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File: 1568099170197.png (3.06 MB, 1080x1080, 18D461EF-27B3-4C3B-B9AA-676FA8…)

No. 866800

general thread for the newest form of cancer: The eGirls / eBoys

> usually under 25 / Gen Z

> cringe as fuck
> extreme oversharing
> all claim to be the “original”
> try to be as “edgy” as possible
> “yeah I listen to music that you probably won’t know they’re not really mainstream”
> username always a mix between something soft and something dark EG: “@dead-“ “@devil-“ “@doll-“ “@angel-“ “@grrrl” “@vomit” “@kittie” “@creep”
> anime DP icon
> “not like the other girls / boys” “i don’t fit in” “you don’t understand me”
> DD / LG
> 98% sell NSFW content
> knives, blood, guns, pentagrams and balaclava low res selfies
> tyP3 LikE tH3y jUst g0t s0ciAL M3Dia
> steal gothic, emo, myspace culture and think that’s what makes them unique
> Pics Art Filters on Every. Single. Photo.
> overuse kids animations / toys such as Care Bears, Sanrio, MLP ect
> abuse substances and post about it
> skinwalk Too Poor, Belle Delphine, Billie Eilish, Yung Lean, Sad Boys ect
> mesh tops, band tees, tartan skirts, platform boots, vans, fila disruptors, lolita, chains, grommet belts, checker print, “skater,” black painted nails, beanies, ripped jeans, heavy metal fonts, two tone dyed hair, thick heavy makeup and eyeliner

egirls / eboys mentioned in the instagram thread -
& her shitty clothing brand

No. 866802

File: 1568100045316.png (765.5 KB, 750x1334, BD6D5A52-2587-43D5-B301-5CCF8D…)

some brand “copying” @dead9irl

No. 866803

File: 1568100073134.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, BC331502-638C-418B-8C52-F47311…)

No. 866804

File: 1568100104610.png (329.43 KB, 750x1334, 8CBD9BC8-A051-4744-B8ED-1A41D0…)

No. 866805

File: 1568100271957.jpeg (372.68 KB, 1536x1534, 0F8660AA-1C64-4E49-807D-C9EC27…)

@dead9irl calls out @e1or4 for “copying” her shitty nails. thanks to the anon for the photo cred but if anyone has screenshots of the actual posts would be appreciated

No. 866834

File: 1568107388911.gif (186.42 KB, 220x124, 1FBB1A3C-A04D-4733-84B0-2D577C…)

Thank you OP for this thread! I have been wanting a thread about e-girls for a long time. This is perfect.

No. 866835

Can I just say I hate how this new generation of egirls ruin bands such as My chemical romance for people like myself who grown up listening to them and they try to match it with their shitty e girl style just no

No. 866842

Don’t know why Bianca Devins is in there as she didn’t have a real following prior to her death and she’s uh, actually deceased and therefore inactive, but go off OP.

No. 866844

She was probably just included as an example of the common e-girl.

No. 866847

>>866842 lol I was just going to say, seems a little fucked to add her when she was pretty recently murdered.

that aside i'm glad this thread exists now. i'm barely a millennial but this new wave of egirls makes me feel some type of "get off my lawn" way lol (similar sentiments to >>866835 i guess. like i want to be happy that there's still a younger audience for bands I loved in the 2000's that were actually good, but not when they're acting like it's so CRAZY of them and their look is original/ never been done before when it's like….. every scene kid dressed almost exactly like you 10-15 years ago, it's okay to be unoriginal and inspired by nostalgia, chill)

also weird to see millie graves' transition from skinwalking nicole dollanganger, to yolandi visser, to….. whatever tf she is now

No. 866864

File: 1568113719152.jpg (196.86 KB, 1080x1080, 66712430_409374643043574_22912…)

isn't Eve (@eve.frsr) the #1 e-girl? She's close to 1 mln followers on Instagram. No milk, I just think she should be mentioned.

E-girls are not as bad as e-boys imo, especially those tik tok famous ones. For some reason my explore page is full of them. I think they're the cringiest type of "influencers" so far, I just can't deal with how they think they're the hottest shit.
I wonder how long the trend is going to last

No. 866880

I just wish the stupid clown makeup trend would die

No. 866885

I don't know, all-girls are pretty bad, if not just their complete lack of originality. They're almost complete carbon copies of eachother- colorful, badly dried shoulder-length hair with bangs, heavy blush layered on the nose, fake freckles, same yesstyle fast fashion edgy-uwu wardrobe, even their facetune/meitu shoops and selfie poses are the same.

No. 866895

I don’t really have a problem with the style, yeah it’s cringe but these kids are typically pretty young and will probably grow out of it. My problem with them is that they think they’re hot shit. Kurtis Connor did a video on e-boys recently and a lot of them are pro-life, anti-lgbtq+ assholes who project their beliefs onto their young (mostly girls) fanbase

No. 866897

File: 1568121342831.jpeg (768.44 KB, 3464x3464, 1563656406097.jpeg)

i'm somewhat in the e-girl community, specifically the more uwu soft girls but still edgy "part" of it, and there's lots of drama about this one girl named Erin / @pocketsizee:

>18 years old

>parents are richer than god – her bedroom has a custom chandelier in it
>has been skinwalking resident sweetheart Aubrey / @usedpet for about a year, now
>so obsessed with Aubrey that she bought a wig in her exact natural hair color and length, styles it in the pigtails Aubrey normally has
>buys the exact same outfits as Aubrey, puts the exact same products @usedpet says she wants on her story ~2 hours after Aubrey originally mentioned it
>when called out on this (consistently) she either suicide-baits and cry types in her IG story, or just spergs about NO ONE OWNS ANY ONE STYLEEEE
>also whines in her story about wishing she had more friends, she's so lonely, etc. ignores people DMing her if they're not above her in numbers
>has said that she doesn't read DMs anymore but as soon as anyone she's skinwalking DMs her like "what the fuck?" she sees it and has to reply
>has been very aggressive with people in DMs despite her uwuwu i'm so sweet persona; regularly cusses people out in DMs for defending X person she's currently skinwalking.
>Erin recently started skinwalking Bella / @anemicspice, but was not slick about it at – posted a photo of Bella and her boyfriend that's pretty well-known to be of @anemicspice and is stolen by people on Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. Erin quickly deleted it when people were in the comments giving her an overwhelming amount of shit.

No. 866898

File: 1568121549955.png (7.84 MB, 3464x3464, 1566522265685.png)

afaik right now she's only copying things Bella's (@anemicspice) interested in, not her looks.

No. 866899

File: 1568121656551.png (4.68 MB, 3464x3464, 1566522106106.png)

No. 866901

I feel like you posted her in like three different threads by now

No. 866903

just this one and the Nicole Dollganger's Calves #3. she's the mess that keeps on giving, and I think she fits in both threads since a lot of e-girls like Nicole.

No. 866904

I kno a boomer or a misogynistic wrote this bc you wrote leandoer twice and drain/gtbsg and gbc zero times like every eboy doesn’t just wanna be a peep/bladee/timothy love child

Mcr were always for cringe fake suburb girls tho

No. 866905

>implying boomer know what an image board is
Get some smarter insults

No. 866906

File: 1568122296627.jpeg (920.61 KB, 1125x1923, 8F7103A5-7D33-4906-ADCB-FA0FD6…)

Aubrey / @usedpet about Erin's damn-near stalking.

No. 866909

File: 1568122753169.jpeg (166.08 KB, 1125x1366, 9F0A13AE-68D4-4ADD-8318-BB94BD…)

Bella / @anemicspice confronted Erin / @pocketsizee on her shadiness. "it's a joke hhh"

No. 866911

File: 1568123626736.jpg (148.88 KB, 1080x511, Screenshot_20190910-062355_Ins…)

She's really acting like she made that shit with her blood, sweat, and tears when she just scribbled over the original design with a fucking sharpie.

No. 866968

File: 1568132855869.jpeg (32.71 KB, 300x300, 9BC6E857-F3F4-437A-81B3-186C0C…)

Ohbowie from tiktok/toyspit on insta. . I don’t even have the app but so many people on Instagram talk about her. She doesn’t believe in dysphoria and came out as trans out of fucki;g nowhere, deleted her tiktok for the second or third time because she can’t take criticism. She’s the model e-girl and thinks she’s apart of the cool new insta ~scene movement~ Despite not being scene at all and kind of ‘prettying’ alt styles.
But everything about her pisses me off. She has a massive following for some reason. I can’t find ANYTHING about people not liking her, I wanna know if anyone else feels the same. I’m sure there’s more drama with her but again, I never had tiktok so I only know what was going on from her insta comments.

No. 866977


I've seen a few of her tik toks, don't know much about her besides that her bf and her are in a ddlg relationship

No. 866985

I was waiting for this girl to be mentioned because I see her on the explore page once a day. What I’ve gathered currently is she was called out because when she was 13 she made a drawing with “the n word” and somebody found it and brought it up. Maybe that’s why she’s deleted her accounts

No. 867007

File: 1568138222181.jpg (303.52 KB, 800x2096, ZomboDroid 10092019105422.jpg)

Does anyone know where @chevleia went? I posted a video somewhere on lc a few months ago of her coked tf out at (and denying it vehemently kek) a shoot. Looks like she hasn't been active for months. She dated that insufferable ftm (bottom pic) for a while too.

I wonder if LA modelling and obvious drug use finally got to her. She was super skinny too. Anyone have any info?

No. 867019

where’s your original post about her? can you link it?

No. 867038


Here: >>773885
The videos are a few posts below that one.

Sorry for the post+delete I thought I had a pic to add but it's not on this device

No. 867052

oh my god are you serious?
this bitch really be out here drawing on shirts with sharpie then calling out established brands for “copying” hahaha this is going be a good thread

No. 867099

What's with the 'e-girl-drawing-with -sharpie-on-shirt' thing about also?

@bugbitedolly sells poorly drawn shirts like that on depop, same with bowie. it doesn't look good at all why do they sell and why do so many do it

its all the same imagery and words. "im soo sick" with a sad horribly drawn anime girl-bug thing/sad hello kitty

No. 867138

File: 1568157224354.png (381.96 KB, 588x596, Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 4.11…)

I feel like ashley/ vivadrag could definitely fit in here? she had a short-lived snow thread >>567471 and is pretty cringe but not really enough to warrant her own thread. she did seem to have some anons that knew her irl and had dirt on her though.

I guess in that same vein a lot of the girls mentioned in the "instagrammers you hate" general would fit in here as well

No. 867140

File: 1568158141332.png (482.71 KB, 750x1334, 4CD4DAB6-00CE-4897-8EAD-6AAA34…)

going through @pocketsizee’s highlights and oh lord there is some juicy milk in there
apparently uses “age regression” to deal with trauma and it’s not affiliated with any kink or DD / LG


No. 867141

File: 1568158228640.png (581.99 KB, 750x1334, EE5EDD62-E941-4227-B1BB-10FB35…)

but mentions in another post that she has a “daddy”..


No. 867146

File: 1568158431048.png (399.46 KB, 750x1334, 6785074D-EB60-4543-B86C-93CBA2…)

and was only sexual in the past because of a previous “daddy”

sage for sperg but there’s so much more I can post but don’t want to fill up the thread

No. 867147

God I genuinely despise this bitch. Wish I had screenshots but back in her spam days she would get caught tracing art and stealing others, passing it off as her own. Then would cry suicide the moment someone outed her. Also she has a second ig account @pwurring and her tumblr is @strawpurries

No. 867155

File: 1568160452680.png (812.59 KB, 1200x627, C371EB89-41A9-4692-8ED8-A69C86…)

thanks for the account info anon! had to make a collage of all the hate she gets because there was too much KEK and this is just what she has put in her highlights

No. 867156

File: 1568160483552.png (613.36 KB, 1200x627, 3FB042C9-FE23-4008-8D3D-2BC826…)


No. 867215

File: 1568175057361.jpg (32.15 KB, 425x531, bianca-devins-photos.jpg)

>Bianca Devins in that collage
Y-you guys do know what happened to her? Right?

No. 867223

yes it’s already been mentioned, she was just included as an example of the typical egirl. no ones posted anything about her. can all these anons boohoo-ing over bianca get outta here

No. 867248


She did have the typical e-girl traits.

Messing with a bunch of incels who spend legit all their time online is dangerous, stupid games stupid prizes howbowdat.

No. 867252

Me and this girl followed each other on tumblr back in the day lol(rule 5.3)

No. 867253

Did she really do that? I heard she was killed by an incel, but I didnt know she interacted with them

No. 867256

yes thank you anon someone finally said it, agree 100%

yeah she did. there’s a whole thread on her on kiwifarms. has all the screenshots of her conversations with orbiters / the “incel” who killed her. according to the family they knew each other IRL. let’s just say she wasn’t the sweet lil angel everyone is making her out to be

No. 867258

Why the hell would she put herself into that kind of situation? I don't even really know what to say, it's a horrible tragedy, but why would she knowingly mess around with these kinds of people

No. 867259

File: 1568188793087.png (374.24 KB, 1536x2048, 979511af02af3b079158aa47140411…)


she wasn't trying to be edgy or whatever
that's just how she was

No. 867265

File: 1568189919273.png (851.52 KB, 1200x627, BA6F81CE-BFBF-4BBF-9CED-8AEB81…)

anon beat me to it!!


No. 867266

File: 1568189954475.png (425.34 KB, 1080x714, 985B7BD9-FDF7-4506-8D17-8FE48E…)


No. 867267

the first screenshot of snapchat is her conversation with the dude who murdered her UWU(UWU)

No. 867270

this already all got posted in another thread a long time ago.

No. 867272

This is bullshit. I hate that I'm defending some dead e-girl but go and read through her telegram. All this edgy shit was when she was 14-15. One of the OLDER guys she was messing with online posted their sex tape to discord. Her being 15=16 and him being over 18 got him a kiddy porn charge.

She came back recently and seemed to be sorting her shit out. She seemed happier. She met the guy that killed her over insta. He wasn't an incel, he was a dumbass weight lifter. He had 0 interactions with 4chan incels apart from when he joined a minecraft server she was in after they had already met, and he had met her family.

Like watching you guys rag on a 15 year old girl for saying this shit >>867265 >>867266 to a bunch of 4chan incels who were WAY older than her and attempting to groom her is pathetic.

No. 867275

They didn't mention it because she was a 15 year old statutory rape victim when these were being sent. Learn to sage.

No. 867276

her relevant thread >>>/snow/383200
not sure where you anons were when she was killed since this material and similar discussions were posted to multiple threads at the time.

No. 867277

Also she was heavily involved with that pedo creep from 8chan who is KNOWN for getting his underage girls to write things like this so he can screenshot and hold it for collateral if they try to leave. Which she did.

No. 867281

was just replying to an anon who didn’t know, sorry for not keeping up to date with every thread on here kek

No. 867283

>that pedo creep from 8chan who is KNOWN for getting his underage girls to write things like this so he can screenshot and hold it for collateral if they try to leave

can you elaborate on this?

No. 867294

>let’s just say she wasn’t the sweet lil angel everyone is making her out to be
oh no, a child was mean to a scrote on the internet!? guess she deserved to get murdered then!

No. 867296

Nobody said she deserved to get murdered. All that's happening is speculation about shitty things she may have done prior to her death, even it was when she was a stupid edgy teen. Her murder was a tragedy, and she did not deserve it regardless of what she did or said, but that doesn't mean things that were happening behind the scenes can't be discussed. And unless what >>867277 said was true, it seems the things she was doing go beyond "being mean to scrotes" on the internet. I'm curious as to why she got involved with incels in the first place. Was it just to get attention?

No. 867348

she was a vulnerable teenager doing stupid shit that teenagers do bc they can't measure danger or consequences correctly, but sure, let's try to make her somewhat responsible for her own murder, knock yourself out

No. 867362

File: 1568210436732.jpg (655.72 KB, 2720x1920, ZomboDroid 11092019065927.jpg)

Sorry if no one cares, I just wanna post these

No. 867404

oh my god shut the fuck up NO one is saying she is responsible or deserving of death. we are just discussing what happened, get a grip or get outta here if you’re gonna get offended at everything posted.

> doing stupid shit that teenagers do

can’t say I knew many teenagers who faked their own suicide and admitted to gaslighting people when they don’t get their own way but yanno doubt that’s “normal teenage behaviour”

No. 867480

File: 1568239113179.jpeg (288.95 KB, 750x1208, 172F9745-CD14-4CB4-A8FC-8DBD6E…)

not sure if Bella ( @internetgirl / @igirl ) is considered an egirl coz she’s pretty OG but I’ve heard some milky stuff about her lately on reddit

> has “styled by igirl bundles” on her depop where she charges 150USD to style you head to toe

> in the beginning they were really good but they’ve declined a lot in value and uniqueness
> customers have been unsatisfied with their bundles, receiving items that don’t go with the theme or identical bundles to other people
> obviously leaving negative reviews
> Bella started messaging them and basically blackmailing people into deleting the reviews by saying she’ll only refund them once they remove the reviews
> another customer received super hostile and rude messages from Bella accusing her of “trying to ruin her career” for leaving an honest review
> somehow none of these reviews are on depop anymore and anyone informing people about the bundles are getting blocked

idk I used to really like Bella but ever since she moved to LA have been getting the worst vibes… she just seems super fake, pretentious and entitled now which is sad

No. 867482

He's also 18 and Bowie/Jet is 15

No. 867483

bella's another one that gets discussed every now and then on the "IG general" thread (she's literally the thread pic for the latest one lol). i actually have a few mutual acquaintances(?) with her and I can't say much since i've never met her myself but she's apparently a sweet girl! not very interesting, but nice enough. part of me wants to respect the nice little depop niche she's carved for herself and really capitalizing on this whole y2k mall goth craze cause i'm sure she does well for herself between the bundles and her jewelry line, but then i watch her youtube videos and it's like…… she seems so annoying and bland that i don't get where the stans come from except on maybe an aesthetic level.

the depop shadiness has been known for a while but that's kinda the tea with many top sellers being able to somehow have unflattering reviews removed. i think she just offers the buyers a refund in exchange for them removing bad reviews tbh. are you on the depop subreddit? I sell on there and the reddit is where ive heard most of the dissatisfaction with her, lol

as for being of this particular new egirl wave idk if she fits in too much with it, isn't she like 25-26? she gives me toopoor vibes where she was cringier at first and now that she's figured herself out she more or less stays in her lane. not that it's saying much of either of them but lilith levisis could learn a thing or two

No. 867484

File: 1568240133351.jpg (188.59 KB, 640x661, xavier.jpg)

No. 867485

I have such a hateboner for them, i hate e girls and e boys so much and i legit hope they get smacked in the face for being whores on the internet esp while underage. Their parents are shitty,or they have mental issues (or both) and they'll end up as mentally unwell drug addicts with no one once their "followers" leave them.(a-logging)

No. 867491

>I think she just offers the buyers a refund in exchange for them removing bad reviews tbh

That's honestly shady as fuck. You should never hold a person's money hostage because you're angry that they gave an honest review of your shop, and then tell them you'll only give them a refund if they remove their review. That's a horrible business practice and she fully deserves to be called out for it.

No. 867493

I'm pretty sure she just needs a break from social media, she talked pretty often and openly about how much she hated the fake-ness that comes with being popular on instagram. I think she's still using it to like/interact with people sometimes but not posting. We're acquaintances and she's always been very nice and down to earth, it came off to me like she never really wanted/expected the notoriety she ended up getting online. Its pretty obvious she's struggled with an ED for a long time, and she mentioned the relationship with the ftm ex being very unhealthy and that she has some underlying trauma from it. She also "exposed" him for scamming on her ig story. I personally don't see her doing coke as that milky, everyone does coke sometimes especially in that subculture and at her age. So no milk but I figured I'd contribute what i know.

No. 867498

oh no yeah I agree that it's shady (and unfair to the actually good depop sellers) i'm just saying she's probably not the only one doing it. not sure if enough people would call her out on it though aside from her less than flattering igirl unboxing customer reviews people have done of her on youtube

No. 867550

Interesting. This is pretty much the impression I got as well. I wish the best for her as you're right she's not really milky

No. 867573

Yeah, so? She deserved every bit of it, that masochist and borderline bitch

No. 867580

i smell testosterone

No. 867584

File: 1568263164853.png (1.48 MB, 1196x898, void.png)

@divinityvoid (@pissbrains is her spam where she posts more/is more milky) on ig is particularly annoying and has cow potential. she also has a twitter @divinityvoid and a tumblr @muddysocks and exhibits pretty consistent off-putting behavior across platforms.

>constantly complaining about her posts on her main ig account not getting enough likes. seriously, she usually whines in her story with every post about how "frustrated" she is because she "worked so hard" and it didn't get likes

>seems to be fairly loaded based on what she wears and things she has (pic related), but from what I can tell it doesn't seem like she works at all
>generally comes off as rude with a snippy, bad attitude towards her followers. always complaining about something
>3edgy5me posts with various knives, weapons, and chains
>has terrible fashion sense and questionable makeup skills
>frequently begs on her stories for attention and interaction, will get pissed if not enough people respond
>her new thing seems to be heavy drinking, she's often posting on stories with alcohol and having parties, and gets more and more wasted as the posts go on. at some points she will be keyboard smashing and slurring her words level drunk

No. 867591

File: 1568263950542.jpg (1.38 MB, 3840x2880, void2.JPG)

a look she claims was "a challenge" that she spent a long time on

No. 867592

File: 1568264432803.png (3.51 MB, 3264x2448, void3.png)

some examples of her charming personality taken from her twitter.

i forgot to mention she also has a discord server she is constantly plugging and begging people to join, i'm sure it might be milky but i'm honestly not going to download/register for discord just to look.

No. 867595

her boyfriend looks like her brother kek if I saw them IRL I would totally think he was the some-what normal brother taking his weird younger sister out for the day

No. 867596

and her looks are not even average at best no wonder she gets such low engagement

No. 867611

what is this karen in training?

No. 867706

she's even more annoying on tumblr … spamming her crappy selfies constantly, acting like they're "art" because she poured fake blood on her legs or copy-pasted some glitter blingee, plus her room is so fucking dirty

No. 867829

File: 1568320305552.png (226.25 KB, 1080x477, Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 8.32…)

somebody cowtipped

No. 867902

“I’m famous now” YAWN

No. 867910

not that cowtipping isn't stupid as hell but omfg, that anon person was trying to warn her and her response to them is so fucking rude

No. 867911

she gotta be rude anon she edgy

No. 867921

File: 1568330658808.jpeg (238.42 KB, 750x1132, 1FF4C7F7-1D58-4E89-82AB-16DF06…)

@prettykkittykat on instagram annoys me so much, she tries to act all "smol loli tsundere gf" and wears so much blush she looks constantly sunburnt

No. 867931

File: 1568331621472.jpeg (226.61 KB, 750x1206, 74A5F09B-D16C-49D2-9340-F9EE8C…)

trying to flex the Supreme “deadstock drip” but is wearing Brandy Melville… egirls really jump on every trend they can don’t they

No. 867944

followed her for years dont think i have ever seen her be nice cuz of the edge.
they really tipped her thinking she would be thankful lol

No. 867953

File: 1568333515433.jpeg (278.67 KB, 750x1186, F5E4C728-8492-4600-82E1-EA7990…)

have been following Jackie (@misogoth / spam is @misoshitpost) for a little while and I swear her parents pay for everything she does

> lives in an apartment in the city by herself.. which isn’t cheap

> has a whole room dedicated to her clothes
> does “shoots” that are mediocre at best and all look exactly the same
> uses the same white (sometimes pink when she’s feelin a bit adventurous kek) background and sits on the same bar stool for every “shoot” ?? yet everyone still gasses her up
> didn’t seem to have a job / just RECENTLY got one where she complains most days that it’s hard (pretty sure it’s an office job)
> wants to be praised for doing basic human things (eg uploaded screenshots of messages to her mum saying “I caught TWO buses today” and her mum gassed her up)
> spends ridiculous amounts on new clothes weekly, weed, take out food daily
> gets new tattoos AT LEAST every few weeks. she recently got two HUGE leg pieces in one week?
> has to take pics of her Valium scripts every time she gets refilled
> parents offer to buy her weed, vapes, drive her to do everything she needs because catching the bus is “too hard”
> not sure how old she is but she’s at least early 20s
> there’s 4 seperate “shoots” in the screenshot and you literally can’t tell the difference

No. 867973

>When a normal guy meets a lolcow

No. 868007

I don't hate totally them either but I don't see it going down well for them. I consider it almost like a somewhat ironic but also incredibly annoying and kind of lame revival of scene kids from myspace. The problem is in this iteration you've got so many new cancerous elements like the DDLG shit, emotionally unstable individuals, the insufferable e-boys, people spending so much time in shithole communities on discord and twitter, the general volatile and hostile tone of social media etc. I just see it as a recipe for complete disaster for some of these people. Case in point was Bianca.

No. 868027

I have a lot of mutuals with this girl and see her name everywhere.
Are you in Aus anon?

No. 868087

I'm glad there is a thread about these girls. My big issue with the less cow-like ones is they are wasting their talent. A lot of them have other skills, like art or writing, but dedicate themselves to looking edgy on the internet.

I look very similar to some of these girls - facial proportions, hair, weight, slightly edgy look, (actually a lot like Bianca to the point I got seriously spooked when she was murdered)

Looking cute on the internet is not a career. Do something with your life.(blog)

No. 868150

File: 1568394238307.png (873.06 KB, 1080x1000, 20190913_124702.png)

Emmanoodle / bratty.clutz /lildumbrat

>Failed ukelele cover girl, became an egirl so she could sell lewds to strangers.

>Claims she's not an egirl because "she's been doing this before it was even a thing"
>Pansexual (but only dates older men), is into ddlg and pretends to be a 4 year old.

Her main Instagram is pretty tame but the other two are a complete Trainwreck. She loves to show off her bruises and talk about how kinky she is. Livestreams herself daily smoking weed.

No. 868311

aus anon here, just checked and I have a shitload of mutuals with her too. assuming she's in melbourne?? that alt shit doesn't fly up north lmao

No. 868482

Nah she's from Brisbane.

No. 868486

Insanely rude, below average looking, and uses a q-tip to apply her brows. A real triple threat

No. 868498

File: 1568449709962.png (97.79 KB, 870x289, Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 1.21…)


quite a few people have either been unsatisfied with their purchases from bella, or at least recognize her shady practices. she apparently takes any negativity pretty badly and has blocked people/ refunded them just to keep all her feedback posi.

No. 868512

how old is she?

No. 868673

File: 1568489029587.jpeg (550.75 KB, 3464x3464, 62328EFD-49CD-4012-AFA3-D04818…)

Erin/pocketsizee is back to skinwalking usedpet which is probably why she deleted all her posts

No. 868710

File: 1568496769375.png (3.35 MB, 1080x1920, 234567B8-3DDE-49A5-858D-0368F0…)

this bitch is insufferable.

No. 869244

File: 1568609607758.jpeg (233.61 KB, 750x1181, 0F3AA499-1524-4BFD-B896-D1280E…)

personal cow and also fits into the e-girl thread so going to post in both. less milky online nowadays but the girl has been a trainwreck for years

> name is Constance but refers to herself as “Cents”

> username @blaidebabi and spam is @pcpcents
> user was originally @pcpcents but changed it to @blaidebabi after she got hate because she hasn’t done pcp
> had “sadist so unless you want to bleed GTFO my dms” in her Instagram bio for a long time (so cringe but she just changed it)
> has literally no friends
> archives / unarchives photos constantly whenever she gets hate or gains confidence
> claims to “be the original” before the egirl trend blew up
> brain is literally fried from the concoction of prescription meds she takes
> smokes weed and drinks everyday
> goes on and on about how sadistic she is, how she likes blood and knife play, how bad she is, but really is a 5ft 40kg little girl that hasn’t been in a psychical fight in her life and would cry is someone yelled in her face
> copies everything she posts. her whole aesthetic is taken from other e-girls. have screenshots of her copying people’s photos down to the EXACT pose and everything.
> literally mimics ppls posts, selfies, art styles, tattoos etc because she can’t come up with her own ideas
> takes personality from lilith levisis (and blade), lil bo weep, too poor and other similar accs
> takes quotes / captions from other e-girls and posts them on other social medias claiming to be her own thoughts
> not sure if coincidental but just so happened to change her user to @blaidebabi right after blade passed
> boyfriend is an self proclaimed “entrepreneur” that sells designer bootlegs and is a literal joke in the city where they live in. honestly I think they are together because he tried every other girl and no one wanted his crusty ass so he settled for her
> also cheated on her ex bf
> apparently makes “music” and has been “dropping her mixtape soon” for the past three years. has made excuse after excuse as to why she hasn’t dropped it. multiple people have called her out on not releasing her music because she posts about it like every week but hasn’t shown any snippets, beats, the process or anything.
> posted multiple times about her “oh so many” drug overdoses eg “I have overdosed 8+ times why am I still alive” ??
> also constantly posts about going to the looney bin. used to post lots of self harm and livestream smoking weed
> takes pics from drug blogs on tumblr and posts them on her insta and pretends they are hers
> claims to be fully against dd/lg but has photos on her tumblr in full dd/lg, hashtags and all
> claims to be against “putting negativity into the world” but body shames anyone bigger than her and bullies people who aren’t “edgy” or “cool” enough for her
> passionately posts about being against abusers but doesn’t say anything when it’s a rapper / music artist she listens to
> photoshops and facetunes her pictures a ridiculous amount
> tries so so so hard to be relevant and a music artist
> first claimed that her whole ep was nearly finished (mind you this is after 2 - 3 years of music bragging with nothing to show for it)
> then was only going to release a single and one cover
> then claims she was completely finished recording and just doing the finishing touches. only going to release when her page gets more following
> THEN posts about apparently releasing her first two songs (single and cover) when she reaches 5k followers on her main + 1k on her spam however continues to loose heaps of followers
> hasn’t posted for a while but resurfaced recently
> NOW apparently she doesn’t like any of the music she’s recorded, is completely scrapping it all and starting fresh. HOW CONVENIENT.
> she has just recently started posting again and now getting ready for some new juicy milk

source: im close with someone who used to be friends with her but now can’t stand her so we just laugh at her together

No. 869295

File: 1568617647400.png (695 KB, 640x1136, E5C85610-D3D4-489D-BB19-6BFD71…)

She’s always trying to hide her nose
It isn’t inherently bad but it doesnt March her “smol anime girl look”

No. 869355


Sounds like Wendetta. You didn't give any proofs, and I bet you are that 'usedpet' account yourself. Both of them are basic e-girls who don;t have aything interesting to offer.(whiteknighting)

No. 869362


Maybe look through the thread a little more? Anons have provided screenshots, seems like there’s at least 2 different anons posting about her so I doubt it’s a wendetta. While they aren’t the milkiest it’s always fun to monitor the phenomenon of skinwalkers

No. 869367

File: 1568640769475.jpeg (56.57 KB, 567x566, 431BB649-0ADA-41D3-A222-C3BDF0…)


No. 869372

Boo-hoo, someone can't accept that people might not like you. Still better than being in community filled with fake attention whores who would talk shit behind your back and doxx u at any minute.

No. 869374

No one anonymously sent you hate, you came onto an anonymous board by your own free will. Try again e-thot

No. 869414

Sorry if this isn’t allowed but idk where else to ask. Does anyone remember a girl who used to go by bratpunk/ drunkula/ dogspit? She used to be so milky and now I can’t find anything about her

No. 869483

I remember the name but who was she/why?

No. 870277

Anyone ever heard of eglock before on tumblr?

No. 870620


Holy shit anon your icon is terrifying

No. 870728

No. Why?

No. 870731

File: 1568939675125.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x1979, 73F9E136-BACB-4FB2-84BD-190957…)

Anyone have any milk on @corpsebabydoll? She has 40 + k on Instagram and I feel like @dead9irl copies her

No. 870740

File: 1568941406208.png (18.32 KB, 720x196, self post.PNG)

i follow them. not very interesting. also this is the first thing on their blog, self post much?

No. 870750

lmao that $6 aliexpress skirt tho

No. 870762

how embarrassing lol

No. 870777

its not exactly milk but she'll straight up block you if you unfollow her. also filters the shit out of her face.

No. 870794

You know she be posting here too eww

No. 870818

Not a self post but they are cringy as fuck so I thought they belonged here.

No. 870836

File: 1568969389029.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x1961, 38390A76-EA5B-4A01-8970-F263E4…)

She’s really out here thinking she’s toopoor lmao

No. 870920

this thread is going to be another shayna/sex workers or anachan thread, its already happening kek

identical, irrelevant boring ass e-girls posting each other, self posting and accusing each other of copying each other like a normal farmer would care about who's eyeliner is the thickest or who makes the "cringiest" tik toks

No. 870941

Eglock is a transgender female to Male and constantly sends hate anons pretending to be other girls and makes them all hate each other. He posts selfies then deletes them because they don’t look like him- in a picture he was tagged in he looked chubby with thin white boi lips and nothing edgy at all.

No. 870943

Dead9irl used to follow me in 2013/2014 before she got a following and she was so rude to me. She would copy a girl called flowerscum and send hate anons to people on tumblr. She bullied her until the girl left as she was getting anonymous hate 24/7. She once even claimed toopoor watched her stories and actually copies her but that’s bs. In 2013 she had a massively different aesthetic.

No. 871093

File: 1569020638460.png (2.42 MB, 1080x1080, 42747E33-6873-4471-9845-20E0BC…)

would almost feel bad for her if she wasn’t so pathetic. imagine being like this at 18 years old

No. 871109

18 year olds are often this immature and childish, idk why you're surprised

No. 871118

File: 1569023319785.jpeg (519.73 KB, 1125x2000, DAFB911A-ED65-470C-B0F0-BE0E24…)

I think it’s sad how all these pale girls get attention but then black girls like this girl don’t get higher then like 5k(self-post)

No. 871124

fuck out of here, selfpost. don’t have a cry on here because no one cares about you

No. 871131

File: 1569025319031.jpeg (148.35 KB, 803x713, CB5E6AB9-FCD2-4CDE-B31E-7A0EDA…)

Proof she lurks

No. 871149

Being a scene girl makes you a true goth? News to me, lmao.

No. 871171

File: 1569031862416.jpg (25.15 KB, 435x153, 32323.JPG)

I don't know what you mean by not very interesting unless you're covering for her. She fits right in this thread. She is constantly surrounded by drama and is suspected of being the one who sends all the hate in the first place or sends anons telling everyone she is the "HOTTEST EBOY". She could even have her own thread.

Transtrender you mean. As far as I know she didn't even tell anyone she was trans until she got exposed by a hate blog and then she kind of had no other option. Cat fish.

No. 871176

Most egirls are troubled teens. Same shit thats been going on for decades, just different generations. Id say the worst thing most of them do is make mental illness sound like its something just for aesthetic. Most are probably gonna look back at their egirl/boy phase in embarrassment

No. 871178

op, nah not covering.
it just seems a lot of theses cows lurk here so i am not surprised if theres self posting.

No. 871225

File: 1569045317839.jpeg (199.07 KB, 750x1334, 0F2E61C6-6D10-447F-89C6-02D9B5…)

I feel like another e-girl worth mentioning is babivampiire / was vampirecherubb

No. 871270


She bought her account off of some 15yr old girl didn't she? iirc she was complaining that everyone was unfollowing her on it (kinda expected if you're taking over someones account)

No. 871367

what does she do that’s milky? never heard of her until now and her page doesn’t have much

No. 871410

Man I hate this entire trend so much. Genuinely thought I'd recognized 2-3 people in here but it turns out they all just look the same.

No. 871480

File: 1569122165919.jpeg (230.87 KB, 1125x1980, 8AF17EC8-E07E-4DF7-BB12-C59CDC…)

imo there’s way more milk on @usedpet (Aubrey) than @pocketsizee (Erin) if you check Aubrey’s tumblr. She claims she’s a sfw agere person but her tumblr is full of ddlg/petplay posts and even some of her own porn gifs (her in a tail buttplug wiggling her butt in front of the camera). She crossposts all of her ddlg porn posts with the tags “agere”. She has all of her brain dead sheep followers believing she’s a sfw agere angel, but she is another gross ddlg bitch. IMO this is much more disgusting than Erin ‘skinwalking’ her.

No. 871481

File: 1569122315702.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 342.59 KB, 1536x1536, D1BFB0CA-381A-43F1-BD79-2C8355…)

Here’s more proof of @usedpet being into ddlg/petplay and crosstagging nsfw porn with agere! She has all of you fooled. She is disgusting.

No. 871492

Calm down Erin

No. 871513

Obvious vendetta. That's not milk.

No. 871514


Erin is absolutely awful and totally lolcow worthy. Have you not seen her sperg and suicidebait whenever anyone is even slightly confrontational towards her??

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