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File: 1554897450943.png (290.74 KB, 556x460, 1554492308297.png)

No. 796483

General thread for alternative cows. Featuring:
-It's Black Friday
-Toxic Tears and Jake Munro
-Avelina de Moray
-Adora Bat Brat
-Kat Von D
-minor cows: Sebastian Columbine, Dre Ronayne, Erin Micklow, Drac Makens
-new cows: Jude Bishop, Kady Rae

Previously on alt cows:
>Ruadhan guy calls out IBF. Goff YTers and their dog jump on drama
>Moray joins in then does miscarriage vid to prove she's above it
>TT defends her sellout self
>Jake models, is roasted. Song about bad home life. Ariana cover & MM ripoff vid
>herbs kisses IBF's ass, copies Angela's vids
>IBF/Matt both cheated. He's a player, she msged Owl. Divorce now done.
>IBF may repeat sham marriage in Scotland, rn still homeless but has time for festivals
>Adora strings along sireplague and coalcandy
>Kat antivax secretly now, makes #vegan palette with old shades.
>Bishop is a ddlg edgelord. Kady maybe self-posted, shit mom and attention whore.
>Seb still fake ace. Dre and Erin still posers. Drac still on break.

No. 796502


Oh god that thread image

No. 796513

She's not mentioned here much but Emily Boo annoys the fuck outta me. In her latest video she wants her "unicorn friendship tattoo" covered because she's no longer close with the person, I believe she is referring to "MoJo Jo" which I find SO strange because they seemed super close. Suddenly not on good terms and now she wants the tat covered? She does so much shit on impulse it's ridiculous. What if they become friends again later on? Focus on more important things Emily for fucks sake

No. 796525

Apparently Erin Micklow was accused of rape? It was all over her IG the other day.

No. 796526


Is that four tattoos she's currently getting rid of? She's having laser on three others. Always seemed impulsive to me, very teen-like despite being a married mother..

She's one of those that attaches herself to fads like unicorns, mermaids, a disney character and uses it to cover a lack of character herself? She seems mostly harmless though.

No. 796537

Well I was almost gonna use that picture of cement? Paint? On Jake's teeth

Her recent posts are interviews and her wedding anniversary?

>She's one of those that attaches herself to fads…to cover a lack of character herself

That's most of the cows here kek. Especially those using g0ff to be more interesting, instead of them being interested in it ("goff isn't the music, cos i don't like it and i still wanna be goff!")

No. 796546

> That's most of the cows here kek. Especially those using g0ff to be more interesting, instead of them being interested in it ("goff isn't the music, cos i don't like it and i still wanna be goff!")

Well said anon. It's so flipping true. I mean that's why people like Angela & Ruadhan aren't exactly cows despite what some anons may believe. Because while they are Goth, you can tell they have genuine interest in it and don't use it to make them interesting. They both come off as having actual personalities and have lots to share about their experience with the scene as opposed to being a running QVC ad or mess of life considering hey don't do YouTube full-time and have jobs outside (at least Angela anyway, I remember Ruadhan said he has some physical health problems).

In other news, Snowy Lowther's new video was just… I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm older but I can't understand how someone would think their interest in Goth would affect them so much that it makes them have an identity crisis. All that tells me is that the person put way too much stock into something that should've just been an interest.

No. 796552

>IBF may repeat sham marriage in Scotland, rn still homeless but has time for festivals

She’s not homeless. She’s back in Germany presumably packing up, or sitting around being anxious. One or the other, but either way she has a roof over her head.

No. 796559

WHAT? I hate this bitch, she's so fucking fake. Tell all, with screenshots please

I am one of the anons who say angela and ruadhan like to involve themselves in drama. No one is saying they are cows or that they interest in goth in not real. I agree with you about them, they seem genuine people with real personalities and interests. Who also like drama. But we do too, a lot. Otherwise we wouldn't be regulars here, kek

Guess who's back with an attitude, complaining about call out culture and sjws despite being one themselves?

No. 796580

I only saw her IG long explanation that "she is still friends with the guys" and that the person saying these things was slanderous and whatnot. She blamed it on a jealous girl, but was backstage and some punk show crying and honestly, it was kind of embarrassing. It would have to go back a while, her and Joe have been married 7 years? Still…. it seemed out of the blue if it's a lie. I should have recorded it :/

No. 796581

File: 1554919103163.jpeg (518.83 KB, 1242x2688, B3564DEE-B1C8-468B-8239-2A5E0D…)

So Kat Von Disease posted a pic on IG and decided to slam ReadyToGlare in the comments for exposing prayers for being shit when his daughter was raped. Two more SS to follow. The comment section is turning on her, sure to be deleted soon.

No. 796582

File: 1554919146721.jpeg (436.31 KB, 1242x2688, 3C5D3B1A-8EE3-45FA-B84B-FBD96D…)

No. 796584

File: 1554919288356.jpeg (456.64 KB, 1242x2688, 3C6823D6-66E2-4EAE-94B1-C33141…)

No. 796595

Rafael is also defending himself from the antisemetic accusations on his insta, I’ll post the screenshots

No. 796596

File: 1554920425867.jpeg (811.82 KB, 828x1558, A5CF0303-F751-46E1-983E-E69BEA…)

Part 1

No. 796597

File: 1554920532118.jpeg (741.38 KB, 828x1558, B3BF911B-9499-4E53-8740-B80BF2…)

Part 2

No. 796598

File: 1554920643090.jpeg (816.73 KB, 828x1555, 84C8ED06-3375-43D9-AAD9-853255…)

Part 3

No. 796599

File: 1554920696563.jpeg (498.15 KB, 828x1549, 10B5E3E6-AF7D-425C-982E-161E08…)

Last part

No. 796605

Kat Von D is going off on her instagram post about ready to glare - so here's her first video about prayers and his daughters rape. She made 3 or 4 more of them, and its literally all his words from interviews making these allegations. So happy the comments section has people calling her out for how factual this all is.

No. 796610

I'm another anon that's always been irritated by Emily Boo too. She was a mermaid. Now she's not. She's a compulsive shopaholic, buys and then sells and buys again and then gets tattoos and then lasers them off and then repeats the cycle. The same thing with her hair. Her entire identity is wrapped up in the way she looks and she's been known to have a complete breakdown if she doesn't think she looks goff enough. She's not goth in the slightest, barely even alternative. I want to know what happened with Mojo Jojo though. That chick always rubbed me the wrong way. I don't know what it was, but she always overacted for the camera (they both did) and her gnarly jagged teeth made me gag kek

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 796651

File: 1554926976436.jpg (405.63 KB, 720x866, PhotoEditor_20190410_210504941…)

No. 796657

That explained exactly nothing. Why was she accused of rape? What were the allegations?

No. 796688

I went to Kat von D's IG page and i barely saw people telling her off, apart from the ones from the screenshots. She probably blocked and deleted those who call her out on her BS, which is typical.

And why TF is she bringing up things that aren't that recent anymore. Ready to Glare's video was uploaded 3 months ago…She's really desperate isn't she?

No. 796697


So he’s Jewish now?

No. 796722


god this ready to glare girl is so annoying

No. 796773

Yeah true, I guess some people like drama or at least reading it, it's a human thing to be curious lol Had I not discovered this place, I would've been stuck in the bubble of thinking people like IBF were the image they put on.

But it's just nice to know that there are a few honest Goth YouTubers who have personality and know what goth is truly about.

Though I'm not sure who you're referring to? ReeRee Phillips? Avelina? Sorry, these two are the ones I don't check on because ReeRee doesn't really interest me and Avelina bores me and she's just insufferable to listen to.

It's so sad because I remember when I first saw Emily Boo (before she became a Youtuber) on the Snog, Marry, or Avoid show when she was with her Ex and the two seemed quite cool in it. But then she starts YouTube, talks about the truth between her and her ex and then we learn that she's not even an actual Goth but just a fashion GOFF who lets her image define her personality instead of having a real one. It's just depressing because I used to like her but now she's one of the big 5 Altcows I just don't care for.

No. 796776


Well shit. I'm new here so I don't know the full Kat Von D saga. Good thing I didn't purchase her makeup when I went to Sephora the other day

No. 796780


Take this fucking shit to the Emily boo thread.

No. 796830


We have an Emily Boo thread?

No. 796870

No. 796874

IBF did the pizza challenge (no1curr) but she's looking mighty tubby and the lighting/production is godawful. Mr Owl seems nice enough but they're not exactly mature with all the uwu eggplant jokes.

No. 796897

quit asking to be spoonfed like a newfag and use the search function.

No. 796912

I've looked and there's no thread on her

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 796914

Right? Only the Raven Sparks thread where Emily is mentioned since Raven skin walks her kek.

She wasn't even a "mermaid" anyway, whatever that means. She just had blue hair. She always said she "used to be" a goth (she wasn't) but now says she is (she isn't) so yeah, I agree she just follows whatever is trendy like almost every other alt cow here. But at least she actually sells her stuff and does giveaways, unlike the hoarder TT.

No. 796932

What would you guys say is the criteria for someone to be an altcow? I had someone I was gonna suggest but realized she probably didnt have enough of a social media presence to be milky. Also not sure if she would even qualify.

No. 796962

I am new here actually, just came for the Adora milk. I know we're all assholes here but no one can find this link you say is here so why don't you just link it. I don't want to read the raven drama, that cow doesn't interest me after she left "Lydia" (that DOES interest me though kek) I want Emily milk. If there's a thread that you know of then share it with the rest of us

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 796978

Friendly reminder to all newfags to please SAGE YOUR SHIT


No. 797000

File: 1554999229224.jpg (832.93 KB, 2552x1405, Screenshot_20190411-121201_You…)

Mr Owl is looking his age lately, and I see he's doing what Jake has done and painted his throat black. Why do they think that looks good? Ibf is humongous in this video! Her stomach is almost as big as her tits kek

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 797014


Tbh weight gain aside, she looks much happier and "herself" with Mr Owl. It retrospect, it looks like she was putting on this personna around Matthias, it was not particularly genuine.

It was obvious she had set herself a certain "goff" criteria to fulfill, in order to validate her goffness around the ultimate source of tradgoff that she considered Germany to be.

No. 797023

I think it's rather pathetic that it's pretty obvious that she only makes non-haul contet or anything relating to fashion when she has a man. Looking back to her 2013 era, it seemed she mostly did non-haul videos when she was with Mr. Owl and that all stopped when she moved to Germany and Matthias wasn't particularly interested in being in videos.

No. 797039

>Mr Owl is looking his age lately,

He always been.

>and painted his throat black. Why do they think that looks good?

What makes you think they think it looks good? Goff's and rivetheads' (it's mostly been their fashion for years to paint that areas black) makeup is totally about other values than "looking good". So your question kinda makes not too much sense.

No. 797075

File: 1555006702421.png (370.05 KB, 630x582, vf.png)

he puts in so much time and effort to look so ugly.
he literally only has this one look too.
same makeup
same black teeth
same black neck
he's the most unoriginal person on the planet

No. 797091

he looks absolutely inbred

honestly nightmare fuel

No. 797102

>Well said anon. It's so flipping true. I mean that's why people like Angela & Ruadhan aren't exactly cows despite what some anons may believe. Because while they are Goth, you can tell they have genuine interest in it and don't use it to make them interesting. They both come off as having actual personalities and have lots to share about their experience with the scene as opposed to being a running QVC ad or mess of life considering hey don't do YouTube full-time and have jobs outside (at least Angela anyway, I remember Ruadhan said he has some physical health problems).

Yeah, Ruadhan has mentioned a lot that his primary income is Social Security Disability, and he also makes pins, his own music, and has a shift on a live Internet radio station to supplement. One of his old videos also seems he works part-time at a museum. He also seems to have some hobbies, is learning to speak Irish, and his pagan stuff at least seems genuine and not just a trendy topic that people like Dorian and TT sometimes talk vaguely about for views.

None of us would be here of we didn't get a chub for drama, though.


>So Kat Von Disease posted a pic on IG and decided to slam ReadyToGlare in the comments for exposing prayers for being shit when his daughter was raped. Two more SS to follow. The comment section is turning on her, sure to be deleted soon.

Yeah RTG "exposed" Rafael by collating his own words from his own interviews and book. It wasn't some hard-hitting expose, it was a few minutes of competent search engine skills followed with some commentary. Commentary that plenty of people had already said before. RTG should be ashamed of this? Sure, Jan.


I think RTG might be VERY mildly autistic, or at least share some key traits with the high functing autistics I know. What really sets this suspicion of mine is her facial expressions, or rather lack of them. She makes maybe three different faces, which aren't all that different from eachothrt. Her face is like that old cat cartoon with twelve different emotions all having the same expression. It's a highly common, probably defining autistic trait, which makes me find Dorian's claim of ASD/Asperger's HIGHLY suspicious, and it's probably just another thing, like her transtrender BS, that she claims on the Internet for attention.

She also seems to have her shit together, though, unlike fake Ass-Pie, Dorian. RTG is a functional adult who just has opinions on the Internet, and sometimes it's opinions on delicious drama.

You can think she's annoying, but she's far from cow material: no over shares, her personality feels real (even if you're not a fan of it), she's a teacher and grad student (and she seems like she knows that being stupid online is bad for teachers and career academics). I see how people think she sounds condescending, though, but she's actually pretty nice to message with on Twitter and IG; that's another thing that strikes me as autistic over, cos her voice is a bit monotone, and her specific tone reads kinda bitchy, even if she's otherwise clearly happy about something.

If she is autistic, then she hasn't said anything online about it (or I didn't see it), and if she is, then of course it's her right to keep it to herself. I've worked with ASD kids, though, and she reminds me of high functioning autistic people, but if someone isn't familiar with how different their brains operate, notated to ours, then I can see why they'd seem annoying or bitchy.

No. 797111

Watch our anon, you're going to get comments about how "gofff makeup is not for looking good, it's meant to be ugly and badly done" etc etc. There's doing "bad" makeup and then there's this. Not that the fat shit is even goth anyway, but he looks absolutely ridiculous. It's hilarious how he looked pretty normal and tried copying Casey Neistat (unsure of spelling) but that got him nowhere so now he's trying some weird alternative look again. Jake, you're not popular on YT because you're a boring, arrogant asshole. Your retarded, Marilyn Manson wannabe makeup doesn't make you interesting or unique. Sort your personality out first

No. 797181

That's what I thought, oldfag

No. 797204

He's been painting his neck black for yeeeears now
Agree 100%, let's hope she hers back to being more genuine, I used to like her

He did it! He managed to make me think he kiiiinda looked kiiinda cute ish when he looked like a chav. Congrats, Jake. Why is he doing it to himself? Ofmg

No. 797231

File: 1555022864252.gif (1.5 MB, 550x280, tumblr_nej3jzIJ3N1qg4k0ko3_128…)

To me, the vocalist from the Gazette will always be the only one to pull off the whole throat makeup thing. Jake looks so hideous with that makeup. It'n not even theatrical macabre look. Just a horrible mess.

No. 797259

it's something that only works in a stylized setting, like on stage etc.
not as contour for dummies with no hand/eye coordination.

No. 797263

Oh for fuck's sake

No. 797356

The black neck thing was popular with those club kids dating back to the early 80s.

No. 797360

> It'n not even theatrical macabre look. Just a horrible mess.

since when rivethead makeup is supposed to look theatrical or like you put a lot of effort in it? You girls seriously overdosed instagram.

No. 797361

What? That's a fact - goths were supposed to look like they are dead and rotting and rivetheads like they just left factory after hours of wielding. Not caring about smudging and straight lines was normal and even intended. What makes you think otherwise? The reasons why this exact case does it that way is irrelevant, he wears a makeup that originated in these groups and later were adopted by early Manson and spooky kids. All these styles are characterized by messy makeups.

He may be even Russian gopnik. That changes nothing in resort of style of makeup he wears.

No. 797370

Oh for fuck's sake, stfu, no1curr about your sperging

No. 797374

sperging? you sperg 'ere that someones makeup does not fulfill instagram standards and you call others sperging. What next?

No. 797375

You're missing the point completely. Are you that same anon that was like "UHM ACTUALLY goths in the past….." when Kaya's unironed skirt came up? STFU already

No. 797387

File: 1555077271737.jpg (46.42 KB, 480x453, welcome-to-internet.jpg)

Take it easy, this is lolcow not the UN.

No. 797412


No. 797432

This is not a fact, dude, you are wrong as fuck. Goths are not "supposed to" look dead and rotting. This look is mostly associated with horror punk and black metal. You really have no idea from when goth makeup came from. The standard goth look comes from old horror movies, where the makeup was basically exaggerated black shading, especially from german expressionist. Dark kids of the past thought this was cool as that's it. As for rivethead looks, don't know and don't care kek

This kind of comment is way more interesting than endless hauls. Let the kids get interested in actual goth subjects instead of shillstar and makeup brands.
And yeah, whoever that anon is they are right: who fucking cares about ironing? If you want to iron your clothes then do it, but fuck it being a requirement for a good look.

No. 797436

Are you seriously trying to argue about ironing clothes? WTF has this thread devolved into kek

No. 797459

File: 1555092358341.png (1.76 MB, 1242x2688, CB7A5D1E-BDD8-4FA5-95B4-5B97EA…)

Erin micklow is posting screenshots of her convo with the girl who accused her of rape. Then she posted her texting the guys. It’s a lot of screenshots.

No. 797461

File: 1555092450574.png (1.87 MB, 1242x2688, 6BABFEB3-B179-4BEF-A35D-03D143…)

Mostly stuff like this

No. 797470

curious of who ivy is and exactly what she is being accused of since she hasn't made a clear statement about it.

No. 797472

File: 1555094919514.jpeg (339.97 KB, 640x894, swarz.jpeg)

sage because nothing new.
in the last thread an anon asked for translation - I'm a different anon but I'm also curious for the translation

No. 797473

look at me meaning to sage and somehow forgetting.

No. 797474

Google translate says "An old gangster came by to say hello today"

No. 797477

File: 1555095771056.gif (484.41 KB, 563x394, Batman.gif)

I feel stupid.

No. 797513

I forgot. My apologies.

No. 797543

Oh my god, you are right! I forgot we are totally not allowed to talk about the pettiest things here. My bad, let's debate endlessly about people's fat stomachs, this is not petty at all kek asf

No. 797560

The only time debating about fatties has a point here though is when the cow complains about it and does nothing, or is in denial.

Messy makeup/clothes also depends on the cow. Kaya is a slob so her non ironed skirt is obviously her being lazy instead of making a statement or going back to the scene's roots.

No. 797579

Kaya wouldn't know the scene's roots even if they hit her on the face with a brick

No. 797604

How could she look at herself and think that's attractive? I mean really.

No. 797605

She's sitting around making pizza and answering Q&A on her phone. Goth for LYFE. Bahahaahaha.

No. 797606

I thought I came here and explained myself and told you to stop talking about me but here I am listed in the intro??? Why don't you focus on people who deserve to be here or better yet yourselves! I'm not doing anything wrong and I've had a really bad few days with my crazy ex so I really don't need this shit. Stop talking about me or else I'm going to take legal action and if you're here Tyler I'm going to report you for stalking and slander. I'm not wasting my time here with you losers. You're just salty because I'm hotter than all of you and I'm not afraid to say it

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 797609

Blonde really suits her. Dumb.

No. 797610

OMG no one cares. For someone who is supposed to be writing a book and has studied film her content is just rubbish………(no1curr)

No. 797613

File: 1555136648947.gif (287.74 KB, 220x188, tenor.gif)


IDK if you're the real deal but - kady's screenshots are pretty lulzy so. I don't think she(you?) will be dropped any time soon

No. 797616

I will never understand why do you cows think that because we like gossip we are losers, ugly, etc. Like you don't gossip. To be honest, I think we must have pretty good looking people among us because we don't fall for any pretty face on the internet. I, for one, I'm pretty good looking and I'm not afraid to say it (to quote yourself).

Try to sue lolcow or something, you're not going to be the first that tries and goes nowhere. Do you really think that each one of us will end up with a penalty for sharing and commenting screenshots of publicly available content on the internet that you provide yourself?! This is not going to happen.

For it to be slander, we would have to be making things up about you, which we are not. We provide commentary to people's posts, videos etc. You can't sue because you don't like our opinion.

And yes Kady, you are doing something wrong: you overshare. Which you really shouldn't, given the fact that you post online that you leave your daughters waiting in the car while you have sex, and that they listen to you having loud sex with your boyfriends.

No. 797630

>I will never understand why do you cows think that because we like gossip we are losers, ugly, etc.
It's crazy when they think only someone uglier than themselves could talk shit about them, or that jealousy is the only possible reason for it. It would take 30 seconds to browse this site and find all the objectively unattractive people with threads, then realize that there's no basis for that assumption. I mean, in this thread alone… would anyone believe anons discuss TT because they're jealous of how hot she is?

No. 797640

Not the cow, this wise anon decided to impersonate for the 2nd time.
They're banned for attempting to deceive the farm.

No. 797646


This isn’t real. No one is that fucking retarded

No. 797647

File: 1555152347243.png (909.14 KB, 1115x576, chronic.png)

is it even healthy for Kaya to be in the attic so much?
it's freezing cold, I imagine it's pretty damp in there. she's going to get sick sooner or later

No. 797648

File: 1555152653100.jpg (218.16 KB, 1200x1200, collage.jpg)

Samefag but Kaya literally hoards food in her attic.
it's all food that's full of sugar and salt of course. this is exactly why she can't lose weight

No. 797650

I don't know why you keep saying that I'm not me and I'm impersonating myself. Just because I'm not going to go out of my way to take a picture for you sad fucks? I don't care if you believe me or not but I think it's hilarious and you probably shoot down the actual people who come here to defend ourselves all of the time. Just because I don't hang around and defend myself because there's nothing to defend anyway and won't waste the time better spent having amazing sex with my hot boyfriend than taking pictures for you doesn't mean I'm not me. This proves how retarded everyone here is. It was probably Tyler that put me on here in the first place so I really don't care. You actually do me a favor by thinking I'm not me so you're all as fucked as he is

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 797653

Well then you must be that fucking thick then. You can’t sue anyone on here.
Take your flabby saggy old ass skin and go have that “great loud sexy” in front of your children, like the great mother you are.
And if you’re “not hanging around to defend yourself”, fuck off then? Keep posting your sad personal life online for us though, it’s great fun. Especially watching how much you fuck your kids up!

No. 797661

>vicount biscuits and tea cakes

She has great taste in snacks, I like her more now

No. 797662

File: 1555159901256.jpg (540.17 KB, 1430x1413, Mesexyskinny.jpg)

Does this look flabby to you? I didn't think so. I'm hot and I know it and you just can't handle it or the free way I live my life. My kids are fine they're going to grow up and be confident women because of me. You don't like the way I live my life so stop looking at my shit! I'm not going to change anything for anyone just because a bunch of losers want to spy on me and make me look bad. Don't hate me cause you ain't me. I bet you're all fat ugly chicks and guys that can't get laid. I'm outta here, I have better things to do than hang around. I've proven my point and I've seen people on here saying that they think I'm hot so there you go, I get validation even in a hate thread!

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 797663

Please continue making a clown of yourself, with every post you make (if that's really you), you are becoming more and more lolcow-worthy.

No. 797684

There's literally zero proof that this is really you, Kady, why would we even take this comment seriously- and if you're someone impersonating her it's even sadder kek

No. 797694

Men will fuck literally anything, even fat chicks. Even you, with those flat pancake tits. It’s not really a great way to validate your self and existence, but go off.

The file name adds fuel that this is a troll but either way- seek help.

No. 797699

I think that's the problem with her. She says she has these credentials in film and her book that's supposedly in progress but she never makes much of any content about it. Definitely wasted potential.

No. 797710

File: 1555176415977.jpg (1.02 MB, 1439x2534, Facebook.jpg)

With posts like this it's hard to believe it's not her. Anyone else notice the sudden lack of over sharing ever since she first got mentioned here? These cows that pretend to be above it all but so obviously aren't crack me tf up kek

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 797737

As if Kady wouldn't have made some spergy facebook post if she was this mad that she was doubted on here. It's 100% just the vendetta-chan from the last thread being salty because we said Kady isn't milky enough to be posted about, trying to disprove us. You're all falling for it too which is quite frankly retarded considering how low effort this is

No. 797754

Cue the "I'M not a vendettachan, YOU'RE a vendettachan! Like Kaya and IBF and Jake are milky enough to be talked about all the time, why can't other people get mentioned?? I forgot we were not allowed to talk about anyone else sarcasm sarcasm" comments

No. 797765

I find it very odd that her sex posts and I'm so hawt posts stopped too. It shows that either it is her posting here or at the very least reading the site. Either way it's bringing milk

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 797771

Take the filter off. You forget this board has seen you without your billion filters and my fuck, you are flabby. Your skin is horrendous. Tighten that loose skin up and some laser on that skin if you wish to look like your filtered self lol

No. 797777

Ban evading to keep impersonating a cow is the #1 way to earn yourself a permaban.

No. 797819

How do you know who is posting what? I assume everyone is using a VPN so how can you tell so surely that you're banning or even accusing the right person?(ban evading, again)

No. 797820

>>796897 I've searched and can't find it.

No. 797824


There is no Emily Boo thread. Minimod anon can't admit she was wrong.

site:lolcow.farm "emily boo"

No. 797825

Well you're the only one not saging for posts without milk for one…

also mods have magical powers. just stop lol

No. 797849


Do we know if Kaya has checked her attic for asbestos? I know her and Jake aren’t the brightest but that should be your first concern when wanting to renovate a attic space

No. 797895

But Jake isn't a rivethead, he's a chavvy metalhead that is being a try hard because he's trying to cling to TT's coat-tails. I think TT at least used to like industrial music at some point, and seemed to be into that industrial scene in the past - Jake looks stupid because he doesn't wear the makeup, the makeup wears him; it's not just because it's badly executed, it's because it doesn't seem genuine.

No. 797941

The funniest part is that Jake is just trying to hide his triple chins with that makeup, he's a simple man just trying to get by by unsuccessfully using magic eye illusions kek

No. 797943

I imagine they have since she did mention aaaages ago their landlord came over to check the attic was suitable for what they had in mind, so I'm sure asbestos was tested for too?

Well said anon, he was "normal" before trying to copy Neistat, now he's going for this retarded dark look. It's embarrassing.

No. 797994


She is such an idiot for explicitly drawing more attention to RTG's videos. All of them have actual proof of every fucked up thing her dumbass husband has said. Going on a crusade over it seems even more pathetic after her recent attempt to address other rumors was so widely called out and debunked.

Maybe they're scared the daughter or someone else involved will actually step up and publicly confirm it all.

No. 798077

>>797356 Boy George also popularised it when he started getting fat in middle age.

No. 798079

Seriously why do you care?

No. 798082

Guess who is about to make a comeback


Yes, the same company that was selling pikes made by owner of scam known as Gothic Shoe Company.

No. 798083

BTW notice that posts there were made around the same time Goth Pikes had their "holidays"

No. 798085

Article about Youtube goth hauls drama at German grufti site:


you can use german-english google translator to get the point what it's about.

No. 798093

File: 1555339883499.png (151.01 KB, 1102x640, Blackfriday response to sponti…)

Aaand this was her response:

No. 798094

File: 1555340106802.png (124.25 KB, 729x700, Blackfriday response to sponti…)

And here are the comments. And, of course, her mum wrote there, too.

No. 798099

Of course she's never outright said that, but the constant hauls IMPLY it

Why do people like IBF and TT always respond to criticism and negative comments toward them, even if it's just ONE, rather than acknowledge the positive comments? You know, the people who pay their bills.

No. 798139

>>798085 I translated the article (translation isn't the best as I used Google Translate but hopefully it could be of use to someone):

"The following YouTube soap opera, which at first glance looks like a multimedia mud fight between English-speaking ghost vloggers, has a quite serious background at second glance. The accusation: The "unboxing" videos, in which YouTube starlets such as Black Friday unpack huge packages of high-end brand-name clothes, would leave a completely overpriced dress code with the viewers, which young viewers can not afford.

The trigger is the creator Ruadhán, who is quite rude about a video about Gothic YouTube star Black Friday. In the video "I'm so sorry", in which BF apologizes for her lengthy abstinence, she also addresses the many messages she receives from young people who "like to be Goth but can not afford it" (5 : 20) For Ruadhán the matter is clear, because in his video "Aging Goth Thinks That ItsBlackFriday Needs to Quit Her Crap" he says that Black Friday itself is the problem, (3:51) Because they're doing that "fucking" sponsored videos "from the brands Killstar and Punkrave, which would suggest to the kids to be a" real goth "only in these branded clothes. Reason are videos like "Biggest Killstar Unboxing Ever!" And other videos of this style, which are not for Ruadhán as an advertisement, "that they do not even mark!

In the past, when you talked to Daniela about the exhausted couches of his gothics club about Michael and Sabine, Youtuber nowadays throw so-called "reaction" videos in their virtual living room. Viewers can then enjoy the mind and the associated emotions and pursue their innate voyeurism.

Between those who earn money with advertisements, product placements and shop links with YouTube, self-promoters frolick with a certain need for a lumpy black mass of videos. For the viewer that is sometimes hard to distinguish - it should not be. Because only when YouTuber come across authentically, so lifelike and with all the emotional ups and downs, they gather many fans around their person.

It is sometimes frighteningly strange how "influencers" share their private lives in sound and vision just to satisfy the audience, and then in the next breath with a "haul" or "review" their other sponsors, sponsors and companies , to satisfy. Of course you can also be jealous if Black Friday gets a whole Killstar shopping delivered to you for free, but you must never forget the price you pay for it. To be commentated by spectators on his life requires a high degree of self-confidence. If you do not have that, break it. Sometimes even like in a soap opera - highly dramatic and full of tears."

No. 798174

I find irony in that Ruadhan 1337 bitches and moans about ebeggers and divorce drama when he begs for gofuckme donations and complains about his ex cheating him out of $$$ in his video descriptions.

Takes one to know one, I guess!!!!

No. 798193

File: 1555376184784.gif (2.29 MB, 480x360, hmm.gif)

sage if no milk.

her mother is VERY overbearing. I wonder how her mother feels about IBF not refunding/not paying back viewers who bought "tickets" to the wedding she didn't have to Mister Owl before her visa marriage…is it the viewers' fault they got scammed or the scammers' fault for scamming?

No. 798208

File: 1555382471941.jpg (20.43 KB, 640x360, c640x360_32.jpg)

Huh, yeah, how bout that? Its almost like he was talking about something completely different from what you said. Really dinks a dunk.

No. 798236

In Kaya's most recent Barcelona vlog she's talking about how random men keep stopping them offering them drugs, one offers drugs and then as they walk away offers sex..

Kaya (to Jake): I mean for one, I am with you! Maybe they were offering you sex?
Jake: Oh one can only hope.
Kaya: Maybe he's trying to offer you what I can't.

What a depressing insight into their relationship..

No. 798247

Typical mindless "supportive" comments, vaguely praise the first person and call the other person immature/jealous. And Jesus IBF's mum needs to stop stalking her. Boundaries, anyone?

>Kaya: Maybe he's trying to offer you what I can't
Perhaps she's just joking how the guy has a dick and she doesn't.
But yeah their relationship must be platonic. Like they're together out of habit, and Kaya's YT cash ofc.

No. 798253

i genuinely wonder if freyja is embarrassed by her mum, because i would be embarrassed as hell of that were my mum. adopt a dog or something, karen.

also her fan base concerns me, it's like she can do no wrong in their eyes. a good fanbase should be able to accept valid criticism. it's like she could commit murder and they would still defend her. no wonder her content (that is, when she actually makes it) is such crap.

No. 798254

ouch, I would rather avoid such things when losing weight, at least not keep such quantities at home.

No. 798265


Yeah I do think it's likely she meant "dick" and not sex in general, but it's fairly obvious Jake isn't attracted to her anymore so their sex life must be more or less non existent

No. 798291

File: 1555434816305.jpg (79.71 KB, 960x960, 9785805.jpg)

I'm calling it now, she's pregnant.

No. 798295

My guess is that she is just a fatty. I remember her saying in one of her videos that she is mistaken for a pregnant a lot because of her excess weight.

No. 798298

That pose in the second picture is usually a pose that many pregnant women do.

No. 798309

Yea she said she gets mistaken for being pregnant because of her belly, the second picture could just be awkward hand placement or purposely fueling pregnancy rumors to get people talking

No. 798315

I'm with you. She always place the belt cinching her waist and now it's way above this part, just below the boobs. Because pregnant women can't cinch their bellies at all. Yeah, she is mistaken for being pregnant all the time, like she said, but this time it seems like she's purposefully showing the preggo belly. The second pose is a given, she wouldn't draw attention to a fat belly with her hand that way. Pregnant women do that to show the early belly

No. 798333

Honestly? Kind of looks like it in this photoset.

No. 798339

I called this weeks ago

No. 798346

File: 1555448583201.jpg (40.49 KB, 710x325, nope.jpg)

She says she's not

Yeah she's probably just trying to hide her fat with that hand

No. 798352

Can we fucking stop with the pregnancy speculation. She’s the type of cunt that would announce it, only on Patreon! She needs to be paid for her life events, remember?

No. 798364

>She needs to be paid for her life events, remember?
I honestly think this is the line of thinking she has when oversharing online. She doesn't have a "thing" to make vids about (except unboxings) like most YTers do, so she makes vids and then money off her personal drama instead. How sad.

No. 798368

Kaz loves bats/goblin queen is back after a year of making her whole channel private.

No. 798459

I think it was pretty mature of her to just leave until she was better. Too many ~influencers ~~ like staying on social media even though they're miserable, whining the entire time, frequently e-begging. I think she made the right move.

No. 798462

What a doughy cretin he is, he looks ridiculous.

No. 798597

File: 1555549373156.png (971.26 KB, 800x879, IMG_20190418_020103.png)

Christ, he's like some chubby half joker, half manson wannabe. How does anyone find this appealing.

No. 798610

At this point, she'd have to commit murder or do another big scam to wake up her gullible fans.

I was wondering what happened to her. Seems that things were a bit much for her to take and she took some time off and I agree, it's a good call instead of putting it all out there for everyone to see.

No. 798624

So this is what his patreon's money goes to, endless tooth paint, liquid latex and shillstar. There's looking ugly/messy on purpose and then there's just…ugly. And before anons ree about OG goth makeup, do you think Jake even knows what that is?

No. 798631


Why does he keep returning to the fingers in the mouth pose?? Who is he ripping off? & wtf is on his teeth

No. 798640


If this idiot smeared any more black greasepaint on his face, he'd get mistaken for a minstrel act.

Inb4 "it's not black face". I know hes not being racist, he just looks like a dumb ass from 1875 with all that shoe polish on his face and neck.

No. 798642

Yes! especially with the red lipstick all around his mouth.

No. 798662

He's copying Marilyn Manson, who likes to put fingers in his mouth - sometimes his own, sometimes other peoples in music videos. Best example, youtube "This is the new shit" and go to the end of the video. He is basically trying so hard to be 2003 era Manson. Manson does/has done all the looks that Jake copies. I used to be a big fan of Manson, and Jake is literally just skinwalking him at this point.

No. 798675

imagine trying to be manson but ending up looking like you've spent your all pocket money on blackjacks and vimto. Somebody should tell him about 5p tongue painter lollipops, he'd shit himself.

No. 798676

File: 1555588655913.jpg (123.43 KB, 780x439, iDFT7Xw.jpg)

All I see is this. He's such a dumbass

No. 798768

He's such a dark twisted soul always fretting about his laundry and playing the sims with his kawaiigoff gf

No. 798777

No one is going to compare this mess with "OG goth makeup" and never did

No. 798780

File: 1555618859923.png (274.17 KB, 507x354, Screenshot_2.png)

A million filters also helps, you stupid cow. You're still ugly, but now you're fake AND ugly and you have the gall to act like you're hot?

No. 798903

She just learned angles and filters, how is it a "glow up"?

No. 798909

File: 1555674305038.png (16.77 KB, 599x144, omg.PNG)

IBF's remarkably tasteless take on the whole Notre Dame situatio

No. 798910

File: 1555674362718.png (39.12 KB, 616x331, it's not about you.PNG)

i meant situation

No. 798911

Apparently the person posting as "Kady" was in fact Raven, as in the fat cow Emily Boo skin walker pedo Raven. An admin confirmed it on her thread. It's also very likely she was the one posting about the non-existent "Emily Boo thread" probably because she wants one made for her kek.

No. 798913

Great, can we now stop discussing her? She has nothing to offer as a cow, I'd better read all the history of IBF's drama once again, than something new about this Kady.

No. 798928

and this is why she's a cow. Boo hoo, I didn't feel I'd be welcomed walking into a gothic icon and catholic church festooned in killstar luciferian trinkets. So rather than tone it down by simply wearing, i dunno, black, I chose not to see it at all and then play victim about it. Fixed it for ya, twat.

No. 798947

But a gothic building got burned, the goff kween's got to comment.

Poor me, didn't have the energy to whine about being (rightly) asked to tone down for a holy place. And this tiny thing years ago makes me relevant to the burning now.
Lol what?

No. 798973

I've never heard of anyone being denied entrance to a church because they were dressed goth. Were her nipples showing or something? This sounds like /r/thathappened.

No. 798987

She was probably covered in occult/witch killstar shit

No. 798993


Specifically pentagram and baphomet accessories

No. 799053

No. 799061

Note Dame was a tourist site primarily. Any old heathen could walk in.

No. 799068


This is a 3 week old video

No. 799113


She and Matthias went to France and they were denied entry into the Louvre and Pere Lachaise.

No. 799114


She's referring to this:

PARIS DRAMA - Louvre and Pere Lachaise Hate Goths

Published on Jan 24, 2017

No. 799118

what exactly is it about kady that makes her an alt cow? has she ever claimed to be goth/punk/emo? is it just because she has lots of tattoos and piercings? cos there are a lot of cows who have that look and aren't considered 'alt' cows.

No. 799123

IBF first came across my radar when a German tv station did a documentary about goths and she and Matthias were in it. She came across as sympathetic in that show, but this whiney wo-is-me bullshit about being denied entry to a religious site and a museum for making a spectacle of herself turned me off completely.

No. 799172

What is Raven's problem with Kady and Emily Boo? She is really out for a vendetta

No. 799174

The Emily Boo drama goes way back to when she was still married to CJ (the guy from the snog marry avoid video). CJ was essentially cheating on Emily with Raven, they were chatting/flirting online and CJ was insulting Emily to her, etc. The tl;dr is that because of this, Emily and Raven hated each other but tried to be friends every so often. That obviously didn't work out. Raven has since been skin walking Emily, copying her style, look, tattoos, interests, everything. She has some kind of hate boner for her kek. As for Kady, I have no idea. Knowing Raven it's a jealousy thing.

No. 799207

Raven has it out for every female she comes across that is better looking than her

No. 799211


I remember Raven showing off earrings that Emily boo had sent to her as a gift, this was around the time Raven was going through her 'I have agoraphobia' phase. She can't maintain any level of friendship with a woman.

No. 799215

Thank you anon. IBF is so fucking ridiculous with that bullshit. Bitch, you know you could just tone it down for one day if you really wanted to visit the place. Give me a fucking break with that nonsense.

No. 799227

Kady is very obviously a bad parent and a kinda failure as person, but I don't see much more problem with her and I don't think she's popular enough to be here. And why do people call her ugly? I mean she's nothing special, and maybe its just my case, but you rarely see nice looking people.

No. 799241

In my opinion she is a cow and I love to see her bullshit here but also don't think she's ugly

No. 799243

File: 1555801077893.png (474.52 KB, 613x580, wrinkles.png)

damn those wrinkles are bad.
I guess I assumed Jake would have a skin care routine but it seems not

No. 799254

Oh Jake, the epitome of a g0ff try-hard

No. 799258

She's been posted here by a vendetta anon, is why.

No. 799259

He looks 40 years old, no joke.

No. 799283


I don’t think it was a vendetta, think it was kady herself. Just looking for attention

No. 799299

It’s really ugly that she’s downplaying that her husband wore an actual necklace of bones to the cemetery. That’s creepy and honestly is disrespectful, and security might of though they were grave diggers. It isn’t “discrimination,” you can tone down your look if you really want to visit these places.

No. 799300

Thats how my lipstick looked like when I sucked a random ass guy two days ago lol(no1curr)

No. 799308

>you can tone down your look if you really wanted to visit these places
But her goffness would be tainted! Security are just meanies! But, they give her free stuff if she cries hard enough.
Seriously they gave free Louvre passes to shut her up.

She tries that crying tactic everywhere, instead of being an adult. Like at the UK border. She deadass thought that would work?

No. 799319

It was confirmed in Raven's thread that it was indeed Raven herself posing as Kady.

He looks older than Mr Owl

No. 799431

Why would she pose as kady? Will go check it out as it just doesn’t make sense

No. 799455

>they give her free stuff if she cries hard enough
Mantra of every entitled person ever.
IBF does this with her patrons too. Whines that life is so hard, so they'll throw cash at her. Basically monetising petty drama.

>they gave free Louvre passes to shut her up.

Oof, forgot they did that. But surely the passes have expired by now?

No. 799486

No. 799538

Literally no1curr or asked for this, Freyja

No. 799542

She's really running out of ideas kek

Tinfoil and reaching but I wonder if the racist allegations bothered her enough to do this

No. 799594

Dear God I fucking hate this cunt so much. If she actually cared about seeing these land marks she could just tone her look down for 1/2 a day. But no, her goffness is too important! She's clearly oppressed by the evil normies!

I think when she goes out she likes to be stared at and draw attention, in on of her videos where she dresses "normal" she pointed out that no one was staring at her and you could tell it bothered her.

No. 799608

File: 1555987026304.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, 7B273CCC-77B0-48AA-BFE9-C8A18F…)

Moving back to New Zealand would be like quitting?

Did Mr. Owl change his mind about moving countries then? Wasn’t his reluctance the reason why they broke up the first time?

No. 799622

Since she’s in Germany without a residency permit, that means she’s on a 90 day tourist visa. After that she needs to leave the EU. She is digging her own grave.

No. 799627

this is a "subtle" cash grab if I ever did see one.

No. 799629


I would argue that all goths are like this on some level. Pretending that you hate getting stared at by normal people but secretly living for it.

No. 799639

>Did Mr. Owl change his mind about moving countries then? Wasn’t his reluctance the reason why they broke up the first time?

I'd also like to know this…People can change over time, but I remember the whole reason he didn't want to move countries was because he's still in school and wants to (reasonably) keep a stable, steady life style while finishing his education. IDK how long it'll take for him to FINISH, he seems to be doing engineering + sound stuff. maybe he's close to being done/graduating and they're planning to go to Scotland together?

No. 799649

William Control has been posting videos about each woman who has accused him of abuse. A few of the women have posted responses on various platforms.

Posting this here because he has been discussed in previous Alt Cow threads, though it may be more appropriate in the Celebrity Cow thread.

No. 799651

Well that video is totally scripted, only guilty people run for the hills. He's seriously trying to tell us that going dark had nothing to do with guilt lol

No. 799653

One needs a permit to move to Scotland too. Plus Scotland is still EU and she’s already been booted from the UK once. You can’t just walz on in there with all of your worldly belonging and two cats and slip in on a tourist visa.

She fugged.

No. 799662

She's really out here doing her best to prove that she's a citizen of the world and not just a lowly New Zealander, eh?

No. 799672


He has posted 8 videos so far (plus a re-edit). Something something methinks the lad doth protest too much. A prime criticism is the fact that he does not address the accusations of financial abuse / extortion.

No. 799696

Yeh, she did a breakup vid before moving to Germany and named MO's unwillingness to move as one reason

No. 799697

Does MO have kids already? If so that could be another reason

No. 799727

This dude is so fucking seedy. He asked me when I was 17 to come to his show so he could spank me on stage. Thank fucking god I had some sense. I don't believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Gross individual.

No. 799740

>"So sorry for my absence! Gonna return with better than ever content, i have cool stuff planned!"
>skincare haul video
>DNA test video
Fucking kek.
Just finish packing and stop covering it up with filler videos, and decide whether or not you're moving to Scotland already.

She got her UK visa reapproved

No. 799756


From previous threads and various postings on twitter/insta I'd say he doesnt. if he does he never talks about them, ever.

but IBF has mentioned "we want kids someday" implying neither has kids yet but plan to.

No. 799757

No. 799760

>>799649 he’s worthless , not even gaining any subs exposing these women

No. 799784

She got approved to come in and out as a tourist for six months, and that was sometime last year.

That is not permission to move there.

No. 799800

I never understand this story. I visited a lot of sacred places and cemeteries in France and NEVER i was kicked out ( and my way to dress is at another level than IBF in scarying people)
I really don’t undestand and i guess we have just a part of the true story(blog)

No. 799803

You can be sure that in addition to whatever she was wearing to bring attention to herself, IBF was also waving her stupid selfie stick around. She even said in some recent video that she’d rather ask for forgiveness than permission. Some of these places — I’m thinking of the louvre — require prior written permission to film, and plenty of touristy places ban selfie sticks.

So fuck IBF and her entitled princess act. It’s boring. And it’s not goff.

No. 799805

>>799629 That's just the edgelords, but unfortunately there's a significant edgelord problem in Goth (and metal, and most 'darkly alternative' subcultures).

No. 799832

Yes he’s a sleazeball but all those chicks were fucking insane. None of their stories were kept straight. They all were lying at some point. They probably all have BPD and other personality disorders. It’s fucking pathetic.

No. 799840

>>799832 Predators do tend to target unstable people; it makes them easier to manipulate, as they've often got some underlying issues that the predator can exploit, plus its easier to get away with things if the victims are obviously actually untrustworthy too.

No. 799938

File: 1556102525768.png (242.99 KB, 720x928, wp_ss_20190422_0010.png)

No. 799946

>That's just the edgelords,

Edgelords were main force behind creating punk and later goth fashion. See Siouxsie with her swastika armband. But these edgelords were actually carying about music also.

No. 799950

No. 799953

A debate on the difference between challenging societal norms through shock art/aesthetics/etc. and being edgy purely for personal attention-seeking and feeling smugly better than the mainstream, with nothing to actually say, would probably derail this thread considerably.

No. 799978

Wait, so he doesn't have any official permission to cover that song? Then he's surprised that it gets removed? What a total twat.

No. 800034

Did you honestly expect him to go and get permission?

No. 800040

was wondering if he needed permission or not, especially since the song is up for sale on itunes.

he's also planning on doing a cover of a song from repo: the genetic opera and putting it on patreon. since he's plugging that, i think it's really misleading to call himself a daily blogger since he neither vlogs nor posts daily content. he can't ever keep a regular schedule and the rewards seem pretty meager.

No. 800054

Probably because he was using her name to promote/sell it. No way would they grant permission.

No. 800058

File: 1556144413613.png (711.65 KB, 1440x2103, adora.png)

It looks like Adora has dumped Sireplague who she was dating(?). There are photos of them together in March, but she is no longer following him, and posted this:

No. 800094

File: 1556152954502.png (348.16 KB, 800x825, 1554164877201.png)


[reposting from the last thread]

Inb4 he gets sued by Rodgers and Hammerstein!


An arrangement (or "cover") of an arrangement still uses the same source material and is subject to intellectual property law regarding the source material.


The song is credited to a total of 10 writers. But two of them — Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II — control 90 percent of the songwriting royalties, a remarkable split that reflects the value of evergreen song catalogs, and of the negotiating leverage their owners have when pop stars come seeking permission.

In an especially speedy turnaround, the deal for “7 Rings” was decided a few weeks before the song’s release in January, when representatives for Ms. Grande and her label, Republic, brought the completed song to Concord, the music company that has owned the Rodgers and Hammerstein catalog since 2017. Concord requested 90 percent of Ms. Grande’s song, and her representatives accepted without further negotiation.

Ms. Grande’s song “wouldn’t exist in its current form were it not for ‘My Favorite Things,’” Jake Wisely, Concord’s chief publishing executive, said in an interview.

No. 800231

File: 1556201205690.jpg (184.43 KB, 720x790, 20190425_150139.jpg)

This is so gross. Bitch, who cares how much you spend. It still doesn't change how ugly your materialism is. Someone get me a bucket.

No. 800233

Oh man this was pathetic. Talk about tantrum city. She's so embarrassing. Millions of people every year visit cultural places but of course this selfie stick cunt has to have drama around her visit. She's not goth, she's an attention seeking idiot.

No. 800235

She didn't even look at the price of 3 scrunchies… 45 USD. Who the guck wears scrunchies and WHY would you spend that? Think about how much that could have helped someone. I cant deal.

No. 800247


I didn't think I'd be defending miss horseface today, but I think she's just hoping on the bandwagon anon. There's a lot of youtubers spending 600+ on makeup brands or clothing to review. I think she's just joining in to get new subscribers.


No. 800373

>IBF has mentioned "we want kids someday"
Unless they're planning to adopt, I don't think that's a great idea biologically speaking since Owl is 40-ish(?). And its not a great idea until IBF sorts out her major commitment/impulsiveness issues either.

No. 800381

>she's not goth,

except she is
you don't have to like someone, but it takes more than that to negate someone being a goth

No. 800382

Jimmy Mercy is dating an underage girl again, and somehow that is getting swept under the rug once more… First was that 17 year old from SLC, now it's @incendiary

No. 800383

Hmm it's kinda hard to spent that much without leaving shop with a truck IMHO.
Unless she mainly bought perfumes

No. 800386

File: 1556226556783.png (159.77 KB, 750x1018, IMG_6839.PNG)

Forgot to include photo, here ya go

No. 800387

it's really that big deal in the USA?

No. 800390

Avelina is Australian isn't she? Makeup is more expensive here.

No. 800392

ah, right

also 1 AUD = ~0.7 USD

No. 800405

Not only is the Aussie dollar much lower than then American but our the make up prices get boosted ridiculously! So really, 2k on make up is nothing but only an idiot would spend that much. It’s not going to help her face

No. 800409

including screen caps would be helpful.

idk how old he is but 17 isn't the age of consent in some states. if they're just dating and not having sex it's still creepy as fuck.

No. 800413

What happened to the other chick he was with? She age out of his preferred age range "'ew, she's 18?? What an old hag time to dump her!" kek. And is he still going around calling people 'beaners'?

Probably because they're actually alternative and her only interests are things 13 year old emo kids are into. Who knows, maybe Raven is trying to attract another child bride. I'm just curious as to why she continues to post on a thread where the majority of the anons are goths. She said the scene and the people and the music sucked, so why does sis keep bothering with us?

No. 800417

How do you know she's 17? Also, in her instagram bio it's "commie punks fuck off" WHAT? more commie punk wannabe than Jimmy?

No. 800470

Maybe when she gets the urge to go travel she can just leave the baby at the cattery for a few months. Seems to work with pets.

No. 800498

Haha, nice one, anon.

No. 800562

File: 1556301674458.png (854.29 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190426-185709.png)

Killstar given bitch more what do they see in her

No. 800566

they see her as a walking billboard, obviously. it’s not that serious anon. companies send shit to ~influencers uwu~ not because they actually like that person, but because that person posting about their company is likely to bring in more sales. it’s just about money.

No. 800595

All true but TT isn't the best pick, doesn't wear the clothes ever again and throws them in musty hoard piles, they get way less advertising from her. Compare to eg IBF, afaik she does wear them.

No. 800652

File: 1556328137355.jpeg (88.1 KB, 750x448, EFED6803-6FEA-467D-BB1B-011B70…)

You are the definition of a transtrender, holy shit.

No. 800653

Right? Just because xir only dresses feminine, presentes as a female in any and every way and dates like a heterosexual female it doesn't mean xir's a woman! Don't you see that her given name is the masculine Sebastian? God, people! Wake up!

But seriously, you are just a white middle class suburban mid 20s woman called Taylor.
(And taylor is even a genderless name kek)

No. 800654

Sorry, I meant her chosen name. Her given name is Taylor

No. 800669

This just screams:


Bitch, get a hold of your unchecked internalized misogyny. You are an ADULT.

No. 800702



No. 800744

No. 800761

File: 1556383677213.png (682.42 KB, 831x613, Unbenanntadora.PNG)

Is it just me or is it hella weird that Adora altered her daughters dress to be shorter and tighter?
It's her underage daughter and she displays her body on a platter for all the weirdos on the web.

No. 800776

that's so creepy.. Why.. shorter and tighter? Sounds like her mom is pimping her own daughter for views

No. 800777

A+ way to get pervert stalkers on your daughter's back. A+ parenting.

No. 800813

If she really wanted to be a guy who likes feminine things, like Jeffree Star or some shit, she'd get reassignment and then present fem.

>i was born a girl and choose to stay that way

>i present as a girl of my own will
Congrats, you're a girl.

No. 800884


If his version is up on iTunes, then it's cos he's using DistroKid, or a similar service that allots royalties to the original songwriter.


Yeah, SC has a serious case of Not Like the Other Girls. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt for a long time, but over the last few years, especially, she's made it really hard to.

There are really only a handful of people calling themselves Non-binary who I can really take seriously.

No. 800900

File: 1556436096550.png (16.08 KB, 567x94, gother than thou.PNG)

found Angela Benedict on poshmark…imagine thinking anyone cares

No. 800908

No. 800952

Honestly I don't see how this is creepy? The dress was probably just too big for her

No. 800966

Why do these women hate being women so much? Sebastian would be better off saying she thinks men are superior to women. "Non-binary" just means you don't care about what you wear, fucking clothes. She and Dorian don't have gender dysphoria, just two creepy grown women trying to be teenage boys forever. Both are heavily feminine and only date men, like most women, I don't get it.

I like Angela but she is almost 40 years old and is still talking about when she was 16 this and that. Just buy the damn bodice and go.

No. 800967

I don't see it as creepy either. You are a teenager, you find a cute dress that's too big, you want it to look better on your body, mom knows how to sew: mom adjusts it for you.
It looks totally normal, not indecent or anything. Like when you were a teenager you didn't wore tight and short clothes. Yeah, you all dressed like Shirley Temple until you were 18 kek asf

That's hilarious! It truly sounds like someone sarcastically impersonating her for the lulz but no, it's bitch herself! She's completely obssessed with her past and how it gives her some kind of goth cred. Which is weird because she still looks super young, the kind of person I see still dressing weirdly, going to shows and events, just living! But she acts like she only has these memories… bitch, get out of the house, go dancing, dress outrageously, live

No. 800978

File: 1556475931358.png (263.97 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190428-192102.png)

Looks like she moving .wonder when she hit Scotland or Ireland .like she doing it herself .

No. 800982

No kidding. I was a scrawny teen and most of my clothes had to be taken in. It's pretty normal.

No. 800987

She's always insisted that she does her full goth look every single day, so the image of her completely decked out and done up, painting over black walls is a new kind of amusing as heck.

No. 801035

File: 1556491589624.png (904.47 KB, 589x594, toxictears.PNG)

What's up with her new photo? It looks cool but shooped into oblivion.

No. 801040

her head looks tiny

No. 801074

Meh give it a few more years and she'll drop this ridiculousness. They usually do lol.

Non-binary is just codeword for attention-whore who has no real personality. I'm sorry but most people I see using the term are boring girls who have no real personality and think that just because they wear an androgynous style, it makes them more interesting than they actually are.

SC and Dorian are the worst kind of this though, I must admit.

I kinda understand Angela's nostalgia. I can't remember which video it was but in it she was talking about how she wasn't herself for a decade when she was with this emotionally abusive boyfriend who was always trying to change her and hated her interest in Goth. She wanted the relationship to work out not realizing how toxic it was until she finally realized and got out of it.

I think the reason why she reminisces so much about her past and the 90s in general is because that was the time where she was very happy and then the 00s came and that is when she got into that toxic relationship and fell out of touch with the scene for a good while.

So I mean, I can understand it to a degree.

Is that Toxic Tears? Yeah, shopped out the max for sure. It's a cool pic but uh… lol

No. 801152

it's a shame you can still see her lumpy acne.
at 29 years of age she should probably look into getting that professionally treated

No. 801207


29? Isn't she 25/26? I know she doesn't talk about her age but I'm sure she s the same age as the chubby goffik chav boyfriend.

No. 801209

File: 1556563360099.jpg (185.22 KB, 1440x760, Screenshot_20190429-194146.jpg)

No. 801211

File: 1556563561150.png (2.62 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190429-193112.png)

Someone not having good Monday .love to see her doing this all bat Queen in her velvet

No. 801216

>Kaya is a famous people

C'mon now, she's not that fat kek

she will be 26 this year. I knew chav boy was older than her by about a year or so, she was still in school when he pursued her. I find it amusing how she tries to hide her age, it doesn't make you any younger Kaya

No. 801221


Did she paint the walls black in a place she's only renting?

No. 801226

Yes she did hole place black and red she has to put place back to how she got it .she won't be happy doing it .

No. 801244

Well at the time she thought she'd be living the goth festival life of her dreams with her visa husband and abused cats for quite a while, so

No. 801259

File: 1556577052915.png (1.37 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190429-232450.png)

Were dose it end with this toxic human has she ever heard of work not be lazy she waist of human get of your fat ass and do it . everything is money .

No. 801262

I find that kind of stuff so ridiculous. If you're gonna be renting a place, it's really not worth it because if you ever move out (and you most likely will), you'll have to re-paint the walls back to the way they were…

If she actually had a work ethic, she would've been able to have that garden by now. Look how long it took her to finally clean her attic lol.

No. 801288


What happened to the plants she put in last year? Were they all annuals? Or did she kill them all with her laziness?


Do we have an artist anon in this thread?

No. 801309

What kind of artist and why?

No. 801318

ntayrt but I assume anon wanted a picture of IBF painting walls and looking ridiculous

No. 801333

>i really want to do XYZ but can never find the time! Don't have enough money and help for it yet!
She uses this excuse with basically everything that isn't eating. Maybe hoard snacks less and plan stuff more?

No. 801349

Apparently that is the norm in germany though - you can do what you like to the place provided you return it to plain white when you move out. People live in long term rentals there all the time, it's quite normal

No. 801355

I'm so jealous of Kaya's life.
the hardest thing for her is decorating an attic and planting flowers in her garden and even then she needs to take regular breaks from that.
even though she likes to pretend she does, she actually has no stresses in her life. she gets money handed to her for nothing, free clothes, gets to travel to barcelona and stay with her dad.
it's really annoying how she pretends her life is so tough. she's actually extremely privileged(no1curr)

No. 801366

File: 1556629575331.jpg (257.47 KB, 1080x1709, Screenshot_20190430-075102__01…)

Keeping your options open there, Jake?

No. 801368

That’s true, but most people, even most goths don’t paint an entire room, walls and ceiling, black. Trust me, I have been that goth, going over a purple, nearly black wall three or four times.

But yeah I’d also love to see her ruining some velvet.

No. 801378

kek he probably doesn't want to be stuck with her. She has mentioned in a much older video that Jake is "weird about marriage"

No. 801379

well, unless she lives in really distant part of Leipzig, she can take a tram pretty much everywhere, so don't hope for too much misery

No. 801386

>BTW notice that posts there were made around the same time Goth Pikes had their "holidays"

more I think about that - the more it makes sense

It kinda seems like all or at least most of pikes were made by one team only in at least a decade if not longer. Under several labels of "disappearing companies" or as bulk orders from different alt shoes distributors. They are exactly the same models being sold by all these disappearing "companies" and also Undeground, Nevermind, Demonia etc. but with only different cutout of shoes. And Pennangalan even reposted on their instagram page ( https://www.instagram.com/pennangalan/ ) exactly the same models they were selling in the past that are known to be made by (a team of?) owner of Gothic Shoe Company.

I certainly don't understand enthusiasm of people saying we shall wait until Goth-Pikes "ends adding new items to the shop" and don't complain.

They have not been contacting their customers for months now. Many people canceled their pay pal payments. And Goth Pikes acts like nothing fucking happened. Goth Pikes has been refusing disclosing closer information about their affiliations with Gothic Shoe Company for like a year now too. And Goth-Pikes "changes of locations" - initially they were supposedly from Germany, later they switched to UK only location in Glasgow and now few days ago Google was pointing their address as located in Berlin. No online registry of companies from both the UK and Germany contain any information about anything called "Goth Pikes" or "Goth-Pikes" etc or any company located at any of these disclosed addresses.

No. 801398

she's bellyaching now, wait until she has to remove the fixtures kek

No. 801424

Omg get a cab you stupid woman. Why does everything with her need to be so dramatic? Its paint. Whoopee…

No. 801425

She sounds surprised lol. Idiot.

No. 801426

File: 1556650237659.png (2.24 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190430-193951.png)

So right she has everything have free she put this up showing her new killstar bedding price at 89.99.that was free to her still say she so low and sad how on earth do she things any of those fools that are fans going buy that you think she fixs it better on the bed .she told waist of human .I wish I had her life just give me free thing and people pay my way give me queen of goth.i can't Waite till she get big wake forest call .

No. 801442

No. 801444

Oh my fucking god is she in Scotland? Taxis are well cheap here she’s so dramatic

No. 801453

Of course not, she's painting her german apartment back to white.

No. 801457


She should have invested in good quality paint. She will need a lot more layers with the cheap shit.

No. 801460

>>801152 I thought she said she was getting her acne treated by her doctor?

(saged cuz no milk)

No. 801464

sage because no milk.

I really wish someone could give Kaya some tough love to help her break away from her bad relationship and figure her shit out. W/e

Anyone have news on Social Horseface? Haven't heard anything in a long time and I feel like he's going to make another scandalous comeback….

No. 801466

She's 25 going on 26 this year. Her boyf is 2 years older than she.

No. 801484

hunka hunka honk honk

No. 801546

>i keep sleeping in late
Kek late for what, eating? Can't be late for filming vids cos her schedule isn't fixed even tho it's easy to film hauls. Yeah she did say her channel isn't all hauls and she just likes them, but she can't say that when she throws most of the stuff in a corner to get musty.

No. 801573

Eh okay I guess. I just think about the work you'd have to do to restore the walls back to normal lol.

I feel like Ruadhan 1334 gave her a bit of that though not about her boyfriend situation if I remember correctly.

No. 801580

File: 1556719264944.png (126.19 KB, 324x240, myqueen.png)

imagine what she looks like in the morning lol

my goth potato queen

No. 801615

>>801444 Is she actually coming to Scotland? Where's she going? Glasgow for the clubs? Edinburgh so she can wander around the nice buildings with her selfie-stick? I can imagine her fancying herself as queen of some spooky castle in the Highlands, and then ending up in another wee urban flat. At least some of the old tenement buildings have that Victorian architecture that fits her aesthetic, but unless she wants to move to somewhere like Dundee, she's not going to be able to get one even with her YouTube money from Shillstar and Punk Rave

No. 801631

Kek. He can stay with her for 8years - they made an anniversary video - to leech off her money, but of course he won't marry her, it would cost money (gasp) and he'd basically be saying "i really love kaya" which he obviously doesn't.

No. 801660

She used to live in Edinburgh and has friends there, supposedly, so I'm sure she's looking to move back there.

No. 801678

At least the photo shows how much she’s abusing photoshop these days. And there I was thinking she actually lost weight

No. 801703

>I don't think that's a great idea biologically speaking since Owl is 40-ish

What makes you say that? I agree about IBF needing to sort out her issues, but a lot of people have kids when they're in their 40's and I don't see a problem.

No. 801745

Not the original anon, but there are some pretty serious studies indicating that the genetic quality of sperm degraded as men age, making it more likely that children they father after 40ish will have genetically linked health issues. To my knowledge, this isn’t yet fully proven, but at least a valid theory deserving further research.

Nerd out.

No. 801747

File: 1556781719136.png (107.79 KB, 720x733, obviously.png)

Never watched this video from Amy before, it's an hour long and the parts I skipped through are boring. I thought the desc was kinda interesting. Always found it weird she would put goth and industrial together, she is a rivethead, you'd think she knows the different lmao

It is pretty funny. IBF wearing white grease paint, a long expensive velvet PunkRave dress, with some big ass boots, and a veil with horns on top of her head just to get some paint and paint her apartment.

Lol, I'm starting to think Jake is only copying Manson because 1. He wants to be a weirdo so badly and 2. Because he's trying to revive shock-rock. I personally don't see his music catching onto modern freaky kids. He has that scene singing voice (can't explain it any better, reminds me of the vocalist from pierce the veil almost) and the music itself sounds like literally every normie "metal" band from 2013.

No. 801760

Edinburgh rental prices just keep going up - I wonder how she'll afford it. I don't think her Patreon will be enough to support it, and I can't see IBF getting a proper job.

No. 801768

she's definitely older that 26. I was on the PULL forums when I was in college and I remember her being 1-2 years older than me. Since I'm 27 now there's no way she's 26.

No. 801772

Yeah that was always one thing I really didn't like about her videos when she would use Goth and Industrial interchangeably with phrases like "GothIndustrial". Don't get me wrong, she's super informative with Industrial and she obviously knows a lot about the subgenres of Industrial. But it's annoying how she unintentionally (or intentionally) puts the two together with the whole "GothIndustrial" thing when they aren't the same.

And agreed on Jake, I know what you mean by the shock-rock thing but his music just sucks. I'm all too familiar with that "Scene" singing style and it's just horrid (no offense to those who like it) and his base instrumentals are generic as fuck and I don't see his band catching on neither.

My guess is that she'll probably try plugging her Patreon much more often or may even try some sort of scam and then make up some random excuse of some mishap that happened out of her control. I'd like to think she'd get a part-time job but yeah, she's been out of work for so long that I don't think she'd really want to go back to it. This is why she's better off staying in NZ with her money and saving up to live there

How old do you think she is? I thought she was born in 1993? It's just that her bad habits make her look older than she actually is.

No. 801790

She's turning 26 in June.

No. 801807

IBF is a New Zealand citizen. she needs a residency visa to move to Scotland, which is part of the uk, which is still EU. It’s actually super difficult to immigrate there. Unless she manages to land a well paid job that’s not going to happen.

As >>801772 said, we know that won’t happen.

No. 801822

neither kaya or jake are on the UK electorate register

not surprised since they are bums. doubt its her real name either

No. 801834

> Neither Kaya or Jake are on the UK electorate register

How did you find this out?

No. 801839


I searched them in the register. they arent registered to vote and have not been in the past 10 years

No. 801840

Did you use their real names?

No. 801841


Yes, as well as initials ie Jacob Munro, J Munro

No. 801843

I think Jake’s real last name is Goddard so that’s probably why he didn’t show up on the register.

No. 801846

>>801843 I searched "Jake Goddard" just now on the register and multiple results came up, not sure if any of them were him though.

No. 801849


0 Results for Jacob Goddard or J Goddard in Belfast

No. 801850

>>801745 Sorry if this counts as blogposting (saged, obvs), but my parents were both over 40 when they had me and my sister, neither of us have any health issues or anything. Not saying that you're entirely wrong, but that's definitely not always the case and I don't see it as a reason to not have children.

No. 801856

>>801849 Ah right, I wasn't looking at location so that makes sense.

No. 801861

File: 1556826898971.png (1.62 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190501-210818.png)

Her ex husband is away with his new girlfriend she left alone so why not go back home then go true this .

No. 801862

File: 1556827063797.png (915 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190501-210826.png)

Here's rest of milk what on earth is she thinking.big sad goth life what about poor cats she needs to wise up .

No. 801864

File: 1556828143246.png (868.47 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190430-195752.png)

This girl is such bitch I work in club were she is most weekends with her goth friends who all think they are Belfast best needs good wash and her nails so dirty under them .for Jake he is so nasty thinks he above everyone.i don't know why anyone won't be around them .

No. 801870


I knew her years ago when she was "cyber goth" and "straight edge" so she always tried that to act above everyone, aswell as "modelling" for free by some 30/40 y/o Italian dude when she was like 16 with her other weirdo mates. Seems hygiene and self respect still isn't on her side. Still running about with fake friend's too - I've heard alot of things from her old friend's. It's crazy how someone who loses their virginity behind a dumpster can still try to act so far up their own arse. Ps. can confrim she's about 25/26.

No. 801871

She's so contradictory

on the one hand she hangs out with "goths" (more like darkly inclined hipsters by the looks of it though) yet on the other hand she'll bitch and moan that Belfast has no goth or alternative scene so she can't do anything or go anywhere. Why can't she just admit she doesn't want to interact with ACTUAL goths because she's a poser?

>It's crazy how someone who loses their virginity behind a dumpster can still try to act so far up their own arse

kek! do spill more, I can't stand TT and Jake they've always been so far up their own asses

No. 801875


>It's crazy how someone who loses their virginity behind a dumpster can still try to act so far up their own arse

Excuse me? You dropped this so casually I had to do a double take. That’s so sad if true.

No. 801876


I'm not very good at these replies so sorry for that, I normally just lurk and give myself a giggle at the fact that the majority of things on here are pretty accurate.

I've never liked her, I was just unfortunate to be a weirdo who hung about Belfast Waterfront/occasionally Bangor and was friend's with alot of her "bff's". Who when she wasn't around liked to tell me stories - true or not her mates hated her and I don't really understand why they kept her around - I suppose that's why she's no real contact with any of them except for Grant who's popped back up for the scene for some reason.

The problem with her disliking the scene is probably because she doesn't stand out as much as she did when she was younger - there's alot more "alternative/goth" people about Belfast nowdays and alot of them far more attractive than her so it's probably jealousy as well - especially when she thought she was hot shit back in the day. (Don't get me wrong if she didn't sharpie her eyebrows on, took them cheap dreads out and washed her roots atleast she'd probably would've been quite unique and pretty.) As alot of people can tell it's simply because she's hungry…For attention - that wasn't a fat joke.

The only real genuine spice I got was from my ex boyfriend, who back in her earlier tumblr days she'd post photo's of her and him from the Italian photography guy and refer to him as "Ex Boyfriend" - my ex claimed to me they were never a couple and even if he was extremely drunk during the majority of these "photoshoots" he'd not touch her with a pole. He always says she was filth and the fact is she's only ever around people because they "can't get rid of her" and now with a following gives people an excuse to actually make a bit of use of her before they chuck her.

But yeah, I've not alot more information because this was way back in teenage years and you don't know what's fact and what someone's just saying to give us all a giggle. As for this Jake freak, I've only been in contact with him once for a few minutes and thankfully didn't have to hear him or really look at him.
The only information I know of him is what I've read and that they met on that Vampirefreaks website yonks ago.

Summery really is she's always been dirty, a liar, attention seeking, "woe is me" attitude, fake friends, a leech & has terrible taste in men.

No. 801878


PPS. The information about the dumpster is from her ex "BFF" who used to be in the same photoshoots with her aswell. Skinny guy who used to wear them terrible plastic falls she wore.

I remember being in Burger King and looking out at City Hall at Kaya and her ex boyfriend(Matt) and him pointing and shouting about the place how her and Matt a few days prior screwed behind a dumpster, she lost her virginity and everyone knew because it was during or after a photoshoot(?)

No. 801882

File: 1556833205541.png (917.8 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190502-223001.png)

Poor cats that's all she has .cats need good home away from her .

No. 801898

File: 1556836905400.png (1.22 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190502-232912.png)

Do you wonder what people see in her .as she comes across to me in club as bitch she so up her self .I seen that other guy with long black hair with them and you can see Jake not happy when he's around but I think it all for fame. I just waiting for day she took back to real life and out of her queen of goth as she not like other on scene .also anyone on here she loves to drink loads and she ment to have depression .face is really bad .I hate seen them coming .and way they talk about people that give them money have saide what ever they won't fools will give as they so poor .I hope people wise up .

No. 801914

File: 1556841758018.jpg (882.86 KB, 1440x1429, Screenshot_20190502-233445_mh1…)

I followed her because she's cute but she's always crying about money on her IG stories and shoving her ugly "girlfriend" in. She's just a trendhopper anyway she used to be a blonde nugoth with a huge twitter following. Now she's trying the whole lolita thing. I give it a year tops.

No. 801921

who is this?

No. 801923

She more in likely seen fat Jake TT crying for money so she going same way as they start it as it's all for money .that's what been goth has become . freebies and told fools give there cash away .

No. 801927


Someone who selfposted

No. 801932

Anon It's a good idea not to follow poseurs in general, it's pretty obvious just from looking at this picture that she's a fake. They try so hard at the goth "look" but fail because they don't realize the look comes with the music.

Wouldn't doubt. What's with poseurs self-posting in these threads lately? No one is going to slurp their ass here and call them cute.

They think she's a good person. Kaya is a bully, all the things she made fun of in the past are what she looks like now. "Haha, fat girls amirite" now she is a fat acne infested mess.

No. 801942

>They think she's a good person. Kaya is a bully, all the things she made fun of in the past are what she looks like now. "Haha, fat girls amirite" now she is a fat acne infested mess.

It's mostly because her fanbase doesn't know of her past antics and even if they did, they probably wouldn't care because people can change (which is true). Don't forget that Kaya puts on this sweet, soft-spoken persona. I fell for that which is what kept me from thinking ill of her until I started getting annoyed of her constant whining about her lack of weight loss while still gorging on unhealthy drinks/desserts she'd post on her social media.

She may have changed in the sense that she she no longer makes fun of fat people now that she herself became one of them but she's now a lazy, sloth-like e-begger who is pretty much on her last legs of e-fame before she loses it in her 30s when a new, younger mallcore girl takes her place.

No. 801947


excuse me but what the FUCK is her pillow. looks like she borrowed from tuna

why do these cows never use sheets/covers?

No. 801948

NO. DO NOT SEND HER TO DUNDEE. We dont need her here.

No. 801958

That's interesting because she always makes out she's not a big drinker or very keen on alcohol.

That electric board or whatever it's called, even her "exercise" is lazy… get a proper skateboard and use some skill bitch.

No. 801962

>>801958 Anon she wants people to think it that's she so sweet don't drink but she dose .also that she don't leave house when she out every Saturday night.she now out with her goth friends more but she puts photos up look at me so sad and lonely people still can see past bitch lies .

No. 801964

File: 1556891015725.png (1.33 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190503-142930.png)

What great life she has .don't work just dress up look sad in photo take money .bitch get a job grow up

No. 802006

File: 1556908922221.png (669.59 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190503-192128.png)

This grown man has something wrong with him this is for his next YouTube video he was on IG live .all his fan girls telling him you so cool love look .it's look that's long gone .

No. 802024

File: 1556914728206.jpg (35.36 KB, 400x400, tumblr_pquo8kzLRe1qikgkto1_400…)

i can't believe Kaya was ever this pretty.
Peachmilky admitted on IG stories that she was 28 years old. She's so much younger and prettier than 26 year old Kaya.
I bet it kills Kaya that Sophie is a big model in Japan

No. 802028

File: 1556915505340.png (1.99 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190503-212548.png)

So sad goth that so alone was at some farm today as her IG story more in likely with her goth friend.this person who never leaves the house.

No. 802048

File: 1556920702392.png (420.21 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190503-225349.png)

Wtf is wrong with him as he won't to drive get a car but his fans will have pay for it.told waist of space .Jake get real job and grow up

No. 802073


He is really insufferable.
Imagine writing up such a pretentious paragraph just to say
>I'm starting driving lessons soon so will need to increase my e-begging to cover the costs, so look forward to that

No. 802088

>beef up my patreon
>still only has $1 and $10 tiers
omf i'm already sick of him mentioning this, you're not that interesting, you don't do daily vlogs which is the main selling point on there, and what fan base you do have doesn't want to give you $120 for the year just for access to your shitty vlog music. that's like, three songs? highly doubt he's added a song z month for as long as he's had this up, and i don't believe his claim of adding one cover song a month, b/c he can't even keep to a youtube schedule.

No. 802137

I knew PM ex bf and he would hang out with he gruesome twosome. He could drive and had a big house they would hang out in. Such users. He showed clips on his phone of videos they'd all taken hanging out and it was honestly such a cringe fest. They would talk about being the hashtagrichkidsofbelfast. Also heard some weird fetish shit about Kaya's feet and men coming over to do chores.

No. 802141

Im am dying to see the 10 years ffwd. Where are they now files. Lining up at social benefits because YouTube just didn't work out. Tic toc….

No. 802154

What is the hashtagrinchkidsofbelfast supposed to mean?

Everyone knows about the feet/cleaning guys. She herself used to talk about that without shame. She had guys who were into foot fetish come to her home and she would let them smell her feet, socks and they'd pay by cleaning her house. If you ask me that's the only thing she ever did that I can respect hahahah at least she was offering the guys something in return being a domme. Now she just begs. I bet if she wanted to get back at being a domme it would work, there's a lot of men who would like to be submiss to a giantress, chubby or not.

No. 802161

Her poor cats. Also, does anyone know where her birds are? I'm sure she had birds… isn't it also kind of stupid to have birds when you have cats? Then you can't let them out of their cage! But why would I even think she cares about her animals' well being…

I assume it's because she's packing all her stuff in Germany but still… I wouldn't sleep without covers, it's gross.

Yes it's crazy, but she was just lucky with her metabolism when she was younger. Not anymore kek

No. 802164

I believe they're with her, she posted a pic of her birds a few days ago.

No. 802203


Last night someone posted a screenshot of a pic IBF posted of Moonmoon needing a bath because she sat in paint remover or primer or something.
The post was deleted before I could expand the pic - anyone have a mirror?

No. 802221

File: 1556998223657.png (1.61 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190504-202635.png)

It looks like toxic lot were out in Belfast today this is person who has no life or money she has her goth crew .no Jake just two new guys .

No. 802222

File: 1556998340862.png (1.64 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190504-202552.png)

She just put this up about her hand .

No. 802226

File: 1556998742346.jpg (378.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190504-203720_Ins…)

And this one shortly after. Damn she sure made no friends, she painted all of this alone. I remember reading in one of her recent ''ask me anything'', how the german language prevented her from making any ''real friends''.

No. 802230

File: 1556999912129.jpeg (186.26 KB, 640x929, A0ED2BBB-374D-41AC-AB9D-FDA4DB…)

No. 802232

> She had guys who were into foot fetish come to her home and she would let them smell her feet

What?! Where did she say this?

No. 802249

From what I've observed from her vlogs in Germany, it seems like the goths there don't like her at all. Sure she has fans (who were uh, pretty obvious as they were trying to dress as her) there, but everyone else in the background was glaring at her or rolling their eyes. Her few friends seem to have dropped her these days.

How badly must she smell for dudes who have stinky feet fetishes to come around and sniff her socks/feet? Kek. She needs to advertise her smelly feet again, maybe they'll clean her moulding wet clothes.

No. 802254

The guys house had a hot tub and they would all hangout. They were into that show rich kids of Instagram or something. I don't know if they were just drinking or what but I was shown a few creepy videos.

No. 802273

File: 1557009710078.jpeg (311.46 KB, 1536x2048, D5wLKDWW0AAH-Sq.jpeg)

Look at the dirty wallpaper and what's with the tacky pound shop Halloween material on the ceiling bitch if you're going to make the effort to tack shit onto your ceiling at least get some nice quality material bet that room is dusty af

No. 802285

Iam not sure, but maybe she hung something and it left mold stains? There are some only on that part of the wallpaper. But agreed, you gotta take care of things before they get in such a state. Why would she care, she'll just need to e-beg if she wants to change it.

No. 802286

Honestly l didn't pay much attention to ppl around her in the vlogs. But l did find it weird that she never hung out with any popular german ''goths'' . (Many are popping in my mind but l don't even know if they actually like the music)

No. 802294

>>802285 you so right she don't take care of noting and I'm sure killstar will or have gave her wallpaper that's 50 pound a roll to her anyway . The more she asked for is the more they give her .that's why she don't care about stuff as it don't cost her .

No. 802295

Must be nice, living the dream ''goff'' lyfe, everything handed to you on a silver platter. I hope more people will realize they're full of shit. (I never watched her all that much, because all she does is unboxing stuff, for so, so long now)

No. 802296

I'm so glad l stumbled upon this kind of threads. eye opening af.
I've always had an issue with the hoarders on the goffside of yt., but l gotta admit, l'm more on the gullible side and didn't think IBF was putting an act during all this time.

No. 802305

All around, really. Twitter, tumblr, etc. But it was some time ago so you'll have to dig a little. Search for ot in the past alt cow threads

About IBF, I don't get why the last posts are milk. If she paints the apartment alone, "she has no friends etc", of she had help from friends it would be that she relies on others to fix her shit.
The cat sat on a spill of something she dropped but was already cleaning and she promptly washed the cat, I don't see what she did wrong.

Sometimes the insane nitpicking in the thread kinda takes the fun out of it, it seems like we're obligated to find a reason to talk bad about anything any of these cows do, when that's not the point. They do a lot of shit worth talking, there's no need to make shit up

No. 802311

I agree with you on the cat story. Cats are unpredictable and act as they please. I didn't see a problem with it either.

Her painting her whole apartment alone is definitely weird for me. If you were moving or smth, wouldn't you like someone to lend you a hand?
She said it herself, not having ''real friends'' in Germany cuz language barrier and stuff.

No. 802314

Maybe some people think it's milk cuz all we heard from IBF lately is complaint after complaint? C'mon, life can't always be peaches and cream.

No. 802354

Maybe, just maybe, you should have planned into the future a bit, Freyja? And not painted a flat black from top to bottom when you were simply renting it and you probably already knew things weren't great with Matthias?

No. 802357

>If you ask me that's the only thing she ever did that I can respect hahahah
Same, at least she was providing a service to those men and sounds like it was consensual, now she's just ripping people off

No. 802362

I see your point, but respectfully disagree. IBF has already proven that she’s shit at planning and providing a good home for her pets. Those cats are just accessories for her to be dumped off on someone else whenever to travels for months at a time.

When painting, it’s a no brainer to keep your pets safe in a separate area because they are little demons who do what they want.

The painting without help is just kind of funny, and then also pathetic because she did this to herself. I’m sure she’s getting tons of sympathy from her fans though. Instead of interacting with actual humans in meat space, she collects online fans who kiss her ass.

As for German goths not liking her, I’ve been around when she filmed at mera luna and yes, there were people were rolling their eyes at her, but she also had a horde of fans following her, making selfies with her. Plenty of German goths her age speak English, so I’m just not buying the language barrier as an excuse. Sure it makes everyday life difficult, but in a place like Germany, it’s not a barrier to making friends. Rarely leaving your house and when you do, having a conversation with a stick? That was the barrier.

No. 802370

An "independent" adult would EARN their own money to pay for things, not bum off their fans with shit vlogs at the laundromat. Jake and Kaya are both overgrown children that refuse to work hard, they want everything handed to them with no effort. Is he going to start up a Go Fund Me to pay for a car, too? Pathetic.

I still believe people who feel the need to deck their house out like this are posers. Most goths can live in a "normal" looking house, they don't need to prove themselves in this way. If you have the money to spend (that you earned YOURSELF not donated to your lazy ass) then go for it, otherwise why bother? It seems like peacocking.

No. 802386

I completely agree with you though.
Many germans are really good English speakers, you could see in her festival vlogs that many could actually reply.
I didn't buy that german barrier bs either, l just quoted what she said in a very recent ask me anything on ig.
Saying she has no friends at all, even though that Valentin Winter guy designed an outfit for her in his little modelling show and inviting her with many other friends around Christmas time.

The constant lamenting and lack of self-reflection is really off putting.

And yes, she screwed up big time with so many choices. The black cat, Thanatos, would be better off with Matthias, and moon moon should have never left NZ. and ofc the poor birbs need a better home too.

Girlie can't even take a proper care of herself. Highkey really worried about her pets.

No. 802388

She just doesn't learn. When they first moved from Osnabrück, she had to repaint some sections, but it wasn't as crazy as this time.
The initial white walls would have showcased the home decor better anyway imo.
So really, painting everything red and black was one bad choice.

No. 802389

I saw her recently saying that she moved all her clothes to a storage facility. Does that apply to all the furniture and home decor?
I'd like to know how this kind of stuff works.

No. 802390

Yeah what's the point of flying your cat over to another country even though Mr Owl (I'm guessing, or her helicopter mum) was already caring for it, and you're not going to care for it and just dump it somewhere to go to festivals?

No. 802394

File: 1557064375948.jpeg (628.5 KB, 1242x2001, 62319CB0-8FCE-45C5-B3EC-69E479…)


That cryptic post about things not going well was not about Sireplague. Doubtful it was about Coalcandy either.

Dating sucks. Got to be harder when you’re committed to a lifestyle and looking for someone who vibes (and isn’t a young thing)

No. 802431

Just watch anon, like all people like this she will be cut off at some point where the free stuff will cease coming and when that day comes, I am pretty sure we'll see her e-beggging more from her fanbase for money to buy the stuff. It's going to be interest to see lol.

Well if she actually bothered to really try learning the language, she could've probably made some friends but it's obvious she didn't and she relied too much on Matthias to translate for her.

Though gotta agree, these house cleanup posts aren't really much. But I think people are just fascinated that she has to do it on her own with help from no one.

Pretty much said the same thing, there's just no point painting from top to bottom a place you are just renting that you most likely won't be staying in forever. It may be all fun and games at first when you're beginning but the end result when you have to move just doubles the workload.

I've never been to Germany but if there really are a lot of people who speak English there then yeah, it really does come down to the fact that she cared more about her e-fame (carrying the selfie stick with her) then interacting with the world around her.

Eh I can see that happening where they most definitely will do a Go Fund me to get a car… And agreed, most of us Goth do just fine living in a normal house, we don't need to deck everything in "GOFF" stuff to show we are GOFFICK. But this is Kaya/Jake we're talking about, we already know they're the biggest posers of the posers of current day Goff YouTube.

Oh right, I forgot they did that. I'm sure if she asked Valentin or his friends for help, they would've probably done it if they had the time depending on whether they got close to her or not.

No. 802444

File: 1557080568064.png (1.84 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190505-191547.png)

This is grow woman sitting in nightdress and dirty mirror.this is her life just sitting around getting money for nothing they were to do 12 hours twitch today and not even done that .both are bad as each other to busy looking in mirror saying they are goths of belfast .

No. 802462

>>802370 I think there are non-poseurs Goths who make their house fancy like this and aren't poseurs - but they're often ones who have jobs limiting their ability to express that through fashion and do up their houses instead, or are really obsessed with everything Gothic (sometimes too obsessed, in an unhealthy sort of way and it's like some spooky hoarder place; I follow some Gothic DIY pages, and some people's houses look like they can't stop impulse-buying Halloween shit). They don't, however, tend to parade it on social media. You can do all that to your house just for yourself, and then it's not poseur-ish because it's not putting on a hollow show for others. Thing is, with Kaya I would imagine that just the rooms they show to the public on their IG are like this, and the rest is a half-finished mess full of junk and empty packaging and other crap. No follow up videos since they posted their DIY video after they moved in to that house.I don't think their fancy rooms are a sign of being poseurs directly, I think they're signs of how shallow the facade is with them.

No. 802464

File: 1557083676280.png (302.49 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190505-200826.png)

Anon I think if she got job got away from internet but she such a bitch why post shite like this when for 2 days she was out with her goth friends .she needs to get her shite together and grow up .

No. 802484


I've painted a room. It's much less painful for your hand if you use one of those paint rollers. Don't cheap out on brushes, folks.

No. 802493

File: 1557090694100.png (1.54 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190505-220847.png)

This grown man needs help .make up advice from dick head.

No. 802500

oh god…

No. 802501

>I think people are just fascinated that she has to do it on her own
Yep, especially since she's used to stuff being handed to her (and crying for the camera when they aren't)

So Mr Incredible had sex with Fasttrack, then threw the result in a tar pit. That's not so bad, since that would've been my reaction too.

No. 802504

File: 1557092653009.png (1.22 MB, 1123x589, impressions.png)

Jake wants to make roleplay asmr videos..my skin is crawling.
he seems to think he's good at voices too, can't wait for that trainwreck

No. 802515

>>802500 This looks like he's trying to cosplay something, rather than like make-up. It's not his WORST make-up look, but it's just weirdly OTT and very unflattering on him. I think the hat is what ruins it most. Like if he went full White Walker meets Marilyn Manson it could have been interesting, but it's like it's too much for just making a video, and not enough for something properly artistic.

No. 802532

>>802493 I know this isn't gonna be a popular opinion but I actually like his makeup here. While it's definitely over the top for everyday, if this were for a costume or something, or for a music video or something then it's actually decent imo.

No. 802540

For me, the blueish smear above his lip and those black teeth are just too much. And who needs a tutorial for this.

Asmr with this kind of look? Nah l'll pass.

No. 802543

Daniel Graves does the hat better.

No. 802559

The post doesn't mean she got a job outside her home at all. I think this interpretation, along with the posts you have been making in a very very bad english that is barely understandable at times makes it really clear that sometimes you don't quite get what that's being said. Try using google translate, it's better these days, it'll help you at least to grasp the meaning of stuff (seriously)

No. 802572

I think the OP was saying “if she got a job and got away from the internet”…

No. 802609


Why does he always put on this weird Joker-like persona, but fails terribly and comes across as though he as asbergers.. Or the kid in school that would hiss at you.

No. 802618

I checked when the anon made that post and she isn’t following Sireplague but they seem to be friends still.
There are a few that she used to hang out with but doesn’t anymore, like Xilmordas, she followed him and hanged with him but not anymore either, and I’m pretty sure that a few months ago she wasn’t following Victoria (someone had made a post about it and it was true) but after a few days she was following her again. Maybe she’s just mentally unstable and is breaking friendships only to fix everything up after a few days.
And she hasn’t written anything about Ras after a while, maybe it was about him.
I feel kind of bad for Adora, whatever happened with the divorce hit her hard.

No. 802626

>>802540 The blue moustache is really the bit that makes this look like a 12 year old that can't grow his own proper facial hair/beard.

No. 802630

He's looking a beating getting on like this.

No. 802664

He looks like the type of bloke I'd be afraid to leave my underage daughter alone with.

No. 802705

Since they got so much crap offered, he could at least put on some color corrector, to hide the stubble.

I'm no makeup professional, but when you wanna learn smth, you do your research. Honestly now l mostly watch ''normal'' youtubers, at least many of them are really professional and take their ''job'' seriously.

No. 802718

He IS the kid in school who hisses. Still.

No. 802764

Why feel bad when she was the one that fucked it up?

No. 802848

File: 1557229728797.png (1.98 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190507-123640.png)

Some milk that lazy toxic put up

No. 802849

When you cling onto so much crap, you can only struggle with organizing it.
She could just donate, or giveaway stuff, but we all know those aren't valid options for her.

No. 802864

She holds onto all the haul clothes she never wears, when she could get cash and more space by doing give aways (as long as she washes them first…) There is no logical reason to hold onto them you hoarder. "help me" lol first realise what you really need help for - it's not the clothes, it's you.

No. 802891

File: 1557245046829.png (1.17 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190507-123616.png)

Don't know if this is milk .

No. 802935

But there isn’t much milk about the real reason for her divorce. We know she def was whoring around with her boy toys but maybe the husband was unfaithful?
She seemed so into him that it’s so hard to believe that she threw her perfect (according to her) marriage and husband for some 20 something boy who surely would leave at some point.

No. 802951

File: 1557256117399.png (945.16 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190507-124003.png)

Now we going have his dark people doing this . so not goth or cool it's outdated.

No. 802988

File: 1557263755009.jpeg (365.08 KB, 828x615, 2CF128A0-9535-4A5A-90D6-0D6F5D…)

Another Killstar haul, what a surprise.

No. 803011


This is an absolute mess

No. 803014

So she complains about people saying she only does hauls and unboxings, asks her viewers what they want to see, then proceeds to churn out the same shit regardless? God I hope her subs drop like flies and her channel dies

side note: that fucking ACNE and greasy hair. yikes.

No. 803056

File: 1557281504800.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1862, B838867F-C393-4174-B47C-63791E…)


There’s this cryptic message from April. She says she fucked something up 5 years ago. Wonder if that’s when she and her husband opened up their relationship maybe? Who knows. For someone who has such a public life, she is remarkably good at keeping the milk to herself.

No. 803070

When I read the post I couldn't understand shit. But your comment makes so much sense! I'd bet this is what this all means

No. 803087

Lmao, this is most of the "goth" side of YouTube. Hauls, insane people, zero discussion about goth music (if there is any discussion about goth music, it's always the cookie cutter bands we all know and love), and weird metalheads claiming to be goth. Had hope in Freyja, but she sold out. Also, did anyone mention her reviewing an emo album but totally ignoring the free one she got from Merciful Nuns?

I think Adora is going through a mid-life crisis ever since the divorce. It explains a lot of her actions, just her trying to prove she's still "got it".

No. 803102

Imagine being a person almost approaching 30 with no meaningful work experience, education or career.Kaya, if you're reading this, get something to fall back on for when your bubble inevitably bursts, seriously does she think this is going to last forever? At least Jake has something to go back to it seems.She is playing a dangerous game here.

No. 803104

I don't understand why she hasn't pursued a profession or gone into higher education of some kind? Does she have any qualifications at all? surely she knows being a niche youtuber/patreon user isn't a qualification? .-. She definitely has the time for a university workload, it just all seems so lazy and self-indulgent.

No. 803108

Because that would mean making an effort? When's the last time she did anything to better herself?

No. 803112


His fan looks like a potato, poor fucker

No. 803161

File: 1557327615865.jpeg (994.73 KB, 1125x1742, 8B56AB2E-D1BD-4BE3-B6FA-2CB04B…)

I mean she did post her dream wedding cake, is she still thinking about it? Also what’s with her obsession with minions?

No. 803185


Valentin Winter seems to be the only German blogger who keeps defending her bullshit on ig.
I heard Manicmoth once tried to suck up to IBF but was completely ignored. Not surprising that IBF doesn't have any friends if she's acts that.

Manicmoth is pretty milky by herself lol. According to some people from her home town, she always looks unkempt and greasy in real life, you wouldn't recognize her without make up. Blotchy complexion and bad teeth to match.

No. 803192

I don't see anything wrong with not being gothed/dolled up all the time. She runs her own online shop for jewelry and added clothes too, so you can only guess how time consuming and tiring it is.

I haven't heard about this, maybe you gotta look über trad goth to be her friend?

No. 803195

File: 1557335828600.jpg (460.73 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190508-181510_Ins…)

I took the time to scroll all the way down, and this is all l found.

No. 803198

File: 1557335944327.jpg (479.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190508-181537_Ins…)

Back when she was best friends with Cajsa. I dunno what happened between those two. Checked the other pics, nothing special, really.

No. 803199

Your icon is showing anon! You should probably delete this and repost it cropped

No. 803210

Apparently it's too late to be able to delete it. Whatever it's just some random online pic.

No. 803229

>maybe you gotta look über trad goth to be her friend?
I believe her qualifications for friendship are being an über trad goth and being a rabid fan of hers. A real friend would give her constructive criticism and advice but a rabid fan would tell her everything she does is perfect and right. I couldn't see IBF with real friends, only enablers and ass kissers who want to be YouTube's next goff kween.

E-fame hungry people never think of the after. When she's finally 30, the Patreon bux are dwindling, sub count going down because she's "old" to her very young fans. Next comes another mallgoth weeb who is skinnier and younger than she is getting all her followers.

No. 803231

The thing with her and Cajsa was like, Adora took her as her project girl like she usually does, I remember when she used to write all over the place about her helping Cajsa to ose weight and stuff like that. They did photos together, we’re always hanging, then Cajsa got a boyfriend that apparently didn’t like Adora and didn’t look too alternative. Around that time Adora was always talking about how she only had ultra goth friends, and all the crap with the UCG tag (Upper Class Goth). Then Victoria came into the picture and if you have followed her for years you will remember that Victoria didn’t look like she does now, she was like into the Lolita style and looked pretty Japanese dolly ish, not so goth.
But Adora gothified her, turned into a clone and Cajsas boyfriend and Cajsa started to kind of say that Victoria was copying Adora, that looked like her clone and so on. Adora had posted a big status on her Facebook about it, and had a pretty public discussion with Cajsa, of course those messages/posts are gone. But yeah that’s more or less what happened between them.

No. 803237

Except angela benedict. She actually makes some unique content in terms of story times and such. She might discuss goth bands a lot but we have to remember that she has a full time job and a husband etc. Even if you dont like her at least she isnt a haul channel.

No. 803318

File: 1557359645029.jpeg (687.75 KB, 828x1538, D147F326-9925-4E21-86B5-B9E103…)

Ibf is rehousing Thanatos

No. 803323


über trad goth lmao. You made my day.

Nothing wrong with not being dolled up. But it's quite a stretch from plain face for office job to business owners can't be bothered to shower.

One particular story I was told about was how Manicmoth bragged she can wear fake dreads for 8 weeks straight without washing her hair. Wtf it's gross if true.

>She runs her own online shop for jewelry and added clothes

Her clothing shop is gone. Official pr says it's merged with her jewelry shop. I suspect her business partner left. I wouldn't be surprised after all the weird stories I've heard.

aaand the animal abuser abandoned her cat as predicted. Happy, stable life with a kind person who will love him - it's like IBF is saying this is everything I'm not. It's totally revealing.

No. 803328

Why not give him to Matthias? It seems like he was fond of the cat.

No. 803334

Heh l'm glad l did. I saw a whole lot of IBF's pics with ''friends'', and legit all of them were hardcore grufti. Seems like that's the requirement to befriend her.

If that's true about Manic Moth, then major ew.

No. 803336

No. 803337

Nah l didn't follow Victoria for that long, but l do remember her selling some pink and cutesy/lolitesque stuff from her closet.
I grew tired of her pretty quick cuz she's one walking billboard & her using a gofundme just to get in some fancy school in the US (I forgot what she wanted to study) was just too much.
No one was buying it and l don't even remember ppl giving her anything. This is some old milk though.

No. 803338

I don't understand either. Maybe his partner doesn't want pets in the apartment?

Highkey really sad about the cat. I couldn't imagine giving away mine. Hopefully he won't be neglected with his new owner.

No. 803363

Spill some more Manic Moth milk please

No. 803369

File: 1557373390814.jpg (314.04 KB, 996x789, 785754675867.jpg)

Here's Ofherbsandaltars being the ultimate edgelord, putting blood in her booze ~just like a real vampire~. Put down Lost Souls for a minute and have a proper look at yourself, Dorian. This is terribly embarrassing.

No. 803420

The person who took in Thanatos is a friend of Matthias, so I guess he can keep an eye on him. I’m sure he has his reasons for not being able to take the cat himself.

I wonder what she did with the birds and the other cat.

No. 803536

Get real - do you actually know any goth that is not "fucked up" in one way or another?

No. 803599



Speaking of alt cows…

No. 803750

She mentioned in a comment that she is planning to take her with her.
Didn't see anything about the birds.

No. 803772


I can't watch any of these OooOOoo Vampire! I drink blood! clips without feeling deeply, deeply embarrassed for the people in them. The more pretentious the person, the harder the cringe.

Here's another Jen having a goffik moment.

No. 803776

File: 1557409888555.png (518.85 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190509-154747.png)

This is one of Jake's And TT fan .

No. 803780

I second this, do tell- I've also heard some rumours about her, Mai Magi, and Psychara being frenemies before splitting up completely, and the 2 MMs talking shit about Psychara behind her back

No. 803785

Can someone tell me the milk on this as they were always together

No. 803791

File: 1557411082825.png (1.49 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190509-155439.png)

Jake and band with toxic for there show tonight .look big head fat head .what is she like .

No. 803802

She looks like the same person as >>802951 just in a wig kek

No. 803813

Several. To be honest I've never met a crazy goth in real life, just normal people who work at normal, boring jobs and didn't have mental health issues. I guess that's why goths like these in the thread fascinates me, because it's so cliche and outrageous

No. 803814

Not an alt cow, just a fan, not cool to expose the girl

No. 803822

File: 1557417585064.png (1.89 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190509-175739.png)

What toxic bitch is trying to say don't forget to bring the money as we so poor I don't ever go out .

No. 803836


Of course herbs likes PZB. Both of their writing itself isn't bad but they really overuse the ~gay vampire sex!~ thing to the point where its like a crutch.

Also, for a while PZB called herself a trans guy while also not wanting to operate at all. Coincidence?

No. 803886

not a fan of them having a picnic in the graveyard but the farm footage was actually nice, minus the obligatory ~spooky~ attire. not having jake being an annoying cunt was also nice.

how did you get that from this post? she's just promoting his band's gig which charges a cover for everyone. some weird nitpicking and reaching going on here lately.

No. 803903

I see nothing wrong with this post.
Not everything is worth posting here.

This is useless as well. This is just some random girl.

No. 803906

Yeah, people are getting reaaaally worked up out of absolutely nothing

No. 803950

I find it hilarious in earlier threads people were saying Dorian isn't a cow, she has no cowlike qualities, and she should stop being mentioned here. Now look at this shit. I'm wondering if she was posting in the earlier threads. Oh yeah, she only mentioned Skullgirdle when anon posted her video here. Dorian definitely lurks.

It's one anon who's screenshot happy posting random useless things. You can tell by the typing style.

Definitely not a coincidence. That's Herb's idol. Dorian's writing isn't even bad until you get to her edgy gay vampire blog. Sad.

Same, the only illness I've come across is usually depression, but the few with it had it pre-goth so the subculture had nothing to do with it. Also they seem happier as goffs, probably something to do with finding where you fit in.

No. 803965


That's because Dorian wasn't doing anything milky for a long time. Obviously the thinner she gets the bigger her ego grows. I noticed she did delete the half naked "outfit" pics that were capped in the last thread.

No. 803987

Indeed, @the anon who posted that girl, some context please? Why was she posted? Still scratching my head about it lol

No. 804075

Her happy pills seem to also be contributing to her large ego. She's always been full of herself, but I think her depression toned it down a bit. Every time she gets all bouncy and animated, she crashes really bad. Last time she relapsed with self-harm and her ED.

No. 804155

IBF's "friends" are photo props like her pets. Having 4 pets you can't care for is like one step away from pet hoarding for youtube clicks. Just sad and disgusting.

No. 804263

Very well said. & l'm still thinking about that poor cat. I hope his new owner won't put him through shit like she did.

No. 804269

True we do have Angela who kinda breaks the monotonous haul crap and is an actual Goth and even when she does do the occasional haul, she usually shares a little back story.

However there is another Goth YouTuber who actually talks about Goth music and that is Cadaver Kelly. So she's another one who actually talks about what Goth truly is about and knows her stuff (from what she shared, she studied music in college and applies that to dissecting Goth music). And like Angela, she also has a profession (she's an accountant) so that's even more incentive why she doesn't need to be another boring haul channel since she doesn't rely on Youtube for money.

That's…. Very odd and I can't imagine it would be good for you.

Same. While I don't really see many actual Goths in my area (though lots of metalheads who think they're Goth because they like dark makeup and black), the few I've met have been pretty chill. One did suffer from depression but depression is a normal thing that can happen to anyone so I don't count that as being "fucked up".

The thing with Dorian is that she used to be fairly fine to those who didn't follow her on social media. I rememner discovering her in 2012 or 2013 with her Goth tag video and she seemed fairly fine but then I looked more into her about the gender queer nonsense and her "Transness" yet looking like a conventional alternative woman (pretty much the first Sebastian Columbine of the alt scene). It really wasn't till about 2016 when she started becoming a lot more cowish.

I'm sure the cat will be just fine as the owner will actually make she he gets the attention he needs and won't be treated like some prop.

No. 804441

File: 1557469437896.jpeg (297.42 KB, 1242x1316, 46A596EE-C64D-4D89-A789-1361FF…)

Aaaand she’s here!
Wonder how long till she adopts new cats and leaves them behind. Oh and finds someone else she’s soooo in love with and needs to marry because “it feels right” and it’s totally not for the visa

No. 804500

2 weeks.

No. 804523

I wonder for how long she is staying. Will they kick her out again as she (most likely) has no residence permit, and ban her forever? Will she overstay first and "apologise later"?

No. 804531


I'll try to tell you what I can without breaking the milk jug so to speak. No spills about the frenemy situation but the rest of Manic Moth milk is still a cringefest:

> known in college for whining how her "talent" isn't recognized by art profs

> they hate goffs that’s why my grades are bad
> sure jen
> actually just a lazy ass who submits low effort works and was called out for
> different stories about her having troubles with profs with one case involving physical altercation
> has no significant job experience to fall back on years after graduation
> coincidentally always dating guys from rich families since college
> switched out her last boyfriend in a matter of a few weeks
> new guy from the same cookie cutter only goff and better looking
> both constantly leech from their social circle, despite always touting how successful her blogging business is
> either she's a broke ass liar or a cheapskate worser than Scrooge
> asking people she barely knows for favors, free rides, you get the idea
> throws narc rage hissy fit when she doesn't get what she asked for
> burned through several cliques and alway latching onto new people she can use to advance herself

No. 804537

Ffs…now we all need to hide at the club. I work for one of the ghost tour companies in Edinburgh and her name is not popular

No. 804538

what are you afraid of?

No. 804555

she won't be welcome except by her ass kissing fans

maybe they don't want to be recorded by the gofffick shebeast with her selfie stick everywhere

No. 804595

maybe they don't want to be subjected to a tantrum if she isn't given special treatment

No. 804655

Break the milk jug dude, just do it

No. 804667

Freya used to work for a ghost tour company when she last lived in Edinburgh.
>her name is not popular
Are you an ex-co worker, or do you know any that have talked about her?

No. 804783

File: 1557517728419.png (1.28 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190510-214633.png)

I'm lost for words .

No. 804801

Are they for fucking real?!
Money to fly to Birmingham for the night though of course

No. 804824

File: 1557520274133.jpeg (244.59 KB, 1152x2048, D6MlQvQW4AEtkCK.jpeg)

All the effort he goes in to with make up for vlogs and when he has an actual gig we get…this

No. 804827

File: 1557520404350.jpeg (248.21 KB, 1152x2047, D6LPbfGUcAAeem5.jpeg)

Kaya didn't look much better.

No. 804841

File: 1557521238138.png (1.82 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190510-224355.png)

I give up with there fans look at this . these people need wise up .

No. 804843

Seriously?? What a pair of entitled, selfish cunts.

No. 804857

Imagine being such an entitled cunt that you would ebeg for food. Twice. Feed meeeee because I can't adult. What a loser this guy is.

No. 804862

I hate them why can't they just grow up and get job also don't airport give you voucher for food .. always looking for money

No. 804869

File: 1557522668252.png (1.49 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190510-230823.png)

Look at this all clothing she gets for free like she never put any effort in .these are there fans .

No. 804904

Honestly idk what to say either. Imagine being that miserable, begging for food AND drinks online!! He should've just opened his emptied guitar case and played a (whack) tune, to get some money thrown at. I guess that's too much effort.

She looks miserable af here. I legit think she's on the verge of tears.

I can't believe how people can't have any dignity. Asking people to pay for your food when you can afford a flight to fucking Birmingham.
And actually finding ppl who're dumb enough to pay for your meals.

No. 804907

Life must be good, being able to fly across the globe, quite literally, while boldly claiming you're by no means well off.

Ofc now she'll be again too busy to upload anything, she'll probably drop another haul, as always. Or some boring ass shit.

No. 804913

I don't like to discuss people's fashion sense or anything, but just look at these people.
Alt people nowadays all wear the same junk, I see 3 of them Kaya included, wearing demonias & the ginger girl some killstar top (i'm. Pretty sure it is from killstar)
And you have the Manson shirt. Very goff indeed.

And these ''influencers'' dare saying ''we're not forcing you to buy anything, you can just thrift or make your own clothes ''

That's not the case for most people. And the scene is mostly just about the fucking hauls now.


I watched many of Cadaver Kelly's
Vids and l really liked her content.

No. 804923

I work for a ghost tour company. The turnover of employees isn’t as high as you’d think as people tend to stick around because it’s such a good deal, though occasionally will work for more than one tour at a time as self employed contractors. And yeah, those who weren’t well liked are still spoken about for that reason.

And yeah, I meant now we’d need to deal with the tantrum if she shows up and realises we can’t be bothered…

No. 804924

File: 1557526860181.png (224.22 KB, 326x326, getsomedignityforchrissakes.pn…)

I'm suddenly reminded exactly why they're both major cows, I don't even know what to focus on first.

Any one of Jake's Marilyn Manson knockoff looks could have sufficed??

That is NOT the face of someone happy to be meeting their fans??

I can't even find any words for the "send some drinks our way too" post??? Too bad e-begging can't buy you some dignity and gratefulness too, Jake, fucking pissbaby

No. 804934

File: 1557527701253.png (1.93 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190511-002938.png)

She post this IG few hours ago but I don't understand why they go to Dublin airport .as I'm sure belfast has two airport .they are just low life no class .to say fuck my life when she hand freebies hole time .

No. 804948

She always looks like she's about to cry. Jake doesn't even like her, he's too busy beating his meat to ReeRee and Kelly Eden and perfecting his bootleg Manson makeup instead of spending time with Kaya.

I cannot believe this. Jake has reach a new low. Copying Beavis & Butthead? Sad!

No. 804967

I did a quick search on lastminute.com and flights from Dublin are double the cost, so I think I found your answer lol

That aside, I am actually astounded at the free food bullshit, I didn't think these 2 could sink any lower

No. 804981

Ffs, always smth to complain about, end/fuck my life, what a joke.

Didn't their fans ''brighten up their misery''? They should e-beg for a flight in a private jet next time.

No. 804983

File: 1557532856575.jpg (422.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190511-005806_Ins…)

Thank you, my blind fans who pay for my food through my successful e-begging.

What was so stressful, the delay? As if they were the only ones involved. So dramatic damn.

It was so expensive = y'all get ready to give us some more money.

No. 804984

I felt like this was somehow relevant to IBF and German house painting:

No. 804985

"A while"? Decades. But PZB is now using a male name and has been on testosterone for a few years, and seems quite happy about it.

No. 805040

this is some shit tier begging. flights get delayed, it's not the end of the world. treat yourself if you want to be cheered up.

he wore more makeup on their trip to barcelona but couldn't even paint his neck black for a gig, lel.

no one forced him to go on this trip, bands put out plenty to tour and have merch, that's what comes with the territory. omf is he insufferable.

No. 805045

He lived in a bubble for too long and just expect blinded fans to pay for all of his expenses, be it basic ones such as food, or his music projects.

The sad reality is that there are people actually doing it.

Yeah, can't even put on the makeup he's so proud of lately, with the tacky blue mustache stains.
I bet the show was whack in terms of efforts as well. We all know how they both love the easy way out.

No. 805079

Kaya puts more effort into her outfits when going to the launderette than actual nights out and gigs where they are promoting themselves and meeting fans.I don't get it at all.

No. 805093

>here's our sob story now buy us food
>thanks but you forgot the drinks
>i was so stressed over this small thing but your hard earned cash made me happy for a few mins
Lol people buy this shit? Also the very specific way he asked them to pay, like he was planning this from the start.

I think cos of the ~stressful~ delay they didn't find much time, but weird they didn't do something, they care alot about their appearance (and not the inside kek)

No. 805137

She must have worked there years ago, so I guess whatever she did was bad enough that people are still talking about it.
Do keep us in the loop if you come across IBF.

No. 805145


I don't get it what's with the ratty ass black cardigan?? She prides herself on her fashion but has no clue! A cute little black leather jacket or tailored suede, even black denim, pretty much ANYTHING would have looked better than that, it looks like something you'd wear to school in the noughties. She still dresses like a 16 year old who's grasping how to piece together outfits and it makes my head hurt. Please just burn all these baggy hoodies and cardigans and ugly fleecy things Kaya, grow up.

No. 805147

I'm so confused how little effort Jake put into his appearance at this gig, and how little effort he puts into the band in general. Where's the promo on the Munro Band instagram for this gig, or for anything? No posts since the 7 Rings music video. For an up and coming band I'd expect posts every other day, here we are in the studio, on the road, getting food, practicing, etc. etc. If he wants his band to be a success he has to WORK at it, casually announcing stuff at the end of YouTube videos and chucking a half asses post on Instagram every 2 months isn't gonna cut it.

No. 805188

Anon, this is Jake we're talking about. He doesn't know what effort means. He expects EVERYTHING to be handed to him just because he's Jake, and Jake is AMAZING and PERFECT and is ENTITLED to free shit for being so AWESOME. I hope people recognize the sarcasm. Anyone know of the serial killer Andrew Cunanan? Jake reminds me of him kek

No. 805191


This is the stature of an experienced model, everyone. The facepalm never ends.

No. 805208

Yeah was a few years ago & for a lot less time that anyone else normally would. It seems she sort of just up and left without much notice too which pissed a lot of people off as it, and was generally a dick move. And the normal stuff you’d expect of being late/underprepared/drama llamas. Will keep ear to ground and report back if myself or my friends encounter the selfie stick wonder, Anon

No. 805223

What did IBF do? Can someone spill the beans?

No. 805235

File: 1557580376980.jpeg (307.08 KB, 828x820, F661A048-F7BD-4792-AFD7-D76A08…)

Well, that was quick.

No. 805269

damn she find a new husband already? wonder what Mister Owl will think

No. 805286

She's probably only doing this to build up 'mystery' and explain in a patrons only video

No. 805306

OMFG… And they still asked for more? These people are ridiculous but their fans are even worse for enabling this behavior. So there you have it folks, this is why these two will never wise up until shit really hits the fan. It's called getting a job or at least a regular side gig, FFS.

> And the scene is mostly just about the fucking hauls now

Correction, the poser scene is about that stuff. The actual Goth scene is still thriving (in some places more than others), it's just that the big GOFF youtubers don't showcase it. They don't showcase the actual Goth bands touring and meeting and interacting with the fans going to them, even at a Goth Rock night.

And the Toxic Twosome's fans look exactly how I pictured them in my head. We already saw a peak into them when they did that meet up awhile back and were acting like obnoxious high schoolers and looked like MallGOFF Hot Topic kids, this is just a further look into it lol.

And no problem, I really enjoy Cadaver Kelly as well, it's so nice to come across another educated person who knows the scene and shows that in her videos.

> I didn't think these 2 could sink any lower

Oh don't worry, they will lol. Many of us were saying that when that one fan donated $1,000 to them in a live stream (which they obviously blew through since they have no concept of SAVING money).

> y'all get ready to give us some more money.

LOL just had to laugh when I got to that part of the comment because it's so true. The point is since these MFs don't work, they shouldn't be traveling through expensive means.

> The sad reality is that there are people actually doing it.

And the sad thing is that it seems this will continue being that way because their fans are so blinded by how toxic these two are. It's true that it's not our money and fans should spend it on whatever they want but it's just a shame that they give it to two ungrateful cows who are too lazy to put in the work themselves.

I think his music is ass but I agree, there are certain steps bands/musicians need to take if they want to be successful and THEY HAVE TO PUT THE WORK INTO IT. You get what you put out.

Oh my god… LOL
Now all we need is the announcement for it and that she needs some "HELP" to get the festivities started.. .Just a "small" generous donation will suffice…

No. 805337

Point taken. I was just pissed when l saw some goff fans of theirs, posing happily next to their idolized beggars.

I stopped following 99% of the alt people who do nothing but promote shitty fake goff fashion. I'm better off following genuine people,or hard working artists.

This. Lmao.
She probably wants to do that grandiose über grufti weedings of her dreams, with skulls, pipe organs and whatnot.

Financed by her dear blinded followers, ofc. Let's not forget she's too broke to pay it herself.

They wanna live their fantasies with others' hard earned money, without even doing the bare minimum to be worthy of it (i.e, upload actual good content.)

No. 805349

I wonder how it feels for two grown, abled adults to be supported by a bunch of 16-year-old chubby goff girls with low self esteem.

No. 805356

Feels probably great, to be able to afford trips and making 'music'' through people's donations for the ''content'' you create online.

And the e-begging, you see other people doing it, so you give it a go as well, because you think ''you deserve it'' after all the effort you put in creating an unboxing video. Hollywood is quaking.

At first, it may be awkward, but you get used to it, & just interpret it as ''my fans giving back some love to me'' instead of thinking ''this is actually wrong, l shouldn't ask people to pay for my food, when l can fly to another country, and give a small gig ''

Just my interpretation. I'm tired of all the begging online, from Amazon wishlists to gofundme links.

No. 805443

File: 1557608018536.png (28.59 KB, 581x186, gimmifreesoap.png)

Begging for soap now.

No. 805461

Kaya move your fat lazy ass and go to work if you want that soap so bad.

No. 805483

That sounds like a question for Google…. is she hoping that a fan may end up being a shop owner that will give her freebies or am I reaching?

No. 805484

File: 1557613533911.png (448.78 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190512-002250.png)

Can she not do anything for herself.like go to Dr and aske like any grown woman would do .

No. 805522

Hahaha exactly!! And no, you're not reaching! This is just an advanced e-begging technique! TT & Jake, take notes!

No. 805526

I don't effin understand how these people think. I really think she's announcing things prematurely just to get at least some new patrons and possibly some money handed to her, be it from fans or acquaintances. I already saw someone in her comments, offering her a room ''to crash in'', just in case. And you'll probably see people offering their various services to her. The easy life, that's why neither her or TT will ever bother searching for a real job.

No. 805527

DoCtoR biLlS aRe ToO exPenSiVe. She'd need a crowdfunding lol.

No. 805529


She's in the UK - we have the NHS, free health care including contraception. There's even free sexual health walk in centres in Belfast.

No. 805532

Oh. Thanks for the info, l didn't know about that. She should get an appointment, advice from random people on the net doesn't replace actual medical advice.

No. 805590


Sage if you don't have milk/images

I don't know why but I'm gonna be real frustrated/mad if she marries Mr Owl in Edinburgh…I don't want my dream wedding locale/setting to be tainted by that.

Where are they going to live anyway? NZ? Is he going to move to the UK? How would they get permanent residence there?

No. 805592


I can't wait for her to rant because she's too fat for an IUD. You have to be under a certain weight to get one here in the UK.

No. 805594

For someone who reinforces she is a fashion channel shes clueless. Who cares!

No. 805595

I cant imagine her having a good reputation for anything period. Shes so lazy and half arsed about everything. Highly doubt her CV is worth looking at. YouTube extraordinaire lol.

No. 805596

Im bored

No. 805598

She has no responsibility ever

No. 805607

File: 1557633101531.png (14.45 KB, 701x167, SAGE.PNG)

No. 805608

lol You guys all called it. Ibf country-hopped to scotland and thought that she could hide her plans behind a paywall

No. 805631

I feel like the only difference between now and what she did when she scammed fans with the first wedding is more people are aware of her antics and I can only imagine that YouTuber Ruadhan will not be afraid to put her on blast like he already did with the shit apology video she did.

No. 805638

File: 1557645088085.png (71.82 KB, 902x389, screenshot.png)


Because of Ruadhan, IBF's channel has become stagnant. When she uploaded her DNA test video, she lost subs (which never happened before Ruadhan called out the BS). It also doesn't help that she goes weeks without uploading

No. 805669

File: 1557655998739.jpg (642.09 KB, 1080x1080, Julia.jpg)

Julia hasn't been mentioned here for awhile, but I just saw this and…she agreed to be in a video on online freakshow channel, barcroftmedia which I'm sure we're all familar with.
>Point and gasp at the woman dating her granny!!
Like…why would you agree to this?

No. 805680

Because there whole relationship is a scream for attention. Maybe Maria, her ex, broke up because she didnt wanna be in front of the camera as much as Eileen.

The thing that bothers me the most is how she always puts "Lesbiange age gap couple" in the title of her videos, as if that is an important fact. Like "Getting matching tattoos with my fiancee" would have been enough but sure not enough to talk about without saying they are a lesbian age gap couple

No. 805694

My theory is IBF and Mr. Owl got into Scotland on education visas..if they are staying for a year and not just there long enough to have a lavish, expensive goth wedding.
She could be going for an MA in screen writing or creative writing and he is possibly doing a year abroad type of programme and will transfer the credits to his NZ uni.
I think they are both too old now for the working holiday visa..that's the visa she overstayed on so don't see her getting another one.

How will they pay rent/living expenses without getting jobs as ghost tour guides? Easy.. income from her sheep on Patreon and under the table cash she gets for shilling for ancestry DNA kits and killstar non stop.

She is definitely low key Ebegging for a sponsorship ( wedding outfit for owl).. won't be surprised if she requests donations to pay for whatever over the top wedding ideas she has.probably wants to rent out a castle and what not.

Hopefully Ruadhan will be on the case if she ebegs again to pay for a wedding,as the money for her first supposed wedding to owl was used to get her to Germany ..her guilable fans need to wake up and stop funding her.

No. 805704

Oh wow, I had no idea she lost more than 50 subs. And if she even tries to scam people again with the wedding (or starts traveling again to all sorts of different places), she'll most likely lose even more.

This theory seems plausible as well as maybe they are going for school as a way to get their foot in but yeah we will definitely see an influx of her boring Killstar Haul videos and lowkey e-begs that may be on the line similar to the toxic twosome.

Mu thing is do you think her fans will get tired of the same crappy content which will probably cause her get a dip in her subscriber base? I just fail to see repetitive haul content surviving but then again, that's just me and everyone is different in their choice of entertainment even if I do think her fans are getting ripped off.

And oh you know Ruadhan will be on her like white on rice. He'll most likely get a little blow back from her fangirls/fanboys but a good portion will get the picture of just why she's terrible.

Speaking of which I have to ask. Who do you guys think is worse? Toxic Twosome or IBF? Both are bad in their own ways though currently, I think the toxic twosome are horrid after the latest e-begging extravaganda though if IBF does do the e-beg wedding… lol

No. 805722

What exactly do you want to know?

No. 805770

I can't fucking wait until IBF realizes that being in her "spiritual home" of Scotland isn't going to solve a single one of her problems and she goes back to whining and disappearing with her patreon money again. I give her, dunno, until the end of summer at most.

No. 805916

File: 1557694460794.png (1.28 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190512-222022.png)

Jake your show was Thursday and you were to lazy to put makeup on.but for twitch your got your face on .it shows how lazy you are also he looking for his fans to give him 500 dollars as it was his birthday .I wish he just fuck off.

No. 805929

Nta but psychara and mai have been my faves, so i want to know if there's something wrong with them. I don't really care about interpersonal drama, but i'd like to know if they like, steal art, scam people or if there's anything super problematic about them. Psychara seems more consumerist than mai, who is huge into sustainability, so i can imagine them disagreeing on that.

Couldn't care less about manic moth tho

No. 805985


Jesus Christ he looks like a bad male version of Kelly Eden with that awful makeup

No. 806040


The Toxic Twosome, easily. IBF isn't much better, though. I'm sure she's saving up the monthly $1200 from patreon for an OTT wedding. Didn't she charge people for tickets to see the livestream of the wedding that never happened?


When will people realize that moving to another country isn't going to solve all your problems? I'm only 20 and I've seen it time and time again, people trying to move to the UK, Canada, or Japan thinking that it's the solution to their unhappiness

No. 806132

>asks a question on social media when google would be better

>asks question on social media when google or even a Dr is better

So obvious they're asking fans these questions as a quick way to get attention. IBF wants them to know (or make them think) she'll get married soon. TT wants them to know she totally has sex with Jake (ew).

No. 806135


I thought the same thing, kek. Especially since he’s got such a gross boner for her.

No. 806144

I'm laughing at Jake and Kaya riding their electric scooters at half 1 in the morning to get slushies and doughnuts.
If they had walked and burned a few calories on the way it might have been better but nope

No. 806177


It is almost like it's porn and she's tagging it

No. 806178

I'm starting to wonder if the reason he didn't wear the makeup at his gig was less to do with laziness and more to do with not wanting to put off potential new fans? Perhaps he thought the people in attendance wouldn't be keen on his look so toned it down. just a thought

This. I can't even imagine posting publicly about something so personal like contraception. She's just screaming for attention

Even their exercise is lazy, how about learning to ride an actual skateboard that doesn't do the work for you? lazy cunts

No. 806226

Imagine eating all kinds of junk food in the middle of the night, not doing the bare minimum of physical exercise, and then being audacious enough to complain about your weight!
What do you expect, maybe your dear fans paying for some training gear? It will end up covered in dust anyway.

No. 806482

File: 1557785347097.png (607.36 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190514-000348.png)

Just seen toxic bitch is trying to sell this dress

No. 806500

translation = "I got too fat for it"

No. 806546

At this rate, they're on a one way track to obesity andbeing those people who have to use mobility scooters to get around…

No. 806585

>acne and weight

implying that it's not her fault that she stuffs her face with shit food and then doesn't wash said face, it's the ~hormones~. Okay, Kaya.

in other news, Jake's 'WHY DO I DRESS LIKE THIS? AM I GOTH?' video is apparently on my recommended list on Youtube and the comments there are truly sickening.
Some highlights:
>You look so awesome!!! Your voice and hand movements give me Johnny Depp vibes. You’re so well spoken and inspiring. Keep it up!!

>your voice in connection with the way you look

>excuse me while I faint
>this is hot af
>edit: after watching half of the video I'm glad your personality is just as awesome

>Goth ? Noo you are a supervillain !! I love it I have never seen someone with such a brilliant personality , been bullied for being different too but they can't understand it's just who I am , I'm Kay the goddess that's my thing that's who I am so it's refreshing to see someone like you to be so open and awesome (and handsome lol) anyway this goddess has just subscribed 😉 xx


christ the youtube fanbase has low standards

No. 806615

It was in my recommended too, clicked out pretty quickly because he kept talking about patreon.
And yeah, they idolized him quite a lot in the comments. Saying he should do some story telling or whatever. His voice is nothing extraordinary tbh.

No. 806626

Better selling it than leaving it in her musty hoard piles

No. 806652

She is selling it for the same price as Killstar are on their site.Why pay full price for a brand new dress when you can pay the same for a musty one that QuEEn KaYa has worn though?

No. 806697

I feel sorry for anyone who can't see how much of an obvious huge twat Jake is. The men in their life must be terrible.

No. 806732

Tbf, birth control does cause weight gain and acne in tons of women

No. 806739

Not necessarily, contraception gets the blame but usually when women start taking it they are more content/complacent and eat more crap

No. 806757


>> but usually

You sound like a scrote with that bullshit. Just because Kaya eats badly doesn't mean that weight gain and acne aren't known side effects of hormonal contraception that can affect anyone. Especially if you're on progestogen only or the implant.

Sage for medfag derailing.

No. 806789

File: 1557840932342.png (282.75 KB, 439x545, bitch.png)

Jake said he is more sexually attracted to men and was looking to explore that more before he met Kaya. I wonder if that's why it seems like their sex life is dead.

He's making a video explaining why he talks with an american accent so I guess it is fake like we all thought

No. 806804

Spoiler that shit anon, I nearly puked

No. 806899

File: 1557853689068.png (348.23 KB, 720x882, Screenshot_20190513-215812~2.p…)

Looks like Casey Strange ("Rozz Williams Scholars Society") is back at it.

No. 806940

What's this about?

No. 806954

File: 1557861985857.jpg (357.24 KB, 807x538, psycharasteals.jpg)

>steal art
>scam people
>super problematic
Lol that's psychara. They all sell overpriced crap but she is like the worst of them. Her stuff is poorly made and people have been complaining about missing deliveries. One of her tattoos is copied from Alex Tabuns which she never acknowledged. I love Psychara's aesthetics but she is a pos.

>mai who is huge into sustainability

Did she ever deliver recipes for her allegedly sustainable collection? If braiding random fabric scraps is sustainable then the bums downtown would be green champions for eating leftovers. Imagine having a fashion degree like mai, you would be embarrassed to publish shit like this and even demanding money for it.

>couldn't care less about manic moth tho

Yeah literally no one gives a fuck about her, but she acts like she is going to be IBF No2. Apparently she even went off sperging about how nobody wants to see fatties and they don't fit into her stuff anyway and shit. The two-faced twat needs shut up and wash her hair.

No. 806959

Wow you're an idiot. Birth control works by tricking your body into thinking it's pregnant so you stop ovulating. Pregnancy causes weight gain so why wouldn't birth control? Hormones also effect skin (which is why people start getting acne when they hit puberty) so obviously fake hormones could effect your skin. You try pumping your body full of artificial hormones and see if your skin, weight and mood remain completely the same.

No. 806980

Fuck man l really thought it's her!!! And she keeps warning ppl on her page, to not steal her art!
& how no one is allowed to have any of her drawings tattoed unless she's the one doing them!

And the recent story abt her, getting mad over people copying her slogan ''witches supporting other bitches'' when she's an art thief herself. Fuck man that some audacity.

No. 806989

This is hilarious, birth control simulates pregnancy so girls are just carrying baby weight on birth control. It's fluctuating hormones that contribute to bloating during pms, it wouldn't be responsible for sustained weight gain. That's a failure to burn excess calories.

No. 807010

Never 4get that time Psychara was called out on her terrible dreads and she tried ~renaming them ~ into "tentacle hair" or something cringey like that, it's no wonder it never took off

No. 807033


He's a blast from the past, but most noteworthy:

* he's hardcore obsessed with his ex, like YEARS after the breakup still stalks her Tumblr, RBing her posts with super unhinged commentary

* literally lives in his parents unfinished basement at the age of 30 something, and not for the usual milenneal reasons, but because he be cray to the zee

* racist, sexist, homophobic. Also likes to throw "autist" and "asspie" around as insults, in spite of his own self-unaware display of too many ASD traits (including a failure to detect sarcasm and literally one facial expression)

* in spite of blatant homophobia, fancies himself the only One True Rozz Williams Fanboy. Guess he missed that memo about Rozz being gay.

* after spending his disability checks on rare Rozz Williams collectables, finds ways to scam Rozz memorabilia and rare merch out of others.

* speaking of rare merch, he loves to file bogus copyright claims on photos he owns a copy of, because nobody told him that's not how copyright works

* After a number of antics proving his dubious relationship to with reality, including too many violent outbursts to count, no one who actually knew Rozz wants anything to do with Casey, anymore (but most of that circle just really felt sorry for him, anyway, so it's no loss)

* has several restraining orders against him, from all over the US, probably outside it too

* Reeree Phillips allegedly cancelled her trip to the US after he threatened her with rape — or so goes the word on the street

* shouldnt even be online as it is a violation of his parole, but oh well, guess he sensed that other people are fans of Rozz Williams, and that can't be allowed!

* around here, though, he infamously impersonated a "friend" who came in to defend him, and couldn't have been more obvious about it:


No. 807061

File: 1557873699162.png (782.53 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190515-002939.png)

This is guy who's in gym everyday look fat head this is guy who done photos of him last week and done all videos .

No. 807063

File: 1557873972226.png (1.32 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190515-004414.png)

How lazy can she be why put this up looking for freebies from her fans .she also going on diet again how many diets has she been on .

No. 807078

File: 1557875754905.jpg (140.79 KB, 940x582, Capture.JPG)


Never 4get this clueless cow

No. 807107

Yeah I'm seeing it pop on my feed as well. Not gonna watch but I'm seriously bewildered he has a idolizing fanbase. Must be just teen "GOFF" Edgelord girls lol.

And Johnny Depp? Exaggerating aren't we? Johnny is talented, Jake is…. Basic.

That may be true but bad skincare and consistently eating unhealthily constantly and consistently without some form of routine exercising doesn't help and we've gotten glimpses of Kaya's day life so uh… Yeah.

Why do I feel like he's only saying that because he wants more attention?

She's been on a couple but seriously this chick needs to stop with the Diets. She needs to actually start eating a little better and workout a bit. Doing these things will just be better in the long run because diets aren't a guarantee and once you go off them, you gain the weight back and more if you don't seriously tweak your ordinary eating/exercise.

No. 807112

File: 1557885280689.jpg (365.05 KB, 700x700, CYMERA_20190514_224533.jpg)


Julia definitely has a fetish with the old lesbian, huge age gap thing. It's not even a preference, from the way she treats her relationships it is absolutely clear she gets off on the whole thing, and exposing it is a huge part of it. She also really enjoys introducing her mom to her girlfriends that are older than she(mom) is. I can understand why Julia gets into these relationships: it's her fetish, but what about Eileen? She's a 61 year old.politocal correspondent, for fucks sake! It's kinda common to see older people dating young pretty things but the way Julia exposes their relationship online sexualizes and objectfies Eileen so much! Look at these fucking "mukbangs" thumbnails, they are literally posing as if it was porn. On top of being part of her fetish, exposing it this way makes Julia feel modern, edgy, free, open minded, etc. Bit what does Eileen has to gain from this? What is this woman thinking? Yeah, date, marry a young kooky girl, who cares? But do not expose yourself his way…

I think that's the same reason why she does it: so the title attracts horny men who are into this kind of porn, even the thumbnails alude to sex

No. 807118

I don't even know her, & honestly don't want to. From my outsider pov, this looks very clickbait-y, a real fetish going on here and just wanting to look cool and baddass. As you said, what does that older woman gain from exposing themselves in such a suggestive way?!

No. 807134

NTA but I suspect Kaya was gaining weight and having skin problems even before she went on BC, but is now trying to blame it on the 'hormones'.
source: i've been watching her spiral downwards since about 2014

No. 807138

But we don't know for how long she's on birth control. Why is it so hard to believe that she is experiencing a very common side effect of these meds? Yeah, she's lazy, probably because she's depressed as fuck, and that's what is preventing her from losing weight and treating her acne. It doesn't exclude that these issues can be, at least partly, caused by the meds. A lot of women deal with those side effects, being it exercising, treating the skin with doctors, and specially changing meds. And to be honest, I don't see anything wrong with asking about other women's experiences with different birth control methods etc
Most doctors just push birth control, of course you want to hear from people who take the meds. Blogpost but: these days a doctor gave me 2 boxes of birth control pills even when I told her I was fine having me period and that I'm not having sex at the moment. I said I didn't want to take them, don't see any reason to but she insisted I should, so yeah, they are pushy as fuck

No. 807140

Because before this she blamed the antidepressants she was on for two weeks five years ago

No. 807144

Bullshit.It's pretty simple really.You gain weight when you burn less calories than you consume. No birth control pill makes you fat, simple as that.

No. 807145

I feel bad for her mom. You are right, it's a fetish for Julia and all those titles and thumbnails are very intentional.
What a mess.

No. 807149

I don't know what's funnier, that the only thing that incoherent ramble essentially says is "I'm clueless", or that she mentions Slipknot as a goth band KEEEEEK
Who even uses Johnny Depp as a compliment in the year 2k19… he used to be incredibly charismatic, but he's laughingstock nowadays

No. 807197

Yes, the slipknot part had me cackling! But if you address it, you'll get a typical ''influencer'' response, ''l was uneducated back then, l was young and now l have changed''

No. 807249

The point of the catfish video is to let people know that now he officially came out as a gay man and he is ready to meet more people like that and fully commit to the service of being gay and being fucked in the butthole. Great job Munro

No. 807262

oh wow, i'm really disappointed in psychara stealing her tattoo and shit, especially since she's so strict about her own art. i also don't know why on earth someone would buy a psypuff but not delivering is a shit move.

i honestly don't see anything wrong with mai's collection except being overpriced AF, reusing fabric is definitely more sustainable than printing new shirts for example. i don't plan on ever buying anything from her but i don't think there's anything embarassing about it.

> l was uneducated back then, l was young and now l have changed
i also don't really see anything wrong with this response. do you still agree with everything you said 5 years ago on the internet? i probably would've posted something similar about wearing dreads in 2013. (except the slipknot thing, that's hilarious)

i'm always up for more milk from them and i'd love to see receipts of drama between them since they act all high and mighty, but IBF and TT are waaaaay milkier… their laziness, entitlement and e-begging is hilarious.

No. 807286

File: 1557946983368.png (1.94 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190515-205625.png)

We back on diet good old toxic tears post this .wonder how long this going last

No. 807319

No, the sentence itself is good, but you need to show that you truly changed. Saying beautiful things without action to back it up doesn't mean shit.

Now she's more into art theft, maybe y'all missed her ig story tantrum, getting mad at ariana grande for reposting her pic on her story, the one where she was holding a sign with her ''own slogan'', bitches supporting other witches '' and asking for credit and tagging. (This happened not too long ago).
She also was hella mad about some online shop copying the whole sign and making profit off of it.
Not to forget all her captions, ''don't steal my art or l'll kill you''.
But it's all cool to steal a whole ass tat. Go off, l guess.

So yeah, you know that dreads aren't the only thing she appropriated, & if she gives a typical online personality, it wouldn't mean shit.

No. 807323

File: 1557952097880.png (180.71 KB, 586x382, psycharanazistuff.png)

psychara's old tumblr is a milk goldmine. Nazi and NSFW gore gifs, casual racism aka "but I have black friends", "I'd date other races but only with blue eyes", "dumb asians can't read english hurrdurr". Geez. What did I just read.

Except she didn't change and most people including you would never post nazi gifs for edgelord points, not now nor 5 years ago. You sound like a nice person but you need to realize that there's no point in sympathizing with cows. They wouldn't be cows if they had an ounce of self-awareness in first place.

No. 807325

Nah, judging from your choices of words, you wouldn't try sounding edgy and totally disregard racism/cultural appropriation matters, saying that there are other problems that are far more important.
The reply was posted around NYE 2014 and it's by no means some ancient times.

But as you said, nothing beats TT/IBF 's milk lol

No. 807326

File: 1557952365106.png (105.08 KB, 591x273, psycharalighteyes.png)

No. 807329

File: 1557952674206.png (177.6 KB, 647x401, psycharadumbasians.png)

because calling their staff dumbasses will solve your problem with this vendor. Smart.

No. 807332

Ofc, when people don't speak English, they're immediately seen as inferior. Same about not having blue eyes, in her books.
That's what happens when you're too obsessed with just your appearance, you'll end up forgetting abt fixing your shit behavior and nasty attitude.

No. 807337

File: 1557953530857.png (60.58 KB, 598x158, psycharabutIhaveblackfriendz.p…)

obligatory I'm not a racist cuz I have black friends excuse.

No. 807341

Speak their minds:calling Chinese people dumbasses cuz they may not be able to understand english.
Saying ignorant shit, like ppl from all ethnicities gotta have blue eyes otherwise she'll pass.

No. 807359

File: 1557957100301.png (248.29 KB, 599x619, sowoke.png)

I'm trying to find the "tentacle hair" debacle (she does use that tag but I specifically remember some tantrum posts), found this instead

No. 807375

File: 1557958461675.png (148.02 KB, 609x591, yaywhale.png)

She's even interacted with everyone's favourite Irish goff youtuber!

No. 807384


While technically true, changes in hormones (such as birth control) can make it more difficult to burn calories. In non-trans women, hormonal changes like during pregnancy (including birth control that mimics pregnancy hormones) contribute to that cos it turns out that a fetus needs calories to grow, so it can take something like twice the effort for some women to manage their weight on birth control.

She's still put on a lot of weight, over only the last few years, and she gets really eager to blame it on all kinds of meds, so you're not 100% wrong, and no one really thinks that you are. It's still more complex than just "calories in, calories out". Birth control complicates the situation for most people on it.


If she thinks that Chinese shop staff are dumbasses for poor English, then what's her opinion on the fact that IBF lived in Germany for a couple of years and still needs a translator for "nein!"?

I guess different rules must apply to other spoiled white girls…

No. 807388

File: 1557959166921.png (134.91 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190515-133842.png)

No. 807393

Why the hell is Angela benedict in this "story"

No. 807419

File: 1557961834348.png (144.86 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190515-133856.png)


Because boy be cray!

No. 807420

File: 1557962080349.png (124.51 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190515-133912.png)

No. 807422

File: 1557962179786.png (134.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190515-133919.png)

No. 807425

Why is she even still friends him? Boy sounds cray and beyond help. He needs a professional and not friends enabling his behavior.

No. 807434


I thought it was more like she was trying to just be there and not enable him until she realised that she was doing just that. She did say she washed her hands of him. I guess she musta felt sorry for him but pity can't replace a strong dose of antipsychotics.

No. 807448


Holy shit, I had no idea that was Casey! I remember him from the VF days. I feel sort of conflicted about his initial callout video now. Back in the day, having Casey file copyright claims against you was like an initiation into being a Christian Death fan.

He's threatened some friends over the years and I distinctly remember him mocking suicides in the scene and targeting close friends and loved ones of the deceased. He also loathes heroin users despite all of his favourite musicians being junkies at some point.

It's obvious that he's struggling with mental illness and I've know quite a few people over the years have tried to look out for him but they all end up burnt out and hurt. Ultimately, I hope he can find the help he clearly needs.

Thanks for all the info anon. Do you know if he's still active on Tumblr?

No. 807451

I don't think this is actually her fetish. Wasn't she on the pastel goth trend for a bit, then that died, now suddenly WOW MUH CREEPY GAP RELATIONSHIP! This old woman gets her views, and doesn't seem to mind it. Also hate Barcroft, why do they keep giving poseurs a platform, ugh.

I'm sure she's still racist, too. Fine, go be racist. Just own it so people can avoid you. I never understood people who denied they were, surely their friend group knows and accepts it as they're usually racist too.

No. 807455

> Who even uses Johnny Depp as a compliment in the year 2k19… he used to be incredibly charismatic, but he's laughingstock nowadays

Yeah he's a joke now but he used to be good and it's silly that people would think these two are the same unless they're talking about Johnny Depp now lol

LMAO. The plot thickens. So was he gay all along and was using Kaya as a "beard" or is this just a pathetic cry to try to break away from Kaya and get that skinny Goff chick that he subtly pines for?

> i'm always up for more milk from them and i'd love to see receipts of drama between them since they act all high and mighty, but IBF and TT are waaaaay milkier… their laziness, entitlement and e-begging is hilarious.

It's hilarious now but shit is gonna get real for them when the e-begging stops working… lol

Her weight gain wouldn't be a big deal (aside from health problems but those are her own problems) if she actually was honest about it.

We're not saying that medication doesn't affect the body with weight gain but there are ways to help control it a bit through proper nutrition and exercise, which Kaya has shown time and again that she can't stick with it. She's a lazy glutton and that only enhances the weight she's already gaining from the medication.

She has so much free time to be a bit active. She doesn't work a job, she doesn't go to school, she doesn't have an active hobby, she has no side hustle… Her crappy unboxing videos don't take that long to make. I mean seriously, she can't spare 20-30 minutes of her day to an exercise activity and balance out her meals? Isn't Jake a supposed fitness expert (Kek)?

Just saying anon, she's not making things any easier for herself.

>PAstel Goth trend

Oh fuck I forgot about that. And these people wondered why actual Goths didn't take them seriously? lol. But yeah clearly she's moved onto the next fad which is dating people significantly older than you. As soon as that trend ends, I won't be surprised if she dumps her as soon as the views start decreasing.

No. 807476


Oh yeah, at some point, it was like you weren't "a real Rozz Williams fan" until Casey somehow lashed out at you.

I haven't been on Tumblr for a couple years, TBH, so off the top of my head, I can't say if he's still active on there or not.

He's had a hate bone for Ruadhan for years (like before R transitioned to Male) because who TF knows. Probably cos he thinks being a fan of anything is like being a Highlander immortal and "There can only be one!!" Maybe it's just cos people can actually stand being around Ruadhan for more than 5minutes before the paranoid ravings and nonstop autistic rocking make everyone in the room uncomfortable.

(sage to be on the safe side — not saying that Ruadhan isn't weird and he's open about being heavily medicated, but he seems well aware of his issues, so he's not much if you're looking for a trainwreck. Maybe once in his life, but it looks like he's actually grown up?)

No. 807477

Casey is a lunatic, by the time he heard sarasyn was working on VampireFreaks as a web designer he started bombarding the site and threatened to kill the admins and her too! I’ve seen her cry on Vf about it and she even left the site and stopped working for Vf because of the drama involving the admins and casey. Apparently she was trying to defend Casey while he was playing the victim and saying Vf admins were terrible people. Now he’s doing the same thing to Angela. Do not trust this man, he destroys people

No. 807479

You don't know anything about Dutch history do you? lol

No. 807480

I think Jake is being honest about what happened. He wanted to experiment with a man and had no chance in that moment of his life so the person who catfished him lost a chance to be with him and vice versa. I don’t know about TT but from what I’ve seen well they were just lovers and the flame is gone and now he’s just trying to move on from it and be himself

No. 807482

On a second thought in my opinion Jake has lost a good time of his life, he could have looked for another gay dude and just not settle! What a miserable life it must be not to be able to be ourselves and fuck a guy for that many years.

No. 807519

File: 1558002057279.jpg (197.96 KB, 1053x1721, Screenshot_20190516-111844~2.j…)

Looks like it took him a grand total of sixty seconds, complete with a.. Chest butt hole? What even is that meant to be?

No. 807528

He might be honest, but I can't help thinking it's a possible escape route from his relationship with Kaya. If a skinny goff girl (read: emo metalhead like him) catches his eye, he can leave Kaya under the pretense of feeling repressed and then move to said girl after it's blown over. He will still keep some fans this way. Maybe I'm just reaching!

No. 807533


This would honestly benefit the both of them. They enable each others laziness and I feel like Kaya might kick her ass into gear and focus on bettering herself if he did actually leave her.

No. 807537

Yeah they got together as teens, and it's been 8(?) years. At least go have some fun before settling, no wonder he keeps thirsting after others.
But Jake settled with kaya so he could move to Ireland away from his family, and then cos of her YT cash. And now maybe he feels pressured to stay from fans who only know him because of kaya? Either way its not a love relationship, and not really healthy.

No. 807563

File: 1558014686366.jpg (159.69 KB, 960x636, dir-en-grey-14.jpg)

Looks like it's supposed to be this Kyo/Dir en grey look

No. 807577

Jake needs to stop skinwalking other famous singers ffs. Really hope he'll come out and be himself.

No. 807580

File: 1558019050155.jpg (38.48 KB, 500x375, Pietenband.jpg)

>we dutch are just speaking our minds easily no hate bro
>zwarte piet blackface everywhere for Sinterklaas
>but muh tradition is not racism
>anti zwarte piet protests attacked by rightwing mobs >throwing bananas and doing hitler salutes
>totally not racist kekeke

fun fact: the dutch were one of the last countries to abolish slavery in europe.

No. 807591

Ngl, if it wasn't for the weird thing he drew on his chest, this came pretty good l think.
I read in the comments regarding his ''am l goth'' vid that l didn't bother to watch, he apparently likes Kyo from Dir En Grey.

It would be nice if he did smth original and not copy others, indeed. But this kind of people lack creativity and a sense of individuality. He just wanna look cool and appeal to his fans with OTT makeup.

No. 807602

I don't get the whole "stolen way of doing your hair" dispute. Both brided and locked with teasing grease/wax styles were also known in Europe oth very damn ancient (figurines from stone age) and quiet recent times. Rastafari very likely adopted dreadlocks from group of Hindu hermits that came to Jamaica during British trade times anyway.

Also shaving sides (various "mohawks") is known all around the globe.

Yea, like being interested in gore or Rob Zombie movies is rarity among "dharkh"alt people… seriously?

Are you attracted to every possible physical traits yourself? I seriously doubt.

Here she's damn right.

and the point being?

No. 807613

whiteknight triggered kek

seriously got the impression that some ppl here know the cows since they go out of their way for bullshit defense.

No. 807618

I don't know her personally and I'm not a fan or see her having anything to do with goth actually. Just pointing out most of these posts I mentioned actually are really not providing any so called "milk".

No. 807637

And your point being?

No. 807638

samefag but you sound just as uneducated as her if I'm being honest

No. 807650

lack of milk is a lack of milk, education or lack of such has nothing to do with it

No. 807656

It must be hard to be you because hardly anything that gets posted is actual milk my dude lmao, the best you can hope for is some cringe- not to mention that you're free to post some milk yourself instead of bitching if what's posted is not up to your ~standards~

No. 807659

File: 1558035586044.png (1.18 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190516-213541.png)

WTF Is he trying for last week he did a show put no work into it .they both on twitch he like this .this is grown man acting out .

No. 807676

Have they posted about their one gig? I was waiting to hear they got booed off stage lol. I assume thst 1 gig was a big effort for him and he won't be attempting to book another one anytime soon. Has he explained why he speaks in a fake American accent get kek

No. 807690

You're right. Their friends are posting but so are the cows. I find it really odd that Ruadhan is in here posting about himself, like wtf?

No. 807693

Remember that one time The Gothic Alice was talked about for one hot second, someone went and told her immediately, and then either a fan or she came and told us that "we're all jealous of her because she's overcome her introverted psyche" Good times, I'm still not over that

No. 807724

File: 1558048288223.jpg (102.27 KB, 608x617, july 2017.JPG)

I was looking for some kind of review/feedback from someone not a "fan" but haven't found any.

This old one makes me smile smugly.
>The problem is Munro himself…


No. 807766

they should get an actual lead vocalist judging by this review. and not that there were a lot of ppl there, but you don't let the audience know about fuck ups, even just joking b/c then that's what they're listening for.

No. 807855

this is so harsh haha!!
Munro are nobodies so a review of them in the first place is weird.
it seems like the writer hates Jake too, which is understandable but I'm pretty sure these people aren't meant to let what they feel personally effect their writing.

all in all 10/10 review lmao

No. 808039

File: 1558127210044.jpg (125.06 KB, 956x1731, IMG_929283034.jpg)

unmistakable attribute of a cow: Anyone not sucking their ass is a jealous hater. Cue eye roll. Gothic Alice is aging badly, she looks like tranny these days.

it's ded. Sucks to be manic moth right now.

No. 808043

I doubt psychara is some kind of anthropology wiz like you implied. She doesn't know where she's stealing from and she doesn't care, that's the hallmark of cultural appropriation.

You can like Rob Zombie movies but posting them with your actual face next to it makes you unemployable. Unless you are some spoiled rich kid who never plans to have any career like Mara, it's a dumb move. Same applies to her bitchy and ignorant racist ramblings.

I'd pay to see psychara in blackface lmao. That would be actual milk.

No. 808065

Where is that from anon? Link to full article please

No. 808132

No. 808341

Alex is too fucking boring to be a cow lmao, she doesn't scam people (as far as I know) and doesn't make any stupid statements (for example, like anti-vaxxer Kat von D) She's a turbo autist and a mediocre tattoo artist (wobbly/ shaky linework and colours that look like they were Sharpie-d in), but not a cow.

No. 808352

At least she is very creative with her looks, supports a shit ton of independent artists instead of buying constantly from shit, fake goff fashion. Not to mention that her channel has lots of various content, not some stupid unboxings and ebegging bs.
Abt her tattoos, they may not be the best, l just hope she doesn't charge too much.
So yeah, her place is definitely not in this farm.

No. 808360

Don't get your panties in a twist, WK green newfag, Alex is still a valid goff but nobody is or should be immune to being mentioned here (also remember that she doesn't really do videos anymore because she couldn't handle any comments that didn't agree with her)
I s2fg whenever Alex gets mentioned, at least one WK crawls out of the woodwork to say WELL AT LEAST SHE'S NOT DOING [x thing that Kaya and IBF do] Yeah, we all know that, hence why she's never talked about here?

No. 808441

I think she never followed him. She is barely following ppl at all I just checked. Mostly cupcakes, baking stuff, magazines, some shops and very few selection of friends. But she like Sireplauge's pictures and sometimes comment so she at least look at his stuff. Bit strange. But she is very secret so perhaps a plan?

No. 808449

She did post two weeks ago tho. When there's smth milk worthy, then post it. Useless nitpicking isn't interesting.

I have been following her for quite some time, so be sure I ain't no devil's advocate of hers, nor a ''green newfag''.

No. 808461

>when there's something milk worthy, then post it/ I'm not a "green newfag"
>yet still doesn't sage
>I have been following her for quite some time
>I ain't no WK though but I've posted two glaringly WK comments
Checks out green newfag, STFU now because you're embarassing yourself (how the hell does the fact that you've been "following her for quite some time" prove you're not a WK loooool what kind of logic)

No. 808478

I don't remember seeing any cow behavior from her during all the time l have been following her & if you did see smth, just share it.
That's what I meant.
If there's nothing worth sharing better shut the f up instead of useless bickering.

No. 808483

Do you realize…. that the first comment you replied to…. was saying "TGA is this and that, but she's not a cow"…… You've been prolonging an argument about literally nothing because Alex…. is not….. a cow… and nobody is arguing that she is? What are you defending her from? Get some reading comprehension and for fuck's sake, learn to sage and learn to pick your battles instead of trying to get the last word in

No. 808499


And when you're not posting milk, sage your post.

No. 808598

I seriously doubt that he'll ever leave Kaya voluntarily until he's either making more youtube-bux than her or if her youtube career crashes and burns. She can support him. Since we all know they're both incapable/ unwilling to keep IRL jobs, why would he walk away from what is basically a sugar mommy for him?

No. 808744

Did Matthias broke up with his gf? Anything milky about them?

No. 808754

Oh man, I was wondering this too. His Facebook says he's single and most mentions of her have been taken off. She still has a pic of them together on her page all hugged up together. Maybe he lurks and doesn't want us to bother her? But no one in these threads has ever cowtipped so… I don't know. Who knows, maybe he really is a serial cheater.

There is an anon who refuses to sage, there is a post a little bit upwards too of I believe said anon (>>807422) not sageing yet again, if you look at the Facebook page where they were reacting to comments, it's Ruadhan. You can tell it's him because he types how he speaks.

No. 808853


>Who knows, maybe he really is a serial cheater.

I mean, I wouldn't be surprised. It may be true that IBF is "asexual"(I think it was just at that time in her life though to be honest) - but Matthias did strike me as a wandering eye kind of guy.

No actual milk, kinda wish some friends would chime in and spill some

No. 808858

Let's remember that this is the guy we're talking about:

Matthias: (on getting down on one knee to propose to someone) "I think it's quite old-fashioned. I think it's too much effort."

Also Matthias: wears elaborate clothing, makeup and a time-consuming hairstyle on a daily basis

They both aren't serious people

No. 808859

by both I mean Matthias and IBF

No. 808860

File: 1558250532055.jpeg (969.45 KB, 1125x2436, C3C2AD75-9C4D-4DC4-8F25-2F69F9…)

Sage for no milk but im a friend of IBF, she hasn’t said shit about Mathias. Screenshot of her last post on Facebook.

No. 808864


Do you have any new milk to spill on what actually happened between them?

No. 808881

Ruadhan stop if it's you. I like watching your yt, honestly don't embarrass yourself here pls.

Why do both IBF and psychara claim to be asexual? Is it supposed to be their special snowflake trait?
It's like them saying "nobody wants me cuz I'm fucked up but I don't want anyone to know it, I'll claim I don't want them instead I'm SO smart".

No. 808884

Ibf also has endometriosis which can probably make sex painful

No. 809187

I wished people would go to a good doctor with their health issues rather than milking it for attention and pity-laced e-begging. Maimagi used to do it with her fibro, it was annoying as fuck.
Call the ambulance if it's life threatening and don't overshare online.

No. 809430

>Why do both IBF and psychara claim to be asexual? Is it supposed to be their special snowflake trait?

This is the blog that's often used as sauce on this specific thing for IBF.


Though like I said, I think it might have been for that moment in her life. She was in a bad/not great relationship with some guy in Edinburgh while she lived/worked there. I think depression, working, him not being a great partner, etc were all factors in the "I don't have sex right now" thing.

you know, lack of stability. which she's still putting herself through. I guess paired with endometriosis maybe she still doesn't do sex much.

No. 809443

>I doubt psychara is some kind of anthropology wiz like you implied. She doesn't know where she's stealing from and she doesn't care, that's the hallmark of cultural appropriation.

She don't have to be. That hairstyle is generic and no culture own's it as exclusive property. You can't "steal" it. Get over it.

No. 809487

Cool, maybe your mom cares, go tell her instead of replying to 3 day old posts to say dumbass shit, Google is right there for you to educate yourself

No. 809527

File: 1558364067340.jpg (203.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190520-154624_Ins…)

Follow up to the Manic moth issue with her store

No. 809547

Indeed education is what is needed… by you

No. 809549

Tell your mom about it on the way to elementary school where that "no u" comeback belongs, wiseass

No. 809604

Were the clothes she was selling actually good? Because I'm assuming they were just merch for her fans, meaning a black/green t-shirt with her logo and name she goes by. Which sounds pretty boring imo, she's better off selling the loads of jewelry she has on Etsy. Seems like it sells pretty good as 1,600+ people have bought it.

Yes! And then when both of them were surprised they weren't let into the bone church, neither of them thought "hmm, perhaps we shouldn't wear satanic symbols and bones in a church where peoples ancestors are laid to rest" instead it was full on "oh em gee! Discrimination bc we're goff!"

No. 809674

Im from the UK and watch youtube/netflix and i dont sound american, neither does anyone else???

No. 809700


He started the fake accent well before Netflix existed. He’s full of shit. He started the accent when he wanted to be like Casey

No. 809701

>used to have a British accent
>i consumed mostly US media
>moved to Ireland at 18, nobody had my accent, i also kept watching American stuff
>started using American words for YT so they can understand me
>P.S. trying to make an upload schedule for once, it's sooo stressful

Ok but how can you get the accent just from watching TV? Unless you watch it obsessively and never talk to anybody. You know what, I can see Jake doing that actually. He also talked like 99% of the media is American so.
And good luck with the schedule kek.

No. 809714

How about Jakes a faggot and the only thing goofy is him. The Ulster accent is varied too and I as an anon from North Down just outside of Belfast had people on Manhattan and Orlando mistake me for being from Boston or Canada. His girlfriend has a more non descript Belfast accent too because of where she went to school. There's more staunch accents around lower income areas. He's such an impressionable twat, he uses Americanisms because he's a faggot and a trendy cunt and clearly copycats the living fuck out of content he consumes.

No. 809715

Add on Boston accent and a lot of regional Americans accents will be similar to ulster/Irish accents because of who settled there. Belfast shipyard was massive back in the day and it really is overlooked the influence even a small region of the UK had on America. Anyway he's a dick, he sounds like he has a fucked up English/ulster accent and he wishes he was more special.

No. 810193


I'd kill to hear him try to speak/understand Dundonian. It would be ludicrous.

No. 810200

I would after I escort you to your kindergarten. Only children on that level of development play "You are stupid because I say so" games.

No. 810255

as an Irish person he's full of shit.
yes we have a lot of american programs but we have a lot more British programs. We have even more Australian programs on our television
that doesn't change your accent unless he was a complete and utter shut in 24/7 watching friends on repeat.
stupid video and he's boring makeup is really starting to annoy me now. can he not come up with ANYTHING else??

No. 810296

I'm not Irish but he's definitely full of shit. I'm from Europe and I have a very specific "local" accent that no one else has on any of the country's TV programs, and that hasn't influenced mine at all. It has to do with the environment you live in and the people you speak with irl, not what you're watching, unless you make a deliberate effort to change it.

No. 810343

You know that this is the Altcows thread, not the Petty Argument thread, right? No1curr about this shit

No. 810404


Hell I'm in central London and even with the huge melting pot of cultures and different ethnicities and languages spoken people don't just randomly acquire a new accent. Echoing other anons, he's full of shit.

No. 810421

People that hang out a lot together and like each other also subconsciously pick up each other's speech patterns if I remember correctly, but accents are probably a lot trickier

No. 810478

File: 1558455123438.jpg (664.45 KB, 1440x2437, Screenshot_20190521-170920.jpg)

I get the feeling that she wants to open a shop. Does she not realise how fucking expensive Edinburgh is to live, nevermind have a business? Jfc.

No. 810481

You can pick up accents of people around you, it's called accomodation theory I think? But aa others have said too you would have to actually engage in conversation and interact with people, simply watching tv shows won't do it

No. 810488

>as others have said too you would have to actually engage in conversation and interact with people
This is Jake we're talking about so this isn't happening lmao

No. 810522

I feel like this is another excuse as to why she doesn't have a job. Probably just wants to open a shop and laze around while everyone else there works. The real question is, would anyone really shop there like that? Sure she has crazy fans who think she's the goff kween, but they seem to mostly be in America? People in Europe don't seem too fond of her.

No. 810712

Brick and mortar shops are over, doesn't she know? Shops open and close so fast in the cities these days, but anything catering to young people is instantly dead in the water because everyone prefers online shopping.

No. 810722

TFW you're throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks in order to make (more) money

No. 810773

File: 1558479478329.png (702.07 KB, 580x627, oh piss off.PNG)

"send me gold jewellery"

No. 810781

she can like, go to the craft store, buy a bunch of jewelry bits and put together her own things. fuck why is she so lazy.

No. 810816

For real. Her laziness just knows no bound. She can't even take a trip down to the store to get out of the house and make her own stuff?

No. 810838


Nah the only people (in both Europe and American) who like IBF are teenagers or women who act and think like teenagers. The audience matches the youtuber

No. 810841


Her patreon+youtube income will help her.

Idk who's worse, ebeggers or the idiots who give to ebeggers

No. 810850

Didn't she say, ages ago, that she'll make cool stuff for her online shop on storenvy? Just checked and it's full of stupid shirts. (Lol throwback to her saying she also make nice pins and all she did was slamming her logo on some.)
Too lazy to even manage an online shop, but wanting to open a real one? Ok.

No. 810852

File: 1558488794205.jpg (323.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190522-023148_Ins…)

You guessed it right, she even posted about it on her ig story as well as a regular post.
Forever an ebegger + hoarder.

No. 810987

talking about the money before knowing how to actually order and run a store. clueless. i can just imagine her trying to order stock and work out currency exchange. or…. not. LOL.

No. 810991

I got a friend who lost majority of his accent from gaming with Americans, but that involves actually talking with Americans and not just watching shows or whatever…

No. 811008

A friend who grew up in China learned English through watching American TV and that's why she has an American accent - you don't just acquire one as an adult. Plus if you go back to his first vid on his channel you can see that he puts on this stupid affected villain voice now.

No. 811029

I was born in America but my parents are British. I have an American accent but my parents kept their British accents. You don't just suddenly change accent from watching/listening to American people, especially not from just watching tv.

No. 811065

File: 1558535776839.png (411.04 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190522-163206.png)

She never stops .

No. 811072

File: 1558536243771.png (1 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190522-164001.png)

This has been added to her wishlist as it's going be her birthday so she hoping some of her fans will buy it for .as she has to have it .

No. 811081

Another anon chiming in to say Jake is full of shit up to his eyeballs.His accent is an affectation.

IBF is gonna lose her shirt opening a shop.Despite online shopping growing and growing commercial estate agents still charge silly rents in UK(except for charity shops,which get greatly reduced rent,even free if the shop has been vacant a long time).
In many cases rental agencies will leave shop fronts unrented for YEARS rather than accept a low offer on rent.There are more and more empty shops,some get converted to flats..
Is Freya planning to start a (possibly scam) charity?
Probably not.
Best she build up her online shop before throwing the rent money down a hole. Any guesses on what she could possibly sell that wouldn't do better online?
(no rent to pay,less chance to lose money plus you don't have to be sat there all day,being friendly and chatty to potential customers,sounds perfect for Freya and her anxiety issues).

I do wonder if this is a condition of her visa that she start a Business and/or employ people ? Entrepreneur or business visas are very popular in various countries. Don't know the ins and outs of it here.If she isn't in Scotland to study this could be how she wangled her way back in.
But seems like it will be a big challenge for her to say the least.If it happens.

You do sometimes hear about local councils that own a parade of shops(normally in run down areas) that offer free/very cheap rent in short term just to have something there so ppl can open offbeat or arty,so called " pop up" businesses to potentially revitalise an area.Maybe she has a lead on something like this(?)
If she gets cheap/ free rent the shop won't be on princes st or any popular area with loads of passing trade.

No. 811160

If she does open one, i doubt it'll be successful. She hasn't shown to be very art-y, and her shirts online are just merch. Nothing wrong with merch but doesn't warrant a physical shop, original designs might.
Unless she leeches from her fans or someone like Avelina, make it a collab, then scam them out of the contract when they're not needed.

No. 811169

File: 1558549490539.png (387.15 KB, 598x526, manicmoth.png)

Spot on comments, anons. IBF is gonna fuck up big time since she's clueless. She can't even care for pets, now she wants to run a store?! Someone call the ambulance, this woman is retarded.

The manic moth lady doth protest too much, methinks.
Her so called label is only held together by spit and tape if a single failing supplier nukes her whole clothing line. She sounds like an incompetent ass who chose to shift blame to them rather than admitting she did run her business poorly.

Pic related. It's the self-congratulatory sperging manic moth posted on her bday. "Proud independent business owners" don't throw rude and unprofessional tantrums in public, they would make it work. What a dimwit.

No. 811180

Typical flake post
>I was bullied because I was so speshul so pity me
>But now I made it I'm so happy my life is the best now (suck it haterz)
Like we haven't all seen her whiny posts, and seriously, is there a single flake that hasn't claimed they were bullied in the past?

No. 811213

File: 1558556094789.png (111.29 KB, 807x579, 1337milk.png)

more flake post: hardcore cringey manic moth biographical fic found on wattpad.
I can't even… this chick is seriously deranged.
Full-blown narcissistic personality disorder on display, nice.

No. 811219

File: 1558557319612.png (1.68 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190522-172552.png)

All you get we have no money please help us now she be on London for this with Jake and the it's there fans be paying for this .

No. 811243

File: 1558560669436.png (648.03 KB, 983x2083, Manic Moth Parasitic Friends W…)


>dweeb irl but imma queen in ma head
>bby don't hurt me no more
>trve soulmate I can smell u in my dreamz
>angsty circle jerk
>no relationships were mutual in my life uwu
>but I still long for uuuuu
>everyone is just a parasite like me

Nah it's just you. It's not mutual if you've got nothing to give. Lights are on but bitch ain't home.

No. 811331

File: 1558570407074.jpeg (214.15 KB, 1181x700, A93AEB34-5109-49F2-8404-F4F0FD…)

But she need a roof until begining anything else…….

No. 811338

Maybe she should have thought about how to afford a rental in Edinburgh before moving over.

No. 811352

Or maybe she should have saved her money instead of spending it on plane tickets, and sold some of her clothes, since she has so much shit.
No worries for her, the first time she posted about her being in Edinburgh, someone already offered her a 'room to crash in'.
She can't obviously learn shit since everything is kindly handed to her.

No. 811364

For real but watch, one of her fans is gonna offer her a place and she's gonna learn nothing from this hardship. She's such a terrible planner. She should've saved money ahead of time before she did this or heck, like >>811352 suggested, she should've sold some of her clothe because Lord knows she has a shit ton that only heavy up her luggage and would sell for a reasonable price to help get her by.

But I do agree with the rest of you that her shop is gonna fail so bad because she's already shown she loses motivation quickly, isn't very artistic to warrant worthy merchandise, and lacks poor ethic since she can't take responsibility for when she fucks up. It's just not a good idea for her to do something like this that can put her in a deep hole financially.

No. 811422

Omg. Get a job you leech.

No. 811423

Shes always whinging about stability and security. Ummm living in a back packer is retarded. She has someone stupid enough to marry her again. Try staying in one place and mastering that before being an eternal vagabond. Idiot.

No. 811518

She never plans, does everything on impulse then loses motivation and runs away. But she doesn't have to plan. Her fans enable her and give her free shit so she never has to own up to her mistakes. She knows this and uses the shit out of it. And it means she never grows as a person and keeps pulling the same shit. Surprised her fans can't see a pattern.

No. 811523

Do I remember correctly that she crashed at someone's place once and barely mentioned the kind person on her social medias? Or was it somebody else, my memory is blurry

No. 811526

Yeah, it was Vampannie, the "Hedonist Vampyre" who filters all her pictures to oblivion

No. 811529

The worst thing ever was Jake's fans saying they like his voice because now everything he says he puts on a weird Victorian/Dracula voice and it's so embarrassing.

No. 811540

The new celebrity back packer lol

No. 811554

Off the top of my head I know 5 guys that would be local to Jake that put on that fucking geek/nerd accent where they think they're enunciation is impeccable but they sound like absolute twats. Except jake has a weird English twang mixed with living in Belfast. He's got a geek culture accent lol

No. 811567

This is why they'll never change their ways. Everything the Toxic Twosome does is validated by their fans and they're then rewarded with shit like this.

No. 811573

File: 1558616792818.jpeg (380.99 KB, 1756x2431, C3A8CC9E-5BAC-4214-83B8-764171…)

Sage for potentially stale milk, was looking up “Goth Pikes” stuff for a friend to prevent them falling for the scam, found this and IBF’s mum’s comment is…like dude the post was from 2017 (hashed together to make it fit in one image lol)

No. 811590

What an absolute twat nozzle! IBF’s mum needs to get a fucking life of her own. God forbid her daughters ex should find another partner!

No. 811592


tbf she does look like a troll doll. That's a horrible picture and look.

No. 811596

File: 1558620900027.png (901.57 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190523-152534.png)

Just seen Jake put this up on IG why do people give to this nasty human

No. 811630

Is that a dick in the bottom left corner? kek

No. 811635

I've noticed this too. Also. I really find it unnatural how she leaves in so much of their PDA in all of her videos. It comes across as really forced. As if she has this tick in which she has to tell her fiancee how much she loves her and how amazing she is.

No. 811736

File: 1558641670386.png (476.93 KB, 596x625, 82610103824.png)

This. I have no clue why anyone would own a dick candle.

No. 811763

File: 1558644607960.png (1.85 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190523-224742.png)

Wtf is wrong with him .he is such a dick head

No. 811764

File: 1558644755745.png (186.29 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190523-224652.png)

He do anything for money people are crazy to pay into this .toxic pair never stop looking for money .

No. 811769

The store looks to be some kinda pagan shop. Psy is probably shoving them up her cooter. I assume the same thing for Jake, probably shoving them up his ass kek

I don't mind the look, Nadia was a teenager here. IBF's mom is crazy and probably thinks only Freyja can be goth.

>Or longer?
Time for the battle of who's the biggest fan of YouTube's goff kween. People will be begging her to live with them, she won't have to pay any kind of bills, just living in some randoms house and being ~spooky~

No. 811778

>The worst thing ever was Jake's fans saying they like his voice
Couldn't agree more because now he thinks he should be doing audiobooks too….

No. 811790

can Jake legally make money off reading someone else's book??
and fuck me £10 to get to listen to his incel voice for hours on end? no thanks.

No. 811796

And shes an adult? Wow.

No. 811890

Karen MacLeod needs a social life

No. 811925

It depends what he is reading. If the books are under public domain, which HP Lovecraft's works are, then he should be fine. However, if he decided to read something like A Song of Ice & Fire or something like that, he could get slammed with some legal issues.

No. 811945

As much as it pains me to admit this…. I prefer Manson-wannabe-Dracula-voiced Jake to his previous gym-junkie-flexing-posing in the nude all the time era.

No. 811988

Im sure shes chuffed she got air time in here. Haiiiii….

No. 812092

File: 1558684083528.png (176.46 KB, 910x531, looney karen macleod.png)

based on what I've seen about IBF's mom…

The lady is at least 60 and she acts like a deranged teenager who lives vicariously through her equally immature daughter. Apparently IBF's parents divorced when Freya was 1. If I was IBF's dad, I'd _thank god_ I don't have to wake up to this psycho Karen every morning. I remembered this story about Karen allegedly harassing someone on facebook

No. 812093

Also why did Freyja change her last name to NicLeòid?

No. 812096

Yeah it's McLeod or something, but that's too boring for a social media ~star~ so she slapped some accents in it

No. 812098

Red head divorcee. Runs in the family.

No. 812110

Wow, karen is fucking crazy. Also where did this come from anon? Got any more milk?

I'm not even sure if she officially changed it or just changed it on social media. People in previous threads have speculated that it may be so that when people google her they won't find her embarrassing social media past that's under her real name. I think its just so sound more special uwu.

No. 812115

Maybe but he's still a try-hard. As far as I've watched him, he's still posting (almost) nudes on a regular basis though.

kek, no wonder IBF is so mentally fucked up and hopping countries desperately trying to start a life away from her crazy ass mom

No. 812132

File: 1558692359743.jpeg (401.36 KB, 1125x915, BD3CF772-7F3A-473B-948F-F2954D…)

Facebook fag from a few days ago, I did some stalking into IBF and found some lol worthy shit. The first is this isn’t her first time asking friends to crash on their couches in Edinburgh.

Also I found this gem of a comment on the post where she asked her friends to pledge to her Kickstarter so she could go to Disneyland.

Saged and spoilered cause these are old posts but interesting nonetheless.

No. 812133

File: 1558692408101.jpeg (Spoiler Image,370.42 KB, 1125x2436, 85FDAA14-C8C5-4793-BCCF-905A4A…)

I want to give this commenter a high five.

No. 812159

It's the Gaelic version of her surname
MacLeod actually means "son of Leod"
NicLeóid means "daughter of Leóid" so would be the more traditional way to use the surname

No. 812179

>“She has priorities like food and rent”

And her friends and fans don’t? The entitlement on this one.

No. 812183

All e-beggers like the justification "Oh well no one is being FORCED to give me their money, they choose to do it out of their own free will, so it's okay!" and it rubs off on their fans

No. 812209

>Her jobs barely pay her enough

GTFO. She doesn't have a "real" job and she barely takes her "Job" seriously, what is this bitch talking about? Are her fans really that much up her ass that the feces is covering their eyes to what's really going on?

The girl who responded was speaking truth. She can't just save what little money she gets in a rainy day fund? No one forced her to move to another country, let alone an expensive one. She's just a incompetent jackass who acts before she thinks when it comes to life decisions and often chooses wrongly. Give me a break. I'm sympathetic to people who deserve it, life happens to the best of us but it's different when have someone like Freya who can't take responsibility for her piss-poor actions.

> kek, no wonder IBF is so mentally fucked up and hopping countries desperately trying to start a life away from her crazy ass mom

If she wants to get away from her mother than she should do what every normal person does and get a JOB (or at least save money), save up money, and then move away from them.

> Time for the battle of who's the biggest fan of YouTube's goff kween. People will be begging her to live with them, she won't have to pay any kind of bills, just living in some randoms house and being ~spooky~

I'm waiting for that to happen because you know it will lol How much you wanna bet that when Freya becomes more irrelevant, whoever put her up in their home will make a video called "My experience living with ItsBlackFriday and why it was terrible" or something like that? lol. "They say never meet your idols.. I learned the hard way…"

No. 812243

Psychara claims to be asexual but her tumblr has quite some questionable posts kek.

Wow Karen is a crazy bitch. I don't even like IBF but I don't wish someone like Karen upon anyone.

sums it up. Adults go to work and don't beg their way through life. Loled at "My experience living with IBF and why it was terrible". I hope someone does exactly this.

No. 812313

>>802273 That's actually nice wallpaper, shame it's been hung with gaps and covered in what I guess are make-up smears. So many mallgoths put that awful Halloween fabric up in their houses, not surprised Toxic Tears has it.

No. 812340

File: 1558722910506.jpg (198.56 KB, 720x1280, 20190524_193009.jpg)

Here, we already have a candidate. Probably a few more reached out in private, because she deleted her most recent post about it.

I legit lol'ed hard at it, because l thought I was reading the now deleted post.
I don't understand why there's still so many people not seeing right through her bullshit and still enable her heedless behavior.

No. 812434

File: 1558733496507.png (Spoiler Image,528.12 KB, 917x1455, tyjfghy .png)


She is. I believe this story because she's notorious for fighting people in online comment sections. That was from an old PULL thread, hence why these posts are saged. Here is another comment thread from the "surprising mr. owl" video featuring Karen fighting people. I had to edit in her now deleted comments LOL

No. 812445

File: 1558734069991.png (2.11 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190524-220745.png)

Sweet fuck please just go away Jake I'm sick of joker look .I wonder what Belfast thinks of this .

No. 812449

File: 1558734483796.png (Spoiler Image,326.06 KB, 766x682, looney karen macleod 2.png)

Might I add that someone else on that PULL thread suspects that the "shopping with my mom" NZ vlog was posted to improve Karen's image after making an ass out of herself on IBF's social medias.

Here is the rest of it

No. 812461

This makes me so mad. Nadias my friend and easy more original than ibf.

No. 812477

File: 1558737757695.jpg (120.81 KB, 720x960, 20190525_083803.jpg)

Freyja has always been a member of couchsurfing.com it looks like shes changed her name on her profile and taken off her profile description. She used to have 'to be famous' as a goal… still couch surfing by the looks of it. Get a job luv. Youre not that special.

No. 812479


Can you spill any milk on what went down between Nadia, Mr Owl, and IBF?

Also…wasn't she like 18 when she was with Mr Owl? Who is like…32?

No. 812481

Obviously more original and awesome. That Karen is a fool. What kind of mother posts hate? Fucking weirdo….

No. 812488

She has no shame. I mean she got engaged again and now left Mr Owl in NZ. She's so selfish. She will nrver be happy. I think we're all bored with the adolescent crys for assistance and woes me. Its pathetic.

No. 812493

No. 812568

Nta but I've come to the conclusion that basically, Nadia was a rebound. Owl doesn't even like younger girls, he dates grown women around his age. He got with Nadia because Freyja hates her, and Owl was mad Freyja left him for a younger guy. Also for anyone wondering why Freyja hates Nadia, apparently it's because she believes Nadia is stealing her look, which is hilarious. Ones look is from overpriced darque brands, the other one's look is mostly thrifted or DIYed. Also, according to an anon who knows Nadia, Owl hurt her pretty badly with that. I don't know what he was thinking messing with a 17 year old girl, even if he was just trying to get back at Freyja.

Her fans are always excusing her, she has an entire Patreon where they give her money probably thinking it goes to her rent and food but instead it's most likely going to clothes and makeup.

Had to look at this post twice, almost word for word identical to the post where she was begging to live in her fan's homes.

No. 812680

File: 1558792704711.png (39.15 KB, 703x207, 374018379.png)

She's not the only one. Found this on manic moth's travel vlogs. She is evading questions about how to budget your trip, only says she stayed with "friends". Freeloading her way to Japan would be more fitting.

Horrified that a grown adult would prey on a 17 year old to get back at his ex girlfriend. It's childish crap that was bound to hurt people involved. Freyja's attitude towards Nadia is also all kinds of wrong. Toxic people.

No. 812746

Can confirm mr.owl was talking to ibf while she was married. For some time too.

No. 812767

Wait, are we talking about adultery now? Spill it dude.

No. 812772

Toxic tears get loads of free shite from killstar look now she hoping that this shop give her more free shite or that one of her sad fans buy it as it's poor bitch birthday .this grown woman can't stop wonting .

No. 812775

File: 1558808115620.png (300.43 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190525-191127.png)

Didn't post right this is what toxic bitch wonts

No. 812777

Why does this dumbass keep saying "customs hates me" ??? Is she that stupid she doesn't realise a custom charge is applied when the item is over a certain amount of money? It has nothing to do with them "hating her" or what she probably thinks is discrimination on her poseur gofff shite kek. It's not hard to look this stuff up Kaya you overgrown child

No. 812823

I almost want to be fair because some people just pick up accents, especially if they were raised in a large city with a big immigrant population. I had a roommate who's boss was South African, and the ex would have a slight accent if they called me from work. The ex would lose the accent after abt 5m talking to me.

We all know that's not what Jake is doing tho.

Or check the thrift shops and rummage sales, clearance racks, ebay

Nope. Just easier to hint at trolling for gifties

Sage for no milk, but sometimes a spell calls for a dick with a wick. Can't explain why the Toxic2 have one, tho

If anyone is stealing anyones look, isn't it IBF whos stealing Elvira's eye makeup look?? But those tacky red contacts makes it technically diffrent so tgats fine then??

No. 812827

It's a super common belief that customs charges are a completely random thing that only happens to some packages for some reason? I think it's because they're quite bad at enforcing it in the UK. In countries with better postal services packages don't get overlooked as often.

but yeah there's an HMRC page on it one google away, it's not exactly esoteric information. Definitely fishing for gifts or bragging.

No. 812829


I know we all know Nadia was a rebound - but I'm hankering for some juicy details on what actually went down when he broke up with Nadia and ran back to IBF.

Is there milk on her actually finding him hitting up IBF online? Or whatever else was going on? Was IBF talking to Owl the reason Matthias noped out of the relationship? or was that just the cherry on top of other stuff?

No. 812836

I can confirm that the UK are pretty bad at enforcing it. In my experience only about half the time customs are actually enforced.

No. 812848

How can you confirm? Who are you?

Yeah, this. And we all know they kept talking to each other, as they said they were still friends, there's even videos when she says this. If you mean that they were talking to each other about feeling stuff for each other you'll have to at least say what they were talking and from where you got this information. Yeah, they talked, we know, milk, please

No. 812855

File: 1558822283949.png (610.4 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190525-230549.png)

I give up on this video he say something about them both moving that belfast is shite wonts move any milk were they going also they both are only Goths in Belfast it's worth watch to see shite he comes out with

No. 812867

So all he’s doing now is changing the name of the vlogs but still doing the same boring shit?

No. 812875

>>812867 yes this will only happen. Till Jake get fed up with it again.like always.i wish he washed his hands .

No. 812913

Oh! That's what you meant, lol. Oh well, hopefully I helped someone who was wondering about that situation but didn't want to lurk the previous threads.

>I know we all know Nadia was a rebound - but I'm hankering for some juicy details on what actually went down when he broke up with Nadia and ran back to IBF.

Me too. But every time we ask a friend of Nadia's or an ex-friend of IBF's… Silence. It's really annoying and defeats the purpose of even posting that you're so and so's friend on the thread. Obviously we're going to ask what really went down.

>Was IBF talking to Owl the reason Matthias noped out of the relationship? or was that just the cherry on top of other stuff?

Since no one who knows them is answering, all we have is speculation. Most anons (including myself) are leaning more towards the Matthias was cheating thing. I mean fuck, he just got with that Chrissie(?) chick in like June, and suddenly they randomly broke up. Maybe he can't hold a relationship, chicks really do keep cheating on him, or he's a serial cheater himself. I mean, I did hear he was very flirtatious. But that doesn't always make one a cheater. I'm going to assume it will take an anon making a loud and very wrong post for one of their ex-/friends to come in here and spill the milk we've all been waiting for.

No. 813016

It's so obvious that she's fishing for the designer to send her the dress for free

So he promises his patrons a metal cover a month, does this for what, 2 months and now switches to audiobooks? I don't think he realisees the effort that goes into them either…

No. 813028

Anyone else find it incredibly irritating that the moment Kaya started to actually work on the attic, mr narc also started filming in the attic…

He has a recording/filming "studio", it's one of the bedrooms in the house. She got the attic. It took her forever to get off her ass and attempt to make it useable - but at least she did.

Wtf Jake

No. 813029

Jake is as entitled as Kaya, and he comes off extremely fake and an obnoxious cocky dick immediately.

Maybe he is better able to connect with "rebellious"
Teen mall goths( and get their money) than Kaya who initially appears sweet and vulnerable.His following may continue to grow,not sure if many commercially minded"goth"/alt rock boys have channels currently.
The only reason he is offering Patreon rewards is because he doesn't have the numbers Kaya or Freya(IBF) have… AFAIK neither Kaya not Freya offer anything to their supporters.

No. 813114

I'm with you on this - TT is a slob who refuses to properly deal with her problems or work on improving her life most of the time, but when she finally does something constructive and sorts out that attic, Jake hijacks it. He definitely makes TT worse than she already is.

No. 813186

File: 1558899509382.png (1.16 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190526-203258.png)

I think he needs to get some help as this is not goth as I don't know what he trying but it's all for views and fan girls

No. 813206

that is fucking awful holy shit.

I noticed in Kaya's recent get ready with me video, her shadow pallet is falling apart. I wonder if Jake ever shares all the makeup he's buying himself with her. he seems to go through so much of it and Kaya's been using the same stuff for as long as I can remember

No. 813207

File: 1558905365839.png (954.54 KB, 980x577, creep.png)

30 year old unemployed man fails to be edgy in Belfast.

He actually gets the poor woman who works in the costume store to film him putting on a stupid hat

No. 813215

break down of his video
>skates into Belfast
>buys makeup
>buys orange hair dye
>gets packages
>has a pint
>talks about how good his board is
>gets a taxi home even though he brags about his board having enough battery to bring him home
>packages has final fantasy 15 and Crash Bandicoot funko
>talks about moving away with Kaya because there's no clubs or anything to do in Belfast
>complains that Kaya and him have no friends because no one looks like them……..
>talks some more about the skateboard..obviously hoping to get gifted another one
>will be uploading himself reading a short story on his youtube once a month and you'll have to join his patreon to get the other two

anyways this guy is a self absorbed prick and I can't stand him. he's getting more views than Kaya these days too

No. 813233

Person that would make a video of Belfast goth scene and club events will be a troll of the year.

No. 813244

> Commercially minded "Goth"/Alt Rock boys have channels currently

I don't think there are any tbh. The only Goth guy channels I can recall are Cemetery Confessions, Accumortis, and Kai Decadence and they aren't popular or as big as the likes of IBF or the Toxic Twosome but to be fair, they are actual Goths and not poseurs like the Toxic Twosome are. I feel that people who make actual worthwhile content that genuinely relates to Goth (including women) don't get as much attention because actual Goth is not mainstream, nor was it meant to be. The fact that Jake finds some success is because he strikes out with the poser Mall Goffs as I don't know any actual Goths who actually like or watch him or Kaya for that matter.

Fucking nightmare fuel LMAO "Hello ladies"

No. 813248

>I find it really odd that Ruadhan is in here posting about himself, like wtf?

Why are you surprised?

No. 813287

maybe then he won't need kaya for her fame anymore and leave her so she will actually get her shit together

No. 813322

You can replace this vlog with any of his others and it won't make a difference.
>brags about board, taxi's home
>mundane chores
>hates on Belfast, nothing to do, no goth scene, no goths except them
>says will try new thing on channel (which he'll then forget in a month) and half of it's on Patreon

And kek at "we don't have friends cos nobody looks like us." Already forgot the goths in your Manson video, who Kaya also hangs out with now?
Also kek at whining about Belfast. He's only doing it to seem cool and like he has high standards, but won't actually move - as long as kaya has that YT cash, he'll stay to leech off her.

No. 813336


Don't forget CaligoBastet, who is a sweetheart IMO.

As for Kaya, I feel like she needs a few things:
1) Dump Jake
2) Connect with someone who can be a proper adult-friend and give her the necessary tough love to get her life together

No milk to post, but I'm sure there'll be some soon when Jake 'n Kaya try to move, when IBF inevitably posts another video(its been a month…come on woman)

No. 813415

>its been a month since last video
>"professional youtuber"
>surprised pikachu

Yikes. Kill it with fire.

No. 813446

File: 1558958102614.png (457.48 KB, 1080x2220, received_515942058937289.png)

Maybe if Jake made a video about voting it would be more interesting than the shitty chore vlogs he churns out.But that would require effort and thought

No. 813464

I'd love to see him try and talk politics. He seems to think these elections will have an impact on the UK parliaments deliberation on Brexit. EU elections aren't going to reverse Brexit you fucking retard that's our Commons and Lords that get the say since the public voted Leave.

Farage has been in EU for years he's even been giving off in their council meetings and it makes no impact on UK delegations.

Forgot Belfast being the capital it meant there was no clubs or any night life.

He's deluded. There are plenty of goths in Belfast, I can think of a handful off the top of my head that would be out in the bars and clubs around Belfast often and are involved in Larping and gaming etc. There are plenty of alternative people and the ones that do go out are the ones that get the music venues to do specific club nights. Sure Jake even says he only listens to Metal he's not particularly into goth music anyway so would he and his pop music loving gf even want to go to a goth night.

They don't have any friends cause they're fake af and everyone knows.

No. 813474

Yeah, Caligo may be nice and all, but l do think he belongs with the other poseurs. It has been some time since l watched this ig story,but he legit said ''l hate goth rock music'' and mostly listens to other stuff. I.e anything but proper goth music.
I'm not really fond of ppl being goth just for the aesthetics.

No. 813476

Also, there's smth bothering me, since y'all mentioned that he is now squatting the attic, after she finally managed to get some work done in it.
Is he actually helping her with that? I watched her chatty grwm, & she said she has no one to help her with the garden. What is he doing that is so important, that he won't give her a hand? Clown makeup and ''vlogs''?

No. 813478


Please sage your double posting.

No. 813489

you have to put "sage" in the email section of the quick reply for it to actually sage :)(:))

No. 813490

File: 1558968348205.jpeg (333.89 KB, 1143x928, 1544388490603.jpeg)


You're still doing it wrong.

No. 813491

Sage for double posting, stupid ass mistake (i hope this works) (thanks for educating an ingnorant anon)

No. 813492

I live in Edinburgh, and am on constant look out for IBF and her stick.I'd be interested to know where she thought she was going to live, because rent here is insanely steep, and will be even more so during the festival in August.

No. 813493

Caligo gets a bit of a pass from me for not liking goth music(he seems to be more into 2000's alt rock with female singers)..cos unlike Jake, he is pleasant, not at all arrogant and comes across very genuine. Not a cow in other words.

Oh and Caligo is a good looking guy which helps too, his style isn't totally contrived ( like joker Jake),tho some of Caligos teenage looks are a bit cringe-y which he acknowledges.

Im not the biggest fan ever of Caligo, but he is no Jake.
Last I heard he was trying to form a band in Germany with himself as lead vocalist. He has done a bit of pateron/ Ebegging but doesn't seem desperate to " make it big " , especially in comparison with Jake.

On the male " goth" cos side, Jake is hard to beat.

Amazed his channel has grown so fast,maybe he is the only male catering to young " mall goths"

No. 813516

> Don't forget CaligoBastet, who is a sweetheart IMO.

Oh right I forgot about him but honestly, I never considered him "Goth", I considered him a "Rivethead" like Amy Nekrotique because he has never talked about, shared, or expressed interest in actual Goth music. At the most it was Indusrial Metal so I'm just compelled to believe he's an Industrial Metalhead/Rivethead. But yes, he is great too.

And why are you guys so sure that if Kaya dumps Jake, she'll become a better person? I feel like you all give her too much credit. Look at IBF when she was single after she broke up with Mr. Owl. She was still the same kinda person. I feel it'll be the same for Kaya where she'll still be an e-begger who doesn't want to get a job or side hustle and will still have her fanbase to enable her just like IBF fans enable her actions.

> "I hate Goth rock music"

Oh wow I didn't know he said that. Well there you have it, all the more reason why I don't consider him a Goth though it was obvious he was not into the genre since he never talked about Goth music. I liked Caligo for his personality though so I'll always have a soft spot for him, I just don't consider him Goth.

Oh for sure. As far as non-Goth alternative guys, Caligo is a-okay in my book. He's actually likable and yeah, he's an attractive guy which helps with his more extreme looks that even Jake cannot get.

And he certainly is only attracting young mall goffs. Did you see the picture of his fans, they're exactly what you expect them to look like lol

No. 813560

this is such a dick move. the whole reason she took the attic is b/c she wanted a space for filming, and once she actually got it together he just invited himself into the space without having helped make it presentable.

the level of cringe in this video, omf. his regular vlogs weren't ~spooky~ enough so he's going to film the same boring shit in this makeup and try to upload 3x a week. someone is fucking desperate for views/adsense. not so casually mentions ppl can send him stuff he'll open on camera, still using that store for his mail. ppl probably weren't interested in being on his patreon for shitty vlog music so he's going to use other ppl's books to sell instead.

that was one of the most annoying parts. like she was just posting about having ppl to hang out with, did they already chase them away with their horrible attitudes or what?

No. 813689

No. 813886

I'm glad someone said it. He doesn't even "look" goth (obviously because he's a rivethead), most rivetheads look like him and Amy Nekrotique. Real question is, why do these people want to be goth so bad. You hate the music and the lifestyle and are obviously into another music-based subculture, why not identify as that? Pretty pointless to identify with a scene you seem to loathe.

>blah blah do I have to do this to be goff
Kaya responds with rambling and something about you don't have to listen to one kind of music to be goth. Kaya no one said anything about exclusively listening to goth, liking the music is literally the bare minimum.

I just think it's weird he dresses like this for streams and YouTube but when it comes to his concerts, (y'know, where you're really supposed to put on a show?) he's bare-faced and just stands there. Seems very boring, I don't understand how he has fans, shockingly they aren't coming from Kaya's channel either.

No. 813960


They're leaving the UK, apparently.

Taking bets on Barcelona. Probably going to crash at toxic tears daddys house

No. 813962

>Kaya no one said anything about exclusively listening to goth, liking the music is literally the bare minimum.
That's what these poseurs never get! I don't know if it's just defensiveness on their part and they're trying to make up that image of the evil elitists who dictate what you have to do to be goth so they don't have to think about what they're doing. But it's so ignorant to completely dismiss the fact that it's a music based culture and it's not enough to know a few songs so you don't look like a poseur (isn't that what Kaya sait at one point, not in these exact words but similar?).
It's the same with hip hop culture. You wouldn't dress in hip hop style AND identify with hip hop culture without mainly listeting to the music. Of course there are also poseurs and hipsters who only dress like that for the looks but they usually don't make it their whole identity except maybe they're really stupid kids who don't know better.

I think Jake gets his views exclusively from his "extreme" looks. When he still was dressing as a chav no one really cared about his videos except a few of Kaya's fans. He probably is attractive to young mall goths since there are no real alternatives on Youtube except the male goth youtubers that focus on content instead of looks, or they have looks that aren't meeting their expectations. Since he hasn't really changed anything about his content except that he looks like a Marilyn Manson wannabe, it must be that. I think the chances of clicking a video are higher when the person in the thumbnail looks extreme, also their teen fans don't seem to see that he's cringey af and a negative, whiny bitch that needs to grow up because they're mostly too young and lack life experience.
His music videos might also have had an impact on his views, to me it seems that young Youtube viewers like it when the people they watch make music, even if it isn't good (for instance, Social Repose) because it gives them the feeling that they "discovered" something on their own? That's just speculation though.

No. 813969

> I think the chances of clicking a video are higher when the person in the thumbnail looks extreme, also their teen fans don't seem to see that he's cringey af and a negative, whiny bitch that needs to grow up because they're mostly too young and lack life experience.
I second this because a few years ago I used to idolize IBF because she was (cringe freely) "so brave for being herself and dressing up every day without caring for anyone else"

No. 813982

File: 1559042472588.jpg (176.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190528-122124_Gal…)

They use the word ''Goth'' because it's one of the most popular alt genres. Not many know what a rivethead is, so they'll spam their posts with every hashtag/key word with goth in it.
The irony is strong with the file l attached, cuz now, even the goth^3 is for poseurs.

No. 814052

Jesus I don't want to wk Kaya, but a lot of her answers just scream she has depression. She's literally quit so many interests because she's depressed or thinks she's too old. She's not old at all to try a musical instrument or study a language. You can tell she feels drained. Kaya get some help and for the love of God do not be letting that boy Jake advise you. You need a professional to help you in the nicest way possible

No. 814135

he looks like emo squidward

No. 814140

> I'm glad someone said it. He doesn't even "look" goth (obviously because he's a rivethead), most rivetheads look like him and Amy Nekrotique. Real question is, why do these people want to be goth so bad. You hate the music and the lifestyle and are obviously into another music-based subculture, why not identify as that? Pretty pointless to identify with a scene you seem to loathe.

Amy Nekrotique seems to somewhat be more honest about this as she does say she is a Rivethead or "leans more towards Rivethead". The biggest issue with her is how she lumps Goth and Industrial together by always saying "GothIndustrial" (I.E: "GothIndustrial Music", "GothIndustrial Club", etc). There is no GothIndustrial, both music are different genres with different characteristics. And her saying "GothIndustrial club" and only focusing on Industrial is just a "why even bother" kind of thing because she hardly if ever talks about Goth music. I like Amy because she knows her shit with Industrial music and is one of the only channels who delved deeper into its subgenres but I wish she would stop implying Goth and Industrial are one and the same, they aren't.

As for Caligo, I feel like the only reason he considers himself Goth is because he's another one of those people who thinks that just because he wears black and likes dark makeup, it makes him Goth when it really doesn't. Like I mentioned, I do like him but he needs to stop calling himself a goth and start calling himself a Rivethead because that's all he is. And it's true that if you look at Rivethead guys, Caligo's look isn't that unique. No hate but it's just if you look at bands like Psyclon Nine and Deathstars, Caligo's fashion looks just like theirs.

Because she's L A Z Y. Jake or not, she's a lazy ass who can't commit to anything.

No. 814310

File: 1559070786660.png (1.24 MB, 1165x937, pirate.png)

what a stupid looking dickhead.
he bought himself new urban decay and morphe products for this look and poor kaya gets to use the same falling apart cheap palette over and over

No. 814323

so I'm confused. Kaya and Jake paint the walls in their house black, completely tear out everything from the attic to make it a place Kaya can film, they literally can't go into their sitting room because there's so much shit in there…and they're actually moving?
the landlord is going to have an awful time fixing that place up after they leave.
I know Jake said that the landlord wants the house fully back but I don't think he's aware at how bad the place is

No. 814348

>poor Kaya
LMAO what, Kaya isn't poor in any way, shape or form, neither in money or pity

No. 814366

The landlord is probably kicking them out. Possibly for messing with the attic, which can affect the structural stability of the house and its inner workings if you're not careful (beams, roofing, pipes and so on)

No. 814376

I've just realised who Jake and Kaya remind me of. The Twits and Punch and Judy. An awful couple who hate each other and everyone hates them. I do think Kaya is a genuinely nice woman and would be better off without Jake. As a couple they are pathetic, mainly because of his undeserved narcissism.

The fact Jake has fans at all makes me suspect said fans are deeply mentally ill.

No. 814442

He looks like a male Ursula

No. 814504

I can't unsee it now, thanks. Loooool.
But seriously, when y'all decide to post his pics, set them as spoiler images, l get the creeps everytime l see them lol.

They're currently getting more patrons, so people are really into the edgelord makeup, l'm afraid.
They see this as inspo to ''be yourself'' and not give a damn abt what others think.

No. 814540

accurate. the outfit was confusing to me b/c the jacket and hat did not go with the shirt/pants/shoes. video would've been better if he got more of the festival and less of him blathering on.

it's nice ppl are being inspired but they could do it without supporting a pair of do nothings. the rewards are fucking laughable and i bet they spend most of what they get through patreon on bills or bullshit to maintain their ~spooky~ identities even though they probably have a horde of crap that barely gets used.

No. 814714


I bet you’re right. The thing is, Kaya’s dad won’t allow them to stay there for long. He has a girlfriend, a well paid job and didn’t put up with kaya and Jake lazing around all day in Belfast so he won’t do it in Barcelona. For a long period of time of course. What about the funding for her attic “renovation”? Also - I sincerely hope they don’t get their deposit back. I know John from MAG and he said that kaya and Jake left lots of dead rats and mice in their freezer (food for their poor snakes) when they got evicted from their last house. It caused real disgust and distress from her landlord. Like I get it, her previous land lords get a divorce and ask them to leave (shit happens) but to do that is so petty and disrespectful. Also, unrelated but I despise how she says she is an animal lover and tries to tell people that she has a unique affinity with nature, when she one eats meat and regularly eats from places like KFC and Burger King. She isn’t a goth, she isn’t an animal lover and honestly, her views have plummeted over recent years to the point Jake now does better than her in terms of viewing figures.

No. 814728

File: 1559128286614.png (Spoiler Image,73.59 KB, 500x347, i-just-blue-may-self-analrapis…)


ill see myself out

No. 814895

this reminds me that she only shows her cat on ig. what happened to that bug thingy she had?

kind of looking forward to them moving b/c they have to haul all the crap they have to somewhere new and will likely complain even though it's their choice to do so. also new ~freak vlogs~ from jake that will be the same shit in a different place and stroking his own ego over ppl looking at him b/c he's in full makeup to run errands.

No. 814903


This is wonderful, thank you.

No. 814924

Cue another gofundme to pay for their move as well

No. 814992

File: 1559161606347.png (307.2 KB, 738x414, 20190529_212307.png)

Avelina ''treated'' herself to 10 pairs of killstar shoes. I'm glad that many people are waking up. (But ofc there's always a lot of wk defending her and shit)
(Excuse the sloppy editing, tried to squeeze a few replies in one pic)

No. 815000

File: 1559162306665.jpg (277 KB, 1200x600, 20190529_213624.jpg)

They love free shit way too much.
(I saw the pic she took with j*, idk what went through her head when she ut that ouftit together.)

No. 815005

They’re so gross for wanting to support such a vile human being.

No. 815016

1- they're also vile
2- they don't want to support anyone, they want free expensive shit, no matter where it's coming from

This bitch. Even if she has paid for all those 10 pairs of shoes it is still pathetic and itll irk people. We already know that she likes to buy huge amounts of the most expensive shit and brag about it (remember the video of her receiving a lot of black expensive gothy furniture for her new house?). We know her dad is rich but I guess it doesnt fully explain it, my guess is that hubby also has a VERY good job, like Allison's(kazlovesbats).

Avelina is bound to piss people up more and more because she can't stop bragging. That'll make everyone antipathyze with her, not just people who get mad at her for her claims to be goth but is just a barely into metal woman. Even her band is not even a lil bit close to goth in any fucking way. She's just a rich brat who is not good looking so she wants to "win" by having a lot of shit. Like she thinks having a shit ton of ornate black furniture from that outrageously expensive brand, all the makeup, and 100s of killstar shit will outgoth the other goths.

Avelina is like any other richy rich girl we met in school, except she is darkly inclined (kek)

No. 815040

She just loves people talking about her. Shes Sydneys bogan Jeffree Star. 10 pairs of plastic shoes…. lol

No. 815190

File: 1559176532017.png (87.96 KB, 387x549, 2820489195.png)

Is someone visiting attitudefest this weekend? Psychara and Manic Moth are going, but they don't even mention each other on ig. Maimagi is notably absent. Last year they were still best friends ever kek. Psychara is now jumping the clothing upcycling train with Nina Hexna, effectively stealing Maimagi's project from last year.
I really wanna be a fly on the wall for MILK.

No. 815204

theses two don't need more stuff handed to them, they barely if ever use the killstar clothes that get sent to them beyond haul videos and maybe a few pix. they don't really do much creatively with makeup so they'd just show it off, do a few looks and then move on to pining for something else.

No. 815206

Just checked, Psychara no longer follows nor likes Manic Moths pics kek. MM still follows her art ones though. I knew it will go down eventually.
Mai is probably no longer invited to Attitude fest cuz she dissociated herself from promoting fast fashion.

No. 815211

What's Allison's hubby's job? I'd suspected something like that but she doesn't post enough

No. 815224

File: 1559180839985.png (406.03 KB, 726x437, notrich.png)

I think Mai doesn't want to meet Psychara.

>is bound to piss people up more and more because she can't stop bragging

that's Maimagi lol. Literally sitting in the home she just bought and be like "I'm not rich". She is fucking ignorant.

No. 815247

No Wonder why freiya doesn't want to live in NZ with her , she is absolutely nuts

Not that Anon, but what I know for a fact :
* IBF cheated on Mr owl with Matthias ( this is the reason why she never explicitly said anything negative against Matthias who cheated on her , because she cheated in Mr Owl with him, and maybe didn't want Matthias to spill the truth)
*Mr owl family gave her money so she could go to Germany,and Disney , they where very pissed of when she anounced she wasn't dating Mr owl anymore
*ibf was very pissed off when she found out Mr owl was dating Nadia and she even posted on Facebook about Nadia copying her , then got upset when nobody was in her side

No. 815259

She has already said several times that he has a very good job as a businessman, that's why he can't expose himself much. That's why he wears that horrible horrible wig. I'm surprised we never talked about how bad and obvious his wig is! Apart from his cringey look they both look like they're good people. Husband makes a lot and Allison lives a very well off life, with that huge beautiful house, they travel a lot and they spend a lot of money on that vanity project of a band they have, Allison doesn't seem to be a leach, she is a manager at a hot topic, does online tarot readings and commissioned artwork. I'm not even a fan of this bitch and got quite surprised by how good I talked of her!

Her style sucks for quite some years now, she can't sing for life, she hops anceatry like crazy and hubby's wig is embarrassing. There, I feel better now kek

No. 815263

actually according to the previous threads Nadia was 16 when they started dating, because that's the age of consent in NZ.

can you please say what your sources are, or provide evidence if you have any? I'm getting really tired of people making bold claims on this board with 0 evidence. it would be really easy for literally anyone to make up shit here and post it as fact.

No. 815277


What is the deal with Mai and her wealth? I remember when she bought that house and I watched the tour, I thought to myself that it wasn’t the kind of house a broke woodland fairy witch would be able to afford doing whatever it she does to make money.


Kek, I find it entertaining how so many of these friendship circles always dissolve in a matter of time. These girls were literally inseparable a few months ago.

No. 815305


can you please say what your sources are, or provide evidence if you have any?

I’ve heard the same as that anon wrt IBF/Matthias mutually cheating on each other but I don’t think there’s any way to prove it. Unless someone wants to hack IBF and dig up written communication with Mr Owl.

No. 815388

Getting a good innings on that gold punk rave coat. It would reek….

No. 815390


No. 815400

Rumors say Mai got her hands on inheritance. She was piss broke before that chunk of money came in.

It's hard to provide sources without revealing who you are. I got the gut feeling that this anon is probably from IBF's inner circle.

No. 815405

not that anon abut an 'innings' is part of a game of cricket, before they swap ends and play another innings. it's also slang for 'a time' (sort of) so if you say someone or something had a 'good innings' they were (or it was) around for a long time.

No. 815422

> They're currently getting more patrons, so people are really into the edgelord makeup, l'm afraid.
They see this as inspo to ''be yourself'' and not give a damn abt what others think.

Meh let them have their fun because it won't last forever. Edgelord makeup only impresses young kids but they will grow older and realize how dumb it looks and not want to see any more of it. That or Jake's laziness will set in and he'll stop uploading as much.

> her views have plummeted over recent years to the point Jake now does better than her in terms of viewing figures.

So in a way the tables have turned and now Jake will be the breadwinner sorta speak. I mean I think both people are insufferable twits but Jake does seem to be more active with his channel than Kaya and unboxing videos are fucking boring as shit so it's no surprise people would be so turned off that they would unsubscribe her. To young eyed viewers, they're more likely to click on a edgelord makeup tutorial/look video than another unboxing video.

> kind of looking forward to them moving b/c they have to haul all the crap they have to somewhere new and will likely complain even though it's their choice to do so

Kind of like what happened with IBF with the paint thing? lol


To the person who was under Avelina's post, uh no? The culture is still there and more REAL goths are coming out every year and sharing the music as well as new bands. Avelina is not a Goth, there's a reason no one in the actual Goth community talk about her (or Toxic Tears), these people's fans are only impressionable teenagers and mallcore young adults who think they're goth because they were those brands.



> 1-they're also vile

Vile attracts vile as they say.

And Avelina would dry up if people would stop mentioning her. She's just a materialistic person with nothing interesting about her at all. She's not a Goth, Her music sucks, and she has no real interesting hobby… I mean what is there to look to her for unless you're someone who cares that much about shopping…

Like I mentioned above, if IBF doesn't like her mom that much because of how embarrassing she is, she should've just done what normal people do. Get a job, save money, then move out. Problem solved. My guess is that because Mr. Owl was still in school and didn't want to do an unnecessary move, it ruined IBF's little plan of finally escaping NZ and since she's too lazy to do the work herself, she tried to look for her meal ticket to get out and voila, found Matthias and used him to leave NZ. Obviously blew up in her face (lol) but yeah. Won't be surprised if history repeats itself in Edinburgh.

Lol Yeah Allison may have her cringe moments but she's not a bad person, she works to get the things she wants (she worked hard to earn money to pursue her true hobbies even if she's not great at them, it's admirable), and she doesn't sponge off of her fans. And I actually didn't know her husband wore a wig LOL

No. 815492

Wait up
>[Allison] works to get the things she wants (she worked hard to earn money to pursue her true hobbies even if she's not great at them)
She works, and works hard at that? I've followed her for years and I've never seen any mention of work, it's just "my band Esoterik" or terrible art from her (not arguing with you, I'm genuinely surprised)

No. 815500

Oh I'm talking back during her KazLovesBats days. Before she started touring full-time with her band Esoterik, she was a Welder and she worked at an airport. She talked about this in an old video called "How to get a job while being Goth or Alternative" or something like that back in 2015. She unfortunately took it down for some reason before she deleted all her videos but in it she talked a bit about the jobs she did from waiting tables, working at Hot Topic, and then going to trade school to learn welding and got a job doing that at an airport.

I think once her husband got his well-paying job and was able to support both of them, she started pursuing her hobbies full-time from art and work with Esoterik around mid-late 2016.

No. 815503

The anon who mentioned the dreadful social repose as the person Jake is skin walking( as well as Manson of course) is spot on.

Social repose took a long break from YT and doesn't post constantly like he once did. Maybe Jake can nab some of his teen fans, in my view SR is even less talented than Jake (who to be fair,is a decent guitarist)but possibly even more obnoxious/entitled.

SR real talent was Ebegging his young fans to donate to his tour fund so he could buy a better car to more comfortably tour and bang his many groupies,yeah I know it's insane.

This occured when SR was a huge YT channel ( plenty of ad sense income)and was selling plenty of CDs and merch( self released music so he got all the profit)he was still greedy enough to ebeg for a car.

If Jake blows up, he will become even more insufferable,if that's possible.

SR grew his channel with his extreme makeup/costume looks including robotic wings which don't match his very lame music. SR also did many covers of hit songs, somehow not having the videos taken down for copyright infringement. Jake does one cover song and gets a YT strike.

And of course both these up their own arses edgelord morons constantly refer to themselves as "Goth".

Alison seemed ok,pleasant enough and she is a good visual artist..which I respect.
Sadly she appeared very very materialistic on YT, always focussed on shopping.fair play that she bought the stuff and didn't get loads of freebies or ebeg.
I don't get WHY Brady( Alisons husband) wears the wig? Is he ashamed to get on stage with what I assume to be a short, office friendly hair style? Or perhaps a shaved head? You see plenty of guys who do, and still look "cool",no big deal.Or is he trying to disguise himself completely so no business colleagues will find out he is in a shock horrorband? They do live in Oklahoma so maybe it would count against him at work.

No. 815530

Lmao, where's Jake's #1 fan at to come defend this look. They were in most of the previous threads defending his fail Manson makeup.

That's the thing we were complaining about, they like to mention they know these people or they're their friends, but when we ask them to spill the milk they vanish. It's not like they stop posting either, they just ignore people who ask for proof.

>Social Repose
I remember that guy, never understood why he got popular either. Of course his channel is dying, apparently he got exposed for something. Kinda weird, but nowadays he looks like a really ugly 3rd member of Drab Majesty that they won't let perform on stage or show in music videos.

No. 815555

File: 1559240122447.png (2.08 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190530-191422.png)

No. 815611

File: 1559244870982.png (1.71 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190530-203340.png)

No. 815733

File: 1559262333340.jpeg (318.21 KB, 1209x1760, 14E4FD55-D510-4690-A862-64F7D6…)

For the record , here is Brady ( and yes, his wig sucks)

No. 815756

It does seem like Jake is gonna follow in SR's footsteps as a pathetic ebegger who has no real peronality, is a fake goth that no actual Goth will take seriously, and as soon as he dumps Toxic Tears when his views start to surpass hers, he'll be touring and banging his edgelord groupies lol.

I almost even forgot about SR because you're right, his viewership has dwindled considerable and when he stopped dawning the ridiculous outfit as much. Just goes to show that he and others like him really are boring individuals who think their looks will keep people around.

And to be fair, back during the earlier days of Alternative YouTube, brand sponsorships weren't really a thing so it makes me wonder if she would've become a brand whore if they were a thing back in the day lol.

And on Brady, it's not a big deal if he chooses to wear a wig but he should really invest in a better one, it's the current year and wigs have come a long way haha.

No. 815832

how are her "horrible babybat" looks more put together than more recent ones?

No. 815900

I shouldn't really make comparison as it's a bit bitchy but Brady's emoish wig style and the super cheapie look of it reminded me of one Dahvie vanity's wigs( minus the rainbow streaks).

No. 815914

Dorian was supposed to go to a friend's wedding but after getting dressed and organized did not have the mental energy required to socialize. Instead she filmed this video about female aspies which turned out more about her experience of Aspergers.

>feeling like a peeled snail

tl;dr she can't handle people in real space

And of course you were better able to handle socializing and desired it when you were high on stimulants. That's what those neurotransmitters do.

Raven posted her own mental health update video a month ago. Their experiences overlap some; they even use similar examples and phrases. FWIW.

No. 815917

File: 1559306478789.png (28.24 KB, 1088x149, Kidwhatareyoudoing.PNG)

Found this under her video. I cringe at the thought of a kid talking about the toxic twosome in school

It's also crazy how long she's been a poseur - since her early teens. Jesus. get yourself an identity already that's not fake

No. 815920

File: 1559307510474.png (671.98 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2019-05-31-05-42-54…)

Didn't she say her goal was 10 more pounds 25 pounds ago?

Her sleep schedule is erratic as ever. She said she was on 3 hours of sleep in this video. She drives to her usual spot, gets stoned in the car, takes a lengthy ramble while rambling. I skipped around, might return to it if the comments allude to anything interesting.


No. 815928

I just came across Emily boo and the raven/cj drama. Did Carl die? In her video 6 months ago she says he is no longer with us

No. 815944

Because she has Peter Pan syndrome. She refuses to dress as an adult and keeps wearing tacky (usually pink) outfits and accessories thinking it makes her young. When she was younger she dressed a little more adult, as most teens do. She's pathetic and needs to accept ageing happens

No. 815952


If it was worded that way… And Emily would know. His full name was Carl Jaggard.

No. 815968

And she's not even that old, just 1/4-ish through life. And that's coincidentally when people go through changes in what they want to do with themselves etc but kaya seems…stuck? As a person?
Like she thinks her YT "career" is indefinite when she puts in 0 work, and she has no interests apart from ~g0ff~ and gardening (remember she said she gets and drops hobbies quickly? Doesn't even do that anymore).

No. 815998

Eh give it another 5 years and then let's see if she'll be thinking her "career" is infinite lol.

No. 816090

I'm aware of that, but in that case I wish they just wouldn't post because there's no way to distinguish between genuine people and people who are just making shit up.

No. 816144

File: 1559347220358.jpg (681.22 KB, 1080x2220, 987357687.jpg)

Life is pain. Life is only pain, guise.

No. 816148

Her “horrible baby-bat” looks were a lot better than the looks she lands upon presently. She hasn’t found a direction she’s comfortable with in her current physical state and it shows. Not that there is anything wrong with that, we all grow differently, but she looked more put together when she was younger because she was essentially dressing as such, young. She had a lot more confidence, friends and wasn’t with Jake. I truly feel he has encouraged unhealthy behaviours and influenced her negatively. I feel like she had so much potential when she was in the budding stages of their relationship and his toxic hold hadn’t taken over. I know this is a pretty philosophical rant to go on over a picture but it says a thousand words. She just isn’t happy and isn’t addressed the narcissistic, smug bastard elephant in the room that is Jake. The evidence is clear from their older videos in mag (if you can be arsed watching any you’ll always find one sky remark or dig at kaya from him) and systematically that can tear someone down. Even when they play the fucking sims he makes viewing uncomfortable by how much he goes on about how sexy they are. Sim characters. He really is wreckless when it comes down to considering her feelings and insecurities, or even treating her like a fellow human being. I’m surprised that their “fans” don’t see this as they are exposed to their content willingly on a daily basis. I also get the feeling that their is little to no sexual chemistry in their relationship anymore. I understand that’s hard to convey on social media but…. if you compare a couple (I know they are problematic af but bare with me) like Trisha paytas and Jason Nash… despite the toxicity and volatility of their relationship, there was still some minor degree of attraction? With kaya and Jake I get none of that. It’s truly sad to see. I know that the longevity of their careers is coming to an abrupt end soon, but they will move onto other ways to swindle people, beg, borrow, scam, gas light viewers and people into giving them what they want and funding their parasitic lifestyle as long as vulnerable people feel sorry for them. I hope it ends soon, not just for everyone’s sake, but for theirs too.

No. 816156


Thank you, Anon. I had no idea this was going on in that circle and was always curious about how these girls made money. I was kind of following Psychara’s clique back when I was interested in ‘witchcraft’ and whatever groups they were apart of, but then got tired of their holier than thou attitudes towards anyone who wasn’t in their clique. Psychara especially sometimes irritated me with what felt like, to me, attitude towards people who weren’t as invested in thrifting and the environment as she claimed to be. I like their aesthetic, even though a lot of it is copied from other artists.

No. 816185

I would say she's being melodramatic at this point. I'm gonna guess something went awry with Scotland residence?

Your sympathy is pointless and wasted. If the bitch can't see the hole she's in, that's really all on her at this point and when the inevitable crash happens, that will be on her. I used to be sympathetic to her but it's already been like 2 years. Either you get it or you don't and you can't get help unless you help yourself. If she's that blinded by how awful Jake is, WELP that's that. And plus Toxic Tears isn't great in her own right neither with her constant lazing about and whining for things instead of actually working for it. In some twisted way they are perfect for each other because I can't imagine other people willing to put up with them (well maybe Jake if he gets some desperate groupie).
Sorry if this sounds heartless but I would be saying the same thing you said back in 2017 because there was always instances of Jake being all kinds of bad for her but it just wore thin.

No. 816192

File: 1559358848725.png (100.24 KB, 920x352, 3517542196209.png)

Tbh they don't make a lot of money afaik. Brands like Killstar or Punk Rave either don't pay or pay very little at all. Psychara's family is somewhat well off, her mom is an overzealous idiot like Karen MacLeod who makes an ass of herself on IG. She has talent but is lazy as hell since her family is enabling her. Manic Moth is debt-ridden and her earnings aren't bragworthy.

Really hate the fake woke attitudes like you do but what I hate even more is when they try to pass it off as the result of their own work when it is not.

Maimagi pic related
>rolling in dead old folk's dough
>all my own hard work bought this house
smh your followers can't do it if their family is penniless, you shameless liar.

No. 816219

Oh my god. How much more pity party can she want? Life at a Kat Von D party to being extradited then living in hostels after a divorce and being engaged again… to someone in another country. Jfc. Get a grip cunt.

No. 816229

It seems more obvious than ever that IBF needs mental health support: actual counseling, not just happy pills…perhaps guidance from any friends/ family in NZ who aren't complete enablers( like her mum) who can bring her round to the idea that she is responsible for her own happiness or lack of it in her life, due to her own choices.

As many anons have said,if you truly love someone you are with them,the relationship should come first. Doesn't matter where you live ( as long as physical safety exists) if you are genuinely in love, love and commitment to each other will trump the fact that NZ is boring and has no goth scene( boo hoo).. Are her and Mr. Owl still together?

Freya is either headed for a mental breakdown or just milking her audience for cash/free accommodation/pity.

Generally I'm not very sympathetic of her tale of woe.
It sucks that influencers like her cos she is so " extra special" get get rewarded for throwing a pity party.

She needs to woman up and go home if it isn't working out, especially if Owl is still on-board for marriage and a life together.

No. 816236

You are wrong about that , ibf had many shitty jobs when she was living in NZ, and already living with Barnaby , for some reason Mr owl didn't give a shit about marrying ibf back in NZ , he proposed but didn't have the intention to actually getting married , it's funny, everybody thinks ibf used Matthias , when Matthias way or living is basically using other people , freyja and Matthias are really alike , they just use people , and care about themselves, ) ask all his exgf lol , when I say ibf uses people I mean her followers.

No. 816239

For people in their 20s and 30s they are all so pathetic. Children. It almost seems like social media defines them and they have no idea about what it takes to create a stable life while being a creative professional. I guess stability and professionalism is just something they dont get… TT is a complete loser and IBF is the worst example of someone playing dressups and leeching. She is low enough to fake the pity party so she doesn't have to sleep on another hostel bed or shared bathroom. Eeewwww….

No. 816247


If you've followed this thread and the last you'd know she got back with Owl at the very least in Dec of 2017. IBF and Matthias got two apartments in a new town in Germany and after months revealed they were getting divorced.

Various snippets from here and there suggest IBF and owl were hitting each other up before IBF/Matthias moved, or that the reason for "two apartments" was because of the breakup but they kept it quiet.

some even speculate IBF convinced Matthias to get two, to use one as a studio…and then kicked him out/kept the main apartment after the breakup. It's a decent chunk of speculation with a smattering of implications and truth scattered around.

Anyone have an idea what IBF is up to in Edinburgh? She must be sleeping somewhere right? Someone must've seen her out and about in town by now certainly?

No. 816257

I think that anon was just confused if they're still together because normal people don't try to move countries without their partner when they just got engaged lmao. With IBF it's also not unlikely that she breaks up with him in silence since the Matthias breakup/divorce also came out months later. There would definitely be a backlash if they'd flip flop and announce their engagement/upcoming marriage got cancelled again.

Oh yes, I'm also looking forward for anons taking pictures of freezer in the streets. Does anyone know on what kind of visa she is there? Is she allowed to work and rent a flat?

No. 816287

File: 1559396180683.png (1.28 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190601-143540.png)

No. 816293

> It seems more obvious than ever that IBF needs mental health support: actual counseling, not just happy pills…perhaps guidance from any friends/ family in NZ who aren't complete enablers( like her mum) who can bring her round to the idea that she is responsible for her own happiness or lack of it in her life, due to her own choices.

I don't think IBF doesn't have any friends in NZ. If she did, she would be talking with them or something. I think she really only has her mom and Mr. Owl there and she seemed to care more about being YouTube famous than making genuine friendships that aren't based on superficiality.

If this is true then fine, it wasn't easy then but still, running away to a country you don't even know (seriously, she didn't even know how to speak German competently) was incredibly stupid and the worst part is she expected people to feel sorry for her failed sham of a marriage and it's obviously she's gonna do it again.

No. 816350

File: 1559410637597.png (3.6 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190601-183135.png)


No. 816404

He's trying so fucking hard to do something fresh and he's just failing so bad

No. 816445

There's messy as an aesthetic, and then there's Jake trying and failing.
Its obvious his new "aesthetic" is all just superficial spoopy shock value, to prove he's goth again after his chav phase - its all copying and nothing that makes it unique to him. Aka he's in a mall goth phase. Skin walking Manson, visual kei, possibly rotten_hollow (who happens to be the "daddy" of Jude Bishop, Jake's #1 fan kek).
But then he turns around and looks normal at a gig… Afraid people would've made fun of him? Lol.

No. 816455

>But then he turns around and looks normal at a gig
Ikr, it's seriously so dumb. Why is he wearing stage type shit and make up on his body and face when he's just recording videos and streaming but in an actual setting where his whole aesthetic would have a purpose he doesn't dress up? He's ridiculous

No. 816458

File: 1559426987733.jpeg (431.21 KB, 1125x2436, CE7EC589-A60E-423D-8D6E-3D7BA1…)

She’s pulling the woe is me shit on her fb too

No. 816459

File: 1559427009580.jpeg (310.88 KB, 1125x2436, 88C65503-4009-45D4-BD2C-193BC1…)

No. 816491

File: 1559431428697.gif (334.09 KB, 220x123, tenor.gif)

No. 816507

Agreed. She’s trying to get sympathy from everyone and at this point, no one gives a shit. Everyone knows she NEEDS to move back home but the lazy cunt won’t. She’s past her prime as a efamous goff

No. 816550

Isn't she ''running low on moneys''? She obviously still have some cash to go clubbing & get drunk kek.

No. 816554

File: 1559436965250.jpeg (304.17 KB, 740x1123, 7856B1C8-2786-4EF2-9A7C-9841E2…)

Look who’s thirsting in Reeree’s comments. Is it confirmed he’s broken up with his lady?

No. 816580

Gangrene who? Anyway, Jake looks like shit in all of his attempts to be alt. It will always come off as try hard, no matter how OTT or toned down he looks because he isn't alt at all, just a normie dude into some metal. I wonder if he claims goth because metalheads would call him a poseur and a fag, that and he knows the kiddies will come flocking to him because they think goth = black shit and really bad "metal" music

Probably tried to find a Scottish goff husband just to stay in Edinburgh and all of them said no. Now she's depressed, kek

No. 816600

I can think of a few guys in the Edinburgh scene who might be desperate enough.

No. 816602

I wouldn't say she's there quite, it'll start happening when people tell her to shove off when they get tired of her moaning all the time. She dug her own grave, she'll have to deal with it herself as she's the only one who can fix the problem.

Don't give her ideas now lol

No. 816614

Shit like this makes me wonder if he's projecting, trying to 'help his aud