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File: 1561250528010.jpeg (136.62 KB, 1028x332, 4E338C20-AFA3-4ECE-B948-153668…)

No. 425109

A containment thread for all the salty artfags of lotsoflovecow.farm!
- Ask about art supplies, but not too often as it will make the digital artists ree
- Discuss grievances about the art tuber community, but don’t be fooled by any that come to ask for our opinion; they will throw a shit fit because they work oh so hard and we’re oh so mean (but also we’re just haters haha :) so our opinions don’t bother them)
- Waffles may never be criticised because she has an illness and sick people cant be bullied on imageboards
- Everyone is beautiful and we are above the discussion of appearance unlike the other nonnies!
- Yes, we’re all sick of Arteza and SkillShare.
- No, this isn’t a TRA safe space, so don’t ree when you see the word tranny. And no, some retard discussing their pronouns doesn’t count as art milk, you turbo autist.

Welcome art tuber, enjoy your visit - we hope you find enough content to hit that 10 minute mark, because we are VERY empathetic to how it’s oh so hard to actually create artwork and have a personality in order to create your own content for your channel xoxo

No. 425111

Old Thread >>409512

No. 425121

She isn’t bad (she’s like 19) but she is same facey and the first painting with the Elsa giant eyes is just terrible to me. Why.

No. 425126

Ah fuck I had no idea that another anon had already made a new thread because they never posted the link in the last

No. 425131

She seems like she’s trying to not do that. She’s expressed that she wishes to break out of the same face thing and has mad efforts to do so. She’s not perfect but she doesn’t seem like she’s not trying atleast a little

No. 425135

I actually liked the first one, the eyes are not terrible giant, she is okay

No. 425139

File: 1561257781446.png (1.37 MB, 650x3260, 1561215221220.png)

Always Relevant

No. 425140

am i having a stroke or

No. 425157

File: 1561261197377.jpeg (123.96 KB, 700x1141, 8B798505-3B75-4D59-96AD-689A64…)

Holy shit I forgot all about him, I remember seeing his shitty comics on the front page of DA every time he posted back when I was in primary/middle school

No. 425162

Context? The bear looks familiar but I don’t know what’s going on here.

No. 425182

Why two new threads?


No. 425183

This thread is more active, the other has been locked.

No. 425189

No. 425193

File: 1561267844623.jpeg (187.44 KB, 800x626, 2A2CEE04-AB31-42CD-AAC3-43F76C…)

Samefag but I guess it wasn’t as long as I thought, he only started the cartoonist series in 2011. Could’ve sworn I’ve seen his art around earlier than that.

Sage for trip down memory lane

No. 425318

Guys do you actually earn money at artist alleys in Europe? Because everytime j see american/Canadian artists prepare for them they have a shitton of stuff and price these prints for crazy prices
And I am tempted to try myself but I'm not sure is worthed

No. 425324

Do any of you have any animators you like? It seems like all the popular animators are on Frederator or make really bad Hellbenders ripoffs, not like it was good in the first place.

No. 425333

File: 1561295343454.jpg (219.61 KB, 800x630, 1561221209010.jpg)

he actually started making proper webcomics in 2008 with "Danny and Spot" and his Lesbian Inflation porn goes as far back as 2005

No. 425387

File: 1561309135716.jpg (290.33 KB, 800x1842, 1561249669823.jpg)

Reposting this bc I posted at the ass-end of the last thread

No. 425388

File: 1561309224146.jpg (39.76 KB, 213x275, 1561249888288.jpg)

Her anatomy issues just kill me. The artist seems cool enough and hard-working but why would you get a huge tattoo of these characters on your back just whyyyy

No. 425393


I know the lips are supposed to be pouty but they just look like a moustache or just swollen. Her face lookin like a unibrow cro-magnon.

No. 425414

Wow the face looks like a mix of Bratz, a how to draw manga book from the late 2000s and a thot on instagram

No. 425415

Saged for autism but I can't McFreaking believe that my comment is the thread pic, that shit is going on my CV

No. 425416

Anons, how do you feel about Katnipp? I enjoy seeing the behind the scenes of her shop and how she works, but I can't stand the way she talks. Whenever she ends a clip and does that weird babytalk, it infuriates me. I'm also very hyper-aware of every time she says "Let's X, shall weee?"
I know that's a huge nitpick, but it grates me.

No. 425427

I don't really have anything against her tbh

All the pink hurts my eyes and I find her art uninspired and basic but I respect that she is able to make a living out of it

No. 425433

I find her studio vlogs very inspiring and motivating. I like cute aesthetic but I dont like her art. Its a bit too normie(?) for me. Kind of makes me think of stuff like adventure time.

She seems like she works very hard so props to her

No. 425436

File: 1561323266168.jpg (645.69 KB, 1080x2666, soto.jpg)

The reaper's body is giving me cancer in the painting

And some more examples of her work. The last one is sort of cute but some of these are crazy shitty for tattoos.

No. 425452

Can't stand her overly cutesy pastel life and art. Her way of talking is also very tiring to listen to so I don't watch any of her content. Far too childish for my tastes.

No. 425453

Can't stand her overly cutesy pastel life and art. Her way of talking is also very tiring to listen to so I don't watch any of her content. Far too childish for my tastes.

No. 425455

This sort of art really doesn't work as tattoos tbh, it barely works as illustrations but that's a different story

No. 425459

I feel like these are like… ratchet chola tats

No. 425460


I can't listen to her. Everything about her persona oozes 'fake'. Every time she gets to the end of a clip her voice gets real high pitched and she baby babbles and I can't stand it. I don't really like her art either. I used to watch her thinking she was a good resource, but she's way too insufferable to listen to.

I can't remember how many threads back but another anon said she tabled next to her and said she was rude and stank. Her obsession with cutsey/disney shit is pretty ick to me. I guess as an audience I don't like being talked to like I'm two years old. There was a point where Youtube kept recommending her videos to me, so I got sick of her real fast.


I can't stand the way people draw those puffy lips now, especially after Steven Universe drawing those bumps as shorthand for what's supposed to be 'cute and pouty'.

No. 425461


I think you may be right.

No. 425471

I actually met her at con once too, tbf she was really nice so I cant really say anything about that and i didnt notice any funky smells lol but her art is just kind of boring i think, im not that keen on that kawaii uwu aesthetic but i do occasionally watch her vlogs from time to time - i agree the 'shall weee…' is getting old.

No. 425474

So now poppy animation is a bad hellbenders knockoff? Jeremy chinshue works too hard to have backsweats like you insult it

No. 425480

I've always thought of hellbenders and TM as being the same because they both make toons aimed at kids that depend on pure LOLsoRANDOM humor and lots of loud noises. Also whats a poppy animation?

No. 425484

Oh ho I am much too cultured to partake in such childish humour, I only consume media from the upper crust such as waffles

No. 425503

Her art is alright, I enjoy her videos but I can’t stand the way she talks either - it’s not just the baby talk, she sounds genuinely dim. So does her sister tbh

I don’t remember the video now but infuriated me over how she bought a MacBook to ‘complete her set/collection’ or something like that?? I remember her saying she doesn’t really need it and in many videos talks about how she has to be frugal but then goes out and buys a MacBook just because.

Anyone noticed that fat female artists seem to be really drawn to pastel colours and Disney? Her and Baylee spring to mind and I’ve known a few irl

No. 425505

File: 1561341514868.jpeg (316.63 KB, 1240x1701, D009373E-4E61-4F55-865D-233AD7…)

I’m the anon you’re talking about, and nah it was Gemma Flack I tabled next to. I can see why you’d mix up the two as they’re both, um, round.

No. 425507

This is something I’ve noticed about her too she seems to have a serious problem with buying things. I watch a lot of her videos and in almost every single one she has a haul where she’s bought a bunch of frivolous bullshit and is showing it off and saying how pretty or nice it is, and it’s so rarely something she actually needed I think she has a legit shopping problem

No. 425508

Katnipp has come up in the Baylee thread recently cuz it seems like BJ is the cheap lazy knockoff of Katnipp in a lot of ways. I’m cool with Katnipp tho cuz she’s knowledgeable about how her style sells and her business even tho her style and baby talk isn’t my thing. And her studio vlogs aren’t like 20 minutes of whining to the camera about petty shit in her life, they’re more like a supplement to her business and it’s nice to see how other successful people operate.

No. 425509


I definitely got them mixed up, thanks for the correction. I don't watch either, so it was easy to confuse.

No. 425510

I think I’ve been desensitized to Katnipp’s hauls cuz I’ve watched Baylee’s vlogs where she literally lives in her own filth and fills her house with frivolous garbage

No. 425514

AYRT and I can’t stand how much she buys. On one hand I might be biased since I myself tend to be more minimalist, but on the other it seems like such an excessive amount. And it’s so often cheap bargain bin shit that you just know is never ever going to be used and will fall apart within weeks of purchase. Over consuming art supplies on an art channel is one thing, and while annoying I can wrap my head around, but useless Knick Knacks? Eugh..

No. 425535

I get the style she is going for but the results are shit. Good anatomy does a lot to a drawing

No. 425536


what style is she going for? NSFW grotesque botched plastic surgery?

No. 425537

I’m guessing she’s going for a “thicc realistic Bratz doll” type look. But like you said it comes off botchy, if the proportions were nicer it would help a lot. Plus it’s a lot of same face syndrome happening which is annoying, it’s like she copy’s and pastes the faces.

No. 425542

It looks like what would happen if that Mexican girl that skinwalks Nicole Dollangangangner or whatever the fuck that girl's name is went out and commissioned bad art for her album

No. 425632

I'm sure that anatomy is botched to look like almost a prison tattoo. Almost, because tattoos themselves are nicely made, so I get that it's a ratchet kinda style.

No. 425633

I used to watch Katnipp a lot at the beginning. She was quite inspiring but I feel that as soon as she got some fame she started being far more irritating. Her work ethic is great and I commend her success but she’s a pure irritant. I can’t STAND the baby talk - I unsubscribed after trying to watch the same video three times over a few days and failing.

I’ve met her in person too and got a bit of a weird/indifferent/uppity vibe from her but maybe I just read it wrong.

Also getting sick of all these girls into Disney and Harry Potter trends. I personally don’t see the appeal - I love both of those things but Disney obsession is crazy. But whatever, I’m into different shit I guess.

TLDR Katnipp grinds my gears to the point where I had to unfollow her or risk punching my phone.

No. 425638

File: 1561381863312.jpg (1022.64 KB, 1080x1368, Screenshot_20190624-210831_Twi…)

Absolute general salt here but there's this twitter artist that I usually see on my timeline time to time and she usually travels alot based on her posts. I read in their bio they're a full time artist and what not but I find her art boring and everyone I know irl adores her pictures.

Its usually the same composition with instagram artists with pretty women,big eyes and big lips but I will never understand why so many people love to eat that shit up.

Anyway thats just me. What are your thoughts on this as well?

No. 425641


As I scrolled past I thought, I'd vomit up chocolate cake if it had that much frosting, too.

No. 425652

Looks like a terrible Camille Rose Garcia ripoff, but worse, and I already don't like CRG

No. 425657

Personallt i dont care for the colors, im not a huge fan of colorful pieces. I prefer muted or limited color palettes. But its always going to be subjective and up to personal taste. Maybe people like it because they see an explosion of colors

No. 425662

Lol I doubt she does the anatomy shittily on ourpose for the ~style~ ; she just legit doesn't know how. I can see what the other anon said about it riding on the scratcher chola style. The concept of getting something almost good hurts my head though.

No. 425671

My eye is directed to the hair. I try to look elsewhere but I can’t. It hurts… it’s fug. I’m worried for the irl people you know

No. 425679

The way they color skin is horrendous, makes it look like they have a cyst outbreak.

No. 425688

File: 1561389306365.jpeg (270.23 KB, 967x1248, uMzpGc1hs4m8pQYgJTjja6ua.jpeg)

Saged for reasonably small drama, but I'd still like for some of anons' opinions on this.

An online mangaka artist has been uploading tutorials on anatomy and improving one's technique has recently been called out for calling a certain way of lineart "beginner" and twitter went apeshit lol. Turns out that it was just some translation issue from the original japanese tutorial to english.

Here's the twitter https://twitter.com/MangaMaterials and the tutorial is pic related

No. 425692

Saw this, it's absolutely ridicolous. If you enjoy getting carpal tunnel at 24 have fun, I guess

No. 425701

I like bright and bold colors, but this is way too hard to even read.

No. 425702

I see nothing wrong with this advice. Long lines are easier on the hand and wrist than scratchy ones in my experience

No. 425704

basically people got salty because he "call" them beginners.

honestly, they are stupid for not knowing how to handle the truth, he is better than most of the salty artists on twitter claiming they are not beginners, all this drama is just stupid

No. 425706

It's a matter of drawing from the upper arm/shoulder vs the wrist, too. Long, simple lines read better and is a matter of time vs quality of work. It's a goal.

I'd like to see how many insistently exclusively digital artists are among the ones freaking out. I'm feeling the Inktober whining vibes again.

Easier to argue than try to stretch your drawing muscles, right?

No. 425711

Has anybody else noticed the density of the lines differ per artists
Now, I’m not talking about >>425688 because this post is about line length (not to be mistaken with overlying lines), but personally I notice a lot of artists use really dense lines in their work. Personally my own lines are at times barely visible to the viewer, but I find it very interesting that much of my own friends who draw, developed a different way to pressurize.

No. 425730

Someone I know IRL got quite defensive with me when I suggested she work on her line work, it’s utter chicken scratch and I suggested very gently to aim for smoother lines and trying to get things done in one quick stroke as it would immediately make her pieces look significantly better, oh boy did it make it her go off. Told me it’s a stylistic choice and could easily do smooth line work if she wanted to. Then do it, lmao? It makes pieces look like the artist was unsure of what they were doing the entire time but fuck me for trying to help a friend improve I guess - and yes, I’d very much like my friends to give me solid advice and critique on how to improve my pieces also but whenever I ask all I get is ‘I like it, it’s good!!’, so infuriating how a lot of artists seem completely against both giving and receiving criticism

Sage for rant, had a long night.

No. 425734

By density do you mean the weight/darkness of the lines? I’m always really surprised when I meet heavy handed artists, one of the first things I developed as a kid who loves to draw was a quick and light stroke so I could sketch things out as soon as they come to mind and would also be able to erase easily, and this is something that came naturally so I kinda just assumed everyone who likes to draw has a light hand

No. 425735

So its what this annon (>>424841) said all over?

No. 425740

Honestly a lot of artists tend to be utterly cancerous when it comes to any sort of improvement/ sharing of information

You either have the type that will stick their head in the sand and refuse to accept any way of doing things other than their own and they believe that even the mildest of criticisms are bullying

Or the type of artist that never stops studying but somehow still never gets better and they need to know all of your techniques and tools because they believe that if they can emulate you then obviously they will become as good as you

No. 425742

I get where this artist is coming at with the lines, like “beginners” have shorter line weight a lot of times cuz the lines aren’t confident enough to pull off longe strokes like the last one. Plus the last image also has lots of variation in line weight and thickness whereas the first one has a consistently even weight that helps the perspective the hand has. Tbh I think most people who get defensive and butthurt about stuff like this need to chill and examine why one is “pro” and one is “beginner”

No. 425759


The whole “internet artist” culture has become cancerous and I feel bad for the guy because he’s really trying to help artists that wants to learn and improve with a help of a translator. But these people (especially Americans) are quick to make it about themselves and become butthurt over the slightest criticism. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of the sudden Japan IP blocked these bitches. They had it coming.

No. 425760

As someone whose lineart looks 1, he's right. It looks scruffy and it's because I lack the confidence and precision for longer lines, just like he says. I'm working towards refining my lines to be closer to 3.

No. 425774

File: 1561399880298.jpg (1.19 MB, 500x5000, tutorial-antialias-and-colorin…)

Tutorial - Antialias and coloring

No. 425787

Does anybody think that the reason why some artists don’t share their ‘tips’ is the same reason why some people don’t bother with giving criticism to artists that ask for it?
Aka: most artists are seen as sentimental self entitled a-holes

No. 425788

Like, maybe it’s just me but it seems like the resources, tutorials, and offering to learn anything about art for free is out there, yet people still complain about some not sharing their ‘tips’, idk seems kinda entitled to me

No. 425798

I saw this yesterday and it blew my mind how autistic and thin-skinned people can be. Fucking shit this is why we can't have nice things, hypersensitive assholes need to get their panties in a bunch over meaningless things and throw a tard fit over it. Holy shit these people deserve to be banned from the internet altogether. It's not like she (also she's a woman) was being snooty or voicing an opinion, she was sharing actual helpful tips on how to spot beginner mistakes and improve your technique. MangaMaterials is one of the most helpful resources for anatomy practices and I'm fucking going berserk if twitter dicks can't stop being devils for one second and let a dedicated Japanese person teach us proportions and perspective in peace. Fuck.

No. 425799

The colours are so overly saturated it makes it difficult to pick out any features.

No. 425806

This reminds me of a post some anon made on the last thread about people trying to argue against art tips. they either throw a fit about it or write a long paragraph defending their choice of doing things the "wrong" way. It's just so over the top like if you don't want to use the tip then just ignore it and move on. nobody is going to track you down because of your chicken scratch drawings.

No. 425807

Honestly same, dude

No. 425812

Yeah I've been following this twitter for awhile because of how immensely helpful her anatomy tips are and I cannot get over the amount of whining because she correctly pointed out that scratchy linework and drawing from your wrist is a beginner mistake. It seems most people are in support of the artist and a lot of the screaming toddlers have deleted their tweets but it's obviously upset her a lot (and apparently people started attacking the translator too?).

I hate how art has become this hyper inclusive NICE FEEDBACK ONLY!!! hugbox online. God forbid someone tell you your technique is amateurish and will give you carpal tunnel. This is why gatekeeping is a good thing.

No. 425815

Seriously? People got mad at this? I saw this yesterday and was driven to take a second look at my technique. It actually made my sketches smoother and better. Why are people so defensive about improving? Even if you're a good artist with a solid grasp on your craft you should always be looking to improve. I'm almost certain these people are 1. underage and 2. think their art styles are "good enough" and don't want to grow.

No. 425823

It seems like the ones who are actually skilled at art are the only ones who take criticism as a way to better their work

Its almost as if they dont want their art to look like shit and actually care about the medium rather than screeching that their style is supposed to look bad

No. 425832

All I could think of is manny of the comments/backlash from that one video, Every Art Style Ever

No. 425855

This looks like shit

No. 425856

Well that's like Tom Prestons trademark at this point and totally done on purpose too.

No. 425865

File: 1561416217113.jpeg (156.94 KB, 1100x979, 040DEE49-717C-4F14-8A05-10775F…)

you can definitely choose to draw in a ‘scratchy’ way, even if you could theoretically make it smooth as well. of course calling something your style when it’s just lack of skill is different, but many great artists choose to draw with uneven lines and create some amazingly interesting art with it. pic related by one of my favorite artists.

No. 425867

File: 1561416522969.png (198.15 KB, 390x453, Capture.PNG)

Hot take, what we're seeing is the 'art tip' (AT) life cycle on steroids. What is the AT life cycle? Let me explain it with the iconic art tip 'don't shade with black'
>Let's say a well respected artist made a giant book on coloring and dedicated a chapter to why you shouldn't paint with black. The reasons being, on traditional black paints don't mix well with other paints and in nature you don't often see pure black. They states you can use black only in highly stylized situations if you know what you're doing.
>A somewhat respected artist, think Deviantart front page level, reads this book and wants to share it as a Deviantart/instagram AT, but they simplify it because they'll express it as an AT not a book
- Don't use black because it doesn't blend well
- Don't use black because it doesn't look like nature
>An ametuer artist sees this and interpret it their own way. They get rid of any idea of 'why' you should do it or 'why' you shouldn't. They also exclude a 'when' you should do it. All subtlety is lost.
-Black doesn't blend well on digital
-Black looks weird as a shadow, I can't explain why, but it does
>The ameture AT goes viral, but because of the misconceptions this happens.
- OK, but 'random artist' shades with black! (the original book stated you could shade with black under special conditions)
- Black blends well for me in digital you're wrong (based off the bastardized version)
- I don't think it looks weird and it's been proven you're AT is wrong so my feelings are right (it doesn't matter what 'you' think. Black doesn't appear naturally as a shade unless extreme conditions occur)
> This drama repeats with every AT until everyone in the art community subconsciously or consciously know ow believe these 4 facts.
- Most people go by the assumption the art tip has to be used 24/7. Ex: "If you want to draw digitally professionally you should (interpreted as 'have to') get a tablet"
- Because of that if the AT has an exception the AT is proven wrong unless it acknowledge the exception and apologizes or explains. It is preferred to apologize. Ex: You should (have to) use a tablet for digital art [AT], "but a mouse or phone is fine" [apology] or "you can use a mouse or phone, but it's limiting" [explain].
- The [apology]/[explain] idea also carries the idea you can brute force art under horrible conditions and compare it to better ones. Ex: "some people draw good on their phone, so you can work professionally with a phone. I can brute force this. My methods don't have to change"
- Since the AT can always be debated you don't have to follow them. After seeing this play out you just get a weird 'none of this matters' feeling or a 'ha ha. the exception proves I don't have to change!'. Their is no objective truth all is debatable. It's the peak of the AT life cycle until a new AT comes in.

The drama was so big because of these ingrained ideas based of the fact he sued a bastardized and simplified version of the rule.
>The tip applies 24/7
>A random outlier proves it wrong
>The entitled idea that 'but it's OK if you don't' has taken over the art community and the Japanese artists didn't acknowledge this.
Anyone with half a brain could realize context matters, but everyone has to be spoonfed info. If you don't include the subtlety they wont pick up on it.
Tell me have you ever felt something like this? You want to give an art tip, but you know you'll get a 'the exception exists' response or maybe see the person take it to literal and do it 24/7 until they reject the rule entirely. the rule is eternal, but if it is fallible, and it will be fallible, it will fail, and it will fail. All that exists now is the artists ego. This was a growing problem that just finally exploded. This happened a lot on deviantarts old days it was just different because of how social media worked.

No. 425872

I am actually curious to see a traditional piece from this artist, because so far it looks like the brush this artist chose rather than scratchy wrist-drawn lines

No. 425874

This is the literal definition of cope.

No. 425875

This has some cute mood and colour to it but what the hell are any of those hands

No. 425884

I really like this! Who's the artist?

No. 425886

Funny how woke twitter preaches all this shit about protecting female artists and people of color, but don't see any of those retards defending mangamaterials from ugly spoiled children. Twitter is a terrible platform for artists. I'm honestly just thinking of packing my bags and leaving for pixiv. I'm not in any hurry to make money and i want to improve drawing what i want with people that are generally not assholes. I don't want to wake up one day and find a twitter thread about me made by someone who has terminal autism and decided to aim at me.

No. 425900

Not saying call out culture isn't insane and toxic but if this happens you just state your case and move on. Ignore people that won't let it go. After a month it's back to normal. Unless of course the ARTIST was the autistic one. Like Kun0 and his gf or someone being literally racist or saying they hated gay people ect. It's not that hard to have a filter and most people who are reasonable arent being to take small insane insinuations seriously.

No. 425947

I've seen this artist draw in livestreams though, and the wobbly lines are 100% because of the digital brush she uses. She seems to freehand all her work with no undersketch, and definitely doesn't chicken scratch.

Here's a video of her drawing some stuff traditionally, anon

The artist is Anatola Howard/maroonracoon

No. 425952

File: 1561425781124.jpg (401.59 KB, 1000x1000, ShNz4YU.jpg)

the colouring is so extravagant to hide the fact that the face underneath is so shit

No. 425960

I felt really, really sad when I saw the drama surrounding this. This person has created so many helpful tutorials and wonderful pieces of advice. I saw some asshole claiming she was being too sensitive over the issue, which really pissed me off. Ignoring the fact she probably feels bad and guilty for unintentionally starting shit by creating something wholly out of good will, she's from a culture that seems to be big on improvement and good work ethic. She's probably not used to fucking retarded chimps reeing that all and any art + techniques are objectively good and acceptable and that beginner is a word only applicable to how long you've been drawing, not your skill level. So many fucking art communities are hugbox bullshit. Twitter seems to be especially bad

No. 425963

You can tell when scratchy lines are a stylistic choice vs. when it's due to wrist-drawing and lack of skill. This falls in the former category.

No. 425968

AYRT and what I meant by smooth is that the lines are a singular smooth motion, not teeny tiny scratches and it takes you 20 strokes just to draw a finger. Hers was very much the latter and not a stylistic choice (I’ve seen her struggle with drawing with her whole arm and was showing her how to loosen up her shoulder), I myself like to use very crude lines for my own pieces - but they’re still smooth lines

Did any of that even make sense lmao

No. 425970

all these people complaining about apparent sperging over this post and yet I can't find a single fucking screencap or twitter post actually complaining lmao the anti-twitter brigade is insane, you find one twitter post by some rando and 90 people go apeshit about 'callout culture' or 'people with thin skin' when there are none

No. 425971

Didn’t the artist state on their twitter that they’ve deleted the post?

No. 425972

if you go look in the thread on /ic/ about this shit, there's a few good grabs of people who were "absolutely disgusted" and horrified at how 'gross' it was

No. 425973

It's not necessarily that shorter strokes are a definitive mark of a beginner, but it definitely doesn't hide a beginner's lack of confidence and knowledge. With someone who's actually skilled, confident, and understands the basics, then it looks like a stylistic choice (and you can always tell when a 'professional' is doing an imitation of a choppy/feathered line).

No. 425975

Seriously wtf is wrong with twitter? First the whole Nessa drama and now this. Are there only oversensitive adult children there or what the hell?

No. 425976

File: 1561432777731.jpg (222.56 KB, 1000x1000, 6UX7ujJ.jpg)


would this be what you guys are getting at?

No. 425979

Why are they coloring on the same layer to begin with? Is this a tutorial for MSPaint? Because you fix your line art in your program of choice. Not in the scanner. At least they admitted it's not the best way, cuz it sure as shit isn't. They also need to check their resize settings because those pixels around the lines shouldn't be lighter than the base colors.

No. 425980

The lines are scratchy but still drawn with purpose if that makes sense. They look scratchy due more to brush texture than anything.

No. 425982

File: 1561434364200.png (208.31 KB, 245x330, wgAZhPW.png)

holy shit, this girl has the LOWEST standards for 'amazing' art. it's all really basic beginner shit thats low-quality and expected of people who cant afford/refuse tablets..

No. 425983

File: 1561434499222.png (12.48 KB, 300x300, a2b.png)

Pretty much. Especially between the two faces. When it's a stylistic choice, it's usually done over a base sketch. The problem for beginners is that they use it for the sketch, so it loses a lot of fluidity and action. And it's more than just using a choppy line, they're not building up their sketch with basics like action lines and basic shapes. They're just going right into the outline.

I tried to show an example of how it emphasizes not knowing where you're going. For longer lines, you have better luck looking at where your line is going to end. Beginners will focus on where they currently are, even with a continuous line, and be more likely to wobble and lose their shape. There will usually be a lot of erasing and overcorrection going on as well.

No. 425988

File: 1561438317117.png (290.9 KB, 720x818, 20190625_124224.png)

Not sure if rebecca sugar can count in this thread but she is technically still an artist

This is just kinda…cringy. its probably gonna be commercial in cn again and what? kids are gonna see that intersex non binary shit they rlly dont need to know any of that yet imo

No. 425989

File: 1561438388886.png (329.59 KB, 720x828, 20190625_124336.png)

No. 425990

Didn't this bitch used to draw ed, edd & eddy cp fanart before cn hired her anyway? they knew what a degenerate she was from a quick google search and still hired her. disgusting

No. 425991

File: 1561438487800.png (368.86 KB, 720x889, 20190625_124404.png)

Is this seriously a real thing?? Why?

No. 425992


I mean kids are exposed to regular sex people and male/female gender shit all the the time so I don't really see how this is off limits? It feels kind of like the arguments some religious people make that, sure, kids can be exposed to straight people kissing and stuff but as soon as it's gay it's inappropriate and taboo.

This isn't really salt and feels like it's trying to be a bit too political for an art salt/discussion thread… but that's just, like, my opinion man

No. 425993

Samefag, I didnt mention anything about gays its intersex and non binary

No. 425994

Agreed. It’s not my taste but Rebecca isn’t doing something terrible. It’s a bit tumblry but to be honest… but not inherently wrong. I mean it’s pride month so I don’t really give one

No. 425997


didn't say you were referring to gays, just that the perspective you're coming from is following the same line of logic as the straight = fine and dandy, gay = shield my kid's eyes, so radical!

No. 425998

No. 425999

I mean, that character is intersex and honestly while I hate trannies and TRA bullshit I can get fully behind bringing awareness and compassion to intersex individuals, so I don’t see what the issue here is

No. 426000

Uhh I know most people here ree about non-binary so yeah sure but please tell me you're not under the impression that intersex and genitic chimerism isn't a thing cuz…science isn't a choice kids. Being born intersex is more statistically likely than natural red hair.

No. 426001

Samefag but this reminds me of the time Rebecca bravely announced that she’s a ‘non-binary WOMAN’ whatever the fuck that means. She’s honestly a complete and utter mess, but I do love her work on both Steven Universe and Adventure Time

No. 426003

Everyone uses this argument every time it's brought up, She did that shit when she was a teenager and I'm sure she grew out of it. I don't support it but damn do more than a quick google search

No. 426005

How is terf autism related to art exactly? I mean like really who gives a fucking shit we know Rebecca is cringe as shit but… haven’t we all decided that it’s pointless to get into this shit cuz there’s gonna be infinite reeing from either side which is supremely annoying. Not for or against trans people but does this thread have to be this irrelevant tard nonsense

No. 426006

it’s not related. for some fucking reason pink pill posters refuse to stay in any of their multiple containment threads. it’s on par with robot posting.

No. 426007

I think some feminists can’t go 2 seconds without trying to pick a fight with someone they disagree with or don’t like. Hard to take that sort of Tourette’s like feminist screeching seriously when it comes out of nowhere. Can we agree to disagree on these sorts of subjects? Like there’s other threads for this shit

No. 426009

File: 1561442887139.jpeg (261 KB, 1100x681, 0916FCBE-D6EF-4CB0-8B2D-BE04AF…)

her drawing is definitely very confident and she often uses textured brushes. that being said, her traditional lines are often also “stiff” (obviously a conscious choice) but it works great because her shapes are so good. here’s one of her traditional sketches to compare! (and yes, like another anon said, this is anatola howard/maroonracoon. she’s a genius honestly!)

No. 426010

I really hate derailing further but like. Do you realize you can just ignore a post if you think it's not related or discussable? Nine times out of ten it just fizzles out, sperging about how you think it's autistic just clogs the thread even more about the topic

No. 426013

I think it’s a hard pill to swallow for beginner artists since a lot of things about art are “it depends”

No. 426071

She sounds like a sperg, that girls anatomy was fucked I don’t know what she was preaching about. I get she’s trying to make it seem like not having better tools can be just as good, but it’s really not. You’re better off buying an Apple Pencil or tablet if you want to improve quicker and have more fluid looking pieces. Yeah, it’s expensive as shit, but you can get a screenless Wacom for 70 to 100 dollars and a used Apple Pencil for 60-90 dollars. She needs to not let these artists limit themselves to basic shit. Sage for rant

No. 426077

Also what’s the big fuss with digital? Honestly if you wanna get better at drawing pick up a writing implement and a sheet of paper and just fucking draw. Why are teenagers so obsessed with being digital artists? Once you can draw properly using a tablet isn’t that much of a jump.

No. 426079

I agree, every young artist needs to work with traditional first. I didn’t start digital art until I was around 13.

No. 426084

Something I find interesting is that digital art seems to be more revered online now a days. I don’t know if it is my personal bias but, I feel like traditional art is seen as lesser to digital in online circles

No. 426096


because digital offers you everything. save up to buy a tablet, download a free art program or pirate one, and boom, you have the entire world at your fingertips. you don't need to worry about paper types; you just open a new document and if you are really fancy, toss in a paper texture too. you don't need to think about what size brush you have or what hair it's made from, you have an entire library ready in your program and you can download plenty of great ones for free. you don't need to buy tons of art supplies, paint mediums, different shades and palettes and pencils and papers and sets, and you may not like them or even use them up to call it a worthwhile purchase. maybe you get excited because of the watercolor trend, spend X money on a Daniel Smith set because that's what youtubers use, and you don't even like it. Or maybe your paper is rubbish so that means buying 100% cotton paper. But then your brushes suck, so go buy some natural bristle brushes instead. Wait, but you also need to store these somewhere and you need room for your paints and your palette and your jars of water (more than one!) and if you use oils you need your gesso and your thinner, and you need your paper towels and actual surface to draw on.

A digital tablet solves all of this. Spend money once, won't need to spend more again. I get it. But the reason it's great for artists is that it's an affordable and easy way to recreate the art they made traditionally. It sucks because I know how much money I've thrown on supplies for various reasons, but you can't learn properly the digital way. You just don't have the means to make the proper arm motions, you won't be looking at your art but at a screen, and you won't learn how to make less mistakes later, because ctrl+z can solve your problems. Sucking at your art is the first step for everyone and if you cheat by starting digitally since you can go back and finetune without any repercussion you're not gonna learn how to not suck. You need to have physical evidence of those terrible results to help you learn how not to do it later.

No. 426097

Digital artwork is a lot easier than traditional unless you buy a decent scanner/camera on top of the cost of your traditional supplies, nevermind the extra time you have to spend colour fixing

No. 426108

File: 1561467686556.png (685.69 KB, 1284x406, new.PNG)

What do you guys thing of deviantarts new design?

No. 426109

File: 1561467829917.png (70.87 KB, 968x614, Capture.PNG)

Always felt weird to me because they didn't re-design the entire site. Only the front page has the slick look.

No. 426111

File: 1561467996040.png (34.56 KB, 964x246, kek.PNG)

Also the forums are still a dumpster fire. I don't even know why the deviantart crew doesn't just delete it.

No. 426112

people still use deviantart?

No. 426117

File: 1561468490182.png (30.8 KB, 968x269, kek2.PNG)

Yep. the sites dying, but people still use it.
The deviant forums should show up on this thread more because the only people who currently browse that part of the site are trolls and generally horrid people.

No. 426120

File: 1561469076644.png (32.65 KB, 970x271, gold.PNG)

last one I swear. these forums are like 4chan lite.

No. 426156

All the people who left tumblr made twitter their main hangout. Twitter always had a lot of hugbox sperginess of crybabies doing callout mobs, but the Tumblr exodus has made it into this.

No. 426172

I agreed with you till the point you said you can't learn properly digitally. Digital is a medium just like pencils, watercolors or paints. Ofc someone who's only used colored pencil will not be master at watercolors, same with digital but saying it stalls your growth is not something I can agree with. Tools are tools and it's how you use them. People talk so often about undo button but it's not an all saving fix. In digital you need it because your hand and eye coordination just isn't working on the same level as in traditional, especially if you don't have a screentablet. In traditional you need that one good swing to make that perfect line and in digital you need several even if you're both swinging masters. Undo is more often used to fix immediate strokes that are misplaced or wrong length and if your art is shit no amount of undo can fix that. Also the fact that you can go back and fix things can in fact help you. It doesn't take away your ability to see your mistakes. Instead it transfers that idea into "how should I fix this problem" and that's a good thing. Not only do you have a problem that you recognized but you also have to figure out the solution for fixing it, which I can tell you can teach you more than than just redrawing it, because sometimes the mistake you made is not where you think it is, which can lead to some epic eureka moments. Also you do not need copies of your work to learn, there's plenty of artist who throw their shit out and that's fine, digital copy is also fine. While I agree with you on that it's a free and cheap medium, I think you're speaking out in ignorance a lot of time. Calling digital art a cheating as if the computer is the one drawing for you is such a normie response, only a person who's never even touched a tablet would say.

No. 426189

File: 1561481786607.png (9.39 MB, 1242x2208, A0AEFEAB-3EBA-43C0-B048-D167A6…)

NAYRT but in a way I do think digital art can hinder someone’s progress, hear me out.
This single medium suddenly gives someone access to countless different tools, whether it be brushes/textures or what have you, you have to make a conscious decision for your colour palette to be limited (a daunting task for many) and you also don’t need to learn how to mix colours, and tracing has never been easier. It can all be extremely overwhelming for a beginner to have all of these options rather than say just a sketchbook and pencil - the former would focus on what to draw WITH whereas the latter would instead wonder WHAT to draw

Food for thought. How did you anons first learn to draw? I mean, other than childhood drawings considering that literally every child in the world enjoys drawing. What did you turn to when you started taking art seriously, and did cost play a big part in what you chose?

I started off with traditional, just used graphite for the longest time because colour intimidated me and now I can’t imagine creating artwork that doesn’t focus on colour.

No. 426211

You have a valid point there but that's does not make it cheating like implied before nor does it stall your growth if you don't allow it. One huge problem with digital is indeed the unlimited tools you have, be it for beginner or more experienced, having all the colors and all the brushes will confuse you indeed but what you have to learn is to limit the tools and the palette yourself.

A person's growth ofc depends on their own attitude and dedication but I can say for myself that I learned a lot more digitally than I did traditionally.

I started drawing around 13-14 years old and got my first tablet about a year after that. I would start out by scanning my pics to pc and coloring them with a shitty marker brush but here's the thing. Before digital art was always like an industry thing to me or something only masters could do. I never even imagined I would do digital art, thus I never compared myself these artists. In my eyes, I was great, because the people who were better than me, were like gods in my eyes and there's no point trying to reach at a god right? Well when I started digital, I was suddenly on the same starting line as the great artists, they suddenly weren't out of my reach anymore and damn was it a blow to my ego. Not only did I see these amazing artist who I knew now, started out just like me but I saw people who were as good as me, have much cleaner colors and line-art. For me digital really did the push. I no longer wanted to just draw but I wanted to be good as well and the choice of brushes and colors was never an issue. I took the first brush I saw and drew with that till I was good enough. I learned to ink and do line-art, I learned to get rid of the chicken scratch, I learned colors and shading (though shading was my weakness for many years), I would do backgrounds and perspective. These were things I never even though of doing with pencil. With pen and paper, I was doodling, anything was fine and results barely mattered but with digital, I was truly reaching. I saw these amazing artist and they were all my competitors.

I never traced and I never even touched the other brushes till years after. Nowadays I paint, I got my few brushes, I use religiously and I do mix a lot of my own colors as well (it's easier to mix yourself, 'cause you see the colors relative to other colors). Now mixing colors digitally is more like putting down a thin layers of colors till you get the shade rather than actually mixing them but, saying you can't learn to mix digitally is not true. A lot of times the colorwheel won't give you the perfect color you're even looking for so you have to mix.

Overall I think a lot of these things come down to the way you approach things or perceive them. Digital art pushed me farther than traditional ever could have but to someone else traditional may open them a lot more door than digital. I still think it's ignorant to try to say that one medium is objectively superior to the other in term of the growth it offers.

No. 426222

I learned how to draw because of someone i respected that used to be my friend on steam. He'd show me his drawings and I'd sometimes show him mine, and he would give me advice. I wanted to be as good as him one day so i trained almost obsessively. Sadly we went our separate ways 10 years ago but i can't ignore that he was the very foundation of my artwork. (iirc he LOVED digital art and would often preach to me about how great it was) I started off with traditional not because of cost, but because it was just easier to bring it with you wherever you go. Even today i hate the ipad drawing trend because it feels so clunky and not as convenient as carrying around pen and paper.

I started out with wacom then got a huion (it's pretty much just a cost effective wacom), i use digital to experiment with colors. I'm not a color kind of gal, i know it's a meme that women are great with colors but i might as well be functionally colorblind. For me the fun is in how the flesh moves and interacts with one another; so i love drawing naked/partially naked people, but I've been trying to step out of my comfort zone.

In my opinion you just have to try and see what works for you.

No. 426224

It’s not just undo. You can warp lines you already put down, you don’t need to learn technique for different stroke types/textures, just select a different brush. You can use premade shapes. You’re really fooling yourself if you think that digital art takes as much to master as traditional

No. 426233

Depends on what you use, some programs have limited stretch tools. Also I've draw with several programs, like ms paint, sai and a little bit of photoshop and for every program I take different approach. If I know I don't have the free edit, then I'm more careful during sketching but if I do have the free edit then I can be a lot more loose with what I do. These tools change your workflow but using them does not make you less skilled. If someone is an amateur and can only draw while using these tools that's their problem but an artist who cares to improve teaches themselves to work flexibly because very often a you end up in a situation where you need to use program that's not your favorite one and sometimes even switch that entirely. Same with brushes, you choose what you use. Also most artists who're no longer absolute newbies to digital art very often prefer to use 1 to 3 brushes at most. It's because it's a lot easier to control and those texture brushes don't usually even look that good in the work itself.

Stop being a fucking trad elitist. Just because newbies abuse brushes and blending modes does not mean artist who're not just hobbyist do.

No. 426234

I honestly never see digital artists screeching about traditional artists, it's always prissy tradfags reeing about digital art being ~cheating~. Every single time. Let's just agree that traditional artists are bitter because they feel digital artists press a magical button and have an amazing art piece in front of them with no effort while trad artists have to blend their paints from their blood and tears and suffer like a ~true and honest artist should~. I'm so fucking tired of seeing this weary ass debate year after year.

No. 426237

I’m not even trad elitist, digital is fine, but pretending there’s as much to master or it’s just as difficult as traditional is some “digital art can participate in inktober tooo! uwu” teir shit

No. 426259

File: 1561488766030.png (982.01 KB, 1000x1000, 3sBESxs.png)

Anyone else miss Sarlis' old art style? I used to really like her super colorful, sorta minimal style, but now it just seems incredibly lazy with purposely bad anatomy. It makes me really sad to see her regression to childlike art.

No. 426260

> I'm not even trad elitist,
> pretending there’s as much to master or it’s just as difficult as traditional is some “digital art can participate in inktober tooo! uwu” teir shit
>not even trad elitist

No. 426263

Most artists these days who do traditional also do digital, there’s no reason for them to drag digital art. There’s a difference between being elitist and being honest kek

No. 426268

god damn, what a downgrade. WTF happened?

No. 426296


Looks like she's going for a more contemporary, graphic design-y style than an illustrative one, but it does look like a downgrade instead of just a style shift.

No. 426327

i have to admit, when i tried my hand in digital art, i thought something was missing. i took two 3-month digital animation classes, which included drawing thumbnails, character sheets, storyboards, cover art, promo art, the animation itself- basically everything having to do with digital art. and when i was done, i canceled my adobe subscription and sold my tablet. my art felt empty, it felt lifeless. i had a really high grade in the class, and i was able to animate moving people fairly well (i was one of the few that didnt go the furry route), but i couldnt do it anymore. the whole ‘blood and tears for mixing paint’ thing is annoying and i hate people like that, but for me personally, i have more connection and passion in my traditional work over my time immersed in digital. it is literally just a preference thing. digital art is beautiful, and takes a SHITTON of work, but it wasnt the type of work that was rewarding to me. i enjoy not having a button that removed my mistakes. it creates the challenge i was missing while working digitally. that doesnt mean digital art was easier, just different.

No. 426354


Nobody here thinks digital art is "cheating" however it cuts a lot of corners that are supposed to be great news for the trads. That's literally what it was made for, to digitize trad art. Graphic designers did everything by hand. Illustrators painted on paper and canvases. The entire concept of digital art is to be faster, more efficient and better for the people who were using trad tools in the first place.

This is why I believe down to my core that you benefit from learning the old so that you master the new. Just like if you self-taught to draw the human body by drawing a circle with a cross, without going through the process of drawing the body via portraits, live studies, shading, etc, you also won't understand how to utilize what digital has to offer. Like all the artubers who reeeee about "muh art style" don't understand that style does not go above quality. And their quality sucks because they didn't learn. They think they can waltz past centuries of trad artists doing photorealism and portraits and "boring" studies and barge into the art world with a "style" they totally learned themselves.

I am on a few art groups on FB and I've seen so many questions like "I'm trying to draw like oil painting on photoshop, how does this look?" and it's so sterile and precise and… fake. And I sent them a video of someone describing exactly how to do so: by imitating what oil painting originally is about. And they didn't get it; "yes but how do you draw like oil?" well if you don't know how oil painting works from the start, how can you emulate it! And all those stylistic, cartoony styles? Well someone had to get vellum paper and ink and mangakas had to use texture sheets and buy tons of pen nibs and they had to learn realistic human anatomy and figures before they can successfully stylize it. Cyan sketches became popular for a reason, it didn't become a trend out of nowhere, because cyan scans easier. That cool raster effect? yeah, that's because printers did that organically and someone decided "hey this looks cool, I wanna recreate this digitally!" And all those people who wanna digitize watercolor? Well you won't make it look good unless you understand how watercolor works in the first place. Watercolor digital art isn't just using some splotch brushes to pretend like your paint ran a little outside of the border.

Digital art isn't cheating, it's cheaters who rely on digital. I don't subscribe to trad elitism. Nor digital elitism. I say do what works for you, but you have to learn first so that you can take steps to carve out your own niche. I saw a video of a trad artist who recently bought a cintiq and he was being very enthusiastic about a brush setting in Photoshop and made a video about it. You could clearly see how excited he was to find a tool that made his workflow faster and easier (it was a way to emulate trees in a faster and more organic way).

No. 426357

Maybe I'm young and naive but why is there even a divide between digital and traditonal art and "which one is harder" or something? They're both just means of art. No one is being forced to use one or the other, you can use both or just one if you find that it fits your way of working better. If people want to use the "cheating" tools of digital art, let them, who fucking cares? They're only going to cheat themselves in the end when they stagnate beyond belief. If they'd prefer to for example learn how to mix their own colours with a starter set of Winsor and Newton paints, that's cool too, and it's not inherently better or harder or more pure than digital art. It's not the tool's fault that some people abuse it.

No. 426370

Digital is tool and it depends how you use it sure, but you've got to admit there is a connection between digital short cuts and newbies stagnating. Like how TwistedDisaster can churn out polished turds but when she actually draws on a piece of paper it's straight up diarrhea.

Then again look at Rae and Chloe. They use traditional and copy so much they never study so they also can't draw on their own.

People just need to study and then implement that in hours of practice in their medium of their choice. Digital just sort of allows newer artists a way to make things that look better than they would have with trendy coloring and filters.

No. 426397

File: 1561511453645.png (456.81 KB, 809x502, ha ha.PNG)

Who does this?

No. 426408

Not even in landscape mode man

No. 426422

damn why does looking at this make me feel so angry

No. 426424

File: 1561515694738.jpeg (102.98 KB, 640x815, 8A5FA651-AA68-4F29-BF11-8AEAAF…)

I really enjoy all of her art styles over the years, I like seeing the world through her eyes. I’m also a big fan of minimalist and crude art styles, in particular those with childlike elements

Pic related is an even older style of hers

No. 426442

I think she was an adult but it doesn’t really matter either way, those characters are so stylized and ridiculous looking I can’t imagine people try to use it as evidence of her being a pedo

No. 426445

File: 1561521473439.jpeg (303.13 KB, 828x1533, 8E57C213-782A-4513-9DC6-494A43…)

Man…my heart goes out to her. She was so generous and wanted to share her knowledge of anatomy to help people. Her tutorials helped me a whole lot and I’m just mad at the hoes who made it about themselves.

She’s too good for twitter and I hope she recovers.

No. 426450

>I hope she recovers

Anon you’re making it out like her career was ended or she got cancer, some tards just threw a fit. Honestly she should grow a thicker skin if she’s posting her work online

No. 426470

so are lolis??? she drew disgusting tumblr bullshit and got a job making cartoons of the same category for children gg. no one was calling her a pedo, just that she makes shitty tumblr pandering art.

No. 426474

File: 1561528235785.jpeg (721.42 KB, 1125x1272, 58A94DB7-6136-4FE5-8D1C-103A8B…)

Who else thinks this art is ugly as shit? Reminds me of that rory guy

No. 426476

No. 426478

Ugly but not Rory-tier.

No. 426485

Agree. Twitter is full of idiots but the artist had a huge outpouring of support during the whole "drama" (if it can even be called that). Some dumb 16 year olds got mad that their shitty art was called out, who gives a fuck. There are way more people who loved what she did. I was already side-eyeing the artist after she dragged it out for DAYS whining on twitter about like 3 negative comments from people whose opinions don't matter, now this is really OTT. I do hope she comes back, but this is really getting silly. Maybe it's a culture thing. idk.

No. 426522


I like it. The face proportions aren't pretty but TBH I'm sick of seeing the same drawings of pretty girl/men over and over again and I find this more interesting.

I think whether or not you like this drawing is just a question of personal preference. Skill wise it's pretty good (IMO).

No. 426531

This would be trash even if it wasn’t goofy as fuck. In my perfect universe pinup artists would have the same level of respect in society as soft core pornstars

No. 426583

What the fuck is that even supposed to mean

No. 426601

No one gives a shit about your perfect universe retard

No. 426602

What does that have to do with anything mate

No. 426606

File: 1561564660084.jpg (62.91 KB, 212x120, EN2fHmm.jpg)

anyone notice the similarities between kattvalk's latest thumbnails and waffles? not sure who is copying who in this situation but it feels like katt copying waffles.

No. 426608

File: 1561564697472.jpg (50.2 KB, 213x116, CbreUGr.jpg)

compared to waffle's thumbnail..

No. 426610

what the hell I was literally about to post that lol
yeah I agree, altho checking her channel her thumbnails all look really similar, maybe I never noticed until now

No. 426611

I thought so too but a few months ago Katt usually would use her face in her thumbnails and she pretty much never used the arrow or exclamation marks on the thumbnails. It was just straight forward "review" or ""September's Box" etc

No. 426612

I thought so too but a few months ago Katt usually would use her face in her thumbnails and she pretty much never used the arrow or exclamation marks on the thumbnails. It was just straight forward "review" or ""September's Box" etc

No. 426613

Probably realised it’s not a good format in terms of getting views. I don’t see how copying thumbnail styles is controversial enough for it to be considered milk tbh

No. 426633

File: 1561569303496.png (398.44 KB, 867x690, Capture.PNG)

MangaMaterials is deleting.

No. 426634

File: 1561569394150.png (86.69 KB, 870x772, Capture.PNG)

Just in case she deletes and anons want some more reasoning I'll samefag and post these screencaps lol

No. 426637

How much hate have they been getting?
I feel like this is an overreaction

No. 426646

Hey anyone got reccs for a good watercolor sketchbook? Need something I can take with me and I bought an Arteza one because it was cheap and had a good sheet count but its literally some of the worst watercolor paper I’ve ever used. Every color I lay down feathers outside of the line and blitz out. There’s no way to get any crisp sharp washes on it and it’s honestly making me ree so fucking hard.

No. 426667

try moleskine. I know they're kind of a meme, but their watercolor sketchbooks are nice.

No. 426693

I get what you mean but when you're struggling to translate your own work into a foreign language just for it to be dogpiled on, I find easy to say "why bother putting in the energy and time of translating for these nutjobs, I'll just stick with my Japanese audience who know how to take art tips."

I also believe that there was a large chunk of hate coming thru her DMs after she deleted the original tweet.

No. 426695

The Japanese have a culture of non-confrontation so it may be in her nature to back away in order to avoid risking more offense.

No. 426709

I'm UK based so this might not be helpful but I really like pink pig and mossery as well as seawhites of brighton.

No. 426734

Japanese artists are known to nuke their accounts when any sort of confrontation happens. It's just how their culture works. It's a huge deal to a Japanese artist, especially a female one, when they're called out for whatever reason because for them, it's almost impossible to get your reputation out of the mud once it's gone. And they do it over seemingly trivial shit too because that's simply how they've been raised, I can't count the amount of Japanese artists I've followed that have destroyed all tracks of their presence because someone was offended over something they drew. Especially when it's some entitled western goblin screaming at their faces about something they don't even understand why they're mad about, of course she's going to delete her account and go back to the Japanese internet.

No. 426740

It kind of sounds like you’re defending it because ~different culture~ westerners just can’t understand uwu but really it’s just fucking pathetic. Yes, they have no obligation to keep it up and taking it down is fine, but that doesn’t make it less over dramatic

No. 426743

but if it is normal in her culture, why is it pathetic? why are you trying to apply the ethics of western artists to someone that doesnt even live here?

No. 426751

TLDR “just cuz I don’t understand someone else’s feelings that makes them stupid, they should be like me, a beacon of strength”

Fuck off with that shit man, it’s not your account. The person who owns this account has every right to do this

No. 426754

If everyone else in the world has to learn to get over themselves, Japanese people can too if they’re going to be putting their stuff out into the world.

>they have no obligation to keep it up and taking it down is fine

Maybe learn to read?

No. 426764


Some people might see it as an overreaction but I just see it as her basically shrugging and saying "They think they're so smart they can figure it out on their own" and going back to people who actually care enough to pay for her tips and advice. She's not overly crying and posting about how much the hate is affecting her, she's simply explaining why she doesn't want to post on twitter anymore and just going back to a platform that actually appreciates her.

No. 426765

Y'all are taking closing a Twitter account way too seriously. This
seemed like a hobby for this person (that caused some stress even before the drama if their tweets are anything to go by)and if I was doing a hobby that suddenly got me a bunch of harassment for no reason i'd be like fuck that, shrug, and delete as well. It's a twitter account, not a bank account. You can make as many of them as you want for free with a minute of free time and take two seconds to close one.
Sure as hell didn't mean enough to them to stick around. They want to move on from the drama and that seems reasonable to me.
They're free tutorials. No one is entitled to them, and realistically there are many similar ones around the internet people can use.

No. 426767

File: 1561601215890.jpg (562.55 KB, 1076x1346, GhH6BJE.jpg)

Art supply discussion post:
I saw this tweet and I can't say I'm surprised (I mean I know prismacolor's pencils have apparently dipped in quality for a while as well, it doesn't seem to be a new phenomenon), but does anyone know if the same moleskine quality drop is affecting their art sketchbooks as well, or if it's just their lined notebooks?

No. 426768

I’ve only noticed it with the lines books. The sketchbooks seem fine

No. 426769

I haven’t purchased any of the sketchbooks in a good 5+ years now, but I’ve always loved using the Cahier for sketching - EVERYTHING bleeds through to the other side now. If I compare Cahier books I bought recently to my old filled sketchbooks it even feels as though the paper has become flimsier/more brittle, it’s also a bit more sheer. It’s a shame because I loved their books because of the paper and binding, and while a lot of people complain I always managed to find them for a good price, so it’s very much a letdown for them to be decreasing in quality.
Although honestly speaking I have trouble finding anything of very good quality these days, a lot of the brands I used to rely on have also taken shortcuts while maintaining high consumer price.

No. 426771

Loli shit is exaggerations of actual child features, Sugar’s EEnE drawings are grotesque character designs that barely look human let alone childlike.

No. 426773

I had noticed that too. I haven't really come across a good watercolor sketchbook that doesn't fall apart. I liked stillman and birn for a while but I kinda got over them as well.

I'm currently going through one of those flimsy 2 for 1 deal fugly fabric covered Arteza watercolor sketchbooks and I can't comprehend just why the paper quality is so bad. The rougher side of the pages are ok but then the other side will be smooth and it's just really annoying just navigating it.

No. 426774

Isn't illo having an issue with paper quality too? (not that illo was ever that good). I know Dina Norlund made a video comparing her old illo and new one and there was a huge difference. Paper wholesellers are just fucking up I guess.

No. 426775

Illo is and always has been absolute garbage. Their only selling point is that the size of their sketchbook is "insta-friendly", and it's "so durable!" and that you can "take it anywhere!" The paper's like fucking wax, nothing except for maybe marker lays down well on it. Also, the one I got came kind of dented. I just couldn't finish it, even with simple sketches.

No. 426776

File: 1561606603986.png (34.42 KB, 710x479, 2019-06-27 13_35_51-(2) OMG Pa…)

They left a pretty salty sounding comment on her video, too.

No. 426781

AYRT at this point I just make my own sketchbooks, especially watercolour ones. Sure, they might not look luxe when it’s just hole punched paper and binders with some cardboard, but at least I know exactly what kind of paper is in there. I purchase my paper in bulk rolls now too so it’s not like it costs me an arm and a leg everytime I need a new book either, these 2 10m rolls have lasted me over a year and I paint frequently (quite large pieces too)

No. 426782


Glad to know I'm not the only one that makes my own sketchbooks as well. I'm able to mix what papers I use which is nice for using different mediums. I usually go with toned tan, 187lb. mixed media, and sketch book paper all in 18x24, fold, stitch them all together by hand, and add a custom cover. It's a great way to have a sketchbook that has a variety of different papers so you know exactly what pages will be able to handle certain mediums.

No. 426800

Personally I think everyone should try binding their own book at some point, especially if they use a variety of papers. Like, there's toned grey/tan/black, marker paper, watercolour hot/cold press, newsprint, the list goes on. Having all those in one book is so useful.

No. 426804

I completely agree. I really enjoyed it the first time I did it. It's not only fun and lets you customize your sketchbook to your liking so you don't have to be stuck with just a watercolor/pencil/etc sketchbook but, gives you a variety of paper to play around and experiment with making you want to try different mediums. It makes you appreciate the craft more and in my opinion encourages you to illustrate in something you made. Ready made sketch books are fine if you don't have the time to make one but, after only binding my own once I probably won't ever buy one again.

No. 426829

their paper isn't even acid free, I don't get the huge hype about them

No. 426833


The square shape appealed at first but finding out they’re not acid free killed it. I make my own sketchbooks now too but with those disc rings planner people freak out about and precut watercolor paper

No. 426840

File: 1561627501620.jpg (12.55 KB, 425x425, 41BV3iJsWUL._SX425_.jpg)

Other brands do square sketchbooks too anyway.

No. 426844

they're ~aesthetic~ i guess. i admit i was tempted to order one but once i found out they were acid free like, what's the point.

No. 426851

What does acid free mean for a sketchbook?

No. 426852

That the paper doesn't get ruined and paint or inks lasts over time on it

No. 426860

I meant they are not acid free, sorry. Acid free is good, not acid free is bad.

No. 426862

File: 1561632122644.jpg (Spoiler Image,238.32 KB, 992x664, IMG_7007.jpg)

i am currently using a Moleskines blank page sketchbook i bought in jan 2019 and have been using it actively for a few weeks. i mostly use it to pencil down ideas and thumbnail, but occasionally (usually at work during my lunch), i use pens and markers and have little to no issue. i have had no issues with bleeding at all. i also more recently have been playing with watercolor pencils for fun, and although the paper does not hold the water well and warps super easy (cause it isnt watercolor paper, of course), it does smoothly blend and make nice gradients. very much just meant for pencils and pen inks.

pic is that sketchbook, left image has heavy ink (LePen fineliner and brush) and marker (Tombow ABT brush) usage on top with watercolor pencil (general's kimberly) on bottom where i blended with a paintbrush, right image is the same page on the opposite end, where i have already begun sketching new things with no bleed, minus water warping.

also yes, i understand that this is not the place to post my own art, but i am not promoting anything, not linking to my art accounts, and am posting this to just compare the paper i got vs the paper in the original post. i put it behind spoiler cause ass.

No. 426882

Mate. Why the fuck would you post your art in a thread dedicated to shitting on artists.

No. 426891

Social suicide

No. 426902

You draw your eyes too far apart but your art is on its way to being nice.
However it’s really uncannily familiar to me for some reason.

No. 426912

representing people with FAS is very inclusive uwu of you anon

No. 426926

No. 426939

Top left reminds me of shitty how to draw anime books that say "when the face is ¾ one eye is smaller" and then make the one eye way too small

No. 426947


keep drawing & practicing! You’re on your way to being a great artist.

No. 426990

wow, someone that actually sees what i was doing as practice.

for the other replies
1) it is a sketchbook. everything in it was done in under 15 mins. sometimes less. that is the point, and that is sometimes all the time i get due to my work schedule.
2) of course it looks like an anime self help book. that is where a lot of 2000s, naruto-on-cartoon-network, toonami-obsessed kids like me got their start in art. but i am trying to train out of it. kind of what a sketchbook is for. but, when you only get 15-20 mins a day sometimes to draw, old habits die hard
3) none of you talked about the paper. which is what i posted it for. can we stay on topic please? if anyone else has the same sketchook as me, and has had differing experiences, then i wont go out and get another since i bought mine back in January and am only using it now. i’m enjoying this sketchbook a lot, but if the paper quality is going down, then thats sad.

(also, social suicide… on an anonymous message board?…)

No. 427004

You need to focus less on style and more on form. At first glance I thought bottom left was just a blob. Top left is the wrong shape for a woman in that pose. I see skill here but you are focusing on the wrong things when drawing. Sketch out, think of the shapes as 3D objects as you draw them. Details and style are the icing on the cake.

No. 427007

Which Moleskine did you say it was? The "plain journal" with the green wraparound paper when it's brand new in the wrapping, or the "Art Plus" with the blue?

No. 427010

I believe it was the blue? I took the wrapping off right after buying it to swatch before putting it away till more recently.

No. 427020

Awesome, I've got the same one then and we can compare notes:
*Water warping always happens for me, but it handles it reasonably well (it's 165 g/m2 btw)
*There's no bleed through with simple ballpoint pens, inks, or any sort of watercolor/ acrylic/ gouache
*Alcohol markers bleed through quite a lot, I use some weeb Neopiko Deleter ones that always do so I generally try to avoid them (unless I decide from the beginning that I'm going to have to glue something on the opposite page to hide the bleeding)
Yeah though, it's mostly meant for quick pencil/ pen sketches, it doesn't really claim to be anything else so there's no ripoff or anything. You can make do with other mediums as well, though, if you're careful.

No. 427022

Yeah, i was surprised how much i got away with when it comes to using those watercolor pencils. I’m not a fan of watercolor, i lean more toward markers to draw and inks to paint, but as for testing colors, it does work well. my marker set that i use for my separate works are blick brand alcohol brush markers since they are affordable, and they bleed on this paper, but my tombow pens do not. those also dont blend well, which is fine, i got them for sketching anyway.

is the spine of yours cracking down the middle? it isnt a big concern for me, i’m a little over halfway through the sketchbook so it will join my others on my bookshelf soon, but i do have a noticeable crease forming that is making the outer shell separate a bit.

No. 427037

This is like creepshow level bad. Only 20 minutes a day to draw? You better start waking up earlier mate or it’ll take 20 years to improve.

No. 427039

Mine has a crease but it's not very noticeable, and definitely hasn't started to peel away. My previous one did have some weird scuffs on the cover after a trip that I still have no idea where they came from, though.

Maybe in technical skill, but the difference is that Moleskine anon admits they're not where they want to be, while Shitshow thinks she's a goddess of art lmao

No. 427043

wonderful advice, super helpful. what is your opinion on the sketchbook in question? do you have any experience with the moleskine line of books?

No. 427048

yeah I am a huge fan of home bookbinding. and you can do a lot without expensive supplies, even hardbacks can be pretty cheap to make.

No. 427064

File: 1561667161201.jpg (8.26 KB, 225x225, egrojosh kurt kobain.jpg)

What do you guys think of ergojosh i like his style and I like the aesthetic of his vids but he tends to always gravitate to drawing pretty pintrest girl UwU Ijust wish he'd branch out more

No. 427137

My opinion is that their work is just like the multitudes of other "I draw pretty portraits!" artists that are abundant online. Nothing of note, really.

No. 427155

yeah i guess it's something about his setup and the calm vids that draws me in idk i just think he has potential i guess

No. 427172

File: 1561681152664.jpeg (834.36 KB, 828x1019, 994E1972-789B-4BA2-8AAB-2507E8…)

I’m a huge fan of Helen Dardik on insta. Her vids are so fun to watch and I love her style and color palettes. I think she’s uses gauche mostly, which is a personal fav medium of mine. Any others I should be watching with a similar style?

No. 427175

which wouldn't be an issue under "normal" circumstances but a lot of the free resources are honestly shit becuase people who can give good tips like mangamaterial get chased off by triggered babies. there are few actually professional and GOOD artists actually giving tips and advice

No. 427192

This looks nothing like Kurt Cobain

No. 427205

i honestly thought it was jenna marble's boyfriend

No. 427219

Anyone have any good resources for gesture drawing/posing? Trying to get better at drawing body language/bodies in motion instead of characters just standing there, symbol drawing or headshots. I use Pinterest a lot but I’m curious about what resources the other art anons ITT use.

No. 427221

Get Loomis’ book on figure drawing (Bridgman is also good). Quick poses has a good library. Croquis cafe and senshistock are good aswell

No. 427265

This. There are SO many free professional level tutorials and resources out there you can use, I never understood why people get so whiny and entitled when someone doesn't reveal their tricks of the trade to the whole world. Someone might've perfected their personal style for years and then get harpies mooching off their hard work to replicate what they're doing. It's more than understandable that some artists aren't comfortable with exposing their techniques.

No. 427267

Loomis's books are super easy to find as free PDFs nowadays too. Actually, I would suggest finding recs for good gesture/anatomy books and then immediately seeing if there are PDFs leaked. Or you can buy physical if you want, it's just that some are pretty expensive. Dunno if someone already mentioned Love Life Drawing, but they're incredible for being a small yt channel for learning figure drawing and stuff.

No. 427294

Line of Action is great

No. 427295

Also I've been googling paparazzi pictures of celebrities? It really shows photos of people in motion that have no idea they are being photographed. Plus they usually have nice clothes.

No. 427301

No. 427322

I thought it was Billy Ray Cyrus ahahaha

No. 427369

ME TOO lmaaaoooo

No. 427570

File: 1561759045954.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1536x2048, 8D310952-8ED4-4C19-BF4C-20329B…)

Google is hiring professional tracers now. Amazing.

No. 427573


I saw on reddit that his tweet was fake. Apparently he got "a" job, not a job at Google. Lmao.

No. 427585

File: 1561765784482.jpg (122.85 KB, 1200x928, 1561600388823.jpg)

And this here is what he usually draws.

No. 427587

He airbrushed a bright light on their edges yet they also have edge shadows?

No. 427595

I like to imagine it's due to a magical light emanating out of the tall guy's crotch like he just stepped out of a Twilight fanfic. It's the only way I can make any sense of this fuckery.

No. 427596

the struggle of a manlet

No. 427604

That's a fucking grown man head on a child's body lmao

No. 427608

No. 427610

Im sorry that everyone dragged you, i like your art, and I bet with more practice you're gonna be real good.

No. 427626

sage, hugboxer

No. 427640

This is so funny.

No. 427658

Thanks everyone, good advice. I find that lately I’m just drawing things as fast as I can to get an idea down rather than strengthening my skills. I have a lot of learning to do.

No. 427662

Why does that child have a beard

No. 427686

that seriously looks like some weird incel art about how nobody loves manlets or something, what is the message actually supposed to be??

No. 427716

The caption going around facebook is something like "Do women miss out on good men due to judging their height?" or some bullshit

No. 427717

Just ran into this guy on twitter and everything he draws is such wikihow tier art.

No. 427738

Also known as tracing stock photos lol

No. 427753

I followed him for a while, then unfollowed a few months back because he sounded so full of himself and I found better pro sources. From what I've seen the "bullying" was a few negative tweets, so snowflakey when people get actual death and rape threats.

No. 427754

These comments about being thin skinned are ironic considering she deleted her account and a ton of content over being bitter because of some comments.

Does she have a right to be butthurt over people getting upset over FREE tips? Sure, but that's an overreaction when you have thousands and thousands of followers and delete everything because of a few tweets.

No. 427774

’Cause rape and death threats on the internet should be taken seriously.

No. 427781

Yeah, online death and rape threats are much less insulting than some literal whos from tumblr not liking your advice when you have thousands of other people following your account which you built up and can easily advertise yourself.

No. 427786

Hey I'm not arguing that but calling someone snowflaky is really fucking ironic if you think online death or rape threads are a big deal.

No. 427807

that is the actual message

No. 427856

File: 1561816419172.jpeg (31.24 KB, 500x349, 939A0597-64F3-4A28-ADF1-69F2C7…)

guys pls

No. 428068

File: 1561857760982.jpeg (316.82 KB, 549x900, A9189611-063C-4077-9362-7D8EE7…)

I want to talk about these weirdos god damn it. I don’t know why other anons were so against just posting them here, they’re artists and this is art salt - and they’re too damn ridiculous to pass up discussion

For those whining that this thread isn’t active enough for it - make it active then??



The description for pic
*Full artwork.
Other human_AU, where Connor is an androgyne, more precisely, a genetic male, with testicular feminization syndrome.
I have long wanted to portray a handsome young man with a similar syndrome. There are many people in the world with a similar feature, but they remain invisible, the society does not accept them, as they do not fit into the binary model of the sex and gender. Sometimes even LGBT do not understand intersex people (paradox?), believing that a man should be a man in everything and a woman should be a woman (cis or trance - does not matter. People often say: "If you consider yourself a man, you cannot look like a girl or androgynous. If you are a man, then comply with accepted norms! Have big muscles, a beard, etc. "). At the same time, agenders, eunuchs and intersex people with non-binary identity go unnoticed or ridiculed, which puts pressure on their self-esteem, makes them hide and complexes.

- Deva*

No. 428069

their art is beautiful, it's a shame the artist is an autist.

No. 428071

File: 1561857956456.jpeg (406.65 KB, 597x850, CF8D06C7-B8AE-4581-9BB0-34A065…)

Samefag, their artwork is so beautiful (especially Deva’s) but the content of all their pieces is so fucking bizarre. Why the obsession with eunuchs in particular? Someone in the pirevious threads said that they even rewrite wiki articles, can anyone expand on that? That’s honestly wild, who the hell is so into their BL that they rewrite history

No. 428080

Honestly the fact that they Eunuch-ify existing male characters that many fans find attractive just muddies the whole thing.
Do they want to fuck the eunuchs? Do they want to be the eunuchs? I really can't tell.

No. 428081

It's funny how their art is straight up women but they call them men. Seems like a cope. Not even the ladiest of thai ladyboys naturally possess womanly features.

Also funny how she calls eunuchs pure but in most of her art they're dressed erotically or engaging in erotic activities lmao

No. 428084

tinfoiling but doesn't it feel like a weird sexual abuse cope? or inferiority complex?

No. 428089


Further tinfoiling but not samefag, is there any chance they're attracted to women but want to be attracted to men (???) so they make art of attractive ""men"" who are basically just women?

sorry, their art is just so tinfoil hat worthy because it's so confusing

No. 428092

That makes some sense to me. Can't admit they want vag but definitely don't want dick, so they just remove the genitals entirely on 'man' who looks and acts like a woman. That just adds another layer of creepiness onto the fact that they are sisters though.

No. 428103

>>Jacob Notaras(The Son of Byzantine Naval commander), was sent to Mehmed's harem. The only one male survivor of the Notaras family, Jacob escaped from the Ottomans in 1460.

and this is how interpreted this event

No. 428107

This art is so fucking bizarre. It feels like it's either an adoration of soft feminine yaoi boys taken to the logical extreme, or a case of internalized misogyny combined with a love of femininity, where she loves all the aspects of being female, minus being female itself. A bit similar to what many fakebois do where they want to be male, but still extremely feminine, if that makes sense.

No. 428140

File: 1561870866957.jpg (18.05 KB, 400x300, 21221028.jpg)

OK art salt people sorry that we have to clog your thread with something that's not even art salt nor even salt.
my tinfoil, since one was born 1993 according to the tumblr, is that they were inspired by Haku in Naruto ; it was very popular when she was a tween and they did have a weeb phase (see gallery categories). haku is mistaken for a female and in a master-servant relationship with this older muscly ninja.
the real question is why the eunuch obsession, I am torn between sexual immaturity (not liking manly features /not having much contact with the opposite sex) and notliketheothergirlism / insecurities about their bodies.
and since they do all that fetishy thing together and one draws her sister like a eunuch, I wonder if there isn't also something weird going on between the two.

No. 428143

The pure autism needed to reach this conclusion.

No. 428145

yeah that's pretty autistic. they could just be drawing males without genitalia though, and not make them look female. this is so weird.

No. 428150

Mods I feel we will take away actual discussion away from artist slat on this thread and clog this thread
just let us make a new thread on /snow/

No. 428157

Hot take but maybe they are bisexual with a kink…not everything has to have a psychological complex. It's sorta just futanari reversed. Bisexual myself and it's hot to me.

No. 428163

>it's hot to me.

No. 428165

You need therapy if you find the severe mutilation of others hot.

No. 428166

Why do you guys assume that she has some weird fetish or is psychologically damaged? Maybe she just likes drawing bizarre shit.
I kind of think maybe she's inspired by ancient periods of history given her art style, and focuses on eunuchs in particular.

No. 428177

Because you don’t romanticise the rape and castration of boys unless there’s something not right with you, let alone to the point that you draw it over and over and over again. You also don’t edit wiki articles if it’s just fascination, that’s some next level tard behaviour right there

I do agree that they’re inspired by artwork of the masters though, it’s a weird blend of weeb and renaissance

No. 428181

it seems fetishy and crooked and psychoanalytical because she sounds unaware, like when she says she wants to bring beauty back to art, which is a parroted conservative idea, and also the idealisation of the past, idk it just doesn't blend well with fapfodder eunuch fanart, it's just jarring and bizarre and I feel like something is wrong.
ppl who like weird perverse stuff but want to seem innocent are quite obvious (like the 'nonsexual' age regressed blonde woman we had a thread on a few months ago), she's not like that. i think she's clueless, repressed and lacking in human contact and expresses that unknowingly in her weird eunuch art, she really has no clue how it reveals something about her.

No. 428184

It’s actually two artists, sisters. I feel like that adds a whole new level of weird.

No. 428197

File: 1561887329875.png (13.67 KB, 1364x151, virus.png)

It's a shame they can't have their own thread because this one was made to discuss art youtubers more than anybody else but these two are very fascinating to me. I wasn't even part of the original two threads, I saw them go down and I went down a rabbit hole of exploring their galleries.

I haven't seem them show being anime fans but they were VK fans and with all the crossdressing that's how they started as far as we can see. It's what they started drawing in their galleries and they quote Hizaki as inspiration to "Develv style"


They are also obsessed with Tom Hiddleston's Loki, the (male) elfs in LOTR,…

In another some other journals they posted as a fact they don't draw women or ugly people and that they're "not fond of womankind". Even have nightmares about being women.

No. 428199

File: 1561887739390.jpg (58.2 KB, 956x836, persian_eunuch_and_hindu_boy_b…)

Samefag but I had to show this too. They have an obsession with debunking myths about Persians and eununchs that gets in a pretty uncomfortable territory even for their fans. They try very hard to prove the whiteness of Persians such as cherrypicking images and making collages.

It's true that sometimes people apply their modern lense to history and have misconceptions like every person living in africa is black, or in the middle east very dark skinned. But her "debunking" obsession is questionable to say the least and pic related

No. 428201

File: 1561888344276.jpeg (139.25 KB, 1536x383, 8C3145CA-9020-4499-B5DD-20FBD8…)

Not exactly a milk but here’s what I found on Twitter
Translation: after all sisters Develv are incredible. I’m so lucky to have met them. Astonishing people, but it’s like they’re in some box.

No. 428203

it was posted near the end of the snow thread, i think elveo the other sister admitted that she edited wikipedia articles to make them more "historically accurate"

these bitches are trying to rewrite history to fit their weird ass fetish lmao

No. 428209

I think it's mostly classism, as there are plenty of drawings with good looking dark eunuchs. its pretty dainty sophisticated eunuch who lives indoors in a gold woven dress VS gross poor coarse naked male child who has to work outside.

No. 428214

lmao…persians are generally very beautiful people and some of them are paler than others but they're overall tan/dark skinned. It's so obvious they have this weird inferiority complex about being turkish women in white mysoginistic Russia.

Would love to find out more about this. Has anyone found their personal social media?

No. 428216

Idk, I don't think drawing a few pretty dark people makes up for how unequivocally racist her "comparison" drawings are.

No. 428220

File: 1561892186797.png (210.66 KB, 1054x571, elvinsta.png)


Samefag but I found this profile that has a post saying "I'm a modern day euneuch, i was castrated for medical reasons" and it's full of Devlev art. Wouldnt surprise me if it was one of the sisters larping.

And this is the insta of one of the sisters in pic attached. (I'm starting to doubt there are actually two of them, my tinfoil is thats it's just one person behind this whole thing).

No. 428221

i think there are 2 people behind it, only because they have different art styles. theyre similar but if you look hard enough you can tell which piece was done by which sister.

No. 428235

File: 1561896323334.jpg (250.57 KB, 920x633, dbv42sd-576e9197-703b-4325-8f4…)

I think they admire idealized black and indian beauty but have some contradictory feelings towards the average non white.

Some more bizarro stuff, they are religious and have many depictions of angels in their gallery (and other mythological and religious creatures that fit their fetishes). They obviously sexualize angels as male but androgynous beings, it's really creepy.

>Today you can see many different images of angels, for every taste and color and in all variations. For a fantastic story, picture or film, it can be cool, new, interesting, but people began to forget the original, canonical image of angels.

>Very important is the fact that the angels always appeared in the form of men, and never appeared in the guise of women. Now popular images of angels in the form of women (especially with pronounced female forms and eroticism) are not canonical and to some extent unacceptable. As in Islam, in Christianity it was even forbidden to appeal to angels in the feminine sex, consider them women, or portray them as women. They do not have a physical sex, but obviously they have male gender and male identity.
> How wrong to portray the archangels in the form of women, just as it would be wrong if the Virgin Mary is portrayed as a man.

Again, fair point. It's just creepy when you think about how she cares so much because of a fetish, not historical accuracy.

No. 428236

Mods this is all were gonna be talking about on this thread just let us make a new thread on /snow/

No. 428237

Wow sexism and racism. She's covering all the bases.

No. 428238

I'm dying, is this recent? If so this is totally about good omens

No. 428240

File: 1561897424297.png (79.51 KB, 821x953, --1.png)

No. 428255

File: 1561901091928.jpg (51.43 KB, 407x700, 7YwOatae5U8.jpg)

are you sure this is her? the profile picture on her vk and da looks really different from the pictures on this instagram

this is her vk pic btw

No. 428256

File: 1561901117655.png (417.32 KB, 932x600, iuz7t6r5ert89.png)

picture from her instagram

No. 428257

is she really tatar?

No. 428262

sorry for samefag, but these appear to be all the "contributions" she's made on wikipedia


No. 428272

sorry again for the samefag, but ive been reading through what >>428240 linked and i
just saw this video, i think theres definitely two of them. i think they are the two wearing the colourful veils at the start of the video.


No. 428290

The face of a closeted homosexual

No. 428292

But angels dont look like that either wtf

No. 428294

God damn it, why are tge crazy people the cute ones

Also mods please let this go back to their thread, it was really interesting and I dont think it belongs in the general since there was so much being talked about

Not saving cuz I want mods to see

No. 428301

She looks cute with heavy makeup, flitering, and carefully posed and chosen angles but I bet 100 percent she looks like a odd autist with strange facial mannerisms and awkward bodily movement and probably porportions in real life. I have never seen such a weird mind not manifesting in the physical body in some way

No. 428304

Yes, its the instagram linked on her elveo art tumblr.

Incredible… 2000k pages just for them. The russians are truly dedicated and there's obviously milk here if we look enough.

No. 428306

Russians are just as autistic as the Chinese are….. Im excited

No. 428311

>Also mods please let this go back to their thread
Please mods just let us make a new thread /snow/ or unlock the old one
Their is much potential milk from these two

No. 428318

File: 1561906743702.jpeg (253.75 KB, 800x400, babyboy.jpeg)

Is this her in…drag king makeup, I guess? Or does she have a boyfriend who just looks similar to her?
Asking since just before this post she has an edit of what seems to be a man although the face is hidden. Don't think that one is her since she's kind of skinny.

No. 428319

File: 1561906857401.jpeg (498.15 KB, 1000x600, arm.jpeg)

The arm and hand don't look as thin as what she's shown in other photos.
I think it would just be surprising if she did have a male partner haha.

No. 428320

File: 1561907051222.jpg (54.09 KB, 571x807, cyBuLpyMk6I.jpg)

I'm russian and I use that site sometimes. 2000 pages are because they barely have any moderation there and every little comment and nitpick is saved forever. People are harping on every grammar mistake and shit. The main "meat" of the tread and the actual milk is heavily interspersed with shitty useless comments that serve no purpose at all.
I never really frequented their thread, but I decided to check it out and… oh well. Look at the picrelated. Peep the german and the jew. That's kinda (very) racist?
Also funny how british guy looks exactly like Tom Hiddles. No bias there.

Also yes, can confirm there IS milk, since both sisters are insufferable and argue with historians, other artists and plain people A LOT. There's also A TON of mysogyny from both of them, like incredible amounts of it written down and still posted online despite the thread documenting it all. There's also fetishization of pedophilia and incest. And incredibly badly photoshopped cosplay photos of one of them. Pretty sure all of that can be considered milk.
BUT it is all in russian and I doubt that anyone is willing to translate it all for you.
I can translate some key points, but I don't really think it would be that good since a ton of it would be without proof since they mostly use russian social media and someone who doesn't speak russian would have to use google translate (like the anon who posted the original link to holywarsoo) and google does a piss-poor job at russian.

No. 428321

Why are these types always obsessed with Loki? I've (reluctantly) watched the Avengers and I don't see the appeal.

They have 2000 pages there and we don't even get a thread. Sorry for the salt but come on…

No. 428323

please do translate some key points for us if you have time! i think everyone here would appreciate it, the google translate is really shit.

No. 428324

what the fuckkkk lmao

No. 428329

>"ethnic" and "woman" are now separate categories
I thought it was a known fact that angels are canonically monstrous creatures with multiple faces and eyes, not beautiful androgynes with wings.
I think what fascinates me the most about this is how dedicated these sisters are to the notion that their fetishes are actually historically accurate.
They're simply not satisfied keeping their stuff in the realm of fantasy, and it's to the point where they'll edit Wikipedia pages over it. This is literal revisionism based not on political ideology or religion, but sexual pleasure. It's a form of bringing fetish to real life that I've never seen before. Like…this is peak fujoshi. I don't think it can get better than this.

No. 428330

That drawing is amazingly wtf, please do translate more.

No. 428333

I don't understand why mods won't let you make a thread. They are very fascinating. We have threads about boring instahoes, don't see why not them.

No. 428336

I wouldn't even know where to start translating tbh since I'm on the 15th page out of 2000 lmao.

But the OP with general information confirms that there are actually two of them, they haven't really lived in Russia (their father is from a fairly big russian city, their mother is never confirmed as any etnicity, heavily speculated to be vietnamese since they live in Vitnam) and been pilgrims since early childhood. By the confession of one of the sisters herself they were so poor while travelling that they had to sleep in temples. Their whole family is avid rabid vegetarians and also believe in Krishna which in itself isn't bad, but russian krishnaits are known for being cultish. Their father's blog confirms it, being extremely cultish. By the admission of sisters themselves, they never attended school also and been homeschooled. It's evident since they both have extremely poor grammar at times and often mess up shit like DaVinci's name while claiming they studied art history and historical terms despite claiming to be historians.

No. 428337

Thanks anon. That's very helpful.

No. 428338

yes, thank you anon! is there any recent milk?

No. 428347

File: 1561910382318.jpg (233.93 KB, 675x900, cr2GezxueQI.jpg)

The most recent I see is literally the last page where Deva discusses her DBH fanfiction. Where she nor only ships incest (sure, those are robots, but she makes a human au where they are actually twins) and has a fic where "Brian"(the actors actual name so that's rpf?) is married to "Amelia" (actual actor's actual wife's name) but fucks "Gavin" (the name of the character) which she defends with violent mysogyny claiming that the homo relationship is actually true love and there's nothing wrong with cheating apparently. Also funnily enough even for fanfiction where she uses characters names from the game, she gives them the surname of the actual actor.
This all just seems kinda minor to me though tbh, russian fandoms are fucking crazy and creepy as shit, there's nothing unusual about what she does for me, though I may be forever warped by slash hell I inhabit.
She really embodies the mysogyny of most slash fans from Russia, continuosly belittling women and claiming them as inferior while fetishising femininity in guys she likes. Standart Hypocrisy 101.

There's not much of recent milk that I see besides discussing fanfiction (that website has a particular obsession with it since it all started on diary.ru, russian social media for text blogging which was since it's inception heavily populated by ficwriters and is a huge platform for fandoms still) because most of the drama on holywarsoo is about diary.ru and it's inhabitants and there's always been a ton of fandom drama.
I went only ten newest pages down though. Mostly all of it is fanfic discussion, random insta pics nitpicking and completely random fandom spergs.

Also apparently that's an androgyne Connor from Detroit. Yeah, not a woman, an androgyne.

No. 428349

Right so, has she ever painted any penises, or featured any penises in her artwork? Or even bulges? Is she a fujoshi that doesn't even like dicks or what? Is there ANY indication they're actually attracted to penises? I don't understand these two at all.

No. 428350

thank you so much for this anon. do you know any other russian websites or forums where they discuss these girls? they seem very interesting.

No. 428352

Where is the "andro" aspect? She's so painfully gay and in the closet.

No. 428357

File: 1561911394364.jpg (Spoiler Image,212.84 KB, 852x699, ZERyw5OVkXc.jpg)

By her own admission androgynes are intersex people. So that's another group to fetishize.

Here she is comparing her intersex Connor to her older art of a eunuch herself.

Not really, the holywarsoo is the main hub for russian drama if it's related to art, fanfiction or just any fandom.
I'm not really involved with the drama community though. There are some anonymous confession-type pages on vk (our main social media website) about them both from the olden days, but it all too is mirrored to holywarsoo.
I don't doubt that they probably got discussed on russian 2ch, since all drama makes it to there sooner or later, but due to it's nature you can't really find any links or mentions.
I will go through the thread probably, but it's going to take a long while since my reading comprehension kinda sucks ass and it's literally full of nitpicks and other crazy fujos with milk-less comments.

I would read her fanfiction about it to get more of a clue, but it's tagged as underage twincest so no thanks?
She claims in the fic description tho that that's how a person with testicular feminization looks. Which, going by two google images I was able to find can actually be accurate.
So the andro- part is the chromosomes. I think? Maybe?(Forgive me if I may be uneducated on intersex condition since, well, I am most definitely not)

No. 428360

File: 1561911824517.jpg (Spoiler Image,329.19 KB, 1000x722, iI59eTQGO1U.jpg)

This is as explicit as I found from skimming her recent work. No dicks in sight.
Also yes, I am glad you asked, those are twins.

Also I forgot to put spoiler over tits, so… mods?
Those are male tits though technically lmao.

Also funnily enough, ficbook, the site she puts her fanfic on recently deleted her fic about androgyne Connor. Apparently, a website that tolerates the most vile shit couldn't tolerate it. The official claim is "breaking terms of service".
She put it on there again anyways under a different name.

No. 428365

At least those ones actually look slightly androgynous because of the strong brow bone, jawline, muscles… Still weird though.

No. 428367

They look like gay men to me. She doesn't do straight up porn or anything? I'm really surprised. As far as the 'testicular feminization' goes, isn't that just AIS, or CAIS? I googled and it brought up CAIS, and they're pretty much indistinguishable from women except for periods and stuff, so why choose to fetishize people with CAIS? They have 'vulvas' or whatever. I mean, you're basically into women from a visual perspective at that point.

No. 428369

Those aren't from the androgyne fic though, these are men. She has an androgyne AU, human twins AU and in-line-with-canon fics. All of which she illustrates. Should have clarified that in my post.

No. 428373

tf kind of fanfiction did she write that got banned?

No. 428374

Does she have any more with men that look like men?

No. 428378

File: 1561912957327.jpg (346.53 KB, 1000x730, FK5FoyGU3Sg.jpg)

I feel dirty just reading descriptions tbh and I'm a pretty fucked-up person.

Yes? Kinda? She draws Hank from DBH.

No. 428380

File: 1561913165270.jpg (105.47 KB, 583x760, yPpX0HAzsqI.jpg)

Also just as a thing that seemed funny to me, have a Lucifer tempting Jesus.
Nothing is safe.

No. 428382

they both gives off pretty strong bisexual in denial vibes tbh, especially deva, but from what i know shes been less milky recently

i think elveos usually draws more actual men though? at least thats the impression i get from her da.

are they trying to imply lucifer is an eunuch kek

No. 428384

you may not like it but this is what peak fujoshi looks like

Maybe you could link to where the keypoints are mentionned and from there we can use google translate ?

I read that part about them living dirt poor and walking 20km in the cold to get food or something and it looks like a LARP. Also weird they believe in Krishna but their VK is full of Christian and Muslim stuff.

No. 428394

get some help wirdo, how can you find the mitilation of yonge men hot?

No. 428399

It's not even the mutilation of young men but the mutilation of young boys.

No. 428401

Such wasted talent. She's so skilled and yet this is what she chooses to draw.

No. 428406

At first, I thought they are just regular women-hating yaoi/slash fangirls with the male feminisation fetish taken to the extreme (castration). But it's pretty weird they don't seem to draw males (except "eunuchs") at all.

No. 428407

I don't find mutilation hot I find endrogyny and intersex hot. Futa are hot too. Basically all free game. Chill bro welcome to the internet. These crazy Christians autists are just broken in the head.

No. 428413

File: 1561918737674.jpg (206.01 KB, 800x1280, XPXb3i37-ME.jpg)

Google translate is incredibly shit at russian though and is completly useless with most slang which both of the sisters use a lot, especially when talking about slash fiction.
I am also honestly not going to bother looking up which sister said what since holywarsoo people are generally shitty about sourcing stuff and mostly just copy the text.

But here's some.
Deva bashing "hets", specifically mentions tits and calls women prostitutes.

Another one along the same vein, except even more incel-tier woman-bashing.

Transphobia (says that the sex remains the same despite presentation, says using preferred pronouns is "lying"). Actually kinda based for once if it wasn't used to .

Says all women look ugly and have "an impure gaze" while idolizing iranian men.

More mysogyny while idolizing Hiddles

Romanticizing rape

"Drawing dicks is vulgar and I hate porn"

Deva talking about how men are more opressed than women

Elveo talking about how boys got castrated in older times because the eunuchs are more resilient to illnesses, mentiones that nowadays it's done to prevent cancer.

Some older art from the j-rock phase. Yes, those are men.

Justifying rape/pedophilia.

Elva deliberately quoting Quran wrong to imply that homosexuality in men was not seen as a sin, but in women was.

Drawing a nazi to symbolise homosexual holocaust victims.

Talking about how homophobic society is… because it doesn't let gay men fuck around, star in porn or be a prostitute.

Some more pedophilia.

Elva burns a book because it's not homoerotic enough.

Romanticizing bacha-bazi, a form of prostitution of male children. (Second is in english)

Girls father talking about how he doesn't care if the Earth is round or flat.

Jesus was a eunuch.

Father says that cast system is great and people with "peasant mentalities" shoudn't talk.

Also picrelated - Deva fetishizing traps.

These are the worst offenders I extricated from the OP, there's much more, but some are nitpicks.

No. 428416

File: 1561919129979.jpg (89.79 KB, 530x700, nHCXSOEAH64.jpg)

>used to fetishize feminine men and genital mutilation.
Sorry, didn't realise the sentence was broken.

Also they keep their cat on a vegan diet.

And here's Alexander the Great with his male lover. Yeah. Really.

No. 428417

JFC how does a person end up so fucking insane??

No. 428419

Ikr, there may be some truth in them being from a cultist family and isolated from the normal word.

No. 428421

thank you!

do you have any sources of them arguing with the historians? that sounds hilarious.

No. 428424

>all this fucking milk
Literally no reason not to have a thread. Holy fuck.

No. 428425

so skilled but sooo crazy, w t f

No. 428426

File: 1561920239576.jpg (83.63 KB, 564x800, _mcx8BCgm7k.jpg)

Honestly there's so much shit I will have to look through all the links again.

But here's a historian/translator chiming in in the actual thread to talk about her experiences with one of the sisters. (She doesn't know any languages and uses a dictionary, grossly mistranslates and expects the anon to translate shit for her for free)

While I'm at witnesses stories.

Another anon says she spoke with her extensively and she fetishizes pedophilia, muslim men (actually messages them on facebook to ask if they're gay), doesn't know any languages she claims to know, doesn't have any degrees she claims to have. Anon also implies they have no birth certificates and live in the country illegally.

Yes, there's a ton of milk, but the problem with international cows is that when barely anyone knows the language only those people actually end up contributing to the threads and I am not sure if there are even any other rusanons on here to keep the thread going. And using googl translate will end up in mistranslations and fake milk inevitably.

Here's an archangel Michael for you.

No. 428428

You should try DeepL Translater to see if it works better than google translate. It is supposed to be better with slang.

No. 428430

not even interested in art cows but man these eunuch twins are fucking exceptional.

No. 428432

These two are proof that little to no education and misogyny go together.

No. 428434

I just tried it, and it is. The like is here for anyone that needs it. I'm sure rusanon could tell better if the translation is right but the sentence structures are a lot better than in gt.


No. 428464

Is the mod still not opening up the thread? I mean it’s great that everyone is milking the cow but this is frankly getting really out of hand. This is becoming like this person’s sub snow thread and you cannot even bring out new salt because it would just drown under the current topic, since it seems ro be dominating currently.

No. 428469

Self hatred? Depressing

No. 428471

So this is a half Asian woman yet she never draws any Asian people at all lol
Seriously tho it is WEIRD this person is Hapa yet only draws European, Middle Easterners, Blacks, and Indians

No. 428477

isnt their father tatar? or is he russian. its hard to say what their ethnicity is without seeing daddy develv tbh. who also sounds like he has great cow potential also since theyre apparently in vietnam illegally their mom might not be vietnamese. this entire family is a mess. but i agree, its extremely weird.

their father being tatar would at least explain their interest in islam i guess.

No. 428478

File: 1561925491537.jpg (441.74 KB, 1200x720, Alexander_the_Great_mosaic.jpg)

Such likeness to the real person. And his possible lover Hephaestion was a manly cavalry commander.

No. 428480

No one knows anymore. One of the mods got super salty and claimed there was no milk when someone was trying to make threads for these two.

No. 428487

Their father is almost certainly tatar, he has a classic tatar name.

There's also little point distinguishing tatars from russians since most russians are some type of mixed and tatars are extremely widespread in Russia.
Also I would say that 90% of tatar don't look distinctly asian so they must have gotten the asian look from their mom.

No. 428489

tinfoil time a farmhand is one of the sisters or a fan

No. 428492

>or a fan
I kinda agree, every time people post certain pieces of art in the threads on /m/ my first assumption is that they’re into weird shit to be following those artists in the first place

No. 428495

wouldn't that mean that anons posting this are obsessed with eunuchs also?

No. 428499

i feel like one of the posters in /meta/ who claimed that the threads were just "femcel raging" or something maybe mirrored the farmhand's opinion on it. but with all this shit coming out, that idea has long since been proven to be bullshit. they are ridiculously milky.

tbh, all this is doing is derailing the artist salt thread. i feel like if it goes on like this, the actual artist salt posters will have to make a whole new general to discuss their original topic, and once this thread hits autosage, eunuch sister posters will either A) follow and derail again, to the annoyance of everyone involved or B) branch off into a second kind of "artist salt" thread that's actually just the eunuch sisters thread under another name, all to avoid triggering whoever thinks this topic shouldn't be allowed

No. 428506

tinfoil, but there seem to be at least a few posters on lc who are into feminine men based on what people post in the opinion and fetish threads, so maybe someone thought it was kind of a personal attack on them? who knows.

No. 428514

Take it to /meta/.

No. 428521

Based anon, thank you so much for this. A friend of mine thought herself russian just to read Dostoievski, I might learn russian just to read about this lmao.

Ah yes, Alexander The Great, also known as Barbie doll Byzantine Edition.

Agree but wouldnt call a mod an actual "fan" more like… a mod is probably also into some weird fetish and finds this tame or even cool because she herself is a degen.

We literally are. The /meta/ complaints thread is filled with demands to re-open the thread. Are we not allowed to discuss this decision even in the thread we were pushed into posting.

No. 428544

File: 1561933677748.jpg (30.55 KB, 500x499, spngbb.jpg)

>farmhands and offended TiM and/or eunuch fetishists reading all the negative feedback ITT and in /meta/

No. 428558

I would not be surprised if a mod on lolcow.farm was a spergy femcel.

No. 428567

File: 1561935048002.jpg (453.54 KB, 548x900, dd64vwk-4f40492b-cf03-4bc1-81d…)

their artwork is pretty excellent, but they waste it drawing pseudo-incest between a guy and his brother with tits and a chopped off dick lol
has deva's instagram been confirmed as her yet?

No. 428587

She's the lesbiest lesbian to ever lesbian, but Russia is not openminded to gay people so these are all "guys"

No. 428589

God, the DBH fanart is fucking cringe as all get out holy fuck. Just when you think you might like a TV show or something a bit too much, just remember this russian bitch draws biblical scenes depicting Connor from Detroit: Become Human as a sexy woman-man and the evil Connor as his lover. Holy shit.

No. 428597

File: 1561940801116.jpg (62.57 KB, 500x333, moolk.jpg)

it's such unusual, entertaining autism

I'm now DETERMINED to find an artist that is worse (subject wise) than this. How much weirder can you get? Wish me luck, I'm hoping to find something that can top this.

No. 428607

how does this kind of crap art (judging his skill level, not subject matter) get this guy 20k+ followers but some artists who are more skilled than him can't even crack 5k or even 1k?

No. 428613

A minor but ironic detail: Deva specifically uses male pronouns, which is not uncommon or all too relevant but it's a nice touch to this trainwreck of internalized misogyny.

No. 428625

Could someone make a new artist salt thread? I doubt this one’s going back in the rails and we now have even more people from snow and meta coming in to talk about it.

No. 428635

dude people literally make gay nazi anime dudes. you guys samefagging about this eunuch shit is so cringy. like who gives a fuck about historical mutilated males?

No. 428636

>fujo is internalized misogyny


No. 428657

File: 1561947954093.jpg (79.29 KB, 496x515, likk.jpg)

somehow gay anime nazi dudes just isn't that weird to me anymore. I'm looking for Dragons Fucking Cars level of weird.

pic completely unrelated I just think it's cute.

No. 428685

So their half Russia/Tartar and Half Vietnamese but are obsessed with Turkish,Persian and Middle Easterners culture

No. 428710

sounds about right, also sounds fucking weird. What kind of cult are they a part of? Because everything about them is so strange that I can't think of many other explanations.


No. 428721

Am I the only one who hates the way they both colour skin? They all look plastic, and the doll like body and facial proportions just solidify that plastic look

No. 428722

Why do people always ask to make a new one rather than just making it themselves, it’s really not that difficult

But really I don’t see the need to, at the end of the day these two are artists and I’m bored of the usual Lavender/Kasey/any other obnoxious American female artist discussion.

No. 428724

I really just wish these 2 had their own personal thread on /snow/

I'm waiting for mods to response and give the go ahead so we can a make a new thread about these two

No. 428725

Well this is youtuber artist salt first and general salt second. Others finding this amusing is great but nothing about these two seem to really revolve around their art or the fact that they’re an artist and more the fact that they’re some insane cult fetishists. It just really doesn’t feel like this talk belogs to here.

Also it’s not like creating a new thread is hard but I at least don’t really trust myself with being creative enough to write down some good summary.

No. 428727

You made the exact same Nazi comparison before, and people already said this is far more interesting. Give it a rest.
>no one can like things I don't like, they must be samefagging
Like…just hide the thread, or go and make your own site where people only ever talk about things you like, if you're going to be this obsessively annoyed about this. We try to have our own thread and keep it there, you reee. We take it to the artist salt thread, you follow and come in just to reeee again, lmao.

No. 428728

I do think they have a limited time with dynamtic porportions and diverse subject manners and show of wide artistic skill. You can kind of see they are autists by how they pose their characters and make their faces so rigid with the same subject matter recycled over and over

No. 428753

Does anyone else sometimes wish they got into the YouTube game so they got sent boxes upon boxes of art supplies? Gotta be honest, it’s a tempting idea, especially when even Windsor & Newton and Faber-Castell send out shit

No. 428756

Honestly? No. I already have enough unused supplies that make me feel bad when I look at them, just picturing getting unsolicited boxes that I may not even want makes me cringe (special snowflake badge, activated!)

No. 428769

I'm a poorfag in a country where art supplies are very difficult to acquire or insanely expensive so yeah, I'd love to get boxes of free quality art supplies. Anything I didn't use I could donate to my art friends.

No. 428788

You know your discussion is gonna get clogged down and ignored here right
I know its not your fault its just farmhands wont let us make our own thread(derailing)

No. 428812

if i understood this right, then deva tried to do some kind of social experiment about how people are oppressive against eunuchs or some shit which backfired on her

if any rusanons could spill the details on it then that would be great


No. 428821

See, any unused supplies I would just donate to community centres or schools

No. 428853

>derailing the artist salt thread.

it really is, these two need their own thread since it's clear there's milk and people want to discuss them. there's plenty of completely dry threads already made that were somehow allowed to stay up. why not these two?

No. 428870

for some reason the mods wont allow it, even though people have been complaining for days. and we cant just make one because theyll lock it again and tell us to come back here.

No. 428871

Sorry not sorry for further derailing; another rusanon here, it's pretty much as you've described.

They are talking about her unapologetically reblogging a sexist Aristotle quote from a historical film about Alexander (women are impure etc. etc.) She is confronted, spergs out it in the comments, continues to talk shit about Alexander's female romantic partners, cites someone's anecdote implying women are incapable of sacrificial love (agape), acts flabbergasted about how everyone only starts complaining when women are disrespected and no1curr about her precious eunuchs, calls people who disagreed with her trolls.

She then decides to write out a quote post (from the movie in question), changing the subject of the dialogue from "women", to "eunuchs". The comments predictably see through her trolling or ignore, she still thinks the experiment was a success.

Last post you have linked is her once again lamenting the lack of content that idolises eunuchs and depicts them how SHE wants them to look, goddamnit. Is offended by 90% of texts describing them.

meh, i guess she is one, but I'm inclined think it's a lethal mix of the two what with the cultish upbringing and the way she talks about women.

No. 428872

What the ever loving fuck went on here. I haven’t been here for a week and it’s a fucking mess

No. 428873

Yeah, things kind of went off the rails here after everyone discovered a pair of crazy Russian siblings.

They're so damn milky but for some reason mods won't let them make a whole new thread for the pair, so we're just talking about them here.(derailing)

No. 428875

they're really not milky. stop derailing the thread with unsaged crap about how they need their own thread. you're probably being ignored for the obvious samefagging the mods can see.

No. 428882

Well were not gonna stop until you let us have our own damn thread for these bitches

No. 428892


Anon I can guarantee there are at least two people interested in this and know that there were a bunch of others, idk why mods wont just let us have our thread back since others are interested in discussing their weird fucked up shit

No. 428904

dude, you're the only one samefagging and it's obvious because you keep mentionning samefagging, nazi fetishart, femcels and how these cows are milkless. Stop projecting.

Make that 3 counting me but I'm ready to bet 10 bucks there's much much much more of us.

No. 428905

Stop derailing about whether or not the eunuch sisters should have their own thread here. You're free to discuss them here but keep the bitching in /meta/.

No. 428919

were already complaining and we haven't gotten a proper answer yet

Farmhand can we please make a new thread about these on /snow/ or could you unlock the old one(derailing)

No. 428927

You're a fucking shit mod, just give them their damn thread

they'll probably keep derailing till you unlock their thread so just fucking do it

No. 428928

Pretty much what this Anon said.
Nobody on here is giving a goddamned shit about this sperg, there is no milk and there is no interesting content. At least they can go sperging on their own thread and leave us alone

No. 428939

I agree with others. These people co-opting this thread is actually super annoying but because you won't give them their thread they won't leave. youtube artist salt is for exactly that and not some sped drawing men without dicks. Could we please just have this thread return to normal.

No. 428948


Talk about obsessed.
Go shit up someone else's thread or make your own. You wasted a good chunk trying to get people to give a shit about your obsession over these two. That's the problem with Russians/eastern Europeans. They get hyper fixated on something and then they're hard to shake like goddamn dogs.

Anyway, sticking to other threads until this shit dies down. Shouldve banned them.

No. 428954

Maybe I’m the illiterate one but I’m pretty sure the title says GENERAL artist salt, not YouTube artist salt

No. 428961

You're aware farmhands cornered us into posting in this thread and we're not allowed to make a new one? I understand your frustration and would feel the same if a thread I loved was being shat up by something I didnt care about but direct your frustration at the farmhands, not us

No. 428963


That's just it though. Yeah farmhand is dragging their feet but nobody 'forced your hand'. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.

No. 428965

i'm really starting to think they are selfposting tbh.

No. 428967

The name of the thread does change from thread to thread but if you look few threads back it’s been called ”youtube art dicussion/ general art salt” and even if the name’s not there people still accept that this is mainly youtube artists.

No. 428970

Same. Absolutely nobody was talking about them here before this mess. Not the best way to drum up attention to their creepy work.

No. 428975

I think its fine that people can talk about their stuff here, I'm just annoyed that the farmhands aren't letting you guys mame your own thread. The mods on this thread are retarded

No. 428978

I say we should some how take it up with some of the other mods since the ones here seem to have a vendetta against having the wackos yalled about(derailing)

No. 428979

So, what's your solution? No one should discuss it at all because you're not interested? We don't want to be here, either, we literally said this is exactly what would happen if this wasn't allowed its own thread. There's just too many of us talking about it, translating posts, commenting on stuff, and digging shit up.

There's no point in fighting about this amongst ourselves or tinfoiling about selfposts and samefagging, guys. The fact is, farmers want to talk about this, and it's to the point where it can't just be pushed into one general thread. Handing out bans for such a petty reason would be dumb, especially since this is literally the moderation team's fault for being so stubborn even after multiple people explained the situation.
It's up to the mods to fix this so that everyone can be happy.

(Sorry, deleted my first post to add some stuff)
I wonder how we could go about contacting other mods. The /meta/ thread is absolutely filled with complaints about this already.(derailing)

No. 428999

pretty sure that is her aesthetic, I'm kind of in the same genre as other LA based artists with brands and a few others suspects she traces poses for her tattoos and claims to have gone to school for illustrating but I'm self taught and my stuff isn't this wonky.

No. 429031

Personally, I wouldn't have a problem with the eunuch siblings being talked about here (though the sperging about them has gotten ridiculous), but the fact that we need to use a tanslator to get to the milk makes me uninterested, too much effort lmao

No. 429048

What do y'all think about the direction mewtripled is going in so far? Good on her for working hard and sharing her experience as an artist.
There's a certain point I honestly can't relate to her though; she was going to calarts so she was already on the fast track to an animation career. Part of me gets salty because suddenly the students who have jobs are making videos on how to get into the industry like its the simplest shit.
Also I kinda stopped following her on IG when all she started talking about was her boyfriend. She's young so I guess I can't fault her for that.

No. 429060

Anyone else find the way Lavendertowne titles her videos as really annoying? IT'S ALWAYS ALL CAPS AND ATTENTION GRABBING like a lot of shit clickbait I see on YT, and also written in third person. Bothers me for some reason.

Also I could swear she changed the titles of her old videos to match her current format

saged because not really milk and may just come across as me sounding like a bothered sperg

No. 429063

Weren't all her jobs so far internships? Heck she even states in this video she got really lucky and most peoples animation experience wont be like hers.

If you don't go to some big animation school none of this is possible. This feels like one of those 'rich kids explains how to become rich' type stuff.

But lucky her she's living the dream.

No. 429077


yeah it pissed me off too, it kinda feels like she wanted to convey that she did something unique and that she was special for doing so. And honestly the art she made didn't even really correspond to what the flags represent, she basically just did a color/pattern challenge and idk it feels kinda disrespectful for some reason

No. 429091

at least she's not using "professional" artist in her titles. anytime i see someone like rae putting "professional artist tries x!" it cracks me up when they can't even draw a stick figure without a reference.

No. 429121

You know it's funny, I was pretty sure mewtripled was a farmer like two years ago when these artists threads were first made. Wonder if she's reading these posts lol

No. 429123

What makes you come to that conclusion?

No. 429143

i dont know if crafts count in this thread but maqaron's latest video seems really lazy. I mean all she did was make green colored slime and squishies and did some lazy editing and called it a "green screen slime" as if its a new invention

No. 429148

Why would her going to Calarts somehow discredit her job seeking efforts? In a way that should count towards them, she’s ambitious to the point of applying to, being accepted and thriving in a prestigious art school, of course her studious efforts should then be rewarded when job seeking

Honestly, I don’t understand the crabs in a bucket mentality Americans have towards tertiary education.

No. 429150

I find Lavendertownes and Chloe thumbnails to be absolutely the worst, both are tryhard and obnoxious. Then again, Chloe’s faces never fails to piss me off so I guess I’m biased.

No. 429161

The whole celebrity college scandal and the fact that tertiary education in America is typically reserved for the elite has given a lot of the newer generation a distrust and anger towards those who can afford to get into these prestigious universities. American kids have grown up constantly being told that going to college is the only way to become successful and now that many of us have gone that path the tides have changed and many of us can't find the jobs that we were told we'd get with hard work because older generations can't/won't retire. People have ruined their lives with student loans and now are constantly living paycheck to paycheck despite being highly educated and can't help but feel resentful towards those who are succeeding because they can afford to.

sorry 4 sperg kek

No. 429165

It was when the Holly thread was first made. Mewtriple had announced she was accepted into Calarts the same time an anon said they had been accepted and kept mentioning they were a youtuber. It's a reach I know but I always thought it was her based on how they talked.

No. 429170


She was already popular from the jump, so making a video about her experience and then trying to give advice is in good faith. And nobody is discrediting her work ethic that everyone says you should have, despite having a leg-up in a number of other categories.

I'm salty and that's what this thread is for. I'm sick of industry professionals in general giving out 'tips' on 'how to break into' the industry when it boils down to "tee hee! don't give up! keep applying! Network! do your best! Put yourself 'out there'!"
When in reality they already had the connections, went to the ideal school or lived in the ideal location. And then post job listings for everyone to scramble for when in reality they've probably already internally hired someone.
It's just disingenuous to think they're helping people outside of just sharing their atypical experiences.

No. 429171

Exactly. You bust your ass and get into massive debt only to not be able to do internships rich kids can afford to do on their parents dimes cuz you need to work min wage to scrape by until an actual job comes along.

No. 429198

File: 1562040446192.jpeg (27.43 KB, 570x570, 70FA5D14-5E4F-4008-98A4-7AA0C0…)

So you are a crab in a bucket

No. 429201

Agreed. I’m tired of seeing industry people posting to Twitter about giving others the opportunity of landing a job with the “post your portfolio/samples here!” when they’ve already hired someone within their circle of contacts. It screams disingenuous and attention seeking to me personally.

I have a bf who works in the animation industry and he tells me constantly how cutthroat it is. It’s apparently very easy to get blacklisted which is extremely disheartening because it can happen simply if a person with authority just doesn’t like you. Or in a friend’s case, they got blacklisted for knowing their dirty secrets and terrible reputation.

No. 429212

Calling out the systematic problems with America is not a mob mentality. Mew is talented and I do like her work, but there are tons of other artists out there who are talented but would never get the opportunities she has had because they're poor. This system is not based on who's the best but rather how many opportunities you can buy yourself, and this is EVERY aspect of the American economy, not just art. Prestigious education loses all meaning when you can buy your way in.

No. 429221

Everything I hear about the industry always sounds like it's all about who you know. I've noticed it when going to different animation colleges, they always mention how many industry connections they have and how vital meeting new people is

makes me nervous as a complete social retard, kek

Lavender also seems to oversaturate/recolour her thumbnails and honestly I'd be more likely to watch the videos if I knew the finished pieces had less blinding colour palettes, but it's all about GRABBING YOUR ATTENTION!

No. 429227

Something I think you're missing is just how expensive dedicated art schools are in the US. I know people that went to Calarts and someone that taught, the school is well aware of it's reputation and the tuition reflects that. They are also very stingy with financial aid. The person I knew that went came from a wealthy family. I'm sure there were students who were taking out massive loans because their parents couldn't help them. People who don't take those loans can afford to do internships or wait a bit longer for the best job opportunity while those that did can't afford the internships or may be forced into a job that is unrelated because they need to pay off the loans fast. I don't think there would be so much animosity if the education was cheaper. State colleges unfortunately often don't have very good programs (though some certainly do).

As a broader trend people are more aware of how parental assistance factors into a person's career success. Look at the people you admire who found success at young ages and do some digging, most all of them had parental assistance in ways they rarely publicly knowledge. Things like having their rent paid for while doing internships or personal business loans are common examples. I think there was definitely a point where education was cheaper and outcomes more equitable but we don't like in those time periods anymore.

No. 429234


Idk what will make this line of posts sadder, if you are an American blindly ignorant to your countrys problems or if you are a foreigner ignorant of Americas problem and just looking to attack someone like a jackass

No. 429247


They're being a willfully ignorant jackass. Probably a mew stan or whatever. I dont particularly care to argue with them, I'm just here to discuss salt. Fact is, she's privileged, probably didn't have to really work a job a day in her life up until now then thinks she can help people, having never had the typical experience of someone without those things that gave her a boost.

Twitter is the worst place. I never post to those "share your work/portfolio!" posts. It's a publicity stunt to get attention and follows. Everyone's fake. And you'd be a fool to think that any of this has to do with merit.

No. 429265


While I do get what you're saying I question what would you prefer for her to do? She's just making youtube videos about her experiences and her story. She doesn't at any point say "this is universal! follow everything I say and you'll make it!" she's just saying "this is what I did and it worked, it might work for you!" which is… what everyone filming these videos on youtube does?

I agree she's privileged for having parents that could pay her way through art school, but she's also quite skilled (at least IMO from what you can see in her school animations) and she mentions applying to jobs on LinkedIn, which kinda goes against your whole 'she only go there through connections' spiel.

Also saying 'all networking is bad! everyone's fake!' is so unhelpful and unrealistic. Getting jobs through networking is a thing that happens in every single industry. Having someone vouch for you and know your work and ethic has value in a hiring process because it can actually matter way more than a CV (which are usually full of lies) or even a portfolio (that the person may or may not have put together alone + full of lies).

I don't mean to sound condescending but you honestly sound so bitter and resentful @ the world it's kinda funny but also sad.

No. 429274

MewTripled's art is so boring, I feel like I've seen it a thousand times

No. 429276

Random but she used to be MewDoubled and made all those cringy old anime/vocaloid openings and PVs right? I vaguely remember something like that from my childhood but all traces of her old content is gone….

No. 429278

yeah. Jazza sent chloe a free box and while like that's whatever, the video is so pointless. "I don't understand markers, I don't understand pencils, I've never heard of a really big well-known paper company'

it would be fine if she presented the channel as a 'I'm new to this, learn with me while I learn' channel, but she doesn't at all.

No. 429279

Why does she always draw some disney garbage?
Does she hope they'll hire her?

No. 429282

Yeah, iirc I think she thinks that doing mediocre Disney illustrations is gonna get her hired.

Not original ideas or anything, because why would you have to be creative to be hired by Disney, right?

No. 429283

I'm just mad I haven't gotten mine yet and I ordered it like an hour after Jazza announced it.

No. 429292

File: 1562073804799.png (227.26 KB, 567x461, Capture.PNG)

Ot, but her most popular video "ENDLESSLY" looks way to much like Panty from Panty&Stocking. It's honestly on Chinese knockoff levels of similar

No. 429294


No. 429295

How do you guys feel about social media platforms, especially instagram, imposing size limits on pictures and art? This videos mostly for photographers, but the point stands

No. 429300

That is a huge fucking reach right there, anon.

No. 429319

Instagram started with square images only,right?

No. 429328

I dug around a bit and couldn't find it but I clearly remember her mentioning PSG's style as being a big inspiration/reference to her in one of her older videos, and that it made her happy when someone pointed out how similar her style was to the PSG art style.

Still, you can see the influence in that example but I don't think it's to the point it looks like a bootleg kek

No. 429329

I enjoyed when it was only squares, everything was seamless and forced people to consider appealing composition more.
That reminds me of something that pisses me off about artists, so many don’t at all consider how things look as thumbnails - the composition of your posts is extremely important to consider when cropped or at a smaller size! Really hits home that visual artists are not by extension designers.

No. 429331

>generic blunt bangs and long hair
>triangle lower lashes

Did you have to go on your tippy toes for that reach?

No. 429332

samefag but i found it
she starts talking about it around 0:43

No. 429359

That's not a good deal at least where I live I could get everything she has shown for max 70€

No. 429515

Haven't watched the vid yet, but a basically $100 art box??? I would hope it's the greatest one ever, considering it's also the most expensive one I've ever seen. If it's monthly or even bi-monthly, that seems like a more niche market choice bc even with jazza's following, not many ppl especially kids wanna spend that much a month when they could get multiple sub boxes from other places for that amount of money.

No. 429538

File: 1562122141821.png (376.33 KB, 638x373, 8668971A-B241-42CE-8984-951C95…)

Here’s a list of what’s included, I have no idea why anyone would get this. But then again I wouldn’t get any prepackaged box of mixed supplies


No. 429548

Oooh, now it makes a little more sense with all that free exclusive stuff they're throwing into random boxes. If you actually like Jazza's artwork and know you would use some of the supplies, that's not a bad deal. (Even if the product selection is still a little weird to me, I'd just prefer having 2 or 3 really hq things over a bunch of random pens pencils and erasers, but there's still some nice stuff like the polychromos.)

No. 429549

Jazza's art box is not a subscription deal. Just a one time purchase.

No. 429587

File: 1562146680007.png (2.51 MB, 1950x1166, actualvomit.png)

While looking for anatomy refs, I had the unfortunate event of discovering this guy who calls himself Discipleneil777 on deviantart, masterpaintingnow on insta and Learn2Draw on youtube.

Looks like he mostly does paintings, and constantly advertises about his "happy students" who have taken his Udemy classes on anatomy and style to "master painting". I am cackling at his tutorial art tho. Every tutorial seems to be skinny girls with bimbo proportions and "sexy" in the title (ex/"How to draw sexy hips") or muscular dudebros.

Going through his deviantart I would say he improved on technical skill but that's about it. His art is so…. tacky and tasteless.

Imagine paying almost $100 for lessons from this chucklesuck.

No. 429593

File: 1562150129282.png (187.08 KB, 958x520, dddd.PNG)

Wow, what a gem! I hate male """artists""" so much. What a trashy person with no skill. This dude's work is painful and yet he has 85k on YT. Really incredible, and pic related makes it obvious he's one of those fetish dudes that only got into art to satisfy his weird fetishes. He's not talented enough to have a public persona, imo, let alone a persona centered around teaching others how to draw. Artfags are often delusional, but this is next level.

No. 429615

>anatomy knowledge of a teenage beginner
>offering lessons

jesus wept

No. 429618

So I'd like to learn drawing (no anime style), where do you think I should start? I'm a complete beginner and a poorfag.

No. 429619

He's like, 38 or something btw

No. 429632

Let's check out his youtube description
>I teach how to draw women, how to draw females, how to draw manga, how to draw with pencil, how to draw figures, etc.
Of course you teach that
>Also, I have a writing site that teaches how to write novels and screenplays for free. masteredit.info
He also teaches writing.


His best selling (on amazon) art book. I found the pirated version of it. I'm going to upload it later.


His webcomic which looks relatively decent, if not bland, to his art tuts.


His art is meh.


He's one of those 'spiritual' people.

>Namicism is a new theory of everything that explains everything, what the universe is, what we are, how the after life works in a natural world, how reincarnation is natural, what everything actually is. It challenges long held beliefs about reality. All views are completely logical. Guided meditations will be posted to help you awaken to your true self. Namicism seeks to relieve suffering, for we all suffer, so kindness is king. It explains what Karma is and so much more. It is not a religion with beliefs that you must believe in. It is knowledge remembered. You can benefit from the meditations no matter what your present beliefs are or are not. Namicism understands that people need to believe what they do at the present time.

No. 429633

Also he wrote a book about vampires
>I stomped into the kitchen, finding Mom standing by one of the marble counters sipping her coffee. She looked amazing as always. Young guys must have agreed because they often gawked at her. Yes, it annoyed me. I mean, not because they weren’t staring at me. Heck, I was used to that. But they were checking out my mom—my mom!
read the sample on this site masteredit.info/blank

No. 429634

File: 1562160128981.jpg (637.81 KB, 1273x1800, 2m9xoucxdxG1Qy.jpg)

Seriously nauseating excerpt. I refuse to believe he makes that comic. It makes 0 sense. His "art" on every single other profile is so tragic. I'm sorry, I refuse to believe it's possible to make pic related when all of your basic tutorials have such janky perspective and anatomy. He has to be tracing, if he even is making it at all.

No. 429639

He could be using pre-made backgrounds (like how Holly Brown buys backgrounds). The style is very stereotypical of low-quality capeshit, so it's not hard to find resources for. Even the characters look like they were copy-pasted from existing comics.

He's also using the typical capeshit font in the first panel, but then switches to a regular font and forgot how to properly space lettering in a balloon I guess ? The "my story" isn't centered and he starts a new line at weird points, you'd normally have a new line after a period. The balloons also change from standard balloons with a bit of weight to the outline to baby's first ellipse shape tool.

He's probably stealing bits from various comics, sticking them together and doing his own disgusting lettering where needed.

No. 429676


He uploaded a video about his grow op yesterday on to the Learn2Draw channel. No explanation or anything just very confused subscribers.

No. 429688

File: 1562174404746.png (1.57 MB, 1073x2451, dfdafda.png)

I'm the anon who found this douche.
I did some digging into what looks like his first comic (at least the first one he started linking to) with that elf character. I just kept clicking the previous button at the bottom on the actual page.

It looks like he just hires other artists with actual skill to draw his comics for him when he either gets bored with it or realizes his art is straight doodoo and he doesn't have the skills to actually render it correctly.
But he doesn't credit the artists and only mentions them about twice.
So that's probably why that current comic looks like that. It's by a completely different artist.

>I drew this page myself

We can tell.

No. 429698

Hey guys, just wanted to ask what you guys think about people who uses copyrighted music or just music without permission in their speed paints? Like, they don't want people to steal or use their art without permission but they are using other people's music without permission. Is it generally ok to just use music without permission? I really want to make speed paints too so I'm curious.

No. 429707

First and foremost, don't worry about fancy materials. Literally any dollar store pencil (regular or mechanic, whichever you prefer) and Bic ballpoint pen will do for your first steps. I personally recommend checking out the Youtube channel "Croquis Cafe", they offer figure drawing videos and tip videos as well. I think they're a good starting point.

No. 429718

Fuck Croquis cafe's model videos their exercise CD's a where its at.

but you should not due to issues croquis can no longer post on youtube and their main channel is now on vimeo.

No. 429735

It's annoying af when you like the music, but the artist doesn't have it mentioned anywhere. Also kinda scummy since they're not giving credit where it's due. I don't think they always ask the musician for their permission though, and nobody really fusses about it (as long as you credit them, all the musician probably cares about is that people know who made it and where to find them)

If you wanna be safe, either use the standard YouTube stuff, ask the musician directly for permission, or just credit them in the desc. I think it goes without saying that you'll get copyright strikes if you use popular music.

No. 429746

File: 1562180894049.png (1.61 MB, 720x2127, penis.png)

one method is going to /ic/ and look for these books. What you could also do is draw, but once you hit a wall (bad anatomy, something in the background looks off, wonky coloring) you get a book from /ic/ to fix it (loomis, Scott robertson, Betty edwards). If you're completely new and don't know anything start with drawing on the right side of the brain.

No. 429770

Thank you anons, I'll look into that.

No. 429873

Oh yeah, you're right, I hadn't been on their page for a while, I've been slacking off on my figure drawing practice. Fuck Youtube, thanks for letting us know!

No. 429874

Can we add /ic/ to the next thread desc.? I’ve been seeing a bunch of requests for tips and supplies that doesn’t belong here imo

No. 429897

File: 1562192105056.jpg (54.63 KB, 825x1080, no.jpg)

I just remembered, but this is his book

No. 429922

I think it would be better to just suggest using warosu, the /ic/ archive to find resources. I’ve already seen spergy posts on /ic/ about lc or from lc users that don’t know better to lurk.

No. 429932


It depends on how accessible it is to get permission to use it. Compared to musicians, it's a lot easier to ask artists permission to use their stuff and they usually have some type of TOS laid out for it. Musicians on the other hand, usually don't. Not to mention, most musicians don't mind if you use their music as background noise or something for a video.

If you're using work from an indie artist, at least credit them and if you can ask them, get permission. If you're trying to use music from someone who is like… actually famous (Evanescence, Beyonce, etc.) and has record labels and all that shit, just go ahead and use it. They make so much money they probably won't even care and those who have bad blood w/ their record labels will just say go ahead and do it.

No. 429990

Lmao I was scrolling quickly and saw this post right under the art book rec post and thought someone was actually recommending this shit.

No. 430020

File: 1562221229935.png (Spoiler Image,865.74 KB, 542x854, gfgfdfge.png)

Holy crap, this book.

I especially like the part where he slips in half naked """reference"""" photos of his crusty ass bird girlfriend (spoilered just in case). The lighting and quality of all of these photos is pure shit and her awkward poses and expressions are equally horrible.
He literally formatted this book page to look like this. He legitimately put this together, looked at it, and thought "Yes this looks good." while editing the book.
These photos make me terrified.

No. 430025


not at how all the reference photos are female :/ and also he chose a rather terrible background to pose her in front of. It's all patterned and dark so its not as easy to see the full form of her body

No. 430033

File: 1562224577935.png (30.97 KB, 1092x228, Screenshot 2019-07-04 at 3.12.…)

I know we mentioned NattoSoup/Becca Hillburn before in the previous thread in terms of her art and her youtube channel, but I subscribed to her newsletter and I just kept getting these annoying, semi-conceited newsletter posts that just sounded like she was strong-arming her subscribers for money. I have a picture here of the title of one newsletter. Then the next one was called "investing in myself as an artist", which sounds alright but by the end sound like her whining about not having enough subscribers or people supporting her on her patreon.
I don't know it's behaviour like this that really rubs me the wrong way. Yes, you gotta hustle, but she puts herself out there as if she's here to help everyone but in reality it always divulges into being all about her.

anyway that's my salt.

No. 430038

lol I wonder if this would actually give me a marked improvement, I already own half these books but haven't touched them in awhile. feel like I've been stagnating anyway so maybe i'll really try devoting some time to this.

it was already agreed on several threads back that we'd just merge art salt with advice.

No. 430047

It looks like a creepy shitty crack hotel and she’s just a random sex worker to take these weird ass photos and she looks sad in all of them. It looks like these are the photos he took before he murdered her

No. 430048

I think she’s one of those artists who are feeling left behind now since peers and stuff are getting better but she’s stuck in this comfort zone of shitty 1$ faux anime sketches and amateurish watercolors. Like, I think she would do really well as a like school art teacher in that respect and her reviews and some of her art tutorialish stuff is stronger than her art herself, but she really lacks the art hooks to keep an audience on a patreon and shit.

But like, u signed up a for a newsletter about her art so like what did u expect if it’s not just about her?

No. 430052


I'd heavily recommend you don't use anyone's music unless you've got permission from the artist OR if it's copyright free. Youtube actually has their own archive of free music you can use on your videos, all copyright/royalties fee. Just google it.

In regards to 'big musicians already have money and don't care if you use their music so w/e' that's true, I sincerely doubt Britney Spears cares if you use her music, but the bots set up by her music label do lol. If you use copyrighted music odds are bots will find and strike your video, which will either take down your whole video or remove adsense.

Not worth it IMO royalties-free music is pretty shit but if you're not gonna talk during the vid then people can just mute it and listen to whatever they want. Also some music like hikeii, elijah who & bensound is decent and often royalties free.

No. 430062

She drives me crazy cuz like I want to see her get somewhere cuz she genuinely tries very hard but she works so not smart and way too hard. She just needs to realize her art is shitty 90s anime how to draw book tier and studying beyond that might get her somewhere. Not to mention her videos are super grating.

No. 430064


I just checked out her art and it's so… mediocre.

Her watercolor work looks so muddy and her cartoon style is really outdated/amateur-ish. Yikes.

No. 430065

Youtube actually has some really good music creators who let you use their music royalty free, The fat rat is probably my favorite, I actually think he makes pretty amazing music and I personally like to use his music in my videos.

No. 430133

>This system is not based on who's the best but rather how many opportunities you can buy yourself, and this is EVERY aspect of the American economy, not just art.
I learned this very quickly as a poor person who got a scholarship to attend a private school (middle and high). Rich kids have it so easy because the teachers let them get away with anything. None of them had to care about keeping up their grades because their parents would just donate $250k at the annual fundraiser and these children could graduate with 1.5 GPAs. Meanwhile, if I so much as spoke out of turn they wanted to send me to detention.

Europeans really don't understand how bad it is here.

No. 430164

File: 1562252617790.jpg (15.96 KB, 275x210, 1562252248762.jpg)

I normally wouldnt start something like this but mr.ehck/inkyfishbones who draws some pretty violent comics and has 55k followers on instagram has been doing some pedophile stuff recently. here they admitted to drawing nsfw of mandy from the cartoon bill and mandy, who is 9 years old. they also had a few posts taken down because of making fun of abuse and trauma as part of a character's personality.

No. 430168

File: 1562252794084.jpg (13.06 KB, 219x275, 1562252490206.jpg)

for reference, this is some usual stuff in their artstyle if youve seen them around or under a different name

No. 430180

can you show us the problematic art anon, also you images are too small next time try and save the original
>>430168 this look like any other edgy insta artist if i'm honest

No. 430202

File: 1562260732068.jpg (267.4 KB, 1366x1546, eh.jpg)

sage for dumb rant, but the 'redraw this scene' trend is uncanny to me. It's because a lot of the shots they use are intended to only look good in motion, but when you take a screenshot of them they look underwhelming. It also doesn't help that most people who do this challenge refuse to deviate from the one screenshot their using, no exaggeration or slight compositional changes, so you end up with the exact definition of 'polishing a turd'.

It's a real shame because it sounded like a good ide

No. 430221

What's up with the knife hands in the redraw? JFC

No. 430229

File: 1562268291373.png (90.62 KB, 1280x600, calartsprotest-1280x600.png)

Since we're posting about art school costs, Calarts students have been protesting the tuition price spike. Calarts currently cost 50,850 a year, to put that in context Harvard costs 46,340 a year for tuition only. Like even if Calart got you industry connections and a job you'd still be in crippling debt.


No. 430259

Pure greed. They know many naive high school students get influenced by social media to go to these schools because their favorite tumblr/youtube artist went there and are willing to kill themselves with debt just to say they went their too. Meanwhile, Harvard will let you attend free if your not rich.
> The Harvard Financial Aid Initiative (HFAI) is a continuation of this tradition and greatly expands financial aid to families who earn less than $80,000. And, if your family earns less than $65,000 per year, your parents pay nothing for you to attend Harvard. It is simply our effort to make sure you and your family know you can afford to attend Harvard.

No. 430305

its just another version of 'draw this in your style' meme, but instead of people making it a fun challenge and you see multiple ways to draw the same subject, you just pick something from a show to make fanart of since it takes less brain power and the only thing you need to compare to is the original.

No. 430306

I can see its purpose when you're studying said frame, otherwise I find it kind of lame if you stick to the original one.

No. 430316

File: 1562283987196.jpeg (758.84 KB, 1782x2000, 7149B520-450B-4C4C-A050-0FAF04…)

I dunno anon, I’ve seen some pretty good ones. Steven Universe is just bound to have mostly ugly redraws because a lot of the fans of the show only take the ugly aspects of the style to incorporate into their own, they don’t understand how the characters have ugly and doughy features while still being overall appealing

Pic related is one I’d say is very good, they took a decent frame and turned it into a full blown illustration. Link to more of the same artists redraws https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Xz5Xw

No. 430332

If it’s copyrighted, it’s most likely gonna be claimed by copyright holder. Look for royalty free music and credit the author

No. 430364


oh these are great, i think that's a good way of using screencap redraws to practice stylisation and expression. Also the lighting in the coloured once are real nice.

I don't think screencap redraws are innately bad. But yeah, of course there are gonna be bad ones out there but it's fun to see people's interpretations of scenes and characterisation.

No. 430366

Ntayrt, but I agree. The only ones I don't see any point in are the screencaps that are only a character's face or something else equally bland. Maybe it would be good for practicing certain expressions, dramatic ones especially, but 90% of the time it looks so fucking boring and like a random portrait the artist could have made at any time in their sketchbook.

No. 430402

I've had teachers recommend drawing/painting frames from movies to study composition or lighting, and occasionally poses. It can be a good exercise, especially with really well made movies. I could even see how studying something animated could help with stylisation. >>430316 is a pretty decent example of lighting, I think they improved it in the redraw.
>>430202 loses the pose, the colours are wack, the character looks wack, everything wack. I think people should at least do this as an exercise where they understand some sort of point in doing it (study this, improve that skill, whatever). But that's just my spergy opinion, I'll stfu now

No. 430434

File: 1562321706458.png (3.34 MB, 1920x1080, 782770_mackleng_blade-runner-a…)

I truly like this one by Mackle, is a good example of lighting studying without losing personality

No. 430449


Oh that's real good. Honestly it's good to look at movie lighting. It's another way to draw from life, even if it's not 'life', it's something that was engineered to look or be lit a certain way. Hard to understand or employ dramatic lighting without absorbing info first!

Even the artist linked in >>430316 has one on the link that has the really creepy red/green colour combo. The christmas lights colours that, when done right, makes things look really eerie, and that's not a lighting colour that you can go out and just study irl.

Unless you're in like a Christmas themed neon party bar or something

No. 430614

Sage because it’s kinda dumb, but are there any other artists on here who has aphantasia? I’ve realized that I’m not very creative as I’m heavily reliant on references since I can’t really set up how the picture should look in my head.

No. 430620

I was literally talking about this with an artfag friend of mine after posting the aphantasia test on our discord server yesterday!

He said that he pretty much needs to rely 100% on a ton of reference material, or do iterative sketches in order to compose his drawing before he starts on details.

His work is fantastic tho and it doesn't look like his work is handicapped in anyway? He does plenty of fantastical scenes and weird stuff by combining references.

No. 430694

File: 1562361135153.png (907.59 KB, 574x803, 79579654.png)

I guess Lore Olympus is featured on a WebToons ad in NYC.

You'd think they'd choose some of the halfway decently drawn panels for this. There aren't a lot, but there are ones that look better than the one they put at the top. I know it's a part of the chapter, but it's so strange to look at.

No. 430715

File: 1562364889684.png (310.71 KB, 460x445, keks.PNG)

Even if they got a good frame the advertisement would still look weird. Webtoon comics are posted in the jpg format, webtoons are mean to small phone monitors, and the fact that artist likes the darker color range (dark monitors don't fare well in bright lights)

I'm actually surprised that comcic is as popular as it is because webtoon prefers the anime style, probably because the company is based in korea. I guess the comic would feel like a breath of fresh air with it's unique style and color pallets (it would be nice if she lightened up on the paint splatters though).

OT, I don't know why, but webtoon has the best 'so bad it's good' comics.

No. 430730

Nothing wrong with relying on references, people without aphantasia also need references. Being able to see things in your mind does NOT translate to being able to put it on paper. Putting together a bunch of references to create something new is a skill in it's own right.

Additionally, you can still think of things like stories you want to tell with the picture you want to draw. Aphantasia does not mean you lack creativity, just means you'll need to draw it out before you can really see it. Just try to create a clear mental story or description, write it down even. Hope that helps a bit.

No. 430779

I think Becca needs to come to terms with the fact that her art is mediocre and nobody's really checking for cutesy-poo family friendly knockoff The Borrowers children's storybooks. I used to respect her as an artist hustling against all odds up until someone mentioned that she trashed Jetpens because a rep from the company said her art was bad.

No. 430813

I keep wondering if I have this because I tend to use a lot of references when I draw, but I think I might rely on them more because I'm still kinda in the beginning stages of drawing. it just makes things easier, but at the same time I wonder if I'm crippling my ability to visualize in relation to drawing.

maybe there are different "stages" of it. like severe aphantasia, moderate, etc.

No. 430833

Did she really trash them? I wanna hear more of this tea. I know she did an interview with Jetpens a couple years ago, and one of her scad friends worked with them. I guess that makes sense why she never mentions them anymore lol.

No. 430838

Doesn’t she have a Masters? I know she has a degree but I don’t see how she went to art school. Unless at school she was somehow just allowed to draw early 2000s chibi art.

No. 430843

It says on her site she has an MFA cuz she’s currently trying to get people to join classes she teaches. It’s from SCAD which is a legit art school but also has the rep as one of those schools that just kind of churn u out with a degree if u have money

No. 430949

Needing references is normal for most artists, especially early on. As you draw more and more, however, you'll develop some muscle memory and be able to draw certain things with less need for reference. Needing references has nothing really to do with aphantasia. Someone with aphantasia may not even need reference, they just put pen to paper, and logically know where things need to go. If they put a line down wrong the adjust it, because as they put it on paper, they are actually seeing how it looks.

No. 430952

The artwork in this month's Scrawlrbox's was an illustration of a cute girl character and Waffles just straight up redrew it for her latest video. If she's going to do something unoriginal I'd at least like to see something that isn't Cute Girl No.300006

No. 430956

That doesn't really seem like a big deal. She usually does original work. It's not like she tried to pass it off as anything other than a "draw this in your style"

No. 430969


Becca never struck me as a genuine person. In fact, the first time I saw her was on her youtube, but it was an entire video of her whining about how she's just not understanding why she isn't getting enough patrons/support. It turned me off from her content (which isn't really anything to write home about in the first place) straight away. She tends to have a nasty attitude when she isn't getting her way.
As a matter of fact, isn't/wasn't she a mod for that con artist blog (helps artists with info on artist tabling) on tumblr and a mod for the artist alley international group on FB and discord? I wouldn't have guessed she was a contributor because she acts way differently when she's in those positions. She's kind of a chameleon in that I never know what she's a part of until she kind of just shows up.
She can be helpful, when she's not whining about her own shit.
I don't really know how she managed to get those kinds of positions when she's an absolute crybaby shit-talker with mediocre art, but i guess it really is all about who you know.

No. 430971

Samefag, but I have to add that I think she thinks she's entitled to or deserving of more patrons or whatever, because of what she contributes to the community; but that doesn't always translate to liking someone's work.

No. 430995


I wasn't trying to imply that she had tried to pass the idea off as her own. I thought that was fairly obvious. My complaint is simply that she pretty much exclusively draws cute cartoon girls. If she's going to copy someone she might as well try to push herself.

No. 431011

Ahhh, okay, gotcha. I definitely think if she did some "master" studies of other subjects it would be way more beneficial and way more interesting, I think we agree on that front!

No. 431017

It would have been interesting if the featured artwork wasn't in a style that is so similar to her own

No. 431039

File: 1562436746213.png (789.43 KB, 1078x582, wtafmira.png)

Just when you thought Mira Byler couldn't get any worse she goes and produces this shit show while shilling Jazzas art box.

No. 431051

She's stangnated BIG TIME the last few months. It's all been cute cartoonish girls with things floating around them, and markers.

No. 431061

I think SoCraftastic is kinda retarded. She's not good at what she does but I will admit she has fun doing it. Recently she had a video where she completely fucked everything up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVdHO_BWg9A&t=561s
It's a sticker maker that comes with instructions that she was unable to understand and she completely destroyed it.

Anyway, this new Jazza box is everywhere on art YT now.

The close ups on her nail gross me out. I think they're her natural nails. They're worse than Safiya Nygaard's somehow.

I just feel like SoCraptastic has no idea what she is doing or talking about. She always sounds like she forgot where she was in her script.

No. 431063


Not to mention, and this is a problem with many YT artists, that she never draws on anything larger than an 8x10 page. She's literally drawing herself into a corner by making everything so small and cartoonish

No. 431077

i don't even remember her drawing anything other than pretty girls, she just switches up the supplies but even then it's almost always markers and watercolor

Do you think she'll get Jazza's box too? They don't really interact but he apparently sent one to Chloe for free (and possibly Baylee)

No. 431080

File: 1562442838939.png (392.02 KB, 855x835, ewww.png)

I actually like her art style

Wow this is on the same level as children at primary school. I want to say something nice though - the Polychromos are very vibrant!

No. 431086


I feel like the art youtube community and the craft youtube community have a very light overlap. There's a lot more mediocrity on the craft side, I think because they're usually using kid grade junk. but oh well, using and reviewing stuff like that, you know, it appeals to moms. Kind of the pinterest of youtube.

I AM tired of seeing Jazza's ugly bug-eyed art of himself everywhere now though.

No. 431107

Hello, first post here. I wondered if someone had tips on how to deal with being to critical on yourself?

Feel like I'm pretty self-aware on what I like and don't like, but because I don't have the skill set to achieve what I wish I feel discouraged to continue (started drawing again). If I wanted I could lower my standard and draw simple, cute girls, which is quite IG-friendly (nothing wrong with that obviously), but that doesn't feel right. Fundamentals are important yes, but I just want to create one illustration to be proud of. However, I seem to rush a lot when doing so and it comes out terrible.

No. 431112

Set a goal for yourself and use that as your motivation to keep going. What artist do you want to draw like? Study until your skills level and don't stop until you get there. It takes hours and hours of work though so buckle down and get to work.

No. 431184

If the story you want to tell is important enough to you, the quality of the acting or portrayal shouldn’t matter right? Like of course there’s always room for aesthetic improvement, what I like to see in a beginner is good concepts. Ideas coming from an informed source material. This also helps your pieces have a content theme imo.

No. 431187

Do you know what your strengths are? It might be helpful to do small illustrations that highlight your strengths in between the fundamental studies. It helps when you accomplish one thing that you like. Doesn’t have to be a masterpiece but if you can focus on one thing you like it helped me a lot, especially when i was starting our and unhappy with 90% of what i drew

No. 431196

this 100%. i have a sketchbook that i have 1 rule for; no drawings over 20 minutes. i travel with that. then, when i get home from work, i try to work on one small illustration and finish it in about 2 days. i'm talking 8x6 inch small, and draw what you want, not what is considered 'improvement'. then, on my days off, i grab my travel sketchbook, and draw from photos, work from life, maybe take notes of projects i want to do and thumbnail those. and then, at the end of the month, i take one of my larger pieces of paper (8 1/2 x 11 or larger) and make an illustration that i work on in my free time for a few days, usually 3-4 depending on the project.

once you do that for a while, your skills start to hone, you learn what you like, and you are growing your collection on completed work. you are both making what you want, and challenging yourself to venture and try new things every once in a while.

another recommendation; if you have even a tiny bit of disposable income to buy art supplies, every couple of months, go and get something new and work exclusively with that for a week or two. expose yourself to new mediums and learn what you like. through doing this for over a year now, i've learned i hate colored pencils and watercolors, but i love alcohol markers and india inks. i've learned that i like hot press over cold press watercolor paper, what bristol brands i like.

and everything you don't use or like to use, give away to another artist. i give so many supples i dont like to my middle-school aged sister, and although she is still in her weeb 'attack on titan fan OC' phase, she at least gets to try all these supples. and she loves it.

tl;dr - art is not a shark-infested water. just jump in, eventually you wont need floaties.

No. 431214

Ah… that 8x6 inch drawing and smaller illustrations sound like it would be right up my ally, so guess I will give that a chance! Thanks for all the advice guys, I'll keep in mind that I just have to jump in even if I may fail.

No. 431216

If I had to guess, she probably got them from networking while she was in school. >>430969

No. 431249

Same, I hate his ugly ass art everywhere on my feed with artubers. There’s always been something sad and mediocre about it, like shitty “this is what kids would like” ugly caricature

No. 431392


Eh, if your problem is rushing then the last thing you want to do is compound that by forcing yourself to do a bunch of quick tiny drawings.

If anything, use small drawings as outlines for larger works. A professional artist that I respect told me once that if you intend to make improvements, and especially if you intend to become a professional, you don't really want to be drawing on anything smaller than 18x24. I absolutely agree with that sentiment to this day.

No. 431397

Yeah i’ve been told the same but thats mostly for fine art. Illustrations don’t tend to be 18x24 or larger.

No. 431417

That's the silliest thing I've ever heard. There's plenty of artists that specialize in miniatures. If that works for him and you then hooray, but that's by no means a rule that you have to or should follow. - been a professional artist making a living of my art for 7+ years now. I've made pieces ranging from 5ftx7 and pieces as small as a few inches.

No. 431475


It's really not "silly" just because a small subcategory of artists specialize in the field. Now THAT is silly.

I literally never said it was a rule, either. Just something I was told and that I agree with given my experiences. Idk why you're so offended.

If you're really a professional you know that that advice was grounded in the reality that the majority of young artists do not typically feel comfortable working on larger pieces and stick to the sketchbooks, which is limiting. Had you stuck to "a few inches" exclusively, you would never have progressed.

No. 431513

File: 1562560787556.jpeg (39.03 KB, 501x612, E4B50463-9104-463D-9347-F30B89…)

Have any of you anons worked through this book? If so was it actually helpful? This book seems to be decently well received and see it suggested often, but majority of the before and after images displayed on the website honestly look like polished turds, on one hand they get better but on the other the mistakes are still glaring

The website if anyone is interested https://www.drawright.com/

No. 431520

The before and afters aren't stellar but not bad considering the improvement is in the span of a month or 2 in most cases.

No. 431541

I finished the first upside-down task (the 4th or 5th one), but read right after that the right/left brain thing Betty mentioned a lot was pseudoscience (ops for not knowing).

Obviously, everything she mentioned can make you confident if you turn a blind eye to that, though I quit bc I didn't feel like spending time on separating her "science" from her good advice when reading.

No. 431542


This book is for very very early beginners with little to no knowledge on drawing. If you think this is you then the book is useful. The exercises she gives you are all about being able to draw what you really see and not what your brain thinks you're seeing.

It's useful for beginners + people who wanna draw realism.

If you already have, say, a year of practice I don't think you'll learn much from it TBH

No. 431590


Actually the art-teacher, from the school I went to, did a whole art club for beginners based on this book! She wanted to get more students in art and etc. I didn't do the tasks cause I was already experienced in art, but hanged out in the classroom quite a bit and their art improved a lot.

Thought gotta say, she said one interesting thing about this book. She always said drawing from photos is a trade, but creating new whole world from your head requires talent, you can learn trade, but not talent. And according to her this book was more about trade.

No. 431611

File: 1562592492204.gif (980.01 KB, 471x363, giphy (3).gif)

>you can learn a trade but not talent


No. 431619

No. 431653


Eh. Personally I think drawing from imagination is as skill as much as anything else related to drawing. You practice a lot, you do studies, you go out of your way to watch new pieces and brainstorm often and you're bound to get better.

Are some people naturally better at drawing from imagination? Definitely. But there's no doubt you get better at it the more you push yourself to do it.

No. 431658

This book kind of got me stuck in a flattening and dissecting routine in my studies and it took me forever to start building figures with actual 3-D shapes rather than just blocking in shadows, of that makes sense? I still think it’s worth picking up if you’ve never read it just cause it seemed to me like a big cultural thing in American art education. I’m sure they ate up the new age right brain left brain stuff in the early 80s

No. 431679

some people are innately more talented though, are gifted a sharper eye, learn at a faster pace, and have a better chromatic feel.
that's the harsh reality, I used to think this meant I should give up but it just means I have to work twice as hard. the other piece of reality is that success comes to hard workers and not talented wankers.

No. 431683


This is neither the absolute nor the reality.

No. 431686

NTA, how is it not a reality that some people are just better at certain things than others? Even just a predisposition to enjoy drawing more than others could translate to talent as it means you’re much more willing than others to put in the hours and actually find enjoyment in the process of practice.

No. 431720

This was my textbook for my art class last semester. For an absolute beginner like myself it is pretty fantastic, I learned so much! It teaches you a lot of basic stuff like composition, perspective, how to check proportions.

I think the right/left brain thing is a load of crap but it basically down to "don't over think what you are drawing, be slow and meticulous and draw what you see without second guessing proportions"

No. 431730

File: 1562606024695.png (402.43 KB, 699x348, wffls.png)

I'm super late replying to this, but I only just watched the video and I have to say, it's not only unoriginal and stale, but also a fucking terrible drawing imo, was she having a bad drawing day or what

No. 431752

The way she paints with watercolor is so irritating.. And for the lines she pushes on the pencil SO HARD.

The entire video was just frustrating to watch.

No. 431773

The original drawing the person did wasn't good or interesting in the first place, soooooo why'd she redraw it??? It's one of the most basic and common ideas out there; pretty girl standing straight w/ neutral expression, holding a plant awkwardly, blank background. Also, the facial features on Waffles' girl look too big for the face.

No. 431787

Her head and pelvis are the same size lol

No. 431801

natural talent obviously exists, and it's your call whether you stay assmad at facts and bitter at your comparative lack of skills, or diligently build your talent up.

No. 431822

I don't think she had a single different idea to try out and couldn't be arsed to brainstorm for one (she'd settle on a cute cartoonish girl anyway, even after brainstorming) She did that on her previous unboxing video as well, she tried to redraw the girl from the paper's packaging and kept calling her a "character", before settling on a parrot (and kudos to her for that, animals ain't as easy as they seem, blogposting but I've been doing the Animal Alphabet challenge by Mike Jory and I want to cry every day looking at my drawings lol)

No. 431869

File: 1562624786585.png (440.03 KB, 935x599, Capture.PNG)

not to white knight, but she does what i do. i draw a lot in my comfort zone, but once in a while venture out into something new. she tends to go for birds, i've noticed. like the dove she turned into a dragon, this parrot, there is this well-done peacock on her instagram. she was once on a stint to draw a lot of dudes when around when spiderverse came out, she draws her dog a lot. but when your automatic muscle-memory idea is girl with pretty face, it is hard to break away from that. at least in her drawings, especially the mermay ones, she tried to get a little creative with body shapes, lineweight, and perspective. and hey, when artblock hits, just draw what you like, and she mentions artblock a LOT.

No. 431906

File: 1562631717624.png (731.22 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20190709-082047.png)

This is one of the shittiest designs ive seen from her so far

No. 431909

Honestly, you can say i'm a waffle stan, i get excited when her videos are up, but lately, her videos are so damn boring, not the usual, "cool" brainstorm ideas,
it seems that she is just filming to complete her weekly video.
it has been like that since her "youngster video"

No. 431913

Jesus fucking christ this is bad

No. 431942

Yeah I like it when she goes out of her comfort zone, like the dove turning into a dragon video. I like her style but especially lately she draws the most boring shit.

No. 431951


No. 431956


tf's with that hand also wow the 2 images dont even look like the same character, they look like sisters with the inconsistent eye shape, head shape, wing shape, and hairstyle

No. 431960

File: 1562643892798.png (947.18 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20190709-114303.png)

Might as well post the entire thing

No. 431962

File: 1562643948025.png (564.7 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20190709-114330.png)

No. 431963

File: 1562644049959.png (847.48 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20190709-114340.png)

No. 431964

Wow all of these are literally garbage

No. 431965


ngl, i'm into the ufo skirt. but it is hideous.

No. 431970


there's not even a creative process to it, she legit just slapped a whole ufo on without modifying it to be a skirt or matching it with the shirt in any way

No. 431971


what's the point in putting fur over her privates and then also putting a tree over it? Isn't it just covering fur then?

No. 431973

I like how she's like "oh I'm making them cute girls uwu" but she's jut trying to make bigfoot and mothman sexy. and man I tuned into a second of her video and managed to skip to a part where she said something along the lines of "Nessie is meant to be a BIG monster so I want to draw a BIG girl" and I'm like… if that's the logic then Bigfoot should at least have big feet but she didn't even draw them and that's just sad.

Lavender Towne's just really stagnating it's really tragic

No. 431974

I have trouble remembering this artist back when DeviantArt was popular. She mostly did Disney art and she was actually pretty talented (her art was clearly inspired by Mary Blair, one of the first female artist who worked for Disney). But despite being a decent artist, she was a huge cunt and would often argue with people in the comment sections of her art pieces. I don’t know if she was a cow but she was insufferable enough.

There was another DA user who did Jax and Daxter art and would sperg about yaoi in the fandom. I mean, I find a lot of fujos to be obnoxious but I always thought her hate was OTT.

No. 431980

Lmaoooo why are all of the girls in these pretty girl drawings holding plants idgi

No. 431981

A ton of artists are inspired by Mary Blair but if you’re able to figure out who the first person is, I’d love to know as I followed many similar sounding artists back in the day.

No. 431994


exactly. she just drew a random cave woman and threw in some trees to convey that she's big.

No. 432027

The hands and the floatie…I mean, it's all bad, but those stand out the most. Was anyone else shocked when they saw Lavendertowne's sub count? I know she does a lot of dumb "drawing -blank- as characters!" Stuff that ppl love, but holy hell I didn't think it was that popular. Nvm the fact that you can find countless better versions on tumblr. Getting super popular as a yt artist really is just a matter of making what kids and preteens go crazy over actual quality ain't it.

No. 432041

I have a few different lolcow threads open & thought I was in the bad art thread until I saw this comment

No. 432083

She doesn’t even account for the volume of the UFO with hand placement… unless it’s supposed to look 2d kek

No. 432210

Literally yes. She constantly makes videos and they all suck but literal children love them. Kids watch more YouTube than cable. Lavendertowne is going to be one of those things some kids grew up watching. Let that sink in lmao

No. 432220

File: 1562702054749.jpg (653.52 KB, 1068x933, FB_IMG_15627018971291923.jpg)

The fuck is happening to Picolo? After so many months with no new art he comes back with half assed works and wonky faces, I used to like his work, not the most creative but always looked nice… I can't but notice brunnette's mouth

No. 432231

Massive slowpoke, but the Kun0 has keeps popping up in my recommended videos. Did you guys discuss it? Searched and finded his name in the last thread, but I couldn't see anything mentioned.

No. 432244

the situation ended and he hasn't done anything milky after coming back so there's no need to bring him up again.

No. 432247

Are they supposed to be Max and Eleven from Stranger Things 3?

No. 432260

Wow, that didn’t even occur to me when I saw it, they just looked like two generic teens… but yeah, definitely.

No. 432288

I'm pretty sure its because he was working with DC on a teen titans comic. He's been swamped with that and the fact that he has to actually do more in a shorter amount of time. The same thing is probably going to happen to Jacquelin "same face" deleon. She's working on a DC comic as well and probably will vanish due to lack of time and stress

No. 432294

File: 1562714615339.jpg (1002.1 KB, 2100x3150, RCO072_1562116692.jpg)

He was working on the Teen Titans: Raven comic, so probably a mix of having no time and being rusty with doing more illustrative work.

That said…how do y'all feel about the comic? I saw previews, like the page of Raven in the bathroom with the raven wings, which looked pretty decent. But there's so many pages that just look…sketchy and bad. Wonky anatomy like three-fingered hands, dorito chins, and weird stretched arms. And the backgrounds are just…awful sometimes. Really screwed up perspective.

Idk I don't read a ton of comics, so maybe cutting corners is par for the course. But it feels really messy in a not good way.

No. 432299

is this suppose to be in perspective looking slightly upward or is that guy and his bike suppose to be gigantic?

No. 432300

Oh man, can't believe she's gonna do interiors for Zatana. How is that even going to work, will all the panels just be 3 quarters faces of Zatana looking slightly constipated?

No. 432312

Looks pretty amateurish, boring, the transition between panels could be better, and it has some shitty perspective. Marvel and DC need to realize that people who do pin-ups and static images aren't often that good with sequential art. Learning to do a story through images is like learning a whole new thing.

But some comic publishers just got less strict with their standards (which weren't always that great) after the 90's (especially after Liefeld). Nowadays they rather get a popular deviantart fanartist than get an artist that can actually draw comic scenes. Some comic editors used to be pretty savage during the 70's and 80's like Alex Toth (also a comic artist and he made Space Ghost), here's him critiquing the work of another artist named Steve Rude (with added commentary from Rude defending his stuff) it's pretty interesting.


It's why I kind of respect Kevin Wada who was asked why he didn't do interiors and just did covers and he said he sucked at them and that he wasn't interested in it. He then showed a page of him drawing a comic and it looked pretty but it was also boring and unimaginative but he also used it as an example as to why he didn't like doing comic interiors (plus he wouldn't be fast enough to hold a monthly)

Jacquelin is doing a comic? Yeah I can't even imagine how bad that's going to be.

No. 432319

Reminds me of this. Gosh I'd pay for a video like this with lavender town or drawing with waffles

No. 432321

you dont build "talent", you build skill. talent is a meme

No. 432323

File: 1562718655864.png (37.87 KB, 638x425, CQ.PNG)

Not sure if this 100% fits this thread, but Cucumber quest was recently canceled (the ending is going to be in text form now)

No. 432334

Saw this discussed on /co/. While this sucks for fans I'm sure Gigi is burnt out. She has worked on it for 8 years.

No. 432341

I don't get it, really. It's like the people doing hiring decisions don't understand that illustration and sequential art are two different things. I guess I can sort of see why they might pick Picolo, since he has a pretty big fanbase and seems to be friendly with some people in the industry, but Jacquelin? Seems ridiculous to me. Who would look at her work and go "Oh yes, this person can clearly draw a variety of body types, emotions, backgrounds, and objects!" from her same-face, giraffe necked pretty girls?

You'd think the hiring managers would, at the very least, seek out people in webcomics. At least they have actual samples to look at and some of them have talent.

No. 432353

I think this looks fine and would be for a webcomic but because this is for DC it's a bit disappointing.

No. 432355

It feels mean to say this but if you guys want truly awful comics check out Tapas forums. I go to this thread about posting latest pages to feel better about my own work and to motivate me lol


No. 432361

Great. I’ve paid for all the volumes, nice to know it’s going to go on unfinished (in comic format anyway)

That reminds me of the issue I have with Image comics though, I love that they give the creators so much creative freedom - but the flip side of this is that they can just drop the project whenever the hell they want. I’m still bitter about Sun Bakery, and what makes me even more bitter is that he just dropped the series once he got to the point that he actually needs to create new content for the fucking comic. He still sells the previous versions on gum road and at cons from what I remember, in zone format

No. 432364

>Not using /co/'s how's your webcomic for cringe
Unpopular opinion, but editors/corporate pull exist for a reason. So your favorite director didn't get their dream movie greenlit because of the company's editors and you believe all corporate pull should be abolished? Well try thinking that when thousands of no name fucks get their lightly vield fanfiction turned into a blockbuster. Gate keeping exist for a reason. You can hate company's for their 'lowest common denominator' shit, but time and time again I see the most velmient hate of editors comes from people who know nothing about the industry or talent less fucks with egos to big to notice they need an editor.
Webcomics are picture proof some gate keeping is cruel, but needed. You know how nobody wants to be the first person to hire you, but always want to be second one? They do that because they need to know you can complete a project, but with webcomics that step is skipped and all the flakky 'I'm bored now', 'I didn't think this through', 'random cancellation' people shine through.

No. 432366

Not that there weren't shitty artist back then but there's a lot of stories about editors back then being pretty demanding and not liking things that to the average viewer probably doesn't seem like a problem but on hindsight they had good points. I also read how they also favored someone who had sloppier art and didn't draw as pretty if they were fast, and made their art dynamic and interesting over someone who just drew everything pretty but stiff and was slow as fuck. It's also really rare when comic artists can do both.

I know some webcomic artists have been hired before but they don't last. I imagine it's because Comic companies have have deadlines and it's very stressful for artists who aren't use to it or disciplined for it to maintain them.

I think it's easier for Marvel and DC to pay an non-comic artists less money than it is to pay a big name comic artist that knows how the industry works and how much to charge for their work. Both companies also have a history of fucking over artists and writers (even some of the famous ones) so it's easier for them to string in someone popular who doesn't know how the industry works for a cheaper rate. Besides they only save the big name artists for the really important comics, everyone else is for the C list characters or less important titles they think will get cancelled quickly or are low priority. It's why you see Jacquelin de Leon in an all ages Zatanna comic instead of seeing her in Batman or Justice League.

Picolo also got to do that Raven comic because his Teen Titans fanart got really popular. But in most if not all of his art the Titans are just sitting around, standing around or standing and feel more like fashion models doing photoshoots. Who knows if he's even good for action scenes which is something important when you're drawing superhero comics. My guess DC just grabbed him and Jacquelin to gauge how popular they are and to see how much their fanbase is willing to support them. If they don't sell that well they'll just stop giving them jobs. This kind of has worked for them before with artists like Stjepan Sejic.

Anyway Picolo is better off doing his own creator owned romance stuff and just doing pin-ups of superhero characters and sell them as posters, or go like Wada and just do covers. I don't think he will do well for a superhero comic especially since it's obvious his work goes down in quality. jacquelin should just fucking improve and try drawing a different face for once, but at least being in a comic will make it more obvious how much of an amature she is.

No. 432381

Is that not on lolcow? I don't use other anon sites

No. 432394

probably. i mean tbh not everyday is gunna be a good art day.sometimes you'll have a lot of days of bad art days and even a lot of bad art days in a row.

No. 432436

Thoughts on this video? The person that made it seems mediocre art wise and the level appointments are ridiculously generous and all over the place. I almost wish someone with proper knowledge would make a real tier list for people.

No. 432450

isnt this vid 2 yrs ago?

No. 432451

i mean 3

No. 432452

File: 1562747517635.jpg (3.45 MB, 4200x3150, ravecomic.jpg)

Yeah, it's clear from the comic that he's not very good at action. He lucked out in this first volume as there isn't any outright combat, only scenes of Trigon being evil and menacing people. It's mostly teen drama, which should be his forte.

But even then, there's some basic stuff that he does badly, like people running. Image related, of a really awkward tripping scene.

I would agree that he'd be better doing covers and prints. I'm curious if his fanbase will stick around for the comics or not. Although Raven is a pretty popular character, so who knows. Maybe they'll stick with it for that fact alone.

No. 432463

The books that Picolo and jaqueline are on for DC are pretty much one off GN’s for DC’s publishing house for the young adult crowd, not anything ongoing. I actually think picolo’s is alright, it looks consistently like what he’s good at, even this tripping scene isn’t so bad cuz he at least has a solid grasp of anatomy and volume. Compare it to like, the black canary series from the same line drawn by Cara McGee, who is just a whole can of beans gone bad (I knew her, she is always rushing pages badly), it’s one of the stronger ones of the line.

Dc is pretty actively getting work from comic artist alleys now which is good/bad. I actually kind of want to see what jaqueline Deleon puts out for zatanna cuz we’re all so used to her red nose same face girls, like maybe it’ll push her more out of a comfort zone or maybe it’ll be questionable. Plus comics is super bad at hiring people who can only do same face like jen bartel

No. 432472

Picolo seems like a guy who has never read any comics himself and maybe doesn't even like the artstyle, but did it because it was popular online. He's currently swamped with doing these comics and also the half a million indiegogo, which he has failed to mention on Twitter since it was funded

I don't envy that level of outside pressure, it's just one guy who is above average at art

No. 432482

Just wondering what you guys' thoughts at the time were. Whatevas.

No. 432497

File: 1562764696344.png (2.95 MB, 1269x3409, YT2.png)

Oh, that video. It's basically someone with questionable taste trying to rate and organize art into 5 levels. You could defend her rating choices by saying art is subjective, but her standards a pretty low (especially in the 4-5 range). Look at this screenshot comp I have going from 1 to 5.

She says at level 4 the only way to improve is formal/informal education (implying this is college level). Level 5, the second highest level , is what calls, and I quote, "exceptionally well executed in every way". You can even take random pieces from 1-3 and switch them around without noticing. Her metric for rating this is honestly surreal.

No. 432539

Bay’s art isn’t great beyond the headdress but leagues ahead of all the others near it. And then azuralCobalto right next to those other 2 horrors… lol

Who the fuck even are these people, random deviant art children? What’s the point

No. 432543

Glad to see someone bringing up the McGee comic. It looks so low-quality and yet I see people falling over themselves to compliment her art on it. I bet she works hard on drawing but it really makes me feel like my brain lost function and I can’t see what everyone else sees.

No. 432591

Picolo seems to me like one of those artists that do great when it's their own ideas and they have complete control over the project, but fuck up when they have to work with someone else.

>Picolo also got to do that Raven comic because his Teen Titans fanart got really popular. But in most if not all of his art the Titans are just sitting around, standing around or standing and feel more like fashion models doing photoshoots.
You hit the nail on the head with this.

No. 432688

I think it's different to make an art tier list in the first place because artistic progression isn't exactly linear. I've seen people who are super good at manga drawings and nothing else, anything outside their comfort zone looks bad. Or people who grasp anatomy better but their use of line or colour is abysmal. Some art is good for what it is, like 90s Disney movies are great for what they are and a photorealistic drawing of something is great in a different way.

If you were to make a tier list though, I think those '1-3' categories could be lumped into one tier as well the '4 and 5' in the next step up, and there could probably be at least 3-4 other tiers above those.

No. 432721

I've always viewed art progression like a series of skill trees from Skyrim lol. Each tree has a set of perks you unlock through study and practice. But each tree and those skills don't coinside with your other abilities until you've unlocked those as well

No. 432801

Lol you’re right, that’s her in a nutshell cuz cara’s style is pretty much like “I only learned anatomy from BL manga in the 90’s” and she’s pretty open on Twitter that she rushes everything last minute and plays overwatch like 12 hours a day. Like I know this is primarily bagging on YT artists but she’s pretty milky, like she had a complete twitter meltdown once when a comics writer said mayonnaise doesn’t belong in chocolate cake (???)

I honestly don’t know how she keeps getting comics work cuz there’s loads of artists with similar and better styles but she also does the comic con circuits so I think it’s from there. And like picolo, she was ok at drawing like characters standing or being fashion models but in any sequential form, it looks rushed and sloppy

No. 432809


I’m curious about the milk on Cara. I thought she had done quite a few comics before but I wonder if it’s just because she has a simple style reminiscent of Faith Erin Hicks but not as expressive and fluid.

No. 432826

File: 1562825506517.jpeg (222.04 KB, 873x1200, C4D5230F-ABB1-4A15-AA16-3BD9D4…)

I used to follow her on twitter cuz I knew her through friends of friends and she’s just one of those insufferable artists on twitter who really need to go outside and stop being a victim of everything. She’s kept people waiting for con commissions for years at a time and cries that she doesn’t have enough time or money for anything (she lives rent free in her family’s vacation house) but then turns around and talks about rushing art for clients last minute. Her art got popular during the heydays of tumblr and she did fandom teas, and tbh like if u think of the typical tumblr artist attitude she exemplifies it still. (I think faith is a good comparison tho, they’re both white women who got very popular with an anime/manga style)

I was laughing when anon posted a picolo interior like its bad when like, this was an interior for the black canary series and it’s not even comparable. Like there isn’t even backgrounds

No. 432827

File: 1562825655229.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1209x1655, 50BCFEAB-6D74-4109-835B-BF9E54…)

She’s better at doing covers tbh, cuz it’s people just standing there but she just posted a cover she did for Buffy and it’s got real bad anime fingers

No. 432832

>like she had a complete twitter meltdown once when a comics writer said mayonnaise doesn’t belong in chocolate cake (???)

is that a euphemism for something or???

No. 432834

Nope. A (non-white) comics writer posted a video about a chocolate cake that had mayo in it and how gross it looked and Cara had a complete meltdown about how it was done cuz of the Great Depression and rationing and something like that then whined about her own medical issues and food. They have deleted their tweets about it but I only remember cuz mutual friends were like, wtf this is the most overblown outburst to mayonnaise of all things

No. 432842

Mayo on cake counts as spoiling food, which I believe was a crime/misdemeanour during the war due to rations

No. 432888

Holy fuck, this is a Holly Brown level of shitty blank background

No. 432920

Samefag but I'm still not over this. I get it, backgrounds aren't the easiest thing in the world, but holy SHIT, leaving something completely blank like this is not only visually boring, but also in spirit (lmao) It has literally zero personality

No. 432942

Holly Browns Backgrounds are literally blank, plus her comics are in black and white. At least this girl included something?

No. 432945

I love how she added slanted paneling to absolutely nothing happening.

No. 432971

Holly also does this kek

No. 433022

It’s supposed to be a crowded school gym but even then like, nothing is in proportion and everything is super simplistic. AND this is a preview page, the book isn’t even out yet but this is what they chose to show from it oooof

No. 433027

I remember this! I totally forgot it was her.

It’s insane that DC hired an artist at this level to complete a whole graphic novel. Even DC comics pros at least manage to trace in some Poser backgrounds or add some texture, or something. This is weak shit.

No. 433029

dumb rant, but how much of a sell out do you have to be to put a 1 minute shilling session on your 1 minute video. I know artist need money, but this is on a whole new level. the weird part is I see a ton of animator doing this.

No. 433040

I love a background that looks like someone drew it with a ruler and changed nothing

No. 433041

The one giant finger on the left hand, help. This is what happens when artists focus on style and details over form.

No. 433085

CSP perspective tools are a blessing and a curse.

No. 433306

File: 1562940493119.png (14.85 KB, 400x600, EEC5F17D-6CF6-401F-AD38-4D17C8…)

Am I deformed? I keep seeing people draw ribcages ending well before the waist, but my rib cage ends in the same spot as my waist. As a result their back in their drawings looks like a ripped man or something — like pic related, only on a skinny woman

No. 433325

My ribs end around my bellybutton ish.. I think you’re ok. I like the look of long torsos but I usually see it used on villain designs.

No. 433412

everyone is different anon. my ribs end before my waist

No. 433420

Lavendertowne proves she can draw waayy better WITHOUT reference! She doenst need them! She just proved it can't you tell uwu

No. 433451

Its like she made the 2nd one bad on purpose…

No. 433464

this kind of falls apart because she draws them in two different ways it hard to compare. IMO, she should have done the same pose, but just change the details (isn't that what you need art references for? The details on a gun. The details on clothes). The tree branches and slime still look off in the ref picks.
Also top comment
>This is SO WEIRD cause I tried drawing without references just a couple hours ago. And I made some of the best artwork I have in months which helped me realize how limiting references can be!
/IC/ had a thread about how bad arttubers are good in the long run because they kill off competition and I'm starting to think they're right.

No. 433470

I think her stuff can be fun to look at sometimes but watching her videos makes me cringe. The forced whispery voice is so grating on top of the constant "um" every other word.

No. 433472

The forced whispery voice makes it sound like she's trying not to wake up her parents or something but you know she just wants to sound cutesy. I can't stand it.

No. 433485


this aint even an improvement, it's just going about the prompt in a different direction :/ and she didnt even get a reference for the wolf aspect, which resulted in the 2nd picture not even having any wolf-like aspects

No. 433495

I've seen so many vids like this where they draw two different settings/characters/poses whatever instead of doing what they say they're doing;the same exact drawing except with a ref the 2nd time. Maybe they realize they want to change it up or they can't find a great ref for the 1st pose, but it almost defeats the purpose if you can't easily tell where using a ref improved the original drawing. (Or where it "stifled her creativity" or something, which is the only possible negative I can think of for using refs.)

No. 433497

Don't know if this belongs here but, it popped up in my timeline and I thought it might be good just to talk about how idiotic it is. Apparently a con called TokyoinTulsa not only separated the AA from the rest of the con but, also put it in an abandoned Hobby Lobby.


No. 433516

god lavendertowne's colours are so ugly lol

No. 433521

Yeah I heard about this it's ridiculous. The location is an HOUR walk from con, but they are providing a, wait for it, school bus, for the congoers to shuttle back and forth. $200 for a table an hour away from con in a dark abandoned hobby lobby.

No. 433538

File: 1562981805098.jpeg (171.82 KB, 555x555, 3F3441CD-80CF-458A-A9F8-7BAB9F…)

One of my friends is vending there and sent pics. It’s so goddamn depressing to look at, I just hope they make their table back because it’s incredibly fucked up. Not only is the artist alley far off from the rest of the con, but it seems like everything is scattered. Who the fuck thought this was ok for a convention???

No. 433539

I'm still reading through the thread but good god, it gets worse the longer I read. They were only informed of this location 10 days before the con started and months after the refund date, staff volunteers are the janitors, and the entire con is broken into multiple venues spread out pretty far from each other.

No. 433556

Artists who take cues from superhero anatomy tend to emphasize the latissimus dorsi, even from the front, which gives the short rib look.

No. 433591

File: 1562988652341.png (5.5 MB, 1858x2274, sosecksi.png)

Speaking of bad anatomy.. Anyone know Randy Adams aka Randy StarFru1t? He seems to post frequently to the popular art group I'm in on fb.

Most of his normal art isn't bad. Technical-wise, he's good at rendering color and textures (I especially like how he renders skin, even through it always looks muddy). His anatomy is so-so, but his stylization allows him to have some wiggle room. His compositions are also fairly well thought out and rendered.

But what irks me is that, aside from his normal and 'cute' art, he's got a majority of drawings like in pic related.
Every single one of his 'sexy' animu girls have these veiny exercise ball tits that extend from the collarbone, tiny pinched shoulders, round pea-sized heads, "I killed a man with a spoon" crazy eyes with camera lens irises, and some form of an ahegao-like expression and horse-teeth.

His entire Art Station account is just peppered with good art here and there, with these annoying fetish works glaring at you.
There's just something unsettling about his work…and not in a good or interesting way. I think it just goes into uncanny valley.

No. 433612

That is disappointing. The girl with the tentacle in her mouth, the face I actually like but the dumb fucking proportions and tits ruin it.

No. 433618

I actually don't think anything you have shown us of his is good. The anatomy in all of them is very lacking, he has poor edge control and the concepts aren't even original (pretty sure he's reusing a concept and character by another artist). Alone none of these things is really bad but all together it just makes him out to lack in taste. Hopefully he grows past it but it seems he's only in it for drawing giant tiddy girls.

No. 433628

File: 1562996702047.png (5.98 MB, 1866x2338, hghghffd.png)

Here's some of his good art.

I didn't include ANY of his normal or "good" artwork in that image.
Hence why I said here >>433591
"He's got a majority of drawings like in pic related", meaning the crap in the previous compilation image. None of those drawings have any composition or anything original, as you said. That's 100% true. But his actual normal art DOES.

He has such potential in his normal work and I can see a lot of good things happening.. I just wish he didn't squander his talents on unhinged booby girls with fetish proportions.

It seems to be a thing with him. He's good at making conventionally attractive or well rendered faces but giving them janked proportions to ruin it.

No. 433632

Bland weeb shit

No. 433639

It's not jaw-droppingly amazing, but it's better than a lot of people's art.
The color choices and deadpan expressions are visually boring tho.

No. 433651

So are you one of those people that only likes like 10 artists and the rest of the world is shit because -insert objective arbitrary reason-?

No. 433674

It seems inconsistent. Like he is faithfully copying a selection of other artists (like Illya Kushinov) and mashing them together without cohesion.

No. 433720

If this is the best he has to offer, the overly rendered hair compared with the oddly thicc bottomed fingers in the top left makes me feel like he's using a lot of digital short cuts to hide lacking form and figure drawing skills.

Also, while there's supposed to be a highlighted area atop the lips, the way he's painted it on the top right and bottom left figures makes it look like they have glistening snot on their upper lips.

I'm sure it's "on trend" or whatever to make figures look glistening and "newly kissed", but it really just reminds me of snotty kids in kindergarten running around with runny noses.

That's probably not what he (or anyone else) is going for kek

No. 433729

Top left is uncanny valley for me. The clothing and flowers look like they’re made out of clay, the hands are oddly realistic and look like children’s hands and then there’s suddenly a pinhead standard anime face, individually the elements work but when put together it becomes overall unsettling.. I’m not really sure what you see in this guys art anon, like another anon mentioned it’s bland but it’s also all over the place stylistically

No. 433736

Fetish titty art is how he's going to make all his money, though, which has been true for illustrators since forever. And he does make money. Sort of like people who can make great stuff but are relegated to cranking out furry porn. Follow the money.

No. 433738

Not really any different from any other pretty gorl illustrator with fetishes. I really hate those crazy eyed ahegao faces in the previous post though and wished I hadn't seen them. Those have a way of burning into your mind

No. 433814

File: 1563032850963.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.06 KB, 786x960, Randystarfru1ts patreon ad.jpg)

Ahh, you're right. Those are some very childishly proportioned hands. I still doubt it's on purpose.

Don't we all, friendo, don't we all…even the girl looks traumatised in his patreon ad. Jfc

No. 433823

I like the uncanny-ness, but I also like surreal/horror art and guro/eroguro, and his fetish work isnt the most offensive fetish work I’ve seen. There are plenty of artists who draw women like this, if you don’t like it just unfollow/mute/whatever. It’s amazing watching some anons crab tf out over one artist though. The way he paints skin is appealing, anyway.

No. 433854

anyone recommend actually good and helpful art channels out there?

No. 433903

he doesn't do that many videos now but Sycra is always my go-to or Ahmed Aldoori (mostly because I dig his artstyle though ngl)

No. 433972

Damn, I unironically love how he renders skin.
Anyone know any tutorials on how to paint like this?

No. 433994


I will always recommend Sinix because he's helped me alot

No. 434001

Anybody else annoyed with Nerdecrafter? She seems so try hard. For someone who left teaching because of her disease, I imagine she has more free time, so why doesn't she spend more time working on herself and making better content instead of jumping on trend from trend and namedropping YouTubers she doesn't even know.

No. 434003

She's try hard and her personality can be hit or miss for me but, I do like watching her craft kit reviews as background noise. Not subscribed but, still watch her stuff every now and then.

No. 434023

What's her disease? I watch her occasionally but I don't really like her "style" I guess so I can't get into her videos. Her bird is cute tho.

No. 434032

Hashimoto's disease, she talks about it in this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/67pXXDuWcAQ

I do think she has good planning for her videos, and she's pretty well-spoken, which makes sense since she's a teacher lol. It's just that she tries too hard to be relatable and should put that energy in areas where she's lacking

No. 434034

It's not something to do with her thyroid is it?

As superraedizzle came out with having thryoid issues acting like it was a death sentence.

I remember getting really mad as she did a crying video about it, when people who vlog about having cancer aren't as melodramatic.

I have hypothyroidism, it's not fun but you just take your meds every day and get yearly blood tests and if that's normal you're fine? It doesn't have a notable effect on your day today - just a lot of people like to make a huge deal out of it. Plenty of diseases are minor.

I used to really like Nerdecrafter but she has barely improved since she's made videos. Any time she paints a sculpture it looks like utter shit.

No. 434076

File: 1563068455217.png (2.08 MB, 1920x1080, ugly bat.png)

I do enjoy her kit reviews but her clay sculptures are terrible
this is from her lastest video
the tail is all lumpy and the wings are a mess
I don't know much about polymer clay but can't she sand it to make smooth surfaces? or dip a finger in water and smooth it before baking?
also she seems to pick the worst color combinations

No. 434097

Sycra and Marco Bucci are both very helpful, they have good information and also know how to actually engage the audience and relay information concisely.

There’s a lot of industry professionals on YouTube with a lot of knowledge but they typically lack the charisma needed to be a good teacher

No. 434099

Yeah, some of her sculpts aren't too terrible in form alone until she slaps the paint on. She seems to do much better on a miniature scale too, that or it's just harder to notice her mistakes when the sculpt is tiny. (Like that koi pond she showed off in a vid about her past sculpts once, that looked really good on camera at least). She has a lot of knowledge about different clays and tools, some about techniques, and then little to none about the form of the subject she wants to sculpt, but tbf, she's not looking to make a super detailed professional sculpt most of the time. Nor would most of her younger audience be interested in that.

No. 434124

She left teaching because of Hashimoto's?? Seems excessive.

No. 434130

yes polymer clay can be sanded when it’s been cured. but tbh this clay almost looks overworked, like it wasn’t firm and was too warm from too much time in her hands rolling it out maybe, which lead to the lumps being extra obvious. honestly this sculpture is awful. she should work on nailing down the basics before going for stuff like this because it ends up looking like a kid’s project.

No. 434151

File: 1563099859715.jpeg (493.58 KB, 1196x1775, 267C6C17-2461-43B1-92FB-346941…)

This is not good skin rendering, are you anons serious?
When I think good skin rendering I think of something like pic related. This boob fetish guy looks like he leaves his stuff unfinished to me.

No. 434153

File: 1563100721115.jpeg (138.72 KB, 700x969, F8BCE4FA-B337-4739-9C6F-EA7F13…)

Sick of the short sightedness and self-serving attitude of the YouTube art community. It is so fucking disingenuous to ‘review’ products that you have been sent for free - no, you can’t be objectively critical of a product when you risk biting the hand that feeds you, and by youtubers agreeing to do so companies are able to blur the lines of genuine reviews and consumers are no longer able to create as informed opinions on purchases unless they’re willing to sift through all the ads (and lets face it, majority of the audiences won’t because they’re naive teens and children who don’t know better).

Why isn’t this shit actually called out? Sorry for rant, fucked off by constantly being peddled products by YouTube artists that don’t even receive all that large an amount to sell out their audiences.

No. 434158

File: 1563102240998.jpg (26.51 KB, 425x513, 71otC62o9ML._SX425_.jpg)

To his credit, the hair rendering here is really nice. The skin, not so much. It's corpse-like in a way that doesn't always work for the image as a whole.

The skin is alright in this, but the hair here is really underwhelming, especially compared to the above.

Neither of these artists seem to understand skin entirely, though they're both onto something. The first guy always uses form-lighting and unnatural colors, which makes everything look dead and washed out. The artist you posted has a good understanding of lighting skin, but not enough color variation, so the girl looks a little Barbie-like.

Pic related is good skin– very natural-looking. The lighting and cast shadows enhance the rendering, but there's also variation in color. Skin has numerous local values. A lot of people seem to think that the only local values in skin are the blush and the overall color, but there's a lot more to it than that.

No. 434165

how does she manage to make every single piece of her art look so muddy and unfinished. I can tell she has ideas but the execution always looks so poor.

No. 434166

File: 1563103524547.png (9.54 MB, 2208x1242, D6324537-B408-4FF5-B501-979691…)

From the video

No. 434167

Surprised it's not some disney garbage, unless i'm missing something

No. 434172

Same. One thing I hate is these people cannot physically separate 'oh so fun' videos from 'serious review' videos. Like I try to get a serous review on a micron pens and the reviewer waste ten minutes telling us what inspired what she was about to draw. The worst part is when some art review misuses the product and blames the product for not working well.

Also whats with the art community and alcohol based markers (mainly copics)? Why do people like copics so much?

No. 434192

She's just not very talented. I group her channel together with SoCraftastic and Megan Weller (the chick obsessed with cutting pictures out of magazines and pasting them into her sketchbook). None of them are talented or particularly creative. All of them have a terrible eye for color choices. They're regular people who like doing a craft kit once in a while to relax and I think their primary audience is the same. They're not artists or marketing themselves that way.

No. 434206

A lot of art YouTuber grew up reading comics. Comic artists use alcohol markers. Also they are fun to use? Why does this come up once a thread this question has been answered. They've been popular with young artists since 2006 can we all acknowledge that and just move on please lol.

No. 434211


"I bought 50 tubes of plastic-based paint" "I proceed to lecture you about the terrible impact of plastic on the environment"

I know this is a nitpick because I can't stand her terrible style and I know all paint is pretty bad environmentally. but still.

No. 434251

I like this, who's the artist?

No. 434310

I feel like she made this video so she can get asspats from Safiya. She's really trying hard to get along with bigger youtubers

No. 434329

this really is a lot better than the first things you posted, maybe he spends more time on these ones? I actually quite like his Chii.

somehow this is a lot >>433814 lower quality. He is all over the place, he's probably still experimenting with different workflows.

No. 434339

Why do people still wonder why Copics are popular, I swear there's someone asking every new thread. They're good quality markers with a wide color range, refills, replacement nibs, and are very versatile. I had a 72 set back in my first years of highschool before I sold it to get money for other things including a tablet which is what I mainly use now. While I don't use them anymore, Copics are one of the few art supplies that I think deserve the hype they get unlike something generic like Posca pens. They may be a pricey but, it pays off if you use them very frequently. If you don't use markers in the majority of your art you can get cheaper markers like Prismacolor or Windsor and Newton. Can people stop asking this dumb question in 2019.

No. 434381

Yeah but the artfags is this thread only care about fine art and paint lol

No. 434393

Plus they're fun to use, which is really all that matters.

No. 434406

Maybe chill, no one is slandering your precious Copics or anything lmao

No. 434435

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Don't ask a dumb question that can be easily researched on your own and that's already been answered before.

No. 434515

Alright, so not strictly an art-tuber, but are any of you familiar with Thrift Thick (aka Cassie)? She's a makeup youtuber who actually has a old thread on here and is a minor sadcow. Anyway, she's got a master's degree in fine arts but never actually shows any of her artwork despite her viewers asking her to make art videos all the time.
So she uploads this a few days ago, and here's the gist:
>I don't want to show my art because art school ~crippled~ me, you guys. I just want to draw flowers and shit but my meanie professors wanted me to put actual thought and meaning into my work.
I get so tired of people pretending like art with meaning or symbolism is pretentious bullshit and that artist's who just want to draw pretty things don't have an audience.

No. 434519

I'm generally tired of people shitting on academia in front of the audience of lazy teens. Sad to see how people use this narrative as a part of their excuses and end up wasting their time, not even getting the amount of attention those youtube/tumblr/etc. creators gather when they clearly want recognition.

No. 434528

It has always been my experience that the people who hate art school and classes are the most immature people who will blow up over any level of critique and defend their mistakes as "their style".

No. 434537

I'm not one to throw around terms like anti-intellectualism, but that's what this is to me. Like, look, I get that a lot of people just enjoy drawing/painting for the process, and aren't looking to imbue their work with any kind of message, but I hate it when they act like victims about it.
~Pretty~ art has a massive market. But lots of people can draw it. Her professors wanted her to make something more personal, how dare they?
It just reminds me of stupid people and Holly Brown who say shit like "omg I hate ~modern~ art, it doesn't make any sense, so pretentious desu" and think they're so fucking smart.
I'm just triggered because I make ugly art that has a lot of meaning to me lol

No. 434631

Yeah i watch her stuff and i was conflicted. Because on one hand, taking classes made me a better artist and pushed me out of my comfort zone. But all of my professors pushed me into creating fine-art, gallery, pieces even though I was more interessted in illustrations. I get why they did it, and i started keeping my art into two separate categories (what i submitted to classes vs what i drew for myself) but there’s very much a push towards creating fine-art with a message.
Tldr; you’re out of classes Cassie, so just draw what you want now. Also, classes are helpful.

No. 434636

Yeah, I can get her frustration if she was still in school, but she's using this as her excuse for not sharing her art with her viewers (not that she needs one, it's her choice). I mean, has she looked at any popular youtube art videos lately? You don't need to be doing avant-garde, cutting edge work to get viewers.

No. 434695

Again, maybe chill? Why get so heated over this lmao

No. 434725

Is there a single ~storytime! ~ artuber that hasn't pulled the "My meanie professors bullied me and HATED me in art school!!!" pity-me-beg-me-to-share-my-mediocre-art card?

No. 434739

I don't know if this is what you were asking for but Chris' video is not in that matter

No. 434838

My favourite people are artists from "rich" countries bashing artists from countries with a weak currency which are able to make a substantial living charging us prices.
Just move to one of these countries too and tell me if the trade-off is worthed
"It doesn't cost you nearly as much producing merch/living/etc" -> the artist is the sole breadwinner in the family

No. 434856

File: 1563206868278.jpg (385.75 KB, 2048x996, IMG_20190715_170709.jpg)

Hey look, it's all our favourite people…

No. 434859

I recognize Kasey, Baylee, and Jackie. The fuck are the others?

No. 434883

The girl in the striped pants is Chloe Rose (I don't even know the Jackie you mentioned looool)

No. 434887

I think the pink haired one is Lavendertowne?

No. 434896

Tinfoil hat time but is the hand behind the girl with the glasses Waffles? Kinda looks like her hands

No. 434913

>>434856 where the hell are all of the youtubers of color? do they not realize that they're all just a sad group of privileged white head-ass cows..

No. 434919

Don't see why that would matter but, Jackie is Egyptian to my knowledge. I don't know whether full or partial but, there aren't alot of popular non-white art-tubers.

No. 434924

Baylee confirmed on twitter that it is. She's ducking down so just her hand shows.

I wonder if anyone is going to slip up and accidentally post a pic of her face.

No. 434925

Which POC art youtubers are at vidcon? I genuinely have no idea who is attending.

No. 434935

File: 1563217260416.png (351.87 KB, 641x523, why tho.png)

Glad to see that Baylee's hair still looks like a wig slowly slipping off her head, the artist in the pic tried to save it but it's impossible

No. 434942

Who are the two on the right from Waffles' hand?

No. 434950

The one directly in the middle is NerdECrafter.

No. 434951

This is textbook same face syndrome. You can only tell them apart by hair. Like holly shit.

No. 435029

>no nose
>cute animu girl faces
>din't draw them as they are
>all white as a paper

i love how lasy it looks

No. 435043

File: 1563233657728.jpg (596.82 KB, 2048x996, edit.jpg)


edited some names in. left the two I was unsure of.

No. 435046

Does anyone else find Creepshow Art's personality to be as detestable and terrible as her artwork or is it just me?

No. 435052

fuck off newfag. I'm inclined to believe this is another 'artuber post themselves on lolcow for free drama' thing too.

No. 435059

>>435052 No actually Im not. I may be a "newfag" but I assure you I'm not an artuber just a fag who cant stand artubers like Shannon. So fuck yourself.

No. 435060

Sage your shit newfag

No. 435062

I knew i recognized the girl with the glasses from somewhere. I found out its this artuber named Katelyn McCaigue. She did a collab with Kasey not too long ago. Shes not very milky per say but suprised im to see her there with the mediocre youtube artist collective.

No. 435075

You are not alone. I hate her more than Holly lol.

No. 435081

>>435075 Her channel is literally the raging dumpster fire of the Youtube art community, and everyone knows people like to see a good dumpster fire or car wreck. Her arrogance is paralleled only by her complete lack of self awareness. Her bad bitch attitude is most likely a mask to hide a complete lack of self esteem, and a cry for validation from retarded sycophants who are just as miserable and broken as herself. Not to mention she is a fucking hypocrite, and just because she preemptively claims it doesn't make her less of one or any less detestable to anyone with half of a functioning brain. Not to mention her art is absolutely terrible. Her video about style not being an excuse for being terrible at art is particularly chringy seeing as her "style" is simply an utter lack of skill and talent.

No. 435082

File: 1563239877551.jpeg (181.69 KB, 959x1024, Coi3WlPUEAEUvkz.jpeg)

For a draw this in your style challenge everything looks so samey. I think it's a mix of refusing to change color pallete, lack of shading, and her weird inking.

No. 435089

I got my jazza artbox today and I didn't know I needed a tombow pen in my life til now, weow

No. 435102

I just recently started watching her videos and unironically like her. Idk what's wrong with me, but I find her try-hard edgy attitude (that like you said is obviously masking her lack of self esteem) almost endearing and I genuinely want her to succeed. I don't really like her drama videos, but the ones recounting life experiences are entertaining. Maybe I'm just a softie who can't bring myself to hate the image I have in my head of a sad talentless fat girl who slips and falls on her ass in a gym changing room. She's the antithesis to the cheery perfect lifestyle vlogger types, and it's charming in a stupid way.

No. 435105


props to the artist for making kasey's tiny ass buns look good. Also you can tell the piece looks good because they made all their head shapes the exact same hhsvfsvfsdfvgb

No. 435106

The girl above Baylee and next to the glasses girl is Monique Renee.

No. 435112

I unironically like her content too lol.

No. 435116

"Maybe I'm just a softie who can't bring myself to hate the image I have in my head of a sad talentless fat girl who slips and falls on her ass in a gym changing room." LOL This is hilarious but all in all I think she is probably the worst art youtuber out there.

No. 435151

Lmao damn these are all so bad in the same ways despite being different “styles”.

No. 435152

Honestly his box looks like a decent assortment of supplies for someone just starting a collection.

No. 435153

I unironically agree, she’s so much easier to tolerate in comparison to most artubers. I like watching her art improve over time which is more than I can say for most of the art channels. And she takes criticism like an adult and it’s a breath of fresh air from the real cows on here.

No. 435157

File: 1563257386351.png (1.92 MB, 1115x1352, art style challenge.png)

Like you said, the lack of shading plus the non existent lineweight variation makes this look off to say the least. Compare that to this one where they obviously put in more effort to not only emulate the look but also the lineart/shading style.

No. 435175

>>435153 She has improved? Lol

No. 435183

Yeah that's why I got it. I've been doing digital for years but I really wanted to start doing more traditional stuff. Plus it's very expensive to get art supplies in my country and shipping is usually exorbitant, so the cost of his box and the flat rate of $15 USD shipping saved me a ton of money.

I'm not the most well versed in traditional but I like all the supplies so far, I've been playing around with them all day. The fineliners are really nice and I like the alcohol markers too (never used copic so I don't have a frame of reference but they blend super nice). My only complaint is that I don't like the assortment of colors he picked for them that much.

No. 435196

Oh my fucking god can Shannon and her little fan girls shut the fuck up eating her ass no one is taking you seriously. She is """unironically""" an actual literal idiot so shut the fuck up.

No. 435202

No she doesn't. She makes videos convincing morons like you she is by saying exactly what you want to hear and regurgitating edgelord "relareablity" hurr hurr I insult myself I'm so real uwu so gothic and special. She's a fucking persona and has like five channels targeting different groups of gullible children such as yourself who eat it up because your brain hasn't finished developing critical thinking.

No. 435240

I actually like her too… I lurk a lot and see many shit on her, but to be honest, I feel like if she wasn't an YT artist she would be a lolcow user: complaining/ranting and think too highly of her skill/art.

No. 435256

File: 1563285665005.png (3.06 MB, 573x5356, 15B8286A-1736-45A1-ACE6-705487…)

If it weren’t for the fact that it would out everyone I would love to see anons art to see if it lives up to the cut throat cuntiness itt

From what I’ve seen of the redline thread it seems to be roughly half-half

No. 435275

>I would love to see anons art to see if it lives up to the cut throat cuntiness itt
You know it wouldn't

No. 435282

Some people like Shannon, some don't. I can't stand her art but, her videos are atleast entertaining to listen to in a trainwreck kind of way unlike most. Now will you dumbasses calm your raging hate boners.

No. 435295

I know my art wouldn't keeeeeek, no doubt about that

No. 435308

Damn, what even happened to the redraw thread? Did it really die cos some popular artists will get outted as farmers bc I recognize 3 artists from this pic kek

No. 435312

I wish the art community wasn’t so goddamned obsessed with everybody pretending to be nice and just ‘love love loving!’ everyone’s art. I want to actually be able to criticise and dislike others without having to hide behind anon out of fear of my art career being ruined

No. 435313

File: 1563294150412.jpg (108.14 KB, 636x900, manjit-thapp-red-sun-2017.jpg)

I'm so tired of these shitty 80s rip-off styles combined with the same ambiguous brown girl who has thick eyebrows and dyed hair. why has this become a symbol of diversity or being woke when most people of color don't look or dress like her? Does anyone else feel like art has been ruined because people want it to be iNcLuSIve? Or am I just extra salty?

No. 435316

I personally like the style but I hate ambiguous brown, absolutely no thought is put behind the characters ethnicity other than ‘not white’, which to me just makes it ironically more racist as it gives off the impression that the artist views all non-whites as just ‘other’

No. 435337

File: 1563297082186.jpg (17.18 KB, 640x360, 2MawsGr_d.jpg)

Reminds me of when /co/ made those white edits of steven universe. This image is supposed to come off as uncanny, but it jusr looks normal. Its kind of shows how akward your diversity is if you black characters are just darker white people.

No. 435342

Pretty sure this is just one person guys just ignore them they want attention. Likely Shannon herself

No. 435343

not a su fan but no, it does not look normal. beside, how do you know when people make characters brown only for diversity? what if it's just for the design? and why do you care so much? ive never seen someone put so much thought on a white character's skintone. ffs

No. 435345

I mean that's…kinda life dude. You can go around complaining about other people in general and dislike them all you want but the general public will find you immature and rude.

No. 435346

Lol dude do you even know who the artist if this is?

No. 435350

Someone mentions that they actually like an artist that people unanimously shit on here and people think they're self posting. Foh with that dumb shit. If people can like Youtubers after they post a dead body online, people will like artubers that make mediocre content at worse.

No. 435352

oh god, one of these is mine and it looks absolutely terrible. what was i thinking, lmao

No. 435359

yes, and her being asian doesn't make 'ambiguous brown girl' any less of a diversity meme.

No. 435362

>>435342 Id be more inclined to believe you were Shannon herself

No. 435415

Sorry, hope this isn't too long…

Lol, this "it's Shannon" meme is getting overbearing. Honestly, I do enjoy this thread except for some very condescending users, but do you honestly think some people's life resolve around a forum online 24/7? Let's be honest her, most people who spend their time browsing here aren't the most productive anyways, so the moral high ground are get annoying.

I know her art is bad, but sometimes you just have to go along with it while practicing in the spare time (idk if she does, but just saying). Personally, I have no confidence, as my standards are currently too high for me, and I know everything I produce will never match that (if I don't practice for multiple years). So, I honestly am jealous of people who just draws (even if it's repetitive, and also gets an income, like her, Waffles, Lavender, Kasey etc.

No. 435421

here getting (even if it's repetitive)* should check before I read ops

No. 435423

Even though I'm pretty neutral about Creepshow, it really does seem like she self-post in some threads. I remember being in the Holly/ProJared threads and seeing a post with a screenshot of a comment made on one of her video (video was also linked in the post). There's other incidences too but I don't remember the specifics.

Maybe she's popular/likable enough to get anons posting about her? At the same time, I wouldn't be surprise if she were to self-post if her personality on her videos is the same irl. She also knows about this place, so that's another clue.

No. 435432

Oh look; more Creepshow selfposting. Can we honestly ban discussion of her here? She’s not a cow. For those that think she is, make your own thread.

No. 435436

This is the general artist thread and thus, we can post about her here all we like. Go cry to the farmhands if you want talk of her banned. Like anon said above, it's not totally bizarre that she would have fans posting here. Holly is arguably worse and yet she still has supporters. I loathe Kasey Golden but, like Baylee who is someone else people frequently rag on here. Get your head out of your ass and stop thinking every one that posts something vaguely positive about a cow is self posting.

No. 435437

Anyone know how old everyone is? I'm just curious.

Baylee is 28, Kasey 29, Chloe and Waffles 26 I think, not sure about the rest

No. 435439

I thought Baylee was like 30.

No. 435479

She literally drew a girl that looks like her how are you even reaching this far it isn't even an offensive take it's just a generic brown girl. You know they exist right?? Why so triggered piss baby

No. 435480

>>435436 Seriously, just a short scroll through her comment section and people would see multitude of retarded fangirls ready and willing to huff shannons farts.

No. 435483

….Um Creepshow is not better than Holly. Art wise, she's much worse.

No. 435484

They are definitely here. That dumb little cunt sent them here herself

No. 435489

Creepshow gets all her video ideas and info from lolcow. Which is why she posts videos with no fact checking because her facts come from a gossip forum. She's an edgy tool with no intelligence or creativity.

No. 435494

i dont think this is "ambiguous brown". the facial structure looks west asian/indian or even tan middle eastern to me. and honestly, a lot of "brown" ethnicities do look somewhat similar IF you stylize that much. obviously if it was more realistic it would be important to make the features more clear but you wouldnt complain about ambiguous brown if the person draws in adventure time style or something.

No. 435495

It does look weird though.
I know you Euro and Burger fags are new to the concept of mixed people and all, but coming from a place where most of the population is ambiguously brown, added the fact this art looks normal to me, makes me feel like there's some weird unresolved racism problem going on inside people wining about "forced diversity". No one ever complains if an artist only draws "white" girls or Asian girls. Why is only drawing mixed or brown girl so aggravating?

No. 435500

I've seen tons of brown girls with thick eyebrows, dyed hair and a taste for alternative fashion. I literally am one sometimes. How has any of this "ruined art", lmao? I think you're just extra salty, especially since the artist of that isn't even white. Should she only paint women who look like you? Is that it, anon?
On that note, I'm pretty sure most white and Asian people don't look like Ilya Kuvshinov's drawings, but I haven't seen many complaints about that. Very weird.

No. 435502

>>435483 Agreed. Holly is terrible but her artwork is leaps and bounds ahead of creepshows.

No. 435509

>tfw unsure if artists recognized in that thread are unsurprisingly on lolcow or if their style just generic

No. 435511

Idk about you guys but I wouldn’t care what race the woman in any portrait is, as long as she isn’t scantily clad w/ a drugged out blank stare into the camera for once..

No. 435514

Basically this yeah. That bland thousand yard state thing is the worst.

No. 435515

I'm pretty sure that's not hard to find if you look outside instagram art.

No. 435526

I didn’t mean publicly, it seems to be taboo to even in private to criticise other artists - it’s as though as soon as someone calls them self an artist they become holy and you’re not allowed to question any of their behaviour or critique any of their work or stylisation

I didn’t mean I wish I could go on twitter and blast ‘Man, Kasey Golden has a really nasally voice that gives me the absolute shits’ without any repercussions, I’m not an autist. Just want to discuss people’s artwork without having to pretend to always love it even in private with other artist friends

No. 435530

Even professionals artwork tends to have women with lifeless stares tbh, the only people I really see regularly giving their subjects any sort of expression (other than a botched Marilyn Monroe sultry look) are those that focus on narrative work; picture books, comics, story boards, hell even those that mostly do OC work and are constantly world building

Ironically it’s those that mostly do portraiture that seem to have the hardest time adding any expression and life into their subjects

No. 435548

Creepshow calling herself a professional artist is like the rewiredsoul calling himself a professional psychotherapist.

No. 435621

It's becuase when you use photo reference or ask someone to pose it's a stiff blank pose and expression. The subjects themselves are keeping as nuetral as possible with bland smiles.


No. 435627

File: 1563343589768.jpeg (134.22 KB, 1080x1256, 84BB8738-7449-4349-8B21-7D437D…)

You’re right anon, I REALLY struggled to find a reference with expression.

No. 435629

If it's for practice, you can use anything for reference. There are tons of photos of various emotions, just look up "[emotion] + photo" on Google lol. Or watch a movie and pause/screenshot it for refs…

If you want royalty free photos, there's also Pexels. If you type in "facial expression," you get thousands of hits and they're all free to use for any purpose.

There are even art reference books aimed at giving artists references for every emotion at every angle, on multiple types of faces.

There's no excuse not to draw emotions in this day and age. They're making the choice to limit themselves to bland, neutral expressions.

No. 435633

I meant more that portrait artists tend to draw bland expressions becuase when people want a portrait done they themselves put on blank smiles as that's the default photo face. Like school pictures

No. 435655

File: 1563351207698.jpeg (192.4 KB, 1080x1337, D41309DC-EA6B-4355-A9A3-0C6F19…)

? The only reason school pictures are bland are because the photographers demand that they are, most kids would rather smile.

As for the portraiture artists you’re acting as though each and everyone works based off of commission which simply isn’t true, the vast majority have the freedom to use whatever sort of reference they want or even from imagination yet they STILL insist on illustrating dead expressions for almost all of their pieces. Not at all portraiture is even realistic so references aren’t always necessary

Are you an artist that only ever draws bland expressions? Because this is weird justification for a lack of life in portrait pieces

No. 435678

I really disliked her at the beginning because she was trying to be edgy and because I was annoyed everytime she said "mY aRt" because lets be honest that aint art.

But I kind of grew to respect her

No. 435687

you clearly have zero experience in selling portraits. most people that commission drawn portraits of people ask for drawings of people they know personally, with photo references. usually it is just 'take picture, make drawing of same picture'. the ones i get are of dead loved ones having a good day, living loved ones smiling for a gift of sorts, or maybe a show of love for a wedding display. they are full of emotion and depth for the person who asks for the portrait. which is the point; if someone wants a photo drawn with your 'blank smile', then it doesnt fucking matter. that photo means something to that person. commission artists make art for the commissioner, not for themselves.

please explain what a 'blank smile' is. and school pictures is a bad example. every yearbook is full of smiling faces. they arent overtly expressive because it is a catalog of who was in the certain class, not an expression of each personal story. they are memorabilia, not professional work. a better comparison would be typical senior year photo shoots, but that blows your idea out of the water since those shoots are meant to showcase the subject in celebration.

if you want to say 'i dont like smiling faces', then say you dont like smiling faces, because the art being discussed here is talking about expressions devoid of any specific emotion for commercial gain, not art specifically requested and desired. you are confusing the two.

No. 435692


I laughed when I saw her say that too, anon. I don't have anything against her, but her art isn't good enough to be sold. She's a beginner, which is fine, everyone starts somewhere. It's just funny to see someone with such mediocre art skills call themselves a professional artist because they sold a few t-shirts on Redbubble.

No. 435700

Any bad-to-mediocre artist calls themselves a "professional" once they start raking in Youtube pennies, like Chloe and Rae. They've confused the fact that they make money as entertainers with actually making a living off of artistic ability.

No. 435709

The fact that even creepshow's diehard fans always say "Wow your art is improving!" instead of "Wow this is so good!" is telling.

No. 435731

Opinions on DebbyArts?

She is so sweet and seems like such a good person but i feel like she always draws the same thing.

No. 435764

File: 1563375096064.jpeg (779.34 KB, 1197x1667, B5C00978-D52D-49BE-AACF-AE90A5…)

I’m so fucking tired of this aesthetic. True there’s nothing -wrong- about drawing nothing but corpse like stares, but when this is how you earn your living? I can’t help but wonder what kind of person these works cater to. Maybe tinfoil but the only person I can think who’d want these in their home are CEO’s with pedo/ rape fetishes. Crying, dripping, some with decapitated heads, am I the only one creeped out?

No. 435766

File: 1563375160309.jpeg (720.94 KB, 1185x1598, 4B010A32-A09B-4E12-9893-24E7E9…)

No. 435767

File: 1563375265496.jpeg (723.35 KB, 1182x1648, AE4FD2F9-3ECD-43F1-B1C0-081040…)

No. 435769

File: 1563375559660.jpeg (473.1 KB, 1213x1696, ADF739AA-FD86-42AC-B22C-EE03F6…)

No. 435779

You know, just one pic would’ve been enough to drive the point home, anon

No. 435784

Why is okay to make white characters black/disabled/trans etc but if you paint a mixed character a shade lighter everyone is at your throat? This is so fucked up I hate Tumblr and twitter so much

No. 435793

I don't get it either, tbh. The only way in which I see it as appropriate to change a characters' race as you see fit is maybe when they're ambiguously raced in the source content or you're doing some kind of human alternate universe, like I could see why Homestuck fans did it. Other than that it's pretty obnoxious to completely change a character design. Maybe make your own shitty OC instead.

No. 435803

Tumblr culture completely ruined the fun of race/gender bending, I remember when DA was still huge it was always fun to see how artists would interpret characters as another race/ethnicity/sex/what have you and now it just seems to kick off a shit storm. I don’t get it either anon, it’s completely harmless with absolutely no malicious intent 99% of the time

No. 435852

nice to see the whole art morons crew assembled minus Holly Brown.
Look at all those stupid pale ass white girls. GO OUTSIDE!!!

No. 435869


Thats not good skin rendering either.

No. 435884

>X thing is created by and popular with Y race sub-culture, but not quite so much with others
>Majority of characters are of Y race because of this
>Sub group of Z race sees this and sees that there aren't any/many Z race characters in X thing
>ABLOO BLOOs about it
>Creator of X thing caves to soc jus pressure and creates character of Z race and culture
>New Z race character isn't popular since Z race aren't really into X thing
>Sub group of Z race start ABLOO BLOOing again because Z race character isn't front and centre of everything
>Creator of X thing caves again and switches the race of an established popular character
>Y race group that enjoys X thing start ABLOO BLOOing because one of their favorite characters has been butchered to appease people who don't even care about X thing
>Z race group starts ABLOO BLOOing because Y group are ABLOO BLOOing
This shitshow has to stop being repeated at some point.

No. 435928

Kasey's live, if anyone cares

No. 435996

>>435692 I wouldn't really call creepshow a beginner, she has been drawing a while she just sucks and doesn't try to improve. She seems to actually believe that her lack of skill really is her personal "style." And she has enough retarded edgelord fangirls to reinforce it.

No. 436040

You can do something for many years and still be a beginner in skill and knowledge

No. 436049

man these artists really need to step up their reference game, I have seen these reference photos on pintrest so many times

No. 436090

I had an art phase like this. The odd colour choices and dripping can be explained by: can draw, but not paint, no sense of colour in terms of skintone, etc. The result is as you posted

No. 436174

I've had such joy watching this channel recently and wanted to share it.

No. 436219

Say what you like about lavendertowne and her art or whatever but at least her pink hair looks nicer than Baylee’s. BJ should ask her for the complete hair care routine

No. 436221

A party wig looks better than Baylee’s hair, anon, not really something to feel pride in

No. 436222

This channel has been really aggressively recommended to me recently, it’s nice that’s it’s actually good content that YouTube is pushing for a change. I’ve found that I’ve learnt a lot about colouring skin just from watching them paint

Loosely related, was anyone getting bombarded with recommendations for a channel called NOMA a little while back? I enjoy her art too but I don’t wonder what has made the algorithm decide to push these two channels in particular when from what I call speed paints have died down in popularity (which is a shame but what can you do, they don’t keep kids attention)

No. 436290

She's a beginner in the sense that she draws the same sort of thing (expressionless women from the shoulders up) every time. She has no experience or knowledge drawing anything else, and she's not even very good at her chosen subject. She lacks skill with color, painting, anything related to backgrounds, and anatomy, and her inking skills are very limited. You can do art for years but if you don't learn, you're a beginner still.

No. 436296

Creepshow has the skill of a middle schooler. An edgy vapid one.

No. 436364

Are furries worth catering to? Or do they only buy from other furfags? I’m pretty decent at drawing animals and could use a side income, but I don’t know how to market myself or what website to start with.

No. 436368

They definitely drop a lot of money and you don't need to be a hardcore furfag to receive their attention but don't belittle them or their community tho. If your art is good enough, I would probably recommend drawing commissions for furries' OCs or creating multipage pornographic comics. As for where to post furry content, the only place I'm aware of is Fur Affinity. Besides there, just stick with Twitter.

No. 436378

This pretty much. There are some furries that will sperg about furry artists who aren't actually furries but most of them just want nice art. Just make sure you have a lot of example pieces that have anthros and shit.

No. 436449

File: 1563504651607.jpg (11.37 KB, 267x189, meyoco.jpg)

Don't know if she's been talked about here before but, what do you guys think of Meyoco? I like her style even if it might be a bit generic to alot of people.

No. 436481

She was talked about here before

No. 436485

Her style was cool to me when I first saw it as a teenager but now it's tired. Kinda of similar to how I feel about Nemupan. It was interesting the first time but now it's boring.

No. 436496

The water concept with her style was fun the first three times I saw it. The 300th time I am so over it I roll my eyes everytime I see it. Also she has trouble with anatomy and boring same face anime.

No. 436498

File: 1563510759516.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1125x2032, D74497B7-8BCA-4895-8F23-023149…)

No. 436499

File: 1563510780554.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x2076, 770E1FEF-96E7-4E8E-B8E1-EFB52C…)

No. 436510

where did her right leg go

No. 436531

Ugh why do people publicly whine about their engagement levels, it’s so unprofessional and uncomfortable to read as an audience

No. 436550


Who are the artists? Polite sage

No. 436580

instagram validation culture. i usually unfollow when people do it though

No. 436598

Same… i'm always really disappointed when youtubers and/or artists i follow complain about engagement. No, it wasn't the algorithm, your last post(s) were watered down and your fanbase reacted accordingly.

No. 436699


I have a friend who only drew people/humans and was approached by a furry artist to do a furry comm. She said yes for the money because #whynot and that furry told other furrys about her art and she started getting a ton of well paid commissions from people without ever posting furry art on her profile lol

So yeah, you definitely don't need to be a furry to get comms. Just have nice art and put your stuff out there + maybe search on twitter for people tweeting 'furry comms' and see what pops up.

Be ready to get some weird fucking comms though like people asking for a horse furry centaur…

No. 436704


I always turn them down, all the briefs they send are gross and its just the kind of crap i would not want to be associated with. I simply don´t like them.

Even the tame "sfw" stuff is somehow more twisted than regular erotic art is, straight up erotic or porn art is still better than the cleanest furry stuff.

No. 436705


she is whining when in reality she is already way too much attention for the quality.

No. 436706

This is straight up bad. The torso is a joke

No. 436747

I can understand the feeling that you may have posted something at the wrong time if you're used to seeing a certain range of engagement on your posts, although if you're concerned about it, you should just ask your audience instead of pussyfooting around it. Tumblr, as downhill as it's went, was the easiest place for this since you could just reblog a post later if it didn't get much attention the first time, whereas reposting can get annoying (and takes more time). I don't blame anyone for having trouble with social media algorithms.

No. 436767

Furries are the number one group to throw money for commissions no matter the artists style. Whether it be for badges or just an illustration they chuck cash at people.

You must have had a bunch of bad run-ins because the nicest and most people sane people that commissioned me have been furries kek. They've always been the most communicative and polite.

No. 436769

Has anyone here used Schminke watercolors or gouache before? Even though I can't stand Kasey, I've seen her finished pieces where she's used them and the colors look wonderful. I'm thinking of getting the Gouache but, I'm just curious if the price is worth it from people who've used the brand.

No. 436798

Yeah same furries have been most polite and pay fastest. Some of it was weird but nothing sexual

No. 436805

Publicly complaining about almost 5k likes on a drawing that you made for an individual person… all kinds of embarrassing. I do like that rendering, though.

No. 436806

It's never enough engagement or likes, especially the more popular you get.

No. 436807

anyone else notice that creepshow art is being a scum bag and now featuring her followers art instead of her own? she can't even be fucked to draw shit herself, and is having her followers submit it and is saying she is doing it as a way to "help them get exposure"

No. 436808

Schmincke is a good brand, it's just hard to acquire in the US. Blick and Amazon charge huge markups. Unless you need your paint ASAP, I would suggest going through Jackson's. They're a UK seller, but their shipping is surprisingly reasonable, you just have to wait several weeks for your package to arrive. Do I think their Cobalt Blue Deep is worth the $33.17 Blick is selling it for? Hell no. But for $13.40 on Jackson's? Absolutely.

Personally, I've used both Schmincke Horadam watercolors and gouache and they're one of my favorite brands. Worth giving it a try imo.

No. 436809


Did she make a video on Holly?

No. 436810


Did she make a video on Holly?

No. 436811

Thank you for your reply. I was going to get them through Blick since I live in the US but, thank you for telling me about Jackson's because I've never heard of them before. I'll make sure to keep it in mind when I get ready for the convention circuit next year.

No. 436821

She's trying to become READY TO GLARE in content and personality. She's so transparently unoriginal in every way

No. 436824

apparently they are friends now. like i follow ready to glare on twitter and they are constantly tweeting each other. shes sucking up to her for promo.

No. 436825

Honestly that explains why creepshows subs doubled overnight

No. 436827

I don't get furry shit, but they're damn good for commissions. They're willing to pay, they're less annoying about requesting endless changes and additions that weren't discussed as part of the price and they usually tip too.

No. 436833

Monique Renee had her kickstarter pins stolen from her community mail room and is now holding a gofundme to replace them.

No. 436845

Not a fan of Monique but that is a shitty situation and I feel bad for her. There's not really much she could've done aside from having someone pick up the mail for her or asking USPS to hold it, but I don't think anyone could've predicted that their mail would've gotten stolen out of what should've been a secure mail room.

I don't understand what they expect to happen when whining about their engagement. The people who see these stories and comments are the people who are already engaging. People don't really appreciate being guilt tripped when they're already viewing/liking/etc their artwork. I absolutely unfollow people who whine about that shit.

No. 436861

Tbh, I don’t blame her for this. Would the postal service have insurance for this kind of thing? But, even then, I doubt that would cover the cost of over a grand in pins. Not sure what else she could do besides the GoFundMe or taking the money out of her own pocket.

No. 436879

I feel bad for her even though I've never heard of her. This is always my biggest fear when ordering product from overseas too.

No. 436882


Hey, i´ve seen this dude spamming his stuff all over fb.

You know he can´t really draw that well, he just rips off poses and palettes from Ilya Kushnikov and other stuff he finds. He doesn´t actually understand very well what he is copying hence all the inconsistencies. in style and rendering.

No. 437010

saged for slight sperg

does anyone else look for reviews of products, and the moment someone says 'i was sent these from X company!' you instantly click away? i am trying to find a marker set that comes with more variety than my current 96-color Blick Studio set, and I was actually excited to see this video, with the thumbnail singing praises, but the instant Alice said 'Art-n-Fly sent these to me, they sponsored this video!', I clicked off. sponsored content is bought content, and if you want that cash so badly, you are going to say nothing but positives. it is why that Waffles ohuhu brush marker review was shit to me as well; she got sent that set for free. she didnt use her own money, like she did with the copics and the previous ohuhu set, and it shows. i do the same thing with movies, i'm less likely to believe a published pre-screening review than joe-schmoe on reddit. same principle here.

am i being unreasonable in believing every sponsored review is a lie? and, just because, what is your preferred marker set at a reasonable price?

No. 437012

My issue with sponsored videos is tjat I get sick of seeing 10 videos of the same product.
Btw if you have a 96 blick studio set it could be worth it to purchase other brands individually just to build on the colors you have! I have prismacolor but i bought the full set when it used to be cheaper so i can’t recommend a 5 dollar non refillable markers anymore, but you could start buying individual copics. I dont like spectrum noir markers but they are refillable as well. Might be more worth it to buy individually the colors you like than another full cheap set

No. 437021

I had a big spergfest about it in >>434153

I’m definitely over YouTube artists seemingly being unable to have any critical thought when it comes to these sorts of things, at least doodle date seems to be calling it out in some of their more recent videos

On the flip side I do very much enjoy videos by the likes of Evebolt who is very objective and actually knowledgeable on the subject - even with paints she has received from indie creators, who I tend to see differently as they simply do not have the purchasing power that large companies have in terms of their advertising. Because that’s another issue, even for products bought a lot of the reviewing artists have absolutely nothing to offer other than ‘I like this’ - what about the pigments, lightfastness and economic value? I need more information in a review damn it!

Sage for my autistic rant, this subject fucks me off quite a bit.

No. 437026

right?? everyone and their brother released videos on ohuhu at the same time, everyone posted the posca videos at he same time, it is so plainly obvious to see through the bullshit.

i have a few copics (a 12 set and then individual 4 colors) and i cant justify the product for the price. they are not worth the cost at all, that is why i bought the 96 blick studio set. they are refillable and less than 300$ for the full set of 96, which is every available color atm. but what they gain in affordability, and quality for such price, they lack in color choice. i have 8 different greens, 11 browns, and 24 variants of grey, but only 1 true red, the rest being burgundy or pink. thank god they blend like magic or i'd lose my mind.

No. 437046

The prismacolors i mentioned blend great, but they aren’t refillable. Maybe get a few of their colors? Their colors match the colors in their pencil lines so theres great variations and some beautiful reds, just stupid that they aren’t refillable. I like copics for blending but i hate the grainy specs in their inks. The problem with the the art n fly markers is that they are mostly midtones-dark colors so you wont get a lot of variation with light colors

No. 437086

Unsponsored review of Blick alcohol markers? They suck. Ink is streaky nibs are cheap not worth it.

No. 437089

Primsacolor and copic are the only two I would recommend. Primsacolors aren't refillable though and copics are pricy. Of course you could always just slowly build your copic collection one by one with coupons. I have fifty I bought for $4 each over the past year.

No. 437129

I don't necessarily mind YouTubers doing sponsored videos (as long as it's clearly labeled as such), especially if it will fund more genuine videos… But I'm not gonna trust them to give me an honest review for a product they didn't even believe in enough to buy themselves. It pisses me the fuck off when they don't admit it's sponsored though.

Best markers? There's no contest with Copics. Tbh every other marker I've tried has been mediocre at best, you get what you pay for. They're really not that bad. Michael's regularly offers 50% off coupons, where you can get a marker for $4, or a 72 marker set for $287. The Amazon prices are pretty decent, too. Once you start getting into refills, the price isn't really that bad, it's just the upfront cost that's an issue. Markers aren't really a budget friendly option in comparison to other media.

No. 437141

Copics are pretty much the best both in terms of quality and range of colors but they're expensive. I'd say touch brush markers are the closest to them and they're refillable. But as the previous anon said you can blend markers together regardless of brand. So just get the colors you need from whatever brand that has it and don't worry, they will blend. There's a bit of a learning curve.

No. 437145

Idc care for sponsored vids, so I just avoid them, also really appreciate it when they put "ad" in the titles of vids 1) because they're being fully transparent about the vid's purpose and 2) I don't waste any of my time watching it thinking it's something else.

God, I wish there were more video reviews for paints, papers, etc though. I get it's not that interesting to most people unless it's a wide-range comparison between papers of different brands or something (like watercolor papers), but it would be so helpful for some of us. Whereas I can easily find around 10 different reviews for the same brand of markers. Which is awesome for those who love markers, not so much when you're looking for literally anything else. And like someone else mentioned, some of the other reviews you do find lack some of the info you want to know or they're made by beginners who can't give much of an opinion besides "it's fun to use and looks pretty".

No. 437152

I think what bothers me the most about sponsored reviews is the amount of YTers that receive mediums that they've never tried before or have very limited experience with.

How can somebody give a fair judgement on a material if they don't already know what they can (or can't) expect to be able to do with a supply?

Reviews should be there to strengthen your audience and make them informed consumers, not just to get asspats from an art supply company.

No. 437156

I only have issues with streaking are with my most used colors. i’ve been using the set consistently (2-4 small illustrations a week) since January and only now am I getting streaks, and only with the markers i use for skin, which are by far my most used


idk where i saw this but someone said that touch markers have bad nibs?

No. 437164

Really? I've never heard that.
I've been using them for years and only had one faulty nib (it was a brush marker) other than that they have been pretty good.

No. 437202

I'm very much a novice with markers, but I've found it to be a better investment to buy a large quantity of a cheaper marker (like Ohuhu) to figure out what colors I'd actually use. Once it starts to dry out, I get a copic matching that color - I think it's better for the kids who watch this stuff to realize it's better to lose out on 50 cents/marker on a color you hardly use or if you just end up not liking markers than to throw down hundreds of dollars on a set you don't even know if you'd like

No. 437206

File: 1563662677390.jpeg (98.46 KB, 800x804, 245936B7-2D7D-43E9-862B-0748A4…)

Does anyone know of any artists/artwork that use the concept of "it gets weirder as you look at it"? I want to create a big piece with the motive but I'm struggling to find similar motifs.

No. 437217

eh just a little bit. Not every sponsored video is a lie, but a lot of them are singing praise not because a product is good but because the general YT community doesn't know how to give or accept criticism.

Even if a product genuinely sucks, unless it's just ASS they'll probably be bombarded with comments telling them they're wrong for not liking them.

the frugral crafter does sponsored videos and i find hers to be more honest, but that is also probably bc she's older than the general YT community. A lot of older artists get sent sponsored stuff and they have more wiggle room being critical because their audiance isn't made up of children.

No. 437219

Someone showed both of the zoomquilts to me when I was tripping once and I really didn't enjoy that.

No. 437229

Another cool thing about Copics is there are like 10 different nibs to pick from. I know most people only use brush nib but I'm pretty fond of round nib and ultra fine

No. 437239

man i am cringing at how she's abusing those LV colored pencils.

also speaking of sponsered, ever notice how Rae doesn't seem to get sponsered as much as other youtubers in the same area as her?

No. 437245

don't know any artist like this, but you should do is get a normal thumbnail and add a lot of weird details.

No. 437250

File: 1563668264005.jpg (40.01 KB, 340x500, 8118b2fcf0127d66a501a6b8a08088…)

Speaking of markers, my family is offering to buy me a 36 set of copic ciaos for my birthday but I'm not sure which set is the most bang for my buck so I figured I'd ask here. The only markers I have already are the ciao 6 pack of skin tones and some primary colours and greys of a knock off brand.

No. 437253

I always say it's better to get the set that has the most skin tones in it regardless of what you're drawing which is why I got the Copic Sketch set B when I still had mine. So looking at this chart I would go with E And you'll have to go out to your local craft store and buy an individual Black one.

No. 437255

This is why; While I know alot of people here don't care for her, I actually like Baylee's Marker and Paper comparison videos. It is a bit annoying that in the Marker one she constantly compares the alternatives to Copics but, I get why because Copics are really good quality markers in the end. Both videos aren't sponsored and it shows because she doesn't pat the asses of any brand and bought them all with her own money. Sure she might be biased (but every review for anything will always have somesort of bias to be fair) but, atleast she didn't have to worry about sponsorship ass kissing.

With deciding what brand of marker is best for you, it comes down to one thing and that's how frequently you'll use them. If you'll use them in practically all of your art then, it would be better to get markers that are more high quality, refillable, and replaceable nibs. If you're using them every now and then to dick around then get one time usage ones that are usually less expensive.

No. 437266

Would say that it depends on what you wanna draw with it. If you want to draw characters you should go with the pack E. If you want to draw backgrounds and landscapes you should take the C or D.

No. 437276

File: 1563674721111.jpg (198.74 KB, 500x646, kitty.jpg)

Kelogs' technique is amazing but doesn't this guy get tired of painting depressed waifs all the time? Like his work does not match the hyper and bubbly persona he has in his videos at all.

No. 437277

I do almost exclusively character art/design so set E it is. Thanks guys!

No. 437281

Totally agree. Like this guy's paintings are all the same ; sad looking girls with patterns on the back and blue and red are the prominent colors. Like, with all your skill you could totally experiment with other shit but no.

No. 437282

Maybe it's because he is a depressed waif.

She looks so bored. "oh. A tiger… OK"
It's always just that listless boring expression with the same color scheme. I get artists having a signature look, but literally the same five elements in everything?

I also wonder if he gets bored, or if he's a victim of Instagram and feeling the need to make his feed look samey throughout. Some artists, though, they just aren't that versatile. Once they find their thing that's all they'll draw. Bonus points if it draws a lot of attention.

No. 437286

File: 1563678345285.jpg (433.97 KB, 10