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File: 1561860598171.png (1.21 MB, 1568x1438, thejaredsystem.png)

No. 829410

Last time on the Curse of O’Ferrall Campaign:

>Etika’s suicide trends on twitter and Holly uses it as a chance to plug her tragic bullying while barely mentioning Etika’s personal struggles

>Admits she didn’t really know Etika and it was a clown emoji that showed how relevant he was to her suffering
>Suffers severe backlash for the heartless concern she has toward Etika’s very different situation
>Angers the black community for using a black man’s mental health struggles to gain sympathy for her white, trust fund self
>Holly reveals she suffers PTSD from clown emojis
>Heidi starts to appear publicly at cons as a guest
>Holly responds to criticism by saying “I’m mentally ill”
>Locks down her twitter while still painting Heidi as evil and then preaching the world should be kind
>clown emoji

Skim milk:

>Jared continues to have no social media presence

>GG’s garage sale gimmick doesn’t work out

>DCA still dead in the water

About DCA:
>DCA is/was a popular D&D livestream DM'd by Chris Perkins (WoTC story designer)
>It's cast consisted of Holly Conrad, Jared Knabenbauer, Nathan Sharp and Anna Prosser
>All of them turned out to be cheaters, hooking up with each other and breaking marriages/engagements

Jared "the Wormdick" Knabenbauer
>Known for having a gaming youtube channel where he reviewed games
>Formed "Waffle crew", the D&D group that would soon turn out to be a dumpster fire
>All hell broke lose when his ex-wife revealed he has been manipulating, abusing and cheating on her
>Soon after, other victims of his started leaking chat logs and nudes
>Turns out he was soliciting underage porn
>Went into hiding
>Throughout DCA, his D&D character, Diath, was having an on-going romance with Strix, his co-player Holly Conrad's character
>Turns out they were also involved IRL, cheating on their spouses
>Holly is currently whiteknighting him on twitter, while he is trying to manipulate his side-pieces from the shadows
>One of his side-pieces fell for it and now is changing her initial statement, trying to get on his good side (even though he ghosted her before)

Holly "Manic Pixie Butterface" Conrad (updated from last thread; see old milk for past history):
>Got into D&D, started thinking she's literally Strix - her character
>Cheated on Ross with Jared the Wormdick while trying to manipulate both Jared and his wife
>Once Heidi (Jared's wife) revealed her as a side hoe, she locked down everything and checked into the tumblr hospital
>After getting back on the net, she started autistically defending herself and Jared, claiming she never cheated and Heidi is literally Hitler
>Professional victim, her NPD can be seen from space
>Emotionally abused Ross, claimed she never felt love until she met Jared
>Can't stand even tiny criticism about herself, reads her lolcow thread though

Anna Prosser and Nathan Sharp
>Remaining members of the waffle crew
>Their D&D characters also had an on-going romance
>Meanwhile Anna was married to Geoff Robinson
>Nathan was engaged to a well-known voice actress Cristina Vee
>Nathan's engagement got suddenly called off at the same time as Anna stated she is divorcing
>Cristina Vee tweeted (and deleted) few tweets that revealed that Nathan was cheating on her with Anna and also became instantly friendly with Heidi after she tweeted about Jared's infidelity.
>All in all, these people who are in their 30s decided to ruin their marriages/engagement because of a D&D game romance

Previous thread >>>/snow/826388

>Jared Knabenbauer/ProJared:


>Heidi O'Ferrall/AtelierHeidi:


>Holly Conrad/Commander Holly:


>Ross O'Donovan/RubberNinja:


The usual suspects:

>Suzy Berhow/Mortemer:


>Arin Hanson/Egoraptor:


>Dan Avidan:


>Game Grumps:


>Normal Boots:


>Minor cow Katie, rejected Arin way back when and regrets it now that he's famous:


Summary of the old milk (cheese?), courtesy of anon:

Suzy "the Goose" Berhow:
>Has a history of scamming fans by buying cheap jewelry from China and the likes and reselling it to fans with an absurd markup as her jewelry line or as one anon put it: "creating a really expensive jewelry line that involved very little effort on her part". Arin has to come to her defense when people find out.
>Previous threads over the years were mostly about Suzy's "thyroid-related" weight gain and absurd styling choices, scamming, and how she's a ~rEaL gAmEr GuRl~
>No one seems to really have complaints about her current styling choices since she lost weight and the skunk stripe and adopted a more natural look (it's much closer to her twin sister Jean's)
>Suzy was a "model" when younger, and will still constantly repost the same pictures from her past over and over again, in case anyone forgot
>There sometimes seemed to be some unspoken tension between Suzy and Holly. Suzy seemed to give off the vibe of being uncomfortable not being the only cool gamer gurl in the GG group, especially when up against a girl that seemed to prefer and respect.
>Seems plausible that she prefers being the female center of attention given the theory that JonTron's swift and dramatic departure from GG was due in part to some beef between Suzy and Jon's girlfriend at the time. IIRC this is still all just speculation. (Jon's too big of a topic, read that one on your own for the full backstory)
>A/N: I would be kind of surprised if she showed any support for Holly at all, but maybe that's just me

Holly "Manic Pixie Nightmare Girl" Conrad (Backstory/Pre-Divorce):
>Holly is a talented cosplayer/craftsman/special effects artist and well respected in the community, even appearing on Syfy's "Heroes of Cosplay"
>Was one of the main focuses of the 2011 Documentary "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" (directed by Morgan Spurlock)
>Originally gained notoriety for her Commander Shepard/FemShep cosplay
>Married to Ross O'Donovan, beloved animator and member of the GG Family, from 2012 to 2018
>When it came to Arin/Suzy vs Ross/Holly most people preferred Ross and Holly, because they felt less fake and Holly was famous separate of Ross, not riding her husband's coattails like Suzy.
>Was best buds with Jared's wife Heidi, another talented and respected cosplayer/craftsman
>Apparent tragic backstory = quirky anxiety uwu. I don't really know the whole backstory on this one, not sure if it really matters.
>But was apparently close to ger grandfather and inherited his house(?) in Washington(?) when he passed away which was in theory part of the reason she and Ross amicably split. Jared and Heidi just also happened to live in Washington.
>Other speculated factors included Holly being asexual (lmao), the toxic GG fan-community, "having codependency issues", and wanting to leave LA while Ross wanted to stay
>Publicly their divorce was mutual, amicable, and came as somewhat of a shock….OR WAS IT?
>Basically all this drama is so juicy because Holly "quirky manic pixie dream bird gurl, asexual anxiety, luvs animals so obviously wouldn't hurt anyone uwu" Conrad was the surprise plot twist villain we never saw coming

Heidi of the House O'Ferrall, Hell Hath No Fury, Giver of Zero Fucks, Destroyer of Careers
>I've followed Heidi for years for cosplay stuff, so I can only speak from that perspective but I don't think there's really much else to say about her
>I think some people in the cosplay community found her kind of cocky, but she didn't seem to really rock the boat too much
>She's a much more detail oriented and talented craftsman than your average costhot. Produces tutorials and shows her work in progress pretty in depth (not as common with cosplayers these days, so I think she's appreciated for that)
>IIRC she has a degree in Theatre/Costume Design, so if she's cocky her work quality at least backs it up
>Personally I followed her for a long time for cosplay stuff without ever even knowing who she was married to or who ProJared was. Can't speak for others, though I'm sure it didn't hurt her popularity
>"She had sex with my husband", top 10 anime deaths of all time

Jared "Pigeondick" Knabenbauer
>I've actually never really known or cared about ProJared or NormalBoots before this, I just wanted to call him a Pigeondick.
>Maybe someone more informed can give a backstory, though again I'm not sure if it really matters
>big yikes >>804556

Previous GG Threads:
>Jon vs Dan speculations, are the Suzy nudes real or fake, blah blah blah, old news. Seriously, don't ask to be spoonfed this old dried up milk. Go read about it on your own.
>There is a whole subreddit dedicated to GG Rule 34 where they sexualize the girlfriends/wives as well as the grumps called r/polygrumps. Suzy once long ago tweeted in support of polygrumps, but it seems like an especially toxic corner of their already toxic fanbase. I doubt she would confirm that support today.
>GG sells a merch line called Game Gyaru "based on Arin and Danny, reimagined as female characters inspired by the anime series Dirty Pair, named Arina and Daniella respectively". It's a blatant tracing of the characters from "Dirty Pair" that they did not initially acknowledge.
>GG release body pillows of Dan and Arin. They sell out very quickly. It's gross: >>792883
>Guess what Jon's an even worse blatantly sexist/racist person than we ever could have imagined

Katie (Most recent GG drama unrelated to PigeonGate 2019 ):
>Suzy claims she and Arin have been together since 2002. Arin's mysterious deviantART ex Katie shows up from an apparent cryogenic sleep after 10+ years and throws an insane hissy-fit about how Arin was pursuing HER during that time and she turned HIM down.
>Thinks Suzy poisoned Arin against being BEST FRIEND her despite the fact that she was married, disappeared from the internet, lived across the country, and was definitely leading Arin on for some time. Arin seems to have bought her some gifts in this time.
>Claims any of this is important at all because she was Arin's inspiration for a character "a woman being beaten and raped but wanting Egoraptor to be her knight in shining armor even though she's an ex-assassin"
>Now obsessed with Arin/Suzy/GG, obsessed with the notion that Suzy is somehow copying her every move and personality trait (again, despite the fact that she just now reemerged and Suzy was probably ~13 when all of this started)
>Consensus: Arin was a dumb teenage boy who was probably involved with both of them, the situation makes Suzy look incredibly sane. Also it's been 17 years who gives a shit. (Guess what: Katie does)
>Obviously overshadowed by current milk, but I just feel like we haven't seen the last of Katie. Probably in like 5 years she'll catch up on the current drama and have a real hot take.

No. 829417

Thanks for the thread anon. OP image still kills me.

No. 829419

I hope it's okay. I thought anons worked hard enough in the character descriptions I should just lump it all together. I ordered them from worst (pedo) to most boring (GG's fart jokes).

>OP image still kills me.

I can't believe anon even photoshopped the shirt blue. Jared's smug face kills me every time.

No. 829424

Good thread OP. My only complaint is next thread we should mention Holly making a beloved mentally ill black man's suicide about her in her character description. Great summary!

No. 829434

File: 1561863044025.png (782.47 KB, 870x753, Screen Shot 2.png)

G'bless you anon for turning this back to a general thread. Last thread was honestly such a headache.

Speaking of, can anyone tell me what the final say was on Jared and AKon? Was he actually there and did he actually get kicked out? Lurking gets kind of confusing when all the caps posted are from Holly/Holly stans denying everything (even if it is to point out how ridiculous and insane they're being).

Also not sure if this has been pointed out before, but I went to Heidi's website (as linked on the AKon website) and this thumbnail and vlog are still front and center on her homepage. Yikes.

No. 829438

RE: GG needing its own thread concerns, I think it would be better if we wait until GG has enough built up drama, or big drama, before giving it, it's own thread again. Otherwise it's just going to be a big dud. Not running a sale or whatever was being mentioned isn't enough to float a thread imo.

No. 829440

Most likely Holly and the stans are correct. Only two random posts mentioned it, one with only 2 followers and the other with a "dead" phone that couldn't take a picture. No mention otherwise and no confirmation from Heidi who seemed to have a nice, stress free time there.

It could have been some real cream, but I guess it's nice that Heidi could be 100% away from that predator.

Well…I wonder why she kept it…It's probably the most used footage that drama blogs used when the story broke. Maybe Heidi hasn't even touched her website since she's dealing with the divorce and her business? If I were her, I'd delete that.

No. 829695

Heidi also didn't withdraw her consent initially when Holly came into the picture. She even encouraged Jared to pursue Holly, but once she found out that Holly was telling Jared all these nasty things about her & trying to get him to leave her, THAT was when she wanted Holly to "Go Away!"
But alas, Jared & Holly continued to see each other behind her back.

No. 829698

Yup, this. The poly thing has no real relevance because what happened that Heidi is calling cheating happened after they agreed to be monogamous again; after Jared was telling her they're monogamous and telling her he wasn't doing anything with Holly. When those texts came about that he was indeed still doing things with Holly was when Heidi felt he was cheating; she allowed him to fuck uno girl so it's not as if only she was getting something during poly time even if you do believe she had more than long distance ftm thing.

I was willing to believe maybe thinking Heidi is a snake was just a matter of opinion/perspective difference - or that I had missed some juicy details. But after reading the discussion against Heidi I'm just convinced that those anons couldn't be assed to read the actual drama.

No. 829707

>'I met snakes and she's one of them'
>changed the conditions of her relationship when poly brought on severe problems in a troubled marriage
>saw bad behaviour by her ex husband under a new light when his awfulness couldn't be redeemed anymore despite all efforts and corrected her idealised view of him
>not manipulative and slick, more of an emotional brute with understandable outbursts of passion
This ain't what a snake is
People changing their goddamn mind does not make a snake

No. 829712


People make decisions that they regret all the time. Doesn't mean they can never go back on anything ever.

She clearly told Jared that she didn't want Polyamory anymore, broke up with the long-distance person to show that she really meant it. He either wasn't listening, or lied to her & told her that he'd do the same.

I'm thinking Heidi has been quietly putting up with Jared's behavior for quite a while, but the moment she started to say "No" and/or actually put her foot down, that was when Jared suddenly started complaining that she 'made him anxious'.

No. 829713

you have to change sometimes in life or would you like to still be a primitive life-form living in an ocean saying "change bad"
Heidi changed is all

No. 829719

All the dudebros screaming “but…but….Heidi is the one who wanted to try poly!” bit need to understand that just because a person said something at one point doesn’t mean they can’t change their mind later.

Most of us believed in Santa Clause being real as kids too - and look at that, we’ve all managed to change our minds…

No. 829723

splendid thread, OP

No. 829729

Yup, this is the crowd who does not get consent at all, wholesale. They don't get how being pressured into something changes things (and worrying that your husband is about to check out of your marriage and is unwilling to fix things while he's chasing other people is pressure), and that if you consent to X with someone, it isn't a season pass for them to go wild in perpetuity.

I guess we ought to be glad no one's fucking them, at least, no reason to worry about them not understanding withdrawal or denial of consent there…

I also find it real interesting that Heidi is put to fault for "reacting emotionally" like that's unreasonable in her circumstances lol

She may not be perfect, but let's be real, she didn't fuck up his car or throw his shit out on to the front lawn and sell his dog just to vent her emotions. Holly, meanwhile… now there's an irrational, over-emotional, unthinking basic-ass bitch for ya.

No. 829739


>She may not be perfect, but let's be real, she didn't fuck up his car or throw his shit out on to the front lawn and sell his dog just to vent her emotions.

"B-bUt ShE STOLE HiS gOlD pLaY bUtToN!!1!"

No. 829740

It's going to be interesting when Jared tries to break up with Holly.

No. 829744

He probably already did, which is why she's full meltiemode.

No. 829745

I have a feeling he doesn't entirely approve of what she's doing now anyway.

No. 829762

It’s going to be interesting when she finally figures out that he already has.

No. 829765

It looks more like he's ghosting her with no concrete breakup and she's getting desperate.

No. 829766

I can already hear the "he would NEVER break it off from me if Heidi hadn't gone public!" line from Holly.

As if he wouldn't have seen her level of crazy at some point anyway

No. 829769

Holly, since I know you’re reading this:

Leave Jared and learn to love yourself as your own whole person. There is no way a relationship with Jared will work out; he’s not truthful to you, he’s not worth it, and there is no way a healthy relationship will come out of all the drama that your relationship together was founded on. It’s too far gone. Please, for your own sake, learn to love yourself and your own company. Don’t depend on Jared, don’t depend on Twitter, depend on yourself for your own happiness.

No. 829770

People are saying Jared's gonna dump her or that she should leave him but the thing is, I don't think they ever officially got together. Sure they fucked around and destroyed their marriages but it doesn't seem like it ever went from being an affair to being a relationship.

No. 829771


Anon, I really don't think Holly is concerned about a healthy relationship, considering she has admitted to reading through the negative posts on twitter as a form of self harm.

Any sense of "healthy" went out the window months ago

No. 829772

This, sadly. All Holly cares about is getting her way and being right. She's completely infatuated with him for god knows why and she can't be reasoned with.

B-but anon, he had feelings for her! Of course they're together!!

No. 829774

lol @ her ever believing that he had feelings for her. his DICK had feelings for her, like how it had feelings for dozens if not hundreds of his fans who sent him nudes, at the same time it was inside Holly

No. 829775

To my lovely anons above: I know :( I don’t like Holly and think she perpetually self-victimizes and seeks attention, but part of me still feels bad for her for being so fucked up. I just wish the events over the past two months were a lesson for her, but I know In reality they’re not.(:()

No. 829776

File: 1561938277620.jpg (207.86 KB, 1398x464, SmartSelect_20190630-194229_Tw…)

I've seen a bunch of comments on twitter in the last week from people saying as soon as Holly blocked them, so did Jared. I don't think he's done with her yet.

No. 829777

Tinfoil: Holly has control over Jared's social media.

No. 829778

Honestly, maybe. All the blocks took place at the exact same time when Jared wasn't even tagged.

No. 829780


I stopped feeling sad for her "being so fucked up" when she thought it was okay to turn around victimize Heidi using the same line of thought ("She's got BPD - She's unfixable! She's crazy!")


That's definitely Holly's M.O. - A lot of people shared their experiences with abuse and Holly would pop up to call them out when she wasn't even mentioned in the thread by name.

No. 829783

I felt like this until she said her thing about how "multiple therapists have said Heidi is unfixable."
It was disgusting and harmful. Either Holly was lying, Jared was lying to Holly, or the multiple therapists she was talking about are not credible because no therapist would ever say that about a patient (to the patient, to family, to anyone.) and therefore their opinion on Heidi can't be trusted.
And her apology for it basically amounted to "I personally don't think anyone is unfixable" which was not clearing up that the statement was hateful vindictive ableist bullshit in the first place.

And then the Etika stuff was just the gross icing on the rotten cake.

No. 829784

He would have to be closely following every argument she gets into to be blocking so fast, and tbh he doesn't seem like the type to read all the shitstorm that's been going on.

But then again, who knows, maybe he's watching to make sure holly doesn't say something that incriminates him further (legally speaking)

No. 829785

The unfixable line really did it for me. There’s no way she can walk that back. People aren’t unfixable, Holly, it’s whether they chose to seek help or wallow in their issues (or if help isn’t available to them, like Etika). No one is unfixable, even you. According to Heidi, she has gotten help and counseling, and I feel like she’s gonna rise above this and become an even better person. Meanwhile, Holly, it’s you who chooses to use your mental illnesses for sympathy and a placeholder for actual personality rather than get the help that is so accessible to you, just because you don’t want to face your faults, and you want to keep blaming your illnesses for your shitty actions.

No. 829791

B-But anons, their characters are together so they must be together too!

I think this too. Holly probably told Jared that she can monitor his twitter so he doesn't have to see the hate. Jared doesn't seem to be the type to go all militant on his Twitter like Holly's crazy ass does.

No. 829793


Or the Holly Squad populated a block list that Holly and Jared automatically loaded

No. 829794

That is a strong possibility but, I don't think everyone has been blocked.

No. 829796

It's disgusting that she was giving out advice to vulnerable people when she had such a broken view of mental health all along. What other bad takes has she been passing off?

No. 829798

Oddly enough, I got blocked by Jared but not Holly, and had only ever tweeted at Holly. So either she's got control of his media and she just forgot to block on both accounts, or he's watching all the drama himself. As pointed out, he's still deleting posts according to socialblade so he's not gone completely offline.

No. 829799

I stopped feeling bad for her when she defended PedoJared and said Heidi was unfixable.

No. 829807

or is Holly the one deleting his posts? that seems more likely, if she does have access to his account. deleting every interaction he ever had with any other woman/girl.

No. 829818


If Holly had access to Jared's account, she'd tweet about how much he totally loves her and no one else

No. 829821

I was looking through his Twitter the other day and all the articles he's linked or tweets about him from other users are all ”unavailable”.

Part of me wonders if those dead links are being deleted, or if he's just deleting Heidi mentions.

No. 829836

Nah, she doesn't even do that on her own account.

No. 829837

Nah, she'd be vaguetweeting about abuse and posting helplines / info websites / etc to maintain that narrative.

No. 829843

Nah, I think if she does have access to his twitter, then he probably told her she's not allowed to do anything but block people, and she's so dickmatized she'll do anything he says. Her pretending to be Jared on his twitter is a terrible idea anyway, as it could get him in real trouble legally.

He's definitely using her to deflect negative attention, which is why no one is telling her to stop being such a fucking disaster online. My bets are on him biding his time to see which way the public perception sways, and if he gets desperate he will use Holly as a scapegoat - "She fed me all this abuse stuff that I believed to manipulate me!" - as a last ditch effort to get back in people's good graces again.

No. 829846

Extra tinfoil. Jared once signed into his Twitter using Holly's phone and she saved the login info without his knowing.

No. 829853

I just read through Jared's last Twitter post again. The one where he tries to blame Heidi and say she abused him. I noticed he used Holly's favorite word: vindictive. I bet she sat next to him and coached him what to write. Kek.

No. 829856

>>>"B-bUt ShE STOLE HiS gOlD pLaY bUtToN!!1!"

What I love is that Heidi said she didn't take the gold play button because she couldn't find it, and now Holly says she did steal it. I'm guessing Holly's "proof" that Heidi stole it is Jared also can't find it. All that proves is it's missing, which is what Heidi said in the first place!

No. 829860

I don't understand the hangup about the stupid fucking button when he doesn't even have a million subs anymore. lmao.

No. 829863

It's not actually about the gold play button. It's about her retarded puppets but she knows people will sympathize less with Heidi stealing the puppets her husband's mistress made for him.

No. 829866

>>829843 "as it could get him in real trouble legally"

Dude solicited pictures from fans online with no real way to know if they were being honest about being legal or not. He clearly thinks with his junk and not his brain when it comes to women/getting his.


My money is on Jared pitching them to maintain some semblance of "Let's save our marriage!" to Heidi and Holly is just assuming it was Heidi being vindictive

No. 829870

Sure, but tweeting doesn't have anything to do with trolling for pussy. That, and I'm sure his lawyer told him to keep his mouth shut for awhile.

No. 829872

Extra EXTRA tinfoil: JARED is the one using both social media accounts and the "i saw a therapist call her unfixable" bit was bexause he was the one writing it lmaoo

No. 829876

Someone said earlier which I thought the same thing is that Jared could have thrown the puppets away himself and told Holly that it was Heidi.

No. 829885

lol Holly seems WAY too much of a control freak to let him take over her Twitter. If anything, he's probably just collaborating with her on ways to "prove the haters wrong" and sitting near her as she spergs out.

also him saying shit like "my mother verbally and sexually abused me as a child and that's why I'm so uwu damaged and innocent" is taking impersonation too far. plus the entirety of her taking advantage of poor Etika. that has Holly written all over it.

Unless he's going for double character assassination with his wife AND Holly, but I think he genuinely doesn't care about Holly enough to try to ruin her reputation so completely. It's so much more likely that he's just gonna drop her once the risks of her instability outweigh the convenience of her puss.

No. 829888

Even if Heidi took them herself and threw them away, I applaud her. I would have burned them and sent Holly the ashes.

No. 829891

Really? I'd even throw the ashes somewhere where holly would never ever see them again.

No. 829893

If it was the photo of the puppets that was shown two threads ago, then those puppets were hella ugly so my bet is that Jared got rid of them.

She would have good reason to as well. What kind of doormat wife would ever allow that? Holly seems to think that wives should just let their husbands do whatever the fuck they want while they stay at home and cry about it.

No. 829896

I can pretty much guarantee that Holly would flip her shit if Jared pulled the same stunts on her that she expected Heidi to just deal with

No. 829897


She is a grown adult in her 30s who has a following from her mental health advocacy podcasts. She did not fall into this unwillingly.

No. 829922

On phone so no screenshots. But apparently hollys fans have taken to linking that stupid Tumblr in every post Heidi makes on Twitter now.

No. 829931

That TrueAfricanHero guy is a complete dumbass. I never see anyone post that link who can then present a good case for why it's the truth and not just a shitty opinion piece.

No. 829932

File: 1561974698398.jpg (259.4 KB, 1254x1404, true-heroes.jpg)

gotchu fam
i think these idiots have taken heidi's "trying to see how much mileage you have" as a personal challenge lol

No. 829933

File: 1561974798272.png (330.21 KB, 1256x1318, x nightcore uwu.png)

so someone's been lurking, check out the shiny new display picture

No. 829934

File: 1561974999664.png (176.3 KB, 1166x594, Screenshot 2019-07-01 at 3.25.…)

her timeline is a marvel of human thought lmfao. jimmies have certainly been rustled

No. 829935

>i can say whatever i want because i'm 14
>don't you talk shit to me motherfucker i'm 14

No. 829937

What kind of logic… of course the 'one thing' someone would choose to defend is the passion their education, career, hobbies, online presence etc is related to. And it's not like she got real mad about it, just stated facts for an easy win.

No. 829943

File: 1561976362446.jpg (353.21 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190701_111910.jpg)

No. 829945

have to wonder why she's deleted 19 tweets in 3 days though.

Also something I don't recall seeing discussed here (and if it has been I apologise for not noticing) but GG were mass deleting Projared content a month before all this went down.
It seems too coincidental to not be related https://reddit.app.link/8zAaGuiWXX

No. 829947

I thought what happened was that Jared never got it in the first place since he had pretty recently broken 1M and he hadn't yet applied to receive it

No. 829949

I remember reading that, too. It would be hilarious if true because Holly insists it was definitely stolen. She knows Heidi stole it. She seent it!

No. 829950

Nah, she's gone full nuclear on her own account, if she had control over Jared's she'd have posted at least a couple tweets through his account that she thinks makes the two of them look right. His silence proves she doesn't have his login info.

No. 829951

I hope she has the shame of marrying a pedo in her future.

No. 829952

Or she's so dickmatized she bases all her talking points on whatever her beautiful can-do-no-wrong soulmate says

No. 829953

>Holly seems to think that wives should just let their husbands do whatever the fuck they want while they stay at home and cry about it.
I mean, that's not what happened with her husband, is it? If she believes that it clearly excludes her because she's speshul

No. 829954

This is fucking hilarious

No. 829956

File: 1561978534200.png (65.48 KB, 953x351, Capture d’écran 2019-07-01 à…)

Here's a cap since this is an image board. I'm pretty sure they did this either after Chai and Charlie contacted them about Jared's misconduct or when Jared discreetly started the process of stepping down from Normal Boots.

No. 829957

She's been on Twitter since she was like 9 years old, fucking disgusting.

No. 829959

you just straight murdered me anon lmfao

no wonder she's perfectly happy with the internet running on some stupid "honor system no need to prove ur age uwu"

No. 829961

She thinks people should just step aside and give her what she wants cause she's ~damaged~

No. 829966

Kinda off topic but I'm curious if Ross drawing his sexy monster girl characters ever made Holly jealous.

No. 829967


Pretty sure she's the author of the TRUTH tumblr page, or at the very least was one of the first to start pushing it. Might even be a Holly sockpuppet who knows

No. 829968

Twitter came down on her ass for some rule-breaking tweets and you have to delete those to be allowed back into your account.

No. 829974

He didn't start seriously drawing them until he and Holly separated.
So I do wonder if he felt guilty about them (read as made to feel guilty by Holly)

No. 829975

Since they're sexualized/"idealized" (big boobs/hips, small waist) I'm sure Holly had a major complex about them. She probably thought she was literally competing with fictional doodles even though Ross seemed pretty supportive and affectionate right up to the end.

Tinfoil but I kind of wonder if Holly became "ace" because she was intimidated sexy. A lot of women think Ross is extremely attractive. Maybe she was more comfortable banging Jared because he's more on par with her in terms of appearance.

No. 829979

I don't know about that, her face is weird but her body isn't ugly, she actually has a nice waist to hip ratio even though anons have called her fat for having a round face. Though I suppose she still could be insecure about it. And Ross himself is cute but he's no chad.

No. 829980

That tard CupcakeValkyrie is the author. Her Reddit account is incredibly embarrassing. One look at the stupid shit theories she posts on ProJared2 and you can tell she has never been in a relationship or had a real friend in her life.

No. 829982

File: 1561984638161.png (12 KB, 603x146, kanye.png)

No. 829984

ugh, poor Heidi. She's seriously just trying to move on but these asshats keep harassing her. the truth is already out there. Heidi didn't cheat or solicit minors. Jared did

No. 829985

i feel like being/feeling sexy has everything in the world to do with confidence and not as much to do with someone's actual looks, which is why actual hambeasts end up becoming popular instathots and someone with a normal enough body like holly feels they have to hide under fifty layers
i don't really think she was intimidated by 2D images but by god the keks will be had if she was. she definitely comes off as the type who'd throw shade at pretty chicks or stop her husband from talking to other women if they look better than her though lmao, wonder how she got on with DCA with Anna prosser right alongside her in every single video

any interesting caps?

No. 829989

File: 1561985688705.png (242.38 KB, 1162x1216, jesus christ.png)

nevermind, found some. this bitch is bats

No. 829993

The messages are all harmless interactions between two female friends btw. I feel like one look at this person's Reddit would make any sane person discredit anything she has to say on Tumblr.

No. 829999

umm, you must be absolutely blind anon if you think someone saying "hey your attention to detail is amazing!" or "let's meet for drinks sometimes" does not mean they want to fuck the other person into next year.
this is just like holly to have other friendless, socially inept incel females defend her to the point of demonizing simple routine interaction lmao

No. 830006

30 year old bitches like to play the “you can’t talk shit to me because I’m 14” on other websites as well. Nobody tell them their avatars say otherwise.

No. 830012

Is this the 14 year old "friend" Holly was talking about? Lmao this sweet summer child doesn't realize that this only makes Holly look worse for coaching/mentally grooming her underage fans.

She certainly looks 30 but it's probably a stolen picture, "cassandra" types an awful lot like the men on kf.

No. 830024


I like that this "kid" acts like Heidi is personally acknowledging her at all and that it is all her doing that people are calling her out for being a dumbass.

This whole "I did it to see if the stories were true" reeks of Holly's "I'm doing this for research" line of thought

No. 830026

>coaching/mentally grooming her underage fans

Ah, no wonder her and Jared get along.

No. 830030

And yet the Holly stans keep claiming that Heidi doesn't get harassed, only their sad uwu birb mom. I'm sure they excuse it because they're just telling the truth, so it can't be harassment! Well, calling Holly a butter faced homewrecker side ho pedo apologist is the truth too.

No. 830036

It does come across as a shitty fake; omitting commas from words and putting them unnecessarily into others is a rookie mistake for pretending to have bad grammar and some of the mistakes that "she" makes are corrected in early childhood, yet she knows to use a comma after 'Well' despite fucking up almost all other punctuation. Shameful display

No. 830040

Looks like Holly unprotected her twitter.

No. 830041

She's getting ready for her next attention-seeking ploy

No. 830044

They should've followed up by asking to read their fanfiction. Cause clearly this psycho has some.

No. 830045

She only does that to scream at someone and make sure everyone can see her TRUTH

She's like Onision, but a coward. And that says something.

No. 830046


She deleted weeks worth of bullying tweets so that she could claim she "only said one thing". It was a LOT

No. 830047

She couldn't even handle a week without attention. Can't wait to see how she melts down next.

No. 830050

So holly blocked me on Twitter and I’ve never directly @ her but the weird thing is I think the only reason she blocked me is because one of the things i had said has been getting more attention and likes

No. 830054

File: 1562000486875.jpg (383.6 KB, 1076x1535, PSX_20190701_095211.jpg)

God I almost forgot what a void of personality Holly is. Also had a real laugh at this
>Through the fire and pain and all those who stand in the way, blah blah blah true love wins in the end
>Those who stand in the way
No wonder Holly retreated into her safespace, her die hard followers are as devoid of empathy and brain cells as Holly herself. Heidi wasn't just some "meanie" standing in the way of "true love". She was a person who Loved someone and made a commitment to them but was abused and gaslighted for months, if not years. The fans (both the underage and not) were not just "evil" standing in the way, they where exploited and manipulated by a "famous" internet personality whom they placed their trust in.

No. 830058

Imagine thinking that quote was about Holly, and not the characters depicted in the fanart

No. 830059

Imagine thinking Holly knows the difference between her/Jared and their characters she made the puppets for.

No. 830060

>though all who stand in the way
>love will always prevail
cmon. it's clearly referring to all the drama happening right now. in fact it doesnt directly refer to their characters at all. and even if it was, it'd still be a really awkward thing to say. holly obsessing over it is DEFINITELY indicative that she thinks it's referring to their real life relationship

No. 830062

This references the story of the characters in DCA who fought and bled and eventually found love. Sure there's a parallel, but just because there is one that doesn't mean the original poster intended that.

You can speculate on Holly's interpretation all you want, but it's not like you have anything other than your opinion of her to go off of.

No. 830063

I’m not familiar with their previous work, so maybe one of you all can help me:

What’s with the “uwu pigeon mom” shit? They’re literally just fucking birds and Holly has somehow made them into her entire identity like that bird lady in the Home Alone movie

No. 830064

Holly literally says she's Strix so yes, it is about her.

No. 830065

i have every thing and way she's said and acted over the past month or so to go off of. and why would the person who posted even think to post something like that if they weren't supportive of tapeworm and holly's irl relationship? you do know that being in a DnD campaign involves being together irl, right? probably not great to put a serial cheater and his side ho together like that unless you wanted them together

No. 830066

NTA, but given that this was posted June 21st, long after the affair went public and DCA went on permanent hiatus, and the fact this person tagged both Jared and Holly, it seems clear they're trying to say that what Diath and Strix went through in the game for twue wuv is what Holly and Jared are going through now.

No. 830067

File: 1562001948020.jpg (8.3 KB, 236x236, 1558745123821.jpg)

> the characters in DCA who fought and bled and eventually found love.

No. 830073

She's all about them birds, probably an apt comparison. It's not really that different from people who claim to be dog moms. Annoying but ultimately harmless

No. 830079

This is the only thing I don’t hate about her. She rescues pigeons.

No. 830085

I can't take ss rn but Heidi is seriously going off on Twitter currently.

No. 830087

File: 1562004759975.png (67.11 KB, 625x572, this will be my last oof.PNG)

I gotcha, anon

No. 830088

File: 1562004771083.png (15.86 KB, 572x175, Screenshot_24.png)

"Cheating is a part of relationships"

I pity the partners of any Holly WK's at this point if they honestly believe the shit they're spewing.

No. 830089

File: 1562004793212.png (18.88 KB, 582x165, weeeeew there it is lol.PNG)

No. 830091


I don't honestly know how Holly can't see how she wasn't being manipulative and abusive herself towards Jared (not that he gets any sympathy from me) for constantly trying to make him think he was being abused.

It's no different than those crazy people who try to convince and coach kids into telling false stories of abuse.

No. 830092

>goes after someone and calls them insecure and a "thot"
>"W-Why are people being mean to meeeee?? I'm just 14!!"
"I'm 14" is the new "I'm sorry, I'm mentally ill".
Which, by the way, I doubt. Otherwise, judging by the profile pic, it'd be a very rough 14.

No. 830093


Sage for sheer technical idiocy, but how did you get her tweets all in a row like that?

Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate you grabbing them but I’d like to add them in the dark mode theme because pink on white is a bit much.

No. 830094

God damn, Holly's WKs should be put on some kind of watch-list.
This weirdo, Denica, & Dan "I've consulted with the discord & we've come to the conclusion that Heidi is 100% lying" Pirro seem like the kinda of people who should never be released into public. They're beyond creepy.

No. 830095


That's just how threads come across on twitter - like when someone directly replies to a tweet and creates the chain

No. 830096

I feel bad she is outing that Ross was abused but at the same time, Holly needs to be exposed. She is despicable.

No. 830097


She's actually not, though - as if it was Ross, she probably would've just said that (since people will try to draw connections anyway). As it is, it comes across like a random past partner who isn't involved with this shit show.

No. 830098

I just clicked on the first tweet on my timeline on desktop. Sorry the pastel theme is so hard to read, I kinda forget cause my eyes are used to it

No. 830099


Again, Holly was a cosplayer too, Cassandra.

No. 830100

No worries anon.

I’ll refrain from spamming a dozen images since I can apparently only get one Heidi per ss

No. 830101

Isn't Cupcake a male troon anyway?

No. 830102


See, it's this shit that makes me doubt this being a legit 14 year old. How many 14 year olds do y'all know that run around saying shit like "belittle"??

No. 830103

File: 1562005521351.jpeg (361.89 KB, 750x885, B76A6A2F-FFBF-49F9-9B14-D2948C…)

I can’t blame Heidi for exploding after ignoring all these for the last month. I hope she steps away from the internet and takes care of herself when she’s finished saying her piece.

No. 830104


Heidi has BEEN taking care of herself - working on her new place, taking care of Aries, going and planning on going to various conventions. Her talk of this thing has been minimal.

It's been Holly that can't seem to avoid bringing it up once every five minutes.

No. 830105

File: 1562005617612.png (44.63 KB, 576x376, HeidiTweet1.png)

>"I don't think it's intentional"

Oh yeah, Heidi is definitely abusive! Just look at how she… says that Holly… probably doesn't intend to cause others pain?…

No. 830106

File: 1562005681055.jpeg (438.36 KB, 750x946, BBBB1423-1A78-49F1-B8F6-6518B0…)

>I don’t think it’s intentional.

I do. Holly has already admitted that she seeks this out as her uwu form of self harm.

No. 830107

File: 1562005883259.png (271.26 KB, 596x712, HeidisDressReee.png)

At this point, how can ANYONE see Heidi as 'evil & vindictive'?

Look at this shit.

No. 830108

I'm legit furious. How the fuck could anyone defend Holly.

This just sounds like admittance of Holly to abusing Ross (which is believable)

No. 830111

File: 1562006146803.png (31.83 KB, 580x252, HeidiTweets3.png)

When "Evil THOT bitch ex-wife" is a million times more relatable than the "Mental Health (uwu) Advocate"

No. 830112

If on browser, you click the time stamp. I assume same for mobile browser.
In app you just click the tweet and it will show the whole chain.

If there's multiple replies it can get kind of confusing and messy, but you get used to it. I use the official app, I dunno how it goes on others.

No. 830114

I'm pretty sure Holly or Denica has a blockbot going for things like this

No. 830115

Holly stans will use Heidi's strength against her. Heidi didn't threaten to kill herself so she is obviously a heartless bitch!!!

No. 830119

I'm on mobile rn so no ss but Holly's twitter is unlocked again

No. 830122

No. 830123

That's against the twitter TOS unless she deletes every tweet she made before she turned 13. Twitter is really strict about it.

No. 830125


Yes I hate when people use the suicide/self-harm as a way to show their hurting is more legitimate than somebody elses.

Just because someone doesn't have mental health issues and doesn't just jump straight to "i cant handle this i feel suicidal" doesn't mean their hurt isn't incomparable.

No. 830127


I agree. I deal with anxiety-related mental illness and would never dream of using the "I'm sorry, I'm mentally ill" as a way of getting people off of my back when I fuck up.

I don't know what therapist Holly is going to, but she needs to fire him immediately - No mental health professional worth their weight would ever condone making ones self into a victim the way she does.

No. 830128

Holly & her stans LOVE that Ross has chosen to stay out of it. I have a feeling they KNOW that if he were to say anything, it'd be over for Holly.

No. 830131


Found a massive thread, again, no screens because >phone

No. 830132

File: 1562008986607.png (43.94 KB, 592x368, Hollytweet-1.png)


Honestly, the only way that Holly can redeem herself is to come clean.

No. 830133

His silence is pretty deafening imo. Holly stans like to pretend Ross is staying out of it because he'll be harassed by Heidi stans. They fail to realize most of the harassment and hate Holly is getting is from Grump/Ross fans. If Ross came out and defended Holly he would have initially faced very little backlash. It's too late for him to defend her now though. She's made a complete fool of herself and been too insensitive. She also most likely abused him so good for him to escaping.

No. 830134

"This was a really dumb statement I made in a panic when all this started"

No one is going to believe Holly at this point if they don't already. Your (you being Holly) off-the-cuff statements say more about you than the statements that you make, having had time to think it over and plan the best way to phrase it that will make you look like the uwu good wounded party in all of this.

No. 830135


Heidi and Ross are making the smart moves - moving on with their lives and projects and not focusing on the shitshow that is Holly at this point.

She keeps saying she doesn't know how to get people to move on, but the solution is simple, Holly: Shut the fuck up about "omg they're so mean to meeeee" and move on. Post about upcoming projects or things you are doing that do NOT revolve around defending an adulterous pedophile who abused his fame the way he did.

No. 830136

Once again Holly showing she is a hypocrite who is able to walk back on statements but god forbid Heidi say something when she is emotional.

No. 830137


Yeah, her apologies don't mean shit when she exhibits the same -dare I say- abusive patterns time and time again


Step 1: Say something stupid, wrong, or inflammatory

Step 2: Get called out for it

Step 3: Block people calling you out

Step 4: Temporarily lock down your twitter

Step 5: Come back and issue an apology

Step 6: Rinse and Repeat

No. 830139

File: 1562009743161.png (45.51 KB, 576x464, RepliesToHeidi.png)

Holly never shuts up about the situation, but the very moment Heidi actually addresses it people come right out of the woodwork telling her she's 'obsessed' wtf

No. 830140

The worst part anon is that she defends her shitty statements to death, argues then starts blocking.

Oh and she doesn't come back with an apology. She comes back with excuses and passive aggressiveness.

No. 830141

She's just a rich spoiled brat.

No. 830142

>our assholes


No. 830143

File: 1562010108610.png (15.52 KB, 588x148, polyamoryBAD.png)

>"trying a polyamorous relationship is beyond effed up"

Oh you poor, sheltered, child…

>"you all are effin childish for dragging this to social media"

Couldn't have done it without Jared!

>"so stop complaining already"

This is the first time she's brought it up in about a month, wtf?

No. 830144

Has anyone else noticed that tonnes of the Holly defenders are Vicfags who don't seem to even be into D&D, and enjoy jumping all over Heidi cause of her association to Jessie Pridemore? It's pathetic that these guys will take any opportunity to attack a woman who has allegedly suffered abuse because "muh false accusations ruin men's lives!!1"

No. 830146


I almost ripped that dude a new asshole when I saw his tweet earlier. Like, I'm sorry that Heidi tried to create a healthy poly dynamic and revoked her consent when she realized that Jared was unwilling to respect the very basic ground rules she had set forth.

Also, very sorry that Heidi had to defend herself because your lord and savior, Sir PedoDouche, went and made a public statement and blocked her she should couldn't respond privately. What a bitch /s

No. 830147

Honestly it's good for milk, but bad for Heidi talking about this on social media. It just gets the Holly stans up in arms and makes the topic fresher.

No. 830148


Even if Heidi didn't talk about it, she'd still have hordes of people attacking her on Holly's behalf.

If people are okay with Holly bringing it up every .5 seconds, they need to extend the same courtesy to Heidi.

No. 830149

Almost all of her statements about the situation have been like this: fumbling, emotionally-charged ones that make her look worse.
She's really pitched herself off a cliff with this behavior, particularly in siding with Jared, but she could save herself further trouble by just stopping, getting herself off the internet for a long time and letting interest die off. Go become a barista again, focus on getting therapy and not flipping out and "self-harming" through poring over Twitter for negative subtweets.
Of course, the milk is phenomenal as long as she continues digging herself deeper.

No. 830150


She doesn't even have to log off of twitter or stop reading negative comments. She just needs to gather enough self control to not launch tirades and woe-is-me pity parties with every negative comment she views.

No. 830151

Can't post ss right now and this is old, but:


>Just make sure you roast with kindness. No one deserves what I’ve been through. No Heidi, not those defending her, no one.

>roast with kindness
>no one deserves what I've been through


At this point the victim complex really is terminal, eh?

No. 830152

True, I think Holly bringing it up is stupid so I think the same of Heidi. Although I get that she's sick of Holly controlling the narrative, or at least it seems that way when you're choosing to move past something. Look at poor Ross, who is painted as a cuck without a word to defend that. I'm sure most men would go insane at that idea. I know Ross has less to do with the situation and is more capable of staying silent. Anyways, Heidi did drop that Jared was at least upset about the break up and leading both women on while thinking he was being manipulated. Also, that Jared had said Holly knew she abused Ross. Holly can't resist hitting back at that. Prepare yourselves, anons.

No. 830153

LOL indeed

Poor, poor little rich white girl has just suffered. so. much.

It's been real rough on her. No one understands how difficult it was to just, like, trip and fall on her friend's husband's worm dick like that. And then lie about it. And then defend him and demonize his wife publically. And then make a young black man's suicide all about herself. Holly Conrad sure has won the misery olympics and no mistake.

No. 830154


"Prepare yourselves, anons."

Short of an actual, legitimate apology and admission from Holly, nothing she does could surprise us at this point.

No. 830155

File: 1562010752329.png (45.8 KB, 584x428, abuse.png)

No. 830159

I'm not sure it was a coincidence that Heidi started talking about it again right when Holly unprivated her account.

No. 830160

File: 1562010960018.jpg (467.22 KB, 1440x1433, Screenshot_20190701-155501.jpg)

No. 830163

Ok so does this stream exist now?

No. 830165


>"They both said she used to be abusive."

Now, Holly calls Heidi 'abusive' to insinuate that she's horrible unforgivable & "un-fixable". What's the truth, Holly? Does abusive=fixable? or should someone who was abusive NEVER be forgiven?

This just makes Jared look like a douchebag who manipulates others with crocodile tears. He told Holly one thing, while telling Heidi another.

No. 830166


Not really - Holly's fans that hadn't thought to follow her before she went private all went batshit and started harassing Heidi in their bird queen's absence. Heidi snapped after like 3-5 days of continuous hate.

It just happened to coincide with Holly realizing that she was going to get hate regardless of if she was privated or not.

No. 830167

Doubtful. Along with the tweets that disappeared while she was supposedly in the mental hospital, people reported she deleted some of her YT videos, especially the Mental Health Monday ones.

No. 830168


"This just makes Jared look like a douchebag who manipulates others with crocodile tears"

So he and Holly are perfect for each other.

No. 830170

TBF that is such a classic cheating husband tactic it's laughable. Like "no no no, she means nothing to me, just a crazy bitch, baby you're the only one who gets me and I am soooooooo tortured, oh poor poor me" is such a huge cliche it's probably visible from orbit.

No. 830172

Exactly. According to Holly, he once called her "crying under his desk" He's playing them both, & if either of them asked you bet he'd deny it immediately.

No. 830173

File: 1562011645112.png (16.73 KB, 564x169, Screenshot_25.png)

One of Holly's liked posts

I can smell the irony from here….

No. 830174

Vic has been rumored to be pervert at conventions for over 10 years. I remember the first anime convention I went to had whispers about this guy. I'm shocked people stand by him but of course they'd be the same people who stand by Jared and Holly.

No. 830175

LOL that is 100% pure concentrated cringe from the user handle to the screen name and the dripping bleeding heart bs asslicking. What a gem.

No. 830176

No. 830178

File: 1562012111690.png (18.55 KB, 579x142, Screenshot_26.png)

You'd think she'd eventually realize the irony in some of the posts she's been liking

No. 830179

File: 1562012180037.jpg (171.06 KB, 564x607, heidi-vic.jpg)

I saw someone on reddit call her a "Vic accuser", so I looked up what Heidi said that made them so mad, and she doesn't even accuse him of anything personally. Just confirms that he had a sleazy rep going back years.

No. 830180

No but you guise accusations ruin menz livezzz!! And wimmen and girls just lie!!! known fact! /s

No. 830183

File: 1562012765384.png (28.74 KB, 599x275, Screenshot_27.png)

Heidi is 110% done with Holly's "BE POSITIVE" bullshit.

No. 830185

Heidi has been taking this abuse from both sides in stride and honestly, i'd be fed up as well. Jared going to AKON and Holly still talking shit must have been the final straw.

No. 830186

File: 1562013144430.png (32.93 KB, 596x294, narc-tactics.png)

I like this response because it's true.
You know he throws Holly under the bus when given the chance.

No. 830189


Oh, he absolutely does. If someone is willing to throw their wife that they swore to honor and cherish and blah blah blah under the bus, they aren't going to hesitate to do the same (or worse) to their side piece when they grow bored

No. 830190

File: 1562013696129.png (59.24 KB, 580x544, HeidiTweet2.png)

No. 830192


Heidi isn't wrong with that last part. Holly was pushing the idea of "THIS IS ABUSE" on Jared from the jump (again, he isn't getting a free pass from me here).

if you beat someone over the head with something for long enough, they'll eventually snap and say "Fine, fuck it - you're right"

No. 830193

File: 1562014044075.png (13.13 KB, 364x108, Screenshot_28.png)

Dan Dan "The Man" Pirro apparently doesn't understand that constantly telling someone that they are abused when they say they aren't is manipulation.

No. 830194

>"I literally said one thing to see if the storys about Heidis short temper were true and man…"

So you were baiting/harassing her? Good job, idiot.

No. 830200

File: 1562014526933.png (412.81 KB, 963x284, Screenshot_29.png)

I'm waiting for Holly's inevitable claims that Heidi's stalking her now since they happened to reblog the same post

No. 830201

File: 1562014716518.png (27.91 KB, 584x264, Danwut.png)

>"she pushed them together in the first place "

No. 830202

We're now living in a world where "Hey, you can have sex with Holly as long as you follow the rules since you're attracted to her" is now 'pushing them together'.

No. 830203


…Forgot to add, the whole "pushing them together" theory must be popular among the members of Dan's 'totally objective' Discord server

No. 830205


If by "totally objective", you actually mean "totally batshit" then yes.

No. 830206

File: 1562015082469.png (76.61 KB, 544x752, truthjh.png)


According to Heidi, what this person is saying is accurate. And of course Dan considers this answer 'unacceptable'

No. 830207

I'm not very familiar with the dynamics of GG/Ross as until this recent drama I only skimmed the threads on occasion, so pardon my ignorance. Buuut:

Is it possible part of Ross's silence comes from a contractual or professional obligation to not discuss drama while affiliated with GG to maintain the business image? Since involved parties did have some relevance to GG and they've all wisely kept their mouths shut/tried to quietly delete projared videos before hand…?

No. 830208

Christ on a cracker, this Dan Pirro dude is a riot. Dude just does not understand boundaries or consent at all, huh

Also he's invested as fuck in getting a "gotcha" out of Heidi. Like it's obsessive and insane at this juncture. Has he run out of handcream in his parents' garage or something?

No. 830210

File: 1562015395224.png (29.58 KB, 588x272, danshutup.png)

Dan, if you want answers, then shut the fuck up & listen. Stop piling your narrative onto them.

>Also he's invested as fuck in getting a "gotcha" out of Heidi.

Yeah, he's more obsessed with theatrics than he is with actually finding 'the truth'

No. 830212

File: 1562015564836.png (41.26 KB, 610x371, Screenshot_30.png)

Holly's WK can't even come up with a coherent argument anymore

No. 830214

Maybe, but I feel like he’s just one of those people who distances themselves when they get upset

I always keep in mind these are nerd/gamer types and probably introverted so when they are quieter or more withdrawn I don't find it odd

No. 830217

File: 1562015698380.png (46.7 KB, 596x388, shutupdan1.png)


>"cuz the date wasnt hollys idea"

Oh my god, stop acting like Heidi cornered Holly & told her "You WILL fuck my husband!"

No. 830218

>Pushed him

They went on a walk and didn't reply to her, they stonewalled her when she extended herself into a vulnerable position and honestly I wonder if the Poly thing would have worked out if Jared and Holly had communicated with Heidi more

No. 830219


I doubt it. Holly very much strikes me as the type that would "accidentally" get knocked up and then try to con the dude into divorcing his wife and marrying her instead.

No. 830220

Yea, I think it would have worked fine if Jared didn't gaslight and stonewall his wife. He was getting his way, after all, no need to push her away but dude could not get over the low low bar Heidi set for them. What a fuckwit.

No. 830221

Thank you for the screencaps anon, but you should be thrown in jail for having a pink text on a white bg

No. 830222

File: 1562015948092.png (31.6 KB, 579x96, Screenshot_31.png)

I'd by lying if I said I didn't immediately think "Oh, look at that - One more happy home that Holly got too close to and pissed off. A sweet innocent male and mean ole' wifey? Hmm…."

No. 830225

Holly Conrad just can not leave other couples alone even if it's her own fucking pigeons lol

Notice how she's described as "so mean" when Holly is literally upsetting a small birb by being too pushy and not keeping a healthy distance kek

Oh, if only she had a shred of self-awareness…

No. 830227


How ironic

No. 830228

File: 1562016224377.png (28.43 KB, 580x244, shutupdan2.png)


>"you wont listen unless i agree with you 100%"

No Dan, that's you. You've built up your own narrative based on the echo chamber of your discord server.

>"iv provided more than enough evidence. "

Guess what? It doesn't matter, because you are NOT one of the people involved in this scandal, no matter how much you insert yourself into it.

You don't WANT to know the facts, because they'll invalidate the little fanfic that you & the rest of Holly's bootlickers concocted.

So keep Sealioning & telling yourself that it's THEM who won't accept any facts.

No. 830234

File: 1562016899471.png (49.83 KB, 574x444, shutupdan4.png)


All this explains is that Holly threw a massive hissy-fit because Heidi & Jared weren't going to separate as easily are she did with Ross.

>"marriage seems like this sacred thing but it really isnt. its just another relationship the government got involved in. people change and grow apart"

Well that's nice, but not everyone has the same opinion as you do. This might sound crazy to you Dan, but people have different values, & people view relationships differently.

No. 830235

File: 1562017168951.png (114.48 KB, 596x600, TigerNightmare.png)


Forgot about this creepy harasser that goes by "TigerNightmare"

No. 830236

She's literally LOOKING for the hate. She's a moron.

No. 830237

File: 1562017350985.png (68.72 KB, 584x640, Kevinishere.png)

Another WK has arrived!

No. 830239

The quotations on "totally objective" were correct to use. For 'totally batshit', well, it's easy to assume that's fact.

It's possible, but tbh I think Holly burned all her bridges with them the moment she screwed over Ross anyways.

No. 830240

>tfw you project so much it happens with your dumb birds

she's insane

No. 830241

File: 1562017723194.png (50.51 KB, 588x548, fuckoffdan.png)

Dan, just stop already.

No. 830246

Sure, Heidi is the childish obssessed one not creepy ass Holly
>>830107 literally stalking Heidi's mentions.

Lol did Borkscorpion really make another account to defend Holly? Beyond pathetic.

No. 830247

File: 1562017920860.png (55.58 KB, 584x568, danno.png)

You know, there is a chance that Holly LIED to Heidi about having Ross's approval/consent…

These people love to scream "What about Ross?" without giving any thought to how Holly might've treated him.

No. 830250

"she's so mean" she's a BIRD, Holly, she's supposed to defend her nest, that's what birds DO. what the fuck is wrong with you

No. 830253

>Heidi was disrespectful to Ross’ relationship
>Holly sleeping with Jared and Heidi saying she doesn't want to do polyamory is also Heidi’s fault

So Heidi is the cause of everything bad even if it wasn’t her responsibility, noted

No. 830257

does art imitate life, or does life imitate art?

No. 830258

I mean I don't see Holly as ever having kids, and she doesn't need to because she suicide baits to keep people close to her.

She’s ”not like other girls” and so therefore probably has issues with empathizing with other women because of her own victim complex, I mean it's clear she doesn't even want to associate her own existence as a Human Girl and would rather be a Bog Witch

No. 830264


If anything I see holly treating her own kids the way her mom treated holly

Ugly circle of abuse really

No. 830266

File: 1562019592725.png (564.68 KB, 1026x902, delusional ass holly.png)

has this been done yet?

No. 830267

Holly wouldn't ever have kids because then she'd be the mom instead of the quirky and sad eternal manic pixie dream girl.

No. 830275

This is probably unrelated, but does anyone remember there being tension between Holly and Suzy in the past? I'm wondering now if Suzy, despite her flaws, picked up on hollys bs from the start and didn't want to be around it.

No. 830277

I don’t agree with that at all and consider it kind of extreme, besides Holly gets validation online and through men so she doesn't need to vent those negative emotions at children

No. 830278

This is the dumbest conclusion yet. Holly and Jared knew one another for years and began rping their relationship to a public audience long before any of this happened. No Heidi did not push them together, it's been alluded at that she was pressured into accepting a possible relationship between the two. Its extra shitty due to the way they likely coerced her acceptance was Holly suicide baiting and Jared calling her "crazy, abusive" or threatening to break off the relationship altogether if he wasn't allowed to bang other chicks. Actually victim blaming

No. 830279

I'm a little disappointed in Heidi for talking about this on Twitter. I feel like it's time to either make a video about the whole case or leave it behind. I don't want to see her stoop to hollys levels.

No. 830281

This is great but it needs more lazy eye.

I'll make sure to only take caps on mobile from now on lmao

No. 830282


I don’t know, I feel like heidi is discussing it with some maturity involved

Holly not so much

No. 830283

File: 1562020899888.png (178.32 KB, 580x692, danlmao.png)

"There are dozens of us! Dozens!"

No. 830284

While I agree that Heidi's tone is more mature and level headed, I think she is doing the same as Holly now. While I can see the logic behind Heidi's words based on hollys behaviour on Twitter, she is still making claims without evidence which is a poor look for her. I just hope she will bring some facts to the table eventually so that she doesn't start digging her own grave.

No. 830288

I think shes just fed up with feeling the pressure to be the more mature one and accept the harassment shes getting. (As the HIDF spams that dumb tumblr blog on all her posts) all the while Holly can run her mouth non-stop declaring her victim hood to the whole world when she is merely being criticized. I am a little disappointed in Heidi but i think it's granted. She is just releasing some built up emotions off her chest, not ~*defending her self against the H8z*~ ala Holly. I commend Heidi for abstaining for so long since Holly has a real way of getting under your skin.

No. 830291

File: 1562022235223.png (60.93 KB, 455x327, Capture _2019-07-01-17-15-11.p…)

I'm also a little disappointed that Heidi is acknowledging these people, but I'm also understand she's been getting spammed with that "truth blog" and it's only fair if she gets to vent if Holly is allowed to sperg daily.

The more that comes out though, the worse I feel for Ross. The WKs really take his silence as consent in this situation.

No. 830292

File: 1562022266944.png (34.16 KB, 576x348, danislate.png)

You mean to tell me that Dan "Fact-Check-R" Pirro is this late to the party. They were friends for a good while!

No. 830293

Considering Holly continues to call Heidi abusive publicly to this day I think it's fair. I wouldn't have been able to keep it pent up. Also considering Holly actually has a history of abusing her spouse it's even more ridiculous.

No. 830295

When you're the victim of shitty situations and someone else is off running their mouth about you while everyone else is saying "be mature," you get really tired of it. I've been there, I'm surprised she's been able to hold it back for so long as well.
"Be mature" usually means to shut up and let it roll off your back, but it also means you can't ever tell your version of events, the truth you knew, or show evidence of it. You'll just be accused of being attention-seeking. It's infuriating.

No. 830304

File: 1562023480128.png (98.09 KB, 580x708, Madarao.png)

I'm surprised Twitter hasn't picked up on this person yet… They're constantly spamming + harassing Heidi

No. 830309

Makes you wonder how much Cristina knows after being in that same circle of friends for so long. At least one of them is actively in Heidi's corner.

No. 830311

Anon in friend circle here. Yes, Suzy and Holly used to consistently gossip about one another. Suzy has matured a lot over the time I’ve known her. Holly, up until leaving Cali, was constantly talking about how terrible her female acquaintances were. I was honestly shocked to see Jessica defending Holly after some of the things Holly said about her.

No. 830313

I wonder if it was a case of wanting to be the Only MPDG?

No. 830315


Ditto. Holly called Jessica "abusive" for years and claimed to have panic attacks in her presence. That suddenly changed when Jessica came to her aid online.

No. 830318

I didn’t get much of a sense that she was attention seeking or wanted a spotlight, but she certainly wanted to be a victim. Everyone was “mean” to her. I never got too close to her, because I didn’t want to be the next person she harped about behind their back.

No. 830319

Yes! This is exactly why I called bullshit the moment she said Heidi was abusive. I don’t know her, but this is so consistent with Holly’s willingness to throw anyone who makes her feel bad under the bus, even “best friends.”

No. 830321

More and more Holly sounds like the stereotypical Cool Girl that cannot keep female friends because she's that insecure and self-hating. She's so keen to be Not Like Other Girls and to put other women down constantly. No wonder she went so balls to the wall on her first chance to get a man away from one of the Pretty Popular Girls.

No. 830327

She went a month without saying anything. A lot of people would have caved ages ago or at the start because of how much bullshit was said about her and being harassed on every tweet that she makes despite not saying anything at all about the drama.

No. 830328


honestly (you don't need to confirm or deny, I'm just tinfoiling) it makes me wonder if Holly ended up alienating Ross from others, due to her actions. When Suzy's jewelry scandal hit the fan and Arin spoke up to defend her, although it's expected cause he's her husband it still seemed kinda weak, like at least recognize where she made a mistake rather than blame all the people online who are rightfully indignant. Whenever Ross defended Holly though, it seemed reasonable. I don't think I ever heard him speak badly of her.

I have guy friends in my life who date that one asshole chick and when they break up, their mates are like "finally man, you got rid of her, she was toxic bro and she changed you". Like I wonder if by extension of being Holly's husband, he also got negative incidents. It must have been exhausting to constantly do mental gymnastics to be able to emotionally support your wife.

No. 830332

I'd believe it. She snapped on people just for calling her the "gg mom" or some shit.

She also proved that she was manipulative when she tried to manipulate people into voting for the Shepard with the ugly hairstyle even though they all had the same face, it was totally Holly! And she wanted people to vote for "her". When that one lost and the blonde one won, she whined about it in a way that kind of makes it obvious why she keeps going after Heidi. "Girls who are "different" always lose to pretty girls." and when she was talking to Heidi, "I was scared to talk to you because you're so pretty!"

Holly's always pushing her issues onto other people and making them pay for it so she can be the victim. Even though there's no proof, >>830311 is probably telling the truth.

No. 830339

File: 1562026509739.png (262.66 KB, 750x841, holly.png)

I came across this format and instantly reminded me of victim clownass Holly

No. 830340

File: 1562026625958.jpg (250.17 KB, 1080x1548, Screenshot_20190701-201337~2.j…)

Some prime denial from the resident psychos at ProJared2. This is in response to Heidi saying Jared felt manipulated.

No. 830342

Considering they all unfollowed Holly the minute the drama broke, I 100% believe that they all lowkey hated her and were just waiting for the opportunity to wash their hands of her for good.

No. 830347


If they're gonna talk about support networks, those say a lot, too.

Heidi's support network: Cristina Vee, lots of other cosplayers, her loyal fans, friends, and family.

Holly's support network: A bunch of #istandwithvic retards who don't even care about Holly except as a means to an end to shit on another woman, some incels who want to diddle her, and two middle aged women. And… not Jared.

No. 830351

Actually, they still follow her on Instagram

No. 830353

They unfollowed her on twitter, though, presumably for a reason.

No. 830354

Where she was throwing a massive tantrum.

No. 830355

Most likely to avoid seeing her public shit smearing and harassment via association “Why do you follow Holly? She’s a shit person! Do you support her bullshit?” Etc

No. 830357

Doubt, then they'd unfollow her on instagram too.

No. 830362

Harassment is really minimal on Instagram, especially since you can filter who can comment on your stuff and what they can say on it. Holly also doesn’t post crazy shit on Instagram.

No. 830365

But it still happens. They don't interact with her on instagram and it's easy to ignore her since she doesn't post as often there.

No. 830369

>both sides are bad

One side is into grooming minors, but okay.

No. 830372

Yeah Holly hasn't really been that active on IG and she doesn't sperg out for 8 hours a day there either. Most of GG hardly uses their IG other than Suzy, and she mostly reposts shit that she's already put on twitter.

No. 830376

File: 1562032658777.png (39.73 KB, 584x368, DameonRaye.png)

So Heidi finally pipes up after a month of being prodded by Holly's stans & WKs, & Twitter's first reaction is…

No. 830377

If anything, she would fake a positive test and then fake a miscarriage. The victim act doesn’t work as well when you have dependents.

No. 830378

File: 1562033242887.png (66.12 KB, 580x584, creepyWKs.png)

FINALLY, someoe calls out Holly's WKs for being the creepy stalkers they are!

No. 830382

None of them are self aware though. It's pretty pointless arguing with them because the second you corner them they deflect then run, only to repeat the same thing the following day.

No. 830385

Ah yes, In Conrad the Clown's circus, the most prominent act is the 'Sealion-Brigade'

No. 830403

She really needs to block them at this point if she hasn't. They're going to keep doing it until Holly tells them to stop which is never.

No. 830408

File: 1562039885313.png (37.44 KB, 588x328, WardSpud.png)

Whoa! Look out! We got a badass over here!

No. 830410


"convinced your husband"

Right - Because I'm sure it took an infinite amount of effort to convince Jared to have sex with someone he was admittedly attracted to.

"Ruined his rep"

Spud, he used his 'fame' to solicit pictures from people without bothering to ask for ANY kind of age verification first. Heidi didn't have to ruin his rep - worm dick did it all to himself.

No. 830411


Ah, yes. Polyamory was Heidi’s idea and Heidi’s alone. Jared “solicits nudes from fans” Knabenbauer is completely innocent.

No. 830418

How many times will these idiots repeat this? Jared's cheating/affair didnt fuck up his reputation, soliciting nudes from underage fans and fucking them behind heidi's back DID. Fucking fans that are underaged was the key stuff here. rofl these incel wks are something else.

No. 830419


"Heidi ruined his reputation!!!"

If a wife (who, had holly kept her mouth shut, probably could have been written off as a bitten soon-to-be-ex) saying "he cheated" is enough to destroy a man's reputation beyond all repair, that says more about how little people thought of him from the jump.

It's like the WKs are focusing on the cheating thing, when the much bigger issue is Jared receiving underage nudes and then reposting them on a different blog (without permission, as if having the child porn wasn't bad enough)

No. 830421

>runs porn tumblr to distribute and solicit nudes
>fucks fans at cons
>shows clear, explicit enthusiasm for his extramarital encounters in lengthy sexts
>has extended emotional and physical affair with Holly and incorporates it into dnd
>ignores Heidi's boundaries every step of the way
>has long distance platonic 'relationship' with an obvious fakeboi
>extramarital encounters probably max out at cosplaying anime couples together

I cannot fathom the delusion in thinking Heidi pushed for poly. In all likelihood, she didn't want it at all and was desperate because it was either get cheated on, dumped, or be a cool girl and open the relationship. Jared is an obvious scummy horndog but she seemed to really love him, and you could tell her heart wasn't in the whole poly thing or she'd have actual side dick.

No. 830422


All of that. Everyone keeps saying "well Heidi had another relationship too!"

Like, yeah - a long distance, mostly emotional, relationship. Jared's side piece moved across statelines to be right there with him at all times and they blatantly ignored the guidelines Heidi put into place from the beginning.

No. 830429

Just watched that Ross VRChat video for the first time. I can't fathom how anyone can think that he wasn't talking about Holly. He briefly speaks about a relationship when he was 19, but later talks about being in his mid twenties and looking up the signs of an emotionally abusive relationship. His entire mid twenties was spent with Holly. He also mentions quite a few times about a sign of emotional abuse is threatening suicide if the person doesn't get their way. Sounds exactly like Holly to me. Video posted for anyone who may have missed it before. Old milk, but given Heidi called out Holly for being abusive today it is relevant.

No. 830431

He's right though. I'm so sick of everyone pretending Heidi is completely blameless just because she spoke first.
Hint: All three of them can be in the wrong.

No. 830433

Goddamn it, every time I clear my cache sage stops auto-filling.

No. 830436

read >>830421 for clarity. i don't know what to tell you anon but there's one clear horny bastard and one clear manipulative bitch in the story. heidi isn't blameless by far, but i really fail to see where/how she's going wrong exactly.

anon this is disgusting but i can't stop laughing. can someone oblige and make this with holly's retarded faces in all frames because jesus lmao

No. 830437

They married in 2012 when he was 25, so presumably they were also together dating I’d assume a year earlier at least. So he’s definitely talking about Holly in this video.

No. 830439

pottery af

>"it was 3"
Dan how many accusations of exchanging lewds and sexual text with minors is "too many" for you? For most people its 1. 3 is definitely PLENTY.

Even if she does that they'll just subtweet about it and then make a new account to stalk and harass her. But it's not at all surprising, the kinds of people who are adamantly defending Holly at every hour of the day and night while simultaneously spamming Heidi with accusations and ad homonyms are deeply invested in this drama because it affirms their hatred and fear of women.

No. 830441

If you think this guy is right then I don't know what to say to you. Even if you believe the polyamory is somehow Heidi's fault, how the hell did she exploit him for money? They were married and we have absolutely no idea how money was handled in their relationship. How did she ruin his rep? He ruined his own rep when allegations came out that he was running porn blogs to solicit pornography from his fans.

No one is blameless in this situation but it's pretty obvious two of these people hold much more.

No. 830444

I respect that Heidi has dealt with a lot of shit but I'm pretty disappointed she's started posting about it again. It was satisfying to see Heidi completely ignore Holly's mudslinging.

No. 830446

i really can't agree with this sentiment anon. when people say "be mature" they really mean "shut up and take it", and it might be satisfying to look at and admire someone doing it, but for the person actually going through slanderous accusations for months it's absolute bullshit.
when holly responds to this clusterfuck situation with bullshit "heidi is a vindictive bitch" statements people have been running to pat her ass and give her candy. i feel like it has to have heidi at the end of her fucking rope when she's telling her side of the story and people are snottily telling her to "not stoop to that level. be mature" like at this point with her side of the story so completely ignored, after herself being ignored by friends and family for over a year, what is she supposed to do? if someone made me shut up one more time i would literally explode

No. 830447

If I were in Heidi’s situation I probably would have blown up sooner tbh. She’s in a situation if she shows any reaction she’s abusive and if she doesn’t show any reaction she’s still abusive because the Queen of all Victim Complexes is bent on being a vindictive jackass and sending her newfound virgin fanboys to attack her. Heidi isn’t perfect but she’s far better than Holly Projection Conrad and Jared.

No. 830449

I feel for her because this kind of "shut up and take it you're supposed to be the mature one" is an awful parallel to how Holly/Jared pushed her to "shut up and accept it because you're supposed to be the cool girl/wife". She is a human like everyone else and she even said so in her "don't idolize me" tweet.

Getting back on track can we take a moment to appreciate how Holly couldn't even make it a full week into her "mental health break" until un-privatizing her account.

No. 830451

Seriously. The only thing that surprised me about kickvic was that people were FINALLY choosing to do something about something that had been common knowledge for years.

No. 830453

Of course she could only last a few days. The only thing Holly knows how to do is be a professional victim. Not enough people have been picking on her lately so she needed to open Twitter back up so she had reason to have another outburst.

No. 830457

>this kind of "shut up and take it you're supposed to be the mature one" is an awful parallel to how Holly/Jared pushed her to "shut up and accept it because you're supposed to be the cool girl/wife".

This. She basically dittoed that with the tweet talking about how she had to suppress herself in the relationship and only now that she's separated, she's able to explore and express her feelings. Well, only to a point. At least in real life she can, she seems to have the support system and professional help behind her. The internet? Someday maybe.

I know that we want a ~le epic kween to DESTROY Holly using facts and logic~ or whatever, its a very smug feeling on our end, but Heidi is just a person and she's allowed to act like it sometimes.

No. 830468

"a while ago" it's been, what, a little over a month since they officially announced their divorce? Less than a year since they started discussing separation? Nobody "gets over" a marriage that fast, these people are ridiculous.
I know Heidi's a "public figure" but she's still a human being going through a very shitty situation that was brought out into the public by OTHERS who were involved. Nothing about her continued discussion if this issue makes me think any less of her, nor would any rational person call it "attention seeking". She's responding to the accusations that have been consistently made against her for weeks now. Attention seeking would be behavior like oh I dunno, suicide baiting, making a tragedy about herself, bringing up unrelated trauma for sympathy maybe? Sounds like someone we know but her name ain't Heidi

No. 830499

It's such a typical Holly Conrad Narcissist Special. Minimize what happened and gaslight everyone checking the facts ("that was a while ago", "that didn't happen", "I wasn't married at the time!"), blame the actual victim, sidestep the issue, reverse victim order ("no one has hurt like I have been hurt!"), rugsweep and refuse responsibility ("I'm sorry I'm mentally ill!"), and just plain try to evoke the Martha Mitchell effect ("she's crazy and unstable! don't listen to her! she's totes not telling the truth!") on Heidi.

Sadly for Holly, she is fucking stupid just like most narcissists, and can not realize her actions are really transparent to anyone with half a brain. It all makes for one hilarious cow… especially given her endless need for attention.

No. 830502

It's pretty weird that people seem to expect for Heidi to act like a robot during all of this and expressing their "disappointment". If roles were reversed how long would they last while being dragged through the mud for a month and harassed simply for existing? Shit, the girl didn't just lose a husband but a friend and has to deal with the humiliation of being with a guy who was getting with every girl he possibly could without her knowledge, a possible pedo, and not knowing what kind of STDs he brought with him. She announced her fears about what would happen in February and almost every single fear came true. She's still finding out more stuff as time goes on. It's a lot to take in within a month and for her to stay quiet about it and doing her best to ignore the harassment for that long without going full mad queen is amazing.

No. 830513

>it's time to either make a video about the whole case or leave it behind
get out of here Keemstar

But seriously, I think making a video would just result in a whole new wave of harassment. She would most likely be accused of trying to cash in on the situation even if she didn't monetise the video. We've all seen how much Jared's and Holly's (as well as Keemstar's and Pewdiepie's) fans care about facts and they're far too invested in their "gold-digging vindictive ex-wife trying to bleed her poor husband dry and ruin his reputation" narrative. It would be best for Heidi to stick to venting on her personal FB and twitter.

That said, I completely understand how frustrating it must be for her to be expected to constantly turn the other cheek and stay quiet while Holly runs a smear campaign against her. I'm just glad she manages to be so composed and articulate despite everything they've put her through.

>That didn’t happen.
>And if it did, it wasn’t that bad.
>And if it was, that’s not a big deal.
>And if it is, that’s not my fault.
>And if it was, I didn’t mean it.
>And if I did…
>You deserved it.

No. 830527


I'm pretty sure it's a combination of this and Holly trying to screw up the divorce proceedings in Jared's favor. Jared was told by his lawyers to shut up about everything. There's probably even an agreement with the court between the two parties to not talk about anything related to the divorce outside of court, which is pretty common. So, whether by provocation from Jared, or loyalty to he boyfriend (or whatever he is to her), Holly is gonna try to get Heidi to say something that's gonna get her in trouble in court.

Right now Heidi has all the cards on that, realistically. Assuming they haven't already come to an agreement on the dissolution, the only thing Holly and her friends are doing is metaphorically screwing Jared.

No. 830532


>Assuming they haven't already come to an agreement on the dissolution, the only thing Holly and her friends are doing is metaphorically screwing Jared.

Care to elaborate? I'm not sure how much the state of Washington cares about stuff like that in a divorce

No. 830557


You're correct in respect to the divorce. Washington is a no fault state and adultery, with evidence thereof, isn't considered. The only time may be even remotely considered is the financial aspect, i.e. if there was a loss of money because of any hotel rooms or gifts bought for the lover during the time of marriage. Which could probably be argued considering what they all do for a living, but I get the feeling Heidi just wants this all over and done with.

However, having an online repository that contains information about potential child porn/sexting allegations and spreading that online to potentially dozens of people is a bit of a shot in the foot. The tumblr tries to make a point that Jared never "knowingly" knew any of the girls were under 18. Yes "knowingly" is part of the law, but you could probably count the number of cases that pleaded ignorance and won aquittal on one hand. It's pretty serious shit and potentially a lot more serious if the feds get involved. Which they will if he ever gets brought up on charges.

No. 830587

Holly confirmed reading lolcow.farm, I wonder if she used to read GG threads in the past where posts were filled with Suzy hate and majority was asslicking Holly. Maybe she even contributed to it.

No. 830616

File: 1562075192999.jpeg (178.72 KB, 1125x430, 444E956B-0998-4945-B216-82AF05…)

Press x for doubt.

No. 830625

In typical internet fashion people have put Heidi up on this pedestal where she's the anti-Holly and can do no wrong, forgetting she's a very hurt woman who endured years of abuse and is now experiencing the incredibly shitty dissolution of her marriage, publically. It's super fucked up that people expect her to be a pillar of strength at one of the most vulnerable times of anyone's life.

No. 830627

File: 1562077662851.jpg (397.72 KB, 1080x1203, 20190702_072529.jpg)


>I oNlY sAiD oNe ThInG

No. 830628

File: 1562077716505.jpg (366.23 KB, 1080x1037, 20190702_072515.jpg)

And another

No. 830632

File: 1562078238909.png (253.78 KB, 1080x651, Screenshot_20190702-093450~2.p…)

Did her bio always say it was her "late sister's account", or did she change that after someone pointed out you can't have a Twitter until you're over 13?

No. 830633

Wow. The victim complexes in these loonies run from the head of the flock Conrad down to these stragglers. What the actual fuck is wrong with them.

No. 830637

You mean you’re being treated the way you’re treating others? Boo hoo, Cassandra.

No. 830640


Whoa. She JUST changed it. I grabbed the screens a few minutes ago and it didn't say that then.

She might be watching lolcow?

No. 830643

File: 1562078821773.jpeg (336.87 KB, 1125x963, 3CBC229A-24AF-44B2-93BB-6F518C…)

This was the bio before someone pointed it out. So she’s either lying about her age to gain sympathy or has been lying about her age to get a twitter account.

No. 830648

File: 1562079186091.jpeg (541.65 KB, 750x1095, A3ACA090-EF41-4C05-8F1F-0B28AF…)

At least one of her followers is calling her out on her bullshit.

No. 830651

File: 1562079249961.jpeg (406 KB, 750x936, F93044A2-96FA-4B74-891D-112018…)

No. 830653


She should probably wait more than ONE HOUR since her last tweet to try faking her death on Twitter.

>yeah my sister died an hour ago, we're all really sad

No. 830666

This is a man in drag right? No 14 year old has eyebags, wrinkles, and a mid-twenties manly ass face like this. Also, that basic ass profile screams "guy with no clue what females are like."

No. 830670

really? it looks like a kid. the bio is kind of stereotypical for a teen girl but some are actually like that

No. 830671

She is way older than 14, most likely.

No. 830674

I'm not Holly so I admittedly don't hang around with tweens irl, but i've seen enough while online to know by the age of 14 they're more savvy with facetoon and makeup than a kardashian. this does not look female or 14, just look at the hairline…(read the rules)

No. 830691

That’s a girl, but she’s not 14. Let’s move on from that conversation.

It’s obvious that Holly’s fans will jump on to anything to call out Heidi and Jared’s other victims that they won’t check their hypocrisy or for evidence of the claims against them.

No. 830694

damn girl, how many ways you gonna reinvent being a liar?

No. 830697

Of course the person running that account is.

No. 830710

Genderbent snap chat filter of an old bald man…

No. 830723

File: 1562084671361.png (490.91 KB, 829x1505, screencapture-prettyuglylittle…)

okay, okay. Sorry about the spurg. Holly stans just baffle me so much that my brain refuses to believe they are real and not bots.

Anyway, found some caps on PULL of Holly admitting being abusive and self-harm baiting around the time they started cheating.

No. 830737


The only people who get over a marriage that quickly are the people who didn’t care about the marriage in the first place (my cousin is on marriage four, people like that do exist unfortunately)


I maintain that there’s no way this is really a 14 year old. No 14 year old talks like that


Yeah I have depression and anxiety too - still haven’t (and wouldn’t) suicide bait those I care about like Holly does.

No. 830748

I wish we could stop arguing over this one, whether she's a kid or not. If they're really a kid then kids say stupid and edgy stuff all the time, and if it's a shooped male then it's just another bitter incel. Mainly I'm just concerned Holly and her sealions will use this to be like "omg Heidi fans are trying to doxx an underage girl!! 1" since they all lurk here all day anyway

No. 830750


Us saying “I doubt she’s 14” isn’t doxxing. I’ve been doxxed, had my location released and eventually had to get law enforcement involved - what everyone is saying about this girl isn’t even close to that

No. 830751

Yeah I'm not down to mock the appearance of a 14 year old, even if she's suspected to actually be older. I don't think she's worth the trouble honestly, kids say stupid shit all the time and it's of little consequence. She hardly has any good milk either.

No. 830771

She’s not milky and she’s already being dragged to hell and back by other Twitter users. Snooze fest.

No. 830808

File: 1562092812784.png (98.72 KB, 470x547, Capture _2019-07-02-13-35-03.p…)

Ironic that Heidi is apparently the vindictive one here.

No. 830815

Revenge…how kind of her. Truly a beacon of morality and good in this world.

No. 830817

File: 1562093831518.png (15.33 KB, 576x103, Screenshot_32.png)


She also liked this one, Anon - convenient considering that her being insecure in her body is what Heidi mentioned in the initial tweet way back when

No. 830827

Holly isn't even remotely fat, too. She has a puffy face but she is quite slim with a nice body. Two bagger though.

No. 830828

Really curious about anons opinions, do you think there is anyway for Holly to redeem herself at this point? From a pr standpoint, I personally cant fathom how she could possibly salvage her carreer moving forward.
If she somehow miraculously sees the error of her ways, acknowledged her abussive behavior, issues a full apology to Heidi/Jared's victims, and leaves/disavow Jared would it be enough to gain back the following she once had? Or do you think she would inevitably fall back into old patterns?

No. 830829

She is a big bitch though, and her victim complex takes up a lot of space, lol.

No. 830830

I mean, I'm all for body positivity and all - but it's ironic that these two tweets were liked one right after another like that.


I think if she issued a legit apology and never, ever brought up the situation again that she might stand a chance of carving out a career moving forward. But, judging by the way she keeps privating her twitter when the shit gets too hot only to come back and resume posting the same inflammatory content, I really think she's going to keep shooting herself in the metaphorical foot until she destroys what little reputation she had left.

No. 830832

No. I think up until Etika's suicide she still had a chance of blaming Jared for manipulating her but with Etika she showed her true colors and there's nobody to blame for it anymore. It's all her and it'll probably follow her for a long time.

No. 830834

Holly will never get her reputation back. It's all out there now in the open for anyone to easily find. When people look up her name it will be out there. She's going to always be the other woman and the lady who helped Jared reconnect with one of his victims. She's ruined her career and reputation from the choices she made too so I don't think I could trust an apology from her. I mean we've seen her sad excuses for apologies. They are still all about her.

And yeah the Etika situation was really fucked up on her part for that. Remember, she chose to write that and tweet it. Everything done to her is because she chose it. She didn't have to. Could of walked away, but nope here we are now.

No. 830838

Her only hope would be a tearful “I was having a mental breakdown” and profuse seemingly honest apologies and then never mentioning it again. She’s not going to.

No. 830852

Curious to know did Holly’s WK tried to pin what happened with Etika tweets to Heidi?

No. 830853

Unfortunately I honestly believe she has friends behind the scenes who will still get her onto some platform after a year or two of this blows by. It's not like it really matters regarding her because she definitely has enough money to live peacefully, I think that's partly why she doesn't have a stupid filter for her social media because she isn't struggling financially, she's a white girl who knows how to play the mental illness victim card to the point her dumb followers/wks would probably give her donation money willingly, and it seems like she has no drive to actually further her "career" anyways considering all she seems to do is spend all day on twitter defending herself and Jared.

I still have bets she's going to make some shitty documentary about "internet witch hunting" and claim she has LIVED THROUGH IT.

No. 830866


>She's still finding out more stuff as time goes on

This is why people shouldn't discredit her for 'neglecting' parts of the story. When you get out of an abusive relationship, you are left questioning everything that happened; what wasn't such a 'big deal' back then might've been a red-flag in hindsight, etc.

No. 830920

Probably a nitpick, but it fucks with my head how Holly is basically has a nice body paired with a granny face.

No. 830926


Yes Holly was checked out of that relationship for a very long time. If you watch the video someone posted of her and Jared opening some card pack in Summer 2018 you can already hear and see how attached she is to Jared.

She also seemed very dom in their interaction. Not sexual dom lol but just like she wears the pants and calls the shots in a relationship and her way goes.

You could definitely see that a lot in her vlogs with Ross.

Is jared just a push over stuck between two hard headed women? Anyone who watched DCA, was Jared seen a manly man? Or a pussy whippee?

No. 830932

>Is jared just a push over stuck between two hard headed women?

He got a bunch of nudes from, had sex with fans, and is currently manipulating said fans in private to get them to change what they said about him. Does that really sound like a pushover to you, anon?

No. 830939


Holly threatens people with her suicide anytime something doesn’t go exactly how she wants it to. That’s not her being a dom, that’s being a manipulative coward

No. 830944

File: 1562106126889.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1305x1109, 6C46C0F9-0643-4360-8476-370FE7…)

And the wk’s just keep on being wk

No. 830950

File: 1562106439807.gif (3.64 MB, 460x334, tenor.gif)

you know his silent treatment works in his favor when people ask this shit (unless they're biased and pushing their angle). won't work for a large part of the internet who sees it for what it is: avoidance, damage control and cementing his actions.

he is the worst person out of the whole bunch by far.

No. 830957

holy shit he looks like if there was a Bob's Burgers character who was written to be a pedo. what a slimebucket, when he looks at the camera the creepiness just shines right through

No. 830958

File: 1562106899001.jpg (73.84 KB, 496x628, true-detective.jpg)

how I felt about Holly's return to to the internet on day two after her radio silence at first

No. 830959

I noticed Holly doesn't even follow this chick but likes her posts directed at her and/or Jared almost daily. So is she just like, searching projared and herself on Twitter constantly?? wack

No. 830961

it's been obvious that's what she's been doing since the drama began. she's been replying to tweets that mention any of them, tagged or not. lurk moar and learn to sage

No. 831009

Both Ross and Jared are kinda cowardly. The difference is that Jared is selfish and cowardly, Ross is just a placater. Nothing wrong with that, but it catered right to Holly’s personality.

I get the sense that Heidi is also pretty strong-willed, and Jared got used to hiding things from her and getting silently frustrated that he wasn’t “allowed” to do the fucked up things he wanted to because “she wouldn’t let him” and not “that’s a horrendous thing to do in the first place.

No. 831012

File: 1562115680869.jpeg (618.94 KB, 1125x927, CC981C19-46C1-4775-89FA-201A88…)

Get a load of this faggot.

No. 831015

As someone who never watched DCA, but was a fan of Jared from YouTube and Twitch streams, I can honestly see him being a bit of a pushover caught between two women who want opposing things from him. He always seemed like a pretty decent guy, and was definitely not what anyone would call a manly man. That was part of his appeal.

But "pretty decent guy" isn't consistent with a lot of the reported behavior from his porn blogs and from Heidi. Using his status to solicit nudes from fans (including underage ones) and sleeping with UnoGirl then tossing her like a used cumrag is disgusting. As is spending months on a tightrope telling your wife you don't have a side-ho, and the side-ho you're leaving the wife. He can't blame that shit on anyone else.

As Taylor Swift said, "We think we know someone, but the truth is that we only know the version of them they have chosen to show us."

No. 831017

God this guy fucking sucks. The youtuber He’s talking about made a video calling him out for being a prick, and was one of the main reasons he lost a bunch of subs, so of course he jumped on to this. Fucking idiot. All he said in the video was “I don’t think Holly’s doing that” and that the youtuber needs to get some help. what a moron.

No. 831019

shoot, my bad, i was on my phone. I just meant she is apparently looking literally every single day as opposed to every now and then

No. 831020

This really pisses me off because when he first came on the scene he seemed insightful even if it was a façade, then he started baiting and diagnosing youtubers for clickbait and was called out on it. I thought after his “apology” he would have changed or at least pretended to. Dude needs to log off, he’s getting an internet high off of the drama community-which I feel like he’s even talked about before without it registering to him.

Is he part of another thread? He reacts so badly to people calling out his behaviour and pretends to be introspective, I’m sure there are big patches of his life he could be putting more time and effort into.

No. 831028

The wks are posting the Tumblr and sperging in the comments of her video. I went to check the ProJared2 Reddit and the self awareness is a sight to behold.

Also why do people keep trying to use the argument that Jared and Holly didn't sleep together until after Holly got separated as evidence they didn't cheat? One, I don't believe they had no physical contact between February and October. Two, it doesn't matter if they didn't. They were emotionally cheating which many people consider even worse than physical.

No. 831039

Not to mention that legally Holly and Ross are still married. So technically, there's been cheating no matter how you slice it. Emotional cheating for almost a year, physical cheating up til Jared ghosted her.

No. 831042

if ross got a gf would he be cheating? the legal status of their marriage today is irrelevant

No. 831043


IMO, it would fit the technical definition - but it would be justified, considering all of the shit that Holly has pulled.

He at least waited until they were seperated and the divorce papers were filed - Holly couldn't stay away from WormDick and announced to numerous people (heidi, jared, and presumably ross) that she was sexually attracted to Jared and had romantic feelings for only him before she and ross had even filed the divorce papers.

Still way skeezier, in my book

No. 831044

File: 1562121731144.jpg (160.69 KB, 1080x962, IMG_20190702_224053.jpg)

Holly is on Heidi's Twitter blocking people who mention her again.

No. 831045

I'm thinking Heidi should consider getting a restraining order from this nasty stalker.

No. 831046

I wouldn't even be mad if Holly was blocking those who directly tagged her or replied to her posts - but to go on to Heidi's posts and block anyone who dare says anything negative against her, those who don't tag her or mention her by name?

Girl, get the fuck over yourself. The internet isn't full of sunshine and rainbows - Try not hopping on the dick of your best friend's husband and gaining some perspective.

No. 831051

It makes her look like a crazy stalker. She's more obsessed with Heidi than Jared was and he's actually married to her.

No. 831057

File: 1562125124819.png (29.88 KB, 516x410, Screenshot_34.png)

I shouldn't be surprised at what I found on tumblr

"Heidi is def abusive - but jared doesn't deserve the hate since no one has proved the whole 'minors sexual images' thing!"

as if anyone has proved that Heidi was abusive

No. 831059

ofc they feel bad for the man. nevermind he is the reason this whole mess started. no one has shown proof Heidi is abusive either. a text message convo of a fed up wife venting her frustrations to her cheating husband isn't abuse.

No. 831070

Let me guess, this is from the totally neutral & objective ""TRUTH"" blog?

No. 831071

File: 1562130221819.jpg (710.99 KB, 1803x1577, ashley-wtf.jpg)

don't get me started on this person's account anon, she's been creepy for a solid while now.
pic related, i'm sure there were more but i kinda couldn't bear to see any more lmao

No. 831072

While this person does come off as creepy, at least they're not harassing Heidi like most of Holly's fake-woke bootlickers…

No. 831074

Imagine waking up every single morning and thinking hmm did I @ holly or jared yet today?

No. 831080

What the hell did I just read? This person needs some help.

No. 831091

Does anyone have a link of the supermega playthrough where they confirmed holly cheated on ross? It'd be great cus i cant stand them and the idea to skim through their content to find milk makes me want to become a normie. Thanks

No. 831093

It’s been posted several times in previous threads, newfag

No. 831094

Did they actually confirm Holly cheated on Ross? I thought it was a clip about how they didn't like Jared.

No. 831146

Rather than new, im more of a lazyfag lol

I cant remember honestly. I couldnt open the youtube link then and i missed it, cant find it anymore

No. 831209

>women willingly slept with that

I seriously do not understand straight women at all. But glad Heidi is finally out. She needs time to heal from this mess.

Jared has been pretty quiet lately since he was escorted out of Akon.

No. 831298

Was it ever even confirmed he was at A-kon?

No. 831309

No. It’s only a rumor.

No. 831316

You know what upsets me the most about Holly threatening suicide any chance she can get? Real people commit suicide everyday and yet here is this rich white privileged woman acting like oh woe is me when she was in the wrong and using suicide to guilt trip folks while real people are truly suffering. Like okay mental health queen uwu. Besides we all know she is too much of a coward and selfish anyway.

No. 831328


Yeah she thinks she has money troubles, but her financial problems were things like not being able to afford a new computer… so Ross bought one for her (this was back in the day). They still had a maid clean their house.

Meanwhile, money troubles in the real world mean, like, not being able to eat or getting your electricity shut off. Or worse.

No. 831339


posted in the last thread
I personally took it as a confirmation that Holly/Jared were acting in bad faith, at the very least.

No. 831340

I get what you mean but you can hire someone to clean your house for like 70 bucks these days (which, yikes). But I daydream of having someone else clean my bathroom. She complains about having her income halved but she doesn’t feel the need to get a normal job to cover expenses so obviously she has enough money to throw around. That in itself shows she’s pretty well-off.

No. 831351

also she moved from Los Angeles to Seattle, both some of THE most expensive cities in the States. If she actually knew what facing financial strain was like, she wouldn't have tarnished her means of income like this.

Random pet peeve: I've somewhat kept up with Holly's social media for a few years, and I only heard about her inheriting a dead grandfather's house this month. White women talk about their privilege challenge

No. 831356

Also important to note she hasn't had a "real" job in over a decade. She has to be getting money from her family because she hasn't DONE anything except DCA for years. There's no way that was paying her enough to afford an apartment in Seattle even with a roomie. Even during the Heroes of Cosplay days her partner Jessica had a real job and they both admitted no one really makes a living at cosplay except Yaya Han and Jessica Nigri. What exactly is stopping Holly from getting a real fucking job at this point? She clearly thinks she's too famous or above it. But not above streaming and ebegging which is 100% guaranteed to be her next move.

No. 831359

Oh you know she is going to be ebegging soon especially when people don't care about her drama anymore. She'll probably suicide bait with that as well

No. 831363

has to be the reason she sells simple printed teeshirts for as high as 40 dollars on her etsy store.

No. 831364

What the hell?! That better be a shirt made out of gold then.

No. 831366

Someone pointed out last thread that her profit margins are pretty low so she's barely making coffee money off each shirt. And that she only sells 0-3 items a day.

No. 831371

File: 1562174461280.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1952, 51B1B9FC-4A0B-4298-93F5-E770C7…)

Aw shit. Here we go again

No. 831373

Lied about what Holly? You did what you did. It happened. You admitted you slept with Jared while he was still married to his wife. You claimed it was because they slept apart or whatever but it still happened and part of the people mad at you are mad about that. Others are mad because Jared's gross tumblr stuff.

No. 831374

i think at this point it's a cycle of not getting enough sales, increasing the prices, people not buying the crap because it's overpriced, rinse, repeat

oh come oN JFC
holly you were doing so well. what happened? did someone look in your general direction? did heidi exist?!

No. 831376

> this tweet

No. 831379

File: 1562175093926.jpeg (820.17 KB, 1227x1645, CDD3530F-239D-4843-8DB4-0F5C17…)

>and that’s ok

No. 831381

File: 1562175420000.jpeg (376.34 KB, 1242x717, CF0E4CBD-F502-47BE-AD9B-4E5076…)

One more reply

No. 831382

File: 1562175456054.jpeg (144.48 KB, 1185x239, 40AE9E3F-7AE6-451C-9B93-25E477…)

Quit talking about it once per day, mayhaps?

No. 831384

>saying the truth
Holly, not even your "friends" believe you.

No. 831386

>I'm going to keep enjoying my life

5 minutes later


No. 831387

"enjoying her life" must mean enjoying sitting on twitter searching her name and blocking people.

No. 831395


"enjoying her life"

Because nothing says "I'm a happy bird mom" quite like blocking anyone who says anything against you or about heidi, looking up negative comments in an effort to self harm, and repeatedly talking about how the whole thing has made you feel suicidal and forced you into a mental hospital at least once.

No. 831396

"enjoying my life"

By tweeting out suicidal threats to my fanbase who came to because they also have mental health issues uwu

No. 831402

File: 1562178137825.png (64.58 KB, 759x259, I'm sorry..png)

No. 831435

I hate that tweet so much. She’s not using mental illness as an excuse for why she needs to apologize. She’s sarcastically apologizing that she’s got a mental illness. Implying that whatever she’s feeling wasn’t brought on entirely by her own actions.

No. 831440

The realisation that 'cosplay thots' and insecurity are what caused Holly's apparent PTSD makes it all the more funnier that Ross is on good terms with people like BunnyAyu and Susu. Holly must be furious haha

No. 831444

Why does Ross still follow Holly if she really was abusive and is quite obviously a piece of shit? Not defending her at all but isn’t that kinda weird?

No. 831448


Because Ross is genuinely nice and would stand by her and support her just to keep her from going nuts or killing herself. I'm sure he has plenty of stories he could tell about Holly but he has class and won't air his dirty laundry.

No. 831450

Never thought about the idea that him unfollowing would send her into a suicidal frenzy lol. That makes sense. I’m just an onlooker so I don’t think I’m 100% up to speed on everything

No. 831455

File: 1562183706742.gif (4.99 MB, 475x267, uF9MjJo3QIaijySXC4iL_Confused …)

>the initial act is still something you didn't do
>all of this started because she slept with her friend's husband
>slept with jared in october 2019

She's not backpedaling, she reversed her legs and is now sprinting backwards.

No. 831457

I think it's partially to keep drama off his back and maybe keep tabs? He probably has her muted tbh
SuperMega still follows her too and they're very close to Ross. Again, probably muted.

No. 831463

I think this is the most likely case. He used to defend her every single chance he could when they were married and now that she's gone batshit crazy on Twitter and getting well-deserved hate, he hasn't made a peep in her defense. I have to wonder if he even knew that she had sex with Jared while they were married or that she never loved Ross at all since she didn't "feel anything" until Jared took the walk between her legs in February.

No. 831466

That’s his personal business.

No. 831475

Did she really say costhots gave her PTSD? I remember reading she got PTSD after HoC but figured it had to do with the stress of being involved in a shitty reality show, and scamming a cancer survivor out of charity money probably didn’t help. If she actually says she was traumatised by scawwy pretty girls that’s hilarious.

No. 831478


She probably uses PSTD as the one of the many buzzword she knows without actually having it

Heck I wouldn’t be surprised in the next couple of hours she’ll mention how all of this “stress” from Twitter is giving her PSTD

No. 831485

Don't forget she'll toss in some good ol suicide baiting too.

No. 831490


I wonder how many times she's threatened Jared with suicide since this scandal broke. Heidi is the abuser btw.

No. 831495

Five bucks says that's how holly got Jared to sleep with her in the first place.

No. 831497

"I love you so much I'll DIE if I can't be with you! Get rid of your wife, she doesn't love you like I do! If you don't, I'll KILL MYSELF! Can't you see how abusive she is for wanting you to be faithful to her?"

No. 831502

Wasn't there literally a screenshot of her message to him of exact same content? Something like "I swear to god I'm gonna DO SOMETHING with myself Jared!!" in a context of him not breaking up with his wife?

No. 831507


I wouldn’t doubt she used her own divorce to Ross as a bargaining chip with Jared. “We promised we would both let Strix and Diath’s love be free! I’ve lost everything if you don’t leave your spouse too!”

And can it just be noted for the records that the reason Heidi YELLED at Holly was because Jared showed her texts of Holly saying she was abusive all the way to when they foursome were living together. And Holly apologized profusely for it.

Yet she used this YELLING incident to: block Holly on twitter months before the bombshell, helped ostracize her from Jareds work and friends, continued to try to convince Jared she was abusive even after apologizing and saying she was wrong, and than ultimately blasted Heidi as abusive all over her Twitter to their mutuals.

Like Holly is fuckin nuts bro. All because she got yelled at over the phone? And it made her “feel scared”

Like… I thought they were best friends at one point?

No. 831513

Yeah I've of the texts between Jared and Heidi show Jared saying "she probably isn't going to do shit" which was seemingly in reference to Holly. She probably threatened to hurt herself and Jared told Heidi he needed more time to deal with it. Their marriage was shitty but I feel like he maybe picked DCA over Heidi, not Holly over Heidi.

No. 831514

Typo "in the texts" not "I've"

No. 831515

she couldn't use her divorce against him until late January, though, because that's when she filed it. even if she and Ross were separated, she was still keeping him legally tied to her four months later.

has Heidi ever said when her and Pedo's relationship was officially over? I know she found the sexts in April, but if they "gave up" in January, maybe that's why Holly acted then. I also would love to know what months Heidi and Jared were in marriage counseling together, and if it was after October. If it was, one can assume their relationship wasn't over since they were still trying to fix it, and that Holly's "Jared tried to end things in October" would be utter BS.

if Heidi just gave the dates/timelines for these two events (counseling + calling it quits) it would add a lot to the story.

No. 831519

Probably muted her tweets

No. 831520

People would just say Heidi forced Jared to do marriage counseling against his will. They are insane.

No. 831527

I thought she had PTSD cus of her shitty mom?

Also does anyone think that Ross and Holly might’ve signed an NDA like how Jared supposedly tried to do with Heidi? It would explain why they haven’t mentioned each other pretty much at all.
Another thing how long do you think Holly and Ross have really been separated? I think it says something that he’s dating someone now or rather that he just announced it. They didn’t file for divorce until a few months ago, they’ve separated almost a year ago. When did he find the time to trust someone enough to date them again? My guess is that he and Holly have separated long before they’ve announced it probably because of this or they were already seeing people, Ross with his current girlfriend and Holly with Jared. Thoughts?

No. 831528


I hate Holly too, anon. But I think it’s possible they were both just waiting for both of them to get settled in places before starting the official documents?

I think if they went public in September 2018 that makes things pretty official. This is also around when Jared stopped wearing his wedding ring in public, so it seems like Fall 2018 was when Holly and Jared made some sort of commitment to eachother.

No. 831529


Do any detective anons have pics of Heidi wearing her wedding ring in the the Oct 2018 - May 2019 time line when Jared stopped wearing his publically?

Would be interesting to see if they both stopped wearing while they tried therapy, or if only Jared did to make wetting his dick easier.

No. 831531


The relationship was confirmed dead Feb 2018 when Holly caught feelings for a worm, but who knows how long before that if Holly claims she never felt real feelings before Jared.

They seemed to have one of those “best friend” relationships where they have a good time but sparks never fly.

But even going with the September 2018 separation, I think thats a reasonable amount of time to start going to steady with someone. I also think thats just the type of guy Ross is. Can’t picture him fucking random thots or fans just cause. I don’t think him and his new girl are that serious at this point either, he’s just a stand up guy.

And after Holly… I’m sure ever girl he meets feels more compatible.

No. 831533

You can tell he still feels kinda weird about it too. On his stream yesterday he said "so my g-girlfriend can come and play this too?"
Like he isn't use to calling someone girlfriend or at least being open about it.

No. 831537

Jared stopped wearing his ring after TwitchCon late October. So him trying to end things with Heidi is complete bullshit, as Holly was on his dick at that point.
As for Holly and Ross, from what I came across, it seems that whatever happened that ended it took place in late July/August, since Ross was still being sweet to her before then.
My guess as to why the official divorce took so long was so she could give him false hope and have Ross feel some of the blame, rather than it being about her wanting Jared's dick.

No. 831539


>The relationship was confirmed dead Feb 2018

July 22, 2018

June 17, 2018

No. 831552

I know it's complete bullshit, but Holly's narrative is that he tried to end things with Heidi in October of 2018 and she flat-out refused to get a divorce, and that from then on it was a dead relationship from Jared's perspective. that he was unfortunately just stuck in it until Heidi gave up too. So, again this is all according to Holly, "he wasn't cheating" since he had "tried to end it" in October.

I'm asking when it really ended. I don't believe a word Holly says, because it's either her lying, or her passing on lies that Jared told to her. He may have told her he tried to end it in October, when in reality he had not tried at all. I'm asking when the counseling happened, because if it happened after October, that means Jared agreed to try to fix a relationship (which he didn't think was dead like Holly claims) that he was not being faithful to. since we know he and Holly started bonking in October at the latest.

if the counseling happened after October that confirms Jared knew he was cheating. by telling Heidi he wanted to fix things and telling Holly he had "tried to end it, but she said no, but he didn't have feelings for her anymore, so it's not really cheating I'm just trapped"

No. 831558


There are pictures of Heidi wearing her wedding ring in January on her Twitter. There is then a picture of Jared wearing his wedding ring while holding their cat in February. There is also accounts of Jared and Heidi doing coupley things together December 2018. It's pretty obvious Jared was telling Heidi and Holly different stories.

No idea when couple counseling started unfortunately.

No. 831559

File: 1562195405677.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x1764, 20190703_160843.jpg)



Photo taken that day

No. 831567

File: 1562196469759.jpg (404.61 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ptnr2m8eTf1swyuml_1280.…)

Wow, love Holly's new merch!
(sauce: shiftythrifting)

No. 831574

File: 1562197362966.jpeg (300.62 KB, 1295x633, D677F99B-2299-49F7-A643-44FEA7…)

When a wk finds a post from May just to say “Heidi deserves to be cheated on because her personality is abusive

No. 831578

File: 1562197510165.jpeg (412.2 KB, 1284x943, 81001E04-A954-4754-81FF-EFEF77…)

How the fuck does Denica know who Holly has blocked…..unless it’s Holly on an alt?

(Don’t mind me, just voicing my tinfoil theory)

No. 831581

Heidi blocked Denica over a month ago and Denica still is obsessed with the shit Heidi is saying on Twitter.

No. 831588


she's not an alt, she's just a sad 35 year old woman who has no life other than suckling on Holly's toxic asshole. In fact if you google her full name or even her twitter handle you can find her other accounts, you can find her facebook, heck you can find her actual address

She's just a pathetic lady who has nothing better to do with her time and has devoted every account of hers online to rally behind Holly as though she benefits from it. It's depressing to watch, honestly. She's not married and probably even lives alone, yikes. Get a hobby, girl.

No. 831592

I actually was dying at her post on Reddit where she does the math about the followers Heidi has lost.

No. 831597


>35 year old woman

at age 35 you'd think she'd learn that idolizing people and projecting onto people isn't healthy

All Holly's whiteknights are pretty creepy
I'm pretty sure all of them see themselves in Holly and/or Jared.

No. 831599

File: 1562200104036.png (12.52 KB, 544x120, A2Z83.png)

Someone has made a rather bold claim on CreepShowArt's video…

No. 831601


Oh of course the soliciting nudes from minors is somehow Heidi's fault. It was just a matter of time. Delusional.

No. 831603


Right - because the messages from Jared to these fans? That was ACTUALLY Heidi (somehow they find it easier to believe Heidi hacked her husband’s account or something, rather than facing the fact that their favorite is fucking creepy and pedophilic)

No. 831605

Jared couldn't have done it because he was actually abducted by aliens during those times and it can be proven with hypnosis.

No. 831702

I'll never understand how everything Jared has done suddenly isn't true and is something Heidi has done instead
Fucked fans/sexted with them: "Heidi has had several bfs during the marriage!!"
Abusive and gaslighting women: "Heidi is abusive and unfixable!!"
Solicited nudes from fans, including minors: "Heidi did that!"

No. 831704

Jared didn't start occasionally not wearing his wedding ring until the beginning of November though.

No. 831761

The fact that he was wearing his ring around Heidi in February just proves he was stringing them both along.

Unrelated but lol at Jared indirectly calling Holly manipulative (according to Heidi), urs probably why he’s staying silent. She wants to control the narrative.

No. 831791

this is the most galaxy brain tier shit i've ever heard anyone say

watch holly pick this up in like a day or two as an argument

"it was HEIDI!11!! who solicited nudes!!!"

No. 831861

>she never loved Ross at all since she didn't "feel anything" until Jared took the walk between her legs in February.

under appreciated comment anon

No. 831905

File: 1562255672873.jpeg (867.56 KB, 1213x2166, 715E1470-5396-42F2-9AD6-3DE21E…)

>what did it say about me

No. 831948

File: 1562262007484.jpeg (365.19 KB, 1286x563, 1807F4DF-015E-4E06-AEA1-FB7C98…)

“But….but….but I apologized for making someone else’s suicide about me! You HAVE to forgive me!”

No. 831950

>I’m sorry I didn’t bother to wait until his family had a chance to grieve

What a beastly woman

No. 831957


>apologized on the timing

The only problem she sees with her statements is that they were "too soon"???

>If I deserve harassment and you truly believe that

Constantly self-flagellating so that others will rush in with "no you don't deserve it"

>please don't follow me just to hate on me <3

Appeals for "undeserved" kindness, ends with fake affection to stave off further criticism

What a manipulative asshole jfc

No. 831958

File: 1562263500677.gif (2.01 MB, 500x280, kys.gif)

>I apologized on the timing
>literally compared the two of them as the same type of wounded souls


No. 831959

God, she is such a fucking bitch. Sometimes apologies aren't enough. Also, it's not just about the timing. It was your shitty intentions too.

No. 831968

I will forever be embarrassed that I thought she was a non-cow. Every time she responds, she just reveals her true self more and more.

No. 831970

>I apologize for the timing
>I still think what I did was totally fine but that I did it at the wrong time. I should have waited a couple weeks to compare the suicide of a mentally ill black man to people calling me out for my bullshit. It's exactly the same but whoopsie, I was too eager to show everyone how narcissistic I am

No. 831974

As a former Holly apologist, did this come as a shock?

No. 831978

Not really an apologist, just didn't think she was a cow during the peak of the suzy scam days and kind of forgot about her. I don't like it when people who seem normal are are still on this site in general because it gets really pull-tier nitpicky. But yeah, in this case, the initial reaction was wrong and the drama's been fun.

No. 831984

Holly's 33 and she still is the way she is. Age matters little when it comes to being a narc

No. 831985


Similar situation here, during milking suzy days she just seemed kinda chill and mature (welp) and comparing Suzy to her (since she was seen as a mature and real nerd/ gamer girl, not fake like Suz) was kinda fun.
I also liked Ross so I was happy for him to be in, what seemed a really nice marriage.

When they announced their divorce because "Holly needs to move to a state with trees" raised my suspicions but I just figured they wanted to keep their real circumstances private.

And then Heidi decided to speak up and Holly's hidden cow shone through, making us drown in milk.

No. 831987

>I apologised if the timing
This dumb bitch still doesn't realize to that people where angry at her for trivializing a black man's suicide. Fuck the timing, a white woman making the death of a black man about her self is always disgusting. It doesn't matter how much time has passed.

No. 831988

Can I get a hell Yikes

No. 831989

File: 1562268047665.png (87.88 KB, 475x573, Capture _2019-07-04-14-17-35.p…)

This just in, posting clowns to Holly is illegal now. Her WKs are amazing.

No. 831991

This guy is always talking about siccing the cops on trolls and critics of Holly. It's quite sad.

No. 831999

No. 832004

I thought this was a fucking old post; does this dude seriously just spout the same shit all the time?

No. 832007

nice to see this asshole has fully moved onto main with his bogus threats. i'd actually love to see him try to call the cops on a tweet.
"officer they sent clowns!!!"

No. 832019

I like how these retards like Denica and Matt think this troll has anything to do with Heidi. It's quite obviously someone who just fucks with people, but I guess you can't tell jokes easily when you have the 'tism.

No. 832037

They boutta get swatted… for the crime of posting clown emojis, clearly

No. 832039


Fun fact: I’ve been doxxed and had law enforcement involved so let me ruin the fun with some facts:

The cops aren’t going to track someone’s IP address just because they said something mean online.

If getting violent death threats wasn’t enough, I HIGHLY doubt that posting clown emojis will be

No. 832040

File: 1562274234928.jpeg (385.76 KB, 1275x603, 79900924-37A8-451C-A85F-CC5EC0…)

I mean…..just shut the fuck up, Holly

No. 832041


WK: I’d like to report online harassment. We need a unit sent out.

Police: What is the nature of your emergency?

WK: They won’t stop posting the clown emoji and she’s mentally ill, officer!

Police: Hahahahaha Nigga just walk away from the screen like Nigga close your eyes

No. 832044


Double downs on the bad timing

>>online bullying is harmful no matter the circumstances

You suuuuuure don’t mind people bullying Heidi though…

No. 832048

File: 1562274695226.png (119.43 KB, 1379x876, chrome_7En7Ve9J8T.png)

No. 832062

Insider from a different group, but a LOT of people in Jessica's life talk mad shit about her, even the people she pays to commission. You'd think she would learn.

No. 832068

The Right Opinion just posted a video on the whole Projared/cheating/nudes situation. In the middle of watching it right now, but he’s fully calling Holly out on her bullshit and I’m loving it.

No. 832079

No. 832080


Mrs. turning-into-her-mother is going to have another breakdown. A guy talking calmly, ABUSE.

No. 832081

File: 1562279918055.jpg (31 KB, 466x404, 1520914239989.jpg)

Law enforcement are not going to come after someone for some clown emojis wtf. They have far too much on their plate to worry about something so minor. You know, like the actual minors that Jared sent nudes to and got some from.

She doesn't say this when it comes to her sending her four clowns to harass Heidi though.

This is beautiful, anon.

No. 832082

Glad to see people with an audience calling her out on her shit. I hope it's a wake-up call but I've lost hope in her ever being introspective.

No. 832086

Clowns are a-ok to send to Heidi, though

No. 832088

Hell yeah. I love his videos, I haven't had a chance to watch it but I was hoping he wouldn't fall for her nonsense. It's good someone with a platform is holding her accountable.

No. 832089


I’ve watched about 15 minutes and so far so good in the information

No. 832098


> even the people she pays to commission

What does this mean? Does Jessica commission cosplays or something, I don't know what she does with her time

No. 832113

What kind of shit? Thread worthy?

No. 832121

Wonder how Holly will react to it
Would love the milk if she tries to get it taken down for harassment and bullying

No. 832126


Nah, she’ll just post a “woe is me” rant and then lock down her twitter again, add her while you can, ladies and gents

No. 832130


It’ll just be a repeat of what she has already said in the past while Jared still stays quiet

No. 832131

It's a really good video so she will probably do the same thing that she did with the Etika situation. "I apologized so it's okay."

No. 832133

File: 1562291779799.jpeg (339.31 KB, 1253x623, 35BF3EDA-8FBA-4991-AD3D-5B368F…)

That moment when a WK proves out point - that Holly can’t tell the difference between legit criticism and abuse/harassment

No. 832137


“I apologized as it was bad timing and I have a mental illness of some kind and my mom”

No. 832149

If I didn't know this was a Holly WK I would seriously think this was a legitimate critism of Holly

No. 832172

File: 1562300858423.jpg (78.33 KB, 640x704, oh79tycsuc831.jpg)

I wonder what Holly thinks about her new best friend's opinions.

No. 832179

Thirding this. No one was a Holly apologist before this, because there was nothing to apologize for. She just never did anything interesting enough to actually talk about. The only reason she ever really came up was comparing her to Snooz, and the "Holly discourse" was just nitpicking her appearance (like anon said). There wasn't even discussion about her and Ross's relationship really, it was just kind of an unspoken agreement that they were much healthier than Arin and Suzy. When they split I just remember thinking "Huh. Them? I thought for sure it'd be Arin and Suzy". At that point the last GG thread had been locked for months, but even their breakup wasn't interesting enough for anyone to start a new GG Thread.

So, to answer the original question – it wasn't necessarily a shock that she ended up THIS crazy, I think the initial shock was that she was involved in anything interesting at all. Despite the quirky hair and cooky hobbies she seemed extremely vanilla. The Ross/Holly breakup was such a fizzle, and Jared was clearly trying to make this one a fizzle too. Heidi's first tweet was what packed all the punches.

No. 832208

File: 1562311269533.jpeg (915.11 KB, 1275x1346, C9706A08-C729-4DDC-BF8B-490524…)

I had the exact same reaction to seeing that Heidi retweeted the right opinion video

No. 832211

File: 1562311978989.jpeg (24.92 KB, 310x163, 8B41E233-D374-4311-B9DB-1EADB2…)

No. 832213

Heidi retweeting it is kind of a big deal. TRO really drives home the point that if Heidi is lying that Jared needs to show proof and defend himself to save his career. He states this several times throughout the video. If Heidi was lying she wouldn't really be stoking the flames and endorsing a video where someone is encouraging Jared to show proof and defend himself. She'd want Jared to stay quiet.

No. 832219

Honestly glad that Holly is getting such flak from people with a real following - and a ringing silence/absence of support from people who matter on social media and in the industry.

She really, really should have been her own best friend and just shut. the. fuck. up. originally. Seriously. I don't think she realizes what kind of damage she's done to her future prospects. Once you lose the respect of your peers in the creative field and the internet age, you're done. Outsies. No one wants to play with you. (Exceptions like Jake and Logan Paul exist, obviously because their massive following makes Youtube money, but notice how no one wants to be their friend?) Once people in the industry who are actually known for their creativity and quality of work and exposure consider you trash, well, say buh-bye to your career.

She could have prevented it all. Make a sincere, not snide, not passive-aggressive apology, show some honesty, humility and growth. Everyone loves a good redemption arch… but no, this dumb, tragically and hilariously non-self-aware cow just has to keep shitting on her own legs.

Good thing she has granddaddy's money to fall back on, huh? Her "talent" isn't gonna carry her far and she's burnt up her future prospects in the industry.

No. 832220

File: 1562314331443.jpeg (277.98 KB, 1262x453, 3FCD79C1-AB65-4F6A-A223-E5E79E…)

WK make my head hurt with the intense amount of loops they’re going through to justify Holly and Jared’s bullshit

No. 832224

I know this isn't super relevant but lmao at the fact that he acknowledges that panic attacks are real but thinks the mental illnesses that cause them and the medication used to treat them is not.
Then he suggests self medicating with alcohol
What a dipshit
But he's cool with our Mental Health queen because he patted her ass

No. 832225

Holly didn't help Jared analyze his marriage and come to the conclusion he was abused. Holly told him he was being abused. He disagreed and tattled on her to Heidi. Then she strong armed him to try and dump his wife for months while bombarding him with abuse articles and staging interventions.

No. 832321

File: 1562334820598.jpg (851.58 KB, 1080x2986, Screenshot_2019-07-05-08-53-00…)

No. 832330

Based Heidi is so composed and to the point. No embellishing, no dramatics. It kills me to know that so many people see her as a toxic abuser when she's the victim

No. 832331

I’m glad TRO’s video emphasizes that if Heidi were gaslighted by Jared, her reaction online while unhinged makes sense as a victim of someone emotionally abused. A lot of Jared and Holly’s WK’s seem to forget that emotional outbursts are a part of being a victim of gaslighting.

And considering Holly’s manipulative behavior on Twitter, I wouldn’t be surprised if Heidi was emotionally abused by Holly as well. Holly being overly apologetic to her in those shared texts just reeks of guilt-tripping and trying to make Heidi second guess her anger and upset.

No. 832365

Not to suck Heidi's dick, but I'm impressed by how composed she is and straight forward
But maybe that's because Holly has been such a train wreck monster during all this

No. 832376

File: 1562342815199.jpeg (890.46 KB, 1242x1810, 99DF317A-2103-4C05-871D-749314…)

Now therightopinion is debating with fish and some other holly wk on his Twitter…
I actually wish he had read that jaredhollyheidi tumblr prior to posting his video so he could’ve shut down that bullshit

No. 832381

File: 1562343734107.png (68.25 KB, 591x777, Screenshot_36.png)

>Not wearing the wedding ring supports the claim that the marriage effectively ended in 2018.
Heidi didn't wear her wedding ring while she was in cosplay, does that mean that while in cosplay she wasn't married? This is such a shitty point to make. Holly and Jared's white knights have obviously never had a meaningful relationship before.

No. 832383

Samefag but it’s interesting that holly follows TRO but hasn’t made a comment acknowledging his video yet. It isn’t like her to ignore its existence when it’s criticizing her, or she’s been too scared to watch it.

No. 832385

Isn't there proof on Heidi's instagram that he wore the wedding ring up until January this year though? lol

No. 832391

There's proof on her twitter and instagram, >>831559 >>831558 as well as Jared wearing his ring of February of this year >>828685 (which Holly idiotically says it's "an old photo" >>829287).

No. 832393

That's a blatant lie on Holly's side, lmao.

No. 832399

Sounds like he and Holly are birds of a feather

No. 832401

>a day before the accusers went public

what does he mean by this? Is he talked about Jared's "uhm we're gonna divorce lole" twitter post?

No. 832404

It's probably because Heidi is an adult who seems to be getting genuine help for whatever emotional problems she has following her shitty marriage. The only people buying the psycho Heidi story are KF incels and women who have a "not like other girls" complex.

It's so obvious that Holly has NPD and an abusive personality that's getting worse, not better. She made this whole situation about her when most of Heidi's initial tweets were about Jared, just like how she made Etika's death all about her. She keeps showing her true narcissistic colors and it shocks me that big names in the DnD community still follow her.

No. 832422

He's saying Heidi was in cahoots with Chai and Charlie and all the other girls that got unsolicited dickpics and planned to release them all at the same time, which totally makes more sense than all those people going public because they saw Heidi speaking out

No. 832424

also conveniently missing the fact that Heidi knew about the affair for months and was going to keep it private until Jared tried to put words in her mouth without consulting her, she didn't "just happen to find them some time before".

And Heidi was not made aware of Chai and Charlie's accusations before they went public, Holly was, and she ratted them out to Jared. These Holly WKs pretend they have all the facts but they get every bit so distorted it might as well be fiction.

No. 832441

It's like they're trying to gaslight the whole internet.

No. 832454

cue holly "this is simply not true. don't believe a liar believe me"
when heidi presents her story logically and gives exact timelines/details, and holly's whole logic is "just believe me blindly because it's KiNd"

No. 832465

File: 1562352925376.png (2.01 MB, 1600x3932, haha.png)

Sage for no new content, but I'm really liking these posts on tumblr.
Proud of tumblr for once.

No. 832466

This just proves Holly was definitely an active player in Heidi’s gaslighting along with Jared.

This “we have to be nice oowoo don’t bully” bullshit was the same manipulation she was doing with being overly apologetic to Heidi.

God only knows what she was doing to Ross during their marriage behind the scenes.

No. 832481

Who's Pam?

>Have ya'll not seen her bangs? They tell you everything you should know.

As funny as that is, it's a good point. Another good point made is that WotC would get a fucking extreme amount of backlash if they would ever allow Holly to come back. Victims of abuse, fans angry about the minor thing and Holly backing Jared, the black community, disappointed fans, you fucking name it, Holly has pissed them all off by not shutting the fuck up. Every time she spoke she made things worse for herself because of the shit she wouldn't stop spewing. She really did burn most of her bridges.

No. 832490

>Ross recently revealed in a he's dating someone!
any Idea who ross is dating now

No. 832492

pamela horton i believe, the cosplayer(?) who jared harassed at a con by googling her lewds and sharing them with people sitting with him in her presence
i know holly's providing the bulk of milk here but i can't reiterate how absolutely disgusting this worm of a man is

No. 832493

samefag sorry
>Pamela Horton is an American celebrity noted as a YouTuber, model, and former Playboy Playmate. She also got famous as the girlfriend of American comedian, YouTuber, and Smosh member Ian Hecox.

No. 832495


She doesn't want to be part of his social media presence, but on Twitch he said that she might be in the other room sometimes (as he has plans to stream a lot more due to Mario Maker 2)
He said we can call her Giiwii, shes an artist and colourist. If you've seen the picture of Ross with all his monster girls together that he uses whilst starting up on Twitch, she coloured that for him.

She seems nice. She packed hundreds of stickers for him for the garage sale, and when he was stressed on stream recently he said that she started to stroke his hair (the cam was off)

No. 832508

I suspect Giiwii is most likely black

No. 832509

No. 832511

how is that relevant at all

No. 832513

Seriously, this is disgusting. I'm shocked more people don't bring this up.

No. 832517


That literally does not matter at all (other than black twitter potentially being pissed at Holly for the whole Etika thing - and Ross' new gf coincidentally being black)

Seriously, though - Ross' new GF's ethnicity does not matter.

No. 832518

It's the first I've heard about it here. I feel like we've been so focused on Holly's disgusting behavior that we forgot about Jared's.

No. 832524

Unfortunately Jared's been hiding like a bitch and letting Holly take 100% of the hits, lol.

No. 832525


I don't think it's so much that people forgot - just that he kept his mouth shut and is hiding while Holly can't keep her mouth shut and shit together for more than 10 minutes at a time.

No. 832526


>"letting Holly take 100% of the hits"

It certainly doesn't hurt that when it starts to fade off a little bit, she says something even dumber than a previous statement and stirs that hornets nest back up.

No. 832527

Oh I know and like >>832524 said, Holly's been taking all of the hits which is probably Jared's plan. Like TRO said, Jared staying quiet even though he's supposed to be the abused one makes no sense if Holly is the one releasing the "proof" of his abuse. He's letting Holly throw herself under the bus and is the one driving the bus that's running her dumb ass over.

No. 832529


>Jared staying quiet even though he's supposed to be the abused one makes no sense if Holly is the one releasing the "proof" of his abuse.

This is what gets me the most. He's taking full advantage of Holly's savior-complex at the moment, so that when all is said & done, he can rest easy knowing that Holly buried herself, and since Holly has little to no self-respect, she'll gladly throw herself in the line of fire for someone who just barely gives a shit about her.

No. 832530

Someone who's not even coming out of hiding to defend her and back up what little so called evidence comes forward.

No. 832533

TRO was so on point with the language Jared used in his public statements too. I’m glad he called him out on his blanket statements and how his further silence isn’t helping his innocence if he is truly innocent.

Which he isn’t. Name one internet celeb (who isn’t a sex worker obviously) who’s exchanged nudes and had sex with fans that wasn’t scummy.

No. 832535

At this point, "evidence" is just people shouting about their headcanons.

No. 832537

Barely? I don't think he cares at ALL. First she was easy pussy, then a stepping stone, now a rabid watchdog, nothing more.

I wonder if that's something he's been coaching her to do behind the scenes or if she came up with that little routine all by herself. Honestly I don't see how she thinks Jared gives 1 iota of a fuck about her. NO ONE who cares about you would let you destroy yourself the way she does on twitter daily. Jared never tried to protect in his statements either, in fact he only mentioned her by name once. Jared's just handing her the rope to hang herself with.

No. 832540

Don't tell Jared and Holly's stans that. They'll lose their shit. Even farmers realize that our opinions on the matter are just that, opinions. They complain about others taking things at face value when they themselves are doing the exact thing the criticize.

No. 832541

Apparently Ross is in therapy.

Imagine this situation is pretty hard on him.

No. 832549

File: 1562362949512.png (15.89 KB, 748x176, pedojaredtruther.png)

lmao at all the butthurt WKs that are spamming TRO with their 'truth'

No. 832555

File: 1562363532471.png (16.55 KB, 628x130, mido.png)

No. 832559

No matter what these idiots say there are still screenshots. Whether Jared knew or not does not matter and if he truly did ask every single person what their age was, then he should have evidence of that with his own screenshot. "Just trust my word" hasn't been proof of shit in decades.

No. 832560

File: 1562364141862.png (162.71 KB, 640x1002, TRO-salt1.png)

Just watched TRO's video for the first time & I know one should never look at the comments but… my god, the SALT!

No. 832561

File: 1562364356065.png (20.4 KB, 620x124, WeinsteinCosby.png)

Was going to add this comment to the salt pic, but then I looked at the username….

No. 832564

File: 1562364955010.png (155.94 KB, 556x1106, Secular Ascetic.png)

And of course there's that one user that keeps popping into the popular comments to 'correct the masses'…

No. 832569

File: 1562365206848.png (43 KB, 568x360, Secular Ascetic1.png)

All these bold claims & no proof whatsoever

…Do we even know who was first to suggest polyamory in the first place?

No. 832571


I always find it weird how they paint Heidi as this genius mastermind who managed to pull this plan to ruin Jared for……what exactly?

Heck Heidi has even pointed out that she was living off his income so for her to kill his career would activity hurt her

No. 832572

>she was really possessive of Jared and clearly resented Holly being involved with him

Oh no! A wife is not okay with her husband being with another woman who's husband has no idea about what's going on! Say it ain't so!

He sounds like a huge incel. All three of them were idiotic fuckers when it came to the poly relationship and should never try that shit again since they just ended up hurting a lot of people. Heidi is the only one who had enough sense to stop it after she saw that it was becoming a bad idea.

The white knights, fanatics, and incels seem more involved in their marriage than the people actually involved and barely have any evidence to back up their claims.

No. 832573

It was all Heidi's master plan to come in and personally destroy their D&D entertainment.

No. 832575

File: 1562365812773.png (34.75 KB, 556x340, Secular Ascetic2.png)


>He sounds like a huge incel.

No way, anon, he's had "experience with cheaters"

He also doesn't have any uploads, or an about page, big surprise there…

No. 832580


I’m pretty sure the only cheaters he had experiences with are the ones in his online games

No. 832584

File: 1562366402042.png (83.41 KB, 465x548, Capture _2019-07-05-17-20-58.p…)

It's okay, neither are Holly's incel WKs who don't understand how consent works.

Honestly it makes me shudder that one of the main arguments against Heidi is that she consented.. And then took that back once she was uncomfortable. Like women can't do that apparently?

No. 832585

Women can't say no anon, you know that.

No. 832587


I've even seen some WKs argue that Heidi went Poly, then got frustrated b/c no one wanted her & when girls wanted Jared, she got 'jealous' or some shit.

Like, either she's a desperate & lonely harpy, or a slick & manipulative succubus?

No. 832594

Yeah, because I'm sure an attractive cosplayer has a lot of trouble finding people to sleep with. Her only known relationship was with a transmale who lived in another state. I don't mean to sound insensitive but I don't it was super physical. It seemed like it was someone to cosplay and share an emotional connection with.

No. 832595

Every argument people have against Heidi regarding the poly thing just REEKS of manosphere rhetoric. Women are hypergamous whores who just want to cheat and date up and they open relationships so they can fuck Chad and blah blah. They'd fucking love it if she wanted an open relationship to sleep around but couldn't get guys while her husband was living it up, it's a revenge fantasy for them so I'm not surprised they contradict themselves like that.

It's so blatantly obvious that is not the case, and she was trying to appease her manwhore husband despite not being entirely comfortable and only rescinded consent when it really crossed the line.

No. 832597


Similar to the whole "it was EVIL HEIDI's idea to be poly and she FORCED it on poowr uguu babby Jawed", all of a sudden I'm seeing claims like >>832575 and >>832569 saying that Heidi had cheated first before they ever opened their relationship. ??? Did I miss something? Is there anything at all that suggests this, or is it just this one galaxy brain Internet PI spamming it all over youtube comments?

No. 832601


-Spams JaredHeidiHollyTRUTH-tumblr Page-

It tells u ALL u need to know! uwu


No. 832604

They are starting to spam a link from the ProJared2 reddit instead now. Thing is, that's even worse because one look at the posts there and you can tell what a cesspool it is. They downvote anyone who doesn't think Jared and Holly are completely pure and innocent. The things they speculate about Heidi are insane and often slut shaming. It's not a place that welcomes honest, open discussion and unbias truth. It's a place where about a dozen people (the same dozen who harass Heidi and wk Holly on Twitter since most use similar names on each site) stifle discussion and jerk each other off.

No. 832605

Yeah, there's already a post bitching about how 'uninformed' & 'biased' TRO's video is lmao

No. 832606

File: 1562370129773.png (137.56 KB, 473x575, Capture _2019-07-05-17-34-59.p…)

They've already made a Reddit post "de-bunking" TRO's video. It's like they're allergic to coming up with their own arguments and ideas that they just need a link to spam asap.

No. 832607

Such a shame that ProJared2 became a WK dumpster fire, it was originally made to spread more clown Jared memes…I sure miss those days

No. 832610

Yup. Sad thing is the link in TRO gives them more exposure and new people are there to voice opinions and ask questions but they are immediately buried because they don't suck Jared and Holly's balls. No better way to chase people off and get them not to hear out your theories than to make them feel stupid and unwelcome.

No. 832612

It's always the same 6-7 people defending them too. Makes it pretty obvious they are brigading. When you try to engage with them they usually back down or embarrass themselves though which is always fun to read.

Also I remember Denica telling someone they were evading Holly's block and reading her Twitter still, but Denica literally has a post on Reddit analyzing Heidi's latest tweets despite being blocked by her back in May. Desperate and hypocritical I see. You'll never be Strix, girl.

No. 832613


Funny thing is, a bunch of whiny fans on a subreddit discussing their 'headcanons' probably won't 'debunk' a video analyzing Jared's language & behaviors.

No. 832614

Seriously. I was glancing through TRO's comments last night and I saw the thread here >>832564
>Heidi was the one who suggested an open relationship and was the first to start sleeping around
Or in >>832465
>What Heidi did, abusing metoo for her own personal gain, was fucked up

I keep seeing weird new takes that come out of left field for me. Its almost amazing to watch the story morph over time. But very scary at the same time.

I don't think that's what he meant when he said she was a colorist

No. 832615


>"What Heidi did, abusing metoo for her own personal gain, was fucked up"

Never mind the fact that while the #MeToo movement was popular & picking up speed, Heidi was suffering in silence, keeping all of it offline to avoid 'making a scene'.

No. 832617

Aw it’s bittersweet that such a small display of affection means so much to him because Holly was a cold bitch.

No. 832618

File: 1562372022489.jpg (233.08 KB, 1080x1283, IMG_20190705_201155.jpg)

So this is definitely that guys Twitter account right? Lunatic.

No. 832619

File: 1562372144510.png (98.3 KB, 536x781, Screenshot_20190706-101301~2.p…)

Completely unrelated to the current discussion and maybe I'm super late because I just started using IG but I was surprised to see Arin following Jon? I thought they were completely no contact.

No. 832621

File: 1562372277268.png (37.28 KB, 584x328, RTressym.png)


Or this…
Holly & Jared's WKs are in full-force tonight after a video that challenges their trash-queen's precious narrative has been unleashed.

No. 832622

This person has no experience with cheaters. If Jared hated the idea of Heidi opening up their marriage he would have left her then. I even get the feeling Jared initially didn't want to leave Heidi for Holly, especially since ghosted several fans he fucked and Jared got away with fucking around while keeping a positive image with having a wife. It's just Jared soon realized he could not longer keep Heidi around once Heidi had proof of his cheating that he then switch to settling for Holly so he won't feel alone. Holly also had been suicide-baiting about Jared not leaving Heidi. Jared was placating Holly by saying he was trying to leave Heidi but since Heidi was abusive it was hard for him when Jared probably still wanted to keep his wife around. And all the slandering about Heidi being abusive that Jared and Holly told to their friends probably made people pressure Jared to leave the marriage.

No. 832625

Apparently agreeing to marriage counseling is as good as breaking up. Do these people realize they do themselves AND Holly/Jared no favors? If I was on the fence I'd lean towards Heidi's side just because the wks sound so incredibly stupid I'd believe there is no way they could be right.

No. 832626

File: 1562372705095.png (40.83 KB, 588x392, bemeantoheididamnit.png)

No. 832629

>being with Holly
except they still aren't together LOL

and are they just going to ignore the fact he slept with many other people during the poly period….

No. 832630

Yeah, not to mention the WKs go from victim-blaming TERFs to single, middle-aged women & incels who know jack-shit about marriage, polyamory, or anything about relationships in particular.

No. 832632


That boat has sailed on Jared replying as I think he’s fine in just staying quiet and letting holly take all of the heat

No. 832633

File: 1562373132822.png (85.45 KB, 600x1024, UW-TRO.png)

He sounds like someone who should be put on a watch-list. What a fucking creep.

No. 832634

File: 1562373384295.jpg (Spoiler Image,547.74 KB, 1437x863, SmartSelect_20190705-203501_Tw…)

Anyone else notice what the character skills for Holly's character says? 😂

No. 832635


Accidentally pressed spoiler image. Spoiler is not necessary, mb.

No. 832641

They buried the hatchet somewhat but the GG crew distances themselves from Jon when he did the debate.

No. 832642

File: 1562373876158.png (39.06 KB, 572x360, nudes.png)

Relevant; Heidi cannot & will not release Holly's nudes & sexts because that's illegal.

Holly already posted a private & dirty convo between Heidi & Jared (That she wasn't present for, I might add)

…Isn't that still illegal?

No. 832646

IMO, outside of Jared's pedo allegations, Holly needs to be worried about getting slammed with a defamation lawsuit from Heidi.

Everything Heidi has said has been backed up by evidence or in person conversation.

Holly is wildly calling Heidi abusive and smearing her name/reputation to thousands and thousands of fans, releasing private messages between a husband and wife (neither of which was her, btw) to the public, and repeatedly claiming to know things that there is no possible way she could know (like the whole fiasco of holly talking about something to do with heidi's therapy which would be violating doctor/patient privilege)

No. 832647

Holly's WK like to scream about suing Heidi, but she doesn't have a leg to stand on. Heidi, on the other hand? Hell, Holly's very public rants against Heidi are all the evidence she would need.

No. 832648


Dirty texts aren't illegal to share, but other people's nudes are illegal to share as it counts as revenge porn

No. 832649

I also think its hilarious that Holly's WK like to say that what her fans are saying shouldn't reflect on Holly, but then Holly accused Heidi of posting revenge porn when it was a bunch of fans posting his dick picks.

No. 832650


It would absolutely be illegal for Holly's nudes to be made public as it would count as revenge porn.

It's not illegal (Depending on the state; Some only require the consent of one of the involved parties) for Heidi to post conversations that she was a part of (ex: texts between heidi and jared). It is shady, if not downright illegal, for Holly to post text messages between Jared & Heidi since, for all anyone knows, neither party consented to having those conversations made public.

No. 832652


Exactly. If Jared was all about soliciting nudes from fans and sending others in return, how the fuck is Holly going to scream about it being Heidi's fault?

If Jared was so worried about the universe seeing his obscene worm dick, he probably should have kept it in his pants and not sent pics of it to so many people.

No. 832654

File: 1562374699304.png (11.45 KB, 576x124, ProfessionalSplatposting.png)

The salt is real

No. 832655

it's illegal to post messages between two people if you are neither of the people in the messages. if you're sharing other people's private conversations that you were not a part of and do not have consent from both of them to share, you're breaking the law

No. 832657

…Which is exactly what Holly did.

No. 832660

File: 1562376091739.png (20.4 KB, 576x224, AetoricDesignagain.png)

Well look who's back!

No. 832661


I wish I could reinsert the "I'm sorry, I'm mentally ill" reaction image - y'know, take the reaction right from the horses mouth.

No. 832663


I love that they talk of a slander lawsuit, like Holly's claims of Heidi being abusive and repeatedly abusing Jared are somehow NOT slanderous.

No. 832664

File: 1562376241648.png (5.57 KB, 400x76, AetoricDesignAgain1.png)

>One of Holly's WKs
>Complaining about 'virtue-signalling'

No. 832665


>talks about heidi's "bs" showing up on his feed

>tags her so she remains there

What the fuck, wk?

No. 832667

File: 1562376427643.png (39.21 KB, 574x371, Screenshot_36.png)

When the wk's assume that because Jared can't NOT fuck anything with a pulse, that it clearly means that Heidi is doing the same and she has to clarify:

No. 832668

Remember, this is the guy who pretends to own a company.

No. 832669


If by company you mean that he has made a full time career in trying to promote himself as a twitter troll, then yes - nailed it. A for effort.

No. 832670


They just want everyone to think that Heidi was SUCH an absolute WHORE that Jared had to leave her & go for someone more 'loyal' like Holly! uwu

No. 832671


> someone more 'loyal' like Holly

Yeah, so loyal. I mean look how loyal she was to Ross! Oh wait….

No. 832672

Why are they all so aggressive? Like every wk Holly has exudes this immense anger and toxicity. They are like the exact opposite of all the bullshit she pretends to believe in like kindness.

No. 832675

Well, she does reward their efforts with a follow

No. 832676

Truly amazing that Jared is the one with proof of sexting with fans and even fucking one (twice?) at cons.
Yet somehow HEIDI is the whore, even tho there was proof that she had 1 extra partner during their poly stint. A partner she texted Jared about bc (wild thought) she wanted to include her husband in sex and be open

No. 832679

It seems like Heidi tried to keep Jared engaged in her other relationship. I may be wrong, but didn't he go to cons with them and take photos? Isn't there pictures of that guy and Jared cosplaying Sailor Moon characters TOGETHER? And Heidi texts Jared letting him know that her other partner wanted Jared to teach him how to pleasure Heidi. It wasn't a secret tryst or against Jared's will. Jared seemed very aware of Heidi's side relationship. Meanwhile Jared and Holly immediately break trust, Holly tells Jared she only wants his worm dick and not her husband, and then they carried on a secret affair when Heidi realizes Holly is unable to respect marital boundaries.

No. 832684

Yeah, it seemed like Jared was very involved in Heidi's one other relationship, it['s not like she was being secretive to him about it.

No. 832696

File: 1562380340471.jpeg (595.26 KB, 1242x1476, 001E527C-616E-4BAC-A8F5-6D52E4…)


No. 832708

I wonder if TRO will make a follow-up video since Holly's WKs are trying to spread as much misinfo as possible

Holly could probably give less of a shit about providing a linear story that doesn't contradict itself

Even the insignificant details change to certainty over time
>She tried to steal his gold play button!!
>She did steal his gold play button!!

It's funny Holly only put out "receipts" that Jared seems to have sent her (I'm guessing during their affair, to confirm Holly's push to claim Heidi was abusive to her smug satisfaction and Jared's sexual satisfaction it seems) aren't even swaying in any self-defense but rather open with "Don't use these to bully Heidi or Jared" yet the whole time aiming to show Heidi as a bad person.

Despite having an affair behind Heidi's back and cosplaying as well, to the WKs Heidi is the whore and THOT?

Holly thinks she's the one being bullied but only deals with clown emojis and confrontations about her actions, Heidi is being straight-up harassed and has people making Tumblrs calling her a bad person all on hearsay.

No. 832716


>calling her a bad person all on hearsay.

This is what I don't get. And Holly is making shit worse by claiming that her therapist thinks she's crazy & 'unfixable'? I'm surprised no one points out how fucked up (& probably illegal) that is…

No. 832721

based heidi

No. 832726

>He says not even a full week after Etika killed himself.

No. 832728

These are from April

No. 832730


Plenty of people DID point out that a therapist disclosing that to someone who is NOT the patient is super illegal - They were either harassed into silence by Holly's WK Brigade or Holly blocked them.

No. 832735


Also just super great that he's encouraging people to go to alcohol to solve their issues rather than doing the healthy thing in seeing a doctor/psychiatrist/psychologist/counselor.

Because nothing says "I'm legit!" like telling a bunch of people - many of whom are minors - that alcohol is a fix for the problems they're lying about having. /s

No. 832743

These are from May

No. 832745

I get why he'd feel this way after having Holly's WK squad go after him, as well as going to r/projared2, or whichever one he linked, for "facts."
But, what I wish he did, was delve into the blatant lies Holly made against Heidi, like the classic unfixable lines.
Or comparing Holly and Heidi's various apologies (or non-apologies in some cases)
Or the power imbalances between the 3 of them (Followers, money, their place in the industry, etc)
Or the statements made before this broke (Holly sperging about wanting to kill herself in Dec 2018 because her friend was in an abusive relationship and wouldn't leave, Heidi saying she knew not many people would believe her but she had to tell her exprience anyway) or the things Holly said at the very beginning ("I'll always be there for you Jared" and "don't believe that internet rando, believe THIS internet rando!")
Or the statements made by relatively well-known women like Pamela Horton or Pushing Up Roses rather than just tumblr teens and throwaways that change their mind on a dime.
The icing would be comparing Ross' abusive ex story with how Holly acts on twitter but that might be too much of a stretch for TRO to actually bring up in a video.

Fingers crossed if he makes a followup, he won't just focus on the sources given by the freaks ree-ing from this video.

No. 832749

Samefag but also the nugget that is Holly following WKs to reward them for their vitriol should be talked about.
I'd kinda get it if Holly had less followers than Heidi or something, but she doesn't, she has more than twice as many.

No. 832752

Actions speak louder than words.

No. 832755

File: 1562389118105.jpg (47.54 KB, 895x608, tro1.JPG)

Now that the video has had some time to be up (and now that the WKs are done swarming the vid) I think the response is still heavily in favor of heidi. I've been seeing nothing but support for TRO's vid and for heidi in the comment section at the moment. Here are just a few pages of the comment section.

No. 832756

File: 1562389151128.jpg (62.39 KB, 860x604, tro2.JPG)

No. 832758

The WKs are in all the replies.

No. 832759

the fact that these are still the most liked comments speaks volumes though. There's even more too. It's some of the same wks too, and you can tell that some of them like this guy >>832561 can't even be seen as credible by their own side.

No. 832767

File: 1562395099836.png (159.85 KB, 632x1006, 20190706_033545.png)

this oscar guy is a trip

No. 832768

File: 1562395120816.png (193.96 KB, 636x988, 20190706_033604.png)

No. 832772

The thread has shifted again. It's not about any of the people in the title, just the white knights. Has Holly finally learned to shut her mouth?

No. 832774

On one hand, I’m glad Holly finally learned to shut the fuck up (or someone passed along the message of her opening herself to a defamation lawsuit from Heidi)

On the other hand, I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop because we all know Holly can’t NOT be a victim for five minutes

No. 832777

Give her a couple of days, I'm sure she'll post more dumb shit soon.

No. 832779


>"And since Jared is the white male he is getting all the unfair treatment from all gossipers and feminists"

Ummm, who's gonna tell this guy that ProJared fancied himself as a 'male-feminist'?


>"Damn I wish I was Jared dating you"

How do you know if they're dating, Oscar? Seems like Jared has already thrown her under the bus now that she is no longer useful to him.

No. 832780

I wonder if she's going to try and gather evidence, or what she thinks could be evidence in some kind of retort

It would also be interesting if she was PMing RTO receipts

No. 832783


I don't necessarily think (from the very little I know about RTO) he would hesitate to tell Holly just how illegal it is to share text conversations between Heidi/Jared.

I'm just really hoping that Jared or even that friend/roommate of hers finally told her to shut the fuck up on twitter.

That, or she'll post in a few days about how she was ACTUALLY tweeting from the mental hospital again (I still don't know how she saw/interacted with friends the way she did when she was in the hospital the first time back in May or early June)

No. 832785

File: 1562398436456.png (72.24 KB, 528x484, OSCAR.png)

Only the 'Best People' support Holly

No. 832787

File: 1562398825906.png (28.71 KB, 616x286, tweet.PNG)

Isn't this Anna's ex-husband? This seems to be sort of a weird response and I'm not really sure what to make of it.

No. 832789


It could just be a show of support, a sort of "Been there, been through that" kind of thing

No. 832790


In today's episode of "What a coincidence!":

Geoff posted the seperation/divorce announcement from Anna back in October 2018, roughly when Holly and Jared allegedly started their sexual relationship (or at the very least, the exchanging of sexually explicit messages).

(I know literally nothing of these people prior to jared trending on twitter when this all initially blew up)

No. 832796

i can't stop laughing, oscar saying
>you can count on me for anything
is just too close to holly's initial
>i'm here if you need me
thirsty bastards lmfao

No. 832798


I maintain that Holly's "I'm here if you need me" was a piss poor attempt at maintaining a public image of just friendship that Heidi promptly nuked RIGHT the fuck out of the water.

Heidi deserves the biggest "atta girl" to date for that initial smackdown.

No. 832805

I know this has been brought up before but god, the fact that Anna's ex and Nathan's ex can often be found in Heidi's comments supporting her speaks volumes. All victims of the DCA affair club.

No. 832808

I thought a woman just had to open her legs and suddenly dicks would appear tho


No. 832809

Watch the last episode of Jon's Starcade.

No. 832810

I wonder how his business is doing.

No. 832811



Oh, the dicks are plentiful - We're just too damned dumb to see them right in front of our faces - what, all those nice guys sending us unsolicited dick pics /s

No. 832842

TERF what now?

No. 832856


Skills is what she is.
Powers is what she wishes she could have.

No. 832857


I watch him for the sc2 casts. He was so fucking depressed through it all and said not a single bad word about Anna.
I think both have stayed quite so the shit storm that has happened with Heidi doesn’t happen to them. Geoff is a massive sc2 caster, wouldn’t be surprised if Anna married him for his money just to cheat on him and fuck off with his money

No. 832909

File: 1562429574698.png (838.66 KB, 779x809, rosstwitchcon.png)

i recently became a fan of Ross after all this and found out he was also at TwitchCon (where Holly & Jared probably hooked up). the pics on instagram are…depressing, even though the captions are either neutral or upbeat. there's just a series of these and some people picked up on the contradicting vibes from his posts, asking if he's ok. i doubt there's anything new to gleam from this and maybe the two are unrelated, but it feels too out of character compared to the rest of his posts to be mere coincidence considering the timing.
also, i realized that one of Jared's major creep-factors is that he almost never smiles with his eyes, even when he's not intentionally making a weird face.

No. 832911

At least Ross can go to these events now without having to worry about Jared or Holly showing up. It's pretty obvious that even though Holly abused him and cheated on him, he loved her a lot and the divorce devastated him. It's gotta be a huge knock to your self esteem to be left for Earthworm Jim.

No. 832946

That asshole out here defending cheaters, but looks like he has to pay big bucks to ever sleep with a woman. What trash. Cheating is disgusting and can (has even) ruined lives. Holly and Jared's bullshit is a prime example.

No. 832950

>Earthworm Jim

Anon, bless. My sides are gone. Yeah, glad things are looking up for Ross. He's doing regular streams and getting a lot of support from fans. best part is, no one is bringing up Holly

No. 833005

The fact Holly STILL hasn't spoken up about TRO's video and hasn't mentioned anything jared/heidi related in a few days…

Well, y'all know that feeling in the air right before a big storm? It kind of feels like that.

No. 833012

Maybe Jared finally told her to shut the hell up because she is constantly making things worse.

No. 833014


Worse for herself. Besides, if Jared really gave a fuck, he would have told her to shut up from the jump, rather than waiting until she demolished what little self respect and public image she had left.

No. 833029

Washington is a two-party consent state. Holly posting these screenshots without both Jared and Heidi's consent is illegal.

No. 833031

In a slander lawsuit, truth is an absolute defence

No. 833033

When DCA comes back it should just star Heidi, Ross, Geoff and Cristina. No explanation.

No. 833038

File: 1562445101711.jpg (346.41 KB, 1080x1377, IMG_20190706_162513.jpg)

Some fresh hypocrisy from the projared2 subreddit. "I can't believe they are taking Heidi at face value!! They don't even know her! They just desperately don't want to be wrong!" I don't understand how people can lack so much self awareness. This could so easily be applied to either side and it's rich coming from an echo chamber like pj2 where they downvote and attack anyone with an opposing opinion.

No. 833097

File: 1562452962399.png (12.76 KB, 572x77, Screenshot_39.png)

She…She does know that she's not ACTUALLY a bird, right?

No. 833099

File: 1562453140813.png (18.77 KB, 584x180, Screenshot_40.png)

Wait…the shit that Holly was spewing for weeks was an attempt to please people???

No. 833114

She humiliated herself because people saw through her attempts to garner pity. She wasn't trying to please trolls. She was trying to absolve herself of all wrong doing in the public eye. Instead of showing some sort of contrition for how she has acted she blamed her mental illness. People like to blame all of Holly's actions on the trolls or Heidi, but we see through her tone deaf reaction to Etika's death that that is just the kind of person she is.

No. 833119

File: 1562455952600.png (18.65 KB, 573x152, Screenshot_42.png)


For a college educated person, she's easily the dumbest human I've come across (next to holly and pedodick)

No. 833122

Wait, so if she puts it this way then Jared is still a bad guy. Holly won't like that! wuw…he was abused! Holly is going to save him!

No. 833124

Actually Denica, while Heidi did originally know of and endorse the porn blog, she later told Jared to shut it down because she realized how problematic it was. She had no idea he was still engaging with fans until she found text messages between Holly and Jared where he was bragging about it. Holly was very aware of his abuse of power and even delivered him the contact info of his victims.

No. 833125

Holly has said she knew about it, Denica. Please do ur research, Ms PhD.

No. 833126

Ever since the zoepost, every instance of an internet celebrity's public relationship drama has been transformed into a stupid social media proxy war where men in the manosphere places huge emotional stake on the idea that the man is an innocent victim/the woman is an evil lying whore. This is what we get to look forward to from now on
what is that even supposed to mean in this context?
Imagine being caught in an embarrassing public scandal and the only people going to bat for you are visible losers like this

No. 833155


>it's not true, and if it is, it's Heidi's fault!

Might as well be their motto

No. 833163

File: 1562464917512.jpg (471.58 KB, 1071x1288, 58w8i47t.jpg)

Not sure if anyone caught these

No. 833167

These were posted earlier in the thread. >>832321

No. 833168

Excuse my confusion, but who is this girl? Just some WK? Or is she close to Holly like Jessica?

No. 833169


She's just a random fan that has obsessively led the charge defending Holly beyond all reason. Holly followed her back like all the other WKs, so she acts important now.

She collects names for Holly to block. Probably Jared too

No. 833170

Just a psychotic WK.

No. 833175

File: 1562467769491.jpg (281.83 KB, 1500x1184, sexual predators.jpg)


>but looks like he has to pay big bucks to ever sleep with a woman

that's Harvey Weinstein, the hollywood producer guy and "alleged" serial rapist/"casting couch" enthusiast in that guy's profile picture.

No. 833189

kek since hollys literal first post was you know me guys

these idiots deserve each other

No. 833191

The images of Holly morphing into a clown are worthy of being the next thread pic.

No. 833192


But it was no gradual shift. It's like one minute, she was attempting to be a Wholesome Bird Mom™ and the next, Bozo the Adulterous Clown.

No. 833198

There was also that tweet Holly 'liked' about it being 'the perfect month for vengeance' or something like that…

No. 833200


That implies she has the ability to be calculated and plan ahead

No. 833209

I think those pics were a running joke.

No. 833222

Honestly this situation is turning more and more into a "he said/she said" incident, but the way Heidi has gone about it just makes it sound more plausible. Especially considering how Holly has behaved on twitter since first talking about this.

No. 833225


Exactly. I mean, could Heidi have gone about her initial response in a less inflammatory way? I don't know, probably - but this is a woman who was pushed to the edge by a husband who promised her the world and gave her broken promises and infidelity. After that initial burst, she has mostly kept quiet and moved on with her life.

Holly (up until the last few days at least) has repeatedly brought it up, and when things start to die down, she just pokes the embers to get the fire going again. People are forever more inclined to believe the person who is acting calmly and rationally - not the raving lunatic who can't go five minutes without mentioning her suicidal tendencies as a means of garnering sympathy.

No. 833244


Jokes often stem from reality and I wouldnt be shocked if Ross made it a running joke how often he left alone while Holly went and roleplayed her infidelity

No. 833246

Ross also confirmed in the GG's new Mario Maker 2 LP (episode 3) that he's going to therapy. sage because it's not really milk but I'm just glad he's getting help with this shit

No. 833270

File: 1562505238186.png (727.67 KB, 633x862, animorphs.png)

I would love to see a cover of Animorphs but with Holly turning into a clown.

No. 833274

Weird art anon, it's your time to shine

No. 833275


holy shit, I just researched wtf animorphs are and looking at the images… this has me really worried.

this looks like gateway sick furry deviantart fetish shit. omg the artwork, I just can't…

sage for non contributing sperging

No. 833293

Just some uninvolved rando stuck in bumfuck Sweden. She doesn't even live on the same continent as Holly.

No. 833296

File: 1562509723463.jpg (47.41 KB, 795x488, legancy.JPG)

I honestly love the fact that outside of the whole twitter shittery going on with Holly, Jared is being forever remembered as the duded that groomed underage teenagers, wrecked his marriage and just being a piece of human shit.It's not the first time I'm seeing him being mentioned whenever pedophiles are being discussed. Lovin' it.

No. 833298

Holy fuck I know I'm super late to this but this trainwreck moves faster than a human can follow, I thought at first that Holly was just a dumbass who couldn't keep her legs together or cover her trail properly but this bitch is full of vitriol and narcissism. I'm so not surprised that Ross wants nothing to do with this and has emphasized how much better his life is now. Holly literally went suicide-baiting with muh clown emoji spam trying to make Etika's tragic death all about her and now she's acting like it was just an "unfortunate timing"? What the hell? How did she think she'd get away with this?

To add insult to the injury the "It was Heidi's idea" meme came from one vague statement Jared put out implying that Heidi was the one who suggested it, and in the end it was implied in the bigger picture that Heidi wanted to save the marriage and came up with trying polyamory out so Jared would be free to wave his dick around as he didn't want to remain faithful. The biggest evidence is that Heidi didn't take advantage of the situation at all, the "long-distance boyfriend" people keep bringing up was a fakeboi tranny she did couple cosplays with and by 99.99% certainty shared nothing physical with. It's in no way similar to the relationships Jared had and the constant spreading of nudes to his fans.

No. 833300

Even if Heidi did something with them, she wasn't running around with multiple people + wasn't abusing her power over people (which Jared obv was, but I'll spell it out for WK idiots lurking).

No. 833305


Sage for rant, but I was about to say, you realize that transmen have sex right? So do lesians. I’ve been annoyed at the claim that it obviously wasn’t the physical at all since we found out her ex was trans. Heidi made a point to say “mostly” emotional support for a reason.
I just don’t want to see people jumping on the slut bandwagon if more evidence comes out that they did bang. It wouldn’t matter. The point is that it was one relationship, Heidi took steps to involve and inform Jared, and she called it off when she expected monogamy. They could’ve fucked 50 times and it still wouldn’t have been as debaucherous and creepy as Jared.

No. 833314

No one thinks that. They think it was emotional based because it was almost 100% LDR.

No. 833316

I'm gonna be real with you.

Most people who think of sexuality in heteronormative ways are going to think fucking a transman is anything like fucking a bioman.
Because the transman doesn't have a cock and he can't cum inside a girl. So, because transmen can't do this a lot of people just don't count it as the same as a bioguy doing the same.

It's sad, but that's how it is.

sage for OT

No. 833332

File: 1562517174323.jpg (122.45 KB, 1080x708, IMG_20190707_113113.jpg)

Heidi rt'd this. Might not really be anything but I can't help feel like it's shots fired at Holly since she kept sperging "bE kInD" anytime someone called her out on her bullshit

No. 833354

She probably saw it and felt like it applied to her situation, yeah. pj2 made an insane post about Heidi retweeting this and saying she is trying to get Holly to off herself though lmao

No. 833364

Jesus, I just saw that. "Heidi is going too far" what? "Holly had repeatedly said she's not lying" what?? I didn't know that if you say you're definitely absolutely not lying it DEINITEFLY means you're not lying. I wonder what it's like being this retarded and naive.

No. 833369

yes if holly actually wasn't lying you'd think she'd be more confident and stable. the fact that she keeps freaking out every few days points to guilt

No. 833372

File: 1562524285848.jpeg (88.17 KB, 1305x125, 25E308C4-E9A2-4CC8-8CEA-21082B…)

The lack of self awareness is astounding. It’s like they’ve forgotten Holly’s “Don’t believe her, she’s just an internet stranger. Believe me!” Moment from a few weeks ago

No. 833374

File: 1562524378418.jpeg (86.06 KB, 1333x166, EB96D7C1-D153-4EBB-915B-7E685A…)

I swear to god, it’s like they’re all describing Holly and not Heidi

No. 833375

I've noticed a lot of the people who post there are the same crazies who harass Heidi on Twitter. Like undeadwizardry and TrueAfricanHero as well as many others. Some of them go onto kiwifarms as well and try to drive up anti-Heidi sentiment whenever the topic turns to Holly, but it kf is strongly against both women. They are also trying to post shit on Heidi's subreddit and crying when it's obviously removed lol. The people there are somehow worse than they appear on Twitter. Even old Denica posts there.

No. 833377

Don't know if anyone noticed this but Holly unblocked all her critics and trolls a few days ago. The desire to self-flagellate must have been stronger than the desire to be mentally sound. Jared however, has not unblocked anyone.

No. 833378

She either wants attention aka hate or she is fixin' to release another round of "receipts" and wants all her haters to see.

No. 833379

File: 1562526111253.jpg (105.62 KB, 1080x745, IMG_20190707_150026.jpg)

No. 833382

File: 1562526456023.jpg (374.8 KB, 1080x2526, IMG_20190707_140700.jpg)

I'm howling, this is great

No. 833384

Heidi better watch out. Holly's blood is gonna be on her hands!!!

Meanwhile Holly continues to directly assassinate Heidi's character by calling her an abuser because she yelled at Holly.

No. 833392

Fucking fantastic lol. If Cristina was also cheated on and it involves Anna, this makes the case for Jared and holly even more damned. Waffle crew is confirmed for being the overly affectionate Weeb kids in high school who would cuddle in the halls and ship their OCs.

No. 833395

File: 1562528415083.gif (1.72 MB, 445x280, ronswansongrin1.gif)


Things like this give me hope that not everyone is buying into Holly's woe-is-me "I'm sorry, I'm mentally ill" bullshit.

No. 833404

File: 1562529485952.jpeg (457 KB, 1241x2016, E3B6C226-25F1-44D8-96B0-DAD834…)

Both of these are enough confirmation to show that almost all of the exes that were cheated on (Geoff, Heidi, Cristina) have actively joined forces and have spoken. They all follow each other, and Ross even follows Cristina and Geoff. (he doesn’t follow Heidi tho).

Image shows geoff follows Heidi

No. 833407


I wouldn't doubt that at all. The best support for those who've been cheated on is someone (or several someones) who have gone through the same thing.

No. 833412

File: 1562530691243.png (95.73 KB, 1411x753, more shade.png)

No. 833418

File: 1562531450041.png (359.93 KB, 573x343, Screenshot_47.png)

It's like she sees Heidi posting pictures of Aries and thinks that she'll try and take a page out of her book - just stop, Holly.

No. 833419

File: 1562531505701.png (18.35 KB, 580x181, Screenshot_48.png)

But then she'll go and like posts like this, still proclaiming her innocence and acting like her hurt career is seriously financially affecting her (even though she's living off of her grandpa's money now and probably trying to get some sort of spousal support from Ross…)

No. 833422

Innocent of what? Also notice how her wks are reporting anyone who says anything remotely mean so it gets deleted.

No. 833423


Apparently innocence of being an adulterous skank (I'm not slut shaming but I feel comfortable saying that because who the fuck thinks it's acceptable to send nudes to a married man while you're still legally married to someone else yourself?)

No. 833426

Holy shit that's beautiful

No. 833434


Aries is cuter than Mojo.

No. 833436


Don't drag the cats into this. They don't even know what's going on.

No. 833438

Holly, probably: "But I'm the one that was hurt!"

No. 833462

He probably can't follow Heidi without Holly freaking the fuck out on him. Their divorce is final in a little under two weeks, I wonder if he'll unfollow Holly and follow Heidi then, because we know whose side he is really on here. If it were Holly's at all, he would have said something to defend her, however small and unimportant in the scheme of the situation, or told her to shut up and log off. Anything from Ross in support of Holly would be a big boost to her side of the story. But he's silent anyway. WONDER WHY

No. 833472

Mojo is a good kitty and innocent of Holly's crimes

No. 833492

yeah idk why people keep trying to say they definitely didn't have any kind of sexual relationship. There are texts where Heidi tells Jared that her side dude wants to watch her blow him. Maybe they didn't do anything physical but it was still a sexual relationship and I don't think Heidi has ever denied that it was.

No. 833495


Even if it was sexual, that was still when both Heidi and Jared were open to a poly relationship. The minute Heidi realized her boundaries could not be respected, she revoked consent, asked for monogamy, and called things off with her LDR partner.

The fact that Holly and Jared continued after Heidi revoked her consent to open the marriage to a poly relationship is the problem (and the whole "jared showed his dick to a bunch of people and has nudes of minors" thing)

No. 833501

File: 1562546024678.png (35.98 KB, 580x396, undeadwizardry.png)

No. 833505

Please take a look at his Twitter replies. See how many times he mentions defamation. I'm seriously worried for the mental health of a lot of these Holly/Jared supporters. I saw one on Reddit today calling Heidi supporters TERFs.

No. 833510


>calling Heidi supporters TERFs.

…Despite most of Holly/Jared supporters stating that 2 of the minors that Jared took advantage of shouldn't be believed because they're trans.

Also, last time I checked, it was Holly who had the 'TERF-bangs'

No. 833512

File: 1562547905718.png (43.25 KB, 580x400, allinthepast.png)


Here Denica, let me refresh your memory

No. 833519

lmao it's perfectly legal to say your husband was having an affair. the sheer retardation.

No. 833552

Also Holly’s friend Jessica was the one on here trying to get us to make fun of Heidi’s BF being trans. If Heidi has TERF supporters, big whoop. The Holly base is the one actually playing on anti-trans sentiment.

No. 833556

Was it confirmed to be Jessica?

No. 833558

Not to mention calling someone a cheater isn't a career-ruiner in well… any profession, really?

I know we've said it again and again: but these retard's lone brain cell must be getting cold, because they don't have two to rub together.

No. 833559

ayrt, I definitely think Jared and Holly are worse, just don't understand why everyone is adamant that Heidi never boned her cosplayer beau. She was fully within her right to have a sexual relationship at the time so acknowledging it doesn't make her look bad/worse in any way.
Just annoys me a little that people think because he's Ftm and they were long distance that means they were 100% chaste.

No. 833560

Jessica is also @throwaway273291 on Twitter, made immediately after she deleted her tweets directing keemstar to the bf

No. 833562

File: 1562555933690.png (55.76 KB, 580x280, Throwaway273291.png)

Holy shit what a scumbag.

No. 833564

File: 1562556589364.png (41.89 KB, 584x412, MonomythMacabre.png)

Wow I can't believe Heidi single-handedly destroyed DnD forever!


No. 833565

File: 1562556862550.png (173.48 KB, 480x724, blockedbypeenjared.png)

Actions speak louder than words, Jared.

No. 833571

i hate everything about this
i'm one of the anons who tried to discuss chai being mentally unstable and therefore unreliable in some aspects but quickly understood it didn't have anything to do with their story being true or false.
this on the other hand is just plain and simple harassment. who knew holly the mental advocate would have fans who slander others for being mentally ill and thus untrustworthy/murderous! oh wait…

No. 833572

I deadass thought he was talking about holly here at first since she couldn't shut up for weeks about her "truth" and went on multiple online tirades about it lol

No. 833573

Remember, this is also Jessica - Holly's best friend >>833560

How fun that she's trying to drag Suzy into this as well

No. 833574

It's so weird to me that people are dragging the underage people through the mud and citing their mental stability as one of the reasons they are lying. Considering Holly checked herself into a mental hospital and uses her being mentally ill as an excuse to say terrible things shouldn't they be questioning whether she is telling the truth in this situation too?

Tbh, I don't know if Jared knowingly got pictures from underage fans. I kind of doubt he would purposely do that but I also know that I shouldn't really doubt it too much because we have absolutely no idea who Jared is as a person. Every personal story I read about him makes him seem like a lecherous scum though…so who knows. However, I know Jared was stupid enough to open himself up to the possibility of receiving underage porn. By running that Tumblr and Snapchat he was sending and receiving tons of nudes to people of all ages, and certainly more than a couple were below 18. So I feel no sympathy for him whatsoever. Even if he got pictures from minors without realizing he deserves his career ruined because he used his "celebrity" to solicit pictures from fans and never once cared about the ramifications until it was too late. He is 33. He should know better. Boohoo.

No. 833576


>"I don't know if Jared knowingly got pictures from underage fans. I kind of doubt he would purposely do that"

He may not have directly said "Hey minors, send me pics" - but when you take approx. zero steps to verify someone's age, you recognize that you're running the very real risk of that happening. Not to mention, if I remember right, one of the people TOLD Jared that they were minors and he continued talking to them.

> "He deserves his career ruined"

It's not even about his career, tbh. This goes way beyond that and into the dangerous zone of "should he be prosecuted or not?".

No. 833580

File: 1562560752009.jpg (188.58 KB, 638x1920, 1558256145949.jpg)


>one of the people TOLD Jared that they were minors and he continued talking to them.

He even sent an 'apology' to that one underage person for damage-control purposes.
(Old milk but relevant)

No. 833581


I like that he repeatedly references HIS mental health during this, making sure to point out how mentally ill he was (who does that sound like to y'all?)

Being "mentally unwell" does NOT justify the conversations that Jared had with this person, or any of the other fans who have since come forward with their stories.

No. 833585

I completely agree with all points. I wasn't trying to downplay anything when I said I didn't know if he knowingly got pictures. Actually I completely forgot he was warned and then continued to engage with fans any way. Just disgusting.

I really think Holly wrote or at least coached him through this and all his public statements. Some of his word choices and excuses just wreak of Holly. I still can't believe he had the nerve to contact one of his victims directly, incriminating himself even further.

No. 833589


>"I also want to make sure that you're okay. And that I'm sorry."

Probably the same thing he said to unogirl as well


>I really think Holly wrote or at least coached him through this and all his public statements.

Definitely. Holly seems to think an apology will excuse any action.

No. 833590


I'd gaurantee his defense in court is going to be "mah mental health", which is a real kick in the teeth to anyone actually suffering from mental health issues. Not that it will work, but it's really fuckin scummy. Hopefully this message gets brought up and he gets slapped with obstruction too.

He's more than likely under investigation at this moment. If Heidi was smart she'll lawyer up and cooperate with it as much as possible.

No. 833591

I got blocked by him too, and never tagged him or tweeted at him. Just commented on Heidi's stuff and some at Holly during the Etika shit show… Holly didn't block me, but Jared did. He seems to block those who seem too "pro-Heidi".

No. 833593


> "I really think Holly wrote or at least coached him"

Agreed. The whole "I'm sorry, I was mentally unwell" thing is almost word-for-word what Holly said after the whole Etika thing.


It's going to be a real tough road if he plans on using the "I'm sorry, I was mentally ill" excuse in front of a judge for justification as to why he solicited nudes and then published them without getting permission from the people (as far as I know; I suppose some gave the okay, I don't know)

No. 833594

File: 1562563041457.png (121.23 KB, 586x507, Screenshot_49.png)

Plot twist: Heidi is Ace Attorney (I'm kidding y'all; This was on her liked posts)

No. 833595


>I'd guarantee his defense in court is going to be "mah mental health"

Yep. Calling it now. If he goes to court & when he runs out of people to throw under the bus, he'll call for an insanity defense/mental disorder defense thinking that it'll only mean "not guilty" despite the fact that he would still be 'locked up', just in a psychiatric facility instead of prison.

No. 833598


It won't even matter if he got permission (not for the CP stuff anyway). What's gonna screw him big time is that he had no way of verifying age. Putting "18+ only pls don't lie" on the pages doesn't absolve him of anything under WA law. And it'll be even worse considering most of the images were sent to him from people out of state, and that he kept them on his phone for beat off material while he was travelling around. So now you're also talking about federal level stuff. His WK brigade can call Heidi a liar all they want, they can smear his accusers all day, but what they'll never be able to stop is a DA with the full support of the Feds from cramming Jared into a tiny cell.

No. 833600

all 'muh mental health' does is affect the sentencing. the crime is still clearcut. sending a written acknowledgment to someone that you did it is just… lmao as well. the real question here is - are any of these people pursuing him legally at all? will anything be done? because he's absolutely guilty just as he writes in his own words here: >>833580

No. 833604

sorry for being stupid, but does he get investigated on the CP allegations or get prosecuted for it only if the minors/their guardians press charges? or do the DAs/Feds have full control of the situation as long as they have reason to believe he might possess nudes of minors?

No. 833607


Homeland Security usually does things cloak and dagger with these kinds of investigations. They'll more than likely get any info from his ISPs and services he used to communicate (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) They can do all that without notifying anyone involved, including potential victims. There's some similarities with what Jared is accused of and what former YouTube celeb, current federal prison celeb Austin Jones was ultimately charges with. Although Austin admitted to what he did and got a plea out of it, he's still gonna be doing ten years and the feds were able to dig up his internet convos all the way back to 2016. The people involved don't have to press charges, it's the act of "producing" that becomes a crime.

No. 833615

Just something I heard from a friend of a friend of Holly's but…yikes.. Jared might be facing ten years in federal prison for soliciting sexually explicit photos from minors and they're keeping this whole thing under lock and key.

No. 833616

Maybe that's why she's suddenly so quiet…

No. 833618

i hope we get confirmation soon because it's going to send twitter exploding again if it's true lmao

No. 833624

no it's not about who wants to press charges exactly, since a crime occurred against a child. no-one can say 'oh it's ok I'm not pressing charges' once LE gets involved. but the crime has to be reported in the first place and reported with enough information that they can act on it and find out what he did. I think that's where the question mark is really - if the correct follow-through happened with the appropriate LE and enough info to use.

No. 833626

Maybe that’s why she’s unblocked everyone, because she feels like a piece of shit for defending Jared

No. 833630

not buying it. even if she tries to push that image now, no one will believe her seeing how batshit insane she was willing to appear just for the D.

also i think this thread needs more saging, there's not much milk atm and it keeps getting bumped for no reason

No. 833636

I hope it's true, I really want all those pedo-defending fucks on r/proprojared and kiwifarms to get blown the fuck out.

No. 833637


They actually closed comments last year after the Hells Belles game (which also featured Holly)
People were mad because the cast stated their pronouns whilst introducing themselves.

No. 833645

LOL how much do you wanna bet Holly and Jared will have a nice little prison wedding once he's in the slammer and missing getting laid?

No. 833646


>get prosecuted for it only if the minors/their guardians press charges

When it involves minors, no one has to press charges - the government (be it the FBI or local police) steps in and says "This shit? That ain't it, Chief" and prosecutes accordingly.


That implies that Holly has a conscience - which I highly doubt


It depends on the prison, but getting married might not mean shit. Washington state still allows conjugal visits, but if Jared's crime falls under federal jurisdiction, they're shit out of luck - federal prisons don't allow that.

No. 833647

File: 1562579135860.png (487.35 KB, 571x590, Screenshot_50.png)

Exactly, Holly. That's what we've been telling you to do from the beginning.

No. 833648

Interesting, didn't know that about federal prisons. Still, she'd probably be useful for him to keep his commissary account topped up and sending him care packages.

No. 833649


if he goes to prison/is going to prison I wonder if that supports the tinfoil that holly has access to his accounts

if he is under investigation tho wouldn't he be banned from using social media during that time? legit question cause I'm not sure

No. 833650


Now THAT sounds more probable. Hell, at this point, I could see Holly start some bullshit GoFundMe so Jared can always afford his honey buns and a new tube of toothpaste.

No. 833651


They'd ban him from using social media if they wanted him to know he was being investigated. Chances are, if they ARE investigating, they're not going to tell him to prevent him (or Holly) from deleting any damning evidence.

No. 833655

Holly has to still be on a blocking spree - I'd expect to see at least ONE clown reply to that post and nothing - just bullshit positivity from people who think that she'll give them a second glance (spoiler alert: she won't)

No. 833664

He'll never get an insanity plea, the mere suggestion that he might try would get him laughed out of the room. Insanity is for people who hurt others during a psychotic break, not pedophiles with depression.

No. 833666

LOL yup. They'd rightfully laugh him out of the room.

"I diddled kids and now I'm like, really sad about it! I'm sorry I'm mentally iiiiiilllllll"

No. 833667

Nope, victims only get to decide to press charges or not for civil matters, CP is a crime so it's out of their hands and up to the justice system. They may still decide to let him off easy though.

No. 833668

Homeland Security has nothing to do with CP investigations, I assume you mean the FBI

No. 833669

She hasn't retracted anything she said about his innocence so I sincerely doubt it

No. 833674

she can give him handies in the visiting room

No. 833699

ntayrt but I think it's just too much hearsay in the threads already, and it doesn't matter either way since it was open, so unless there's proof who cares

No. 833720

I hope this is true. I hope this is true so fucking bad.

No. 833736

I'll be shocked if they throw the book at him like that since first time offender white guys get off the hook all the time, but it'd be nice to see him get at least some consequences for being an abusive hypersexual retard. even if it's just 1 year of prison and some community service.

lol he's not going to marry Holly on his life. No doubt he'd do one of those prisoner pen pal things and tell people he's some millionaire gamer man and brain-dead thots who are far less annoying and needy than Holly will fall in his lap.

No. 833746

Unless his lawyer can get some serious mitigating factors and well as lowered charges, he'll be forced to register as a sex offender even if it's community service. Kek. He kind of is with his abuse of power. Hopefully Holly can tell the prosecutor to heal and not hurt. Major defense.

But there's tons of serious sex offense cases that haven't been prosecuted so we can always dream. Regardless, I hope Jared shits his pants at the idea. You too Holly, we know you read here. It doesn't matter if "THEY'RE LYING" because all responsibility falls on the adult involved. 100%. Think about it, bird brain.

No. 833747

KEK. I hope this can be confirmed.

No. 833769

It won’t be. It’s some faggot larping for attention.

No. 833770

I would take this with a grain of salt. Just because someone claims that they know someone, they’re anonymous. There’s no way to prove this unless they ask a mod to confirm their identity or they post screenshots of their conversation with said “friend” or they make it obvious on who they are like Jessica has.

tl;dr: I doubt this is true.

No. 833793


Yeah, it vaguely sounds like someone googled what the sentence could potentially be for soliciting photos and is spouting it off as evidence of what Jared actually is facing. They might not be wrong, but something tells me that if this "friend of a friend of Holly's" knows, a lot more people would know too.

No. 833801


Not taking anon's word for it, but we might be looking at a grain of truth. It's noteworthy that Holly's behavior DID suddenly change overnight, as those who claim to be involved IRL have gone suspiciously quiet too.

Jared might not be under official investigation (HE might not even know if he is this soon) but it's highly likely they were WARNED by a lawyer to stop talking about it. They ran their mouths for so long, while any competent attorney would have tried to keep them quiet regardless. Maybe the advice is finally taking hold.

No. 833824

Didn't that coincide with the "Etika tragedy?"

No. 833825

File: 1562614575890.jpeg (337.52 KB, 1125x1274, CA72D0B8-9E3C-4865-80B4-905657…)

No. 833829

Nah she still ran her mouth for awhile after that.

No. 833835

Yeah- wouldn't the arrest records be available for a federal crime in most circumstances?

No. 833849


I'm sure 2012 her will be thrilled to know she gets to fuck wormdick whenever she wants; I doubt that 2012 her would be so thrilled to know that she had to ruin her career and any future prospects for that to become an option - but hey, when you got granddaddy's money to live off of, I guess one doesn't have to worry about their future.

No. 833851


Probably, but I don't think he's been arrested at this point. There might be an investigation but they're not going to arrest him until they're sure they can get charges to stick. (double jeopardy is a thing, though I don't know if it applies to federal crimes)

No. 833858


Unfortunately she'll get away scot-free in all this. PennyArcade is already showcasing her in some Patrons exclusive RPG game.

No. 833860


Not if she gets sued.

No. 833862


It might have been content that was made before this whole shitshow went down that just isn't feasible to replace

Either way, like the other Anon said, if it comes out that Jared IS guilty in all of this (like most of us know he is) and that Holly has been defending him this entire time? Anyone who is still associating with her will drop her like a sack of heavy bricks.

It's one thing to associate with an adulterer; It's another thing to associate with someone who openly sympathized with a potential pedophile…

No. 833865

File: 1562619910821.png (173.09 KB, 1052x1003, Screenshot_123.png)

No. 833871


The only "rule" about not speaking on ongoing litigation would be if a gag order was issued (a sort of legal "knock it off and shut the fuck up" order).

I find it HIGHLY suspicious that Holly goes from never shutting the fuck up about how awful and abusive Heidi is to not so much as a peep in days. SOMEONE locked that shit down - be it a lawyer or the authorities.

No. 833872


>SOMEONE locked that shit down - be it a lawyer or the authorities.

…Or Jared

No. 833884

Some of Holly's strongest supporters are right wing extremely anti-sjw Trump supporters, so I was wondering how long it would take before political differences fractured her defence squad. Looks like it won't take much longer if one half is still going "trannies bad!!" while the other half starts pushing "only scum would say trannies bad!!"

No. 833897


>…Or Jared

I doubt it was Jared - If he was THAT concerned, he would have shut it down ages ago.

No. 833939

File: 1562628990670.png (46.42 KB, 796x644, HC-Socialblade.png)

No. 833949

She changed her profile pic and the number of thirsty people in her comments is ridiculous

No. 833973

File: 1562631906267.jpeg (524.4 KB, 1759x1759, D1457B08-E74B-433D-A536-CBB193…)

It’s an older photo too.
Is she seeking validation or

No. 833978


Probably equal parts "OMG GIVE ME ATTENTION I'M DESPERATE FOR EVERYONE'S APPROVAL ON MY AVERAGE APPEARANCE!" and "I'm so dark and interesting, look at this photo where I look into the camera - but do we know what I'm looking at? No, because I'm dark and mysterious"

No. 833979

File: 1562632110769.png (255.58 KB, 550x313, Screenshot_53.png)


Or she's just trying (in vain) to be Heidi even more than she already wishes she was

No. 833981

This angle hides her lazy eye at least.

No. 833983


Nah, if you really look at it, it looks like Holly's doing that "I'm so suspicious" thing with one eye open wider than the other.

No. 833985

No it doesn't. You can see it pretty clearly.
While I do believe that Holly is trying to skinwalk Heidi, I think she's just fishing for compliments this time around.

No. 833986

She wants someone to tell her how she's prettier than Heidi

No. 833996

This is flattering for HER. The eyebrows look almost normal and that color of red suits everyone. It's also filtered to fuck. Makes her a solid 5/10. The shitty hair cut is shitty, but looks like a 13 year old cut it instead of a 7.

Before the poly thing came out, everyone was raging hard on Jared because of how much more attractive Heidi is than Holly. That must have stung…

No. 833998


Here's the difference: Heidi's level of "pretty" comes from her personality, from her ability to say "Look, I fucked up and made bad decision; I'm learning and growing. I apologize.". Sure, appearance wise, she's a good looking woman - but you could be on Heidi Klum's level and still be the ugliest person in the world if you have a shit personality.

Holly's level of "ugly" comes from having a shit personality that revolves solely around twisting every situation to be about her, from thinking "I'm sorry, I'm mentally ill" is a valid apology and not just another excuse.

No. 834002


It really seems like someone else is controlling her account. Choosing an old pic with no comment? Only posting generic animal tweets? Could very well be a 3rd party controlling the account.

Is she making personal responses to people or commenting on random tweets on her feed? If not, I'm not buying that she's actually using Twitter for real at all.

No. 834003


She responded to someone earlier who asked about her return to a previous project, and a few vague tweets here and there.

Let someone else run the account. Absence from twitter won’t suddenly make her a good, caring person.

No. 834007

File: 1562636398217.png (572.82 KB, 604x592, HeidiCreates.png)

I don't mean to sperg about Heidi, but it's also quite clear that her craftsmanship is definitely better than Holly's.

Holly was definitely jealous of Heidi being both conventionally pretty AND talented when it comes to costuming & making props.

No. 834009

It doesn't help that the first thought that comes to Holly's craftsmanship is conning a cancer survivor who wanted a costume from her and Jessica.

No. 834017


followed by those who received damaged or low quality items. Holly's whole thing is "I gave a refund!" like that makes up for someone paying anywhere from $15 to $40 for something that arrives damaged or falls apart quickly.

No. 834018

File: 1562638112989.png (14.47 KB, 589x116, Screenshot_54.png)

The original tweet account was banned (probably due to Holly's WK reporting them for saying something bad about their queen) but apparently someone was pissed enough that they were going to open a dispute on a purchase

No. 834019

File: 1562638251700.png (911.93 KB, 802x774, Screenshot_55.png)

Good to know that her apparent insecurity over her appearance dates back to at least 2011 - Can't blame Heidi for making you insecure when you've always been that way, Holly

No. 834022

File: 1562638376834.png (6.88 KB, 798x64, Screenshot_56.png)

Fiery red hair, eh?

That had to have pissed her off, making a character look so closely like her abuser….I mean her rival…..I mean her lover's wife.

No. 834023


>"I gave a refund!"

There it is again! Holly thinks that apologies & refunds will fix anything doesn't she?

No. 834024

These were posted in the first or second thread. Holly's jealousy towards pretty women is always a good way to get her true colors to come out because she acts like a whiny dog foaming at the mouth whenever a pretty girl one ups her. The Shepard that she thought was her didn't even look like her, it was such a stupid pity party.

She only replies to people when things are going to get worse for her rather than her customers.

No. 834025


Ah, my bad. I wasn't around for the first or second thread - just happened to read a different article on another site.

No. 834043


This is 2018 anon

No. 834062


So? That hasn't stopped her WK's from going after people before…

No. 834066

File: 1562645500652.png (156.79 KB, 608x496, Capture.PNG)

For those saying Holly probably isn't running her own Twitter right now, she's still being passive aggressive as usual.

No. 834069

That actually doesn't sound much like her. She didn't victimize herself enough in the reply.

No. 834070

Ah yes, the holier-than-thou "I pity you for being such an angry/hateful person… Take care <3 uwu"

No. 834071

She only pulls out “sorry I’m mentally ill and also my mother” when people persist.

No. 834072

File: 1562645842438.png (70.16 KB, 611x591, Capture.PNG)

No. 834073


That whole "Imma be sarcastic - That'll show them!" is the exact shit she pulled a while back when she was counting how long it took for her to receive a hate tweet.

No. 834075

File: 1562646247993.png (14.74 KB, 592x117, Screenshot_57.png)

You mean like when you were so "kind" to Heidi by labeling her as an unfixable abuser?

Also, please note the way she's only replying to the hate comments and not even acknowledging the one's kissing her ass.

No. 834078

File: 1562646425813.png (10.05 KB, 380x101, Screenshot_58.png)

This just in: Mentally Ill Rich White Girls are now a minority.

No. 834080

File: 1562646541726.png (37.62 KB, 585x341, Screenshot_59.png)

And we're back on the "WHY DO YOU HATE ME? WHY ARE YOU BEING SO MEAN??" train.

That lasted just a couple days, but honestly longer than I expected her to hold out from playing the victim.

No. 834082


Yep. She's cycling.

No. 834084

that's an unreasonably angry response for someone actually calling someone else out for being angry lmao

i guess she's been holding it in for too long and just had to burst out with her usual circus routine. good going, holly, just stop blaming others for the awful things you're doing to yourself

No. 834086

Her responses are condescending, to say the least.

No. 834088

File: 1562647110730.jpg (174.64 KB, 1080x1703, IMG_20190708_233326.jpg)

'does it make the world a better place'. she is SO condenscending

No. 834092

To that I'd say: Yes Holly. It does make me feel better to see cheaters get their 'just-desserts'.

No. 834094


>Does it make the world a better place to say these things to me?

I don't know, Holly - Does it make the world a better place to fuck someone else's husband then paint their reasonably angry responses as abusive while simultaneously mocking them for having a mental illness and calling them unfixable?

No. 834096

File: 1562648502474.png (15 KB, 578x128, Screenshot_60.png)

Why not? You blocked someone for complimenting Heidi on the color of a cosplay dress, but you won't block someone who is saying things that are causing you anxiety and mental duress?

So, we're back on the "look at bad comments to self harm" shit again, are we Holly?

No. 834098

"i'm not going to block you because then how will i claim harassment and muh mental healz???"

No. 834099

File: 1562648597920.png (44.31 KB, 597x380, Screenshot_61.png)

If you were going to get help and be happy, Holly, you would. You wouldn't cycle through and repeatedly stir the pot when it's been 2-3 days since the last round of hate.

No. 834100

File: 1562648819064.png (17.76 KB, 569x153, Screenshot_62.png)

That was the world's fastest turn around from "Why are you so angry? Why do you hate me so much?" to "I don't really care if they say those things"

No. 834102

Either she's finally realized the gravity of her words, or she's found something out…

No. 834104


No, I think she just figures a shitty apology of "but I was upset and emotional!" is her get-out-of-jail free card.

No. 834106

God, fucking classic narc move there, Holly. So now all of a sudden she knows she said bad things, but is also "concerned" for Heidi's wellbeing and she needs help. KEK. She cannot say she fucked up without trying to bring other people down as well.

No. 834108

She shut up REAL FUCKING QUICK when Heidi exposed her for abusing Ross. She must know Heidi has some more info than she previously thought.

No. 834111


She probably thought that nobody would bring Ross up since he asked to be left out of it - but it's real hard to sit back quietly and get called an abusive when there is a multitude of evidence pointing in the opposite direction.

No. 834117

This could easily be turned right back around on her. "You've been whining about Heidi and the underage fans for months now, I want to know why. Does it makes the world a better place to say these things about them? Does it make you feel better?"

No. 834118

Speaking of which, does anyone have a mirror or any other proof of her discussing her abusing her ex? I don't want to automatically assume it was Ross, it may have been another person she dated before Ross.

No. 834119


She'd just pull the "I'm sorry, I'm mentally ill" card again before mass blocking and then locking her twitter down again until she gets bored the next time (so 2-3 days, tops)

No. 834120

i hate that all she's doing is omitting the "but" from her apology which is what she got railed for. this is still her same old shenanigans, she's basically saying "i'm sorry i called her unfixable but that was an emotional reaction", she just can't help but justify her shitty actions

No. 834122


I just want to know what the point of this all is. Like, why bother responding to the hate tweets (and only the hate tweets) just so she can continue painting herself as the woefully mistreated victim who couldn't POSSIBLY be as bad as her own words/actions have made her out to be? That person she responded to was right - Out of the 118 comments (the vast majority kind and sweet), she cherry picked the worst ones to respond to, as if summoning forth her WK.

If that's all you're going to do on twitter holly, PLEASE just deactivate your account and bitch to the 1-2 remaining real life friends that you have.

No. 834123

File: 1562650978325.png (19.91 KB, 711x126, hiding something.png)

Did Holly's delete all of her streams recently?

No. 834126

Funny how people are starting to suspect she was abusive to Ross, she starts to mass delete everything.

No. 834127


Except she can't delete shit like the vr video where Ross talks about googling "signs of an abusive relationship" or all of the videos that people saved before she could delete the streams.

This is the internet, Holly. Once you put something out there, it's out there forever.

No. 834128

I think Twitch automatically deletes vods after a certain time. 1 or 2 months, I believe.

No. 834130

She had several of them up from over 1-2 months ago though. She's hiding something.

No. 834134

She's merely pretending to be sweet as pie so people don't cotton to her history of abusing Ross, among other things. The TRO video is a factor in this pivot like the Etika crap she pulled was a factor in her going into hiding behind a pigeon avatar.

No. 834146

File: 1562653348907.png (17.49 KB, 593x211, Screenshot_63.png)

Such professionalism, much kindness - Wow.

No. 834159

She deleted most of them after the controversy came out. In fact, I think it was during the period she was supposedly inpatient. It was pointed out a few threads ago.

She either deleted them to either hide what a massive hypocrite she is or to hide instances of her talking about Jared - her "friend in an abusive relationship," which no doubt came up during one of her streams.

No. 834161

no but that was only the mental health mondays, and it was way back in may when everything went down. now there's only one vod remaining. i will admit i don't know how many she had up since may but i'm sure it was more than one

No. 834195

>sorry i got caught, please dont tell anyone - im mentally ill

No. 834220

Wouldn't Holly get in trouble for accessing his shit too if it's got messages from minors? Since she's doing so after the fact.

No. 834227

What bothers me about this is that, yes, an emotional outburst, saying something bad, is what Heidi did when pushed to the edge. But she said that stuff privately. She may have been emotional on twitter since then, but she doesn’t routinely cross the line publicly because she’s “emotional” and incite harassment.
To any WKs or Holly, Heidi’s initial tweet mentioning her was a pointed way of saying “look Holly, I have proof that you were lying now” and calling her out for using her body image issues to constantly flip the conversation against Heidi when she tried handling it privately. Those issues aren’t Heidi’s fault. They’re Holly’s problem.

No. 834232

I bet NB fired him due to backlash only, and didn't report him.

No. 834238

Too stupid to realize no one owes her a fucking explanation. Poor little rich white girl, however will you survive? "I'm sorry!!!!"

No. 834239

They “fired” him over what they saw, they just acted more quickly due to the backlash. My guess is that NB would be in a world of legal hurt if they didn’t make a report, but companies have been dumber in the past. That said, at least one person in a position that requires mandatory reporting has said they alerted the authorities.

No. 834241

Oh, I want NB to die because of it too.

I feel like Heidi only drew attention to it via her lawyer.

No. 834299

I hate holly but shes not wrong for the etika situation. She just compared it to her experiencing online hate. besides etika was a shitty person so who cares? He was an attention whore(ban evasion)

No. 834300

“I know I’ve fucked up.” So what’s she admitting to? To defending Jared? Or the Etika thing?

No. 834309

Cool, an apology not directed to the person you called “unfixable”.
That’s not an apology.

No. 834310

File: 1562690672543.png (532.09 KB, 1597x1600, 1559731443225.png)

No. 834311

She was actually quite wrong in Etika’s case and should have keep her narc mouth shut.

No. 834313

don't take shitty bait friendo

No. 834317

why was she wrong? Most celebrities suffer from a mental illness. Etika isnt the only one on earth who suffers. At least explain

No. 834321

I see sensitive etika fans are in this thread. lmfao

No. 834323

You already know why you were wrong.

No. 834325

no i dont. Holly talked about sadness just like etika then sensitive twitter reacted badly. It doesnt make sense.(ban evasion)

No. 834330

File: 1562691910461.jpg (19.89 KB, 450x299, 41408166_1656856711093220_4821…)


If you can't understand why Holly is shit for taking a random person's suicide and making it about her when the situations differ societally, racially and contextually, then I have no hope for you anon

also sage your shit

No. 834332


She was wrong, and frankly insensitive, in her post because she did not know Etika. Holly even admits this near the end of her posting. She based her understanding of what he was going through on clown emojis.

She made no effort to get to know Etika before he died, and no effort to contact people who were close to him to find out what he was going through. She used his suicide and a base assumption to complain about what she was going through. That's vile.(newfaggotry)

No. 834337

Nah, just to being too truthful (and/or mentally ill)~ uwu

No. 834404

File: 1562698899255.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1125x1784, B6743E63-0D0D-4182-8271-E4A120…)

Anyway… here’s Holly begging for praise again, without the subtlety.

No. 834412

Wow it looks like shit.
Like wtf is up with that things arms and fingers?

No. 834416


I don't want to knock someone for doing art - but jesus, does she have to include her "uwu therapy because I'm mentally ill" shit in just about every single post she ever makes?

We get it, you're fucked in the head - Move on and try getting a personality beyond your mental illness.

No. 834417

File: 1562701049555.png (17.01 KB, 572x143, Screenshot_64.png)

Then share it and shut the fuck up about it, Holly. If it's not you trying to get praise or approval from your WK's, why would you put "This isn't about praise" on the post? Just share the goddamned sketch and say nothing (or you feel you must, say "This is something I drew")

No. 834420

The bitch is still lurking lol
She thrives off of the hate and negative criticism.

No. 834422


>She thrives off of the hate and negative criticism

I don't think it's so much that the hate inspires her or anything - She's admitted that she uses hate comments as a form of self-harm. It's like she is purposefully making herself out to be this "uwu smol bean innocent bird mom makin art" so that her WK rush to her side and so that when even just one person says "if this isn't seeking praise, why say that?" she can pull the "IM JUST TRYING TO MAKE ART - WHY DO YOU HATE ME?? DOES BEING MEAN TO ME SOLVE ANYTHING??? JUST TELL ME WHAT I CAN DO TO MAKE THIS STOP AND I'LL EXPLAIN WHY IM JUST SPEAKING THE TRUTH AGAINST THE ABUSIVE HAG HEIDI"

No. 834427

File: 1562702138294.jpeg (100.36 KB, 1125x246, 743ECB74-735F-49C6-91C1-2AC6C2…)

Go away John.

No. 834436


I'm sorry, but if you honestly can't see how wrong it is to say "See? This mentally ill person killed themselves and I might kill myself and it would be all your fault!!!!!" then there's no hope for you.

No. 834455

Even if she didn't accompany this with "I know I'm not good and I don't deserve any praise I just like ~sharing~" (what is the point of sharing if not to get attention/feedback?) the image itself is so self-pitying. Armchair, but it looks like a self-portrait. Shitty uneven haircut, "ugly" face, horns that everyone else sees - but a pure white heart, arrows of betrayal "stabbed in the back"… Taken with the quote "why is there no sound when I play so hard…" it's seems like it's about people not believing her.

I also can't stand how ingenuine her kindness sounds. "Maybe it can inspire you to do art too! Oh btw I did this while I was in therapy" It seems like she never says something nice or supports someone else without it coming back to her somehow. It comes across as really fake.

No. 834467


this is some babadook/where the wild things are shit, mixed with pon and zi

what sends me is that her older dragon art that was super scribbly and such was really cool, but she has to cast necromancy on 2000s emo art instead

No. 834495

the right hand (or left side) has the fingers in the wrong direction lol, is the first thing I noticed, is that boy Strix?

No. 834504

File: 1562710595571.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1242x1950, 8617EB81-3817-4888-B828-7B757E…)

Her other piece of art

No. 834508

File: 1562710856257.jpg (195.87 KB, 1080x952, IMG_20190709_171824.jpg)

Is dca/wafflecrew dead? Her description changed

No. 834528

It looks like something a crazy person would draw.

No. 834557

kek i know i'm most likely reading it wrong but i got a hearty laugh out of
>that night the world blew up into pies

No. 834560

I'm gonna assume it's gone with all the drama going on from both sides. Kek. How is she gonna cope without Strix?

No. 834561

isn't there some joke about pies with her DnD character?

No. 834563

Yeah, Strix makes pies.

No. 834577

No. 834593

It's been dead. The writing's been on the wall for awhile.

No. 834644


I think if the remainder of her previous projects were smart, they'd get as far away from the Holly shitshow as possible. It's clear that she can't stay away from controversy and drama for long - People watch these things to get AWAY from drama, not constantly end up hip deep in someone's latest crisis.

No. 834667

File: 1562730776499.png (32.77 KB, 589x423, icXi4Gh.png)

So on pj2 reddit crazy petition guy Dan is posting screenshots between him and an anonymous source (aka could just be a troll) who says Holly didn't cheat on Ross. Now he is going to spread hearsay on Twitter that has no way in being verified in the name of trying to prove Holly's innocent. Supposedly they claim Ross was furious at Heidi for not letting Jared and Holly see each other. I don't get why he is even dragging this shit into the public when there is no way to verify it and also Ross specifically said to leave him out of it. I know we speculate here but considering Dan spams and argues with people on Twitter all day and comments on Holly and Ross' shit it's just…not a good look.

No. 834668


He's claiming that Ross got ANGRY at Jared for not fucking his wife???


No. 834669

i'm willing to bet my left kidney the other account is Denica.

also according to these complete morons:
>ross gives holly and jared his blessings
>heidi says no, don't fuck each other
>ross… gets mad she isn't letting him be cucked?
this is some absolute retarded shit even for their standards

No. 834670

idk if I can post the entire imgur, but the post is up on the pj2 reddit. It is absolutely absurd. Also this is all ALLEGEDLY from Holly's PoV so it's not even proof if this person is even real, which I actually doubt. This person doesn't know Heidi at all but backs up the fact that Heidi is abusive and stayed with her bf after she asked Jared to be monogamous. How would this person know at all? They are just regurgitating shit that Holly has already said publicly with the extra caveat that Ross was furious Jared was not allowed to cuck him.

No. 834671


Speaking of Jared..

No. 834672


Speaking of Jared..

No. 834673

File: 1562731357783.png (199.48 KB, 1310x1094, Screenshot 2019-07-10 at 9.31.…)


thanks for leading me down this crazy rabbit hole, anon

there's some absolutely INSANE accusations here in the imgur album, i'll post the most damning ones but the whole album is just.. i have no words

No. 834674

File: 1562731430657.png (176.02 KB, 1356x866, Screenshot 2019-07-10 at 9.31.…)

ransacked his house

No. 834676

File: 1562731504826.png (274.24 KB, 1248x1088, Screenshot 2019-07-10 at 9.31.…)

it's hilarious how everyone who wants to appear real or credible in this shitstorm has the qualifier of "jared sent me nudes and thus you must believe me"

No. 834678

"his" house aka THEIR marital home

Tbh, this really makes Dan look terrible. Not only is he not respecting Ross' privacy, which Ross specifically asked for, but he is putting out completely unsubstantiated claims that can NEVER been seen as fact because Ross will never speak on this. He should have just left it alone.

No. 834679

File: 1562731734862.png (36.46 KB, 1244x158, Screenshot 2019-07-10 at 9.36.…)

No. 834680

i think the biggest problem i have with this is that all the comments on heidi's behavior and relationship look like unverifiable, biased gossip - something they have in common with most r/projared2 posts. the intense focus on all of 2 talking point also doesn't make it look any less suspicious
dragging ross in these obvious crazy lies is just the cherry on top of this shit cake.

No. 834681

You think one person there would tell him this is a bad idea. If anything, the lack of real concrete evidence plus the fact that he is dragging an unwilling party into this will just upset Ross fans more.

Also there is another post there talking about Pamela Horton's allegations. Yet another post where they try to absolve Jared of any wrongdoing and saying Pamela only heard about Jared's inappropriate behavior second hand, and had no way of knowing what Jared really did with her pictures. Oh, you mean like Holly's second hand information about Jared and Heidi's marriage? See, it works both ways. We are supposed to take Holly's second hand accounts as fact while shutting down Pamela Horton. Why? Simply because they paint Jared in a negative light. Someone even tries to say she only spoke out to get a boost in followers. It's pretty fucking disgusting.

No. 834682


Only two people fit the description off the anonymous source: LadyPelvic and PeachyAenne. I'm not sure if both of them were mods for Jared, can anyone confirm?

Jared follows very few people on Twitter and his DMs are only open to people he follows. Not very hard to deduce from there.

No. 834687

Also someone else trying to blame Heidi for Jared being a fucking pervert unable to keep his dick to himself. Dude is 33. We are supposed to believe he sent nudes just to ease his pain from being constantly abused? Give me a fucking break. Even the bigger Jared dicksucker has to find that line ridiculous.

No. 834688

This "sweetestrad"/Dan Pirrot guy should really quit while he's ahead. Literally none of this is his business, but he keeps pushing & ""investigating"" (aka harassing Heidi & anyone who agrees with her) And it's more than clear that he doesn't know shit about things like divorce or how investigations actually work

No. 834690

File: 1562733781613.png (7.5 KB, 512x118, 8918913.png)

64 screenshots? Jesus. Screenshot is from commanderholly subreddit

No. 834692

I have mutual friends of jeremy. They did indeed break up. He dated someone else in fact. He and heidi remained friends. Idk where this person is getting their shit

No. 834693

Yeah, that's the one thing that gets me everytime.
"My wife is being so mean & abusive towards me right now, so think I'll send some dick pics to strangers online"

I don't think he was abused by Heidi. I think he was just tired of being married, but didn't want to tell her because having a wife boosted his 'professional' image, he wanted to have his cake & eat it too.

No. 834694


I'm hoping Dan posts the Holly convo screenshots and incriminates her directly for making these crazy statements. Don't let us down Dan!!!

No. 834695


It's just gonna be 64 screenshots of Holly freaking the fuck out because someone yelled at her. They wanna drum up how 'ZOMG ABUSIVE!!!!1!' Heidi was, because no one's done that yet this week…

No. 834696

so they've dropped their pretense of "if anyone(we mean heidi) posts screenshots of someone's conversations it's illegal and they can be screwed in court/literal prison for it!!!!" while dropping this insane number of sixty fucking four screenshots, it seems. something makes me severely doubt these screenshots coming out at all. this whole situation screams fake

"he was falling into a deep depression… and other chicks' vaginas"

No. 834697

“Ransacked his house,” you know, like any house looks when you move out in a hurry lol

No. 834698

Jesus Christ, Holly needs to tell Dan Pirrot to stop doing this shit, because it will only incriminate her even more.

No. 834699


>"Supposedly they claim Ross was furious at Heidi for not letting Jared and Holly see each other"

Right - because who WOULDN'T want their wife to fuck their alleged best friend's husband while both parties were still married to other people?


>"They sent me screenshots of the convos, I'll link those in the next"

Fam, that's straight up doxxing and illegal. A+ on asking people to be kind, Holly Stans.

No. 834702

it's community property, god these people are dumb as fuck

No. 834703

If this person sent him 64 screenshots of a conversation between her and Holly, Holly will KNOW who did it. That means Holly is allowing this person to air out this crap…therefore dragging this out even further. This is going to make Holly look worse as well. Are these people fucking idiots?

I welcome it because Holly will further be vilified for the absolute trash she is, but damn. Not very smart.

No. 834704

It’s obvious that whoever Dan is talking to is just writing their own fan fiction about Heidi and Jared’s divorce.
I’m sorry the idiots keep bringing him up but at least his page is private.

No. 834707


Yeah, fun fact y'all: If you're afraid of someone's reactions in regards to you potentially being with another woman (y'know like Jared was allegedly terrified of Heidi after she learned of him and Holly), you sure as fuck wouldn't go out of your way to send dick picks to anyone else, let alone fucking someone else while convincing them that Heidi was okay with it.

No. 834708

It doesn't even make sense. Ross was furious at Heidi for not allowing Holly and Jared to see each other. So furious…him and Holly ended up getting divorced a couple months later? Please. It's quite clear he wasn't cool with his wife and Jared.

No. 834709

I'm really hoping dan unwittingly posts something incriminating Holly. If anything Ross fans will be livid he's dragging Ross all the way back into this.

No. 834711


They'll just claim that Holly and Ross' divorce was amicable - so amicable that Holly immediately moved to the same city where her wormdick fuck buddy lived with his actual wife, where they coincidentally got involved like a month after the divorce.

Yep - Nothing says "I'm mourning the loss of a relationship I actually gave a fuck about" quite like immediately confessing my love for someone else's husband, eh Holly?

No. 834712

they must be stupid enough to not consider that somewhere in those 64 screenshots there could be inconsistencies and timeline issues.. The screenshots are just going to show holly complaining to her friend. What kind of evidence is that?