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File: 1545576508459.jpeg (22.14 KB, 275x275, 1545234350938.jpeg)

No. 753018

PlasticandProud/PlasticnProud (pnp, Ariana, scorpioasshoe) is a 24 year old instagram "influencer", plastic surgery addict, and new sexworker.

Previous Threads:

Recent Milk:
>Possibly got Invisalign after a previous thread mentioned her teeth.
>Her fake implants bottomed out due to poor aftercare.
>Began escorting with at least one John.
>She continues to put strain on her relationship with DoorMatt as she continues escorting.
>Continues to lurk these threads and responds via Instagram relatively regularly.
>Advertises her snapchat/art commissions heavily. Does not update snap much and can't do the art unless she's 'feeling the passion'.
>Continued to binge drink and post herself throwing up on various social media.
>Recently posted (soon deleted) pictures of her highschool bully (minimum of 6 years out of HS) on her story saying he was ugly, etc.
>Followed a bunch of people from highschool to 'flex' on them.

https://www.instagram.com/plasticandproud (old)

No. 753020

File: 1545576678862.jpeg (153.79 KB, 750x1296, 1545168230688.jpeg)

Alternate thread photo. I had a hard time deciding.

No. 753033


Why you use the thumbnail version of the OP pic?

And what was the rush? There were over 100 comments left in the last thread.

No. 753038

This would've had to have been spoilered. Not sure why you guys are so obsessed with her vomiting but whatever.

No. 753046

Why would that have had to been spoilered? There’s no nudity, gore or even just puke visible…

I think we should add her last name to the OP again, maybe in the next thread…
That’s Ariana McMillan right there, don’t know why people shouldn’t know.

No. 753052

Because nobody wants to look at that shit???

No. 753111

Every time someone makes a thread for her they royally screw it up… thanks, anon. I was waiting for today (my day off) to make a new, much more detailed thread. Yet you rushed it and made… this? Literally so poorly put together

No. 753143

including an op pic for ants lol

No. 753257

File: 1545607416377.jpeg (124.32 KB, 750x1206, C561D710-18AB-47E5-AF29-6C1CCB…)

Not sure what's grosser: her lips or those non existing nails of her. Yikes get a manicure girl

No. 753273

File: 1545609760222.png (165.59 KB, 489x300, 5c0.png)

when ur aesthetic is tyrone biggums

No. 753286

fuck. I have been bothered by those nub nails since day one and I kinda find it hilarious she cares so much about her bimbo appearance yet walks around with those fucking man hands. I have no idea how she ISN'T insecure about them?

No. 753287

fuck. I have been bothered by those nub nails since day one and I kinda find it hilarious she cares so much about her bimbo appearance yet walks around with those fucking man hands. I have no idea how she ISN'T insecure about them?

No. 753288

fuck. I have been bothered by those nub nails since day one and I kinda find it hilarious she cares so much about her bimbo appearance yet walks around with those fucking man hands. I have no idea how she ISN'T insecure about them?

No. 753290

fuck. I have been bothered by those nub nails since day one and I kinda find it hilarious she cares so much about her bimbo appearance yet walks around with those fucking man hands. I have no idea how she ISN'T insecure about them?

No. 753313

File: 1545619859417.jpeg (143.99 KB, 750x962, 41878410-D889-4E8F-990E-2059EB…)

Arianna is always trying to twist people’s comments into negative remarks or attacks against her and it’s honestly hilarious.

No. 753331

File: 1545621683373.png (672.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181223-212002.png)

She's been reading these threads lmao. Some anon was talking about her razor sharp chin last thread

No. 753547

Anyone see on her IG story how she said she’s thinking about going to school

No. 753550

Dem lips

No. 753557

yes. but can you guys please figure out that this is an imageboard and popping in going "did you see blah blah blah" doesn't move the discussion along lol? like at least offer some context.

No. 753609

File: 1545682959205.jpeg (127.42 KB, 750x975, 5E12674A-EB07-4ABB-A829-39D91C…)

Are the spam bots back?

No. 753642

File: 1545687872644.jpg (620.41 KB, 1080x1478, Screenshot_20181224-154028_Ins…)

Finally finished the dog portrait. Honestly surprised she finished it at all. Using a sharpie to fill in the background, in solid black, must have been sooo hard. Kek

No. 753651

File: 1545688639753.jpeg (126.16 KB, 750x530, F17E20FF-3924-4300-926B-40A65B…)

No. 753693

This is some mediocre shit, I’m shocked she’s still charging for it at all, took her all of two months to finish it and for what? A hairless, flab animal. Can anyone verify this bitch isn’t blind? What a pathetic attempt at art.

No. 753698

It's not the worst but I'm kind of shocked it took her that long. I mean a good chunk of art is just self discipline since it is so time intensive. Like bitch couldn't focus for more than 20 minutes at a time.

No. 753818

File: 1545714941740.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 173.36 KB, 746x1094, 56994358-09CC-4811-85D7-9182D3…)

she actually sells this garbage

No. 753825

She has a skin-picking habit, and it looks like her short nails are the result of a nail-picking or biting habit. That kind of behavior is extremely difficult to correct even for people who are relatively well put-together compared to Arianna. Making fun of her for that isn't much different than making fun of someone who has a vocal tic.
I guess that's one way to get around having to draw hands…

No. 753834

Self portrait

No. 753839

Self portrait

No. 753857

Self portrait

No. 753975

But most people don't post stories zooming in their fucked lips and nails in that case. She seems weirdly proud of her bleeding lips sometimes.

No. 754372

Getting acrylics helps with skin picking as well as biting. We’re more of making fun of her for not shelling out 40 bucks to get her nails done when she blows that amount on sushi every night than making fun of her nervous habits

No. 754438

if skin picking is essentially the equivalent of self harm, then its basically the same as if she is showing off her fresh cuts every time she posts her bleeding lips so

No. 754514

It’s not cute at all so it seems like a fucked up shame thing. She really needs medication and therapy.

No. 754531

Sorry I meant to add she has already admitted to BDD and is in the process of becoming a blow up doll because her bullying made her so insecure. She never got therapy, and she is a prostitute. I think deep down she feels disgusting and ugly because she was taught to and her posting her ugliness is a very mentally ill way to show her ‘real self’ through the plastic she likely felt pressured to get because she, again, never got help or felt relief from trauma. I’m sure she hates her life and this is a self shame thing while seeing the weirdos who still fuck with her - maybe she enjoys people who see the ugliness and stick around, or they’re so weird it helps recalibrate her perspective. Either way this is a girl who needs to get off social media and use an antimicrobial cleanser and wound care spray on her damaged acne prone skin.
Posting this as a surgeryfag with BDD who is responsible about therapy/medication enough to speculate based on her habits. I really don’t think she’s ‘all here’ and doing this for cool girl points/attention, I think she’s miserable, off the xans, and social media provides backlash she can just click out of so she’s more honest on it and the weird cries for help come out. I know no one empathizes with her but she’s spun out in a mindset she resolutely can not control without an intervention.

No. 754591

Exactly anon thank you

No. 754627

File: 1545928982590.jpeg (66.27 KB, 750x359, 9B84F1FA-A9E2-4A86-B96C-0E1DB4…)

No. 754630


Wow imagine aspiring to that…

No. 754663

No. 754709

Stop nitpicking about the dog, it looks fine. We should be forcusing on other important things besides that.

No. 754710

anon… that was 3 days ago…

No. 754772

File: 1545950841147.png (1006.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181227-174419.png)

She hasn't been on snap either.

No. 754774

File: 1545950982293.png (3.33 MB, 750x1334, 4317FEC6-4CCA-438D-993D-BDED04…)

So her grandpa pays her a trip do bahamas or dominican or whatever and she's mad bc they're not paying for a drawing. Get a job if you want money, dont expect your family to just throw it at you

No. 754779

It's literally what any family asks of any artist. Except you do jack shit all day and it's not like you're managing a queue of art or work shit. Like, hustle girl.

No. 754781

File: 1545951443471.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181227-174741.png)

Why do BPD fags skinwalk

No. 754799

She’s shaving her head. She just freaked out about it on snap

No. 754801

Lol she’s so entitled / ungrateful

No. 754811

This is an awful idea. Shes going to worsen her BDD. She should just cut it shorter and work to the shave if she wants. Shes going to regret it/buy wigs immediately.

No. 754821

fuck I hope she does this so bad its gonna be golden

No. 754846

Lmfao she’s not going to shave her head she’s too much of a pussy. She hasn’t done anything on snap yet

No. 754849

She had a poll about it on IG and it gave me a good kek.

No. 754870

She keeps saying she’s going to do it on ig, no updates on snap. No balls, will pussy out at the last second I’m sure

No. 754875

One thing cows all have in common is no impulse control.

No. 754878

File: 1545963198438.png (3.11 MB, 750x1334, B93FC42E-D150-4280-A550-60BEB8…)


No. 754902

File: 1545964990067.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 36EDE2AE-9957-4AB9-9A29-A439B2…)

Actually went through w it

No. 754904

lmao that shit looks so bad. she'll buy a wig tomorrow i bet.

No. 754919

this is so funny holy shit lol. this is 100% proof that she is a walking bipolar disorder

No. 754927

She mentioned having that pink wig as a backup kek

No. 754928

She is definitely going to regret this.

No. 754929

File: 1545966315249.jpeg (786.29 KB, 750x1334, F6C333C0-BE56-4C64-A551-B6F6C3…)

No. 754938

Matt dumping her incoming. Or cheating on her. He’s legitimately not gonna be able to get his dick hard looking at her bald head and botched face.

No. 754943

Aaron deleted. Tinfoil but why would he delete unless she lurked

No. 754948

The funny this is I dont even think this looks good on embodoe. What's with all these puffy injected girls with the wrong bone structure shaving their heads?

No. 754964

I’m not sure why she would want to do this considering babytrash shaved her head and pnp has already been called for copying her with the thot aesthetic and fake freckles

No. 754966

File: 1545969075543.jpg (608.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181227-215059_Ins…)

No. 754968

File: 1545969103379.jpg (605.95 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181227-215055_Ins…)

No. 754974

Thank God she didnt go shorter than this. It could be worse.

No. 754981

Anybody remember a few days ago when she was talking about how her hair was growing so long lol

No. 754983

It doesn't look great though. Less hair = easier to go without washing

No. 754984

Predicting a freak out about her hair and a splurge on various wigs in the next twenty four hours

No. 754987

how is she going to get “clients” now KEK

No. 754992

Bye bye clients lol

No. 755005

did she think this would look
..glamorous…or something? it's p depressing to see someone be so at the mercy of their mental illness

No. 755016


I just can’t believe she actually did it. I checked and say the results of the poll were overwhelmingly in favor of her shaving it, but I never once thought she’d go through with it. It definitely makes me think that she is seeking the validation of strangers and trying to rebuild her following through shock value and the element of surprise alongside her bpd which makes her impulsive either way.

No. 755020

I’ve never noticed how wonky her eyebrows were until now

No. 755052

holy fucking manic episode

No. 755126

File: 1545979489838.jpg (1.38 MB, 2560x1920, 18-12-28-01-44-30-106_deco.jpg)

No. 755128

I agree with what you said. I still think she should seek help and be more responsible overall. Her denial kinda pisses me off at the same time it makes me pity her.

Ariana,if you lurk, no amount of tattoos or surgery will fix your problems, go to therapy, find a job that gives you a healthy schedule and stability, you clearly need that and not some fucking fat guy asking you to finger him.

No. 755138

Is it terrible that I actually think this is a good look for her? Her hair wasn’t doing her any favors before, she actually looks better with a shaved head.

No. 755148

How is this going to work with hooking, exactly. Better pin those wigs on extra tight.

No. 755151

if I was babytrash, I would be so sick of this bitch copying everything I do, stealing my clothes and talking shit about me kek

No. 755189

The era of skinwalking kaycee never really ended I see

No. 755207

File: 1546003978595.png (2.57 MB, 750x1334, EDAB054F-A507-43DD-8145-4F523F…)

She looks better without hair imo

No. 755211

she looks like a salamander

No. 755212

It looks good because she never styled her greasy hair lol she doesn’t look greasy anymore

No. 755217

File: 1546006179280.png (1.77 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181228-090256.png)

Lol Matt's face

No. 755227

Man the things she does for clout.. Matt looks so done with her shit

No. 755233

she could've at least buzzed it evenly. it's honestly going to look hilariously bad once it starts growing out and is at that awkward 2-3 inch phase.

No. 755234

he looks like he could literally kill himself or her at any moment lmao

No. 755237

Shaving your head is a bad idea when you’re not emotionally stable enough to not cry at hoarders. She’ll be freaking out about how ugly she is in a few days when it doesn’t work with her look the way she wanted. The growing out part will be the best. Arianna with a bowl cut? I can’t.

No. 755238

Yeah to me it feels like she's having a 2007 britney spears moment rn lmao

No. 755241


LOL agree, I actually think the shave is great on her. She has a very angular and strong face.it's kind of butch but ariana has a very abrasive personality. An edgy look for an edgy lass.

Her old, stringy, lifeless dyed hair didn't look good.

No. 755243

File: 1546011517235.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, 1F6B86F5-0B14-47B5-82F0-CE8064…)

No. 755244

the buzzcut looked way better on babytrash because she has sharp features, pnp has puffy filler face and made herself look like poot lovato

No. 755245

omg she is poot now, you're right

No. 755250

File: 1546012260980.jpeg (516.14 KB, 750x1108, 33A6A7AC-6F37-4C2B-BDE1-076E90…)

I think she looks good, even better than before, but I just think the emotional repercussions for her are going to show themselves sooner rather than later - we’ve seen how freaked out she gets about her appearance and rocking a shaved head requires a level of confidence I don’t think she is emotionally capable of having.

No. 755252

now if she would just stop with the dumbass freckles. girl… you don't even try to make them look natural.

No. 755254

anyone taking bets on how long it will take her to start wearing wigs every day?

No. 755257

she looks way better than the horrendous greasy mat she had on her head before. if she had balls she’d keep it at this length and regularly shave it, but we all know she’s going to wear wigs constantly.

No. 755259

I prefer the shaved head on her but it’s gonna look wonky once it starts growing. She won’t have any control over it either unless she uses wigs like we are predicting. All in all her hair was completely fried so it was honestly for the best that she started fresh. Now I wonder if she’ll handle this new vulnerability with grace or crash after a week or two?

No. 755260

Looking like James McAvoy from that movie split

No. 755263

File: 1546013758122.jpeg (27.54 KB, 600x284, 8767CFF0-85CF-4160-8CA4-A8BDB4…)

No. 755265

I wanna see her without make up now…all these women fake bone structure via filler and make up.

Kek a bald goblin

No. 755266

ahhahaha I was waiting for someone to post when Britney went crazy

No. 755273

Honestly…. how do you so blatantly copy somebody yet bitch about people copying you

No. 755280

Dyke mode A C T I V A T E D

No. 755282

oh girl idk what you're seeing bc her long hair was the ONLY thing that kept her "hot" and sorta pretty (to me at least), now she looks so fucking ugly i LOVE IT. this look does not suit and strippes her of her aesthetic imo. it fits people like bbtrash, ariana fucked herself w/ this one. it almost looks like she doesnt have an identity to me… like she tool the one thing that made her cool lol

No. 755284

Even without hair she looks just as greasy, sorry guys. It does look kinda good but for the most part she still looks like a stinky goblin

No. 755286

File: 1546017985875.jpeg (115.15 KB, 743x907, DE289C77-BD07-4518-91A8-D208A9…)


No. 755289

File: 1546018187622.jpg (20.37 KB, 1000x563, frank-reynolds-moments-pure-10…)

After she has her inevitable break down over fully acknowledging the permanence of shaving her head and Matt finds her weakened, manically depressed self writhing about on their bathroom floor

No. 755291

File: 1546018301504.jpg (74.65 KB, 1098x658, OL2kKNn.jpg)

Every time she looks in the mirror now

No. 755292

File: 1546018358276.jpeg (102.65 KB, 750x805, DFE41B7F-C361-461F-A593-6D318E…)

No. 755298

Why did Aaron cut it so uneven haha and why does she still copy babytrash?
I can’t, she’s going to freak out over it in at least a week (but maybe won’t post about it since she wants to prove us wrong).
But at least her hair won’t look so greasy all the time now and nobody sees that she only showers once a week at first sight.
Wasn’t she like „wow my hair grew so long and is sooo healthy, I love it“ like a week ago though?
At least she can start freshly now with her hair, although we all know she’s gonna bleach and dye it to death once it starts growing again.

No. 755301

She looks extra dirty. Maybe it's the lack of hair or bad freckles

No. 755302

she looks like a kid that had to get their head shaved because they found out they had lice

No. 755310

>my damn ass head
She talks like a hick

Ugh I hate this smug fucking expression so hittable

>angular face
Lol where?? This chick looks like a shining moon pie

Eww it's all patchy she looks like she has mange kek

No. 755321

I agree, I think the shaved head looks heaps better than her damaged, greasy yarn all hair. However it’s clear she’s trying so hard to be Kaycee and just mentioned embodoe to make it seem like she wasn’t as embodoe’s head isn’t even shaved and she looks like a spitting image of Kaycee in all the images she’s posted with her shaved head.
Kaycee’s probably so tired of being copied, it’s borderline gross at this point. Ariana needs to get her own style/personality.

No. 755326

her brows even look like babytrash’s crazy fluffy brows she’s been doing lately in the pic lol what in the world

No. 755343

Tbh I like her with a shaved head. It looks good. That’s only when she doesn’t talk or move her face tho, and when you only have a front view of her face. Her “look” now does NOT match her voice, personality, or style. If she was more aloof and bitchy (without being cunty and psychotic) and confident she could rock this. But she can’t.

No. 755364

why does it honest to god look like she has no teeth when she talks? like she looks like an old lady who removed her dentures when in motion hahaha. its so fucking weird that she looks god awful in video but takes alright selfies. ive never seen this weird effect on any young person or someone who isnt actually missing all their teeth. its genuinely shocking to see for the first time. just truly an unfortunate face.

No. 755381

File: 1546032686726.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, E58CA3F9-6971-467F-9282-D6BC61…)

Wonder wtf “life is changing a lot right now” is about

No. 755384

File: 1546032758373.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 4D04C6A5-493E-46BF-87CA-C3037A…)

Lmfao can’t wait to see what her fan page says

No. 755387

Hey, your icon is showing.

No. 755391

Thanks but she can fucking come at me, I requested a shout out at least 5 times and she hasn’t gotten back to me, same with her snap, she clearly has something against me so whatever lmao(cringe)

No. 755400

Oop proof?

No. 755403

File: 1546034450726.jpg (883.55 KB, 1077x1850, Screenshot_20181228-170016_Ins…)

You're cringier, bye lol

No. 755404

Willing to expose yourself over not getting a shoutout/snap but still follow her and pretend to like her… woah

No. 755406

Exactly, this is pathetic lol who pays for a snapchat/shout out anyway? Oh right, desperate attention seekers

No. 755411

I do like her. I think we all do, to an extent. I can’t even look at too poor’s thread, but pnp I enjoy watching. Same with Luna.

And I can still talk shit about them, because I acknowledge I’m like that. So stop derailing the read with talking about me.

No. 755412

So does this count as cowtipping? Kek

No. 755414

Leslie, if you’re really too stupid to crop the pic while you’re searching for validation for your pathetic attempt at tipping Ariana’s Stan, you have to take the consequences I guess.

No. 755437

LMAO. honey. desperate married men will fuck anything with a heartbeat and a vagina.

No. 755454


Nobody cares about you and your pathetic attempt of cowtipping her fanpage. I'm willing to bet that most of us don't like pnp at all, stop assuming things and using lolcow to get attention.

No. 755460

Let's stop derailing over vendetta-chans, thanks.

No. 755463

there’s a cap a couple threads ago where she’s making fun of kaycee for being bald. she’s still so obsessed

No. 755494

File: 1546041390477.jpg (644.99 KB, 1080x1687, 20181228_215452.jpg)

No. 755511

Why.. does she have to tell this over and over like a billion times? Just post your pic and move on

No. 755513

Also her bald head makes her face look bigger and bc of that her lips smaller.. invest in some more lipfillers hun

No. 755516

File: 1546043697364.jpeg (156.4 KB, 750x752, 6100D932-F116-4B69-BF73-277844…)

No. 755528

Kek she’s even more defensive than usual about this one. Sounds like someone hit the nail on the head

No. 755536

If he’s a grown ass man that can make his own decisions, why do you control his finances?

No. 755548

I find it funny how she openly admits to being jealous when Matt and kaycee slept together but Matt has to support her fucking dudes for money

No. 755564

"I can't imagine the amount of parents who be so ashamed of you"

Says the chick who sucks and fucks crusty old dicks and stomps on dudes ballsacks for a couple of bucks. I'm sure your parents have lots to be proud of, PnP.

No. 755588

Holy shit, this is so embarrassing and strange.

No. 755613

I was just thinking, this is only going to make her more self conscious about the shape of her face.

No. 755620

nice photoshopped haircolor lmao. i'm sure the men are falling all over you.

No. 755647

her lips actually look kinda nice here?>>755513
oh hahaha maybe that’s why, her big old head is making them look less obnoxious

No. 755656

i actually think she looks a lot better with short hair, but i hope she grows it out and takes this as an opportunity to stop fucking with her own shit. it's like she's stuck in this feedback loop of either bullies or instagram popularity dictating what she does and it's unattractive because it's so apparent, and she obviously cares.

No. 755710

File: 1546071645574.png (193.26 KB, 600x291, resizedimage600291-Meredith-ba…)

No. 755759

File: 1546088515532.jpeg (42.63 KB, 602x393, 3A1837E0-F16A-4749-AAA3-5DE18C…)

No. 755773

File: 1546095275619.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, C8E10E3D-B56B-457B-9C3E-E3B454…)

>Tell me your opinion of me
>lashes out like a child because not everyone see’s how amazing she is


No. 755774

File: 1546095277902.png (2.66 MB, 750x1334, 450BFF5F-68D5-4DC3-8E65-D8A049…)

No. 755781

Isn’t she notified of who is sending these responses? That wouldn’t be anon kek

No. 755792

"I just shaved my head during a BPD episode, plz gas me up"

Her followers type in the most insufferable way.

No. 755804

File: 1546101448946.png (2.66 MB, 750x1334, B90D967E-1AA4-4D25-9B75-D33A2C…)

She is so nasty. Just because someone has the opinion of you looking better with hair does not translate to “you’re ugly” or even warrant for this kind of response. Arianna, you can talk all the shit you want about not caring over someone’s appearances but that is all your wack ass can obsess about. Get therapy!

No. 755808

File: 1546102020561.png (2.57 MB, 750x1334, 2A6E8805-1D90-4A0B-A2B3-E24333…)

No. 755810

File: 1546102251147.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, A69C16FD-1334-47B9-A41A-13774B…)

Are we all just gonna ignore this fucking CHIN

No. 755812

wtf her neck is so wide

No. 755818

Shes really out here claiming she’s not vain? Her camera roll is probably 40k pictures of her busted mug. Then her go to clap backs to people who don’t kiss her ass (after asking for their opinions lol) is to call them ugly. She lacks so much self reflection. Don’t ask stupid questions if you can’t handle the honest feedback

No. 755829

I thought the same thing. Isn’t there supposed to be a dip after the occipital bone?

No. 755833

yes! the lack of that feature is also making her head look flattened. this is actually kind of interesting, i wonder if she’s the undiscovered link between us and prehistoric man

No. 755834

Lol those answers aren’t anonymous?
And what was rude about that? She asked for honest opinions and this is what she got.
Also does she get that „trying to act“ makes it more than possible that those are the opposite traits…

No. 755852

Face check

No. 755865

File: 1546108546936.png (204.89 KB, 500x282, 01B364DD-D688-4E0C-A546-CFE0FD…)


what the fuck

No. 755871

File: 1546108843831.jpeg (2.55 MB, 4032x3024, 9F612CE0-5E61-4486-AB5F-EB823E…)

No. 755872

File: 1546108920082.jpeg (2.57 MB, 4032x3024, AEC2C6B4-A85C-4E28-A6AA-6E9323…)

No. 755873

File: 1546109055766.jpeg (3.28 MB, 4032x3024, 6691F5A0-7755-4E83-AEA7-81CCA6…)

No. 755874

>not worried about some girl on the other side of the country
>keeps bringing her up on multiple social media platforms
whatever you say…

No. 755875

File: 1546109321519.jpeg (3.22 MB, 4032x3024, B5714419-ADB2-4220-BDFD-8D79CA…)

No. 755891

Funny how she would rather believe some girl saying Matt harasses her than believe her fiancé. Must be love.
Also why does she think it’s okay to get jealous in a foursome she was part of but when Matt gets jealous over her sucking other dudes dicks it’s not okay haha

No. 755904

usually someone who feels like they’re in the right doesn’t sperg this hard to try to validate themselves. she’s making herself look terrible

No. 755954

Caps or shens Ariana!!!

No. 755974

When it originally went down and she was going on about it on tumblr, she said she didn’t have receipts of anything because “she deleted them all”

No. 756012

File: 1546120885327.jpg (1.92 MB, 1920x3840, inCollage_20181229_140022621.j…)

Sorry for slight ot but

No. 756020

Tbf tho Kaycee's bf acted like/looked like a neckbeard faggot on tumblr so… I've always thought him acting creepy or inappropriate wasn't far-fetched. KC and Nathan have been together since they were young teens so he was prob excited to smash a "hot" chick and prolly got carried away acting like a creepy neckbeard. In the foursome gifs he was laughing like a creep while pulling Ariana's legs apart it was gross. He also lost grip of her thigh like a little beta bitch as he was trying to pull her legs open from behind lmao. Plus he's fat. His tumblr was cringe af too, it's gone now I wish I could give y'all caps but he would reblog homemade porn and nudes and he got into the Tumblr aesthetic and it was pathetic lmao

He's been posted before by me bc he always looked so lame and try-hard fat kid who discovered "daddy" kink with his childhood gf and ran with it like it made him a man kek

No. 756023

Anon, you posted the same paragraph 3 times with a little more added everytime. Stop it

No. 756032

Kek why did you delete all that paragraph sperging just to type it out again with different wording. So much effort. That you Ariana?

No. 756035

wow a real life progression of autism

No. 756037

Her husband is 30 and she’s posted A LOT saying they’ve been together 10 years. That would have made him 20 when they got together, not a “young teen” and they’re known for fucking other people so your “he got excited and carried away” theory is a weak one

No. 756049


The evidence of Ariana being a jealous asshole trumps whatever non-existent harassment from Nathan. I mean, wouldn't she have posted screenshots to prove her point?? She's posted sc of much less, don't you think she would've posted such hard hitting evidence??? She's a liar, we know that much. If she can't prove it then it's taken with a bag of salt here.

No. 756077

Love how this fool is saying she blocked babytrash and doesn’t keep tabs on what she’s up to… so how does she know she got lip fillers? Exposing herself loll

No. 756082

Yeah he was 20. She was 17 wasn't she? Fits his mo

No. 756083

How about not fucking doing that

No. 756086

My bad didn't want to samefag over and over again to fit in all my sperg I didn't realize it was annoying to those who follow this thread to the minute lol

No. 756094

File: 1546129286196.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181229-170250.png)

As if she wouldn't run

No. 756099

File: 1546130347524.jpeg (88.66 KB, 750x1334, 890A648A-1A2E-4904-BF26-266C77…)

What the fuck is this

No. 756101

Hair. A lot of people grow hair there.

No. 756112

It needs to be cleaned up and shaved

No. 756209

How do you know how old she was when they got together?

No. 756218


Shit dude I kept noticing that too. I mean I’m a chick with long hair and I shave off that shit cause it looks fucking ridiculous. Glad to see she’s shaped I’m the rest of the uneven mop, tho

No. 756261

not that anon, but kaycee posted on her birthday saying she turned 26 recently and also posted on Nathan’s 30th birthday saying they’ve been together for 10 years.

No. 756341

Ita and I've followed Kaycee on tumblr for a long ass time. That's how I knew, and why I couldn't remember exact dates and ages. Kek she was 16 tho and he was 20 according to >>756261. Sorry for the Nathan derail all I just hate pathetic men.

No. 756372

File: 1546195734072.jpeg (149.69 KB, 750x1108, 0C153E3B-85C4-43C7-B075-22C568…)

She finally found some daylight

No. 756374

I love how much attention she feeds us! More than she does her followers

No. 756376

That caption tho. Kek.

No. 756380

File: 1546196966371.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181230-200657.png)

Because you order based on 'what sounds good' versus maybe treating your body like it is sick or fragile. The grease in take out…

No. 756557

I'd really be shocked if she actually likes it and keeps shaving it instead of immediately letting it grow out, also with the way she treats every part of her body I don't think she'll have the best time growing it back anyway.

No. 756595

She has a masculine hairline jfc, this was a huge mistake.

No. 756620

I have a feeling her and Matt broke up

No. 756643

File: 1546226221305.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 66.41 KB, 691x404, 68F338CA-00B8-49A9-86F5-31F5F3…)

That bio plus she’s posting tons of depression type memes on her story

No. 756652

this means nothing

No. 756686

File: 1546233507190.png (2.63 MB, 750x1334, 2E3A4857-D7D9-4B4E-A41D-015E88…)

Maybe he’s just extremely busy with his postal worker job during the holidays and cannot be home/attentive to her needs. I don’t think they would break up so quickly. Doormatt could even be visiting his family solo while she stays home alone. There could be tension between the folks since her abortion and all (if they even know). Total tinfoil but a possibility

No. 756688

Samefag from >>756686
Another tinfoil: she’s gonna find her own place or Doormatt will himself so they can be less codependent OR she’s going to enroll in school/look for a job real soon

No. 756699

She said on her snap “she’s going through some serious life changes” that she’s been feeling “numb about it” … that she “has been drinking a ton to deal with it “ and maybe these changes will force her to learn to “do her own thing”

No. 756729

File: 1546240778622.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 9A7DD61F-1C4C-403B-A83D-665B81…)

Noticed this and I’m just now realizing how sus it is that she randomly comments on old ass pictures instead of actually contacting the person directly. Manipulation?

No. 756743


Holy shit … that’s some detective work ! Does she comment on this picture when they get it fights ? Maybe he feels like she doesn’t give him enough attention , so this is her way of doing it ?? Lol

No. 756744

File: 1546243868809.png (910.35 KB, 750x1334, 00748614-4FDA-4AF8-AD8E-0BB2F8…)

damn that boob job did nothing for her body shape. Her upper body looks huge compared to her legs. Like looks like she-hulk but without any muscle

No. 756753

File: 1546250383984.jpeg (340.19 KB, 750x1282, EF38FE59-BC2B-4EAD-AAC7-487A97…)

You may be on to something

No. 756756

may be the pose but she looks like she actually gained some muscle, looks nice for me. Not gonna last long when she's not eating for two days straight though.

No. 756802

anon, i hate to break it to you but you don't gain muscle by laying in bed 24/7.

No. 756817

Maybe she gained muscle in her legs using them to straddle her vag over her fat ass clients kek

No. 756833

Her body is fine, this seems like a nit pick. I dont think her boobs were well done, but she has a nice body in general.

No. 756846

I don’t think her body is ugly at all, it’s just the boobs but they do fuck with her proportions imo

No. 756918

File: 1546282599500.png (2.78 MB, 750x1334, E0142032-3637-4FDB-BC67-316853…)

Break up on the horizon

No. 756921

Someone needs to explain to her that dreams arent real

No. 756927

They can have subliminal meaning though. Her subconscious may be trying to tell her something via dreams.

No. 756931

I don’t know if it’s just not loading correctly, but it looks like her and Matt aren’t following each other on IG anymore

No. 756938


subconscious reminding her she has borderline personality disorder

No. 756942

File: 1546284822225.jpeg (79.16 KB, 750x447, 8B7D2C42-C58C-4596-92A7-8A3AAE…)

I am also seeing this. Could be glitch or them moving into the new year separately?

No. 756945

File: 1546284901010.jpeg (154.8 KB, 750x1231, C7F6BFF5-53CB-4E38-BA25-8CF3FA…)

No. 756946


I hope that is right. Matt deserves to not be emotionally abused by this cow

No. 756949

Gross, her scar is peeking out. Epitome of white trashy

No. 756953

Yeah she literally gets mad at Matt over dreams… shit aint healthy nor is it self aware.

No. 756954

File: 1546286536656.png (466.72 KB, 750x1334, 43FE6898-5563-4015-B0C1-09F489…)

You seem to be right!

No. 756960

Dreams point out what our subconscious is feeling. Her dream points out how unsafe she feels with Matt. trigger represents love to her and in the dream it’s like Matt is killing her love.
I posted earlier the whole depression memes thing and someone said it’s irrelevant but it’s not: it’s evidence of her already freaking out. Thought it was about her hair but now it’s clear it’s about Matt.

It also shows for me they aren’t following each other.

No. 756975

File: 1546289545009.jpg (343.98 KB, 637x1281, Screenshot_20181231-155122_Ins…)

Back off. Jealous haters

No. 756983

All of her 2018 throwbacks on her ig story don't have matt either… but they'll probably get back together in a few days tbh

No. 756994


No. 757001

does anyone else not understand why she didn't get a nose tip lift, of all surgical procedures

No. 757019

File: 1546296679811.png (75.18 KB, 750x1334, D792A7EA-A942-445B-AA76-9A630D…)

Not a glitch

No. 757031

File: 1546298347487.jpg (227.72 KB, 496x1020, 20181231_151834.jpg)

Not a good look

No. 757039

File: 1546300219843.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1125x2202, B74A078B-897A-43BA-A8C4-BF740B…)

It seems like he changed his username.

No. 757044

File: 1546300612269.png (555.82 KB, 742x692, um.png)

i searched the previous threads to see if this was posted yet and i dont think it was, but what the actual fuck is this and why do i want one?

No. 757045

File: 1546300674322.jpg (118.86 KB, 960x960, UM.jpg)

No. 757048

Damn I really liked his old one

No. 757056

This is actually really old and started in these threads. Wouldn’t be a thing if someone on lolcow hadn’t photoshopped their faces onto that pic which she then put on shirts to sell. Sorry anon, we’ve all seen it and it’s been thoroughly discussed.

No. 757080

I wonder if she will think he left her because she cut her hair off or something like that

No. 757087

>Notice me!!!!!!!!

No. 757110

File: 1546312260484.jpeg (151.14 KB, 1125x763, 60DADB10-D1A6-4264-BBC2-E72268…)

However, it does seem like they don’t follow each other anymore for sure. Doing a quick scroll of her profile the last picture I saw she posted of him and her was on December 8th.

No. 757111

This fucking girl is on her story using a juul as a toy for a cat like…if that cat consumes even a trace amount of that nic salt it can die of nicotine toxicity. How much you wanna bet she leaves it around her pets unattended all the time?

No. 757114

jesus christ. come off it. no one likes this bitch. but the cat isnt going to crack the juul open and get fucked off it. calm your tits.

No. 757122

nicotine toxicity in pets as a result of vapes is actually spiking rn. it’s more common in dogs (who are more likely to just chomp through a tasty-smelling vape to get to the cartridge) but it has happened w cats too.

No. 757124

Sis, you've "got no purpose" because you don't do anything all day. Get a job and leave the house fgs

No. 757126

It's more like if shes okay with throwing it at a cat I dont know how much she cares about leaving it around at home. I have a juul myself and I'm nuts about keeping it away from my cats.

No. 757230

File: 1546341529934.jpg (44.33 KB, 640x608, IMG_20190101_121417_487.jpg)

No. 757263

oh my fucking god LMAO

No. 757270

She posted on her snap that she got fucked in a laundry room last night and did a ton of coke

No. 757278

Starting the new year right it seems

No. 757285

Caps or gtfo

No. 757289

right??? i don't get how anons still don't get that word of mouth does nothing for us here.

No. 757291

Seriously. They could be making this shit up for all we know. Caps or it didn’t happen.

No. 757292

Cry babies

No. 757294

Didn’t spend New Years together, totally broken up or on a break. Do they even live together anymore? He has a gov job he could afford to live alone

No. 757295


learn how to integrate with the culture of this board or get off. you're contributing nothing and don't understand the basic posting etiquette

No. 757296

with a postal job Matt could readily support himself if he didn't already pay for arianna's apartment

No. 757299

well you know she's gonna struggle to get the sugar daddy money now unless she can find a dude with a super specific fetish for dykey types, so it probably would just be him straight up supporting both of them (if he hasn't been already)

No. 757300

Fucked by who/how much money?

No. 757324

File: 1546367447539.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, 53098B6D-CA04-425B-8D0A-7BC239…)

No. 757325

so they broke up and the next day she's bangin someone else? nice

not trying to be edgy or anything but anyone else get the vibe that she's gonna end up dismembered in bin bags one day

No. 757334


I can second / confirm this post .. she said she got fucked and hurt her back ..

No. 757364

File: 1546372608148.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20190101-135409_Ins…)

Still not sure if I believe the anons claiming she had sex with someone else. Matt still has half his Instagram filled with pictures of her.

No. 757366

seriously stop doing this if youre not going to post caps

No. 757386

Caps incoming

No. 757400

Idk, i think it’s normal to not delete every picture with your ex instantly after breaking up, at least when you’re not a teenager.
And i don’t think matt has access to her snap so he most likely doesn’t even know it yet. Or he knows it though this threads, who knows…

Umm, when and where?

No. 757404

File: 1546377003091.png (696.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190101-130838.png)

No. 757406

File: 1546377085077.png (569.34 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190101-130844.png)

No. 757412

This doesn't prove they're broken up or she had sex with someone else.

but she is a teenager, mentally.

No. 757414

No. 757420

File: 1546378000428.jpeg (113.31 KB, 750x990, 8A9A992D-547C-46C1-8DF8-9C45CE…)

Going all out for 2019 I see

No. 757427


Next thread pic nomination

No. 757428

Apologies the bald girl is not pnp but it’s the same party

No. 757429

Yas anon coming through! Thank you! I'm assuming her surgery is the implant revision. That's going to suck if they are broken up and she wont have someone to take care of her during recovery. Also, being bald and bandaged wont help her get jobs. I dont like her attitude but I think if her and matt are truly over things are going to go really downhill for her and it's going to be sad to see.

No. 757430

File: 1546378542336.jpeg (142.33 KB, 637x1088, 2E1FF9B7-E951-484A-9054-34A7EE…)

Imposter? Kek

No. 757431

This is…creepy

No. 757435

$800? Per hour/per night? Kek I will never get over the desperation of men

No. 757436

Creepiest thing is neither of them are her either

No. 757462

This is getting dark

No. 757467

File: 1546382234342.jpeg (214.84 KB, 750x736, D881925D-7E64-44CE-9C91-E656E2…)

No. 757474

my tinfoil is that ariana runs the pnp fan account lmao

No. 757493

File: 1546385995427.jpeg (166.01 KB, 678x1160, 3755B737-A2CD-4E2D-BE8F-163D11…)

No. 757510

File: 1546386774746.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190101-170848_Ins…)

No. 757514

Already deleted hmmm

No. 757527

Is she hiding her crescent moon chin with her Juul?

No. 757529

I'd guess that in practice it's per night. She might mean it to be per hour but I can't see her bothering to track time.

No. 757552

File: 1546390194806.png (157.56 KB, 750x1334, 886E2216-47DB-45EA-9EB2-46021A…)

No. 757557

does it…when you starve yourself constantly. shes also forgetting all of that awkward growing out stage

No. 757569

Can't wait to grow it out after a whole one day of it being shaved

No. 757572

He didn't and learn to sage

No. 757586

If she takes care of it exactly like she has in the past it will end up just like before.

No. 757591

File: 1546393968631.jpg (2.01 MB, 2880x1920, inCollage_20190101_203506623.j…)

No. 757593

Thank you snap anon! The proof we've all been waiting for. I'm glad DoorMat has the evidence he hopefully needs to stay away from this trashcan. The milk is going to be soooooo good! Fingers crossed he completely cuts her off. Or if the apt is in his name, gets her thrown out. The year is looking bright and milky!

No. 757602

Will take literally years for her to grow it out. Evident she has never shaved her head fully, understandably. The awkward stages between a cropped shaved head and just a boy style pixie cut are wildly different. Prepare for the melt down(s)

No. 757628


Newfag get out there, there’s been plenty on this meme shirt and how she’s a shit hypocrite about it. Get to the early threads.

No. 757633


Jesus Christ I’m fucking DEAD, this is the best one yet

No. 757660

Anyone know where to find her old nsfw vids?

No. 757663

File: 1546411335345.jpg (337.76 KB, 677x758, 20190102_014146.jpg)

No. 757664

No fucktard

No. 757667

Anyone else

No. 757669

File: 1546414413560.png (4.27 MB, 750x1334, 83D5AFD5-60A3-4128-9AC3-AB989E…)

Still don’t know who “cute” is but I suspect maybe this guy? Total tinfoil of course.

No. 757688

Those “freckles” look like acne spots.

No. 757690


some probably are, or picking spots esp if breakup is true i am guessing she is picking a looottt atm

No. 757694

Holy shit, her socks are disgusting

No. 757701

I forgot where she said it but basically she can’t walk in heels when she gets drunk (and also coked ouy apparently) so she decided half way through to walk around in just her socks at the New Years club/party

No. 757727

I think he’s one of Latinamilk’s friends.

No. 757744

He’s one of her boyfriends

No. 757793

File: 1546448545849.jpeg (227.93 KB, 750x1084, D2DBAD48-BB90-4734-965D-124331…)

No. 757794

File: 1546448839122.jpeg (197.32 KB, 750x927, DAA87B26-F12B-4607-ABDB-5A15B9…)

No. 757796

>being honest and compassionate

No. 757801


No. 757803

when she gonna update with the bald head tho? kek

No. 757810

I'd like to see all her old Tumblr photos (when she was inipple and scorpioasshoe) and I've found some of her posts that were reblogged by others, but a lot of it's probably gone.

No. 757814

sounds like a dumb ass scene queen name kek

No. 757815

you horny weirdos need to fuck off about the nudes already

No. 757824

like you don't wanna see what she looked like before her botched surgeries

No. 757826

Check the old threads. There are enough pictures of her old face.

No. 757842

not even old threads. just look through her instagram. she shows side by sides constantly.

No. 757862

File: 1546456961122.jpg (196.76 KB, 1080x1803, Screenshot_20190102-131935_Chr…)

Groups? Yeah, kinda hard to convince your (at the time) boyfriend to be cool with that.

No. 757865

File: 1546458211697.jpeg (83.5 KB, 750x506, A009D980-CA5B-4056-910D-1BDD71…)

So I guess this was the vibe at that party

No. 757867


Was wondering the same thing. Does her current weirdold man know she's patchy and bald now?

Better report everything I do to twitter otherwise I don't exist! God these people are fucking lame

No. 757874

how else will they get edge points and asspats?

No. 757904

File: 1546462221391.jpeg (134.2 KB, 750x585, 76466B46-A374-4199-9D02-497DB0…)

This probably isn’t important but I’ve noticed Doormatt hasn’t liked many of pnp’s photos since she dyed her hair red. Basically he stopped liking her posts when she uploaded something for his “birthday” and instead focused on her hair color kek

No. 757910

wtf are you on about? his most recent instagram post is literally a picture of her with red hair.

No. 757921

File: 1546463802517.jpeg (144.18 KB, 749x1138, DA044853-1D72-4923-B6CA-A056D6…)

Him posting a pic of her on his acct is unrelated to what I’m saying. All I’m pointing out is he hasn’t actively liked posts on her account since the beginning of Nov when he’s normally consistently supportive. If you want to bring in his last post to this conversation than all I can say is that pic was posted at the end of Nov. which was the same day as when this was posted. Something must have happened in that time frame that shook their bond loose.

No. 757938

yeah… this has literally been talked about for days now

No. 757940

File: 1546465887066.jpg (469.45 KB, 1564x1245, 20190102_154618.jpg)

She also comments on his pictures sometimes several times, with days/weeks in between. I think he might just be really fucking busy, it was the start of the holidays and she had said matt left for work early, would get home to eat, and then passout.

An anon mentioned last thread they'd brake up after the abortion. Her best bet was to have his kid and ride on his coattails for that sweet government job with benefits. She fucked up. Now she has no one to mooch off of and has to hope she can trick some old men out of their money. Because we all know this >>757794 does not describe her.

No. 757966

i'm not denying that it seems like their relationship is on the rocks or over but if you've ever been in a long-term relationship the insta comments thing is normal lol

No. 757986

File: 1546470358055.png (2.65 MB, 640x1136, 4773963E-8B6E-4496-A520-6DFF58…)

Seems to be this guy… he was on live with her the other day and now he went w her for her surgery. Seems to be spending a lot of time together. His user is private fyi

No. 757989

here she is on snap calling her and "Cute" a couple

No. 757994

lol wtf??? is she just never going to acknowledge matt existed or what's going on there?

No. 758001

File: 1546471923391.jpg (800.5 KB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_20190102-182836_Ins…)

LMAO at pnp ditching Matt to hook up with some uglier dude who makes bad art and has a soundcloud. She is truly living the life we all dream of. Having to fuck for money? Damn I wish that were me… Ruininh your relationship then very publicly hooking up with a trashy guy? 2019 goals.. also why do sex workers act like hot shit when guys offer them money for sex? I worked as a stripper and it happens to everyone, even bar tenders… it really means nothing if men want to fuck you lol

No. 758011

Also.. gonna assume the 1998 in his username means he was born that year, making him 20…. lol so weird how she left an older, mature man to hook up with someone who was a teen just months ago hahaha what a mess

No. 758013

I hate these untalented Ren and Stimpy-tracing "creative" pieces of trash. Wait actually he'd be perfect for Areola and I hope they make it official ASAP.

No. 758015

She probably has NPD not BPD so likely doesn't gaf about matt's feelings which is why she is pretending to laugh at her shitty decisions. How can you break up with someone who was supposedly your entire world, only to fuck other guys and prostitute yourself whilst pretending he never existed… like wtf

No. 758019

Looks like bad clip art lmao…
Neither of them understand anatomy or the process of creating a complete art piece so yeah… match made in hell

No. 758022

>can't stand in heels
>spills other people's expensive drinks
>throws up in her mouth
>thinks she can be a high end escort
>eating his face while fucking his leg in the club with no shoes on

No. 758024

She sounds like such an outwardly ugly person. Her personality is undoing whatever beauty she thinks surgery gave her

No. 758025

File: 1546473175192.jpg (632.53 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190102-185112_Chr…)

No. 758026

File: 1546473216809.jpg (418.86 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190102-185107_Chr…)

Yeah, she drunkenly hooked up with a 20 year old… lol what a queen

No. 758029

what year do you think this is lmao

No. 758051

>worked at your MOM
>intercourse, Pennsylvania

Nice an idiot without a real job a real glow up

Also they took out her tits? Snap anons?

No. 758062

File: 1546477752443.jpeg (205.83 KB, 750x722, 3BB1A56C-6C1A-4F37-8A18-C42F35…)

Friends of Mia too?

No. 758083

She’s back and she’s better than ever!!!!

No. 758086


Yeah this, wtf. She presents herself to be so empathetic and caring in her bios, and genuinely seems to believe that she is.

But sloppily fucking a brand new bro within a few days of the breakup with the "love of your life", your "fiance", your baby daddy with no remorse at all.

Her behavior is so contrary to how she likes to portray and think of herself. Literally zero self awareness.

No. 758092

Hasn’t she mentioned before that most of her friends are young/under 21?

No. 758109

Wait so who the fuck is “cute” because if it was a 20 year old he couldn’t get into a club

No. 758125

He could have a fake ID or it could’ve been an 18+ club.

No. 758126

were they in a club? i thought it was a house party. she said in one of the snaps linked yesterday or the day before that she got fucked on a washing machine or some dumb shit like that.

No. 758127

Has she even announced her breakup publicly in any way? Or is her only "announcement" that she stopped following Matt on Instagram and is babbling about her new "bf" on Snapchat?

No. 758138

File: 1546483102111.jpeg (25.25 KB, 750x151, 2A0A8353-BF39-43E6-864C-E45F31…)

This girl is fuckin delusional….. 4 days ago she loved Matt now she’s dry humping a 20 year old in the club?

No. 758139

I’m literally shook with the amount of times Ariana changes her hair, her makeup and her surgery too, this bitch literally has no look of her own anymore

No. 758149

You just don’t understand her lifestyle. She has very hip and unique concepts of love and relationships.

It’s definitely not that she has to fuck and hang out with 20 year old college kids because she’s mentally and financially on that level as a grown adult.

No. 758184

Shut up Ariana you’re still a whore(hi cow)

No. 758188

File: 1546487401616.jpeg (20.1 KB, 478x361, 8B8DFA4D-DA3D-4096-844E-509C41…)

No. 758190

File: 1546487638019.png (689.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190102-215316.png)

Which one of you is this?? Lmao

No. 758194

File: 1546488320346.jpeg (232.79 KB, 749x1182, 1A0CFE3F-E555-42EA-B2C6-2DFF61…)

No. 758319

Ari announced her resignation from DoorMatt after she had the nightmare about Matt drowning her dog. It’s a lot to cope with. Dreams are stressful.

No. 758335

peep that he's in a band, same as Matt. She's really a groupie-hoe huh

No. 758345

This is especially funny because not too long ago she was saying how gross it was that all her friends slept with each other. Kek

No. 758355

File: 1546525338948.jpeg (376.31 KB, 750x1046, 2B14FD35-71D2-45A8-8ED3-151608…)

This page is intense damn

No. 758361

cringey as hell, please don't give this anon attention here

No. 758363

who of you crazy bitches is this?? lmao

No. 758375

i hate this shitty cancerous website. how does lolcow bring in more autists than pull?

No. 758376

this is so dumb and funny holy fuck hilarious

No. 758377

>tinfoil: its Matt

No. 758380

I wonder if Matt lurks. Spill the beans dude, Ariana is a despicable person and you shouldn't feel obligated to cover for her anymore.

No. 758385

Why do you guys have to go and do stuff like this and make me embarrassed to even browse this website? Jfc. How much attention do you need?

No. 758386

Omfg WHY. this is so lame omg. All the stuff we discuss here should be assumed alleged until the cow spills real milk confirming suspicions. We dont know for a fact any of that is in fact true until someone confirms it.

No. 758388

she doesn't have much going for her but it seems like pnp attracts the most psychotic haters for how short of a time she's been featured on here. idgi.

No. 758391

Didn’t she make fun of her high school bully for being bald?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 758392

File: 1546531991591.jpg (764.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190103-101005_Ins…)

That dude was at her house last night.

No. 758393

File: 1546532036503.jpg (728.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190103-101022_Ins…)

That's her cat and bedroom.

No. 758394

lmao these people are so dumb. if you've seen that cat's belly you know there's something wrong with it and that's why it's overgrooming itself. it's honestly not cute at all lol

No. 758402

Fuck off anon, stop self posting your autistic insta vendetta page on this site, no one cares

No. 758407

Wow he's got so much to say, such a deep character

No. 758408

You've been nominated in the Lolcow Awards 2018! Go here to vote: >>>/meta/8011

No. 758413

Why does this ugly teenager call a poor, sick cat stupid? He’s obviously the biggest idiot on this earth if he thinks hooking up with Ariana is a good idea. I feel so sorry for her pets, they are cute and have to live in that shithole of an apartment with a horrible owner… and i also feel kinda sorry for Matt, he’s better off without her but the way she treats him after such a long relationship is just cruel.

No. 758416

her behavior since their breakup has been bizarre but it's probably making him feel better and better about ending it the more terrible decisions she broadcasts

No. 758417

How do you sage correctly but still put shit in name and subject

No. 758427

Yes, I guess it’s for the best! Matt is a cuck, but he always seemed to genuinely care for her, treat her well and work hard. He should be able to get into a normal relationship with a decent girl. Ariana will crash and burn without him and I can’t wait to watch and laugh.

No. 758429

Crazy how that kid is laying in their bed, even if they didn’t break up I feel like that’d make most partners uncomfortable

No. 758437

My tinfoil is that Matt dumped her, not vice versa. That’s why she’s loud and proud about her awful new “catch.” Jealous much, Matt?

No. 758439

if he dumped her why would he be jealous about her hooking up with some loser soundclout wannabe? he's probably embarrassed that he let it go on so long after seeing her parade around with this kid fresh out of high school.

No. 758441

yeah he'll get a nice sane gf and ariana will start dressing like her

No. 758448

What the fuck is up with these bottom-dwellers having 0 respect for animals?? It freaks me tf out. Who does that.

No. 758476

Caps or didn’t happen

No. 758477

And he will be haunted by his past with this pig when he tries to move on. The internet never forgets.

No. 758479

nta but that was clearly a joke

No. 758503

File: 1546546318602.png (207.27 KB, 750x1334, DA3A06F3-D5EB-4EDB-B870-D4654A…)

I’m her fan page. I know you guys think I’m lame, I don’t care, the one thing we have in common is cringing at this page. I messaged her and asked what her deal was, the messages before we’re just her trying to say I validate pnp which I rarely post anymore. She responded with this.

Ok so I’m a fucking fan, but which one of you fucking white knights is doing this? “You know how she thinks?” Sounds like you’ve been armchairing wayyyy too long. I’m not going to call this pathetic because you guys will just call me pathetic and it will go round in circles. But this page is fucking sad.(nobody cares)

No. 758509

lmao omgggg this is so embarrassing. please kys while you still can.

No. 758510

I’ve never cringed harder. Dear lord…

No. 758511

Lmfao both of you need to stop

No. 758512

File: 1546547183226.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190103-212224.png)

Not sure why nobody posted this cap but it couldve just been because he had to carry her ass home.

No. 758513

damn anon live your own life who fucking cares lmao

No. 758514

and then casually hopped in bed with her? lol

No. 758515

File: 1546547309228.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190103-212212.png)

So the list of drugs she's done over the past few months:
Alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, xanax, mushrooms, and now Percocet.
Her drug use, or at least the public nature of her use, has dramatically increased.

No. 758517

Dude she had surgery I agree with the rest but come on Percocet is basically needed after any surgery

No. 758518

You gonna carry a drunk person to their front step and leave them there? He could have been there for 10 minutes or 10 hours. It's just speculation. I mean, knowing her patterns, she probably slept with him and had him stay over but none of these caps definitely prove anything.

No. 758519

Sure but it's kind of cringey to post about it

No. 758520

he literally said he was watching her cat lick itself for over 30 minutes but go off

No. 758521

She could easily spend all that money on therapy. But here she goes, completely fucking up her face, relationship, health and whole life. I used to feel kinda sorry for her because she is obviously sick but she wouldn’t change if she could and treats everyone like shit. She is simply an asshole.

No. 758524

therapy would be hard for her because she's pathological

No. 758535

This is so gross. How the fuck can you bring a 20yr old you banged out on a wash with at a party back to your house AND THEN have the gall to allow him into the bed you slept in with your FIANCÉ almost every single night. She has no shame. I really do hope their relationship ended. It’s for the best.

No. 758536

Yeah, but I still believe she could improve her life by getting professional help. Almost everyone is capable of that, even though it does take time and can be very hurtful. But whatever, she is a hopeless case by now.

No. 758537

50/50 she’d try to manipulate and lie to her therapist and they wouldn’t entertain her bullshit, or would just quit after two sessions because ~LoL i KnOw mY OwN LiFe BesT~

No. 758542

I don’t think she fucked the 20 yr old, I think he’s the “cute” person she made out/grinded on at the bar and got fucked when she had a lesbian foursome in the bathroom (Latinamilk posted about it)

No. 758546

my thoughts exactly.

No. 758547

are you guys really this naive tho? people that get wasted and do coke that have (most likely) been freshly broken up with of course go troll for someone to fuck. come on now.

No. 758548

She even admitted to being a complete slut before she met Matt and would get passed around. Not even shaming her for being a slut but that’s just in her history!

No. 758551

File: 1546549352771.png (2.27 MB, 750x1334, B3B9C6C6-9876-4BDE-A342-7BD57D…)

No. 758552

So, has she actually revealed that she broke up with Doormatt? Or are we still just speculating? Sorry I’m late to this thread and it’s glitching on mobile

No. 758555

Kinda speculation really but it seems painfully obvious something like that happened

No. 758556

i mean she's got other dudes hanging out in bed with her with her pets and bragging on snapchat about humping the dude's leg so i think it's pretty safe to say

No. 758559

9999 keks you two deserve each other go bond over sucking busted thots assholes elsewhere

No. 758628

Nasty hoe probably didn’t even change the sheets.

No. 758646

she's probably never changed the sheets let's be real

No. 758661

I can’t post I don’t have a second camera on me but she just posted on snap “waiting for Matt to get home and take care of me”

No. 758666

can anyone corroborate this?
i honestly don't believe anything i don't see caps of, sorry.

No. 758673

I can attest to this but with no evidence to back it up. I saw the post, however, and found it interesting

No. 758676

She posted again. Matt is going to take care of her, friends going to smoke her out, then she’s “off to cutes”

Someone corroborate i don’t have my iPad

No. 758680

Exact words used:
“Percocets got me fucked up I feel like ass”
“Matt come take care of me, my friend come smoke me up, then I am off 2 cutes”
Can attest but cannot provide evidence atm

No. 758688

Tinfoil rn but I’m starting to think that with Matt being rightfully uncomfortable about her “profession”, she probably suggested they convert to an open relationship so he can go off and fuck other people too so she doesn’t have to keep hearing about how unfair she is. And now that the relationship is open she’s no longer limiting herself to being fucked by disgusting people for money, but now she’s getting fucked by disgusting people for free! Way to go ari

No. 758700

makes sense in her mind i guess. countdown to her giving matt some kind of disease tho.

No. 758704

She posted again on snap stating Matt and her are “cracking up” over us

No. 758707

lol wow she really owned us??

No. 758719

screen cap?

No. 758729

Well at least we know they both lurk and clearly Matt doesn’t give a fuck about anything he’s seen

No. 758732

I don’t believe her when she just says they’re both laughing about it. Need to see him laughing and needs to be provable he’s laughing about these posts.
Go on Ariana, we’re waiting. But nice to know you’re still reading all this lol.

No. 758736

Remember when she was pregnant?
She would harass her followers for asking if she was or for suggesting her to smoke less if she was pregnant. She would deny it at all costs.
End of story was, as we all know, her really being pregnant and aborting the child.
What I’m trying to say is: I wouldn’t believe this bitch a single word she’s saying, in her case the obvious usually is the truth.

No. 758740

true. she'll say whatever she can to save face for the hAtuRrZz~

No. 758750

I also think they might be in an open relationship now but nothing really explains why they unfollowed each other on IG.

No. 758752

File: 1546564708671.jpeg (141.8 KB, 455x848, 21F273C6-27C1-4DCD-A116-8BC639…)


No. 758753

File: 1546564743221.jpeg (153.56 KB, 430x860, 1215AC06-E108-40CC-9367-EA583C…)

No. 758754

File: 1546564788505.jpeg (54.07 KB, 447x821, 30F92B7C-A8E5-4596-822C-49D479…)

No. 758757

her life makes me sad

No. 758781

Incoming post to the gram about how blessed she is to have Matt

No. 758783

>her life makes me sad
..for good reason tbh

No. 758793

Hahahahaha nah just one about how she’s depressed agaun

No. 758794

File: 1546569966674.jpeg (247.18 KB, 750x1104, CBE5DE57-51DA-4BA0-90D4-A48DEA…)

No. 758801


.. it's the shaving your hair off isn't it?

No. 758822

Yeah it wasn’t a self post. Just thought it was cringey and entertaining.
These threads have really gone downhill kek

No. 758824

You not saging on top of it is cringey

No. 758836

thank you for the caps anon. youre the real mvp.

No. 758852

She’s high on percs and posting random shit out of her ass about Matt bc she’s lonely upset but too fucked up to lie or react properly on snap. The “Matt come get me” sounds like she’s like….asking Matt to come get her? If that makes sense? Something drugged up people wojld do and not know what’s happening.
I could be completely off base trying to interpret this but it seems within her element.

No. 758893

File: 1546585465149.jpeg (163.47 KB, 694x1252, CFECF7A3-C318-45EB-88EE-9E2FAF…)

No. 758899

The poster she commented on came out and said that their new face was fake and part of a social experiment, kindof a backfire on pnp

No. 758927

it was mostly taken seriously and he played it seriously so I don't really blame anyone who believed it.

No. 758946

File: 1546598241719.jpeg (136.78 KB, 750x889, 5F23FDDA-8400-47D7-837D-92932C…)

No. 758978

File: 1546608677192.jpg (983.57 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190104-073015_Ins…)

Of course he's back….

No. 758991

Ugh, he's so pathetic…. I don't even feel sorry for him.

No. 758995

Good ol’ dependable doorMatt! I’m sure the dude has a lot of issues. There’s no way he can be completely sane and be with PnP. He’s a loser.

No. 758998

File: 1546616080181.gif (487.89 KB, 500x303, 12355332.gif)

No. 759002

I feel like he came to help her bc he knows she just had surgery and he is a caring person even if she’s fucking him over. I still feel like they’re atleast in a break of some sort he’s just a decent human

No. 759003

He’s a cuck bitch. Plain and simple. And clearly he has no good friends or family telling him to get a grip.

No. 759008


Matt Copp is a colossal cuck.

No. 759023

This is beyond being a caring person, this is having no self respect.

No. 759026

Still freaks me out that another boy was in the same spot where he’s laying not too long ago.

No. 759027

Samefag but did she already switch over to a push up bra?

No. 759028

File: 1546620762772.png (4.13 MB, 750x1334, 05600D9C-11F2-4D6F-9C01-4019C3…)

A throwback to Halloween 2016

No. 759030

Lol you’re right, she’s already not wearing those special bras AGAIN.

No. 759031

honestly i cannot believe the fact he's not even slightly embarrassed about being publicly treated like shit he just has no spine which is the perfect enabler for this dumb bitch

No. 759037

File: 1546621436488.jpeg (868.24 KB, 1125x2003, F6CA3E2C-6D17-4F8A-B0A6-3E18D2…)

No. 759040

And we all know: she didn’t ask him to come back because she cares about him being around her but only to prove us wrong.

No. 759047

doormatt out here trying to become a cow in his own right

No. 759048

Matt really should just get a grip and fucking leave her, she’s fucking trash and it’s annoying how she thinks she’s hot shit for fucking a gross 20 year old on a washer lol

No. 759049

File: 1546623569437.jpeg (300.58 KB, 640x824, 2D4543C1-3322-482D-A763-647E42…)

No. 759058

File: 1546626302823.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190104-132020.png)

Girl cant follow instructions. Generally you should have something in your stomach or eat with your pills.

No. 759062

Does she still wear Invisalign? Haven’t heard anything about that in a while…

No. 759064


She's going through some real body hottor.

Breast Implant Sickness is a real thing, putting those foreign substances and toxic plastics into your body really changes your chemistry and has awful side effects.

Maybe she'll be less insane without the Petroleum bags. But probably not…..

No. 759065

image how little identity she would have without the hair AND fake tits tho. she would probably have a legitimate mental breakdown.

No. 759088

She had very little identity to begin with that’s why she had to change her whole appearance

No. 759089

yeah. exactly. so her identity is defined by her appearance now. take that away and she is literally just a shell of a person.

No. 759098

Can't help but wonder what she's gonna look like in 10 years since surgeries/body mods are the only things that keep her a bit "relevant".

No. 759101

Tinfoil: it’s an old pic.

No. 759163

this is actually super plausible. ive seen this exact pic many times from her same gray bra, same cat, same gross ass sheets, and you cant see if she even has hair in the pic so? major tinfoiling

No. 759169

What is this? Her fucking ceiling? What is that shit all over it?

No. 759180

File: 1546639931156.jpeg (52.66 KB, 279x404, EAF9D5B8-62E4-473B-B9E0-2DC3B5…)

No. 759185

Next picture is of her in the same bra with a shaved head. I think it was legit.

No. 759199

Not sure but looks like mold or bed bug infestation lol I would not be surprised if they have bed bugs tbh she has seen bugs in her bed before

No. 759203

Not surprised that if she did have a lesbian foursome at that party, and they are or were together, that her claim is it’s not cheating because she’s not gay. But if Matt sucked a guy off in the back of a USPS van, probably a different story kek

No. 759264

She looks like a cartoon that got punched in the face

No. 759319

looks like the picture was taken out a window looking towards telephone wires to me but I’m not sure what all that shit in the sky would be

No. 759324

That's definitely shitty apartment moldy ceiling but I'm cackling over think its some of doomsday sky

No. 759345

Looks like mold

No. 759366

Honestly just looks like dust that accumulated on the ceiling from their fan, they just don’t clean it

No. 759390

that's…. not what that would look like lmao

No. 759405

I’m sure someone will post caps but on her Snapchat she says she is hanging out with “cute” tomorrow aka jarrod or whatever … she also says “none of us know what’s REALLY going on” … she said she might stop talking about “cute” all together ..

My tinfoil is her and Matt have broken up but he’s going to be her roommate for at least a few months until he finds a new place and she finds a roommate … I’m sure she guilted Matt and said he shouldn’t leave her high and dry in the giant philly apartment .. being the dude he is he agreed.

She’s already found a new dude to fuck / make her feel wanted .. she can’t be alone .. I’m sure for Matt her fucking “ cute” isn’t even that different than the last few months have been anyway …

No. 759408

>she might stop talking about "cute" all together
nobody ever told the bitch to start talking about him in the first place lmao ariana, nobody cares about this dude

No. 759415

If they have a popcorn ceiling it would, but who cares tbh we already know they live in fifth so it could be either one

No. 759417

If they have a popcorn ceiling it would, but who cares tbh we already know they live in fifth so it could be either one

No. 759420

If they have a popcorn ceiling it would, but who cares tbh we already know they live in fifth so it could be either one

No. 759421

If they have a popcorn ceiling it would, but who cares tbh we already know they live in fifth so it could be either one

No. 759424

If they have a popcorn ceiling it would. But who cares

No. 759446


It does look like telephone wires. And I believe it is a flock of birds coming or going to roost. Since he's a postman he probably sees either one of those happening.

No. 759456

File: 1546672221848.jpg (513.53 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190105-010901_Ins…)


No. 759457

I feel like I'm playing into her shit posting this cap from her story because it seems she made it for this board but is this matt and the other dude because that's just embarrassing.

No. 759458

I believe it is Aaron next to her and “cute” on the other side

No. 759506

Yes, that’s Aaron and the twenty year old. Still no Matt in sight lol.

No. 759513

File: 1546688166762.jpeg (79.86 KB, 750x1019, A27BBE29-9212-4D5C-85D0-64A0A5…)

No good angle…
Would comment something like „why? How can future be scary if you have the love of your life by your side?“ if it wasn’t considered cowtipping lol

No. 759538

Don't embarrass yourself

No. 759553

Cute is a boyfriend to her like he is to Latinamilk.

No. 759569

Her nostrils are ridiculously huge and her bald ass head makes her entire head look HUGE and emphasizes her flat face.

Poor girl

No. 759597

File: 1546704868848.jpeg (99.67 KB, 634x1128, BDB43C9C-BFCA-4111-A269-A3D150…)

No. 759667

wtf, her face looks so weird here. hopefully it's just the way she's standing but her tits look lopsided now.

No. 759702

“Cute” looks like pnp when she doesn’t have makeup on, now that she’s bald. Bald head isn’t doing her any favors.(sage)

No. 759715

File: 1546722748678.jpeg (246.21 KB, 750x1190, 7847776F-6727-422F-9925-57BDE0…)

It’s kinda hard when you make such a spectacle of yourself kek(nitpick)

No. 759779

Did she get new implants yet, or does she have to wait for her surgery to heal?

No. 759916

Thread autosaged due to the lack of milk. If all that's been posted is caps of her IG then you might as well scroll through her instagram.

No. 759970

this website is fucking weird, truly has one of the shittest cultures across all imageboards. probably because its overpopulated with women.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 759993

But what if you don't follow her or are blocked??

No. 759995

thank anon who thought posting her bio was milky

No. 760010

>overpopulated by women

>is literally a women-only website where men are banned

Another dude getting a thread locked or saged, what a surprise

No. 760045

File: 1546790365367.jpg (736.54 KB, 1080x1798, 20190106_095836.jpg)

Anther give away with shot from dolls kill that she probably got for free.

No. 760046

File: 1546790405353.jpg (585.29 KB, 1080x1187, 20190106_095815.jpg)

Nice diaper.

No. 760051

File: 1546790935399.png (2.61 MB, 828x1792, BF1BFC68-BFC9-417D-85AA-175556…)


No. 760088

don't put your email lmao

No. 760099

File: 1546797521816.png (3.25 MB, 750x1334, 8F4F4E31-694D-4EE7-A5B2-87F297…)

No. 760121

Soo dollskill sent her a promo pack and she's selling it? They're so dumb for sponsoring this ho…

No. 760125

Could she get in trouble for selling the promo items they gave her?

No. 760127

damn just started scrolling through this thread and i remember when she sold her snap for $20 and now it is $5 haha good luck paying off that boobjob >>754772

No. 760134


it's funny because ccryme had a $1 entry for her giveaway a few months ago while pnp was doing her first giveaway. remember she complained ccryme was stealing her idea by doing that giveaway? kek

No. 760148

nobody cares

No. 760159

File: 1546807253260.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, D921B648-2509-47DA-A2DD-3767B5…)

I‘m amazed she’s actually aware it was her fault her tits drifted out!
Still stupid she doesn’t wear that special extra tight bra now.

No. 760164

only because we pointed it out

No. 760200

wow seriously she jumped anyone's ass who dare say she should wear a bra we all called this in the first thread i'm pretty sure >>760159

No. 760213

She’s still going to charge shipping too what a joke lol

No. 760285

This is the definition of a cow What a fucking scam lol

No. 760295

use tumblr

No. 760315

File: 1546838197558.jpg (2.05 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190107_001550827.j…)

It literally looks the exact same…

No. 760372

she must be really unhappy with her hair if she keeps trying to convince herself that it is growing at the speed of light.. which it obviously isn't.

No. 760421

File: 1546883071791.jpg (984.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190107-124324.jpg)

Lmao she's really on crack. IT'S BEEN A WEEK.

No. 760471

File: 1546886788063.jpeg (1.17 MB, 3264x2448, 46530A3E-AE56-432D-B667-E4E4EB…)

Her talking about cute on Snapchat again. I couldn’t get caps but she went out to a bar with him and stayed the night at his place.

No. 760474

File: 1546886912528.jpeg (1.05 MB, 3264x2448, 077E40AE-D656-45D2-B086-F1E601…)

Your titties will never look normal because you don’t know how to follow basic ass instructions

No. 760475

File: 1546887018814.jpeg (1.19 MB, 3264x2448, 2D038B64-F4AC-4CD4-AC01-C130F0…)

No. 760476

File: 1546887156844.jpeg (981.36 KB, 3264x2448, 581C631A-BABE-4538-B782-39774D…)

Why does it look like she’s eating dog throw up. It’s so obvious how much she loves the attention from “nobodies”. Is it because you never got any from your mommy ari?

No. 760477

it was chipotle but it literally looked like just rice, beans and cheese lol

No. 760488

Pretty annoyed that I bought her Snapchat (before finding this site) because I genuinely found her entertaining and now she rarely posts and when she does it’s either “I’m doing this thing but I’m not gonna tell u…” or to just taunt her “haters”.

No. 760490

must suck that she sells it for $5 instead of $20 now too. basically a big fuck you to everyone that paid full price.

No. 760495

Exactly and she barely talks about her surgeries at all

No. 760505

I got it in the very beginning and it was 30$ lol

No. 760546

ariana, shave the back of your neck. growing out a shaved head is a pain in the ass, you gotta keep up with that shit

No. 760640

I feel like she looked better before all the surgery I liked her old nose too lol no lie

No. 760728

At least she was unique looking before all the surgeries. she currently looks like every Instagram narcissist ‘influencer’ Literal carbon copies. All as stupid as the next. Spewing whatever trendy buzzfeed article content they read to thousands of underaged weird ‘fans’

just a bunch of chemically imbalanced whores normalizing their desperate need for attention, positive and negative, and their lack of modesty under the guise of ‘feminism’

No. 760761

she doesn't even look like every other insta narcissist tho, she wishes she did. she got enough surgery to be able to look like one in pictures, but the moment she isn't posing she goes back to looking like a skinnyfat thin lipped chick.

No. 760768

File: 1546919929550.png (209.99 KB, 219x617, mb.PNG)

wow i wonder why she could possibly be asking this

No. 760773

She used to be way more creative in her pictures/posts, IG/snapchat stories, her medication has made her a zombie. She used to be an entertaining content created thot now she’s just… trash

No. 760776

Because she needs other people to validate the way she treats Matt lol

No. 760778

she finally convinced matt to become the cuck he was destined to be and they are in an open relationship. she will reveal this as soon as she can’t keep the facade anymore or matt starts to get aggy. screenshot this.

No. 760792

If this is true, then I bet that she will get pissy the moment he decides to talk to another girl. Remember when she got all bent out of shape when she discovered him scrolling through another girl's Instagram?

No. 760800

File: 1546923138359.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, ACB55A22-A8D7-453A-822B-CA81C0…)

>asks followers whether or not they’d date a sex worker and why/why not
>one single response isn’t completely kissing her ass and she blocks them immediately

she makes such an effort in acting like she’s entirely removed from her job and it has nothing to do with her, but takes this person’s two word comment so personally. imagine, if you will, telling a portable toilet cleaner that you think their line of work must be kind of gross and they block you for it.

No. 760815

I'm fucking dead, as if a twitter poll will make DoorMatt okay with her being a sex worker. Just because some men are okay with it doesn't mean all men are, nevertheless I can already picture her using this poll against him. "See, plenty of men are okay with it!" Kek.

No. 760863

>just a bunch of chemically imbalanced whores normalizing their desperate need for attention, positive and negative, and their lack of modesty under the guise of ‘feminism’

You sound like an incel

No. 760870


they do, but i rly don't disagree with their point

No. 760902

Lol don’t blame her medication. You just drank the koolaid early and now you see that she’s just boring.

No. 760925

I’m not, there’s just a big difference between a woman who is confident in her life and body and her choice to do as she wants with it… and Ariana who bases every decision she makes, about her body and otherwise, on social media. Being a ‘sex worker’ is a big hip trend right now with 20 somethings. It’s pretty gross.

No. 760926

nobody's arguing with you, you just sound like you either hate yourself or are jealous tbh

No. 760927

PNP posted on insta that cute is coming over all day and taking bubble baths. She also mentioned that she’s been “selling videos” like her tumblr days again (porn videos included). Maybe Cute is also a sex worker and they are in business together making and selling porn ??? Just a theory

No. 760933

File: 1546956255745.png (10.84 MB, 1242x2208, AD475716-BEBB-4585-B8D0-EF160E…)

Says the girl who had to go in for revision for not taking care of them properly.

No. 760943

File: 1546958685819.png (654.54 KB, 505x929, 2019-01-08 09_39_41-Stories • …)


No. 760948

caps or gtfo

No. 760953

File: 1546962548920.jpg (761.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190108-104814.jpg)

Really wish she would throw away this shit encrusted blanket tho

No. 760992

File: 1546968667674.png (2.81 MB, 750x1334, 4638A747-F009-4179-92AF-C64E44…)

No. 761004

Says the girl who had a lesbian orgy, right.

Also, now thinking back on when she was pregnant and how she is SO pro-sex work, it had to be her SD’s baby. Considering how quick her sugar daddy drop her once she told everyone she was pregnant and then jumped on the sex work train so quickly after recovering from her abortion. This girl is just scum

No. 761017

File: 1546972177903.png (595.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190108-112831.png)

I don't really see prostitution as an insult as that's… what… you're… doing… This girl jfc

No. 761023

how does she not realize she's the one making prostitution a "bad word" right now? seems like she's still not ready to admit she's been fucking for money for a while now.

No. 761027

File: 1546973024858.jpg (673.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190108-134322.jpg)

Oh great now she's looking for the trans ass pats now

No. 761030

shes so delusional its crazy, ARIANA yes, YOU are a prostitute.
the fact she doesnt even accept what shes doing is fucking weird.
YES you are being degraded by men, this is NOT empowering you as a woman you idiot. there is nothing empowering about sexwork. sexwork is no good for anyone imo. no matter what shes trying to tell herself, its not good for mental health, phsyical health etc. its v damaging and its makes women look uneducated and lazy

No. 761031


She is both uneducated and lazy. It has nothing to do with women as a whole.

No. 761032

i think it's funny how she is trying to put all "sex workers" in the same basket. like, no bitch, people who are camming are not the same as people who are fucking dudes for cash. also if she is so proud of her "career in sex work" why does she use a fake name?

No. 761035

it does when she is telling other women its okay to do, and telling young girls to degrade themselves for money, saying thats there is nothing wrong with it. and shes acting like there isnt women being sold and shipped for money like objects. when theres ppl like dasha going to that toni dude who makes women bark like dogs. Ariana is supporting all these things when she blankets postivity on "sex work". this is all apart of her "industry" , she is actively apart of the new wave of keeping women down

No. 761038

File: 1546974025461.png (2.37 MB, 750x1334, 57103AE3-B773-4B64-809E-12DAEF…)

She’s dragging herself cus her cat is obese

No. 761075

Stop nitpicking. There's a lot of things about her behavior we can focus on. We all obviously know she's only into keeping up her appearance via shitty makeup and fillers. Milk or sh.

No. 761076

My apologies I didn't sage for no new info

No. 761079

As a SW myself I've been in relationships where the other wasn't comfortable with it and I wasn't even escorting. It's completely valid and understandable that a person may not want to date a SW. she gets so triggered when anybody won't subscribe to every detail about how she lives her life and carries herself. It's completely okay if somebody does not want to date a SW. Why would you even put effort into blocking anyone who doesn't agree, PnP, not like they're trying to date you lol????? Honestly surprised she didn't put said person on blast.

No. 761081

I'm honestly shocked she's gonna totally not take care of her new tits just like her last ones…please Ari learn it's your body ya only have one for fs!!! I'm so cringed out

No. 761083

I liked before her lip fillers or just the one filler apologies for not having the pic but when she was blonde and had minimal work done that was her peak. Sad. Saved but just saying no new info just she was really decent looking at that time and she just kept going RIP there's nothing wrong with a larger nose but her getting her nose done was a good idea but now she's having breathing issues and I'm laughing only bc girl..research places before you get work done..I've never had any work done but best believe if i did I'd extensively research and save up for the BEST procedure lollll

No. 761086

the thread is on autosage

No. 761088

Ok thnx first time posting don't wanna cause iSsUeZ

No. 761091

Tuna slater level gross but we never know

No. 761099

anyone else catch her sperging about how NOT dirty her blanket is on her IG story?

No. 761100

I'm sorry ple>>753825
She does appear to have that picking habit and I have that too but oh my god you're literally paying to have these fillers..I can't imagine the bacteria possibly going into open wounds and affecting fillers etc like I don't personally know anything about that but fucking come on??? Get fidget toys. That's what I did. Do something productive with your hands you're in this cycle of upping your personal image with procedures but damaging them over and over again it's so fucked

No. 761101

I'm sorry ple>>753825
She does appear to have that picking habit and I have that too but oh my god you're literally paying to have these fillers..I can't imagine the bacteria possibly going into open wounds and affecting fillers etc like I don't personally know anything about that but fucking come on??? Get fidget toys. That's what I did. Do something productive with your hands you're in this cycle of upping your personal image with procedures but damaging them over and over again it's so fucked

No. 761113

Nobody cares.

No. 761120

File: 1546983927774.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, F860D2A1-3A9B-4023-A602-DDCCEA…)

can we discuss this underbite for a sec

No. 761122

lol she has nowhere close to an underbite >>744381

No. 761123

File: 1546984708158.png (7.22 MB, 1125x2436, A0904B7C-538B-49FB-AB24-FDA34D…)

Snap anons? Also who cowtipped about the blanket, at least now we know it’s a weird attatchment to her childhood instead of lack of motivation to buy a new one, I guess.

No. 761125

my bad. should’ve said grotesque jaw deformity

No. 761128

Shut your bitter ass up. I talked about her picking and how it's gross. You ugly(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 761133

Ok, Ariana.

No. 761134

Tinfoil: nobody cow tipped she is just pretending she doesn’t check this thread every ten minutes.

No. 761138

^Nobody cowtipped and she does definitely check this thread. I found this thread because she wouldn’t shut up about it.

No. 761139

I'm not ari and idk what would make y'all think that esp when she hasn't recognized any of her skin shit. Y'all really think she's smart enough to hide how she types in self posting? Yawn

No. 761148

well you're at least trying to talk like her

No. 761149

she obv checks all the time but honestly she has more cowtippers than most cows i've followed

No. 761160

Since she has 0 awareness or 0 interest in any other view or opinion than her own she probably doesn’t care but I wonder why Matt wouldn’t just straight up state that their relationship is over? It’s so goddamn awkward and embarrassing for this ugly bald moron to be posting (after YEARS repping Matt and him taking care of her through all her disordered bullshit and shambling wreckage after surgeries and mental instability and unemployment) with guys in her tub or bed or bragging about her fucks or reppin’ her full service prostitution while simultaneously saying she and Matt laugh at everyone “guessing wrong” about their relationship status or commenting on her ig posts asking about Matt. it’s so goddamn cringe and I have a hard time believing anyone has that little self respect. I guess she feels like a Queen about it, doing whatever she wants even at the sake of people who obviously, stupidly, love her. She’s just living her best life, guys.

No. 761169

Itayrt and touché

No. 761181

Nobody cares.

No. 761182

File: 1546989580174.png (2.91 MB, 828x1792, 0D33EE69-98E8-4031-90AF-D4EA19…)

Is this “cute” in the bath with her I guess? This whole thing is so weird.

No. 761184

Clearly isn’t Matt … so the guesses are :

1. Matt broke up with her and is still agreeing to pay rent until they can find new places to live / roommates …

2. They are in an open relationship and Matt already found a new girl and therefore PnP had to find a new boy toy fast

3. They aren’t broken up and everything is fine ! (Lol yeah right)

No. 761188

You done? I'm not trying shit focus on the milk

No. 761191


No. 761193

What if cute is actually gay? I wouldn’t doubt she’d stir up the pot by making it seem like they’re “together”.. ugh would sage if I could

No. 761199

File: 1546991834747.png (1.35 MB, 1440x2265, 20190108_155059.png)


This guy's wearing the same necklace in almost all if his pictures.

No. 761202

Isn’t that latinamilk’s boyfriend ?!? Holy shit does that mean she’s part of Latinamilkms open relationship ?? Lol that would be soooo messy

No. 761203

She did her makeup on Snapchat until her phone died but she didn’t talk about anything interesting

No. 761204

File: 1546993198492.png (497.74 KB, 606x598, Capture.PNG)


its hard to tell bc of the bullshit filter. but that is his tattoo in the corner of her story

No. 761227

File: 1546997417674.jpeg (653.1 KB, 738x1334, 37EA7E33-FDF8-4CB2-9BF0-FDCD20…)

Literally sells her snap to give people financial advice and “consultations” on surgery but not a professional but you also have to pay for her opinion????????

No. 761228

Imagine going from fucking Latina Milk in her nice ass apartment to screwing stinky bald PnP in her white trash hovel.

Tinfoil: She’s definitely going to be making “porn” with him to sell, and that’s her most recent manipulation to Matt and why he needs to respect her ~career~.

No. 761237

File: 1546998951169.jpg (749.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190108-205425.jpg)

Not slut shaming but she really out here saying people having sex for money with randoms are most likely cleaner than those that dont? I'm sorry but condoms break and get used incorrectly all. the. time.

No. 761240

sex workers are up to 6,000% more likely to have an STI than the average american. her shitty allegorical reasoning doesn’t hold water against actual peer-reviewed studies and statistics

No. 761254

who is dasha?

No. 761264

check /pt/

No. 761267

File: 1547001604507.png (3.99 MB, 1125x2436, 2F851CF6-FFF3-4A34-BF1B-27D36D…)

lol whyd i think this was emilyologist

No. 761269

Am I the only one who thinks “cute” looks like ariana before all her surgeries?

No. 761272

File: 1547002923447.jpeg (989.55 KB, 1125x1832, 30A6661C-5C5A-49F7-9AA2-0A2E2A…)

this is said “cute”

No. 761275

File: 1547003166258.jpeg (62.17 KB, 750x937, 81B4E97B-81FA-4D04-A53B-5F8F02…)

Huge nose and jutting chin, sure.

No. 761277

And tiny mouth too

No. 761324

File: 1547008103981.jpeg (192.59 KB, 750x1334, C026B0C1-7E3F-4C8E-BE11-8F6FD7…)

No. 761328

Literally every. Single. One. Of his face tattoos is a rip off/copy of Lil Peep. I’m crying this is so strange to me I really cannot comprehend it, why do people do this shit? It looks so tryhard, unoriginal and lame.

No. 761330

don't think they're real. it's prob the point to be copying him tho

No. 761334

I…dont think this is the same guy she referred to as "cute". This is one of latinamilks boyfriends. I know this isnt a lm thread but I follow her too and it seems like shes on vacation with another one of her bfs while ariana entertains another. I think lm is trying to like…bring ariana into her fold or something.

No. 761336

Lm is honestly the devil for getting this girl into full service sex work when this bitch is already delusional and unstable as fuck

No. 761337

Honestly though what sane person would absolutely destroy their engagement for….this

No. 761338

PnP said on snap that she was going to have “cute” come over and take a bath. the chain and tattoo match Tyler’s so ?

No. 761341

we all know she aint got a shred of sanity.. that's why we're here to enjoy the show. bitch won't help herself so we're allowed to laugh.

No. 761342

we all know she aint got a shred of sanity.. that's why we're here to enjoy the show. bitch won't help herself so we're allowed to laugh.

No. 761358

Which is weird since the guy revealed as "cute" was a dif dude with a dif instagram handle and apparently 20? Unless shes just referring to everyone this way. Idk LM version of a lifestyle bought from sexwork and aris is…drastically different. Ari looks like a cautionary tale. It's funny that she acts very proud to be a sexworker while living in her dirty bed having online mental breaks and barely functioning. I buy the positivity more from LM who at least has a slightly enviable lifestyle.

No. 761368

I’m starting to think she’s calling both dudes that for some reason …

No. 761369

Tinfoil: “cute” is code name for a member of her relationship or possibly a close client/coworker? I have a feeling she tends to say stuff or plan things on purpose to “mess with us” and have a laugh when we play detective with her “clues”. I wouldn’t look much into it as I’m sure the aftermath will unfold everything eventually.

No. 761470

File: 1547037883631.png (3.07 MB, 750x1334, 08C2D09D-450D-4CA6-8DA3-D2CFEA…)

Her poopstain freckles are looking worse everyday

No. 761515

File: 1547047974390.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, 5FDFF83D-D4CE-4AD1-8840-DC5669…)

No. 761533

File: 1547051377590.jpg (793.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190109-091823.jpg)

Wouldnt be surprised if she just wears wigs on the reg from here on out

No. 761553

Yeah the ‘cute’ thing is for us, along with her announcing that she’s going to start wearing wigs. She reads this thread so much it’s all she thinks about.

No. 761583

File: 1547056880120.jpeg (134.12 KB, 750x970, 67F5B727-84C3-404E-AF51-77B2D8…)

Blatantly disussing vague references to cocaine usage on New Years. No wonder she’s been so “happy” lately. Once she runs out, she’ll sink into withdrawal of not only that but the opioids she’s been abusing from surgery. Wonder if she’s taken a shit yet? Or has she been abusing laxatives too?

No. 761584

wasn't she straight up talking about doing coke tho? i don't think she's embarrassed about it.

No. 761590

Yes but I believe that was discussed normally on Snapchat? I assumed she kept some level of privacy on Instagram about these things. She isn’t embarrassed about anything to be completely honest. Pnp has the superpower of being absolutely shameless in everything she does. That’s kinda why I enjoy watching the lil dumpster fire. There’s no end!

No. 761593

i mean it's digging pretty deep to try to find vague comments about it either way. i also wouldn't give her the satisfaction of calling her backwards ass shamelessness a superpower. that's gonna go straight to her head.

No. 761596

it's so gross how she flaunts being a drug addict to her audience.. like she is proud of the fact she can't get through the day without some sort of substance abuse

No. 761605

It’s a fairly fresh comment I came across but I understand. You’re right though I shouldn’t call it a superpower.. more so a crutch she uses as an excuse to dig herself a deeper hole without questions. Eventually that shamelessness will become her demise.

No. 761607

File: 1547059448401.jpg (3.27 MB, 2560x1920, inCollage_20190109_134321983.j…)

The one she picked looks fucking terrible. She said she paid $100 for it on her insta story.

No. 761609

File: 1547059508160.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, 1F833931-7E26-4324-BC21-7E7A91…)

The first wig has been bought. Let’s see the upkeep on this one kek

No. 761610

"Real human hair wig" yet looks fake as fuck

No. 761612

To be fair it needs to be cut and shaped.

No. 761618

LMFAAAOOO bitch couldn’t even afford a lace front? Also there’s no way that’s real hair Ya dumb crack whore

No. 761641

File: 1547062783355.jpeg (2.96 MB, 4032x3024, 3BF683D5-0173-4A2D-9CBF-A9A4DB…)

She claims on her snap that “cute” gave this to her last night ..

she also claims that Matt is blocking tons of people for asking if they broke up or not .. she says he and her don’t need to tell everyone about their private life aka they broke up …

No. 761644

jesus christ people its fucking coke. not heroin.

No. 761646

talking on her insta story about how she's paranoid her wig is going to fly off, asks "do people fuck in wigs?" and says she feels like "everyone knows she's wearing a wig"
… yeah because it looks awful


No. 761651

Just straight-up looks like one of those dollar store Halloween wigs that come out once a year. I can't believe she spent a hundred bucks on that thing. Ugly AF.

No. 761660

File: 1547065376146.jpeg (192.3 KB, 1208x804, 506B7686-0396-4A85-AC3E-9D9864…)

No. 761661

Whenever she talks, she just sounds so dumb. Like a fucking five year old child with no education at all. She’ll never make it in the real world.

No. 761684

Looks like a bad Latina Milk wig. Guess she’s her new muse lol

No. 761690

File: 1547068478793.jpg (863.15 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190109_151102.jpg)

I feel like she's a skin walker. First babytrash >>755126 and now Latinamilk. Girl had the only orignal things about her modified with surgery.

No. 761714


She’ll never be on Latinamilk’s level. Bitch can’t even get out of bed or shower regularly.

No. 761747

more caps? the lack of caps is why this thread is on autosage…

No. 761753

It’s insane how many times she repeats the same shit on her snap.

“Gonna hang out with cute. You guys are hilarious thinking you know my life. Matt and I laugh at you guys”

She literally has nothing to offer but the same recycled rants

No. 761759

Show us

No. 761761

“I don’t care what you guys think but I’m gonna complain about it every day” LOL

No. 761764

Caps or gtfo, snap anon wya?

No. 761782

seriously! when are people going to learn how to screen record?? its not that hard.

No. 761784

Doormatt, stop vagueposting and spill the milk.

No. 761792

>b-but they can see when i screenshot

No. 761814

This is an old bruse. It’s already green/yellow. Come on gremlin

No. 761816

File: 1547080503612.jpg (843.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190109-193422.jpg)

Nah she posted it on her insta story this morning too and said it was from yesterday. Maybe someone got pissed off looking at that horrible fucking tattoo and needed to take out their frustrations.

No. 761818

snap anon here, here she is saying the bruises are from cute. nothing really milky on her snap but since you guys wanted caps so bad i recorded, we cant screen record bc she will see it as a screenshot so we have to use two phones in order to record. LMAO at the end when she says she has no money

No. 761822

Appreciated but as anon mentioned above lack of caps is one of the reasons the thread is on autosage. So the more you put out there the more likely we'll be able to get taken off AS. Anything bus better than people going "she said blah blah blah on snapchat".

No. 761825

Screenshots get recorded not screen recordings. Have contributed before but can't rn.

No. 761826

Wtf?? She literally said she got the bruise because he punched her lol jfc. Her wig looks like a fuckin black towel draped over her head. Said she hasn't been making money and got "kicked off a lot of sites" lmao. THRIVING.

No. 761828

Ha, kicked off of a bunch of cites for being such a cow. "I dont have money but I'm going to get a new phone." Great idea.

Thank you snap anon.

No. 761831

Thank you snap anon!

No. 761832

i guess that's confirmation that she's been fucking these guys for free lol. we see you, doormatt!

No. 761855

hi snap anon here that is simply not true, if you screen record a snapchat they get a notification of a screenshot. I already wasted $5 on her snapchat and im not trying to get blocked thanks.

No. 761859

There are apps you can use. This seriously has been brought up in every. single. one. of her threads. I believe even in the last one or the one before an anon literally spelled it out step by step to do it.
There are multiple snap anons, if you don't have caps just don't post it. It doesn't do anyone any good and trying to defend not being able to record just makes you look dumb anyways. Also until you guys learn to sage this hellhole of a thread will be on autosage forever. >>761792

No. 761934

oh my god dude you are so annoying, i am the one who has been doing all the work to record her snaps and you bitching about it is going to push me to stop so none of you will have milk. those apps are the same thing as screen recording, she will still get a notification. maybe be thankful that people go out of their way to record with two phones. if you're so adamant about those apps why dont you pay for her snap use them and then get blocked kek

No. 761940

i'm not stupid enough to have ever bought it in the first place. joke's on you. she's not that important and most farmers loathe this thread.

No. 761941

File: 1547089258082.jpg (150.66 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(77).jpg)

Another filthy blanket heavy with filth?

No. 761957

Old stale milk.

No. 761963

Then why are you even still here bitching

No. 761967

Uh, do you have an iPhone? Use the screen recording feature. It doesnt send notifications…

No. 761981

“I’m not stupid enough to have bought her Snapchat but please screen record everything she says and post it or I’ll throw a bitch fit”

No. 761985

i'm not telling anyone to do anything just saying i don't give a shit unless there are caps and that there are easy ways to do that if you're actually trying to contribute to the thread and if you don't wanna do that just don't say anything about it. whew this bitch really has you guys up in your feelings.

No. 761986

for the last time if you screen record it will notify her and u will get blocked. if u really believe in the screen recording method go do it yourself and see how it works for you

No. 761996

iPhones barely have apps for this unless you jailbreak and will mostly give notifications. I’ve tested things on friends and using two phones is the most effiecient way. I haven’t seen anyone offer specifically screen recordings yet anyway but you’re right it is unimportant so we can move on. Nonetheless if there are no caps simply keep it to yourself until you can present them.

No. 762015

Thank you for the caps anon. Hostility is not needed

No. 762046

>>761607 kek literally looks like some $10 shit off Wish

No. 762064

“Pay me to hear me talk about how experienced in sex work I am, you know nothing”
Gets kicked off a ton of sites
Hahahha oh Ariana…

No. 762194

File: 1547130570059.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, 47E98767-4EFA-41E6-92C2-3EEBBA…)

So Matt is now at their home while pnp is away sleeping over at “cute’s” place? Are they making it a point to never be in the same building now?

No. 762195

File: 1547130752240.png (2.99 MB, 750x1334, A4727F97-3542-417B-B3D0-469F72…)

Now she’s rolling around this other man’s bed almost borderline naked and with cash in her tits kek

No. 762196

File: 1547130939145.png (3.6 MB, 750x1334, AA21B39E-AA44-4B5F-8FE7-D24342…)

Also keep in mind it’s possible she stayed at “cute’s” work all night too (probably to avoid Doormatt)

No. 762198

File: 1547130986411.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190110-093554.jpg)

Wait I'm confused

No. 762202

File: 1547131692133.jpeg (33.6 KB, 741x187, 0717BE49-DBDF-4D7C-8A89-076081…)

Tinfoil for this one is Doormatt is being slowly introduced to “cutes” so he can brefriend them and merge into a poly relationship or they are just cool now >>762198

No. 762203

That jarrod guy is just her friend. Cute is Latinamilk’s boyfriend.

No. 762207

Does LM also refer to him as “cute”? I don’t know much about the guy or LM honestly

No. 762217


She’s fuckin around with us talking about “cute” she’s biting off of the forum.

No. 762262

Ok guys … cute aka allamericanbadboy isn’t latinamilks boyfriend anymore ? Did they ever date ? They aren’t folllwing each other …

Anyone know if they broke up or what the deal is ?

No. 762269

She’s polyamorous. He’s one of many.

No. 762293

Can somebody tell me how anybody came to the conclusion of cute being allamericanbadboy?

No. 762294

I can’t be the only person who thinks this is shot from his perspective not hers???

No. 762298

what bothers me is that it looks like there's a whole other dude behind him on the left

No. 762308

The whole bathtub scenario made us suspect it was him. She stated on snap she was going to have “cute” over to take a bubble bath. The picture of them bathing is what connected the necklace to him which made us believe he is “cute”

No. 762309

Nah that’s just a big dude crammed in a small ass tub

No. 762318

File: 1547149906161.jpg (841.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190110-145128.jpg)

How long 'til she's bathing in the river with the wig?

No. 762325

I still get a tickle out of that now branded Kylie Jenner filter she uses even when covering most of her face. Also is that okay for the wig? I know it’s real human hair and you wash it like you’re giving it a bath but cmon not on your head

No. 762328

Matt is so god damn spineless lmao nobody should even feel bad for him anymore he’s had so many chances to leave her ass but continues on with this mess when it’s been made clear he does not support her “profession”

No. 762329

Fully clothed in the bath ??

No. 762339

Is she even supposed to be taking all these hot baths so immediately after surgery?

No. 762345

File: 1547153474257.jpg (305 KB, 1057x890, Screenshot_20190110-145049_Sam…)

Honestly she doesnt even deserve all these surgeries

No. 762354

Still not even wearing the right bras. 2 months before they bottom out again.

No. 762384

All of her insta story posts from last night are at his house. You can tell by the bike on the wall and whatever white blanket/sheet thing that is

No. 762388

File: 1547158806734.jpeg (312.58 KB, 1789x1666, 4614622B-C78D-4803-9522-9031C2…)

No. 762392

Nice anon!

No. 762394

Farmers like the CIA up in this bitch

No. 762417

File: 1547163365093.jpeg (66.9 KB, 262x262, 78A93461-F52B-4C45-8679-9EC526…)

Am I the only one who thinks he’s fucking hideous

No. 762418

All I can see is pnp's pre-surgery face after that one anon pointed it out lol

No. 762442

File: 1547165995509.jpeg (604.55 KB, 1125x1240, 4DB52727-68CD-4283-BA0C-318FC4…)

not too subtle

No. 762446

File: 1547166189899.jpg (268.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190110-183658.jpg)

No. 762477

Poor Matt

No. 762489

I’m happy to see Doormatt has more time to focus on his music/writing now, despite the circumstances.

No. 762491

File: 1547170835816.jpeg (205.55 KB, 750x1199, E865D83C-15EB-40BE-B523-993ADF…)


No. 762495

File: 1547170927113.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, 20670E5C-FD70-43C6-9B08-4384AD…)

Looks like her and cute / allamericanbadboy are on a date ! Wow she really has no issue with being respectful after Matt … she doesn’t give a fuck

No. 762501

Tinfoil : I think PnP is punishing Matt for not supporting her lifestyle .

His punishment is her throwing a new boy on front of his face on social media

No. 762507

File: 1547172322671.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, 75A2E793-49DD-4ECA-AE6E-C635CB…)

Posted on his account so it’s confirmed that is indeed him skating with her

No. 762508

I dont feel bad for him anymore. Hes a full grown man letting this girl run amok. She went public with her fucking abortion and called his (maybe) child a parasite. Adults dont act like this. The dude has been getting embarrassed by her for a while. He has a stable gov. job and is in a band. He could find a normal girl tbh.

No. 762511

File: 1547172811330.png (3.69 MB, 750x1334, 58EAE2AE-1398-45A5-B452-A0035A…)

No. 762512

File: 1547172865676.png (3.5 MB, 750x1334, 67819961-A7BD-461D-ADC1-278DCE…)

Either he’s annoyed at us for speculating about is relationship cause he lurks OR he’s annoyed with Ariana for dodging him constantly for this “cute” person

No. 762513

lmao whoooops

No. 762537

She’s done more in the last two days with this dude than she has with Matt in probably a year. Going out? Ice skating? Ramen? This bitch.

No. 762570

Lol it's obvious that Matt Copp has a cuckold fetish.

It's not normal to be okay with your partner to publically cuck you, go on dates with other dudes, and fuck a bunch of randos.

This is what he wants.

Stop feeling bad for him. He gets his rocks off to it.

No. 762596

File: 1547179340847.png (1.31 MB, 640x1136, F62DE8E9-92B3-4335-A799-DBD06A…)

if cute is taking her on a “date” why are they on the subway? what a “high class escort” lol

No. 762609

Latinamilk isn’t following pnp anymore, did she already burn that bridge?

No. 762611

lol, live in a city much?

No. 762616

Latina milk still follows her

No. 762617

File: 1547181183034.jpeg (322.88 KB, 1124x1411, 737944FC-7F6E-4964-8BBE-8700F9…)

“styled by cute”

No. 762619

File: 1547181205916.jpeg (89.66 KB, 1125x1134, ACF38A7E-EA7C-468F-BE4C-F7135C…)

No. 762620

did y’all see that latinamilk interacts with dasha and cyr….

No. 762621

File: 1547181264374.jpeg (439.05 KB, 1125x1896, A2A5CA44-DE40-476D-860D-B3E1B0…)

LM possibly vagueposting about PnP and Cute ?

No. 762623

File: 1547181331211.jpeg (238.88 KB, 750x1087, 719F4AE1-8BF6-4D88-98D2-ACE841…)

Possible shade via Latinamilk?

No. 762626

looks like a homeless person

No. 762629

File: 1547181527943.png (206.15 KB, 750x1334, 7F64B1B6-B343-4A03-A901-B67AAF…)

Latinamilk still follows pnp but it isn’t mutual on my end either. Pnp still managed to like her most recent post however so who knows what’s going on

No. 762632

Post screenshots ffs

No. 762633

Latinamilk is sooo much cuter and put together than pnp dude must be fuckin stupid…. I was thinking the wig looks like lm actual hair too weird

No. 762650

She doesn’t follow her anymore.

No. 762655

She's such a skinwalker

No. 762668

File: 1547186953126.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, 3CBC56FB-A021-469B-9F72-F778EC…)

She’s still at “cute’s” house. This is his cat Poe who will start to swat and yowl/hiss at her randomly while she records running away squealing.

No. 762677

Exactly. I have never ever felt any form of sympathy towards him. Dude needs to either move on and find a decent person or continue being a cuck to a manipulative bitch. The choice is simple, he is a grown ass man

No. 762765

IDK what you are talking about they follow each other still?

No. 762767

allamericanbadboy just wants followers and thinks that if she posts and tags him a lot, his following will rise. Little does he know, she buys all her followers. and pnp will latch onto anyone who gives her the time of day

No. 762807

Proof that she buys followers?

No. 762808

Proof that she buys followers?

No. 762809

File: 1547229713522.jpeg (283 KB, 750x1251, 8B72AB66-0715-4643-B670-F09942…)

they must have refollowed this morning because she comes up pretty quickly in her list of followers.

No. 762827

Also how would you know he only wants followers?

No. 762828

File: 1547231079826.png (3.16 MB, 750x1334, 3C7EA89E-6C77-448C-AD21-CE9FB1…)

No. 762831

File: 1547231215923.png (2.89 MB, 750x1334, 0B6CF4E3-79D8-464F-A8B8-33BED1…)

Allamericanbadboy also has visible bruising on his chest

No. 762834

He is one ugly human… it’s a match!

No. 762838


Annoyed because she brought cute back to their house while he was there and then left to spend the night with him. Bitch is savage.

No. 762842

idk but there's been someone vagueposting in here like they know what's going on and it's annoying

No. 762847

Jokes on you I don’t think she’s ever went through with tagging him in anything

No. 762861

If you go to the police thread for Instagram thots people are sick of its mostly about pnp and someone doescsn audit of her followers. I guess it’s a ap you can buy or something. But it shows only about 70% are real accounts, I think . Plus the few times she’s bought comments and gotten spammed out with 40 + random comments all at once and then acts confused, that’s clearly bought comments all coming in at once that have nothing to do with her content or post

No. 762864

the lolcow thread not police

No. 762866

are you drunk

No. 762886

Wait what

No. 762901

I don’t ever want to hear from this bitch again that she doesn’t scam people and always provides services that people paid for.

People paid for a dead Snap account. Scam.

No. 762902

File: 1547241560332.jpeg (71.8 KB, 750x512, B9D00518-E270-46BF-B43F-F49E54…)

No. 762944

File: 1547247584984.png (9.26 MB, 1242x2208, 990ECEC8-8814-464F-A7C2-FC5751…)


No. 762951

One of her clients?..

No. 762979

Probably fake bait.

No. 762998

Is say so

No. 763018

File: 1547256099729.jpeg (25.45 KB, 668x143, EAE67DF0-CFE6-46B0-9DCC-E99A0C…)

Just to clarify.

No. 763022

File: 1547256944652.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, 1A418ADE-D6DB-4708-B5A7-B3EB7B…)

Matt and her are forced to be roommates right now … I think she is posting these photos to try and “mess with us” but let’s be real . I’m sure he would move out if he could afford it . Her desire to move to Philly trapped them .

No. 763031

She needs to stop attempting to “prove us wrong” and find genuine love for her partner

No. 763037

This. Honestly at this point I hope her threads just die because she clearly gets off on the hate clout.

No. 763083


forced to be roommates on the same air mattress lol

No. 763103


Seriously. This is like when people saw the outside of her standard big city row apartment and assumed she was living in a crack zone.

Saged for incredulousness

No. 763217

allamericanbadboy looks exactly like a cracked out version of jeffree star's bf

No. 763222

hahaha yeah if nate's head was squashed

No. 763223

File: 1547290487559.png (1.05 MB, 1440x2212, 20190112_024942.png)

Already deleted

No. 763225

File: 1547291905889.jpeg (128.72 KB, 750x1014, E7F2ABFA-B4D7-4F85-8E76-4083FC…)

Why she’s looking so fucked up lol.
Also anyone knows if she’s still wearing Invisalign?

No. 763259

File: 1547306825212.jpg (942.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190112-102615.jpg)

>thank God I have doormatt to fetch me shit

No. 763264

Major tinfoil I actually think she’s still with Matt and nothing changed. Cute is just a friend she’s very open with just like with Aron she’s been naked around him a lot. I think she’s trying to confuse us and realized her life isn’t interesting at all, the thread almost died couple of weeks ago and she forced Matt to play along. And since he’s such a doormat he chose to do so scared she’s actually gonna leave. (really hope I did everything right I’ve been lurking for months but this is my first post)

No. 763277

Everyone should just stop speculating because she loves it

No. 763278

Well I believe on either snap or instagram (forgot which one and I’m sure she probably deleted it by now) Cute was saying how he’s “eskimo brothers” with an old tinder fuck of Ariana’s, implying they had sex. Not such a besties type thing to do lmao

No. 763288

File: 1547312603158.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190112-120206.png)


No. 763295

I can’t get over how ugly she is with a bald head. She doesn’t look good unless her makeup is caked. She doesn’t have the bone structure to be bald. And the wig is even more unflattering.

No. 763296

This thread will never be taken off autosage if you guys can't figure out how to sage banter and non-milk

No. 763301

this is just conjecture without caps

No. 763330

I’m unable to record it right now, but can any snap anons can get screen recordings of PnP’s snap saying that her and Cute are going to start doing porn

No. 763338

Sorry I have no caps … but she heavily implied she’s in an open relationship now … someone post the caps now

No. 763348

the snap anons stopped giving a fuck a long time ago lol i'm surprised they're even still posting

No. 763350

I honestly hope Matt finds his balls and gets a naturally cute and interesting girlfriend. Ariana's meltdown would be hilarious.

She seems like the type to harass/stalk the new girl and play victim when she gets called on it.

No. 763383

File: 1547325837518.png (1.36 MB, 640x1136, 0F26DE07-A28C-4429-8F33-ADE437…)

No. 763384

File: 1547325859966.png (1.62 MB, 640x1136, BB71AD87-1CD0-4B13-B31D-C087F0…)

No. 763385

File: 1547325884278.png (465.16 KB, 640x1136, 9A0E4864-EB92-4279-98D0-EF9A61…)

No. 763393

File: 1547327601526.png (243.96 KB, 640x1136, 625317B6-D714-416A-ADD3-35628B…)

i wonder if she has realized yet that ariana is a narcissist?

No. 763394

Apologies for my obsessive rustling in the kitchen every now and again but here are your snap caps! https://www.dropbox.com/s/scm4mdfi5lxr80g/here.MOV?dl=0

For future reference: if you are a snap anon and you come to the thread WITHOUT caps to back up your statements just DON’T POST. Keep it to yourself because no one here cares for it. ALSO LEARN TO FUCKING SAGE!

No. 763398

A blessing on ur home

No. 763405

thank you!!

No. 763407

“Matt wants to hang out tonight but so does Cute…. so we’ll see what plans can be arranged” you’re seriously debating on who to spend your night with? Your fiancé of 3 years should be the obvious choice

No. 763416

File: 1547331167390.jpeg (244.96 KB, 750x1229, 7ADB7356-5531-47CB-AA1A-97C371…)

I just want to know why she chose that location for a jewlery shop’s promo picture? The image in itself is distasteful enough.

No. 763430

Also the person financially supporting you since you got kicked off all the escort websites lmao she really is a dumb bitch. Also funny she addressed "not being a
scammer" after >>762901

No. 763452

Matt has achieved maximum cuck status at this point lmfao

No. 763470

Nobody can convince me he's not an actual cuckhold at this point

No. 763477

File: 1547337297862.jpeg (3.16 MB, 4032x3024, EB02517E-2C2D-4C44-9C41-6C8361…)

Maybe we shouldn’t assume anything?? Lots of men choose to be in open relationships we have no idea if matt is also fucking people because he doesn’t share every detail of his life online. But people from here or Snapchat harassing him is really shitty, and now she says she’s not sharing stuff about “cute” with us anymore.

No. 763479

Spoiler alert: nobody gave a fuck about what dudes she's having sex with for free in the first place. Didn't people start buying her snap to hear about her surgeries to begin with?

No. 763483

Lol if that was true people here wouldn’t be worrying about it. She sold her Snapchat as surgery talk, sex work; and the TMI side of her life

No. 763488

honestly tho it is really weird looking at posts of hers from like months ago in the instahoes thread where she's gushing about the love of her life and shit and now doormatt makes basically no appearances or shoutouts other than being the smoothie fetcher

No. 763491

That’s really fucked people are confronting him. I thought it was well known we don’t know shit about their relationship and it’s all just speculation right now. Even so they have free will and can do as they please so any words spoken will just fall on deaf ears. These personal vendettas are getting really obnoxious and if they are farmers I’m not surprised but still disappointed

No. 763492

I am still really tinfoiling an open/poly relationship with this talk of “you can’t get everything from just one person”. If Doormatt is happy or comfortable with it then it could honestly be for the best

No. 763493

It's annoying that people are tattling or whatever but if Matt is so ~unbothered~ then can't they just block the annoying bitches and move on?

No. 763495

I believe she’s stated in the past few weeks he’s become like her in the blocking department since I guess all of the “cute” mess happened

No. 763497

Ya but even then, he didn’t really put himself out there the way she did or invite criticism or harassment and even if you can just block them you’re still having to see it and screen your messages to see if it’s a friend or a stranger insulting you which would honestly bother me a lot. I just don’t see the point in messaging and harassing a stranger to insult the way they’re living when it doesn’t seem like Matt is hurting anyone and he’s a grown up and can make his own decisions without strangers calling him a bitch/cuck/doormat whatever

No. 763498

This thread won’t be taken off auto sage anyway so what’s the point in saging?!

No. 763505

Okay why don't you just go suck his dick already? I consider him guilty by association

No. 763506

It will be if people learn to integrate. Plenty of autosaged threads I've followed have been brought back. Ignoring the rules doesn't help anything.

No. 763507

File: 1547340642355.jpeg (3.92 MB, 4032x3024, 8F933928-A9C6-4A61-A082-DE5EC4…)

No. 763508

File: 1547340786172.jpeg (3.1 MB, 4032x3024, CDDB9D7B-E21F-4B50-8DB0-8A4052…)

No. 763510

I think if they really were in an open relationship she wouldn’t keep it a secret because it would fit her ~uwu I’m a sexworker~ aesthetic so well.
But maybe she’s aware that this would make it even more obvious she’s trying to be like Latina milk.

No. 763512

File: 1547341280142.jpeg (177.68 KB, 750x1094, 441C44EC-7646-48A1-A65E-1E2B1C…)

Heck yeah

No. 763514

Unfortunately the farms can really bring the desperate psychos out of the woodwork when it comes to cowtipping

No. 763522

i give it a few days before she starts oversharing again tbh

No. 763524

truth tho. she would die without the attention. i actually think she prefers the negative attention at this point.

No. 763530

Makes you wonder if someone sent Matt the cap of her saying she wasn’t sure who to hang out with tonight … maybe she’s really mad because he plans got ruined lol

No. 763548

I don't think she'd be so butthurt (as she loves to say) if someone hadn't sent him something she wasn't thrilled about. Inb4 she's reeing about ~nobody knowing her real life~

No. 763554

It’s truly wild how much she projects every time she tries to insult people. She has absolutely zero self awareness and it’s kind of incredible.

No. 763555

She must forget about all the sperging she always does about her parents hating her

No. 763571

Sucks that one rotten apple had to ruin the batch.

No. 763606

File: 1547366806385.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, 8572391A-D3D3-4DC9-B031-BE64CE…)

In my opinion this site is meant to contain the cancer and not spread it. In any news it seems pnp ended up going out to a party. Really hope she’s taking care of those new tits. I would absolutely crack if she ended up needing more reconstructive surgery due to stupid shit like this. Also makes me wonder if she ever filled her prescription?

No. 763607

File: 1547366916018.png (2.12 MB, 750x1334, F74A4C16-3F76-4FD3-95E4-15B69D…)

No. 763619

Oh nooooo short hair does not suit her at ALL haha

No. 763625

looks like a little old man hahaha

No. 763637

Haha that’s so funny, what would be even funnier is if you guys would sage your shit

No. 763752

someone gets it

No. 763820

File: 1547415328963.png (1.36 MB, 640x1136, E967AEA4-D086-4DAA-9EB6-7DF6D5…)

now he looks even more like pre surgery ariana

No. 763838

File: 1547417819327.jpeg (737.93 KB, 828x1470, 75559814-7F9B-4722-A347-6CFC54…)

Does she do this to every guy she fucks

No. 763891

Shut the fuck up about saging jesus fucking christ

No. 764712

She seems mad into sissification

No. 764756

ffs YES. y’all take this thread too seriously

No. 764772

No. 764781

Some people want it to be taken off autosage but yeah let it die, you are annoying

No. 764793

Ok but also there’s a rule specifically saying for people NOT to call out others for not saging. So stfu or leave

No. 764823

super unsurprising that a lot of the girls who follow this thread behave just like her

No. 764906

glad i'm not the only one that's noticed that

No. 764913

File: 1547471453733.jpeg (145.03 KB, 750x972, 96000383-3979-4F32-A756-AAA5E7…)

managed to snag this before she deleted she comment lol

No. 764914

is this a selfpost? this person only has 450 followers lol

No. 764915

this is the kind of trivia that got this thread autosaged. it's not related at all.

No. 764956

related to what!?! this is just a thread to bitch about her. there is nothing milky. fucks sake.

No. 765011

yeah I would agree this cow’s milk has dried up and it’s clear she thrives off of the attention from this thread so it’s probably best just to let it die

No. 765013

File: 1547491971311.png (2.66 MB, 750x1334, 94BB382D-F718-4C0A-AD2B-6F3B93…)

She's talking about this thread

No. 765014

no, she's talking about escort websites

No. 765016

Her threads were meant to die with the last one honestly

No. 765019

Samefag but I also believe if we are to continue these threads we need to stop stooping to her levels by focusing on looks. There’s more to this cow than her appereance and the more she hears us hyper focusing on that specific subject the bigger her ego will inflate. In a sense it’s like proving her right in that we are just like her bullies from high school who are now “beneath” her level.

No. 765062

How does someone even get banned from an escort website?

No. 765063

File: 1547499846300.png (3.48 MB, 750x1334, 541F5B69-D1B1-4AC5-B59B-B7933D…)

No. 765072

No compression bra I guess

No. 765085

File: 1547501637188.jpg (5.94 KB, 177x285, images(2).jpg)


With the titjob and lack of curved she gave herself a Wendy Williams body.

No. 765088

Who gives af what we are to her tho?

Although I agree that we should just let the thread die.
The milkiest part about her is the way she's wrecking her body by not following aftercare procedures. It just floors me that she went into surgery again just because she couldn't stand not to be a thot in an ugly post-surgical bra for a month or w/e. Like that makes me feel queasy tbh.


No. 765107

>ego boost
Hey, just like DoorMatt!

No. 765127

File: 1547507015858.jpeg (161.04 KB, 750x852, 4A08C9D7-78B1-43A4-BA84-AF5CD9…)

did she shoop her waist here?

No. 766033

File: 1547510960664.png (325.87 KB, 352x565, Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 4.09…)

now shes think she can get in shape? right after kaycee starts posting about doing the same? god she really still stalks babytrash and copies everything she does, only difference is ariana will never be able to stick to bettering herself or make any lasting change, she’s doomed to be a drug addict eating junk food and fucking dudes for $500

No. 766058

She really is a skinwalker. Kaycee works at a wig shop and tinfoil alert I think that's why Ariwannabe went an hour out of her way to visit a wig shop instead of just ordering one online.

No. 766059

She literally cycles through the same “life changing” ideas once a month. “I’m depressed” “I’m going to start working out, doing laundry and eating right.” “I’m not doing well.” “Finally eating right and excercising.”

No. 766088

Looks like it.

No. 766090

So true to both of these including the wig tinfoil

No. 766126

File: 1547521529582.jpeg (9.8 MB, 6000x4000, F15E327D-D88B-4DE9-8355-ED0975…)

Snap nonsense 1/3

No. 766128

File: 1547521610000.jpeg (9.65 MB, 6000x4000, 7D54C0BF-83BE-4E97-8FFE-0D245B…)

No. 766129

File: 1547521652988.jpeg (7.9 MB, 6000x4000, BF095A75-D4A5-433C-BB14-2404FB…)

Just got out of an appointment 14 minutes ago

No. 766142

In sorry Ariana, but being degraded is not worth the money. I’ll make cash the good old fashion way… with an education and hard work I can be proud of. And my genitals or anyone else’s don’t have to be involved at all!

No. 766145

File: 1547525894609.png (580.81 KB, 750x1334, BC801F08-522F-4F73-A1A1-8491F7…)

She’s so petty lmfao

No. 766147

Yeah, it’s very enviable to have to constantly pretend to validate men and touch their gross bodies, finger their butts, and step on their dicks.

Makes me hate my stable job that I can tell my grandparents and future children about proudly.

No. 766149

Ariana had a shitty childhood with a lot of trauma. Of course she turned to sex work. She isn’t capable of going back to school or getting an actual job where you don’t have to sell your body to creeps. She is an emotional wreck and can’t keep her life in order at all. Keep up with the prostitution, Ariana. It’s the only thing you’re capable of. Of course, she will go address this on Instagram. You act like you’re not bothered by you check this thread constantly and adress it on either Snapchat or Instagram so your stans will validate you.

No. 766151

File: 1547527356499.png (329.9 KB, 329x572, Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 8.41…)

ew how nasty that she is proud of what she does to doormatt, what he does for you is not love you abuse him and the poor man doesnt have the self esteem to want better for himself cuck or not

No. 766153

i can't believe she's really directly responding to what i said in this thread what does she check it every single day? honey we know theres nothing wrong with being a sex worker but you live in filth and are unhygienic we know your prices $500 to fuck someone is just a cheap hooker you are not special ariana

No. 766160

File: 1547531167306.png (3.42 MB, 750x1334, 14602826-1C7C-48D0-A417-500606…)

I don’t think the man can just allow her to strand herself like this every single time she works New York.

No. 766161

Samefag but “good people”? why not call him “fiancé” “boyfriend” or “lover”? There’s just such a lack of claimage lately.

No. 766163

hes not saving you or taking care of you ariana you are manipulating him into doing whatever you command and if you have any ounce of love for him in your heart you should stop because the shit you're doing will have lasting damage

No. 766166

File: 1547531842797.png (290.65 KB, 336x568, Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 9.53…)

i feel so bad for latinamilk if cute/allamericanbadboy and pnp is whats causing her this pain, latinamilk seems like a genuinely normal nice person

No. 766235


Anyone would be pissed when off your "friend" goes after one of your boyfriends just cause you're in an open relationship. Isn't it odd that Ariana has spent more time with "cute" than her supposed "fiance"??? We already know Ariana lacks any real social awareness, but I'm guessing what happened at that party was supposed to be a one time type of thing (the group sex),and Ariana being the emotionally unstable chick she is clung to it, like he did with kaycee.

No. 766238

Jesus, she's so pathetic with these "you're all just jealous haters" comments. She truly sounds like she's still in high school.
Grow up and get used to the fact that not everyone wants to sell their body for money. Really "difficult" concept to understand.

No. 766256

She thinks enduring her abuse is "love," what a twisted bitch. I wonder what the car ride home was like. Does she suck Matt's dick/stick a finger in his ass/let him watch her fuck another dude (kek) in exchange?


No. 766273

File: 1547568570477.png (2.99 MB, 750x1334, 1530086618736.png)


No. 766280

File: 1547570668590.jpeg (157.99 KB, 750x982, F34CADC1-42F0-42EC-850B-0762E5…)


No. 766371

Imagine having chunks of old filler building up in your deflated lips

No. 766389

I don’t think that’s how fillers are supposed to work, but okay. Wouldn’t her lips get chunky if that were the case?

No. 766394

No this is pretty accurate/normal. That's why girls who got them very consistently for a few years will always retain a fuller look even if they stop for a long time.

No. 766654

It’s exactly how they work, it’s also just hyaluronic acid so it’s not like rubber or something sitting in her lips.

No. 766686

File: 1547608689935.png (2.17 MB, 750x1334, 7C4A484C-518D-4B7C-8327-732056…)

No. 766777

Lmfao, that beanie looks fucking ridiculous. She looks like a chemo patient caked in makeup.

No. 766782


I made a really similar post but felt so mean so I deleted it.. at least I wasn't alone in thinking that, hahahah

No. 766818

I love how in other peoples pics she's always ugly as fuck, catfish all the way

No. 766870

Looks like a little boy in a Make-a-Wish Foundation photo, and his wish to was to botch his face with plastic surgery.

No. 766900

I noticed it’s also been photoshopped unlike the other photos that were posted of clients on their Instagram story

No. 766905

yeah why the fuck did they leave the PS Express logo in the corner even? lol. you guys are a plastic surgery office…

No. 766918

File: 1547653364687.jpg (729.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190116-094203_Ins…)

Ah yes, DoorMatt living up to his name.

No. 766920

>tfw dead inside

No. 767084

Jesus christ that's hilarious - can't even go to a plastic surgeon that knows how watermarks work. Probably using a free version of the program where the watermark can't be removed, but too dumb to know how to get around it kek

No. 767093

It’s almost like knowledge of watermarks have nothing to do with being a plastic surgeon

No. 767103

That Physician Assistant should be embarrassed to even tag Ariana in anything, never mind leaving a watermark. She seems pretty unethical in general promoting someone with BDD and who’s just a hot mess. No wonder she couldn’t hack it in NY. I think she’s just a terrible person with her basic, plastic, bitch face. Lol

No. 767107

File: 1547676755257.jpeg (153.93 KB, 750x1084, CBC95531-61C8-4F1C-B0A7-3FD123…)

What a surprise she met a “fan” in her plastic surgeon’s office kek

No. 767112

File: 1547677645821.png (2.38 MB, 750x1334, 308D31B2-57E2-4940-9BFF-051BE8…)

Unrelated I believe

No. 767113

Looks like Latinamilk had to reclaim her boy toy ! I bet she wanted to leave her vacation early lol …

My guess is PnP is bummed that “ cute” isn’t working out and she’s wanting Matt to stay with her baddd

No. 767114

File: 1547678356705.png (902.17 KB, 932x594, 2019-01-16 17_34_28-@plasticnp…)

>beauty fades
lol okay

No. 767116

Maybe she loaned him to PnP while she was away.

No. 767122

That fucking hole where her piercing used to be, yikes

No. 767123

It’s like she reads the threads and then reinvents her personality to “show us”

No. 767125

Tbh posting before and after pics is what makes people follow her and that's why she keeps posting these a thousand times

No. 767224

File: 1547692281479.png (2.75 MB, 750x1334, C8023FDC-69B3-4A5F-8FB4-1B9EF0…)

No. 767230

That poor man needs to dip out of that relationship ASAP I feel so badly for him Ariana trying to convince him that what’s ‘normal’

I bet she tells him not to be close minded, like it’s close minded to not want your girlfriend fucking other people.

They both need intensive therapy

No. 767232

File: 1547692888443.jpeg (617.33 KB, 750x1138, F894235D-3BB1-430B-A39E-EB98DB…)

lol at her trying to be “into fashion” because she fucked that wanna-be Supreme model three times.

This fit is like if a girl in middle school wanted to try something ~unique~ by putting a dress over a shirt.

No. 767236

File: 1547693106977.png (1.91 MB, 750x1334, B9B8C665-080C-4D20-9079-B3E1CE…)

Seems like he’s in grief over a loss with the way he’s talking

No. 767243

File: 1547693517159.jpg (98.38 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(78).jpg)

Isn't this"cute"s cat?

No. 767245

She's probably just now in an open relationship with Matt and hanging out with and doing stuff with cute. Lm is poly clearly and she wouldn't be in something like that if she couldn't handle it. These people are adults and being poly myself not everyone has such a huge problem with it and there doesn't always need to be drama with it like everyone is jumping to. Changing to it can obviously still be hard to adjust to which is probably what Matt is dealing with or unrelated stuff. Doesn't mean anything inherently negative or that their relationship is in the trash. I get the point of these threads but since she's been quiet about stuff people are speculating so much and reaching so hard when it probably isn't that complicated. It's just giving her more of a reason to laugh about this.

No. 767254

Firstly, most polyamorous relationships are laughable.

Second, this bitch was flipping out a month ago about DREAMS where Matt cheated on her. Also spazzed in a consensual foursome. Check yourself.

No. 767266

That's your opinion which is fine, I agree some are laughable, but not all. Takes communication, lack of possessiveness, and wanting both parties to be happy and fulfilled. A lot of people are bad at that, so yeah, some are laughable and also some are sought out for the wrong reasons altogether or are just not right for some people. Which is fine. Maybe this a phase of hers which seems likely with her past behavior who the fuck knows but if they are trying to work through it it clearly means they are willing to handle it in somewhat of a mature and communicative manner. Whether they are just close friends or in an open relationship now. That clues to there being some strong bond still there or at the very least willingness on Matt's part. Especially since he seems to be more of the level head. I'm sure he knows what he's getting into and will dip out if he thinks it's too hard. Could be grieving the abortion she got who knows, or the type of relationship they had before. Change is hard. All I'm saying is we don't know and it's always more entertaining to speculate about it being more drama and more fucked up shit. I don't think her spazzing on Insta for a few minutes about a dream really holds much weight unless we actually know from Matt that she made a point to get upset with him in real life and made a big deal about it. That's going too far but again it's all just assumption as far as I'm concerned with what I've read. I could be wrong. She also could have grown from that point and learned from that mistake which is…maybe not likely or expected from us but possible. We only see these people from one angle.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 767272

Hey Matt ! Stay strong …

No. 767289

File: 1547697737423.jpeg (128.31 KB, 750x1022, D1F9017E-F5D2-4272-B391-4846AB…)

Recently deleted

No. 767324


Nobody cares.

No. 767399

File: 1547785966294.jpeg (174.68 KB, 750x1096, 3E1CF926-AE06-4838-85C4-A39A6C…)

Also deleted but unimportant really

No. 767430

File: 1547787799389.png (3.23 MB, 750x1334, C7485B6F-2A28-45BB-AB07-04FBF8…)

Wow she’s so cool and smart ! I bet she’s stoked she got Matt to agree to being together again … open relationship and a trip to the Dominican Republic (I guess she was influenced by latinamilk’s recent trip) lol

No. 767431

File: 1547787893877.png (1.35 MB, 640x1136, 270B6261-5181-4473-B46A-379C16…)

she reallt can’t stop copying latinamilk next thing you know she’s going to try to copy actually being latina because she wishes she wasnt pasty trailer trash

No. 767452

File: 1547790526957.png (964.41 KB, 640x1136, 7B701DBD-CED6-4238-BE3B-F08C0D…)

No. 767518

This is coming from the same person who claimed not too long ago that she hated astrology and knew nothing about it…

No. 767521

What’s funniest is latinamilk was doing the same poll earlier that day

No. 767525

File: 1547802259208.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, 196A1F7F-2D8D-402B-9BC1-214411…)

No. 767561

She was going to Dominican before she started hanging with lm, isn’t her grandad taking her?

No. 767590

ot but dominica and the dominican republic are two different islands

No. 767606

This is correct

No. 767637

File: 1547827155459.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1125x1336, A3423B6E-17DC-40DA-9744-F4982F…)

isn’t this the same robe she was supposed to send in her giveaway?? maybe no one entered and she kept it for herself

No. 767707

No way, she’s still going to give it away. She’s just a fucking scumbag and doesn’t see anything wrong with using it before packaging it back up and sending it off. She’s a dirty roach.

No. 767711

File: 1547834948318.jpg (448.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190118-130645.jpg)

Lmao sure is. And she's fucking sitting on the dirty floor in it. Kek @ her removing the word "unopened" from when she originally posted >>760045

No. 767724

She’s really showing off her fat and bloated bulimia face with this new haircut.

No. 767742

Ok anachan

This bitch is pathetic. What's the point of this photo? Imagine your day consisting of taking photos of yourself in a robe on your bathroom floor. Yikes

No. 767747

File: 1547838249803.jpg (621.91 KB, 1080x1781, Screenshot_20190118-130355_Ins…)

Lol she is a real model, you guys. That's why she's so good at posing and is posting all of these amazing pics. You just don't get it

No. 767756

File: 1547838868490.png (1.41 MB, 1074x1345, wonky.png)


y'all think plastics pa can fix them wonky eyes?

No. 767773

She looks like gollum

No. 767836

File: 1547848974676.jpeg (153.49 KB, 750x1104, A957BB23-DEFA-42A6-B613-61F23C…)

She’s got a beard

No. 767840

nitpicking like mad

No. 767843

Mini-modding like bad kek

I saw someone asking if that’s the robe from the give-away, sadly it was deleted before I could grab screenshots

No. 767844

Lots of women have hair in their faces. Her plastic blocky jaw is crazy though

No. 767851

she probably has jaw fillers

No. 767880

i can have an opinion on what is a nitpick and what's not without mini-modding lol it's a statement and an accurate one

No. 767887

She looks like rose mcgowan and that is not a compliment

No. 767890

File: 1547852771188.png (606.16 KB, 706x1142, 1:4.png)

pnp says she left matt, is dating a male escort

No. 767892

File: 1547852829343.png (563.89 KB, 726x1120, 2:4.png)


No. 767896

File: 1547852944816.png (567.13 KB, 732x1146, 3:4.png)


No. 767898

File: 1547853084343.png (635.29 KB, 708x1142, 4:4.png)

these were from her talking to pnp fanpage, which has been deactivated

No. 767900

Woooow these are gold, thank you anon.
Haha and she still saying everyone who says her and Matt broke up are wrong.

No. 767908

File: 1547854013479.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, D21C901B-8874-4783-B7CD-A2DB7F…)

Nitpick but if this bitch ever says she’s “better than a professional makeup artist” again…..

No. 767939

File: 1547856467072.jpeg (253.98 KB, 750x1070, 285A72A5-A7D2-48D2-B463-3EECDD…)

No. 767945


Thank you for this anon !

No. 767963

So wait did PnPfanpage get hacked by her bf? And then he posted the stories or how did you get these caps ?

No. 767968

Or are you PnPFanpage jealous ex??

No. 767980

File: 1547860640292.png (207.93 KB, 750x1334, 5F096506-E862-4547-8190-A3A7FB…)


No. 768031

so pretty much everything we were tinfoiling was true about her and matt's relationship LOL makes sense theyre still living togther since both their names are probably on the lease…if they aren't, matt should kick her out stat

No. 768050

So we've confirmed that she's broken up with Matt and isn't dating "cute". He's a bartender, not an escort. I guess LatinaMilk put a stop to her fawning over him.

No. 768064


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say cute is a male escort … I’m sure he bartends once a week or something …

Let’s be real Arianna just dry outed him as a sex worker kek

No. 768074

exactly this. what i’m seeing her is cute is the sex worker and question and pnp just exposed him like the idiot she is KEK

No. 768077

File: 1547880223879.jpeg (113.43 KB, 750x977, 861A558B-A187-4E8D-9845-58C9E7…)

Is she part of their relationship now? Wonder if this moving comment is actually serious or not kek

No. 768082

File: 1547880881796.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 176.5 KB, 924x723, C86D8D13-2313-4F73-87E8-449B93…)

Well “cute” is definitely a sex worker on some scale with lm. Here’s the proof!

No. 768141

This makes me sad honestly left her job where she made decent money because of laziness and bpd and now tries to rationalize that with feelings for people aren’t rational… she’s gonna break down at some point and I’m here for it lol

No. 768152

File: 1547899086553.png (9.5 MB, 1242x2208, D156CC57-3D37-491F-9716-38A2E3…)

Latinamilk wannabe

No. 768161

I’m so excited for her to fuck up her already fucked up tits

No. 768162

they STILL look off to the side even though she’s wearing a bra? how is this possible?

No. 768164

She looks eerily close to the alien thing in Splice what the fuck

No. 768190

File: 1547907581544.jpeg (89.06 KB, 660x355, D9F615EB-8F57-4BF5-BBE6-97C25C…)

No. 768232

So she threw a fit every time Matt so much as glanced in another girl's direction, but is now dating an escort, who fucks multiple women on the daily, and is okay with it?

No. 768280

or at least pretending to be okay with it for now

No. 768295

File: 1547924729330.png (2.8 MB, 750x1334, D1347CD9-140C-4C4F-8E9C-D994B6…)

It’s getting worse and worse. She pretty much dropped Matt and traded him for random ego boosts from strange men with money. All she is doing right now is feeding her bpd and enabling her delusions.

No. 768359

File: 1547930123533.png (3.27 MB, 750x1334, 3ACD1FD9-1B6A-407A-87A7-290F41…)

No. 768370

Wow are you telling me her constant rants and polls on IG didn’t convince Matt to stay? And now she wonders why she feels lonely after severing a genuine connection and love for somebody because of money?

No. 768393

For the love of everything and anything I hope LatinaMilk distances herself from Ariana. She actually has a pretty good set up, and isn't problematic.

No. 768395

This is gonna be Kaycee all over again. Inb4 Ariana is gonna want "cute" for herself, get pissed @ LatinaMilk, and destroys another friendship

No. 768396

I agree. I’ve liked/followed Latinamilk for a long time and I’m starting to find her so unappealing because how can she even humor THAT?

No. 768399


It's possible to be friends with someone and not pick up their garbage. And hopefully once Ariana drops her edgelord "everyone is a bully, i never do anything wrong uwu" facade long enough for LM to leave

No. 768442


Honestly I have a feeling LM brought cute to LA with her because of Arianna … I think she prob felt she had to protect her territory from Ari …

No. 768449

File: 1547938198622.jpg (476.45 KB, 1078x1478, 20190119_164713.jpg)

LM changed that caption. Maybe she's worried Ariana would think she's serious? Kek

No. 768463

If I was arianna I would be super jealous of LM, she’s way more successful beautiful and put together in general oh and not a skinwalker

No. 768466

LA would destroy Ariana. There's a bunch of girls who look just like her and act just like her. She wouldn't be "sthpecial" anymore and I'm pretty sure she wouldn't get any work, seeing as there's a bunch of sex workers out there who work for less.

No. 768488

Shayna/Dolly Mattel is also talking about moving to LA and was looking for a roommate. Fingers crossed they move in together lol

No. 768496

Even pnp won't fuck with shayna, let's be real

No. 768500

She seems pretty normal when you don't know all the shit she's done. And she acts like people hate her because she's a sex worker or because she's had surgery done. The reality of it is nobody hates her cuz she's a sex worker here I've nobody cares that she's had surgery done. Nobody likes her because she's a nasty person. She scams people, emotionally abuses everyone around herand lies constantly and doesn't know how to take care of anything she owns.

No. 768507

I popped over to the Dasha Cyr thread and apparently he's contacting her (LatinaMilk). The cow collision is full throttle

No. 768590

surely he fucks men anon, and that probably makes it ok for her.

No. 768628

He looks so disgusted with what he's doing. Is he not gay?

No. 768648

File: 1547971466983.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, F9F7C89B-AE82-4D4F-B931-4F4844…)

The untied shoelace really makes this

No. 768654

I hanged today with her, she is very beautiful but like a drunk trailer man

No. 768659

File: 1547973662743.png (3.06 MB, 750x1334, 9FE85F0A-F2D1-46A4-BFDD-78160B…)

This video of her tweaking/twerking in bed was deleted almost immediately kek

No. 768716

Nice Borat impression, Ariana.

No. 768728


No. 768793

File: 1548009057871.jpeg (161.21 KB, 750x1099, 45D9B95B-E1A5-4AC7-98C3-1D5662…)

I would have been decked her in the face. Waking him up in the dead of the night alone is enough to set a sane person off

No. 768796

She really is the definition of white trash

No. 768812

Tinfoil but I think doorMatt will leave her entirely after the Dominican trip. She's absolute garbage

No. 768817

File: 1548011204419.jpeg (544.38 KB, 750x1227, 99C40B54-008A-41F3-BA75-0083A9…)

whenever someone googles your name, this thread pops up, ari. It shows you’re a vile, manipulative cunt.

No. 768830

Lol had to

No. 768835

File: 1548012814882.png (3.5 MB, 750x1334, 9A2623D8-784C-4F57-8D27-853CF7…)

No. 768838

She has Hank Hill ass.

No. 768846

I agree. He only has to deal with her a few more weeks and then he can leave her after getting a vacation out of her. After her mooching off of him for so long he deserves it.

No. 768853

Tbh i already feel bad for his next gf because pnp looks like the worst jealous ex gf anyone could get

No. 768861

File: 1548014822517.png (33.46 KB, 200x202, 1342E039-8DAB-476A-868E-0B60F4…)

No. 768870

Who said anything about Matt still going with her?

No. 768872

And normally people who are genuinely good, inside and out, don’t have to announce it everytime they’re criticized

No. 768874


No. 768878

File: 1548016442878.png (2.06 MB, 750x1334, 2F93C38B-96C1-40D4-9C58-51F4CF…)


No. 768919

I really met her yesterday, i mean, is she a goddes that i cannot see her in person or wtf? Lol
She was wearing her wig and with 2 guys and 3 girls, my friend is her friends cousin, i recognised her and said hello but she was already wasted.. she is pretty irl but white trashy and have no manners, she went to trow up twice btw

No. 768934

You have no proof and aren't saying anything of value is the issue. Nobody cares about seeing this hoe drunk in the club when she's already posting about it 24/7 lol.

No. 768949

She's gone full farquad

No. 768980

Why is she so proud of her bitch boy? How humiliating. Imagine being treated like this by someone who gets old man shit under their fingernails and then brags about it

Literally where Ariana McMillan

>only I can treat DoorMatt like an absolute piece of worthless shit guyz

I hope she gets hit in her face someday soon.

No. 768982

File: 1548027356140.jpeg (141.33 KB, 750x976, CB7E08E6-F4F3-4456-9BCA-DA3AE4…)

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should

No. 768983

File: 1548027404452.jpg (59.78 KB, 800x212, 20190120_153513.jpg)

It's ok this beautiful inside and out qween only wakes DoorMatt up a few hours after he passes out from sheer exhaustion because he doesn't mind!!

No. 768984

Kek you beat me to it

No. 768985

I can say whatever I want, this is not your blog gtfo, you dont know if i have proof you disgusting cow

No. 768986

Sounds like we got an incel over here

No. 769006

Ain’t yours either pal. Take a chill pill okay?

No. 769012

File: 1548032088080.png (361.73 KB, 750x1334, 726461BC-887D-47D5-BD95-1D4398…)

I thought it was funny tp is talking about the same shit. Also doesn’t seem like a very uncommon circumstance by the comments.

No. 769016


No. 769023

Ooo I wonder if she follows this saga. Probably, because she spends so much time here anyway kek

No. 769029

File: 1548034047316.png (447.5 KB, 750x1334, AFA0D8DE-0D28-44D2-8FA6-519DC2…)

Changing up the look I see >>769026

No. 769031


how long til ariana buys a blonde wig?

No. 769067

File: 1548040854377.jpeg (503.05 KB, 640x915, 8CF748F9-3418-47EA-85AA-2412B8…)

kaycee (babytrash) made a fitness account on ig! she looks really good and her meals look really well balanced and healthy. even though i’m sure our goblin queen has already found this profile bc she stalks the living fuck out of kaycee, i still cropped the name out on the small chance she hasn’t seen it yet lol. i’m betting on 2-3 weeks from now MAX that ari makes her own fitness ig or starts posting about wanting to be HeaLtHy.

No. 769074


From what we know she only eats once a day in the evening. Prepping meals and keeping a gym regime would take some effort.
Remember when she said she was going to start Working out so she could dance? Never was mentioned again.

Also her invisilign was never mentioned either.

So until Ari makes a fitness ig, this is irrelevant. But if she did she would be active on it for a week or two maybe.

No. 769077

i know it’s irrelevant which is why i saged it- mostly just posted for future reference in case she actually does end up doing it

No. 769081

File: 1548043181258.png (Spoiler Image, 3.47 MB, 1242x2208, EAE2E6A2-EAF3-4774-93DB-822AA2…)

Could it be because not every guy wants a trailer trash slut?

No. 769083

I hope she deletes this. This is embarrassing. Guys don't even hit on her on IG it seems. Only girls with issues.

No. 769087

File: 1548043863137.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, 67B650A3-228D-4EBC-859C-6DBDE0…)

Ari, it’s cause of the boy bod, obvious botched titties, drag makeup, and obvious wig. Straight dude doesn’t want to hit you up. Plus you’re literally begging for attention. I’m glad no man gave you any

No. 769090

They can smell your natural musk of desperation, sweaty.

No. 769093

File: 1548044086268.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, 51F7A4EF-45CF-4EEE-99A9-604AB2…)

No. 769095

Girls wearing regular clothing are obviously going to get drinks bought for them at the bar. There's no mystery to her. A trailer park queen is what she looks like, and (surprise), that's what she is.

If she makes sooo much money she should be bragging about paying for her own drinks, or her friends. But I'm sure she's never even thought of doing that.

No. 769097

Maybe she should try standing outside of a truckstop

No. 769104


Lmao you guys are savages I love it. saged

No. 769112

I think im starting to like her looks
Even if she is ugly inside

No. 769116

She looks 2 surgeries away from late Michael Jackson but okay

No. 769149

Bob job and nose job is not a lot
The only fucked up thing is her scared lip lift
And the cheap tattos
But is a yes from me, if she fixed her attitude and be more lady like (feminazis come @ me)
it would be better(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 769152

She actually really does look like a trans woman, she really should chill with the makeup

No. 769153

Even has an adams apple to boot

No. 769154

She might make better money if she pretends to be a trans woman lol that’s a very lucrative fetish in the escort world

No. 769197

File: 1548065971024.jpeg (87.75 KB, 1152x864, 4B7E42AE-9B00-458C-87AA-10B338…)

I’ve been thinking this for the longest time. With the square/Farquad jaw, the stick thin body, and the bolt-on boobs, she literally looks like handsome squidward if he underwent gender transformation surgery

No. 769285

File: 1548087132363.jpeg (107.96 KB, 1125x471, D0167B2B-318B-4C0F-A527-C89812…)

I thought the last one was “real hair”

No. 769289

holy fucking shit anon you nailed it

No. 769296

File: 1548088617066.png (517.45 KB, 510x912, 2019-01-21 11_30_04-Stories • …)

here's the new wig

No. 769300

Doesn't look like a lace front wig, prob lying again

No. 769301

File: 1548089140865.jpg (773.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190121-104425.jpg)

No. 769318

File: 1548091929166.jpg (1006.58 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190120-222412_Ins…)

Their apartment isn't big for a 2bedroom, and their backyard is like red pavers and backups to a shipping parking lot. Enjoy your veiw of truck trailers. Kek.

Wow. That was epic timing! She basically shaved her hair off because it was so damaged, and then bought a wig of the same (but better) hair color? I also agree it doesn't look like a lace front.

No. 769331

File: 1548093764310.png (667.74 KB, 493x919, 2019-01-21 12_57_44-Stories • …)

No. 769335

She’s so corny because “cute” is a fitness/health dork and now she has to skinwalk and act like she isn’t a skinny fat piece of shit.

No. 769339

File: 1548095916043.jpeg (125.37 KB, 750x915, 791B47E4-C7F3-4921-87F7-566037…)