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No. 697489

Separate thread to discuss Shane Dawson and all the milky youtubers he hitches his wagon to. Previous series include:
>The Secret World of Jeffree Star
>The Truth About Tana Mongeau

His up and coming series:
>The Mind of Jake Paul

Shane loves to make click-baity videos where he will "EXPOSE" or "FIX" controversial youtubers, but usually just ends up helping the insanely rich youtuber by giving them a platform to cry and look sympathetic and shed themselves in a good light.

I honestly don't know the whole story of Onion and Shane's relationship, so if anyone wants to fill us in on that.

>Youtube Channel:


>Youtube Beauty Gurus Thread (w/ discussion of the Jeffree Star series)


>Grav3yardgirl Thread (w/ discussion of the Bunny series)


No. 697490

Video #1 of the Jake Paul series.

No. 697497

I'll start with my own opinion on Shane:
I don't dislike Shane in general. I think the content he's putting out now is much more interesting than the same regurgitated click-bait youtube videos. But, it is just frustrating to see him be SO sympathetic to people like Jeffree and Tana and I'm assuming the Paul Brothers. He seems like he genuinely tries to be unbiased and a real documentary maker, but in the end it just turns into a big sob story about how the internet is mean while the youtube sits in their giant mansion. I guess we'll have to see with the Paul Brothers.

Also Ryland and Morgan can be pretty obnoxious, but Andrew and Garrett seem like sweet baby angels.

No. 697504

Shane was a lot better in my opinion when he was doing the spooky videos with Drew and Garrett. Ever since Morgan joined the squad and Ryland has become an obnoxious, greedy person his videos are less enjoyable

No. 697507

Idk why everyone says these videos have amazing editing. It's extremely try hard and it makes me cringe, it would be better if Shane was more self aware that his style of vids are more about the drama then the apperent "self discovery" fake shit. It's definitely entertaining but, has the same trashy feel like watching Maury, like I'm too embarrassed to admit to anyone I watch him out of boredom because it's basically YouTube reality tv. Still, what is impressive to me is how many vids he does and it's clear he has a good number of people hired to produce these vids and I respect youtubers who are making millions distributing that money to help make more content.

No. 697513

Agreed. I can't fucking stand Ryland or Morgan.

No. 697514

He admits in the first part of this new series that he has a tendency to be too forgiving and affirms he won't do that this time, so it might not be so bad.

I'm cringing at the "many youtubers are sociopaths" claim though. Sure, people who act out a persona in front of a camera so much and with such high rewards might lose touch with reality, but an actual sociopath diagnosis isn't something you can just throw around like this.

No. 697515

ty anon for creating this thread and sage for possible blogposting:

I’ve been watching Shane Dawson since his early days, blackface and standard ‘00s edgy humor and all. Begged my mom for a Shane Dawson t-shirt at HT when they has them and still can remember the “Viewer Orgy Time” song (cringe). Kinda dropped off once he lost steam in 2013 or so and I’m surprised that such a large audience of young teenage girls is engaging with him again.

I started rewatching Shane in late 2016 and god, has he become insufferable. He’s really leaning hard into this YouTube drama shit and using controversy to gain popularity just like every run of the mill douchey YouTuber, but since he’s the “Mother Theresa” of YouTube , people will lick his butthole and his army of teenage girl fans will silence any dissent because Shane is so “UNBIASED”!!!! Half of the content in the new videos, in my semi-sarcastic opinion, are literally just shots of Shane’s greasy, unkempt face while he talks about how scared and nervous he is about this or that or the third and not actual content.

As a side note, can people please take Shane Dawson’s dick out of their mouths for one second? He’s an old YouTuber who got famous off of making edgy, tasteless comedy for teens on the internet, shit out an awful movie, and then he acts like since he acknowledges how shit it is that it means he’s improved. People act like he’s a saint and he’s just a burnt-out YouTuber who got fat. I get that Shane likes to be honest and listen to his viewers, but the endless dick-sucking party needs to end.

I used to like Shane. I still do. I just got three minutes into the Jake Paul video and then closed it because I couldn’t handle any more of staring at Shane’s dirty bloated mug. His content is horrible. He’s in awful shape. Shane really needs to focus on himself and not endless YouTube content.

No. 697539

ugh bless mods for making this thread ilu

the only milk I can remember about him and onion from way back is that they met at a con or some type of meet up with other og youtubers (who remembers the video where the thumbnail was him and greg kissing lmfao). they collabed on a couple shitty green screen sketches and i guess Shane ghosted him and onion has had a personal vendetta against him since KEK

No. 697546

File: 1537984677830.jpg (17.84 KB, 639x352, shreggy-kunpwease.jpg)


No. 697551

calling them "sweet baby angels" might be a little too kind considering all of them seem like they're piggybacking on shane's new popularity at this point but agreed i can't stand Morgan or Ryland. Morgan can put out half assed boring videos but everyone will lick her ass just because she's shane's sister in law lmfao

No. 697599

I would place good money on Ryland trooning out in a couple years as his fame starts to slide.

No. 697606

Fair enough. Garrett's vids where its just him and Andrew are honestly some of my favorites. I don't really feel like Andrew's piggybacking considering he probably puts in more work than anyone else and doesn't have his own yt channel on the side. I hope when the Shane gang falls through Garrett and Andrew just keep making videos together.

I don't mind Ryland as much, since he at least has the history of moving to CA when he was younger and trying to be an actor etc etc. He's whole prissy gucci thot persona as annoying as fuck, but then when it comes down to it I feel like he at least addresses some more grown up concerns like wanting to have a kid and surrogacy and not enabling Morgan anymore. But Morgan literally had everything handed to her and still can't do shit and just whines about everything and is disgusting.

I was aware of Shane back in the day, but never a fan or anything. It wasn't until about 6 months ago that I started noticing him again and it was like "oh, that guy's still around?". I think the thing that drives me crazy that he gets a pass on is how outright disgusting he is. He wears the same shirt every single day and is always "joking" about how he never showers or brushes his teeth. And iirc didn't they go to his car and it was just full of piss bottles? And there was that other vid where he was just laying on the couch and there was a bottle of pee on the table and he was just like "I didn't want to get up hehe"? I can't possibly imagine how bad he must smell.

No. 697607

I don't want to sound judgmental, but I wish he would change his clothes and clean up for a bit

No. 697651

That first episode was…. really disappointing
I do like Shane and his content but I don’t really see the hype around his docuseries. If the next few episodes are literally just him speaking to people who have fallen out with Jake I’m gonna be kinda disappointed. “In the mind of Jake Paul” but the first 40 minutes don’t even include him? Uh ok

I am interested to see how this plays out though. Hopefully it will be entertaining even with the inevitable cringe.

No. 697677

he's obviously building it into something huge. gotta keep the people's interest somehow.

honestly, used to hate Shane a lot, but I think he's done a good job of evolving his content. the videos have great production quality and are entertaining. i can see why people think it's cringey and he can be overbearing sometimes with the dark humor, self-deprecation and overall gheeeey lol get it guys, dicks. but i'll watch this thread regardless.

this. Shane's the definition of 'i can't take my own advice.'

No. 697678

Thank god someone made this thread.
I watched the first part of Jake Paul and the entire thing was just padding.

No. 697683

Yes and his constant touching of his face irks me

No. 697704

I don't know why he tries to make these serious videos when he can't handle an emotional, deep conversation. Like we saw when J* talked about his cutting. Now he's throwing around this "sociopath" thing. He can't do research to save his life. Not even for his creepy videos, half the shit he talks about in those contain inaccurate information.

That being said, I don't hate Shane. I've watched him for years. But these things really irk me. He's a terrible interviewer as well… I hope it's different with Jake Paul, though.

No. 697707


Samefag but I don't think the second part is going to contain Jake, either. Part 2 is "what is a sociopath?". They didn't even get to that. Wtf.

No. 697712


As far as his latest series is concerned, I could give a shit about any of the Paul's, but what irks me is this "sociopath" rhetoric he's trying to push without really knowing anything about personality disorders.

I doubt he's even googled the difference between psychopath and sociopath, let alone know what anti-social personality disorder is. Anyone know anything about the psychologist he's teaming up with?

No. 697750

Kati Morton.
She's a therapist with a YouTube, and I know she was just featured in a Jason Nash (Trisha Paytas' boyfriend) video sponsored by BetterHealth.

No. 697755

Tinfoil: Shane's current series will turn out to be about onision.

Evidence: He said Jake Paul would be mad when he found out what the series really is about; Also the whole JP being a sociopath is a reach imo.

That's all.

No. 697764

oh god please let this be true…

No. 697765

He really needs to actually shower often. Wash his clothes. Stop picking his ass and then face. And for the love of god he needs to stop pissing in bottles then talking about it in his vids like “oh yea my car smells like pee hehe” Fucking cringe. Watching his new Jake Paul video all I could see was his greasy face. I like his content. I just can’t stand how gross he is and how he seems to think it’s quirky.

No. 697781

He's already got that token male– cough I mean, ~trans gal~ pattern baldness and sense of entitlement entitlement down

No. 697786

i hope not. gurg would come in his pants knowing millions of people saw him on shanes channel

No. 697841

>youtube therapist
hooh boy
But also shouldn't he be talking to a psychiatrist not a therapist about this? Therapists aren't medical doctors. Not that they aren't familiar with all of that, but they're usually more just counselors than anything.

Gurg's GOTTA be on Shane's short list right? Like he already set the groundwork with those "Meeting my hatur" vids, and his life has fallen apart way more than Bunny's. (At least she still has her mansion and can pay her bills). If we keep talking about him here do you think he'll buy all of us jeeps??

No. 697859

Psychiatrists, at least in the U.S., don’t have as much education on the psychological functioning as they do on the neurochemical aspect.

A licensed Clinical Psychologist is a doctor of psychology and has lot more education in the the psychological aspects of treatment.

IMO, he should be consulting with both a Psychiatrist on the medical portion and a Psychologist on the psychological functioning of the personalit disorder he’s researching.

No. 697864

File: 1538005836299.png (111.69 KB, 926x594, Psychopath-vs-Sociopath-1.png)

Finally watched this. I already think he's going WAY too hard on the whole SPOOKY SOCIOPATH thing, like with the flashes of murderers and shit. Though that's how the whole media portrays the psychopath/sociopath issue. It's entirely possible to have personality disorders and be a functional member of society….who just happens to no really understand human emotions. I feel like every shitty white guy I went to middle/high school with was exactly like Jake Paul at one point, they just grew out of it because they didn't get trapped in the echo chamber of youtube telling them that this is acceptable behavior. And they didn't make a shitton of money from being shitty teen boys. Feels like that's all it is really. Maybe he is a sociopath but if he never got famous and constant validation from the internet he probably would have grown up a bit eventually (maybe not as much as most people) and let a relatively uneventful life.

No. 697886

Mmm, interesting. I guess it just seems like the way he's trying to present it with like, showing the brain scans and shit like "look he's medically crazy!!" just seems like more inline with Neurology or Neuropsychology. To me anyone looking at his videos could be like "yeah that's clearly not a normal sane person", having a youtube therapist say he isn't doesn't seem like it would be that surprising to anyone. Doing it from more of a medical perspective would be an interesting confirmation of that, and more of a hot take.

Like imo it was so more interesting to look at like the Jackass guys/Steve-O and medically speaking how they truly fucked up their bodies and now have to deal with it vs just watching them do dumb shit and be like "wow those boys are crazy!!"

No. 697926

I’m so glad there’s finally a thread about him. I think he’s a decent enough guy but his content gets way to much credit. It’s not good enough to be on TV like his fans keep suggesting. His hefeee start videos barely asked any REAL questions and his Tana video was way too biased and heavily leaned in her favor. He’s way tk dramatic in them like everything in the world is a conspiracy and I’m kind of sick of his mediocrity getting this much credit.
Also his hygiene disgusts me

No. 697978

he already has a thread


No. 697984

I would be so happy for this

No. 697995

Literally no one has posted there in 2 years. Go ahead and necro it if you really want to my dude, good luck.

No. 698036

File: 1538018691887.jpeg (325.85 KB, 580x830, C1DCAB8F-B873-4372-AC30-137086…)

i like shane, he has admitted to having a “daddy complex” in which he tries to fix everyone around him, guiding them, telling them what to do, etc. he’s spoken about how this trait hurt his friendship with trisha paytas.

No. 698054


just seems codependent to me. which is toxic, even if his intentions can be kind… shane is none of these people's parent, it is not his job (or ability) to save anyone. so i'd say it's more "savior" than "daddy" complex

No. 698083

Yeah, I probably like him more than other youtubers that have survived this long. He's not perfect but he seems like he's very loyal to his friends, and is happy to take care of them and their careers. I assume he's supporting his mom as well. I just feel like most youtubers on that scale always have to show off their crazy irresponsible purchases, he doesn't seem like he really does that. Though, he's got Ryland to be the materialistic gucci-obsessed one. I feel like maybe he and JennaMarbles are the only "OG" ones who took their youtube fame in stride and were a little more responsible with it? I mean Jenna JUST bought a house, but she made the point that she'd been saving for years and that buying a house was a big life goal for her. I just think of that vs Jake Paul spending close to $8000 a month in rent for some crazy showoff house that he's setting fires all over and essentially destroying for lulz.

No. 698102

Tbh I’m really not a fan of Ryland. He seems to hate that Shane has been with women and that he claims to be bisexual. Not to mention his new money gold digger attitude. And that he tries to emphasize his smolness all the time despite Shane’s obvious ED. It’s too bad he didn’t work out with Garrett, he’s actually attractive and seems interesting.

No. 698103

I really never understood why people hate Shane so hard, he doesn't literaly flaunt his money in your face in every vid (Ryland can thats his thing) like yes, he made money and had success, yes because of that he has a nice house but thats about the most he has. His house is pretty much furnished by Target and Walmart, He was never sponsored because his old content was always seen as "too edgy" so it's not like he made much, ad stuff doesnt work out for anyone on youtube anymore, he doesn't act rich or spoiled. His personality always came off as "Insecure and needy" but never in a demanding "give me validation or i'll shit all over your day" kind of way, J* puts me in that mind, Ryland even puts me in that mind but not Shane.

I dunno, Shane's stuff was alright, never great, never horrible just hit or miss. The new series' he's been putting out are much better then anything else he has posted and it's still edited fairly well, and it's not horrible, makes for a good hour watch if you have nothing else to watch, and I was laughing through the entire Tanacon series even though i know he was trying to be serious, but all the crying Tana faces was too much for me I died. The Jake Paul stuff is a view grabber and he knows it, even if people tell them they wont watch they are all going to watch just to see if they can push their own bias onto it. And the spin of the 'sociopaths on youtube' is an interesting twist for most normies that dont sit on youtube everyday and know the real truth; Narcissists prevail youtube, not sociopaths.

No. 698111

i honestly don't think the docuseries is that bad of an idea. everybody is really pissed that he's "giving shitty white men a redemption arc" but i honestly just think he's trying to document the most controversial youtubers, who just so happen to be white men. which makes sense bc white men tend to be the shittiest of all. i don't know, i guess it makes sense to me. jake paul is probably the shittiest and most obnoxious well known youtuber there is, so why wouldn't he want to dig into what the fuck is wrong with him? im PRAYING that he doesn't try to paint jake in a good light the entire time, because then i'd have a very different opinion on this. however, for now, i'm mostly excited for the boiling hot tea that's (hopefully) coming.

No. 698146

Incredible OP art, anon.

No. 698147

I’m not sure how I feel about his new series. I know a ton of people are pissed because Jake Paul is a horrible person, but I know literally nothing of the Paul brothers aside from the suicide forest fiasco, so this is all news to me and pretty interesting.

I agree with everyone though that the sociopath side is waaaaay over the top and reaching. Clearly he’s a narcissist, but sociopath is too dramatic.

As for Shane himself, I feel like his whole super caring personality is pretty fake. I believe he is a kind person and everything, but he tries way too hard to sell the narrative that he’s an amazing guy who just wants to help everyone when in reality he’s not much different than, say, Dr. Phil, just using others’ issues and drama for his own gain.

No. 698148

(Same as ^ )

That all being said, I secretly hope he’ll do a docuseries helping Eugenia Cooney… (I know it’ll never happen but I can dream)

No. 698155

I don't think there's a ton of Shane hate, tbh just the way he handled the whole Jeffree series and basically let Jeffree use him for his redemption arc is more what's annoying to me. I think that series in general was just so bad for so many reasons, and 95% of them are that Jeffree Star is insufferable. It just really made Shane seem naive that he fell for Jeffree's whole sob story. Jeff is super manipulative and knew exactly what he was doing in that series.

But anyways, he's definitely one of the hardest working youtubers out there right now. I mean, basically producing a TV show-length series with what seems to be just him and Andrew is impressive, and definitely above and beyond any work that other youtubers put in. I don't really understand the hate for him doing Logan Paul. I guess it's just the assumption that he's going to let Logan tell his sobstory like he has with all his other seires? I'm still interested though, as someone who has never really paid much attention to the Paul brothers outside of the big beats. Even all the clips he showed of the abuse/bullying allegations and Jake like spitting on his gf and straight up assaulting he friends were pretty jarring to me. I think this one will be harder to paint in a better light just based on that alone.

No. 698157

woops samefag here, I got that number wrong, Jake Paul's paying $17,000 a month for that house, not $7000. Even worse.

No. 698167

It's just really lazy of op ijs

No. 698171

File: 1538027743677.png (798.78 KB, 991x704, ss.png)

Honestly that clip of the little girl standing outside his house talking about how bad his ex-gf was and chanting "JAKE JAKE JAKE!" made my skin crawl

No. 698187

OP here, Shane and his docu-series have been brought up in multiple threads, including:
>Beauty Gurus
>Jeffree Star thread (also completely dead)
>Tana Mongeau

Why is it lazy of me to create a new thread just about all the recent info/his vids instead of necroing a thread thats been dead for 2 years that has no recent info? I also meant this thread to be more for discussion of all the Shane video subjects since they're spread all over the board, not just Shane himself. Go harass all the anons that discuss Shane'a vids in all those other threads instead of the dead one too then. If you're so mad about it go necro that thread and see how well that goes for you.

No. 698219

Nah it's fine, don't worry about it. A new thread was really needed.

His level of fame now is insane and heaps of people don't realise what a dishonest, manipulative view-whore he is. I'm pretty sure his whole interest in sociopaths is because he secretly thinks he is one, but in reality he's just an edgy narcissist

No. 698272

Is anyone else sometimes shocked how uneducated Shane and his friend are?

Ryland did this a collab with Blue Apron and they literally don't cook in their house, just postmate everything. They had to go out and buy pots (which Ryland kept calling pans for some reason). I guess it's not that uncommon for YouTubers to not cook but didn't they think it was weird or at least a bit embarrassing that they're grown-ass adult who don't know to cook? Also, Shane said that he doesn't vote since he doesn't care for politics and it's not just his thing or something like that. I don't even get why you would even admit that you don't vote (out of lack of political knowledge at least).

Shane seems like the type of Americans Europeans make fun of because they just have no culture. What is he doing all day? Don't get me wrong, I don't think everyone has to be into politics or read high literature, but this type of lifestyle just seems so sad and unfulfilling to me. Shane just turned 30 and still seems to think being uncultured is quirky. And while I do enjoy his conspiracy videos, I don't think he has the critical thinking skills to do them. It was really concerning when he talked about the flat earth theory with his brother (who was rather well-spoken despite saying crazy stuff) and Shane didn't even bother to argue with him IIRC. Just the classic "haha guys, remember these are just theories bye :,)" at the end. There were so many kids in the comments who suddenly thought a flat earth could be plausible. Honestly, I'm kind of afraid that someday he'll lowkey talk about the Jewish conspiracy and how the Rothschilds or George Soros rule the world because tbh he seems that unaware.

No. 698330

I know lots of people who could care less about politics and that’s the reason they don’t vote. They don’t care. I dunno that seems like a bit much to down in the guy. Also being in the food service industry myself- I can tell you 6/10 people would fully admit they don’t cook and never plan on it. Which is why they eat takeout all the time, it’s all they are used too. So it honestly doesn’t surprise me that they don’t cook, and given that every vlog Shane uploads they are eating from Chipotle Every. Fucking. Time; Again, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they don’t cook.

Uneducated? Yeah, uncultured? Maybe? We don’t really see much into their actual IRL lives so we don’t know for sure what they do everyday. But I’m guessing it’s shane editing all day while ryland awkwardly shakes his ass for YouTube, so that might be a big yes too but I’d also argue what average American has time to sit at home and culture themselves everyday? Definitely not yourubers they seem to be the most uncultured group of people alive most times

No. 698443


For someone with an ED or an ED history, I think it is really surprising that he doesn't cook. Like, wouldn't he want to know how much he's eating? It's weird.

No. 698469

Not to WN, but he may be afraid that if he does, he'll relapse. A lot of people I know go through stages where they're so afraid of relapsing they make things as easy as possible to eat but often become overweight. Eventually they get through it and cook without over managing, but it's a big step for some. Either that or he just had no idea how to cook after not doing it for years.

No. 698470

I don't, given the day and age that we live in, and given that he's pretty much accepted that he's "fat" despite all the bitching he does about it he's probably at that point in his life where he knows he has to either say "fuck it, I'm just going to eat what I like and hate myself for a while later" or be in constant OCD over his food intake, and being that he is admittedly lazy eating junk food and drinking diet pop all day probably sounds way more enjoyable, and easy.

No. 698661

I mean, I hate cooking too and avoid it at all costs but if I got a Blue Apron meal I wouldn't have to stop what I'm doing and go buy a "pan???? what's that??"

I'm more surprised because he was raised by a working single mom that he never really had to learn how to cook or be self-sufficient. Though maybe his Mom was too busy to cook and they just relied on fast food as well? Idk, I would never shade anyone for not wanting to cook, cause I hate it too. I would however shade someone for not even having base level knowledge on it.

UNLESS he hammed it up to make a whole point about
>look I'm a real dingus about cooking but even I can make a delicious meal with Blue Apron!
Since that whole vid was basically a Blue Apron ad?

No. 698676

Honestly, most men are completely retarded [when it comes to things like housework, cooking, generally taking care of themselves, etc.]

No. 698698

Part two is out.
I hate that he's trying to diagnose him (and other Youtubers), it feels very sensationalistic and clickbait-y.

No. 698705

Personally I hate it because it's basically bringing together a lot of garbage people, treating them with kid gloves and tons of sympathy (that they don't deserve) and then acting like This Was A Big Thing. It's a circlejerk dressed up as some kind of change or reflection, and it makes me cringe.

No. 698715

>Americans have no culture
>uneducated Shane and his friend are
>I don't think everyone has to be into politics and high literature
God you sound just as uneducated and pseudointellectual. You're no smarter than Shane and his goons so get real.
Your entire post makes you sound insufferable.

No. 698718

he said in the first video the only reason he's doing the psychologist part was because he saw Jake's name associated with sociopaths, so he wanted to see if she would tell him the same.

I mean it's a twist, still would have gone the narc route since that's 80% of youtubers and actually would have been relevant. I don't think he's diagnosing him, just baiting for views but it was a good 'run-down' of a sociopath

I am very disappoint that there was barely and Laura apology footage tho, he had that one wrapped up in a bow and handed to him and he just.. meh two clips

No. 698721

This series should've been called "watch shane dawson play armchair psychologist for almost an hour"

Prediction: this is all leading up to another corny "don't judge a book by it's cover! youtubers aren't the same IRL!! now that i've spent 2 hours with him, i've concluded that jake paul dindu nuffin and i changed my mind about him being a sociopath uwu" message.

No. 698729

He's given clues of setting up a "Jake Paul can't be saved" narrative (like with what he says at the end of part 2 about maybe needing to accept he can't help Jake), I'm really hoping that's what he's going for.

No. 698737


I'm still waiting for the ending twist to be it's all been a content cop bait'n'switch and this turns out to be about onion

that'd be funny and great

No. 698745

I dont think so. I think we'll see shanes initial pov change since of how he knows jake will never be a sympathetic character. He basically got his answer with his skype interview in part 1
>youtube is saturated with creators
>youtubers now are throwing out their morals for views

It'll up with shane realizing how far jake will go for those views and money. Why? Because his older brothers shadow is still bigger (and more controversial). The whole family is fame hungry. His dad tells him how having secret servicemen at your house is just good vlog material. I kinda see this whole ''sociopath'' narrative being dropped slowly

No. 698753

the entire family puts me off, like they all seem mentally sick in some way especially their parents. Their mother creeps me out with how handsy and all over her own sons she is, Greg is a pedo and a very dumb narc on the level of Onision, and the brothers are.. off. Just straight up off, and I wouldn't go as far as sociopath myself… maybe closer to the likes of Fousey and one or both are bi-polar as fuck and just can't handle their manic episodes so it comes off as sociopathic.

I duuno, they all could be a number of things but they are for sure not normal, and I think Shane is leading closer to that after finishing that vid, he might full on say "these guys are fucked in the head and can't be helped… oh well I tried?"
Because Shane wants to "fix" everything

No. 698777

idfk guys, the paul brothers are actually just fucking insane and i could very well see jake paul as a sociopath, i'm obviously no doctor and couldnt diagnose him but fuck he sure fits the description

i really do hope shane doesnt try and pretend hes just a good guy though, theres just no way he even could and i think it would fucking destroy his career if he found a way to sympathize and take his side in the end

No. 698779

I’m fairly certain the final conclusion is gonna be, Logan is a sociopath and Jake is a fucked up narc who’s tried to constantly live up to his brother

No. 698810

>it is just frustrating to see him be SO sympathetic to people like Jeffree and Tana
Came to say this. I'm a big fan of Shane and I think he's really intelligent. His ability to predict trends, appeal to different audiences and constantly upgrade his content is so commendable. I've really enjoyed his recent content on ghosts, conspiracies and general spooky shit. It really reminded me of the type of television I used to stay up late as a kid to watch and I think maybe that's where he's drawing inspiration from, it's very nostalgic. BUT the recent youtuber documentaries have been driving me mad. I get that people are multi-dimensional and it's really interesting to see the other side to the drama but I feel like shitty people are just benefiting from these videos and it's really unappealing. I actually thought Tana and Jeffree made themselves look worse in the series, despite having the opportunity to make themselves look good. I did wonder if that was the intention in the editing, to make it seem like it's a piece to be sympathetic towards Tana while simultaneously sprinkling in clips of her shouting about how "People love to be oppressed!" and "Oh we can't fit everyone in the hotel? Perfect, I love that!" But regardless, both received a boost in subscribers from the videos so even if that was the intention, it didn't work.

>Also Ryland and Morgan can be pretty obnoxious, but Andrew and Garrett seem like sweet baby angels.

I really feel like Drew, Garrett and Andrew are genuine friends of his. I was really happy to see them making videos since Shane openly talked about how youtubers had used him in the past and it made him feel lonely. Ryland is terribly annoying and his entire personality revolving around being a golddigger is very off-putting. It also disturbs me how obsessed they are with impregnating his sister. I think Morgan suffers from what everyone in Shane's circle suffers from, they're very funny when they're in a Shane video but when they're filming and editing themselves, they're boring. I like Morgan but I struggle to watch any of her own content. I also feel like she seems a little lost when she's with the rest of the group, like she doesn't entirely mesh and it makes me feel bad for her. She came to LA to live with her brother and his friends and that must be pretty lonely.

Something strange I noticed from the grav3yardgirl video was when he told Bunny that she should show off her house, cars and designer wardrobe because "people love that" and I thought lmao do they? Sure, people like youtubers like Trisha and Casey Neistat because they live these crazy lifestyles we can't afford but it'd odd he'd encourage a youtuber whose audience is primarily pre-teens and rose to fame by being dorky and relatable to now suddenly start acting like the rest of them. Not every youtuber needs to have a tacky collection of rhinestoned objects and ugly, overpriced flip flops. Shane has always been a really humble, down to earth guy to me but since meeting Ryland they've been showing off the fact that they have way too much money but no taste constantly. Just act like people.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying the new Jake Paul series. The latest part >>698698 genuinely gave me chills and I'm probably going to re-watch all of it on Halloween night because it's perfect for a spooky night in. I really hope this series ends up differently to the others. The fact that the therapist youtuber was dragging Tana felt really satisfying after the unsatisfying ending to the Tanacon series, so at least he's making amends for that lol. Sorry for the wall of text but nobody I know irl watches Shane so I don't often get to discuss his content.

No. 698814

Nah I dont agree at all, Jake is probably bi-polar or some kind of cluster B personality.

Logan, is the sociopath and that's so plain to see after that video.

No. 698840

I had to quit watching part 1 because all Shane was going on about was sociopaths. Unless they're planning on actually doing a psychological screening this is just pointless. Also, thank god that there is finally a thread for this snowflake, guru gossiper sucks bc you can't call him a faggot there without everyone starting to cry.

No. 698845

… so did you even watch part 2? Maybe actually watch the two videos he has posted on this before you get super pissy about something you didnt even get the context for.

He literally asked the psychiatrist if she thought Jake was a Sociopath and she said "I dont know, I dont know him" The first video was just him explaining why he's doing the videos and what he was seeing ABOUT Jake Paul, not actually saying he IS.

Like, you should try to have a more concrete argument then "he's a faggot, hate his shit lol so stupid i didnt even watch"

Like if you have tea bring it

No. 698850

How would it be great? Onion has been BEGGING Shane to notice him or acknowledge him, and it would spike his views and subscribers. Enjoy Greg rotting away in the shadows and forget this stupid bullshit.


Like, do you understand anything about how psychiatry works? Like, do you think diagnosing a personality disorder is something that happens without hours of interpersonal contact and analyses? He may as well have said he seems like an anorexic for all the value it has.

Like, stop sucking Shane's dick for a minute and think about how clickbait this is

No. 698856

Oh i'm sorry. Was I saying that Shane was for sure diagnosing people? Anywhere? No? Yeah I thought so.

Not sucking his dick, I am saying if you dont even watch the videos why have an opinion on them? And what I said was the truth he hasn't diagnosed anyone? It was in the first video he said "I see Jake and sociopath all over my timeline"
So he's going with that spin? He's never said Jake is, if anything he insinuates Logan is.

And yes I know how it works, did I diagnose the fucker myself? Jesus pull the hate boner back a bit there girl, not everyone in here is a Shane dick sucker

No. 698861

eternally grateful for this thread.
i can't voice my critical opinions on him anywhere online without getting mobbed by a bunch of 12 year old minions.
he is the most overrated person that has graced the internet. ever since he started doing more vloggy-documentary style vids, his ego skyrocketed. he thinks he can get away with anything. he postpones every single fucking series and ends up hyping them for like a month. like dude you aren't steven fucking spielberg, you don't gotta be so extra with the promo. it's a damn youtube video. get over yourself.

the whole 'ellen of youtube' schtick he's been trying to push for months now is getting hella tired. it just seems as if he's sucking his own dick at this point. uwuuu i bought my hater a whole ass car and gave him exposure (which ultimately killed his career kek), i'm such a nice personnn right? look i'm gonna revive this dying youtuber's channel, even though she has a multi million dollar mansion and birkins. and the whole shit with tanacon… he sees all these events as video ideas and clicks. talk about sociopaths right?
and whenever someone criticizes him on his wildly inconsistent upload schedule he plays victim like 'omg guize im having a literal panic attack and i'm depressed give me a break' when he hasn't uploaded for months. like this is not your hobby chief. its your job. imagine not showing up for work for a month because you're omggg so stressed~~~ and having people give you butt pats and telling you to 'take ur time bb ur mental health is so importantuuu stay hydrated'

his videos are mostly filler anyway. it takes him like 2 parts every time to get to the meat and potatoes. and when he finally does it's all him overreacting like a sperg and andrew laughing like schizo.

No. 698876

Honestly, I think you give him too much credit kek
Shane does not put me in the mind of a Intelligent manipulator that can pull this shit off for months and years for views and money.

What he is, is Lazy, overbearing and super emotional, not to mention the most gullible person alive. I'm pretty sure he went into almost all of these new docuseries with one thing in mind "I'm uncle Shane Yuk-Yuk Gatta help my friend out of their stupid controversy" then proceed to make it worse for them, and over-rated for him. I still say it's all because he struck gold not with Grav3yardGirl, but Tanacon. Because everyone was pissed, they wanted Tana to pay and thought Shane would follow up.

And Shane flopped because he's a gullible idiot who gets super emotional at the drop of a hat, then throw "I'm fat and lazy" on that and boom, an average youtuber who found a trend and did it kinda better then the others.

Ryland obviously runs their relationship, Shane just looks like he sits at home watching youtube while everyone is vlogging and screeching around him. His conspiracy vids could be good, but he took them so damn seriously it got boring, if he was a bit more himself that actually would have been a bit more watchable I think. All in all he's going to die off after this Jake Paul thing, he's not going to make anything to top this, I dont think. I can hope because the docuseries really is the only thing him and his friends have going for them.

No. 698904

>Like, do you think diagnosing a personality disorder is something that happens without hours of interpersonal contact and analyses?
Hence why both Shane and the therapist said they "don't know" if he is one and repeatedly said that it was speculation and they're not actually diagnosing anyone. Why are you getting so aggressive at other people when you're the one that couldn't sit through the video before voicing your opinion?

No. 698966

File: 1538093991710.png (1.07 MB, 1404x786, dsm.png)

Ok sorry I'm not even all the way through it but this dramatic shot of her DSM on display really made me laugh.

No. 698973

Drink every time they say "sociopath".

Why he didn't call that Bombard body language lady since he's looking for people with an inflated ego to diagnose other youtubers?

No. 698988

Probably because this lady is willing to go to the Pauls house with Shane and talk to them, and they allowed her.

I mean in all honesty it's not like anyone in the Paul family signed off allowing Shane to show anything horrible or that would cast an even more negative light on them. They may not have control of editing but they probably had control of what he shot while there, anything else on the web is already out there and fair game editing wise.

I am wondering how this visit will go, if it's going to be just showing off the life they live and what they do blah blah, i hope not I'd rather skip the filler everyone knows what videos he makes.

No. 699019

Does anyone know the full story about Maker Studios?

Shane has been on YT for a decade but he's admittedly never made money. His CPMs for adsense are extremely low and he's not brand/sponsor friendly. He lost out in his share of 500 million (Maker Studios)

In a Mom's Basement video, he talked about how he started a company "Maker" with a few other people that sold for 500 million, but he didn't get a single cent.

(he talks about Maker starts at 30:07)

Some other parts where he talks about not making much from adsense

Starts at 17:02


No. 699035

Yes, he likes his conspiracy theories, but he also carries that mentality and thought process into every other area of his life where it's inappropriate. He more often times than not, crosses over line into just being delusional.

Shane definitely over exaggerates most of everything, thinking the mundane have deeper meanings simply when they don't. finding symbolism out of nothing, or even builing up an entire relationship in his head based on one single interaction with a person. He's a notorious revisionist, and he does this to the point that it's past obnoxious/annoying, but just plain frightening.

No. 699040

File: 1538099413583.png (67.12 KB, 220x304, Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 8.42…)

I don't know when she was on his podcast or whatever, but his comment about like "You're like really keyed in like you could tell I had an eating disorder right away just by looking at me"
literally never stops talking about how fat he thinks he is or his history weight struggle literally anyone who watched 30 seconds of one of his videos could tell he had body/food related issues.

>How do you know someone's a sociopath?

>You just like….sense it. I mean if you sense things like I sense things….you can just tell
I know this series is just a YT series and he probably only has certain resources available, but I really wish he had gone and spoken to someone completely outside of the youtube bubble to get a less biased interpretation. Also ofc she releases this video today to try and jump on that hype train.

Like I'm sure her videos are helpful to people who are kind of dipping their toe into getting help but I just don't think I would go to a "youtube therapist" to talk about how crazy self-absorbed youtubers are.

No. 699043

File: 1538099684313.png (243.28 KB, 992x532, Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 8.42…)

I googled her cause I was hoping to find her education background….like,what kind of Therapist has a "Talent Manager" and a Patreon? Feels very "pot calling the kettle black" for her to talk about the mental health of other youtubers.

No. 699050


If I was her client I'd be dropping her as fast as I could. This bitch expects us to believe that Sociopaths can go into treatment and fool, not just therapists, but psychologists and psychiatrists as well. Yet, at the same time she can just "sense their presence."

She had no idea what she was talking about and seemed to be giving the finger to the oath that mental health specialists are supposed to operate off.

All Shane wants is views imo. That's why he conviently is releasing this all through October.

No. 699058

not only that but they act like every sociopath is a serial killer or something. yeah 1/25 people is a sociopath but most of them are just kinda dickish or seem off, not blood thirsty degenerates
i just think it's unresponsible for a therapist to talk like that and makes me wonder about her credentials

No. 699078

>not only that but they act like every sociopath is a serial killer or something

wtf have you even seen the video?? She didn't say every sociopath is a serial killer kek The video has shown examples of different kinds of sociopaths and one of them was OJ Simpson

> yeah 1/25 people is a sociopath but most of them are just kinda dickish or seem off, not blood thirsty degenerates

that's the same exact thing she said. Sociopaths can be anyone from female to male, every age group, they can be assholes, abusive, manipulative, narcissistic and so on… but often they are superficially very nice

maybe you should watch the video before writing something

No. 699079

File: 1538103456248.png (101.83 KB, 300x256, questionmarks.png)


Ugh, ok, I promise I'll shutup after this.
>You just like….sense it. I mean if you sense things like I sense things….you can just tell
Later in the video:
>A sociopath is going to use all the information they can to manipulate you, with youtube they can watch your videos and use that information to manipulate you. If you don't get a gut feeling then they're better manipulators or they know enough about you. You could be friends with a Sociopath and not even know it because you're being manipulated.
>They don't look like an evil person cause they're just mimicking
Bitch, what? So which is it? You can sense it or it's impossible for anyone to tell?

Like really when it comes down to it….isn't it usually the case that most people with a personality disorder like this for example, wouldn't even be aware that they had one? Because they wouldn't think of themselves as unusual and seek help? Because it's all they've ever known? It's not like someone like this would go "Boy it sure is weird that I don't experience emotions and I'm impulsive and don't care about other people. What's that about? Also how can I use that to manipulate people?". It would be people that interact with them that would urge them to seek evaluation because they could tell they they were unlike others. She's framing it as everyone with a personality disorder knows exactly what they're doing and they're going to get you with their master manipulation! Especially when she says that shit about "They're really intelligent, cause to manipulate takes a lot of intelligence. Imagine all the detecting they have to do and searching for all those little bits of info about people that we can use to manipulate them"

>1 in 25?! I thought it was gonna be like 1 in 10,000! Why am I just learning this!!

Probably 1 in 10,000 of those 1 in 25 turn out to be crazy murderers or the type of person she's describing, and then rest are just people who probably don't even know there's something unusual about them. I thought OJ was a better example of that (though I dunno if he actually does have a diagnosed personality disorder or not). Like, no one would be saying he's crazy if he didn't kill his wife. They'd just think he was a charismatic football player.

>They can even be married with kids. Whatever makes them fit in in life. They're gonna put up the best show that they can

>If a sociopath goes to therapy we may only be teaching them better skills to manipulate people
>if ur likable and popular u might be a sociopath
>if ur teacher's a sociopath why would she teach u about it?? she doesn't want you to know her tricks!!

And Shane's gonna bring her along so she can talk to Jake one time and tell Shane is he's a sociopath? Christ.
Full disclosure I'm just a Neurodiagnostic Tech student (so more physical maladies of the brain than mental health disorders) so I definitely don't know what I'm talking about. I would love to get an actual mental health professional's opinion on what she's saying. I'm also confused by the concept of "becoming a sociopath" they keep talking about (like because of trauma or youtube). Isn't something like this something you're born with? Like you don't suddenly lose emotions halfway through life? I would just assume it's not diagnosed until later in life, because a lot of the symptoms also overlap with just being a shitty teenager.

No. 699084

Sick to death of Shane Dawson's omnipresent dick riders. Seems like there are even a couple lowkey ones ITT.

No. 699101

If you can't say a word of criticism about someone without a mob of idiots descending on you…that's a pretty big indicator that the person is a cow.

No. 699126

Shane Dawson drinking game:
>he talks about his bulimia and being fat
>he wears the pig shirt
>xD peeing in bottles
>daddy issues
>that stupid dramatic editing noise every 2 seconds
>talks about how poor he was
>says “I believe it” to every stupid conspiracy

No. 699130

damn, that's embarassing. it's too late for me to delete them now too… fuck you, site glitch.

No. 699181

Don't forget
>ahau hau hau SNORT
>"omg me"
>weird retching sound they do at everything

No. 699210

Shane adding this terrible stigma to personality disorders is making me look at Jake Paul as not such a bad guy lmao

No. 699240

File: 1538118159023.png (252.05 KB, 997x613, onion.png)


Saw this mentioned in the Gurg thread, but I guess this iNabber guy (who was featured in Part 1 of the Jake Paul series) has made a whole bunch of vids about Onision and Shane. He's pretty biased towards Shane (though it's hard not to be when comparing him to Onion). Considering he's made so many vids about Onion, and Shane talked to him about crazy youtubers in Part 1…what if tho?! I'm sure Shane is too annoyed with Onion's years of harassment to want to help him or his career in any way, but it's fun to dreeeam. Gurg must have been so pissed off when Shane made his "meeting my hater!" vids and it wasn't about him. He's worked so hard to be the #1 Shane hater, he should've gotten that jeep!

Still would like a better history of why they had a falling out and Gurg's obsession with Shane, but of course if I search any combination of Onision/Shane on yt all that comes up are Onion's 7000 videos about Shane.

No. 699248

Shane comes across as fake af to me. He's also dirty and parrots the same inane over and over like an Animal Crossing NPC.

People treat him like a pure and gullible cinnamon roll but an adult man is not a sweet widdul babby anymore. He knows some of the people he associates with are vile, he knows influencers are all trash, he knows his reality tv format is completely opportunistic. Shane isn't particularly intelligent but he's not oblivious.

I don't hate him but I really don't et the hype. Guess he's a non-ugly gay man so he gets free internet cred.

No. 699253

lol. he's not even gay, he's ~bi~

No. 699255

I don't think he'd really be stupid enough to extend an olive branch to Onion. It doesn't take a genius to know that if Shane invited Greg to do a video with him Greg would NEVER shut the fuck up about it or leave him alone. He'd just be adding fuel to the fire and I don't think even the threat of legal repercussions could keep Onion boy from sperging out.

No. 699256

He's fat but I don't think he's ugly… just a plain looking guy.
Also he's 100% gay. I don't believe his bi bs for a fucking second.

No. 699260

raise your standards, anon. he's definitely below plain, even when he showers.

and have you ever actually met a bi guy? a lot of them act like shane. the poor hygiene, laziness, and tragic fashion sense of straight men and the obnoxiousness of gay men, which they really play up in a very artificial way when they date men. worst of both worlds.

No. 699273

>All in all he's going to die off after this Jake Paul thing, he's not going to make anything to top this

The Jake Paul documentary is for Shane what the Jake Paul (i.e. Ricegum) content cop is for Idubbbz.

It's the apex of their status as YouTube God. It can only go downhill from there.

Idubbbz didn't even try to top his apex video, but I think Shane will.

No. 699276

Shane could make a series on laura lee and with this wave of easily persuaded fans it would succeed. Idubz's head isn't as big, I think he just doesn't care to top anything he does

No. 699308


I can do whatever I want honey.(sage)

No. 699326

No. 699374

The second part of this new series was so fucking cringey to me. They really played it up like it was a horror feature and had to make sure they let us know how CrEePy each trait was.

Like having traits of anti social disorder is SUPER common obviously. It doesn't make 1 in 25 a verified sociopath.

Even completely normal people can develop a level of lack of empathy and other traits if they experience trauma in any part of their lives.

Like, instead of going in and asking what kind of abuse or trauma could cause that level of disorder and asking what to look for and what to sort of nudge out of the Pauls, it was "Sociopaths are so creepy and now I need to take a shower after this hehehe".

Instead of making this interesting, it just seemed top tier manufactured even more so than usual and I hate that Shane Dawson has somehow become immune to test particular criticism.

I've seen true crime re-enactment shows with less shock porn ffs

No. 699383

The editing of part 2 is fucking exhausting. It’s just not necessary to insert 5 stock videos between every single sentence. Just get to the damn point please
Part 1 was only slightly less annoying because it offered a view into the fucked up shit that goes on in team 10

No. 699405

Okay, I like Shane, but this Jake Paul documentary is shaping up to be borderline insufferable for me (especially part 2).

The amount of times Shane acted so shook by basic facts of sociopaths saying "I just got the chills", or "Whoa" and looking disturbed.
I dont know if he's just hamming it up for the camera for a more dramatic video, but I couldn't help but roll my eyes. Now every 12 year old is running around after watching this thinking half their friends and family are sociopaths.

No. 699420

i did watch the video. i said they ACT like that, not that theysaid it. i guess it's the editing/scary music and the reactions of OMG thats so scary im terrified of everyone now that made it seem like they are perpetuating the idea that all sociopaths are to be feared. the therapist clearly joined in with shane in fear mongering.
maybe you should carefully read posts before replying

No. 699422

I don't want to start a war but indulge my tinfoil for a second. So in the video on grav3yard girl Shane showed a screenshot of lolcow. So either he or Ryland most likely lurk here or are at least aware.
Now we have this WK anon popping up in here talking about 'tea.' I'm just tin foiling that it could be Ryland.

No. 699464

I just want more spooky boys, man.

No. 699487

Yeah I can't stand ryland either. You can tell Shane's acting flamboyantly as a joke, but with ryland its all serious and it's sooooo fucking offputting.

Not to mention he looks like an adult baby, and he's constantly trying to be uwu smol and ignores the issues shane has had in the past in favor of being the boujie boyfriend or w/e

No. 699490

A few opinions:

I don't really care that shane brings up his weight/etc all the time. It's a common side effect of an ED that you're hyperfocused on your body.

and 2:
I'm almost 100% sure that Garret is bi but doesn't want to come out as such because to be frank, being a cute gay dude is way easier than being a bi dude, end of story.

It's really obvious that he likes Morgan, to the point where when my roommate saw them interacting (she doesn't really watch youtube outside of like, 1 or 2 beauty/lifestyle vloggers) She thought they were a couple.

No. 699499

garrett is the only one out of shane's group who seems like a genuinely nice person who'd be cool to hang out with. (along with andrew i guess since he's a normie)
might be because i can relate to garrett so hard. his last video was hard to watch as an adult who's just been diagnosed with adhd and it's explained so much of my problems with being tidy and caught up w my responsibilities. chronic procrastination like that to the extent that it harms the person's life is often executive dysfunction and is a problem that people with adhd, depression, autism and other disorders suffer through. it was really disheartening to see garrett's "friends" bring him down for it instead of telling him that he needs psychological/medical attention.
he has a lot of potential and i just want him to get some real help, not some fake friends who constantly laugh at him stage a fake intervention

No. 699523

Late but… The second part was a little more bearable than the first of the Jake Paul series. I also can't believe they went to another YT personality to
"diagnose" what a sociopath is? Why couldn't they go to a psychiatrist with years of experience instead of a chick who read from a book half the time? What was the point of putting up clips of other people when they disclaimed they were not trying to diagnose people straight off the bat? At least the chick said she couldn't diagnose the Paul bros. without meeting them. It just seemed like they were (and still are) afraid to poke the bear. Shane seems more terrified than when he went to speak with Jeffree.
IMHO he should've dropped this idea of a series when people told him to stop. If you know it's bad to give the Paul bros. a platform then listen to yourself and don't do it?

No. 699641

Was catching up on GG and reading their thoughts about the Jeffree Star ‘series’ when I stumbled upon this lmfao

No. 699642

File: 1538167203224.jpeg (424.15 KB, 1242x1342, EA820F8B-3360-4DF2-8AA7-F64711…)

Dropped pic oops

No. 699652

Ryland flew himself and his whole family out to Utah to surprise his Grandma and buy her a new couch. Sweet video and all, but I have to wonder if Shane is basically his sugar daddy at this point. Though Ryland's said before that he doesn't have to pay rent or bills or anything, so there's that.

Also Ryland's mom was going through her makeup and ofc Ryland says "we gotta get you some Jeffree Star cosmetics!" and she goes "Oh I want him or James Charles to do my makeup!"

…so countdown until Jeffree sends her a huge box of free shit or flies her out so he can do her makeup like the charitable selfless person he is?

No. 699681

Was just about to come say this
I usually don’t like Rylands videos but this one was actually pretty sweet, he seemed a lot less fake when around his family. Sad knowing that he’ll probably be back to his fake self next video

No. 699820

I had no fucking idea about this, but now I fucking hate Shane for defending and enabling this piece of shit
Fuck em

No. 699837

File: 1538177196886.jpg (149.42 KB, 1018x376, IMG_1637.JPG)

did y'all catch this? he liked this comment on his newest vid and it was pretty much pinned at the top of the comment section until it got MAJOR backlash even from his minions so he removed the like now.

he is a disgusting egotistical cunt.

No. 699841

File: 1538177436741.png (208.36 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180929-003024.png)

>>699837 from shanes story

No. 699846



this man is a whackjob

No. 699851

>i know it feels like i'm milking it but trust me, it was necessary :)))
this fucking gigacunt

No. 699854

WOOF this really makes Jake seem less terrible in comparison.
Also they find a dead body and stand around filming it and then….go get a lifeguard? Instead of calling 911? I can just hear it in her nasally voice
>ummmm hi there's like a dead guyyyy or something?

yikes! Yeah she's reading out of the DSM but the DSM doesn't say "you just feel it idk" and it CERTAINLY doesn't say "people with personality disorders will only get BETTER at manipulating if they seek mental health help!" Christ almighty.

Hooh boy. Well….I can't imagine what he would have been able to throw together in one day that would fix what he did. I just really think he should talk to someone else other than whatsherface. I just really dislike her now after that bullshit yesterday and >>699043 >>699040 her CLEARLY milking Shane's series.

No. 699860

File: 1538179168285.gif (1.17 MB, 250x250, sdjfshfdjk.gif)

sry samefag but also her talking about the dead guys friend like
>ummmm she was clearly on like heroin she was just walking around talking to herself
like the woman couldn't POSSIBLY be in shock at all?

The way she treats her dog in the video is that when you go to ur trashy friend's house and their dog does some totally benign dog thing and they freak out and start screaming at the dog like it can understand human logic and suddenly you're like "oh shit where am I, I'm scared of this person"

No. 699866

Of course at the end of the series the answer will be "no, he's not a sociopath. only the tame can tell but we needed views" this shit is seriously stupid.

No. 699870

my ideal ending in that vein would be
"turns out he's not a sociopath he's just a really shitty person lmao"

Obviously he'll never be able to make the claim one way or another, because neither he nor his fame-hungry therapist friend can diagnose someone just based on 1 or 2 times of meeting them and seeing their personality on youtube. It's gonna end up being "idk u tell me youtube!!" either way.

No. 699963

This shit makes me laugh. “I’m a psych tech” sure you are. A psych tech would recognize that “sociopathy” and “psychopathy” aren’t clinical diagnostic labels in the DSM-5.

No. 699965

This shit makes me laugh. “I’m a psych tech” sure you are. A psych tech would recognize that “sociopathy” and “psychopathy” aren’t clinical diagnostic labels in the DSM-5.

No. 699967

This shit makes me laugh. “I’m a psych tech” sure you are. A psych tech would recognize that “sociopathy” and “psychopathy” aren’t clinical diagnostic labels in the DSM-5.

No. 699972

Literally a 3 hour trailer for a poorly edited "documentary". Youtubers were hyping up Shane because they thought he was going to make Youtube look more serious/professional but he's making them look like a totally low quality joke. I just watched a netflix-produced show before this and the quality difference was jarring.

No. 700037

really used to LOVE Shane, i'm talking i loved him when he had edgy humour, when he did skits, supported him through his eating gross shit era.. but this is just so overrated.
I think the first vide he made about his dad was nice because the emotional meaning behind supported the idea, but i can't stand these 'it's 8 parts so it's gotta be good!!1!! basically a movie!!1!' thing.
Yes, they're many parts because he leaves in so many useless stuff and stretches the shit out of these videos (not documentaries) to make some more $$$.
As i said, i used to love him and the idea of making these kind of VLOGS (which is what they are) is nice, definitely better than his old content, but it got old very quickly and his ego got worse with every episode.

No. 700101


Same I used to watch Shane back in the day when he was first starting out and was actually funny.

Now he’s doing this documentary thing since the reactions got dry. It feels like he’s just latching on to all the messes of YouTube for more money ect. Just boring.

No. 700117

File: 1538216566003.jpg (593.67 KB, 960x1440, IMG_3593.JPG)

How have people not learned from his music videos and failed movie that he is a flop with 0 talent for doing anything than playing the same bit hes been on since he started out,
What he did was never even good it was just random whacky edgy 2000's "comedy" and he kept adjusting to what was acceptable because he is just trying to make money but he knows not to make a complete ass of himself 24/7 publicly.
Skits havent been popular in forever, parody songs arent a trend anymore, a bunch of stuff he used to do isn't popular anymore and he stopped accordingly.
However drama is popular right now.
Controversy is popular.
Exposè's are popular.
Its just the same half baked shit from a dude who wants to keep his name in the game.

No. 700130

File: 1538220505742.jpg (33.66 KB, 915x313, nonono.JPG)

This is from 2015. Anyone knows which podcast this is?

No. 700137

Are you really going to bring up his jokes from years ago? It was boring with the fake pedo stuff. PULL needs to leave and go back to their cave.

So likely 3 and 4 will be about ex friends and maybe his ex gf and then going to jakes place with this set up knowledge.

No. 700348

File: 1538248935614.png (578.89 KB, 877x603, Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 2.19…)

He posted it on youtube as well but with this picture….wonder what that means? Are we gonna talk about his mental health instead? Or maybe…SHANE'S the sociopath??
>omg omg omg omg omg

Even if it is a joke….I sure wish I didn't have the visual in my head now

No. 700374

I totally agree with you! I started watching Shane when I was a pre-teen and became a huge fan. Obviously he's changed like any human would, but now he's established a "crew" of other people. Back in the day it was Shane, his drag-like characters like Shanaynay or Aunt Hilda, and then a bunch of people he used as actors including his girlfriend at the time. Now, it's not Shane, it's his crew. It's gotten annoying, because I love Shane, I've seen him as the older brother I never had. This overly sympathetic side to him towards people who DON'T deserve anymore attention got old a long time ago. And I agree with you on how Ryland and Morgan are obnoxious - Ryland has a shallow/dull personality and Morgan is a basic college sorority type chick who isn't funny and cracks jokes like "HEehe cHiP0tLe"

No. 700377

judging by date, it could've been episode 48 but it's been removed from everywhere (i guess nobody reuploads his podcasts). unless it's ep 47 but i didn't bother listening to it…

No. 700437

I did the same thing with my best friend when she showed me her scars. If you watch the video Shane's voice is cracking because he's about to cry. People are fucking retarded.

No. 700527

File: 1538261085950.png (1.14 MB, 1157x886, burkeboy.png)

Yeah, this is dumb. Laughing/Smiling when you're anxious or in an uncomfortable situation is a definitely common reaction.

No. 700882

File: 1538308805108.jpg (70.76 KB, 630x647, sgh.jpg)

He's pretty aware of how he fucked up and realises there's zero way to undo it. So the strategy seems to be to lump in the "mental health community" with a bunch of crazy people. Interesting

No. 700887

Gotta love how the retard even seperated sociopaths and ~mental health community~

Why the fuck does he even think there is (or feel the need to add) a community of sociopaths who he just expects to take offense. He isn"t any better than when he sold shirts at hot topic yikes

No. 700910


I feel like he just doesn't realize the impact he has on young people; the vast majority of who watches him. Yeah it's a joke to Google "am I sociopath" to most people, but there's plenty who are going to take this more seriously.

Sitting down with a "professional" and listing off anti-social disorder traits like they're evil is a bad fucking idea.

Like, remember those two girls who tried to kill their friend for Slenderman? There's a documentary on it and it's fucking sad how influential this kind of shit is on young kids.

All I'm saying is he can't have his dramatic cake and be surprised when people tell him eating it doesn't make his documentary truthful or respectful.

I really just wanna know what people think this is gonna be if not a drawn out conspiracy video.

No. 700946

File: 1538318988577.jpg (362.35 KB, 1121x1280, 18-09-30-08-48-25-065_deco.jpg)

So I'm my YouTube recommended I found a video of someone talking about Shane's doc. I went through the comments to see of course Shane commenting to defend himself. It rubs me the wrong way how he said 'I'm obsessed with sociopaths'

No. 700957

Oh good. I don't know anyone IRL who watches him and want to write some of my thoughts without 14 year olds attacking me.

I don't get how he is setting this series up.

I didn't like him when I was younger, I found the skits and stuff annoying. And his trying products and eating food videos were boring imo.

I started getting into him when he was making spooky videos and hanging out with Garrett and Drew, those 3 together honestly cracked me up. I think the Spooky Boys series is one of my favourite things on Youtube.

His Meeting My Dad videos and stuff weren't bad either. I think he really thrives, aside from comedy, when he's doing introspective things about his own life.

But this stuff on other Youtubers just haven't been vibing with me for some reason.

Frankly a lot of the "Jake Paul" series seems very melodramatic so far. I find the editing annoying, especially in episode 2. And I don't like how emotional/dramatic Shane acts. Honestly I don't think he is a very good interviewer. He doesn't seem to have great insight or critical thinking. I don't mean that to be rude, not trying to imply he's stupid, he just doesn't seem like he's good at thinking up critical questions on the fly, or finding a way to coax interesting answers out of people. He comes across as very gullible and too eager to please.

Furthermore it seems kind of biased how he is showing us all this anti-social personality disorder stuff before Jake. Maybe the set-up will make sense as the series progresses, but right now it just feels weird to me.

Also I do like Kati Morton but how she addressed anti-social personality disorder irked me. I don't think many people in the field use "sociopath" because of all the negative connotations. I think if you are being consulted as a professional in the field, you shouldn't use terms like "icky" and whatnot to explain a disorder. You should present it with a clinical detachment so you don't further stigmatize mental illnesses, even if the illness seems "creepy" to you.

I think it is the way he's treating mental illnesses that annoys me so far. They did note you can't diagnose without talking to the person in question, personally, but with all the other piled up in the series it's easy to forget they're not trying to go out and diagnose him, if that makes sense.

Just my two cents so far.

Also did Garret ever finish cleaning up his house?

No. 700962

Double-post, just thought of something else.

Did anyone else think it was kind of funny that the Confronting My Hater series kind of fucked Bobby's career? I just mean like Shane tried to just talk to a hater and have him get to know him, but in doing so it kind of fucked him more than if Shane made a video telling him to fuck off and attacking him lol.

It's like he gave Bobby an identity crisis or something because he became split on which audience to appeal to; the people who like his analysis videos, or the teeny-boppers coming over from Shane.

Maybe it was a 10 000 IQ galaxy brain play from Shane to take Bobby down. Lmao

No. 701052

I think what he means to say is "I'm obsessed with Murderers/True Crime", he doesn't seem to get that there's a difference, and sociopath =/= immediately an evil manipulative murderer.

Like, can you imagine if he said "I'm obsessed with autism spectrum disorder and I wanted to do a video about it". And that video was just 40 mins of some shitty "therapist" reading the DSM and describing every single person on the Autism Spectrum as Lennie Small from "Of Mice and Men" with spooky music, and then didn't understand why that was wrong?

Honestly, it's the "therapist" that fucked him over in this. No mental health professional with any sense would treat ANY disorder like that. It's so incredibly inappropriate, could you imagine if you were a patient of hers or even someone who was considering getting mental health hep and saw this? He needs to get an opinion on it from someone who's not so clearly fame-hungry.

Also p funny how they're addressing the Suicide Forest thing in the vid as like "can u imagine someone disrespecting a mental health issue like that for views?? only a crazy person would do that!!". Shane's literally gonna have to make a Logan Paul-level apology about this.

No. 701088

File: 1538330240046.gif (2.91 MB, 498x280, gww.gif)

(sssry samefag)

>I don't think many people in the field use "sociopath" because of all the negative connotations. I think if you are being consulted as a professional in the field, you shouldn't use terms like "icky" and whatnot to explain a disorder. You should present it with a clinical detachment so you don't further stigmatize mental illnesses, even if the illness seems "creepy" to you.
Yeah, this is a good way of putting it. Why would you ever seek help if you needed it if you thought the Dr was just gonna be like "omg ew wtf ur crazy!!!!"

>Also did Garret ever finish cleaning up his house?

Well, it looked like they were trying to turn that into a "omg Hoarder!!!" intervention as well. Garrett's not a fucking hoarder, he's just a 20-something year old bachelor? Who probably has ADD if anything. His original house tour video is one of my favs, he and Andrew (and that fucking dead baby doll) crack me up everytime.

No. 701111

>Also I do like Kati Morton but how she addressed anti-social personality disorder irked me. I don't think many people in the field use "sociopath" because of all the negative connotations.

Ive been under the impression that sociopath and psychopatg aren't real terms in medical literature? It all falls under thr umbrella of anti-social personality disorder? The terms are just wildly used by the generaly public to help better illustrate characteristics, right? I guess now those terms can be adopted since everyone uses them but still. So seeing people sperg on how sociopaths are different than psychopaths are both right and wrong?

But whats really, really wrong was how shane didnt find a clinical psychologist that is completely unaffiliated with youtube if he wants to push this narrative further. Hope he doesnt. This whole series should have just been Shane trying to understand how far jake will throw his morals out for views and money since they're both from different eras of youtube. And maybe ask when enough is enough considering how shanes rather frugal vs jake.

No. 701144

File: 1538334469139.png (133.5 KB, 617x810, kati.png)

I wanted to see if she had made any real statement about this whole thing and holy shit lmao.

No. 701166

File: 1538335849928.png (191.01 KB, 576x886, kati2.png)

But she hasn't really acknowledged it other than liking supportive tweets. Of course she didn't forget to promote her book the second Part 2 was out.

>I don't think most people see sociopaths as monsters most of us feel sad that they don't get to experience feelings.

Kati in that video:
>almost makes you feel bad for them but nah
>they don't have any heart

>I just showed my mom who is a therapist your latest video with @KatiMorton and she thought it was extremely well done!

Your mom must be a bad therapist too then

No. 701169

According to Lipstick alley he does it because his late father used to also have piss bottles.

No. 701297

I'm sorry…what? What kinda weird, fucked up daddy issue bullshit is this. Sounds like a retarded excuse to be nasty to me.

No. 701321


His dad's dead?

No. 701366


something is going up with that

No. 701383

Wouldn't be surprised. iDubbbz titled his Content Cop videos Jake Paul when they were really about RiceGum

No. 701384

File: 1538354716482.gif (1.21 MB, 589x420, butterhelp.gif)

I mean at this point almost every single youtuber has gotten paid by them. Seems kind of stupid for people to still yell at youtubers for monetizing off of muh mental health at this point, considering basically everyone is doing it. Also now that I think of it it's pretty funny that Shane's getting paid by Butterhelp for a video that is so negatively portraying mental health issues so far.

Also I'm super interested in this subject, but I wish this video had more explanation of what's going on here? I'm not familiar with this channel or the girl they're mentioning here, or whatshisface at the beginning. What are the deep voices supposed to mean?

No. 701425

Honestly the whole concept of "Online Therapy" is so sus, and Kati's even more sus to be pushing it so hard.
Therapy is wonderful for talking through trauma and unhealthy behaviors etc etc. However, depression is a CHEMICAL disorder, and usually takes a combination of medical intervention (SSRIs/etc and a psychiatrist) AND behavioral changes (Therapy). One of the reasons Therapy can also be so helpful as well is that it requires discipline that can ease you into more stability/healthier behaviors: ie getting out of your house and having a weekly routine, and sticking to a schedule. What does having access to "therapy" at all times teach you? That you shouldn't have to be responsible for your actions and feelings at anytime and that everyone should be able to bend their lives to fit your needs? That you don't ever have to learn how to cope productively, cause you can always just turn to your phone instead? That's not healthy at all.

If talking to someone on an app for an hour really fixes all your problems, it's probably not depression. It's probably just run of the mill stress. And I'm not even trying to say that stress isn't awful and that everyone shouldn't have an outlet for life's daily stresses, but acting like BetterHelp is fixing
>muh depression
>muh anxiety
is bullshit, and probably very unhealthy to someone who is actually suffering from these things. I could totally see some impressionable kid with very real depression turning to this and then thinking "why isn't this fixing me? this fixed all the people I look up to on youtube, that must mean they're stronger than me and I'm the problem here"

No. 701438

A friend linked it to me, I'm not honestly familiar with the channel. I think the voice change is just him trying to be funny or something (or to manipulate stuff to avoid flagging? But he edited himself). The dude already made 5 fucking vids cause he keeps finding shit, but it's def sketchy as hell. I've only watched the first two cause it's kind of cringey as well.

I don't know who the girl screaming is either, but apparently a bunch of YT people do. I think the guy in the red hat is H3H3 which is some big channel.

True Geordie also mentioned Shane at the beginning of his video podcast thing, but I got bored in less than 10 minutes. I'll link it in case someone else is bored enough to watch or finds something interesting. I guess they've both worked on doc (maybe together?), and think Shane's work is poor.

Also Geordie thinks Jefree Starr is a woman maybe, and that gave me a chuckle.

No. 701467

Samefag, I lied, he's made 7 parts

I'm just going to link them all here instead of flooding with the YT field. (if anyone wants to watch them)

2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BlVLIY83GU has jacksepticeye, dissatisfied reviews showing their "counselors" as incompetent (unsurprising)
3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lC_4ks5EquQ has shane and jake paul/his family
4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDxfYDkMkPQ has DSP, the founder's LinkedIn showing all his sketchy businesses (basically all 1:1 services), shows more people getting rejected by the site (which is kind of good? but it just shows they're basically scamming normal people with normal problems), chick vlogs her experience on a trial
5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gs5sANIa8g various vloggers experiences, seems to get $100 per referral?, brings up shanes doc again and kati making her own videos about sociopaths, also mentions that this shit isn't really about Jake
6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khighr4AYgE confliction on if the site is HIPAA certified, someone in comments saying the FTC doesn't allow paid testimonials for this kind of shit, site does not have an open review form they must be sent via email and presumably screened
7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zmn1KWHAksQ expands on the first video i guess, conflicting ads vs tos, logging convos for qa and training, more poor reviews and rejections (including being stuck with automatic payments until youre terminated from their service?), their "cheapest" option is actually paying for a year upfront?

I just jumped around these to give vague content info, but they're like 10min each
and whoops i guess the slick blonde kid isnt the guy who made the vids

I don't really watch vloggers, so I don't know most of these people. I follow Onion and saw this Shane shit, then whatever the hell is going on with BetterHelp

I wonder how much Shane is making off this scam, aside from the referral revenue?

I hope someone with better video quality picks this shit up, but if anyone is watching it they might be waiting for Shane to finish his series to see how it pans out. I dunno, the whole thing is fucking weird.

Sorry for the wall of text.

No. 701479

There are massive kickbacks for people signing up using the youtuber's personalised betterhelp affiliate link (as Shane has under his vids). Sanders Kennedy made a video crunching some numbers for Manny MUAs betterhelp vid, and the numbers were huge.

So… Shane has made this whole series with the aim of getting a MASSIVE payout from people signing up.

Pertinent part of the video with the numbers starts around 2:40. Manny has 5mil subs so you will see how high these numbers can go. A million, anyone?

No. 701487

File: 1538362409038.png (63.25 KB, 907x150, Capture.PNG)

Jesus 100k nobodies offered $200. No wonder so many people are shilling it.
Even when he gives them the benefit of the doubt of adding an extra a 0, it's still a gross amount of money.

I just searched them and also came across another cow shilling it
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-CultKeORE Amberlynn
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgP3eAc9U64 domics, who is always on trending in Canada with new vids

And Shane had the link under a Jeffree vid too… How long has he been shilling this site?

oh and pic related, cause I'm not linking this idiot. But it'll be good to note if Onion causes a big stink.

No. 701528

File: 1538376177060.jpg (127.59 KB, 1019x1308, shane-shills.jpg)

Taylor N Dean does them too when she needs the coin.

Three Betterhelp affiliate links, plus another link too, and clock those view numbers.

No. 701601

In all honesty, I think this is the "therapy" Momokun is doing, not circleofcucks. Kind of like a gym membership you don't use.

But she hasn't tried cashing in on it as well, so I'm not so sure.

No. 701864

I posted this in the Youtubers general but thank god, I hoped Pewdiepie would make a video on it, and he served. Highlighting all stupid things along with going deeper in some stuff.

No. 701878

he's so insufferable

No. 701881

Part 3 is up.

No. 701884

gotta love the honesty at the end

No. 701892

Full disclosure I couldn't even get all the way through this vid because he is just SO insufferable
I'm not disagreeing that Part 2 was wrong for a lot of reasons, but PootyPoot's definitely missing the point of why it was wrong?
>u get a tattoo?? sociopath!
>u drive fast?? sociopath!
>scoff at an old lady?? sociopath!
The point was that this would be someone uncaring and impulsive, not THESE specific behaviors. Shane didn't make it seem like everyone is a sociopath like Pooty is implying, Shane made it seem like every sociopath is a crazy murderer.

God he's stupid.

No. 701896

Also the criticism of
>Shane usually goes in depth on people
>It's 8 parts??? That means that is's not even about Jake!!!!! He lied to us!!!!
Is fucking stupid. I would much rather a series where he talked to all the people surrounding him than JUST Jake. I know the whole concept of "diagnosing Jake Paul" overall is stupid, but it would be so much worse if he only talked to Jake about his behavior and none of the actual people it effects?

No. 701899

I'm >>701864 and I don't want to wk pewdiepie but the way I understood his video was how shane made it soooo dramatic, full blown, and used these numerous shitty examples ? Like even though I got what Shane meant by those I got annoyed cuz it never went deeper, just surface level at some points. I admit Pexdiepie is mostly shitposting, that's what he does, but he has some good points about it too, like the amount of stock footage, how shane titled it about Jake Paul when it's mostly about psychology..

tbh I'm glad Shane mentioned the difference between sociopath and psychopath in the third video, cause it grated me a lot when he didn't mention it in the 2nd vid

>>701896 yes this was dumb, 100% agreed.

No. 701912

Anon look at the discussion happening on this whole thread/the entire internet, literally everyone knows and is criticizing Shane for being over-dramatic, Pooty isn't bringing up any new points at all. And he's not even bringing up the correct criticism? Criticizing Shane for "accusing everyone of being a sociopath" is missing the point completely. It implies that the portrayal of "sociopath = MURDERER!" is totally fine, but him saying "if u drive fast ur a sociopath" is going TOO FAR!

No. 701913

Felix is just chiming in on a hot topic as usual, some valid criticisms but nothing riveting. I think he should have really hit harder on the stupid "sociopaths are all violent murderers" storyline Shane presented.

No. 701918

Glad he addressed the things at the beginning being too dramatic. Because it was. Still hoping that he drops the whole sociopath thing all together and just focus on jakes antics and the interviews of people around/was around him

Also logan on the "sociopath spectrum" …hasnt it always been ASPD??

No. 701922

>he doesn't seem to get that there's a difference, and sociopath =/= immediately an evil manipulative murderer
a thing that annoys me alot is he used a clip from this girls video of her talking about aspd and frames her to look evil because of the music used. In her video she is really just talking about her experience with mental illness. From the rest of her videos she does seem quite off but this video is so informative and shane cherry picked the part about committing crimes and just the part where she brings up murder, as an extreme example.

No. 701926

even while addressing logan being on the "sociopath spectrum" he's still playing that creepy music. Like he's still making things dramatic. I feel shane thinks he "raising awareness" when he's just creating more stigma around something.

No. 701934

I'll only respect this shit show Shane is making if it alld end up with the conclusion that Shane himself is a sociopath, because he sure as hell is showing a lot of tendencies in this last year playing Youtube's Ellen while fucking over everyone he comes in contact with.

No. 701939

File: 1538427123142.png (932.63 KB, 900x900, mood.png)

I honestly liked this one a lot more. Like, I almost feel like he should have dropped the Kati part completely. It's the same as him saying like "omg Kati ur so tuned in you could tell I had an eating disorder!", literally any person who watched 30 seconds of his dad would be like "oh yeah, that's CLEARLY why he's fucked up". You don't need spooky music and an over-dramatic therapist making things worse. I honestly think if he continues to use Kati in the series (which, clearly he is) it's going to be the downfall.

I wouldn't mind a deeper look into the Dad tbh. He's so clearly the reason for their behavior.

No. 701941

File: 1538427322720.png (198.52 KB, 1440x615, scary.png)

Eh, yeah at least in part 3 he used a clip of her saying not everyone who has ASPD is a murderer, or something. I thought this part was pretty funny.

No. 701942


But the third video was just us watching Shane watch Paul family videos while he makes faces at it…


I thought this was salty af tbh

No. 701948

Even though he missed the mark on a few things I think it was a decent video. I like that he mentions betterhelp and how he is against youtubers cashing in on it too.

No. 701955

File: 1538428902338.gif (1.36 MB, 480x270, i take wrassling srsly.gif)

I'm sorry but when they're "analyzing" the Jake's "draw my life" vid, I broke out laughing with they try to force the narrative of going from football to wrestling = aggressive/"taking out anger issues at school the sport". Wrestling if anything extremely strict and teaches self control and discipline. And considering their father was in the army and that stereotypical 'coach dad' it makes sense that Jake and Logan did it in high school. I think Shane is kinda ignoring that aspect about Jake, him wanting to be in the Navy Seals afterwards also supports he use to be into order/authority. Which could be an interesting take considering how he is now.

Ik it's nitpicking but, it's such a typical thing for someone like Shane to just compare it to fighting and shit.Besides that it was ok, the thing with the mom made me uncomfortable, I wonder what shane discovers about her that made him warn everyone not to criticize her over it.
There is a big better help conspiracy going on about youtubers faking depression (h3h3, boogie, philyd, etc) because it makes them relatable and genuine about using the site when it's proven to be dogshit and charges a shit ton of money for "therapists" who don't even show up to their schedule chat meetings with their clients.

No. 701994

At least for shane and h3h3, neither of them are in therapy for their mental health issues and if they were they certainly wouldn't use betterhelp, so it seems a bit scummy.

Lol, why is he so salty? That's exactly what he was doing.

No. 702054

I'm interested in the rehabilitation lens on these ~docu-series~, and I wonder how intentional/quid pro quo it all is. It seems like this PR laundering service. Like…reel in viewers with the promise of drama/hate/"tea", give some humanizing background info/emotional interview as an opportunity for the YTer in question to seem vulnerable/related, and end on an ambiguous "You decide for yourself!!" note.

It's so manipulative and I honestly wonder if YTers reach out to Shane for this treatment. I know Shane has his own daddy/god complex thing going HARD, but I think there is also something more in it for him. This is a SERVICE he runs for other YTers.

No. 702062


I've been calling these series' "Reverse Content Cops" for this exact reason

No. 702075


How planned/quid pro quo do you think it is in regard to payment to Shane, etc.? Or is his "payment" just in views on his videos? I'm not sure how paranoid/suspicious to be.

No. 702104


During Shane's snapchat rant, he mentions consulting his own psychiatrist during this.


He's the epitome of someone who gets into psychology to better understand themselves, fixing and analyzing others with little to no personal progress.

No. 702108

Hi anon,

I'm not a professional but that is my understanding, yes.

Another thing the video failed to mention that ASPD is a spectrum. While someone with it might not be able to empathize, that is FEEL the emotions someone is going through, they can understand them. Many people have a cognitive awareness of how other people feel and can be considerate of this, even if they do not feel emotionally affected, if that makes sense. They can kind of make a conscious choice to decide if they care about something.

Some people who fall under the umbrella can have close friends, pets, and loved ones. They might love and feel in a different way, but to say they're all unfeeling, robotic monsters who are all manipulative killers is super shitty and damaging.

I'm annoyed Morton didn't address this in her livestream however many days ago now. She seemed more interested in defending her own actions.

The damage is already done, unfortunately. I've been thinking about it and Shane really should have stopped and thought about what he was doing in that damn interview, and how he edited it. Now it's already out there in the world and his young fans are going to think what they're going to think.

No. 702141

I think Kati being there is some kind of deal with scam health to give him a bigger cut of the referrals or something.

No. 702419

I liked this one much better.

My only nitpick is that he associated the wrestling with aggression. My interpretation is that once Jake's controlling dad was out of the picture, he no longer felt obligated to carry on football. Bet it was more his dad's thing and that he was an asshole about it.

I'm pretty interested to see where this will go. they honestly should have dropped the therapist part, like another anon said. It didn't add anything of substance tbh.

No. 702421

>He's the epitome of someone who gets into psychology to better understand themselves, fixing and analyzing others with little to no personal progress

Hit the nail on the head.

He should do a docu-series of him fixing his own life instead honestly.

I feel like he does have a kind heart and had a fucked up life, but like if you don't even shower cuz of your body issues you've gotta see a therapist. Plus the piss bottles are nasty. I'd flip if I was Ryan lol.

I know he's mentioned being on medication but I hope he's also in therapy. Medication can give you a good base to work on but having a therapist as a "common sense filter" to help teach you to process things and view yourself in a healthy way is key for a lot of people who need a little extra help introspecting.

No. 702518

He's had a kind of breakdown on twitter replying to criticism. The way he focuses on the 1% negativity over the 99% positivity makes me certain he browses this thread.

No. 702523

File: 1538492555193.jpg (76.52 KB, 640x640, also-fuck-katie-for-being-a-sh…)

Yeah, I think this whole
>poor Shane is damaged
angle is bullcrap.
To me it's quite clear he's in the narcissistic spectrum and rationalizing his need for attention, fame, constant validation and pity party.
>in his video with Katie she mentions how when criticized sociopaths make the issue all about them and their feelings and make the others believe it's all way worse for them
>never mind it's more of a narc thing
and then Shane does exactly that in his dumb apology Snapvideo on how bad HE feels about other people feeling bad about his video.

You guys need to stop falling for Shane's "uwu I'm such a nice and empathetic soul" persona, it's clearly all about his personal gain.

No. 702538

File: 1538493738716.png (80.89 KB, 988x273, PULL-shane.png)

No. 702575

I coudln't agree more. I feel like I can see through the bullshit… I guess he is a nice person, but him trying to "understand" Jake Paul with his "empathetic good heart" just makes it look too forced and too deep than what it actually is.. Just wish he'd stop pulling these retarded faces >>701939 and did something more serious. I get that he's a humor channel, but I don't think it's working for me. Weird cause I liked the Jeffree Star series.

I just feel like Shane is projecting his own issues into these series, like he's doing it for himself.. So he doesn't feel so fucked up himself.

No. 702581

>it would be better if Shane was more self aware that his style of vids are more about the drama then the apperent "self discovery" fake shit

i think he's aware, but is trying to take the moral highground

the thing i hate the most is how they are really vulgar about being gay and try to be the cringiest, most stereotypical mainstream gays. his audience consists of teenagers and i think he should tone things the fuck down

No. 702619

>how they are really vulgar about being gay and try to be the cringiest, most stereotypical mainstream gays.
I have a lot of tinfoils about Shane's whole "coming out" experience and him changing the way he acts and speaks to be like a lot of the other mainstream gay youtubers. It's kinda surreal when they go over how "youtube psychopaths" copied other youtubers to be liked and popular, I was thinking it sounded a lot like Shane because, if I remember correctly, him coming out got him a lot of attention again when he was losing viewership.

I don't want to claim he's not bi but, I do think he changed his online personality with coming out, and not in the genuine "I can finally be myself!" way.

Also, nitpick but his relationship with Ryland confuses me. They just don't balance well at all, idk how to explain it but, it feel like they just settled for one another.

No. 702625

i guess if you want money/attention bad enough youll settle for a dude who doesnt shower and pisses in bottles

No. 702634

idk shane's always looked and sounded gay imo, even in his earliest videos. he just has that vibe about him

No. 703104

File: 1538549540128.gif (1.23 MB, 464x354, 565747e0963401cae46ffafbeec12b…)


he is already setting things up to make jake and logan look like victims…like "look they are not a real/healthy family because of YT". We get it, but its so weird the way Shane always tries to find a bunch of excuses and pity parties for these awful PUBLIC figures.

Ugh, im sorry but shane is full of crap and i can't with those faces, he needs to chill

No. 703108

File: 1538550120412.png (47.88 KB, 607x328, Xh71Esy.png)

No. 703111

He has this shit so choreographed it's stupid.

No. 703125

How fucking dramatic

No. 703153

I think the worst part is how he admitted that he went into it looking to find a sociopath to interview. Of course if you go into it hoping to find one, you're going to start finding traits in people that match those of a sociopath but that doesn't mean they ARE one. You're not a psychologist, you can't diagnose these things. He admitted his plan before he even consulted a therapist or any kind of professional. He was doomed to get hate from the mental health community from the very start and idk how he didn't see that coming? Or maybe he just doesn't care.

I think he could have gotten away with it if he had kept his "mission" to himself. Once he had gotten enough footage from interviewing Jake, he could have placed the Kati videos afterwards which would have been just as "spooky" for his series but he got way too excited and put them in first. It would have even made them seem less click-baity (since he's putting Jake in the 5TH part). Fuck, I've always really liked Shane but the latest documentaries he's been making are a huge let-down and to be honest, they've said a lot more about his character than any of his previous videos. The fact that he's willing to defend shitty people like Tana and Jeffree without even dipping his toe into the reasons why people dislike them is really off-putting. I honestly think the current series has been really heartless so far. It seems like he's determined to be the first on YouTube to interview a sociopath and he doesn't mind throwing such a serious accusation at innocent people along the way. Like, he acts like he cares about the family (the mom especially) with his fake tears but if he cared that much…he never would have uploaded the footage of himself armchairing their situation, claiming that it's the parents' fault. All of these "theories" are very serious and I don't think he cares that they could potentially ruin the lives/reputations of all of the family members.

No. 703158

To be fair, the family had those videos up already to the public eye, anybody can go and watch those and judge how they want. Also he repeated that he’s not trying to make them look bad because it’ll “make sense later”, however I understand what you mean he could’ve told the audience to take everything with a grain of salt instead of editing it like they’re horrible people even though he claims he’s not trying to frame them as the bad people here.

No. 703183

>editing it like they’re horrible people even though he claims he’s not trying to frame them as the bad people here.
Yeah basically this. I don't doubt that they're dysfunctional and the content they upload is cringy af but he should have held back on armchairing the entire family until he had some solid proof. He could have left it at "wow, that was cringy" or "without context, that looks very bad and we should ask them about it" instead of making damaging claims about Jake/Logan being a sociopath, the mom being distant, the dad being too strict based on some short clips and a Draw My Life video lol. I'm not trying to defend the family but Shane is ruining his own series by adding his over the top conspiracies into the mix without thinking about how that might effect the family (even if it's explained later) and how it makes him look like he's just out to prove his theories, not that he's accidentally discovering details along the way like a professional documentary. If that makes sense.

No. 703186


he targets youtubers that are polarizing or dying. He has the power to change the narrative for them, and get them those all important views.

No. 703366

I just hope that shane drops this sociopath tirade and focus on his interviews like with nick crompton. I really want to know how Jakes dad was at the team 10 house. He seems like your typical military dad almost

No. 703383

wow i cant wait for you to delve in to the drama of how misunderstood they are (further?) zzzz
or the IM THE SOCIOPATH???? shit

or any other boring predictable thing.

No. 703439

New Shane video. I'm about 1/3 in and it's pretty interesting so far. Probably because it's focused on Nick Crompton and not the idiots Jake and Shane.

No. 703447

I actually really enjoyed this segment. I hope the future episodes are this content heavy

No. 703513

Ok this was much better. Liked Nicks interview and Alissas little part at the end. But god damn it, AGAIN with the therapist and trying to push this sociopath angle. Nick told him that hes just someone who doesnt show much emotion in public or when cameras are on. There. Done.

No. 703619

nick being honest about all the affairs with jake/team 10 made me sympathize for jake more than shane's whole family/mental health/trauma narrative he's been pushing. this should have been episode 2 not episode 4. first ep was some irrelevant drama channel twink, second was the therapist, third was literally a 40 minute reaction video, and the fourth is finally some meat and potatoes. some.

No. 703774

Yeah, I enjoyed this one as well. I'd be happy for a series that was just a deep dive into JP and the people who used to surround him, without any of the bunk psychiatry. I'm already dreading whatever shenanigans are coming up with Kati. She's the weakest part of this whole series imo.

>Nick told him that hes just someone who doesnt show much emotion in public or when cameras are on. There. Done.
Yeah, this exactly. All this series is proving is that the Dad is batshit insane and Logan's the one that's fucked up (proved by him fucking his brother's ex and basically admitting to being a sociopath). Shane picked the wrong Paul family member to focus on if he wanted to be sppooooookie. Now I just want a documentary about how crazy and inappropriate the dad is though, kek.

Speaking of, what was with that footage of JP's dad chopping wood that they kept putting in to make him seem like a threat? lmao

No. 703781

File: 1538625816543.png (945.35 KB, 857x620, 1535648930484.png)

Also I was wondering what the deal was with him having that clip of Peter Monn talking shit on the series in the beginning? I don't watch Peter but I remember a few months back Shane retweeting this pic of them from Peter. Seemed like Shane was throwing some shade by doing that maybe?

No. 703786

He's so influential that even small clips of other youtubers can provide them more views. He probably wanted to show examples of the controversy without giving clout to people he doesn't actually like.

No. 703790

File: 1538626581101.png (117.16 KB, 632x600, Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 10.5…)

Also when looking in the description, he has Kati on there twice, which I'm sure is just a typo, but he also has a link to her book? She wasn't even in this episode and her book isn't even out yet? I would assume she had her ~talent manager~ make up a contract for this "collab", makes me wonder if he has to promote her book or something. I went back and looked and it's listed on every single episode, wether she's in it or not.

No. 703809

File: 1538628078058.png (209.83 KB, 611x641, opw3lyo7nnaz.png)

Nick Crompton is NOT a reliable source. He literally tried to solicit sex from guy interested in joining team 10, so he shouldn't be believed at all when he talks about there not being some monetary requirement to join. He's probably under an NDA also

No. 703851

I feel like he's just going to do one about himself at the end, or at some point. These videos have endless fodder considering how many terrible youtubers there are and the likelihood that most youtubers will work with Shane (even Freelee did).

No. 703873

I think he just didn't want to edit anymore

No. 703879

I can't imagine that this entire series isn't complete and just waiting for upload

No. 704453

I think it's just a copy paste and they didn't bother to read it

No. 704471

I feel like his whole "non showering" thing is just a shtick for youtube. Kind of like how Bunny has her ~anxiety~ and her "sippy sippy" thing. I've never met the guy so I couldn't say if he showers or not, but I've had that thought that he just exaggerates his not showering for his persona?

No. 704484

I mean…he's literally wearing the same clothes in 97% of his videos (and in his friend's videos) and has specifically joked about not wanting to shower cause he doesn't want to see his body or something. Is it really that hard to believe?

I find it more unbelievable that Ryland, who is a cartoon stereotype of a gay man, lets him get away with it. Unless Ryland is really into dating "straight" guys? What's straighter than being a gross dude? But also Morgan's pretty disgusting too, so maybe he's just used to it.

No. 705197

Whoa, what the fuck?? That’s bananas. I hope someone brings this to Shane’s attention so he can be a bit more aware. This wasn’t debunked as being faked or anything either?

No. 705218

yeah, god forbid he do his own research

No. 705222

File: 1538797795469.gif (1.43 MB, 625x330, 1a2.gif)

I'd never seen or heard of him before the Shane vid, so what's his deal? Is he openly gay? I tried googling but all that came up some random jokey tweets here and there. Cuz I feel like that also throws a new wrench into the whole Team 10 anarchy. Having an openly gay member of Team 10 as a normal thing would have been a cool though, considering they're so influential on kids and all. They could have actually done some good? But if he wasn't open it seems kind of skeezy and predatory like….living with a bunch of hot immature idiot boys who were probably always running around half naked? Jake definitely seems like the type of guy who would have a falling out with someone because of his actions and then say something like "ew he was like in love with me"

No. 705231

I'm almost positive he's never publicly come out. I've seen a lot of speculation but I definitely don't think Nick himself has ever said it

No. 705242

no I'm pretty sure he even spoke about it on the h3 podcast

No. 705375

Shane seems so buttthurt about people criticizing him
Yes, we can see you overreacting..this whole making a joke out of criticism just makes you look even more butthurt.

It was pretty obvious he didn't like Felix criticism and that's why he included clips of him, really petty

No. 705418

File: 1538835275749.png (87.46 KB, 730x742, missing the point.png)


I agree. I was just on his Twitter and here he is completely missing the point about why people were upset about how the therapist handled shit. I already wrote my thoughts here >>700957 and he hasn't really addressed them, I feel like a lot of people share those sentiments.

I can't tell if he'd legit stupid or not now. Pulling out the ED shit so people feel too bad for you to criticize you? Like, you do know ED and ASPD aren't even comparable, right? The general public is incredibly sympathetic to people with EDs and there's tons of awareness for it. People's attitudes toward depression is also getting better, so big L for mentioning that too Shane. Honest to God looks like a deflection tactic.

As someone who personally experienced "ED" it doesn't matter if you feel "icky" when describing it. I would also wager you feel "icky" because of how it affects YOU and controls your life. The "icky" and "gross" terminology being thrown around when discussing ASPD was more about how you perceived them treating other people, like they are all creepy villains.

Like the fact of the matter is ASPD is already an incredibly stigmatized, misunderstood illness (that is on a SPECTRUM) unlike ED and depression. The unprofessional, frankly stupid, way Morton discussed it showed a serious lapse in judgement on her part, and neither of them have yet to address or apologize for the crux of the problem. They're just taking things personally and deflecting.

I shouldn't be surprised that Youtubers have big egos that can't take actual criticism but damn. Get of your high horse, educate yourself, and apologize. Ain't that hard.

This is fucking annoying. Stop trying to justify it by saying shit like "you were relaxed together" or "oogh I also have a mental illness so that gives me a get out of jail free card!"

When you're on the camera you should by poignantly fucking aware that 10M people are going watching, most of them dumb ass kids, so you should take special care ESPECIALLY when trying to address something as touchy as mental illness. Doesn't matter how "real" or "relaxed" you are.

My beans are fucking steamed, sorry yall.

No. 705422

“My beans are steamed” omg that made lol I’m stealing that if that’s cool lol. You’ve made some excellent points on both posts and imo your comments are more like constructive criticism than hate it sucks that people will wk everything and see every negative remark as “haturz” rather than insights to improve and fix their content etc

No. 705432


I think the big problem is he wants to treat this like one of his conspiracy videos, where he "maeks u think" but he's throwing real names and faces out when talks about it. And a lot of his audience is too young to be like "he's just being dramatic". And let's be honest plenty of his older audience will buy into it because Shane promised he did research.

Talking about violent murderers and hyping up anti-social traits with faces of actual people on YouTube over it is pretty left field and disrespectful. And he isn't taking it seriously because he's treating this series like it's about the fucking Illuminati.

He's in this pickle because he refused to choose a lane. Instead of making just an exposé on Jake's life and career and why he is the way he is, he ALSO wants to pretend that there are Sociopaths infiltrating YouTube and Jake is their dark prince of inspiration.

If he would've just dropped the stupid therapist after that first episode, the series could've found more focus. But as is, it's a messy series with no focus and the fact that he keeps putting more and more footage into it, to the point that he's delaying episodes, shows it.

He just needed to drop the sociopath bit and make that its own fucking series.

No. 705435

The sociopath stuff wouldn't even be worth its own episode, let alone a whole series. All he did was react to all the already well-known stereotypes/attributes of sociopaths with "OMG EW I JUST GOT THE CHILLS". It wasn't informative but worst of all it wasn't entertaining.

No. 705539


I completely agree.
IMO, to talk about personality disorders such as narcissism and sociopathy could be very important in order to understand and be more critical toward social medias and youtube's culture. Jake and Logan symbolise by themselves the drifts on the platform. To treat this subject in depth in such a long series had so much potential.

Instead, I feel that the messy and frankly irresponsible way they covered these illnesses will discredit the whole subject. I'm very disappointed.

I didn't knew Shane before but to me he came across as an idiot with poor cognitive skills, who cannot go beyond superficialities and who took a project larger than he could take.

No. 705623

No new milk, but Kati has a video up about this whole gong show. What do you guys think?

No. 705751

This guy's video response showed up in my recommended, and I think he's got a some good perspectives. Basically he works in the mental health field and seems to be a big fan of Kati, but is now having some doubts about how this series is unfolding. In this one he calls his mom who has a PhD in Psychology and 10+ years in the field to ask her about the ethics of all this. They talk through the situation for a bit (mostly because his mom doesn't seem to understand what youtube is) but the main talking points are:
>Kati should know better than this and know that this is unethical. If she's unsure of the ethics she probably shouldn't be doing it at all.
>"Idk if it's unethical because it's just not something I would ever do"
>If you're really unsure you could call the licensing board that licensed her and ask if it was ethical
>Shane would not be at fault because he is not the one who should know health ethics, Kati is
>She's kind of unsure if it would be unethical for her to make a diagnosis during a "TV interview", but once she understands that this is not something he would have consented to, she's pretty firm on it being unethical
>Not only would he have not consented to it, Kati would be deceiving him by pretending to be a producer
>Deceiving him could cause harm to him
>"First, do no harm" is basically the basis of medical ethics, and Kati should know that
>Even if they got consent afterwards after Kati revealed she was a therapist, it would still be unethical because you can only do things like that for Research, and Kati is clearly not doing this for Research, this is for youtube.
>Even if Kati worded it carefully like "I'm NOT giving him a diagnosis, but based on this is sounds like…" she's licensed so she "Runs by a different code than the average person" (again, "do no harm")
>End the call with his Mom but she sends him a follow up text saying the more she thinks about it the more she's sure it's majorly unethical
>Kati didn't give a diagnosis in episode 2, because she states it would be unethical for her to do so, so she does have some acknowledgement of it
>Consent is really really important
>"I can't even take pictures at my facility because even if it shows like the back of someone's head without consent"
>Says his girlfriend commented "this is gonna make Shane bad if they do this" and he reiterates: Shane is not the professional, he is not the licensed therapist. Shane is not expected to know better.
>If there were legal ramifications to this, they would all be on Kati and she could lose her license. Shane would be in the clear.

TL;DR or watch:
Publicly diagnosing someone with out their consent to be evaluated is unethical, against HIPAA (and possibly illegal) because it would definitely cause Jake harm. Kati should know better and should probably be reported to her licensing board for them to evaluate if her actions were unethical.

….of course this all only IF she goes through with it and doesn't stop Shane and say "hey wait it would be unethical for me to do this". Jake also posted that video saying Shane told him everything so maybe this is just being played up for drama

This guy seems to genuinely like Kati, so it's nice to see him reach out unbiased opinion from a professional (who just happens to be his mom), considering that's more than Shane did. At the end he keeps saying
>Even if they skirt around this situation or it turns out the be fake my concern would be that Kati's reputation in the professional community would be tarnished!
>I hope they show Kati in the next episode saying "no I can't do this, it's unethical!"
Like….p sure Youtube/Fame/Selling her book is her main priority now, I can't imagine she'd care that much. Also yeah any professional looking at this would probably think poorly of her, his mom is a clear example of that.

No. 705804

The therapist has ties to Betterhelp, Shane's in this up to the neck, he's not dropping her. Phil Defranco's company is running this deal and Shane's with him. She doesn't have an ethical foot to stand on.

No. 705857

i'm glad someone on youtube is calling it out, that was my first thought as well. i never did psychology at a higher level but in school one of the first things you get taught is "so, you know the prison experiment? yeah you can't do that any more. we have ethics now."
even if you do a study that's as simple as a survey, if you're actually looking for information that's different to what you originally state, you're meant to debrief the people at the end. and people still debate the ethics of that.

i liked shane's channel when he was doing the dumb ghost videos but his head's so far up his own ass now. how can he think this is okay lmao? i'm not a fan of jake at all but ethics aside
>oh hey man :) lol film this video with me so we can get to know YOU
>omg didn't he seem so sociopathic the way he looked at me kati???? i just got the chills

No. 705992

What bothers me about him lately is he is actively and obviously suffering from bulimia and not addressing it when he has the platform to help tons of his young fans suffering the same. Also, what the fuck is with not showering and washing clothes?

No. 706006

slightly off-topic but the whole betterhelp thing is a massive scam.

you'd think at least Kati would do some research into it, since it's potentially harmful. Most of the "trained professionals" don't even have a psychology background.

No. 706009


Finally, been waiting for this.

And "research into it," yeah except Kati has been shilling it for at least a YEAR. She knew. I can't wait to see how everyone who's been pushing it (a LOT of YTers) tries to make excuses

No. 706025

what leads you to believe that?

No. 706052

Shanes attitude hasnt changed. He’s always been attention hungry and felt more deserving than other youtubers even back in 2013 when he started his podcast. He’s always been jealous of people who blew up and went viral (british youtubers, gay youtubers coming out, etc) and would always talk about “omg i just dont get it??” And would shit all over everybody and everything.

Now hes just a poor smoll baby who cant do any wrong because he thinks hes fat and is broke and is just a regular guy

No. 706119


Knuckle scars and red marks on his right hand that appear redder at times. Weight gain. Any time they eat out in restaurants he immediately goes to the bathroom after. Mainly just the knuckle scars/red marks though. Pay attention to his hands in his videos

No. 706147

also i'm pretty sure he straight up admitted to it in his j* series

No. 706314


Most of the "trained professionals" are bots.

KF just launched an in-depth thread about it.

No. 706368

File: 1538963756215.jpg (88.55 KB, 640x838, 867d7030e08a48ed38781aa61b41c9…)

Honestly, I couldn't even get all the way through this video and the more I think about it, the more steamed it makes me. As someone who is currently studying to work in the medical field and also has been in the mental health world (as a patient) most of my life, I'm honestly considering looking into how to report her to the board. Even if they don't follow through with the plan of hiding her, the fact that she let it get this far is unacceptable. I feel like >>705623 alone proves she is not fit to have a license. She comes off as defensive and is essentially blaming the viewers for misunderstanding her, and isn't taking any of the blame for how she portrayed it.

>If you don't know how this was set up Shane called me and asked if he could come over and film me telling him how I would go about diagnosing a sociopath

This even makes it sound like she's kind of blaming Shane, cause he's the one that added the spooky music, all she did was explain it! This is also a straight up lie. He literally asks her how she would know someone's a sociopath and she just says "you just like feel it idk". That's not diagnostic criteria, and the DSM definitely doesn't use words like "creepy" and "gross".

>This was not a session. This was a friend of mine coming over and asking for my expertise on a diagnosable mental illness.

This excuse would MAYBE work if it was just her and a friend getting coffee and chatting, but not if you're knowingly being broadcast to 19 million viewers, a lot of whom are young impressionable kids who are taking every word you say as fact. It's not fucking Simon Says, you can't just say "Not in session, doesn't count hehe" whenever you fuck up. Also in one of her Instagram stories she basically says:
>Diagnostically speaking from a clinician standpoint there's no difference between a sociopath and a psychopath and if you think there is that's just ur opinion and that's all I have to say about it
>I know there's a ton of info to support that online but I read books
So either "Shane popping in for a chat between friends" is a lie, or she's lying about all the books and research she's claiming she read to prepare. You can't have it both ways Kati.

>I did what any other clinician would do

(This is as far as I could make it before rage quitting) Laughed out loud at this one. She wants to be the face mental health advocacy encourage people to talk about mental health and seek help and remove stigma but basically she's saying "Let's talk about mental health!! Seek help if you need it! But just know any therapist you see would gladly sell you down the river a talk about how 'gross' and 'creepy' someone like you is to 19 million people to further their career. Anyways preorder my book!"

I keep thinking about this from the perspective of a struggling patient and it makes me so mad.
So by her logic you could be her patient and just run into her in the grocery store, and she could look you dead in the eyes and say "You are unloveable and you have deserved every bit of trauma you're endured". Then when you bring up how damaging that was to you in your next session with her she could just say "Ummm that wasn't in session so idk what you're talking about?" or "Um wow I'm really hurt and disappointed that you would think I would ever say something like that to you?? Like you obviously misunderstood me and I can't believe YOU would accuse me of this?"

She must have just skipped the section about how "gaslighting" is manipulative and abusive behavior in school.

No. 706375

Here's a video that has clips of her basically throwing a hissy fit on Instagram:
>I didn't say sociopaths couldn't be fixed, I said they don't CARE about being fixed. They don't WANT to get better
>Swipe up to watch my vid and I wanna hear ur thoughts!!
>Diagnostically speaking from a clinician standpoint there's no difference between a sociopath and a psychopath and if you think there is that's just ur opinion and that's all I have to say about it
>I know there's a ton of info to support that online but I read books
>but u have every right to ur own opinion!!! opinions are important that's why I love talking to you in the comments!!!
(Cut to another Insta story, I don't think he meant for this to be comical but it was)
>hey everyone i'm getting bullied and i'm an ADULT and I can HANDLE IT but if u bully me i'm gonna block u on literally every profile you can possibly make every single time because I don't have to allow you to hang out in my pool because this is MY pool
>I'm not dehumanizing sociopaths I'm telling people what to look out for! They're gonna hurt us for their personal gain is all! I don't want any of us to fall victim to their manipulation!
>if there's only 4% of the population that's sociopaths I'M SORRY I'm gonna protect the 96% of the population!
>If you are in the 4% then you should get help….but we KNOW that people with APD don't get help and when they do they USE the info they get from a therapist (like me of course) to HURT OTHERS
>I'm not trying to stigmatize OTHER mental health issues though, you guys know me I've done videos!
>if ur upset or hurt by this is just means ur not a sociopath! lmao
>bullying people online is bad and I'm gonna block every one of u cause it's just not nice
>if u think that I ever would stigmatize mental illness it just shows u don't know me and that's sad and disappointing to me
>I have like A THOUSAND VIDEOS to prove the OPPOSITE

She has a serious hero complex. I absolutely cannot believe she says shit like "if there's only 4% of the population that's sociopaths I'M SORRY I'm gonna protect the 96% of the population!". Like bitch…..a therapist is supposed to HELP and EMPATHIZE with that "4%", is she really that narcicisstic that she thinks she's saving the world by telling kids on youtube that someone with a mental health illness is disgusting and just trying to use you? Her license should be revoked.

No. 706392

It's 100% necessary to call Kati out, but it makes me so angry that many of those fans of Shane who actually see the problem put all the blame on her and he's just "a very nice person with good intentions but a bit naive". No he's fucking not, he's manipulative and either intentionally stays ignorant or is just genuinely stupid. He already had "good intentions" with the Tanacon series and all he cared for was finding excuses for Tana, not helping those who were scammed. Can't wait when this hype about him dies out already.

No. 706395

Honestly, misrepresenting mental illnesses in a conversation all on its own, and it shows that Shane lacks empathy and has poor judgement, but I don't think it's what the focus should be in this case. Instead it should be his reckless, libelous treatment of Jake. Whatever your opinions of the Paul brothers may be, Shane essentially created a narrative in which Sociopathy=Bad and dangerous and Jake=Sociopath. In this instance, he's done more than misrepresent a diagnosis. He's slandering Jake and presenting him as a dangerous, evil person to an audience of very gullible young people. And, he's used the poor judgement of a professional to make his case seem more legitimate. It's really sickening.
Can you imagine if someone with as large as following as him made a video claiming that you or someone you loved was a sociopath and used a diagnosis culled without your consent to prove it?

No. 706558


>I didn't say sociopaths couldn't be fixed, I said they don't CARE about being fixed. They don't WANT to get better

She literally said in Shane's video that sociopaths can't be fixed. So that's a lie.

>I'm not dehumanizing sociopaths

iirc she's literally referred to them as robots in Shane's video because they have trouble feeling things and have issues with empathy.

>if u think that I ever would stigmatize mental illness it just shows u don't know me and that's sad and disappointing to me

That's some sweet gaslighting there Kati. The last thing an abused person needs to hear is that they're disappointing someone that they're trying their best with and looking to for help and guidance. Fuck you.

No. 706701


Oh aaaalll of this. Shane is handling this series badly and deserves the backlash.

Kati Mortuary needs to realize she's basically on the level of Dr. Phil and other hokey day time TV "professionals" that sacrificed any credibility they had for some easy cash. Real professionals that respect their field and patients and are good at what they do don't sit down for a fucking kiki on camera about how gross they find certain people they see.

I hope she continues to get dragged through the mud for her rightfully giving misinformation and for being a twat.

No. 706750

That was my original thought, but then when I watched >>705751 I changed my mind, and I feel the fault is really more on Kati. Basically the way I see it is:
Shane's job is to make videos that get views. He's doing that. He is not the licensed mental health professional, Kati is. From what I can tell from google, she has up to a Master's in Psychology, Shane does not. Even the two mental health professionals in that vid keep saying
>Even if Kati worded it carefully like "I'm NOT giving him a diagnosis, but based on this is sounds like…" she's licensed so she "Runs by a different code than the average person" (again, "do no harm")
>Shane is not the professional, he is not the licensed therapist. Shane is not expected to know better.
>If there were legal ramifications to this, they would all be on Kati and she could lose her license. Shane would be in the clear.

Shane doesn't have to subscribe to a youtube code of ethics. Kati however, DOES have a professional code of ethics she should be upholding, and she should know better.

I wouldn't be surprised if she lost her license for this shit. And she 100% should.

No. 706827

No. 706830

This. Shane is really dropping the ball, but he's not the mental health professional who should have known better from the beginning. I have zero respect for her not only for the videos but also for the way she handled the backlash. Most of these "professional x" people on YT seem to be complete hacks who just want to make some money off of laypeople's lack of knowledge.

No. 706838

You could have gotten the exact same info from any rando on a college campus who took a Psych 101 class and thinks they can diagnose anyone now. I could probably go to a Goodwill and find a DSM. She is supposed to provide info and perspective above that level cuz she's
>a licensed professional!!!!
>preorder muh book!!!!
>join my patreon!!!!

Assuming Shane never went to college and never took said class or met one of those Psych 101 idiots, so he thinks Kati's insight is amazing. But yeah, I really feel like Kati's the one dropping the ball with all of this. Shane is doing his job.

No. 706840

Kati should know about the ethics. She went to the day program at Pepperdine Univeristy in Malibu. I can attest that the professor who teaches ethics is someone who’s sat on the state of CA’s ethics board at some point and is someone who is heavily dedicated to drilling ethical practices into students.

I will also say that there are questionable people in that program so I’m not surprised at her eccentricities. She also stated that she’s graduated top of her class on LinkedIn, but I haven’t met anyone who’s gotten below an “A” in those classes…

No. 706842

Oooh, hot insight anon, what's your take on her ethics/response vids??

Do you think she should have her license taken away? Eccentricities are one thing, this is just….narcissistic and fame hungry.

No. 706844

File: 1539027502252.jpg (263.77 KB, 1280x720, big_1471508440_image.jpg)


she's basically the therapist version of the navy seal copypasta

No. 706849

She even used the DSM-IV, so I'm guessing she doesn't even have the DSM-V. The definition for ASPD has been revised quite a bit, but who cares right?

No. 706941

Is it just me that thinks Kati might have aspergers?
The way her eyes wander around, how her interactions with people are kind of awkward and try-hardy, like she's consciously trying to be empathetic and mirroring and the fact that she has obviously no idea what she's doing with her hair gave me the impression she might me in the spectrum. It would also make sense how people watching her interactions talk about something being "off" with her and considering one of her areas of expertise is eating disorders, EDs being very common in girls with Aspergers and therapists gravitating to areas they had personal experiences/problems in, I don't think it would be far fetched to consider she might be an Aspie.

No. 706950

nah shes just mental

No. 706952

That's so icky anon.

No. 706983

File: 1539038950831.png (425.73 KB, 900x529, shane.png)

Pretty unremarkable so far, I went to high school in a small hometown where our biggest export was Football/Sports and I went to school with easily 50 people like Jake and Logan. This is just would happen if those guys got millions of dollars in high school. Also I'm pretty sure any guy with an ATV/Dirtbike/4-Wheeler acts the same way of "You've never been on an ATV? You HAVE to let's go" and then just tries to scare you.

He should have scrapped the Sociopath angle from the beginning, and just done something separate about that in his conspiracy theory shit. Kati's completely useless dead weight in this video, and she sticks out like a sore thumb. She looks like someone's weird cousin who comes home from college and your mom makes you take her to your cool high school party because she doesn't have any friends her own age. She's so clearly out of her element.

I'm also confused about the timing of all of this? Cause I assume this part was shot a while ago, but then he has clips in the beginning of recent backlash and frames it like he's nervous about meeting with Jake BECAUSE of the backlash. And Kati showing her books and saying "this isn't her area of expertise" even after reading all those books or whatever (she should have stated that in Episode 2) just makes her look worse. I feel like she acted pretty confident in episode 2, so this just comes off as a response to backlash as well. And in her >>705623 video she specifically says "Shane was seeking my expertise and I gave it to him" specifically talking about Part 2. And if this was all shot a while ago, why wouldn't she just say like "Hey guys if you're upset about Part 2, please wait because you'll see I talk about it more in later videos after I did more research" instead of immediately jumping on Instagram and Youtube to throw a hissy fit because people were being mean to her.

I also don't really understand all the complaints about "it's a series about Jake Paul and he hasn't even shown Jake Paul!" because this was one of the most boring parts imo. Of COURSE Jake's gonna paint himself in the best light he can and be sympathetic, the interviews with other people are much more interesting.

Unrelated, but the clip of Shane looking like a lonely goblin in the background of Jake and Erika made me laugh.

omg creepy!!!

omg anon you CAN'T just diagnose someone like that

No. 707212

This gave me chills, I'm literally shaking at Katis lack of ethics

No. 707376

It was clear that Shane regretted bringing Kati along, and literally had to stage taking her to the toilet to tell her to shut up and stop asking Jake questions. Yet when they got down into the cinema room downstairs and Shane was getting Jake into a really personal chat about his childhood Kati fucking pipes up out of nowhere “wHy Do YoU liKe To dRiVe YoUr CaR FaSt??” and they both look at her like she’s a fuckwit, which she is. A producer would never just cut in like that for one, Shane knew what he was doing and had Jake on a good tangent, she was blowing her cover and the direction of the interview.

If she is an expert, even if it’s not her field, why is she using a book that looks like it’s been bought off Amazon the day before as her guide for diagnosing Jake?! Shouldn’t she already know all this stuff?! Or get someone who DOES KNOW THIS STUFF?

Or does it have to be her because she’s connected to Better Help and they’ve told Shane it has to be her cause she’s the person that they are putting with all the Youtubers?

With the whole Better Help thing about to blow up in everyone’s faces too (Mister Metokur is going to expose is as a Ponzi type scheme in a video on Wednesday, World Mental Health Day) and Kati being their plant in the video, she’s about to be under a lot more pressure.

No. 707428

File: 1539095230525.png (401.09 KB, 1440x1512, Screenshot_20181009-102028~2.p…)

I think Shane should have never started this series as about being about sociopaths. It's clear Jake is just like every other emotionally stunted boy who loves to do dangerous shit to feel excited. Like, Jake even admitted a lot of the stuff they did was fake. Imagine Shane getting sHoOk over bored small town kids ffs. Like Shane can say what he wants but this series absolutely is about him being the Oprah of YouTube again.

I also find it interesting that amid all the controversy that Shane brought up, he left out the actual blatant scam Team 10 ran (is running?) in the form of Team 1000. Aka the only thing I knew about Team 10 before this series. Basically having kids pay upwards of $60 to be part of Team 1000 only for at the end of the "informational videos" for it to be revealed that it wasn't even available yet. And that they could be charged again at anytime per ToS.

Also, I'm really hoping Kati sees some series consequences for what she's done in terms of this series. If she had no actual expertise in this, she should've said no. She was absolute dead weight and Shane could've just brought footage to her house afterwards if he was sooooo set on this dumbass premise of her diagnosing him via interaction (which is so unreliable to begin with).

No. 707443

Saging because it's not milky and OT but whichever anon wrote this has absolute shit for brains.

Trying hard to be nice and not knowing how to style hair are not qualifications for a serious disorder like Autism/Asperger's. Go light yourself on fire if you think anyone who is minorly awkward has austism.

You're even dumber than Shane is for making a serious on sociopaths with little research. At LEAST he googled the words he was using.

No. 707548

>a serious disorder like Autism/Asperger's
It's a spectrum and not really that serious if it's only Aspergers. Also, you google Aspergers in females since it manifests in a distinct way.
>go light your self on fire
Calm down to not cut yourself with that edge anon, go back to /R9K/ and chill for a while.

No. 707823

You know Shanes an annoying shit when Jake was the only normal one in that whole video.

What was he trying to orove with those dune buggy scenes?? Does he not know that a lot of peope ride motorbikes and dune buggies because they are fun? Whats next, everybody who likes thrill rides and roller coasters is a sociopath?

No. 708011

>Jake was the only normal one in that whole video.
This. I think it's also because Shane is use to doing videos on really obnoxious personalities like JS and Trisha, Jake off camera isn't dramatic like they are 24/7 so Shane stands out when he hypes everything.

The series is making Jake likable not through the sob stories and shitty editing but just have Shane and Kati take every little thing he does/or has done (omg he wrestled and did football, so aggressive!!) like it's a big deal. To me, what I'm getting out this is he's a smart businessman, considering he's only 21 and managed to be where he's at, that doesn't like expressing himself much unless it's related to his work/videos and that probably stems from his upbringing but, there are a lot of guys who relate to that. It's just Shane is melodramatic and doesn't get people who don't cry every minute of the day.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm a stan for Jake, I've never watched any of his videos, it's just I've met plenty of guys who are exactly like him and it's cringy to watch Shane and Kati "profile" him, even if its just to hype the vids, it's not a convincing narrative at all. No one at this point thinks Jake is a sociopath.

No. 708112

File: 1539126954356.jpg (560.93 KB, 1080x1080, 6tag_101018-001052.jpg)


She isn't milky but sad to see Glam and Gore shilling for betterhelp too. See also hawking these cheap shiny Bellami synthetic wigs for $99.

No. 708157

These wigs are atrocious!!! And for $99???? I can get an amazing, natural wig for 20 on Amazon instead of this crap…
Even the Barbie dolls have a better hairline than this mess

No. 708251

>Kati being their plant in the video, she’s about to be under a lot more pressure
She's already losing it and throwing hissy fits on instagram over the series, how much worse is that gonna make it?

No. 708279

File: 1539133263069.png (922.82 KB, 1067x800, km.png)

Two things that made me laugh:
Katie "Licensed therapist soo keyed into things you just feel it, if you sense things like I do" cannot sense that she's blowing it or read a room to save her life

Shane and Kati continuing to be like "ugh omg spooky will we ever know what a sociopath is really like?? 1 in 25 they could be anywhere im shaking!!" completely ignoring that one guy that was literally screaming about how he's an adrenaline junkie and putting mouse traps on his dick. But what about JAKE though??? (Not saying that guy's a sociopath, but if there was any time for "mental illness" alarm bells to be going off, it was clearly that guy, not Jake)

No. 708604

File: 1539152291285.png (168.84 KB, 720x896, Hawking.png)

Someone points out you can get better for $50, mykie lies. She used to really care about her fans but you can't in good faith encourage someone to spend $99 on a shiny wig with a patchy hairline. I do think she got them to price down, which is why she says they were "lucky" as usually they try and rob you to the tune of $150-180 if it has an influencer attached (e.g Nikita Dragun's synthetic wigs)

However you can absolutely get a better lacefront on eBay or Amazon for $50 or less, with more realistic hair than that and a better hairline. A shiny wig like that is definitely on the lower end. A clue in screen 2…

No. 708605

File: 1539152392421.png (30.6 KB, 720x219, True price.png)

No. 708651

This woman reminds me so much of my first therapist I had when I was 14-16 years old, they both work with pseudo psychology as a liable source. I don't know much about her, but if she's doing private or even group counseling she needs to take a break and educate herself on handling symptoms and reacting to them. The best therapist I've ever had never reacted with a spooked look on her face like this ass-clown does, as a therapist you should be completely cool and open when your patient is telling you anything - reacting like "oOOoo creepy… you drive fast? you must have (blank)" it's ridiculous.

No. 708657

This seriously needs to be spread. Even if the people through betterhelp are real and are professionals, nothing beats a therapist you see in person, even over the phone. All these influencers are jumping on the bandwagon because they want to look better and get $$$ out of advertising it.

No. 708798

God mykie is still around? She's insufferable and her skill is fucking weak. She has always had a shit attitude towards her subscribers as well.

No. 708835

ok but this is the shane thread and there's a separate thread for youtube beauty gurus

No. 709175

No. 709193

File: 1539205991200.jpeg (176.99 KB, 750x944, 6551CCF5-C666-431D-85A7-436AA5…)

No. 709194

File: 1539206011920.jpeg (200.56 KB, 750x989, 49573192-486F-4F0B-9AD7-85AF12…)

No. 709195

File: 1539206026261.jpeg (176.23 KB, 750x955, B067D1F4-3B1F-47F7-A515-24D517…)

No. 709198

File: 1539206111321.jpeg (177.01 KB, 750x948, 6E93EB74-2E62-4C80-B368-05A19E…)

No. 709200

File: 1539206161331.png (Spoiler Image, 710.22 KB, 750x1334, 06773174-51CF-4C19-8D07-5A80C8…)

On mobile don’t know how to post them together but some of his new tweets

No. 709201

File: 1539206252198.jpg (62.29 KB, 634x842, sage wisdom.jpg)

almost the entire thread is successful yet hacky YouTubers telling him to "ignore da haterz"
when Trisha Paytas is your yes-man that should be a red flag

No. 709204

Jesus his fans are rabid I'm so sick of this lrave poor bby shane alone. The fans were right imo like YouTube it's his obly job and he is editing this on the go? Unprofessional

No. 709230

He's such a fucking child. How does he still have fans?

No. 709235

Might be an unpopular opinion, but I hate how every literal who has an opinion on his series and is jumping down his throat now. It seemed obvious to me the "sociopathy" bit is played up for entertainment purposes, same for his reactions on how "omg scary" jakes actions are. Itd be kinda boring just to study jake paul and its obvious shane doesnt care much about him unless he adds a goal(such as finding out if jakes really a sociopath).

Not saying all criticism is bad, I expect criticism from places like lolcow, kiwifarms, other forums, etc. But for some reason it really irks me seeing his fellow youtubers and normals do it so much. Its like theyre just dog piling to appear right and part of the in-crowd of moral superiority. Half the time they dont even offer any new insights, they just regurgitate what everyone else is saying. Just feels like a lame popularity contest.

No. 709266

Of course he has to threaten his fanbase now so that they feel obligated to wk him and shower him in compliments. He's a grown ass man begging for pity from his mostly teenage fans, this is pathetic.

No. 709280

File: 1539211100525.png (78.88 KB, 321x311, 1410289379601.png)

Reminder this is coming from the same person who whines about how "poor he is" around others. Someone who can literally decide to take months off just because he's retarded enough to read "hate comments" and get offended by them. It must be sooo hard Shane, I can't even.

No. 709452


If there's anyone I could recommend going to see an ACTUAL therapist, it's this man.

Shane is rich af from YouTube bucks, has dominated a lot of ppl in terms of views, and has a robust friend group, and he's still so insecure and fragile that he posts shit like this after some ppl boohooing about not having the series out sooner.

Like, I know it's part of his Quirky personality, but get some fucking help, dude. The only validation that's gonna make you happy is your own ffs. Stop shrugging off not bathing, not like yourself at all, and disordered eating as So Relatable jokes.

Maybe put Katy to use and talk to her if she isn't as useless as she seems.

Also lol at Trisha saying he's doing better content than Netflix. I love documentaries and Shane would actually have to find fucking focus in his content to make one.

His Tanacon series was the closest he got and he refused to really dig deeper because he didn't want to hurt people's feelings or get to the root of it.

He absolutely is just looking to combine his clout with others while giving some fake deep revelations and barely warm tea.

No. 709654

theres no way kati isnt in on it

No. 709705

Eh, I mean, I kinda agree with him? Like…it's not a TV show, it's something he's doing on his own for youtube, it's totally at his discretion. I could see where if it was a show with a network and schedules and time slots or something people could throw a fit and complain to higher ups, or even a paid service like Netflix. But this seems dumb and very bratty to complain about.
>how dare you not give me the free content that you have to spend your own time/money/resources on when I WANT IT. And how dare you not spend more of your own money to give it to me when I want it faster!!!

I don't think this is even a threat, it just sounds like he's just gonna take a vacation? I hated the Jeffree series and I'm not a huge fan of this one either, but he has essentially put out 2 documentaries in a very short time. Most directors/writes/whatever don't churn out that much content in that short of time. The alternative would be him going back to just doing shitty food videos that take no effort or vlogs like Ryland and Morgan 90% of the rest of youtube does.

I'm also not mad about him doing it in real-time. They could have shot and edited it weeks ago but the Paul family is so insane some new shit could crop up in that time. I feel like he also at least tried to pivot a little bit after the backlash of Episode 2, imagine if he had just continued on with the episodes falling in line with his ideas for Episode 2 making everything as sp00ky as possible. It's kind of a unique feature of youtube vs a TV series. He can do whatever he wants (including taking a sick day) because it's his content. Ya'll need to chill.

No. 709706

consider never uploading again you half wit

No. 709724

Maybe his dick is bleeding because he pisses in bottles too much

No. 709895

I always thought Shane seemed "unstable" I never watch him, but I remember when I used to watch Youtubers Reacts, every other Youtuber would have an interesting reaction or opinion to give, but Shane would just sit there miserable and angry. He doesn't even talk or react, he just sits there looking angry and negative and rolling his eyes every time the fine brothers ask him something. I remember even in one of the react episodes they showed him for a split second then never showed him again in the video, it was THAT unbearable.
So now he's putting on this "I care so much about everything and everybody uwu" facade and I just can't be convinced! I want to believe he is genuine but, "unstable" is the only word I can describe him as.

No. 709940

I completely agree with you anon

No. 709993

Earlier in the thread I complimented him on his ability to make a ton of content and he definitely has more than him and andrew doing edits and background stuff, which I respect because compare that to a lot of youtubers(specifically ones who have more that 2 mil subs) who do everything, miss months of uploads instead of capitalizing on their position and essentially making their youtube into a small business. I respect that and understand regardless if his doc series can be taken seriously or not, it's impressive what he's doing as a content creator.

What I don't understand is why these same people are dumb enough to reply to criticisms with such a whiny entitled attitude. It just sounds like he's using this as an scapegoat to have a vacation to give off the impression his life is extremely hard that the only time he'll humor "taking a day off" is when someone hurts his apparently super fragile self, when it's obvious he was going to do this after the Jake series is done anyways.

It just looks like he wants a huge pity party on him 24/7, look at all the comments on his recent vids, its a bunch of circle jerking "IDK WHY SHANE IS GETTING SO MUCH HAAATE". He knows how to play victim and it just looks extremely egotistical to me, that he has millions of views and likes and still needs this sort of "validation" from everyone.

No. 710058

PewDiePie recently put out a video on BetterHelp's shit. Highlights include:
-they have a disclaimer that says they do not guarantee that their therapists are QUALIFIED (including HAVING A DEGREE)
-youtubers get paid 200$ per person who signs up through their link
-they have no guarantee for satisfaction
-they openly say they aren't a substitute for therapy (aka, they're not therapy despite their marketing)
This is disgusting and so wrong. I almost feel like they could be sued for this shit and hope they do. I also hope this manages to drive kati off the platform. As for Shane? My guess is he's running away and coming back when the drama dies down. That's why he decided to take a break not too long after Felix's video. I can't believe this isn't becoming as big a deal as any other YouTube scandals. I guess people just don't give a shit about actual YouTube issues, just want to falsely pander to leftists on minor issues

No. 710074

Yeah it's fucked but, it doesn't surprise me that people who fall for the metal health shilling don't actually give a fuck enough to be mad that their favorite youtubers. The fanbases for Shane, H3H3, Boogie, for example, are extremely defensive and not surprisingly these are(at least the ones that I know of) the ones that shove "muh depression" every breath they take so, they more than likely going to do the "I thought it was helpful because it helped me!!" take. I doubt any of them actually did more than a week max of betterhelp. It's just all about the money, shocker.

I don't like Pewd acting oblivious by saying "I think most of them didn't know what they are doing" I get he wants to be neutral because he probably has youtube friends that have shilled it but, no fucken way is it believable they didn't know how bs of a service this was. That or, they just don't care what it is as long as they get money in their pockets but, it just seems everyone who did sponsor betterhelp claimed to have some mental illness, even when not actually diagnosed, to seem more #relatble and to get people to want to use the site more. Which to me is what really makes all this terrible.

>As for Shane? My guess is he's running away and coming back when the drama dies down. That's why he decided to take a break not too long after Felix's video.

I definitely think this is the case.

No. 710120

he surprised me with this video, I mean I didn't expect something like this from him. He usually justifies every shady shit his yt buddies do because of his own fuck ups but he went off in this video, I love it.

I didn't know about how scammy betterhelp is but I've always felt uncomfortable with ytbers advertising it, mostly because it would always be along some mental health update. Poor me boo hoo depreshun and angzayty IF YOU FEELIN BAD USE MY CODE AT BETTERHELP. Fucking disgusting, even without knowing the app's shady af. Exploiting mental health and making you relate or shit and then shoving the code to make 200$ off you in your face.

I think Pewds was hesitant to make this point because he would have to allude that those youtubers' mental health problems are wack just to seem relatable and get money, which would be going too far if he doesn't want to burn bridges. But yeah you can draw your own conclusions.

No. 710130

He wants to act like some grade-A film maker when he’s getting praise and throws a bitch ft when people disregard youtubers as a real job, but then gets pissy about how “omg its free content not tv you srent owed anything!”

I don’t really care about late uploads or whatever, but when your audience calls you out for constantly being late, dont get act like a baby and like its not your full time job. This isn’t just a Shane issue tho, a lot of youtubers do it.

No. 710280

This video is amazing. (I hope Shane has a good sense of humor about this)

No. 710289

File: 1539283176162.png (624.25 KB, 1008x754, dramitization.png)

I wish they would have gotten his dumb pig shirt for the dramatization parts though, that would have made it amazing. Here's my suggestion for new thread pic if this thread ever reaches that.

>Someone who can literally decide to take months off
I mean…if it's an 8 part series he could have pre-edited all of it and released 1 episode a week and just fucked off for 2 months, which would still be more than some youtubers do. Say what you want about his content, but he still works harder than most of his peers. I really think this is a ridiculous criticism.

>Other big youtubers: 10-20 min video once a week maybe, if they feel like it. Have editors so they have to do even less work.

>Everyone: Fine, precious, we love u!

>Shane: 8+ hours worth of content promised in 1-2 weeks, he and Andrew struggle to keep up with editing. Take feedback into consideration adding even more to their workload.

>Everyone: ur lazy how dare u!!!!!!! fuck off!!!!

His 2 biggest mistakes have been:
- Releasing a "schedule". If he hadn't done that he could take as long as he wanted with no expectations, like other youtubers of his caliber. He should have planned better and hired extra editors for a project of this size though. Couldn't his bff Jeffree send some of his team over to help? Since he's such a ~humanitarian~?
- Involving Kati in it at all.

No. 710325

embed next time

No. 710334

New video is SO boring wtf, he keeps editing the "good stuff" out. Are we getting any of these "long conversations" he keeps having with people or what? What a fraud…

No. 710401

I think this is the best thing I've seen in terms of videos made in response to the JP series.

A small nitpicky point, I don't really watch Shane - I've pretty much only watched his recent so-called "documentary" style videos as well as attempting to get through a couple of the conspiracy vids - but something I find really irritating is that weird thing he does where he whispers the second half of every sentence when he's being "serious". Does that bug anyone else?

No. 710467

Perhaps in the next video he could crank up the dramatic music louder so we hear the actual convo even less. You're right, this was boring.

No. 710475

I feel like Shane got his ego stroked a little too much when it came to the “documentaries” he was releasing at the time. Like I got the Tanacon one because he promoted the event too which means he was culpable in some way but the Jeffree Star one just seemed like two giant creators with similar controversy coming together to get views from one another’s audience. Shane says it’s an exposè but it’s not, it never is. He might be showing glimmers of negativity but he’s not communicating any new info on Jeferee or Jake/Logan that we don’t already know. Nick Crompton the most interesting person he intervied so far is now doing collabs with youtubers. Everything about Shane’s videos feel like a sneaky way for two big youtubers to get even bigger of an audience while having someone “relatable” vouch for them and show their “human side”. It’s just killing two birds with one stone while their fans are basically impressionable dollar signs.

Shane’s been doing YouTube too long to be naive about the Better Help sponsoreship too. Everyone’s blaming Kati for Shane’s video but Kati is just some no name who Shane was able to sign off on being apart of this mess. Shane was the one who’s calling the shots and I think it’s strange how people are tip toeing over the fact he’s very aware of how youtube works and how old his fans generally are. We make a big deal about Jake and Logan having a young audience but at least they didn’t start the new trend of 15 year old phycatrists diagosing everyone they mildly dislike as a “sociopath”.

No. 710572

yep, he also gets vocal fry and pulls the same face, and gasps a little. it pisses me off because once you notice it you can't stop and it's really annoying. it comes across as really fake

No. 710587

yeah it's like he thinks he's the messiah of youtube, when he totally flopped on tanacon and he's not that great an interviewer, but seems to think he's louis theroux.

his latest video was kind of meh but i guess now i am a bit more sympathetic towards jake. not because of all of that bullshit with kati being like "woah he cares about his girlfriend!! omg!! i'm such a good psychologist and not a youtube hack" but because jake comes across as more of a well meaning idiot. seriously an idiot, but not as malicious as he's made out to be, or as bad as his brother.

No. 710639

Lmao, Ian nailed Shane’s annoying mannerisms

No. 710778

same, I feel like I'm getting tricked into it by the editing but I truly think Jake Paul is just a well meaning dumbass.
But the emphasis shane put on the couple's interactions made me a bit uncomfortable, like we get it they love each other, now bring the tea kek

No. 710938

I haven't really been keeping up with the whole BetterHelp scandal, cause it was obviously sus from the beginning, so no surprise there. But I found this video helpful. I just find P00die too obnoxious, and I don't want to hear him acting like he's holier than thou, he's just as full of shit.

No. 711130


I honestly almost stopped watching the video when that hokey ass montage started.

It's clear Shane likes doing docuseries but he sucks at it. His best was Tanacon, when the focus was clear and he was culpable for other's suffering, so he took it more seriously. Even then, he couldn't bring himself to really nail Tana for the shit show she helped create, despite literal footage showing she was pretty aware about certain things she cried about not being her fault. He couldn't even dig deeper with Michael, who absolutely was running a scam, whether he "fully intended" to or not. I'm not saying he has to be a bastard to get the truth, but no documentary maker gets one teary interview from someone and is like "well, guess that's as far as I'll look into it. They said they were telling the truth. No need to try and reach out to the people that work with or hang out with them."

Shane makes pretty good content. But I've certainly seen better investigative content on YouTube. He gets all this credit because of WHO he is exploring. And because he has enough clout to convince them to be explored face to face.

If Shane doesn't ask about the Logan situation both about Alyssa and how he acts in the family and doesn't dig in on the family aspect, then it'll be a complete waste of a show. He keeps hinting to those two subjects and not delivering. This series doesn't need to be so long.

No. 711150

Kinda surprised Smosh had the guts to put this up, but I appreciate it. Pretty good parody.

No. 711157

The fact that he had the goddamn nerve to title this part 'The Secrets of Jake Paul' when it is the most basic fucking hang-out blog so far is infuriating. He is losing so many people's interest. Even just looking at his long term fans (not the rabbit fans) the revelation-lite nature this """"documentary"""" series is proving to have is not being received well.

No. 711223

this is boring…

No. 711254

actually kati is super sketch. she was the one to shill betterhelp for the very first time, all of her videos except for 1 or are sponsored by betterhelp. she's also rumored to have been involved in the inception of the company

No. 711661

All Shane's efforts to polish Jeffree Star image are wasted lol, as J* has been outed (yet again!) To be super racist.

No. 711680

Take it to the beauty guru thread

No. 711689

Shane and Jeffree are close friends so I don't see why I shouldn't be talking about him here, especially since he did make a PR series to polish J*'s image, so shut it and let me talk

No. 711695

Yep, and Grav3yardgirl got even crazier and more disconnected from reality and went on to almost immediately piss off everyone. (See: that Starbucks shit if you don't know what I'm talking about).

Trisha and Tana are a little more difficult. I don't think Trisha really counts as a documentary, and I don't think it made her look any better or worse than she already was. We all knew Tana's an idiot, but Shane was the one who chose to sympathize with her….but she's still an idiot.

My guess is that Jake will have this brief time of being somewhat sympathetic, and then 2 days later he or Logan or Greg are gonna majorly fuck something up.

Nta, but I agree, it should be in the beauty guru thread. Discussion on Jeffree/Jeffree's shady behavior/Jeffree's Shane series has been going on there for months before there was a Shane thread. There's no reason to try and start it all over here.

No. 711700

If I want to discuss J alone I would have gone there, I'm just laughing at Shane and all his efforts to better J's image when that idiot blew it up.
Btw, J* is making a Shan Dawson palette and I can't stop puking just thinking about it

No. 711701

Lmao what exactly would this consist of? Oily face peach, never washed pig shirt pink, balding twink boyfriend blue?

No. 711702

I want to see a Piss yellow metallic shade, that's Dawson brand after all

No. 711703

Right but….no one here cares about a makeup palette. You know who does though? The people in the Beaty Guru thread….where they've extensively talked about Jeffree/Shane.

I get that it's a Jeffree/Shane combo, but it's months old milk at this point, the only thing that makes it recent at all is "when that idiot blew it up", which Shane had nothing to do with.

It even says in the OP
>Youtube Beauty Gurus Thread (w/ discussion of the Jeffree Star series)

No. 711704

File: 1539405535986.jpg (99.04 KB, 640x859, ew.jpg)

He has the worst merch of any youtuber I've ever seen and he's still going with "I'm so poor and trash" despite all the comments complaining about it. He really needs to not be involved in the merch process at all. Hilariously his fans will still pay for this though

No. 711715

That illustration looks like bad fanart. I'm so sick of Shane lampshading how disgusting he is too. We get it, you're a filthy loser, no need to keep bringing it up. Acknowledging it just makes you seem even sadder.
Go take a fucking shower.

No. 711997

It looks like the Boomer meme tbh

No. 712056

Honestly, he makes a good amount of money now. What is stopping him from cleaning up and working out? Lazy slob

No. 712072

He is among the least relatable people ever and yet he tries so hard to be fake-humble. I would love for this Better Help shit to blow up in this face big time but we all know stans won't let it escalate enough.

No. 712712

No. 712738

can we get a brief summary before we give Repzilla more views for jumping on the latest bandwagon? does he actually have milk this time?

No. 712800

File: 1539555258708.png (77.41 KB, 380x349, 3385B796-20C3-4A05-B10D-D7F399…)


No. 712947

>Honestly, he makes a good amount of money now
Does he though? Ryland has said before he doesn't pay any bills, so he's obviously supporting Ryland. I think it's pretty safe to assume he's supporting his Mom too, since she's single and lives alone and always seemed to have random jobs when he was growing up. He seems very loyal to his friends, so I assume he's paying Andrew well (since Andrew is the only other person in the squad who does any work) and was at the very least letting Morgan crash there rent-free, so obviously neither of the siblings were paying rent. I assume he must be helping Garrett out too, because Garrett doesn't even make videos of his own anymore, he just shows up in Shane's. And they had that whole "business" they started years ago that they got the office for. Which now just sounds like Shane was paying rent on forever while no one used it.

The only money he'd really be making is from ads and sponsorships here and there. At least 2 of his videos in the past that he was able to get sponsorship for he donated a good chunk of the money (or bought whatshisface a car). I don't remember what video it was, but there was one recently with the whole BetterHelp drama where someone mentioned that he's been pretty desperate for video sponsorship recently for his series, which is why of course he would trust Kati when she gets them in contact.

So, he probably makes a good bit of money…but subtract all the people he's paying/supporting and the cost of living in CA and no one helping him with bills or rent or anything…..I doubt he really has much left. I mean, I iirc their house is only a 1 bedroom, cause Morgan was living in Ryland's "office", and other than a pool it's not a particularly luxurious house. Given that it's CA I'm sure it costs an arm and a leg. He also never seems to have money to blow or buys extravagant things? Most other youtubers of Shane's caliber are always showing off their designer shit. Ryland's the only one who does that, and I'm sure he does it with whatever youtube money he's making since….he doesn't have to pay any bills.

I know he's really overdramatic about going into Jeffree/Jake's house and being in awe of everything and it's annoying but like….what about Shane screams "I have tons of money!"? The man only has like, 1.5 shirts and pees in bottles and basically lives on Chipoltle….which he gets for free.

No. 712955

If I had money for everytime shane touches his mouth or chin or picks his ear, I would be the richest person on earth.


No. 712969

Money or no money, it's not fucking hard to not be a disgusting slob. I work a minimum wage job fulltime, pay for all my own shit, live out of home and still manage to look presentable and exercise accordingly. I understand people like Emilia Fart being gross for views but she just is who she is. She also does her own thing and isn't a money hungry youtuber. Shane pretends to be gross to be omg so relatable and quirky meanwhile doing tags that every generic youtuber is doing, and is the biggest yes man to shit people like Jake and Tana just so he can be accepted.

He's sooo trying to give off the vibe of 'I'm the quirky slob ugly caring friend' when it just comes across as a slob trying to collab with people for views.

There's nothing wrong with being a view monger, but don't act like the bumbling innocent concerned friend when you are really just trying to get views like everyone else by collabing with viral assholes.

No. 712983

File: 1539574911427.png (206.42 KB, 783x559, Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 10.0…)

Nta but I'm not familiar with this youtuber at all. Idk if he's reliable or not but it is a lot of interesting info/research. His accent makes everything kind of confusing and I'm still taking it with a grain of salt but basically here's what he's claiming:

>Interview with BetterHelp founder says it started as just a landing page with one licensed therapist in 2013 to see if that's something people would even pay for

>Kati Morton was the first person to ever plug BetterHelp back in 2013 right after they started, which I guess implies she was one of the founding members of BetterHelp or was that therapist they started with?
>She didn't get her LMFT until 2014 (which you can look up with her license number)
>Something something advertising selling your info
>Someone left a review for Kati about her misrepresenting herself and misusing her license (pic related)
>Possibly Kati was the "licensed therapist" they were working with in 2013, but she didn't get her license until 2014
>Kati almost word for word plagiarized from an article in one of her videos
>BH had that thing in their TOS that has been under fire recently that basically said they couldn't guarantee the therapist would actually know what they were doing thats ur problem (since deleted from their TOS)
>Their TOS also says they can share your info
>Something about how there are multiple different therapy related sites that use the same TOS/info as BH…so they're all the same company or something?
>Multiple different councilors show up on the different services (Teen Counseling, Faith Counseling, etc)
>That same TOS paragraph disappears from all the other services as well
>BH is accused of exploiting mental health sufferers through advertising on social media before any of this recent stuff went down
>But also BH will reject you if you're too much or suicidal at all
>BH founder guy says he was depressed at one point which is where he got the idea but never went to therapy. Interviewer asks what depression was to him and he just says "I wasn't looking forward to going to work" (no crying, no obsession, no suicidal thoughts)
>BH founder is asked if he learned anything from speaking to therapists that would inform him on how to make BH work and he says nah
>Company called Teledoc acquired BH, and they've also acquired a bunch of other internet/health services
>Teledoc has been in a ton of legal trouble/multiple lawsuits over the past few years
>It's all a big ole Monopoly/Ponzi scheme that Philip Defranco gets paid for?

No. 713178

This has been a wild ass ride cuz I’m one of the 10 people that watched Kati Morton before she started colabing with other youtubers.
You could tell she’s not an experienced therapist, let’s face it, no successful therapist is making YouTube videos, running a Patreon, and shilling Betterhelp which discourages irl patients.
She’s barely passable as a school counselor but I liked the short videos she put out about various topics even if it’s quite clear her knowledge of them is something anyone can incur just by googling for 20 minutes. She’s handling all of this badly.
BUT Tbh people sperging this hard about sociopaths/psychopaths is snowflaky af. If a person meets ASPD/Narc/BPD criteria (or exhibit many traits) they’re really LIKELY a gross shitty person. I’m a cluster B myself. As if the ~mental health community~ isn’t filled with edgy self dx children who wants the label without its connotations.

No. 713499

I don't think he's pretending. He's 30, fat and with image issues. He just clearly stopped trying or maybe is actually part of his personality but being a dirty slob for the sake of being relatable? i dont think so.

He already tries really hard to seem worried about everyone. He should be criticize for using sensitive subjects and popular youtubers for views but for using the same shirt? who cares.

No. 713520

>the mental health community is full of gross shitty people (not me though!!)
Not sure if that's what you're implying or if you count yourself among the gross shitty people, either way it doesn't really excuse any of the blatant unprofessionalism and the gross comments

I think Shane just really hates himself and does all this shit to get the first jab in before anyone else can criticize him. It's not as funny as he seems to think.

No. 713733

Has anyone seen Ryland's latest video? Where he dresses up like jojo siwa at the end and Shane looks WAY into it all touchy and fondling the skirt that came from Jojo's own goddamnt closet. I don't wanna imply anything it just put me off

No. 713751

I think you are reaching a bit. Shane is giving a reaction for his boyfriends video, seems standard.

No. 713796


okay onision

No. 713938

Lol no I said the mental health community is filled with self dxing munchies who doesn’t want to be stigmatized but run around calling themselves antisocial and psycho and yandere and shit. Imagine someone saying “I may be diagnosed with NPD but I’m not like other narcs at al uwu”.
Everyone is capable of being a shit person. The likelihood of being a shit person is increased if you exhibit traits of PDs. Mentioning my dx was not to exclude myself from this group of ppl but to make the point that not only normies and therapists think that certain PDs DESERVE the stigma. Get it?

No. 713984

I want more spooky haunted vlogs with friends Shane, stop it with these stupid interviews.

I think he's too "nice" (real or fake) to do this. He's unable to push people to answer to the shitty things they've done, case in point Jake. He said so many times he would "comfront" him on everything. Like OK, the series is not over but I higly doubt he will. He asks about something controversial, the other person states their point of view and Shane just agrees to it immediately. The dude is too empathetic even when people are lying straight to his face…

I was intrigued by the documentary but after that last part I'm kind of pissed. A real interviewer would had pushed for answers to his questions even if it made the other person uncomfortable. He seems to have had several long conversations with Jake, Nick and Erika. And he doesn't show ANY OF IT. Where's the "tea" as he likes to say? So boring…

I honestly think Shane had too much of a shitty childhood and now doesn't feel comfortable exposing other people's bullshit, especially if he puts himself on their place and figures out why they are the way that they are. He tries to see himself too much on other people and eventually that means he acts all protective and motherly when they don't deserve it.

Jake is a complete asshole but because he came from a similar background as he did he's not going to grill him at all. He already implied a thousand times his parents are shit, so stop acting all bad about "getting into family drama" when you already insinuated his Dad is abusive in like three of the videos.

No. 714004

iNabber issucking shanes dick so hard now. “Waaaaah how dare BBC call Shane a VLOGGER!!! He makes 40 minute ~ documentaries ~!!!”

No. 714101

that makes me sad ; iNabber is one of the only tolerable YT critics, for example his video on Jojo Siwa
but he's suddenly been so fame hungry and pandering to Shane's audience to get part of it

No. 714258

his voice makes my head hurt

No. 714291

The new video dropped.

If this is another 30 minutes of filler and maybe 10 minutes of relevant drama, then he really messed up, because Alyssa is involved in most of the actual interesting stuff.

No. 714315

Apart from the cringy music ( holy crap, he needs to stop doing that ), the dramatics and the basically 15 minute intro, this part was okay and better than the previous one.
But in general this series was all over the place. There's only one part left and I don't even know what the conclusion to all of this is suppose to be.

Well,they can call him a crappy filmmaker if vlogger's not cool enough, kek.

No. 714466

tl;dr he's rich but lets other people take advantage of him so feel sad for him

lol no thanks fam.

No. 714586

I wish there was more focus on the fact that all the power players of team 10 used their position to get sex from people auditioning without ever really intending to hire them. Even Nick Crompton who's painted as a "good guy" did that. It's literally the same as the #MeToo movement in Hollywood and it's fucking gross

No. 714611

Where did I say feel sad for him? I think most people wish they could support their parents/people they care about, I don't feel bad for him at all. I just think it's a stupid criticism that's not worth rehashing. It's not like grav3yardgirl hiding an entire mansion and Telsa and arcade and all her gucci shit by filming in only one room. The dude lives in a one bedroom house with his boyfriend 2 rescue dogs and 1.5 shirts and we never see him buy anything really.

It'd be one thing if it was like a Charms or a Taylor Nicole who we can watch be comically irresponsible with their money. But it's not? Probably the most irresponsible we've ever seen him be with money is when he gave Garrett $1000 to make a mystery box (but that was a pretty fun video tbh)

No. 714628

File: 1539744319115.png (1.11 MB, 1400x769, screenshot.png)

Yeah, I know it's what everyone wants but I could do less with the actual Jake time? Jake's already got the biggest platform possible to make himself look less shitty, if he's too much of a dingus to know how that's his own problem. I'd be much more interested in all the people Alyssa mentioned that hate him.

I also have to wonder if the main reason he's missed his original deadlines at this point is because he's scrambling to find a way to salvage each new episode since Kati/BetterHelp has turned into such a giant fiasco. She's really turned this series into a giant L for him. His best move is probably just to get it all out there and try and move past it asap. If he was actually a good researcher/unbiased enough I'd say he should go after BetterHelp next but….nah.

Also unrelated but I was pretty shocked to see CORY IN THE HOUSE
Between him and Josh Peck, what's with child stars joining ~youtube crews~?

No. 714646

It's actually so weird to see them interact with Shane of all people lmfao I'd imagine they would have a good chunk of Disney/Nick money saved if they didn't blow it like Drake Bell, but since they can't get serious acting roles they use their notoriety to get into the Youtube game.

No. 714654

>I also have to wonder if the main reason he's missed his original deadlines at this point is because he's scrambling to find a way to salvage each new episode since Kati/BetterHelp has turned into such a giant fiasco.

Pretty much this. When I said >>714315 that this series seems to be all over the place. It feels completely directionless at this point. He has started with the premise "Is JP a sociopath or not" which was a terrible idea to start with but then it further devolved into something completely…random? What can he even finish the series with?
"Yes, JP can be an asshole, his dad is an asshole, his brother is a bad influence but at the end of the day he's just a human being." Is that going to be it? There are perhaps two episodes that I found watchable ( Nick & Alyssa ) and the rest seemed like directionless filler loaded with dramatics and ( loud ) music.

This too is an excellent point and an idea very much worth exploring, but you know, "nah."

No. 714697

Oh yeah, I forgot that she even said that cause they just breezed right on by it. Fuck.

But he's decent to his gf and pets his dog you guys!!!

No. 714768

Thanks for mentioning you're cluster b, no-one ever would have guessed. Also, nice generalisations there, considering that most of the human race has at least one trait that could be considered a symptom of a personality disorder or similar.

> but at the end of the day he's just a human being." Is that going to be it

Yes. That was it with Jeffree, Tana and Bunny. "They're giant fuckups / absolute trash, but they're still people so kumbayah."

No. 714841

We’ve all literally known that’s how this thing is going to end from the beginning. Idk why I’m even still watching. I keep hoping it’s going to get more interesting but Shane doesn’t even know what the fuck he’s doing in each part it’s getting unbearable. The sociopath shit was so fucking stupid and an absolute waste of time. The therapist bitch is a joke and he just ruined her career before it even got started lmao. He hasn’t even gotten any good interview footage with Jake paul, he hasn’t asked any serious questions about anything he’s just been dicking around and being oh so in awe over his rich lifestyle like he did with Jeffree. I’m willing to bet when he talks to Jake again it’s just going to be him asking mundane questions everyone already knows the answers to and avoiding the real shit while dramatically cutting the camera bc Jake doesn’t want to talk about it. This shit was so hyped up and of course Shane fails again. He’s a terrible documentary maker. Next one better be about Kiki kannibal and Dakota rose or else I’m not watching lol.

No. 714846

Shane is sooooo bad at interviewing/coming up with actual cohesive parts for this “documentary series”
I’ve watched Alissa Violet here and there since all the drama happened years ago. She can be annoying but generally she seems like a nice and real girl and I believe what she’s said. It’s so bizarre to me that Shane glossed over SO many things:
- Jake brining girls over under false pretenses and then sleeping with them.
-Jake emotionally abusing Alissa for years AND physically abusing (even if she played it down now, even if it was on camera for a bit, that is still abuse)
-Team 10 and the holding money hostage? HUGE issue.

Those are the major ones but what about the fact he literally acts like Erika is a savior but she was Alissa’s best friend and slept with the guy Alissa was in love with and also dropped her the second Jake did. I get they are brothers but how is Jake sleeping with Alissa’s best friend any less fucked up than Alissa with Logan? (I doubt it started only after Alissa left)
ALSO the dad saying those things to her? What?? It’s so glossed over how traumatic that can be.
Alissa got so much hate from jake and his fans, so much. She lost money. She was abused. Jake and Erika accused her boyfriend of assault which was false. And Shane literally is just like “oh well! You’ll be fine! Jake is so nice now my series and 20 min convo with him changed him!”

It’s so obvious that the second Shane met Jake and team 10 he was so into them all. He was like a little kid in the videos with them. Loveddd Erika, doesn’t stop saying it. Such a contrast to the vibe he gave in the Clout house. He talks to Erika about poor Jake for two hours off camera but has shallow responses to and in my opinion barely tried to dig deeper with Alissa. It’s like he’s afraid to upset his new friends….when the point was to see the real Jake Paul.

This series has made me literally hate Shane

No. 715086

Yeah except you need several /persistent/ and /pervasive/ traits to even be considered. Ever read a criteria?? Consistent propensity for anger, deceit, rule breaking, risk taking, and superiority complex does not make for a nice well adjusted person. Yeah I’m cluster b and I’m telling you that ppl with untreated unmanaged PD are never harmless/high functioning. Any therapist would tell you that antisocials are some of their worst patients. Kati Morton May have been unethical but she wasn’t wrong lmao Tumblrfags should stop romanticizing/normalizing shit diseases. Whether fucking Jake Paul or whoever has a PD is different fucking question.

No. 715153

I get what you’re saying. Not to be insensitive to your diagnosis but when I got my degree in psych any professor that would talk about antisocial personality disorder would emphasize the seriousness and the fact that people diagnosed with it can be and often are dangerous and it needs to be taken seriously. I had some professors that actually talked about it similarly to Kati, but in a more mature way not saying “icky” but trying to make the students aware that it’s often a severe diagnosis. The whole mess up of Shane’s series is that first of all he should have gotten help from a therapist or psychiatrist that specializes in personality disorders IF he had to make it about it (which he shouldn’t have in the first place). Second of all, he shouldn’t have acted like it’s something you can diagnose by watching videos; which is literally what he did. Whole thing is bullshit and spreading wrong information about serious things.

No. 715186

sage for OT. But what happened with Drake Bell?

No. 715279


This, anon. Shane didn't explore or try to ask further about ANY of Jake's bad behavior. He even said he pretty much assumed it was all Logan's fault like is this just Shane getting hired to dunk on Logan? Because the only people Shane has continued to hold accountable is Logan and the dad.

She was revealing some fucked up shit and it was disgusting how neutral Shane was being.

He seems more interested in all these Ritch Bitch houses than what this series should be about.

No. 715291

It annoyed me so much the series is apparently about Jake being evil and when his ex 'girlfriend' confirmed a lot of shitty behvaiour Shane just moved on. And kept referring to the interview with Jake already being done. So the series ends with an interview conducted before the previous episode? So her claims are just going to hang like dead air.

He should have filmed all relevant parts then put them together and released without this weird schedule and non chronological timeline.

Hopefully some edits together the whole fucking thing in a more cohesive thoughtful way, it's been a shambles.

No. 715340

Yes! This! OR if he couldn’t get Jake again, he should have put Alissa’s part last and allowed her to directly respond to things jake may have said. Shane is sooooo out of his league here. The whole series, in fact all of them but especially this one, reminds me of someone that’s just learning how to write papers but their points get all mixed up and they lose track of the thesis statement. Like Shane is talking about a serious personality disorder, abuse on multiple fronts, people’s actual lives. He should have been sooo much more prepared to make this a cohesive and helpful piece. And when I say people’s lives I especially mean the fans and their perspectives after this.

No. 715386

Shane is not an interviewer, he's a friend. He's the gay friend that listens to your problems but is actually super fake and doesn't give a shit about it lol. A couple "Oh my GOD really??" sprinkled around and back to show me your expensive house for views.

Alyssa was clearly super bitchy too considering that song she did with Logan where he says she's his girl, etc. So why not shine a light on that and ask her? Even if she came from a bad situation with Jake that's still very shitty thing to do.

The problem is that Shane is SO scared of people disliking him that he doesn't even try to grill them or interview them on stuff that he knows they did. He's so afraid of them lashing out at him for asking an "inappropriate" question that he doesn't try at all, or always gives them the way out with "you don't have to answer" or "it's not my right to know" etc. Why are you there then??

My money on him tweeting back and forth with Jake after the series and him being his new psycho friend to add to his ever growing "I'm a shit person" list of friends he has because he knows they are popular and make him feel better.

No. 716172

i'm disappointed that they sort of hyped that there was going to be some sort of conclusion to the "banks assaulted jake pauls assistant" drama but they sort of…just vaguely made some points about jakes assistant potentially lying and never addressed it again

No. 716209

last part is up
1 hour and 45 min jfc

No. 716219

just so y'all dont have to watch, shane feeds jake answers to everything. jake goes on some white savior bullshit saying he saved martinez twins from poverty and taught them english lmao

No. 716252

Everything >>715386 said tbh. He wants to be everyones friend. He wanted to be friends with alissa, and erika and jake and probably logan too. Regardless of their past actions, because he too is guilty of doing fucked up shit for entertainment.

And the story is pretty easy to follow
>Paul starts team 10 via investors with friends and alissa.
>alissa is sidelined as the resident fake gf (for views).
>Alissa falls for jake but its one sided and he keeps her at arms lengh while fucking other instathots because hes immature and young.
>Alissa hangs with logan, leaves team 10.
>Jake claims alissa 'cheated' and paints her to be the bad one. When there was no relationship really
>alissa loses her friends to jake
>alissa, also being immature takes shallow hits at jake with songs and shit
>theyre both immature shits with too much money
>jake now has erika and alissa is with faze

I want to like alissa but deciding to hang out with logan because you were getting friendzoned is just.. blech.

The whole assistant incident is a mess too. Considering both erika and jake doubled down on it. But instead, this time they threw the assistant under the bus

All in all, i hope he returns to making conspiracy videos than docu series. Especially with his brother. The last one about the flat earth was interesting to listen to from him

No. 716254

Wtf happened to him being analysed by the 'therapist'? This fucking series has been a mess. Shame can't interview people and what about Greg Paul's sex tape lol

No. 716272

His docu series always fall so flat because he's a coward. This one is especially bad because it's so fucking long and he hyped it up so much, yet nothing came of it. It's like he wants to be Louis Theroux or some shit, except he just sits on his couch screeching about how he's "SHOOK".

No. 716276


Personally speaking, I hope Shane and Andrew learn from this experience. I felt like they screwed themselves over by focusing on each video, that the the overall series didn't have much of an arc with a solid finish. They were so many loose ends.

As for this final part, it was very hard to try and listen to Jake speak. His diction is incredibly grating. And in the end, he didn't have anything profound to say due to his lack of emotional intelligence.

No. 716287

File: 1539898876054.png (182.49 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1874.PNG)

lmao i love how shane associates with problematic cunts like social repose and tweets him these dumb heart smileys (pic related), but then 5 minutes later literally tells a girl to 'fuck off' because she suggested that he stops giving a platform to racists (a response to the jake paul/jeffree series, not SR). its so deliciously ironic. shane isn't an empath and gives no shit about morality- as long as you suck his unwashed chode he'll fuck with you. no matter if youre an abusive psycho like SR. but how dare you criticize him??? his ego is through the damn roof.

No. 716296

this serious was a waste of time tbh what the fuck

it ended up being a jake paul pity party.

No. 716300

File: 1539899682101.png (51.94 KB, 626x314, Skærmbillede 2018-10-18 kl. 23…)

>My money on him tweeting back and forth with Jake after the series and him being his new psycho friend to add to his ever growing "I'm a shit person" list of friends he has because he knows they are popular and make him feel better.


No. 716301

Lol I'm this anon >>715386 and I was totally right. Like OK, I was impressed that he actually called him out on some stuff. But he definitely gave him a way out of most of the issues as I though he would. Or at least helped him because the dude is so dumb emotionally is exhausting to hear him talk.

It's really sad to see Jake justify his brother on everything, he's clearly too attached to him and doesn't allow himself to hate him (and he should). The guy needs real therapy and not "feeling talk" with Mommy Shane.

You can now tell why he was so cold with Alyssa lol, If I'm not mistaken he talked to her after this interview right? He's best buddies with Jake now and doesn't believe a word she says (not that I do much but I will give her the benefit of the doubt). I cringed so hard when he said something like now you have people to protect you, and he mentioned HIM alongside Erika. He's so thirsty for famous friends.

He really is the loser nerd that wants to roll with the cool kids. He said Jake needs to leave the highschool stuff behind, but he should take his own advice and choose better friends.

LOL someone also pointed it out when I was writing this.

No. 716312

called it in >>698721

though I was wrong about one thing: instead of 2 hours it was 1 hour and 45 minutes, mb.

No. 716314

Another thing I wanted to add. Who the fuck strangled the assistant then?? Did he give a reply to that? Or only explained why it was shitty to do the video.

LOL why was Jake even a focus, he's clearly just a dumb immature jock that SURPRISE actually has feelings because he's a human being.

This timeline is correct >>716252 and yawn, take the money and the hungry fans out of the picture and it's just a boring typical young relationship. Who cares. He's a dumb jock that can't control his anger, alyssa is a bitchy "if he doesn't like me I wil burn his house down".

No. 716315

yeah jake is an immature dumbass but logan is just a full on piece of shit

making that video with alyssa months later was just so fucked up. i don't lie jake much but i don't really care about the backstory tbh, you just don't have sex with someone's brother to get back at them. although logan is even more to blame, he betrayed his brother

No. 716320

yeah, I know the criteria well, which is why I wondered why you felt the need to blog about it. But then, cluster b so silly me.

>He's the gay friend that listens to your problems but is actually super fake and doesn't give a shit about it

fucking THIS. It's all about making himself feel good and having friends and playing at being uplifting / motivational.

Shane may not be very bright, but he knew enough not to keep going with her after she got blown the fuck out at the start.

No. 716330

File: 1539901090219.jpg (36.21 KB, 624x487, Dp0qbrSX0AgrYC7.jpg)


No. 716331

I agree Logan is a piece of shit. I think that was the main focus of these videos. I can't wait for his series on Logan and how he will try to make him look good lol seriously fuck Shane if he does that.

Alyssa is a bitch, I don't care how shitty Jake was. You don't fuck the brother. But it was even shittier that Jake put all the blame on her and didn't even get angry at this brother.

It's like those dumb women that get cheated on and get more angry at the woman instead of their husband/boyfriend.

It's kind of sad how much he lets his brother get away with stuff, he clearly has a lot of issues with him. He even though Alyssa was trying to "break them up" when she was probably only drunk and stupid.

No. 716333

File: 1539901218938.jpg (57.84 KB, 1080x883, Dp0tOmiWwAENJYm.jpg)

No. 716334

noone did, it was all made up. I have a degree in sfx makeup and its the fakest bruise ive ever seen

No. 716337

I hate this type of excuse from youtubers. It's NOT free! You get money from us watching your dumb videos you idiot. We get a say if we think they SUCK. Fuck Shane, he's such a cringy loser.

Take a shower and go cry to your "cool friends" that probably don't give a shit about you. If he ever gets new drama around him I will bet everything they will drop him immediately.

No. 716338

hey back when shane was watching the mom's vlogs he kept saying not to judge her because it would all make sense later? was that ever adressed?

No. 716341


I hate this entire series as a whole. Shane is really successful at making people sympathetic and nothing else. It was so messy and useless. Like he never delivered on the subjects he hyped the most.

Jake is a douchebag dude who used business tactics since he was a teen. Groundbreaking, Shane.

And jesus I love that Shane decided to use this series to jumpstart his counselor career and lead Jake to problematic fav status to the masses.

Also the merch thing??? Like 'what if spongebob' ummm covered every item in a store with cartoon characters faces, Shane?? Like he dragged that out so much and it was so dumb. All brands, shows, ect aim to sell shit.

No. 716343

It's not like he's even providing us with, idk, USEFUL information. He's not a journalist going out to dangerous places to give us info that could help us, or some shit like that, even then, that's such a childish response.

I like how he also doesn't deny any of the racist stuff there, he's basically saying "WELL YEAH I DID BUT I WORKED HARD SO GIVE ME A PLATTER OF COOKIES AND A THANK YOU NOTE BEFORE I CRYTYPE"

No. 716344


jake is really dead set on protecting his brother for some reason. i wonder if its how he actually feels or if he’s just been told to suck it up for the money.

No. 716347

yeah out of all the dumb made up for views drama, the alyssa thing was definitely real. you could see jake had trouble talking about it and processing it.

No. 716355

File: 1539902433405.png (288.94 KB, 750x1334, 9AD06FCD-19BF-4D9C-B02D-55990D…)

He keeps saying he’s taking a break from YouTube, Internet, etc, but when is he actually gonna put his phone down and stop talking for once

No. 716370

Does anyone think Shane edited out a large portion (if maybe an entire episode) of his series? Sorry for the tinfoil, it just strikes me as odd we don’t see Kati anymore in ANY of this. I don’t believe we even get flashbacks of what she’s saying anymore? And the whole sociopath twist on it looks like it’s almost been dropped completely. Idk I could be wrong but it feels like maybe Shane saw the backlash he was getting for BetterHelp and Kati and removed whatever he could (especially since he even says he’s basically editing the video until the day it comes out). The last two parts just seemed very disjointed to me and it didn’t really end off on any solid conclusion to anything. We didn’t get a deeper look into his parents or even Logan for that matter. It was just a puff peice for Jake and all his former team members so they could all say “yeah lel we were crazy back then but we’re over it now that we’re rich as fuck and can do whatever we want so everyone should stop talking about it thanks.”

On a side note I always feel like it’s impossible for Shane to call people out on their blatant BS because he relates to much to it? Like he knows he’s done crazy shit too for views and probably tries to make money off his audience is similar ways so it’s hard for him to criticize other youtubers for being sketchy. I don’t hate Shane at all it’s just majorly disappointing that he went from funny lighthearted spooky boys videos to whatever messy sponsored garbage this is.

No. 716398

Shane, Shane, Shane. This series was objectively a fail. I hope he returns to conspiracy videos. He's good at those. Plus, they're cool to listen to, when you just turn your brain off. Docu making isn't his thing, this was directionless and it wasn't even his first one. Like a lot of anons said, he wants to be these guy's friend, he's not doing an objective interview. But hey, as long as he's making those coins, right.

No. 716404

Oh yeah, definitely. That's what I meant in >>714628
He was obviously scrambling to salvage it and cut association with her. Especially because I looked back through the video descriptions (where he lists the sources and channels mentioned) and:
>Episodes 1-4: He has Kati listed AND Kati's book preorder link in every video description, even though she was only in 1 of 4 of those episodes.
>Episode 5-6: Just Kati's channel, because she was in those episodes. No book link.
>Episodes 7-8: No acknowledgement of Kati's or Kati's book.

This finale/whole series is a hot mess for so many reasons, but one of the big things that bothered me is that even though he made it clear in the Alissa interview that he talked to Alissa AFTER the finale convo with Jake, by putting Jake last and having Jake as the "finale" he makes it look like he's siding with Jake over Alissa. Because Jake says things that directly contradicts what Alissa says, (Like Jake saying she did it on purpose to hurt him and she wanted him to know, and Alissa saying it was just a drunk mistake and she begged Logan not to tell) and Shane doesn't question any of it. So basically when he talks to Alissa he tried to make Jake look better by saying like "Well Jake said so and so", but lets Jake openly talk shit about Alissa without question (Obviously because what AV said came after, but it just makes him look even shitty-er). It also gives the abuser in the situation the last word. I know he was going for a ~big finale~ with Jake, but it really just makes it look like believes Jake's story over Alissa's. Also the refrain of
"This is life-ruining. The worst thing that could ever happen to anyone ever."
>Jake's brother Logan hooks up with a girl that his brother was never actually dating, that they both knew for the same amount of time and interacted with daily in their group of friends.
>Jake refuses to acknowledge they were dating.
>Alissa says they were never dating.
>Logan: I didn't think you guys were dating
>Jake: They did it to hurt me!! She wanted to break me and Jake apart!! I know I didn't want her but that doesn't mean someone else can have her wtf??
I mean from 10 miles away like….neither Logan or Alissa were in the wrong? It's only "life-ruining" cause Jake made it that way? If he had actually committed to her the lines would be clear? (I'm not saying they weren't clear, but it makes it a much easier excuse.)

Honestly with the picture being painted of them (Jake fucking wannabe Team 10 and hoard of instathots and wanna be models) all things considered I would guess Alissa's not even the only girl they both fooled around with. But this time it was too far!!! Also on a scale of 1 to "hey that's a really fucked up family" I would place Greg Paul having a better kisser contest with his son WAY higher than "Logan has sex with a beautiful 'single' girl his age that he's known for years"

No. 716409

File: 1539909023772.png (36.37 KB, 422x260, Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 6.51…)

Whoops, also meant to include this. Looked at Kati's twitter and like every other tweet of her's is a retweet from Shane (or ass-kissing other big youtubers like Trisha or James Charles) she's so desperate for senpai to notice her again even though she was ghosted hard.

And this retweet made me laugh
>Be nice to people even if you disagree with them!
UNLESS they're icky and creepy and give you a bad vibe and only YOU can protect the population against their manipulation!!!! I'm gonna block every single one of you because you're mean and I can!
>But be nice to me, I mean.

No. 716422

>retweeting boogie

No. 716487

So out of this entire series, the one thing that really stuck out and bothered me was the "all team members were told about the pranks beforehand" thing. Okay, but we're they allowed to say no? Because Jake warning them about a prank, just so they can kind of brace for it, still kinda sucks.

The entire Martinez twins situation was so fucked up. They seemed entirely dependant on Jake – away from their family, speaking little English, and money tied up by Team 10. Of course they wouldn't say anything against him until they were in a more stable situation.

No. 716510

File: 1539917155445.png (985.09 KB, 681x1535, DS9DQ3ST2zqf9GuocNkHg61aNTIkN8…)

kek, this is even funnier bc he mentions her by name and explains the whole "muh producer" situation they did and STILL doesn't link her in the description. That was definitely built up like it was gonna be a massive reveal and then they just kind of quietly mentioned it at the end, probably only because that was a giant lose end they couldn't sweep under the rug like the others. Can you imagine if Kati ends up losing her license for all this shit? Like, she risks her career to pull this crazy unethical stunt that ends up as basically a footnote and destroys her reputation?

Also those audioclips at the end of Jake saying he shouldn't do it if it's gonna turn out bad for him were very….on the nose? I assume that was on purpose?

Pic related, screenshot from the finale. I keep thinking about how wild it is that a 21 year old man with a massive following of children would have to be explained why writing a song called "fuck teachers they're dumb" would be a bad idea? It feels like a 30 Rock episode or something.

No. 716528

File: 1539918151358.png (97.07 KB, 740x624, Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 9.52…)

This is an interesting update, wonder what it means? The ultimate twist of this shitshow "documentary" would be that Jake actually learns from it and becomes a better person.

Prediction 1: New Team 10 will be made up of teachers, overworked Japanese businessmen, and Alissa Violet
Prediction 2: New Team 10 will consist of Jeffree, Tana, grav3yardgirl and Trisha.


No. 716541

He's definitely changed what narrative he was going for as a reaction to public feedback. It's come across very disjointed

No. 716747

Shane is supppper fake, I'm pretty sure his whole personality is also fake and he doesn't actually behave like what he portrays on social media

No. 716760

No. 716787

Smells like a really lame publicity stunt. Wouldn't be surprised if this "new team" was just a name change or something equally uninteresting. Either way it couldn't be more obvious that they're aping off the attention that Shane's videos are bringing to the Pauls. Wouldn't even be surprised if this was something planned from the get go.

No. 716819

File: 1539954723050.jpg (192.89 KB, 851x1074, IMG_1881.JPG)

No. 716886


Jesus fucking christ. Shane is one of the most well-known youtubers EVER… Shouldn't he already know that he's always gonna get hate? He's been posting videos for almost 10 years now, and he wants to act like a baby over people not liking something he did? Dude. You're 30. You should know better than to pay attention to kids half your age saying shitty stuff to you on twitter.

No. 716889

what did you expect? Shane is a bestie with jeffree star, the king of sending fans to attack people and sending nasty threats to his "haters"

No. 716890

File: 1539961337095.png (33.89 KB, 605x321, keemcuck.PNG)

I swear Shane has said he loves every single YouTuber who is a known shitter. Controversy is his kink or something. At this point some kind of reconciliation with Onision wouldn't even shock me.

No. 716896

Not sure which is worse, his love for Keem or JSBS. Why do people like this cunt? He's so fake.

No. 716958

Countdown to when shane and greg make up. If that does actually happen, if shane actually gives greg a redemption arc on youtube, itll kill his channel.

Then content cop shane dawnson and by proxy greg. Two for one. Done

No. 717006

I hate idubbbz, but I kind of wish he would make a content cop on shane. It wouldn't sway the minds of his tweenage fans though.

No. 717034

Add tweeting hearts at Social repose on that list. He really seems to love his shitty people. Everyone's best friend, surrounded by total yes men.
I enjoy some of Shane's content, but I always thought he was fake as fuck.

No. 717044

This! i think it wouldve been smarter to have done the alissa and jake interviews together so you could clearly see the differences/similarities in their story. Plus it wouldve made it more cohesive and made more sense.

No. 717069

Especially because it would tie into Shane’s whole thing about “everyone being on the same field” or whatever he was freaking about. Instead with the two videos (out of chronological order) it just gives Jake the last word and really gives this tone of “you’re doing ok considering everyone is working against you”.

This is why I think it’s wild that people say Shane’s videos are the equivalent of real documentaries lol. He has no real understanding of running themes or narratives. Instead he sits down and talks to people and because he’s nice they open up, but because he’s nice he always steers them away from saying anything interesting.

No. 717122

so we just gonna not mention the fact that shane was so greasy, rubbing his hairy titties while having an 'emotional'' conversation with jake in the finale? i couldnt keep myself from gagging.

around 1:20:16 in the video jake looks away for a long time while shane is shown rubbing his hands on his face and chest/armpit area.i have a feeling jake couldnt stand looking at him do that shit anymore

No. 717230

this sadsack final montage is cracking me up so hard L O L

No. 717271

File: 1540002567095.png (289.93 KB, 881x709, Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 9.28…)

wtf you think this is a JOKE anon?? lms if you cried!!

No. 717408

dunno if anyone mentioned it, but apparently his therapist friend that he brought along for the first half likes to read/paraphrase from articles for her videos and not cite or credit them

No. 717421

you want people to sit through a Ralph Retard video? fuck that. I'll just take your word for what it contains, thanks.

No. 717692

While this video defends him, it does point out that hes done this before

How can you be a youtuber, an adult, knowing the influence and rabid fans you have and still go after some girl half your age. Youre human, yes, but you have an audience and power. I dont understand

No. 717724

>that therapist friend he brought along
lurk more anon like more than half this thread is about all the sus shit Kati's done, most of which was mentioned in >>712983

No. 718124

Garrett finally uploaded the second part of this! I'm happy for him.

No. 718224

The title/thumbnail are super clickbaity, but I actually really enjoyed Morgan's new video. Usually I find her kind of obnoxious/bratty, but this was just like, 2 gals jus havin fun. Made me want to go on a crazy roadtrip tbh.

No. 718417

Honestly, I used to really like Shane but he's getting on my nerves a little more everytime.
First Tanacon, then Jefree Star and now the whole mess around the JP séries.
It really showed the immature manchild in him. How can someone who has been in this industry for 10 fucking years be so sensitive to criticism? Why can't he see past these awfull people poor mans act? Why would anyone over the age of 14 choose to believe Jake Paul over Alissa?
He should stir off drama and go back to his mindless content because he's doing a lot more harm than good.

No. 718425

Just because he doesn't show It doesn't mean he doesn't have a shitton of money. Do you REALLY think someone who constantly get 15 MILLION views on YouTube isn't rich as sin? Even PewDiePie doesn't get that much views anymore. It'so not like he is constantly demonetized too, his vídeos are hours long with tons of ads sprinkled in (which I'm sure it's the actual reason they are so long because a good half of it is padding).
He basically impulse bough Ryland a car that costs the same as a house.
I honestly just think he is humble or has an inferiority complex, also probably a lot more responsible with money after being scammed so much. That added to the fact that he is a slob gives this poor impression.

No. 718460

File: 1540174085377.png (107.14 KB, 850x163, screenshot.png)

Did you even read my post? I never said he didn't make a lot of money, making a lot of money and having a lot of money are not the same thing. I just don't think he's really got a ton of leftover money to blow when all is said and done after all his bills and friends and family are paid for.

Also Shane didn't buy Ryland that car. Ryland literally has a whole video going through the buying process and talking about how many years it'll take to pay off and literally calling DSC to get sponsorship for the video iirc that's the video where he says he could buy it because he's not paying any bills or rent or anything, which at the very least confirms that Shane's basically completely supporting him.

That's what I'm trying to say: Ryland and Morgan use their yt to buy cars and Gucci and frivolous designer shit because they don't have to spend any of their money on rent or bills, Shane does all that.

No. 718544

I'd love Shane to be my sugar daddy.

I use to watch Ryland on Clevver, he was always one of my favourites and liked the review segments. I was kinda shocked he left that to be a kept man, hope he still sees everyone though.

No. 719186

File: 1540271247795.png (530.86 KB, 638x549, shtc.png)

Yikes so I guess collaborating with abusers is his thing now?

No. 719187

Yep and you know Mars is the one people really want to hear from and there's no way she'd be on board due to NDAs and her general desire to be left alone.

Shane needs to fuck off and go back to making gaspy spook videos about Riverdale and Nickelodeon. He lacks the integrity to handle serious topics.

No. 719204

Shane is underhanded and smart for this move. People consider Shane "loveable and #relatable" because it's the only good acting he's ever been capable of doing (As if it's hard to cater to the gay bff trope) so he's trading favours with younger youtubers who are getting huge views.

They get a mark of approval through a half-assed video of the process of "humanizing/understanding/empathizing" with them and he gets their name in lights on his videos when he can't figure out how to stay relevant or draw in the new generation/younger demographic.

Besides that he gets to excuse his own blackface past, "Guuuurl we was ALL young dumb and racist! I mean I'm still fuckinggarbage but not Like…as fuhhhck yknow?"

It's desperation at the end of the day but it's a smart play regardless. I'm sure this has all been said, however.

No. 719571

Alright, this seals the deal. I fucking hate Shane now.

No. 719617


Can a kind anon give more context to this? No clue who poppy is.

No. 719619

Read through Titanics thread on here, yup, this is awful. Hes set on giving fucked up people attention and a platform.

Rather watch garrett and andrew be cute. Or hope shane comes back to scary conspiracies again.

No. 719653

TL;DR Titanic is a pretentious musician who had an online project with his then-gf Mars Argo, cheated on and abused her, and then recreated everything Mars had done with his new gf Poppy. Infuriatingly, they rose to decent online fame and have their own cringy cult. There was a lawsuit and everything because Titanic broke into her home, beat her up, and to this day mocks and copies her in his videos with Poppy. It's a giant fuckfest. I guess he'd also attempt to get Mars on there, but she's been very quiet about everything and considering this whole series has been nothing but redemption arcs for terrible people, this just seems like another slap in the face. There's no way he can excuse publicly asking Poppy and Titanic for collabs while Mars still can't show her face because Titanic keeps flinging shit at her. Here's their thread. >>>/snow/581474

No. 719655

So his content is talking to manipulative "controversial" figures now and making everyone sing Kumbaya around the campfire while preaching "you know what you're not that bad we're all HUMAN uwu"?

That's great, true integrity. He should just go back to making conspiracy videos.

No. 719829

He can't just end up doing the same shit over and over again though?
>I'm gonna expose these people!!
> but in the end….they're just human??
Like 4 hated/abusive people in a row is just boring and at that point he's no better than the people he's following, just doing shit for shock value. I do appreciate the concept of it, even though the execution of it is….not great. After this whole fiasco he really needs to pivit at least to a different type of person and take a break from being hated? Can't say I'd know what that would be though.

No. 719996

Love this new white people redemption route Shane is taking. There is nothing I love more than trying to feel bad for over privileged people in my spare time lmao, I hope he enjoys this "peak" in his career because people are going to notice this pattern and the only kind of people he surrounds himself with

No. 720317


YES!!! He looks so greasy all of the time!!!

No. 720329


Pewdiepie is awesome(non-contribution)

No. 720334

so he should start redeeming coloreds instead? plenty of opporunities, your people tend to be great at being shit(racebaiting)

No. 720342

Has anyone realised how milky Bobby Burns has been? Can we have a thread about him?

>tried to start up a rap music career after a long hiatus

>fans don't buy it
>music is awful
>comes out as bi, promotes awful rap album in the same video, fans stay doubting
>starts to make content focused on smoking weed only
>starts to hang out with garbage insta-comedians, literal prostitutes and tries to justify that horrible insta comedy is "just fun"
>fans start to really dislike him and question how his gf sees all of this, he insists they're fine
>nope, they've broken up and his now ex-gf admits that she left him because he changed during her instalives
>bobby deletes all his insta content
>only to come back as even a worse version of himself, completely bottom of the barrel not even soundcloud rapper, he's the guy who smoked weed for the first time and thinks he's special for listening to garbage music, it's just sad now

Idk if it's just me but I just can't wait to see how far he's gonna go. He's been horrible lmao.

No. 720398

Don't need one, he falls under the "& Co." so we can just talk about him here.

No. 720477

Yeah, I agree, he is one of the Shane-lings, so here is fine. I never knew of Bobby before, was he really that great before Shane? (I've never watched the Shane vids with him either). But it seems like I see a lot of
>Shane RUINED Bobby!!!!!

Tbh Shane coming out as bi revitalized his career, so maybe Bobby is following in senpai's footsteps?

No. 720480

he could uhhh not try to gain sympathy for racists but ok weirdo

No. 720511

Or sympathize with racists (Jeffree Star)

No. 720640

lmao i wasn't aware he was trying to have a rap career now that's hilarious
theres always been something off about him he looks drugged up all the time

No. 721347

Shane ruined Bobby in that he couldn't cope with all the newfound fame and pressure and started churning out garbage boring content then had a breakdown or something. I don't really follow Bobby but apparently he started supporting his (apparently very controlling??) girlfriend and two other friends because of his new YouTube fame which added to his breakdown

No. 721389

Wait what happened to him "taking a break" after the backlash of Jake Paul? Wasn't he being ~bullied off the internet~? a la >>709201

No. 721496

I can't help but see just a troubled kid when i watch bobby burns. I think he should quit youtube and the internet for at least a year and get his mental health sorted.

No. 721511

true. reminds me of a kid who doesn't actually know what he wants to do in life but wants validation to help low self esteem immediately, so he just keeps switching hats going, "am i cool now? am i cool now? how about now?" he should get a normal stable job and experiment with music on the side with no time constraints.

No. 721792

File: 1540587874411.png (2.72 MB, 750x1334, 71207F79-5B50-495C-860C-C30012…)


That caption made me cringe

No. 721841

hes going full soundcloud emo rapper lmao i hope the face tat comes next

No. 722139

It’s not in this photo but I’m pretty sure he already got knuckle tattoos

No. 722146

Shane come get your weird son

No. 722185

Not the same anon, but that's really horrible. I had no idea about this. If Shane wants to willingly work with those type of people, he's disgusting.

No. 722206

File: 1540639679299.jpeg (185.18 KB, 1242x1226, EC28689E-7933-47E0-82F1-05A69C…)

and not a good one either

No. 722717

File: 1540725387054.jpeg (309.33 KB, 750x1227, 5F699C39-0DD0-4A07-9DEB-B4B429…)


I agree I think he’s having a crisis

No. 723134

File: 1540778322827.png (385.1 KB, 1080x1503, Screenshot_2018-10-29-02-55-48…)

garrett… sweaty… pls stop…

No. 723163

nerd city coming through with the best response to jake's bullshit i've seen yet

No. 723229

>I never knew of Bobby before, was he really that great before Shane?
Afaik he was just one of those literally-who YTers that criticize channels bigger than them while making completely unremarkable videos themselves in terms of content and craftsmanship.

Garrett was endearing to me when I first started watching him but his quirkiness became grating to me down the line. He looks like he smells bad.

No. 723239

I wonder if I was the only one bothered when Jeffrey kept saying something about how he would pay Garrett a shitton of money if he let him suck his dick or something ..and in general I started feeling uncomfortable with Jeffrey hitting on Garrett because he just seems too nice to say if he himself is uncomfortable with it. Like can Jeffrey not treat actual human beings like toys he can pay and play with as he pleases just because he is rich? And Garrett isn't a hooker , so he cant just pay to suck his dick.. it's gross treating a person like that just because you find them hot and you are used to get anything for money it's gross IMO.

No. 723249

jeffree looks kind of like the final pam with better skin here, or at least he does in the face.

No. 723266

I honestly always thought Jeffree was about equal ugliness as Onision, he's just better at moisturizing.

No. 723626

New video on Katie's channel. I haven't watched it yet cuz I dunno if I can stand 21 mins of Katie, so if anyone wants to give a summary!

No. 723635

she's really milking it, isn't she?

No. 723644

Ugh. I couldn't even make it 5 mins. I got to when she started talking about how she's empathetic and can just ~feel~ vibes off people and that makes her a good therapist and had to quit.

I have to wonder if she actually ASKED Shane to apologize. It seems so manipulative and shitty to not only just sit there and let Shane take all the blame for "exposing her to that toxic community", but to actively encourage him to jump under the bus in front of her own fans. Shane played some spooky music that was dumb, sure, but she did all the damage herself. Like, just compare the scale
>a youtuber makes a video more dramatic by adding spooky music and spooky clips
>A licensed professional therapist who is sworn to a very specific code of ethics demonizes an entire subset of of mentally ill people because she thinks its her job to "protect" the population from those creepy people, and then throws a hissy fit over mean comments and refuses to recognize her mistakes blaming viewers for misunderstanding her, all while shilling her book and a "therapy" website she gets paid for. Deceives a 21 year old public figure so she can publicly diagnose him in front of 18 million people without his consent based on her being in the same room as him for a couple of hours. Ethics who?

Shane is a media personality with no mental health training or education past high-school whose literal job is to make dramatic click-bait videos. Shane is not expected to know better.
Kati is a licensed professional with a master's degree in mental health who committed to a code of ethics when she received said licensure. She should absolutely know better than this.

There's plenty of things that went wrong with the Jake Paul series that Shane could apologize for, the biggest one was including Kati in it at all. But Kati's words and actions are not his responsibility and she's the one who needs to own up to her mistakes instead of gaslighting the fuck out of Shane until his does something like this.

No. 723688

>she's empathetic and can just ~feel~ vibes off people
to me that's a huge red flag for being a narcissist. note how often they say that shit.

No. 723747

File: 1540882021830.jpg (6.5 KB, 275x240, 1486886427149.jpg)

>jeffree looks kind of like the final pam

No. 723756

This is the first time I've seen Jesse involve himself with drama, but he is asking legit questions.

Video is very short, he talks about the "investors" mentioned in the Mind of Jake Paul series

No. 723932

Nerd City's reply

No. 723973

posted two days ago. the thread is not that busy that it would be easy to miss.


No. 724761

I think I’ve found a way for Shane to redeem himself!

He wants to be God’s gift to ~broken~ controversial famous people, right? Well, what about Alex Jones? He’s “broken”, quite controversial, and a fellow conspiracyfag.

Shane gets his daily tinfoil and views and we get our milk from these two lunatics.

Everyone wins!

No. 724778

ot (and i know it's already been said) but damn shane PLEASE go back to your trio videos with drew and garret. fuck, even just drew. i really like drew and i think he and shane have a great chemistry. garret is a little too try-hard. it's endearing at times but damn, dude. only in small quantities. i want videos similar to "Making a Weird Music Video with Drew". that one was too fucking funny (until ryland made me cringe to oblivion)
p.s. shane, leave ryland

No. 724802

The best video I saw on Shane so far.

No. 724849

Lol love the "in your face" sarcasm

No. 724852

Are you insane or just sadistic? All we do not need right now is to give a lunatic like Alex Jones access to Shane's platform.
Like, we all know Shane is probably right wing but let's not lump him together with an alt-right hero.

No. 724864

File: 1541077924119.png (374.77 KB, 610x513, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 8.03…)

Shane retweeting that good content. I get that Tana's just controversial, but it just feels icky for Shane to support since he's basically obsessed (jokingly) with Jojo and has even collabed with her.

No. 724866

Wtf,SHE'S FIFTEEN! How does tana not see how creepy that is? Why does she take it a step further and @ her too?

No. 724872

Absolutely disgusting

No. 724905

P cool of Shane to retweet, considering his pedophile allegations

No. 724906

Shen is disgusting but what is new, this is juts to gross she is 15 why will you dress up like a hooker version of A KID ???

No. 724916

File: 1541088339881.jpg (53.5 KB, 600x600, sexy-harry-potter-costume.jpg)

I mean, sexualizing underage fictional characters is nothing new (doesn't make it any less fucked up tho) but this is a real human 15 year old girl? so fucked up.

I haven't checked to see if there's been any backlash yet….but I can only assume it's on it's way if not already?

No. 724917

File: 1541088758457.jpg (22.09 KB, 200x229, 1403234345393.jpg)

jfc imagine being Jojo's parents and seeing some gross hoe like Tana sexualizing their child for attention, @ing her and seeing adults she's been around retweeting it. This is all kinds of wrong.

No. 724918

Do you have any milk on this?

No. 724922

Eh I mean, it's not that interesting really. Just seems like it was Shane being dumb and trying to be funny and Onion really tried to stir some shit up. It's old milk at this point and he's already addressed it several times.

I can't remember what vid it was but there was a video comparing Shane making that comment to Gurg's….7000 inappropriate jokes. It's really just a matter of one fucked up idiotic attention seeking pot calling another slightly less dumb kettle black.

No. 724923

Oh, found it. It's from iNabber, so take it with a grain of salt, but obviously Gurg is an insane person and basically admits it's bullshit when pressed. But STILL, considering it's something Shane had to actually address, just seems like a bad idea to show any support of behavior like >>724864

No. 725002

File: 1541101433919.jpg (50.42 KB, 500x648, IMG_2427.JPG)

Why's this just absolutely scream, "I'm trying to be Kurt Cobain" to me

You can't be the idea of a "tortured rockstar" if you're…just some dude

No. 725057

More of Shane's children doin shit

No. 725062

File: 1541108341264.png (411.77 KB, 724x426, Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 4.38…)

Holy shit….there's a 4 year old actually living there? That kid is gonna be so fucked up and confused when he grows up.

No. 725063

Fuck I totally forgot about this channel.
They're so good with their research and presentation, it's crazy how they don't have 1mil subscribers yet.

No. 725137

Aw c’mon anon!

Who’s gonna save us from teh evol illuminati other than these ~fine Christian gentlemen~?

Besides, maybe that super male vitality will give Shane’s manliness back

No. 725165

I hope that kid mentions Jake's hilarious combover because the 10+ salaried friends standing around surely won't.

No. 725197

File: 1541129130306.png (454.14 KB, 578x701, screenshot.png)

Actually there are TWO small kids living there, even better!

Also saw this on twitter too. lmao can you fucken imagine

No. 725208

After Tyler Shields and the pile of shit he dropped her in, you'd think Kathy might be a better judge of character but nope.

No. 725387

Damn, good way of putting it anon

No. 725392

File: 1541175433545.png (159.73 KB, 1200x800, fellowkids.png)

I thought their collab was sweet tbh, since it was clear he and his mom were such big fans.

But yeah I dunno what the deal is with Kathy clinging to youtubers now? I guess I could kind of understand her and JS being friends cause they both just like to be ~controversial~ but it feels like everyone else is just her trying to cling to relevancy

No. 726212

New Ryland video. Can you imagine being the company that sponsored this video and then half of it is them buying lube and talking about how a drink has the consistency of cum? Woof.

Also, seems like Shane's losing it, wandering around in public in a bathrobe and talking about how he's been going long periods of time without bathing or changing his clothes. The Mukbang part made me feel bad for him, food is so clearly a sore subject and it seems like Ryland's kind of insensitive to that sometimes. This seems like the worst state he's been in in a while. At least he's got a new bff Jake!!

No. 726229

I was just watching this and Shane has really hit rock bottom with his mental health and everything else going on. Might be an over reach but he seems like he’s Xanax or benzo in this video

No. 726230

He has a Xanax script for sure, he took his Xanny on video when he & his “crew” took that vacation to Texas recently

No. 726524

It's so sad to se Rayland saying to Shane that is ok to eat while Shane is in that state. Did anybody notice how he "ate" that reese's?
Shane really needs some help… and not go to a therapist, I mean being hospitalized.

No. 726613

File: 1541359445217.png (580.03 KB, 943x488, Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 12.5…)

Yeah, I mean say what you want about his content but this is clearly a very real issue. I was one of the people shitting on them earlier about the BlueApron video and them only ever ordering food and never cooking, but then when Shane and Ryland were talking about how Ryland's like…not allowed to go grocery shopping because Shane is afraid to have food in the house….it just makes sense I guess?

And yeah why would he go to a therapist when probably the only therapist he knows is Kati Morton (who has worked in an ED clinic) who's parading him out on her channel to take the blame for everything when he's CLEARLY spiraling out and needs help. I never got through that whole video >>723626 but I think that's the robe she gave him, so maybe the "Mukbang" was right after filming this? (hard to tell since he never changes his clothes). It wouldn't surprise me if he's losing it/relapsing into ED habits in this video in part because of Kati's blaming him for everything. The video was basically him eating his salad? thing and watching Ryland eat a whole table of Burger King while showing photos of Ryland with a 6-pack.

The other version of "therapy" he probably knows is BetterHelp, which is obviously bullshit and given the amount of people who have gotten rejected for their issues being "too severe" for BH, there's no way they can help with an ED.

He needs a REAL therapist. Not a scam app. Not a fame hungry manipulative "therapist friend" like Kati. Also he needs to take a real break from the internet.

No. 726642

I kinda hate how Ryland is around Shane when it comes to food and health in general. It's almost like Ryland flaunts how thin he is and how much he can eat while Shane is clearly struggling with that kind of thing. I know Shane sometimes plays it off as funny, but I wouldn't be surprised if it actually bothered him. You know he has ED issues, why sit in front of him and chow down on Burger King instead of doing it somewhere else? Especially if he's struggling harder/relapsing.

No. 726694

I noticed that a lot already, he actually does. Ryland very often makes really random statements about his own body kind of as if he wants to remind Shane that he is thin, sporty,confident and whatnot. I get the worst vibes from Ryland sometimes. Kind of toxic. And as much as I hope he isn't just with Shane for e-fame and money I wouldn't be surprised if he is. He always was fame hungry and did everything to become famous online and getting with Shane made it really easy for him..

No. 726787


Agreed, Ryland seems like a shitty, BORING person. I don't understand why they are together…it has always seemed like a weird match to me. Both Ryland and Morgan read boring and a little dumb to me. At least Morgan is a bit charming/cute?

No. 726909

oh god i genuinely had no idea they're together. the jeffree documentary was the first time i had seen shane in years and they didn't register as a couple at all to me, and i know he's bi so it wasn't because of that. they had no noticeable chemistry and didn't introduce or refer to themselves as bfs or anything over multiple days. i figured they were just some gay friends. and ryland doesn't seem confident at all to me. he seems like one of those insecure dudes who gets salty about his insecurity.

sorry if that's blogposty but i figured it goes to show how awkward of a pair they are.

No. 727076

its because ryland is using him for money/fame, its obvious.

anyone else think ryland is gonna transition? he keeps dressing up as female popstars and pointing out that he wants to look feminine. and if shane dumps him, it'd give him a bigger/stronger fan base

No. 727137

Nah, I know exactly what you mean. I was aware of him but I never watched Shane back in the day, but the grav3yardgirl series popped up and I watched that because I didn't know anything about Shane or Bunny and I thought it might be interesting. I think I got through that one and the Tanacon one and it still wasn't until I watched some other random videos that I realized they were dating. To be fair though I mean, Ryland's not the focus of those or anything. But I also just thought he was Shane's gay friend.

Yeah, they are kind of an odd pair. But, I know he met both Ryland and Garrett on Tinder, so I dunno how that would work out as far as only dating him for money. Especially cause I feel like it hasn't been until the past few years/WITH Garrett and Ryland and the crew that he's made his "comeback" or whatever. Cause when he was doing videos alone it was mostly just all the food ones right? And that didn't really further his yt career in any way. And he met Andrew through Garrett as well, so I think his crew now is what revived his "money/fame" or whatever. I think he was stagnating before.

I think there was a James Charles video or something where Shane says when he and Ryland first started dating Ryland didn't know what youtube was (I assume he means like, youtube as a career).

So, idk, I don't think he would have STARTED dating Shane for money/fame (because I think Shane was only going downward at that time) but he did get all of his millions of subscribers and shit from Shane. But so did Morgan and Garrett. Yt's that weird thing where popularity = money, so Ryland dating Shane wouldn't make him money, but Shane did give him all his followers yt expertise.

No. 727373

hahahaha Erika and Jake broke up because Jake cheated on her with an IG model..if their relationship was real in the first place. Is Shane and his fans going to realize that Jake is clearly a piece of shit like Alissa said? Orrrr will Shanes quest to be liked by Jake cloud that.

No. 727375

Ryland is defffinitely just in it for money. And this is out there but I think Shane stays with Ryland 1. Out of comfort 2. Because Ryland is kind of everything Shane wants to be (more so when they first got together)

as in Ryland is thin and small, good looking, he has a cool kid i'm better than you type of personality. I'm convinced after watching his series he surrounds himself with those people wanting to be accepted by them/viewed in the same group as them. And Ryland fits that bill

No. 727502

This again makes me believe Shane and Jake made a deal to make him look good instead of this "I didn't want to like him but, I can't help it!!" shit that Shane wants to claim. Shane got all the views he needed already, Jake and Erika breaking up will literally have no effect on him even though it should raise eyebrows considering how much they highlighted how totally real and deep their relationship was. Like Andrew kept zooming in on them, Jake claiming all this shit about "how he's totally changed because of her" and Shane and the others just pushing how great they are together like they've been with each other for years but they only been "dating" for like…4 months or some shit? And they're both so young, it was ridicules they even try to push them as soulmates to begin with but, I think they did that to make Alissa look less creditable because showing Jake as a "good boyfriend" can help the narrative that he wasn't as abusive as Alissa was claiming.

No. 727576

I totally agree with everything you said. Such a HUGE focus of the series was on their relationship. I completely think it was to push an agenda by Shane. Maybe he genuinely did believe that they were a good couple but he’s a 30 year old man..the second they said they were together for only 4 months anyone would be like oh shit that’s a super short time. Ugh it’s so frustrating to me. I hope his fans see that they broke up and question Shane on it and his conclusion on jake being a good guy.

Shane would probably find a way to twist it though. Like Jake is a good guy! He’s just so damaged by evil Alissa that he can’t have a healthy relationship. I can soooo picture Shane saying that

No. 727579

Samefag but I just thought about it and the fact Shane hasn’t tweeted about it makes me think he’s inserting him into the drama behind the scenes. He’s probably dming them and trying to get them back together. He would definitely do that even though jake straight up cheated.

No. 727611

I think even if he acknowledges the break up and the cheating, he's still going to backpedal and make Jake a victim because it probably goes against some agreement he made with him or if there is anything genuine about the series is that Shane has a soft spot for Jake because he also went through a divorce and had a not so good relationship with his dad in his youth.

Boohoo wahh doesn't excuse him being a manwhore. But, his audience is young so him being 21 and dating someone for a few months is HUUUGE to them. Jake is just going to keep going through women and profit off of the relationships, I wouldn't give a fuck if it didn't delve into off the camera emotional abuse and Jake in the series, which was suppose to be him being 100% real, claiming he could see him and Alissa married with kids and shit which is again only something his young viewers would believe but under the context that Shane was talking to them on a real level, it means Shane is hiding something and/or Jake really is that fucking scummy.

No. 727891


No. 727896


No. 727907

>Jake Paul is a liar and uses girls as he likes
Color me surprised. Watch Erika get kicked out out the team 10 house just like Alyssa.

I think Ryland is just really ignorant and doesn't really understand eating disorders/mental health issues that well, and Shane seems to think making jokes about his dysfunctional behaviour is a substitute for therapy. Hell, Shane even did a mukbank with Trisha Paytas in their "swapping lives" video and basically spent the whole time being uncomfortable and taking one bite off everything.

No. 727912

I watched Ryland on Clevver well before he dated Shane, (that's where they actually met, Shane did a Beauty Break video I think). Ryland use to be roommates with Drew from Clevver before moving in with Shane.

Anyway, Ryland always seemed to live a healthy lifestyle eat well, work out, do yoga. He's pretty flexible so must be pretty disciplined with it.

Personally I think it's unreasonable for a household to not keep food because one member has an eating disorder. Why promote that as the normal rather than the healthier lifestyle? Imagine every time you want to eat you have to order or go out, that would be dysfunctional af. Ryland clearly adjusted for Shane. Shane's also got weird sleeping habits whereas when Ryland worked on Clevver it was a 9-5,or late nights depending on events. I wondered why Ryland left working there, but I think living with Shane would have been difficult and maintaining that schedule. I believe Shane asked him to leave and for him to support him. Shane seems very needy and they talk about children after not that long dating. Shane's got major issues

No. 728430

File: 1541640393096.png (155.62 KB, 611x542, Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 6.42…)

Big yikes. I was wondering if they had actually broken up a while ago, in Trisha's video at the house Erika wasn't there (even though the rest of the house seemed to be hanging out in the kitchen), and there was no mention of her at all even when Trisha and Jake were whining about how they don't have any friends and they're gonna be bffs now

No. 728432

File: 1541640771026.png (39.28 KB, 582x157, shane.png)

Surprised Shane would treat the situation so lightly. He's basically making a joke about it? I don't feel bad for Jake at all, but this just seems like an inappropriate response to someone who you were touting as your "family" and went out of your way to help. Now he's acting like he had no part in any of this.

No. 728439

Do they really not keep any food in the house? I guess maybe they're applying the same logic one would with an alcoholic (no drinks in the house) but you sort of need food to live. If it's THAT bad, keep only ingredients or stuff that isn't fun to binge on, otherwise lock the cabinets.

No. 728478

Well at least he’s been mature about it I guess?

Shane’s response definitely made me eye roll. No matter how shitty someone is why make a joke?

No. 728487

I'm really confused about the timeline of it all. So they broke up after the "documentary" was filmed but before it aired?

No. 728507

The timeline really makes no sense. In my opinion, Jake and Erika were probably in the same sort of relationship him and Alissa were in aka they were "together" but she was aware that he was also sleeping with ig models and probably cool with it since she is getting fame/money from team 10. Now that Shane's documentary showed them as this "committed in love couple" (how they wanted to be percieved) its embarrassing for her/them so that's why they are ending things. Like it came out months ago that jake was dming a different ig model to bang, erika def knew yet no break up. Cheating would conflict too much with this good guy public image they tried hard to make, so now the story is changed to that they already had ended things. Which makes no sense with tweets/videos and the ig models statement.

To me it was soooo weird that Shane didn't bring any of the previous cheating rumors up to Erika OR Jake. like it was ALL over gossip sites/channels. That with Shane's lack of shock about the breakup really makes me feel like Shane had some deal with Jake. Like to not talk about this or that and to make him look good. Win, win for both sides.

No. 728568

yeah, i don't buy him being sad at all, in fact he's probably pissed that the "loving boyfriend" image he begged shane to sculpt for him crumbled and his redemption arc didn't pan out at all. i could totally see this being a move to stop the cheating rumors by manipulating the timeline to the public and relying on the fact that only jake and shane's crew know when they were filming/ how long it was in production for. that or the relationship was just never genuine at ALL and erika was cool with faking it until this huge ordeal with shane's series not turning out as great as they'd thought it would/ too much bad publicity or whatever, like she just doesn't wanna be associated with him anymore. idk what the truth is but it's obviously not this >>728430

on the topic of shane's mental health i think ryland's new video clearly points towards him either relapsing or struggling very heavily with his ED. like other anons said, refusing to have any food at all in the house isn't something you do when you're in recovery, that's straight up ED behavior and it makes me feel sad for shane because i've been there and it seems like his circle are either just very ignorant/ uneducated on mental health shit, don't care, or are unable to talk to him seriously about getting actual help without it being another self-deprecating punchline for views

No. 728577

yea it is really ED behavior. Kati since she's a therapist should really advise him to see someone and a nutritionist. I really can't stand Shane anymore but he should take this break and in that time get off social media and really work on himself. I know that won't happen but it's really what he should do and what Ryland should be encouraging.

No. 728580

He must go really hard on the bingeing since he is not a small man. It's interesting that it's becoming clearer that he's unhinged- very thriving ED, never washing - he has given me the creeps for years and now I see why. Having millions of viewers would actually incentivize me to eat better and wash, but it has no effect on him…maybe because all those people humor his behavior.

No. 728649

Funny you should mention alcoholism. It seems the only consumable items you DO see in his house are Diet Dr. Pepper and alcohol.

No. 728652

This just drives home that Shane doesn't actually give a shit about any of this, he just wants ~exciting~ content. I wonder if they actually broke up during the doc and he just swept it under the rug.

>I can barely hold it together as I do so
yeah, I call bullshit on that.

No. 728677

I mean they seem to eat fast food almost exclusively and there are a lot of mukbangs and eating videos on his channel. And that's just what he's willing to show us. I'd say it's pretty clear that he binges several thousand calories worth of food at least semi regularly and it's all really fatty, sugary stuff.

No. 729008

I’ve never enjoyed Shane’s content but his problems with body dysmorphia and eating disorders is relatable. I don’t think Shane ever got help after he lost all of that weight. I honestly don’t think he’s seriously tried professional help and put some effort into it. If it’s this clear to a bunch of internet strangers that he’s relapsing/getting worse, then why hasn’t his squad and Ryland done anything? It’s apparent that they haven’t, and I like Garrett but the two of them REALLY fuel each other’s eating disorder habits.

No. 729053

Yeah it's obvious that Garrett is worse than Shane when it comes to making a joke about his mental illnesses
It's very evident in his new videos about his hoarding lifestyle, like Shane was the one who actually came in and took it upon himself to show Garrett all the shit he was holding onto and helped him understand why his habits weren't healthy and made him face the fact he can't give everything sentimental value. Meanwhile- everyone else just stood around doing the absolute minimum and not lending any moral support because they don't understand how crippling shit like that is and I think ultimately that will be the reason him and Ryland won't last because they're opposites in a bad and unhealthy way and can't support each other that deeply.
Shane's issue is that he just wants to be the healer in everyones life because he can't do that for himself which is just causing more damage when he clings onto shitty people like Jake Paul and Jeffree, people who can never be fixed.

I know its been said that Shane still hangs out with Drew but it really doesn't seem like they hang out as much as they did which is sad. Shane and Drew were good opposites and they managed to balance each other out even with all their mental chaos because they both were aware and open of their mental issues and actually supported each other through it.
Now Shane is spiraling and Drew is in hiding because they don't have a good support system anymore.

Jesus sorry if this is armchair or blog posting but I figure I'd give my two cents because the road Shane is going back down could really ruin his life and relationships

No. 729344

garrett has an eating disorder too?

i think it's actually getting worse the more popular/successful he gets. like he sees that he can 'get away with it' and not just retain but gain fans showering once a month and wearing the same shirt for a week. i understand he's obviously depressed but i find it weird and creepy he doesn't even seem to have a sense of shame about his gross behaviour. who would casually admit to pissing in bottles in their own house?

No. 729584

Any opinions on the Game Theory video on Jake? It's mostly about Jake but Mattpat touches on the possibility that Shane might have gotten paid to do the documentary in a more sympathetic angle, something some anons already were suspicious of iirc

No. 729586

Linking the actual vid would be helpful here anon…

No. 729587

File: 1541787817706.jpg (73.44 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I don't think Garrett has an ED, I think he's just self conscious about his body because he used to be bigger as well, and because he's single and gay. But we never see him avoiding food or joking about not eating the way Shane does.

Garrett just seems like a giant inflatable tube man.

No. 729596

I wasn't quite sure if it was fitting, since it's like 90% Jake and 10% Shane.

No. 729602

we can discuss jake here. he is ~part of da famiwy uwu~ according to shane after all.

No. 729937

Oh wow. That was actually super, super interesting. I didn’t really think of the fact that Shane didn’t explicitly ask Jake money questions like he did with Jeffree. But let’s be real, Shane knew and so did everyone else after Jeffree’s docu that it is EXTREMELY profitable and also huge publicity to be his documentary subject. Not to mention Shane has basically branded himself at this point as a damage control guy, shining everyone in a good light by the end of his series’. It actually would make a lot of sense if some big investors saw this and made some type of deal with Shane. As much as I don’t want to believe that happened, it would explain why there was SO many things not talked about that would have been damning to Jake’s good guy persona.

No. 730024

It's a defense mechanism, he "jokes" about how gross he is before anyone else can find out and do it. It also lowers the expectations because he never claims to be anything more than a gross slob.

Garrett doesn't seem to be doing as bad as Shane, but it's definitely a problem that neither of their closest friends or even Shane's partner seem the slighest bit educated about mental health problems and probably don't think it's that serious because they "joke" about it constantly.

No. 730155

Part 2 was just released, I'm so curious about what kind of conclusion he's going to come to and I love all the shade he throws at Shane at the end of both parts

No. 730996

Exactly, I have a couple of friends that do the same thing. They joke about themselves before people can do it, and it's a bad move because that only opens the door for people to feel comfortable joining in on the fun. I'm sure when people joke about him he feels like dying inside, even if he started it. Also I'm sad to say most of Shane's humor comes from being gross and hating himself. Being "relatable". He probably fears that if he fixes his issues he won't be the class clown anymore and people won't find him funny. Take the ED and "I hate myself" jokes out and there's not much left. I hope he seeks help and moves from that type of humor to something else, I think he's creative and funny enough to do it.

I also wouldn't shit on his friends too much, we have no idea what happens outside of what we see on a YT video. Maybe they do address his issues and want him to change, but it's hard to make someone do something they don't want to do. I also think Shane looks super fragile and I would imagine they are scared of bringing his ED up with him.

I also don't think Ryland is with Shane only for the money, I do think they need to work on some stuff to have a healthier relationship. But after seeing several videos of them and the one where they share their Tinder conversations when they met, I just have a feeling that they really love each other.

Some people where talking about the fact that they are not very loving on camera and look more like friends, but to be honest I don't know many gay couples that are touchy-feely with each other in public. I think a lot of them get used to avoiding it because of homophobes that may insult them.

No. 731688

File: 1542144419433.jpg (87.35 KB, 554x1199, Drw3dv9XQAIOgSn.jpg)

defy media, smosh's parent company, closed down

No. 731689

File: 1542144440340.png (52.73 KB, 627x359, iBKXhKn.png)

No. 731692

File: 1542144840014.png (81.85 KB, 618x556, xU9RtGR.png)

No. 731705

Huh. I didn't know Ryland was with a…company? I guess? What would be the point of that for Ryland? I could see with channels that needed funding to produce "projects" and shit, but Ryland just like…dicks around in his videos? I don't get it.

No. 731731

Jesus, this response literally sounds like something Onision would say. No wonder they hate each other so much, they're so similar.

No. 731742

I bet he's writing the script for his next documentary right now

No. 731744

From my understanding, Ryland started his personal youtube channel when he still was working at Clevver (owned by Defy) and therefore they "owned" his channel, for lack of a better word… if you look up Lily Marston on youtube she talked about how her personal channel was owned by Defy and that she never saw any of the ad revenue from the vids she made on there. I could be way wrong though, sorry

No. 731842

would honestly rather see a docu vid about this than his jake paul/better help.

No. 731869

If Shane was capable of thorough investigation, a video about these media companies and MCNs who screw over their creators and then drop like flies would be really great.

I guess since this one affects him personally there's at least more of a chance.

No. 731872

If Shane was capable of thorough investigation, a video about these media companies and MCNs who screw over their creators and then drop like flies would be really great.

I guess since this one affects him personally there's at least more of a chance.

No. 731914

Most YouTubers with a decent amount of subscribers are part of one network or another. YouTube networks basically just poach successful channels and don't really care much about their actual content so long as they can get a cut. Also, the amount of input a network has on a channel greatly varies depending on the network, some do absolutely nothing while others work really closely with the creators and help them handle legal issues, collabs, and the like.
Considering this network appears to have fucked over it's clients, it was probably a shit network that would pick up anything and had no real input.

No. 732204

File: 1542234490394.png (79.07 KB, 590x349, screenshot.png)


No. 732206

He probably smells so bad all the time.

No. 732213

Does he think this makes him quirky? Like I get he wants to be #sorelatble to all the "misfits"/bullied kids of the world but, this is a little much. It's equivalent to bragging about not brushing your teeth for days, being unhygienic isn't cool Shane, it's not something to promote and encourage considering nobody wants to be around those who smell like shit 24/7.

No. 732222

his sex life has to be nonexistent. I cannot imagine fucking someone who goes unbathed for weeks and wears the same dirty clothes that entire time.

No. 732236

I know "The Mind of _____" is kind of a joke at this point, but someone needs to do a "docuseries" on Shane (and by that I mean an intervention). Show him how gross and unhygienic and mentally unhealthy he's become. If they film it all he can still do his whole "I've been trying to help other people….but really I needed help!" bit and get hella views.

No. 732246

imagine getting intimate with a guy who a) hasn't washed or changed in days and b) while knowing that there is a bottle of his piss next to the bed. how do you even get aroused in a situation like that?
i actually like shane most of the time and it's really sad to see him get worse like this

No. 732269

Shane's hygiene habits aside, it almost seems impossible to believe that he and Ryland do anything more than kiss. They just give off a fake vibe to me and seem more like roommates who kiss occasionally and joke about sex.

No. 732401

Not to mention that Shane seems so insecure about his looks and body, I can't really imagine him being comfortable enough to do anything even if Ryland somehow managed to ignore the lack of hygiene.

No. 732713

According to his ex-gf Lisa in her latest video, she was also with defy. Shane called her and warned her of what was happening and helped her get her channel back. That was surprisingly smart and nice of Shane. Maybe he actually could have some ways to help all the people that lost their jobs because of it.
Don’t want to be gross but they probably do have sex. Shane got a UTI recently right? Often they’re caused by sex and fecal matter and aren’t even easy for a man to get because the urethra is so long compared to females who get them way more often. Or I guess maybe it’s just his lack of hygiene in general

No. 732716

it's gonna be his lack of general hygiene. he talks all the time about not showering for days/weeks at a time so i can't imagine someone as prissy seeming as ryland

yeah i remember him mentioning not wanting to shower because it would mean being naked and seeing his body. can't really see how someone like that has a regular sex life

jeffree comes across creepy and gross as fuck. everyone would have reacted completely differently if garret were a girl and jeffree were straight. but shane is apparently incapable of calling out the shitty behaviour of anyone he's getting millions of views off of

No. 732726

I wish Shane would get some therapy. he really has no room to speculate on anyone's mental health when his has gone wildly unchecked and it's very obvious.

No. 732727

File: 1542317120985.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.06 KB, 1024x576, uwu my body issues.jpg)

Does no one remember when he did the ice bucket challenge naked from the waist down and left the video up for days even after people told him his dick was visible?
He's really not that uncomfortable with his body and maybe shouldn't be taken at face value all the time.

No. 732763

why was he half naked for this…

also that was back before he gained a lot of weight, wasn't it? he's probably 100x more insecure now that he's overweight again.

No. 732771

what the fuck lmao i certainly wasnt expecting to see shanes dick today

its true that he was at his physical peak at that time but this is more a lack of uh pudor because you dont actually see much of his body

No. 733007

File: 1542343368918.png (530.07 KB, 578x602, twitter.png)

"Been wearing the same clothes for a week" is probably an under-estimation. Has he changed out of that robe since the last video?

No. 733009

File: 1542343706103.gif (2.8 MB, 540x269, tumblr_owxla7wH9k1rrkahjo3_540…)

God, why is this so funny? Why was he completely naked from the waist down? Also wasn't there a whole thing where Ryland's nudes got leaked too?

No. 733010

No. 733081

idk but i burst out laughing. the fact that he was standing there with his dick hanging out from under his shirt in the first place. the fact that he knew he was making a video, but thought "hmm, no i don't need pants. it'll be fine." the fact that he didn't even throw on some underwear just in case the camera moved down a little or something. we love a sister who takes risks

No. 733085

This is amazing

No. 733089


Ok so this is really funny but It's also creepy af though if you think about it..his audience is primarily underage. A full grown man kept up a video up for days you could see his dick in even though people pointed it out? what???

I don't want to seem like Onision here or give him any ammo with any pedo stuff because I dont for one second think Shane is, but that is actually so weird to me that he would 1.Film nude in the firstplace 2.Not take it down immediately (if the earlier anon is right.)
I don't think it's cause he has some fucked up motive or that it was purposeful but I think it's another example, like these documentaries, about how Shane really doesn't give two shits about his audience or what he shares as long as he is benefiting somehow. It would have taken two seconds to remove/re-edit the video but he was probably just too lazy to. Just my opinion

No. 733094

damn i didn't think of it that way. another thing is that if it's the fucking ice bucket challenge he knows he's going to get ice water immediately and directly on his junk?! like if there was ever a time to cover your dick even though people won't see it was then. i can't imagine a guy not realizing that he's going to pour ice water right on his balls. if it was a shoulders up talking video or something i would give him the benefit of the doubt but now it's so fucking weird.

No. 733096

He gained a lot of weight since then and honestly, yes you can see his dick but it's not like he's giving a clear frontal shot.

No. 733102

lmao right?! I don't have a dick so I don't know but i'm pretty fucking sure if my boyfriend had to do the ice bucket challenge he'd be protecting his dick from the ice at all cost.
That was in his more "edgy" days right? Maybe he was trying to be controversial or just a little humorous shock value thing..slightly blurred yet you know he's did it with his dick out? idk

No. 733121

He probably just didn't realize that the surface was reflective enough that you'd be able to see anything or that there's be a reflection in the shot.
That said, there's a whole fetish community centered around people taking photos of reflective surfaces while nude and uploading them to sfw sites so tinfoil away if you want.

No. 733122

i honestly can't think of a motive or reason for him to do it other than some weird self-flagellating mental illness thing.

No. 733152

>didnt realize

Did you read the part where the comment section was notifying him about it but he just plain ignored it and let it stay for days?
Thats exhibitionism (with an underaged fanbase), you don't sit on a large fanbase, hear that your whole dick is out (while knowing you were pants and underwearless) then ignore it for days without there being something seriously wrong with you from the get go.

No. 733179

I can imagine it's easy to miss when you get thousands of comments daily

No. 733182

From the fake vogue magazine video Ryland bitches that Shane would rather watch pornography than have sex with him. (And hints that Shane has a porn obsession. It can happen when no one wants to fuck you when you're a teenager.) So I think it's Shane not wanting it, not Ryland not wanting it.

No. 733191

ayrt, I meant during filming. Clearly afterwards he just didn't care.

No. 733194

Does he even read his comments? It's still weird but I think you're reading a bit too much into his motives.

No. 733287

You all really think Shane is as gross as he claims he is? Because I think that's just him playing up his character, just like Ryland plays up the "deluxe spoiled prince(ss)" and Morgan plays up the "relatable clumsy teen girl". Like yeah he might be somewhat gross and unhygienic, but I think in reality when he says he hasn's showered for a week he means 2 days, or when he says he wore the same clothes for however long he probably didn't actually. Like I noticed how Shane always wore the pig shirt in his own video to the point everyone thoughts it's really his only outfit. But on Rylands channel he would always wear different clothes too. Again, I don't think Shane is the cleanest person out there but a lot of him behaving like a pig is exaggerated and his character.

No. 733339

File: 1542397137988.jpeg (184.87 KB, 640x474, C5F9016F-E237-4C06-93B1-F971E1…)

Well yeah cuz you’re JewTube’s residential ~therapist~

No. 733350

"jewtube" god you sound so retarded, fuck off with your lame tinfoil hat conspiracy theories

No. 733351

So… Someone tell me why there's a whole ass ''diaper'' segment in this video? (starting from 6:07). Like, I get that it's supposed to be funny, but it just comes across as creepy to me. Ryland actually pisses himself while wearing the diapers for no reason at 7:28.

No. 733408

All anon did was use a word people have been using for years in imageboards you stupid newfag

No. 733438

Considering he went to find EVERY video criticizing him whenever he uploads a video and responds to a ton of irrelevant comments that are not flattering him, I’d say Shane 100% obsessively reads comments when he puts out content. Not to mention I’m sure comments about his dick showing would be thumbed up and show at the top of the comment section.
I think it’s part of his persona. Just like this new thing he does where he acts constantly shocked and like a vulnerable child in his videos, is not what Shane is actually like day to day. He definitely is unkempt to an extent but his fans just eat up the whole poor Shane he’s so relatable, not changing clothes/looking homeless and being self deprecating when in fact he’s a multi millionaire. Shane walking around looking hot and wearing Gucci just wouldn’t fit his persona. After this most recent documentary I’m convinced, like the theories guy said in his video, that Shane is portraying things how he wants to in ways that portray how he wants to be viewed by everyone.

No. 733446

I was going to bring this up a while ago but couldn't find the video again. It's one of the very few modern Shane videos I've seen and that part made me really uncomfortable, sexualizing diapers is really weird and they could have just left that footage out. It's not even "edgy" it just makes the both if them seem really creepy, it's just not the kind of thing you share with the entire world imo.

No. 733544

I agree, I remember feeling really awkward when that part came up (he was also acting like an unlikable brat the whole time). It's not funny, just highly inappropriate. It's like when I think back to his binge eating videos and he's constantly making jokes about dicks and gay sex, it can be humorous but it gets obnoxious fast, and then really creepy when you remember just how young the majority of his fanbase is. But I really don't know if he's too stupid and oblivious to realise this or if he actually knows and just….doesn't care? Or carries on with it for whatever bizarre reason.

No. 733565

I think he uses this jokes on purpose, kids usually like 'edgy' humor I guess? I also noticed that he loves to joke how ugly/fat he is and I cant't stand it. After a while if this is not just an act you should find help (not bs betterhelp) or cut the crap because it looks like fishing for compliments.

You know, I hate to say this but maybe Onision is right - they should be together, they are made for each other - both drama queens, Shane dont shower, Onion showers 5 times a day, Onion is selfish, Shane loves to play Oprah, both used to do skits with silly characters.. they are two sides of one shitty yt coin.

No. 733607

Yeah, I don't believe for a second that he actually peed in them.

No. 733667

I just want to have a quick rant
I bet yall have seen some of his horror vlogs when he supposedly went to haunted places and fuck around right? There was this specific vid that urks me in the wrong way was where him and his squad went on a haunted cruise ship iirc? I dont know why but i hate it when people purposely try to call out the dead with no valid reason, and when they replied they act all scared and shit. Didn’t they know what disrespecting the dead means? And when I tried to actually confront Shane about it, his fan, for the greastest reason ever told me because he likes dark things!? I like dark things too, but I know what boundaries ment…doing these things aren’t healthy,playing with fire is dangerous…

No. 733669

I agree that his dirty pig “I don’t shower” persona is probably just an amplified version of himself, but seeing as he apparently genuinely struggles with his self image and depression, I could believe it if it wasn’t a /constant/ joke. It gets old, like rylands prissy persona and Morgan’s “uwu look at how irresponsible and cRaZy I am” persona.

This may be tinfoily, but it seems like Morgan and ryland try to copy shane, ie having a branding they try to follow. Sure, many youtubers do it, but it seems The Squad™ goes a little overboard with it, at least imo.

No. 733705

Their "squad" is basically like the cast of a sitcom, every character has their own shitck. I agree that they're probably exaggerated versions of their personalities, every time Shane goes on a podcast he comes across a lot more calm and subdued because you can only keep up the persona for so long.

No. 733869

Yes exactly! And it’s genius tbh. Right now in the squad there’s someone everyone can relate to on some level but I don’t think we often ever get to see them being real. It’s all just amplified characters.

Shane just posted something like “if you see me in target or another home store give me a hug” which is a sweet sentiment but another reminder to his young fans “I’m just like you! See! I go to target too!” I’m sure he does but I hate the way he tries to make it seem like he isn’t absolutely loaded and just laverage.

No. 733886

Yeah, I don't doubt he does go to target or walmart every now and then or goes for a week without showering (shockingly easy to do when you're depressed), but he really amps it up and it's not realistic. It's almost like he's the opposite of Jeffree Star in that regard, Jeffree goes all out to flaunt his wealth, Shane deliberately wears a ratty T-shirt with a hole in it while having a closet full of decent clothes in his lovely L.A. house that his average viewer could definitely not afford.

No. 733911

Honey, ghosts aren't real.

No. 734539

seriously i’m so tired of adults who believe in ghosts

No. 735265


You guys sound like those atheist nutwits who tell every religious person there’s no god.

Anyway, I wonder if shane will do a house tour now that he’s settling into his new place. How long until it’s absolutely disgusting like his old place?

No. 735267

You sound so butthurt. Do you check under your bed every night?

No. 735481

Don't derail the thread if you don't have milk or anything interesting to say

No. 735526

File: 1542758542779.jpeg (306.35 KB, 1152x2048, 6E307B9C-20A3-4308-B831-DBE0D3…)

Shane’s new merch…

When you try to act like a farmhand and derail the thread further.

No. 735543

Jfc, this is the most low effort shit I've seen in a while. Seriously, merch from smalltime YouTubers looks better than this.
Aren't Shane and Andrew "editing gods"? Surely that means they could take at least 10 minutes of their day to photoshop something better?

No. 735550

Art is by some artist named Ross. Probably felt bad for the dude and promised to smack the design on some stuff.

No. 735551

Uh… hate to break it to you but youtubers often don't design ALL or any of their merch. Plus the artist that did do those isn't featured in most of his merch probably cause he sucks. Some of the art designs are actually pretty cool imo

No. 735785

This doesn’t even look like Shane though besides the mouth/expression.. to me I’m getting more of a ryland vibe to the face

No. 735795

I'm not talking about the drawing, which I think it looks fine, I'm talking about the overall design of the whole merch.
From the lazy AF font to the ugly ass semi-galaxy background and the stupid choice of using the same imagem for the bottons and the shirts. I would take them literally 5 minutes to render that shit and make something cleaner and a thousand times better.
And if he really isn't in charge of this (which I highly doubt exactly because of how low effort this looks) then he should hire someone better plain and simple.

No. 735806

This looks like he found some fanart on tumblr and slapped it on a shirt (which is probably exactly what happened). Who'd wear that?

No. 735883


idk, says some artist made it for him. there's many salty ~artists~ in the thread asking to be featured next, so shane is basically getting his merch done for him by his fans

No. 736037

File: 1542848118235.jpeg (217.72 KB, 750x741, D2D2AC55-8EB0-4C35-A8AF-B93A99…)

No. 736039

File: 1542848146491.jpeg (511.83 KB, 750x1198, EFE87583-AC4E-4547-AB4D-314E3D…)

No. 736044

what a horrible body

No. 736049

This is something he proudly admits to?

He’s really let himself go. It almost makes me feel bad for him. He used to be in better shape a few years ago. You’d think with a slim boyfriend making him self conscious 24/7 he’d be in better health. People calling him a “thicc queen” and shit only seems to encourage him. You can really tell how pushing himself with these docu series’ has sent him on a downward spiral. And he says forcing 5 videos a week made him feel like shit. Seems like working on these intense, overdrawn out series’ has been the actual downfall of his health, mentally and physically.

No. 736050

YIKES why would you inform the public about your hemorroids and why do you have elderly people diseases

No. 736074

>thinking he's serious
pretty sure he's taking a page out of the timmy timato "self deprecating gross tmi things that didnt really happen but im gonna say it and its gonna be funny because im a funny gay boi" book with this one

No. 736115


Doesnt he have a home gym? no reason for him to be this out of shape aside from pure laziness and not caring.

No. 736118

he is very public about his hemorrhoids though. like he's mentioned them in way too many of his videos

No. 736293

honestly his bod's not that bad, he just looks like an average guy. nice clothes and grooming would make a world of difference

No. 736359

File: 1542913350959.png (975.4 KB, 640x1136, 6EE5E96B-64F8-461E-831B-1B61C8…)


No. 736366

yeah I was gonna say, he honestly looks on the upper end of average to me, maybe chubby. the way people talk about him you'd think he was 300lbs but I just don't see it.

ryland looks like a fucking cryptid.

No. 736380

I don't understand how anyone takes the gross shit he says seriously, him saying he has hemorrhoids means very little when the first 8 years of his online career were based on him saying gross shit for shock value.

Shane isn't skinny but he doesn't look horrible imo, he would be perfectly decent if he tried not to look homeless 24/7.

No. 736404

He's just downplaying his wealth.

No. 736453

File: 1542922869319.jpeg (235.59 KB, 640x558, 67750A41-7F1C-4882-87B7-0075DA…)

For what, getting fucked in the ass while on the toilet?? Ewww

No. 736500

so gross

No. 736552

he's the poster boy for low T, anon. his body is fucking disgusting.

insane to see a comment like yours on fucking lolcow.farm of all places.

No. 736589

So he will one day end up ~transitioning~ like Chris-Chan?

No. 736595

Obvious fan gtfo

No. 736739

>"Shane says shit for shock value and doesn't look horrible"
>obvious fan gtfo !!!11
Are you ok, anon

No. 736802

Maybe. I remember an old post on here about that actually (probably in the yt general)

No. 737801

Agreed, he's definitely not fat. He's pretty average and on the chubbier side, but if he just fucking took care of himself and didn't project such a nasty image to the public he wouldn't seem so bad. Like wtf is this shit >>736453

No. 738723

Drew uploaded a “final” video.

No. 738732

He's gained a lot of weight. Looks kind of like a younger, more racially ambiguous Dahmer tbh. That lighting doesn't help.

No. 738734

>“final” video.
isn't it the opposite? He's coming back, apparently.

This is pretty sad. It sounds like he feels trapped being a "social media person", and doesn't know what else to do.

No. 738762

jeez, he looks…different.

No. 738848

Is this that faggot from the trump rally acting like a tard, also doesn't he hang out with Christine??

No. 738854

I don’t think Drew knows who cwc is, anon sadface

No. 738863

Sorry I meant Christine seldiko, like I could swear she did a few lets plays with him.

No. 738901


the thing with shane is that you have to understand that this man was, what, four hundred pounds at one point? he had a tummy tuck, but all the extra skin in his legs/thighs is probably still there (i vaguely remember a skit where he was dressed as lady gaga in a white bodysuit and was shocked that someone as small as he was had such wide, jiggly thighs).

tl;dr, unpopular opinion: i think he looks great for what he's accomplished & how he suffers about his body image.

No. 738942

yup, he mentions appearing on her podcast in the vid

No. 739311

No. 739318

>>739311 Shane's knuckle looks raw af. he's obviously actively purging.

No. 739362

It’s not “obvious” he’s doing anything. There’s many reasons his knuckle could be raw. There’s a lot of other factors of bulimia to consider before determining somebody has it just because of a raw knuckle.

No. 739369

>>739362 Shane has a long history of bulimia tho

No. 740582

File: 1543514183275.png (788.99 KB, 579x991, twitter.png)

He really is just like….wearing that bathrobe everyday and out in public huh. I wonder if he's washed it since Kati gave it to him?

No. 740704

This is so cringey even when high schoolers do it. From an adult, it's just totally embarrassing.

No. 741598

Has anyone seen Shane’s latest Snapchat? He’s going back to making tinfoil videos

No. 741673

It makes sense as filler between big series. The pressure of what huge thing to put out next is obviously getting to him.

No. 741763

It's sad because he's even making a big deal out of a stupid conspiracies video. Saying he and andrew are working ~so hard~ and it'll be out after the holidays. It doesn't take over a month to film a shitty conspiracy video

No. 741783

Maybe he’s interviewing Alex Jones, “researching” pizzagate, investigating whether the California fires are a government inside-job just like 9/11 (which he believes too)…

But I think it’s investigating the Cali fires tbh

No. 741837

i hope he's not doing anything about the fires, some people have lost everything, pretty disrespectful to turn it into "but what if it's government LASERS???" clickbait for gullible 13 year olds

No. 741854

Garrett uploaded a new video. Shane is acting… I can't even describe it. It's the saddest thing I've ever seen. Why is he acting like he's so fucking depressed, moping around like this? Does he regret making the Jake Paul videos? I think he's just trying to act like a victim for some reason, but I seriously don't get why.

No. 741862

He probably does regret it he went from having the whole of YouTube loving him and giving him praise to being a meme for his over dramatics, I like Shane and he is capable of good content but his series on Jake Paul was just horrible
Nerd City did a much better summary of him tbh

No. 741866

Wow, who thought making docs about heavily controversial profiles with a sympathetic angle would somehow blow up in his face one day.

No. 741868

He should keep his hair shorter (shorter than in the video, it’s at a pretty bad length)
I’m 110% over Shane and don’t like him at all anymore, along with about everyone else he’s associated with. But idk I can’t not like Drew, I hope he’s doing better

No. 742573

the fag youre thinking of isnt him you retard, it's lil phag/i forgot what his real name is. they had a big falling out.

No. 742592

that's a lot of emotion for elijah daniel, latefriend

No. 742615

Drew did videos with Christine too, idiot. No one was confusing him with Elijah.

No. 742674

I think it was the making a scene at a Trump rally thing that would lean towards it being Elijah and not Drew

No. 743328

File: 1543889353031.jpeg (488.7 KB, 1910x2048, 0C0A4A60-2473-4843-B44D-250578…)

Shane sweetie stahp! You look like an autistic villain

A greasy autistic villain

No. 743337


I was thinking of this fag, still not a 100% sure if its him or not but dude has the same nose and wonky ass hairline.

No. 743365

Do you have prosopagnosia or something? What the fuck

No. 743372

lmao anon they sound and look nothing alike

No. 743474

but anon, he has GUCCI SLIDES so it's fine! he's Rich!!!

ok blindfag

No. 743564

Oh shit my nigga u rite! He be BALLIN’!

No. 743777

Shane and Ryland mentioned in a video Shane asked him to pee on him during sex once. think it was in the fake Vogue video?

just remembered in his collab video with Tana Mongeaux he told Tana to pee on him "as a joke" and she actually did. still on youtube i think. he prob popped a chub during it, they were wrestling around and shit too.

I dunno, i've been thinking about him lately and have been realizing he's kind of manipulative and skeezy. the fact he has piss bottles in his room and car is really gross.

No. 743882

Ssh! Onision might be lurking!

No. 743926

gross. although i find the idea of him popping anything over a girl hard to believe tbh

No. 743997

shane and ryland's new house tour

No. 744015

ryland looking like a young perez hilton

No. 744171

I only just saw the video. Jesus christ he needs to get his body in order. Popping laxatives non-stop as a method of getting thinner is really not healthy


No. 744179

it's a nice house, but like I don't really see them as getting farm animals/gardening or farming in that little plot of land. Also if they do do that I feel it's going to be someone doing it for them.

No. 744527

i'm happy for them but something about how shane STILL has this try-hard uber-recluse/hermit attitude weeks later makes me feel bad for ryland (and this is coming from someone who likes ryland the least out of the entire squad). like someone else mentioned, he seems like the healthier, active/ outdoors type who's very well-suited for this kind of home, but it feels like he really had to sacrifice his lifestyle for shane's throughout their relationship. ryland looks genuinely excited for all the plans they have for it in the future and all shane can do is cower in his sad smelly robe and say "cool i get to be outdoors without actually leaving my house….. now where's my woot beer uwu"

i have no idea what kind of content shane even plans on making whenever he does make his return to youtube, he really shot himself in the foot by overdoing the whole branding himself as a "docuseries" youtube-oprah-figure thing. if he's able to (and especially since both drew and garrett are back on youtube) I would love to see the return of the spooky boys or a similar kind of vlogging style, if only because that's one of the only real enjoyable apsects of shane's content, and another crackhead conspiracy video or "cult leader meals mukbang " video would make me want to kms

No. 744595

Let him. I'm a petty little thotty that likes watching him sperg.

No. 744597

yeah, the spooky boys series is what got me into Shane. never liked him much when i was younger, couldn't get into those loud ass, so random skits. i like the vids of them just goofing around. Drew cracks me up so much

No. 744662

File: 1544096637855.png (114.04 KB, 640x629, IMG_4273.PNG)

Actual kek seeing his fans turn on him in my explore feed, his docu series has really helped the snake eat itself. Its just like the first time his hype died down, he gets caught up in drama he creates himself and he is always on the wrong side of the tracks.
Its just now instead of saying the N word and edgy dead baby jokes, hes a bathrobe caped crusader encrusted in his own dick cheese while defending the worst men and women of youtube in a sad attempt at a ~sooper srs documentari~ that has about the same level of nuance as his conspiracy theories. (Read: worse than creepypastas written by 13yr olds)

No. 745884

This constant isolation is going to make him into a degenerated social media personality. And they want to adopt kids? Yikes.

No. 746957

File: 1544471851676.png (120.99 KB, 750x522, twitter.png)

I'm so confused by this….did they move into Jeffree's billionaire neighborhood?

Also I'm surprised they showed so much of the outsides of their house. Isn't that how crazy fans show up at your house? Jenna Marbles was very guarded about not showing the outside of their new house, and people still found it pretty easily.

No. 746960

Isn't it a gated community?

No. 746967

Well that's why I'm so confused by that tweet. The video makes it seem like they're out in the middle of nowhere and have a "farm", which doesn't seem like it would necessarily be in a neighborhood to me. I also really doubt they could afford a neighborhood like Jeffree's (where the Kardashians etc also live). So does Jeffree just mean they're in the same city now or something? idk

Unrelated but just in watching the house tour: I find Ryland to be pretty insufferable most of the time, but for some reason I find it really refreshing that he's so open and confident about wanting kids. I guess it just feels like an oddity with our generation, and even more so for people whose whole lives/celebrity would be seriously disrupted by children. Maybe it's because they're a gay couple? I feel like with straight couples it's always that jokey "~IF we have kids~" even if they actually do want them, because there's always that chance that something could go wrong or whatever. Idk, maybe I'm overthinking it.

No. 747013

It was hard to get through this video. they're both so obnoxious. Also, shane wanting to already knock down a wall for bullshit is ridiculous considering how nice that place already is. He kept acting like a child.

The way they show off so much of the house (outside especially) is gonna bite them in the ass. And they want kids? just great..

No. 747014

Ryland does seem like someone who is more outgoing and wants to utilize the properly. meanwhile a slob like Shane would let it all go to waste. Sad. I could see ryland out playing with the dogs in all that space and maybe gardening? but Shane would be locked into one room.

Hope they at least invest in a home gym

No. 747515

They live in Calabasas and their home cost $3 million. Someone found where they live and he lied and said that wasn't his house. He's trying to be very guarded about living close to Jeffree to keep up his 'poor' illusion that no one falls for.

No. 747531

>$3 million
Are you serious? Are houses in the US made of cardboard? I thought it would be way more expensive

No. 747532

Used to work in a similar neighborhood like this and there are varying tiers of houses in them, all above a million each but a variety of sizes and prices. The farm and garden plot isn't unusual because the super rich would buy a house like that as a weekend or summer home to play farmer and hire people to deal with it year round. Not only is the house expensive but they are paying obscene amounts monthly for access to the trails around the mountain, the security, and the clubhouse complex.
It doesn't really matter that people know where they are because it's definitely gated. Places like this have great security that they are paying dearly for. Even ""the help"" have to be cleared at the gate every time.

I don't usually like Ryland but I actually did in this video, when he slips the prissy persona he's more likeable. At least he'll know what to do with a hobby farm since he grew up with one.

No. 747542

>she believed in Shane's constant "omg i'm so poor!" bs
come on, anon
He has been a successful YouTuber for 10 years and this year alone he was constantly making 10 Million views per video. You need to be very gullible to believe that.

No. 748426

File: 1544680123665.png (77.66 KB, 750x620, IMG_5102.png)

uh oh

No. 748512

mark my words, they're making a palette together and the series will be going through the whole process of it. it's gonna be boring as shit

No. 749072

So oinion boy has made a one-hour “documentary” about Shane. It’s just him repeatedly screeching all his previous accusations towards Shane again.

I’d link the video but I’m on my phone

No. 749097

Exactly what i'm thinking. A boring makeup palette .

No. 749205

ugh, have we figured out a way to actually watch that stuff without giving him views? Here's the vid either way.

No. 749217

No. 749256

Bless, anon.

No. 749767

I know this isnt an onision thread, but jesus fuck hes retarded. Not only are his points unrelated tangents but the audio is all over the place. Could he not spend the extra 4 hours to make all the audio the same volume so i dont have to constantly change it myself?

Like i was begining to not like shane after most of the stuff talked about in this thread but this video just makes me want to root for him again and onision to fuck off and die as a channel already

No. 749784

Kek, I know what you mean anon. The fact that Onion gets so worked up about him only works in Shane's favor. I wonder how much more Shane can take before he sinks to Gurg's level and snaps at him.

No. 749816

I'm hopefully waiting for the day when it finally happens, there is a limit to how much you can ignore someone that keeps openly attacking you anyway so it's bound to happen.

Imagine Greg's spergout when he FINALLY gets some attention from his hate-crush, it would be such a treat.

No. 749888

What? You can only get a cramped terraced house with a tiny back yard in London for that.

No. 749945

Isn't it all the more important to investigate if they were an inside job given the scale of devastation? We've had plenty of 'crackpot conspiracy theories' proven true/uncovered years down the line. With the track record the government has of fucking people over and pretending like nothing happened, I seriously wouldn't put it past them to test their DEWS/lasers and expect the public to just shrug and carry on. I would be stoked for SHane to do some videos on the fires, Pizzagate too, becaus ethat is one I am 100% convinced on. It was shut down and swept under the carpet so fuckign swiftly despite all the damning evidence. Even the non tinfoil hat brigade were like WTF at those emails, websites, Instagrm accounts, the secret art gallery and the Podestas'/A;efantis' private collections + Marina Abramovic connections.

No. 749949

Plenty of peopl ehave hemorroids but just dont talk about it, but if they did maybe they'd get help quicker rather than suffering in silence for years on end. If you have emtional problems and an ED you'll probably have bowel probems as well

No. 749988

File: 1544991137347.jpg (53.87 KB, 640x1138, 1544648274271.jpg)

You're probably right.

No. 749999

Uuugh, I cannot see the point in using Shane of all people for a collaboration on a make up palette. It seems super pointless.
Unless it's Shane trying to re-endear himself to everyone following the """docu-series""" criticism palavar, given that beauty shite was so popular this year. Maybe I'm missing something - seeing as I'm not a follower of Shane's actual content really - but Shane being involved with make up seems boring and pointless.

But then, he is pals with Jeffree so I suppose that explains it.

No. 750157

File: 1545018232803.png (446.37 KB, 615x594, Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 9.37…)

All I can think of is Shane rubbing his gross fingers into that makeup and then putting it all over his unwashed face. (Because I strongly doubt he actually knows how to use that brush outside of posing with it)

No. 750222

Shane doesnt know shit about makeup. And maybe it's me personally, but i'm sick of youtubers releasing makeup palettes. It's always trash

No. 750236

People who are not experts pushing bullshit is how retarded conspiracies like pizzagate spread and people get hurt.
There is zero evidence for that shit. Zero. The 'non-tinfoil brigade' dismissed it as fucking ridiculous. Bunch of high level pedos decide to use 4chan slang and basically advertise themselves, right. Most of the 'evidence' you cite is just straight up invention and sick fantasy. We need less talk of that kind of shit, not more.


What are the colours gonna be, Piss in a Bottle yellow? Grimy green? Sociopath blue?
What a shameless cash grab, fuck. wtf does know about or have to do with makeup.

No. 750255

I'm so confused about this collab because afaik Shane has never really showed any actual interest in makeup and he isn't exactly the epitome of beauty and self-care. This is such a weird decision.

No. 750269

Real Talk: probably a root beer one (brown) or a pig (pink) uhhhh probably one named after their dog Honey, Cheeto (orange). Then a bunch of conspiracy bullshit. I'd say maybe ones named after their creepy fake babies, but that's more Garrett's thing.

No. 751968

Kati is being featured on SciShow Psych. .. I'm very disappointed by that, I love this channel and I would have thought Hank Green would do more research or at least be aware of what happened, idk

No. 751974

File: 1545378979759.jpg (547.22 KB, 2048x2048, pixlr.jpg)

the comment section is divided, half of it is " awww I love Kati" , the other half is like pic related.

No. 751982

File: 1545381441323.png (713.36 KB, 1345x630, dftba.png)

>I would have thought Hank Green would do more research or at least be aware of what happened, idk
Nah, she's been partnered with the Green brothers network for a while as "one of their creators". Her merch is sold through their website.

No. 752168

File: 1545421320992.jpeg (812.8 KB, 1242x1584, 78AD81BD-5628-41B3-AD9D-944FD9…)

Shane “I’m totally not a pedo” Dawson(nitpicking)

No. 752177

How does comparing pictures of him and his bf make him a pedo?
Gurg level reach

No. 752216

had no idea, I never checked their website, thank you for clarifying !
I'm even more disappointed now though kek, she doesn't deserve their exposure at all.

No. 752287

I hope you didn't break your back from that reach

No. 752338

Bit of a reach, but I do agree that he should probably be choosing his words/actions more carefully. "Hotter" is probably the wrong term, you probably shouldn't retweet Tana dressed up like a slutty JoJo Siwa, etc etc. Just have SOME common sense, it's truly not that hard.

No. 752501


oh dear god a "therapist" with merch?! can you imagine

"oh cool sweatshirt where did you get it?"
"my therapist's online shop!!11!one!"

No. 753965

File: 1545770540560.png (1.57 MB, 1234x741, shaneconfess.png)

"waaaaaah stop giving me even the slightest bit of criticism it makes me saaaaaad"
What is even the point of having a confession blog/instagram if they're going to delete anything that is slightly negative, could people PLEASE stop coddling this adult man?

No. 753969

How pathetic is he and how much time does he have where he can just browse his tags reading stupid 'confessionals'.
I knew he was a manchild since his peak days but jesus talk about just letting the world know you're a fucking loser who can't even handle the tamest opinions unless it pees on you and calls you pretty.

No. 753980

How is it a "negative" confession. Whoever wrote this obviously had Shane's mental health in mind. People aren't even allowed to express their opinion if it doesn't revolve around kissing his ass? Shane's such a pathetic whiny 30-YEAR-OLD baby, I cannot…

No. 753997

How did this confession make him sad? They didn't criticize him, they didn't say anything bad about him, they didn't even say that he "should" do something to make them happy. They just wished Shane would do something they thought would help him and his mental health. Does someone caring about his well-being make him sad? What's this guy's damage?

No. 754012

Because anything that isn't pandering to his precious fee-fees is bullying, even worse when he is asked to do his job as a youtuber.

No. 754097

to be fair, I strongly doubt she's ACTUALLY working as a therapist since she's been on her crusade for internet fame, so I doubt she has actual patients. She's too big for that now!!

No. 754100

File: 1545796708612.png (46.91 KB, 572x186, km.png)

Reach for the stars, Kati.

No. 754113

Kati sweetie, I think he's looking for a PROPER therapist and not a shitty Youtube hack that sells merch…

No. 754120

>There is zero evidence for that shit. Zero.

Yeah because they were totally talking about pizza, hot dogs, pasta, and dominos in the e-mails. "WhAt Is Code LaNgUaGe LOL???"

Go to Youtube and search for Pizzagate Primer, watch it, and if you still believe that a "Haitian special" is a food dish I have a bridge to sell you. I know off topic sperg, but how do you think child sex rings continue to exist? This shit is happening. Oh and let me know what you think of Tony Podesta's creepy paintings of tied up children hanging up in his home, just "art" right? Oops.

No. 754173

The pedo art is the worst thing. They are so proud of it they advertise it. I read some stuff on Instagram around the time people were talking about it and it seems legit. Criminals are not intelligent, and they are proud of their crimes. It adds up. Sorry for OT

He probably doesn't like the photo, how many subscribers does he have, and comments he gets every day, to get offended at this polite suggestion?!

No. 754506

Shane threw a small tantrum on Twitter about being constantly “torn down” on the internet for ten years. I would have felt more sorry for him if he didn’t whine and cry the moment someone doesn’t agree with him. Getting negative comments comes with the job, you should know this by now Shane. You’d think he’d grow a thicker skin after ten years as a public profile

No. 754647

Getting torn down means getting confessions like this one>>753965 where someone suggested just taking a break and doing something else video wise for a bit. That's it. It's ridiculous to see these grown adults whine about public opinions when it's not even bad. I'd like to see more creepy conspiracy theory videos, like that one with his brother was good but I guess that's "hate" now

No. 755092

It just shows he's either mentally unstable or a man-child who cannot take criticism even at the ripe age of 30

No. 755131

I personally think it’s mostly the former. Depression, anxiety, BDD, eating disorder, abandonment/daddy issues… Lots of issues with him. Impulsively ranting and crying online like that definitely shows he is in the middle of a manic episode. He shouldn’t be coddle because of it, though. He should talk to his therapist when he is having an episode instead of looking for moral support from his young fans. But you also wouldn’t be wrong to call him a man-child because he is so emotionally immature to think it is a good idea in the first place.

I’m actually a fan of Shane’s but he does disappoint me when he gets like this.

No. 755160

File: 1545987250618.png (372.64 KB, 1116x510, jeebus.png)

More power to you for still being a fan, I would never be able to respect someone that has a history of sending their 'stans' after anyone that that even gives him the mildest form av criticism

No. 755240

Oh of course, some 'code words' = massive conspiracy that can be unraveled by some pesky kids on 4chan because they decided to use fucking chanspeak in their super secret club. If you have a bridge to sell me, I am guessing it's because you were dumb enough to fucking buy it. Probably from the same place you bought the 'creepy art' that, you know, doesn't actually exist.

Again: zero ACTUAL evidence. and LMAO that your proof is … a youtube video. Get some therapy from Kati.

No. 755246

I feel like in this situation people just said “shane never said to attack the fan” but he must realize that when he attacks her himself behind the mask of “I’m sad stop telling me what to do” that his fans are going to get upset and call her selfish, mean, etc.

These docuseries he’s doing just aren’t working in favor of his mental health. What happened to “posting 5 times a week was bad for me so I quit”? The docuseries are essentially the same, although he’s dragging them out and taking his time with editing them. They’re still putting him under the same or similar stress. It all comes down to what’s making that $$$money$$$ so videos like the conspiracy theories, spooky boys, and the videos fans MISS, videos he obviously loved making because he was having fun with friends and NOT stressing over editing hundreds of hours of footage are put on the back burner because he can’t make a huge profit from them.

No. 755569

>Again: zero ACTUAL evidence. and LMAO that your proof is … a youtube video. Get some therapy from Kati.

The video compiles plenty of information that pains a pretty clear picture of what we are dealing with but obviously you didn't bother to watch it because instead of educating yourself you would rather brush it off with "hurrrr durrrr 4chan amiright?" Plenty of people go to Youtube for information, just because there are crackpots like Katie doesn't mean all of it is bullshit.

>Probably from the same place you bought the 'creepy art' that, you know, doesn't actually exist.

Yep it doesn't exist. That's why when you Google Tony Podesta's art collection it doesn't pop right up in images. Oh wait. Anyway I'm done with this faggot. Sorry for the sperg.

No. 755648

This thread went from trashing Shane and his posse to Tony Pedesta's pedo art collection

No. 755689

does shane only own 5 shirts? discuss.

No. 755713

File: 1546072305015.png (494.11 KB, 581x570, Screen Shot 2018-12-29 at 2.30…)

Ick. Imagine what that robe smells like now.

I think he's down to 2 shirts and a robe.

No. 755964

During the #metoo era, he talked about Hollywood pedos and the outcome of the kids who suffered by them. Weeks (or was it months?) later, the “Shane’s a pedophile!!!” video (not the Onision one) came to surface and I think that was a threat to stop talking.

Is it even safe to openly talk about #pizzagate now? I’m sure this is a topic he’d be highly interested in yet didn’t talk about it back in 2016 when it exploded and probably didn’t out of fear of getting shut down or threats of it, but now…?

FBI/CIA/MI6/Mossad agent confirmed.

No. 756068

I really miss SimplyNailogical posting actual videos. She's never going to be a lolcow and you can't blame her if she's just not interested in doing something anymore, but ffs Christine just do some damn nail art occasionally

>can't even handle the tamest opinions unless it pees on you and calls you pretty.
If I was a famous person with a platform I'd steal this

No. 756127

Is this even the thread for Nailogical? Either way she's already stated she's not interested in doing nail art anymore and that she enjoys making comedy videos instead.

No. 756137

Scroll to the top and you’ll see it’s about Shane Dawson you walnut

No. 757587

File: 1546393403067.png (603.24 KB, 613x734, eww.PNG)

This whole wearing the robe in public thing looks grimier every time he posts it

No. 757673

Honestly I don't doubt he's got mental health issues but I'm starting to believe that he's playing them up in order to try and deflect criticism and make people feel bad for him.

No. 757675

Christ….this is terrible even for "crazy people in Walmart" standards. If I saw him in public I would cross the street and double check that I have pepper spray with me.

No. 757699

Has he EVER taken that damn thing off since Kati gave it to him?

No. 757716

Nah, probably hasn't showered since then either kek

No. 757749

File: 1546441332846.png (91.95 KB, 604x394, Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 9.00…)


No. 757802

Think it's a smart move on his behalf. All of his 'target' audience is raving about the Bird Box thing and probably tweet about it. Mention that and someone you want to promote - oof. Now that he has replied, all of his stans are gonna push it too so more people see it lmao

I don't think he needs the advertisement at this point, but it's still very smart

No. 758066

What? How is Iggy Azalea tweeting something "a smart move on Shane's behalf"? This comment reads like pure nonsense.

No. 758325

It's weird, he seems to have zero understanding of exactly how famous he is, possibly due to his hermit lifestyle. He's a way bigger deal than that irrelevant trash now but still gushes over being noticed by a "real" celebrity. I guess the success is really messing with his underdog/victim complex

No. 758360

parody account confirmed

I think they're suggesting he's up Wiggy's ass and wants to collab with her or something. It is a bit hard to decipher.

It's not weird, really. Anyone who isn't A-list does this shit now, especially instagrammers and youtubers because they know they're second-class celebs.
Out of the two of them, way more people would recognise her than him.

No. 767273

File: 1547695932876.jpeg (82.33 KB, 750x588, 551707D0-9B0A-480E-BB63-F05303…)

What a SUBTLE secret surprise for Shane. Cringe incoming, I’m sure.

No. 767405

God, this is so spot on. The fucking robe.

No. 767872

Jeffree bought an entire pig themed Gucci collection for Shane

No. 768018

I wonder what’s gonna happen that may involve potential lolsuits. Is he gonna uncover that the fluoride really is turning the frogs gay???

No. 768073

File: 1547879290848.png (462.32 KB, 947x490, ss.png)

Oh, ick. Everything Jeffree does feels so manufactured and fake, even his "friendship" with Shane. The scene of him trying to be all casual and sweet and kiss his boyfriend while acting like there wasn't camera man and lighting in their faces just made my skin crawl. It's all so staged. How convenient that he ~shows up to surprise Shane out of the kindness of his heart~ the day before Shane drops his new series trailer. What are the odds!

Also kek at Jeffree for wasting $15,000 on someone who's literally worn the same shirt (his own merch) for like, 3 years straight now. Jeffree does a lot of nice things for people, but it always benefits him some way and he can never not brag about it in some way
>he's all about giving, like me
>I'm someone that likes to give
>I'm so WINDED from carrying all these GIANT GUCCI BAGS in

No. 768075

File: 1547879814217.png (908.35 KB, 1010x830, ss_1.png)

Also look I don't know anything about Gucci or designers but this shit is ugly as fuck

No. 768084

Ryland was SO stoked, prancing around and shouting after any thing was opened. He’s most likely going to be the one using 90% of the Gucci things. Doesn’t even bother hiding how greedy he is lol

No. 768087

File: 1547881935472.png (2.14 MB, 980x2815, ryland.png)

Ok sorry for all the caps but this video is honestly comedy gold. The camera man just keeps zooming into Ryland in the background watching his gross boyfriend get a shitton of Gucci that he (Ryland, notorious Gucci-whore) can't even steal because it's all 5 sizes too big for him. Every one of these is a separate time Ryland was watching Shane open something just going
>haha wow….
>haha iconic….
in the most unenthusiastic tone in the background. He couldn't even pretend he wasn't jealous and annoyed (until Jeffree gave him a gift that he immediately put on, and then he was in a good mood).

It's honestly like a scene straight out of The Office or Parks and Rec.

No. 768091

Lmao holy shit I love this. Just look at that upward curled lip baring his teeth, he’s absolutely seething.

No. 768259

The bottom one would make a good reaction image

No. 769043

Man, I just can't get over how much Jake Paul blew it after Shane's video. He got all the free good press in the world and literally the only advice Shane had for him was
>Erika is good for you
>Stop selling shit to kids
and he fucked it up so hard on both fronts.

Almost makes me understand Shane's complete mental decline. Quality/opinion aside it would have taken a lot of time/work (compared to other youtubers) to make that "docuseries" and in the end he nearly wrecked his reputation and career over some idiot who learned absolutely nothing from the experience. Regardless of if Shane was actually trying to help Jake Paul or not, all Jake had to do was be like, 1% less shitty than he was before Shane. That series was completely useless and out of date less than 2 months after he put it out, the only thing it was good for was outing BetterHelp (which led to…..nothing?) and making Shane look terrible. Like, what the fuck was any of that for? It was all just a GIANT waste of everyone's time, but especially Shane's.

No. 772674

File: 1548635128946.jpeg (855.57 KB, 1242x2057, 543C38F5-0CBE-42BE-8589-E39D38…)

Will people ever stop sucking this mans dick?
His content is so mediocre yet people act like he’s a genius, is YouTube really THAT shit that the bar is this low

No. 772675

What the actual fuck. Shane is a fully grown man and if he needs this much sugar to work he’s not doing to well at all. Plenty of people work long hours everyday WITHOUT a 24 pack of soda. Not only is he slowly killing himself but it’s not sustainable in the long term. If he even manages to make it to 40 he’ll be too burn out and sluggish to do anything for his “fans”.

No. 772677

All the visible cans are diet soda, and most are caffeine-free, so he’s not getting an energy boost from them, even. It’s just a testament to manchildhood that he has a table full of empty fizzy drink cans.

No. 772910

File: 1548698093452.png (118.98 KB, 443x200, ss.png)

God, I saw him post this pic earlier and cringed at it, but the added commentary is WILD.

>He looks physically exhausted

He literally looks like that every single day, he's been wearing the same shirt and bragging about not bathing and pissing in bottles for years now

It's just gotten worse since the Jake Paul series, and him wandering around in an unbathed dissociative state in a bath robe that a fake youtube therapist gave him for for the past few months, but again that's nothing new.

>that amount of artificial sugar is not healthy at all but he's doing it for us, the fans

I honestly can't even understand the mental gymnastics of this one. Like >>772677 said it's not even a caffeine thing, so what does that have to do with "the fans"? No one's making him drink that shit, those cans could all be seltzer water or just fucking bottles of water. This doesn't show any dedication, just how gross he is.

Also considering how much he brags about not brushing his teeth, can you imagine how gross his teeth and mouth must be if he's drinking THAT much sugar? How can he put up with that? How can Ryland put up with that? How are all his teeth not just covered in cavities and falling out?

>He's staying up late past what his energy allows, editing videos just so he can get them up it time

He's had 3 months off? If he's "staying up late past what his energy allows" then it's his own damn fault?

No. 772918

He's been so clearly deteriorating since Jake Paul and all his other "controversial" series. I hope this series is him getting back to doing dumb, spooky, silly stuff with his friends. The whole appeal of youtube and vloggers and storytime bullshit is that false sense of intimacy. Viewers love feeling like they're part of your life, or that you're their friend and you're just hanging out, like you're talking JUST to them.

I actually really enjoyed this Ryland vid, because it totally captures the feeling of what it's like to just do dumb drunk chaotic shit with your friends at 2 am. Even if it's not, this kind of content feels genuine. Not like the fake crying "feel bad for this extremely rich and privileged person who won't take accountability for their actions :((((" bullshit.

Kinda ot but I really enjoy Jenna Marbles vids for the same reason, they just feel like fun dumb chaos. But her new beautiful fancy house feels almost too sterile and perfect, like "perfect rich youtuber's house, everything is grey and white". Even though she's doing the same stuff, her old house felt lived in and chaotic and real and colorful. These fancy sterile grey youtuber houses don't feel relatable to viewers, I wonder how Shane's new house will feel in that sense. I mean, at least Jeffree has his own personality in his.

No. 772967

he's right we don't deserve these overhyped shitty videos pandering to rich problematic youtubers and dumbass conspiracy videos where all his tween fans become convinced that the earth is flat

No. 773005

File: 1548709167276.jpeg (38.54 KB, 460x363, 0CE58DA7-BA21-4134-A1A0-7579CA…)

The whole not sleeping or showering or living in bathrobes and especially the whole pissing in bottles deal; is he setting himself up to be youtube's Howard Hughes? If not, seriously go get help, dude. I understand body issues but I don't get crossing the line into absolute lack of self care that borders on serious shit. It's genuinely disturbing, there's no reason for him to live this way.

No. 773010

>JS talking about actually trying to fuck a woman (?), talking about fucking Nathan and Rylands, S offering to lick Rylan's sweat away
These guys are so gross, if it was straight youtuber talking about their gf in this way in viral videos aimed at teen girls it wouldn't pass

>This is just a little token of my appreciation
Says the youtuber to his camera man, angling the Gucci haul towards the studio light

No. 773137

They are def not gonna last.

No. 773162


they seem so annoyed and passive aggressive with each other in this video. a big red flags in relationships is consistent dismissal/ignoring your partner's emotional bids (e.g., "Hey, I'm interested in X, can I show you/talk about X?") and that seemed apparent throughout this whole video.

No. 773163

File: 1548742216726.png (439.88 KB, 945x485, Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 11.5…)

(I assume you meant to respond to the Jeff vid and not Shane's)

But yeah, same thing with Jeffree saying he's not wearing underwear and sitting in that short-ass dress on Shane's couch. Barf. Just because you buy someone a bunch of shit they didn't ask for and don't need doesn't mean you can be disgusting and disrespectful to them. Whenever Jeffree inevitably has a falling out with Shane it's going to be Jeffree's same old reprise "I did everything for him, bought him $15,000 of Gucci and he just USED me and took advantage of my kindness!"

>Says the youtuber to his camera man, angling the Gucci haul towards the studio light

This with Jeff and his boyfriend in the garage. So fake and gross feeling "*camera man make sure you're here with the studio light filming me just being ~candid and casual and sweet~ with my boyfriend*".

It almost felt like Jeffree got flustered when Shane remembered his camera guy and was friendly and said hello to him. Like, he suddenly had to act like they're best friends too when he probably just sees him as "the help"

No. 773187


>It almost felt like Jeffree got flustered when Shane remembered his camera guy and was friendly and said hello to him. Like, he suddenly had to act like they're best friends too when he probably just sees him as "the help"

I believe that’s how all Shane’s friends view him, and that’s why he doesn’t have and can’t keep any genuine friendships outside of his main friend group. They use him to build their reputations back up and shane falls for their act every time (like the tanacon situation, as a perfect example). He’s their yOuTuBe DaD who solves all their problems by helping them manipulate people into thinking they’re good people.

Honestly, his only true friend seems to be Garrett. Maybe drew too, but drew is like one of those friends who comes and goes throughout your life but you’re still close to.

Shane will always be too gullible to realize most people in his life are using him.

No. 773201

>implying shane isn't 100% using people himself and being just as fake and vapid as jeffree lmao

No. 773213

Shane is basically a lazy slob. When he was with Lisa, he seemed to pay more attention to his appearance, but nowadays he just embraces being a disgusting pig who can't be bothered with basic hygiene.

No. 773691

File: 1548880947849.png (244.35 KB, 569x426, shanedelay.png)

So it's been over 3 months since his last upload. He's been sitting in a robe making a museum of slime. Is anyone shocked they've pulled an allnighter like dumb college freshman to meet a deadline? And failed to hit it?

I'm gonna expect it's because he's trying to weave in new info.

No. 773749

The Alex Jones sho-I mean, Shane’s conspiracy video is up

No. 773751

this vid is so underwhelming

No. 773756

First two on deep fakes and something found wrong with the fire hitting random houses and places but not yes. Rest having to turn off for tonight becaue ‍♀️ Wasn’t released at a time a can watch the whole lot!(emoji)

No. 773757

Was just coming to see if anyone had mentioned it.
That's so long, I don't know if I can do that.

No. 773779

File: 1548901486683.png (195.89 KB, 911x812, 65.PNG)


No. 773784

ewww, the odds of me watching that 2h long vlog are rapidly going down

No. 773797

File: 1548905339039.png (280.22 KB, 416x494, Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 7.03…)

I made it about 2 mins. I can't handle 2 hours of just this face

No. 773814

I know what he means but surely he’s made some money off of the conspiracy merch he sells, like those god awful pop sockets

No. 773815

Isn’t that the dude who works with Alex Jones on infowwars/prison planet?

I knew Shane was a low-key AJ fan! Of course…

No. 773816

Honestly jumped around most stuff, also most the stuff he covers is common sense, well for the "Subliminal messages in stores" one anyways.

No. 773817

Yep, sure is. PJW is a cow in his own right.

Bold of shane to support someone who aligns himself with white nationalists but I guess this isn't the first time. He fucked around with Robbie White too.

No. 773818


He jumps around (starts a topic, puts on 'to be continued' for sUsPeNsE, and then continues like twenty minutes later) but here's the order. A lot of filler.

1. Deep Fake with 'what if' scenarios (one of the only interesting ones, mostly because the technology itself has scary implications)

2. Facetime (hearing things before the other line picks up + filler)

3. California fires; actually had some interesting conspiracies and seemed to be the most researched. (Another actually interesting one but a LOT of uwu sad pron and filler)

4. Cartoons, games, & kids media in general advocate suicide & subliminal messages in tv (There was a really fucked up mickey mouse comic tbh)

5. Zepeto is always listening conspiracy. (lots of filler)

6. Frozen made to cover up Walt Disney frozen body conspiracy

7. Stores & brands use marketing tactics conspiracy (no doubt the most annoying and useless one. Its not a fucking conspiracy that stores do research on how to make you buy their shit)

8. Hollister was run by a gross CEO who ran his store like reality tv show conspiracy (a really old story that's also not a conspiracy)

If this is how is conspiracy videos are going to be from now on, then I'll pass.

No. 773820

I would have actually loved if he covered the pedo rings on youtube that would have been pretty great and even maybe drawn more attention to get that shit shut down. One can dream.

No. 773833

#8 is true, I worked in A&F and you never knew who to trust for fear of getting backstabbed by fellow zealous employees and management.

Saged first blogpost

His channel would be shut down if he did that, pizzagate/pedogate is still an unsafe topic in the public sphere.

No. 773834

PJW and Shane? Robbie/Blair was a stretch but really.. loving Alex Jones/PJW stuff is just gross. Didn't have to kiss his ass either but I guess Shane wants to be on good terms with everyone

He needs to do more conspiracy theories with his brother. The one about the flat earth was interesting because of his brother's input

No. 773867

He needs to be on infowars and fight for AJ to get his channel back.

The milk would be glorious!

No. 773905

It was so gross when they went to the burn site to be sad and horrified uwu, it would have been so much better if he left it out or if he just showed some of the damage the fires did without inserting himself and his emotions in it

No. 774034

The deep fakes over porn stars had its backlash a while ago on reddit and I think now most revenge porn deep fakes are done on the dark web but that shit scares me still but the what if scenerio on the world ending because of someone trolling as Donald trump is too much lol

The twist is shane becomes alex jones!

No. 774037


No. 774043

is Shane actually trying to kiss up to Prison planet or is he a legit fan? that's disturbing

No. 774097

Blaire was also featured on infowars

No. 774450

File: 1549118455724.jpeg (374.78 KB, 1538x2048, 580527E9-7A34-48F2-B313-B626C6…)


No. 774452

File: 1549118495576.jpeg (270.83 KB, 640x642, 9CF82CE7-7944-4372-AE28-FD9AD3…)

No. 774468

eww what the fuck just fucking wash your face before posting a pic like that christ

also kek at Andrew wearing Alissa Violet gear

No. 774499

That pimple or whatever the hell is in his chest looks like a nipple, holy hell dude

No. 774802

I think the thing that pissed me off most about this video was his hypothetical situation for the deepfakes. Like it's not bad enough that real women's lives are being ruined right now thanks to perverted men on the internet, he has to make up a situation where a man is the victim and the woman is a spiteful bitch so he can relate to it better. Why is it impossible for men to sympathise with women? It's actually sick.

I also hated the footage of himself and Ryland exploring a burned down house while shouting "oh mai GAWD" in that annoying campy voice. It felt really exploitative and insensitive. Also, seeing all the iPhone conspiracies but they don't care enough to replace their shitty phones with a better product because ewww foreign companies.

No. 774806

Wow, that part where he talked about the fake deeps being used for wrong & his example (guy being accused of beating gf) rubbed me the wrong way when I watched it. kudos on you anon for makin my brain think about why lol.

& yeah him spending 5 min looking at burned homes going "wait.. oh my God" was fucking annoying as hell.

No. 774809

That's exactly the same thing I though when he started describing the hypothetical situation. You have hundreds of women being exploited, that's alright. But what if it also starts affecting men? Now that would be a tragedy huh

No. 774829

File: 1549231341526.jpg (136.39 KB, 607x507, 20190204_000116.jpg)

>>773163 ot but it was weird for jeffree to mention wearing no panties when they flashed at the start of the damn video? I spent too many minutes trying to screenshot this

No. 774837

I see stark white between his legs tbh

No. 774838

File: 1549233631013.png (93.86 KB, 275x163, 981DDB5E-1F26-45FA-8D87-15A28C…)


has he gone full genderless alien now

No. 774901

> deepfakes
> phones and apps record you
> weird shit in children's cartoons
> marketing techniques/management practices

Is it really a conspiracy if everyone knows already? Except the fire and the disney shit, nothing is really weird or ~ super sekrit uwu ~
Is he just pandering to actual children who have never heard of all this? I always thought he was more of an "older" youtuber…

No. 774906

I mean even most people know about Disney conspiracies, honestly you tube is so over saturated with conspiracy theory content
it's hard to believe people have never heard of any of them/want to hear Shane regurgitate it all.

No. 775010

not only that but acting like women falsely accusing men of violence is a common and important problem is just false, it's a rare occurance and like, it's wrong of course but it's like not it's a big societal problem like women being exploited and harassed by perverted dudes
i really feel like shanes far right tendencies are bigger than what he lets on since that's a point that's often brought up by masculinists and alt right fucknuts

No. 775195

Anyone seen Shane’s social media lately? He’s bitching about his fans not wanting another delay with the video upload for part two which will air next week rather than this week. Claims he’s going to go on another hiatus soon after because “uwu nothing I do is ever good enough for you people!!! Feel sorry for me!”

No. 775198

It's ridiculous. Even his own subreddit is turning against him and is fed up with it. But as long as he has the tween twitter audience and uwu positivity crowd he's never going to fucking learn. It feels like especially now he says some things to bait others into reassuring him he's perfect and he does nothing wrong.

No. 775205

I never paid attention to Shane this year so I don't know if this is something his fans talk about, but does anyone else think this picture just SCREAMS Adderall abuse? When it showed up in my Youtube feed I almost physically recoiled. I remember hearing him talk about using Adderall in some of the videos I've watched and as someone with some personal experience with same this picture just frightens me in a really serious and visceral way.

- Fucked sleep schedule (I recall him joking about going to bed around 6 AM)
- Terrible skin & hair
- Tendency towards extremely unbalanced diet, sugar and caffeine heavy
- Wanting to wear the same clothes for days at a time
- Hyperfocusing on a single project to the exclusion of all other responsibilities, including caring for yourself & your house

I don't want to suggest that Adderall is a "hard" drug or that it can't be helpful in treating a variety of conditions but I feel like in some ways the fact that the side effects are innocuous at first means people don't pay attention to them until they take over their lives. I hope there's someone in Shane's personal life who's keeping an eye on him and would feel comfortable addressing him if they thought the situation got out of hand … but I suspect that's not the case.

No. 775211


It's literally his own fault, too and he refuses to take any criticism. Like your youtube videos aren't free entertainment as charity to the masses, Shane. No one needs to feel blessed you uploaded when you're doing this to make money.

He sets a hard date with a trailer and goes so far as to solidify a specific TIME and then goes "uwu sorry guys i've been editing allll month i promise teehe look how worn out and gross i look not because i refuse to get professional help for my depression and have definitely been procrastinating but because i've been NON STOP EDITING and oopsie ive got more to do."

No. 775218

>Shane is a secret alt right misogynist who loves PJW/Alex jones/info wars
Now that's the conspiracy theory. But seriously, he could of just talked about those real issues of revenge porn or how women are almost always are victims of deep fakes. The fake abuse angle was just… Different? as if it came from "women are evil" conspiracy theorist on reddit

No. 775241

People with major depression who neglect to take care of themselves for long periods of time can look just as bad as drug addicts sometimes. My depression kept me in bed all day and I refused to brush my teeth or shower, I just think he's unhappy with his life. Maybe because he wants a girlfriend? Ryland did complain a lot in past videos that Shane wanted to date a girl on the side or something like that, maybe he's really bi and leans straight? All speculation of course, but maybe its loneliness and severe depression that's making him just not want to shower and dress properly.

No. 775245

I hear Trisha's free

No. 775253

a match made in the deepest depths of hell tbh

No. 775264

the tears! the bathrobes!

No. 775315

I also suspect he's abusing adderall. He acts like a tweaker in some videos imo, it's very sad and unsettling.

No. 775425

It wouldn't surprise me. He's got an addictive personality. In one of his books I remember a chapter about being so addicted to Splenda that he was hospitalized for dehydration.

I feel like Ryland does love him, but isn't actually mature enough to handle a case like Shane's. The way he and his sister treat basic adult responsibilities with such melodrama really reeks of sheltered upbringing.

No. 775498

Didn't he mention he was taking Xanax when flying by plane? Combining that with possible Addy problems and plausible alcohol issues, it's no surprise he's a total mess.

No. 775519

About his Adderall use: I wouldn't be surprised if he's on several medications like an SSRI at least or something. Considering his story of mental health issues that isn't surprising, but I suspect he's overmedicated if not necessarily abusing. Could explain a lot of his behaviour. It's no secret these kinds of psychiatric drugs can affect people wildly differently - some get sicker than they were in the first place. It's not a rare occurence. Not hard for stumped medical professionals to throw meds on complicated patients with several disorders.

Also to be fair, it is possible Shane agrees with PJW on certain issues without being alt-right.

No. 775691


And now its diet root beer. I'm sure hes still unhealthily dehydrated on a day to day basis from all the soda cans constantly lying around in pictures. You cant convince me he drinks enough water to make up for it.