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No. 866800

general thread for the newest form of cancer: The eGirls / eBoys

> usually under 25 / Gen Z

> cringe as fuck
> extreme oversharing
> all claim to be the “original”
> try to be as “edgy” as possible
> “yeah I listen to music that you probably won’t know they’re not really mainstream”
> username always a mix between something soft and something dark EG: “@dead-“ “@devil-“ “@doll-“ “@angel-“ “@grrrl” “@vomit” “@kittie” “@creep”
> anime DP icon
> “not like the other girls / boys” “i don’t fit in” “you don’t understand me”
> DD / LG
> 98% sell NSFW content
> knives, blood, guns, pentagrams and balaclava low res selfies
> tyP3 LikE tH3y jUst g0t s0ciAL M3Dia
> steal gothic, emo, myspace culture and think that’s what makes them unique
> Pics Art Filters on Every. Single. Photo.
> overuse kids animations / toys such as Care Bears, Sanrio, MLP ect
> abuse substances and post about it
> skinwalk Too Poor, Belle Delphine, Billie Eilish, Yung Lean, Sad Boys ect
> mesh tops, band tees, tartan skirts, platform boots, vans, fila disruptors, lolita, chains, grommet belts, checker print, “skater,” black painted nails, beanies, ripped jeans, heavy metal fonts, two tone dyed hair, thick heavy makeup and eyeliner

egirls / eboys mentioned in the instagram thread -
& her shitty clothing brand

No. 866802

File: 1568100045316.png (765.5 KB, 750x1334, BD6D5A52-2587-43D5-B301-5CCF8D…)

some brand “copying” @dead9irl

No. 866803

File: 1568100073134.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, BC331502-638C-418B-8C52-F47311…)

No. 866804

File: 1568100104610.png (329.43 KB, 750x1334, 8CBD9BC8-A051-4744-B8ED-1A41D0…)

No. 866805

File: 1568100271957.jpeg (372.68 KB, 1536x1534, 0F8660AA-1C64-4E49-807D-C9EC27…)

@dead9irl calls out @e1or4 for “copying” her shitty nails. thanks to the anon for the photo cred but if anyone has screenshots of the actual posts would be appreciated

No. 866834

File: 1568107388911.gif (186.42 KB, 220x124, 1FBB1A3C-A04D-4733-84B0-2D577C…)

Thank you OP for this thread! I have been wanting a thread about e-girls for a long time. This is perfect.

No. 866835

Can I just say I hate how this new generation of egirls ruin bands such as My chemical romance for people like myself who grown up listening to them and they try to match it with their shitty e girl style just no

No. 866842

Don’t know why Bianca Devins is in there as she didn’t have a real following prior to her death and she’s uh, actually deceased and therefore inactive, but go off OP.

No. 866844

She was probably just included as an example of the common e-girl.

No. 866847

>>866842 lol I was just going to say, seems a little fucked to add her when she was pretty recently murdered.

that aside i'm glad this thread exists now. i'm barely a millennial but this new wave of egirls makes me feel some type of "get off my lawn" way lol (similar sentiments to >>866835 i guess. like i want to be happy that there's still a younger audience for bands I loved in the 2000's that were actually good, but not when they're acting like it's so CRAZY of them and their look is original/ never been done before when it's like….. every scene kid dressed almost exactly like you 10-15 years ago, it's okay to be unoriginal and inspired by nostalgia, chill)

also weird to see millie graves' transition from skinwalking nicole dollanganger, to yolandi visser, to….. whatever tf she is now

No. 866864

File: 1568113719152.jpg (196.86 KB, 1080x1080, 66712430_409374643043574_22912…)

isn't Eve (@eve.frsr) the #1 e-girl? She's close to 1 mln followers on Instagram. No milk, I just think she should be mentioned.

E-girls are not as bad as e-boys imo, especially those tik tok famous ones. For some reason my explore page is full of them. I think they're the cringiest type of "influencers" so far, I just can't deal with how they think they're the hottest shit.
I wonder how long the trend is going to last

No. 866880

I just wish the stupid clown makeup trend would die

No. 866885

I don't know, all-girls are pretty bad, if not just their complete lack of originality. They're almost complete carbon copies of eachother- colorful, badly dried shoulder-length hair with bangs, heavy blush layered on the nose, fake freckles, same yesstyle fast fashion edgy-uwu wardrobe, even their facetune/meitu shoops and selfie poses are the same.

No. 866895

I don’t really have a problem with the style, yeah it’s cringe but these kids are typically pretty young and will probably grow out of it. My problem with them is that they think they’re hot shit. Kurtis Connor did a video on e-boys recently and a lot of them are pro-life, anti-lgbtq+ assholes who project their beliefs onto their young (mostly girls) fanbase

No. 866897

File: 1568121342831.jpeg (768.44 KB, 3464x3464, 1563656406097.jpeg)

i'm somewhat in the e-girl community, specifically the more uwu soft girls but still edgy "part" of it, and there's lots of drama about this one girl named Erin / @pocketsizee:

>18 years old

>parents are richer than god – her bedroom has a custom chandelier in it
>has been skinwalking resident sweetheart Aubrey / @usedpet for about a year, now
>so obsessed with Aubrey that she bought a wig in her exact natural hair color and length, styles it in the pigtails Aubrey normally has
>buys the exact same outfits as Aubrey, puts the exact same products @usedpet says she wants on her story ~2 hours after Aubrey originally mentioned it
>when called out on this (consistently) she either suicide-baits and cry types in her IG story, or just spergs about NO ONE OWNS ANY ONE STYLEEEE
>also whines in her story about wishing she had more friends, she's so lonely, etc. ignores people DMing her if they're not above her in numbers
>has said that she doesn't read DMs anymore but as soon as anyone she's skinwalking DMs her like "what the fuck?" she sees it and has to reply
>has been very aggressive with people in DMs despite her uwuwu i'm so sweet persona; regularly cusses people out in DMs for defending X person she's currently skinwalking.
>Erin recently started skinwalking Bella / @anemicspice, but was not slick about it at – posted a photo of Bella and her boyfriend that's pretty well-known to be of @anemicspice and is stolen by people on Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. Erin quickly deleted it when people were in the comments giving her an overwhelming amount of shit.

No. 866898

File: 1568121549955.png (7.84 MB, 3464x3464, 1566522265685.png)

afaik right now she's only copying things Bella's (@anemicspice) interested in, not her looks.

No. 866899

File: 1568121656551.png (4.68 MB, 3464x3464, 1566522106106.png)

No. 866901

I feel like you posted her in like three different threads by now

No. 866903

just this one and the Nicole Dollganger's Calves #3. she's the mess that keeps on giving, and I think she fits in both threads since a lot of e-girls like Nicole.

No. 866904

I kno a boomer or a misogynistic wrote this bc you wrote leandoer twice and drain/gtbsg and gbc zero times like every eboy doesn’t just wanna be a peep/bladee/timothy love child

Mcr were always for cringe fake suburb girls tho

No. 866905

>implying boomer know what an image board is
Get some smarter insults

No. 866906

File: 1568122296627.jpeg (920.61 KB, 1125x1923, 8F7103A5-7D33-4906-ADCB-FA0FD6…)

Aubrey / @usedpet about Erin's damn-near stalking.

No. 866909

File: 1568122753169.jpeg (166.08 KB, 1125x1366, 9F0A13AE-68D4-4ADD-8318-BB94BD…)

Bella / @anemicspice confronted Erin / @pocketsizee on her shadiness. "it's a joke hhh"

No. 866911

File: 1568123626736.jpg (148.88 KB, 1080x511, Screenshot_20190910-062355_Ins…)

She's really acting like she made that shit with her blood, sweat, and tears when she just scribbled over the original design with a fucking sharpie.

No. 866968

File: 1568132855869.jpeg (32.71 KB, 300x300, 9BC6E857-F3F4-437A-81B3-186C0C…)

Ohbowie from tiktok/toyspit on insta. . I don’t even have the app but so many people on Instagram talk about her. She doesn’t believe in dysphoria and came out as trans out of fucki;g nowhere, deleted her tiktok for the second or third time because she can’t take criticism. She’s the model e-girl and thinks she’s apart of the cool new insta ~scene movement~ Despite not being scene at all and kind of ‘prettying’ alt styles.
But everything about her pisses me off. She has a massive following for some reason. I can’t find ANYTHING about people not liking her, I wanna know if anyone else feels the same. I’m sure there’s more drama with her but again, I never had tiktok so I only know what was going on from her insta comments.

No. 866977


I've seen a few of her tik toks, don't know much about her besides that her bf and her are in a ddlg relationship

No. 866985

I was waiting for this girl to be mentioned because I see her on the explore page once a day. What I’ve gathered currently is she was called out because when she was 13 she made a drawing with “the n word” and somebody found it and brought it up. Maybe that’s why she’s deleted her accounts

No. 867007

File: 1568138222181.jpg (303.52 KB, 800x2096, ZomboDroid 10092019105422.jpg)

Does anyone know where @chevleia went? I posted a video somewhere on lc a few months ago of her coked tf out at (and denying it vehemently kek) a shoot. Looks like she hasn't been active for months. She dated that insufferable ftm (bottom pic) for a while too.

I wonder if LA modelling and obvious drug use finally got to her. She was super skinny too. Anyone have any info?

No. 867019

where’s your original post about her? can you link it?

No. 867038


Here: >>773885
The videos are a few posts below that one.

Sorry for the post+delete I thought I had a pic to add but it's not on this device

No. 867052

oh my god are you serious?
this bitch really be out here drawing on shirts with sharpie then calling out established brands for “copying” hahaha this is going be a good thread

No. 867099

What's with the 'e-girl-drawing-with -sharpie-on-shirt' thing about also?

@bugbitedolly sells poorly drawn shirts like that on depop, same with bowie. it doesn't look good at all why do they sell and why do so many do it

its all the same imagery and words. "im soo sick" with a sad horribly drawn anime girl-bug thing/sad hello kitty

No. 867138

File: 1568157224354.png (381.96 KB, 588x596, Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 4.11…)

I feel like ashley/ vivadrag could definitely fit in here? she had a short-lived snow thread >>567471 and is pretty cringe but not really enough to warrant her own thread. she did seem to have some anons that knew her irl and had dirt on her though.

I guess in that same vein a lot of the girls mentioned in the "instagrammers you hate" general would fit in here as well

No. 867140

File: 1568158141332.png (482.71 KB, 750x1334, 4CD4DAB6-00CE-4897-8EAD-6AAA34…)

going through @pocketsizee’s highlights and oh lord there is some juicy milk in there
apparently uses “age regression” to deal with trauma and it’s not affiliated with any kink or DD / LG


No. 867141

File: 1568158228640.png (581.99 KB, 750x1334, EE5EDD62-E941-4227-B1BB-10FB35…)

but mentions in another post that she has a “daddy”..


No. 867146

File: 1568158431048.png (399.46 KB, 750x1334, 6785074D-EB60-4543-B86C-93CBA2…)

and was only sexual in the past because of a previous “daddy”

sage for sperg but there’s so much more I can post but don’t want to fill up the thread

No. 867147

God I genuinely despise this bitch. Wish I had screenshots but back in her spam days she would get caught tracing art and stealing others, passing it off as her own. Then would cry suicide the moment someone outed her. Also she has a second ig account @pwurring and her tumblr is @strawpurries

No. 867155

File: 1568160452680.png (812.59 KB, 1200x627, C371EB89-41A9-4692-8ED8-A69C86…)

thanks for the account info anon! had to make a collage of all the hate she gets because there was too much KEK and this is just what she has put in her highlights

No. 867156

File: 1568160483552.png (613.36 KB, 1200x627, 3FB042C9-FE23-4008-8D3D-2BC826…)


No. 867215

File: 1568175057361.jpg (32.15 KB, 425x531, bianca-devins-photos.jpg)

>Bianca Devins in that collage
Y-you guys do know what happened to her? Right?

No. 867223

yes it’s already been mentioned, she was just included as an example of the typical egirl. no ones posted anything about her. can all these anons boohoo-ing over bianca get outta here

No. 867248


She did have the typical e-girl traits.

Messing with a bunch of incels who spend legit all their time online is dangerous, stupid games stupid prizes howbowdat.

No. 867252

Me and this girl followed each other on tumblr back in the day lol(rule 5.3)

No. 867253

Did she really do that? I heard she was killed by an incel, but I didnt know she interacted with them

No. 867256

yes thank you anon someone finally said it, agree 100%

yeah she did. there’s a whole thread on her on kiwifarms. has all the screenshots of her conversations with orbiters / the “incel” who killed her. according to the family they knew each other IRL. let’s just say she wasn’t the sweet lil angel everyone is making her out to be

No. 867258

Why the hell would she put herself into that kind of situation? I don't even really know what to say, it's a horrible tragedy, but why would she knowingly mess around with these kinds of people

No. 867259

File: 1568188793087.png (374.24 KB, 1536x2048, 979511af02af3b079158aa47140411…)


she wasn't trying to be edgy or whatever
that's just how she was

No. 867265

File: 1568189919273.png (851.52 KB, 1200x627, BA6F81CE-BFBF-4BBF-9CED-8AEB81…)

anon beat me to it!!


No. 867266

File: 1568189954475.png (425.34 KB, 1080x714, 985B7BD9-FDF7-4506-8D17-8FE48E…)


No. 867267

the first screenshot of snapchat is her conversation with the dude who murdered her UWU(UWU)

No. 867270

this already all got posted in another thread a long time ago.

No. 867272

This is bullshit. I hate that I'm defending some dead e-girl but go and read through her telegram. All this edgy shit was when she was 14-15. One of the OLDER guys she was messing with online posted their sex tape to discord. Her being 15=16 and him being over 18 got him a kiddy porn charge.

She came back recently and seemed to be sorting her shit out. She seemed happier. She met the guy that killed her over insta. He wasn't an incel, he was a dumbass weight lifter. He had 0 interactions with 4chan incels apart from when he joined a minecraft server she was in after they had already met, and he had met her family.

Like watching you guys rag on a 15 year old girl for saying this shit >>867265 >>867266 to a bunch of 4chan incels who were WAY older than her and attempting to groom her is pathetic.

No. 867275

They didn't mention it because she was a 15 year old statutory rape victim when these were being sent. Learn to sage.

No. 867276

her relevant thread >>>/snow/383200
not sure where you anons were when she was killed since this material and similar discussions were posted to multiple threads at the time.

No. 867277

Also she was heavily involved with that pedo creep from 8chan who is KNOWN for getting his underage girls to write things like this so he can screenshot and hold it for collateral if they try to leave. Which she did.

No. 867281

was just replying to an anon who didn’t know, sorry for not keeping up to date with every thread on here kek

No. 867283

>that pedo creep from 8chan who is KNOWN for getting his underage girls to write things like this so he can screenshot and hold it for collateral if they try to leave

can you elaborate on this?

No. 867294

>let’s just say she wasn’t the sweet lil angel everyone is making her out to be
oh no, a child was mean to a scrote on the internet!? guess she deserved to get murdered then!

No. 867296

Nobody said she deserved to get murdered. All that's happening is speculation about shitty things she may have done prior to her death, even it was when she was a stupid edgy teen. Her murder was a tragedy, and she did not deserve it regardless of what she did or said, but that doesn't mean things that were happening behind the scenes can't be discussed. And unless what >>867277 said was true, it seems the things she was doing go beyond "being mean to scrotes" on the internet. I'm curious as to why she got involved with incels in the first place. Was it just to get attention?

No. 867348

she was a vulnerable teenager doing stupid shit that teenagers do bc they can't measure danger or consequences correctly, but sure, let's try to make her somewhat responsible for her own murder, knock yourself out

No. 867362

File: 1568210436732.jpg (655.72 KB, 2720x1920, ZomboDroid 11092019065927.jpg)

Sorry if no one cares, I just wanna post these

No. 867404

oh my god shut the fuck up NO one is saying she is responsible or deserving of death. we are just discussing what happened, get a grip or get outta here if you’re gonna get offended at everything posted.

> doing stupid shit that teenagers do

can’t say I knew many teenagers who faked their own suicide and admitted to gaslighting people when they don’t get their own way but yanno doubt that’s “normal teenage behaviour”

No. 867480

File: 1568239113179.jpeg (288.95 KB, 750x1208, 172F9745-CD14-4CB4-A8FC-8DBD6E…)

not sure if Bella ( @internetgirl / @igirl ) is considered an egirl coz she’s pretty OG but I’ve heard some milky stuff about her lately on reddit

> has “styled by igirl bundles” on her depop where she charges 150USD to style you head to toe

> in the beginning they were really good but they’ve declined a lot in value and uniqueness
> customers have been unsatisfied with their bundles, receiving items that don’t go with the theme or identical bundles to other people
> obviously leaving negative reviews
> Bella started messaging them and basically blackmailing people into deleting the reviews by saying she’ll only refund them once they remove the reviews
> another customer received super hostile and rude messages from Bella accusing her of “trying to ruin her career” for leaving an honest review
> somehow none of these reviews are on depop anymore and anyone informing people about the bundles are getting blocked

idk I used to really like Bella but ever since she moved to LA have been getting the worst vibes… she just seems super fake, pretentious and entitled now which is sad

No. 867482

He's also 18 and Bowie/Jet is 15

No. 867483

bella's another one that gets discussed every now and then on the "IG general" thread (she's literally the thread pic for the latest one lol). i actually have a few mutual acquaintances(?) with her and I can't say much since i've never met her myself but she's apparently a sweet girl! not very interesting, but nice enough. part of me wants to respect the nice little depop niche she's carved for herself and really capitalizing on this whole y2k mall goth craze cause i'm sure she does well for herself between the bundles and her jewelry line, but then i watch her youtube videos and it's like…… she seems so annoying and bland that i don't get where the stans come from except on maybe an aesthetic level.

the depop shadiness has been known for a while but that's kinda the tea with many top sellers being able to somehow have unflattering reviews removed. i think she just offers the buyers a refund in exchange for them removing bad reviews tbh. are you on the depop subreddit? I sell on there and the reddit is where ive heard most of the dissatisfaction with her, lol

as for being of this particular new egirl wave idk if she fits in too much with it, isn't she like 25-26? she gives me toopoor vibes where she was cringier at first and now that she's figured herself out she more or less stays in her lane. not that it's saying much of either of them but lilith levisis could learn a thing or two

No. 867484

File: 1568240133351.jpg (188.59 KB, 640x661, xavier.jpg)

No. 867485

I have such a hateboner for them, i hate e girls and e boys so much and i legit hope they get smacked in the face for being whores on the internet esp while underage. Their parents are shitty,or they have mental issues (or both) and they'll end up as mentally unwell drug addicts with no one once their "followers" leave them.(a-logging)

No. 867491

>I think she just offers the buyers a refund in exchange for them removing bad reviews tbh

That's honestly shady as fuck. You should never hold a person's money hostage because you're angry that they gave an honest review of your shop, and then tell them you'll only give them a refund if they remove their review. That's a horrible business practice and she fully deserves to be called out for it.

No. 867493

I'm pretty sure she just needs a break from social media, she talked pretty often and openly about how much she hated the fake-ness that comes with being popular on instagram. I think she's still using it to like/interact with people sometimes but not posting. We're acquaintances and she's always been very nice and down to earth, it came off to me like she never really wanted/expected the notoriety she ended up getting online. Its pretty obvious she's struggled with an ED for a long time, and she mentioned the relationship with the ftm ex being very unhealthy and that she has some underlying trauma from it. She also "exposed" him for scamming on her ig story. I personally don't see her doing coke as that milky, everyone does coke sometimes especially in that subculture and at her age. So no milk but I figured I'd contribute what i know.

No. 867498

oh no yeah I agree that it's shady (and unfair to the actually good depop sellers) i'm just saying she's probably not the only one doing it. not sure if enough people would call her out on it though aside from her less than flattering igirl unboxing customer reviews people have done of her on youtube

No. 867550

Interesting. This is pretty much the impression I got as well. I wish the best for her as you're right she's not really milky

No. 867573

Yeah, so? She deserved every bit of it, that masochist and borderline bitch

No. 867580

i smell testosterone

No. 867584

File: 1568263164853.png (1.48 MB, 1196x898, void.png)

@divinityvoid (@pissbrains is her spam where she posts more/is more milky) on ig is particularly annoying and has cow potential. she also has a twitter @divinityvoid and a tumblr @muddysocks and exhibits pretty consistent off-putting behavior across platforms.

>constantly complaining about her posts on her main ig account not getting enough likes. seriously, she usually whines in her story with every post about how "frustrated" she is because she "worked so hard" and it didn't get likes

>seems to be fairly loaded based on what she wears and things she has (pic related), but from what I can tell it doesn't seem like she works at all
>generally comes off as rude with a snippy, bad attitude towards her followers. always complaining about something
>3edgy5me posts with various knives, weapons, and chains
>has terrible fashion sense and questionable makeup skills
>frequently begs on her stories for attention and interaction, will get pissed if not enough people respond
>her new thing seems to be heavy drinking, she's often posting on stories with alcohol and having parties, and gets more and more wasted as the posts go on. at some points she will be keyboard smashing and slurring her words level drunk

No. 867591

File: 1568263950542.jpg (1.38 MB, 3840x2880, void2.JPG)

a look she claims was "a challenge" that she spent a long time on

No. 867592

File: 1568264432803.png (3.51 MB, 3264x2448, void3.png)

some examples of her charming personality taken from her twitter.

i forgot to mention she also has a discord server she is constantly plugging and begging people to join, i'm sure it might be milky but i'm honestly not going to download/register for discord just to look.

No. 867595

her boyfriend looks like her brother kek if I saw them IRL I would totally think he was the some-what normal brother taking his weird younger sister out for the day

No. 867596

and her looks are not even average at best no wonder she gets such low engagement

No. 867611

what is this karen in training?

No. 867706

she's even more annoying on tumblr … spamming her crappy selfies constantly, acting like they're "art" because she poured fake blood on her legs or copy-pasted some glitter blingee, plus her room is so fucking dirty

No. 867829

File: 1568320305552.png (226.25 KB, 1080x477, Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 8.32…)

somebody cowtipped

No. 867902

“I’m famous now” YAWN

No. 867910

not that cowtipping isn't stupid as hell but omfg, that anon person was trying to warn her and her response to them is so fucking rude

No. 867911

she gotta be rude anon she edgy

No. 867921

File: 1568330658808.jpeg (238.42 KB, 750x1132, 1FF4C7F7-1D58-4E89-82AB-16DF06…)

@prettykkittykat on instagram annoys me so much, she tries to act all "smol loli tsundere gf" and wears so much blush she looks constantly sunburnt

No. 867931

File: 1568331621472.jpeg (226.61 KB, 750x1206, 74A5F09B-D16C-49D2-9340-F9EE8C…)

trying to flex the Supreme “deadstock drip” but is wearing Brandy Melville… egirls really jump on every trend they can don’t they

No. 867944

followed her for years dont think i have ever seen her be nice cuz of the edge.
they really tipped her thinking she would be thankful lol

No. 867953

File: 1568333515433.jpeg (278.67 KB, 750x1186, F5E4C728-8492-4600-82E1-EA7990…)

have been following Jackie (@misogoth / spam is @misoshitpost) for a little while and I swear her parents pay for everything she does

> lives in an apartment in the city by herself.. which isn’t cheap

> has a whole room dedicated to her clothes
> does “shoots” that are mediocre at best and all look exactly the same
> uses the same white (sometimes pink when she’s feelin a bit adventurous kek) background and sits on the same bar stool for every “shoot” ?? yet everyone still gasses her up
> didn’t seem to have a job / just RECENTLY got one where she complains most days that it’s hard (pretty sure it’s an office job)
> wants to be praised for doing basic human things (eg uploaded screenshots of messages to her mum saying “I caught TWO buses today” and her mum gassed her up)
> spends ridiculous amounts on new clothes weekly, weed, take out food daily
> gets new tattoos AT LEAST every few weeks. she recently got two HUGE leg pieces in one week?
> has to take pics of her Valium scripts every time she gets refilled
> parents offer to buy her weed, vapes, drive her to do everything she needs because catching the bus is “too hard”
> not sure how old she is but she’s at least early 20s
> there’s 4 seperate “shoots” in the screenshot and you literally can’t tell the difference

No. 867973

>When a normal guy meets a lolcow

No. 868007

I don't hate totally them either but I don't see it going down well for them. I consider it almost like a somewhat ironic but also incredibly annoying and kind of lame revival of scene kids from myspace. The problem is in this iteration you've got so many new cancerous elements like the DDLG shit, emotionally unstable individuals, the insufferable e-boys, people spending so much time in shithole communities on discord and twitter, the general volatile and hostile tone of social media etc. I just see it as a recipe for complete disaster for some of these people. Case in point was Bianca.

No. 868027

I have a lot of mutuals with this girl and see her name everywhere.
Are you in Aus anon?

No. 868087

I'm glad there is a thread about these girls. My big issue with the less cow-like ones is they are wasting their talent. A lot of them have other skills, like art or writing, but dedicate themselves to looking edgy on the internet.

I look very similar to some of these girls - facial proportions, hair, weight, slightly edgy look, (actually a lot like Bianca to the point I got seriously spooked when she was murdered)

Looking cute on the internet is not a career. Do something with your life.(blog)

No. 868150

File: 1568394238307.png (873.06 KB, 1080x1000, 20190913_124702.png)

Emmanoodle / bratty.clutz /lildumbrat

>Failed ukelele cover girl, became an egirl so she could sell lewds to strangers.

>Claims she's not an egirl because "she's been doing this before it was even a thing"
>Pansexual (but only dates older men), is into ddlg and pretends to be a 4 year old.

Her main Instagram is pretty tame but the other two are a complete Trainwreck. She loves to show off her bruises and talk about how kinky she is. Livestreams herself daily smoking weed.

No. 868311

aus anon here, just checked and I have a shitload of mutuals with her too. assuming she's in melbourne?? that alt shit doesn't fly up north lmao

No. 868482

Nah she's from Brisbane.

No. 868486

Insanely rude, below average looking, and uses a q-tip to apply her brows. A real triple threat

No. 868498

File: 1568449709962.png (97.79 KB, 870x289, Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 1.21…)


quite a few people have either been unsatisfied with their purchases from bella, or at least recognize her shady practices. she apparently takes any negativity pretty badly and has blocked people/ refunded them just to keep all her feedback posi.

No. 868512

how old is she?

No. 868673

File: 1568489029587.jpeg (550.75 KB, 3464x3464, 62328EFD-49CD-4012-AFA3-D04818…)

Erin/pocketsizee is back to skinwalking usedpet which is probably why she deleted all her posts

No. 868710

File: 1568496769375.png (3.35 MB, 1080x1920, 234567B8-3DDE-49A5-858D-0368F0…)

this bitch is insufferable.

No. 869244

File: 1568609607758.jpeg (233.61 KB, 750x1181, 0F3AA499-1524-4BFD-B896-D1280E…)

personal cow and also fits into the e-girl thread so going to post in both. less milky online nowadays but the girl has been a trainwreck for years

> name is Constance but refers to herself as “Cents”

> username @blaidebabi and spam is @pcpcents
> user was originally @pcpcents but changed it to @blaidebabi after she got hate because she hasn’t done pcp
> had “sadist so unless you want to bleed GTFO my dms” in her Instagram bio for a long time (so cringe but she just changed it)
> has literally no friends
> archives / unarchives photos constantly whenever she gets hate or gains confidence
> claims to “be the original” before the egirl trend blew up
> brain is literally fried from the concoction of prescription meds she takes
> smokes weed and drinks everyday
> goes on and on about how sadistic she is, how she likes blood and knife play, how bad she is, but really is a 5ft 40kg little girl that hasn’t been in a psychical fight in her life and would cry is someone yelled in her face
> copies everything she posts. her whole aesthetic is taken from other e-girls. have screenshots of her copying people’s photos down to the EXACT pose and everything.
> literally mimics ppls posts, selfies, art styles, tattoos etc because she can’t come up with her own ideas
> takes personality from lilith levisis (and blade), lil bo weep, too poor and other similar accs
> takes quotes / captions from other e-girls and posts them on other social medias claiming to be her own thoughts
> not sure if coincidental but just so happened to change her user to @blaidebabi right after blade passed
> boyfriend is an self proclaimed “entrepreneur” that sells designer bootlegs and is a literal joke in the city where they live in. honestly I think they are together because he tried every other girl and no one wanted his crusty ass so he settled for her
> also cheated on her ex bf
> apparently makes “music” and has been “dropping her mixtape soon” for the past three years. has made excuse after excuse as to why she hasn’t dropped it. multiple people have called her out on not releasing her music because she posts about it like every week but hasn’t shown any snippets, beats, the process or anything.
> posted multiple times about her “oh so many” drug overdoses eg “I have overdosed 8+ times why am I still alive” ??
> also constantly posts about going to the looney bin. used to post lots of self harm and livestream smoking weed
> takes pics from drug blogs on tumblr and posts them on her insta and pretends they are hers
> claims to be fully against dd/lg but has photos on her tumblr in full dd/lg, hashtags and all
> claims to be against “putting negativity into the world” but body shames anyone bigger than her and bullies people who aren’t “edgy” or “cool” enough for her
> passionately posts about being against abusers but doesn’t say anything when it’s a rapper / music artist she listens to
> photoshops and facetunes her pictures a ridiculous amount
> tries so so so hard to be relevant and a music artist
> first claimed that her whole ep was nearly finished (mind you this is after 2 - 3 years of music bragging with nothing to show for it)
> then was only going to release a single and one cover
> then claims she was completely finished recording and just doing the finishing touches. only going to release when her page gets more following
> THEN posts about apparently releasing her first two songs (single and cover) when she reaches 5k followers on her main + 1k on her spam however continues to loose heaps of followers
> hasn’t posted for a while but resurfaced recently
> NOW apparently she doesn’t like any of the music she’s recorded, is completely scrapping it all and starting fresh. HOW CONVENIENT.
> she has just recently started posting again and now getting ready for some new juicy milk

source: im close with someone who used to be friends with her but now can’t stand her so we just laugh at her together

No. 869295

File: 1568617647400.png (695 KB, 640x1136, E5C85610-D3D4-489D-BB19-6BFD71…)

She’s always trying to hide her nose
It isn’t inherently bad but it doesnt March her “smol anime girl look”

No. 869355


Sounds like Wendetta. You didn't give any proofs, and I bet you are that 'usedpet' account yourself. Both of them are basic e-girls who don;t have aything interesting to offer.(whiteknighting)

No. 869362


Maybe look through the thread a little more? Anons have provided screenshots, seems like there’s at least 2 different anons posting about her so I doubt it’s a wendetta. While they aren’t the milkiest it’s always fun to monitor the phenomenon of skinwalkers

No. 869367

File: 1568640769475.jpeg (56.57 KB, 567x566, 431BB649-0ADA-41D3-A222-C3BDF0…)


No. 869372

Boo-hoo, someone can't accept that people might not like you. Still better than being in community filled with fake attention whores who would talk shit behind your back and doxx u at any minute.

No. 869374

No one anonymously sent you hate, you came onto an anonymous board by your own free will. Try again e-thot

No. 869414

Sorry if this isn’t allowed but idk where else to ask. Does anyone remember a girl who used to go by bratpunk/ drunkula/ dogspit? She used to be so milky and now I can’t find anything about her

No. 869483

I remember the name but who was she/why?

No. 870277

Anyone ever heard of eglock before on tumblr?

No. 870620


Holy shit anon your icon is terrifying

No. 870728

No. Why?

No. 870731

File: 1568939675125.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x1979, 73F9E136-BACB-4FB2-84BD-190957…)

Anyone have any milk on @corpsebabydoll? She has 40 + k on Instagram and I feel like @dead9irl copies her

No. 870740

File: 1568941406208.png (18.32 KB, 720x196, self post.PNG)

i follow them. not very interesting. also this is the first thing on their blog, self post much?

No. 870750

lmao that $6 aliexpress skirt tho

No. 870762

how embarrassing lol

No. 870777

its not exactly milk but she'll straight up block you if you unfollow her. also filters the shit out of her face.

No. 870794

You know she be posting here too eww

No. 870818

Not a self post but they are cringy as fuck so I thought they belonged here.

No. 870836

File: 1568969389029.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x1961, 38390A76-EA5B-4A01-8970-F263E4…)

She’s really out here thinking she’s toopoor lmao

No. 870920

this thread is going to be another shayna/sex workers or anachan thread, its already happening kek

identical, irrelevant boring ass e-girls posting each other, self posting and accusing each other of copying each other like a normal farmer would care about who's eyeliner is the thickest or who makes the "cringiest" tik toks

No. 870941

Eglock is a transgender female to Male and constantly sends hate anons pretending to be other girls and makes them all hate each other. He posts selfies then deletes them because they don’t look like him- in a picture he was tagged in he looked chubby with thin white boi lips and nothing edgy at all.

No. 870943

Dead9irl used to follow me in 2013/2014 before she got a following and she was so rude to me. She would copy a girl called flowerscum and send hate anons to people on tumblr. She bullied her until the girl left as she was getting anonymous hate 24/7. She once even claimed toopoor watched her stories and actually copies her but that’s bs. In 2013 she had a massively different aesthetic.

No. 871093

File: 1569020638460.png (2.42 MB, 1080x1080, 42747E33-6873-4471-9845-20E0BC…)

would almost feel bad for her if she wasn’t so pathetic. imagine being like this at 18 years old

No. 871109

18 year olds are often this immature and childish, idk why you're surprised

No. 871118

File: 1569023319785.jpeg (519.73 KB, 1125x2000, DAFB911A-ED65-470C-B0F0-BE0E24…)

I think it’s sad how all these pale girls get attention but then black girls like this girl don’t get higher then like 5k(self-post)

No. 871124

fuck out of here, selfpost. don’t have a cry on here because no one cares about you

No. 871131

File: 1569025319031.jpeg (148.35 KB, 803x713, CB5E6AB9-FCD2-4CDE-B31E-7A0EDA…)

Proof she lurks

No. 871149

Being a scene girl makes you a true goth? News to me, lmao.

No. 871171

File: 1569031862416.jpg (25.15 KB, 435x153, 32323.JPG)

I don't know what you mean by not very interesting unless you're covering for her. She fits right in this thread. She is constantly surrounded by drama and is suspected of being the one who sends all the hate in the first place or sends anons telling everyone she is the "HOTTEST EBOY". She could even have her own thread.

Transtrender you mean. As far as I know she didn't even tell anyone she was trans until she got exposed by a hate blog and then she kind of had no other option. Cat fish.

No. 871176

Most egirls are troubled teens. Same shit thats been going on for decades, just different generations. Id say the worst thing most of them do is make mental illness sound like its something just for aesthetic. Most are probably gonna look back at their egirl/boy phase in embarrassment

No. 871178

op, nah not covering.
it just seems a lot of theses cows lurk here so i am not surprised if theres self posting.

No. 871225

File: 1569045317839.jpeg (199.07 KB, 750x1334, 0F2E61C6-6D10-447F-89C6-02D9B5…)

I feel like another e-girl worth mentioning is babivampiire / was vampirecherubb

No. 871270


She bought her account off of some 15yr old girl didn't she? iirc she was complaining that everyone was unfollowing her on it (kinda expected if you're taking over someones account)

No. 871367

what does she do that’s milky? never heard of her until now and her page doesn’t have much

No. 871410

Man I hate this entire trend so much. Genuinely thought I'd recognized 2-3 people in here but it turns out they all just look the same.

No. 871480

File: 1569122165919.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 230.87 KB, 1125x1980, 8AF17EC8-E07E-4DF7-BB12-C59CDC…)

imo there’s way more milk on @usedpet (Aubrey) than @pocketsizee (Erin) if you check Aubrey’s tumblr. She claims she’s a sfw agere person but her tumblr is full of ddlg/petplay posts and even some of her own porn gifs (her in a tail buttplug wiggling her butt in front of the camera). She crossposts all of her ddlg porn posts with the tags “agere”. She has all of her brain dead sheep followers believing she’s a sfw agere angel, but she is another gross ddlg bitch. IMO this is much more disgusting than Erin ‘skinwalking’ her.

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 871481

File: 1569122315702.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 342.59 KB, 1536x1536, D1BFB0CA-381A-43F1-BD79-2C8355…)

Here’s more proof of @usedpet being into ddlg/petplay and crosstagging nsfw porn with agere! She has all of you fooled. She is disgusting.

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 871492

Calm down Erin

No. 871513

Obvious vendetta. That's not milk.

No. 871514


Erin is absolutely awful and totally lolcow worthy. Have you not seen her sperg and suicidebait whenever anyone is even slightly confrontational towards her??

No. 871668

This thread is big gay. Who ever keeps trying to push this narrative that this pocketsized girl is actually milk worthy needs to stop. You tried doing it in the nicole dollanganger's calves thread, no one cared and same goes here. Stop it. There's countless of girls who skinwalk others and are into some sort of fetish like that is basically half of tumblr's demographic kek

No. 871688

There are multiple people posting about her though? How is she not milky? Erin is one of the MANY to be discussed so why not post in here? What’s the big deal, this is literally a thread for egirls. Chill out

No. 871695

^ And @Pocketsizee (Erin) is daily proving that she doesn’t copy @usedpet. She’s been like this for years, I’ve followed all of her accounts throughout the years. Her old spam had 10k followers before she disabled it and that was around the time Usedpet started posting in spam. IMO Usedpet is copying ERIN

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 871697

she literally openly calls her bf daddy, are you retarded? of course she's into ddlg. sage next time you present an empty milk carton.

No. 871704

The point was that she claims she isn’t ddlg, smartass. And has a weird fetish tumblr hidden away so her stupid sheep followers don’t disown her for lying about her whole fuckin’ persona.

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 871706

did erin cry-type about lolcow on her story? seems like it. why else would there be a flood of white knights itt all of a sudden?

even if aubrey were the one copying erin, it wouldn't negate the fact that erin is one of the most crowning examples of bpd bitch i've ever come across. nice façade, but a snake in private; no personality aside from stealing other people's personas, of which hers is constantly changing; suicide baiting every other day, etc. saged for armchair psych bullshit.

as an aside, i'm the anon who originally posted about erin in both threads. yes, i have a vendetta since slimy people like her shouldn't have platforms — though she only has hers from skinwalking others. clearly people iit care since she's one of the more consistently-discussed cows.

No. 871712

Erin has been put in psych wards before because of her hurting herself and her multiple suicide ettempts! And she talks about her therapy and medication experiences frequently to give advice to people that ask for it from her. She’s actually mentally ill, it isn’t baiting when you carry it out.

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 871713

it's not hidden, i remember her posting its url to her close friends' list. nice try.

No. 871717

No. 871754

Nta but you’d be surprised anon. The ana thread is full with people who hurt themselves and visit the ER just to get extra asspats and sympathy points. Spoonies too. The only difference between those kind and Erin is that they actually do it, Erin just cries suicide and depression on a blacked out story. Anyone can whine about being mentally ill, doesn’t mean they actually are

No. 871768

>She's been like this for years.

Are you unaware of her baddie phase? Her nymphet phase? Or her gamer girl phase?

No. 871770

>She's been like this for years.

Are you unaware of her baddie phase? Her nymphet phase? Or her gamer girl phase?

No. 871794

File: 1569192343085.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x1869, 88A125F4-A3F8-486F-93C0-015A91…)

Key word is “Phase.” Baddie phase was back in 2015. She’s been an uwu soft girl for probably. 3 years now? She used to hide her age regression from everyone. I’m using the timeline of her breakup with her ex-boyfriend that abused her, since she was more open with her regression after that happened.
She posted this picture today from 2016 on her story where she looks like an uwu soft neko girl. Her username was “irlbby” during this and she had a boyfriend that she labeled as a caregiver (I’m guessing for age regression) Not much time passed before she stopped posting the uwu aesthetic, guessing because her nudez got exposed (She was 16 at the time) And today, she claims the way she is right now is her real self. This is the longest she’s gone without changing her aesthetic, she might be telling the truth rofl

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 871798


Hey Erin

Pretty obv it's you bc no one else cares enough to sperg out over some milk free ~backstory~ proving you're a twue uwu soft gurl

You're irrelevant and this thread is fucking dumb, sage for literally nothing interesting

No. 871802

Erin's not really a cow because she's so boring, but since she's been posted about on this site I've been watching her IG here and there. She's very clearly skinwalking this other girl, she posts the exact same shit on her story right after her lol. Other than that there's no milk, she's just creepy

No. 871804

I’m not Erin, I’m been following her for a long time. In case you haven’t noticed, this whole thread is full of her backstories, Retard. I’m adding to it, since I’m not sure if people have followed her that far back. Most people seem to only know her as @pocketsizee right now

P.S. Pretty sure she doesn’t even know about this thread yet since she hasn’t posted about it while crying

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 871808

No. 871874

Boo hoo a girl calls her boyfriend daddy… this is not milk. Stop bumping the thread Erin

No. 871878


No. 871883

i'm >>871697 and i'm definitely not erin, lol. was just calling anon on being captain obvious. a young girl calling her bf daddy is always gonna secretly have a thing for ddlg, especially in that community.

but i do think erin self-posts here or sent her 13 minions here to defend her

No. 871898

Personally i dont think its that big of an issue that all the egirls skinwalk eachother. The top egirls are basically what scene queens were back in the days of scene being popular. Everybody copied the scene queens, who all pretty much copied eachother too.

No. 871904

File: 1569211405566.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1125x1954, 65AA62D6-0F37-4E47-9B1B-D74378…)

psychosizee found the thread

No. 871906

File: 1569211729677.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1125x1938, FB7821CA-5EB0-4F61-9324-FE3A19…)

No. 871908

File: 1569211869633.jpeg (247.61 KB, 750x1334, EB298655-6A10-479A-A562-7F2BBC…)

Aubrey didn't namedrop anyone, but go off with the paranoid delusions.

No. 871924

Are you sure? I didn’t watch her live, but it seems fishy that usedpet would delete her IG around the same time as this. Not to mention she says she’s moving to a new blog on tumblr.

No. 871939

File: 1569220523373.jpeg (202.62 KB, 750x969, 5D9890C2-260E-4A5A-A043-3A0693…)

anyone else seen the @danityviolet posts on twitter? apparently this 15 / 16 year old has been pretending to be a SW and of legal age. she’s been doing it for a few years so even if she isn’t underage now she definitely was doing it underage at some stage. so gross, don’t know why young girls in this generation think it’s cool to literally sell your own CP

No. 871944

whats wrong with aliexpress stuff?

No. 871945

Pretty sure that website is selfreported with birthdays and histories. I’m more likely to believe that she’s an old hag who’s pedobaits. Also another cow that selfposts here. This thread is a mistake.

No. 871961

Just looked at her stuff and it’s obvious she photoshops her shit kek

No. 871988

She literally tweeted once that shes legal age.
She comes up every few months and she’s definitely not 15.
She used to do professional nude shoots a few years back and the pictures Were uploaded on tumblr by the professional photographer. Had a whole debate about it on lolcow but I cant find the thread rn

No. 871994

File: 1569228603052.png (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 864x1080, 274E8063-EDDB-4896-843C-81A525…)

No. 871996

File: 1569228716600.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 49.17 KB, 426x500, 8D28625E-CF65-46D4-AAEC-13CE67…)

Photographer is https://www.instagram.com/toddwshaffer/?hl=de
And this pic was taken around 2015 so

No. 872010

She tweeted this year about being in school and her mum wanting her to go to college obvs next year. I’m not from the US but I assume you usually go to college when you finish highschool at around 18 / 19? Unless you get held back or have a gap year of course. So even if she is 18 / 19 this year, those photos were taken underage.

No. 872019

You mean she wouldn’t lie on the internet?lmao she’s an old bitch trying make herself viral

No. 872052

Whats more plausible: that the bitch wants to go viral or that a licensed photographer risks his livelihood and reputation by nude shooting an underaged girl and posting it on every social media platform?

No. 872055

File: 1569237744862.jpeg (186.31 KB, 1668x1769, 11ECCA36-8BAC-41FC-B74D-E1C907…)

If this is her, she’s 20 now.
Which would explain the photoshoot mentioned in >>871996 because it took place in 2017 and that would make her a fresh 18 when it took place

No. 872061

File: 1569238328470.jpeg (96.75 KB, 1217x368, CBB27F58-2E48-443F-830F-2EAF5F…)

Trying to explain why she has a tattoo if she was underaged until recently
where though

No. 872062

File: 1569238686738.jpeg (206.93 KB, 798x991, 0A9196D2-FE2A-4F45-96FC-0B30EC…)

No. 872267

That's not a butt plug, it's clearly just a tail wrapped around her waist.

No. 872422

I watched the live, Aubrey did namedrop Erin. I don't want to feed this flame, but it did happen. Somebody entered the live saying Aubrey sexualized children, and other things like that. She said, "Okay, Erin". Sounds like a namedrop to me.

No. 872459

I heard it too! It would seem people are only saying she didn’t namedrop Erin because they’re mindless sheep feeding into Aubrey’s uwu angel girl aesthetic, and they’re willing to make another innocent girl fall into a mental breakdown. Tragic. Our angel Aubrey isn’t as innocent as we thought. Hope she stays off Instagram forever. She needs serious help.

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 872461

I texted Erin about it and she sent me a screen recording that another person had sent her of Aubrey namedropping her. It went as followed: Person on an anonymous account commented in the live’s chat, “Why do you sound like a 5 year old, you’re into ddlg.” Aubrey then lashed out almost as if dropping her soft girl persona completely and started swearing, calling the person a piece of shit. She then said, “I know who you are, Erin!” The person then said more about her being in ddlg, which isn’t even a lie and I’m guessing that’s why she got so mad, because she doesn’t want her sheep followers to think she’s a pedo, and she replied with “Okay, Erin!” Her followers then started egging it on in the chat, leaving rude remarks about Erin, Aubrey then started going on a rant about Erin’s followers, calling Erin “their queen.” It was a clusterfuck and definitely did not make Aubrey look good. That’s probably why she left Instagram. She knows she fucked up. I wish I could post videos on here so I wouldn’t have had to type all of that out. The screen recording of the live is about two minutes long.

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 872464

i bet you feel stupid as fuck right now bro lmfao

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 872489

Calm down, dumbass. Just because your feelings got hurt doesn't mean anyone has to give a fuck about your mental health. Stay off the internet if you can't handle someone saying a name LMAO

No. 872494

Proof? Post the recording

No. 872507

File: 1569340928249.png (8.48 MB, 1125x2436, A30BAC4F-39E4-45E8-8D21-D14999…)

Samefag sorry, I just noticed Erin turned her account back to public. Apparently petre is a thing lmao

No. 872518

probably a stupid question but: how exactly did Aubrey become so e-popular? Was it for tumblr or..? I was just wondering because she only was active on stories and her pictures are so bad quality I just don't get it.

I've been deep diving into this egirl shit and I can't but wonder how they are all so cut-and-paste. Slightly underweight, probably eating disordered, bangs, pastels, mental health problems, medications and no real job or studying. I'm confused how these people become so popular online, but then again I'm probably three times older than most of them and soon gonna rot so why does my opinion matter anyway

No. 872519

probably hate-following, happens a lot in ddlg

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 872523

File: 1569342866438.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x2069, 5B5F15E8-8411-41F8-BAEF-C10394…)

after going through it on tumblr, i think it just means sfw petplay

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 872637

lol what happened to i-i-i-i'm deactivating bawww? she's so starved for attention with no life outside of ig that it's hilarious

No. 872644

You could've just posted the screen recording.

No. 872653

File: 1569359929647.jpeg (938.07 KB, 1125x1758, 809EFE7F-2AFF-441E-9C02-B1E0AE…)

Here’s what she said regarding that. There’s honestly no reason to believe she won’t deactivate because she’s deactivated different acoounts in the past and kept them deleted. I hope she does, it would really help her.

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 872667

File: 1569361582320.jpeg (185.52 KB, 1125x1746, 9F0C2944-98BC-443D-8721-7A8DE4…)

hi, erin! you really think you're slick, huh?

No. 872670

File: 1569361615247.jpeg (184.46 KB, 1125x1515, 61014B36-E67C-4E04-953F-195CB7…)

No. 872671

File: 1569361715512.jpeg (330.73 KB, 1125x1413, D69C3DCE-99B2-4403-9EBD-BEC861…)

No. 872672

If you're going to lie about what happened in the live, at least make it believable. I didn't realize one person's written story counted as "proof" now. Everybody else that was actually in the live knows that never happened. Crazy how you are the only person claiming this happened? How lucky you must be to be the only person to have received a screen recording from Erin.

No. 872677

I’m definitely not Erin, I’m not on anybody’s side and to be honest I don’t support either girls. Real milk is all that matters here. This thread is full of assumptions and blatant lies regarding both situations. We just need truth here.

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 872679

if you would take a look at the thread once more, you would see other people claiming they saw the live and the screen recording. it wasn’t just one friend of Erin that saw it.

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 872681

Ok, post a link to the screen recording then. Not hard to save it and convert it to a link.

No. 872682

i've been posting in the thread for a couple days. there's like 9 people in that chat and most of them watched the live and they all say that aubrey did not namedrop erin. i'm more inclined to believe them over people hating aubrey simply because they're convinced she's into ddlg over one lewd where she wasn't even wearing a tail butt plug, and/or those who have been convinced by erin to hate aubrey just as much as erin does simply because she can't literally be aubrey.

No. 872684

Have you people ever taken a moment to realise you’re arguing relentlessly over two internet girls who mean nothing to this world in general? Are you all proud of yourselves? Do you feel big and smart? Big girls and boys? Goo goo gah gah I’m fighting anonnies on the Internet over an 18 year old girl and a 20 year old woman because there’s super interwesting dwama that will eventwually mwean nwothing in the nwext week ^_^ uwu goo goo gah gah I need my daddy! Uh oh! Poopies! Stinkies! Uh oh!

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 872685

You just typed out an entire paragraph yourself… why are you even on this thread if you're so above it all?

No. 872686

Erin 18 years old
Aubrey 20 years old
This is sad and so are all of you rofl

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 872687

Still waiting for the supposed screen recording that we will never get because its Erin lying to get people off her ass.

No. 872688

Usedpet has never, and refuses to, state her age. The fuck are you talking about

No. 872689

For the record, I have followed Aubrey for about a year now and she used to say she was 19 before she came up with this weird “uwu don’t talk about my age I’m a small whittle baby” So yes, if she said she was 19 a year ago she would be 20 now. Oof

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 872691

she's said she's secretive about it so men don't jerk it to her pics. not because she's trying to be a baby or anything.

No. 872694

Erin, go sperg on Twitter if you're not going to provide your imaginary screen recording. You know, since you're trying so hard to abandon IG in the wake of all this embarrassment. As you should. It'd do wonders for your ~oh so fragile~ mental health.

No. 872699

hi everyone, I’m not the original person who has the full screen recording, but i do have a snippet that might help, because it’s about Aubrey talking about Erin in the live! does anyone know how to convert a video into a link? or how i can send it to all of you on here? help!

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 872701

convert it to a download by emailing it to yourself

No. 872702

saving this to remind me later! thank you so much!

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 872716

this is clearly the same person WK Erin, be gone thot. no one thinks Erin is an angel either and SHE needs severe mental help. you can’t suicide bait on insta every time someone namedrops and not get mentioned on here

No. 872719

Yep, we are never going to get a link to the recording because "they" are just hoping we will forget about wanting a link in the first place. Word of mouth does not count as proof here.

No. 872723

They won’t post it because Aubrey never mentioned Erin. It’s pretty obvious it’s either Erin or one of her orbiters shitting up the thread by samefagging, pretending to be multiple people defending her. Both Aubrey and Erin are snowflakey but this just proves Erin is worse

No. 872778

As someone who has never heard of either of these girls and learned about them from the thread, I’m 99% this Erin girl is the greater of two evils here. Did anyone else notice when the board was getting flooded with scat spam a few days ago, it was first posted in this thread, only a few minutes after Erin posted about boooooliesss on her Instagram story? Seems pretty sus

No. 872814

File: 1569386709875.jpeg (141.13 KB, 750x793, 5793CF80-8F04-4C5B-87FF-C3EA95…)

No. 872815

File: 1569386780683.jpeg (175.7 KB, 750x738, 194E1025-204D-4272-A617-AA2BA6…)

the nose edit kek

No. 872816

the nose edit? her whole fucking face is edited… she shaved her cheeks down so much, enlarged her eyes, slimmed her nose, etc. i’m sure if she was confronted about it she would just claim that the filter did it. it’s sad that someone has to edit themselves that much just to post a simple photo of themselves

No. 872917

could say the same to you after what happened iit yesterday

No. 873224

File: 1569469156196.jpg (581.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190925-233359_Ins…)

Things that never happened. I really don't get these e-girls desperate need to lie about their lives.

No. 873239

File: 1569472521430.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 91EAA9B7-E2DE-413D-BB01-EA9898…)

“no one draws me or makes videos of me boo-hoo”
is this seriously what these girls strive for in life? people worshipping them for doing absolutely nothing aside from existing? damn

No. 873264

IF she was lying, comments like this can cost teachers their jobs. It doesn't really sound creepy anyway, more like an observation

No. 873290

I don’t think the teacher meant anything by it other than a compliment. Unnecessary thing to make a fuss about just take the stupid compliment.

Also doesn’t she go to school for fashion? God forbid a fashion teacher compliment the outfit of a student

No. 873295

Kind of hilarious how she’s completely oblivious to the fact that people follow her for the milk and drama, not because they’re actual fans

No. 873296

File: 1569500578513.jpeg (93.1 KB, 749x735, 3B694A4C-CAFD-4FE8-B359-5178BE…)

She has always edited to fuck. These are all pics of her with various levels of facetune etc, she now admits that she used to facetune heavily but is adamant that she doesn’t anymore despite how obvious it is kek

No. 873316

Those pics of her are from when she was a child and extremely fat. 13-14-15. Don’t bring spoiled milk to this thread.

(Posted by Erin Painter. Click for more info.)

No. 873317

idk who this girl is, but being fat does not give you a new face.

No. 873320

it's Erin.

No. 873324

Was just using this as an example of how she’s heavily edited pics for a long time, not trying to say any of those pics are current

No. 873330

inb4 “it’s her” “hi cow!!!”, it’s now. I’m just dropping in to say that weight loss, makeup and editing is plausible here. Hell, I’ve taken pictures of myself at low weights + caked makeup in bright washed out lighting that look nothing like me

No. 873332

Jesus I sound dumb. It’s not*

No. 873334

She has admitted that she used to heavily edit her pics lol she spergs about specifically those pics constantly when anyone brings up her photoshop and always says she did then but doesn’t now

No. 873342

Fine. I haven’t been following her, just being dumb and I guess blogposting. Y’all win, milk away

No. 873353

what the fuck are you even saying

No. 873420

I honestly can’t believe this is Erin, she looks like a completely different person

No. 873426

Not the op but
Leandoer > Yung Lean
Drain Gang / GTBSG (Ghost Boys Shield Gang) > Bladee, Thaiboy Digital, Yung Sherman, ecco2k and whitearmor
GBC (GothBoiClique) - Lil Peep and his bumbuddies
MCR > not sure if you mean this too but My Chemical Romance

OP was trying to prove they are the superior millennial because the thread mentioned “LeAnDoEr tWicE” kekekek

No. 875636

File: 1570040982024.png (153.22 KB, 430x702, 20191002_141839.png)

Here's the girls tumblr, lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 875670

File: 1570046187770.png (10.25 KB, 906x169, Capture.PNG)

uwuzi? Is she this anon who was namefagging on /g/?

No. 875731

it's probably just her selfposting again.

No. 875821

God, just shut the fuck up. Stop posting on sites like this, of all sites, for attention and learn how to value yourself first. Going down the "any attention is good attention" road isn't going to raise your self esteem. If you would use social media for yourself instead of trying so hard to be what's trendy, you would actually enjoy it and not be butthurt about not having a lot of followers that care.

No. 875889

im sorry but this girl is actually pathetic. i honestly feel bad for her. i hope shes happy her self post got Anyone to talk about her. take my advice & get over yourself & stop projecting your self hate onto lighter skinned people. its not funny or cute & u look jelous. mind your business be yourself & people will like you more & probably u will too. stop worrying about what other people have.(autism)

No. 876172

this thread is a shitshow good lord

No. 876964

File: 1570341417374.jpeg (484.63 KB, 900x1654, 52842D5F-C9BD-4442-9237-D41157…)

Erin currently having a story breakdown because someone took her username. Kek.

Also tinfoil but Aubrey reactivated her instagram account today.. coincidence?

No. 876972

File: 1570344281942.jpeg (211.4 KB, 749x1097, 532EEC36-EC1C-4C8A-90BD-1E0758…)

related to stuff erin says that makes you wonder if she has a brain

No. 876978

Actual mental illness lol

No. 876980

You can change and reclaim usernames instantly on Instagram. Only Tumblr has a hold of 24hr and then it's released again. Who told her you need to wait for days?

No. 876982

Oh wait I'm wrong. https://fortune.com/2019/03/21/instagram-name-change-feature/

I swapped my handles around fairly recently, but it looks like there's a janky 14 day hold on a username now. Her mistake was announcing it and letting people mess with her

No. 877006

Right anon, I was excited this could’ve been a good thread. But all it is is this uninteresting, boring Erin bitch and whoever she is copying/copying her and shit self posts.

No. 877035

File: 1570374110648.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1528, 1E3447F3-11EB-42EE-A5C2-D12836…)

Not sure if this is milky enough but this girl (instagram @siwwygirl ) I follow always calls out people for stuff on her Instagram stories and then when she left her original account, she admitted to having an eating disorder. Since then, she constantly takes pictures of her body and posts them with cutesy styles or edites. She has a go at people in the comment section who say body goals ect tho for romanticising her Ed? She also has had drama about a girl user (@putahexonyou) and how they sexted on dms while being in a relationship and then when they stopped they started saying how one another was pushy and obsessed, Blamed each other for copying their hairs, aesthetics ect an said that they were not the lesbian and the other girl was. They’re friends now but it was a whole ass drama. They posted screenshots of each other comparing how “she copied me” ect. Back to the Ed tho, if you type in @medik8lyn on google all her photos will come up on images and you’ll see who she is. She literally said a week ago she is getting better and then proceeds to post pictures of underweight self and have a go at girls who “romantize” her when she is the one posting the revealing pictures? She literally took a photo of her thigh gap??? I’ll add more photos and evidence if anyone is interested. She is a massive e-girl tho lol.

No. 877037

File: 1570374556158.jpg (88.72 KB, 828x818, 7ca4174a9aeb1a4c9c156cc0fc45d5…)

Is there any milk on babispit? She used to go by babighoul/10rats/tena and was apart of the "ghoul gang" as lame as that sounds, but then she had a falling out with the guy who created it kiddoghoul. Only found out about her after that so I don't much about her previous milk. But all she seems to do is smoke weed all day and go out with her friends. So most likely she doesn't have a real job.

No. 877044

Literally who? You bitches are terrible at concealing the self posting.
All anachans are like that tho, not particularly milky. Calling ex-friend/exes obsessed after fall out AND accusing each other of "copying"…
What is this middle school shit. I want some real cow shit, scamming, underage whoring, BPD meltdowns, fake suicides, rape accusations!

No. 877114

Do you genuinely believe I'm her? I posted her because she's a popular ig e girl, and I wanted to know if there was any milk.

No. 877139


Yeah, ok. She's just another e-girl. Highly doubt she has any milk if she hasn't been posted already

No. 877235

Different Anon but She has been posted many times in the Instagram thread before this was made.

No. 877282

i remember her. she is so try hard and cringe and i dont want to see anymore photos of her ever again

No. 877284

i doubt its self post. babi is very popular in the egirl part of ig

No. 877286


Lmfao is this really necessary to post about? Paranoid much? She’s an E girl pushing 200k on Instagram and has been mentioned in the Instagram thread. More known than anyone that’s being posted in this thread. You bitches scream self post on anybody you don’t personally know


I’d love some milk on her she’s such a tryhard. Her whole schtick and persona she’s popular from is so retarded and tacky, she even forces herself to talk in a baby voice like Blade

No. 877800

File: 1570504380469.jpg (69.89 KB, 555x884, 176343857438582342878934.JPG)

haven't seen it being posted, but Belle Delphine apparently got arrested for vandalising someone's car who stole her hamster.

No. 877801

File: 1570504498236.jpg (70.96 KB, 667x656, 12203004230493847.JPG)

No. 877803

File: 1570504790852.jpg (89.81 KB, 1200x630, Bathwater-entrepreneur-Belle-D…)

im surprised she posted that. her eyes dont take up 3/4ths of her face in her mugshot, so i'm shocked she's revealing the game like that. her eyes are actually rather small it would appear?

No. 877804

should she be smiling for her mugshot though? that's what confuses me

No. 877805

either it's faked or shes pretty proud of having done it, i mean, look at the fact that she posted the vandalism, so, idk. she's dumb so. her face looks very different tho without the SNOW filters i'm just shocked she's posting herself without them

No. 877806

people smile for their mugshots sometimes, not sure why. i mean…fucked up of the other chick to steal her hamster i guess.

No. 877814

dont know or care to if its real or not but looks like she was cryin before the mug, she absolutely looks like the time who would pretend to be tough shit until its their turn to serve their nickle

No. 877824

Pretty sure it's fake anon. Mugshot is fake, looks like she used some sort of washable paint for the clown, and the writing on the car looks more like photoshop than spray paint. I have a strange feeling none of this happened.

No. 877840

I doubt it. Honestly. The mugshot still looks shopped, and I only say that because her jaw and nose still have the same proportions they do with the snapchat filters on if anything her jaw would be bigger.

Also, beyond all that, I doubt Belle would actually have the balls to vandalize someone's car, unless she really is as retarded as she makes herself out to be online.

No. 877851


Ngl she looks kinda cute in this.

No. 877868

I dont understand why she'd make this up. Is she losing fans? Fake story fake mugshot. Her unfiltered face is on youtube, its nothing new.

No. 877928

honestly she looks way more the same in her unedited vs edited pics than most people do

No. 877936

She most likely edited to mugshot. Looks kinda blurry.

No. 877949

I don’t think it’s edited. I’m willing to accept she’s just… actually an attractive person, who looks even better with editing. Mugshots can sometimes make a person look great, I look better in mine than I do in most candids

No. 878008

File: 1570559877986.jpeg (158.71 KB, 1125x1120, CC813289-DE24-4440-8815-EB966E…)

Idk anon. I don’t think tears are supposed to smudge into your hairline

No. 878021

I don't believe this shit for a second but…She still looks cute and the hamster thief deserves it. Now take this shit back to your dead ass Belle thread

No. 878024

Fake as fuck. Anyone vandalizing a car wouldn’t take the time to paint a fucking pepe frog with a rainbow Afro on it. If anything you’d make a stencil and spray paint it on and be done and gone.

No. 878028

That mugshot is shooped to fuck and back

No. 878037

Unpopular opinion and OT, but I think Belle is beautiful.

No. 878077

Doesn't Belle have her own thread to talk about this on? Her thread was made because she was shitting up the costhot thread, so can you take her shit there

No. 878088

OG mugshot has "Metropolitan Police" as a watermark. Is that a real thing? It sounded super fake to me

No. 878090

I figure the Belle arrest thing is fake. She was probs under investigation for something, but the arrest thing should be easily proved by going to whatever county/city she was arrested/charged in website that shows arrests. Probs look it up by date and her real name. It should all be public info. Simple as that.

I don't know enough about her to do it myself or I would. If provided the info, I could try. Need the city, state/prov, county, full name at least.

Idk how no one has gone and done this yet. It's the easiest way to prove it. It will show her charge too and the date of it along with the real mugshot.

No. 878096

Metropolitan Police is London (where she is not supposed to live, she's supposed to live in Brighton iirc)

Just sounds made up for sure. Maybe she is leading up to some police-themed lewds.

No. 878147

The pepe painting + “ok” hand sign is disgusting, she knows exactly who she is pandering to.

No. 878151

Looks like she wanted this fake thread to be a shit Buzzfeed headline or something. "This E-thot Got Her Hamster Stolen… And The Thief Pepe-d the Price". There's not even a need to dig deeper into this. It's clearly a lie for clout, a.k.a. a joke.

No. 878157

File: 1570594240171.png (2.33 MB, 1926x1302, mugs.png)


I honestly thought she was going for a mugshawtys thing. she usually copies ideas from twitter and instagram so I just assumed.


No. 878166

Anyone see that pocketsizee is drifting further into her egirl status with a nsfw twitter she calls her "body acc to gain confidence"

No. 878170

"Body acc to gain positivity", yet is posting her Amazon wish-list, asking if her followers want to see "wholesome" lewds, asking other twitter egirls for sex work tips, etc.

No. 878183

File: 1570602116894.jpeg (187.82 KB, 825x1236, 4ACAC625-2D8C-4645-8F6B-387487…)

the audacity of this girl. she constantly says she ain’t nsfw but she made a nsfw account on twitter and it’s basically sexual agere. fucking disgusting
(I mean she’s allowed to have nsfw accounts tho she constantly says stuff like that bothers her and that she isn’t into ddlg yet she clearly wants to pander to that audience?? she’s so hypocritical it’s starting to be confusing

No. 878191

I’m previous op and didn’t read y’all already mentioned it sorry
but anyway, yes she always says she ain’t into ddlg YET she keeps mixing agere with sexual shit and ew. fucking ew. dom/sub separated from agere is fine but she keeps blurring the line between the two.

No. 878288

she probably is doing it for the attention of 6 foot doms. she literally is exposing herself tbh. she's only happy on twitter because on this acc and it's only because those guys are praising her and her body, i really dont think they like her for anything else.

No. 878291

well yeah, but that’s typical male bullshit. they’re after one thing. she should know that by now

No. 878325


she probably does but likes it anyway

No. 878355

File: 1570645055604.png (687.36 KB, 1242x840, 42BD631E-231E-4509-9B41-B21582…)

It’s fake. No one stole her hamper. The texts are fake as shit too. There’s no record of arrest, mugshots fake and shooped. She got the idea from H3, she’s jut doing her regular attention shoring “le master troll hurr durr” dumbass self promo bullshit bc people are forgetting about her. No surprise. Pathetic.

No. 878361

Shit, *hampster
fuck now people are going to think about laundry.

No. 878403

File: 1570652116495.png (Spoiler Image, 734.76 KB, 750x1334, 43952B0E-8100-446B-8340-BF8185…)

she literally posted this to her MAIN Instagram account. “Agere” my ass

No. 878418

Where’s the ok?

No. 878431

File: 1570656600231.jpg (692.34 KB, 1440x2077, Screenshot_20191009-172901.jpg)

No. 878442

This is what I think made is obviously fake. We’re supposed to believe she brought all that paint, a paint brush, a pallet and water to “vandalize” someone’s car.

No. 878472

check her nsfw twitter, shes so much more active on there and i bet its for the attention. she's a fr attention whore

No. 878477

File: 1570665216589.png (33.53 KB, 590x322, image.png)

Guarantee you in a few days she'll be posting her "you know what" for everyone to see.

No. 878482

I honestly did not understand that she was using a pallet, I genuinely thought she was so drunk that she squeezed paint onto her own black sweatpants while wearing them.

No. 878487

File: 1570667175047.png (21.42 KB, 597x205, oops..PNG)

doesnt she fake a baby voice oh my fucking god

No. 878489

if shes planning to record audios with her fake baby voice then isnt that basically sexualizing little girls since she's forcing herself to have a high pitched voice? and is probably going to be saying nsfw things and calling people daddy and shit

No. 878491

>it's so cute and small and pink

Jesus christ, who is she aiming for here? Sounds like she wants some pedo bux stat

No. 878492

>it's so smol n cute n pink uwu but i'm 2 nervous to show it!!
Why are these girls like this

No. 878493


ok. At least she's over 18, but she's going to get some "interesting" fans with this pedobaiting

No. 878494

5'5 isn't even that "tiny" … that's the average height for girls.

No. 878495

"cute n smol n pink" ugh this bitch is irritating.

No. 878505

ughhh kill yrself

No. 878510

File: 1570670572041.png (341.41 KB, 587x702, image2.png)

This whole video/audio is a big yikes.

No. 878512


This thread is trash and has been flooded with mostly talk about this pocketsize girl, who in my opinion isnt even an egirl. If anything shes a soft girl or lolita/ddlg chick. It also sounds like theres only 3 anons in here with a vendetta or something. I dont know if im breaking any guidlines or rules by requesting you guys go make your own thread dedicated to all this??

No. 878513

Second all of this

No. 878515

I second a thread about these two girls. They're really not e-girl at all, and I feel that by this point they warrant their own thread

No. 878522

Please no more threads about these type of people, keep it all in this one.

It's definitely quite a few people itt, a few posts up what looks like samefaggin' was one of those times when I reply at the same time as another 1-2 anons and say the same thing. Just the lolcow hivemind.

No. 878535

They're really not relevant to the type of girl this thread is supposed to be about, and I think people are talking about them enough that they could use their own thread. Or at least make a thread for cringey ddlg girls.

No. 878560

fully agree

No. 878574

Yeah isn't there already a ddlg girls general thread? She belongs there. Or someone can make a soft uwu girls thread, because she's definitely not an egirl.

No. 878583

File: 1570686105967.jpg (241.4 KB, 1080x980, 20191010_014016.jpg)


I second a cringey uwu soft girl/wannabe loli thread. Someone here def has a vendetta bc she's not like…really milky enough to warrant a thread of her own? But after checking her Twitter holy shit she is annoying. Pic related. "Pls pls get me things, but pls don't feel obligated uwu" lmao the fakeness

I'm sure there are lots of other entertainingly obnoxious ddlg girls to throw in with her too, at least keep it separate from the insta egirls

No. 878584


Lol this bitch is straight up average height trying to convince herself she's short?? I truly don't understand the level of self hate that it takes to not only want to be a child but also to do mental gymnastics to convince yourself you don't look like a regular ass grown woman

No. 878591

tbf im short and i think some tall women look more like teenage girls than short women do. there's a certain gangly build that looks very young to me even though theyre tall

No. 878592


Ignoring the fact that you type like Erin and are defending her…

Why the fuck would any grown woman WANT to look more like a teenage girl?? Get the fuck outta here with that creepy shit. Besides, she clearly wants to be a little girl, not even a "gangly" teenager.

No. 878594

i'm not her, idek who she is, i'm here for the other egirl convos, and no that's definitely not cool, i'm just making a point that i often think personally that gangly taller people look younger despite the fact that they're taller.

No. 878607

off topic but alot of women do apparently because moms love it when people mistake them for their daughters sister or getting carded

No. 878609

the ‘guess-my-age’ game gets old really quick n getting ID’ed everywhere fucking sucks
only benefit to looking young is that questionnaire twats in the street leave you tf alone

No. 878624

> Why the fuck would any grown woman WANT to look more like a teenage girl??

Oh please anon. You can’t be serious. Have you been to other threads? This place is obsessed with youth.

No. 878686

God this thread is a garbage fire. Someone please sequester all the pedo sperging ITT somewhere else please jesus

No. 878688

File: 1570726444953.jpg (679.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191010-124756_Ins…)


Erin vaguepost threatening to leave IG to get sympathy again.

I find it strange that the girl she was skinwalking left but she didn't, although she's probably too desperate for any attention to shut hers down. The stuff she posts on Twitter about not having any friends or SO is so yikes.

No. 878692


Oh my god what is wrong with this girl, the creepy super fake high pitched baby voice she puts on is so…shudder-inducing

No. 878762

This is so fucking embarrassing.

No. 878797

File: 1570741468364.jpeg (188.59 KB, 750x828, C180CACD-F902-4D37-8114-1372C2…)

her “orbiters” or whatever fuel her delusions as well
>TIL literal children are 5’5”
it honestly is strange because she desperately wants everyone to see her as a CHILD

i know people itt think there’s vendetta posting going on but erin has been quite popular for being cringy in the instagram spam community for years where one of her old spam accounts had 20k followers at one point

No. 878857

she definitely has a complex about her height. She probably wishes she was 5'0 or 4'10 or something.

I still think she belongs in a uwu soft girls thread tho.

No. 878894

5'5 is literally not tiny its average height

No. 878916

File: 1570756453988.jpeg (354.34 KB, 828x1157, 1DD06426-E1AC-4B9A-80D2-098C30…)

The average female height in the US is actually 5’4, so she’s above average, kek.

No. 878927

Being a spammer doesnt mean she belongs in this thread. And honestly if this is yur reason for posting non stop about her then imo u sound like a vendetta-chan

No. 878936

Nobody sounds like a vendetta chan. You sound salty that people are talking about her, even though she deserves to be talked about because she's acting like a cringey dipshit on the internet. I say we move her to the ddlg thread or start a new one about her, just so that she's not clogging this one.

No. 878938

She's deleting things in reaction to this thread, so I'm guessing she knows about it.

No. 878939


Let's go ahead and get some other offenders together then so we can start a new thread. Binkiebaby or whatever already has a dead thread here…gimme more cringeworthy and gross wannabe loli weeaboos and ageplayers, guys

No. 878968

There’s an embarrassing kinkster thread >>204373

No. 878971


The thing is girls like this are soooo desperate to prove that they're "not into kink!!1!" despite having all the trappings and displaying the same pedo-seeking behavior (5'5 uwu I'm so smol my pussy is so tiny & pink) as ddlg thots. There's like a special breed here. The ~soft girl~ thing seems to fit the best but I don't necessarily disagree that ddlg cringemasters shouldn't get lumped into this theoretical thread too

No. 878975

I wouldn't be surprised if she was posting itt honestly.

No. 878987

yes please I vote new thread.

No. 879104

im confused does she use angles or edit her body to look tinier?

No. 879106

File: 1570810293120.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 383.87 KB, 559x1052, 76D2822E-3E48-4248-8A83-5C2D46…)

No. 879324

she sexualizes it. you cant be into petplay and pet regression, thats like saying you can be into ddlg and agere. it's gross and someone needs to confront her about it

No. 879325

petplay is different from pet regression and petplay sexualizes pet regression because theyre people acting like pets/animals to be sexy while petre is to cope.(Samefag)

No. 879328

she does sexualize it though.

also wasn't there going to be a new thread made? stop posting about her until then. don't want to ruin the thread for everyone else.

No. 879332

yeah it really is ruining the thread. unless i just dont know what an egirl is

No. 879333

Somebody has to make the thread so I assume it's fine to keep talking about her here until then. There was also talk about bringing back the minister thread to talk about her and her cringe.

No. 879335

Really anon? Because >>878510 reads off as pretty sexual. Besides, petre hardly exists outside of dumblr, it’s just another guise degenerate kinksters like Erin can use.

Sorry anons for beating a dead horse, I know she shouldn’t be discussed here anymore but the whole petre vs pet play argument is absolutely stupid.

No. 879340

why don’t the few people obsessed with her make a new thread or something since no one else pays enough attention or cares to know all her info

No. 879342

To all of you posting about this pocketsize girl, theres a ddlg/lolicon/nymphet thread now so u can go there

No. 879377

yeah no shit she doesn't have a real job she's like 14 or something.
she's annoying as fuck, but I feel so bad for her, her insta is crawling with creepy adult guys hitting on her and she's not mature enough to realise how fucked up that is

No. 879378

>inb4 some gross ass anons imply it’s her fault that disgusting old men on the internet would target her

No. 879421

shes 17 so she probably should have some sort of a part time job haha

No. 879460

So can we talk about the league of legends/overwatch egirls those games attract? A lot of pick-me's and whatnot

No. 879477

seeing that shes underage, stop talking about her and reposting her half naked pictures. ur sharing child pornography

No. 879480

are you ok anon? this is the only comment i made about this girl.(Sure, newfag)

No. 879485

she's 18. i remember her bawling her eyes out when she turned 18 because she couldn't pedobait for real anymore.

No. 879494

No. 879507

wa wa call the police(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 879619

File: 1570967087960.jpeg (73.24 KB, 295x500, 2F3E53F5-454C-49B8-9C22-BE7F04…)

No. 879739

This is her unedited? She has a horse face and a threehead kek and for some reason i thought she was way smaller in height and daintier idk

No. 879743

To my knowledge Babispit is 18 or 19 rn. She graduated high school already.

No. 879946

File: 1571071009092.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x2096, 24DF3780-650E-4FE2-A37B-A64A0D…)

this girl has always annoyed me.
she gets mad when people comment on her body yet purposely shows off her skinny little legs in every damn photo.
posts about drug abuse and glorifies it, just annoying as fuck.
my friend saw her irl and said that she was fatter irl and uglier. lol.
i feel like no one talks about her. she posts pictures of her in hospital crying n shit, and left her hospital tag on in so many photos.

No. 879949

learn to integrate. i've followed maddie for a long time now and it's clear she truly struggles with her eating disorder. it seems to have gotten worse since her bpd diagnosis. she's also stated multiple times that her addiction has ruined her life, vendetta-chan.

you think she exaggerates her thinness? post evidence of her in wannarexic poses, photoshop fails, etc. you think she glorifies addiction? post screenshots.

No. 879954

she’s just a fucking cunt overall.
she’s struggling, surely.
but she used to purposely post such triggering fucking pictures of her body then bitching at ppl when they called it out.
i don’t have photos of half the shit she’s done because i only saw this today and i don’t just go around screenshotting everyone’s shady shit. but in general she’s a whiney little brat (who had a video of her and her brother naked together at 14 doing some questionable shit) yikes.

No. 879955

Minors are not to be discussed here. Wait another year

No. 879956

posting photos of her sobbing in the bathroom of a hospital, posting selfies with her little hospital tag on, sorry but it’s shady as fuck. i don’t care how pretty you are you don’t get to romanticise shit publicly lol.
if you even just scroll down her page a bit you can see some of the posts where all she did was blatantly show her legs n excuse it as “showing her outfits” (meanwhile only the legs were visible lol?)
most of her shits deleted because she got harassed a while back by one of my friends n she pulled a sneaky one. i know she lies to people because when i told her that she had a video on her youtube of her naked with her brother, she said “no i don’t?” and deleted it. lmao.(cowtipping)

No. 879957


She brags about scamming men for $$$ while she was underage too. To spend on drugs, ugly clothes, and cheap wigs lmao

No. 879960


Dolltears is turning 18 years old. Minors under the age of 16 can’t be posted

No. 879961

lmfao that too. she’s obviously not the worst person ever.
she’s just very shady and an irritating personality.
mental illness doesn’t excuse it

No. 879964

you keep coming back to mainly bitch about her twig legs. oh no, a mentally ill person diagnosed with a disorder that makes you seek attention wears their hospital bracelet for days after being released? color me shocked. her relationship with her brother is a bit odd, though. did your bored friend harassing her have any more milk than that?

a teenage girl getting pedos to buy her useless shit is so typical that it's hardly milk at this point.

No. 879967

Well congrats on outing your friend. Considering this thread is filled with nothing but self posts, vendettas, and cowtippers I wouldn’t be surprised if this got back to this dollltears person

On the note of her showing of her body though, most of her photos look like typical egirl poses. Compared to how anachans flaunt themselves, I don’t think maddie is trying to show off how sickly she is

Her relationship with her brother may be weird, as is selling underage photos. However if you don’t have proof of milk no one here is going to care

No. 879969

File: 1571074679775.jpg (Spoiler Image, 415.47 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20191014-103229.jpg)

This chick is like 35 but the old IGers thread is buried. She's so try-hard and gross imo

No. 879986

you must be boring as fuck. that’s all i’m gonna say.

i despise her for her behaviours more so.
she deleted most of her posts like i said.
she got so self conscious from us that she had to cover her legs for ages lol.
i just wanted to post n see if anybody else has anything on her. that’s all my dude.
she has deleted most of her shit since besides the pics of her sobbing.

(she found out what me n my friend were doing and found us. then threatened to call the police which she never actually ended up doing :D)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 879992

no, i just know good cow potential when i see it. i'm the anon who originally posted pocketsizee/erin itt. maddie/dollltears is milkless and you and your friend need to get over your hate boners for her. i'm not sure to what extent your harassment of her reached, but it's clearly the most fun you've had in months. ironic how you're so proud of it and hate her so much but have no caps of her "shady" behavior. next time you present a cow, bring milk, vendetta-chan.

No. 880021

i legit can't believe i'm saying this on lolcow but you're a horrible person. find a hobby

No. 880022

Since when do we have anons trying to farmhand and moralfagging others on a gossip board? Find some other outlet for your low self-esteem.

No. 880023

i'm a month late but i used to follow her on instagram and holy fuck she has such a punchable face. she goes from one popular trend to another to fit in.

No. 880027

genuine question before i return to lurking - is this >>879956 really gossip or is this some fifth grader bullshit

No. 880032

since anons present their personal cow with no proof of milkiness aside from "guys, trust me, she's fat irl! guys?! old men buy her cheap shit! that's milk enough, right?" while being absolute retards in readily admitting they and their friends harassed (and maybe stalked) said cow.

a pic of a scrawny girl not having cut her hospital bracelet off yet is not milk. hearsay without proof is even less milk.

No. 880042

I thought she was married to that guy from Workaholics? Did they break up or is she just extra thotty

No. 880209

broke up a while back. i can't remember when exactly.

ive always disliked her tho she just came off as super bitchy and self serious

No. 880210

broke up a while back. i can't remember when exactly.

ive always disliked her tho she just came off as super bitchy and self serious >>880042

No. 880386

File: 1571155577417.jpg (Spoiler Image, 600.53 KB, 1441x1920, fash.jpg)

They broke up a few years ago. She now skinwalks her unassuming bf's style bc she purports herself to be a ~down-to-earth skate chick~ but she's actually a typical Orange County pick-me thot. I believed her until she got those ridiculous bolt ons. Now I roll my eyes at how self-important she makes herself out to be with her advice blog that panders to teens she's been running for years. I would love to know what she's like behind the scenes, she seems insufferable to her friends. Sage for old lady in the egirls thread kek

No. 880861

for someone in her position her coords are shit tier basic bitch boring…

No. 880914

yeah she left because people posting like that about her and everyone just talking about her in general. she wants everyone to leave her alone because she cant handle it

No. 880929

Did she mention this?

No. 880992

“Minors cant be posted” so you lolcow made a thread about me a “cow” when I was 15 and the minor rule wasn’t even a thing then? Cool.

No. 881027

Shouldn’t have been a public cow back then I guess?

No. 881093

yes the day she left it was on her story and her post she deleted off her page a month ago

No. 881095

File: 1571276480542.jpg (46.17 KB, 640x640, 4d0f66d9107f722a6779f706a7b6c2…)

does anyone know what happened to sssnakemeat? she posted about not trusting people you meet online iirc, she heavily implied something had happened to her when she met an internet friend then stopped using social media

No. 881178

that's ominous. i hope she didn't get molested or anything.

No. 881227

Nope. Was not a public cow I turned myself to private discovering this website and I had people following me on accounts I made private and still posting me and my personal life. Since then I pretty much became a farmer myself of this imageboard but only for some people I know posted on this thread. How I was exposed online underage I will always hold it against lolcow.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 881233

You’re acting like a cow trying to wk yourself on an anon board. I’ll tell you right now that being a sensitive cunt always piques more farmers attention. If you don’t want to be a topic, shut the fuck up and lay low for few weeks.

No. 881235

^ is right. Why would you come here and say that? You think anyone is going to give a fuck? That’s what the fuck this site is for. And so you’ve just turned around and are doing the same shit that made apparently feel so bad to other people. No sympathy for you here.

No. 881237

Made you*

No. 881256

Which cow were you, anon? Ericka Camacho?

No. 881266

I'm guessing you don't have caps? Thanks for the info. She was cute but the social media persona was insufferable imo. Good for her

No. 881267

I really want to know now, too!


No. 881861

Isn't the point of this forum to hold people accountable? How is it moralfagging to call someone out for being shitty.

No. 882287

No. 882323

File: 1571516464862.jpeg (401.61 KB, 1242x2208, B898BC93-79A2-46E2-8140-29898B…)

No. 882844

kek omegalul

No. 882847

File: 1571665769774.png (811.21 KB, 569x542, xfdhgjhj.PNG)

why do ppl on forum sites take shit SO seriously it aint tht deep sometimes ppl just be bored(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 883506

File: 1571788722553.png (131.59 KB, 640x1136, BAD33887-5336-4687-BBA3-F8DF86…)

@bellelynny blocked me cause I said she used to go by Lina Deppsen
>belle delphine skinwalker
>gamer girl uwu but n-no you cant have her psn or Xbox gt or steam she doesn’t even stream or anything either
>used to go by femmyfatal, Lina deppsen now she’s literally BELLE
>her nose job is botched af and doesn’t fit her
>microcephalic big bodied beast with a small head trynna be uwu anime gamer grill
I’m mad she blocked me for calling her out she has a PULL thread but it’s short cause

No. 883523

Oh shit, I remember her from the Belle Delphine/Instathot thread. She has a ton oooh f creepy, skinwalker pictures over there

No. 884161

Kek this girl has an identity crisis. Constantly deleting her photos wanting to be like Belle. Horrible shooping.

No. 884339

So when are you gonna post the screen shots of your babispit fight?

No. 888052

File: 1572732212992.jpeg (230.09 KB, 750x1083, 2BF79953-5248-4730-9AC9-408FA9…)

my fav personal cow / e - girl unarchived all her photos and just wanted to share this with you all KEK

No. 892106

File: 1573526023383.jpg (89.58 KB, 750x750, 69909399_780636529006271_68322…)

anything on urlocaldeadgirl ? she seems nice if not kinda basic

No. 892641

this thread is for you to talk about people who are already milky and explain why, not to post random girls asking if anyone has dirt on them. the newfaggotry itt is unbearable.

No. 896003

She actually just turned 18. Babispits bday was on the 4th of Nov. In my opinion she’s try hard ashit. Her darker style was kinda cringe, but now she likes all things “ghetto” and “ratchet” her personality changed in a second, and now she tries to talk “hood” she doesn't like her age out in public for sum reason. Which is dum.Cuz if you go on famous birthdays, it’s there lol, she such a liar as well. & She allows pedos to sexualize her without making her age clear, she’s fucked up &she dropped of high school(emoji)

No. 896006

*dropped out of high school

No. 896058

That's what you chose to correct out of that abysmal murder of English grammar?

No. 896095

File: 1574352775599.jpeg (454.13 KB, 640x900, E29C9F00-E1C8-4EFE-9E6D-573E3E…)

She is trying SOOOO hard to look like belle delphine it’s scary I never thought I’d say this but obviously Belle Looks better .
Look at her top lip she’s trying to pull that off lmao Lina deppsen quit your shit, you have a Hapsburg chin and big giant face your nose is still shoooped to hell and you’re scary

No. 896097

wow she looks legit retarded, why are her shorts pulled up like that?

No. 896133

As if Belle Delphine wasn’t cringey enough, she has a clone? Looked up her insta, and she follows at least 5 Belle Delphine fan accounts. Definitely not a coincidence.

No. 896140

Kek yeah she doesn't look that at all. Her older pictures that she constantly deletes looks like Michael Jackson. She'll have another meltdown and delete all of this and go private until she comes back looking more like Belle.

No. 896155

i think she's trying to pull the classic delphine-shorts-up-the-ass technique, except her figure is completely boxy bc she has no hips

No. 896198

She has a very mature oval-shaped adult face and a strong chin. She would end up a lot happier if she gave up on trying to look like a minor because she's just making herself into a public embarrassment and she will never get anywhere with it. She's not going to get any fame or fortune for being a below-average horse-faced woman in an animu kiddie getup.

No. 896205

I remember her bc she was in nylon or something. She claimed she had no lip injections back then and would get pissed about people asking. I also remember her getting crap for something with her kid, forget what

No. 896216

File: 1574369365869.png (1008.84 KB, 640x1136, AD71F757-26C6-449D-8E66-4A9F04…)

She looks like a goblin her features are too weird to try to pretend to be a Kawaii irl-anime ethot
Also there’s a thread on PULL on her and she addressed it in such a patronizing “you guys are so insecure” way
Lmao yeah they are but you don’t see them badly copying the most notorious ethot of all time can’t find caps now cause the site is down atm
If she thinks what they said on PULL is bad… (just girls saying “yikes.., she’s pretty but she shouldn’t try to look like belle, it doesn’t flatter her.”)
wait till she lurks on here and makes a story post about the insecure jealous meanies of lolcow

No. 896223

She addressed lolcow along with pull in the screen cap. I find it weird she would address this site considering she wasn't talked about very much.

No. 898039

File: 1574757138223.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 160.08 KB, 750x1155, 75A5A64F-98C2-45C2-AC24-8C7342…)

this is @dead9irls spam account i followed her because i thought she was cool for awhile, but now i literally CANNOT stand her. she thinks she’s relevant enough for people to copy her.. she once posted a screenshot of her and this girl talking asking why they weren’t friends anymore and she was like “thanks for using me for clout” i swear i can’t STAND her.

No. 898095

>'i think she's trying to be a belle delphine clone'
>name's "bellelynny"
obviously anon

No. 898150

Yeah she said her lips ballooned up from cancer treatments (can't recall the name rn) and not fillers. Idk what the truth is as I've never dealt with cancer but it is weird that they never seemed to go back down in size. What happened with her kid?

No. 898154

File: 1574792621373.png (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 1080x1002, Screenshot_20191126-101725_1.p…)

She just gives off the douchiest LA vibes but tries to act like she's super down to earth it triggers me

No. 898252

i swear she was a proana instagram page once? or at least she has one privately?

No. 898382

ugh i want to see the stupid shit she posts about in there post more screencaps

No. 905621

File: 1576346938351.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x2178, A2419DF9-046B-4530-BBFD-6508B6…)

I find it amazing how this carbon copy confidently posts pictures like this, after lying to her fans about her age when she was a minor a month ago, claiming her age is her business .She literally lies about having a job and uses her fans money to buy clothes and weed. She’s deadass scamming her followers along with her popularity mainly being ran on minors and creeps praising her for how she acts. She’s nothing but pedobait craving for attention, and has the nerve to get upset when someone calls her a thot. I mean…..shit, has she seen her own content? She’s been posting shit like this since she was 15.(necro)

No. 905624

LOL I think Babispit blocked me on my spam glad to see she’s still toxic.

No. 905631

Her parents clearly hate her

No. 905905

Anon (or anons, i guess) learn to sage and hide you vendetta better next time. Yea, she looks like an irritating backstabbing skank but no need to get so heated about it.

No. 905938

I'm not rly heated about anything. Cant speak for the other two Anons but I have no idea who she is. But by the looks of it, if she's only 18 posting stuff like that, her parents must be neglecting her, just sayin.(ban evasion)

No. 906195

At this point lolcow is just banning anyone….

No. 906205

Vendetta-chan got banned for posting someone that isn't milky and then got banned again for evading the former. If they didn't sperg about a rando and make it obvious that each reply was them, they wouldn't have gotten banned. Get over it.

No. 906532

Again, Anon I did not make those two previous comments before mine. I got banned for a comment I didn’t make, and through my experience, this isn’t the first time it happened. I tried getting on my computer to reply to your comment to clear things up. And I got a Ban evasion. Personally, I had no idea who this Babispit chick was until this thread. I do agree that I’m getting Vendetta vibes from that Anon. But let me repeat , it wasn’t me. I came her for milk, not to fight.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 911418

anybody got any milk on babivampiire? She seems suspicious(babivampire)

No. 911462

How? What seems sus to you

No. 911493

>self posting and Cassandra Clare tattoos of all things

No. 911599

Not a self post dumbass, I think it’s suspicious how she grew so quickly with only 20 so posts? I think she buys her followers

No. 911836

definitely self post. definitely bought followers

No. 911969

not a self post but whatever floats your boat. I just think she’s dumb as fuck and an ethot, all she cares about is her following and being famous.(babivampire)

No. 911988

Had to bump the thread to defend yourself huh? YOU seem like the lolcow here. If you want people to talk about her (you) so much, post some actual cream to get the ball rolling. Being dumb and e-popular aren’t milk, get help for that jealousy sis.

No. 911992

“Get some actual milk” hence why I asked for milk if there was any, once again, I’m not a self poster but you are delusional(babivampire)

No. 911993

Then why aren’t you saging you tard? You’re clearly her or have an obvious vendetta go back to your egirl community on Instagram and gtfo

No. 912003

came here for milk and don’t know how to use the site you retard, this website is retarded as fuck.(babivampire)

No. 912058

why would anybody have milk on her? nobody knows who she is

No. 912275

Idk why she has such a problem with people copying when she's literally LARPING as a scene kid from 2006? Like, imagine being defensive about a dead subculture that you yourself never experienced? The only thing I could think of is that skinwalking MySpace hoes from the mid two thousands gives her a sense of superiority over other women her age. While they're out LARPING as more current ethots like Belle Delphine, she's praising her goddess Kiki Kannibal because she's ~nOT LiEk OthER gIrLS~

Fucking kek
>Calls anon retarded for properly using the site
>Spergs about site being retarded despite faq

No. 914814

File: 1578418586749.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 413.14 KB, 1125x1509, 6A49ED23-FB22-470B-A693-5D0D8E…)

is there any milk on tumblr user @princesskittie? i’ve seen her ebegging numerous times and she posts hentai edits of underage girls, such as yoshiko tsushima

No. 914817

If you search the thread(s) and find no milk, there is none. If you have something to contribute then do that, or else you just seem either like a vendetta or self post
Why is this so hard to grasp?

No. 914820

literally every ddlg thot on the internet does this

No. 914824

definitely not a selfpost. i’ve had this girl blocked for a while, the fact that she uploads underage girls and sexualizes them just really rubs me the wrong way. i was hoping someone would have something to say about her. it’s just gross

No. 915187

File: 1578494822718.jpg (Spoiler Image, 185.01 KB, 1440x1800, 81786175_2842692229122012_6294…)

Does linzor even count? She's an egirl wannabe alright

The gross bitch posted this to ig and got rightfully roasted for sexualising a 14 year old

No. 915208

sorry for being retarded but sexualised how?

No. 915213

im guessing the ahegao face

No. 915232

i cant stand when girls do that stupid fucking ahegao face. its not cute. you look retarded

No. 915454


No. 915458

No. 915461

right? like nobody thinks it’s sexy, everyone’s just cringing

No. 916282

“Deadgirl “
Goddddd fuck off we get it you don’t like your father

No. 916299

jfc her voice grates on me like no voice i've ever heard before

No. 926348


God, Linzor has annoyed me for years now. Ever since she went to japan to learn japanese and then skipped school to go to tourist places just really bothered me. She spent so much money on going there to learn the language and she didn't even bother going to the classes. She then complained about not being able to learn because the classes were too advanced for her. She should have done better research on the classes, and she would have realized sooner that she wouldn't be able to complete the classes if she bothered to go. She should have at least tried to learn more on her own before going to a whole ass other country and learning their language there.

I don't know why but she is just so fucking irritating. The video is from 2017 but you can see from all the comments people were also annoyed. I feel like being a weeaboo is her only personality trait.

No. 926349

She has an accent but she speaks extra slurry on top of that and it legitimately disgusts me.

No. 927592

Ew, she mentioned she doesn't like brushing her teeth but I hadn't realized how gross they actually were

No. 928399

File: 1580882074998.jpg (260.86 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20200205-164850__01…)

Idk if this chick counts but definitely a contender for worst ahegao.

I've seen her shitting up the egirl and ahegao tags on ig for a while now and it looks like she became an ethot around the time Belle Delphine got popular

No. 928562

File: 1580940066370.jpeg (339.04 KB, 1125x1953, B43279EE-9F87-4251-A0E8-9416DE…)

the audacity of this girl
basically, ang3lthigh has a shop up on instagram named „ang3lics“ or whatever on instagram
she also has a depop on which she sells aliexpress lingere for 75$, beside some ugly clothing she got from thrift stores

and yet she gets mad at a person for using „her“ brandname (as if the name „angelic“ isn‘t used by a ton of other brands) and she sells cheap aliexpress stuff for a higher price. SHE‘S DOING THE SAME THING.

No. 928563

File: 1580940173608.jpeg (320.43 KB, 1125x1874, 0EC0B688-1689-4D10-A033-834EE3…)

No. 928582

What a retard.
As if her shops weren't already an indicator of intelligence kek.

No. 928585

File: 1580943903551.png (3.33 MB, 2070x1412, 787.png)

Her store's prices are hilarious for such cheap-looking clothes.

No. 928603

they look awful. her prices are way too high for clothing that looks like it‘s been worn a million times

No. 928762

File: 1580969868270.jpeg (54.13 KB, 501x585, images (1).jpeg)

She's clearly marked up the clothes she's worn/sweated in more than retail price. Does she really think her secretions add value or is she just a massive Jew Kek?(racebait)

No. 928764

It's always a good sign to see this image posted, regardless of context

No. 928768


No. 929118

jews aren't a race lol

No. 929244

File: 1581080434126.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.9 MB, 1920x2560, 20-02-07-23-57-18-668_deco.jpg)

fuck she's insufferable. when isn't she screeching at her followers?

No. 929326

> tmw ur dad is a crackhead and ur mom is disabled
makes sense kek

No. 929345

File: 1581101560355.png (1.56 MB, 640x1136, D9859597-B8DD-4C6A-B0BC-409CF2…)


No. 929351

Get a job thot

No. 929356

she said she goes to art school right, if she's so "poor uwu" how the fuck is she affording that? I know there are full ride scholarships but that's for people who are actually like, good at art

No. 929364

this bitch has always been about followers lmao what is she talking about?? all she does is try to start drama and call ppl out for clout

No. 929377

dont you love it when cows openly advertise their cow-status & send their followers here for them to be exposed to aaaall the milk?

No. 929452

Glad to know capping her stories lead to such extreme butt hurt. Remind me to do it more often KEK

No. 929455

File: 1581121213362.jpg (420.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200208-111335.jpg)

>Never wanted a following
>Continuously begs following for money
>TmW uR dADs a cRaCK hEAd aNd MoMS DiSAblEd!
>Reverts to natural state of ebegging

Sure Jan.

No. 929463

File: 1581122235640.jpg (194.28 KB, 1080x1165, Screenshot_20200208-113544__01…)

>I nEva WoNTeD a fOlLoWInG ~

No. 929465

also promotes dollskill, they only send out PR to people with FOLLOWERS

No. 929476

Kek. She'd be nothing without her precious dollskill churning out her imitation, early 2000s, ugu scene kid attire. I'm embarrassed for her lack of taste AND lack of self awareness tbh

No. 929587

File: 1581144270222.jpeg (21.66 KB, 750x146, 548CB154-42B4-4CC5-96B2-1CE970…)

says the n word but comes at other peoples throat for saying it or if someone follows someone who has said it LOL

No. 929590

File: 1581145910129.png (772.11 KB, 750x1334, C3809CFC-CEE9-418B-B55A-FB3E5C…)

No. 929607

this is nitpicky

No. 929951

File: 1581227810554.jpg (573.65 KB, 1080x1862, Screenshot_20200209-165408__01…)

Women sperging about their ~youthful appearance~ in the egirls hashtags are dime a dozen

No. 929952

File: 1581228070298.jpg (284.55 KB, 1080x1307, Screenshot_20200209-165954__01…)

Deffs the body of a 12 year old girl

No. 929961

oh, she's really cross-eyed? it wasn't just a bad shoop? can't even be mean about her tbh… this is just sad. poor thing.

No. 931637

File: 1581582369762.jpg (722.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200213-144346.jpg)

This is disgusting. Can we go back to egirls before belle delphine? Because this has gotta be the 10th time I've seen an autist drooling for paypigs

No. 931640

How in the fuck does she look 16, nevermind 12…? Even with the obvious filter, she looks around 23. The makeup helps to age her.

The amount of girls who want to be Belle Delphine, even with Belle's slow but sure downfall into unrelavency, is funny but also kind of sad. The elf ears, the hair, the same ahegao, jesus christ, these girls have absolutely nothing unique about them that makes them stand out from the rest.

No. 931647

File: 1581586368737.jpg (733.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200213-202215.jpg)

Agreed. I wish I could email them more brain cells, but even then I'd somehow how have to quench their desperation for fame and money. This girl's got some kek worthy comments on nearly all of her pics, and yet she still hasn't caught on that people aren't buying it.

Also how hilarious is dead9irl? All you've got to do is view her stories with a sock account to get to her. Idk what is with ethots being unable to accept their ages. Even with all the filters and clown makeup she still doesn't look particularly young lol?

No. 931648

File: 1581586443133.jpg (485.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200213-202218.jpg)


No. 931673


Every time dead9girl or whatever comes up it seems like such a self post. Or like one person who hates her. I followed her for a bit.
Not milky.
Just bitchy and dull.

No. 931750

Nta but her thinking everyone is copying her and even thinking shops copy her are pretty milky to me. Cringy but funny that she's just self absorbed lmao

No. 931765

File: 1581617089849.jpg (230.47 KB, 720x1025, 20200213_190451.jpg)

And thats with the filters and editing.

No. 931813

I'd love to see that! All I've seen from her is vague posting. And I've only heard stories here.
Never seen it though
Any pics?

No. 931859

Thanks anon, that's why I posted her. If I really hated dead9irl I'd leave you with the impression it was a self post. I just think she's milky, especially when she responded to this thread within hours kek

No. 931873

File: 1581634538327.jpg (854.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200214-095551.jpg)

Haha speaking of milky

No. 931966

I get selfpost vibes too, jumps out in this post >>931873
i hope she is selfposting, I miss Erin

No. 932162

Her nose edits are wild, she Erin 2.0

No. 932317

Dolltears is hideous in real life(stop posting yourself maddie)

No. 932343

No. 932419


Lmao I think she self posted In a dead thread too. Photoshop abusers. Ridiculous photoshopping?
Idk why there but shes really trying to get her name out there.
Yay more vague posting. Not milk still.

No. 932431

the trying really hard to get people to discuss her thing reeks of selfposting, like the original thread attempt and then spamming other threads when it did not work

i wonder if she'll start acting milkier for attention or something

No. 935213

its still racist

No. 935215

she is milky as fuck. what are u talking about.

No. 935307

Oh no a song said a naughty word, whatever shall we do anon.

Didn't your parents tell you words can't hurt you?

No. 935484

Fucking hate this girl, her look is shitty, her music is shitty and she pretended to be pregnant??? Like wth, who does that.

No. 936038

>random anon wants milk on an unknown yet thinks she seems nice
>only "other" anon who recognizes her has ott hatred for non-milky reasons

here we go. what do you think will be next? a "new anon" defending her against >>935484 ? a "different anon" saying "what?! why would i selfpost! i promise i'm not her!" or perhaps "someone who knows her in real life" describing how she seems really shy and introverted but nice and fashionable irl uwu?

No. 936199

ok dead9irl

No. 936242

Honestly this is something pulltards would nitpick about. When did the user demographic of this site become so flakey? Not the cow, but you can assume if you like kek

No. 936561

ok dead9irl("hi cow")

No. 936660

Does anyone have nudes of dead9irl since she sells them lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 936667

File: 1582600099502.jpg (670.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200223-144958.jpg)

No but I capped the worst pic of her known to man, not the same but pls enjoy keke

No. 936685


Jesus fucking christ still not milk!!!! SHOW ME her milk, show me anything besides vague posting. This bitch is boring as shit and you know it

No. 936722

Does anyone know what happened to dollltears? Her account is gone

No. 936812

what do you mean ??(stop posting yourself maddie)

No. 936843

At least the scrote won't be asking for her nudes anytime soon.

No. 936859

Didn’t she sell nudes while she was underage(stop posting yourself maddie)

No. 936888

I had literally just checked it yesterday morning but later in the day it was just gone. She might have finally deleted it herself but she usually only says she’ll do that when she’s really overwhelmed and she seemed alright lately, maybe instagram deleted her for some reason? Also sorry for asking about her here but it’s one of the few places I’ve seen her mentioned.

No. 936950

File: 1582663526865.png (376.53 KB, 828x1792, FF2549EF-4BF3-45F3-BD33-B226AC…)

No. 936951

File: 1582663585527.png (345.72 KB, 828x1792, 38B3456A-8D2B-4B8B-A664-76A5C5…)

No. 937008

she is so embarrassing and cringe.

No. 937009

she legit thinks she famous

No. 937029

was looking through her spam and found this, possibly the worst singing i've ever heard. enjoy anons.


No. 937033

why wHY would anyone actually post this. you were not exaggerating about worst singing ever. this is insane lmaooo

No. 937088

Could you imagine taking to time to dm someone who's just watching your stories? That just shows she keeps track of who watches her stories.

No. 937108

Starting to suspect the retard anon who keeps saying "no milk" is trying to divert our attention

No. 937111

Soz for samefag but holy shit even Erin is a better singer than that

No. 937121

shes so insecure it's honestly sad

No. 937122

someone needs to unlock dead9irls thread on here because…

No. 937126

I'm that anon and it's because I followed her for the past 2 months. She never posted anything controversial or angry. I was asking for images because everyone talking about how wild she is didnt have receipts and that seems sketch.
Very glad to see her being a dick to "lurkers". Your vanity is obvious

No. 937127

i feel so bad for u lmaoooo

No. 937129

I agree this chick and that babispit fag stink of self posting

No. 937166

File: 1582693589907.jpg (675.08 KB, 1078x1509, Screenshot_20200226-000323_Ins…)

Honestly I think this girl is self posting. But also wtf is this??
Pretend I dont exist….posts only selfies

No. 937172

Anon, please follow her. As long as youd like. Shes incredibly dull and is looking for any followers, even if its haters

No. 937174

If you don't want to talk about her, mooove your ass to another thread. I'm here to kek and this hi cow BS is autistic and getting old. She probably is selfposting which would be wonderful milk, but until we find out your REEEEing isn't getting us anywhere and it just looks suspicious.

No. 937176

Then talk about her!!!!
Holy shit that's all I've been asking for. Show us some pics of her being a cow. I want her to be but I've only seen the screenshots posted recently as proof.

No. 937178

That was quick, kek.

She literally sperged out at a stranger for "lurking" this morning. What do you fucking want?

No. 937181

That was quick too
Literally anything else…like I said that is actually a nice catch and I d love more like that. I'm done arguing, you'll get bored of her in a month

No. 937182

File: 1582694786861.jpg (612.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200226-162333.jpg)

Look at the autist's reply to this anon >>931765
She's in this thread more than we are and it's not even dedicated to her. It legitimately thinks it's Ash Ketchum or some shit?

No. 937187

Fuck what is it with these insta-thots using this proof-chan WK technique all of the sudden? Did you guys all go the same seminar or something? Didn't you see how badly it backfired on Nicole Eevee Davis? But go ahead, sperg about needing proof and people will go and find it.

No. 937191

Fucking kek, I see you're an anon of class. Glad I'm not the only one reminded of Nicole's proof-chans. Sure seems suspicious, but what do we know?

No. 937192

This is an image board. I need an image.

No. 937195

File: 1582696963935.jpg (377.29 KB, 1080x1400, Screenshot_20200226-165835__01…)

Did anyone cap her retarded "this woz 15 yr old me" story with the shitty foil pipe last night? Because this post is rich coming from her. Not to mention she called her vape crap supplier a "dealer" kek.

No. 937196

File: 1582697460858.jpg (620.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200226-170519.jpg)

Here's some more

No. 937197

File: 1582697481419.jpg (789.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200226-170640.jpg)

No. 937198

File: 1582697503573.jpg (574.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200226-170925.jpg)

No. 937199

File: 1582697539942.jpg (747.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200226-171023.jpg)

She can't smell her own shit and it's hilarious

No. 937201

Thanks for these! This is all I was bitching about, sorry.

No. 937209

All good anon, I get why you'd be suspicious too. It's part of the pain/beauty of being anonymous

No. 937267

File: 1582717406005.jpg (700.06 KB, 1898x2399, 20-02-26-22-39-49-739_deco__01…)

Not really milk but does this pic even need an explanation lol? Dead9irl story sperg incoming

No. 937286

the anon posted that 13 days ago and that story was 3 weeks ago. do the math. it wasn't a response, it was posted beforehand

No. 937293

Oop that was a mega retarded tinfoil on my part, soz anons. Thanks for pointing that out I'll slink back to my cave now lol.

No. 937321

I'm same age as this cow and having a really hard time believing shes born in the 2000s wtf bitch looks almost 30

No. 937329

her thin lips and widely spaced teeth give me lillee jean vibes lol

No. 937397

omg totally yes. you are so right

No. 937488

File: 1582753714840.jpeg (452.25 KB, 826x818, 394C5DA6-C616-40CE-ACFB-27D856…)

dead9irl steals memes pass it on

No. 937493

who doesn't

No. 937508

I FUCKING HATE NEWFAGS. Stolen memes and fugly selfies aren't lulzy.

No. 937557

this is an image board. shut the fuck up.

No. 937559

So evidence of her lack of self awareness isn't lulzy? Hide the thread if it's giving you an aneurysm, it's that simple.

No. 937627

File: 1582771914169.jpeg (337.02 KB, 1124x1542, DA120EC3-008D-4957-858A-483554…)

tw: not milk
dumb ass e girls wearing masks inside out upside down (on purpose???) is my favourite coronavirus meme

No. 937664

Hahaha I found this chick when I was looking up Erin!
Ya she seemed cringe

No. 937669

Your rage fuels me

No. 937683

How do people like this make money and survive ??

No. 937684


No. 937689

Fucking kek I found this bitch searching for Erin too. Nice to know I'm not the only one still searching for our little lost -insert nordic runes to spell lamb here-

No. 937805

File: 1582815193006.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x2560, 20-02-28-01-44-13-772_deco.jpg)

Okay so idk where to share this so sorry in advance but I have to post this somewhere. I legit found Boy George in egirl form complete with the ugliest ahegao I've ever seen. It's even selling feet pics lol.

No. 937808

File: 1582815294089.jpg (343.3 KB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20200228-013823__01…)

Her ig if anyone is interested in scrubbing their eyes with soap

No. 937879

crickets chirp in the distance

No. 937891

No. 937948

Annyone have te nsfw that dead9irl offert on her ig?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 937969

why don't you fucking buy them if u want them so bad u pervert

No. 938256

I don't even know who this bitch is but if some anon is having a meltdown at them even being posted instead of just hiding the thread, I'd say that basically guarantees they're a cow.

>This is an image board. I need an image.
might be my new fav combo though.

No. 938392

yeah. cant please everyone. i love that this board is such a shit show

No. 938661

File: 1582938582243.gif (3.66 MB, 498x280, tenor (1).gif)

Ntayt but me too anon, me too

No. 939067

File: 1583024798826.gif (Spoiler Image, 405.66 KB, 600x600, rainbow epic face.gif)

https://soundcloud.com/brutall/6snot-unreleased(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 939132

File: 1583035539412.jpg (500.86 KB, 1600x2560, 20-03-01-15-03-25-788_deco__01…)

Bit of a tinfoil, but can you blame me? Dead9irl usually has the vocabulary of 12 year old

No. 939155

the middle one is me and I am not her. idk if u are implying those are all her.

No. 939160

No kek, the last one is me. Just showing a little of the conversation. It wouldn't surprise me if that first anon was her, or at the very least she's still reading this thread. That, or I'm just blowing smoke up my own ass kek.

No. 939174

oh for sure she reads here. she is obsessed with her self so it makes sense.

No. 939199

Ha, we're teaching her how to construct sentences now. This is amazing anon.

No. 939741

Dead9irl definitely keeps updated on this thread. All she does is sit in her room and go online anyways. Does anyone know what college she attends?

No. 939742

File: 1583158171227.jpeg (627.12 KB, 828x1240, E16B8191-D7CE-4665-8E98-63D0D2…)

Apparently now her favorite brand is stealing her spiders lol (picture below is hers)

No. 939743

File: 1583158217105.jpeg (506.58 KB, 828x1139, 00564765-5911-4DFC-A704-64FD4F…)

No. 939745


To be fair Dollskill does have a reputation for stealing designs from independent artist's

No. 939750

She has her own thread thats pretty dead cant you ladies post in that one shes clogging this thread up

No. 939756

It’s closed to posting

No. 939889

its locked. u obviously should know that since you checked. also since you care about rules so much how about sage your shit

No. 939896

yeah…widow has been using this spider since forever. I have stuff with that spider on it that I bought in 2017

No. 939897

her shitty version looks nothing like theirs. and is also not original

No. 939898

plus dolls kill already released pants like this and so did everyone on depop in 2017

No. 940050

Ot but I love you anon

No. 940053

File: 1583196611101.jpg (653.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200302-200651.jpg)

And not necessarily milk, just deadbitch being a hypocrite as usual ~s0 eDgY~

No. 940468

It’s funny Dead9irl isn’t even interesting, she just took all the trends from the MySpace emos and calls it hers .-. Talk about unoriginal

No. 940521


No. 940670

File: 1583296136293.jpeg (327.46 KB, 828x1532, 321900F3-7C6C-4011-9FE2-96A1A3…)

y’all ever come across this girl on tik tok? she just turned 16 and anytime i accidentally watch a video of hers i feel like a pedophile

No. 940677

No. 940778

Nice useless bump, imo your contribution was even less interesting than dead9irl

No. 940849

your comment not only useless but even more uninteresting than the other 2 comments you are trying to talk about

No. 940852

who's coming on lolcow to sound interesting? lmfaoo

No. 941246

Read the thread autist(s), you're just regurgitating the same shit and bumping it unnecessarily.
>Implying I'm here to sound interesting
Read the rules, majority of farmers expect posts that bump to be actual contributions..

No. 941416

stop wasting space

No. 941423

this whole thread is bumping. so just hide it if you are that autistic

No. 941516

File: 1583448892546.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200306-094449.jpg)

Stop pretending to be multiple people ya weird cunt

Kek @ dead9irl thinking vaping is ~s00oO much better~
>I smoked my cart in 4 days and my dealer called me a crack head

No. 941520

File: 1583449006029.jpg (128.96 KB, 1080x741, Screenshot_20200306-094747__01…)

Samefag. Just because it fits your hot topic ugu emo aesthetic doesn't mean it happened

No. 941756

her "vape" isnt a vape lol its a thc dab pen. probably why her dealer called her a crackhead

No. 941763

Her dealer didnt call her a crackhead. Shes just a dull stoner at most. Why are we still talking about her?

No. 941767

nobody is pretending to be multiple people u paranoid retard. did anyone say they were

No. 941768

because shes the only egirl who is a cow. why dont u introduce a new one

No. 941771

Shes not a cow.

No. 941817

ok miss Stan. calm down

No. 941851

File: 1583495410073.jpg (954.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200306-221338.jpg)

Because we're bored give us more content if you have any by all means. Also can anyone decipher this lmao?

No. 941876

File: 1583501344483.jpg (210.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200306-092313_Ins…)

Please tell me someone got screencaps of angelgutz @ ig was sperging about how she was bullied and beat up in her ghetto high school for liking anime because people were calling her out in the comments of her Youtube video lol. God I wish I had.

This girl is a pedobaiting cringefest. She's been ddlg pandering since she was in high school and after advertising in her IG stories that she was selling ass shots and feet pics she asked how old she looked, the gushed over all the messages she sent to herself about how she looked 15.

I followed her because I thought her outfits and room was cute but she went downhill fast lol. I guess after becoming an unemployed neet post high school she decided to sell lewds since mommy is less willing to spoil her with weeb shit and she refuses to go to college.

No. 941877

File: 1583501365328.jpg (455.42 KB, 720x1115, 20200306_092355.jpg)

No. 941879

File: 1583501512171.jpg (368.73 KB, 720x1117, 20200306_093038.jpg)


pedobaiting in 2018 when she was in school.

No. 941951

Plenty of good threads to look at besides yourself, dead9irl

No. 942007

what is there to decipher..are you trying to not understand what she meant.

No. 942308

>what is there to decipher
First off she intentionally types like a spaz so I had to do a double take. Secondly, the dude who sperged at her is for sure a tard but I can't comprehend what she's even achieving by posting that. They both sound like massive autists..

Kek, do I even dignify an NPC with a response?

No. 942341

Omg we found someone more illiterate than dead9irl

No. 942343

"Dude" who sperged at her. Lol learn the rules

No. 942385

File: 1583598749201.png (5.86 MB, 828x1792, C0B6645F-7CDD-4D27-B33D-32E0EB…)

Xenophobia smh

No. 942396

I apologize for my argumentative attitude. I'm having very bad mental health issues and I'm fighting just to talk to someone. I'll hide this thread now. I'm ok

No. 942508

I said she racist. & do u know what 1 of you said

No. 942644

Hey dead9irl I know you’re reading this cuz you clearly keep updated on the thread. Xenophobia isn’t a joke. Especially when you make it seem casual. People are getting beaten in the city that you live in, Philadelphia. It’s not cute and edgy it’s just racist especially while people are being assaulted on public transportation because of xenophobia.

No. 942675

she legit self posts & then gets pressed wen people talk about her.

No. 942680

She just wants an excuse to be like
"omg guys my haters. I have haters .did you guys kno I have haters. because i do. i have haters "

No. 942683

Deadgirl or whatever your name is get the fuck out of here. Nobody cares about you, you’re just another retarded egirl, your attentionwhoreness doesn’t even make you a cow. That’s how basic you are

No. 942691

shes just cringe. thats why anyone here is talking about her. plus her bringing herself up acting like its not her just to get people to talk about her

No. 942712

I have.

No. 942964

File: 1583736448312.jpg (27.43 KB, 275x275, 1485672194058.jpg)

She's deffs a boring casual racist for them edge points. Her racism and need for attention are intertwined imo.

Dead9irl posts in a nutshell (pic related)

No. 943065

this girl's old username was angelic_loli

No. 943126

File: 1583775082309.jpeg (740.79 KB, 828x1093, 194630EC-084A-4608-9866-6E8CB7…)

complains about not having any friends

No. 943131

Who tf want strangers to talk to them. Reach less.

No. 943136

File: 1583777119905.jpeg (559.25 KB, 750x1072, 513714E2-3B73-49F0-B53D-8DDD10…)

how do her photos manage to get uglier and uglier?

No. 943143

can you stop posting her, no1 gives a fuck
i legit think it's dead9irl selfposting

No. 943164

Lmao I knew she was self-posting ever since she was mentioned in the thread, she's just so boring, she's like edgy emo girl #7845621

No. 943177

this one is so cringe. what are you doing with your face. cringe

No. 943178

she's lonely and desperate for attention. let her keep self posting. its the only thing going on in this thread

No. 943242

stop reading the thread if you’re going to have a cry every time someone is posted, you’re more annoying than dead9irl self posting.

No. 943394

Yeah agree, what's the harm in letting her keep posting? This thread is a shitshow anyway and it's not like we've got anything else to talk about. Tin foil: What if it's both dead9irl self posting AND trying to shut down DG related content to derail? Massive reach but that'd be so kek worthy imo.

No. 943455

shes so obsessed with herself and desperate for attention i wouldn't be surprised if shes in her talking to herself too

No. 944223

im 100% sure dead6irl thinks being mentioned here means she's famous lmao and thats why she keeps bringing herself up in here

No. 944321

File: 1583974378418.jpeg (87.56 KB, 750x744, 171F3165-164F-4939-9DDF-218D7A…)

she has a super unfortunate face

No. 944390

File: 1583977640957.jpeg (138.18 KB, 750x1106, 2B34942C-01BC-4F24-B487-59613F…)

No. 944401

Oof ew …

No. 944402

She’s not cute but I never seen her that meaty lmao unfortunate indeed(emoji)

No. 944409

File: 1583982487925.jpeg (27.22 KB, 184x184, 8D774D54-FC07-4DA7-A6DB-F66F47…)


calling amorphous anonymous internet women fat and ugly

truly the hallmark of a stable person with a healthy body image and not an ugly insecure wannabe with cheeks that look like she either has hardcore purged for a decade or just got teeth pulled

shore told em girlie

No. 944416

“Just got her teeth pulled” LMAO(emoji)

No. 944419

can't believe someone with such a blatantly fat bloated face could use fat as an insult lol self awareness zero.

No. 944420

her followers need to stop kissing her ass so much, she looks retarded, and the fake compliments are getting to her head to the point she thinks she’s the shit. “fame” has gotten to her to the point she probably thinks she’s the hottest mf around.

No. 944421

have u retards ever heard of puffing out ur cheeks? it makes ur face look chubbier. clean ur musty glasses fatlard

No. 944422

She is visibly NOT puffing out her cheeks in that picture.

No. 944430

if you look closely it’s actually one of those shitty ass insta filters, you can tell because her paper cut lips are slightly distorted and bigger. that’s why her head looks so fat.

No. 944431

Yeah it’s so easy to tell when her lips r edited… which is basically always

No. 944433

File: 1583988886916.png (5.03 MB, 828x1792, 2B3B9AC2-B9B0-4826-BD10-2EB46B…)

Like… dafuck

No. 944449

hey I don't mean to sound stupid, but does she draw on her eye makeup in picsart or something? they look like PS

No. 944621

Same. I cant wait for her to go on her typical “EVERYONE IS COPYING ME” Bullshit so we have some more milk

No. 944641

some of the "fat annon fucks that orbit lolciw" are her friends. just saying

No. 944646

yes deadgril they gave but in your case tou are just fat regardless

No. 944661

File: 1584041434276.jpeg (545.47 KB, 828x1197, F756203A-F379-4313-8370-31C4D2…)


No. 944670

when your “haters” are your friends kek what does that say about you, dead9irl? considering you love to lurk so much

No. 944671

samefag but “you can literally see my ribs,” where though? okay ~erin~ keep telling yourself that

No. 944687

bitch where

i was so confused as to why her waist looked so snatched but i realized it’s a pillow in front of her. but what’s the explanation for the back? her midsection literally looks like: 8. but she looks relatively thin in her insta videos. sum ain’t right here

No. 944690

is there some drama around this girl she literally only has 900 followers like who cares about her AT ALL

No. 944696

ok liquify tool. ive seen her haggard ass irl shes shaped like a fridge and her face looks like a tree stump irl

No. 944698

what girl?

No. 944708

She is probably self posting. Trying to drum up an actual following kek
it's so fucking sad.
Dumb bitch.

No. 944711

when did you see her irl??

No. 944724

this is her spam, her main is @dead9irl.

No. 944734

File: 1584050642293.jpeg (495.12 KB, 750x1030, 1598AF2F-89D6-4CEC-9161-B7D822…)

you can tell by this picture she’s obviously not skinny, who is she trying to fool? tubby ass..

No. 944759

File: 1584056931777.jpeg (154.19 KB, 750x1334, CB5BF63F-1102-4650-9444-E17211…)

“I liked a comment on one of her photos”

No. 944761

File: 1584056970911.jpeg (158.87 KB, 750x1334, 1ADC8CAE-577F-4958-9A54-7FAD83…)

D9rill is autistic kek

No. 944762

^som1 sent to me

No. 944768

File: 1584057617213.jpeg (391.36 KB, 828x1280, B4CED37E-0121-49EC-9C17-A7BF69…)

No. 944774

I think dead9irl room is disgusting looking. Like I feel there's a better way to show this "asethetics". It probably smells like cigs and piss.

No. 944785

File: 1584061490913.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 129.78 KB, 750x1075, EA5D4048-A5F5-42FB-8976-C4F06A…)

imagine her without all her shitty edits then,, she looks like a skinwalker

No. 944792

File: 1584063001349.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 427.47 KB, 828x1118, 6B4C7289-EC32-4219-85CB-2D8ED2…)

Ngl idc abt the weight thing I just think itz major kek tht she tryna talk back. Insecure peepee

No. 944794

Lmao she looks like an old lady with a honker nose

No. 944797

she looks like a bobble head I’m dead(emojis)

No. 944800


That nose edit lmaaaoo she really is skinwalking toopoor

No. 944808

Where'd her waist go kek?

No. 944838

lmfao I smell projection, i’m 99% sure she’s a farmer herself (aside from the obvious self posts here). anyone remember when she had beef with pnp?

No. 944852

i go to the same school as her

No. 944853

she spelled cankles wrong

No. 944855

dobby from harry potter

No. 944864

man face. man arms. man feet. man calves. this bitch a whole dude(Samefagging)

No. 944867

She’s not even fat just shaped really unfortunately. That’s why her body is always angled, shopped, or filtered. She’s like a bloated, starving ethiopian child irl.

No. 944887

shes fat.

No. 944889

iv seen her irl. that bitch is a fridge.

No. 945156

File: 1584139926579.png (2.81 MB, 828x1792, E65CB40E-F35C-4889-9F57-6EB778…)

No. 945276

disgusting. this is gore

No. 945500

this is the definition of unfortunate
>i look twelve
bitch where? it's not your jowls

No. 945502

No. 945545

File: 1584226621041.jpeg (852.06 KB, 828x1482, BE2A65D5-684E-4FD6-8041-DB9C3E…)

Only bc she has the body of a 12 yr old*

No. 945548

she has the body of a 37 year old

No. 945595

File: 1584234874610.jpeg (294.73 KB, 1197x1384, E3242E6A-7B65-4255-89D0-464B38…)

ok miss cankles thick big body queen. so skinny.

No. 945621


No. 945640

not as skinny as her “proof” pic

No. 945678

Are you blind? She’s badly built and has a dumpy ass body.

No. 945697

especially for someone who constantly is trying to fat shame people.

No. 945862

Lol dollltears got deleted for advertising her onlyfans

No. 945934

Finally now we don’t have to see her begging for money all of the time. Annoying cunt!(stop posting yourself maddie)

No. 945981

She'll be back in no time. She spent most of her life online.

No. 945983

Did you post her begging? I dont remember anything about her

No. 945985

Shes been trying to promote her nudes a lot! practically begging for Money(stop posting yourself maddie)

No. 945986

I haven't seen it though

No. 946027

You mustn’t been following her then(stop posting yourself maddie)

No. 946035

I've been following this thread…

No. 946069

this thread isn't dolltears account so thats probably why you didn't see it..

No. 946079

Yeah we are talking about her account not his thread, you would’ve had to see her post those things if you followed her(stop posting yourself maddie)

No. 946080

What’s the whole deal with her anyways I still don’t see any milk(stop posting yourself maddie)

No. 946091

The milk is just that she is a desperate ewhore. New account dolltears666, she made her finsta public.

No. 946106

Never liked her anyways, she’s an attention whore. It’s probably best that her account was deleted(stop posting yourself maddie)

No. 946114

She went thru and deleted a bunch of pics, like of her in her bra recently saying her boyfriend took the pic lol

No. 946123

Useless whore(stop posting yourself maddie)

No. 946476

File: 1584431888416.jpeg (1.04 MB, 828x1634, EDB7567F-213F-4A6A-98EE-DED550…)

U weren’t joking about tha bloated Ethiopian child thing

No. 946577

File: 1584461959218.png (3.05 MB, 750x1334, 24B38F4F-9B1E-428F-AE17-0BBA11…)

yal are funny as shit for thinking that how-old calculator is exact in the slightest

No. 946637

well to be fair that girl does look like a fat 9 year old child.

No. 946668

its not lying about her looking 30. you are delusional

No. 946789

File: 1584491655622.jpeg (746.75 KB, 750x1191, EF122809-92AD-445D-96F9-ED3FE0…)

No. 946800

>uses a non-candid, cake-faced photo of her to try to prove a point
you tried anon

No. 946809

File: 1584496905257.jpg (22.62 KB, 309x269, 666faggot.jpg)

"you take myself.. you take my self control"

No. 947034

are you her or something? u arent going to change my mind with a very edited picture

No. 947042


No. 947050

File: 1584557234429.png (1.49 KB, 112x112, A09F4A5D-8B45-40E1-9CB9-20DA52…)



our skinny legend queen has decided to grace us again with her cankles and purge cheeks!

how’s it feel to be obsessed with women who couldn’t care less about you but just love to watch the shit show?

how does it feel to be so incredibly insecure that your followers know about this thread and know when you’ll respond to it?

how does it feel that none of your “friends” have bothered to defend you like the usual influx of white knights this site gets for the average IG thot? to know that your “friends” are probably posting shit about you almost as much as you come in to defend yourself?

i can’t imagine being so pathetic, lol.

No. 947074

Okay granny nice promo button

No. 947116

hows it feel to be a lowlife that orbits lolcow to harass random girls? LOL incel status

No. 947119

ok fattie

No. 947131


lol you keep posting yourself, almost to the point of obsession, in a thread that isn’t even dedicated to you. that makes you just as much of a lowlife sweaty

get a life fatty! stop obsessing over what random internet women say on a god damn GOSSIP forum!

No. 947139

hows it feel to be a lowlife who self posts on lolcow for a crumb of attention

No. 947174

Ooof you wish lolcow would actually orbit you fatass. That's just sad.
God I love when they out themselves.

No. 947250

Can farmhand out her posts pls? I’ve got a feeling she’s way more of a lolcow orbiter than she accuses others of being

No. 947281

of course she is. she was one of the first people to start commenting in this thred

No. 947381

File: 1584608045522.jpg (264.86 KB, 1080x1485, Screenshot_20200319-193748__01…)

FUCKING KEK, actual cow status has been obtained. Amazing.

While we wait for the majority of the posts in this thread to be marked as her own, who else is excited for her to get a probable rapist tattooed on her body? >>>/ot/524620
too bad the thread's not in /snow/ or she might think twice (still not likely though IMO). Shitty anime tattoos aren't seeming so bad at this point KEK >>937267

No. 947385

Ew imagine being fucking 60 with that shit dear god that’s so humiliating

No. 947404

File: 1584619094142.gif (634.94 KB, 489x200, now-thats-what-i-call-edgy-gif…)

Only people like dead9irl who were children when this shit was popular thinks tattoos like that cool, even then most look back in cringe. Seriously pressing X to doubt she'll change her tattoo idea despite being linked to the Manson thread.. Having a potential rapist tattooed on her is probably a positive because of the perceived edge.

No. 947547

File: 1584654003327.jpg (405.9 KB, 1080x1229, Screenshot_20200319_213939.jpg)

Got a follow suggestion from insta for your typical onlyfans egirl barbwire.bitch.
Don't really keep up with her too much but she always seems to be posting drama about how she doesn't care what anyone thinks and how she's living her best life.
Posted her here because recently she's gotten into "art" and is trying to sell these AMAZING custom lighters for £15.

No. 947549

ur selfposting ain't slick bitch

No. 947558

I love ripping poor people off for they hard earned money so they can support me instead of themselves

No. 947563

Tbh if poor people are paying for shitty onlyfans and £15 lighters they’re simping and deserve to suffer

No. 947566

That's all this thread is now, unfortunately

No. 947608

Those fucking lighters cost like 80p each and those tacky gemstones are like a pound from Smith's, if anyone pay for that shit then they're retarded

No. 947696

Retarded is precisely what egirl follower bases are kek

No. 947759

Tacky and tasteless

No. 948077

Funny how deadwh9re stopped posting after she got exposed hahahaha

No. 948206

She’s obviously embarrassed even though we all knew she was self posting anyways

No. 948213

Well you should be fucking embarrassed as well for not knowing how to sage your useless comments

No. 948276

Shove it

No. 948409

wow you know the rules even. who knew dead9irl was a regular on lolcow. ya learn something new everyday

No. 949512

File: 1585161855614.png (3.02 MB, 750x1334, A59DD0A7-EC7C-4871-88CB-152633…)

Trying to resurrect this thread as there’s TikTok millkiness out there in vats.

This girl and strawberry.hayes particularly.

No. 949627

Yeah it's funny how it died the moment dead9irl got outed. Pls explain, her general appearance looks milky and that song looks lame… But deets?

No. 950223

D9 posted another pic showing her bloated belly

No. 950230

I’m working on it kek. Only just started to delve into this world. Strawberry.Hayes seems more vocal about beef but actually she’s not that hideous, in that she seems to be on the right team.
Right, I’m going in.

No. 950266

File: 1585341629993.jpeg (213.79 KB, 750x1230, F0156B21-80BB-495C-A308-9E2890…)

Ok how about neekolul the ok boomer tiktok girl? I was in her stream for 30 minutes and literally it was 30 minutes of complaining about people memeing but not tagging her socials and that’s apparently “exploitation”.
This bitch really selling shit ass phone cases for $22 lmao simps truly deserve to die.

No. 950271

I don’t even understand what she is.

No. 950279

Normie tiktok thot who thinks she's the second coming of Belle Delphine

No. 950378

She doesn't seem to be trying to be attractive to the opposite sex (atleast from the pic posted). That was Belle's whole personality kek.

No. 950396

Bruh… have you seen any of her social media?

No. 950825

Nah just that pic. Just going by that she looks like a gender fluid pick me. Please share, I'm bored.

No. 950911

Very bored need more kek Please

No. 950912

Jessi Slaughter is back as with the other victims of Dahvie Vanity from BOTDF. Everyone knows he’s a pedo but now victims are coming out

No. 951005

File: 1585516926650.png (2.69 MB, 1296x1370, Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 5.31…)

Not that anon but here's one look at her Instagram. She's pretty normie and is clearly trying to pander to a straight male audience.

No. 951022

Honestly think there should he a Dahvie/victims thread? Would be interesting if there isn’t one already

No. 951049

she's a cutie what makes her a person of interest though

No. 951146

Watching her dance you can just tell she 100% does not give a shit lmfao. Not to gatekeep but watching people try and do ‘anime uwu’ shit who clearly don’t care about anime is just so fucking lame. Belle’s outfits were ugly as hell but they were at least interesting; this girl just puts on lululemon and calls it a day.

No. 951161

Wtf is this bitch >>949512
And this bitch >>951005
Even the same person? Cause dyke stereotype was who I was talking about?

No. 951163

Also soz for samefag but accurate. Around the time BD got popular (I don't think she even likes anime) all the Normie bitches came out with sob stories about how they were "boolied" for liking it but they're sah strong now ~ Not to mention the influx of irl anime girl in these basic people's bios (lame thing to write regardless kek). But, whatever's popular amirite?

No. 951202

They’re obviously not the same person. Are you high?

No. 951330

File: 1585595505823.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, 08C3FF76-C9B6-499A-AF18-8B0027…)

dead9irl thinking she can dictate who is scene for clout when she’s literally… “scene” for clout

No. 951412

poor dead9rl mad this girl wears scene better than her without having to base her entire life and identity around it

No. 952030

D9 looks like a fat cow in her recent post too, I compared to her old pictures and she has certainly gained many pounds

No. 952031

I think she has always been emo, but she acts like she owns the f*cking style. Like maybe find some originality… even her designs are just tumblr transparents/png …. not to mention her “art” where she copy paste draws shit from tumblr or doodles on a popular brand ie HelloKitty and CareBear

No. 952033

File: 1585611147654.jpeg (700.25 KB, 2048x2048, 01AE0694-D504-46AF-B681-6DD5DB…)

It’s so amusing to fuck with her

No. 952077

Seeing as anon was directly responding to me, I was naturally confused at why she posted her kek? Do you need help understanding how tags work, or is this thread just an outlet for your passive agression?

No. 952083

What are you on about? You tagged two different posts asking if the subjects are the same the person

No. 952139

Okay maybe you do need help, I apologize. The first post was me asking for pics on miss stereotypical tumblrette >>950825
The response was >>951005
So naturally I was pretty confused because that looks nothing like the woman I asked for pics of which lead to me posting >>951161
Hope that makes sense to you now.

No. 952157

now thats a big fat bitch. would not touch her w a 10 ft pole. just lost my appetite

No. 952167

“I’ve been the same weight all my life”

No. 952175

File: 1585641585525.jpg (232.71 KB, 1080x1443, Screenshot_20200331-185558__01…)

I don't personally have anything against weed but this is pretty funny considering >>937195
What little self awareness she had is slipping away

No. 952323

weed isnt really like that. she is probably talking about xanax & shit

No. 952327

Yeah flower isn’t really bad, but her “heroin carts” are certainly kek

No. 952332

Does anyone have any milk on @yuno from Instagram? She just seems so milky but idk could just be me. I do know one thing that bothers me is how she opens then closes her store akiracult every so often

No. 952443

File: 1585696811430.jpg (263.99 KB, 748x340, Striderscribe.jpg)

Striderscribe. She's all over certain FB pages that specialize in cosplay or anime, she tends to photoshop her own pictures to appear more busty or curvaceous and sell it to her fanbase in premium e-girl services like onlyfans, etc. People in the town she was in gossiped about her on a FB group and took pictures of her in public.

No. 952469

How can you tell this is actually her?

No. 952475

I bet you my bottom dollar that if you share it to her on her twitter, she'll block you.

No. 952482

You mean cowtip? Read the rules.
Also, that isn't proof, newfag. I'd block a stranger who was sending me weird collages of a woman's ass crack too. You don't actually have any real receipts do you?

No. 952661

Need more proof for this one.

No. 952681


Need proof

No. 952744

I have so much milk on her

No. 952745

I have so much milk on her as well(stop posting yourself maddie)

No. 952747

then fucking share it instead of just saying so without saging

No. 952835

if you aren't going to spill then whats the point in saying that

No. 952861

File: 1585783317630.jpeg (157.45 KB, 786x782, 8A2CDE04-C234-4CA5-907E-DA91A5…)

Does she have onlyfans or is this just a side hustle ?

No. 953231


thats 100% her.Its actually from a couple years ago but it did blow up in a fb group where people even commented about her at the gym saying she smelled bad, always dressed that way, etc.Curious to know what other people know now.

No. 953257

File: 1585857844720.jpeg (1.2 MB, 3000x4000, 0DEFEB90-8D82-409A-A09B-EDCED7…)

does she know she looks stupid

No. 953424

File: 1585875328134.jpeg (264.82 KB, 1194x1509, 34889660-4066-4807-B593-24B5DD…)

jelous ugly bitch trying but failing to start shit for clout

No. 953434

File: 1585876074060.jpeg (506.55 KB, 750x1018, 2AF34CE8-1BF9-4BE4-96A3-87D972…)

@yuno is an anachans it seems kek

No. 953435

File: 1585876099282.jpeg (384.69 KB, 750x929, 1A436FEA-E29C-40C3-AA9B-DDFC63…)

pt 2

No. 953439

File: 1585876253091.jpeg (197.96 KB, 750x927, 1DC510AA-8612-4DC9-8893-6B85D8…)

pt 3

No. 953440

kek that's the most obvious sucking in i've ever seen. look at those arms and thighs. and layered bras?!

No. 953454

Lmao sure. You can see how strained she looks sucking her stomach in.

No. 954100

File: 1586005199669.jpeg (276.32 KB, 828x599, E08B0CC5-9C02-491F-83EC-CF5DA4…)

Not to mention destroying the worlds economy and wrecking havoc on the worlds medical staff who is struggling immensely. D9 was always an ignorant cunt but she really tried to spin covid at a good thing… hope your disabled mother doesn’t catch it, let alone D9 herself with her “heroin cart” lungs

No. 954103

Sounds like she believes in genocide too since she's not counting herself in the "overpopulation" group

No. 954169

This is absolutely hilarious, scenephaze does it sooo much better that fat9irl could ever dream of

No. 954468

She looks like the offbrand version of the girl she's starting shit with, fucking KEK

No. 954469

File: 1586053304817.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x2560, 20-04-05-12-19-33-760_deco.jpg)

Samefag but I am dying the "original" (probably why she has something up her ass) has been overtaken. Even Instagram agrees dead9irl is Walmart spec.

No. 954475

File: 1586054385098.jpeg (197.87 KB, 811x1270, E6AEE73B-69B9-4202-BC2C-F24510…)

At least the "poser" that realizes shes not the singular snowflake that walks this earth isnt blinded by her envy and acknowledges and even supports the plethora of egoths out there..

No. 954485

Kek, she even has a better personality.

No. 954486

I've known Elora for a while and she's honestly so sweet. D9 is just a bully for literally no reason other than jealousy & needing attention.

No. 954492

I honestly don't doubt that. Elora's pics don't resemble dead9irl's whatsoever. From what I can tell they just kind of enjoy the same stuff, key word(s) kind of. I don't know Elora but if her very existence grates on dead9irl she must be doing something right. Dead9irl hates anyone prettier/more successful than her.

No. 954535

d9 looks like the tryhard poser compared to elora

No. 954536

what are you talking about

No. 954540

Oof cow9irl the Walmart tryhard indeed, definitely the least original and most trashy style….

No. 954554

So some tea. Dasha and Mina type of situation. One girl ( pure4ngel ) has been beefing with her ex best friend as she was copying her style and being shady. She blocked her bestie on everything but the copying still continued. So much that just as pure4ngel shaved her sides of hair then sp1tpuppy, the girl copying her, did it too. I’m keeping an eye on the situation as it’s getting pretty milky. I’ll update if any but here’s a few comparison photos for evidence of copying. Pure4ngel on the left, sp1tpuppy on the right.

No. 954555

File: 1586080380271.jpeg (1.04 MB, 2448x2965, 9BC2D9EC-B35D-4EAF-9333-A95E07…)

No. 954569

File: 1586086569772.jpeg (469.29 KB, 750x968, 690487B8-21A1-401A-98FF-6F816F…)

Then there’s also Gh0std0ll who sp1tpuppy claims is her ‘inspo queen’.

No. 954570

Gh0std0ll appears to be main of pure4ngel

No. 954577

Why is clown the "in thing" with the kids these days. I feel like I've aged out already, what is the lure of this style?

No. 954594

Yeah ghost doll is pure4ngels main account, pure4ngel is her spam.

No. 954597

I feel like it's come partially from things like Harley Quinn and pennywise mixed with e-girl/emo makeup.
Melanie Martinez and jasmyne bean also have a bit of a clowny carnival thing going on.

It's just a clusterfuck of aesthetic and subcultures though I don't get the appeal myself.

No. 954598

Striderscribe is fascinating. She used to be a normal sized homestuck cosplayer, but has nearly tripled her size and become a full blown momokun skinwalker. Almost every costume she’s done in the past two years has been something momo did shortly after, it’s like clockwork. I guess having two kids by the age of 21 burns you out pretty fast though.

No. 954602

Samefag, but I guess they’re not her kids. I thought it explained the weight gain but damn, she was just that committed to skinwalking. So disregard that part, wouldn’t let me delete my post

No. 955187

Is e1or4 even milky enough to have been mentioned in the thread description? Anytime she’s been posted here has been due to dead9ranny’s jealous spergs

No. 955228

File: 1586215874935.jpeg (643.22 KB, 828x963, 8DE85F5B-02C5-4C86-949E-175BB7…)


No. 955341

how is that nitpicking. she is always saying shes skinny and calling people fat wen she is not skinny. its just proof.

No. 955342

thats the only reason to mention her. is d9 desperately trying to get eloras attention. elora herself is not milky

No. 955356

Probably because anon just said "moo" and didn't sage? My best guess.

She looks like a younger Vicky Shingles with that makeup though.

No. 955366

I died, he does look like icky shingles lol and it’s appropriate for her going down that road since she considers herself a SCENE KWEEN now lol

I wonder if she’s jealous that e1or4 actually has friends

No. 955370

that & because elora is actually authentic & hot

No. 955818

Please do . I dnt know why but i love skinwalking cows. So intriguing to me how they do this weird shit

No. 955906

File: 1586366261830.png (Spoiler Image, 682.44 KB, 856x599, e_0-049_0.png)

Well, she's selling "sexy photos" now. She's 18 now btw.

No. 955939

File: 1586370494882.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1916, 2DF137D3-B05C-43B6-BF4D-D124EB…)

It just makes me sad that she's only 18 and thinks being a camwhore is her only way out of poverty. She's already been brainwashed into thinking it'll help her in the long run instead of wrecking more havoc on her mental health.

No. 956119


It’s fucked I remember seeing a lot of posts from her about her mother who she lives with refusing to buy her food even after she was in ED residential treatment, the last time she posted about it was a few months ago people in the comments were urging her to call cps she ended up deleting the post and saying something about already doing so? She and her sister have also posted about her mother threatening to kick her/maddie out even before she was 18 also she was on live last year at some point and her mother stormed into her room and started insulting her and possibly hitting her as she ended the live, honestly from everything I’ve seen her mom seems to be a real abusive nutcase and targets her specifically mainly leaving her siblings alone, I honestly hope for her sake she manages to get out

No. 956186

she edited her eye makeup on lol

No. 956205

I've followed her tumblr for a good while and saw the nosedive, I honestly think she might've been groomed or something, cause her content became much more sexual at some point.

No. 956273

i remember that live. t was towards the end where her mom hit her (in the head i believe). i know there are some archives of it since it came a hot topic of concern that "wow this is not her being dramatic" but i am not sure where to look. i have followed her for a long ass time so maybe i have some empathy towards her but having an onlyfans is only gonna wreck her more and is the worst thing she could do. i am just hoping she doesn't go down the jaelle/nika route >>955906

No. 956281

I want to agree but it could also just be the sad reality of sex positivity these days. I've seen countless young women thot it up, and eventually commodify their bodies under the guise of liberation. It's a massive lie and only serves two purposes, destroying your mental health and the gratification of men.

No. 956307


Honestly so fucked up that she sees it as her only option but iirc her mom was saying stuff like “you’re on your own once you’re 18” so I assume she’s doing it for rent and food, from what I’ve seen her posting she has been trying to get a job since before she was 18 (probably bc of the mom not getting food thing) she hasn’t been successful, I saw her post about 4-5 times about job interviews she was having, also her mother has like 5 cats or something that she decided to feed over her daughter who’s been to A residential unit at least 3 times, I’m honestly not surprised Maddie is so mentally ill she doesn’t seem to have any support except her followers and siblings and they both come of as being scared of their mother

No. 956308


Both her siblings I mean, Brother and stepsister

No. 956316

I follow her brother and stepsister as well and they are both really supportive to her. Maddie's dad also seems cool as he sometimes appeared in her funny stories too. Hope she will get better.

No. 956328

are you guys insane? she's doing fine. she has a home and posters and clothes and an iphone 8. shes not severely mentally ill, shes probably bpd and hates working because its below her like the rest of these egirls, she probably flunked her interviews because she showed up in full drag and goth aliexpress clothes and was a bitch. dont feel bad for her
>you’re on your own once you’re 18
you say this as if its some horrible thing and not something most parents tell their kids

No. 956330

Maybe in the context of being a supportive parent who encourages their kid to move out and begin their adult life that’s a normal thing to say, but in the context of being abused and neglected (being hit, not being provided with something as basic as food to eat, not giving a shit that your child has an eating disorder) it’s clearly not said in a supportive way. It’s telling her she’s worthless and that her mom can’t wait to get rid of her. This girl has clearly been abused while being a literal child, she doesn’t seem milky, she’s just unfortunate.

No. 956348


> she's doing fine. she has a home and posters and clothes and an iphone 8. shes not severely mentally ill, shes probably bpd and hates working because its below her like the rest of these egirls, she probably flunked her interviews because she showed up in full drag and goth aliexpress clothes and was a bitch. dont feel bad for her

are you a fucking retard?
her mother is obviously abusing her your logic here is "hur dur she has a house and a phone/money she's fine"

doesn't change the fact that she's being physically and emotionally abused, she's posted pictures of bruises caused by her mother and as mentioned previously there has been video evidence of her mother physically beating her, but I guess that's fine because she's got somewhere to live, wtf are you even trying to say anon?

No. 956395

i have nothing personal against her, but its strange seeing a bunch of farmers defend this girl when she exhibits the same behavior as everyone else in this thread
where is this alleged horrific snuff film you guys keep talking about?

No. 956405


it was a live that ended pretty quickly bc her mum started beating the shit out of her

No. 956468

I think we've seen over and over again that going really hard into body positivity and sex positivity is something that can happen after being "weight restored", especially with an audience on social media that demands you immediately find another cartoon identity. IMO eating disorders focused on the not wanting to be sexualized part of being thin are especially likely right now when the only other acceptable body type is "thicc", which is super sexualized. A lot of "body positivity" or "fitness" posts are styled like thirst traps the same way a lot of "outfit" posts are kind of just thinspo. Someone going from their early to their late teens, whose identity was previously wrapped up in being thin and young, finding themselves in adult body for the first time… they could easily feel that going to the other extreme and being super sexual is their only option because they've gained weight and are no longer in the absolute youngest age group on the internet.

Obviously her mom should be modeling how to exist in society as an adult human female, and giving her the tools and environment she needs to not get stuck in these types of cognitive distortions. But if her relationship with her mom is not there or destructive and she doesn't have any other woman or older girl friends with an alternative worldview, then she has to figure stuff out totally on her own. Combine that with turning 18, being attached to an audience that she's afraid of losing because stats show that posts of her looking thin were really popular, and pressure to make money and be "independent" (which is a word sex workers love) immediately… I think she is on the edge and hope she keeps applying to straight jobs or community college or something that will give her context outside of social media and her family.

No. 956508

Who cares. No armchairing.

No. 956606


I kind of figured her “husband” groomed her by the way she could never keep her story straight but always answered asks about it.she would just say that conveniently their ages aligned so it was no problem but she lost all of her real life friends at that time and would gripe about it.I don’t see why that would happen if it wasn’t true.It also would explain why as soon as she turned 18 she was married all of a sudden and already selling shitty overpriced nudes.I think most of her fan base gets off on the fact they watched her go from a child to an obese prostitute.Kind of sad really

No. 956714

the reason she was posted here in the first place: was a weird vendetta chan that didnt give any milk like >>956405 and >>956330 said. she's not milky and was posted as a horrible attempt on a vendetta anyway. she's more so an example of how these e-girls who dont have real life problems (erin painter i am looking at you) can influence (or they even copy from) people with actual problems to go the route they are going ngl. unless she does something truly milky, she's kinda moot.

No. 956897

File: 1586552851998.png (946.08 KB, 750x1334, 1FF3902F-3D98-42A9-99D5-3E7228…)

Bitchy beef happening between Strawberry.hayes and Piaisevil right now on IG. Basically Barbwirebrat and Pia have some beef with each other, and it’s knocked on to strawberry.hayes.
Pumpkinpatchchat group on Fb calling out the other two, asking for mass reporting of IG pics…poss gonna get milky

No. 956898

File: 1586552967959.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 7114E035-FF48-4855-B22F-C4EE73…)

No. 956997

When did that happen?? I mean like when did that live if her mom hitting her happen??(stop posting yourself maddie)

No. 956998

Maddie is actually mentally ill and she has been abused by her mother. There is no milk on her. She’s trying to get by(stop posting yourself maddie)

No. 957036

>been abused, mentally ill, trying to get by
Doesn’t mean there ain’t no milk


No. 957070

uh isn’t that 6snots pedo ex gf that knew about him having child porn on his phone?

No. 957591

File: 1586706603748.png (169.64 KB, 640x1136, 30DAFD75-A3BC-486D-97EA-7A195D…)

I dont even know what to say(stop posting yourself maddie)

No. 957593

Well this is just sad.

Anyone else here remembers details on Ashley Renee / vivadrag giving underage Maddie drugs? I remember this very vaguely but it apparently fucked things up for Maddie a lot.

No. 957622

File: 1586711195319.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1125x1921, 8F98890C-8E48-4FE3-A1B9-D68307…)

I wonder if that's who gave Maddie fake coke (meth?) recently.

No. 957626

Your pfp is showing

No. 957639

File: 1586712866379.jpg (112.07 KB, 1079x779, Screenshot_20200412-133241_Sam…)

Holy self post, Batman!

No. 957658

You need help and self-posting here won't help, Maddie.

No. 957683

No. 957705


I don't think so? iirc they met in 2017

No. 957749

oh ouch. there's the milky thing.
i do have a question for any farmhands, can yall confirm/see if the posts about her here in the first place were self posts?

No. 957803

this whole thred is self post shitshow i love it LOL

No. 957806

of course they were

No. 957831

just waiting for dead9irl to be caught self posting now lmao

No. 957841

Wasnt she already? A promote button

No. 957842

No. 957843

god maddie makes me cringe but i really hope she gets help, realizes there is a life outside of instagram and that making mental illness her entire image will only harm her

No. 957868

Lol angie (d9) has been self posting from the beginning of this thread to attempt making herself relevant

No. 957933

These E girl threads really bring out all the selfposters, how embarrassing

No. 958097


can someone expand on this

No. 958351

old news. its in this thread or the instagramers you hate thred somewhere

No. 959043

File: 1586926854977.jpg (281.45 KB, 1080x1849, Screenshot_20200415-142409__01…)

This ethot tags every one of her photos with @perfiosa (larger account she's trying to piggyback off of) on Instagram, has "forever ill" in her bio and "BDD" complete with the gall to write this autistic paragraph like she's doing some sort of justice for humanity by her clout chasing with her bought body… like I get she's sick, but the self righteous reasoning is astounding. Image dump incoming (1/4). Saged because it's probably not that interesting.

No. 959044

File: 1586926904892.jpg (1.16 MB, 1920x2560, 20-04-15-14-29-37-377_deco.jpg)


No. 959045

File: 1586927002795.jpg (1.58 MB, 1920x2560, 20-04-15-14-37-02-575_deco.jpg)


No. 959046

File: 1586927210308.jpg (82.46 KB, 1080x493, Screenshot_20200415-144107__01…)

Just saying the people being outright mean are total assholes, but I definitely agree, would've kept it to myself though. This is slightly redeeming… but idk how to feel about it coming from her considering her behaviour.

No. 959063

anyone see that the awfultune pedo is back?

No. 959104

Someone post the screenshots of e1or4 getting exposed for child porn

No. 959238

Provide the milk you're vagueing about. Fucking COVIDfags, learn to integrate.

No. 959356


That wasn't elora that was a different ex of 6snot's. If you even believe what he was saying.

No. 959776

as if this isnt dead9irl seeking revenge on elora rn

No. 959992

as if this isn’t Elora rn trying to blame it on some other random cringe egirl. I hope Kevin comes on here and post the screenshots of the conversation he had with you last night. You gross child molester. And stop trying to say it was his old ex snufffibunnie. 6snot literally said himself it was you that sent him the child porn.

No. 960000

File: 1587065535097.jpeg (95.64 KB, 750x764, 79077224-2612-4DA4-85BA-928FAF…)

Elora just because you’re 17 that doesn’t make it okay for you to send vids/pics of girls under 12 fucking weird ass mf

No. 960062

i promise u im not but i wish i was

No. 960322

File: 1587094297829.jpeg (462.98 KB, 750x911, 6E73A688-9517-43F8-975F-EF32DE…)

No. 960324

File: 1587094364356.jpeg (370.58 KB, 750x845, 5B9F8035-2592-41FE-AC81-AA1C84…)

No. 960325

File: 1587094442418.png (760.26 KB, 750x1334, 3F93366B-A52D-4539-B195-6AA471…)

dead9irl dictating who’s emo/scene now AGAIN does the bitch ever shut the fuck up

No. 960327

File: 1587094481407.png (552.11 KB, 750x1334, ACE2E518-D3EC-4013-9AD9-235544…)

No. 960330

What the fuck is her deal lmao no wonder she has absolutely no friends.

No. 960338

File: 1587095762005.jpeg (137.67 KB, 613x1334, 4710B925-5338-450D-8DE6-C7E315…)

but y’all can’t say she’s not a poser either

No. 960340

someone delete this(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 960342

Lol fucking retard.

No. 960343

Hi Toopoor

No. 960344

File: 1587096670196.png (809.35 KB, 1242x2208, A02F9B1B-B43C-4321-AAF4-1692C4…)

Lol toopoor

No. 960360

How embarrassing. Dumbass. You could have deleted it yourself, too. Now it's toolate

No. 960363

How many times has she been caught posting here now?

No. 960381

File: 1587104075765.jpeg (163.31 KB, 598x1069, 09852DA2-7D82-4078-896C-E76E24…)

Why’d you delete anon?

No. 960390

bow is she a poser? from this picture

No. 960391

caring about whos a poser & who isn't makes you a poser. grow up

No. 960392

its probably dead9irls secret toopoor fanpage

No. 960395

She was basic and only went emo when she started dating that cringy rapper lil rhinestone

No. 960396

i deleted because i realized the entire sentence didn’t make sense

No. 960399

File: 1587107320952.jpeg (585.21 KB, 1947x1776, 8C0D2EFE-DE50-4DC8-8683-40EA04…)

No. 960400

File: 1587107420722.jpeg (898.18 KB, 1888x3458, 3613F144-5AB6-4853-A380-4B76E4…)

No. 960402

e1or4 is just 6snot with a wig and makeup on +i lots of Facetune . It’s his online persona he uses just to lure in more underage girls. Kind of like the @90zbelle situation. Posting proof when I get home.

No. 960462

snuffibunnie has been in possession of and distributed nude pictures of multiple underaged girls.

No. 960472

Post proof this is obviously Elora

No. 960473

post proof or GTFO.

No. 960499

What is this supposed to be?

No. 960519

This elora 6snot snowbunny saga is so milkless and retarded. you’re the same idiots who shit up half the Instagrammers thread arguing about how 6snot was suicide baiting on fucking Roblox or whatever. Not one of you has produced a single screencap, it’s all just shitflinging. Gtfo.

Look at the pfp in the screenshot they’re replying to. I think it’s edited/fake though.

No. 960523

6snot gtfo please. Someone ban him and mark all his self post.

No. 960529

File: 1587138836930.jpg (428.06 KB, 1080x3240, ZomboDroid 17042020085244.jpg)

hotelshrimp really out in public w a thong on her head. why are these retards even hanging out rn? there's a fucking pandemic

No. 960550

peak paranoia… dont let these soundcloud faggots get into your head, anon.

No. 960569


talking about these random egirls makes you look like vendetta-chan. none of them are milky. post proof or stfu

No. 960589

she is a TEENAGER. that is usually when people start dressing like that.

No. 960851

there’s something about genesistheangel and ~posse that just rub me the wrong way… surely I’m not alone on this

No. 960878

This is almost entirely on the nose

No. 960879


No. 960892

File: 1587175811291.jpeg (804.47 KB, 3053x2253, E7388307-9C26-4192-8DE0-7B77AE…)

Another emo poser that was in 6snots pedo ring. She jokes about cp and constantly defends Dahvie Vanity and calls him her king. Any milk on her?

No. 960903

shes underage, against rules. stop posting little kids, u childfucker

No. 960905

Lance she’s 19. Don’t make me post these screenshots I got from @zeija. I will ruin your life.

No. 960909

Do it.

No. 960912

ok vendetta. did you create that hate account on ig about her too

No. 960913

do it or shut the hell up

No. 960918

File: 1587179399864.jpeg (338.16 KB, 718x1034, A240CB26-4DBF-43FD-8636-B585C4…)


No. 960921

File: 1587179954506.jpeg (143.45 KB, 750x1334, 618B2B20-120D-4901-9A1E-206C28…)

Um Chile anyways

All the pedos have been lurking on the thread

No. 960925

holy fuck take this autistic garbage to the soundclout thread or something
>any milk on this random fan
>this is definitely x mods ban them!1
>6snot is a pedo tranny ill post proof in 9 years after work
kill yourselves

No. 960930

No. 960932

>>960909 is me though.

No. 960935

6snot became an hero, schizoid-chan

proof of his death has already been shared on discord by his retarded transvestite friends

No. 960936

He pretends to commit suicide all the time. Post screen caps or stfu

No. 960937

Stop selfposting scarlett. People post dirt because you hoard cp and blackmail underaged girls.

No. 960938

People have no proof to post cause 6snot isnt a pedo or tranny

No. 960941

sage for tarded tinfoil but I think this was a sock puppet acct from one of eloras h8rs and tp skinwalkers (see: dead9irl) to make it seem like even the great goff guru toopoor is on their side, or even aware of their existence

No. 960945

This thread is so confusing, I feel like I'm intruding a group of friends' quarrel.

No. 960946

Toopoor has been caught posting on this site several times and not that long ago admitted on live that she reads other threads since hers isn’t active anymore

No. 960948

File: 1587183218562.jpeg (166.81 KB, 750x1334, 4F409FDC-3576-4530-AD3D-4D6397…)

No. 960949

I know toopoors been outted in here before and definitely still lurks, but I feel like at this point she’s a veteran of the site and would know better than to leave her profile picture in a screenshot, let alone not know to how to delete her own post and not request a delete
Sage for autism

No. 960950

How do we take her word for it? Again, this isnt proof. Just people making up stuff to slander him.

No. 960977

File: 1587186334069.jpeg (243.98 KB, 750x1209, 7CEB8BDA-750D-4962-B2CB-F9D283…)

sorry to break it to you but everyone hates you dead9irl…. surprised she still has any kind of following

No. 960978

is this supposed to be your attempt at providing proof

No. 960979

samefag but did 6snot really kill himself??

No. 960980

Her acc hasn’t moved at all. She’s been at 15k for a year haha

No. 960981

according to his close friends, but who knows.
i wouldnt doubt it though. he's been destroying himself since his soundcloud friend died. dudes been pretty depressed for awhile. im sure the constant slander doesn't do him any good. i used to have him on discord but he deleted his account a few months ago

No. 960982

Swear I saw her at around 13-14k at the end of last year but can’t seem to find the screenshot. Sage for no real contribution.

No. 960983

everyone keeps claiming he was a pedo with absolutely no proof whatsoever. not to WK but he copped so much hate over accusations with NO PROOF. kinda feel bad for the guy..

No. 960985

Exactly. People in this thread as well as twitter are throwing claims without ever providing any SOLID proof for months now to back it up it's pretty. It's pretty gay imo atleast post the dirt if you're gonna throw some big fucking claims like that.

No. 960991

File: 1587188049261.jpeg (211.47 KB, 1334x1334, 833834E1-E91D-4B9A-A6A0-9C9C2F…)

Nurple gtfo you fat greasy pedo damn. It’s so obvious you come on here pretending to be different people defending Lance. Just stop

No. 960996

yea but not about irrelevant teenagers

No. 960997

once again, a screenshot of messages from his ex isn’t proof.

No. 961014

No. 961016

he pretended the whole suicide shit 3 days ago for like the 100th time
no he’s not dead
he needs to kill himself though

No. 961018

proof its fake because theres never proof of anything. claim claim claim send proof faggot

No. 961020

Lance/Nurplee you are both fucking psycho just log off seriously

No. 961021

Nurplee constantly refreshing this thread

No. 961022

im neither of them schizo. im just asking for proof to back up your bogus claims. nothings more psycho than making false accusations about like 5 different people and involving CP, then to follow it up by saying he should kill himself. you're not providing the proof that we're asking for and this is clearly vendetta. MODS WAKE UP XD

No. 961025


>ask for proof

>gets called nurplee or 6snot
>still no proof after months of accusations

No. 961027

File: 1587194954422.jpeg (438.57 KB, 750x1294, 7D399038-BF75-4DC8-979E-0A9277…)

he always has his friends going on shit claiming he killed himself. I just talked to him yesterday and even all his friends I’m messaging say he was doing good all day n even they don’t believe it

No. 961030

Months? It’s been a couple hours.

No. 961033

i dont blame him for killing himself. there was supposedly a call that confirmed it but who knows how true that is. the call happened last night from what i read, i read about this in a discord server
rip 6snot if its true. he didn't deserve these androgynous men slandering him 24/7. atleast post the proof if you're gonna call somebody a pedo

No. 961035

the pedo posts have been goin on for months, already a thread about this and months of tweets. gtfo newfag

No. 961038

dude Lilian said you’re literally online on discord rn. Lance shut your cringy emo ass child molesting self up before I post that IP

Fyi Bailey Jay wouldn’t touch you with a 10 ft pole

No. 961040

schizo alert. somebody needs a straight jacket! 6snot stop replying to me!

No. 961041

post proof hes on discord plz i miss my emo tranny friend

No. 961042

File: 1587196430773.jpeg (51.78 KB, 750x741, 28E8CCDF-F9D3-4B66-A48A-6C3588…)

No. 961043

File: 1587196527631.jpeg (42.84 KB, 405x295, E1CD2DDC-DB95-40F6-88C4-7BCF8F…)

not his tag. fake. he also doesnt have nitro. nice try though

No. 961045

File: 1587196554725.jpeg (53.66 KB, 1331x381, 27FD77F3-1F80-4C9D-AB21-474703…)

No. 961046

File: 1587196650178.jpeg (168.61 KB, 750x453, 5140A746-3896-447E-9655-521828…)

No. 961049

yea because you just changed it retard

No. 961053

File: 1587196960891.png (416.45 KB, 750x1334, E5C73954-DC23-4190-8628-9E92D3…)

yea no nice try though

No. 961056

File: 1587197334831.jpeg (102.55 KB, 828x1307, 794B78D1-0C5F-40C4-BE36-FFE4E4…)

this was during a call, she was muted and typed

No. 961058

How are you going to sit there and dig up old messages when you’re supposed to be playing dead ?

No. 961059

he still continued to date her and like 10 other underage girls so it doesn’t matter. What’s your point?

No. 961063

anon idk what ur talking about

No. 961066

Does anyone remember when Bakashi went on live crying because that lance guy tried to rape her? It was during the time he had green hair.
If anyone has the screenshots please post.

No. 961069

online rape

No. 961071

you met up with her

No. 961072

i'd laugh at this if i knew who Bakashi was. can u drop her @? i havent been in the loop. is this some foid with BPD hair? also i'm not dead. i never said i was dead hahah. i did make a new disc a few days ago though and removed everyone off the old one and left all servers. friends were making a joke out of the suicide thing. i've been offline. constantly being sent this gay baby drama and its getting annoying. i dont plan on returning with 6snot either. ive been doing much better without it

No. 961074

There has not been one piece of solid proof in this thread to prove that 6snot is a pedophile, and I’m pretty sure its just his ex-girlfriend playing different characters to keep bumping the thread. The two girls he dated were 16-17 when he was 19 and claimed to be above age. This was all online. 6Snot has never had “kiddy porn” like his ex did and he has not ever met up or raped anyone. This is was all discord dating. Nobody was groomed or preyed upon. Hearsay is not proof. Lance has an ex notorious for finding and spreading the nudes of any girl he is talking to and harassing and blackmailing them.

No. 961077

Toopoor please post this pedo on your story if you’re still reading

No. 961078

why are you posting as two diff people?

No. 961079

two different people yet one knows to sage

No. 961080

just because someone defends me doesnt automatically mean im samefagging. post proof because this is getting pretty stale

No. 961081

File: 1587199402456.jpeg (178.03 KB, 750x1291, 6743E3EC-5610-4352-849E-457642…)

No. 961083

File: 1587199431821.jpeg (166.36 KB, 750x1196, EA40627E-3891-46F8-BA34-481C75…)