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File: 1544730130487.jpg (70.9 KB, 750x1045, DuP-j2hUUAA2zUe.jpg)

No. 748723

The 7th thread for one of the absolute worst YouTube artists Baylee Jae. She's come under increased criticism over the past few months for her inability to take critique, general narcissism, excessive spending and hoarding of children's toys and art supplies, and laziness. She also draws like a 12 year old and has her very own instructional "How to Draw" book that was released November 2017.


No. 748728

Old Thread

No. 748729

No. 748739

She should've taken out all of her electronics (lights/PC/etc.) the MOMENT she had posted that video on Twitter of her stepping on her floor and there was water underneath it. I can't even feel bad for her for probably losing so much $$$ worth of her stuff because of that tbh.

No. 748742

I hope she considers moving her art room upstairs instead of the basement in case it floods again. jeez.

No. 748759

She had a contractor and the landlord come out yesterday during her stream, and they said there was no problem and that she shouldn’t expect anymore water; there really was no reason for her to move all her stuff out before now.

No. 748761

I'd fucking die if I lost my computer or art supplies in a flood! I've lost less important things in past floods and I was absolutely gutted. Like pick up your shit before the water gets even higher you idiot and forget about vlogging stuff!!

I think I saged this correctly. Let me know please!

No. 748764

>my computer was sitting on the ground and just sitting in the water

This dumb bitch. You know it's going to flood and you don't get everything off the ground until after you see it sitting in water?

No. 748807

she said in her stream last week that the floor was being weird/flooding. why did it take her this long to call the landlord?

No. 748824

I feel bad for her on the one hand because flooding is not fun to deal with but I can't believe she didn't move the PC off the floor when the water started seeping through at the start considering that her computer is a huge component of her business and daily life.
Plus all of those art books on the lower shelves; I hope she's moving those ASAP.

No. 748911

File: 1544754389086.jpg (132.44 KB, 1065x770, IMG_20181214_132300.jpg)

Baylee's been saying for ages she wishes her desk was white ever since she got obsessed with pastel. If she could fit it in that tiny apartment, I'm sure it would fit in a room upstairs. Just looking for an excuse to spend more money on stuff she doesn't really need.

No. 749001

Oh look, another excuse to buy shit. You know when Youtube crashes and burns she'll be in for a rude awakening.

No. 749057

No. 749075

I haven't watched the video yet, but it's not just protecting her expensive equipment she should have been thinking about by preemptively moving everything - isn't there a huge hazard risk by entering a flooded room that has electrical equipment plugged in on the floor?

No. 749143

It’s not like it’s a room full of live wires lol, plus she had rubber boots on. Also, outlets usually aren’t that low to the floor, and the water really wasn’t that high.

No. 749204

I really do NOT understand why she left all those electronics in a room with wet floors. Before the landlord even came, I would have made an effort to move my EXPENSIVE and IRREPLACEABLE items to a new location.

This is the flies all over again, she just doesn't care at all about the things she owns at all, and has no sense of emergency.

No. 749219

Wtf how can someone go out to get 250 stamps, only buy 150 and not notice until later that she bought the wrong amount

No. 749220

Because she has so much money that being careful doesn't matter to her. This is why many of us can't relate to her, despite her silly faces and poop montages, because on a fundamental basis she doesn't have the same struggles as the majority of the population does.

No. 749275

She had a fucking hard drive full of water if I heard her correctly!!(don't use emojis)

No. 749280

Yep, and other electronics too. Aren't you not supposed to have your computer sitting on the floor, I remember hearing somewhere that towers and such need to be elevated, so that fuck up is on her.

No. 750274

I'm pretty sure she had multiple plug boards sitting directly on the ground, not to mention the actual electronics themselves that she pointed out had been flooded with water. It really doesn't take a lot of water to do physical harm. And while it was happening, the cats certainly weren't wearing rubber boots.
All I'm saying is, most sensible people would have heard the water under the floor boards and moved everything (at least off the ground) immediately to be safer than sorrier.

No. 750294

anon, she bought less than she needed. your jealous rant doesn't even apply.

No. 750610

I think she means that the desk won't easily fit going up the stairs

No. 750657

She’s all red eyed in the new vlog talking about things being destroyed but I have zero sympathy for her. She had two whole days of warning to move everything important off of the floor and she just didn’t bother

No. 750671

No. 750675

So is she a borderline hoarder?

No. 750679

File: 1545161285401.png (124.22 KB, 623x630, jeeez.png)

Why would it turn on if the brick was submerged in water!? I hope she doesn't think everything will work again like magic.

No. 750801

The >>750657
She actually had no warning, they told her everything was fine and no more water would be going through the floor.

No. 750866

but it was in rice! /s

No. 750876

Why would you ever take that chance? If you see water on the floor, MOVE ALL YOUR SHIT. How would the landlord possibly know if more water would come through or not, especially if it was still raining? She probably lied about it so people stopped harping on her for her irresponsibility. It's careless, end of.

No. 750943

I want to slap all the people that are like 'She had no warning!!' Or 'her landlord said it'll be fixed' Her landlord ain't psychic! Pick up all of your shit regardless of any reassurances! Always think of the worst case sensation!! If she really cared, she would have got on that instead of filming if for her vlog!! She can cry all she wants, because all of this became her fault when she decided to leave everything on the floor!

No. 751123

Seeing all that stuff piled up all over the place gave me a metaphorical allergic reaction. I knew she loved buying stuff, but that was bordering on bonkers. Why do two people and two cats need to live in a six? bedroom house?
I'd like to think that she'd use this whole thing as a learning experience, but we all know Baylee's brain doesn't work that way.

No. 751258

I don't think having a large house for two people and two cats is an issue… but I agree all of the crap she has is on a whole nother level! Definitely some sort of hoarding compulsive shopping issue. Im like, what void is it she is trying to fill with all the junk! Just because you have all this space doesn't mean you have to fill it with sh*t! Watching this latest vlog I literally want to storm her house, get rid of all the literal trash and garbage and rearrange everything! I feel like she thinks the solution is 'buying storage' but in reality she is just buying more stuff to put even more stuff in! Its insane.

No. 751593

Am I the only one bothered how she just threw her desk and the couch out in the trash? They seemed to be in good condition she could've went and donated them to a recycling center.

No. 751691

Exactly my thoughts. So many people with nothing that could benefit.

No. 751700

Because that would require effort. I do think her getting a smaller set up would be better since it would force her to down size how much shit she has, but then again she would probably just buy more she to clutter up her rented house. Not to get too ot but I bothers me how she complains about not being able to buy a home yet she drops thousands of dollars on dolls and other useless shit. Why not save your fucking money and buy a home.

No. 751728

It's such a waste to just throw a good desk to trash. Someone could get great use out of that but baylee is too lazy to care.

No. 751790

It wouldn't even. The Salvation army will come pick up large donations for free. I donated my old bed a few years ago and they just popped by and took it away. It was literally more effort for her to drag them to the curb.

No. 751994

It probably turned on because there was some charge in the unit itself, but the power source is fried. She can easily buy a new cord and it'll be fine since the cintiq itself didnt get wet, but i'm sure she'll use this as an excuse to buy a whole new one like she did with the printer. And a new cintiq in the size she has is around $3000.

No. 752009

I'm not really that familiar with higher end tablets but I was always under the impression that cintiqs arent really all that useful unless you're an animator or need to do work while traveling. She could easily do what she does with an intuos couldn't she? Getting another cintiq would be such a waste of money.

No. 752053

File: 1545402807869.jpg (82.49 KB, 1079x399, Screenshot_20181221-083034_You…)

This comment regarding the desk Baylee threw away is ruthless and I adore it.

No. 752148

It depends on your drawing preference, like the benefit of a cintiq is that you’re drawing directly on the screen vs a regular tablet where your hand is not in the way. One hopes she would make a good decision and like either sell the unit she has now sans power brick or just buy a new brick but if shopping for another one gives her the idea for another shopping haul video, of course she’d do it

No. 752199

I have a feeling she's going to use this as an opportunity to post more shopping related videos and put off creating more art. I can already see it now "Bought a New Desk!" "Watch me build my new desk" "I bought a new computer" "Watch me fuck around for 10 hours on my new computer."

No. 752715

For someone with Baylee's skillset, using a screen tablet is likely a minimal difference. I like using screen tablets because they don't have the disconnect that graphics tablets like intuos can have. That being said, there are far cheaper screen tablets available these days, she doesn't need to drop two grand to get a decent one.

No. 752725

It's funny that's she's just tossing perfectly good stuff away like that. I remember when she and her husband used to, more or less go dumpster diving when they lived in their apartment. I think I remember her wondering why people throw perfectly good fine stuff away. Now look at her. How sad.

No. 752927

She hardly draws with it, I completely forgot the last time I saw any digital art from her.

No. 753014

She did a small pokemon animation a while back and thumbnails for videos but now she mainly uses her iPad for digital sketches for copic speed paintings.

No. 753168

Dollar store Christmas ornament repaint….

No. 753172

File: 1545597791180.jpeg (145.53 KB, 877x748, 17308248-D4F8-4447-BE8C-FA9E33…)

Omfg! That poor snowman, it was way cuter before…

No. 753173

The pearlescent paint look nasty

No. 753222

Why did she have to go for pearlecent? It looks even cheaper now

No. 753369

Damn! is that snow man made from dirty ass snow? Look at his face!

No. 753377

Good god that's ugly. It went from being kitschy to tacky.

No. 753432

If she thinks that shit looks good I'm done

No. 753454

The paints make it look like something you'd walk by at a flea market

No. 754681

I was surprised to see her in the gold dress. She's not as fat as she looks in her usual frumpy toddler wear

No. 754743

I was surprised too. She actually looks pretty good when she tries. I think she’d look fairly cute with bangs and darker brows and hair. Mostly I wish she’d stop treating keto like a fad diet. It’s supposed to be a lifestyle commitment and you’re not going to reap full benefits being wishy washy about it. Admittedly, most diets are like this.

Anyway I don’t remember which vlog it was in but there was “were getting rid of this couch bc Christian wants a new one” like… ok. Seems wasteful but ok.

One more thing: all her friends seem as bland and boring as she is. Maybe it’s a white Canadian thing?

No. 754848

I was surprised too, although the dress was too small! Too short and too tight. The shortness showed later by the table. So classless eh. But I want to know where she got the dress.. haha.

Yeah they all seems very basic, but as long as they have fun who cares.

No. 755854

No. 756065

File: 1546125497117.png (Spoiler Image, 627.45 KB, 1080x602, pigs feet.png)

Her hands actually looks like pigs feet

No. 756342

I can't believe she is still leaving her shit on the floor! Hasn't she learned her lesson? It would take an hour of her time to put tech shelves under her desk to hold the power bricks and her Switch.

I'm curious to see how long it will take her to post an art video to her art channel. She should start following the arttube trends again and maybe she'd see her views go back up. She isn't popular enough (yes even with a million sub) to make a living off of bullshit videos lol

No. 756352

It's weird how slow she is at basic tasks. I remember we had discussed in past threads how she complains about how long certain things take her when they should be pretty quick to do. Idk if she's distracted or if filming everything makes her go slower, but it's annoying af to watch.

No. 756468

Hold up, isn't/wasn't Jennaiii one of Baylee's mods for livestreams?

No. 756900

No. 756912

File: 1546281308672.png (685.66 KB, 863x495, Screen Shot 2018-12-31 at 18.3…)

No. 756917

>”fish bowl”

nah fam she’s ripping a fatty on the bong

No. 756923

Yikes, this is one ugly piece, espcially since her potato noses seem be morphing into something worse. I can't wait for the big ear trend to die.

No. 756936

Those eyebrows are something else.

I wonder if she's going to be a housewife forever or if she'll ever return back to work. I can't even call this work for her at this point because it's a hobby with her skill level. This is just embarrassing. No wonder nobody wants to collaborate with her anymore lol

No. 756943

She doesn't take her job or art seriously so it's hard to take her seriously, especially when she goes on tangents about "being a professional artist" and blah blah blah. I do wonder what will happen to her when YT inevitably goes down the drain.

No. 756981

You just KNOW she won't be putting all those gold supplies back where they belong. I can already imagine her in a blog a few weeks from now "and this is all the gold supplies from when I made an art piece using only gold, I still need to put those back sigh"

No. 757070

Gah that drives me crazy! I mean we all have those days we don't want to put our crap away, but to leave it out for weeks is insane.

No. 757163

Is she ripping a bong full of fish? Or barfing up goldfish into a bowl????? Is that even a nose? It looks like a weird growth

No. 757571

It looks like she is throwing up to that bowl. How did she even get a book deal? If I was a publisher I would probably burn that trash.

No. 758833

got more oil paints for Christmas.. like, why? you don't paint baylee. it's like the expensive inks she got for that fountain pen video - hasn't used them since. she's actually a legit hoarder at this point.

No. 758907

She got them ecause she might do more oil paintings. Aren't her old tubes still pretty full?

No. 758919

it's probably a little of column a and a little of column b. She has no structure in her life so she's probably scatter brained and unable to focus on most things.

No. 758945

And she only got them for Christmas because she wanted to try “real” oils, not her water mixable ones…. eyeroll *

No. 758949

I never realized it before but her hair completely loses it's color in a few days time and that's bad… Her hair definitely is really fried. It's worse than I thought
Did you see the end? Even just dying her hair made it break off lol

No. 759004

File: 1546617206192.jpg (79.73 KB, 931x449, Capture.JPG)

No. 759005

File: 1546617273485.jpg (82.48 KB, 934x450, Capture.JPG)

No. 759020

God, these look awful for someone earning money with art….And anyone else older than 13 who used a pencil more than twice

No. 759060

The sad girl in that doodle looks like she is in the lens of her camera. (????) Is her next drawing going to have some deep meaning about vlogging or something? I could be reaching.

No. 759066

Despite having as much as Baylee has she still doesn't draw very well. I'm not surprised but it seems like shes regressing and is not studying.

No. 759104

I think all of the clutter isn't helping. Generally the more choices you have the harder it is to start something and finish it. When she just had her copics she created more art, so maybe instead of buying more tools that she'll never use she should just focus on improving her drawing skills.

No. 759707

No. 759721

this legitimately looks like shit you'd see in a high school kid's sketchbook. christ.

No. 759795

At least it seems like she's trying to draw something other than her usual animu/disney girls, though I'll retract my statement if she ends up drawing a girl in the reflection. I honestly hope she shapes up in 2019 and actually makes some nice art.

No. 759940

She’s one of those people who leave art school with like a slight understanding of stuff but then spiral back into unlearning fundamentals and structure. Like u can see some sort of knowledge of copying photos in the rose but the leaf and especially the dog face show she doesn’t know how to copy correctly either anymore or because she doesn’t know it. This is like basic ass learning to draw a 3D form 101 in basic art class and it’s real bad

No. 759969

It's unfortunate because she sunk herself into debt (which she paid off with all that YouTube cash she was making at her peek) to then never use the skills she learned. She was honestly a complete waste of time since she never pushed herself.

No. 760460

No. 760485

the realistic drawing of a camera and flowers paired with her shitty middle schooler art style is a bad combination. either stylize everything or nothing.

No. 760498

She doesn't realize you can do color profiles to help match The video color.

No. 760537

>leaves new camera parts on the floor
I had to unsubscribe from her vlog channel. This is just getting too sad, why is she not seeing a therapist? Is she just a lazy slob or does she have some kind of mental issues?

No. 760701

Did she really need to waste her money on a new camera when she already has two?

No. 760816

What was her reason for even getting the third camera anyway? She could've easily used her G7x for her second angle.

No. 760838

I hope that Marie kondo tidying up bullshit becomes clickbait fodder and she does it cuz her leaving shit everywhere and not cleaning up after herself gives me anxiety. It’s the only way she’d do something like basic organization

No. 760840

It drives me nuts too, you would think with how expensive all of her crap is she would take better care of it, especially after the flooding. It's baffling how careless she is.

No. 760842

I wonder how much of the crap baylee buys she tries to claim back on tax as a work expense? she's such a cheap skate about other things, I reckon she'd only throw out so much cash constantly if she gets some of it back.

No. 761002

File: 1546969343911.png (53.12 KB, 612x262, Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 17.4…)

Oh wow, another skill share video!

No. 761006

I am so sick of skillshare and the artists that shill for them, especially Baylee. I'm sure they're a nice service but it's too freaking much at this point.

No. 761512

Agreed. It's less annoying to me when smaller Youtubers are sponsored bc I feel that they need the extra money more/don't get the YouTube money (if they even get any at all) from their regular vids that they should. Baylee, however, has absolutely no reason to do a Skillshare video besides being greedy. We all know she doesn't use the site outside of these vids since she barely does art outside of vids either. I really don't understand why ppl come to her channel anymore, when her art is so bland and shitty and she doesn't make useful tutorials or anything similar.

No. 761538

No. 761552

Idk why she insists on always drawing girls. This drawing would have been so much better without that randim ass girl on the lens what the fuck is that. Last video too, the gold challenge, would have been so much better if she just drew the aquarium without the girl throwing up on it. Its ok not to put people in every drawing bayls.

No. 761568

On the new camera thingy
Didn't Baylee mention that her vlog camera was dying a month or few back? Maybe she wanted to replace it before it died.

No. 761581

Okay, I retract my statement, I wish she would have drawn this without the girl. Also, her bit about not having a broad range of values in a piece is why her attempts at realism don't always work. Those leaves could have been improve if she had just added some lighter greens where the lightest points should be and deeper valued greens where the shadows are.

Probably because she's branded herself as "the youtuber who draws pretty girls" and they're a popular subject matter atm. It's annoying from an artistic point of view because it shows a complete lack of desire to create but I can kinda see her logic from a marketing pov.

No. 761695

File: 1547069167663.png (621.84 KB, 513x514, droopy.PNG)


>no time to draw

>streams pokemon on twitch 4+ hours a day

also, why does she keep drawing girls with droopy eyelids and raised eyebrows? urgh it's fucking annoying

No. 761698

Because she doesn't care enough to understand human anatomy and how faces actually work. I feel like a broken record with the whole "she could get better if she set aside time" but at this rate it's apparent she doesn't care about improvement because her stans will eat up whatever she puts out. Said stans will also attack and bully anyone who suggests her current work is shit.

No. 761705

The thing that annoys me most is how she just misunderstands why watercolor artists say not to use opaque white and instead use the white of the paper and just blames it on “artists being elitist”.
Objectively (maybe 90% or the time), using the white of the paper will aesthically look better than applying a blanket of white over whatever you’ve painted. One of the first things you learn when you start painting is there’s barely ever any COMPLETELY white areas in real life, so using it in paintings will look awkward. That’s why adding blocks of stark white can really screw you over.Not to mention, you can’t paint over white gouache with watercolor if you needed to.
I also think she just misunderstands that you CAN use white to add small details back.

I get she’s a “cartoonist” but ffs just learn some basic art knowledge and apply it to your cartoons.

No. 761712

Funny how she calls people who understand the basics of certain painting techniques "elitists" yet she doesn't take the time to understand why the rules are there in the first place. While I'm all for rule breaking in art to achieve the look you want or for fun, she just comes off as ignorant to the basic foundational principals of painting.

No. 762103

Honestly baylee has no idea how watercolours work. I haven't even been to art school and my 5th grade art teacher taught us how watercolour works. Did she pay attention in art classes?

No. 762147

a lot of this is why her art is as bad as it is, specifically not drawing from the shoulder and holding her pencil close to the tip. It's why her lines are so sketchy and irregular and why everything she draws looks wonky and wobbly. she can never draw a smooth line.

No. 762341

Her blending is just awful. She insists on using copics and has never learned them properly. She's using them because they look good on camera.

No. 762344

She never learned how to create strong contrast either, an example being her newer drawing with the camera. The point where the camera is siting on top of those leaves would have been the spot to add deeper value and makes the points in which light is touching the subject much lighter, like possibly adding white ink if she wanted to keep it stylized. I think she could benefit from having to draw from life rather than a photo, it would force her to figure out how to take 3d object and how to translate that onto a flat surface.

No. 762368

I haven’t had the energy to watch her new video yet but “art advice I don’t follow” is such a weird flex. Like it’s something only a master could get away with not a mediocre hobbyist like Baylee

No. 762377

Understandable. All she does is complain about how she isn't satisfied with her artwork

No. 762607

Let me get this straight. She makes a video about art rules she doesn’t follow and talks about how she doesn’t like her art?

It’s almost like…. the two things are connected(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 762613

Watched it, she spends it bitching about how she doesn't want to do a bunch of common sense things like draw with your shoulder and don't draw while holding the tip of the pencil.

She also gets really literal about using values by saying "the darks on this copic marker doesn't go all the way to black".

Someone already pointed out the not using opaque white with watercolors as "art elitism" thing, which is ridiculous.

She spends most of it making excuses and getting defensive for why she doesn't follow good advice, lol

No. 762622

Forgot to sage, my bad.

No. 762643

I went looking through the comments on this video and loled at all these weeaboo teens having hissy fits over their art teachers doing their job, teaching them the rules of art and certain tools. The reason your art teachers are telling you to not use white watercolor is because it will make your paints more opaque and you will lose the luminosity that makes watercolors distinct from gouache. It's frustrating because I feel like you could explain this to these assholes and they will go on a rage fest of how "omg u dunt understand my animu art waaaaaaah." I fear for the future lol

No. 762811

No. 762812

2 vlogs today

No. 762840

cats knock shit over and she streams for 6 hours

No. 762854

Honestly let them waste their money should they ever go to art school like layzee. Art school teachers aren’t gonna push you cuz they don’t have to care, just stream your life and make useless YT videos for a couple of years and you’re set

No. 762859

True, true, it's just frustrating because they're missing out on all the cool things in art, like when you finally understand how to create 3d objects and add life to the eyes of your first completed animal portrait. I do wonder how many anons in this thread are art teachers and what their experiences with students have been like with the whole "muh style" thing.

No. 762870

I’m watching the first vlog
> she talks about voiceover and throws shade but idk at who
> quit keto when she was barely on it anyway
> she has a con coming up which means she might actually make some art
> Kiki playing fetch, v cute
> Kiki knocking things off tables bc Layzee Jae can’t be bothered to train her cats or close her studio door
> button pressing stream
> playing Pokémon

I didn’t plan on outlining the whole vlog but that’s what happened

No. 762970

The amount of fucking around she does during the day could be used to practice, or hell, actually MAKE something for once. Though I'm not surprised about the keto thing not lasting, she never sticks with anything she sets out to do.

No. 762997

Baylee "I have no time" Jae does her second 10+ hr stream of pokemon for the week..

No. 763048

Not a current instructor, but I went to school and knew a girl like this who also drew in a weird potato style and insisted all her shortcomings were because of it (she was an animation student and the instructors there didn’t care about fundamentals after a point, so I see a lot of her with baylee). It was really detrimental for her own growth as an artist cuz she refused to work on shit in school that she could either pay people for (like rigging/modeling) or had excuses for it. She used to (and still thinks) she’s just like Loish, an instagram pretty girl artist, but her anatomy is all super off and bad. When we left school of course she couldn’t get a job because her portfolio was half finished and she never completed it, despite staying in school a year longer than me (we were friends who had similar classes but I was a different major). She turned to doing furry cons cuz furries will pay for anything (despite being anti-furry for a long time), and just overall has gotten worse, still hasn’t gotten a job other than fur cons. I stopped helping her when I did art instruction on the side cuz she just proved she would never improve or listen to people who weren’t praising her “style”, so now every once in a while I look her up and she’s still there. It’s been ten years and she’s pretty much an older layzee

No. 763147

Yikes! Your description of this girl reminds me of some people from when I was still taking art classes. They couldn't take any criticism or listen to instructions and were overall very disrespectful to our instructors. Of course, this reflected in their grades while me and the other students have full scores throughout the year. One girl specifically would only draw edgy, thicc, BDSM girls with broken anatomy and our teacher was encouraging her to try drawing other things, which she took as a personal attack (very similar to how Baylee takes everything personally lol). To this day she still draws the same broken ass girls while the other students actually made some massive improvements, similar to how Baylee hasn't made any improvements in her anatomy or composition since 2015. Interesting how these cows pretend to be unique and special when they're a dime a dozen.

No. 763218

Yeah like i have been hoping like, just cuz the internet is prettt prolific and it’s easier and easier to learn stuff and see what your peers are doing but all it does is just proves if you build up a fandom and surround yourself with people who don’t tell you no your can delude yourself into fantasy world. Like if Baylee actually sat and weighed out her time vs cost vs art and stuff, she could value her “brand” a lot more than shopping and rushed art and wasting time making pins. But nope, people like this are always immune to critique and reality

No. 763448

>any art instructors
I went to ~art school~ and did a few lessons with a high schoolers.
I never got into a huge argument with any of the kids over stylistic choice but in general the ones who were less likely to follow the rules I gave them were just more stubborn.

I think it just boils down to the person being too stubborn/against change. Baylee’s just too stuck in her ways and too lazy to change them. You have to be stubborn enough to just say NO to suggestions for improvement and have a good amount of narcissism to think your work doesn’t need it.

That’s why most of the “muh style” shit is from kids/teens, most of us grow out of stubbornness, but I think also with Baylee it’s just laziness and satisfaction with the fact she’s gained popularity with her current level of skill.

No. 763617

Baylee is good evidence that you can't learn how to draw if you don't already have talent (meaning a predisposition towards the behaviors that lead to good work and improving work)

She lacks any of the character traits required to ever be a good artist, but she fluked fame and here we are.

No. 766352

Watched her latest vlog and it’s nice to see her getting her stuff off the floor, but those curtains are just asking to be torn down by her cats.

No. 766786

File: 1547622172716.jpg (262.52 KB, 1065x1130, IMG_20190116_180033.jpg)

seriously, her "art room" (seriously, why doesn't she just call it a studio or office?) looks like a pre-teens.

No. 766815

Honestly I don't have a problem with her art room. I don't dig the pastel aesthetic in general but if she likes it, hey, good for her. I don't think there's a problem with covering your wall in prints especially of artists that inspire you. I think those two things are what make you think of a pre-teen. But to me it just seems like an artist's room to me.

And I don't follow her vlogs too closely but if I remember correctly at one point (maybe it was in a previous house. it very well could have been an older video) she referred to a room off of the living room with her large tablet and computer as her "office" while the room she recorded videos in was her "art room". Again I can't be certain if this is her current set up (especially since her tablet seems to be in art room now) but perhaps she has two separate rooms that she works in and needed two separate names. Also I find the complaint about her room name to be incredibly nitpicky. It's a room that she does art in what's the problem in calling it an art room. It's hardly milk.

No. 767066

File: 1547672298170.jpeg (167.65 KB, 750x506, D7945731-A425-42FD-AC1A-C35CDA…)

Wow she’s finally getting those cysts removed…

No. 767068

I agree with >>766815 I may not like Baylee because of her laziness and pompous attitude towards criticism, but the over all look of her art room is pretty inoffensive.

No. 767129

File: 1547679947433.jpeg (312.54 KB, 750x902, 71BFD8A4-EAED-468A-8993-365837…)

No. 767292

No. 767325

it's so odd how baylee values her money. she seems genuinely annoyed that she has to pay to have her head lumps removed that the government won't pay unless they're infected, but she'll drop who knows how much on collectables and gadgets. like her money, her business, I just find I weird how she's so frugal about certain things.

No. 767329

Especially since she keeps complaining that they're hurting her too.

No. 767330

I like the tables and desks, but the dolls are so much. it's really crowding that room

No. 767331

Same, I would worry about them falling over since they're stacked too.

No. 767334

File: 1547777668709.jpg (23.48 KB, 834x230, bayleecomment.jpg)

Yeah, she values the cost of objects and seems extremely materialistic

No. 767337

woops this is the wrong vlog! this is new one, my bad.

No. 767348

What I don't get is her bitching about paying 800 bucks to get all the lumps removed when she doesn't so much as flinch when buying useless crap like the dolls and art supplies. The lumps are causing her pain so wouldn't her life be more enjoyable if she just sucked it up and paid?

No. 767476

It might be because I’m American and health care is… lol, but $200 for surgery seems perfectly reasonable idk why she’s making such a big fuss

No. 767486

same. i'd absolutely pay a couple hundred bucks to get a bunch of tumors removed from my head, infected or not. and she probably makes more money than i do.

her hair is so thin and damaged they're about to poke through like grotesque horns, for real.

No. 767705

Exactly! The lumpectomy probably would be classified as a plastic surgery which isn’t covered by Canadian healthcare but it’s a better solution than like purposely infecting them (which was a big ? when she suggested that). She could easily sell off dolls for money if she was strapped for it but it sounds like they’re a recurring problem which is common for cysts, so I bet she’s weighing out like what would the benefit be if the lumps come back. But if they’re causing discomfort and she can afford it like, why not? It doesn’t help that she also irritates her scalp by bleaching the shit out of her hair, that probably makes it worse

No. 767788

File: 1547843313894.png (332.78 KB, 744x485, Untitled.png)

This is what Baylee's been working on today..

No. 767791

It looks like a sticker layout. Though I do like the more muted colors she went with instead of the usual purple/teal/pink combo.

No. 767839

why is it so bendy?

it would be cool to do digital stickers since that's the "new thing" now.

No. 768022


I nearly mistook this for something Holly drew, what with the bland colors and warped proportions.

No. 768156

I think this is a Step up from the work Baylee does. One, I like that’s she’s actually using her couple of thousand dollar tablet. Two, I like that she’s actually using a diffrent color scheme instead of the bright punch in the face colors of her old stuff. Three, I just think it’s cute, and I like the warped proportions, if this was a sticker sheet I wouldn’t do that though.

No. 768157

That wouldn’t be a vintage dress that’s historical, vintage would be anything back to 1940/1950 and 1940 would be pushing it

No. 768175

Im just glad she’s not drawing one of her wonky ass girls in her “style”

No. 768245

No. 768248

She says that outlining in pencil helps a bit with the stiffness in her art but thats really not what makes her art stiff. Its the lack of movement, stiff poses that look uncomfortable, and creepy expressions

No. 768249

> Sketchbook slam guise
Even in 2019 we can't escape that excuse. Another issue with her drawing stiff is that she uses her wrist rather than utilizing her shoulder to make lines. Also, she's mentioned in the past that she's heavy handed, probably learning to lighten her pressure would help in keeping her lines from being so stiff.

Agreed, she's not addressing the main problem with her process and is passing it off as "oh, it's just my outlining lol."

No. 768256

"Let's make intentionally stiff items [wine glass and hottle] bendy so that my art doesn't look too stiff"

No. 768257

That confused me too. You would think someone who specialized in animation would know how to make objects/people have movement. Guess degrees can't buy skill.

No. 768266

>degrees can't buy skill
absolutely right anon. i'm wondering if her head lumps are cutting off circulation to her fucking brain, what kind of idiot assumes that the opposite of stiff is bendy rather than dynamic??

No. 768270

honestly I like the kinda bendy bottle and glasses. I think the shoes look pretty good too. The dress and grapes however not so much and I really hate the way she uses her copic it looks so messy and really just not nice. You would think after several years of working with copics she would be good with them but nope

No. 768273

I think some of her shitty coloring is due to using her wrist and applying too much pressure on the brush.

No. 768275

Probably, much of her attitude towards advice and or criticism reminds me of an old friend who I took art classes with. Both very much up with own smelly anuses when it comes authority figures in art and generally very dismissive when they ask for advice or help (as in they ask "oh, what do you think of my drawing?" and they get mad when you tell them something is wrong. it's annoying af). I think also her having her comment section as a glorified echo chamber is not helping since her stans see everything she creates as "amazing" because they apparently can't draw a fucking line.

No. 768290

File: 1547923916709.jpg (112.54 KB, 925x599, Capture.JPG)

Noticed this on my instagram feed today and it's laughably bad in my opinion like there's no effort put into this 'comic' at all

No. 768404

That’s probably the point, honestly. It’s supposed to look scribbly and rushed. Plenty of artists post dumb doodles and comics on social media, usually like “lol I’m taking a break from serious art and made a dumb thing”

No. 768455

The shoes look traced tbh.
Everything else on the page is pretty flat and has a single line weight. Yet the shoes have much more variation in line weight and curvature. They stand out compared to everything else on the page way too much.

No. 768493

You’re right omg.

Also the wine bottle and glasses look like holly drew them

No. 768622

I wasn’t looking at the video until half way through, I saw the shoes and had to scroll back to the beginning just because I was so sure they were traced, and of course she doesn’t show us her drawing them.

I’m pretty sure you can also compare the shoes to how she draws shoes normally and see how different they look (usually flat and simple, here they are detailed and dynamic) granted she’s definitely using a reference here, even then it would be hard to achieve the differentiating line weight necessary to decently draw those shoes with her skill level.

It’s possible she’s either been practicing drawing shoes or had a breakthrough with it, but judging on her recent still-lives I doubt it.

No. 768680

You are right, I guess I am too nice. She did not show how she drew them, this would make sense. I dont understand why tho. She hasnt cared if something looked shitty and out of propotion before and doesnt with literlly everything else on the sheet.
As for the bottle and glasses I honestly like the idea, reminds me of the tipsyness you get from having too much wine, the execution isn't great but not too bad either. Hate the explanation of it tho "bendy so it isnt stiff" I would have accepted it very well if she had said it represents being a bit tipsy

No. 768725

The comic would work with the top panels removed

No. 769358

In the last vlog Baylee said she streamed Pokémon for over 8 hrs or something looking for shiny dratini… What a waste of time? Haven’t played Pokémon since gameboy days, but wtf is wrong with this game…

No. 769383

I'm too lazy to look but she's been looking for that thing since before Christmas - I know she did atleast 3 10+ hour extended streams, plus heaps of her normal 4 hour streams looking for it. she's definitely put 40-50+ hrs into it. like fair enough if she wants to stream and play games, be she made such a fuss that she made "work hours" and has to finish by whatever time, but she throws that out the window multiple times for video games, then complains she hasn't had any time to make art videos (her job). she'll never be integrated back into a real job if YouTube goes bust, she's just too entitled and lazy. she better hope she finally gets pregnant soon so she has an excuse to continue to stay at home all day.

No. 769457

She seems to play pokemon in the most boring way. I don't understand how people can Shiny hunt for hours. Shiny pokemon are cool and all, but actively shiny hunting sucks the soul right out of the game. I can't for the life of me understand how people sit there and watch her do the most boring thing in pokemon either.

No. 769574

Good to know it’s her not the game.
And yeah,I don’t know how can someone watch her play or make buttons. Her art streams used to be fun when she used to make a full illustration.

No. 769616

Imagine if she tried to get a job at a studio again with her attitude towards "working for someone else's bottom line" I'm sure that would go sooo well lol

No. 770066

Considering on her newest vlog she’s just copying art from it instead of like, learning fundamentals like structure or anatomy, I doubt she has the chops to get a studio job anymore.

No. 770880

Holy shit, Baylee actually drew something for once

No. 770957

The drawings aren’t bad but i still feel like she would improve more if she drew from life instead of copying the frozen drawings from the artbooks. Idk. Maybe it will help with her wonky ass “style”

No. 770964

I think this is as close to life drawing as Baylee will get at this point. Let's she if she actually sticks with it though, she usually says she's going to start doing something, does it a few times, and then never does it again.

No. 771160

File: 1548351149134.jpeg (128.36 KB, 500x324, 41107CE1-5E6A-4581-A8DA-B0AC3B…)

She can’t even copy other drawings well, she flattens them out cuz she has no sense of structure or form. Here’s the originals by Jin Kim. She needs to go back and learn how to draw people, not just copy drawings for practice cuz it does nothing to train your brain into making a 3D object 2D and vice versa

No. 771433

So she made appointment for a dash cam but not gonna get her cysts removed?

No. 771470

File: 1548403247498.jpg (360.84 KB, 1078x762, SmartSelect_20190125-075824_Tw…)

She is going to use the oil paints at some point this year, right?

No. 771547

I’m dumb so I don’t know, but why would she need a dash cam?

No. 771548

> Because she an yOuTUbeR first!!!

The logic behind much of her decision making leaves a lot to be desired.

No. 771642

I hope it’s not for vlogging but tbh you can buy dash cams really cheap off amazon now so if you’re like prone to accidents or want more security when you drive, dash cams can save a lot in the long run

No. 772068

Newest video. Not surprised honestly. Wouldn't be surprised if she's done it more often either.

No. 772099

The video was pretty anti-climatic, not worth wasting your time watching this garbage. Also, yay for sponsor video for over 2 minutes

No. 772183

Even traced it looked horrible.

No. 772275

I feel like it's the end of Baylee's career. Waffles, who also has 1M subscribers now, have 500k to 1M views per week while Baylee hardly breaks 300k views per week. The art community is not interested in her videos anymore.

No. 772340

Agreed anon, her art has even dipped in quality these past years, she doesn’t improve or even try…. she should move on from art to another hobby. Games bleh

No. 772354


Between this thread and the art Salt thread I couldn't help but notice the constant countdown to waffles hitting 1m and I feel like it's the same person who's either waffles or a serious waffle stan, who's been eagerly waiting for her to hit the 1m subs mark lmao. Sage for ot, but whoever you are anon, godspeed.

You're both right though, Baylee is no longer the "Copic queen". She's no good at them, and I feel like copics have died down in popularity, mostly due to the fact that there's just so many more affordable options for alcohol markers on the market now. Theyre going the way of Wacom. A lot of artists are on watercolor or gouache now, or if they're digital, they're on their iPad and using procreate or whatever.

Baylee has been eking by, running on uninspired fumes and same old potato nose girls, blotchy colors and bad composition. She only ever streams boring ass videos on twitch now.

No. 772361

If Baylee wasn't such a stuck up bitch then I would feel bad for her. Ever since she pivoted to drama/click bait video did I start to see inconsistencies in her views (she would have really high views one week and the next barely crack 50,000). She'll probably click along for a bit more but I don't see her gaining back the momentum she had back in 2015.

No. 773069

I honestly think she prefers gaming to art now. A few months back after going to Twitch con I think, she mentioned not having put much effort into Twitch as if it's just a side thing which surprised me. It seems like her main thing now.
She'll often move an art stream to play Pokemon instead and if she's getting paid for it I suppose you can't blame her but why make out like it's just a little extra thing that she does when she's on there for hours?
Jazza struggles to fit one stream into his work week. Her work week has to fit around the streams.

No. 773077

A lot of YouTubers have started streaming either full- or part-time because they didn’t make enough money on YouTube. I wonder if Baylee partly prefers streaming because she’s making extra money there?

No. 773085

She probably primarily makes money off her streams now because her views are way down on YT and she runs out of content regularly. Her vlogs are boring AF cuz she vlogs herself streaming and that latest sponsored video was such a slapdash cop out, like other artists sponsored are making actual content and she just talked to the camera for five minutes. She really needs to narrow down what she wants to do instead of doing everythiing and having no content. But she’s gonna run herself into the ground anyway and waste her time making buttons

No. 773167

File: 1548744752065.jpeg (121.7 KB, 1000x1000, 9EF0FA82-12C0-4470-86D2-986641…)

Lmao someone named @jessinvasion on twitter drew this. Most accurate representation of BJ I’ve seen

No. 773284

is that a selfpost, anon?

No. 773286

In her last few vlogs Baylee kept saying “I hate spending so much time on one video” but like?? It’s your job and you SHOULD spend a few days on each video???

That said I am looking forward to the 3D pen video bc those are actually pretty interesting.

No. 773287

I noticed that too, which is funny since she keeps talking about wanting to get into oil painting. Maybe if she wouldn't stream for 8 hours she would have to time to make quality art.

No. 773842

File: 1548920884274.jpg (859.98 KB, 1080x1960, 20190131_074701.jpg)

From 4 days ago

No. 773912

The state of her house in her new vlog is horrifying… And yet she is STILL bringing more shit in!! She's going to end up on hoarders if she keeps this pace up.

No. 773914

Of course her followers are blinded by their weird obsession with her and refuse to see it. I understand that it's common for multiple people to have similar art styles, but those saying that it's just a coincidence don't seem to understand context. If this was at all like her normal way of drawing, I could see it might be that she hadn't copied. But these bunny pieces came out of the blue, with similar themes, similar character shapes w/similar faces, similar colour choices, and similar use of a cozy "cluttered" vibe - it's all too much to be coincidence.
Also, people saying it can't be copied because the shading and line weights are different don't realise that Baylee probably wanted her piece to look even more like the bear one, but wasn't capable of making it look as good and that is where the true difference lies.
Again, they will refuse to see this because they think Baylee can do no wrong, but it's often telling that an artist's pieces improve only when they "try something new" out of left field. The same thing happened when after drawing the same way she always does she all of a sudden found that 'prominent ears on the side of the head' style that we think she took from another artist with a smaller audience.

No. 773917

No. 773972

everyone loves a shrek dick joke

No. 773999

File: 1548970119933.jpg (116.37 KB, 1000x713, IMG_20190131_131223.jpg)

in all fairness tho, there's a lot of people who blatantly copy stkumachip's style more similar than Baylee, or that there's just too many artists who draw the same way especially Japanese artists and I follow a lot of them. I've been following Kuma chip for a while and she always reposts ppl who have done the same tiny cubicle, cute box styled rooms with small animals like f_nezumi, rishjuly and those are just ones I can think of. I think kumachip is aware that a lot of ppl have been inspired by the miniature rooms, so baylee might have just got that idea maybe? the same watercolor- children's book style but with a cuter twist. you can find some on Kumachips twitter there's just loads of artists doing it.

No. 774152

The problem I mainly have with Baylee is that she has a popular art channel but she talks about it as if it is a chore or just a job. Other youtube artists like Rin and Kasey show a lot more passion, and you can tell they genuinely enjoy art. It seems Baylee only makes art (or craft) if it is just for a video rather than because she enjoys it. It just makes me wonder why she is so popular?

No. 774185

She got popular for being in the right place at the right time, not necessarily for being a good artist. I can see how some of her older videos have some appeal, like the three marker challenge and crayola challenge, but like you said she isn't passionate about it and that shows in the subjects of her videos and how much effort she puts in.

No. 774186

Went through the comments on this video, apparently her viewers don't find her "tracing" edgy or whatever reaction she was hoping to get.

No. 774189

that tracing video was so pointless. She could have done some art as well and told the unnecessary story as a voice over.

No. 774222

No. 774230

all I can think of is how her art has stagnated for literal years (from an already shitty starting point) while her face keeps getting rounder and yearly addition of +1 chin.

No. 774814

to be fair, she had to put all of her belongings into half of her house

No. 774830

this is literally the only reason I let this slide. I really hope the state of her house gets much better when this whole situation is over and done with

No. 775027

No. 775037

> No More Studio Vlogs (Art Channel)

Hasn't she only done like one studio vlog? I can only see one with it in the title on her art channel.

No. 775058

May be a nitpick, but PSA: that is not a healthy way to hold a pencil. Awkward grips can increase your likelihood for carpal tunnel.

If you're an artist, be mindful of your grip. Modifying your grip might save you a lot of pain. A tripod grip is generally the best.

No. 775559

No wonder why she complains about her wrist all the time.

No. 775564

This grip might explain why she can't draw, she holds the pen like a weapon and not like a tool

No. 775575

I don't follow this cow, but it looks odd because she is left handed. She is probably holding it in a way not to smudge the paper with the ink/pencil.

No. 775596

her right hand looks like pigs feet..

on the other hand, her grip looks incredibly stiff, and considering she bragged about not even moving her shoulder while she draws, no wonder her art is so stiff. and if she doesn't change her grip and keeps using her wrist, her art will never look dynamic. (even though she graduated in animation? and big part of animation is dynamic?) but alas, stiffness is just her style aint it…

No. 775601

I'm left handed and no way am I holding my pen like that

No. 775607

No. 775620

I’m watching the newest vlog now and she has her cat on her desk as she’s wrapping the enamel pins up. I’m hoping she writes on her shop that her stock comes from a cat inhabited home because the way the cats are all over her stock, someone might suffer from serious allergies. Just something she should think about…

No. 775642

File: 1549485233828.png (498.03 KB, 962x509, lazyeejay.png)

She mentioned in her last video that it had been awhile since she drew a girl.. From what I remember of the last girl she drew, in my opinion this is slightly better. I do wish she would stop being lazy and actually better her faces and become overall better. There was a time where it actually looked like she put in so much effort into her art, but even this seems like not much effort has gone into it.. But it does seem better than all the other girls she's drawn within the last… year.

No. 775649

that is kind of cute in my opinion but it's nothing special or that great

No. 775652

I agree, it does look a lot better

Tbh I kinda think the pink miltiliners might actually work out for her. I actually kinda like this piece and found myself enjoying the progress. No muddy colors and no harsh black lines other than the eyelashes, but that fits with it.

Pastel would be more fitting for her style after all, imo
Hopefully, this'll give her a bigger push to keep making more artwork. She can even use pink lines in digital art if she wanted to, which I'm kinda surprised she hasn't done unless I totally missed it.

No. 775688

That would require her to think of anyone but herself

No. 775720

tinfoil? but i feel like the main reason she changed her style is because this one takes her much less time and it's generally easier and quicker to do

No. 775904

Why tf is she bragging about that? Generally it's better to draw with your arm than only with your wrist (although this mostly applies to people who paint or work large).

No. 776367

She’s always had this feeling of being one of those “not like the other girls” girls, like she thinks she has traits that make her special and extraordinary but they’re not. So it’s like, does she think writing and drawing that way makes her special cuz she’s “successful” cuz it only is damaging to her in the long run? But she doesn’t think far enough ahead for her channel, why would she think far enough for her overall health?

No. 776843

File: 1549837585772.jpg (625.52 KB, 3365x1245, 51795649_2023999147899150_7228…)

they had to use her old art for the new header because we all know her new style looks like shit

No. 776854

she says she went off of birth control a year ago. Perhaps planning a baby? (I know people can stop birth control for many different reasons but it did come to my mind considering how others have mentioned already that she might turn into a baby channel to get more subs)

No. 776870

She mentioned a while ago about coming off her birth control in reply to a comment asking about having kids. It was not long after the wedding if I remember right.
I did wonder if they've been trying all that time without success.

No. 776936

File: 1549864060297.png (29.75 KB, 1040x101, Screen Shot 32.png)

>Perhaps planning a baby?
>but it did come to my mind considering how others have mentioned already that she might turn into a baby channel to get more subs
>I did wonder if they've been trying all that time without success

This always feels like icky territory, discussion-wise. Like Baylee is without a doubt a cow and putting her own business out there is her own prerogative, but that always just feels like one step too far. Just reminds me of when Emzotic's posts were outed and she had that one post that was like "haha yeah fuck emzotic, but can we not speculate on her being pregnant because what if she can't have a baby wouldn't it be terrible if she read this stuff?"
….and then Emzotic came out later and basically said they had been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby for a while or something and she was real fucked up about it. Idk, just feels badman, especially since this is a female driven website. There's just so much that can go wrong with pregnancy/trying that has nothing to do who anyone is as a person.

sage for ot and being overly sensitive on a shit-talking website

No. 777027

I don’t really see how family planning is something appropriate for discussion, it’s entirely their personal business and has nothing to do with her shitty art. Why does any discussion of women always end up about their fertility

No. 777461

yeah honestly I’m here for ragging on her shitty art and her issues she discusses on her vlogs and channels but it always squiks me out when y’all do the low blow cuz women are always held to double standards when it comes to bodies and bullshit like that

No. 777851

The hell are those cheeks hearts and poop jokes. The art is cute tho

No. 778093

I can’t watch people mendling with food. Gross. The cats are cute.

No. 778161

Right? I feel like she was trying pretty hard to be 'quirky' or funny with like poop/fart joke humour.

No. 778275

this is so gross to me for some reason, I couldn't even finish watching. I also don't really see the point since she can't exactly keep the art

No. 778295

genuine middle school grade art, couldn’t watch for more than a few minutes with all her poop jokes and the gross chocolate, too. it’s obvious she’s trying to piggyback off the fame of kasey golden’s series where she paints with random stuff, but at least kasey’s artwork turns out nice and has genuine thought put into it. this just looks soulless imo. her art and her youtube career are declining, don’t know why this video solidified that for me

No. 778340

Soulless is good way to describe it. It's competent enough but it looks like an illustration you'd see in a dollar store coloring book. There's no personality to it, just a bland drawing of some cats. She didn't seem to put much effort into figuring out how to utilize the candy as a medium either. No attempt was made to mix colors or add shading. She didn't try very hard to make the chocolate "paint" usable either, it was all lumpy and looked really disgusting.

No. 778347

This video was honestly too disgusting for me to watch, ugh. I can’t stand watching people try to make art with food. Unless it’s food that also doubling as art, like cakes. But I get caught up imagining how sticky and smelly it would be

No. 778714

File: 1550296738333.jpeg (64.36 KB, 640x490, E87A546D-5770-44BD-84F2-471458…)

How to stop one cow from feeding another cow?

No. 778776

No. 778779

She is never going to use this unless it's for a video since she has an affiliate link.

No. 778877

The catalog sounds nice for digital artists, I guess, if you're too lazy to make your own pallet using photoshop filters that take 30 seconds at most.

Yet another thing she'll never use again.

No. 778971

Finding a color palette doesn't do you shit if you don't know how to place the colors. There is 0 contrast between the anchor and the background, to the point where it's hard to even tell what it is after coloring

No. 779278

This books is a nice idea if you’re too dumb or uninspired to search “____ color palette” on google. (For example, “stormy color palette”)

Honestly though kudos to the book person for using Baylee as advertisement. It clearly worked bc I’d have never heard of her if Baylee hadn’t made a video.

No. 779595

why are you posting your own tweets, unsaged, in the third person? we can see the statistics icon lmao

No. 779603

>>779595 Maybe anon's never used /snow before lmao

No. 779800

Bit narcissistic how she filmed Joy San mentioning her in a video

No. 779882

I know I’ve said she copies people before, but I just saw Katnipp do this same thing. It’s weird; it’s becoming like a weird circle-jerk.

She mentioned again not being able to come up with creative ideas, and it leaves me wondering why she got into “art” in the first place. I think there are plenty of artists who aren’t creatively minded, but they usually back it up by being technically skilled. Then some people are the opposite, and some are both. But what does she offer? I wonder if she started down this path because of her liking Disney

No. 780035

Imagine having a Cintiq, Copic, or just a pencil and still drawing like a 5 year old kid

No. 780082

I'd say her skills are at a 13 year old's

No. 780171

Using chocolate as an art tool? No, that's just a bad idea to use an edible candy to make artwork.
What was she thinking?

No. 780176

I guess this just shows good supplies doesn't make you a skilled artist. It is sad to see her stuff go to waste tho.

No. 780214

And now she is buying super expensive oil paints. Because she used her previous ones soooo much!

No. 780218

She must have spent a lot of money there but I bet she'll only use the oil painting supplies once.
Also, she keeps going on about her hair being dry from using products.. errr I think it's from the all bleaching!

No. 780245

This is. So frustrating. Anyone with more than two brain cells knows that when starting a medium you work with the absolute basics (primaries, Black & White), mix what you need, and reward yourself with specialized colors later.

But whatever! Monetary flex!

No. 780263

Fuck I am so tired of this chick. First she complains she doesn’t have any creative ideas (idk about you, but that sounds like a symptom of artist block), then when she dose have an idea she only focuses on buying supplies. What the actual fuck! Not to mention she went all the way down to Waterfront to buy things when she was literally in the mecca of the art scene! Art galleries, street art, art classes, Emily Carr University (a rich art college with an art collection), just so many places for inspiration!

But of course, staying inside with your Disney dolls and Netflix is what real artists do.

Sage for no milk.

No. 780279

She’s uninspired bc she doesn’t experience anything. She stays home all the time and buys things. That too could give her some ideas… I think she tries to go for epic and creative when she could just illustrate domestic life. Cats couch a couple dinner etc. But she’s just bored with the monotony.
Buying pastel colors instead of making them- what a waste. I’m sure she spent close to 200cad on that spree but removing her cysts for this price is just too much.

No. 780311

For real. You don't need to buy expensive brands either, you can always find a decent mid range or even cheap brand if you're willing to do a little research. Limiting her colors would be good for her anyway since her understanding of color is pretty weak still.

No. 780421

Not to mention she could probably just mix 70% of the colors she bought. Buying specific tube colors is fine but how can you not know how to mix paint??

No. 780442

I don't really understand why she went to buy new oil paints when she already had so many. And a whole bunch of them looked nearly unused.

Also whatever happened to giving her hair some rest…

No. 780451

She looks so greasy in this

No. 780452


This is like what the third time she promised to make more oil paints and then justifies it by buying more. And of course she's going to hoard her old paints.
She comes off as a bit ungrateful for her gift by not using the holbein to just learn on and just buying new paints. Holbein isn't a cheap brand.
And if she's going to be using real oils she needs to figure out a ventilated area to paint near and not in her cave. And she needs to absolutely keep her cats out and away from all her oil supplies. She just let's them get into everything and thinks it's cute.

No. 780473

she's barely touched the water soluble oil paints. This is just such a waste. She must have spent a fortune. Also using oil instead of solvents isn't going to make much difference health-wise if she's going to be using them and the paints in her cave with no ventilation. She just wanted an excuse to spend, spend, spend.

No. 780493

She wants oil painting to become more of a primary medium for her and i dont get why??? Shes clearly going for simple cartoony drawinfs. I dont see how thats going to match with oil painting. Or why that would ever be her go to. Feels like a waste to use oils on something that is completely basic/simple.

No. 780501

I really hope she keeps her cats out of the art room when working with traditional oils. That shit is toxic. Vapors, thinners and all. If the cat even drinks thinner, it’s gone…. Baylee is too lax to take precautions….

No. 780502

I agree. Her art is way too basic and simple for oil paints. Oil painting is best if your're going for more realism or fine art type painting. Oil paints will never be her main medium. She'll probably use them once and then spend another year moaning that she doesn't have time for them.

No. 780512

Why did she get all those pastel colors if she already got a set for Christmas from her family. Wouldn’t any normal person try them out first before buying more shit. She has hoarding tendencies. I feel like buying material shit makes her life more interesting or meaningful. Sad considering she doesn’t really use stuff more than a couple times after she buys it. What happened to her colored pencil art, her gouache paints, her watercolors….

No. 780540

Nice, more supplies she will use once for a video and never use again

No. 780547

“I want oil painting to be my main thing and maybe it’ll even pass my Copics”
Sure, Jan.

No. 780578

Does she know you have to wait 6-12 months for oils to fully dry before you can put a final varnish on it? Or that she needs to be in a well ventilated area for OMS? Does she know how to dispose of her OMS?? Will she just pour it down the drain?

No. 780745

Layzee Jay just mentioned in her latest vlog that she won't get her lumps removed until mid-April now because her surgeon had to cancel and then shows one of her lumps on camera and it just made cringe the fuck out. Normally I'm never grossed out by anything but this just did. Like I get she had these for seven years and isn't bothered by waiting until April but like why would anyone let something like that go for seven years??? And I even wonder if she even made an appointment in the first place after the last one "didn't go her way".

No. 780753

Baylee also said in one blog that she had been hanging out with friends one night and someone had mentioned that they thought cysts or lumps were gross, so she grabbed his hand and put it onto her head so the guy could feel her lumps. Good idea. (Never done this before so forgive me if I did it incorrectly)

No. 780765

That pissed me off when she said she did that. Like wtf?? I'd be way more grossed out if I was that dude.

No. 781036

File: 1551067714304.png (514.87 KB, 640x1136, 742018E7-B290-4486-B830-A1D59C…)

No. 781038

buying pastel oil paints when she doesn't even use the ones she has is so ridiculous. If you mix a little bit of any color with white it makes the pastel version. she's so insufferable

No. 781050

Those caps on the oil bottles always leak for me and I am hoping she puts them up in her closet or somewhere instead of leaving them around her work surface. I swear this is gonna be a disaster

No. 781071

>buys a fuck tonne of traditional art materials
>is known for cranking out at best two (2) halfassed doodles a month.
>First drawing back is digital because why not live as the most wasteful talentless gremlin of Canada, who now has more supply hauls than she has videos actually using said supplies.

Bet the moment she tries to line & colour the sketch will loose any charm it had.

No. 781085

>>781071 I think thats the picture she is gonna use for the oil painting. Someone asked and she said she was going to do it digital first and then paint it. I don't do oil painting and I don't know anything about it, but doesn't her art style not work very well with it? I feel like whenever I see oil paintings they're a lot more realistic.

No. 781091

How long is she gonna keep dying her hair?
She's been bleaching it for so long I'm surprised she still has some on her head.

No. 781099

File: 1551112019321.jpeg (415.51 KB, 750x1069, CFE69A14-760A-43AC-8B5A-4D27A2…)

An hour and a half!?!!! On those hands!?

No. 781101

And she wrote a “how to” book with anatomy tips…. *facepalm

No. 781106

She cant draw clothes, facial features or props without making them blocky/crooked/very basic and chunky. Because of that none of her drawings are prime candidates for high rendering (which is the whole point of oils, they are highly blendable, soft on brushes but very pigmented)
Its not to say she can't use oils, but the shade ranges she buys, how many and how much is the questionable part. Its like buying ClipStudioPaint for some hundred dollars only to sit and use it for the basic features you could have literally bought SAI instead for. Except instead of a permanent license, her products have expiration dates and considering she gets ahead of herself and opens alot of these tubes yet never use as much as 1/4th of them….its money out the window.
(mb for jumping to a minor conclusion tho but I dont follow her and only check up on the thread cause i am flabbergasted she still has a carreer.)

No. 781114

Is it me or is that head very deplaced on the neck? Looks crooked. I hope no one bought her how to anatomy book, this is such a beginner mistake…

No. 781117

I remember her complaining about her old printer and then getting exactly the same one again. Now its having the exact same issue… What a surprise. The animal crossing stickers are cute though

No. 781139

The face is just flatout copied from the Frozen artbook… it’s so obvious she doesn’t do any underdrawing or gesture. She graduated from an animation school but can’t draw hands?

No. 781153

I still don't get why people buy the cute food stuff. It looks awful

No. 781154

File: 1551130803053.png (26.64 KB, 571x99, Screenshot 2019-02-25 at 21.39…)


No. 781174

Holy shit, what a boring vlog. She talked about a sticker display for almost half of the fucking video.

No. 781215

You know, full time artists draw the most they can all day.
I bet Baylee does everything to draw as little as possible in the day

No. 781289

Brave od you to assume she even draws daily.

No. 781342

At least she cleaned the mat but at what expense. Why she can't be more respect full of her equipment? It makes me so angry. Like the glue accident?! The hell.

No. 781345

Just another classic Failee Jae vlog. Why do anything properly when you can half ass it? Moron!

No. 781347

felt like watching that was a waste of my time. Feel like it was her fault for the stickers messing up, she always tries to cut corners instead of doing things properly and that stuff isn't cheap.

No. 781349

File: 1551209585819.png (73.77 KB, 222x221, Capture.PNG)

i know that this is youtube being drunk again, but seeing the "no views - 1 hour ago" make me cackle briefly, given that she (seemingly) puts more effort into her vlogs than her art these days. if only…

No. 781408

I was watching her old vlogs and she really went downhill

No. 781484


What's hilarious in the beginning of this blog is how surprised she acts when she's picking up all that hair from off her cutting mat.

Baylee, you have cats and your hair is actively falling out, why are you acting like this is new?

No. 781576

Her hair looks so dry in this.

No. 781577

Wow she’s still such a lazy cow not wanting to be bothered to sell her buttons and prints online because it’s too much work.

No. 781584

All her comments are filled with her fan being disappointed in her. I wonder how she will spin this

No. 781593

File: 1551296545304.png (259.45 KB, 1080x1231, 20190227_144125.png)

Cow Crossover

No. 781595

File: 1551296570185.png (70.56 KB, 1080x510, 20190227_144202.png)

No. 781601

Baylee doesn't seem to care about animals and the environment. Idk when she said she doesn't care to switch to paper bags really pissed me off.

No. 781613

She blatantly says "I don't care" when it comes to reducing her use of single-use plastics and then has the gall to act surprised about receiving "backlash" (more like justifyably disappointed comments from her fans)

No. 781614

File: 1551302225080.png (527.04 KB, 1944x1181, Screenshot_20190227-211615~2.p…)

Meant to attach this woops

No. 781617

She is incredibly annoying in this video. I mean, nobody is perfect when it comes to saving the environment, but to be so dismissive of the fact that she has a responsibility as a large content creator is so disheartening. I hope all the literal children defending her grow up to learn better.

It's not entirely surprising though, I vaguely remember her in a past lifestream talk about not caring about the environment or how damaging the plastic/polystyrene was from the sheer amount of shit she buys. She's not going to change.

No. 781629

Baylee is the most wasteful person alive, she’s probably kills thousands of animals with her garbage. Such a twat she is. She could care less if something doesn’t affect her. She’s a self centered person. Glad people are seeing her for what she is…

No. 781643

It’s very hard to keep cricut mats clean. Mines already nasty and had it shorter than baylee. I saw on cricut groups that people regularly struggle with this. Some just replace them on a regular basis which seems wasteful, but apparently it’s just this kind of a product

No. 781644

Also, she doesn't want to sell buttons online because it's too much work, yet she also might want to slowly phase out conventions, the ONLY way she sells her buttons. ????
This video is very yikes lol.

No. 781650

File: 1551306902446.jpeg (186.07 KB, 750x621, 13A25CE4-1E44-4F66-99E4-84EC39…)

Funny… she’s hearting all the comments defending her. She doesn’t give a shit what her followers think

No. 781665

File: 1551310463016.jpeg (155.41 KB, 632x954, BEB1910C-135A-4AD9-A29F-F90543…)

No. 781673

Agreed. I found nothing she said in the video or the pinned comment to be surprising. She has always struck me as an incredibly sheltered, self-centered,lazy, gluttonous, greedy person. I get the sense that her parents overcompensated the praise on her when they got divorced. And she's always come off as acting like the stereotype of an only child despite having siblings.
That comment shows how delusional she is about her wastefulness. You just have to look at how much stuff she buys and then never uses, the content of her grocery hauls, and the number of times she validates a cheap shitty purchase because she can "just get another one" to know that she doesn't give a shit about the environment. Patting herself on the back because she recycles some stuff is like being proud of washing your hands after the bathroom - it's the bare minimum.
I find it laughable that she has somehow created this image of being a savior of the animals. When really she just does a longer version of her "job" so that her followers can donate, and then she can bathe in the gratitude and praise when she hands over the cheque.

No. 781691

What pisses me off most about this (aside from her apparent disregard for the environment) is that she should know better. Sure, she can say what she likes in her videos, but I'd be extremely surprised if she thought saying something inflammatory like "I don't care" wouldn't get her any backlash. Why is acting so surprised that a few people in her comments section are disappointed in her after deliberately saying something like that?

No. 781730

Honestly, I hate Holly as much as any other person but she somewhat has a point. Paper bags will not be as weatherproof and the possibility of a damaged product would go up. Proper paperbags or anything thats better for the environment and works for the purpose well (like say wax coated paper) will be more expensive than plastic and a lot of people may not want to pay the up price because they, much like Baylee, do not care about the environment and dont want to pay more for something they dont care about.
What Baylee could do though is have both and give the customer the option to choose and take note of how much it is in demand, like how many people willingly pay the up price which I imagine will be a few. But if not and the sells decrease then she can continue to use plastic to keep her business going. I mean to be fully fair it is also recycleble plastic so thats at least not the worst.

No. 781760

Theres plenty of compostable plastic sleeves she could use instead of paper bags like holly says.

No. 781767

I hope baylee realized that in some places they don't recycle those plastic sleeves like where I'm from doesn't recycle them. She could use paper sleeves for her enamel pins. She doesn't need to put her sticker sheets in plastic sleeves either if she is selling a cons.

No. 781774

yeah, all her fans are acting like she HAS TO use single-use plastic or her stickers will get RUINED in the mail, but she isn't selling them online at the moment, and I don't think its necessary. I've bought prints at cons that the artist didn't have in sleeves, and they're still in perfect condition.

No. 781801

Yo, new fag, learn to sage your posts unless you have milk.

Honestly, I'm surprised she's stuck with conventions as long as she has. She can't seem to stick with anything for very long.

No. 781805

File: 1551369561394.jpeg (91.71 KB, 750x267, 5EA0E8D4-1882-44BC-ABD9-4C2D4A…)

This comment made me laugh…. so true

Baylee is losing it

No. 781817

She said "I want to be the artist not the fan" yet her art is total shit and she doesn't even practice it… Maybe she's realizing all of this?

No. 781818

Actually the price comparision from switching to paper from plastic the price isn’t all that different tbh with the paper being slight cheaper seeing as the plastic baggies come in packs of a 100 for around 6 to 12 bucks depending on size and paper bags you can order them in packs of 500 or 1000. From 30 to 100 depending on size and type and she could even get them in pink which she loves oh so much.

No. 781819

No. 781835

Its official. She’s delusional. The drawing is mediciore even for baylee standard, what makes her think its her best piece??

No. 781838

lmao this looks like a quick sketch to draw out an idea. Thid isnt even a finished piece but apparently its her best so far? Yea Baylee, I see how much you are into drawing and art

No. 781843

I don't know why people are suddenly acting so surprised about how wasteful baylee is.

She hoards art supplies and leaves them to waste away, all. the time. She probably won't be properly disposing of those new oil paints and oil paint materials she just bought.
And she wastes so much material when she makes a million of those shitty buttons and then they don't sell well.

She doesn't know how to reduce her footprint for waste, and she's so far into the decadence of spend spend spend, that she at this point is further on the scale of consumption than she is producing.

She should just be honest with herself and tell people she's only interested in vlogging art supply hauls and showing off her stuff, and not necessarily making art anymore.

Holly would be on this video stanning her, she's tied with baylee for wastefulness and gratuitious spending on bullshit she doesn't need.


>my best art yet

weird flex, but ok. You've definitely made better though.

No. 781848


Her initial sketches actually looked pretty interesting. Like maybe there'd be a full body in the frame, or a bit of a story telling moment from just 1 shot. Even the angle was more interesting than what she ended up with. i guess she got frustrated, gave up and decided to be lazy with it as usual.

No. 781851

she addressed her style being translated into oils and how simple her style was for the medium. so she's read here recently obv.
It's fine to use a medium that isn't conventionally something you'd normally use for your art or your style. but it's just how she doesn't know how to reign it in and just get a few items to try it out before going absolutely fucking crazy and buying up every color she thinks she'll need. what if it turns up that she hates the way her style looks in that medium and she ends up being put off by it. the important thing with any medium is to know it and how it behaves before investing so heavily into it.
but let's be real. she just wanted another haul video to shit out.

No. 781864

I do think theres a way of doing cartoony/stylized paintings with oils, i just dont think baylee will do it right. She even mentioned that she needs the drawinfs to have lines or lineart. Thats going to look horrible

No. 782009

she's not willing to adapt her art style to suit oils. putting lineart on an oil painting is going to look bad, there's no way around it. she's not going to get crisp lines

I don't even understand why she WANTS to move towards oil painting. she says it's because she "loves it" but as far as I can remember she's only done 2 or 3 oil paintings the entire time she's been on youtube and none of them were particularly good. it just doesn't work with her style

No. 782011

It looks like shit she badly copied out of that frozen art book

No. 782012

I get why she wouldn’t want to sell her buttons online: she sells all of them for less than a dollar or so at cons and doesn’t factor in the time or cost of packaging them in sets to make them more cost efficient. But she really doesn’t have a lot of forethought to her income and stuff, she’s had videos where she’s shown her YouTube growth has stagnated and she’s more going into streaming which isn’t sustainable, like making buttons is like so much of her time.

No. 782047

File: 1551423172041.png (19.73 KB, 777x124, baylee.png)

someone commented something similar to what you said

No. 782086

File: 1551446118269.png (746.59 KB, 993x562, bayleebag.PNG)

irrelevant, but I paused one of her videos and realised I enjoyed this image of her face reflected in the plastic bags of controversy

No. 782743

This looks like concept art, not a fully realized piece. The coloring is pretty bad too, thw values don't contrast and it's SO dark. When she pulled back to show the finished piece at the end it just looked like a dark blob.

No. 782746


That's because the drawing style is copied from the dude who does frozen's concept art. This whole piece is copied from various pieces from frozen, it's just that she has 0 understanding on how to harmonize them and it end up looking like a total mess. Like how she made the background be purple and become yellowish in the middle, because she saw it in one of the artworks from the artbook but she just copied it straight up without understanding that what made the picture stand out was the way the colors were used to create the mood, rather than just plain colors themselves. And ofc the fact that she cannot make the character blend in with the background also plays a role.

No. 783138

No. 783147

Damage Control…

No. 783149

File: 1551687916559.png (1.14 MB, 2048x2048, BEE8DDE3-6C8A-4B49-8F02-477EDA…)

No. 783234


>yeah, woops, i did think about my paycheck after the fact and decided to try and cover my ass. But some of you guys were still pretty silly.

No. 783242

god, whenever I watch her vlogs I can't stand seeing her room a dump. It's so easy to put stuff away once you're done using it. ugh. I don't know how she can live the way she does with all the clutter and junk everywhere

No. 783292

Yeah this video comes off as completely insincere. I would believe her more if she apologized for being so snarky in the comments/on the twitch stream, but she glossed right over that shit.

No. 783296

I feel like I am missing something.. I am not sure the point she was trying to make by showing all of the plastic, styrofoam, and trash she had in her house. I understand that with her business waste vs. personal waste the amount is varying… but the waste is still there regardless of what it is used for? Yes, she separates it into corresponding bins and that is good, but all the purchasing and excess to begin with is what generates it? I am not sure if she really understand what she is saying or what point she is trying to make.

No. 783481

She thinks that recycling undoes the usage.

No. 783582

I think she was trying to show everything comes with excess plastic packaging from fresh fruits to Disney dolls and given how small her business is, the amount of plastic she's putting into the world is pretty negligible. Honestly, I kind of agree with her. I don't agree with how dismissive she was about people's concerns but as a whole society needs to stop framing environmental problems as something individuals or small businesses can solve by going zero waste or using compostable plastic (I guarantee far fewer people compost than recycle so if she's going for plastic, she's better off using the recyclable kind because she's right, if you toss the compostable plastic in the trash, it won't compost in a landfill). And if people can't recycle it where they live, the onus is on them not to buy from Baylee.

Sorry, I'm not trying to white knight, this kind of thing just annoys me because the personal responsibility angle of environmentalism is pushed by the biggest industrial polluters who want to avoid tighter regulations and instead claim it's up to each individual consumer to clean up their messes.

No. 783738

Yes, thank you. I’m not a fan of Baylee at all, but Jesus Christ people, let’s act like fucking adults here. We all buy plastic, and it’s up to you to recycle. I live in BC too, and she does have a point about the recycling system here: it’s great. But it’s not like people come into our house and take it away, we have to manually separate everything and take it out on certain days. Why the hell are some of you acting like it’s a business’ fault that people don’t/can’t recycle? Are people else where just fucking lazy? I’d see the point if plastic was illegal, but guess what you fucks, it isn’t!

This is some of the pettiest shit I’ve seen on lolcow in a long time, holy fuck.

No. 784015

It started in the comments on her vlog, we didnt start this shit. Chill

No. 784249

Yeah we were assessing her shitty behavior towards her viewers for the most part and pointing out her moments of hypocrisy for the most part. She's just reactionary and childish to critism of any kind which is exactly why she is here.

No. 784358

No. 784469

Holyy, how many hundred pins does she have there.

No. 784564

No. 784575

Kind of gross. Also, anytime she put sad music over all the trash she found felt so insincere after her “i dont care about he environment” comment. The whole video is too cringey for me

No. 784581

Just found this site, i'm so glad it exists because so far i've been frustrated about baylee on my own. JESUS SHE IS FRUSTRATING, she is putting out lazy content with no concept at all… i don't understand how a person can be so unimaginative … how the hell did she graduate from animation, she can't art if it depends on her life… and don't even get me started on this drawing with trash video, i can't believe stupid companies actually approve her videos and pay her for them…

No. 784585

I am actually shocked she ripped that pizza box in half and just threw the piece she didn't want back on the ground. Wtf? I'm not saying she has to be out there picking up all the litter (but I kinda think she should have; she was out there anyway picking up trash, it's not like she would have had to go out of her way to pick up the rest of the stuff even if she wasn't using it) but to pick up some litter and then throw it back again? You've already done the gross part - picking it up - and she even walked home so she didn't have to carry it around! She SO EASILY could have thrown the whole pizza box away instead of leaving half of it on the ground.

No. 784630

A little nickpicky I think but it bothered me too a bit. Also, she could have just taken the whole box with her instead of tearing it in half. She probably would have actually recycled it if she took the whole box.

No. 784685

not to WK but she did say at the end of the video that she felt dumb watching it back realizing that she did that. at least she owned up to it.

No. 784726

Do you think she made this video to try fixing the “I do t care” damage?
About the art - I really liked the marks the black stick was making, the double line was interesting. Instead of trying to force the material to work with her “style” and ending up creating something super mediocre she could have really challenge herself and make something looser and abstract?

No. 784729

She always does this! Remember the gold challenge? She had to do a weird wonky girl in her style. Its really infuriating

No. 784759

Thanks for pointing that out, I missed it when I watched the video. You're right, it's good she realised her mistake.

No. 785350

Anon she dropped out, she didn't graduate

No. 785383


She did graduate in Animation. She dropped out of Vet School

No. 785637

Shit my mistake.

Too bad she hasn't done anything with that degree. Kids YouTube is full of monetization opportunities for new shorts.

No. 785705

She'd have to have creativity for once…and not to mention, put in the work to animate something. Two things she doesn't do.

No. 785708


she worked at an animation studio, but she quit cause she wanted to focus on youtube.

No. 785726


Wow she looks hideous in this video. Fat face, full of pimples, googly eyes, BUT THOSE WRINKLES HOLY COW

No. 785727


So cringey - what are the chances that this is coincidental timing were she shows all the trash from other people after she got shit for saying she doesn't care about the environment?

Honestly she coulda turned it around if this dumb ass video was not sponsored by some stupid game and instead she made art to collect to give to some anti-pollution organisation or something. That'd at least be doing something good.

No. 785934

Her skin is looking absolutely horrible in this video. What happened to all those skin care products she bought around a month ago? Clearly that isn't helping her.

And of course (after skipping around in the video) looks like she's trying to find something new to buy to help shipping "easier"; looks like a label printer? Maybe some saint-patient anon might be able to watch the whole thing; I just couldn't.

No. 785956


She spent like 10 minutes of the video waffling about how she wants to set up her online shop. Then she drew some shitty doodles of her bun buns for new pin ideas and ended the vlog.

No. 786008


please tell me she's opening those windows when she's working with those oils.

Even so, her workspace is so cramped, she needs more space for air to circulate. Then she probably leaves the door open for the cats to wander and jump up on the copic holder. While she paints.

No. 786016

Person whose from a family of estheticians. It could be that some skin care can actually “purge” the dirt and grime from your skin and you can break out initially while using them. Also could simply just be not all skincare plays nice with everyone’s skin. Her diet doesn’t help her skin at all either- no matter how much skincare you use. Sage for useless spurge.

No. 786104

I feel like when she did her "keto", her skin didn't get to this level of bad.. But whether she's doing keto or not, it's not helping with her weight loss.

No. 786124

why even use oils when this looks like any other line drawing ever?? what is even the point, like most people learn oil painting to NOT do line work, she’s still just copying things like a bad copy machine

No. 786241

She quit keto for her last Disney trip and probably hasn’t gone back on it.

No. 786246

She should quit dairy. She eats so much meat and dairy it’s not good for you and especially not for your skin. Her diet is terrible (and that’s only what we see)

No. 786410

Her painting looks pretty much the same as her digital sketch. I domt get it either. Why not just do a digital painting?

No. 786446

It literally kills my spirit when I see her always just doing stuff for videos, what kind of artist is that ? "Oh I won't do that because it will take me too long and I won't be able to upload a video in time" .. LIKE LITERALLY SCREW THE VIDEO, DO ART !!!(namefagging, do not put your actual email)

No. 786630

Layzee Jae is, once again, being so lazy and so "free" with money (cannot even remember if she mentioned why she's going to Michael's in this vlog) and bought an "art cart" plus three cans of spray paint so she can paint it pink.. Instead of checking if another Michael's had what she wanted in the pink she wanted or ordering it online. Good job, Baylee.

No. 786645

Her floor is starting to remind me of holly's with those q tips thrown around

No. 786653

Her painting looks awful imo, the arm anatomy hurts my eyes

No. 786663

ikr.. well she went specifically to get the cart.. so she can put her oil stuff in it and after she's done with this painting she'll probably just throw it in another room and we'll never hear of it again. i'm not even gonna comment on how she spray painted that cart with no mask on, just inhaling the fumes like crazy or the pollution of the freakin three cans of spray paint… just because god forbid she doesn't have a light pink cart she'll only use once.

No. 786838

Jfc I'm tired of Baylee's excessive spending. But what I'm more mad about is her inability to get better at art. She has hundreds of dollars worth of art supplies and her art looks like something a 4th grader drew. This new oil paint obsession isn't going to last and it's a damn shame all those expensive paints will go to waste.I really don't understand why people buy any of her stuff especially her original art !

Also I've been criticizing her on YT lately because I'm tired of staying quiet and just noticed she's hidden all my comments so that's nice, she replied to me one time with some bullshit excuse.

No. 786936

She says she bought it so she could have more desk space but I don't understand why she didn't just buy a standing easel? the paints aren't really taking up any space, it's the painting itself that covers the whole desk.

No. 786970

That and she bought the cart with all the knobs and stuff that she doesn’t even know what the hell shes gonna do with because she’s such an impulsive shopper.

No. 787001

Looking at this drawing critically, it's not that amazing to look at. I also think Baylee is losing it. It looks decent at best.

No. 787298

I dont think her drawings were ever amazing but its so stagnant now. Absolutely no improvement, its crazy

No. 787872

File: 1552896476473.jpg (185.41 KB, 1065x1087, IMG_20190318_190602.jpg)

So Impact have gone bust? Guess baylee will be losing any money she was making through her book.

No. 787906

It's fine neither of them should be making books anyways

No. 788037

File: 1552954292952.png (22.56 KB, 589x91, Screenshot 2019-03-19 at 00.07…)

I hope she is making it a priority to get them checked as another one has appeared.

No. 788149

She should apply to be on dr pimple popper at this point…. Idk how she didn’t care enough to get them removed earlier, at the rate her hair is frying up from bleaching, those cysts will be visible at all times soon enough

No. 788166

Absolutely disgusting TMI, Baylee.

No. 788222

I’m pretty sure she isn’t able to get back in until April or something. She mentioned why in one of her vlogs (can’t remember which one).

No. 788298

Is it me or is she getting rounder and uglier?

No. 788325

File: 1553032928405.png (180.23 KB, 300x360, fdhgfsghs.png)

She's gaining weight again, like really badly. What happened to her "diet?" Wasn't she on one???

No. 788330

File: 1553033309141.png (307.48 KB, 868x462, oof.png)

Those pants are soooo gross in full-body shots. I can see her underwear and every fat lump in her ass.

No. 788334

This vlog was so boring and unpretty…

No. 788459

she was on keto but she was adamant it was only going to be till Christmas. but shock horror, when you fad diet you only gain the weight back and then some

No. 788590

No. 788598

Thanks, I hate it.
The lineart is so ugly in oils omfg.

No. 788629

Okay so by my estimates she spent nearly $500 on all the supplies, projector, cart etc, and the final product is just so bland and uninspired.

Wonder if she'll actually continue to use this stuff or will it just become "man i've no time for oil painting it takes too long"

No. 788633

I have no doubt its just a phase. She hasnt used her watercolors in what? A year??

No. 788687

It might be wrong, but I've heard from multiple sources that keto or low carb above other types of diets has a higher rate of weight adding back on if you treat it like a temporary thing like she did instead of a lifestyle change.
I was recommended a video that I'd never seen before where she showed older clips of herself and I was shocked how much she looked and even sounded like a different person.
I know I'm being petty, but any time I see her, it makes me happy that my favourite colours don't look terrible on me.

No. 788699

I was on Keto last year and started back up again recently, it's really true if you don't keep an eye on it post-diet. The point of Keto is to reduce your BMI but gain muscle plus help with inflammation issues. It's honestly not a diet everyone should be on. I'm on it for medical reasons.

No. 788710

Keto is a harmful fad. Low carb is a scam.
While maybe sometimes it’s recommended for medical reasons the best for inflammation is plant based. It’s also much more pleasant and easier to follow in my opinion, but this may vary person to person.
Keto for weight loss is dumb, dangerous and unsustainable.

No. 788712

"Instead of using transfer paper, I bought a projector…."
Of fucking course you did, Baylee. Of fucking course.

No. 788749

I hope Kiki is okay.

No. 788771

>>788590 whats the point of doing this oil painting if it looks worse/ no different than the digital illustration. why doesn't she try a different, more painterly style instead- or anything, that makes the oil painting differ from her other works.

No. 789224

I just got around to watching this and christ, the painting is really not good at all. the cool thing about oils is that you can blend them and make things look lifelike but she just made everything one solid color like she does on her copic drawings. also the plant is just awful, it looks like there's an octopus in that pot

No. 789338

I can’t wait to see how much she sells this for, I’m saying $800.

No. 790306

“I screwed up 155 orders”

No. 790318

This is Baylee's job and her attempt at trying to "speed through" blew up in her face and cost her so much time. This is so embarrassing.

She prioritizes her Twitch streams over her other streams of revenue, including orders for PAYING CUSTOMERS apparently. Comments are always calling her out for ignoring YT for Twitch streams– and for prioritizing game streams over art streams.

The label maker is fucking up as much as her Cricut because she is unable to work any technology more complicated than an iPad. People like her who do not prioritize learning the technology they are using because "I'll figure it out" or some other excuse.

One commenter pointed out that she should hire an assistant, and several likes on this comment show that her viewers/fans agree. However, I think she should stop doing game streams and focus on her YT channel, online store, and art (lol).

At least Kiki is doing okay. If nothing else, she loves her cats and can afford to care for them properly.

No. 790372


An assistant for what? Fulfilling all the orders while she sits around and streams games on twitch all day long? And then she'll have to pay the assistant? Let's be real.

No. 790383

This is so insane, she literally just throws money at any perceived obstacle. Doesn't know how to copy her concept onto the canvas? Buy a projector! Not enough room to work? Buy a cart! She's so conditioned to just buy buy buy that she's lost any sense of creativity or resourcefulness. Really embarrassing for someone who's supposed to be an artist. Unfortunately for poor Baylee the one thing none of us can buy is talent.

No. 790477

Is she deleting comments because I don't see any calling her out for not prioritizing YT over Twitch

No. 790525

File: 1553576509876.png (267.32 KB, 750x1334, 6CF081EE-2F3F-49F7-ACDF-05BE32…)

I saw them on the vlog where she mentioned changing her uploading schedule again. I will try to find caps tomorrow.

In other news, twitch numbers are going down.

No. 790551

Yeah, I think it just speaks to her self-centered nature seeing that she prioritises what is quickest and easiest for her over what is best for her customers. I assume if she's mentioning tracking numbers, the customers paid for that. They should be getting them in their e-mail, not having to seek them out after the fact.
Also - and this could just be my envy talking - whilst I don't expect her to make a huge deal out of it, I find it kinda gross that she can muster the levels of excitement of a maniac over catching a pokemon, but can't say even the slightest thing about completely selling all her product in half an hour. She just talks about it as if it's a definite and shows zero percent gratitude or joy.

No. 790620

yeah that was my immediate thought when i saw that comment. "if she didn't stream for so long, she would have more time fullfilling orders right that her customers PAID for"

No. 790648

No. 790689

Jesus, no wonder she's over weight when she's eating like that!

No. 790700

File: 1553634779680.jpg (816.59 KB, 1068x1657, SmartSelect_20190326-211200_Tw…)

Spongebob in oil paints next!

No. 790750

I went and looked through some of the other submissions for this zine and hers really sticks out like a sore thumb. Most of the others are in a coherent style and colored nicely and then there's this one that looks like it was made with some kind of flash site SpongeBob doll maker.

No. 790811

This green background is awful
Where can I find the zine?

No. 790812

Ok nvm I found the twitter page. I don’t think hers looks especially bad. It’s not like spongebob is a classical masterpiece; they’re all kid of ugly on purpos?… Hers looks the least confident tho, like she’s starting drawing…

No. 791284

File: 1553796421170.png (391.48 KB, 746x416, Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 2.06…)

her next art piece

No. 791294

The girls arms look like rubber noodles, her anatomy has gotten worse over time

No. 791295

No. 791317

Just checked her Twitch for for the first time.
She streams 5 days a week, and only two days are dedicated for art.
It really seems like she just wants to play games on stream all day

No. 791330

File: 1553808008442.jpeg (350.44 KB, 631x689, 7D97512E-440A-48FF-B232-15C300…)

Oof, Baylee is starting to look rough

No. 791396

Its the hair, it looks so bad and greasy all the time, and I know she's said she doesn't wash it much because she wants to maintain the pink, but no colour is worth looking that shitty

No. 791430

She’d look better with darker hair

No. 791446

Comparing her recent video to her older ones make me glad I never made art/YouTube my job. It seems like the moment it happens their health/art goes down the drain.

Agreed, even a light brown would warm up her complexion.

No. 791463

File: 1553834504182.jpg (59.57 KB, 991x902, 1483076748366.jpg)

I would pay money for Baylee Jae to paint the toenail scene

No. 791482

She looks bloated and unhealthy, her skin shows it….

No. 791492

Good to see she's really taken that whole "I need to make my art less stiff" to heart /sarcasm.

Has she ever mentioned having an ED when she was younger? I know her and Christian eat a lot of garbage, but I don't know how she could have such a dramatic change in such a short time. I know we call her Layzee Jae, but she often strikes me as a hamster on a wheel. Just doing too much, but not the right things in a sort of quantity over quality way. And I could see how that could take a toll on your appearance.

No. 791526

Tbh washing your hair daily damaged it maybe she just wants it to be healthy.

No. 791561

Can we talk about how bad the stippling art is ???? She manages to make everything look flat

No. 791563

She's pretty sedentary and doesn't put in much effort into getting in some exercise, so her bad diet just makes it worse. Also, the alcohol plays a role in weight gain because it's empty calories. Honestly, if she would just set aside an hour a couple times a week to exercise and pre-make healthy meals she probably wouldn't have ballooned so much.

No. 791615

That new artwork is so rubbish, swear she's getting worse rather than better as time goes on

No. 791722

File: 1553891116314.png (26.56 KB, 836x149, lol.PNG)

So Kiki's issues with throwing up were due to a hairball. In the vlog Baylee tells us that Kiki usually throws up twice before passing a hairball.

The majority of the comments are giving her advice to help Kiki pass hairballs more easily. I wonder if she will follow any of it or if she'll pull her usual "No it's totally fine guys" bullshit

No. 791727

No ED, before her wedding she was going for daily walks, playing DDR and was doing the Keto diet. Then she got married and quit her diet when she went to Disney last time.

No. 792056

No. 792060

File: 1553968503139.png (1013.7 KB, 1280x800, Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 17.5…)

No. 792063

That drawing just looks awful to me

No. 792066

What is with her and stiff poses, she mentioned in the video she wanted a more dynamic dress and pose, but she insisted on a basic stiff Barbie doll pose. Also the arms are fucked.

No. 792078


She completly missed the point of dotwork though… You're not supposed to put dots next to each other so it makes a line. You're supposed to suggest the volume by adding more or less dots. That's why it's called dotwork, not linework.
well, terrible drawing anyway with a tragic anatomy.

No. 792115

That drawing of Kiki….yikes

No. 792268

Its just awful. The sketch looks like it was drawn by a 12 year old. The nice thing about stippling is that you can create ao much depth by adding different colors amd dots. This is so flat i dont understand.

No. 792377

File: 1554022227343.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-03-31-19-48-54…)

honestly, baylee's old art is cuter than what she does now.

No. 792484

Interesting tidbit about her old art was that the majority of it was copied.

No. 792485

I've been following Baylee since her z_kittyz_z days and (being a weeb) always liked her anime style art more than her current Potato-nose Disney Princess style, even if they stilled suffered from overblended colors and super stuff poses.

No. 792625

She still copies now, just Disney style instead of anime

No. 792639

I find it strange that she left gamsol out for 4 days and Kiki was throwing up 5 times a day for 4 days. Maybe I'm reading into things but…. I don't think it was just a hairball

No. 792653


Of course the super time consuming and expensive spray painted pink trolley has already been shoved into the spare room.

No. 792713


I don't think that's too far of a reach though anon. We know that she doesn't properly use her materials, we know she doesn't take safety precautions, and we know that she lets her cats run the house. They get into everything. Willing to bet there wasn't adequate ventilation while she was squashes up into a corner of her room painting, though it looks like she had a window near her work space so it's hard to tell. But where she works is just really cluttered.

No. 792735


I don't understand how ignorant she can be.. She says she's doesn't want to put effort into something that can't be turned into a print or that she can put on the overly priced items on red bubble.. but, how does she think an artist progresses exactly ? If she doesn't practice and only makes middle school grade art, how can she even call herself an artist ?

No. 792781

No. 792783

Baylee's trash can is so boring. Rin definitely made the best one

No. 792808

File: 1554156887024.png (474.34 KB, 843x474, Screenshot 2019-04-01 at 23.08…)

No. 792911

What’s the deal with the trash cans? Hers really lazy, some ppl did really nice job!

No. 792919

Not that that's saying much. Rin had a cute idea but she should really invest in some painting lessons.

No. 793916

buying more crap

No. 793964

Rin put a lot more effort into hers though

No. 793972

I think it was just a surprise collab between 9 artists. That's the impression I got from Rin's comment on her trash can video.

No. 793983

It's so weird how she refers to this as a "challenge video." Stippling isn't a youtube art challenge, it's just… a type of art people do?

Also I'm surprised she hasn't jumped on the subscription box trend yet. She could crank out 1-2 videos a month just by opening a box and doodling with the supplies. Plus it combines two of her favorite things, buying unnecessary art supplies and making low effort content.

No. 794064

Wow y'all just draggin' at this point. Y'all expect too much from artists, not every artist lives to improve, art is supposed to be fun. all your rules and shit just makes it no fun. I think baylee has a really nice style! I personally like cartoony stuff.

No. 794073

Ok Anon cool story.

No. 794094

Uh, ok? Learn to sage

No. 794131

she'll probably do them once she's out of ideas shortly but then it would take time out of streaming video games. Didnt she try to do the sketchbook slam like other youtubers did but did like five pages and fail?

No. 794132

nvm i found it on her channel, she of course rushed it and didnt learn anything from doing all those exercises. like she kind of un-learnt things after doing it

No. 794142

You're thinking of a hobbyist, anon. A hobbyist has no obligation to improve.

Baylee is a professional. It's necessary to improve and/or innovate if you're a professional.

Also, read the rules.

No. 794204

Katnipp is starting to do subscription box openings/art soon so I'm sure once her video goes up then Baylee will follow suit since it seems like she likes to copy her.

No. 794313

9 minutes of Baylee showing art supplies that she'll use once then never use again.

No. 794318

I swear, it’s like she buys all this crap for an enticing thumbnail to get clicks, nothing more…. she’s done so many pointless hauls, with art supplies she never uses…. she still has those gouache paints she never touches, and she never does watercolors anymore either…. such a waste.

No. 794357

Buying a big can of light pink interior paint because it has Disney on it, sure why not?

Can you guys imagine the urbex of their house in 50+ years? Dusty, rotting Disney dolls and old, mostly unused art supplies would be an interesting subject.

"This hoarder house just gives off this vibe of incredible laziness and shows off the worst in Disney fan catladies."

No. 794372


That was such pointless purchase. Just because it's on clearance doesn't mean you should buy it, especially if you don't know what to even use it for.

This is why I generally dislike haul videos because it's often just buying things for the sake of buying or because they were on clearance. If it's something that you've wanted for a while then great, if not then you don't need the extra crap in your house.

No. 794382

I actually cringed when I saw her pull out that paint. I watch her vlogs to see if she talks about anything interesting (which, of course, she doesn’t), and in one of them she was looking at the paint and literally said she wouldn’t even know what to do with it. She just wanted it because it was pink, her ~aesthetic~

No. 794390

Her thought process is so strange. She says she has no interest in making diamond paintings, that it looks tedious and 'like torture' but she bought TWO of them? Including a custom one that was probably really expensive?
She also says she intentionally buys cheap brushes because she doesn't know how to take care of her things? I can get that to an extent but she should still be trying to make a habit out of cleaning her brushes and workspace. Destroying supplies and having to replace them adds up over time, that's a lot of wasted money that could have gone to a decent brush set instead.

No. 794422

"cartoony stuff"

And what is this stupidity that there is no need to improve, what a way to see life,what if we better live all in the trash

No. 794692

Survey: how long till she opens up a patreon?
And does she really make that much money?!

No. 794694

She used to have patreon but then she stopped because it was too much work

No. 794775

I haven't watched the video because I hate Walmart and hoarding-fueled hauls, but hearing that she said that about buying cheap brushes because of her own ineptitude and laziness just reminds me of how much of a dumb dumb she is. I sometimes marvel that a person with such one-dimensional thinking processes was able to build the kind of success that she has. That's not the first time she's talked about buying crappy products so that when they break she can just buy a new one. a)that will cost her more in the long run, and b)it's as if when she was patting herself on the back for doing basic recycling and saying she cares about the environment, she didn't stop and think that she regularly puts out content where her words and actions contradict that idea.
I can't believe she bought that paint just because it was pink and had a mickey on the can. I would say I feel sorry for Christian, but I get just as much second-hand embarrassment from him.

No. 794930

I stopped watching Baylee years ago. It makes me so irritated to see how she still overindulges in random art supplies she will use a handful of times (if at all) while claiming to care for the environment with her minimal effort attempts at recycling.

Buying shit you don't need and recycling the packaging it comes in is still polluting the planet, Dumblee!

No. 795054

She wants to buy custom art mystery boxes because it’s popular on youtube and Americans already get their boxes before her so she wanted to take a different route and get custom ones so she’s unique.

No. 795055

Just curious, does she know about these threads at all?

No. 795056

You called it anon

No. 795090

Wtf is a customized mystery box
She's gonna drop so much money for crap

No. 795157

I always assume that the popular art-tubers are aware of their dedicated threads or the overall artist salt thread. Many of them probably read here.

No. 795159

I skimmed the video and she’s potentiallly going to open up a P.O Box for her subscribers to send her art mystery boxes that they’ve made up themselves. She put up a poll on whether or not she should pay her subscribers $40 for each box or just like… not pay them at all. Basically the novelty of her opening up the box on video is payment enough. It’s shit, obviously she should pay for the piss easy content and free art supplies, but she’s put a poll up so her followers can vote to not pay them back. It’s so manipulative, but not surprising in the slightest.

No. 795173

She literally even understood that it sounded more confusing/troubling than its worth, but just wait for next week’s vlog: “send me art supplies I will use only once for a video then never touch again because I never seem to try to make art unless it’s for a video!!!”
Man, I actually used to really love her vlogs…

No. 795182

“I used to have a PO Box but I didn’t like gifts….so send me gifts”
Like jfc, kasey Golden is an edgelord but she makes mystery box videos too and they live virtually in the same city. Baylee is just too lazy make them right away and will leave those supplies to rot like everything she owns.

No. 795183

Canada is fucked too, it costs like 25$ to ship anything there from out of country. Her not paying for shipping would be fucked for the people sending things to her but they’re also dumb for sending shit to her in general

No. 795267

She's making this so needlessly complicated. She should ask some IRL friends to put together a couple of mystery boxes for her so she can pay them in person. If she wants to do it with international supplies, there's tons of places on etsy that will shop in their country and ship to you. If she contacted a couple, I'm sure she could find one willing to put together a custom mystery box.

No. 795291

File: 1554543441763.jpg (400.3 KB, 1080x1519, SmartSelect_20190406-103702_Tw…)

No. 795304

… is she trying to appeal to people with foot fetishes now or?
Maybe a nitpick, but awful fetish art is the only place I see people purposefully drawing feet like that.

No. 795307

god those feet, this is really fetishy

No. 795358

I really can’t stand how she draws people. The anatomy is always wonky, poses are stiff and the perspective is off here as always

No. 795386

Or in children’s books

No. 795412

Holy shit, this looks like something one of those children nursery rhymes youtube channels would shit out.

No. 795509

File: 1554603536605.png (431.07 KB, 444x431, water.PNG)

those gross feet reminded me of pic related which she did like six years ago.

No. 795531

There is little to no improvement between 6 years ago and now. The drawing from 6 years ago actually has way more detail- her perspective has always been rubbish though.

No. 795560

It’s like when people decide “I’m not anime anymore!” and they go hyper crazy in the other directions then do these clip art monstrosity feet

No. 795679

Theres no improvement, thats so sad.

No. 795697

Did she seriously draw this and post it with that weird dark shadow on the bikini bottom? Also how did this woman become such a popular artist with such shitty art?

No. 797445

No. 797447

No. 797448

oops didn't see your post

No. 797450

Wanted to post too
By the way made me laugh so hard how on the blog she defined the Toy channel a money sink. Haylee, your whole YouTube is a money sink.

No. 797451

>>797445 another skillshare plug. She's so unnatural when it comes to integrating Skillshare sponsorships in her videos.

It's about time she updated that ugly ass avatar though. The new one is super plain but it's kinda cute I guess.
I just don't understand what she does with her time. It couldn't have taken her more than two hours to make that avatar, but it's been a week since her last upload. fucking lazy cow

No. 797454

She said she wants to animate?! Lazee! I can't recognise you anymore!

No. 797455

That was the most boring video and 'art' she's ever done

No. 797456

I hate the shape of the shine in the hair, looks so boring and lazy, and yes, i also have no idea what she does, i guess she just clean the house? that ways she doesnt feels lazy? i dont know

No. 797495

File: 1555099413218.png (316.67 KB, 871x492, ok.PNG)

she's been doing art online for over a decade. she has the tools at her disposal, even in photoshop, to create a better-looking avatar than this. but she doesn't utilize it even for her art, so i shouldn't be surprised that it isnt utilized for this either

the "highlights" are off in the hair. the whole lower half of the face is completely off-center and tilted in a weird manner.

5/10. baylee can do better

No. 797511

It would be cute without the weird highlight and the off-center mouth/nose. I didn't notice it until you pointed it out and now the whole thing looks wonky as hell

No. 797526

File: 1555107081790.png (124.22 KB, 806x395, bayleetypo.PNG)

spending ages trying to recreate comic sans seems like a great use of her time

No. 797548

The new avatar just looks like an updated version of her forgotten Doodle Domain one.

No. 797550

This looks nothing like really how she draws.. This is giving me big Animal Crossing vibes.

No. 797551

File: 1555112389719.png (445.73 KB, 758x395, Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 7.39…)

No. 797554

Gag. That potato nose!

No. 797555

Why’d she give the avatar bangs?, she doesn’t even have bangs!

No. 797561

I always hated her old avatar. It had an err of +×lolrandum quirky girl×+, in addition to just being badly drawn. Also. why did she used to draw herself with freckles? She doesn't have any.

Quick aside: has Bayleaf ever drawn a character in profile? Seems like 80% of her drawings are head-on mugshots, and the other 20% are poorly executed three-quarter view.

No. 797582

File: 1555123784284.jpeg (230.6 KB, 800x1127, 434167E3-B440-4C0D-A80D-954478…)

I never noticed that but now that you mention it, not one drawing comes to mind in a profile view. She’s had opportunity’s to like this.

No. 797585

File: 1555124163890.png (341.14 KB, 551x487, Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 10.5…)

Nah she did this thing >>797582

No. 797617

Yeesh, I can see why she never does it

No. 797623

Super old but sometimes I look at this video and feel bad for her.
Also, why is it recommended to me?!

No. 797654

Does she ever not use a teal and pink combo, they don’t even go all that well together.

No. 797696

I can't help but to compare baylee to other youtube artists, others put a lot more effort into their videos and art. Baylee is just lazy, narcissistic and boring.

No. 797738

This thread just makes me sad cause my art is worse than hers, I'm bigger than her bodywise and I have worse acne than her. Awesome degrading guys!(no1curr)

No. 797739

Then don't go on this thread then

No. 797816

>>797654 They can go well together, but she never does it right

No. 797832

there’s symmetry tools in Procreate and photoshop so it being wonk is no excuse, it’s not utilizing all the tools at hand to make life easier for like no reason other than gloating

No. 798128

Literally, just read through all seven Baylee threads. I didn’t realize that Baylee has this much hate. I’ve watched way back during the Baylee Creations and then dropped off when I saw the horse and Libra drawing, and recently I went back to check out her channel. For some reason, about 7 years have passed, but it doesn’t feel like there is much on her channel somehow?

Although, I do agree with the whole Baylee hasn’t really improve much thing. I remember Baylee comparing Arty Advent Elsa and Anna to her old Elsa drawing. Thinking oh hey, she improved. Till I saw the old Anna drawing, then I’m like never mind.

No. 798215

File: 1555384323978.png (313.83 KB, 753x723, Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 11.1…)

she's going through with the mystery box thing

No. 798216

File: 1555384354113.png (74.67 KB, 403x533, Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 11.1…)

No. 798235

The bush looks like a dick

Wow this is just a scam to get people to send her free things. She already has enough art supplies as is and is constantly spending money on new supplies. More supplies are the last thing she needs.

No. 798255

Jesus fuck, she’s the first person who DOESN'T need more art supplies. She’s probably going to send her old old supplies she never used to the person who sent the box.

No. 798273

I honestly think she should send back the supplies that were given to her (Waffles does giveaways after using the subscription boxes and I think that’s actually great). It would be a lot better than her just throwing them somewhere in her house to never be used again. And it doesn’t look like she went the money compensation route either.

No. 798296

she finally got that damn cyst removed

sage for no milk

No. 798297

Stop bleaching your hair please!!
She says it starts to break if she wears it up, how does that not worry her, seeing as she has super thin hair?
It looks like a cheap halloween wig

No. 798301

File: 1555437188902.png (1.27 MB, 1020x1138, Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.4…)

Her hair is so thin that she looks bald when its slicked back. The only volume on her head is the cyst.

No. 798320

I remember her saying her hair is dry from the products she used, and I actually commented on the video saying maybe it's because she bleaches it too much

No. 798390


Her name isn't very easy on the eyes. At least to me, both her names are unusual spellings, but also, there's too many a's and e's where they don't look right. I know this sort of thing wasn't really up to her, but it's just my opinion. Her new icon isn't great but it's miles better than that doofy bucktooth 'cheeky' spongebob look she'd been grasping onto for years on end.

No. 798437

also didn't she only recently have massive banners printed with the old branding ? I mean not that she necessarily shouldn't, but it just seems a bit backwards to print a bunch of business cards and banners and THEN change your style. but what do I know, I do not have a million subscribers and a massive house

No. 798483

This is so disgusting! Why is she showing her gross ulcer?

Her channel is more about her lazzy couch potato life than about art.
You cant call that shit art anyway.
She is not even entertaining, why are people watching this?

No. 798535

File: 1555528856210.png (678 KB, 1198x707, Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 3.18…)

This months ytac

No. 798548

What are those boobs? Basic anatomy pls

No. 798594

File: 1555547416593.jpeg (262.38 KB, 640x1454, A968EF6A-9695-45CE-96C0-14F842…)

Those fucking boobs, it’s not that difficult to pull up a breast reference on Google. This was the fourth image.

No. 798663

File: 1555578213522.jpg (1.05 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190418-020224_You…)

The shading helped a bit but its still bad especially the under boob part

No. 798665

"Alien lady in pasties" seems like kind of an inappropriate choice for someone whose following is primarily comprised of preteens.

No. 798683

Those tits still look like ass.
Like, literally an ass on her chest.

No. 798732

It'll be interesting to see how long it takes her to decide to make another oil painting piece, after hoarding all those paint supplies.

… Til then it's back to her basic Copics, I guess. She'll probably be whining about how much longer it takes to cough up an oil painting again.

No. 798736

she has started prepping for her next painting so sooner than expected

No. 798740

According to her twitch stream, she’s bringing back doodle domain, but with no commentary or music. She’s making a doodle ASMR channel

No. 798786

File: 1555621756095.png (3.43 MB, 1334x750, B7171CE9-978E-4B64-A5F3-B780BC…)

No. 798791

That is just awful. Wonder how much she'll sell that for haha

No. 798803

The ears!
And the boobs. obvsly

No. 798805

Those boobs look like they belong on pornhub, only fake boobs would point forward like that lol

No. 798902

do you guys realize she thinks this is an egyptian goddess ? she did no research before, no research ! it looks like a hindu goddess, but what can ya want from layzee..

No. 798919

The arms also terrify me

No. 798923

It’s supposed to be Nut, the Egyptian goddess.

No. 798953

>>798786 it looks like shes got chicken pox or something. It looks more like a djinn and even thats a stretch

No. 798968

so Baylee is not only being racist but also intentionally erasing egyptian culture by giving the impression that all "eastern" religions are the same.

not surprised.

This is honestly gross. I've voiced my concerns with other artists in the YTAC about her and they've been agreeing with me. baylee's art is so far below the majority of the artists that it's becoming embarrassing to have our art showcased along with hers.

in the past three years, we've all improved… except for her. in fact, she has gotten worse and is consistently late, never communicates, and requires frequent clarifications and "hand-holding" to understand anything.


No. 798988


Don't forget the horns. Where do they come from? Behind the head?

No. 798989

I thought it was supposed to be a "sexy woman" version of Aquarius. weird

No. 798995

Sage for ot, but I don't think arms are supposed to extend that far up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 799005

No other content so she talks about her book publisher going bankrupt…

No. 799017

I like how she says you should be draw from nude models to learn the body but clearly never do. otherwise the boobs wouldn't be so fucked

No. 799030

Ouch! I'm sorry that's been going on. As someone who isn't apart of the collective and just watches the videos, she feels really out of place and not super involved with the group. Interesting to know that's the case. I hope everything works out!

But I completely agree with you that what she did with the art was pretty scummy. She mentioned in the video she didn't do much research about Nut or Egyptian culture, which is silly because Google is easily available. Heck, this would have been a great opportunity to try integrating some aspects of Ancient Egyptian art into the piece and talk about the culture. But why do that when she can complain about stuff that no one cares about lol. Everything just feels really lazy which is a bad reflection on the rest of the group.

No. 799031


the drawing is pretty awful, but if i remember correctly then Nut is meant to be the goddess of the sky, so the night sky themed skin makes perfect sense. stop nitpicking. there is plenty of other art of Nut with the same type of skin.

No. 799039

nta, but I get what they mean; blue skin, fluid pose, bindi star, high sitting headpiece…not saying a god isn't up for interpretation, but definitely not giving off "Egyptian" vibes.

No. 799041

I swear the arm on the left is half as thick as the arm on the right.

No. 799042

At which point was she racist or suggesting all eastern religions are the same? She could’ve given her more Egyptian inspired eye makeup but that’s pretty nitpicky

No. 799045

File: 1555721666959.gif (4.9 KB, 292x300, nutroyalblue.gif)

Not to wk, but y'all are being too nitpicky. The blue skin with stars goes in line with the Egyptian depiction. She even presents the pictures she based it from in the video. I agree it doesn't have the typical Egypt vibe, but her portrayal isn't racist or that inaccurate, it's simply stylized. Also, newfag here. Long time lurker. Hi.

No. 799047

I don’t see how you made this assumption. She did minimal research but she did some and Nut is blue. Hinduism didn’t patent blue skin for deities last time I checked lol

I guess black hair would make it more Egyptian looking but i think what she did falls into artistic interpretation. The piece isn’t good, but I don’t think it’s a crime against poc

No. 799048

Didn't sage properly, sorry about that. Still new here.

No. 799049

Lol and everyone criticizing Baylee’s anatomy… Look at this Nut- job! Loooollll… ok I’ll stop

No. 799050

Shut I only now noticed that bindi star… yeah that’s pretty lame :(

No. 799080


I wonder which one of you this is.

No. 799115

Why are you typing like a wine mom on Facebook?

I think the big issue is that nothing about the visual style says, "Egyptian" besides the border. The white hair was a really odd choice in my opinion- nothing about it says "sky", "nighttime" or "Egyptian".

The pasties are tacky. Either draw her nude without nipples or give her a dress if nudity is a concern for your young audience. Why nipples (especially in an artistic context) are such a big deal is beyond me, but that's neither here nor there.

All that said, though, think this drawing would be decent were it not for the glaring anatomical errors (and the generic potato nose face). Everything else I touched on is relatively minor, so take it with a grain of salt.

No. 799135

File: 1555751182011.png (1.41 MB, 1071x990, baylee.png)

She seems to have taken 'inspiration' from pic related (the nipple pasties, loincloth and bracers). It's one of the first results when googling "nut egyptian goddess". Just wanted to post this because it seems a bit dishonest (or just lazy) to lift part of the design from another artist without mentioning it (if that's the case, maybe I'm just reaching).

I also don't get why the boobs are symmetrical when one arm is lifted.

No. 799161

I dont really see much resemblance. Not more than the egyptian pics or probably any other image of Nut anyway. The character is fixed to an idea of a design and apart from that fixed idea I really dont think these look alike

also yea the boobs are just terrible. she talks about taking reference from nudes but she clearly never does this herself… and if she does then shes an even worse artist than i thought

No. 799176

She did claim to have made up the nipple stars and the loincloth herself, though. I'm suspicious. the shapes of the loincloth & the bracelet thingies only add to my suspicion

No. 799196

I mean I wouldnt put it past Layzee to "take too much inspiration" but the stars on the nipple thing isnt the most innovative idea. If you avoid nipples, nipple covers are the go to thing. This is a goddess whose body is covered in stars so star shaped nipple covers. It doesn't take a creative mind to come up with it.

The loincloth isn't too innovative either (hers looks like a napkin btw), especially when you are trying to go for that egyptian look, so are the bracelets.

Baylees design is really the bare minimum of an egyptian inspired drawing.

No. 799198

File: 1555783153303.png (561.53 KB, 784x588, f9e1cf534caa71621afdb2c4ca8fe6…)

That pose…

No. 799277

The anatomy is more like she’s using a doll for posing rather than an actual nude person, you can see how she tried to cover it up with the hair on the left: in a real person there’s a muscle there that would stretch up but it looks like a ball joint on a doll. Honestly, practice what you preach, layzee, cuz it looks like she hasn’t seen a real person’s body before

No. 799281

yeah a sarong and star pasties aren't exactly original, especially when the subject is already night sky themed, and a loincloth is pretty universal.

mostly what gets me about this pic aside from the terrible boobs are the horns. why are they coming out of her hair and not her head??

No. 799285

Agreed, but if her name was spelled more normally, she'd share the same name with Bailey Jay, a trans pornstar.

No. 799367

You're right I forgot all about the porn star.

No. 799379

Lets be honest we all know that the only reason that she is in the group in the first place is her subscriber count which adds to the YTAC's visibility.

On the one hand I can see the frustration as her contributions do seem like an afterthought half the time but it's not like you guys aren't getting anything out of it.

No. 799521

What’s with her obsession with spongebob?

No. 799558


No. 799678

Yeah the only reason is because Sakuems created it and she used to whore herself out to try and get Baylees views. She was constantly desperate to get subs and shit a few years back.

No. 801188

wonder where she's been lately

No. 801199

She was at calgary expo

No. 801565

It's funny to see Sakuems' sub count stay relatively low. She's a competent artist so long as the subjects are bug-eyed Asian girls. You'd think with all the kids on YT that young girls would eat her shit up and sub to her like crazy, but after like ten years on the site she can't even break 100k subs. Even Holly did that, and she's Holly.

No. 801618

No. 801642

That is the most pathetic video I have ever seen from her.

No. 801645

If she has to make bad art she may as well make as a joke. I see no harm

No. 801688

File: 1556755742276.jpeg (99.08 KB, 340x439, BFEFFEC3-E464-4181-8170-259B1F…)

the pinnacle of beauty

No. 801743

I wonder if it’s a combo of buying subs, cuz there’s no way that many people for real watch bj’s videos, but also like, she copies spongebob and Disney art so that’s super easy for people/kids to sub to her since she’s semi consistent and just rides off the popularity of that. Sakuems has a pretty fine and ok art style but she doesn’t have as many gimmicks as BJ, like her channel is nothing BUT gimmicky clickbait

No. 801750


It’s because Sakuems did a lot of shit like openly try and compete with other youtubers, traced, was insensitive to POc and was homophobic on Twitter etc. When you’re ugly on the inside sometimes it shows.

Tbh maybe she’s changed now but I knew her through a friend and ex patron of hers who she stalked because she couldn’t afford to keep pledging. Sakuems hunted her down on stuff like Baylees vlogs and demanded to know why she wasn’t a patron any more. It was that bad it caused my friend to have such a big panic attack that she no longer comes online even after about four years?

So yeah, I can see exactly why Sakuems is stuck.

No. 801916

Lol whut?? And you did not shared that heavy milk here?

For me Sakuems comes of quite pathetic. She barely post videos and complains on a regular basis. She really tries to ride the pitty train.

No. 801955


This was years ago. Didn’t know of Lolcow then and was lowkey scared of her because she had a following. I know more milk on her but it would drop a few big YouTubers in on it and it’s all DMs - which are not mine to share.

No. 801976

You’re anonymous- spill the damn milk.

No. 802020


I’ve spilled as much as I can without sending other peoples screenshots, which I’m not malicious enough to do. She used to have it all out on her G+ before she realised her shittyness was public to see. I’ll see what I can find.

If you can somehow go back and see those comments have a look for yourself.

No. 802041

She's not an ugly looking human, she just makes stupid faces

No. 802093

Now we all need to know what you have anon!
You cant tease people just like that.

No. 802283

the blue stripe of the rainbow looks super patchy

No. 802369

That rainbow is wonky af

No. 802495

seeing her art that close to another, better artist really shows how bad she is

No. 802598

I'm sorry but- did she say an 11x17 for $15 is too expensive???
She does 2 for $15??? "I think that's fair for this size" That's $11 USD
And I thought the $1 buttons were cheap as crap. I couldn't justify taking all that time making buttons to sell them for 75 cents per button when they cost about 29 cents per piece to make (using her supplier as reference)46 cents profit. Judging by how often she does button pressing streams I don't think she even makes minimum wage off them, even though she sells high quantities.

(also UNRELATED but shout out to the person across from her with the BNHA art that looks traced? You're not allowed to sell fanart with official logos. Artist Alley bullshit is wild)

No. 802600

The undercutting of her products has always bothered me and I’ve commented about it before…she doesn’t listen

No. 802617

God she has no sense of composition whatsoever. Her characters rarely flow well with the background. It always looks like shitty cliparts glued on a phone wallpaper. Also that perspective lol

No. 802646

she doesn’t price higher which is stupid since she’s basically “yootoob famos” and could be charging $15 per print and still sell anyways. The only reason people are buying her stuff isn’t because it’s super good or anything, anyways. If she actually tried to study and improve she could be making a lot more off her personal IP but she resorts to making meme art and prioritizing bad YouTube content.

She should get another one of those big thick sketchbook slam books and fill it with anatomy practice and her art thumbnails and try to fill it by the end of the year instead of rushing through it for the month and not learn anything from it.

Has she used any of the studies she did in that book for any recent art?

No. 802653

I really don't understand how she makes any money at all. I guess sponsored videos. She's gotta be doing conventions at a loss, she only thinks she's turning a profit because she doesn't value her time.

No. 802671

No. 802766

She definitely was undercutting herself and the artists around her imo. It’s a problem with the crowd at the Calgary Expo too, I’ve tables at their artist alley before and it really hasn’t recovered since the Canadian dollar went down and there’s a mix of some really good artists but also obvious tracers or people that make really shitty crafts, the expo doesn’t care as long as u pay them for the table. But she’s really being a dick to other artists who value their work a lot more, 15$ is MINIMUM what most people charge for one though I’m not surprised she does not listen or value her art at all.

No. 802790

>>802653 i don't understand where the fuck she is getting the money to buy all those stupid dolls and disney shit.

No. 802835

Maybe Christian has a well paying job?
Does anyone know what he does btw?

No. 802889

i feel like in old vlogs baylee mentioned he was in the computer/technology field?

No. 802895

Yeah she makes like 2k for a whole month or more of works on the buttons. She legitimately makes less than minimum wage for her time alone. Probably would make more being on disability and that is close to nothing, but whatever makes her feel important right?

The fact that cons give tables out to anyone with money to pay for it gives the cons a bad look when it comes to people tracing or having bad art like Baylee, but that's just my opinion and no one curr

No. 802986

I mean I can't criticise her for deciding to phase out selling fan art, cos making money off fan art is gross, so yeah
but the thing about these cons is that it's the comments section only irl. people coming up going OMG ur so TALENTED n GOOD at ART and no wonder nothing changes. she has an audience and it's a large and indiscriminating one.

>>802889 I think he works for a broadband company? I'm sure I remember her saying that's why they always have the lastest mega broadband speed or whatever.

also I think her family must have money, because she has that attitude of someone who's never had to worry. There's a difference between someone who's earning OK now but knows what it's like to have to budget, and someone who can blithely go 'Oh I almost broke even on this con, that's good', charge $5 for a (admittedly shitty) print and then drop 1000$ on dolls etc. she HAS to be from a well off background.

No. 803029

Why are Western people so obsessed with hating fan art…is it capitalism lol

No. 803038

He looks like an IT/cable type of guy. Just an observation.

It's usually the attitude of "they're only making money/getting attention/views because they just draw a bunch of fan art. They're actually creatively bankrupt"
Which is sometimes. But not always true.

It doesn't actually matter though. Fan art can be just for enjoyment. It's only a real shit move when people turn a profit off other independent artists.

But I'm not going to get into that all over again ITT.

No. 803044

>is it capitalism lol

No. 803146

don't hate fan art. nothing wrong with fan art as fan art. just think making money off it at this BJ "I traced a picture of a pokemon and put it on a badge, please pay me for it but also I am an ARTIST respect my ARTISTRY" level is kinda pathetic but each to their own

No. 803180

Honestly fanart isn't bad if you at least attempt originality with it. However, baylee phasing out fanart might not be good for her because, based on her fanbase, might be one of her main appeals. Younger audiences seem to really like fanart, even if it is baylee quality. And with no famart, what would she even put on her badges? Isn't a majority of it character profiles?

No. 803233

Because selling fanart is illegal.
Most German cons forbid it because of that

No. 803238

Yea exactly that.

I dont have anything against fanart, I draw fanart myself but the amount of people who have asked me to sell my fanart as prints or badges is ridiculous.
I always tell them the same. I do not own the characters. I can not make profit off them.

I would love fanart of my characters, because it means people are appreciating my ideas and its kinda like a trophy for me, that I have created something that touches other people. Thats awesome.
But as soon as they start to make money off MY characters I would be pretty mad…

No. 803268

You do realize that these characters belong to big ass companies tho right? I don't think Naoko Takeuchi or toei animation are struggling financially by someone selling sailor moon fanart.

No. 803305


You say that but once for MCM London, the entire event was semi sponsored by Marvel (I can't remember which big film was coming out that year) and they had some Marvel officials there. When they went through the dealers' area, they basically started pulling out the good old 'cease and desist' letters for anybody who was making very obvious copies of Marvel art (like you might see unofficial t-shirt vendors who just print official art and such.

Apparently they even gave the cease and desist letters to some artists who were dealing, especially if their style was made to mimic marvel or like it was really obviously a copy. But those who did stylised renditions (like anime or whatever) just about got away with it because its original enough art. Basically the big companies can and will gun you down if they decide one year to throw the hammer down.

No. 803316

Well that's western companies like disney and marvel. And any artist with a brain knows to stay away from those(including baylee). The example I mentioned was japanese, which is what most artists at anime convention are doing.

No. 803321

It shouldnt mean what company. If it’s straight copies of original art or unimaginative pictures in the same style as original art it’s plagiarism but once you put your spin on it be it style, alternative story, universe, spin off it counts as parody bc there’s really no way to prove you didn’t draw them the way you did to make fun of it. Like turning marvel to anime or mlp (which are pretty much a symbol now)

No. 803601


Dude, even those companies got so rich because they came up with original ideas.. yea, ok, do fan art to learn but selling it just means you're an unoriginal artist that can't be recognized for anything. If you think selling fan art is alright.. then let's also start selling fan fiction or music covers..

No. 803612

> then let's also start selling fan fiction or music covers..

People do both these things lol
50 Shades Of Gray was literally Twilight Fan Fic. There are tons of music covers that get radio play/royalties.

No. 803670

So what if they belong to big ass companies? Those companies pay people for their ideas, they make money by making good decisions on buying character rights. That's just how capitalism works. Now you could argue that Disney or Marvel could take any character these days because they put a name behind it but they have created that name and could lose it if they started to only start giving us shit.
Just because someone has more money doesn't mean we can rob them of it by selling stuff they own.

If they were to just let it slide they eventually wouldnt make money off those characters they own anymore, it would also give the impression that individual people dont have artistic property. So Disney just letting randoms sell their shit is bad for the small artist too when people are selling the small artist's characters

No. 803674

Shades of Gray had to change names and some scenes in order to be sold. If it was still Bella and Edward and Edward was still a vampire then it could never have been sold. Shades of Gray has nothing left from the original story

No. 803762

nobody gives a fuck about your holy ideals about fanart and your shitty art. Move this topic back to Baylee.

No. 803841

I’d buy original merch if it wasn’t most of the time super boring and/or overpriced. Things are also mostly targeted for children and just crappy.
If an artist sells only fan art that’s lame but it’s their choice after all but many artists have their styles and just share their love for a series etc. I’m happy I can collect prints for my fav franchises. I still pay for the games so not sure how I’m hurting the company

No. 803916

for those worries about BJ's financial situation: here she is driving to the US to buy capture card gadgets, going out to buy a new DSLR, talking about buying more new DSLRs…

No. 803930

Didn’t she just buy a new camera!?

No. 803935

I think that was a new vlog camera. don't you know all yt artists must have at least eight cameras for their vlog videos and fifteen for their art ones and they must all be the newest possible otherwise how would anyone see your very simple line drawing copied from a spongebob screen capture

No. 803977

No. 803984

completely correct anon

No. 804008

I think the excuse for her Canon M50, her newest camera, was so that she could have more “side angles” for her art videos. She does use it to vlog quite a bit, though.

No. 804450

Has it ever occurred to her to stop having so many cameras? Like, if she got rid of face cam that would 1) lessen the amount of footage to edit and 2) make her seat videos easier to watch. I honestly hate how she talks through her entire video. It really distracts me.
But I’m not a super art pro like Baylee so what do I know

No. 804451

*ART videos not seat (mobile is suffering)

No. 805006

She bought a Sony a6500… a $1,000+ camera. Wish I was comfortable enough to spend that much money as if I was buying a goddamn pack of gum.

No. 805599

File: 1557630255291.jpeg (449.82 KB, 1125x1909, 315BEE50-A9C5-44F0-8A74-4723D2…)

Do you think her book will even be successful?

No. 805613

Didn’t the company that published it go bankrupt? Also it’s a shit book anyway.

No. 805621

it's not a good sign when the singular illustration on the cover of your how to draw book is a lopsided cartoon bust devoid of both color and shading. I can't imagine even a disheveled aunt running late to a birthday party picking this up instead of one of the million other "how to draw cartoons" books.

No. 805663

All the giggling and squealing she did about the possibility of buying a second new camera as if it’s no big deal shows how spoilt and out of touch she is.
Also, that pin she created for the Baylee box people, the cat’s front paws look like a massive camel toe.

No. 805751

The left eye is so obviously wonky, I seriously don’t know how she didn’t notice and fix it.

No. 806396

No. 806405

samefag but i just skimmed the video because its super long but all the art is super ugly lol she obviously has no understanding of how watercolor works
also the first piece just looks like a flesh colored blob

No. 806425

File: 1557777740354.png (363.89 KB, 480x480, Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 5.01…)

what is this?

No. 806428

File: 1557778259364.png (6.88 MB, 2208x1242, 294C6D43-CDC3-40A5-9637-255F96…)

Sage for spam but holy shit these are horrifying. Why does everything she draw have to look so flat and disproportionate.

No. 806430

File: 1557778342232.png (8.54 MB, 2208x1242, 43CB4C87-E793-40FC-A6DD-371782…)

No. 806432

File: 1557778684093.png (455.65 KB, 376x496, bjanimal.PNG)


"I'm not a watercolour artist" she says. Okay then I will take your hugely expensive artist grade Schminke watercolour set off you then.

remember plum horse lol. or pic related.

No. 806436

Legit looks like something I drew when I was 12

Why does she draw men and women the exact same way lol

No. 806442

Who is that supposed to be??? Looks like a baby wearing a seashell.

No. 806443

File: 1557780488861.jpg (99.74 KB, 425x620, met-gala-2019-christain-sirian…)

she's trying to copy this pic of Ryan Murphy. i'm sure he'd be happy to be portrayed as one of her weird bald baby aliens

No. 806447

Someone should take that palette away from her because she’s abaolutely horrible with watercolors

No. 806451

Why is zendaya white?

No. 806459


I was just thinking that, she needs an intervention to have her white gel pen confiscated too

No. 806477

Does she have a contract with Skillshare or something? Nearly every video of hers nowadays is sponsored by them

No. 806490

That dog has seen some shit

No. 806504

Jesus Christ this is worse than I thought it would be. She manages to shock me with her shit art every time she posts. Stick to Copics, Baylee, and giveaway the art supplies you will never use.

No. 806614

I just found this thread, i use to follow her for a while but i unsubbed cause she got boring. But holy fuck, why on earth is she popular in the first place. It makes me really pissed off, it's so unfair cause there are so many other artists on yt that deserve way more recognition than she has.

No. 806714

Those drawings are so bad. I'm always shocked at the comments saying how good she is…are they blind?!

No. 806721

Her audience is mostly 8-12 which probably can't have more than crappy kid supplies. Obviously they watch being easily impressed by her using "advanced supplies"

No. 806944

This simple cat sticker art is the best art she produced in a long time. Honestly if she stopped drawing ugly ass people and went the cute generic sticker/pin artist route she could probably make some good money with her kid following.

No. 806981

>>806944 God her hair is always awful nowadays. She washed it yesterday and the roots are greasy and its so thin and broken it looks like tissue paper

No. 806984

That’s pretty sad that’s the best art she can produce….

Do you think her “fame” will even last much longer? She’s not as big as she was like 4 years ago… right?

No. 806987

File: 1557865987041.png (952.12 KB, 889x784, Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 4.32…)

This was her hair a year ago, not great but it looked healthy at least

No. 806991

File: 1557866214688.png (513.75 KB, 793x697, Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 4.36…)

Hair today

No. 807047

This could an chubby Taylor R Doppelganger

No. 807077

she needs darker brows so badly. looks like she got a face full of flour rn

No. 807117

not darker, but fuller for sure. the pencil-thin look was very 15-20 years ago.

No. 807163

she has gotten so much rounder, her hair is very brittle from over bleaching and the eyebrows just look silly now

No. 807287

Her brows are tattooed, right?

No. 807335

Mostly. The inner section is partly her original brows so you can always tell the direction her natural brows are supposed to go.

No. 807336

off topic but even a year ago (from that blonde hair pic) she has some sort of shape to her face. nowadays shes just a round blob with an ever growing double chin.

No. 807418

They should’ve just plucked all of it tbh. Or just get a darker shade of pencil. The spots just stand out way too much.

No. 807502

File: 1557995563236.jpeg (442.88 KB, 750x942, D43A3CF9-85F8-4002-9953-403F53…)

She should just move to Anaheim already, she goes to Disneyland so damn much…. with all the money she makes you’d think she’d travel to new places for a change….

No. 807504

She paid an extra $75 to cancel that Vidcon ticket and is now asking if she should buy another one!? What a dumbass

No. 807521

Ick why do people do that. It never looks good, especially after like a year

No. 807522

Am I the only one who finds baylee flaunting her money, constantly to be somewhat rude even? She can so what she wants but do her fans really like seeing this? It wouls be same as her taking out stacks of cash and just burning it.

No. 807527


I wish more of her fans called her out on her consumerist behaviour because it's just ridiculous at this point.

No. 807560

Her obsession with Disney is so fucking weird, it’s borderline mentally challenged at this point.

No. 807572

Yep, this is what I was saying earlier. I think she is just so out of touch and has zero understanding of financial hardship or responsibility (or tact, lets be honest), because it's possible this is the kind of comfort level she's always been afforded.
And hasn't it been said that her mother buys a lot of her originals? so she's being encouraged to stay that way because she'll believes there'll always be that net there to catch her.

No. 807597

Yea it just feels so out of touch, I would expect that kind of behavior from logan brothers, not some rando youtuber. Yes it's her money and she can do whatever the fuck she wants and buy tickets where ever but for someone who's had financial struggles, her attitude towards money is just disgusting. Like I'm happy she has money, I would never want someone to live in poverty like I did (and still am) but gosh woman, learn how to finance a little bit at least.

No. 807598

Yea it just feels so out of touch, I would expect that kind of behavior from logan brothers, not some rando youtuber. Yes it's her money and she can do whatever the fuck she wants and buy tickets where ever but for someone who's had financial struggles, her attitude towards money is just disgusting. Like I'm happy she has money, I would never want someone to live in poverty like I did (and still am) but gosh woman, learn how to finance a little bit at least.

No. 807603

Yea it just feels so out of touch, I would expect that kind of behavior from logan brothers, not some rando youtuber. Yes it's her money and she can do whatever the fuck she wants and buy tickets where ever but for someone who's had financial struggles, her attitude towards money is just disgusting. Like I'm happy she has money, I would never want someone to live in poverty like I did (and still am) but gosh woman, learn how to finance a little bit at least.

No. 807679

She really should start saving up for later. Her Youtube money is getting lesser, and she has like zero skills to make something else. Maybe 5 more years and thats it.
And she wont be able to sell her 5 new cameras in a vouple of years, so thats an very bad investment.

No. 807703

they live in a 6 bedroom house in vancouver, which cannot be cheap. I know they rent and they live in a more industrial part of the city so it's probably not quite as expensive as some other options but still, she obviously doesn't understand what it's like to struggle financially. also, does she think it's normal for a two person household to live in a 6 bedroom house? She seems to act like it's normal and she uses all of the rooms for useless storage

No. 807733

She lives in the Burnaby area, which is one of the safest and sought after areas of Van. I can’t say for sure how much rent is (BC is in the middle of a huge scandal, where the gov’t basically allowed the Chinese mafia to laundry money through casinos and the housing market) NOW, since rents and housing are becoming cheaper.

However, I’d have to say her rent is somewhere between $3,000-$5,000 a month. Now, if she was smart enough she’d negotiate with her landlord for cheaper rent, since rent prices are dropping everywhere.

Funny thing is that Baylee’s house isn’t nice looking at all, nor does it have a nice view or nice layout. There are literal mansions that can be rented now for less than what she’s paying in her current house. But I highly doubt she even knows what the hell is happening in the province she lives in. I bet she would know more about Disneyland.

No. 807789

Cant wait until she needs to sell all of her supplies and stupid expensive princess dolls because she can’t pay her bills for the month.

No. 807872

It really baffles me how she has so amny rooms yet crammed living room, dining room and kitchen in one space, while the rest of the rooms are storage. How much stuff could two people have??

No. 807942

File: 1558108891308.png (53.6 KB, 743x221, Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.5…)

She bought a new ticket

No. 808239

She had that flood like back in December so it forced them to move and get rid of a bunch of stuff but she has a closet literally crammed with garbage

No. 808294

There’s too many unconfirmed assumptions here

No. 809082

File: 1558289504207.png (982.78 KB, 640x1136, 72272B53-4D85-4A66-BAA5-CD4DE9…)

2 cows meet

No. 809084

File: 1558289547505.png (1.48 MB, 640x1136, 690D8D08-B790-4129-B484-02BB1E…)

No. 809450


I only see one cow, even though she makes up for two (Baylee)

No. 809474

You’d think she would have stayed home to help take care of her injured husband if he needed it.

No. 809489

What happened to Christian?

No. 809492

He fractured his ankle from jumping over a fence to catch a ball

No. 809512

Lazee ti lazy to be helpful. If that happened to her he would've probably be home for her.

No. 809551

File: 1558368726887.png (310.49 KB, 595x658, Screen Shot 2019-05-20 at 12.1…)

No. 809564

She wants to do less work! WTF
Can't wait to hear her reasoning behind it.

No. 809569

Maybe she's pregnant? That could explain why she's rounder lately

No. 809595

No. 809603

So she doesnt vlog daily anymore. Won’t stream everyday anymore. Uploads shitty videos that are thrown together in a day- what the hell is she going to do all day now? At least the lazy streams gave her some sort of minimal structure. I would love to see what excuse she uses now to justify her being “too busy” to do any sort of art.

No. 809616

She did a drunk stream 3 days ago so I don’t believe she’s pregnant.

No. 809678

In her new vlog she posted she keeps rambling how so much time is dedicated to “cleaning” how much of a mess can 2 people make? Cleaning your house shouldn’t take more then a couple of hours not two days. It’s ridiculous how inefficient she is and pretends to be so busy over something so simple and not difficult.

No. 809679

No. 809699

I hope this is the beginning of the end for her. She does nothing for the community and does not deserve her subscribers.
I'll be over here watching good artubers who care about their youtube businesses and not shitty gaming streams.

No. 809702

I wonder if she'll go full mommy-blogger once she eventually has a kid and give up on the art. Honestly, she never practices or does any art that isn't for a video. Her 'passion' for it isn't really evident in anything she shows.

I understand her reasoning for dropping the streams but it didn't really need such a serious kind of video. I thought at first she was going to announce a pregnancy or something but nah. Does she make more money off youtube than streams?

She was going on about having to do double the amount of housework cause Christian can't help. Like >>809678 said, how fucking messy can you be to still be droning on about housework? Just clean up after yourself as the day goes on, no need to let it accumulate into piles of crap before dealing with it.

No. 809731

I can see cleaning being an issue since they do frequently have people over. Even just renting a room in a house, I feel I am constantly cleaning so I don't really fault her on that. They do have a big place to manage.

I'm guessing she will drop art and youtube all together at some point. Her next video isn't even really an art video its her coloring in a book… like a 4 year old. You can tell her passion just isn't there anymore, its been coming for a while and it seems soon enough she will just stop all together.

No. 810012

Is this thread filled with twelve year olds, what is with the obsession of her family planning. So fucking weird.

No. 810102

Shes gotten fatter and always talks about having kids. Besides her literally getting drunk a couple days ago it’s not that crazy. Get over it.

No. 810179

Whether or not she’s possibly pregnant is brought up constantly, it’s a weird thing to keep bringing up, why are some anons so obsessed with her potentially getting knocked up

No. 810197


I don't get it either. The only things she consistently needs to do in a day is: cook, take care of herself (hah), take minimal care of the cats, occasional laundry during the week (optional, considering she has a lot of clothes) and dishes. If she cleaned up after herself every time she made a mess the house would be clean constantly*.

It's how I keep my house clean and free of my shit everywhere, it's called self discipline…

*with the exception of small spaces

No. 810239

Cleaning and maintaining a house is really not that difficult if you have a schedule and are disciplined. As other canons have said.
The thing with her is that she doesn't clean after herself immediately. She leaves the dishes until there's a pile, Leaves the laundry until there's a pile, doesn't vacuum or dust until there are layers of dust on everything !!
She is truly lazy and
waits for the last minute. She never cooks in advance she never goes grocery shopping in advance. That's not really smart.

No. 810382

Her hair is so thin and limp here. She needs to stop bleaching it and just grow it out so it can be healthy again. I'm wondering if there's some kind of dietary adjustment she can also make.

Honestly? Getting a good quality pink wig is probably the better option at this point. It can cover her lumps, and provided she takes care of it, it will look fuller and nicer than her natural hair.

No. 810448

No. 810520

Her whole cleaning thing is her procrastinating on doing work. It's obvious that she doesn't care about creating art anymore, which is sad. I honestly think that her becoming a full-time YouTuber was a mistake. Sure, the initially boost in money is nice but look at what has happened to her as far as time management.

No. 810559


Tbh I struggle with my house and it’s smaller than hers. But I have medical conditions that prevent me from keeping on top of it. I don’t earn as much as her but I pay for a weekly cleaner because it’s just hell on Earth. She could pay for a cleaner too?

No. 811133

No. 812205

‘I Hate My Art’

No. 812225

she does too many of these "planning" videos where she talks about what she wants to do. she just sounds like a broken record in all the videos like this one. if you want to change then do it, don't talk about it and then fall back into your lazy rut a week later

No. 812241

Exactly, she’s always giving herself these goals and doesn’t do anything with them after like one try, after these improvement videos she will make do poorly, she will just go back to the stupid crafty challenge videos.

No. 812251

It doesn't bode well that instead of going ahead and starting the series, she did a rambling talking video.

No. 812258

Go back to fundamentals, Baylee.

No. 812295

She literally sat there for nearly 20 minutes trying to justify why she should be doing studies and how to motivate herself to do it. Drawing shouldn’t be a chore. If you want to improve yourself but you sit around wanting to be a “vegetable” instead, then you’re just lazy or don’t really want to improve that much.

It’s one thing for people to talk about how they need to motivate and talk themselves into working out whenever that’s not part of their daily routine- but her life and career is literally built off art. You’re the one choosing to do all these bullshit video ideas Baylee like that stupid diamond painting and challenges. Ignore my rant it’s just infuriating to see her talk about how doing studies is some sort of impossible thing she needs to find time to work in- when all she has is time.

No. 812305

I find it frustrating as well. The way she approaches making art is just so mechanical and lacks any sort of passion. She just does it for the monies and not because she truly cares about what she's producing.

No. 812494

baylee has this big problem with sketching, she is scared to make rough lines or construction lines, even fucking ''s'' shapes to mark any kind of flow because it will make her sketches less ''preety''. Documenting her sketching will only worsen this ffs, just the idea to make gestures in amother book because they arent as preety is dumb, that book is fucking big, looks like the HC. BRown one

also her not wanting to study loomis… lol

No. 812650

i don't watch her twitch streams, but what she showed on a vlog made me so angry. like she said she changed it to two streams a week, one creative and one gaming, and then for the creative one she, packages her pins? wtf? if i were a viewer that came for creative content, i'd be so fucking pissed, this is bullshit and lazy beyond belief

No. 812689

remember her 'art advice I don't follow' video?
She knows some of the things she should be doing - it's not just about not doing "enough" drawing, she does the wrong kind of drawing, and she does know that. sketchbook slam was a perfect example of that. drawing 'more' produced no improvement or learning.

she knows how to remedy stiffness, then she goes on about 'oh no my drawings are too stiff' and doesn't change the way she draws carefully from the wrist.

she thinks drawing things is drawing outlines of things, and colouring them in, rather than trying to describe forms.

also she has terrible taste, and if she worked on that by reading and watching better & more varied things, things would improve. she puts no thought into why she draws things. is she telling stories? who for? etc, etc

No. 812725

Honestly, the video is just frustrating. Even when drawing the bunnies theres so little guide lines (almost none on the heads!!) so the bunnies already look wonky. She thinks practice means just mindless doodles every day instead of fixing her mostakes, studying basica/fundamentals, and practicing realism - she needs to know how to draw things before stylizing it because it just looks bad when she does stylize it. I bet you she’s going to study anatomy by looking at that art book she has where other artists draw anatomy, instead of looking at real life anatomy.

No. 812788

She mentioned Loomis and I remember she drew a few of his figures when she did her Sketchbook Slam but she doesn't? Read the book?? Instead of just copying his figures she should read about proportions and landmarks and perspective boxes. Loomis helped me but only because I actually…read the damn book.

No. 812870

The comment section on that video is very frustrating, it's filled with kids bragging about how they "dunt follw da rulez lolz" even though they complain about how much their art sucks. Also, I completely agree that her general taste in colors, composition, and general ascetics sucks donkey balls.

Honestly, she would improve if she actually took some irl classes in a group. While the internet is a nice tool for those that don't have the funds to take classes (which she does with how many cameras she buys) having to interact with someone who's over the age of 12 and is skilled in art would force her to see that her methods aren't working. But that's just my two cents, I found I improved way more once I had a proper instructor that I could ask questions and get some direction from.

No. 813001

She went to art school and that SHOULD have helped in that environment but betcha bottom dollar that she was an animation student who didn’t study fundamental anatomy or did life drawing, skated along cuz art school is a joke, then just got lazy when she didn’t keep her job and only appeals to kids on twitch and YT who don’t know any better. Honestly she should really be art social with other IRL artists and it’s not like that’s lacking in the area, she knows artists from her AA videos and I’ve seen her in other online artist groups, but she lacks the drive to push herself outside of any comfort zone even though she knows her weaknesses or get any friends who want her to improve.

I just feel bad for her now honestly cuz she does these videos cuz she’s clearly aware of her weaknesses but it also feels like she’s too scared and too lazy to go back to the beginning and learn fundamentals cuz she’s surrounding herself with comfort and junk

No. 813017

Yup she was an animation student. She even had a starting job after school at a small time Canadian children's animation studio but quit shortly after starting to go full time with YouTube.

No. 813021

I agree with you. Even if she didn't take lessons, I think she'd benefit from joining an artist group that meets IRL. She needs the constructive criticism of her peers to improve, not youtube commenters blowing smoke up her ass.

No. 813165

Jesus Christ why can't she just clean up after herself? You would think she would be more careful to not leave her scanner on the floor where someone could trip over it.

No. 813279

Do youtube artists seriously think that these meaningless and soulless challenge videos are what will be trendy long term? They are sacrificing the quality of their channel in the long term for short term ad revenue. People have already seen every iteration of these challenges, by this time next year they're going to stop clicking. Meaningful content is what gets fans to stick around in the long term. I hope Baylee sticks with her studies. She has enough money already ; it's time to focus on being an artist first and an entertainer second.

No. 813282


Honestly, she's probably depressed. She knows her art has stagnated, her book company went bankrupt, and all of her aspirations to try something new are interrupted by her contradicting desire to get clicks on her videos from impressionable children. I'd be depressed and not too worried about cleaning, too.

No. 813379

I didn’t think about it that way but you’re right. She has no real stability to her life and hardly ever gets out the house according to her vlogs. She hoards those Disney dolls- and even as a viewer looking at her overly cramped room makes me anxious. Not to mention how the rest of her house seems to always be a mess. She’s talked about how she compares herself to other channels who are doing way better in views then she is. She’s not exactly the “it girl” of the YouTube art community anymore and her viewcount shows that- comparing to waffles especially. It’s pretty blatant more then ever against all the other growing channels how much she sucks. I would be depressed too lmao

No. 813399

>They are sacrificing the quality of their channel in the long term for short term ad revenue
I mean, yeah, immediate returns matter when you're trying to make a living off your content. Part of the reason the bigger channels mostly have bad art is because it's about short-term entertainment value, not quality.

No. 813502

I remember when she had that collab with Jazza and Mark- that probably got to her head to a little bit thinking she was just as good as the two of them lol. Although it was pretty obvious they were only using her because of her sub count. She’s defintely not the queen of the art community anymore and maybe that’s finally humbling her.

No. 813672

baylee doesn’t realise that her job is to be an entertainer, it’s not about doing good art it’s just about spurting out funny content.
I mean look at how many challenges are her most viewed videos.
Generally people like to see you struggle with being out of your comfort zone and then learning to create something a 13 year old would find pretty.

She needs an entire rebranding to seem more relatable even though she’s a 30 year old woman child who collects dust collectors

No. 814259

No. 814683

Just keeping up with her whole self-centered thing, referring to caring for her injured spouse as doing “favors”.

Also, why is she so inefficient at things? I feel like she equates taking too long on something because of doing it the wrong way with working extra hard.

No. 814767


christian broke his ankle. christian usually takes public transport to work. baylee's comment? "it'll be interesting to see how he does"

woman. i am all for being your own person and not centering your life around your partner. but you have a job with an adjustable schedule and a license and car. why does your injured spouse have to struggle on public transit when you could, idk, DRIVE THEM TO WORK?!

dear g.d i'd be fucking pissed

No. 814804

No. 814810

Its just awful. She barely sketched in 20% of the drawing and then she jumped into shading. Why? Why not use a grid to actually get the proportions right? “Most artists trace the picture for realism” yeah fuck off lol not tracing isn’t an excuse.

No. 814826

Damn that's cold.

I can picture Christian hobbling out the door on his crutches, past the driveway where their car sits unused, down to the bus stop and waiting to start his commute where he might not be able to sit down. Meanwhile Bailey Jae lies in her bed wearing her toddler pajamas and sleeping in because her schedule is flexible and she can do what she wants.

Really makes me question their relationship. I always thought they had mutual love and respect for each other but now I am not so sure.

No. 814834

I gotta say, as a not at all art fag, this looked really good to me but that's probably just because I couldn't even manage something like this. And I like her doing something way different than her normal potato nosed, alien like girls she draws all the time. But I'm sure art fags could point out whats specifically wrong here - to make it more obvious to the rest of us.

No. 814844

At 18:13 you can see the comparison to he picture so you’ll see these things better, yhr beard shape is off, the eyes are too big, the cheeks are flat, the turban is flat and the wrong shape. Its bot a bad attempt i just think its halfassed because she barely sketched it or drew enough guidelines that could have helped make it better

No. 814845

File: 1559147482388.png (663.67 KB, 662x471, oldman.PNG)

the worst thing about it is the values and the contrast - she recognises it herself towards the end of the video, there are so many very dark blacks in areas in the photo that she just didn't replicate, and there's not enough contrast between light and dark, eg under the brows and nostrils, and in the beard, the whole thing is just grey. And this also changes his expression - her drawing has a completely different expression and a lot of that is in the eyes.

also she didn't think about the light source -if you look at the photo, the brightness on the left side of the turban contrasts with the shadow on the right and this gives depth and highlights.

I don't care about it not being the exact same shapes, etc, etc because photorealism is pointless. but I do care that her drawing is lifeless because she didn't think about light and dark properly, or about emotion.

also fuck all the dumb idiots in the comments going 'omg ur so TALENTED'. gaaaah

No. 814848

I’m not even that mad at it. Is it bad? Yes. But at least she tried something different for once. This is also the first time in a long time she’s drawn something this realistic. I still don’t like her, but I still have to give her props for somewhat trying.

No. 814851

yeah I'm way less annoyed with her/her drawing than I am with all the people in the comments telling her it's the best art they've ever seen.

(yes I know they're all 12 and I shouldn't care)

but yeah, it was a good thing for her to do. and it's no wonder it's not very good, she doesn't do this a lot. if she does this another roughly 2000 times she might start to actually be a better artist

No. 814868

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed that. The way she talked about him being injured and needing help really, really bothered me since you would think, I don't know, if your spouse was injured that you would help them out. She's a self center brat who only cares about her silly Disney shit.

A lot of her inefficiency comes down to her being an inherently slow person. Also, it's something she can flex about, because saying your spend 40 hOuRs on a project sounds more impressive than saying your finished a project within an hour. That's just my two cents, Baylee reminds me a lot of an old friend who has a similar, self centered mindset and the parallels in their reasoning makes me lol

No. 814874

She also has terrible time management skills in general. It's something that happens to a lot of self-employed work from home types because they don't have a boss breathing down their neck or a scheduled lunch break or specific shifts they have to work. Weirdly enough, if she had less time in the day (like if she volunteered somewhere a couple of hours a week or took a weekly art class or something), I think she'd be more efficient just because she'd have less spare time to waste doing busy work.

No. 814893

the shadows and the proportions are off, but otherwise this is probably the best piece shes done in a while. she needs more practice.

No. 814894


It is not bad at all honestly if you do not know background of the artist etc.

The thing is she is an art youtuber and a professional for years now and should do better. And how others said, not abozt the technique and all- if you never use pencils for shadows, it is hard af - but stuff like proportions, using grids, sketching, etc.
After as many years she does art now she should have better "eyes" to see her mistakes before finishing a piece

No. 815029

Yes this is ny main issue, this is amazing work for a beginner. She’s not supposed to be a beginner lol. The comments saying how good she is on the youtube video are so annoying because now she wont even bother to improve

No. 815172

for someone who never draws realism she did well. Sure from an artist's perspective there are a lot of things she could improve upon (especially those cheeks. geez), but it's way better than her stiff doe-eyed white girls. I can respect that she's trying to get out of her comfort zone

No. 815219

I hope she keeps working at it and doesn't give up. Though, I have a feeling that she won't stick with it because 1) not enough views 2) someone will saying something "not nice" and that will be her scapegoat to not try anymore 3) she get's bored

No. 815336

Considering she NEVER sketches unless for a video…she basically pulled this out her ass and did decent. Now she just needs to keep practicing and she might actually be halfway to where her skillset should be.

No. 815370

Yes, I noticed she often double and triple-handles thing that could have been done in one go. She packaged all those pins, but didn’t tally them up as she went. It could come down to the whole “processing as content” thing she now does, but it just seems like a waste of time.

No. 815483

File: 1559231908664.jpeg (327.82 KB, 750x816, B89585E3-37F6-4AA2-B69F-C11F41…)

No. 815510

yes, because HER usual cartoony art is low effort work that often has bad anatomy and proportions, there are a lot of good cartoonists out there. it actually seems like she put at least a little bit of effort into this piece.

No. 815515

I don't know their relationship, but if I broke my ankle and my spouse basically told me "lol, good luck", I'd be pretty pissed. It's not like she needs to go to the office.

I mean, to be fair, that comment basically says any cartoon art is inferior to "REAL" art, not just hers.

No. 815580

The face she makes in this thumbnail is revolting

No. 815589

This tweet is just too relevant to this thread

No. 815590

File: 1559243074652.jpeg (90.76 KB, 625x733, 8119B921-BC9B-4D4A-B10C-69B507…)


No. 815604

pushing your head back further won’t bring back your relevancy baylee :(

No. 815609

Does someone actually find these "I'm super ugly" thumbnails entertaining or like clickable? I dunno if you gotta have a really good self-esteem to put yourself out like that or really bad, because you're trying to be oh so quirky but I don't personally want to see it either way.

No. 815612


Between this vlog and the last, her attitude toward Christian being home and having to be his "caretaker" is so shitty

No. 815643

she does it because she thinks she is funny but she just looks pathetic

No. 815644

sorry didn't mean to post that video haha

No. 815666

Wow what a biatch. She keeps complaining about her husband in the video. Firstly sounding inconvenienced when he needed meds, ginger ale and food. Like he interrupted her time with her bestie Jacob. Then she says condescendingly, he went to work the day before but today he wasn’t feeling good and threw up, so he decided to stay home, and she exclaims “UGH JUST WHEN I GOT RID OF HIM!!! I just liked having a day of just getting stuff done without being Christians caretaker”

I don’t usually like to discuss people’s personal lives, but since she said it out loud for all to hear…. you should have a certain duty AS A WIFE, in sickness and in health right? I mean yeah she shouldn’t have to do everything for him, but to be so resentful about her sick husband!? Christian better hope he doesn’t get cancer, she’d definitely have him on a spike. I’d say poor guy, but he chose to marry this self centered, me me me woman child. The fact that she didn’t even drive him to work the first day back makes me upset, he’s almost an afterthought to her. Bleh

No. 815671

They are both as childish as each other to be fair, he broke his ankle playing catch and hopped a fence to get the ball.. what 30 year olds play fucking catch. Not only that, he goes away every weekend to play Dungeons and Dragons.. like, that's 12 year old stuff. He also does nothing other than play video games but I can live with that. They don't seem to socialise that much either, he works and plays his games, she sits in her room seemingly doing fuck all. It's an unusual relationship. He also seems very uncomfortable around the camera, when she vlogs he either stays silent or says one word answers in a weird high pitched voice, in the streams however he acts very different and talks a lot in a completely different voice.

No. 815682

File: 1559254493465.png (173.86 KB, 605x546, Screenshot 2019-05-30 at 23.13…)

No. 815700

You say he doesn't socialize, but than criticize him for playing catch with his friends and dungeons and dragons with his friends? Also plenty of adults play dungeons and dragons, it really is just an in real life game and its fun. And he's getting out and getting exercise? Which is more than baylee can say

No. 815714


No. 815722

Agreed. Christian seems like a normal guy. I don't want her livestreams so I couldn't comment on that, but otherwise I find him perfectly normal.

No. 815744

Are you like 50 or something jfc lol. Imagine gatekeeping adulthood from having a social life or throwing a ball back and forth.

No. 815788

What activities do you do with your friends, anon?

No. 815798

They seem to socialise quite a lot tho? They're always having people over or getting drunk with their friends. It's the one thing she has going for her compared to other youtuber shut ins. She actually has IRL friends.

No. 815966

I kind of quite like her friend Jacob tbh

No. 815979

Baylee's fans care more about Christian's health than Baylee

No. 816060

Eat out, travel, go running, go to the theater as well as concerts, we do charity work, you know.. adult stuff.

No. 816063

I meant socialise with each other, him and Baylee, he plays games in one room all day, she sits in her 'studio' all day. They don't talk much.

No. 816099

How is going running and hanging out at concerts any more 'legit' activities than playing catch or d&d with your friends? Dunno but you're coming off a bit too much like all the annoying millennials who have to always point out how they're "adulting" every time they use the oven to cook something instead of the microwave.

No. 816106

That's some real ignorant shit you're spouting anon. Your hobbies don't make you any more valid of an adult than another. Nerdy adults exist. Bailey is childish because of her mentality and irresponsible habits. Christian having a boardgame night once a month doesn't put him on her level.

No. 816110


The card is a nice gesture, but Christian seems very uncomfortable on camera and it was pretty awkward to watch. I wonder how he feels about being vlogged randomly, even though she has been doing this for ages.

No. 816112

sitting on this board talking shit about an art Youtuber probably doesn’t classify as “adult things” fuck out of here with your stupid “adult” gatekeeping.

No. 816234

Get off your high horse anon, playing D&D is not an inferior activity just because it's not your thing. You sound boring.

No. 816353

They sound like my mainstream Karen of a sister in law who's like 35 and it shows lol

No. 816521


She's lazy in everything she does. Knowing her I feel like this is just a temporary thing like Doodle Domaine and all her other failed attempts at bringing something new to the table. She will most likely never use these tools and techniques after she gets bored and frustrated. I'm glad to see she did something different for once, but how long will she stick with this?

No. 816685

Probably only once for the video since she’s now on that “celebrities tell me what to draw” now thing on her newest vlog

Like that comment about realism she posted on twitter granted is problematic in some regards but what she misses about it is that her cartoony stuff looks amateur and lazy and the realism, even though she does have real beginner problems of jumping straight to rendering and not understanding structure and anatomy, just looks like she puts way more effort into it. We all know tho she’s not gonna stick with getting better or learning fundamentals cuz she’s still too afraid to go out of her comfort zone and she’s really kidding herself if she thinks she can do this gimmicky stuff long term

No. 816738

I agree, it's not the first time baylee tries to branch out and draw something out of her comfort zone but it'll only ever last for drawing or two. Baylee always talk a lot but never actually backs up the talk so at this point I don't see myself expecting anything from her, not like I ever really even did though.

No. 816753

File: 1559481737029.jpg (156.47 KB, 1080x2220, IMG_20190602_142223.jpg)

Is this the next 'as a hot guy'?

No. 816777

I don't think I want to watch it, if someone wants and tells us if it's clickbait or something would be great

No. 816778


it's not clickbait, she requested vladimir tell her a drawing prompt, but as usual, just as i told her and she ignored me: she lacks freakin concept and goes for the easy stuff. drawing isn't just about drawing a pretty picture, if the picture has no concept behind it. wow, drawing the night king as a hot guy, when vladimir told her to draw something she considers perfect. just.. baylee, how are you an artist ?

No. 816779

the face looks so goddamn wonky

No. 816796

Not clickbait, he gave her the prompt 'perfection' so Baylee drew the night king….. topless…and in space….WTF?
This could have been a really deep drawing but not from Baylee

No. 816859

File: 1559498704779.png (431.06 KB, 773x405, tempsnip.png)

Imagine spending so much money to get a video on Cameo then not following the "Celebrity" advice. She honestly could have saved money by just drawing the Night King as a hot guy without going through Cameo.

I hope more artists take the prompt he gave and directly call her out for not doing what she said she was going to do. It's really cringy to watch her react to the video, too. She seems very vacant… ~O~ the lights are on, but nobody is home ~O~

No. 816860

does anyone know [roughly] how much this costed her?

No. 816863

No. 816884

Is the sword supposed to represent his dick?

No. 816920

Yep. She said it was “strategically placed”

No. 816922

These hot guy series is ridiculously stupid, but Baylee takes pride in being a cringey oddball….

No. 816924

I’m surprised she’s not making an art video in relations/celebrations to pride month, as most her friends seem gay….

No. 816926

And you sound gay, just sayin'(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 816939


Samefag could you at least sage?

No. 816964


This was literally an excuse to make another "Hot Guys" piece… She should have taken his advice and done something appropriate. Also I love how ironic it is that theres nothing perfect about this image either.


Learn how to fucking sage, ignorant anon.

No. 817134

You sound gay? Whoa you’re definitely like 30 jfc lol

No. 817280


The fact that she actually paid for a drawing prompt from anactor and then she drew…… that.

God the cringe is physically painful on this one, like a pain on my chest. Actor dude is also so awkward. I had to listen to just the audio at first.

No. 817281

let's keep in mind he's not an actor, but a fight choreographer, and english is not his first language. i've been to a con where he was invited, and he struggles a lot in english, so he's not very fluent. this whole actor thing just fell on him, so of course he might be a bit awkward, but he's trying to please his fans.

No. 817285

Just Google'd Baylee and this was the first result as well as older threads.. Are you peoples lives so shit and empty that you all sit around circle jerking about how you hate someone you have never met just to make yourselves feel so much better? You guys are pathetic and scum. Put yourselves in her place, how would you like it? No wonder Youtubers and celebrities all have depression and mental health issues when they have to deal with shit like this. What is wrong with you people? What are you trying to achieve exactly? Baylee and other people by the look of it to kill themselves or something? Get a fucking life. You would never say this stuff to her face now would you, hiding behind your screens. Disgusting. If you saw Baylee you'd all be sniffing up her ass in an instant. Sites like this should not exist. Why are you all obsessed with her and watch her videos if you don't like her? You're a deranged bunch. Fuck all of you sad sacks of shit. Reevaluate your lives immediately.

No. 817289


do yall hear sumn???……

There are gossip sites that DESTROY others. Reveal personal information and spout hate that reaches to levels that are actually cruel. This is probably the nicest gossip site out there. We hate on the low quality shit she pumps out for monetary gain and her shitty personality and actions that effects everything she does, including the viewers. Get the fuck out.

No. 817291


go suck her cow utters somewhere else

No. 817294

N'awh butthurt are we? Can't live with the realization you and the rest of you low lives are absolute cunts? Nicest gossip site? HA you're all nasty pieces of shit just like the other sites. Grow up. Get out your mom's basement and stop 'gossiping' or rather bitching about people you don't know. There's a whole World out there and yet you waste your life tearing ecelebs apart. For what? Laughable.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 817295

Get a life loser.

No. 817300


lol do you really think you're gonna accomplish anything monumental posting here, white knighting samefag?

No. 817302

Answer me this, why do you people post on sites likes this, tearing strangers down, what are YOU trying to achieve? Other than a place to spurge your pent up cuntish rage. Why are you such nasty people? What went so wrong?

No. 817310

So we're not allowed to discuss the flaws in her shitty art or her as a person because it's not nice? Give me a fucking break.

No. 817311

aren't you more pathetic for engaging with people you find so scummy? you are doing the same thing you are accusing us of, but you have no proof of us being assholes, besides for the fact that we get frustrated with a stagnating art youtuber who doesn't even seem to care about her hurt husband.

No. 817312

Answer me this, why do you come and post here, calling us cunts if according to you calling people names is so nasty? Why don't you do some self reflection on why you hate people who act exactly the same way you do?

No. 817313

You can discuss her but why be so nasty? Instead of saying that piece of art can improved by doing this or this you demonstrate how horrible you are by instantly referring to her art as 'shitty' which isn't constructive, helpful or nice at all.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 817315

Its much better that we’re posting that shit here than on her youtube channel.

No. 817320

Is it though? Since you guys like to tear her down so much, surely you'd want her to see it so she improve but you don't since you know you will be chewed apart. Be nice and constructive rather than just shitting on her for your own enjoyment, it's not hard. She clearly reads this page though which is unfortunate since the content of her videos often matches up, you guys say her art is 'shit' and hasn't improved so she makes the 'I hate my art' in response. Yeah it requires improvement but her art is better than mine and I bet yours too so why criticize so harshly?

No. 817321


Didn't read any of this and am not going to either lol you're completely missing the point of this thread/website, which is to be and have a laugh.

If you want to help Baylee's art improve feel free to go on her youtube comments and give her some hot tips. This here ain't the time or place.

No. 817328

Lemme say this but people have told her nicely tons of times, people who are her own fans have and she never listens. She talks a lot about how she wants to improve and yet year after year nothing changes. People in here just came watch the trashfire that she is as a person, because they find comedy in it. Some people always had beef with baylee and come here to grow their hate boner for her and some are her ex fans tired of her constant bullshit.

When it comes to art skills, lolcow has a tons of different types of people both good and bad. I can only speak for myself here but if you go back in time around 5 years, baylee and I actually used to be on the same skill level and if we go even further back, she actually used to be better than me. The thing is right now she's nowhere near my league and I still got tons to learn myself but unlike baylee, my art actually changes from year to year (and for the better too).

My issues with baylee are just that. She's lazy and makes money by essentially scamming her fans by selling them an "how to draw" book that she even admits is trash and teaches you nothing. But because she's so self-centered she won't even realize how that's taking advance of her young fans. On the top of that she keeps drawing same shit year after year and for someone who's supposedly a professional, you'd expect their work to at least show some effort.

No. 817330

An actual informative response, thank you.

No. 817333

I don't hate Baylee I just think she's a bad artist that shouldn't be giving advice or teaching new artists when she's so low skill and has been for years and years. I'm glad she made the my art sucks video and is working to improve but that doesn't stop her from being condescending to people who have given constructive criticism and spending most of her time streaming games on twitch while calling herself a professional artist. She draws one stiff copic illustration a month in the same poses and with the same faces. Of course she isn't improving.

No. 817340

We discuss her shitty art here (along with her lazy attributes) because she deletes comments on her youtube and it's nice to know others share the same opinion of her. It is quite rare on here that things such as her appearance are mentioned. This thread is 90% about her 'art' and her attitude towards it and her content

No. 817355

tbh i find it trashy that people keep mentioning her hair, yea it ain't pretty but get over it. at least with the cysts she could totally afford to get them removed, but she doesn't, which is dumb.

No. 817361

She got one done at least, only so she could wear her Minnie ears at Disneyland comfortably mind yoi

No. 817362

Seems she deleted and re-uploaded the Night King video for some reason.

No. 817368

Should have kept it deleted since she doesn't follow what he said any way and it's an amateurish piece at best. Did she pay the $100 or was it a spon video?

No. 817378

she payed $100 for the cameo

No. 817393

The original video performed badly, something to do with YouTube bugging out so she's reuploaded it

No. 817394

Is that really her excuse? Not that no one cares about that actor or the fact the art wasn't up to scratch?

No. 817406

She has 1.1 million subscribers yet her videos barely break the 100k view mark, surely this should be a concern to her? Her subscribers don't care about her videos or more realistically her subscribers are mostly bot accounts. Perhaps she even paid for them lol

No. 817418


I started watching her vlogs because they (sometimes) offer interesting behind-the-scenes looks into the processes of making merch and where she gets her supplies and whatnot, I didn't know anything about her main channel at the time.

After attempting to watch videos from main channel, they just feel very uninspired and amateur. Other than her art style and technique not appealing to me, they just feel like they lack any real passion or thought.

She barely uploads any videos on the main channel as it is, and she cut down her stream schedules, so I dunno what she's doing with her time anymore. You'd think cutting down all the streaming would mean she has more time to plan out interesting content, but alas.

No. 817445

I DO post the same comments here on her videos. I have no shame. This is a place to discuss the same opinion with like-minded people. Some people have said some crass things in the past, sure, but none of it is not untruthful. Baylee has let herself go in multiple ways and instead of being attacked by her child army we choose to discuss it here. Gtfo

No. 817449

Lets see..
Back in the day
>Uploads two videos a week on Teusdays and Fridays on main channel
>Vlogs uploaded seven days a week
>Uploads two times a week on third toy/doodle channel
>Also streams most days a week
>Also whilst holding down a full time job at one point

She seemed to manage just fine..

>Uploads once a week on main channel (if you're lucky)
>Vlogs cut to one or two a week and even then it is now all boring cat footage and her packaging shit.
>Third channel completely abandoned
>Streams cut down to one or two a week
>No job

Yet herp derp still has no time for anything and still uploads amateur works. She really should just give up art, she clearly has no passion for it. To get where she is she merely was in the right place at the right time.

No. 817451

Prompt is "Perfection", but the result is bland and lifeless as usual. also that face is so off lol

No. 817462

Honestly, what I take away from this is that her idea of "perfection" is just… shallow and vain.

No. 817538

Shut up Baylee, and go fix your shitty art instead of trolling people on the internet

No. 817563

Lol mirroring the screen was amusing but screens can be inverted quite easily so yeah, another perma ban evaded. The mods here are really are the worst.

No. 817599

Because it’s our first amendment right you absolute retard, also I don’t know how this thread was the
>first thing to pop up on google
Unless you explicitly googled “lolcow” with her name. Continue to be a Baylee Bootlicker somewhere else you degenerate.

No. 817612

File: 1559609460748.jpg (116.11 KB, 873x678, 4th.jpg)

Okay so it's the fourth one down, you stupid sack of shit.

No. 817699


you're like a fucking bedbug get out

No. 817705

Hmmm… No. Make me bitch.

No. 817709


No. 817710

No. 817717

Because you're not contributing any milk.

No. 817780

You didn’t even type her name in correctly. If anyone were to search her name not as one word, it leads to all her sites and red bubble before you even go here. Go outside and try harder

No. 817782

she needs to stop with the hot guy series. or keep it to a minimum. It's like perfect timing she talks about having to improve her art, yet goes back to mass producing clickworthy content for the zombies.

No. 817837

I hate the hot guy series. Makes me feel like a damn prude but the idea is just repulsive to me.
If she could emulate the style of a cheesy romance novel cover to an accurate degree it might be mildly funny the first time but it's just a cringe inducing idea drawn poorly.
Also her audience is so young it comes across as a bit skeevy.

No. 817854

File: 1559657749192.jpg (50.64 KB, 450x418, Hurrr_85226b_724840.jpg)

>HURRR You didn't type her name right! So you're wrong!
LOL go fuck yourself you stupid 5 year old cunt. You're wrong. Kill yourself.

No. 817863

Holy shit I had no idea going to lolcow.farm transported me to America guess I must be retarded not to know that the world is the US fucking A to dumbass yankees.

No. 817865

All these sites are full of Americans, just goes to show what a vile, nasty, jealous bunch of scumbags they are. Whole country should be nuked. Would eradicate most of the hate in the World. Who ever created this shit website needs to be tortured, and then beheaded.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 817871

You can 'put me out pasture' as much as you want, I'll just keep coming back. Your system is flawed.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 817888

Oh noes, banned me again. Fucking morons.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 817890

this is so funny, if you’re so offended why keep ban evading to contribute to this thread?

No. 817891

File: 1559663677307.gif (1.24 MB, 140x146, tumblr_plhp22vIPg1vel7c3_540.g…)

Why do you care about this failed artist disney loving woman child to bait so hard in her thread? What's the point?

No. 817896

There’s a lot of artists who do “hot guy” art, particularly in the indie comics community, but yeah BJ’s feel real skeevy cuz A: they’re often children’s cartoon characters and B: she doesn’t know anatomy enough to not make them look good or like real shitty references with cartoony faces. Like if she’s on this kick to be a better artist, she should really go back and learn fundamental anatomy and why certain references don’t work well or look at other BETTER artists as influence

No. 817902

you need to leave.

No. 817903

i mean, you made me laugh. guess you're accomplishing something

No. 817904

You're wasting your time. This site is going to carry on regardless of what you do or say

No. 817905



No. 817909

You could defend anybody yet you choose to bow down to the most bland vanilla youtuber. Congrats retard?

No. 817920

No. 817926

Her business cards and logo are not very appealing. They do not scream "I'm a 'professional' artist". She could have displayed her favorite art on the front to promote examples of her work. It just looks like she sells child's stationary or something.

No. 817927

her business card is so crowded and unappealing to look at. it's too many competing colors and doesn't tell you anything about what she does. honestly looks like something from that dumb doodle domain thing she did

No. 817929

"I just need to set aside a day to sew all my things."


(sorry for dp forgot to sage)

No. 817937

I have to agree they’re pretty ugly, but her business cards do target her audience, children.

No. 817942

File: 1559672639697.png (1.47 MB, 1278x1430, baylee.png)

>>817924 Here's what her business cards look like to those who don't wanna give her views.

No. 817944

How can one person be so messy? Why can't she just put her shit back when she's done using it, it would keep messes from plying up like that?

No. 817947

most people have a junk drawer while this woman has a whole junk room smh

No. 817949

>to those who don't wanna give her views.
Then why the fuck are you hear then if you want to bitch about someone you don't even watch? Get a fucking grip. Even then, why watch someone you don't like in the first place? You're all a massive fucking joke. If you don't like her, unsubscribe, don't watch her, she'll notice the decreases and hopefully shit up for those that do.

Why does this shitty site even exist when PULL and Guru Gossip already exist anyway. Totes unoriginal. They are cancerous but at least have their shit together.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 817957

Those cards look really silly and unprofessional, but I suppose it doesn't matter if your main audience is zombie children

No. 817982


God watching this vlog in particular is especially exhausting, the perfect storm of claiming she doesn't have time for anything while simultaneously talking about 12 hour gaming streams, clutter and mess everywhere and buying more shit from Amazon and shopping around for more shit, and scheming up ideas for rewards for people who send her mystery box stuff while not doing shit about making new videos. Really have to wonder if she'd get more art channel content or at least art practice if she spent less time vlogging and buying shit.

No. 817997

Her house is a complete shit hole, I don't know how she manages it. So lazy, just clean up as you go and it won't build up like that. This mystery box shit is also an awful fucking idea.

No. 818002

Well good luck on that holy crusade.

No. 818010

Well enjoy enjoy your stay moralfag. I highly recommend checking out the shay-gnar thread, one of my favorite cows. It's already full of infighting so you'll fit right in.

No. 818011

>>817920 I know people are tired hearing about her hair, but she says its breaking and thin and dry and she continues to dye it pink and bleach it. I don't get how pink hair takes that much precedent over the health of her hair.

No. 818013

Alright since the troll has made it clear there not leaving lets stop giving it attention and just ignore them. Replying to it just takes up space and clutters the board

No. 818035

Honestly it blows my mind she tends to bleach her whole hair when she dyes it pink. Its so unnecessary

No. 818100

the pink hair makes her look uglier than she actually is tbh, i was honestly shocked when i saw her with brown hair for the first time, 100% less bloated looking and actually cute. i dont understand how no ones told her it looks like shit yet, unless they hate her guts or something

No. 818102

Holy shit, this looks like that tacky clip art teachers would add to homework sheets in elementary school.
Sometimes more is less jeez

No. 818148

>being this triggered
based farmhands

No. 818155

i dont understand why her name on that side can't be bigger??? you can barely notice it since it's the same size of all the other elements in it, she's not a very good graphic designer

No. 818158

Because she isn't a graphic designer, she's an animator.(ban evasion x50)

No. 818170

Kek, if I play by the rules, will you leave me the fuck alone? Infinite IPs to go any how. You've deleted or banned several posts which actually contributed. I don't get your logic.

No. 818180

Genuinely curious anon, how the fuck is someone as boring as BJ worth the repeated ban evasion

No. 818218

I wish she would change the text to something less wobbly, it's difficult to read.

No. 818250

i wish she would stop using this almost like comic sans font… she's trying to niche herself in a style she doesn't belong in.

No. 818268

Let's just ignore the Layzee zombie, eventually they'll get bored from having no attention

I prefer her old business cards. I'm not sure why she wanted to redesign her logo and everything to something so ugly and child-like

No. 818372

File: 1559752695828.png (218.8 KB, 640x1136, 8EFE98C7-FE52-4B08-9D2C-2A00D1…)

On her new night king video

No. 818373

I feel like she the whole “designing” a font that looks suspiciously like comic sans was just another part of her trying to ride katnipp’s current popularity.

I think she sticks to the pink just based on stubbornness - to change it might be seen to agree with all the people who say it doesn’t suit her. I may have said it before, but she makes me glad that my favourite colours don’t look terrible on me.

No. 818376

Her art is the same thing every time. There's no variation and real creativity. It's cartoonish and I feel like her audience just may be maturing a little and aren't into the coloring book aesthetic she now has. It's funny how she reinvented her style but it's done nothing but make her more bland and boring. However, if I were to express this, she would ignore it or be passive aggressive.

No. 818378

she likes to ask for feedback but then does absolutely nothing with it lol

No. 818380

No. 818390

Yeah I think she tries to mimic a lot of katnipp’s style but katnipp has a much better grip of what she can do and what sells for her cuz she treats herself as a business while BJ waffles around a lot being many things but not particularly good at anything.

No. 818391

She doesn’t understand why people didn’t watch her video. It couldn’t possibly be that people want her drawings want to improve and they dont want to keep watching speedpaints of her wonky art

No. 818393

File: 1559755688405.png (466.2 KB, 891x526, Capture.PNG)


Title: When Your Video Idea SUCKS

Anyway, this method of doing her buttons seems really inefficient. She can absolutely afford to hire somebody to help her with basic shop tasks.

Her cats are super silly this vlog.

No. 818394

I think her art channel is starting to go downhill. Think people are getting bored of her now. She really needs to up her art game (skill level) if she wants more views

No. 818396

Not going to lie, it is a good idea however she chose a celebrity that only a certain group of people know. If she had done a celeb everybody knows, it would have done a lot better.

No. 818400

I just find it hilarious that she reuploaded thinking it was a YouTube glitch but in reality the video sucked hard, I hope she will steer away from the ridiculous hot guy series… but I doubt it. Just funny watching her views plummet….

No. 818401

Haven’t watched her vlogs for a while, damn she’s still mostly just pressing buttons/making pins and adds like half cat footage!? Gets fucking old…. and BORING. Holy shit

No. 818402

She mentions she has two other celebrity prompts to do and is still moving forward with them….

No. 818410

Yeah, a lot of people in the comments are saying tgey don't care about GOT

No. 818425

Cameo video doesn't have a good rep anyway, it is seen as bragging.

No. 818427

When your ART SUCKS would be a more appropriate title no? The piece is amateurish and just not good enough.

No. 818428

She seems to have removed this. I guess things got a little too real for her.

No. 818431

Agreed - I think Katnipp has a way stronger work ethic, and a better understanding of what her customers enjoy. If only Baylee would copy those aspects instead of trying to ride the hype train all the time.

No. 818432

Definitely, I think she should probably quit the whole 'Youtube Artist' thing and stick to creating cute merchandise, like pins, stickers, greeting cards etc and just focus on that instead and use Youtube to promote that.

No. 818436

she has a community post up now asking why no one watched and there's dozens of people saying "didnt know who the guy was" and "don't care about GoT". the funniest part of that is people having to point out to her that her audience of pre-/young teens are very unlikely to be GoT fans. it's kind of bizarre that she doesn't think about who her audience is at all.

No. 818438

File: 1559761094123.png (641.05 KB, 826x569, lmao.PNG)

and i oop–

this sucks so hard. 14,000 views on a channel with 1 mil subs?

No. 818440

she said that the vlog she posted already had more views than that video. kinda sad and kinda funny at the same time

No. 818442

I think it's just a one off occurrence, unfortunately, but it has been a long time coming and I'm surprised she's acting like this is new to her. The thought of having to get a 'proper' job is giving her sleepless nights clearly. Only herself to blame really.

No. 818443

I genuinely believe she was brought up to believe the world revolved around her. You heard how she talked about her own husband, there's no way she understands how to give over to the wants of her audience.
I can't imagine being friends with her - does anyone remember when one of her friends went to the trouble of getting her a blind bag pokemon from Japan, and when she opened it and thought it was a different one she said loud and bratty, 'this was the one I literally wanted the least!".

No. 818456

File: 1559762870073.jpg (254.74 KB, 1162x704, BJ.jpg)

My problem with Baylee's art is first off, it's just not good but secondly it isn't art, it's more illustrative in that it belongs inside a children's picture book, I like my art to tell me something and make me think, the quality you find in an actual gallery. Baylee's art will never feature in such. I'm going to compare two of her pieces.

The one on left is bright, it's cute, it's pretty, but that's it. It's a diner girl working. It doesn't say more than that nor does it make me feel anything. You look at it, 'that's cute' and move on. It's empty and instantly forgettable.

The picture on the right however, though still not greatly drawn, it has emotion. Baylee drew this after her dog died and you can tell. You look at it and have to decipher, is she really being attacked or is this her inner demons coming out? What has happened to this girl for this to be happening? You feel sad for her, you may even relate to her. It creates thoughts, feelings and emotions. If it was in a realist style is would really stand out.

She needs to drop the fan arts and stiff cute pictures of nothing and focus on pieces that have emotion and a story to them, one that can be interpreted differently by different people preferably that would be a good start. She clearly lacks passion and she needs to find something to ignite that again.

No. 818460

Middle child syndrome probably.

No. 818463

Okay sure but her audience is 12 yr olds who wanna draw cartoons and like seeing boring aesthetic pieces of pretty girls, not art elitists? Most people into illustration/baylee type works are bored to tears by galleries.

No. 818465

Also with divorced parents who possibly overcompensated.
I agree with what you're saying about one being more void of meaning than the other - I tend to enjoy art with a narrative, and try to incorporate it into my own stuff - but I don't think that's what sells best, especially with a young or "young at heart" audience. If you think about something like Hello Kitty and how simplistic and almost lifeless that character seems, but people LOVE that brand because of it's "cuteness".

No. 818470

I guess you guys are right, it's just what I'd prefer to see personally but yeah, I'm not in the target audience. But then again I don't really watch her art videos, I just watch the vlogs but even then it's all cats and pushing pins in to things whilst she fills her day with anything but art and I've lost interest in that too. It's sad when you've watched someone for so long and you want them to succeed but they are too busy self destructing, but despite all the advice, you can't help those who can't help themself.. or however that saying goes.

No. 818490

If you watch her Draw My Life, she states how she had no interest in Christian at all despite all his attempts but when they got in to a car accident together, her opinion suddenly changed, perhaps she feels she is doing him a favour just being with him? There's an old vlog circa 2014 where one night Christian just got out of bed and sat with her but didn't say a word, he just wanted to be with her as he felt they were drifting with her working so much which was quite sad. With her not doing much these days he doesn't have to worry about that lol

No. 818496

Wow, that is heartbreaking. I don’t think I was watching the vlogs that far back, but that definitely raises my sympathy for him. Granted, I know some relationships thrive on an imbalanced dynamic. Maybe his self-esteem is such that he emotionally fits well with a selfish person that takes more than they give?
Back to what could work for her, I agree with whoever said that she’d be better of concentrating her time on making “cute” products, but she’s so slow with handling times, I’m not sure she could keep up with selling anything but what she already does.

No. 818511


I know she bought an assload of pins, but it's pretty annoying and boring that a majority of her vlogs lately involve the same pressing process.

No. 818514

Indeed and VERY irresponsible to do that on top of her cat, if she pushed hard enough it could through and stab the poor thing in the back.

No. 818533

She decided to reupload it on high trafic day after the video did initially pretty poorly. But of course if you reupload something most of your subs are gonna be like "Hey, I already watched that" and not watch it, so you're just losing views as a result.

It's pretty funny she freaks out about it tho. She clearly expected it to be a huge views magnet considering how clickbait the concept of it is, but it backfired really bad. Then again most of her subs are children so they probably don't care about GoT or know who the Night King is.
She just have to accept it and move on onto another potato-nosed-girl-drawing-with-tons-of-artsupplies-shown-in-the-thumbnail video her channel is known for.

No. 818542

That's all subjective though. There are a lot great illustrations found in children books done by talented artists that show great artistic techniques being applied like color theory and lightenin. A piece doesn't have to tell a story, or be tragic af to leave an impressions. Lots of artists like Van Gogh painted around moods and interpretations for example.
Most of her illustrations suck though because they're lifeless and wonky and have muddy coloring or terrible color choices. And tbh that dark drawing is even worse to me than the waitress, since her hideous cartoony art style certainly doesn't fit such a piece.

No. 818588

File: 1559782267514.png (241.81 KB, 656x1394, Drama.png)

Got some Baylee drama going on guys.

No. 818590

why would anyone want to steal that avatar lmao

No. 818591

rofl Kate, you fool. You just made BJ a free $100

No. 818594

Lol shame she didn't do it BEFORE Baylee just ordered a crap ton of new business cards.

No. 818598

I think it’s the whole hacking into her vistaprint account which is the weirdest part to me. And I guess also ripping off such a generic, empty design.

No. 818602

Yes, there's something odd about it. 1. why and how did they hack in to her account, 2. why did she order a stack of Baylee's business cards as well as her own? 3. for Baylee to get credit, did the idiot put their own credit card in instead of just using (and stealing) Baylee's? Why couldn't she just make her own account? My head hurts.

And then Baylee says she knows her address, but now Kate knows Baylee's address too so what's she going to do with that? Not that any one would care anyway.

No. 818714

Yeah like this is what I meant by her just trying to do everything but not being good at specifically anything. Like, if it takes her that much time to process pins then why not pay more to have someone else do it for you? Cuz then she runs out of content for her streams and her vlogs. But like, if she REALLY wants to concentrate on art and YouTube, then why not pay to do all the store work or like clean her house or whatever? She has the money.

I think that’s why I really like Katnipp’s studio vlogs and a couple other studio vlogs in general cuz it’s really fun to look at the working side of an art business that is thriving and knows what they’re doing. And I just pop into BJ’s cuz I have this morbid fascination with how well she thinks she’s doing when she’s just flying by the seat of her torn pants

No. 818716

She also didn’t follow the “directions” he gave. Like he said to draw “perfection” and she just draws one of her shitty “hot men”, it’s fuckin BORING and it’s like she was too star struck to come up with a good idea. Like cmon, even if your audience didn’t watch GoT or whatever, BJ could have done anything pretty and people would have eaten that up. I hope this is a wake up call for her to step up her art game rather than just think gimmicks can get her views

No. 818718

She made a big thing about wanting to improve. Got a ton of support from her fans saying that yes, they want to watch that process and help her if they can. Then immediately went back to drawing "hot guys". Can't she see that a lot of people probably didn't watch because she promised one thing (an attempt to improve) but did another (went back to the same old crap). No one wants to watch someone who doesn't follow through.

No. 818719

She has a series coming up soon for her self improvement

No. 818745

It looks like they used some sort of exploit to get into her account so the store credit is an extra to appease the customer.
Any money charged to her card should be reimbursed to her card not given back as store credit as it was obtained fraudulently.

No. 818763

She's an illustrator, not a gallery artist. What matters to illustrators is more technical, not ×+×feelz×+×. Baylee's art is terrible because her anatomy, coloring, composition, and storytelling suck. Those are the sorts of things that matter if you're an illustrator.

Also gallery art is rigged based on the interests of the curators and people only buy it for the tax write-offs. Seeing something in a gallery doesn't automatically mean that it's good- it means that whoever made it is friends with the curator.

Sorry for the derail. I agree that Baylee's art is trite and devoid of emotion.

No. 818775

File: 1559823065931.png (190.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190606-131043.png)

Lol they got in to her account her again, how stupid can you be.

No. 818870

Looks like she's changed the thumbnail and title because of all the responses she got on her community post…which she's deleted

No. 818875

No. 818878

i just watched this vlog and maybe i missed something but why is she using those little white boxes? are those orange shipping envelopes not good enough anymore?? im so confused she just seems to spend money to spend it

No. 818882

I think she's trying to phase out the bubble mailers after people gave her so much crap for using plastic in her packaging.

No. 818884

ahh i see. i guess good on her then.

No. 818903

They only work in Canada though, since even if she uses a US proxy like chit chats, there’s different pricing for envelopes and boxes. She also mentioned putting the box in an envelope so she’s just kind of spitballing on packaging

No. 818938

Making special pins only limited to the people who do the mystery box and some are of the food she eats…wtf

No. 818977

As a pin collector I was tempted to buy some but I like complete sets and now their are exclusive ones out there I've lost interest in buying any. The whole mystery box thing is stupid, her viewerbase are children, she'll get some used Crayola products, crayons, some used cheap paints and the like.

No. 818989


Seriously, why is she putting so much effort the thank you items for these Mystery Box people. It's probably going to fizzle out after a couple people send her crappy supplies that she'll not do anything interesting with.

This entire thing feels like a way for her to procrastinate making main channel content to spending excessive amounts of time and money on a side project.

No. 819010

"This entire thing feels like a way for her to procrastinate making main channel content to spending excessive amounts of time and money on a side project."
That's basically her brand at this point.

I do think a lot of her viewers are children, but watching the last two cons she's done, I also think a lot of her viewers are just childish adults like her.

No. 819053

File: 1559867110371.jpg (145.89 KB, 892x717, BJAna.jpg)

Looking at Baylee's analytics.. what the hell happened here? Was her 'I hate my art' video really that popular? I can't help but suspect she's paying for subscribers.. like she has 1.1 Million of them but her videos average 100k views if that, 90% of her subs are not watching her videos.. why is that? Could it be they are paid bots and not real people?

No. 819060

Or you had people who wanted to see her change and started to follow her to see how she plans to do it, only to find her doing the same bad shit she always does. I mean she seems to be losing subs now and no wonder too. She keeps giving people this glimpse of self-awareness, only to ignore it all later, anyone would grow tired of that.

No. 819116

I'm following her and haven't watched a video in weeks.

No. 819138

?? I don't understand, she has to double up on packaging annndd she has to assemble the boxes, instead of just using bubble mailers. Why can't she just use the envelope to ship it? She already has the pin/buttons and/or stickers wrapped in plastic, why double up on protection?? It's too time consuming and expensive

No. 819143

They also make eco “bubble” mailers that instead of using bubble plastic on the inside, they use recycled material. They’d probably be expensive to get in Canada but it’s yet again another case of BJ being lazy instead of actually doing research. She could also buy cellophane sleeves for her pins instead of plastic, because cello is biodegradable, or just not plastic them at all like a lot of other sellers do but how will she have content for her streams? There’s totally better and smarter ways to do this stuff and she’s on a bunch of artist alley help groups on FB that I’m in as well so it’s not like she’s lacking info, she’s just not smart enough to time manage at all

No. 819182

I sort of agree about bots or paying for some. Back when she was about to hit 1 mil she was streaming it on twitch so I lurked. There was a point when she was getting close to 1 mil and her subs dropped by 50 exactly all of a sudden. She then read out loud to chat some text message from her friend saying, "good luck hitting a million, I just unsubbed all 50 of my accounts". No one in chat questioned it and I feel like she she brushed it off as a joke or something. Really wish I would have thought to clip it at the time.

No. 819288

File: 1559920530588.jpg (708.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190607-111425_Chr…)

Oh god… Why.. where does she get all her money for this bullshit? All she does is buy buy buy buy and buy some more. I don't see how she isn't swimming in credit card debt! …oh wait I might be onto something…

No. 819293

No. 819316

its probably other "uwu i hate my art" people trying to feel better about their own art

No. 819340

No. 819341

The only motivation she has towards improving her art are the sponsors she will get for her videos.

No. 819348

she says she hasnt done gesture drawings since sketchbook slam in this video. that was like what, two and a half years ago?? gesture is some of the most simple and basic ways to practice and improve your art, and yet she hasnt done it…

No. 819349

samefag but those 3D objects she drew had no dimension to them at all lol

No. 819352

File: 1559931294166.jpg (370.62 KB, 2048x761, Screenshot_20190607-201319.jpg)


No. 819355

I hate it when she gives art advice, the problem is that she tells you what to do but doesn’t tell you why the fuck you’re doing it. She’s has an audience of children who are new to drawing and theyre not going to understand why you’re drawing circles and using your arm movement. Baylee when you teach you need to actually explain why. Boring video as usual

No. 819356

It was last year wasn't it? Either way it's ridiculous and honestly she doesn't even do them right lol

No. 819367

File: 1559934747958.png (1.18 MB, 1334x750, DAEA77D0-EC31-4F44-9423-F74137…)

She did one thing accurate and gave herself 5 chins…

No. 819368

It’s just weird how she gives this warmup advice when she hardly ever even uses it in daily practice, she’s such a hack….

No. 819378

my bad, it was in 2017 but yeah, thats still a long time to go without doing something as simple as gesture drawings

No. 819394

Ofc she got a fucking skillshare there.

No. 819410


The fact that her audience doesn't care about GoT/isn't into GoT is a massive oversight on her part, but I also can't help but feel Vladimir Furdik was a bad choice generally if her goal was to use his face/identity as clickbait.

He plays a character that has no lines and is plastered in SFX makeup the the point he's barely recognisable as himself.
I'd consider myself a longtime GoT fan and I didn't know who Furdik was until recently (but maybe I'm the minority, who knows).

No. 819415


NTAYRT- and agree that explaining the process always provides a lot of value for the audience… but is her audience really children who are new to drawing like you say?

Honest question, by the way. There are so many mixed messages about who her content is meant for, I've lost track.

No. 819550

I mean I can’t really speak for all of her audience but if you watch her convention vlogs most of the people who request to be on her vlogs the come up to her table are roughly between the ages of 11 to 17. I rarely see adults be featured on them, so it gives you a good idea of whose purposely coming up to her at conventions. However I could be wrong and she could have an audience of adults, but I really couldn’t imagine that.

No. 819591

These seem to be for her pin business so I don’t get why you’re mad about this lmao….. like yea the 50 Disney doll shit is stupid but this seems fine….. am I missing something

No. 819782

not OP but i think its just excessive of her. i mean maybe theres more to the story (such as that is the minimum order quantity for those boxes) but she just seems to put a lot of money and effort into her online store that doesnt really seem justified

No. 819948

Yeah I think that most of her twitch audience as well cuz not a lot of adults would want to watch someone like her chain Pokémon for six hours straight. But I think BJ herself doesn’t grok that 11-20 year olds are her audience and desperately wants to appeal to people like her to be a peer and taken seriously for her art, like older 20’s artists, like a katnipp or Minnie small. But her stuff is way too amateur and not well planned as a lot of YT artists, especially since they don’t stream or film constantly like she does

No. 819953

Eh, do we know how much she makes? Even if her engagement is pretty low, if only a fraction of the people who watch buy something from her store she should still get a decent amounts of sales. I'm more bothered by the fact that she's pre-folding the boxes, seems like a huge waste of space and time.

No. 819987

It might not be all that dumb to pre-fold them. Assuming she's still on track to open sales next week, and she's planning to start shipping immediately, having them already folded could be one of the smarter things she's done. She doesn't sell out, but she sells a lot and most of her sales come as soon as she opens orders. It would just slow down the shipping process if she had to fold as she goes.

No. 820022

Because she's only using the boxes for canadian shipments (as per her last video I saw), and she already has a massive box of bubble mailers so she doesn't need these right now. At least that's my opinion. It's just excessive considering what she already has in stock.

I agree, it's easier to prefold.

No. 820277


Am I missing something? Why is it necessary to pack pins into cardboard boxes to ship? They don't seem to be the kind of item that needs protection.

Surely it would've been more cost effective, more time effective, less wasteful and more aesthetically pleasing to neatly wrap the pins in coloured tissue paper or something.

I understand the boxes to some degree for the sticker sheets/prints, but a cardboard sleeve/document sleeve also would've sufficed for the small ones. And a lot less fiddly to pack the item.

No. 820472

because that would be too time efficient anon

No. 820566

No. 820570