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File: 1553745991958.jpg (666.01 KB, 980x3208, most active monkeyhate tubers.…)

No. 791123

For years there have been people on Youtube who comment and upload their torturous hate for monkeys, particularly baby macaques. Some make their disturbing comments on any type of monkey videos, others reupload innocent/caged/injured/stressed monkeys from usually Asian sources. There's evidence some of these people use baby monkeys as a substitute for pedophiliac thoughts/Hurtcore (torture porn of children), and have displays of mental illness for being so open and believing their hate is only natural.

The purpose of this thread is to display info of this matter so that lolcow will become aware this is happening. Post any screenshots you can. Generally nothing can be done to get these people arrested, despite some using their real names, since the reposted videos were filmed in Asian countries and do not display human-on-animal abuse. There are some advocates like Joanna Flores (https://www.macaques-plight.com) who try to take action in getting monkeyhate channels removed. If you do find conclusive evidence of pedophilia or zoosadism please report the authorities closest to the criminal, and report actual animal abuse videos to Youtube.

Some links to users with videos or playlists on their channel:
Peter Ridell - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgPSRDgdu6zJDU8HPDkBNcg
Solita Skidmark - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi2_Appl1EGMCDzNrv1Op_Q
No Ads To Watch Monkeys - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHfNVCpppY21JNc5QTVfEmQ
cp pc - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZzpOYUtAHu2ubrulj4svBg
killbabymonkeys -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvHGWO2MqjAmqtYdCMUI6Vw
abigdumb gayidiot - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaCPkuYCvYGuzWFYRcKdd0Q

More info will be posted ITT.

No. 791124

File: 1553746070713.png (2.84 MB, 1300x6220, summary.png)

Here's a pretty good image summary. Note that these images are from 4chan's /x/, I am simply compiling em and will be summarizing some of the more milky monkeycows.

No. 791125

File: 1553746188383.jpg (454.29 KB, 1400x1200, comments.jpg)

Reddit and the Youtube community have taken a notice as well. Nexpo has mentioned them 5 minutes in this video:

Pic is more examples of the typical sadistic crap they comment.

No. 791126

File: 1553746281117.png (539.84 KB, 1000x813, Peter.png)

"Peter Ridell" is one of the more obvious users. His name and avatar is from Peter Scully, a child groomer/trafficker and creator of 'Daisy's Destruction,' his infamous child sexual torture video. The Youtube user has a Discord and has the video in posession, a screenshot is shown.
It's speculated "Peter Ridell" is this guy: https://www.youtube.com/user/DDZEN14/
since the Peter account used a singing video for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eH7DOkjS7Sk&feature=youtu.be&t=325

Another user on the OP list similarly has a hurtcore felon and editor of Daisy's Destruction, Matthew David Graham, for his avatar.

No. 791127

File: 1553746381450.png (1.32 MB, 1752x658, CP code.png)

Example of them using this as a CP sub.

No. 791129

File: 1553746441505.jpg (239.89 KB, 754x1410, Peosphoros.jpg)

One of Peter Ridell's followers, Peosphoros. Samples of his comments plus some of his gay pedo failed metalhead content he tries to make on Youtube.

No. 791130

File: 1553746489941.jpg (784.32 KB, 851x2730, Anthony.jpg)

Anthony Demski, a man openly violent enough to maybe get investigated if someone can file a report.

No. 791132

File: 1553746548827.jpg (823.03 KB, 1444x2030, Kathryn.jpg)

No. 791133

File: 1553746605637.jpg (47.96 KB, 484x220, facebook retards.jpg)

A facebook group. Full of the sociopath tendency of using their real names because they don't think they are wrong.

No. 791134

File: 1553746698665.png (197.06 KB, 1488x2059, anon's experiment.png)

An anon made a channel with mirrors of monkey videos to get some data.

That's all I've got for now.

No. 791145

Holy shit what the fuck did I walk in on.

No. 791160

Its a pity the likes of peta don't go after these cunts rather than complaining about how mario and pokemon encourage animal abuse-but then peta is all about money and dont give an actual shit about animals. Im actually thankful this thread has been made to at least alert people to this shit, felt sick when in my ignorant youth I came across surprise animal abuse videos.

No. 791163

Wow holy shit. Where else is this being discussed online?

No. 791170

was there an /x/ thread on this? Might want to try to archive it if so.

No. 791179

There seem to be a lot of women who project their hate of their own babies / motherhood onto the videos of baby monkeys being hurt by their mothers, saying shit like "he deserved it, he was being impossible to handle" "you would get mad too with a baby constantly grabbing at your teets", scary.

No. 791191

What the fuck

This is now the worst current thread on /snow/

No. 791217

I'm so glad there's a thread for this. I've been following this shit since it first cropped up on /x/, and it's so bizarre.

A new /x/ thread needs to be made, but that was the last one. All /x/ threads are automatically archived via 4plebs.

No. 791274

this made me sick to my stomach…holy shit i wasn't aware till now that this exists. how long till those sickos stop projecting on baby monkeys and start hurting actual children?

No. 791376

i'd give it a year for most of them. at most

No. 791382

If the words of the guy who sent a DD gif, and one anon in the /x/ threads who claimed to be part of that "community" are to be believed, some of them already are.

No. 791398

Honestly, I don't even know but these people will definitely move onto human beings when they can (even if you somehow don't care about their sadistic fantasies on innocent living things).

spreading the knowledge of it would be a good start

No. 791399

It gets even worse guys. There are hour long “babies in pain” compilation that get the exact same comments on them. Search something like “baby ears pierced” and you’ll find comments like the baby monkey posters. These people are absolutely sadopedos projecting, they literally comment this shit on real babies too

No. 791405


Everyone see this vid. It is a really disgusting example.

No. 791411

Mixed clips of Daisy's Destruction and monkey torture

No. 791420

File: 1553823470579.png (786.46 KB, 1476x974, sickfucks.png)

I wish you were bluffing on this.

No. 791421

The clips are of DD's intro and music

No. 791424

File: 1553823614453.png (135.4 KB, 1442x924, sickfucks1.png)

No. 791425

File: 1553823706910.png (161.13 KB, 1582x960, sickfucks2.png)

No. 791429

the intro and music? i think that was confirmed as real

No. 791431

File: 1553824159516.gif (376.85 KB, 400x290, 8FA156A9-FD53-475B-B742-35BACE…)

>This thread

No. 791433

Can you confirm it's the real music? I have no idea how to find the actual ''intro music'' for daisys destruction.

No. 791442

This is awful, look at the comments


No. 791443

Good god, I imagine at least one of them will eventually catch herpes trying to catch a Floridian Rhesus Monkey.

This might just be the most upsetting OP ever posted to lolcow.

No. 791444

File: 1553827100807.png (216.74 KB, 1286x626, whatthe.PNG)

I don't understand the hatred for these animals, maybe it's because they're as close to human as it gets?
This is seriously disturbing, even more disturbing that there's HUNDREDS of videos/playlists dedicated to this.
What the fuck man

No. 791445

File: 1553827156041.png (85.87 KB, 1880x1045, xvMVm4n.png)

No. 791450

I noticed a lot of the compilations in >>791420 have comments disabled. I wonder if that's why.

No. 791456


The description says:
>.. / .– .. .-.. .-.. / ..-. .. -. -.. / .- / - — -. / — ..-. / -… .- -… -.– / – — -. -.- . -.– … / .- -. -.. / … .-.. .- ..- –. …. - . .-. / - …. . – .-.-.- / – .- -. -.– / .– .. .-.. .-.. / .–. .-. .- .. … . / – . .-.-.-

Which means:

Fuck these people.

No. 791469

Mister Metokur was going to make a video about it also.

No. 791470

I get not liking monkeys bc they're wild animals and violent towards people.

But what the fuck. This is obviously a standing for human violence. Most killers start off hurting animals.

No. 791472

File: 1553836720979.jpeg (170.22 KB, 840x380, 5F4CF65C-0A8D-4B28-B6C1-F1C8F8…)

Between this and the zoosadists I feel very depressed. Why are humans so fucked up? Why don't these people have any shame? They sound so gleeful.

No. 791494

stop blubbing retard, 0.01% of people are like this but muh
>humans are awful
fuck you, get some perspective

No. 791512

YT needs to shut this shit down.

No. 791518

I wonder if this is some kind of racist code? As in non white people are all apes and therefore should be destroyed?

No. 791521

File: 1553858435435.png (187.63 KB, 747x544, 1552275221621.png)

Nope, it's not. These people straightforwardly just hate monkeys, especially baby monkeys. When you spend enough time reading the comments, you realize it's not code or some "nod nod wink" shit. These people write full-on essays on how much they hate "all 22 species of macaque", and you know there's no code there.
Besides, it's not like anyone in YouTube comments actually gets in trouble for racism. They wouldn't need to look at monkey videos to post /pol/tard bullshit.

No. 791522

File: 1553858837869.png (304.68 KB, 841x1995, 1552394609459.png)

This was the screencap I wanted to show. Many of them bring up the "uncanny valley" as an explanation for their hatred.
Like…it's all very monkey-specific, and all of these people seem to be boomers of a myriad of races, not 18-26 year old white dudes who mistakenly think they're clever.

No. 791525

I feel like Soren made this thread ive never heard the term hurt/core used by anyone but soren. Still, wtf

No. 791527

tbh I kind of get it. I fucking hate monkeys and apes as well and the only ones I can stand to look at are orangutans. All the shit about uncanny valley, them being too close to humans and it being a fear that triggers anger and revulsion rings totally true for me.

What I don't understand is purposefully seeking that kind of content out. Even though I hate them it doesn't make me happy to see videos of them being hurt, and I can't imagine feeling the need to comment with all these gross fantasies. Though on some level I suppose it might be like typing
>kill it with fire!
under a video of tarantulas or more common animal phobias.

No. 791533

Some of those people are clearly drawing parallels between monkey and human babies, giving them human characteristics like "misbehaving", attention seeking, rudeness etc.. The belief that the monkeys should be "punished" for something is prevalent. This is not just repulsion and uncanny valley. Seriously, it's creepy as fuck. I hope these people are not around any children.

No. 791539

Yeah, this guy seems awfully intent on convincing everyone it's JUST baby monkey vids, nothing to see here, etc. Did absolutely nothing to address the weird pedophilic links/tendencies. I would honestly bet he's running interference

No. 791546

He definitely is

No. 791551

Agreed. Baby monkeys are just a gateway for sadists, because they're not actually human, which means there's less of a guilt factor for less advanced sadists. In fact, by hyper-fixating on the differences between humans versus monkeys, they can try to rationalize their issues, and even attempt to isolate their sadistic thoughts to baby monkeys instead of human ones. That's where I think the insane rants like what's shown in >>791522 come from. In some twisted form of self-therapy, they literally study and search for "good" reasons to hate monkeys. Sane people who just think monkeys are gross don't need to do that (and they also don't get jollies from seeing them hurt). They just see a monkey, think "Ugly, nasty, scary, don't like it" and that's it.
I don't think their form of "self-medication" works so effectively, considering the Peter Riddell user and his obvious penchant for content of real children.
I think for many of them, it's just a matter of time until things escalate to this point:
Then "hurtcore" CP on more obscure channels (if they can find it), and finally, in the absolute worst case scenario, actual child abuse. This has probably been going on for a long time, it's only with the advent of the internet that we get to see these sick people's progression in real time.

No. 791559

File: 1553871151456.jpg (274.37 KB, 600x600, 1553206662235.jpg)

Several people from the /x/ threads drew parallels between this "baby monkey hate" community, the MLP "fluffy abuse" community (>>>/ot/65998/), and this guy who wrote/drew baby Smurf torture porn as an obvious stand-in for his own pedophilic thoughts:
The whole "story" is a little weird from the start, but as the author gets comfortable, the torture becomes progressively more graphic and disturbing. There's nothing outright sexual, but there's an odd fixation on their "tails" and other shit that just doesn't sit right. I think the most bizarre part of the thread is that the "normal" Smurf fans on the forum don't see anything "off" about any of this, and even encourage the author. Only one person points out how fucked up it all is, but he gets called a "troll" and booed out of the thread.
It really seems like these sorts of people derive pleasure from nestling themselves in fandoms for "innocent" media, and establishing their own community for others with twisted urges within said fandoms. The baby animal side of YouTube, My Little Pony, The Smurfs….I'm sure there are others.

No. 791560

File: 1553871292302.png (384.61 KB, 1051x993, 1552561775356.png)

I do want to say, when it comes to the baby monkeys, some people theorize that the owners of some of these channels know that they have a dedicated audience for the monkeys getting hurt, so they give videos titles like "Poor Baby Monkey is Hurt and Beaten Cry" when nothing of the sort is happening. It's either that, or in the case of more malicious, money-hungry uploaders, the monkeys are very deliberately hurt or put in situations that will cause them injury (pic related is some speculation on that).

No. 791562

This thread has been about as horrifying as the Furry expose. Mostly bc the furry one taught me what these sadist types seek out so the monkey freaks probably are into the same kind of shit if they can find it.

I'm spreading news of this (not the thread, obviously just the topic) on social media even though my reach isn't huge. The best I can do is report on sight and tell people I know about it so they can do what they think is right as well. I do hope I didn't awaken some monkey sadism shit in others lmao

No. 791596

The zoosadist group/Kero the Wolf saga.
Probably the worst scandal I've ever personally witnessed come out of the internet in real time.

No. 791601

hurt/core is a real brand of cp, anon, not something made up.

this stuff is fucked up and it's definitely not fabricated. no need to tinfoil about something with this much evidence.

No. 791618

I think this could have been a thing on tumblr, too. 6-ish years ago I stumbled across a blog of a guy that mainly posted selfies and pictures of monkeys and crying children.

One of the most unsettlings parts of this is that they're so comfortable sharing their identity even with the clear fixation on infants and parallels between humans. What makes them so emboldened in their degeneracy?

No. 791691

If this is Peter Ridell, as you say, he is really REALLY strange.


No. 791720

You're overthinking it. Monkeys just inspire a deep sense of revulsion in some people, sort of like how some people are fixated on watching pimples get popped and larva removed from skin. They may not necessarily be evil people (though based on a screenshot above there are a large number of legitimate sadists in the "community"), they are just set off by one very specific thing. Sometimes low-level, possibly adaptive reactions do lead to weird thoughts and behaviors like this.

No. 791724

This is bullshit. I hate and am very repulsed by numerous animals but I would never want to see them hurt or seek this shit out. I feel like there’s a WK in this thread. The Richard guy mentioned the thread too

No. 791726

i guess i'm like one of the people that has an irrational fear of monkeys but that doesn't mean i'd ever seek out content of monkeys getting hurt tf. i just don't want them near me and that's it.

No. 791730

File: 1553892089371.png (2.03 MB, 943x930, monkeyfreak.PNG)

His instagram gives me terrible secondhand embarrassment.

No. 791740

This is such a bad excuse for wanting living beings to be tortured.

No. 791742

There's been a lot of edgelords around the boards recently and its gross

No. 791756

fuck me, he's awful

No. 791762

So what about the people who have an hatred towards rats, cats and dogs? Are they being racist too? Or is it only racist when they abuse monkeys? Remember they call them ''tree rat'' and ''vermin''.

No. 791764

???? I don't understand the hate for animals. I'm not even a vegan treehugger or shit I just don't get the specific hate for primates… I think they're cool

What kind of revulsion? I don't get it… This seems like mental illness

No. 791777

Youtube disables comments permanently on some channels at random yet lets this revolting shit stay up? It's truly deeply disturbing. I hope these people are evaluated and kept away from anyone or anything they can hurt.

No. 791802

File: 1553904706583.jpg (946.77 KB, 1539x1197, 1553011857771.jpg)

I see the monkey haters have invaded this thread, too.
No. You don't look up videos of animals that gross you out being tortured.
I can't stand cockroaches or mosquitoes. Their very existence repulses me. Just thinking about them makes my skin crawl, much less looking at them. That said, I don't look up videos of roaches and mosquitoes being tortured and write elaborate torture fantasies about them. A living creature crying out in pain is not the same as a pimple getting popped or worm removal (both of which can bring out a vicarious sense of relief - if another living thing's pain brings you relief, there is something wrong with you). When you fixate on such things, it can't be classed as mere intense revulsion anymore. It's obsession. Revulsion drives you away, not toward.
I'm sorry, but however you try to justify it, the words in pic related can not come from a sane, right-minded human. These people need help for their psychosis. This shit isn't just a "quirk".

No. 791854

Zach(Peter) ''rapping'' about killing pigeons.


No. 791894

I've always disliked or even felt something like hatred towards monkeys too, perhaps the "uncanny valley" thing is real but same as you I would never seek out or enjoy content like this. Reading the comments has me thoroughly disturbed. The amount of pleasure these people get from describing their torture and murder fantasies is something much darker.

No. 791924

Anon I think this is just some random autistic guy. Peter Ridell/Scully is a boomer and also is in Philippines jail.

No. 791941

he goes by the name Peter Ridell on YT and uses a pic of him as his icon

No. 792019

No shit, he's even in a jumpsuit in the monkey freak's pfp. The screencap I posted is the insta of the guy featured on the Peter Ridell channel. I don't know if they're connected or not but being a self important autist with no friends sounds pretty in-line for someone that wants to murder baby animals.

No. 792023

It's crazy how they're all publicly open with their facebook names. Maybe they don't think monkey hating is bad.

No. 792129


>>0.01% of people are evil scumfucks

Oh anon you sweet summer child. Even if that number was correct, thats like 550k Hitlers, Pol Pots, and Stalins out there, running companies and businesses. You only need one empathy short-circuited fucker to run a monkey torture website or darknet forum to spread videos like these.

So let's say there's half a mil true evil folk in the world, and a hundred million poor, wretched, desperate souls who will do anything to feed themselves or their families, especially in Asia, in places like Thailand, to produce child porn, or baby animal crushing videos.

The world is a fucked up place. I suggest all of you carve out a nice little corner of the world for yourselves and your loved ones, protect yourselves, and preserve your sanities.

Sorry for the rant, I am deeply disturbed by this (but love that we're talking about it nonetheless).

No. 792138


This isn't a mukbang cringe thread, where you can whiteknight and make normal people see from your perspective, like yeah it's cringy but it helps me with my diet, or some shit.

If you're part of a community that has "many sadists" and you choose to come here and DEFEND said community,then something's broken deep inside of you, and you need fucking therapy.

If you feel vindicated or feel psychological/emotional relief from watching babies gets injured or killed, scared or crying, then you're worthless garbage. Bye

No. 792155

No. 792199

Dumb question but in cases like this thread is cowtipping still off limits? These are genuinely dangerous people, at what point does it become okay to report someone?

No. 792204

you can do whatever you want on your own time, just don't do your gathering or report about your efforts here. don't involve lolcow.

No. 792241

This is really true.

No. 792288

Nobody's defending it, there's just an explanation as to why some otherwise normal people have an irrational revulsion towards monkeys. That doesn't excuse what they say and do, but there is an explanation beyond some bullshit Freudian 'they're just sadists using monkeys as a surrogate for children'. You guys need to learn the difference between explanation vs. excuse. I was specifically replying to the armchairing anon's claims.

No. 792291

When I saw this thread title I thought I was having a fever dream. Then I read it, and I somehow hate YouTube even more, now.

Is this some massive troll campaign? What the hell is going on?

No. 792474

You're blatantly ignoring the parts where they describe them as if they were human children, that's why people are saying you're whiteknighting. We've already covered that this isn't an irrational revulsion. This is sadism.

No. 792483

Jim O'Metokur recap's up.

No. 792514

No. 792533

File: 1554068516973.png (13.72 KB, 427x204, Peter hating movies again.PNG)

No. 792564


this youtuber covered this gross community in a very investigative way. going back to the assumed first posts about monkey baby haters.

No. 792889

File: 1554172581344.png (17.2 KB, 529x170, 4chan user.PNG)

This incel tries to hurt the monkey haters feelings by sounding like one of those self hating emo kids.

No. 792967

Several years ago on an early rendition of an anonymous confesssions thread on GBS on Something Awful, there was a dude who submitted his hatred for monkeys and his urge to kill them. That was the first and last time I ever heard about that being a thing, until now.


No. 794068

This is so fucking bizzare. It's obviously thinly veiled pedophilia mixed with zoosadisim.
These people are subhuman. I absolutely loathe moths and fish but I would never want to see someone ripping the wings off a moth or torturing a fish. It's still a living creature at the end of the day.

The nightmare never ends with these twisted groups of degenerates.

No. 794395

that guy is so obviously trolling though. it's obvious you can't recognize that, which most of these freaks can't either

monkey haters get out pls

No. 794757

You're that incel cunt. That's why you're upset.

No. 794799

If you believe that there isn't a sizable group of people who hold that opinion then I have bad news for you. And if it is a troll then it's a shit one; trolling is only effective within a given community when there isn't a large group of people there who say the things that the troll does.

No. 795175

Looks like a thin pregory

No. 795274

I think Peter Ridell deleted his channel, I can’t access that video from before

No. 795855

I was trying to think of what CP could stand for (in regards to CP Daily and co.) other than child pornography, and I recall reading that some of these monkey videos come from Cambodia. What if it stands for Cambodia Primates? What do you guys think?

No. 795988

While doing some research on the reasoning behind why most of these people hate monkeys I found this:
At least what I got from this thread, most people that hate monkeys hold them to the same standard as a human/ being the closest to being our biological relative, yet at the same time understand that they are animals. They find majority of the monkeys behavior disgusting as to how they treat other monkeys and often times humans (stealing tourists money, items, etc). It's also interesting how many pointed out that many animals behave the same as monkeys but particular hate them specifically (adding how many hold monkeys to the same standard as humans). There is definitely different elements of hatred for baby monkeys from these people, theres obviously a pedophilic, sadistic, and fetishy element to this hatred, but at the same time an inferior hatred for monkeys as well

No. 796021

How did such a large community go unnoticed until now and

No. 796022

*and what other worse shit is out there?

No. 798575

It's just pretty obvious he's trolling though. Not sure how that makes me the guy.
And no, white women aren't in any danger, in the US or sny modern country. Don't try to act like Lauren Southern because some mixed-race troll threw an incel threat to a child/animal abuser
the ''P'' part probably means primates, yes

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