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File: 1551124579842.png (676.48 KB, 736x475, 1547335068888.png)

No. 781130

-It's Black Friday
-Toxic Tears + Jake Munro
-Adora Batbrat
-Sebastian Columbine
-Kat von D
-Drac Makens
-Angela Benedict
-Erin Micklow
-Dre Ronayne
-Avelina de Moray
-and countless shillstar hauls

Last thread :
>Antivaxx KVD gives birth to Leafar
>Snowy Lowther no longer goff
>Sebastian still faking asexuality
>Adora still parties and whores out, posts Insta lewds, possibly slept with Coalcandy
>Bish0p enters the ring, claims you don't have to like goth music a la old Snowy
>IBF, TT and Jake are haul whore sellouts and some fans finally notice
>TT and Jake get £1k on a stream
>TT "can't" lose weight, finally works on attic, gets trapped under a hoard pile
>Jake deletes hate comments to "protect" fans, tries to profit from Stan Lee's death, dresses eDgY again, makes more bad music
>IBF possibly moving to Scotland
>IBF takes hiatus, returns with shit apology + reveals got kicked from Germany. Divorced visa husband Matthias, now pretends to be surprised when visa revoked.
>IBF claims to have "secret plans" she'll only tell patrons
>Drac Makens split with "super hot" native American bf
>Angela continues to jack off to the 90s
>Avelina tells person they aren't goff enough to buy her bags
>Erin still isn't punk
>Dre is still emo

No. 781162

File: 1551133424179.jpeg (244.42 KB, 1242x960, 84EB30F6-ECA8-44CF-A8A2-0099EC…)

This thread is perfect!!

Anyway, lumpy is back to begging again. I would LOVE to know what they spend their money on. How does one beg for so much all the time?!

No. 781164

This makeup is incredibly lazy and not even skilled in the slightest.

Also showing no signs of leaving her face acne alone, starting to look irritated again.

No. 781167

I'd imagine if she bought this it would be covered in clothes, crumbs and shit.

No. 781173

OP here. Thanks, first time making one.

Bet she browses daily and Tweets her finds to beg. Do her fans take the bait? I know some already buy stuff off her huge wish list.

Title is "toadstool makeup"? Thought it was salami or some shit

No. 781190

She must have filmed this AGES ago but she had the same makeup look in a video from several months ago. How lazy is she? WTF does she actually do with her time?

kek I thought it looked like a rash with pus filled warts to be honest

No. 781200

Maybe she re created it for the video. Scraping the bottom of the ideas barrel for a look from months ago… Well at least it's not a haul.

No. 781207

Whoever asked about the death rockets I personally know one in my town. He's a bad alcoholic and a chronic cheater. He has two bands and both suck. He did me wrong after he realized he couldn't fuck me.

No. 781233

File: 1551156930022.jpg (118.6 KB, 708x444, IBF answer.jpg)

Well Ibf replied

>I didn't get married to get a residency

Yeah, sure Jan

No. 781238

Where was this posted and who made a video about her?

No. 781241

Did he delete the comment? I scrolled through all the comments on that video and didn't see it

No. 781242

Ruadhán 1334 made a video about her (this one) and Ibf replied on that video.
It's still there, change the settings to "recent comments" and scroll down.

No. 781245

File: 1551162217132.png (65.58 KB, 766x538, ibf.PNG)

it's still there. it doesn't have much interaction on it other than like 2 upvotes and his comment back to her, so it's not at the top. here's his response to her if anyone cares, kek.

No. 781256

This guy sounds fucking insane,

No. 781276

File: 1551169830111.png (159.65 KB, 1080x571, 20190226_010810.png)

Does she not fucking realise that that tweet was for Manchester?!

No. 781288

In my opinion he's completely on point. Except for the part where he talks about her "maori neighbors" and "living on stolen land" I have no idea what he's talking about. if he's saying she's automatically racist for living in NZ then yeah he's fucking insane.

Okay, how long til she reports him, sends her legions of tween fans to come harass him and destroy his internet presence? There are already lots of new comments on his video from crazed fans insulting him without making any rational defense of her.

No. 781298


Definitely unstable. All it takes is to watch a few minutes of their cringy AF video - if you can get past them rambling in the most obnoxious nasal tone while picking at their dirty, chipped nails (because lack of grooming standards and basic hygiene is so goff).

No. 781301

because she's a self absorbed dinghole.

No. 781305

Tbh I kind of like him. He's more personable and has probably lived a regular non moochy life when compared to IBF

No. 781308

File: 1551185306587.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, 14AED9F0-CD04-487C-99F9-E5E160…)

No. 781309

File: 1551185339355.png (295.29 KB, 750x1334, 9B58456C-86C2-458B-AD9A-89DC8C…)

No. 781310

File: 1551187002746.jpg (163.29 KB, 1059x851, Screenshot_20190226-131458__01…)


Had to go check some more comments and they're hilarious.

He's shameless in his begging still.

No. 781321

File: 1551194600059.png (295.98 KB, 1080x2220, received_257030195245743.png)

No. 781322

God he looks retarded

No. 781324

Yeah I doubt IBF is racist blah blah, don't she and MO both have mixed families? She and other YTrs might want to check what YT autocaptions are saying tho

No. 781326

lmfao this is great! even randoms who have no idea who he is think he looks like a total prat.

fuck off jake. Bam was actually entertaining at least. What does Jake do, go do laundry? Holy shit send him the $300,000 NOW people!!

No. 781329

>I was cheated on
Owl and Nadia, or Matthias and someone else? The way its said, sounds like Matthias, but with who?

>didn't get married for residency

>relationship was awful
If it was so awful why'd you marry him? Yep for fucking residency.

Jake needs to step out of his ass kissing fans bubble more often. He really does look bad. Kek I wonder if it was him who asked EMP to step in in the comments.

No. 781333

Matthias cheated on her ,the funny thing is everybody know it , except her , she just realized when it was to obvious, but it doesn't matter they are friends now, all the situation wass really weird , because he was the one who wanted to marry so quickly apparently, she of course accepted ,and he seemed very serious with the relationship at the beginning, he even took her to meet his family as soon as she moved to Germany , I believe they really do loved each other at the beginning of their relationship , but or course they didn't know each other at all.i don't really believe she planned marry him to stay in germany, otherwise she wouldn't get divorced and she could easily forgive him for cheating on her, or date another German guy to marry, she is just a very selfish person who does everything she wants and justify it be saying " you should do whatever makes you happy" because she cheated on Barnaby when she meet Matthias .

No. 781346

Doesn't make sense to marry for residency and then legally separate 1 year later, when the law says 3 years married, to qualify for residency.

No. 781361

They broke up because Matthias found messages that IBF and MO were sending eachother.

No. 781376

in the last thread someone mentioned that IBF doesnt ever have sex?

Im new to these threads and went through all the old ones but don't recall seeing definite proof of IBF saying she lives a sexless life/never has sex at all

No. 781378

No. 781380

I read the blog post and the way she talks about this ex is the way she talks about Matthias. She moved to another country to be with him and he was emotionally abusive and broke her trust.

She was defending her mother because I guess the ex from Scotland was saying that her mother interfered with his employment at an orchard. After IBF and Matthias broke up her mother was trashing him on his art page saying that she was going to make sure he'll never be able to show his face in the art community again. Her mother is known to do things like this.

No. 781385

Matthias always came across as kind of a dick in their videos

No. 781389

He's a private person and didn't want to be on yt. She wanted him to tho so he did it to make her happy.

No. 781391

can't unseen lol. she could've added a little mushroom to tie in with the inspiration.

semi rhetorical question but what's the deal with the finger in the mouth pose? the one on the bottom right is also super classy.

dude can't even make interesting vlogs on a regular basis, who in their right mind is going to give him $300k to show off his laundry, gym, eating and skating between bitching about how there's no scene and blahzy blah. the fucking delusion.

No. 781395

I'm surprised nobody has told her. She's thick as fuck and her icon looks like shit. Why does she have 'fans'?

No. 781396

So he married the most popular goff YTr? Makes sense. Delusional romance.

No. 781397

Damn, Kai Decadence tore into IBF and TT in comments, love it

No. 781400

That's a lie , because even when she was married she still talked to Barnaby and Matthias knew, and they didn't break up because of that, he cheated on her , actually many people knew he will constantly talk to another women when she wasn't around,at first they where kinda in bad terms , but know they are "friends"

In her Tumblr someone ask her about her sexuality and she Said , she believes sex is important in a relationship because of closeness, but otherwise she conciders herself asexual , she also mention in her old vlog that her ex boyfriend used to think she was frigid because she didn't want to have sex with him, her mother even took her to a psychologist , who told her mother there was nothing wrong with her , she then says she didn't want to have sex with her exbf because she Wasn't attracted to him anymore ( because he was kinda an asshole) also she mentioned on her Tumblr that sometimes sex is painful to her because of her endyometrosis

No. 781406

He didn't know who she was or what she did.

No. 781411

He knew they were friends but when he looked through the messages he found out they were more than friends. There was a fight when he confronted her and that night he cheated. I dont blame him he was going without sex for months because he loved her and shes exchanging love letters with her ex behind his back. You don't have to touch someone to cheat and she did it first IMHO.

No. 781431

He needs to show his tryhard painted teeth. Can't even be a tryhard right though, it's pretty sloppy, same with his painted hands.

A few anons have said IBF was msging owl and Matthias found out. Some also said Nadia found out. Where is this info from though?
If it's true I don't blame Matthias for cheating. I also wonder what mental gymnastics IBF gave her doormat to agree to this.

No. 781437

That's something someone made up in the last thread, the Truth is he cheated , many people in their " social circle" knew he was cheating on her , they broke up because of this they didn't end up badly at first because they still hangout with friends (they go together to a Marilyn Manson concert )but when she made the video about the break up they where not in good terms, ( her mother started to attack him in social media) that's when she started dating Mr doormat again, after that they seem to be friends again

No. 781439

There is no info, it's a total rumor stated by an anon on the last thread who claimed that it was all part of some master plan to move Owl out to Germany, although like >>781346 said that plan doesn't even make sense.

she's talking about Matthias cheating on her, which her mom also said.

No. 781469

I don't believe the secret plan story but I heard the same thing about Matthias catching IBFs suspect emails with Mr. Owl and sending the screen shots to Nadia. I know the guy that was with Matthias the night he cheated and he saw the whole thing. They were all at Mera Luna. He's a DJ from New York who was seeing Nadia so he got both sides. I met them at the festival and he told me what happened with IBF and her ex and Matthias wanting to have sex with someone.

No. 781472

Thats some milk. I agree parts of the story could be true but I dont believe the part about it being a plan.

No. 781492

I'm guessing his comment about he Maori people are to the accusations of her being racist? I'm not sure but aside from that, he was pretty on-point and it's nice that someone isn't following for it. As for the inevitable legions of fans swarming him, if they can't properly refute him and only resort to "Lol you're ugly" or "lol you're jelly", he's going to be just fine because her sycophants probably deep down know IBF may have some secrets or things she doesn't want them to know.

He seems a bit unhinged at first but he did make a lot of fair points calling her out on certain things and I think writing someone off just because of how they look is kinda petty.

Same, like Angela it does seem like he experienced an eventful life and has some things of substance to share as opposed to another haul video.

Most of her fans are high school aged, normies, or mallgoths who never outgrew that trend who are not young adults and are the same people who say you can be goff without liking the music lol.

No. 781500

Love how she doesn't have to justify herself to a complete stranger. Truth hurts you cow. Its finally getting discussed and a lot of people agree. That class act wasn't going to last. Blaming her depression for video content is so lame. She's well enough to travel the world and get money from people but cbf making content. She only really does when she's got a man. Not particularly riveting when she's on her own. Im so bored…

No. 781516

I agree, I quite like the guy and he's right about pretty much everything. The only negative comments are calling him ugly/fat/etc and that's just… well, we know when someone has to resort to personal attacks they have no argument, right? Like you say they can't even refute anything he says.

I'm unsure about IBF being racist? but supposedly a lot of people were complaining about immigrants in Germany in whichever video IBF moaned about her revoked residency. Also she has a video about lightening your skin which I never really paid much attention to at the time but seems pretty fucked up in hindsight

No. 781521

Wow, didn't expect to see such a backlash. Nice.

No. 781523


Lmao I can't believe they thought they wouldn't get that reaction, he looks like absolute dog shit. Imagine someone in that company thinking 'yeah let's attach our brand to these images, people will be so impressed'

No. 781525

He was kissing EMPs ass in his video, begging to be invited to more of their events (the person who runs EMP Norway even commented to correct him when Jake mentioned that he worked in the call centre-ouch).Hopefully this will be enough for them to stay away from him now.

No. 781557

File: 1551288900068.png (393.58 KB, 1080x1707, 20190227_173458.png)

No. 781575

kekk finally more people are calling them out

No. 781578

Yeah some people use mental health as a cop out cos its harder for others to disprove. But hauling mountains of free Shillstar is not depression, that's laziness.

If she really wants to talk mental health, she could use her platform to do it positively (she has anxiety) but no.

>YT wannabe
>clothes all end up in the attic
Yep that's Jake. Kek people who don't even know him have sussed him out easy. Shows how delusional his fans are.

No. 781580

Cos of his massive ego I bet he checks the comments, lmao I hope he sees these.

No. 781581

No. 781606

She was mostly lightening her skin because 1) to get rid of her freckles and, 2) to make her white face paint go on even whiter. I think its sad that we live in such a hyper sensitive culture that lightening your skin is automatically considered racist. If lightening your skin is fucked up then so is tanning.

No. 781622

Or she could actually try being happy with her natural skin tone instead of bleaching her skin and wearing clown makeup. Stop defending her.

No. 781631

Well by that logic I guess no one should ever wear makeup or ever alter their appearance. What she does to her face doesn't affect me or you in anyway so why should any of us care?

No. 781649


This is Facebook sjw level retarded.
If you have that argument, any form of body augmention is fucked up. Lip injections, implants, ect. go back to tumblr and have a cry about other people,you’ve never met, doing things with their body that has no impact on you. Has nothing to do with “defending” her.
Not the same annon but I whiten my skin and get my freckles removed (you can with laser).

No. 781654

Wow defensive much? Lmao fuck tumblr and fuck your opinions. Bleaching and harming your skin and doing makeup are entirely different things. Go back and praise your Goff queen.

No. 781661

Being offended by the Hispanics at the goth clubs she went to when she came to America is racist. She said they made it look bad because they didn't make an effort and made it look cheap. I am one of the people she complained to. My boyfriend was from South America but he wears white face makeup so I guess she thought he was white.

No. 781670

Glorious! Some people are commenting on ToxicTubs too

She really said this?

No. 781671

Any proof of this? It matches up well with what other anons have said in previous threads but so far it seems like there's no solid evidence.

No. 781685


You’re a moron and obviously are young. You can lighten your skin with laser and wearing sunscreen. You don’t need to use bleach to lighten.
Maybe you drink some though to end your stupidity?

And any sun exposure is worse for your skin, just fyi.

No. 781693

File: 1551317455995.jpeg (370.19 KB, 1173x2053, F5581A5D-E963-4EB5-AD45-6DB3BB…)

What is this? And how does she insist she’s goth?

No. 781701

Skin lightening/tanning is common.
IBF apparently offended by dark skin is racist.
IBF painting herself clown white when she said in an old advice vid not to do that, is stupid.
The end.

She's had legit model experience but poses and dresses like this. She and Kelly Eden could be sisters.
And I think she just hangs onto the label cos she's used to it, and it got her known on YT like the what not to say to goths video.

No. 781705


Was it Chris The Creep by any chance? The guy who used to go out with heretichag/Rachel?

No. 781708

File: 1551321814593.jpeg (110.68 KB, 640x640, D0c-lsXXcAEXR6X.jpeg)

No. 781711

And see I think you may be right. It seems like she's only ever active if she's dating someone. It makes you wonder if she thinks she isn't an interesting person unless she's dating another Goth guy. I mean to be fair, seeing the kind of content she's made in the last year, it really showed just how vacuous and vapid she is since she never bothered trying to make content that wasn't about shilling clothing or makeup. Depression or not, you can still talk about things that aren't related to what clothing you bought.

Yep pretty much. The only flimsy thing he said was the racist thing but other than that, pretty on point. And if you can't even refute anything of what he said in the video and instead just resort to ad hominem insults of his appearance, that means you already lost.

> But hauling mountains of free Shillstar is not depression, that's laziness.

A little loud for everyone in the back lol Exactly. Even if you are suffering from depression, that doesn't mean you can't change content up a bit.

I'm curious though, wouldn't all that skin bleaching have some negative side effects? I can't imagine what she'll look like as she ages, probably like the reverse of what happens when someone over-tans (Reverse Tan mom lol) lol.


If she really did that, what a bitch thing to do.

The sad thing is that dark cute looks can work but she sucks so much at pairing things.

Honestly the only way I see her dropping the label is if some big YouTuber (or just a YouTuber who knows what they're doing and can be entertaining) puts her ass on blast about what a big poser she is. This kinda happened back in 2017 on Cemetery Confessions' podcast back when they did something called "Goth Inquisition" and there was one episode where they were talking about "Goth" YouTubers and they just went hard on her lol I think Kaya ended up seeing it and whinged about it on her Instagram or Twitter (can't remember).

No. 781712

Obviously you are a moron for getting oh so offended . You don’t belong here since you idolize your oh so precious Goff queen

No. 781724

pls tell me this is a parody someone made of him and not that he actually posted some shit that looks like he cut out a picture of his face and put it on a 4'2" fop that had an accident with some black spray paint after eating fudge

No. 781727

What on earth are these two doing? Who pays for this? He now just looks like some bagged up mess!

Where was this with tt and cemetery confessions? I mean it really didn’t stop her or her leech from using the label and becoming youtube alternative adverts- I mean, goth adverts

“You don’t belong here!” - forgets to sage.
Yeh good one, dumb cunt

No. 781736


Lol Ruadhan's reply has more likes than IBF's comment

No. 781753


am I the only one who thinks he saw how popular social repose had gotten(for god knows what reason - ew) and tried to mash SR + Manson together?

it does not look good on him at all.

No. 781756

He looks like a fucking retarded dwarf troll. SO ugly too

No. 781757

I'm amazed that with all her begging for free shit she still takes such low quality, badly lit photos. It just takes a half decent camera, basic photography knowledge and some daylight luck.

No. 781773


I showed this to my older sister who has no experience with any alternative subculture;

"she doesn't look like a goth? She looks like an idiot."(no1curr)

No. 781776

It's funny because she and so many other fakes push the whole "as long as you LOOK goth then you're goth" bullshit, but how does she explain this monstrosity of an outfit? "Oh, it's ok, goths are allowed to like other things and wear pink and…" sure, but for someone who bases goth on looking the part, honey this ain't it and you know it. I really think she wants to branch out and wear pink and "kawaii" stuff all the time but then that means she'll likely lose subscribers/patrons and all those free clothes from Shillstar and witchy subscription boxes despite having absolutely no interest in it. She's never had any originality and just copies whatever is popular at the time, she probably wants to skin walk PeachMilkyTea and Kelly Eden kek. It's the same with Jake, first going for a Casey Neistat vibe with his boring videos and now copying MM and Social Emopose

No. 781793

I kind of thought he was copying Caligo Bastet too

No. 781826

Never occurred to me he goes outside like that. More =/= better, Jake. At least learn how to apply liquid latex before bathing in it. And where did you learn to coordinate outfits from, Kaya?

This. Snowy and Bishop said it an at least they do their own advice. Kaya rarely does now.
There's nothing wrong with dressing kawaii, stop forcing something you're not onto yourself. It's unhealthy.

No. 781859

The Whatever-Happened-To-Baby-Jane fumes are particularly strong here

No. 782000

I'm currently at work but I believe it was this video posted in 2017. I'm sorry I can't give you an exact time frame at the moment but maybe someone here may have seen the video and will be able to give an exact time stamp. All I remember was that it was during the "Goth Inquisition" segment. But you're right, it didn't stop her but it's just an example of people not afraid to call out her bullshit lol

Well what do ya know? Looks like some people do have sense. Sorry IBF, looks like you don't have as much grasp on people like you think you do, it's starting to weaken.

Then she should fucking wear Pink then. God this girl lol. Yeah she'll lose subscribers if she started being honest with herself but she can always start over and build a new audience that will like her for who she really is (LOL). It'd be better than living a lie lol.Jake is a lost cause who won't get the memo until he has a concert crash and burn.

At least Caligo is cute (well in my opinion) and can pull it off and seems to know how to do these looks tastefully lol. Jake just looks gross… Well I mean, that's probably the point but it's not gross in a cool way, more like a cringe way.

No. 782016

all the editing on this and gmhe doesn't notice the long, baggy layers make him look stumpy as fuck lol.

so he's apparently going to be putting out vids on a regular basis, can't wait to see what kind of ~content~ he comes out with before he slacks again.

No. 782039


now that you mention it, I can kinda see that yeah. whatever look it is he's trying to do, Jake honey it isn't working for you.

No. 782104

Didn't he say the same thing several times in the past? Yeah, it never lasts for him. Also, more videos of him doing laundry and going to the post office, yay.

No. 782153

yup, this time he wa busy with that music video and was all up himself b/c it got 10k views on facebook. couldn't suffer through him rambling about where the inspiration for the song came from, he's shit at storytelling and says he filmed it late at night so that's why he sounds tired. like, you don't have anything else to do, how hard is it to set aside some time to sit and talk to a camera.

anyway, there's another music video and trip to barcelona coming so i don't see him keeping up with a regular upload schedule.

No. 782192

File: 1551457485909.jpg (49.78 KB, 563x492, Mul6PAY.jpg)

What even is this lipstick look? and those lip piercings?? bad all round

No. 782199

He shouldn't bother. His "vlahgs" are so boring, if you've seen one you've seen them all. People usually film interesting stuff, but Jake thinks he's so interesting that daily chores are film-worthy.

Jake vlog shot game:
>post office/laundry/gym
>fake deep ramble about nothing
>plugging his band or patreon
>"please subscribe please" kek

She's trying to copy Jake of course. His is worse.

No. 782244

lol she's so angry and her response is pathetic. She knows it's the opposite of what goth stands for to be so materialistic but she still does it because she can't be bothered to get a stable job.

Thank god he keeps calling her out. I don't understand why people think he's insane? He reminds me of Mikenactor a bit, I like him.

No. 782266

He comes off kinda insane cos of the random racism point and how he seems a bit overly triggered at times.
But yeah it's good people are realising IBF's bullshit, he also called out TT (but in like one sentence).

No. 782273

mikenactor is way more annoying and desperate for attention

No. 782281

File: 1551472038295.png (1.22 MB, 1334x750, 0F29BCB2-1F68-4096-B2E2-92DA73…)

“This is one of my favorite pictures of myself” god she sounds so narcissistic in the video. And what’s with the one boob?

No. 782339

so petty of me but god. she’s always been so unfortunate. it’s like someone made a sim and kept hitting random on the facial features.

No. 782355

File: 1551487709615.png (312.64 KB, 720x612, wp_ss_20190302_0002.png)

Yeah and the way her mouth moves really doesn't help

No. 782356

File: 1551487910361.png (300.98 KB, 720x601, wp_ss_20190302_0003.png)

No. 782359

Ofherbsandaltars responded(?) to the Ruadhan / IBF thing.

No. 782387

I hate it. I like Dorian. But I hate this. I don’t agree at all. Toxic tears isn’t goth plain and simple so she shouldn’t be in the gothic community at all. Black Friday’s attitude sucks. No one cares that she gets free clothes but all the whining and complaining and the really bad decision making is what is putting everyone off. She needs to get off her ass and work a stable job and stop leeching off of everyone.

No. 782412

how old is she? I'm not trying to sound mean but she looks really old, at least in this picture. she looks like a straight up porn milf. could be the way she does her makeup.

No. 782415

How much you wanna bet it'll be more Haul videos? lol

I agree. I think people are just mad because someone actually put her on blast and is not backing down from it. No one has really called out IBF before so this is a first and not many of her fans know how to process this lol

Yeah it's really the Racist thing that has no merit unless there is something we're missing. And yeah, I wish he tore into TT a bit though it would've been out of place since the topic of the video was IBF. Kai Decadence kinda called her out too saying she's not a real Goth so I think more people know she's full of shit but just don't say anything.

This is probably the look Kaya secretly wants to sport lol

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who was bothered by this video. Dorian was way off base here thinking it all came down to jealousy and bitterness because IBF and TT get free clothes. Why can't a rant video just be a you know, RANT Video. Other than the Racist thing, he was pretty much on point and I'm glad he came off more aggressive and no nonsense because if he just kissed her ass, she wouldn't have even watched nor would she have seen that yes, people are literally getting tired of her bullshit.

As for Toxic Tears, she's not "Goth" or even "Gothic". She just needs to get out and go to the Kawaii community that she so desperately wants to be in. That or actually take some off and actually get into Goth music to be a Goth or get to reading some Gothic Literature, Film, or look at some Gothic Artwork (Actual Gothic artwork, not dark artwork). The resources are all there.

No. 782416

I hear a lot of excuses and without the freedom for people to say what they want. Such hypocrisy. Get over yourself and a lot of people finally agree with Ruadhan1334. These you tubers have such short memories! Is Dorian just kissing IBFs ass about community????? Give me a break. IBF is a greedy self obsessed sociopath. This video was pathetic.

No. 782417

Endless haul videos are dull, it 100 YTrs hauling the same 3 vendors ffs. Btw check Alibaba, often you can find the same clothes cheaper direct from China. HMMM. IBF miscalculated in making viewers privy to all her personal shit. Any YTr who does that (looking at you, Ruadhan) is putting themselves up for comment and serious milking.

No. 782418


No. 782426

Thank you anon. IBF is not a celebrity, she doesn't do dick all to deserve such a claim. Goth musicians are the real MVPs of the Goth scene, not people like IBF who got/get popular while providing nothing of value or substance.

No. 782431

I think Dorian is just a diplomat who doesn't want to start drama.

No. 782435

But quite a few get less attention than even IBF's least popular unboxing. Yeah unboxings are helpful to see what the clothes are like, you couldn't do that back in the day, but it's a problem when you get overly materialistic. And that's with any subculture tbh. But for some reason it happens a lot with goth.

No. 782437

Then Dorian shouldn’t have made a response video. I think Dorian just wants to cash in on those views and kiss ass. Trash move.

No. 782438

File: 1551502126253.png (669.53 KB, 750x1334, 4F222F42-E9E6-4C49-AFF2-FE451E…)

God, Dorian is such a kiss ass.

No. 782439

File: 1551502336932.jpg (33.13 KB, 654x238, pleasevalidateme.JPG)

Some ADVANCED fishing for compliments from kaya here.

No. 782445

this is the best response ever. thank god someone has thrown this cunt to the curb.

No. 782448

I am pretty sure you're talking about Ruadhan, but this exact description applies to IBF. Dirty chipped nails and a fuck tonne of unstable rambling… ffs.

No. 782453

That's true. I search for new Goth music to add to my collection every few days and I've come across a shit ton of Goth bands whom's videos hardly have any views (which sucks because a lot of these bands are damn good) but I also keep in mind that a lot of people who watch IBF's content aren't Goths but just "normies" passing by.

And eh… I dunno about that. Making hundreds of video hauls for Shillstar helps nothing, the brand isn't even Goth, it's just a bunch of Dark occult shit. Where's the Goth band memorabilia? lol Not even so much as Bauhaus or even The Cure shirts or bags lol. I get what you're though anon and it's fucking sad. But this is why I'm glad the dude made that video putting IBF in her place, she had it long coming.

> LitaFaerie

So fucking what? She could've still done the DIY outfit when she got home and showed what she found and what she was going to do. LAZY ASS. And I wouldn't be calling her that if she had like a real job or something but she doesn't, she has all the time in the world compared to someone working or going to school.

Oh shut the fuck up you tard, if you really LOVED them so much, you'd actually spend your own money on it instead of subtly (kek) asking for handouts to "review" them. If she actually is buying this crap with her money, I'll retract but last I heard, she was getting sent this shit to review on her channel.

No. 782458

he looks like he's an amish metal head who forgot to change out of his tank top from the gym. this look is so confused. it's a mess.

No. 782460

File: 1551505423780.png (79.21 KB, 1153x347, Screenshot 2019-03-01 at 9.42.…)


Good thing there are still smart people in the comments

No. 782461

File: 1551505592716.png (47.73 KB, 1204x282, Screenshot 2019-03-01 at 9.45.…)


Me: (continues eating popcorn)

No. 782463

100% to protect and look like the good guy in the 'community'. so much bs in one day, its a world record for the blind leading the blind and the truth can't be tolerated by those who really don't know what that means anymore. their parasocial relationships can be akin to being the 'room' but they're only present and coming out to defend themselves because they know the truth is really being celebrated now. once and for all. hoorah for calling this shit for what it is.

No. 782467

File: 1551507142721.png (60.64 KB, 627x238, tiny.png)

No. 782469

File: 1551507356684.png (120.2 KB, 1169x768, -.png)

No. 782470

File: 1551507646422.png (56.27 KB, 673x227, begging.png)

more begging….

No. 782471

File: 1551507879900.png (29.28 KB, 621x118, look at me.png)

plenty of things about IBF are being discussed, this was a classic…. oh, no one is looking at me…. oh….. please bitch you always wanted people looking at you. that orange wig was an insult to not only non goths but was an embarrassment to people who've been in the scene for years. what a spectacle. where do we begin?

No. 782472

So much for ibf getting back to making videos regularly, let along "thrice weekly". it's been over a week since her shit skincare favourites video

No. 782475

File: 1551510539337.png (108.88 KB, 1258x637, Capture.PNG)

No. 782505

>IBF's non existent fundraising for the Sophie Lancaster foundation
When was that? Don't think we've talked about it.
>YouTube spotlight featured me without asking, and 4chan descended
Same with this

>someone linked me to lolcow

No. 782519

The hands/finger in mouth thing is because he thinks he's Marilyn Manson's protégé, but he's just a fucking prat lol

No. 782520

File: 1551532615635.jpg (49.22 KB, 577x640, JakeMunrosTwin(makeupbyjaack).…)

It's so weird, he thinks he looks like Manson but he looks like this normie makeup youtuber I watch, makeupbyjaack.

No. 782528

File: 1551535035789.png (200.32 KB, 720x755, wp_ss_20190302_0008.png)

No. 782530

i'm disappointed by ofherbsandaltars. Usually they're on point but this just felt like one big kiss ass video. the whole "jealousy" thing is such bull too, why do people jump to that as soon as something is criticized??

No. 782540

Because it was one big kiss ass video. Did you notice that when Dorian said that Ruadhan has some good points but then never expanded beyond that. Saying it was all jealousy is just an unintelligent cop out. Dorian doesn’t have an argument so he just said that Ruadhan was bitter and jealous.

No. 782552

I think this was back during the Goths for Sophie calendar that was done back in 2017. I remember there was a stint going on where the director of the project didn't want to include IBF and Toxic Tears in it and they got pissy about that. Then when one the calendar came out and people were sharing it around to spread the word of the organization, IBF didn't participate and it just seemed like a selfishness that she couldn't take a very short time (like 5 seconds) to tweet or mention the movement.

I mean yeah, she probably didn't want to do it because she wasn't included in it but as someone who supposedly cares much for the Alternative scene, you would think she would've put that aside to help the cause of one of the most infamous cases of being assaulted and killed for being Alternative.

I'm watching it right now and yeah, I'm not seeing her expand on his "good points".

No. 782555

Fuck off with that.

No. 782561

Yeah Dorian doesn't even intend to transition I think. But good she doesn't shove her gender shit down your throat like most flakes.

No. 782581

25, the age most people look mature at

No. 782585


Dorian made that mukbang style video lately where it was 1 in the morning and she was laughing (manically I thought) at her own story of how complicated it was to collect a pizza, and she then ate and talked about puking, opiates, heroin, how she hadn't taken her meds, more puking talk in bulimia mentions.. more drug talk. I know she's animated but I've never seen her quite so manic

In most of her vids I agree with her on certain things. I just wonder how well she is doing at the moment. Said she still has a sleep schedule of sleeping during the day and getting up at night. I thought she would've stopped that when she stopped the heavy drinking a while back?

If I'm right she's said any pronouns are fine

No. 782655

I can't STAND 'erbs. She has to stick her beak into everything, wants to be part of ~communities~ and a spokesperson for them. She talks bollocks. She's a fucking nightmare.

No. 782677

Dorian is so thirsty for clout. Our Religion isn't your trashion or whatever and then the baby goth video after Angela posted that Our subculture isn't your hashtag cringe video about goth rap. Now she's trying to follow the clickcbaity tea by leeching off Ruadhans video. It was obvious that she was kissing IBFs ass when all she could say was "I see your point" so she didn't piss off her minions but went into details about how Ruadhan and Angela are problematic.

No. 782711

Wait are you serious? She's 25?

No. 782722

Let's check out together

2019 - 1994 = 2000 - 1994 + 19 = 6 + 19 = 5 + 20 = 25

Yes, seems so she is 25. She had birthday few days ago BTW.

No. 782726

BTW that point's out interesting question - all major goff youtubers both male and female are all 25+ now. What is the typical age of their subscribers/viewers?

No. 782733

>I'm not trying to sound mean but she looks really old, at least in this picture. she looks like a straight up porn milf. could be the way she does her makeup.

Strong makeup brings such associations, mainly because people who were in their late teens and early 20s in the '80s are at "milf age now" and many still follow at least partially the way makeup was done in the 80's.

But back then it was may young people were doing it, now it's the way of "the old folks" as they aged.

Many people my age also associate big teased hair on females with "mommies and grannies" mainly because we have seen them typically on women aged as our mothers and grandmothers who were or still are continuing to sport such hairstyles. It's in big part the matter of contextual perception, in some just highlighting of facial features that are typical for aged face.

Try watching movies from the '40s. You would probably add around 20 years to the age of most of youngest actors who were in their early 20s at the time just based on the way they dress.(blogposting)

No. 782736

File: 1551570936272.png (499.21 KB, 720x1005, wp_ss_20190302_0020.png)


No. 782737

File: 1551571131908.png (698.72 KB, 720x1168, wp_ss_20190302_0019.png)

And for the last hashtag this might be what it's about. Don't know the date, found on google images (hence crap quality)

No. 782752

Angela is having a rant on twitter about erbs video. Wut do you think she means about knowing things?(post caps)

No. 782753

someone called her put in yt comments about not being honest that she is sent the box for review. i don't watch those vids so can't comment as to whether that's true, but she could have handled the criticism with a simple statement.

nice to see ppl bringing these things up in a constructive matter but they'll just whine about ~bullies~ b/c it's easier than making changes.

at least this dude can apply makeup instead of smearing everything and slapping on liquid latex.

No. 782765

>I'm happy with my daddy
Ddlg was a mistake

No. 782793

I have watched herbs video and hardly find anything worth (heavy or even any) criticism or reassembling "jumping on drama bandwagon". IMHO herbs stated clearly what they and rudahan agree on and where they don't. I may agree or disagree with some minor details, but overall tone is just sounding like a honest personal opinions. I don't feel any acting or calculation. These opinions may be self-image shattering for someone, but it's not like something you can't live with a day after.

And yes - IBF did achieve something in category of youtube vlogs, even if there are people who don't like her for real or imagined reasons. It does not take accepting everything IBF does to admit her success in that field.

The overall drama may be also spiced up by cultural differences as different countries (and even different regions of same country) differ on standards of discussions and not everywhere "feel good™ and smile all the time™" attitude is a requirement or even desired. And here I mean also subculture - as often (but not always) more polite mainstream standards are the more assy goths we get there.

And we have here involved people from at least three different cultural backgrounds. Plus punk related subcultures are kinda by default more "assy" than local normies. It's hard not to notice that fact if you hang out with them for quiet a while.

No. 782797

File: 1551582264801.png (110.85 KB, 720x273, wp_ss_20190303_0003.png)

>here's how I put together an outfit video
So you're saying you put calculated thought into the awful combinations you post?

No. 782800

IBF went YT viral to a degree that was unprecedented for us, I think that's one aspect of the backlash. She's had this cross-over appeal that's brought a lot of newbies onto the scene. Another aspect is class - those who can afford expensive clothes and see hauls as a form of goth homeshopping, and those who can't or won't. And not least, there's goth being coopted by ultra right wing/white supremacists. Suddenly it's like dudes goosestepping across the floor of a club, like that's a turn on for me as a goth woman kek. The scene has changed, it's spun into different groups. For me the first red flag was the publication of Gothic Beauty, soon coopted by mainstream fashion like McQueen. The war is over, but the drama lives on kik

No. 782802

But she also kept that appeal in the beginning because she actually made interesting or at the very least, mild entertaining content.I honestly don't think that if she pulled a Goblin Queen and tried to start over again as a haul channel that she would have anywhere near the amount of attention she originally got.

No. 782804

*That she wouldn't have anywhere near the amount of attention she originally got.

No. 782811

little advice - yes goths are closer nowadays (and possibly smaller) than were years ago - yet do not extrapolate problems of the USA scene to whole globe - as it's hard to say that white supremacism is a problem among for example Indonesian or Japanese goths. Right? Also European post Soviet region goths differ a lot to the West both in regards of mainstream culture and goth subculture. Not like there are not common problems everywhere, but I personally find term "problems of the gothic scene™" to be problematic because of how widespread goth is around the globe among nations where you hardly meet people of different skin color than yours and I don't mean white skin here. It's some form of indirect ignoring these scenes and claiming that only the fragment of the scene you are most familiar with is the most important and matters the most.

No. 782818

Agree. What happened with IBF was (is?) lightening in a bottle
I think you meant to reply to me, if so, point taken, you're right

No. 782820


ahh yes, post >>782811 was intended to be a replay to >>782800

No. 782852

File: 1551594181568.png (10.68 KB, 597x92, Untitled.png)

Im just watching her goth on a budget video and its funny people are leaving comments like this when its the exact opposite of what she does in this video. Well I guess she was being honest about her own feelings? Kinda awkward as kat blaque is in the comments section too lol.

No. 782862

So apparently Jake decided to spill the tea about his…single…and the origins of it.

A commenter replied implying he might be Jake's brother - I can't prove/disprove for sure.

I don't sympathize with the way he behaves and e-begs and shit, but I can understand being emotionally stunted dealing with all that + getting into the wrong crowd/bad coping techniques like smoking & stealing to deal with lifes hardships.

he needs a therapist, yester-year.

No. 782864

File: 1551599304499.png (33.2 KB, 1235x146, Capture1.PNG)

No. 782871

I didn't mean how much makeup she was wearing, but rather HOW she does her makeup. "Strong makeup" could mean a lot of different looks. for example, you wear a ton of makeup and have it look like you're not wearing very much at all, it depends on how you do it. I just mean the way she puts on her makeup gives her that stretched out botox look.

I don't know exactly what you mean about "mature" but I watch a lot of youtubers who are 25-30 and they certainly don't look as old as she looks in those pictures

No. 782877

Kat Blaque has gotten on the Goff train because she's been going to Industrial clubs and thinks liking that stuff while dressing i black is making her Goth lol. I wouldn't think much of it because if she doesn't get into actual Goth music and people don't consider her a real Goth, she'll just complain about it and move on to something.

Maybe it's the way she does her eye makeup that seems to be distracting?

No. 782885

It could be sarcasm. But yeah Dorian's advice to plus size people was basically just "lost weight"

could that maybe be Jake's real last name? also what is puncuation

Yeah, I think it's the eye makeup.

No. 782886

File: 1551612132859.jpg (43.75 KB, 471x516, Jimmy_Neutron_Goddard_happy.jp…)


No. 782890

>It could be sarcasm. But yeah Dorian's advice to plus size people was basically just "lost weight"

Let's be serious - what have you expected? Advice to everybody else to gain weight so XXXL would become the norm?

What's wrong with advice to someone on loosing weight here? If you can't fit in regular clothing range - then you should seriously think what to do with that fact sooner or later. Even (European) alt brands offer size range that allows lover levels of obesity.

So if you can't fit into clothing because of amount of your body's fat reserves you are on serious health risk. Telling that is way better than telling someone who is having this body fat level that it's perfectly sane to leave things as they are.

If you are way taller or more muscular/athletic (you do a lot of weightlifting or other sports) than average people and within sane body fat level it's a whole different story. You can be even anorexic and find almost zero clothing with height around 7 feet. But let's be honest - it's unlikely that it's what was meant in the video.

No. 782893

everyone knows being morbidly obese is unhealthy. however, losing that amount of weight can take months, even years to lose. that doesn't mean people shouldn't be able to wear clothes that they like in the meantime.
also it's kind of shitty to bring it up and then just be like "the solution is to lose weight". like, no shit? if that's dorian's best advice then they should have just not addressed it.

No. 782895

Yes it can take some time. But to be silent just because of that? But what are the options? You won't magically find clothing outside the most obvious sources as plus size brands and D.I.Y. them or ordering custom/sewing yourself. It's not like someone was called an inferior lesser human being here.

No. 782898

File: 1551619470663.jpg (26.99 KB, 825x227, mCkQCtA.jpg)

Goddard is Jake's real surname. In one of the Japan vlogs someone is holding a sign with his full name. he received this comment too kek

No. 782911

File: 1551622954443.png (2.54 MB, 1920x1080, messyassfuckaltmakeups.png)

>at least this dude can apply makeup instead of smearing everything and slapping on liquid latex.

and heeeere we are having this conversation agaaaaain….
koz u 'no alt iz all bout purfekt meyka', u aint alt if ya smear fingz or yer aylayna iz not strayt

No. 782919

True. But, there's a diff between messy as an aesthetic and messy that looks shit ie Jake. It's a fine-ish line but he used to do makeup before and has a gf who does, couldn't he do better?

No. 782925

>It's a fine-ish line but he used to do makeup before and has a gf who does, couldn't he do better?

Well his gf has been already criticized for her makeup. So what do you exactly see wrong with his version? You may say it's not creative and has been done before. As I indeed see numerous elements and tricks done to death back in the '00s.You may say he does not look like it matches him and his personality. Or whatever. But makeup alone is just a pigment on face and everyone's reception differ.

No. 782932

I agree, I wasn't confused about what she agreed on with Ruadhan either. I think her video can't be summarized simply as "Ruadhan jelly, IBF perfect" as some anons in this thread tried to do.

No. 782992

She probably thinks bdsm is goth tbh she has at least 4 recent videos on it. kek are we gonna have to ad her to the list of alt cows now? She seems to be trying to jump ship like sh0eonhead is.

I agree, especially given the weird tangent she went off on in the video.

>It's not like someone was called an inferior lesser human being here.
kek someone didnt watch the video.

No. 782996

File: 1551641543499.png (385.07 KB, 720x1168, wp_ss_20190303_0007.png)

Quick google search already yields stuff, she's getting into the clothes. Clubs too, but also for clothes apparently. Wonder how it started.

No. 782999

She thinks the matrix is goth lol (no shade I love the matrix but its not really goth)

>Clubs too, but also for clothes apparently. Wonder how it started.

Shes trying to distance herself from her "woke, sjw" past. This maybe to do with the blowback from the transracial debate, despite it being like 3 years ago shes done many follow ups on it and seems tired about opening a can of worms.

No. 783000

File: 1551642650152.jpg (538.18 KB, 1080x1631, Screenshot_20190303-144838_Chr…)

exactly, i think some anons just want to reeee about poking fun at their makeup. it's not a personal attack on the entirety of alternative ppl, just laughing at particular individuals who also have shitty attitudes while trying so hard to suit themselves to labels.

anyway, is this a reference to her being posted here?
>who has time to care about whatever nonsense they're whining about
why you tweeting about it then?

No. 783009

Except she was apart of and posted regularly on PULL before that turned to shit. She sure as shut knows of this forum and I wouldn’t be surprised if she has posted here. Man she’s a shit person

No. 783017

>kek someone didnt watch the video.
Yes, I watched it with eyes wide shut and ears plugged with bee-wax.So time stamp please. Thank you in advance for helping me overcome my mental disabilities.

I just simply see it as extending lack of sympathy for his action on literally everything he do. Possibly even the way he eats his cereals.

No. 783028

There's only one part where she talks about it-surely if you watched the video you don't need a timestamp sperge-chan. Also >>782893 already outlined it.

>Thank you in advance for helping me overcome my mental disabilities.

kek, sarcasm only works when its not true anon. You're a lost cause,thanks for the laugh though.

No. 783059

I get what you're saying anon and I agree. A lot of alternative brands already go up to sizes like "4XL / XXXXL" and if you still can't fit in sizes like that then it's absolutely time to make a change or learn to DIY the clothes that do fit you. It's not the responsibility of a company to cater to extreme sizes that surpass even a big size like 4XL.

Sometimes people need a wake up call. It's like those fat activist who complained about how Plane seating and how they couldn't fit in the seats and were demanding they make them bigger and it's like, are you serious? The plus size clothing thing is no different because even if these companies would try to accommodate morbid obesity sizes, they would most likely charge more for it because of the extra materials and time that need to go into mass producing them.

>She probably thinks bdsm is goth tbh she has at least 4 recent videos on it. kek are we gonna have to ad her to the list of alt cows now? She seems to be trying to jump ship like sh0eonhead is.

I have a feeling you're right about this LOL She probably does think BDSM is Goth and she's going to be in for a rude awakening if she actually doesn't bother getting into what Goth actally is about and she becomes Toxic Tears 3.0 (2.0 is Dre Ronanye lol).

And so it begins…


Matrix is really just Cyberpunk, not Goth.

As for her trying to get away from the SJW stuff, I mean cool for her but if she doesn't actually educate herself on Goth and does what so many of these other people like Toxic Tears, Dre Ronanye, and Hello Batty do, she's going to be in for a bad time.

>Who has time to care about whatever nonsense they're whining about

Obviously you do. She honestly thinks most of us spend all our day on this site and don't have real lives outside this place? Maybe for her considering she has no job nor does she go to school and just lounges about all day but that doesn't really apply to the people here. It only takes like a few seconds to a minute or 5 to read and post a comment on the board.

No. 783083

oh that's right, she conveniently leaves that out when she whines about other ppl commenting about her. just another case of dishing it out but not being able to take it.

No. 783090

But in dorians video she wasnt specifically talking about people who are XXXXL, she made it sound like she was talking about anyone who is a overweight.

No. 783095

Not only that, it really wasn't relevant to the topic of discussion given what she actually said in the end.

No. 783096


Yes, being overweight (even few kg) is something that should provoke sane actions leading to losing excess fat. Since when is that sentence untrue? Or what is your problem here? Ask your doctor, they would recommend the same as Dorian did - losing weight. Why is that so problematic suddenly? No one is promoting anorexia so far or something going counter medical-science. Heck, even alt-medicine would recommend the same.

No. 783109

File: 1551670937520.jpg (179.67 KB, 1300x600, 152482852.jpg)

Tbh the video was useless and just an excuse for herbs to prance about. The comment section is better for recommendations, this is just a sample but there were loads more with links etc for finding goth for all types of people.

It just seemed like herbs did this to seperate himself from the itsblackfriday/toxic tears drama and kind of one up them but it just came across as disingenuous as more recent comments are starting to call him out. A real shame because I did like him.

No. 783120

Yeah. I couldn’t even finish the video. Once she started ranting about how it’s easier being skinny I stopped watching. I did really enjoy her channel but these recent videos are utter shit. And the video was really basic knowledge like to go on fucking eBay and Chinese stores. No shit Sherlock!

No. 783130

Ok, now i get it. you folks are just triggered by weight issues. Isn't it?(>gets banned for anachan posting, continues IMMEDIATLY when the ban expires)

No. 783140

again, no one here is saying that being overweight isn't unhealthy. should people who smoke or have other unhealthy lifestyles/habits not be allowed to wear the clothes that they like? just curious.

No. 783172


Because when you simplify it like that, "you overweight? lose it!" you suddenly force people into this tight spectrum of weight that is deemed "healthy" and that's how eating disorders begin, and then they end up weighing the grams they gained and counting calories to keep the weight the way it is, and lose the "excess".

The world does not revolve around the bodies that are deemed "good" and everyone else bad. The doctors and blood tests will tell someone if their body can cope with the extra weight.

The truth of the matter is that Dorian is NOT the person to talk about plus size clothing, especially in Goth, where it can be harder to find nice outfits. And what sucks is that there are very few plus size alternative people who at least discuss clothing because you don't need to be a certain body type to discuss music and bands.

Anyway, man I dislike Kat Blaque. I feel like she is the uber aggressive feminist that makes you shake your head and cringe. In an old video about blackface I said that I wanted to cosplay a tan character but I don't tan anymore (and don't want to put my skin through tanning for a cosplay) and asked if it would still be blackface to wear tan foundation/fake tan and she almost executed me in the comments. I am weirded out by her recent obsession with BDSM and the goth stuff. People usually dabble in aesthetics and subcultures when they are 15, not 28, yikes.

No. 783188

File: 1551711347260.jpg (298.98 KB, 720x886, CYMERA_20190304_114953.jpg)

No. 783190

She hauls that massive thing around for when she takes her kid out? How does she get on the bus, etc?

No. 783195

lol savage. I love how she destroyed her remaining reputation by being a dumb anti-vax activist instead of keeping her bs to herself.

Do you really think the goff queen takes a bus?

No. 783196


maybe it's because I live in a super intense, hot climate and summers are brutal but a black pram with black clothes for a child would be a TERRIBLE IDEA. I hope she has a white summer pram and some light, airy summer clothes cause that child will bake like a jacket potato in foil.

No. 783197

If Kaya's fans can find lolcow pretty easily, so could she. More than likely she googles her name sometimes, and it's been speculated she lurks. So why is she posting this now? Why is she posting it at all if she used to be active on PULL?

Yeah how dare someone suggest Kat takes the peasant wagon? Imagine her trying to just fit that down the street though kek.

No. 783199

Uuuuuuuh why is Jake trying to be more like Social Repose, a known dickhead and abuser of women?

No. 783216

I believe Kaya was referring to Ruadhan’s video, even though he only briefly mentioned her. And she made a video in the past about lolcow. She was crying about it in the video. Not sure if she still has it on her channel.

No. 783226

File: 1551718732301.jpg (Spoiler Image, 175.62 KB, 846x601, yikes.jpg)

lol I'm getting serious adorabatbrat vibes, but maybe she was always like this?

No. 783233

Wow. She wasn’t even fat before. She got a little chubby but oh because she gained a little weight she understands the perspective of a plus size person. She needs to fuck off with that “ automatic self confidence” bullshit. And those are some very inflatttering pictures. Why take a picture of your ass when you don’t got one?

No. 783235

I wonder what would happen if someone actually publicly called her out on this? I'm pretty sure most of her fans don't know what "PULL" is so they'd probably be lost until someone explains it and they do some digging.

I haven't watched the video to be honest but if that's what she was saying (overweight in general) then okay, I retract.

>No one is promoting anorexia

Exactly. If people were, people like Eugenia Cooney would be celebrated and revered as "ideal" but she isn't and she gets just as much criticism as someone like Amberlyn Reid.

To be fair, this comment did highlight what I suggested (altering clothes o your own) so at least there are people who do this or at least know they can.

>especially in Goth, where it can be harder to find nice outfits.

Say what? How? You do know that most Goths, especially back in the 80s didn't buy pre-packaged Goff clothing, they made their outfits on their own with the help of cheap clothing you could find anywhere and go from there. Accessories were the key component to giving that dark flair to something that appeared basic. I get what you're saying but it's not the end of the world if you can't afford the expensive clothing.

>Anyway, man I dislike Kat Blaque. I feel like she is the uber aggressive feminist that makes you shake your head and cringe. In an old video about blackface I said that I wanted to cosplay a tan character but I don't tan anymore (and don't want to put my skin through tanning for a cosplay) and asked if it would still be blackface to wear tan foundation/fake tan and she almost executed me in the comments. I am weirded out by her recent obsession with BDSM and the goth stuff. People usually dabble in aesthetics and subcultures when they are 15, not 28, yikes.

Well what do you expect? She's an SJW and most of them are insufferable lol. And Goth stuff? Yeah no. She hasn't exhibited anything of Goth to be honest, just BDSM. Until she starts talking about her discovery with some Goth music (acual Goth music) will I ever personally go "Yeah, she seems to be doing some digging into the Goth scene". I think she's only doing this ever since she started being open about her polyamory and follow her kinks. I eally hope she's not jumping onto the Goths are kinky stereotype because if she's actually linking Goth and BDSM as the same, oh dear…

Maybe she's lurking because her name has been dragged in the recent IBF drama, many people calling her out as a poser and she wants to see what others are saying lol

Because Social Repose has left Youtube (supposedly) and Jake is thinking he'll be the next Social Repose. I mean why not? Both are shitty people and make shit music. Why not?

No. 783254


I'm anon that mentioned goth outfits, and where I live, "goth clothes" as in, stores that cater to alternative tastes, are SO overpriced. They import everything and charge a ridiculous markup. Now yeah, you can order clothes from the internet, but it depends where from due to customs, and will it even fit? And as much as I enjoy a good band tee, I'm sick of stiff unisex tees with no shape. Two of my prized possessions are two Metallica clothes, a Master of Puppets soft slouchie hoodie from H&M and a black album soft cotton tee that's actually designed and cut for a female shape. It's so comfortable and flattering. 10/10 would not exchange.

I just shop around at "normie" stores and buy the black pieces. A lot of women in my country who are alt just buy black regular clothes and wear accessories. The fancier, decorative outfits are reserved to those with the money to afford them. Surefire way to spot a summer goth where I live is long black simple cotton dress, black sandals and ruby red or pitch black hair. Usually with an ankh necklace or a choker.

Unsure if it's cultural but here we have a really understated goth mentality. Piercings and coloured hair aren't necessarily indicators anymore. Rock radio stations are popular, and black is a super popular color regardless of your style.

Apologies for blogposting I just find it interesting how various countries or cultures tackle the alternative styles especially on a daily basis and not when you're at a goth club.(blogpost)

No. 783290

It seems like you're not the only one, I viewed the video and the more recent comments are calling her out on her shit. She does come off as up her own ass which is a surprise because thats what she usually claims other people to be

No. 783295


What bothers me about 'herbs' is that she often acts like she has some sort of wisdom in her vids. This is a 35 year old who still lives at home and has no day job? She must have the most enabling mother on earth.

She has gone through a series of addictions and obsessions and she never really recovers from any of them because she has no real responsibilities in life. She can drink heavily, do whatever drugs she's currently on, choose to be nocturnal, and she always has the security of living at her moms. She has no idea what being an adult is like.

Most 35 year olds have rent/a mortgage, a job, bills and have to run a house. And at 35 most people have had those things for 15 years already.

No. 783300

wow, I didn't know she was jobless, but yeah I agree with "often acts like she has some sort of wisdom in her vids." She does come off as an elitist now which is a bit of a contrast to some of her old videos.
Also shes apparently trying to lose another 20lbs. I remember seeing in an old thread but can't remember saying she would rather die than be fat, is she really over her disorders?

No. 783307


She makes no secret of the fact that she sleeps all day and rarely leaves the house so she can't possibly be working?

She goes in circles with these destructive behaviours, it's not long since she was drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels every night. She only stopped that because it was causing her to gain weight! Not because she wanted to live a productive life..

Imagine living in a house with your mid-thirties child that stays up drinking all night.

And who can afford a full size bottle of JD every single day when they are jobless? I think there's alot of enabling going on at home

No. 783308

It kind of looks like pro ana progress…
They have said they were in a pro ana websites and brags about her old extreme skinny photos are still shared in pro ana forums

No. 783309

she has said that she was diagnosed with aspergers
of course that doesn't excuse her of not taking responsibility and be an adult

No. 783313


I'm aware of the aspergers and wonder if maybe that's how she gets away with it?

Cos most parents wouldn't put up with that 'live in your house and sleep all day, drink all night' lifestyle

No. 783332

I think there’s a lot more the just aspergers going on. My brother has aspergers and he has a job and pays rent. No, herbs is just entitled, lazy, and bratty like IBF and TT. All three of them go through these self destructive cycles. They are all pathetic and make no effort into seeking help or actually improving their lives. They just want to leech off of their followers and feel oh so sorry for themselves for how terrible their entitled life is. Boohoo

No. 783334

Someone in the last thread dumped a load of her old pics for no apparent reason, the whole thing was strange.

No. 783357

Years ago someone asked her tumblr if she was ever on pull and she pretended like she thought they were asking if she was on the pill/ birth control and completely avoided answering the question. This was at least 5 years ago iirc.

No. 783363

Well, not vaccinating your child is also a terrible idea, but Kat Anti-Vaxx D doesn't give a shit about that baby's health or well being.

No. 783367

Man, I REALLY wish someone would have taken screencaps of her fat shaming on PULL.

>Dre is Toxic Tears 2.0
At least Dre knows how to dress herself.

Wow I feel kinda bad for Jake now, his mum sounds like a sociopath.

No. 783368

File: 1551739799191.jpeg (83.06 KB, 638x660, 57166CC6-6A4B-42FE-82A0-EFC70C…)

No. 783386

This is crazy but that was me who asked her that haha! Unless there were others who asked her that as well, she'd just avoid the question or pretend not to know what PULL was. I was a pullfag back in my days (about 2012-13ish) and saw her post there a lot. I think her username was DollxParts? but crazy how she denies all of it now lol

No. 783401

Because he saw that Social Repose's wannabe goth aesthetic and edgelord content played a huge role in his success and SR even said that he's doing all the dress up and make up thing because it attracts people. Jake still thinks he's going to make it with his music.

No. 783410

i saw dre tweet about trasha payta and "love when [she] cosbounds" so fuck her.

of course she denies, can't let ppl know she was one of those losers with no life talking shit on the internet, then she couldn't whine about comments on her for asspats.

No. 783420

Yeah in a way, she's like Chris Chan only not as insane or mentally inhibited. honestly the only real advice I could see her giving is about drug addiction but anything else and it's a bit of a stretch.

That's interesting though for me, seeing someone dressed in black and having pitch black or red hair is really not enough for me to determine if the person is Goth or just simply darkly-inclined. I guess I've bee let down too many times whenever I saw people like this around and when I'd ask them about Goth music, they wouldn't know any of the bands I mentioned but certainly knew the cliche Industrial stuff lol. But that's just me haha.

I feel like maybe Dorian has some sort of side job maybe? Like maybe she edits documents for people on the side or something to earn a bit of spending money and she wastes it on her booze.

Agreed. As someone who does suffer from autism, it's definitely not easy to deal with and my job is very customer service oriented so it can really drain me but we just gotta try to work through it. But I could forgive all of that if she actually did something? Even something as simple as freelance, it's better than lounging about and sleeping all day. With her DIY skills, she could easily start an indie clothing shop and sell some DIY clothing.

Oh okay lol Nevermind then. Well whatever the case, are her posts still even on that site?

LMAO Point taken.

Eh that's what these people tend to do. Cover up and deny their pasts. I hear Shoe0nHead does the same thing covering her tracks.

No. 783423

There used to be a girl on Tumblr named Xenia that TT hated. I think because her ex Matt left Kaya for her. Anyway TT and Jake used to fat shame her on Tumblr all the time.Karma's a bitch!

No. 783424

File: 1551751458526.png (558.21 KB, 720x1067, wp_ss_20190305_0002.png)

She either changed it or deleted it. Do you remember what/who she posted about?

No. 783439

Kaya frequently likes and retweets posts on Twitter about forgiving people who have done bad things in the past but have since seen the error of their ways and grown past it. Gee, I wonder why? Would she have ever changed her behaviour if she hadn’t gained weight?

No. 783445

File: 1551759244152.png (293.17 KB, 1080x2220, received_2240018379388062.png)

No. 783446

File: 1551759294827.png (960.42 KB, 1080x2220, received_434305997310150.png)

Kaya's no saint

No. 783451

This was even after her pull days! Seems nice in comparison

No. 783455

File: 1551760823461.jpg (5.07 KB, 266x189, when you are the moon.jpg)

when you are the moon

No. 783457

I remember when Kaya actually had ambition back in the day. She was learning Japanese, taxidermy, even wanted to go to college.It's sad she's given up on the opportunity to make something of herself to make haul videos on youtube.

No. 783465

File: 1551764411254.jpeg (318.62 KB, 1242x1537, 4D61DCD0-6BED-436F-B752-B5042D…)

No. 783478

iirc back then PULL went down for a long time, reformed, and came back up on a completely different server. it was basically a whole new website and design, and everyone had to remake their accounts. So everything on the old server got wiped, a lot of users from before didn't come back (I didn't). I don't remember exactly who she'd post about but she'd post often and rip into people in typical pullfag gossiping/nitpicking fashiom and and uploaded a lot of photoshoot pictures of herself in the offtopic sections (back when she was a lot thinner and more into the cybergoth, dreads, fluffy leg warmers type of thing). I always felt she was trying to get famous or something and I remember all this cause I thought she was really pretty in the photos she'd post. This was way before she gained a significant amount of subscribers. Sorry I don't have a lot more milk on that though.

No. 783479

File: 1551769263186.jpeg (31.33 KB, 431x640, F13F30FF-12D2-4FDA-BF52-297D02…)

I remembr back when TT was a PULLfag, she was OBSESSED with Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova

No. 783492

Honestly, this is one of her best looks

No. 783535

Read your old fat shaming posts Kaya, you're fat because you're stupid kek

No. 783557

This one is probably the only one I actually don't see issue with because well, ir's true. "Curvy" was never a euphemism for morbidly obese. Unless Kaya is referring to herself as "curvy" now that she is overweight bordering on obese?

No. 783558

This one is probably the only one I actually don't see issue with because well, ir's true. "Curvy" was never a euphemism for morbidly obese. Unless Kaya is referring to herself as "curvy" now that she is overweight bordering on obese?

No. 783561

No. 783565

Jake said some vile things on his tumblr as well

No. 783572

"Gorgeous, toned midriff" LMAO! In her best days she was skinny-fat

No. 783614

File: 1551815866651.jpeg (194.75 KB, 750x1334, FE3A045B-2B0E-4A6B-AAE1-82D7F8…)

sad times

No. 783625

File: 1551818586668.jpg (53.26 KB, 537x495, d6LCJSa.jpg)

kek! also spotted this while attempting to find any of jake's old fat shaming posts. old but gold.

No. 783633


I love how the person said the "hater" had "vile tiny boobs" when kaya herself always had tiny breasts. Nowadays with her awful figure + awfully cut clothes + never wearing a bra she has what I would actually call "vile tiny boobs", they look kinda gross as if she is an overgrown 12 year old whose breasts are just starting to show, looking like two tiny fat lumps that haven't got a breast shape yet, different from a adult woman's small breasts. I thought these were gross even when I had them myself hahahah

No. 783649

I think he deleted them all or made a new blog unfortunately

No. 783651

it's all still there, behold-munro.tumblr.com/archive

No. 783657

Pretty sure I remember him having a blog pre 2013 as well though where all the fat shaming went on

No. 783673

File: 1551825171104.jpg (779.29 KB, 1572x1920, 19-03-05-23-19-47-656_deco.jpg)

Adora's been with Sireplague again.
Got any milk on those two?

No. 783681

File: 1551825971736.png (269.01 KB, 1080x580, 20190305_224551.png)

So they're that desperate to do 'their job ' when their internet was down…

No. 783684

File: 1551826051644.png (803.73 KB, 1080x1002, 20190305_224539.png)

No. 783688

File: 1551826624836.png (377.69 KB, 641x515, pull.png)

No. 783689

File: 1551826780742.png (522.62 KB, 628x490, tumblrrr.png)

does anyone know where Jake used to work?

No. 783690

File: 1551827227740.jpg (101.19 KB, 600x888, tumblr_mvyqt5vFcY1qikgkto1_640…)

how is it that Kaya used to be able to mix goth and cute styles together but completely fails now.
I think she looks lovely here
(sorry for picture dump..going through Jake's tumblr, back when he was actually attracted to Kaya)

No. 783691

File: 1551827497469.png (604.07 KB, 629x711, pull.png)

I bet he can't do that anymore

No. 783693

What are they raising money for?

No. 783697

This actually looked pretty good, especially in comparison to her appearance nowadays. It had a sort of gothic faerie aesthetic.
Nowadays, she literally looks like the sort of person who would make fun of her on PULL but also skinwalk her at the same time.
>>783688 would post about how >>783690 and >>783479 "isn't that pretty and is kind of a poser and a snowflake?? idk just my two cents".

No. 783700

A+ anon. We need more memes in these threads

Looks like a call center or do you ask for the specific company?

No. 783703

I think 1) She tries way too hard now to be relevant so it always looks tacky hot topic mall goth. 2) Times have changed but she for some odd reason trying to do the whole pastel goth 2012 tumblr vibe which is DEAD. 3) Trying to mix cute style in when you’re not even cute anymore doesn’t help, she’s not young cute and/or petite any more, she’s a mammoth of a woman. The weight does not suit her with that round uncontoured potato face which is blown up in size from the pale foundation and those tiny skinny sharpie brows which are too small so emphasize how fat her head is. She needs to either lose weight or select a makeup and clothing style that is flattering for her…. or both kek

No. 783705

I think it's always been call centre type work… IIRC some kind of logistics firm then a bank/phone company? And Paypal

No. 783716


On her Instagram she's been visiting Sireplague's sisters birthday party. That's kind of serious :O
Bit young, ey…

No. 783724

File: 1551836239681.jpg (131.44 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_pm9tktTAzR1qikgkto1_128…)

Yeah both him and kaya did call centres, probs cos they got to sit down. Don't know if both did the same one. Kaya did British Gas.

I think it's also:
-she likes pastel and not goff anymore. >>783690 this is creepy cute and works. Most of her goff outfits work. But she wears pastel with goff forced on cos she fears losing subs and maybe Jake. Pic related.

-in denial of weight cos of her fat shaming. She needs to accept her new body/face type. For someone who modelled and did this >>783479, how did she get here?

No. 783726

I'm surprised herbs defends kaya given her feelings on anyone even slightly overweight.

No. 783727

That whole video was a subscriber grab. She defended the youtubers with a following large enough to benefit her.

No. 783728

Ah that makes sense. Its funny that IBF left a positive comment on herbs video despite the fact herbs said she agreed with what Ruadhán 1334 was basically saying several times. I swear these goff youtubers and their followers are some of the dumbest bunch on youtube.

No. 783742

File: 1551841360260.jpg (105.58 KB, 1094x585, 098240587923857.jpg)


The chubby face paired with the hat makes him look like the lovechild of Billy Corgan and Joji Grey.

No. 783759

She didn't defend TT though, she said she's disappointed with how her channel has changed and became just about hauls and unboxings.

No. 783770

Kaya also worked at paypal at one point, and it paid pretty well. I think that was the job she had that she said was making her miserable and quit. She never said why it made her miserable though. I think that might have also been where she met John.


No. 783775

File: 1551845820155.png (325.67 KB, 750x1334, 16FE81C4-ABF2-458A-B2C0-4AF929…)

No. 783776

File: 1551845923617.png (776.97 KB, 750x1334, E97BCAD9-D86C-4C55-8F46-E4D556…)

No. 783797

… LOL This… Is just too perfect.

Goth isn't the word that comes to mind when I see this but yes I will agree she actually looked good here. Not sure why she sucks styling herself now but part of the problem is because she doesn't or won't dress for her size.

Pretty much all this. It's the weight gain especially that totally destroys her look she's trying to shoot for. Her potato shaped face especially.

See as tacky as the outfit on the right is, I feel like it could possibly work if she actually were thinner. She has not body shape at all and it just… Looks unflattering. And she got there because she got complacent once she got with Jake lol

Yeah and now they're swarming Ruadhal's video with the downvotes lol.

Didn't she also work at Sephora? (Or some store)?

No. 783798

She worked at Lush for like a week but quit because her 'feet hurt'.She was probably turning up to work in completely inappropriate footwear for retail for ~aesthetic~

No. 783904

File: 1551899269732.jpg (117.01 KB, 2000x2000, 37843.jpg)

This is not milk, but Kat Von D released a new eye shadow palette obnoxiously called vegan, with equally obnoxious shade names to match. To quote a comment on themakeupnews Instagram:
"ughh polio never looked so pigmented".

No. 783911

Holy shit, I knew he reminded me of someone in that fucking hat and lip piercings! Say, what happened to Joji? Last I heard of him he had broken up with his boyfriend of many years, closed his bone shop, and was trying to become a dominatrix or something.

No. 784014


Her thread is active.

No. 784019

Welcome to another episode of 'Kaya pleads poverty and begs for stuff'
Giant £100 bean bag she doesn't want to pay for
Tokyo trip she can't afford
Even more makeup palettes
Disco ball

No. 784021

Just the picture alone makes it look like a trainwreak. Someone make her and her bf stop

No. 784041

i know she just had her goth vegan baby but did she even try with this? none of the shads really stand out and seems like they could be found elsewhere.

rme so hard when she said she wanted a space to relax from "work". it's not that hard to film/edit videos, especially when you choose to do it. also, idk if she's always said this at the end, but when she was talking about patreon, she mentioned it's a way to tip creators for the content they create, lol. i thought the point was to reward ppl, but she's only got the one [discord chat, whoopdedoo] and doesn't seem to offer anything special for the page, just the same vids that are already posted on youtube.

No. 784043

File: 1551928199251.png (459.4 KB, 1440x2216, 20190307_030427.png)

Such a self-important cunt. Boo hoo feel bad for me I have dental pain because my hygiene is awful. Dont look at the loser having a seizure, Pay attention to me!!!

He boils my piss.

No. 784074

It literally looks like some of her old metal crush eyeshadows put in a palette.

No. 784081

No milk but now that coalcandy is gone to Switzerland, she needs a new boytoy.

No. 784086



how much of a narcissist do you have to be to try and down-play a woman's seizures.

(and i mean maybe go see a dentist earlier???)

No. 784094

File: 1551948207776.jpeg (232.37 KB, 744x1029, C259053D-3642-4B0C-882F-2EEB2C…)

Oh so since Germany kicked her out, it’s now a shitty place?

No. 784095


Forgot to add—I know she’s probably talking about her sham of a marriage but I feel like she’s gonna act like she got tired of living in Germany when we know she would’ve still stayed if she could.

No. 784141


But never mind the poor woman having a seizure, MAH TOOF ACHES! What a waste of oxygen he is.

Replace seizure with "stabbed" or "shot"

>this woman came in bleeding all over the place from being stabbed multiple times and collapsed in the waiting room (she was fine), I had to wait an hour for her to regain consciousness (again, she was fine)

No. 784161

when she says she lies on the ground of her attic and watched netflix all I can imagine is a beached whale.
she has a sitting room with a couch and a bedroom but she'd rather lie on her dirty cold floor

No. 784163

I wonder how he paid for that root canal?
do they get free dental in N Ireland because it can cost up to 600 euros for one of those in the republic of ireland

No. 784166

kek same. The whole video is yet more begging, she thinks she's being sneaky or subtle without directly saying "will someone buy me a giant bean bag / disco ball / projector / pink palette??" how do her deluded fans not see this? It's embarrassing and pathetic. When she's even older and fatter she's going to STRUGGLE once her emo fans grow out of her. Get a job Kaya.

No. 784169

Omg lol! I thought you were making these things up because that's like an exaggerated list of things she begs for from time to time. My ESL ass also didn't know you call these bags to sit on "bean bag" so I thought of an actual bag of beans.
Sometimes I wonder if the begging is more subconscious with her because all she thinks of are materialistic things so of course she talks about them.

Jake is such an entitled idiot. I got a root canal myself when I was younger and it takes a long ass time for the pain to become so bad that you can't take it anymore. It's his own fault for not going to the dentist earlier. I'm actually surprised that this is a case for an emergency and that he got the surgery so quickly.

No. 784172

Thanks, anon!

No. 784176

Not sure, but here in the UK there are training hospitals where you can get treated for free if you can't afford a dentist.You just have to wait hours.
Although dental care is free if you're on benefits so….
I reckon if he had to pay he would have moaned about it by now

No. 784199

Kaya: I need to save for Japan but it's so hard

also Kaya:
I want a big beanbag chair
I want new eye shadow palettes
we're going out to eat and then frozen yogurt and then we're going to a bar

Her entire video was her talking about what she wants, she's actually worse than kelly eden

No. 784231

>she's actually worse than kelly eden
Right? Mostly they're very similar, but Kelly has hobbies apart from wanting things. She goes outside to do more than eat junk at least.

No. 784237


it's absolutely hilarious how he plays it up. i know people think root canal treatments are made of PAIN AND SUFFERING but this mentality doesn't really help anyone. take care of your teeth and seek treatment immediately when something feels off. it doesn't even need to hurt to call an appointment.

it's not a toothpick Jake you absolute wiener and they defo didn't drill into your skull. it's called a file, it stops in the apex, and your face is rotten.

No. 784258

Jake and Kaya probably don't go to the dentist cause its not free when you're not a child lol

City hospital in belfast is notorious for wait times, well the whole NHS is in a state, of course someone having seizures is more important than the chubby goth holding his fucking cheek.

No. 784263

File: 1551987048188.jpg (996.46 KB, 1440x1920, 19-03-07-20-08-19-626_deco.jpg)

Sireplague posted another picture of him and Adora on his Instagram.

No. 784279


She keeps getting older and they stay the same age.

No. 784287

File: 1551994979956.png (220.75 KB, 1080x837, 20190307_214221.png)

No Kaya we don't, because you're too scared to talk about the music and would rather create and share pop music playlists instead

No. 784294

Didn't she say in her ungoth confession video that she doesn't listen to the music? It was quite a while ago but I remember her saying something like this.

No. 784311

Toxic tears talks about the drama.

No. 784316

No way am I going to fall for that slosh. Anyone want to do a quick run down of her begging and complaining?

No. 784320

>woman having seizure and being wheeled out in a wheelchair
This dickhead:
>uuugh how inconvenient for me!!!!

I hope Kaya splits with him long before this insensitivity becomes an issue. Can you imagine her giving birth or something and him whining in a corner somewhere that it's taking too long

No. 784329

They will never split because Jake has no family or friends that he keeps in touch with and he is only with her for YT fame

No. 784331

>> I watched the video, here's a run down of what was said:
>she was going to film a crafting/diy video but didn't because she didn't want to set up the the table, so she filmed this instead
>says she will delete any hate comments she gets on the video
>says she doesn't care what people say about her
>goes on to talk about how much she cares about what people say about her
> claims that she turns down a lot of sponsorships, even if it's for products she likes
>references Ruadhan's video and responds to what he said about her, while claiming to have never watched the video
>claims to listen to Goth music
>says she doesn't need to thrift of diy clothes because she gets sent so much free stuff
>talks more about how the hate is getting to her
>claims the Goth community is 'toxic'
>references Ruadhan again

No. 784333

oops, meant to post that as a reply to >>784316 sorry

No. 784336


Thank goodness they decided not to procreate then.


It’s really rich for her to condemn “online bullying” when she used to gatekeep as well. So she gained empathy since she got fat? I think not. Most “hate” comments about her is about whining, e-begging, and scamming her fans anyway not just her lack of appreciating goth music.

No. 784337

I decided to take one for the team and watch it at 1.5 speed and it still seemed like it'd never end:

-She said she's going to try growing mushrooms for some reason (???) but now now, takes ages to actually start the video ("I'm at my limit" "Don't comment if you're going to hurt my feelings uwu" etc)
-Says she hates drama, drama forums, drama videos, etc "It's all trash" "I spend so much time avoiding this stuff, I don't want to know" (fucking hypocrite, we all know you were on PULL 1.0)
-"Unboxing videos and hauls are sent to me by the brands, that's not something I'm trying to hide, I'm not being sneaky about it"
-"I'm turning down companies about things I like because they wouldn't fit into the channel, because people would be nasty about it"
-"You don't have to watch haul/ unboxing videos if you don't like them!!!1!""They're either for the purpose of reviewing or for inspiring people, leave people alone if you don't like them!"
-"There's no right or wrong way [to be goth], there's never being one single way to do it" "I don't care if you think I'm goth or not, do you even know what music I listen to on a daily basis?" "This is not a channel about goth, about a directory of bands etc." "YES, I do like listening to goth music, yes, I generally identify as a goth, but I don't HAVE to share every interest I have on this channel or educate people about goth"
-Randomly talks about reviewing albums and how she can't do that because she knows nothing about music terms, "I'm not a musically minded person"
-"I like the music but I can't actively participate in it, while I can in fashion, I can put together outfits or modify clothes" KEK
-"Have you seen me? Half the time I'm dressed in pink frilly stuff, I can't tell you ~how to be goth ~"
-"I'm being made to feel like a bad person because I receive stuff I like"
-Stresseds that she hasn't seen any videos or anything critical about her it's just "comments being sent her way"
-"I can't believe people have never met me but hate me just because I make videos online"
-"I'm trying to self improve and be better, but the nastiest comments come from the goth scene, it's toxic" "Kids come to me for advice not knowing what to do because people are being dicks to them" "You don't KNOW where someone is mentally! People may even kill themselves!"

Fuck me, this got really long.

No. 784339

Smh she will never understand, will she? She clearly doesn't like the music. We all know her favourite music is pop and probably some emo or metal. Liking a couple of songs by SoM doesn't a goth make, Kaya. She's admitted several times she doesn't like the music and didn't recognise some well known goth bands in her stupid "What kind of goth am I?" video or whatever it was.

>I like goth music!

>I don't have to make videos about the music!
>I make videos about things I like!

Exactly. She was probably calling Ruadhan all sorts while watching the video, but tries to put on this act that she's sweet and wouldn't say a bad word about anyone. Her old PULL posts, her blog posts and the way she interacts with anyone who criticises her on her social media shows she is nothing like the "Hello lovelies!" facade would imply. She's just fake through and through. She also said she gets "young goths" coming to her for help because "older goths" have been nasty saying they can't be goth. This is either a straight up lie, or the "older goth" just simply said they can't be goth without liking the music.

No. 784340

I really wish we had screenshots from Kaya's PULL days. she's such a hypocrite it's hilarious

>Say she hates drama, drama videos AND DRAMA WEBSISTES AND FORUMS

>apparently there's some drama youtube videos about Kaya??
>talks about her unboxing videos getting a lot of hate
>complains all the time about no companies want to work with her because she's a goff and then admits that she turns down a lot of opportunities
>puts off doing unboxing videos because she's afraid people will be mean to her
>spends a couple minutes defending herself that she's goth, explains that she never talks about goth music because her channel isn't about goth things (????)
>"you don't have to have a skill to participate in fashion"
yeah you have no skill at all when it comes to fashion Kaya.

No. 784341

she thinks people have hopped on the bandwagon about hating her unboxings/hauls because they never used to complain before. Maybe because it wasn't as frequent back then, you dumb bitch? It's literally ALL she churns out now, and she wonders why people have a problem with it?

No. 784343

I think one of the big reasons Kaya isn't more in the goth scene especially in Belfast is because she's so terrified of being discovered for the fraud she is.
she doesn't like goth music, I don't know why it's so hard for her to admit.
she likes wearing black and she likes bats and vampires and that's okay..but she keeps trying to force this goth image that she just doesn't have

No. 784346

goths are toxic because they actually want you to like the music to be goth… ok then. so I guess someone who is only in it for the fashion ISN'T toxic, eh kaya?

No. 784361

I had really bad tooth pain once (had to have my tooth pulled) and it was the worst pain I've ever felt in my life, it made my neck and ear hurt and I cried from the pain. But if someone were to have had a seizure in front of me I would still acknowledge that their problem is more urgent. The thing I don't get is, why does he post stuff like this on the internet for everyone to see? He has to know it's going to make him look like an ass. You keep thoughts like that to yourself, boi.
He is human trash. I can't believe I used to be a patron on patreon and bought his shitty album on iTunes. The irony is that in the past he has complained about Emilie Autumn & Alissa White-Gluz being assholes/entitles and asking why Emilie has fans when the truth is he's no better than they are. Oh yeah, and he called Alissa arrogant.
Hello pot, meet kettle

No. 784362

File: 1552007229445.jpeg (402.34 KB, 1242x1921, F034046E-256B-476F-BFC0-156ECB…)

Lately IBF has been going around on Twitter liking tweets like these. All the tweets she’s liked never once mention that goth is formed from music, not clothes. Yet everyone seems to rant on about clothes. Think someone’s a bit butt hurt about what goth is.
Still, why doesn’t she and others call themselves gothic? Gothic is different from goth

No. 784373

Agreed OP. She's just ass hurt that once her sham marriage fell apart, the German immigration council was not going to give her an exception to stay in their country because contrary to what she thinks, she's not a celebrity and must follow the rules just like any other person.

> this woman came in bleeding all over the place from being stabbed multiple times and collapsed in the waiting room (she was fine), I had to wait an hour for her to regain consciousness (again, she was fine)

Kek too good.

I would think her fans have some sense if none of them have bought them these things and she keeps bringing it up.

Tell it OP, Tell it lol. Kaya is such a dumb bitch, people are catching onto her BS and more people are starting to call her out on it. She knows she doesn't listen to Goth music, she never talks about it. With all the free time she had, she would've by now but she hasn't because she doesn't like it but oh wait, she has time to gossip and dish about pop music instead. Gimme a break you fat poseur.

And Kaya won't leave him because she's a boring person with no personality, tangible aspirations, or a life. As bad as Jake is, they deserve each other to be honest. I used to feel sorry for Kaya but the more I learned of her, the more I started to feel less sorry for her.

> >references Ruadhan's video and responds to what he said about her, while claiming to have never watched the video

Just fucking say it. You watched the video. Stop playing stupid, it's insulting to your fans lol.

> claims to listen to Goth music

LOL Oh and I'm sure she name dropped a few bands that she listens to?

> claims the Goth community is "toxic"

Oh honey, it's not toxic, it's just that they don't put up with poser behavior. It's one thing if you're a newbie who's trying to get into it, there are plenty of people out there who will lend a helping hand but if you exhibit that you aren't interested in the music and care more about looking spoopy, they will call it out for what it actually is.

Thanks OP. Is she really this dense? The victimhood complex is strong with this glutton for punishment. The hate she gets is not just for being a poser but being a big complainer who won't take the initiative to better her life and instead, expects to be catered to without putting in the work for it.

> "This is not a channel about goth, about a directory of bands etc." "YES, I do like listening to goth music, yes, I generally identify as a goth, but I don't HAVE to share every interest I have on this channel or educate people about goth"

She needs to shut that hole in her face when it comes to this. No one is saying that she has to make videos on these things but it's the fact that before she came out saying she doesn't enjoy Goth music in 2016, she would always dance around it whenever someone asked about what music she liked. Then she backtracked and said she doesn't like talking about the music because "Elitists will come for me uwu" but the truth of the matter is that if she actually named actual Goth bands (Goth, not Industrial or Metal), she would be just fine and elitists would not be coming for her.

The fact that she can gush on and on about 90s pop music and other non goth bands yet can't even spend at least 3 minutes talking about Goth music tells us everything we need to know.

>I like goth music!
>I don't have to make videos about the music!
>I make videos about things I like!

And it's stupid because you don't need to be a music whiz to talk about music you supposedly like. Angela Benedict talks about the music without going into full detail of them and it's enough to get the point across that she likes it.

The fact that she didn't even recognize a lot of the Goth bands in that video you metioned ("What type of Goth am I"), bands that are pretty much the gateway that everyone knows when starting out is just… Sad. And again, telling.

And yeah, I'm pretty sure the "Young Goths" who go to her are the people who are just like her who want to be Goth but don't like Goth music and when an older person who is over the bullshit is straight up with them, they cry elitist and run to the queen of poserdom herself for comfort lol

Maybe the name "Toxic tears" is fitting for her because she is toxic herself and whines a lot.

Because he thinks his fans will kiss his ass. And I hate to say it but as asshole-ish as Emilie Autumn is, at least she has some talent unlike Mr. Discount Bargain bin Marilyn Munrow lol.

That Katt girl who responded said the most cringiest thing you'd expect to hear when someone asks "What is Goth" lol

No. 784398

What is also pretty grating is that apparently, we can't criticize anything TT does, as she's soooo depressed and we are mean bullies who want her to commit suicide or something. Like, what? It seems that whenever something doesn't go exactly her way, she brings up her depression, which she doesn't do anything about.

Well guess what, maybe there's a reason you're feeling the way you do - with a shitty boyfriend you have and a shitty life you lead. It's not rocket science. Why don't you ever do something to make the situation better, instead of whining and bringing up your depression whenever it's convenient for you. If your mental health is constantly so bad, then seek help and change something, for christ's sake.

No. 784420

File: 1552017363396.png (638.01 KB, 626x1009, wp_ss_20190308_0004.png)

Slight OT but apparently bishop does live streams with some DDLG in it. At home she can do whatever, but why tf on camera?

>when something doesn't go her way, she brings up her depression
IBF does this too. Lets them whine/get asspats. Even if they do have it, using it like this is shitty.
TT also uses it to be lazy - "I feel down a lot, makes editing so hard~"
1) unboxings aren't hard to edit.
2) if it's true, isn't it a sign to change? If it's a lie, find a new one, this one's wearing thin.

No. 784435

Age old excuse. Yep, just blame all your “struggles” in life in your “ mental illness” . Meanwhile she sloths about in a pile of chip crumbs crying over people calling her out for not liking the music.

No. 784458

Yes!! If TT's so sensitive to the few hate/criticising comments she gets then social media really isn't the right field of work for her. And implying a comment could be the reason someone kills themselves is really gross and manipulative "Hahaa!!! you can't criticize me because I have depression and I might kill myself!!!", Having depression doesn't make you immune to criticism Kaya.

As a side note, I've been watching her for a few years now but i've gotten progressively more tired of her whole demeanor lately. Unboxings of subscription boxes are extremely lazy, stale content and she knows it. Spooky Box Club is a huge rip off (you can find most the things from it on AliExpress) but she still promotes it to her viewers, THAT'S why people are annoyed about the continuous unboxings.

No. 784481

File: 1552039028286.png (132.96 KB, 1440x556, 20190308_095231.png)

Oh look, another "goth" YouTuber who's channel is nothing but unboxings and hauls saying this on toxic tears video, Color me shocked.

No. 784494

WHY is goth "whatever you want it to be?"
Is punk whatever you want it to be?
Is hip hop whatever you want it to be?

Genres and music subcultures have different names for a reason, because they're -shocking- have a set of characteristics to them. The most basic one is liking the music of the musical subculture.

At this point I'm getting pissed with these bitches. THEY KNOW, they just want to bend the subculture to fit their need for fitting in something alternative to seem special. Bitches, you are NOT goth, you are basic ass normies who are dressing kinda darkly-ish, and in TT's case, not even this.

Stop it already, it's getting more ridiculous by the day. Why do they want sooo bad to be labelled "goth", of all things? It's like they fight tooth and nail to be included in something they don't even understand! Where do these people see that being goth = cool?
Because frankly, the media always portrays goths in the most pathetic way, like we are ridiculous, silly, immature, etc etc

Goth is NOT whatever you want it to be. Apart from your life, nothing is whatever you want it to be, you spoiled oversize toddlers. They ignore almost 40 years of history and a VERY rich -and diverse!-
musical catalog just because "but I wannaaaa! I'm a goth toooo! You can't stop meeee!"

No one's gonna stop you. You aren't goth, no matter what you say 1000 times. Keep whining and making yourself look more stupid by every fit. Kaya's new video is pathetic. She is pathetic. And Kaya, since you read everything people say about you: nothing you say will change the fact that you don't listen to the music and you know it. Besides that, no actual goth would ever fight this hard to be recognized as a goth. It's even kind of embarrassing sometimes, like when normies are like "sooo, are you a goth?" And you don't wanna be associated with the stupid mainstream stereotype and you're like "eeeeeh… kind of"

No. 784499

>goth is whatever you want it to be
if that's the case, what exactly is the point of calling it "goth"?
I guess, to me, goth means sitting in my underwear all day watching netflix. because why not?

No. 784501

File: 1552045887967.gif (671.12 KB, 320x240, definitely goth.gif)

No. 784512

Kaya will probably cry and scream "GATEKEEPERS!" when she sees this comment (good)

No. 784518

>>784481 The Haunted Bat doesn't call herself Goth. Not that I agree with her comment or anything,I'm just pointing out that she's never said she was Goth.

No. 784519

True that. But in her defense she does look their age.
Her oldest daughter is 15, and considering Adora's age (45/46) she could have kids the same age as the
boy she dates (IF she does).

No. 784527

That only makes her remark re: "goth is whatever you want it to be" even less valid.

No. 784532

Let's forget the music for a second, what does Kaya actually BRING to the subculture? She doesn't participate in it at all (unboxings and hauls ain't it sis), she doesn't go to events or clubs and she doesn't support the scene in any way. If anything, she claims there are no goths in Belfast which is nonsense. Her and her fat emo boyfriend just bash on the place and people all the time. Who wants to bet the reason they don't actively seek out anyone in the scene is because they'll be exposed as the poser frauds they are? They both need to fuck off and stop claiming to be something they're not.

No. 784545

>>784532 but not everyone likes clubs? I consider myself Goth and I listen to the music, but I don't go to clubs, goth or otherwise, because I find the atmosphere to be stressful, and I don't like dancing and I don't drink so there's not much for me to do there anyway.
Similar thing with festivals, I would enjoy the bands but all the crowds and people would make it too stressful for me, and I can't really afford it anyway.
I agree that if TT doesn't like the music she's not goth, but I don't think it should be required to attend clubs.

No. 784579

this came up in my recommended videos and thought it was interesting considering all the talk about how wearing/owning killstar [and like brands] doesn't make you goth.

when will idiots learn if you truly don't care for what others say about you, you don't have to constantly post it, you'd just go about your life and let them say what they will.

well said. wearing a studded jacket without listening to punk and participating in the scene doesn't make one a punk, nor does one have to wear that to be punk if they do the other things, so idk where kaya and others got the idea that a certain style of dress and spooky interests or whatever makes you goth if the music isn't part of the deal.

No. 784590

Eugh this chick. I've seen her channel before and did a browse through it. Nothing but haul and unboxing crap, no mention of Goth music (even in her playlists) and yada uada. Yeah of course she's going to say the classic ignorant "Goth is whatever you want" bullshit. Fuck off with that nonsense.

100% anonymous. These bitches just need to accept they aren't Goth and move on. It' not the end of the world to nor be Goth, everyone is into different things. I don't know about this chick but TT clearly has some interest in Kawaii so why can't she just go there. She's already exhibiting interest in it so why the fuck not? Because clearly "Goth" is just not for her (and he many others like her). Because guess what Kaya, you can fart around with this nonsense all day, you will never be embraced by actual Goths because they see you for what you really are and it's not elitism neither.

Exactly. These two assholes bring absolutely nothing to the subculture. Crappy, boring shit-tastic haul videos of crap items doesn't do anything tangible for the scene.

No. 784603

What gives me more pleasure is that she can cry "gAt3KeePers" all she wanta but she KNOWS the truth. When she's alone listening to spice girls and she reads these comments she knows.

There's nothing wrong in daring someone younger than you if they're both of legal age and share the same interests and values, tho?

But if you consider yourself goth, listen to the music, participate in it in some way even if online (discussion boards, downloading and listening to music, etc) you are a goth. Not everyone likes clubbing and that's ok. I myself moved cities and still haven't found the goth events were I am and it doesn't make me any more less goth and neither do makes you. Hell, I have a lot of health problems that cause me pain so I attend like 1 out of 5 events or less if I'm feeling particularly bad.

The point >>784532 is trying to make is that if one (in this case Kaya and Jake) doesn't participate in ANY way, be it listening to the music at home, producing and/or consuming content related to goth or even going to clubs that play goth/goth related music or any goth event they are not goth. Neither kaya or jake have fondness for any aspect of the subculture apart from the things they claim to make them goths. That's why they HAVE to claim everything they do is goth, because otherwise, they have no relation to the subculture. They don't even dress goth, they're just alternative. People wouldn't talk this much about them if they were just living their lives as alternative people.

>>when will idiots learn if you truly don't care for what others say about you, you don't have to constantly post it, you'd just go about your life and let them say what they will.

Yes! This! The more they fight to be included more obvious it is that they don't belong and that they care a loooot about what people say about them.


I think Kaya is just emotionally stunted in her early teenage years. When she was a teen being seen as goth was something that made her feel liked, beautiful, special. She never actually grew up and developed a real life of her own, with real interests, real music taste, etc so she clings to what she thinks is a goth aesthetic. When really, all that matters is listening to the music, participating a bit and dressing a bit alternative. Music is the defining point. In her mind she has so much to prove by dressing in black, having her house decorated in a spoopy way… if you came to my house you wouldn't guess a goth lives here, because one of my interests apart from goth is vintage decor so it's all midcentury-ish

No. 784617

I'm beginning to think of this as the gentrifying of goth because it shares some of the same features. From the decoupling of the clothing from the music to the overpriced, cutesy, BRANDED "spooky" ware - not to mention the onslaught of movies and tv shows that share some of the same aesthetics, it's not surprising "kids" think goth is whatever you want it to be. At least Shitstar is cheaper than Heavy Red, and neither is "goth" to me.

The irony is, all shilling puts real goth subculture (music) even further outside the mainstream than ever. Fine with me.

No. 784647

Does anyone else feel like TT kept reinterating that she knows things people say about her because they are direct comments to her or people have told her what’s posted and it’s NOT because she has read them on anywhere
>Cough cough cough I dont read lolcow cough cough
Tin foil hat but she is wearing the same makeup as >>783479
Sorry Kaya but I think you did read these comments on lolcow because you are most likely on here all the time.

No. 784649

I was just about to say this. We all know both Kaya and Jake lurk here. When we brought up that she never talks or plays any goth music, she suddenly started playing LMR in her videos. When we said Jake doesn't like the music, he went on a rant about it in a Q&A video. Someone posted a picture of Kaya in that unfortunate pink hoodie when she was in LA and she was "crying on the bathroom floor" over it. How can she then deny she checks here? The whole "I don't read those drama sites but I have people telling me what they're saying" bull is just like the shebeast Raven Sparks claiming she never reads these sites but has people telling her about it. No one is falling for it Kaya

No. 784650

Not by a Goth YouTuber, but I found this video talking about 'gatekeeping' in the subculture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXcvQqZ44qI&t=264s
A tweet from Angela Benedict is shown around the 4 minute mark.

No. 784666

File: 1552085740699.png (154.07 KB, 619x641, Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 5.53…)

don't know if this would be the right thread for this but does anyone follow samhaimtheone? the dude that looks like a clown. I was lurking her ex gf's tumblr (rottenmorgue) and came across this post from december. see some milk potential, she's kinda nuts as well.

No. 784667

File: 1552085828563.png (164.45 KB, 514x671, Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 5.53…)

No. 784668

File: 1552086111598.png (178.18 KB, 531x639, Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 5.54…)

No. 784671

If this is written by rottenmorgue, she’s a cheating cunt herself. I stopped follow after her whole drama. I will die laughing if she got cheated on by the guy she left her partner for.

No. 784679

"Oh I don't read these forums but people tell me what people say on them"

1-of course both she and jake do.
2-even if they just know what are being said here without looking ot up themselves they're still pretty informed! If people tell them everything in details, they get pissed, rant about it and try to prove things to us then they're keeping up with "teh dRaMa" pretty closely.

The same as if someone just read aloud to her hahaha Kaya, you're pathetic pathetic pathetic. And if you feel like it all affects you so much that it escalates your depression to the point of having a fit publicly and threatening to kill yourself, you should seek a therapist, it'll help you. Also, go to a psychiatrist and treat your depression once and for all, not all meds make you gain weight, some even make you lose weight as a side effect. Girl, you're a able bodied 20 something, you can still turn your life around, stop making internet the central focus of your life. We are here criticizing people but it's in our spare time, we have lives. Go figure your life out kaya, wake the fuck up

No. 784682

Forget the unfinished, year late korea vlog, now it's old LA footage. She didn't post before cos there "wasn't enough", even though Jake has 3(?) videos on it.

Bet she was never gonna post, and only did now cos she's lost for ideas - hauls will get hate bc of the recent stuff she sooo doesn't keep up with.

No. 784687

love how she tries to call him out for racism when she has repeatedly used the n word on cam and her tumblr lolz

No. 784716

I'm only a minute through and Kaya "I want to eat 50 Tim Horton's doughnuts everyday" Lilli already brings up America's obesity problem, which she's done before (she said American food portions were too big for her LOL) and Jake does the same thing. Are they somehow deluded into thinking they're fitness gods? The UK also has an obesity problem, just saying.

No. 784723

She barely looks like a human in this pic with Kelly Eden

No. 784727

> What gives me more pleasure is that she can cry "gAt3KeePers" all she wanta but she KNOWS the truth. When she's alone listening to spice girls and she reads these comments she knows.

Which is sad because I actually do like a few Spice Girls songs (90s kid LOL) but I feel confident listening to them because in the back of my head, I know I listen to and enjoy plenty of Goth bands

> The point >>784532 is trying to make is that if one (in this case Kaya and Jake) doesn't participate in ANY way, be it listening to the music at home, producing and/or consuming content related to goth or even going to clubs that play goth/goth related music or any goth event they are not goth. Neither kaya or jake have fondness for any aspect of the subculture apart from the things they claim to make them goths. That's why they HAVE to claim everything they do is goth, because otherwise, they have no relation to the subculture. They don't even dress goth, they're just alternative. People wouldn't talk this much about them if they were just living their lives as alternative people.

Agreed so much with this because it's true. A person who is really into Goth won't feel the need to label everything "Goth" (when it isn't). When I think about the Goths I've met in person, they don't label dark things "Goth", they just say "Dark" or "creepy", not "Goth". That is the final step of becoming a Goth in my opinion. Learning that Goth is music and not just dark things and when you learn to stop calling dark things Goth.

> I think Kaya is just emotionally stunted in her early teenage years. When she was a teen being seen as goth was something that made her feel liked, beautiful, special. She never actually grew up and developed a real life of her own, with real interests, real music taste, etc so she clings to what she thinks is a goth aesthetic. When really, all that matters is listening to the music, participating a bit and dressing a bit alternative. Music is the defining point. In her mind she has so much to prove by dressing in black, having her house decorated in a spoopy way… if you came to my house you wouldn't guess a goth lives here, because one of my interests apart from goth is vintage decor so it's all midcentury-ish

Yeah I think you're right which is funny because even when I see her old photos, "Goth" was not the word that comes to my mind, more like "Rivethead" (did she even listen to Industrial Music?) But yeah considering that she did a bit of modeling and was getting revered for it, she never felt the need to actually develop into a real person with real interests and that is really a shame. I can only imagine how she'll be when she hits her mid 40s. And that' funny about the "spoopy" home decor as if you were to step in my home, you wouldn't be able to tell I was into Goth music as I'm actually a bit of a video game nerd lol.

> At least Shitstar is cheaper than Heavy Red, and neither is "goth" to me.

True that but honestly when it comes to dark fashion, Heavy Red has the better items lol.

And seeing how so many new Goth bands barely breaks views on YouTube because no one really talks about them is kinda sad but at least it keeps the mainstream at bay.

Useless video. It's pretty obvious this chick doesn't know what actual Goth is nor why actual Goths found SSSniperwolf's caption idiotic.

Kaya and Jake being that delusional about health is hilarious. American portions too big for her? Hm… Yeah no because if they really were on top of it all, they wouldn't look the way they do currently.

No. 784731

File: 1552102294912.png (37.3 KB, 630x141, non goth fan.png)

she's a saint… im not sure how i feel about this 'non' goth fan. it's just so typical isn't it.

No. 784733

what's the rottenmorgue drama?

No. 784749

File: 1552105873097.jpeg (196.36 KB, 740x1105, B5251542-AC72-4DBE-9FD7-C1D9FD…)

Even my edgy 14yr old self would’ve cringed at this “poem.”

No. 784775

This. When poseurs™ cling to goth but know they don't qualify, they overcompensate with material stuff and discrediting anyone who susses them out.

I'm into a few genres of alt music that have distinct clothes and don't see this shit there. What is it about goth?

>did she even listen to Industrial Music
She used to dress industrial/cyber, but I bet her music taste was the same as now.

They're like 14 year olds in love for the first time and oversharing it all. Reminds me of Drac Makens and her "super sexy bf!!" that she left. How long til they get sick of each other?

No. 784790

They think that label "goth" makes them more interesting. Usually because they have nothing else to offer, and in their minds, dressing goth automatically makes them spooky and mysterious, and maybe adds some probability of a complicated backstory. As some anons above said, it's just a teenage mentality. Some tend to never overcome it.
Also presence of goths in media influences that a lot, as it seems to me. Stereotypically goth characters rarely listen to goth music and just "act goth". In my youth a lot of people knew about goths thanks to news and media, but everyone asked what is goth and why we dress black, no one had a clue that it's about music.
Poseours and generally uninteresting people who just want to seem like they are interesting do not care about the point of anything, they only want to scratch the surface.

No. 784792

so..he didn't actually spend any money on his wife and mother of his child but just shit out this "poem"?

No. 784799

Didn't they go to LA in 2017? And she only thought to upload this NOW? Lazy lazy lazy.

I like that she said "this is why America has an obesity problem" about the pancakes, but still ate them…

So true. Fake "goths" feel the need to be OTT with their look and home decor to counter any criticism. Like they think it makes them immune because LOOK HOW GOFF ME AND MY HOUSE IS!! I WOULDN'T GO TO THIS MUCH TROUBLE IF I WASN'T A TRUE GOTH™

No. 784808

She's wearing that scarf/whatever it is over her face to cover her acne, not because she's "cold" kek!

No. 784811

I can’t believe she’s still using that clothing store in Belfast as her personal PO Box

No. 784822

Keep in mind that The Haunted Bat doesn't consider herself Goth. She's a "Halloween Enthusiast" (in her words) and her videos are about Halloween. I know she does a lot of hauls, but she did have a series not long ago about making a Halloween themed doll house, and she does crafting videos and pet videos on occasion.
If she's not a Goth then she doesn't need Goth music.

No. 784867

Why does she use it? Is she apart of them or something?

No. 784881


IIRC I think they’re near to where her and Jake live and she made a review video about them so I think they initially agreed to let her use their store for her mail until she was able to get a proper PO Box because she wailed about being “oh so poor” or something and I guess they’re still accepting her shit.

No. 784884

Then why is she talking about it.

No. 784888

Because the only people who would actually say things like this are normies and young impressionable baby bats lol.

> She used to dress industrial/cyber, but I bet her music taste was the same as now.

Rh you're probably right LOL

> This. When poseurs™ cling to goth but know they don't qualify, they overcompensate with material stuff and discrediting anyone who susses them out.

I'm into a few genres of alt music that have distinct clothes and don't see this shit there. What is it about goth?

I think it's because Goth got so much misappropriation in the media for over 2 decades.

> Also presence of goths in media influences that a lot, as it seems to me. Stereotypical goth characters rarely listen to goth music and just "act goth". In my youth a lot of people knew about goths thanks to news and media, but everyone asked what is goth and why we dress black, no one had a clue that it's about music.

Hit the nail on the head. That's why it's so common to hear people say things like "Oh, but I ACT Goth". What is "acting" Goth? Goth is not a personality. That was one I heard a lot when I was in high school with the Mall Goths.


Yep pretty much lol Over-compensating is very true with these people. Notice how with the exception of Friday, most of the people who do this are the people who aren't into Goth music. Most true Goths I've come to know don't go overboard making their house look like some dark fantasy room.

Oh okay, thanks for the info. Halloween Enthusiast… Kek okay. So long as she's not calling that stuff or what she does "Goth", that's fine by me but her little post on Kaya's video is still cringe haha.

No. 784917

>>784884 I don't know, I guess she's just defending Kaya, idk. But I know she doesn't consider herself Goth.

No. 784918

File: 1552163249162.jpeg (74.28 KB, 640x640, D1PWW37WkAAtaFI.jpeg)

Imagine getting dressed from head to toe in black lace just to go to IKEA

No. 784958

look how tiny the chair looks compared to her massive frame kek
I'm guessing she's looking for a comfy chair to lie down on for her attic

No. 784959

File: 1552168468119.jpg (70.77 KB, 640x775, D1KoVOPWoAAgmqQ.jpg)

the art crookedglasses made for Kaya really doesn't capture her weight

No. 784970

How else will people know how uber goth she is, anon? Not by the music she listens to, that's for sure

kek I thought this too

No. 784988

File: 1552172814238.jpeg (288.59 KB, 640x1089, A7A06E4A-C588-4624-B701-058BBA…)

Pretty rich of Kaya to like this tweet when she literally dressed head to toe in lace just to hang out at ikea.

No. 784993

>a rando with an ahegao userpic poking fun at others
Self awareness who

No. 785003

I can’t stand her, but you know this is a tiny chair, right?

No. 785007

Isn't that the point of the tweet, though? That Goths see expressing themselves through fashion as a big part of the subculture, even the ones who say it's ONLY about the music, and that dressing the part is actually important as well as the music. I know that Kaya's trying to use this as 'instead' rather than 'as well', so she's being stupid with that, but it doesn't mean she's having a go at Goths for wearing elaborate clothes, so wearing a lacy outfit to Ikea doesn't make her a hypocrite.

That pastel kawaii stuff however… Not remotely Goth (or Gothic or darkly inclined or whatever) and not flattering either.

I feel like she's torn between wanting to be this bubblegum pink kawaii type person, and wanting to hang on to her dark persona. She doesn't seem invested enough in either, though - at least not enough to be really committed to either of them. I wish she'd pick something, and then get into it properly, but she seems to only have a surface attachment to most things (witchy aesthetic, Goth, kawaii, Harry Potter, etc.). I don't think her fat chav boyfriend helps with that; I get the feeling he invalidates her interests, like if she gets actually excited about anything, he shoots it down. No specific thing has triggered that, it's intuition or something. She's obviously depressed, and would rather try and get validation from the internet than therapy, but I think there's something else going on. I kinda feel sorry for her, but the constant whining and veiled begging is annoying. She has vague glimmers of actually interesting content (gardening, DIY projects, decor), but can't keep a good upload schedule on those things, and always prefaces her videos with whining. I actually like her little terrarium, am curious to see how her garden improves, etc. and I think hobbies that need constant maintenance like a garden are good for her, and at least get her out of that stuff hoarder house and into some fresher air and sunlight. It's just interesting to note the pointed absence of Jake in those situations. It's THEIR house, THEIR garden, but it seems like it's only her that's interested.

No. 785016

File: 1552178334232.jpeg (95.99 KB, 640x662, D1QNVaQXQAM9aUh.jpeg)

I'm itching just looking at this.Those bell bottoms look fucking ridiculous with platforms.

No. 785031


She looks like a lace monster. What part of different textures doesnt she understand.

Gothic or not, nothing irks me more than someone spending all this money on clothes but can’t put themselves together to save their life.

No. 785032


Tbf this is one of her better outfits lately lmao but yeah those are the wrong shoes for it. Also iirc those aren't pants but weird bellbottom leggings. Again, she still can't put outfits together, but at least this isn't the same pink garbo outfit as usual lol

No. 785044

I actually think this is one of her better looks (at least recently) but I'm laughing because she just retweeted that "people who go out all decked out in goth just to go to the mall" then goes to Ikea dressed like this.

No. 785059

Decked out to her is probably all that pastel vomit she does. This is "toned down" in comparison. Still badly co ordinated though.
A smaller top would've worked better. She says she hates her tummy (and does 0 about it) and hiding it just makes it bigger.

No. 785069

definitely prefer this to the pepto bismol bs she typically seems to be overdoing lately

No. 785077

Keep in mind the only reason she was brought up was because of her comments about goth.

No. 785098

Lol as if she or they couldn't have gotten a P.O. box by now! Can't be that expensive? It's extra work for the shop to take their mail. Would be more professional on top to have one.

No. 785100

Sad because as a fan of bells myself, I can admit those actually look nice but those huge platforms killed the look. I will agree that his is one of her better looks but eugh… lol

No. 785101

I'm watching Kate's LA blog!
I think it's strange that Jake was more into Kelly over Dre but I do think a lot of Kaya's hideous pink looks are because she wants to be more like Kelly.
Also lol at how much junk food she shoves into her mouth in this video

No. 785103

because kelly and jake are two of the same breed

No. 785118

I like the lace outfit… but those are entirely the wrong boots for it. Outfit says Romantigoth, boots say Industrial, and it doesn't work in a 'deliberate contrast' way like pixie hem skirts with DocMartens does. The outfit and her hair are elongating here, so she looks less chubby than with her hair up and harnesses in the pastel vomit outfits.

No. 785140

It's funny because Jake would drop Kaya in a heartbeat if Kelly invited him to stay with her in LA.Boy just will do anything to be 'famous' and I actually feel a bit sorry for Kaya

No. 785161

on that note, compared to all three of them dre looks like the chillest, most down to earth person ever

No. 785168

Is she, though? If she's willing to room with Kelly, there must be something up with her.

No. 785195

no doubt, but when you put her in the same frame with jake's douche-iness and kelly and kaya's… being themselves

No. 785219

>>785016 Don't bell bottoms always look ridiculous tho?

No. 785230

I mean, she did finally leave Kelly’s apartment and moved out on her own last year didn’t she?

No. 785251

Yeah but only after she surpassed Kelly in subs. Kelly's personality must have been a factor though too, her other friends also got wise and left her.

No. 785254

No. 785296

Short, sweet, straight to the point.

No. 785309

Didn't see the video yet, but at thia point Angela seems fixated with this subject. Geez, weren't you the super old 90s goth who knows everything about the scene? Focus on that, stop feeding and caring about internet drama, for fucks sake. Wasn't that the reason she thinks (and so do we, kek) she's better than the majority of the other "goth" youtubers?

I'm losing interest in you, Angela.

No. 785337

No, not necessarily. When paired with the right top and shoes, they can look quite nice. Like platforms can look great with bell bottoms but only if they are about like 2-3", not mega stacked like what Kaya is wearing.

But then again, this is all subjective and I'm a fan of vintage 60s wear lol

That's a bit harsh. Just because Angela has more substance within her compared to Friday and Kaya doesn't mean she can't give her opinion on this kind of stuff. And besides, she kept the video short and didn't drag on about it. And if anything, it gives us insight to what she was feeling before she started making videos about Goth. I find it interesting (and relieving) that she followed her gut instinct and didn't fall into the haul sponsor crap trap.

No. 785348

Well she's responding to TT's video which has been the subject of discussion lately. But I also think she's actively trying for a response/argument from TT and IBF

No. 785364

She said that she was talking about IBF.

No. 785381


this would be so much cuter if the top wasn't frumpy in the mid section…you can be larger, and still wear slim cut/slimming clothes that flatter the silhouette of ones mid-section…

I feel like TT is very afraid of TRYING.

No. 785388

File: 1552300411655.jpeg (432.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-03-11-02-53-45…)

A sub that doesnt like humiliation? Sounds legit

No. 785393


Who is this?

No. 785398


Bish0p, the Barcroft documentary girl

No. 785401

I feel the same, it's getting repetitive and tedious. Not to say she's wrong, but everyone has been saying the same things Angela covered here so what was the point in this? Just keep making videos about the music or DIY clothing and keep out of the drama, Angela. It's getting tiresome.

No. 785412

>>785388 she has her own thread

No. 785462

Is she milky enough for that though?

No. 785484

>>785412 can you link?

No. 785485

>You're never gonna see my husband in videos because once he's involved he's open to the same judgment and criticism that I get

Except I'm sure I read or heard her say she had been trying to get him on camera but he refuses. In addition, you can see him slightly in at least one of her vlogs. kek nice try though Angela

No. 785493

No. 785565

>>785337 I'm still not a fan but I agree they could look okay if styled right. Although I think we can all agree that Kaya did not style them well.

No. 785578

“The Lost Vlogs” they weren’t lost, you’re just a lazy pos

No. 785614

The crookedglasses is a friend of kaya's (she mentioned them once in a video iirc) so of course they won't draw her fat - kaya wouldn't let them hear the end of it kek

No. 785636

I just skimmed the video but Dorian seems to be on the ball here with some lesser known bands. Hopefully a few kids will pay attention and get an idea of what goth music sounds like in comparison to Marilyn Manson, Cradle of Filth, H.I.M. and so on.

No. 785684

I'm not surprised she just posted a clip from skullgirdle's video about new goth music on her IG. Dorian has been on a roll copying other youtubers.

No. 785688

File: 1552371056350.jpg (166.09 KB, 576x864, harper.jpg)

not sure if she's been brought up in earlier alt cows threads but HarperLeighHollywood…… i guess i don't have any WILD milk other than having a mutual friend confirm she shoops herself much thinner than she is + jumping on any stereotypical sPoOky GiRl trend. she sells satin robes that are str8 out of aliexpress with a damn rhinestoned spider for way too much money and they're so trashy. she also posted a pic with her hubby using corpse paint then talking about lords of chaos and deathgasm. (as someone who is actually involved with black metal, i was offended.) i'm hoping someone has more milk here. something has always seemed so incredibly false about this woman.

No. 785690

There’s no milk on her and not only is she shooped the shit, she’s entirely plastic.

No. 785702

Quickly reading before heading out so will get back to my point later on with a timestamp…

Is it me or did she vaguely acknowledged in this video that she used to take part in the drama but it’s all in the past?

If so, I find it to be a little too coincidental given the latest discussions on here about her PULL days and receipts of her being a jerk to others on Tumblr. Looks to me as if she’s avidly following the discussion and trying to foreshadow any potential accusation/doing some stealth damage conctrol.

No. 785764

So like 80% of "dark" people on instagram

It baffles me how these people never learn that the best way to deal with this is to simply ignore it entirely. Explaining yourself about shit you read people talking aboit you on gossip forums only causes more drama as you're giving more things to people talk about and dig up about you. Oh Kaya, you are dumb as fuck! You should just shut the fuck up and either work on getting fit and producing more interesting content or hop into the body positivity train and give up youtube and focus on gaming for real and develop your game streams.
You can't have all of these things at once, you just look like the most vulnerable, imature 25 year old that has ever lived.

No. 785789

Right, I’m back!

Rewatching the video and she says at 3:15/3:16

“I don’t like drama forums. It’s something I grew out of many many years ago”

So, she can’t really escape the fact anymore that she was part of the problem and still is by still visiting those “forums”. She knows what’s going in on here and like another anon mentioned, her and Jake made it very obvious that they are no strangers to our little conversations on here.

No. 785810

Fucking lol this is so transparent would not be surprised if she was shitstirring half of this or was one of the spergs in this thread.

No. 785822

If Dorian was here we would know. The postas would be the lenght of the bible and she would go on multiple tangents about drug addictions, allergies, her dog, stories from when she was young… the usual

No. 785914

P sure some of these altcows lurk anyway, I've seen a few YT comments trying to notify IBF and Angela. Toxic Twosome definitely read.

No. 785979

boobs. pretty. nothing original. photos and nothing to say. im bored.

No. 785982

Anyone know what happened to Thilda's Beinhaus? Her channel doesn't have any videos on it anymore. I actually liked her.

No. 785986

File: 1552440017472.png (1.12 MB, 796x1081, Screenshot_2019-03-12-18-17-47…)

I don't know, but he has drastically changed his look. Again.


No. 785994

I really like his new look, he looks so much better with this new dark look. I hope he drops the pink kawaii style, tho…

No. 786012

In one of his last vids, mentioned he was exploring new hobbies like drag, probably why he's taking a break. Shame cos his videos were decent.

No. 786043


Transparent shitstirring? I literally said I just skimmed the video and heard post-punk instead of shite; I didn't have time to listen to her waffle. Loads of kids trying to learn about the scene don't have the vaguest clue what goth music sounds like and she's given them some examples, which is a lot more than TT or IBF has ever done.

No. 786114

Thank you for this anon. Even if Dorian is copying others, it's music and this stuff should be talked about and encouraged so newcomers can finally learn what Goth truly is about and learn about what Goth music actually sounds like.

Yeah I noticed that he seemed to have deleted all his videos (or hid them) which sucks because he was a pretty decent channel. Though seeing this… >>785986

I think I may have an idea of why he deleted/got rid of his old videos. This is going to sound presumptuous since I don't follow him on Instagram but I feel like the reason why he deleted his older videos is because he's not confused about his gender anymore? He said he was some "Genderfluid" "non-binary" type of person in a few of those videos but I also remember he was pretty young (19 or 20). He's been quiet for 2 years on his channel and I feel he did some self-discovery and accepted his born sex and doesn't identify as "non-binary"/"genderfluid" anymore (kinda like what happened with that Roly person on YouTube who dropped the label a few weeks ago).

Now again, this is all presumption, I don't follow Thilda on social media so if he still is identifying as that, please do correct me and I'll retract but it's just that seeing his new look (which looks great for him), I can't help but feel this is what happened and he's trying to be embrace who he is now and may come back to YouTube later when he's ready.

No. 786120


His insta bio says "nonbinary clubkid" so pretty sure he still wants those special uwu gender points

No. 786142

Are you dumb or are you Dorian? You can only pick one. Anon said that DORIAN was clearly trying to be a shitstirrer with this video (which I don't even agree with). It's super positive that she is teaching people about newer goth music, but she IS involving herself in each and every latest goth drama.

He just changed his style from grufti to generic dark "goth" on instagram. I bet a finger that soon he will drop goth altogether

No. 786158

I recall that he put a video out saying he was uncomfortable with women making comments about wanting to fuck him and the like and that they were making him want to quit YT. I don't know if that's the only reason though, I doubt it!

No. 786168

Thank you anon that's what I meant.
> but she IS involving herself in each and every latest goth drama.
I have never seen dorian talk about goth music before(and apologies if I am mistaken) and given all the shit going on the timing and previous videos it does come off as stirring. I cannot deny posting it here with glowing reviews could also be seen as suspicious given this is a lolcow thread which is meant to be for milk, not a how to be goth thread but I originally meant what you said, involving herself in all the latest drama.
>Are you dumb or are you Dorian? You can only pick one
Lol debatable.

No. 786175


She has talked about goth music and goth clubbing many times in videos described as primarily about other topics. She has very eclectic musical interests and produces her own music.

No. 786179

I didnt mention goth clubbing, I used to watch her a lot and this new video appears to be the only video titled and mainly about goth music which again, given the recent drama surrounding the "goth" community on youtube especially in talks to goth music is more than a coincidence, along with the other topical videos.

No. 786204

> "nonbinary clubkid"

Oh… That's a shame but eh, just give it a few more years and he'll either drop it like these people usually do or may end up being trans all along. Because this nonbinary thing is nothing more than youth adult fad but that's a discussion for another thread lol

> He just changed his style from grufti to generic dark "goth" on instagram. I bet a finger that soon he will drop goth altogether

You really think he's going to drop Goth? Eh, I could see that happening but hey, at the very least he can look back and say he went through an actual Goth phase since he actually did listen to and enjoy the music compared to an ex-Mall Goth turned "normie" who says they went through a "goth phase" when they didn't lol

The only issue with Dorian is that she groups Goth and Industrial as one in the same. I remember bringing thing up in one of her clubbing videos when she called bands like Psyclon Nine, Nine Inch Nails, and VNV Nation as "Goth music".

Maybe but it's not like music was not discussed in YT Goth, it was just by smaller channels who don't do haul videos lol Accumortis who is not as active talks about music quite a bit and has even made a few Goth EPs. There's also Sweeney Deville who has talked about music as well.

No. 786239

Yes, I know-where did I say it wasn't? My point was in relation to the cows mentioned in the thread, not about goth YT in general because that's not what the thread is about.

No. 786272


Evidently I'm dumb/lack reading comprehension, but I can't be Dorian as I've got to work later on ;)

No. 786300

Plus she used to be part of an ana chan board, and people still share her ana images.


Yeah she lurked on 4chan when someone posted about her on after somehow seeing her featured in YT Spotlight. No doubt she reads here too.

No. 786409

These boxes just get worse in quality. They weren't the best to start with but compare this to one a few years back.
Perfect for kaya who loves hoarding random trinkets though, as long as they're free.

No. 786412

File: 1552533614033.png (705.56 KB, 696x911, wp_ss_20190313_0003.png)

Toxic twosome are back in Barcelona. Expect a 5 part series from Jake of mostly him talking, and a haul from kaya plus a "lost vlog" a year later.
Do they still want to move there?

No. 786505


but we have no moniiii give us some moni for doing nothing except being goff

I have no fucking clue how they pay for this. Maybe use your money to clean your musty clothes and disgusting and filthy house…

No. 786508

She said in her pathetic "here it is" video that "worth is subjective" in response to people saying the items from Spooky Box Club seemed cheap, topkek nah it's not subjective when the stuff REALLY IS just cheap tat you can find on ebay or aliexpress

No. 786515

People always say that they just HAVE TO be on benefots because they don't work and are always doing things but my guess is that Kaya's family support them

No. 786535

Gah, hope I linked this correctly. Simon/Coalcandy weighs in on goff hauls.

No. 786553

>>786120 Does Thilda identify as a 'he' now? I thought in a video they said they went by 'she'?

No. 786557

Doesn't her dad live in Barcelona? Her and Jake probably only had to pay flights and spending money, but I'm sure Daddy will be treating them both.

Also to receive benefits they'd have to prove they were unemployed and seeking employment. They're probably registered self employed, because if they claimed benefits but Kaya goes on the BBC as an YouTuber she can hardly cry unemployed uwu

No. 786570

Makes you wonder if they pay any tax

No. 786588

He said gender fluid and prefers she and they (but still dresses super masc sometimes…)

No. 786615

File: 1552589080885.jpg (92.71 KB, 839x960, 7979274074960757301.jpg)

My god, she has put together a tasteful outfit.

No. 786633

she looks nice here

No. 786635

Kvd just posted a video on the nazi and the antivaxx thing
She’s also accusing Ami James of sexual assault so……..

No. 786639

That's a better look but her face looks shopped to fuck

No. 786654

Her brand (which she doesn't own) probably made her address this since sales have been so poor. Her new palette is getting horrific reviews everywhere. I also love how she mentioned ONE reason people said she's anti-Semitic when just this chatroom has at least 5 more….(namefagging)

No. 786668

I saw people talking about her husband’s neck tattoo which is a Hindu swastika as one of the reasons
But he also has a Star of David and look, that man ain’t no Jew
It’s innapropriate but I don’t think it’s nazi material

No. 786670

File: 1552595341896.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190314-203048_Ins…)

Are you sure

No. 786671

She used liquify or smth similar to push her giant nose in and it made her whole face get super squished

Better than all that pink frilly horrific shit. She has to prove that she's super goth now so expect more "dark" outfits for a while

Next time you post, write "sage"(minus the quotes) in the email field, please

No. 786673

Oh my, that other picture was either shoop or just nice angles or both eh?

No. 786690

File: 1552600424304.jpg (82.27 KB, 579x112, gross.jpg)

your icon is showing. it's not that hard to crop a pic, why do ppl keep doing this.

anyway, i think she looks nice, i like the tights and she didn't pile on a bunch of tacky accessories. but this tweet is gross, sharing stuff like this is weird to me. like, she could've just taken her makeup off, it's not like she posts pix of herself while traveling so why would it matter if she was wearing it or not.

and oh look, it didn't take jakey boy long to not keep up with a stated video upload schedule, but like another anon said, we'll get a bunch of boring vlogs from the trip, i predict lots of pointing at things, comments about the weather and bitching about having a cough which he's already doing on twitter.

No. 786691

Flights between the main European cities can get really really cheap (round 50€ - 60 dollars approx). However, their seats were surely paid by their silly donors on twitch.

Also, living in Barcelona is freaking expensive, so they are totally delusional if they are as broke as they claim to be

No. 786696


I don't see them learning Spanish and Catalan either… And Spaniards in general barely speak English lmao

No. 786711

it looks like she's tried to make her nose "sloped" and "cute" but it just makes her face look off

No. 786725

Sorry but he's a "he". Until he starts saying he's transwoman, I wouldn't indulge in that nonsense but that's just me.

In other news, looks like Snowy came back to YouTube and has hopped aboard the Goth community is toxic train (tbf, she didn't say all of it was) because It'sBlackFriday & Toxic Tears were finally called out on their bullshit.

No. 786738

Bet this is Jake's pic since it's not shopped. The outfit is tasteful, but should've worn longer shoes. These ones make her legs look stumpy.

>the community wasn't this bad when i started YT, now its worse
If by worse you mean calling out poseurs' BS, yes, as said poseurs are more popular now. Dgmw people can like whatever the fuck they want. But when they start throwing labels around and misinforming people about a whole subculture that already hasn't got a great rap, well.

Snowy is friends with that Sweeney Deville guy I wonder what he, and other alt YTers for that matter, think.

No. 786740

No. 786758

> If by worse you mean calling out poseurs' BS, yes, as said poseurs are more popular now. Dgmw people can like whatever the fuck they want. But when they start throwing labels around and misinforming people about a whole subculture that already hasn't got a great rap, well.

Snowy is friends with that Sweeney Deville guy I wonder what he, and other alt YTers for that matter, think.

Exactly, I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees this for what it is. That's really all it came down which was just people having enough BS with these posers and wanted to finally speak up on it (mostly Toxic Tears though it started with Freya).

And exactly, like whatever you like but the moment you try to twist something that is already established into something it's not, expect to be called out at some point. Is it me or is it that the people who are taking offense to this "drama" are most likely people who may also be like these posers and feel personally attacked when these people get called out?

As for Sweeney Deville, I wouldn't be surprised if he sides with Snowy because he doesn't want to be seen as an elitist and will say what the general audience wants to hear of "Who am I to say who is or isn't Goth". I just know it.

No. 786778

File: 1552618479863.png (10.48 KB, 675x95, wat.png)

One of the comments under Snowy's video, come again Libby?

No. 786785

What is with these fucking retards? No one is fucking say that. Does this Libby person not see how stupid she sounds? All these videos that are about the "drama" is about the music, no one is having a go at their appearances, at least not what I've seen.

No. 786821

This guy got inspired to be goth bc of Jude's makeup.
Also claims he was researching it a lot before that (>"uh like the fashion and stuff").

No. 786827

>But he also has a Star of David and look, that man ain’t no Jew

Hexagram is not exclusive to Jews. Neither is swastika to Nazis or Hinduism.

No. 786831

>channel itroduction

No. 786873


Can someone make a summary of this?

No. 786894

File: 1552649337019.jpeg (125.34 KB, 683x599, 22CDE507-BD3B-4CFD-9985-BC3683…)


Yeah they’re not exclusive but Prayers is a Luciferian Latino who has never expressed interest in Judaism or Buddhism apart from using their symbolism to make edgy art and get shitty tattoos.

No. 786895

File: 1552649791914.jpeg (6.64 KB, 279x181, edgee.jpeg)

ok, and the point is?

No. 786903

"Someone I co-starred with on Miami Ink orchestrated the whole nazi rumor and I'm not anti-vax I'm a first time mom"

No. 786909

>>786588 I respect all genders and pronouns, but that's just me.

No. 786921

Sweeney seems off to me? I don't know, he's dating that "pastel goth" girl and wears a shit ton of Killstar

why would you even go out with no eyebrows?? kek

No. 786930

>>786909 I meant to reply to >>786725 , sorry (I'm new here lol)

No. 786944


Learn to sage then, newfag. Read the rules.

No. 786958

>>786944 learn to be polite then, oldfag.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 786967

So long as these youtubers keep talking about the mindset and the fashion being all you need, ppl like Libby will attack the other youtubers that talk about the history and music. There's more milk in the comments than the videos.

No. 786975

Oh God another one. I actually gave him the benefit of the doubt and skimmed the comments section to see if someone mentioned if he liked the music? A commenter did ask and he only responded with "I listen to the music." You see my problem with this is when they're vague. Like okay cool, have any particular favorite Goth bands? Care to elaborate a bit? People will elaborate their favorite Pop Punk, Metal, and Rock bands but as soon as someone mentions Goth, unless the person actually looks like they're into the actual Goth scene, they keep it vague. But hey? Maybe he'll surprise us but considering how he's using Jude Bishop as his little inspiration to getting into Goth, I'm very doubtful.

And that's fine and dandy, good for you. I respect genders pronoun as well but only ones based in reality. I will call transwomen by "She/her" and transmen as "he/him" but I don't do the "They" crap. Anyway, I'm very off topic, discussion for the gender critical thread.

> Sweeney seems off to me? I don't know, he's dating that "pastel goth" girl and wears a shit ton of Killstar

Oh does he? I don't follow Sweeney on social media and only saw his videos but when I actually think about it, I remember when he did this one video with his friend about materialism in Goth and a lot of what they said was so off-base. So if he really is a little off, I wouldn't be surprised. But at least he doesn't make a myriad of haul videos and does make some at the very least, engaging videos to invoke discussion.

You're right, the comments section is a shithole full of milk.

No. 786979


Thildas Beinhaus is a town child, he recently discovered Berlins(germany, capitalcity) club life and totally soaks it up.
There is a "gay clubkid we are such dark goph hipsters fashion" scene which totally fits on his new looks.
Very SM Hipster gaygoph.
His old style came from his town life.
In the more rural or more south german citys/towns the goth fashion tents to be more on the romantic goth side with lots of lace and velvet.
Berlin and the north is sporting a more modern and london based looks.

No. 786980

Basically 3/4 in depth description of how badly Ami James treated her and that the note wasn’t written by her. Ami supposedly just wanted to get rid of her because he felt threatened.

Then the last few minutes are about how all the anti-vaxx rumors aren’t true, she was reading about vaccines online, got paranoid but she has now talked to her pediatrician, let them explain everything, and now she has learned to not tell anyone about their choices. (Which to me just sounds like ‘We still won’t get him vaccinated but we’ve learned from our mistakes and won’t tell anyone’.)

No. 786981

That makes more sense tbh. I forget that he comes from a small town so it was naturally for his style to change a bit when he got to experience a new kind of lifestyle.

No. 786986

File: 1552672297159.png (91.66 KB, 720x317, wp_ss_20190315_0031.png)

He didn't touch this one.

Also, he's friends with bishop and she's helping him get into goth - and her idea of goth is you don't need to like the music (even tho she likes some herself)

Yeah "I'm not anti vaxx" my ass. She's just pretending not to be for damage control, but will quietly keep Leafar unvaccinated. That's even worse.

No. 786991

Thilda actually did live as a trans woman for a while, but then changed to non binary. I forgot what the reason he said was.

No. 786994

No milk but why is Emily Boo constantly sick, like pretty much every video she says “sorry I’m not well”
I think she binge drinks a lot but still? Minor thing that really annoys me

No. 787000

Being polite is not a rule or requirement of the boards(on the contrary, kek) but saging is. Go on and you're probably going to get banned on 1, 2, 3.
May I sugest you go to PULL? People there care about being polite and shit

The point is that punks did this shit in fucking 1970s. Nowadays people know better than trying to shock with swastikas. Besides, 70s punk who did this shit were not in their fucking 40s or 50s like Prayers. Boring

Yes! I have the same impression as you, he just knows how to dress and is pretty

Oh my fucking god, Nazi von D! YOU said you were anti vax, who are you correcting?

I always saw him as a confused kid, heavily influenced by everything around him. Makes so much sense now! That's why I think he'll drop goth altogether: because it's all just phases, different flavours of dark aesthetics. When he feels like dark fashion is not edgy anymore he'll dive head first into drag queen, alien, glam, whatever he likes the aesthetic. Live and let live, if you ask me. As long as he doesn't start spreading misinformation about the subculture and the music, he is free to experiment with whatever he wants to, no one has to stick to something their whole lives, and we can't really expect that from a 20 year old

I don't like her but I can believe Ami forging the whole thing with the note, I have read several people say he is an asshole of massive proportions.

I don't even watch these kids saying shit about goth anymore. Fuck them, give it a uear, tops and he'll have went on to the next phase.

No one cares about Emily Boo here. And do you know that being constantly sick can be because of a chronic disease, don't you? Why would you think it's because binge drinking? And why be annoyed someone has health issues? Stop making shit up. Argh, not those 16 year olds again

No. 787027

Yeah I believe kat about the whole Ami thing too, he always gave me the creeps
Even in the show he was always unnecessarily rude to everyone, including customers

No. 787028

Emily Boo is another annoying as all fuck bitch that uses goth to describe anything dark, and thinks she is a goth topkek, no hun you ain't. Kaya is the same always complaining about being ill but it's slightly more believable with Emily. Kaya is just lazy and uses the excuse of being ill to not have to film

No. 787037

>Snowy is friends with that Sweeney Deville guy I wonder what he, and other alt YTers for that matter, think.

>Sweeney seems off to me? I don't know, he's dating that "pastel goth" girl and wears a shit ton of Killstar

Sweeney would definitely side with Snowy. His video with his friend about the social classes of goth was such bullshit, they just repeat the same thing over and over. Moaning about Killstar whilst wearing Killstar. Makes no sense. If you go to his channel you can see that he recently subscribed to that Ruadhan dude too who was hating on TT and Freya so that shows how he feels about the whole situation really.

He's not with the pastel girl any more either afaik. Looks like she dropped him and got with some druggy punk dude who owns a tattoo parlour.

No. 787055

File: 1552683598901.jpeg (119.63 KB, 708x603, D71B2445-7080-4E75-9143-670F9F…)


And your point is?

Is Prayers trying to be a subversive as a punk kid in the 70’s? Is he wearing nazi chic on stage to stick it to the man?

Prayers has permanent tattoos of the swastika and the Star of David which he confirmed is what they are and says he got them to reclaim the symbols. By what right? That’s all we’re asking.

Also, didn’t Kat accuse him of sexual assault in the vid? It’s one thing to be an asshole and it’s another to be an abuser. Do we think he’ll address the accusation?

No. 787064

>>786895 That's Kat?

No. 787067

>>786670 I actually like that outfit.

No. 787071



No. 787085

What are you doing here if you don't even know who siouxsie is? How do you follow why we're criticizing poseurs like Toxic shits, jake etc etc

I find it hilarious that he has a swastika and a star of david tattoed in order to supposedly "reclaim the symbols". How are you gonna reclaim a symbol that was never yours? He's not a Buddhist or jewish. Of course he just wants to shock people, exactly like Sebastian Columbine is totally mot named after the Columbine massacre and alleges it comes from a flower of the same name. Sure, Jan.

Talking about sebastian, she dyed her hair bright green some weeks ago but now deleted every trace of it. Which she had done earlier when she got her sides shaved. She's looking like a soccermom now

No. 787087

Sorry if I am being a slowpoke, but wtf happened to the Goblin Queen's youtube channel? Did she delete everything?

No. 787097

Someone asked her that on instagram some months ago, according to her, she just hid everything temporarily so people would focus more on her band than on her personality while they were on tour or something.
My guess is that she wants to distance herself from the goth youtuber thing and all the drama surrounding it lately. Smart move for someone who wants to be a public figure through some kind of work or art they produce. Take a note, Kaya and Jake

No. 787108

Kat did accuse Ami of sending her a dick pic and of grabbing her breasts
I don’t think he’s going to address it at all

No. 787129

>Talking about sebastian, she dyed her hair bright green some weeks ago but now deleted every trace of it. Which she had done earlier when she got her sides shaved. She's looking like a soccermom now

noticed that as well, she included the pink death hawk in her style evolution but not the green hair. yet she keeps up the super unflattering pix of her in that vinyl bikini thing.

No. 787152

jake said in his instagram story "it sucks that it would be so easy for us to move here but we can't" I wonder why?

No. 787163

Didn't he say he wants to move to LA too? Seems like they want to move to wherever they go for a vacation. But nothing ever happens, it's just him basically blabbing and whining about how unhappy he is in Northern Ireland.

No. 787173

I can see it being forged, even by the studios because reality tv is shameless. But she also shamelessly chose to talk about the easily explained shit. Totally ignoring dating a known neonazi, her current husband also being into Nazis, I think there was another nazi in her life that I can't remember…
Like I'm not one to say your friends' opinions always reflect yours but it's a little different when it comes to nazis. Especially multiple you dated

No. 787181

File: 1552705799974.jpeg (182.61 KB, 750x1083, EEF5D639-F1A8-47C4-B78F-6C12EC…)


Lemmy from Motörhead collected Nazi memorabilia if that counts. Birds of the same feather…..

No. 787183

Collecting nazi memorabilia doesn't count. A lot of people like to collect morbid and macabre pieces of history, I know a lot of people who do. Collecting this shit is very different than dating actual neo nazis.

I agree with you! She only addressed this one thing because it was the only one she could explain! As for prayers "being into nazis", I don't think he is, he's more into causing a fuss showing the symbol only to say "actually, it is an ancient symbol of peace" bla bla bla. He's a pretentious 13 year old edgelord in the body of a 40 year old. Prayers' only goal in life is to be as edgy as humanly possible, just look at him

No. 787191

Good thing you and your friends don’t decide for the rest world. Most people regard collecting Nazi memorabilia as shady.

No. 787209

If he's a history nut, maybe that's different. If not, and it's just Nazi things, that's shady. Either way Kat seems to have a type huh.

No. 787214

You're not the sharpest tool in the box, are you? I'm not saying me or "my friends" collect nazi shit and that everyone who does is 100% not a nazi. Of fucking course there are neo nazis who collect nazi shit but I'm stating that there is a whole community of people, in the world, not "muh frends", who collect weird, macabre, morbid things from history because of the macabre factor. One of these things, among several others, is nazi memorabilia. That doesn't make one a nazi sympathizer, sharing their ideals does.
Does collecting shrunken heads make one a native warrior? Does collecting memento mori photography make one a victorian photographer?

I, personally, would think someone who collect nazi memorabilia is shady too and would be weary of them, pay attention to see if the ideas match the collection, but my whole point is that collecting alone doesn't prove anything, you know?

Now, regularly engaging with neo-nazis like Kat von D does sure is telling of her ideas.

No. 787216

Sure Jan….

No. 787223

Lemmy collected all kinds of old things because he was fascinated by war history. That doesn't mean he supported the Reich, or fascism at all for that matter. He had Commie stuff, American and British WWII and WWI stuff, a lot German pre and post war stuff and some of it was extremely valuable due to its rarity. As collectors do.

No. 787225


Whoa, did I touch a nerve or what?

“I, personally, would think someone who collect nazi memorabilia is shady too and would be weary of them, pay attention to see if the ideas match the collection, but my whole point is that collecting alone doesn't prove anything, you know?“

So why are you arguing so hard and throwing insults? Sure his collection doesn’t prove he was a raging neo Nazi but most people would rightly still speculate. KVD considered Lemmy a really close friend and a mentor so I think it is worth mentioning that he collected Nazi memorabilia.

No. 787228

Yes, the nerve of explaining things to people who didn't know about them hahahah! If you get this affected by one paragraph explaining collecting to you… you sure is a sensitive person

I am arguing that while I think KAT VON D sure is shady because she hung with actual neo nazis among other things she did who showed nazi like ideas, Lemmy was just a collector who didn't show any nazi affiliation or ideas, as >>787223 said.

Calm down, we're all agreeing here. You just learned that there are people who collect weird shit because they like the weirdness/creepy/rareness of the things, yay!

No. 787253

so are we just taking kat's harassment accusations as stone truth then? Seems kind of like a way for her to deflect,not buying it. I'm pretty sure a handwriting expert confirmed that there was a huge chance she wrote the anti semetic letter.

No. 787268


No. 787364

No. 787418

Isn't she a metalhead? Kek every "popular" alt YTer is jumping on the response video train. We just need to wait for ReeRee now.

No. 787430

File: 1552770966145.jpg (385 KB, 871x1064, Screenshot_20190316-171001_Chr…)

kat dated/was engaged to jesse james who one wore a german soldier's hat [pic related] while he was dating sandra bullock. he cheated on her with ~tattoo model~ michelle mcgee, who did a shoot wearing a swastika armband. fuck the lot of them, stupid adults trying to pass it of as being 'edgy' or 'shocking' knowing full well what they're doing and how ppl will react.

No. 787447

She is or at least was a lead singer of a metal band.

No. 787457

What do you think about goth pikes? Are they just using smoke and mirrors to keep all the money by waiting until pay pal reclamation period expires? What they do now very much reassembles what the Gothic Shoe Company pulled out last year - "hi, we are very busy and stuff" and then disappear.

No. 787460

>>787457 it does seem sketchy. I asked on r/goth a few weeks ago and they seemed to think it was fine. Goth shoe brands have quite a history of this though, Pennangalan, Gothic Shoe Company, apparently there's problems with Underground London. Alternative people are easy to scam I suppose.

No. 787462

>apparently there's problems with Underground London

Didn't hear about that. Mind to share some details?

No. 787463

it's unrelated but it always tickled me how insistent Sandra Bullock was that she knew nothing about Jesse's passion for Nazis, meanwhile during their marriage she went out of her way to play up her distant German heritage
very Kat von D when you think about it

No. 787481

sandra bullock's mother was born and raised in germany, thats not distant heritage

No. 787519

as I recall there were people online saying they hadn't recieved their orders after more than a year, with no refund offered either. I can't confirm this though.

No. 787551

I think so. My friend never got his order or a refund. However I bought shoes from them and got the shoes.

No. 787557


Lol this bitch who cashes in on shitty overpriced handbags bc she puts youtubers names on it???

Cmon. This cant be real. Comedy this gold cant be real.

No. 787619

>I am also the singer of Goth band AS ANGELS BLEED

No. 787642

Yep, she's not even a Goth so her opinion isn't really relevant and of course she's going to suck It's Black Friday's ass considering they worked together and she needs to keep that cash flow from that purse coming lol.

I just find it hilarious how a lot of these "Goff" YouTubers are taking such offense that someone finally called out IBF and TT out on their nonsense all while missing the point why a lot of people are done with them thinking it's because "LOL U JELLY THAT YOU DON'T GET FREE GOFF CLOTHES uwu"

This is why I always stick with Sinister Soles, never had a problem with them.

Her crap band was not even a Goth band. It was a try-hard Symphonic Metal band.

No. 787755


ReeRee had that weird teary video about not being able to take compliments. I honestly wonder if she's just as salty as the rest of us and just made a video to give an excuse to step away from GoffTube.

No. 787765

I doubt it. ReeRee is just another metalhead claiming to be goth, I don't know why people go easy on her (just because she's attractive or a model?) but she's just as bad as the rest. There's a reason she's friends with Kaya kek

No. 787766

It's cos she's less outspoken about it compared to kaya, and also does videos on music (yeah it's metal music, but it's more than kaya can ever say)

No. 787767

It's cos she's less outspoken about it compared to kaya, and also does videos on music (yeah it's metal music, but it's more than kaya can ever say)

No. 787769

I really can't understand how people find her pretty, she looks like a pig. Trailer park pretty, maybe.

No. 787770

File: 1552863541514.jpg (31.71 KB, 319x480, blogger-image--1556615271.jpg)

Going through TT's old blogs I can't get over how much she has let herself go. I know we always say this but wouldn't it be good if she sorted her weight, got rid of that leech Jake and got some self esteem.

No. 787771

Worse yet, go through Jake's old blog's archives and you can see he was actually attracted to Kaya at one point, posting her photos calling her hot, posting photos of them together on anniversaries saying he loves her… what a stark contrast to now.

No. 787782

OT but i think i found the old youtuber killnatalie, shes going by Evyn Aytch or satanhaus and is involved with some satanic group. Any thoughts?

No. 787791

I think >>787766 kinda pinpointed the reasons why but also because she was less active compared to Kaya & Friday. But yeah, she has done claim to be Goth but is actually a Metalhead, she's made it pretty clear she doesn't enjoy Goth music and it's just as annoying but because she's less vocal about things and doesn't upload as frequently, she tends to fly under the radar.

I honestly think she looks pretty but only with some of her looks. Others are "eh". At the very least she knows how to pair things that puts her a step above Kaya lol.

LOL that is pretty sad. So then it's obvious he's not been and hasn't been into her for years since she let herself go so drastically if you say he used to share/post her photos a lot.

Holy crap anon, that is her (just looked her up). She uses both names and while it seems she put on a little weight, I just recognize her face, it's one you don't really forget.

As for thoughts well… I mean being a Satanist isn't a bad thing so I mean, whatever floats your boat? However when I think back at the kind of content she made during her "Goth" days, I can't help bur feel she would be just like Kaya because while I was a baby-bat during the time I discovered her channel all those years ago, I can't recall her actually talking about actual Goth music and she called HIM a Goth band (they aren't). She did do a music spotlight video for Voltaire but honestly… I would need more to go on then him because he's fairly known in the geek world.

Nonetheless it looks like she moved on from YouTube.

No. 787806

Holy shit that's definitely her. Good find anon, I've been wondering what happened to her for years.

Satanist stuff aside she looks exactly the same and I'm surprised no one else had found her until now. She's pretty cute actually.

No. 787813

File: 1552873304588.jpeg (274.86 KB, 1195x1600, image.jpeg)

She used to have a more defined face and a hairline that made sense

Now she's a balding potato

Sage because no milk.

No. 787847

Wow, she was so pretty. I can understand why she has been feeling so bad for some time now, things changed so much. Even if she didn't lose weight she could immediately look way better if she started doing her eyebrows like in this pic and not that cartoonishly short brows, if she fixed her hairline and dressed in a less childish way. I believe she is still completely fixable, if only she realized all of this on her own… but she ignores all these other things and puts all the blame for her bad looks on her weight. Even if she did lose a ton, she'd still look bad dressing in the same sloppy way, putting together outfits that don't go well at all, looking like she's always dirty, face proportions all fucked up because of brows and hair…

Oh kaya, I don't even like you, was never a fan, but I gotta admit, I feel bad for you. Just wanted to go all Queer eye for the straight guy with you, you're in need of some help

No. 787861

It seems like she may have reappeared on the internet in the last few years so it's most likely because she really did disappear off the internet for awhile and wanted to be forgotten. I wonder why though because even though I think she would be one of those "Goth is a mindset" people, she actually wasn't that bad.

My animosity to her aside, I agree with >>787847 she actually used to look quite nice. It's just all the more shocking how much one can change in a few years.

Couple all her weight gain with a boyfriend who isn't into her and is onto lusting over he next thing (Kelly Eden), it's pretty easy to see why she's so miserable and probably hides behind all the clothes.

No. 787897

she looks good here but… it doesn't even look like her when she was thin, look at her old photos and you'll see

No. 787985

File: 1552945127835.jpg (55.42 KB, 540x960, 52942937_10216462091517320_394…)

Surprised I haven't seen this trainwreck on here. This is Kady Eva but she goes by Kady Rae atm. https://www.facebook.com/kady.rae666/ Her life is full of oversharing about all the sex she has, she's bulimic and brags about how hot and skinny she thinks is, she hops in and out of relationships in the span of a few days and moves in with these guys but then blasts them when the shit inevitably hits the fan, she has two young kids who she parades these guys in front of while bragging about how much and how loud of sex she has because according to her she is a sex addict, she does home tattoos on herself oh and did I mention she brags about having bpd? Her timeline is a mess of "look at how hot I am", "being thin rules", "stop hitting on me gawd everyone wants me" and "my life sucks again". She's so up and down there is so much milk here and everything is public. She's also a fan of shooping herself to add fake freckles on every single pic

No. 788000

I've seen this cow before. She calls herself Gothic because she listens to Marilyn Manson. Recently she was bragging about how she was going to puke herself thin so she'd be extra sexy this summer. Great role model for her kids kek

No. 788013

At least you know her kids will end up being fucked up like her. Why do people like this breed again?

Anyway, I had a thought about IBF. The only video she’s released in months is that pre recorded skin care thing. However she’s in NZ and has been for months, she has internet and a good quality phone, she could readily record something but doesn’t. Fairly sure she’s not posting anything because of the whole goth drama. I’ve never once heard her say you must listen to goth music in order to be called a goth and I have never heard her say the opposite either. Is she hiding till it all blows over to come back as queen of the goffs?

No. 788020

File: 1552950621595.jpg (135.31 KB, 684x912, DSCF0065.jpg)

I agree that she used to be v good looking, she's always seemed to be obsessed with good just she can't eat all she wants without the weight gain now!


No. 788022


Most likely just waiting it out. IBF stans will always be there to praise her no matter what while the only thing us adults see is a 32 year-old who doesn't have her life together due to poor decisions

No. 788040

The thing though is no one (or at least most) are not criticizing her for Goth music but rather because in the last 3 years, she hasn't shown any Goth music on her channel and instead, farted around with a bunch of senseless haul videos. The personal life thing is the only other thing I've seen her criticized mostly in the comments about her sham marriage (marrying for resident and possibly guilty of tax fraud) and possibility of racism.

But I don't know why she's so scared, most of her simple-minded fans lack critical thinking and are defending their goff queen so she has nothing to worry about.

Yeah I heard that she used to eat junk all the time and was living off of her fast metabolism but obviously it started to wear off and since she didn't change her eating habits or at least limited the amount of junk she ate, it started to affect her body. Couple that with depression and a sedentary lifestyle and it was only a matter of time before she balloooned up.

No. 788100

I'm extremely interested, could you give us some prints? This cow has potential!

I think she's just tired of all this and has absolutely no patience for being in the public eye anymore. She's probably trying to figure out what to do with her life now that everything has changed so drastically, she's back home and probably will be marrying mr owl soon, if they didn't already. My guess is that she'll post less and less and before 2019 ends, she'll quit YouTube and focus on being a writer or something else she has done before like decorating shopping windows or put her film degree to some use. Maybe she'll grow up.

I can't get over these pics of Kaya, she was so pretty! It makes me root for a recover because she must be miserable with her looks now. I can't make any sense of the fact that she looked older, more put together, mature and elegant when she was a teenager than she does now. Why???

No. 788108

File: 1552967425955.jpg (46.82 KB, 1007x163, 0982509813.jpg)

I find it quite amusing that when Kaya retold this story in her Goth Tag video, she changed Marilyn Manson to the Cure.

When I had a look at her VampireFreaks account on the wayback machine, she mysteriously stops filling in her 'music' section around late 2010/early 2011. Funnily enough, this is when Tumblr was taking off and the goth community on there was at its biggest. Given that she links all her social media on any given platform, she obviously got called out by actual music fans who clicked her VF link and saw that she had the same generic taste as every other kid on there:

"Aero Smith, AFI, Aiden, Antic Care, Bon Jovi, Bowling for soup Blood Hound Gang, Cheap Trick, Combichrist, Cradle of Filth, Dead or Alive, Death Stars, Dope Stars Inc., Europe, Gold Frapp, Grendel, Hole, Jack off Jill, Jeffree Star, Kern Kraft, Malice Mizer, Marilyn Manson, Murder Dolls, Pink Floyd, PPK, Prodigy, Pulp, Queen, Rammstein, Reel Big Fish, Scissor Sisters, Shakespeare's Sisters, System of a Down, Tatu, The Eagles, The Gossip, The La's, Wednesday 13."

All your gothic rock and post-punk faves, amirite?

No. 788118

Jeffree Star’s music?!?!? Jesus Christ.

No. 788127

>I think she's just tired of all this and has absolutely no patience for being in the public eye anymore. She's probably trying to figure out what to do with her life now that everything has changed so drastically, she's back home and probably will be marrying mr owl soon, if they didn't already. My guess is that she'll post less and less and before 2019 ends, she'll quit YouTube and focus on being a writer or something else she has done before like decorating shopping windows or put her film degree to some use. Maybe she'll grow up.

Honestly I wouldn't mind if she did this. Perhaps with this "drama", she sees that sustaining a "career" on YouTube just isn't very feasible for the long haul as people can learn certain things about you that you may not have wanted to have known and could possibly expose you which would hurt your livelihood (Patreon). Really, she wouldn't have to worry about this kind of stuff if she just treated YouTube as a side gig and had a normal source of income and a general life.

>I can't get over these pics of Kaya, she was so pretty! It makes me root for a recover because she must be miserable with her looks now. I can't make any sense of the fact that she looked older, more put together, mature and elegant when she was a teenager than she does now. Why???

Yeah she was actually pretty and she could get back somewhat there if she buckled down and stayed focus. She's still young so she has the energy and capacity to get the ball rolling. But I will say this though, she shouldn't think that if she loses the weight, people will start thinking she's "Goth" because she's pretty. It doesn't work for ReeRee Phillips and it won't work for her neither lol.

Oh wow anon, I had no idea kek. And the thing is it's fine to like these bands but if you're calling yourself "Goth" yet you don't listen to Goth music among these bands, you're not a Goth and it's just obvious she's not into the music because if she was, you would've seen Goth music somewhere in this listing but nope, just your run of the mill bands you saw with mallcore kids. I'm betting that the reason she thinks she's Goth is because she liked/likes Jack off Jill, Malice Mizer, Rammstein, & Wednesday 13 but as we all know, these bands aren't Goth bands.

No. 788144

Her profile is wide open, honestly its a goldmine. There's so much there its easier if you just go stalk her. Theres actually a hate group already dedicated to her but its secret so I haven't been able to get in to it yet

No. 788187


Kaya is a prime example of a cow that peaked at 20 and it's been pretty much downhill since then.

She needs to find a way to redefine herself that isn't exclusively through her appearance, as that's long gone.

No. 788192


>do you know what bands I listen to

>do you know what my favourite band is

yes kaya, yes we do.

>. I can't make any sense of the fact that she looked older, more put together, mature and elegant when she was a teenager than she does now. Why???

I wouldn't go that far anon, she wasn't elegant by any means but she looked better put together and had a more interesting style(s) than just the pink vomit she insists on now. and I would say it's pretty common for teenagers to dress more mature, but in her case she wants to stay young forever so dresses more and more immature as she ages

No. 788274


/r/goth is curious place where you can bash every political option as long as it's not communism, because when you do you suddenly break rule

>2, No politics

And yes fuck Nazis, and Commies too. Both groups are equally dumb.

No. 788297

File: 1553028161005.jpg (939.92 KB, 1440x2144, Screenshot_20190319-163829_Fac…)

This conceited bitch

No. 788308

File: 1553030331027.jpg (108.01 KB, 640x800, D2Caz_sX4AI18al.jpg)

What is this? Why has he painted his neck black?

No. 788316

Pretending to have a jawline

No. 788317

Because he's fucking retarded

No. 788318

File: 1553032220285.jpg (112.78 KB, 640x961, 142749858-640x961.jpg)

Hes just copying Manson.

No. 788327

File: 1553033087759.jpg (266.31 KB, 678x1024, nero.jpg)

It's quiet popular in harsh industrial circles. Or at least was.

No. 788329

File: 1553033235305.jpg (14.08 KB, 400x225, ben-v.jpg)

No. 788332

File: 1553033359853.jpg (17.37 KB, 280x280, dawn of ashes.jpg)

No. 788335

I went through his IG, he makes me deeply uncomfortable and I can't put my finger on it.

No. 788342

File: 1553035223250.jpg (566.64 KB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20190319-223755__01…)

In that post they mention that they are planning to visit Barcelona often and take Spanish language classes, once Jake gets an Irish passport.

.. Isn't he English or Welsh? How on earth does he think he's entitled to an Irish passport. Unless his grandparents are Irish?

No. 788366

File: 1553039275844.png (564.3 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190320-004436.png)

Did any one is this so they
Wont there fans to pay for there life style if they moved out there how long do they think this going keep paying they just biggest ebegging on earth >>788342

No. 788378


learn 2 speak engrish

No. 788400

This shouldn't be called Altcows. It should be called toxic tears and black Friday because no one wants to talk about any new cows, just them.

No. 788409

Mainly this. I am dying for milk from the new cow but people only replied "her facebook profile is open, theres plenty there"
Ibf's and TT's are too and here we are, endlessly talking about them. IBF isn't even active anymore

I don't understand what they said at all but regarding the screenshot: Jake is stupid as fuck. Even if you're making money from your online work amd getting paid in dollars, the local economy will always affect you, since you pay bills, buy necessities, etc in the country.

Have you realized that since the last time they've been called out as poseurs jake is trying so fucking hard to look edgier and darker?

I really fucking doubt it that this is conceit. People who brag like this are almost always the most insecure, with the lowest self-esteem. She knows she is pretty enough to gather some compliments and admiration on the internet so she probably tries to convince everyone that she is WOW, gorgeous so that she feels better about herself. Validation

No. 788422

File: 1553049049989.jpg (7.16 KB, 225x225, 78757536556.jpg)


kek. Manson only started doing it to hide his triple chins. Jake probably does it so his face doesn't look pumpkin-shaped (and for ~edgy brownie points~ of course).

No. 788423

So, did anyone else know that Kady has kids?

Those poor little bastards.(children)

No. 788426

>we're totally doing something we won't drop after a month
>music music music
>Ireland sucks
He writes the same caption with each pic, just diff contexts. And he's been dressing edgy for a while to make up for that chav phase a few months ago. (He's still a chav, but now in black clothes)

It's cos they're popular, but agree w >>788409 the new cow is milky af. Seems like Adora but cranked up to 11.
And can we bring Bishop back? She has a thread but pretty dead.

No. 788428

File: 1553050200458.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1698, 8AFFF92E-DF77-454D-8FD8-A3A0AD…)

Yes, and today there’s a new one of her and Coalcandy . Seems like he has graduated and she went to Switzerland to celebrate. She posted a set of pics and said she liked the last one best. Either this is some high level trolling, or she’s finally hooking up with him.

I get the impression Sireplague and His wife have split up. He and Adora always seemed super flirty, but this time he seemed kind of gloomy and made a comment about needing friends or something.

No. 788439

No. 788447

Her upper lip just makes her look like a man.
Her kids are going to end up orrery fucked up, if not already.

The fuck kind of a thumb nail is that? It’s a sad day when Jakes content and overal look is better than kayas.

No. 788456

File: 1553054974623.jpg (179.81 KB, 1440x566, Screenshot_20190319-163329_Fac…)

Yep, those poor bastards. Way to go mum!

No. 788460

File: 1553055529257.jpg (67.88 KB, 1080x1349, FB_IMG_1553055320242.jpg)

There is nothing pretty about this, anon. From the fake freckles to the same stupid ducklip she pulls in every single pic, she's fucking gross

No. 788484

File: 1553059324902.jpg (31.7 KB, 355x355, reeree.jpg)

I think Reeree is gorgeous, especially with blonde hair.

we go easy on her because she isn't scummy like kaya and jake (at least that I'm aware of). she doesn't incessantly e-beg or act entitled and actually seems to appreciate her viewers. that being said, I still don't watch her because I find her videos kind of boring.

No. 788518

File: 1553069011155.jpg (237.39 KB, 1438x673, Screenshot_20190320-032831_Fac…)

Bitch needs her own thread. Theres milk for days here

No. 788538

File: 1553075738145.png (141.85 KB, 1033x443, screenshot comment.png)

these comments just keep on coming

No. 788556

He his now an engineer, but are still working on his master in Switzerland. Lives in a doorm there so I guess adora was there to visit.

No. 788607

File: 1553099259783.png (191.4 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190320-165104.png)

I'm wondering will Jake answer this >>788342

No. 788628

That bit confused me too. He's English isn't he? Plus isn't Northern Ireland a part of the UK? Wouldn't they have UK passports?

No. 788639


With the Good Friday agreement, all born on the Island of Ireland are entitled to an Irish passport. Not all of those within Northern Ireland are British or UK nationals, many hold an Irish passport and are Irish despite NI being "in the UK".

With Jake though, he's hoping that he can apply for a passport through the notion of "Naturalisation"(No Familial or Marital links, just living in "The State" for a long time), which is lengthy and expensive. No where online do I see if Northern Ireland counts as "the state."

I find it a little insulting he wants to claim for an Irish passport. All he does is spew shit about how he hates Northern Ireland. Besides, if he plans to skip off to Spain he would lose the right to that nationality very quickly from what I can read.

No. 788651

Are you out of your mind? Reeree is ugly asf! She can look ok all "gothed" up but in this pic she's looking the worse I've ever seen her look.

I'm sure her dogs are literally hunting down her dildos because they are smelling them. Animals love weird, "dirty" smells, urgh. I imagine she doesn't wash her dildos before storing them so she's basically telling everyone on the internet that her pussy smells bad and she let's her dildos all funky. Gross gross gross grooooossss

I remember I laughes out loud when she and Mathias reacted to some of these dumb 40 years of goth this and that, when they saw the trad goth revival (or something) look she said "I like to think I had an important influence on that" and in the deathrock revival mathias said that they were taking inspiration from him. That's pretty much what united them, both think of themselves as uber trad goths

So from this we can conclude he is just dumb as fuck.

Gothic vacation. Imagine if we went around deeming everything we do, as actual goths, gothic stuff. Gothic litter box cleaning, gothic sock washing, gothic working out, gothic cooking rice…

No. 788675

File: 1553114091134.jpg (761.9 KB, 1440x1949, Screenshot_20190320-035653_Fac…)


No. 788676

She thinks saying shit like this looks like "this hot girl is insane! Such a cool biatch!" but it's just pitiful. Of it was a scar, okay, but purposefully open a wound (or claiming to) is just such a pathetic thing to brag about

No. 788697

Someone get this bitch some help

No. 788705

>i wanted a swimsuit so i told killstar, they sent it with a hand written note
No wonder she's so spoilt.
>i bought a towel ages ago, bc they didn't sponsor me back then
Wow want a medal. Plus why does killstar still sponsor her, she openly treats her hoards like trash?

Kek this cow has milk for days.
>omg I'm so rebellious cos even bAd GuYs can't stand me
>I'm the apocalypse, i only date freaks
>but i don't want to date
>my therapist said soulmates aren't real
>but-but love is beautiful, i want love and i want it magic and special

No. 788715

it's so weird seeing moms into themselves this much. could it be that she lost weight so she's really living up being skinny? she looked fat in her old pics. either from having a kid or just being heavy, but when heavy people lose weight they do seem to get all into themselves

No. 788719

It's the American Dorian.

No. 788720

File: 1553124448775.jpg (992.63 KB, 1440x2236, Screenshot_20190320-033455_Fac…)

She's a proud bulemic

No. 788764

I don't understand how these cows are so proud of themselves for cheating at weight-loss. Diet and exercise and then you have bragging rights

No. 788768

The fucking shoop on that stomach!! Calm down.
There’s no milk on her other than being a horrible mother and self absorbed.
Can’t we put her in her own thread?

No. 788774

File: 1553132394668.jpg (358.71 KB, 1440x868, Screenshot_20190320-031618_Fac…)

While I'd love to see her on her own thread, I disagree that there's no milk. The relationship hopping, narcissistic personality, blatant lies, drug use, and a mom that is exactly like her, all paraded in front of her kids? She also ebegs and has been on a rager about why do so many people follow her but no one gives her money to help her out when she needs it (followed by her showing off her new snake and a car). She posts here and there about wanting people to buy her things, plus she's another self-labeled "goth" who completely isn't. People have been posted for way less milk than this cow has and I say she deserves to be shared

No. 788775

Underrated comment. Tbh there seems to be a running theme of those types of cows being in the "goth community" I wonder what it is that attracts them in?

No. 788777

File: 1553133381920.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 184.55 KB, 711x879, C2C424EB-442A-44CD-A706-8E4DE7…)

Context: Jackie Cruz from OITNB is the new face of a kvd beauty mascara and people are rightly up in arms about it.

It’s hilarious that KVD claims that the matter about Rafael’s daughter is a private and intimate issue when it’s her own husband that spread this info around in articles, interviews and stuff.

No. 788778

I'm onboard with this. Its better than the same stale milk. We know all about what kind of person IBF is though I do enjoy seeing more people call her out. We know Jake wants Kelly and ignores Kaya, whose uselessness could go on for days. We know these "Goths" aren't Goth and Kat should have never been a mum and on and on. I want new milk, new faces, new drama

No. 788790

So this adult and parent shares everything on the internet, and exaggerates most of it, like a tween who gets ignored at home. This is hilarious. "i almost am never intellectually stimulated" we can tell.

>running theme of those types of cows being in the "goth community" I wonder what it is that attracts them in?
Cows like Kady might think, since its an alt subculture "normal" rules don't apply so they can be freely milky there.
Cows like Kaya and Bishop use goth looks as a personality to pretend to be interesting.

Kat, where did the person you're replying to bring up Nazis? So bringing it up by yourself seems off.

No. 788802

File: 1553141092560.jpg (397.51 KB, 1439x937, Screenshot_20190319-162850_Fac…)

What a great role model kek

No. 788805


That’s my bad. I went back to screenshot the exact comment she was replying to but the whole thing is deleted. The person brought up the selektion lipstick mistaking it for an eyeshadow. How can that word be taken out of context? It only has one context.

No. 788809

They still send her shit because they couldn't care less how she treats the outfits after she makes the haul videos, that's what matter to them, the exposure they get from this videos

Why is it weird to see mother so in love with their looks? Why specially mothers? I'm not even a mother but find it really weird someone thinks this way.

Oh my god, this bitch is so delusional! She's one of the best altcows we ever had. She reminds me of Raven.
I think she doesn't need her own thread, posting her here seems appropriate, she's a new cow, people have to be interested first before she gets moved.
It's hilarious that she thinks she deserves people sending her money when she doesn't even produce any content, even if it was shitty like TT, IBF, etc

Whaaaat? Is there any mention to nazis or germany in this person comment… am I crazy?

Yes!!! Give us all the Kady Rae possible, I'm already more interested in her than the same old cows. But people, let's try to be careful, her instagram account is private, so if a lot of people start requesting to follow she may be tipped and close all our access to the milk

This bitch is super fucking proud of her daughter, who is a child, acting like a catty, petty, ratchet adult. Imagine how this child feels about the other children in her school. You shouldn't feed this kind of thought on children that have absolutely no idea of the difference between "I don't really like this colleague" and "hating a bitch". Why is she even telling this child about her boyfriends' exes? If she is asking is because Kady always tell her. God, I hate her already

Because they like the dark look, don't know that goth is a subculture, think it's just being like one of the characters that are mistakenly presented as goths

No. 788827

So mentally ill attention seeking bulimic edge lords are attracted to goth because…they like the dark look? Thats a half arsed assessment if ever I saw one and pretty detrimental, the community deserves better than that.
Now you say it I agree,this seems more like it although different in ways I now understand the connection between them and adorabatbrat, dorian and the others.

No. 788829

File: 1553145851200.jpg (1019.64 KB, 1438x2186, Screenshot_20190321-011625_OGI…)

She's a scratcher too. I've known this trainwreck for years and have been waiting for her to pop up here. Her wall is so full of guys that she thinks she loves you can't even tell them apart. She freely bashes people for doing exactly what she does, and she blames BPD for literally everything. She's a mess

No. 788831

That pic was about kadys mom stalking kadys newest conquest's ex gf like a snotty child, and laughing at how "epic" her mom is for insulting a girl they don't even know

No. 788840

oh god, psyclon nine. he was a cow all on his own, wonder what he's up to now

No. 788849

Adora finally hooking up with him? She just strings him along because she enjoys him being so obviously into her. Her Fb said he sent her the ticket to come visit him in Switzerland. Who does that if not having ulterior motives? He is definitely going for her!

Sireplague divorced last year. They made a big official statement about it. They sure have something going on! She seems popular lol
I'm hoping for Coalcandy tho

No. 788902

Adora needs to grow up, stop trying to be a teenager, stop whoring around, and work on caring about someone else for once. Her children would be a good start kek

No. 788908

>Mainly this. I am dying for milk from the new cow but people only replied "her facebook profile is open, theres plenty there"
Ibf's and TT's are too and here we are, endlessly talking about them. IBF isn't even active anymore

Well me personally, I don't really use Instagram and Twitter so YouTube is the only place I'm on and in the alternative side, IBF, TT, and Jake are the ones who are brought up a lot within the scene of how great they are for it from their mindless fans who will eat up anything no matter how dumb.

What video was this on? Nonetheless, I'm happy more people are speaking up and getting out of the kool-aid.

> I remember I laughes out loud when she and Mathias reacted to some of these dumb 40 years of goth this and that, when they saw the trad goth revival (or something) look she said "I like to think I had an important influence on that" and in the deathrock revival mathias said that they were taking inspiration from him. That's pretty much what united them, both think of themselves as uber trad goths

Lmao I remember that comment she made anon. It was so inflated, as if she did. The Trad Goth & The Deathrock revival happened in like 2009-2010+ when there was an influx of new Goth & Deathrock bands coming out onto the Goth scene. THAT is what inspired that, not them.

No. 788912

That's exactly the point: the community deserves better than this but they don't care, don't know, and it's okay for them to auto include themselves in something that is NOT at all what they think it is. Or do you think they are really into actual goth? They pretty much think goth = dark edgelord.

I bet the scratch work looked great after 8 hours of almost passing out from the pain. Especially when you're doing solid black work, that requires pretty insistent scratching of the same place so that it looks solid, with no places where the ink is weaker than the others. Imagine how this black looks after it's healed.

The first deathrock revival was earlier than that, in the early 2000s, when it got that "classic" shredded pantyhose, lime green, neon purple, eyeballs on huge deathawks look. It kinda merged with Horror punk in this point of time, which was super popular up until 2007 than disappeared of the face of the earth

No. 788941

Hold up anon. She might be onto something. I pretty much exclusively listen to goff, but I have enjoyed some Fuck The Police every now and then, occasionally some Cardi. But I recently heard Twerk by City Girls FT. Cardi B and I broke my back to that shit. Shit is straight FIRE. I now consider myself rap goth. If you are a rap fan who disagrees with me, you are an elitist, gate-keeping neo-nazi. Rap is whatever you make it, uwu.

Kaya's a weeb. I think she wants to do sweet Lolita but is kinda fat so she hides her fatter bits in black which is automatically goff, as we all know (thankfully the cows have educated us evil elitist boolies).

No. 788969

kek she looks awful here! Her boyf/husband was cute though.

Well Kaya did do the "goth gardening" shit so it does seem like she just slaps "goth" in front of anything and everything she does. It just screams insecure poseur

the line is off center AND angelina's is natural as a result of having full lips, not fake filler ones. what a dumb cunt.

No. 788974

Are you having a stroke?

No. 788983

File: 1553202754465.jpg (244.82 KB, 1440x620, Screenshot_20190321-020044_Fac…)

OH her kids are going to be wonderful

No. 788984

Would be funny if her kids will grow up aspiring to be "normies" as an act of rebel against their dumb mother

No. 788990

i missed when we talked about KVD's cringyness.

No. 788994

File: 1553206892199.jpg (345.2 KB, 1440x791, Screenshot_20190321-014836_Fac…)

I hope so because we don't need more people like this in the world

No. 788996

R/thathappened for literally everything she posts. They're full of cliché edgy stuff. Does she wake up with a mental check list every day? "Oh haven't pretended to be a ###rebel in a while, better do that"
Wonder if it's just for posts or if it extends to how she acts IRL too…

No. 789012

No, it was a joke. Did you think I was serious? Damn.

I think most of the cow's kids are going to be "normies" and actually have legitimate interests unlike their parents who're only pretending to be alternative to mask how boring they actually are.

No. 789014

File: 1553213705677.jpg (629.41 KB, 1408x2499, Screenshot_20190321-013859_Fac…)

Oh hi Kaya #2

No. 789018

Nta but rap goth uwu is real – the Bishop girl, and her friend mysadboiaccount who gets personal goff guidance from her.

And yes Bishop likes some goth songs too, but her whole "schtick" on social media is omg haha I'm not like other goths they hate me idgaf #edgy.
Her whole persona is based off other people's opinions and shocking them but she also turns around and says, but i don't care what you think! Wut?

No. 789021

File: 1553216015008.png (1.03 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190322-015126.png)

Someone's having bad day

No. 789027

That's fucking obnoxious to be honest since that's her shtick. EVERY Goth ever has interests outside of Goth music and she's an attention whoring idiot to think that sets her apart from others. I give her a year (being generous) until she moves on from Goff when the shock factor (if any) goes away. She seems young so it's really only a matter of time.

No. 789065

Perhaps this is horrible of me, but am I the only one who would like to see Jake and Bish0p date? They're both mallgoths and attention-whores, they'd be a great couple.

>Stop it already, it's getting more ridiculous by the day. Why do they want sooo bad to be labelled "goth", of all things? It's like they fight tooth and nail to be included in something they don't even understand! Where do these people see that being goth = cool?
Because frankly, the media always portrays goths in the most pathetic way, like we are ridiculous, silly, immature, etc etc

I don't understand the obsession either. Goths don't like them, and we have nothing in common with them. I also noticed none of the cows have goth friends. They mostly hang around other poseurs while sperging about invisible elitists.

No. 789080

File: 1553231880580.jpeg (583.11 KB, 1242x2053, 37BF018F-1494-4776-B1AF-14D73D…)

Oh look, she’s coming back. Wonder how long it will take for her next video

No. 789082

For it to be joke, being funny is a requirement.

Anyway, yeah, they're probably going to be normies because they'll associate being alternative with being obnoxious like their parents. But wouldn't it be great if one of them grew up to be a proper goth, or an "eLiTisT"? Kek

Jake, you have depression, this is one of the number one symptoms. You did not have a bad day, you always act like this, today you were so unbearable that you finally noticed. Go along with Kaya seek some treatment, for fucks sake, your lives will improve, you dumbasses!

No. 789088

>Because frankly, the media always portrays goths in the most pathetic way, like we are ridiculous, silly, immature, etc etc

>I don't understand the obsession either. Goths don't like them, and we have nothing in common with them. I also noticed none of the cows have goth friends. They mostly hang around other poseurs while sperging about invisible elitists.

Have Goths been talked about in media in recent years though? I don't watch TV anymore so I haven't been up to date with news and the only "Goff" trend in media I saw was years ago when Buzzfeed did those "dressing as Goth" videos (eugh… The cringe was strong with those lol).

And you're so right, I noticed that these "Goffs" don't have any Goth friends nor do they seem to hang around other Goths. For Toxic Tears & Jake, it's obvious that they don't because actual Goths will see them for the poseurs they are though with It'sBlackFriday, I think it's because she knows if she's seen with other Goths, the attention wouldn't really be solely on her as much.

Question: "What did you do with all the money that you got from your first wedding that your fans donated?"

I'm curious to see what people are going to ask but it's probably just going to be vanilla stuff.

No. 789130

File: 1553254424498.jpeg (310.86 KB, 750x1099, 12AEF703-94F0-40B4-BEE6-258641…)

It finally happened

“Goth model” with sweatpants…

No. 789134

>The first deathrock revival was earlier than that, in the early 2000s, when it got that "classic" shredded pantyhose, lime green, neon purple, eyeballs on huge deathawks look. It kinda merged with Horror punk in this point of time, which was super popular up until 2007 than disappeared of the face of the earth

Which only proves that it was 00s >>deathrock remake<< rather than >>revival<<, dang they even sound distant from 80s USA goth bands.

Not bad photos actually.

No. 789173

I noticed that even IBF’s fangirls were asking about the cats. I doubt she’ll answer that one.

No. 789177

Eh that or she'll just be very brief and vague about it.

No. 789210

jake: fat chav in emo clothing, always was and always will be

No. 789220

File: 1553284315572.png (500.38 KB, 536x1110, wp_ss_20190321_0023.png)

>am I the only one who would like to see Jake and Bish0p date?…They'd make a great couple.
Sure, if he's into DDLG. She said in anoher q and a "ddlg is me and how my relationships work."

No. 789236

Wow does her hair looks fried.

No. 789243

As much as ddlg makes me cringe, Jake could never give the amount of attention it takes to be a "daddy". he is way too self absorbed.

No. 789258

That old bitch will never stop being dumb. That’s what she lives off. I wonder what the fuck she does for a living, she must have gotten a lot of money from the divorce. She got to keep the old apartment anyway.
It’s oretty obvious that she has been banging Simon all this time, who knows, maybe that’s why the husband divorced her. To me it seems so weird that they’re always taking these trips together, that have been to Simons parents summer house ( with her children even), that she’s always posting these things implying that they have something going on.
I don’t think he’s doing all this for friendship and even if it was at first, i doubt that this bitch visiting him in his dorm is just there as a friend.
Adora is fucking ridiculous, 46 year old bitch who has never even had a real job and thinks banging dudes 25 years older is cool. Poor kids who are starting to grow up to see the shitshow that her mother is.

No. 789271

He is so punchable, I loved the grief he got on fb for those other pics

No. 789313

File: 1553305746797.jpg (47.3 KB, 720x960, 54524626_10161791257600651_213…)

No wonder she relies on her stupid filters

No. 789361

Holy shit that skin… that hairline… that blown out terrible tattoo
I’m speechless, this is so bad

No. 789364


I expected nothing less. 100% trailer trash edgy kid.

Im not a tattoo artist but I've done some stick n pokes on myself and even they're better than that muddy mess on her arm. fix yourself up girl, damn.

No. 789366

Thats a MAN.

No. 789369

She's cringy as fuck, and the milk has been great but not gonna lie, I think she's pretty

No. 789376

How does this bitch think she’s gods gift to mankind??
Blech, and the amount she talks about sex… it’s a fucking nightmare.

No. 789378

File: 1553326907319.jpg (67.59 KB, 720x960, 54519963_10161791231535651_749…)


If you think that's pretty you need to get your eyes checked

No. 789384

File: 1553331550926.jpg (234.78 KB, 1440x630, Screenshot_20190319-163544_Fac…)

The amount of oversharing is staggering

No. 789395

You know what they say about people who boast about their sex lives… RL version is he brushed against her in the corridor probably

No. 789396

I laughed way too hard at this

No. 789399

File: 1553339209373.jpg (359.43 KB, 720x1226, 20190323_220321.jpg)

I think if Avelina wants to be goth or talk fashion… lose the biker style and learn how to spell fuchsia. Fucking hell.

No. 789407

He can't just fucking go on holiday, he has to
>booking another trip as soon as we get home
>need to learn Spanish to really communicate with the locals

He really wants to move to every country he visits huh. They don't want you Jake

No. 789408

That KvD "I'm NOT a Nazi or Anti-vaxxer" video showed up on my Facebook feed today and holy shit she does a whole lot of talking about irrelevant shit. I think it's hilarious the first thing she tried doing was gain the sympathy from her Latino followers by talking about her heritage and speaking Spanish. Kek, such a cop out. And then she goes on for like 7 minutes trying to build a story explaining the Nazi shit, like did it really need that much explaining? And the Anti-vaxxer explanation, she's just saying she's not gonna tell anybody if she's gonna vaccinate her child or not. The whole issue is the fact she fell for that anti-vaxxer shit. She's that dumb. I get not wanting to give your child random shots, but there's a few that are needed.

No. 789415

This is one of the funniest things I have seen here for a while, why is he pulling those faces? Also he keeps going on about being slim and hot and then does a pose that gives him the worst neck rolls, and makes him look like Uncle Fester (but with hair).

No. 789438

Yeah, she looks awful in this pic but in others she looks good, so idk

Oversharing AND lying

I hate this "ungoth" shit. There's a lot of goths who have a biker-ish style, in a more 80s, 70s way. Avelina look more like early 2000s trash hoe who dates a biker dude

Completely agree with you. She's only super latina when it's convenient. Dude, not wanting to give your newborn every new vaccine for the flu is okay, but for fucks sake, the really important ones are not a matter of choice! Fucking measles, mumps, etc etc etc your child will die, you stupid fuck
"I'm not telling anyone if I'm vaccinating or not" WTF? WHY vaccinating your child has to be this polemic?

No. 789440

caps for those of us who don't have fb?

watched a few reaction videos and comments were all over kvd trying to imply that her 'latina heritage' meant she couldn't be anti semitic, lel. then trying to throw ami under the bus for assaulting her. like if that happened it's shitty but that story had no place among the other topics. her not being able to look at the camera was such a huge red flag she might as well have just released a statement instead of doing the video.

No. 789445

File: 1553358751504.png (1.1 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190323-162633.png)

Just seen that he only back from hoilday now he's off looking for money for other shite video for band so he with two other fools doing 12 hour but look price he wants it's get crazy everytime these people who gives this needs help good god his music and band are shite

No. 789449

No. 789452

File: 1553361539563.png (40.06 KB, 1080x246, 20190323_170419.png)

Reactions to Jake's photos

No. 789453

File: 1553361563961.png (58.39 KB, 1080x231, 20190323_170408.png)

No. 789454

File: 1553361589266.png (57.08 KB, 1080x248, 20190323_170355.png)

No. 789455

File: 1553361635327.png (49.81 KB, 1080x246, 20190323_170337.png)

No. 789456

File: 1553361681203.png (40.22 KB, 1080x231, 20190323_170317.png)

No. 789458

Did you notice killstar called him Gothic model they need wake up call that's why I won't buy from them .as he never model

No. 789484

File: 1553370988380.jpg (73.53 KB, 1080x283, 20190323_155526.jpg)

oh, thought there were ones related to the striped sweater pix. this one on ig gave me a good laugh.

No. 789521

File: 1553379161215.png (44.17 KB, 1080x267, 20190323_221201.png)

No. 789530

File: 1553381823579.bmp (799.82 KB, 773x353, Untitled 1.bmp)

No. 789531

Does she have a youtube?

No. 789543

"Skinny and lean, as a goth should be", "body positive is for those with scarifications".

No. 789563

delightful. that ser_sully had a few good jabs but could've left out some of that other stuff.

No. 789589

File: 1553397569644.jpg (972.71 KB, 1440x1906, Screenshot_20190320-025510_Fac…)

Unfortunately no, but here's another pic of her swearing that all she gets are guys hitting her up. I have a whole series of these "stop hitting on on me" posts

No. 789592

File: 1553398820573.jpg (695.29 KB, 1528x2278, say wut.jpg)

Bitch can't even make up her mind. First she dogs on people who jump from one relationship to another until she does it, then suddenly it's not ok to judge

No. 789594

The least she could have done was say that she had an experience thaf changed her mind but no… these cows are always just inconsistent as fuck

No. 789606

File: 1553407895396.png (431.27 KB, 603x963, wp_ss_20190324_0003.png)

It's because they don't want to admit they were wrong.

PS over on Bish0p's thread, she opened a p.o. box and people apparently want to send her dildos.

No. 789608

File: 1553407988122.jpg (511.58 KB, 1440x1801, Screenshot_20190321-171703_Fac…)

She fails to see the irony

No. 789611

Is that the foot of a literal Viking god we can see on the couch beside her? I find it … disappointingly small, pudgy and ungodlike.

No. 789612

It always makes me laugh when alleged goths talk about "healthy". Your entire ur aesthetic is thin, pallid and near dead or undead. Looking unhealthy is ENTIRELY THE POINT.

This person also makes me sorry for fat or not-emaciated goths, of which there are many.

No. 789671

Hang on, want to post some context?
That ser_sully isn’t jake and the killstar photo is jake.
Why post this reply and what even was the reply about/too?

Just some random ass comment out of nowhere

No. 789686

I had a look at the Killstar IG page, specifically that photo of Jake ("gothic model" topkek, neither gothic or a model but ok Killstar, sure thing) and I couldn't find that comment by ser_sully but did see they had said something like "At least the fangirls are happy, terrible model" so I'm not sure why they went on a tangent about goths having to be thin etc??

No. 789801

Best part that many of these commenters are cancerous themselves on a level matching what they accuse Jack of. kek

No. 789805

This only illustrates how latest newcomers to the "goff" are fucking cancer with their obsession of perfect smoothing shades and perfectly symmetric eyeliner. In the past people exactly like THEM were the one that were laughed AT and were seen as tryhards and posers.

No. 789811

>so I'm not sure why they went on a tangent about goths having to be thin etc??

because they obviously never been to any gig or goth night and have no idea that majority of the scene does not look like shopped insta goff models and fb groups attentionwhores.

No. 789874

Heh, just a regular dude's foot, wide but not chubby. Does anyone has photos of the viking god? I'm dying to see him, if he's anything like Drac's native american warrior god…

Just by reading you say "your aesthetic" it nakes it pretty clear you're not one. Unhealthy, maybe, but it's definitely not a part of the aesthethic to look impossibly thin and white, you look undead by putting makeup on and some ragged clothes. If you meet actual goths, those whose lives don't depend on or are exposed to death on instagram you'll see that there's all kinds of people, of all sizes, colors, etc. If someone thinks someone has to be white or thin to be goth it's not a goth thing, it's an asshole thing.

I'm sick of this too. Goth became contaminated with this obssession with perfection spread by social media. But when almost every 16 year old on instagram is looking like makeup artists it was kinda impossible for goths not to be affected by it, goths are regular people too hahah It feels like since winged eyeliner and bold colors became common, the standards became much higher, and now in order to wear any makeup you have to blend like a pro and your wings must be not only huge but as perfect as like someone glued a piece of plastic on your eye, not a microscopic smudge on sight.

No. 789942

File: 1553466371052.jpg (72.72 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1553466340776.jpg)

Dude has some serious problems. He's BPD and always makes long posts publicly about how he's going to kill himself because he can't get her back. I watch his profile and so far he's reposted the same videos and statuses but hey he's still alive even though he says he's on his way to die and don't no one go look for him. Here's a pic of a shitty tattoo Kady did on him kek

No. 789954


No. 789966


>since winged eyeliner and bold colors became common

All of the style signifiers of being [insert formerly outre subculture name here] have been coopted by the mainstream.

No. 789969

File: 1553469719480.png (370.61 KB, 720x511, wp_ss_20190324_0024.png)

No. 789972

Oh my she looks terrible here, where is this from?

No. 790021

comments have been deleted and i don't remember what ser_sully originally said, but someone replied that he looked like a crackhead b/c he's skinny and he came back with that ramble.

>why 50 serious
ppl can do what they want but how much of a tattoo will be seen when all that hair grows back lol.

No. 790046

>kek she looks awful here!
>Are you out of your mind? Reeree is ugly asf!
yes, I'm sure you both are stunningly beautiful, you probably put victoria's secret models to shame. that must be why you spend so much time on an anonymous message board taking shits on people who have never done anything to you.

this thread has been milkless for ages and devolved into utter shit. it is just a bunch of insecure fags circle jerking over how much they hate the cow's looks (especially kaya's). kaya has never even been that milky, jake is much more milky than kaya imo. and even when there is IBF drama people care more about commenting on her weight, age, bad makeup etc rather than the actual drama.

No. 790104

Hi Kaya(hi cow)

No. 790127

File: 1553496356269.png (114.34 KB, 1080x529, 20190325_064528.png)

Deleted comment on Jake's new video

No. 790132


Yes and seriously, what next? Why is X using dark/grey tones for makeup? Why is Y trying to look dead?

No. 790135

File: 1553500656317.jpg (111 KB, 673x885, german_grufti_80s.jpg)

>I'm sick of this too. Goth became contaminated with this obssession with perfection spread by social media. But when almost every 16 year old on instagram is looking like makeup artists it was kinda impossible for goths not to be affected by it, goths are regular people too hahah It feels like since winged eyeliner and bold colors became common, the standards became much higher, and now in order to wear any makeup you have to blend like a pro and your wings must be not only huge but as perfect as like someone glued a piece of plastic on your eye, not a microscopic smudge on sight.

Big, or even better to say HUUUGE wings were mostly popular in German scene (but even then there was no obsession with making wings look damn stencil even like nowadays. In the most photos it even looks like not giving a damn about it being even was a part of actual intention put into makeup). For some reason they later were incorporated into that 00s artificially created "USA Deathrock style" that actually has very little to do with actual 80s USA look despite everyone young enough to DON'T remember how goth looked in USA back then pretend it's a real representation of the past and proof of how oh how USA scene was so unique. kek

This is some strange act of a collective amnesia.

And this is how we ended with German makeup trends mixed with British Johny Slut style clothing and USA horror punk trends of the 00s imposed to be a unique thing that "originated in the Souther California back in the '80s"

No. 790137

It's kind interesting how Germany has big influence on fashion (popular clothing brands and jewelry makers and helding WGT ofcourse) the same time as German scene members remain keeping themselves quiet isolated and almost not interacting online. All online "goff discussion" is dominated by USA mostly with some UK representation. And the most active people online mostly have very limited real life interaction with actual scene events and members. That's probably why there is a lot of fake "facts" about history or genres circulating online.

No. 790210

lol why are you even on here then? The whole point of this message board is to "talk shit" about people.

>I'm sure you both are stunningly beautiful, you probably put victoria's secret models to shame.

oorrr we just don't think reeree is as attractive as she or others think? your argument is as retarded as "you must be jealous!" shit. Nah hun, we just don't see it

His IG is @itsmyboyjeffy I believe

Kaya's NINETEENTH witches moon unboxing and she STILL doesn't know what anything is. Where does she hoard all this stuff she has no interest in? Why does she even fucking bother?

No. 790270

Kaya has zero knowledge of witchcraft or paganism,I'm embarrassed for her.
My suspicion is she gets paid with a bit of cash as well as the boxes of witchy tat.

No. 790272


“But it’s so K-yoot!”

No. 790291

File: 1553539815301.png (642.94 KB, 516x828, Screenshot_2.png)

That's her current lay. The fake suicidal one is Tyler.

Yep, her kids are screwed. Why do these cows think it's ok to have loud sex and parade men in front of impressionable children?

No. 790293

But wasn't "wychkravt" a trend that went out of vogue pretty quick?

No. 790353

In Jakes new video he mentions that Munro's last music video cost £1000 and now he's raising more money so he's new video can cost even more.

I'm guessing that Kaya sees very little of the money they get on twitch. 99% of the donators are fans of Kaya and don't really know Jake.

No. 790376

Got to love how he made a comment about how if you don't want to hear his band it's because "you don't like metal" rather than, you know, not liking his shit emo band topkek

No. 790381

Short answer, yes. It was back when American Horror Story's Coven was popular and every basic chick or goff chick was suddenly into Witchcraft.

He fucking wishes LOL There's good Metal and then there's ass metal, his is he later.

No. 790382

Uhhhhhh, I never said anyone was jealous of Reeree, that wasn't my point.
>we just don't think she's attractive
that's fine, but people were saying she looked like a pig and ugly asf, not just "I don't think she's attractive" which comes across as needlessly mean spirited and bitter.

>the whole point of this website is to talk shit about people

I thought the point was to follow the trainwreckage of people's lives as a consequence of their bad decisions/lack of self awareness etc. not take nonstop screenshots of people being like 'look at how bad her double chin is' 'look at how bad her acne is' etc.

No. 790386

I thought witchcraft was still a trend, especially thanks to harmony nice.

Except there are emo bands that are way better than his.

No. 790408

File: 1553557710201.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1893, 6B0CF8E0-CA62-4D69-94CB-19E503…)

Disturbia Clothing posted this promo shot that looks like child porn, and then deleted 10 minutes later it when people got angry at them. Now they’re deleting comments on the new post mentioning the old post. This isn’t the first time they’ve posted something “controversial”.

No. 790463

File: 1553562083364.png (295.81 KB, 565x1182, wp_ss_20190326_0002.png)

Over on the Bishop thread.

No. 790492

How old is the model?

No. 790500

She actually posted the vlog, instead of putting it off for a year. Good that you do take some advice when you lurk Kaya.

No. 790513

I'm actually skepticle that kaya lurks here, at least on a daily basis, cos she seems genuinely bothered by boards like this. Jake deffo lurks though.

No. 790517

According to her instagram she's 24.

No. 790573

The German scene is online. We just do our gossiping in German. When IBF was featured in a German documentary a few years back, there was plenty of chatter about her, same thing when she and her husband split.

IBF is the one who isolated herself in Germany. AFAIK she didn’t make a single close friend in either city that she lived in.

No. 790574

Guys!! She zoomed in on "Bauhaus" she CAN'T be a poser, kek. Try harder Kaya

No. 790626

Ruadhan 1334 posted this in response to ofherbsandaltars and the recent youtube goth drama and personally I think its enlightening.

Why are you arguing with my post when you agree with it then?

No. 790630

I meant interact with scene outside Germany. Not that you don't contact each other.

I have been barely seeing Germans on English language speaking goth forums/chats etc trough about a decade. And these from many other non English speaking countries as well. It's kind of understandable because of language barriers (many Europeans actually suck at English, but things are getting better with latest generations).

It makes Anglosphere kinda alienated. They barely know any bands outside of their bubble. Especially new ones. I would dare to say that most goth music is nowadays created outside English speaking areas. Yet they pretend they are the dominant force in the flock, despite that they are not. They however do have the widest international "reach" due to English language. Just notice how most of myths and nonsense about goths originated in the USA. I see a lot of valuable materials online written in German in contrast to a lot of misleading English language garbage.

No. 790645

Absolutely! I think part of that comes from the fact the German scene is huge. Add the Austrians and the Swiss and we basically don’t have to speak English if we don’t want too. There are lots of German online groups.

Also true that many new bands are popping up all over the world. Have a look at the bands announced for WGT this year; they list where they’re from and they always manage to pull in bands from all over the world.

So the only-English-speaking perfectly-contorted YouTube cows can spout off all the nonsense they want to. Real goths from around the world are rolling their eyes.

And to keep this in topic, did anyone notice that IBF is giving a talk on “How to be a successful youtuber” at a comic convention in the USA next week. I would love to be in that audience for the chance to ask “So just a handful of videos per year and a lot of I boxings is all it takes, cool, got it! And btw where are your pets, you monster?!”

No. 790716

Whoa, you got it in for her!
Sounds bit jealous.
Who cares about age these days? I think the young boys are weirder. Do they have mommy issues kek Adora looks fucking better than me tho, and I'm just 24!

A rumour says she's rich. Like inherited money and good with stocks? Would make sense.

Did her husband divorce her?! How you know? Is this fact?

No. 790721

It's been some time since I know of Ruadhan's existence through reddit's r/goth. There's not a lot of space to nonsense over there and he seems to know his shit music wise. With that being said, I'd like to add that he acts like a know-it-all even among other know-it-all types and loves to go to the last consequences to win an argument, if you've seen any where he's involved, it lasts forever and the subject can change like 25 times. He's not a cow at all, but he sure looooves the drama! I would be actually surprised if I found out that he's not posting here since the beggining, I bet that being here was exactly what made him start doing videos on the subjects we talk about. If you are on r/goth you know that the way he writes is pretty recognizable!
Ruadhan, I know you're reading so I want to say something: try not to involve yourself in any and every drama that surfaces in this pathetic youtube "goth" community, of course you have the right to give people a piece of your mind, especially when everyone who doesn't know what the fuck they're talking about is doing it, but don't turn yourself into one of those scenesters, you're so better than that, dude. Don't be like Angela, who had interesting content, but once she started "responding" to every drama happening she couldn't do anything else and now she's insufferable, she does nothing but try to say "I'm a real goth and you're not, here's why! Let's defend actual goth!". So she now adds precisely nothing to the internet branch of the goth scene. Talk about goth shit and you'll be one of the only ones who matter

No. 790724

>Keep in mind that The Haunted Bat doesn't consider herself Goth.

Actually she does as she says in this video and talks about her feelings of goth from the music to fashion. I just assumed shes not talked about here because shes not a goth cow as far as im aware.

Anyway I'm actually posting this here because she touches on the recent youtube goth drama involving goth cows here so thought some anons would like to watch.

No. 790725

I didn't even watch the video but fuck, this subject is so fucking simple: if you want to buy from killstar, buy it, there are some cute pieces, if you have the money go ahead. The problem is acting like buying from killstar is a requirement to be goth or being a walking advertisement for them, only wearing killstar or other brands. Also: dressing head to toe in killstar does not make one a goth. It's just a clothes brand, for fucks sake. You can find shit you like and wear it in a goth look in any fucking store, even forever21.

No. 790738

We can post post all the milk we want about something but when Angela makes a video about the same thing she's insufferable.You sound like a hypocrite.

No. 790748

We do not claim to produce content that's different from the other goth youtubers. And our purpose here is to gossip, criticize etc, according to her, hers is not. So it gets insufferable when we're expecting her to talk the things she says the other youtubers don't, like music, but then she doesn't and keep making videos about drama and hauls from cheap china stores. Like everyone else

No. 790790

I know what our purpose is here. I've been watching her channel for a while now and I don't know if I've missed something but you said that she is always getting involved in drama but this was the first time I've seen her lend her 2 cents and that was only because Dorian named and shamed her. She talks about music in almost every video and did a spotlight on POC goth bands in that soundcloud goth video.

No. 790801

Dude, this is NOT the first time she gets involved in drama. A lot of anons agree that it's getting tiresome, in this very thread

No. 790810

Yeah but I'm asking you. What drama has she got involved in. I'm not doubting you but I just went through all of her videos and I can't find what you're talking about. What other drama?

No. 790818

>There's not a lot of space to nonsense over there

What do you mean? Most threads there are nonsensical or repetitive kicking same dead whale down the beach.

No. 790834

Fucking learn to sage. All these new cunts coming in and complaining about us bitching. Sage, cunts

No. 790862

Kaya's new video is pathetic. She's trying to claim the hate she's been getting for her constant stream of haul videos is because of a "cult mentality" lmao this bitch is so deluded. After 5 years Kaya your hauls and unboxings and superficial materialistic shit GETS BORING AS FUCK. You say they've always been there but that's precisely the problem. On top of that, at least before she would break it up with vlogs and other random videos. Having back to back hauls/unboxings now is tedious and boring. God I hope this bitch's channel dies out soon, she can't even admit what the issue is or refuses to believe it. Ignorance is bliss and all that.

No. 790877

File: 1553698065290.jpg (332.46 KB, 1425x786, Screenshot_20190320-031745_Fac…)


No. 790878

Didn't watch it but I knew she was going to puss out and not grasp why people are starting to hate her channel, even the ones who used to watch. "Cult mentality"? Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. You're content is just bad Kaya and an actual Goth doesn't even need to say that, anyone who visits and looks at the uploads and watches like at least 3 of them will get the picture. Back to back hauls are monotonous and boring.

Why don't you actually talk about something that's actually important that isn't whining and has actual substance? And get off your high horse, people don't need to have "Cult mentality" to know when something is bad or boring. You've been doing the same crap for like 3 years now, of course people are going to tire of it because unlike other channels that actually do things other than hauls, they're content never tires because they have something new to talk about. Get in the program Kaya and stop being a delusional sack.

No. 790958

Half the time I feel bad for Kaya because she's clearly depressed and Jake is clearly rotten to her, but the other half the time she does stuff like this and is insufferably lacking in self-awareness, or at least doesn't want to address the things that make her channel suck. She needs fewer hauls, more actual content - Barcelona video is a break from hauls over and over again, more of that content would do her channel more good than haul haul haul, whinge, haul haul haul, whinge.

No. 790961

File: 1553714484041.jpg (392.78 KB, 720x720, CYMERA_20190327_160939.jpg)

Mind you I'm not saying I disagree with her opinion in these videos. My point is to show you that she grabs every chance she gets to involve herself in a current drama. Always going on with the same rants and the same jabs at the same people. Like, we (mostly) agree, dude, move on.
(Some videos are not watched or half watched cause I don't always watch on my phone)

Yeah, you're completely right, "nonsense" was absolutely not the word, there's a lot of it there. I meant it in the sense that people at least try to diacuss interesting things that are relevant to the subculture there, instead of just celebrating endless haul videos, "goth is whatever you want it to be", metal/emo/wtvr bands etc.Bit yeah, they're so far up their own asses that all the discussions soon become nonsensical, all of them trying to prove that they know more than the other citing more and more irrelevant info to the subject as they go and it lasts forever. It's actually funny. So, my bad, bad choice of words, you're right!

No. 791086

File: 1553733687444.png (628.58 KB, 572x844, wp_ss_20190328_0003.png)

Slight tin foil but have I found the dude Jake is skinwalking now, apart from Manson?
Funnily he also happens to be the friend of Bish0p, Jake's biggest fan.

No. 791088

this! before killstar it was lipservice, tripp, etc and ppl legit looked down on you or called you a posuer for not wearing head-to-toe name brand stuff even if you were into the music and supported the scene. clothes, hair, makeup, accessories and so on are only part of being alternative, not defining features, and these idiots act like the look is all you need without realizing that's what the issue is.

multiple ppl having the same opinion is cult mentality, lol. guess admitting not everyone enjoys the same shit over and over is too hard.

No. 791115

Well funnily enough thats what she says in the video-although she also says goth is whatever you want it to be and if you feel goth then you are goth so it is a bit of a confused message.

No. 791173

Not confusing at all, just another one of "those" people who thinks "Goth is whatever you want it to be". Nevermind that it's always been a music-based subculture and it even says it in it's literal definition.

Might as well apply this to any music-based subculture. Metal is whatever you want it to be.

No. 791181

I wouldn’t put it past him. He (jake) has started to bleach a part of his hair white. I think you’re spot on!!

No. 791215

I thought that WAS him for a second, if it wasn't for the stretched ears or hand tattoo I'd be convinced it was kek. How original, Jake.

No. 791224

File: 1553783117838.jpg (256.99 KB, 1080x1080, -1553782873872.jpg)

Jake has literally half bleached his hair for the past 10 years what are you talking about

No. 791242


No. 791243

hi jake

No. 791268

Yes, I know, I was talking about the video. No need to be so anal.

No. 791304

I think Jake is just trying to be more like his past self. Maybe inspired by this dude doing everything he was known for 10 years ago, but I don't think it's skinwalking

Also the obligatory: not WK, jake looked bad 10 years ago too. Maybe less than now, but still pathethic.

No. 791313

There’s a difference in getting your hair back to looking like what it did and copying make up looks and getting work based off that make up.
The hair doesn’t make up for the rest of the skin walking

No. 791339

Around the 4:26 mark Toxic Tears talks about Robert Smith/The Cure.

No. 791343

um… what is this?

No. 791345

um… what is this?

No. 791349

The cringe is real. Wtf was this? What was the point? It immediately becomes irrelevant when they mention clothing brands, especially Shillstar which has nothing to do with goth. Disappointed to see Accumortis, Radically Dark and Miss E on there, the rest are either total fakes or metalheads wearing dark clothes or black thinking they're goth (looking at you ReeRee, Emily Boo and Avelina)

TT's delivery doesn't even feel natural, like she's reading off a script she found on the internet. It's also highly arguable that The Cure were "the first goth band" but we all know Kaya's knowledge of goth kek

No. 791367

File: 1553814690482.png (333.54 KB, 720x1180, wp_ss_20190328_0019.png)

Ok just call it A-Z of alt then. Or instead of just wanting the more popular alt YTers in your vid, reach out to the smaller goth channels?

No. 791373

>this video is not exclusively made only for those in the subculture
Lmao then don't title it "goth"

>the video is also for those interested in the subculture

So you want a vid titled goth that includes not-really-goths to help newcomers, and not to just say ~it can be whatever you want~?

I know the media already confuses people into thinking "goth's whatever you want" by showing it a lot and just in fashion form (which they do way less to punk and metal btw).
But c'mon let's not confuse them ourselves?

No. 791374

FUCK OFF "mumma g0Th" fuck the fuck off. You KNEW it was gonna piss people and thats exactly why you did this. And to pander, of fucking course

For real, nowadays I get more and more pissed about these people, especially because they steal our look, every new "trend" in the actual goth sub gets stolen buy these assholes, Im seeing more and more poseurs with mullets nowadays.
Back on track: they steal our look and go around acting like stupid immature cringy cunts, making people think we are all like Richmond in real life, saying that kinda shit being 100% serious

Man, I must be getting old and bitter, but I just don't appreciate being """""represented"""" by a bunch of retarded edgy airheads.
Sure, look outrageous and edgy to shock people, it's fun, yada yada yada, but have something inside your fucking head. Even those who enjoy the shock value have to have a better reason to it than "but everybody is doing it! I saw these cool clothes and badass hair on my fave youtuber, I want to have it too!1!!one"

No. 791377

>Even those who enjoy the shock value have to have a better reason to it than…"I saw these cool clothes and badass hair on my fave youtuber, I want to have it too!1!!one

There is a YouTuber called mysasboiaccount who got inspired to be goth after seeing how Bish0p dresses. He said he was interested in it before anyway and Bishop's look gave him the final push. I think he does like some alt music, though a big part of that is sound cloud emo rap (which bishop really likes too).

No. 791381

File: 1553817035081.jpeg (192.94 KB, 1242x1264, 9AC8ECD6-9A06-42F8-A44B-6FE09A…)

Jfc!! How does this cunt STILL have Patreon’s?
Nothing has been posted

No. 791395

I share your frustration anon. We can only hope these fakers eventually grow out of it and move on to the next trend (because let's be honest it usually IS a phase for posers) but sadly more will come along more to replace them

No. 791412

Jeez, I guess all her things in her german apartament can just fuck off while she has fun in the US. Like, I highly doubt that Matthias is helping her with packing and sending all of it to NZ. Isn't she supposed to, I don't know, move out?

No. 791418

Do wonder what’s happening with her apartment and her belongings since she isn’t a resident. I do believe she said she’s only going back when the big Goff festivals are on so she can goto them and then leave?
Why can’t this generation of adults get their shit together?

No. 791435

File: 1553825457959.gif (1.88 MB, 298x200, eeehhhh.gif)

Why not "DhaAarkhHhHhHh A-Z" then? For clickbait of course and stirring intentional controversy in community IMHO. I can't imagine any slightly different reasons.

No. 791436


I'm surprised all the animal lovers aren't questioning the fact that her pets have been out of her care for so long

No. 791438

She said in her "im so sorry" vid that people were taking care of her cats

No. 791468

>long video gap
>"so sorry ive been gone but i needed a break, I've been kicked out of my home, my visa marriage failed"
>another gap
>"woo guys im in america"
Please let it be that you got some of your shit together in the second gap then, and America trip is to relax before returning to YT.

As for her Patreons maybe she's telling them the "secret plans" that also added to her long break, even though all fans deserve to hear it.

No. 791474

File: 1553837124657.png (125.61 KB, 720x1172, wp_ss_20190329_0004.png)

Doubt it cos most of the posts are vids already on Yt and patron only live streams.
There's only a few "secret" updates like this one (pic) and one a week ago just titled Not Good. Maybe she also reveals stuff in the livestreams idk.

No. 791554

File: 1553870061368.png (5.46 MB, 1125x2436, 3F43284E-4F2F-4528-8FC0-7B3820…)

This is why she’s in NJ

No. 791555

this is no doubt the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

also when are we going to grow out of the idea that liking shitty cheap costume jewelry and Halloween is a personality trait. I’m tired.

No. 791556

Yeah I know. I didn't mean it in an anal way, just an "eh" sarcastic way lol.

Holy fuck anon you're so right. Way for them to miss the mark about "Goth". Halloween is not a Goth thing. Killstar is not a Goth brand. Elvira, Lydia Deetz, Adams Family, etc, they aren't "Goth" characters, they are "Gothic" characters and you'd think a Goth would know the difference between the two. Mary Shelley was a Gothic literature icon, not a Goth icon. And people need to stop associating Victorian with Goth, Victorian was it's own thing and not a Goth thing.

Yeah it's a shame that Accumortis took part in this cringe video but at the very least, he did say something factual about Goth. And Radically Dark didn't call that book a "Goth" book and called it "Gothic".

And of course Kaya is gonna go on and on about Robert Smith. How much you wanna bet that she only likes the Cure's hit singles most of which were't their Goth songs with the exception of "Lovesong"? It's just something I've noticed with a lot of people who claim to be obsessed with them but when you ask them for their favorite songs, they 90% of the time only mention their classic hit songs from the mainstream.

To be fair, Accumortis isn't exactly a big channel and neither is Radically Dark or Miss E but I agree with you, they maay as well have just called the video "A-Z Alternative". Stop calling things Goth just because it's dark because that video only had like 4 actual Goths in it and most of what they were saying has dick all to do with actual Goth.

All of this.

Well just take solace that at least they featured one person who actually talked about the music (Accumortis). It's just a shame it was bogged down by all this other nonsense shit the others were spouting.

That's pretty pathetic that he couldn't get into Goth fully (HAH) until he saw an attention whoring, overbearing edgelord. And honestly, I doubt he listens to actual Goth music and just listens to Metal or Sound Cloud Emo/Rap shit.

Agreed. Just give it another 4-5 years (being generous) and they'll move on to something else and they'll say that they had a "Goth phase" (HAH). However I do think the subculture online scene is getting a tiny bit better as we have a small few people who do talk about the music and that's at least something.

Just watch, if she really is just fucking off and not taking care of business getting all her stuff shipped, she's going to make a new Woe is me video about how she lost everything she owned in Germany and will start asking for donations that she knows her gullible fans will give (Like the wedding scam money). I mean if she's still getting Patreon money for doing absolutely nothing then that just shows the kind of sucker mentality her fans have for her.

Honestly I hope this doesn't become a drama and that the real Goths who watch that video just laugh about it and move on. Because the drama will just feed a lot of these people's annoying egos.

Because she's GOFF QUEEN and she can do no wrong uwu

For the sake of maturity, I hope so because it's gonna be sad if she's that much of a scatterbrain to not get important matters dealt with first and foremost.

No. 791558

Check out the thread under the Taco Bell post. Looks like someone did freak out about the cats and of course mommy jumped in to defend IBF.

No. 791565

File: 1553874401877.png (1.04 MB, 1000x1372, ssbig.png)

>And people need to stop associating Victorian with Goth, Victorian was it's own thing and not a Goth thing.

Let's go back to Art Nouveau and Art Deco again? Jokes aside it's mostly USA and UK thing to puke Victorian everywhere.


LOL, USA and their over the top advertisements

No. 791567

>special guest youtube sensation It's Black Friday
Cos lazy hauls and unboxings (from someone who apparently has a film school degree!) is so sensational. Is she a star attraction just so people can take pictures with her?

No. 791574

This is where he talks about it.

No. 791657

>>791558 can you share that post what was saide

No. 791662

File: 1553886421355.jpeg (440.44 KB, 1212x1966, 7CAAFD83-FDFA-4AF0-B309-190363…)

It’s on her Facebook profile.

No. 791684

Why does she feel the need to stalk freya's every post, comb through all comments and defend her every move? No wonder freya wanted to escape NZ.

Not a good way to treat your pet though, especially if they're showing distressed behaviour. While she's off partying in the US.

No. 791768

Fuck's sake, the way ReeRee speaks I swear she's a troll like John Laclean.

I don't comment much in this thread because being a really old person who was doing the ol' coffin dance in clubs back in the 80s (and never changed, except no clubs or dance now), these fuckwits in this thread legit make me want to take a rope into the woods and hang me from a tree.

This video - so much ego in such a short video. What a bad idea that was. Amusing though.

Ruadhan's the only one I like. He's relatable unlike these dicks. Where did it all go wrong? Got to say, thanks for the lols Jake. I don't watch his content but the stuff on here is at times golden.

As you were. Just had to share my musing about ReeeeReeee's affected accent.

No. 791770

I doubt she did this to piss people off, she first announced this collab before the whole drama started anyway.
She doesn't seem like the kind of person to want to cause drama either.

[saged just in case]

No. 791832

Hm, this is actually pretty sad. I wonder who takes care of the cats now, as the person in the comments seems to have thrown in the towel…
The mother really sounds like a histrionic bitch.

No. 791850

>Let's go back to Art Nouveau and Art Deco again? Jokes aside it's mostly USA and UK thing to puke Victorian everywhere.

Lol yeah I have noticed this as well that it's mostly Europeans and Americans who do this nonsense.

I think we all know the answer to that lol. But you're right overall because doing haul video after haul video is such a huge accomplishment lol

Euuuuugghhh… And see, it's okay to be new to Goth, we all start somewhere and you know what? Fine, if you're intially drawn to Goth because of how Goths looks, that's fine too but oh jeez… Did he really just say "TrapGoth"? Get the fuck out of here.

And what's very frustrating is that it's obvious he hasn't done much research on something he claims to care about otherwise he wouldn't need to muddle about with where Goth came from and how it started. He said it's been months so there's no excuse that he couldn't do a bit of reading, it would only take him like 5 minutes tops. I mean for fuck's sake, he really said Germany is what Goth originated from. Are you kidding?
And of coruse most people in the Goth discord were not going to be having the "Goth is more than music" argument because it's not true, music has always been the core thing and without the music, there would be no Goth. And yeah there was fashion that spawned in Goth but it's not the kind he's most likely thinking of as the real fashion came from actual Goth musicians and no it's not Cradle of Filth neither and Gothic Metal is not Goth music, it's Metal.

I dunno man, this is the kind of thing I was afraid of seeing with all this misinformation spread about Goth as it infect clueless young people and when they get into actual Goth communities, they can't handle certain truths.

Yeah the video is shit but I assure you that at least 2 people there (Accumortis & Radically Dark) are actually Goth and know what they're talking about. Check out their YouTube channels and you'll see that they are not the ego-maniacs that most of the others are.

Maybe not but this is the chick who said "Goth is what is inside you" or some bullshit in her "Goth snob" tag. Are you fucking serious? lol

No. 791874

>>791850 Mumma Goth hasn't done the "Goth snob" tag tho.

No. 791878

File: 1553915080246.jpg (344.98 KB, 1513x560, 3102944857263410.jpg)

I swear emily boo and laci green could be twins, they have the same face.

No. 791892

Lmao holy shit anon I don't follow emily boo anywhere so I genuinely thought for a moment that Lacy changed her style

No. 791895

Whoops I had a fuck up moment, my bad. It wasn't "mumma Goth" who did that tag, it was "Heavy Metal Momma".

No. 791948

File: 1553937720748.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.5 MB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20190330_03073951…)

Not milk here but…
Jake/bish0p/clown makeup is already a thing?

No. 791957

“What music should you listen to to be goth?”

Stupidly phrased question in this tag.
Should be;
Do you need to listen to/ like Goth music to be Goth? Yes.
Do you need to listen to/like all types of Goth music/ all the Goth bands? No.
Can you listen to nonGoth bands too? Of course.

No. 791958

Do you have to parrot (a.k.a. ripoff ) same few looks like 90% of community who actually dress up does? No. And you better don't do that. We see enough clones at events and online already.

I was kinda wondering how long would it take for more or less this style to come back to popularity after good few years of "dark toned normie makeup". I wonder how wide would be this trend.

No. 791959

on the other hand >>791948 looks kinda close to what is popular in Netherlands/Denmark area alt scenes

No. 791965

I can't stand her voice either, it's like this faux posh sound she forces thinking it makes her seem intelligent or solemn, kek. She sounded completely different in her early videos.

No. 791989

Yes anon. That's the question that stopped the tag from having any semblance of legitimacy because Goth is a music based subculture and it's not an opinion, it's a fact. But yeah, you don't need to like every Goth band or all Goth subgenres.

So would you prefer it more if she spoke in her more natural voice?

No. 792057

That's a given. I think no one (with a bit of sense) likes someone who puts on an obviously fale voice while speaking. I'm not even the same anon

No. 792059

Nah in the netherlands witchy goth is the popular thing, which is shit.

No. 792112

ah ok, I was reffering to "stranger" look and use of colours. If I think about it now, I kinda indeed cannot recall non wych or rivethead looking crowd.

No. 792160

File: 1553981139596.png (1.81 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190330-212309.png)

Look who's in video

No. 792161

She's doing some physical activity, that's good.

No. 792163

What look is she going for with that decor? It looks like grannies sitting room in the 1970s. I feel quite sad for her for getting it wrong. I feel sad she for her that she posted that pic.

No. 792164

(oh, except most grannies didn't have a pole to swing on)

No. 792167

it does not look like their apartment, unless they did total makeover

No. 792171

File: 1553981892298.jpg (177.69 KB, 986x1200, D268y-UWoAEbNv2.jpg)

where is she??

No. 792172

File: 1553981936190.jpg (111.39 KB, 898x915, D268y-OX4AIHCY9.jpg)

No. 792173

File: 1553981992734.jpg (82.59 KB, 640x770, D27teB-X0AQT1Vu.jpg)

is this her trying to prove that she hangs out with other goffs?

No. 792182

They look like mall goths/emos/insta "goths" and what is she even going for here? She has such an unfortunate body shape. It's strange how she has no boobs considering her huge weight gain

No. 792185

At least they are edgier and darker than creepeeqt crowd

No. 792214

File: 1553989008503.png (922.09 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190330-233343.png)

Jake new video comes out on Monday all those emos are in it and this is what there fans paid for .

No. 792220

So that's gonna be a rap style music video.

No. 792222

So she's at the set of the shoot with Jake's femme emo friends. She's never been in their videos before, wonder what kind of part she'll have.

No. 792226

considering posted material - pole dancing?

No. 792240

File: 1553993318482.png (1.79 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190331-004242.png)

I'm wondering to what part Jake has saide that no other band has ever done video like this but it more like Manson video of early days .

No. 792242


To be honest I think she looks a lot better in something that actually defines SOME shape, than a literal black saggy sac.
she isn't small or petite but at the very least she's in clothes that don't "muffin top" or cause weird rolls in bad places in these pics. it's not the best outfit ever but way more structured/shapely than her typical "hide everything but my head and hands" outfits

No. 792246

File: 1553994645951.png (1.41 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190331-020531.png)

Just seen this his hair is blue with other guy from band .

No. 792265

Seeing Kaya put on something that attempts to be a real outfit and going out and doing something in the world other than whining and ebegging is kind of shocking. Good for her, in a weird way, I guess?

No. 792269

i like this outfit minus the nipple tape which gives it a very kink/bdsm vibe

No. 792272

Yes! Her body actually has some shape in this outfit. I don't like the nipple tapes either, not because bdsm but like, she hasn't nice boobs. Not especially ugly but they look weird and not proportional like this. Either she has lot a lot of weight or she SERIOUSLY need to throw all of her baggy, frilly, frumpy clothes in the trash right now and burn it

No. 792280

>And honestly, I doubt he listens to actual Goth music and just listens to Metal or Sound Cloud Emo/Rap shit.
>Did he really just say "TrapGoth"? Get the fuck out of here.

Even better, he makes sound cloud trap/screamo rap. Bishop mentioned it + wore his merch in her newest vid.
Link: https://m.soundcloud.com/scace

Have we got a new cow on our hands? Cast your votes.

No. 792402

File: 1554034031488.jpg (13.04 KB, 236x236, e33f7a43a6b2b5c026b3c722d6d51b…)

TT complaining about people stealing her tattoo when she pretty much ripped it off to begin with herself

No. 792403

File: 1554034054197.jpg (37.35 KB, 540x540, 0191fa7e1a559c2e937a0604a006fa…)

No. 792405

I wonder if jake mentioned it and she didn't like the idea of him finding a thin, tall gothic girl to do the pole dancing so she made him let her do it instead

She wore something similar at London Edge so she can't even be creative and try something new

which is funny because she claims to hate the association between "goth" and "bdsm" kek

No. 792408

File: 1554035778434.jpg (186.07 KB, 1602x753, 06kwS0I.jpg)

Jake's "music video" looks super original

No. 792410

Shhhhh…. that's only inspiration.

No. 792442

File: 1554047340935.png (738.42 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190331-164626.png)

So true look at this it's same .

No. 792454

Wow, that's full on plagiarism. Jake and Kaya are so unoriginal

No. 792477

Please god, dump jake and go out with this one instead

They actually look like an attractive couple. Also TT seems so much slimmer lately, no doubt from unhealthy/starvation means. But she looks good. Just dump the ball and chain and you may see your e-career improve massively

No. 792478

File: 1554054642628.png (3.4 MB, 1440x1988, replacement.png)

dropped pic

No. 792480

Do you mean the Mickey mouse hat guy? Pretty sure that's nosebleeds_ and pretty sure he's gay. Leaving Jake could be good for her though, their relationship is pretty unhealthy.

No. 792490

Slimmer, possibly. But not slim by any means. She still looks chubby, frumpy and wide

No. 792496

Holy mother, that stuff sounded awful. And they think this shit makes them Goth? Nothing Goth about this stuff at all. Yep, this "Trap Goth" is the Mallcore & Pastel Goth of the late 2010s, not actual Goth.

And I feel that the only way this guy will become a cow if he joins TT, Jake, and all the others who whinge about how people don't think they're actual Goths.

> I wonder if jake mentioned it and she didn't like the idea of him finding a thin, tall gothic girl to do the pole dancing so she made him let her do it instead

I wouldn't put it past that to be honest. He could've just got Bishop to do it lol.

What more do you expect from a Marilyn Manson wannabe? Looks just like the "Tainted Love" video lol.

No. 792508

Maybe you people know if goth-pikes.com finally started contacting their clients about their orders made in last months? It would probably mean few interesting things if they still didn't get in touch with c.ients.

No. 792510


or just dropping sugar

you can lose weight pretty fast by just not eating few pounds of sugar a week


She actually looks pretty OKish. Not that far from medically considered safe body fat level.

No. 792513

File: 1554062903295.png (1.73 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190331-210307.png)

Just seen this just 21 hours we get to see this so epic shite video .

No. 792557

Good for her, this makes her body look like a body and not a blob like her other clothes suggest. She does the classic thing of hiding fat in big clothes and looking fatter in the process.

Damn the sinilarities. Not just ripping Manson off anymore, it's low key skinwalking. Wonder how the actual song will sound.

Yikes. There's many methods of screaming but he's chosen a strained and muddy "amateur" version - one of the unfriendliest to your voice and not worth this struggle cos it sounds bad. Not even in the edgy way. Just bad.

>And I feel that the only way this guy will become a cow if he joins TT, Jake, and all the others who whinge about how people don't think they're actual Goths
He did that when talking about joining r/goth, and not being let in after saying it can be what you want not and just music. Elitist meanies!1

No. 792575

I'm leaving Altcows!!?

No. 792577

I'm no longer on Lolcows?!

No. 792578

Bob the Builder is the shit

No. 792580

did you take my popcorn

No. 792582


No. 792596

First time posting so apologies if I screw it up yada yada

I actually think she looks really hot. It’s a major improvement on the vile pink tat she normally trots out in. If she’s loosing weight and looking sexier maybe it’s a sign she’ll drop jakes sad ass and start seeing someone new and better.
She doesn’t have the body of a child so when she dresses more adult (and I don’t mean BDSM adult but just clothing more appropriate for a woman) she can look really good.

No. 792638

That’s really fucked up. Why aren’t more people up in arms about how shit ibf is?

No. 792644

Because she’s done an excellent job of presenting herself as this sweet & lovely person who just has soooo many problems. Her followers just egg her on. Most of the cows just make me snort but the ones who have kids and pets dependent on them make me rage.

No. 792646

> He did that when talking about joining r/goth, and not being let in after saying it can be what you want not and just music. Elitist meanies!1

Whelp, time to add him to the list lol

Eh beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they ay because "Hot" isn't what I'd ever use to describe Kaya, far from it. But I agree that when she's not dressing like a 12 - 16 year old, she can look okay. Still not a Goth but okay lol.

Exactly this. Look at what happened during the Ruadhan 1334 debacle. He laid out some truths about her and her fans kept sucking off her ass and saying anyone who was calling her out on her nonsense were jealous.

If having your money stolen in a wedding scam and used to travel instead doesn't wake people up, nothing will. The only thing that would alter and distort her her bubbly sweet image is if actual tangible proof comes out of her making fun of her fans and the racist implications comes out.

No. 792651

File: 1554103651984.jpeg (91.87 KB, 369x774, E5DE9836-224A-4239-8F6A-878AE9…)

IBF is looking a bit unfortunate lately.

No. 792656

File: 1554108009003.jpeg (150.17 KB, 721x876, 4F1981C5-63CD-4F99-9854-4A5C26…)

At least one of them is aware of this blatant rip-off.

No. 792664

File: 1554116714325.jpeg (548.71 KB, 1242x1786, 738DA24E-7340-4FBB-B0BD-4E1F89…)

Ahhh yes. Your miscarriage fit perfectly in to the goth drama that your apart of.
The horse looking cunt is a bigger leech than jake

No. 792665

Shes always looked like that. She just knows how to control her camera angles and lighting, can’t control someone else’s shots though!

How have NONE of jakes fans noticed this? And what was he thinking completely ripping off something so known? He’s starting to skin walk real hard lately

OT; does anyone else think that Kaya is starting to get salty that jake is getting more attention for his oh so Goff looks that her?

No. 792674

Holy fuck, I remember the first time she wasn't in her usual "camera at 11ft to hide her double chin and pigeon body" setup in a vlog, it was a revelation

No. 792685


>Topics of actual importance.

> me me me me me let's talk about me me me

I wanted to go to the dark side con to meet IBF but I'm glad I didn't bc after reading about how she has treated her pets I am no longer a fan.

No. 792702

I’m the most horrible person in the world for saying this and I appreciate I’m going to hell but lord I couldn’t care less about a 7 week miscarriage. I get that it’s not nice but seek the comfort of your family and children and proper networking places, a big YouTube video sperging about how it’s “actually important” just screams attention and validation seeking. I seriously swallowed down my vomit when she posts about wanting Angela to contact her “SEE WERE FRIENDS GUYS! I HAVE A FRIEND” fuck off and DM her then horsey.

IBF abandoning her cats in a different country and not even attempting to get them home safe to her is a much bigger deal imo. Those poor little critters, sage for blog but I could never leave my pets like that without proper care.

No. 792714

> OT; does anyone else think that Kaya is starting to get salty that jake is getting more attention for his oh so Goff looks that her?

Mmm I don't know if she's necessarily jealous but may get that way if his channel ever surpasses her and he ends up dumping her for one of his fangirls who happens to fit his tall Goff slim preference in women.

No. 792730

File: 1554139493611.png (1.88 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190401-182207.png)

So we have this amazing video at 10pm good god need get headache tables ready

No. 792741

File: 1554143743929.png (1.55 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190401-193234.png)

I know it's fools Day but hell this should not be on pole

No. 792755

No, I agree.
>i want to share my miscarriage to prove I'm above the drama i just made a video about! Not cos i want to help others going through the same thing.

Agree about the cats too. She's partying while they're trapped in Germany. That also tells me she didn't finish packing in Germany but dropped it cos of the festival. Priorities.

They're hyping this vid more than they did any of the others, plus lots of props and all the goths they could find (even though "we're the only goths in Ireland!!!"). But no talk about the song itself. Overcompensating, "proving" their goffness, or both?

Yep Jake only "needs" TT for followers, TT needs him cos of her low self esteem etc. If she wore more of these outfits, got more confident, she could leave his ass.

No. 792774

Cuh-rist. This looks awful. Maybe that's the thing, if the video goes down badly they can pass it off as an April Fools joke

They're not even goths though. Wearing all black, smothering liquid latex on yourself and wearing freaky contact lenses doesn't make you a goth. In their case it makes them fake insta poser gofficks kek.

No. 792780

while her waist looks decent, what's with her neck? It's like she broke it and now wears a specially designed goth cast

No. 792785

It's up. Kaya's barely in it lmao

No. 792786

lmfao jake's face in the thumbnail, like he's mid yawn and asking to have the camera put down

No. 792791

I'm not saying this because I dislike Jake, but this is… really bad. The camera work isn't the best and the majority of people don't know what to do with themselves so they just stand around, the girl in the coat can't act for shit and there are just… random shots that don't make much sense. The only good part imo was the dude with the axe lol

No. 792792

What hell TT is like someone that's in porn video Jake shouting this going be his big one that's what he says . tomorrow he be asking for more money and sad fan girls will give

No. 792796


Nah, I'm terrible. My first thought was, "I doubt you can tell you have twins at 7 weeks."

I don't want to dismiss the miscarriage itself but working at a Mental Health clinic, we'll have clients disclose a miscarriage at less than 6wks and then describe in great detail that it was developing twins and the gender. You want the validate the pain but not the attention seeking.

No. 792802

I commented this in the YT but probs got deleted.

I know kelsey and she looks so awkward here… whole video is cringe, and Kaya looks huge… Im so glad they didnt use her as the pole dancer lol!

No. 792807

It's bad poor girl doing acting is so out of place she put up YouTube video they did not for her she done her makeup I felt it like bad porn movie just Jake is not right .to many people trying be goth in it

No. 792810

Controversial opinion but I like this cover…or at least I would if jake didn't ruin it with his awful "singing". Its not only that hes tone deaf but hes also singing slightly faster than the track which is really noticable. Also didnt reconise kelsey in the beginning she seems really awkward and wooden here which is a surprise given shes done this routine before and wasnt as awful.
Should we be surprised kaya is barely in it? Tbh its a shame because personally I thought she looked great in this style of goth if not a tad overexposed. Saying that the overall sleaze factor of the video does it no favours.

So personally I thought great potential with bad execution, they didnt need so many people there and would have been better if it was just kaya and a few others.

No. 792812

It was awful anon. Jake can't sing/shout for shit, the video was a mess that was clearly attempting to plagiarize MM's Tainted Love video. All they were missing was having the girl in the coat turn gofffickk and it'd be an almost exact copy

No. 792813

You saide it how I feel it's so Manson video and Jake needs to see he told shite that music and his voice is shite what is it with his hands always moving or in your face .to many people in it

No. 792815

No I agree, the only thing I liked about it was the track itself minus jakes "singing". I think its a shame they decided to go with that idea for the video because they could have had a good video is what im saying.

The original manson video was cringy too not sure why they felt it was a good idea to copy.

No. 792816

Just write "sage" in the email field clairepureevil666@gmail.com

No. 792823

I actually do not want to watch this at all. But his life is a trainwreck and I need to watch it.

Also to everyone on about the miscarriage. There’s a reason why no one announces a pregnancy till after 12 weeks, the first is always a miscarriage and 6-8 weeks is common. Some don’t even know they’ve been pregnant and miscarried.
Horse face is just trying to be a saviour and gain followers that way. That in itself is fucking disgusting and she knows it.

No. 792824

Jake needs to develop his vocals more, and timing is a bit off? Instruments weren't bad though.

As for the video, as well as MM ripoff it's obvious they crammed in as many goff things as possible, to prove their edginess and to rush to use the bigger-than-usual budget. Ofc axed was kaya to have more room for it all.

Stellar thumbnail by the way kek.

No. 792825

*ofc kaya was axed, my bad

No. 792826

His timing is well off how can he be a lead singer ffs.
What was the budget for this video do you know?

No. 792827

He’s deleting all negative comments and criticism. He’s also still awake as they’re deleted within seconds

No. 792828

Dk exact numbers but i do know it was fans' money that boosted it. The toxic two obviously can't save up extra themselves, they're lazy and impulse buy junk.

No. 792829


This IS an April fool's day joke, right?

Looks like a really boring student Halloween party.

How awful.

No. 792834

Oh fuck that makes me feel bad for their idiot patreons now.

No. 792836

I can just imagine him obsessively refreshing the page. Wonder if he did that when he "modelled" those clothes too.
"i delete comments to protect you guys" No Jake, to protect your ego.

No. 792838

jfc i don't even like kaya but good god girl leave this idiot cringelord you are so much better, can't even get through this it's fucking awful

No. 792843

File: 1554161232866.png (304.73 KB, 720x1181, wp_ss_20190402_0001.png)

At the end of the vid he says, with a weird ass close up of his black teeth, some people called Chris and Leandra also partly funded it.
He also said the band itself has a patreon now and a ring as merch.

Yeah you can tell (pic)

No. 792848

> They're hyping this vid more than they did any of the others, plus lots of props and all the goths they could find (even though "we're the only goths in Ireland!!!"). But no talk about the song itself. Overcompensating, "proving" their goffness, or both?

Why do I have a feeling that this song is either going to sound like that soundcloud rap/emo shit or his shit-tastic nu-metal? I just for-see this being a trainwreck lol

> Yep Jake only "needs" TT for followers, TT needs him cos of her low self esteem etc. If she wore more of these outfits, got more confident, she could leave his ass.

Eh true, if she had sense she'd dump him before the inevitable but even if she did dump him, that wouldn't fix all her problems if she doesn't take from it and further improve herself.

Yup shit metalcore. The music video made no sense and LOL, yeah Kaya barely in it. All I can say is we now have a new theme song for the little teenage mallcore kids to jam to. Nothing Goth (obviously) about it and this is not going to give them the cred they're thinking of getting.

Can't wait for Bishop and her little fanboy to get in on this lol.

Yeah the girl's acting felt so off and she looked like she looked very out of place. And yes, all the wannabe Goffs aplenty.

>She looked great in this style of Goth if not a tad overexposed

Eh she looked more rivethead than Goth. Whenever I see slut-wear with the huge mega platform boots, "Goth" isn't what comes to my mind but Rivethead/Industrial dancers, all she's missing is the leg fluffies lol.

The hands moving is most likely to look scary or creepy but he just can't pull it off.

I think you're right anon. I'll be fair and say that as shit as the video was and Jake's awful singing, some of the instrumental bits weren't that bad. The backing keyboard hooks were kinda good.

Of course he is lol. Can't handle some negativity.

She's cringy herself though so I mean… lol

No. 792852

File: 1554162517714.png (286.71 KB, 800x686, Screenshot_2019-04-01-16-44-10…)


Inb4 Jake gets sued by Rodgers and Hammerstein!


No. 792856


They were conceived via IVF. Hence she knew two embryos were implanted and their gestational age.

No. 792857

>Eh she looked more rivethead than Goth. Whenever I see slut-wear with the huge mega platform boots, "Goth" isn't what comes to my mind.
Most of the yt goths dress like that. Would I be right in saying you dont consider any of the yt crowd real goths? I've always heard that platform boots are part of goth fashion but personally idk.

No. 792864

File: 1554164877201.png (348.16 KB, 800x825, Screenshot_2019-04-01-17-10-23…)


[double posting because the site wouldn't allow me to delete]

An arrangement (or "cover") of an arrangement still uses the same source material and is subject to intellectual property law regarding the source material.


The song is credited to a total of 10 writers. But two of them — Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II — control 90 percent of the songwriting royalties, a remarkable split that reflects the value of evergreen song catalogs, and of the negotiating leverage their owners have when pop stars come seeking permission.

In an especially speedy turnaround, the deal for “7 Rings” was decided a few weeks before the song’s release in January, when representatives for Ms. Grande and her label, Republic, brought the completed song to Concord, the music company that has owned the Rodgers and Hammerstein catalog since 2017. Concord requested 90 percent of Ms. Grande’s song, and her representatives accepted without further negotiation.

Ms. Grande’s song “wouldn’t exist in its current form were it not for ‘My Favorite Things,’” Jake Wisely, Concord’s chief publishing executive, said in an interview.

No. 792869


>selling the track on iTunes

>doesn't include the link in the video description or on any social media
>his website is 403

No. 792874

>this song is either going to sound like that soundcloud rap/emo shit or his shit-tastic nu-metal
Yeah that genre is popular right now, sadly, and all the normies and "trapgoths" are like woah this shit is so d33p and g0th

>Can't wait for Bishop and her little fanboy to get in on this lol.

Was just gonna say. Slight OT but curious if Jake knows about bishop, she has said she's big fan of his channel and his "music".

No. 792880

File: 1554170291827.png (1.32 MB, 1536x2048, 47DE4EBB-5FA5-4F6F-8625-BE9E2A…)

Hello all,
I never see something on Larissa Ulrique. But honnestly i think there is some new milk here. If youdon’t know her check her instagram.
She think shés the right new goth queen bût honestly new poseur will be more right.
This is collector: speaking the superficial goth blogswhen you fullfill your feed with tons of makeup and jewelry 🙄
And shés still crying about how people want to take her in photo in parties, or said fashion is definitely not her preoccupation.
I laugh loud !!

No. 792885

This looks like a maaaaad self post. Where’s the milk? Where’s the sage?

No. 792929

File: 1554191527561.gif (253.62 KB, 500x284, gej7k0pmo7q11.gif)

Oh yes! Some good goffick milk. Jake is deff deleting comments! Hope he got some sleep since posting LOL
Soooo a cover of one song and video ripoff of another song. Points for originality. Although I guess they were going for obvious and ironic, to bad it's so badly produced. Question for the more musically talented farmers. Is Jake actually tone-def? I'm waiting for bish0p thirst now.
God…. IBF abandoning her pets in Germany. Here is the thing, Germany has good animal protection and care. I doubt any animal would be down right abandoned on the street. Still… it's your pet, if you loved it at all you'd do anything to have it back in your life. If my dog and cat were staying even with my sister, safe and happy and warm and fed, I'd still miss them like crazy.

No. 792931

I think it’s a foreign newfag based on the English, accents over letters, emojis; so I don’t think it’s a self post, since the cow in question speaks fluent English and doesn’t say “I laugh loud!” but just “lol” on her page.

No. 792932

The other dead giveaway that the anon is a European, most likely German is the use of accent marks in place of apostrophe’s. The keyboard set up is different because German doesn’t use apostrophe’s frequently.

Larissa doesn’t seem to be all that milky although I have heard some gossip about her not getting along with IBF and her soon to be ex husband. But that was all offline afaik.

No. 792937

File: 1554194112782.png (289.75 KB, 664x479, pic.png)

Kelsey's Ariana impression makes her sound like she has down syndrome or something

No. 792938

doubepost but how did Jake pay for all those extras? I know he flew Kelsey out for the video and gave her a place to stay but I'm sure she'd want some actual money.

also lol kelsey is a professional dancer and even she can't dance to that shit music

No. 792940

File: 1554194553403.png (610.5 KB, 1005x478, he wanna fucc.png)

edits his girlfriend out from most of the video but keeps lots of footage of the bunny girl

No. 792941


They're French I believe, "Envoyer" is "to send" in French when I looked it up. Also