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File: 1561726110826.png (Spoiler Image, 269.34 KB, 720x641, wtf.png)

No. 828640

Develv is an artist on deviantart known for making fetish art of eunuchs. The account itself is apparently shared between two sisters, Elveo is her sisters private account.

A large number of the historical subjects of the art are young boys who were horribly mutilated and sometimes even raped. She also seems to have an extremely warped view of what eunuchs actually look like, as seen in the OP pic.

In her own words, she thinks that eunuchs are:

>They are like angels - pure, innocent, sexless, they are less aggressive, not subject to passions and stupid desires. They are sweet and kind by character, and pretty by appearance.

Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/develv/

Elveo's deviantart:


No. 828648

So she mentioned in some of her comments that when they were young they used to draw their own characters but they didn't know what men's genitals looked like so the drew males without any sex organs
they now interpret this as they were actually drawing eunuchs in their youth and just didn't know it

No. 828649

File: 1561727109517.jpg (478.19 KB, 1000x570, 1561639581571.jpg)

OP here, I will post some pictures and general information about her that has already been posted in the bad art thread (>>>/m/38098)

a lot of her art seems to be quite misogynistic

No. 828651

File: 1561727213518.jpg (387.71 KB, 800x591, 1561652443156.jpg)

No. 828652

File: 1561727249588.jpg (Spoiler Image, 133.32 KB, 735x886, 1561641723170.jpg)

No. 828653

Here comes the rabbit hole

No. 828654

File: 1561727275597.png (Spoiler Image, 159.19 KB, 720x1111, 1561701731621.png)

"""facts""" about eunuchs

No. 828655

translation of one of the comments on her account, sums it up pretty nicely:

>Leaving aside the value of your artistic work, which has it, if you allow me, I would like to make a small criticism: I do not seem neither historically nor morally correct that idealized and romantic vision you show about eunuchs. Yes, there were, as you say, eunuchs who were dignified people, with many qualities: beauty, intelligence, talent and loyalty. But all those qualities were innate to his person, emerged from his personality, did not arise from having been subjected and humiliated to an inhuman, cruel and bloody process as was that of the eunuchs. To hide that reality, the great negative sequels, both psychological and physical, that this process had for them, to hide that pain, is a lack of respect and recognition for those figures, and it is not historically accurate. You speak as if their qualities and achievements arose from this terrible event, you deny their personality and dignity as human beings, you reduce them to the fact of having suffered horrible mutilation, that is what makes them special for you, and that is not fair. No one deserves what they suffered. There is also no scientific evidence to show that men whose genitals have been mutilated are less passionate than other human beings, who become a kind of angels away from passions, desires and worldly feelings, that is ridiculous. The loss of the genitals and their autonomy has nothing positive for the person who suffers it. The truth, I can not imagine someone speaking in that tone about other practices as cruel as the clitoris ablation, for example. I would have liked to leave this comment in English, but I do not speak the language well enough, I'm sorry. Thank you

No. 828656

File: 1561727433819.jpg (8.16 KB, 194x275, 1561722248348.jpg)

real African eunuch

No. 828658

File: 1561727495217.jpg (50.54 KB, 208x275, 1561722306163.jpg)

vs how she draws them

No. 828659

Has she been involved in drama though?

No. 828660

I dont think so?

No. 828661

sorry for samfag, but the couple she drew here is apparently a ruler and his slave

No. 828663

well she has a tendency to delete comments that criticize her work but she never confronts them

No. 828666

File: 1561727748043.png (94.38 KB, 720x621, 20190628_191033.png)

She thinks eunuch is a 3rd gender

No. 828668

File: 1561727811154.png (107.4 KB, 1280x417, 20190628_211751.png)

No. 828670

I think she and her sister also have a tumblr, i bet the stuff there is worse

No. 828672

i think elveo has a tumblr


i didnt notice it when i first made the thread, sorry

No. 828678

File: 1561728485654.jpg (188.5 KB, 440x660, dcfb2x4-12c34c40-3587-4800-9c6…)

From her sisters account
Notarasand Mehmed the Conqueror

>Jacob Notaras(The Son of Byzantine Naval commander), was sent to Mehmed's harem. The only one male survivor of the Notaras family, Jacob escaped from the Ottomans in 1460.

This is the worst thing about them,they take real historical instances of rape and mutilation and completely whitewash it

No. 828687

File: 1561729354751.png (812.3 KB, 720x876, 20190628_214023.png)

Mehmed and radu by elveo

I find it disturbing that the black haired one looks like a flat chested snow white

No. 828691

Can someone pls knock some sense into these people

No. 828696

this "pairing" is so strange though, im pretty sure neither of those people were eunuchs or especially feminine

No. 828701

File: 1561730468801.png (769.77 KB, 720x939, 20190628_135522.png)

>"Eunuch and man"

No. 828706

File: 1561730867203.jpg (88.6 KB, 538x800, 1561614016278.jpg)

Another one of elveos works

No. 828708

If eunuchs are pure sexless angels then why are the constantly drawing shipping art of them with men?

No. 828717

File: 1561731846386.jpg (169.11 KB, 792x860, d6qsi4w-7d13af97-7d0d-4261-930…)


she said the one on the right is supposed to be a tranny, for a change. she literally tried to claim that men don't have belly fat in the description. please explain why so many men have beer guts then.

tinfoil, but what if shes a lesbian with interalised homophobia? its the only rational explanation for all this that i can think of.

No. 828718

so they're fujoshi, but they also romanticize male castration. double oof

No. 828719


Why are the real women in her art always look ugly compared to the "men"

No. 828722

When does a man look like that without plastic surgery lol even then

No. 828723

File: 1561732681893.jpg (285.41 KB, 900x641, d8p0os2-68c57dcd-cf17-4ac2-a4f…)

Yes put in all the "eunuch types" except the REAL ones

No. 828726

File: 1561732887574.jpg (134.98 KB, 848x942, oriental_lovers_by_elveo_d9x2k…)

More real historical figures

No. 828729

What a retard. Either that or baiting hard.

No. 828730

File: 1561733039471.jpg (11.49 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

real eunuchs usually ended up looking like men as adults didnt they? why does this girl think they looked like tall godess bishies?

No. 828731

why do they romanticize children getting raped

No. 828736

File: 1561733730828.png (99.18 KB, 720x660, 20190628_224128.png)

Sage.Sorry but the comment here really triggered me

Ok ok ok

>Eunuchs naturally prefer men??

WTF what an autist. So eunuchs automatically prefer men? Because their "effeminate" in your version and they JUST CANT be attracted to those gross baby making women? Get your head out of your ass i know you just want that wET yAOI

Like in general i hate the mindset that feminine men always have to be gay (based on the recent stuff i noticed in art nowaday) cant an effeminate man be straight/bi

No. 828744

File: 1561734103701.png (234.74 KB, 720x937, 20190628_225841.png)

The description on this post. I dunno Im just not sure how true these are neither do i want to do research

No. 828747

File: 1561734164335.png (186.1 KB, 720x959, 20190628_225919.png)

I HIGHLY doubt the last one

No. 828760

File: 1561734794931.jpg (15.44 KB, 480x385, concern.jpg)


>Persian King's lover Bogoas,a eunuch of remarkable beauty and in the very flower of "boyhood"

>Malik Kafur who was very intelligent;the "boy" became his consort

>Radu Dracula was the source of Sultan's burning lobe and passions,he became his male concubine

No. 828763

File: 1561734879855.jpg (146.99 KB, 1280x613, deva_s_artworks_by_develv_dd5c…)

A timeline of their art.

It really is a shame because they have the potential to draw art based on lesser-known eras but decided to throw castration into the mix.

No. 828764

File: 1561735051791.jpeg (31.1 KB, 739x415, images (2).jpeg)

No. 828767

not to wk her, but a lot of her art would be really gorgeous if it wasnt for the obvious

No. 828769

No. 828771

This is just like the virgin/chad meme lol

I love this kind of shit OP. I want more weird threads like this. Takes me back to the old days of early encyclopedia dramatica

No. 828773

File: 1561735700358.jpg (90.97 KB, 1000x603, ancient_and_modern_by_develv_d…)

her take on 'old art' vs 'modern art'

No. 828774

>and they laughing at us

No. 828778

I agree, it's such a waste of talent.


From Wikipedia:
>The Roman poet Martial rails against a woman who has sex with partially castrated eunuchs (those whose testicles were removed or rendered inactive only) in the bitter epigram (VI, 67): "Do you ask, Panychus, why your Caelia only consorts with eunuchs? Caelia wants the flowers of marriage – not the fruits."

Removing a man's balls doesn't automatically make him gay, and certainly not into a woman.
These two sisters got a real mix of possible homophobia, misogyny, yaoi love and pro-NAMBLA shit going on

No. 828786

Ah yes, the same Radu (younger brother of Vlad "The Impaler" Dracul, btw) who was likely brainwashed by the Empire from the age of 5, stabbed Mehmed, and then later … took a wife and had a child. uwu together forever

What a love story.

No. 828787

File: 1561736512381.jpg (13.96 KB, 174x300, dcpvisc-6c34f114-55aa-48f5-a0a…)

She appears to base her boy character's looks on herself.

No. 828788

Whered you get her pic anon?

No. 828791

its posted on the elveo deviantart account

but i think there's two of them, two sisters, running the develv account

No. 828793

Wow, shocking. A self-hating fujo who wishes she was a uwu bishie boi who gets romantically castrated and raped!

No. 828796

Theirs a subreddit called r/ftmPunished
Its a forced feminization subredit in which Transmen(TIFs) post about wanting to raped and feminized
I think these 2 sisters might have similar "mindset" as the TIFs on ftmPunished

No. 828797

Look up Jacob Notaras on Google images. These bitches poisoned the waterhole.

No. 828798

File: 1561737533126.png (38.37 KB, 858x291, f.PNG)

from their pateron page thuer names Develv & Elveo

No. 828799

>Jacob Notaras (Greek: Ιάκωβος Νοταράς) (c. 1439 – c. 1491; Jacob/Iakobos, not Isaac/Isaakios, as is occasionally reported) was the youngest son of the Grand Duke Loukas Notaras. Jacob was said to be an exceptionally beautiful boy who caught the attention of the sultan Mehmed II, in 1453 after the Fall of Constantinople, when the conqueror visited the house of Notaras. Three days afterwards, Loukas Notaras was executed along with his son and son-in-law, while Jacob was reserved for the pleasure of the sultan.[1] Thus, after the execution of his father and brother, Jacob found the sultan’s favour by being added to Mehmed's harem, most likely as his catamite. He stayed in the seraglio until 1460 and then escaped from Adrianopolis to Italy, where he reunited with his three sisters: Anna, Theodora and Euphrosyne. He later married Elizabeth Zampetis, and apparently was unhappy with his personal life. Some claim a direct descent from Loukas Notaras, but the only son who survived was Jacob, who bore no children.

Oh god thats just utterly horrible

No. 828802

Did they edit his wikipedia page too??


>"Jacob was said to be an exceptionally beautiful boy who caught the attention of the sultan Mehmed II"

>"He later married Elizabeth Zampetis, and apparently was unhappy with his personal life."

No. 828804

Did they edit his wikipedia page too??


>"Jacob was said to be an exceptionally beautiful boy who caught the attention of the sultan Mehmed II"

>"He later married Elizabeth Zampetis, and apparently was unhappy with his personal life."

No. 828805

File: 1561738071330.jpeg (42.91 KB, 612x501, images (3).jpeg)

I found this and I feel sick to my stomach….

No. 828807

so disgusting. its not like he was there out of his own free will since he eventually escaped lol. the wikipedia article also strongly implies that he was raped.

No. 828808

File: 1561738470373.jpeg (45.7 KB, 650x472, images (4).jpeg)

>lol no

No. 828812

This blogpost also states that he was kidnapped at 12 and escaped at 19, so he was a teen the entire time: http://porphyryand.blogspot.com/2019/01/what-really-happened-to-loukas-notaras.html?m=1

No. 828818

Ah, russian here. It was never actually explicitly proven that Ivan the Terrible had a male lover. He was never well-liked and the relationship between the two was "documented" in passing by people who hated either Fyodor or Ivan. It is certainly a possibility that they did fuck, but it was never implied/stated by anyone without bias. So yeah, doubtful, but could have happened.
Fun fact, kinda pertaining to the thread and the whole eunuch thing. Fyodor is often played by women in russian movies/theatre.
Another fun fact, Fyodor likely died by Ivan's hand, either in prison or by execution. Before that he was ordered by Ivan to kill his own father (which he did), so yeah, very romantic, sure.

No. 828835

I'm curious besides >>828649 have they ever posted any "real" women on their pages

No. 828839

File: 1561742123121.jpg (59.06 KB, 1024x526, john_sphrantzes_the_son_of_geo…)

Yeah pic related - SYKE it's another man. Or boy according to her. I dunno which is worse.

No. 828840


this one >>828717
but she only drew the woman to show how much ~prettier ugu~ men are

No. 828842

their art gives me the heebie-jeebies. from the lifeless, glassy eyes to the fetishized bishie bodies, and the romanticization of young boys being sexually abused. it all looks so uncanny and gross.

No. 828845

File: 1561743113051.png (353.79 KB, 1150x623, 2308204.png)

On Elveo's tumblr she actually says she edited those.

Also this thread just opened a bizarro world for me. While looking up information about Ivan the Terrible just to be sure that I remember the facts correctly, I found fanfiction about Ivan and Fyodor on a most popular russian fanfic website. It's just fucking weird to me? There are plenty of those fanfics and they are fairly well rated and commented on, so they are popular. I won't say it's particularly weird to ship historical figures (fucking hell, the most recent russian yaoi/slash craze is shipping battle rappers and/or youtubers who are usually 100% heterosexual and have well-documented girlfriends which is another fucking can of worms ridiculous thing, but it never got popular or even noticed by communities outside of Russia so barely anyone has an issue with it) but this just seems wrong. These are real people. There is no proof they fucked.
I don't want to come off as a "typical russian homophobe", but this is just complete nonsense to me? Surely there are historical figures that are proven to be homosexual. Russian ones too. Why not make art of those instead of romanticizing/fetishizing something deeply problematic?

Their art actually reminds me of that one japanese card game that has historical figures portrayed as anime girls. Just as historically accurate. Apparently every maybe-homosexual historical figure was a baby-faced bishounen type.
So much talent wasted on drawing absolutely bizarre things.

No. 828847

yea lmfao theres ivan x fyodor fanfiction on ao3 too, i wonder if our favourite sister duo has anything to do with it

No. 828848

File: 1561743426461.jpg (69.84 KB, 500x316, tumblr_o8ety4EGR71u6zoljo1_500…)

There is a gift art for some of Elveos romanian friends. So she draws women, just the women she knows though. Others can be a caricature.

No. 828851

They look like trannies to me for some reason

No. 828862

File: 1561744999690.jpg (82.82 KB, 500x721, tumblr_nsb8r1mCu01u6zoljo1_500…)

Also from the same tumblr. This piece is subtitled "Brothers in love."
Yes, those are Vlad and Radu Dracul. Yes, Elveo says that those are original characters merely based on historical figures, but she still calls them brothers.
So that's incest to add to the list of weird things those girls condone. Yikes.

Pretty sure there were more suggestive drawings than this one, but this one jumped out to me as straight up admission of brotherfuckery.

No. 828863

File: 1561745030670.jpg (70.74 KB, 500x682, tumblr_nq7cgzrhbl1u6zoljo1_500…)

Ah, here's a more suggestive one literally on the next page.

No. 828864

File: 1561745182563.jpg (276.48 KB, 3200x2400, Keep-a-Straight-Face-Step-22-V…)

Reminds me of wikihow illustrations

No. 828891

Unless there is actual milk, the flake can be posted in >>>/ot/425109 or discussed in gender crit.

No. 1432728

File: 1643785449689.jpg (74.61 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

I find this funny cause eunuchs in the ottoman empire would have sex with female concubines all the time.
>yes they found there own ways
Heck even castrati of Italy would dress as women so they could sleep with the wives of there male fans behind there backs.
So having a eunuch lover as a woman would absolutely be possible.(necro)

No. 1433010

eunuchs were also seen as desirable because they 1) couldn't get you pregnant and therefore create proof of infidelity and 2) were frequently able to last longer than intact men so they were basically seen as superior lovers and perfect boytoys kek. deluded fujoshit knows nothing about the castrated chad, more at 11

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