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File: 1544225924258.jpg (97.35 KB, 634x786, 6746850-6438011-image-m-68_154…)

No. 745428

Making a separate thread for these two since they were derailing the lolita thread.

Jessica Soares, aka r0ttingdoll, better known as Poopchan, is an unoriginal "living doll" best known for being a disgusting edgelord, ripping off her look from actual talented artists, and going on racist rants. Her boyfriend, Tristan, is a limp-haired malnourished narcissist whose hobbies include making horrible "music," enabling his piece of shit gf, and bragging about going to RISD despite his art being mediocre at best.

Summary of relevant drama:
>Known for posting actual brutal gore and photos of dead bodies on her facebook page
>Scams people on depop and sales communities, selling items and then never shipping them out
>Went on a racist rant against members of the Kawaii Black Girls fashion community, then doubled down on her racism in an instagram livestream
>Allegedly sent self-harm photos to a girl who mentioned she was triggered by that kind of imagery
>makes fun of trans people, calling them delusional, and mocks people with eating disorders and PTSD
>Got the nickname "poopchan" from admitting she's into scat and allegedly ate human shit
>is generally disgusting
>thinks her malnourished, stringy-haired boyfriend is "model hot," and he clearly has an inflated ego as well
>He's a junior at RISD, boastful about his incredibly mediocre art, and a self-absorbed pseudo-intellectual
>Known to rant about "PC liberals" and "identity politics"

Social media links:


Her Barcroft TV documentary (formerly titled "I'm a Gory Lolita Doll" before it got hundreds of comments saying she wasn't lolita): https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=29&v=8FL3sG1yA-k

Cringy article with lots of photos and choice quotes:

No. 745440


No. 745458

File: 1544230119614.jpeg (130.66 KB, 750x740, 5BF24F17-4901-4331-8F7F-36913C…)

No. 745459

File: 1544230150958.jpeg (83.44 KB, 443x960, 33EFBB5A-B4BC-48B8-9847-274872…)

Her lolita outfit

No. 745460

File: 1544230182317.jpeg (133.94 KB, 869x597, A71E8D1E-0F52-4EF3-B50C-4FD310…)

No. 745461

File: 1544230214930.jpeg (93.15 KB, 540x960, 66F6DB61-B24B-4651-B65D-98E6D2…)

Transphobic post

No. 745462

File: 1544230244021.jpeg (98.7 KB, 540x960, 474E96F8-1744-40BB-9290-C769DD…)


No. 745465

How many times must we go over this? ~Twansphobia~ is not milk.

Pretty much all the other shit is though.

No. 745466

She's ugly but I highkry think Mickey made this thread due to how little milk is actually provided and just for mentioning Kawaii Black Girls lol

No. 745478

I don’t think it was because it was specifically against Kawaii Black Girls but just because it was a group of POC in general, it didn’t matter the group.

No. 745482

And yet out of all the groups to mention, it was the one specifically that Mickey's in- the one that she claims constantly that she's the OG of.
Mickey was literally talking about her a couple of days ago if I'm correct. Sorry there's just no real milk here (besides her bf and the scamming of course) so I can't not see this as her lolll

No. 745483

OP here. I'm not Mickey, sorry. I made this thread because people in the lolita cows thread kept asking for it, and I mentioned kawaii black girls because the caps I saw of the racist comments were from that group specifically and that's where the actual drama went down.

No. 745485

is this toshi salvino? i literally cant tell the difference between any of these ~le pastel kawaii/death rock gothy~ girls

No. 745486

I was wondering if a thread would be made about her.
She’s still fairly cringey outside of the comments on that post (esp her boyfriend), with the shit eating, general edginess, and that interview of her.

But shes loving all this attention right now, even thanking people for sharing hate of her.
this thread is just going to keeping stroking her ego and convince her she’s famous, when she’s just the shit eating joke of the month.

No. 745489

Toshi is the girl whose style she blatantly copies.

No. 745509

where's the poop eating post i wanna laugh

No. 745516

In that case, where are the caps? Not trying to be rude but just about everything here is kind of boring.
If military related to her was posted in previous thread, why not link back to it?

No. 745525

Does her bf think anyones gonna take him seriously dressed like that with pink ass hair?
His philosophical idols are rolling in their graves.

No. 745551

File: 1544242568427.png (50.3 KB, 876x222, Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 11.1…)

she has matted wigs and eats poop. her room is a cluttered pink mess. ocd chan much?

No. 745557


Assclown probably thinks so.

No. 745571

You can see here >>742355 in the general lolita thread the line of conversation we were all having about these two, and why we decided they needed their own thread. They're both edgelord narcissists their personality types has them destined to be milky regardless of whether or not they're ~problematic~.

>How many times must we go over this? ~Twansphobia~ is not milk.
We all know lolcow flips between sjw and anti-sjw depending on the cow lol. As long as it's getting her dragged it's entertaining.

No. 745575

Also anon you forgot the best part: her boyfriend's cringefest Youtube channel.

No. 745583


RISD anon. critiques suck for him because he is a bad artist. bottom line. illustration majors here are a mixed bag; some are extraordinarily talented and academically skilled, most a furry anime artists who do ~~caricatures uwu~~. most people scoff at illustration majors here.

risd critiques are really hard sometimes. people joke about art school being a waste of time but its 100% not true here. its like a commune, people really really work hard and are passionate about what they make. tristan isnt like that if he's complaining about critiques and not getting anything out of it.

tristan is from wisconsin. he's from milwaukee. he has LA listed on his FB because he was probably born there and felt like its so much more clout being from LA than wisconsin. in wisconsin, people sucked his dick telling him how good he was a ~photorealism~ when reality he's just masking his inability to draw with flat shading and unnecessary detail. he probaby draws a grid on his paper and lines it up with a photo to copy (not reference). what a loser

No. 745593


Figures he’s from Milwaukee, wouldn’t be remotely surprised if this loser applied to MIAD and was rejected.

No. 745596

Hey, also a fellow RISD anon, there is so much milk surrounding this disgusting asshole. He’s in my department and it’s well known to the students in our dept that he was fired from a local campus coffee shop for berating two international students for being ESL while they were making an order.
He and Jessica are constantly creeping around my apartment building. It’s always exciting to see her without her makeup because all of her piercings are rejecting and she shaved like an inch of her whole GD hairline. Shit is wild.

No. 745612

File: 1544246172161.png (878.31 KB, 976x650, Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 12.1…)

Her face sans makeup is honestly one of the most unfortunate I've ever seen

No. 745615

File: 1544246339554.jpg (55.32 KB, 533x537, chrome_2018-12-07_21-10-56.jpg)

his art

No. 745617

File: 1544246477495.jpg (87.66 KB, 715x715, BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD .jpg)

Don't pick such a flattering example

No. 745620

File: 1544246578887.jpg (67.3 KB, 540x960, THE PIERCING IS TRYING TO ESCA…)

A great pic of her shaved hairline and one of her piercings rejecting - trying to escape her own poor face.

No. 745623

>in wisconsin, people sucked his dick telling him how good he was a ~photorealism~ when reality he's just masking his inability to draw with flat shading and unnecessary detail.

literally. also judging by how his mom gasses him up >>743445 >>743446 he probably has gifted child trauma where he grew up in a buttfuck nowhere town being told his sonic fanart was fantastic and amazing and then once he became an adult he got a reality check. except clearly he deals with it by deluding himself into thinking hes just too much of an intellectual for us to understand. hes probably seething looking at this thread if he entered ragemode over being told his bad art was blatantly bad.

No. 745624

Good lord how is that still in her face?!

No. 745626

File: 1544247274712.png (603.77 KB, 803x595, welp.png)

>Throwback to another androgynous portrait of myself. I used to love expressing my femininity. #illustration #drawing #art #ink #pencil…


No. 745633


>tristan is from wisconsin. he's from milwaukee. he has LA listed on his FB because he was probably born there and felt like its so much more clout being from LA than wisconsin. in wisconsin, people sucked his dick telling him how good he was a ~photorealism~ when reality he's just masking his inability to draw with flat shading and unnecessary detail.

Milwaukee anon here, if he was actually any form of “good” he would’ve been in the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design on a either part or a full ride scholarship lmao.

No. 745634

File: 1544247622705.jpg (80.27 KB, 1220x634, chrome_2018-12-07_21-02-34.jpg)


looks real orderly and clean there

No. 745635

>But shes loving all this attention right now, even thanking people for sharing hate of her.

is that why she made her ig private and whined about people hating her for being different

No. 745639

I mean. Not to be that guy ™ but RISD is the most competitive art school in the country. Not sure how HE slipped through the cracks and got in but I don’t think he was worried about rejection from Milwaukee lmao. His art still fucking sucks. Scratching my head at how he got in anywhere.

No. 745641

It’s not in her face anymore as of like a month ago. That thing rejected so quickly.

No. 745642

Honestly compared to videos of rejected portfolios I have no idea what glitch in the Matrix allowed for him to get into the school. But it seems like more of a curse than a blessing for him since he sucks and the teachers make no efforts to lay it on him gently. Just a waste of super costly tuition.

No. 745647


I’m still stuck on the part of how the actual hell did Great Value Titanic Sinclair got into RISD especially with what I’ve seen and heard from others as well over here before all of this.

>I mean. Not to be that guy ™ but RISD is the most competitive art school in the country.

Nah, you’re good. I wasn’t too aware of that, since MIAD is literally gassed up by most of bumfuck Wisconsin.

No. 745653

i have no idea who these two are because i don't keep up with lolita snowflakes, but tell me why this thread pic is giving me such strong Alternate Universe Titanic Sinclair & Poppy vibes

No. 745668

File: 1544250376462.jpeg (374.9 KB, 1242x2208, A45A4189-008C-4A2D-850A-018237…)

When she originally got mad and cut a chunk of her hair off

No. 745670

She just last year got gastric surgery, but I found it funny that after a 2 months she started eating donuts and Taco Bell again lmao

No. 745673

really?! no way! when was this?
I heard that he threatened someone on the elevator, telling them that "I got my eye on you, you think you're real cool talking shit about me on the internet when you can't say it to my fucking face? real smart"

honestly his threats were cringy too. sounds like he thought he was A Real Badass when he said it lmaoo

No. 745677

Earlier this semester. I wonder who it was he went off on, LMAO, that’s fucking ripe. That kind of meltdown can get you in trouble.

No. 745678

File: 1544252274429.jpeg (Spoiler Image,76.86 KB, 750x750, D518A89D-B6E6-4385-ABB3-23CA80…)

> ‘i need things to be clean!’
> has a pfp with an ass covered in actual worms(needs spoiler)

No. 745679

File: 1544252914381.png (2 MB, 1790x1164, Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 2.06…)

Tristan renders only his face in this study of a religious Titian painting. its incredibly narcissistic to insert themselves in a drawing like this, regardless of assignment or not. he should've been more thoughtful, megalomaniac bastard

No. 745680

not only are his art skills poor but he really has no imagination whatsoever wow.

No. 745682

An extremely clean person who literally eats shit.

No. 745684

File: 1544253812535.png (1.64 MB, 718x598, 1544252914j381.png)

Tag yourself, Tristan's Assumption of the Virgin edition.

No. 745686

File: 1544254103712.jpg (11.78 KB, 350x271, tumblr_inline_o0l988XQ771qlw5k…)

No. 745699

Hahahaha holy shit I'm so here for this, just saw the Barcroft ep the other day and let out a laugh when
I saw this thread and that she's a cow. I did immediately think she was copying toshi as well and her bf gives wannabe titanic Sinclair vibes

Fantastic more pls

No. 745716

Lmao that's mental. And no wonder she thinks her bf looks good, she has to look at this in the mirror everyday before she piles on her juggalo look.

No. 745740

Just checked his art IG and I swear 85-90% of what he draws is himself. For someone so ugly he sure does love his own face

No. 745741

File: 1544275364911.png (Spoiler Image,435.03 KB, 924x555, Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 8.22…)


No. 745743

File: 1544275509860.png (218.21 KB, 809x550, Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 8.24…)

What a charming pair

No. 745744

File: 1544275532804.png (213.98 KB, 811x535, Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 8.24…)

No. 745749

File: 1544278263071.jpeg (203.24 KB, 750x1158, FAD30770-47DA-4ABD-8308-513F30…)

lmaoo he’s said he’s titanic sinclair before. he looks like inbred version of him

No. 745757

He looks like if you photoshopped Tit's features to take up 30% more of his face lol

No. 745760

who the heck would want to look like this trainwreck? but cows look up to cows, I guess.

No. 745767

a boxy jawline does not automatically a "greek statue modelesque" make. bitch looks like a rat and his fugly gf looks stank af with all those piercings rotting out of her face

No. 745791

File: 1544288759345.jpeg (251.34 KB, 593x706, 9E51E050-79BE-4588-B6E0-2DF9A2…)


No. 745792

Yeah, a model of not what to do with your life.

No. 745795

he has a disgusting weak incel looking chin

No. 745804

Ikr, his jaw is too square and not sharp enough to be good looking. It just looks like someone horizontally stretched his jawline in photoshop. Not very cute on top of having all your other features looking like a straight incel.

No. 745806

lookin like a ferret dipped in grease and ruffles

No. 745815

This is meant to be milk?
These kids probably want to be agent provocateurs and schlick it to this thread.

No. 745847

Anyone else getting some Tuna-Luna vibes from these drug-addicted looking loons? All they're missing is the e-begging.
They look filthy, have no sense of style, and it appears as if any outfit they throw together is a result of tweaking because who the fuck else would step outside like that? Or put dozens of holes in their face?
It's one thing to be alternative, but the reality is they're half-assed copycats who can't go all the way with the look.

It's clear to me, like most white trash, that they're condescending about race because their skin color is literally all they've got–and these days even that doesn't say much.
Imagine being that fucking mediocre.

No. 745896

ok but where's the poop

No. 745903

seriously where is the caps of her admitting to eating shit i don't care about her ugly ass bf

No. 745910

can someone please get this greasy burger wrapper looking troglodyte some fucking hair mousse or something. maybe a paper bag to cover that dented face? matter of fact get two paper bags so you can cover up the dumpster fire that is his girlfriend while you're at it

No. 745934

It was in a livestream long before all of this.
You can find it if you dig enough on FB, just gotta put the effort into it.


I’m pretty sure she’s already begged. She put up a go fund me awhile ago to move out of her parents, yet told people to “grow up because no one is going to care about your problems or help you” in a livestream.

No. 745946

It’s fucking weird that there’s a human being who makes tits sinclair look Normal

No. 745968

wtf I once saw the mini-documentary made with Poop-chan and ana-kun.
I kinda shrugged like ''okay, here's a mental illness couple, probably gonna break up in a year'', but I didn't think they'd be milk worthy.
Like, at all.

I thought her outfits were cheap looking, but figured she's new to this fashion and has bought only aliexpress-tier shit, but appears she's just cheap af in general.

I didn't think they'd be this problematic.

No. 745978

new interview up from her FB
sorry for the blogposting/unsolicited commentary. watch the shit urself, i just have some highlights below

7:10 talks about titanic/poopy (haha), then goes on to address her racism towards POC
9:20 talks about "sjw offensive trends" which frankly, its not like she didn't do something wrong. she fucking did. that infamous video of her erasing culture and shit is just proof of her white ass defining racism once again and shutting up opinions of POC who always get shut down with the phrase "stop being sensitive." maybe stop being unempathetic.
10:45 tristan gives his holier-than-thou talk about ad hominems. unfortunately, arguments about race is almost purely an emotional topic this day and age– when youre marginalized, it hurts. that hurt turns to pain and grief. that's just how humanity is, and if youre not willing to talk about emotions in a complex topic like this, maybe youre more narrow minded than what your intellectual self thinks. he also states "insulting character when you disagree" – no. if its a rational argument, i think its only an insult if you perceive it as such, and if you do perceive it, perhaps maybe you're just insecure. tristan, if youre reading, remember those subjective realities and the lack of one definitive truth. maybe itll make you less narcissistic.
11:54 "developed my political views more ever since i met tristan" oh, okay, so fucking tristan is puppeteering and manipulating her. she probably cant develop her own opinions because she would upset her hot boyfriend. someone as dumb as she is can be easily persuaded. god she can't fucking see how much of an ass her bf is; she probably thinks hes so smart.

there's more but ill make this post first

No. 745979

oh no… not real stream news…please tell me this isn't the "mini documentary" this anon >>745968 was referring to.

No. 745983

i think that anon might be referring to the barcroft tv one

No. 745984

Holy milk. This is so cringy. The bit where Tristan talks about being a "writer of linguistic" things is the worst thing I've ever heard. How… do you not write linguistically?

No. 745988

File: 1544317953202.png (287.72 KB, 316x637, Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 7.52…)

She's recommending people go see chiropractors in her recent IG story. Reminding me of those people who claim chiropractors can cure cancer and shit. Also her yellow teeth and grey skin make her look putrid and like a bloated corpse.

No. 745995

If they showed an OUNCE of accountability or remorse for their actions instead of getting defensive and pretending like nothing ever happened maybe people wouldn’t call them racist.
It is VERY how Tristan has very carefully avoided even ADDRESSING any of the questions regarding why he was fired.

No. 745998

Also it’s really weird that they let this dude film them checking into private student housing.

No. 746001

File: 1544319473688.jpg (48.6 KB, 500x275, image.jpg)

No. 746007

this is so terrifying. saw this this morning while getting ready and it made me almost late tbh

No. 746027

Worst part she was trying to sell this top. He was the “model”

No. 746038

The fact that she just covers her piercings with makeup makes me cringe so hard. No wonder they're all rejecting. It's sick.

No. 746040


No. 746041


It's the ''hooked on the look'' one, made by Barcroft TV.

No. 746046

A "haters make me famous~" attitude is a huge red flag for extreme insecurity. If she was really so NOT BOTHERED LOL she wouldn't feel a need to talk about it and defend herself so much.

No. 746050

Tinfoiling but given the examples of people who DIDN'T make it compared to him, I wonder if his mom blew the dean or something lmfao

No. 746062

her bridge isnt even straight

No. 746065

File: 1544327454190.png (119.7 KB, 1030x546, Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 10.5…)

what… ?

No. 746067


i mean the point is that poopchan has been known to sperg about how omg greek god total supermodel her ugly greasy ferret boy is so…

No. 746071

File: 1544328007940.jpg (24.7 KB, 1100x618, gettyimages-474025918_wide-071…)

She almost copies how Trixie Mattel does her eye makeup only sloppier and worse.

No. 746081

question: why the fuck are they a package deal? why do they both have to address everything? do they not have lives outside of each other or are they hoping their combined presences will get them more views and attention? the question was never even directed at him in the first place during that ig stream but somehow he's just… here now. blasting oral diarrhea about race and human society under the delusion that someone will actually be impressed. what did they think they'd accomplish with this? they're both so unlikeable.

i can understand when people from different cultures and upbringings respectfully disagree or just can't understand the complex issues surrounding systematic racism in the united states, but these two are literally just spoiled rich privileged edgelord american whites who think “hurrdurr i hate everyone equally life sucks get over it” makes them intellectuals and that not finding employment for dressing like clowns is a genuine form of oppression.

No. 746082

Can anyone who follows her on IG post what her feed looks like right now? She went on private after all the comments on her mini documentary were flooded with receipts on her being trash.

No. 746085

File: 1544331272749.jpeg (Spoiler Image,593.54 KB, 750x1184, 6B2E48CC-BDF8-4CFB-A708-D18624…)

Spoilered bc of worms

No. 746087


actually they have a go-fund-me for leaving her "abusive household" uwu. her mother isn't abusive for letting her and her boyfriend stay at her own house, for free, when poopchan is 25 and should be supporting herself. she doesn't hit or anything, and frankly, shes featured in videos being really friendly on the youtube vlogs… i mean she even like… lets poopchan dress like that. Also, poopchan is known to sell nudes/have a private snapchat. I don't have reciepts for that, but I remember seeing her advertise it on her FB a few months ago in like September.

No. 746092

File: 1544332498326.png (274.9 KB, 1052x570, Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 11.0…)

When cows collide

No. 746093

File: 1544332556303.png (94.21 KB, 984x390, spergchan.png)

Sperging out on fb… it's really embarrassing.

No. 746098

Kenna also hangs with Venus - its a cow chain.

No. 746119

File: 1544336231807.jpeg (Spoiler Image,90.37 KB, 540x960, 879162E0-B717-42AD-9034-6423C4…)


No. 746125

>video about a narcissistic widely hated youtuber who changed her name and is moving to japan to escape controversy and get the attention no one in her hometown gives her anymore
>"omg this is so inspirational"

No. 746180

So they're both 25?

Anyway, these people shouldn't have a thread. This is just giving them what they want.

No. 746185

I don’t know why but this made me laugh super hard.

Seriously. That one on her head made me ill and the keloids on her bridge look raunchy. Does she do her own piercings? That would not be surprising.

No. 746214

Poopchan is too stupid to come up with her own views organically, and Tristan knows no-one would give a shit about what he has to say if she’s not somehow involved.

No. 746215

> giving them what they want

Yeah sure that’s why Jessica has made her instagram private, threatened to take people to court for speaking about her, and deleted comments from people calling her out.

No. 746216

Anyone notice how she’s practically incapable of coming up with her own ideas for anything? Her previous username litttlebodybigheart was stolen from Melanie Martinez (and her look was essentially copied from Melanie as well), the current one is stolen from a black girl who did fanart for her, and her aesthetic is completely stolen from Toshi.

No. 746222

Jessica Soares & Tristan Robert Roy Blum Racist Instagram Live Video

Amy Mills

Published on Nov 19, 2018

These two recently went on Instagram live and said some racist and erasing things. This is in tandem with several threads on Facebook. I am posting this video so it will not get lost once IG live deletes it after 24hrs.

This thinking represented in this video is 1 step removed from "alt-right" thinking and is dangerous. Jessica can not be allowed to be a representative of the alt fashion community.

It's long, but it gets worse as it goes. I will try and tag specific moments if you can't watch all of it.

No. 746223

Jessica Soares & Tristan Robert Roy Blum Racist Instagram Live Video

Amy Mills

Published on Nov 19, 2018

These two recently went on Instagram live and said some racist and erasing things. This is in tandem with several threads on Facebook. I am posting this video so it will not get lost once IG live deletes it after 24hrs.

This thinking represented in this video is 1 step removed from "alt-right" thinking and is dangerous. Jessica can not be allowed to be a representative of the alt fashion community.

It's long, but it gets worse as it goes. I will try and tag specific moments if you can't watch all of it.

No. 746225

File: 1544354551164.png (251.2 KB, 800x1007, Screenshot_2018-12-09-03-21-26…)

No. 746228


Somehow his art has gotten worse.

No. 746230


I know he probably wrote that when he was just a teenager, but lol that's one hilarious attempt at sounding intelligent. Borderline word salad. Such a troubled artistic genius /s

No. 746235


As hilarious as her attempt.


"I feel like every day that I do my make up I'm just closer to my purpose, and I feel like I'm closer to to being able to express myself honestly to my fullest extent."

No. 746264

>Jessica can not be allowed to be a representative of the alt fashion community.
Even without the racism, it'd make me want to puke if I were to ever describe my style as "alternative" and have someone try to equate it to this badly done trainwreck.
She's far too ugly, tasteless and disgusting to be a representative for any fashion whatsoever. Just throw it in the trash.

No. 746266

On watching this, their entire point seems to be that "You can't speak as a collective, you're just an individual!!11 Stop generalizing" and harping about individualism.
The issue is that collective experience does exist, like it or not. They might as well go to a LGBT gathering and go "ackshually sweety ur rong, that's just YOUR experience, stop generalizing ppl" whenever anyone says "We gay, lesbian, bi people have faced negative treatment in mainstream societies". And on the "You know nothing about my struggle" point, I'm pretty sure Tristan and Jess have never been excluded from a fashion subculture because they're white. That's that.

No. 746299


really creepy how they tagteam each other during interviews and defensive arguments

No. 746418

They both look musty asl fucking self-entitled dirtbags.

No. 746420

Haha, someone under the video said "When you refuse to apologize for being racist."
The comment was deleted real quick.

No. 746423

No wonder her teeth all yellow eating human feces.

No. 746440

Receipts on her threatening to take people to court?

No. 746486

i almost made this the thread pic but it was too disgusting and I didn't want to make anons actually vom

No. 746488

in her original IG livestream (where she doubled down on her racism after the facebook shitstorm) he wasn't even on camera but was speaking for her/talking over her ever 30 seconds. He inserts himself into everything, even takes the camera away from her while she's vlogging to focus on himself instead. His head is so far up his own ass, that's probably why he can't see how disgusting his girlfriend looks.

No. 746604

She was actually offering basement bargain bin priced nudes and lewds of herself on her Facebook. A sock account I know of bit the bullet and dropped the pocket change for them and was sent A FUCKTON of images and Vine-length videos.
All of them were TERRIBAD! XD

No. 746622

File: 1544407215881.png (Spoiler Image,3.66 MB, 750x1334, 2F5E8C52-8A10-4605-BD21-3AE209…)

She sent my friend nudes without verifying if he was 18 or not and he got this along with a bunch of videos of her touching herself and talking. In one of them she tries to shove her hand in her ass and can’t its so sad

No. 746624

File: 1544407418120.png (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 750x1334, 2C4D4A37-0747-43C0-B1DE-5814EF…)

No. 746625

File: 1544407507405.png (Spoiler Image,3.85 MB, 750x1334, 95BDE9A2-F1F3-4387-B5A4-675972…)

Can’t believe she even wears her gross clown face in nudes like I can’t nut to that sorry

No. 746647

Wait what? Spill the milk anon!

No. 746666

Man her nudes look like someone ran over her with a truck. Not cute. make me wanna throw up. take care of your damn body!

No. 746668

She looks okay in this one, actually. Her makeup is less extreme and she has fewer piercings, and the ones she has are smaller. I follow a lot of cows but i don't think I've seen anyone intentionally destroy their appearance this much. The giant piercings, terrible hair, and disgusting makeup ruin what could otherwise be a passably cute face.

Can't fix that personality though.

No. 746683

Yeah my 17 year old friend saw her status about selling nudes and she sent him nudes without even asking if he was 18.

No. 746687

Please read the usage guide and sage comments that aren't providing new information:

No. 746805

>"In one of them she tries to shove her hand in her ass and can’t its so sad"

I just laughed so hard at my desk. Bless you, anon.

No. 746807

Those are some ugly, sad tits.

No. 746836

Jfc can't you stick to actual milk instead of just perpetuating this bullshit

No. 746868

holyshit, this bitch is nasty

No. 746885

Found some links for anyone who wants to lurk.

Tristans got a Pinterest

Also here is his portfolio from RISD

No. 746920

File: 1544467418954.png (4.6 MB, 1000x2293, risdjunior.png)

His portfolio work looks like stuff that other students would have produced in foundations classes. His "in the style of" pieces also look nothing like the artists that he's trying to imitate.

No. 746962

File: 1544472170772.png (351.94 KB, 433x594, Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 3.00…)

Why do all these hardcore scene/emo kids grow up to be such lolcows? Kota, Kiki, Kelly, Shingles, Audrey, etc…

No. 746963

File: 1544472248292.png (385.18 KB, 513x505, Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 3.03…)

Why does she edit her photos like this? It's not edgy it's just cringy

No. 746968

damn where did y'all find this

No. 746972


this is so sad, she isn't even that ugly without the clown makeup and old wigs

No. 746984

We need reciepts on the shit eating. This is an imageboard, show screenshots or video or any kind of proof.

No. 746986

File: 1544474432751.jpg (1.5 MB, 2560x1920, 18-12-10-16-34-59-887_deco.jpg)

her transformation reminds me a lot of tuna before and after meeting lurch and doing crack

No. 746994

File: 1544474891802.png (638.73 KB, 761x578, Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 3.46…)

Found em on her facebook.

No. 746997

On the left: shuwu's basic eyelinered aesthetic
On the right: complete caricature of the triggered librul
How ironic

No. 747001

When did she meet Tristan? Facebook says they've been together since January of last year but that could just be when they switched their relationship status on fb.

No. 747005

File: 1544475257341.png (Spoiler Image,314.31 KB, 765x318, Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 3.50…)

I certainly hope she doesn't have family on her FB otherwise this is what they see whenever they go to her profile. The fucking profile picture with the worms actually makes me sick.

No. 747008

that's her profile pic??? jesus christ imagine being this girl's mother

No. 747032

File: 1544476482899.png (361.18 KB, 471x577, Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 4.12…)

Tristan and his faggy childhood friend. Won't post the other dudes name or account names as he doesn't seem too milky besides the fact he's friend with Tristan and Poopchan and that he used to be a transtender.

No. 747038

So Tristan and his faggy friend seem to have a youtube channel together. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClMKWswve8ZZcrMDOoUoBig

No. 747041

here in this video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wxRQFfidvU at 3:20 he says that they met recently and that was back in April 2018(use the youtube field)

No. 747045

File: 1544476996926.jpg (71.88 KB, 594x343, fartschool.jpg)

This fuck actually went to art school. Rhode Island School of Design to be exact.

No. 747048

thanks anon. god he's got an annoying voice. So was she like this before him? If not then that's a massive change if she went from a chubby normal looking emo to a body modding, creepy clown makeup wearing, lolita cluster fuck.

No. 747059

Jessica's go fund me. Reminds me alot of Tuna in that the gofund me is for her cat to be cremated…

No. 747060

annnnnd here's another go fund me Jessica made to get out of her "uwu abusive household". Is this just alternate reality Tuna and Lurch?

No. 747065

he met her when she was already a clown. they did a 'q and a' together and someone asked what he first thought when he saw her and his answer was basically that he saw her in clown makeup and he thought she was an artist etc, he also said he found her to be beautiful

No. 747072

>Tristan and I are trying to move out of my mom’s house to get an apartment with two friends of ours to start out YouTube channel and engage in our creative endeavors.
Why is her boyfriend living in her mom's house? He has a supportive mother, as seen here >>743445.
>Originally, he was going to sleep on the floor in Tristan’s dorm before finding a place with me, but we want to get started on this now.
So…Tristan has/had a dorm. He is not required to live with Jessica's mother, and neither is she. They could've lived in his dorm. Instead of that, they are begging for money and claiming abuse.
If the living situation is so abusive, surely she wouldn't have chosen it? 20 years with this woman who supposedly wishes you died, and you still live with her of your own volition for 5 more years? And have your boyfriend live there with you? Your boyfriend who clearly has other living options, and at least one family member who's looking out for him? Okay…

No. 747075

God she's just like Tuna except instead of e-begging for heroin money Jess is e-begging for … well maybe heroin or maybe just more over priced lolita shit.

No. 747079

Tristan's deviant art account:

No. 747082

It’s been said previously in the thread that the poop thing happened in a live stream and there’s no recording of it. But you don’t get a nickname like “poopchan” for no reason. I don’t know why so many people want to see/hear about this woman eating poop so badly.

No. 747084

It’s been said previously in the thread that the poop thing happened in a live stream and there’s no recording of it. But you don’t get a nickname like “poopchan” for no reason. I don’t know why so many people want to see/hear about this woman eating poop so badly.

No. 747104

Also last year she replied to a Saharah question regarding her kinks, and she said that she were open to experiment anything, even with "pee and poop involved". I really wish I had the screenshot.

No. 747110

i certainly would be fine living my life without seeing/hearing about this chick eating shit. However these threads are about documenting and complying info and evidence on cows not just saying a cow did something milky. If there's no recording then there's no recording, not much we can do about that.

No. 747111

There's a rumor she was either selling or scamming ketamine. Is this true? Any receipts?

No. 747229

risd anon – they met on tinder.

No. 747233

File: 1544492021663.png (19.48 KB, 275x104, 1543893907694.png)

this dude is a major asshole. here's some sc from the last thread of him being highkey racist

No. 747234

File: 1544492045863.png (48.52 KB, 275x227, 1543893930250.png)

No. 747236

File: 1544492087163.png (13.22 KB, 275x74, 1543894400526.png)

and that qudsia is actually tristan's mom. just a rehash since the people might've skipped over the last thread since it was in the lolita thread

No. 747248

It's like an entire family of lolcows, the e-begging mother, the autistic artist son, the closeted childhood friend, and the edgelord lolita girlfriend.

No. 747258

It's just a comment on an imageboard. Who said anyone was forced to bring in milk? Your shitty infighting doesn't help the thread, that's for sure lmao. You keep sperging out about this in multiple of these threads too.

No. 747259

File: 1544494116759.png (16.65 KB, 516x209, stan.png)

she's talking shit about brown immigrants when she's half pakistani herself lol.

anyway what is it with scrawny pakistani boys having a thing for crusty white blonde bbws.

No. 747274

Damn, dude's mama looks like a white trailer park mom, but she's Pakistani? Pakistani trailer mom aesthetic is the new look of 2018

No. 747276

You could make a sitcom out of that

No. 747293

File: 1544498259389.jpeg (23.71 KB, 719x196, 3254D77C-9403-442B-8DFD-0BBCC5…)

Here’s the only screenshot I have relating to her scat fetish. Comment is in reply to something one of her friends asked about Tristan

No. 747295

Im both disgusted but also curious about what she means. Did she fuck him anally? Did he shit on her?

No. 747310

Have you read any of the fucking thread jfc

No. 747316

Most likely unfounded. East Prov anon and I’ve literally never heard that one about her before. Highly doubt it’s true.

No. 747354

Jfc how many times do people have to tell you it was on a livestream. If you want the milk then find it yourself

No. 747400

File: 1544526184711.png (649.05 KB, 800x1099, Screenshot_2018-12-11-02-54-16…)

Qudsia Akhtar Sethi started a Gofundme three weeks ago to send Tristan to Paris to study art.



Farmers in this thread be slacking. Screencap and archive instead of repeatedly posting links.

No. 747403

File: 1544526628794.png (227.94 KB, 800x1165, Screenshot_2018-12-11-02-54-43…)

No. 747406

If someone could find her old Sarahah, she spoke about it on there.

No. 747410

File: 1544527403243.png (990.72 KB, 800x1145, Screenshot_2018-12-11-03-20-06…)


Someone set up a community to celebrate Qudsia's birthday in 2016.

No. 747411


tf she looks like his girlfriend

No. 747416

File: 1544528509073.png (241.43 KB, 800x1048, Screenshot_2018-12-11-03-31-02…)

Ten years ago a story written by Qudsia was slated to be made into a film, but the project appears to have failed to launch.

"Five first-generation American college students are all apples who have fallen far from their traditional Islamic tree in 'Generation Jazba' ('Passion' in Urdu), a story written by Qudsia Sethi inspired by her own experiences as a first-generation Muslim growing up in the Midwest. Against the knowledge and wishes of their parents, these five characters engage in drug abuse, taboo sex and other activities forbidden by their faith until one week brings all of their secrets to light."



No. 747419

File: 1544529629026.png (37.85 KB, 800x186, Screenshot_2018-12-11-03-47-01…)

Qudsia is half Pakistani on her father's side and half Welsh on her mother's.



On February 17, 2005 the Journal Sentinel reported, “Qudsia Sethi and Allyson Bahr are working together on an independent film inspired by Sethi’s childhood. If their dream comes true, someday the film could be shown at the Oriental Theatre… The story is fiction but is inspired by [Sethi’s] own experiences as the daughter of a Pakistani father who married an American convert to Islam, and those of several friends. She plans to call the film ‘Rite of Expression’… With a preliminary script complete, some funds raised and a second public event to promote the film planned for Sunday, Sethi is like many budding filmmakers in Milwaukee, straddling the line between an intangible dream and the tangible reality.”


No. 747424

What do you expect from someone with no eyebrows, shaved off hairline, thin flat hair and lots of ugly piercings?
Her face is pretty chubby too but that's the last problem with this face.
She could look so much better without all this shit.

No. 747523

File: 1544550428708.gif (3.82 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

>inspired by her own experiences as a first-generation Muslim growing up in the Midwest. >engage in drug abuse, taboo sex and other activities forbidden by their faith until one week brings all of their secrets to light.

No. 747538

File: 1544553105623.png (568.92 KB, 1233x485, Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 1.30…)

More ebegging from Tristan's mom.

No. 747539

File: 1544553184015.png (83.34 KB, 743x428, Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 1.33…)

No. 747540

File: 1544553258604.png (39.92 KB, 747x301, Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 1.33…)

>>Can't upload the photo of the car for some reason

No. 747559

Europe doesn’t want these people

No. 747561


This person is not one of the cows and is unrelated to the drama.

No. 747595

Nah, she seems pretty cowish. She's a racist, too, just like her son >>747234

No. 747605


Are you being deliberately obtuse?

I am not referring to Qudsia.

No. 747654

literally who are you referring to then

No. 747656

yeesh they look like lesbian roommates

No. 747660

File: 1544566344898.png (128.93 KB, 986x640, Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 5.11…)


No. 747663

mentally ill alt hambeast who uses body mod as a form of self harm lets malnourished incel degrade and control her under the guise of a fetish

how original. these two really are tuna and lurch with better hygiene.

No. 747873

That's so odd, Jess said she got into a car crash and that she got kicked out of home because of it but wouldn't show proof of the damaged car, hmm

No. 747903


The beneficiary.

No. 747939

Literally none of those posts are about anyone but Qudsia. The screencaps are posts uploaded and written by her.
No one is focusing on the beneficiary here but you.

No. 748045

File: 1544629561984.jpeg (377.38 KB, 750x770, 631A5847-4A66-40EF-A0FD-9B3682…)

Man he looks like something went wrong in a video games character creator sliders.

No. 748093

That is one ugly man lmfao. Holy shit

No. 748106

File: 1544638460136.jpg (45.5 KB, 600x600, manilow magick.jpg)


Anyone else see the resemblance?

No. 748128

File: 1544640997433.jpg (9.29 KB, 214x317, whatswiththeredeyeslol.jpg)


lmao it's like barry manilow had a sickly child with david copperfield

No. 748147

He’s got all the wrong parts of both. His face is too small for his features and it doesn’t help how nasty and limp his scrimpy little thinning hair is. Dude has a doorknob sized Adam’s apple too.

No. 748189

File: 1544645484071.jpg (402.77 KB, 1200x1523, Carlos the inbred.jpg)


lol yeah he has the physical fortitude of Carlos II

No. 748431

When I had her on Facebook she posted a video with her and her mom. She was hugging her mom and saying she loved her mom. They interacted well together. So for her to say her mom is abusive is an outright lie.

No. 748468

It's so typical. Her mom threatened to kick her out for being a literal unemployed leech in her mid 20s who's got her boyfriend crashing with her, so she's just crying abuse so people can pay for her to move out.

No. 748494

She’s not unemployed, she works in hot topic.

No. 748616

Holy shit lmfao

No. 748658

File: 1544725493631.jpeg (134.67 KB, 1280x720, 5E896D8C-7864-4D1E-BEDD-F10013…)

Tyler/ScarfingScarves has made a video on her lol

No. 748677

Just link the video next time, anon.

No. 748684

File: 1544727422323.jpeg (107.62 KB, 1242x413, 446F098C-D3C9-420A-9D87-0885E8…)

No. 748797

File: 1544738233143.png (150.49 KB, 1158x531, poopchan-sobbing.png)

She's so unbothered that she took to the comment section to whine about it

No. 748801

Will she ever get tired of playing the "edgy kid"? This is just embarrassing.

No. 748802

Is she actually retarded?

No. 748816

oh boy i love a good slap fight

No. 748823

Well she won't get anywhere with trying to provoke Tyler in any way, she tends to ignore cows after she's done with the video. But I'd LOVE to watch Poop-chan try her hardest to though.

No. 748920

Will Jessica, the morbidly obese scat fetishist clown who begs for free hand outs, become the alt right's latest waifu?

No. 748961

i get that shr thinks nihilism makes her an intellectual but clearly she's just an attention seeking edgelord who hasn't experienced significant enough relationships to feel empathy for others. it's self serving, ironically what performative social justice bandwagoning also is. she's an npc herself. she's just parroting the reddit lingo pewdiepie's 12 year old followers including her fellow incel boyfriend talk into her ear.

>lol idc about blm or social justice because we all die who cares i'm oppressed for looking like a cavedwelling goblin it's the same as systematic racism you're not special get over it

but also
>of course racism is bad and black lives matter! but um don't All lives matter? makes you kinda think huh? ;)

so which one is it? she doesn't know, she doesn't care. the brand she's decided upon is to rEbEl against us silly npc's who don't eat human feces or shave off our hairlines while eating betty crocker frosting out the jar for dinner. idiot slob.

No. 748995

File: 1544767155031.jpeg (145.25 KB, 720x1280, 746EE3FC-DC61-4E0C-A59F-F679A1…)

No. 748996

File: 1544767183454.jpeg (284.58 KB, 1080x1854, 2CF237FA-4ED6-4628-BDC7-7D5046…)

No. 749034


(also where's her vag?)

No. 749083

I'm dying. Toshi destroyed that ugly fat fuck.

No. 749365

risd anon. Tristan in his first year here would sing Nirvana loudly in the hallways while playing his guitar. Hes also extremely manipulative, he likes girls he can control and he seems to be drawn to mentally ill girls. I think he glorifies it. Some girl said that she thought she was getting better at talking and he shut her down and said that she was still awkward — like me. He also likes talking in grandiose phrases like “you understand me. you’re one of the real ones. you think with words. you’re like me. you realize things most ppl don’t etc etc.” I remember sitting next to him at a school cafe and he was talking to some guy he just met about how his girlfriend was in a fight and he “didn’t care about it but [he] had to pretend to” and he was talking about how this stranger was “one of the real ones” wack stuff

No. 749387

Does he seem high or just socially retarded? Cause that sounds like what a creepy crack head tells you at the bus stop.

No. 749398

Sounds more like what an immature pretentious prick says.

No. 749855

File: 1544971994276.png (300.76 KB, 322x614, Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 9.50…)

Looking more and more like a DDLG couple with the pedo flasher trench coat and her "tumblr threw up on me" outfit.

No. 749858

Just adding a receipt.

No. 749859

File: 1544973497311.png (363.28 KB, 750x1334, 40680275-5058-498F-B65B-B67312…)

No. 749880

Wow, that’s actually pretty fucked.

No. 749883

This is so funny cause they clearly didn't even watch any of the video. NOBODY asked her. She chose to interject herself and spew her opinions on somebody else's post. But oh no how dare poc inconvenience poor white people I guess.

No. 749961

God her jacket looks so DIRTY

No. 749973

WOW. You don't have to be an SJW to realize how fucked up it is to say you wouldn't care if every POC on the planet died.

No. 749980

What video is this under?

No. 749984

scarfingscarves video. it was posted upthread

No. 749991

Okay this might be the most categoric proof that she is a white nationalist. Agreeing with something like that, something so blatantly racist is just irredeemable.

No. 750006

Toshi is an attention whore cow herself, but i do agree that other girl is badly copying her

No. 750144

I almost feel like she didn’t even READ all of the full comment. Just let someone stick their fist up her sock puppet ass and clung for any defense she could get. too bad she just agreed that all POC that aren’t her friends should die.

No. 750373

yeah this is… pretty blatantly white nationalist thinking. she isnt this edgy 2woke4u nihilist philosopher who thinks no ones lives matter and internet political correctness is flawed. shes just a racist. i wanna know at what point of playing dress up and eating human shit in her childhood bedroom this woman has any reason to feel wronged or enslaved by people of color in her every day life in order to justify this sense of outrage she feels lol. shes as sheltered and privileged and sheltered as they come like, whiteness aside she literally is just working at hot topic and living with her mom in their nice ass middle class house spending all her money on her appearance with no contribution to society.

if she considers basic respect towards the struggles of others a form of enslavement and worship, its no wonder she has a gofundme calling her mom abusive for probably asking her to take out the trash.

No. 750681

File: 1545161334437.jpeg (433.25 KB, 640x812, 1747D50D-974D-43EC-9CF7-2B2908…)

Here she is having a fit on CGL

No. 750684

It's not a guarantee it's her. There are a lot of petty borderline racist anons on cgl that steps out of the woodworks whenever they have the chance, so unless she actually outs herself in some way I'm gonna bet my money on it not being Jessica.

No. 750700

File: 1545162950842.jpeg (385.36 KB, 640x1058, 9E7BF2FB-1DC4-426D-BE41-0F6BEA…)

It was in fact a response to a post about her, so, pretty sure it’s her.

No. 750728


lord how did she go from arguing that she wasn't a racist to sperging out like this

No. 750739

this honestly reads like a shitpost

No. 750847

I don’t want to know what that poor AP dress smells like

No. 750849

I will bet you ALL the money that it’s actully a replica

No. 750900

Nah, I don't think Cotton Candy Shop ever got replicated. Lucky pack prints usually don't get replicated.

No. 750967

File: 1545200312790.png (6.15 MB, 1242x2208, DB92AD81-AAFC-487B-9A7D-DF4F7E…)

She posted this pic of herself in her room at her moms place yesterday. Why the hell would she be staying there if it’s such a toxic environment? Just because Tristin is gone she could find another place to stay

No. 751012

File: 1545208716168.png (107.97 KB, 472x583, 46960600_195297854707871_35696…)

Took this screenshot before the whole racism thing happened

No. 751031

she's so unbelievable vile…

No. 751053

Okay simmer down, Mickey. This site isnt exactly sjw so you stick out like a sore thumb in all your posts itt.

No. 751058

Hahaha Jesus fuck the passive aggressiveness

No. 751186

Two cows going at each other…

No. 752570

File: 1545489117118.png (400.99 KB, 750x1334, A4C17E88-7079-4EE2-9801-64E056…)

She seriously thinks this is about her lol

No. 752579

She wants to be relevant so bad. Wonder what the comments look like.

No. 752603

File: 1545494680401.png (284.94 KB, 750x1334, 06C9288A-0BA5-4145-8F4D-CF9999…)

No. 752604

File: 1545494923423.png (266 KB, 750x1334, C824666C-9D9C-469C-A84D-6C7F11…)

Filed Under: “things that definitely didn’t happen” this person is just being a weird kiss ass.

No. 752606

>my clout
Imagine thinking getting chewed out for your dumbassery about something means you gave that thing relevance.
Funny she talks about others letting things on the internet affect them, but she's still stalking her fellow hambeast, Micky's social media and obsessing over this.
She doesn't even care about the Barcroft documentary anymore, it's all about this.

No. 752623

holyshit, I don't like Toshi either, but that passive aggressive comment was out of orbit.

No. 752732

in what planet is her aesthetic pale lol. she's all about anime and guro with kawaii shit. she's so desperate for beef.

No. 752737

It was something Mickey said in reference to white girls being preferred and getting more attention in the Jfashion community compared to black girls

No. 752899

File: 1545538239401.png (779.02 KB, 640x1136, 7C4A9545-86A0-4AEA-BAA5-4A1067…)

look she even liked toshis post from a feature from cosmo of her doing her makeup.. hm

No. 752900

Wow she liked a post holy shit omg wow she does that
Give us real news

No. 752901

File: 1545538401657.png (112.67 KB, 640x1136, 69879071-D989-4AB7-8D2E-3C408E…)

look at what she’s saying now lol

No. 752903

Your insta icon is showing.

No. 752907

If you’re going to take a screenshot make sure to get the whole post so we know what she’s referencing

No. 752923

File: 1545541554668.png (686.64 KB, 564x2944, asgffhfhhgjghkhjxsfgjhd.png)


Not the same anon. But it's this post.

That's not all the comments but it's the ones I thought worth posting.

No. 752924

File: 1545543502677.png (113.64 KB, 500x293, 1473271827456.png)


kek she's really hurt. the insecurity is pouring out of her.

No. 752925

Their actually talking about taking legal action against the nudes that were posted above as ‘revenge porn’

Doesn’t sound like insecurity maybe she just wants her white knights to come save her. But now that this thread is out, who knows who’s posts anymore

No. 752928

this thread is literally a collection of screenshots of her being an alt right white nationalist with a shit-eating fetish and she's really linking her close friends and followers to it saying it's all just baseless gossip lmao. what a trip.

it's definitely insecurity if she didn't care she'd just ignore it. it wouldn't affect her. the day the comments section of her mini doc became flooded with people calling her out for being a racist she turned her ig profile private. much unbothered very confidence. yawn. congrats to her on inviting her secretly bitter/jealous snake friends to contribute to the thread tho.

No. 752931

this thread is literally a collection of screenshots of her being an alt right white nationalist with a shit-eating fetish and she's really linking her close friends and followers to it saying it's all just baseless gossip lmao. what a trip.

it's definitely insecurity if she didn't care she'd just ignore it. it wouldn't affect her. the day the comments section of her mini doc became flooded with people calling her out for being a racist she turned her ig profile private. much unbothered very confidence. yawn. congrats to her on inviting her secretly bitter/jealous snake friends to contribute to the thread tho.

No. 752933

this thread is literally a collection of screenshots of her being an alt right white nationalist with a shit-eating fetish and she's really linking her close friends and followers to it saying it's all just baseless gossip lmao. what a trip.

it's definitely insecurity if she didn't care she'd just ignore it. it wouldn't affect her. the day the comments section of her mini doc became flooded with people calling her out for being a racist she turned her ig profile private. much unbothered very confidence. yawn. congrats to her on inviting her secretly bitter/jealous snake friends to contribute to the thread tho.

No. 752936

this thread is literally a collection of screenshots of her being an alt right white nationalist with a shit-eating fetish and she's really linking her close friends and followers to it saying it's all just baseless gossip lmao. what a trip.

it's definitely insecurity if she didn't care she'd just ignore it. it wouldn't affect her. the day the comments section of her mini doc became flooded with people calling her out for being a racist she turned her ig profile private. much unbothered very confidence. yawn. congrats to her on inviting her secretly bitter/jealous snake friends to contribute to the thread tho.

No. 752938

Oh okay so when we talk about fucking stupid and ugly you are on sns we get blocked but if we talk about it here "we're cowards". Okay Jessica, keep sniffing your own shit.

No. 752940

Lol, if it didn't bother her so much she wouldn't be making a post to prove to us that it doesn't lmao. So pathetic. Hey poop chan! Shouldn't you be waiting for your bf to take his shit so you can have your Dinner? Kek
She shouldn't have sent it to someone underaged then. Too bad so sad

No. 752942

She's so not hurt that she has to create a hug box for herself. Just like the snowflakes they are and the ones they were moaning about on live

No. 752949

Underrated post, good summary of her milk, anon.

No. 752994

File: 1545566027560.jpeg (298.31 KB, 1242x1828, DA18DDA5-E48F-4F3A-9EF1-B147E5…)

Of course there’s people throwing the n word about on her post.

No. 752997

I will laugh until I die if she actually has someone (or she herself) try to press those charges and it comes out that the person who leaked her nudes was underaged and didn't solicit them. I'm pretty sure that's a much more serious crime.

No. 753062

finally a cow i have something to contribute on!
i've been friends with her on facebook for YEARS. never really paid much attention to her drama until recently, but before she was dating Tristan she was with this boring ass autist guy, when they broke up she posted a massive paragraph about how he was a lazy trash bag who refused to get a job and mooched off her and i think her mom? i'll try to find the post if it's still up but this was over a year ago now. i'm pretty sure that's who she was dating when she posted the infamous poop answer. she was definitely dressing weird before meeting Tristan but I feel like since she met him she's become more obsessed with the idea that's she's special and ought to be famous, i can totally see that being due to his creepy manipulative influence

No. 753064

Yeah…someone calling her a snow nigger. Snow nigger means white person anon.

No. 753067

She’s not famous, but maybe after meeting Tristan he gave her the confidence to get out there more and work harder towards her goals. It could be possible that their actually pushing each other to be better versions of themselves.

No. 753072


eh, i don't really agree. I think she was fairly harmless before she met him, i quite liked her, she'd lost some weight due to her surgery and just seemed to be enjoying expressing herself through fashion and makeup. i feel like all the racism controversy comes mostly from her saying some stupid, ignorant things, but then parroting whatever tristan has told her has just… made the situation a lot worse. i don't know if i think he's directly manipulating her but she definitely idolises him in a way and he has that whole faux-intellectual vibe going on so she probably just assumes that he always knows best. i really don't think he has best interests at heart, he seems pretty self centred

No. 753074

Then why are they getting worse and worse? They look like filthy meth addicts, and act like it too.

No. 753082

Their gaining success.
They’ve had a Barcroft video and I’ve heard they’ve gotten handed more opportunities for 2019.
Sounds as though you guys are intimidated by her growth.

No. 753085

i love how this person wouldve never contributed to the thread if jess hadnt linked them from her fb kshjslsj

No. 753089

>but then parroting whatever tristan has told her has just… made the situation a lot worse.

yep. tristan literaly drew fanart of himself as her puppet master. it is 100% because of him that she suddenly began talking like some alt right redditer. people like her aren't politically inclined period. her infamous racist rant was done side by side with tristan it's so obvious she was trying to impress him.

No. 753090

You'd have to be in a very shitty situation to be intimidated by someone who has to get by via faking abuse for free money on GoFundMe and scamming people on Depop.
The Barcroft video is just being made into a spectacle for normies, like all "reality TV" type of features. If attention is your lifeblood, I guess that's admirable, but for everyone else, not so much.
Even the Lolita community is pissed because Barcroft had the nerve to associate them with her trainwreck "Wal-Mart dumpster version of Toshi" style. It's just not a good look.

No. 753092

oh no i always lurk here i was just overexcited to see a thread i can actually contribute to lmao

i really wouldn't call this success. the Barcroft video was a cool opportunity but it's kind of blown up in her face, prior to this there wasn't really any controversy around her. i don't even dislike her i just think the situation is pretty shitty, i think once this blows over they will both return to irrelevance. i would love it if it turned out this was one of them defending themselves, the idea of people being "intimidated" smells like the kind of self important shit tristan believes

No. 753094

When she said "Your argument is factual as much as French fries are a vegetable" in complete seriousness, I knew she had handed her cringy boyfriend her phone to type out the rest of her comments, lmao.
The fact that they thought it wasn't embarrassing to link his fucking Soundcloud and a "Ben Shapiro REKT feminist" video was hilarious.

No. 753121

But Jess doesn’t associate herself with the Lolita community in the slightest? She stresses that she just does whatever she wants and feels right.
Why do we keep bringing it back to it being a ‘representation’ of a ‘commuinty’.

No. 753124

Ah but apparently their ‘important’ enough to make a whole thread on and constantly update it.
With screen caps from lurking on her Instagram and Facebook.

No. 753130

ugh you're right we're so jealous i wish i was infamous enough for eating feces and looking like an obese knock-off of another girl to have my OWN thread on a forum dedicated to archiving people's fuckery so it haunts them forever. maybe one day i'll get a 4 minute minidoc on a youtube channel dedicated to exploiting ugly people - featuring my bootleg barry manilow daddy no less! then i'll REALLY make it like iconic unemployed queen jess.

No. 753133

Can you read? Barcroft did that. Nice job dodging the parts about her lies about abuse and the fact that she's a scammer, too.
>Why do we keep bringing it back to it being a ‘representation’ of a ‘commuinty’.
Stop scamming, Jess. And get your own aesthetic, come up with your own username, etc. You're a mess.

No. 753134

All the shit she eats has not only rotted her teeth, it's gone to her brain.

No. 753147

More shit comes out of your mouth than your ass.

No. 753152

There no proof of her eating shit? Y’all can ride that out out as long as you’d like, but without proof it’s just as ridiculous as it sounds.
Also? Saying Jess is copying someone who was also featured on that same channel? But apparently it’s dedicated to ‘obese people’
How much sense does any of what you just said make?

No. 753157

If you check her Instagram story she posted at the back room of work saying she’s been working everyday???
Now y’all are just talking to talk. Doesn’t matter if there’s even the slightest truth to anything that’s being said,

No. 753158

Stop making your whiteknighting so obvious, you stick out like a sore thumb, and sage your bullshit.

No. 753160

Do you have any screencaps of that dearest fb anon? I’m sure she posted a ton of REE-ing status about the autist as per usual

No. 753164

>There no proof of her eating shit?
She admitted it. Twice. Read the thread, moron. Do you eat shit, too? Is that why you're so retarded?

No. 753166

File: 1545597451343.jpg (138.13 KB, 1680x1120, lolita-03.nocrop.w840.h1330.2x…)

>There no proof of her eating shit?
lurking is free >>748684

>Saying Jess is copying someone who was also featured on that same channel?

pic related is toshi in 2014 lol. jess is literally a skinwalker.

>But apparently it’s dedicated to ‘obese people’

can you read? it's dedicated to ugly wEiRd people so plebs who shop at forever 21 can gasp at the thumbnail and click. at least toshi is a legitimate model who actively cuts hair and does makeup so her feature worked as a legitimate form of promo. all jess got was this thread.

No. 753169

…she's saying snow niggas trying to refer to farmers anon

No. 753175

Don't forget >>747293.
Scamming Skinwalker Scat Kween.

No. 753197

File: 1545601219931.jpeg (96.55 KB, 640x757, F3B34D1F-5E17-4ECF-9776-A1E459…)

y i k e

No. 753200

I’ve went to her hot topic about 2 times (not looking for her it’s just the closest mall) since Black Friday and didn’t see her there? So I mean maybe you haven’t been working everyday Jess?

No. 753217

Because people don’t work the whole entire shift everyday all day.
This whole thread shows the lack of sense going on through these people’s heads.

No. 753219

Answer to all the posts with receipts before saying that.
Imagine defending a thieving scammer. Can't relate.

No. 753227

LMAO I love that she pretends she doesn’t know why she took this when it’s clearly from the same day she took all those nudes upthread. This is her attempt at sexy…

No. 753231

File: 1545604067513.jpg (116.84 KB, 720x478, 20181223_222242.jpg)

she definitely posted at least one status about him at the time, but i can't find it now. don't know if it was deleted but i did find this comment under some Melanie Martinez lyrics (ew) which isn't particularly interesting, i just wanted to give some background knowledge!

No. 753294

White knights implying anyone would be jealous of her “success” are delusional. Getting attention (from a cringy documentary channel, but mostly for being a racist with a scat fetish) is not sucess. At the end of the day she’s still a 24 year old woman who lives with her parents and works at hot topic. There’s is nothing to be jealous of.

She only views herself as successful because she’s addicted to any type of attention she can get, which is sad af.

No. 753321

sage for hateboner, but god i know these ppl irl. good to know she's reading this thread.

this bitch is 25, dating a 21 year old autist pseudo existentialist who cant fucking draw, and she is such a failure she can't leave her bumfuck hometown of Providence, Rhode Island – where theres ghosts, slave-built wooden houses, and meth. get a fucking grip.
she has this video where she talks about moving to nyc or la, hah. good luck, neither of you have any marketable skills to survive anywhere where rent is $2000 and your abusive mom isn't there to take care of you. stick to RI, stick to your facebook shock anime porn, stick to your shitty clickbait youtube doc of your boyfriend off-key serenading you by a fucking sewer canal, stick to being a meager hot topic wageslave. you'll be 30 soon, and you'll be so sad looking back at how you've wasted your 20s.

No. 753325


14:23 she talks about moving to LA or NYC lmao

No. 753333

Kek, go off Anon. Not to mention the poop fetish and the racism, to boot.

No. 753351

Holy shit they are both the most basic/uninteresting people I’ve ever watched

No. 753398

File: 1545629965121.jpg (34.56 KB, 599x435, niggacloseyoureyes.jpg)

No. 753428

File: 1545645886650.gif (1.05 MB, 274x202, FaintUnsightlyBoubou-small.gif)

No. 753506

Jealousy is always used for when people have an issue with another person.
Jess nobodies jealous of you.
Nobody wants to be in their mid twenties still living with their mother looking for internet fame instead of an actual fulfilling career.
Nobody wants to be known as “poop-chan”
Or have to resort to scamming.
Nobody wants to fake having nerve damage from a car accident just to be seen having perfectly able arms the few days after their supposed car accident that was soooo bad that you almost died, nobody wants to have a boyfriend that can hardly even help you push goals for a better life and only encourages you to “show the haterz their wrong n promote me music and art for my love”
I know that thinking people are jealous is the only way you can sleep at night instead of coming to terms with the facts that you messed up. The only way you can convince yourself that you’re not on a giant path to destruction, but it won’t last as an excuse for long when you finally hit the milestone that can’t be reversed.

No. 753524

File: 1545670073982.gif (1.47 MB, 320x240, 2CB7A030-FD5E-4183-B493-821C84…)

Bravo anon, bravo

No. 753577

Imagine having this little self awareness, what a pair of spastics​.

No. 753611

Than explain wasting your time and energy writing this post.
If Jess is someone whom you aren’t concerned with, than why even waste your time going to a thread specially dedicated
to her.

No. 753617

Self awareness is concious knowledge of ones own character..
Jess doesn’t owe anyone an apology, because there’s nothing to aplogize for.
She has different political beliefs, so what.
Get over it.

No. 753623

Because you’re hilariously pathetic and we like to laugh at you…?

I thought you dOn’T cArE?

No. 753626

It’s funny that y’all think this is Jess?

No. 753630


Self awareness gives the ability to view yourself from another perspective and they act like 'tards - laughably transparent and unaware of it.

You owe nothing but to keep us laughing so keep going.

No. 753632


yeah, you're obviously the chinless wonder with Christopher Lee eyebrows three sizes too big for you. fuck off, """""tristan"""""

No. 753634

Fuck off, Tristan.

No. 753637

You have this retarded inability to use ‘then’/‘than’ correctly, as evidenced both here and on your Facebook.

Funny from such an iNtElLeCsHuAl.

No. 753639

File: 1545687316999.jpg (11.08 KB, 275x236, 1528573188842.jpg)


tristan, stop caping for your fugly, fat, racist, poop-eating girlfriend and make something of yourself instead of trying to get into the oh-so-lucrative art business with your embarrassing linkin park fangirl 2005 deviantart tier scribbles. no one thinks you're smart. no one is jealous of your landwhale girlfriend. we're all laughing at you because you're pathetic.

can you wrap your retarded "intellectual galaxy brain" around that and stop shitting up the thread with your spergy whiteknighting now please? thanks much!

No. 753646

I know Tristan personally and he would never waste his time writing on a thread like this.
He isn’t even aware of 4chan.
But he’s certainly made much more of myself than all of you who hide behind an an anonymous thread spewing hate and negerivty. Even if you don’t agree with the path he’s chosen for himself, shouldn’t concern any of you. He always stressed that he’s content with myself.
As for the ‘fugly’ part. None of you are even showing your faces? Ha pathetic.
Sure judge the photos they choose to put out. Y’all can dish it out but can’t take it.

No. 753647

> ‘He isn’t even aware of 4Chan’


No. 753648

File: 1545688388870.png (57.92 KB, 750x1334, 9D4032BF-E0AD-4A4B-9A2F-D84FB4…)

No. 753656

>content with myself
Way to out yourself, friend.

None of us have to be supermodels to know when someone is ugly, just like you don’t have to be a gourmet chef to know when food tastes like shit. Ask your gf, she knows a lot about that.

No. 753659

File: 1545689792215.png (937.92 KB, 765x664, 090.png)

>But he’s certainly made much more of myself
>He always stressed that he’s content with myself.
Is this a troll? He can't be this dumb, can he?

No. 753664

>a trailer trash couple who literally play in their own waste - and the questionable friends of such people - thinking anyone wishes they could be like them
People in this thread are jealous of you like people all over the internet are "jealous" of Chris-chan. ie not at all, trainwrecks are just hilarious.

No. 753678

Funny because Jess has PLENTY of followers who think otherwise?
She constantly get smothered in compliments on every single post.

No. 753680

Train wrecks make for good entertainment, and their entertainers.

No. 753683

Oh wow Tristan you can Google dictionary definitions and it never goes beyond that single explanation. Genius.

No. 753685

File: 1545692394888.jpg (330.61 KB, 1680x1439, BarryManilowJoint.jpg)


How unoriginal. One would think a ~contemporary artist~ would understand the concept behind anonymous.

No. 753721

I can’t stand the way this guy talks it’s just so obvious he is trying to sound smart but I can’t even tell what point he is trying to make at all.

No. 753722

I can’t stand the way this guy talks it’s just so obvious he is trying to sound smart but I can’t even tell what point he is trying to make at all.

No. 753736

his whole identity is built around "sounding smart." take that away he's an insecure, socially-awkward, hunchbacked, marginalized white boi from wisconsin. seems like before went to risd, his identity was built around being an "art kid." now, as a junior there, he realizes that he actually has no talent in art whatsoever, so he's coping with his shitty guitar covers and Nietzche uwu bullshit.

No. 753738

File: 1545706241050.jpeg (128.19 KB, 750x1026, 1AA2D2B7-AF18-46C5-B8A2-DCAED4…)

you’re fucking kidding me. this is for anatomy class at a prestigious fine arts university?! his right arm is fucking 2x the length of the other arm, there are no inner contours, no attention to the actual muscle. this figure looks like it’s made out of wax or soap or something. it doesn’t even look like it can stand. what an awful drawing — you can tell he only draws what he knows how to draw and takes no attempt to learn what he can’t draw / is intimidated by. the foot is so underworked, it looks like duck foot or a paddle.

No. 753744

>inward chest shading but no pecs
Calling it, he has pectus excavatum, extra manlet points

No. 753750

Have any of you been accepted to RISD? Or attend a pretentious art school?

No. 753772

It’s for a class that focuses on mathematically and scientifically accurate anatomy - primarily for medical illustration. Taught by a really good professor. This. is not a great final for that class.

No. 753773

That fucking foot tho.

No. 753774

I was in Tristan’s anatomy class and he surprisingly kept getting really good critiques.

No. 753775

That’s a fucking bold faced lie considering he sperges out and constantly calls people who disagree with him “NPCs” lol. He REEKS of /pol/

No. 753777

It’s funny because the only insult y’all can come up with is
‘He sounds smart’

No. 753778

Isn’t this thread filled with lies anyways?

No. 753779

Ah, but people who disagreed with Jess turned around and called her a racist.

No. 753780

Lol be careful - he has apparently gone ape on people in 15 who he suspected of “talking shit about him online” so I wouldn’t admit to being in his class.

No. 753781

Jess was the one calling people NPC’s. Not him.

No. 753782

Well all power to him for confronting people. Like said previously ^ y’all can dish it out but can’t take it.
He has the balls.
Unlike everyone in this thread.
Dare you all to see Jess and Tristan in person and say these things to their face.
Or message them personally if you have such an issue with them.
They don’t even know any of you exist. Nor care to.

No. 753784

I personally think Tiristan and Jess have courage to be able to stand up to all these politically correct zombies and speak out on their opinions.
It’s made me actually like them more.
Their not zombies.

No. 753785

Because she was being racist.
Are you being obtuse on purpose? We’re making fun of him for THINKING he sounds smart. Did you miss the “pseudo” part of pseudo intellectual? He’s a complete moron that thinks skimming the wiki on existentialist ideology makes him a modern day camus.

No. 753786

Get your facts correct.
He confronted someone in the elevator for talking crap.
As he should’ve.
He lives in the real world, not behind annon threads.

No. 753787

Care to elaborate on the specifics since you know the real fax ?

No. 753788

You’re using calling someone a ‘pseudo intellectual’ as an insult?
That’s a compliment.
You’re commenting on someone’s intellect.

No. 753789

File: 1545711933305.jpeg (156.43 KB, 750x363, 9D60CFFF-CEDD-4F8B-9870-A54699…)

Do you know how to read?

No. 753790

From what I heard through school, he had just told the person who was bashing him online (since he had left his name on the tread) Tristan found out who he was, they were in the elevator together and Tristan told him to confront him right there if he had anything to say.
Nothing dramatic.

No. 753793

Oh funny, you talk crap on claiming that Tristan screen caps definitions but you turn around and do the same?

Do any of you know Tristan and Jess?

These are all CLAIMS. None of anything you’ve had to say is FACTIONAL. No substance.

Once you speak to them, then come on here and rant all you’d like. But viewing someone through the internet doesn’t give anyone room to make vast assumptions.

No. 753795

Jesus Christ, these people are mentally challenged.

No. 753799

This thread is boring. There’s no evidence for anything that’s being said.
No screen caps. Nothing. It’s just insecure people hiding behind annon.
Wow she scammed 5 people over 4 years ago, wow Tristan goes to RISD.
How boring?

No. 753801

Says the one who keeps commenting.
Is that the only argument you have?
That’s it? That’s the only substance?
Wow I wanted to argue, but I truly see what I’m up against.
Reducing someone to a intellectual developmental disability?

No. 753802

Then leave?

PS Anon has one 'n'.

No. 753803

You leave first.

No. 753804

Honestly you guys are funnier to laugh at than Tristan & Jess.

No. 753805

There's more than one person in this thread. Also, sage would be helpful.

No. 753806

Reposta his art ‘wow this is so bad’
While Tristan is probably rolling on the floor laughing and currently still attending RISD.
While y’all are hiding behind screens. How pathetic.
Even if his arts good or bad. Art is all up for interpretation.
He still got accepted.
I’ve also heard he’s going to be studying abroad next semester in France.
Guess who will probably join. Jess.

No. 753808

I just found this thread and it baffles me at all the hate this girl is getting.
I didn’t want to leave a comment because I’m not one to go on anonymous and talk about others.
But I want to shed some positivity!
I actually went into hot topic and met Jess today (not knowing she’d be working)
She helped me out actually finding Christmas gifts that my family ended up loving.
Jess was super upbeat and bubbly! She went above and beyond to make me feel helped and understood.
I never do the surveys anywhere but I had to do one for her!
Everyone else seemed so down and depressed but Jess was jumping around and talking to everyone and anyone.

I overheard her talking to her coworker about working at Lush before. Which I know Lush is an extremely hard place to get hired for.
I commend her and her people skills. She was so lovely and fun!
Also she smelled like roses, which I remarked on.
Just leaving some positivity since I know there are people in this thread defending them as well.

No. 753809


listen, the greasy-haired stickbug and the saggy shiteating hamplanet don't know any of y'all, don't wanna fuck any of y'all, aren't gonna give any of y'all money… so why are you licking their asses so much?

nobody cares. not a single fucking person. they don't care, we don't care, and no one cares if y'all care since the opinions of brown-nosers are irrelevant as shit.

you can leave now and go cape some other retarded racist "intuhLECKshooulls." thanks, have a merry christmas!

No. 753813

They did nothing wrong.
I think their super fun and inspiration.

I knew Jess from before she dated Tristan.
She’s evolved in all aspects. For the better I believe so.
I personally believe she deserved the recognition. She does her makeup everyday and goes out into the world presenting herself that way.
She loves what she does. She’s not hurting me. Nor is Tristan. Their not invading in on my life, why should I care what they do.
If people stoped focusing so much about what others lives are comprised of and started focusing on their own than threads like these wouldn’t exist. People would be happy and content with themselves and their success.

No. 753815

And so does every cow on this site, people literally kiss the ass of Venus Angelic's pathetic mom, your bitch ain't special.

No. 753816

Jess has always been extremely open about her sexuality.
Which brings me to the point that, during Thanksgiving week I kept seeing Tristan, Jess and Tristan’s friend with the blonde hair walking around campus?
Sometimes I would only see Jess and the other guy.
But once it was late and I was visiting someone in the dorm Tristan stays in, and I had saw Jess sitting on his friends lap, than Tristan picking her up and sitting him on his lap.
I had to look twice because I couldn’t believe my eyes.
See seemed as though in a bouncy motion she was sitting back and forth on their laps.
I quickly left.
But I’m glad I found this thread to air this out on.

I wouldn’t be surprised if

No. 753817

I wouldn’t be surprised if Jess, Tristan and the other guy (I don’t know his name, he partakes in the channel Scrutboys with Tristan) are all fucking

No. 753819

When did spreading some positivity constitute making someone ‘my bitch’?

No. 753820

I’ve also heard that Jess has a stalker. It’s one of her ex boyfriends girlfriends???

Im not surprised if all these comments are her. The whole thread is just run by that one person.

No. 753821

Oh yeah? That’s super juicy.

Jess and Tristan talk openly about sex on their facebooks. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did either honestly.
His friend seems super gay.

No. 753822

I’ve even seen comments (I’ll try to find the screenshots) of Mason telling Tristan to suck his dick.

No. 753827

And we're all entertained. Keep it up, Poopchan. Just stop being a scamming, lying, unoriginal piece of shit.

No. 753855

This sounds like just the tone that Jess used when she went onto /cgl to defend herself, pretending to be someone else. It was actually incredibly embarrassing, she was posting her own profile pictures like ‘wow she’s into menhera too! That’s so cool!’

No. 753901

It’s funny whenever something positive is left about someone everyone always automatically assumes it’s her who’s self posting.
I don’t like Jessica but this thread is open for anyone and everyone to comment.
Sometimes it won’t all be hate.
Get over it. Apparently not everyone thinks she’s gross.
Coming from someone who apperenetly actually ‘met her’ ^(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 753902

Just report the troll shielding and stop entertaining the unsaged aspies since it doesnt matter if its tristan/jess or just one of their deficient lackeys.
Jessica is still stop tier poop eater whos style is an outdated rip off from a billion other girls and Tristan won't even have a substantial career in art that will surpass "i sometimes break 100$ a month in etsy sales" kek

No. 753915

File: 1545754666904.png (180.89 KB, 625x626, 4bf.png)

Is this all of yall's first time using a message board or

No. 753923

ok, i know who the person is that got threatened. it was a real threat: "i've got my eyes on you. you think you're real tough? you better watch your back." that is like… textbook threat. not "confrontation." a confrontation is "hey, i saw you were saying mean stuff about me online, and i wanted to talk to you about it. this is why i think it wasn't fair, what you said…."

No. 753926

Hi, I'm anon that posted his "bad art." I go to RISD and uh, yeah, I was obviously accepted. It's just appalling this is for an anatomy class when foundation year was dedicated to drawing the human body and like… only the human body. Yup, art is up for interpretation, but I go to RISD, you don't, and I personally say this is a very weak piece (especially for a final). He seems very uninspired by anything else that isn't his face.

Congrats, it's not difficult to study abroad this day and age. Jess isn't going to join him, I can guarantee. She's not RISD student, RISD doesn't pay for her, knowing Tristan, I don't think he would support her, and she can't support herself.

No. 753958

Misspelling “anon” as “annon,” using “their” instead of “they’re,” and the weird use of “^” all point to this being the same person. I wonder who it could be…

There are several RISD anons in this thread. I got accepted there but chose a different school. Thousands of people go to RISD Tristan, you’re not special.

No. 753961

I’m stuck on the idea that the retail store Lush is considered hard to work at when it’s the same basic shit end job as any retail. Working at HT is

If she was smart she would find some course to make herself skilled so she can get a better job while he is gone. There is no way she is going since she is too poor to move out, let alone fund herself being abroad for a semester

No. 753962

I’m stuck on the idea that the retail store Lush is considered hard to work at when it’s the same basic shit end job as any retail. Working at HT is

If she was smart she would find some course to make herself skilled so she can get a better job while he is gone. There is no way she is going since she is too poor to move out, let alone fund herself being abroad for a semester

No. 753998

>shopping at hot topic for Christmas gifts for your family which they LOVEDDDD

No. 753999

Wow This thread went to hell and back full of white knights. It’s like they don’t realize that they’re making this thread active and causing more traffic despite wanting the opposite. Also how come none of you white knights want to show your faces since you’re so courageous and being anonymous is for the “weak” and “insecure”
Be big men and women and show yourselves so that your shit king and queen won’t be blamed for self posting.

No. 754025

i attend École Estienne in france. his art's shit. now shut up and sage your asslicking.

No. 754029

>message board
Is it yours…?

No. 754035

Imagine going into hot topic on Christmas eve to shop for your family.
I’d forcibly emancipate this person tbh.

No. 754076

I’m also a RISD anon who has been sharing his art. Trust me - no one here is just “jeawous of his tawent”. I just find his and Jess’ antics amusing. I’ve long since gotten over the bitterness that comes from the fact that he’s both racist, and wastes what little skill he does have by ignoring critique. Have fun plunging tens of thousands of dollars for an education you’re wasting, Titschan!

No. 754096

File: 1545795762296.png (84.21 KB, 345x250, samefag.png)

>so why are you licking their asses so much?
to get to the chocolatey center, anon, keep up

No. 754131

File: 1545801816932.jpeg (97.71 KB, 1024x1012, 952343DD-A668-4637-8832-D02A86…)


Lol Tristan (& Jess probably, after Tristan fucked up his original sperg posting) stop pretending to be random people that were in your class with you or meet you once IRL or ran into you or shopped at your job or once saw you in your bedroom. Who also just happen to be in this thread at the exact same time as you (and within minutes of each other’s testimonials), complimenting you (the same way you compliment your own inflated ego, sometimes verbatim), lashing out at anons using the same phrases and spelling (errors too), using the same writing style, and not saging. All while failing at pretending to be ~just another anon giving their opinion~. You didn’t even attempt to sound assimilated.

Did you honestly think that would work? You know how many cows on this site have tried the same exact thing? Except your 100x worse at it, you’re just so bad at it…. just like you are at drawing.

Tristan over here pulling a Vicki “she came into my flower shop yesterday and was so pretty and def not photoshopped at all!” Shingles.

Fucking embarrassing holy shit, Merry Christmas, you autist.

>those fucking eyebrows

P.s. there are actual RISD anons here, who are actually are multiple people. who don’t sound like a raging selfposter larping as a whiteknight, don’t have the same style of writing/sp errors, contribute, and actually follow the rules. You are not one of them. Those posts are not made by multiple RISD anons. It’s just you, Tristan, being retarded and everyone knows that. Go home, you’re drunk.

This. Did they get their dad some jack skeleton suspenders and their mom some shitty gel bracelets and fake pink clip-in hair? Worst Xmas ever.

“She also smelled like roses” and “Lush is an extremely hard place to get hired for”
Was the best part of that post kek

“I never do surveys anywhere but I had to do one for her!”
And then promptly (using only her first name on her name tag) searched the internet until they magically found her instagram username, then googled it, found her thread at the same time as the WK, and knew enough to know the format and how to post here, and also seemingly cares enough to defend her just like the WK. r/thathappened

No. 754587

So that stalker you posted about isnt a stalker. She simply provided info on jess's job based on public info Jess posted herself. After her racist sperg fit she proceeded to cry to the police and say the girl who doxx'd her was harassing her. Jess and this person have only spoken once and the girl who doxx'd her never once told them to call her job or called her job herself.

No. 754745

>>753793 This is old but there's a difference between autistically clinging to a definition like you're fucking Onision and simply pointing out how retarded it is to think that calling someone pseudointellectual is a compliment.

No. 756346

Is this Tristan-fag a narcist? He really seems overly fond of himself and likes to pretend he's some kind of intellectual with deep thoughts. I noticed his narcistic tendencies when I looked at his art gallery and noticed that a shit ton of his drawings are his own face or his body.

Yeah obviously artists will draw themselves here or there, but I hardly know any artist who is obsessed with drawing their own face as much as that fag.

No. 756995

From observing him in the wild…
He definitely is.

No. 757715

I go to a high-rated art school in France. This piece is terrible. In a live model class I might earn a 7 out of 20 for this (I just checked and the lowest average grade for this class in first year is 7.5!). The anatomy sucks, which is kind of the point of an anatomy class, everything is flat, there's no life, the face looks fake, the hands and feet are barely worked, and this is the worst part: all live model and realism teachers we've had have begged us to never use smudge shading. Smudging your shadows instead of using any other shading technique is what amateur artists do to make a piece that technically isn't good look better to other amateurs. No professional is fooled by that. If his teacher is letting him do this, then I feel bad for him because it's a bad idea, but I bet it's just him deciding to disregard good taste.

No. 761987

Lol this reads like a copypasta

No. 763806

File: 1547413557576.jpeg (224.1 KB, 750x1115, F8E1A838-35E7-4011-9FE9-23E04A…)

That caption and comment though.

No. 767059

At least her horrendous makeup seems to cover her awful natural features. She manages to make herself look skinny in some pictures. Such an unfortunate face

No. 767396

Only because she constantly sucks in her cheeks. That’s why her stupid mouth is always open like that

No. 767398

Seems as though y’all don’t know single thing about modeling and ‘angles’.

No. 767407


Modelling, LMAO.

No. 767435

Well y’all love to critique the way she takes her selfies. Love to see y’all posting some.
Wait I forgot this is an annoymous feed where you shit talk and hide behind your phone screen and become bullies.

No. 767439

If you don’t like people talking, then why are you here? Get off the board if your feelings are getting hurt.

No. 767447

jessica stop lurking and get a job

No. 767485

"modeling" doesn't mean sucking in your face like a fucking fish so you have some semblance of cheekbones. If a real model ever did that they'd be laughed off the set.

No. 767730

Jess still has a job. I saw her the other day still at Hot Topic

No. 767772

That hot topic must be desperate for alt fashion employees to keep a racist like her employed. Multiple people have made complaints to her job and yet there she is still working there. Shame on that store

No. 767780

>thinking hot topic has morals

No. 767837

Yeah Hot Topic doesn’t really care. I mean they stand for things that go against the grain and for her to be going against all the SJW’s is pretty punk if you ask me.

No. 767838

It’s also hard to get a job at the Hot Topic she works at, Ive tried multiple times

No. 767861

she’s in a noel miller video lmao

No. 767889

>being racist is punk
>hot topic is punk

No. 767895

>going against all the SJW’s
Lmao. Sure. You're so pathetic, WKing her/dragging your old thread back up after weeks.
Last I heard, punk is about originality, at least. This tub of lard can't even come up with her own look, she's a dumpster version of Toshi.

No. 767948

Inspiration comes from everywhere. None of her looks are reminiscent of Toshi’s
Toshi also takes inspiration from Japan, no one is original.

Would you like to pull up proof pictures?
Everything I’ve seen is different from Toshi.

No. 767949

thank you for the input, jessica. i heard you smelled really good at the highly prestigious lush job according to the anon with your ip address.

No. 767957

File: 1547858309438.jpeg (622.66 KB, 2048x2048, BB889D85-34BE-4CAB-9E34-896DD6…)

>None of her looks are reminiscent of Toshi’s
>Would you like to pull up proof pictures?
>Everything I’ve seen is different from Toshi.

You sure about that, Jess?

No. 767982

It is different, because somehow she managed to make it worse.

No. 768001

File: 1547864912717.jpeg (358.79 KB, 750x746, 7561B225-ACB2-4EEB-A93B-D1298D…)

This really is the worst timeline
Haven’t they been dating for BARELY a year?

No. 768003

This is when they started dating, yeah?

I like to think he actually proposed to her today, and she is still sitting here defending herself.

No. 768040

im surprised this hasnt been posted yet

No. 768052

B-b-but anon! She smells like ROSES! You’re just jealous of muh…. I mean her beauty! She’s a professional model! You know nothing of angles! Nothing!!!1 Honestly, I swear I just happened to find her thread from just her nametag and googled a random employee I saw once until I found it! It’s just a coincidence I’m here at the sametime and type the same as the unsaged WK! Y’all love to critique don’t you! Bet you’re all ugly fat whores and not an amazing, Greek godlike, intelligent, art prodigy!!! Jealous, all of you!!!!111 hot topic is the most difficult and complex job to work at! You have to be a top-tier supermodel to work there!! Don’t you understand?! She smells like roses for god sake!!!! REEEEE

No. 768083


It's only hard to work at hot topic because they generally WILL NOT hire anyone without prior retail experience who is under 18. It's pretty much accompany unwritten company policy because they've had problems hiring lazy teenagers with good makeup and zero actual motivation to do customer service or cleaning.

Which ironically, is almost every other applicant.

No. 768180

Even FB can't tell them apart. She's/you're an obese skinwalker with no taste, style or even an ounce of creativity.

No. 769276

File: 1548085461267.jpeg (1.81 MB, 2880x3840, 5FCC78BA-A97A-4E4C-BBB1-C64E9E…)

>>767957 anon, she clearly inspired by social repose UwU

No. 769303

Wow, opposing kinds of ugly.

No. 769813

Jesus what a fucking nightmare. How is it possible to be this ugly

No. 769969

I try so hard to avoid saying this about other but jess is pretty fucking ugly. I mean I have a pretty big head but hers is bigger and her makeup doesn't suit her face at all. The make up is a mess and her clothing don't match. She's all over the place.

No. 770433

If she wasn't fat and her face was skinnier, she would look exactly like social retard.

No. 770438

Awww that gastric isn't holding up too good. Shell be back to being ugly goth shammu in no time. Also does she not believe in a tooth brush. Them shits is yellow. Like glowstick yellow. It make me gag just to look at them.

No. 770451

No. 771080

File: 1548333058659.jpg (76.67 KB, 722x623, image0.jpg)

aint this a bit familiar

No. 771098

Why would someone under 14 have a scat fetish?? wtf. that's so creepy. why are they trying to sexualizie a minor?

No. 771538

File: 1548424631928.jpg (321.49 KB, 694x1232, FB_IMG_15484245104703561.jpg)

Why is she like this.

No. 771543

I think she just wants attention again because being racist is the only way people will talk about her now. Five year olds know that saying things like "pro white" refers to white supermacy and it's what neo Nazis in America and the newest generation of Klan members have been screaming. They had it on posters in Charlottesville where that poor girl died.

Her so called unique style got branded as the rip off that it is, she got called out for being aggressive about black people breathing and her boyfriend is also racist and spends everyday of his life wishing he looked like Roger Taylor in the early 70s and a music career that'll never come true. Being racist is all they have now it's why her fan base likes her.

No. 771827

She shared that from a black persons post….

No. 771876

I think you're failing at basic comprehension or I'm not understanding you because the op she reposted from is saying she agrees with the sign while this idiot made a stupid ass caption using a common term in modern day white supermacy.

No. 771919

She tries so hard to be relevant that it’s almost sad

No. 773133

what is even the point of being pro white if not to be racist lmao? being pro black is about fighting against the global systematic oppression of black people. the planet is already catering to white people, so why is she fighting so hard for her right to love being white all over facebook in between child porn and turds photoshopped onto her selfies? all she does is invade black spaces to talk about why it isnt bad for her to say she doesnt care about ~whiny black people~ like… how does this even affect her? she never leaves the house and guaranteed never even interacts with black people. how can someone who is not even a member of society feel so strongly about black people??

oh right. because her anemic puppet master is a social outcast who shakes his limp fist at 2k18 normies ie politically correct wannabe social justice warriors. hes an apolitical self-hating arab who became a white supremacist alt-right edgelord just to spite the politically correct artheauxs he desperately wished to be accepted by. typical cliche villain trope straight from a dc comic. the green haired vegan nonbinary girl with a septum piercing he was trying to flirt with probably laughed him off the lunch table when he tried to join her friend circle. this is a guy who rants about how backwards and nonintellectual art school is when the drawings he was BEGGING to be praised by his professors gets dragged. this guy is so self absorbed im sure his asshole raw from how hard he fucks himself. luckily for him he found someone who hates herself enough to become his clone so he can give his hole a break.

unfortunately jessica is too stoked about having her phlegm-sized self esteem cooed for a fuck to realize she talks politics from a glass house, and we can all see tristan balls deep in her ass every time.

No. 773870

File: 1548947703271.png (475.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190131-084055.png)

>.> buddy not much improvment here. Idk who he is kidding

No. 773871

Can't even tell which one is supposed to be what kek

No. 773879

TBF, there is some vague sense of improvement, but it means nothing due to how grotesque the art is. He'd probably justify it by saying it's intentional but we all know it isn't.

No. 774107

the stuff from 10 years ago was better proportioned.

No. 774131

Looks like something for a horror movie. His art is meh tbh. I think he shouldn't draw himself so much as well.

No. 774303

Why was this thread not moved over to w with all the other weeb stuff? The lolita lolcows thread got moved there, so I don't see why this one didn't get moved either.

No. 776786

File: 1549827343240.jpeg (138.65 KB, 750x1072, 489E3BD3-4CFE-49A0-AA30-B0C82E…)

Jess is live right now, without makeup. I’m out so I can’t listen to her, but I got a peek of that mug in motion and oof. It’s really true that having an ugly personality makes you uglier.

No. 776868

Damn bitch did marilyn manson have sex with grimace and make this creature? Shiiiit

No. 776878

who is this fella?

No. 776898

ayyy homegirl don't need to put bizarre make up on to look grotesque(start saging)

No. 776921

gotdamn with a face like that I don't doubt she's a shiteater for one second. no wonder she wears such excessive and scary makeup, it's the only way to disguise the fact that she looks like a thumb with a mullet.
I'm so triggered that these creeps are living in the same state as me. It's so small it's too close for comfort.

No. 776931

I wanna know how this goofy bitch is eating shit with all those piercings near and in her mouth. Can you imagine the pile of shitcrust flakes building up in those holes?

No. 776940

I'm in Rhode Island and it's pretty laughable that she says she needs $2000 to move out. She must be looking at the yuppie East Side (different from East Providence) because she could easily get an apartment for ~$1000 if she looked anywhere else that doesn't cater to spoiled RISD or Brown students. It's probably too "ethnic" for her though ):

What was the coffee shop Tristan worked at?

No. 777149

She needs $2000 to move out, cries that she’s in an emotional abusive house but she and her “fiancé’s” best friend are living there now. Haven’t seen Tristian on her instagram story in weeks. Am I the only one who finds that fucking strange

No. 777235

I’m under the assumption that her, Mason and Tristan are all in a polyamorous relationship.

No. 777352

That is definitely not the case - hard to elaborate without giving too many details but she has dumped people before because they were dating more than one person.
I wouldn’t be surprised if she was cheating on Tristan with his friend though.

Tristan was employed through his school at a campus coffee shop.

No. 777390

There’s no past of her being poly?
So what’s that assumption?
She’s always been pretty open about her relationships in the past, why would’nt she have been open about a polyamorous one?

No. 777391

If she is cheating, her and Tristan’s friend (Mason) are both shit people.
He’s consenting to it to, if that’s the case.

No. 777394

He’s constantly on her Instagram story. Seems as though all they do is get fucked up and hang out.

No. 777416

I think it’s fucking horrible that she asked people for money because she couldn’t be with her emotionally abusive mother and now she’s living there again.
And I know what rent is like in RI. You can get a nice 2 bedroom for 1200…so maybe the rest of the 2000 is for furniture and a security deposit. BUT if 3 people combined can’t afford that then how do you expect to pay rent and utilities?!

No. 777428

We haven’t seen her mom in anything, so who knows if she’s with her?

No. 777436

That’s definitely the same room as when she was living with her mom. Her parents are split. So where else would the mom be

No. 777443

Not sure what you mean but without elaborating I am close with two of her exes and can confirm that she is NOT poly and has left people who were poly for that reason before.

No. 777450

Well if you’ve gotten this far, please elaborate.(start saging )

No. 777503

She convinced one of her ex's to sleep with her best friend and cried he cheated on her like the next morning. Then she convinced him to let her fuck some rando while he drove her around. A few local so friends of mine say she likes to cheat.

No. 779013

File: 1550451404704.jpeg (283.36 KB, 1242x1951, E862AC57-6F00-4EEA-98AA-98D140…)

The lyrics to Tristan’s new song would indicate that he’s in France now and that’s why he’s not been seen in Jess’s Instagram stories.

No. 781991

File: 1551403931556.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, 09832EB2-C132-4A55-8665-F1A284…)

She’s selling on depop again

No. 782010

Did she score herself another soy boy?

No. 782048

No. This is her boyfriend’s best friend, who’s currently living with one of her “exes”. Unless he moved into her place recently. They’ve been spending a lot of time together and triscuit is in France so it’s probable that Jess is going to cheat on him (ideally with Mason, that would be so milky).

Triscuit is probably relieved to be away from her internet drama. He also fled the country right after his whole campus found out what a gross person he is. It’s definitely a coincidence, but I’m sure he’s banking on the heat dying down before he gets back to risd.

No. 782052

I’ve seen posts with the two of them in her room at all hours of the day and night….I find it very hard to believe he’s not staying with her…in her room….in her bed…

No. 782054

so you mean to tell me while the greasy-haired stick bug is in france pretending he's good at art, his melting slob of a girlfriend is living in the same house as another man? does he think she's going to stay faithful after all of the dumb shit we've seen come out of her?

imagine being cheated on by a landwhale with that kind of face. i'm SO glad i can't relate.

No. 782473

People on cgl were saying she got fired from hot topic, anyone see anything about that?

No. 782488

File: 1551513193217.png (5.66 MB, 1242x2688, 0251FD20-88FE-4ADF-B2DA-B6AED4…)

No. 782731

alt-right cringe is a real thing

No. 783145

File: 1551686387775.jpeg (Spoiler Image,168.06 KB, 750x1154, A6B3FC04-899B-418B-86BD-A64DBF…)

trigger warning
Can someone please explain to me how this is ok to post?! How does she get away with posting self harm?! And why does she think this is ok? It’s not funny, it’s not cute.

No. 783152


>self harm

>butter knife

No. 783155

She posts stuff like that all the time. Extra cringey that it’s her looser BF this time. And they wonder why people make fun of them (eye roll)

No. 783167

Don't be ridiculous she's just being edgy.
A video from this person popped up on my page yesterday and I cringed and thought "Lmao yikes this woman needs attention soooo bad" and now seeing all her other videos it just quadrupled.
Anyway, this seems like such a dumb hill to die on. Idk why she's trying so hard to make herself look worse.

No. 783169

He looks a lot older than 21 or whatever he is. Yikes

No. 783491

Looks like she didn't get away with it for long. Her page is down LUL

No. 783495

It’s still up. No matter how many times people report her shit OR directly call her out on it, nothing happens

No. 784115


She look like Viggo Mortensen

No. 784352

I thought her page was down, but she’s acrually just been changing her user. First it was virtual_doll/d0ll, for like a day. now it seems to be r0tting_cyborg.

No. 784928

because jess, like all alt-right women who dress sexy and actively reject feminism on twitter and youtube, is pandering to her alt-right manlet.

No. 796466

I know both these people in real life as well… and yeah they're train wrecks and Tristan is a narcissist with a history of taking advantage of and abusing mentally ill girls.

I'm from Milwaukee and was internet friends with Jessica back when she was dating her ex. We used to get along fairly well and yeah, she wasn't really political until she started parroting Tristan's racist beliefs.

I ended up distancing myself from her when she sent me a bunch of nasty messages on facebook when my friend, who is Tristan's ex, was polite to him in a coffee shop once. I eventually unfriended her and I'm kinda glad because yeah, yikes.

No. 796469

ALSO! I snorted when she talked about moving to Japan. Her, the "individualist" person who dresses in alt fashion and barely knows a lick of Japanese wants to move to a place that is literally known for it's conformity and it's lack of tolerance for people who look even the slightest bit alternative?

Like yeah a lot of alt fashion right now is inspired by kawaii culture and there is an alt community in Japan, but unless you have tons of money to live in Tokyo already, forget it. You can't get employment in Japan looking like her. The people that participate in that subculture like her pretty much live off of their families and spend literally all of their money on clothes. (sounds a lot like her, actually, but born in Japan) Most of them don't work or if they do, they have to look completely normal and hide their double life from their workplaces. They also have no risk of deportation if they get targeted by the police since well, they're Japanese.

And yeah, people who dress alt in Japan are not looked well upon. Alt fashion shows have even been broken up before by the police. T

No. 796612

>wants to move to a place that is literally known for it's conformity and it's lack of tolerance for people who look even the slightest bit alternative?

thats what shes hoping for lol she wants attention. in all of her vlogs shes walking around the most public basic places making a scene and literally no one is paying attention to her or finding her interesting.

No. 796947


I figured it was mostly because she liked fashion that was inspired by Japan's "kawaii culture" and just thinks that Japan is some kawaii desu anime land where everyone will understand her UWU

No. 797481

File: 1555096190082.jpeg (214.11 KB, 750x1223, 1C8A9697-5A7C-485C-A81E-8BD272…)

so uh,,, update on her-she went out in public wearing a jeffrey dahmer T-shirt ( a LITERAL serial killer) and had the cheek to say it’s not glorifying ?? uhhh k ?? you’ve literally spent MONEY on sERIAL KILLER MERCH !! no respect for this girl AT ALL lol

No. 797486

Her usernames (and piercings…and makeup…and outfits) really get worse and worse with time, don't they? She looks like a fat, ugly troll. Far from a doll or cyborg, rotten or otherwise, lmao.

No. 797497

> physiology
What a fucking idiot lmao

No. 797506

She looks awful. And i cant stand any bitch (man or woman) who glorifies serial killers.

No. 797522

She sounds so fucking dumb in this caption. I guess we already knew this though.

P.S. leave the name field blank. You can leave the email field blank too, unless you’re not posting milk. Then you should type ‘sage’. https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 797525

I actually love how the caption to this photo is literally the same dime a dozen shit that hybristophiles always, always say; and yet has the ego to say 'food for thought?' like she's oh so intelligent and provocative, like bitch, get the fuck out with this basic tier garbage.

No. 798637

File: 1555563625854.jpg (313.37 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190418-005516_Dep…)

This is less Greek God and more "rejected extra from the bigbang theory". Yikes.

Saw this while looking for angelic pretty…. just do a flat lay you fucking hag.

No. 798678

It’s definitely cringe but so is your writing. This isn’t tumblr.

No. 799242

File: 1555800992873.jpeg (317.41 KB, 750x1189, 7DA2F776-8EB7-47F2-A85E-1B6890…)

update-she’s edited the caption due to what i can only believe is backlash lol, still a sicko wearing a murderers merch. NO RESPECT. love the ‘dahmer as well’ on the end

No. 799317

>still hasnt edited out "physiology"

Can't respect the opinions of an illiterate piss drinker.

No. 800397

ok. i met her at a Melanie Martinez concert in Providence, RI. She was dating a different guy at the time and they both were PSYCHO. She dressed up just like Melanie-I saw her in Starbucks and i thought it was mel. People were taking pictures with her.. When I was in the crowd some girl was trying to get to her friend who was up father and her and her boyfriend at the time threatened to literally scalp a 16 year old girl, left her crying. He was much taller than her and she was texting her mom about the situation, the guy was looking at her phone and made some threat to her. Then after the concert her boyfriend called me fat for me standing up for the 16 year old girl. Lol.

No. 800491

File: 1556281033340.png (186.9 KB, 680x709, Capture.PNG)

Proof that Jessica meticulously reads this page. Funny how she claims I was "hateful" when I didn't even really say anything that bad about her. Just that she rubbed me the wrong way and I distanced myself, which I was glad for considering that she isn't very nice anyways.

Funny thing is that she obviously recognized it was me from this comment but claimed that she "didn't remember" the horrible things she sent me later on in our conversation and straight up accused me of lying when I literally still have the conversation saved on my phone.

She insisted that I "debate" her about it. I didn't have the time to nor did I care enough to engage her in a long drawn out conversation/argument. She basically took my refusal to waste my time as a "win" for her I guess. Alright.

Wonder if she's gonna send me another facebook message about this. We weren't even friends on facebook when she messaged me

No. 800528

Wears Dahmer t shirt, calls the readers "sick fucks".

It's not a mystery why they murder. He was mentally ill with a psychosis that made him want to fuck dead bodies. Wow, she's thick.

No. 800530

And the real question is why does she make herself look so fucking ugly on purpose?

No. 800872

File: 1556422098348.jpg (678.44 KB, 1080x1567, Screenshot_20190427-232146.jpg)

So is she in her feelings because she finally realized Tristan is ghosting her in France because she's a hideous landwhale who immortalized him as the alt-right boyfriend of someone nicknamed Poopchan after her scat fetish?

Or did the people at Chick-fil-A and Walmart stare at her during her usual outing with her mom?

No. 800883

I legitimately want to know if she can breathe out of her nose
I have never seen septum jewelry that huge

No. 800889

>this fake deep shit
Lmao. People don't like her because she's ugly on both the inside and the outside. Seriously, pick a struggle. You can't just do both and expect people not to be disgusted by your horrendous personality and appearance.

No. 800892

A cry for people to not judge others based on their appearance when she's a literal white supremacist lmfao?

No. 800915

Honest question, does she have some kind of brain damage or developmental disorder? She seems abnormally dense.

No. 801048

File: 1556495961405.png (2.48 MB, 750x1334, C4383FAD-878E-4E3D-83B5-834F91…)

Ahhhh so that’s where all the money from that fundraiser to move out of her “abusive house” went

No. 801063

I have a friend following her and she said in her IG stories she posted a video of her happily singing with her much abusive mom in her(huge) kitchen. It was Portuguese also with her mom having a strong accent so there's also that.

Throwback to when Tristan called her Jess's tenant.

No. 801071

She also had Mason in her story with tights and a dress, maybe a skirt….she seems like to to dress up her boy toys. I think it was her ex that she had walking around town in one of her full outfits a while ago

No. 801119

>base everything sticky off of appearance
…. am I stupid wtf does "sticky" mean in this context??? Also yes Jess the way to get people to see past appearances is to make your own appearance so jarringly, glaringly obscene that no one can focus on anything ELSE. And if you want people to look at the "troo yooooou~" then we're back to what kicked off all this attention in the first place, you complaining about black people and being a fucking racist.

No. 801129


Perhaps it's a typo for "stinky"?

No. 801153


No. 801203

If I was this girl, I would have killed myself aaaaaages ago

Y'all are fucking brutal.

No. 801212

She should take what she dishes out.

No. 801218

She's heading to France in a couple hours to meet up with Tristan. Can't wait to see how that reunion turns out. Knowing Tristan he was probably out wooing some French chick while Jessica and Mason had their shady "strictly platonic" relationship going on.

No. 801224

File: 1556565407183.png (1.19 MB, 1440x1816, ugliness2.png)

how charming, these two

No. 801225

File: 1556565511786.png (1.32 MB, 1440x1805, ugliness.png)

No. 801277

File: 1556582841658.jpeg (268.13 KB, 750x1066, 8786664B-1A84-4812-BD8D-9A38DE…)

Id pay money to see TSA and French custom’s faces when she shows up looking like this

No. 801281

Like why would she want to endure a 10+ hour flight with all this shit on. Girl is bonkers.

No. 801306


Is she really planning on flying like this? If she doesn't look anything like her passport picture they'll make her scrub it off.

No. 801356

I can't even wear makeup on a 3 hour flight because I want to just bury my face into my pillow and sleep, I can't even imagine having full on clown makeup on a 10 hour flight holy SHIT

No. 801367

A flight to France from Boston is only 6 hours

No. 801371

If you dress weird just because you're bitter that people care about appearances you're just being a fake bitch

No. 801399

This cant be legal to fly looking like this. it's practically the same as wearing a mask

No. 801416

it's always the ugly, lazy people whining the most about how people are so ""superficial"" and ""why can't u see the REEL MEE!!1!1". you will never see a traditionally pretty person complaining about this and going on about how "beautiful" their souls are, only thumb-people like Jess. dressing ugly and alt on purpose as a weak ass defense mechanism and being mad
when you're not seen as Kylie Jenner or something is next level tier of stupidity.

yes, it is true that society as a unit has a generalized, albeit unfair, standard of beauty for men and women that it imposes through media and that isn't accessible to everyone, but your ugly ass crying about not receiving the same levels of positive attention a hot supermodel-esque person who puts in effort and time to upkeep their appearance is just as shallow. you admit that you do care about beauty bc you don't really want for people to not care about how you look and see you for your bootiful soul, you just wish you were as beautiful.

No. 801602

File: 1556726098957.png (9.59 MB, 1242x2688, 06431EB7-6FE1-43B3-A916-27C9BE…)

I can’t believe she actually went out looking like that. Everyone is probably thinking another stupid American

No. 801622

Those played out cat tights are what gets me the most. She's a walking stereotype of a dumpster weeb hambeast.

No. 801671

It's 8h inside the plane, plus at the very least a couple hours boarding and arriving.
Charles-de-Gaulle airport is a putain de nightmare

No. 801692


Did she try to go into the Louvre? Because I've heard of people in costume being turned away before.

No. 801695


One time she posted on facebook because she tried to buy booze at a liquor store and got turned away because she looked nothing like her ID because she was wearing too much makeup.

Like straight up OFFENDED that the guy called her "makeup" facepaint. lmaoo

No. 801716


but it looks like corpsepaint lol

No. 801735

File: 1556770407175.jpg (6.09 KB, 89x93, Screenshot_20190502-001224.jpg)

No. 801937

Where do I get more nudes of this beast?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 801938

How do I delete somebody else’s comment?

No. 802270

File: 1557008333484.png (2.35 MB, 1440x1436, Screenshot_2019-05-04-16-13-21…)

she really walked the streets of Paris looking like this…

No. 802275

I will never understand how some people can dress so terrible. Throwing on random things that don't match with bad make up isn't making a statement against fashion or whatever she thinks she's doing.

No. 802373

wait did she change her instagram name i can’t find her account at all what’s up

No. 802381

File: 1557060382583.jpg (102.75 KB, 1080x448, 20190505_084807.jpg)

No. 802382

File: 1557060815403.jpeg (667.76 KB, 750x1181, 83E00FD3-B576-4B4B-8AD2-2EDD6F…)

No. 802384

okay thank youuu

No. 802395

cant get over the fact that he's like 20 and he literally looks 40.

No. 802407

Her IG stories are painful to watch. She started talking about how she was at the museum with Tristan and she kept referring to him and he ignored her every time, walking out of the frame on purpose. And she just awkwardly laughed. Throwback to her vlogs when he couldn't stop hogging the camera attention and talking to her.

It's obvious he was super into her when she got famous for 2 seconds. Then she immortalized his career of an artist as the boyfriend of Poopchan. Not to mention her new makeup makes her look hideous and she's gained even more weight. Probably met a much cuter girl in France.

Who wants to bet he didn't even ask her to come to France?

No. 802413

she's a garbage person but she overinflated his ego and she is/was his stepping stone, plus the whole poopchan thing isn't a great look to be associated with, as you said. deluding him about his 'model' looks sure didn't help when he was already legit delusional about his art career. he probably thinks he's way too good for her.

No. 802439

has anyone noticed that he’s deleted all his art of her from his ig? i can’t find any of them… if that doesn’t say something idk what does lol

No. 802446

File: 1557081206603.jpg (45.82 KB, 504x667, model slash artist tristan.jpg)

he's gone full Barry Manilow

No. 802460

File: 1557082774221.png (73.42 KB, 200x241, EC015923-9BFF-4CA8-B40E-3F79C9…)

No. 802461

KEK that comparison is so fucking accurate

No. 802471

He also deleted her from his story highlights kek

No. 802482

She deleted him from her stories too. I swear he was just there yesterday. Wonder what happened?

No. 802490

He isn’t follwing her anymore either.

I wonder what the last straw was lol

No. 802510

File: 1557093916833.jpg (796.49 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190505-180055_Ins…)


No. 802514

No. 802528

LMAO now she’s stuck in France for god knows how long

No. 802530

…..like we all didn’t see this coming eventually

No. 802533

It was pretty obvious from the moment she landed in France that Tristan was completely done with her. Every time he was in her stories he would blatantly ignore her or answer dryly. Her gross makeup and clown outfits were probably degrading his "le intellectual wannabe French nihilist" bullshit façade. No wonder they were drinking so much in her IG stories, I'd have to be drunk to tolerate her presence too.

The funniest thing is that literally 5 days ago she was all "OMG leaving my BESTEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD MASON behind I don't know what I'll do without him!!! 1!!11!!!1" and now she's telling him to get fucked. I REALLY need the full coffee table story.

No. 802542

>surprised your /pol tier bf got physical with you

The milk produces itself when your whole moral ground consists of nothing but backwards beliefs whos sideffects you ignore until it happens to you kek

No. 802586

File: 1557114902198.png (501.77 KB, 1354x784, surprised clown.png)


>> "My racist bf is also abusive????"

No. 802587

Who thinks that her political views are gonna completely flip flop now that he's not there to convince her that they're this super amazing power couple who is STARTING A MOVEMENT?

No. 802588

All he was doing was riding her coattails and now that her reputation is garbage and he's thousands of miles of away he probably thinks he's too god for her.

Wonder how popular he could possibly be in France though. I seriously doubt he's managed to do much for himself, probably deluded himself anyways though.

No. 802589

She still follows Tristan and that guy that sleeps in her bed

No. 802590

She still follows Tristan and that guy that sleeps in her bed

No. 802592

I bet he will go on some massive smear campaign

No. 802594

That would be interesting to read

No. 802597

smear the poop kek

No. 802613

Considering Americans of his type (gaunt, faux artsy and cringe nihlist) are shat on daily in the EU its easy to bet that all his classmates are heavily shit talking him in french while staying polite around him but completely undermining him as an individual kek
Its the classic story of coming back to the US with all this "sophisticated" clout when in reality he is probably the butt end of jokes his whole time abroad.

No. 802641

i mean that's the case even in his own school lmao. his french art major cosplay complete with striped henley shirt must make him a complete joke in france.

No. 802642

>It was pretty obvious from the moment she landed in France that Tristan was completely done with her.

It's been obvious since before tbh. He kept leaving her on read in all her IG comments, stopped drawing her, deleted his art of her, and she was desperately talking more about him as he distanced himself.

No. 802670

File: 1557160954477.jpg (375.13 KB, 1080x1448, Screenshot_20190506-102225.jpg)

No. 802679

File: 1557164032121.jpg (14.15 KB, 406x720, maxresdefault-3.jpg)

Honestly, she doesn't match him at all and I feel like he's the type of person who wants a girlfriend who matches his aesthetic for clout and not because he actually loves the person behind the aesthetic. I feel like he's better suited to an equally pretentious and pseudo-intellectual idiot like pic related.

No. 802720

cher would think her racism and fashion sense are fucking abhorrent, lmao.

No. 802739


I mean it's quite clear that despite his claims to be TOTES SO DEEP this guy is only obsessed with appearances and clout. He was clearly only with Jessica because she was seen as this UNIQUE living doll and it was clear that he got a sick high from constantly shoving his face into the spotlight during her peak.

Then her popularity declined when she was outed as a scammer, shown to have kind of a terrible personality, parroted his racist beliefs, talked about scat fetish, then gained like 50 pounds.

Once her reputation went into the dumps he was through. 10 bucks going to France was just an excuse to distance himself from her.

It's not even the first time he's used friendships or relationships for personal gain. This guy is such a narcissist I'm beginning to wonder if he's even capable of forming genuine bonds at all or if all he thinks about if how to get as many people as possible to blindly think he's some sensitive intellectual.

No. 802745

Really need to know what happened here. Did Tristan let Jessica get all the way to France just to dump her? Or did Jessica dump him? Is she just wandering around Paris by herself now?

No. 802759

I have a feeling he already dumped her but she thought if she fly all the way to France he would change his mind. Now she’s claiming he’s abusive and what not.

No. 802771

File: 1557188347291.png (760.64 KB, 902x592, 0583258523u5.png)

sage for no milk but i feel like this interaction from his "music" instagram really puts their failure of a relationship in the spotlight, right before they broke up too. he couldn't ever be bothered to talk about how he missed his gf like he's talking about this guy kek

No. 802799


That photo gives me Eliot Rodger Vibes because of the glass and his smirk

No. 802802

Tinfoil. He's actually in love with this Jack dude.

No. 802820

probably but he's just gay

No. 802847


Given his past and what I've seen him do to women before I honestly wouldn't doubt it tbh.

It's pretty clear that at one point Jessica was just puppeting everything Tristan wanted her to.

No. 802894

File: 1557246114860.jpeg (1015.78 KB, 1242x2520, E61FD0B5-2EF4-414A-97C3-4BDA6B…)

Well they’re back together

No. 802912

She didn't even delete the posts, she archived them so she had the option to restore them. She was waiting to get back together with him.

No. 802944

You can't just say that without spilling the deets. What past? What did he do to other women?

No. 802945

im sorry but it still just blows my mind that this guy is like 20. did he secretly grow up on the streets on some punjabi province? why does he look 44?? why??? his face honestly bothers me more than anything poopchan does. she's just retarded and flailing. i hate how privileged and obnoxious and into himself this guy is.

No. 802960


if these two ever get a new thread, thread image pls.

No. 803117


Given his past and what I've seen him do to women before I honestly wouldn't doubt it tbh.

It's pretty clear that at one point Jessica was just puppeting everything Tristan wanted her to.>>802944

It's hard to spill the deets because the friend whom he was abusive towards has experienced a lot of trauma from the events and still gets intense feelings of self loathing and mental distress when he's brought up. And knowing Jess/Tristan they're bound to drag her into it if they are able to pinpoint who I am or who I'm talking about, which they surely would if I told you guys the entire story. The last thing I need is to trigger my friend's trauma when I don't need to.

Let's just say that he has a history of being incredible mentally abusive as well as being a cheater.

He intentionally targets people with very low self esteem to begin with and preys on their insecurities to make them dependent on his approval. It no doubt stems from his narcissism.

No. 803188

She said that she broke up with him, but she didn't unfollow him or even delete the posts, she archived them because she knew they would get back together
Which to me seems manipulative. If she truly did break up with him it seems like it was a test/punishment but she was just waiting for him to please her so she could take him back

No. 803259

wait what has tristan done in the past? i don’t think i know about any of the abuse claims,

No. 805575

File: 1557625332101.jpeg (256.5 KB, 749x1110, 9EFC9A3D-A2DD-4AD3-9344-9E8A18…)

Proof she flies in full clown makeup. HOW?! That’s a long flight. That can’t be comfortable

No. 805597

Did this get moved back to /snow/? Ok…

No. 805603

Do you think she hates how she looks so much she cannot stomach being seen without a mask on?

No. 805617

he was probably either the one who broke up with her or tried to goad her into breaking up with him. poopchan may be a hot mess but tristan has his head so far up his ass that his hint of a chin has turned his prostate into a cave. The guy probably felt that he was too good for poopchan as soon as he entered the airport and found himself surrounded by romance language-speakers

No. 806080

File: 1557713836286.png (2.15 MB, 1440x1888, Screenshot_2019-05-12-22-15-06…)

No. 806086

File: 1557716849318.png (4.2 MB, 750x1334, B92C2993-A93C-4DB7-8DCC-00C92D…)

What is this suit?

No. 806125

I feel like he thinks he's Tom Cruise as Lestat or something. You can feel it coming off his face. This is atrocious. What is all of this supposed to mean?

No. 806143

File: 1557733424152.jpg (38.53 KB, 620x450, pink lace on platform boots is…)

imagine THESE being your WEDDING PHOTOS holy fucking shit what a tragedy in several parts

what ever happened to him being abyoosive and throwing you on a table you backwards freak, since we can tell you're tuning in lmao

No. 806218

these pictures have a smell

No. 806262

Cursed image. Every time I look at this I can only take in his autogynephile smile and the plastic lace she has hot glued to her bondage sandals before my brain disconnects to save itself further trauma.

No. 806441

well that explains why they got back together lmao. they'd have to divorce. wonder why she kept this under wraps and still calls him her boyfriend. legal issues related to scamming probably.

No. 806636

This has to be fake. Please god let this be fake. Him with his ill-fitting suit and her with those nasty skeleton tights and horrible repurposed boots. On top of that, her family didn’t even dress to the occasion. They must know it won’t last long.

No. 806749

File: 1557835154968.jpg (229.44 KB, 1079x1262, IMG_20190514_215818.jpg)

She has resorted to ass sucking internetgirl to try and win her instagram giveaway

No. 807045

i can't decide which one looks worse

No. 807173


LMAO the chick in the blue sweater's facial expression.

No. 807174

Am I the only one who can smell Jessica through the computer screen?

No. 807457

that’s her sister and her father in the pictures

No. 808079


Dont they look proud lmao

No. 808353

She admitted the marriage wasn’t real. She said she was just trolling the internet.

No. 808355

Their still together but under the radar. I know Jess personallly.

No. 808805


So what, they got dressed up and went to a courthouse to take pictures of themselves kissing? For a prank?

No. 809091

They weren’t at a courthouse, and they just got dressed for fun.

No. 809242

ot where are her boots from

No. 815316

So I’ve seen this girl all over the internet but never put two and two together that she works at my local hot topic. Every time I complimented her she acts like a dead fish. I mean it’s cool that someone who looks like that is here, and I knew she was problematic but never knew she was THAT BAD…Jesus fuck

No. 815440

Maybe it’s bevause people compliment her all the time and she’s just sick of always hearing it.
What do you want? A crazy unique response everytime?
She’s at work, she’s also probably tired of interacting with people all day.
People act as though they know someone just based off of a surface level interaction.

No. 815444

File: 1559227316245.png (459.54 KB, 640x960, 1436782013991.png)

you're really gonna whiteknight an abhorrent racist cunt who eats shit? that's the hill you choose to die on? yikes, kiddo.

sage your shit next time.

No. 815469

It's probably just her defending her ugly self (remember >>800491).

No. 816025

File: 1559328536957.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 874313AD-E3FB-49B0-AFE9-C5FDC6…)

some stuff jazmin bean (a fellow alien who was on hooked on the look) showing some more sides to jess, honestly i love and support jazmin and the fact they’re dishing out their opinion so openly? and standing up to blatant racists like jess? stan. i love them.

No. 816026

File: 1559328560694.png (670.4 KB, 750x1334, 5F0DC732-F75D-459B-AE15-ED1C87…)

No. 816028

File: 1559328581932.png (448.95 KB, 750x1334, E7F94ED6-98F0-4E85-8E1A-D23FE3…)

No. 816030

File: 1559328691443.png (884.89 KB, 750x1334, 851FFD6C-CFB9-401B-9D65-ADE431…)

No. 816044

Except that this comes off as snowflake sjw garbage. Jessica is racist in a stupid/ignorant way, when has she ever been transphobic or even mentioned trans people and who cares regardless. This person seems like a cow herself.

No. 816047

in a live-stream she mentioned how no one cares about their struggles i believe

No. 816048

Wasn't that about black people

No. 816052

I can ignore the trans stuff. It's just libfem shit and can be forgiven.
I'm just glad people are actually calling her out for being a racist cunt.

No. 816066

i mean we shouldn’t be ignoring the trans stuff any kind of discrimination isn’t okay…
and no she mentioned it also in another statement about trans people i believe(>>>/tumblr/)

No. 816096

She has said in previous posts that im sure were mentioned before she thinks all trans people are mentally ill which is in fact discrimination.(>>>/tumblr/)

No. 816693

I mean, a polite "Oh thankyou. :)" is just fine.

No. 816772

File: 1559486553604.jpeg (26.44 KB, 640x327, 56aedc7f0260f.jpeg)

>She’s at work, she’s also probably tired of interacting with people all day.

Her job is to interact with people all day. Everyone who works in retail gets that way but you fake it like this >>816693


Img related. How do these fucktards find their way here?

No. 818364

Oh i didn't know having a body you dont agree with makes them less of person. Mean i could honestly give a fuck less. But she is scumbag regardless and her white straight utopia is frivlous and retarded no matter how you slice it. Especially if your not white. No one cares about her feelings or her. Isnt that why we make fun of her bloated face anyway. Discriminatory behavior is wrong not matter what. Except in this case where she shouldnt even be allowed an aliexpress account.(this isn't tumblr)

No. 818385

lolcow is overall not sympathetic to trans people. don't even bother with your "discrimination" talk, it'll only catch you a ban here.

No. 818452

Unsaged and comparing racism to people not instinctively calling you by your "preffered pronouns" are two different hills and nobody here is gonna pick twansphobia out of the 500 different chips on her shoulder. Especially when /OT gives clear examples on why.

No. 818974

i’m genuinely shocked by the discrimination here(tumblr dot com)

No. 818976

this is an imageboard, you don't need to prostrate towards AGP discord weebs to avoid being called a bigot/show everyone how woke you are.

Learn 2 sage

No. 819021

No. 819240


Not to derail but maybe lolcow should reconsider that stance then? Trans people are a similarly vulnerable group and it's still not okay for her to just actively call them mentally ill.

Sure it's just the tip of the iceberg for how shit of a person she is but to act like the T in LGBT isn't "real" is kind of stupid.(tumblr dot com)

No. 819257

you are lost

No. 819275


nonnie don't try to reason with the crowd of pizza cutters here, just get your drama fix and go. use other channels for gossip if the language and attitude is too much for you.

No. 820756

Tristan Robert Roy Blum is a narcissist.


No. 821040

Poop Chan had an Instagram live just now, didn't listen for too long but some key points:
-tristan is a narcissist, they'd go out together and he'd often look around and say he feels better than everybody, and realized at a young age that he is much smarter than everybody
-he would say he "hates SJWs" and that all SJWs are fat white girls
-she confirmed that she believes all that racist shit but was upset that once she got backlash and death threats for it, he distanced himself and wouldn't back her up
-he kissed a girl in France, as lolcow posters predicted lmao
-she doesn't consider it cheating though, she just said it was "sketchy" that he did that
-she fucked Mason, "his best friend of 7 years," as lolcow posters predicted lmao again
-she said she felt proud that he was upset about her cheating cause she considered it deflating his narcisstic ego and then said that she knows it's fucked to feel proud about that
-she told his mom that he's beat her up and he tried to defend himself by saying he didn't beat her, he just "put his hands on her"

No. 821134


I don`t doubt that Tristan is a narcissist, though Jessica is still a bad person herself as well.

Kind of funny and hypocritical for him to call `SJWs` fat white girls since he gets pissy and angry any time someone else brings up race and insists that he `rejects labels` and `identity groups`

No. 821154

I'm solidly on Jessica's side. I find this dude milkier and more pathetic and more of a danger than her.

No. 821168

I mean if I'm forced to choose I guess I'm anti-Titstain… but I really agree with >>821134 she's at the very least incredibly ignorant and obnoxious and at worst equally as fucked in the head, albeit in a different way. Of course, knowing these two, they probably hear "fucked in the head" and take it as a compliment that they aren't being lumped in with filthy normals.

No. 821182


I'm definitely not on either person's side, but Tristan has long been known to be racist, controlling, and a narcissist. It's been one of his defining traits since high school days.

I'm sure he manipulated Jessica into doing and saying a lot of things that she otherwise wouldn't have but she still isn't blameless either, especially since she said in the stream that she still believes the racist bullshit even if Tristan was shitty to her.

No. 821313

File: 1560360877620.png (2.48 MB, 1242x2208, 69819D13-ECE1-4A83-B3A4-C5A7C3…)

No. 821314

File: 1560360899878.png (951.57 KB, 1242x2208, 0CE3FC47-3808-476B-912D-93C431…)

No. 821357

would not trust her as a piercer. look at how bad her body jewelry choices are, and her cheeks are crooked af. i like how alt ppl think being a piercer/tattooer is an easy just just b/c they have some and they quit when they realize it takes a lot of work and some actual talent to be good.

No. 821360

What gets me is that she would actually look nice if she got a decent haircut and didn't put all that shit in/on her face. I have nothing against body modification, it can look amazing when done well, but she genuinely looks terrible. I guess she's determined to look as ugly as she is on the inside.

No. 821423

Would she please get the bars in her eyebrow piercings changed to a shorter length?!

No. 821441

I don’t like her taste in her body modifications but saying she would suck because her cheek piercings are crooked is dumb lol that’s on her piercer. I agree that being a tattooer/piercing needs talent and work. It blows my mind how many crooked piercings exist

No. 821524

that post-breakup flex phew she's really going through it

No. 821554

File: 1560402749358.jpg (923.37 KB, 1440x1970, 20190613_061512.jpg)

No. 821563

Despite all these platitudes, she can never escape the fact that she literally ate his shit.

No. 821573

Did she actually admit it? I thought she only talked about how she had a fetish for scat not that she actually ate his

No. 821579

Maybe his shit stopped tasting so good :(

No. 821583

She posted these:

No. 821669

She admitted to lying about getting engaged to him and trolling the internet.
How are you so sure she ate shit?
No one knows what goes behind closed doors.
Besides on the breakup note, she’s bettering herself and taking proper steps to put herself first and conutine on.
Tristan Instagram contains of him in a dark room being angry.

No. 821691


Hi Jessica(hi [cow])

No. 821700

So… you’re telling me she would lie about having a scat fetish on the internet to “troll” people knowing it would follow her for the rest of her life? Why are you defending her again? She’s also a shit person. Tristan’s worse than her but they’re two peas in a pod.
Kek! This made me laugh

No. 821720

You can never escape the fact that you ate shit. Sorry.

No. 823125

File: 1560713635962.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x1799, CEB376CA-B8E2-487E-9514-7AEDC4…)

No. 823126

File: 1560713662446.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1662, E4C4B6CE-C739-49E4-BD6A-C3A4E3…)

No. 823159

this is why no one takes gay shit seriously anyone.

>i cant like someone until i form an emotional connection

bitch that's like most people. you aint special. and that isn't a sexuality.

No. 823175

Tfw the racist, shit eating, homophobic edgester idetifies as "gender blind uwu".
Bruh my sides, you buy and conform into vague labels because they let you join the aphabet soup yet everything else you believe is Alabama tier? Sweaty just go back to posting self harm pictures cause thats less embarassing than queer baiting with your same sex friends when we know you die for emancipated white cock,

No. 823185

Please tell me me how pansexualitly is a gender

No. 823187

learn to sage, and that's not what it says anyway

No. 823213

she's just bisexual but that doesn't sound woke enough lol

No. 823591

File: 1560878266115.jpeg (210.15 KB, 750x1018, 90A09F9F-376B-459F-9B2F-11A249…)

it honestly looks like she has jaundice at this point

No. 823606


of course the shit-eater would identify as the performative "woke" version of bi.

No. 824488


>calls trans people mentally ill

>goes to pride and tries to include herself in the lgbT acronym

Fuck off Jessica. This movement was literally started by black trans women. No one wants your performative wokeness.

No. 825150

File: 1561201486215.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 79AEF876-4160-4710-97A5-586DBE…)

…please don’t

No. 825152


Is she able to breath from her nose?

No. 825163

Sage your misinfo and go back to tumblr.

No. 825183

Regardless if she can, how she can look into mirror and say 'yes this looks good'?

No. 825202

the fact that you can't see that the comments you make about trans people are the exact same people made anout gay people 10 years ago is quite tellling. :)

I'm not being radical by acknowledging that certain people exist.(>>>tumblr)

No. 846430

her instagram user now is

No. 846435

File: 1564561761753.jpeg (795.01 KB, 1242x1242, 2FCD4702-CF63-45FB-BC81-8E84A5…)

Life update

No. 846437

Not sure if they are dating or friends with benefits

No. 846439

File: 1564561999351.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x1528, 919CFCEE-764F-44F0-9053-30E293…)

She actually thinks this looks good and “aestheticy uwu”

No. 846440

File: 1564562039834.jpeg (176.04 KB, 465x468, CDE076D8-2C65-471C-8F89-AD6E4D…)

Close up

No. 847148

File: 1564678549054.jpeg (Spoiler Image,656.86 KB, 1242x2260, 7AB6C49C-AE64-4BA7-867D-F8E2B3…)

No. 847167

I thought she had a Hitler moustache from the thumbnail.
>sent that to a boy
No wonder you were left on read, ffs. In fact, any self-respecting person would go the extra mile and just hard-block over that.

No. 847651

she look like she stank. havent showered in days

No. 848192

Close friend told me her friend has been seeing her but only to watch people stare at her. He told my friend he didnt wanna remotely fuck her but loves watching people stare and be afraid of her. Also a close source has told me the loss prevention guy at the local target was following her and her sister around. Finding makeup packaging and clothing tags in a fitting room her sister and her were in.

No. 848198

So unsurprisingly her totally gay relationship with the sort of cute clout chasing girl is fake?

I imagine the sort of guys who'd fuck her and it isn't pleasant. Does she really think she's the type of girl someone wants to form a deep emotional bond with?

No. 848972

Is it just me but does she seem to be putting less and less effort into her look but still expecting to become some online persona?

She used to look really cute and dolly but then she stopped taking care of piercings and they got all crusty, then she got like a million more for the shock value factor. Then she gained a lot of weight and her overall hygiene standards seem to have fallen?

She looks really messy and thrown together these days, cheap clothes and just overall a hot mess. With poorly blended smeared makeup. It's like I can smell the BO coming from just the photos.

She can't even take a nice photo of herself. They're always super low quality and blurry.

How's she going to make Youtube work?

No. 849813

File: 1565142948497.png (421.52 KB, 380x555, Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 9.35…)

I found her tinder

No. 849815

File: 1565143031912.png (44.24 KB, 293x366, Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 9.53…)

I'm female by the way so she has that option turned on

No. 849817

I thought she was engaged….

No. 850817

this will explain her status
tristain and Jessica is no longer together

No. 858388

File: 1566843550811.jpg (881.4 KB, 1440x2250, 20190826_141549.jpg)

She's trying to hop onto a new guy's dick while simultaneously posting constantly about how depressed she is and how abusive her ex was. How about figuring out how to dress yourself and do your makeup, not trying to be in a relationship with every guy who shows you attention, and stop eating junk food so damn much.
Why is she wearing a belt so low under her fupa?

No. 862362

File: 1567396995301.png (7.03 MB, 1125x2001, 431D7D5A-357C-4AF9-9DFA-302B0F…)

Lol I found her tinder and also found Tristan’s recently. I have it so men and women show up, I wasn’t surprised to see Jessica but I was pretty surprised to see Tristan the Greek god.

No. 863653

He looks like a Harry Potter reject

No. 863723

Harry Potter six months on meth.

No. 863753


He looks like he set fire to cats as a teenager

No. 864019

File: 1567628274808.jpg (11.9 KB, 236x229, barry the legend.jpg)

No. 864134

best burn. ten puppies for you.

No. 869929

File: 1568769490308.png (Spoiler Image,11.95 MB, 1242x2688, A75AE6B8-2C77-4938-85A3-AB5893…)

Sage for nothing new, I just found this hilarious

No. 870726

I know tristan irl and he's not at all how this thread makes him out to be. It's pathetic that there's a whole page dedicated to ruin two individual's lives. This is extreme considering the only things you have against them is a disagreement with their opinions. Unless they personally hurt you, you don't have the rights to attack them.(bait)

No. 870770

Don't be a retard on the internet.

No. 870870

''the only things you have against them is a disagreement with their opinions'' what should it be then? Do you know why people hate on politicians? IF you don't want your opinions criticized, maybe don't purge them all over the internet with your pierced af face next to them.

No. 871323

So irl he is NOT an ugly, whiny, obnoxious tryhard who makes pretentious art? Could have fooled me!

No. 874666

File: 1569797500689.jpg (37.45 KB, 460x614, troll.jpg)

r0ttindoll is currently dating twitter user jack consierae and are … well. equals in their aesthetic. aka edgelords. do what you want with this info

jacks real name is jack san souci and lives in covington rhode island and jessica soares lives in providence

No. 874667

File: 1569797590343.jpg (15.65 KB, 282x376, jack and jess.jpg)

this is a selfie of her posted with her new boyfriend on her boyfriend's twitter

No. 874674

OP I found her current boyfriend's twitter and curiouscat

twitter: https://twitter.com/consierae?lang=en
curious cat: https://curiouscat.me/clubmajesty

No. 874678

nta but Covington isn't a real place, do you mean Coventry or Cranston?

praying I never run into these two edgelords, at least the new guy's aesthetic works better with hers and they don't look as awkward and mismatched as she did with Tristan (they just look horrible)

No. 874680

Yeah they meant coventry
Tbf covington and conventry can be easily mixed up

No. 874709

She must exclusively like people who look like they’re on a meth binge

No. 875363

File: 1569973266820.jpg (1.42 MB, 3001x3223, image0.jpg)

nice to see that jess completely moved on

No. 875364

File: 1569973355390.png (134.78 KB, 211x376, image1.png)

No. 875563

sage for off topic but that thing in her nose is ghastly

No. 879795

File: 1571017767042.png (1.47 MB, 904x740, Untitled.png)


No. 883067

File: 1571697564442.png (1.2 MB, 1333x808, Untitled.png)

Found her current boyfriends instagram

No. 883068

File: 1571697680685.png (1.07 MB, 1148x544, Untitled.png)

sage for off topic but.. quality couple right here

No. 883084

File: 1571699914819.png (1.5 MB, 894x837, Untitled.png)

Apparantly jessica's current boyfriend is another artist type

No. 883176

Ew, why do these edgelords always like the LISA series? They've tainted it.

No. 883298

is he ftm? looks like it

No. 883354

Yes he's ftm he, technically speaking though, he identifies as gender fluid

No. 883355

File: 1571772913982.png (22.01 KB, 342x288, Untitled.png)

Jessica's boyfriend is also a tumblr kinnie

No. 883356

File: 1571772975945.png (88.53 KB, 543x448, Untitled.png)

Found Jessica's boyfriend's carrd

No. 883361

File: 1571773360556.png (33.59 KB, 709x188, Untitled.png)

Jessica's boyfriend is a lolcow too and is raging at this thread

No. 883534

He looks like he superglued pubes on to his face

No. 883537

At least he has some talent unlike trust fund Tristan

No. 883659


>nishitani kin

holy shit how braindead do you have to be to kin with someone from the literal Japanese mafia, let alone be otherkin in general

No. 883667

File: 1571838840777.png (71.75 KB, 667x505, Untitled.png)

they have the weirdest fucking convos

No. 883698

File: 1571843377421.jpg (132.22 KB, 1280x720, ew.jpg)

I mean, it's a character from a videogame. Funny they are "kin" with the gross creeper character though. You'd have to be nasty to date poopchan.

No. 883734

>funny they are "kin" with the gross creeper character

I found a few people on twitter and tumblr who previously dated jessica's current boyfriend who actually publicly talk about how gross this dude actually is. He's quite nasty indeed.

No. 883879


Yakuza 0 is literally my favourite game of all time and just… it absolutely baffles me how people can kin someone from that series

like bruh this is a character that gets horny over being stabbed so i'm not that surprised with the choice

No. 884240

so is jessica able to breath out her nose or is she just like, a permanent mouth breather

No. 884295

Yeah I think it’s stopped oxygen from
going to her brain, she moves her hand around in her videos like she’s retarded

No. 885227

File: 1572142451786.png (483.09 KB, 689x413, dsf33.png)

Random, but I was reading about the Phil Spector case and thought I had seen his face somewhere before. Makes me wonder if Tristan is going to age just as poorly.

No. 894627

File: 1574029633833.png (98.52 KB, 500x273, Untitled.png)

sage just in case if this is off topic but jessica's current boyfriend privated his main twitter account

No. 894764

He isn't milky at all imo, he just posts cute stuff.

No. 913551

File: 1578149824420.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, F1ECF406-EB86-4780-8027-BCF4B2…)

Sage bc unsure if milk or not but seems jess is evolving

No. 915421

No. 915583

File: 1578589382262.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, 34D7ED95-585F-4604-A427-962CA4…)

She posted these yesterday

No. 915584

File: 1578589434494.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, AE7CC917-B897-4800-B5D7-117432…)


No. 916543


Someone teach this bitch to spell experience

No. 920115

File: 1579370449118.png (11.94 MB, 1242x2208, E071E87A-2ECB-468D-8007-28A498…)

she posted this today. can’t imagine who wants to buy all these used, plastic wigs but ok.

No. 920118

I'm pretty sure she's on the floor of a shopping mall in this pic.

if she's selling all of her wigs does that mean she's changing her look? or is she running out of money or something?

No. 920138

There is nothing wrong with taking photos while kneeling on the floor of a public place?
People take photos anywhere?
I’ve sat on the floor outside to take a photo.

She’s stated that she’s changing her style.
Don’t give into spreading rumors and riding false narratives; if you clearly don’t have your facts in order.
She’s stated multiple times she’s gathering money to change up her style and for her trip to Portugal.
If you check her Depop; her things are selling. So people are buying.

Reaching reaching reaching reaching

No. 920140

Maybe y’all should think before you speak.
But then again this is LolCow; it’s suiting.

The people using this platform to hate on others for the way they live their lives; instead of focusing on theirs.

No. 920141

File: 1579375354403.png (60.35 KB, 379x314, Screenshot 2020-01-18 at 19.21…)


lmao calm down you ain't gonna get your dick wet anyway

No. 920142

I would understand if the people on this platform kept an eye on every single thing she does; and drew opinions from that.
But almost everything are reaches.
And people responding to others on the platform are just following blindly to lies.

Why don’t you just ask to Jess; and go straight to the source for the information?

No. 920143

That response makes no sense to what I said?

If you have anything of substance to say, I am more than willing to listen.

But resorting to saying ‘you’re not going to get you dick wet anyways’ doesn’t bring any substance to the conversation.

No. 920144

Also on the spelling of ‘experience‘; not to defend her. But people make spelling errors; and that’s okay?
This is such a minuscule thing to attack someone for.

Also, I know that English is her second language; she’s even stated it.

No. 920147


>If you have anything of substance to say, I am more than willing to listen.

yeah and no1curr learn to sage or gtfo

No. 920148


Is that even proper English?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 920174

how did an old ass boomer like yourself find ‘LolCow’ in the first place? get off the internet and learn how to use semi-colons correctly, grandpa

No. 920176

i’m not the person you’re replying to, but anon, we don’t contact the people we make threads about here. if you read the rules you’ll see it’s forbidden. the purpose of this site is to laugh at embarrassing things people post on the internet, not try to directly contact them and change what they do/post or try to get info. it’s supposed to be hands off.

No. 920268

Well I just don’t see anything embarrassing about anything she does?
She’s just living her life.
But that’s of course my opinion.

No. 920274


Shes so dirty, I'd be afraid of getting headlice from her wigs.also wtf that ugly fat butch doesn't need more metals or scars. Style evolution??? More like she's trying to get in BME bc she cant cut it in fashion.

No. 920311

Do you know her? Have you ever met her?
How are you so sure of what your saying?

I feel as tho you can only really experience someone’s true dirt, only if you meet them in person.
You can’t smell things through the internet.

This is just hatefulness & pettiness.
That’s what it sounds like.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 920312

Well she’s already into BME; she’s heavily modified already.
Also the whole purpose of fashion is to push boundaries and limits.
Her followers keep on growing, so people do like her.

No. 920318


ffs can any mod come around and get rid of this whiteknight that still can't sage?

No. 920331

Idk if my face was that ugly I'd probably just fuck it up with mods too.

No. 923963

File: 1580020349884.jpeg (403.94 KB, 1242x2072, DE6B185D-CE66-4940-BCF1-F82F72…)

Lots of posts about Tristan lately. As well as her breaking up with the other dude that was appearing in her pics for a while, I feel like them getting back together again is inevitable

No. 924376

Whatever happened to that girl she was claiming to be dating. She seems obsessed with Tristan all over again. Really didn't take long.

No. 926869

>>924376 Jessica and Jack broke up about a week ago , they don't have eachother in their twitter descriptions anymore

No. 926870

jack we can smell your fishy vag when you white night for jessica

No. 931597

File: 1581569549857.jpg (823.25 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200212-165746_Ins…)

Here's hoping that she ACTUALLY sculpts out that big pasty mashed potato body

No. 931598

This outfit is abysmal. The throwback ironic scene emo mall goth style with the plastic badly installed wig with the dollar store Toshi Salvino copycat face.
She also has the definition hambeast face. Clock the purple contour trynna cover up the crazy double chin

No. 931599

File: 1581569744483.jpg (966.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200212-235131_Ins…)

No. 936003

Lol glad to see she's still obsessing over Tristan(necro)

No. 958485

jazmin bean is a fucking asshole but cannot deny: we love to see it(necro)

No. 966470

i know jess irl. we actually work in the same building lmao.

so a couple months back we started "talking" (this was right after she broke up w her ex. not Tristan but the other guy). so like i figured she was like 20? or 21 at the oldest. had no clue she was 25. im only 17 so i told her how old i was and when i asked her how old she is she just said "old :("

soon after that she sent weird videos of her grabbing her tits and shaking her ass. literally zero context whatsoever. i mean like i guess her intentions weren't bad? like idk she /knows/ im underage tho and she still chose to send me that shit. idk shit made me hella uncomfortable. ill provide screenshots if anyone wants em

No. 966473

I mean this is an image board soo.. just dont dox yourself and use the "spoiler image"

No. 966478

a good chunk of her pictures posted up lately are "two year throwbacks" which all include her ex Tristan, which probably means she feels lonely af and needy for validation.

No. 966812

File: 1588193929794.jpg (Spoiler Image,340.34 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200223-112840_Ins…)

(saging because not necessarily milk/old) Oh lord this reminds me, Jess actually posted this screenshot on her story in like, February? We all know she's nasty but she seems to surround herself in equally as gross people

No. 966857

y'all are some absolute poop

No. 966925

why does she date such younger men, creepy

No. 966931

jfc meatgrind.
tumblr trend hopper and attention whore. used to dm me 2/3 years ago to promote her art, unfollowed when i didnt lololol
sage bc blog post

No. 967925

File: 1588389901497.jpg (528.8 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200501-194129_Ins…)

No. 967927

File: 1588389926809.jpg (1.12 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200501-194134_Ins…)

No. 967928

File: 1588389992229.jpg (815.16 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200501-194138_Ins…)

3 separate ig stories with her ex in it. Girl. You're not with him anymore, he doesn't even fuckin like you. It's embarrassing.

No. 967983

God both of them.are such ugly freaks and stand out like a sore thumb

No. 971633

Sage for completely off topic but…god, I went to high school with Tristan. Glad to know he has changed…..zero. His whole aesthetic was the “misunderstood artist”. He was pretty good at art but not better than anyone else who took art classes. It’s hilarious seeing people online seeing through his bullshit because honestly, not a lot of people did back then. Like, every conversation you had with him would somehow end up being about him and how he is oh so misunderstood and such an outcast. The best thing he could have done for himself is separate from this cow and get out of the spotlight of lolcow because he’s definitely milky enough for his own thread damn near. Sorry for the blogpost I just can’t believe I’m reading about this idiot 4 years later on lolcow…

No. 979723

What is her facebook???(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 979735

he strikes me as that weird kid who sat in the corner at lunch and had out of school hobbies that included taxidermy squirrels.

No. 982173

File: 1591061330177.jpg (1.31 MB, 1440x2316, 20200601_212807.jpg)

So shes not a racist tone deaf "I dont see color" cunt anymore? Would like to see her take accountability for her anti black statements from before and explain that shit more.

No. 985619

File: 1591807218329.png (3.77 MB, 828x1792, 4EBE68D1-4A54-4807-8E3D-991ED4…)

Mickster: “fuck your pale aesthetic” uplifting POC alt community

Jess: that’s racist as fuck >=( get over you’re struggles and move on

Also Jess( >=( )

No. 985620

She deleted the post which is funnier

No. 988230

according to recently posted IG stories, she thinks that being a devil's advocate or neutral on BLM/race issues makes her oh-so intellectual and a "logical person" when in reality it just makes her a white privileged bitch who can choose to be devil's advocate because black issues don't affect her at all.
also loves to push it in everyone's face that she has one black friend who sides with her, which means fucking nothing.
"i'm not racist, i have a black friend!"

No. 988628

jess being neutral doesn't make you an intellectual, why don't you go humble yourself and educate instead of reading about yourself here and making 50+ instagram stories about how you're totes not a racist

No. 995829

File: 1593143657029.jpeg (851.14 KB, 828x1015, FCC6A26C-B877-48C0-A29D-27343C…)

people on ig don’t even know she’s the same girl because she stopped doing makeup and switched @‘s. but now she’s doing the makeup again. there was also an instance where she stole some meme pages meme (they had like 300 followers and it was OC) and they politely asked for credit in comments then jess just went on a psychopathic rage and starting insulting her

No. 1004707


Will provide receipts if needed but she sent me a friend request on facebook recently and when I asked about her opinion on BLM she got defensive, called me names, said "not everyone will agree with you" then told me "All lives matter" before blocking me.

So… if anything, it's purely for appearances. I don't think she's changed.

No. 1004727

Please post receipts, been a while since I've seen milk from this literal shit-eater.

No. 1006819

File: 1594722918919.png (1.57 MB, 1080x2160, received_1770168573141217.png)

Quite the interesting choice Jessica. Seems as tho our girl has decided to take on being a fry cook.

No. 1006865

File: 1594736099560.png (1.51 MB, 1868x1102, Screenshot 2020-07-14 at 15.11…)

That dude Jack who she was dating after Tristin:


Seems shes still following him and their styles are very similar now.

No. 1007406

she's fat and looks like she smells, the perfect job for her. she's unfortunately too dim witted to work anywhere near people so they probably have her stuck in the freezer somewhere

No. 1011408

File: 1595484342958.jpg (31.24 KB, 430x450, 9e8cb8035baee566bcf8db1986fad7…)

she looks washed up

No. 1021455

File: 1597184272645.png (863.19 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200811-153832~2.p…)

Keeps posting and deleting different photos and the caption is how she doesn't like anything shes been doing. That fUCKIN NOSTRIL

No. 1021477

truly ugly on the inside AND the outside

No. 1021582

File: 1597200424509.png (1.19 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200811-214436.png)

Kek she's so gross looking

No. 1021592

hi jess!! she can't stop herself from responding to everything posted here.
but the real joke is that she doesn't think she's fat…but she is. she's massive. but nobody would care if she wasn't a dumb self righteous ignoramus

No. 1021595

"ya'll are dizzy" is not even proper AAVE, what a dipshit

No. 1021654

she is wrong & she knows it. the picture is ugly. you are just ugly. atrocious. stop lying to your self and accept it. you are fucking ugly and disgusting to look at and thats ok. you are fat and thats ok.

No. 1021655

performative pandering like a true racist

No. 1029428

File: 1598505253625.jpg (513.49 KB, 1080x2016, PicsArt_08-27-02.10.09.jpg)

I hope all of these are legible. Her unwillingness to disclose her opinions are bad enough but the last message says everything we need to know.

Jessica hasn't changed, she's just learned to keep her opinions to herself(cowtipping)

No. 1029429

dont cowtip

No. 1029462

The backtracking, lmao.

No. 1029463

are you retarded? dont cow tip

No. 1029471

NTA, but read properly. Poopchan sent her a friend request, and they DMed back and forth. That conversation was from a month ago. There was no cowtipping.

No. 1029484

>5.3 Do not brag about or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.

No. 1029650

she's already on the defense thinking everyone's against her, poor her waaah.
i don't understand how she doesn't see it's selfish to only think of yourself (or as she sees it, her "individual growth" cause she's suuuuch an individual guys). like no shit, you're responsible for yourself and your actions only, you're not breaking new ground.
but she's a white moron who can't see past her own nose

No. 1213910

File: 1619055897888.jpeg (354.71 KB, 828x1407, AB2DA132-1627-4752-96D6-8B682C…)

She still mad over the Lolita community lol

No. 1213919

File: 1619056521830.jpeg (456.28 KB, 828x1222, EC88A14C-CE8A-4465-A970-522506…)

What a coincidence that Tyler made a video and Jess comes running to of herbs defense from angry lolitas

No. 1214164

Glad this thread is back, let's hope there's some new milk soon. It's weird but I miss her and Tristan's saga. I know they're not together anymore but it was so entertaining. The milk just kept flowing.

No. 1215076

File: 1619208383261.jpeg (107.99 KB, 828x464, 83F0834C-FCEB-4D8A-9878-A0D431…)

So this like her 3rd boyfriend in 2 years.

No. 1215078

File: 1619208497086.jpeg (103.46 KB, 828x473, C50E334D-C66C-4E0F-9E0B-AD64DC…)

No. 1215080

File: 1619208593593.jpeg (106.64 KB, 828x468, 3FE00EE5-FBD4-4518-8117-A3AE44…)


No. 1215081

File: 1619208740650.jpeg (303.92 KB, 828x1215, 0B8567B9-B819-4528-9E38-EA2C81…)

Is she implying that she’s done fucking trannies?

No. 1215108

Scrotes really will fuck anything. Like, just imagine this bloated clown corpse is what shows up on your date. I'd leave immediately.

No. 1215168

Big fucking yikes. Now this is a cow I didn’t expect to see again, glad to see she’s still a trash fire kek.

No. 1215173

Jessica it's time to put the makeup down…

No. 1215284

Even if she is getting hit from behind, I can't imagine the reeking smell.

No. 1216861

File: 1619445960714.png (41.1 KB, 480x191, xx1.png)

Her new username is wh0.is.hell0kitttty

looks like IG shadowbanned her page

No. 1216864

File: 1619446294061.png (65.96 KB, 479x326, xx2.png)

She going on about being in a final casting call for a show. Going to assume it's TLC network

No. 1216867

I hope it's a clown hunting show. How is this racist ass retard still being put on television? Her makeup and outfits are dime a dozen now. Looking like a cracked out whore clown in Ita is "fashionable". She's boring and also dumb as a sack of rocks. I don't get it.

No. 1226969

Do we know the new bf's name? Because he looks really familiar…

No. 1228889

The fact that even disgusting lolcows like this is able to get into relationships kinda makes me loose faith in guys nowadays.

This bitch is objectively ugly, bad body, boring/unappealing personality, she look like she smells, nobody with an ounce of self respect would be seen in public with her, like wtf, she's the female version of chris chan.

No. 1229145

Wait, that's not Hila Klein on the left in the threadpic?

No. 1229159

No. 1234180

My friend had a brief relationship with her last summer. I guess while he slept, she read through his conversations and he referred to her as “my overweight friend” in the context of sending someone a work out video she recommended.. so while he was asleep on his couch after a night of drinking with her, she flipped his coffee table and punched him in the face while screaming like a banshee. After that he ended shit but during that conversation she said that he made her insecure and that’s why she couldn’t control herself from hitting him and breaking his shit or whatever. Because he was breaking things off she insulted him and said that he was on a “dark path” and she felt sorry for him because he’s so “fucked up.” Her retarded fans said that “her intuition” is what led her to invade his privacy and discover the truth loooool she smeared him on her Instagram and told all her ~fans~ and that he was toxic and using her, then doubled back and tried hitting him up on every social media platform to “apologize” and convince him she really cared about him and loved him. She even sent him videos of her crying and explaining that she was sorry she hurt him, but that he “hurt her too.” He ended up cutting her off completely after that and she’s still been trying to get back in contact with him but he just blocks her. She also told him unprovoked that Tristan has a small, skinny wiener LOL and that he supposedly “used her huge dildo so many times that she had to throw it out.”!She talked about Tristan constantly.

No. 1234191

She kept getting banned for her insta handle I guess so she changed it to ew.wh0.tf.iz.h3ll0kittttty

No. 1234331

Do you have ANY proof? Or you just expect people to believe you based on nothing?

No. 1234641

File: 1621536849314.jpeg (352.78 KB, 750x1334, 3AE5B14D-9593-4FAD-8468-7B5019…)

lol why would I stir up shit on a dead poopchan thread just to make up stories but yeah here’s a few mismatched/marked up screenshots and stills of her blubbering face from the apology vids she sent him

No. 1234643

File: 1621536875778.jpeg (343.24 KB, 750x1334, 05B483E0-F606-4859-96BB-D401D2…)

No. 1234646

File: 1621536918532.jpeg (233.57 KB, 750x1334, E51F5273-C747-4FC5-9872-027FB3…)

No. 1234647

File: 1621536953123.jpeg (255.98 KB, 750x1334, A7C113B2-C6A4-4E5A-9804-EF6A9B…)

No. 1234659

File: 1621537970667.jpeg (93.45 KB, 702x670, 60F13FFB-F455-4434-9A20-941392…)


No. 1234714

Lmaoooooo do you have the actual video? I'd honestly love to see it

No. 1234736

File: 1621544279855.jpeg (171.98 KB, 750x1232, 37F43FD2-3B36-4D74-9E7C-B30744…)

I have 3 separate videos he sent me because her “apology” is so long and self pitying but idk where to upload, and of course our dear poopchan is lurking her own thread for updates as usual.. I posted the screencaps like 2 hours ago and here she is showing the haterz that she’s not ashamed of her psychotic/embarrassing behavior

No. 1234738

She looks like the offspring of Phoebe Tickner and Dahvie Vanity

No. 1234761

In a screen recording of their conversation (my friend and her) she is constantly trying to defend herself by saying she “said she was sorry multiple times,” and that “she always takes accountability for her actions but no one else does.” She also said that Tristan did the same thing to her and that he always “blamed” her for cheating but never looked at WHY she cheated like bitch wut? No one MAKES you cheat, no one makes you physically assault them or invade their privacy and then smear them online to your just as delusional fans, you do that yourself. She constantly plays the victim after being a piece of shit and wants the people she’s abusing to submit to her and “take responsibility” for what triggered her to act like a gross pig which is her own insecurities. Get help, Jess.You’re just an asshole with a superiority complex and gathering a whopping 8k followers for your attention seeking antics has gone to your big fat head.

No. 1234765

Oh my god anon this is glorious! Upload to dropbox or use a WebMD converter.

No. 1234788

File: 1621550195618.jpeg (570.79 KB, 750x933, 5516598A-E560-4596-B5ED-AD4BE9…)

when u look like u do meth but ur sober

No. 1234811

She's trash and should have never physically assaulted him, however, your friend sounds like a cowardly chuckle fuck who's leading her on while pining for someone else.

No. 1234863

boohoo no1cur, normal people cut ties and move on, they don’t physically attack someone they’re borderline obsessed with and try to turn people against said person for not loving them back. that’s fucking pathetic and gross but is typical jess behavior. you aren’t contributing anything and bringing up the person she attacked was for contextual purposes. the rest is to show how delusional she truly is

No. 1234894

File: 1621560524294.jpeg (227.88 KB, 750x1201, 14751A74-E26B-4BBD-97F3-E365B8…)

Who does she think she is calling anyone ugly?? come back down to earth and humble yourself lol wtf

No. 1234908

This is fucking horrifying. What are those tattoos and whats wrong with his eyes?

No. 1234912

shes probably rly tired from working as an edgelord at her local hot topic, being that ugly and covering yourself in clown paint 40+ hours a week is hard work

No. 1234919

imagine if she took a cable knit sweater off not carefully enough

No. 1234952

I'm glad she has self-confidence but everything about her is ugly

No. 1234975

File: 1621575313237.jpeg (224.6 KB, 750x1211, 75FB040D-9593-429A-89B9-AF064C…)

sure jan

No. 1234978

File: 1621575452301.jpeg (528.56 KB, 750x1207, E011EAC5-9F9F-4C06-8EA6-5949D1…)

That’s better.

No. 1235012


i just remembered a few months ago staring at tristans god awful website. FUCKING hideous. random Japanese strewn about, gross naked putty figures, and extremely long quotes about his stupid uninteresting europe travels in the place where his CV should go

No. 1235015


the about page is even worse.
"While there may be challenges in becoming proficient in any field, I am a firm believer that one can achieve any great feat given the proper mental make-up and dedication.

I grew up in the much overshadowed, though beloved town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I take some pride in being more of a small-town boy than some of my colleagues. In spite of my urban differences, my artistic background began like most; that is, drawing characters from my favorite cartoons and video games with crayons on half-priced school paper. With time I viewed art as a communication vehicle for complex ideas when done effectively, and such is the reason I embarked on my journey to participate in our changing art world."
"Since 2015, I have visited la Ville Lumière three times. I was lucky enough to have my first experience with French culture in a high school classroom. Two years into my learning experience, I partook in a school trip to Paris, Marseille, and Avignon to speak it with natives for the first time. By the fourth year I spoke it well enough to receive a perfect score on my AP French exam, even skipping an intermediate level class my junior year.

In my second year of college, I visited Paris again for a month to rediscover the city I had missed so much, instilling in me the motivation to take a history of French etymology course at Brown University in September of 2017. Come the end of 2018, I received an acceptance letter from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris to study in the spring of the following year. There I studied for four months, making friends in the center of Paris and exploring its walls from the inside out. In the midst of my visit, I had the chance to meet Master Kim Jung Gi at the Galerie Daniel Maghen.

Sadly, one month prior to my return, I and the rest of Paris witnessed the burning of Notre Dame Catherdral less than a mile south of my apartment, marking us all forever with its burning embers. France keeps a firm place in my heart and I expect to revisit it much more in my lifetime."

why the fuck are you talking about your AP exam on your professional website? shouldn't you be putting your resume or contact info down?

No. 1235369

File: 1621630560484.jpeg (526.94 KB, 750x1207, 14A4E29B-051C-4C18-B7D0-AE7C83…)

She keeps deleting and restoring her uglycrying and changing the caption on this photo LOL unbothered queen!!1

No. 1235404

Literally two posts above you, you didn’t even have to scroll. retard

No. 1235427

I was commenting on her compulsively changing her captions because she’s lurking, retard

No. 1235442

>don't crush on me if you're ugly!!
>gets called ugly
>ugly is understated/underrated!!


Cope, fat bitch.

No. 1235534

Ayrt, it was commented on two posts above you. Sage, retard.

No. 1235552

she keeps lurking and changing the captions under the images, that’s why it’s reposted stfu about it already jesus christ

No. 1235562

every year or so that this gets updated, she just keeps proving that she's as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside but wants to put some romanticized spin on it for her dumb IG followers. girl, you're tweaked in the head, you need psychiatric help, not a boyfriend lmao

No. 1235841

File: 1621706803249.png (155.95 KB, 750x1334, 30818DAA-29E7-4F52-BE79-657004…)

people talk about you because you’re a fucking racist, scamming cow with deep seated mental issues and an ego that’s out of control. you post every single facet of your life online and get mad when people judge you for it because you look fucking stupid. who hits someone because they called them overweight? the only thing you’re famous for is looking like shit and being a lolcow, congratz

No. 1240850

i can assure you shes very very insecure

No. 1241128

She hasn’t changed at all kek

No. 1257584

File: 1623787480209.png (180.98 KB, 236x339, retard.png)


No. 1272394

Saw her at the mall. We're back to the clown makeup

No. 1272395

pics or it didnt happen

No. 1272415

Sadly it would have been very obvious as she was behind me in the bubble tea line and I left as soon as I got my tea. Tbh I was kinda surprised she's back on her uwu clown phase considering I thought she was "toning down".

No. 1272562

Sage your shit especially if you don’t have proof. No1curr

No. 1278039

File: 1626461453690.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, 2B0D69AF-957E-4932-8396-715D4E…)

Sage if off topic
But lately shes been whoring around a guy named matt or whatever
She wont stop fucking talking about how he bit her while having sex

Reaaaally trying to ram it in peoples faces

No. 1278075

Until I read the caption I thought she was propping up a salt lamp or something, but it's her arm

No. 1278157

Damn, congrats on the sex and all but that sallow complexion is serving jaundice. Stop oversharing on social media and go take a walk in the sunshine girl.

No. 1278195

File: 1626468821926.png (2.79 MB, 750x1334, 6E9C3066-7688-4920-BE30-1B6814…)

Yeahhhhh she seems to be getting more and more open about her personal stuff … lolcows gonna lolcow

No. 1278223

Grimy pick-mes love showing off their sex bruises like it's a flex, but this is a sign of disrespect from moids.

No. 1278255

not a single one of those tattoos is going to age well

No. 1278452

File: 1626485775588.png (4.19 MB, 750x1334, 67B57E53-B16C-4AFC-82C4-853464…)

What does she gain from stalking this thread ?

No. 1278497

She looks pilled out. Can’t even straighten her ugly ass bullring

No. 1278506

Well she has to find someway to cope and defend her shitty behavior/choices. And the tattoos are fugly Jessica. Anyone telling you that they look good probably has more disdain for you than anyone in this thread.

No. 1278515

She didn't even make her reply subtle, is she another one with a permanent tab open of her thread? This has barely been updated in months and she replied immediately to the new posts.

No. 1278578

Good lord, that tattoo on the side of her face looks like a dick. How unfortunate.

No. 1278800

She made it like a bullet-point list

No. 1279025

racist and eats poop? i truly have nothing to say because the jokes write themselves at this point.

No. 1279049


this is too fucking accurate why does it look exactly like her lmao

No. 1279096

Her lip color is so weird.. that and her dark circles make her look like a corpse.

No. 1279270

i think she's my favorite cow cause she genuinely care so much about what people think of her, she'll reply to these threads on her IG like clockwork.
but hey, if she thinks looking pregnant is sexy, by all means

No. 1279930

File: 1626659758131.jpg (922.02 KB, 1079x1492, Screenshot_20210718-214421_Ins…)

LMAO omg bitch how can you talk about anyone's diet, you are a fucking whale

No. 1279939

File: 1626660429958.jpg (394.27 KB, 1080x1270, Screenshot_20210718-220518_Ins…)

Just so yall know, one of the main people who talks shit in this group is this bitch


Just sayin(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1279976

What a fatty but also you too Jess

No. 1279977

File: 1626666403236.jpg (391.97 KB, 1080x1265, Screenshot_20210718-220411_Ins…)


Are you squeezing in your ass to make it look tighter? It just makes it look flat and look like a fat camel toe

No. 1279979

File: 1626666733394.jpeg (372.11 KB, 828x820, 839DB115-E0B5-41F6-A7D2-F55008…)

Stop attacking fatties Jess when this is literally you

No. 1279980

File: 1626666763725.jpeg (483.79 KB, 828x817, 06AB1E48-FCCC-47E3-A83A-286B96…)

No. 1280007

Ok 1 I'm not Jess, 2 Jess body definitely not like that girl, her body look deformed

No. 1280014

Ok fatty

No. 1280053

faces of meth looking ass

No. 1280357

She ain’t even take off the tag LMAOOOO

No. 1280399

File: 1626731312434.jpeg (377.64 KB, 750x903, 7625A9F4-206A-49AD-AD3B-94C23A…)

deer god

No. 1280402

File: 1626731709024.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, 0EAF93D1-4F44-4170-9493-3912E6…)

Hot AND sexy, don’t you forget it
You all WISH you could tap the hamlord

No. 1280409

Sage but my friend told me she was supposedly going to submit photos of her trashy face paint to RISD as her “art” and when he jokingly called it juggalo makeup to me in a private message she chimped hard

No. 1280413

Sage goes in the email field.

No. 1280497

File: 1626740166220.jpeg (666.33 KB, 828x824, 950E6D64-64D3-4A89-960E-CCC3E9…)

Fatty needs to return it at her job

No. 1280500

File: 1626740189634.jpeg (35.78 KB, 202x181, 87BE7379-486D-4E0A-A612-CB3BFD…)

No. 1280503

File: 1626740310635.jpeg (15.01 KB, 134x120, A5DFC69B-9DE3-45DE-B040-310D1E…)

The 2 piece must smell like old McDonald’s nuggets after touching that greasy body

No. 1280572

I mean you people are gonna believe whatever you want but this actually isn't Jessica so I don't really what you saying about her. Why would I even lie about that. I am actually here because I know Bethany and I know she posted in this thread and I wanted to see the type of shit she is writing. Its funny that people hide behind their anon and make fun of other people to forgot about out gross and pathetic they are.
Personally I think it's weak behavior, I try to keep my flaws up front, especially if I know I'm gonna putting other people down for the same shit.

No. 1280577

Sage newfag

I hope the fatty post you too bc the 3 of you bitches lookin real busted to be writing up in this thread.

No. 1280579

How does this relates to the thread? The fatty isn’t milky enough besides being a fat fuck caught on lurking on a Jess thread.

No. 1282614

Oh Jessica. I may be fat but I don't look like a bloated corpse.
You don't know me
You tried to be friends with me. I don't wanna be your friend
I don't wanna ever be friends with a girl who has to mask themselves because they hate themselves. Youre ugly inside and out. Chris has told me horror stories about you, your drug addict daddy with the fake injury, the collecting of food stamps even tho you have 0 reason to be on assistance also I looked you up when I worked at dhs must be nice to get government handouts. Your just mad I married your ex and he's living his best life sober and on track while you fumble with fuckboys who look like they do heroin on tinder. You look like a gross corpse there too. Honey die mad. Also before you call the kettle black you used to be 300 so odd pounds. Don't worry we gawked at you shoving taco bell in you gullate when you started dating Tristan when I worked there too. Die mad I live a better life than you. Also watch out for pestals they aren't really mad for inserting in your rectum 😂

No. 1282659

Lmao you sound mad as hell you nasty whale, and I'll say it again, this is isn't Jessica you fucking retard so i don't give a fuck about all that bullshit lol

No. 1282665

Anon wasn’t even replying to anything you said. I swear this thread is a cesspit of selfposts and newfags

No. 1282667

Cope and Sneed sweaty.

No. 1282669

I do know all about your cuck beta bitch "boy"friend Chris though. Him and his family are even more white trash then your family is. But at least his family let's you live there, your family is embarrassed of you.

No. 1282670

>taco bell in you gullate

No. 1282672

File: 1627008945718.jpg (241.53 KB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_20210722-224254_Ins…)

Lol your onlyfans is gross, you're so fat you can't find your pussy in your videos

No. 1282674

File: 1627009033485.jpg (216.59 KB, 1080x1482, Screenshot_20210722-224218_Ins…)

You were born this ugly and you will die this ugly

No. 1282675

Poopchan please shut the fuck up, you’re both ugly as sin

No. 1282679

Lol cowtipped the spergs in this thread now they thinking they know so much 😂 I don't really post my life and abandoned all social media so I can observe the wonderful lolcow zoo
Y'all never cease to entertain me.

No. 1282685

See I know I'm not hot and idc. It's when your delusional about your appearance that it's an issue Jessica. I may not be traditionally pretty or desirable but least I got fat tits and not clogged pores. How long does it take to wash off the 14 layers of krylon tv White stick and fireplace ash you put on as makeup. Oh god this is so easy. Oh you gonna call the cops one again for cyber bullying you. Me and the cop laughed at your expense and then they told me 1st amendment rights. I wouldn't even know who you are of you didn't post pics of Chris in sexually suggestive poses on Instagram 8 years ago
Or the pennies you threw at us black Friday 2015 when you were actually cute. Now I got kingcobrajfs to watch. Jessica get a gripp and wipe. You look stupid and everyone who knows you who knows me makes fun of you. Might wanna dilate a little harder since your fudge factory is so hungry.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1282722

File: 1627017356375.jpeg (273.4 KB, 828x1023, 7C2D08B9-C283-457F-A22A-88956C…)

Both of you are repulsive. Jess stop being a fattie in denial and shitting up the board with other fattie.

No. 1282837

File: 1627040318758.jpeg (615.25 KB, 828x1384, 3E9467AA-0B29-4F66-9AFF-E35EAB…)

Land whale was nearly 300 pounds

No. 1282900

Being fat really isn’t milky by itself though.

No. 1282918

Yeah I'm not understanding what happened here, and reading past threads is not helping. What do these obese people have to do with anything? Are they in the same community?

No. 1282928

What in the fuck is that? Fungus? How can anyone be that nasty

You married the pseudo artist? Wtf why and wtf is going on

No. 1283011

She still fat now

No. 1283193

It’s cream cheese LOL

No. 1284436

File: 1627275122926.jpeg (266.38 KB, 750x1025, 168994F1-DD9C-4410-85F7-7A5FEF…)

You already did that. Someone referring to your body type as overweight caused you to devalue them so much that acting out in physical violence was a knee jerk impulse for you. It was also completely justified in your eyes because you’re fucking insane. You probably have BPD and should seek treatment before you hurt anyone else.. also maybe invest in a gym membership and stop eating like shit if you’re so butthurt about being called fat in a neutral/private conversation. Idiot.

No. 1297392

she always postin grimes and one time i saw she said "me and grimes are literally the same person" on her instagram bitch could you be any more delusional

No. 1298114

File: 1628715143782.jpeg (399.96 KB, 750x1256, 46957636-A65D-4842-B582-960C45…)

Her Instagram was deactivated again, and she was rejected for the final casting of that show she was so sure she’d get on. She admits all her relationships fall apart because she doesn’t understand that the world doesn’t revolve around her feelings and her brains perceived slights/rejection, so she self sabotages and blames the other party. I guess you finally get it, Jessica, bravo. Apparently she was also in the hospital for what I’m assuming is mental health problems. She can’t garner the same amount of attention/followers she did before because no one gives a shit about a scat eating cluster b all lives matter mess who physically assaults people and cheats like it’s nothing ..owell. Actions have consequences and karma is a bitch, poopchan.

No. 1298123

File: 1628715499008.jpeg (422.62 KB, 750x1254, FF2ABBA4-20A3-43B8-895C-B8EB76…)

No. 1298541

No. 1298730

File: 1628794201963.jpeg (182.95 KB, 750x661, A2C5710A-8866-4A83-8673-DEFD67…)

p sure she wrote his about the dude she punched in the face xd

No. 1298791

Her fat ass should stop being a attention hog and get a real job

No. 1298821

File: 1628804575262.jpeg (276.99 KB, 750x1160, D44ECDF3-804D-40E1-9245-E79AEF…)


No. 1298894

are there any real jobs at the mall?

No. 1298901

Not when you look like that

No. 1298925

So many cows put entirely too much value in the opinions and attention of men. Focus on yourself first poopchan.

No. 1298960

she can’t, she hates herself far too much and resists treatment in favor of external validation and “rough sex” with old men who abuse her under the guise of a kink

No. 1298971

she cares way too much what men and this forum think about her, but still wants to makebelieve that she's manifesting good things and ~so strong~
bitch you're a racist who beats up men and spins it online as "you don't understand, i'm suicidal" for sympathy points

No. 1299063

Minimum wage. Jess thinks not topic will get her through life when it won’t.

No. 1299065

Next thread pic

No. 1299168

love how she refers to the people she abused as lesser than her when she literally stalks them and makes new dating app accounts to show up on their feed after being blocked on fucking everything, but ya they’re pathetic jess not u, go off gurl!!!!

No. 1299396

File: 1628883842814.jpeg (561.18 KB, 828x1505, E6E1278E-A8CF-4C8B-B9C0-8B1175…)

Working yourself to death

No. 1299398

File: 1628883942983.jpeg (328.25 KB, 828x1436, EAE9900C-7FF8-4D61-87B5-7ADB37…)

LMFAO Jess is so gullibly defensive. The customer just asked a questioned

No. 1299412

how does not knowing how her ridiculous makeup works make someone uneducated? words mean things, idiot.

you've been stuck at Hot Topic for 6 years with your bad attitude and lack of education or qualifications. literally no one else would ever hire you except Hot Topic and Spirit Halloween (and they're seasonal - they open right before Halloween and disappear right after) so maybe try being nice to your customers?

you miserable bitch kek

No. 1299421

It may be a job but it’s not a career kek, stay mad and lurking here Jessica!

No. 1299434

She makes such a big deal about her ART and how it’s her form of ~unique self expression~ when it’s anything but original, yet she lashes out at people who take interest in it? Being a self absorbed cunt has gotten you absolutely nowhere except the mental ward so lighten up a bit Jess.

No. 1299485

how stupid do you have to be to brag about shopping at whole foods while PAYING REnT(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1299510

File: 1628891780798.jpeg (334.41 KB, 827x1611, 3F97F044-776C-4B31-8E87-EB6F86…)

No. 1299523

Jessica, is it exhausting always acting like a victim?

No. 1299525

Jess, why do you feel the need to explain yourself to everyone? If we’re so wrong about you and you feel the hate you receive is not warranted, why not just close the fucking tab you have open 24/7 and go work on yourself instead of trying to come off as unbothered when you clearly are very upset what people think of you. Just accept you’re a bad person and move on, actually do the work and change. Altho I doubt someone actually called you a cunt, I would’ve called you a cunt too.. cuz like, you were being a cunt lawl also what do you mean you’re entitled to SELF respect? Self respect isn’t synonymous with respect from others. Enjoy your temp job at the halloween store, because you choose to look like a drug addicted bridge troll, you will be forever stuck in the revolving door of ~alternative retail~.. remember when you said you were going to become a piercer and move to another country? Guess that didn’t work out for you either considering all your piercings are poorly done/placed and refuse to heal. Also the fucking face tatts that look like they were drawn by a 5 year old? Yikes

No. 1300506

File: 1629027007795.png (2.92 MB, 828x1792, 32CC8818-73E1-4DDB-B620-428E38…)

did she actually go to RISD or did she just fuck a dude who went there? I remember her going on and in about how she was going to apply, but I don’t remember hearing anything about it after she and that guy split.


No. 1300531

no she never went to risd, thats wild

No. 1300555

What’s her insta? I can’t find it(newfaggotry)

No. 1300601

File: 1629043277681.jpeg (337.16 KB, 675x725, BB40F7ED-80AC-412C-AD64-144AF5…)

Cow crossover. That’s Mickey from >>>/w/71076

No. 1300673

Deactivated for like the 3rd or 4th time

No. 1300700

Embarrassing behavior to put a school that you didn’t even go to.

The point of working minimum wage is to invest your hardworking money into schools, degrees, or goals to move up your path. A lot of these grimes wannabe bitches love to sit and do nothing, expecting for a calling to come by "manifesting” on Twitter bs. If she'd used her money into going to beauty and art school, then she'd probably've had more chances of being seen in portfolios and recognized by clients who would call her in to do a look. I before thought Jess's shitty makeup skills will go into creepy SFX makeup for photography’s/films if improved and pick up a social following in the alt tattoo, hair, and beauty community for her work. The ugly fat fuck got to waste it away on working minimum wage and being a bitch to customers who ask about her rip-off Toshi and jasmine bean makeup. Jess is too Demented and only worsening her image to even remain keeping a following after her 2018 hooked video that fell off.

No. 1300701

She gotten even uglier and fatter since the last time I saw her and her thread then.

No. 1300799

I mean there’s nothing wrong with working minimum wage and increasing your hourly pay over the years because you stuck with the same company, but yeah this bitch lives at home with her mom, smearing clown paint on her ugly mug whilst desperately trying to stay relevant on the internetz like it fucking matters. My friend who was briefly involved w her said she doesn’t pay rent, has no savings and blows her paycheck on dumb shit. I agree if she actually did something with her life and worked on her “skills,” she just might get somewhere.. but she’s a cow and expects everything to be handed to her. Manifestation and “spreading positive vibes” is just her excuse to do whatever she pleases and avoid actual work. Ffs she was going to submit her Instagram ~legacy~ to RISD and thought it would be more than sufficient for acceptance, and she said herself in this thread under anon that she “deserved the recognition” for looking like shit and going out in public like that, fucking delusional. I don’t think she would treat people nearly as shitty as she does if she wasn’t an attention starved narc with BPD who thinks she’s a celebrity of some kind buuut I digress. Btw Jess, being molested by someone isn’t an excuse to abuse other people and idealize/devalue them to death, and MUH TRAUMA isn’t an excuse to be an egomaniac piece of shit. You say you’re on meds and are in therapy but therapy doesn’t work unless you’re honest and your perception is so fucking warped I can’t imagine you’ve made any progress. Won’t be surprised if your therapist drops you because borderlines are so resistant to change and are too much of a liability to treat

No. 1300823

File: 1629072219972.jpeg (476.4 KB, 750x1210, 38681B16-C53B-4D0E-AC45-50C32C…)

mmmm yeahhhh and people will remember you as a scamming, racist shit eating cow with all her bad behavior archived for the whole world to see, and i guess that is pretty unique! keep lurking gurl

No. 1300836


is this what makes her feel good about herself lmao ? i mean people remember Adolf Hitler, Jeffrey Epstein, and Charles Manson. are they unique souls too uwu
never mind, Jess would loooove the comparison cause it makes her edgy.
no one in the grand scheme of things is talking about her either, it's just Lolcow and the dudes she molests/beats on and tries to rope into a relationship when they want nothing to do with her. ask anybody outside of this small internet circle and they'll have zero clue who she is. she wants to act like she's Kanye West-tier celebrity lmao

No. 1300844

File: 1629074156239.jpeg (81.28 KB, 828x273, D01113F3-321F-480D-9CAB-8294B5…)

at least my mom didn’t force inject me with heroine

No. 1300845

File: 1629074199483.jpeg (298.1 KB, 828x1505, A7D0A502-9DE7-4C1C-82F9-F0748E…)

posts every 5 mins for validation lol

No. 1300846

bitch what

No. 1300847

Stop derailing Justin

No. 1300872

Lmfao at first glance i thought those pink piercings balls on her eyebrow piercings were keloids.

No. 1300898

Same anon but, that’s not me. Hit a nerve, jess? I honestly found out about you after Tyler’s video on you >>748677 and wanted to see how worse you gotten over the years after recently seeing you getting posted in a 4chan thread. Nice spurge fagging And dropping your vendetta. You keep jumping the gun to point fingers and you bring in more reason for people to hate your autist selfposting fagging. Maybe dragging more people to this board will spill more milk and attention of your autism.

No. 1300904

File: 1629082498359.png (121.66 KB, 939x585, 2021-08-15 at 9.45.22 PM.png)

Plenty of people picking up on jess's shittiness. Stop thinking it's your stupid beef with people and dropping retarded caps.

No. 1300919

I heard about her from this thread and forget her when I’m done taking my daily shit and close this site

but go off I guess

No. 1300939

I can’t tell if this is Jessica or not but either way you’re still fucking pathetic, keep low blowing because you know you’re a piece of shit and thousands of people despise you and take pleasure in your misery

No. 1300999

keep lurking jealous bitch

No. 1301031

I'm sad we never got to witness Jessica submitting her Instagram ~legacy~ to RISD

No. 1301038

Why does she repeat everything the other person says like a retarded child?

No. 1301048

Just another retarded pipe dream idea, she never actually does anything besides paint her face, talk shit and haunt hot topic

No. 1301354

File: 1629136941527.png (934.67 KB, 750x1334, 7963AC9D-DA22-4DFD-B812-861519…)

“i WaNt To bE a ProfFesSiOnAL PiErCeR”with my disgusting rejected bridge lololol

No. 1301394

bitch you can’t even spell

No. 1301412

That’s the worst scarring I’ve ever seen on a bridge piercing, good lord

No. 1301421

holy shit it's crooked AND rejecting pick a struggle