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File: 1451098035904.png (454.06 KB, 601x601, Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 6.44…)

No. 75205

This bitch says she's russian and photoshops her lips to look like an inflamed asshole but she's actually mexican.


No. 75219

So uh
She's kind of pathetic, but
Anything that makes her more amusing than any other attention whore on the internet??

No. 75223

Uses google translated russian
Been called out by real russians but calls them liars
Posted a video to try to prove she's real but used bright lighting to hide her features and made her lips swollen
Posted a video of her speaking russian terribly
Got a shit ton of hate on twitter when people found out she's fake and deleted her twitter hoping people would forget about her
Has had multiple other identities like pretended to be Irish
Claimed to be some russian model's sister
Her family knows she's doing this shit
Sent fake nudes to guys

No. 75226

Are those her drawings on her insta?

No. 75232

File: 1451101350186.jpg (204.14 KB, 600x500, collage.jpg)

redrew the one of Daphne Groeneveld from an artist who let her off easily. Pretty sure she redrew the others from other artists too

No. 75284

The shoop is so damn obvious. Her nose literally changes shape in every pic

No. 75285

She looks exactly like Helena Veestergard. How can you be so desperate

No. 75301

Ugh I hate this bitch so much. I run into her blog every so often and just seeing that prolapsed asshole of a face annoys me. Glad to know she shops it all. Can any fag that knows photoslop show a comparison?

No. 75302

Sauce? I've never seen her moving.
Also, what kind of idiot would believe she's Russian? She could get away with being happa. I'm Mexican as well and get away with looking Japanese, sometimes we look Asian.

No. 75317

File: 1451159148284.gif (7.45 MB, 750x750, gif.thumb.gif.36c27a156199a71f…)

this instagram has the videos of her speaking in awful russian

No. 75321

Thanks anon. I hate seeing this bitch so much & im literally blind to photoslop/don't pay close attention….good to see this bitch being called out. Reminds me of Johanna herstedt: I look like a model, but I'm not actually a model for xyz reasons.

Does anyone know her sisters insta?

No. 75325

She's private now since PULL found out they're sisters

No. 75326

File: 1451162570318.jpg (84.02 KB, 686x960, tumblr_nz53t5eqmM1ufjzyeo1_128…)

it's quite obvious she's copying alia galyautdinova, hence the russian thing, plus some of her photos are exact copies of alia's selfies. that's just creepy.

No. 75328

Ya that's the model that she claimed to be sisters or half-sisters with

No. 75331


No. 75332

File: 1451165475098.png (16.47 KB, 241x194, Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 1.29…)

No. 75356

I've never seen this happen before.
That artist seems like a genuinely nice person.

No. 75372

Why did she pretend she's Russian?

No. 75377

Honestly, no idea. Probably because being Mexican in Texas isn't special at all.

No. 75378


jesus christ of course she's from texas.

No. 75379

What the fuck type of self inadequacy does she have to feel the need to tell such bombastic lies?? And all for the sake of getting affirmation and asspats from people who don't mean shit. Is she that ashamed of who she really is, like damn? I'm over here scratching my head. Like, she's perfectly alright looking without ps. Is "alright" just not good enough? This girl needs something in her life and it sure as hell isn't social media. Where the hell are her parents?

No. 75390

I don't get why she does this. Maybe she got family probs and doesn't get enough attention from her family so she goes off to get it elsewhere. Who knows

No. 75401

It's embarrassing though. She keeps posting videos as "proof" but she looks completely different in each one. You can also tell she uses one of those lip enlarger things because her lips are bruised and red. I know some people said the lines are from that but I think she also pouts or stuffs something in there.

No. 75403

File: 1451182552940.jpg (387.5 KB, 1064x600, 1424451950945.jpg)

Reminds me of Belinda Kovalskaya, who is a Chinese-Aussie trying to copy some other russian.

No. 75413

>Maybe she got family probs and doesn't get enough attention from her family so she goes off to get it elsewhere
This, and maybe mental illness. Just like every other histrionic snowflake or cow out there.

No. 75416

>valeria lukyanakova
is there any recent milk on her? i haven't heard anything about her in years, but i remember that she had even wackier hippie beliefs than kiki, tried to start a cult or something, wore a nazi shirt and all kinds of shit

No. 75638

Her profile pic looks so weird, like if she had 3 lips

No. 75640

She's ugly photoshopped and unphotoshopped tbh

No. 75642

I can't get over that unfortunates nose shape.

No. 75647

She has a nice nose, cmon

No. 75652

>pretends to be Russian
Not surprised. They love Russians over there. Russian artists always do successfully there, maybe even more so in their homeland.

No. 75653

File: 1451262813768.jpg (30.97 KB, 500x500, large-5.thumb.jpg.4a7e1d3eb04d…)

Old pic but glad she discovered she's not an NC15

No. 75659

She has a nose that's randomly wide in the middle. It's like a floppy dick

No. 75665

What a fucking gem

No. 75668

why would you post this

No. 75669

You fucking farmers are a little too critical and pedantic, it becomes a bit cow-y. I swear to god.

No. 75670

It's obvious she isn't in Russia considering the American electrical sockets in this picture.

No. 75673

That's "sasha"

No. 75677

this tumblr account has nearly all of her posts reblogged including the ones from when she was blonde and pretended she lived in ireland (prior to the russia shit).. http://sashavldr.tumblr.com/archive

No. 75678

File: 1451270552061.jpg (213.27 KB, 1264x1264, tumblr_n37mzcN1xv1swant0o1_128…)

She really took her time to photoshop her lips to look like that?? jesus..

No. 75680

Just what we need, another Berry thread.

No. 75681

File: 1451270731930.png (118.58 KB, 586x642, joojf.png.50760fe4c037ec70bd4c…)

she looks like a sim, holy shit

No. 75682

This chick is sus as hell. The comments on her Instagram are barf worthy.

No. 75684

i saw one of her videos and her teeths are awfull

No. 75685

I wonder if she knows Sasha is short for Alexander or Alexandra.
Well…..Russia and some of Eastern Europe was invaded by the Mongols a while back, so I'll let that speak for itself. Not to mention, Russia is mostly in Asia so…she could kind of pass as one. It's just that the rest of her features don't look Slavic (I presume that what she intends to look like. is like Slav Russian not an Siberian one). Most of us have quite a weak jaw line, or at least not "strong". I don't think she's ever met a real Slav before.

No. 75687

Do you know what she's trying to say here?
Sounds like she has a terrible accent to me

No. 75688

File: 1451272282784.png (207.61 KB, 926x868, sashavldr.png)

she probably doesnt know - she claims that her name is Sasha Vladimirovna, like a member of the imperial family…
and yes she claims to be a "slavic princess". it's really bizarre, there's a lot in some PULL thread about her and i think there are a few russian users on it who've said similar things. after the PULL thread was made with the name she claims she changed her name on vk etc to Sasha Roslyakova (whose surname she took from the russian model Vlada Roslyakova, lol)

she steals a lot of photos and russian tweets from random vk users and russian people on Twitter too, this is a screenshot of a PULL post but lol

No. 75703

Yeah it's bad and she's stumbling on her words so it sounds very unnatural, almost like she's reading something; the tone sounds extremely mechanical. There's 0 to none fluency. She's saying "hi my name is Sasha and I'm not (fake??)". My Russian is pretty dusty since I don't speak to my family as much, sorry. But yeah, you can tell she's foreign and reading off Google Translate. Hope I helped.

No. 75707

Thanks anon. I know Russians have a distinct accent but she has none at all for someone who says she's from Moscow. The people she's fooling are probably all little kids or fucking stupid so they deserved to be fooled.

No. 75859

I looked through her vk and her early posts in russian are so funny, she uses the male form of speaking… it's so obvious.
why would anyone pretend to be russian?

No. 75863

Because it's ~cool~

No. 75899

that and how none of her american teenage "fans"/followers would know if she was lying or not, or how to tell if she was lying or not. russia sounds far-off enough for her to sound cool and european and sort of ~exotic, and the average american teenager knows nothing about russia. there are tons of high schoolers who think that russia is still communist, for example. not many teens in the US know much about vk where she steals captions/responses from and most of them would be too lazy to check, and a bunch of kids who only get taught romance languages in high school really don't give a fuck about checking the accuracy of cyrillic / russian words. most of them don't know what a "slavic princess" would look like, or how russian is meant to sound, and there are no huge famous/efamous russian people who would get clued in and be able to call her out. it's kind of an interesting country choice but it's garnered exactly the kind of "cool" trendy audience she wants (most of her followers on twitter are tumblr aesthetic kinds of girls, who are usually ana chicks into the "high fashion fandom"/"model fandom" on twitter) cause she's also got the "russian model" thing

No. 76018

I'm glad that our farmers are diverse enough to call out on cultural appropriation and shit like this.

Seriously though, what is it with mexicans trying to be other races all the time? I could swear I've seen 3 separate threads on mexicans pretending asian by now.

No. 76034

I totally think it's the fashion (cough shallow cough) side of tumblr's love for Russian models like Vlada or Sasha or even Natalia.

Also Russia is like the most exotic European country with white people. It's in the east, has extreme weather conditions, different alphabet and an interesting history. Russian history and culture is actually very beautiful, but I guess it is strange to pretend you're Slav.

No. 76038

Actually, she's been called out several times by high fashion accounts on twitter, and i'm quite sure most of the tumblr blogs don't pay attention to her. She's not aesthetically pleasing, to be quite honest.
P.S. no one pays attention to Vlada anymore, Natasha it's the new trend (and mocking Kendall and Gigi)

No. 76042

can you make her eyes brown too, since she uses contacts? just so we get the whole real package

No. 76046

File: 1451365378250.jpg (18.7 KB, 306x306, 1413229545325.jpg)


>cultural appropriation

No. 76048

Is she really only 16? From the shooped faces to the true faces she looks like she's in her 20's.

No. 76050

File: 1451367088561.jpg (28.35 KB, 600x337, CTA_6RiU8AEvPw3.jpg)

She's pretty much inseparable from those blue contacts so there's no recent pics of her without it but I think this is the most accurate pic of her since she's not doing that duck face shit. Not a bad looking girl. Shame she's kinda crazy and hates herself

No. 76093

holy shit, go back to fucking tumblr

No. 76107

File: 1451383929098.jpeg (430.62 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpeg)

Surprised nobody has drawn this comparison yet

No. 76237

File: 1451421169118.jpeg (76.35 KB, 847x418, image.jpeg)

If she wants to copy her she could atleast be more original

No. 76252

File: 1451422780545.jpg (6.32 KB, 236x205, fecb80585eca20163a4d57fa281610…)

Dem protruding lips tho. They never look sexy, they just make you look like fucking Pingu

No. 76254

noot noot

No. 76255

No. 76351

This is so creepy. It's like Felice and Mila all over again.

No. 76380

File: 1451455491278.png (215.09 KB, 556x396, 56835e2307fef_.thumb.PNG.332e1…)

Looks like a totally different person compared to her regular shops

No. 76383

She looks different because she doesn't have those asshole lips

No. 76392

File: 1451469148141.png (643.9 KB, 630x636, Снимок.PNG)

few months apart

No. 76394

File: 1451469491515.jpg (50.58 KB, 815x407, collage.thumb.jpg.83fa8d7caebe…)

real nose

No. 76418

Nor the small nose

No. 76512

Is that really a profile of her real nose? Cuz those lips man wtf are those fish lips

No. 76677

File: 1451569195667.jpg (113.42 KB, 1200x767, pocahontas.jpg)

When I first saw her, I thought of that or Disney's Pocahontas, ironically enough.

No. 76715

File: 1451588701317.jpg (8.05 KB, 450x300, kronk.jpg)

I think of Kronk without the asshole lips

No. 76716

Is her nose broken or is she just shit at editing? It always curves to the side, and what makes me think she's just shit at editing her nose is that she usually loses a nostril in the process.

No. 76751

File: 1451599014288.jpg (56.41 KB, 599x608, CXhMD-2UoAAwlfw.jpg)

Gain 40 pounds and she could be the spitting image of Jay Leno's daughter

No. 76763

i bet shed be successful as cheese if she just went the fitnessmodel route.

her faces picture are disturbing

No. 77224

File: 1451795527250.png (27.49 KB, 437x208, Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 8.31…)

She all kinds of fucked up

No. 77228

what a bitch, she called someone racist for pointing out her fuckery and proceed to say 'kill yourself'. i think she needs help. or a friend, if she has any.

No. 77230

Typical tumblr response.

No. 77529

File: 1451884156267.png (906.77 KB, 1032x596, jngrci.png)

video vs her photoshopped ig pics

No. 77568

File: 1451891345268.jpg (12.31 KB, 212x305, shrek-donkey.jpg)

Those teeth

No. 78901

File: 1452301915696.gif (317.94 KB, 500x500, 56905caf1fe8d_9.thumb.gif.13ff…)

No. 78904

File: 1452303433971.png (14.86 KB, 723x341, lolokay.png)

>i never said i was a slavic princess
Oh really now.

No. 78924

I wanna know how she shops her nose like that with minimal blurs. I'm not that savvy with PS but I believe if you use the liquify tool it can look really blurry if it's too much. Correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 78932

It's true, she's probably burning her nose to make the blurryness less noticeable

No. 78933

lol, the video one. somebody uses the kylie jenner technique i see

she's okay without the ps. the ps one is scary imo.

No. 78935

File: 1452315189592.jpg (40.35 KB, 599x676, CXsJfFRVAAAiDJC.jpg)

She's really boney

No. 78937

looks like a whoooooole lot of Liquify tool

No. 78946

where are her parents

No. 78949

jerking off.
if her older sister doesn't care about what she's doing, i highly doubt that her parents would care either.

No. 79535

https://www.instagram.com/gw.management/ she made a fake russian model agency, used other girl's photos and pictures from google and tagged herself on them

No. 79541

jesus this girl is off her rocker.

No. 79559

File: 1452547612062.png (75.93 KB, 450x300, htyhtyhty.png)

I couldn't resist

No. 79561

File: 1452548288214.jpeg (151.3 KB, 500x280, image.jpeg)

Kek that's so embarrassing

No. 79562

Why does she insist on the droopy eyes. She'd look nice with a cat eye.

No. 79567

File: 1452549535460.gif (192.67 KB, 340x334, vksa.gif)

No. 79643

Her chin grows then shrinks. In the 3rd image she has an Adam's Apple kek

No. 79661

she also photoshopped her ear lobe, for those who hasn't noticed.

No. 79694

god dammit i love it

No. 79701

I think she has real potential for providing us with milk. Maybe someone could send her some questions or something, as a prompt

No. 79708

she showed up on her PULL forum as a fake user and was white knighting herself. they asked her questions but she contradicted herself so much and just made herself look like a total fool

No. 79711

can someone post her to 4chan PlEASE

No. 79714

Fuck I would but I got banned last night somebody make a thread on /soc/

No. 79748

File: 1452567240526.png (73.87 KB, 1064x252, Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 6.53…)

When shown her before and after pic

No. 79800



No. 81672

so is anyone gonna post her to 4chan or

No. 81673

El o el, you already did and nobody gave a shit.

No. 81674

um i did? bitch WHERE. link me. whoever did it wasn't mean

No. 81676

What is the fucking point? No1cuuurrrrrr

No. 81719

You're new here, aren't you?

No. 81720

She's not milk, just cringe mostly. I don't know why every shitskin wants to be russian these days. Aren't they supposed to hate whitey?

I'll never understand dumblr teens, maybe I'm too old for this

No. 81744

What the point of that anyways? 4channer will just want to see her nudes and nothing more.

At least we kinda care about her personality LOL

No. 81894

what the fuck is her tumblr

No. 81900

File: 1453064199464.png (257.83 KB, 483x500, 569ac988e2e84_1.thumb.PNG.da17…)

No. 81902

File: 1453064219456.png (182.41 KB, 530x500, 569aa1a886667_.thumb.PNG.5a82f…)

No. 81906

File: 1453064719873.jpg (320.71 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_o00a73VEKW1swant0o2_128…)

dat feel when u forget to edit the other half of your face :(

No. 81917

File: 1453066026160.jpg (80.67 KB, 475x810, tumblr_mzu7gy3ubY1swant0o1_540…)

her old instagram but it is no longer available

No. 81918

File: 1453066081390.jpg (103.96 KB, 383x622, tumblr_nb5mja6XPb1swant0o1_500…)

I just found a bunch of old images she posted under her old url. Just gonna dump them here.

No. 81919

File: 1453066100315.jpg (121.22 KB, 449x636, tumblr_ngm5mtB7US1swant0o1_500…)

No. 81920

File: 1453066130652.jpg (205.96 KB, 637x1032, tumblr_ngm5mtB7US1swant0o6_128…)

No. 81921

File: 1453066166088.jpg (36.7 KB, 600x600, CY8a_SEUsAAYKBw.jpg)

These days she's either in a bra or that raggedy ass turtleneck

No. 81923

File: 1453066269578.jpg (125.63 KB, 494x810, tumblr_nc2xlsSJYR1swant0o1_540…)

No. 81925

File: 1453066325490.jpg (76.33 KB, 540x600, tumblr_n93j3eGF511swant0o1_540…)

No. 81927

File: 1453066560403.gif (2.22 MB, 400x600, anigif.gif)

can she learn to be more consistent

No. 81936

Those shoops make it look like she broke her nose and it never healed correctly.

No. 81939

File: 1453067395241.gif (5.32 MB, 492x488, ezgif-1421558175.gif)

No. 81941

i don't get it she lookz the saaeeeem!!111!!!

No. 82110

File: 1453086890640.png (32.22 KB, 577x137, Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 7.12…)

No. 82126

omg did she delete everything? that anitahitta girl is half russian and her & another actual russian guy were dragging her, and jennifer wouldn't respond with anything except for shit like this

No. 82127

she always deletes and pretends nothing happened

No. 82131

her insults could be a lot better
i just wanna know what she's gonna do when the school year in texas is over, if she's an "exchange student"? because that means she'd go back to "russia"

or has her character moved permanently to the USA?
anyway, has anyone asked for a photo of her passport at least? also i scrolled down on her timeline and noted that she acknowledged december 25th as christmas here and didn't say anything about jan 6th or 7th or the new year

this is so much effort, i'm just wondering when she'll post a long note admitting everything

No. 82764

File: 1453179803514.jpeg (50.51 KB, 625x304, image.thumb.jpeg.320ff385083cd…)

No. 82808

She'll just disappear and turn up again, this time as an actual Spanish princess or some such.

No. 88198

File: 1454326081044.png (81.19 KB, 273x448, Снимок.PNG)

No. 88202

???, her personality reeks.

No. 88203

How does black eyeliner not suit black people? Black eyeliner suits pretty much everybody, depending how it's used. She's so dumb.

No. 88211

What is with these people want to be Russian and rude/racist ?

No. 88212

If she's actually Mexican, it might be a deflecting thing. It happens a lot. Minorities that get shit on sometimes go after other minorities so they're not the "bottom of the pile" themselves. Making somebody else the target makes them feel better. If she's been subjected to insults for being Mexican, the mentality of "black people are worse" probably makes her feel less like shit.

No. 88222

It's fake. She isn't racist. This guy she flirts with online is black. Well…that isn't a good enough excuse if it was real, but all I know is that it's fake.

No. 88574

File: 1454390532272.png (39.52 KB, 581x188, Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 8.56…)

No. 88576

File: 1454390553868.png (70.8 KB, 599x434, Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 9.18…)

okay but using autism is okay?? this bitch

No. 88599

She deserves a fucking ass beating.

No. 89752

Someone on PULL emailed her school. The fun is over.

No. 89755

damn anon, don't be so vague! I want details.

No. 89783

Someone got into their feelings on PULL and emailed her principal her social media and capped tweets and pictures of her in her underwear in hopes of "taking her down." This member posted the email in hopes other members would join in only it backfired and the member was banned and the email was taken down. On Sasha's end she changed her Instagram, made her Twitter private and starting making tweets alluding to suicide. The lulz are now dead.

No. 89784

*email address

No. 89787

I'm fairly positive she stuffed something under her upper lip to enhance the plumpness. When she talks it's obviously protruding from beneath her skin??????

No. 89805

PULL not even once

No. 89816

But why would they do this…

No. 89818

Personal vendetta obviously lmao

No. 89833

Damn. Jen was a dumb shit, but she would've eventually pissed off anyway I'm sure. That's a little extra.

No. 89854

I saw on ANTM that tissue under the lip is a common trick models use

No. 89902

how was anything she did worth telling her principal about, though? she just shoops and says dumb shit? idgi.

reminds me of sjws contacting employers because someone on tumblr had an opinion they disagreed with.

No. 89910

File: 1454718468879.png (14.64 KB, 613x137, Untitled.png)

People take racist white girls pretty seriously, maybe they wanted her get exposed and in trouble for being such a racist cunt. In the past, high school girls were forced to change schools after making racist videos on youtube.

No. 90010

To be fair I'd feel uncomfortable if someone made a racist rant and I had to go to school with them. I think that it's a good thing. If you're going to have shitty opinions, keep them to yourself or gtfo - no one wants you here.

No. 90018

except, you know, public school is public. paid by taxes and available to all. kicking someone out of a private school for racism i can understand, but not public. your feelings of discomfort are not enough

No. 90025

It's not just feeling of discomfort. You make it sound like period cramps. Some people may feel unsafe. Imagine a parent learning that their child is going to school with someone who actively will hate their child purely because of their race. You will be afraid they may do something to their child, because let's be real racism has a history of violence. If you don't think that's a valid reason then you're just being edgy. You are allowed to express your opinion, as freedom of speech is definitely a good thing, but when it hurts another or several other individuals or puts them in a dangerous situation, you need to stop.

No. 90047

I don't recall a racist rant but I believe there was a DM where someone asked about her makeup and she told them it wouldn't work on niggers but that could ba a fake account. And yes Jennifer could easily be kicked out of school for this if not her racism then for posting pictures of herself in her underwear. Texas is a conservative state. Shit like that is taken seriously.

No. 90796

File: 1454980460323.png (178.69 KB, 1096x573, blog.png)

damn content from this site is bleeding into the other sites i use.

anyways, you guys aware she is still on twitter? here's her new link


No. 90797

File: 1454980577195.png (36.02 KB, 573x347, blog.png)

gonna upload screenshots before she deletes everything again

No. 90799

File: 1454980806525.png (483.61 KB, 1246x821, blog.png)

No. 90800

File: 1454980986227.png (80.18 KB, 457x557, blog.png)

"sasha" did prove she lives in the united states by posting this screenshot to her twitter. her phone reads "5:40pm" and the upload time was "6:40pm" since I live in a state to the east of Texas LOL

No. 90802

File: 1454981285885.png (214.15 KB, 936x340, wtf.png)

dear god

No. 90803

File: 1454981358324.png (30.55 KB, 529x457, l.png)

this was all posted within the last few hours, she is still trying to keep up this facade

No. 90804

File: 1454981424928.png (11.78 KB, 567x206, l.png)

this is in response to people not believing she naturally looks the way she does and is also from Russia.

http://warmcoughsyrup.tumblr.com/ is her blog

No. 90969

She couldn't at least change the time/language to prove she's Russian?

No. 90972

whoever that came from, they have a severe yeast infection

No. 90973

This really looks like she just mixed water and lotion together.

No. 90974

Even Cetaphil would be more convincing

No. 90982

What the fuck even is that supposed to be?

No. 90986

Dang, this girl is low. She's not even that bad looking unshooped. Why the fuck would you fake a cum splat?

No. 90987

I just ate…

But yeah. That doesn't look right, at all. Some funky looking semen.

No. 90995

fucking disgusting. idg why someone would show this off, even if i believed for a moment it is real. does she find perverts cumming on her photos flattering or something? is she that insecure?

No. 90996

>is she that insecure?

She has to reconstructs her entire face with editing software before uploading a selfie, so yes. She is that insecure lmfao.

No. 91011

maybe she changed her twitter name cus her school maybe has her on watch now or something lol idk

No. 91083


I cheked her article on lurkmore.to, not much new happened. Just a couple of books of hers and appearance on TV. She's still into astral crap.
She's mostly known as a Nahema in runet.

She doesn't even know that if you are Russian you have three names. And Vladimirovna is not a last name, it's something that can only be inherited from father. Basically Vladimirovna is her father's name, which is Vladimir.

There's no mongol blood in slavics, it's just liberal bulshit.

>Cultural appropriation
I'd close you in basement for life for this stupidity.

No. 91089

File: 1455080363043.png (413.62 KB, 586x690, Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 8.58…)

she said she was 5'8 before but now she finally revealed how short she is. so far one truth??

No. 91093

Jennifer is fucking stupid and literally knows nothing about Russia. I believe she at one time claimed to be born in Soviet Russia which wouldn't be possible as it fell in the late 91 and she was born in 99. Jennifer also doesn't know how a patronymic works. She claimed that Sasha is her first name and Alexandra was her middle name. Sasha is also a nickname for Alexander or Alexandra not normally a standalone name. Her name WOULD be Alexandra Vladimirovna Roslyakova. Instead Jennifer claims her name is Alexandra Alexandra Vladimirovna. Her and her followers must be brain dead.

No. 91094

*fell in 91

No. 91096

All these inconsistencies are so embarrassing. This kind of shit is just common knowledge.

No. 91140

What the hell? No way she's that short. Look at her limbs.
Bubzbeauty claims to be that height and she's stumpy as fuck.

No. 91173

File: 1455123158360.png (8.33 KB, 702x151, convo6.thumb.png.d0cdd7855013c…)

Nah, 4'11 has got to be about right according to her classmate. Look at her right arm though, she shopped it way thinner.

No. 91192

Any more screenshots of her classmates shutting down her lies?

No. 91218

File: 1455130773311.png (138.53 KB, 281x500, 7xgwu9l.png)

No. 91224

File: 1455131239615.png (609.36 KB, 815x486, youngjen.thumb.png.b122f18ed17…)

4'11 seems about right cus she looks tiny af on here

No. 91226

She's mexican, right? I'll believe she'll 4'11". Most of those men and women are gnomes.

No. 91231

How do people like Sasha not feel embarrassed by what they're doing? When even their own classmates know she lies about being a totally different ethnicity and living in Russia?

No. 91269

File: 1455135271239.png (49.17 KB, 815x127, Screen_Shot_2016-02-10_at_2.42…)

now she says she's not 4'11 lol

No. 91343

I believe that's an older pic.

No. 91386

I don't think she could have grown that much since that was probably around when she was in 8th grade. No way she can pull off as 5'8

No. 91558

Tru, I'm 5'1 :( most of us are short af

No. 92595

I'm not to well acquainted with Photoshop and it doesn't seem like anyone can figure this out but how does she ps herself into Sasha?

No. 92649

she's only pretending to be another ethnicity, calm down.
it's not that bad, it's actually just a really bad phase.
she'll soon grow up out of it

No. 93118

>she's only pretending to be another ethnicity
>it's not that bad

No. 93121

It's not even that she's pretending to be Russian, it's that she's fucking dumb and can't even understand how Russian language and names work in the first place

No. 93123

>it doesn't seem like anyone can figure this out

Her shoops are obvious??? you don't have to know how to use photoshop to "figure out" how she edits her pictures.

Just look at her unedited images then compare them to the selfies she has on her instagram and play "spot the difference" lmfao.

No. 93124

This has to be Sasha lol.

No. 93348

No the photoshop part is obvious lol. My question is HOW she does it. Like how does she make her Jennifer face her Sasha face? How does she make her lips so large and pinch her nose in to make it tiny.

No. 93360

Photoshop has pinch and bloat tools.

No. 93416

File: 1455580471209.png (399.79 KB, 815x431, image.png)

It still blows my mind how people believe she doesn't photoshop.

No. 93432

Are you looking for a tutorial or something?! We arent going to teach you how to shoop yourself into Sasha.

No. 93436

Unfortunately I have a life. I can't catfish over the Internet and swindle retarded neckbeards :(

But real talk I was just curious.

No. 93439

this is fucking nuts it looks like two different people.

No. 93580

when did people ever think the one on the right was attractive or real

No. 96839

who wants her address

No. 96854

No one

No. 96887

lol why even ask this you maniac

No. 96911

What the fuck?

No. 97038

She looks like a pale Pocahontas

No. 97096

No one cares

No. 97291

She's still having a meltdown. Recently she's been tweeting pictures of gore and posted a suicide note to her snapchat (let it be known the Russian was terrible). She also made a post alluding to suicide on her tumblr saying she wants to be left alone, which she said way back at the beginning of her meltdown when PULL contacted her school. I wonder if this is all a way to "kill" Sasha Vladimirovna and create a new persona.

No. 97297

she keeps saying "rip sasha" and won't post another selfie but then she posts another one an hour later so i feel like she's never "kill" sasha. i wouldn't know what else she can do to create a new persona because she'll still look somewhat similar to her old personas unless she tries to go asian?

No. 101663

File: 1457300756058.jpeg (85.68 KB, 640x852, image.jpeg)

So samefag here again. More shit blew up. Sasha told someone to kill themselves (as always) and this particular person called the police on her and now she's having a meltdown and put her Twitter on private. She really is a dumb twat. She won't just delete the twitter account entirely, drop the Sasha persona and get off the internet for a bit.

She also outed herself as being fake yesterday with saying "My friends know and don't care so why do you?" At one of her expose accounts.

No. 101664

I don't understand why she just continues making things harder for herself. It's really pathetic now.

No. 101895

I got some of the information wrong. Jennifer has someone who has a vendetta against her and this person sent things to her house and called the police telling them that she tells people to kill themselves.

Then she tried leaking the phone number of one of her "stalkers" and quickly deleted it but as it turned out it was just the phone number to her local dentist.

No. 106288

File: 1458105528121.png (359.26 KB, 922x597, Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.1…)

not exactly sure if this is actually her but her old twitter gang or whatever follows this account so she might be done

No. 168192

Ok, so i know that the ppl that believed in this sasha was real are quite disappointed that shes not real, but i feel like most of you guys are just insulting her just because you feel like its the right thing to do! You know, being a "mexican" or latina in texas is not so cool and you woul mostly feel like your not good enough, so at a young age this girl wanted to change that, and try getting people to finally notice her.
In real life im a mexican girl living in texas and I dont feel one bit special. Im just ordinary piece of crap that nobody likes..

No. 168193

So that means she might be in serious depession right now, And YOU guys only made it worst with your hate comments.
If you just spend your time insulting ppl in the internet, then im sorry to say this, but youre a REAL thot ass bitch

No. 168194

1. Please check what page you're on.
2. Lots of people are not special and feel like shit, but pretending to be from an entirely different country?!
3. Why are you bumping a month-old thread?

No. 168198

And also, i dont feel like shes racist, I THINK YOURE BEING RACIST for assuming shes mexican, and for disliking the mexican race, judging by the tone of your comments.

No. 168200

Oh boohoo that you don't feel special.

Protip: Nobody gives a shit about anyone for the most part.

Instead of being entitled as fuck, why don't you try doing something notably and worth while to get recognition?

No. 168202

Youre only making yourself look bad by the comments you send

No. 168205

Lots of people pretend they're from an entirely different country though? Maybe not in America but where I'm from there's tonnes of Asians (middle eastern people) and gypsies (Roma) who say they're Spanish or Italian because guess what, otherwise they'll get harassed and even beaten. And some Eastern Europeans pretend they're from Denmark or Germany because people do genuinely treat them better when they say they're Sven the Swede and not Grzegorz from Poland and don't call them dirty polish scum and harass them on the street.

And tbh I wouldn't feel the slightest bit of remorse in their situation, nor do I see how it would concern you or anyone else. So I don't see what the big deal is, she pretended to be Russian, it's a little embarrassing, but so what?

No. 168206

wow no one cares newfag go kill yourself

No. 168207

Wow youre rude af

No. 168216


No. 168223

People in the US pretend to be other races/ethnicities because they think it makes them look cooler. Why be a boring whitey when you can be 1/28875th Cherokee Princess?

No. 168224

Russian beauty is famous everywhere, Dakota for example said in her book she admires Vlada Roslyakova (who has a dolly-like face) and clearly tried to look like her back in her tumblr era before and after she went viral, she has tweets saying her parents thought it was her(lol), but she changed her style later to whatever she's trying to look now.

This girl was probably trying to copy these Russian models looks too just for fun but received a lot of attention, most of it negative because she was clearly not Russian. I do believe she was having fun first, c'mon do u think she's serious when she said that Russian model is her sister? She was trolling and having fun, but obviously it went out of control and it hurts to see bad things about you so she decided to stop later.

No. 168226

It's not about " Oh she's a mexican living in Texas so she was trying a way to stand out since that's not special" dude no, she just liked the looks, Russian models are gorgeous, uploaded pictures, and received super negative attention because people thought she was serious.

No. 168230

just let this cancer stay dead.

No. 172854

I know that this is such an old post, but I just wanted to say; you can acctually get sued for invasion of someone else's privacy and info. I don't think sasha/Jennifer posted those pics of her when she was young and her real name and location.

No. 172864

Is this your first day on the Internet?

No. 173003

>And some Eastern Europeans pretend they're from Denmark or Germany because people do genuinely treat them better when they say they're Sven the Swede and not Grzegorz from Poland and don't call them dirty polish scum and harass them on the street.
I'm Eastern European (mostly rus) and I've never ever heard of anyone doing that ever. That sounds so fucking stupid and pathetic, besides we look different.

No. 173015

>besides we look different
Maybe Russians, most Europeans could pass for locals in the majority of other EU countries. Not everyone in a country looks the same.
I'm also eastern European (Polish) and lots of people from here who move to the UK do that because some of them will get harassed if they don't. Your anecdotal evidence doesn't mean shit and you're not a real European anyway.

No. 173016

Also I know you're bullshitting because a real Russian would never say 'we look different' seeing as you have 3 different fucking races all living in the same country and intermixing.

No. 173260

I don't get the deal with that. Honestly, if there is a White country of beauty, wouldn't it be Sweden rather than Russia? Sure there are quite some pretty Russian girls, but also plenty of average looking ones.

I don't get this girl, nor the people that overrate Russian (or Ukrainian for that matter) girls in general.

No. 174314

Oh my god………..
You can't be serious when you say you can not see the difference between a Western European and a Slav? I could spot a Slav, Balkan whatever..from a mile away, it's like pattern recognition. I would only imagine Polish people to come up with something like that because of their bad rep.
>not a real European
Could you please elaborate?

No. 174681

Same, I'm also Western European, and Slavs can have pretty unique faces. Some do look more bland, and similar to us, though. I always compared the difference between West and East Europe to that of East and Southeast Asia. Same race, but different features, plus that people also go to the wealthier region for jobs lol. Though I'd say we still have a third different set of people here: the Mediterranean Europeans, who also look different from both West Europeans and Slavs. It's actually quite interesting how diverse Europe is, but I feel it's mostly us Europeans being aware of this diversity.

No. 174760

If it was only about genetic physical appearance, it could be Sweden, Norway or Finland. But it's also the fact that Russians and other East Europeans are known to put a great effort into their looks. North Europeans tend to be more modest (or lazier) when it comes to make up, dressing up etc…

No. 174771

What makes a Slav/Balkan face different?

No. 175272

There's not a total difference, a few Slavs are a little mixed themselves (technically everyone is but I'm talking most recently). Balkans tend to be a little darker, and their features are a little stronger as most Slavs, from my experience (and myself) have smaller, arguably weaker or softer features, (not all I must stress, but opposed to the likes of Nordics for example, that's how I often identify them). I honestly couldn't tell you properly, it's hard to describe. It's like how you can tell someone looks British rather than American European (which is more mixed).

At the end of the day this girl doesn't look Slav at all. She looks a little Asian, which I'm aware a few Mexicans do, which sort of could make her pass for a Russian. And there are a plenty of Russians who like tan skin and big lips. After all, I'll agree with that clueless user that it is a mixed country (take a look at Russian actress Tatyana Samilova who looks part Korean to me, but she's Russian Jew) but when I say Slav, I'm talking about your typical archetypal Kievan Slav. Hope that cleared things up.

No. 175305

Are you then implying you can tell with absolute certainty where anyone is from just based on their facial features alone? Because that's literally impossible and too easily influenced by things like accent, hair and style. I've seen as many 'British' looking Finns, Hungarians and Germans as I've seen non-British looking Brits. If people like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Wayne Goss, Duffy and Amy Winehouse can all be from the same country whilst looking nothing alike (and that's just Wales, I'm not even including people from the rest of the fucking UK), can you really tell a Swede/Pole apart from a French or German? Even if a number of people from a particular country has a similar look you still have everyone else who looks as generic as it gets and wouldn't look out of place speaking any other European language. Please go away with your eugenics bullshit.

No. 175308

thank you, anon. This eugenics/race expert stuff is the cringiest dumbest shit

No. 333758

Cremijeur is her new instagram. Looks like she's done with the whole Russian model thing. She's still photoshopping though.

No. 338759

Because it's a flavor of the week trend.

No. 338811

next week they're all gonna claim to be korean or some shit
I wonder what race trend is nexr

No. 338817

eh, I've seen young kids do it all the time, it's like the new emo or goth or punk phase now

nowadays teens go through a korean, russian, or european phase

No. 365917

File: 1501760194202.png (225.92 KB, 582x388, Screen_Shot_2015-12-25_at_8.49…)

i find it really funny that maggie lindemann called her out for photoshop considering shes uses much, much heavier photoshopping than her lmaooo maggie is a massive cow, but theres not enough milk for a thread on her

No. 365918

File: 1501760230667.jpg (149.34 KB, 750x857, Cov1qeiWEAE0CVp.jpg)

dropped pic of maggie lindemann

No. 375368

not trying to wk but she is beautiful naturally, anyway. someone of the screenshots of her comments on here are cringe but I still can't hate her.. I just feel sad for her.

this thread is fucking mean and sad. she is just an insecure girl who shops herself??? sorry but I don't see milk here.

No. 375374

Lmao i hate Maggie lindemann i wish there was enough for a thread on her

No. 375380

>this thread is mean and sad
>i don't see milk here
>but lemme bump it after it's been inactive for like 16 days anyway

No. 375550

sorry not trying to offend anyone lol I just had to share that she made me sad. usually cows make me laugh. she doesn't. also I was sleep deprived and sensitive. carry on, fellow anons.

No. 376088

that fucking arm holy shit who was she trying to kid

No. 376089

r u trying to tell me that your fingers and wrist aren't bigger than your forearm?

lmao no but seriously that jaw shoop is awful too

No. 376091

well you know, besides pretending to be a different race

No. 376094

did she mistake her forearm muscle for fat or does she want to be a skele with an ass?

No. 376095

>bland, average looking mexicans claiming to be russian with fake blue eyes
>bland, average looking slavs claiming to be latina with fake tans and instagram eyebrows

when will they realize the ethnicity isn't the issue?

No. 376145

I think it's cause people will find a race more attractive rather than the person themselves

example : guy claims to only like japanese girls, latina girl who is asian passing comes up to him and starts courting, she tells him her race
>"oh I only like japanese girls"

reverse it, girl changes her look small bit to look more japanese with makeup and ~kawaii~ clothing, she talks to the guy again, tells guy she's japanese boom he's interested

now that people are choosing to find a race attractive than the actual person, people are now pretending to be races for the sake of attracting people who are attracted to that race

"sasha" or whatever this girls name is, had probably ran into a guy before she liked or several guys she liked, and the guys told her they like russians on instagram, or whatever the fuck happened that made her wanna pretend to be russian, that's what happened to most cows who pretend to be a different race, either that or in some cases for justifying their political standpoint

No. 376156

ehhhh maybe that has something to do with it, but i think the problem really lies within the cows, not a race-fetishizing guy. a lot of the people who do this seem to have no personal style, follow trends blindly, don't have a very distinct personality or strong passions, so they can feel this unbearable unremarkableness but instead of doing the work to be more well-rounded and truly interesting, they take an easy route of blaming their "boring" race and "boring" culture and think being more "exotic" looking is what they need

No. 376443

Nah its not that deep she is an average looking mexican girl from texas in her real life, She wanted to be noticed for being different~

No. 376811

>slavs claiming to be latina
where? i wanna laugh.

No. 377181

She doesn't look anywhere near full blood White. If you'd ask me, she looks not even typically Mexican/latina, but Asian or mixed Asian. If she was a weeb she could have actually gotten away with saying she's half Japanese imo. Half Japanese/half Russian even would have sounded believable. But no way, for claiming to be full blood Russian..

No. 377189

No. 380013

Did she delete all her accounts since people exposed her? I can't find her instagram and twitter anymore

No. 380021

She's @vyzdoravlivay on twitter and @cremijeur on instagram

No. 410895

shes cremijeur on twitter now

there's also cremijeur on reddit

pretty sure shes a sugarbaby selling nudes and sleeping with old dusty men for money

No. 410954

any reason why you think that?

she finally seems to have relaxed on the editing front.

No. 411275

I agree, former SB opinion: all her photos are in lingerie and a lot of her traveling posts plus spending habits points to prostitution.

No. 411302

openly says it on her reddit

No. 411330

care to post a screenshot?

if this is true, it's interesting how girls like her almost always go this route eventually. ordinary looking girls who are wannabe internet stars who fake their image and lie compulsively, because they're not content with being normie nancy, always end up choosing the easy way and selling their bodies so that they can have expensive things to show off on instagram.

No. 411541

she has a spanish SD

No. 411552

I wonder if she's selling heavily PS'ed noodz or if she's given up on doing that, just in case it comes back to bite her in the ass if she really is a prostitott.

No. 411617

File: 1509315019259.png (328.22 KB, 680x500, Screen_Shot_2017-08-25_at_6.38…)

According to the thread over on PULL this the guy. An actor named Marcel Navarro. But she's since deleted any trace of him on her IG.

No. 411620

this is the guy* whoops

No. 411622

File: 1509315893790.png (214.18 KB, 1440x1666, Screenshot_2017-10-29-18-23-31…)

Not that anon, but here's what I'm assuming is her reddit account since it's under the same username as all her other accounts: https://www.reddit.com/user/cremijeur/

No. 411841

i noticed the lingerie but thought it was some leftover thinspo stuff from her Russian phase.

this was fun to read. and odd.

No. 411842

File: 1509349745678.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.51 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_oxyetsIR5R1swant0o1_128…)

I guess she's just straight up posting nudes on Tumblr now?

No. 411845

lmfao she posted videos of her “masturbating” on twitter mos ago but it was just her folding her inner labia over

No. 413562

File: 1509641897634.jpg (185.75 KB, 960x1280, IMG_8580.JPG)

Ew wtf so is she being honest now? Or is she claiming she's a Slavic princess who sugarbabbies for fun? Like what? Does she pretend none of that happened? And i thought she was like in high school in Texas and had like normal high school friends, I wonder what they think of her SBing. Esp the with like trap and sissy fetishes. It's like she went from one extreme to another. But at least she's stopped PSing her every facial feature, she at least makes it more subtle and believable..

No. 493892

It’s sad that someone so young is already getting wrapped up in this. It’s clear she’s pretty unhappy. I just hope she doesn’t regret it too much later.

No. 494325

Her tweets are so embarrassing, she sounds like a old person catfishing as a horny 18 year old

Yeah she ignored it & acts unbothered. Dhe says she is Colombian now

No. 543096

Who cares

No. 543097

Don’t necro

No. 544355

if you were mexican you'd want to be something else too

No. 842272

in case anyone lurks this thread she's doing full on cuck porn now and leads a double digital life between "cremijeur" and goddessangelina

No. 1195626

Surprised this thread has died since she runs an onlyfans now and has a big Twitter following. For a while she pretended to be a dominatrix. Still photoshoops a ton but more believable. Got a nose job and lips injected too. She denies any of this happened. Says it’s all lies. Wish someone would call her out.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1195629

Anyone? https://twitter.com/goddessangeiina(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1197538

>pretended to be a dominatrix
because she literally is a dominatrix. she pegs men and minds her business and none of us care.

No. 1198882

You can discuss her in the camwhores/onlyfans thread

No. 1210879

Ok Jennifer(ok cow)

No. 1211249

Sorry women don’t care

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