Oh great, the pedophile with a fetish for piss and filth worked in a restaurant.

No. 968528

I don't know. Seems like a pretty damaged person, but honestly Big Mouth gets rave reviews and its basically about the same shit.

No. 969003

I guess the distinction is that Big Mouth is supposed to be gross out "humour" where they cum on crackers in basements whereas this is just tranny twamma coping. If Aggy were to say the CP plushie-fucking comics were comedic he could MAYBE, POSSIBLY get away with it (especially if he claims satire) but you'd be hard pressed to find shit like this >>959367 in Big Mouth. And, you know, I don't think there's a lot of kiddy dicks poking out of little girl undies in the show, but I could very well be wrong.

No. 976739

File: 1590001825176.png (3 MB, 1351x2048, Screenshot_20200520-151020.png)


No. 976747

This one literally looks worse than the last comic by the cover alone. Does he have a thing for disgusting anybody with more than two brain cells?

No. 976752

big mouth is getting shit too

No. 976783

Do y'all think that they're actually trying to censor their art a bit more now? This actually looks like a trauma piece, not fetish porn, and they deleted everything that was overtly sexual from their page.

Of course I know I'll probably end up eating my words when they add a fetish porn scene in the comic since a person can only hope for changed behaviors when it comes to cows.

No. 976930

>This actually looks like a trauma piece
The thing is that he probably gets off to children being in vulnerable situations (ex. a child being pressured sexually by a sibling in that one comic, a child peeing their pants in another comic, and now what looks like a child actually being molested). He’ll say it’s trauma art but he’s still getting off to it.

No. 977628

No, I don't think the removal of dirty pieces was due to him trying to clean up his twitter but rather to put those comics behind a paywall. He apparently only had them available and for free during quarantine but had every intention to market them again. I have no doubt in my mind that this new comic will be even more vile than the last. We went from arguably-bad-taste-trauma-art to straight up little girl stinky pee pee fetish. Twitter, fetishes and MAPs are a slippery slope for the already bizarrely-minded.
I'm just glad the traction of people checking his shit out seems to be slowing, and his availability on popular social media is dwindling thanks to people reporting his shit for going against the TOS

No. 977709

you all here know, that most of shota artists aren't actual pedos, and they're reporting MAP?(namefag)

No. 977832

and even then. why would someone want to draw children sexually? why would someone want to depict little boys or girls dry humping plushies, drawing little boy dicks, drawing incest?
why the fuck does it matter whether or not they're "real pedo's" when they're drawing pedo shit? shouldn't that be what counts, if anything?

No. 978099

Some people think thats cuter version of porn, other wants to be in place of those shotas, and other are really coping with trauma. But I also think this here is just fetish art… which is legal, coz those are drawings of fictional characters.
It's not like I'm defending this moron strawberry. I'm defending freedom of art, because as an artist I hate seeing other people's work deleted (even if I think that work looks like shit, and artist is a SJW), coz someone got disturbed or triggered.
It matters that they not a real pedo, coz real pedos are fucking real children, and are dangerous.
Btw. I got banned for name, but it didn't deleted my post? I though it would.
I'm new here.(offtopic, derailing.)

No. 978221

dude. read the rules and sage your shit

No. 978254

>Some people think thats cuter version of porn, other wants to be in place of those shotas, and other are really coping with trauma.
Anyone who gets pleasure out of this pedophile’s art should off themselves. I don’t care if they’re ~coping with twamma~. Also, when you say “it’s just art, not real children!!!1!” you’re ignoring the fact that actual pedophiles are enjoying this shit and it furthers their urge to enact their desires. They shouldn’t be able to fuel their paraphilia but pedophilic men like Aggy make it so they can.

No. 978316

I have to ask..what the hell is a puppy milk? That writer is disgusting and confusing as hell…

No. 978318

estrogen. read the thread

No. 978537

File: 1590347251923.jpg (575.24 KB, 2048x1604, 20200524_140707.jpg)


No. 978538

File: 1590347286820.jpg (478.08 KB, 2048x1406, 20200524_140722.jpg)

No. 978593

murderers and psychopaths get off to slasher movies, big if true

No. 978614

learn to sage, dumbass pedophile

No. 978633

m8 you posted this right under him admitting he'd hump a plush little girl

No. 978760

humping plushie is illegal now?

No. 978762

We weren’t talking abt legality, were talking abt that fact that this bitch is obviously into children. Stop moving goalposts scrote

No. 978765

File: 1590390194411.png (49.9 KB, 890x414, rak.png)

I don't think he is. But if u wanna have, there is a real problem with this moron

No. 978767

>trans women making anything less than morally perfect get eaten alive
In the midst of the Doja Cat controversy and countless other women's cancellation incidents, he should be happy that transwomen like him are being treated like actual women.

No. 978769

>scary movies are the same thing as pornographic drawings of children
Okay retard.

He is very obviously into children. Learn to sage.

No. 978770

But this really can be his way to cope.

No. 978771

So making pornographic drawings of children is excusable because it’s a way of ~coping with twama~? Nah. He’s disgusting either way and the trauma excuse is a lie.

No. 978772

anon stop responding to bait

No. 978776

I'm not bait, i just have different opinion.
Dude is disgusting, but because of his character. His drawnings are just ugly.

No. 978777

You would tell people what they can, and what they cannot drew?

No. 978778

well sage your different opinion, eslfag

No. 978782

sage means i should chill out?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 978785


If you write 'sage' in the email field it'll stop your posts from bumping the thread. Try to integrate.

No. 978959

File: 1590433958558.png (605.66 KB, 1080x1298, Screenshot_20200525-151216~2.p…)

Please no

No. 979025

File: 1590444147928.png (4.31 MB, 750x1334, 0F382D4E-8BCF-4578-8023-677E94…)

new cryptid photo

No. 979068

god help those moobs

No. 979082

I thought this was Holly Conrad in passing and that's… well, it's a thing

No. 979091

I'd still be thinking it was had I not seen your comment lmao

No. 979099

His beefy man arms.. he looks so tall too. Unfortunate.

No. 979118

Oh good, same. I was so confused for a sec. kek.

No. 980036

File: 1590616415914.png (1.04 MB, 2048x2027, Screenshot_20200527-084926.png)

I'm pretty sure aggy would be getting more hate if they weren't trans

No. 980069

It’s especially stupid when you go back to the beginning of this thread where we weren’t even sure if aggy was trans. People hate him because he draws porn of little boys. Not because he’s trans. If he only drew nonsexualized “trauma art” I doubt this many ppl would care. But he goes on about how important his drawings of little boys dicks are, like we’re all blind. What a fucking moron

No. 981244

File: 1590868840716.png (Spoiler Image, 634.92 KB, 1080x1669, Screenshot_20200530-155738~2.p…)

No. 981245


This gave me Chris-chan PTSD flashbacks

No. 981246

At least it's some consolation that this pedophile has an absolutely horrifying body. Surreal to see the morons in his replies pretending they think his mutated titties are cute.

No. 981361

reported tweet for violence on my eyesight

No. 981392

File: 1590897575442.png (Spoiler Image, 510.98 KB, 613x461, moob.png)

>This gave me Chris-chan PTSD flashbacks
same energy

No. 981485

She looks like pt lol

No. 981757

File: 1590962435334.png (96.78 KB, 742x651, locked.PNG)

Went private again, anyone with milk?

No. 981767

File: 1590963666137.png (442.07 KB, 750x1334, 6DB77CB3-7EEB-4028-B93D-7CAF1D…)

hidden twitter anon here, he deleted everything except for this post. I'll also post what the replies to the post all look like

No. 981769

File: 1590963707726.png (523.14 KB, 750x1334, 20834FF0-CC21-44E2-86F0-70A8C3…)

Sorry I made my font really tiny to fit more tweets on screen, hopefully it's readable.

No. 981770

File: 1590963720212.jpeg (277.24 KB, 1242x1397, 9C22CB78-A1CB-4F7F-B52A-D09246…)

Twitter has been wiped except for this post and a couple RTs

No. 981793

another pedo off the platform. i wonder what the final straw was this time.

No. 981820

Maybe he's just tired of getting less attention and ~validation~ due to current events. It makes it much harder to milk being a bullying and hawassment victim.

No. 981899

I really like how Aggy compares her shitty pedobait piss comics to Devi from black dresses getting harassed for being uncomfortable with a song about csa being used by edgy tiktokers.

Though seeing tiktoks making fun of Aggy's comic would be a sight.

No. 981908

> be a grown adult
> disbanding your garbo band because you’re being ‘harassed’ by literal 13 year olds from tiktok who have no idea who you are and used your ‘trauma song‘ of purely sexual innuendos because they didn’t know what it was about because you barely talked about it
> blaming it immediately on transmisogyny and the fact that you’re a brave brave trans sex worker
> harass children in the meantime

devi is a fucking retard and this isn’t the hot take you think it is. listen to better music

No. 982385


didnt know who this was, jesus. his artstyle is really cute but the cops need to stop throwing tear gas at people and raid this tranny's house

No. 982406

Some of his posts got removed, I reported some of his worst pedo art and got a notification it was taken down. I think he might have realized Twitter just isn't a viable platform for him to shill his shota art on and gave up.(cowtipping)

No. 982536

Way to cow tip.
His art is fucked and he’s awful but by reporting it and making him want to stop posting, we lose milk.
It’s the Nemu thread all over again. Thanks for cutting off any potential milk in the future.
Also sage your bullshit.

No. 982729

ntayrt, but are you really that upset about pedophile art being removed from twitter just because it means less entertainment for you? this freak being shown he doesn't have a platform for his kiddie-fucker comics is a good thing. get a life and maybe leave your basement once in a while.

No. 982730

Seconded, we're not going to give pedo art a platform for your precious milk

No. 982837

so now some moral bullshit is more important then fun?

No. 982929

if the moral bullshit is pedo shit, i’d say yeah.

people have been mass reporting him for months now trying to get him off twitter, it would’ve happened eventually. he’ll be back when he hasn’t gotten enough attention elsewhere soon enough.

No. 983021

I know he will probably comeback, but it's still shitty thing to do.

No. 983023

Cowtipping and moralfaggotry sucks but I'd like to think farmers have an absolute base sense of right and wrong and it's not right to allow this material to stay up

No. 985256

The whole point of this website is to obverse. Not interact. Did you even read the rules? If you don’t like it then don’t come here

No. 986314

you know it isn't literally child pornography by the us legal definition, right? it's disturbing, it sexualizes elements of childhood, but in no fuckin way is this comperable to actual CSAM. are you on fucking meth?

No. 986344

DA, but c’mon, take two seconds to scroll through this thread and you’ll find his shit’s been taken down in the past for violating Twitter’s CSE policy. Also, a good chunk of his followers are self-identified MAPs, so put two and two together to figure out who was consuming and sharing that content.

No. 986347

ntayrt but the point still stands it's not ~*literal child porn*~. it's still gross and disturbing, don't get it twisted, but at the end of the day it's still drawings of somebody's fucked up fantasy.

No. 986348

Where did anyone say it’s literal child porn? It’s pedo art because a pedo drew it for pedos. It’s not hard to understand.

No. 986377

Not in the US, but in the UK I believe this would actually be considered CP.

No. 986387

right but he lives in the us and hosts his content on websites that are based in the us. it doesn't really matter what its considered in the UK unless he were trying to host it on a UK based site.

No. 986676

File: 1592018797289.jpg (59.21 KB, 460x1000, 1449550_700b.jpg)

Those lopsided tits remind me of mrs.garrisons. pffft I'm dying.

No. 987724

Anything new on his twitter?

No. 988594

I actually think his artstyle is pretty interesting. Looks like a biological woman's artstyle if that makes sense.

No. 988646

i thought so too at first, men have really specific XY art styles sometimes

No. 1004768

File: 1594315657575.jpg (365.13 KB, 1080x1226, Screenshot_20200710-012551_Twi…)

I almost liked the first tweet by her until I realized who it was. Looks like she's back and has deleted all her tweets except 9 of them

No. 1004779

ohhh my god that third tweet is horrifying, what the fuck

No. 1004812

mega tinfoil but what if it was him spamming all those urethral sounding pics on here yesterday? Although it's more likely just a coincidence between degenerates liking the same fetishes lol

No. 1005076

Bruh, that's ability i can respect

No. 1005077

File: 1594380430396.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.9 KB, 653x680, orange juice.jpg)

There is a new art btw.

No. 1005087

>Stupid Girl!!
It doesn't seem coincidental that 99% of troons only focus on female characters and caricatures revolving around a "simple-minded hyperfeminine woman" concept, yet within the same breath demand to be recognized as women…

No. 1005122

That's because they're incapable of emulating an authentic woman, it's all just a fetish to them. Heaven forbid we acknowledge the damage they're doing to female perception whilst larping as male centric stereotypes/caricatures of women.

Even in a less dramatic way they're influential, just look at the fugly make-up trends popularised by men like Jeffree Star that consequently women began to follow. Now some of us get to look like troons too!

No. 1005371

File: 1594427230734.jpeg (357.71 KB, 1242x676, CA4EBC55-364A-4C92-B864-7A9E7D…)

oh fuck this is gonna be nasty

No. 1005375


God have mercy on us

No. 1005376

Wtf? Just going to drink the pee straight from the source aggy?

No. 1005381

I’ll beg in advance for none of you to post the pictures on here. why can’t this bitch be fucking normal and just post ugly tits or dick or something… christ

No. 1005390

There was apart of me that hopped Aggy would become a normal person after being called out as a pedo but here they are back and worse than ever.
There is some deep psychological shit going on in their brain if they think the next logical step is to become a cam whore with a porn so niche not even their fan base would throw out any amount of money to support a *~twans women uwu~*.

No. 1005392

I genuinely wonder why you would think that?Someone who said to NEVER call a transwomen a pedophile, who hasn't really stopped making gross art, talks like a fucking toddler and it s a huge hulking man believing he's a woman.
Why would you think he ever had a chance to be normal?

I'm positive being called a man bothers him more then being called a pedophile, he's probably fine with that title.

No. 1005419

He's gonna be so disheartened when he only makes a couple of pity sales lol. Everything about him-his manly face, his tuberous and uneven hormone titties, his ogreish physic- theres just no sex appeal there.

No. 1005545

since most of their audience is there for the kiddydiddling and not the penile penetration i don't think it's going to be a lavishly lucrative venture, but you vastly underestimate the amount of kinky degenerates who absolutely would pay money to watch this imbicile drink their own piss and shove stuffed animals up their ass. people who came for the nasty sex are going to stay for the nasty sex.

and while there is definitely something more "extreme" about catheters, i'm actually glad they're shifting to piss if it means they're shifting away from children in lingerie.

No. 1005566

Yes, shifting.
Anon, it will get worse. He's testing how far he can go with all his bullshit.
Firstly sexualizing minors. Then minors, rape and trans. Then more child rape and more focus in kiddie penises. Then trans kids in sexual activities and public humiliation, all with pee. There definetly will be a picture of his new fetish including a mix of his previous degeneracy.

No. 1005568

One thing I've learned about crazy men/transwomen is if you give them a inch they'll take a mile.
I wouldn't be surpised if Aggy starts claiming to be "Trans-age".

No. 1005737

File: 1594528431982.jpeg (267.64 KB, 1242x1586, E6E2A11B-4774-4862-B581-CF099F…)

He’s at this fucking bullshit again

No. 1005740

File: 1594528549336.jpeg (181.52 KB, 1242x654, 7A639830-0D77-478C-A649-7706ED…)

Lol no. Pedos deserve to fucking die. If you harm children actively then you’re better off dead.

No. 1005750

Why did you like the post

No. 1005752

File: 1594529477508.jpeg (178.63 KB, 1242x351, 276BDDDC-ACE4-49AE-BBBD-06E7CA…)

not milk but "widdle away" lmao

No. 1005763

He reads here, I’m hoping it will drive him crazy trying to figure out who it is lmao

No. 1005775

I feel like this is him almost confessing to being a pedophile. It’s like he’s saying that even if a TiM is a pedophile, that they shouldn’t be called out, for virtue of being a TiM. Disturbing

No. 1005778

The circle the wagons mentality is exactly what allows child abuse to continue. I know this dudes a fucking creep but you’d think someone banking on their art being “trauma centered” wouldn’t vomit out some straight pedophile apologia. Saged for lack of milk

No. 1005787

File: 1594536503112.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 105.3 KB, 750x1079, 698182D1-C240-4878-B249-07BDF0…)

Twitter nuked this but here’s more piss art. It’s always so yellow, these kids desperately need to drink some water

No. 1005797

"almost"? I'd argue that's straight up him "coming out of the closet" as a pedophile. He's at least testing the waters, which seem to be pleasantly warm to it, disturbingly. I really wanna kill this bastard.

No. 1005803

I hate this fucking argument because other minorities don't get this treatment. If a black or Mexican person gets outted as a pedophile they're shunned from their community, if a gay man or lesbian gets outed as a pedo they're shunned and heavily scrutinize. A Trans woman who sets off every red flag for being a pedophile should receive the same treatments that a pedophile in any other minority group receives.

No. 1005825

It’s so obvious that this is just fetish art. What would a lewd drawing (which is clearly of a child) taking a piss have to do with any of Aggy’s “trauma”? This guy has a piss fetish and is basically a self-admitted pedophile. His pedo-apologism disguised as “transactivism” is disgusting, I honestly hope he offs himself before he hurts a child.

No. 1005826

Transfags are a culmination of the most degenerate of the human race, it unfortunately doesn't surprise me. Majority are deviant male fetishists who're using it as an excuse to seem cute, cuddly and marginalised for their perversions (excluding the 0.05% who experience gender dysphoria, in which case they're just mentally ill). The frog in the boiling water scenario feels really applicable to the state of things. It's only a matter of time before they're completely exempt from societal repercussions, especially with tolerance at the detriment of everything else becoming more and more pervasive. This is yet another instance that makes me worry for women's safety, perverts like this should not be allowed to use our bathrooms/changing rooms.

Totally agree anon. It's disgusting that supposed members of our society are nearly exempt from being criticised for possibly the worst thing imaginable. We have spergs who lack critical thinking skills screeching transphobia to thank for that.

No. 1005829

I totally agree on this topic.
If you speak up concerns about their mental health or how they act as a person you are automatically a terf or a transphob etc.
I also don’t think she doesn’t get good mental help on that and rather keeps this stuff a secret that she does fetish art .
Her logic is what fucks me up the most. That this is “trauma art”….. I’m sorry but where do I draw kids getting sexually beaten up, just because I was beaten up as a kid. Don’t sexualise your Trauma.
That’s just unhealthy and disgusting.
I’m seriously fucking sick from her art.

No. 1005999

File: 1594581983013.jpeg (348.7 KB, 1242x1327, 5910E3B0-6D78-416F-BC5E-433C40…)

I love when cows try to say they aren’t bothered by their tweets being screencapped. Yeah “Aggy”? Is that why you abandoned twitter for weeks? Because you’re so unbothered?
You’re a man and you’re a pedophile. Sorry you can’t handle the truth.

No. 1006004


god he's disgusting for trying to excuse his obvious pedophilic behaviour calling himself "trans". I see alot of "trans" people using it as an excuse like jonathan yaniv for example.

Wish sick fucks like himself would just get already neutered.

No. 1006006

the same way he fetishized his trauma with his mom and sister?? please get help. also that one Tyler the creator tweet comes to mind when I read the first tweet, like bro walk away from the screen

No. 1006201

Shut the fuck up.

No. 1007013

File: 1594753858771.jpeg (156.79 KB, 1186x304, 731A4A0F-1C53-4F53-A09B-0C24F3…)

okay, he's getting way too comfortable with the pedophile jokes. this is fucked.

No. 1007016

God, fuck this troon

No. 1007017

…are the emojis next to his username supposed to signify 18+ because it's reading the opposite for me.

No. 1007022

File: 1594755353077.png (Spoiler Image, 937.4 KB, 580x858, ohjeeesus.PNG)

Sorry for repost, forgot to spoiler. But really, just… no.

No. 1007035

So he is bout to jam those up his dick? Cool cool cool

No. 1007048

I feel like this whole out of closet pedophile saga has been going for too long.

No. 1007053

Unironically, I want him to keep outing himself. He should keep doing this shit.
I want all the retarded SJWs who rushed to his defense to try and defend this shit. They need to come out and say they cape for pedophiles with their chests. That way, all sane humans can discard their opinions once and for all.

No. 1007057

File: 1594759370164.png (58.53 KB, 790x200, c5.png)

The life of a coomer.(repost)

No. 1007066

I unironically want to see him put the biggest one in.

No. 1007087

File: 1594763963080.jpg (311.56 KB, 1538x2048, Ec6EmvrWsAUuH.jpg)

Doesn't he look little more like a woman now? I'm not talking about his make up.

No. 1007091

he's always been pretty well-passing for a twans wooman, go back in the thread & read the part where anons were genuinely tinfoiling about him being a XX female until he showed his dick on camera.

It doesn't matter what he looks like, his behavior and nasty sexual degeneracy is as male as it gets.

No. 1007092

looks more like holly conrad, but even less attractive (if that's even possible kek)

No. 1007093

I saw those posts retard, that's why I said "NOW".
Something seems diferent.

No. 1007106

This was posted awhile ago, read the thread and sage your shit

No. 1007107

File: 1594765453865.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 419.88 KB, 1242x780, 4233FCD4-118F-44F3-B8A4-E09A5D…)

he had a jaw shave, apparently
spoiler for gross

No. 1007109

File: 1594765595892.jpeg (35.41 KB, 275x275, aggy.jpeg)

He was really pretty before he transitioned, he already had boyish features which sometimes translates well with looking like a woman. TBH I always thought he made a slightly average woman, like a prettier more filled out Holly.

No. 1007115

Wow, what a tragedy. He really went from a cute twink to a fat, hideous troon.
At least now he's as ugly on the outside as he is on the inside, I guess. It'd be unfortunate to get with someone attractive, only for him to whip out the diapers and catheters when you least expect it.

No. 1007119

>Doesn't he look little more like a woman now?
No. Also, I’m pretty sure the only reason anons were tinfoiling that Aggy was a woman because his moobs didn’t look like the stereotypical cone-shaped prepubescent kind that most trannies have. His face has always read as male to me and it still does.

No. 1007120

I know people hate Holly around here, but Aggy is not "Average" as a woman, he's ugly and Holly looks 20 times better then this thing.
Nothing pretty or average about him or his actions tbh.

No. 1007122

I agree. I feel like people are more forgiving about looks when it's a man trying to look like a woman, since they have more physical hurdles to jump through (males have harder, more chiseled features in general and not much can be done about it). It's always struck me as dumb and delusional to try and compare them to actual women, though.

No. 1007125

wait that's seriously him? he used to be cute, what the whole fuck happened

i genuinely think it mostly lies in the makeup, though, to the point where it's hard to avoid talking about it. the normal hairstyle and actually having eyebrows helps a lot. the nose is still masculine but i guess the jaw shave helped somewhat? he doesn't really pass, but he's pulling off some type of edgy e-girl look fairly well, i guess. but like i said - a LOT of it is down to makeup. just looking at his chest or arms betrays it instantly.

No. 1007126

How do you get a jaw shave done and manage to look more masculine afterwards?

No. 1007130

Damn he was really hot before the troonery. Like, imo, almost model-level. But again looks count for shit when your personality and interests are so fucking revolting. Handsome pedo is still a pedo…. and now, he's just a pedo.

No. 1007132

i really think you're giving holly far more credit than she deserves just because the comparison touched a nerve. holly has always looked like a complete troon - like, the pic on the right here >>1007109 levels of man playing dress up. i know it must be hard to see a biological Real wombyn being compared to a trans woman, but holly really does look like a man that's been taking HRT for six months max.

No. 1007133

NTA, but no one's denying Holly looks like a troon, but it's ridiculous to say an actual hard-faced troon is "prettier" than her, kek.
He looks like her slightly disabled, wider-jawed brother, if anything, looking at >>903937.

No. 1007146

What credit did I give holly other then looking better then a ugly huge bodied troon who was given WAY to much credit with someone saying they were a "Prettier more filled out Holly".

I wasn't over here praising Holly.

>>i know it must be hard to see a biological Real wombyn being compared to a trans woman, but holly really does look like a man that's been taking HRT for six months max.

It didn't touch a nerve, i'm not upset a real "Wombyn" was compared to a troon.

No. 1007164

can you guys stop fucking sperging about Holly please?

No. 1007281

Yeah, it's better he's as visibly fucked on the outside as on the inside now so people can avoid him accordingly. He was attractive before, but some pedo creep like him doesn't deserve to be anyway.

No. 1007282

Wow he used to be beautiful. What an L getting all the work done, taking hormones and coming out looking worse

No. 1007925

aggy is shoving sounding rods up her dick on chaturbate

No. 1007931

>her dick
also i guess it's tradition to ask for pics but tbh i don't really want to see

No. 1007950

didn't screencap but was he actually drinking his pee out of that wine glass?

No. 1007952

Not saying to cowtip by any means but I'm pretty sure bodily functions or even the suggestion of them (even if it's apple juice, let's say) is against the rules. I'd have to double check because perhaps I'm thinking of another cam site

No. 1007956

this shit's a fucking train wreck


No. 1007977

>"I'm infamous for porn. Not this porn, but other porn. Porn that is, uh, hand-drawn."
>"I've been banned from patreon, ko-fi, Etsy, for hand-drawn porn. Cartoons."
>"I am a notorious porn artist"
He openly refers to his so-called "coping with trauma!!" comics as porn multiple times in this stream.
Also, he said he's actually married.

No. 1007982

File: 1594869658605.png (Spoiler Image, 365.02 KB, 725x495, Screenshot 2020-07-15 at 8.42.…)

Caught the tail end of it but goddamn matt has the absolute most unfortunate body type I've ever seen. Funnily enough he bragged about being a "d cup" on cam. Other then that it was mainly just showing off pokemon cards, drinking his own piss out of a stemless wine glass and talking about how hated he is online. What a bleak fucking life.

No. 1007989

After all the fuckery his body went through, it's not surprise his torso got depressed.

No. 1007995

So he basically has admitted it. He draws child porn.

What a tragic body… his moobs are belly button level.

No. 1008001

He also asked the chat if they'd want to see him fuck a stuffed animal/whether or not it was against the rules. Luckily it is; you can't use any animal-like sex toy. But confirmed for stuffie fucker, as if it wasn't obvious

No. 1008002

Dicks always are he/him respect their pronouns,kek. The state of the world. We have a flappy moob'd pedo porn drawing male shoving shit up his dick hole and there's people respectful enough to STILL call him a "She" while referencing the very thing that makes him undeniably NOT a she.

I'm not bitching, it's just the state of things, Kek.
He's disgusting.

No. 1008007

imagine thinking you deserve any kind of respect as a person while sitting naked drinking your own urine out of a wine glass and admitting to drawing kiddie porn to your audience of pedo furries.
Everybody, if you ever think you've hit rock bottom, just know it could be worse.

No. 1008023

File: 1594877215381.png (Spoiler Image, 553.72 KB, 725x483, whatapwincessuwu.png)

samefag but i made something

No. 1008031

Amazing.. I luv u anon

No. 1008033

File: 1594879749211.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 96.71 KB, 654x727, D0EC7DEA-C4CD-4099-9324-4EBC0E…)

Titties looking like The Brewess, one of the Crones of the Crookback Bog

No. 1008036

This is wonderful, anon, great job!

No. 1008372

Streaming again.
What a bleak fucking life. Sitting in your dimly lit, disgusting room, caressing a children's toy that you most definitely stick your "girldick" into.
It's so boring and painful to watch, I don't think any farmers can even be assed to collect any rancid milk from this.

No. 1008386

File: 1594927969475.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 102.76 KB, 750x571, 1E00B5C4-5FAA-46D2-B7A9-7CAB6F…)


I don’t know what’s worse; what they’re doing on camera or the freaks egging them on in the comments.

No. 1008387

Well, Aggy is “about four and a half inches when I’m full mast”. Boke.

No. 1008469

File: 1594938244556.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 1242x1626, A7B75EEF-9DCA-4374-AF5F-C00C57…)

I wonder if the autopedophilia started as a cope about his literal babydick? I hate to say it, but if he sticks to humiliating himself on camera instead of drawing child porn, it will be a better world.
pic unfortunately related, so open the spoiler at your own risk.

No. 1008491

if he is on e, his dick would shrink anyways but ugh, that is sad

No. 1008582

The people watching his stream are his kindred spirits. As if it wasn't already obvious, but that's fucking disturbing to read.

No. 1008628

This is one of the most grotesque humans I’ve ever seen. I hate that so much of society has been brainwashed to see these perverts as “women.”

No. 1008941

damn, smol dicks are usually cute, but this is ugly af.

No. 1009012

File: 1595030598804.png (334.08 KB, 552x447, overcompensation.PNG)

KEK i knew he would do this as soon as i made it. Confirms he stalks this thread. What a pathetic little man

No. 1009014

>should I make shirts
why does every cow want to do this kek

No. 1009018

File: 1595031104259.png (465.65 KB, 772x600, wearitproud.png)

It's their way of trying to make it look like "im totally not hurt by this at all!!1! In fact i think its FUNNY!"

Also pic related, I mocked up a tshirt design for him to use, free of charge!

No. 1009022

Doubt he’ll even acknowledge this even though he’s clearly reading the thread because ~TWANS WOMYNS CANT BE PEDOPHILES~. Fucking pedophile scum.

No. 1009047

File: 1595033887833.jpeg (26.36 KB, 613x178, 35C1AACD-F999-4645-9D81-2C6A3F…)

At least he admits being trans is just a fetish for him. Imagine being proud of the fact that your entire life revolves around your dick… but I guess that’s what being male is all about!

No. 1009062

I genuinely think that for some people "transitioning" is a form of self-harm. How do you explain a genuinely handsome young man devolving into a fat, piss-drinking, furry pedophile devoted to currying the maximum amount of hate he possibly can online? Is he THAT SAD over his itty bitty dick? I'd feel sorry for this lump of lard if he weren't so repulsive.

No. 1009110

of course it is, most troons i know are self destructive in other ways. someone with an alcohol addiction is not immune to drug addiction or sex addiction. i do not doubt transitioning can be included in these acts.

No. 1009135

I think his transition is a symptom of him being a piss-drinking furry pedophile pervert, not a cause

No. 1009146

Jesus christ I have never seen a dick this small on an adult before what the fuck

No. 1009170

So is it safe to say he has Klinefelter Syndrome? I guess that explains the hips.

No. 1009180

I was about to put on my tinfoil hat when I read this and remembered the female-like pubic hair pattern that threw people earlier in the thread, but then I realized that if this guy was actually XXY, you know he would be making sure everyone and their dog knows he technically has 2 X chromosomes just like a reul wummin

No. 1009181

Wow. Just wow. He was totally my type before.
trooning out: not even once.

No. 1009287

File: 1595082655857.png (185.11 KB, 460x615, swp.png)

this is almost so fucking crazy i'd wear it. get on it kid kisser!

No. 1009512

File: 1595107773945.png (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 767x676, unfortunately.PNG)

this thing is on chaturbate again, calling himself a "stupid girl". His "trying to be sexy" voice is sooo nasty lmao.

No. 1009517

Also explains the woman pattern pubes. definitely klienfelters.

No. 1009531

is he using chaturbate instead of making an OF or something because he knows that's the only way he's gonna actually get people to watch him putting rods in his dick? i don't get it

No. 1009544

The unicorn in the background is so gross knowing what he does with it. Gag.

No. 1009555

hes so fucking hulking and massive. lmao

No. 1009558

he looks like the potion seller guy with a god awful filter slapped on

No. 1009572

You know even though I pick at Blaire white's looks (mainly because he does so to others), he at least LOOKS like a woman, I can understand why people think he passes even if he looks different irl.

With Aggy? Nah, I don't see it, how can you see a picture of this huge brolic man and his huge brolic man face and hear his voice and think he passes? My eyes does not see that at all.
How old is he? Why does he look so old?

No. 1009573

Also if he does has a Klienfelters, before he trans he looked like the average guy, this has to be all the weight and hormones he's taking.

It turned him into an huge fat sloppy titted mess.

No. 1009628

File: 1595125896056.gif (14.22 KB, 308x500, fredfli.gif)

Fat people kinda start looking the same so being fat helps passing, but he has a obvious manface. His face honestly makes me think about Fred Flinstone.

No. 1009647

He's got to be at least 250lbs at his height, possibly even close to 300. what a dainty widdle giwl~ uwu

No. 1009746

He looked like an actor teenage girls would swoon over. Some people really take all the good things they have and throw them away like that.

No. 1009806

He really did look like a teen Netflix movie actor before, he puts me to mind of Riverdale or something. It's almost laughable to see someone so above average go full on nightmare fuel like >>1009512

No. 1010007

He’s absolutely disgusting and could’ve been a pedo before trooning but he could’ve easily gotten a girlfriend and live well off.I swear fetishes just ruin people.

No. 1010013

this. It pisses me off these men fuck up their bodies and then DEMAND lesbians, straights and gays to date them.
He could've very well gotten a girlfriend and a decent looking one at that.
Instead he's gained so much weight, looks unhinged and is getting off to attention from Lolcow and kiwi, plus all the twitter attention.

Then if he does anything to himself, everyone is going to run and blame everyone else for making the poor trans girl feel bad, instead of the obvious decline in EVERYWAY POSSIBLE that Aggy has made.

I don't believe in "Fake" trans, because I go by their rules of "Whoever says they are trans is trans" because they love to disown the "bad guys", but I will say his "Never call a transwomen a pedophile!!" seriously makes me think he became trans because his fetish, possible CSA and he thought he could use that "trans" card as a excuse.

No. 1010014

I 110% believe this is why, he’s stated this, iirc

No. 1010118

Honestly I think it’s a good thing he did this to himself before trapping some unwitting woman with marriage and kids like many other AGPs do. No woman in her right mind is going to go near him now or allow him to be alone with her children.

No. 1010398

He’s married unfortunately, I’m assuming to another degenerate though.

No. 1010563

File: 1595314668393.jpeg (141.54 KB, 1242x239, 53F2FAFF-ED22-4177-B1D0-63C144…)

when you make misogyny your identity uwu

No. 1010565

This man is the most repulsive human I've laid my eyes on. His disgusting personality really shines through. Grotesque.

No. 1010569

this is what people meant about ruining the sanctity of marriage /s tfw u get married to your pedo transgal coomer bf and have to pretend he’s a little girl wetting his diaper when you have sex

No. 1010618

Don’t make me feel sympathy anon.

No. 1011296

File: 1595464575764.png (Spoiler Image, 526.74 KB, 920x689, 1.png)

He's currently live. Hank hill style

No. 1011297

File: 1595464646103.png (Spoiler Image, 626.97 KB, 909x674, 2.png)


No. 1011298

File: 1595464746361.png (Spoiler Image, 590.79 KB, 909x682, 3.png)


No. 1011299

File: 1595464831932.png (Spoiler Image, 219.85 KB, 347x328, 4.png)

4 (lol)

No. 1011302

File: 1595464955161.png (Spoiler Image, 133.05 KB, 348x361, 6.png)

… and last one, this was just funny to me. Figured no one else was going to watch or care in any way so enjoy

No. 1011354

is that a clothespin attached to his gut?

No. 1011414

There are photos on his Twitter with a metal rod up his dick but I get a feeling no one actually wants to see it / it’s not worth documenting cause it’s nasty. I’ll post if anyone truly wants to see it though.

No. 1011425

I hate myself, post away anon

No. 1011504

SOMETHING must have happened to him for him to turn this degenerate. I simply cannot fathom a regular person, with a sound mind, can turn out like this. I just cannot.

No. 1011523

Usually his streams are boring af, but sometimes it gets funny.
Posting one more time, coz little problems.

No. 1011524

File: 1595511551796.png (Spoiler Image, 586.14 KB, 576x595, camcryptiddreams.PNG)

That grody pile of trash and bagged diapers underneath the messy bunk bed….. grim.

No. 1011531

My whole body recoiled, not in the way he probably wanted either

No. 1011533

Holy shit, what kind of furniture abomination is this?

No. 1011547

> dildos and 'bdsm' equipment that ties the other to bed around alpacas
yikes, only ddlg and trannies think thats cute.

No. 1011548

File: 1595513593603.jpeg (29.12 KB, 320x197, D6C35D36-E99B-4218-9C95-F0E2DA…)

we need to burn everything down, we need to purify the world from this evil

No. 1011552

With some luck, prayer and the extension cord being tucked comfortably under the pillow/mattress, we may just have our holy fire.

No. 1011566

File: 1595518147126.jpeg (147.55 KB, 748x725, 872E92AF-3F88-435D-9586-E08C38…)

I can smell this image.

No. 1011580

Those fucking feet jesus

No. 1011635

whats that discoloration on his tits? Looks like he spilled some hotsauce on it and forgot to clean it off.

No. 1011672

The way he went from actual attractive man to fat special needs woman is depressing

No. 1011695

I think they’re hickeys
The idea that he has someone who’d actually touch him is wild

No. 1011705

Ask and you shall receive.
the next few spoiled pics will be a rod up his dick, you have been warned

No. 1011706

File: 1595533090418.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 354.84 KB, 1538x2048, A04516D8-7CD1-480C-BACE-E4243D…)

No. 1011707

File: 1595533124543.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 424.46 KB, 2048x1538, F72F6F79-CE70-4B87-A730-733722…)

No. 1011709

File: 1595533161842.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 217.78 KB, 1536x2048, 12E49104-62FC-46F2-8B1C-B0BF9E…)

Last one, you’re safe after this

No. 1011712

Oh god, oh lord, this is fucking horrifying. My pussy hurts looking at this. This degenerate will die doing one of his kinks someday. Is a rod in a dick even pleasurable?

No. 1011718

Does he get pleasure from this or..whats the point of it?

No. 1011782


Apparently it feels good to some guys because they have a lot of nerve endings inside their urethra apparently. It's called sounding and it's completely horrific.

Aggy isn't the first troon I've seen fucking with this stuff. In her case I think it's more like "Oooh I can stick stuff in myself like REAL WIMMINZ" because a vaginal canal and a stretched uretheral opening are totally the same thing, ladies.

No. 1011843

File: 1595554107382.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 2110x2742, gulp it up, bitch.jpg)

Peeing shota traps are not over yet btw.

No. 1011992

File: 1595587418661.png (1.87 MB, 1336x2048, Screenshot_20200724-064256.png)

I stg if he pulls a Shane Dawson…

No. 1012034

Wow alright. Since he stalks what we do.
Fucking work out dude. You look really fucking sad. No matter if you’re a men or a woman. This is really the end of my tolerance for being respectful towards trans people. Being a literal pedophile.You draw fucking kids in a sexual way. Grow up and work on your Trauma in a healthy way instead of doing all of this.You can still pursue being Trans, but not in such disgusting ways.

No. 1012047

File: 1595600205408.png (Spoiler Image, 576.45 KB, 622x891, 7910e93252734c10deaeb072c4a00d…)

I saged because I'm not sure if this has been addressed, but, it's most recent post and the comments associated. I genuinely feel sick looking at those toilet paper roll tits. Spoilered. 1/2

No. 1012048

File: 1595600231719.png (Spoiler Image, 51.35 KB, 651x476, 6cb2570b3741882b6a4926b3c891ab…)

No. 1012054

File: 1595601267822.jpg (Spoiler Image, 349.32 KB, 1604x2048, EdTVatrWAAgMr3F.jpg)

this is the most insane mix of typical male mirror selfie pose, and a womanly looking body.
i think the only women that could pull this off would be very fit dykes? I am not sure.

No. 1012056

I'm going to start working out immediately. I feel ill.

No. 1012058

File: 1595601700373.png (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 1538x2048, Ec_AeG7WAAcYhyy.png)

ah yes, slouching topless with my unicorn plushie. just doing cute biological girl things.
at least he is honest about the fetish

No. 1012059

In this picture more than all the other ones you can see what his face used to look like before all this. Wow.

No. 1012064

That's what I was thinking too… ah well… wasted. He looks so fucking gross now. Exterior matches the interior. Can't turn back now. I mean, fucking look at him. Gross tits and dick. Yuck.

No. 1012068

*He. We are literally discussing his penis kek

No. 1012208

look on the bright side, if he had enough self control to stay a good looking man he'd probably have enough self control to hide his pedophilia better. there's no telling what a guy like that could get away with.
porn addiction and other behavioral issues made him mentally incontinent, but that means he's incredibly fucking obvious about his attraction to young girls

No. 1012458

Probably a newfag from PULL

No. 1012462

This is what I was thinking, it’s a good think they became an ugly anthromorph because nobody desires him in any way. If he looked as good as before and was drawing shota unfortunately he’d actually have popularity.

No. 1013337

I am convinced he "transitioned" just to be a cam girl. You know, like every real woman dreams to be.

No. 1013486

File: 1595878880315.png (585.46 KB, 2048x1250, Screenshot_20200727-154056.png)

No comment.

No. 1013496

i still REFUSE to believe it's 5 years. also….. what dick…… he's literally packing balls bigger than his cock

No. 1013498

I have no idea how people can hear these troons talk about their male gentials all day and STILL call them she and her.

This is so womenly talking about wanting people to see your tiny dick through your outfit so they know even more that you are male.

No. 1013510

yanno when people make posts like these i can see why he uses this thread as jackoff material

No. 1013516

How so?

No. 1013537

he definitely has a dick humiliation fetish, i get the feeling that talking about it will backfire lol
but on the flipside, i think he still gets intensely angry at anything here that he can't warp into his fetish

No. 1013797

Does anyone have more pics of aggy before he transitioned?

No. 1013845

Was thinking the same thing, anon. He is disgusting but maybe we should be careful not to let this thread be fap material for him. Just cause the idea of him coming here to whack off is so rancid.

No. 1014128

Nope, and better leave it like that. The cute sissy short dicked pedo brunette is far gone. lurk in kiwi

No. 1014281

File: 1596012526943.jpeg (382.19 KB, 1538x2048, C0129883-2F7B-44BC-854F-611FA7…)

Can he at least buy clothes that fit if he’s going to keep pretending to be a woman? What a nasty gut he has

No. 1014282

That fucking chin and jaw. Built like a hulking linebacker.
It's ironic that the most grotesquely "masculine" males pretend they are women by wearing pink and liking children's toys.

No. 1014295

It's probably hard to find this type of cheap anime style clothes that would fit you as a man, unless he custom ordered I doubt something like this would come in his size anyway.

No. 1014487

he's doing a shayna, kek

No. 1014529

I think it's supposed to be some kind of croptop, but croptops only work if your gut isn't bulging out.

No. 1014795

They do that because it's what they think being a woman is. Pink, liking cute things and being a cam girl.

No. 1015737

File: 1596317344793.jpeg (99.87 KB, 1240x428, BA1CCBE5-F0A4-437C-A0C8-6B3D15…)

Anyone catch what happened?

No. 1016884

I'm not sure if this should be saged but aggy deleted her twitter and chaturbate

No. 1016899

No. 1016985

awwww I thought he loved being humiliated tho? where's he gonna get it now?

No. 1017355

Is his twitter loading for anyone ?

No. 1017417

nah, it's totally gone. If I had to guess, I'd say he's probably in the process of starting a new camming account that isn't associated with his pedo art. Either that or Twitter finally nuked him? I'm sure he'll pop up again soon.

No. 1018652

His Instagram is still up, idk if it's active or not since it's private.

No. 1018760

Twitter is back but with nothing new. Dunno what got to him this time.

No. 1019947

Found someone talking about Him and the amount of people attacking this person for not liking him is insane

No. 1019948

File: 1596922532199.jpeg (463.09 KB, 818x1323, 197A8905-0A1C-46D1-90E7-E711A5…)

No. 1019965

These perverts are beyond help

No. 1019971

This debate should've ended the moment Aggy admitted their own comics were porn.
This isn't trauma art or complicated vent art or whatever. They make this shit to jack off to, and they're proud of that.

No. 1020025

Should've ended when he mentioned admiring shmorky who was a genuine diaper shitting pedo lmao

No. 1020218


No. 1021499

File: 1597188222638.jpeg (83.78 KB, 1242x403, 090AFAA9-763F-439F-A0B3-7CE730…)

No. 1021500

File: 1597188302971.jpeg (370.93 KB, 1241x1340, F0EB73BD-1878-45D6-A62E-743ACD…)

I’m guessing she killed herself when she found out she was friends with a pedophile. I would do the same tbh.

No. 1021508

yikes. i'm guessing she must've shot herself by the way it's being described?

also i know i'll get shit for moralfagging or whatever, but don't make this some weird gotcha about how this random, obviously depressed woman killed herself because of aggy. you can talk about how he's a dirty pedo who likes rods in his dick without using a completely uninvolved strangers suicide as banter

No. 1021509

is his boyfriend a troon? RIp to that person.

No. 1021517

thank you. birds of a feather; whoever she was she probably had some serious mental issues.

No. 1021538

Agree, it's just a shit move.
The subject here is Aggy himself anyway.

No. 1021548

Who cares about a pedophiles feelings? Anyone who’s friends with a known pedophile and does nothing to stop it should die, honestly. Just as guilty.

No. 1021581

there’s no reason to assume this rando neighbor friend was keyed in to all of aggy’s online freakiness (who knows how aggy presented to them)

No. 1021661

True, but I think it’s equally likely they knew. Aggy has mentioned that the first drawings of puppy milk (the free one on gumroad) were given to a few people at a party… I’d assume that closer friends are aware, since art has been given as a gift apparently. Imagine going to a house party and getting shitty pedo crayon drawings as a gift lmao

No. 1021805

it’s not about caring about a paedos fee-fees, it’s about shitting on some random woman who just killed herself because she’s vaguely related to aggy.

you’re assuming they were best friends just because you want to, as though aggy couldn’t just be chatting total shit and being like ‘oh my god we were gonna do pedicures we were so close’ just because of 1) the shock of it and 2) the fact that he very much could’ve deluded himself into believing they were closer than they were. either way, it’s weirdo behaviour to automatically act like an edgy retard and laugh about suicide - this isn’t fucking reddit, and you sound like a neckbeard.

anyway sorry for shitting up the thread and infighting, but can some of you stop acting like complete autists? yeah, aggy is a freaky fucking nonce, but there’s a line. saying ‘oh well- well she probably knew!!!!!!’ isn't a good reason to act like a retard.

No. 1021961

white knights pls leave

No. 1021968

imagine considering "let's not make assumptions about someone who killed themselves when we have absolutely zero information about them" whiteknighting

No. 1021987

oh my god no one cares stop derailing already

No. 1022487

File: 1597345500359.png (442.8 KB, 750x1334, 8A15DAB7-1DAE-4A62-9B6C-8408C3…)

Just dropping this from the KF thread since it implies that aggy was pretty forthright about her fetishes. There’s no reason to assume her friend specifically knew, but it sounds like she shared pretty openly with people IRL.

No. 1022488

File: 1597345521565.jpeg (451.87 KB, 519x983, 963C0AF5-A954-462B-A248-4D18AF…)


No. 1022497

No. 1022502

Well that explains why he went downhill so quickly. They’re right about the whole hugbox situation. Coomer artists (especially degenerate ones) stick with each other and can get stuck in thinking their kinks are fine and it’s everyone else who has a problem. Having mental issues on top of this also doesn’t help.

No. 1022509

add to the fact that the twitter/online trooniverse is a huge hugbox.
TBH, the fact that he thinks anything he does can be explained away because he's trans or may be a CSA surviver, does not make me feel he would'nt harm someone.
Not even a child, just anyone. People who feel they aren't in control of their actions will dos hit and go, "well, I'm trans and I was blah blah blah-"

No. 1022549

this exact comment has been made dozens of times, we get it. Stop clogging up the thread.

No. 1022723

Welcome to lolcow

No. 1022859

Jesus christ, I come back after we thought we tipped over this cow and can no longer get more milk and now Aggy's doing sexwork?

TL;DR where I've been: Lot of family issues but I did NOT anticipate Aggy to show off his tiny dick. Happy late birthday to me.

No. 1022861

Blogpost for why =__=?(=__=)

No. 1022897

am i the only one who thinks thiese tweets read like hes making the friends suicide all about himself

No. 1022905

He does seem like a narc so par for the course.

No. 1022979

File: 1597435255644.jpeg (294.33 KB, 750x615, 718A3EE4-836C-4019-85FD-D05EE4…)

Is flashing your microcock really thriving?

No. 1022995

'meaningful money'? hasn't he cammed literally like twice? also you can feel the rage in these tweets kek. 'without promoting them hardly at all' is so incoherent

No. 1023004

"Man it must be so annoying for you normal people to see me make money despite my disgusting internet status!"

No, it's just pathetic people are waving about money to see your tiny cock and drawing babydick still and even sadder to learn how you made a nosedive into degeneracy, if the Kiwi post is anything to go by. If there's anything difficult to see, it's an artist who use to have potential use it for kid trap piss porn and call it revolutionary "woke" trans shit.

No. 1023064

i doubt anyone is jealous of a fat, greasy pedophile slob with an acorn for a dick glued to their pelvis lol

No. 1023073

the only thing that really pisses me off is that the money isn't being used to get psychological help when it's clearly needed

No. 1023401

File: 1597510101560.png (98.08 KB, 1220x322, Screen Shot 0002-08-15 at 12.4…)

that's not the fucking point,, shut the fuck up

No. 1023405

Pedos thriving? Nothing new. Wasn't Epstein successful, too?

No. 1023426

>Making a couple hundred dollars a month and some tips from camming and namesearching yourself all over the internet to get off to people finding you repulsive

No. 1023428

File: 1597516958537.jpeg (166.14 KB, 530x513, FE70AA22-D220-4738-B7AE-749F73…)

“A couple hundred”, huh?
I’m no math magician but where’s that extra $160 coming in from?

No. 1023430

>math magician

No. 1023462

Fucking KEK. I hope that was on purpose

No. 1023540

File: 1597537269519.jpeg (341.34 KB, 1242x657, 638779BC-0EB9-401A-9AE6-D5A901…)

So first it was "if you call me a pedophile you're oppressing me for being twanz" and now it's "if you think I'm creepy for having sex in public you're oppressing me for being twanz." Amazing.

No. 1023541

>a couple
>couple meaning at least 2
>200 -35

i think thats where anon got 160 from
math magician

No. 1023568

I feel like he’s trying to tell the world something, like his real intentions.

>can’t call him a pedo

>can’t say he’s creepy
>can’t say he’s a fucking freak for masturbating/fucking in public

I feel like he will do something insane.

No. 1023582

So he's basically saying being trans is a fetish and people who say keep your fetishes to yourself, are saying, "transwomen don't come outside?"

No. 1023583

This is hilarious. I hope he keeps going, can't wait to see how the hyper-woke people make excuses for it.
Let morbidly obese AGP hons piss themselves, crank open their urethras and fuck in public 2020. As if the year can't get any worse.

No. 1023584

and the world does not care. If they see this huge fag jerking off or being gross in public they aren't going to care if he's a "transwoman" and how "not doing my fetish in public is shitting on trannies for existing!"

transwomen spew dumb shit online, get likes for it and they come back for more validation because they know IRL shit does not work this way.
People probably already think he's doing his fetish in public just by looking the way he does.

No. 1023776

Imagine ruining your life cause you're a creepy man and want a way to show your weird dick to people in public without being able to be called out for it

No. 1023827

File: 1597602306589.png (177.11 KB, 798x664, nkln89.png)

More anger about people not wanting to see him have sex in public.

No. 1023830

This is bait, he can't be that dumb to single out teenagers for thinking it's gross. He just wants more attention, more videos calling him a pedo and i think i'm done even commenting on his ass, because he does seem to get off on it.
I just pray he hurts no one but himself.

No. 1023835

Hopefully he does it and gets caught with some kind of public indecency charge

No. 1023839

he's starting to sound like one of those faux sex positive people that build up to say that a 6 year old can consent to anything regarding sex. Even people who have been in the BDSM/kink community looks down on people who say shit like this because they know consent from all parties is most important.

No. 1023842

i mean, someone peeing outside is ignoring my consent since i am literally not consenting to watching someone have a piss every time i go outside. the whole idea of consent is that if someone does not consent to see the freaky, personal shit you're doing, then it's non-consensual.

this freak needs his dick cut off, and not in the tranny way. like, it needs to be straight up removed before he becomes a serial rapist or a full-fledged nonce or something

No. 1023843


I'd love to see how those twitter assertions would play out in court.

No. 1023855

Something that kills me about troons is how they like to pretend only a certain demo of people are agaisnt something. You know how they pretend like it's only "Cis white males" who aren't with tranny shit? Or how he's pretending that urban "teenagers" are 100% cool with troons public & public sex in general?
You can tell these people never leave their bubbles and never are around people of other backgrounds.
I grew up in a urban area and every time I've heard public sex being spoken about, it was a girl getting flashed, homeless people and in general something uncomfortable or criminal

No. 1023856

>sex is like a super mundane behavior, like, it's just physical movements!
this is the same argument used to belittle female rape victims

No. 1023865

Seriously, and then put this mf on the sex offenders registry where he belongs.

No. 1023880

I knew it! This faggot is planning something! hopefully it’s something retarded like filming himself outside while peeing or naked, and not something vile.

No. 1023985

It's almost like public sex and nudity are against the law, but no, apparently this is just meanies being mean about this thing's fetishes, just like when meanies were mean about this thing drawing naked children

No. 1024111

I cannot comprehend this mindset. The amount of mental gymnastics it takes to think having sex in public isn’t disgusting and putting minors at risk. Aggy continues to be more vile each day huh

No. 1024262

this really feels like escalation.

No. 1024305

He mentioned teenagers… I don't want to tinfoil much but it does look like something vile

No. 1024306

Agreed. He isn't getting the same high he used to from his initial degenerate fetishes so he's starting to up the ante to get a bigger thrill.

No. 1024637

looks like aggy got a new dog, how long until we find out its being raped

No. 1024672

where did you find that??

No. 1024755

File: 1597713887088.png (644.29 KB, 782x496, Screen Shot 2020-08-17 at 8.24…)

wont shut up about it on twitter

No. 1024818

'Puppy milk' was never a metaphor, it was always literal

No. 1024903

this is just…really bad

No. 1024918

Wasn’t … he supposed to be “poor”?

No. 1024962

It's an australian shepherd too, which are notoriously high maintenance and full of energy. there's no way aggy's fat ass is going to give it enough exercise, it's gonna be miserable.

No. 1024982

well buying a $600 dog to sexually abuse is considered essential to perverted troons

No. 1024985

Lol is that Holly Conrad?

No. 1025053


That poor poor dog. I pray he doesn’t molest it.

No. 1025171

Somehow, I don't think he will. Maybe it's just the last shred of hope I have for this freak. I really don't want 2020 to be topped off with another Kero.
I hope that dog stays safe, either way.

No. 1025236

File: 1597773401823.png (44.35 KB, 526x237, Screenshot 2020-08-18 at 1.56.…)

WHAT a fucking take lmao

No. 1025279

'monamory' so just… being in a normal fucking relationship? i really can't do this anymore chief

No. 1025510

On August 2020 my true love sent to me:

>calling normal relationships a snowflake term just to justify being a kid diddler and an overall degenerate.

No. 1025690

This pains me

No. 1025698

World Heritage Post (tm)

Please can someone make this into a banner?

No. 1025793


For a long time these degenerates tried to sell it all as female/gay empowerment. Little kids have to watch some neckbeard being pulled around by a ponygirl because muh sex positivity.

No. 1026046

I can just feel that his next takes are gonna be something like "animals can consent because sex is normal and mundane! uwu" and then move on to children. You just know that dog is going to get humped and touched in inappropriate ways. It's one the breeds furries like too.

No. 1026101

File: 1597932123975.jpeg (221.74 KB, 1181x1034, 51B88263-15B9-4B40-98C0-07B584…)


No. 1026105

File: 1597933182872.jpg (210.06 KB, 589x551, galaxy brain.jpg)

No. 1026106

Lmao he must read his threads obsessively. You sure told us off aggy! Completely unbothered and thriving.

No. 1026108

It would be hilarious if he wanted to admit that he just wants to Detroons because he misses how he looked like before turning into pedo Michelin man.

No. 1026110

Rather be an incel rather than a pedophile

No. 1026111

Mathew pls
You could’ve been a normal dude instead of some ugly pedo line backer with tits who dresses like a 2 year old and fucks stuffed animals for a living.

No. 1026131

Is he literally incapable of looking at anything not through the lens of wanting to fuck someone or something, or a delusion that other people want to fuck him? He thinks he's pulling some sick own like "ha you guys were the pedos all along," but he's just further proving that his entire brain function is dedicated solely to his dick and fetishes

No. 1026145

If I had to choose, I'd definitely go for incel

No. 1026148

I think it’s their roommates dog. However it’s concerning how much he’s obsessing over it than the person who adopted it.

No. 1026256

Is that his real name? Thank you, I fucking hate calling him Aggy

That name is reserved for a real little girl, not this creepy fucking pedophile troon

Go fuck yourself Matthew

No. 1026764

File: 1598042273119.png (36.73 KB, 784x116, Screen Shot 2020-08-21 at 3.38…)


No. 1026772

Shut the fuck up Aggy, you fuck your dog.

No. 1026792

Was that confirmed

No. 1026861

I mean, you may have been born to be a dicklet, but life tried to make it less suicide-inducing by not making that immediately apparent from your face.
Then, you canceled that through obesity, porn addiction, pedophilia, and AGP.
A mangry, linebacker-looking obese hon who may or may not want to fuck dogs, throwing tantrums on Twitter about how the whole world is bigoted for not wanting to watch him get off. Like, are we not supposed to laugh? Is that really progress?

No. 1026894

File: 1598066347233.png (Spoiler Image, 483.03 KB, 788x738, 46574485960785.png)

spoiler for disturbing content in this creep's likes. i can't imagine the justification for thinking toddlers molesting each other is sexy

No. 1026904

No t yet

No. 1026968

Seriously, his likes are chock full of fucked up child porn drawings. I don't want to go back to try to find it, but there was one that disturbed me so much: it was an infantilized Jirachi from Pokemon with a baby vagina, in a crib, getting molested by adult hands and crying.
How does a person become so depraved that something like that turns them on? He honestly scares me, I'm almost sure he's going to move on to real kids/animals once drawn stuff isn't enough for his diseased brain anymore. I'm afraid for that puppy.

No. 1027035

a while ago I looked at the likes too. saw one drawing of a little girl being raped by a dog and noped out of there

No. 1027037

The bar for this pervert is so low it's under the ground and he still manages to constantly reach new levels of repulsiveness

No. 1027102

File: 1598111539208.jpeg (263.27 KB, 828x1346, A61D07C1-1A82-4FAD-A8FE-8C05F8…)

When cows collide

No. 1027140

File: 1598115736172.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 499.96 KB, 1743x3069, A43EABDE-A49F-4A6D-8875-2B80B9…)

Yeah, that dog is in danger.

No. 1027143

The way Matt phrased this sent a chill down my spine. I know he uses baby language all the time, but pairing that tweet with the picture >>1027140 posted makes my heart sink.

I feel so sorry for that pup.

No. 1027146

Something about a horse blushing is so funny to me. This site has desensitized me

No. 1027238

There was another image with the horse post he liked that had a girl getting fucked by an ostrich. an OSTRICH. do they even have dicks??

No. 1027259

stay classy aggy

No. 1027261

File: 1598129201617.png (62.24 KB, 708x232, Screen Shot 2020-08-22 at 3.45…)

is it just me or does this come across as extremely tasteless

No. 1027262

I mean he’s already making her entire death about himself anyways so I’m not surprised

No. 1027268

Has anybody managed to find out if she really died yet? I still don't believe his friend died. So far I haven't seen any evidence that proves she ended her life beyond what Matt's talked about on twitter and he appears to have recovered from the shock of her suicide at an extremely quick rate.

No. 1027296

So the real reason they went up to "clean up the blood" was actually to loot her apartment?

No. 1027305


>Top 10 friendships of all time! Troon edition.

No. 1027579

File: 1598186121710.png (98.7 KB, 1433x437, Whatthefuck.png)

I saw this in his likes, maybe it alludes to something? Or maybe it's just anothet pedo fetish of his.

No. 1027763

I’m like 99% sure he doesn’t even have any trauma and is just using it to excuse his fetish.
From what we’ve seen, his mother is very supportive of him.
Also he’s never actually stated what his trauma is. It only comes up when people attack his art, then of a sudden it’s B-BUT MUH TRAUMA

No. 1028437

Most of these troons, or most loli/shotacons overall claim that they're expressing their trauma because it gives them more credibility than just accepting their fetish. Any therapist worth their salt wouldn't dare encourage this shit. The JP artists they worship will flat out admit that they're pedophiles with no shame whatsoever yet the Western perverts wearing baby onsies and waxing poetic about pissing on puppies are 'doing it to cope'. You can smell the bullshit from orbit.

No. 1028962

File: 1598423362153.png (Spoiler Image, 2.09 MB, 1818x880, where.png)

>selfie ft. caveman realness
>hank hill ass with pimples
>literal micropenis in dirty bathwater (not pictured)
>"i'm so hot and talented!"
Ok Matt. God this is so fucking funny

No. 1028964


No. 1028968

that left picture omg
grog like pee. grog like fuck dogs

No. 1028986

Why is it always the super busted people who think they're hot shit???? I really don't understand.

No. 1028990

This dude is cursed with both pedophilia and the world's flattest ass lmao. He already deleted these, probably since even his stans were silent instead of commenting the usual "uwu ur so cute!!!"

No. 1029015

>Caveman with a giant ass boil
His delusional brain is unparalleled

No. 1029023

>hot and talented
Who's been lying to him?

No. 1029058

good god those tube tits. tragic.

No. 1029088

his eyes are so fucking unnerving. Every time I look at his face I feel primal disgust/fear

No. 1029616

What's that on his neck? A hickey?

No. 1029641

File: 1598558578881.jpg (218.82 KB, 720x1042, 20200827_162757.jpg)

Somebody save this poor dog.

No. 1031152

File: 1598830306837.jpeg (585 KB, 1242x1156, 28A4B45A-08F0-4801-8995-E02FCD…)

Matt's back after a very brief hiatus. He is mad that people generally don't like pedophiles or pedophile comics.

No. 1031153

File: 1598830306814.jpeg (585 KB, 1242x1156, 28A4B45A-08F0-4801-8995-E02FCD…)

Matt's back after a very brief hiatus. He is mad that people generally don't like pedophiles or pedophile comics.

No. 1031182

>even people that don’t appreciate my comics feel something when they read it
Yea disgust/cringe/let me close out of that spoiler real quick is about it. There’s no fucking thought provocation or any emotion beside what I’ve described. I wouldn’t claim my name if I was that GUY

No. 1031209

Good, I’m glad pedophiles are scared to show themselves in public. The world would be a safer place if Matt and his supporters offed themselves.

No. 1031313

Imagine referring to porn for pedos as "provocative" and "one of a kind", as if it's some kind of art.

No. 1031373

File: 1598886479231.png (Spoiler Image, 489.52 KB, 640x1136, 1773E32F-BB6C-4A3E-8AB8-FC51AE…)

took a dive into his likes and what the fuck… he’s not even subtle about the fact he’s into shota and lolicon. disgusting.

No. 1031374

This has already been posted, not even that long ago. Pls read the thread before posting old milk

No. 1031592

File: 1598920684978.png (650.87 KB, 733x591, ktytm.PNG)

New low?
Also kek at him trying to convince himself that he isn't revolting in the tweet above. Keep tellin yourself that, matt, I'm sure it'll work.

No. 1031633

Jfc from that tapestry in the background and his recent support of kink shit in public I thought he was outside for a sec

No. 1032201

I think he deleted his twitter? Possibly taken down because of reports?

No. 1032204

Either way, he'll be back.

No. 1032242

this person deletes twitter periodically and then reactivates it to post more content, it’ll be back up in no time

No. 1032282

That was my first thought too until I expanded and saw the filthy cushions

No. 1032387

Why are you calling him "she"?

No. 1032411

No, it’s up. You could’ve been blocked or maybe Matt took it offline for a couple hours, but it’s been live for the last couple hours.

No. 1032580

Did this really need it’s own post? This exact comment has been made dozens of times, at least Sage your shit if you’re going to clog the thread.

No. 1033159

File: 1599188362583.jpeg (503.82 KB, 1578x2048, 7451DE4A-4EF9-4407-B400-52970B…)

New puppy milk, surprisingly free of child peen. 1/3

No. 1033160

File: 1599188469758.jpeg (645.68 KB, 1582x2048, 5B6289BC-6126-4606-B181-40309F…)


No. 1033161

File: 1599188629316.jpeg (515.43 KB, 1580x2048, DBBCE6FC-2B08-499C-A759-AF7FB3…)


No. 1033169

>surprisingly free of child peen
Nope, look at the first panel in >>1033160

No. 1033172

and also in the giant middle one lmao. I'm sure there will be more to come, unfortunately.

No. 1033176

Fuck you’re right, I totally missed those. I try to avoid looking at Matt’s “art” for too long for my own sanity. Sorry for the lie everyone

No. 1033187

I know usually having your hair cut short against your will can be pretty unsettling but it's a little hilarious that he's insinuating that his mom teaching him basic hygiene was twamatic uwu

No. 1033209

for real! how long did he go without brushing his teeth if his mom had to hold him down and do it herself??