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File: 1563942913675.png (621.92 KB, 845x484, 1563728081846.png)

No. 843231

A thread to discuss Shane Dawson and all the milky youtubers he hitches his wagon to. Previous series include:
>The Truth About Tana Mongeau
>$10 Million Celebrity Mansion for a Day (Kathy Griffin)
>The Secret World of Jeffree Star
>The Mind of Jake Paul
>Investigating Conspiracies (Brittani Louise Taylor)
>The Return of Eugenia Cooney

Up & Coming:
>Untitled Makeup Community "Documentary"
>Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Palette

Shane loves to make ultra-biased click-baity videos where he will "EXPOSE" or "FIX" controversial youtubers, but usually just ends up helping the insanely rich youtuber, giving them a platform to cry and look sympathetic and show themselves in a good light. Onion continues to try and bait Shane, Shane continues to ignore Onion's existence.

Shane Dawson's Crew/Additional Collaborators:
>Ryland Adams: Fiance
>Morgan Adams: Fiance's sister
>Andrew Siwicki: Cameraman & Editor
>Garrett Watts: Big tall friend
>Kati Morton: Questionable therapist
>Jeffree Star: Scary cosmetic alien

Previous Thread: >>697489

No. 843237

Discussion of Eugenia Cooney, continuing from >>840670
>Eugenia Cooney
>Eugenia Cooney's Mom/Family
>Jaclyn Glenn/David Michael Frank/Evangeline DeMuro's Responses

Jaclyn Glenn's Initial Vid:

Second/Shorter Vid:

Eugenia Cooney's Response:

No. 843244

File: 1563944906116.png (518.75 KB, 828x517, 15637280.png)

Shane continues to shamelessly shill JS.

No. 843253

How fucking bizzare

No. 843264

>Using an abused dying girl to promote your buddy flaming faggot's makeup

If someone claims Shane just wants what he think is best for people I stg….

No. 843280

She genuinely seems into J* and fangirled when she discovered he tweeted her. She went on to talk about how she'd love to collab with him.


No. 843297

I know this is a response to a really old comment made in the last thread, but for the anon who was talking about how the camera man kept panning down to Eugenia legs; I can't help but think that was to show the weight she's gained backed since she was wearing a over sized sweater the entire time. besides her face, unless we saw what else was exposed during the video, it was really hard to tell.

No. 843300

Fuck you Shane.
Now she can happily go her way into death, because you said she's recovered.
I wonder what his exuse will be once she's dead. Maybe he'll film with her mom and she can tell her "I loved her so much but I couldn't do anything for her" story so she doesn't take the blame.

Shane's been acting like a retard since he befriended Jeffree.
He's a bully whose attacking his own fans and sends his fanbase after them and he constantly inserts himself in things he knows nothing about.

No. 843311

Fucking this. I don't want to believe that Shane could be that slimey but c'mon: it's ALL Jeffree's shit. Plus when they showed JS cosmetics right in the documentary? It was just so distasteful. You're making a documentary about this girl's recovery, and doesn't that faggot have enough money without you having to shamelessly plug his products?

No. 843346

shane has always been a clout chaser using other people to boost his fame. he used to make collabs all the time with youtubers he pretended to be friends with and now he's exploiting the eating disorder of a girl who is clearly dying. this is sick. he was much more likeable when he was spitting out food in his kitchen.

No. 843433

>He's a bully whose attacking his own fans and sends his fanbase after them and he constantly inserts himself in things he knows nothing about.

The sad thing is I can't tell if you are even talking about Shane or Jeffrey. It could apply to either of them at this point I guess.

No. 843446

I'm the anon you're replying to

Oops lol, you're totally right. I meant Shane, but yeah, he probably got that from Jeffree since he's exactly the same and even worse.

No. 843458

The absolute last straw for Shane for me was when he completely undermined the story of his 'friend' Brittany-something and her genuinely horrific experience of human trafficking that he somehow mixed in with fucking Chuck E Cheese?? And the series is remembered as the 'Chuck E Cheese' scandal as if her part wasn't even in there, like what the hell? What an idiotic and disrespectful decision. He clearly doesn't care about the wellbeing of anyone in his videos, it's just about sensationalism.

No. 843463

Shane doesn't care. He's like Maury or Jerry Springer, except he has this "Lol, Relatable" & a bunch of YouTubers shilling him & overhyping everything he does.

I've seen so many people saying he "Saved" so and so. What?

He's not going to hang around EC how he's hanging and licking Jeffree's fake ass. EC doesn't fit in his glam gay/girl friend group.

Jeff's fake ass and his paid off high boyfriend do. Shane is just a user. He just likes people that make him look better & feel "In" to be around him. He loves to expliot himself and others for attention.

I bet you he doesn't talk to the non-famous people in his Docs anymore.

I bet you EC will make a video about how she hasn't spoken to Shane in X months.

He & Jeff are one of the same if you ask me, Jeff just can't hide the fact he's a sorry fake asshole, who has to purchase people & things and start drama to make him happy.

Shane needs to fix his own issues. I bet he'll do a "doc" on himself soon.

I don't care if EC is a fan of Jeffree's make up, but this whole thing comes off as another way for Shane to promote this "Jeffree's not a bad person, so don't get mad at me for this collab, thanks" Documentary.

No. 843551

File: 1563996376643.png (33.23 KB, 589x187, shanecomments.png)

>Using an abused dying girl to promote your buddy flaming faggot's makeup
Yeah, hit the nail on the head on why this feels SO icky. (Though there's a million other things to call Jeffree besides the f-word)

I mean, she seems to still style herself in/live in the "early '00s myspace scene queen" aesthetic, so it's not at all surprising that she would be a JS stan.

Anyways, not Shane's fault but apparently there's been fake "Shane Giveaway" accounts.

No. 843570

File: 1563998815612.png (224.42 KB, 874x312, yk1sbntoz.png)

>shane has always been a clout chaser using other people to boost his fame.
Eh, I don't think this is true really. I don't think he uses other people to climb the ladder, because he's always been a massively popular OG youtuber. He's been at the top of the youtube ladder for over a decade already. He had merch at Hot Topic ~8 years ago, I don't think other youtubers did.

What I WOULD say, is he uses other people's tragedies and controversies to create content that boosts his popularity and makes him look like a better person. And less-popular youtubers chomp at the bit to be exploited by Shane, because it boosts THEIR popularity. The Bobby Burns series is a clear example of that.

Never forget shit like pic related. I've never gotten past like, the first few minutes so correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think the guy was even his friend so much as just a dude that went to the same high school as Shane (Kirk Michael Galvin), who ended up violently and horrifically murdering his uncle.
>the POPULARS all bullied me
>Kirk was a POPULAR but didn't like, actively bully me
>Standing in the same room as someone and not pointing and laughing at them = friend!
>He was a GREAT guy you guise, idk what happened :///
>Profit (off of this tragedy)

No. 843586

Yeah I think he was one of the first Youtubers to really have circulated merch in retail shops and not just online, I remember it back in 2010. It was virtually unheard of before.

No. 843609

PewDiePie has tons of fake giveaway accounts in his comment sections as well. It's an extremely deceiving and shitty way to scam kids.

No. 843613

Jaclyn made another video: "Why I Spoke Out About Eugenia."

>Shane made a video for millions to see. The problem is that it’s untrue in a way that keeps her in a very dark place. So that’s why I made my video as fast as I could, because I was scared that this narrative would persist that she is fine now and I very much believe that she is not.

Kati is the one who told Jaclyn to lure her to apartment for legal reasons; “Kati knows the darkest details of that home.”
>Throughout our friendship I kept things very private, offline, until that ability has essentially been ripped away from me. And I knew that this would do that, I knew this would be the end of my friendship. It kind of amazes me that anyone thinks the ability to reach out privately is even an option for me. I don’t think it ever will be again.
>If we didn’t do that intervention, she would have died. And I know that that is a harsh thing to say but I fully believe it. Some people hate me, some people say that we saved her and I do not think we saved her because she is still in the same environment, in a dangerous environment with the same people who for years of her life when she was struggling told her that she was fine…
>She [Eugenia] was in tears because her mom has her convinced that if she goes against what her mom wants, her mom could die, because she has a weak heart. She was in tears saying, “If I go to a doctor my mom could die because she has a weak heart and this will stress her out.” She lives in constant paranoia of killing her mother. She takes care of her mother and it should be the other way around.
talks about a friend’s suicide 10 years ago:
>I was aware of problems in the home and I said nothing. I didn’t feel like it was my place. […] I can’t live with that feeling of knowing you could have said something and didn’t, because you can never go back, and I just can’t have that again. So yeah, maybe I’m selfish…
>Selfish would have been to keep my friend and bury my head in the sand and do nothing, and not worry about the backlash, that would’ve been selfish and easy.
>People are saying stuff like, “Maybe the mom’s not so bad after all.” The same mom who tried to have me arrested for kidnapping? The same mom who told her daughter to ignore authorities and run from mental health professionals? The same mother who never took her daughter to a doctor? The mother who in countless YouTube videos has taken her daughter shopping, having her try on skimpy clothes, saying how cute she looks? The mother who has numerous times told her daughter, “You’re fine, you don’t need help. I don’t know why people think there’s something wrong with you. Ignore what you see online”?

No. 843635

Not going to lie this does seem like it's kind of an…invasion of privacy. I feel like THIS could do more harm than good to EC, Basically telling the world that her mom is the monster we believe her to be.

But at the same time, we have Shane pretending to be her friend & using her to shill makeup and make content, AT LEAST I feel like this is from the heart. It's not made from a place of, "Oh, I'm the DOC QWEEN now, I saved so many! And when I get with Jeffree I'm going to be the BGuru QUEEN!" that's what I feel when I think of Shane & his part in this.

However, I don't know how to feel. It feels Icky but then again, They decided it was cool to have EC on camera, even if it's the last place she needs to be.

Doing a Doc fresh out of rehab and being used y Shane to Jerk Jeff's small dick off.

So why can't an ex-friend someone who actually did more than shove a camera in her face speak out?

They should've known that this would only make people look at EC more. When really it's been more about Shane "Saving her" and EC just being another person he exploits for views and attention.

No. 843660

I'm on Jaclyn's side here. She only spoke out because of Shane's shameless money&clout grab that will ultimately do more damage then good. She spoke the truth. And now she must justify herself because Shane's rabid army is at her throat.

No. 843662

I cant stand Jaclyn but I do feel for her in this situation. It does sound like she truly wanted to help Eugenia and obviously still does and if its true that EC has blocked her out of her life then I can see how a desperate, concerned friend would do something like this in panic.

No. 843665


This person has done more & knows more than Shane, plus she actually GIVES A FUCK.

she cares about EC on a personal level when to Shane it's a business level & entertainment Level.

No. 843694

I think that at this point is blatantly obvious that Shane is the sleazy lawyer of youtube. The one who defense the worst of the worse and walks up to the jury with "My client is an outstanding member of his community" & "My client may have kicked a puppy but he is just misunderstood and feels a lot of existential pain so kicking a puppy is perfectly justified"

No. 843704

agreed. I think shane's doc was awful and probably did more harm than good, but I could say the same about jaclyn's video. the internet knowing that her mom is abusive won't do anything. her fans knew that she was anorexic for YEARS and she only ever got help because her friends staged an intervention.

I feel for her because it must be incredibly painful to watch her friend go through something like this but I don't think putting her private issues in the public eye like this was the right thing to do.

No. 843714

File: 1564018048914.png (519.69 KB, 762x815, 1563599097605.png)

>20 min video
Bless u for writing this up so we didn't have to watch it all.

>Kati is the one who told Jaclyn to lure her to apartment for legal reasons

>“Kati knows the darkest details of that home.”
Ok, yeah we were talking about this a little bit in the last thread. It's just so confusing, like…what's Kati's agenda here? Or is money just her only agenda? She's thrown any line between "Mental Health Professional contuct" and "Youtube Content" completely out the window for any chance to shill her book.

Is it at all ethical/legal for her to directly advise Jaclyn what to do? It seems like if someone reached out to any mental health professional in a mental health context they would immediately have to be like "She's not my patient, please don't discuss any details of her personal life because I cannot advise you on those. I can only advise you in the most general sense, here's what to do if you're concerned that someone is in danger or a danger to themselves or others", (basically what she tried to do with Shane). Like for her to discuss in-depth details of Eugenia's life from a second hand source and advise based on that seems like a massive breech of professional conduct. Even if she's not working in a professional therapy context with Shane/Eugenia/Jaclyn, isn't she still held to a code of ethics? Like, there's plenty of medical doctors on youtube that talk about their field/expertise, but they couldn't be like "based on what you've described of your friend's symptoms over email, here's a prescription I've written for them!"

If I was Jaclyn and I had a whole ass in-depth ongoing convo about Eugenia and how she's in danger with Kati, and then Kati showed up in a popular youtuber's sensationalized video feigning complete ignorance of the situation and how dangerous it is, I would be confused and frustrated too. I know what she gains from being on Shane's channel (money) but what does she gain from lying about/hiding her involvement? Is it because Jaclyn n friends did what they did on Kati's direct instructions and it kind of blew up in their face? I would assume she's trying to cover her ass (especially after what happened with the Jake Paul series) but Jaclyn already posted caps in a previous video that shows Kati discussing Eugenia's life with Kati. (grabbed from last thread).

No. 843716

Internet knowing daddy of 5 was abusive did manage to do some good. Public outrage can occasionally work to benefit victims

No. 843721

He didn't even cover his ass at all with his video.. he's not so stupid that he honestly believes she's 100% okay. He should have made a disclaimer saying this and that EC came to him wanting him to introduce her back into YT and that whatever she is comfortable saying about her time is what it is and not present it like a recovery story. Kati should not have been involved at all. It should have just been a sit down with EC where he asked very basic questions. That is IF she came to him. If he came to her that's beyond fucked up and predatory.

No. 843747

it's a real rollercoaster when you help out someone in a life-threatening situation like this. without blogging I'll just say the story gets rewritten at the end and the person who did the saving can be ostracised and villain-ised while enablers gather round to bask in the glory.

Jaclyn can see she has no further clout in this situation so exposing the layers of it is probably the only thing she can think of to do to help now.

No. 843753

I agree about the hippa code anon and I don’t really want to defend Kati, but maybe since Eugenia’s weight concern was plastered all over the internet she felt like she needed to help since she specializes in eating disorders (iirc). I don’t know, I really can’t tell if all of her actions have ulterior motives or not

No. 843767

File: 1564031838186.png (158.99 KB, 817x1287, km.png)

>maybe since Eugenia’s weight concern was plastered all over the internet she felt like she needed to help since she specializes in eating disorders
I mean, maybe? I don't think that's how it works though, otherwise every doctor/therapist would just run around treating people against their will because it seemed obvious to them. Even then, why wouldn't she just do it herself instead of through Jaclyn and Shane?

Also I just looked at her LinkedIn. She does claim to be a ED expert, but it doesn't look like she has more than a year of professional experience with it? Also I know there was all that talk during BetterHelp-gate that Kati had a stake in it, was that ever confirmed? Because being the Co-Founder of an "Undisclosed" mental health start-up sure sounds like that.

No. 843787

Who is she talking about when she says that someone said it felt rushed and someone mentioned she had a taser (and it was actually a stun gun)? Did E respond again?

No. 843788

I believe KF tracked it all down in their Betterhelp thread, yes 'undisclosed' is Betterhelp or their parent company.

No. 843790

The only decent thing anyone's done for Eugenia is get her that makeup to make her smile lol. Sorry, but as someone fighting a LONG battle with anorexia I can't imagine dealing with strangers who've never had an ed trying to "save" me for obvious clout. Jaclyn's only throwing a hissyfit(and obviously selfposting here) because Shane is getting all the attention and erasing her efforts of helping her. The fact Jaclyn is ready to share private information Eugenia shared with her for millions of people for her own benefit is insanely fucked up. I doubt they were ever even that close. None of these people give a shit about Eugenia and they're all using her for their own benefit because that's what these people do.

No one can "save" or help Eugenia. The times I've felt most like shit are when people hounded me to recover. Most anorexic women slowly die under their parents' roof it's not abuse or neglect it's just illegal to force an adult to do anything. Age regression is common in anorexics who were sexually abused as children. Since Eugenia's been anorexic since she was a child it's likely this all stems from that, which is why she refuses to dwell on her illness because it brings back those memories.

You know why Eugenia was able to recover? Because she was away from negativity, disconnected from her family and the internet, and invested in other things. The BEST thing ANYONE has done for her so far is give her that makeup palette so she can be motivated to do videos that don't feature her body, and center her on something positive instead of the traumatic experiences she previously used her anorexia to repress. Sorry, Shane's the only one who helped here. Because he actually had an eating disorder. And he knows obsessively thinking about your eating disorder is the core foundation of it. Distractions are literally the best things. Stuck in the place where she was possibly abused with no friends guaranteed that Eugenia could do nothing but relive her trauma daily and remain anorexic to cope.

Like… let her be a Youtuber. Let her forget she has an eating disorder. Let Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star try and leech off her platform by sending her products and doing her makeup. You know why? Because it's better than playing savior like everyone else. By the way she lit up in her new video it's obvious she enjoyed it, and being an actual guru can motivate her to stay in recovery so she can be successful like them, something to aspire her and get her out of the house and not desperately codependent on her mother. Anyone who thinks what Jaclyn is doing is helping her is a fucking idiot. I seriously can't roll my eyes enough.(no one cares about your ED)

No. 843793

Kati Morton needs a thread of her own tbh. She's STILL shilling BetterHelp even after it was proven to be a disgusting scam. The Kiwi Farms thread on BH has a shit ton of info but it seems like everyone kinda forgot about it. I mean, what kinda "professional" pretends to be a producer to get inside someone's house then diagnoses them? Then had the nerve to play victim when she got criticism. Sorry, I just hate people like her who are driven by money and make a mockery out of mental health.

No. 843796

>It's suspected Morton is the co-founder of BetterHelp, hence her religious shilling of the service.
thread is here: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/the-betterhelp-creatorhealth-influencelogic-rabbit-hole.48362/page-14#post-3823605

No. 843799

see >>843796, she's not going to stop shilling it. I'd be very interested to know the nature of shane's deal with her actually. it's not just her book imo. the first launch of betterhelp onto youtube cashed and burned. kati normalising her face and presence and helping in all these crises (sociopathy! eating disorders!) may be setting the stage for a kinder reception of betterhelp the next time around? idk just tinfoiling as to why suddenly kati is the go-to for everyone.

No. 843800

she hasn't recovered. she's gained weight for now and gone back home to the same off-the-rails family dynamic while calling the friends, who've tried to save her life, bullies. her mother doesn't support her recovery or that there's even been anything wrong with her.

No. 843810

Never saw how gross Shane and J*'s relationship was before this thread. I can literally visualize them in like a dark room, intently staring at each other, Jeffree's leaning one hand on a table and the other on his hip and Shane has his stupid mouth agape and they're scheming together on how to milk Eugenia completely dry, like Tom and Daisy's ending scene from The Great Gatsby. I'm sure Shane has already taken the obligatory retarded face pic for his next thumbnail.

Speaking of which the thumbnail for EC's "what I missed" video is nothing like any other thumbnail she's produced. It's the first ever thumbnail of hers that has text and multiple images photoshopped in. I feel like Shane or even J* made it for her, it would match up with the manipulative gift bombing. Idk if it's already been confirmed she didn't make the thumbnail.

No. 843815

File: 1564050074473.jpg (20.17 KB, 800x438, Eugenie-Cooney-youtube.jpg)

>Like… let her be a Youtuber. Let her forget she has an eating disorder. Let Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star try and leech off her platform by sending her products and doing her makeup. You know why? Because it's better than playing savior like everyone else. By the way she lit up in her new video it's obvious she enjoyed it, and being an actual guru can motivate her to stay in recovery so she can be successful like them, something to aspire her and get her out of the house and not desperately codependent on her mother. Anyone who thinks what Jaclyn is doing is helping her is a fucking idiot. I seriously can't roll my eyes enough.

She used to do makeup videos before and she obviously enjoyed doing that Kari cosplay video too, the one that made everyone freak out over the state of her body. Look how happy she seems on the photo, even though she looks she's about to die any second. Was everyone supposed to be like "Awwwww look she's happy, rest in peace btw :))"

We are supposed to watch her die while her fat pig of a mother swims in money? Or support that unwashed retarded slob Shane because he used her to get more exposure and also shamelessly shilled her fucking Jeffree Star's makeup? I just know that opportunistic piece of shit contacted her so he could get more cash.

Jaclyn making video about exposing the situation with her mother wasn't the best idea because this will definitely cause more problems for Eugenia in the future. She should have kept trying to help her "behind the curtain" since now shit will hit the fan even more. Eugenia's current situation is really tragic. I hope her mother gets hit by a truck.

No. 843822

ur being baited by a blogger fams

No. 843824

By the way, can we not speculate on ~HoW iT AlL beGan~ because I'm seeing way too much talk in both these threads about how she may have been assaulted when nobody has anything to base it on. Nice projections and blogging everyone great job.
This is why E can't have a thread here, you obsessive creeps, this Shane video is just a work around for all the manure threads.
Eating disorders don't have one concrete manifestation, it falls under the OCD umbrella because it's a reaction to lack of control.
Let's call it like it is: she's been disordered ever since she was very young and it's probably her fat bitch Nmom, for real.
Let's not speculate that she's been victimized by anyone other than her terrible family.

No. 843825

Jaclyn’s video is a Hail Mary. Her biggest mistake was even TOUCHING on the fact that she was made out to be a bully when it saved her life. While it’s upsetting and frustrating, she shouldn’t have even acknowledged it, because it allowed people to argue what the real focus of her video is.

I think the comparison to enabling a druggie by not cutting them off/still being there for them VS actually telling the druggie they “don’t have a problem” is important. That’s what makes her mother abusive and evil instead of just being an enabler/unable to force a grown woman into treatment. It is a crucial distinction to make here.

I don’t blame Jaclyn for this, I think it’s imporant for abusers to be outed. Either way EC dies, why not at least TRY? I’d do anything to save a loved one, and I don’t care if they hated me. I just hate how shitty she is at articulating herself and keeping laser focus on the few simple facts.

No. 843832

the entire point of shane's video was to help eugenia come back to social media. he just made a simple video on how she's doing. if he really was just using her name for clout he would have made a 5 part series(whiteknighting)

No. 843844

>We are supposed to watch her die while her fat pig of a mother swims in money?

the level of self importance and delusion here is astounding. yes, because anorexia is cured by people on the internet making exposé videos on youtube.

No. 843879

oh please. what a fucking bad take.

No. 843903

It's not debatable that Shane is using Eugenia for clout. But it's a fact this video gave Eugenia a massive wave of support and positivity, something she said motivated her to recover. The thing she remembers most fondly was Felix sending his fans to wish her well. If the root of Eugenia's problem is her family then joining the Youtube community is an excellent way of getting the fuck away. Shane and co. are using Eugenia but at least they're marketing off her makeup reviews and not her eating disorder. Sending her beauty products is decent. Shane only talked about her eating disorder for 10 minutes of the entire hour long doc and just hung out with her the rest of the time and made her laugh, giving her a headstart on the kind of content she could follow up with. They're using her but frankly they use each other in the exact same way. It's called business. At least they focus on products and not Eugenia's personal life and recovery.

No. 843945

who are these new autist farmhands(Complaints go to /meta/)

No. 843949

>her biggest mistake was even TOUCHING on the fact that she was made out to be a bully when it saved her life.

Agreed. The accusations concerning Jaclyn doing all this purely for profit is odd considering she put her ass out on the line for EC. I mean maybe she is? I don't fucking know. Doing/saying nothing is worse than trying to get somebody help. If EC's family wasn't willing to do anything about it she most likely would have died. Now that she is back home it's hard to believe that she is going to continue getting help, I hope she does but how do you get that emaciated when your family sees you day in and day out in the first place?

Jaclyn at least had a friendship with EC that was outside of YT. Shane had her on his podcast once, and outside of sharing a platform I don't know what the nature of his relationship with her was. The doc was way too soon and seemed like a huge cash grab because even though he said the purpose was to "help others", why would you pick a girl fresh out of the hospital? There are so many other youtubers who have dealt with ED's that could have provided way more insight about the road to recovery.

No. 843953

Edwin uploaded a new video debunking some of jaclyn's narrative based on his conversations with EC

>Edwin interviews Jaclyn via text message asking why she is so sure EC's mom doesn't want her to get better. She repeats the same points from his first and second videos.

>Edwin asks why didn't she try talking to her more before doing something so drastic, she says she was scared EC's mom wouldn't allow them to be friends.

>Edwin points out the mom might have been angry not because she didn't want her to get help but because she thought her daughter was unsafe.

>EC told Edwin the facility she was sent to was not a place catering to eating disorders and she had every intention to get help before the intervention and going to that place didn't help and was a bad experience.

>Edwin mentions EC and Jaclyn was not close friends and when he asked EC who was her close friends, she said she had none.

No. 843954

Not for nothing, but this sounds like a lot of he said-she said, Anon.

No. 843958


That's true but I think government don't have spesific eating disorder facilities so that part makes sense to me.

I forgot to mention

>Edwin mentions hanging out with EC without her mom or a driver present at Vidcon and shows pictures of her and EC from the event.

>EC went to a different rehab centre after being released

No. 843959

This doesn't debunk anything honestly it shows he has no clue what he's talking about and he makes himself look like a complete idiot. From the comments it looks like that's what everyone's taking away from it which is good. I don't mind Edwin sometimes but this is potentially dangerous garbage.

No. 843961


I meant to say attempting to debunk, I'm not fully convinced the mom is fully innocent either but he does give some relevant new information that makes this look less black and white imo.

No. 843967

I also think that attention was one of the things that made EC worst. Having an ED and then having a platform were you are known soley for that & then going on a Doc with a very popular Youtuber, giving you more attention then you've ever had, solely because of your ED, can't be healthy.

I'm sorry, there's no other way for me to look at this other then exploitive. From Shane, From EC, From her mom, everyone involved.

Her claim to fame is her appearance because of an ED. At least Jac was her friend & tried to help.

I'd rather have her friends and people who care speak out then praise Shane and pretend he "Saved" her or some shit.

If Jac is doing it for money, How isn't Shane someone whose not even a friend not doing it for attention, money, praise etc?

No. 843980

I don't get how people can still see what Jaclynn did as bad. Like maybe she's a cow, i don't know, i don't follow her, but what she did to Eugina was genuinly good. Maybe she's repeating the same things because its truly about those things and because she can't (for some reason) reveal more.

Also if EC's mom is genuinly abusive (which I 100% believe she is), of course she wouldnt talk to her about it first. You don't negotiate with terrorists.

No. 843999

Yeah, I mean I think it's important that we don't ignore her complete abuse of her role. I definitely think she has a thread's worth of milk/things to talk about but I think that would crash and burn because like you said….people just forget? Or ignore her because "mental health uwu". I honestly cannot believe that between BetterHelp-gate and the Jake Paul series that Shane would EVER think it's a good idea to get involved with her again, but here we are? Tbh I thought after the Jake Paul fiasco someone would have reported her or something and she would have her licensure looked into or suspended. Also >>843767 it says she's still actively working as a Private Practice therapist….but she's obviously not? Just googling around I can't find any info on where she would practice/how to make an appointment with her etc that would indicate she's still working. That seems more to me like
>LOOK u guise I'm a REAL therapist!! I still have patients!!
>I don't even CARE about youtube and fame, I'm doing this to HELP people
when she's clearly thrown all of that out the window because she makes more money reading her DSM on youtube + selling a book

Also she gave Shane that robe that he sat in for like, 6 months clearly not mentally stable….so I kind of feel like she was somewhat to blame for letting him clearly stagnate and his complete inability to function following the JP series.

>I'd be very interested to know the nature of shane's deal with her actually. it's not just her book imo
Same, and his deal with Jeffree. I mean, just the fact that she was in the video for a few mins, and of course he linked her book in the bio….there's clearly some deal in place there. And he shills Jeffree every second he can so obviously he's getting something out of it.

No. 844021

File: 1564088562640.gif (834.15 KB, 245x180, 1_WJevFaxx4_6AEpxnR--DEQ.gif)

>I don't get how people can still see what Jaclynn did as bad.
I don't think people think what she did was bad, I think it's just the way she's going about presenting that info that seems kinda in bad taste. What Jaclyn did was way more helpful/necessary than what Shane did, but at the end of the day they're both using this clearly mentally ill girl as youtube content. I think other youtubers would have taken that whole situation and spun it into a "Story Time! I called the POLICE on my friend! (Not clickbait)" immediately after it happened (back in Feb?) so the fact that she didn't do that shows that this was a very real concern to her (a very low bar, but that's youtube). But then essentially doing that hours after Shane's vid does kind of make it look like she's wanting praise/credit for the situation even if what she's really trying to is let people know that Eugenia's still in very real danger.

>if he really was just using her name for clout he would have made a 5 part series
I know this anon got redtexted, but I don't think isn't an unreasonable thing to say? I think Shane's just too stupid to know anything about the real details of the situation and just thought
>unhealthy gorl not unhealthy anymore?? no problem, no one could be mad at that!! $$$$
Also as someone who never followed Eugenia before, I didn't know anything about the home situation/drama with her mom before the Jaclyn vid and discussion here – maybe Shane didn't either? Like obviously he should have done more research, but before Jaclyn made the video did anyone know about that whole situation? Shane just loves to stick his nose directly into drama and latch directly on to cows and then act like he's different from them because "uwu this is a documentary, i'm journalist uwu not getting involved uwu I've got nothing to do with it" when he's really the one causing the MOST drama/damage by deciding who he'll put his 20 million subscriber spotlight on next.

No. 844069

This anon summed it all up so well. I never followed Shane or this thread until the EC drama happened, and I watched his video before coming here, and then once I got here I watched Jaclyn's video, and it seemed to me like Shane was just naive, and didn't know. How was he supposed to know her mom is abusive? He said in the video he hadn't even seen her in years. Not saying it wasn't exploitative, as youtube always is, but I'm sure he didn't know. But who did know, apparently, was Kati.

Right now is just a waiting game basically. See if she loses weight again. Maybe the doctors she saw enlightened her a bit, even to the abuse from her mother. Who knows. I'm assuming Shane is her "friend" right now, and he would be dumb to not notice the warning signs now that he knows her, and once he gets to know her better. He has to be aware of Jaclyn's video by now, too.

I hope them letting Shane into their house backfires on her mom, because I'm sure he experienced some questionable/shady things like when he asked about her mom being there and she was weird about it.

No. 844134

File: 1564107874350.png (414.86 KB, 950x495, Screen Shot.png)

Holy shit, tbh I usually enjoy Edwin's videos when he covers cows, but this ain't it chief. He obviously thinks he's being unbiased but his convo with Jaclyn is super accusatory, I'm surprised she didn't cut it off sooner. He's basically accosting her and saying "Do you have PROOF that Eugenia's mom was bad? Why do YOU get to decide that she needs help?? Did you even speak to her Mom and ask her if she was a bad person?" like, Eugenia IS the proof, she CLEARLY needed help. Then later in the video he talks about how he tried to talk to Eugenia's close friends and she herself says she doesn't have any close friends. If looking at her wasn't enough proof for you, how about her complete isolation from society?

I get what he's trying to say with "How do we know her mom didn't have good intentions?", but that literally doesn't matter at all? Good intent means absolutely nothing. Jim Jones poisoned 1000 people and believed he was saving them. You don't look at the pile of bodies in Jonestown and go "Yeah but do we have proof that Jim Jones had bad intentions when he did this?"

Edwin my dude, we all know you lurk here. This is a very bad take. You're not playing devil's advocate, you're pushing the narrative that landed Eugenia in that alarming state of decay in the first place. Instead of challenging Jaclyn to show proof of "ill intent", why don't you show us proof that Eugenia's mom ever tried to actually help her daughter? Like, actual proof, not her brainwashed daughter promising she's fine when she clearly isn't.

I wish this screencap was fake but it's literally in the video.

No. 844137

>why don't you show us proof that Eugenia's mom ever tried to actually help her daughter?

this. why, has no one in this situation, ever talked to the people who are most influential (have the most influence) over her entire life? why haven’t they interviewed her mother or the driver or anyone at all? How can everyone look at this woman’s body, know how sheltered she is (lives at home, doesn’t have a job, no real close friends, very heavily monitored and regimented schedule, etc) in her nearly mid-20s, and not ask how the mother didn’t get her help? Her parents are helicopter to the extreme and assuming they were good parents, would swoop in before she could ever devolve to such a state, much less waste away for years while she paraded around on camera.

it makes me wonder why and how they’ve gone so long without being questioned. Even in the Shane video, it was really only Eugenia, and someone said that maybe their lawyer was present? Makes me think there’s legal red tape around talking to or questioning her parents about what’s going on, especially given what Jaclyn’s said.

No. 844154

> Why do YOU get to decide that she needs help??

because you can literally see her skeleton through her skin, you giant fucking shit nugget

No. 844171

File: 1564116649856.png (8.65 KB, 181x81, 67227530.png)

Edwin's getting roasted in the comments at least. Haven't seen one comment so far that supports him on this. At least there's some hope?

No. 844174

File: 1564116720451.png (153.8 KB, 958x666, 92113345074.png)

David's comment on the video

No. 844182

File: 1564117945123.png (63.88 KB, 930x252, 921133450746.png)

Edwin's pinned comment.
>as someone who likes his receipts
>provides zero receipts that Eugenia's mom ever tried to help or had good intentions in any way

Looking through the comments of this vid honestly makes me suspicious that >>843953 OP is actually Edwin, because
>debunking some of jaclyn's narrative based on his conversations with EC
I've scrolled probably 100+ comments down on the youtube video and haven't seen one single comment agreeing with Edwin or supporting this video. OP appears to be the only person on the internet who agrees with Edwin.

No. 844197

yes this shane/ jeffree / kati cabal is a super interesting aspect of all this. oh to be a fly on the wall and see those contracts and handshakes.

No. 844201

this is really fucked up of Edwin, and I was totally on his side with the Dasha stuff (still am). He's being a fucking parasite making a video about a dangerous situation he's not actually involved in and has no more than casual insight into, and basically handing the mother a pass based on wanting some petty "receipt". That's not how parental control and abuse works, it's not tailored to the needs of "tea" channels. This is a big mistake by Edwin.

No. 844211

File: 1564125910363.gif (777.14 KB, 500x288, true.gif)

>he constantly inserts himself in things he knows nothing about.

He's one of the phoniest people I've ever seen. The stans comment "oh but that's just how he is", yeah, he's a phony ass.

No. 844216

I'm the OP and I'm not Edwin anon, this can easily be proven by mods as I'm not from US. I wasn't even necesarily agreeing with him. I meant to say attempting to debunk as I cleared up before and the rest is just my attempt at summarizing the video.

I thought the video as a whole came off as Edwin completely taking EC's word for what happened and not giving Jaclyn the benefit of the doubt on a lot of things. Ironically lacking on critical thinking on Edwin's part. Especially the taser thing makes this very clear as it makes a lot more sense they would take it out for self defense rather than to subjugate emaciated EC as Edwin implied. That's my opinion on the video as a whole if you wanted it so much but I didnt make that comment because I'm not interested in Edwin's bias or lack of critical thinking as much as I am on the new information that he gave so there you have it.

In the end neither Jaclyn nor Edwin have evidence to say if the mom is abusive or not, they both have their own experience. Jaclyn's experience is a lot more significant and I'm not convinced the mom is innocent at all. The only thing is that I thought Jaclyn had more on the mom that she didn't wanna say in her initial video. But IF it's only the fact that she got mad about the intervention and doesn't let EC out without a driver, MAYBE she is just overprotective and that's not as big of a danger as Munchausen by proxy to her recovery. That's a big if and a maybe but we are all speculating so I think I'm entitled to entertain an unpopular theory without being Edwin.

Also Jaclyn sometimes comes off as making it about herself is a little distasteful to me. Doesn't mean she is not telling the truth but makes me question her motives more than if she didn't do that.

No. 844217

>this sounds like a lot of he said-she said
My thoughts exactly.

People like Edwin put bullshit like this on the internet and expect everyone (or at least a majority) will buy it.
>He's being a fucking parasite making a video about a dangerous situation he's not actually involved in
Sounds like Shane Dawson. Somehow I'm not surprised

No. 844220

>Jaclyn is ready to share private information Eugenia shared with her for millions of people for her own benefit
You're right. Jumping through hoops to get help for your dying friend knowing you'll probably lose their friendship is so selfish.
>None of these people give a shit about Eugenia and they're all using her for their own benefit
That's exactly what Eugenia's mother was/is doing to her. Hearing Jaclyn it sounds like Eugenia's entire family was/is gaslighting her, telling her she's fine when she wasn't.

>Anyone who thinks what Jaclyn is doing is helping her is a fucking idiot.

Jaclyn was the only one that actually got Eugenia into rehab in the first place, so she actually did help her. Unlike her selfish mother, which was the entire point of Jaclyn's video: to keep the spotlight on Eugenia's mother, where it belongs.

No. 844223

This is blindingly autistic.

This >>842661 was posted in the last thread about Eugenia's parents. Somehow he had Eugenia's parents tagged long before Jaclyn said anything about the mother or Eugenia's family.
Jaclyn said she hoped making certain info public could be helpful in the long term. And before anyone says "What's the internet going to do about it?", look up Daddy of Five then ask yourself that question again. I'm willing to bet Eugenia's parents are shitting themselves now that their at best gross negligence, is public knowledge (hence Shane's bs whitewash video).

No. 844311

File: 1564151801289.png (8.54 KB, 400x400, 4ca.png)

Hey Edwin, we all know you lurk here! I'm glad to see you are losing subscribers over this, I was hoping you would lose more, but hey, I'll take what I can get. Your video was so deluded and condescending. You climbed up on a high horse and lost the charm that attracted people to your channel. The tone, the mannerisms, the diction. Everything about your attitude in this video is downright grating. You were never even closely involved in Eugenia's life as Jaclyn, Fran and the rest were. You never got to see the things they saw as they were happening. Proof she needed help and wasn't getting it from her family? entire internet was inflamed a few months ago!She looked like a skeleton! If Jaclyn had not done what she did EC would probably be dead by now. Was it inelegant and rushed? Hell yeah! But that is why it's called a last measure. Interventions are not delicate and elegant.

No. 844380

I can't believe Edwin tried to claim Eugenia was somehow naturally skinny and actually had the audacity to say that to Jaclyn. Eugenia was clearly on the verge of death. Does he not have eyes? And obviously interventions are forceful… that's… the whole point. If I was Jaclyn I'd be genuinely pissed off/upset by his farce of an 'interview'. I actually think Edwin's video is more damaging than Shane's at this point.

No. 844446

I mean her (boy?)friend replied to the vid >>844174
I would honestly guess Jaclyn was too livid after seeing the vid to do so herself (rightfully so). But I think this is actually turned out in her favor since everyone is turning on Edwin, kek.

>I'm the OP and I'm not Edwin anon, this can easily be proven by mods as I'm not from US.
>That's my opinion on the video as a whole if you wanted it so much but I didnt make that comment because I'm not interested in Edwin's bias or lack of critical thinking as much as I am on the new information that he gave so there you have it.
Edwin or not, yikes calm down. (also heads up "not from US" doesn't mean anything because VPNs and doesn't Edwin spend a lot of time abroad anyways cuz Mina? idk)

No. 844494

I just watched EC's video 'I'm back' …. any thoughts on why she shrugs her shoulders so much?

No. 844499

not sure anon but something else weird i noticed is that she pronounces things differently now?? idk how to explain very well but it’s like she’s enunciating less and her T sounds are coming out more like D sounds. i’ll try to get some timestamps to illustrate my point. sage for random speculation

No. 844503

Samefag but I also find the timeline very strange. She was off the internet for about 5-6months…. but she was only in treatment for like a month. From what I understand, a 5150 is the same as Baker Act, which is just a 3-day psychiatric hold… and she willingly chose to go to another facility to continue treatment (likely for just 30 days or so because it was said she was only in rehab for like a month)

So…. it worries me what's been going on in that gap of time.

No. 844507

Im not a EC fan so I don't know if shes always done this but she speaks very simple(I can't think of a better word for it) she uses a lot of "umms,and likes" and I don't know if shes just drawing blanks while she talks, or if she has been stunted on a mental level.

No. 844515

Blaire White is livestreaming rn and briefly answered a question about Eugenia. I didn’t hear the first part of what she said as I just started watching, but I heard her say “make no mistake that Eugenia’s mom is crazy. I’ve heard the voicemails” - apparently Jaclyn has voicemails of EC’s mom calling her a “lesbian cunt” or something, but definitely including “lesbian”? Just makes me think Eugenia’s mom thought Jaclyn was taking her daughter away from her because she was romantically interested in Eugenia, not for health reasons… just found that weird

No. 844516

I’m not sure if this would be the case for EC but FYI doctors can and will renew the 3 day hold if they believe the patient continues to be a danger to themselves or others. I work at psych hospital and many patients get very upset when they realize they’re not going home in 3 days. Considering the state of EC at that time they may have renewed the hold. Many times they’ll renew it until the patient can be placed in step-down care like rehab or a group home. She may have been ivc’d until she could go to rehab. In my experience it can take a LONG time to get in treatment, especially an ED.

No. 844548

maybe she's been put on some kind of medication.

No. 844553

>Just makes me think Eugenia’s mom thought Jaclyn was taking her daughter away from her because she was romantically interested in Eugenia
Or maybe Eugenia had been showing some romantic interest towards Jaclyn? Her mother being homophobic could explain why her mother is so determined to keep her isolated from everyone. Can't risk her daughter having any kind of romantic relations, especially if she wants to date girls.
I remember in one of Eugenia's older videos, she said one of the bad events from her childhood was when they had her dress up as a boy for a play, which I thought was also kind of weird. Maybe this is too tinfoil-y though.

No. 844608

I dont see what comes off as not calm exactly but okay.

I'm under the impression your IP doesn't change with VPN and you can tell the real location from that but I might be wrong.

Unless Edwin changed countries to self-post after posting his video, he is in US. It's the same set-up as his regular videos.

I'm really not pressed you think I'm Edwin, I tried to correct it because it's relevant.

No. 844611

Edwin's live too right now

No. 844628

Dunno if anyone actually cared enough to watch all ~3 hours of the livestream, says he went over all the Eugenia stuff in the first 2 hours. But here's what I got from the last half hour or so:
>Had some kind of voice chat on and it was a nightmare. Just multiple people on voice chat talking over each other at Edwin.
>Someone on voice chat says they've been compiling videos as proof about Eugenia's mom
>Says he advised Eugenia to make a video addressing the concerns in a month or so, and then we'd be able to see if she's relapsed
>Says he'd be interested in making another video about Eugenia but he can't because he has to go back to his Die Antwoord series
>Compares it so some situation with imallexx and slazo and not wanting to encourage an incorrect narrative, or something.
>Repzilla was in the chat and I don't know what role he played in the stream or his relation to Edwin.
>When that Michael Jackson documentary came out everyone just believed it! There's so many lies in that documentary!
>Calls "Leaving Neverland" a bogus documentary and recommends watching youtube videos to debunk it
>Keeps saying that there's no solid proof that Michael Jackson's a pedophile
>Says he never said Jaclyn isn't a liar and he 100% believes that Jaclyn believes what she's saying
>I think it's more dangerous to believe Jaclyn at face value!!
>Says Eugenia's mom messed up but he doesn't believe the narrative
>Melanie Martinez is a grey area
>Says Jaclyn and her friends were maybe up to 50% of the reason she got help!
>If he unlists the video Eugenia would think she can't trust him and doesn't have friends
>If I'm enabling it….isn't Jaclyn TRIGGERING it?
>Doesn't think Jaclyn made the video for clout, but doesn't understand what the point of it was
>Is "asking around" about Eugenia's mom, plans on asking Drew(?) who stayed with Eugenia for several days when in America
>Jaclyn threw Kati Morton under the bus!!
>Says he doesn't believe Nikocado Avocado's Trisha videos, he just wanted drama
>Does not support the Eugenia's mom's decision to take so long to get her help

No. 844630

So what I get from all of this is what I originally thought, he gives NO shits about Ec and this is just another thing for him to use for views.

I seriously doubt he cares about EC or Jac.

No. 844637

File: 1564197935750.png (20.43 KB, 590x156, Big Pile of BS.png)

>"make no mistake that Eugenia’s mom is crazy. I’ve heard the voicemails”
>apparently Jaclyn has voicemails of EC’s mom calling her a “lesbian cunt” or something

EC's mom being an unhinged troglodyte doesn't surprise me. It's also not surprising to see EC defending her, but it's hard to tell if this is because her mother is STILL controlling her, forcing her to write this crap, or if it's because EC's still not ready to live in reality.

When she says things like >There’s so much positive to focus on instead
It just sounds like another Shane inspired whitewash. EC has yet to admit that Jaclyn's the one who helped get her into rehab, not her "amazing" mother.

No. 844638


This is some ~*~DeViLs AdVoCaTe~*~ nonsense. That timely abuser apologism paying his bills, I guess

No. 844639

>Edwin tried to claim Eugenia was somehow naturally skinny
That was the exact same bullshit Eugenia used to say in her videos when people would ask her about her weight.

No. 844643

>she may have been ivc’d until she could go to rehab.
Sorry what's "ivc’d"?
>In my experience it can take a LONG time to get in treatment, especially an ED.

Based on her appearance/weight gain she's obviously had some sort of treatment the last 6 months. What's curious is the fact that she's apparently back home with the same family that GASLIT her for years telling her she was fine, that the internet was lying to her, etc. If she was in ongoing treatment I'd think the doc or whomever would tell her not to go back to such a toxic environment where all the "not so nice things" are swept under the fucking rug, kind of like what she's doing now.

No. 844650

maybe some degree of weight restoration was the only aspect of treatment they could achieve? she probably wan't cooperative with therapy based on her statements since coming back.

No. 844659

Ivc’d is involuntarily committed; basically another term for the Baker act.

Unfortunately once someone no longer poses imminent risk to themselves or others the hospital (and other treatment providers) is required by federal law to allow them to live in the risk restrictive environment possible. EC is an adult and is considered competent by law; she’s allowed to make bad choices regarding where she lives and who she is living with. Hospitals discharge patients all the time to shitty families because that where the patients want to go.

No. 844667

>EC has yet to admit that Jaclyn's the one who helped get her into rehab, not her "amazing" mother.

Yeah until she actually owns up to the truth I don't consider her in any less danger than she was before she was committed. I hate to say it but I can only see her relapsing, repeating the same dysfunctional patterns, so long as she has people like her mother around her.

No. 844674

for anyone interested, here's Blaire talking EC and the mom's lesbian comment: https://youtu.be/Nq9sBIr1uLs?t=3054 (~51 min in)

No. 844677

This is a super late response, but in regards to that series about the "friend" in prison. He never finished the series. He ends part 2 by saying that he's going to investigate more, reach out to the family, and possibly try to visit him in prison. Then he never mentioned it again iirc. I'm almost certain that the family threatened him with legal action or at least told him to fuck right off.

No. 844698

quickie transcript:

Commenter: Just want to say a Jacqueline Glenn is a damn hero for saving Eugenia Cooney's life.

Blaire: Yeah you know, I feel like Eugenia deserves credit as well because Eugenia did stick with recovery right. But people trying to take it away from Jacqueline as if she didn't play a huge role are wrong in my opinion, because Eugenia was on the brink of death. Everyone knew it, everyone thought the brink, like literally like does she have a week left, does she have a month left, day left. Like it was that bad. I don't know Eugenia, I have not met miss Eugenia but a few days after the intervention that Jacqueline had I went shopping with Jacqueline and Jacqueline showed me, she played me rather, some voicemails from Eugenia's mom. Now these voicemails have not been made public, Jacqueline has not made them public and that's up to Jacqueline she ever wants to do that. But Eugenia's mom is a psycho bitch, period. Eugenia's mom is directly responsible for keeping Eugenia in her anorexic state. Eugenia's mom was screaming at Jacqueline in a voicemail that Jacqueline is a dumb lesbian cunt or something of the sort, something about Jacqueline being a lesbian (she's not a lesbian she's dating a man) because of this intervention right. Eugenia's mom did not want the intervention to happen so Eugenia's mom is directly responsible for keeping her child in that state, make no mistake. And so I commend Jacqueline for what she did, it was very hard on Jacqueline. Jacqueline for three years has been getting hate about Eugenia and about how she's not helping right. Even I get hate, like before all this I was even getting hate being like "you're friends with Jacqueline she's friends with Eugenia have Jacqueline help"", like people hating on me and I was like, I'm so far removed from this, I don't know Eugenia, you know what I mean. So make no mistake that Eugenia's mom is crazy. I heard the voicemails and those have not been made public, I'm sure they won't be but I've heard them and I've heard what Jacqueline had to deal with. No-one should have to fight someone's family to get them help, families should be on board with helping.

No. 844718

The whole point of VPN is to change your IP

No. 844741

I agree; her whole interview with Shane set off alarm bells for me in terms of her actually sticking to her recovery. There were a lot of “I guess”’ statements as if she didn’t really believe what she was saying. She also was very evasive when discussing her ED i.e. “I didn’t realize I wasn’t eating enough”, etc. It takes a real effort to get to the size she was (and tbh currently is); no one “accidentally” starves themselves to the brink of almost death. She was definitely aware of what she was doing to herself; she may have been in denial over actually having an eating disorder but she was making conscious decisions to starve herself.

No. 844789


Yeah she didn't seem passionate or committed to recovery, made out like the undereating wasn't on purpose.. didn't get too deep with her answers at all. She's charming to people because she's sweet and polite on a surface level but that's all it is, surface level. Shane didn't get much out of her

No. 844804

Can we make a new Eugenia thread? This one is pretty much one and her old one is dead
I know she's a sweet girl and not really milky but milk keeps flowing since Shane's video.

No. 844808

>shane dawson
>jaclyn glenn
>blaire white
>kati morton (and tangentialy jeffree star)

God, are any of these fuckers involved NOT cows? This is some rock and hard place shit.

No. 844876

File: 1564253569045.jpg (46.19 KB, 472x472, 0b2c6eba31f2a1067045b7f3e4e8f1…)

>>844804 i agree Eugenia isn't really an angel
she has lied about a bunch of stuff
>doc said i am healthy when she hadn't been to one in years
>lying about what really happend with Jacklyn
>the bs she sold to edwin etc

she is like a cult member fake and to an extent manipulative against her own interest

she is certainly hiding milk

No. 844887

>I'm under the impression your IP doesn't change with VPN and you can tell the real location from that but I might be wrong.
You ARE wrong. What do you think a VPN does if it changes absolutely nothing? It changes your IP to the IP of a different location. If you're basing that off of "mods can tell a samefag even if they have different IPs" it's because your computer/browser leaks other identifying information. The problem is that VPNs often recycle IPs, so you may use a VPN and end up with an IP that's already been banned here. You don't have to keep insisting you're not Edwin, you don't know what you're talking about either way. Sage for OT.

No. 844904

she's insane. her mom let her get to the point of death (esp brain death.) No good mother would watch their child waste away and use their youtube views for money. I feel bad for EC, but she's in massive denial. her family didnt give a shit about her or her health

No. 844939

>she was making conscious decisions to starve herself.

Hearing what Jaclyn said about her family, her ENTIRE FAMILY was lying to her telling her she was fine. So it wasn't just about Eugenia not owning up to the reality of her situation, her mother, father and brother were all gaslighting the shit out of her telling her there was nothing wrong with her. There's literally video of her dad going "oh you look great, not a day over 14", when it was her 24th b-day. Who the fuck says that to their sick child with an ED? A psychopath. imo, her whole family's sick in the head.

No. 844942

>she is like a cult member
I was thinking the same thing. The question is, who's leading the cult? It ain't her that's for damn sure. Someone in her family has put her to the task of covering their ass because they're desperate to keep the spotlight off of them.

No. 844974

Okay that makes sense, thanks for the information. I've seen anons say
"mods can check my ip/location for proof i'm not the cow" before on lolcow so that was partially where I got my impression indeed.
>you don't know what you're talking about either way
It's almost like I already said I wasn't sure about it. Which means I know the limits of my knowledge and talk accordingly, you got me there anon.

No. 844981

File: 1564271926349.png (268.33 KB, 468x468, l8M6Lx.png)

>I know she's a sweet girl and not really milky
So why would she need her own separate thread?

>but milk keeps flowing since Shane's video

If the original source of the milk is Shane's video, why wouldn't we talk about it in the Shane thread? All the milk flowing is in response to Shane/Shane's video. If you created a separate Eugenia thread, then you would just go there and talk about Shane's video/the drama it caused, which would make no sense….because there's a Shane thread. Even >>844876 is only 3 things, which is not enough to base an entire separate thread on.

The whole point of the Shane thread is that every time he does a series, there's an influx of milk surrounding someone for a couple of weeks, and then it dies off. What was happening in the past is we were talking about Shane in the Onision threads, the Youtube thread, the Youtube Makeup thread (Jeffree), the Tana thread (dead), the Grav3yardgirl thread (dead), the Trisha thread (dead), and the Jeffree Thread (dead). Shane himself is half of the milk in these series, but discussion of Shane/his role in the milk doesn't belong in any of those threads. Making threads for all of those cows separately makes no sense because the discussion is about Shane, and no one cares after a few weeks post-Shane, as evidence by all of those threads being dead now. If we had created a separate thread for Jake Paul to talk about the Shane doc in, it would be long dead by now too.

The same would happen with Eugenia: there would be very intense discussion of her for a few weeks, and then the thread would die off but the Shane thread would still be active because he'd have a new series out. If there's still active milk flowing a few weeks from now about Eugenia (like, actually her and not the people responding to Shane's vid) once everyone's moved on THEN a thread makes sense. If Onion harassing for years now hasn't earned her her own thread, I don't know why new people harassing her would either. Like you said, she herself isn't milky, it's really just the people surrounding her, and right now they're only surrounding her because of Shane.

No. 844997

>thinking an abused person with serious mental problems they can't even see and who lies for their abuser is milk
you just wanna talk about her bones, let's be real

No. 845174

i am sorry i didn't mean to come out that cruel towards her
i understand she is ill but you have to admit there is something more going on

No. 845177

the more is her mother though. a thread about eugenia is futile in that respect. here in this one we can talk about all of them equally since they're all in shane's orbit.

No. 845244

Why not a thread about her mother, then? She is nowhere near as involved on social media as margo was in the golden days of milk flow, but anons always dig up material.

No. 845265

Deefizzy talked about the Eugenia and Jaclyn situation in a long ass livestream.

Posting a reddit link because it has time stamps for when he discusses certain info.


No. 845296

This is some he said she said scenario. Damon hasnt' been active much on social media afaik? the last few years, it's weird he's jumping on this bandwagon, I do wonder if he is actually close to EC or not.

I feel like the whole part about her being just about to get help from her mom is just a flat out lie, idk though.


she also posted this. She doesn't really give any info but again, comments there is untrue info floating about but she doesn't want drama so literally useless Q&A (I'm not done with the video though so maybe there is something)

No. 845308

This is so interesting to me because I feel people with EDs are some of the most manipulative people I've ever met, they're controlled by their EDs and there's a lot of crying/begging/bargaining/etc whenever something is brought up.

It'd be interesting if EC has just been straight up lying to her friends, mother, etc in an attempt to stay sick as long as possible. I feel like people fall for the, "I'm just a nice person!" thing she has going for her and while she may be a Nice Person she was clearly able to stay sick and out of IP/didn't get IVC'd for years.

Do people want to believe her mom is abusive because they want to believe she wasn't just being enabled, or do they genuinely think her mom is abusive because some unreliable people said so?

For me the verdict is still out, there are a lot of family members who get in deep when their child has an ED or addiction. They'd rather have their kids die loving them and giving them everything they could ever want than being iced out over forcing them into recovery.

There are so many grubby Youtube hands in the EC cookie jar right now, it really makes me raise my eyebrows to see anons jumping to declare things like fact when it's all just he-said-she-said.

No. 845516

I honestly agree. Even if Eugenia is a good person, she was hypothetically raised by a manipulative parent who enabled all of her bad behaviors. I think she has probably realized that as long as she acts like she’s in denial and acts like a child about the whole situation people won’t want to push further. Nobody wants to make the tiny fragile girl cry.

No. 845614

>For me the verdict is still out, there are a lot of family members who get in deep when their child has an ED or addiction. They'd rather have their kids die loving them and giving them everything they could ever want than being iced out over forcing them into recovery.

I have pondered this myself but it really doesnt matter because it's still selfish to keep your kid in that state. If your priorities as a parent are so fucked up that your supporting your daughter's ED, than you need a serious wake up call. Her parents should be called out, I don't care how manipulative EC is. If you would rather have her "die loving you" than risk your relationship to save her life you shouldn't be a parent.

No. 845631

sounds like you’re completely new to eugenia then because people have been speculating that her family/mom especially is abusive for literal years.

No. 845714

Fuck off Edwin

No. 845815

Jaclyn was more of a friend to EC than Shane will ever be. this video was 10 minutes longer than it needed to be but shows how fake Shane is. it’s sad to see a mentally ill person put her trust in him (and Edwin and Damon) while turning her back on true(r) friends who actually cared enough to get her help.

also, Edwin and Damon are astoundingly dumb. i feel like they’re both biased cuz they’re a couple of sheltered mama’s boys who don’t live in reality and can’t entertain the possibility that a mother could abuse her kid like that; that this type of thing could happen to someone they know

No. 845819

No. 845831

File: 1564464229290.jpg (43.83 KB, 640x359, coony.jpg)

Oh, no, don't get me wrong I don't think her mom is a good person at all. I believe the whole situation is completely fucked in an isolated dynamic and probably has some toxic codependency shit is what I meant.
>"My mom will die of a heart attack if I go into treatment"
>"You're kidnapping my daughter"

Oh absolutely not-in fact, the first tinfoils I saw going around were that EC wasn't in treatment at all and she had died but her Mother wanted to cover it up

>Everyone is Edwin
Wow you're sure hot on the trail, detective
Does this not count as "Hi Cow"?
It's annoying as all hell

No. 845838

please point out which part is worth watching in such a clickbaity video or don't embed it.

No. 845840

I'm reluctant to give Without a Crystal Ball views but showing Shane's cruel jokes about Eugenia's weight was worth watching a section. This is about videos circulating on Twitter btw. One of the accounts she's showing I went and looked for, it's suspended now which is… interesting.

No. 845856

It's so ironic that Eugenia gets threatened by her mom for trying to get help, but not because she's gonna die soon.
I really wonder what she's gonna do when E's dead.

No. 845917

>I really wonder what she's gonna do when E's dead
She'll giddily run to collect that sweet insurance money.
I'd bet she has a hefty insurance claim planned out in case of her cash-cow's, erm, I mean daughter's death.

No. 845999

Does insurance cover ED deaths?

No. 846127

Hmm… could Eugenia really just die without any authorities investigating? One quick search and they'd find out that she hasn't been to a doctor and her mom never did anything to help her.
I'm sure the rehab people asked Eugenia about her home life and Jaclyn said Eugenia said, when they did the 5150 on her, that she can't go because her mom might die because of her heart…
Her mom should at least get blamed for denial of assistance. She and all those people living with them see what's going on but choose to do nothing.
Everytime police or other authorities came they must've filed reporsts. All things that could be easily verified.
But I don't know if her death would even matter. Maybe she'll be just another anorexic girl who died.

No. 846226

Richie weighs in lol. He basically sides with Jaclyn and corroborates her claims about the mother wielding a lot of influence over EC (professionally as well as emotionally, according to him), the driver waiting for EC at events, etc. Doesn't provide much new info but believes there's something "deeply wrong" with the situation.

No. 846368

She's an adult, so the mom wouldn't be blamed. She might get some side eyes from the authorities for not getting her into treatment, but if it's deemed due to the ED, they can't blame the mom.
It's really hard to get someone 5150'd unless they try to kill themselves.

No. 846389

Cause of death is rarely listed as an ED but the actual event, say, heart failure. No-one would be blamed.
Which is why I think getting Adult protective Services involved now is a solid idea by Jaclyn.

No. 846836

Anyone else been trying to follow this publicity circus? (Trying being the key word) I'm not even mad at Jake and Tana getting together, real or not. It makes perfect sense. But kek at it being less than a year since Shane made an entire series about how Erika was the best thing to ever happen to Jake and he ended up "married" to another Shane shitshow 9 months later.

Boy, you know it must be dire straits if RICHIE has to make a video agreeing with Jaclyn. ot but was surprised to see him have tour dates at the beginning of his video. Do people actually still like him? I thought his career was pretty much dead and buried after Jaclyn.

No. 846994

He's gonna be about 5 minutes from my house on his "tour".

No. 847019

File: 1564643513616.jpg (77.61 KB, 715x758, IMG_20190801_000551.jpg)

Edwin somehow gained 62+ followers after hiding away from social media because of the backlash from his EC video. Something smells fishy.

No. 847029

I feel like they're trying to recreate the style of the golden tabloid era of paris/britney etc. But they're doing such a shit job of it. At least leave your wedding party together and go on your honeymoon together, make it a good stunt. It's just so lazy.

No. 847031

I genuinely think Tana partially did this so she could change her name to Tana Paul & be more marketable/palatable.

No. 847079

Considering he was gaining around 80-100 a day beforehand, I don't see your point.

No. 847085

Seriously, I would be so into this if they tried a little bit harder but every stunt Tana does is so… half hearted and just not well executed

No. 847104

Considering his growth beforehand, it looks pretty organic to me.

No. 847105

I think she just needs some type of plot/storyline for her shit MTV reality show. Jake Paul already done TV with nickelodeon, he's probably just like a bigger 'YouTube celebrity' they can put in the credits like how Pam Anderson son is now in The Hills.

No. 847496

Ok, Eugenia is not the only sweet person with a severe ED, just saying.. Remember what we see of her on camera is only what she chooses to show us. Regarding her mom, I think she could just enable her because she doesn't want to upset her, she doesn't know what to do and how to approach her. She may be very protective of Eugenia, wanting to know where she goes and with who. I'm not saying her mom is bad or good, ofc she failed to help her daughter before she got herself in such a malnourished state, but there could be many reasons for it.. Maybe E is not as innocent and oblivious to her ED as she makes it want to look like.

No. 847499

her mother accuses the people intervening of kidnapping, anon. she's not some sweet bystander.

No. 847514

what a really long, drawn out way of saying absolutely nothing at all

No. 847521

File: 1564752413670.png (640.56 KB, 960x540, 7d3294de-eb02-4858-8d71-1736a6…)

I can't get over how similar a dynamic they have. Given Eugenia's aversion to conflict I'm 100% certain the mother has wild temper tantrums just like Dee Dee did

No. 847522

File: 1564752534932.jpg (34.04 KB, 630x276, blind.jpg)

yeah the whole thing is fake

No. 847558

I mean, Tana and Jake openly talk about how it's 100% fake and just for clout in her MTV thing. Tana even says at one point they hadn't even had sex, so none of it is real

No. 847631

Sorry but no, her mother absolutely lost her shit when Eugenia got 51-50'd, any sane, loving mother would have had a big sigh of relief and said "you'll be okay sweetie, it's what's best for you, I'll visit you".

Instead, she called Jaclyn a fucking bitch, called the police on Jaclyn when it was actually the professional mental health workers that decided to take her in, so she called authorities on authorities, and Eugenia was dead set convinced her mother would die due to a weak heart if she got help? That's not normal, that's far beyond normal.
That's some Gypsie rose typa mess.

I feel like she wants Eugenia kept in the state she's in, not only that but Eugenias in her mid 20's and still hasn't had a relationship or has a life of her own and stuck in this state of a child's mind.
Red flags everywhere honestly it's not normal.

No. 847928

The thing that always confuses me about the “Eugenia isn’t allowed to be alone ever and has never had a relationship thing” is that I could swear I saw a vagina slip video of her where she had a clit piercing?
would post it but I’m babysitting, it’s on Reddit I think

No. 847935

That’s been discussed before, she doesn’t have one it’s just weird lighting and possibly some discharge.

No. 849795

trog Nmoms can be easily spotted by their the same dead eye smile and strange rehearsed speech patterns
stackable bonus points rewarded for having an autistic/sick/indigo/pagaent child
Between ec and her brother, the Nmom rating is off the charts

No. 849799

Even if she did have a piercing it wouldn't matter, it's the weakest "evidence" that her mom isn't controlling that ive seen and I don't get why it keeps getting brought up.

No. 849935

Idk I just find it kinda weird that if she had a clit piercing, her mom would have probably went to the piercer with her y’know

No. 850231

File: 1565235490905.png (Spoiler Image, 845.43 KB, 696x685, 0A13AE20-FBA1-40F3-872B-4A4871…)

y’all…really think that’s her pussy…. is she shayna

No. 850242

File: 1565237992454.jpg (123.45 KB, 640x953, Jingle Bell Rock.jpg)

The idea of that is scary, but GR definitely was a puppet from the start and straight-up lost her teeth because of the Munchie by proxy sitch from meds her mother insisted she go on. It's hard to say if there's any puppeteering of EC going on but at face value…it looks like for the most part EC just did whatever she wanted.

Dee Dee had the spotlight, I think that's the difference there. If anything maybe EC's mom was mad because she couldn't eat for two anymore.

"Don't worry Eugenia dear, Momma will finish your pizza"

I feel like the dynamic is more Toddlers in Tiaras or something.

There's a huge possibility the mother was abusive and manipulative, but there is an equal chance that while her mother was isolating her EC was feeding everyone different stories about how fine she was. A high-stress situation involving police and if EC was crying to Mom about being committed I could see how the inappropriate behavior/reaction to yelling at JG happened. No excuse for it, just don't see it as a completely out of nature freak out for a mother to have in that type of situation.

Regardless, her mother watched her daughter fading away and did nothing. She watched her dying and whether she was isolating and gaslighting her or not she was blatantly avoiding any intervention to stop her daughter from dying-and I think that's the only thing that can be really said with absolute fact no matter her excuse for it.

It's neglect, plain and simple. If EC wasn't in her 20s and instead was not eating as a child or a preteen there would be no excuse for allowing it to happen just to avoid a kid's lying, bargaining, or emotional backlash. I feel like the same stigma should have phased her (the mom) despite EC's age.

While I do think her mom saying she's "Okay" was more about reassuring EC she wasn't going to drop dead (which she wouldn't know since she didn't have any medical advice on the matter and it was a real possibility for people even in early stages of their EDs) it doesn't paint her mom in a better light.

I do think her dad was just making an idiot dad comment about saying she didn't look a day over 14 though, dads say that shit all the time because they think they're funny. She also has been dressing like an emo sceney-bopper for ?? how long now?

Either way, I wouldn't call them a normal or healthy family by any means. Gotta say the lack of info is creating a Marina Joyce frenzy at times, ngl.

No. 850262

File: 1565247192758.jpg (676.95 KB, 2280x1080, EClegs.jpg)

Someone on the EC subreddit posted a screenshot of her legs during a recent livestream (she apparently freaked out after realizing they were showing on screen) and they're still scary thin: https://www.reddit.com/r/EUGENIACOONEY/comments/cn44bf/why_did_eugenia_freak_out_when_she_realized_her/

Also Edwin privated his EC video: >>843953 and Damon apparently deleted his livestream talking about her >>845265

No. 850560

While they're still scary thin, they are nowhere near as emaciated as they were back in February, her legs were literally purple and bone back then.

Shes very self conscious right now I've noticed, wearing jackets, not showing her legs, it's very normal for someone who's in recovery to act this way because gaining weight is scary/unusual for them and takes getting used too.

She's still thin, but she does look so much better than before. I was quite amazed to see her show her breakfast in her last video and to see her sip juice, I'm surprised the internet didn't break over that.

No. 850679

fuck off you male specimen
stop basing your knowledge on what vaginas look like from porn

No. 850681

jake would never have sex with someone as disgusting looking as tana lol. look at his ex gfs they're all so much skinnier than her and don't have the face of a 40 year old wine mom like she does. imagine what her breath smells like when she's all up in your face like that

No. 850919

It genuinely looks like shiny fabric to me, not a vagina, but sure

No. 851348

This is what I've always thought too, it looks like her underwear bunched up under what she was wearing.

No. 854574

File: 1566085405673.jpg (Spoiler Image, 146.57 KB, 1080x1261, _20190818_004226.JPG)

So Trish is now doing porn? Though I don't think anyone is too surprised she would stoop this low, I'm curious what this current cry for attention is for


No. 854581

I don't mean to shame, but her breasts are a disaster…

No. 854594

Has Trisha been on Botched at all? I feel like they could help her with this… no joke.

No. 854609

File: 1566089924355.jpg (41.86 KB, 450x361, IMG_1321.jpg)

No. 854643

Holy SHIT. I thought she got her first botch job revised. Is this the best they could do???

No. 854695

what sane person finds this attractive?

No. 854729

iirc the botched producers asked Trisha to come on the show and she declined it

No. 854732

She's been doing porn for a long time now. Even while dating Jason. No wonder he didn't respect her, girl has zero dignity.
Her fans always are pissed at her posting nudes to their feed, but she just doesn't stop.

No. 854733

>>843613 >>843237

everyone hates onision but he is the one that first really spoke out about eugenia. he made her and her fans answer queestions. i think thats why shane did a eugennia doc to stick it to onision. cause as someone who worked in a gym and had weight problems shane knows that eugenia is on the edge of death. she would be dead if not for her lifestyle.

No. 854738

everyone needs to learn critical thinking. this picture is edited. trisha has large boob job scars down her breasts. she justified it by saying its better to be perky so she didnt care about the scars. people laughed at her all over the internet for weeks. so now she is editing the scars. but she moved and shrunk the nipples in the process. trish has money. she needs to take an photo editing course. remember those awful tummy pictures. or how she twists her arms or legs. she is editing and making it look worse.

No. 854740

I also wonder this constantly as someone who’s spent years watching onion man scream into the void to try to get Shane Dawson’s attention. If so, it was very sly and gave Shane a way to take the credit away for EC’s recovery so onion couldn’t stake his claim to being “the man who was right about Eugenia and told the truth so hard that she decided not to be anorexic”

sage bc this isn’t an onion thread but the dynamic in this video had me asking a lot of questions about their relationship since it’s been radio silence from Shane for so many years

No. 854742

no, thats fabric but she has been banned for nudity on multiple sites. some is on purpose but she is so thin that her clothes would slide at weird angles. she was so out of it one time that she didnt even realize she was flashing her bra. some time ago eugenia was so frail she got tired while doing her hair. the curling iron seemed to be too much. she then started using it wrong and the mom couldnt figure it out either.

I thought the mom was overwhelmed but the more i watched the more i think that the mom cant keep friends so she has made eugenia her friend/caretaker/scapegoat.

No. 854744

yeah, i think shane still keeps track of onision and deefizzy for that matter. shane made deefizzy and he gave onision a push. so it makes sense for him to follow up. but this eugenia thing is too far. you can even say that these documentaries are sticking it to onision. onision was looking for worthy partners and then shane does these documentaries. it would be funny if shane wasnt making fun of everyone but jeffrey.

No. 854759

So you're saying she needs Botched: Digital Edition

No. 854781

I'd take saggy, deflated tits or true flat tits (not 2019 flat, actual flat) over these

No. 854784

that’s from a GIF and not a still frame you fucking idiot, but thanks for bumping this thread twice with your unsaged shit takes.

No. 855399

does anyone have a good resource for info on jeffree stars finances? not a conspiracytard just want to know how much he actually makes also asking here cuz his threads dead

No. 872136

Shane said the series will be 9 episodes long. I really want to know how much dick sucking and ass rimming of Jeffree is going to be entertaining for 9 episodes??

I have a feeling they are going to have some type of Proposal between Jeffree and his paid boyfriend. Some James talk (maybe James will show up), Shane will talk about his marriage and lie about his passion for makeup etc. etc.

No. 872379

File: 1569300010016.jpeg (412.49 KB, 750x760, D81558E4-DD10-4375-BF96-5C0726…)

Any last minute predictions?

No. 872382

I predict Netflix still won't make him an offer after this overlong manipulative mess.

No. 872397

I predict it will be over-edited, overly dramatic and overhyped while under delivering on any actual content.

No. 872401

I predict Shane still won't shower & his mouth area will still look white and gross, Jeffree will look like 90 year old woman/man, Nate will be dead inside, Ryland will look like an 45-year-old soccer dad & they'll sit around shit-talking an asshole boy in his early 20's.

>>872397, by the way, this is the best way to describe it, because this will be what it is, but people will lap it up. My only hope is that they bring up James Charles and people finally realize how fucked up Shane and Jeffree are. Maybe James might be on & they'll phonly make up, then everyone will say fuck these three weirdos.

All I have to say is Shane has really let himself and his content go. IN my eyes he's nothing but a perverted weirdo who does these half baked documentaries.

How can Shane love make up when he doesn't even shower?

No. 872413

File: 1569319078493.jpg (307 KB, 1072x793, Screenshot_20190924-115736_Ope…)

Wow, those pictures definitely have me at the edge of my seat and I can't wait for his videos.

No. 872693

Manipulative song? Check
Manipulative editing? Check
Can't wait for J* & Shane pity party: the docuseries

No. 872703

Jeffree- "I bullied a dude's brother, accused James of molesting someone, said he was a danger to society AND I have receipts but I won't post them! But also feel bad for me…"

Shane- "I'm a gross depressed pervert who looks up to a ugly old ladyman! I'm getting married to someone I can't even hide I don't like and I look up to Jeffree because he's richer than me and has a trained idiot boyfriend!"

So a bunch of rich gay dudes whining about all the drama and bullshit in their lives (that they cause), whilst starting drama and being assholes?

Oh and makeup is whats going to magically make Shane confident? lose weight and shower even though we SEE THAT HIS ASS HASN'T changed one fucking bit?

what bullshit, I truly hope people don't fall for this sad story.

Nate don't ever marry this fool! The money isn't worth it, just start saving the expenisve shit he gives you and plan your getaway.

James Charles would love to have you.

No. 872705

This whole thing is just an fucking ad for some cheap mirrors and bullshit make up.

No. 872706

okay I was absolutely taken aback by how bad of a trailer this is.

I'm a production artist so I'm gonna sperg.

a trailer is meant to tease a certain portion of a film or series or give an idea about what happens.

There are no compelling stills. There are just the same 2 shots over and over again: shane looking concerned, someone crying or laughing. God, andrew doesn't even frame the shots well. PULL IN! Fill the frame. I can't believe he thinks he's a camera person.

And beyond that, what content is there? sad stories? Didn't we already get that. How much can you bleed your own (real, but explained so many times it seems constructed) tragedy dry?

The only shot of the entire trailer I even found the least bit interesting was J* in the car and the fans screaming.

Also where's Nate? Why are there 100 shots of shane looking exactly the same? How self-centered. You're making a documentary (so called) and you're in it almost more than your subjects?

4:20 long was clever. I don't mind that. drop in the bucket.

And this is gonna be NINE episodes? Of repetitive melodrama?

Dude owns multiple lucrative businesses. And all you have is tragedy and heavyhanded emotion tempered by nothing lighthearted (again?). What a waste.

No. 872709

"Where's Nate?"

Nate is nothing but a purse for Jeffree, I'm sure we'll see him sitting somewhere looking crispy & depressed.

No. 872712

They really have balls bringing up James. Their BETTER be some fucking real evidence and even if there is some, it's fucked up Jeffree would wait to expose "Danger to society" James Charles in a nine episode Ad

No. 872717

yes. James is shitty but he is a CHILD compared to jeffree. It's pathetic to be so stuck on it.

No. 872721

It really pisses me off that Jeffree Star is still a thing, like seriously. If a woman did what Jeffree did to James that bitch would be thrown UNDER the cancel jail.

It's so gross and I hope them mentioning James Charles causes everyone to lose their shit, but seem like people love Shane's shit stained drawers and don't care if he's friends with assholes.

No. 872725

Why are people hyped over this again? He already did a docuseries on Jeffree. Was another one really neccessary? What a fucking snore.

No. 872726

This one is to make sure you know Jeffree is a good guy and Shane is depressed & somehow make up, a bookbag and a mirror will fix it all.

No. 872727

So basically a nine episode vlog of shane and his friends hanging out with jeffree, and mixed in a lot of melodramatic drama that happened this year, which will most likely end in a jeffree and Shane makeup collab. Do they really have to drag on this "series" for nine episodes just so that it's a reveal of shane doing make up like who cares

No. 872729

Why do I have a doomed feeling like everyone's just going to eat this all up? Again? Like they always do?

No. 872735

Because they are. Think of all the fucked up shit both Jeffree & Shane have done that no one gives a fuck about or question?

They literally had Jeff's paid shill Rich Luxe in the video.

They'll tell sad stories and then shill their overpriced collabs to get their teen fanbase to spend their Mc Donald's check lining their pockets.

What an unattractive cast of characters as well.

No. 872743

File: 1569368838215.jpg (18.18 KB, 502x171, Capture.JPG)

A quick reminder that Shane is gross as fuck, Drew was 16 when Shane made this tweet towards him Shane was 24.

May I add that Drew was underaged huge fan of Shane that Shane brought into his fold.

he's also made Jokes about Miley Cyrus's pussy when she was 16. Saying "Fresher than Miley's vagina"

Doesn't matter what these two do or say, they get passes because, "ha ha funny gay man, relatable ha ha ha, he stinky"

No. 872760

File: 1569371481999.jpeg (149.84 KB, 750x1278, 88429805-DEE4-45C5-B314-659F01…)

Checking up on the top trending on twitter with all the impeachment talk going on, and Shane’s down at 12. Hasn’t he been like, pretty high up on previous “documentary” release days? Or did I imagine that?

No. 872762

File: 1569371716652.jpg (35.44 KB, 605x236, Lol.JPG)

I found this on twitter and I almost broke my eye sockets rolling them.

No. 872830

Because that's what's gonna happen.
Shane and Jeffree are both untouchable. No matter what either of them does (they had A LOT of scandals) nothing will happen to them.
They can do whatever they wan. Their, now mixed, fan bases fight their battles and youtube would never think about not promoting or even demonetizing them.
No company or influencer is going to mess with either of them cause their fanbase is massive.
Youtube is a shithole and people like Jeffree and Shane are one of the reasons why.

No. 872980

>almost 8 years ago

understandable but a dumb reach. a public joke isn't proof of anything

No. 872996

Wait where did I say it was "proof" of? I mean it's proof he's gross and perverted (as he is in the present) but I know Shane's not going to get heat for THIS or anything that he does unless it's something huge.

He's just an asshole, so it's not a surprise he'd be friends with another asshole (Jeffree, Tana, Rich Luxe etc.)

but I'm not saying it's "proof' he's a sexual predator. It's just another thing people let slide and don't care about because it's Shane Dawson.

No. 872998

I can't believe this is how I found out about Robert Hunter's death, I cried for like three hours after scrolling by this thread. I just wanted to thank you, I'm sorry for being so off topic.

No. 873213

File: 1569466154145.png (2.64 MB, 1792x828, F62BCA42-CF3B-4E65-A920-13F20E…)

this shit is fugly

No. 873265

File: 1569486599816.jpg (153.52 KB, 1080x985, Screenshot_20190926-102706_Ope…)

It is, but their stupid fans will happily spend $30 on this, or whatever his re-packaged china mirrors cost.
His whole entire line with Shane we'll be crap, but their fans are gonna buy everything because it's ~~Jeffree x Shane~~

Pic attached is probably what their collab theme will be. Pigs and conspiracys… who could've guessed /s

No. 873294

If they had struck while the iron was hot, like, a year and a half ago, people would’ve spent money on that shit. I would’ve possibly bought the palette if the colors were cool. I liked Shane’s conspiracy vids and Jeffree’s makeup. Now… they’re sorta washed up. & Shane looks disgusting.

No. 873319

honestly hate shane dawson. He is so fake its actually gross. This just proves that mediocre white boys can get by by doing the bare minimum. Im tired!! I would also be offended if I was a beauty youtuber or whatever and this giant shit stain gets his own palette when he knows nothing about makeup at all. Does no one in the real world find this shit weird????? a 30 something year old grown ass man who pees in his car still and picks at his chin hairs is selling makeup to teenage girls. Kill me please

No. 873338

I brought some of Jeffree's make up before I was aware what a shit he was. It wasn't that good. I've had better Rite Aid's make up being honest.

I NEVER liked Shane. Didn't he break up with his girlfriend via video when he came out "bisexual?"

His stank dirty ass, thinks being stank, dirty and depressed is a personality.

I'm sick of him, his weird looking old boyfriend and Jeffree's ugly ass.
It's sad that Shane's a grown man, looking up to another depressed, fake grown man because he has money.

Jeffree is clearly unhappy as hell with his life, so I know all Shane see's in Jeffree & the beauty industry is easy money.

I'll never support Jeffree again, he seems to hate women, but wants to run around attempting to look like one or referring to himself as one, even though he looks like Mr.Burns in a wig. He's just a fucking creep, who like James thinks wearing women's clothing makes him "Special" or something.
I also get vibes that Jeffree is abusive as hell to Nate.

And Shane doesn't even wear or like Makeup. This is all for money, not some passion project.Make up or this Doc didn't change Shane. Shane is still putting on pounds, not showering, depressed as hell and not happy current day.

Why would I buy make up from someone who pees in bottles, doesn't shower and says he stinks? Let alone doesn't even WEAR makeup.

I might as well buy Make up from Boogie2988.

No. 873343

shane pees in bottles? i don’t keep up with shane that much but this doesn’t surprise me

No. 873457

yes. he brings it up constantly in his series with friends.

No. 873620

I thought I was alone in being disapointed with the quality of JS makeup. Usually, I find the look and layout of his palettes so offputting and ugly, but I recently paid $80 AUD (!!!!) for the Jawbreaker palette because it has a bunch of shades that I don't have in my collection and I have only ever heard people absolutely RAVE about his stuff. It's pure chalk and refuses to cling to the eye. The pastel green shade is especially bad and I ended up using a Colourpop shade instead that perfomed beautifully.

How tf has he gained this reputation as some kind of cosmetic messiah?

No. 873674

Yep. His palettes suck. They're patchy and don't last long at all. After a few hours they always crease and mix into each other.
His highlighters are a joke. I think they're chalky and the only good use for them is as eyeshadow.
His lipsticks are ok but I've had a bunch that came broken and dried out.
I don't support him anymore cause he's a fucking cunt to everyone.
But I think it's hilarious how high he thinks of himself. His makeup is way too overpriced. No one outside of youtube knows him, I don't know a single person irl that knows him lmao, but he still thinks he's high end and worty those ridiculous prices.

I do too. I liked him when he did spooky videos with Drew and Garret. But ever since he decided to film "documentaries" in which he proves that he can't do any research I'm done with him. The worst thing that happened to him was Jeffree. Shane's acting exactly like him. He thinks he's untouchable and can do anything. He also became a total bitch who's attacking his own fans if they dare to criticize him, just like his diaper-assed, skeletal idol Jeffree.

No. 873773

Shane sucks people dry, just like Jeffree does. Do you see how Nate looks? Jeffree dresses him up, makes him die his hair and all types of shit.

Do you see how older and greasy Nate looks at time? He looks fucking tired.

Now, look at Ryland? He'd been declining the moment he stepped in Shane's Stinky World.

Nate is so dead behind the eyes, Ryland is a gold digger for a man who doesn't seem to have much "fuck you" money like Jeffree.

I swear if Jeffree was into stinky chubby boys, Shane would 100% drop everything and be with Jeffree.

I would not be surprised if Shane and Ryland never get married and next thing we know Shane has a Nate.

These people are freakshows.

No. 873931


Nate just looks like he's on opiates.

No. 874015

I think if you're in a relationship with Jeffree, you have to be high as fuck all the time to endure him.

No. 874237

File: 1569701827077.jpg (74.17 KB, 619x514, lol.JPG)

They claim all they do is weed, but do you honestly think Nate isn't high 24/7 to deal with shit like this?

Nate has zero control over whatever happens in his life. I would not doubt that he's popping pills or self medicating to deal with having to be around, fuck and fuck other people with jeffree.

I don't feel bad for Nate, he's made a living being an paid boyfriend and he's stuck with Jeffree unless he wants his whole family to go down with him.

Nate has to be a shitty person to be with Jeffree, but I know the money is worth it.


No. 874324

Nope. When J first came out I was into the hype and got Unicorn Blood and the black lipstick and they were pretty nice. I bought some another few quite some time ago I could really see the difference in the quality. I heard it's downhill ever since. I stopped supporting him before the eyeshadows and high lighters thankfully. Those were fucking disasters. It really is better to spend an extra 8 bucks and go full designer like Dior, etc, if you're already paying J prices for chalk.

No. 874657

Wonder what kind of drugs he takes when having to butt-fuck Jeffree or for Jeffree to stick it up his ass?? I have a feeling Jeff is mainly topping him

No. 874741

Nah, Jeffree stated once that he's a bottom (gag)

No. 874749

ppl where saying the threesome was with a lady…yuck. Doubt Jeffree did more the watch.

Jeff claims to be Bisexual but i seriously doubt it. I bet hes a corpse in bed yuck

No. 874948

File: 1569882238813.jpg (66.67 KB, 616x537, Capture.JPG)

wonder if this is about James?

No. 874949

Maybe they are coming out? Or it's about mental health? I have no idea why they'd talk to Shane if it wasn't about James, especially since they've been frolicking around Jeffree.

No. 875362

Well the video is finally up and I'm about 20 mins in and I'm so sick of his I'm so poor act.

No. 875369

I feel like i'm living in opposite world right now , to see so many people ( somewhat sensible people) applauding this shit is really fucking with me. In a world where people can get "Cancelled" because they said some dumb shit when they were 10, we have an man who freshly just did some shit, with another man whose whining about not being as rich as his asshole friends.

To watch someone with more money then his audience complain about not being rich enough was so fucking tone deaf, and everyone's sucking his small dick. Not one person calling it out.

And don't get me started on Jeffree just being there.

"I'm so poor, depressed and fat, Jeffree is so rich, skinny and glamous, hey young adults/teens who watch me, give me the money you made working at walmart! Feel bad for me!"

I can't wait for the same people who called Jeffree out during the drama to be sucking him off about this doc.

No. 875387

No way it was with a woman if that's what his nails look like. Unless it was really Nate and a woman and Jeffree sitting on the end of the bed scrolling through Twitter or something. His boyfriend is straight after all!!

Well, didn't they just go through a pretty rough time with their dad dying not that long ago? Could be mental health related. But if it's James related, my guess would be:
>Jeffree egging them on to publicly call out James (the way he did with Tati, because then his hands aren't the dirty ones)
>Shane giving them a platform and pretending to be impartial but clearly supporting the side Jeffree is telling him to support (the same way Shane just suddenly started using Tati's vitamins and tweeting about them during Dramageddon 2.0)
>Jeffree "no more drama uwu" Star comes out swinging again with accusations against James, calls him a predator with no receipts other than the coerced confessions of the two young straight boys he's been grooming
>Shane goes :/// I hate drama u guise and continues to be the one generating it

If anyone could give a summary that would be rad. I don't really want to give them the view and also I don't know if I'll be able to watch it if my eyes are permanently rolled the entire time

No. 875395

I've read some places they only have threesomes with women, but I think you are right. Jeffree is on the phone and/or making sure nathan doesn't have too much fun.

I think Jeffree just gives his loose arse to whoever he can pay to fuck him and Nate has to ask and be watched.

I haven't even watched the doc, but all I've seen is shane is poorer then other youtubers, he sucks Jeffree's dick, Ryland looks bored and jealous, Shane treats Jeffree better then his own boyfriend.

Jeffree's rich and Shane is poor, Jeffree says dumb shit and open mouth shane.

Hopefully someone brave watched it all.

No. 875415

apparently I played the whole thing but it was so hard to pay attention to it just felt like one long drawn out hype train for the rest of the series with no real new information

but I zoned out so hard lmao sage for no milk but this counts as a review I guess

No. 875420

File: 1569980504835.jpg (424.47 KB, 1140x700, shane-jeffree.jpg)

tldr version of that hour-long shit show was when J* was launching some shit at Morphe, and him announcing that him and Shane were working on something(so old info and didnt need to be a fucking hour-long one ten minute video would have been fine.) 2nd video is supposed to be on the actual makeup and how its made(which seems interesting, unless its gonna be like 5 minutes of bts and the rest is dumb fucking filler).

No. 875421

Jeffree looks frightening, dude looks like Maximilian Pegasus in drag kek

No. 875423

they both are ugly as fuck, overrated as fuck and fucked up.

No. 875427

Shane looks so smug and emasculated, yuck

“Oooh Shaney-boi!”

No. 875442

God. Shane’s fake-deep documentarian face (you know what I mean) is so punchable.

No. 875444

i finished watching it all and it went by pretty quickly - really enjoyed it! some parts had me laughing out loud and i thought it was a pretty good introduction to their series. the production quality was pretty on the ball ~

No. 875493

Just googled Shane’s net worth and it’s 12 million. Even if the reality is half of that, he’s a complete liar when he claims to be “poor”, and the tone that Shane is somehow “getting what he deserves” by becoming even wealthier is sickening

No. 875494

File: 1570001197296.png (3.66 MB, 2048x1536, 2EBD610D-72D3-452A-A34F-311264…)

You forgot to mention the long, drawn out shots of Shane with his ~private jet~ anxiety and pretending to be Jeffree's super broke poor relatable hobo friend tagging along. The actual content of this video wouldn't have been good in a 15 minute vlog- and this is coming from someone who looks forward to Shane content as a guilty pleasure.

Also every shot of Shane and Ryland interacting feels so uncomfortable, they always look like they don't want to touch each other.

No. 875496

Also the way Andrew edits and films is like a 13 year old discovering Adobe Effects for the first time. Everything just feels tacky as fuck. It feels like their parodying documentaries but I doubt they're that smart.

No. 875497

I just read someone telling people on Reddit that they couldn't complain about rich people because they "Worked Hard" and we are just jealous.
My favorite is, "People are hating on Jeffree for no reason" lol.

The excuse people pull out their ass for Shane and Jeffree. This is why I hate these fake as "docs", it turns into people making excuses for shit they normally wouldn't.

I bet these same ppls are on the Kardashians neck for every little thing they do but these two gay dudes? Both with a shit ton of controversy? Shane whining about not being rich enough? Jeffree just all the shit he's done?

They are eating it up.

This whole thing is about Shane not feeling rich enough and wanting to sell cheap shit at an high price with his evil ugly friend Jeffree.

I don't care HOW you slice it, watching someone worth 12 million, whining about not being as rich as other people, acting like a idiot around Jeffree and his "Wealthy" lifestyle, is some bullshit.

No. 875499

I watched it all, but It was incredibly hard to stay focused and I paused it several times to do other things. Kind of hard to watch when you already know the outcome. He'll act impartial to the whole tati/james/jeffree shit but will still make sure Jeffree looks like this amazing beautiful generous person when he's just a racist piece of ugly shit.

No. 875530

Laughing crying at all the blur on the thumbnail trying to make Shane not crusty and Jef human.

Also 9 parts? Each for an hour? Who in their right mind would watch that? Does anyone care about that petty celeb drama shit THAT much?

No. 875589

I legit am struggling to get past 15 minutes because of how irritating Ryland and the editing is. And Shane trying his whole "I'm poooor" shit while living in a decent crib with more amenities than his audience could ever dream of beyond annoying. Besides the sucking Jeffree off and hints at past drama/a near break in what was the point of this? But seriously how anyone tolerates Ryland for more than 2 minutes at a time is beyond me. I feel like I'm watching a 13 year old throw fits at his dad.

No. 875590

This. Every time I see that face I get the same reaction, he did it in his conspiritard videos too.

>a 30 something year old grown ass man who pees in his car still and picks at his chin hairs is selling makeup to teenage girls. Kill me please

Thanks for the keks anon lmao. But seriously the whole thing is such a blatant money grab for both Shane and Jeffree they might as well rename the pallette "$ucker$"

And he needs to stop calling these videos documentaries - the crap he produces is more like a reality TV series, and I might be able to enjoy that if he didn't take himself so seriously and white knight for all these rich weirdos.

Idubbbz went to visit AirSoftFatty's broke ass in buttfuck Michigan, went inside his dilapated house littered with cat piss and shit and still came out with a way more entertaining video than any of Shane's drivel. Not that Idubbbz isnt a cow, but if that retard can do it what is Shane's excuse?

No. 875608

The intro bit looked well edited (in comparison to his previous "docuseries" anyawy) so I was hoping it would actually be somewhat decent.

By the end of it it felt like 10 minutes had gone past because there was literally only 10 minutes worth of content there. I can't believe they made this "episode" last a full hour… guess that means the rest of the series will be all filler too!

No. 875609

Man I truly wish a bitch would do and say HALF the shit these two do, like Trisha gets videos made about her for being gross as shit and bad, but Shane because he's an gay white male & for some reason youtubers adore him, makes it #relatable to be gross as fuck and bad.

It's not. It's fucking offensive as hell to me. Then his boyfriend and him have ZERO chemistry, I'll say i've seen Nate seem more into Jeffree (probably because he's thinking of the next skateboard he's going to have to suck Jeffree's dick to get) then I've seen with Ryland and Shane.

Shane & Jeffree both treat eachother better then their spouses and that aint saying much, because their friendship is business, so instead of like Nate & Ryland who SPEND their money, they are making it.

Plus to Jeffree getting verbally sucked off is worth more then any money in the world, to him.

No. 875611

I'm sick of people wanting James to pay out of his fake asshole for all the shit, he did and didn't do, but Shane and J* can just use mental health, say "I'm sorry", say shit isn't true or not even address their behavior and the Stans are okay with that.

(also the way Ryland acted was fucking crazy. I'm still confused about why anyone would show their relationship in that fashion. At least with J* he tries his hardest to put his Employee of the month Nate in a good light, even though we see it anyway. Shane doesn't even try. Ryland doesn't even try.

I see ZERO chemistry they both seem in love with Jeffree's money and control then they are each other.)

No. 875619

Seriously, their 'affection' bits seem so forced "ugh fine have a peck just because the camera is rolling" I feel like Ryland is more in love with J's money than Shane though. When J gifted him all that hideous gucci pig stuff Ryland was hovering the entire time. I didn't get this happy for his bf receiving gifts vibe. More of a "Where's mine thoooo." Where Shane just seemed overwhelmed by it all.

No. 875624

this. ryland must be regretting settling with the asshole who pisses in bottles rather than the asshole with a pink mansion at this point… not that Jeffree would ever put up with his whiny ass. Shane is such a doormat for even dealing with his obnoxious silent treatment.

No. 875625

I feel like Ryland, in the beginning, was okay with the way Shane lived and handled money, then Shane started getting fat, stank and he didn't live as lavishly.

I feel seeing the way Jeffree lives has made Ryland look at his life differently.I remember Jeffree asking I think Ryland in the first Series, did he have a "card" or something like, "you don't have a card?"

I feel the moment Jeffree came in their life and started to floss & show Ryland that sense of wealth, their relationship hasn't been the same.

When they sell this cheap collab (that people are already defending) I'm sure that Shane will have more money and that'll keep Ryland happy for a bit, but Ryland will never be Nate.
And I feel Shane's tolerance for Ryland is really low.

I think even Shane knows that unlike Jeffree he can clean up and pull someone who may naturally just be into him.

I feel Jeffree gave up a LONG time ago wanting a real spouse that is equal to him. His world is so super controlled.

No. 875632

Sometimes, I wonder if Shane, Jeffree, and James weren't gay and weren't into cross-dressing (James & Jeffree) if they'd be rightfully called out for the aggressive, predatory and woman-hating men that they are.

I just cannot imagine a straight guy getting away with the shit mainly Jeffree has or the problematic ways that they both handle people they are attracted too. I'm not homophobic or anything, but it's really starting to grate on me how gay men get passes to be outright sexist, abusive and just fucked up by the media.

and little to no one questions it. It's almost as if people don't take them seriously, which is an issue in itself.

No. 875633

I think the problem is Shane bet so much on this I'm with a guy part of his life he worries if he drops Ryland people will drop him for wanting someone else. He settled for the most annoying stereotype of a gay man that it's very clear he wants less interaction with. Pretty sure the only reason he proposed was to deflect the in poor taste dug up cat joke/shut Ryland the fuck up. And why Ryland was being a pissy bitch over not going to a store opening was beyond me. Shane barely did more than say hi being completely out of his element and none of those people lining up would be screaming his name

No. 875638

He 100% did propose because of the drama. I could honestly still see Shane with a woman.

No. 875652

People are like kittens with a toy with these dudes. They do something messsed up and everyone's like, "Cancel x,y and z!!"

but then, "Jeffree is launching makeup! Shane is getting married! Jeffree donates to a charity the DAY BEFORE he launches a shitty collab! James has his ass out! Ooh I look at that!"

It's not even like these people are super smart at PR,It's basic tactics people in the media do, but usually, people don't fall for it for long.
Like every time Kanye acts a fool seems like Kim is having another baby. However, Kim's a woman so of course, she's going to get hers and then some.

Watching the Doc we can see that Shane And Ryland aren't ready for marriage.
This was purely done to throw people off the scent.

No. 875674

They ain't even ready for a committed relationship. Ryland clearly stays for clout and Shane clearly stays for insecurity reasons. He had better chemistry with the bodyguard J hired.

No. 875675

Shane is just someone who needs to be with someone. He gets with "hot" men (who quickly start to degrade the minute they are with him) and then puts little to no effort into the relationship in my opinion.

That relationship with his last girlfriend was toxic but I actually felt like he tried. Ryland is like Nate, except he's attention hungry imo.

No. 875677

In fact, now that I think about it, Shane has always been fucked up in relationships. Ryland sucks ass don't get me wrong but Shane didn't get with him because he wanted something real, they both are in it for the wrong reasons.

Just like Jeffree and his pet.

No. 875679

Oh yea not excusing Shane at all, just Ryland seems to feed off his insecurities every time he wants attention. Like the golf cart thing. Ryland was clearly being a mopey little bitch and Shane is trying to smooth it out for the cameras.

No. 875699

I'm not a huge Shane fan at all and I'd like to believe this is just a money grab and that's why he's raising Jeffree up as some great person but IF he genuinely thinks this is a real relationship he needs someone who actually gives a shit about him (Ryland is a bottom feeding leech and Garrett is honestly too naive and stupid) to tell him Jeffree is using him to make himself look good. I'm 100% sure he knows all of this though and this is a mutually beneficial thing sold as ~true~ friend soulmate love.

Either way, I'm over him. He did it with Jake Paul, and now he's doubling down doing it with Jeffree. He basically even said nothing Jeffree touches can be talked bad about.

No. 875710

It's business. The only real things about it is,the hard on they both have for Jeffree's money and wanting to get like him, how Ryland & Shane aren't meant for eachother, how insecure and fucked up Jeffree is.

I'm positive Shane's going to floss hard when the money comes in from the collab.

Then dumb asses are going to be like, "Look at poor shane! finally getting what he deserves!"

Either way, the amount of people I've seen sticking up Jeff (in the weirdest places to) shows how putting problematic people on your platform and giving them a scrub is the best PR, if you are well liked. Even Kim K, backtracked with Jeff's ass.

People love Shane, he can do no wrong, so if he keeps having jeffree on that love goes to Jeffree too.

No. 875714

Plus there are people out there who really love Jeffree anyway. Women at that. As I said before if Jeffree wasn't a gay cross-dressing male, I'm positive he'd be called the abuser that he is by more people.
It seems like people don't take people like Jeffree or James seriously, they look at them like clowns, even their drama was handled by people outside the beauty industry in a somewhat silly tone even if there were serious accusations.
Jeffrees not some Disney villain, but he's not a good person and I'm sure Shane knows that but wants money.

(plus shane isn't that great either)

No. 875769

shane and ryland don't work. ryland is money hungry, but to be honest if anyone is able to put up with shane piss bottle dawson then they should be getting paid. shane doesn't have any respect for ryland, imagine waiting until the hour before you leave to tell your partner that their trip with you was cancelled and you were going alone. then imagine thinking that driving a golf cart around your own fucking house with them awkwardly would fix it. how fucking autistic can you get

No. 875774

File: 1570064196171.png (824.83 KB, 1281x778, robbery.png)

I was trying to capture that moment where Shane is bitching about people calling him out for his "I'm so poor" shit and this is what the captions said. I feel like this translated what Shane was really trying to say.

But beyond that autism I wanted to capture this moment because I feel like this is what it's all about: he defends himself by comparing himself to J and basically saying "Yeah I'm rich but Im not JEFFREE rich". The fuck? It doesn't matter if you don't make as MUCH as him - the point is you have coin and you're not fucking poor. But truthfully you DO want to make as much J, you just can't be honest about it or you might risk your "relatable" card.

No. 875776

I agree- it seems like their relationship went sour after Shane got closer to Jeffree. Part of it is his SHANE IS MY BFF thing, Ryland realizing he bet on the wrong horse in his materialistic race…
But I also think it's mutual. A lot of people used JStar for money and I bet he could see it in Ryland. I mean, how fucking entitled was he when Shane got more presents from Jeffree? It's not like he was collabing with him, what did he expect? Should've been glad he got something, because it's not an obligation to buy pricey gifts for your friend's boyfriend, lol. Jeffree must have smelled the desperation. Another thing is… I don't know why, but twinks/feminine gay dudes usually get competitive for the queen bee spot and I feel like that's going on too. Which sucks for Ryland, because he has no interest in J Star as a person, but he's hopelessly in love with his money and lifestyle. They would be even less compatible than him and Shane.
I kind of thought that moment was cute.

Tinfoil: If by any chance R and Sh won't last, I wonder if Ryland will be exposed by Shane… or better yet Jeffree. He's not above inserting himself into drama that has little to do with him (ignoring the fact he makes R both jealous and envious). If Shane was a little more hygienic, I could see him being invited for a threesome, but since that's not the case… Maybe he'd play matchmaker? Control his life a bit by finding him a much cuter accessory boyfriend? Ok, my thoughts are getting to wild, I'm done.

No. 875792

I think you may be onto something, also a good point in Jeffree knowing users. Thing is though, Jeffree likes being used, in fact he welcomes it because he's controlling and very power-hungry.

He has a lot of money and that equals power that he once didn't have. I remember Jeffree talking about how he was men's secret (or the "stright aka bisexual or downlow men he went for) and he always talks about when he didn't have control. When people didn't want him. Now he can just buy that.

Shane probably thinks getting richer will give him that power and also clean up his life.

It won't. Jeffree doesn't want people he buys to love him truly, he wants you to make him look good, be pretty, maybe have sex with him but thats it. He basically wants someone to act with him and for him.

I feel Shane wants to be able to control his life like Jeffree with money but also build true blue relationships.

I think Ryland or Jeffree don't like each other because like you said, they both love being the queen of their castle. We all know Jeffree wants to be the queen of OTHER people's castles as well.

Jeffree is using Shane, whose using Jeffree and depression, whose being used by Ryland who wants to use Jeffree and it's all a bunch of money hungry losers jerking eachother off at the end of the day.

I can talk all day, about this dynamic not even because it's all that interesting, it's just so smack dab in your face.

It feels good to come somewhere where's it's not, people praising these weirdos.

No. 875814

Ryland literally looks like he's contemplating his existence for putting up with this gross unhygienic pig for that sweet money and clout. I don't see them lasting too long. Ryland wants someone bougie and who can at least piss in the toilet and occasionally shower. I can't imagine him putting up with Shane's filth for much longer.

No. 875875

I’m honestly shocked his past relationship isn’t talked about on here, the fallout and everything

No. 875902

From what I remember, Shane just stopped trying and presumably started cheating on Lisa with men? Then he broke up with her through video where he cries how he's bisexual.
He always seemed like a depressed emotional manipulator to me.

No. 875910

Jeffree buys people like a pack of gum, a dozen at a time then he chews and spits out each one, one by one.

Shane does the same, but on a lesser level, and he thinks it is "subtle" but it's not.

Ryland is just pissy because Jeffree dominates whatever room he is in because, again, he buys people and people love that fake bullshit, and Jeffree has no interest in buying Ryland along with Shane because Ryland brings nothing to the table except being another whiny sassy gay.

No. 875917

exactly. I've been learning more and more people love insecure assholes who act like they are secure as fuck.

It's only weak people who fall for the act. Jeffree isn't this strong force of nature. He's a confused somewhat self hating gay, woman-hating man who gave up on real relationships a long time ago. Jeffree lives his life to floss on people who did and didn't hurt him. A reject Kardashian, bootleg Paris Hilton. He tries to one-up all women and every feminine gay he doesn't want to bang.

He's lonely as hell. He's insecure about himself, he's insecure about his relationship (hence him always having to explain it, always talking about how he and Nate have SO much sex) and he has zero use for a twink he doesn't want to fuck and who won't help him out (Ryland).

Shane is just the type of bitch that Jeffree loves, except he knows unlike James or Manny, he can't just run over Shane when it's all over. So he's just going to use him, spit his stank ass out and move on.


I read on guru gossip that Shane broke up with his ex in his coming out video. I also saw he made some "Jokes" about wanting to harm her. In my opinion, Shane's a perv and he's addicted to porn and just gross shit.

Unlike Jeffree though, I DO feel like Shane's actually is bisexual, I think he got addicted to gay sex because he wanted that next sexual "high" and he found gay sex kinky.

Then he got more and more depressed, when the baby and cats jokes came out, he was like, "Fuck it" and proposed to Ryland, not because he loved him, but to throw people off the scent.

I would not be surprised if Ryland & Shane broke up, and Ry exposed Shane for something fucked up, sexually and mentally.

Because as we can tell, Shane doesn't have control over Ryland like he wants. I think thats ALSO why Jeffree dislikes Ryland, he's a somewhat more lively Nate and doesn't play the part.

I TRULY feel like Jeffree feels like boyfriends, should sitdown, be in the corner and do what the person with the most money in the relationship says. Be seen but not heard.

Tl:Dr- Ryland is a gold digger twink, who doesn't like Jeffree because he's a faux secure rich dude, who doesn't want to shower him with gifts because Ryland is useless to Jeffree. Shane is an asshole who treats his spouses like shit and I feel like Ryland was a situation that just went too far.

Similar to how I feel Nate would never had done more than smash & Dash Jeffree, had Jeffree not snagged him, took care of him and became immediately rich afterward (and took care of Nates family, cementing Nate's Kept status). Shane is getting what he deserves in Ryland AND Jeffree, for what he did to his ex.
Jeffree's going to get his because he can't stay out of trouble and he's super fake, people see it, but they don't take him seriously other than another queen, to gawk at.

Ryland needs to start making a plan. Nate doesn't seem to have one, I'm not sure if nate has any businesses or has made any plans outside of Jeffree. Shanes going to drop Ryland soon.

No. 875920

>Shane is actually bosexual

Didn't he and Lisa have a complete sexless relationship though? And they dated for 4 years. I remember her making videos while they were dating about how she was still a virgin. I always assumed that she was his beard.

No. 875922

WTF? Really?I really don't know why Shane was even with her tbh, it was obvious that whatever he was, wasn't straight.

He's always acted like a fucking fem gay.

No. 875928

I've just looked up that they had sex, that he was claiming she was his first. He also claims him being bisexual wasn't the reason AND he never cheated, this was from an interview I read, so either someone at GG is stretching the truth about him cheating, him breaking up with her on camera (because it said they'd broken up a good 3 months before the coming out video) and then not having sex, because he said their sex life was fine.

I think the only thing she didn't know was that he bisexual. Either way, she got the best years of Shane & i feel like he was depressed as shit then, but not the mega depressed sack of shit he is now.

Maybe there's something else I'm missing?

No. 875929

She was way too good for him, she was settling even when Shane was at his prime.

No. 875931

I think the "I'm a virgin" thing was a channel gag, she's always very wink wink about it like in this video at 3:20.

That said I always assumed the bisexual thing was just Shane being afraid to wholly commit to the gay label. And his relationship with Ryland always struck me as weird because they're both lispy femme gays.

No. 875933

True, some men say they are "bisexual" because they may not be comfortable with being gay. Most of the bisexual men, I've seen usually end up with a man.

Also, some men will call themselves bisexual because they are still attracted to women, but don't see themself with a woman. I feel like Shane felt he was bisexual because he's attracted to women but after lisa he just decided to go straight male and explore that side.

Can't say it's working out because look what he found?

No. 875936

I truly believe he’s bisexual, there isn’t another explanation for dating and being intimate with a woman for 4 years. but I did always feel bad for Lisa, she had so much love for him and the breakup was way harder on her than it was Shane.
imo, he’s still less awkward with her than he is with Ryland. The video they did recently for her book was great because they just flow together so well

No. 875937

>there isn’t another explanation for dating and being intimate with a woman for 4 years
Never heard of being in the closet, mate? It's actually pretty common for gay men to have relationships with women before coming out.

No. 875939

I actually think it's the other way around. He's bisexual, but since he's both bisexual and effeminate, it's much easier for him to just gay perform. He even said so in his coming out video- that if he was gay things would be so much easier, like it would be set in stone and he could just move on. It's easier to be over the top, fem gay guy and fuck guys than being over the top fem bi guy trying to date women. At least that's what I think. And let's not ignore bi-phobia in certain gay/lesbian spaces, pretty sure that makes it an even less appealing label.

No. 875941

I should’ve worded that differently. I apologize. I’m aware he could’ve been in the closet, but I genuinely don’t believe it to be true. iirc, he’s spoken before about that being a great time in his life, and even going as far to say he wouldn’t have wanted to lose his virginity to anyone else

No. 875943

You all make greats points. I do agree with >>875939 the most. This happens a lot, there are truly bisexual men and women, who date the opposite sex, may be too effeminate or too masculine and feel somewhat boxed into who goes for them more.

I don't feel Shane was struggling with being gay, I think he was struggling with the fact that it'd be easier for him, to be either straight or gay, not in this weird space in-between. Shane had no issue with doing gay things as "jokes" and gags before he came out.

A lot of bisexual people deal with this. If you aren't a masculine man or a feminine woman, sometimes it's hard to find the opposite sex that'll be attracted to you, so you go for what goes for you more.

Also, doesn't Shane LOVE straight porn? I remember him saying he only watches straight porn. I feel like I could see Shane with a woman once he dumps Ryland again. Mostly, because he's rich and his pool of women "wanting" to date him is WAY more possible because of his youtube fame, then the average bisexual man.

No. 875944

File: 1570101741476.png (764.78 KB, 869x583, pie.png)

Nate isn't actually gay and it has stated this over and over.
he asks jeffree to fly out women to have sex with, I guess sometimes Jeffree gets involved too but for the most part it is just Nate fucking other women.
kinda further proves the point that he's only with Jeffree for all the money. Jeffree even bought Nate's family a house. could you imagine what would happen to them if Nate ever broke up with jeffree?

on a side note, I can't help but notice that Shane's camera man Andrew has SO much more chemistry with shane than ryland does.

No. 875945

you bring up a great point about straight porn and being with a woman again after Ryland but, for better or worse, I see him and Ry in it for the long haul for some reason

No. 875946


I rag on Ryland a lot, but Shane needs to get his shit together, yes we know Ryland is attention-hungry, gold-digging, some of the reasons he got with Shane was because he's Shane Dawson, but thats why he 's staying with him at this point, not because he wants this slob, but because he's Shane Dawson & he's about to get some beauty bucks.

Shane is depressed, gaining weight, not showering, dismissive ass hell to Ryland, disinterested and he treats Jeffree better then he does his soon to be husband.

If they do last, Shane will have to change as well as Ryland, but doubly so. One day Rylands going to get sick of being with someone who can't even wash and thinks depression and stink is a personality.

but then again, the perks of staying are better than leaving, when it comes to finances for Ryland.

No. 875950

Another thing to point out, is Shane benefits from Ryland at this point too. If they DID break up, it would make everything awkward with the “squad” and a lot of things would change. It’d be very messy. I think Andrew and Garrett would still be around though obviously

No. 875952

That seems like such a sad life, even if he is richer than god. Paying your favourite one night stand to play your boyfriend while you fly out girls to keep him satisfied. Funny how J pretends to be untouchable when he's so vulnerable in his personal life.

Speaking of, I watched a video of his recently where he said something like "[makeup product] squirted more than the last girl I had a threesome with" and for the life of me I cannot picture him being in a 10 mile radius of a naked woman, let alone in a sexual context. Does he just watch Nate bang women from a corner and call it a threesome?

No. 875953

I wish you spoilered this, yuck.

Imagine thinking you are the baddest bitch and boss, but you have a boyfriend, thats dead as hell inside, always self medicating with weed and lord knows what the fuck else, that you feel like it's a "present" for him, to bring him women (because we know Jeffree isn't bisexual) every so often, because you know he's not naturally into you AND he's only a fetish to you. I was the one who said I've heard they only have threesomes with women. Jeffree has also said they have threesomes when they are "out of town to not complicate thing".

Which to me means, Jeffree watches Nate fuck women or is in the house or whatever, He's not getting involved. I feel Jeffree can screw whoever he wants, we all see how he comes on to every man he's around, rather he wants them or not. This isn't a bad bitch move, it's someone whose so insecure that they'd rather stay in a relationship with someone who they can fully control and not have to worry about.

People were saying Jeffree wants Shane. Nah, because once the "Wow Jeffree you so rich" shit wears off, Jeffree will get tired of another queen wanting to share the shine. Shane's also has a brain and something to offer. Jeffree plucked nate up from where he was and gave him more then what he had, then when he got rich, he gave him & his family everything to keep nate stuck.

No. 875954

Jeffree is sad, so is Nate, when has Nate ever been on camera not high? Even if Nate does get away from Jeffree with something, Jeffree will replace him with another "straight" bland hot dude. Jeffree dresses Nate, dyes his hair all those crazy colors, even said that he's a "fixer' in relationships, he likes to change people into what he wants.

Nates the perfect blank slate. It's not #goals it's sad. We see how Jeffree throws money and purses at people who he wants to like him and the worst thing? Nate looks gayer by the second with the way he's dressed. I sometimes think Jeffree doesn't see that Nate is just an yes man, who will do whatever he can, to stay rich, smoke weed (and whatever else drugs) and just live a comfortable life.

I sometimes feel Jeffree doesn't see how unequal it is from the very start and how there's no way, there's true love from neither, it's all about what they do for eachother.

No. 875972

Not just you anon, but others are so harsh on Ryland lol. I was a fna of Ryland before him and Shane got together, when he lived with Drew (the girl, not guy). Ryland is gay and effeminate, and his face during the gucci gifting was funny, but I truly do think Ryland and Shane got together organically.

Shane was friends with Lily from Clevver, and Ryland, drew and lily all worked together. They had that mutual connection and then they matched each other on tinder or bumble.

There's also that video Ryland did with his ex boyfriend and it was a normal relationship. The guy was normal and nice and it obviously wasn't a Ryland gold digging situation.

This is not Rylands first gay relationship but I'm certain it is Shane's. Shane has decided that cause they're two guys together he can be a disgusting pig with no limits. He was already disgusting with Lisa and it use to make me cringe thinking I'd hate if my bf got on like that. Shane has let himself go with Ryland. I also tinfoil there's something between Shane and the camera guy because I swear Shane has more chemistry with him and flirts with him.

I understand why Ryland was pissed. He got invited on a lavish trip, with a private jet and then got told an hour beforehand he's not going cause of weight restrictions lol. Ryland worked on a celebrity centred channel, him and his family are not californian natives and grew up normal. His sister is normal and their videos together they're far more relatable than Shane's im so poor shit humour. A private jet would have been exciting for Ryland and he was upset. Shane was filming and joking around with his crush Andrew before leaving so Ryland was outside with the dogs keeping busy I believe to not cause a scene. There really was no need for Shane to put those clips in his video unless he wants this narrative discussed. He even kept joking to Andrew in front of Ryland sarcastically "oh I'm going to miss this" cause Ryland wasn't sucking his dick. I'm sure it's annoying enough for Ryland that Shane's cameraman essentially lives with them after it was Ryland that told Morgan to move out cause he wanted to get serious with his boyfriend.

I truly believe Ryland is the normal one and does try. There's been a lot of videos in which Ryland laments that Shane hates dates or doing fucking anything. Even on Rylands channel his latest video is him cooking for his boyfriend, yet Andrew is there and takes most of Shane's attention.

Shane may be og on YouTube and I watch all his shit, but I don't favour him at all above other people or overlook what a gross pig he is. I like Ryland and it bums me out people are so harsh to him when Shane is gross as hell

No. 875975

It’s obvious Jeffree isn’t happy in his relationship. Was it Garrett he met and immediately offered him money for sex, started openly flirting with him.

But he’s sooo in love with nate?

ot maybe but jeffree always seems to do his pr searches to avoid drama. he did it after the james shitstorm. get jeffree pr list trending instead of his name or james’

No. 875979

I wasn't so mean to Ry in this post lol >>875946

they both have issues tbh.

No. 876014

Does J know that it's not normal for sex and relationships to be transactional? I wonder when the last time he had sex he didn't pay for in some way.

No. 876062

He also can’t have a conversation without vulgar comments about sex or his “pussy”, really seems to have doubled down on it too. Coming from a grown adult businessman is just cringe.

that, and almost every twitter post he makes there’s a lil kid tagging him and stanning him hardcore. What kind of parent allows their kid to watch that kind of content.

No. 876063


Yeah, he was and still is paying off drama channels, he blatantly does it, that's why they are always coming at James/manny and always kissing his fake balloon ass.

Also, I wonder if Nate will speak on "banning" James from the house? You'd think the number one proof would be Nate that Jeffree would use to make James seem predatory.

No. 876064


Jeffree has made a million, "Morning" sex tweets about Nate.
Nate doesn't do that towards him.

I vaguely remember a post where Jeffree had posted a picture of Nates sweaty face and was like, "After sex selfie!!!" and Nate had posted the picture before him saying it was an "after work out" picture and at the time people were saying Jeffree as in vegas so there's no way that it was an after-sex selfie.

No. 876066

It's like he's trying to convince us constantly that Nate wants to fuck him, but look, there's porn stars who are straight as an arrow. Wife, kids, the whole nine.

They can get it up and fuck men too. It's a fucking job. We know it's job Jeffree.

No. 876072

Does anyone remember that video Jeffree put up of him surprising Nate with a brand new sports car?
Oh god I was cringing so much. Jeffree was jumping all over the place excited and was just like "woah…that's sick…" he didn't even give jeffree a hug or kiss. Pretty sure he didn't thank him either. Probably thinking of all the blow jobs he will have to give jeffree to pay him back

No. 876077

Because the car was probably in Jeffree's name and Nate knows it's not truly his lol.

No. 876080

Plus you gotta feel for Nate as his family is tied up with Jeffree too. Can you imagine having to play gay with a guy and knowing full well if you ever break it off with him. He'll ruin your family?

No. 876082


I feel like there's a lot of secrets that Nate knows and he may be under NDA, but then again, I feel like one-day somebodies going to come and shatter the pink house Jeffree lives in.

The most interesting thing about J* isn't his money but to me, it's this relationship with this depressed, drugged up, zombie boyfriend of his. Imagine what Nate has seen?

I remember for some reason Nate stopped following his brother an while back, I don't know if they follow each other or not now, but I feel like maybe Zach stepped out of Jeffree's lines or something.

No. 876144

Can you elaborate please? I know Jeffree and Rich Lux are good friends now that they’ve hung out in person. Rich is painfully biased toward Jeffree. I saw a video with him and Nick Sneider from The Viewer’s Voice where Rich says that Shane and Jeffree are both soo authentic and the best people he knows. That their friendship is pure and totes real.

How people can still trust drama channels is beyond me.

No. 876163

I would love to see a "save nate" hashtag and some of the drama channels following this angle, marina joyce style kek
It's a shame YouTube has become such a serious business that nobody would ever stick their neck out to even joke about that

No. 876164

so did everyone just forget that nate was dating jeffree before he was rich

No. 876171

Tbf that's really just a gay man thing. I can't think of any out gay males who aren't super vulgar.
It's a combination of being a man, not having to perform for women who actually have standards and on top of it all being incredibly insecure about their sexuality and their appearance.

No. 876175

Jeffree and Nate have been together since 2015, Jeffree launched Jeffree Star cosmetics in 2014, he didn't launch his first makeup until 2016 in May. Jeffree has been "famous" in some capacity since 2006. Whatever Jeffree had in 2015, was a hell of a lot more then what Nate had.

Nate, if I understand, was working at a gas station (or some low paying job) and I think staying with his parents. Jeffree flew him out and he already OWNED a business at that point, I'll say he may have just been starting up, but Jeffree wasn't some nobody.

I've always been told the time between Nate moving in and Jeffree launching his first eyeshadow was small.

Either way, whatever Jeffree had was better then what Nate had at the moment. I also feel if Jeffree hadn't made it big, they wouldn't lasted this long.

I don't think Nate would be with Jeffree if Jeffree didn't have millions. We also know how Jeffree has always been using sex, "fame" and money, whatever he had that he felt someone else wanted, to get what he's wanted in the very beginning.

Just look at some of Jeffree's old interviews (and his new ones) he's very manipulative.

No doubt he wasn't telling Nate, "I own a makeup company, I make music, I'm verified on twitter, I had the most followers on Myspace, I was worked with Akon and Nicki Minaj" etc.

I don't think Nate would've stuck around for more then a fuck if Jeffree didn't hit it big and already didn't have so much going for him. People tend to think that Jeffree was a nobody when Nate and he met, but he wasn't. He wasn't as big, but to someone like Nate he was huge. In fact thats probably why Nate hit him up, because he may have been apart of the scene, saw jeffree was a big name and he may have wanted a fuck, or just said something simple as "hi"

Or Jeffree could be lying and maybe he hit Nate up a long time ago, and Nate answered back.

either way, Now Nates kind of fucking stuck, it seems. He may have something of his own we don't know of, but I've never heard of it.

No. 876179

File: 1570148691405.jpg (40.71 KB, 607x417, fhfhf.JPG)

They started dating in March of 2015. Jeffree said their first date was "Fine Dining", by 2016 Jeffree had moved Nate's brother in and got him a job at JSC. Rather Nate is gay, straight or bisexual, I have no idea. He's only dated women before Jeffree and I've heard people say that he's said that he's interested in "men in women's clothing" or he has been.

All I know is Jeffree has always called Nate Straight, even though Jeffree doesn't identify as a woman, I think he goes by whatever you want to call him.

Either way, Nate doesn't look straight by the way Jeffree dresses him, I never felt Nate was that hot, his face is okay but he has a big head and his body is kind of scrawny. I guess for Jeffree he's hot compared to Jeffree, when he's not edited to hell.

I sometimes feel Nate went for a fuck, maybe Jeffree promised him all types of shit, but stayed for the weed, easy living and because his family got involved REALLY quickly.

I also feel like Nate may have been catfished, we all know how Jeffree looks in real life, Nate may have thought he looked like his edited pictures ALL the time. Nate may just like to fuck around with Transwomen, but I don't think he'd dated a man or transwoman.

No. 876181

and regardless of if they love each other or not,for the right reasons etc. I feel like even someone in love with someone and not in a weird relationship, would worry about leaving their rich spouse as JUST a boyfriend, whose family has been taken care of by their spouse.

Unbalanced relationships have a hard chance of working out, because both spouses can feel stuck. The only networth I can find for Nate is around 500k and that was in 2018, but that's still like, "Dude what the fuck have you been doing?"

No. 876216

I don't think I even knew who Shane was back when he was dating whatserface, but they did do a video together promoting her new book (that I think he wrote a foreword for iirc) pretty recently and they talk about their relationship a bit. Honestly I don't remember the details cause I was never invested in them, but maybe this can answer some of your questions.

Also it feels kind of icky to me that some people in the comments are like "they're still soulmates!!". That's just a weird uncomfortable thing to say about any ex-couple, especially when it's been a million years and they've both moved on to new relationships they're happy in.

No. 876236

File: 1570167712995.png (1.42 MB, 1118x1078, youtube.png)

So we always talk about how Ryland is just leeching of Shane or just with Shane for money itt, but genuine question (because I don't understand how youtube money works) wouldn't Ryland be the bread-winner in that relationship? Just looking at the last 6 months Ryland has put out 16 videos, and Shane has put out 3
>6 months of Ryland vids: 72.2 Million views
>6 months of Shane vids: 57 Million views
I know more are on the way, but still, isn't he probably still paying Andrew full-time (pretty handsomely I'd assume) during the months when he's not putting out content? Ryland's content probably takes significantly less time to film/edit. I haven't watched any of Ryland's stuff in a while, but I know he had a sponsor (Audible, DollarShaveClub, etc) for basically every video he did. I know Shane got that sweet sweet BetterHelp money from the Jake series, but does he ever have sponsors for any of his other stuff? Do his videos ever meet monetization requirements? Obviously the only reason Ryland gets that many views in the first place is because of his relationship to Shane, but at the end of the day isn't he putting in way more work than Shane is? (probably subjective). Even looking at the 8 month breakdown Shane was off for 5 months and then again for 2 months, so is Ryland the one who's actually making money so his fiancé can sit around in an unwashed robe for 5 months straight?

Like I said though, I genuinely don't understand the monetization so if anyone has insight. Conspiracy Theory: Shane might actually be the kept woman in the relationship.

No. 876288

Not a "kept woman", but maybe kept manbaby. Hmm, interesting. It IS possible Ryland bringing more money in right now, that could also be the reason they look so sour in their relationship- it's not what they expected. But we don't know if Jeffree is paying Shane. 9 months of working on make up? Would anyone be expected to do that for free? Jeffree is someone who randomly showered Shane in gifts, it's not hard to believe that he would like to keep babying him. Clothes, food, hotels… why not a pay?

No. 876301

holy fucking samefag batman what is wrong with you

No. 876322

i did write all those i wasn't pretending to be different anons

No. 876345

How much money is a sponsorship of this size?

No. 876391

Shane is in no way "broke" but it's kind of sad he's been on youtube for how many years? And he's worth the same amount as James Charles. (12 million)

I'm not buying he's broke, but he's jealous he's not richer and that all started because of that first "Jeffree's Not so bad, Forgive him!!" series he made.

That screwed him and Ryland up.

It's just really gross regardless of how much money Shane has, to see him whine about money, when he's in a mansion, trying to sell makeup to teenagers/young adults who don't have a quarter of what he has.

Some probably work harder then he ever has. However, life isn't fair. There's people who work hard and get nowhere and nothing, and there's people who work a little and get everywhere.

No. 876393

SameAnon- Also, it's not like he's going broke, like he can't afford his lifestyle and he's whining.
Nope, he's just upset he's not rich as Jeffree & younger YouTubers. He just wants more money.

No. 876488

Can I just say how extremely transparent J is, he tried to start drama over a PR package from someone he clearly doesn't care for. (take your pick of who) Proceeds to make a tweet and a long ass insta story about it. But that there 'isn't drama' he just doesn't 'fuck with fake ass people' and that people be making videos about nothing. Despite drama channels wouldn't know without him making a stink in the first place on twitter.

No. 876491

it's clear he wanted people to go and figure out who hurt "poor" jeffree by being phoney. Jeff does this all the time.

He says something to start drama, then goes, "oh there's no drama, I just wanted to…"

It's obvious his life isn't "beatiful" if it takes something so small and dumb to set him off.

Last time he did this was he had made a tweet about one of the "biggest" brands in the world wanting to pay him to "make their irrelevent brand" popular again.(makes zero sense)

Then he made a tweet backtracking. He's a sorry, sad fuckboy.

No. 876514

it was in his insta? anyone know if someone saved/downloaded it

fr i only watch his stories when it’s his dogs. those lil fuzzy shits are cute as hell.

also not sure if relevant but he’s doing another sale. palettes, mirrors and all the poop coloured lipsticks nobody wants. I know he does this regular to get rid of old stock but he’s synced it up with shane’s videos.

he’s gross, but he knows when to push his brand. like i said before, he starts the pr list bs when he’s got drama.

No. 876537

My thing about was like, I'm pretty sure PR lists are standard aren't they? Like even if someone he didn't like sent him something it could just be they don't use a personalized list but rather whatever standard one is for make up.

No. 876542

Andrews joke about Tana con was one of the best parts.

No. 876543

Did Jeffree say James was like a little brother?? Wasn't this AFTER Nate Banned James from the house?
Didn't this idiot say Nate banned him in February? THE LIES.

No. 876547

"Completely real and unstaged." Shane you nearly have to pay to get your fiance to remotely touch you. Shut up

No. 876549

I don't think he can tell whats the truth anymore.

Also, anyone else noticed how they used a lot more black women giving reviews for J* makeup.

No. 876552

I know it's a gag but the fact he's quick to offer Andrew a % and make jabs at Ryland for wanting 5% is in my opinion pretty telling of Shane's apathy level when it comes to his relationship. Shane hun, even your dear bestie knows to pump his boytoy full of money and designer shit

No. 876554

This whole thing is a boring shit show, with the most boring insecure rich dude (whose a huge liar and shit starter) and a "Poor" rich man crying and acting like a fucking ugly puppy towards him.

No. 876556

So they copyrighted Conspiracy and Controversy for a bum fuck like Shane Dawson?

No. 876558

Could have just kept the jeff brand and called it “bum fuck”

No. 876562

The Poor man's Palette

No. 876564


Can't stand shane, but to be fair, they were joking and Shane and Ryland actually have a real relationship. Andrew does actual work for Shane, even if it's kind of sub-par. Even if Ryland is staying around for the ease of life and is happy to just tag around and be, "Shane Dawson's bf" I believe they're actually in love. Unlike Jeffree and Nath. Jeffree has no choice but to pump Nath full of money and let him fuck girls so that he'll stay.

No. 876567

You can almost see Shane drooling every time money is mentioned. Is this 9 part documentary really just a build up to Shanes boring palette

No. 876568

Shane and Ryland's relationship dried up shortly after they got together. Ryland was Shane's ooo gay experience and now Shane could care less. And Ryland is holing on in hopes that J's money will trickle his way. Even in this episode J shows little like towards Ryland. Not suggesting anything namesake wise for him. Even going for Trish first. J may be scum and a half, but he knows his worth as does Nate. Which is why they've lasted and show some semblance of affection (even if Nate is high off his ass more times than most) Ryland can barely handle 3 minutes on camera with Shane's unwashed stank ass.

No. 876580

I agree Jeff is an good businessman (But bad unhappy person), he also has Nate trained down pat, sure I see through the bullshit, but he knows what to do to keep Nate around (Mainly involving his family and the money) and keeping him in line.
Nate doesn't want fame, he's simple to please. Money, Drugs, pussy and keeping his family good.

Ryland wants, fame, money and to get paid for doing NOTHING. (Which to be fair, Shane is a depressed mess and it's not fair for even Ryland to have to deal that shit)

Nate is the perfectly trained, high empty headed skater boy.
He knows what he has in Jeffree and Jeffree knows what Nate has in Jeffree.
Shane doesn't seem to know that.

Jeffree has YEARS of buying people and getting what he wants with his money. Shane's a dumb ass and lazy.

No. 876598

Ryland doesn't have to deal with anything. He can leave Shane any time he wants, but the Gucci means more to him. Dealing with Shane's unwashed ass is the least he can do for a paycheck since he does fuckall else. He wants to be a kept man like Nate sooo bad and it's fucking sad.

If Shane wanted to be rich he should've done better than Onision tier comedy videos for the bulk of his career. It's pathetic seeing him force his bumbling way into makeup when it's obvious he's only in it for the money. J is a piece of shit but at least he has genuine passion for what he does and it paid off. Shane wants the income of a beauty guru without putting any of the legwork in.

No. 876611

File: 1570238749387.png (171.5 KB, 540x304, tumblr_005a5320ca95f44b365a9d0…)

The Ryland hate has always kind of confused me tbh. He can be annoying as fuck for sure but >>876236 makes a valid point and he always seemed like the most grownup or responsible of the group (which isn't hard when you surround yourself with children). Everyone talks about him being a gold digger, but if anything he just seems like a stay at home soccer mom running a household of disgusting teens to me. I've never gotten the sense that their relationship was fake, even just because Ryland has been very vocal and direct about wanting kids and a family and getting married in several videos has even talked about surrogacy and what their options would be. I don't think their relationship is fake, I just think Shane is too immature to know how to be in a grownup relationship. Ryland is always seen working out and eating healthy and getting up early and actually leaving the house, what effort is Shane making in their relationship if he's wearing the same clothes for a month straight and pissing in bottles to avoid having to get off the couch? But Morgan is equally as lazy/disgusting as Shane, so I think Ryland just doesn't even think it's weird that he has to babysit Shane, because he's been babysitting Morgan probably his whole life. Shane literally wallows in his own filth for months on end and Morgan's entire personality is essentially
>cheezits lol!!! so randum!! xDDD
and whining about having to do anything ever, and still like half of her videos feature Ryland because she probably wouldn't get anything done without him.

No. 876617

It might be that Ryland feels like he shouldn't dictate what Shane does since he's the breadwinner, albeit a smelly unwashed one. What even happened to Shane, anyway? He broke up with Lisa, got with Ryland and then had a mental breakdown he never recovered from?

No. 876621

I don't know if I buy the mental breakdown. It seems like he knows he doesn't have to make the effort (washing etc.) so he doesn't bother.

No. 876627

My issue with Ryland is that he does have that air of I'm the adult. He does nothing to help Shane or anything. Shane is a mess without a doubt, Ryland shouldn't have to help but he should at least want his fiancee happy and healthy. But no he'd rather have a tantrum because Shane disinvited him to a store opening where Shane wasn't even a focus just a side pet for Jeffree. Rland is every bad stereotype of a jealous gay man and it gets old FAST

No. 876629

File: 1570243816183.jpeg (651.73 KB, 1125x1261, CF79697C-9933-4D24-9A2B-F0E4C7…)

Another one of his dogs are in medical care.

No. 876638

If their purebred Poms they're bound to have health issues, pretty sure they're close to pugs in terms of unhealthy

No. 876639

Well bred poms are usually decently healthy for a purebred. The problem is that J buys turbo inbred designer "teacup" poms from unethical breeders.

No. 876642

During the video J leaves then comes back and rubs his nose like he left to go do blow, then was shown eating a bunch of candy and shit afterwards….

I never noticed it before but that could explain why he is so skinny and has such a huge sweet tooth, because he's an addict.

J probably isn't gonna be friends with Shane and Andrew anymore because he wanted to talk off camera and Andrew kept filming.

No. 876647

>He does nothing to help Shane or anything
>Ryland shouldn't have to help
>He should at least want his fiancee happy and healthy
Ryland is clearly keeping their entire household afloat while also making almost 4 times the amount of content Shane does and keeping their animals alive, how is that not helping? Of course he wants his fiancee happy and healthy, but what are you proposing he do? Hide antidepressants in his food? Ryland is his partner, not his therapist or his mother. You can't force anyone to do anything they don't want to do and Shane is a grown ass man.

>But no he'd rather have a tantrum because Shane disinvited him to a store opening where Shane wasn't even a focus just a side pet for Jeffree. Rland is every bad stereotype of a jealous gay man and it gets old FAST

Sorry, is this from the series? I can't get through more than about 1 minute because they're both so insufferable, but that doesn't sound like jealously that sounds like a reasonable reaction to Shane being a shitty partner and prioritizing the wrong person's feelings. If my partner blew me off to go be the arm candy of a cum-thirsty alien who clearly has a dysfunctional relationship and a history of showing up at our house unannounced with a dress up to their balls bragging about not wearing underwear while shoving $15,000 of gifts at my partner right in front of me, I would be mad too?

No. 876648

File: 1570247794601.gif (474 KB, 220x231, tenor.gif)

>I'm so fucking devastated and wish I could trade places with him right now
wish you could too fam

No. 876666

you’re 100% on the nose. I think Ryland does truly love Shane, and he does as much for him as a partner should. Their relationship isn’t at all comparable to that of Jeffree and Nate. It’s obvious if Jeffree didn’t have money and pussy for Nate, he’d be long gone. I truly believe if Shane lost everything tomorrow, Ryland would be right by his side

No. 876668

Poor dog, but Jeffree deserves to lose the few things he loves.
He's a horrible person and karma's coming for him yet again.

No. 876686

>our dog Daddy

No. 876716

That's cold. How about 2 birkin bags and a hermes scarf instead of a dog?

No. 876719

He already lost a dog this year. And anyway the dogs shouldn't have to suffer to punish him.

No. 876736

File: 1570290011638.png (185.8 KB, 1345x836, ryland.png)

there is a lot more that goes into monetization and earnings than just video views from the past 6 months. also, rewatchability is important, and no one is re-watching ryland's videos. i'm sure tons of people continued to click into shane's videos over the past 6 months, beyond just what he's posted recently.

socialblade's summary isn't perfect, but it gives a good idea.

No. 876737

File: 1570290118023.png (225.41 KB, 1349x814, shane.png)

and shane, to compare.

No. 876768

the dog's name is Daddy

No. 876864

OT but there's no fucking way J* knows how to even fuck a woman. I imagine he's somebody who thinks vag is gross. Only way i see him having sex with a woman is if she is a top and pegs him.

No. 876908

File: 1570323645172.jpg (327.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191005-205959_Ins…)

No. 876959

>J probably isn't gonna be friends with Shane and Andrew anymore because he wanted to talk off camera and Andrew kept filming.

That shit's staged. California has a two party consent law. You can't film someone who has a reasonable expectation of privacy without their consent. Everyone knows the camera is on and they act like they're being super secretive to play up the drama.

No. 876992

that's sad for the dog but idk what they expect when they constantly get over-bred dogs just for the luxury points

No. 877011

I find it selfish to make sick dog to go through major medical treatments just because humans can’t let him go. The poor dog not know why it’s hurting so it’s fair to end it’s suffer

No. 877019

It was surgery so the dog passed away under anaesthetic most likely - no different to euthanasia. There are many things to say about Jeffree but a dog dying while getting decent veterinary care? A reach imo.

No. 877457

They ain't wrong though. Had this wealthy-ish old woman I knew who refused to let her dog die when it clearly was in pain. Dog was in diapers had a wheelchair couldn't move without substantial help but she wouldn't let the miserable shit die. J's dogs are teacups meaning they have decent health issues and Daddy likely was showing issue earlier before needing surgery.(blog)

No. 877464

Yeah teacup dogs have tons of health problems because tea cup dogs aren't an actual breed, the way that they are born so tiny id because the mother is starved so her puppies are born premature and are all basically runts

its pretty fucked up since they're basically struggling just to live but because they're so tiny its oh so cute

No. 878226

File: 1570611332714.jpeg (229.7 KB, 750x1108, FF76DCBB-9C10-4F9D-ADA9-C326C1…)

Haven’t watched the vid but was this really it? They’re not quitting youtube they’re just….doing it less? They got a whole Shane expose for that? What does any of that have to do with Jeffree or makeup?

No. 878227

File: 1570611957968.jpeg (437.45 KB, 750x923, 4913B72D-B6AE-45D5-9EEB-632E9F…)

Also Trisha back on some bullshit making everyone on twitter mad. Haven’t watched this one either but I’m honestly surprised people are stupid enough to be up in arms like this. Trisha is CLEARLY mentally ill and constantly posts videos where she’s just completely out of her mind and proclaiming nonsensical things. Trisha posts a video where she’s talking about how she’s become a Teletubby and we all laugh, but she says she’s trans and suddenly people take her seriously?

No. 878230

> but she says she’s trans and suddenly people take her seriously?
Except most people are not and this is fucking hilarious the amount of people I have seen sperg and infight about this is highly entertaining.

No. 878306

>>878227 when will people realize she's a professional troll and seeks the drama and just stop taking her seriously

No. 878443

>because he's an addict.
because hes anorexic, like cmon!
He treats food like it's satanic shit from the shitholes of hell.

No. 878445


I'd wager both anorexic and a cokehead.

Is anyone else old enough to remember Jeffree Starr, MySpace Celebrity?

No. 878485

>he regularly posts sugary shit and actually eats it on camera

No. 878518

A lot of people with disordered eating only eat candy, etc., and only as a performance for others.

No. 878528

jeffree star used bulimia a 2edgy4me selling point back in his myspace days, as did most of the horrible people he hung around back then

No. 878593

File: 1570689246352.jpg (172.12 KB, 1080x1049, IMG_20191010_003105.jpg)

No. 878619

>>878593 I usually found enjoyment in Shane's series, some were worse than the others but they were all fun to watch.
However, the more I see him, the more I realize how disconnected to the real world he is. It's quite disgusting really.
He defends himself by saying "I'm not AS rich as Jeffree tho!!" But.. you are still disgustingly rich. You live in a mansion Shane.

In the back of my head, I'm still waiting for them to say that the revenue from the palette will go to charity. The concept of this series is so disgusting that's the only way I can see this as not just a big disgusting cash grab.

No. 878641

Damn, that’s a fine and efficient burn.

No. 878940

File: 1570764516746.jpeg (138.08 KB, 750x788, AAD450AF-A697-4E65-A3EA-E2A17A…)

I know she hasn’t been mentioned for awhile but Eugenia just posted this video of her lying her ass off

>opens with a betterhelp sponsorship

>talks about how she got out of a toxic friendship, very obviously referring to Jaclyn
>”I had people in my life that ended up doing some really really not so great things to me”
>credits her mom for getting her help
>”I guess when things for me were getting to a really bad, like, dangerous point, it was like, my mom, she was starting to get really concerned…so she like, did bring up concern to me and, like eventually, I did end up getting help”


No. 878941

People are still taking BetterHelp money?

No. 878954

I'm worried that Shane sent her to Kati for help or got her to start texting better help. Poor Eugenia, she's so fucking gullible and Shane doesn't even give a shit about her

No. 878973

Is she losing weight again?

No. 878974

She's clearly not gaining as she should, but her face is still looking decently full so don't think she's lost much too fast.

No. 878976

File: 1570772625855.jpeg (476.21 KB, 750x517, 18D9E3EC-ECFA-4CDA-B8C4-6994F8…)

as much as i don’t want to jump to conclusions based on a few instagram pictures, a hallmark of anorexia recovery is extreme, constant, painful bloating & she has a completely flat stomach in her recent photos. she could just be sucking in or something but i mean…if she’s actually eating a weight gain diet like she’s supposed to then i doubt she’d be wearing crop tops

No. 878980

Shane doesn't just involve Kati at random, Kati IS Betterhelp. Shane absolutely gets something out of this deal. Eugenia gets her "recovery" corporatised, Jaclyn gets thrown under the bus while Kati, Shane and BH profit.

No. 878986

Fuck this lying cunt.
Jaclyn + friends got her help! Her fat pos mother wants her dead.
She shouldn't have a platform, shes an incredible negative influence.

I doubt she realized anything earlier this year. Pretty sure she doesn't get help. She's not showing her body and if, only parts that could look like she gained weight, so people back off.

No. 879015

Woow, fuck you Eugenia. Blaming it all on Jaclyn and praising your mother is such a shit move. Guess what, if you just relied on mommy dearest, you wouldn't end up in treatment. Also, Jaclyn did not deserve to be dragged for helping you.
Seriously, screw her, my empathy reservoir has been drained.

No. 879017

Wait, so when her friends tell her to get help they're toxic, and when her mom does the same it's fine?

No. 879022

In the Shanes series she said that what Jaclyn did (I'm pretty sure she never said any names so this is all speculations or whatever) was unexpected, that apparently Jaclyn never before showed concern for Eugenia's state. So in Eugenias head this act was out of nowhere, hence toxic.
Jaclyn on the other hand said that it's not true, that she was always concerned but never heavy handed her concerns to not upset the mother.

No. 879050

I understand that Eugenia's in her mid twenties and should be wise enough now but I think it's pretty clear she's in deep denial. She says she was bullied pretty badly so I wouldn't be surprised if she loses trust in people easily and believes Jaclyn was only pretending to be her friend/care about her for some attention. Her mother was probably her only friend for a long time and why would she ever believe her own mother wouldn't want anything but the best for her? In a perfect world your mom should always be there for you no matter what and love you unconditionally. But I think it's pretty obvious her mom was never in denial when it came to Eugenia's weight, just willfully ignorant. I haven't been following this drama too closely but it's just my two cents.

No. 879074

She probably has been the scapegoat for that entire family for years

The dad is abusive and creepy (he calls her hot and she’s terrified of him)

The brother eats as much as the mom (golden child)

The mom has been quoted arguing with her gran during one of her videos b

G: you are killing her!

No. 879075

No. 879076

I don't even like Jaclyn but it's obvious her mother was the issue.
Eugenia threw her right under the bus.

No. 879077

I agree with some of this, but Eugenia is always the victim. To some extent she is, but she's also a woman child who needs to grow the fuck up. This meek act she plays is incredibly fake and everyone seems to think she's 'soooo sweet' when in reality her Insta posts and tweets have bullshit fake positivity all throughout them.

No. 879081

Idgi anon, you think the positivity is fake bc ….her insta posts and tweets are positive too?

No. 879105

It's not that they are positive it's just the insufferable way they are written.

No. 879157

NTA but examples?

No. 879288

I think it might be that most abuse victims try to force positivity as a type of escapism/coping mechanism

No. 879320

it’s difficult to decide whether she should be defended or not. she’s clearly a victim of serious abuse/neglect/manipulation but she’s actually really problematic. she flashed her emaciated body to her young fans for years, and now she’s straight up lying to her audience about Jaclyn/her mom (plus the betterhelp shit). if any other youtuber did what Eugenia did then surely there would be backlash, but her comment section is all hyper-positive since everyone feels like they need to tip toe around this girl.

i’m starting to think she’s an aspie or something, maybe it’s just a result of prolonged malnutrition but she has the communication skills and self awareness of a 12 year old. it’s really hard to believe she’s 24.

No. 879336

80% of the new jeffree video is them just smearing swatches all over each other and shitty time skipping. They chose symbols for the makeup pans, talked briefly about the JSC robbery and Shane's cat bullshit then showed the engagement at the end. So uneventful and a complete waste of time

No. 879353

I think she is probably is restricting again.

No. 879391

The way Shane's eyes lit up when Jeffree said he could have made $300,000 for endorsing a palette. They try to make it a joke but god, he can't even hide how money hungry he is. He makes it so evident that he doesn't care about make up, just the money involved, why would anyone want a palette from someone like that, ugh.

No. 879420

Why would anyone want to give someone money who is already stinking rich and doesnt look like they wash on the regular? shane is disgusting

No. 879467

the more i watch the series the more fed up i am with andrew's camerawork. I feel like it'd be easier to watch if they had a 2nd cameraman. Having one giggly dude swing the camera around constantly is unbearable. It's hilarious when people call the filming and editing "well-executed" or "perfection" lmao BITCH WHERE

No. 879486

Who would have thought, Shane shits out clickbait “documentary” vlogs and sees how profitable they are, and his literal lemmings he calls fans eat it up and buy overpriced mirrors with an ugly pig on it because “literally me!!!!!!!!!”

No. 879491

If Shane literally took a shit on the ground, covered it in rhinestones and then cried about how it made "him feel beautiful again" while that asshole laughed behind the quivering camera, to some people it'd still be, "the best content on youtube"
"an amazing experience and the most well-executed camera work i've ever seen"

No. 879493

I didn't watch to the end, but did he literally cut out James Charles scandal? Wasn't that in the trailer last week?

The number of people I see feeling bad for Shane Dawson and forgetting the bitch that Jeffree is crazy to me.
When I saw someone talking about how Shane was jealous of Jeffree and Nate's relationship because"how in love they are" and how, "He wanted someone to love him like how Nate loves Jeffree and looks at Jeffree, Ryland is a golddigger whose in it for the money and Nate is in it for love. Shane is starting to see that"
I literally fucking turned my computer off, laughed and went to bed.

You can't make this shit up.

No. 879497

File: 1570918414961.jpg (49.03 KB, 630x382, dkd.JPG)

why does he type like Shayna?

No. 879501

File: 1570918977501.jpeg (119.35 KB, 750x707, IMG_9280.jpeg)

Came here to ask the same thing? What kind of 31 year old types like this

No. 879504

File: 1570919385727.png (189.64 KB, 750x1052, IMG_9282.png)

Are these really some of the shades? (Haven't watched it) Trish like he named one after Trisha Paytas or is that a reference to something else? If so yikes.

that blatant Jeffree Star mirror in the background tho.

No. 879509

Don't you love when these problematic gay men can run amuck and act a fool, but in the end of the day have millions of dumb bitches (the ones who are fully aware of what they've done) suck their virtual tiny peens and buy their make up?


No. 879515

Kaybe i'm just a salty bitch but is anyone else sick to the back teeth of her uwu ~ I'm so sweet and innocent~ act?

No. 879522


i can see where you're coming from but i disagree. She does seem like a genuinely nice person and I think she's yet to prove herself as something other than kind.

No. 879523

He could not be any more obvious he just wants the money because he was too stupid at any point in his career to hire a competent money manager to ensure he was getting a decent deal. And even then his far wealthier than his entire audience. like boo fucking hoo, poor baby Shane still a millionaire but he only made 12$ off his overpriced merch!! They glossed over it in episode 1 but Nikkietutorials was actually being blamed for the lack of quality of her stuff. When the company had sent her the good stuff then shipped out garbage. It wasn't just about the bum deal she got, her reputation was being trashed over it.

No. 879531

The shade names are like Tanacon, flaming hot, cheeto dust, diet coke, a&w, cry on my couch, just a theory, etc…stuff that relates to Shane in some way. Trish is a shade as well. It's mostly just food stuff like "ranch" lmao

No. 879539

Names literally a 14-year-old girl would give shit in high school and everyone would laugh because "lul random" I really don't get why people find this shit funny or relatable.

it's really corny. But thats shane, I guess he panders to who loves him the most.

No. 879541

No "pissbottle" shade? It could be a lovely deep gold shimmer!

No. 879547

I think she's probably nice but also does get a sick pleasure out of exposing her body and the attention it brought her. even if she didn't really realize what was going on with her (i doubt this but can imagine it) I think she became addicted to the attention/shock/concern over time.

I mean look at all the "recovery" anachans who act super posi and are still body checking publicly and are obviously still sick. they get something out of all the sympathy and concern and questioning.

i think she also probably got a lot of positive attention and encouragement from creeps

No. 879589

File: 1570945646479.png (3.03 MB, 1766x863, shane_palette.png)

They literally have such awful names. And it's being split into one normal sized palette and one mini palette. Plus he's doing the mirrors, the lip kits…. Really squeezing as much money as he can out of this launch while barely taking it seriously. It's like this fun game he gets to play, just playing with make up but then he gets to be rewarded with millions of dollars at the end. It's just crazy to me.

No. 879598

Maybe im stupid but wouldn't he have issues using brand names as shades on his products because of trademarks? I can't imagine he has license to use them.

No. 879603

Pretty sure he can't use brand names. Maybe they're going to change a few letters or so

How can their fans not see that all they care about is money? They're so fucking greedy. Wonder what they'll do after these videos are all out. Another "documentary" about the most interesting person ever to put another palette out?

Also lol at Shanes re-editing to put the two dogs that died in the end. Can't let anyone forget that another dog died, to get a few more sympathy bucks.

No. 879656

Who would have thought, buying dogs from shady breeders would in the end give them life shortening defects? Why doesn’t he put research into possible defects the same way he is when he flips his tits over anything minor? Like remember when the Nyx Cosmetics Twitter used a gif and he threatened to sue for “LITERALLY STEALING MY ARTWORK”

No. 879659

some brands might be fine. it depends if they have a specific copyright with cosmetics? it's kind of confusing.

like you probably couldn't use any form of "Cheetos" or Disney characters for make up since they released their own make up and probably have the rights to any similar names but A&W might not and might be too hard to prove it represents the brand. (since you could easily say it stands for ass and wipes or whatever the fuck)

sage for boring but yeah that's why you see company's with similar names from completely different fields like "diamond publishing" and "diamond blinds"

No. 879660

Sorry same I actually forgot he actually uses "Cheeto Dust" as a name lmao. That actually should still work since it's not the product and is an unlikely phrase for a brand to want to own in cosmetics.

No. 879673

Isn't the pallet suppose to be called Conspiracy? There's nothing unique or wild about those pans. It's so generic and most look out of J's previous launches. What a waste of as great name, and because Shane is doing omegalul I'm so random names for colors it's not cohesive whatsoever. I know it's gonna sell out just for the sake of J's quality but man what a massive waste of a great pallet idea.

No. 879689

I wouldnt be surprised if his piss was a dark brown with how little waterhe actually drinks

No. 879692

I thought that because the name was conspiracy he was going to do a theme with those names for the colours, not dumb youtuber hoes and junk food

No. 879753


A conspiracy themed pallet has so much potential and seeing it being wasted on weird shades with names relating to his poor diet and dumb sayings is disappointing.

It's like they are trying to make it a Shane themed pallet and a conspiracy themed pallet at the same time and it's clashing badly.

And the number that Jeffree dropped on Shane for that fucking give away for one ABH pallet is ridiculous I'm sorry. What was it like $250,000? No wonder the beauty industry is filled with crooks. The amount of money they get for give aways, sponsorships and merch is insane to me and that is the whole reason Shane is jumping on Jeffree's dick.

If Shane was actually passionate about make up I wouldn't even be that salty about it but the guy doesn't give a shit about hygiene let alone beauty. Even this "documentary" is a big masturbatory spectacle for his launch. He could have focused more on the beauty industry itself and important issues like you know, ethics maybe? But why waste valuable time with that when poor Shane has to recoup his "losses" with all that beauty guru coin. After all he isn't JEFFREE rich guize uwu.

No. 879767

Who knows maybe J knows this is a dumb idea and will make a second pallet with a conspiracy theme and tell Shane it just be like that.

I fully agree that Shane just wants the money and could care less about any of this. If he was serious about make up we'd see more of it. But he's too busy playing up his 'poor' angle. My guess is things will sell for the hype but taper out when people start to realize this is just a boring collab with nothing unique about it.

No. 879826

File: 1571027537357.png (1.93 MB, 1766x863, shane_palette_names.png)

Same fag as this post but I wanted to add the names so everyone could see what color was called what. Some of these might be mixed up since the some of the colors are so similar to one another, I apologize. The ones in parenthesis are names they haven't decided on yet. Not all of these shades were approved. The also still want to add like 3 more shades to complete one full palette (named Conspiracy) and one mini palette (named Mini Controversy).

No. 879840

Are people really still getting cucked into buying the same Pantone colors over and over again?

It’s like people don’t even realize there hasn’t been a new eyeshadow color since the 80’s. It’s the same shit over and over in different order. I have 2 eyeshadow palettes. One is neutrals and one is colors. Who needs more than that?

What really disgusts me about this whole thing is how wasteful and consumerism obsessed it is. Just the samples alone had so much plastic that they threw in the trash that I cringed. Jeffree flies around on a private jet. Just buys shit he doesn’t need.

It’s disgusting how much people just don’t give a shit that they’re being brainwashed into giving millionaires their pittance to destroy the planet.

No. 879843

Those shade names are totally dumb. There's also no shade their fans shouldn't already have if they're buying JSC religiously.
It's always the same, but it's sO sPeCiaL because it's JeffreexShane.

No. 879853


Sage for no contribution, but I was losing my MIND at the part when J was arranging the "color story". Like they're all standing there in awe as if something amazing is happening, when it's really just a stoned skeleton moving eyeshadows around lmao

No. 879859

And it isn't even good. He was just organizing. No appeal.

No. 879869

>>when it's really just a stoned skeleton moving eyeshadows around lmao

i laughed for like 20 mintues over this.

Also was Nate in any of the scenes? Shane's fucking up bringing his Sugarbaby to work, I don't really remember seeing Nate at all.

Then again, he's a stoned fucking Ken Dolls who just blends into the background so it's easy to miss him.

No. 879895

File: 1571055931787.jpg (356.11 KB, 900x1800, metallicgreen.jpg)

Not gonna lie, the idea for a conspiracy palette has potential, but if I was making it, I'd probably go in a different direction (even though I have to admit, I know nothing about make up). For example, a shade called conspiracy could be a very dark metallic shade of green (attaching a reference picture). I feel like it's using too many warm&light colors that would be more suitable for a piglet palette. Just my opinion though.(blog)

No. 880339

So…when is the next part coming? It's kind of irritating that they had 9 months and yet they didn't edit sporadically.

No. 880521

Does anyone get really weird vibes from ryland? Like I feel hes seriously jealous of Shane. In the video where Jeffree got him all that gucci stuff, he was so awkward. Something about him is so off and weird to me

No. 880525

fucking this they've had this project for almost a year and they dont have videos already pre-edited. Like jfc he doesn't do anything for the most part how long does it truly take to edit 9 videos.

Like they are prob gonna launch all this shit once the last video is up so probably early November to sell for the Christmas crowd.

No. 880529

His merch launched 2hrs ago and its already sold out.


No. 880555

File: 1571180772365.png (888.67 KB, 922x1843, shane_merch.png)

The absolute gall of him to ask for these prices on such trash designs. They're so ugly, and I can't be the only one who finds the "editeaing" shirt just plain dumb sounding, right?

No. 880572

Tacky af and expensive, looks like he's trying to be gucci-esque which is also tacky and expensive af.

No. 880577

tbh the backpack is cute but those prices are so out of line, especially for the slides.

No. 880580

He might be doing it because of drama and controversy. He got in trouble a lot for being tasteless and it might be a strategy to be able to make changes last minute.

My guess is the sifting through raw footage and shit is done in advance but they sit on their hands as long as possible so they can spin things depending on the reaction to the episode before

No. 880594

They need to ditch 99% of that top row. There are too many neutrals…it dulls the entire concept. I wish they would have experimented with pressed glitter and darker metalic shades.

No. 880596

Honestly this series and a lot of the other beauty bloggers like James Charles talking numbers infuriates me. Why is there so much money available to be made on shitty plastic products and powders??? Its actually so fucking disheartening that there is so many millions to be made in shitty throw away products. Wouldn't it be amazing if all these rich superficial cunts even spent one day a fucking month spending parts of their huge fortunes on people that need it. I really hope there's more people disgusted at the amount of money circulating around low brand make up. Like Kylie jenner can make a billion on this shit too. I hope this actually highlights to consumers that something is fucking off in the world. JS stated one of his palettes made 20 mil and only about <10% of that would be used to pay staff, his business expenses etc. That's so corrupt. I can't believe tacky gay men with absolutely no style or taste can make such a killing in an industry that profits off insecure women. Why is there so much demand for these horrible products? People aren't making good wages in industry's that are progressive and better society but there's millions to put in some you tubers pocket over some polly pocket looking toy shit quality make up?? GOD

No. 880611

Calm down there, Jehovah’s Wokenesses.

No. 880616

Everything had sold out in 20 minutes other than the stupid slides.

I actually kind of like some of the designs, but it's definitely way overpriced. Feel sorry for all the parents who let their kids buy this when they see how trashy the products are.

I think it's almost guaranteed that the makeup will drop mid-late November, that means that all the teens can beg their parents for it for xmas and Shane and J* get the most out of it.

No. 880618


Nta but fuck off and compost the rich

No. 880646

>>880525 i keep saying this to my friends yet they can't see it. He seems not only jealous but they ALWAYS come off as if they had just been fighting and gotten interrupted. I guess yea the first part was just that but it's all the time.

No. 880728

File: 1571200091213.jpg (234.49 KB, 1512x725, SHANE-BANNER-2_6226ec33-783c-4…)

Has anyone noticed how gigantic Morgan looks?

This is the biggest I've ever seen her look. She looks almost as big as Shane

Also, it's super obvious that Jeffree doesn't like Ryland and Morgan.

No. 880730

He can probably tell theyre users lol

No. 880736

Andrew looks so uncomfortable

No. 880750

Finally a few steps closer to that private jet

No. 880778

Those prices are way too high. I have no doubt that if they had skills to do it, they'd just establish their own luxury fashion brand, but who would buy that? Their fans are not rich, many of them are teens. That considered, these prices are not cool- it's going to drain some teen-wallets, but it's not too expensive for them to be completely unable to buy it. Shane is maybe happy that he's going to make more money from this merch BUT since it's so much pricier it's like "no shit Sherlock".
I hope someone reviews these HONESTLY and without ass-kissing Shane and Jeffree, because if they charge this much it better be high quality.

No. 880785

File: 1571224011059.jpg (173.95 KB, 688x637, 20191016_070454.jpg)

And some dumb adult wallets too. I mean…pic for evidence

No. 880804

Holyshit. someone got that pig tattooed on them?

No. 880823

File: 1571234751231.jpeg (162.62 KB, 1004x1061, D620679B-1732-467A-B15D-52F1FC…)

If this is one of the pics they chose to promote the stuff i’d like to see the rejects. jeff looks old as fuck.

“i’m not a regular mom i’m a cool mom!”

No. 880825

Jeffree looks like a corpse and I can see the flakes of skin on Shane's face.

This whole thing is such a gross money-grab to anyone over the age of 12. Over-priced, thoughtless merch to match his over-priced, thoughtless palette. Question: why wasn't the palette named after Shane instead of "Conspiracy"? Did they even think about the theme for longer than five minutes? How do "diet cola" and "Trisha" fit?

No. 880875

I thought Jeffree was unattractive with his fake lipped mouth closed, but he looks like someone's crackhead mom, who came into some money for new teeth.

Crackhead Soccer mom.

No. 880879

Jeffree looks like he's wearing a set of cheap plastic halloween teeth here. What the hell are those even.

No. 880926

I will never understand the US obsession with blindingly white veneers. They don't look good on anyone.

No. 880956

This generic ass boring merch sold out? God I can't imagine being the parent of Shane's general audience and your kid shows you this shit they spent your money on.

No. 880957

She's a thick girl but to be fair, the wide eye lense on the camera did not do her good in this photo.

No. 881015

Where the hell is shane's mom these days? They used to drop by her house on camera all the time, i'm just wondering if the whole bobby burns thing made him wary of including his mom in yt shit or if there's something else up.

No. 881086

File: 1571274530876.png (1.32 MB, 1332x638, SHANE-BANNER-2_6226ec33-783c-4…)

Ew this makes my skin crawl. This makes me feel like somewhere in Jeffree's mansion there's a room covered in pictures of Shane and Garrett where Jeffree has pasted his own face over Garrett's. Speaking of, I only ever started watching Shane's newer content because of how much I loved Garrett vids, as much as I miss seeing him I hope he's distancing himself from that group and is staying as far away from Jeffree as possible. He was too good for them anyways, too bad Andrew sold his soul for youtube bucks.

>Also, it's super obvious that Jeffree doesn't like Ryland and Morgan.
I've always gotten the vibe that Morgan has never liked Jeffree either. She wasn't in the original Jeffree sob story series right? She and Shane did that makeup video forever ago where she talks about youtubers who will be super friendly and kiss-ass to Shane and then turn around and be super rude to her….which definitely sounds like Jeffree. Also iirc she definitely didn't have any JS in her makeup bag, which is definitely a choice considering how much Shane shoves his makeup down everyone's throats. There's also Ryland's video where they're doing goat yoga and Ryland's running around trying to get his whole family to put on matching JS jumpsuits and Morgan was very clearly not interested in that. Jeffree follows everyone in that photo on twitter except for Morgan

I think Ryland liked him initially but I bet he's tired of Jeffree inserting himself into their relationship/life for over a year now. Clearly all of Shane's time and energy has has been taken over by Jeffree. Kind of makes me wonder if the engagement was just to appease Ryland because Shane was being a shitty boyfriend. I wonder if it'll come out that Shane and Jeffree have been foolin' around.

What happened with Shane's mom and Bobby Burns? She was definitely in the Trisha series and the Kathy Griffin series. Maybe they just live farther away now in their mcmansion?

No. 881118

Why is Shane head So fucking HUGE? Why is Jeffree sitting like that? Ryland just looks sick of the shit.

I think Jeffree's Issue with Morgan is- Woman.

>>I wonder if it'll come out that Shane and Jeffree have been foolin' around.

I bounce between, no and maybe on this one.

Mostly because Jeffree has a type. Shane is not that type, however, do feel that Shane is attracted to Jeffree because like him, Jeffree does the generic, "I'm gay, so I have to talk about sex and dick all the time" thing. You know basic Gay Male Youtuber Personality that most these dudes have.

But more so then that Shane loves jeffree's Money and the confidence he thinks Jeffree has. I do not doubt if given the chance Shane would gladly whip out his Shrimp or stank ass for Jeffree and be his lap dog.

Do I think Jeffree would come back for seconds? Nope. Do I think Jeffree would go for Shane if he wasn't Shane Dawson? Nope.

I find both Jeffree and Shane perverted and gross. Neither has respect for their spouses and their spouses don't seem to have respect but some kind of understanding of their roles. (well really Nate, Ryland isn't trained)

But then again, Shane's actually attracted to Jeffree so maybe despite his stankness, his personality and how he looks, maybe Jeffree will get how it feels to be with someone who is actually 100% attracted to him inside and out.

Maybe they are a match in hell. I just don't buy they are friends, If anything Shane wants to fuck Jeffree and it's all buiness.

Shane gains money and Jeffree gains people forgetting how shitty he is until he fucks up again.

No. 881145

They're all crowns, but his dentist or the assistant who helped him pick out his tooth color didn't warn him that going too bright looks way fake. Jeffree is so gross, I remember him talking about how he doesnt have to brush since he has crowns. Then later on his instagram he was shown getting a root canal. Its because he wasn't flossing probably and had food stuck in his contacts and he got a huge cavity.

I think shane just got bored if Garrett like he does with all of his friends (Drew, Brittany, Jessi, Shanna, ect.) He just gets bored of people. I dont see this squad leaving too soon, since Ryland is marrying Shane and Morgan is his sister. But I wouldn't be surprise if he replaces Andrew with a new camera man in a few years.

No. 881190

File: 1571302234886.png (340.07 KB, 800x435, 1533179501975.png)

You fools, his teeth are that white and perfect because he never brushes his teeth and has his dogs "clean" his gums instead! (genuinely not sure if I should have spoilered this image)

I'm wondering if it actually did or if they just say it did as publicity. That seems like a very Jeffree-scheme to pull since his makeup was always ~so exclusive~ back in the day that it was always sold out. Does anyone else remember when people used to lose their shit and scramble to refresh the page the moment Jeffree's lipsticks were restocked? I mean, it worked, he really drummed up clout for his shitty makeup. There's a conspiracy for ya.

No. 881200

Not brushing is just disgusting, smells like shit.. but as someone who has only a few crowns in the front… The bacteria that surrounds the metal or porcelain smells like actual literal shit. Had some crowns broken off to get teeth removed and it is absolutely vile. I always thought Jeffree smells like sugar but now all I can imagine is death-breath.

He also lets his dogs lick his face clean…yikes…. He's no better than Shane!

No. 881291

File: 1571328227260.jpeg (150.09 KB, 991x1072, 2302269B-E2D5-46E9-B304-0405E6…)

Imagine not even showing your own face in pictures promoting YOUR brand.

Jeff still looks like a crypt keeper. Shane has a massive zit or bite on his cheek. Who approved this?

No. 881307

I mean, it doesn't eve matter bc their literal children fans will throw their parent's money at it either way

No. 881321

why does this look like a controlling poorly aging, "I'm cool" mom, trying to get her embarrassed fat teenage son to smile for the camera on the first day of school?

No. 881322

And Jeffree's teeth look like they are about to fly out of his mouth.

No. 881431

File: 1571347027359.png (217.02 KB, 750x573, shane_twitter.png)

Tentatively, of course, who would have expected anything else? I am honestly going to be surprised if this doesn't get delayed.

No. 881508

While Shane is definitely super lazy, I think Jeffree is pressuring him to get this series out on time so he can sell the palette already. He probably wants it out in time for Christmas.

No. 881535

Bullshit that Shane gets makeup PR just through being associated with Jeff.

Even after Ryland made up that beauty room for him how often has he worn makeup?

No. 881597

Obviously Jeffree is the new Trisha from the Lisa era. Someone to obviously flirt with and fanboy over under the guise of "omg ur soooo crazyyyy :)"

No. 881599

At least Shane and Trisha had some chemistry. This "friendship" with Jeffree feels so weird.

No. 881605

man I miss the Lisa era, he looked nice and well kept, his content was funny, and Drew was around more :/

No. 881608

He needs JS because it fits his attention seeking "Guys I'm BI and love DICK and omg so into makeup (dont you know I used to smear lipstick all over my face for a skit! Obviously my passion!!) feel sorry for me because i was such a suppressed LGBT empath baby!!"

Now that he's ~engaged~ to Ryland, he's got to pump up the gayness x 10000 and throw in YAAAASSSS QWAAAAYYYYN SLAYYYYY when old shane would joke and shit on people like that.

No. 881614

I personally could see him fucking current day Trisha. I still feel if a hot girl or even a transwoman, came Shane's way and wanted a relationship, he'd leave Ryland in a minute.

No. 881653

Why though? Any theories as to why he's marrying Ryland when he so obviously can't stand him, like I get making up a relationship for clout or attention points but marriage is supposed to be a serious commitment. So whats in it for Shane? We know whats in it for Ryland lol.

No. 881659

i think we are the only 2 who get bad vibes from ryland. ryland seems like he is forcing this relationship. i wonder do they have sex. i can see shane not being into sex. plus im not convince shane is gay. i dont think shane cares. he just wants gay privilege. I also think he is tired of ryland but doesnt know how to leave.

jeffree used to be a makeup artist thats why people bought his last line. i dont know about his new line.

quit romancing this. this is all business for both of them. now, it maybe hitting friendship levels but they both need each other. now i think jeff will leave shane for the better. he will teach shane some discipline. hopefully they end before they hate each other.

No. 881728

Im not romancizing anything? Someone said some tinfoiled and I tinfoiled with them. Also didn't you read me say, "it's all buiness"?

Jeffree, Shane and all involved are idiots and bad people.

>> jeffree used to be a makeup artist thats why people bought his last line. i dont know about his new line.

And his Youtube fame, the million reviews telling you it's amazing, Shane's first Doc and this Doc.

Most of Jeffree shit gets brought because it's Jeffree Star's shit.I have friends who love Jeffree, brought some lipsticks, didn't like them but still will drop whatever they have on his overpriced bullshit.

It's going to be even worst because the Documentary Showing Jeffree as this amazing but giving businessman, who puts SO MUCH quality into EVERY SINGLE drop, etc. etc.

Plus he's a good person because he's nice to stinky Shane. (/S)

His trash is a step above Kylie's, but at this point these fools could be selling literal Dollar Store make up, with fancy plastic around it and slap some cute bunny on it and people will buy it, because it's "X Youtuber"

No. 881730

(Same anon)-

Jeffree's not going to teach Shane SHIT. Shane used Jeffree for an easy way into the cash cow that is makeup community.

Jeffree just needed someone to kiss his ass and clean up his rep, before he fucks it up again.

Thats really it. When they stop pretending to be friends, Shane will be a richer poor looking, depressed slob and Jeffree will go back to the regular programming.

They bother literally learned nothing and won't be better people because of this, just richer and will probably feel untouchable.

Which mean they'll do the dumb shit they normally do.

No. 881844

File: 1571433496466.jpg (33.41 KB, 454x228, dmd.JPG)

Shane looks disgusting. Jeffree looks shopped to death, but my lord Shane…

No. 881846

and how much are those fucking mirrors? They look like cheap dollar store shit.

They don't even look big. It looks like something you'd make in high school design class.

No. 881887

I am fucking awful for even posting this but shane really needs lip fillers to pull of that dark lip thing, he looks fucking ridiculous like that.

No. 881931

Called the shade change.

Regarding the new video, first 11 minutes were such a waste of time- saying goodbye to their old house, probably edited in to have some more Shane x Ryland moments before a suggestive photo shoot with Jeffree. (Drew and Garret were also shown from an old footage; but they don't read gossip, right?) The rest wasn't tragic but they better spill some earl grey after briefly mentioning James so many times.
The big palette looks pretty good and cohesive, small one is kinda… meh? Overall it was an okay episode if you ignore the fucking filler at the beginning and more shocker baby Shane.

No. 881934

It makes me mad so many dumb 13 year old girls will sucker their parents into buying this dumb cheap shit, I'm not homophobic at all normally but I'm really fucking annoyed by this faggotry.

No. 881939

Honestly it's probably just convienence for Shane, lots of people end up staying with someone long term because they're insecure, afraid to be alone, don't think they can find something better or a combination of the three. Shane clearly hates himself, I wouldn't be surprised if he thinks being committed to Ryland is better than nothing.

No. 881941

Is he actually attracted to men? He doesn't seem attracted to Ryland..so why not find a desperate clout chasing female or something? He's just so fucking weird.

No. 881942

The only reason he'd put in all that negative stuff about their relationship is that he's planning an exit and has to manipulate his audience into accepting it. He's done schemey stuff like that before and given the whole Lisa shitshow clearly is very conscious of his viewers reaction.

No. 881945

the title is so tacky. Bragging about making 20 million dollars? Do the kids watching it know they're being played?

No. 881946

thank the internet for adblock

No. 881947

Nah, it isn't attention seeking - its money. Shane Dawson like other ol' youtubers post random shit, or jump on trends to stay relevant for ad revenue.

Remember how he use to do those food reviews, and 10 ten shit? He did it because it was trending! He wanted dat moolah. I don't care that he's trying to make money(in the most self-disrespecting way possible)
It just pisses me off when he acts like "Oh, I wanted to do this!!" Fuck off, faggot.

The same goes for Jenna Marbles, smosh, Dan&Phill, pewdiepie, they're all grasping at straws to be relevant.

No. 881962

>10 ten shit
i meant top ten shit
just love to impulse post without checking(twice counting)
Anon, your tinfoil hat has seeped into your slop of a brain.
They're probably being awkwardly affectionate to each other because of Andrew or whoever.
I mean I would be pretty awkward showing affection to my SO if someone else was there.
Unless you're a degenerate, imagine how awkward it would be to suck-face yo SO in front of your parents.

No. 881966

The beginning in the house was so dumb, "omg this is so weird, it looks so different" - Yea, your realtor staged it for selling, what did you expect… And of course the dramatic sad music. You moved into a mansion, I don't understand what this whole portion of the video was for.

No. 881973

Who even tops in Shane's and Ryland's relationship? Shane seems way too lazy to service anyone and Ryland is 100% a pillow princess. There's like 0 sexual dynamic between them at all.

No. 881976

Shane definitely tops. I believe one or both of them mentioned it in a past video. Also Shane's asshole must be gross, like he has hemorrhoids and never really showers so who would wanna stick their dick in that honestly.

No. 881979

Ryland and Shane have talked about their sex life in older videos (ugh, considering how young a lot of their fans are it's gross to think about) but fairly certain they mentioned Ryland was the bottom. Something about him farting with his butt up? I vaguely remember it, it was too gross not to remember.

No. 881981



No. 881986

File: 1571448792960.gif (713.6 KB, 498x280, 56B2B8A4-39AA-405A-91C6-7A59DA…)

No. 882022

Jesus christ, I'm sorry I asked.

No. 882031

File: 1571456865982.png (80.91 KB, 209x403, gree.png)

I hate that I love that one really metallic green(his newer shade) kinda hope someone comes out with a dupe.

No. 882036

I've liked all the more 'unique' colors. J* really does have a good eye for color for what it's worth. I'm into a few of the lipsticks too…

No. 882039

You have voodoo from Makeup Geek

No. 882040

No wonder Ryland is such a pissy bitch imagine getting to sex and that is on top of you grunting away.

No. 882045

I feel you. And since this will be out on november, right for xmas, this colour would have been perfect for the season.

I don't know if going for the "basic girl" is a good strategy. Overall, most of the people buying it will be fans of beauty gurus ( crazy colours… hello?)

No. 882051


When this shit launches, if I like anything I'm def. going to be looking for some dupes, thats literally what I use these youtubers/reviewers videos for.

So I if I see a nice color, hopefully I can find something cheaper, similar and I don't have to give these fools my money.

No. 882053

The realtor made the house look so much better than Shane had it.

Also why does Shane keep saying he's never sold anything in a store or sold out of things? Didn't he have hot topic shirts? Like he was one of the first youtubers with merch.

No. 882063

Didnt he have a book as well? And a DVD? I'm pretty sure both were probably sold at Walmart

No. 882074

File: 1571464752317.gif (2.12 MB, 498x334, tenor.gif)

>man I miss the Lisa era, he looked nice and well kept
I think it's interesting, aesthetically Shane was more of a (stereotypical) gay man when dating Lisa (well groomed, well dressed, straightened hair, body conscious to the point of ED), and more of a straight man when dating Ryland (poor hygiene, no effort in appearance, body conscious but won't take care of himself, haircare/skincare nonexistent). I know everyone here likes to talk about how Shane and Ryland don't make any sense together because how could Ryland put up with that when he is the way he is BUT my theory is that Ryland is actually super into the "gross straight guy" aspect of it. It probably makes him feel like more of the "woman" in the relationship if he's taking on all of the more feminine traits (running the household, trophy wife, diet/exercise to keep in shape, raising their idiot child Morgan). This is why I also think it's entirely plausible that Jeffree would be totally into Shane as well, because Jeffree also only likes "straight" guys (though I don't think Jeffree is Shane's type). Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

>imagine getting to sex and that is on top of you grunting away.
c'mon now, Ryland may be the bottom but you know Shane's the one laying on his back with his clothes on the whole time. No way he'd exert that much effort.

No. 882080

File: 1571465377193.png (431.63 KB, 607x559, bn.png)

Yeah, he was basically the first youtuber to be big enough to have merch at Hot Topic back in the day. He's written 2 books (both of which were definitely in stores) and has both directed and starred in quite a few shitty movies.

No. 882120

This whole thing is tacky as hell. So far every part of this series has had a huge focus on money and I understand it's a business but there is a very clear narrative of Shane being a victim because he hasnt been making as much money as he "should". Boo fucking hoo join the club.

>The same goes for Jenna Marbles, smosh, Dan&Phill, pewdiepie, they're all grasping at straws to be relevant.

This. I have been a fan of Jenna's for years but what the fuck is her content lately? For hitting 20 million subs she took a nap on camera…bitch we know you're getting older but this is still your job.

They lose touch with their audience and just expect everybody to be okay with lazy bullshit because they can use the "relatable" angle.

No. 882139

File: 1571488759938.png (1.83 MB, 1476x730, jeffree_star_faces.png)

And I'm sure Jeffree will be bitching about it when YouTubers start suggesting good dupes for these colors. But like others have said, this palette isn't even for make up lovers. It's for Shane's fans who will buy it, regardless if they will actually use it or not. They will buy it because it's from Shane x Jeffree. Fucking sad.

No. 882142

All I took from this episode is they they were raging Shane palette was being released by morphe and morphe are also honouring the successful one year anniversary of the James Charles palette at the same time. So they tried to cancel James Charles purely for sales uwu.

No. 882223

>Jenna, Smosh etc
At least they aren't becoming pretend beauty gurus and pushing shitty makeup lines like virtually everyone else (including actual celebrities!). Shane "getting into" makeup is the biggest bullshit ever. His greasy ass has no interest in looking good ever, not even for his fiance, so I don't know how anyone buys that he totally loves makeup and put his heart and soul into this palette, guiseeeee.

No. 882266

Do you guys think that by this time next year Shane will still be "into" makeup or will he have moved on to the next thing?

No. 882273

If oversaturating the market with makeup brands is still hugely profitable then I'm sure he will still be milking it.

No. 882283

Apparently he learned from Jeffree to jack his prices up

No. 882291

How else would Shane and Jeffree both get profit, if the prices weren't so high? You guys, Shane needs this he's bit as rich as other youtubers, it's not fair!

No. 882308

People were begging on Twitter to keep that green shade in, and people asking for dupes. Don't have a Twitter so I couldn't link people to the link that was dropped in here.

No. 882315

I'mma have to disagree, Ryland thought he was getting a nice gay Shawn Dawson. And got a slob of a straight man. Even in this series there's little points of Ryland just wanting nothing to do with Shane. Such as the kiss goodbye when they were leaving. Shane played it off later that they'd had a 'moment' when in bed. But truth be told Ryland was quick to pull back and barely a peck before heading back inside. And when they returned, ignoring the fact Ryland couldn't be bothered to even greet them. He barely reacted to Shane holding him just a little pat like "K you're home get the fuck off me." He's staying for the clout especially now since Shane isn't a 'poor' millionaire anymore.

No. 882322

the pig bag is cute, it reminds me of myspace scene kid shit like gloomy bear. Is it even real leather though. If not I feel like it shouldn't it be that expensive. The hoodie isn't that bad price wise most yter merch hoodies are around the same price (same with bands). The slides are ridiculous though. They should be at least have that price, maybe 30 dollars at most. I get everything is made in cali but charing 40 dollars for some plastic shoes with a pig on them…..no thanks

No. 882324

Jeffree and his team are very aware of the fact Shane fans will buy his makeup even if they dont care about the makeup. I feel like J fans do that exactly with his makeup. I have seen people irl and on social media who dont wear makeup almost ever that buy a lot J makeup and merch. It's crazy. The bg scene has changed a lot from when I first starting watching. At first it was really just geared towards makeup fans, now its geared towards youtubes general audience. Which explains why beautytubers do less and less makeup content (ie j* and James Charles) and more vlog style videos.

No. 882330

File: 1571517768564.png (293.37 KB, 1366x768, merchstore.png)

It's not even made in cali, his merch is literally just made in China, it says it right under "details".

No. 882334

Nah, Ryland seems to be fed up with Shane pissing in bottles, never showering, not taking care of the pets, never changing clothes and never cleaning. He wants to have a family with kids and a normal suburban life, not be a youtube trophy wife for his slob husband. At least thats what it seemed like, though I haven't really watched a vid in a while now

No. 882336

Not gonna lie, I kinda like the pig backpack. But more in a I’d buy a $15 replica on taobao way than actually buy it from Shane.
I can’t stand him, he has shown his piss bottle yellow true colours this year, and I can’t believe people are still buy anything that comes out of his disgusting mouth. I can’t wait to see what happens once Jeffree grows tired of him

No. 882340

I doubt shane brushes his teeth, cleans the shit crumbs and tissue out his ass, or does anything to fix himself up. I wouldn't want to kiss him either.

I doubt they even have sex anymore, I feel like Shane gets off to straight porn and Ryland gets off to thinking about the money he's getting and adopting a child to hopefully secure the money.
I wouldn't be surprised if they opened their marriage either.

Just like with J* and Nate, I feel like if they aren't fucking (or Jeffree asking Nate to fuck him or Nate fucking women), they barely talk. They don't seem to have any fucking thing in common or any kind of vibe to them.

Just like they exist in each others space, until one of them wants something.

In the beginning I felt there was something real on Rylands end but not so much on Shane's.

They are all users though

No. 882343

I often feel like I'm paying for a fancy package over the same or slightly different formulated cheap makeup when it comes to some of the YTuber brands I've used.

No. 882346

Shane did mention in a few videos how he always finishes with porn once fucking ryland. Crucify me for i have no idea which videos but it certainly was a thing. I asked about shane's mom before and i feel retarded for going on and on about the goddamn moms but it kinda feels shane rather hangs and films ryland's family. This is shane's shot at having a normie family.

>>882334 how the fuck are they gonna have kids when neither of them can even cook without a sponsored meal delivery thing?

No. 882354

jeez, that's fucking tacky. So they are really really marked up. I can't believe people are paying 80 bucks for a plastic pig bag made in china, and I can't believe they had the audacity to sell it. Especially when J made some snide comment about James Charles making more of a profit off of his palette than J does off of his because James' was made in china, while star's is made in cali. I was already over Shane and J* (mainly jeffree), but this is really the last nail in the coffin for me.

No. 882394

No. 882403

How insulting to finish with porn after fucking your irl partner, and even worse, tell the world about that fact

No. 882404

Yep it's been covered by the makeup drama accounts.
It's pretty much all Morphe makeup (aka cheap china produced makeup with excess filler) with a nice package.

Even brands who usually make nice makeup will revert to cheap Morphe shit when it comes to their Youtuber palettes.

No. 882414

Went back on his channel and realised how shane and lisa actually had some sort of fun chemistry between them. Then again they were first friends, then in a stale codependent relationship but it's interesting to watch these compared to the videos he has made with ryland.

No. 882439

Just like w Ryland, Lisa loved Shane way more than he loved her, he didn’t know what he wanted. But I believe she’d still be with him today if he never broke it off. The Shane of today could be completely different tbh

No. 882448

it's beyond insulting. I don't even think Shane said it maliciously. Because quite frankly I don't think he's smart enough to understand that that is a horrible thing to say about anyone even if it was an attempt to be self deprecating and relatable. He has no boundaries and he is really bad at self censoring. There are so many things he has said over the years that he should have known not say. It's not even something unique to Shane a lot of youtube 'comedians' are like that.

No. 882450

File: 1571540510849.jpg (95.79 KB, 963x693, Untitled.jpg)

i know he's wearing a baggy hoodie, but f u c k

No. 882457

File: 1571541803103.jpg (7.26 KB, 750x750, tiny-hand-soap-6.jpg)

No. 882465

If he smelled ripe before, he must really smell like pissy vinegar testicles and Cool Ranch Doritos by now.

No. 882473

This seems like a real reach to me. Are you basing your entire opinion of their relationship off this one video? Cause they have literal years of videos where they're being normally affectionate. What you're describing sounds like pretty standard "I know my girlfriend is pissed off at me because she texted me "k." but I'm too emotionally stunted to understand why" behavior. Ryland is probably pissed that Shane is spending all of his time and energy on another man and not prioritizing their relationship at all, and he's right to be pissed at Shane for that. Yall love to call Ryland the gold digger but Shane's the one who's selling his soul for money and cashing in on his relationship with Jeffree.

Are you having a stroke?

>it reminds me of myspace scene kid shit like gloomy bear
Ooooh, yup, you hit the nail on the head. That makes a lot of sense considering Jeffree's pulling all the strings here. It's not something I would ever buy, but I do think it's a well designed "mascot" for Shane and it does light up the "tacky scene kid" part of my brain. Now he can throw that on any arbitrary item and charge 6x as much for it, which he couldn't necessarily do with "Shane Dawson" or even his dumb triangle logo.

No. 882485

No one's gonna deny Shane is a piece of work whining about how he's not quite the millionaire he wishes he was. But Ryland very clearly shows how little he cares for this nonsense. Dude wants a rich fantasy life and got Shane fatass Dawson pissing in bottles. Shane even played off his pissy thing that they had a moment together praying in bed. Chances are when dating if you talk it out after and have a moment your SO isn't gonna be a pissy bitch over it the day after, Ryland was. Hell his proposal was to get away from the fact people dug up a bad dirty joke about his cat. Neither one of them should be in a relationship with each other

No. 882487

File: 1571550264490.jpg (141.67 KB, 1241x1230, unnamed.jpg)

Jeffrey is like a woman who is responsible for both her man's success and her man's discipline. Highly doubt anything would be going on between the two but Ryland is probably fuming anyway.

No. 882496

Understandably. Jeffree's tacky and always acting like a slut.
He's clinging onto Shane, talking about licking his sweat and he's giving him all of that sweet $$ Shane so desperately wants.
Friends don't behave like that around each other and it shows that Shane doesn't care about his fiance's feelings.

No. 882583

Yes because Jeffree barely treats like a human. More like a cute expensive dog or a very expensive sex doll.

Shane 100% wants a lap dog, that won't expect much more from him then money.

and Ryland looks like even money isn't making him happy anymore.

We can see Nate's depressed and doped out 100% of the time.

No. 882591

File: 1571591830482.png (362.81 KB, 352x636, twitter.png)

This looks so….muddy. Like this color looks like when you mix every paint color together and get a gross muddy grey mess.
>jeffreestar x me

No. 882592

>has a palette
>make up is bad
>dont judge me
Ok, but nope

No. 882602

Shane moves to a mansion in Calabasas, which is one of the richest neighborhoods in LA and place where celebs live, and then dares to cry on camera how he doesn't have enough money.

Why aren't more people calling this out? I mostly see tards praising him as this "big innocent baby awwww quickly buy his merch so he gets more money"


No. 882605

This is some younique level shit

No. 882606

>>882591 imagine being this rich yet so utterly talentless

No. 882626

Maybe you should ask Jeffree to teach you instead of spending all your time sucking his dick, then maybe at least _some_ people might actually believe you're not only doing it for the money.

No. 882636

They're living in "cheap" areas in Calabasas. Jeffree liked to brag about "living next door to the Kardashians" but he's nowhere rich enough to live anywhere close to them. And Shane's got way less money than Skeletor.

No. 882642

File: 1571601960232.jpg (844.44 KB, 1080x1805, 20191020_140443.jpg)

His greasy hands make the eyeshadows look so gross.

I mean it's still a lot of money and it's ridiculous he's crying that he's so poor.

He's so awful. If a girl were doing her makeup like this, people would be saying that it's bad and she needs to practice more. But since Shane is doing it he gets nothing but, "Omg Shane, you're doing so good. Keep it up!!! You've improved so much!"

No. 882646

honestly I'd be fine just seeing it done nicely by a professional. he can afford it. just be honest.

it's a ridiculous cashgrab no matter what but at least market the product well. brands wouldn't send PR to an mua who put work like this up.

there are uglier and fatter drag queens out there pulling together better looks so his face isn't an excuse.

No. 882661

Lipstick nick did offer him classes but knowing shane, he doesn't actually wanna put in effort. No effort, only profit.

No. 882665

Surely if he was actually practicing with makeup over the past year he wouldn't be this bad

No. 882667

File: 1571608947901.jpg (33.34 KB, 618x536, jeffree-star.jpg)

>Why aren't more people calling this out?
I mean, herein lies the entirety of the J* cinematic universe. We seem to be safe over here but if you so much as mention his name in the Beauty Guru thread Jeffree stans swarm out of nowhere to deflect blame. If you look at those threads it's 50% people calling Jeffree out on his bullshit and 50% J-stans going:
>umm being racist isn't even that big of a deal??
>the woman he made those racist remarks about is actually the problematic one?? because
>even though those screencaps of him making racist remarks recently have been unequivocally proven to be real 47 different ways i'm just not buying it i think they're fake
>fake news fake news fake news

>Jeffrey is like a woman who is responsible for both her man's success and her man's discipline.
lmao what? Shane is the one responsible for Jeffree's success, what discipline? Jeffree's has had like 5000 different scandals swept under the rug, the only one he couldn't sweep under the rug as easily was (one of) the videos of him literally screaming the n-word and Shane gave him an out for that too by giving him an entire sob story series about it. I don't mean this in a harsh way but are you new to the Jeffree drama? This is a really naive thing to say.

For anyone new to Jeffree's bullshit, this is a pretty comprehensive list, but honestly still does not cover some of the overall themes and tactics he's been using for decades now. (This link should probably be included in future Shane/Beautube thread OPs):

Jeffree is VERY good at marketing, manipulation, and scare tactics and threatens legal action at the drop of a hat, which even when he has zero legal standing is enough to scare a lot off a lot of small nobody youtubers (which is who he goes after). THIS is why he doesn't get "called out", he publicly threatens big bad defamation suits if people criticize him or his products. He also "befriends" basically all of the drama bloggers and Youtube itself. This means that drama bloggers don't point out his daily terrible behavior the way they do other bloggers, or will divert attention from his scandals and even sway public opinion in his favor with their videos. By "befriending" Youtube, his videos are always #1 trending (this isn't gossip he literally told Rich Lux that this is what he does). The last people that "called him out" for being racist, Jeffree and his hoard of cronies pulled an Uno reverse card on them and basically obliterated their entire careers** because that's how powerful he is. Jeffree's a horrible person, but he's also smart and good at what he does, and Shane is the biggest tool (heh) he's ever had in his arsenal. He doesn't have any control over Shane or his "discipline" because Shane is the one who controls Jeffree's entire narrative. Jeffree doesn't show up at Shane's house with no underwear and shower him with $15,000 worth of presents because he's a good friend, he does it because he desperately needs to keep in Shane's good graces, and money is the only influence he has over Shane. Shane is the only ""friend"" Jeffree has at this point because he's publicly decimated every other friendship he's had, and in order to keep Shane as a ""friend"" (asset) he's having to legally bind Shane to him through business dealings. Shane is literally Jeffree's last (and only) hope for pretending he's a human being and not a cumthirsty lizard person.

**(Obviously they destroyed their own careers as well, but it would take literal years to get into Jeffree's levels of hypocrisy at this point. Jeffree could have 100,000 tweets saying the n-word every day for the past 5 years and still turn the entire internet against someone saying "hey that's bad")

No. 882669

>>882667 spotted the shanefag

No. 882674

Spotted the Jeffree stan trying to deflect discussion of Jeffree's abhorrent behavior. That's not gonna work in this thread bud, take it back to the beauty youtube thread.

No. 882686

Nnnot any fag but it's just heavy to see an actual novel of rehashed shit from reddit of all places, we been knew joffree sucks. Just stop the blogging, fag.

No. 882688

>lmao what? blah blah blah blah This is a really naive thing to say
It was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the way Jeffrey was behaving in the photo rather than a serious analysis of their power dynamics. Speaking of which, judging by your post, you seem to be going back and forth between declaring Shane or Jeffrey to be the one in control of the relationship.

No. 882690

>here’s a list of how terrible jeffree star has been for over a decade
>ur a shanefag lol!!!!
you’re not even trying

you forgot the part where we’ve been asking mods for years to do something about the blatant jeffree cronies screaming “fake news!”’at every piece of proof and they just continue to look the other way. He’s got a longer rap sheet than Onion or any other cow on this website and even here we can barely talk about it without people immediately changing the subject

No. 882696

Shane's in control, Jeffree handcuffed himself to Shane so Shane can't leave him because Jeffree has no other options. It's not that difficult.

If you don't want to read it….then don't? Better yet, you don't even have to click on the link. The post says
>For anyone new to Jeffree's bullshit
Since you already know Jeffree's terrible why would you even pay attention past that? You don't have to throw a tantrum about it, just keep scrolling.

No. 882708

Shane isn't in the control of anything, the man is a pill popping trainwreck with a pornsickness kek

No. 882734

fags get a free pass all the time on makeup. Women are judged harshly but shane applies shadow to his lids with greasy fingers and gets mountains of encouragement. i hate the double standards

No. 882764

Ryland must really love money, because that is some shit. Shane really is a porn addict. Ryland, love yourself, because this aint it

No. 882781

Those foundation stains on his sleeve…

No. 882792

Honestly, can we move on from this narrative? Every time Shane shows himself to be a bad partner and garbage human Ryland is the one that gets held accountable. I know Ryland’s not a woman but this feels like it’s perpetuating a very misogynistic trope because he’s clearly the “woman” in the relationship. Look at Nate in comparison, he’s literally a kept man who doesn’t have a job and doesn’t contribute to the household in any way, but doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of flack Ryland does because he’s the “man” in the relationship. His only job is to fuck Jeffree and he can’t even do that correctly because he still needs to fuck women to get off. Ryland had a Youtube career before Shane, he’s continued that career throughout their relationship and contributes way more to their relationship than Shane does. Nate’s job before Jeffree was working at Petsmart, but he never gets held accountable for Jeffree being a disgusting garbage human. Honestly I find Ryland’s personality insufferable but Shane is the one that needs to be held accountable here.

No. 882838

The ‘SD’ logos in the newest vid look like Scooby Doo logos lmao

No. 882892

Alright take your tumblr thesis blogging back there. Ain't no one denying Shane being a POS people don't like Ryland because his actions show what a little gold digger he is. Case and point the hovering when Shane got all that hideous pig stuff from Jeffree. Ryland could barely stand that his bf's friend got his bf more than him. No one cares about your armchair analysis This is about all of Shane's 'crew' and that includes weasel face the fiance.

No. 882893

File: 1571675075709.png (231.54 KB, 1440x1097, Screenshot_2019-10-21-09-22-59…)

oh is this why Shane became a nasty goblin? lol

No. 882895

Aren't all his assistants female currently?

No. 882917

Yes, and his makeup artist

No. 882945

I'd love to here the tales they have working for him. Sadly we won't because he probably has them under NDA's. Im postive they have a few stories of bitch fits and just the weirdness of Jeffree's personal life.

Him having females working under him means NOTHING. I mean, he said shit about fem gay men and every male guru is that, so he had to suck it up and be around them to make money.

it's the "I can't be racist I have black friends" thing.

No. 883225

There's a big difference between Ryan and it's not about their sex role. Ryan is more visible, proactive on YT, he participates in Shane's videos… and is always "joking" about money, being bougie etc. Nate is mostly quiet and only appears when Jeffree wants him to. He seems to be pretty much fine with what he has, has little to no ambition to start profiting more and just want to skate, get high and pet some pomeranians. If anything, I'd argue Ryland is more free than Nate.
(Also, can people stop calling him a twink? He's a normal skinny man with body hair. If anything, he'd be an otter.)

No. 883310

Anyone else think that within a year, people are gonna point out how utterly dull and bland Shane's palette is? Rn people are just creaming themselves over the fact Morphe moved James's anniversary up to make November Shane's month. Also love how Shane completely didn't want an october release cause Halloween therefor it somehow would be 'corny'. When it'd be perfect since he's a massive clown.

No. 883533

Remember when Shane was good friends with Joey Graceffa? What happened to that, did Shane swap Joey for Jeffree?

No. 883543

I don't really know what happened between them. They stopped interacting much long before Jeffree showed up so don't think that's it. Think they just drifted apart somehow. Shane still promoted Joey's book last year so they seem to still be on good terms.

No. 883599

File: 1571813059259.jpeg (88.66 KB, 750x703, 8053E293-9B1F-4E96-AC72-3DF7A4…)

Given Shane’s year long bathrobe dissociative episode following the Jake series, I wonder how he feels about him these days. Shane’s an idiot for making that dumbass Jake puff piece in the first place, I assume that his meltdown was in part due to people actually not kissing his ass for the first time ever with that series. It’s still just hilarious that Shane threw himself under the bus to make Jake look like a human, and Jake just immediately threw that good will into a dumpster and set it on fire by dumping whatshertface and “marrying” Tana. (Though tbh that relationship makes more sense to me, Tana makes Jake look sane in contrast to her). Anyways, their couple costume can be Jake and Shane and Tana as Tana peeing on Shane.

No. 883620

whatever the situation you know ryland is generating most of the power

No. 883745

Okay theres only like 9 days left till November 1st, where are those other 4/5 videos or am I to assume that one or two of them will be on launch day and see them way later into November.

No. 885979

I just finished watching the 5th episode and I'll do my best to not rage. Editing was really bad- like a polished turd with corn in it. Corn represents completely unrelated bullshit that shouldn't have appeared there in this form. Morgan's insecurities and being offered some plastic surgery is a good example. It wasn't connected in any way and it kind of looks like because they promised drama, they are putting in things they can refer to as "drama" and say: The make up/beauty world is crazy you guys! It's not tea, it's not even drama, it's repeating what everyone already knows or assumes, but I guess if they're too chicken shit to deliver on promises, this is what happens. Unless they provide James Charles drama the documentary used to create hype, it's pointless to watch. This series is only an ad and it's hard to believe its actors are living people and not just add extensions.

As for the palette itself, girl designing it was (again) treated pretty badly and you could see her disappointment. In fact, some members participating in meetings looked really done with Shane, but that's just a vibe I felt. So many things went wrong and it's hard to pinpoint everything, but a lack of James Charles drama is probably the worst bit.

No. 885990


I saw the disappointment in that girl's (Anna was her name I believe) face too. Felt kinda bad that Shane just completely rejected everything even though she looked so excited about them. I thought one or two of the pallets had decent designs honestly. They could've worked with them to create something different, but apparently now Andrew and Shane are creating the design of the pallet themselves?? And something completely different as well.

Also speaking of Andrew - his laughing is irritating. It was cute at first but now it's just so annoying to hear him constantly laughing from behind the camera. I find that he laughs at somewhat inappropriate times too - especially in a lot of past videos. Just film ffs.

No. 886002

God Shane is an insufferable brat. This woman went all out with this basic ass idea. (spiral seriously?) Did her best to try and create something and his frumpy ass is whining about it the next day cause it wasn't what he 'wanted. Shane you gave them a basic idea and then whined they didn't capture what you Didn't tell them. I'd not be surprised if J's team refuse to deal with him after this. I can't imagine being in her shoes disappointing a bratty client, only to have a video come out where he whines further.

No. 886008

I know this series is supposed to paint Jefree in a good light but that catty attitude he had when Morgan showed interest in the security guard just shows the audience that he hates women. Any time a woman speaks he cuts them off, Morgan shows insecurity he doesn't sound sincere.I know his whole shtick is being a slutty, bratty, gay man but god he's disgusting.

I really wish he choose the retro TV big pallet it was the most interesting and new, if he didn't like the fact that the "lock" didn't work, they could've taken the time to adjust it. But instead he wants to go with an ugly football eye shape.

No. 886025

I felt sooo bad for Anna. She looked utterly fed up after how many samples she pulled out for Shane and he rejected them all. That was time (and Jeffree's) monet wasted and Shane treated her like it was her fault for it looking "like hot topic" cheap, Shane…. Hot topic may look tacky but at least it tries.

I like how the trailer advertised one thing and even Shane said it would be a long series but all it is is a few episodes of pure shit, shit unrelated and absolutely horrible editing that just keeps getting worse and worse

Funny how we mention Jeffree not liking Morgan and they have to shove all this fake Jeffree & Morgan bonding to make up a manipulative point of view to really rub "zomg guiiissse, Jeff is so nice!" in and showcase him in a good light.

The tv palette was so good, it's a shame Shane completely disregarded it, but meh whatever. Maybe a better brand will make something with it.

No. 886030

The TV shape was cool and original, the green was cool and original. They had so many chances to make this something new and original but it's just all so damn overplayed and boring

No. 886036

This was an extremely frustrating episode. If Jefree hated all the ideas, why didn't he actually speak up BEFORE Anna put all the work in?

No. 886053

Exactly I agree.

The editing, as usual gave me fucking whiplash again. It's so hard to follow when they're switching back and forth. They put so much stuff in here that could've just been another episode… I don't know how people still think Shane's doing anything groundbreaking or that interesting. He almost gave me a migraine.

No. 886059

Morgan looked so uncomfortable in every scene she was with Jeffree. I feel bad for her getting caught up with him. Feels like she just wants to continue being friends with Shane and co. but now Jeffree is included in that. Sucks.

No. 886076

Because then they wouldn't have content

No. 886088

Lmao remember we were just talking about Morgan and Jeffree not liking each other! And us saying Jeffree hates women and isn't interested in people he doesn't find useful, i.e. Morgan, Ryland, and crew.
Now they shoehorn scenes about her and her insecurities with Jeffree giving his fake ass encouraging words.

We already know Shane knows about lolcow since he used a screenshot from here in an old video forever ago … tinfoil but I wouldn't put it past his pathetic self to lurk here. We're like the only people on the fucking internet not kissing his ass. He went mental when people criticized him on twitter so he clearly can't handle anything other than people kissing his ass.

No. 886098

There is no way Ryland isn't beside himself with jealousy and envy because everything has only been about Shane and J together in pictures, the videos, articles etc, it's like they're the new couple and Ryland has been completely cast aside. Even if I know he's a money hungry whore it doesn't excuse how badly Shane treats him and ignores him, he's been sucking on J's dick for a while now and completely forgetting everything else that isn't makeup.

Also, speaking of the "conspiracy palette", what the fuck does it have to do with conspiracies? Shane always does very little research on all the conspiracy videos he does. They're usually some far-fetched stupid shit on celebrities, or even if it's well known like 9/11 or MK Ultra, he barely talks about it in a clear manner. That's why it's so frustrating seeing people hype him up as this all knowing smart conspiracy reacher when he does jack shit and it's insulting to actual hardworking theorists. He basically whitewashes and dumbs them down so his 13 year old fans can understand them, and he's their only source so they're even stupider than before. Shane's as fake and basic when it comes to conspiracies as he is when it comes to makeup.

No. 886129

Okay, I usually don‘t read this thread as I am, or was, a fan of his. But this series is slowly making me hate him. And especially the last part was nothing more than boring filler. He tries so hard to hype up the palette and it looks just boring.
He‘s constantly kissing Jeffree‘s ass and saying yes to everything J* says.
Also what pissed me off was that NOW that he‘s going to make a shitload of money he wants to work out and get healthy bc he wants to „live“? Not when he got engaged, not when they bought that big ass house to maybe start a family. But only because he‘s nose deep in Jeffree‘s ass and makes money.
Obvious sage for the ranting.

No. 886150

I had to skip all the part of the colours because the editing is so bad and going from DESIGN APPROVED! to I DONT LIKE ANY OF THESE BOXES THEY'RE TOO HOT TOPIC! to MORGAN NEEDS A MAKEOVER BECAUSE SHE FEELS THE PAIN OF BEING AN INFLUENCER!
The Tv design was very cute. But too good for Shane imo.
Morgan is annoying. I slowly started to despise her in the older videos, but now she's just an obnoxious lazy pig same as Shane.

No. 886184

File: 1572359526094.png (441.2 KB, 992x581, 1547139192774.png)

No please anon, by all means rage. I haven't been able to stomach more than about 2 mins of the entire series so I wanna hear how stupid and infuriating it is from someone who can actually watch it. There needs to be more rage about this imo because his and Jeff's fangirls just fawn over everything and let him get away with this shit.

>Lmao remember we were just talking about Morgan and Jeffree not liking each other!
I wish I could say we influenced it but blind people could see that Jeffree hates women and especially Morgan. I don't care much for Morgan tbh but it's probably because she doesn't kiss Jeffree's ass or bow at his feet like he expects every single person he comes in contact with to because she can clearly see the difference in the way he treats Shane vs the rest of the planet. So, good for her.

Do you think Jeffree hates women because he thinks he's a better "woman" than everyone he sees?

>We already know Shane knows about lolcow since he used a screenshot from here in an old video forever ago

Ooh, I missed this, what video was that in? Surprising because this thread isn't even one of the more crazy/active ones. It just flares up whenever he has a series and then is dead for the months between videos. Or was it from an Onion thread or something?

>for it looking "like hot topic" cheap
This is hilarious because I kept thinking during this whole process how this palette could have just been one of Hot Topic's cutesy one-off themed palettes that people buy just for the collectability of it and not to actually use (because they're just cheap). Not to mention Jeffree's ripped off those "hot topic cheap" palettes in the past so….it's on brand for JS. I wonder if he was lowkey triggered by that comment. (Stealing pics from the Makeup Guru thread)

No. 886185

File: 1572359576000.png (2.47 MB, 792x1660, 1547140861232.png)

Jeffree's "hot topic cheap" palette con't

No. 886192


>Do you think Jeffree hates women because he thinks he's a better "woman" than everyone he sees?

Hasn't he said stuff like this before? That he's better? Or am I going crazy

No. 886199

Kek, they're both suck egotistical pricks, it always makes me roll my eyes when they bring up in the videos that they're very humble people when they're far from it

No. 886222

Jeffree is 5 minutes away from being a regular tranny, of course he despises bio women.

No. 886226

You guys are not designers and it shows, not every client approves a design so easily. I'm just reading "poor Anna!" "The tv design was cute!" It was a skeleton but it looked like shit, the idea was good yeah, but it was shit. And that's Anna's job, you're not gonna get your ass kissed every time just for doing your job, yes they gave her a basic ass idea but that's how you start, not every client knows what they want. I don't even like shane but this is nitpicking. She looked excited cause Shane is a new client and she wanted to get it right at first and because she was being recorded, but THIS IS HOW HER JOB IS, your super cool ideas doesn't matter, you are being paid to make what your client says.

No. 886238

I've work with designers before and done design work, but still think it's shitty.

Anna did her job, which yeah, she shouldn't be ass-kissed over that alone. But she DID successfully make the client's vision come to life with what she was given – a conspiracy palette, hypnosis main image using the spiral, with the packaging Shane picked out.

And what's shitty is that Jefree admits he wasn't really into the idea at all. Why self-sabotage yourself like that? Why not speak up and save Anna the trouble? Not even just Anna, but the entire team? Especially so late into the production game, where now everyone is on an insane time crunch. It's not the same as wanting to change the font or the colors, but they want to scrap the idea entirely?

Plus, you should know how obnoxious it is to have a client take your mockups and then edit it themselves.

No. 886245

Sure you have Jan

No. 886248

It's annoying the first two times, then you just realize you're getting paid for it. It does not represent you at all. Also, they're hyping up everything, they need drama in the series, why not say "omg we need the design now because of the timeline!" Don't be so naive anon.

No. 886259

>Shane's as fake and basic when it comes to conspiracies as he is when it comes to makeup.

This. I know it's mostly teens who think his conspiracy videos are amazing but a lot of his older fans praise them too which is pretty exceptional.

"Hey guize Katy Perry might have been Jon Benet Ramsay the whole time! Soy spoopy!"

Critical braincell loss guaranteed. Now he gets a palette with Jeffrey Starfish out of it? Whoopdie shit. The market is already over saturated without this pretentious crap. Shane should have just stuck with selling merch.

No. 886269

It's very obvious you've never worked in design anon so please stop talking out of your ass for brownie points on a forum. Shane is the definition of a problem client. He gave a generic basic idea then whines about how it's not what he wanted for elements he never voiced. He sat there cradling a pillow head of Jeffree like a toddler for fuck's sake. No one wants to present to a brat like that. He's the kind of client designers dread because they never speak up about what they actually want and want the designer to read their mind. The reason people feel bad for her is not only did she have to put up with his frumpy ass. But she has a video now where he further whines a day later. No one wants to be dragged again but now in the public eye.

No. 886296

Everytime Jeffree makes a joke or comment about wanting to fuck or suck, or fucking and sucking some rando man,I find it so fucking gross.

And to think, I've gotten into arguments on reddit about people being upset about James Jokes and flirts and defending Jeffree, yet Jeffree constantly does that shit.

I also find it funny that he probably does that shit in front of Nate, and Nate's high ass doesn't fucking care, he may be happy if rubber mouth fucks someone else to give him a break!

No. 886348

Of course Nate doesn't complain. He couldn't care less that his "partner" is showering another guy with gifts because he doesn't love Jeffrey. He's grateful for every minute he doesn't have to spend with his tacky boss. Ryland on the other hand is jealous.

No. 886358

Yeah him and this series does. I got dejavu from when Shane tried to make a conspiracy video of stupid chuck e cheese pizza right in the middle of his friend Brittany's fucked up story regarding human trafficking. Something that hurts millions of women.

Then Morgan's story about feeling self conscious something that alot of women feel is spilt apart by some stupid packaging "drama"
It honestly did feel out of place but I was interested in her personal perspective of beauty influences since she isn't one at all. And it just…ended with J* saying that he doesn't go to events anymore :) and all those girls are just insecure :)

No. 886379

as someone that's in a graphic design degree right now Shane is an absolute nightmare of a client from what he's shown in this series. Can't even verbalize his concepts because there is no concept other than slapping his name on some Jeffree shadows. What a joke(blog)

No. 886402

Shane is just so god damn lazy, it's incredible how he still has a YouTube career. Him cosplaying as a poor cunt is unnerving, but if he didn't half ass everything he does, he could afford to be the rich guy he imagines he'll be with Jeffree's help, but without Jeffree.

No. 886441

>>Do you think Jeffree hates women because he thinks he's a better "woman" than everyone he sees?

Jeffree hates women because he has to pay for hookers with actual vaginas to keep his gay-for-pay boyfriend Nate. He hates the fact that women exist because Nate will always prefer having sex with them. You can tell he's super insecure about this bc he's constantly going on about his and Nate's AWESOME SEX LIFE (yuck).

No. 886446

Lmao even in Jeffree's totally not staged pep talk to Morgan he couldn't restrain his hatred of women

No. 886460

Holy fuck, I forgot about that video. Watching somebody talk in depth about an extremely disturbing, abusive relationship, being afraid for her and her family's life, and then having a sudden jump cut to Shane and his buddies sitting around a chuck e cheese pizza was fucking surreal

No. 886483

File: 1572399006923.png (197.09 KB, 420x305, Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 9.29…)


No. 886485

File: 1572399160698.png (394 KB, 799x429, Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 9.32…)


same fag, this is the actual final product that was the color story. Still pretty boring

No. 886486

honestly just reminds me of the blue blood coffin.

No. 886490

The sad music is so annoying and just makes everything so dramatic for no reason. Ended up muting the last part of the reveal video

No. 886491

jeffree’s color stories never make any damn sense. it’s like he just throws random shades into a palette and everyone loves it.

No. 886500

Except the thing with that is that its unproffesional, its a waste of time and resources, and while yes the company "is paying her so it doesnt matter" it still slows down production and makes the whole production cost more. That money and time could have been spent on more productibe parts of the project

No. 886501

I think the tv concept was better with the lock. This just looks like a rehash of Blue Blood/Blood Sugar.

No. 886507


This needs to be screamed from the rooftops, I think this was the moment when I officially stopped caring about Shane.

No. 886511

Why are the colors arranged in such an ugly way, if I had no idea who Shane/Jeffree are and I picked this up in a store I'd be baffled. Ive seen more pleasing looking pallettes made for literal children. I can't imagine anyone looking at this and being inspired by it.

No. 886514

I truly wish it would just flop. It’s not nice looking colorwise and the series makes it feel like it’s beating a dead horse before it’s even came out

No. 886519

Ya'll always forget to link the video

Anyway, I was disgusted with how Shane looked during that first meeting, his hair was greasy and standing on end. It just feels disrespectful to everyone there who are working hard, doing their job. This slob waltzes in and will be leaving the project rich af.

No. 886532

File: 1572404984147.jpg (105.4 KB, 780x439, the-designers-weigh-in.jpg)

>and while yes the company "is paying her so it doesnt matter"
and I mean, let's not pretend like Jeffree has a great track record of paying artists/designers or treating them well. The whole reason the KVD/Jefree explosion happened was due in part to Jeffree outright stealing his entire logo from a tattoo artist Kat recommended. (Or at least that's the reason she gave to blow it up. She's a cunt too but at least she got that dude paid)

>Ya'll always forget to link the video
it's cause none of us actually want to watch this shit

No. 886546

File: 1572408278271.jpeg (46.04 KB, 1529x338, A11B23CB-13B4-4672-BAC7-211B85…)

shane's really convinced his fans he's struggling for money while also living in a mansion.

No. 886549

I can’t watch most of this series mainly because Jeffree’s house is like fucking 400 different shades of pink and it’s eye grating after 10 minutes. How does anyone take anything seriously in his Barbie Dreamhouse playset of a mansion?

No. 886554

The pink isnt even a problem for me, it's the fact if you look at some of the actual rooms and the fucking entrance to the house they are so fucking cluttered/trashed. Like this lazy fuck can afford a maid/cleaning service. All i can think is bitch you live like this.

No. 886555

Being rich doesnt fix being filthy.

No. 886558

All that bitching and complaining about the designer not capturing what he didn't say and he puts out a copy paste of J's other palettes with a raised top. For all his whining this looks out of Hot Topic more than what the designer showed. The tv one was at least interesting and different with the lock mechanism.

No. 886578

He showed Lolcow screenshots in the Graveyardgirl series and her thread was never very active, I'm sure he watches this one

That yellow is so ugly and looks so out of place, nobody liked his food videos or those ugly yellow thumbnails, I really can't understand why they kept that in. I'm glad they brought the greens back as they were some of the most interesting, but I still wouldn't buy this just because he's releasing this 9 part "docuseries" that is literally an ad of his products all the while complaining about how he doesn't make as many millions as he would hope.

This is all just.. really disappointing. I've casually watched his videos throughout the years but now I'm starting to see just how much of this is bullshit. He's followed trends like music videos, a diss track, trying to do movies and releasing books but now going into makeup and trying to prove "no guise I'm like actually passionate about makeup" and playing the I'm so poor card from his mansion.. It's just the most obvious cash grab and it's depressing so many people are playing along with it

No. 886593

The middle row is literally highlighter colours and the top row already exists in every basic bitch nude palette. The bottom row is ok but the whole thing is incoherent. I can't think of any eye looks you could make with this palette alone that aren't "daytime streetwalker" or a generic smoky eye.

No. 886594

Anyone notice how Shane was talking about the lip box and Ryland looked annoyed and said “and this one is named Ryland” lmao

No. 886595

Damn, this is ugly. The only "interesting" color is that highlighter yellow, but it makes no sense. Really uninspired, but you know that shit is going to sell out because fans will buy it.

Honestly, not surprised Ryland is pissed when his future husband spends all his time metaphorically stroking some other dude's dick for clout.

No. 886596

I'm probably repeating everyone but this is basically JS but in black? Nothing about this says Shane Dawson and it looks Hot Topic Cheap. I'm sorry but it's really boring and all the hype for those colors? No thank you.
I prefer the pig lips set, at least is more "on brand" with what Shane is.

Yeah I noticed. And he got the most boring color too.

No. 886604

The fact that this man has millions, and has the ugliest home (and it’s always trashed) in the history of ever is so fucking funny to me. Like, it’s so truly representative of him as a person.
I agree. I think the t.v. was really cute/creative.
As he demonstrated, he smokes and puts shit together. Rich people can do anything, call it “art” or “creative” and people eat it up.

No. 886621

the middle of the video being halted to talk about j*s puppymill pomeranians being sick screamed emotional manipulation to me. for fucks sake it was placed right in between the reveal of the main palette.

No. 886640

I honestly think the box is fine ? Yeah, it's similar to Blood Sugar and Blue Blood, but I liked the design of those, so I think it looks good.

The colors, though…wtf. I'll wait til swatches to make a judgment, but that ugly yellow, light green, and light blue I feel like are going to be patchy and universally unflattering.

No. 886644

How do you know theyre from puppymills?

No. 886648

nta but it’s speculation/probably just an off handed comment

j* likely doesn’t adopt his dogs from anything other than a breeder/puppy mill probably due to the fact that they’re a specialty breed

like it’s hard to believe he’s going to a pound when he just so happens to be snatching up a new designer Pomeranians whenever he gets a dog.

No. 886649

jeff didnt start claiming gay until nate came on the scene which corresponds with jeffree star cosmetic becoming a hit. jeff always claimed he was bi. now shane sees a chance to become a beautytuber as well so he is going for it. same thing. plus shane originally was a motivational/weightloss tuber. thats why he has such a devoted fanbase.
i think shane was zinging jeff with the hot topic comment. he has to know jeff worked with them before.
yes he did but pretended it was a joke. he referred to himself as a bitch. you could tell he was serious. like he wanted the room to agree.

agree. plus she isnt a creative designer. everything she presented looks just like something else. no original hints.

yeah, since we all know he was just going to chose the cheapest one.

nayrt but there are tiers of designers. a top tier designer should be able to drag an idea out of a client. if the client has to verbalize everything then all they need is a drafter not a designer. there is a reason why bobby trendy is still in business. if you learn how to help clients then you will never be broke.

if nate cared then jeffree would get rid of him. I do think jeffree likes him better then his past relationships though. because is the first one he has been 100% upfront about. jeff treated his last boyfriend so bad the guy wont speak his name. then jeff kissed a woman claiming he was bi.

No. 886669

File: 1572448824736.png (1 MB, 828x928, vs9ojwcxalv31.png)

So am I crazy, or is the big palette a lot like Alien, only with less dull-looking shades? It's like they know how crap Alien was and are trying to fix it, but the similarity makes it feel half-assed.

I have to say, though, I'm into the mini Controversy palette. I don't like Shane or Jeff, never bought any of his makeup, but I'd consider buying that if I could be sure the makeup quality would actually be nice.

No. 886673

File: 1572449062506.png (2.53 MB, 1660x1660, PhotoGrid_1572449026033.png)

Idk what do you all think? Obviously the shades are different, it's just that Alien is a muddy-looking mess and Conspiracy has a similar feel but a little less muddy.

No. 886681

I get that this is his first pallet or whatever but just looking at the stamps makes me want to throw up with how all over the place the themes are, at least jeffrey kept to one theme with the alien thing

Shanes looks like a gargled mess with the pigs, illuminati, and vsco beauty guru slang

He should have either done just one pallet and picked one theme and only had three different stamps that related to that theme, or three different pallets each with their own theme and three different stamps related to their themed pallet, not throw them all together without making any sense

No. 886699

I hate that they color corrected some of the shades so they look more cohesive in the photo. In the video diet rootbeer is warm orange based so it sticks out like a sore thumb in the mini controversy pallet.

No. 886704

You can tell that Shane doesn't use makeup, because most of the shades have this weird white-base that will probably make the shadows look very chalky kek.
How is this even the final product? What is Jeffree's team doing?!

No. 886713

Yeah I mean, are you kidding? Where else do you think he's getting like 47 immaculate pomeranian puppies? Like >>886648 said there's no fucking way he's "adopting" those, and I bet they're thousands of dollars each. At least Shane's dogs are adopted.

>Not when he got engaged, not when they bought that big ass house to maybe start a family.
I mean, he's only been sitting around in a robe and torn shirt not bathing for days on end and putting out a video every 6 months, when would he have possibly had the time anon?!

>That yellow is so ugly and looks so out of place, nobody liked his food videos or those ugly yellow thumbnails, I really can't understand why they kept that in.
that color is "pissbottle" uwu (jk the orange or brown is probably closer to that color, that man hasn't had a drop of water in his entire life probably)

nta but how is this "blog" but >>886226 isn't? what

No. 886720

File: 1572456365776.jpeg (377.01 KB, 1105x1112, A1C42FB1-E631-422A-AFB0-C25CAD…)

Tbh the problem is too many greys & beige paired with garish loud colors. That aside, Shane has no business in makeup, it’s like giving your greasy uncle a palette. Hopefully he will stop pretending to be poor after the amount of money he will make from this.

No. 886725

Maybe I'm just an idiot but aesthetically, I'm digging the pics. Jeff and Shane are gross but the pics are neat.

No. 886731

The pictures would've been better with anyone else BUT Jeffree and Shane.

How is Jeffree 30 something but he always looks like he's Betty White's 60 year old half sister or something?

No. 886748

File: 1572459574793.jpg (46.82 KB, 500x600, e3f7c8b0feed0e9164b7ffde1e0992…)

>most of the shades have this weird white-base that will probably make the shadows look very chalky kek
I mean honestly more than half of those shades aren't even going to show up on the white girls that are going to buy this. Jeffree's been marketing exclusively to white people his entire career, so he should know better by now.


I don't even understand this marketing. Mad scientist? Is that what they're going for? What does that have to do with conspiracies or Shane? Shane's "conspiracy" "content" is about mismatched pizza and children, where's that marketing theme? Also what a dream if Jeffree actually shut his goddamn mouth for a minute.

Gotta admit Shane and the tinfoil hat did make me chuckle (but again he doesn't even really cover UFO type stuff does he?). I think if you cropped this to just Shane (same tinfoil hat, pig, stare, etc) surrounded him with empty Root Beer cans and Cheetos (or ~unbranded cheese puffs~) and instead had him looking at a screen in a dark room with the light reflecting on his face, THAT would be the correct marketing picture. I don't even mean that in a bad way, I think that would capture all the elements of what he's going for, like the theme of
>I've gone fallen down a youtube rabbit hole and have been watching videos for days straight which you can tell by the amount of cans by me, and now I believe everything hence the tinfoil hat
But of course Shane has to be in the background and the entire focus NEEDS to be on Jeffree. Anyways, can't wait for the Jeffree x Alex Jones palette.

I like it at first glace but the more I stare at it the less it makes sense aesthetically. Nothing about Jeffree's outfit or look makes sense with the setting or the rest of the picture. It's just his ham-fisted way of of shoving
>GUYS don't forget I'm androgenous and etherial, where's my dick in this picture?? that's the mystery [x-files theme]
down everyone's throats 24/7. It would make more sense if they did like a Mulder (Shane) and Scully (Jeffree) type photoshoot if "aliens & tinfoil" is really the marketing they're going for. Nitpick but even though Jeffree has a shade called "X-Files" in his Alien palette and Shane claims to be the king of conspiracy theories, I don't get the vibe either of them have seen an episode. Which is like….if you're going to try and take on "Conspiracy" as a brand, pay the proper respects. Or they could pay homage to Twilight Zone maybe, since they're ripping off the "spirals = spooky!!!!" theme from them already. (Not that any of their teenage fans would get what any of that was. Anyways, Jeffree loves ripping off ideas so if they end up doing any of that then we'll know for sure they read here lmao)

No. 886775

The concept is neat but it's so poorly executed. Shane shoulda released a pair of lipsticks and be done with it.

No. 886818

File: 1572470974543.png (664.51 KB, 1154x576, shane.png)

Morgan and Ryland really can't be happy for Shane. It was painful watching them react to his products for the first time

No. 886819

File: 1572471075357.png (290.81 KB, 450x520, ryland.png)

we all know Ryland is a jealous bitch but I'm actually shocked how Garth was way more excited for the reveal than Shane's own fiance

No. 886822

That’s the faces of two people who want this shit show to be done already.

No. 886824

File: 1572471556842.jpg (365.71 KB, 2048x1126, slideshow_1.jpg)

Jeffree does have that alien vibe going on but Shane looks like the special needs brother that had to come along on the photo shoot

No. 886836

Ryan should troon out. He has it in him judging from his YouTube channel. It’d probably give him that temporary boost in attention he wants lol. It’d prob make Jeff seethe.

No. 886837


Ryland probably is worried that it won't generate enough money for him to benefit off of and Morgan actually uses makeup so she's aware that some of those shades aren't really usable.

No. 886846

I haven't seen the video but it's possible it's not their real first reaction. I imagine they would be really up to date with all the annoying details already so filming the reveal for them might have just been for the doc.

I mean not that they still shouldn't pretend to be excited but I can't imagine caring after hearing about the drama of each shade being approved from shane.

No. 886847

>Shanes looks like a gargled mess with the pigs, illuminati, and vsco beauty guru slang

That's how I feel: pick a theme and stick with it. Root beer, cheese dust, Trisha Paytas, pigs etc don't belong in a conspiracy palette, Jeffree really dropped the ball for guidance. At least he told Shane a soda can trunk was a bad idea, like the fuck? You didn't like the TV box but you suggest a soda can? Okay Shane.

This is hilarious. They both look like something out of Zoolander lmao.

No. 886848

I thought the point of mini palettes was so you could get some of the staple shades from the big one without breaking the bank? Sad that the greige-y shimmers aren't in the small one because I might've bought it for them and the lilac shade.

No. 886864

Who the fuck is ryan, anon. It's ryland kek

No. 886869

Nayrt, but his real name is actually Ryan. Ryland is his stage name.

No. 886871

I'm sorry but even if you like wild colors and looks. This is garbage, any combo here is going to look muddy or hard contrast The only usable looks in the mini. Also WTF is the color story here? I barfed skittles?

No. 886874

Well that's fucking dumb and i admit defeat.

No. 886893

god, shane looks like such a mallgoth rat here kek

No. 886904

File: 1572483247575.jpg (52.72 KB, 1016x570, 0000206259.jpg)

Ok sorry, is Ryland "only with Shane because he's money hungry and doesn't love him" or is he "a jealous bitch because he loves Shane"? because those two ideas completely contradict each other. The Ryland hate here makes zero sense. I agree with >>886822, that looks like the face of two people who are thinking "you've made our lives miserable with this disgusting man for over a year for THIS shit?"

GOD I just hate everything about this image. Horrifying. Jeffree looks like he's literally trying to turn Shane into Nate? With the overfiltering and makeup and the fuckboy anime hair. It's chilling, it's like you can see him being groomed. Jeffree looks like that one fucking shinigami from Death Note.

No. 886906

File: 1572483430846.png (229.37 KB, 571x826, Colress.png)

and Shane looks like that one internet explorer pokemon dude

No. 886983

I think it's possible Ryland both loves Shane and is money hungry, so while he's excited about the palette selling, he's jealous af because Shane has been doing nothing but sucking J's dick for the past few months. His jealousy is totally understood, I mean god Shane literally proposed to him and they're far from acting like a couple about to get married. Shane always puts him down and ignores him any time he can. And in tweets he and J literally hashtag it "ShanexJeffree", he's literally obsessed with him and idea of them being together. Maybe it's to escape the fact that he regrets the proposal and doesn't love Ryland after all, who knows

No. 886993

Too bad they didn’t go completely fan girl ship bullshit and named it “Jhane” or “Sheffree” that would’ve been hilarious.

No. 887009

I wish they would've either just gone with a Shane palette, or gone all in on the conspiracy theme. I think I'd prefer the latter. It could actually be a super cool concept, but forcing in the random Shane-related things takes away any cohesion.

Idk why they're pushing that conspiracy theories are Shane's big thing. He hasn't done a conspiracy video in a while and even when he did, I feel like that was never the main thing he was known for. I associate Shane with edgy YouTube sketches and vlog style videos with friends before I think of conspiracy theories. He was always really surface level with those videos anyway. He'd just briefly talk about some basic ones he probably saw on Reddit or something and say stuff like "Ooh that one gave me chills!"

They actually could've gone with controversy as the theme for the main and mini palette. That would at least make the Shane/Jeffree crossover make more sense considering they're both fairly controversial.

No. 887014

Oh my lord. That palette is so underwhelming. The colors don't go together, it screams "Jeffree" but not "Shane" and the colors are legit the same as in Alien.
Those pictures are absolutely hideous. I can't understand how people can stan those two terrible humans and gladly give them their/their parent's money.

No. 887016

Yeah. Even if Ryland is money hungry, he is still more hardworking and less money hungry than Shane.

No. 887021

Lmao at this comment on the old trailer for the series

>i can already tell this series is going to have a huge cultural impact for months and even years to come and it’s so exciting to have been apart of it in the moment.

Bitch, what cultural impact? Literally all the "documentaries" Shane did previously literally haven't been remembered or discussed at all since they came out. Nobody outside of Youtube fans and internet goers know his name. The only thing this series is gonna be known for is showing how hypocritical Shane is and for scamming his fans for shitty $50 plus pig merchandise. His fans are bloody delusional

No. 887028

Sorry if this has already been discussed but who were the two black people in the room when Shane showed the final products to his friends & boyfriend? Were they there to be the obligatory black supporters (”Look! we are not racist, we have black friends!”) or are they legit friends of Shane? I’ve never seen them before, but on the other hand I haven’t really followed him that closely.

No. 887046

lmfaoooooo they work for Clevver news where Rylan used to work. The girl, Drew, is/was supposedly one of Ryland’s best friends and I think they used to be roommates. The guy interviewed Shane once. They are more Ryland’s friends than Shane’s

No. 887059

I don't mind any of the individual elements, but together it looks like such a mess. The palette shoop is especially poor.

In the first place, when was the last time Shane has made a real conspiracy video? The Chuck E Cheese bullshit doesn't count in my book, and the rest of his videos in the past two years have been Exposés (using that term loosely) on other YouTubers. The photos also make it look like a green/brown/blue palette, but that's…not at all what it is?

No. 887068

They have been in Ryland's videos recently. They weren't just shoved in as tokens. Well, not entirely.

No. 887082

So what was so "beautiful" about the world of Jeffree?

This fucking Doc didn't even focus on Jeffree and when it did it was all Business.

So I guess it did try to show us what it looks like when two rich gay dudes, both huge on youtube make an product that will sell out regardless.

I also love how they aren't going to talk about James Charles.

No. 887101

Shane should’ve just focused on either personal life or just business of Star. Blending them both is confusing mood and and tone. Like that one scene where they were cutting between things like people talkIng about being anxious or insecure with loud screaming about palletes or some shit. It’s emotional whiplash.

Honestly he could’ve easily salvaged jefrees godawful attitude online by separating the business/personal life completely. Have Jeffree act completely different at work and working on the pallete as this no bullshit bitch he tries to be and tie it in with his behavior on YT and Twitter. He’s just a bitch on job.

Then cut to his “personal life” off camera and “candid” where he is acting like a normal human and make the case that he never meant anything he did or said, it wasnt reflective of his own personal thoughts.

And bam fans eat it up and everyone sells out of their underwhelming make up.

No. 887108

TBH this entire thing felt like "The beautiful world of Shane ft. J* with hint of JC drama to reel in plebs"

No. 887135

File: 1572553678135.jpg (35.47 KB, 342x445, Capture 1.JPG)

Got this cap from GG

No. 887137

what does he think his fans are interested in…? a drama queen complaining about dramamongering.

No. 887138

He needs to talk to his ass digging friend Shane who put both MANNY AND JAMES CHARLES in the trailer.
THATS why people want drama. Because yall promoted it as drama.

All the crying and surpised O faces.
Fuck them.

No. 887140

That specific comment especially triggers him, I see. Well at least it's confirmed now that this is where Shane got his influence to be an asshat pissbaby to his fans. Seriously, how do people who outright treat their fans this way still maintain support?

No. 887141

>Go away, you sound so annoying, reeee!
The stunted maturity is real.

No. 887143

Jeffree has always claimed to like men. He claimed to be bisexual in the early day’s of his career, but a lot of his shock value phrasing has always been around sucking dick/being gay.
Jeffree has never claimed to be straight, lmfao.
Jeffree’s entire career is made off his drama. He lives in constant drama. Why is he angry about his own doing?

No. 887145

File: 1572556873729.png (168.49 KB, 923x1367, js.png)

Kek, lemme guess this is deleted by now? This is Jeffree's time old refrain of
>i don't do drama uwu minding my own business in my own lane uwu i don't have time for that uwu only the truth only luv uwu
when he's literally the instigator of like, 40% of all Beauty Guru drama and a massive bully.

Speaking of which, I randomly checked Jeffree's trademarks the other day (because one of the ways he loves to threaten/bully people is with trademark shit) and he has filed "Conspiracy" and "Controversy" about a week apart. I kind of think there might still be a "woe is me" Jeffree story they're working on about the drama, and I think possibly the "plot twist" ending of this dumb ordeal is that he releases a Controversy palette along side Shane's Conspiracy one (or shortly after it). I'm dumb and I don't understand anything about the legalese of this (so maybe some smort anon does) but "Conspiracy" shows as live and owned by Jeffree but rejected or unresolved (as of 10/10/2019) in the details. I wonder if this had anything to do with the delays in getting the series out?

No. 887146

File: 1572556922260.png (104.53 KB, 842x649, Screen Shot 21.png)

(samefag) Here's some other recent phrases. "Blood Money" (Manny/etc?) and "Fuck Proof" (James?) certainly feel like they would fit the Controversy theme. "Fuck Proof" is interesting because I assume this has to do with you know, the giant pile of proof constantly popping up against him that he always claims is fake, and especially all the receipts James provided. "Fuck Proof" is probably going to be his new rallying cry for when people show up with actual proof of his racism/terrible behavior and he claims it's fake or sweeps it under the rug. FP says it's a mascara, so if not an entire palette right away, then at least he can shove a mascara in with this Shane series and promise more of a Conspiracy palette or makeup to come.

No. 887150

Its fuck proof like you can have sex and it won’t smudge not a pejorative against the cancel culture or whatever you’re trying to reach for

No. 887152

Conspiracy and Controversy were both trademarked by Jeffree for Shane's pallettes. He has two, remember? The big one (Conspiracy) and the mini one (Controversy). He says he trademarked both names in the series itself FOR Shane.

This screenshot is interesting, though. Seems he's definitely gearing up for another project very soon after Shane's palette so he ride on the hype momentum that's going strong. When are the exact dates on these? Wonder how long since they started production. I mean he could have definitely been working on Shane's project at the same time as other projects, he has a large enough company at this point, right?

No. 887153

Sorry you're right, I missed that (but also calm down, it was an easy thing to miss, they've been sperging about Conspiracy!!!11!!! the whole time). I wonder why Controversy got the trademark pass and Conspiracy didn't though. Controversy makes much less sense for Shane and much more sense for Jeffree. He should've done it so that when people have to google "Jeffree Star Controversy" every other day his eyeshadow palette would come up instead of his racist remarks. Here's the list if you wanna peep them individually:

Also according to that site "So Pigmented" (Manny's catchphrase that he trademarked in an act of pettiness) is dead? So Manny can apply for that now if he wants I guess lmao

No. 887156

File: 1572559394879.png (571.31 KB, 620x749, jaketana.png)

This just in: Jake and Tana hungry for attention, desperate to ride coat tails, what else is new? Clearly their "relationship" is fake, but they really are perfect for each other from a business relationship.
>the ppl that saved our careers
So shouldn't they just both be Shane? Seems like a reach stretch to say that Jeffree saved Tana's career just by making fun of her in one of his vids back in the day. They don't seem like they're even on good terms anymore after they did that one collab years ago.

(Including the cat in the costume is pretty funny though)

No. 887158

Conspiracy is already registered as cosmetics trademark by some random company (I think they're trademark trolls, their stuff can't be found on the internet)

No. 887285

The Shane Dawson slob look with the cat is actually funny

That and Tana showing off her tits while her costume is woman hating Jeffree(?) is great.

Is this supposed to be ironic? I feel some sarcasm from this pic ngl

No. 887315

Im also pretty sure the person he snapped is a stan of his. So imagine if for whatever reason you stanned Jeffree Star and he acknowledges you JUST to humiliate you.

Because you asked a question about drama that was in the fucking trailer,from one of the BIGGEST drama hungry hags in the make up community.

No. 887317

I do love how Tana got the nasty open mouth blow up doll pose Jeffree thinks is so sexy down.

No. 887417

File: 1572624942960.png (446.26 KB, 586x669, andrew.png)

They really have been filming this shit for 8+ months and they're still putting out last minute shoddily edited episodes? And then Shane always shows up on Twitter looking sad and tired and whiney because he's been "working soooo hard to get content out for us you guys we just need a little bit more time :((( pity me" and his fangirls scream "leave Shane alone omg he's working so hard for us!!". Genuinely what have you been doing for the past 8 months if you're still filming/editing right now?

Honestly I used to like Andrew and think he was a qt but I think he's just probably just as shitty as Shane at this point. Like Shane being completely incompetent is one thing, but what's the point of having a "cameraman/editor/whatever" working with you if he's just as incompetent? Shouldn't he know how to plan ahead and know the timeline by now if that's literally his job?

I mean, I think it's supposed to be ironic yes, but sarcastic no. Apparently it's part of her recent vid, I haven't watched it though so I have no idea their actual reactions to it. I'm sure Jeffree is absolutely disgusted by it, and Nate is probably way more into that than he's ever been to Jeffree.

No. 887432

I was curious to see how fast the launch sold out and the website is BROKEN

No. 887434

Jeffree's website broke.
I'm not too surprised but the fact that they're filming all of this right now for the next episode of the documentary makes me suspicious.
I mean, it's been broke for over 10 minutes now

No. 887441

File: 1572629320405.jpg (76.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191101-132712_Chr…)

It's still down I'm calling bullshit(on them saying later omg we never knew it was going to be this big)because they know how retarded his fans are and they knew shit was going to sell out they should have been prepared for the launch.

No. 887446

File: 1572629617818.jpg (233.04 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191101-133054_Chr…)

I'm laughing because everything isn't sold out on morphe.
Few bags aren't sold out the pig mirror isnt and omg matlip isnt sold out.

No. 887447


Now Shane's going to go from being a "poor millionaire" to an "Like other girls millionaire"

Congrats internet!! You did it! I'm seeing people saying they don't even use make up but they are going to buy it to support shane.

Imagine, sitting at your computer, in a dorm room or in shitty one room apartment and you're like, "I'm going to support Shane Dawson!!" a fucking millionaire.

Imagine thinking him crying in a ball of funk and sweat in clothes he hasn't changed, is about anything BUT money.

Especially since Jeffree's team did all the fucking work.

No. 887455

And what pisses me off the most is that it's a shameless fucking cash grab.
At least Jeffree's into make up, at least the rich women who make their cash grabs actually WEAR make up.

Shane doesn't fucking care about make up, doesn't wear it, won't plan on wearing it ever.

Jeffree is a man whose shown hate towards women his WHOLE fucking career but makes money from women, Shane is a fat slob who didn't give a fuck about make up further then doing black face and parodies but when Jeffree came along, letting them know how much money is in it, THATS why he's doing this.

and there's nothing wrong with wanting to be richer, but the way they went about this, like they are doing the world a fucking favor and there's SO MUCH EMOTION.

Is bullshit.

No. 887458

nothing is sold out on jeffree's site either.
how was the site broke for so long if no one's actually buying anything

No. 887461

>>887458 its probably not sold out cause you cant even buy anything. i tried clicking on the palette and it gave me an error.. the site is still down.

No. 887462

>Jeffree is a man whose shown hate towards women his WHOLE fucking career but makes money from women

Jefree has said horrible things about women,about gay men,about lesbians and about black people.
Yet these people still keep on supporting him when jeffree looks down on them and views them as inferior.

No. 887471

>>887432 this happens every JS launch, either he's too lazy to pay anybody to properly prepare his website for launches or too many people are too dumb to even look at his other official retailers. Don't know about Morphe but Beautylish has everything go through 1000x smoother than the official website

No. 887473

and we all know it makes Jeffree's dick hard to say, "Yall crashed the website!"
and then he goes back to searching his name on twitter, to call rando's out.
he's such an happy person!

No. 887484

When Jeffy says "you crashed my site" it just builds urgency to buy.

No. 887526

Jeffree is such a tacky, unprofessional cunt. This whole series has basically been one drawn out ad for their palette, Im glad she asked because it's been boring me to tears. They were totally teasing drama and so far it's been tumbleweeds.

Kek. I'm not surprised they are blatantly clout chasing, they know they're careers aren't going to last much longer.

No. 887538

That definitely isn't coincidental.
They're filming this and what better drama than "oMg!!1 its launchtime and the website to0tally broke because we got 3738407 orders at once… what a disaster, I never would've thought this would happen"

I actually feel sorry for all the braindead people that threw their money onto these two money-hungry faggots and nervously waited in line hoping to get the collection.

No. 887571

It's a Shopify website. I don't think they have control over it.

No. 887575

He's money hungry and only with him for money, he's jealous not bc he loves him but he feels threatened in his spot by jeffree/being displaced'

nobody would give a shit about ryland if he wasnt with shane, period.

No. 887585

File: 1572646841008.jpg (868.13 KB, 1080x1362, Screenshot_20191101-161956_Ins…)

I love how the Ryland shade looks awful on Ryland.

No. 887587

God, I cannot stand Jeffree. He's rich and the tackiest person on the planet. He's wasteful and fake- and he literally only wears gucci. Which is essentially a 'upper middle class' rich person brand, for people who want to seem rich, because poorer people don't seem to get that it's not actually a quality brand.

He buys expensive items just to destroy them. He claims his opinion cant be bought because he's rich, then lets people buy his opinion.

He's ugly and tacky and his makeup is shit. People always try to excuse their own support of a racist bc the makeup is good. My friend bought a pallette of his secondhand (blue blood) and a few liquid lipsticks. The eyeshadows didn't last more than an hour without creasing and the liquid lipsticks were watery and didn't last.

Not only that but he acts morally superior because he tricks people into trusting him and then betrays them with their secrets. Also attacking James (who I also think is shit) over 'going for straight guys' when his boyfriend is an ugly straight fuckboy he has to fly in women to bone.

Shane's fake poverty act is annoying. His conspiracy theories were his only good videos. I didn't care about his stupid mouth popping dessert videos or weird shit. He makes me so uncomfortable, he's like a neckbeard who somehow tricked people into thinking he's a comedian. He think's being disgusting is a personality. Not to mention how much he obviously wants to bone jeffree/become his sugar baby

Ryland is moneyhungry and obsessed with being famous. He's obsessed with status, and he looks like an adult baby. His clothes are hilariously terrible and every video he makes is cringe-inducing.

Morgan, same deal as Ryland, to a lesser extent. It seems that she's getting more annoyed with the 'pig squad.' Probably because she's tired of them hanging around Jeffree, who makes no secret of how much he hates women.

Garrett is the only one whose content I still enjoy, probably because he tries to keep it so positive. I am really sad that he feels like he has to pretend to be whole gay bc of shane tho

Doesn't help that Jeff definitely wants to fuck Garrett, which explains why Shane's been shunning him out.

No. 887613

I honestly don't think Jeffree is interested in Garrett anymore. I think he didn't like that Garrett didn't listen to him when he said not to touch anything when they were in the lab. That's why Garrett hasn't been around, because Jeffree has banned him.

No. 887615

jesus christ anon the last 100 posts in this thread are all saying exactly what you said. i don’t understand why you all feel the need to repeat each other all fucking day.

No. 887617

First beauty guru review of the palette
"I'm going to be totally honest with you"
>>proceeds to give a glowing review with very minor "flaws" if you can even call them that
Nikkie is so easily paid off, I don't watch many make up channels at all but it's very easy to tell when she is giving a fake ass review. Or is that just me?

No. 887619

imagine not realizing that literally all of these people are chronic liars that are being paid off every single time in some way or another. there are no exceptions.

No. 887624

You see, like I said, I'm not someone who watches many beauty gurus and only look at some for specific products. So for us folks who only dabble in make up videos, it wouldn't be known outright. I'm 100% not surprised, though. This is why it's so hard to decide on products to buy because the reviews always feel off.

No. 887626

File: 1572652757044.jpeg (199.77 KB, 750x1235, 0FCA43FF-9057-46F3-B631-6C62C3…)

They’re fucking delusional.

No. 887629

File: 1572653030593.png (1.17 MB, 1264x899, yikes_nikkie.png)

Samefag as this but none of the colors look fucking good together. She said they looked ~so good together~ but they don't mesh together at all, obviously. And she really put that shimmery green with the brown and the - ugh, that fucking yellow looks garbage. Shit, I don't even wear eyeshadow and can tell this is bad, I need to hear the more detailed comments from anons who do. I just think no good looks could be made from just this palette by itself.

No. 887633

File: 1572653360333.png (107.29 KB, 668x664, gw.png)

>I think he didn't like that Garrett didn't listen to him when he said not to touch anything when they were in the lab. That's why Garrett hasn't been around, because Jeffree has banned him.
Nah, they were interacting still after that series, and Garrett seems like he's been backing off for a while now. I think if anything Jeffree was probably butthurt that Garrett didn't want to fuck him. Why would he? Garrett's a gay man who likes men, and Jeffree doesn't resemble a man in any way. I think also maybe because Garrett doesn't seem like he could be bought the way Jeffree's "friends" usually could? If you've seen any of Garrett's videos about his past/present apartments he moved from one garbage one-bedroom apartment to another garbage one-bedroom apartment (in someone's backyard iirc?), and he doesn't have expensive or nice things. If money was important to Garrett he could easily just put out more than like…2 videos a year. I think Shane's probably ruined Andrew and Garrett's friendship a bit as well.

It also seems clear to me that Garrett's mental health has not been in the best place. He also clearly has body/weight insecurities, and I'm sure being around Shane didn't help that. He doesn't seem like he's super active on twitter/the youtube community these days, but he does appear to be active on reddit in weight loss progress threads. So, I would guess he's just trying to guess he's trying to get away from Shane's mental health black hole and actually do something to feel better instead of sitting around whining about hating his body like Shane does.

No. 887649

I know we're salty as fuck but come on, the makeup does NOT look bad. The pink and purple side looks nice and blended and go well together. My only gripe is the yellow. It's out of place and ugly. And the brown side has NO depth whatsoever ever. It looks like she just used one shade of brown and threw the shimmer on it.

As someone who uses make up a lot I feel that there are too many light colors and not enough transition colors. The shade Tanacon is completely irrelevant especially against the root beer color.

No. 887650


I've never liked Jefree from the get go. I knew of him back in Myspace and now he's just grim. Never liked him and never will.

I like Shane back in the early days of his career and up till 2011 at the most. Now he's in it for the cash. Can't watch him anymore.

I just think the overall majority of them are just gross. I can't wait for the day Youtube eventually just strives to a new audience and these die out.

No. 887653

Welp, chances of the JC drama featuring in any meaningful way at all has just dropped to about 0

No. 887661

LMFAO It's like when Kylie made the Jordyn Woods shade.

No. 887666

File: 1572658745910.png (584.77 KB, 955x493, nikki.png)

ntayrt but I mean, yeah it looks fine. Just fine, $52 (+$28) worth? nah. At some points it looks patchy/chalky, and that grey/gold(?) color she uses on the right still looks…sludgey. Like, it's not a good color.

I would never trust an eyeshadow review from someone who thinks THIS is a good look either way. Like, I mean if you're showing off how amaaaazing the eyeshadows are, why the need to glue shit to your face and wear bright red lipstick and a distracting shirt and 700 earrings to prove that? I don't watch Nikki but are her looks usually this clownish?

No. 887668

Nikkis looks tend to be dragish so this is pretty on brand for her

No. 887675

Dunno what you're smoking but it's pretty muddy and not blending well. And Nikki is an awful example to go off of since she filters nearly as much as JC
I always got the impression Garrett is bi plays up the gay angle to not get kicked from the group. Not uncommon for a bi guy

No. 887680

if you consider her shadow to be that fucking bad then i urge you to go outside more often. anons love to exaggerate when in reality if you saw someone sporting the brown look especially you wouldn’t stop in your tracks because it’s ~oH sO MudDy!!~

No. 887685

The pink and purple do not blend nicely at all. I'd this is what it looks like with all the light boxes and filters Nikki uses, it must look like dollar store makeup IRL.

Nobody in their right mind wears these kind of looks outside.

No. 887687

File: 1572661675728.png (1.48 MB, 1264x992, lips.png)

He looks dead inside, jesus. His face says "yeah I know it looks like shit". Other than the hot pink and the red (the colors you could get from literally any makeup line), none of these shades work work on any skintone? To be fair to Ryland that color looks terrible on him because it will look terrible on everyone.

Have you watched much of Garrett's content? I honestly can't imagine anyone thinking he's bi, especially when he's been so hopelessly pining after Andrew for years. I guess he and Morgan were kind of cutesy together back in the day, but even then that always just seemed like Morgan having a crush on a clearly gay man because he was nice to her

nta but what the fuck are you talking about? I would absolutely stop in my tracks if I saw someone with that eyeshadow because her eyeshadow is almost touching her hairline. I wouldn't even get to the part where I thought it was muddy because I would be too distracted by the fact that she looks like a fucking clown.
>anons love to exaggerate
no, beauty gurus love to exaggerate, literally no one would ever wear their eyeshadow like that outside of their house. The only normies that wear eyeshadow like that are people who work at Ulta/Sephora and even then it looks dumb and it's unwearable outside of that situation

No. 887690

File: 1572662021699.png (112.41 KB, 365x448, pillow.png)

oh no worries guys the $30 Nate pillow ISN'T sold out though, so we can all still grab one of those, whew

No. 887698

>Jeffree star doesn't look like a man
Uhhhh yes he does, a very ugly, skinny adrogynous man with a bolt on ass in hot pink lip gloss and cake face in Gucci jumpsuits

No. 887700

I really… can’t understand why Nate’s pillow was in this? He’s an ugly Aaron Paul who is essentially gay for pay. Nobody cares about Nate

No. 887707

6 hours???? How can people be that desperate for such a shit collection? Had the joy of seeing plenty of people I knew irl waiting an hour or slightly longer to not even get the whole collection, big waste of money as is but that's an even bigger waste of time. Fuck that. Even by JS standards I don't think his website breaks that hard

No. 887720

Idk he kinda looks like an old flat chested woman sometimes, the other times he’s a skeleton wearing makeup. Pick your poison

No. 887736


He's a lanky man with a plastic bolted on ass. Also, what woman would have his protruding Neanderthal brow bones?

No. 887775

>glad I wasted six hours of my life to spend my money on two horrible people

Ugh you really can't help those braindead people

No. 887790

they really are a lost cause. it really just baffles me how jeffree and shane haven't been called out on their bullshit yet, or at the very least seen as two annoying insufferable people. i don't know how anyone can watch shane cry and make self deprecating jokes and repeat "oh my god" every two minutes. sometimes i wonder how on earth this man has people who actually worship him

No. 887793

File: 1572698622267.jpg (1.41 MB, 5308x3530, f73c02f.jpg)

The Jeffree star cosmetic palettes all look awful to me with only a few decent shades in each. The Shane palette just doesn't make sense to me at all.

Funny how Shane mentioned he feared it would look too hot topic-y. It all looks like juvenile crap.

No. 887797

File: 1572700003681.png (65.69 KB, 586x248, Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 12.0…)

Did anyone see this? Shane is so fucking pathetic. He's a grown ass 30 year old man throwing a temper tantrum.

No. 887838

Hideous and makes no sense. Probably one of the ugliest color schemes. I at least thought it would be unique. I'm not a fan of shane or J*, so it makes me laugh what they did to their fans with this collab. A lot of clowns walking around with this shit on.

No. 887839

The fuck is wrong with him? And I don't mean anxiety and depression, but how he somehow manages to be so loud, obnoxious and attention grabbing despite having CriPPLiNG aNxIEty. Why would he even post that crap? Sure, talking about mental health can be nice and freeing, but "not being suffocated by our secrets" doesn't mean "I'll post about every minor inconvenience and mental breakdown I have". Ffs Shane, save that for a therapist.

No. 887878

File: 1572713797835.webm (3.44 MB, 640x480, lul.webm)

No. 887879

File: 1572714009833.png (1020.45 KB, 766x1259, vox.png)

Well Vox released this article yesterday so it's still going on apparently but they're not acknowledging it in any way (I don't follow JC so I didn't know this was going on). This is so typical Jeffree. I doubt JC's new palette was trying to crash with Shane's considering it sure seems like there was no realistic timeline for Shane's hot mess, but even if it was honestly good for James. Shane and Jeffree completely fucked him over with the whole Tati thing, there's no way that wasn't completely orchestrated by Jeffree because Jeffree was releasing all his shit with Morphe right afterwards and he clearly couldn't handle the idea of him not being the star of the Morphe line. Jeffree had to skulk away with his tail between his legs and do his usual "guise no more drama" song and dance after JC's video showed how awful he was. Shane should be ashamed of himself for the part he played in it, the least they could do is call of their attack dogs.

Anyways, the article isn't a scathing review or anything, but it's ridiculously refreshing to see people even remotely calling out the bullshit
>“As much as people want to say that Shane Dawson is really authentic and they’re making this video showing the behind-the-scenes of the fashion industry, it’s just a six-part commercial for the palette,” Maggie Mae Fish, a YouTuber and actress who has examined YouTube’s beauty scene, told The Verge. “Shane positions it as, ‘We’re actually here to tear down the roles of this industry,’ but you’re here to sell your palette.
>But Dawson’s series is structured to fight this, making you sympathize with the challenges he’s faced selling merch in the past. Being ripped off by merchandise vendors and frustrations over not being more successful, especially compared to younger creators, is a consistent theme. By the time the fourth episode, “The $20 Million Dollar Deal with Jeffree Star,” happens, fans are made to feel like even though Dawson is new to this world, he deserves to be compensated.


>my pills
I know he means his antidepressants/xanax or whatever but what a cool thing that's being marketed to his teenage fans. Also I bet Jeffree was butthurt that the "Trisha" shade wasn't name after him instead.

>flat earth

jesus christ

No. 887881

ok, mby all his acting past is worth something, that was p solid

No. 887887

File: 1572714711380.png (3.56 MB, 1616x1180, Untitled.png)

lol this shit is only useful as halloween clown makeup.

should've released it week earlier.

No. 887893

File: 1572715189451.jpg (88.76 KB, 1024x759, rs_1024x759-191029093832-1024-…)

Bless you for pulling this out anon. If these were smaller youtubers Jeffree would for sure threaten them with legal action and try and claim defamation or something lmao. Nate probably came watching this.

ngl I thought their Britney/Justin look was cute. Jake & Tana are interesting because they're in the same realm as Trisha at this point where they're like
>white trash cows but they know they're white trash cows and fully embrace it and monetize it
So you can't really make fun of them. You could make fun of Jake when he was with whatsherface from Shane's series because he was trying to pretend he was a human being, but with Tana he's just dropped that completely and embraced his true trash form. I'm not even mad about it. I get a little bit of a nostalgia buzz from them, they're so reminiscent of the trashy MTV party kids of the early 2000's.

Ick, it's all just so awful. And they're all approximately the same because no one can do anything nice with these colors. Top left is the only one that looks good imo, but maybe it's because she's not white so those colors actually turn up nice on her

No. 887947

This is the ugliest eyeshadow palette I've ever seen in my entire life… I didn't think it would be possible to produce such an ugly mess, but they proved me wrong

No. 887962

File: 1572721718697.png (871.63 KB, 1080x1877, Screenshot_20191103-054245~2.p…)

Are people for real with this shit?

Man I remember when Beauty Killer came out and everyone was going apeshit over it and I was confused because it was ugly and unwearable as hell. Seeing them all together they have 0 cohesion except maybe Blood Sugar. I don't know how J hits so hard with some stuff but consistently falls short with his eyeshadows.

JC's a little shit but at least his palette is versatile and wearable without being party store clown makeup.

No. 887964

Wow That article was SPOT fucking on.

No. 887966

At least James Charles Kris Kardashian looking ass WEARS make up somewhat regularly. Shane's the millionaire whose picking his ass in planes and thinking it's fucking funny.

I can't stand James but I'd buy make up from an gay dude who actually wear it then someone who makes mental illness look like a fucking theme and being gross "relatable"

No. 888006

I really wish they would start selling single shades. There are colors I love…but am not gonna pay all of that money for a pallette where 85% of the colors are trash.

No. 888023

>It looks like juvenile crap
That's Shane's target audience for you - children and occasional juvenile adults who've been watching him since when he wasn't a gay hobo cosplayer.

No. 888026

Idk all this hype around Shane and Jeffree makes me wait anxiously for the day when either of them or both of them will fuck up and get cancelled by all those z-list drama channels. It would be so much fun.

No. 888029

File: 1572728689708.png (2.53 MB, 1077x1830, Screenshot_20191103-080227~2.p…)

This is really the best makeup Shane could do for a giant Morphe event for the launch of his own palette.

No. 888031

love jefrees cosplay of boyinaband!

No. 888033

jesus christ they both look awful.
why didn't lipstick nick do shane's makeup? he put in zero effort

No. 888041

File: 1572730993324.png (417.43 KB, 424x664, 861232fstt.png)

Oh jesus, they must be at the Mall of America, there’s a Morphe store there.

Honest to god every time I walk past the Morphe store at MoA with the giant Jeffree posters I think “oh, it might be fun to kind of poke around and see what they have in there” but I’ve never actually gone in because every single time I can see there’s not a soul in there other than one employee at the register and the thought of having that one Morphe employee breathe down my neck or stand there and watch me not buy anything seems like too much of a nightmare. It's been there for a while now and I don't think I've ever seen a customer in there. (We also have a Nyx store and a Mac store and an Ulta in the MoA. And you know what Ulta sells in that store? Nyx, Morphe, and Mac. It’s fucking stupid, anyways)

Look at all the shit on Shane's jacket. Did he wear a dirty one or is he somehow so much of a toddler that he can't keep his clothes clean for more than an hour? Christ. (trick question because he probably just wears that one jacket all the time and never washes it like he does with all of his other outfits, why would an important public appearance be any different?) One of Jeffree's wranglers should have babysat him.

No. 888045

God I feel like trash but I actually do / did use Beauty Killer as an everyday palette. Courtney is gorgeous and the gold pop is great.

That aside, I see why this palette has been popular but just looking on the Beautybay hashtag/twitter makes me glad I didn’t even consider buying

No. 888050

Is that dried jizz from getting filthy rich or snot from his emotionally manipulative crying sessions? I can't decide.

No. 888054

you know it's mustard dribbles from the Auntie Anne's he absolutely had to stop at

No. 888063

Britney and Justin rocked it better.

No. 888082

If this doesn't just emphasize how little Shane gives a fuck about makeup. J* at least looks done up. Shane looks like he slathered ot on with his finger put on lipgloss and called it a day. Oh wait he did his eyebrows too. But I wouldn't doubt someone else did that for him.

No. 888086

File: 1572735331644.jpeg (441.22 KB, 2048x2048, 84B9FF46-5B70-4C7D-BB19-1A95CE…)

poor shane and jeffree:(

No. 888094

File: 1572736222489.jpg (153.92 KB, 1080x980, IMG_20191102_170102.jpg)

IDK why but this tweet is very heartbreaking to me, he has been giving out pallets to random strangers but he hasn't even gone and visit his mom. I know he hates his mom but once he started doing YouTube she has been nothing but supportive to him.

Im glad that they're not holding back on the article, almost every c-list news site is kissing their ass saying how amazing it is and that they're doing amazing things by selling out and filling malls.All while people on line are complaining that they're going to be poor because they're supporting and million and billionaire.

No. 888098

>bf wastes the majority of his minimum wage paycheck
>"poor millionaires :( :( :((("

zoomers, man.

No. 888105

shane hates his mom? i thought they had a good relationship

No. 888125

Imagine going to your very own debut palette launch while wearing filthy clothes… How can anyone even come close to Shane, he looks like he smells of sweat, shit, and old ranch nachos.

No. 888134

Hates his mom? Can you elaborate, anon because i know he has hard feelings for his dad and possibly some hidden ones to her mom by extension but…wut

No. 888141

File: 1572742131209.png (668.57 KB, 588x703, gt.png)

Shane retweeted this and I just went down the saddest rabbit hole of this kid's twitter. I knew Gavin was like "that one meme kid" or whatever, but his mom has clearly been using him for access to celebs she cares about. (Jeffree Star, Jonas Brothers, Billie Eilish). Why on earth would an 8 year old boy care about an eyeshadow palette?

Yeah, since when does he hate his mom?

No. 888142

File: 1572742181591.png (333.21 KB, 587x460, sd.png)

Shane's retweet.

No. 888143

File: 1572742703688.png (255.96 KB, 400x400, Screen_shot_2010-03-30_at_10.4…)

He literally made this character as away to over exaggerate her,(if you remember he treated his mom character like shit) and in a lot of his old vlogs he would constantly shade and speak I'll of her while quickly brushing it off as a "oh hahaha just gotta speak to my therapist" joke.

No. 888151

> Screen_shot_2010-03-30
…..wasn't that like, over a decade ago though? His mom (used to be) in his videos all the time or he'd show up at her house, and they seem like they got along great. He literally arranged the whole Kathy Griffin thing to surprise his mom because she was such a huge fan. Plus wasn't he more or less raised by his mom and grandma because his dad was the deadbeat one? This seems like a real reach.

No. 888157

Today, someone told me "Shane is a sweet guy and that's why I'm buying his makeup" and I laughed so hard. They're reaching for any excuse to buy it.

No. 888170

Jeffree is the one that suggested the shade be called Trisha. I doubt Shane would have included her if not for that. He's closer to Garrett and Morgan and neither of them have anything named after them. Shane is so ready to do whatever Jeffree wants it's nauseating. Their relationship is completely transactional.

No. 888171

The collection came out yesterday, of course you're not going to have your product yet. It takes time to ship things.
If he paid by card, he can do a chargeback if the products don't arrive. This sounds like a plea for attention from Shane, she should be contacting Beauty Bay to get it worked out.

No. 888202

I fucking gagged. What's with Shane's obsessions lately calling everything "his child"? Can you imagine if he actually had a kid, god it would be a travesty

No. 888234

Jeffree star doesn't give two shits about Shane Dawson. He has over run his channel, he is getting him to do the work for him of giving him exposure. He literally doubled his viewership without growing his own channel.

He really chose his target carefully, easy to manipulate, large audience and willing to use his own title for a marketing ploy.

Can't wait for the pressure to build up in the future where Shane's fans turn against him and be like "Jeffree gave you everything, you are so ungrateful".

No. 888235


This photo literally looks like Jeffree Star gave a gay bum a makeover. Is that cum all over Shane's jacket? could he not handle Jeffrey's load?

No. 888259

File: 1572756188227.png (746.22 KB, 656x796, morphe.png)

>Many claimed they were only going to buy Dawson’s palette to support him; others called out Charles’ product for not being as good
Jeffree and Shane's fans are so fucking brainwashed. BOTH of the palettes are made by Morphe. If they're insulting Charles' product they're insulting Shane's….because it's the same fucking product? And if they're buying Shane's to show support to him and not James….they're paying the same fucking company. Besides that Shane's product hadn't even been released yet, so how could they possibly say Shane's was better quality?

>I can't stand James but I'd buy make up from an gay dude who actually wear it then someone who makes mental illness look like a fucking theme and being gross "relatable"
I mean I don't like any of 'em, but anyone with any common sense would buy James' over Shane's. If you took the branding off them both there's no empirical reason why Shane's is the better choice.
>Shane x Jeffree: 18 Shades, $52
>James Charles: 39 Shades, $39
>Shane x Jeffree Mini: 9 (different) shades, $28
>James Charles Mini: 39 Shades (same palette but smaller) $26

Cost to obtain all shades:
>Shane (27 Shades): $80
>James (39 Shades): $26

No. 888275

jc's palette is nothing special but it's a damn good deal for how much you get, especially if you are new to makeup or don't own many palettes. and nearly every single shade in conspiracy can already be found in jc's, if not exact dupes then really fuckin close.

No. 888282

>>BOTH of the palettes are made by Morphe
To be clear, Shane's pallete was not made by Morphe, it was made in Jeffree's facility and is just being distributed by Morphe. But I agree with you on all counts. James is a shit head but he actually wears make up, is selling more shades much cheaper, and more looks can be made with his palette than Shane's. Shane is practically robbing people with these prices, just looking at the looks people are making it's impossible to do anything with his palette >>887887

No. 888294

File: 1572761996438.png (47.36 KB, 283x105, cropped.png)

>James is a shit head but he actually wears make up
>I can't stand James but I'd buy make up from an gay dude who actually wear it
I disagree, THIS is the type of artistry I'm looking for in someone designing my makeup. What about this lewk doesn't inspire confidence? For a mere $52 you too could look like this!

No. 888296

>Shane is practically robbing people
Isn't that the point? Shane wanted to make a quick buck and gave racist granny Jeffree some good PR in exchange for doing the dirty work. He doesn't give a fuck about the ugly shades or the quality of the product, as long as it makes him that 10 million dollars he was promised.

No. 888329

To be honest, James' palette looks like a kiddie kit. Those make up kits for kids they would sometimes put into a under 14 magazine as a free gift, only bigger.

No. 888342

If I had to choose, I'd buy James if I were to waste my money on their crap.

but ALL their shit, from Jeffree (esp. Jeffree) to Shane and James, sometimes looks like either, Dollar store children's easter basket filler make up, or just some shit you get off of Wish.

Especially those scams of mirrors. People are really spending a shit ton for mirrors. I would NOT be surpised if most of their make up was Rite aids, drugstore cheap brands, wrapped in plastic with tiny formula changes.

No. 888345

Morphe literally said they knew James wanted to release his palette around the same time and pushed it up a bit, it was a business decision from the brand. James doesnt get to make those decisions he doesnt own his makeup line.

If anything you should look at other well timed releases before/after this from J "friends" as that he did himself off screen. 100% this ends with holiday collection from J too.

Eh it looks like a typical morphe palette thats resembles the "pro" palettes that mua get. Morphe stuff is all the same.

No. 888348

I actually like most of his other palettes because although the color layouts are messy, I can see at least a number of looks you can pull from each one. Looking at the shane one I'm just completely stumped.

Jeffree did him dirty letting him be photographed like that. He's literally in a cum-stained tracksuit with yesterday's faded makeup still on his face.

No. 888353

File: 1572785848969.jpg (235.13 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20191103_095451.jpg)

Sage bc it's not milk per see but I've seen tons of viral tweets like this one calling them out on their bs

No. 888380

Shane’s fucking face LMAO

No. 888383

he looks fucked up on Xanax

No. 888394

Shane looks like a 7th grade girl in 2001.

No. 888395

File: 1572799381027.jpg (59.77 KB, 755x1280, xanax.jpg)

Bless your heart, it's not going to work this time either. People have been trying for a decade to take him down and it never works, hence the "Fuck Proof" bullshit. James was the chosen one, he was the only one with comparable power/following and he had the receipts, and even he pulled his punches at the end. If it came down to just Jeffree vs. James I think he could have done it, but Jeffree ambushed him with the full force of Jeffree + Tati + Shane armies (though Shane loves to act like he's impartial and had nothing to do with it no drama uwu). Jeffee/Tati's "proof" against James was "dude trust me" at best, he had rock solid receipts of their behavior and it still didn't work. See >>882667 for the full list of hate crimes.

Well, in the Bunny series he made it clear he couldn't fly without xanax (for "comedic effect" obviously) so if they flew in that day on their ~private jet~ he very well could have been still fucked up on xanax. Though, he's never really been one to do meet and greets or make giant public appearances with hoards of screaming girls (but I think Jeffree does pretty frequently?). The dude barely leaves his house so it wouldn't surprise me if Jeffree made him do it and he had to be fucked up to get through that as well.

No. 888398

File: 1572800119808.jpeg (686.87 KB, 750x1265, B3237B63-9648-45A3-B5D3-C93CBF…)

Oh yeah, people are definitely trying. I’ve seen this post make its rounds, kek. But anywhere you go the white knights come out and say shit like “wow the jealousy jumped out” and use the same recycled excuse of “but they were racist ten years ago!”

No. 888399

Back in the day when Luscious Massacr did collab videos with bitch lux. Luscious mentioned that Jeffrey's pallettes are good at swatching but aren't great for makeup looks.

No. 888400

Back in the day when Luscious Massacr did collab videos with bitch lux. Luscious mentioned that Jeffrey's pallettes are good at swatching but aren't great for makeup looks.

No. 888401

Back in the day when Luscious Massacr did collab videos with bitch lux. Luscious mentioned that Jeffrey's pallettes are good at swatching but aren't great for makeup looks.

No. 888448

There was this make up reviewer I watched ages ago. Stephanie something I'll have to look. But she was brutally honest about his makeup and it's wearability. She had all the receipts of J's many fuck ups too including him being extremely aggressive after a fan got kinda pushed into him from a gathering crowd. Some maybe 5'2 woman and he looked about to slug her.

No. 888451

File: 1572810159166.png (1.4 MB, 738x1024, 6a00d8357f3f2969e2022ad377deab…)

Kek, that's pretty good. Reminds me of when KVD came out as anti-vax and she got dragged.
>“but they were racist ten years ago!”
The Jeffree whiteknights are unlike any other I swear. When those caps came out of Jeffree calling Jackie Aina a gorilla and the n-word (like, last year) and we tried to talk about it it the makeup thread honest to god "anons" came out of nowhere saying shit like
>I mean I think you guys are overreacting being racist isn't even that big of a deal?
>Ok but Jackie Aina is a bitch so what's the problem here
>These caps seem fake I'm just not buyin it
And then Shane gave him that whole fucking sob story series where he got to cry over it and say
>guys if you had actually been there when I was screaming the n-word in public you would have known that I was actually yelling it at white women?? so it's not racist actually, i'm actually the victim here if you think about it
Like he fucking apologized for it on his channel and then UN-apologized for it in Shane's series and basically made it seem like WE should be the ones apologizing to him for thinking he was racist in that clip where he was screaming the n-word. It's just unfuckingbelievable. I still wish mods would take a hard stance on the Jeffree stans. Can you IMAGINE if people went into the Onion thread like
>I mean I think you guys are overreacting being a pedophile isn't even that big of a deal?
>Ok but [insert victim here] is a bitch so what's the problem here
>These caps seem fake I'm just not buyin it
and mods letting that slide? Jeffree is just as bad as Onion and has just as long a list of offenses

I'll be impressed if you can find it, he usually threatens legal action against those types of videos or sends his flying monkeys to destroy the poor person's career

No. 888462

after some digging I managed to find it. Granted this is 4 years old at this point but she's not holding back anything in her review of Beauty Killer or the skin frosts. And to her credit after a quick glance of her stuff she's not touched J* since

No. 888468

the only person I've seen be in any way honest about shane's collection is Soph.
the only liquid lipstick shade that is wearable is "are you filming"
she struggled to do a look with the mini palette and honestly the conspiracy palette gets muddy when you try to blend shades together.
she only bought the collection because she's a fan of shanes and I really wish people wouldn't be so dumb and ready to throw away money

No. 888476

File: 1572819906754.png (46.37 KB, 826x197, reddit.png)

Oh, I saw that pop up in BeautyGuruChatter. I didn't watch it because it was 27 mins long (and I also don't actually read BeautyGuruChatter enough to know where they stand on J* and if I should trust them) but skimming the comments at the time did seem promising. (This one made me chuckle.)

No. 888484

File: 1572821486837.png (443.61 KB, 592x650, jenna.png)

Also Jenna posted about it on insta today. I actually really like Jenna's look/content a lot the past 5 or so years, but gotdamn that awful pink lipstick is the same shade as "don't forget your hoochie lipstick" from a decade ago that didn't work on anyone then and doesn't work on anyone now. I feel like I can't even hold it against her necessarily because her whole schtick these days is that she's terrible at makeup. Also imagine using that many shades and barely any of it shows up
>Crease: Tanacon, Diet Root Beer
>Lids: Diet Cola
>Brow Bone: Ranch
>Lash Line: My Rides Here
>Lower Lash Line: Food Videos

ot maybe but I've always kind of felt like part of the reason she's survived/succeeded this long is because of how much she stays in her lane and away from other youtubers. For whatever reason though Shane has been the one youtuber I feel like she's always promoted and stayed "close" to? That just never made sense to me. I guess they're like youtube childhood friends at this point but still.

No. 888486

>I guess they're like youtube childhood friends at this point

this is probably it. both of them pretty much pioneered what youtube became so it makes sense that they'd be at least supportive of each other. jenna seems like a pretty nice person and i can't really picture her icing anyone out over a yucky palette or questionable associations, even if it's just to keep the peace.

but yeah that makeup is fucking a w f u l. that piss yellow shade is a fucking mistake, every picture i've seen of people trying to make it work with the rest of the palette looks SO bad.

No. 888523

I bet Shane’s buttcrack has greenish brown dingleberrys scattered in there and reeks from a mile away

No. 888529

I’m wheezing

No. 888532

File: 1572831126311.jpg (57.79 KB, 790x551, dhdhdhd.JPG)


No. 888558

No. 888559

passionate about those dollar signs, sure.

No. 888599

i like the christian shit talking wicca, your both on the same side of bullshit sweety. the homophobes are annoying.

No. 888617

"most psychologists will tell you that you have a mental illness for even thinking about theories, but ok. These two are completely tied in with the elite, no doubt about it." - You mean laugh at delusional & paranoid people making it all about the elite/government? No thanks, that's more sad than funny. I will read it if you promise there's an elaborate theory about Jeffree secretly being an alien.

No. 888649

Jame's pallette is definitely basic as far as the colors and layout are concerned but I wouldn't go so far as to say it looks as cheap as Shane's. Plus, given the fact that it's half the price of say it looks like you're getting your money's worth, and that's not even accounting for whether the formulas are decent or not. Regardless of your opinions on them as people I wouldn't say they're even comparable.
I can see where people might give a pass to someone making an off color joke here or there but the thing that makes Jeffree heinous is that he says and does those kinds of things with the express intent to hurt and belittle people. There's malicious intent behind his actions and that's what makes him a bad person more so that whatever he's said or the context it was said in.

No. 888669

My thing is Jeffree hasn't STOPPED being a shitty person, it's not like years ago he was this raging asshole, no, he KEEPS being a raging asshole.

Did people forget he accused James of being a pedophile? Said he needed to be locked up etc. etc.?

It's one thing to fuck up, like yeah, i still wouldn't like Jeffree but then the "he's changed" may be applicable.

but the dude fucking hasn't. He was threatening to beat up "instagram girls" or whatever he said that time.

He's a shitty person who never stops being shitty. He can't help it.

No. 888751

>> :(

the kiddie talk is borderline predatory. dude's a 31 year old man, not a socially awkward teenager. he's like one of those creepy, middle-aged nickelodeon hosts from the early 2000s.

No. 888786

May be a reach, but I've always thought of the constant ":(" or ":,)" as manipulative. Like damn, why does he put them in every other tweet?

No. 888833

If they took out Trisha, Flaming Hot, Cheese Dust and Food Videos the color story would make way more sense, those bright ass obnoxious colors don't belong there.

SoOo PaSsIoNaTe about this project but can't take his granny track suit to the dry cleaners before a press junket? And then he smears one shade of eyeshadow on his lids and calls it a wrap. I can smell the passion from here and it reeks of unwashed entitled bullshit.

>My thing is Jeffree hasn't STOPPED being a shitty person

That's how I feel. Everybody has done/said shitty things blah blah blah but how has Jeffree grown as a person? Because all I see is the same cow with more money and fake teeth.

And I know I'm going to sound like a massive dick but was anybody else rolling their eyes when Shane was like "OMG JEFFREE WTF? OMG OMG!" when he saw Jeffree's scars in his first series with him? I mean was anybody really shocked to find out that Jeffree used to cut himself? We know he has issues, still doesnt make it okay for him to be a greedy,woman hating, racist cunt.

No. 888925

File: 1572901702709.png (992.98 KB, 1016x630, 1563765.png)

Jeffree retweeted this, that shit looks soooo bad. Why is everyone doing these ridiculous clownish eyeshadow/eyeliner shapes with this? Like middle row and lower right >>887887 and >>887666 ?

No. 888947

Such a lying sack of shit. All he cares about his money. I'm so annoyed people are buying this

No. 888949

Everything looks so chalky

No. 888980

Because there's not many options to not look like a clown with this palette.

No. 888990

I hope this sparks a new challenge: "can you use the Shane palette to make a wearable, daytime look for a professional office job?"

No. 889038

God this looks so bad, none of the colors match well. Honestly, why even buy this?
I agree with other anons, I'd 100% more likely buy a palette created by James Charles because he's been wearing makeup for a WAY longer time than Shane. Like, Shane even posted a year progress photo showcasing his makeup "skills". Looked like shit the end of last year, still looks like shit now. He needs to clean up his facial hair, that's for sure.

No. 889051

Nah, more so Jeffree sacrificing his dogs to Satan to get where he is today and going gay/trooning out is part of the agenda

No. 889139

Putting the shitty colours aside, it boggles my mind how J let Shane get away with some of these god-awful shade names. Like he couldn't stick to a theme?? Naming the pallets controversy and conspiracy give him so many different choices of shade names related to each of those topics.

It's stupid that he names them after shit in his own life. Like why didn't he just call the pallet "Shane" instead? I know there were some shade names that related to the names of the pallets, but honestly the fact that he didn't just stick to a theme doesn't really make much sense to me.

Maybe I'm being nitpicky because the Shane stans eat this shit up anyways, but some kind of consistency or some kind of theme would have been nice

No. 889146

Nah you're definitely not reaching, it's manipulative and patronising as fuck. He probably even knows that it annoys a lot of fans and he keeps doing it just to be ironic or something

No. 889158

So I didn't watch the documentary at all because I'm not interested in a giant ad for a shitty makeup line I won't buy, but like…who was in charge of picking colours? Did Shane pick them out and J was just like "yeah whatever." I don't get how someone with their own successful makeup business could look at this palette and think it's ok to hit the production line when there is not a single look in here that you could wear IRL without looking like a complete fool. Even the lipsticks shades are only appropriate for a Reno streetwalker or drag queen except for the red.

No. 889164

I skimmed them and my take away was:

Shane uses morgan as his only market research. Realises that she is pretty basic with her makeup and only uses neutrals in her palettes.

Decides he wants to make a wearable makeup palette for his teen fans, picks shades of mud and grey. Jeffrees team steps in and recommends some crazy colours so the palette doesnt end up being just some rehash of the original naked palette.

Jeffree suggests calling the pink shade trisha, and shanes says ok without much euthsiasm.

Somewhere along the line, they silently realise a lot of the shades and dhade names arent conspiracy related at all. So they make a mini controversy palette last min.

Jeffrees team bring merch samples for shane, he just spends the whole time saying, "wow, its good."

Shots of shane practicing makeup poorly to prove he is into makeup.

No. 889176

So 0 effort on all sides, got it. At least Shane sort of had the right idea going in when he wanted it to be wearable for teens, but of course Jeffree didn't want to put his name on a palette that didn't have at least a few clown colours.

Honestly I would've preferred a greigey neutral palette along the lines of Sleep Paralysis, Diet Cola and Spiralling with some greens like Illuminatea and Conspiracy. It'd be unique without being a naked palette dupe. Kinda seems like that's the direction Shane wanted to go anyway before hot pinks and piss yellows were added.

No. 889221

I think he lurks here. He only started practicing after anons here complained that he has never used makeup before and therefore shouldn't have a palette. This was around the time of his first Jeffree series when they just made a joke about it. Now, all of a sudden, he's posting progress pics and he's "soooo passionate" about makeup.

No. 889223

File: 1572945937457.jpg (Spoiler Image, 570.23 KB, 575x1024, 519aad18d6794a7f377120e7a07b29…)

lolmao what trash

No. 889230

That tattoo on his shoulder blade looks like pewdiepie kek

No. 889234

Actually disagree on this somewhat.

Shane isn't a beauty guru so him making a palette is basically just to capitalise on the novelty of it. I wouldnt buy a griegy biege nude palette from him, this would be reserved for someone who actually knows wtf they are doing and not going to put out a mud themed mess.

The whole conspiracy thing could have been an alright idea if it was actually going that route and had a good mix of brights and neutrals with appopriate names but it ended up a weird mix of shanes desire for a nude palette and jeffrees team trying put out something that would capitalise on his fame.

Imo he should have just done two palettes. Conspiracy filled with nice jewel tones and a darker vibe, and Controversy a brighter and wackier palette.

I still wouldnt buy shit if