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File: 1562964154141.png (275.12 KB, 1600x900, heatherspooters.png)

No. 836614

Old Thread - >>738758

> Does Urban Exploring and Paranormal Ghost Hunting (badly)

> Proclaims to be an Empath, Wiccan, etc
> Cries constantly about Youtube numbers when she rarely uploads any good content
> Cries over boys too much when she's nearing 30 years old.
> Acts like a desperate high schooler wanting a boyfriend all the time.
> Calls any man she dates "boy."
> Posts "sexy" photos of herself on her "photography instagram"
> Doesn't collect vintage toys anymore, proceeds to shit talk vintage toy collector community.
> Seems to have drama follow her no matter what hobby she joins.
> Obsesses over a man named Ryan who clearly wants nothing to do with her.
> Constantly plays the VICTIM.
> Proclaims everyone hates her and that she has no one and that she's a nobody.
> Refuses to get a job and relys constantly on her "dying youtube channel."
> Claims everyone is out to ruin her life.
> Did a complete 180 so quickly and ditched her pastel life and went into a "store bought witch" mode.
> Is in debt because of Killstar.
> Claims to be divorced yet lives with "ex-husband" and calls him "roommate."
> Is known to lurk on Lolcow religiously

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/FreyaBunny19/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/heather_explores/

No. 836623

So apparently she made a post on Facebook saying she's "moving on". Yea I'll believe it when I see it

No. 836624

File: 1562964754522.jpeg (540.51 KB, 1242x1241, 09D07C48-BC8A-4864-9417-D0FD04…)

Forgot to add the pic I hate posting via mobile

No. 836629

I feel like I've seen this post by her before. Like I've stated before, this is all feeling like the exact same thing from the last time her and Damien broke up.

No. 836645

She's a broken record. It'd hey mental issues

No. 836661

Adam is just kicking back and eatting popcorn.

No. 836738

You hit the nail on the head with this. She just doesn't want to put forth the effort it takes to be able to earn things like a full new wardrobe, expensive hair treatments, and exploring trips. She keeps saying she needs to learn how to drive and get a job, but she's been saying these things for nine months now, ever since the original divorce debacle in November (which new thread anon failed to mention, and honestly that was the most entertaining saga of hers by far). I really wonder how long she can coast off of whatever pool of money she's been spending. It's gotta run out at some point (unless it's just Adam's money and he doesn't give a shit what she does).

No. 836765

Whoever wrote the intro to this new thread, bravo, fuckin hysterical lol

No. 836775

I love how "dame" says we are too scared to say it to her in person. I'm pretty sure 90% of the people on here would tell her to get her shit together and get a job and not deal with your dumb emo ass. The fact of the matter is, we can't tell her in person. Maybe he can be a decent human being and lead her into the right direction? Nah, let's just come up with lies because you wanted to "push her away" give me a break, you're not romeo and juliet. You take pictures…whoopie, such talent.

No. 836780

File: 1562972954773.jpeg (249.31 KB, 1242x686, A0AB486E-72DC-48F9-8AB9-4B8CCA…)

She posted again lol so much desperation

No. 836782

I just wrote what has happened since the first thread was made and yeah, my bad; forgot about the whole divorce fiasco that started everything, lol.

But to get back on topic, yeah, she doesn't want to work for everything. She wants things handed to her or she wants the easy way to become successful. Wouldn't this mentality come from someone who had it easy in childhood though? Like had parents who spoiled their child in every way possible? But Heather says that her parents always hated her.. So where did this mentality come from? Or is she saying this for more victim-playing points? Or that's how her life was (parents spoiled her etc) and when her younger half-sister was born (this would have been about the time she was so goffick), all that changed and her parents had to give attention to an infant and she perceived that as her parents hating her and that mentality stuck with her to this day?

I'm doing my best not to armchair here, but with shit she says and her actions; it all doesn't make sense.

Yeah just because we're anonymous, I guess that means we're too scared to say anything in person to her. Lol. Nah, if we did then she'd cry about how someone bullied her or something.

She's playing the Pity Card and trying to find a way to get some boys attention, I bet. I wouldn't be surprised if those comments are people saying that they can hang out with her and she'll just not make any plans with her because she has to play this part that she's a victim that's so full of love and that she wants to love everyone and no one understands her and no one loves her and everyone hates her, wah wah wahhh.

No. 836784


Oh yea i know I have been following her for a long time. To me she is a never ending source of lulz and entertainment

No. 836813

File: 1562974872349.png (811.25 KB, 927x592, Capture.PNG)

Looks like Adam is at vidcon. Any anons there willing to snap pics/report on what he's doing or who he's with?

No. 836821

He might be with Ashley or maybe other friends. I honestly would say just leave him be, seems like he's having fun being able to do what he wants to do since it seems like Heather made him move to PA, away from all his family in CA.

I'm surprised Heather isn't crying about not being at vidcon because she's a yOUtuBEr

No. 836829

Ayrt, of course leave him alone, I didn't say go up to him. That would be cowtipping. Taking note of what he's up to if you see him is harmless and is how this works.

I'm sure Heather was thinking that she would get all this alone time with Damian while Adam is away, but we saw how well that worked out kek. It's why she keeps talking about how "this weekend will be soooOOOO lonely!"

No. 836843

I'm suprised heather didn't go so she could get footage for youtube. A vidcon vlog probably would have been more popular than her antrocon videos.

Unrelated but what does adam do for a job?

No. 836882

File: 1562979978702.png (91.36 KB, 486x909, Capture.PNG)

What are the odds she blames whatever meltdown that is bound to happen soon on astrology?

No. 836884


I looked into vidcon it's hella expensive to attend.there are several levels of attendance badges that one can get. Also one would have to buy airfare and hotels plus uber/Lyft to and from the hotel to the convention center it's at in Anaheim. I highly doubt she could have afforded it

No. 836929

I give it a week before Heather starts crying about wanting a boyfriend.

I can't remember exactly what he does, but he has a decent paying job. Without him, Heather literally would have nothing. It seems like he isn't too bothered with what she's up to anymore either. I'm not here to WK for Adam, but good for him.

No. 836938

This is a theory, you think Adam will stay in Cali and not go back to Heather since he was forced to move to PA? Might explain why he has stopped posting here ( I think he has) and hasn’t really mentioned anything about her. If he has a high paying job he might be able to transfer. Just thinking he might have planned on moving back during his trip to Anaheim CA. Then again he might not have the balls to do something like that. Just a theory

No. 836949

That would be a mega power move and would honestly make me give a tiny bit of respect back to Adam, but knowing him there's no way he'd do something so ballsy.

No. 837022

Yeah I noticed that earlier yesterday before everything went down; I bet that's what lies she's telling herself.

I'm fairly certain he's originally from the Bay Area, so if he was to move back then that's where he'd go. Maybe he thought about moving and that's why Heather is always crying about being homeless? Or maybe she's just crying about that to gain attention and pity (as always).

Though I thought at one point they lived in a place that Heather's parents (or mother) owned, do they not still live in that or did they move since then?

No. 837035

She had bragged about moving to a 'luxury' apartment when she was still into bjds. So its like a gated community or something. So if he stays in CA, she will be fucked cuz she wouldnt be able to afford the rent.

No. 837065


If the apartment's in his name he's got to break the lease, right? She obviously isn't the one paying for it. But at the same time what does he plan to do just move in with his friends in SF without transferring first? I definitely don't think he has the balls to actually leave her or he would already.

No. 837067

He does something in the computer industry, I remember it being on his twitter.

No. 837071

File: 1562993088242.jpeg (39.58 KB, 640x244, B27758A2-9116-4594-BE7B-F770F9…)

Trying hard to get noticed by killstar

No. 837077

File: 1562993610475.png (6.1 MB, 1242x2208, 28DFD7D9-9CF9-4560-8161-E3F074…)

Yea I think she is I ran across this on her Facebook stories

No. 837323

File: 1563039788256.jpeg (275.97 KB, 1242x586, D6B8FF84-0C83-4356-87F8-035947…)

Hmmm new video in the works. I guess she wants to show us how much money she's wasted on her antiques collection instead of saving up to move out

No. 837362

Hey real quick…are y’all incels ? Because the obsession and hate for this woman is suspect.

No. 837375

This anon is rebound Damien, right? Or did they break up last thread? This is starting to be as confusing as Onision wives.

No. 837377


It's not hate, it's called Gossip. You know, when people talk about another person who is a semi "influencer" on youtube. Hate, that's a very strong word, we obviously don't hate her, we just like the drama. She's a mini version of trisha paytas.

No. 837379


Defintely sounds like a new rebound.

No. 837381


Ah yes it's that once a week posting of "are you hateful incels??" even though we're women and it's gossip

No. 837401


The crazy eyes and whiff of desperation captured perfectly lol.

How can any woman of her age post over and over again about how alone and lonely she is cos she's spending a weekend without company. Even for someone with unstable emotions this is more early-twenties behaviour than late-twenties. It's mortifying

No. 837402


Some people don't want to see other people have fun. They can't stand seeing people get along on a website. They are the incel.

No. 837407

If she's such a "empath", wouldn't she have sensed damien is a fuckin whack a doodle too?(emoji use)

No. 837415


Alot of people who are overly sensitive with unstable personalities love the empath label, they think it justifies all their neediness and crying

No. 837431

Ok so some of you are incels and some of you are just jealous ugly women. Got it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 837439


Welcome to the thread Damien. Sit back and enjoy lol

No. 837448

Ah yes, we're all incels and jealous ugly women. We're all jealous about how much debt Heather is in over an overly expensive fast fashion brand, lmaoo

No. 837456


Go find yourself a ghost dick to suck on

No. 837467

Lol I bet most of the women on here are way more attractive than Heather. I’m not very confident about myself but I for one know I’m more attractive due to the fact I don’t have her personality and that is said for everyone woman on here. Crazy, obsessive and victim behavior is unattractive. I bet a ton of us have experienced way worse than this bat shit crazy store bought witch and you just sitting there saying we’re ugly crazies when Heather can’t fins her own identity just gives us more proof of how low she is.

No. 837479

But yet here you all are… Crazy and obsessing over Heather. You literally document and critique everything she does on social media LMAOOOO. Women should support other women, not anonymously bully them and pick them apart for the clothes they decide to wear, the stuff they decide to buy, or the hobbies they take up. She can't find an identity and thats low? An anonymous hater obsessively documenting a strangers life (who admittedly struggles with mental health) on a forum they know they read isn't low? What's the end game here? Do you want her to kill herself?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 837496

Whoa, heather. You need to chill out. No one here wants you to kill yourself nor ever said anything of the sort? People here are just pointing out how full of shit you are and how you probably should get some professional help. Maybe Adam was right…

No. 837498

But Heather does that as well. Tons of ya on here have been bullied by Heather. Not just that this is legit a site for gossip. If she’s not strong willed enough to not come on here and get over herself that’s her problem. She is trash talking so many of her hobbies of course you’re going to have people discuss it. That’s what this site is for if you don’t like it get off. Trying to white knight ur way thru to Heather is only going to get you burned. Women stick together with other women who stick with them not women like Heather. Starting drama calling one of her fans a bitch for reason, getting this drunk and crying. All unnecessary drama. All teen drama she doesn’t have real life problems she has made up problems she refuses to get any help for and expects someone like you to do it for her. And you’re no better than her storming in here calling people ugly and crazy when all it is is ex-fans who supported her only to get this as a response. Grow up. Leave the site and move on. That’s all you have to do. But you won’t because you’re a fuck boy who likes the drama associated with store bought witch Heather.

No. 837501

And saying “ Do you want her to kill her self?” That there is a ten year old line. If she really is going to “kill herself” she would have done it 6 years ago when she said that. Not to mention the following years and the years before Adam. If that’s her go to response to get attention that’s sad.

No. 837502

holy fuck anon i just cried laughing. damien is such a tool. heather should be happy that she dodged that major bullet

No. 837505


yeah and loving milk =\= ugly incel lmao

No. 837530

Damien, don't you have anything else better to do then be on lolcow? Go take some more pictures of spooky things boy.

No. 837531

File: 1563057935025.png (163.59 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190713-183811.png)

No. 837532

File: 1563058098148.png (2.28 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190713-184755.png)

No. 837593

File: 1563062237401.jpeg (280.94 KB, 1242x696, 3015C00B-0ADF-44D4-875C-88B4A3…)

Cleaning when you are bored? Never heard of that.

No. 837616

She just sounds like she's fishing for someone to give her attention or something. Either she's not getting it or she's not getting the attention she wants. She can never be truly satisfied.

No. 837665

Yeah, Heather, it must be amusing to be you, I'm so jealous.
I also want to throw my entire wardrobe and fall in debt buying Killstar bc you think it'll make you magically goth without knowing anything about the subculture or the music and fall into the Wicca wagon bc you want to be a witch without studying nor practicing.
The audacity.

No. 837677

Calm down, Heather.

No one has been bullying you. This is a gossip site. I guess you don't know the difference between gossiping and bullying? The crazy part is this gossip isn't gossip so much as gathering facts that you yourself are posting because you can't seem to keep real life friends around and you air your dirty laundry online for the whole world to see.

If you bothered to read the posts in the precious thread, we were on your side for a while. There are plenty of posts of support, wanting you to do better and be better, but you continue to get worse because you refuse to get actual help and you refuse to grow the fuck up and act like an adult. Going into debt over ugly clothes, depending on a man, crying on Instagram live videos, none of that is going to help you.

There is literally no reason to be jealous of you. I'm sure most of us here have jobs, lives, personalities, friends who are honest and don't only tell us things we want to hear, all things you don't have and desperately need.

No. 837678


Is Damien a 14 year old girl? These posts are so cringe.

No. 837781

Seriously, what a pathetic person. I guess Heather was right to call him boy.

Heather, take this post seriously. I hope you're lurking because this is exactly how you are coming across on the internet right now, and these are all behaviors you can fix if you try.

It's honestly really sad that she doesn't have even one friend she'll listen to that will tell her these things.

No. 837851

You know what will keep you busy from being bored? A job.

You know what will make you bored? Damien.

Choose wisely.

No. 837866


"You're probably all ugly women!!!"

Next sentence:

"Women should support women!!!"

No. 837875

File: 1563093205334.jpg (1.86 MB, 1374x2551, Screenshot_20190714-042741_Ins…)

Just do it already stop saying you're gonna do. Just do. I have a feeling shes going to come crawling back to her toy fans.

No. 837877

File: 1563093241406.jpg (2.05 MB, 1389x2540, Screenshot_20190714-042811_Ins…)

No. 837887


I think she will eventually go back to her toy videos once she realises she can't find a spooky boy.

No. 837982

I also have a feeling the toys are coming back, since the spooky thing hasn’t really improved her life in any way except dragging her into debt, losing fans, getting together with losers, etc

No. 838122

Look like old rebound dame made his IG private lmao

No. 838142

I haven't been here since the adam snapchat leaks so it took a while to catch up. I was just curious. I don't hate heather or anything but I know she reads this so I came to say this, heather why do you insist on telling the internet everything? you keep making videos about your personal issues with men, then you say sorry and then proceed to tell everyone youre going to keep it all private, and then you never do, it's really… embarrassing to watch. I know you don't have anyone to talk to but sometimes not telling your followers is best, it also prevents people here gossiping as much if thats what you don't want, it's really not that hard.

No. 838145

I decided to glance at a few of Heather's older videos.. And honestly they felt more wholesome, like thought was put into each video even if it was a "stupid" haul video.

No. 838170

File: 1563142189751.png (2.35 MB, 750x1334, 2D374A4C-730D-49E2-81A9-53EE64…)

No. 838172

File: 1563142237311.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 6DE2C7A5-3E12-4DFF-B1DE-7DBF6F…)

No. 838174

File: 1563142347733.jpeg (637.43 KB, 750x1208, E8AF4928-DFF7-4179-8016-3AEE2C…)

No. 838175

File: 1563142381116.jpeg (480 KB, 750x1226, 48CD4081-5374-42E1-9FB0-F17929…)

No. 838177

File: 1563142402829.jpeg (531.97 KB, 750x1203, 39668F92-B094-4AE4-8A4F-2F5852…)

No. 838180

samefag, i guess what i just said went out the window lmao. PLEASE, stop posting the great wall of text to your followers omfg. most of the time its the same shit too, does anyone even care? do yourself a huge favour and stop writing this stuff.

No. 838219

Ugh. She's attracted to drama. This guy sounds like a complete fagbag. She needs to stay away from these hipster fuckin guys. Both of you should get a restraining order from each other, you're both fucked up.

No. 838234

“i can’t be cute and vulnerable.” “i love him to death.” what the actual fuck? i wonder also what the fuck is wrong with damien. from my experience it’s commonplace that people obsessed with urbex often have some other issues.

No. 838242

I'm just overall confused by this situation with Damien and Heather. Like they both seem saddened by the break-up, then why did either of you allow that to happen if you two loved each other so much? Heather claims Damien just enjoys to ruin relationships and Damien claims.. Fuck, idek what he's claiming; it's all so vague. But like, let's believe Heather. Damien is those types that try to ruin what's bringing happiness into his life, ya'll need to work through that. Not break up and post these whiny stories on IG about how heartbroken ya'll are.

So I just feel like something in the reason to what the hell happened doesn't make sense.

Maybe Heather is too lazy to work through shit and wants everything to always be perfect?

No. 838256

I'm trying to make sense of Heather's posts and I still don't get it.

Grow the hell up, Heather. I can't stress this enough. All of this sounds like scripted middle school drama. It's gross. Adults don't say and do these things.

If she just took the advice we try to give her here, she'd probably be in a better spot right now. Her biggest problem is that she pushes people away who are actually trying to help her. She only wants people around who wont point out her many life ruining flaws.

No. 838294

Addressing everyone as “boy” and “girl” is degrading. She is purposely calling everyone, even her fans this to feel high and mighty. It means she doesn’t view anyone as equal. Not even the “love of her life” how ducking stupid can she be? She can’t find love because she belittles everyone.

No. 838359

I've come to this conclusion: heather knows what she is doing. She knows putting her business out there is only going to make us talk about it, which, in a way, smart on her part, because, people will then start following her on instagram. The more drama she posts about, the more followers she's been getting. Quite smart actually, even if it makes her look like an ass. She is gaining more followers which is exactly what she wants.

And now damiens profile is "out of service" , get the fuck out of here. Out of service for what? You have a profile for urbex pictures, give me a break.

No. 838369

File: 1563173425645.png (1.05 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190713-183717.png)

For example: she has more followers now then she did a couple of days ago

No. 838388

either that or shes just a complete retard. I actually unfollowed because of this stuff

No. 838409


Her posts are the epitome of BPD behaviour after a break up, or as she prefers to call it 'being an empath' Yeah sure lol

No. 838412


I was thinking she has some bpd behaviors. A lot of people with bpd claim to be “an empath” and the attachment/abandonment issues, low self esteem, unstable self image. no one can diagnose her but just pointing out some of her behaviors that are similar to those of bpd

No. 838443

Unfortunately, speaking as someone who was immediately blocked by her after suggesting she look into therapy, she'll never get the help she needs or be diagnosed properly. Which is a shame because she obviously has some issues.

No. 838457


Relationship difficulties, problems regulating emotion, fear of abandonment, can't stand to spend time alone, goes through phases of what looks like identity disturbance, no solid sense of self by her late twenties. Like alot of cows on here she'll prob label all that as nothing more than depression…

Life would be easier if she had a very honest talk with a professional, even if that means she's given a diagnosis with a stigma attached to it

No. 838605

She won't ever get help because she stated in her last livestream that therapy is for crazies and she's not crazy, she's misunderstood. She has this whole ignorant view on therapy. She says the therapist was judging her and question why she should care about what people on the internet think about her. Clearly Heather doesn't know what a therapist's job is, she think therapy is only for "crazy people".

It sounds like she only got her view of therapist from movies or whatever.

Sometimes I wondered how much of a sheltered life she's living (because even if your parents still sheltered you, you'd had a good grip on what a therapist does) if she's gotten to the point where she's just "a lonely lil empath in a world that is against her and nobody will understand her because she's not like other girls uwu."

No. 838608

She lives off the attention she gets from all the drama, be it good or bad. If she genuinely didn't want to give people ammunition to say negative things about her in response to her often stupid comments, she would stay off of social media for a few months and focus on sorting out her "real" life in private. Instead she feels the need to air her dirty laundry online and although it may have gained her some more followers (they are probably just entertained by the drama lol or have a similar mindset to hers) in the long term she'll probably end up regretting what she's done as she looks so brainless. She can't keep up this unstable behaviour, it will come to a head eventually with a truly unpleasant outcome for her. It doesn't make sense for her to be in such a hurry to get into another relationship with someone when she is going through an awkward separation from her husband while still living in the same residence as him. Clearly the motivation is that she just wants another man she can freeload from, basically to put it bluntly, another sucker!!! Yes she is somewhat good looking but unfortunately she has an ugly personality and that's only going to attract the wrong sort of people.

No. 838622


She needs a psychiatrist more than a therapist. Then she'd be referred for behavioral therapy rather than regular talk therapy.

Seriously if someone manages to feel judged by a therapist (trained to ask the right questions and in a neutral way) then that's the best proof that you're projecting shit onto people and playing the victim in neutral interactions

No. 838669

Behavioral therapy is done by psychologists and even some master’s degree-level counselors in the US. Psychiatrists mostly do medication here.

No. 838751

File: 1563242194422.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1849, 303DADC3-9149-49BE-8879-6DFA95…)

Looks like Heather has been spending more money today instead of saving up to move out and become financially independent

No. 838752

File: 1563242269642.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x1574, 155BA928-15E4-4C9D-AEDC-58D731…)

She also visited a cemetery. I wonder who she's hanging out with since Adam is out of town?

No. 838827

So…how long do you think it will be before Damien is back in the picture?

No. 838852

Someone must have pitied her or something.. Or maybe she's hanging out with the next guy that's going to be her next "boy".

Also, I prefer her looking more normal such as this >>838751 than being head to toe in Killstar. Like, we get it. You're in debt to Killstar. But mix and match instead of wearing a whole outfit dedicated to Killstar.

No. 838853

Also that phone case is another Killstar purchase. A near $30 phone case.

No. 838981


Looking like a nerdy guy in a wig here

No. 838988

File: 1563294361462.png (6.82 MB, 1242x2208, 571ACF18-D17D-49C2-B1AD-ECA6AE…)

Here is a closeup pic of the phone case.

No. 839030


That phone case is literally a re-colored vector of Marie from Aristocats with bat wings added on to it, it's not even original art.

No. 839171

No. 839179

So, hobbitheart87@gmail.com, what's this about? Are you suggesting that we all need jesus because we're talking about a public figure?

Honestly I'm just impressed you figured out how to embed a youtube video, great job!

No. 839181

I don't usually say "yikes" but this was a big yikes lmao

No. 839191


Googled hobbitheart87 and an ebay account and bunch of vintage toy pics show up

No. 839221

Wouldn't be surprised if this Anon was one of Heather's followers.

Clearly they've been to these forums before (or forums like this) if they figured out how to add in a video.. Though, they did add their email in it. Yikes.

No. 839256

I've never hated a song so much "you should see me in a crown" thanks to heather. I cringe every time she uses that song….over and over….

No. 839265

File: 1563331829453.gif (4.13 MB, 500x368, no oxygen.gif)

Wait, I last checked this thread maybe week ago? And she already broke up with Damian AGAIN? This is so rich it must be fattening.


I know this is old, but she is not a woman. She is a parasite.

She is the actual definition of "attention whore" circa 2004. It's kind of remarkable how out of touch she is with reality.

No. 839502

File: 1563386713428.jpg (638.66 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190717-110425_Ins…)

Okay who is she with?

No. 839527

A guy for sure. Remember how she was always hanging out with and females? Rainbowrificena and julietthepastelprincess, she dropped them like a dime. It appeared she used juliet for car rides and that was it.

No. 839529

I'm a little confused in that I've noticed that she's put up a couple of videos on her youtube channel from Anthrocon which Adam went to, did she go with him then? I haven't watched any of her videos since she decided to ditch being a toy collector and become a witch lol. Perhaps she mentions him…or not. But its rather strange if she did go with him as they are supposedly separating, i'm assuming they haven't divorced yet but regardless that would be too strange? Also she obviously isn't serious about getting an actual job otherwise she would know not to post such crap on social media where any potential employer could look up about her and discover what an erratic mess she is. Shows she's lacking much intelligence as most employers today are media savvy and it wouldn't take long for them to discover what she's been posting online. Sure if she just wants a basic job working in a fast-food outlet, it might not be a problem but if she's looking for a more lucrative/higher paying job it probably will be. I can't see how dying her hair a silver-ish color is going to improve her chances of getting a job lol. Also as a adult toy enthusiast myself of many years I got the distinct impression that she was just putting on a "persona" that reflected how she thought most adult toy collectors behave, a stereotype if you like, talking with a babyish voice and being child-like in general for example. This irked me as the majority of adult toy collectors (i'm an 80's baby myself so somewhat older than her) don't behave anything like that, it was rather uncomfortable to watch. I gave her the benefit of the doubt (I still had a level of scepticism) but then she decided to suddenly completely change her look and ditch the toy collecting and my suspicions were confirmed. She's a sham individual. There's an awesome online community of vintage toy collectors out there and she certainly didn't deserve all the attention/subscribers when she wasn't being genuine and her collection though quite big pales in comparison to many others out there. Good job I never subscribed to her channel and just watched her videos from time to time. She needs to sort her life out ASAP.

No. 839533


Her and adam are not officially divorced. She lives with him because she's a leech and has no where else to go. In some circumstances, there are relationships where they are separated but still live with each other for the sake of the children, she however just wants a free ride from adam.

She says she wanted to change her look for herself, i doubt that. She changed her look for damien and ryan, because they were following girls on their instagram that liked the "gothic witch" look. And look what that did for her? Nothing. She says she dyed her hair to get a job. Bitch, who the fuck you fooling? You did it because you think you can get a free ride from killstar. Not to sound like a jerk off because she doesnt have the look killstar models have. Not calling her ugly, but she's also not the model type.

She's just lazy. Plain and simple. Useless.

No. 839560

She went with damien. And he was obviously uncomfortable with all that.
I always knew she was a little off. I've been following her since she was into ball-jointed dolls. The bjd community cant stand her now. Then she moved on to vintage toys, now this. So she goes with whatever gives her more attention.

No. 839604

I was too lazy to take a screencap but I saw someone post this on my FB and it made me think of Heather. Ever since she "divorced" Adam because "he didn't fit her aesthetics" (because let's face it, he's a bit too much of a "beta" to be this horrible abusive man she makes him [and every other man she's not with] how to be), she's always been crying about being single and not having a man, and how everyone hates her, etc etc:
> "FYI for everyone who’s sad about being single; your life doesn’t end when someone leaves you. Another person shouldn’t be your happiness. It’s okay to be hurt but don’t let that shit take over your life."

No. 839606

File: 1563403820653.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x1374, 57C57A56-297F-4143-B0B5-477702…)

Tbh I’ve never seen someone post so much as she does on Instagram. The five portraits of her were posted under the last 20 hours.

Also the photos are a bit boring. She wants to be a model so badly, learn to pose — especially in what you’re wearing. The last photo she posts makes her dress look like a maternity dress.

Also #wearekillstar

No. 839617

It's nice that she's trying something new but someone please tell her to stop making that vapid face with her mouth slightly open, it does not look good. If she had some training she could probably be a pretty good model.

No. 839619


Also the pepto bismol pink lipstick. It doesn't fit with the new look at all and just makes her look sickly.

No. 839621

File: 1563407942855.jpg (92.34 KB, 1080x1080, 60313828_2081334445492238_1979…)

She often chooses really bright lip colors and I don't think she suits them. I think she looks way better with natural/subtle makeup, but maybe that's just me.

No. 839622

Here's the problem, she's almost 30, to start a "model" career she is way late in the game. Models come and go, and then what would she do from there? This killstar phase is not a long term career option. There will always be someone else who will look better in killstar clothing. Then what? What does she have for health coverage? 401k? All these things she needs to start thinking about. Actually, she should of been thinking about this when she was 25. She'll learn, the hard way…

No. 839623

Okay but who said she's trying to model as a career? It looks like it's just a hobby and she's hoping she might score some free killstar merch from it. I highly doubt she's trying to pursue modelling as an actual career.

No. 839625


She needs to get her shit together. Her hobby is EXACTLY THAT, a hobby. She has no job, not even a drivers license. She has nothing to show and she's almost 30, come on already. Hobbies are secondary. But a job, health, thats all primary.

No. 839630

If she's going with a dramatic, dark eye look; bright pink is going to ruin it. At least keep with the dark theme OR go with a nude lip colour.

Becoming a model; any type – it's hard work. It's more than getting likes on your photo and getting noticed by brands. I was a formal model and of course, it was before social media; but even then it was hard work to get noticed. Heather just thinks if she keeps spamming hashtags for Killstar, that she'll get noticed? It doesn't work like that. Do different looks, learn how to pose and pose in what you're wearing. Besides, she's not even close to what Killstar would want as models.

Though, now looking at some of the models Killstar uses.. I wonder if that's what made Heather decide to change her hair colour.

Yeah, she needs to keep modelling and photography and whatever else she wants to do as hobbies and not rely on them as sources of income because it isn't working. She needs to grow up, get a license and a cheapo car that can take her back and forth to work.

No. 839634


You said it perfectly. Spamming hashtags of killstar is not going to get her a job. And like i said before, I'm not saying she's ugly, but she doesn't have the look to pull off what killstar has as models. She's trying to find an easy way to get their clothing for free and use it to make youtube videos. She's so lazy she would fit right in with all the other useless section 8 people. They will have 10 kids from 10 different baby daddies, live in a apartment paid for by your taxes, and get money to throw it on Jordan's or whatever top brand to rock but not get their priorities together. That's her just without kids.

No. 839773

File: 1563438497896.jpeg (296.53 KB, 1405x2000, FC71BA2F-DF04-4560-ACB2-E68B75…)

She’d look more of a killstar type if she got an edgier haircut instead of just long and limp, piercings, tattoos, maybe lost a lil weight, and wore more deep or pale, grey nude lipsticks. she used to have a labret, why not go back to that and maybe a septum.

No. 839867


She can't do that, she has a "job" to find, that wouldn't be "appropriate " for her make believe job

No. 839885

She's not edgy enough for killstar to notice her that's for sure.

No. 840056


Iirc the old thread had loads of examples of Adam being pretty horrible, but ever since they broke up, she's been extra cringe. The unwillingness to divorce goes back years on both ends. Heather's clearly a sponge, but why won't Adam cut ties if he's getting nothing?

No. 840222


I think adam feels bad for heather. He feels bad that she has "nothing". The only other logical option is that they still have sex from time to time so he gets something out of her which wouldn't surprise me.

No. 840311


lmao she won’t get a job ever. she’s 30 and i doubt she’s actually ever been employed idk why she's kidding herself by saying stuff like that

No. 840318


She's a broken record. She doesn't work and can't produce good youtube content. It's unreal how lazy she has become in the past year. She'll work if Adam kicked her out. But why should she have any motivation to move out now? Her and Damien are no longer together, Ryan wants nothing to do with her. Adam is the leg that is holding her together. Unless some other dumb ass comes along, she's going to perch her white ass in Adam's house and not do a damn thing until then.

No. 840328

File: 1563524718298.png (318.16 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190719-042448.png)

Even youtube people are sick of her shit

No. 840349

Of course she’ll heart any comment that’s praising her and not one that’s giving her tough love and being truthful. Lol.
I won’t be surprised if she brings this up somehow saying she’s being bullied or some shit.

No. 840355


You can really tell which youtubers have delicate egos to feed when you scroll through comments and see them hearting all the compliments, then leaving that one non sucky-up constructive comment untouched lol

No. 840363

If they respond people will bash them and aay they focus on the negative

No. 840366


It's kinda passive aggressive to like every other comment under the video so that's a response in itself lol

No. 840392

I doubt they even have sex, I mean shes constantly chasing other "Boys" and i wouldnt put it past her to cheat on him (If she hasn't already)

If i was Adam I would have the divorce papers drawn up and served to her and then give her 30 days to get out. That MIGHT make her change her mindset on spening money left and right.

No. 840488

She has had sex with other men literally in Adam's house, so yes, she has cheated on him already.

She has had other "regular" jobs. She's even said where she used to work by name (Spencers).

Summerfags, I swear to god.

No. 840571

File: 1563561735673.png (3.07 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190719-144112.png)

No one asked for this.

No. 840590

I’d rather watch an explore vlog than more Killstar videos that one of her followers supposedly asked when she’d do more of.

Also why is she able to shit out a Killstar video so easily while it seems like it takes her a month to edit a vlog on where she explored??? Like what happened to all her ghost hunting videos she was suppose to post? Instead if all been videos of her talking about herself/explaining herself and Killstar.

No. 840640

Because those are the videos she truly likes to make, the hauls and talking about herself. She's not as passionate about the explore videos, she knows they don't get any views and don't make her any money. She's passionate about the exploring itself, sure. But the videos come out so late because they're not about the random shit she bought (kek, remember a few months ago when she was saying she wanted her channel to stop just being about "stuff"?) or a 20-minute narcissistic foray into her mind.

No. 840651


She's not passionate about anything except trying to score free killstar garbage.

No. 840802


Yep the reason why they don't make her any money is its a new channel and it doesn't have enough subs and or total watch hours to qualify for Monetization

No. 841072

File: 1563634698515.png (14.57 KB, 500x220, Heather damien post 7-20-19.PN…)

Hmmmm so she's apparently getting all butt-hurt over something according to her most recent Facebook post

No. 841113

She probably had those "regular" jobs before she met her husband and regardless if she has worked before there is no excuse whatsoever for her not to hurry up and find another job if she has decent references etc. She should move her butt out of that apartment…or arrange for Adam to change the lease over to her, he moves out and she pays for the rent herself. Very strange in this day and age where the arrangement is the husband is the only one working with the spouse staying at home when there is no children involved. She isn't a full-time mom nor is she in full time education trying to better her chances of securing a well paid job. I see no evidence that she has a severe disability either as she seems to get around with no problems. She's been leading a cushy lifestyle that's for sure and yet seems completely unthankful and self-centered. She behaves like a pampered spoilt brat and is nearly 30 years of age.

She should quit buying stuff she doesn't need as haul videos are only really productive for those youtubers that have a lot of viewers/subscribers so the money they earn through youtube pays for it anyway. She isn't earning enough on there to cover it plus many of the youtubers that are hugely successful also have careers away from youtube so additionally have money to spend from that. She's got no common sense.

Now it looks like to further the drama she's trying to make Damian look the bad guy while she's the victim again. Rubbish!!!

No. 841143

Fucking hell, Heather. Go back to therapy instead of worrying about some fuckboy and his bro friends. Make a youtube video your followers want to watch, sell your old clothes, get your license, do something productive for your life. I don't know how she does it, constant claiming to not care and saying she's going to be independent meanwhile never doing it, when is it going to click in her head?

No. 841144


probably never

No. 841148

File: 1563647813644.jpg (124.29 KB, 1440x443, Screenshot_20190720-143531_Ins…)

Someone here said the phone case was 30 buck apparently she got it on clearance lol

No. 841164


Why does it matter on who is saying who to damien? I doubt anyone is spying on her for him. I bet damien made a secret instagram profile that he's using to watch her and now she's acting surprised. It's not like she's putting anything negative about him on her page so who gives a shit what he thinks? The ONLY thing i agree with her is that he is a BOY. He's got the type of face you just want to punch. That annoying millennial face and probably talks like a bitch.

No. 841211

She’s only had one job. And that was Spencer’s. She leeched off her ex before Adam and refused to leave the apartment to get a job. He bought her everything and felt bad because she had nothing that’s why he didn’t kick her out when she cheated on him with Adam. Sound familiar? Because she just rinsed and repeated with Adam.

No. 841259

"grow up. get a life" words that actually came from her in a post, kek

No. 841311


It's amazing how much of a spoiled cunt she is. She has no idea what the real world is like, what it's like to struggle, not wanting to go to work but have to, not wanting to see certain things at work. She's such a self entitled cunt. It's gonna come back and bite her in the ass, one day, and she's going to cry her eyes out and have no idea wtf to do.

No. 841315

File: 1563664639742.png (759.06 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190720-191632.png)


It is on clearance

No. 841345

File: 1563669400257.png (39.08 KB, 508x479, Heather catcalled 7-20-19.PNG)

I wonder what she is doing in M1oundsville WV today? Someone Catcalled her. I chuckled when I read that

No. 841346

Look at her IG stories, Ryan is there so she's stalking him again.

No. 841352

why does she say “whomever” to sound smarter?

No. 841355

Update: she deleted all the stories with Ryan in it. I guess she just checked this website. topkek

No. 841360

File: 1563672262015.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1226x1994, 7A4C092B-62C4-49D0-9C35-132569…)

No. 841365

She is a lot heavier than I realized or that outfit is not doing her any favors.

No. 841371

Might be both. It seems like she just wears whatever she think looks good instead of wears what fits her body and her age.

No. 841384

Honestly heavier than she really lets on and her hair color isn’t very flattering either she’s trying way too hard to be something she’s not and it’s also taking a toll on her looks. She always looked average but not she looks like a Middle Aged crazy cat lady

No. 841453

Underrated post kek, it's too rich

No. 841502


Typical whore move. No damien, bounce back to the other guy. I'm sure she'll spread'em for these other spooky guys.

No. 841505

I can tell you right now, that was a hairball, not a catcall.

Secondly, these guys are probably thinking who is this crazy fuckin tool bag.

Third, still no job and looks completely ridiculous. I hate to say it but even when she had pink hair she looked ridiculous. None of these paranormal guys are going to look at you seriously. An easy lay absolutely, her face screams any guy can fuck her if they give her a car ride.

No. 841507

I'm surprised with how much often she is given rides and if she's paying them by giving them a lay, she hasn't had a pregnancy scare yet because I bet if she refuses to see a therapist/psychiatrist then I bet she's one of those people that refuses to take any type of meds for anything; thus I doubt she takes birth control. Unless she is and that's why she's looking a little heavy even though she's vegan/raw foods (I swear at one point she was a raw food vegan).

No. 841508


She's wearing clothes that geared for teens and early 20s people. Not for women in their 30s. She looks like a complete assclown. She also looks desperate. All these posts of her and men make her look like an easy piece of ass. One minute she loves Damien, and now she's stalker ryan. She can't survive without a man's attention.

No. 841511


I think its the dress thats making her look unflattering. The dress looks ugly and ridiculous. And who knows, she might of had a prego scare, but i doubt it because that would be the gateway for her to lock any man down. You put one in her gut and you're fucked for the rest of your life.

No. 841512

I don't even think it's been a week since she broke up with Damien yet she found her way to WV Pen, to the place where Ryan works/volunteers (I'm assuming he works/volunteers because every time she goes there, she spams videos of him on her IG stories and deletes them ASAP [Why is she even doing that? To save them or for what? Show off?])

No. 841543


That callcaller must be into milfs cos she's looking heavy around the middle and older than her age

Some people just look awkward no matter what they do, I think she'd honestly look better if she just wore jeans and t-shirts and blended in rather than trying so hard to stand out

No. 841665

File: 1563732439447.png (2.62 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190708-202722.png)

What tool wears slippers with socks to a convention?

Ryan, if you see this, your sloppy 2nds, 3rd, whatever number.

No. 841683

That's a photo of her and Damien. Fairly certain this is old. Screencap was taken from July 8th, Anon. What point are you trying to make? Because we all know here that Ryan won't give her a second chance ever in a billion years..

No. 841706

Unrelated but that justin seaweed comment under her post is shitty.

No. 841722

File: 1563740244417.png (745.75 KB, 522x858, Heather creepin lol.PNG)

Ladies and Gents, i think heather found some new meat, and this guys a bit chunky too

No. 841726

File: 1563740733982.jpeg (5.61 MB, 4032x3024, 90848888-64B5-4A3D-B540-02D200…)

When she realizes that her current pimp (I mean boyfriend) says she can't buy any more shit and that she is a shitty paranormal investigator and youtuber.

No. 841727

File: 1563740879198.jpg (596.14 KB, 1242x1102, 2019-07-21 13.25.40.jpg)

So i saw this earlier, I wonder who's she talking about Ryan or Damien?

No. 841735


Girl stop obsessing over men, posting about them, whinging about them, hopping from one to the next, ending things with one and longing for the next man immediately, being single isn't being 'incomplete' and you stink of desperation

No. 841766

OKay Chris, learn how to sage and to use this forum properly.

At this point it could be Ryan. She did just go out to WV to secretly see him while going to that small paranormal convention or whatever it was.
Also >wonderful boys
mega cringe

No. 841767

I'm too lazy to screencap but Heather posted this on her facebook:
>Reminder: I do not have to validate my authenticity, knowledge or spiritual beliefs to the internet. I know who I am, I know what I like, and everything Im researching right now is not to prove a thing to you, and I am taking my good old time on it. I don’t get the opportunity to post everything Im experiencing or where Ive been, and I don’t have to. Im on a solo journey, I love what Im doing. You can question whatever you may like, but Im just gonna keep moving ahead and doing it for me. I don’t claim to be an expert in anything, don’t take my life so seriously, worry about your own. 😉

"I'm a solo journey" she says, but she's constantly wanting a "boy" to be with. topkek

No. 841781

The whole witch thing is a phase. I bet you she doesn’t even know they’re are different types of witches and I bet u she doesn’t know not all of them wear black. I myself am a green witch which means I pull off the energy of nature and herbs. The witch mottto is if you do evil expect it back a hundred fold but if u do good expect good luck and a good life. Not all of it is pentagrams and satan. She must have just watched the Netflix show Sabrina. Those are dark art witches and that dabbles in stuff she can’t handle. She’s cry and have an even more horrific melt down. Not to mention if she was a witch considering her personality she’s be casting all these love spells to manipulate men but I doubt she can even cast a simple home protection spell. Like she’s a joke to the community

No. 841800


Heather finding whatever guy she can to get free rides. What an embarrassment.

No. 841850

You say that as if the "witch community" isn't a joke in itself. Honestly it'd be immensely amusing watching her try to "cast love spells" and other ridiculous "witch" garbage, but she's only in it for the clothes and we all know it.

No. 841969

File: 1563765730940.jpeg (650.81 KB, 750x1230, 3C66E4AF-3342-4F4D-8628-7A36E8…)

Nah, we’re all aware of the rose coloured glasses you never take off though.

No. 841974


Trust me heather, no one is jealous of envious of you. We just love seeing how much of a lazy, useless slut you've become

No. 841991

I think she is right about one thing. Her channel, the way people view her will never been the same. She did a lot of damage to her channel and herself when she changed into this stupid witch creature. She needs to stop putting blame on this whole "no one knows what i went through in this relationship " well, you put yourself in that situation, no one else did but you. So, wither it was toxic or not you stayed, you kept yourself in the toxic relationship. Take ownership of your fuck ups. Killstar won't help you.

No. 842089

Sounds like she might be spending a lot of time on here today because I feel like I've been seeing this kind of shit on her stories all day today, along with "iNsPiRaTiOnAl" quotes.

No. 842140

File: 1563791412225.png (1.66 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190722-062248.png)

Yes, live your life! Be in a gang bang with all these dudes while you leach off your husband! Use these guys for car rides and attention! Fuck over the girls you used to hang out with and go thrifting for car rides and get into a car accident in the snow! Look like an assclown by spending a shit ton of money on shitty clothes!! You said it heather!

No. 842145

>>842140 what an overwhelming response to such a simple question, why does everything have to be a deep thought out paragraph on repeat lol

No. 842151


Have you noticed? No one ask her questions as much anymore. Because its the same answers to the same questions over and over again. She probably used her other account to ask this "perfect question " for such an elaborate response. I've asked her questions and she didn't respond to them. She likes to answer questions that a easy, and all about her new lifestyle. She doesn't answer questions, simple questions about "have you researched for a car?" "Any motivation to get a drivers license?" "Hows the job hunting?" She likes to skip those questions.

No. 842156


Funny how alot of people manage to go through life without even having 'haturz', I wonder what we're doing right?


lol 'Dark times' she bets all her happiness on relationships the very second they start and when it doesn't turn out to be a fairytale she goes into princess depression. Stop chasing crappy relationships, ask yourself what the common denominator is in your relationships, it's you picking them!

No. 842170

I've even asked her questions that play into her "spooky aesthetic" and she's skipped over them. Seems she only wants to answer the questions she asks herself. Everything she does online is for purely narcissistic reasons.

No. 842171


She's a bit old to be blaming her own internal misery on toxic relationships, she's a big girl and she's the one chasing guys. Reading this post (and her other posts lately) reads as Me, myself, I, me, more about me and people needing to comfort and coddle me..

If she was in her early twenties people might have some patience for that but maybe consider that at your age acting like that YOU look like the unhealthy/toxic one . We all have that one friend that's such a needy and emotional leech that we have to let them go.. that's her

No. 842178

She's trying to convince folks thats she's desperate to find a new boyfriend because she gets lonely. It's true that she is indeed desperate to find another bloke but only to leech off of. She wants someone with marketing/media commuincation know how to elevate her to a much greater status than what she has currently. Adam couldn't give her that probably because he's too busy with his actual job etc. She wants to be a big youtube name now without putting the required effort in herself. She wants things sped up. Some sucker that does all the work, comes up with good ideas and directs her as to what to do while she is the "face" in front of the camera. If this were to happen and she acquired say a million subscribers and many views per video she'd then ditch them. Therefore I don't think she's bothered about their looks just whether they can help her get to where she wants to be. Also to live with them as well. She has implied this in the past by saying she wants to find someone to collaborate with, to share her journey. She'll want to go to all the necessary conventions to check out any potential candidates but hopefully they'll see right through her.

No. 842192

Honestly, she should be grateful for lolcow. I'm sure it's gained her some subscribers/followers and it's getting people talking about her, at least. Can't say as much for her snorefest of a youtube channel. We're keeping you relevant, Heather. You're welcome.

No. 842295

I still don’t think she posted that vlog she was editing about a few days ago. She probably forgot about it because she went on an overnight ghost hunting experience.

I also noticed on her Facebook she got tagged in something from this weekend and it was by another female. So I’m actually curious if she hung out with them, if so, why does she always post herself with dudes and never with any girl friends? Is she r/notlikeothergirls and wants to look like one of the dudes or what?

Though now that I think about it, I never seen a photo of Heather with another girl friend; whether it be a female friend or a girlfriend.. yet I’m fairly certain she claims to be bi????? K. Sure Jan.

No. 842299

I have been interested in goth/alt fashion and subculture since my early teens and I have to say most alt people would laugh at how hard she's trying to be goth while wearing strictly killstar and acting like a 13 year old that screams "THIS IS WHO I TRULY AM" to their mom. It's common knowledge that killstar isn't a requirement to dress goth neither is claiming to be a witch. If she didn't feel the need to prove something she would try buying second hand, thrifting and diy-ing her clothes, like many, many other alt people do. Let's face it, Killstar is expensive and most people that own a shit ton of it are either rich (like Avelina) or get it for free to model it. It's funny seeing her putting together outfits with the little killstar she owns that doesnt even go together just because they are branded, like >>841665

No. 842314


Heather USED to hang out with females. If you go on instagram, rainbowrificena was her best friend, and they had a huge blow out. She used julietthepastelprincess for car rides to go thrifting.

Her posting pics of herself with other guys is her trying to piss off damien , its like a fuck you to him "see, i can get any guy i want"

The only thing i guy wants from you is an easy lay. I dont think any man will be dumb enough to marry her again

No. 842315

dont call women "females" around here. Its mostly incels who do that. Saged.

No. 842322


Wtf is wrong with saying female instead of "women"? It's the same shit.

No. 842337


She won't thrift for goth clothes because 1. She wants to wear clothes that say killstar on it and 2. Because she has no one to take her thrifting anymore. Her and adam went thrifting all the time, then she was getting rides from julietthepastelprincess, and now there is no one to give her a ride to thrift.

No. 842357

Way back in her Spencer days she used to brag about people stopping by taking photos with her. Her female friend then went by Wookie ( can’t recall the full twitter name). Calling someone a female friend rather then girlfriend is because that’s how Heather sees it. She doesn’t see people as friends she sees them as free rides and how they can benefit her. Thus labeling it “ female friend”. She has no friends. She uses everyone and once she’s exposed about it she calls them haters. So don’t come around here saying “female” or labeling someone “female” is bad. Get over it you’re like screaming HoW DaRE U AsSUmE My GeNdEr!

No. 842362


Since I'm in the medical field, using female is a common language for us. When a patient comes in, our descriptions is "female/white" or "female/black " its not used for derogatory reasons. But, its sad that this day in age, it's looked at badly, people don't want to be labeled as "genders" anymore.

No. 842368


I followed Heather and found rainbowrificrenia through her when they started hanging out. From what I know, Heather dropped Renia when she suggested she get help for her mental issues. I was also friends with Heather on Facebook and Renia had once commented on a status saying that she would teach her how to drive. It seems like she was genuinely interested in helping her, so it's a shame that they're no longer friends. Although I wouldn't want to be friends with someone like this, either. Heather's priorities are all fucked up. From her "aesthetic" changes to her constantly focusing on different men, her childish behavior at age 30, etc. it's obvious that there is something wrong with her.

No. 842379

I just watched her declutter of her pastel phase clothes and I just don't understand why she feels she HAS to be either goth or pastel. She kind of seems like she's forcing it down her own throat, she would grab each piece of clothing and some she would just throw it away but most of them she would confess she still finds it cute and would like to wear it but then she says "but we don't do that anymore" and throws it away. What's the shame in liking both? Heck, most alt-girls have this schtick going on that they either go pastel cutesy rainbows or hardcore black lipstick etc depending on their mood.

No. 842440

She can’t be pastel AND goth because Ryan thought pastels were childish. This whatever Ryan thought and said, she will forever follow like god itself said it to her. She’s crazy. She goes on about how she can’t ever get Ryan but she still does a lot of shit that he says, such as this whole Killstar-obsessed change and No-Pastels Allowed mindset.

No. 842461

It’s like that saying: “Dress for the job you want.”

Except Heather’s more like, “Dress for the guy you want to attract.”

No. 842490

File: 1563834630322.jpg (347.77 KB, 1440x957, Screenshot_20190722-182812_You…)

Promises promises

No. 842495

File: 1563834849579.png (3.22 MB, 750x1334, BF07083B-51CF-4570-B9B0-E1994E…)

One of those signatures almost looks like it says Damien.

No. 842496

File: 1563834895440.png (2.56 MB, 750x1334, E0F9E4AF-1933-4E39-BF4E-671142…)

No. 842502


Go to hell already heather. No one fuckin cares what you do with your channel anymore. It sucks.

No. 842511

>>842502 >>842140 >>841974 >>841726
I'm starting to think we have a Vendetta-chan in this thread. I'm getting such a harsh vibe from these posts. topkek

It's sad because she allowed her channel to "die." She released explanation video after explanation video instead of just releasing a video saying, "Hey. I'm not really a big fan of XYZ anymore, but I want to start showing something else I'm passionate about.." And then start doing videos about that. It's so easy to transition and your fans would totally understand.

But she didn't do that. She claims she was into Urbex and paranormal Hunting, awesome. But then she releases "Woe is me" videos so many times in a row and then shows off Killstar haul after haul. There hasn't been anything Urbex or Paranormal related on her main channel. She has the footage; if she's been filming when she's going to places. What's stopping her from editing? Is it laziness?

She had the opportunity but now she kind of screwed herself, tbh.

No. 842514

No matter what, it all comes down to "boys." Not one place has cuter boys than other places; she's just saying that because she can't find any other "boy" in the area cute enough to her standards.

If she wants to be taken serious in the Urbex and Paranormal community, stop talking about relationships in the open. You don't see Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventurers crying or complaining all the time about being single; no, he's showing off what he does in life whether he's working on his show or not (best example I could think of, get over it. Lol)

No. 842547

>>842496 lmao that last part

No. 842589

Lol she tried to get someone from Saudi about 7 years ago to move her out to him. It was hilarious she used “ my sister is trying to kill me” “I love u” and they weren’t even dating she sent him nudes and threw herself at him and he blocked her. Wish I had pics of texts but didn’t think anything of it. Sad face.

No. 842590

File: 1563846627970.png (1.65 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190722-214958.png)

Yes you do….

No. 842617

File: 1563850863380.png (2.77 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190722-224234.png)

Oh god, just stop already.

No. 842652

Of those are her goals, she needs to start on them. Work on herself, stop buying useless Killstar shit. Ta-dah. It’s so easy but she makes easy tasks feel so difficult.

No. 842666

File: 1563857947506.jpg (737.71 KB, 1080x2089, 20190722_215805.jpg)

But shes not though??

No. 842687

what exactly is she studying?

No. 842769

male anatomy

No. 842780

Only someone naïve would think they could get away with suddenly changing the content on their channel, ditching what most of their subscribers originally want to see. She thinks they will watch ANYTHING she does because she's so wonderful with some people suspiciously encouraging her and saying they'd watch whatever she does regardless, garbage. She is so arrogant. Its all very well her supposedly having other interests she never mentioned before but she's taken such a drastic change of direction it is insulting her subscribers by expecting them to continue watching the garbage she's churning out (it appears at the moment it's rather old footage she'd taken some time ago)that has zero to do with toys or even pastel/cutesy clothing, accessories etc. I don't believe she had these interests before, it feels so bogus. She's now claiming to be a witch which is ridiculous. Probably some guy told her at some point that she was dressing/acting too babyish and as she's so gullible she took it to heart and decided that to increase her chances of finding another man to freeload from she'd need to radically change her look and her interests. PATHETIC!!! She won't listen to constructive criticism and yet she doesn't realise that those encouraging her behaviour and coming across as her adoring fans could actually be up to no good and secretly want to see her fail. No one in their right mind is going to support the way she is behaving.
Instead of just writing what she plans to do career wise on social media she should just get on with it!!!

No. 842793

File: 1563887098147.png (606.41 KB, 508x809, heather wv penn.PNG)

I saw this on facebook this morning so I had to share it. I still cant get over how much her hair makes her look like a Grandmother. smh

No. 842866

So now, heather thinks/assumes she's going to be on a paranormal show. I guess if your sucking dick, sure, go for it. I can't wrap my head around why she says "new career path" YOU NEVER HAD A CAREER!! COP,FIREFIGHTER,DOCTOR,NURSE, THOSE ARE CAREERS! NOT POSTING PICTURES OF YOURSELF IN A CEMETERY . I follow now just to watch her embarrass herself. You have zero background on film, and you want to do a documentary film? Whatever the fuck your smoking must be amazing. She has her head so far up her ass it's incredible. All someone has to do is google your name and this page pops up, you'll never be taken seriously.

No. 842893

File: 1563907758957.png (2.97 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190723-144641.png)

Don't ask her questions, attention whore.

No. 843026

File: 1563921003747.jpg (915.16 KB, 1080x2089, 20190723_152953.jpg)

Ohh boohoo

No. 843036

Her makeup is always terrible. How bout look up on YouTube how to do your makeup geez. Not to mention if she’s been crying all day ud see tear streams thru her makeup because she layers it in too much. On coat is fine not a billion.

No. 843043


Exactly. That was a selfie she took at the paracon, not today. She edited her picture too of the angel. It said something along the lines "my angel is gone and will never return " she just wants attention, she wants guys to feel bad for her.

No. 843156

It's okay to move onto new interests but the way she does it just comes off as really disingenuous and fake. I followed her because I enjoyed her pastel outfits and toy collecting, I thought it was neat and something different. But now she's thrown anyone who watched her for that under the bus and calls its dumb.

Can't you move onto different interests without trashing what you used to like? I like goth/alternative fashion but with her it just comes off as trying wayyyy too hard. None of it seems authentic at all.

And she claims shes going to be all about exploring now and all she does is whine about guys. I don't know how she has any supporters left at this point, this is getting ridiculous.

No. 843245

>her face screams any guy can fuck her if they give her a car ride.
LOL absolutely savage.

(And now that you point it out… she totally does.)

I love how she defends what she buys as "this was only $7!" but guess what Heather? All that shit adds up, especially when you use that logic. Buying useless crap is not doing her any favors. $7 could go towards food. Or savings.

What I can't figure out is how she still has money when her ytube earnings are garbage? Does Adam just give her money still? Family? She is as much to blame as WHOMever is giving her a free ride.

No. 843246

Some men catcall unattractive women as a joke. It's really shitty, but it is hard to empathize in Heather's case since she is such a wack piece of work and desperately throws herself at any man.

No. 843250


Its shocking how she still buys shit. She can't collect unemployment because she hasn't worked in years. She isn't on disability so she isn't getting money from that. She is 100% getting it from adam and other guys. She is one of those people that borrow money and promises she'll pay them back when she can. I can almost guarantee you thats the case.

No. 843254

File: 1563947183198.png (1.24 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190724-014451.png)

The fact that you're a whore bag.

No. 843281

Settle down there, Vendetta-chan. What's your beef with Heather? You stand out with the harsh language you use whenever you post here. But onto this post, I like how she gives proof someone said this to her yet she mentions that she's not going to keep showing proof anymore. Okay, then stop. We're mostly questioning your "wiccan" and why all you HAVE to wear is Killstar. There's more goth brands out there that are way cheaper than Killstar.

Anytime she starts asking for questions, there's always that one question always asking how she is and she always spouts off a paragraph of how she feels. Why can't she stick with a simple "Honestly not good but I'm doing my best to keep myself distracted" instead of mentioning that she's been crying.

Her make-up is fine; average skill level, but it's fine. It's the fact she's using a pink colour that doesn't look flattering on anyone unless they're a darker skin colour (imo). She needs to go with a basic, natural lip colour if she's going to go heavy on the eye make-up.

No. 843402

File: 1563975886152.png (80.96 KB, 305x531, Capture.PNG)

Weirdly, she changed the caption on this post around the time this was posted here. Always the queen of lurking, aren't you Heather?

No. 843415

>>843402 "I don't need to prove myself to the haterz."

Posts receipts and then edits them, because "I don't owe explanations to the internets….but I am goth/spooky!"

Girl, just go on with your life, you putting that target on your back all by yourself.

No. 843454

imagine actually sitting and posting that as a facebook status at any age over 16.

No. 843511


Seems like she stopped emotionally maturing at age 13 so yeah her highschool friend isn't wrong.. I wouldn't exactly take it as a quirky compliment

Oh and she has to repost it and go to the hassle of scribbling out the name and adding text.. cos she's totally not looking for validation anymore lol

No. 843521


Did i miss something? Are you not allowed to curse on here? Because clearly, you can curse on here and it's not a vendetta , it's posting about heather. I'm not making any threats, it's simply reposting what she puts online. So if you're offended by curse words wallflower then grow a fuckin set, it's the fuckin internet. Don't like it? Tuff shit.

No. 843536

File: 1563994498534.png (1.5 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190724-145213.png)

So now she is reviewing "spooky" zombie candy…

Which she claims will be on youtube today…

All these plans for the channel and we get….skittles candy lol i can't lol

No. 843539


Perfectly put, Her need to repost that is pretty telling

Such a childish thing to be bothered by 'see guyz I am spooky!!' Most 28 year olds have bigger things to worry about but have fun obsessing over yourself hun

No. 843540


Quality content for 12 year olds and people with empty lives? lol

No. 843561

File: 1563997854417.jpg (1.22 MB, 1440x2291, SmartSelect_20190724-145013_In…)

What exactly does she do all day? She's been saying she needs to clean up her studio in order to make videos for months now.

No. 843569

File: 1563998806023.jpg (648.04 KB, 2560x1831, 19-07-24-16-05-50-578_deco.jpg)

Vacation!!?? From what!!?? Omg what a joke.

No. 843577

Lol her whole life has been a vacation. She needs to go to a psych ward.

No. 843619

nta but excessive insults and curses are reminiscent of a-logging which is reminiscent of basic vendettas and general sperging. Heather isnt stealing your high school bf so calling her a whorebag is kinda lame lol. To be fair, a huge chunk of this thread is based on vendetta and a lot of us think Adam made the first one, so being on guard isnt anything personal to you, anon.

>Oh and she has to repost it and go to the hassle of scribbling out the name and adding text..
isnt this just what we do on lolcow every day? this thread needs autosage

No. 843680

Where is she getting the funds to go to different places? I thought she was in debt to Killstar.. Unless Adam is slowly bailing her out because at this moment, who else would be? I doubt she's making that much from youtube at the moment.

No. 843734


I don't think its just Adam bailing her out. I think its probably other guys helping her out and credit cards. She could of taken a loan out but someone else would have to co-sign it since she has zero pay stubs to prove any income. Now she states she will be on vacation, what are you going on vacation for? you have no job so how can you afford it? you basically have a vacation everyday. I doubt shes going on vacation with Adam so its either a family member or a possible new boy toy.

No. 843736

Adam most certainly did not make the first one, that was me. I have no proof obviously, but mods basically confirmed it by saying it was made by a longtime lolcow user and they had no reason to assume it was Adam. Can we please stop perpetuating this lie?

No. 843743

File: 1564024388566.png (351.78 KB, 484x913, Capture.PNG)

In case any anons want to catch this.

No. 843806

I wish she would stop saying "new video up tomorrow " "filming new content" just stop. You consistently say this day and night. She is up 24/7 posting the same crap. Why can't you just say what you're going to do and leave it at that? YouTubers who have less content and subscribers then her at least post without "updates" and deliever better content. Her "make believe " fans egg her on, "we love your videos!!" What videos? She doesn't make any and when she does, it's about her looks or "not needing validation" its so old.

No. 843880

Some things she said in her first livestream last night:
>Jonathan Byers is her favorite Stranger Things character because he's "dream boy status"
>Youtube tips: don't listen to the haterz and make whatever content you want
>She was groped on the thigh by a ghost twice
>Needs two infrared cameras to film ghost hunting videos
>"Can't talk about the vacation"
>Hasn't responded to a text from a friend in the stream, says she's "really behind on the phone stuff"
>Has haunted items at a family member's house but she can't get them back because "that family member just threatened to kill our entire family!"
>Wants to wear her dream boy's hair in a locket
>"If I ever get on TV and make a lot of money, I want to buy a Victorian house"
>"Thought about going live on youtube because I really want to get some superchats"

No. 843891

>She was groped on the thigh by a ghost twice.

Umm, you're THAT horny that you gotta go and say that a ghost did that? I don't recall hearing/seeing/experiencing entities groping people? (anyone else ever hear of that in real life>) hahaha, holy shit, she's so fucking desperate she went there.

No. 843912


Paranormal professional's have never encountered a spirit/"ghost" that has touched them inappropriately or groped them. Typical paranormal behavior is the spirits sending signs by objects . The spirit world does not physically interact with living people. AKA: GROPING. So, she's completely full of shit, she makes shit up and has no idea what she is talking about. Its all about attention…

No. 843919


Groper ghost and those catcalling men are probably equally made up stories from her. My guess is that she's feeling less attractive lately so she's trying to convince herself and others that she's desirable

No. 843939

She stated in a story that a ghost choked her. Wtf is this, a kink of yours? Spirit's dont choke you, spirits communicate by objects and energy. Her stating a ghost choked her is so ridiculous lol all these paranormal people who follow her and see her stories must laugh their asses off. She still has young kids who follow her and are gullible with this shit. Gullible with everything she says.

No. 843946

At this rate a made up ghost “boy” is the only “boy” she can keep that won’t leave her in a week.

No. 843947


A good chunk of people don't believe that stuff anyway so imagine just how batshit crazy a ghost choking her sounds to a sceptic.. call the men in white coats

She'll be fucking ghosts next cos she's that desperate for a man

No. 843950

Anyone else think it's weird to constantly refer to wanting 'boys' in your late twenties… you're a grown ass woman and I assume you want grown men too so why the weird language, trying to be cutesy and young?

No. 843969


I dont understand that either. Teenage girls don't even use the word "boy" I'm going to go on a limb and say its a lack of education. Her vocabulary, education level, i feel like this all has something to do with how she speaks. But, she also tries too hard and forces herself to talk and act a certain way. She's a 30 year old that just hit puberty. Boys, new clothes, all extremely delayed behavior.

No. 843988

Whoever has tinder, she's on it. She posted about it and deleted it.

No. 843991


I don't know if her actual teen years were extremely lacking but that's the only half decent excuse I could think of for her behaviour.

That or she's just been coddled by people so much that she never needed to develop at a normal pace. Now she's going nuts to find a replacement adult/coddler to enable her to carry on stagnating

No. 844010

I find it creepy. I mean, at least call them “guys.”

No. 844192


I agree, she doesn't strike me as very smart. Her usage of "whenever" in every single sentence about something that happened in the past irks me. And the "boy" thing is bizarre,she stopped developing mentally at age… 12? at least she's going to sell her toys on depop which is pretty exciting. She has nothing else going for her other than her collection imo. sad that she gave it all up for this faux gothic witch persona.

No. 844288


She does seem to be stuck at a mental age of 12/13 in terms of emotional development.

With her 'boy' obsession I can see all her relationships either being flings where men take advantage of that fact.. or good men that get sucked in before they realise they are essentially dating a struggling/selfish/emotional teen in a womans body

No. 844397


I dont think they realize how bat shit crazy she is until they have been with her. In many ways, the toy collectors on here, as well as heather, we all suffer from some of the "peter pan syndrome " seeking childhood toys or toys we never had as kids. Not saying its a bad thing, i most certainly have an obsession with finding things from my childhood. But, my mentality with everyday life, social interactions, all at my current age. When she talks, she sounds like a 14 year old, her excitement is very over the top, her high pitch voice.

But i think it's very true that her mental state is stuck in teen mode and her body is at the age it's supposed to be.

It's starting to make sense now…and i think i understand why she calls men "boys". That type of talk, is a kink.

She's into "baby/innocent" bondage. Those people who wear diapers and have a pacifier in their mouth. I can honestly see her being into something like this. Someone to take care of her….just an assumption that wouldn't surprise me.

No. 844484


In the previous thread there's a screenshot of her favorite items on her etsy.. all DDLG stuff. So That's not a reach

No. 844492


Not judging people for being into it but you always see younger women of 18-22 dressing up in that stuff, must be interesting to look that much older and still practice it..

No. 844552


Yeah, she looks 35-40, she prob looks ridiculous in that stuff. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being cutesy and stuff, but shit with diapers, pacifiers, etc is just plain sick imo

No. 844675

She's done a eating video before but at least it was with an exotic fruit, not forcing herself to eat ~spoopy skittles~ because she's so spooky now. It's random and nobody asked for it. A regular vlog and spending two minutes trying nasty candy would have been more interesting than wasting 10 minutes. This is for children, how is she going to upload toy and candy reviews but also talk about her internet haters and guys she fucks, which audience do you want, Heather?

No. 844716

I thought she was vegan? Skittles have gelatin in it? Isn’t that far from vegan?

No. 844727

Skittles no longer contain gelatin, they are actually vegan now.

No. 844728

>>844675 the silver hair looks super unflattering here, idk why, just does not suit her at all

No. 844742


Kinda creepy to be making kiddy content when you look 40 in the thumbnail, that and you don't have any kids yourself or any good reason to be appealing to kids with this style of vid

No. 844763

It looks like a cat pissed in her hair. The color looks terrible.

And 2 days later, she uploads the skittles review…

I don't know why she would decide to review skittles candy. What's next, zombie dildos? At least that would of been more entertaining. But i think no matter what she uploads at this point is going to be poor content.

No. 844765

She's a spitter.

No. 844776

File: 1564238551594.png (3.08 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20190727-104202.png)

Gonna have to learn how to swallow if you want more car rides

No. 844778

File: 1564239158462.jpg (84.45 KB, 1080x768, 20190727_105147.jpg)

Found under the replies on her Skittles video. Is she calling herself a joke? Well…she isn't wrong, kek

No. 844780


I see a man in a bad wig, girl good luck finding someone to pay your way through life when your looks are rapidly declining like this lol

No. 844884


They weren't even calling her a joke..they meant the vid, Talk about being touchy


The thinning hair is aging her quite a bit

No. 844897

Tried to summarize for anyone not wanting to listen:
>Gets a musty scented candle from a friend because it's popular in ubrex scene
>Finds antique style picture frames at Goodwill bins when wasting time one day with a friend, doesn't like going there because it's too addicting to spend money and easy to accumulate clutter
>Black heeled boots. "Vegan leather aka plastic as some people want me to say. Some people take issue with me saying vegan plastic." Eyerolling.
>Killstar bag on clearance because she needed summertime backpack.
>Cat bat phone case which she admits is a black version of Marie from Aristocrats, as someone in the thread pointed out. But gets lots of compliments on it(so who cares if it's a rip off, right?)
>Shows off favorite top which is Killstar of course
>Buys new leather jacket for exploring as a "treat myself" type of thing and because her old one was baggy and too time consuming to clean the hood
>Secretly started buying creepy things months before going to spooky phase. One of her first items was a mirror with an image of a mirror picture on top. Felt intense energy when she found it, almost afraid of it, had to bring it home
>Killstar hat
>Feels inspired, more content on the way. Still collects toys, videos about toys from the past coming soon. Give her channel a couple months to "blossom"

No. 844930

I find it so ironic her contentless video about a bag of skittles was exactly 10 mins 10 seconds to pass the youtube monetization threshold. There's zero effort being put into her "career". It's sad but also hilarious to watch her spiral and resort to newer lows

No. 844986


that's actually incorrect. to be eligible for monetization you will need 4,000 hours of annual viewing time and over 1,000 subscribers. There is no minimum length for a video anymore

No. 844989

File: 1564275415431.png (14.73 KB, 523x182, heather Michaels.PNG)

Ok wtf she's shopping again…..god she needs to fucking stop this shit

No. 845010


Heather, learn some new words to describe “spooky” things. You’re over using it and i cringe everytime.
Then again, i cringe at your over the top “spooky” outfits so i guess it all works together.

No. 845022


That's not irony.

No. 845049

File: 1564285198820.jpg (193.12 KB, 720x1140, Screenshot_20190727-213622_Ins…)

On the hunt for spoopy boys again?

No. 845059


why would you wear an expensive leather jacket for exploring anyways??? shouldn’t you wear something you don’t mind getting dirty? was just an excuse to buy more stuff she doesn’t need

No. 845065

Oh no, this isn't just any spoopy boy, this is the spoopy boy. Heather, dammit, just leave Ryan alone.

No. 845116

I imagine he just cringes every time he sees that she liked one of his photos or comments on his photos. I mean, any time she posted a video of him in it in her stories; he looks uncomfortable af knowing that he's being recorded.

I won't watch this video because I simply don't care for its content; but I'll admit that I like the contrast between her "dark fashion" and the bright, sparkly background. I hope she doesn't change it because otherwise she'll change it to something dark, grey, and dreary and she'll just blend into the background. Also, someone needs to take that lip colour from her. It doesn't suit her.

No. 845208

Where did this "spoopy" word come from!? It's hysterical lol

No. 845209

File: 1564333040572.jpg (26.7 KB, 410x307, fc6.jpg)

Welcome to the internet, you're here forever.

There's also "creppy" which came from a botched Halloween cake picture.

No. 845210


It sounds like baby talk, similar to how cows like pixielocks (and others) tend to slightly change words cos the real words just aren't cutesy enough..

I'd love to know what mental health professionals make of shit like that

No. 845232

it's ironic, anon. like your fucking life.

No. 845234


Aww Thanks you mental health pwofessional anon, uwu lol

No. 845236

File: 1564337158601.jpg (25.03 KB, 454x312, 1c72ff243db15e72c1977d8d6bf780…)

No. 845240


Thanks for the summary, she talks about her purchases with the same enthusiasm and attachment you might feel for a person

No. 845446

File: 1564369370528.jpg (2.08 MB, 1920x2560, 19-07-28-23-01-44-109_deco.jpg)

Man, i thought the hair color was ugly when she first got it done. Look at it now, so washed out.

No. 845507

Why does she keep dying her hair for goodness sake? Not only is it expensive but she'll destroy her hair in the process. She's going to go bald if she's not careful. (If she hasn't already got problems with bald patches/thinning hair) There are plenty of high quality wigs out there to wear if she wants to frequently change her hair color. If she loses her hair she'll have nothing left to dye anyway so might as well wear wigs. It must be costing a small fortune to keep having it re-dyed at the hairdressers and no amount of conditioner/hair products is going to protect it long term from her coloring it so often.

No. 845519


Her hair is noticeably thinning at the roots and the length of her hair has little volume even though it's styled. At this stage she might need to both cut it and lay off the dye to get it looking healthy again

No. 845649

Judging her old picture when she had black hair, you can tell she has the thin hair type. Straight not curly. As much as i love getting my hair done, its freakin expensive! And i work a good job and make decent money! And i dont get it done no where near as much as she does. But i also have other priorities, rent, utilities, animals, etc. Must be nice to do shit in life and get money.

No. 845653


Yeah it's always been that bit thin to start with, don't know why someone with already thin type hair would mess with it so much

No. 845887

I think it looks better now than when she first got it done. The "left over" purple tint her hair gave off didn't do her good.. Just like that god-awful pink lipstick she's over doing.

She bleached her hair back in May-ish or some time around there when she redyed her pink and then turned around and got it bleached AGAIN to go grey/silver. For getting bleached by a professional, I'm surprised they didn't say something to her.. Or maybe she did and Heather just didn't give a fuck; that's how it always seems to be like with people who have thin hair. They love to destroy it.

No. 847770

File: 1564785960056.png (3.08 MB, 750x1334, FE52B7A1-0BCC-4602-B151-F1FE9D…)

Surprised no outer layer of clothing is black.

No. 847771

She looks nice.. But this photo and the others look like badly done American High School senior portraits. She's also claiming that's a real human skull; which I'm unsure if it's real or not since that's the only photo of it. Something about it looks.. Off.

Also, sparkle jeans. lolwot

No. 847903

File: 1564821492575.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2086, 20190803_013731.jpg)

New 'fran' or new snoopy boi??

No. 848011

Im kinda amazed at how old she looks here. Lookin like a grandma with the white hair too. Her angles and filter apps sure fooled me.

No. 848275

She brought up again in her stories that she wants someone to teach her how to drive. Did she forget that there’s Adam? Or that driving classes exist? Or there’s parents? Like it’s not that hard.

No. 848308

Dunno about Adam or her parents, but most driving classes in the US cost like $100 an hour or more, which means Heather would have to stop buying all that Killstar and actually save up some money for something practical, which is just out of the question of course.

No. 848310

I think someone said here that she had someone who could have taught her but she isn't friends with her. So heather is so full of shit.

No. 848311

File: 1564884746470.jpg (981.6 KB, 1080x2083, 20190803_191219.jpg)


No. 848312

File: 1564884802252.jpg (971.41 KB, 1080x2086, 20190803_191238.jpg)

Sorry for triple posting. Shes attention whoring again.

No. 848314

Lmfao she like made sure her makeup is runny I’m pretty sure she lurked here and saw that comment ugh do cringy

No. 848319

It looks like she took water to her makeup. Her eyes aren’t red and puffy. Did she learn how to cry from a YouTube beauty guru?

No. 848447


This shit is pathetic, she reacts to break ups in the same way people react to a miscarriage or a loved one suddenly dying, it's too much girl, you wallowing in self pity ain't being an 'empath'

She's only spreading the misery by sharing these first-world sad posts all the time

No. 848566


If I was Adam I sure as hell wouldn't let her drive my car

No. 848644

Rainbowrificrenia offered to help her learn to drive, but it wasn't long before they stopped being friends after everything went down last October and November.

It's really sad to think that she actually had a friend who wanted to help her gain some life skills.

I wonder how different things would be for her now if she actually took advice and accepted help from the people who offered.

No. 848772

File: 1564969939708.png (52.15 KB, 506x615, Tindr 8-4-19.PNG)

I got a good chuckle out of this not sure why though

No. 848773

She's toxic, and as such, she burns bridges every f*cking time

No. 848834

File: 1564986494205.png (384.22 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190805-022655.png)

No. 848997

She has to be out by next month and she still has no income source? I have no idea where she thinks she's going to be able to live, other than some poor friend's couch. It's only a month away, Heather, you're too late. Maybe you should've been in panic mode 9 months ago.

No. 849012

She has about 30 days to leave and she's just now securing funds? Also, she posted this under a video where she's talking about stuff that she recently bought in July. Bought with money from god knows where, but she was able to do that instead of saving up? I don't care how cheap the items were, that shit adds up! Her priorities are so fucked.

She says securing the income as if she's suddenly going to get a job within the next month and have the money to live on her own by then. If she manages to land a job somewhere this month, there's a high chance she'd still have to wait a few weeks before her first paycheck so I'm not sure what securing the income means in this instance.

No. 849019

File: 1565015183648.jpg (429.12 KB, 2261x2048, PhotoGrid_1565014953385.jpg)

This was also under the July Favorites video.

She says she needs to reorganize, that her studio is a mess, but she has 30 days to move out apparently. Instead of reorganizing, she needs to pack up. From the sounds of it she won't have a studio anymore anyway if she doesn't even have the money to move out.

No. 849023

Yeah, what? Why would you bother reorganizing a room if you have to be out in a month? If anything, she should be packing it up. And if she's so strapped for cash, this seems like the perfect time to kill two birds with one stone: sell the collection so you don't have to move it and so you have some money to, I don't know, live? She's honestly so misguided, it's sad. If I didn't know that she purposefully pushed all her friends and family away, I would feel really bad for her.

No. 849081

She's been saying for more than 3 months she needs to reorganize her studio and clean up. Clearly she's fucking lazy and has to urge to do anything kawaii and pony related. Hell she's given up on urbex content. Now it's just going to be clothing and antiques.

No. 849084

Given her particular financial and unemployment situation anyone else would be in panic mode right about now if they were facing a deadline as to when to vacate their apartment. But instead she’s out here crying about boys like a teenage girl, splurging on Killstar, and trying to nab her next “boy.”

No. 849090

Honestly she deserves to be out on the street for a bit at this point. If someone comes and saves her by giving her a place to stay rent-free or paying for her housing, she will learn absolutely nothing and will just continue on living as a teenager in an adult's body. She needs to face consequences or her actions won't change.

I'm theorizing that she's been dick-hopping to find her next enabler. First, California boyfriend let her move in with him, then when he wasn't good enough she jumped to Adam, and now that he's kicking her out she's been scrambling to find another responsible adult to house her. She's trying to live in perpetual teen zone. It's really sad that she doesn't have any aspirations to actually support herself. She says she does, but she's made absolutely zero progress since October and in fact has been making negative progress, what with all the superfluous spending and hoarding of urbex gear and spooky bullshit.

No. 849204

She's hopeless, I would be panicking if I was her. Wow.
Also, shes live on IG now.

No. 849206

File: 1565033647786.jpg (949.66 KB, 1080x2087, 20190805_123317.jpg)

Does roommate still live there??? He pays the rent! Her followers are as delusional as her! It took all my will power not to say anything.

No. 849238

File: 1565036583748.jpg (950.71 KB, 1074x2088, 20190805_132211.jpg)

So one of the white knights was her lol
So her live is just woe is me, I'm pathetic. Its Adam's fault, he has a girlfriend now. Just wow.

No. 849247

Adam has a girlfriend now? damn, well she'll definitely get that divorce now.

No. 849251

She also kept talking about how her relationship with Adam was toxic because he made her dependent on him and how she wants to be independent, yet she said she wants to date someone who will teach her how to be independent. You’re almost 30, maybe teach yourself how to be an adult?

Apparently she has been sending job applications. Mentioned she doesn’t have any loved ones she can stay with and mentioned she will also live with a roommate if she knows them. Maybe she’s hoping someone feels bad for her and offers to be her roommate so she can mooch off of them.

No. 849262

She pulls so much the 'woe is me' card. Holy shit. Also, the constant "I want to move to VW" mention; yeah, you only want to move there because of Ryan.

Also yeah, the whole now worrying about having a month left before being kicked out.. Uhh, you have parents. I bet they will help you out. No parent wants their kid to be out on the streets.

Also her therapist was right. Why does she care so much about what people think? She should honestly read or at least listen to that audiobook called 'The Art of Not Giving a F*ck' because she seriously needs it.

No. 849263

Also she goes on about how she doesn't have any friends… What happened to the friends she just made over the weekend?

No. 849290

And she says she has no one but then says all of her friends are on the internet. Mentions how the paranormal stuff has helped her meet so many nice people yet says people hate her wherever she goes.

She talked about how Adam got her locked in mental hospital for wanting to divorce him, but don’t you have to be severely mentally unwell to be detained in a mental hospital involuntarily? Didn’t she mention a while back to it was Ryan who got her locked up by convincing everyone she was bipolar?

No. 849292

Much like how she falls in love with any guy that dicks her down, she seems to think that anyone that gives her a little attention is suddenly her friend. No doubt these people aren't actual friends, with no intentions of hanging out with her after their initial meeting. It sounds harsh but that's what I've gathered from her posts.

I actually agree that she needs to be homeless for a bit. I honestly don't know how else she'll get her shit together, because she doesn't take advice from people. If she ends up living with anyone, she'll just mooch off of them and never actually learn. It'll just be an endless cycle of her spending money she doesn't have, crying over "boys", putting out weak content on her channel, etc etc.

No. 849364

Wow, so Adam has a girlfriend, i don't blame him not after what he did to him with Ryan and Damien. Also did anyone happen to somehow record Heather's livestream I was at work and i missed it.

No. 849365

Her recent live video was her just regurgitating that same old victim narrative. She has no friends. She has no family willing to help. No support system whatsoever. Yet she falls short of taking genuine accountability as to why they’ve all distanced themselves from her. It was all “they don’t accept me” etc.

One thing she did admit was that all the recent purchases she charged to PayPal credit, which she now has pay off on top of everything else she has to get done before the eviction. And apparently she only makes $200 a month…not sure from what? Can’t inagine she’s making that much from YouTube.

Heather, just start selling your toy collection already. You’re sitting on a valuable stash of toys. It’s going to be hard holding onto them when you’re out on the curb.

No. 849366

File: 1565052686261.png (314.36 KB, 1811x855, Social Blade 8-5-19.PNG)


apparently, she makes that money on Youtube according to Socialblade. But I agree with you, She needs to sell her toy collection

No. 849379

I think she also makes some money on her Depop since she just put any clothes that were colorful, pastel, glittery, and did not fit her Killstar dreams, up for sale.
But that's gotta be like $30 or so a month, if that, so that's certainly nothing to live off of either.

No. 849382

i wonder how much she can make off selling her toys? she does have some rare ones she could sell quickly and easily.

No. 849401

I think she can make quite a lot, but the problem is she doesn’t have time, much less the motivation, to part with them. If she had gradually sold off her collection months ago in an attempt to get her shit together she’d be better off now.

No. 849456

So she's literally making $200 per month (somehow) by doing nothing? Yet if she's so serious about youtube and wanting that to be her job, she'd be working on videos constantly. Majority of successful youtubers have an upload schedule, not a situation where they post whenever they feel like it. She doesn't have that. It kind of seem like once she "got into boys," her youtube started suffering A LOT.

Yeah, in the last thread; when there was talk about when she was "put into a mental hospital", she mentioned how it was Ryan that convinced everyone she was insane and how he was so bad that he made her change herself in so many ways, which is why she lost the weight she did and all this stuff.. I think Heather forgot that the previous threads have accounts of her "lies" that she said about Ryan and him being so abusive and bad and manipulative.

No. 849527

WHOA, the money she makes from YouTube is so insubstantial it should clearly be something she does as a side-line hobby for a bit of extra cash when she's got her shit together. She'd have to do a hell of a lot of work on her channel (attract lots of new viewers/subscribers) to be earning enough to live on comfortably plus what she gets from YouTube will vary month to month so isn't a reliable source of income anyway unlike being in a regular job where you typically know what your wage is going to be each month. She's living in a dream world hence why she didn't get her act together as soon as she knew her marriage was over. I'm not a psychologist but her erratic behaviour strongly suggests that she does indeed have a mental disorder. She is so idiotic and over the top, a rational person doesn't behave like that. Perhaps she's got it into her head that behaving this way will get her more admirers but only a nut would have anything to do with her. It doesn't bode well that her mother (is there a father?) doesn't want much to do with her….or so she says. There would have to be a good reason for a parent(s) to distance themselves from you. Any new friends that she meets in person she seems to alienate herself from very quickly indicating that she's not a very nice person to be around once you meet her and not like the sickly sweet person she has tried to portray herself as online.

No. 849530

>Wants to be independent, needs someone to teach her how to do it
Bitch doesn't understand the definition of "independent."

No. 849531

She's going to have such a hard time finding a job no matter how many applications she sends in because she hasn't had a job in years and she's nearly 30.

Also, maybe her friendships don't work out because she doesn't value them as much as a romantic relationship. Notice how she said she wants to date someone who will teach her independence, when she'd be better off befriending someone whose advice and tips she'd actually listen to. You don't need a boyfriend to help you with these things, Heather!

No. 849533

File: 1565099802861.png (172.45 KB, 304x529, Capture.PNG)

She's already planning on diy-ing furniture for her "new place"? That sounds awful confident of you, Heather. Maybe find a job first. Or a place to live. Just a thought.

No. 849673

She needs to reach out to her local community center, United Way, etc. They can help her start learning life skills like budgeting and figuring out housing and maybe even getting a job. No "boy toy" is going to teach her life skills and independence ffs. If she really has to be out in a month, the last thing she should be thinking about is decorating and furniture if she's go no place to put it. With no, or bad credit, no apartment will take her without a heavy deposit or guarantor either.

No. 849716

File: 1565129863329.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, 2EF6A9CA-8760-48AB-A76B-C553BA…)

She could have continued to be on camera if she didn’t fuck it up herself.

No. 849719

File: 1565129995883.png (2.23 MB, 750x1334, DD978285-0994-407E-904D-7CB7B1…)

Again with the “h8trz” except wrong reference.

No. 849721

File: 1565130041833.png (3.61 MB, 750x1334, 096041A0-FDA1-4D2A-8601-5328D7…)

No. 849755

Heather's live on instagram right now, and she just admitted that it was stupid of her to buy all that Killstar, but she said she wished she had put that money towards a night-vision camera instead. Is she brain damaged? Does she have memory issues? She was literally talking about how she needs to save up to move out within the last 24 hours.

No. 849766

She also stated that the job she has an interview for is a server job and that another (previous) server said in a review that she really liked working there and I think she mentioned that person mentioned that they had a cat (wtf do we care). Based on her PO BOX being in MEADOW LANDS PA 15347, It shouldn't be difficult to find out who she is interviewing with.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 849770


Wow ok that made my brain hurt. Holy fucking shit. She fucked up buying killstar crap but she said she should have used that money for a camera? Here's a fucking bright idea……Be responsiable

No. 849781


No. 849782

You look like the kind of bitch who thinks yelling louder means you’re winning an argument

No. 849783

File: 1565138842278.png (169.61 KB, 500x642, F1A8852F-F648-47BA-81C8-22291F…)


No. 849784

I bet this is Adam's new GF that Heather was mentioning. No matter what she looks like, it has to be a definite upgrade from top to bottom plus she probably isn't a money grubbing, cheating white of a librarian that is the chock formerly known as Heather Sparkles (kinda like Prince but a very talent less version).

No. 849786

Your posts are a garbled mess. Take your hate boner for Heather and get out of here.

No. 849794

I guess Killstar or night-vision camera is more important than putting money towards a place. She must not be too panicked about situation; someone must be covering her ass because I and including many others are always stressed when it's close to moving time; whether or not they have/had the money to move. She seems to bring it up for a day to win some points and then will continue to bring it up when she can to keep gaining more sympathy — just like Kelly Eden always bringing up her Hashimoto's whenever she feels like it.

Also, I was thinking. This Anon >>842511 was calling >>842502 (and other posts) Vendetta-chan; Vendetta-chan stopped posting when Heather went away on her vacation. Ya think Heather was posting here for a bit?

No. 849796

In her live she mentioned wanting to look into getting an agent and some headshots done so she can get some “gigs.” She aspires to be cast in a ghost hunting show apparently.

No. 849809

Oh my god you’re stupid it’s finny. Heather clicking on haters profiles is hilarious because she’s stalking haters now lol. I doubt she has a job interview I think she’s spewing out her ass again to counter haters. She bought all that Killstar and regrets it because it was all for Ryan, not to buy a new camera. And she can’t bugey for shit. Her mother flew her and Adam out from California. Her mother let them live under their roof for how many years? Yet she can suck it up and ask for help because “ they don’t accept me” fucking change yourself then. Change yourself till you get in your damn feet then do you. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to get what you want not constantly sucking dick and ruining your teeth you got straight by giving so many damn blow jobs then crying about getting rejected. You’re not in high school slutting around ain’t the answer. No dick will fill that void only being on your own and become an adult will

No. 849814

File: 1565143022528.jpg (876.84 KB, 1068x2074, 20190806_185655.jpg)

Shes going to live on YT later.

No. 849830

File: 1565145358826.jpg (535.61 KB, 1174x2089, 19-08-06-19-35-57-460_deco.jpg)

Wait, what??

No. 849842


Oh snap, that comment XD

No. 849844


WTF is this shit?

No. 849845

Hi Heather

No. 849848

Yeah I’m calling the threat bullshit. I bet the girlfriend is just someone who doesn’t take bullshit or is one of those people who isn’t afraid of saying the truth and maybe called out Heather’s bullshit. If the girlfriend knows heather’s YouTube then the girlfriend knows heather’s Instagram.

No. 849856

Of course she has to air it all out on social media. She never learns. Airing out her dirty laundry so openly is probably what caused the supposed threat against her. Lately she’s being going on about how Adam was abusive and all, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what set off the new girlfriend.

No. 849857

Why is this thread such a shit show? Post videos or descriptions of her stories instead of randomly bumping it with half assed information.

How can Adams girlfriend threaten Heather to kick her out when the girlfriend doesn't live with them? I'm sure Adam loves watching Heather get picked on by his new love interest. This is so petty. Adam will probably let her keep living there while Heather panics to move or get a job. This thread hates her but it's sad that Heather said her mother taught her to dependent on others now apperently won't help her. She needs to just pack up and live in whatever she can afford with whatever job she can get so she can stop messing with Adam's loser ass.

No. 849861


It's because the newfags don't know how to fucking sage their posts, so it keeps bumping it

No. 849864

Hi cow!!(read the rules)

No. 849871

Sounds like karma to me.

No. 849873

Don't encourage the lunatic.

No. 849876

It seems the comments got deleted. Bummer. Should have screen shot Heather being here. And Adams new gf, hope someone else got it.

No. 849878

File: 1565152889826.png (314.1 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190807-003021.png)

No. 849880

> You guys won.
Lolwat? We aren't Adam's girlfriend "threatening" you.

And I like how in her story she mentions one "threat" and then goes on about how she isn't safe anymore. How many times have we've heard that now? Especially when she started this shitshow in the beginning when she wanted to leave Adam?

Another reason why I'm calling this threat bullshit is that she didn't give any proof (in this case, telling us what what said). I'm guessing she thinks her "fans" will believe anything.

Also when she posted her, she mentioned that she called the cops; but in her story she said she couldn't get the cops involved because her name wasn't on the lease. Well, which is it? Are the cops involved or not? Or can you not remember your lies that well anymore, Heather?

No. 849881

Heather deleted the story of "beING thREAtened" and "nOT SAfe ANYmore".

No. 849897

Did she delete her Instagram? I can’t find her anymore only her plant based sparkle Instagram.

No. 849906

No, she still has her heather explores account.

No. 850004

gotta love manutiplive tactics

No. 850005

File: 1565195470509.png (39.54 KB, 511x526, Heather FB Rant 01.PNG)

Well she ranted on facebook again. When is this girl going to learn NOT air out her dirty laundry on social media

(Image 1/2}

No. 850006

File: 1565195495513.png (76.45 KB, 474x767, Heather FB Rant 02.PNG)

(Image 2/2)

No. 850013

File: 1565197483329.jpeg (205.06 KB, 750x1186, 297F0FB5-A923-4CC5-B0DB-0A7E48…)

For those curious, that’s the new girlfriend’s ig.

No. 850027

File: 1565199154728.png (3.29 MB, 1242x2208, FA43E107-8BB9-4621-82C0-D47E40…)

If you’re gonna stalk then stalk my real insta not my cosplay acct(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 850029

This girl needs to get it through her head that no one is threatening her. Imagine being a grown ass adult and still having the victim complex. Stop seeking attention and get a real job.

No. 850042

Whoever decides to date Adam or Heather are seriously messed up individuals. Adam cheating to be with Heather and her cheating on her ex with him. Him knowing Heather was dating his best friend and still cheating on his gf then with her. Heather putting Adam and his best friend against each other. Heather cheating on her ex in his own room. Heather cheating on Adam and Adam cheating on Heather. Heather being abusivee. Adam being Abusive. List goes on. Everyone in this situation is fucked up in the head one way or another

No. 850043


How is that cheating? Heather cheated on him and committed adultery.

No. 850048

I’m pretty sure Adam cheated first in their relationship. Just from what was being said last forum. Adam and Heather both fucked up Adams best friend when they lived in San Francisco. Adam knew Heather thru him then Heather and Adam started hooking up in his best friends apartment. Heather wouldn’t leave because she had no where to go. At that time when Adam started dating Heather and Heather was cheating on her ex with him, Adam had another girlfriend I believe named Heather as well that his family loved that he broke up with to be with Heather. After a while Adam moved the current Heather in. His parents were very vocal about not liking her, she constywould tweet about it on Twitter. They threatened to kick them both out, Heathers mom stepped in, took them in. Her behavior changed then due to being promised a large sum of money from grandpa, fell thru, moved out with Adam and now they are here. They’re both terrible. Two wrongs don’t make a right, always a cheater stays a cheater.

No. 850111

figures Adam was able to find a girl who larps as the same embarrassing character as he does. Girl you're 20 you can do so much better

No. 850114

That’s gold LOL

No. 850127

Private now.
We might have thought you were better and less crazy than Heather so why do you ruin your image and post here? Just pretend you don’t know about this thread and sit back and laugh at Heather like the rest of us. You’ll get brought up, ignore it.

No. 850136

By the way the girlfriend posted this, she definitely seems like the type that will say it like it is. Heather still will not say what was said when she was threatened; just said she "was threatened." Also I bet she's more emotionally mature than Heather. Lol

I was also thinking to, that when Heather mentioned that her family won't help her.. Wasn't it like kind of early in the morning for her when all this went down on a weekday? Wouldn't her parents/family be asleep for work the next day? Does she think that because they were asleep that they couldn't help her right then and there?

I just feel like this is another situation where she's strongly fishing for sympathy and trying to be more of a victim because a.) she doesn't seem to be rushing too much to be moving out (she's mentioned so many times in the past about becoming homeless soon). She still has no licence and is WAITING for someone to teach her and it seemed like she'd rather spend money to go stalk Ryan in VW and go on "vacations" and go ghost hunting rather than go out and get a job. b.) If Adam was abusive as she claims, why the fuck is she still living with him even after they're divorced?

No. 850138


It's my understanding that they aren't divorced yet Heather is probably lying….again

No. 850146

File: 1565219452061.jpeg (954.56 KB, 1242x1454, 1DD4BBBE-AD4D-4C87-926D-E1DF50…)

Ok I am shocked she got a job….but it's apparently only 9 bucks an hour. She's gonna have to find a roommate type living situation most likely

No. 850154

I don’t give a flying fuck if y’all think I ‘ruined my image’ by posting. Heather is a liar and I don’t take shit from anyone. And yep. I enjoy ‘LARPing’ (lmao you idiot) my favorite character. Get a hobby. They’re fun.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 850158

You didn't have "an image" to ruin, no one knew who you were and no one cares apart from how Heather reacts to you. You're coming across as whiny and defensive. I would genuinely advise you to delete your posts here and stay far away, just lurk if you want. But drawing attention to yourself on lolcow is never smart. Just leave.

No. 850162

First of all who the hell takes that low wage? Working wage is 12.50 an hour.( isn’t that mandatory?)
You’re the reason why cosplayers get a bad name, along with LARPERS. Seriously look in a mirror you’re not all that. And stop taking away from the posts, it’s about Heather not you. Is your relationship that stale already you have to try to validate it on lolcow?

No. 850163

It’s also clear Adam has a taste. Whinny, overconfident nothings. No wonder why he’s a constant cheater

No. 850165

Heather's in no position to be picky about wages, she was making $200 a month prior to landing this job. But I agree, that is pitifully low and is what teenagers make.

No. 850184


God, you’re insufferable. Adam truly has a type… You and Heather are both lunatics. Sad you came here for validation. Plus your cosplays suck and ur not pretty. I mean, you settled for Adam. kek

No. 850186

Oh, so adam settled for a 20 year old boy? Cause that she looks like a BOY. You shouldn't of put yourself out there like that lil girl, know your role, but you keep asking for it, your gonna get it. This isn't the LARP world, nothing make believe on here.

No. 850190

Each US has their own minimum wage and most employers will take that up so they don't have to play that much, especially if they're jobs that are normally for teens.

She wants to write a book about her life? Holy shit. She hasn't even gone through difficult times. She's just made stupid choices and refused to deal with the consequences and instead goes on about how much of a victim she is. And look, she's also promising more youtube videos about her "horrible situation" she's having after one possible bad night. Fucking hell she can sure turn a "molehill into a mountain" over absolutely fucking anything.

No. 850191

Fuck. My english is shit. Was trying to say "make a mountain out of a molehill." Lol

No. 850196

Minimum wage in PA is $7.25.

Either way, she ain't making shit. She'll make even less as a server. It's a start though, so I'll give her that.

No. 850198

How will she make less as a server? Servers can make a lot of money in tips.

No. 850199

How to Lose a Guy and All Your Real Friends in 10 Days would be a good title for her book. This is the funniest thing ever. Her life is hardly that interesting, and it's mostly her making mistake after mistake after mistake and constantly blaming others for her poor choices.

No. 850200

I was saying this assuming she isn't a good server. I believe the minimum for them is around $3 or $4. For her sake, I hope she does well if she becomes a server so she can earn tips to live off of.

No. 850204


the tips depend on how well the server is attentive and other things

No. 850211

Doesn’t she say that she gets very overwhelmed around large groups of people because she’s an “empath”? How is she going to work around that as a server?

No. 850225

Heather got a job, FINALLY . I dont care how much she is making, she will now finally understand what its like to work like a normal human being. She'll see what the real world is like

No. 850227

Agreed, I'm very excited for what this taste of real life will do for her. I really hope she takes it as a new beginning and turns her life around.

Life isn't always urbexing, online shopping, and posting on social media. Adults have to find a work/hobby balance, and that's something Heather has always been lacking. She's always entwined her "work" (her social media accounts) with her hobbies, and obviously that's really appealing to a lot of people and it's why so many dream of being a successful youtuber. Most successful youtubers started their channel while they already had a regular job, though, and what was a hobby for them eventually turned into a well-paying job. They didn't start their channel with the intention for it to be their job. Unfortunately, this is how Heather has treated her youtube channel, and it's led her severely off-track as far as beginning a career goes. I'm very glad to see her getting a real job that seems to have upward mobility. I think it will bring her some much needed discipline.

No. 850243


Most larpers are snow flakes. They can't handle the real world. You're gonna get yourself on here real quick if you keep your shit up. There are trigger words on here that you are not ready to handle. When you hit puberty you can come back on here. Till then, go play as some NPC bullshit.

No. 850410

a big part of being an adult is yielding to your priorities and needs despite your preferences or dislike for it simply bc you can't always put your desires over your needs. heather doesn't have a disability or a mental illness that physically or realistically impedes her from being in a crowd (like a motor disability or agoraphobia), no "uwu empath" whining changes that fact.

if she wants to pull the "uwu social anxiety" card let it be reminded to her that plenty of adults have varying forms of anxiety and they still have to pull up their big boy pants and get a retail or office job to pay the bills. of course it fucking sucks and of course nobody should be put into a financial corner like that at the sake of their mental health, but it's how capitalism currently works. you can't live off of internet bux and your family paying the bills forever.

No. 850477

File: 1565293934746.png (812.1 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190808-155210.png)

Someone kissed and made up, wasn't going to be too long till they got back together

No. 850502

She never learns. He’s going to end up screwing her over yet again. Or maybe she’s desperate enough for a space to move into that she’d go back to that. So much for being independent.

No. 850515

File: 1565296431547.png (74.72 KB, 1440x323, 20190808_163340.png)

Hipster boy is back

No. 850526

I just rolled my eyes so hard. They're both idiots.

No. 850554

I feel like it's this. Damien always seems to come back into Heather's life when she needs it: when Ryan wouldn't choose her and now this.. yet she's willing to drop him the moment it suits her: when going after Ryan so many times. It's so clear and kind of sad that she'll never fully love Damien or treat him like how he should because she will never be able to let Ryan go.

No. 850604

So… her and damien made up? She must be truly retarded to go back to him after how he treated her. Can’t wait for more milk.

No. 850682

File: 1565319550145.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, 276C75E8-37B1-4CF7-A6B1-6E2051…)

Or you could have just saved those $6 and put them into your savings. She really needs to learn self control and reasses her priorities. Yeah, it’s $6 and not a big deal to most, but given her particular financial situation at the moment every dollar counts.

Could have been worse; she could have splurged on Killstar again.

No. 850717

There’s no boots on sale for 6 bucks.

No. 850724


Hi again Adam's girlfriend.

No. 850725

Holy shit vendetta-chan, calm the fuck down and stop your sperging and spamming. Or is this Adam’s girlfriend? Topkek

No. 850727

Plot twist- it’s Damien or Ryan or Adam.

No. 850729

Did anyone get screenshots of the bullshit? I missed it.

No. 850730

File: 1565329440295.png (656.18 KB, 1956x1146, Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 10.4…)

Here you go, sorry for zooming out to make it easier to crop.

No. 850731

Holy shit!! Thanks for that. Whoever that is, is batshit insane.

No. 850733

She has so many pairs of boots now. And yeah I doubt they were $6. I’ve never heard of $6 boots. Also she was posting more Halloween spooky shit from whatever American store. Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s buying more and more stuff when she should be saving up to move out..

Also Adam got into a huge car wreck from what I heard. I wonder if Heather is going to keep bringing up how much danger she’s in! Or if that was her “problem” of last weekend and this weekend will be all about Damien and showing off what she’s spending her money on? Anyone who has her on Facebook; has she said anything about Adam’s wreck or if she keeping quiet?

No. 850737


Those boots are from 3 weeks ago. It was in her monthly favorites video. She wore those on her recent vacation too. They are not new.

No. 850777

New or not, did she really need another pair of boots? She was still neck deep in debt back then. She should have started saving up what little income she gets more than three weeks ago to prepare for the innevitable.

No. 850811

I have her on Facebook but I havent seen her post any thing about "Adam's accident" I just scrolled through her timeline. But i will keep checking and if/when i see anything I will post it here

No. 850847

She probably got the boots at the thrift store or something if they were $6. Or they're Walmart clearance boots.

No. 850859

File: 1565363845422.png (45.94 KB, 506x551, Morning person.PNG)

Well it's time to learn as you have a job now like the rest of society. Welcome to the REAL WORLD

No. 850862

"trashmart" wouldn't clearance shoes that cheap

No. 850995

Just goes to show if she was able to get a job so quickly after applying for it she could have got a basic job months ago and by now she'd have more money set aside to go towards moving out. She's only now got the motivation because her husband has got a new girlfriend before she got a new fella (that must really annoy her) and her initial plans backfired. Instead of radically changing her look and youtube channel content (probably after advice she was given by one of the dudes she was chasing after) she should have focused on earning some money, getting a new place to move into and then gone back to her channel as a hobby later on continuing pretty much with the content she had before (toy customisation/restoration etc) instead of alienated the majority of her subscribers. I wouldn't be surprised once after experiencing earning a consistent wage that she gives up on her channel in the end unless she is eventually successful at finding some other sucker to freeload from and ends up unemployed again.

No. 851007

It's nice and all that she got a job, but it's crazy how long it took her when she was able to land one so easily. But I'm curious to how long it'll be until she starts complaining about it (whether she's complaining about fellow employees or people she deals with) and decides to leave or gets let go?

Also, a big coincidence that Damien is back when she lands a job.. Wouldn't be surprised if she's using him for rides to and from work.

No. 851353

I think she's probably just desperate and hoping he'll agree to be her housemate as she's probably feeling the pressure now to move out the apartment she's still in with her husband. Three's a crowd and if she senses Adam is genuinely very fond of his new girlfriend then she's going to feel very awkward. The recent momentum to get a job ( she should have got one months ago when she knew her marriage was over) is likely to be due to this. Her and Damien and the other chap were simply flings nothing especially serious (I think Damien is playing her)& I suspect she thought she was going to find someone else before Adam. I don't know what the current living arrangements are but unless they are retarded they can't be sleeping in the same bedroom any longer. I assume she is sleeping in her hobby/filming room. I'm doubtful that Adam would sleep on the couch while she gets both bedrooms. If she is using Damien for rides to and from work then she will have to find another suitable candidate soon that she thinks will actually be prepared to share an apartment/residence with her.

No. 851480

Tell us how you really feel psycho. Is this Adam's gf? Kek.

No. 851487

Holy shit she actually needs asspats for every little thing. How do you wake up in the morning and go to your jErb durhurrr

Everyone involved in this clusterfuck surrounding her reads as inbred. It's actually quite impressive how they all run on two braincells.

Also calling it now that she is going to try to crowdfund her moving out, she is laying the foundation now with the whole omg I am fearing for my safetyyyy. If that were true, wouldn't calling the police be the first step? She is such a liar.

No. 851515

File: 1565504517533.jpeg (205.31 KB, 1242x575, 8D95A6A3-313E-4E7C-A70B-2083C1…)

So apparently she went on a date. I wonder who it was? Maybe Damien? Don't know she's being very vague.

Now she's going to go ghost hunting….wtf

No. 851536

Damn I always miss when the crazy new gf posts!!

No. 851539

File: 1565511996719.jpg (1018.07 KB, 1073x2085, 20190811_012642.jpg)

Maybe its Damien. Seems he took her shopping.

No. 851540

File: 1565512028547.jpg (883.21 KB, 1080x2083, 20190811_012700.jpg)

No. 851543

Maybe it was that new guy who she went exploring with the other day that was on her stories? I can't remember his username; she tagged him on IG.. All I remember is that, of course, he's a friend of Ryan's.

No. 851562

They were sperging repeatedly " Fuck you Heather Sparkles you cunt " Just like the above screenshot the other anon posted. I kinda wish the pyscho didn't delete it lol.

No. 851773

File: 1565563857142.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x1958, C00C6ABE-CF4B-4F34-BF0A-715D0C…)

Jesus she went shopping again……..

No. 851803

Fairly certain she claimed on IG (could be wrong) that she just got it in the mail.. Which mail doesn't get delivered in the US on Sundays..

I think you're talking about @the.paranormal.archivist on IG? She just tagged him in a post on IG. It's her latest post.

No. 851844

File: 1565583465027.jpg (626.41 KB, 1055x2035, 20190811_211747.jpg)

I think this might be Adam's new gf. But nice!

No. 851861

Nah, Adam's gf posted on her YT livestream or something not too long ago; her youtube usename is different unless she has another account. This could possibly be a farmer who isn't following the rules; their wording seems like someone who would frequent here and not non-lolcow user ( / "regular" subscriber) who seems like they're trying to give Heather advice.

No. 851863


It's not adams new girlfriend, but, the person is 100% right. No children in common and yet you've been separated for how many months now? She was just taking advantage of freeloading on Adam and never thought he would get into a relationship before her. Now that he has a girlfriend, now she really has to get her ass in gear.

No. 851868


Looks like heather deleted that comment from her youtube channel or the person who posted deleted it.

No. 851882

No it's still there when I looked.

No. 851931


If she has Amazon Prime, they do deliver on Sunday. Or She was on her date Saturday and Sunday morning she picked up the mail. Either way good point.

No. 852091

File: 1565639564957.png (7.42 MB, 1242x2208, EA7DEEBF-06EE-4D62-9AD3-C81162…)

No. 852110


Yeah now go to work for five days of every week and pay your own rent and bills, cos that's what a normal life is

No. 852157

Bet she will get fired or quit in a few months. Just gave a sneaky suspicion

No. 852161

Heh if she does, then she'll be in for a face full of real world problems

No. 852170

I can see her blaming them and playing victim as per usual, if she sucks at the job and they have to let her go and she’ll cry and whine about it and like someone else mentioned possibly start some gofundme, because they were mean and didn’t understand her being an empath.

No. 852173

File: 1565650306855.png (23.14 KB, 514x299, Heather Screwed homeless rant.…)

Hmmmm The realism is starting to set in.

Should have gotten a job a LOT SOONER instead of shopping and posting haul/urbex/ghost hunt videos.

No. 852181

Oh she's definitely screwed. Who's going to teach her how to drive in just a few weeks? Even if she manages to find the cheapest apartment in the world, she won't be able to afford a vehicle on top of that, assuming she passes her tests and gets a license.

I really want to feel bad, but she makes it difficult. So much of her time between last October and now could've been spent getting her life together, but her priorities were never in order.

No. 852189

Sell all the shit in your garage you've been complaining about forever. What is she going to do with her toy collection and her stuff if she's homeless and car-less? I bet she'll move in with whatever boy she's seeing now. That's the smartest option, get along with whatever boyfriend she currently has so she can live with them, put her toys in a storage unit, and save up to get an apartment.

No. 852193

Yup, reality is setting in. She needed to learn the hard way, she needed to see the shit hit the fan. She didn't want to listen to anyone. Even if she sold off her toys, that still takes time to sell off, package them, and ship them. She needs a loan. A loan to get her a head of the game, but without any pay stubs showing she has a job, she would need someone to co sign for her but I don't think anyone would. I feel bad and I don't. She lived in la la land and never understood how fuckin hard it is to be an adult and actually work in life. She lived through a fog and now its starting to clear up for her to see that, shit, real life sucks.

No. 852195

There’s a thing called a bus. Uber. Lyft. Coworker. Tons of ways as long as she finds a place to live.

No. 852196

File: 1565653610760.png (3.94 MB, 750x1334, 754FCB8B-6287-4846-868B-ED3653…)

She was more detailed here.

No. 852224

She had a good ten months when she decided to leave her relationship to learn how to drive, find a job, and eventually save enough to find a place of her own. But instead she decided to try to find a “boy” to latch onto, buy useless crap, and completely tanked her YouTube channel.

It’s hard to feel bad for her unfortunately.

No. 852241


I don't know how everyone else feels but personally i'm not interested in watching her toy collection videos if its literally just for ad revenue and nothing else. I really enjoyed her channel and found it relaxing but she shit on the hobby and moved onto urban exploring and killstar. Why would I want to watch someone talk about something they have no genuine interest in?

She really needs to just start selling off all her shit. No point in keeping it around for youtube videos if you're gonna be keeping it all in storage while you face homelessness.

No. 852261


The problem is, she has no other skills to use for her channel. She did some crafty stuff but it didn't last long and it was just repainting old furniture. She'll find someone to dorm with, I am sure there is someone who is going to feel bad and have her move in.

No. 852272

Always such a pity party. And is she just too good for the bus? Get a bike even, holy shit.

Anyone with a brain can look at her youtube and see how much shit she has purchased since her and adam split. Does she really think no one is questioning why she has no savings?

It's hilarious how she won't sell her vintage toys when those would sell the fastest. Once she is kicked out, he could technically just donate all her shit right?

No. 852291

No one wants her ball jointed dolls. She's thinks she'll get what she paid for them and I really don't see that happening. She's the one that spearheaded the divorce but yet didn't think about trying to help herself until that last month. She has the mentality of a 14yr old and it really shows.

No. 852296

Bet she wishes she hadn’t burned all those bridges with the BJD community a while back; could have definitely used their cash right about now.

No. 852301

She's gonna have a hard time selling her BJDs. The second-hand market takes nearly 5ever to sell something unless you're a popular collector. So if she thinks selling her BJDs will be "easy cash", she's fucking wrong. Her selling some vintage toys would be a better bet like another anon said.

She just started the job and she's complaining about the pay. FFS. She must think she's better than public transport. And I'm fairly certain a job can't fire you for not having a car; they can fire you for constantly being late all the time.

No. 852302

Also I just realised something.. Don't they require someone to have credit in the US when you get an apartment? If she has credit (I'm guessing she does if she's going on about being in debt because of Killstar), isn't that going to be a bad sign to any potential landlords when they run a credit check and see she's in debt?

No. 852309

Pretty sure she mentioned last year that she had a shared account with Adam (as her spouse) and not an individual one, and that Adam would have to transfer funds onto her PayPal account.

I assume she has her own account set up now. But yeah it’s not going to look too good if it shows rhatbher credit isn’t good.

She could always rent a room somewhere at least to buy her time to save enough for her own place. But she’s delusional if she thinks she’ll be able to hold on to her collections. It’s just not realistic. Storage unit is good and all but that’s another expense on top of rent, food, transportation, her cat etc.

No. 852396


I'm still confused, how is she getting there at the moment? Surely she can car share and pay towards the fuel or get a bus. The costs incurred owning a car (insurance, general maintenance etc) means she'd be better off just using public transport, for the time being at least. Seems like she's got her priorities wrong again. I've personally never needed to own a car so this doesn't wash with me. I don't know how far the location of her new job is from where she currently lives (she'd need to find somewhere within a reasonable distance to move to) but she seems to be making excuses again.


I agree that it's now too late for her to go back doing toy-related videos as she implied she "was done with that" so she'd clearly only be doing them to try and cash in and people will pick up on that. And it's no good filming her collection when it hasn't really changed again and again. She made a big mistake alienating a huge amount of her subscribers by ditching the very videos they were eager to see. Wonder what she'll get up to next?

No. 852418

I assume that she's getting Adam to take her to work.


They can fire you for not having reliable transportation as that is one of the questions you have to answer yes or no to on the application


Yep, they run a credit check and a background check, also they require 3 times the income to rent ratio and verifiable paystubs

No. 852424

Since she's always airing her dirty laundry on the internet and claiming she doesn't have any friends, I highly doubt she'll find a roommate in the area. Maybe one of her "boys" will let her move in with them, but that would honestly be a dumb move on their part because there's no guarantee that she'll be able to contribute to rent and bills. Also, as much as she's whining about being homeless soon, I feel like she isn't going to be responsible with her money when she gets her first paycheck. Just going off of her previous habits.

As for the vintage toy videos, she should just give up on that idea. Why keep these toys around if you don't actually want them? She says she'll make more money from Youtube doing videos on them, but I'm sure she'll actually make more money by selling them off.

It's funny how she calls all of us here her "haters" but had she actually followed any of the advice posted in these two threads about her, she might be in a better spot right now. It turns out her "sparkle fam" was just enabling bad habits and making her feel like all her bad decisions were okay. That's what happens when you only surround yourself with people who say what you want to hear.

No. 852449

I don't know why she didn't sell her BJD's back when she left the hobby initially? Why keep hold of something that you don't have any interest in? Perhaps deep down she knew selling them would be a lot of effort

No. 852456

>she's the one that spearheaded the divorce
She sure fucking did, and now look who's got a new significant other, a job, and isn't facing homelessness? While the beginning of the last thread was full of evidence of Adam being a piece of shit and screenshots of his equally trashy social media posts, he seems to have gotten the memo and decided to disregard this board and move on with his life. Heather, however, stagnated and let this "hater" mentality really set her back. I'd love to hear from Adam right about now, I'm sure Heather's pulling all kinds of ridiculous stunts now that she's panicking.

No. 852630

A lot of jobs consider bus, share riding and etc. reliable transportation. Plus a lot of jobs check their employees social media so if they ever do that she’s fucked

No. 852642

She posted a photo of her at a gym.. so she’s paying for a gym membership. More money going somewhere instead of her saving it up. You don’t need a gym membership to work out.. and it also looks like she bought a spirit box too. So I doubt she’s stressing over finding a place if she just spent about another $100 (maybe more; those are my horrible estimates).

No. 852680

File: 1565737983453.jpg (195.39 KB, 1024x1024, 22156729349_8a5f147cef_b.jpg)

Even before the market tanked as bad as it did the BJDs would've been hard for her to sell because she had bad feedback for flaking on sales. People offer to buy her dolls almost every time she has an emergency and she never takes any of them up on it. If they haven't had any damage in storage, she has some discontinued dolls with faceups by popular artists, but anon is right. I don't think she's going to sell unless she gets some other hobbyist to do it for her.

Picture from her Flickr, why did she think this is a good photo?

No. 852686

Well…. Look at how she dresses. She has no grasp on aesthetics whatsoever. She's mentally 15

No. 852696


That gym looks much more like ones I’ve seen in apartment complexes and hotels than any I’ve ever paid a membership fee at. Just looks like a basic fitness room with dated equipment.

No. 852736

No. 852738

File: 1565753116190.jpeg (867.46 KB, 1242x888, 8EE75131-E07D-442A-B8C6-FCA857…)

She just posted an update video and she looks like a adolescent boy with long hair and bad zits.

Synopsis: whine whine whine buy my shit whine whine whine my ex is an asshole bye

No. 852755

This video was pointless to make. This could have been a post somewhere.. but I guess she has to get that $3 from YouTube. But she’s putting all her hope into that the BJDs are going to sell quick; which they won’t. Also she hasn’t been at her job for a week and she’s already complaining about “how stressful” it is. I bet she won’t last much longer.

She also mentioned in the past how she has no friends; but she mentions her paranormal family and friends helping her.. so she pretty much lies to everyone.

Also she keeps mentioning about cleaning her studio for months now and still hasn’t done it.. why do I have a feeling her place would be a mess whenever she moves out and lives by herself?

No. 852758

Just thought of something: her old studio was a smaller bedroom in her place that Adam let her use as her filming room/collection room, which she eventually outgrew and moved into what was their master bedroom (current studio). As I recall she painted the old studio pink but opted not to do the same to the current studio because it was larger. As anyone that rents knows when you move out of a place you generally have to restore the walls to their original color. Adams probably going to spring this up on her last minute and tell her she has to do it before she leaves, which will probably send her into a tailspin on top everything else that’s crashing down on her.

No. 852760

File: 1565756157856.png (7.93 MB, 1242x2208, 2019-08-14 00.11.54.png)

Yea that looks like a gym at an apartment complex, If I'm not mistaken she has mentioned that she lives in an apartment.

No. 852766

This video was pointless to make. This could have been a post somewhere.. but I guess she has to get that $3 from YouTube. But she’s putting all her hope into that the BJDs are going to sell quick; which they won’t. Also she hasn’t been at her job for a week and she’s already complaining about “how stressful” it is. I bet she won’t last much longer.

She also mentioned in the past how she has no friends; but she mentions her paranormal family and friends helping her.. so she pretty much lies to everyone.

Also she keeps mentioning about cleaning her studio for months now and still hasn’t done it.. why do I have a feeling her place would be a mess whenever she moves out and lives by herself?

No. 852772

She should really sell her toys, they would sell a lot quicker than the BJDs

No. 852841

It blows my mind to know she could wait last minute knowing her Ex wasn’t going to renew the lease of the apartment. She says she’s keeping some of her dolls. For what?? This girl couldn’t survive on a island on her own.

No. 852858

Based on the comments left of this video, it's clear that her fans don't actually pay attention to her. There are so many comments telling her to ask her friends or family if she can stay with them? lmao, what friends? What family? If she had either of those things, she wouldn't be talking about being homeless soon.

No. 852896

It was during this video that it dawned on me that if any of this was happening to most people, they would have the common sense to take a break from the internet and focus on getting their life put back together rather than broadcasting their every thought onto social media. That's one of the fundamental problems with Heather, she doesn't know when to stop sharing and to focus on herself.

For all this talk of self-improvement and discovery she's been yammering on about for half a year, she really hasn't progressed in any meaningful way. She just looks like a deranged version of herself from a year ago with all the color drained out. As is typical with Heather, the only significant changes she's made are aesthetic and surface-level.

No. 852925

She's barely been at her job and she already looks like she's getting her ass kicked. I hope she learns from all of this shit. She also had the nerve to shit talk the toy community but, oh. "we're not done with those yet." Reality check, as many people have said she probably won't sell those BJD's for as much as she thinks she will get for them and she might be forced to sell some of her toy collection for the cash she needs now.

No. 852926


I won't watch these types of videos she uploads on principle. It's already got over a thousand views and just encourages her already unstable mind to continue her moronic behaviour. I don't know what she was moaning about (I have a good idea) but yet again she's trying to milk sympathy while instead of focusing 100% on sorting her life out she'd rather waste time on social media. She had plenty of time to get her act together months ago but decided that Adam was so desperate to cling on to her that he wouldn't move on and find someone else. She decided to wreck her marriage yet had no plans as to where she was going to move to etc. So stupid!!! I have zero sympathy for her and anyone who seemingly does and responds with comments of condolence is simply encouraging her nutty behaviour.

No. 853024


Idk why she thought this was going to get done without her doing anything to prepare herself. Did she think her exhusband was going to pack her things and personally drive her to her new apartment that he paid for?

Tbh if she were smart she would've gotten a lawyer and sued for alimony.

No. 853026

I just find it weird that month her whole braces situation was done, that’s when she decided she wanted to leave Adam. So much money went into her mouth, and I’m fairly certain in video she said she did monthly payments but it seems like once that was done that’s when she decided to divorce Adam.

No. 853046

Oh but of course! No way she could have gotten her teeth fixed without her husband’s health insurance coverage. Surprised she didn’t wait until after all those plastic surgeries she was planning to get to leave him.

No. 853087

I forgot how she always wants to get that plastic surgery for her piercing holes.. Which I don't know why; the holes are barely noticeable. But I bet his insurance couldn't cover it, maybe that's why she's divorcing him. topkek.

No. 853161

File: 1565826217513.png (66.03 KB, 513x717, Heather probably moving 8-14-1…)

So i was scrolling through Facebook and I saw this post she made 2 hours ago. Now she says that she may be moving… hmmmmmmm

No. 853165

Well yeah, of course she's moving, she is being kicked out at the end of the month. So much for her job though. She'll have to find a new one when she moves.

No. 853166

If she leaves her job, won't look good on her resume when she has to look for another one. Next employer will think she'll flake out easily and won't see her as reliable. From what I hear is that the NY area is expensive, but what about the Philly, PA area? Almost sounds like she's moving herself to more a expensive area than what she can afford..

No. 853173

Probably sexed her way there. When she moved to Cali she told the guy she moved in with she was homeless and her sister was trying to kill her. Probably weaved the same story to some poor sap.

No. 853174

When ever she’s done sucking the dick dry she leaves the state. Her marriage lasted as long as her last ex. She just rinses and repeats.

No. 853179

How many sisters does she have? Because I've heard this story a handful of times and the only sister that keeps popping up is her younger one that just turned 16 or w/e.. So if that's the sister she was using for her stories; that wouldn't make sense. Her sister wouldn't have been close to ten at that age.

No. 853183

I'm curious to why she even stays in PA.. I thought she moved back because so she could be closer to her family – but doesn't her family hAtE hER sO muCH becAuse SHe's sO goFFICK aND A WITCH???? ffs, she can't get her stories straight.

No. 853198

She had an older on she lives with back in 2009. This was when she cut her hair super short died it light brown and was pretending to be Jill from resident evil and would go to conventions and fuck anyone who cosplayed Chris.

No. 853214

This is baffling. She just got a job, has no money, still can't drive and suddenly she's moving to the other side of PA? With who? This is going to be interesting.

No. 853319

It's just a serving job. Servers are easy to replace. You can just not include it on a resume.

No. 853494

File: 1565881423313.jpeg (314.72 KB, 1242x740, B3B85912-83B3-4156-8F5E-D9E78B…)

My sister said she works with her and she is dillusional. My sister is a server and Heather is a host in training. No one at her job said that. She looks like she is in her 40's or even 50's.

No. 853501

Considering that she looks 40+ in her natural pics >>847903 absolutely no one said that…unless they've got some rough looking 16 year olds in PA.

No. 853514

I agree. I highly doubt anyone actually said that to her. She just made it up so her equally delusional friends and fans can gas her up in the comments, thus making her feel better about herself.

No. 853528

I would say maybe they think she’s 16 because she doesn’t know how to dress herself and think one brand is the brand to be x-style? Kek.
But yeah, I’ve never heard anyone say they’ve been mistaken for x-age unless it’s a situated in the states where they’re being ID’d for something since, if I remember correctly, the law is something like if you look under 40 then you need to show you ID.

And also out of all the ages, why 16? Is she wanting to pedo bait now or does she miss that time where everything was catered to her?

No. 853557

No way she looks anything close to 16; she either looks her age or older. The only person who thinks she looks 16 is clearly herself.

No. 853579

Yea no she’s crazy. I worked a job like that. Customers don’t congratulate you on not having kids. They also don’t ask that question unless they’re super old or a guy trying to flirt. Plus wouldn’t consider it flattering to be asked that, usually asked due to weight or the ware and tear on your face.

No. 853581

kek she also SOUNDS like a 40 year old woman. When I first started watching her videos way back, I thought she was in her late 30's or early 40's just judging by her voice itself. The is NO WAY anyone who interacts with her at all would think she's younger than 28.
The only thing ~16 years old~ about Heather is her inability to prioritize and her "boy" crazy attitude.

No. 853659

File: 1565903996634.png (347.82 KB, 750x1334, 2E37F48A-94E4-41A2-89A1-96B694…)

If you don’t want people commenting on your life then STOP OVERSHARING. You are your worst enemy, always setting yourself up to get piled on. Seriously, take a break from social media. Log off, delete the apps, and work on you getting yourself out of the mess you created.

No. 853675

Does your sister have any stories about her? How does she behave at work?

No. 853681

> overshares every detail about their life on their very public social media, something that is a deliberate choice

No. 853700

> Stop reporting things to my "ex husband"
Does she not realise that his GF now comes here?

Also, if she was in a life crisis, she wouldn't be posting on social media 24/7. People take a step back from whatever, including social media, if they are having problems in their lives. I did and I bet some of you others here did too. So why does she still have the constant need to be on social media? Is she addicted to it?

I also wonder if anyone IS cowtipping or if she's just lying once again. Because she constantly brings it up.

No. 853702

>Stop demanding that I validate my every thought and entire life to you.
I feel like she just says words and has no idea what they mean.

Maybe if she knew how to have actual, real life friends without burning bridges whenever they try to help her, she wouldn't have to rely on venting to the entire internet.

It's so obvious that she lurks here. She spends most of her time on Facebook and Instagram where her adoring fans hang on to her every word and make her feel so special and loved, so lolcow has to be what she's talking about.

Also, she put herself in this "life crisis" and has no one else but herself to blame for it. There were so many opportunities for her to turn it around and do better, what a shame.

No. 853709

Heather deleted this post. It's no longer on her stories. So clearly she likes to post this shit and quickly redact it and act like it never happened.

No. 853710

Yeah, posting crazy shit and quickly deleting it is par for the course for Heather.

No. 853712

Back when I was recording her insane snap stories, there were a few that I never got around to recording because she deleted them too quickly. Lots of her crying and saying shit like she's going to be taken away, that she's going to call the police, etc. You know, stuff that would really shock and worry people if they had any chance to see it. I really think Heather hyperbolizes a lot to get attention, but then chickens out and deletes stuff when she gets it. She's insanely impulsive and lets her cravings for attention take over, and then backpedals hard when she notices that people are actually looking at her.

No. 853732

Does it weird anyone else out that she seemingly has an endless number of selfies and pictures of herself on her phone? I swear the bitch posts 10 pictures of herself a day.

No. 853735

Agreed. Vanity is her drug, is what it seems. Especially that comment she said a customer made about her looking 16. She knows she’s looking like shit these days and for all the shit she spews, she posts selfies (old ones at that) on a daily for validation.

No. 853737

I’m in a life crisis and there’s this thing called snap and assisting programs that help u afford an apartment, food, health insurance that has free dental and etc. but I don’t live in PA. But most places have assistance programs for the needy

No. 853745

That’s true, but Heather is still holding out for that “boy” to come along and rescue her.

No. 854160

File: 1565996880317.jpg (870.98 KB, 1080x2088, 20190816_160603.jpg)

Shes live right now.
Basically Adam told her that her co worker is posting here. I think it's all bullshit but that's what shes saying. Shes scared to go work, she doesnt feel safe.
ThEy DoNt WaNt Me To LiVe, ThEy WaNt Me To KiLl MySeLf.

No. 854161

File: 1565996915247.jpg (848.62 KB, 1080x2065, 20190816_160618.jpg)

No. 854165

Her coworker isn't posting it here, her coworker supposedly has a sister that posted here. Once. >>853494 And that anon didn't say anything that proved she was actually sisters with Heather's coworker, so Adam just lied to Heather to set her off. What a cunt.

She also just said she tried to call her "so-called boyfriend" and put air-quotes around boyfriend. Then she called him a fucking jerk.

Someone suggested she get off the internet and she responded with some vague "they'll still find a way to harass me" bullshit. No, Heather, if you aren't actively feeding us milk we won't have anything to talk about!

No. 854174

>claimed we're stalking her
>said that anyone coming in here claiming to know Heather "thinks they know everything about me but they don't really know me!"
Of course they don't know everything about you, but they can know some things about you, Heather, come on. Don't be so dishonest, stop kidding yourself and your audience.
>"I was probably put on this earth to start something new. I don't belong anywhere because I just wasn't made to do that and that's a gift."
>"I know there's gonna be backlash from this livestream but I'm just gonna own it"
>had a 30 year old boyfriend at 17 who took her to get her eyebrows pierced out of some dude's house
>talked about stuff she bought at an oddities market and mentioned multiple things she regrets not buying
>asked people to find a cute ghost hunting boy for her

No. 854175

What if she's secretly loving this kind of attention from lolcow? Because it's so easy to stop giving us milk.. but she won't because of whatever the fuck it is – social media addiction, her vanity.. idek how to word it.

And with the coworker situation, I thought maybe it could have been a misread situation.. And then I reread >>853494. And then that thought went out. Either she's making this shit up to stir the pot or Adam is trying to stir the pot.. Which what reason why Adam stir the pot? He wouldn't gain anything from it. Heather on the other hand would gain more attention and sympathy from others – which is something she looooves to do.

So wait, she's buying more shit when she should be saving up every penny for an apartment and car? And does she have a boyfriend or not that she keeps calling a jerk?

No. 854176

File: 1565998958403.jpg (848.41 KB, 1080x2075, 20190816_164210.jpg)

Yes someone blames Adam but she ignores it.

No. 854178

File: 1565999046486.jpg (841.43 KB, 1080x2085, 20190816_164225.jpg)

No. 854179

In reality, didn't she truly start this whole situation? topkek

No. 854180

File: 1565999153597.jpg (894.15 KB, 1080x2086, 20190816_164240.jpg)

She had a gf before?

No. 854181

Maybe shes a narcissist

No. 854182

So I also heard in the livestream that Heather claimed that someone leaked where she worked and is threatened to leak photos of Heather at work? Hun, you aren't that internet famous..

No. 854184

Admitted in her live that she has $100 to her name, but just bought an EVP machine, some antique oddities, and really wants to bet a bone saw.

- says she’s a ghost hunter because only spirits want her around as opposed to people.

- doesn’t feel safe at work and might have to quit depending on whether she talks to her mangers about this supposed stalling and harassment.

- might live in a homeless shelter in less than a month if not on the streets. Has to find a way to store her stuff and settle her cat elsewhere.

- showed some scars on her arms that are apparently from her self harming period between the ages of 13-22.

- says she has no family, no friends, but mentions someone named Steve who called her earlier this week after she had a mini breakdown.

- tried to call Damian to vent but “he’s a douche” who doesn’t know how to support or comfort her. Didn’t pick up her call either.

- randomly talks about her piercings again and needing to get them fixed so that she can act and model. Trying to figure that out right now.

- said that at 17 she dated a 30-32 year old whom she can’t remember his last name. Admits she wanted a guy to “take care of her.”

- asks followers to play Cupid and find her a cute ghost hunting “boy.”

No. 854187

She's becoming so sad to listen to. It's all "pity me, pity me." She goes on about how she's a "nobody." And yeah, she is. No one is going out of their way to find where she works to stalk her.

And it's disgusting for her to say the "haters" are wanting her to "fucking kill herself." Oh yeah, because someone has TOTALLY said that at any point in a YT video about her or in lolcow.

No. 854189

Annnd shes live again

No. 854193

Still wants a guy to do everything for her. She whored around on pen begging her bfs to move her out. She would cheat on them too. Her managers aren’t going to do any because they’re is no name. Her manager might deem her nuts. Adam and heather are a like. They will sabotage each other till their dying breath. To Adam heather forced him away from his family and he did so many humiliating things for her. Same for her. They’re both BULLIES and will always be. Her wanting to cover up her holes is stupid. You do know goths have piercings and models don’t need that covered or because they can air brush it out. Not to mention she’s too ugly to model sorry. Got them eyes that look like pug eyes like you bop her on the head and her eyes would pop out. Not mention her mentality will be a sealed deal for most companies. Too negative and too crazy

No. 854194

She just mentioned that "their lease" is up in October..

No. 854198

She offered up pics of her feet for anyone who wants to pay for them.

No. 854201

That market is too saturated nowadays. It won't work. topkek

No. 854202

>- doesn’t feel safe at work and might have to quit depending on whether she talks to her mangers about this supposed stalling and harassment.

Anon you might've just screwed over your sister or whichever coworker takes the fall (if they take Heather's accusations seriously). oopsie.

Heather actually had a stalker at her old work and did a storytime video on it. But it makes me wonder if this old video was a result of online drama blown out of proportion, rather than an actual stalker? Or was it legit? I haven't watched it in a while.

No. 854227

She should let her hair go back to a natural color honestly. A solid color frame looks better than her tortoise shell ones too.

No. 854293

I love how she has to bring up the fact that adam has a new girlfriend, or adam is "seeing someone else" bitch, you weren't complaining when you were going back and forth with ryan and Damien. Now that your single, you have to be a hater for adam.

No. 854306

Must really get on her nerves considering that in the beginning she was juggling two (or more) “boys” and now she’s left with no one. Her ego is scathed.

No. 854308

She brought up a Steve during one of her livestreams today.. Might be the next guy she'll try and mooch up to; which is odd because he's not as attractive as Ryan or Damien (Hell, even Adam is better looking than he is) and, of course, Steve looks like he's close friends to Ryan so ehhh. I don't know what her plan is with Steve but it's clear she's trying to do something.

No. 854310

I remember this video when she posted it.. From the beginning, I always felt like the story was a bit blown out of proportion and a lot of it felt made up and it still feels like that rewatching it.

No. 854377


Only Heather would take being mistaken for a CHILD instead of a (ADULT)grown woman as a compliment. She is so delusional. It's actually very embarrassing!!!! I highly doubt they would think she LOOKS sixteen years of age, it's much more likely that they were being sarcastic and were implying that she comes across as a kid due to her child-like behaviour etc and the fact that she is doing such a junior role at her age. Training for a relatively basic job at her stage of life isn't anything to boast about and she's probably struggling to cope unlike some of her possibly younger colleagues. She looks her age. Someone who is nearly 30 years of age shouldn't feel flattered that they have been compared to a child/minor. She doesn't behave like a mature woman hence the comments (if they were real at all). I think she just misinterpreted what they meant in a way she approved of lol, nothing more. She is very big-headed and laughably doesn't realise how awful it sounds that anyone would mistake her for a teenager.

No. 854396

File: 1566057156629.jpg (1.1 MB, 1440x2345, SmartSelect_20190817-105118_In…)

I'm pretty sure she's mentally challenged. Talking about wanting a spooky bathroom but isn't she gonna be homeless next month or something?!

No. 854398

Well she at least showed some restraint this time and didn’t buy anything she’d have to haul come next month.

No. 854399

Well she at least showed some restraint this time and didn’t buy anything she’d have to haul come next month.

No. 854435

File: 1566061389425.png (2.26 MB, 750x1334, E1064444-B32F-488F-B6F8-D0D990…)

If anything people on here were trying to advise her to get her shit straight and how to.

No. 854445

'the future I deserve'

That's her problem right there, she doesn't believe you -earn- nice things, nah you just deserve them

Strangers online didn't create her current instability but watch her paint that picture anytime life isn't going her way

No. 854483

File: 1566071930602.jpg (783.1 KB, 1080x1734, Screenshot_20190817-155727_Chr…)

Maybe I missed something, but didn't she have friends in the area she's in right now at some point? When is she going to realize that the common denominator in all her failed friendships is her? Things aren't going to be any better for her across the state if she doesn't change her behavior.

No. 854490

No one purposely stalks her. And based on her pic in that video she has bad taste in hair ideals. He bangs are terrible and her streaks look disastrous

No. 854506

>Heather makes yet another video about items she wants to sell

Girl, what is you doing? How do you post a doll sales video without including information like the price or ANYTHING of value??

All I hear is 'I might' or "I think'… bitch, just post the sales and get it over with already! No one is paying full price for your dusty old dolls so stop pussy footing around

No. 854537

Live again.

-she blames the 2016 election for her strained relationship with her parents. Apparently mom is a Trump supporter and Heather’s decision not to vote for him caused a rift.

- says that her parents know how much of a “creep” Adam is and that there’s a reason why her little sister can’t be around him.

No. 854541

I wonder what happened to bring on these topics that no one asked about? Is this her way of saying why she can't ask her mum/parents for help about not becoming homeless?

Also, I was wondering.. Do Heather and Adam still sleep together? I'm guessing they live in a two bedroom apartment; or even if it was three bedroom – Adam would have one room for his "office" since Heather has a room for her toys.. So that would leave a single room. And if they had separate rooms and slept in separate beds, there wouldn't be photos like this >>817605

No. 854547

>So many people want to see me fail right now.
Bitch, who? She's hilarious. She makes up "haters" and also fishes for compliments and attention. She really is no one special like she always claims.

No. 854548

With Adam's new gf in the picture, I highly doubt they're sleeping in the same room. She's probably sleeping on an air mattress in her toy room or she's sleeping on the living room couch or something.

No. 854553

Maybe that's why she's so quick to leaving? because now that he has a gf, she doesn't have a bed to sleep in. lol

No. 854565

She was asked why she doesn’t she sue Adam for alimony and she said it’s because he would be able to afford a bunch of “fancy lawyers” and all she’d get is a public defender. She said she could easily sue for emotional abuse and that she has proof of it via texts, but Adam would counter with “slut shaming” her over incidences that she knows he “set up” to find dirt on her.

- she’s come close to moving in with her ex boyfriend Damien a few times these last few months but every time it’s come close they break up because he’s a “douche.” She’s admitted that she recognizes that he’s no good for her and that he treats her like crap but “she never learns.”

No. 854575

She said something perplexing on her live. In divorce proceedings Adam has apparently fixed it so that he can keep the majority of her possessions. Kind of confused how that would be possible and under what circumstances…although it’s not the first time it’s happened to her if memory serves correctly. She’s said before that she lost a lot of her original collection and video games when she had to move and couldn’t get them back from whoever she was living with. Sounds like the boyfriend from Cali who she allegedly cheated on with Adam.

No. 854591


Any more info on that? That’s strange.

No. 854611

Yea that’s a bunch of bull. She took all those games and even most of what he had. I know him in person and the only thing she couldn’t get was his cat he refused to give her. She took his xbox, PlayStation, capture card and recording devices ( proof is in her old YouTube the camera she uses he bought and she took and her gaming/ doll videos before moving from Cali). He shipped everything she wanted he didn’t want to deal with her crazy shit anymore and didn’t want to be blasted on the Internet by her or harassed even more. He revived death threats from her “ fam”. She’s bull shitting in that part.

No. 854624

She would sit in the house refusing to do anything, treated his mom like crap, never cleaned, never cooked, didn’t take care of anything he had too, wouldn’t leave the house, forces him to spend his whole paycheck in her and would emotionally and physically abuse him when he didn’t do what she wants. He spent years doing this and ended up cheating on her in response from that she hit him in the balls and kicked him out of his room. He didn’t have sex with anyone he just went to someone else for emotional stability but left them ( due to long distance) and went back to Heather after that. He believes a lot of it was his fault as to him moving heather in and the land lord not knowing so he feels it’s his fault she ended up so closed off. She fucked him up pretty badly it took years for him realize it wasn’t all his fault.

No. 854630

Did she not mean to post this publicly? There's no description, and she doesn't mention anywhere in the video where to buy, when to buy, or the prices of the dolls. This is the most confusing sale video I've ever seen and the only explanation I can think of is that she accidentally unprivated the video before she was ready. If not, this is pathetic and you really phoned it in, Heather. Please take your life more seriously.

No. 854636

And it wasn’t allegations. She did he walked in on her fucking Adam in his own room. He then broke up with her to she could go be with Adam. He wanted her happy and then she took photos of him drunk, blasted him on twitter and on his own account she had access too. Adam did the same. He told me how one day she grabbed his crouch and said Adam has a bigger dick and can please me more than you. He called me up drunk when that happened. He went thru months of abuse while she was with Adam before she moved out with Adam. He’s still in contact with Adams ex he hat Adam dumped to be with Heather. All those Target videos and doll videos and gaming videos when she was with Adam she was doing while living in her ex’s home. So that’s the proof of her lying her ass off because she had all the supplies. Back in her gaming channel a ton of people hated her because of how nasty and rude she was, she was friends with iOnlyusemyfeet a popular gamer back then who has no hands and plays with his feet. I have a list of almost every person she screwed over online in the gaming community it’s just they probably changed names. She was and still is a bully. There was a website called RE5drama.com that got taken down but she was notorious for harassing most of the girls on there and saying some pretty nasty stuff.

No. 854645

And to prove I know what I’m talking about. She bought Freya in California on lay a way. Don’t know the store, but I remember her saying Adam bought it for her.

No. 854647

It's going to take a bit to sell those.. Especially since most of them are from companies that are over-saturating the BJD market. And just because she spent a bit on a face-up from a fAmOuS ArTiSt doesn't mean she can boost up the price. People don't care 9 times out of 10 who did the face=up, they'll wipe it off anyways.

tho tbh I would love her Miyu but I don't want to buy it from her

No. 854718


I think more baffling is that Adam used to tell girls that he was only staying with her because the divorce would hit him hardest… which can't be the case, didn't he buy an expensive car the instant she tried to bring up separating a while back?

The dolls though, even if Adam paid for them, were definitely gifts and I really doubt a lawyer is going to insist that Adam gets those and her dumb vintage toys. They might count as assets if the courts wanted to nickel and dime her, but a few $300-$500 fancy toys aren't anywhere near the value of a decent vehicle.

No. 854739


I think the reason why adam would say it would hit him the hardest is because she could win a lot of money from the divorce, essentially alimony. She hasn't worked since being married to Adam, she can argue and say, she doesn't know how to work and would need alimony from him to survive (it does happen, but mainly if there are children involved) also, she says she's been in a psych ward, she can always make a claim stating that her mental health prevents her from working (which is bullshit) but, every state is different with divorce laws. But I don't see Adam trying to take a penny from her, I see him as, lets get this shit over and done with so we can move on with our lives.

No. 854805

remember to always google tinder matches

No. 854842

This seems a little out of place, unless you matched with her on Tinder recently and found lolcow because of that? Smart move, if so.

No. 854912

File: 1566150011391.jpg (202.34 KB, 1024x1820, 67237945_376428893025728_57608…)

>posts about making prints
>uses one of her many selfies in said post
No one wants a print with your face on it, Heather. Is this her way to try and raise some quick money before she's homeless?

No. 854934


She keeps mentioning that she wants to do modeling and get an agent. She might be delusional enough to think people want to buy her photos with her in it.

No. 854937

File: 1566155912056.png (3.05 MB, 750x1334, C9DE5347-F569-422F-A9E7-A26694…)

Here we go…

No. 854938

That’s dumb. Depop takes a fee. She could have just listed them on her IG story and had people go through paypal.

No. 854940


LOL I highly doubt she would make much money from him. If Judge Judy were involved she'd hardly get a dime. As soon as the judge discovers that she hasn't been working (for no good reason) and that Adam has been the main breadwinner AND there aren't children involved she will only probably be rewarded a relatively meagre amount of money which she would get through in no time. Any goods she can prove she purchased herself she can keep but she'd likely only be awarded a relatively small settlement of money as i'm extremely doubtful that Adam is that wealthy he was just the one going to work for a living and paying most of the bills. Talking of Judge Judy there was a rerun the other day and a girl was on there that reminded me exactly of Heather lol, she was slaughtered by the judge. Her boyfriends' father loaned her some money and she was claiming it was a gift when he and his wife clearly could have done with the money themselves but were too trusting that she'd pay it back. Cheeky bitch wasn't working and believed that she should get things given to her for free while she just sat on her idle butt.

I really can't see Heather getting a substantial pay-out plus saying she didn't know how to work (when she has worked before) wouldn't cut it with any judge.

No. 854941


The majority of these are low ticket items that won’t sell fast enough for her. They’ll end up getting donated by the end of the month.

No. 854942


These items look too expensive to me considering she probably paid very little for them at goodwill. Plus most of this wasn't part of her toy display so is probably excess stuff she's had for some time stored in bin bags. If she wants to make good money she will have to sell the more rarer items she has in her collection. That means letting go of most of her ponies especially the G1's.

No. 854943

Always bothered me that she never really took the time to keep her displayed toy collection best and tidy. In all of her toy room tours she rambles on about so and so pony that she hasn’t cleaned etc. Like if they’re really your passion as far as collecting why aren’t you taking the time to actually clean them? Not doing so dimishes their value. No use holding onto them if they’re just going to be yet another chore to have to deal with. Might as well let them go to collectors that actually care about the hobby.

No. 854946

This. Her collection is admittedly impressive and I think a lot of us would be excited at the prospect of her selling it. That would set her up very nicely for moving, but I just can’t see her growing up and doing it. Especially the ponies.

No. 854950


She's already said that she doesn't want to give up her collection as she makes income through her "toy collection" videos on youtube. Basically showing the same items over and over with hardly any new additions, therefore I am highly sceptical that she will sell the majority of her decent items as there would be nothing much to show in future "toy collection room tour" videos. Seeing as she could be homeless soon she needs to get her priorities right and off load the items she can make the most money from but we'll have to wait and see if she does indeed do that if she's serious about getting enough adequate money to move out of that apartment.

No. 854955

She just posted her sales IG,
HEX_sales for the dolls

No. 855000

She shouldn't have deleted her other instagram that had all her toy collector followers on it. She would have made more sales.

No. 855018

She put up one of her teenies on IG. She wants $220, ridiculous.

No. 855025

And it’s apprently on hold too.

No. 855036

File: 1566171937895.jpg (838.33 KB, 1080x2095, 20190818_164610.jpg)

Apparently sold now, wow.
Either they wanna help her so bad or want a bjd even more. Who knows.

No. 855042

I feel sorry for the dumb saps buying these old dolls. You could buy a new one for $160 or so. And these 'extras' are just cheap looking accessories.

No. 855069


I checked to be sure, but it looks like Fairyland isn't currently offering those tinies. Absolutely doesn't make it a $200+ doll. >>855042 is right, it's only $160 new….. if Fairyland offers it again. The wig she listed it with is from an ok company I guess but she didn't even disclose she has pets? Hope new buyer isn't allergic

No. 855152

File: 1566199390195.jpg (456.35 KB, 1080x1484, 20190819_002324.jpg)


No. 855163

Makes me laugh how she puts US buyers strongly preferred. Offering international postage makes it much more likely that she will sell items, so once again she is limiting herself, surely the main priority should be selling stuff ASAP as long as the buyer is willing to pay for the postage costs.

No. 855185

It's mind blowing how slowly she's going about this. Needless to say she has what…? Less than a month or a month and a half to get her affairs in order? Because the lease end date keeps changing around from her account.

But, she posts a handful of plushes and 1 doll in the course of a day? Work must be busting her ass if she is meandering this slowly about selling her hoarded junk. Maybe if she wanted to bide her time and get the real value of the 'vintage toys' she should have started selling months ago… and not waiting until the very last minute.

I really don't trust that this is going to end well. How much you want to bet that she is going to flake on her customers and fail to ship out orders? She has been flaky in the past.

No. 855195


Yeah, she’s only posted a couple of plushes on her depop (not very valuable ones, obviously kind of throw away ones) meanwhile she’s ~gonna b homeless!!!~ in a month? If i were her I’d be posting like 30 listings or more a day and stuff that people would actually buy.

No. 855217

Just goes to show that she isn't taking this very seriously. Heather is only selling the throw-aways and reluctant to post the real valuables that will get snatched up immediately. I've seen other people sell their belongings in lots and post it EVERYWHERE (craigslist, depop, ebay, facebook groups, ect) but Heather posts only a handful in the course of a week on depop and insta. Dragging her feet about the entire procedure.

BTW, 'extras' shouldn't be forced onto the customer if they also have to pay for the 'extras'. A pink wig, a hat, extra feet, and two doll dresses. That's an additional $60 the customer has to pay for. Thats a pretty steep addition to have to pay for.

No. 855250

She still doesn’t get the gravity of the situation she’s in. It’s crunch time. If you’re that desperate for money you don’t waste your time with these lower ticket items; you go for the ones that will sell immediately and that people actually covet. Yeah it sucks having to sell off a collection or an item that you’ve wanted for years, but you can always wourchase then again when you’re more financially stable. What’s important should be having funds that she can put into a savings account and cushion the financial situation she’s in.

Any other person would rather have the money at their disposal versus the things that will only weigh them down. It would suck for her to be forced to donate her valuables because she doesn’t have any means to store them for a long elriod of time until she’s settled again.

No. 855278

This is a post from a BJD confession blog in regards to Heather when she was in the hobby… It seems like she hasn't changed.
Aug. 11th 2014:
> Freyabunny needs to stop being so fucking psycho. Hunnty listen, get yourself in order before you rage post about your personal life. Because you hang your dirty laundry and people judge you for it and then- you sit there crying about how people are sooooo jealous of your life. Oh and by the way GET A FUCKING JOB AND BUY YOUR OWN FUCKING DOLLS YOU SPOILED BRAT. Buh-bye.


No. 855279

It’s so irritating because it’s not hard to post listings. Take a damn picture of it and put it up, Heather. Also, people are telling her to get an eBay… I wonder how that would go since you have to pay fees for your listings.

No. 855280


Kek. Yep, that’s Heather. A woman-child.

No. 855282

This is total and absolute tinfoil, but what if it's because she is over-exaggerating this entire situation? What if she really does have a place (or places) to crash and is pretending she'll be homeless to either get pity points from her fans or feel like she is spiting the hayderz to attempt at making them feel bad for ever talking bad about this 'poor, helpless, sweet cinnamon roll'.
Could explain why she is not taking it as seriously as you'd expect someone in this situation to, because the stakes aren't actually that high.
And she didn't start putting her toys up for sale until us "haters" started questioning why she hadn't already if she needs quick money.

OR…..she's just a crazy person with disorganized priorities, victim to her own delusions and lack of time management.

No. 855285

That or she strikes me as one of those people who thinks the universe will align with her and bring her good things in her life once the full moon phase is done.

She's also just delusional and thinks she'll get by selling her crappy lot and still get to hang on to the good stuff.

No. 855288

Probably some unholy mix of all of it. She's playing it up, but could be homeless at some point, but not really that worried about it because she's convinced "it'll all work out" without any actual effort on her part.

She's just so unnaturally unbothered by and optimistic about this whole situation even though she has done nothing to better it. It's so bizarre.

No. 855292

She probably has some family she could stay with. Even if they hate her or whatever as much as she says they do, I find it hard to believe that NO ONE in her family wouldn't put her up for a little while, especially if she was truly in danger of being out on the streets. I just hope if that is the case, that they give her some kind of ultimatum for when she needs to be out in her own place or refuse to let her keep her toys anywhere except storage, etc.

No. 855299

I feel like she over-exaggerates everything that happens in her life. Like that stalker video story-time that was posted – it all was over-exaggerations and makes herself look like a victim. I feel like, though, she has mentioned in the recent past about how she was "going to become homeless" then just dropped the whole thing. I can't take anything she says seriously because I've always found flaws in whatever she says. All she is, and has been since I've known her years ago is "Pity me, pity me" and just overall selfish.. This BJD confession fucking nails it on the head. >>855286

No. 855336

If she is in such a crisis why is she continuing to post pictures of herself constantly? She wants someone to sweep her off her feet and baby her all over again.

No. 855354

File: 1566258600860.jpg (613.28 KB, 1060x1884, 20190819_164642.jpg)

Why does she do this? Just post the price already!

No. 855357

She wants $415 for it. New is about $390. And shes not including the eyes. Ridiculous.

No. 855375

It won’t sell or if it does it’ll take awhile. That’s the most common BJD in the hobby. It’s like almost everyone and their mum has one. Kek. She’s over-charging which where the hell did she come up with that price?

No. 855412

File: 1566264659091.png (5.94 MB, 1242x2208, 15558018-DC4D-4BBC-B635-3FC34E…)

This sounds like she’s messing up way more than she’s admitting if she’s already applying for other jobs “just in case”, that or she’s extremely not confident in her work ethics. Big yikes

No. 855417

This is becoming increasingly irritating. Why the fuck does she insist on posting preview videos/images for sales? Just post the item and include the price. I've never seen anyone else do this. Ever.

No. 855442

This baffles me.
Does she think she's gonna be rolling in money or something?

She JUST started this job, is at the bottom of the seniority food chain, probably getting only so many hours, and CAN'T be making that much. Even if she manages to sell a few more toys in time, I would be shocked if she could save up more than $300-600 by the 31st.

>"Gotta make every penny I can this month for my move!"

Move? Might just be her bad phrasing but, I feel like most people about to be homeless wouldn't exactly call that "moving".

No. 855475

maybe it was a slip and she completely fabricated being homeless soon.

No. 855552

Old bjds are big though, most of the dolls Heather has are rare anyway, anyone outside of the bjd community would think that this stuff gets devalued but I've seen people pay 1000's for old used dolls as long as they were rare sculpts. The one she just sold isn't being sold by the company so it's unsurprising that she was able to sell it.

No. 855585

I love counting the number of times she says 'I' and 'my' and 'myself' in all overly these long answers (it's one in every three words or so) that and her complimenting herself 'I'm so proud of myself'

Everyone else is a dick and she's the one pure soul left on earth…

No. 855598

File: 1566306835158.png (877.47 KB, 750x1334, C129712A-C0FC-4B68-BFC8-59C652…)

Does this sound like someone who is going to be homeless in less than a month and has her real-life priorities on straight? Nope.

Watch she already has a plan to stay with someone or family and has been spinning this whole “I’m going to be homeless” story for attention and pity from fans.

No. 855616

"I'm going to be a sexy homeless vampire for Halloween!"

No. 855630

I honestly can't look at her the same way anymore. Even if she wanted to go back into toy videos, you know she's doing it for views and not a genuine collector. Why, just why is every fuckin picture she post in her stories a pic of her stating what she is going to do next? It's annoying.

No. 855635

She's in a perpetual state of "I'm going to ________" and she only really ever accomplishes like 25% of what she says she's going to (and of course only the lowest-priority stuff gets done). It's so frustrating to watch, but I guess that's what makes her a good cow.

No. 855636

If she chooses 'sexy' vampire.. (or sexy anything really) she's going to look pathetic. I know she's not actually as old as she looks but even her own clothes make her look like mutton dressed as lamb

No. 855643

She likes to talk about herself. Her whole world is about "me me me" so she'll use things like fashion and toys to base the vids around but in reality she just fancies herself as an online personality

No. 855692

Someone’s overly active on instagram today. Shouldn’t she be at work?

No. 855763

File: 1566329327859.png (671.97 KB, 483x909, Capture.PNG)

To that anon that was praising Heather for showing restraint and not purchasing those soaps… oops.

No. 855785

Well they’ll certainly spruce up the public restroom at the homeless shelter she’ll be staying at in a few weeks.

No. 855813

Like I said before, I think the whole homeless thing is just BS; another way to fish pity from followers since she has no boy drama to go off of. I mean, if you haven't notice.. She needs some sort of drama ALWAYS going on in her life to make herself look like the victim. She can't have a moment of quiet, especially at a time like now when she has a job. But back to my statement, I think her becoming homeless is BS. In one of her latest livestreams, she straight up said "our lease is up in October."
> Our
She doesn't say "mine" or "Adam's/Roommate's"; she says "ours."

And also too, there seems to be no rush in finding a place. There's no "going to look at a place today~" posts because we all know she loves posting every single thing she does. All she does is complain about work now, just go on about how she's going to be homeless, and buy more shirt such as the soaps thinking it's all okay because it was "ONLY $1." (She's a shopaholic and always seems like she HAS to buy something each week.)

But until I actually see photo proof of her living in some sort of shelter or on the streets, calling her "becoming homeless" thing just bullshit.

No. 855815

I feel like whenever she says "I'm going to ____", 9 times out of 10; it just stays at that point and she never does it. Like for example, her cleaning her studio.. She's been saying that for how many months now? And I doubt she hasn't cleaned it yet. I start to wonder if Adam truly does all the cleaning or if the apartment is just a semi-hoarder's mess.

No. 855826

Waiting for a "stuff I bought for the apartment I don't have yet" haul.

No. 855924

Heather is claiming to go live soon. I'm already making guesses to what she'll go on about:
- She'll bring up being single or wanting a boyfriend at least once.
- Keep mentioning being homeless soon
- Talk/Complain about work
- Money she spent
- Ghost hunting
- Wanting to act and model

No. 855938

File: 1566358285109.png (661.12 KB, 513x635, Heather throwback pics.PNG)

Looks like Heather posted some Throw Back Photos on Facebook. And she doesn't want us to talk about them huh?

No. 855955

Might be a tinfoil, but is she fishing for more comments similar to >>854227 ?

No. 855972

Looks like she lied about the livestream? Haven't seen anything about it..

I was thinking more that she was trying to make a hint (or whatever) towards this whole situation >>853494 of showing that she used to look younger than her actual age. But honestly, wasn't she 26 like three years ago or something? It's clear she's trying to bait out something.. Why bring up how you looked now that long ago? It honestly looks like her now but with a brown wig on and not horrible af makeup (excluding that lip colour).

No. 855987

File: 1566374604603.jpg (703.36 KB, 1080x2087, 20190821_010215.jpg)

She was talking to someone, I wonder who. Probably why she didnt go live.

No. 856012

constantly all talk, no show. how do her followers deal with it? every fucking post she talks about what she plans to do but never does it. it’s been going on for years. oh i wanna draw stuff!! oh i wanna make art!! etc etc and it never happens.

No. 856045

Probably that Steve guy (or whatever his name is) that she’s been posting pictures about.

No. 856059

I swear to god I've read this exact message from her word for word a million times.

No. 856072

Go as herself? Wtf

No. 856079


Talk about over-dramatic, "my whole LIFE burnt to ashes" She's such in immature drama queen. It's sick really when you consider that there are poor people who are genuinely struggling out of no fault of their own and yet still don't behave like this over privileged brat. Moreover She looks "off" in most of her photographs, those eyes lol, there's something not right with her that's for sure.

No. 856092

Every time she posts something like this, it sounds so fake a scripted. Who actually, in real life, says these things? Also, how many times is she going to say shit like this before she actually does something to change?

No. 856095

Yeah I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s that Steve guy. She’s been posting about him a lot lately. I really hope they’re just friends and nothing more.. she doesn’t seem like her type. Though remember, he is close friends with Ryan (if I remember correctly).

What photos? She hasn’t really posted a recent photo of herself. It’s all been photos that were taken a bit ago. I’ve only seen her constantly post photos from when she had her pink hair. And if she is posting recent photos of herself, she’s gotta look sad and play the part of the victim that’s going to be homeless soon.

You know, for someone whose working a full time job and all.. she was up late on that phone call and posting on Instagram a lot. I wonder if she’s getting to the point of giving up on the job. Because I can’t see how someone like her who hasn’t worked a real job in years can just easily jump into a full time job like that. Like something seems totally off.

No. 856099

File: 1566402751014.jpeg (647.33 KB, 750x1294, 540BB2BA-F2C7-442A-8EC4-C55C4D…)

This dude? Who is also Ryan’s friend… If you see Ryan’s instagram she didn’t like the pictures of him with some blonde chick, haha. But Heather is immature and that type of thing from her is expected.

No. 856119

She’s overly active on instagram today. Unless her employer is lax about employees being on their phones while on the clock, she probably either quit or has gotten fired already. Would explain why she was going to go live last night—to vent and fish for pity. Her friend probably intervened and talked her out of the ledge.

No. 856122

She looked extra crazy in that picture.

This wouldn't surprise me. We all figured she wouldn't last long at that job anyway. If she hasn't quit/been fired yet, it won't be much longer.

No. 856125

The dark bug eyes, cat ears at age 30, weird smile…very unsettling. She’s losing it. It’s really suspicious that she got that job so quickly and there’s been no updates and she’s so active online.

No. 856236

Yes, she looks crazy and also uncomfortable, but I wouldn't be surprised if this is the dude she ends shacking up with.

No. 856268

That outfit overall would look fine if she didn't have those fucking cat years. Those and the godawful bright barbie pink lipstick she wears ruins any "goffick witch" outfit she puts together.

But yeah, she's been highly active on instagram today, especially with her posts. Wouldn't be surprised if she left the job because of someone "stalking" her at her job and "taking photos" of her while she works. kek.

No. 856381

honestly the outfit itself isn't bad. I'd wear it, ears and all. It would be cute on anyone who's 14-30 who LOOKS 26 or younger. But SHE looks like a tired 40-something wine mom having a midlife crisis. And it's definitely not goth.

No. 856438

the guy she's with looks kind of creepy. i guess we'll find out more about him soon.

No. 856455

Honestly I think she looks cute here. Her natural hair color is gorgeous and more natural make is flattering. What does she mean by not wanting to talk about it?

No. 856545

She's just fishing for compliments. If you don't want to talk about it, why post it? For attention.

No. 856676

File: 1566496640388.jpg (392.88 KB, 1080x2088, 20190822_105651.jpg)

So I guess either she lost her job, quit or there was never a job to begin with. Shes active on IG again.

No. 856684

So what happened to her wanting to be independent and self sufficient? Sort out your priorities, Heather. You need to be able to stand on your OWN two feet first before you can even think about getting into another relationship.

Her desperation and need to be validated my fans, by men and potential love interests is so twisted. Been said before but she really does have the mentality of a 14 year old emotionally unstable and needy girl. It’s just sad especially for a modern woman these days.

No. 856685

It’s incredibly unflattering? I’ve seen some comments on her thread calling her good looking or attractive and I’m baffled. She’s not ugly but she’s just a non descript looking 30ish woman. If anything her old look is bad because she looks drab as hell and whatever brown hair color looks almost green with her coloring.

No. 856740

She won’t get a tattooed guy unless she has some herself. And if that happens I can picture her saying how she would want to be a witchy empathy goth tattoo artist (insert eye roll)

No. 856770

She's been going on for months now on how she wants a tattoo but hasn't gotten one. Another situation where she's saying "I wanna to ___" and won't fucking do it. She's all talk and no action. And she'll never make it as a tattoo artist, her art has never been good. And she won't work towards getting better even if she wanted to, she wants everything NOW

No. 856793

I honestly think she’d look best with a dark blonde. It looks good with brown eyes. Anything but the silver.

No. 856807

She said in a live once that she wants to tattoo an assortment of Victorian cemetery sumbols and imagery.

No. 856831

Bitch, you had one but you went and cheated on him.

No. 856840

No new listings on her depop.

No. 856908

She's live now. She mentioned that Adam was super pissed that she worked all week because the fact that he had to drive her was cutting into time with his girlfriend. She also keeps asking people to buy her stuff, said she doesn't "think that counts as e-begging."

No. 856913

in her live shes saying she cant sell the vintage toys bc she wants to make money off of them via videos. tbh i dont think that her making videos purely for profit will work at all, people know that she doesnt like the hobby anymore and its just a cash grab. plus how are you gonna take all your shit with you if youre supposedly gonna be homeless in a month?

No. 856915

>contacted a work-ready program that can help her with driving and employment, rental assistance
>just got off an 8-hour shift
>Adam refused to pick her up from work today, had to get a ride home with a coworker
>has to study for her server job, but doesn't know when she's going to because she has to go to bed early and get up early for work tomorrow
Maybe don't be livestreaming on instagram if you have things you need to get done? The pity party isn't working on me.
>still insisting there are farmers at her job that are "looking at her"
>needs to be driving in two weeks otherwise she'll be homeless and have no ride to work
Someone in the chat asked her about biking or taking the bus. She said she couldn't bike because it's a highway trip away, and that buses wouldn't work because she gets off work late
>made $1000 off a vintage toy video that went viral

And that's where I got bored and went to bed.

No. 856921

She dragged Damien in her live. Fly out said that the urbex girls coming after her because of him can have him because he’s all looks and no action. He’s awful and boring in bed apparently.

She wants to go on a date come Sunday and is determined to nail one. Says that tinder is full of fuckboys. Talked about a date she had in March with a bodybuilder who took berbot for coffee and Dunkin (which she botched about because she wanted Starbucks), and then to her favorite cemetery where all he talked about was bodybuilding. After crying for 20 minutes with him about Damien he apparently kissed her and they never spoke again.

No. 856929

Part of her Instagram live, I recorded as much as I could stand.
Mentions haters and stalkers, but mostly moans about being homeless in 4 weeks, work, boys and wanting a date sunday

No. 856930

File: 1566537932727.jpg (64.9 KB, 1072x194, Screenshot_20190823-012132_You…)

More words of wisdom from her dumb ass fans. Since when has she ever been strong and independent? Seriously, do they even pay attention?

I'm starting to hate her voice, and I used to enjoy her videos. Also, have her fans even noticed how unhinged she is? She sounds crazy.

No. 856932

I only watched 10 minutes of the livestream and got so bored. Her voice also drives me nuts. hate how she says she is keeping her toys only to make videos for more money, that makes me want to never watch another video of hers again. Also, she’d make more money selling them not making videos about them?? She is losing it. Have fun paying to keep them in storage while you’re “homeless”

No. 856937

During the live, a girl kept asking Heather if she was free Sunday. Heather replied with "Yes I am, but I'm hoping to land a date." It was clear that the girl wanted to hang out, but all Heather can think about is boys, sex, Starbucks, and cemetaries. This is why she has no real life friends. She claims she doesn't eant to be with anyone who's basic but shes the most basic of all. Zero personality, zero friends, almost zero life skills and she's going to be 30 soon. What a joke.

Oh, and her rant about having Dunkins coffee and not Starbucks was a mess. Bitch is about to be homeless but "waaahhh, I wanted Starbucks!" She's annoying.

No. 856947

Ugh. Too much too comment on, but I found it interesting when she started to say she wouldnt date someone who doesnt love cemetaries, then amended it to someone who can't understand how she can find beauty in her interests (specifically cemetaries), and then goes on to rant about how fucking bored she was talking about bodybuilding with the tinder date. Just ragging on him, she comes off so rude to me, obviously didn't even give the guy a chance. How can she expect people to pay attention to her interests when she has zero attention span for anyone else's?

Her hypocritical mental gymnastics just drive me nuts.

(deleted for typo)

No. 856951

Was so sad to see that the girl just wanted to be there for Heather and everything and Heather just blew off a potential friend for a possible date.

Also, did anyone else catch how she vaguely called out one of the watchers in her live say how they stalk her (Or w/e she bloody said( and just mentioned that they'll just constantly post onto here? It's on >>856929 at around 3:00. She just stopped whatever she was saying just to call them out.. I'm curious to who it was. So many people tuned in from the time the recording started tbh.

No. 856982

She would have better luck starting a new collection. I always liked her thrift hauls more than “look at the same toys in a slightly different layout” videos. She could easily half her collection and still have enough left for videos.

No. 856984


She's had MONTHS to find a "basic" job, why choose a job that you can't get to because you don't drive? As far as i'm aware she only got this job because someone online recommended it to her. It's been nearly a YEAR since her marriage broke down yet she wants sympathy because she's left it far too late and now doesn't even know how she's going to get to her new job as she's been cheekily relying on Adam to get her there. She should have sold most of her valuable stuff months ago, moved out, moved into a new place that's close to amenities so she can easily walk/use public transport to get there and find a relatively basic retail/hospitality job at a location she knows she'll be able to get to without the initial need for a car. She's so impractical. It can take ages to pass a driving test and there are all the costs involved with running a car. Her head isn't screwed on right lol!!!!

No. 856990

Imagine having to rely on the very man you've repeatedly bad mouthed about online to get you to and from work, that's not normal behaviour and then STILL moaning about him online. She thinks too highly of herself and is very self-absorbed.
Her plan majorly backfired, she thought that Adam was going to continue fawning over her, desperate to make the marriage work while she continued to live in the apartment until she found another bloke to freeload from and then she would have been out of there moving in with some other fella. But it didn't work, Adam found someone else instead and told her he wouldn't be re-signing the lease. NOW she has decided to sell things off and get a job but has found she's in the s* because she doesn't know how she'll actually get there lol. Not enough time or money. If the majority of her "fans" were to meet her in real life they likely wouldn't like her, as has been the case already with other people she's met in person, most of them are likely teenagers (or childish adults) with a similar mentality to hers. The amount of so called followers she has online really doesn't mean anything when you such at gaining and retaining friends in real life.

No. 857014

Why on earth is Adam even giving her a ride to her job though? He owes her absolutely nothing after all the shenanigans she’s put him through this past year. She bad mouths him online incessantly. Have some balls and a backbone (for once) and let your soon to be ex wife figure out her shit on her own.

No. 857017

He must've finally got to that point if he refused to give her a ride home last night. It's amazing how she's using that to gain pity from her followers, who still think she's the innocent one in all of this. Not to wk for Adam, but you're absolutely right that he doesn't owe her anything.

I still don't understand her logic of not selling everything she owns. Where the hell are you going to put everything when you're homeless, Heather?

No. 857031


Exactly. Of course you want to find a partner with common interests, but there are plenty of people that are opposite but still supportive in each others hobbies and are in good relationships. She just wants to date the male copy of herself and that's not a very large (and I suspect not quality) dating pool to choose from. She went on to say that the only dates she wanted to go on were ones where they get coffee, go to cemeteries and vintage stores. Not to mention that she'll probably grow out of this whole Urban/spooky thing at some point. That's why you have to make friends Heather, your SO can't be the only person that provides all the things you want to tick off your list. You probably want to stop referring to men in your age range as "boys" too, that's a turn off.

No. 857037


I listened to this for 24mins and it’s her just constantly repeating herself over and over. I can’t watch anymore. What a boring girl.

No. 857043

Her turning down the offer of hanging out with that one girl because it's not a guy is just gross. Not everything is about dating and wouldn't you rather have a lasting friendship instead of just focusing on guys that aren't even gonna stick around?

That comes off as desperate as hell. And she says she doesn't want basic people and yet she is incredibly basic. There's alot more interesting Urban Explorations than cemeteries such as abandoned hospitals,schools,etc.

But I guess that's too dangerous huh? She just wants the simplest of shit. That's why her non-toy content doesn't take off.She's boring. Also LOL @ bitching how she got dunkin donuts instead of starbucks?

She comes off as so fake its pathetic. And she doesn't treat the cemeteries with respect she just treats them like some "spooky" photo up. And who doesn't like movies or music?

No. 857047

This is comical! She's getting her ass kicked in the real world and maybe she'll learn from it? But the way this live is going…I don't know? Her ugly side leaks out a lot and she tries so hard to cover it up and throw a pity party for herself. She talks about doing all kinds of stuff "i'll clean or put stuff together for you" since she claims to like keeping busy, but Heather, you couldn't even clean your studio for some videos you claimed you wanted to record and post, but as usual just wasted time chasing dick.

She is fake and desperate it's gross, because this bitch has no shame at all. Even Dunkin Donuts is too good for her… the disrespect.

No. 857048

This is comical! She's getting her ass kicked in the real world and maybe she'll learn from it? But the way this live is going…I don't know? Her ugly side leaks out a lot and she tries so hard to cover it up and throw a pity party for herself. She talks about doing all kinds of stuff "i'll clean or put stuff together for you" since she claims to like keeping busy, but Heather, you couldn't even clean your studio for some videos you claimed you wanted to record and post, but as usual just wasted time chasing dick.

She is fake and desperate it's gross, because this bitch has no shame at all. Even Dunkin Donuts is too good for her… the disrespect.

No. 857067

Is there a bus she can take to work? Or ride a bicycle? Even use uber? I know it sucks to pay money for transportation at her wage level, but it's be well worth it to not have depend on Adam. When I was flat broke I would walk over an hour to work because I didn't have enough to even get on the subway.

No. 857069

What about
>Someone in the chat asked her about biking or taking the bus. She said she couldn't bike because it's a highway trip away, and that buses wouldn't work because she gets off work late
didn't you comprehend?

No. 857147

It's clear that when it comes to dating, she want it all about HER. She wouldn't give the Tinder guy a chance and let him talk about what interests her, yet SHE gets to be sure that her interests is all she talks about. That never looks good on a first date, ever.

And yeah, her just ragging on that Tinder date guy was just.. Not necessary. Maybe the whole kissing part (if it happened), but not everything else. The dude was trying to have a good date but Heather just wanted it about HER and wanted everything she wanted; like Starbucks instead of Dunkins. FFS, coffee from chain places is practically all the same.. But she does come off as a basic white girl so of course all she knows is Starbucks.

I wonder if Tinder Guy is this post >>854805 or if it's someone completely different. lulz

No. 857155

Someone’s angry.
Didn’t heather state she was bi?
She can Uber or ask a coworker for a ride she’s just the excuse queen.
It’s hilarious how she calls haters stalkers now. Like not technically stalking if someone followed her still does and questions her. Seriously she needs to go and get some more education under her belt, she’s legit looking and acting like a hill billy but even a hill billy has ethics unlike her.

No. 857198

File: 1566597583575.png (51.91 KB, 811x372, 2019-08-23 17_55_19-MDJCourtSu…)

i don't know if this has ever been discussed or not

No. 857202

Thought this was fornthat incident she had with Adam that he had to call the police on her, but then I saw that year listed. Don’t think it’s ever been brought up.

No. 857207

Heather, stop hating on Dunkin. You never know, you might have to look into working for them at some point in the near future.

No. 857218

I’m fairly certain that isn’t her birthday. She wasn’t born in 1994. And was she living in PA in 2015? I feel like this could be some other person with the same name. Steele is a bit of a common surname. And Heather is a very common name.

No. 857233

If she was born in 1994 she’d be 25 and she’s 30 I believe

No. 857271

I think her birthday is in January.

No. 857310

Heather… i'm watching you…

No. 857317

I love how she states " I can't date anyone basic" you can't even get a hold of your life, let alone, someone "basic" One day, she's going to run into the wrong guy that's is going to give her a taste of her own medicine, she's always at the mercy of someone, hence, their car. If someone locks you up in their car heather, better pray you can fight your way out, which by the look of her, will be unlikely she can hurt a fly.

No. 857326

Better be careful what you say because she’ll tell everyone now she has people trying to kill her cause she’s over dramatic

No. 857328

Oh no she’s beaten Adam and her ex. If she did get put into a car that’s a whole other story tho. She beats butch ass men not kidnappers

No. 857340

She is an unstable, confused narc. She wants to date herself, but if she did actually find someone just like her, she would hate them as much as she hates who she is.

No. 857344


Her birthday's definitely in early January. Eversince her "witchy awakening" she's been on about being a Capricorn because she thinks it means she's magically got strong discipline and can fight the haters. She also doesn't have hazel eyes.

No. 857370

I don't think this is her.

Also to the anons that knew/know Heather personally, I was checking something and noticed that her last name used to be Novak. Is Steele just a "fake" last name or what? I noticed that her, when she "was" married to Adam, she never used his last name either. What's up with all that?

No. 857375

I remember she said "Steele" was her grandmother's maiden name or something like that.

No. 857398


Since she and his family didn't get along I assume she didn't take it because she didn't feel welcome or someshit. Then again "Faylor" sounds like "Failure" and there is no way she'd wanna open that jar of worms

No. 857501


She was born in 1990 and is 28 years of age although she certainly doesn't behave like a woman who is nearly hitting 30. She acts like a child (in fact that is insulting many kids who behave better than her lol).

No. 857541

I just find it weird that she's even married. I've "known" Heather for years and has never seen photos of Heather having a wedding or even being dressed up nicely for a courthouse wedding. Apart of me doesn't think her and Adam were ever married and just said they were married.

No. 857547

I have noticed that most people don't take the last name of their spouse.

No. 857567

She states in her insta that she possibly pinch a nerve at work? Are you fuckin serious heather? You're a god damn server. You literally have an easy job. So fuckin useless, this is EXACTLY why no man wants you, completely dumb and useless

No. 857573


Ngl shes EXACTLY like Itsblackfriday, just American.

No. 857577

Where? I didnt see it. Or she probably deleted it.

No. 857626

They never had a wedding. It was likely a quick courthouse thing with a witness and not much else to it.

That isn't surprising. She's useless. I'm still shocked she got a job in the first place, but we all have to start somewhere I guess.

No. 857772

Heather was live for about an hour and a half. And last half, had a meltdown. Ranted about Adam, yada yada. (Sigh)

No. 857774


Hopefully someone recorded it

No. 857810

It’s was mostly boring. Ranting about work, a co-worker who is full of himself, being homeless soon, wanting a date for Sunday and tinder notndlekvwring, etc etc.

talked about working at Spencer’s for two years and that she had to quit because she was “tricked” by her manager into using lost and found gift cards and she was set to give in a statement against her.

Also said her first job was at Spirit Halloween when she was 18 and that her manager was married 30 yr old perv who was sleeping with a young co worker. And of course he wanted to sleep with Heather because she was all that.

- wants to lose weight because she wants to model.

- she was begging viewers to request to go on live with her and no one did.

- I think she farted and tried to play it off like she was cracking her fingers and then proceeded to talk about cracking her fingers. I left after that because it was too boring.

No. 857841

After about a few minutes, she ranted about Adam and had a meltdown. She had makeup running down her face. She talked about how had her committed and forced her to stay.
I kinda felt bad for her but dont at the same time. She said she might lose everything in the divorce because she cheated. But she excused it because Adam gave her permission to see a tindr guy but followed her to his house and filmed her having sex with him. So Adam has proof and hes going to take everything.
It was a mess.

No. 857846

But the fact that Adam filmed her and the other guy without their consent also puts him in hot water.

No. 857886

jesus christ no wonder this cow is unhinged. cheating on your husband is shitty, but filming someone having sex without their knowledge is a literal crime and nobody should get away with that. that could actually fuck up a person’s whole life, same goes for whatever dude she was sleeping with at the time, he’s just a bystander. he wasn’t the one who committed to a marriage and nobody should’ve filmed anyone like that. she could probably make the case that he was stalking her or something if he was stupid enough to present that tape in his defence.

No. 857903

File: 1566753042282.png (7.18 MB, 1242x2208, 76B549A0-F982-4769-A94A-118D75…)

Wow she's that's fucking excited over a measly 5 dollar tip. Fucking hell Heather…..

No. 857904

File: 1566753361147.jpeg (613.07 KB, 1242x873, 634CC074-7968-48E0-A18C-3036C8…)

Hey I found a class that Heather needs to take topkek

No. 857907

I think Adam is smart enough to not keep the footage. But that's just a guess. I really dont know him

No. 857908

Exactly. I hardly doubt Adam is stupid enough to actually present it against her . Even his own lawyers said would advise him against it given the legal ramifications. He’s probably holding it over Heather to spite her and he clearly gets off on seeing her so unhinged and making a fool of herself.

No. 857918

>>857908 yeah. Heather is a cow for sure. But that doesn't take away from what a dick Adam is. She is incredibly unstable, and he's egging her on and winding her up. They're both shitty people.

No. 857940

I was watching a bit of the stream. Not much happened after she “farted.” She pretty much did the same old, same old. Just talked about her life and kept mentioning how co-worker is shady af. And when she kept talking about her other jobs all I could think was: either she’s lying about some of the shit that’s happening in her current/past jobs or maybe she’s literally creating drama at whatever job she goes.

Also topkek, Heather said that her manager or co-worker or whoever went to her boss just to say “how funny” Heather is. Okay, sure Jan.

There was also I time where she said she’d be homeless in three weeks and then changed it to two weeks in less than twenty minutes. So, Heather can’t keep her story straight. But of course she can’t, she kept saying she’d be homeless in a month for a whole month.

She really likes to make it seem like a lot of “exciting” shit happens in her life. Because I never had so many jobs in a row, or never heard of my friends having job after job, where crazy shit was always happening. And if that dude at Spirit Halloween was a sex offender, the company wouldn’t hire him because he’d be around the public. Certain sex offenders can’t hold those kinds of jobs.

No. 857941

Yes I know, I was just saying what she melted down about.
And how hes supposedly harasses her and his gf told her she would kick her ass lol

No. 857991

In the earlier part of her live when she was moaning about being single and wanting a date, she mentioned potentially going out on a date with Steve.

No. 858020

File: 1566770032751.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2010, 20190825_145304.jpg)

Shes gonna be homeless but she still went thrifting? I know it was a few weeks ago but still. Wtf

No. 858048

So those ponies have been in that dirty bag for weeks? This is what I mean about Heather not caring about the toys or hobby in general. It’s not like a few weeks ago she had a job that was keeping her busy, or editing her videos (which she’s said she’s been doing for months). No, she was busy on Tinder trying to score a “boy.” She does t give any time or care to the preserve the toys she says that she loves. This is all for profit. No doubt she’ll put these aside until she can film a video in the hopes that it’ll revive her dead channel.

Now she has five more ponies that she has to haul around and find a place to store when she’s homeless. Makes absolutely no sense.

No. 858086

It's sad that's she's only seeing vintage toys as dollar signs; all because one vintage toy video "went viral" and she got $1,000USD from it (so she says). But looking back at her videos, it was a Polly Pocket video – not vintage MLPs. None of her videos will ever get that high again, only one closest to that was her "office tour" and then a stupid mystery box BS.

She needs to realise that none of her videos will not get those kinds of numbers again; she'll only average about 25k if she puts time into her videos and actually makes videos and post them on a schedule.

But as you mentioned anon, she's been "editing" a video for months now – all because an EVP. It's always hard to clean up audio. There's something called making subtitles for it. Look at whatever ghost hunting shows are on TV, whether someone considers them real or fake, they never have clean audio. It's always hard to hear at first until you hear it a few times. She should just use that to her advantage; play the audio once or twice WITHOUT subtitles and then once or twice again WITH subtitles to what she believes this ghost is saying. Stop wasting your time trying to clean up the audio to get the pErFeCt, clean, no-white-noise audio – because that won't happen.

No. 858088

She also mentioned on her livestream, this was after you left.. Is that she hasn't been eating vegan anymore and claims she gained weight because of it. I felt like if she did gain weight (hard to tell when she wears the unflattering Killstar shit), is that it happened before the job because if she did, the Killstar showed off the weightgain.

No. 858120

1. Those did not cost $3, she's full of shit so people dont get on her case about money

2. I doubt those are from a few weeks ago. Those are from her storage. She wants to see how many messages she will get to do a video on them.

No. 858128

File: 1566787791768.png (706.27 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190825-224902.png)

Here we go

No. 858134

Guess she didn’t nail that date she wanted.

No. 858140

File: 1566789822620.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1817, BFC6CE63-A5A9-4978-940F-E72299…)

No. 858141

File: 1566790022972.jpg (1.37 MB, 1379x2481, Screenshot_20190825-232604_Ins…)


No. 858143


Thats unfortunate, she is due for a root touch up

No. 858144

File: 1566790415218.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190825-203319_Ins…)

No. 858145

God, she's so dramatic. What is she, like 15? It's so hard to believe she's 29. Everything she does screams teenage girl.

No. 858146

File: 1566790543934.jpeg (711.39 KB, 1242x1840, 2963A954-14AB-4776-8BAD-429AF0…)

So apparently Adam brought his girlfriend to his apartment and Heather is sperging out.

No. 858147

File: 1566790590279.jpeg (230.13 KB, 1242x1719, 1943B9CF-2261-46BD-BF80-5703D3…)

Bye Felicia!!!

No. 858148

can you imagine having this stuff to deal with and still bothering to take sad looking selfies to announce it with?

No. 858155

File: 1566790802883.jpg (745.01 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20190825-233954_Ins…)

Her account is still there, don't worry.

No. 858158

Did she block you or you blocked her?

No. 858159

Hmmm wonder if she blocked you for some reason.

No. 858160

Hate to say it but if adams name is on the lease, he's entitled to have company over. But, he is not allowed to kick heather out, regardless if he wants her out or not. Thats why there are laws. But she should of known this was going to happen. He moved on, she's going to have to.

No. 858162

Eh his new gf was openly posting on here about heather and apparently threatening her? Bringing her into their apartment while heather is there is basically just inviting conflict. He could have waited a couple of weeks or just gone to the gfs apartment. Or waited until heather was at work.

No. 858163


Absolutely but i think adams had enough of heather postponing her priorities and not getting the circumstances. He should of waited, but, how much longer does he have to wait? She did this to herself.

No. 858164

So heather is sperging out and “calling the cops” because Adam has his girlfriend over? Can’t believe this womanchild is almost 30.

No. 858165


If she was threatening heathers life she can get locked up. Depends on what adams new 12 year old gf said.

No. 858167

No. 858168


Thats fucked up and low. Just keep it on here.

No. 858169

So she made a goodbye post, and has proceeded to continue posting about this "bad" situation ever since? She makes it so hard to feel even a little bad for her. Most people wouldn't focus on social media at a time like this. Just more proof that she clearly has no friends.

No. 858171

Why do I feel like she can’t have a bed to sleep in if Adam’s girlfriend is over? Makes me think back to either her and Adam share a bed still or she hogs the bed to herself and Adam is forced to sleep on the couch. I think she’s freaking out because there’s another girl in the house and she feels no pretty enough or some shit like that.

Why is her life over because Adam brought his gf over? A little overkill much…

And why is she losing her job? I thought everyone there loved her? Unless she made mistakes there today. Which why is she freaking out about that? A job is going to assume someone new will make mistakes for their first six weeks because they’re new and getting used to things. They won’t fire someone so quickly unless they’re stealing right off the bat of being hired..

No. 858173

Stop making yourself into a victim, Heather. No one wants "your life to end." Get your shit together, it's not the end of the world. Get off social media and clean up your act. Just pathetic that she is almost 30 and this is what she does

No. 858178

Shes live now.

No. 858179

She's livestreaming right now. I won't be able to watch it all, hopefully someone will record it or do a huge summary of it. At the moment she's waiting for more people to join in before starting..

No. 858184

> Adam has painted me as some crazed sex addict (tried my best to quote her)
I've never heard of this before..

No. 858187

Her mom has her for tonight only. She wont keep her(her words)
Shes going to a shelter tomorrow. She wont be able to stream there obv. So she wont know when she'll be online again.

No. 858190

Claims that Adam brought over gf to the apartment because Heather “refuses to communicate with her” and wants them to be “friends.” Heather says that Adam wants the three of them to be in a relationship.

Also complains about Adam being a manipulator, how he physically and mentally abused her for years and that he purposely made her to be financially dependent on him to control her.

No. 858194

Live again

No. 858195

So it sounds like she literally panicked because the GF was over because she wanted to talk things out with Heather.. What adult freaked out over someone wanting to have a talk with someone?

No. 858199

Her own mom won’t let her stay longer than one night. How terrible do you have to be?

No. 858201

Heather kind of hinted that Adam has been most likely posting here. If only we could check IPs..

No. 858203

Maybe her mum is giving her tough love or isn’t really believing that much? I dunno. This is all one sided. But oh shit did I feel like she got overly defensive about Internet. She really needs to take a step back from the internet…

No. 858205

Why isn’t Steve helping her? He’s been talking to her on the phone and helping her out during the last month…

No. 858209

Come on now. Steve’s got his own life to live. Yeah they’re friends and all but you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to learn to be self sufficient and not depend on others to guide them by the hand; and that’s Heather in a nutshell.

No. 858211

She physically and emotionally abused him as well. Her being dependent on him is from the last relationship. She didn’t buy any of her things in the relationship before Adam and would abuse her ex if she didn’t get her way.

No. 858213

Are there screenshots?

That’s probably why she didn’t want to be near her? That gf is one crazy psycho.

No. 858215

She went off on a viewer who commented “something doesn’t add up” saying that he didn’t know the years long saga she’s had with trying to leave this relationship, and how Adam is absuive and manipulative, blah blah blah.

No. 858217

She asked her viewers to screenshot all and any messages and exchanges they’ve had with Adam and the new gf, private or on her videos, so that she can have her day in court.

Also said that Adam has a thing for he young girls, citing that he would talk to her little sister and her friends all the time and
say that he was their friend. Alsomhad lixtures or teenage girls on his phone and said he was going to adopt them.

No. 858229

File: 1566800838154.png (2.88 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190826-022649.png)

No. 858246

She’s homeless every 4-5 years ugh asking for money like that is stupid. U should have spent wisely instead of stupidly womanchild

No. 858267

So, what dumb ass gave her money? She didn't want to listen to nobody. Instead of chasing fuck boys and tombstones you should of got your shit together. She practically almost had a year to do that. Well, whatever money people donated they can see it going to a michaels Halloween haul.

No. 858270

You know what pisses me off? The fact that her camera was more important then her cat. All these fuck boys and killstar bullshit and you choose that over that sweet cat. Good job. Even better yet, you dont take the help you get from females but if its a guy? All about it. You see killstar, damien, ryan or steve paying for your shit? Hope this is a huge lesson, dont rely on men or anyone.

No. 858300

Exactly! I'm one of the people that offered to help her way before this shit got as out of hand as it did, and she cut me off because she assumed I was siding with Adam and plotting against her since I also suggest she find a professional to talk to about her issues.

Her priorities were never in order and obviously still hasn't learned from her mistakes. I feel bad for her to an extent, but to see that there have been others willing to help her and she isn't taking them up on their offers because they don't have a dick is really upsetting.

I was her friend at one point -or so I assume. She cut me off so quickly that maybe our friendship didn't mean anything to her in the first place- and even though she burned that bridge all on her own, I hate reading through these posts and seeing just how much she's spiraled out of control. I have no idea what it's going to take for her to learn and be better.

No. 858301

Anyone who willingly donates their hard earned money to her deserves the egg on their face when they see her using the money to touch up her roots in a week or come back with a Big Lots haul.

No. 858311

Shit, she's not vegan anymore? That's pretty fucking low of her. I'm sure to non-vegans it doesn't seem like a big deal, but to be an ethical vegan (like she always claimed) and then back out is really shit, shows she compromised her morals for her tastebuds. Did she say why she stopped?

No. 858313

No but like most of her fads and hobbies she changes them based on how the “boys” feel about them. Damian or Ryan probably said it was weird being vegan and so she stopped being vegan; just like she stopped buying toys because it wasn’t “sexy” and didn’t attract the “boys.”

No. 858316

Anyone have a summary from her lives? I popped in once but couldn't stay, all I saw was people sending platitudes in the chat and Heather looking disheveled and angry (which is weird, shouldn't she be scared rather than pissed?)

No. 858322

In short she had to leave the apartment after Adam brought over his gf. There had been an agreement not to have her around after she threatened Heather.

Heathers mom took her in for the night only and she is set to go to a domestic abuse shelter today. She basically had to leave all her stuff except her camera, work clothes, and whatever she wants wearing when she left. Now she’s asking for donations via PayPal to live.

No. 858323

Did she say why her mother is only willing to help her for one night? People had to be asking her about that in the chat…

No. 858325

A domestic abuse shelter? Surely whatever bitch fight is happening between her and the gf doesn't qualify her to take up a place that's there for beaten women who need a safe place to sleep? ffs heather

No. 858326

Several people asked, but she wouldn't say why or kind of dismiss the question. she just said her mom sided with her and that Adam's a piece of shit and she's been waiting for Heather to leave him. And apparently she also said it was her mom's idea she call and go to the domestic abuse shelter and stay there (the way she kind of went about that is as if it'll be part of her case).

No. 858328

Sounds like she's going to an abuse shelter purely so she can use it as proof of 'abuse' and then try to gain from it in court?

Cos that's what abuse shelters are for

No. 858330

If that's her plan (or I guess her mom's plan that she's going along with), that's fucking horrible. Way to abuse services that are offered for real victims of domestic violence, Heather. And I thought she couldn't sink lower.

If it's simply a homeless shelter, then I retract my statement. But in no way is this woman facing domestic violence.

No. 858333


adam: pays for rent, drives her to work, as far as we know, no physical abuse.

Heather: he's abusive.

I love how for the longest time she called him room mate and now that the gf came over thats her husband and they are still married. Yeah, now you want to say he's your husband because now your on the street

No. 858335

That's pretty much how it came off. She also said she'd have her "day in court" and sounds like she is going to fight for spousal support because adam fucked with her online business to make a living.

No. 858336

Only took 14 days lol >>852170

No. 858343

It seems she took off the PayPal link in her IG bio.

No. 858348

How long do yall think it’ll be until she posts something again?

She was saying on live how Adam was/is emotionally abusive for all these years.. yet as someone who was in an emotional and physically abusive relationship, I see Heather doing some shit that my ex abuser did. Like, you know, moving Adam away from his family to a place where he only knows Heather., he’s does all the work while she reaps the benefits and is able to buy herself nice shut, I could keep going on. And now she’s abusing the system and going to a domestic abuse house and taking a spot from someone who needs it all because Adam’s girlfriend came over.

It’s clear all this fuckery happened because Adam broght a girl over. Heather kept saying it’s HER house on the live. No THEIR house like on the other live when she said THEIR lease was up in October. And yeah she dodged a lot of fucking questions during the live just to go on about how abused and bad the situation is and how ruined her life is.

She’s a fucking liar and it’s getting worse and worse.

No. 858350

Maybe her mom didn't allow it to come? A shelter likely can't unless it's a service dog. The cat is probably better off not with Heather right now. It's doubtful she could pay a pet deposit for an apartment, and if she can barely afford to feed herself, how's she going to feed the cat or if it has a vet emergency (which I think semi-recently it did)? She doesn't care about the cat or she'd have planned on what to do with it in worst case scenario.

No. 858355

I actually started out feeling sorry for her because Adam seemed like such a dick. But I just can't feel sorry for her anymore.

No. 858357

I want to adopt timmy. I know i can provide for that cat, unlike her

No. 858358

I believe Timmy belongs to Adam

No. 858359

Adam's on the lease but she isnt

No. 858360

She deleted practically any trace of her breakdown last night on Instagram. I don’t know if the posts are still up on her Facebook though.

No. 858363

Adam’s on the lease but she kept going on last night how it’s HER house and Adam’s girlfriend isn’t allowed over or on the properly. But hun, ya can’t make those rules when you aren’t on the lease and even if you are, you can’t ban a friend/girlfriend of your husband because you don’t like how they “threatened” you.

No. 858364

I thought they were just “roommates”?

Oh wait, he’s her “husband” only when it benefits her: i.e. when it comes to spousal health insurance, a roof to sleep under, financial support. But he’s her “roommate” only when it comes to her justifying her jumping from one “boy” to the next.

No. 858366

Also, now thinking.. her whole story of what happened makes no sense. Sadly I couldn’t record this but I remember her saying this, I paraphrased but I do remember her contradiction:
> I took a walk before work and when I got home I heard voices. So I contacted Adam and asked what was up. He said his girlfriend was over. (Can’t remember really what was said in between here, wouldn’t be surprised if she mentioned panic attacks and crying) .. All I wanted to do was come home from my walk and go to bed since I had work in the morning.

She said in her story, this I remember as clear as day; is that she took a walk BEFORE work but when she got home from her walk, that she wanted to just go to sleep and get ready for work the next morning.

Why you walking at 6am then getting ready for bed?
Also this all happened on a Sunday, she doesn’t work on Sundays..
so either she fucked up her story telling or she’s lying again.

No. 858368

Yeah she mentioned Adam as her husband during the livestream and even mentioned they’re on even divorced yet. So she’s been with all these dudes and her and Adam aren’t even divorced yet. Though the moment Adam gets a girlfriend while they’re still married, Heather flips out like she has been the for.. you know, the last fucking month.

She wants the husband that will support her.
She wants the spooky ghost hunter boyfriend.
She wants to do whatever the fuck she wants and when she wants.
In a way, she’s the one wanting the “weird” three way relationship she claims Adam wants to have.

No. 858390

Her mom won’t lift a finger to help because according to Heather her mom is a Trump supporter and basically disowned aheather for voting for Clinton. Thatbwhat it comes down to.

Personally I think it s bunch of bull. Her mom is probably showing her some tough love and letting her adult, 30 yr old daughter to figure things out and be accountable for her own actions like any other adult.

No. 858392

I don't know how hard it is to find a place to live in her area. And any potential roommate who googled her would run into a whole lot of crazy. But surely she would have been able to find something by now. She's had months.

No. 858396

It doesn’t help that she doesn’t have a long and good credit history, little to no work history, barely has a week and a half at her new job, want to bring a cat with her (most places don’t accept animals, or requires a fee), etc.

No. 858399

File: 1566845185428.jpg (1.01 MB, 1075x1912, 20190826_114639.jpg)

No. 858402

>"social media only shows you a small part of the story"
Which is exactly why her fans and followers still feel so bad for her for some reason. If they knew the entire story and not just her words, they'd see how a lot of this is her fault.

I hope she figures her life out, I really do.

No. 858404

A quick poke around her youtube shows she seems to always have these exact same issues: everyone is trying to hurt her, everyone wants to bullying her, she needs people to support her, and she is always the victim.

She apparently switched schools 3(4? she rambles a lot so I lost track) times and was constantly 'bullied' and people were trying to beat her up all the time… It's clear she is always exaggerating situations, just like now.

News flash Heather, there is a common denominator with all of your issues. It's you.

No. 858410

I feel bad for her in ways but in other ways I don't. She could have sold off her vintage toys, or atleast some of them but instead she wanted to keep them to make money off of videos featuring them. Well, if you get kicked out and can't take anything with you that doesn't really work out now does it?

She spent all that money on Killstar and for what? I feel bad that she lost her cat but it seems like she doesn't really even care that much about that. She had girls offer her help/tips but she only wants to talk to guys so she blew them off. Theres more to life than dating and she's paying the price for focusing too much on that.

Adam is still a dick though, I will give her that. I don't know what's going to happen to her but I hope she can improve one day.

No. 858412

At about 13 mins she says she is going to her mom's house to do some DIYs. In the videos where she repaints shelves, she confirms she is using her mom's tools. In one of her collection videos after this, she said she found some old toys in her mom's basement.

If her mom 'disowned her for voting for Hilary', why the fuck was she going to her house in late 2018? JFC it is as plain as day that she is a compulsive liar.

No. 858414


REALLY??? This sounds like an ultra flimsy excuse. I expect the real reason she doesn't want her there is because she knows Heather is a drama queen and wherever she goes drama/trouble tends to follow her plus I think her mom has a small holding and if Heather was to stay there she'd expect her to pull her weight, help out with chores, cleaning etc when she's not at work rather than her spending her free time on social media and re-doing her hair lol!!!!


And this is DISGRACEFUL. She's got a cheek asking people for money when she's had months to get her act together and make adequete plans for a move. Anyone who gave her money is a sucker and actually doing her no favours, she needs to learn to stand on her own two feet and not rely on others to bail her out all the time, spoilt brat.

No. 858418


My thoughts exactly. Does she forget she's posted videos showing her visting her mother & younger sister?
They know her better than anyone really and it doesn't look good that her mom isn't prepared to have her live with them for a while, at least till she finds someone else to live. I expect she doesn't want the crap that will ensue if Heather stays there too long. I don't believe a word she says, her lies are getting more stupid/over-the-top by the day. To be a good liar you have to have an excellent memory, otherwise you soon get caught out. She really needs to stay off social media for a while. One day she may make an almighty misjudgement that causes a massive backlash, best she keeps her mouth shut but she'll probably talk herself into a whole heap of trouble.

No. 858420

I was a fan of hers and I remember in her vids she had two cats, but Timmy was "hers" and she didnt care much for the other one (Tuna? I cant remember). I wonder if the other one is still around. I hope Adam at least has both cats so they dont get sent off to a shelter. I wanna assume "losing my cat" to her means that Adam is keeping Timmy.

I wanna feel bad for her but this drama is so convoluted because all sides of the story are super selfish and every party is acting like a victim. Been hoping for more updates from Adam to be posted but it seems like he's quiet?

No. 858421

he's probably quiet for legal reasons and just letting her do all the talking to she really looks crazy. Agreed both sides are super selfish, they're just strategizing at this point and are both guilty.

Wonder how long she's been playing that card about her mom? if it's been for over a year or whenever the divorce stuff started it would make sense that she's trying to add to her case how he alienated her from her family.

No. 858422

File: 1566849055175.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190826-155003_Ins…)

Maybe you shouldn't have bought all that killstar clothes

No. 858425

File: 1566849685812.jpg (439.73 KB, 1080x1478, Screenshot_20190826-160040_Ins…)

She sure has been working hard for…what? 2 weeks? I hope no one falls for this. Any money donated will just be wasted because she has proven time and time again that she's financially irresponsible.

No. 858426

>>858425 she wants to buy a car? First of all those are a huge expense. Not just thr initial purchase, but gas and maintenance too. And second of all, does she even know how to drive yet? Rely on public transport and ridesharing, at least for thr time being.

No. 858428

Sorry but she’s got some damn nerve asking her gullible and willfully blind followers for money when she’s he MONTHS to get her priorities on straight, to find a job, learn how to drive, save up for a car and apartment, to establish some good credit history and sell her valuables to save up for her eventual independece.

But instead she chose to get comfortable, to not lift a pinkie to better her life and get that independence she’s been talking of getting for months. She procrastinated, dukes around, needlessly wasted her money and time on chasing and impressing “boys” instead of improving herself. And now that the end is here she’s asking for a hand. Girl BYE.

The real victim in all of this is Timmy. I hope Adam steps up and takes care of him even if he has a vendetta against Heather. Don’t take it out on the cat, he’s innocent in all of this. But for sure he can’t be with Heather. She’s not fit to take care of anyone, that’s obvious. Tommy alone should have been her incentive thesbeost few months and now she’s lost him.

No. 858429

File: 1566850361242.jpg (376.26 KB, 1080x2025, 20190826_130603.jpg)

Someone already donated tsk tsk

No. 858431

Oh for fuck sake

No. 858432

If you people donate to that over privilege girl, you should go to a mental hospital. You are not helping her, you are enabling her!!

No. 858436

Can someone start a gofundme for timmy, he's the real victim.

No. 858478

Some anonymous person just donated $100.

No. 858481

I ain't giving her shit.
I rather donate to Timmy.

No. 858483

Donate to a shelter in Timmy's name? If American shelters are anything like the one I volunteer at they could really use it.

No. 858489

Heather has no shame whatsoever.
That’s why she’s willing to masquerade her shitty and deceptive life choices with this “woe is me, I’m being abused” schtick.

No Heather, do not compare your situation to that of other women who actually deal with this kind of shit on the daily and oftentimes die because of it. Adam did not force you to become dependent on him, you willingly went along with it because it freed up your time to get into these stupid hobbies, and start your YouTube channel. If anyone is to blame for what’s happening to you right now it’s all YOU honey. Take some responsibility for yourself.

No. 858515

Man I wish I could cry on Instagram and get donated 100 bucks. Wait no I don’t because I have ethics. She be a gold diggggeeerrrr and thinks everyone should shower her in money because poor me. I was an abusive relationship and I had to get help I didn’t smear my makeup online and cry.(no one cares about you)

No. 858521

Color me shocked and appalled at those donations.

I would definitely donate money to an animal shelter instead, or to a women's shelter to help actual abused women. I think Adam will take good care of the cat, especially since he must've been the caretaker of the other cat that Heather never paid attented to.

No. 858526

File: 1566864937508.png (3.78 MB, 1242x2208, 548C640F-69C6-4C01-8875-61A367…)

What a bunch of gullible sheeples she's up to 228 bucks. Someone needs to report this gfm

No. 858530

It's disgusting that she can just cry and lie her way and have people give her $250 in less than 24hrs when I've seen people who actually need help can't even make their fucking goal for medical needs, etc.

I'm still curious to how long she'll stay quiet for. It's clear she's addicted to the internet and attention on the internet.

And also.. I just don't like that "Remember Me" post she posted on facebook and IG.. She makes it seem like someone is coming after her and is going to have to go into hiding or she's dying of cancer or some shit like that and it overall just puts a bad taste in my mouth. It's in bad taste imo. You're taking a "break" from the internet in a way, calm down.

No. 858533

I’m in complete shock at her go fund me. Who the fuck is donating to her? How retarded can you be to not see through her antics?

No. 858536

Shes still on IG because shes liking everyone's comments on her recent post and replied to someone.
Also, someone bought that pukipuki ping pong bud and another that head, did she send them out?? Or is it convenient for her to say I cAnT, aDaM hAs My DoLl StUfF. Me HoMeLeSs.

No. 858543

File: 1566866680194.png (13.38 KB, 324x117, Sketch (1).png)

Yeah it's weird all this happened after she got about $400 worth in sales from her dolls.

It also may be that Adam's GF deactivated her FB.. So what the fuck did Heather do? Seems like she caused some shit storm last night because even Adam's friends are hidden now on FB too.

Also, found this on the BJD sides of things..

No. 858546

Is that like the bjd confession blog? Lol that's funny.

No. 858555

File: 1566868681709.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 2E41B3C7-EB8C-4134-8B88-E3C57A…)

No. 858557

If I was dumb enough to donate to this mess of a woman-child I would demand PROOF of how this money is being used because we all know Heather has ZERO sense of money management.

Also what good is buying a car if you don’t have a valid drivers license already, no ability to buy much less afford car insurance, no credit history to help with getting a loan to buy said car?

No. 858568

File: 1566870912381.png (3.78 MB, 1242x2208, 150B431B-0181-4CAB-879E-28607C…)

Now she's up to 303 bucks donated god damn

No. 858575

File: 1566872060699.jpg (691.7 KB, 1077x1915, 20190826_191453.jpg)

More bs

No. 858577

What is she trying to do, write a novel or some crap? The overly flowery wording is cringe.

No. 858596



No. 858600

Anyway to report her GoFundMe as a scam? If not, I sense another Killstar haul video coming soon…

No. 858601

I bet she’s staying at her mum’s another night. Because if you also think about it, I don’t think she was posting anything today during what would have been hours she’s would have been working at work…

No. 858629


She 100% is still at her moms. Apparently she's done this before, people buy shit from her, and she never sends the item, this is from thw BJD community. Stop supporting someone who fucked up their life. This was her doing. Would you support a drug addict? Would you give a drug addict money for their addiction? Most likely everyone is going to say no. So why would you support a shopaholic and her lack of motivation to get off her ass to do something? Why support someone who chose fuck boys and cemeteries over her cat? Those donating have serious problems

No. 858630

Just report it say she has used donations in the past to buy expensive items and she’s lying about the intentions of using said money. Go to legal and it’ll walk u thru it.(cowtipping; read the rules)

No. 858632

of COURSE she is. she’s not on bad terms with her mom having mentioned spending time with her before and staying even one night, and no reasonable mother who would let her child stay with her would set her kid out on the street if they were going through a hard time even if they were 30. she’s making it all up to seem worse than it is so she can get more donations. it’s so ridiculous to me that she’s really trying to paint this picture where her mom will be nice for one night only to her homeless daughter but then the next night nope she has to go to a shelter! if that WERE the case, how sad to have no one better to stay with at age 29.

No. 858634

File: 1566879266860.png (1.13 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190827-001154.png)

OMFG STOP PEOPLE!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO REPORT THIS!!(read the rules and don't encourage cowtipping)

No. 858637

Jesus fucking Christ this thread is shitting up the front page with your unsaged bullshit and now you're asking people to cowtip.

No. 858638

File: 1566880645413.jpg (1012.99 KB, 1064x2039, 20190826_213558.jpg)

No. 858640

No people are complaining so I just wrote a solution.

No. 858643

Shelters don't have couches for yoy to relax. They have beds and rooms. You know why she needs the money? Remember when she said she bought her killstar stuff with her paypal account? That's roughly about what she spent. Such a lying whore.

No. 858648

That looks more like a comfortable bed than a couch kek

No. 858672

Deleted those cringey posts.

No. 858701

I'm either severely autistic or accidently clicked on the Shayna thread, because…you guys know that "couch surfing" is just a slang term, right?

No. 858713

>>858701 yes. But "couch surfing" does imply improvised sleeping conditions. And I do believe she chose that term, rather than "staying with someone" or "sleeping over" to make her situation seem as dire as possible.

No. 858730

17 people have donated money so far.

Imagine donating your hard earned money to someone who hasn't had a job in years, hasn't done anything to do try and improve her life, lies, scams people when it comes to selling items, can barely take care of herself, thinks relationships are more important than actual friendships…the list goes on.

All of these people need to reevaluate their lives. It'll be funny when they see their money going to waste.

No. 858732

She always has to spin it into something far worse than it is.

That couch is probably a comfy bed at her moms place. She was never going to be “homeless.” She had mommy to pick up the pieces this whole time.

No. 858741

Agreed, if things are supposedly bad between her and her mother then her mom simply wouldn't let her stay there at all, why just one night? Makes no sense. She's exaggerating her circumstances so that people GIVE her money. It's sickening and a poor indication of how mad society has become if folks actually can't see through this baloney. She's had since last year to get herself sorted and she didn't bother, she doesn't act like someone who is homeless, chilling out and posting on social media. This girl has mental issues and her so called online fans are making things worse. She's never been a true victim just a spoilt individual who had no motivation to have a job when her husband was prepared to go out and work and pay the bills while she focused on her "dream" ambition on youtube while actually not bothering to make the effort to actually make consistent, quality videos. She's so dumb and so are the people taking in her bull. Donate your money to a truly deserving charity not this pampered airhead.

No. 858744

I find it hilarious people are donating to her. I say let them waste their hard earned money on a lazy woman. That's their problem they rather help out a nobody than other people who are really struggling. Eventually these morons will find out she scammed them. She's defiantly at her mother's house.

No. 858753

Did anyone else feel like this came across as a suicide post? With all the "please remember me" and speaking in the past tense? She's reeeeeeally baiting people here.

No. 858758

Oh 100% it’s sick the extent she goes to fish for sympathy from her followers.

No. 858759

Right? I'm amazed that no one is calling her out on that on instagram. That's where she was showing off all her expensive purchases, so it's not like her audience is unaware of that.

If I were Heather, I'd be so ashamed that only two months ago I was dropping hundreds on a new wardrobe, showing it all off online, and now I'm begging for money. Don't get me wrong, if someone else was genuinely in a tight spot financially and they had been frugal up to the point of posting a gofundme, I wouldn't have any problem with it and I'd probably support them. But literally all Heather does on instagram is show off her purchases and pictures of herself that she's taken while out having fun at cemeteries, and now she's asking all the people she's been flaunting to to support her financially. No shame.

No. 858763

Why does she keep insisting that she buy a car when she has no clue how to drive and no prospects for actually learning? She doesn't have the money to go to a driving school and she's been looking for help from family and friends to teach her for months to no avail, so that's out of the picture too. Most people can attest that actually taking your driving test is a pain in the ass too, you often have to schedule your test many months in advance to secure a spot on the schedule. Driving will not happen for her any time soon, she really needs to put that idea out of her head and use public transportation. I really can't see why she's claiming it's impossible for her. This is taken directly from the Pennsylvania DOT website:

Public transportation is available in every county in Pennsylvania, with a wide range of services including:

>Fixed-route transit service in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, 21 small urban areas and 22 rural areas

>44 systems offering shared-ride services in all Pennsylvania counties
>13 intercity bus routes
>Keystone Corridor Amtrak service, running from Harrisburg to New York by way of Philadelphia, and Pennsylvanian Amtrak service running from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia
>66 counties with rural transportation for persons with disabilities

She has no excuse. She might have to ask for a change in hours at work, but if that's her only option, she's gotta do it. Why is she dragging her feet on all of this? Come on Heather. You say you want to make this work, so make it work. You have to actually try.

No. 858765

"may be the end" "gotta be brave"

I know enough women who've had long term relationships suddenly end and they've all had between 1 day to 28 days (tops) to make alternative living arrangements and start over. This shouldn't be such a tremendous task at 28 years old with plenty of notice that you are already over

No. 858770

She said that the public transportation in her area doesn’t run late enough. If the town on her GFM is correct, I just looked at the bus schedule and it’s abysmal. Unreliable public transportation is a consistent problem for the working poor, especially outside aid urban areas. I totally agree that she doesn’t understand the costs associated with owning and maintaining a vehicle, but when it comes to public transportation you’re just wrong. She wouldn’t be able to keep her job using public transportation.

No. 858773

What do you mean by abysmal? Odd pick up times? Ask to change work schedule. She might have to leave for work a few hours early to be there on time, and there might be a good bit of waiting around for her shift to start. Few and far between bus stops? Take a bike with her, bike from the stop to work to make up the distance. When it's all you have, you gotta make it work. Of course it's shit, but that's why it's temporary. Heather has no options here, no one to drive her, she can't drive herself, she can't bike all the way there, and uber/lyft is too expensive. Being homeless is hard fucking work and sucks, but being homeless and jobless is worse. Unless you can explain here why exactly it's literally impossible for her to use public transportation temporarily to get to work, you're just enabling her as much as her gofundme donors.

No. 858780

I would never donate money to this idiot, but I also don’t hate random strangers enough to discard logic while obsessing over their failings. I agree that she will have to make it work, probably through a combination of public transit/uber/rides from friends, but acting as if she has a viable option in public transportation because you took the time to google the PA dot and jot down a couple of their talking points is ridiculous. Google public transportation working poor and the first two articles mention Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas specifically. Read up on that since you don’t seem to understand what you’re talking about. She also works a non skilled job with high turnover rate, so if she can’t work the shifts they need they will find someone else who can.

Her best bet would be to find a co worker she can get rides from for gas money.

No. 858792

haha, she deleted that post and another one she had made and only has posts starting from 2 days ago. It's pathetic.

She's definitely staying with her mom. Her story isn't adding up (then again they rarely do). In her livestream she said her mom would only let her stay the night because she had to make an appointment to stay at the shelter and she seemed pretty adamant that it's where she was going to be yesterday, since they had her scheduled. Sure Jan, but yes, tell us again how homeless you are going to be and how homeless you are.

No. 858848

Generally, I agree that public transportation should be better, but it seems like she's lying if she said it doesn't run late enough for her because in her "Im in trouble" video, she said she works in the morning and has the rest of the day to herself.

No. 858884

She literally had MONTHS to sell her stuff, learn how to drive, get a job, repair her relationship with her family, etc., but she chose to spend all of her time on hobbies, "boys", going into debt on Killstar, spending even more money on hair salons, going shopping at thrift stores, etc., and now she's asking people to just give her money because she waited so long get her life together. SMH

No. 858893

Yep she didn't want to be an adult, sat around and did nothing, posted about wanting 'boys' on insta and went on online shopping sprees. Didn't want to sell her toys.. now expects others to pay for her bad decisions.

People like this repeat that pattern cos someone else usually pays for them. She's not young or cutesy enough to have a guy run to her rescue though and I bet that pisses her off

No. 858919

Has she said anything on the facebook side of things? Or is her crying pretty quiet there too?

I'm surprised she's going this long holding up this story she's got going of being homeless. But then against, she did post something in her story 5hrs ago – which I think would have been about her lunch hour time..

No. 858965

This. I distinctly remember in her April toy collection #582, she said she was 'packing things up now' because she was moving soon… if she was confident she was moving back in April, it was on her radar for longer. She should have at LEAST been saving all this time. Instead she just spent every dollar she could on literal junk and put off getting a job.

The BS part is she could also could've sold stuff way earlier as well, like things she didn't want anymore OR purge her collection and buy it again later. Most of the things she owns can be found online at all times. Instead she just kept. buying. shit.

I am curious about what her hours are. Busses start super early and end super late, plus she could always uber/lyft if it is late at night. There would be no traffic so it would be cheap. Or, as other anons said, try to change her schedule or find another entry level job and just look up their hours first. Or fuck, even work a night shift, she would go in early evening and leave in the morning, busses always run at those times.

No. 858970

File: 1566940118698.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, B0AE2429-3570-4BC4-A98E-488D16…)

No. 859011

Yeah she's always been bringing up that she's moving out soon but never isn't, just like the whole situation of needing to clean her studio but she won't.

It's odd though how she's leaving all of this literally to the last minute. It's clear she doesn't know how the adult world works. Places have to do background checks and credit checks on whoever is wanting to rent and that can take a few days to begin with. Also if her name is still on the lease with her and Adam, she needs to have put in her 30 day to 60 day notice that she's moving out or else she might pay a fine..

No. 859036

Not sure what her hours are but they seem to be sort of varied. Busses don’t usually run that late. The ones in the county where she lives have very few stops and the stops in the last route begin ending at 415 on the weekdays, and 3 on Saturdays. It doesn’t even mention Sunday service so I don’t think it exists. She still might be able to use it in some ways, maybe bus there and uber back? It’s just definitely not the easy and obvious solution that a lot of anons seem to think it is.

Yikes she didn’t even have a bank account? That’s insane. She probably also has 0 credit history which is going to make buying a car almost impossible without a co-signer.

No. 859051

Gee, I wonder what happened with that domestic abuse shelter that she was supposed to be at for the week? She’s so full of shit. But what do you expect from a spoiled bitch like her who has gotten her way by taking advantage of people or playing the victim card.

Doubt she’ll stay quiet. She relies on social media to talk to her “friends” and to dick hunt.

No. 859078

It may not be easy, but it's more practical than learning how to drive, getting a license, and buying a car within the span of a few days. Plus, having a car is VERY expensive. Aside from the cost of the car, there's insurance, maintenance, and gas. Years ago, when I didn't have a car, it wasn't always easy, but I used a combination of public transportation, my bicycle, and rides from family or other female co-workers to get to and from work because keeping my job was more important than the inconvenience of figuring out my transportation.

No. 859080

>It’s just definitely not the easy and obvious solution that a lot of anons seem to think it is.
The bus issue is incredibly easy to problem solve. Unless she is getting off work at 3am, she has many options. She could bus one way, carpool/lyft back, or even look into rideshare options. Paying a coworker to drive her makes the most sense, but since she seems intolerable it is understandable no one wants to help her.

Many people, including ITT, have commuted at odd hours in small town areas without a car. Sorry for blog sperg, but I used to get off at midnight-2am and sometimes open at 8am the next day (so I'd have to arrive 7:30am the latest). You know what needs to happen? Waiting 30mins - 1hour for the bus at night to show because the times were limited. Or walk t he 1.5 - 2 hours to get home. Lyft didn't even exist for most of the current working class when they had no car and if it did, you can bet your ass that would be worth the cost every day. Sometimes I would taxi which was a small fortune, but oh well. Factor it in as transportation fees, which everyone has to do anyway. It might even be cheaper for her to lyft one way anyway, since she will have to pay for a car, insurance, and gas, on top of driving lessons and license fees.

Like, putting a scrap of thought into this shows how bullshit it all his. Plus her GFO is for what, 1k? "Help me buy my car"? What the fuck is that even supposed to do? Does she even know about registration fees and such?

She is just a spoiled brat and is trying to justify a reason when there is none. Miss lazy got too comfy forcing her ex husband who SHE initiated a divorce with and SHE cheated on to keep giving her rides. Obv not working for so many years and huffing all that plastic did some permanent brain damage because she can't figure out how to google transportation options. But that much has been obvious for a while considering how she handles both herself and 'her' money.

No. 859098

Exactly! Even if she had to pay for something like Uber or Lyft when another option wouldn't work for that day, I guarantee you that it would be less expensive than owning a car when you factor in registration fees, car payments, insurance, maintenance, gas…

No. 859121

She's always going on about how nobody will help her but someone gave her a ride to the bank and is letting her stay with them? Might as well use her gofund me money to pay partial rent to her friends because getting an apartment is going to take a while unless she actually does go to a women's shelter with resources to help her get one.

And she's only set on getting a car because she has no concept of the real world or the value of money. We all know she shouldn't put a car above shelter, food, basic needs, etc but she desperately wants to be an "independent woman", so all she cares about is the ultimate symbol of her freedom in her delusional mind. Getting a bank account is the first thing she should have done the second she knew she wanted a divorced, but all we got was here lying about studying for driving lessons.
Heather doesn't know how to function like an adult after spending her whole life on easy mode being an adult child. She has such a warped view of how things work, it's hilarious. I bet if she kept going to the therapist she wouldn't be losing her mind like this.

No. 859128

And she actually thinks she is going to get a place to live within the next couple of days? With no money? I mean even if she gets enough gullible people on her GFM to reach $1,000, she won't find anything, especially since GFM doesn't disperse funds immediately. I am from the area she explores a lot and I can tell you that the CHEAPEST she is even going to find a room for rent is $500 a month and those people still do credit checks and require deposits. She had a good thing going with Adam but she was even too stupid to keep that working out. All she knows how to do is con people. She feels (imho) that these entry level jobs are beneath her. She has no education past high school. She is going to either be doing a low paying job with her name on her shirt for a VERY long time or she needs to get off of her ass and stop treating work as a game and realize that her mommy won't always be there.

No. 859131

But she won't get just a ROOM, she wants a whole place to herself. Sharing a place with someone who isn't her "BOY" is beneath her too. I wouldn't be surprised if all she really wanted to do was have the "old" apartment all to herself, have Adam leave, but Adam still pays for it.

No. 859144

Stumbled upon this thread and I´m wondering how this ugly cow is even big enough to have her own thread? I mean, she sure is annoying and naggy, always playing the victim, but she just seems so meaningless I am surprised that people actually lose time discussing her life.

No. 859147

You're surprised people use lolcow to talk about a cow? K.

No. 859152

A small, unworthy cow with 30k subs. I just think she is so unremarkable, I´m surprised people care.

No. 859153

Yeah, she needs to look for someone who needs a roommate, not for a whole apartment to herself. That's going to be way too expensive for her right now. She should sit down and make a budget with all of her new expenses (food, transportation, phone, etc.) using her current income so she knows how much she can afford to pay in rent and utilities. And I think she needs to put buying a car on the back burner until she's more stable and has the extra money for one.

No. 859155

Her online behavior is seriously outlandish. Check out the snapchat stories from early on in the last thread and you'll see why she's so entertaining. People don't need to have large followings to be good cows. There are literally six threads about the random nobodies in Pixielocks' "confetti club."

No. 859156

She's in the mindset of if the single mums she work with can make a living off of where she works, then she can do it too. So she thinks she can do it. Clearly she doesn't know that (from what I heard from my brother who lives in the US with a child) is that the American system favours single mums and not single fathers or single people without kids.

No. 859157

Pretty certain Pixielocks or someone from the Confettie Club once did a shoutout for Heather way back when she was way into the pastel life too.

No. 859159

Yep, Jillian put Heather in this video where she gave shout-outs to smaller kawaii youtubers. It's unfortunate that Heather squandered that opportunity.

No. 859177

File: 1566950166176.jpeg (640.67 KB, 1242x1060, FF080DDA-1535-410E-8A09-09AAD5…)

No. 859193

Where is this screenshot from?

Agree with the math, though don't most servers who make tips get paid less than minimum wage because they're assumed to make up for that in tips? I could be wrong on that.

No. 859206


I created that and screenshot it. Most servers make a little under $3 an hour plus tips and knowing the area she works I would say she would be lucky to get the extra $7 an hour in tips.

No. 859207

She definitely won't be paying 25% taxes. It will probably be 12%.

No. 859212

When I was a server, I worked at a pub and could make $15, $20, even $25/hour in tips on a busy night. Average for a slow day was probably around $10/hour. That was just me, though. The amount of money you can make in tips varies greatly depending on how nice the restaurant is. The higher the average customer's bill = the more money you can make in tips.

No. 859219

can y'all please fucking sage i'm begging you

No. 859225

They'll never learn. It's been going on since the first thread and mods aren't consistent enough with temp bans to do anything about it.

To all you reading who have no idea what "sage" means, when you make your post (if it's not contributing milk, like a screenshot of Heather's social media, new info like when she's going live, etc), type "sage" into the email box. If you don't, it will bump this thread to the top of lolcow's homepage. Type sage if you're just replying to a comment or don't have anything worth bumping the thread over.

You're welcome for the spoonfeeding.

No. 859232

File: 1566953426007.jpg (990.14 KB, 1080x2082, 20190827_174837.jpg)

No. 859233

Wonder who drove.

No. 859242

Her mommy

No. 859337

Or her little sister.

No. 859395

It's clear someone decided to cart her around somewhere after work.. and my money is on someone in her family. Or she's been lying this whole time and it's Adam that took her.

No. 859405

File: 1566969109747.jpg (605.79 KB, 1064x1891, 20190827_221208.jpg)

No. 859439

Was just looking at the post and it says it was edited too. Wonder what it said at first..

No. 859512

File: 1566986641836.png (6.69 MB, 1242x2208, 74BFA7BA-CCB6-4FF1-896A-6136F2…)

Damien posted this.. possible thing towards Heather? Or inside joke?

No. 859515


Well 30k subs is far more than many people on youtube get that produce far better videos than her and aren't childish/over-the-top like her either. I only found this thread when all the drama kicked off last year with the breakdown of her marriage and I was curious about what was going on. I only posted because as an adult toy collector myself I think her attitude stinks. She gained most of her followers through false pretences making them think she was going to continue with mainly toy-related videos, then decides to completely change her look and content and had the nerve to complain when some of her subscribers called her out on it and unsubscribed. She exaggerated about how many did indeed unsubscribe (most just haven't bothered to unsubscribe but choose not to watch her videos instead hence her viewing stats don't compare to the amount of subscribers she has) I agree she is quite unremarkable and obviously fake but her childish and erractic behaviour seems to appeal to her so-called fans. She's certainly not the only one on youtube like this (not being genuine that is) but what is remarkable is the amount of people who are still watching her dull channel content and falling for her overblown claims.

No. 859552

I was hoping the donations would stop after yesterday, but nope. An 18th moron has been added to the growing list!

In a just world, no one would have donated to this. I'm disappointed, but I also can't tell people how to spend/waste their money. Oh well.

No. 859587

It's currently sitting at $408

No. 859603

That money isn’t going to last long AT ALL.
And this is the only time she can do it cause most likely these people aren’t going to donate more than once. It gets annoying and suspicious when you keep begging for more money (although her followers are dumb). This is themost she’s going to make so she better use it well (on killstar)

No. 859610

If she could manage to stay with her mom for about a month or two, spent the money she raised on transportation that isn't buying a car, like busses and rides with coworkers, or even uber, and stuck to a very strict budget, she could actually build up something of a buffer and maybe enough to pay a deposit on a place.

No. 859624

But that won’t happen. She’s shown a lot in the past that it almost seems like she can’t go a week without buying herself something then show it off then mention how “cheap” it was.

No. 859731

File: 1567017408246.jpg (972.8 KB, 1080x2085, 20190828_113700.jpg)

No. 859742

>>Everything I was

Everything you’ve owned isn’t everything you’ve been, Heather!

No. 859752

File: 1567019695147.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, F5ABEEEF-9E02-41CA-A2CE-1ACBC3…)

No. 859753

File: 1567019727287.jpg (994.39 KB, 1080x2081, 20190828_121519.jpg)

Get a place first, never mind the damn car.

No. 859754

>>859742 you've nailed it. She really lets her stuff define her. Either her things, or the men in her life. I really think she doesn't have a strong sense of self.

No. 859756

Oops beat me to it.

No. 859769

So how on earth is she going to buy a car is she can’t even afford the insurance, the gas, and…oh yeah, has no drivers license???

How her followers and those idiots who donate to her can’t see past these weak ass lies is beyond me. I mean, if you’re going to lie at least do your research and make sure it’s a good one!

No. 859789

She should definitely try to find the cheapest place closest to her work and go from there. Save up for a car because that’s not too important for the moment when, if you’re living in a town, you’ll have better access to different varieties of transportation.

No. 859791

Does anybody know if her work is in a more urban area, or a more rural one. Would it be a high-rent area?

No. 859798

She only wants a car so that she can travel out to where Ryan works and stalk him.

I just can’t see her h fling long commutes in a car toonwell: especially in traffic and under extreme weather conditions. You really have to have a lot of experience driving before it becomes second nature to you. She’d crumble like a cookie. I wouldn’t want to be a driver in the same lane as her much less a pedestrian on the street.

No. 859840

Maybe she plans on also living in her car since it seems more important than finding a place to live first. She can double it as her home AND transportation. (Im sure she won’t do that but I wouldn’t put it past her)

No. 859851

I doubt rent would be high. I just was checking when I saw this post and found a studio apartment for $300-something USD in Washington, PA.. But this IS Heather and knowing her she'd want a two bedroom apartment.

No. 859854

Nah, she wouldn't do that because she needs somewhere where she can get constant WiFi and internet since her life depends on the internet

No. 859911


I mean, that would almost be a workable option, if her end-goal is totally up in the air. But its Heather and she would never ever live in a van. She wants the movie star version of a life where she just has to be in the Scooby Do gang.

No. 859941

File: 1567046114328.png (4.55 MB, 1242x2208, 880C1F1B-04F7-4385-899D-7BAB8A…)

She’s being stalked you guys, stop trying to get her fired. Kek

No one here knows where she works. And if they did, they’re keeping it to themselves and not doing anything about it because we all know not to be fucking cow-tipping. Ever since she found lolcow she’s been going on about people trying to ruin her life. So I guess she thinks that’s all we do and not actually read the threads about her and notice that we’re just civilly talking about her.

But you know.. she’ll do anything to be a victim.

Or for all we know she’s lying about this for attention because not being able to find a home isn’t attention worthy enough.

But you know she did also said she’s trying to find a new job so why does she even care someone called her work? You know when you apply for jobs, the place you’re applying for can call your place of work to make sure you work there…

No. 859942

File: 1567046172703.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 03047FD3-6F24-40DF-9F9C-603143…)

No. 859944

File: 1567046225836.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, C78EAABA-CFB8-4528-8A69-C9C514…)

No. 859945

File: 1567046231985.png (6.9 MB, 1242x2208, F7602C4C-E11F-4CF3-9EC7-C9F0A5…)

Adulting is so hard, especially when you’re leaving everything until the last minute.

You know.. this wouldn’t have happened if you had a civil conversation with Adam’s girlfriend instead of acting like a victim that the two of them were going to gang up on you and do something “abusive” to you.

No. 859950

It was probably Adams girlfriend or someone the know. Just like the person who posted above trying to make those two sound like reasonable people kek.

No. 859956

Why are anons white knighting Adam and his girlfriend so hard? They're both crazy too. Nobody should have their job getting calls from them or any vendetta chans who can't let her suffer on her own.

No. 859961

I'm not WKing Adam and his GF.. But this all started because Adam brought his GF over and Heather threw a fit over it and tried to get the cops involved when (possibly) both Adam's and Heather's name is on the lease. According to Heather, Adam said that his GF wanted to simply talk to her. But Heather made it seem like they were going to lure her in to a night of them bullying her or something.

No. 859968

File: 1567050659944.jpg (882.73 KB, 1080x2069, 20190828_202729.jpg)

No. 859978

“This goes out to all of the suckers who helped with my next killstar haul.”

No. 860080

So now she has a few days of a couch to sleep on, what happened to her mom only allowing her to stay one night? She is so contradictory it's laughable. Bet she has planned somewhere to stay all along and is just trying to get money from her misled devotees lol. I bet she is secretly laughing at how gullible these people are. If they were that big fans of hers they would be closely following everything she posts and soon notice her lies and how she is inconsistent with what she says.
Also with regards to her wanting a car, she's acting like learning to drive will be super easy and quick. In her case i'm highly sceptical.

How do you know she's getting threatening calls, cos Heather says so? We know she's a compulsive teller of untruths so who knows what's been really going on? IF she's on the lease with Adam she can call the cops to accompany her back to the apartment as he has no right to refuse her into the property and if his girlfriend does genuinely threaten her she can call the cops and make a police report. If they were stupid enough to send malicious calls they can be recorded also as evidence. Personally I think she's full of crap. His girlfriend talking to her is not abuse and unless she intimidates her in a physical way there is no need for her to stay away from the apartment. She most likely can't handle the fact that her husband has found another woman (how dare he lol) and isn't focused on her or their marriage any longer while she still hasn't found a man to cling on to and move into a new property with.

No. 860105

What purpose would Adam have in trying to get Heather fired? He wants her employed so she doesn't try to crawl back to him which she has done in the past

No. 860119

File: 1567082132728.jpeg (373.56 KB, 750x1079, 0811CC4F-9893-4250-B22F-B16BDB…)

No. 860128

The gf is like in her early 20s, fancies herself as some female version of a Walking Dead (?) character (the one Adam cosplays) and her account was all pics of her running around with a bloody nail baseball bat and edgy captions. She left at least one bait comment on Heather's YT channel to rile her up and she came to Heather's lol cow thread and was going off. She's probably got a chip on her shoulder being that she's young and got chosen over the ex-wife and gets to kick Heather out and watch her squirm knowing that the ball is in her court. Is Heather is blowing it out of proportion for dramatics? Probably. Did she bring a lot of this situation upon herself? Yes. But the gf and Adam don't seem totally sane people to have a mature discussion with either.

No. 860147

>>860128 agreed. And if the
GF did threaten Heather (big if) Adam bringing her over was a dick move, designed to set heather off. She's the kind of person to throw a yantrum over nothing, but he's the kind of person to trigger her on purpose.

No. 860182

Doesn't say Adam specifically. His girl seems like a dick >>860128 She left at least one bait comment on Heather's YT channel to rile her up and she came to Heather's lol cow thread and was going off. She's probably got a chip on her shoulder being that she's young and got chosen over the ex-wife and gets to kick Heather out and watch her squirm knowing that the ball is in her court. But the gf and Adam don't seem totally sane people to have a mature discussion with either.

Hence, her just being an asshole to fuck with heather is a possibility, or they got someone they know to do it to fuck with her.

No. 860350

File: 1567111474323.jpg (1.05 MB, 1416x2448, SmartSelect_20190829-154347_Yo…)

Isn't this Heather's younger sister? I'm sure there's jealousy there with how many YouTube followers she has and she gets a ton of views.

No. 860353

Two seconds on google says no?

No. 860364

heather's younger sister is like a high schooler. And please don't try to find her family members.

No. 860391

She looks nothing like Heather and don’t look up her family. Don’t be low.

No. 860489

File: 1567129073047.jpeg (570.74 KB, 750x1104, 8721763B-EA32-4A7D-AC97-0937A0…)

Some progress I guess.

No. 860490

File: 1567129175335.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, 517BF2CF-254B-4FDB-A194-4CB654…)

Here we go again…

No. 860493

Shame she didn't, oh, I don't know, start working, save up, and make arrangements sooner? Like… last year?

No. 860534

File: 1567136182509.jpg (979.17 KB, 1080x2076, 20190829_203622.jpg)