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No. 871951

I didn't see a new thread being made and wanted to get in before the last post locked if I could, apologies if I forgot anything or did something wrong! I can delete this if theres already a thread. Im stoned lol. Will post some pics in a sec

1st thread >>738758
2nd thread >>836614

> Does Urban Exploring and Paranormal Ghost Hunting (badly)

> Proclaims to be an Empath, Wiccan, etc
> Cries constantly about Youtube numbers when she rarely uploads any good content
> Cries over boys too much when she's nearing 30 years old.
> Acts like a desperate high schooler wanting a boyfriend all the time.
> Calls any man she dates "boy."
> Posts "sexy" photos of herself on her "photography instagram"
> Doesn't collect vintage toys anymore, proceeds to shit talk vintage toy collector community.
> Seems to have drama follow her no matter what hobby she joins.
> Obsesses over a man named Ryan who clearly wants nothing to do with her.
> Constantly plays the VICTIM.
> Proclaims everyone hates her and that she has no one and that she's a nobody.
> Refuses to get a job and relys constantly on her "dying youtube channel."
> Claims everyone is out to ruin her life.
> Did a complete 180 so quickly and ditched her pastel life and went into a "store bought witch" mode.
> Is in debt because of Killstar.
> Claims to be divorced yet lives with "ex-husband" and calls him "roommate."
> Is known to lurk on Lolcow religiously

Recent milk:
> On and off drama with Damian, allegedly he or Heather herself showed up in the last thread early on
> Continued to spend money on Killstar and other aesthetic and ghost-hunting crap while crying about her upcoming eviction
> Began to hard-stalk Ryan, paying for expensive ghost tours at his work and putting creepy vids of him on her story (in which he seems to be ignoring her to the best of his ability)
> still obsessed with "finding a boy"
> starts to hang out with Ryan's friend Steve at some point, he starts showing up again more in the last week or so
> Adam's new girlfriend shows up in the thread and starts dickslapping around, insulting Heather harshly
> posts are deleted, thread kind of derailed for a bit
> Heather finally manages to get a job a month before her lease is up
> spends the next few weeks whining about how hard work is, Adam and how terrible he acts towards driving her to work every day, and how she's worried about the coming deadline to move out; is still shopping and exploring
> finally starts to list a couple BJDs for sale after spending months talking about listing her toys to cover the cost of moving out
> Heather freaks out when a sister of a coworker posts once on the thread, cries about stalking and bullying and continues to overshare every detail. She starts to get really hung up on the internet knowing where she works (though it was never named), and claims they were being emailed and called about her (Adam and/or new gf are suspected to be behind this)
> goes live on Instagram quite frequently to complain about boys, work, internet stalkers, talk about things she wants to buy, and learning to drive (she doesn't start learning or work towards getting a vehicle)
> Her parents won't help her supposedly because she didn't vote for Trump
> drama with Adam comes to a climax when he refuses to drive her to work one night, and the same week invites the new gf to stay over, and Heather flips her everloving shit and leaves with one bag
> is now HOMELESS and says goodbye to the internet
> except, surprise, she is staying with her mother now and she has wifi
> one night at mom's turns into weeks, and she stays just as active on IG, productively using her time to post long poetic goodbye notes that read like suicide notes, and then how tired she is from taking care of normal adult things that she left til literally the last minute, like opening a bank account or getting behind the wheel of a car for the first time, or working so much boohoo
> the night she leaves she posts her PayPal in her IG bio, deletes it, posts a GoFundMe for $1000 soon after
> lowers it to $500 after backlash, reaches her goal
> a parody account is made, once it has attention called to it and one of the followers is revealed to used to know Heather, he unfollows the account and it is soon deleted/privatized (speculated that maybe new gf is behind the parody account)
> Heather keeps claiming she can't go back to collect her valuables, as well as the BJDs she already sold. Once this is pointed out on the board, she magically is able to retrieve some of her belongings, but only some?
> tbh her posting is so boring and repetitive I'm getting annoyed at her trying to read through and sum it up, but she keeps going live on IG to whine and literally cry about having to be an adult now (not many lives were recorded but most are summarized, trust me she was so repetitive they weren't worth watching, even though parts are definitely satisfying)
> in the last week has been urbexing with Steve and hanging out with a female friend, showing off things she would so desperately like to buy (most of which she probably hasnt) but is getting more wary of showing off her purchases in the wake of the GoFundMe, has a new flavor of the week (LA Mike), IS STILL HOMELESS BY THE WAY DID I MENTION SHE'S VERY HOMELESS, oh and in the last 2 days got some vampire teeth and a new sweater, so selfies galore
> went to Mothman festival yesterday
> what the fuck guys

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/FreyaBunny19/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/heather_explores/

No. 871954

sorry for the length guys, I'm still a baby newfag but learning, also how can a cow be so milky and so fucking boring and repetitive at the same time? a lot happened in the last thread but reading through it is boring as hell because she just overshares every detail so I tried to give a decent timeline in case anyone didn't want to refresh by going back. Again I'm stoned as fuck lol but laying it out like this was pretty depressing I gotta say

No. 871956

File: 1569225563064.jpeg (540.51 KB, 1242x1241, 1562964754522.jpeg)

No. 871957

File: 1569225593484.jpeg (27.18 KB, 275x152, 1562972954773.jpeg)

No. 871958

File: 1569225620933.png (6.1 MB, 1242x2208, 1562993610475.png)

No. 871959

File: 1569225664340.jpeg (275.97 KB, 1242x586, 1563039788256.jpeg)

No. 871960

File: 1569225700630.jpg (1.86 MB, 1374x2551, 1563093205334.jpg)

sing us another tune heather

No. 871962

File: 1569225953252.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1080, 1569225825976.png)

No. 871963

File: 1569225981678.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1080, 1569225916785.png)

No. 871964

File: 1569226090256.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x1574, 1563242269642.jpeg)

she looks so worried about not having a place to live in a few weeks

No. 871965

File: 1569226192511.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1849, 1563242194422.jpeg)

No. 871966

File: 1569226261221.png (6.82 MB, 1242x2208, 1563294361462.png)

Killstar phone case she had for a week or two before replacing her phone and getting a new case

No. 871967

File: 1569226285355.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x1374, 1563403820653.jpeg)

No. 871969

File: 1569226460617.png (3.07 MB, 1440x2560, 1563561735673.png)

did we ever end up seeing this video?

No. 871970

File: 1569226489593.png (318.16 KB, 1440x2560, 1563524718298.png)

No. 871971

File: 1569226520637.png (39.08 KB, 508x479, 1563669400257.png)

No. 871972

File: 1569226572312.png (2.62 MB, 1440x2560, 1563732439447.png)

w Damian

No. 871974

Who are those about and in reference to what story? I'm confused with all her 'boys'

No. 871976

File: 1569226656247.png (745.75 KB, 522x858, 1563740244417.png)

No. 871977

oops sorry I'll caption these better, she is talking about Damian in >>871962 and >>871963, I'm trying to post as in-order as I can.

just tired from writing out the post lol

No. 871979

File: 1569227039835.jpg (347.77 KB, 1440x957, 1563834630322.jpg)


oh and >>871956 it was Damian as well, holy shit I was getting confused too she flips between them so fast back and forth

No. 871980

File: 1569227166390.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1080, 1569227118027.png)

No. 871981

File: 1569227213954.jpg (915.16 KB, 1080x2089, 1563921003747.jpg)

No. 871982

File: 1569227280922.png (522.42 KB, 1080x1080, 1569227258858.png)

reposted with a new less bitter caption kek

No. 871984

the first vid she posted in a while

No. 871985

>Gets a musty scented candle from a friend because it's popular in ubrex scene
>Finds antique style picture frames at Goodwill bins when wasting time one day with a friend, doesn't like going there because it's too addicting to spend money and easy to accumulate clutter
>Black heeled boots. "Vegan leather aka plastic as some people want me to say. Some people take issue with me saying vegan plastic." Eyerolling.
>Killstar bag on clearance because she needed summertime backpack.
>Cat bat phone case which she admits is a black version of Marie from Aristocrats, as someone in the thread pointed out. But gets lots of compliments on it(so who cares if it's a rip off, right?)
>Shows off favorite top which is Killstar of course
>Buys new leather jacket for exploring as a "treat myself" type of thing and because her old one was baggy and too time consuming to clean the hood
>Secretly started buying creepy things months before going to spooky phase. One of her first items was a mirror with an image of a mirror picture on top. Felt intense energy when she found it, almost afraid of it, had to bring it home
>Killstar hat
>Feels inspired, more content on the way. Still collects toys, videos about toys from the past coming soon. Give her channel a couple months to "blossom"

No. 871986

File: 1569228244496.jpg (30.6 KB, 275x197, 1563998806023.jpg)

as a farmer pointed out, a vacation from what??

No. 871987

File: 1569228285227.png (3.08 MB, 2560x1440, 1564238551594.png)

sorry forgetting to sage some of these, doing this one mobile

No. 871989

File: 1569228309220.jpg (84.45 KB, 1080x768, 1564239158462.jpg)

No. 871990

File: 1569228368145.jpg (193.12 KB, 720x1140, 1564285198820.jpg)

No. 871991

File: 1569228477497.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1080, 1569228458720.png)

she's fkin delusional

No. 871995

File: 1569228706666.jpg (971.41 KB, 1080x2086, 1564884802252.jpg)

talking about Damian, Ryan, it Adam here? who knows honestly

No. 871997

File: 1569228793095.png (52.15 KB, 506x615, 1564969939708.png)

or* autocorrect is not my friend when quickposting

No. 871998

File: 1569228855141.png (384.22 KB, 1440x2560, 1564986494205.png)

busy looking on tinder for a boy when she should probably be looking for a place and job

No. 871999

File: 1569229121358.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1080, 1569228904706.png)

still calling Adam the roommate, and bonus WK appearance

No. 872000

File: 1569229217172.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, 1565129863329.png)

No. 872001

File: 1569229292547.png (314.1 KB, 1440x2560, 1565152889826.png)

hi heather

No. 872002

File: 1569229332509.png (39.54 KB, 511x526, 1565195470509.png)

did anyone catch what she posted before this?

No. 872005

File: 1569229963747.jpg (1009.73 KB, 1920x2560, 19-09-22-12-28-47-976_deco.jpg)

So….this is LA Mike….looks like a new play toy for heather

No. 872006

File: 1569230522794.jpeg (954.56 KB, 1242x1454, 1565219452061.jpeg)

No. 872016

Anon you don't need to repost all of the old milk.

No. 872024

kk thanks wasn't sure how much to post, in other threads I've seen people just gather the pics of interest from the last thread, oops

it gets pretty boring fast anyway, a lot of her spending money and then putting up the GoFundMe and getting quiet about her purchases. not overly milky past getting kicked out, just kinda pathetic

I'd delete them but I started putting them up a while ago so it won't let me, but I'll find 1-2 more tomorrow that sum up the rest–sorry for flooding the thread folks!

No. 872100

That was a pretty good summary anon. I agree, she's boring as all hell but somehow manages to be one of the more infuriating cows to me. I'm impressed you managed to slog through all the shit that happened in the last thread.

No. 872103

FYI the new gf us none the wiser about the site. I heard she doesn’t talk to heather and doesn’t care to be involved in any of her petty drama. Also heard that heather has been making shit up and pinning fake threats and insults that she wrote on other people to further her victim card

No. 872104

How do you know this? We need receipts before we believe anything.

No. 872105

Heard that Adam is keeping her in the dark about as much of the drama as possible because he’s afraid she’ll leave if she finds out

No. 872106

Yeah, if I were him I'd do the same. The first thread really shows what a piece of human garbage he is as well as Heather. Again, how do you know this?

No. 872107

May or may not know all of them. Don’t believe everything she says. Neither new gf or Adam have ever posted here. He hasn’t done half the shit she’s claimed. Things will come out soon. Don’t worry.

No. 872109

The spooky cryptic nonsense may work on Heather, but it won't work here. Sorry, all of these are just unsubstantiated claims at this point.

No. 872110

I also happen to know who’s behind the parody account and it’s not at all who you think it would be. Think: attention attention attention!

No. 872111

Just say who it is, we don't play guessing games here. Contain what you have to say to one post and actually post some details or some proof, otherwise you're just screeching for attention.

No. 872113

Ooh someone’s a little mad. ‘We don’t believe anything without proof’ believes everything heather says to a T

No. 872116

enjoy your ban

No. 872120

Waiting to enjoy

No. 872141

Sure Jan.
At this point you've provided no proof at all. It makes sense right now to assume you're Adam or his rebound. Feel free to prove me wrong.

No. 872144

his girlfriend was in the last thread posting her personal instagram (it had the analytics and the option to edit the profile so it was definitely her)

No. 872147

I went back and looked at that Instagram post and it was badly photoshopped(emoji)

No. 872148

That seems like the kind of thing you could prove with an image post.

No. 872151

Fine I’ll go back and find it again

No. 872153

Yeah. Must be Adam's sidechick. Probably pissed because she knows he'd take Heather back. Must be sad if your relationship is mostly about his ex. She probably thinks she's some great mastermind pulling strings. But she's clearly too dumb to pull it off. She's so obvious.

No. 872166

Old thread mentioned new GF, we talking about Adam's GF? Because it's clear we all know she knows this thread exists. Or do ya'll think the girl that looks like Heather's relative to be Heather's gf? kek Because that's clearly gotta be her cousin or older sister. They look so similar.

Okay Adam/Adam's sidegirl.

Isn't one of Adam's or Ashley Fox's friend was the one behind the parody account?

No. 872167

This Anon is clearly Adam or Sidechick who knows who is behind the account because they're trying to place it on Heather when we all know it was them. And even if mods try to IP look-up them, I'm aware Adam is tech-savvy enough to have an IP changer.

No. 872178

I think they're trying to imply it was heather but its pretty obvious it was Adam or someone close to him. Adam's friend followed the account and suspiciously unfollowed it once people mentioned he followed the parody account in the thread.

It's obvious the anon claiming that Adam's girlfriend doesn't know anything about this site is either the girlfriend herself or Adam/his friends trying to put the blame on heather to make her sound crazy.

No. 872187

Nah heather makes herself sound crazy. I’m not sidebitch or kingbitch. I’m here to eat popcorn and watch the shtshow unfold.

No. 872189

It's called a VPN or "Virtual Private Network" I use it when I post to sites like this to remain anonymous. And I don't use the same VPN location each time I change it up daily.

No. 872194

topkek. Lots of defensiveness in this last posts after >>872167 post. All "timely" posted too; wouldn't be surprised if it's Adam or Sidechick.

No. 872196

Either post the proof you claimed you had in the there post that you deleted or gtfo. Where is the proof that the screenshot was fake >>872151 ? If it is badly photoshopped then you should easily be able to show it. As it stands right now, this is probably the crazy gf, especially since this is a really poor attempt at trying to make us believe this is all heather, and the gf was stupid enough to post a screenshot of her instagram which contained her real name and surname, without bothering to realize that people can easily google it and find where she lives.

No. 872203

If you want to assume you know who I am that’s cool. What makes it more believable that I’m sidechick and your not? What are your qualifications for believing someone’s empty anon claims vs not

No. 872205

File: 1569264445940.jpg (1.62 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190923-144444.jpg)

Girl power! Using her for free rides until i find another dick to hop on besides LA MIKE!

No. 872206

I googled the name on the instagram and holy sh*t there are a lot of people with that name

No. 872208

Probably your claim that Adam's heatherreplacement doesn't know this board exists. That was an obvious lie.

This girl types like a preteen. Do we know if she's legal? We do know Adam likes them infantilised.

No. 872214

File: 1569265456125.jpg (400.83 KB, 1080x1129, heather_explores_B2u40YJgUhK.j…)

Anyone want to place bets how long she wears the vampire fangs? I could see her slapping on some denture glue and making this a monthlong thing

I find it kind of ironic that it makes her teeth look closer to how they used to be before the dental work

No. 872215

Wait wait since when does he like young girls….??? where did that theory come from

No. 872217

In the first thread someone uploaded images of messaging could go between Adam and a young woman where he basically says he likes the young. Also Heather has accused him of being allegedly inappropriate and a creep around her little sister who is underage. Heather said in a live that there was a reason why Adam is not allowed to eb around her sister.

No. 872218

File: 1569265690242.png (27.29 KB, 676x306, kwkgy.png)

blurred out the address because she's irrelevant to this thread but its not that hard to find her using her name and her location (all information she herself willingly posted to the thread).

You came out of nowhere defending Adam's girlfriend and saying she isn't aware of this thread, when there's proof that suggests otherwise, while simultaneously pinning everything on heather with zero proof to back up any of the claims you are making. There's more proof that you are the girlfriend and the more defensive you get the more you're reinforcing what everyone is saying.

No. 872219

Infantilised as in acting like a child, not being a child. I'm sorry if I worded it in a confusing way. He has a habit of liking childish women. I think the new gf fits that bill.

No. 872220

No I got what you meant but what proof is there other than what heather claims?

No. 872221

Heather herself mainly. Not just with the toys and the cutesy voice. But also with stuff like not having a bankaccount of her own and being completely dependant on him. Heather is a lazy cow who was enjoying the free ride, for sure. But Adam also didn't exactly push her to be independent. I think he was fine feeling she was inferior to him.
As for the other stuff. I'd give credence to those messages Adam wrote to the other girl mentioned above. But I wouldn't trust anything Heathet says regarding his behaviour towards her sisters.

No. 872222

Ok well I’m not the gf but idk how to prove I’m not without giving away my name and that’s not something I’m willing to put here…

No. 872223

There’s a kid who I believe is one of ashley/adams(not sure which???) fans who they talked down from suicide or something but idk much else

No. 872224

File: 1569266537815.jpeg (485.35 KB, 750x1104, 949D9173-A581-4059-9F27-5B18E0…)

No. 872225


Provide the proof of the photoshopped screenshot you mentioned above. Or provide proof of any of the claims you've made about Heather being behind the parody account. That should do it.

No. 872228

I know that the parody account was posting them replying to her on Facebook and I highly doubt she’d be friends with new gf on Facebook if she’s ‘threatening’ her constantly.

No. 872246

Wow. You're right Anon. She's ridiculously easy to track down. I guess she's lucky Heather isn't bright enough to exploit the new GF throwing her data around.

No. 872250

If she is smart enough, she probably knows that door swings both ways

No. 872261

File: 1569274089458.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, 77E26B6E-1A63-477D-A026-F111E7…)

No. 872337

>>872250 If you have no milk, you need to be sage-ing your posts. It's annoying.

No. 872339

I start to wonder if maybe she wasn't able to do certain things when she was younger which is why it seems like she obsessing with these vampire fangs to the point where she nearly cried over having a pair.. Or if she's getting out of the "witch" phrase and going to cringe level of "goth?" Like she's looking at low-quality, seasonal clothes from wal-mart and Spirit Halloween store.. Is she still trying to put up a front that she's "uwu so poor and homeless" while she still lives with her mum (or maybe possibly her older sister).

No. 872342


She was a "goth" when she was younger. She's posted pictures of herself in her teens with black hair and badly shaped eyebrows. I don't know wth she is thinking anymore. To her, anything with a skull and the color black is goth. She's become more cringy, and just when I thought it couldn't get worse, it does. The fangs looks absolutely ridiculous. Your 30 years old, grow the fuck up already. At least with her pastel style it didn't look so bad, it was more fitting. Her choice of outfits is horrible.

No. 872375

File: 1569298874857.jpeg (537.58 KB, 2048x2048, E823551A-5026-4480-A6E4-970F94…)

Heather: I’m saving every penny to get my own place!

Also Heather: spends $20 on a t-shirt that she doesn’t need because she has at least fifty in her closet already; but it’s Mothman and no one will ever believe she was there unless she gets it.

No. 872391


my eyes are fucking rolling back into my skull at her antics every single day

following her IG is a trip

No. 872394


Ahhh…looks like she deleted it from her story. And you know why? Because she knows she's being foolish about her spendings. She was supposed to give a "GoFundMe life update" last week and clearly that hasn't happened. She's splurging on who ever was dumb enough to donate money to her. I have zero sympathy to anyone who gave their money to her. And I have zero sympathy for her and the situation she put herself in. You bought a t shirt and removed it from your story because you know it was wrong. Just imagine all the other shit she is buying and not posting. Funny enough, she hasn't mentioned how tired she is from working. I am starting to sense she isn't working anymore…she's back to staying up late and constantly posting. 90% bet you she got fired or quit and that's why she is still living with her mom and can't move out of her current situation.

No. 872395

I doubt she was ever working.

No. 872396


It sounds like she worked for 2 weeks and gave up on it. Almost every weekend she is out and about exploring and shit again. She's a fuckin joke, I really don't know how Adam dealt with her for that long. At least ryan and daimen were smart enough to run when they saw how crazy she is.

No. 872416

She's being extremely disrespectful to the suckers, sorry people who donated to her via her gofundme page. It's all very well saying she should be able to treat herself once in a while but you can do that via small indulgences, a mug of cocoa, your favourite ice-cream etc without posting it online either. But she shouldn't be wasting money on junk as it soon adds up and highlights how bad she is at prioritising money. No one sensible is going to want her as a house-mate. She won't want to pay the bills choosing to spend it on tat instead and trying to justify it by saying "it only cost a couple of dollars". No one who is genuinely destitute is going to keep posting photos of their latest purchases. She's fine living with her mom until she finds someone else to freeload from. She DID NOT need to go on gofundme and the money should have been automatically returned to those that were stupid enough to give her money as they were clearly scammed, especially if they see her photos and can easily show them to the relevant people in charge of that site. She's so dumb she doesn't see how reckless/thoughtless her behaviour is…or prehaps she does and thinks her fans are so naive she can do what the hell she wants without any reprisals.

No. 872418

He put up with it so long as he was thinking with his penis, fool was used for as long as she had use for him then when she decided she could do better she slept with someone else probably thinking she was in a win-win situation and that he'd still stay with her regardless. I'm somewhat surprised that he moved on relatively quickly, perhaps he saw some of the comments online regarding her disgusting behaviour and it FINALLY dawned on him what a sucker he's been. He must have had a similar mentality to hers though to actually be married to her lol.

No. 872440

He put up with it for so long because she’s crazy and if you make one wrong move she’ll lose her shit and attack you. (He learned that the hard way). There’s only so much you can do with someone who is that mentally unstable without putting yourself in any kind of danger. Until you’ve gone through it, you’ll never know.

No. 872441

>>872440 heather is definitely crazy but adam isnt some poor innocent victim either. theres plenty of proof in these threads of him being an asshole; following her and watching her have sex with another guy, messaging other girls, etc. whats up with this adam and co white knight? at least sage

No. 872449


He doesn’t post here. His friends pretend to be him against his wishes. Maybe he isn’t the best person in the world, but he isn’t dumb enough to do things that could be legally held against him. And as far as the ‘proof that she cheated’…it’s not a video. There were multiple witnesses….

No. 872450

Heathers Instagram live: I was abused I was abused I was abused!!!!! Sympathy please! I’m running out of pity points please help!

No. 872451

In her livestream on instagram last night, she finally admitted to no longer being vegan and blamed it on "binge eating disorder" (has she ever been diagnosed? I only popped in for a few minutes and that was the bit I caught) and claimed that she's "just taking whatever food people give her" and that she hasn't been grocery shopping in weeks. It sounded very much like she was still going for the "boohoo I'm so homeless, im a charity case who cant even feed myself" thing even though she admitted that eating vegan is cheaper than what she's doing now, which is eating whatever is laying around at her mother's house and eating out at restaurants. I think she said she ate two pizzas in a day when she was out with that girl friend of hers the other day. And for anyone wondering, yes she is 100% living at her mother's house right now. Her sister joined the live at one point and Heather turned her head to shout into the other room something like "why are you joining my live, you're right next to me!"

No. 872454

It was one big shit show. I managed to sit through the entire thing and she started ‘crying’ and went on about how crying = strength. She went on about that for a solid 5 minutes. She also mentioned how even though she’s vegan or was/wants to be again, she wants taxidermied animals and framed insects.

No. 872455

All these people WKing for Adam keep teasing proof of some sort about Heather. If you have milk, post it. Stop fucking around with this "witnesses…" stuff. Ellipsis doesn't make you look like you're in the know.

No. 872458

Well. If that's true his friends are dicks. Even if these boards are anonymous, we know Heather lurks here. And she could probably use this stuff as supporting evidence of a harrassment campaing in divorce court. What the fuck kind of friends does Adam have? We know his current GF is a barely-functioning psycho, but is everyone around him just an utter garbage person?

No. 872463

Right? I thought it was hilarious (read: disgusting) that she was saying she wants to make sure her taxidermy came from ~cruelty-free sources~ but is totally fine with shoving factory farmed animal bodies and secretions into her mouth. She was never an ethical vegan, she was just hopping on yet another bandwagon.

Is she ever genuine in anything she does? She goes from one hobby to the next, one personality trait to the next, one ideology to the next.

No. 872471

She will just keep changing her mind about things because once people get too used to something she does, there’s less attention surrounding her. She jumped on the vegan bandwagon, the goth bandwagon, the ‘spooky aesthetic’ bandwagon, and now apparently she has an eating disorder????

No. 872541

Seriously. She's a poseur and a loser, who consistently jumps bandwagons to fit in. Like be yourself and stop trying to be things you're not or she always has to try to validate herself (she did in the live - because everyone stalks her and hates her blah blah). On the live she also mentioned saying she wanted to be in front of the camera and how she's ready to film and like other people stated leads me to believe she no longer has a full time job. She did say she basically wants youtube to be her full time job.

No. 872562

She mostly likely physically abused Adam. Not saying he’s a victim here, but she beat her ex before for not doing what she wants. She is and always a leech. Her PSN antics were begging people to move her in with them. She’d send nudes and pop in on video and get naked for any guy and people would buy her shit. She uses everyone and everything and she just used her pastel stage to get shit from Adam. She used her gaming phase to get shit from her ex and she used her cosplay phase to get shit from convention guys. She was raised that way. She grew up that way she will never change she’s just going to keep hoping on any dick she can to get what she wants

No. 872563

She’s the kind of person that’ll say ‘oh maybe if you buy me this, we can have sex’ and then never puts out but makes the poor guys hold out hope that they’re ‘good enough’ for her so they then think ‘maybe if I keep doing what she wants and buying her things, maybe she’ll love me.’

No. 872581

I doubt there are many guys lining up to date her. She's not that attractive and acts like a teen when she's almost 30. Who's going to deal with that just for sex? If any guy is stupid enough to do keep buying her shit just to bang her then that's on them for being even bigger idiots than heather.

No. 872596

Agreed. It seemee to have worked for Adam. But if his current GF has proved anything it's that he is willing to look past quite a bit of crazy. And I doubt there are many like him out there. Also some people might have found Heather's antics quirky when she was younger. But the older she is, the more grating it gets. There's a reason why all of her "boys" run away once tgey get to know her.

No. 872622

I managed to record the live, where's a good place to post an hour long vid?

No. 872625

What do we even know about the gf? Like other than speculation that she ‘posted’ here? What heather has said?

No. 872635

her posting here isn't speculation, there's proof Why are you so keen on defending adam and his gf

No. 872638

Woah man I was just wondering. It was a question. I wasn’t defending anyone. I was curious. What do we actually know?

No. 872642

FYI I’m not the same person that was losing their shit above. I just got here

No. 872648

Sage goes in the email field so you don't bump with nothing (sometimes we forget), and you can delete posts within 30 mins.
ntayrt, new friend.

No. 872651

We don't know anything because she's not really relevant to the thread. Other than her posting her instagram account, there isn't proof of her posting anything else. Although at the time that she was posted in the thread someone started sperging in the thread but those posts have since been deleted. Everything is in the previous thread if you want to check it out. I don't know if it is the same person from yesterday or someone knew but there was only one person who has been very adamant about the girlfriend never visiting here and the screenshot somehow being fake, despite never providing any evidence its fake.

No. 872683

YouTube or dropbox. Make a throwaway email.

No. 872695

File: 1569363713105.png (2.19 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190924-181000.png)

I've noticed she avoids the job questions….

No. 872696

What I do when I want to share a video is I have a fake Gmail account and I use google drive and then you can paste the link once its uploaded to G-Drive

No. 872697

>>872695 yea because she probably quit…..BUT OMG NO I need to keep my front up for all my fans and supporters. God shes a crazy bitch, especially in that screencap

No. 872700

All that I am going to say is that I know her personally and I can vouch that she does not have a job at the moment. She is avoiding getting one even though her mother has told her to get a job or get out.

No. 872715

If she did have a job I'm pretty sure she would go on and on about being tired and working so hard!

No. 872732

I know/knew Heather and hung out with her before. Her life revolved around YouTube, it was all she talked about and she made no effort to have a personality outside of that. Even then, I didn't feel that she genuinely cared about her vintage toys, they were just props to be used in her videos so she could gain more viewers, whi ch meant more money since she didnt have any income. I felt a little bad for her, but I'm glad our friendship dissolved. She wasn't a particularly fun person, she didn't have much to talk about unless it was involving her channel.

I can't imagine that she has a job, or that she ever had one like she claimed. She's almost 30 but has no real skills to speak of, and she seems like she'd be a disaster in an interview.

No. 872738

I like how she says she has an “eating disorder” when all it sounds like she’s doing is just eating whatever sounds good to her. Some days, normal people just want to eat some crappy food and 99% of the other days they’ll eat good. Sounds like what she’s doing. And yeah vegans cheap.. to a point. It all depends on the brands and what exactly you’re getting. Lower quality the vegan product you’re getting the cheaper it’ll be and the worse it’ll be. And honestly a strict vegan diet just isn’t good. She should just stick to a low-meat diet to where you can get all the vitamins you need without spending moneys on overpriced vitamins.

Also of course she’ll claim she has an eating disorder. For the longest time she always made seasonal allergies seemed like she had something huge wrong with her. I won’t be surprised if she becomes a munchie or whatever they’re called next. Might be her next step if she’s claiming eating disorder, living with her mum, and refusing to getting a job. Give it a month, she’ll start claiming more illness I bet or her “eating disorder” will get worse.

But yeah, she’ll slowly use her gofundme money on herself. She won’t buy Killstar anymore. No, because that’ll make people suspicious. She’ll start buying smaller things, cheaper things. She’ll always mention the price too to show that she isn’t spending $40 on a top or $80 on a pair of boots. She’s already doing it now, she’s justifying her purchases and she’ll keep doing it. And she’ll keep telling herself and her followers that she NEEDS these items because she’s “homeless” and she needs something to bring happiness in her “homeless and sad” life… because, you know, retail therapy is such a wonderful way to bringing happiness into your life. It’s not like that’ll bring addiction to shopping or anything which will lead to hoarding…

No. 872756

File: 1569371188768.png (2.41 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190924-201640.png)

I believe 100% she's no longer working. She's had those stupid fangs in her mouth for 3 days. No job is going to want their employees to have that shit in their mouth. Unreal, so she literally just took peoples money and is now buying useless shit. She's such a useless piece of shit.

No. 872764

File: 1569371974099.png (2.33 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190924-203644.png)

No one watches your urbex videos, they have the lowest views yet you insist that people love it. How about you make a video and tell people that you are no longer working and that you are using everyones hard earned money from your gofundme to spend it on your selfish ass

No. 872769

File: 1569374367469.png (2.46 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190924-211805.png)

Desperate heather coming through

No. 872802

I mean at this moment I would watch her Urbex or Ghost Hunting videos.. But she procrastinates on editing. Like there's that one Ghost Hunting video she's been "editing" for months and months now all because of an "EVP" she wants that she's been trying to clean and by the way she's describing the audio and what needs to be cleaned, audio like that can't be cleaned. But with how long I've been waiting and possibly other people been waiting, I doubt our excitement for a new video from her isn't there any more.

No. 872809

I like watching urbex videos where the explorer talsk the bare minimum. I’d rather just see the footage. Heather would probably add some shitty background music and a voiceover where she explains to the viewer why he footage is so bad, and how she’s a beginner, and this is her passion, etc.

No. 872813

she looks so retarded with those fangs hanging out but she really thinks she’s some sexy vampire chick

No. 872822

omg I'm sorry, I noticed I pulled down my drop down menu at some point in the vid and there was personal info, and went to make it private so i could edit that out and accidentally deleted it. it's not on my phone anymore because I'm a fucking idiot, I'm trying to get it back now. hopefully someone else recorded it (if you have my version, I'd very much appreciate you not posting my dropdown menu I'm the worst)

No. 872827

She’s clearly aiming to attract the “boys” with them. And here I thought Adam was the pervy one into younger…

No. 872846

Same Anon. I really enjoy urbex videos if the explorer doesn't talk too much. But Heather squeals over every little thing. "Oh my god it's a DOORKNOB! I feel so brave to be doing this! I'm going to get some shots because photography is my passion!"

No. 872847

In a sad way they're perfect for each other. They're both garbage people.

No. 872848

I don't think heather is into younger boys. She probably calls them boys because she's immature af and has the mentality of a teenager. However, she definitely is trying to attract one of her spooky boys. Maybe she's still hoping her number one spooky boy Ryan will give her a chance? Too bad any sane person would look at her with the fangs and think she looks retarded.

No. 872853

I don't think she's into younger boys either. There's never been any indication, and they tend to have less money to spend on her.

No. 872857

He’s definitely not into kids. He hates kids. Cringe level, never wants kids, flinches every time one cries and screams in public-hatred. And as far as she goes, she’s immature af but she only dates older guys because she has some ‘sugar daddy’ fantasy

No. 872877

When people say he likes younger girls they aren't trying to imply he's a pedophile, just that he likes girls who are like 10 years younger than him. Now that you bring the sugar daddy thing up, I wonder why she hasn't tried going that route. She said she wants a job in front of a camera and seems to have an aversion to getting a real life job, so maybe she could try camming.

No. 872881

Would she be able to pull that off though. From my understanding guys don't like camgirls who just yammer on about themselves. I don't think she could keep her mouth shut. Her camming sessions would just turn into her livestreams with less clothing, and that's not appealing. Also her mom might kick her out.

No. 872888

I definitely agree that she wouldn't be able to pull it off but I guess I could see her thinking its easy money. And I think there was an ex friend in the other threads that said heather would give camshows to guys but not sure how real that was.

No. 872893

Nah there’s people that are actually claiming he is into underage girls and it’s disgusting.

No. 872894

She did mention a couple of lives ago (before she left Adams place) that she wasn’t opposed to sharing “artistic” nudes and that she didn’t see the harm of it because it’s just the natural body or something along those lines. That kind of struck me at the time because prior to then we had heard that she did cam shows in the past but didn’t have actual proof of it. Not to say this is solid proof either, but it certainly highlights Heather’s openness to it.

No. 872896

Ugh. Maybe she'll go the "alternative model" route and claim that showing her tits is a form of artistic expression. Not that I think choosing to show your tits, for reasons of personal expression or just cash, is a bad thing to do. You do you. But you just know Heather will be a hypocrite about it.

No. 872900

In these threads? The only one who has mentioned it is heather when she said Adam would flirt with her younger sister who I think is still underage, but other than that I haven’t seen anyone saying he’s into underaged kids.

No. 872903

I saw it in the second thread but it might’ve just been one of the assholes that trolls and has no ideas what’s going on.

No. 872906

No, it came directly from Heather’s live after moving out. She said “[adams] a creep. There’s a reason why he isn’t allowed around my little sister.” But she didn’t elaborate after that.

Again, it’s Heather and she’s an unreliable source herself. But as someone who has been tuning into her content before she ever had a thread on here the few times Adam was ever featured in her videos in some capacity he always came off a bit creepy. You get a certain vibe from people like that and he definitely exuded that for me.

No. 872907

As >>872906 said, it was heather. In the second thread the only person who was called a pedophile was heather.

No. 872918

From someone who has been friends with them all for quite awhile now, he’s not a creep, he’s a sarcastic asshole and he likes to mess with people. He’s the biggest troll I’ve ever met and she’s the biggest drama queen I’ve ever met and that’s why I no longer associate with any of that mess of a group. But I have to defend the fact that he is not a pedo because there are real creeps out there and it’s fucked up to accuse someone of being a criminal when there’s no real proof, especially something like that that could ruin their life.

No. 872919

Heather's younger sister is 21, so there's no risk of pedophilia there.

No. 872928

File: 1569421183251.png (9.45 KB, 352x92, thisdidntagewell.png)

I'm going to have to agree with this. I was also friends with them for a while, and he's an asshole, but not a creep. That isn't to say he's totally faultless here, but Heather definitely made him out to seem far worse than he actually is. It was all for pity points, and it was easier for people to feel bad for her if she gave off the illusion that she was in an abusive relationship.

That said, any time he tried to show any affection to Heather, she'd jerk away or get upset with him. It was the strangest thing. I understand not wanting to be all up on each other in public, but she didn't even want to be near him. I never understood their relationship. Couple that with the fact that Heather's world revolved around her Youtube channel, she was clearly only using Adam for money. It makes me laugh that people were saying the two of them were "goals" (see picture) just last year. Her followers are so blind and stupid. This comment was made on her Sunday Tekko vlog from last year.

I also don't associate with any of them any more because they're all weird. This includes Ashley and her husband Van, who most likely started that parody account.

No. 872932

I thought Ashley was a man? Trans maybe?

No. 872941

Where exactly is the accusation though? I’m confused. No one is outright saying that Adam is or not. We’re just repeating what Heather has insinuated at least twice. Even she was careful not to outright accuse him (for legal reasons probably).

Someone’s “feeling” of another based on what they see in a video isn’t an accusation either. It’s one persons reading of someone else; nothing more. And as far as the claim that “Adam likes them young” is that not true? I mean he’s in his mid 30s and has a 20 year old girlfriend. Heather is also younger than him (not by much but still).

No. 872942

I’m 100% with you on this

No. 872944

You sure about that? Heather filmed a vlog on her sister’s birthday a year and a half ago and I’m pretty sure she was 16 then. Plus Heather mentioned her sister getting her drivers permit as well.

No. 872947

File: 1569422679668.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, D7BF96E0-6306-41E3-BDC4-AD6062…)

Hex? Tying out a new name?

Her motivational blurbs are so cringey.

No. 872950

Oh shit, you're right. I confused her graduating year for her age, my bad. She'd be about 17 then.

No. 872981

not gonna lie guys, I find Heather’s antics hilarious but Adam is pretty boring and so is the discussion of whether he’s an asshole or not that we repeat every few weeks.

No. 872984

Same. The only time Adam is relevant is whenever those weirdly WKing people show up in the thread. If it wasn't for them I doubt he would come up half as often. Heather is a cow in her own right. Shoot the organ grinder, not the monkey.

No. 872999

Also who the hell quotes themselves lol? This isn't even a good quote. It's just unoriginal and basic motivational thoughts strung together.

No. 873000

HEX = Heather EXplores

No. 873007

She is the definition of cringe. Wow.

I'm pretty sure all of those quotes are things she actually needs to learn herself.

No. 873011

She's basically doing the kind of cringy shit a lot of people do at age 15. But she's 30 years old. If you want the privileges of an adult you have to act like one.

No. 873034

Yes Heather used to cam in PSN I had her nudes on my PS3 but I’m not going to go thru the trouble of getting them and posting them. Plus it’s a dick move to post them.

No. 873072


As long as you censor it, it'll be fine. Plus, its not a dick move, she gave permission to send the photos. It's a dick move to lie to people saying your homeless and you need the money to buy walmart halloween decor.

No. 873077

I agree posting the nudes would be a dick move. Just because you gave permission for them to be seen by a certain group doesn't mean they should be shared online outside of that context. That even goes for emotional black holes like Heather. But if there are any images on a cam stream that aren't her (semi) nude but do prove that she cammed those would be interesting.

No. 873086

File: 1569445526363.jpg (637.53 KB, 1080x2088, 20190925_140319.jpg)

No. 873101

Not trying to defend adam but lets be realistic here, what guy DOESN'T like younger girls? Come on now. He isn't a creep, he's like most guys, they get older, they like younger girls.

No. 873108

To date though. There's a difference between finding an adult who is considerably younger than you attractive, and actually wanting to pursue them. There's powerimbalances and levels of maturity involved that would throw quite a few guys off. I don't know about what Adam does and doesn't like. I have no reason to assume that he's pursued younger women. But considering his current gf being much younger and heather having an image that is not exactly adult, I can't say I'd be terribly shocked either.

No. 873111

Plenty of guys don’t and just because many men do it doesn’t mean it’s any less creepy. And Adam doesn’t just like them, he also dates them. But this doesn’t have anything to do with heather so I don’t get why you’re bringing it up?

No. 873120

Agree with the other anon, censor them and post.

No. 873129

File: 1569451509996.png (2.81 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190925-184324.png)

More proof she isn't working….

No. 873132

At this point I'd respect her more if she started camming. At least it's a job.

No. 873144

I'm just reminded of her job she had as a greeter/waitress that she had for literally less than a month where everyone was "soooooo nice" and how Heather supposedly loved it and found it fulfilling to actually be working hard and contributing, and then just dropped that shit hard once her mom let her move back in. That place could've seen her flaking out coming from a mile away if they had just googled her name once. I guess that's proof that not all employers do background checks.

No. 873194

File: 1569462026677.png (1.57 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190925-213807.png)

Ever notice heather has a type to pry on? She always hangs out with heavier set guys to get what she wants. And whenever she's with these guys, her fuckin laugh is so high pitched it's completely put on. Cringe at its finest

No. 873203

Ah poor David Gear doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into with Heather!

Poor guy is being used by her just to keep tabs on Ryan.

No. 873226

File: 1569469549887.png (2.3 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190925-233119.png)

Yeah, must of been a great week of NOT WORKING

No. 873228

this random UNSAGED comment defending liking younger girls is just too fucking weird lol

No. 873231


People were discussing adam being a pedo, if you look at the comments above, other people were discussing adam being a possible "pedo" which isn't the case. So he likes younger girls, most guys tend to. Not saying EVERY guys likes younger girls, but for the most part they do. It's not weird or out of the ordinary. Same applies to girls, most girls like older men.

No. 873242

File: 1569473168715.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, FFA79C9C-A86D-4663-A464-51F221…)

Better how exactly? She’s literally back to how she started the year off! Jobless, living under someone else’s roof and being supported by them (her mom), chasing boys, wasting money she doesn’t have on shit she can’t afford, running around playing explorer when she should be working in getting her life sorted.

No. 873243

fuck off scrote with your "most girls like older men" bullshit. men age like milk.

No. 873245


Jesus, someone is sensitive as fuck, you must be a nose diver.

No. 873246

Cope harder. It's so obvious you're the scrote shitting up this thread with your defence of adam.

No. 873250


You know whats funny? I made one comment about adam. One comment, i didn't post anything else about him being a pedo, hell, i didnt even shit on heather. So, why don't you take your sensitive dyke ass outta here. If your going to be on these threads, don't be a snow flake and grow a set, or in this case, put a strap on

No. 873251

File: 1569478181689.png (2.05 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190926-020635.png)

Ugh….the shitty background music. This is why her urbex videos suck.

No. 873258

Hm. Either your assumption that "'most guys/girls likex?y" is bullshit, or everyone who disagrees with you saying shit you have zero proof for is some kind of bitter manhater or sensitive snowflake. I wonder which it is.
I don't know what your fucking damage is. But stop screwing up the thread by posting nonsense and then getting super triggered when someone calls you out on it.

No. 873263

Can the people giving info with no actual proof fuck off. I wanna cringe at actual stuff this grown ass woman running around with no job and vampire fangs in her mouth is doing. Also is anyone still recording her lives? Those are always entertaining to watch.

No. 873309

File: 1569503244491.png (2.97 MB, 750x1334, 912581C2-862D-4F38-B690-9079E2…)

Why even mention that he “touched” your boob?

No. 873310

How does one not know what they're getting into with her? Are these guys just as stupid as she is?

No. 873311

Do they not know how to google?

No. 873318

Because she knows Ryan will see it and she wants to make him jealous. Meanwhile he’s motorboting some hot chick’s breasts right now and isn’t even thinking about Heather.

No. 873363


She's an attention whore. That's one of Ryan's friends so if he sees it she will think she's making him jealous. Also, its a way for other idiots to message her "man he's so lucky he touched your boob"


Most people don't randomly google people they meet unless you're trying to run a background check. I noticed she removed her tag that she's a YouTuber on her instagram profile. My guess is that once people found out she did youtube they looked her up and found her videos cringy and also found lolcow

No. 873407

They probably have her insta thougj. Especially since she goes on and on about her photograpy. Plenty of giant red flags on there.

No. 873421

Oh god that's so awkward…you can see from the footage it wasn't on purpose at all and she went in for that dumb side hug. Why would you put that up about your friend Heather??

No. 873451

File: 1569532937216.png (3.63 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190926-172019.png)

Why is she obsessed with garbage? Better yet, why is she always shopping and never working?

No. 873473

This. It's not just that she's a leech with a shopping addiction. It's also that she always goes for the tackiest things. It's all quantity over quality with her. If she really cared about the things she claims to care about she shoild save her money, get her own place, and buy some nice old furniture to restore if she wants to go with the whole "I love old things and that makes me unique" thing. But instead it's all cheap shit that a teenage babybat would find cringey.

By the way, I wonder what is going on with her collection. Adam's lease is nearly over, and he'll be emptying it out any time now.

No. 873541


Maybe he might re-sign another year on the lease and have his new girlfriend live there? That's my guess.

No. 873561

Yeah, my bet is he might re-sign the lease.. I mean most people do if they're content with where they're living if it'll suit their needs for the next 6 to 12 months. I mean, why move? Adam lives in a nice two bedroom apartment/townhouse community. I want to say the apartment community is also gated but I could be wrong. But even if his girlfriend isn't moving in with him, Adam made enough to support him and Heather in that place so even if he didn't want to move – he can support himself while still living in that apartment (and it might be cheaper without someone being there during the day when people are suppose to be at work).

It's just sad that overall, Heather had something going for her. That server job seemed great for her and it sounded like she got along with her coworkers, unless that was a lie but I wouldn't see why a company would let go someone within less than a month unless they were already stealing from the company. Most places give someone about 6 to 8 wks to get used to everything before deciding to let them go.. But instead Heather left that place for a new job that it seems like she clearly didn't get and it just staying at her mum's, doing whatever she wants, and is possibly using her GFM money to live off of until she runs out of it and THEN she'll look for a job. Or maybe by then she'll open another GFM claiming she's too sick to work because I just have a gut feeling she'll go the munchies route and fake something..

No. 873614


Adam has no reason to leave. He's been affording that place since they've been there. I believe the reason why heather left her job is 1. Adam isn't taking her to work anymore, and mom wasn't going to make the effort to take her to work everyday.

2. If she doesn't work it's a better opportunity for her to get alimony. Essentially showing she's too dumb and useless to work when she has zero reason to not actually work. She has no diagnosed disorder that prevents her to work, no kids, so the other thing left is that she's fuckin brain dead.

No. 873619

File: 1569563713480.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, 83DC6C0A-CA99-4720-AE9B-397228…)

Settling into her MOMS house quite comfortably. She’s definitely not sleeping on the couch that’s for sure. Nor is she in any hurry to get our either.

No. 873647

She probably only got a job because she genuinely thought she was going to be homeless but now she living comfortably with mommy. As long as people keep supporting her financially, she’ll see no need to get a job. She’s going to keep depending on others until she has no one to depend on and her only option is to grow up and get a job, pay rent and do on. Maybe going to that homeless shelter would have lit a fire under her ass to finally be an adult.

No. 873656

I assumed he'd move back to california. Didn't he move to PA because of Heather?

No. 873663

I guess she is now claiming job seekers benefit (apologies not sure what it's called in the US) if her employer fired her. I'm not sure if she'd be able to claim if she'd left of her own accord and obviously it may take a while for the money to come in but I wouldn't be surprised if her mom has been helping her fill out all the appropriate paperwork so she'll have SOME money coming in each month. Not sure how Adam's wages would factor in as they are still married but I would think she'd be able to claim something. That will probably go towards paying her mom a little money towards the bills while she's living there as well as more cheap junk lol.

No. 873664

I bet she already knew she wasn't actually going to end up in a homeless shelter but said it to sound more desperate and feel justified in setting up her gofundme. A real professional victim right there.

No. 873665

If she discovers that she can't claim the minimum of benefit money/social security due to her husband she can use that against him by either demanding a divorce or asking him to pay her an allowance each month instead. I can't see her not expecting some money each month while she's unemployed. I suspect her mom will help her out with any claim as lets face it Heather isn't very smart.

No. 873682

Exactly. She's definitely expecting to get something from Adam. There's a good chance she only took the job to make a show of trying to work, but was planning to not keep working because that way her income is lower and she can claim more money from him.

No. 873692

They’re not still married

No. 873693

Where has this been confirmed? For all we know they still are.

No. 873694

The divorse is finalised? That was quick. Does heather get alimony?

No. 873805

You can honestly check Heather’s local papers if it the divorce wen through. It’s public records just like when someone posts for bankruptcy. If a couple has nothing, a divorce can be as quick as a couple of days — mine was years ago because my ex and I agreed on who would have what and we didn’t have kids and real estate.

No. 873861

File: 1569625051143.png (1.73 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190927-185551.png)

There goes your money people, number 1 leech

No. 873870

File: 1569627418110.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, 4FF25D7F-E7CC-408A-B098-7D6754…)

Sure Jan. You’ve only been posting on Instagram all day and shopping apparently; but you were at “work.”

She can’t keep her lies straight.

No. 873871


Nope, we all know she isn't working, she's full of shit. She just doesn't want to hear how useless of a person she is.

No. 873885

File: 1569631327506.jpeg (108.18 KB, 743x1033, B26A1753-5546-47BE-9716-CD07F2…)

No. 873887

File: 1569631547706.jpeg (488.24 KB, 2048x2048, B85B33C4-F0F2-41D7-8B76-6252D1…)

No. 873889

Would be great if all the people that donated to her GFM were shown how she's spending their money.

No. 873892

File: 1569631713073.jpeg (440.75 KB, 2048x2048, 96290FD6-922C-49D4-B448-E54B09…)

There goes her GFM cash flow. That or mommy is giving her an allowance. Either way it’s embarassing and she has no shame.

No. 873895


She's moving onto Target now and checking out their tacky Halloween get-up.. Actually, it's slightly less tacky looking than Wal-Marts but you're paying for its quality imo. But if she bought all that, that's a nearly $70 purchase.

No. 873898

Definitely packing on the pounds I see. That'll happen when you're indiscriminately shoving meat and cheese into your face to make up for all those years you were vegan.

No. 873900

By the way she posted in the story of the Ouija PJ set, is that is sounded like she purchased it for the top.. That she'll wear as a normal top.. Not as pyjamas.. So $25 for a PJ top as a normal shirt.

No. 873901

What's that green circle on the top? Also, looks like she's trying on pants too because in another story she's wearing those awful glitter pants.. So, she's going clothes shopping and is going to spend at least $100.

No. 873903

File: 1569632526338.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, D8D225B7-951E-4EB5-A443-70C670…)

Posted this and quickly deleted it.

Trying to cover your tracks, Heather? You’re not fooling anyone.

No. 873906

It’s a sticker that indicates that the shirt glows in the dark.

No. 873908

It's probably a sticker that says it's glow in the dark or something, because that's the quality of clothing on which Heather is now spending money that she doesn't have the luxury to be spending. Literally novelty-tier garbage.

I find it hilarious that she feigns concern for making sure she is cruelty free and then goes and rescinds her veganism and mass-purchases sweatshop rags from big box stores.

No. 873912

Heather posted a video on her stories about her GFM and her spendings. She is lurking here HARD.

No. 873933

Read the rules, thats' cow-tipping you dipshit.

No. 873936

Why is she going on and on that she doesn't need validation, yet, there are almost 10 videos of her rambling that she is going to be successful? I mean, maybe when your 50 you'll get it. She knows what bills are? Shocker.

No. 873939

If anyone is feeling so inclined, the giant rant on her instagram story right now would be a good thing to record before she deletes it. I'm in the process of summarizing it now, but he whininess won't come across accurately in the write up.

No. 873945

So, your (heather) insulting everyone else saying they won't be successful in life but you will? Well, if that ain't the funniest shit i heard all night. Most of us have well established jobs and families, your way behind in the game of life.

No. 873949

>Claims that she's only bought a blanket, a pillow, a towel, a pj set, and two Mothman shirts ("hey, I don't have any t-shirts, I should probably get some t-shirts, I've worked hard for them")
>She only shows stuff in store and doesn't buy most of it
>She apparently just started a new full-time job (but doesn't know what her monthly income will be?)
>She hasn't touched the gofundme money at all
>"I have to be very fucking careful with my money right now"
>Adam used to take her to thrift stores so he had something to hold over her
>When she was with Adam she was only allowed to leave the house to go buy stuff
>"He would be mean and then buy me something so I couldn't complain"
>"I made videos about collectibles because all I could do was go to the thrift store"
>Adam controlled all the money and "fucked me out of my bank account"
>He got involved with every group of friends she had and turned everyone against her so he would be all she had
So she's selling all the shit that Adam bought for her, confirmed.
>(Addressing lolcow) "Do you work, do you have anything going on? You're just sitting around talking shit, I'm gonna be successful and drive you fuckin' crazy"
>"This time next year, I'm gonna be so successful"
>Mentions her "skills" that she's learned in the past month, more clues that she's lurking
>Thanks gofundme donors again
>"I managed to make $1500 over the course of the month by myself"
>"Don't assume I'm buying a bunch of stuff just because I'm showing stuff off in the store"
>She's spent the same amount of the gofundme money in driving lessons already but claims that was her own money, not the gofundme money
>"You don't know what I went through during that marriage and prior"
>"I just wanted someone to step in and say 'lets teach you how to drive, lets get that stuff set up'"
>Proud that youtube was something she could do by herself
>Regrets setting up gofundme
>Says her friends in the past offered to set up a gofundme to get her out of the marriage and she said no (I thought she just blocked them?)
>Starts crying because she's so proud of herself, she's doing good at work, "I love my life right now, I'm so fucking happy, fuck the haters, I'm living my dream, I don't need your validation, I'm so proud of myself even if no one else is"
>Can't move until the end of the month, maybe as late as mid-November
>"I think I can buy a pj set with all kinds of coupons because I'm still paying my bills"
>"I haven't really bought stuff, I've barely been buying food for myself"
>"I feel like that gofundme is the end of me"
>Withdrew the gofundme money, spent it on driving lessons ($85 a piece)
But she claimed earlier that she hadn't spent the money? She made it clear that she was spending her own money on the lessons but then contradicts herself like ten minutes later.

Overall, she waffles between a very smug and condescending tone when she's talking about the "haters" and a more serious and mopey one whenever she's talking about how hard her life is. She makes a bratty face whenever she says something that's directed at lolcow. She does a lot of talking down to anyone who has questioned anything she's done in the past month and hides behind statements like "well YOU don't KNOW what I've been through, you don't know my life!" and using her past abusive marriage for victim points (and I'll give that to her, if what she's saying about Adam is true I don't envy her and I'm happy she got away from him, but that doesn't make you immune from criticism forever, Heather).

No. 873954

Nowhere in her rant does she confirm that she is living with her mom (which she clearly is!). It just bothers me that she’s keeping up the farce that her mom doesn’t support her whatsoever when she’s the one that helped Heather out of her situation with Adam, took her in, is lending her the car she’s using to drive (because who else would realistically?).

No. 873955

But the thing is.. The only time you can get sales on items at Target (to my knowledge) is if you have a target credit card. I was at my target yesterday and they had a sale where you got 20% off IF you used your target red card. And since target is a huge corporation like wal-mart, I imagine this promotion was in every single one of their stores all over the US. And that Ouija PJ set is new and out for Halloween season.. So I don't believe the whole "using coupons" route. Every time she makes a purchase, it's always:
> It was on sale
>I used coupons
If you bought something, why does she have to make it cheaper than she is? Just fucking flat out say: "Yeah I bought this." Stop bringing price and sales and coupons into justifying to your purchase (along with the whole, I need to buy SOMETHING to make myself happy. Fuck, any poor person whose working a full time job or who all their disability money goes to bills would LOVE to do that but can't. She makes it seem like she's the only person in the world with such a hard life.)

No. 873956

File: 1569641514230.jpeg (807.92 KB, 750x1101, 5C763AB3-BE22-4DAB-A530-79EA70…)

tbh I’d pay to see Heather try to critically analyze the works of all of these famous writers and public figures that she pulls these “inspirational” quotes from. It would be a massive trainwreck for someone as mediocre as she is.

No. 873958

There’s no way she would be able to use coupons on seasonal items unless they were bought after the holiday passed. Those Halloween clothes will stay full priced until after Oct. 31st. The s art thing would have been for her to just wait until the ; but this is Heather we’re talking about.

No. 873965

So…she states she hasn't used the GoFundMe money…..then she states she used it for driving lessons? lmao heather can't even keep track of her lies lol

No. 873969

File: 1569644895442.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 7733B8CC-140D-492C-87ED-38B7AA…)

And not one (actual) tear was shed.

No running mascara? Not your best work, Heather.

No. 873975



No. 874019


I got it fam

No. 874040

Is this how other people pronounce gofundme or is this a heather special?


No. 874041

I'm in the uk so I guess it's different but is 80 dollars a normal price for a driving lesson? That's 3 times the cost of mine.

No. 874044

It depends on where you live. I don't know personally since a family memeber taught me how to drive, but I've heard of vastly different prices from people I know who have paid for lessons. $80 isn't out of the question, but Heather is a liar so…

No. 874045

$85 is on the cheaper end of the spectrum here in the US. I’ve seen it as high as $200 for six hours of on the road lessons. Heather is allegedly paying $85 per session though we don’t know how many hours she’s actually getting.

No. 874074

Thanks anon, because true to form, Heather has since deleted the whole thing.

No. 874102

File: 1569691507671.jpeg (771.6 KB, 2048x2048, 142E7FDB-F0AC-4E87-B113-0DE9FE…)

Further proof that she’s living with mommy and not just any “family member.”

Heather’s mom has a chicken coop in her property, based on a Thanksgiving or Vlogmas video where she gave a tour of the home and property.

No. 874143

Yeah, she's definitely at home with mommy.

Imagine being almost 30, no education, no life skills, no driver's license, no income (there is no fucking way she has a job), living at home with your mom, and still claiming you have so many "haters".

I'll tell you right now, her last two female friends (not the girl who's basically her clone. I don't know anything about her) have their own lives and aren't hurting for money. I follow them both on social media. Heather dropped them due to jealously, I'm sure of it at this point. She's incapable of being happy for others, it's all about "me me me". I only keep up with her for the shitshow and it's glorious.

No. 874149

Finally has the life she wants, huh? What a sad life to aim for.

That entire video is hilarious. She's a mess and has nothing to be proud of. I don't know who she is trying to convince at this point, probably herself.

No. 874176

File: 1569696323444.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 9409D9C0-089C-4AAA-AA99-821562…)

“I only have a couch to sleep on!”

“I only bought ONE pillow!”

No. 874191

How is she okay with lying so brazenly? She literally said all she bought as far as home goods was a blanket, a pillow, and a towel (didn't think to mention those soaps >>855763 but whatever). One of each. Unless mommy bought her the other two pillows? Her lies are so easy to spot.

No. 874234

I think Heather was truly spoiled as a child or something. It’s gotta be. And anytime she was sad, her mum or dad would buy her something to make it all better. Why else does she feel the need to buy herself something every week during this? Or that she’s labelling Adam as abusive just because his personality can be unbearable to some people? Like she has it so easy she doesn’t even realise it. But I bet she’ll read this forum today and make a post about how tough her life was with bullies as she was growing up and abusive Adam and how bad Damien was to her.

I think she mentioned once before that she can’t go to college or something. Maybe because she dropped out of high school and hasn’t gotten a GED? That’s my only thought. Why else is she going after such low-qualifying jobs such as being a server or was working retail? But even then I’m pretty sure they only hire if you have a high school diploma or GED. But she mentioned once that she can’t go to college. Is she too stupid to realise that fiancial aid is a thing and will help you out so much if you’re poor? Or is she too stupid to realise that sometimes for school you just gotta take out a student loan, but you don’t have to pay it off till after you get your degree? Or does she just want to keep her life or luxury and keep being pampered like she was throughout her life?

No. 874257

Sorry if this is blogposting. But I only found Heather's channel recently. Her closet cleanout popped up in my recommendations. I watched one or two of her videos after that, lurking. I felt really sympathetic towards her at first because the relationship she claimed to have with Adam sounded very much like an abusive relationship that I myself was in, with a lot of gaslighting involved. But the more of her I watched, the more things seemed off. After my breakup, the last thing I thought about was shopping and bitching about my "haters." So I found Lolcow.
I feel like such an idiot now for feeling sorry for her. She's part of the reason why women who report abuse are sometimes not believed. How dare she talk about "empowerment" and use all this victimhood language to live out her petty teenage fantasy.

No. 874264


Welcome aboard. This is exactly why people call heather out. She plays the victim roll when there is so much evidence she's a liar and uses people to get what she wants in life. Her stories tell it all , it tells us how much of a liar she really is.

No. 874281

File: 1569708191407.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, 8EEB98C2-0E71-4A3F-BC2E-06C754…)

I don’t know many homeless people who own six pairs of expensive, black boots.

No. 874285

File: 1569710466237.png (2.68 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190928-183925.png)

"I dont buy everything i post!"

No. 874286

File: 1569710510599.png (700.12 KB, 1885x904, GFM Deactivated heather steele…)

So I did some digging and found out that Heather deactivated her GFM LOL what a fake phony bitch taking the money and running

No. 874287

Wasn't she saying how she didn't manage to take any clothes from Adam's apartment? Did she lie or is she stupid enough to take 6 pairs of similar shoes instead of clothes?

No. 874289

File: 1569711185016.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190928-184841.png)

"If i was buying everything i posted i would be laying it out" this is quite hysterical.

No. 874292


She probably can't believe how stupid people were to give her money lol

No. 874319

She got her GED back when she was working at Spencer’s. She failed three times before actually getting it. She got fired from Spencer’s most likely and she is spoiled when anything bad happens even if she causes it.
Back when she was dating Scott she would force him to buy her things after every argument. From what Scott told me she also could not and would not cook or clean and she was obsessed with being a gamer on YouTube. He bought her all of her equipment and then she threatened him to mail it all out when her and Adam moved. She’s a leech. She always begged for things when she was on PSN and to get what she wanted she’d cam for the guys she knew she could get stuff from. She would also prance around RE5drama.org and start shut between all the women. She’d act nice get to be your friend then go to someone you told her u disliked and would start shit between everyone. That’s why she doesn’t have any friends and can’t stand women. She gets overly jealous of anyone and she’s thinks she’s the only one anyone should like she can’t handle rejection she stalks then attaches herself to the guys friends to weasel her way into their lives. If anyone breaks up with her she says how abusive and mean they were to her, she never does anything wrong in her book. She used and dried up all her gamer friends when she made the switch to dolls and then she used and dried up all her doll friends. She will never apologize or address that she’s wrong in anything. She is not an adult she is a mentally ill child.

No. 874332

File: 1569727336335.jpg (142.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but back in her pastel "cute" days, when she posted a self celebratory birthday vid, didn't she go out and buy and consume her own birthday cake? Pic related.

No. 874333

I went back and watched the video and I'll just say, knowing what we know now about Heather and Adam's relationship makes this video extremely unconfortable.

No. 874350

File: 1569730182902.png (968.79 KB, 750x1334, 44872330-7120-4EC1-9F5C-C13239…)

Well there goes $23 down the drain. The book will only collect dust since I hardly doubt Heather can get through a book in one go muhbless has the capacity to read without getting distracted by her phone. She’ll probably just take pictures with it and then toss it in the shelf.

No. 874355

All these little lies, much like her tiny spending increments, will just keep slowly adding up until she's in over her head and reality bites her in the ass. Just give it time.

No. 874356

She's such a spoiled brat. New bedding is expensive and those boots and purses are all overpriced garbage, not to mention they all look exactly the same. She's a spoiled brat and it makes me angry that so many people donated to this cow. She doesn't deserve charity.

No. 874357


It’s weird watching this in her old cutesy pink form and watching all these more recent videos of her as a gawf spooky witch cause I realize, she is exactly the same AND has no personality. She hasn’t grown as a person or matured at all. And its like a natural personality is really non existent. She’s developed this youtube entertainer personality and there’s just nothing else there besides that. How odd and scary.

No. 874366

Everything on that shelf is at least close to how much I pay rent each month for a city apartment. Oof.

No. 874368

Rewatching this again gave me vibes as if off-camera she was throwing a fit or something because things weren't her way. And the way she spoke to Adam.. Ehhh. Adam just seems awkward in front of cameras and kind of overall an awkward person just judging from this video. Also seems very narcissistic to have a whole video for her birthday like this. Fuck it just all gives spoiled brat vibes too. Yuck.

No. 874382


I think the reason why it was so cringy is because she really doesnt't have a personality, she was more about the aesthetics in toys and fashion, kinda like pixielocks. No personality, no humor, just all aesthetics. Heather hasn't changed at all, she's just a darker color version of what she was,zero personality.

No. 874570

She comes across as a spoiled loser, both back then and even now. She was never motivated to become an adult which is why she is so unlikable. You can tell just how desperate she is for "fame" and to be popular, the desire is practically dripping with everything she says.

Sorry for tinfoiling but seeing Adam in a video… I now have a lot of suspicion that she might've either pretended to be adam/his gf on here or she made up a lot of the "abuse." Maybe some of what she said was true but she can't ignore the fact that this guy paid for ALL of her shit, her braces, her food, their house/rent, utilities, drove her everywhere, apparently was even fine staying with her after she cheated… and with how they interact in this vid, he seems totally whipped. You can clearly see she bosses him around just from this video alone.

IDK she has been busted for being a liar on many fronts. She clearly has a manic side when she is upset and maybe he felt like he was trapped in the marriage because she might hurt him or herself. With how she victimizes herself and spergs with every little thing, all of her relationship drama seems very painted to me at this point.

Why would he stay with her through all of that when she has a shit personality, shit taste, is broke, and is fat/ugly to boot? (And I doubt she puts out much or at all, which still wouldn't be worth it as he could pay a hooker for way less than the finances she sucks up.) Still tinfoiling but I think she got some attention from a few losers on instagram, thought she was now hot shit, and thought she had more opportunities to get everything she wanted. She comes across as so selfish and entitled, just like someone who uses people to get ahead. It simply does make sense for a rational person to sabotage their own marriage by openly cheating/sleeping with other people but not moving out first. If it was as abusive as she and all the "anons" on her threads swore it was, she was then being purposely obtuse with every choice she made that landed her broke and back at her mom's house.

She is clearly aware of her threads because she replies to them directly all the time via stories and posts. It's a bit undeniable that a lot of things seem to conveniently come up in her threads that she used later for sympathy, like painting it as though people in her life are trying to expose/doxx her. Everything she does seems so calculated so she can profit on the highest victimizing levels possible and then make a quick buck to spend on more shit or get out of working a job.

I dunno, at this point she seems so full of shit that it is kind of remarkable she is not having more backlash online. Everything she does or says becomes a contradiction and while the GFM was the cherry on top, I now can't help but feel the whole fucking sundae is fishy.

No. 874577

If you wanna see Heather really bossing a whipped Adam around, check out this snapchat story she uploaded last November when she was still living with him. This was after she cheated on him.


I think you have her pegged, she's obviously a compulsive liar and manipulator and I'm also amazed she isn't facing more backlash.

No. 874581

To be fair, Adam was only publicly saying he wanted to fix his marriage with Heather, but behind the scenes he was talking to other girls. Although I do think Adam is shitty to some degree, I wouldn't be surprised if Heather over-exaggerated things since she loves to do that (didn't she say that online haters were stalking her at work?). I just don't see how she claims he was so abusive and she was so desperate to leave him but only actually started thinking about renting a new place and getting a job when Adam decided he wasn't going to pay for her shit anymore. She had months to sell her stuff, get a job and all those things she claimed she couldn't do because of how abusive Adam was, but she did none of that and kept living off of him even though she decided she wanted to divorce him. She also seems to understate her role in all of her failed relationship. Yeah, some of them might be bad people but has she ever stopped to think why she attracts those people in her life?

She was, still is and will continue being an immature woman-child until everyone keeps letting her leech off of them. I understand that people in her life want to help her but at this point the only way that might cause her to grow up is if she hits rock bottom and has to pull herself up on her own.

No. 874584

No. 874589

A tin-foil but I briefly watched the video of the trolley graveyard on Heather’s channel and I finally caught a glimpse of Van’s face (Ashley’s husband) and started thinking that I don’t think it was him that made the parody account. I started thinking about that Lord’s Explore dude. He young, he knows how to not be stupid.. wouldn’t be surprised if he lurks here which of why he knows not to try and get too close to heather is Lord and Heather haven’t hung out since that video too.. and I’m surprised Heather hasn’t tried to move in on him too. And maybe he was wanting that and got angry and made that parody account? Idk. Watching that video, my mind went to Lord Explores dabbling around in lolcow and being a lurker or something. Gut feeling and a bit of a tinfoil.

No. 874595

So is she trying to make folks believe that she doesn't have a key to the apartment she lived in with her (still) husband? There's no way she didn't have a key of her own when she lived there, she would have had no logical reason to surrender it to him. His name may be on the lease but as she's his wife that is irrelevant. She can go back whenever she likes to collect her things. She can simply go round there with her mom during the day when he's most likely at work. As long as she's only taking her valuables there is no problem. He can't get the locks changed as he'd have to get permission from the landlord/lady. If she was able retrieve her BJD stuff then she could EASILY go back and collect her toy collection and so forth. There's no way in hell I would leave my precious items behind. She's obviously relaxed enough to think that no damage etc will come to any of it. The more time you have to think about the nonsense she comes out with the more you realise how absurd her bullshit is. She was never in the dire predicament she was claiming, it was all for sympathy and attention. Oh and why do people think they are divorced, I thought Adam didn't want one yet because of the money she'd apparently get from him and she didn't want one because she said he'd get an expensive lawyer which she couldn't afford herself. I'm extremely doubtful that they are divorced (she would have kept harping on about it)if so, she would have been allowed to get her things back and get a financial settlement.

No. 874601

I've not seen any visual evidence(videos, posts etc) that clearly states she and Adam are divorced so not sure why someone is claiming they are. She'd probably be tempted herself to say so (lie basically, which she'd have no qualms about) to explain why she can't go near the property but if he were to find out she was lying he could easily inform people otherwise online. I think many of her fans might think they are due to her claiming she can't go back to the apartment, or not without some degree of difficulity.

No. 874611

Heather is desperately trying to find another guy and believes that the more vulnerable she appears, the more likely victim #3 will swoop in and solve her problems for her. Instead of settling for a beta like an intelligent faux damsel-in-distress, though, she's stupidly holding out for spooky chad. Not happening.

No. 874613

Considering Adam bought almost all of her toys, what's stopping him from selling/donating all of them? Maybe that's why Heather hasn't gotten them yet, Adam tossed 'em all.

No. 874618

If that happened, she'd definitely throw a pity part on instagram live

No. 874670

She kept referring to Adam as me ex or my roommate since she sperged out last year and this thread was formed.

No. 874697

She just posted seveal instagram videos where it completely confirms that she’s at her moms house. You basically see the inside of the house (these people clearly have money) and even see her sister and hear their mom in the background.

Oh but…”I’m sleeping on a couch at a ‘family members’ house”. Heather you’re living in your old room, in your MOMs house. How she can even still try to play it off like she’s not is beyond me.

No. 874719

Yeah, I saw those videos too. It's clear she's getting along with everyone in the house and she made herself VERY comfortable.

No. 874722

So much for “My mom/family don’t support me.”

What grates me is the sheer disrespect she has for me mom. They way she painted her out as the worst mom for sympathy points from her fans is disgusting. I’m waiting for one of them to call her out on it during her lives or in comments. I’d like to see her try and weasel her way out of it.

No. 874761

I'd say this is also proof that Heather has always been a spoiled brat. It's great that her mom is willing to help her, but she basically let her move right back in and it doesn't seem like Heather is contributing at all. I'm still not convinced that she has a job still (or ever had one) and all she does is sit on Instagram all day.

Anyone else wonder what her sister and mom must think whenever she is on Instagram live crying and whining about whatever? She clearly needs some sort of help, the girl is so unstable.

No. 874777

I just got around to watching this. There's way too much to unpack here, she's…ugh.

How do you not know what your monthly income is? It's pretty simple to figure out, idiot.

Adam didn't turn all of your friends against you, Heather. You pushed your friends away when they tried to help. You blocked them when they offered their help. You did this to yourself.

Buying a t-shirt because you "worked hard" isn't a good reason to spend money when you're supposedly saving up for a car, an apartment, paying bills, etc.

No one here is a hater, Heather. I can only speak for myself, but I own a home, I have a decent paying job that I've been at for a few years now, I have actual friends I can hang out with, I'm in a great marriage, so I can smell the bullshit from a mile away. You're not happy with your life, and you aren't getting ahead. You're a fucking mess.

>"This time next year, I'm gonna be so successful!"

I feel like she says this way too often for someone who hasn't been successful at anything lately. Didn't she say this last year?

>"I have a bunch of stuff at the old apartment to sell and sort out, because I'm moving into a small apartment."

I doubt that. You had more than enough time to sell that shit before you left. You're also getting quite comfortable with mommy, and it doesn't seem like moving out in on your agenda.

Also, you need to actually get your licence before you start thinking of driving a car. Good luck with that.

>"Rent is $650."

Did she or did she not say that she needs to know her monthly income before figuring out where she'll be living? How does she know that rent is $650? I just did a quick search for apartments for rent in her area, and I found plenty under the $650 mark. If you're working a waitressing job still, don't expect luxury, Heather.

She talks about how she didn't buy the stuff she posts on Instagram, and she only posts it to make other people happy. Who bought this stuff then?

>"I haven't touched the Go Fund Me money!"

>"Technically I spent that on driving lessons."
>"The money is sitting in my account."
>"Technically $85 of that was for my driving lessons."
Get your lies straight honey. This is a bad look.

>"My first paycheck at the new job, I don't know how much it's gonna be."

What job doesn't tell you your hourly wage when you get hired? am I missing something here? She can at least figure out what her pay might be before taxes. More proof that she doesn't actually have a job?

>"I don't need your fucking validation."

>proceeds to whine and cry on Instagram, defending her purchases, telling everyone where her money has actually gone, etc.

Someone please get this woman the help she so desperately needs.

No. 874797

Agreed. She obviously needs therapy. She's toxic to herself, and everyone around her. I doubt she would seek out a therapist though. It might mean admitting that she's the problem and not just as helpless victim.

No. 874817

When she and Adam went to therapy together for ONE session the therapist basically told her that her attachment to social media is not normal. Heather then proceeded to go live and “cried” her eyes out saying that Adam turned the therapist against her.

No. 874833

File: 1569866915796.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190930-110743.png)

my god this woman goes shopping every damn day

I wish I had this kind of disposable income

No. 874834

File: 1569866949618.png (1.9 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190930-110758.png)

No. 874856

>presents a cup with a picture of a witch on it
>Season of the Witch is playing
Jesus she's so tacky it hurts me.
I also hate the stupid slogan on the cup.

No. 874862

Pretty sure she also said that she refuses to go to a therapist because she’s “not crazy.” She has a warped thought about therapy and that only insane members of society only go there and not “perfect uwu spooky princess” like her. That one session she had with the therapist she went to, she kept saying the therapist was against her when really the therapist was doing their job and asking the “why” questions like they’re suppose to topkek. But somehow she thought Adam was manipulating the therapist to go against her or it was some shit like that.

No. 874866

File: 1569872168405.png (2.95 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190930-153416.png)


No. 874875

Heather has black and white thinking so anyone who dares criticise her to any degree is automatically against her. The therapist said something she didn't like and in her warped mind that meant Adam was manipulating the therapist.

Her delusions about how great her life is and how there's nothing wrong with her are probably the biggest reasons to go to therapy. If she gained some self awareness and realised how terrible she is doing at life then maybe she might improve.

No. 874877

File: 1569874194614.png (2.54 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190930-160659.png)

She is purposely buying shit to piss her "haters" off

No. 874878

File: 1569874269968.png (3.13 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190930-160655.png)

"I don't buy everything i post!"

No. 874881

File: 1569874640357.png (2.22 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190930-161433.png)

"Take pictures of me mommy"

No. 874901

File: 1569876713674.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, F814C341-C412-404F-AB2F-BA3775…)

“Im homeless! I only have one pair of socks!”

No. 874904

File: 1569876802642.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, BAE070A7-B75B-49BC-9406-A88253…)

We all know she wrote in this question herself. No one is seriously asking her anything.

No. 874906

File: 1569876874907.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, 12A2AE45-DCA9-4889-9C83-BD7129…)

No. 874912

No one is asking her this shit kek

No. 874913


I know lmao. She didn't have anything posted on "ask me a question " lol self centered is not even the word for her lol she thinks people still look up to her and it's completely opposite .

No. 874924

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she had borderline personallity disorder. The impulsive behaviour, the black and white thinking, the paranoia, the self-centeredness, it all really fits.

No. 874928

I think it was discussed in the last thread that at least 90% to 100% of the questions asked are from herself because they all seem like basic questions and all the same thing over and over and over.

I like how she purposely posed the top too so the price tag isn't showing its price. kek

We all should know by know she'll buy anything that grabs her attention, no matter its price. She'll assure herself that it's because she needs it. Honestly, she spends more in a month than I do in a single year and I have the best full-time job I could ask for.. But maybe it's because I honestly buy things that I feel like would have purpose and useage in my everyday life or that I know would look nice in my house and not tacky af. topkek

No. 874936

She can try to buy everything she can but taste is something she can’t buy. She’s disgustingly tacky and she thinks it’s cute and spooky, nice try Jan.

No. 874971

File: 1569885296524.png (245.36 KB, 403x757, dumbass.png)

Why can't she just be smart and go with a car dealership? Then she can get a loan if she wants to get a Madza3. And since she has good credit, like she keeps claiming so much she does – she'd have no problem getting one and having a good interest rate on it.

Besides 9 times out of 10, I hear such shady stories from private sales when it comes to cars.

No. 874977

She spent $28.00 on this pj set. Not a smart purchase for someone who claims they gotta save up. She'll make her usual excuses like " I needed pajamas! It's the only one I have!"

No. 875006

>Why can't she just be smart and go with a car dealership?
For a mid-low class lifestyle, a dealership is the shittiest place you could go, wtf? Buying used from a rando isn't very hard as long as you don't take any bullshit and get the paperwork. Really not sure if you're underage, ~privileged~, or Adam's gf. All of the above? lmfao.

No. 875067

I was able to get the car I wanted with a dealership. And they pulled so much strings for me so I got the monthly payments I wanted too. I’ve only ever had good with car dealerships. The one time I’ve bought a car from someone they changed the odometer number and lied about the condition of the car even during a test drive and taking it to a mechanic to look at it. And I’ve had friends had shit experiences too with buying privately. And by the way Heather talks, it sounded like she wanted to get a car loan and yeah you can do that when buying private, with a dealership you can. And if you’re lucky, one might get the experience I did but I’ve heard better experiences because dealerships have warranties.

No. 875085

If she buys a car at a dealership or from a private person, either way, i see her destroying that car in 3 months. She looks like a shitty driver

No. 875091

sage for old/no contribution but you absolutely can buy things on sale at target without a card, sometimes even seasonal stuff, but I do agree with the anon who suggested that Halloween stuff probably wasn’t on sale yet as October just started.


This reminds me of that episode of King if the Hill where Hank thinks he got a good deal at the dealership but actually he paid sticker price. Anyway most people agree that she’s not really in a place right now to be buying something from a dealership right now despite her target dollar spot hauls. She needs to just buy an old cheap used car like everyone else who just learned to drive.

No. 875096

Sage this shit it’s irrelevant.

No. 875097

Have you ever bought a car before? You can buy cheap used cars from dealerships and you’re less likely to get a piece of shit.

Also where’s your proof that the person who posted that is Adam/the gf? Oh? You have none? Stop assuming shit. Proof or don’t waste time.

No. 875098

can newfags stop telling people to sage when they don’t know what it means

No. 875109

File: 1569933515715.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, B3B3FD5F-E79F-4275-8E44-4F87D4…)

No. 875110

File: 1569933536352.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 2A1047E0-8ED9-4225-A821-064723…)

No. 875118

>wakes up wearing a face full of makeup (unless it's a filter, but it doesn't look like it), glasses on
>"Oh hi, I didn't see you there spooky fam! I just woke up early for no reason and really wanted to let the world know, back to sleep I go! By the way, I'm a strong independent woman who doesn't need a man and I'm living my best life!"

No. 875123

Their irrelevant comment was saged and yours wasn't, newfriend.

No. 875126

Her face just looks so creepy in this picture. Whenever she tries to look excited or happy she just comes off as unhinged.

No. 875130

She attempts to "smile with her eyes" and she's doing it all wrong. She's a fucking idiot.

No. 875134


Everyone is always mentioning how crazy her eyes look. I also agree with this. But what if that’s something she can’t control? Maybe that freaky eye look is normal to her on a daily basis so posting all these crazy eye photos don’t look weird to her. What if these are her mostly her normal eyes?
(I’ve seen some people who have eyes like this that have no clue how intense and creepy they really are)

No. 875136

File: 1569942778324.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 1AC965B7-0F89-4F95-874B-2987B2…)

Still posting even though she’s suppose to be at her new job.

Heather if you insist on lying about working at least be smart about it! Don’t post for at least eight hours to keep the facade going.

No. 875137

No doubt she can't control it, but it's really unfortunate coupled with everything else about her.
>just want a cute boy [wan smile and chilly emotionless stare]

No. 875152

File: 1569945334165.png (905.58 KB, 750x1334, 7F48E0EC-D725-4D2D-AD61-8DF5E8…)

Trying to “smile with her eyes” again.

Also it’s not very smart to take on a diet around the holidays. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up she’s going to break that diet real quick.

No. 875198

Heh, it's like she's reading the comments about smiling with her eyes. This is a better attempt.

No. 875203

Heather is dumb but saying stupid shit like she shouldn't diet at the beginning of October because it's "the holidays" is dumber. Come on. Comes off as projection.

No. 875222

Don't know about "projecting" but I agree with your point. There's always some special occasion coming up. Also dieting doesn't mean you can't enjoy the holidays. There's a difference between eating sensibly and just cutting back a little, and restricting to the point where you can't have any holiday food. Especially since Heather mentioned binging specifically. Any time would be a great moment to give that up.

No. 875236

File: 1569956879494.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, 85079959-B884-4413-A97B-FA36C1…)

No. 875240

I like how halfway through she transitioned from "I would" to "I will." Leads me to believe she asked herself this question so she'd have an excuse to talk about her spooky dream life yet again.

No. 875251

No steps towards making that spoopy dream life happen. You xan't make a downpayment on a house with target halloween socks and pillows. You need actual money, from an actual job. Heather always focusses on the result, not the process. The only thing she's actively working on is the spoopy boy part. And even that doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

No. 875274

I like how she goes from ‘man of my dreams’ to ‘even if I don’t have him’ because she knows that, at this point, there’s no man dumb enough to spend the rest of his poor life with her.

No. 875291

Spoiler alert: interesting men won't go for someone who's sole personality trait is being into "spooky" stuff. What's with her obsession of wanting a spooky man? (interesting how she's saying man instead of boy )

No. 875342

"And my ~millionaire boy~ would fund this life and have me driven in a hired hearse! Exclamation point!"

God, heather, even your dreams are cringe.

No. 875435

File: 1569982414864.jpeg (130.51 KB, 1125x2436, received_669870693511337.jpeg)

No. 875436

No mention of an ideal job of course

No. 875440

she's live now, I can't record it but if someone else wants to

she's talking right now about how she bought new exploring boots today but they're too squeaky to use. she's such a fucking shit person

No. 875441

On live at the moment.

- revealed that she and Adam came to an agreement in which he would co-sign for a car loan but nothing has materialized from that. Tbh it sounds sketchy as hell.

- she said she most likely won’t be getting Timmy because she has a “feeling” that Adama and his new gf will make sure she won’t get him. She didnt sound sad about it at all. More like she accepted it and didn’t mean anything.

-Adams new gf is moving in with him.

-Heather is going to get a storage unit to store her valuables and organize the hoard so she can sell it off and buy a car with the funds.

No. 875451

-confirmed that she doesn’t collect vintage toys anymore and will sell the majority of the collection off.

-says she “doesn’t have to validate anything to the fucking haters out there” but then proceeds to go on a 10 minute rant where she validated why she’s bought what she bought and how the funds of the GFM are being used.

-FALSELY claimed that the GFM was only up for three days and that she thought she had closed it but in reality the site had kept it up and that’s why it was still taking donations. Uh no Heather. If that was the case why not refund the money altogether yourself? You wanted to milk this for all you could. Don’t blame the site for your greed.

No. 875454

File: 1569987858248.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, 5C1C4712-28B3-4796-9ED1-567B3F…)

Buying killstar again.

No. 875455

She’s an idiot.

No. 875456

Jesus Christ. Working hard at what? Ripping people off? Lying? Deluding herself? God she's fucked in the head.

No. 875457

Just deleted it as well because she knows how dumb this looks even to her loyal fan base.

No. 875458

Treating yourself for working hard? if I bought myself something after every shift it would basically just cancel out the pay for that days work, like wtf is she thinking?

I've followed heather for years, back in bjd days and she has ALWAYS given excuses and justifying her purchases, ALWAYS went on about how she doesn't need validation but yet constantly rants how she deserves this and that. She has always went on about not needing the approval of others and then goes and seeks it out not long after.

Her posting the shit she has bought and again trying to justify it has brought me out of lurking and it pissed me off. Regardless if it's the GFM money, money from doll sales or whatever, the fact that she's spending on useless bullshit instead of actively trying to get her cat back also sent me over the edge. I can't stand her and her warped sense of reality.

No. 875459

Heather: “I’m only buying my essentials. That’s all.”

Also Heather: “look at my tacky and overpriced Killstar shirt! I really needed a new shirt because I only have three tacky black ones!”

No. 875461

The whole timmy thing is complete bullshit. She just doesn't want to spend the extra money to find a place that is pet friendly. I pay an arm and a leg to make sure i stay in a pet friendly place. Because i love my cats. Heather is a self absorb cunt. Better that adam keeps timmy, she can't even keep her lies straight anymore. Fuck her.

No. 875509

So she possibly spent about $50 at Target the other day, maybe even more.. And then she spent $40 on this Killstar shirt alone? Along with however much she spend on NEW exploring boots? HOLY FUCK she just spends, spends, spends. If it was true about Adam being in charge of the bank and funds, no wonder.. She can't control herself and spending.

No. 875512

It must suck to have every man leave you and to need to fill all your nasty holes with other peoples money. 30 and not working but your “haters” have jobs, houses, children and a significant other that isn’t like you or Adam. God, needing to validate everything to make her pathetic life justified. She can’t even get off her fat ass to get a cat, rather blow money on Killstar and not even the decent items on KillStar. It’s like she watched American horror story Coven and decided to get tackier versions. In love with death? Bitch u just using it to disrespect people’s graves with ur ugly ass snuaggle tooth crazed eyes. Taking from people in go fund me, those guys should get their money back because you scammed them. Working? No you’re not. Won’t prove it by taking a pic in front of ur work place will u? Why? Because you made up these people that wanna harm you. Honey you’re not that important for someone to go to jail for you stop acting like your pussy is gold when in actuality it’s a blue waffle. Hope you get some satisfaction from reading this negative post since all u want in life is negativity. U want attention but mostly the negative kind so you can cry and play victim when you’re the slime ball.

No. 875529

Spending problem or not it’s not crazy for him to be in charge of the money considering he WAS the only one contributing and working. Not to mention how irresponsible she is…bills would never get paid or there wouldn’t be enough money TO pay them because she wasted it on shit.

No. 875536

She kept rambling on during her live how she got sent messages about how she scammed everyone and about her purchases using the GFM money and that’s what sparked her mental breakdown during her Instagram stories. But….that’s disingenuous Heather. You make it sound like you were sent that by someone in particular when we all know you are a hardcore LURKER on here. You saw those comments BECAUSE you sought them out directly and not because someone sent them to you. If you don’t like what people on here have to say about your life choices on here then you have two options: 1. Correct yourself and don’t put yourself in situations or corucinstances that will generate all the “hate” as you like to call it, or 2. Don’t come on here and read anything!

No. 875538

Completely agree anon. I wish someone had recorded the live because when she answered that Timmy question from someone on there she sounded very cold and annoyed by it. Like she just wanted to kill time on her live and not be made accountable for the sole victim of her shitty life choices.

I hope Timmy stays with Adam or if not finds a home with someone who will put him first above material possessions because Heather is incapable of that.

No. 875544

Agreed. She doesn't deserve Timmy. Adam may not be a great guy, but he has never shown any signs of treating the cats badly. Heather however cares more about her tacky shit than she does about her cat.

No. 875551

If I've learned anything from my short friendship with Adam and Heather, it's that Adam cares deeply for those cats. BOTH cats, unlike Heather who liked to pretend that only one cat (Timmy) existed. The cat is better off without her, because she can barely take care of herself. I can't imagine her actually using her own money for vet visits, cat food/treats/toys, etc. She doesn't even know what "essentials" means, because I guess to her essentials are tacky boots, "witchy" clothes from Halloween stores, and cheap socks from Target.

No. 875567

Heather really reminds me of a poor man's version of Itsblackfriday. Same inabillity to accept responsebility, same reckless spending, same victimhood complex, and same indifference to abandoning her cat when she fucks up and gets kicked out.

No. 875654


That at least makes me happy to hear. I would of taken timmy if adam didnt want him, but im sure tuna would be sad too if timmy was gone. I have enough cats on my plate but I'd accept timmy in a heart beat. Heather just wants dick and tacky halloween clothing. If adam does lurk on here, i hope he treats him good, as well as tuna. Heather doesn't deserve ANY animals, she needs to be banned from adopting pets

No. 875659

File: 1570043735239.png (1.75 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191002-151437.png)

Bitch you've been off for 4-5 years, shut up.

No. 875665

Don’t worry. He treats those cats like they are his children. He wouldn’t ever let anything happen to them.

No. 875703

But didn't she have her first day at the new job yesterday? It's seeming more and more like she doesn't have a job. Stop lying, Heather.

No. 875763

She's live now. She talking about how she doesn't know how she's going to get to a Halloween event in Moundsville that she's already bought the ticket for because she doesn't think she'll be able to pass her driver's test. She said the last time she went to Moundsville, transportation cost $170.

No. 875784

All things in quotes are verbatim.
>Says she's a "terrible driver"
>Selling vintage toys, clothing, that pink vanity that she DIY'd
>Has gained a lot of weight, feels awful
>"I don't really like cute things anymore"
Yeah no shit
>She's making $13 an hour
>Has debt on paypal credit
>Is selling all her Lisa Frank, the yellow twinkle bear, all but one star castle, the skydancers, most polly pockets, and thinks she should sell the pink twinkle bear and the brush-a-loves but she "really doesn't want to"
>Saw @jadethelibra wearing that Target pj set and had to have it
>Tomorrow is her first long training day at her new job. Had another shorter training day a few days ago but it was "unofficial"
>Supervisor at her old job had to watch her videos after "people" contacted her job
>Just got a storage unit today, is waiting for Adam to drop her stuff off at the unit
>Money from doll sales has started to run out (wasn't that literally hundreds of dollars?)
>"I've been depressed because cute boys don't talk to me"
>At first her mom didn't want her to stay, now she says "do what you gotta do then get the fuck out"
>Doesn't feel like she's worthy of love
>"Everyone's too basic and boring. My interests are so eccentric that it's hard to find someone that gets me"
>"My problem is I'm too unique. I'm this giant freak that everyone hates"

No. 875802

File: 1570067655529.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, 7B8B0CA5-DCD7-4161-A607-942356…)

“I have a huge paypal credit debt, my doll sale money is just about to run out, and I’m saving up for a car, but….I needed this tacky Halloween sweater because I’m also homeless and I only have three sweaters as it is. I deserve this!”

No. 875804

“I deserve it because I worked so hard.”*

No. 875863

Damn that sweater is hideous. Looks like something a kindergarten teacher wore in the mid 90s.

No. 875864

Dumb nitpick here, but that sweater doesn't fit her aesthetic does it? It's bright, kinda cutesy, totally not her! kek

I don't think she has a job. I wonder how long she'll keep this lie up for?

No. 875912

So much 'woe is me.' Holy shit.
I like how she got a storage unit is is making Adam drop off her things. She must have a lot of shit then if she's needing a storage unit. All I can think of is that she's a borderline hoarder. kek

But yeah, sad to see that the money she got from her BJDs is almost run out. What was she using that money for? Oh wait – not for a security deposit for an apartment, but instead a bunch of shit that she keeps posting about. I mean, we all did she how she posted about $100 worth of clothing from bought from Target and Killstar from these posts >>875454 >>874881 >>874285

And there's no doubt she bought >>875802
She may not wear it but I see her doing things like that with how often she goes to stores day after day.

No. 875938

That sweater is hideous. And it doesn't fit her current aesthetic in any way. The only thing that w ould explain a purchase like that is a compulsive shopping disorder. Which is sad, but also something she will have to work on if she wants any chance of creating as life for herself. Heather just really needs a therapist, and a willingness to listen and not get defensive. But that will never happen. She's a lost cause.

No. 875990

>"Everyone's too basic and boring. My interests are so eccentric that it's hard to find someone that gets me"
>"My problem is I'm too unique. I'm this giant freak that everyone hates"

She says she's so unique but she's just copying other popular killstar goths. That jadethelibra girl has silver hair, and is probably the reason Heather wanted it.

How many of you wanna bet she's gonna change her whole aesthetic in a couple of years. She talked about how she loved flea market toy hunting and unicorns as a kid, which lead to her kawaii phase, then she was a "goth/emo" teenager which lead to this phase, and she was a cod gaming youtuber before, so maybe we'll see twitch streamer heather. Maybe we'll see her spending a fortune on a gaming setup.

No. 875992

>"Everyone's too basic and boring. My interests are so eccentric that it's hard to find someone that gets me"
>"My problem is I'm too unique. I'm this giant freak that everyone hates"
You're not eccentric, you're basic. Buying killstar is not a personality.
Does she like anything ~dark outsode of the aesthetic?

No. 876055

She's mentioned "gatekeepers" who "told her what music to listen to". So (not surprisingly) she's not into the music.

No. 876065

Yet, she shits on the kawaii style, but still listens to teenybopper shit.

But no surprise there, that the subculture of goth for her is killstar, black and tacky halloween shit. As someone else mentioned, I wonder how long it'll be until she shits on this style and moves on to something else, since she's a con artist.

No. 876079

I remember at the height of her kawaii phase, she finally had her hair dyed multi-colored and kept going on and on about how she finally felt like her "true self"…what fucking phony this chick is.

No. 876084

"The real me" kek

No. 876096

OKAY, so the husband who apparently so horrible to her agreed to co-sign for a car loan? This sound to stupid maybe it's true lol. Though i'm very sceptical. He'd have to be mad doing that, someone better get him to watch Judge Judy cos it would be a really dumb move especially when he knows how bad she is at controlling her spending, she wouldn't keep up the payments.

She was never genuinely homeless, she chose to move out of the apartment of her own accord as she knew she had mommy to turn to. She only left the apartment because she's jealous that Adam has moved on and found another girlfriend. She wasn't obliged to move out at all no matter how awkward it may have been, they are married and there is no way they are divorced. If that was the case she would have been posting about it all over social media. She never would have left if she'd thought for a minute that she was actually going to be living on the streets or in a shelter. She just wanted a pity party and thought that the way her fans would truly believe she was in dire circumstances was if she set-up a GFM account. Silly girl then proceeds to show off the crap she's been buying with money that's seemingly appeared from the air lol. Wow she must have a money tree. She thinks that she can con people into thinking that the money from her GFM appeal is separate from the rest of her money without realising that the money she's supposedly earning should have been going towards the necessities she needs not tat. ALL of her money needs to go towards essentials not just the money she made through GFM. She's so dense!!!

No. 876098

>"It's gonna be color forever!"
I understand that things change, that people change and their interests change, but this is so cringe. Now she hates colors and cute things and her hair is white. She's like a child.

No. 876103

She is mentally unstable you don't have to be a therapist to see that. She cares more about what's going on in the virtual world than in real life. She does need help but that would mean her swallowing her pride (and massive ego) and accepting she has an unhealthy infatuation with social media and spending money at a super fast rate. Perhaps mommy is buying her most of those items, would explain why she thinks it's other peoples' duty to buy her stuff instead of earning her own money? A spoilt brat in other words. Though she'd never recognise that herself of course. Seems the more people do for her the more she paints them in a bad light. She hasn't made very nice remarks about her mom and she didn't about her husband, there's definately a pattern there. She needs to be left to get on with her life, mommy needs to cut the purse strings, it's the only way she'll possibly learn.

No. 876189

File: 1570152535830.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 10F5DDE7-8535-40AE-86ED-1AF8EE…)

Those eyes again.

No. 876576

File: 1570232360025.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 5350EA22-4906-4E5C-8F6A-703DB0…)

Sure Jan.

No. 876601

File: 1570237038034.png (4.16 MB, 750x1334, 1A50742A-021E-49BB-9590-14178E…)

I’ve been a goth since 2007 fam.

No. 876632

I think she deleted that pic lmao

No. 876708

Great Heather. You've proven that you tend to go through phases rather than having a consistent identity. Congrats!

No. 876795

File: 1570304958721.png (873.88 KB, 750x1334, 200A26E0-4600-4867-9893-74CD46…)

Oh look, yet another pair of black boots that she didn’t need.

No. 876827

Why does she keep posting about her purchases? I just don't get it. Apart from the fact that she shouldn't be spending money on crap anyway, why does she brag about it?

No. 876831

It's keeping up appearances. Plus she's addicted to the attention it brings; all the comments from the sheep that she calls "fam".

No. 876843

These are fashion boots and will definitely fall apart if she uses them to “explore”

No. 876887

File: 1570319839941.jpeg (757.28 KB, 750x934, 9174FFE7-1B92-43B5-A05A-AB1E95…)

Insert cringey quote here.

No. 876900

File: 1570320974543.png (2.31 MB, 750x1334, E544BE2F-7008-41BF-93C0-DDB476…)

“I want to be a model!”

Looking like a little person here. She has such odd body proportions and this angle is not flattering whatsoever.

No. 876904

But anon, they were cheap! It doesn't matter that they're garbage and will fall apart, they were cheap and she's on a budget! She can't be splurging on expensive boots!

…What, you say she shouldn't be buying boots at all? Psssh, silly anon, she's gotta keep up her streak of at least one purchase a day.

No. 876950

File: 1570334130555.png (2.92 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191005-235430.png)

What? Lmao

No. 876953

She never makes any sense. She thinks that by paraphrasing random inspirational quotes and stringing them together she comes off wise and put together. It’s obvious she asks her own questions

No. 876954

It's hilarious that she lumps in "wearing all black" with all of that faux-deep nonsense. Bitch, my work uniform is all black. Going to work is not a "transformative and empowering experience."

No. 877064

File: 1570379324038.png (3.52 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191006-122043.png)

Oh stop it already

No. 877067

Does she not think that people don't realize she gets the same questions every time she does this? It's so obvious that she's asking herself these things.

No. 877110

Because she is very one-dimensional and has a rather trite personality. She has nothing else really to post other than pictures of herself and what she's bought, take that away and I suspect she is a very bland person to meet. She takes on these personas because it helps conceal (or so she thinks) how unoriginal she actually is. She probably thinks that it makes her look more unique & interesting when the reality is that she has no genuine identity of her own and is super pretentious.

No. 877116

Lol I was thinking the same thing. Wearing all black clothes is no more empowering than if you wear bright colours etc. In fact some people would argue that wearing bold colours, vivid reds etc makes you appear more confident and happy. Whereas wearing everything in black can make you look reserved, sad and like you want to blend into the background. Not everyone who's interested in gothic culture wears black and vice versa. Heather is simply depicting a stereotype, she's so full of bull.

No. 877135

File: 1570390694924.jpg (261.7 KB, 1024x1820, 71573486_172480087226346_33689…)

Shut up, Heather.

No. 877150

That Barbie pink lipstick she keeps using is so garish.

No. 877158

File: 1570394972136.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, B3B54714-B4AE-4500-851B-ECDD3F…)


No. 877166

Her lazy, faybass needs to hurry up then and list her collection already!

No. 877169

File: 1570396777677.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 4D797EFD-F126-4DF8-9110-B2C0F1…)

Looks like Heather is most definitely going to try to ride David’s dick to get that exposure and traffic for her channel.

No. 877188

Sure Jan.
You let stuff define you before, and you're doing it again. The stuff is just "spoopy" tacky halloween tat rather than pastel toys now. All you will ever ammount to is a hoard.

No. 877196

File: 1570399549732.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, 4E22735C-8140-4C71-BCE3-BAEE52…)

I hope abandoning Timmy was worth it, Heather. So much for you going on and on about how he’s your “child” and the “most important thing” to you. It was all a load of shit, just like you.

He’s better off without you anyway. Hope Adam can take care of him, if not someone capable of putting him first and not themselves.

No. 877231


It really goes to show you how much of a piece of shit she really is. I would take that cat in a heart beat. She's a cum dumpster. She rides the dicks of other men to go an explore.

No. 877293

I've seen this her in this hoodie so often it's giving me Abby Brown vibes.

No. 877310

File: 1570422140254.png (2.72 MB, 750x1334, 3CC19301-18DB-4240-B29B-D207E5…)

first time poster. have you ever even actually practiced witchcraft, heather? do you even know what that truly means? ive never seen you post ANYTHING about it, and we know you share everything you find to be ~aesthetic~

No. 877313

I'm disappointed that I have so many mutual friends with her on Instagram. I used to be friends with her when she was still into vintage toys and dressing in bright colors. I'm just shocked that she's admitted multiple times now that the toy collecting and everything associated with it was basically a phase and that she's over it now. What a blow to the friends she made in the collecting community.

I'm still trying to figure out the explores part of her name, because she really should be exploring homelessness right now. It's great that she has family helping her, but they're honestly coddling her and she's never going to learn or grow from this. She's fucking 30 years old, this is just sad.

No. 877388

You sure you’re not the anon who keeps coming in and sperging about ~real witchcraft~?

No. 877390

File: 1570453506504.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, 26769324-5F7A-4301-843D-A83CB0…)

No. 877391

File: 1570453544011.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, E5322206-47C9-4787-84BC-9F696E…)

No. 877392

File: 1570453609455.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, BBF39271-8FF6-4398-9FFA-5C21AF…)

No. 877393

File: 1570453699204.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 75A90FA0-03F8-4248-B9AA-407BF2…)

So I guess she’ll be stocking up on tacky witch dresses once all costumes go on clearance on Nov. 1st.

No. 877394

File: 1570453731324.png (822.64 KB, 750x1334, 0507A76B-8DE6-4D34-92FD-0AAF35…)

No. 877395

File: 1570453759224.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, 22318997-E9B8-49E6-A294-A4D29C…)

No. 877414

File: 1570459315820.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, CCCF26DA-6284-4BF5-957D-761712…)

No. 877427

Animals are not accessories, holy shit. Thank god she doesn't have Timmy anymore.

No. 877443

It’s spelled “accessory,” Heather.

No. 877445

File: 1570463599437.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, F5A9ACFB-3768-4D27-AB53-337876…)

No. 877449

File: 1570463736851.png (1.99 MB, 750x1334, C6DDFFFB-D196-4DCC-90D2-E7D56F…)

And cringey, useless, self-absorbed, narcissistic, a petulant child, etc:

No. 877454

File: 1570464101950.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, ECBABBFB-3AEE-43D8-BF55-B09256…)

Oh yeah, that “Pink is the new Black” pin is going to come in handy with her “I’m a witch” aesthetic she’s going with.

To think her “sparkle fam” wasted their hard earned earned money on things like this to send her, only for her to re-sell, donate, or throw away now that her colorful phase is over with.

No. 877493

Teen you didn't have to feel shame about living off mommy. So yeah…
Pets are not accessories. They are living things.

No. 877544

Oh yeah, you're right. A lot of her collection (and some really nice toys) were gifts from her subscribers. I hope she doesn't try to profit off of gifts.

No. 877602

This is Heather we’re talking about. Of course she will. Those toys are part of the “weight” she’s trying to rid herself off from her “past life.”

Back when I was subscribed to her and liked her toy content I almost sent her a rare MLP because I thought she’d appreciate it joining her collection. So glad I didn’t go through with it since she never really cared about the hobby to begin with.

No. 877618

Jesus she looks ridiculous. Great if she was going to an office Halloween party, but for everyday wear? GTFO of here with this shit.

No. 877624

Seriously, her white hair and bright pink lipstick don’t do any favors for her at all. She looked better when she was younger, and not because of aging. She just looks so tacky, I didn’t even realize that she’s actually not bad looking facial feature wise.

No. 877649

Paranormal Quest is the group that Ryan is involved in.. So it's clear she's still following him hoping to win him over. And until she does that, she's going to still befriend all of Ryan's friends. First with Steve (I think his name was Steve, he was also a heavy set guy) and now with David..

No. 877651

>>877390 >>877393
The thing is.. She dressed how goth fashion was back in the 2000s. Well, how "mainstream" goth fashion looked in like tv shows and movies.

We can tell she never truly loved Timmy then if she thinks of animals as accessories. I bet she just saw of Timmy as the best uwu kitty who would tolerate her. And now she's not around Timmy, it shows she doesn't miss him anymore.

No. 877654

Who else is thinking she'll get a more "aesthetically pleasing" spoopy pet, like a black cat? You know heather can only care about those that enhance her image.

No. 877685

dumb nit pick, the rat accessory was clearly just a joke lol

No. 877711

I wouldn't go saying that, Heather has an extensive history of using people and things to enhance her image. She's talked about how cool having a pet crow made her look when she was a goth teen. If the rat thing was a joke, it was in incredibly poor taste as her past behavior completely falls in line with someone that views her pets as accessories.

No. 877721

She’s going to go for a crow because “I had one whenever I was sixteen!”

No. 877722

People and animals have always been props for her. Ryan/Damien fulfilled a superficial desire for her to have a certain kind of partner: the “spoopy” boyfriend. For all she harps on about Ryan being “the love of my life” I don’t believe she really sees him, or any man, for the individuals that they are. They are only there to complete the picture she has of herself in the present with this new aesthetic. Same thing with Adam being accepting and accommodating of her pastel and toy collecting.

No. 877783

File: 1570500623378.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, 92EF4A29-2CD7-46A8-9072-835FD1…)

No. 877785

Apparently being beautiful means having men in your DMs LOL

No. 877798

File: 1570503989817.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, DFACCE67-6BD6-4222-9AC4-C8A823…)

No. 877799

Soooo much to unpack here. Rare? No. Not in the slightest. You’re not even close to being authentic.

Loyal and caring? You have a long track record of cheating on your partners, your soon to be ex husband, and let’s not ever forget that you’ve willfully abandoned Timmy.

I will give her this: she definitely does see the world through her own lens. It’s a very thwarted view and not bound in reality, but it’s hers alone.

No. 877802

Maybe it’s your personality, then?

No. 877807

Accurate kek

No. 877809

Heather is basically "not like every other girl." She's now resorting to calling other females "basic bitches." kek She's sounding like a Mary-Sue to way she's describing herself. She sounds bland tbh, I wouldn't want to date her if I was a guy.

Also, she seriously needs to work on facial expressions if she wants to bE A mOdEl. She has such dead expressions; wide-eyes and her mouth open. She always looks like she either just shit herself or just witnesses a car-crash.

No. 877819

>"Spiritually I'm above these basic bitches"
Wow, way to go on the woman hating there, Heather. Wonder which woman got with one of those spooky boys she's been throwing herself at. It blows my mind how self-aggrandizing she is while at the same time dealing insults to people she deems beneath her. She's honestly a douche.

If you're trying to attract a man, Heather, this is not a flattering look for yourself and the fact that you don't see that is very telling. This is why no one wants to be with you. You're mean and self-centered.

No. 877823

File: 1570507798034.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, C5758FF3-2376-4241-AEE1-80A80C…)

No. 877837

Spiritually above these basic bitches? As a former (supposedly close) friend, I'm so glad I washed my hands of this bitch. Heather is the most basic person I've ever known, zero personality and nothing going for her at all. Looking back, I thought our friendship meant something to her and that maybe she'd open up to me eventually, but when I was around her, her focus was almost always on YouTube and wanting to film every moment or take pictures for Instagram. Our friendship had little to no substance. Her holier than thought attitude is exactly why she doesn't have any friends outside of her "fam" on Instagram. Her life revolves around thinking that other people think she's so great, that she's some sort of internet celebrity that can't be touched.

Bluntly put, she's going to be alone for the rest of her life if she doesn't change that attitude. Being friends with her is a chore that no one should have to go through and dating her is probably hell.

At first I felt bad and wanted better for her, even after she started ignoring me. It's clear that she has some mental issues that she isn't willing to address and deal with, which means she's always going to be self-centered and reliant on other people to get what she wants. She has no reason to grow up, and she hasn't actually faced the consequences of her terrible actions thanks to mommy.

I'm just appalled that she truly thinks she's above everyone else. Heather has nothing to offer.

No. 877858

Always wondered what happened with her "best friend" that she knew for two weeks.

No. 877860

She uses the language of feminism constantly (strong independent woman) but also constantly throws other women under the bus. Other women are either competition, or a means to an end for her, but she wants to appeal to female support networks like women's shelters and abuse survivors. She's "not like other girls" in the sense that most other girls (and people in general) aren't manipulative backstabbing dumpsterfires.

No. 877881


Well these don't really fit with her new "look" so the persom who sent them shouldn't have bothered. It annoys me how much free stuff she was sent by her sparkly fam based around her supposed love of pastel/colorful merchandise and toys. So many people sent her handmade jewellery that is usually quite pricey to buy on Etsy due to their handmade nature and the work that goes into making them and she's now probably going to sell them off without bothering with them in the first place. I hardly saw her wear any of it in subsequent videos (if at all), what a waste!!!
It was fortunate you didn't send her anything. I always got the impression that though she pretended with a fake smile that she liked the items she was given she often felt the items weren't good enough. She kept going on about how she'd be happy with just a letter but come off it she wasn't paying for a PO Box just to get artwork/letters. She was after expensive, collectible items. Very useful when you sell them off and make money from stuff you never paid for but which you were given by gullible fans. If any of those people are still supporting her they are insane. I feel sorry for the kid in particular who sent her toys to customise but she never bothered. She's far too high and mighty for her own good.

No. 877886

So loyal that you cheat on every man you end up with. Such a good person that you leech off of everyone. Okay. Makes perfect sense. NO idea why you can’t find a man.

No. 877891

I've been wondering the same thing. During our time as friends, this best friend was never mentioned or seen so I have no idea who they even were.

No. 877899


i'M nOt LiKE oT3r Gurlz

No. 877918

File: 1570544006565.png (2.27 MB, 750x1334, A9D42C31-DF59-451A-8D21-E306B4…)

No. 877922

File: 1570544752806.jpeg (518.43 KB, 1242x2133, A4EBF9C3-F7D6-408A-B346-67E05E…)

No. 877951


Well, when you have no other talent and zero to offer a man, she'll resort to anything at this point.

No. 877954

File: 1570551429937.png (2.56 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191008-121525.png)

So fuckin pathetic. He doesn't want you heather, FOR GOOD REASONS

No. 877958

File: 1570551516811.png (2.17 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191008-121539.png)

There is a good reason why she doesn't get invited to these group hangouts/sessions, yet she doesn't get it

No. 877960

Wow Heather, thirsty much? He don't want your ass.

No. 877974

File: 1570554494947.png (3.34 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191008-130612.png)

Editing during a week day? During hours that people work? Yup, she is definitely not working and just chillin at mom's house

No. 877983

File: 1570555199338.png (4.05 MB, 750x1334, ED519549-8A9B-416F-B802-95248C…)

Heather, you did not find yourself. All you try to be is an internet persona. You’re also right about not being stuck living in a box and that’s because you’re stuck living in your own self absorbed bubble.

No. 877987

He had it and doesn’t want seconds.

No. 877992

Wouldnt be the first time she’s done it. She offered her viewers on a live a few months back pictures of her gnarly, troll looking feet for cash. And of course she’s allegedly offered nudes in the past for stuff.

No. 878006

I suspect we'll be seeing a post soon about how she isn't officially working yet, and still has training to do, or some other bs like "Today is my day off" to justify her just sitting around and doing nothing.

No. 878009

File: 1570559982460.png (1.04 MB, 604x1054, itotallyhaveajobfam.png)

This is from 15 hours ago. I guess she worked yesterday.

>"woke up with soul crushing depression"

jfc Heather, get some help.

No. 878052

File: 1570568004138.jpeg (101.33 KB, 750x733, 78F3A2C8-6062-4F0F-8867-2AC01C…)

I saw this tweet and it kinda made me think of Heather

No. 878124

Look at her IG stories. Shes saying shes going to 'expose' herself. Basically saying the pastel was fake.

No. 878136

Per her current insta stories:

- figured out a new name for her old channel.

- first video will be her exposing who Heather Sparkles was and all the drama she’s had since last year. Says that only she can truly and fully expose herself and that she will be showing clips of her crying that no one has ever seen.

- then she went on about how she’s tired of having to validate herself to people on here and that she’s going to put all her energy on working on herself and not on answering us?

No. 878237

Great. Just what the internet needed. More clips of Heather crying.

No. 878264

In her stories she's editing an exploring video but all she ever really shows is herself. Doesn't she know that people that enjoy exploring videos watch to actually see the place your exploring?

No. 878269

Exactly! The best exploring videos out there are the ones that just show the space and surroundings; not some cringey explorer going “oh my god! What was that?” repeatedly. Heather has no clue what she’s doing as much as she tries to play it off like she does. She wants her fake ass “personality” to be the spotlight of her exploring videos when it shouldn’t be.

No. 878270

I was thinking the same thing. Her videos also seem extremely scripted, and she's terrible at acting. One of the videos she talks about going into the basement where some shadow people were found "sitting in a chair" and it's laughably bad how dumb she sounds.

No. 878272

Her exploring videos are so boring that she tries desperately to make up for it by concocting these dumb scenarios of supposed paranormal encounters. Like, just let the footage speak for itself!

No. 878283

Sooo she's changing her channel name AGAIN, is she trying to get in the guinness book of records for having the most name changes for a youtube channel lol?
We don't need to see more videos of her crocodile tears either. And as for exposing who Heather Sparkles was, I suspect she plans to make out she was pressurised to be that character, that she really just wanted to be a witch. Perhaps to try and gain more subscribers she'll make out she has/had multiple personality syndrome (due to a knock on the head) and that explains her jumping from one identity to the next. She's NOW her true self for maybe 18 months then when she gets bored she'll become something else (maybe she'll go back to pastels AGAIN, who knows). She's a social media addict who sadly needs to improve her real life not the fake one she trys to portray on the internet. I suspect her mother have a clue what rubbish she keeps posting online, including the crap she posted about her, if she did she'd be disgusted especially after taking her in and helping her out. That's why she keeps deleting most of her posts shortly after she's posted them because she knows its utter bulls*.
I can't see her doing exploring videos for much longer either, it's just another phase. She's behaves like a little child.

No. 878285

She has a stunted mentality, that of a kid lol. How can anyone take her seriously? Guess some people might watch them for a laugh, that's all they are good for.

No. 878313

Exposing Heather Sparkles? For what to justify the gofundme and play up her abuse? Either way, it just sounds like another scheme for people to feel sorry for her. But it's too late, she already shit on the toy community big time and now wants to act like she was forced to do it? she'll probably play it up as if she was forced to do it at gunpoint or something.

No. 878320

I can’t wait to hear her play the abuse card again. It’s insulting to actual domestic abuse survivors that she continues to play this victim card when it’s very obvious that she was never abused, and was in fact the one abusing and taking advantage of everyone in her life. And then she wonders why no one takes her seriously. It’s like she thinks being ___ (a victim, mentally ill, whatever sexuality, goth, pastel, etc) is just a trend and she has to hop on the bandwagon, but then tries to act like she’s ‘genuine’ and ‘original’ and everyone is ‘copying her.’ Meanwhile, she hasn’t a personality of her own. I don’t understand how people still feel bad for her, or how people STILL believe her lies at this point. It’s getting so old.

No. 878373

I'm confused about what exactly she's going to be exposing. If she's truly exposing herself, then that means admitting she scammed those people with the Go Fund Me, admitting that she was never in an abusive relationship/that she was the one doing the abusing, admitting that she was never truly facing homelessness, there's probably a lot more. She just wants another excuse to talk about herself in front of a camera, because it's always me me me with this bitch.

No. 878408

It’s all a show for her fans. She trying to clean her mess up by watering down everything that has happened since last year. Her whole video is going to be her spewing inspirational quotes out of her ass and pairing herself as he perpetual victim.

No. 878426

She’ll make up some excuse about a ‘disorder’ that ‘made her think like this’ and find every excuse to make it seem ‘okay’ for acting the way she did even though it’s all inexcusable no matter what.

No. 878450

Maybe not a disorder. That would involve admitting she's part of the problem.

No. 878460

File: 1570662015561.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, CDD72F37-E34B-46A6-AFB8-6C4FF3…)

No. 878462

File: 1570662058211.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, 3F76FF36-B764-4E6B-A47A-5F2878…)

“I don’t buy everything I show!”

No. 878463

Someone’s been quite active today on instagram. She must have a very long lunch break to be able to post so much.

No. 878468

Isn't Ipsy like a monthly subscription? I highly doubt she subscribed for one month just to get this bag.. So she's always spending about $10 USD per month. But she's say something like she gets free shipping or some shit like that to justify the subscription.

If she does have a new job, I bet it's part time or part-part time job. Barely works during the week but the pay is "good" (aka, slightly more than what her waiting job paid her).

No. 878476

That bag was released in 2016.

No. 878508

Depop maybe? She really should be selling rather than buying.

No. 878514

File: 1570671349921.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 25B8A6F9-45F7-434D-8C0F-6F0CD6…)

The hands of a forty year old.(nitpicking)

No. 878636

File: 1570714842940.png (1.29 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191010-093836.png)

How many selfies are you going to post? Jesus. Self absorbed much? You have "so much to offer" but all you post is selfies and dumb fuckin quotes.

No. 878637

Overly edited selfies as well! I mean if she “has so much to offer” why. It show the real you without edits and all?

She’s so self conscious that she feels she can only present herself though a filter.

No. 878638

Shut the fuck up, what a nitpick. She has no wrinkles aside from what normal people have on their fingers/knuckles.

No. 878646

File: 1570720411555.png (719.26 KB, 750x1334, 3CA100B6-96F3-40DD-922C-69CEE8…)

Everyday is a “casual look” day for someone that doesn’t work.

No. 878662

Are you okay today?

No. 878681

Her skin is so blurred in this it’s literally hurting my eyes. Her glasses are just blurring into her skin. And she sh00ped her jaw 5x smaller, as opposed to her regular “a lá Vicki shingles” pose of putting her hand over her chin/jawline.

She’s been overblurring her skin way, way more recently, in every single pic she posts and in her stories.

She’s acting and dressing (and the same half-assed over blurring sh00ps) like an older, sadder version of the Abby brown MySpace phase. Embarrassing.

No. 878691

Yeah. That is a weird ammount of scrutiny to apply to someone's hand.

No. 878708

Finding this page as any other page of this nature, leaves me rather hopeless of human kind. How much time will you waste gossiping over insignificant people, how much time will you make for yourself? Do you actually have a career, or goal in life? What do you engage in that’s productive? A professional who spends 80% of their time focusing on better themselves through research, application, studying, and generally helping their community would never find the time to gossip let alone gossip about others who are so, insignificant. I’m well aware this is a gossip site but if I cannot offer criticism to those who seek to criticize then who’s the real hypocrite? You watch someone you hate and gain nothing from that. Justify your behavior however you see fit but the problem with today’s society isn’t insignificant individuals who post about their insignificant life, it’s individuals like yourself who waste so much time talking about it, posting it, marinating in filth. Go be happy and do shit, otherwise you’re as insignificant and as toxic as she is.

No. 878716

Well, I guess you pegged us. I'd forgotten that truly productive and fullfilled people spend their time looking up gossipboards on the internet, and then selfrigeously preach on them without provocation. Silly of me.

No. 878726

AN EXPRESSION! I didn'tthunk she couldmake those.

No. 878732

Oof. Don’t take your frustration with your professional life out on us.

No. 878763


Something you should remember..a wise person once told me…

People are assholes, climb a ladder and get over it, you're not winning a noble peace prize here. You know damn well everything on this site is true about heather. Look at her insta stories. We don't make this shit up. Someone who sets up a gofundme, claims she's about to be homeless, yet, her mother took her to go take pictures of fuckin tombstones today is a piece of shit. A lazy POS. all the proof is in her stories and what she posts. I feel sorry that you feel bad for heather explorer friend, because we sure as hell don't.

No. 878766

File: 1570736622380.png (1.97 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191010-154255.png)

How bout you get a fuckin job and be an adult already you leech.

No. 878804

Oh yeah, her mum and her totally don't get along or anything. /sarcasm
Seriously, if Heather/Heather's mum lives in the Washington, PA area – then that means Heather's mum drove Heather's lazy arse about 40 mins to this bloody cemetery so she could take photos. I'm starting to think she's just living off the money she got from GFM and from whatever she sold from BJDs, etc. She's only "worked" maybe one or two days this week so far and those days maybe have only been for a couple of hours if she DID work.

No. 878847

But, but “my mom hates me! She doesn’t understand me! She doesn’t support me!”

No. 879023

OMG that’s so cringey not to mention creepy at this point . I mean Heather also went to this guys place of work shortly after he’d told her to F off to creep on him and even recorded him, like do they even talk still or is she just not even ashamed of stalking her ex so blatantly?

No. 879041

You of course have a point but many people such as myself were prompted to write on due to anger resulting from the fact that she's clearly a scam artist and that's VERY wrong. I personally couldn't give a damn about how many boys she's slept with and so forth, but I don't like someone claiming to be homeless (and getting money from people) when she clearly isn't. I also don't like the way she conned people into thinking she was an adult toy enthuisiast when it was simply just a phase and then had the audcity to expect most of her followers on youtube to support her complete u-turn and then complaing about it when some called her out for it. It doesn't take long to write a quick comment on here (I certainly don't spend all my time on this site unlike the amount of time she spends on social media herself) and if she sees any of these comments perhaps she'll buck up her ideas but i'm extremely doubtful, she's needs therapy. I agree she is insignificant but she should not be duping people into thinking she's a domestic violence victim or that she was forced out of the apartment and is homeless.

No. 879270

With those facial expressions shes making I'm not surprised lol. Girl is delusional to think she can be model material or even is model material: most of her pictures just seem awkward af.

No. 879348

I have that same bag, it's like $5 -$10 on eBay… But I love how she can't help but show off her purchases… Keep making your donators feel stupid!

No. 879412

Using people as always.

No. 879415

File: 1570899076400.jpg (548.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191012-184956_You…)

No. 879465

She’s commenting back on every comment as if she were running the channel. Heather, its not about you! Go back to your channel and try to save it!

No. 879472

File: 1570913710071.png (2.4 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191012-165225.png)

Her brain cells must be gone. No income, spending money, not even a drivers license, and your buying rings that look like they came out of a 25cent machine? Holy fuck heather.

No. 879475

It’s not so much that they’re cheap or not, Heather. It’s the fact that you’re accumulating them when you’ve moaned and mined about needing to save up for a car loan, your apartment, etc. You’ve lost the plot completely, largely because you’ve become complacent with staying with mommy.

No. 879495

File: 1570918315752.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, AEB26664-37CF-439B-9AFE-C80638…)

Instead of wasting her supposed “day off” coming up with looks for “the social life she doesn’t have,” Heather should be reading up on budgeting her money effectively, practicing her driving, or organizing the hoard of collectibles and getting them ready to list.

No. 879502

It really cracks me up how one-dimensional she is. She can’t just accessorize with a few edgy accessories, she has to wear the dress with the belt and the boots AND the rings AND the sweater AND the phone case AND the pillows AND the bag AND listen to the spooky music AND hang out in graveyards…it’s just fascinating to me that instead of having different facets to herself she just has one tacky aesthetic she goes all-in on. She has no identity outside of party city Halloween decor.

no real contribution, but damn

No. 879505

File: 1570919413185.jpeg (1.81 MB, 3464x3464, 07CA455A-6F5A-43BE-9B6D-560500…)

I wouldn’t be surprised if she used her GFM money to buy a new computer. Or you know.. instead of buying these pants (who knows how much she spent on them), she could have used that towards her new computer. But you know, she always has to buy buy buy and never thinking about saving it. She’s like a child, the moment she gets money she spends it on something and doesn’t truly save up.

No. 879514

File: 1570922647723.png (239.32 KB, 962x751, Capture.PNG)

No. 879524

File: 1570924912847.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, 3096E881-2E83-42E5-B55E-32DB19…)

You’ve hit the nail on the head, anon. The pieces alone could work; but it’s putting them all together that just takes it to the tacky level. Less is more for Heather, but she can’t see that. I can’t see anyone, especially the men she’s trying to attract, taking her seriously dressed the way she is.

No. 879525

It's not really a day off when you don't actually have a job, Heather.

Seriously, how many off days has she had in this past week alone? Surely her followers don't believe that she's actually working, right?

No. 879530

Honestly I should have known Killstar. ffs, $63 on pants that tacky looking. If they just have the embroidery on them they would look fine. everything else on it makes it look ugly. But we all know Heather doesn't have a sense of fashion and will wear anything that's tacky Halloween clothes or Killstar and will buy it no matter its price.

So much is going on everywhere. Those boots don't do her (or anyone) justice. Anyone I see wears them makes it look like they have "cankles."

I think she's only worked two times this week? And it was only for like a couple hours it seems. At this rate she's going to have to pick up a second job.. But that might be too much for our little spooky witchy princess.

No. 879534

See a dr already Heather, this being a "teenager going through phases" at your age is straight cringe. You'll never be a popular spooky youtuber looking like a child whose mom just let them buy their own school clothes for the first time.

No. 879550

Heather, lose the hat. It makes your giant head look bigger than it already does.

No. 879559


this isn't one of my usual zoo attractions, but scrolling past this and seeing this picture i have to ask her normal viewing audience, is this a MTF? and is it a little person? if this is a regular-sized person, holy shit, what an unfortunate figure

looks like a small box, not fat but definitely not thin or in shape. and definitely a little person (4 foot 5 inches?)

No. 879560


just stared at this picture again. this is definitely a male to female, right? this has to be. that can't be a biological, menstruating female

No. 879561

File: 1570935152999.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, 51C1B4E3-BCDE-4368-B454-48B32E…)

Children shouldn’t have children, Heather.

With all the stunts she’s pulled I wouldn’t be surprised if she nails a “spoopy boy” by getting herself knocked up by him.

No. 879562

She's a bio female. I agree, she's got a real unfortunate body shape. She's been gaining weight recently too so that's not helping. I don't think she's particularly short, either. She's just kinda dumpy and dresses horribly unflatteringly.

No. 879564

Yeah her clothing choices are just not flattering for her particular body shape. It’s all a question of finding the right pieces and Killstar just ain’t it.

No. 879566

Are you the freak that posted >>865397 ?
speaking as a farmer…get a life. preferably one that surpasses heather's.

No. 879567

File: 1570936563309.png (1.99 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191012-231500.png)

Oh for fuck sake heather. GET A FUCKIN LIFE ALREADY!

No. 879568

I'm envisioning a video with circus music in the background that's a compilation of Heather's claims that she's broke and homeless spliced together with all the photos of her "treats" to herself for "working so hard." Any anons with basic video editing skills willing to put something like that together? The video basically writes itself.

No. 879572

Might just be bored enough to make that tomorrow. It may be lengthy considering the sheer amount of crap she buys

No. 879573

surely THIS is the hoodie that will finally fix her life.

No. 879574

>a little treat to myself because I'm depressed
Confirmed that she uses shopping to comfort herself, like a true addict. She needs help, this is sad.

No. 879575

Kek I'm looking forward to it

No. 879577

funny how she always refers to her overly expensive goff stuff as a “little treat”
girl…a little treat would be like, idk, getting an ice cream or something? not dropping $50+ on stuff you dont need

No. 879578

Speaking as someone who is currently seeing a therapist to help me manage my BPD, I truly think Heather may have BPD herself, as she seems to have no sense of self, and engages in wild spending habits, which are two common symptoms of the disorder.I hope one day she can recognize her behavior is not normal and that she will seek help

No. 879581

I genuinely hope she doesn’t have kids if she posts shit like that. It seems like she would only have one to use as a prop and an extension of herself and dress it all “spooky” or whatever phase she’s going through

No. 879582

Heather will never see a therapist because she believes therapy is for insane people and horribly mentally disturbed people and she is neither of those. So she’ll never get help and this will all get worse and worse.

No. 879583

File: 1570943435955.jpeg (134.33 KB, 750x1101, CFB79752-5F1D-4149-A494-0A4A30…)

No, Heather; you’re just a sad bitch. Get some professional help sis.

No. 879585


what is that link to? i can see it says heather in the screen shot and i know the title of this thread is heather, so i'm assuming this is a past post on this thread? i just said this is not one of my usual zoo attractions, i have never commented on this cow's threads before. taylor is my main cow and the other zoo creatures i visit are moo and pnp.

thanks for telling me to get a life, i was scrolling past this and stopped in to ask and i'm told to get a life? NOT A BLOG i'm just responding to being called out but i have a great life. engaged, homeowner, tax payer, in nursing, and 7 mos pregnant starting my family. what more of a life should i get? these cows are my entertainment. some people are gamers, some reddit, some spend all day on facebook? me, in my chill time, like to visit my favourite cows and follow along with their shenanigans. again, not flexing–i'm literally responding to you telling me to get a life for popping in your haunt here and asking a question(>being so autistic a farmhand mistakes it for copypasta)

No. 879593

File: 1570947247051.png (1.07 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191013-020937.png)

Its amazing how much of a disaster she is. Just when you think she can't be any worse…she keeps proving me wrong. If i ever met her, i would have zero problem telling her how much of a useless, lazy twat rag she is.

No. 879595

Yikes. Is that speculation, or has she actually said something like that before?

No. 879613

Fairly certain she's said it in a livestream before

No. 879617

Is like she doesn't understand that cheap cheap cheap adds up? With price of multiple CHEAP rings she could have bought one mid tier one that can stand elements and wearing. Shes throwing lot of money for lot of trash.

No. 879631

That and rather than getting diagnosed with a disorder she just calls herself an 'empath'. She's not the first person I've seen do this, they usually end up with a particular diagnosis that better explains all their emotional problems

No. 879680

"Daddy Issues," "school girl," tits out…

Heather's getting more desperate. Wouldn't be surprised if she was into DDLG or hoping to find a provider that way.

No. 879683

That tracks. It will give her more ammunition to claim she has to be provided for.

No. 879700

It just proves she’s lazy and uses people. It won’t benefit her in any way because everyone knows it’s just so she doesn’t have to work or earn anything on her own. The only reason she ‘needs to provided for’ is because she thinks she’s too good to work.

No. 879731

Can confirm, as I've met her irl, that she's very short (maybe 5 feet?) and has a long/large head that isn't proportional to the rest of her body. It's unfortunate and she doesn't dress in a way that makes it any better.

No. 879868

File: 1571046540183.png (1.77 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191014-054738.png)

grabs popcorn

No. 879880

Oh shit! Here we go…

No. 879883

File: 1571051732965.jpg (1.91 MB, 1920x2560, 19-10-14-07-14-39-852_deco.jpg)

I can definitely confirm…its Ryan. I'll make detective in no time.

No. 879886

File: 1571052508185.jpg (1.47 MB, 1503x2560, 19-10-14-07-28-15-919_deco.jpg)

Also….same fuckin hole in the jeans. Why don't you tag his name heather? Good job showing how fuckin obsessed you are..

No. 879887

File: 1571053071419.jpg (1.01 MB, 1440x2062, Screenshot_20191014-073534.jpg)

So, this was Ryan's last known girlfriend. Either they broke up and he's dating that trash, or, we have a confirmed cheater here…

No. 879888

Good catch, anon. Looks like they probably broke up, she has her fb status set to single, but they are still friends on fb. What a downgrade though, she's actually really cute.

No. 879890


The question now is…you think she's going to move to west Virginia since he works at that location. She doesn't have a pot to piss in and worked so hard on getting this fuck boy over her cat.

No. 879892

I refuse to believe she's with him again. So her hanging out with David worked getting this dudes attention again? I want to think this is some old ass picture of them together. But seeing her new boots throws me off. She went from no guy even talks to me last week. To her hanging out with him again. Somethings off. We shall see soon…

No. 879909

It’s probably not as deep as rekindling a relationship. He probably just needs to get laid and any hole will do, even Heather’s.

No. 879913

File: 1571062694043.jpg (1.17 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191014-101248_Ins…)

I doubt she got laid wearing a mess of an outfit like this.

No. 879916

lmao this is breathtakingly bad

No. 879920

She looks like a parody character you'd make in tjr sims.

No. 879922

File: 1571065589926.jpeg (646.2 KB, 750x1054, 71F46283-3CF1-4C45-9714-6978C1…)

Nah, seems like she’s just thirsting as usual.

Someone did ask “new guy in your life?” -praying emoji- lmao.

No. 879923

File: 1571065741122.jpeg (93.76 KB, 750x430, 8395D94F-D27E-43C5-90A7-9BF1E5…)

No. 879924

They probably broke up and now he needs someone to fuck. He's been ignoring heather for months so I doubt he actually wants seriously date her. He's using her and heather is too stupid, desperate and pathetically obsessed with him to notice.

No. 879940

File: 1571069752531.jpg (537.21 KB, 1080x1487, 20191014_091427.jpg)

They're best friends. Where does he say they were ever bf/gf?

No. 879948

That hat doesn't work with that top.

No. 879953


No. 879958

Jesus, she's such a try-hard. That is a gaudy outfit.

No. 879959


My fuckin head and eyes hurt from looking at that outfit. If it has ANY skulls, pumpkins, or killstar tags, she's just throwing it on, no coordination what so ever. And good luck Ryan, make sure you dont knock her up, you'll regret it, we don't need her dead brain cells to reproduce.

No. 879962

Heather, clothes with large prints are not doing you any favors whatsoever.

No. 879976

You know I got those skulls pants at Walmart a week ago now she has them and I feel so cringeworthy. Like I don’t want to wear them anymore she makes them look so bad Dx(blog, Dx)

No. 879990

It's just the way she combines things. None of the items themselves are the problem. She's just so over the top about it.

No. 880001

>None of the items themselves are the problem

I dunno, that top is pretty fucking ugly

No. 880015

Actually you're right. Though part of the problem is it hits her at a weird point, and emphadises that she doesn't have much of a waist. She looks so blocky.

No. 880048

File: 1571087120791.png (3.05 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191014-165656.png)

No. 880051

That's right, keep packing in those carbs…

No. 880121

For all we know Ryan is a chubby chaser; and Heather tends to mould herself depending on the guy she wants to attract.

No. 880185

Didn't Heather lose a bunch of weight the beginning of last year because of Ryan? Isn't that who she originally cheated on Adam with that started this whole shitshow off?

Now that I think of it.. Her obsession with those skulls rings did start coming back and Ryan does wear those.. FFS. How the fuck did she convince him to come back? She's a bloody stalker to the poor guy and hasn't changed nor matured into the type of girl that he clearly likes.

No. 880199

I think the weight loss came before Ryan. If anything the weight loss (plus getting the braces out) gave her the confidence to step outside of her marriage. Like she probably figured she was a 10 and could do better than staying with Adam.

Also great catch/point anon on the skull rings. Clearly she went for them to impress Ryan and she’s probably goingbto gonon live one of these days and say “I’ve loved skull rings whenever I was a 16!”. And as far as Ryan returning it’s either him throwing her a bone because of how pathetic she’s been online or he just wants some ass one the side and Heather is more that willing to offer hers up.

No. 880232

And this is someone who wants to become a model… oh no.

No. 880233

Honestly if she didn't dress so horribly and maybe dressed to her body shape and skin tone and added some colour in her wardrobe, she wouldn't look bad.. That's without throwing her personality into the mix. But overall, her personality makes her ugly.

No. 880250

Her sense of fashion is pretty non existent ay, just another reason why she shouldn't be a model.Girl can't even dress herself properly. Its funny though because it shows how lazy and little effort she puts into actually trying to do something she is "passionate" about. Being a model should be easy which is probably why she wants to be one but she cant even coordinate an outfit ffs.

No. 880270

File: 1571124809108.jpg (989.32 KB, 1080x2089, 20191015_003250.jpg)

How much you wanna bet he fucked her then left again.

No. 880271

File: 1571124877418.jpg (543.79 KB, 1080x2085, 20191015_003232.jpg)

Yes happiness is a butt for you.
( yeah I ss at the right moment lmfao )

No. 880273

File: 1571124943799.jpg (900.19 KB, 1062x2065, 20191015_003220.jpg)

No. 880274

More pictures of herself "crying". You deserve all the sorrow you're feeling thanks to your boneheaded decisions. No pity for you!

No. 880278

So she hooks up with the dude she ended her marriage for, then cries about it when he leaves all over social media? Totally not sending him any red flags. I bet he already regrets sticking his dick in crazy again.

No. 880291

There's a look that will win back a man.

Didn't she mention in one of her videos that she drove Ryan away by being too needy? Glad she's not making that mistake again.

No. 880294

What heather doesn't realize is that she is a bang'em and leave'em type of girl. She's too fuckin crazy. No matter how much she tries to change for ryan, he knows she's not relationship material.

My message to Ryan: some pussys aren't worth the hassle. She's not worth it at all. Run and block her.

No. 880297

File: 1571135247188.png (2.15 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191015-061639.png)

She has given up more updates on her crying then her actual "job" lol what a sad fuckin disaster. No one to blame but yourself hun. You choose to dick hop instead of getting your shit together.

No. 880304

Yes I believe she lost the weight before she decided to have sex with someone else while married. I got the distinct impression that losing the weight combined with the increase of followers on her YT channel (and her straightened teeth) really went to her head big time and that's when she thought she was too good for her husband (along with the fact that some of her so-called fans were stirring things up by making comments implying that they didn't like Adam etc) A sensible minded individual wouldn't have taken any notice (other youtubers have had people try the same thing, provocating things up by making negative comments about their significant other, but most of them have seen through it and ignored the bull) but in Heathers' case she already had mental issues so she was easily influenced, it's all gone to her head. She appears to have a massive ego. She thinks she's the best thing since sliced bread lol. Anyone who keeps taking that many selfies must be extremely in love with oneself. Her increase in followers on youtube will only boost this. It's fine to have some self confidence but with her it's to the max. Very delusional.
Plus when is she acually going to sell her toy collection on depop, she's not listed anything else on there yet but she's had plenty of time since she said she'd be selling it off so why doesn't she get on with it and be productive instead of wasting time posting selfies and chasing some guy who's really not interested in her, well perhaps for sex but that's about it?

No. 880305

This shit is exactly why some men have the belief that when women cry it's all just a manipulation tactic. Cry in private ffs

No. 880307

Oh and following on from what I just wrote her increase in followers on youtube won't be because of her looks but most likely from her toy/kawaii related videos. She has less than twenty uploads on there about exploring or gothic/witchy themes yet she has loads on there about her toys, colourful clothes etc. She must know deep down that she's made a huge mistake moving on so quickly to something else while her channel was still gaining momentum. To be honest (as a adult toy collector of many years myself) I will only be satisfied when I see vast numbers of people have realised how fake she is and unsubscribe to her channel. I'd like to see it tank. She reeled them in under false pretences while others (that I enjoy watching) that are genuine and truly passionate about toys struggle to get such high numbers of subscribers while producing good quality content. She goes through phases just to gain more subscribers from that specific hobby and then moves on when she feels she has nothing else to discuss or she's simply bored with it. She's very fake and her behaving like a cry baby (fake crocodile tears) gets no sympathy from me.

No. 880327

File: 1571147075330.png (4.15 MB, 1242x2208, 96E1B4F8-CE1B-49F8-AB84-E5719A…)

No. 880328

File: 1571147130564.png (5.31 MB, 1242x2208, F5084489-FAFB-4167-8943-AA1C5C…)


No. 880332

holy shit, she's so fucking embarrassing. Why not work on yourself first, Heather? You know, for YOU?

Get over your fucking self. Oh, and the "darkness and sorrow" you're using from this situation still doesn't make you goth.

No. 880336

How does Heather not realize that the common denominator of all her problems is her? Heather, you're the problem, sorry.

No. 880343

godddd I’d be so irritated if I just wanted to hook up with someone/rejected someone and they went on a very public social media rampage like we were tragic lovers

No. 880347

I would.'t just be irritated. I'd be scared.

No. 880360

Oh Heather….he’s just not that into you.

She needs to just work on herself right now. Cut the oversharing online and work on yourself, your mental health, financial situation etc.

No. 880362

FFS Heather, grow up already.

No. 880378

Just listen to The Birthday Massacre and it will all make sense. She overshares anyway but goff uwu girls fetishize what they consider to be personal tragedy.

No. 880388

So she deleted her video rant she posted (not surprised)

She deleted all her taylor swift videos that was all geared towards ryan.

She posts these "no one will love me again, no one wants me" bullshit. You're 30 years old, for fuck sake. You're not 13. You thinkyou have so much to offer but lets narrow it down.

1. Who drove around the cemetery yesterday?: ryan

2. Who picked you up yestersay?: ryan

3. Who took you out to dinner?: most likely, ryan

4. Who has to go back to work and you don't?: ryan

5. Who doesn't live with their mother?: ryan again!

All you have is 3 holes to offer, start waking the fuck up.

No. 880390

I wish Ryan would fucking block her ass already. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s liking the next photo he posts on Instagram or going to that next event he’ll be at it going back to the place where he works so she can “ghost hunt.” She’s gonna turn this situation into trying to win him over again I bet. She won’t give up. She won’t fucking take a “no” from him.

No. 880401

I honestly feel she really needs to read every single one of these comments. It might knock some sense into her since no one else is guiding her. She has tons of daddy issues and being independent. She feels self worth when a man pays her attention. Heather, seriously read every single one of these comments and get your fuckin dumb ass in check. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, NOT RYAN, NOT ADAM, YOU!

No. 880420

File: 1571162418043.png (1.68 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191015-135949.png)


No. 880424

What did she say in the video rant?

No. 880427


That she lost the greatest love in her life (aka ryan) and that she will never love again and she tried really hard.

If ryan is the greatest love of her life, then she clearly likes to be treated like shit

No. 880429

she reminds me of when i thought i was deep in middle school

No. 880442

It cracks me up that she went back and edited the caption

No. 880459

a common theme in people with borderline is being empathetic bc they feel emotions intensely. now what does heather always call herself? hmmmm

No. 880466

She thought she could hop on the coat tails ryan and his paranormal stuff. She can't just work hard and have a job, she has to try and either use people aka her fans for money or ride on the coat tails of someone else. She thought she had ryan in the cup of her hands, she'll just latch onto him and she'll repeat the same shit she did with adam. Nice try heather, again, GO GET A JOB AND STOP BEING A LEECH!

No. 880467

It's sad that any man that associates themself with her will never be taken seriously. It's a bad look on ryan if the paranormal community found this site, which im sure they have. You associate with heather, and you're in for a world of shit. What's also embarrassing is that she has no shame in posting those "im crying " pictures. Did you reverse your age to act like a 10 year old? What a huge turn off, she just keeps digging herself deeper into an embarrassment hole.

No. 880477

And she's deleting all her stories….rolls eyes….

No. 880481

I can’t believe she admitted that she was sure she was going to get him back. She’s so delusional

No. 880482

And she’s no longer folllwing Ryan on instagram either.

No. 880494

She just has zero dignity. I'm surprised Ryan ev ed n came back to her, if only for a sad pityfuck.

No. 880508


She'll add him again in 24 hrs, she does that with all her guys. Hopefully ryan will BLOCK HER

No. 880533

What a bunny boiler.

No. 880557

What did she expect though? Did she really think that going through with the divorce, finally getting her ass out of that place, getting a bank account, a job (allegedly), and learning how to drive would make Ryan run back to her?

She’s still a work in progress. Ryan is looking for a woman, not a little girl that needs to be coddled.

No. 880563


But here's the thing, she never got her shit together, she was forced out.

1. I doubt the divorce is anywhere near finalized.

2. She had ample amount of time to save up, get a job and leave her place with adam, but he literally gave her so much time he had to pretty much drive her out.

3. She gave up on her cat without any effort in getting him back

4. She lives with her mother and pretty much has no plans to leave until 2020, if even then

5. She doesn't have a job, she STILL doesn't have a driver license.

She literally did absolutely NOTHING to change her situation except dye her hair and buy shitty killstar clothing.

No. 880566

File: 1571181855239.png (1.73 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191015-192252.png)

Ooooooo, good job, lets get back at Ryan by posting tacky lyric quotes and not actually moving the fuck on

No. 880586

Wonder if all this paranormal spooky stuff was done to appeal to ryan and we’re about to see another radical identity change sometime soon

No. 880606

I get the feeling the whole urbex thing is because of him and the goth thing just fit the aesthetic. Is it too late to go back to the toys heather? It was the one thing that made you money on youtube.

No. 880607


I wouldn't support her fake ass. Fuck that. Let her find another way of making income. She shitted literally on everyone except for the guys that fucked her over. She needs to go out in the real world and work

No. 880641

File: 1571191437785.png (2.23 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191015-215954.png)

And she posted her rant…better catch it before she deletes it. Fuckin comedy central lol

No. 880645

File: 1571191546130.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 8612783B-F0D4-47A1-84E1-0D7C31…)

She’s posting some Instagram stories at the moment where she basically scorches Ryan.

She basically confirms what we all knew; that all Heather had to offer was her body. She goes on to say that she was warned about him many times (how he uses girls and then disposed of them) but that he was a sweet talker who knew exactly how to play her and what to say to manipulate her. She also says that he basically talked shit about her and said that she was crazy.

She calls him out knowing that in doing so she’s also burning bridges and connections she made with fellow explorers through him.

No. 880665

She said the same thing about Damien too.. That people warned her about him yet she still went back to him.. She likes putting blames on others than herself. I don't know Ryan, but he doesn't seem like that kind of person. He seems like he wants a WOMAN. But according to Heather; Ryan, Adam, and Damien (and possibly any other guy she'll have a falling out with in a relationship with) is just going to use her.

No. 880671

Very true. But men who use women in the way Heather is dramatically implying have a typical pattern of behavior. If you’ve been burned by a man like that you tend to come out of it knowing what to look out for. Heather is the obvious exception because she didn’t seem to learn the lesson.

No. 880674

tfw u stand in front of someone’s grave wearing the ugliest outfit known to man :/ is this normal behavior? i’ve never known anyone who does this gay cringey shit. it’s not cool or edgy it’s try hard.

No. 880676

Ryan doesn't strike me as the type to use girls. But she says that about every guy. But, we all told her, she's not girlfriend material, she makes herself a slut, she practially throws herself at every guy. Sorry heather, this isn't Ryan's fault, you fail to accept you are the issue. You don't have your life together. You literally have nothing to offer except your body and ryan took it, and i don't blame him. You are the bang'em and leave'em type of crazy

No. 880715

Just posted a series of insta stories where you don’t see her face but she tries to explain that Ryan set her up with a medium (who she thought was her friend) that told Heather to move on from him.

He was that desperate to get her off his back.

No. 880716

File: 1571197184542.jpeg (375.36 KB, 750x907, C972608E-19A7-4601-9B79-F3F269…)

Ryan’s response to Heather trying to paint him as the bad guy in all of this.

According to Heather he’s trying to “control the narrative” by painting her out to be this crazy girl and making sure shes ostracized from the paranormal community.

No. 880717

Everyone in this situation seems immature as fuck honestly.

No. 880719

Ryan’s friends are all apparently dragging Heather online, all because she “ stood up for herself ” and called or Ryan for using her.

No. 880720


They dont need to drag her name, she did thay all on her own. Also, she used ryans friends so she's just as much of a piece of shit as she claims ryan is. She uses everyone. Now i see why she would be attracted to ryan.

No. 880723

File: 1571198358843.jpeg (143.98 KB, 750x942, 192F480F-CBC2-4DEE-8EC1-1DF2CC…)

No. 880725

She deleted her black out videos pretty much saying his name and saying he used her and she's ok with not being friends.

She's such a child

No. 880726

Yeah, she deleted every single one. She even mentioned screenshots she had that will “prove her case.” Wonder if she’ll post those, since you know, she apparently was innocent in all of this bullshit she created.

No. 880727

In short summary of those videos she deleted:

-Heather said that during the New Years Eve party she attended with Ryan many people were drunk and she took care of one specific girl most of the night. That girl ended up disappearing with Ryan at some point and when he came back to Heather he was cold and distant. He broke up with her a day later.

- that caused her to feel like she wasn’t good enough for him and apparently motivated her work on herself to be worthy of him (it’s complete bullshit because she fucked around with Damien around this time, splurged on killstar, Made ZERO effort in getting a job, learning how to drive, or getting herself out of Adams place).

- Ryan ghosted her for the most part and would only talk to her when he wanted some ass. She says in one video that she was fine with that but didn’t appreciate him being all romantic and filling her head with fantasies of the two being together just to get some pussy out of her. Like somehow it tarnished the very romanticism it.

- all of her “friends” (aka Ryan’s friends that she befriended only to remain close to him) are jumping ship and taking his side, and hat she regrets losing their friendship because they all meant so much to her. She felt that this was her “soul tribe” even though she always felt like the outsider (because you ARE Heather!).

No. 880729

>broke up with her

as someone who was a similar kind of dumbass as a teenager, I get the strong impression there wasn’t much to break up and she’s way exaggerating their relationship

No. 880731

File: 1571200738793.jpeg (376.49 KB, 750x1054, 5D91FCE6-D6CE-4CF2-8163-CB6C02…)

Looks like Ryan is a lurker on here!

Hi Ryan!

No. 880733

dude seems like such a stereotypical chad, even without the shit that heather's dumped on him so far lol

No. 880735

Kinda new to the raging dumpster fire so bear with me: which one is the guy that pretended to be interested in her and wouldn’t say I love you over text but would on the phone? He was the “best friend” she made when she had pink hair. Was that Ryan, or Damien?

No. 880738



No. 880739

I love how whenever Heather majorly fucks up in whatever "hobby" she's in, everyone in said hobby always "ends up against her."

It's happening here (because it's clear that she used Ryan's friends to get to Ryan) like.. tbh, I'm kind of on Ryan's side in this instance. She used his friends to get close to him. She's been "stalking" him hardcore since January, always going to WV, having this obsession with "how great" VW is (because it's clear he lives/works there), it's clear that maybe at one point he only wanted to be friends with her but clearly she didn't want that.

But yeah, she got "chased" out of the toy collecting hobby, she got "chased" out of the BJD hobby.. No matter what she does, she fucks something up to where everyone is against her and she gets "chased" out of these hobbies. Has she not realised that this is all HER doing and no one else's?

I wouldn't be surprised if he did lurk here.. Maybe this thread is what stopped him from fully pursuing to be with Heather in the end; I wouldn't be surprised if she hid shit from him and he found it out on here. I mean, if you google Heather Steele, Heather Michelle, or any other fucking name Heather goes by; this thread shows up and anyone who knows Heather or has known Heather knows how most of the shit in this thread are fucking true but she's so delusional that she thinks otherwise she's the perfect being and nothing is wrong with her.

No. 880741


I missed the action tonight but here's the rant that she left up

No. 880748

Wow that is one of the best "woe is me"/"pity party" videos I have ever seen. This chick is fucking delusional. Heather needs to grow an actual brain like yesterday. People literally told her don't get with that guy he likes to fuck and dats dat, and she herself admits she settled for that and now she is putting so much more tragedy behind it than there actually is to it. I'm kinda interested in whether she will become a female incel. She practically admits she let the relationship be a friends with benefits type thing and then whines that she was used and manipulated. Heather Steel you are real stupid. Get a job, get a house, get a car and then pretend like you are so self empowered.

No. 880749

Dude she acts like her pussy is gold. Men will go for the easiest shit possible it doesn’t mean u have the best pussy out. As far as I’m concerned that pussy is stank. Ever heard of the same “ men go for the easy rotten apples while the golden sit on top”. It’s because Ryan is honestly not that great of a guy. Any guy that who stoops as low as to fuck someone so mentally deranged isn’t worth anything. She just needs to lock up that nasty crouch of hers and get a job like a grown up. She doesn’t have kids to be staying home ( thank god she doesn’t with those pug eyes of hers on a kid they’d lose theirs eyes with one drop on the head which she would do) she doesn’t have enough followers to make money, she doesn’t sell or put out good content, no modeling site yet alone Killstar would employe her because of her bad rep that you can find just by googling her name, her mom is coddling her so of course she won’t get off her fat ass, she follows “trends” to get dick. To sum up she should just sell herself on the street she’s at least get paid for that. She seems like she’s be a good hooker considering how sick thirsty she is.

No. 880757

This was hard to get through. In fact, I couldn't. She's spewing the same BS that's she's been saying for the last few years. Really pathetic.

No. 880788

I believe this is Ryan which is mentioned in the first thread ( different Ryan than the one right now she's dealing with). There's a recording of her snapchat stories on the first thread where she explains the stuff he would do to her. I rewatched not to long ago. She's always trying to halfass better herself for men and only to get screw herself over in the end.

No. 880790

File: 1571226563667.png (1.15 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191016-074735.png)

No, let's keep the facts straight heather, you are an IDIOT PERIOD.

No. 880800

“it all goes up from here!”
no, unless you get your shit together. you say that constantly.

No. 880809

I'm sick and tired of her posting videos and other things as if she has such deep insight on life, and how to "truly be yourself", and how to be "independent", etc etc. She's the last person anyone should be taking any sort of advice from! She's alost 30 and she's living with her mom, presumably not working, no driving skills, no life skills, she has no business dishing out all of these "inspirational" quotes.

It's obvious that she doesn't have friends. Honestly, with how she acts, she doesn't deserve any real friends.

No. 880813

I wanted to add, it's really funny that she mentioned loving everyone unconditionally, but you know, on the condition that you have something to offer her.

No. 880814

So who was the guy Heather cheated on Adam with and that "tricked" Adam into sending her to the mental ward and all that? He was some old guy motivational speaker on YouTube or something like that? His name was also Ryan? Wasn't he her soulmate and all that shit too? She seems to find her "soul mates" pretty easy…

No. 880822

Yes, that was a different Ryan. Heather was obsessed with him during October and November of last year. He's an older guy, in his late 30s/early 40s and also a Youtuber.

Heather has no idea what a soul mate is, that much is obvious.

No. 880856

Deleted this picture from her stream.

It’s hard to feel sorry for her honestly. She needs to learn that people will treat her the way she puts herself to be treated. Ryan “used her for her body”? Well, you consented and offered him your body; what else was he going to do?

In a way I’m glad she got a hard hitting dose of her own medicine. She manipulates and uses people all the time for her own benefit, and Ryan—her knight in shining armor—didnthe same to her. Anyone else would learn from this and grow, but Heather won’t. She’ll continue making an ass of herself.

No. 880857

She’s officially unfollowed David as well.

No. 880858

I noticed ryans paranormal group decided to unfollow her. Well, hate to say it,but bros before hoes. She used all his friends, karma is a bitch and this is why she keeps getting fucked over. She is no where near a good person that she claims to be. And if you have to claim you are, you're not.

Perfect example: YOU ABANDONED YOUR CAT, YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING ROTTEN TO HAPPEN TO YOU. You deserve a guy to play you, fuck you, and ghost your ass

Oh wait….that happened.

No. 880870

Wow that fakeass friendship didn't last long. It shows she definitely used him for her own benefit. Poor fool wasted his gas and mileage on this dumbass.

No. 880907

She literally drives people away. Everyone who has known her personally has said the same thing. She is too into herself. And she doesn't give two shits about friendships or anyone in general. This is why everyone who knows her fuckin runs. She's nuts. You had 2 guys that we know about run away from you this past year, god only know how many more. She'll never see she's the fucked up person.

No. 880911

Who is Damien then?

No. 880915

Some dude she dated twice earlier this year. Read the threads, we won't spoonfeed you.

No. 880928

Driving people away is literally the only type of driving she's capable of.

There's no way that people can still believe that she's the innocent one in all of this.

No. 880944

Anonymous now No. 880943


Same Ryan, she never stopped obsessing over him. IIRC he was the one who got her sent to the ward too

No. 880946


definitely a different Ryan. the first one was older and a motivational speaker with a very small, insignificant following. very cringe-y.

this ryan is younger and came after the all the weird snap stories and heather claiming she was being committed

No. 880949

Bingo! There were two different Ryans and Damien. Those are the 3 guys that she has obsessed over in the past year, publicly at least.

Ryan Snefsky is the guy that supposedly turned all of her friends against her last October and had Adam commit her. The other Ryan is the one that just dumped her ass.

No. 880955


I forgot that there were 2 different Ryan's!!! Man oh man, she's a real winner lol 3 guys in one year that ran from her laughs ahhhh she really should just go into porn lol

No. 880958

She clearly loves saying shit and deleting it as soon as possible. She says she’s an empath and she’s a loving person but I haven’t seen any of this. The moment someone wrongs her, she shit talks them into oblivion and then deletes whatever proof is out there of her shit talking said person. She’s neither an empath nor is she a loving person. She’s a cold person who wants all to go their way and when it doesn’t, it shows.. and with Heather it shows bad. She didn’t get Ryan and her plan to go so failed and this is what’s happening now. Now she’s going to make sure no woman can have Ryan.

She did this with first Ryan, even though he was clearly into something — Heather isn’t well.
She did this to Adam.
She did this to Damien.
And now Ryan is her next victim.

No. 880976

Doesn’t she have a Halloween event coming up thatbshe already paid for and was trying to figure out how to get there? I think it was in the 19th and she said she was trying to pass her driving test by then to go. Pretty sure that’s an event that Ryan and his friends are going to attend as well. So I’m wondering if she’s going to end up going or not. Don’t know if she can get a refund.

No. 880999

File: 1571264875417.jpg (679.37 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191016-182729_Ins…)

No. 881001

Oh she totally will still go.. She's still going to stalk the fuck out of Ryan. She won't let him go no matter what.

No. 881013


How many times have you said the same shit over and over again. Just get off social media and go get a life. It's not the fuckin hard. No one will ever look at you the same with the past year you had. You lost all credibility, there is no turning back. Just stop pretending to be some goth bitch for ryan and get your shit together. Not a hard concept.

No. 881091

I hope the next guy she tries to get with is a county boy so we can see heather act like a redneck next. She seems to love copying the themes of the men shes going after.

No. 881160

File: 1571291044255.jpeg (401.02 KB, 750x1000, 2B6B0DBA-5F10-477E-B524-7D4546…)

No. 881163

This is cow tipping. Do not try to bring lolcow to the attention of anyone posted about on here.

No. 881171

Holy shit he's legit retarded. Who the fuck posts edgy song lyrics on social media except for attention hungry teenagers? He is literally on Laineybot level of cringe and intelectual development delay. He seems as immature as Heather so no wonder she's into him. Love how he pretends he did not mean to attention whore.

No. 881204

Not to mention he didn't stay the fuck away from Heather. I honestly can't feel too sorry for him. He went back to sticking his dick in crazy when he ought to have known better.

No. 881469

Looks like someone is trying to be on there "best behavior" , I give it a week till she either buys something "spooky" or she tries to show off to ryan again.

No. 881490

File: 1571354284668.jpg (666 KB, 1065x1780, 20191017_161723.jpg)

Adam is posting pics of Timmy on his IG. It looks like hes doing good, no thanks to Heather.

No. 881495

File: 1571354544294.png (3.07 MB, 750x1334, 868500D9-4FCD-4A40-9720-3EAD99…)

Looks like she took your advice

No. 881506

>Lil Tim is going exploring

Why does this sound like he's making a dig at heather lol? especially with the gas mask filter.

No. 881511

It's obviously directed at Heather. Adam's not known for being the bigger person or particularly mature.

No. 881531


Def a jab at heather lol but i'm glad to see timmy is doing well, that makes me happy.

No. 881607

File: 1571367830098.png (4.32 MB, 750x1334, CEF575FC-2AA7-44F9-BAF5-9A7DE0…)

You work full time? How does your job allow you to constantly be on your phone???

No. 881624

File: 1571372296472.png (1.94 MB, 750x1334, 7C32AC5B-9C4D-4B45-ACF5-EC69ED…)

Heather, show some respect. Cemeteries are not your backdrops and grace memorials are not your props for some shitty lookbook.

No. 881629

I don't get it. Is she dumping her new channel and trying to resuscitate the old one after losing Ryan's connections?

No. 881635

Basically. She says she still plans on doing exploring videos and paranormal research. She just has to figure out who to scam into driving her around and funding her adventures because she sure as hell won’t do a thing.

No. 881654

One video a week?….HA!
She couldn't even post one video a week while she wasn't "working"

But "working" fulltime and possibly post a video every week? reach for them stars lol, reach realllllll high.

No. 881721

File: 1571413238970.png (955 KB, 750x1334, 97E15CA8-F2B3-47C1-A36D-B1C29C…)

Rare would be Heather actually working at all.

No. 881775

I'm convinced if she is working, it's gotta be 4-hour shifts a few times a week. She's definitely not full time.

No. 881794

File: 1571424916153.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 6E117562-9373-42A2-8FD2-0BEAAD…)

Translation: “I’m going to be in Tinder most of the day, and maybe later I’ll film a new video about how my life is going and what’s coming up for the channel!”

And sounds like a broken record.

No. 881814


What that translates to: "Looking for a new fuck boy, DM me, boys only, i don't hang out with girls, i want all the attention on me"

No. 881868

File: 1571436135358.jpg (804.05 KB, 1064x2072, 20191018_150015.jpg)

There she goes again, spend, spend.

No. 881888

Everyone who follows her at this point knows shes a joke. It's pathetic entertainment honestly. She said men "wouldn't" her seriously because of toy collecting, which she was trying to justify as an excuse to change her ways. Then she says the same about her pastel wardrobe. Do you think now, men take you seriously? Sure seems like she's been fucked over. But, you know, pumpkin and ghost sheets, definitely now men will take you seriously, 100%.

No. 881890

You need a fucking apartment heather. If you really do need bedding, go to the thriftstore. Just get a sheetset, run it through the wash at a high temperature, and worry about finding an aesthetic replacement later.

No. 881892

File: 1571437478375.png (2.49 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191018-182239.png)

All this shopping makes me think she's working in a department store….thats if she is really working. It would make sense. She's always shipping. Looks like marshalls or a tjmaxx?

No. 881894

And you notice this time she purposely blocked the price of the bedding instead of going on about how she got it at an amazing price.

No. 881895

Is the bedding that your mom provides for you not good enough?

No. 881898

File: 1571437572305.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, 052DB276-1167-430F-8991-733C8D…)

It’s your moms place, Heather.

No. 881916

File: 1571438973010.jpg (1.11 MB, 1920x2560, 19-10-18-18-47-34-743_deco.jpg)

Might make detective, just might lol

She says she works…but she's always shopping…

If she is right and is working..she's 100% working at marshalls

No. 881921

Oh no, anon, the thrift store temps her to buy more, she doesn't go there anymore and now look at how much money she's saving and lack of junk she has now! /s

Makes sense, I assumed she had another restaurant job like she claimed she did after leaving the first one. I bet being a waitress was too challenging for her compared to being around materialistic things and working the counter or stocking. I'd love to know what her career plans are, she's almost 30 with zero savings for the future. She needs a sugar daddy not a ~spooky youtuber bf~.

No. 881923

She won't get a sugar daddy who knows how to google through.

No. 882008

File: 1571451485941.jpg (92.48 KB, 773x1348, Screenshot_2019-10-18-19-15-40…)

Retail price for those curious

No. 882034

Oh that’s nothing….for someone whose income derives solely from the allowance their mom gives them.

If she actually worked for her money she’d think twice about spending that much, especially if she was making minimum wage.

No. 882042

File: 1571458669304.png (529.28 KB, 750x1334, 463C1122-39DD-4D5E-9833-9FFE72…)

Her response to Adam’s post?

She’s got some nerve posting a video of her and Timmy after abandoning him like she did.

No. 882055

Where is she getting these clips from? I thought her laptop died and that she couldn’t get internet on her desktop?

No. 882068

Probably screen recording YouTube from her phone

No. 882099

Adams girlfriend also posted videos of her Timmy cuddling with her and Adam in bed and Timmy was sitting on top of girlfriend, similar to the video heather posted.

No. 882118

Good for Timmy. I'm glad he's well.

No. 882314

File: 1571514716339.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, 76F0331F-66BD-421E-A8B5-C1D198…)

She was asking for tips on how to models d was evidently very proud of this shot lol

No. 882317

File: 1571514835170.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, D4A37DAA-265F-48F2-98A7-0CC31A…)

Who wants to cuddle?

Not Damien…or Ryan….or any sane “spoopy boy.”

No. 882328

I thought she already had decent bedding? Sure, new sheets/blankets can be nice and all but in her position she really doesn't need to be buying more stuff.

Not like the stuff even matches anyways.

No. 882331

File: 1571517868455.png (2.74 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191019-164243.png)

She's a hoarder

No. 882348

>"taking myself out on a date"
Is she…driving illegally? Because she doesn't have a license, unless her sister is driving her around for her solo date. Kek, what a loser.

No. 882359

Funny how she considers being bought "a little something" part of a date. I don't think dates usually involve somebody taking you shopping.

I don't know if she's a hoarder so much as a compulsive shopper. Neither is a good look.

No. 882360

You buy yourself "a little something" every day, what makes today any different from yesterday when you bought yourself sheets, a candle, and a skull-shaped cup?

No. 882361

You buy yourself "a little something" every day, what makes today any different from yesterday when you bought yourself sheets, a candle, and a skull-shaped cup?

No. 882371

Yesterday’s purchases were bought courtesy of mommy’s allowance. Today she dipped into that GFM cash because it was a special occasion!

No. 882440

File: 1571539122423.jpg (1.21 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-10-19-19-36-47…)

wow, that's a big fucking little something

No. 882441

File: 1571539177797.jpg (1.36 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-10-19-19-36-04…)

she makes me so mad

No. 882445

I was curious so looked it up, that palette is $47. holy shit the makeup setting spray is $42. the contour stick was $20. she livin the Kardashian life

No. 882449

File: 1571540246245.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, 360A61EC-2632-4900-91D4-653AB2…)

Whatever happened to “I’m saving every penny and putting it all for my car and new place”?

No. 882453

How broke are you guys? I mean I get SHE shouldn’t be spending money frivolously but the stuff she buys isn’t anything bank breaking. Usually some cheap tack or at most it’s killstar crap which isn’t even that much either.

No. 882454

>>882445 not to wk but the spray is more like 28 dollars but either huge ass lil sumn

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