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File: 1461620242140.jpg (27.25 KB, 272x275, image.jpg)

No. 124275

Let us follow our dear Alice SweetsQueen a.k.a SelfieQueen HairQueen PosiVibes RealRecovery Queen down the LUSH rabbit hole, this time with bigger hair(!)

What ROYAL adventures await us now?

Instagram: aly_realrecover
Last thread : >>>/snow/91978

No. 124279

That fried ramen hair is so BOMB on her!!!

No. 124282

Holy shit how can she think her hair is acceptable? I always roll my eyes when people bitch about how "fried" someone's hair is, but hers is plain horrifying

No. 124283

You're shining! You're so pretty! You're glowing! Hair goals! Please take another selfie with your right hand casually touching your beautiful hairs!

No. 124284

File: 1461621836268.gif (1.04 MB, 361x360, 1460914818029.gif)

Here is every donut monocle and pastry mustach since she destroyed her leg.

No. 124285

File: 1461621965498.jpg (243.44 KB, 848x960, IMG_20160425_160055.jpg)

Then here is this weird pic. Reminds me of those salad pictures.

No. 124296

how is this girl not dead yet

No. 124310

How can you say that, anon? Have you not seen the positive effects of the massive 1 kg/month weight gain? Aly is finally SHINING and 11 kg heavier!

shhh don't ask questions

No. 124312

P.S. Let's conveniently ignore the fact that >3 kg of that 11 kg was gained during a week in the hospital.

No. 124321

I'm so horrified by her hair. Aly pls start fluffing it up again or fix your hair color.

No. 124348

Have you been on the Ashley thread??

Her hair is terrible, has she lost all muscle in her arms so she can't straighten it anymore? Did she over excessively straighten it so it was considered exercise and banned?

No. 124374

That ombre. Has got to fucking go. Ombre was cool for like 2 seconds in 2012. It looks so fucking bad on her. I want to see her with a dark chocolate color and no more red lips

No. 124381

Notice she's giving us a shot of her from the neck down. Has she kicked the facehugger's butt? Idk how much she's layering, but I definitely see a weight gain. Now I'm just waiting until it hits her (like the car did).

I agree…dark hair is needed and cut those rat tails off. Her followers need to stop telling her her hair is beautiful. She's too mentally ill to hear things like that. She believes it.

No. 124386

It looks like she just got done winking at her ice cream in the pic on the right.

No. 124387

File: 1461637290660.jpeg (361.26 KB, 1242x1274, image.jpeg)

She clearly looks way healthier than before. Why are people giving her a hard time. Ya it's been a slow progress but you can't really argue with the comparison photo.

I'm happy for her and hope she keeps up the progress

No. 124390

seeing the full side by side like that really does make it look like a world of difference

No. 124397

The giving her a hard time thing is more to do with her exaggerating what she eats. Plus the fact only since she was stuck in a wheelchair or on crutches has she noticeably looked better.

If she really ate all she posts, her progress wouldn't be so slow.

On the left she's grinning at some fucking noodles. She was lying about her recovery and once she's found out for lying to followers, its difficult to trust what she really says.

Of course it's great she's looking healthier and I hope it continues, but all this baking and wide eyed ecstatic joy is fucked up.

No. 124400

The hair color issue is made worse by the sad scrunch waves on the blond portion. If the texture was even it would be somewhat better.

No. 124408

I'm not giving her a hard time over her weight gain…she's clearly gained and that's good

I just dislike her for being a liar and generally for being snotty/bratty, which has nothing to do with her ED

No. 124424

It's not ombré but it's starting to become one. She used to dye her hair blonde but then she stopped and seems too lazy to fix it. All that money that she's been wasting on pastries that she throws away could've gotten her a hair makeover. Think of all the asspats she'd receive on Instagram after posting a picture of her new hair.

No. 124442

File: 1461648206209.png (93.31 KB, 156x283, Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-25 um 1…)

Well, she also thought that this outfit looked good, so it´s not like she has any taste in hairstyles, clothes or whatever.
Her hair looks almost as shitty as her chipped nail polish.

No. 124518

File: 1461671282351.png (154.38 KB, 291x289, Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-26 um 1…)

Apparently she´s taken all the comments about her "fried" hair to heart and has smoothed her fuzzy strands a bit. It still doesn´t look good, but it´s some progress.
Now, Aly, stop these stupid facial expressions with the wide opened eyes and the forcefully pulled-up eyebrows (that will only give you wrinkles on your forehead) and you might look almost normal for once.

No. 124519

I haven't been following the Aly drama for quite while now. What happened to her face?

No. 124525

she's really going on and on about how changed plans have caused her to lose strength and how she has to fight…

I don't really know how much this is all exaggerated. The things that would have scared the heck out of me when I was severely ED-ed (restaurants, eating with other people, eating extra stuff at cafes, trying to be normal around acquaintances) are the things she seems to need in order to not flip out.

No. 124533

It looks like someone dared her to close her eyes and smell something and she's nervously figuring out the mystery

No. 124580

Weight gain.
C'mon, read the thread. Apart from her crispy hair, it's pretty much all that's been discussed in this one so far and it has barely any posts at all yet.
Ain't hard.

No. 124605

File: 1461685049819.jpg (143.38 KB, 591x579, back to her old tricks.jpg)

Does she really expect us to believe she bit this? She's back at her old tricks, but doing a very poor job of it.
At least with last year's donut photos, there was a little debate about whether it was a bite or spoon. This isn't even mildly believable.

No. 124609

I kind of envy how world news and events fly under her radar. I know it's a recovery account, but she doesn't mention ANYTHING going on outside her ED bubble.

Even people close to her are only there for her dramas - Sonia's ill so it's affecting Aly's mood, there's a family celebration and she hates being there because she hates the relatives.

How can a person be so bland.

Inb4 consumed by ED. It's beyond that.

No. 124611

sorry but on first glimpse I thought these were bulimia cheeks since the fat distribution is kind of… weird. looks swollen. water retention perhaps? but maybe I’m just so used to skelly aly even a tiny bit of weight gain looks strange.

No. 124612

A lot of us have wondered if it's water retention/purging. I'm still thinking she probably does.

No. 124614

Seriously. That's the roundest, smoothest 'bite' mark I've ever seen. She didn't even try.

No. 124624

File: 1461687736167.jpg (628.69 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160426_101534.jpg)

I dont think she has unfortunately. Pic on the left is from last week, pic on right posted today. She's just using her selfie stock.

Also I'm curious to see if she really does visit Sonia or not. She better after all the visits Sonia makes for her.

No. 124631

I know. It's remarkable. I also find it kind of weird that she will openly post about how she doesn't like her dad and some members of her family. Like, it would be one thing to post that under a pseudonym or on a closed forum, but she has tens of thousands of followers and her family reads her posts. It's hard to explain where I think the line is (and of course it's a matter of opinion) but she's crossed it.

It's not just one person either: her dad, her aunt(s), her uncle, her cousins, friends who can't deal with her illness…

No. 124632

Classy paper towel backdrop.

No. 124669

Hmm. I haven't browsed this thread in months and I have to admit, her face is looking better. I just hope she's not going to freak out randomly one day and go back to being a skeltal spoop.

No. 124714

Nah, it's been ombre for a long time. You can see in >>123649 , which was taken… fuck, I don't even remember. It was posted in one of the first Aly threads. That was… a year ago, I think?

So either her hair never grows, or she does upkeep to make sure it stays ombre.

Considering how OCD / control-obsessed Aly is, it'd be shocking if she allowed her hair to be a different shade than the one she's used to. Hell, even the transition from fully blonde to blonde/brown ombre was sort of a half-step.

I wonder why she's spreading out selfies. It makes sense to do that with pictures of food (so she can pretend she ate multiple meals), but why selfies?

Her leg got busted up and she promptly started gaining weight. I'm bettin she's gained weight because she hasn't been able to exercise like she was before, not because she's actually recovering. I expect her weight to start dropping again as her leg heals.

No. 124715

File: 1461696867989.jpg (40.33 KB, 631x144, Capture.JPG)


She visited her friend because she's such a good girl.

No. 124716

She's started going out on her own again. I expect her sudden gains are about to stop from now on.

No. 124718

Agreed about the personality - she is the human equivalent of damp cardboard. The attempts to show us Milan came to nothing…the books she reads are not referenced or quoted again…that attempt with the necklaces and charms and stuffed toys was I don't even know what. But it's the closest we got to a personality trait (other than "OCD, likes control, does not like criticism of any kind")

No. 124719

>I wonder why she's spreading out selfies. It makes sense to do that with pictures of food (so she can pretend she ate multiple meals), but why selfies?

Moar likes and compliments? That or she can't be bothered to photograph her food (which is a good thing if it implies less compulsion with respect to food).

No. 124723

There're fewer asspat comments on her selfies now. I think followers got bored with asspatting. Maybe she'll stop spamming selfies as their popularity wanes.

No. 124734

This is what she puts on, she's probably fucked up as hell inside and a pro at hiding it.

No. 124790

File: 1461708840558.jpeg (144.12 KB, 640x977, image.jpeg)

Comments on this pic, now deleted of course. Got a laugh out of them though.

No. 124875

Yeah, I find that really weird too. I guess they can't understand English, or don't know/care about her Instagram? Either way, it's out there and I don't understand how she's not worried about them finding out.

No. 124983

Bulimia cheeks? Could it be possible that maybe she actually is trying? She's damned if she does and damned if she doesn't. Personality aside… She has clearly gained weight and looks way healthier than before. Why try to find alternative excuses for why other than she actually HAS gained some. Shit I'm sure she doesn't eat EVERYTHING she posts. But I am actually very happy she's gotten healthier.

No. 124985

Minus the dead ends, I think she is starting to look so pretty. She looks way younger than when she was thinner. People always gotta rag on her for something though.

No. 124986

There's no question that she's put on weight, but I think if you compare her to how she looked before her eating disorder, her face is a very odd shape, and her cheeks seem swollen disproportionately to the rest of her face. Of course, this could be due to her not being fully recovered, or simply getting older, but I think that's why people suspect that. As well as the fact that it's very hard to believe that she's eating everything she posts, partly because she's flagrantly lied in the past, and partly because if she were, she'd have put weight on much faster than she has, and so people wonder what she's doing with the food: purging seems like the obvious choice given that she claims to eat in front of people, making it harder for her to just throw the food away.

No. 124995

What the fuck, she looks so pretty in the second picture.

Very different than her younger look, but she has this aged metropolitan vibe to her in the second one that is really attractive. She still has a lot of weight to gain, though.

Also, regarding her facial shape, it doesn't look like purging to me. When you purge, you just kind of look like you got hit in the face with a frying pan. 'Bulimia cheeks' are grotesque swollen glands sticking out of the underside of your face/neck, not cute little chipmunk cheeks. She clearly just has some kind of edema or water retention going on, as is extremely common in anorectics who start gaining weight

No. 125004

File: 1461760538785.jpg (643.94 KB, 3400x2000, chipmunk.jpg)

yeah thanks I don't think you need to educate me on how #realbulimiacheeks look since I had the pleasure of seeing them every morning in the mirror for a couple of months. they are not "grotesque" all the time. I don't think aly's cheeks look like cute chipmunk cheeks, so don't know what point you were trying to make there. I admit though they are set a little to high. Still, thy look hard and unnatural to me, especially compared to the rest of her body.

I can't imagine someone as uptight as her purging since it's a pretty nasty business so I'm not even saying she's bulimic. Just that something's off about the way she gains weight in her face. My guess is on water retention which would be an indicator FOR recovery.

(included a picture of most famous bulimia cheeks for reference)

No. 125074

File: 1461767878579.jpg (121.54 KB, 683x960, IMG_20160427_082436.jpg)

I can't take that last commentor seriously. She's sucking off a Popsicle dick LoL

No. 125103

File: 1461771763400.jpg (38.2 KB, 632x454, Capture.JPG)

And endless OCD arranged pictures of food aren't?

No. 125124

it's not her in the profile pic, i know because i follow her
sage for OT

No. 125139

>I don't think aly's cheeks look like cute chipmunk cheeks, so don't know what point you were trying to make there
I think anon was trying to make a point that s/he wants to bang Aly harder than the car did.

No. 125143

If anon tried to scissor with Aly, she'd cut her in half.

No. 125545

File: 1461841599173.jpeg (223.72 KB, 750x1074, image.jpeg)

Aly is back to saying her transformation pictures are a gift to all of her followers (this was part of her breakfast picture today)

No. 125551


It looks like Aly is going to be posting this every six days.. ugh. It's already tired like those 'spontaenous' selfies.

No. 125555

I love these generous gifts of Aly selfies. I print them out and stick them on my wall. I add stickers and professional glitter glue.

No. 125623

File: 1461856020849.jpg (317.15 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

kek at that last comment

i sure hope so

No. 125626

File: 1461857606356.png (15.09 KB, 273x78, Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-28 um 1…)

No Aly, she´s not your best friend. She´s apparently the only friend you have left.
And if she still comes to your house to let you take stupid pictures of you both while you are holding food in front of your faces, she is probably doing it out of pity.

No. 125689

It makes me laugh that a few months ago we had people begging her to stay on IG because she was closing her account, then she decided her IG would no longer be ED related now she's back to being 100% obsessed with food and mug shots of her ugly herself. She needs to stop being so self obsessed!

No. 125694

This will be the new pose for the next few weeks.

No. 125716

File: 1461875122172.jpg (106.58 KB, 540x687, IMG_20160428_132015.JPG)

I'm glad she doesn't do the puckered face anymore. Aly's been posting many comparison photos lately, when she used to be more reserved about sharing such things.

No. 125784

Not puckering her face makes it look less sunken by default as well

No. 126068

File: 1461952955654.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160429-135947.png)

Looks like someone jizzed on her banana.

She wrote that she actually woke up feeling hungry, I think this is the first time she has ever talked about hunger. Good on her, hope she keeps it up.

No. 126073

File: 1461955371186.jpg (188.26 KB, 681x960, IMG_20160429_123901.jpg)

Talking about eating cookies in the dark.

This post was actually pretty interesting to me.

No. 126074

File: 1461955456506.jpg (186.89 KB, 681x960, IMG_20160429_123841.jpg)


Then she asks what everyone thinks about it.

So, what DO you guys think?

No. 126078

All that overthinking, manic writing and need for validation over one biscuit?

Also her banana photos are so disordered, a few slivers of fruit with some carefully placed sprinkled and sauce on top that don't even look appetising to eat, rather than just being normal and eating the full banama without as a psyche nurse would say, spoiling it amd taking so much time …. not eating

No. 126088

I wondered how somebody who eats 3 meals plus 4-5 heavy snacks daily can still be that hungry in the evening.

Hypermetabolism, this far out?

No. 126089

ok that really was interesting. she made such a big deal about it, makes me think it's the first time she actually has eaten something, like actually eaten a thing, in a long time - and she had to do it in the dark. really outlines how much of a charade the whole closeups on muffins and marshmallows is. she's living a double life, one is *~recovering~* and one is screaming inside.

it was really humanizing to hear her talk about stuff that was hard for real real real

No. 126090

File: 1461958380252.gif (337.72 KB, 495x369, trololol.gif)

No. 126098

Let's pretend she's eating all she says she is. Unless she's having a sly spliff or she's on antidepressants, I can't see how she would wake up feeling so hungry if she's scarfed a load the day before.

Her sleeping pattern seems really regular - in bed before midnight, awake at 7am, and when I had an enviable pattern I can't remember waking up and thinking I'M SO HUNGRY.

IF she did, and IF she eats all these cakes, she needs to start eating something that isn't empty calories and doesn't make your stomach feel empty after half an hour.

I suspect she's read someone else writing thing and she's copying it for asspats and not validation (even though it probably didn't happen).

It's in my head that this is as far as her recovery will go with her weight. Yes she's gained recently (and we know why), but as >>125716 said the difference in her face isn't huge when you consider she's sucking in her face. Even whatever the hell she's doing with her hair is making her look "better" than having it hanging flat around her face.

Oh god though, that Starbucks plastic cup. I'd filed that away in the DO NOT GO THERE AGAIN section of my memory. I wonder if she still uses it?

No. 126099

Wait, it was >>125784 I meant to ref about the cat anus mouth.

No. 126101

File: 1461963570459.png (1019.81 KB, 861x556, Untitled.png)

See, here she was fake real recovering. Her face looks much like it does now (but she doesn't look mental). Her body looked like this while her face was fuller.

This was only Christmas 2014, but she looks so much younger and fresher despite being a spoop.

I want to see a body shot, and not when she's wearing those hideous Glasgow heroin addict sweatpants.

No. 126109

Holy crap. Her face looks so normal here. I agree, I want to see a full body comparison. This was only 2014? She looks years and years younger!

No. 126113

File: 1461967752929.png (496.96 KB, 480x708, wp_ss_20160429_0001.png)

This was a couple of weeks after the Xmas shot. She actually had a social life.

No. 126116

Aw look at baby Matteo!

No. 126124

I wonder if it's just because she's genuinely happier here, because she was successfully pretending to recover while still doing what she really wanted to do, and still getting asspats for it. Now, you can see the desperation and mania in her face because of all the inner conflict going on, making her look haggard. Plus she's been ill for a long time now, and we all know anorexia may as well be meth with how it ages people.

No. 126127


It's so weird that this is around the time that her threads started here and we all thought she looked awful and couldn't get much worse…

No. 126140

File: 1461975925785.jpeg (68.41 KB, 640x1098, image.jpeg)

Look who made her old Insta private

No. 126145

She went private a while ago when she posted a pic and claimed she was at a cafe, but someone commented it was the exact same pic from her old account.

No. 126200

Hahah, if only we had known. "She's obviously losing weight; look at the difference! Surely she can't lose much more without intervention…"

No. 126298

File: 1462027833677.jpg (209.49 KB, 535x646, IMG_20160430_094027.jpg)

No. 126325


Ew. Ice cream inside sweet bread. Ew.

I really hope she gets some new clothes soon. Her old ones depress me, especially this top thing she's wearing.

I see she posted another of her selfie stock photos earlier. I hate the sweater she's wearing in that too.

No. 126369


my reaction also.

Is Milan cold enough to require multiple layers these days? I see temps will be in the 20s soon, I am curious whether the cardigans and shrugs and jackets will remain.

No. 126373

Which one is it Aly
"Craved since ages" Or "first ever tasted"

Can you crave something you've never had?

No. 126388

File: 1462048927450.jpg (77.72 KB, 598x581, Capture.JPG)

Idk about the weather in Milan, although Sonia was wearing a light sweater and scarf two days ago, so it still might be chilly.

For a while Aly's been doing something a bit sneaky. She's been using layers to "bulk up", including the padded bra. The bra definitely makes her look less skinny UNTIL you see that her collarbones are still popping out all over the place.

Pic related.

The amount of junk she's claiming to eat is becoming ridiculous.

No. 126389

(I crave a hot lovemaking session with Christian Bale and I've never been there, so in theory I suppose you can).

No. 126406

It's going to be in the low to mid 70's all week in Milan, apparently. But this past week was chillier.

No. 126409

File: 1462053813596.jpg (34.68 KB, 493x387, 1450471946403.jpg)

From the thumb it looks like she's about to eat a fun-sized granola bar and some chocolate swirls and is quite happy about it.

No. 126426

i feel bad for whoever had to take a picture of her pretending to lick that

No. 126430


She's just touching the very tip of her tongue onto it hahaha you can tell she hates it.

No. 126567

File: 1462111643332.jpg (333.35 KB, 961x429, shoestringfryhair.jpg)

No. 126599

File: 1462121323580.jpeg (185.11 KB, 640x987, image.jpeg)

So after these comments popped up on her mocha photo (latest post), she deleted it along with the previous two and reposted them all at once. I guess that's her tactic for dealing with these kinds of comments now. I'm glad to see others calling her out on her "recoverywin" bullshit. The girl is bound is start saying that a glass of water is a fucking "lush freaking recovery win" at this rate. Also she wrote that the red velvet cupcake she had was a "first ever tasted" but she had a red velvet muffin back in December.. The only difference between them really is one is iced and the other isn't. Aly is such a twat.

No. 126837

File: 1462199343892.jpg (1.1 MB, 1512x1512, Instasize_0502092631.jpg)

can't tell if she's pissed as hell in her new pic with sophia or actually genuinely smiling

No. 126845

She looks like she cant be arsed. She mentioned feeling low yesterday and that manic smile pic looks like a stock selfie. Is this an approaching meltdown? Why is a plain croissant suddenly a #recoverywin?

No. 126861

she deleted this one too. can't have anyone knowing she put the Finnish flag instead of the Greek one. She's close enough to Greece, you'd think she'd know the flag.

No. 126862

File: 1462205095722.png (458.47 KB, 768x1280, Screenshot_2016-05-01-14-27-19…)

oops dropped the pic

No. 126863

File: 1462205128937.png (283.97 KB, 768x1280, Screenshot_2016-05-01-14-27-28…)

No. 126870

I didn't get a chance to screenshot, but there was another red velvet cupcake pic. One of those zoomed out ones of Aly smiling creepily at the plate. On the plate the cupcake was clearly a big/normal sized cupcake, and then she posted the one she actually ate… a miniature one with the bite taken out of it.

This morning, she had deleted the zoomed out photo, so I guess someone called her out on it?

No. 126883

bitch lookin like that orange monkey

No. 126894


I am curious to see a full body shot. Her face is noticably fuller almost puffy. I suggest Aly should stop eating all the bakery stuff and eating healthy, more balanced food.

No. 127019

Christ, that lighting makes her face look like she had an allergic reaction or something.

No. 127020

She looks so much better in the pic where she's not pretending to be ecstatic.

No. 127024

i'm an amerifag but lived in italy for a while, from my observations/interactions with people there italians are ALWAYS. WEARING. JACKETS. no matter what the weather everyone wears at least a cardigan, unless they're at the beach or something like that. they also have the conception that americans never get cold. so aly has a super convenient excuse to always layer up no matter how hot it gets

No. 127131

no pics yet today? hm

No. 127138

She just posted some prawns in rice she didn't leave a crump.

No. 127144

File: 1462279927145.jpeg (153.67 KB, 603x751, image.jpeg)

This is not the face of someone excited to eat what's in front of them. Aly's not recovering, she's lying to herself and everyone else. She honestly looks terrified.

No. 127146


… it wasn't warm enough to leave the jacket at home in Milano last weeks. Not even close to 20 Degress.

No. 127171

This is an interesting change of pace! Aside from pizza, all she ever posts is sweets. Interesting to see her post a real meal again. Remember when she was still posting every single meal of the day ("meal plan") and she literally ate nothing but croissants and cookies all day?

No. 127173

She looks like she's going to cry.

No. 127177

I'd cry if my hair was that bad.

She's not done her usual morning #secondbreakfastrecoverywin. How did her OCD allow that?

No. 127224

File: 1462294475236.png (716.02 KB, 949x592, VanillaBakery1.png)

I decided to look for some more close-up cupcake shots from Vanilla Bakery. We all suspected Aly strongly of switching her big cupcake for a mini one, but here's the proof. Here's what a big cupcake looks like. Sorry for pic spam.

No. 127225

File: 1462294488689.png (869.69 KB, 950x617, VanillaBakery2.png)

No. 127226

File: 1462294499325.png (719.31 KB, 870x596, VanillaBakery3.png)

No. 127228

File: 1462294636769.png (937.92 KB, 937x592, VanillaBakery4.png)

No. 127229

I wonder what happened to all the pancakes and waffles

No. 127319

Damn I would love to dig into that and she's just going to throw 3/4s of it away. Still no pictures with parents or family in a while.

No. 127334

What does Red Velvet taste of? Is it just food colouring or does it have a taste?

No. 127341

Red velvet is chocolate made with red dye. It's not that chocolatly, maybe because of the cream cheese icing. It's good, though.

No. 127342

It tastes vaguely sweet-sour/slightly acidic to me. Kind of powdery…like dry cocoa mix (a kind that isn't filled with loads of sugar). Another anon can probably do a better job describing the taste. I'm not a fan of the flavour but I do like the cream cheese icing it comes with.

No. 127346


I'd be interested in the dry cocoa part of it, but cream cheese icing ick. I always have to scrape a load of that off. Way too sickly. I'm not a fan of cupcakes, but I've always wondered what red velvet tasted like.

I'm so impatient to get a body shot of Aly that I might see if there's a prediction of temperatures in Milan. I know the UK's supposed to be getting a "heatwave" this weekend. With her head shot you can see that her whole body still looks spoopy. I really bet there isn't much difference from last year. How much has she supposedly gained? Is it more than 14lbs?

No. 127374

11kgs, so supposedly 24lbs (which I highly doubt - she has gained but definitely not that much)

No. 127375

File: 1462319894758.jpeg (527.02 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

I checked and it seems like it'll be fairly nice out (included both Fahrenheit and Celsius), but probably not warm enough for outfits that'll show her spoopy body.

No. 127397

Let's hope Pa C takes them to the seaside again.

Yeah, I really cant see she gained almost 2 stone. She still looked spoopy at Christmas (the pic where Pa's strumming his geetar). I wonder if she wears her padded bra at weigh ins. She could be concealing weighty items in it.

Thanks for explaining red velvet. It looks better than it sounds. Fuck food colouring. Its all a lie.

No. 127473

File: 1462358666972.png (49.92 KB, 467x212, wp_ss_20160504_0003.png)

Ok, so a couple of days ago she had ~weather sensitivity ~ because the shy was grey ( or sthing). Today it's hot (BODY SHOT WITHOUT LAYERS PLEAAAASE!)and she moans because she has "low pressure". Does she mean blood pressure? Do spoops have this problem?

No. 127475

She never posts closeups of her cupcakes with the wrapper on (only long shots). That's because the mini-cupcakes (the only ones she eats) do not come with wrapper.

I bet she takes a cupcake home for her mom or brother. That's the one she poses with. Then she eats or "eats" the mini.

No. 127477

File: 1462360815222.jpeg (151.37 KB, 640x870, image.jpeg)

Why do people feel it necessary to mention this site when trying to make a point about something, like there aren't enough underage anachans etc here shitting up threads. Just stop ffs.

No. 127480

yes, they do.

It funny to me that she was complaining about the weather and now it's sooo hot she's fainting. It's currently only 22 degrees C - 72F

No. 127492

File: 1462366789297.jpeg (227.1 KB, 745x1171, image.jpeg)

The Nippon chocolate from 5 days ago has made a reappearance.

No. 127499

File: 1462368435357.jpg (190.9 KB, 685x960, IMG_20160504_072002.jpg)

I always think it's weird when you can can actually see her eyes while she stares at food.
Also I'm sure it's been said, but what does she mean when she says "hospital control" or "medical control"? Like, those 2 words don't make sense together to me.

No. 127500

Also.. I thought it was hot today, why is she wearing a leather jacket if she's so prone to fainting??

No. 127505


Good point. Why is she wearing that gross-looking jacket?

plus, it's only 22-23C - not that hot, especially for Italy

No. 127517

with control she means "check up". a doctor or hospital visit in Italy can be called visita di controllo

No. 127539

File: 1462378924719.png (248.34 KB, 768x1280, Screenshot_2016-05-04-18-03-58…)

she doesn't get bloating or water retention anymore! wow. I had both even after I reached a healthier weight. Took years…

No. 127540

I asked her why she was wearing a leather jacket if it was so hot and she immediately deleted my comment. I bet the donut pictures are from back when it was winter.

No. 127545

It's more like 25°C here in Milan.
It's not that hot, just annoying.

A lot of people are still wearing the jacket for some masochistic reason tbh

No. 127554

File: 1462380546105.jpg (425.37 KB, 932x599, omghairbarf.jpg)

Nice hair on that "enormous" tart. I guess we know why it was free!

No. 127560

At the beginning of her real recovery, she claimed she only got the bloating in the hospital. Jfc the lies…

That might just be a strawberry fuzz, anon.
I'd say they were free because the guy was like, "Holy fuck how do I get these girls away from my shop?!?"

No. 127562

They're most likely samples judging by the size. If they like the samples, customers are likely to order them next time they're in. She always makes it sound as though they're given freebies because she's special or because the guys are hitting on her.


No. 127572

When she wrote it was sooo hot every weather site said it was 22C in Milan.

No. 127693


No. 127694

The collarbones in her latest wall selfie…yikes.

Her face does look bigger by the day; now that she is mobile I am curious to see how long it will remain.

No. 127696

File: 1462405880475.jpg (221.07 KB, 960x916, IMG_20160504_174930.jpg)

Just curious who do you think the "girls" are, besides Sonia?

No. 127729

Please can a medical anon explain what a normal blood pressure is.

From Aly's comments (can't ss it, it's too big)

9 hours ago
How high was your blood pressure if i may ask?

8 hours ago
@juliamelody_ About 70 - 100

7 hours ago
Aly you control you did? How did they go? ☘️

5 hours ago
@ilmioangolo low pressure between yesterday and today, nothing serious :)

She also hints at a magnesium and potassium deficiency.

No. 127762

A systolic (top number) of 90-120s is within the normal range. Diastolic (bottom number) of 60s-80s is normal but quite honestly doctors tend to pay less attention to this number unless the systolic BP is also abnormal.
A low BP, magnesium and potassium? Some inherited kidney disorders can do that but those are rare. A more commonly encountered scenario is that of an older person who hasn't been eating and drinking proper meals/fluids. Vomiting, diarrhea, diuretics can also cause those issues together. Alcoholics also tend to have the same issues - I guess it's because they don't eat proper meals, and they probably vomit more than the average person.

No. 127821

File: 1462449856540.jpg (196.87 KB, 536x780, IMG_20160505_070009.jpg)

>had an ice-cream

No. 127822

File: 1462449893854.jpg (167.45 KB, 535x787, IMG_20160505_065957.jpg)


No. 127825

The fact that she feels like she needs to prove shes "recovering" and that a face transformation should be the ?STRONGEST PROOF!!✔? that she's "real recovering" proves that she isn't recovering at all. recovering is 30% getting to a healthy weight and 70% recovering your mind ,which is 10x harder than gaining any amount of weight. She's portrayed herself to be nothing but ecstatic and making long strides in her recovery with no downfalls which just can't be possible. She'd probably be almost fully recovered by now if she just opened up about how she really feels and realize that not everyone has a perfect recovery.

No. 127830

>100% fashion
That shirt is tacky as fuck. I like her hair like that though.

No. 127833

she looks exactly the same just with her hair up… who the hell does she think she's fooling she wears those trackpants and the other 2 pairs of sweatpants with every single outfit. that's why she stopped posting ootd's. Since "realcovering" her outfits have always been a cardigan,a t shirt/long sleeve,one necklace,and sweatpants. If she actually wore a cute outfit and posted it you'd be able to see how spoopy she still is

No. 127839

And if someone asks her to post a full body shot (which means one in which her body isn´t hidden under layers of clothes and ugly sweatpants), she answers that she doesn´t feel comfortable with full body shots because she has gained soooooo much weight.

It´s going to be a long time until we will find out what she really looks like and how much weight she has gained. Maybe we will never know!

No. 127850

i'd love to see ash 'recover' like that. even if it's a "fake" recovery, seeing her actually pull a mediocre attempt would do her some good.

No. 127852

She's doing much better but I won't believe she's REALLY making an effort until the following happens:

1) She stops posting food pictures altogether, unless it's something that is actually worthy of photographing
2) She stops making every. single. post. about food and/or her ED
3) She goes back to school or gets a real job.
4) She stops compulsively posing the same way over and over.

Right now she's STARTED to weight restore but she's still clinging to old patterns and habits. I see small bits of change like photographing a real meal instead of a pastry or dessert, but it's still way too slow for the time she's been "recovering."

No. 127867

You were never ever anorexic i guess. You never ever starved yourself for months and months until you could eat the bricks in the wall bc you were so fucking hungry. You never ever experienced what it feels like to allow your starved body access to food. You want to eat. You want to eat eat eat and even if you just finished a meal you might still feel hungry. You goddamn will feel hungry even if you are so full you could purge. This is a face of starvation. Reed books about concentration camps survivors. So, yes, i guess she was hungry!

No. 127868

actually you can feel both things: excitement AND fear when you are recovering. If you do not know ANYTHING about what you are talking just shut the fuck up.

No. 127870

Oh fuck off, ana chan.

>Reed books about concentration camps survivors

You're honestly comparing self starvation with genocide by imposed starvation? Seriously, fuck off.

No. 127871

Go back to mpa.

No. 127884

Anon isn't comparing the method/impetus of starvation, just noting that there have been multiple studies about what happens during refeeding.

But anyway, Aly's "realrecovery" is extremely atypical in a lot of ways. I remember so much painful bloating and strange weight distribution. If you read her instagram, you'd never know she struggled with refeeding at all.

No. 127885

I can't hear you over the sound of your whining.

No. 127888

Ok, but still a stupid thing for the Ana Chan martyr to say. I've read books about the Nazi Holocaust (it was actually a module on my degree course, but anyway…) and the last thing I would take from that episode in history was how an inmate's experience resembled referring syndrome of an anorexic. It came from tumblr or ig or mpa, so I should expect that level of self absorption.

Aly lies about het health for sure. I wonder if dizziness caused by blood pressure drop contributed to her accident. If her blood pressure was concerning her enough to go to see her doc, there must be other health problems she keeps to herself. Every other recovery account I've read talks about bloating as an on going thing.

No. 127892

File: 1462465468916.png (998.58 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160505-112321.png)

Well found out why Sonia has been over so much.. looking to Aly for that inspo

No. 127894

Comparing an anorexic, someone who refuses to eat and willingly destroys their body due to the fear of gaining an ounce, with people who are imprisoned and tortured with starvation and have no choice in the matter makes ZERO sense to me.

If you set a turkey dinner with all the fixings in front of a concentration camp prisoner they would eat and eat and eat. An anorexic would stare at it in fear and not take the opportunity to calm their hunger.

No. 127895

But for something more on the topic of Aly, Sonia going on a diet is not going to be a good thing for her recovery.

No. 127896

Also kind of a weird thing for her to bring up to her followers who are presumably mostly suffering from eating disorders

No. 127915

File: 1462468188671.jpg (130.38 KB, 960x891, IMG_20160505_110118.jpg)

I wonder how long Aly will let people talk to Sonia if they keep asking questions.

No. 127916

Whether or not you like it, biologically the situation of a starved POW, a Holocaust survivor, a hunger striker, and an emaciated anorexic are the same. Biologically, all are at risk for refeeding syndrome, and - yes - all are at risk of developing persistent disordered eating (including binge eating).



http://www.nature.com/ejcn/journal/v62/n6/full/1602854a.html <- interesting to see the different types of patients here

I'm not trying to be an ass. But it sort of seems like you flipped out when you read the word "Holocaust." Anon should have left out the reference. But I think anon is just talking about the way the body deals with deprivation. At some point, even if you are an ana queen, it's quite likely that you will experience ravenous hunger.

No. 127921

Sonia might've gained a few lbs because of all the muffins Aly's been feeding her. Sonia does NOT need to diet. This should be the point where they don't see each other so much. Not healthy for either of them. JFC. What is Sonia thinking, though, telling Aly she's going on a diet. Ack.

I get ravenously hungry before a period, but that anon was just a fucking dick. I'm not personal blogging about hunger while PMSing. YOU HAVE NOT SUFFERED LIKE I HAVE SUFFERED. It was that tone along with the inappropriate comparison that ruffled mine. >>127892

No. 127948

sonja just probably asked not to be forcefed muffins. To Aly, that's a diet.

No. 127951

Don't know why your comment was translated to mean "Holocaust", there are many people who have been starved by government not just the jewish victims of the nazi party.

Anyway, your comment is wrong as to go through a long period of starvation may mean that even though you mentally wish to "eat and eat" your body has adadapted to starvation, your shrunken stomach reduced your appetite and would make a large meal uncomfortable. Anorexia also doesn't mean a person 100% goes without food, so they may eat some or all of a meal like that.

No. 127953

>Don't know why your comment was translated to mean "Holocaust", there are many people who have been starved by government not just the jewish victims of the nazi party.

Syria, Ireland, Ukraine, etc etc etc. The list it too long to write in one post, but the ana chan told us to "reed" about "concentration camp survivors".

No. 127954

(also not only Jews - Communists, gypsies, homosexuals, etc)

No. 127961

Exactly, and after the soviet defeat of the naxi party, many germans were starved by their european neighbours.

No. 127974

Nah. Sonia commented she has to diet for dance.

No. 127993


Idk, maybe Sonia didn't want the umpteenth recovery win pastry and fixed up something different, and Aly was like "ahah are you on a DIET?????? lololol"

No. 128011

People typically don't consume the amount of heavy desserts and sugary treats that Aly claims to eat every single day. I can see why Sonia (who looks great and doesn't need to diet) would want to cut back on having to indulge in those things so often just to make sure her friend is eating. I think we've already established that the woman is a saint, and she's in a difficult position.

No. 128020

Aly said her leg's okay now and she can walk properly again. Make of that what you will, but…y'know?

No. 128029

She used to photograph ALL her meals, then switched to "meaningful recovery wins only" which meant all desserts all the time. Her photgraphing meals again doesn’t mean an improvement.

No. 128068

it's now against the rules here to personal blog. catch up.

No. 128074

Good point.

No. 128082

Probably means more walks, lose weight then more food pics cause she can eat more without gaining too much

No. 128088


I'm pretty sure that anon was one of the anas who found this thread because lolcow was mentioned in one of Aly's post comments the other day. We don't usually get that level of tardness in this thread.

She's eating sushi often. Not very calorific is it?

No. 128105

You can fuck off back to MPA. I was saying that she's mentally not recovering, she's still going through the same bullshit motions & hasn't dropped her 'totally lush posi vibes act'. Every meal is a 'recovery win' every pose is the same. Every post is about food. So she may seem excited, but it's a front. All of this is. Aly is as disordered as they come. Lurk some more fool.

No. 128112

ah so that's why there's a few loons here.

No. 128130

Jesus christ, get your head out of your ass. Biologucally, starvation is the same no matter the circumstance. Your body doesn't differentiate between self-starvation and famine. Here's a fun one: how about the Minnesota starvation experiment? When the men were in the refeeding process, many feared gaining weight and mimicked much of what you'd see in anorexia. Yeah yeah, anorexia is self starvation, but you act as if it's rational choice and not one fueled by a mental illness. Why do you think it's so deadly?

Anyway, at least Aly finally changed up her photos.

No. 128138

>But today my Dad, who came with me, was so nervous that he left me on the road before coming home



No. 128141

File: 1462536895682.png (44.45 KB, 333x594, left me 2.png)

Yeah, it sounds like he just dropped her off instead of babysitting her the whole time. It's entirely possible her dad is a jerk but I can't believe she is constantly reminding tens of thousands of people that he is the main cause of her ED and their relationship is so bad, etc. She is not making that relationship better by posting that online. If she wants the relationship to get better and heal, she needs to do her part too.

It seems like everyone else feeds Aly's narcissism, but not Dad. Stay strong Don Casati.

No. 128142

ah, sorry, maybe he just didn't want to waste money and time at some cafe after the tests. He was probably like, "stay if you want, but I have business to take care of." Aly has said before that he has anxiety because of his work. I wish she would stop judging him all over Instagram and praising her mother to the skies. Her mom can do no wrong - because she's an enabler.

No. 128145

He probably had things to do, Aly. Work, for example. Work that pays for your cigs and your muffins.

I thought she'd like being left alone to walk off some calories.

Something's up with her health if she's having tests. I'm hoping it's a mineral deficiency so she starts eating something nutritious.

No. 128146

Kinda sounds to me like they had an argument in the car and dad was like "Bitch you can walk, I'm not dealing with your shit" and of course Aly is going to take it super hard. But who knows for sure.

No. 128148

well, maybe she was playing games with her morning snack.
but from what she wrote, it's clear he did drive her to the hospital.

No. 128154

Aly is intentionally vague about the details of their interactions. It could have been as simple as he wasn't able to stay out of work long enough to drive her to the hospital, stay with her through the appointment, AND indulge her rigid schedule (sorry, "traditions") of going for a FREAKIN RECOVERY WIN FREAKIN POSI SECOND BREAKFAST afterwards.

No. 128156

File: 1462543153980.gif (1.49 MB, 342x343, help my hand is stuck in my ha…)

But how can it be a tradition when she SPONTANEOUSLY went to the bar to order a croissant?

No. 128157

File: 1462543404599.gif (383 KB, 293x285, output_PwLqaW.gif)

No. 128158

I also pictured him abandoning her in the middle of the road or the parking lot of the hospital. It's interesting that she said he was "nervous." In English that phrasing makes it sound like he was just SO anxious about whether her results would be okay or not that he had to leave. But that seems really unlikely. A context translator (dictionary.reverso.net) says the Italian "nervoso" is more closely aligned with "irritable or touchy." That definition makes more sense to me in this context: either he's irritated at having to take her to the test, or irritated with the outcome of the test, or he's just irritated with her behavior and she is attributing it to the test instead of herself (which is very possible, I have never heard her attribute anything negative in her life to her own behavior). So my guess is either the need for the test or the results pissed him off and he left her to go home on her own, or her OCD insistence on second breakfast or whatever other obnoxious behaviors she might have pissed him off and he left her to go home on her own.

In either case, I'm Team Paparino.

No. 128159

I wish so bad that we could ask someone what her dad is like.

I just don't trust that he's as bad as she says. Not after how she acted when her brother was sick and her mom stayed home to take care of him, she was so depressed and dramatic about it

No. 128160

Yep. Actually, she reminds me of someone I know who always complained incessantly of her dad's narcissism, and while he was a pretty big prick, she had clearly inherited her own raging personality disorder from him. So in Aly's case I wonder if it's an apple-tree thing, in which Pa isn't totally innocent but she's also blind to her own unreasonable behavior, so they just butt heads all the time endlessly, without resolution.

No. 128162

File: 1462548128856.jpg (206.96 KB, 871x960, IMG_20160506_021354.jpg)

That collar bone is scary.

I hate her for her crap robotic personality. I really don't care that she's gained a little weight. This whole recent thing with her dad really pisses me off. I hate that she has the power to delete comments, but still reply to them like an idiot. I hope something happenes that she can't deny how fucked up she is. And I hope we all get to see it. Fuck her.

No. 128164

I think "nervous" is the word she means, but also that it has nothing to do with her. Her dad is probably one of those people who can't stand hospitals and gets really nervous in them. Unlike her mom, he doesn't want to sit in one all day waiting for results because he can't stand the atmosphere. Of course Aly has to make it all about herself though.

No. 128166

>Friday tradition with Mum
>To have #breakfast outside after some tests is a kind of #realrecovery tradition in my family

So many "tradions"/rituals in one day yet "CAREFREE".

She's also talking about how strong she's feeling while she's been at the doctors twice this week so there's some problem going on with her.

No. 128167

hello, I found this site by searching aly_realrecover block.

Does she block all new accounts? Why is she so mean and rude?

I guess I messed up by asking for her to unblock my friend (who didn't do nothing) but I didn't say anything mean and now I'm blocked too.

No. 128169

I saw a comment like that on her feed earlier and noticed it had been deleted, so it must have been you.

Spend some times going through the Aly threads on this site and all will be revealed. She's a bitch. A crazy one.

No. 128174

As inept as the Italian medical system seems to be, I'm jealous she gets same-day blood test results. In the U.S. it's a minimum 24 hour wait.

No. 128175

The rituals and traditions are why it's carefree. If she was forced to stop engaging in them, she'd have a hard day.

No. 128181

I saw your comment. If you don't praise Aly or if you dare to question her habits you'll get blocked. I had a comment deleted for just correcting a quote she posted. Everything about her life is very controlled including her ig account.

No. 128308

File: 1462611187467.png (642.13 KB, 597x596, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-07 um 1…)

I´ve found out the secret behind her stupid hand in hair pose which she does all the time. Apparently she uses her skeletal fingers as a comb, because this hair hasn´t seen a real comb or brush in ages.

But then again…is this even hair or is it withered straw? Any suggestions for that strange stuff which grows on her head?

No. 128314

Basically every human gets fucking bloating at some point, why must she lie about everything? She could even answer "only normal bloating, nothing related to my ED," but a lie like this makes her less credible about everything.

>this was THE BEST KICK into my eating disorder's butt EVER
Really, Aly? WAS IT REALLY??

And spontaneous - don't forget spontaneous! Because in Aly's world, a ritual/tradition can also be spontaneous.

No. 128323

By pretending that recovering from anorexia, and also life in general is always "super happy positive god dang amazing" she's deluding herself and her vulnerable followers. As you said every body bloats at some point, but when recovering from an E.D it can take months, even years for water retention and bloating to lessen in severity. I guess because both are painful, and realistic she can't admit to them as to her it probably seems like those that di admit are just weak and not "real ana warriors". She's killing herself, we can all see it and she can too but instead of doing anything about it she's occupying herself by starving and posting shit online. sad

No. 128331

The last time I visited this thread I was amazed about how healthy her hair looked and now this. What the fuck happend?

No. 128337

Aly told someone that she now "makes her hair curly" when it was more than obvious that she took the time and effort to straighten her hair to what it used to look like.

It was commented on here several times. No one cares if she just stopped straightening her hair, but Aly still had to lie and say she "curls" her hair like this now.

No. 128362

Aly's really prissy about normal bodily functions. She refuses to talk about periods and flatulence, so it seems like bloating is another thing she wont admit to experiencing.

As for the hair, the anon who posted a box of old noodles described it perfectly. It's a nest of some sort.

Please remember though SHEVIS MORE THAN ANOREXIA (but not much more).

No. 128363

She is*

No. 128366

Anyone notice that she's lowering the angle of her selfies more and more and tilting her head up more? If taking a selfie from a high angle makes you look thinner maybe she thinks the opposite applies to make you appear fatter?

No. 128381

Maybe she is losing hair so she stopped brushing/washing/etc it and now just hairsprays the shit out of it to make it look decent but it just looks "crispy" instead

No. 128388

Little bitch, i speak about the IMPACT of starvation of the body itself!

No. 128390

I noticed that. A photo taken from below is never a flattering angle if you don't want your face to look fuller, except this is what she wants to do to make us think that the rest of her body is also less spoopy.

Someone's commented that they want her hair. I hope they're trolling.

No. 128391

Oh shut up. That was days ago. We've moved on, Ms Hangry.

No. 128399

File: 1462639360603.jpg (331.54 KB, 938x598, wat.jpg)

lol wat.

No. 128408

Okay. Aly is not ugly. Neither is she stunning. I don't get it. Does anorexia affect vision because seriously.

No. 128409

That hideous shirt makes her boobs look all lopsided.

No. 128411

he isn't wearing her padded bra but there's some weird…thing…under that top. Is it a sneaky layering going on?

No. 128416

How dare you think that Aly is experiencing any physical problems such as hair loss in her perfect, LUSH, joyful, BRIGHTEN recovery.

No. 128420

File: 1462642292743.jpg (103.22 KB, 556x628, Capture.JPG)

I took a snip of her hair from her latest photo.

It IS straw! Google confirmed.

No. 128429

Fucking dead.

No. 128431

File: 1462643333886.jpg (188.43 KB, 537x638, IMG_20160507_124257.jpg)

No. 128432

And already deleted

No. 128433




Ha! I was just about to type how I couldn't see it on her page. Disappointed. I love when she gets stick for smoking. As an occasional smoker myself (switched to the e cigs), I STILL love when people get at her for it. Just because it's HER. I'm an evil person.

(Saying that about being a smoker, I never smoke in close proximity to a non smoker. That's plain rude).

No. 128443

Are they sitting on the curbstone or what?

No. 128446

Looks that way. She used to sit on the ground with her plastic Starbucks cup a lot. Poor bro just wants to listen to his gangsta rap.

No. 128447

I would feel quite uncomfortable if I was sitting so close to the traffic. Perhaps that was the reason why she was "run over by a car" (let´s assume it was true) a few months ago, lol.

No. 128449

She's so CAREFREE she don't dang care (!)

No. 128450

Probably just forgot to stuff one bra cup more than the other on her way to get a SPONTANEOUS pastry

No. 128455

The hell is going on just above her neckline? What is that pointy thing, a rib?

No. 128456

File: 1462648523699.jpg (7.77 KB, 241x209, the facehugger.jpg)

No. 128461

Her entire fucking sternum, to be exact. As spoopy as ever.

No. 128468

I know that recovery takes time, but it really is ludicrous that we're expected to believe her MEAL PLAN and SPONTANEOUS pastries and chocolate every FREAKING day hasn't put more weight on her by now.

It's been ALMOST A YEAR. Her face looks fuller. I mean no offense to anyone disabled here when I say that pic of her sitting on the floor makes her look like a person who has muscular dystrophy of the legs. Even with her tracksuit pants her legs look out of proportion to the rest of her body. Even that cardigan she's wearing looks like it has padded sleeves.

Either she's keeping this pic for tomorrow to REFLECT ON YESTERDAY'S JOYFUL #RECOVERYWINS, or she can that the facehugger is visible so baleeted it.

To summarise, her face does not fit her body.

No. 128471

her face is the only part of her that looks different, her body is almost the exact same size

No. 128478

Yes and I'm tired of everyone defending her saying she's totally gained weight because look at her face. Gaining only in the face is not at all normal for AN recovery, most of the weight goes to the tummy first. Her face does not look normal at all with those cheeks. Maybe her unhealthy eating (does she ever eat fruit or veggies without putting sugary shit or cheese on them?) has caught up with her and she's bloated from sodium and probably not drinking enough water.

Also she looks like a hobo with those constant sweatpants.

No. 128484


I don't know about weight gain in anorexia recovery, but upthread or in the last thread we saw that she had a face like this sometime early last year but the body continued to be skeletal. So she lost weight in her face last…could she not gain it there first?

No. 128486

It's possibe, but she's claiming she's gained 24lbs. Her face doesn't weight 24lbs.

No. 128488

Does anyone have the selfie she posted from when she was in the hospital and calling herself Dumbo? I still maintain that she looked healthier in the face after a few days of fluids than she does after this "24lb weight gain"

No. 128494

File: 1462656307153.jpg (176.98 KB, 1378x804, Capture2.JPG)

No. 128496

File: 1462656408969.jpg (211.03 KB, 1400x826, Capture3.JPG)

Or this?

No. 128498

Thanks! And yikes I had forgotten how horrid she looked pre and post hospital. She actually does still look better now.

No. 128511

You're welcome, and yeah she has improved a bit. Her old collarbones were even scarier, if that's possible.

No. 128513

Aly pretends to eat the pastries, but she really stuffs them in her bra.

No. 128520

Is she pulling the skin at her cheek over on the left there?

No. 128526

Probably. The bloating from the tube and fluids (aka being properly fed and hydrated for a week) was really freaking her out so she would casually call herself Dumbo and then in the same sentence talk about how happy she was to be gaining and recovering.

No. 128572

All the weight she has gained has gone straight to her hair. Stop being such a hater!

No. 128586


I thought she referred to herself as Dumbo because the way the tube hung looked like an elephant's trunk. I never took it to be a weight comment.

No. 128595



Her hair looks damaged, she needs to cut it off big time. At least shoulder length.

No. 128599

And her organs! Don't forget her organs!! Between her hair and organs she can put on at least 50lbs before we'll even see it!!!

No. 128626

Oh shit, that actually makes sense. I think most of us took it to be a weight comment at the time. Of course, it could be both.

No. 128641

File: 1462723324723.png (531.25 KB, 535x592, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-08 um 1…)

She looks so fucking stupid in this pic. No, Aly, there is no need to show us your tongue.

No. 128644

you have to OPEN your mouth to eat something, Aly

No. 128646

This is one step away from rubbing cupcakes on her nipples to show everyone how normal she is.

No. 128648


you can tell that she pretends to be the cool, edgy girl who is so cool in her fake leather jacket sticking out her tongue (licking a donut? Ew!) while standing behind a dirty wall. So edgy. NOT

No. 128665

She is so cool she´s peeing ice cubes.

No. 128698

Seriously irks me how her Mother's Day posts are still 99% focused on her.

No. 128705

Is it not, or…? surreptitiously wipes frosting from areola

No. 128710

You're only allowed chocolate sauce on your nips, I'm afraid.

I've been there when it comes to holding onto bad hair so I feel for her. Sometimes you just don't want to lose the length. I hope she does cut it though. I think she'd suit shorter hair.

No. 128714

Aly is a selfish one, I'm afraid. She's probably congratulating herself like, "I'M what made her a mother because I was the FIRST. I'm amazing! This is MY day!"

No. 128716

If she cut the straw off, it'd grow quicker. I don't think she's dip bleaching that mess now, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's snapping off because of split ends because of backcombing and products. Having goofy followers telling her they want her hair isn't helping her because she's going to keep hold of that Ashley wiggy texture.

Is the UK the only place that has different Mothers Day to everyone else worldwide?

She must know this pose is sexual, right?

No. 128769

File: 1462752121560.jpg (158.75 KB, 1155x739, Capture.JPG)

Just saw this

No. 128866

kek so true

No. 128875

File: 1462788771673.jpg (35.3 KB, 332x203, 6tag-1347294776-12462385678533…)

I'm sick of this thing.

Hey, she's having sushi again tonight. So calorific.

No. 128876

none of the anas following her account ever call her out about these sushi meals. They are pretty pathetic.

No. 128883

File: 1462795553990.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160509-130448.png)

Does she have nits under that scraggy hair?

No. 128885


The claaaaaaw.

I have a theory she uses the muffins as bumpits to give her hair volume. Whoever took that pic has caught her about to insert one.

No. 128889

File: 1462799407915.png (147.41 KB, 1280x768, Screenshot_2016-05-09-15-09-07…)

uh… ok. So she always has everything she needs for baking? No planning whatsoever?

No. 128897

That's not all that uncommon. Most of the time I have everything I need for baking here. If I don't, it's usually one or two ingredients and I can run to the store quickly to get them.

No. 128904

Yeah most baked goods need flour, sugar, baking powder/soda, butter, eggs, and maybe milk. Those are pantry staples most people have on hand. Specialized ingredients like fruit or whatever is another story but I'm guessing she just uses whatever is in her house.

No. 128909


Her hair is too scraggly and full of mousse to be habitable to head lice

No. 128911

I heard that lice prefer clean hair

No. 128915

Sage for OT but I found this interesting.
>Is the UK the only place that has different Mothers Day to everyone else worldwide?
No it's not. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mother%27s_Day#Dates_around_the_world

No. 128920

This pose is supposed to be casual, but I have to give it to her it looks pretty well-orchestrated and controlled.
She's lifting her arm so her shirt will hang, rather than be near her belly and reveal thinness
She's made sure her sweatshirt is loose enough to hide her arms, but not loose enough to fall too far
One leg is tucked under her other one so that we can't judge her thighs well
The leg that's not tucked has pants that hang, so we can't judge her calf size either

I wonder if she tried a few hundred different poses before deciding this one hides her body the most.

No. 128922

all of her poses look so stiff and uncomfortable

No. 128923

The photos inside of her house always look so cold and uninviting. Blank white walls, uncomfortable looking bench thing. I love houses so I'm always curious what people's living space looks like. I wish she'd do a house tour.

No. 128925

Her home is probably far from glamorous. She doesn't even show her room.

No. 128926

File: 1462814565534.png (913.71 KB, 928x575, sushi.png)

Another "spontaneous" coffee. She's nervous and scared about her sushi dinner "challenge." What a real recovery.

No. 128928

The simple sushi rolls she ordered are so low cal it's not even funny so what the fuck is she so nervous about?

I will say that I'm proud of her for ordering coffee with actual whipped cream instead of calling a sprinkle of cinnamon on some lowfat milk foam a recovery win.

No. 128933

she's been ordering that coffee for awhile now. Whipped cream is 8 cals per tablespoon so it's still like nothing.

No. 128946

There's a vague glimpse of her room on her old account, but it's as bland as her personality. I love looking in houses too. I barely take notice of people in selfies. I prefer to look at their stuff.

No. 128963

OMGEE guiz, Aly went on a sushi date with a ~*cute guy*~ – the gains of realrecovery are paying off. I do hope she remembered to extract her hand from her hair…

No. 128966

She said he was "an old friend of mine" this morning, now it's "a cute guy". Aly has the potential to be a bunny boiler. I get that vibe.

No. 129007

I had to google the term bunny boiler. I kinda feel like that too, but I don't see her as being obsessed with someone. Maybe that's just because she hasn't been in a relationship for a long time. She's too obsessed with herself.

For the other farmers who also don't know what a bunny boiler is (and what I got from Google): It's a woman who becomes obsessed with a man after knowing him for a short time.

No. 129032

She seems pretty obsessed with her mom. Literally having a mental breakdown if one of them can't hang out with her. I could see her doing that with a guy.

No. 129300

File: 1462929892522.jpg (152.43 KB, 755x960, IMG_20160510_191945.jpg)

Is this what you guys were talking about?

>love is in the air

No. 129316

Eating carbs scares a lot of anorexics because they're scared it'll make them gain weight. But it's not always as simple as carbs as a whole, sometimes it's just rice or just bread or just noodles, etc. But who knows with Aly..

No. 129333

"My boyfriend would rather study or go to work rather than taking me out for a #spontaneous#recoverywin coffee and I can't eat because I'm so sad :(("

No. 129377

Odd that a healthy, wholefood starch like rice is seen as a challenge yet she claims to eat junk like fatty doughnuts, cupcakes, 1000 biscuits for breakfast every day for the past year without complaint…. supposedly.

No. 129394

It's not that odd. Eating disorders are illogical, and there are anorexics who feel more comfortable eating their calories in junk food, because it makes them look normal or because it's less volume in the stomach so they don't feel full.

No. 129403

Sorry, as a former ana who has been around other spoops in the crazy hospital, Aly is fucking bizarre. She is either purging the fatty foods or not eating them or something if she is so scared about sushi.

No. 129408

and it comes from a scene in the film Fatal Attraction.

No. 129422

File: 1462966813945.png (755.75 KB, 926x597, Untitled.png)

Coffe never looks like that when you take a sip, looks to me like she scooped a portion out with a spoon. A lot of her foods have been looking like that lately. Portions missing with no teeth marks.

No. 129423

#personalblog tw and not to white knight but that's not necessarily a concrete theory. the height of my ano all I ate was junk, it was mostly as a form of self punishment and loathing, shit was disgusting.

No. 129426

well, i wouldn't want to drink something with whipped cream without a straw. so eating the whip with a spoon then drinking the coffee seems legit tbh.

No. 129431

Yeah, that is what I do with foam and/or whipped cream. Some people stir it in.

No. 129440

Anorexia is so different for every person. There are those who eat junk as their safe food, and their are those who won't touch junk. There's not a "usual" for eating disorders because they don't have the same manifestation in every person.

No. 129566

We had fear foods group for a reason. Sushi would not have been allowed.

No. 129623

File: 1463012534503.jpg (1.11 MB, 1512x1512, 2016-05-11 19.11.36.jpg)

Left is less than a month ago and right is 2 days ago.
Looks like her wheelchair recovery is short lived,she's already losing weight. I realize the lightings are different but her Marionette lines are getting thinner and her collarbones are starting to look spooky again ,cause for a few weeks they actually didn't look frieghtening.

No. 129652

I think the difference is mainly due to angle and lighting. But I have no great faith in her - we shall see.

No. 129781

File: 1463057018672.jpg (451.12 KB, 929x603, ed.jpg)

So in one of Aly's latest pictures she talks about her uncle's cancer relapse and then claims her ED started when her grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, and then her dad was also diagnosed? I thought her bad relationship with her dad was to blame?

I swear this is just a ploy for attention because she's upset that her uncle's cancer relapse will cause the attention to be taken off of her, so she's now refusing to eat.

No. 129783

I came here to post this very same thing! Wtf. I just knew she'd stop any more weight gain when she got her legs back. Her uncle has cancer but it's still all about her. Her damn family taking attention from HER. How dare they get sick!

No. 129785

File: 1463057763026.png (31.56 KB, 440x164, wp_ss_20160512_0003.png)


For some reason ig isn't showing comments. Were too many followers praying for him and not her?

No. 129837

She looks absolutely skeletal in those baggy pants. I would say her BMI is around 12 or 13, there is no way she has gained as much as she claims.

And she is already posting an excuse for her upcoming relapse.

No. 129842

When is Aly going to stop wearing sweatpants outside her house? Aren't people from Italy super critical to each other in terms of appearance?

No. 129844

she's spoopy so people will think she's ill. and you can dress more shabbily if you're ill

No. 129846

aaaand another episode of "a family member is seriously ill so let's take this moment to… make it all about ME!"

wtf, dying in the morning, already on the road to recovery in the afternoon.
seems legit.

No. 129855

She won't. She's massively aware that her face is fuller, that she can make it look even healthier by taking pics from beneath her face BUT she can't manipulate her legs to look less spoopy.

We may never see her legs ever again!

I don't understand "the same pathology". Did her dad have cancer?

I don't think many anons haven't had their lives touched by cancer in some way. Did ANY of you think FIRST AND FOREMOST, Oh no, this is going to make ME ill? Selfish fucking bitch. What a nightmare of a creature.

No. 129897

File: 1463080862547.jpg (88.85 KB, 602x608, Capture.JPG)

Woah, steady on there, Aly. That Nutella BOMB is almost touching a tooth.

No. 129900

the top of her head looks either singed, like pubes, or like those pellets owls regurgitate.

No. 129933

Split ends from her hair going such a long time without being taken care of and she has been losing weight again, so probably malnutrition.
Either way it looks like shit and I can't believe she actually thinks it looks good. If people would stop kissing her ass, then maybe she'd realize (doubtful).

No. 129967

Uh, if her dad had cancer, or even if she's saying her dad got an eating disorder because of the stress (hard to tell which from her writing "style"), and she was bitching about him not wanting to wait in the hospital with her for her bullshit recovery appointment, that's a whole new level of self-absorption. Jesus.

No. 129975

I was going to say - she says "my dad is one of the main reasons of my ED". Is it because he got cancer?? Or is it because he had an ED too?

No. 130053

This is the worst her hair has ever looked.
The top of her head reminds me of those matted hairballs our cat used to throw up from time to time (I didn´t know owls do it too).

And when will she finally stop making these stupid victory signs whenever she is holding something to eat in front of her face?

No. 130084

Regardless of the reasons for the "trigger" for her E.D, she should know that it's only her that can choose to not using her E.D as a coping mechanism and it's only her that can choose to recover. If she isn't aware of this and doesn't choose to act on this then why the heck is she a recovery account.

No. 130104

She honestly looks like she's about to cry. I know she claimed to be crying about the good news, but this seems to be in reaction to the tart.

No. 130106

Wow her hair looks terrible. I assume she stopped brushing it because of massive hair loss.

No. 130108

The full text is

>Goodmorning my #edfamily I'm sharing a joyful #ootd #throwback to last Saturday ? since I've sth really important to write off❗️ and tears in my eyes right now instead ?? My uncle, who is fighting against cancer, had a bad relapse last night and doctors said that he has 50% to survive. He is fighting between life and death ?

I can't stop crying, I still can't believe that everything happened so fast. I'm affraid. You have to know darlings, that my eating disorder started when my grandmum died of cancer, and my father got ill bc of the same pathology. I stopped eating and went down. I'm SCARED like hell to relapse bc of the same pain, the same worries. I need your help to keep going today honeys ?? I need your support to keep believing that #recoveryispossible even tho this suffering. I need to not lose hope and strength. I'm praying all the time for him and I don't know what else I can do. I'm trying to stay on the right track of #realrecovery ?? but each bite is damn hard. I feel so low and weak darlings ? And I just hope that you woke up better than me ? I just hope for the best, and I send you all my love ❤️?

I'd expect her to spin his illness into a pity party for herself, but holy shit. She's such an unbelievably self-absorbed bitch.

No. 130111

She always pulls this shit and it just shows what a nasty person she is. Remember when her brother was sick? Everything has to be about her. She gives zero thought to everyone around her

No. 130130

File: 1463138895459.jpg (145.67 KB, 923x923, 6tag-1347294776-12492208878163…)

Oh god.

No. 130138


Sounds like she's looking for a reason to relapse.

No. 130139

File: 1463141586515.png (24.58 KB, 440x153, wp_ss_20160513_0002.png)

>uses conditioner

No. 130160

File: 1463154359130.jpg (61.88 KB, 960x484, IMG_20160513_094126.jpg)

These comments kind of gross me out lol they came from an old fat guy. Do a lot of people just follow her because they think she's pretty?

No. 130162

I was just looking at that. I think he's looking for a wife!

>I would like to make a honest Muslim life partner in Canada

He might want to convert our Aly!

I can't figure out how she gets so many followers. I'm honest enough to admit sometimes I'll follow someone because I think they look hot but Aly just isn't my type. Does she look wholesome? It's not like she's stunning. Pretty? Hmm. She's really plain to me and I HATE her clothes.
I'd guess they follow her because they like to look at food.

No. 130163

No. 130166

a lot of creepy old dudes follow girls with eating disorders because they're relatively easy prey

No. 130214

>please don't be south Asian, please don't be South Asiann please don't be South Asian…

>mfw South Asian

No. 130216

?? He doesn't look south Asian to me.

No. 130238


One of his pic captions says he's in Doha, capital of Qatar which is the world's richest country, apparently. Dig for that gold, Aly!

No. 130300

His first name seems to be Raaj, last name Khandokar…sounds south Asian, no? Googling the last name shows me that it is more common in Bangladesh. Perhaps he was working in Qatar.

No. 130303

I saw a raj khandakar on myspace (!) from India, so yeah.

I think Aly would look lovely in traditional Indian dress. She'd have to stop those FREAKIN BOOGER TRADITIONS if she was to change religion though.

Prediction for tomorrow - MORE CHOCOLATE.

There was a point where her account was so meh that Aly bingo wouldn't have worked. Now it would. That's says to me that she's slipping back into her pre-accident ways somehow.

No. 130311

File: 1463194208937.jpg (144.47 KB, 960x497, IMG_20160513_204415.jpg)

Posted and deleted right away. Will it show up tomorrow perhaps?

I miss the bingo games

No. 130319

Ajdjhfdujgrtcv HAND IN HAIR

Guaranteed bingo! on that one

No. 130323

File: 1463198298826.png (11.25 KB, 285x54, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-14 um 0…)

"Brighten" in caption = guaranteed bingo

No. 130333

Yup. Other old favourites:
Spontaneously (!)
Super posi vibes
Live to the fullest

Something containing chocolate in some form

The taste of which she couldn't even remember

No. 130334

We are not our illness
Mood is over the stars
I felt alive
Talking in third person

No. 130339


Oo, good one. Also NEVER BEFORE TASTED (!)

No. 130346

File: 1463205424665.png (13.43 KB, 278x60, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-14 um 0…)

Mood "rised" to the stars. She must be such a competent English teacher.

And since English is not my first language, I have a question. On a scale from 1 to 10, how stupid does "brighten" (as an adjective) sound to native speakers?

No. 130356

No. 130360

Depends on context. It's not a stupid sounding word but Aly makes it sound ridiculous by the way she uses it. I'd say normally it's a 1 or 2 and Aly brings it up to a 7 or 8.

No. 130362

Since you clarified "as an adjective," it would always be a 10. Brighten is not an adjective in any version of English, except Aly's.

No. 130375

Thank you! I honestly wonder if she will ever realize that it´s "bright" and not "brighten". At least, she learned the correct spelling of "challenge" sometime during her "recovery".

No. 130422


I think she means to say "brighter". "Determinated" is much more irritating with me.

This "old friend" has suddenly become her "new guy (!)"

I *think" she's lapsing back into Alyisms that she hasn't used so much in recent months - dang, lush and delish.

Guize, I do feel something is happening. Potential boyfriend, old speech habits, other things I can't quite put my finger on…hmmm…stay tuned (!)

No. 130489

No. 130490

Haha she's teaching Latin lessons now. Hope it's better than her English.

No. 130492


lol. non sic cogito

No. 130497

Holy dang, anon. THANK YOU! I'm not sure which card to spontaneously propose we use first!

I'd love to learn Latin. They taught it at my school but only to the bright kids, aaaaand, yeah.

I wonder if she takes any pics while she's out with her new guy? That'd be an instant passion killer - hair of nest, sweatpants, poppin' bonez and carefully arranging her fucking sushi for half an hour.

No. 130506

I took Latin in high school and I never understood why it was only reserved for the smart kids. It was just like learning any other language…words to memorize, conjugations, etc. There was nothing different to it for me from French or Spanish.

No. 130507

OK but who would date her in this state? She only wears sweatpants, she doesn't brush her hair and her life revolves around her eating disorder

No. 130508


right. at my school everybody had to learn it. loved it

No. 130510

I'm not convinced this guy is interested in Aly in a romantic way. She thinks baristas are hitting on her if they give her a sample size free pastry.

Sonia might be paying him to go out with Aly so she gets more time without her.

No. 130513

File: 1463254267457.png (481.88 KB, 480x609, wp_ss_20160514_0001.png)

Ok, so she's convinced herself he's her new boyfriend.

She took a pic of her food. He would've watched her do this.

No. 130515

File: 1463254769482.jpg (118.97 KB, 960x849, IMG_20160514_133512.jpg)

I just choose my own board at random. I picked a crap one lol and played it for only the posts she made today. No bingo though, she's too over the stars today.

No. 130516

Well done, anon.

No. 130517

I was wondering - in Italy, are people officially dating, or calling the other person their "new guy" after one date? Okay, two dates now, but this is a group thing…

No. 130519

The real question is does he know about her Instagram…

No. 130544


Amazing thank you anon!


You could use the word like this: "When Aly posts a picture it really brightens my day" or "Some highlights would really brighten up that mess on your head" but in the context she uses it, she should say "my mood is brighter", which still sounds retarded. I wish I could explain the proper grammatical terms for this

No. 130600

It's that we don't usually use "bright" to describe moods in general, but if you would use it you would say your mood is bright, or brighter than yesterday or something.

No. 130604

Do you guys think she swallows or is cum a fearfood? Maybe he'll propose a spontaneous blowjob tradition and how could she say no? Will she make him take a photo of her gazing down at his dick in her hand?

No. 130643

File: 1463273130068.jpg (783.83 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160514_183457.jpg)

Have you guys noticed this? She takes bites out of the long side of foods. I think it's too make the bite marks more obvious, like it's proof.

No. 130647

Yeah it's entirely for "proof" photos. Most people would just eat from the ends but she always has to take a bite (or carefully cut out a circular section from the side) before continuing, if she even does eat any more.

No. 130709

That´s why I clarified "as an adjective" in my post. She doesn´t use the verb "to brighten", she obviously thinks "brighten" is an adjective.

I would never have said anything about her English (I know I make mistakes myself) if she hadn´t been bragging about being an English teacher.

This girl is so stuck up and narcissistic. I want to punch her in the face whenever I read one of her captions, I don´t know why I´m still doing this to myself.

No. 130728

Cum is probably a fear food since it's not chocolate (sadly). So to her, that'd be wasting 10-15 calories! Way over the meal plan!

(Though she could log it in her MyFitnessPal if she has one…)

No. 130749

No. 130780

Yet again, "I'm going to take a step back and post less blah blah"

I'm cool with that, she is incredibly boring when she's not irritating. But I strongly suspect it won't happen, unless her new man is a saint who is willing to provide all the unconditional validation she gets from IG.

No. 130781

No. 130808

File: 1463323118851.png (871.79 KB, 587x563, aly1.png)

her hair is looking worse by the day. what happened to all those nutrients that go straight to your hair, aly?

No. 130820

I always wondered how she gets around eating in public with people.I feel as thought she eats out so often so she can rip off pieces of food and throw them somewhere in the street/in a bin before anyone notices.And by the time shes left with a little bit of food she tells her mom that she acheived the MOST AMAZING feat by finishing most of it and shes too full to eat the rest.I wonder if there's scraps of food littering the sidewalks of france

No. 130836

>the sidewalks of france

She'd have to be a good shot, she lives in Italy!

No. 130837

File: 1463332119121.jpg (55.69 KB, 631x525, no progress.JPG)

She's still posting as usual. I wonder if she'll delete the post where she said she's going to cut down on ig the way she did last time.

I'm surprised she hasn't deleted and blocked this conversation.

No. 130858

File: 1463344296186.jpg (200.89 KB, 707x960, IMG_20160515_143105.jpg)

She still posts the same amount of photos, but the captions are shorter. I can fit the whole thing on my phone screen now.

No. 130871

whoops !you're right, I'm an idiot.

No. 130874

She'd save a lot of time if she dropped the emojis.

I'm surprised she found the same repetitive recovery guff for so long.

I cant see her new relationship working. Not at all.

No. 130878

That was one time. The strawberry and pizza captions are long as usual.

No. 130912

Youre right, the pizza one is two sentences longer than my phone screen.

Also someone asked her about her new boy, and she deleted the question lol she is so weird.

No. 130960

File: 1463373653929.png (18.14 KB, 280x100, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-16 um 0…)

In her "I´m going to step back from Instagram" post she´s complaining that she doesn´t get as many asspats as before, lol.

No Aly, people didn´t stop kissing your ass because you got "healthier" and "normal" (you´re the opposite of healthy and normal). They stopped 1. because you´re boring, repetitive and predictable as hell and 2. your endless captions which are disrupted by dozens of emojis are too exhausting to read.

No. 130984

Not to mention the endless list of blocked users that she must have.

No. 131206

So much for taking a step back and shorter captions kek

No. 131241

I'm happy for her that she's "getting back on track." Hopefully she doesn't fuck it up

No. 131430

File: 1463491331590.png (91.41 KB, 215x205, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-17 um 1…)

Since when has this hair not been washed/combed?
And why? Does she really think this looks good?

No. 131437

Honestly who is taking these photps of her? It must be years of the same holding a pastry up to face, maybe even letting the teeth graze it.

They are all such enablers, if she ever moves out who is going to fund and photograph these fake "recovery wins"?

No. 131444

File: 1463493854916.png (18.05 KB, 290x76, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-17 um 1…)

In that case, probably enabler #1: Ma Casati.

No. 131445

I take it that's why Aly's life consists of going out to "eat".

Does her mum really envisage this charade going on until Ally is in her twenties, thirties?

No. 131508

What track would that be?

She's started being "busy" again (ie walking around all day). Her #recoverywins are back to bland croissants and not heaps of shit she baked and she pads out her content with a few chunks of chocolate or a pathetic chocolate coin.

I predict she's going to lose again and not gain any more ever again in her entire life not ever.

No. 131534

I Agree. There is no doubt she has gained a few pounds, but she is still severely underweight (I guess her BMI is around 13 or 14) and she will remain like that.

She either realized that she can´t stay at a BMI of 10.6 forever because she would die at some point, or her family finally put some pressure on her (if the latter was the case, she would never tell us), so she decided to put on just enough weight to keep her out of trouble.

And that´s her "real recovery" that is making herself and everyone around her so proud.
I´m usually against violence, but this girl deserves a good thrashing.

And I don´t buy her bullshit that she is "dating" someone. No normal guy would ever date a girl in a physical and mental state like Aly´s. Probably someone went out with her once or twice out of pity. If someone is really dating her, he must be a pervert.

No. 131577

>I´m usually against violence, but this girl deserves a good thrashing.
>If someone is really dating her, he must be a pervert.


Fucking hell, she's had sushi again and gifted us a #transformationtuesday picture.

No. 131580

File: 1463506971030.jpg (92.08 KB, 618x599, Capture.JPG)

No. 131584

Is there REALLY much difference?

No. 131594

the only striking difference in these photos is her hair and makeup

No. 131604

File: 1463508139419.png (15.98 KB, 284x77, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-17 um 2…)

I would love to kick YOUR disorderd ass with style, Aly. That would really make my day more "brighten".

No. 131606

The space between her eyes and her eyebrows drives me insane. Why does she insist on raising her eyebrows in every photo to make it even worse?? Uggh.

No. 131610

And the lighting and probably the filter she used. I can only repeat it, I don´t buy any of her "real recovery" bullshit.

She is such a disgrace for all the girls (and boys) who are really going through recovery and substantial weight gain and all the troubles associated with it.

No. 131628

> I've started from a BMI of 10.6, almost dead. I've changed so much during my journey…

She keeps throwing out her lowest BMI, I wonder if she'd tell her followers what it is now?

I thought perhaps her "relationship" was over already on the pic with the chips/fries


I've gone from being bored by her back to being really irritated by her again.

No. 131805

File: 1463541283473.png (306.3 KB, 290x580, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-18 um 0…)

I guess we can estimate her current BMI by looking at her thighs and her forearm in this picture. I´d say no more than 13.

That´s realrecovery!

No. 131893

Her thighs really don't look much bigger than they did in that bikini photo, when she was draped around her brother.

No. 131911


I'm quite surprised that she can wear adult jeans at such a low weight. Yes they may be baggy, but when she used to do full body checks her clothing was always tight. If anything it's alarming that adults can buy clothes that fit a 20? year old woman who must weigh 4 or 5 stone.

No. 131916

That's not adult jeans, those are probably junior sizes which are meant for pre-teens or small adults.

No. 131918

File: 1463583085351.jpg (29.71 KB, 296x307, so alive.JPG)

She wears sweatpants which have elasticated waists. Even the jeans she's worn in the past were jeggings.

I'm further convinced she's restricting again. Her posts today have been 2 of her usual cookies from breakfastm and THREE of pancakes. The same pancakes.

No. 131920

Adding…could be light or w/e, but I don't think her face is looking as puffy as it does in the OP pic.

No. 131926

uh, cringe much? damn. i think the starvation is really getting to her. also…. eyebrows. overplucked as fuck

No. 131933

And I bet they aren´t. She certainly has her reasons why she´s never showing us a full body shot to prove her alleged weight gain.

Apparently, she is one of those people who gain weight in their face first (and in their hair and organs of course). So she uses the fact that her face looks a tiny little bit fuller than a year ago to her advantage and pretends that she has gained so DAAAAAANG much weight when it´s really just a few pounds.

No. 131935

She stated those cookies are a favorite from her childhood. I recall seeing those same cookies in many of her repetitive cookies-circling-a-coffee-mug breakfast shots.

Sure they can be a childhood favorite and she could have been eating them before, but I doubt it. Her tone says she is just now tasting them.

No. 131937

File: 1463588857103.jpeg (171.99 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpeg)

No. 131956

File: 1463592157581.png (9.88 KB, 275x41, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-18 um 1…)

Yeah, Aly. That´s what normal people do: they are blowing kisses to their food.
What is going on in this girl´s mind?

No. 132021

File: 1463602749909.png (771.83 KB, 937x603, Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 21.1…)

Oh dear, Aly fucked up and left her "bite" on the plate. Thanks for confirming your "bite" marks are actually made with a fork. She also added "Food Blogging" into her bio, I don't even know what to make of that

No. 132033

The Nutella jar must look disgusting from all the times she has dumped back spoonfuls of Nutella into it after using them as photo props.

No. 132040

I noticed the "food blogging". Such a grand title for shitty pictures of shop bought cakes almost touching her teeth.

No. 132049

The other skelly "recovery" blogger (icovery) takes nicer photos imo. Her captions are also not headache inducing. But she is another bag of worms, so

No. 132223

This doesn't really confirm anything, only that she can make similar looking marks with a fork. But eating pancakes with a fork is totally normal.

No. 132232

I think these biscuits are "Mulino Bianco Pan Di Stelle"? If so they only have 38 calories and 1.8g of fat per biscuit, so two would be just 76 calories for her food part of breakfast. Even a piece of fruit is more than that.

Her meal plan is such a joke, two cookies is a snack as a recovering anorexic in inpatient PLUS a supplement drink, yoghurt, fruit etc.

No. 132236

File: 1463652096473.png (940.8 KB, 931x595, uh oh.png)

No. 132238

she also thinks some bakery woman asking her if she's vegan because she ordered a vegan pastry is "funny"

No. 132241

I don't know what that exactly is supposed to be but it looks kind of underbaked :/

No. 132246

File: 1463654194743.jpg (249.91 KB, 851x960, IMG_20160519_043425.jpg)

The fuck is she doing?
This might be her new pose.

No. 132247

awkward pose is awkward. Reminds me of a dog holding a bone - not flattering.

No. 132248

i love that she's trying to prove so hard that she isn't afraid to put her food in her mouth, but the way she's holding the smallest possible amount between her teeth just makes it seem worse

No. 132249

What the fuck is that first terrified expression?
It's like the picture she accidentally took before she remembered to change her expression to pretend and seem thrilled about having food in her mouth.

No. 132250

Her face is at least a little bit plumper; you can tell by the lines around her mouth that her skin isn't as thin. Also under her eyes are a little puffier. Those are pretty much the only signs though, at least that I can see.

No. 132271

Oh god. I think this is a new embarrassing low. At least we know what Aly would look like if she was about to be attacked if she had a biscuit betwixt her teeth. Perhaps she's reenacting the seconds before the accident.

No. 132311

This is at least 10 times more embarrassing than smiling at food or holding croissants and donuts in front of her face.

And I thought she could´t get any more cringeworthy.

No. 132486

File: 1463696189048.png (408.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160520-001402.png)

So both Aly and her followers are completely fucking retarded: her follower thinks she's quoting a song and Aly thinks she quoting Tim Burton. Jesus Christ.

No. 132488

>Journalism major

She obviously googles quotes by topic

No. 132498

AlY googling "donut quotes" late into the night.

Let's be real, she did like a half semester before she dropped out and she's not going back anytime soon. Girl didn't even get past the pre-reqs.

No. 132500

File: 1463700337276.jpg (17.74 KB, 314x181, Capture.JPG)

"Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?" Matt Groening

BRIGHTEN is annoying me to the point where I'm so close to correcting her, but there's only one of me accounts she's not blocked. If I was posting in, say, French and kept making a mistake, I'd want to know. This bitch just blocks.

No. 132517

Nooooo anon! Resist the urge. BRIGHTEN must continue to not-brighten my day.

No. 132541

File: 1463712003210.png (11.61 KB, 272x56, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-20 um 0…)

A little screenshot to make your day more brighten.

No. 132623

Welp, neither posting frequency nor caption length has changed

The follower count has rapidly increased though, it's almost like the old days…

No. 132631

File: 1463745246469.png (18.44 KB, 605x320, aly pancakes.png)

Here's an analysis of Aly's pancake recipe. It makes at least 10 (there are 10 shown in her tower). She supposedly ate 3, for a total of 150 calories + the toppings, if she ate them.

No. 132666

No wonder why she made and ate them. Fucking lightest pancakes ever. If we actually took the time to figure out how many calories are in each thing she pictures, I'm sure it would end up being less than 1500cal

No. 132698

This woman's account reads like an English version of Aly's.

Honestly reading her captions makes me feel sad for them, it's as if everything has to be a major joyful event and overly justified. Talking to themselves in third person, jeez.

No. 132702

File: 1463761820359.jpg (98.57 KB, 926x589, binge food.JPG)

So often she writes
> I listened to my cravings and I ENJOYED them on my own

>on my own

Meaning, nobody is there while she bins…I mean EATS them.

Just checked her out and saw the "bitch please" Alyism in the first pic I clicked on. It's an "American food haul". Where do these girls get their cash because she's in the UK and the places that stock the american candies are so dang expensive.

No. 132703

honestly this looks like a haul of b/p food

No. 132707

File: 1463762031960.jpg (82.37 KB, 805x593, o god.JPG)

She's not spoopy, so I guess that's what it is!

No. 132708

that eyeliner is tragic

No. 132711

At first I though she had an extra toothpaste to cover up the gross taste, until I realised the toothpaste box is the box from he shown tube. She probably just forgot to bin it but since it's in the haul line-up it looks like she's trying to boast about her £1 colgate lol

No. 132712

File: 1463762442922.jpg (81.79 KB, 815x588, binge food again.JPG)

Toothbrush ready to stick down her throat.

She's posting her binge food but really it's that Minnie Maud malarkey? She has a look of special needs to me.

No. 132745

I just gave this recipe a shot, and it's no wonder she just throws them out instead of eating them.

No. 132765

File: 1463779928222.jpg (253.54 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

wow this is a sad account. you could get all this at a dollar store

No. 132769

File: 1463780351101.jpg (202.61 KB, 664x960, IMG_20160520_153711.jpg)

So, Aly broke up with her boyfriend, and spongebob is really meaningful to her.

No. 132772

Lol she went on like one date with him, made 3 posts about him, "broke up" like two days later. I WANT TO GET OFF MS. BONES' WILD RIDE

No. 132774

haha rarely is that so accurate

No. 132776

File: 1463781100934.jpg (600.15 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160520_154654.jpg)

Also, sorry to post twice in a row, but what about this "actionshoot" is imperfect? Its extreemly staged and her hair is the same as always.

No. 132788

>I broke with

translation: I was dumped

No. 132808

That means her home made waffles are also made with this recipe (if not super close).No wonder she very comfortably lived off waffles and pancakes for so long

No. 132809

Agreed, none of this is imperfect (wait am I paying her a compliment or)

No. 132810

It would be "imperfect" if she were actually eating, really biting at the food or chewing with food in her mouth but she never is.

No. 132811

A muffin plus a large caramel frapp has enough sugar to make most people feel ill. To eat another chocolate cookie after, and another waffle and nutella before that…ugggh

This is the kind of thing that makes me side-eye her. I could be wrong, maybe she has an iron stomach.

No. 132812


So glad that she doesn't own a third arm otherwise she would hold up one with a waffle. So forced!!!

She still thinks she needs to proof something. Girl, you are 20, you have been doing this for more than a year, now change something. Start with your hair.

No. 132819

I'm relieved she was dumped. I was so jealous imagining her boyfriend was Dante.

No. 132820


Gonna relapse in 3…2…1…

No. 132857

File: 1463802723129.jpg (13.79 KB, 305x83, Capture.JPG)

Congratulations on reaching your 1k post, Aly (despite deleting just as many in the past)!

One thousand images of sugary crap and fake ass recovery/foodbloggingandmainmoments. Thank you for your gifts to us.

No. 132858

File: 1463802963157.jpg (52.26 KB, 791x545, freefall.JPG)


No. 132881

no worries, anon. she doesn't really eat & digest them. Either she throws most away, gives most of it to her mom/brother, or she purges.

No. 132897

File: 1463821413015.png (33.87 KB, 290x166, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-21 um 1…)

Now what´s the big difference between eating cookies or waffles?
And do English native speakers really say "waffle" or "wafer"?

No. 132898

edit: oh I just saw that she said "wafers" this time. I was so used to reading "waffles" that I somehow got it wrong.

No. 132902

Does she not understand that she's been put on a meal time for a reason? So "recovery" is not just about eating junk/fear foods for every meal and instead it's about managing a weight gain of around 1kg a week, and restoring normal eating behaviours.

See if Aly were to eat the things she posts on line she could suffer an electrolyte fuck up resulting in heart and liver problems, as well as all the bloating. If she were to be seen as some sort of role model this would be addressed and she would show a more balanced approach to eating.

No. 132917

i don't usually read aly's thread, but why does everything this girl does have to be a fight? eating a cookie is a fight, having breakfast is a fight, i understand that mental illness/eating disorders are hard to live with but for gods sake aly just eat an apple, shut the fuck up and get on with it. her blood sugar must be fucked.

No. 132925

File: 1463836211833.png (564.52 KB, 591x585, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-21 um 1…)

And it´s junk food for lunch again. A FREAKING FIRST hotdog BOMB.

No. 132942

File: 1463842342311.jpg (563.92 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160521_084513.jpg)

Damnit Aly. The caption on her latest selfie reads like we're supposed to believe she took it today. When she first posted 4days ago, then 3days ago, then today. It proves to me shes just taking pics of herself eating in one day, then spreading out the photos.

No. 132945

File: 1463842845903.jpg (238.25 KB, 960x960, IMG_20160521_085748.jpg)

No. 132955

File: 1463846581133.jpg (15.73 KB, 617x107, Capture.JPG)

Some comments are passing her by.

No. 132960

File: 1463847739231.png (1.98 MB, 931x1218, no disordered behaviours here.…)

These fucking chocolate bars are annoying.

Sonia hasn't been seen with Aly for a few weeks. The "I'm on a diet" trick seems to have worked at shaking her off.

No. 132964

Good for Sonia. Though I'm not sure if it was a trick. More likely what happened was that Sonia said she was on a diet without thinking about it first, and Aly immediately began to give her advice. A lot of people seem to be really bad at holding back unsolicited dieting advice, and I'm willing to bet Aly is no exception.
>You wanna know how I keep my hair so fluffy?
>Frosting. You can eat the cake if you choose to (ew), but smear the frosting in your hair.

No. 132971

File: 1463850116015.jpg (118.93 KB, 951x615, 1437103400764.jpg)

first hot dog in 3 years? ok, Aly, i guess we know what you did with these.

No. 132988

File: 1463853683194.png (365.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160521-195600.png)


I hate how much she lies and how fucking stupid the lies are. This photo is totally spontaneous! I took this photo today! I have never claimed to eat hot dogs in the last three years! Like it's all so petty and obnoxious and so so soon transparent but she just digs in when she's called out. I want to throttle her.

No. 132992

Maybe the calories didn't go to her brain causing her to have memory problems. So much for recovery

No. 132999

There's a throwback hashtag on the "today" selfie, not sure if it was there when you checked

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaa oh god she is beyond parody

No. 133002

File: 1463856606494.jpg (145.88 KB, 1665x657, Capture.JPG)

By the way, is this the same piece of graffiti? It's just outside the cafe, but there is other (similar) graffiti on the same street.

How awkward to be taking that photo on a busy street corner. I will give her props though, she hides the blah-ness of the area.

No. 133014

File: 1463858559573.png (27.45 KB, 287x131, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-21 um 2…)

Sigh. No, Aly, you don´t have to remember it forever. It´s just a pizza, not some life changing event.
Why must she always exaggerate so badly?

No. 133036

oh my god, good find. It's not the same exact piece of graffiti but it definitely looks like the same wall, maybe on the other side? What a fucking psycho, making her mom take pics of her licking eclairs right there. How can her mom stand it?

No. 133037

that is the most fucked up statement. I bet she scrapbooks her pizzas and tries to show people when they come over.

No. 133038

File: 1463868334334.jpg (127.34 KB, 946x592, readthecaptionhoneys.JPG)

Aly is really grinding my gears tonight, more than normal. I'm actually in Europe right now. I have half a mind to hop on the next train to Milan, find her at her beloved American cafe, rip her phone out of her hands and break it in two. Then while she stood there in shock I'd grab whatever pastry she'd been posing with and cram it into her maw.

No. 133039

Damn, anon. Preach.

Yep, it's the graffiti on the wall to the left. I don't know how her mother does it either. That is not a touristy part of town. So much cringe.

No. 133042


I bet they live right down the street. Its literally like shes taking the dog for a walk. Its just getting that catty bitch out of the house, so she gets some fresh air. Its not a dog treat, but some sugar and pics. Her mother is a mess.

No. 133049

When we've had a glimpse of the area she lives from her balcony, it looks meh. It fits into that place she gets Ma to take pics of her being sexual with her #pastryporn

No. 133054

File: 1463873797982.jpg (85.93 KB, 1344x703, Capture.JPG)

I think you're right. Her croissant and espresso cafe is also on that road.

/stalk mode

No. 133090

File: 1463890490881.jpg (113.53 KB, 960x486, IMG_20160520_041325.jpg)

Hey, which picture was it that she said she was going to stop writing so much? Or did she delete it?

No. 133093

"If you would have read the caption…"
Aly the English teacher.

No. 133094

I fail to see the error here.

No. 133103

Shouldn´t it be "if you had read the caption"?

No. 133105

You're correct. However, using "would have" is a mistake that native English speakers make all the time.

No. 133116

Thank you, that´s interesting.
Every English teacher I´ve ever had told us that we should never use "would" in an "if"-sentence, so I thought it was a capital mistake. Apparently they were much stricter than native speakers!

No. 133145

No. 133152

File: 1463923064470.png (528.17 KB, 595x597, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-22 um 1…)

Today´s breakfast. In comparison to the size of the fork, you can see how tiny this piece of "tiramisu cake" is.

And why is she always having cake, cookies, wafers or similar sweet, sugary things for breakfast (if she really ate it)? Is that common in Italy?

No. 133159

But her hair looks sooo much better in this.

No. 133160

Yes, it's very common.

No. 133169

Eh small breakfasts are normal, but tiramisu for breakfast is not.

No. 133176

File: 1463929290715.jpg (562.43 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160522_085920.jpg)

THATS the first bite?? that nibble? And again with the the imperfect talk. Its really getting to me. Is she fishing?

No. 133180

Wow. She hasn't taken a giant fork shot for AGES.

No. 133182

i bet it'd be relatively easy to create an aly-bot using an algorithm to procedurally generate ig captions. life updates aside, they're incredibly formulaic

No. 133184

I've never read one of Aly's entire captions in one sitting because they're cumbersome and exhausting to read, but I bet I could make up one that sounds exactly like her. It's all about the right ratio of emoji and broken english

No. 133187

File: 1463930318977.jpg (163.96 KB, 847x960, IMG_20160522_091141.jpg)

She's so predictable. I posted this >>133176 waiting for her to post the close up with the "bite"
we are expected to believe she took enough tiny bites to make this. Is that how she eats these things? And does she think it's normal?

No. 133189

This one actually looks bitten. I'm surprised.

No. 133197

It looks like actual teeth marks in the chocolate on the right, but I have no idea of the scale in this picture. She might have actually bitten it.

No. 133198

I agree, I can see the teeth marks.
It appears to be a muffin or cupcake of sorts so maybe super zoomed?
It's Aly, who knows. She could've pushed her teeth against the chocolate and called it a win.

No. 133205

Choc chips are tiny, so that cake wouldn't be ery big. The "bite" looks grazed and oh so carefully done not to disturb the chips.

No. 133244

File: 1463940503298.jpg (33.29 KB, 628x187, Capture.JPG)

Is this person aware that Aly still has a skele body? Aly is exactly the type of person that pisses her off (eats low calorie and is active). Most of the time Aly just makes me laugh at how transparent she is, but then I see someone taken in by her lies and I'm all wanting to poke Aly in the eyes and grab her windpipe etc.

No. 133250

My theory now is that the "imperfect" thing references the fact that she's gained weight. Aly really didn't mind being a skeleton, no matter what she claims.

No. 133269

I agree and also suspect the conversations with her therapist are about her being a perfectionist. Sounds like she's regurgitating the positivity crap the therapist is giving her in her captions.

No. 133271

I told her that a bigger bite might look imperfect, and that she looks just fine. She deleted it.

No. 133391

Her post count is now under 1k and is dropping again.

Predictability is disordered, aly. Can you spontaneously (!) allow a post count over 1K to stand?

No. 133405

File: 1463976743066.png (12.8 KB, 285x78, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-23 um 0…)

Funny comment which will be deleted soon.

No. 133507

File: 1464005740254.png (13.33 KB, 284x60, screenshot001.png)

Aly, please stop lying. You don´t work. You don´t do anything all day except taking pictures of food or yourself and writing endless, annoying captions. You don´t even brush your hair.

So if you hang around at your mother´s workplace, don´t call it "working" for fuck´s sake.

No. 133513

I'm surprised she hasn't blocked that account yet tbh

No. 133524

Have you checked out the website of her favorite burger chain, "Mama Burger"? Tumblr should be flipping out over that logo: http://www.mamaburger.it/

No. 133525

File: 1464012487520.jpg (192.96 KB, 850x960, IMG_20160523_080636.jpg)

Wow Aly, take the stick out…

No. 133526

She's not even trying to make it seem like she's taking a bite.

No. 133527

Oh Ya! I saw this browsing the tag on Alys instagram.

No. 133528

I think maybe she doesn't know how to eat it, since she used to eat everything with a knife and fork

No. 133544

No way she ate both. Nope.

No. 133547

File: 1464018586638.png (847.5 KB, 720x598, kek.png)

I am SPEACHLESS at the BEAUTY of this pose in public

No. 133552


No. 133553

Why bother taking the stick out if you don´t eat it anyway?

No. 133556

Take the stick out literally and figuratively

No. 133564

File: 1464020294633.png (20.74 KB, 290x147, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-23 um 1…)

To beat/destroy something "into the deep" seems to be one of her favorite expressions.

Is that even a commonly used phrase or is it another Alyism? I´m asking because it sounds super stupid to me.

No. 133567


I've never heard anyone say this. I'm wondering if it's some English translation of an Italian saying that doesn't work, like idioms never make sense when translated into another language.

I notice she's eating a soy burger. I wonder if her new avoidance technique is ordering something new, telling her mum she doesn't like it and therefore she gets to eat very little of it.

It looks sunny in Milan, yet she's wearing that hideous jacket. I think that top she's wearing is new? It's got a nail polish on it. Good lord.

No. 133568


Oh my god. Someone correct her but also please lie to her in a way that she'll start referring to herself as "off the deep end"

No. 133569

NO! I'm not allowed to correct her "determinated", so NOBODY gets to correct her or I will rant and rave!

No. 133570

Me again. I also want her to stop using PROPOSED and use SUGGESTED instead to vary her vocab.

No. 133571

Most of all, I want to correct "BRIGHTEN"!

No. 133573

she's been known to block people who correct her English.

No. 133574

The makeup top isn't new, I'm afraid. I don't really see new clothes being bought to accomodate all this weight gain (she does tend to wear loose-ish/blousy tops though). Her bracelets and cuffs are the same too, and sit on approximately the same place on her arm. shrug

No. 133579

At least she doesn't dig that awful top out too often and for that we should be thankful.

Aye, she said she was going out to buy new clothes but we didn't get to see them. I still chuckle to myself when I remember how she said she was going to her "sister's" place to do a clothes swap. Never posted any swaps either.

No. 133581

This girl is nuts… omg

No. 133582

In the photo of her licking the burger she commented that she won't be making any more videos because they were "annoying". I'm kind of relieved we don't have to listen to her butcher the pronunciation of "burger" or anything she tries to say for that matter.

No. 133584


No. 133632

And that is why we love to watch her!

I was washing my hairs and I thought how much I miss her (mis)use of "delved".

I think that we should clarify something to anyone who hasn't been following the Aly threads for long. We're not taking the piss out of her English because she makes mistakes and it's not her native language. We do it because she's so arrogant that she thinks she's good enough to teach English (and now Latin!). I felt I needed to make that point before we get someone knocking us for her crap use of English.

No. 133635

I really wonder who pays for all the food or who actually eats it… there's no way she is.

No. 133636

Its very entertaining

No. 133637

Her parents, obviously. Her mum especially.

No. 133640

This family.. smdh

No. 133641

When she pays for something herself she tends to make a big deal about it. I BOUGHT MY MUM AND BROTHER A CROISSANT! and drag her statement of generosity over into the next pic too. Her mum's a dickhead.

No. 133703

And don´t forget that she always gets food for free at her beloved American cafe!

And how could she say no to such an AMAZING, SPONTANEOUS, LUSH BOMB and such an opportunity to destroy her illness into the deep?

No. 133769


She does look good here, and the facehugger is absent (?)

Day hospital control tomorrow will be full of recovery wins as usual.

No. 133770

Samefagging, but did it for the comments https://www.instagram.com/p/BFygH6uSqbe/?taken-by=aly_realrecover

Apparently pizza as lunch instead of dinner is another recovery win, but commenters aren't convinced.

No. 133771

File: 1464092249415.jpg (139.84 KB, 835x960, IMG_20160524_061500.jpg)

Not that anon, but here is a Screenshot

I hate her logic so much.

No. 133774

AGGGH @#$% how is having it for lunch considered a win? Having a heavier meal earlier in the day should be BETTER for ~preventing weight gain~

Her face does have a noticeable amount of extra chub/puff in it today though.

No. 133776

File: 1464094908154.png (14.31 KB, 285x79, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-24 um 1…)

She´s with her mum, as always. She is now even "working" at her mum´s office. And she´s a child. And she´s hanging around at restaurants.

Will this girl ever grow up and make something out of her life?

No. 133777


No. 133786

God, I really think she is purging. I hope her parents are keeping an eye on her. It is so easy to go from anorexia to bulimia during recovery, since everyone is delighted you are eating and just keeping shoving food at you.

No. 133796

To add on to that, not only is she so arrogant that she thinks she can teach English, but she will straight-up block native English speakers for correcting her mistakes and then continue to make those mistakes.

Well, this is a new way to deal with commenters. Rather than delete the comments, she just deleted the photos and repost them, but claimed that Instagram deleted them.

No. 133798

This doesn't even solve her problem, because now people are commenting asking why instagram would delete pictures of pizza.
She even deleted and reposted the McFlurry so that her food pics would still be in the original order she "ate" them in, kek

No. 133799

File: 1464103451042.jpg (35.65 KB, 374x339, o dear.JPG)

Her face isn't normal.

No. 133804

Yes she looks fucking weird. That's not normal facial weight gain. Her eye sockets still look hollow, her chin looks like before etc it's literally only her cheeks that suddenly got puffy.

No. 133805

That's the type of gain you get when your whole body's at a good weight. What is she, BMI 13 or something? Her thighs are like sticks yet her face looks all puffed up. It's not right.

No. 133806

Me again. Even before she was spoopy and had a good booty her face wasn't this full.

No. 133807

Looks like a symptom for bulimia, does she not realise how dangerous that can be? Your heart will wear out pretty quickly, all for what so you can take pictures of cakes for instagram!

No. 133808

Even if her face was first to store weight it wouldn't all go to her cheeks. And yeah as you said her face looked normal and slim before.
Actually in anorexia recovery it's common for the weight to go to the belly first and it takes a while to distribute correctly.

No. 133811

Well if she is purging, her bloodwork is going to be fucked. She won't tell us about it of course, her post-control captions will be all THEY ARE SO PROUD OF ME FOR MY PROGRESS.

No. 133819

Just start saying things like, "You are truly an inspiration. You've gone off the deep end with your recovery! Amazing!"

Maybe she'll pick up on it.

No. 133822

Truly tempted to make an account for that sole purpose. In fact, I probably will.

No. 133823

Didn't she mention she's back to the ed clinic tomorrow? Pizza for lunch and McDonald's for pre weigh-day, typical

No. 133828

File: 1464108736821.png (11.07 KB, 269x60, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-24 um 1…)

Lol, is that you? Good job!

But what does "gone off the deep end" mean? Or doesn´t it mean anything at all? I´m not an English teacher like Aly, and online dictionaries didn´t help me either.

No. 133838


Yep. But you refer to "going off the deep end" or someone else "being off the deep end" to mean they're batshit crazy.

No. 133843

I believe it can also just mean being quite brave and sort of really 'going for it' - like how someone jumps in the deep end of the pool. It's more often the batshit crazy angle than this one though.

No. 133845

Thank you for the explanation. I wonder if Aly will be able to figure out what you´re saying.

If she doesn´t understand, she will probably take it as a compliment.

No. 133852

No. 133860

There's something wrong in her head the way she's lied outrageously in the past, and still lies to whatever extent and really believes people believe her lies.

I was thinking about lolcow just before I drifted off to sleep last night. My one lolcow wish would be to spend a weekend observing Aly. Then I thought what a headfuck that'd be to see her in her spoopy glory. To watch her actually picking at something on her plate doing that circle movement with her hand and weird eye thing.

If I saw Ash tomorrow irl, it wouldn't affect me, but I'd think woah if it was Aly. I think it's because she's never interacted with us and that's kept her a bit of an ~enigma~.

I wish she lived in the UK because I'd definitely travel to a place I knew she "ate" at to see how much she eats, how she interacts with people, etc.


("I love you into pieces" is getting to me).

No. 133866

File: 1464117818640.png (441.47 KB, 568x449, tinybite.png)

No. 133872

Woah. Why did she even bother?

Her whole existence is about keeping an instagram page. WHERE DOES SHE GET THE DRIVE TO DO THAT? I know she says she doesn't have depression, but even for someone mentally well it'd be a task to post every single day, the same thing.

Okay, as I type I'm remembering OCD. I hope she's been given advice about dealing with her structured life, although looking at her account she isn't doing a thing about fixing her problem.

No. 133874

So cringeworthy, what is she trying to show by posting it, "wow friends I can eat a whole centimetre!"
Kek I love your pic with the squidward nibbling the crabby patty, perfect comparison

No. 133876

What old threads are there for this nut

No. 133880

Older thread is literally listed in the OP…

No. 133897

File: 1464123021092.jpg (159.28 KB, 549x664, recoverywin.JPG)


First is here: >>>/pt/101158

Last (ish) post of every thread gives new thread link.

No. 133898

meant to reply to >>133876 (above)

No. 133905


Duh. Whoops

No. 133909

Nah. I take it for granted the threads are always listed in the OP, so easy mistake.

No. 133939

File: 1464130570572.jpg (46.3 KB, 960x285, IMG_20160524_165448.jpg)

I hate her so much.

No. 133948

So obnoxious.

I hope she has bad bloods tomorrow. Not that she'd tell ig now that she's UNBEARABLY inspirational. I think there was a lot more to her recent blood tests at the docs and her fainting than she says.

Oh Jesus. I just remembered that we'll see her smiling at her recovery win tradition wrap tomorrow.

No. 133954

Let's not forget the croissant/pastry smile

Such a JOYFUL time of the year

I anticipate either: no weight gain given (if under 1.5 kg) OR weight gain given and made a big deal about. Normal bloods will totally be captioned.

No. 134052

The comment that prompted her bitchy response was so nice and benign! And she didn't even answer the damn question. What an asshole.

"i_do_it_healthyGood luck tomorrow ? and enjoy your Chocolate :) how much are you eating of it?"

No. 134055

So she's 43.5 kg.
This is 05/25/16.
And she was 30 kg.
She gained 1.1 kg per month?

No. 134068

Again, aly has done exactly as predicted. She gained 1.5 kg so it was mentioned, as was her current bmi of 15.2 and the original of 10.6. Whatever happened to "no numbers on this profile"?

Just about that much.

No. 134069

Samefagging sorry but it's curious that the rate of gain is basically the same over the past year. It doesn't seem to matter if she is eating tiny portions/low cal foods (as she did last summer) or the high calorie/rich food she eats now. She will always gain 2-3 lb a month. That's interesting.

No. 134086

she lost and stayed the same a few months at the beginning.

No. 134089

i've just had the horrible realisation that i weigh less than aly, and have a lower bmi, and she still looks insanely ill. this is insane motivation to start gaining weight back myself

No. 134094


Yeah that's a typical vague answer for anorexics, like "I already ate", which could mean anything, but mostly "almost nothing".

No. 134107

File: 1464188422392.jpg (152.67 KB, 1080x1080, 6tag-1347294776-12579729985866…)


She's started talking about periods. Wow. She's usually so prissy about shhh menstruation.

No way do I believe she crams all these cakes and chocolate into herself and only gains 3lbs a month. I don't believe her bloods are normal either.

No. 134109

She has water retentions

No. 134114

File: 1464190903507.png (12.51 KB, 279x93, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-25 um 1…)

This will either be deleted or result in a bitchy answer.

No. 134115

When I look at her thighs, I find it hard to believe that her bmi is 15.2.

No. 134123

I am shocked by that picture.

They have WIND mobile in Italy??

No. 134126

Italian doctors: allowing patients with a BMI of 15 to carry out moderate-intensity exercise.

I can believe her bloods are normal now - she weighs 95 lb if she isn't lying. Plenty of little old ladies weigh that much and carry on somehow. O course Aly will likely develop osteoporosis and all that, so she isn't far from a little "old" lady herself :(

No. 134141

She's allowed to swim but she can't study. At this rate, She'll need another year to reach a healthy weight, given that she doesn't relapse. That would make three years of posing, photographing, arranging food and posting long ass shit captions. What an interesting life! This woman is nuts.

No. 134142

File: 1464201066936.jpg (175.3 KB, 960x773, IMG_20160525_122426.jpg)

I got weirded out when she said everyone is waiting for her period to come back, then mentioning eating a maxi filled wrap. Gross.

Then I realised it said "freaking first ever" maxi filled wrap…FIRST EVER?!? REALLY?! She's driving me crazy.

No. 134162

Why will it be deleted

No. 134165

All those yummy treats id devour in a heart beat…

No. 134170

File: 1464204175344.jpeg (187.43 KB, 750x738, image.jpeg)

The most low-cut top picture she's posted recently and, i cant believe I'm saying this but… Facehugger undetected…?

No. 134171

It still lives. Don't be misled by the face, her body us still spoopy.

No. 134180

She's really starting to look better to be honest. I thought she would relapse immediately after being able to walk freely again

No. 134189

I'm happy for her. She's a cutie pie.

Don't want to speak too soon though, but I want to believe.

No. 134215

Does she eat out all the time? I wish I could afford that shit.

No. 134222

>She's a cutie pie.

Anon, I am disappoint.

No. 134244

File: 1464217072064.jpg (36.48 KB, 534x374, 1.jpg)

No. 134245

>Period hasn't returned
>Allowed to start exercising

Nice work Italy

No. 134250

File: 1464217649729.jpg (819.19 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160525_133957.jpg)

Just for fun, here's all her recent"goofy"faces

No. 134253

how FREAKIN spontaneous and imperfect

No. 134256

I'm imagining a level of hell where the punishment is being forced to watch the same kind of pose/food pose over and over and over

Her therapist needs to get moving on her OCD and need for attention

No. 134278

There're anorexics who're spoopier than Aly is right now, and who aren't even in recovery, who attend university.

I'm thinking that she's postponing going back because it'd mess her usual routines. She'd have to totally change the structure of her day.

No. 134280

Can someone tell me the difference between a maxi wrap, and the wraps she normally eats? I know she likes to claim recovery wins on different flavors and times of day… But how would she explain this? Unless there is a real difference

No. 134284

File: 1464224782887.gif (492.89 KB, 250x188, tumblr_lswsa528c31qc2y2to2_250…)

All I could think of was this scene…

No. 134288

presumably there is more filling in the round wrap than there is in a flatbread

No. 134290

File: 1464225784131.jpg (17 KB, 257x185, 1432746937785.jpg)

For comparison

No. 134296

Oh, there is definitely improvement, I don't think anyone is disputing that(?)

But how much? See this from a couple of weeks ago: >>>/snow/128431

No. 134322

Not disputing her facehugger is less visible at all. Her face is a lot fuller and her hands and chest area look like they actually have some padding now. It's the fact she'd be more down the road to weight restoration if she was eating all she says she does.

Idk what the maxi wrap is as opposed to her usual one. It looks the same, but apparently it's "overfilled".

No. 134328

Because someone said "did you maybe translate it wrong" and, by doing so, basically criticized her English.

Aly NEVER translates anything wrong!

No. 134333

I'm thinking it's probably the large version of the regular or small size wrap she usually gets. Most sandwich-y/wrapy places do some sort of 6in, footling thing. Too lazy to go back and actually look but maxi vs mini and all.

No. 134334

Checked the menu and they do not have different sizes.

No. 134370

File: 1464261880285.png (1.84 MB, 1202x1202, thathairthough.png)

apparently her bmi is now 15.2 and honestly i think she's looking great

No. 134383

She is looking a lot better but I don't think her BMI is above 15. At the most I'd guess it's 14.5.

No. 134384

What a carefree, spontaneous, lush hairstyle. Can you even call that a hairstyle? She needs to get rid of these two different colours, it looks just awful.

Body wise I still don´t know what to think of her recent pictures. Her face and chest look better, I have to admit that. But her arms still look super thin, and she has not shown us her legs so far.

I hope she will go to the beach with her family some time during the summer and show us some bikini pics like she did last year, then we will know for sure if her weight gain is real.

No. 134390

She looks better than she did at Christmas, but she doesn't look "great". She's still very underweight.

Maybe we'll get a swimsuit selfie when she goes for a #recoverywin sspontaneous swim. Ugh.

Yeah, it's impossible to tell how much she's progressed with her "recovery" while she's still hiding under loose pants and tops. At least she isn't wearing that padded bra in this pic.

I'm more concerned with her OCD at this point. The big face is also a worry, but I like how even though we can predict what she's going to post, we can't predict what's going to happen in her life.

No. 134398

She does look better! This pleases me; It ain't over yet, she has a long way to go, but regardless, I'm pround of her.

No. 134400

OT but I want her to dye her hair dark brown. That blonde is doing her zero favors.

No. 134401

I'm glad she's on a road to not dieing.
I still think she has a cunt personality. And shes not eating everything she claims. I might have sympathy if it weren't for her cunty personality.

No. 134410

She's still doing the McDonalds and tons of sodium and snacks before Day Hospital Control spiel, so it's safe to assume her actual BMI is lower than what she claims.

If she's able to waterload even just 2kg that would make her actual BMI 14.5 which seems more accurate, at most.

No. 134414

What? I don't care what kind of person she is, she's genuinely cute. Or at least was until she got hired as an extra on Mr Bones' Wild Ride.

No. 134417

File: 1464276930784.png (474.77 KB, 551x548, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-26 um 1…)

I agree. It´s good for her that she put on some much needed weight, but she´s a selfish, arrogant, narcissistic bitch.

And her eyes look maniacal in her newest joyful, spontaneous selfie.

No. 134463

File: 1464284950860.jpg (114.32 KB, 960x495, IMG_20160526_114748.jpg)


No. 134465

File: 1464285585374.png (9.63 KB, 293x62, screenshot_01.png)

Not yet deleted, but maybe soon.

No. 134478

She may be gaining, but she's still so far from recovery, if you can even call it that.

No. 134483

Her obsession with IG and food makes me nauseous. She needs to channel her OCD in something healthier, like idk self fucking care maybe. She looks so gross, I don't get how someone can be so narcissistic and self obsessed but pluck their eyebrows like jack nicholson and make the bunny boiler face 24/7. Jeez.

No. 134486

File: 1464290966854.png (37.08 KB, 463x237, wp_ss_20160526_0001.png)

I came here to ask what had been said to make her speachless. Now I see.

No. 134492

There was more but she deleted it. The person called her out for having "bulimia face"

No. 134496

So with you anon. FUCK, she is such a snooty fucking BITCH!!! I hate how she thinks she is queen shit and is patronizing in the comments like her followers should be BLESSED by her glorious captions and study them meticulously because we mustn't miss a word! >.<

No. 134502


> spiel

> fellow-german detected

imho she is narcissistic af

No. 134519

spiel is also a Yiddish word that has entered English; its meaning is slightly different than the German usage.

- another fellow German

No. 134523

Huh. I didn't know it was German or Yiddish. I also thought it was pronounced "shpeel" meaning something like, rambling on about the same thing. What's the German meaning? Just curious now that it's been brought up

No. 134525

German meaning is "game"

No. 134553

Agree with both of you. If I didn't know her I'd think she was cute or pretty but now she gets my hackles up too much to go there.

No. 134566

She's looking really good now, I'm actually impressed she has such a pretty face. Excessive weight loss is worse than excessive weight gain for face aesthetics, it seems.

No. 134622

Native English speaker here who also uses the word spiel occasionally. Like
I didn't know the origin.

Sage for OT

No. 134645

File: 1464317541449.png (59.54 KB, 260x129, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-27 um 0…)

Everyone´s taste is different, but I don´t think she is that stunning. The shape of her eyes and the space between her eyes and her eyebrows give me the creeps. And she has a slight but distinctive squint.

No. 134660

File: 1464318559604.jpeg (140.55 KB, 749x1084, image.jpeg)

The space really does change how attractive she looks. She actually looks great in old photos without the space.
How did her eyebrows migrate that far up her face?

No. 134663

That´s incredible. If I didn´t know that these two pictures show the same person, I would´t believe it. The shape of her eyes looks different in the old photo, too (not just the space).

And no, I don´t think she´s only pulling her eyebrows up in the recent picture. If that was the case, you could see wrinkles in her forehead. Her eyebrows really seem to have migrated, as you said. How strange.

No. 134666


No. 134692

With this old picture I want to point out she doesn't naturally have puffy cheeks. And the fact that her face is bigger now doesn't prove she's getting better.

No. 134701

File: 1464328847679.jpg (322.7 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160526_235628.jpg)

What language is this? What does it say?

No. 134702

She's a pretty girl, but the eating disorder, psychotic expressions, and lack of understanding of make-up/beauty products/hair-care doesn't help her at all.

No. 134703

It's Czech
>Lying on artificial nutrition and experiencing incredible agony, it repeats, but then it spoils everything again and I love to watch. It will heal? You're our leader, my father beat you … Brother, happiness, gaining fortune, I feel it. I do not know what to think

No. 134704

Also sorry for shit google translate

No. 134724

Can Aly even go back to her old looks or is she just fucked because of her anorexia?
She has obviously gained weight but she looks nothing like her pre-ED pictures. She looks horrible and I feel bad for her if she is actually trying to gain, even very slowly.

No. 134725

Her freckles were cute as fuck. She looks so different. I never thought she was that great looking at any point but her features there are really, really nice. Im jelly about that nose.

No. 134738

> If that was the case, you could see wrinkles in her forehead.

She has visible wrinkles on the upper half of her forehead.

No. 134740

Hashtags #wow and #beautiful? Conceited cunt even back then. As for her eyes, WTF, you shouldn't be able to see that much sclera! As far as her not having forehead wrinkles, some people can lift their eyebrows and not have them, especially when young. I totally think she is raising her eyebrows in every pic. #bunnyboiler for sure!

No. 134756

Don't know what you mean by "pre-ED" pictures but it may be possible once she gets to a normal, stable weight. No guarantees though.

No. 134758

So she makes a weird freakinh video. Takes a bite. Looks like she tried so hard not to do that weird circle motion with her hand.
Then stops the video and poses her bitten food for pictures.
The time and effort she puts into showcasing just one snack is insane.

No. 134767

It really depends on a lot of things, and if she ever gets back to her old appearance it will take a long time. For example, Rachel Farrokh looks completely different now despite having gained a lot of weight, but Marya Hornbacher weighed somewhere in the 50lbs at her lowest and it doesn't show on her facially.

No. 134771

>>I can see the most spontaneous and REAL version of myself

so spontaneous totally not rehearsed or anything

I didn't even think about the "already biten" close-up after the video, but yeah, that's how she operates. She doesn't even see food as food, just props, and like it's her job.
I'm sure whenever she mentions having done "work" in her mother's office she's talking about managing her instagram.

No. 134778

from what I understand, this girl is desperate af and is asking Aly for tipps how to get better ("how do I heal myself?"). She also says she admires Aly and asks how to become her…
janca, girl, don't.

No. 134782

To give her a bit of credit she looks better in the video than in her pictures. But that tiny bite, ugh. Why even bother. And that hair looks nasty.
I've noticed she hasn't hung out with anybody in a while, or at least hasn't posted pictures. She must be very lonely. I really feel for her with this. An ED makes you isolate yourself enough, her weird behaviour and constant photographing surely don't help.

No. 134803

So Aly and her "Nutella tart" want to wish us a great weekend. Why didn´t the Nutella tart blow us some kisses, too?
Would have made my day so much more brighten.

No. 134807

File: 1464363791231.jpeg (83.8 KB, 640x609, image.jpeg)

I've always found it humorous when the big Ana-chans on IG comment on each other's posts. Honestly I've always thought Paris was a whiny attention seeker regardless of how ill she is, but part of me wonders if she's asking for " transformation photos" to compare herself to Aly. Truth is though Aly has made more progress (even though she still looks haggard) in this past year than Paris has in probably 5. Both are equally cringy, but I think Paris should stick to posting the same meals everyday & maybe actually trying to recover & stay far away from Aly. I just can't help but feel Paris wants to be a forever spoop like Ash..

No. 134808

File: 1464364199019.jpg (140.23 KB, 536x544, IMG_20160527_104851.jpg)

These are action shots Aly.

No. 134814

there's no way she took a bite of that tart in the video. it looks like she scraped her teeth across it and tried to make whatever crumbs fell in her mouth look like a huge bite to chew

No. 134815

Now I know what's so awkward about this video. She's lifting her head in an unnatural way. I don't know if it's to look spoopier or what, but it's creepy.
Her hair is also nasty, like >>134782 said, and her face looks wrinkly and splotchy.

I probably sound like an ass, but she looks so unattractive in this video that I was a bit shocked. She doesn't look good in recent photos either, but holy crap.

She looked decent in pre-ED photos, so it's kind of sad. I think she fucked herself up for good.
(Speaking of which, >>134756 , pre-ED means "before the eating disorder." So pictures taken before she developed an eating disorder would be pre-ED pictures.)

No. 134816

Aly's "bites"

No. 134820

File: 1464367351514.jpg (369.08 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160527_113951.jpg)

Acts like its a huge bite then pulls it out and barely scrapes her teeth on it.

No. 134821

this thread is seriously dry kek y'all are nitpicking

No. 134824

This whooooollle place is nit picking. That's what we do best

No. 134849

I used to be on the fence about her suspected purging, but seeing her neck and chin from that angle really shows how swollen her glands are.

No. 134880


No. 134886

Someone old enough to know better. To not lie and manipulate thousands of followers.

No. 134890


Her nibble videos are very strange. I remember she first started posting them to PROOF she was actually eating, and now after a long time she posts one because she's called out for having chipmunk cheeks. I'm not sure what she's trying to proof here. I love how she tries to make a tiny mouthful look like a huge bite to chew.

An observation and a question - Aly never dissects her food. She never breaks it in half and even bites a donut in the same fashion (one on each side of the hole). How many of you would nibble around the crust of this tart, scoop out the nutella on a little finger and generally make a mess of it? I know I do. She tries to keep the food looking presentable at all times.

No. 134926

this killed me

No. 135025

I both agree with you and worry about you lol.
I agree that Aly never dissects her food, to an odd extent. As you said, she always needs to have it be presentable.
But at the same time… no, I would just eat this thing like she is, except with actual bites. I might even eat it with a fork.

No. 135038

Um no. Ew. Who picks at their food like that when they're not eight years old. I agree with anon above, I'd probably use a fork.
Back to the video, it looks like she can't handle swallowing the food, just keeps chewing and chewing, like she'll spit it out when the camera stops.

No. 135048


Ew the video creeps me out

No. 135055

man, I cant stop looking at her eyebrows. I have that video on loop. She was so banging when she was young, but now shes so ugly. Everything she wears and does is ugly. Shes lucky that shes young. Her style is legit trashy.

No. 135059

I think the most significant difference between her old and current pictures is her demeanor/presence.

She looked like your basic "I'm so pretty please find me sexy" teenage girl with an aura of immaturity, but kind of like with that typical longing to be seen as grown up and mature.

Whereas now she looks like a child, playing with food, desperate to stay immature and dependent, begging for ass pats for completely normal and inane things, looking demented and almost mentally challenged.

No. 135070

File: 1464438432891.png (345.87 KB, 331x499, ass like spongebob.png)

Yuck. Look at her ass. She most likely has a worse body now with all the wear and tear.
No wonder she cant find a guy being interested in her. I bet the only guy she ever had is that exboyfriend.

No. 135071

She was still in her restrictive E.D then.

Also I doubt the reason she is single is because the size of her arse ffs.

No. 135072

As anon stated before, anorexia often means the patient loses any sort of libido and some do resort to more child like/dependent behaviours.

No. 135074


Yeah right. Being attracted to someone is never a reason to get hit on. Shes ugly and her body is ugly. Noone likes those skelly bodys.

No. 135080

Dissecting/playing with food is actually a really common ED behaviour, anon, so that's probably a big reason as to why she doesn't eat like that. Far too obviously disordered.

No. 135081

this is stupid, but i bet she's going for this wet beach hair kind of look, such a wild summer child…

No. 135134

File: 1464452082526.png (13.12 KB, 283x84, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-28 um 1…)

I want to grab this fucking bitch and dunk her head into a toilet bowl.

No. 135142

She probably thinks she's totally special because of her ED. She always wanted attention and her ED was the perfect opportunity to get it and to tell herself she has every right to be a bitch.

No. 135155

I want someone to put her in her fucking place. It's ridiculous how much her followers kiss her ass to have her be a complete bitch to them.

No. 135176

Jesus Christ I want to punch her fucking over-plucked eyebrows off.

She acts like her instagram feed is a daily TV show everyone has to tune in each and every episode for.

Like, I don't even browse my own RL friends' instagrams regularly, let alone read anyone's captions religiously, just here and there whenever I can be bothered.

No. 135177

If her comments weren't suck waffle (!) maybe people WOULD read. I guess everyone must do what we do and just skim the first few lines if we can be bothered.

No. 135178

such* (although they suck too)

No. 135185

I'm shaking my head at the oblivious sods congratulating her for her 1000th post. She's hit the 1k mark like 5 or 6 times now.

No. 135189

I don't like her, but I feel bad that her definition of "living life to the fullest" is going to a cafe with her mum ever day to eat a pie or w/e. Yes, you're really living, Aly.

No. 135299

Are there any anons in the thread with good shoop skills? I'd love if you could give Aly a makeover. Maybe dark hair, sort out her eyebrows? I know there is talent at lolcow for this because it's been done on Ash very well.

The shape of her face is okay, we just need to deal with the bad hair and make up. Ta!

No. 135300

File: 1464490816604.jpg (172.68 KB, 1080x1080, 6tag-1347294776-12557013599163…)

Adding…i went to find a pic where she doesn't look insane or is looking downwards at food. Maybe use something like this one?

No. 135301

Ok. She looks slightly mad on this, but another suggested pic to work on.

No. 135302

File: 1464491005871.jpg (181.79 KB, 960x960, 6tag-1347294776-12550076529803…)

Oops dropped….

No. 135313

File: 1464496708229.png (638.16 KB, 580x579, Clipboard0100.png)

The hair isn't quite dark enough because Meitu crashed while I was fixing it, so here's a screenshot of what I had so far. Inordinate amounts of effort were put into lessening the crazy (and yet still…)

No. 135314

You are a miracle worker. What did you do to the face, especially around the mouth? It looks less horsey, and overall better. The eyes, too.

No. 135315

Thanks, anon! I lowered her eyebrows, closed her eyes a bit, lessened the smile, and I brought up her upper lip so it doesn't look like she's clenching her teeth so much.

No. 135316

*brought up her lower lip

No. 135317

File: 1464497867461.jpg (202.24 KB, 740x960, 2016-05-28-22-52-25-411.jpg)

Took a stab at it using a phone app.

No. 135322

File: 1464499064565.png (23.24 KB, 295x176, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-29 um 0…)

Before it gets deleted…
Someone finally called her out on her rudeness and told her that she´s not the centre of the universe.

No. 135325

I still think the craziness comes from her eyes, but it might be difficult to do something about it. Maybe if you correct the (slight) squint she has?

But please don´t consider this as criticism, your skills are amazing, as are yours >>135317!

No. 135342

File: 1464508986191.jpg (343.49 KB, 960x960, 2016-05-29-01-00-27-862.jpg)

I tried pretty hard but I don't really know how to shoop

No. 135349

This is really cute. Aly has a lot of potential that's wasted.
Those fucking eyebrows make such a huge difference.

No. 135357

File: 1464516112118.png (15.67 KB, 279x119, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-29 um 1…)

Aly is disappointed.

No. 135363

Oh, fuck off, Aly.

All these shoops are good. It's nice to see her with better eyebrows. Lowering them really does help so much.

No. 135373


yes that's why a lot of girls look a lot of worse because they have overdone / touched their eyebrows. I don't think Aly's are bad per se, but she does her maniac facial expression which adds ugly-ness.

No. 135374

oh shut the fuck up Aly, you mostly refer to captions under OLDER pictures like in >>135134

No. 135376

lmao so needlessly cunty

No. 135378


Phone won't let me screencap properly, but two things:

1) what is that pose
2) "I haven’t moved at all since the beginning of my recovery" - are people really expected to believe this

No. 135386

File: 1464530511689.png (622.69 KB, 590x592, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-29 um 1…)

1) It´s a super spontaneous, joyful, not ED-related pose to celebrate her JOY of being ALIVE, because she is NOT her illness and she´s the old, REAL Alice.

2) Until her "car accident" (or whatever it was) which resulted in a "completely shattered leg" (which magically healed within a few weeks in a cast), she was virtually hyperactive to burn off all the lush, oily foods she ate (or rather smiled at).
So no, I don´t think anyone buys that bullshit.

No. 135387

File: 1464530658389.jpg (81.35 KB, 960x572, IMG_20160529_080146.jpg)

Sure, just like posting eating videos was "annoying" I bet she will post one in a few days.

No. 135414

I really think when she does this she doesn't understand how it comes off.

Im not meaning this as an insult when i say beyond the language barrier she faces she truely seems to have some kind of high functioning autism.

No. 135424

I mean I can understand the barrier and possibly not seeing how she comes across, but so many people call her out and she continues. It makes it seem intentional. But she's so full of herself and can do no wrong.

No. 135432

File: 1464539597264.png (349.7 KB, 449x472, screenshot1.png)

The ice-cream in this lovely super spontaneous action shot is almost completely melted. I wonder how much time it took her to arrange her food for this picture.

No. 135447

File: 1464540799097.png (345.07 KB, 296x544, Untitled.png)

Look how much the double scoop thing melted.

I don't believe she ate both these things. I'd struggle with that brioche thing alone. Way too sickly.

No. 135450

What a dumb ass. How are we supposed to believe she ate that after it melted?

No. 135462

For once, both those foods do look HUGE(!)

No. 135479

File: 1464545984649.png (24.57 KB, 286x128, screenshot2.png)

Isnt´t that strange. Wherever Aly goes, they´re giving away food for free, this time at the cinema.
Are we supposed to believe this?

And "mood was too up" sounds stupid as fuck. Can you even say that in English?

Her English is really starting to irritate me, she uses so many strange expressions. And that´s a completely different story than making a mistake here and there.

No. 135480


you can say your mood is up in italian .. more or less. she translates literally

No. 135482

yeah, i think making fun of her english is a bit ridiculous, like she's not a native speaker, can't really blame her for mistakes like that. i'm all for shitting on her for her "recoveryWIN" bullshit but it doesn't really make sense to ridicule her english

No. 135483

People mostly do it because she refuses to learn from the correction of native speakers and seems to be under the impression that her English is perfect.

No. 135484

she rejects correction from native speakers and even blocks them. It's unbelievably rude and stupid. The first rule of learning a new language is that native speakers are right 99.5% of the time. And when people correct Aly, the corrections are not mean or rude. They are just . . . corrections. But she is always right. She supposedly teaches private lessons in English (maybe to some poor child), which is downright frightening.

No. 135488

We've been over this one several times.

Fucking hell, how MANY more CAPS can she USE in ONE comment.

That looks like a biscuit out of a family pack of assorted ones.

During the past year I've been offered 2 free samples. One for a chocolate at Thorntons at Christmas, and one for some bite size new thing they were starting to sell at Costa. Why they'd offer a free cookie at the cinema is beyond me.

No. 135490

Adding - why is there a break during the film? Still laughing at her thinking Alice In Wonderland is BY Tim Burton.

No. 135491


> Fucking hell, how MANY more CAPS can she USE in ONE comment.

poor Aly. don´t be rude…prbly her keyboard is broken

No. 135492

> as FREAKIN #RECOVERYWIN I-don't-care-about-the-number❕? #afternoonsnack guys ?

Obviously she does care about the calories if she's thinking about it.

No. 135493

How does she know it's handmade, one wonders, and why is that a big deal? I suppose it's meant to imply freshness, like last year's phrase "already baked" (that was a good aly-ism, too bad she did listen to advice/correction there)

No. 135495

She might think handmade food is "classier" or something. She likes to refer to places as "chic".

No. 135497

seriously guys, Aly's looking way better now actually. I mean shes still full of shit (obvviously) but seriously, you should appreciate her progress for a change and stop bashing her for every little thing she does thats not fair

No. 135502

We have appreciated the progress. We're glad she's finally gaining weight, but her attitude is shit. She treats people like they're nothing.

No. 135519

I cannot fucking believe that her doctors cleared her to swim for 30m "and slowly increase." Anyone who has been monitored by a treatment team knows that severely emaciated patients are prohibited to exercise until around BMI 17.5. It's often even higher! Exercising at a BMI of 15 is fucking ridiculous. Just because she has gained some weight doesn't make it suddenly OK to exercise for 30m. She could actually die while doing it if her heart is still weak. Not to mention if she's purging, this is a recipe for disaster.

I am out of my mind thinking about this. When I was cleared to exercise, it was years into a forced "recovery." I had to start with something low-impact like yoga, stretching, or walking. No running, no swimming. I was cleared at first for 10-15m 2x a week, and then this gradually increased.

This is fucking insane. Sorry. I just … I seriously want to throttle whoever approved this (if he/she even did).

No. 135520

1. Fuck that.
2. We already did. Multiple people have commented on that and how we can't see the chest-hugger anymore.
3. Once again, fuck that because (as >>135502 said) her attitude is still shit.

No. 135523

can someone ask her about this exercise thing without getting blocked? I am sick of getting blocked

No. 135529

What specifically do you want to ask? "How did your doctors allow you to do this?" You already know the answer she will give.

No. 135536

No personal experience of ED, so googled what the internet had to say about exercise at low BMIs. Everywhere confirmed hers is too low, and one person here
mentioned pilates was okay.

No. 135537

any transformation pics were silly 6 weeks ago.

Just watch her see the likes and comments die down again, she'll post more transformation pics, then vids, then bikini… what a mess.

No. 135539

This girl is beyond nuts. Has anyone ever even heard of a cinema that sells handmade chocolate stuff? Yet alone give it away for free. Her mother probably tips the staff to claim that, so that chic alice thinks she's special.
She is beyond stupid.

On facebook she still claims to study.

This girls life is absurd. I feel sorry for the brother

No. 135548

Cinemas make their profit by selling all the popcorn, drinks, sweets and other overpriced stuff (this is why I smuggle mine in with me in my bag). Giving away free things would be a really strange business move. Not that I know about business, but it makes sense to me that you don't give freebies when you rely on people buying snacks.

No. 135549

I also wanted to add that I really want to ask if she's going back to uni in September/whenever new year begins in Italy.

No. 135550

>>135548 thats what i think too. my girlfriend works in a cinema. they sell the cheapest stuff, that cant even go bad.
What kind of cinema would sell handmade sweets (and give it away for free) for such a middle class family…

No. 135554

She had mentioned she was going back to uni in September - can't find the post but it was in reply to a question.

No. 135561

She is looking better but shes probably doing it so she can go to uni and then get back to where she was before
Her medical team seems like such a joke

No. 135565

You guys remember her hot friend that would never smile… heres why.
alice mother has terrible teeth aswell. dont they have braces in italy?

No. 135566

File: 1464561757738.png (200.61 KB, 390x245, horse.png)

horse teeth aka denise

No. 135567

I think she will keep gaining as long as she has day hospital weigh ins, or essentially until she is supervised. What happens afterwards, who knows. The disordered behaviors and mindset continue to exist.

No. 135569

I hope they teach her that Tim Burton didn't write Alice In Wonderland.

No. 135572

That's a bit of a surprise. And it's always the Brits who get stick for having "bad teeth".

No. 135574

There's a small local cinema here that shows movies later after they've come out (so they have to give less percentage of profits back). Everything is insanely cheap compared to normal theaters, including the tickets.
They also sell things made from a local bakery (like caramel covered popcorn, cookies, candies, etc), along with the normal theater fare.
It is in a very small town, and is very involved with the community. In that place I wouldn't be surprised if they gave away stuff from the local bakery as a promotion for it (Working with them), but in 99% of cinemas, no.
Sorry for semi-blog.

No. 135578

Our local cinemas closed down and a multiplex opened. The locals were A LOT cheaper too. I hate multiplex. Way too pricey.

No. 135580

Our local cinemas die down as well, the cool ones just show artsy stuff.

We should make a roll call some day. Ive seen a lot of fellow germans. especially the girl with the "Bildschirmfoto" Screenshots… Most of us are european, right?

No. 135584

UK here

No. 135599

File: 1464565461521.png (335.07 KB, 459x278, no wonder.png)

no wonder Alice loves to show her teeth. Italians have some fucked up stuff.

No. 135604

If you look at the tagged pictures it looks like not just a movie theater, but that they do plays there too.

No. 135610

File: 1464566366537.jpg (44.91 KB, 475x314, hot but teeth.jpg)

last one I swear, but the denise Papa friend has the weirdest ratio to perfect and fucked up mouth.

No. 135757

File: 1464623015968.jpg (119.23 KB, 960x493, IMG_20160529_103834.jpg)

Deleted preview that will maybe show up later? looks like a whole body shot perhaps?

No. 135759

If it´s really a full body shot, she will be wearing her ugly sweatpants or something similar to hide her body.

No. 135770

her mustache is more prominent than her brother's.

No. 135829

Praise the flying spaghetti monster, she has combed her hair recently.

No. 135919

File: 1464668342477.png (443.93 KB, 518x513, Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-31 um 0…)

Sometimes she did, yes. But not in this picture with Sonia, whom we haven´t seen in a while.

Apparently, she´s been talked into posing with food again. That girl must be a saint. She seems to be the only friend Aly has left, but that´s not really a surprise.

No. 135955

I think I've seen a thread for that in /b/ but I can't remember the title, I'm sorry.

No. 136061

File: 1464728387659.png (313.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160531-165255.png)

Oh my god you guys, she ate ONE WHOLE SQUARE OF A RITTER BAR. such calorie, much recovery. Also note that she felt the need to mention the number of calories in her ensure in the caption. I predict relaaaaaapse…

No. 136064

That kiss looks so fake. Why bother?

No. 136067


I notice she's referring to her ~meal plan~ and ensure fortimel again. Old giant fork pics…she's falling back into old ig ways. Is she falling back into old ED ways of thinking? I'm staying tuned, guys (!)

No. 136068

She also looks like a very skinny woman wearing a big wig.

No. 136070

I think she meant she ate that big square, made of 4 little squares. The portion she ate is a quarter of the whole (100g) bar, so 25 g.

No. 136071

Yup, exactly my thoughts. She's gained weight but next to normal-sized people she is still tiny.

No. 136101

most likely but it's still only a partial serving that adds up to a whole whopping 146 calories

No. 136186

Not only fake, to me it looks super patronizing. As if Aly granted Sonia a huge honor by allowing her to pose for stupid food pictures with herself and to receive a kiss on top.
While Sonia probably counts the minutes until she can leave again and go on with her normal life.

No. 136205

I just want to know what lipstick she uses that never comes off on the food she "eats".

No. 136269

I didn't notice on first look, but she does look so small compared to Sonia; she looks like she has the body of a seriously frail, terminally ill old woman. And her face isn't much better.

No. 136276

No. 136278


She was on a very low BMI though, of course she isn't the best example of health and beauty after a few months in recovery. Alys awful sense for hair, make-up and fashion doesn't help either that she looks still sickly compared to other people.

No. 136365

File: 1464805635842.jpg (57.38 KB, 462x462, Screenshot_2016-06-01-11-36-00…)

Posted and quickly deleted

No. 136369

You can tell she gained weight in her legs… Probably why she deleted it. Even though she gained a few lbs her mindset is still 100% disordered

No. 136372

Her mentality seems to be the same as it was before, it wouldn't surprise me if her weight goes back down but her posts stay HAPPY POSITIVE #EDWARRIOR.

Now I want a klondicke thoug>>136365

No. 136374

File: 1464807219859.jpg (218.18 KB, 847x960, IMG_20160601_125208.jpg)

Told you guys this pose was about to be a thing

No. 136430

It must be deleted because of the legs, because it meets every other criteria for posting: gazing down at food, food barely grazing teeth, hand in hair, stupid fake smile

No. 136431

I want to see that pose Incorporated with all the other pose criteria listed above

No. 136444

File: 1464819369936.png (320.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160601-221358.png)

Wtf am I missing something? AlY posted those star cookies and called them "just baked" and then in the next photo she gave the recipe for them and talked about how much she loves baking, but she snottily told this commenter that she bought them and said so in the caption.

No. 136462

It's good to not see her knee bones stick out at weird angles. As much as I dislike her, I wish she'd feel good about not having her previous level skele legs as before.

Saying that, even with her wearing clothes, her face/head still looks too big for her body. Her hands are very thin in comparison to her fuller face.

That's the same facial expression a clown makes.

No. 136465

File: 1464821639416.png (87.11 KB, 499x273, handinhair.png)

As soon as I read this, this is all I could think of. The expression and hand in hair…

No. 136468

File: 1464821956973.png (440.8 KB, 792x373, 00.png)

Now I can't unsee it.

No. 136474

I am so confused right now….

I don't see the "just bought childhood favourites" line anywhere. Wat is going on

No. 136476

Oh! Just figured it out. She's talking about these. From 2 weeks ago.

No. 136480

File: 1464824638613.jpg (246.88 KB, 960x946, IMG_20160601_174012.jpg)

Ya, I think Aly wasn't considering these to be cookies. They are tarts. The person asked about star cookies.

Also, what's her deal with butter? She just really hates it?

No. 136485

I used to think she said she didn't like butter because she thought it was calorific, but it's probably personal taste. I hate the taste of butter, although I know most people really like it.

No. 136490

Why would Aly think the poster was referring to something from two weeks ago? And more importantly, it is fucking ridiculous that Aly can remember what kind of cookie she ate two weeks ago. That's why she is always pissy about people asking things she already answered…she doesn't understand that only SHE obsesses over what she ate and thus remembers it all.

No. 136491

She probably hates the taste/smell because it has too many calories for her. Which is funny because all those croissants she eats are nothing but butter

No. 136588

File: 1464869848448.png (63.33 KB, 440x329, wp_ss_20160602_0002.png)

The deleted pic from yesterday was a sneaked, spontaneous one, guize. This means she really must spend most of her waking moments with her right hand stuck in her hair.

She's at 1027 on her pic count. Waiting for a cull.

No. 136634

File: 1464881996729.png (481.15 KB, 526x568, Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-02 um 1…)

Who holds a donut like this, with two fingers? Not being able to fumble around in her hair while she´s taking a selfie must be torture for her.

Perhaps that´s why her smile is looking so forced.

No. 136637


50 bucks says that the ice cream cup is her mom's. These double dessert posts she's been making recently are just too suspicious to be true.

No. 136639

This makes me want to send her a link to a site showing the process of how croissants are made. Literally every single paper thin layer of pastry dough is brushed with butter before it's folded together and baked.

No. 136663

She must think we are complete fools. "Sneacked" my foot.

No. 136740

She ALWAYS says her posed shots are spontaneous and "sneaked". She either is a deliberate liar who thinks we are all idiots who wont notice the pattern in her poses, doesn't understand the definition of spontaneous and "sneaked," or is just that delusional. I don't know which is worse.

Also I love when she tried to respond to criticism but she is totally unable to articulate the criticism. Like just zero insight whatsoever. Imagine the frustration of her father as "the main reason for her ED"

No. 136839

She eats so much sugar. How is she not filled with zits on her face?

No. 136877

File: 1464952194622.jpg (214.62 KB, 530x850, IMG_20160603_053547.jpg)

Ig deleted which pics??

No. 136886

Weird. If she is telling the truth, maybe people reported the photos? Does IG tell you which of your photos it is deleting?

I don't see that photo, is it deleted? She's down to 1019 now, maybe because of the deleted progress photos.

No. 136890

Ig does not say which pics are deleted. But what would be wrong with face transformation pics that they would delete them? Sounds fishy to me

No. 136898

Wouldn't Instagram just remove her account if several of her photos continue to violate their guidelines?

No. 136899

lmao we all know she doesn't really eat the stuff she shows in her pics

No. 136932

I'm still convinced she's purging. I wonder how many cafe toilets she has defiled with her puke.

No. 136951

Aly has potential to be very attractive once again. I wish that were a huge enough motivation for her to recover for real. She could even have a lot of followers on Instagram for her looks rather than her "recovery" process.

No. 136969

>>136740 I wonder the same thing about Parismelodyraven - deliberate liar? or just ill? Apparently Paris unfollowed Aly because she was too triggering……Neither of them can take criticism - any comments on the photos Paris puts up that are too close to the truth vanish….

No. 136984

Paris asked Aly for a full body shot today to "show her progress" because she's so "inspirational", I think Paris just wants to see that Aly is bigger than she is. So I'm not sure if she's refollowed her or not.

No. 136989

Probably. But then there are numerous inconsistencies in the things Paris posts.

No. 137009

File: 1464990181530.png (60.95 KB, 318x454, you're.png)

This sounded so familiar, because Paris also asked Aly to post a body shot a week ago here: >>134807
I think you're right that she wants to compare herself to Aly, or at least confirm that she is spoopier than Aly.

No. 137025

File: 1464992695653.jpg (20.77 KB, 309x314, 1.JPG)

Either Aly's deleting these herself, or her brother's doing it sneackily.

When she was in full spoop we reported her over and over and there was NEVER one pic taken down. If ig had deleted as many pics as she's claimed, her account would've been terminated by now.

They don't just take them down mysteriously, they replace it with these (pic). That's not me btw.

Also - don't believe for a second she ate all she claims to have eaten today.

No. 137142

How can Paris say she 'gets' how Aly feels uncomfortable posting full boy pics, when Paris keeps posting photos of herself - normally not wearing much clothing and as many bones as possible.

No. 137242

Whoever posted >>134807 was bang on -Paris is an attention seeker forever posting the same meals and 'inspirational' comments but never making any progress - 10 years from now she will probably still be posting the same photos (if she lasts that long).

No. 137245

File: 1465064828989.jpeg (124.5 KB, 637x677, image.jpeg)

Uh…. Aly…. 73% and 13% equals 86%…. What's the rest? Fear? I think she's really starting to lose it.

No. 137246


no, the rest is dead space in her brain which died because of malnutrition

No. 137248

File: 1465065302644.png (10.75 KB, 296x51, Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-04 um 2…)

Lol, she corrected it after someone asked her about the remaining 14%.
I bet soon she´ll be giving maths lessons as well.

No. 137255

Ok why did she mention choclotta in her previous post? I thought choclotta wasn't completely full of shit - are they friends? Although choclotta OBVIOUSLY doesn't eat what she posts either. Posts more than Aly and is just as tiny.

No. 137256

File: 1465066529050.jpg (233.79 KB, 851x960, IMG_20160604_125156.jpg)

This picture is so stupid. flat out. With the hand in her hair holding a plate, eyes closed not looking anywhere…like a retarded waitress

No. 137259

I agree. Looks even more stupid than when she´s smiling at her food. But I´m sure this pose is totally SPONTANEOUS and CAREFREE.

No. 137264

File: 1465067085245.jpg (791.45 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20160604_130149.jpg)

Are they friends?

No. 137266

Can't be friends in real life though since choclotta is from Germany - Frankfurt I guess.

No. 137268

She's been giving shoutouts lately - I thought she had IRL friends on IG who were supporting her (how naive, I know)

No. 137270

File: 1465068143269.png (267.81 KB, 506x420, Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-04 um 2…)

She has a tattoo on her wrist, like Aly. And seems to spend a lot of her time smiling at food she probably does not eat.
I guess she´s copying her.

No. 137294

File: 1465077777156.png (871.29 KB, 846x556, Untitled.png)

I wasn't aware of this girl, but Aly's definitely copying her in some ways.

No. 137295

Also, choclotta - why is she in bed with different chicks? Is she a massive lesbian or just really tactile with friends?

No. 137302

Did she seriously sharpie her shirt to copy the other girl's shirt?

No. 137303

For the action shotted pics, that other people have to make, she prefers to close her eyes because of that wonky eye of hers.
she cant have people take or pose for 21 pics to have her eyes seem in place.
one eye is really messed up, we had it in a earlier thread.

it looks bizarre to us, but it makes sense.

No. 137305

File: 1465083105094.png (490.27 KB, 476x419, i thought we had posers back t…)

These people seem like props. i feel bad for those pretenders. theyre so uncool, im hurt. they remind me of the girls smiling at salad blog
"hi hi, we told a girl joke, so only boy act like theres a cam"

No. 137306

holy shit, she looks even more demented than aly

No. 137321

That's kind of how it works anons. That's why a lot of treatment centers work on gaining to a normal weight before doing intense therapy. Her mentality likely isn't going to change completely for a long time. Recovery afterall doesn't happen over night and just because someone gained a little weight.

I am a bit surprised her face still looks so weird when her legs are obviously much bigger.

Sage for slightly irrelevant post.

No. 137323

Damn Aly, that shirt is terrible..

No. 137367

File: 1465098608069.jpg (114.07 KB, 978x1436, why didn't she just buy it ffs…)

Sort of. She definitely sharpied that shirt, but if you google "first I need coffee shirt," that design is out there. Aly just plagiarized it.

No. 137373

File: 1465103073953.png (470.76 KB, 517x544, Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-05 um 0…)

This choclotta girl has an entire collection of stupid shirts proclaiming that food is her purpose in life. Well, if that was true, she wouldn´t look like she does. It´s quite typical for anorexics to act that way, Aly does it too.

"I´m eating like a horse all day long, I´m eating only junk food and food is the most important thing in my life, I have no idea why I look like a walking skeleton, it´s all in my genes, I must have a super fast metabolism!"

The question here is: who is copying whom? Or is the similarity between them just a coincidence? I have no idea.

No. 137377

Indeed. At a very low weight your brain does not have enough energy to function properly.

Here is what the NHS has to say:
Psychological Effects
-Thinking is affected by being
underweight. This is hardly surprising since the brain requires a lot of energy (i.e., calories) to function properly.

-Thinking becomes inflexible
at a low body weight with the result that it becomes difficult to switch rapidly from topic to topic. It also becomes difficult to make decisions.

-Concentration is almost always impaired although people may not be aware of this since they force themselves to focus on what they are doing. In part the concentration impairment is due to the presence of recurrent thoughts about food and eating (secondary
to under-eating) since these interfere with the ability to focus on other things. Some people find that they even dream about food and eating.
The almost constant thinking about food and eating affects behavior
too. It leads some people to become particularly interested in
cooking and thus they keep reading recipes and watching TV cookery programs, and they may also do a lot of cooking. At the same time they tend to become mless interested in other things
.They often give up old interests and hobbies.

People who are significantly underweight change the way that they behave. If they have been underweight for a long time they come to think that this is their "personality" whereas their true personal
ity is being masked by the effects of being underweight.

-One of the most prominent changes is
heightened "obsessiveness". This term refers to the tendency to be inflexible and rigid in one's routines. Some people may also become very particular about cleanliness and tidiness. Often this is accompanied bydifficulty being spontaneous.

-The obsessiveness is often particularly striking when it comes to eating. People may eat in a very particular way. Eating may become like a mini “ceremony” which has to be conducted alone. Some people eat very slowly, chewing each mouthful a certain numberof times; others
eat in a ritualized way always eating from a certain plate, or cutting food
into small pieces.

No. 137378

All her laughing at food pics are so samey, christ.

But she seems to have multiple friends, posts more than just desserts, and doesn't spam her captions to death with emojis and tags. She seems way less annoying overall.

No. 137407

Choclotta is quite alright. She's not lesbian, that's just her hanging out with her best friends. That guy is her BFF chickpiola's friend Ferdinand. Choclotta admits every once in a while that she doesn't finish her meals and that she's struggling / that the image she creates of herself on IG isn't the absolute truth and that she's still very ill.

Yet she's annoying cause of her semi inspirational chapter long "original" captions, her hipsterness and the fact that all those lazy shits don't have anything better to do than shopping, buying waffles and get Starbucks. Like, do you care about your future at all?

No. 137491

I'm almost certain that Paris does want to confirm that she is spoopier than Aly. She's an extremely self-envolved Ana (oh wait aren't they all) She and Ash should hang out.

No. 137505

I'm surprised Paris doesn't have her own thread on here/more of a mention

No. 137531

File: 1465158843620.jpg (69 KB, 603x606, gFX3Ld6.jpg)

Her, or that Smorven who completely refuses to believe she's anorexic, when she's bordering on old Aly levels of spoop


No. 137533

Did you guys notice, that were 1 year into real recovery.
For 1 year this chick did nothing but post on instagram.

Im honestly suprised shes not depressed. What a worthless life.

No. 137534

not that good of a choice. Her insta isnt even open to public.

If Paris is as annoying as Alice Elenor Casati, go for it.

No. 137535

Meh I had no idea it was on private, been following her for over a year now. She must've changed it

No. 137536

What Smorven doesn't seem to realise is that denial is one of the criteria for anorexia! she keeps giving advice to people on how to 'fight their gremlins', yet if she doesn't have an eating disorder what puts her in a position to offer any advice?

No. 137537

That choclotta girl sounds like a great new cow. Give her her own thread.

No. 137538

yeah :(
Paris is private too, I just noticed. Kind of weird with 100000 followers

No. 137539

She seems very hateable. Gives me a smug vibe…

No. 137543

Her legs are spoopier than Aly's ever were.

Nah, admin doesn't want ana chan threads. Probably best to post her in the general ana one if you can get heard over the kids squawking about Ember and Emily.

No. 137550

Yeah but she accepts everyone, however her posts are redundant & whiny, she doesn't make any real milk for a thread anyways. Her YouTube channel is sad af too.

No. 137552

File: 1465164163302.jpg (228.38 KB, 968x676, NO JUDGING WHAT I POST OR DO.j…)

Like >>137543 said, the anas can all be fit into the containment thread on snow.
Not to mention, Paris is very boring. She posts the same gross meals every day and does nothing of interest other than looking spoopy.

No. 137568

Everytime my sock puppet accounts have commented on an Aly pic, Paris has requested to be friends. She's hungry for attention, yo.

I never added or requested to follow because she does strike me as very dull.

No. 137683

Paris is just working on getting as many followers as possible…I sometimes wonder if she spends her time making up accounts to follow herself. How does anyone slice a cherry tomato? or why weigh 20g of lettuce?

No. 137686

I cut cherry tomatoes in half! I don't like how some can explode in your mouth. It stops them rolling all over the plate as well. I didn't notice hers though because I wanted to avoid looking at that brown dry poop looking stuff.

No. 137700

…holy shit. She is actually recovering.

No. 137706

You'd think she'd get off private so she could actually promote herself using tags. Instead she relies on just following everyone. How odd.

No. 137725

File: 1465208491874.png (487.54 KB, 514x523, Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-06 um 1…)

Back to Aly ;-)
Is this the worst her hair has ever looked?
And closing her eyes for pictures seems to be her latest quirk.

No. 137726

How can she not see her hair is fucked?

No. 137740

She needs to cut off the scraggly bits and go short, like a bob.

No. 137744

Until then, some shampoo, water and a brush might serve as first aid equipment.

No. 137755

Going by how she resonds to questions on ask.fm hateable is a good word.

No. 137858

Okay. Holy shit she is actually recoverying.

Poor soul though - her face and stomach are retaining and storing so much water. It will take her months of constant and frequent eating till her body chills out again but I mean if she just had even a slighter faster recovery she would of been weight restored by now and had her old body back.

shudders Im so glad Im over this bullshit disorder.

No. 137859

File: 1465248989622.png (258.96 KB, 351x337, Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 10.3…)

Usually she just annoys me, but I properly cracked up at this picture, imagining her just slamming the ice cream bar repeatedly into her face as she doesn't have a clue how to eat anymore.

No. 137860

File: 1465249786770.png (106.24 KB, 720x554, 73542_edit.png)

But she has been eating constantly and frequently for a year though, per her report. Why no bloating or fluid retention before, also per her report?

Pic related

No. 137864

Closed eyes = more realistic ACTION SHOOT, obviously

No. 137868

she has lipstick on her teeth and they look fairly yellow. not sure if it's poor hygiene or purging

No. 137870

They might just be stained from all the coffee

No. 137875


She's eating like this because her enamel is fucked from purging so much so her teeth are really sensitive to temperature

No. 137877

Stained from coffee
>poor hygiene

No. 137887

File: 1465260120381.png (69.4 KB, 1439x277, 20160606_190036.png)


No. 137903

y'all are assholes, he hair looks fine >>124518

No. 137910

No her hair is terrible it looks like fucking straw. It looks like it would crunch and break if you touched it. I bet she sheds hair like mad.

No. 137920

Kek, anon. No.

No. 137922

so she's pushing the ice cream into her cheek?

No. 137927

Not usually a fan of ice cream, but this Magnum looks special.

Anyway, her teeth don't look too yellow. She smokes a bit, drinks coffee…she should get some whitening toothpaste.

Her hair really is knackered where it's bleached. Here >>137859 the split ends are obvious. She just doesn't suit blonde and I hope she gets herself to a salon (unless she's keeping the hair because it puts some nth of kg on her weight).

No. 137928

File: 1465271496357.jpg (14.84 KB, 236x370, 9d20ae6432a9923ac6d12052043d3c…)

she needs to get rid of the fried ombre and settle for an all over colour, something deep and rich

No. 137939

Jesus fuck, ED treatment is such a load of shit.

No. 137944

And yet in inpatient treatment you are not usually allowed "fear foods" (the cincept of which seems to only have been legitimised online and on instagram). Whilst inpatient you get served what is on the menu, with exceptions to allergies only.

No. 137986

I don´t know about other countries, but here in Germany they do allow "fear foods" such as chocolate, ice-cream or cake to some extent.

But you´re certainly not allowed to eat truckloads of sugary crap all day long, like Aly and many other girls with "recovery" accounts pretend to do.
For example, you would definitely not be allowed to eat cookies for breakfast.

I wonder how Aly would react if she had to eat what´s on the menu and what she´s served only for a week or so. I remember how she had a total breakdown when her brother fell ill and her mother cancelled her "much awaited lunch" in some fancy restaurant or one of her stupid cafes.

O, how I would love to see this spoiled brat go inpatient!

No. 138002

She's gone inpatient twice, but it was a medical ward. They gave her way too much say in what she ate and the first time she didn't have to eat a lot because of the feeding tube.
Her doctors are fucking incompetent.

No. 138021

If the temperature is in the 80s where she is in Italy, why is she still always wearing jackets? Insecure or knows she would get called out for her "recovery?? I know I sure as hell don't wear jackets in 80+ degrees

No. 138041

You´re right, she went inpatient before but that was an absolute joke.
I meant I would like to see her join a serious, long-term inpatient program in a facility with qualified staff where her ED behaviours would be addressed.

She has gained a few pounds, I can´t deny that, but her relationship with food is still disordered as fuck.

No. 138042

stained teeth are not unhygienic. just unattractive.

No. 138044

She's probably cold, anon. Anorexia makes you cold even when the weather isn't particularly low. But she also doesn't want to show her body so maybe both.

No. 138047


smoking also makes your teeth look yellow

No. 138048

She only smokes a couple of cigs a day though.

As for a jacket in the weather. JFC, it's hot as fuck here in the UK today and even a shirt would've been UNBEARABLE (!) Seriously would've stripped off if the general public were all blind.

No. 138049

File: 1465318201177.jpg (29.73 KB, 295x294, whut.JPG)

Holy shit. What is wrong with her face. It doesn't even look like her.

No. 138050

at first i thought anons thinking she's purging were ridiculous, but it's looking more and more likely, especially from those video stills a while back. it doesn't explain why she can't convincingly pretend to eat though

No. 138051

She likes the food to look perfect too much to show a pic of food that's in the process of being eaten. It has to look precise n shit.

I'm convinced she's puking. That swelling…

No. 138141

File: 1465341651168.jpg (44.58 KB, 960x269, IMG_20160607_171243.jpg)

Hmmm, it makes me uncomfortable when people compliment her hair. People really actually like her hair?

No. 138149

Honestly, all the IG #recoverywarriors are pretty generic. They probably all copy each other.

No. 138150

swollen glands.

Also I just noticed that she has a growth on her ear where it looks like a piercing used to be.

No. 138154

People think that hair being big from frizziness and unruly curls/waves means it looks "healthy" which I'm sure is what she's going for.

No. 138155

It's probably a keloid.

No. 138162

I like to think they're trolling. I know the comments I make about her lush hair are trolling.

No. 138215

File: 1465367385269.jpg (7.68 KB, 300x386, images.jpg)


Lol, if she was eating frequently for over an year she would have a normal body and not look like balloon on those sticks.

The bloating in the stomach and face is a sign of recovery - which could of been all over by now if the girl was serious about her health early on.

No. 138216

File: 1465367407501.jpg (148.95 KB, 577x567, my conclusion is she has at le…)

Maybe both? A keloid from where a piercing used to be?

Going all the way back to the beginning of her instagram, this is the only photo where I can even see a glimpse of her ears. New theory: she hides them. Now I finally understand that weird half-ponytail thing she used to do; it was so she could put her hair up while still hiding her ears. But why??

No. 138242

File: 1465383844351.jpg (36.91 KB, 490x469, 1.JPG)

There looks like there's something weird going on with her ear here (pic). Difficult to tell.

Some asked her if she's had her cartilage pierced.

No. 138278

Thank you! Now I know she has a ear, at least. Still not sure about the keloid thing, but you can tell her ear is being dragged down by all the heavy earrings she wears. It's probably permanent at this point, and her ears are going to be gross af by the time she's old.

No. 138282

File: 1465400388679.png (594.84 KB, 560x661, Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-08 um 1…)

Someone made a portrait of her. Lol @ this comment.

No. 138370

File: 1465423238680.gif (916.31 KB, 245x183, ppbbbtttt.gif)

Ha!! That comment

No. 138377


In this caption, posted 4 h ago, she says "on this beautiful Monday" blah blah blah.

Well, it's Wednesday.

No. 138386

Same reaction as >>138370
, heh.

Good pic, but the hair is very Farrah Fawcett. They got the facehugger making an appearance too!

No. 138421

This may be a silly question, but what's up with her mannerisms/habits she gets into? She'll take photos holding her hair for months, then pose in a different way for months, now she's closing her eyes for every photo. Is this some sort of.. 'tick' or anxiety habit? (I really don't know how else to word it..)

No. 138422

File: 1465439174821.jpg (834.45 KB, 1512x1512, Instasize_0608212114.jpg)

Still can't get over how she tries to pass off her ~action shots~ as real ,and the worst part is some people actually believe it. Ex. her "eating" a magnum vs a model in an ad ACTUALLY eating a magnum. Aly looks fucking ridiculous

No. 138424

File: 1465439730174.jpg (27.94 KB, 292x294, ocd.JPG)

I think she's aware her feed is boring and tries to make it a bit different by doing these poses.

I notice she's gone back to an old habit of cutting chocolate cakes in half again and doing the fork-in-shot thing. She probably thinks we've forgotten she was doing this all the way through her fake realrecovery.

These ARE particularly stupid and annoying.

No. 138430

File: 1465440621280.png (17.6 KB, 289x103, Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-09 um 0…)

Dad (who is the main reason behind Aly´s ED) is so endlessly evil. Now he´s bought wholewheat cookies so that Aly is forced to add some fiber to her diet of empty carbs. How dare he!

I think Ma Casati should take her to her favorite American cafe and buy her a nice sugary donut or a nutella-filled croissant for Aly to hold against her face to make up for this impertinence.

No. 138445

It's like her hand won't put the food into her mouth

No. 138449

File: 1465446317410.jpg (18.78 KB, 236x286, b990dce0500f1eb8e4bbffc5a7ff86…)

No. 138451

File: 1465447983256.png (249.22 KB, 358x358, topkek.png)

Bless you, anon.

No. 138457

god this one pissed me off so much, who the hell cuts up an ice cream bar into four different pieces? guessing she maybe took an attempt at eating one part if even

No. 138478

Def seems like a trait related to her OCD…she clearly feels the need to pose in very particular ways so that she can feel comfortable with how she looks in the photos. It seems like she is slowly adding different things to her photo "ritual" over time (looking down and smiling at the food, hand in her hair, miming taking bites, holding the food in particular ways).

No. 138490

It's also a way of body checking for her.
If all her pics look the same she has a better way of comparing herself.

That and OCD. She likely feels like her pictures never look "right" so when she eventually finds one she just recreates it.
That's probably what she means when she says a picture is showing "imperfection". She's not talking about messy hair or goofy smiles but the fact that the picture doesn't follow these self imposed rules.

No. 138491

She gives me such severe secondhand embarrassment. I don't even care if she's recovering or not, she just looks like such a moron pretending to eat.

No. 138529

man it must suck to be gaining while still pretending to eat

No. 138540

I'm pleased for Aly that she doesn't look like death now, but her transformation captions really piss me off. She posts a pic of herself when she was claiming to be eating loads and recovering. If anyone said she looked like shit she denied it, deleted and blocked. Okay, I understand denial, but this is the reason she became a lolcow. She was obviously lying. She's never apologised to anyone on ig for her past shitty behaviour. I still don't believe she's eating all she says she does (and think she might be puking), but it'd be good if she admitted she was lying first time around. I expect she thinks everyone forgets her lies because she deleted all that past, so therefore it never happened.

No. 138546

The only time she ever admitted that she was lying was before IP, which evidently got deleted because she can't handle being wrong or being called out.

No. 138563

File: 1465492212442.png (877.94 KB, 929x591, huge blueberries.png)

giant blueberries

No. 138580

How small are those pancakes??

No. 138609

Based on the size of the blueberries, I'd say they're like silver dollar pancakes, which are tiny.

No. 138622

File: 1465505345160.jpg (122.89 KB, 960x696, IMG_20160609_144555.jpg)


Probably like 2inches diameter. Pic related

No. 138633

Wow 100 calories of food, so inspiring for recovery

No. 138646

Now street food cart men are also offering her full-sized desserts for free. This is statistically unlikely, or is it something that just happens in Italy? Is Aly making the food vendors offers they can't refuse?

No. 138648

Also, from her ice cream photo:
>Currently spooning peacefully with my Bro ??

Run, Matty!

No. 138652

Possibly, but I bet she doesn't swallow.

No. 138782

File: 1465564766354.jpg (125.95 KB, 960x495, IMG_20160607_171322.jpg)

Just want to put this here. It was quickly posted and deleted, I thought it would have been reposted by now but nope. I wonder if it's because it's blurry?

No. 138785

Probably, but it's ironic considering she loves #actionshoots. The first time she's actually caught in motion, she deletes. I don't like her, but sometimes it gives me a pain in my head imagining how much her OCD interferes with her life.

No. 138787

File: 1465565416290.jpg (106.56 KB, 930x595, totally spontaneous.JPG)


No. 138793

What I don't get is she gets to the point of posting it and then deleting. Can she not see it doesn't meet her bizarre standards before hand? She's constantly posting and deleting.

No. 138796

I was coming here to post this pic too. Her brother sneaked this pic?? Didn't someone post his instagram before? I want to ask him if he has to take 100s of photos of her, or is this really spontaneous??

No. 138797

She posted a nutella waffle. So does she pull her spontaneous snacks out os a stash of pics? I don't believe she'd eat a nutella waffle AND whatever the deleted puc food is without puking.

His accounts are private and idk if he speaks English. I imagine he must resent her in so many ways.

No. 138799

You know what? I hadnt considered the fact that her family doesn't speak English. So even if they are aware of her instagram, they don't know the kind of bullshit she's talking. Maybe that's another reason she makes her captions so long, because to them its a wall of foreign text they won't bother to decipher

No. 138813

File: 1465577552252.gif (2.93 MB, 636x358, 1337998530128006799.gif)

She looks at that ice cream the same way I look at dicks as a lesbian.

No. 138835


holy crap, does she eat this alone?

> inb4 anachan

No. 138844

There isn't one spoonful of ice cream missing from that tub and I bet it went back in the freezer the same way.

I don't think you'd easily find a woman who actually thinks dicks look tasty. They're best out of sight.

No. 138863

The only way that could probably happen is if the vendors were trying to desperately get her to unspoop herself

No. 138881

>does she eat


No. 138882

>Food is less relevant to my life

>Posts 5-7 food photos everyday

No. 138890

File: 1465600967425.jpg (181.24 KB, 1080x1080, 13398685_1709692175939773_4356…)

New profle pic. That pose. For the love of gods.

No. 138900


If I wouldn't know it better I would think she mocks herself and is her own parody now. She is the worst actress ever and definitely the worst poseur.

No. 138944

That hair…
How can she seriously think this looks good?

No. 138959

she's such a try hard and a faker, my GOD. how can she be so unaware of how transparent she is with her super calculated ways to seem SPONTANEOUS!

No. 138973

Those dead ends are making me twitch.

No. 139035

File: 1465664492011.jpg (185.53 KB, 926x588, image.jpg)

*~1 year of recovery guize *~

No. 139036

God, is it fucked that I think she looks healthier in the hospital pic?

No. 139037

Probably because her face has been looking worse for quite a while, and because the sweatpants she has on in the hospital photo disguise how incredibly thin her legs are. I can't remember how much weight she's claimed to have put on, but none of it's gone to her fucking legs.

No. 139041

I can't believe she is allowed to exercise given how frail her legs look.

No. 139043

How many shirts is she wearing, anyway? I live in a country just north of Italy and it hit 27C here with high humidity.

No. 139044

If she was being treated by the NHS she would be wheelchair bound , is the Italian mental health services so ignorant of E.Ds?!

No. 139047

This shows how much she typically layers her top half to not look spoopy in photos.
She does look a bit better, but really just has a more 'bulimia shape' to her with the odd bloating.
I know she's a total dick, but I do feel kinda bad that she has spent a year REAL (!) recovering and this is all she has to show for it.

No. 139048

File: 1465667172307.png (424.12 KB, 582x560, Untitled.png)

She really hasn't gained that much. She's layering up top.

Sick of her banging on about how it was her decision to go voluntarily IP. Wow. A week on a general ward was it? Sorry, Aly, but no.

No. 139049

>she has spent a year REAL (!) recovering and this is all she has to show for it.

Not really. She's only shown (little) improvement since her leg was destroyed.

No. 139055

File: 1465668505037.jpg (71.08 KB, 307x441, another long ass caption.jpg)

This is supposedly a 25lb+ weight gain, judging by her bmi updates. However, that seems unreliable.

No. 139057

Fucking hell, good choice of photo to compare it to. The only difference is that her face looks worse.

>Honeys please, trust my words
Yeah, no. 25lbs is an absolutely absurd claim.

No. 139058

>Honeys please, trust my words

To quote Aly herself - "bitch please".

25lb gain. No.

No. 139060

if it's true it's edema for sure. she's clearly a lot "puffier" lately rather than necessarily bigger and it's not unheard of to gain 20lbs of edema, though it'd be a pretty severe case.

No. 139061

I don't understand why the weight she's supposedly gained hasn't gone to the usual places first. Her legs are untouched. Well, most of her body apart from her face and hair look just as spoopy.

No. 139062


The photo on the right - when is it from? She was steadily losing weight for a few months before her hospital admission…I'm wondering if this photo is from earlier on in the course.

No. 139063

File: 1465669752267.jpg (69.41 KB, 930x597, 83 weeks.JPG)

83 weeks ago, so…Nov 2014-ish??

No. 139065

That Chanel quote…with that picture…

Thanks for finding the photo! Is there a similar photo from April or May of 2015?

No. 139067

File: 1465670427436.png (2.39 MB, 1080x1080, 1436607035131.png)

That account of hers wasn't updated for much longer after that pic, but I think this was around the time just before, or maybe just after, her IP. Can't find the thread, but it's from aly_realrecover google search.

She weighs less there than the one above.

No. 139068

File: 1465670567972.png (688.36 KB, 556x542, Untitled.png)

No. 139070

File: 1465671015325.jpg (124.34 KB, 759x813, image.jpg)

Snooped around in old threads, found this

She looks thinner there (in her legs) than she does now? Kinda?

No. 139071

Samefagging to contradict myself because I just looked again and no, they look the same as April

No. 139073

Maybe a tiny bit, or that could be angles/colour of her jeggings (ew). It's impossible to believe whatever Aly says about her gains because during the time of these pics she was insisting so DANG hard she was eating junk food when she wan't. Now she's posting A LOT of junk food and her gain doesn't match what she's supposedly eating.

If she said she'd only been recovering since Christmas (when she looked sickly), I'd say well done. However, that puffiness of her face is odd. All the accounts I've seen where women ARE real recovering, they don't look like she does. Idk. All I do know is she doesn't eat half the snacks she posts on instagram. Maybe one bite, but that's all.

No. 139075

Adding, I can't do photoshop, but I'm pretty certain if you shaved some of her hair down to look flatter and did the same with her cardigan, the lack of weight gain would be even more apparent.

No. 139077

the only thing that's gotten bigger is her hair

No. 139078

Anorexic Who are weight restoring gain first in the stomach area. The weight redistributes to the limbs overtime. I think that is why she is wearing a loose-fitting top.

No. 139079

If she was wearing those old, tighter, light-coloured pants, her legs would look exactly the same. If that layering of her upper body fools anyone, they're a total idiot. I might believe it if she claimed she'd put on about five pounds, but TWENTY-five? Not a fucking chance.

I agree, she's clearly clinging to the concept that her big hair makes her look bigger in general, so she's keeping it. Or at least, I hope that's the only explanation for keeping her hair that ratty-looking.

No. 139081

Her stomach's flat though. It isn't even bloated.

No. 139084

File: 1465672573776.jpg (47.08 KB, 534x563, a random on tumblr.JPG)

See, this is someone I found on google images. You can see her legs aren't as spoopy and she's not long into recovery here.

No. 139085

File: 1465672932688.png (7.57 KB, 273x43, Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-11 um 2…)

Someone´s comment on that "transformation picture". I think it means "there´s not much difference to be honest". Will be deleted soon.

No. 139086


All that is different is her puffy cheeks. I do believe she did gain SOME. Or perhaps is just bloated. But she's basically proving to everyone that she doesn't eat anything she posts. If she did, she would have gained a lot more in one year.

No. 139088

And don´t forget that ALL the weight she´s gaining goes straight to her organs and her LUSH hair!

No. 139111

Oh shit, she has that same empty yet manic facial expression TheFitVeganGinger has in her selfies, it's uncanny!

No. 139113

From what my girlfriend told me the italian healthcare is terrible in general, aftercare is especially lacking.

Sage for somewhat offtopic.

No. 139117

File: 1465685149459.jpg (41.71 KB, 262x403, 2.JPG)

That girl's tumblr ended in 2012 with her talking about recovery the way Aly never would. I'd kill a granny to have access to her personal diary, like the thing that she accidentally posted some time ago.

No. 139118

(that's the unknown tumblr girl's account, not Aly's if I need to say that)*

No. 139171

File: 1465704165642.png (10.48 KB, 283x62, Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-12 um 0…)

I saw it coming.

No. 139174

File: 1465704588881.png (520.84 KB, 563x587, Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-12 um 0…)

Now she´s kissing her food while making stupid victory signs. How demented can this girl get?

I want to spray the contents of this fire extinguisher into her snotty face.

No. 139193

File: 1465716067244.jpg (212.28 KB, 933x585, 1440548487599.jpg)

For leg comparison, here's a picture of when her BMI was 12.3, so yeah, no way is it over 15 now when her legs look pretty similar.

No. 139198

that chick isn't unknown, her name's Julia or something and she runs a blog called lordstilllovesme. she's recovered now.

No. 139244


One more spin around the "I'm taking a step back from this profile, I won't be posting long captions anymore, food is less relevant to me" hamster wheel

No. 139245

posts that shes gonna post less and not care about food as much as before
posts food pic a minute after

No. 139255


she claimed she gained 11kilo. When you just take the BMI system in account, it is possible that her BMI jumped from 12to15.

No. 139261


Answering my previous post, out of curiosity I calculated her BMI, if she is 46kg now she has a BMI of 16.1 these days. She looks smaller than that. Who knows where these 11kg went, arms, face, midsection, but her legs are still tiny.

No. 139262

I could see her desperately wanting to quit the constant food posting, but it's hard due to OCE and anorexia

No. 139269

Oh Christ, we're back to this. The idiot missed out "organs!!!11!!1!" though.

Where did this concept of someone being able to put on 25lb (as an example, because this is what Aly's claiming without looking any different except for her puffy face) without showing it AT ALL because it's gone to your hair, skin and organs come from in the first place? It's one of the stupidest things I've ever heard.

No. 139270

she'd probably get a lot more support if she was honest about her struggles

No. 139276

I think you're a bit confused. The BMI 12 picture is from her first attempt at recovery, years ago. Her BMI dropped down to 10.6 last year (June 2015), and now she's claiming she went from that to a BMI of 15.

(Though the math still doesn't make sense because that's a 13kg gain, not 11kg.)

No. 139280

ok she doesn't look like she's anywhere close to BMI 15 let alone 16. 14 AT THE MOST. If all that weight she claims to have put on went straight to her cheeks then 14 is possible.

No. 139313

Same old same old.
Her feed is the same as fucking always.

It's like she wants to prove she's recovering 4 REAL by saying she's going to focus less on instagram, but she never actually is.
Just like just because she says she's eating doesn't mean she is.

No. 139402

Since she said that she´s going to post less, she posted five pictures of food within 8 hours. Does she not realize that she´s making a fool of herself?

No. 139405

File: 1465790999064.png (433.25 KB, 428x488, Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-13 um 0…)

Ridiculously padded chest covered with a mess of dried straw. Nice.

No. 139410

I made a parody account using Chris Christie and before she caught onto it Chris Christie would comment compliments on her pics. One day Chris Christie was defending Aly from a hater who said she was not eating all of those calories , so CC email explained that the calories needed to go to her hair first, to parody actual Aly supporters who were always crying that Aly was still skinny because calories went to her organs first .

No. 139413

Chris Christie! Loved your work.

It was the same a month ago - she was back to long captions after like 2 photos. Does OCD cover things like having to write long emoji filled captions against your will, to prevent some unspecified doom? If so, that's pathetic and kind of sad.

No. 139414

You guys do realize that anorexics gain alot of weight and bloat in their stomachs and faces right when they start eating?

It can literally take months to even out though bet she is kicking herself because if she actually serious about her recovery last year she would look a normal person unlike like a bloated lollipop sign.

No. 139423

Please, please cut your ends, Aly!! How can she stand her frail and brittle hair?

No. 139430

I assume it's "mum" who takes those pics of her smiling at her food exactly the same way EVERY FUCKING DAY (weren't her OCD pics selfies before? Seemed like that changed but maybe it's me.) Anyway, after all this time and millions of IDENTICALLY posed pics… WHY is the woman still doing this??

No. 139431

File: 1465804157026.jpg (185.86 KB, 580x605, where's her stuffed bra though…)

>You guys do realize that anorexics gain alot of weight and bloat in their stomachs and faces right when they start eating?
Blah blah blah Aly is totally really real recovering, I'm sure
I honestly have no idea what you and the others who have mentioned stomach-gaining are talking about. Aly has not showed any sign of gaining in her stomach. She's been wearing a lot of loose tops, but when she's not, her stomach looks as flat as ever.

No. 139435

File: 1465805864815.png (39.94 KB, 438x238, wp_ss_20160613_0001.png)

Her caption makes little sense this morning. At least she admits her hair looks shit and her face is oddly puffy.

No. 139451

Only this morning?

No. 139476

I still can't fucking believe she's cleared to exercise at her BMI. It's mind-blowing. No dr in his/her right mind would OK her to exercise, especially given her history.

No. 139485

No. 139486

Care to summarise this?

No. 139487

Read the comment to which it is responding? Anon asked where people got the idea that anorexics gain weight in the trunk first, with later distribution to the extremities.

No. 139489

Yeah, I don't think that anon was completely dismissing uneven weight distribution though just that Ally clearly has not started to gain any weight be it to her face or stomach after nearly a year of recovery.

No. 139492

her newest posts though.

"I'd rather to have an icecream a day than a disordered day." honey, nobodys even close to be as disordered as you and I'm certain you didn't even have that ice cream.

"that's what happens instead when a #realrecover -ing (fake) foodblogger"
did she just admit she's a fake? how did it take her so long?

100gr flour 100gr sugar 8gr baking powder 100ml milk 30gr cocoa 50ml oil

I don't know shit about baking but wouldn't that turn out pretty dry? I mean there's like 150ml liquids and 230g dry ingredients?

BUT I have to admit the photo where she eats ice cream from a little cup - she actually looks like she's enjoyig it FOR ONCE instead of fake smiling at food. She perfected her troll skillz apparently.

No. 139501

No, I asked where you get the idea that Aly is gaining weight in her stomach. Learn to read because you just wasted a ton of your own time for no reason.

No. 139503


The point is that she isn't, and recovering anas usually do. Just another bit of evidence against her "recovery"

No. 139505

Took three minutes. Tabbed browsing! Who knew?

No. 139513

File: 1465832816706.png (3.56 MB, 1536x2048, image.png)

another example of someone who's actually in recovery, she's only been at this for a couple months, if that, and already looks amazing and she's been calling out people for faking recovery

glad it seems people are catching onto aly's BS

No. 139514

Aly has said herself that she doesn't experience bloating. >>127539

No. 139523

She looks great. I hope she fights and wins. Already looks a million times more human than Aly.

No. 139533

Exactly! But people keep mentioning the gaining in the stomach/trunk as if Aly has it. (See >>137858 >>138215 >>139078 >>139414 )
She doesn't though.

No. 139682

You can obviously see the gain in this girl's legs and everywhere in general, unlike Aly

No. 139701

She's actually really cute. Are those self-harm scars on her arm? I hope she fully recovers. Her legs in the first top left are pretty horrifying.

No. 139704

Holy crap she's a beauty. Her makeup is goals. Go Bubbles! You're doing an excellent job.

No. 139712

Judging from other photos, yes, those are self-harm scars.
I hope she fully recovers too.

No. 139771

File: 1465910030370.png (405.25 KB, 516x480, Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-14 um 1…)

Her teeth are barely touching the wrap she´s holding. And who would start eating this thing from the side instead of starting from one of the ends?

Her pictures of her "eating" are so damn fake. Why does her mother (who obviously takes these pictures) still play along in this charade???

No. 139775

Reminds me of this girl at Cheat Day, a show on YouTube - one of them always wants to eat pizza, wraps etc. from the middle to get the full taste with the first bite. Aly probably never even tasted even a crumb of that wrap tho.

No. 139788

although I think Joslyn does it to be ~unique and quirky

No. 139799

OMG she made a video again. Her hair looks even worse in motion. And she´s blowing kisses in our direction.

Thank you Aly, that made my day so much more brighten.