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File: 1584073504056.jpg (171.75 KB, 745x1024, Marilyn Manson Message LAX 0Qa…)

No. 524620

By popular request, one unified thread to collect all milk on Marilyn Manson, 51 year old drug addict, washed -up rocker, serial abuser and rapist still trying to live vicariously through his glory days of the 90s when he was still young and the drugs hadn't completely fried his brain.

> Accused by multiple ex girlfriends including ERW of rape, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, torture, forced confinement and forced drug use

> uses his barely legal fanbase to find young girls to groom, abuse and take advantage of while dangling the same one liners of helping with their careers, putting them in a music video or wanting a serious relationship
> Publicly talked about wanting to beat ERW's skull in with a sledgehammer
> May or may not be using multiple sockpuppet emails to harass and stalk girls, alleged to have fake Model Mayhem account to find 18 year old girls to groom under the guise of photographing them
> May have had a sexual relationship with Lilith Levisis (also a cow; see thread) when she was underaged, tried to pit her against his other girlfriend at the time, Gabriella
> Has assistant (sockpuppet? ) named Jude who has been implicated in verbal and emotional abuseand stalking towards young girls
> long term drug addict and alcoholic who hit the wall going 100 m/h then got liposuction and tried to claim the bruises were from being beat up by his ex
> torpedoed his marriage to Dita Von Teese over 10+ years ago and still trying to remake every girl he dates into her image
> Long term on/off relationship? with Lindsay Usich, 35 y/o NEET and Dita skinwalker who met him when she was 25 and has been implicated in verbal abuse and stalking herself, using his phone to send nasty message to other woman he is dating or friends with, and being violent to fans

No significant social media links; except the official @MarilynManson. Lindsay Usich's instagram is @LindsayUsichOfficial, comments disabled

No. 524621

Tried to do a good overview of all his major drama- lmk if I missed anything.

No. 524785

this should be in /pt/ right? he’s basically onision

No. 524794

that's not how /pt works… he could be in /snow tho

No. 524874

Man he looks so crusty

No. 525111

good OP anon
some SS of his milk would be nice too

No. 525207

50 year old men still clinging to their high school edgelord years are one of the most pathetic sights to behold.

No. 525388

I guess Marilyn Manson talked about being abused by Usich to his side girls to manipulate them and to make his fans bully Usich. Usich was bullied on social media for many years especially in 2014 - 2016. Manson used to follow her haters and liked their posts in 2015, he also insulted Usich directly on social media and indirectly in his interviews. He officially broke up with Usich in 2015 so he could say he's single to girls he picked up. But Usich continued posting pics of them together and he was with her at several events and private parties so obviously he never really left her. Usich left social media ca in 2017. Shortly before that something interesting was going on on social media. The girls Manson picked up, used, fucked and left, including Clare Buley, Gabriella Reid, Jordan Arentz and probably few more, leaked his messages, photos, videos and their stories to anonymous accounts. It was posted on insta and probably on Twitter and though those accounts were constantly reported and everything was removed they reappeared again and again until something happened in 2017. Some girls since then deleted their accounts on social media or went private. So I can only guess if they were terrorized or threatened. Gabriella was bullied on social media but because she made her relationship with Manson opened on insta. I have some screens I can add later. If anyone remembers anything on all it and can add anything on it because I don't know what happened to anonymous accounts.

No. 525395

File: 1584219740282.jpg (988.83 KB, 2507x1217, IMG_20200314_214316.jpg)

Comments on Manson & Usich relationship from ppl who were watching the drama.

No. 525406

File: 1584221649441.jpg (530.28 KB, 1994x1064, 1583967973956 (1).jpg)

Maybe not all girls he picked up from his fanbase were even barely legal.

No. 525412

File: 1584222326630.jpg (708.75 KB, 2541x1231, IMG_20200314_224347.jpg)

On underage girls. I found this thread years ago on one forum. Jessicka Addams accused him of dating underage girls in 2017 but she didn't add any proofs or any stories to it.

No. 525414

Onision’s favorite idoru

No. 525417

I remember years ago she was trying to single white female Paz de la Huerta, didn’t take receipts unfortunately and Paz’s insta got nuked, but it was a lot of her trying to kiss paz’s ass on Instagram and being ignored. I think she has no developed identity outside of the famous people she is a hanger on to, the main one being manson, so for them to break up would be like her entire worldview to be gutting and having to start from scratch. That’ll happen pretty soon when he dies tho.

No. 525583

File: 1584258154024.jpg (50.5 KB, 613x131, 1582533330288.jpg)

He picks up women on social media. He found several his ex gfs on Myspace including Stoya. Ppl on his fan forum talked about him stalking Stoya on Myspace and sending her weird messages while he was once joking in his interview that he was called a psycho stalker by his ex gf's (I think Isani Griffith) friends. Here's a good comment about him picking up girls.

No. 525585

Highlights from a very long post in Russian:

- Manson choose 6 young girls to an after party.
-He drank straight vodka and offered them drinks, as well.
-The girl asked to use the bathroom on his bus and he make a joke (?) and wouldn’t let her.
-“Manson had a super trained eye, all the girls turned out to be super flexible bodies” and they measured their muscles and had an arm wrestling contest. Apparently, Manson won the contest.
-“ In the morning he said that he was tired and that he was going to rest, his assistant helped him to get there and sent the most flexible girl from Hungary to him, and we, with the most cowardly girl, exhaled with relief)”
-“ In short, Manson is kind, good uncle with a pedophile taste (everyone he picked looked at 15 years old, except for the Dubai girl)“
-“ We asked how the leg heals. Doesn’t it hurt him (instead of answering this question he swallowed half a glass of vodka)“
- girls weren't ask to show their IDs to prove they aren't underage
-girls were asked to give away their cellphones and cameras to the security guard before they would get on the tourbus


No. 525586

Highlights from a post of a girl who met Manson in Vienna in 2012 and was invited on his tourbus:

-a bunch of girls were invited on tourbus
-there were security guards, roadies, Manson and his gf Lindsay Usich
- Manson joked "This is a rape type of situation." Girls were offered drinks then Manson joked again “Now that you all drank it, I can tell you that there was Rohypnol in it.”
- "He got this idea that some of us girls should go to the other bus with Lindsay and bring the guys there. Then he made the idea more specific by saying he wants to do a “titty parade”. His idea was that a few of us girls and Lindsay will come to the other tour bus and show the other band mates our tits."
-the rest 4 hours they spent entertaining each other and joking, nothing crazy that time.

No. 525587

File: 1584258623627.jpg (168.5 KB, 1629x448, 1582746563520.jpg)

Comments of one of Manson's ex gfs Ashley Morgan to Esme Bianco, one another his ex gf, posts of abuse.

No. 525588

File: 1584258716302.jpg (886.42 KB, 1080x1928, 1582746664939.jpg)

Him joking in an interview about locking girls in a soundproof room in a dance studio where he used to live.

No. 525589

File: 1584258772987.jpg (641.68 KB, 2828x1077, 1582745207245.jpg)

Esme Bianco post and a pic of her and Manson together on the day she talks about in her post about an abusive ex.

No. 525595

File: 1584260924238.jpg (302.1 KB, 2036x996, IMG_20200315_092501.jpg)

Shortly after Esme Bianco coming out with her experience of abusive relationship Manson's ex assistant Ashley Walters twitted insinuating that she was abused by him herself and coerced to have sexual relationship with him (?) It's known that Manson makes ppl who work with him to sign nda.

No. 525609

In the rock star celebricows thread, Louise Keay Bell was mentioned. She has messages/emails screenshots from Manson in her Twitter profile.
Someone without technical issues unlike me, can check them out and post them

No. 525665

File: 1584279818414.jpg (276.16 KB, 1586x1280, XpGtlYQ.jpg)

I think nobody will mind if I repost everything anons brought up about 666fearless from the Rock Celebricows thread. I have a feeling that's Manson\smb on his payroll behind them so it's gotta be kinda milky to read for anybody new to the thread.

>It looks like there used to be A LOT on him a year ago. Manson posted his new painting on Friday and it is EXACTLY the same painting which one of his haters had as their profile pic TWO YEARS AGO. This 666fearless guy spilt a lot back then! I fg regret I didn't screen shot every single comment they wrote, but they legit sounded like a psycho fan. They are talking about his gf Lindsay Usich in the pic.

Is there anybody who has more?

No. 525670

File: 1584279955368.jpg (327.12 KB, 1080x1710, 6yPFrzQ.jpg)


>It's highly unlikely that 666fearless was just another fangirl, manson has a post with that account tagged. He was fully aware of them imo. Now I wanna grab some popcorn and see if anybody has screenshots, too.

No. 525672

File: 1584280194422.jpg (362.85 KB, 1245x1080, 9tcnwKv.jpg)


Opinions of anons who got to watch the drama:

>I remember the 666fearless account well, I wish I took screenshots. Her claim was Manson blamed Lindsay and his assistant, Judd, for rude and disturbing messages written from Manson’s account. I don’t think anyone believed his lie, it was pretty obvious it was an excuse. 666fearless also posted a screenshot of Manson under a fake account threatening her, and Manson under his main account telling 666fearless he gave the sock puppet her email address. The whole thing was sketchy af and Manson was probably behind it all.

>Hopefully someone grabbed screenshots, but 666fearless posted screenshots on her account from Manson and an email harassing them from someone Manson supposedly gave their contact info to. 666fearless deleted all their posts though.

the pic is to the last comment.

No. 525676

File: 1584280361521.jpg (129.44 KB, 1235x402, yKQLDNv.jpg)


One more:

>i have some screenshots, too. fearless mentioned that Manson is being blackmailed by Lindsay. i followed her account until got kicked lol. guess my page looked way too fake to stay in her followers. she posted several texts from Manson and a crazy fan whom Manson instructed to harass her. btw one of the posts was about Courtlyn :D manson talked to fearless about his chicks quite often. he also sent fearless Lindsay's breakup letter she gave him in 2015(?), and complained that Lindsay would usually be physically agressive, like hitting-punching, with him lol. i was shocked to learn that Manson edited the letter a bit before reading it in front of the crowd. the worst thing is that fearless posted she was drugged and beaten up and she made it very obvious Manson was involved. idk why there has been no justice on him so far. inb4 you ask me, no i have no screenshots, idk why i was so dumb lol

No. 525680

File: 1584280581630.jpg (209.54 KB, 1280x773, dni9Plq.jpg)


Almost the last one.

>A letter from Lindsay to Manson and some texts from Manson to fearless. I unfollowed when things got too dirty. Manson also texted fearless like Lindsay would be going to police as though she had done some shit or smth. According to Manson Lindsay leaked a lot of pics of them together to fake their relationships, she wanted ppl to think they are together when they were apart. Manson also said Lindsay's father hates him and Lindsay's mother tried blackmailing him or smth.

No. 525682

File: 1584280850011.jpg (30.36 KB, 361x392, LWXSodr.jpg)


The final post of compilation! Thank you for tolerating the mess I have done :D

>The letter he read at the notorious gig.

(see the pic)

>I mean what makes you think 666fearless isn't one of Manson's fakes.

>I do suspect it’s one of his fakes, but I have nothing to back up. A girl I spoke to who chatted with 666fearless often thinks it’s Manson behind the account covering his ass with a woman he’s involved with online by blaming Lindsay/Judd for his behavior. All hearsay tho and no receipts.

>I doubt that. 666fearless's posts put Manson in a very negative light in my eyes. Continuously lying to everybody, not being able to control basic things in his lie, framing Mickey Rourke for raping Evan Rahcel Wood, etc. If fearless was his fake, it would be the dumbest strategy ever. I have my hopes up that someone grabbed screenshots. What is more, you can google 666fearless and find a twitter account of the same name, there used to be an "attorney" in the twitter bio and instagram one. It must be the same girl, apparently her name is Michelle.

No. 525689

File: 1584281183362.jpg (56.69 KB, 395x339, LYxN24p.jpg)


Omg, that was not the final one. A lot of screenshots from an anon from the previous thread. Unlike the one who posted them I know how to merge pictures but I am too lazy for that shit, so sorry, don't judge me :D

>Hehe, here comes some milk for ya, kids! Enjoy! :D I don't know how to merge pictures, sorry for the mess. These may not be in a chronological order, and sorry for repetitions if any, I was taking screenshots chaotically. :D


No. 525794

Louise Keay Bell experience with Marilyn Manson. She made a post on her FB and twitted a lot about it. There are highlights:

>she met Manson first time when she was a teenager at meat&great in Glasgow, Scotland, and was invited backstage. He befriended her and was following her on social media.

>she considers now some of his actions as sexual assault and abuse of power. He stuck his hands into her underwear while she was on his tourbus and later in bed painfully grabbed her wrists, said to look him in eyes and when she tried to look away or struggled gripped tighter. He left bruises. It was her first sexual experience.
>they kept connected via email and phone while Manson was back in USA.
>Manson promised Louise to help her raise money for her short film, instructed her to sell her paintings and promised her to buy some of them. He also promised her to help to move to Los Angeles and find her a job there.
>Later Manson said Louise that she's using him and that nobody helped him. Then he said he's sorry and promised to help after all.
>Later Manson assistant was rude to Louise and said that Manson isn't her personal bank. Louise was deeply offended and sent money back.
>Later Manson said it was misunderstanding, said he's sorry again and asked her to accept money. He bought 2 her artworks
>While he was visiting Scotland Louise wasn't allowed to come backstage, his assistants took her artworks. Louise said she saw a young girl on his tourbus with the backstage pass.
>Later Manson sent to Louise her artworks in a garbage bag and said that she's an average artist and that she has financially extorted him and that he's reporting her to the police. Louise has had a panic attack.
>Later Louise tried to talk to him again and again. He either was rude to her or was acting like everything was a misunderstanding.
>In Jessicka Addams private Facebook group Louise said she talked to several girls who told her they were abused as well. Louise was asked if Manson is raping his fans backstage. She answered he seems to take advantage of his drunk fans backstage and that he's forceful by her experience.

Sources: Louise Bell Facebook and Twitter, jessicka Addams private Facebook group.

No. 525800

Just a snippet of something. I guess it isn't just underage girls MM's into.
>It is 2003, and I am at a penthouse at Chateau Marmont, covering the wrap party for The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things. Based on a book of stories by JT LeRoy, the film is directed by and stars Italian actress Asia Argento, as a truck-stop hooker. She dresses her young son, played by 7-year-old Jimmy Bennett, as a girl, rouges and lipsticks him, and, as these things go, is complicit in the boy being raped by a character Argento is sleeping with.

>Tonight at the Marmont, Bennett lies entangled on the bed with Marilyn Manson. They are a passive centerpiece to those on the room's periphery—Jerry Harrison from Talking Heads, Sharon Osbourne cursing in the doorway, Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon—who have for years have turned out to support LeRoy, the teenage transgender drug-addicted hooker whose literary star rose so improbably in the early '00s


>No grown up that I can see is watching out for Bennett, who looks as unmoored as your average 8-year-old would at 10 p.m., with a man with one blue eye and one black rearranging your limbs just so.

Deleted/reposted because I forgot to greentext the third part, and mistook the boy's age by a year. Either way, it's fucked.

No. 525806

No. 525808

File: 1584294736877.jpg (90.71 KB, 959x1198, blue.lou___BXqMFhfA64L___.jpg)

He befriended 16 yo Asia's daughter in 2017. This article is in Italian, it says Ana and Manson became friends. And here's a pic of them together.

No. 525813

File: 1584295584357.jpeg (373.07 KB, 1800x1043, 02601A57-A636-41BA-905E-0BFE60…)

He doesn’t like to shower or wash his hair.. he must straight up stink. I’ve also seen recent photos from the last tour and he had a missing tooth.

No. 525817

File: 1584296179529.jpg (1.31 MB, 3076x2072, IMG_20200315_191442.jpg)

He used to befriend children sometimes. Like Kayla Kennedy 11yo at that time and Gracie Grenier 9 yo at that time. But I haven't heard him to be on the bed with him or take them to the hotel.

No. 525818

File: 1584296307868.png (54.03 KB, 206x275, 77B57124-282E-46AE-B0C9-0EA78A…)

Carried over from the last thread -

> I live in LA and my husband is a sound engineer, I’ve met Marilyn Manson a few times and my husband works with many musicians that worked with Manson. The dude is a train wreck and notorious asshole in the industry. Severe alcoholism, as in he needs an assistant all the time to even function. Multiple personalities, fake accounts online to solicit girls, abuse. Everyone who works with him has to sign a NDA. He is not a good guy in his personal life.

No. 525820


So basically she wanted Manson to be her sugar daddy and was putting up with his rude behavior hoping for his support in future?
If you are taken to the tourbus and fucked, don't you think you the only one to whom it has happened so far. She appears to be a delusional grouppie.

No. 525822

I don't think though that she expected him to be rude and violent in bed. Nevertheless she continued communication after he basically raped her or at least horrible sexually abused her. As for his rude behavior he kept saying he's sorry or blamed his assistant.

No. 525823


- gets raped or mistreated in bed (btw if it's when she lost her virginity it would not have been pleasent in any case)
- gets mistreated in general (which could be a sign of zero interest from Manson, or so to say not so subtle fuck off message)
- continues communication hoping for support of her 'art'

Idk what to say.

No. 525826

Actually yeah I don't know either. Seems like she has had A LOT of hopes on him. He promised even to help her to move to Los Angeles. Doesn't make him less guilty but, girl, you had to go to the police! Not to continue communication.

No. 525830


That’s how narcissistic abuse works. They treat you like shit, hoover and apologize, you think it’s going to get better, and the cycle repeats itself.

No. 525842

If you want milk, malena_himmel who is also axameron666 on Instagram has lots of screens she has shared.

No. 525846

Can't find it

No. 525850

No. 525853

File: 1584300975648.jpeg (339.81 KB, 750x1154, 14BD91E3-16EC-4808-A4DB-366B75…)

The dirty ran something on Lindsay Usich years ago- normally I’d say the dirty isn’t very good source but it’s in line with a lot of what of has been posted on Lindsay. I think they are both guilty of being narcs and using each other which is why he can’t stand her and she’s failed to get anywhere in life.

No. 525854

File: 1584301005122.jpeg (310.68 KB, 750x1157, 8D59193E-DCE6-4524-A737-4EB88F…)


No. 525857

Wow she just deleted her accounts minutes ago. Her Twitter is

No. 525869

File: 1584302911564.jpg (93.79 KB, 1080x875, 2y5bJ9s.jpg)


I found this one. Is it her?

No. 525907

Seems deleted.

No. 525922


Nope, it's still there.


He was on set with some of these kids, ofc he or they would want a pic with him. Manson has been friends with Asia for 15+ years, it's natural that his children got to know him. Having photos with children = pedo? Manson is a lame dork but these posts are nothing but wishful thinking.

No. 525927

Wishful thinking? Who wishes for this?
The first link literally described them not being on set, and not acting or taking a quick photo, but at a wrap party.
There's literally no good reason for a grown ass man to be on a bed with a kid who's not his and clearly uncomfortable, tangled up "just so".
I don't know about the girl in the IG photos or Argento's daughter, but he's clearly not just a "lame dork".

No. 525928

I remember reading slmething about that film yearssss ago, didn't Manson play the hookermom's druggie boyfriend or something? I recall reading about it in a movie thread somewhere, how it was fucked up nit only because of the plot but also because there were allegations of Manson being inappropriate with the child actor playing the son (wasn't it one of the Sprouse twins or some other notable child actor?) behind the scenes. sage for shit memory

No. 525930


The article doesn't mention that Manson is sitting on the other side of the bed with his back-in-the-day wife. If it did, it would be so juicy, right?
You can watch the video from that party, Manson sits with his back to the child and shows zero interest in general.


No. 525932

Never heard Manson is into boys. I don't think he did anything to the boy. Not bc he's so innocent but bc he isn't into boys. We would already heard anything about it. There's a lot of info about girls. I think he's straight.

No. 525933


That child (Bennet) accused Asia Argento of rape or sexual assault, too lazy to google, in 2018. If Manson had been in the mix, I am sure Bennet would have brought his name as well.

No. 525934


I meant 'would not be'.

No. 525946

I clicked around in that video, and he doesn't sit with his back toward him. If you mistook the person with facial hair for an 8 year old, I don't know what to say, anon.
It cuts around a lot and the camera shakes, but it shows both Jimmy Bennett and Cole Sprouse laying down while Manson is offscreen at some point (7:40). Somebody tickles them while Manson is heard saying "Two of JT. Couldn't be more perfect". You can tell he's the one offscreen because Sprouse asks about his contact lenses, and then the camera moves elsewhere and cuts out again before we get a view of how he acted around them.
All in all, no proof the article lied.

No. 525951

He only really spoke up about the sexual things from when he was 17 or so, though. The hotel room encounter.
Laura Albert (creator of the whole JT Leroy persona and writer of The Heart is Deceitful of All Things) basically accused her of molesting him during the filming of the movie when he was a child, but I don't remember him acknowledging that, ever.
This is from the same article:
>Laura Albert noses back on the stage, tweeting and posting on Facebook, in part, "I claim BS on you Argento! I might be the one person not scared of you. I know, as do many others, what went down on The Heart is Deceitful set and in Italy, etc. I might have been slamming gelato, but you were slamming something else… I also remember the line from my books you loved, 'Everybody needs someone to know who they really are.' I KNOW who you REALLY are. You have no business trying to co-opt a movement that you participated in with glee…Your time is up."
Link to Tweet: https://twitter.com/lauraalbert/status/1031970549889552384
If he doesn't want to open that can of worms, it'd make sense he wouldn't mention Manson or anyone else involved, either.

No. 525953

I concur. I don’t think he is interested in children, other than to use them as edgey human accessories. He wants the image of a humbert humbert artsy pedo but I think from everything I’ve seen his type is someone with big breasts and the “baby fat” look like Dita, Rose McGowan , Courtney Canon Gabriella ect you don’t have body fat like that as a child or preteen.

No. 525961


Oops, I did some shit viewing, pardon me. I rewatched from 7:30 to 9:00. I could see a bunch (or two?) of kids on the bed together, a person playing with them and one more woman (blond, is she the mom or what?) a bit behind the cameraman. Manson is sitting with Dita again at 8:40.

No. 525977

She changed her photo but that’s her account.

No. 526044

Lot of screens on here are from Malena.

No. 526074


Who fg cares where the milk comes from tbh? Be it from Hitler, I would enjoy it anyway.

Can we discuss two recent selfies of Manson? They were posted by fan accounts out of nowhere, one of them got deleted. What do you think?

No. 526082

Can you post them?

No. 526099

The interview with Marilyn Manson's ex drummer Jason Sutter. Highlights:

From those two contacts, you got the Manson gig?

I toured with the New York Dolls through November 2010. I was looking for my next gig and got a text from Andy Gerold. It said, “Dude, Manson’s drummer just got fired. Call them.” I call Tracy, the girl who was tour manager. She doesn’t answer but sends me a text right back, “Put your name in the hat yesterday. Management will call.”

What happened then?

I was able to get management to look at my resume and pictures of me to make sure I’m not fat. Seriously somebody said that. Like, “Oh, what’s he look like?” They said, “Oh, he’s not fat. He looks cool.”

Making it to the first step meant not being fat? That’s funny.

That was the criteria for the first step. Meanwhile the drummer had been let go and his drums were still there ‘cause they were in mid-production and sure enough, this guy was a nut job and a ding dong and didn’t learn his parts. He was worried about his girlfriend trying to come to the shows and it turned out he was talking shit on Manson’s band. ‘Cause he became pals with Manson and was partying too much with him and had this false sense of power like showing up late and whatever. It’s none of my business and I could give a shit. I’m just glad the guy was a ding dong.

This is one of the songs you were going to have to play on the road?

He said, “Don’t worry. When Chris Vrenna was creating this track, he knew a drummer wouldn’t be able to play it. We’ll just program in the other double bass part and fly it in live. You don’t have to play this. I wouldn’t want your legs to get tired because I want you to be able to chase chicks after the show. He actually says that to me

Getting that gig must have been amazing.

Manson always joked that I was his session drummer and that I was the only session musician he ever worked with. That was the nicest he ever was to me because after that it was like whatever. I know that’s why he never pulled any shit with me and never threw anything or screamed. He would pull shit but he never did anything directly because he knew I’d walk off the stage and go get another job. It protected me and I didn’t have to worry about that shit luckily.

What were rehearsals like with Manson?

In rehearsal, Manson was throwing my drums around, kicking drums over, pouring flour and sugar all over them and crumbling up Granola bars so when I hit them they’ll fly all over the place. It’s funny but I didn’t care about the drum setup. Most dudes would be like, “Don’t fuck with my drums” but that’s not what you do with him.

Was it a challenge playing Marilyn Manson’s music?

Oh, hell yeah. They were playing to tracks and you’ve got Manson screaming at you. Any mistake that’s made by Manson onstage, you get blamed for it because you’re a sitting duck. The manager had a meeting with me before I joined and said, “I need you to know if Manson screws something up, you’re getting the blame for it in public. You have to be cool with that and you can’t call him out on that.” It gets old but he always screwed shit up and he had to let the audience know it wasn’t him. It was [in nasty, vindictive Manson-like voice] “Youuuuuu!” You with me? I’m a professional, I have a Masters Degree, I’ve played with all these people and now I have this guy screaming at me and trying to make fun of me with the audience ‘cause I’d screwed up a song that actually he screwed up. You’ve really got to put your ego in check and I know a lot of friends of mine wouldn’t have hung.

He really is a strange cat.

This is a charade that goes on even after the show ‘cause you’re in an altered reality. After the show, you have to go up and say, “Sorry, dude. Sorry I screwed that up. He’s like [in sarcastic voice], “Well don’t do it again.” This is reality, bro. This is the shit they don’t teach you in college. It was excruciating on and offstage a lot. He’s a tough character but I love the guy and we had great times. If I saw him now, I’d love it. He’s awesome but it was a horror show. It was a fucking war.

You also have a Marilyn Manson guitar pick, right?

A guy made them for me. I remember there was a moment with Manson where someone had mentioned I was selling picks online. He was like, “Are you selling picks with my name on it?” I was like, “No, dude. I’m not that much of a dork.” He’s just a nut when it comes to anything [with his name on it]. I don’t know but god bless him. He’s one of those dudes where no one can make a profit off him and it’s more egotistically than professionally. At one point someone mentioned in his camp, “Oh, by the way, your drummer is selling picks on eBay.” He’s got this weird camp and they’re always searching every post about him and it’s a big deal. It’s kinda silly but it was about a two-second conversation. I looked at him and said, “You really think I’m trying to make $5 a pick?”

The rest is here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/interviews/drummer_jason_sutter_talks_landing_the_gig_with_marilyn_manson_recalls_strange_1st_requirement.html

No. 526102

File: 1584337531228.jpeg (273.37 KB, 1865x685, 1582757329645 (1).jpeg)

On Manson being drunk and violent with ppl.

No. 526103

File: 1584337564258.png (270.21 KB, 1536x2048, 1581478431974.png)

Manson drunk in a movie theater.

No. 526104

File: 1584337605315.jpg (661.42 KB, 2146x1720, 1582730113013.jpg)

On Manson being aggressive to ppl.

No. 526107

File: 1584337842060.jpg (423.43 KB, 1080x1495, IMG_20200316_065009.jpg)

Priceless. Manson admits that he used to abuse his former assistant and then to pay off.

No. 526110

File: 1584338311379.jpg (163.83 KB, 1056x1177, IMG_20200316_065838.jpg)

One of leaked selfies. The account that posted them is deleted now. I wonder if it was Manson's fake :D

No. 526118

What was the name of the account?

No. 526119


No. 526120

So much face surgery he kinda starts to look like Pete Burns lol.

No. 526121

File: 1584341710014.jpeg (310.61 KB, 1111x1443, 78337BDC-D15B-4D7C-B6C7-49A04E…)

I also found the same pic on another account. Don’t know if they’re just reposting tho.

No. 526123

They are reposting. The original pic was posted by marilynmanson.wow. They claimed they found this pic among old pics they have :D

No. 526125

File: 1584342003810.jpg (149.03 KB, 1080x1336, IMG_20200316_075904.jpg)

One another selfie posted by that account. Shit he looks terrible. I'd not post pics like this :D

No. 526129

File: 1584342395868.jpeg (348.6 KB, 1111x1829, 54B092C8-65E7-4BF8-89DE-D54BDB…)

And he just posted this. Hinting at something? The many faces of Manson.

No. 526130

Hinting at drinking too much? :D(:D)

No. 526140

File: 1584345363153.jpg (208.49 KB, 1080x1343, IMG_20200316_085501.jpg)

Lindsay Usich posted on the same or next day this pic. Similar t shirt and light.

No. 526143

Many of his ex girlfriends said he's a stalker, so it would be no surprise if he saw this

No. 526157


marilynmanson.wow had the hashtags unblockmeplease marilynmanson in both posts. Did they try to message Manson? If yes, how did they obtain the selfies?
Sorry, I didn't screen grab.

No. 526160

File: 1584351592794.jpeg (212.83 KB, 1109x1753, DD741532-9336-4517-890F-A58748…)


No. 526198

Where did she post it?

No. 526326

As a reply to his latest IG post.

No. 526400


In her old blog Lindsay posted how much she didn't like to wash her hair and how she had not changed her clothes for 3 months. One can say they are a perfect couple.
However, it is sad to see how this mishappened model and photographer copycats Dita.

No. 526406


Dear anon, learn how to space paragraphs please.

No. 526407

File: 1584382005470.jpg (206.15 KB, 1080x1079, 1582574082770.jpg)

A snippet from ERW essay from the previous thread.

No. 526408

File: 1584382058353.jpg (164.03 KB, 1080x577, IMG_20200316_190417.jpg)

A tweet of Esme Bianco.

No. 526413

File: 1584382207153.jpg (27.47 KB, 450x250, 4b0cbf66-22d4-474a-8e5e-1ddee5…)

Marilyn Manson raped and tortured Evan Rachel Wood

In 2019 Evan Rachel Wood created the Phoenix Act to extend the statute of limitation in sexual abuse cases in California from 3 years to 10 years. She believes it’s important to give survivors time to come forward.

Evan testified in front of the senate on behalf of the Phoenix Act, detailing her own rape and abuse at the hands of a former boyfriend. Watch the extremely harrowing video here. (Obvious TW.)

In the video Evan says:

That she met the man in question at 18 years old. (Evan and Manson began dating when she was 18.)

That she looked up to him “in many ways.” (Common in relationships with a large age gap. There is 18 years between Evan and Manson.)
The man was charismatic and powerful. (As a fan of Manson’s music and a former fan of the man himself, I can attest to that he used to be incredibly charismatic early on in his career. The “Bowling For Columbine” interview is the obvious example.)

The relationship followed the normal grooming process with the man treating Evan like a princess at first and urging her to move in with him almost immediately. Evan then discovered the abuser had hidden a “terrible drug and alcohol problem” from her. (No sources needed for Manson’s drug and alcohol abuse but it seems like it may have been particularly bad at that point in time. Trent Reznor said in an interview in 2009: “He is a malicious guy and will step on anybody’s face to succeed and cross any line of decency. Seeing him now, drugs and alcohol now rule his life and he’s become a dopey clown.” He also said Manson used to fake being fucked up on alcohol and drugs but now there was no need to pretend.)

The abuser wanted Evan to look a certain way or else he would call her names and make fun of her. (Evan changed her look drastically when she started dating Manson. I followed their relationship back in the day and there were countless articles on gossip websites speculating Manson was forcing Evan to emulate his ex-wife, Dita Von Teese. Here’s a link to one of the articles, the first one I found after a snappy Google search.)

He cut Evan off from her friends and family by exhibiting rage around them in some way or form. He wanted Evan completely isolated and was extremely jealous. He’d wreck their joint home in jealous rages.

The abuser threatened and bullied people with violence and legal action. He’d brag about being able to have people killed and having friends in gangs. He illegally collected data on people to blackmail them.
He gifted Evan a cellphone that she found out he was monitoring. He downloaded spyware onto her laptop and hacked her e-mails and social media accounts.

He broke Evan down through sleep depravation, starvation and threats against her life. Sometimes he would threaten her with deadly weapons.
Sometimes he wouldn’t allow Evan to sleep until she participated in acts of “fear, pain, torture and humiliation.”
The abuser videotaped doing these things.

In some of the videotapes he can be heard threatening to kill Evan.
He also threatened her friends and family in these videos.

He threatened to leak parts of the footage and compromising photos he’d taken of her as blackmail.

Evan left him several times but he would call her house incessantly and threaten to to kill himself. (Quote by Marilyn Manson himself from Spin Magazine: “My lowest point was Christmas Day 2008, because I didn’t speak to my family. My walls were covered in scrawlings of the lyrics and cocaine bags nailed to the wall. And I did have an experience where I was struggling to deal with being alone and being forsaken and being betrayed by putting your trust in one person, and making the mistake of that being the wrong person. And that’s a mistake that everyone can relate to. I made the mistake of trying to, desperately, grasp on and save that and own it. And every time I called her that day — I called 158 times — I took a razorblade and I cut myself on my face or on my hands. I look back and it was a really stupid thing to do. This was intentional, this was a scarification, and this was like a tattoo. I wanted to show her the pain she put me through. It was like, “I want you to physically see what you’ve done.”)

On one occasion Evan returned to their home to try and diffuse the situation. The abuser tied her up, beat her and shocked sensitive parts of Evan’s body with a torture device called a violet wand. (Here’s a video of Manson stunning himself with his violet wand.)
After the violet wand occasion, Evan was so scared that she played along with whatever her abuser wanted. She endured constant daily abuse and occasional rape. 

Eventually, Evan managed to escape safely. 

She was diagnosed with Stockholm Syndrom and complex PTSD. It took her years of intense therapy to accept that she was abused. 

After realizing she wasn’t the only woman tortured at the hands of Marilyn Manson, Evan took her hard evidence - photographs and video - to press charges. The evidence, however, was useless as the statute of limitation had passed on Evan’s case…

Marilyn Manson in 2009 about Evan Rachel Wood: “I have fantasies every day about smashing her skull in with a sledgehammer.”

He pretty much completely got away with that comment apart from the wonderful Patricia Arquette calling him out on Twitter years later. x x
Manson’s “The High End of Low” era, the album after Evan and him broke up, features a music video for the song “Running to the Edge of the World” where he beats the crap out of and murders a woman. It’s pretty much accepted that the murdered woman is supposed to represent Evan.

The rest of the text https://metamorpheuse.tumblr.com/post/188768336470/marilyn-manson-raped-and-tortured-evan-rachel-wood/amp

No. 526457

File: 1584384923335.jpeg (316.41 KB, 1536x2048, 76E1DB50-9D34-41D0-B2BD-4359DC…)

Screenshot of Laney Chantal supporting Mansonisabusive.

No. 526465


Those two rarely showering, plus four cats.. their house probably smells like a dumpster.

No. 526467

Mansonisabusive is a private account actually. They are harassed often so I wouldn't post their content here.

No. 526470


>She was diagnosed with Stockholm Syndrom and complex PTSD.

I doubt she was diadnosed with Stockholm Syndrom. I don't remember Evan mention that and, if you google ERW+SS, every link is about a character of a movie Evan cast in.


> it is sad to see how this mishappened model and photographer

Does she have any career?

No. 526471


Who is she?

No. 526489

Laney is Jeordie White’s ex wife.

No. 526494

Nobody follows Instagram rules about not reposting content from private accounts. 666fearless is a private account too.

No. 526499

A fan girl talks how she met Manson when she was 15 and he was joking that should come when she will turn 18 then he will impregnate her.

No. 526501

File: 1584391626862.jpg (355.93 KB, 1080x1219, IMG_20200316_214356.jpg)

Comment to the previous video.

No. 526503

File: 1584391676843.jpg (186.38 KB, 1080x1063, IMG_20200316_214406.jpg)

One more comment to the previous video.

No. 526506


None. She did some modeling before she met manson, including a nude shoot with her twin sister got purple that I can’t find rn but I don’t think it was paid, just stuff for social clout, her photography seems to also just be a hobby mostly to take pictures of herself and bad aesthetic photos of landscapes. She seems very underdeveloped as person. Here’s an old Flickr account


No. 526518

File: 1584393952334.jpeg (309.27 KB, 1536x1869, 93E87F94-FBC6-427E-8A23-F1CDD3…)

Bella Thorne tagged a Manson side account (marlinmanson_private - since deleted) and had it up for months until she changed the tag recently. Anyone remember when Manson tweeted Bella’s name then deleted it?

Bella’s post: https://www.instagram.com/p/By5tY1jHWGN/?igshid=gqg60iis69e3

No. 526521

File: 1584394766443.png (108.45 KB, 500x482, IMG_20200316_223759.png)

Yes here's a screen of his deleted tweet.

No. 526522


It is rumored Lindsay controlled his dms/texts in the past. It is logical he could have a side account for private purposes. Thanks for the screen! Good job, anon. ]:)

Offtop: how dumb Bella Thorne should be…

No. 526523

He used to follow his side girls openly on his insta so I think Lindsay's controlling him is a bit exaggerated. I think he used to have or still has fakes to groom girls tho.

No. 526524


OMG REALLY? The same hook for every girl he wants to get laid? Video .. blah blah .. photo .. blah blah .. you won't be disappointed.

No. 526529

Idk why but that emoji, really just drove home to me what a loser he is.

No. 526575

File: 1584410203919.jpeg (264.67 KB, 1408x1911, 8C8FD08A-9C71-4BA0-8B63-C754BF…)

Also found a screenshot of marlinmanson_private.

No. 526676

Does anybody find it strange that every photo Lindsay posts is a year+ old? (except for the cats but it's questionable)
Are they even together?

No. 526690

File: 1584439843205.jpg (277.57 KB, 727x1080, IMG_20200317_110847.jpg)

It's disgusting af. Also her hair is greasy.

No. 526691

File: 1584439878217.jpg (844.4 KB, 2039x2044, IMG_20200317_110805.jpg)

If she's copycatting Rose.

No. 526782


Could you link her blog if it's not off?

No. 526809

File: 1584466739736.png (312.73 KB, 423x500, let them eat kek.png)

Is he still drawing on his jawline with Sharpie?

No. 526833


He is :D
I cannot get it how nobody tells him that going on a diet will save tones of makeup he wastes on the chins. Not even mentioning Lindsay will save time she now spends photoshoping "her man".(:D)

No. 526839

File: 1584470929335.jpeg (881.66 KB, 1536x1980, 53CE6309-87C4-48A7-83AB-96DBE8…)

Found on Reddit.

No. 526844


If my memory serves me well, Laney introduced Gabriella to Manson. If she already knew how gross and agressive he was, why did she not warn her friend? The 'greatest' friendship you can have.

No. 526948


Did he delete the post?

No. 527112

these cakes traumatize me every time i see them. that filling to cake ratio is so criminal.

No. 527259


It seems he did. Can't see the point though. All fanpages document his posts regularly, not a smart decision.

When did he date Gabriella?

No. 527263

He dated Gabriella ca october or november 2015 - march (?) 2016.

No. 527265


If so, I agree with the anon above, I competely fail to understand Laney's behavior.

No. 527268

File: 1584530808888.jpg (152.6 KB, 1080x830, aImBUZs.jpg)

Usich finally posted a new pic of them together. As if they read this forum and social media in the whole.

No. 527270

Anon, as far as I know it could be Amanda Lexus bc she was seen with Manson and Laney in Bellagio on St valentine. Then she posted pics of them together on her insta and was seen on tour with him. But the thing is Amanda was seen hunging out with Gabriella at the time Gabriella started to date him. I fail to understand this first of all.

No. 527275


Hah he does scan social media for opinions about him. If not himself, then his camp. It was made public in his ex employee interview.
So stupid they are. 35 yo and 51 yo. Their IQs are forever underage though.

Almost like they deserved one another as a friend, partner, whatever?.

No. 527280

The most fucked up part of it that Usich was all or at least most of time around him. So I guess her control over him is a lie or exaggerated a lot. He claimed he's "newly single" in early 2015 but in fact she continued to go on tour with him and was seen with him at events.

No. 527396

The most hilarious part of it is that actually Amanda Lexus used to hung out with Manson before. She was seen with him in 2010 and he put her in his video I think it was armafuckinggeddon. So she made same mistake twice? And since she befriended Gabriella when Gabriella started to date Manson Idk opinions pls?

No. 527476


I think it’s Lexus Amanda, she was in the Armageddon video and got a matching Hello Kitty tattoo with Laney - https://stealherstyle.net/tattoos/lexus-amanda-tattoos/

No. 527599

> She was seen with him in 2010 and he put her in his video I think it was armafuckinggeddon. So she made same mistake twice?

I don’t believe Lexus was romantically involved yet with Manson when she was in his video. No idea why Laney would set her up with him, I can only speculate that Lexus wanted to get involved with him and maybe Laney wasn’t aware of how abusive he can be since she’s never been in a relationship with Manson. Who knows. But Manson goes through women like Kleenex, it would surprise me if Lexus and Gabriella overlapped.

No. 528336

File: 1584641638820.jpg (59.73 KB, 483x599, 1IXgTGO.jpg)


That's definitely not smth she took yesterday. It's a recent photo but not this week I guess.
Perou posted a video with Manson. Look at he nails, they are dirtishly red, nothing like in the picture from her story.

No. 528339

No. 528731

File: 1584702839435.jpg (333.27 KB, 1457x1001, beauty mark.jpg)

Did Lindsay really get a tattoo on her cheek just like Dita´s beauty mark???

Omg this is soooo cringy. Are they all blind? Does she have a family? Friends?

No. 528732

File: 1584703223141.jpg (111.24 KB, 1200x554, bm.jpg)

The placement cannot be a coincidence! How much does Dita cringe? Does she notice how tryhard Lindsay is to be like her?

No. 528748

Lindsay before Manson was prettier. I think bc of her mimics. Idk why but her face looks sometimes evil. She looks not only like Dita but more like Manson.

No. 528756

She was just younger. "Nature gives you the face you have at twenty. Life shapes the face you have at thirty. But at fifty you get the face you deserve".
Dita looked like MM too. The way they dressed to match the style of each. Lindsay tries to copy Dita just in an attempt to resemble the iconic fashion couple Dita and MM were together.

If you mean that Lindsay's face looks enlarged as if too much water holds in, just like Manson's, it's because of beauty procedures I think. I doubt she has enough money to afford a skilled doctor and better material than low quality botox. I can even assure you that she has no money and, in addition to that, poor knowledge about skincare and beauty care in general. Staying good-looking and keeping youself in shape requires long term efforts and good (usually equals coslty) skincare products, not to mention basic PE.

I flicked through her livejournal and her hashtag on Instagram. She is a mess in general. I have zero doubts she ever did some sort of sport, her legs look skinny fat to me, no muscles. She looked extremely ageing in 2011 already.

If the rumors are real, she is just like Marilyn:
Lindsay be like fast but ineffective in the long run injections and photoshop and not systematic care.
Manson be like liposuction and makeup for his triple chin and not a diet and sobriety for just a little bit.


That's embarassing.

No. 528760

I remember years ago her vaguely talking about about ballet and posting photos of herself as child in ballet uniform. I have noticed over the years a correlation between a certain type of sp00ky anorexic and an obsession with ballet aesthetics. I think she probably long term just restricts food with drugs which is why she looks so wrecked now vs when she was young. Even the dumbest aesthetician can place Botox correctly, it’s not as difficult as people think but it also isn’t a magical band aid for having a shitty lifestyle. Her lip fillers on the other hand, lmao no. I give her points for living in la and not having sun damaged skin tho, but I think that’s because she probably never leaves her house

No. 528767

File: 1584712922195.jpg (211.44 KB, 1024x767, ri4CKVe.jpg)


Ballet? No way. Have you seen her posture? Her shoulders and neck are a nightmare of a ballet dancer.
And again she has no muscles. Both Russian and American schools require muscles, strong legs, stamina. She is fat and low weight. I think she posed in a tutu just for a photo.

>living in la and not having sun damaged skin tho, but I think that’s because she probably never leaves her house

>never leaves her house
That's probably where the truth lies.

No. 528769

Never leaves small soundproof room in his house "sorry for being sarcastic like that"

No. 528771

File: 1584713397367.jpg (52.28 KB, 431x594, fe5O5oi.jpg)

Just one more photo to proof she has not done ballet. Her shoulders again.

Heh you are evil, and I like it when it's sad but true.

No. 528773

…while he's chasing another hot barely legal chick on social media or model mayhem.

No. 528774

Did he really screw somebody underage?

No. 528776

I'm not sure if Clare Buley was underage. She says she was 18 thou she posted once a video where her mom was mad over her dating a 46 yo old man yet camptioned this post something like her high school times. Manson was 46 or 47 when she met him. She said he promised her to put her in his Mephistopheles video and she wouldn't be 18 yo at that time. So idk. And there was that chick Loola on one heavy metal forum who met him in 90s and had sex with him. She hinted she wasn't 18 yet but was legal in UK.

No. 528777

Such a caring parent her mom is.

No. 528778

I think they only physically met when he was on tour and she went to his concert with internetgirl in New York. She was in her first year of college at that time.

No. 528780

Her parents are rich af republicans. Her dad run campaigns for Romney and Trump, he's a lawyer and was a counsel to the New York republican state committee. They were very unhappy over their daughter page here.

No. 528783

He was on tour in new york state at the time she was still in high school so they could meet earlier.

No. 528784

Idk why he wouldn't get surgery since he's so rich.

No. 528802

File: 1584717799275.jpeg (267.58 KB, 1800x884, 9DF909B3-0676-432E-9D9F-48B85F…)

From the Clare Buley thread. Manson pretended to be underage so it wouldn’t be a stretch.

No. 528805

Might be afraid of side effects?

No. 528808


He did get surgery (Lipo) according to leaked messages from Gabrielle. But living in LA, I feel like there is literally a gym on every street and 5 underemployed actors ready to be your personal trainer, but he seems to be completely unhealthy and dysfunctional. Im completely unsurprised that after all these years, Lindsay has not managed to have his neetbux baby, I’m sure she wanted to for years but his sperm peaced out a long time ago.

No. 528811


It was rumored she miscarried. It was speculated by haters thou.

No. 528816


She is a druggie + low weight. Is she even fertile? Don't think so.

No. 528846


Anon look at her photos closely. She isn’t underweight, she clearly skinny fat, maybe malnutritioned but people in way worst shape have gotten pregnant, morbidly obese women, HIV+ women, homeless crackheads. You really think it’s her and not him?

No. 528855


Ofc no.
Both are unhealthy. I don't put Manson's condition aside.

No. 528877


When was it rumored? There's a track by MM where he hints at miscarriage.

No. 528887

File: 1584725013605.jpg (92.38 KB, 877x359, UeMjGjI.jpg)

Don't know if it was ever rumoured but what track do you mean?

>How much does Dita cringe?
This pic is for you!

No. 528992

File: 1584736152059.jpg (293.51 KB, 1200x554, 1234.jpg)


So I was not the only one who had this gut feeling to screenshot Mansons crap!
I am posting their comments I took screenshots of, the arrangement of screens is absolutely illogical and random, it's been a long time. I followed them but I have none of their posts even though it was fun to read their page. In short: Manson is an asshole who insulted Lindsay and told his friends shit about her; he did try to say that Mickey Rourke raped Evan. Lindsay is a talentless lazy bitch, the only thing she knows is whining to get attention and she does blackmail him with suicide and rape allegations.

No. 528998

I forgot to mention that Manson and his crew call Lindsay Gone Girl. I didn't watch the movie I hope some kind person will explain.

No. 529073

The movie/book is awesome. It’s about a married couple, the man has an affair, so the woman sets him up to look like he murdered her while she goes into hiding.

No. 529110

Does anyone have screenshots of these leaked messages?

No. 529118

On Mansonisabusive IG.

No. 529390


I am not sure which song anon wanted to name, I would assume threats of romance might be about the false idea to start a family. But miscarriage? Nah.

No. 529391


Thank you! If I were that woman I wouldn't believe a single word tbh. It's just nonsense.
Can you explain about Mickey Rourke? Did he literally say that?

No. 529470

File: 1584789909001.jpg (139.54 KB, 610x658, ao25L6G.jpg)


Wow that speaks for itself.

>Thank you! If I were that woman I wouldn't believe a single word tbh. It's just nonsense

I see your point. At first I didn't believe what 666fearless posted and claimed too but after sometime a lot of things were getting clear. A lot of the things she posted, which were mainly texts from Manson and a stalker he hired, proved to be real. Like minor details MM mentioned in his texts to her about his house location, for example, or TV shows he had been part of. You asked me about Mickey Rourke, that's a good example of what I am talking. He texted fearless about a music show he was part of and his byside idea in the message was sth like it also featured the guy who raped his ex. The timing of the message pointed at MUSIC https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_(programma_televisivo) The page exists only in Italian, I don´t speak it but what´s written is pretty clear.
Manson was in the first episode, MR was in the second. They might have been filmed altogether in a day.
About the Gone Girl reference she posted a video of Manson and his PAs laughing and repeating Gone Girl obviously meaning Lindsay. I had never seen the video before so it had to be original.
I had a thought the account could be just staged to make MM look innocent but 666fearless posted a story that she had been beaten by his PA Judd (and he continued to work for MM till recently???) and prolly raped bc she spoke about DNA. The rape is my speculation but why she spoke DNA right? And MM passed her information to stalkers. It's gross and disgusting, I was plainly shocked.

From my side I don't understand why he posted their profile photo on VD. It just has no sense unless he has a dementia and couldn't remember that photo had been used by his "hater".

No. 529590

File: 1584812951017.jpg (124.49 KB, 640x885, 1583045276273.jpg)

I guess these messages. From the previous thread.

No. 529663

File: 1584820483801.jpg (100.97 KB, 1080x880, PGCWovz.jpg)

Here you go.

No. 529682

File: 1584823329089.jpg (71.54 KB, 750x750, tumblr_o8eyt820oj1uo2yzno1_128…)


No. 529684

File: 1584823358193.jpg (56.76 KB, 750x750, tumblr_o8eyt820oj1uo2yzno2_128…)

No. 529690

File: 1584823687620.jpg (144.94 KB, 1080x1889, fxFBzWM.jpg)

Esme's stories. Is she hinting at Lindsay?

No. 529692

I dont think Lindsay is a victim. They're too much alike.

No. 529702

What do you mean anon?

No. 529712

File: 1584826414783.jpeg (232.39 KB, 1012x1586, 02370687-9DC6-4CF8-ADAA-6CD6B4…)

Lindsay’s done some shady shit, but she’s a victim too. Why she puts up with it.. idk.

No. 529727

Money, fame

No. 529735


She's barely famous. Money? I doubt that. Back in the day she was wearing the same fg dress for months, and if the screenshots above are not a lie she had to steal and hide money so I once again doubt Manson let her spend his money to her heart's content.

No. 529738

it looks like makeup.

No. 529745

Actually it looks like a recovering bruise. I'd say 10 days or 2 weeks. That's when bruise turns brown.

No. 529751

File: 1584830341849.jpeg (76.04 KB, 640x432, F744F9B9-5A49-4792-89E3-0D177C…)

Anon he has a know history of beating woman so I wouldn’t doubt that is real.

Everything I’ve seen makes me believe she literally has no identity outside of being Manson’s long term gf, there is almost no evidence that had anything going in her life before then. She didn’t really pursue her photography and wasn’t even Dita skinwalking or even goth back then, just doing the same generic indie music urban outfitters Polaroid camera thing every brain dead millennial was doing in the late 2000s-early 2010s. If she left him she was would have no reason to be alive. It’s pretty pathetic given his connections in the music industry and fashion she could had a huge career right now as a photographer but she seems like a generally vacant, primitive person with no willpower or agency of their own, just an empty vessel looking to absorb whatever influences are around them. He is disgusting person, but frankly, I can’t believe he went from Dita and ERW to someone like her. Even Stoya had something going on in her life lol

No. 529753

My opinion is to some extent Manson wouldn't let her career happen. He used to say if a girl doesn't want to be famous as his gf then why would she be his gf.

No. 529756

It's her twin btw.

No. 529767

> Anon he has a know history of beating woman so I wouldn’t doubt that is real.
Does he hit women only or men too?
It's not that important, Im just curious.

No. 529774

File: 1584831726563.jpeg (368.76 KB, 750x498, 5949B0AB-6913-43A0-B843-1BAEB3…)

Point taken, but. She was a basic bitch of the hipster variety then and probably still would be. Her sister was basic too, but I respect her for channeling it into a business.

No. 529787

She def signed NDA

No. 529798

No. 529806

I had no objection, I said it's her sis to avoid misleading of anons.
Ashley (her sis) has been pushing her business for about 4 years now and still no results. Waste of money and energy.

No. 529843

No. 529852

Your self promotion is too obvious.

No. 529877

File: 1584837559772.jpeg (112.55 KB, 1094x615, FDFBC648-7C64-405A-A598-4D28C3…)

I mean, it isn’t a stretch.

No. 529960

Do we really think he's out here having people killed?

I think Evan is just scared of the backlash she'd get. That was a relationship she seemed extremely willing to be in at the time.

I don't want to be a victim blamer but didn't she take his crazy ass from his wife? I think she's worried that everyone will say "should've let him to his wife then" which is partly true. I do feel for her though, everyone does dumb shit when they're young and they think they're in love.

No. 529969

The idea that Lindsay is out there kickin his ass is hilarious to me. I actually chuckle a bit It's like natures balance for all the abuse he's given everyone else. He's old as fuck and now he's going to die with that crazy bitch at his bed side.

Please note that she has been posting more of him on Instagram as of recently but it's mainly photos about social distancing like photos of his arms and shit, like we don't even know if that fucker is concious in those photos lol.

No. 530046

I was meaning "Threats of Romance". I am fully aware it's not relibale to judge what's in smn's life by the songs but I believe it's completely fine when it comes to MM. He documented his abuse to Evan in the Hight End of Low, for example.

No. 530061

She was 18. At young age everyone does shit and many mistakes. She was taken advantage of.

No. 530067

File: 1584876576102.jpg (48.45 KB, 341x512, unnamed (2).jpg)

she nicked dita's style hard when she dated him despite her looking like the literal opposite of this right before they got together, likely because she was so young and probably eager to be whatever she thought he liked, or because he told her to. i get the feeling she was possibly a delusional fangirl looking to become what she thought he wanted, if he didn't tell her to do it himself. no doubt he manipulated her and abused her either way.

No. 530069

Pickmes always come with their tail between their legs thinking they're gonna be different

No. 530080

> I don't want to be a victim blamer but didn't she take his crazy ass from his wife? I think she's worried that everyone will say "should've let him to his wife then" which is partly true.

Manson pursued her at a very young age. People should be saying why did this old man cheat on his wife for a child.

There’s probably several reasons why Evan hasn’t named him - backlash, she’s mentioned he’s threatened her so much she has PTSD, and that he has blackmail videos of her.

No. 530086

>People should be saying why did this old man cheat on his wife for a child.
I do agree with your stance but ERW was not a child. She had been in committed relationships with Jamie Bell before she met MM. An early bird I would say.

No. 530088

>that he has blackmail videos of her.
That is what I think is ridiculously silly. If there are such videos, these videos would serve the evidence. Moreover, there are already videos with ERW on YouTube. What can work againts her if he publishes his videos?

(violence, blood, sex footage, 18+)

No. 530095

she was still young and he was a very successful musician with tons of influence and achievements (albeit, still untalented and pathetic despite his success) to lord over her. what does a relationship with jamie bell have to do with anything?

No. 530099

>she was still young
>man cheat on his wife for a _child_

>what does a relationship with jamie bell have to do with anything?

Secondly, having relationships before Manson proves or at least allows me to think that ERW was supposed to know what healthy (or at least not abusive) relationships are.

No. 530101

how do you know her relationship with jamie bell wasn't unhealthy or abusive? most 18-19 year olds don't know what a healthy relationship is, especially female child actors.

No. 530103

Jamie doesnt seem like an abusive type guy. And they stayed friends after break up. It's obvious he's not the abuser

No. 530104

> Secondly, having relationships before Manson proves or at least allows me to think that ERW was supposed to know what healthy (or at least not abusive) relationships are.

So it’s her fault Manson abused her? She should have known better? Evan said he initially groomed her, hid a drug and alcohol problem from her, and that the abuse progressively got worse.

No. 530105

I cannot know a single thing about how her relationships with JB were. However, I know she married JB right after breaking up with MM, gave a child with him and claimed JB was the love of her life even after they divorced (it's not a proof though as she spoke fondly of MM too). But above of all, JB has no record of abuse.

No. 530107

I didn't say that, I do agree Manson raped her, abused her and took advantage of her but I generally disagree when people try to make the victim appear completely innocent.

No. 530110

As I dont have an twitter account, I cant see evan rachel wood's tweets anymore but I remember her saying that, in that abusive relationship she had, she wasn't allowed to wear jeans and if she did, her abuser was unhappy and would insult her.
Here's a quote from Manson from an interview.
"If a girl starts wearing sweatpants in a relationship, it’s over. It means she doesn’t give a shit any more and you’re not gonna fuck her. Girls should always present themselves to you when you come home. ‘Hi honey, I’m home,’ and she’s wearing lingerie, legs akimbo. ‘Come and get it, honey.’"

No. 530111

ERW was young but not stupid. I've been a 19 year old girl before, cmon now. A man using you to rebel against his wife who he's been with for seven years? She leaves him and then you're the one picking up the emotional baggage of a clearly emotionally disturbed new divorcee? That is a red flag. She had to have seen it, look how many times she denied his marriage requests. The guy couldn't get a ring on that girl for longer then 1 year.

I'm not saying she deserved the mental and physical abuse. She didn't. He's in the head fucked. But there HAD to of been a turning point where she realized she royally fucked up and got herself in a situation that was too "adult" for her to be in. A little common sense in the beginning probably would've shielded her from his wrath

No. 530112

>"If a girl starts wearing sweatpants in a relationship, it’s over. It means she doesn’t give a shit any more and you’re not gonna fuck her. Girls should always present themselves to you when you come home. ‘Hi honey, I’m home,’ and she’s wearing lingerie, legs akimbo. ‘Come and get it, honey.’"
is this ugly talentless retard going to get cancelled yet or what? he's obviously abusive, but that he says this shit publicly should be enough, especially for someone that wants to act so against conventionality

No. 530113

File: 1584881971492.jpg (160.15 KB, 777x585, WtXDvN3.jpg)

I am sorry, I don't wanna repeat myself but once again - I don't want to defend MM. He IS an abuser.
But are you literally going to aviod this part to fit the narrative?

the interview https://www.dazeddigital.com/music/article/23670/1/marilyn-manson-a-nose-for-trouble

No. 530115

edit: th second part of the screen is disturbing thou.

No. 530116

If it's not his philosophy, why the fuck would he say it? And then excuse himself with "my-father-taught-me" bullshit.

No. 530117

what are you trying to point out? that his dad allegedly taught him to be that way? he seems pretty apologetic about his shit behavior and way of thinking because "muh daddy!". he's unconscionable. "i didn't say it's my philosophy!" is a cop out.

No. 530119

I just wanted to provide the context. Nothing more.

No. 530120

faked context to escape accountability.

No. 530122

Feels like you're trying to defend the obvious abuser.

No. 530123

couldn't agree more anon.

No. 530124


I hate to be morbid and negative but he is NEVER going to get canceled. He's build his image on shock and people being repulsed by him. He is probably masturbating to the fact that women are wasting their time in courthouses trying to get justice for the shit he's done to them. He wants us to be disgusted by him and he is probably enjoying every part of it financially, emotionally and sexually. He probably cums to thought that he's emotionally damaged someone or has put someone through something like that and probably loves that there is no way for them to get any kind of justice

No. 530125

i hate this. "i was 19 too!" shit to downplay the clearly more guilty party. not everyone is you. not everyone is at the same place at every age. take a good look around at most people. most people are barely aware of their surroundings at 46.

No. 530126

File: 1584882537418.jpeg (890.04 KB, 2056x1347, A87C3CB6-6466-4659-87CC-D450EE…)

He treated his mom like shit because he learned his temper from his father. Apparently, his father was a big influence on him concerning women.

No. 530127

I have brought a whole lot of shit to this thread to make it evident he is the abuser. I never like when people build their arguments by omitting things which could probably (as they see it) dent their argument line. It creates an impression of falsehood and may turn off the public in the long run.

No. 530129


She was a child star in Hollywood. I don't know anyone else who would be more equipped to spotting old men wanting to "use and abuse you" than someone who grew up in that world. She really should've known better. I worry about the young women he currently preys on, the ones that he grooms like the girl in Scotland mentioned further up in the thread. Girls that get plucked out of the crowd at concerts and get their first sense of fame and money. ERW wasn't an A list actress but she did make her own money and she had been around the bush long enough to realize creeps when they appear.

No. 530130

that's disgusting. love how this idiot has had like 43 years to get himself in line and instead he's abusing and torturing his partners all over town with no remorse or growth, being very open about how misogynistic and generally hateful he is, etc. i don't feel like this provides any real context because at a certain point, at 45-51, you learn to isolate yourself for the safety of others and/or try to repair yourself before getting involved with other people, knowing that you are abusive yourself. he has had plenty of time and escape from his parents. if he was still living with his father, that'd be one thing. there's no reasonable "context" here. this is a genuine cop out.

worst case scenario, she was a delulu fangirl. more likely than that though is that being a former child actress in hollywood fucks you up and makes you especially susceptible to older, powerful male influence.

No. 530131

couldn't agree more anon. x2

No. 530132

>She was a child star in Hollywood. I don't know anyone else who would be more equipped to spotting old men wanting to "use and abuse you" than someone who grew up in that world.
lmfao, life does not work like this AT ALL. look at the reality of child stardom.

No. 530135

Hey Marilyn. How are you doing?

It depends, are we going to make this a "shit on Manson" interview, or are we going to make it a good interview?
This is going to be the best interview ever.

Good…. I was going to email you a photograph I just took. It's of a new piece of modern art I created. Let's call this work my Jack-off Pollack, of sorts. I had two condoms – alien things to me, I haven't seen them in 25 years – and I threw them on the mirror, and they stuck, and they formed this piece of modern art. And I can't decide what to call it. I'm thinking about calling it "I Don't Want You to be Cursed With My Retarded Child," or "It's Not Just Love, It's a Lifestyle," because they were Lifestyle condoms.

Would the name be different if they were Magnum or Trojan condoms?

I suppose. I was just curious what I could do with a condom filled with my semen, other than the obvious damage that one could do.

Well, you know, you could be sanitary and throw it away?

It was like a piñata of disease and babies and confusion. It's literally just dripping down as we speak, two of them. I just wanted to make sure that you know that I can perform. I want to make sure that my sexual prowess is established here. I'd love this photo to be on the cover of SPIN.

No. 530136


I think reading his book made me lose compassion towards him. When most men bring up getting physical with their mothers, its normally followed by deep regret. It's normally something they go to their grave hating themselves for. …he brags about this like it's a trophy, something to be proud of. Extremely matter of fact…

I wonder what kind of man he couldve been had he got professional help. In the beginning I truly believed he could be a great artist and someone emotionally healthy.

Don't be like him guys. You can make great art and heal from old shit at the same time. Take your pills and get your therapy

No. 530139

jesus christ what a faggot

No. 530165

File: 1584888958078.jpg (149 KB, 616x566, 2LwTujH.jpg)

I think in Manson's case his lyrics is the real fucking proof of what he did. I don't think it's dumb to look at and have some judgements.

Look at the lyrics of Kill4Me:

Would you kill, kill, kill for me?
I love you enough to ask you again
Would you kill, kill, kill for me?
You won't be kissing me unless you kill for me

>Sideways for attention, longways for results

Who are you going to cross?
Sideways for attention, longways for results
Who are you going to cross?
Sideways for attention, longways for results
Who are you going to cross?

No. 530166

File: 1584889027820.jpg (183.86 KB, 1080x1339, oHYK1ro.jpg)

Lindsay's selfie she leaked to a fan account in late summer 2018.
See anything on her arm?

No. 530168

I think she suffers from PTSD and her aggression to fans is one of the symptoms. She doesn't do drugs imo.

No. 530170

what an evil thing to write, even if he didn't do it. yeah, just encourage your edgelord fans who likely aren't suicidal, how to commit suicide the right way.

No. 530175

I would assume it can add up to his claims she bmails him with suicide. In an interview long ago he admitted she had tried self mutilation and he was upset about it. This might also be the reason why she wears long sleeves in 99.99% of going outs.
I don't want to be a bad person but this is karma, man. He deserves it, enjoy your emotional abuse, Marilyn.

No. 530209

File: 1584893379634.jpeg (224.97 KB, 1092x1141, 87F56728-10CB-43D8-8344-ED684F…)

Evan cut herself too.

No. 530218

Their cuts don't appear to be similar imo.

No. 530225

Why would they be similar? Two different people cut themselves.

No. 530241

File: 1584896876444.jpg (66.59 KB, 450x677, TPxJhGk.jpg)

Evan started her career as A actress. I doubt she was a fangirl at all. As for her appearance changings. She changed very rapidly and clearly tried to copy Dita. But the thing is if she would be the only girl who changed her style I would agree that it's possible she wanted to be more appealing for him but she wasn't the only girl who changed her appearance apparently for him. He once pickep up on social media his another little sex doll Isani Griffith. She used to look like a next door girl. No hints at dark gothic. But she changed her style and dyed her hair as soon as they started dating. Here's a pic of her before she met Manson.

No. 530243

File: 1584897059693.jpg (80.87 KB, 454x604, ARTAPuW.jpg)

And, guess what, Usich wasn't a goth chick either. Here's a pic of her before she met Manson.

No. 530262


> I doubt she was a fangirl at all. As for her appearance changings. She changed very rapidly and clearly tried to copy Dita.

idk it that's relevant but she also changed a lot when being with her husband and when she dated zach villa.

i think the only girls who didn't change much with mm were dita, esme and prolly stoya. oh and teale coco, just because she already was goth-bdsm-like (same for dita, esme)

No. 530269

File: 1584899678152.jpg (239.22 KB, 2000x1333, image.jpg)

i don't blame her at all for manson's shit and wouldn't expect her to pick up on red flags considering her age, but that is so strange. she skinwalks them or their interests or something in every relationship? she must have a hard time developing her own personality. i mean…

No. 530272

File: 1584899750431.jpg (39.87 KB, 500x375, Jamie comprometido.jpg)

it's just weird

No. 530277

it might be it just the person she is. but let's be honest, she didn't look hideos in those relationships. dita style didn't suit her at all.

No. 530291

People cut themselves coming from various motivation types. Evan's are definitely autoaggression (short, not too deep, numerous, overlapping). Lindsay's are completely different. It's obvious from the photo.

No. 530376

File: 1584913020209.jpeg (309.99 KB, 1800x1202, 1582578507422.jpeg)

So Lilith may say the truth. He actually said in his several interviews he doesn't like condoms.

No. 530381

File: 1584913350475.jpg (582.51 KB, 947x2111, RFqdOaT.jpg)

Why to use condoms? Really?

No. 530398

File: 1584915129728.jpg (431.68 KB, 1080x1639, 4BnKzPc.jpg)

Let's talk about his obsession with anal. The life of Lindsay seems to be harder and darker the more I learn about Manson.

No. 530406

He is so fat now. I think the days when he had erection were gone long ago.

No. 530412

File: 1584915857326.jpg (293.8 KB, 1080x972, pjaXlk3.jpg)

This is from his interview in 2002.

No. 530422

>not just kissing my ass and trying to tell me what I want to hear

Oh yeah, Marilyn, we all read Jason Suter interview.

No. 530423

File: 1584916769842.jpg (331.78 KB, 690x1483, HTuvUql.jpg)

A snippet from his interview for German Playboy in 2015. In short he's asked about what it feels like to become a sex symbol. He says that it is something everyone would dream about: to revenge all those schoolgirls who rejected him and didn't want to sleep with him; he also says he's surprised that girls actually find him attractive. Then he's asked how many groupies he has had last year. He says he thinks he had about two hundred girls, that he feels as a kid in an amusement park who gets everything he wants. The interviewer asks Manson about a soundproof bad girl room that he has in his studio in Los Angeles. Manson answers that if he's in a committed relationship it doesn't mean he has a life of a monk. He likes pleasures including sex and it can be loud sometimes. Then Interviewer asks what Lindsay Usich thinks about it. Manson says Lindsay was the main reason why this room was created. He also says she contributed to room (whatever it means anons). Then he says Lindsay helped him to overcome moments where his life went down a bit (?) and she makes him go out more often now.

No. 530425

He straight up looks like Lurch from the Luna Slater threads eww

No. 530429

Lmao I’m dying anon

There was a pic of Lindsay is a hospital bed or EMS? With a bandaged wrist smiling. I’ve def seen it but can’t find it now. I also distinctly remember an interview he did where the interviewer asked him what was new in his life and he said “my girlfriend just went to the hospital for some self mutilation so, thats exciting” also can find it no matter what I google lmao

No. 530432

File: 1584917547989.jpg (342.13 KB, 1200x800, 2Ank4MeUjXk.jpg)

No no, mister or madam! He's basically my beloved granny Jennie.

No. 530433

he looks terrible for 51.

No. 530436

So Lindsay's face is always kinda pissed off because she is putting efforts into keeping her asshole tight? Poop issues at 35, poor stupid girl.

No. 530438

I remember that interview too. He didn't say he was excited or it was exciting. I will try to find that one.

No. 530439

File: 1584917954326.jpg (205.25 KB, 1080x1346, H4GpgLR.jpg)

Trying very hard to hide his chins.

No. 530441

Do you mean his obsession with anal anon? I'm dying.

No. 530444

Exactly my friend!

No. 530446

File: 1584918497219.jpg (375.98 KB, 1080x1780, BLEv2QX.jpg)

Wtf he admits of doing something like that.

No. 530449

No. 530451

So he's toxic in both meanings..

No. 530457

> don’t like to get up too late
> 3pm

No. 530460

Why he hasn't been cancelled???

No. 530465

Sorry anon, you were right about excitement:
>And my girl went to the hospital for some self-inflicted injuries yesterday so I've got a lot of excitement going on in my life. I mean, that's not punk rock, none of that. I like to live life dangerously, but I don't want that in my life at any point.

Nice shading of Lindsay:
"I had a lot of stuff with my mother getting mentally ill and involving myself with girls that probably are in kind of an insane place. I'm sort of a magnet for the ones with a screw loose".

No. 530504

because his fans are edgelords and don't give a shit about this stuff probably

No. 530515

File: 1584923470629.jpeg (343.43 KB, 1109x1398, 6A813D00-A104-44C9-841B-96C608…)

From 2019 - missing tooth and looking like someone’s grandma.

No. 530519

he's one of the most repulsive men i've ever had the displeasure of looking at. him, and that 4lung dude on /snow/.

No. 530532

Guess I am gonna be in minority but he used to be handsome and oddly charming untill 2012-14 for sure. I cannot understand how he could let himself go this low. Everything went wrong after his divorce with Dita. He should have sought help and not abuse clueless girls.
I do love his voice, as a fan of what he did, I am both disgusted and heartbroken. I cannot understand my own feelings.

No. 530541

File: 1584925235033.jpeg (120.7 KB, 1088x812, 8084C96F-ACA7-47DE-935F-3379D6…)

Was this the photo? I don’t know why her hand is in a bandage tho.

No. 530546

File: 1584925541154.jpg (362.72 KB, 678x1024, gettyimages-115415586-1024x102…)

ok… this was 2005 mm, too. are you the same anon that has the hots for social repose? i refuse to believe more than one woman desires men that are this hideous

No. 530567


YES BASED ANON how did you find that?

No. 530570

File: 1584927266576.png (3.75 MB, 750x1334, 2FCB179A-51A4-4366-9231-ABD711…)

what is that crusty patch on his neck…. he is for sure giving off huge Luna slater/lurch vibes.

No. 530590

File: 1584928682861.png (139.52 KB, 254x323, Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 01.5…)

he was never handsome anon, he just had charisma and you didn't know he was a dirty nonce yet

No. 530593

File: 1584928917040.jpg (36.83 KB, 720x718, xYkHQ8o.jpg)


No. 530595

Interview from the time he was dating Isani Griffith.

How does this new album fit into the evolution of Marilyn Manson?

Track two is called "Pretty as a Swastika." It's something I said to a girl because of her complexion — with black hair, red lips and pale skin. I mean, it was a complex and poetic comment that soon led to intercourse, so I felt no reason for it to be seen as confusing, hateful and destructive. The record label [told me], Take it off the album. Rather than do so, I decided to produce it on the inside of the sleeve with a different name, so it'll be sold in Wal-Mart or wherever stores sell guns but are afraid to deal with lyrics. So I put "Pretty as a ($)" because all of their motivations are based on money.

How clever.

I'm not saying I'm doing this for nothing. But I've lost everything — I've lost friends. I've lost love. I've lost money. And this record is really about loss. The last album had a lot of romantic, Shakespearean ideals attached to the music, like "The world doesn't understand us. Let's die together." Now? This record is more about, "If you say you'll be with me until I die and then you change your mind, you should run very fast. Because I'll kill you."

What is a typical day in the life of Marilyn Manson? Many would place their bets on your emerging from a bat cave at dusk. What's the deal?

You picked a great day to ask me, because if you asked me what a typical day was on any other day, I think you'd find it to be completely made up. But I'll tell you. I just moved out of my house, so I'm staying at the Sunset Marquis Hotel — very famous for a lot of things. Including now the things I've done here.

Such as?

Well, last night I made a video for "Pretty as a Swastika," and it included my shaving the pubic hair of my special lady friend.

No. 530606

It looks like he’s sweating off his blue makeup.. but since he doesn’t shower who knows for sure.

No. 530696

File: 1584953787090.jpg (70.06 KB, 683x1024, P54EAiF.jpg)

He looks womanly pretty on some of his professional photoshoots pictures especially during born villain era. But, you know, light, Photoshop, makeup…

No. 530707

People have their own preferences. Don't be harsh on that anon. Manson is not handsome to my liking, I met him in person several times he is definitely charming.. he used to be, I mean.

> i refuse to believe more than one woman desires men that are this hideous

He was seeing Dita at the time of the photo, before that there was Rose McGowan, later ERW, etc. You see there's more than 1 woman for sure.

No. 530709

I wasn't stating he was handsome. Just the other way about. But wanted to notice that maybe some people think he used to look good because of the professional photoshopped pictures.

No. 530714

File: 1584958348706.jpg (31.24 KB, 512x421, unnamed.jpg)

>Pretty as a Swastika
>a complex and poetic comment

No. 530718

File: 1584959052094.jpeg (368.36 KB, 1012x1732, 61E1B23D-8C41-478D-84E1-39CBE0…)

Meet & Greet stories.

No. 530719

File: 1584959274099.jpeg (191.15 KB, 1227x461, 16F0D09E-1F3A-457C-BFEB-62D1AC…)

Someone who hung out with his manager, Tony.

No. 530720

Could you tell us more how he is if you met him?

No. 530721

File: 1584959692254.jpeg (201.76 KB, 782x1200, ED6E18D6-3293-4669-9442-ECE58C…)

People saying he was hideous is a stretch. There was a long period in time was he was attractive, the makeup on men thing isn’t my style but I wouldn’t call him hideous. I def think he pasted that point a long time ago, like 2003 was the year he started hitting the wall.

No. 530722

File: 1584959712078.jpg (250.01 KB, 1080x929, HgyvTiQ.jpg)

More stories from people who met him.

No. 530723

File: 1584959825956.jpg (497.55 KB, 1080x1959, 3R1OdoP.jpg)

This is funny.

No. 530730

Real question. Between exes and groupies, he’s probably had sex with hundreds (thousands?) of women and he’s implied that he doesn’t like condoms.
How has he escaped a serious std, like aids? Pure luck??

No. 530732

We don't really know if he escaped it. Well a good question. Idk maybe he doesn't use condoms only with his girlfriends or with younger girls he considers "safe"?

No. 530740

I don't think there is anything interesting I can tell you. I met him because of work several times in Europe and I went backstage 3 or 4 times, the last one was in 2012.
When I worked with him he was always very polite and I would even say quiet. He tried to tell jokes and would get visibly embarrassed if nobody laughed. I remember only once he was outright aggressive and pissed because of the fucked up time management (btw it was his fault, he is terribly unorganized).
Backstages were a bit different. A lot of fangirls. I mean a lot. With some he just talked, some probably took it further.. definitely consensual sex but he was big on offering drugs so who knows. I had to say no like 3 times and even explain myself, that's the only thing I found disturbing, after that he never tried offering met drugs again. But it was flattering for me he always remembered my name and things I told him when we last met. Usually he was high ofc. I would name it pleasantly high as if you drank a glass of wine, you're not drunk yet and already not sober. He was fun to be around except
for the 2012 and after I think.
I went backstage in 2012, and he was nowhere near to "pleasantly high", obvious drug abuse, drunk, seemingly disoriented in time and space, something happened to his mimics and body language. I am not keen on giving ppl diagnosis but he was definitely the mental case. I was utterly shocked and puzzled after that evening. Everybody around him acted like nothing was happening. It's like you are on Titanic, it's about to sink and everybody's dancing and partying around and you start to think you are the one who's not okay. I quit meeting him and going to his shows since then. Just didn't want to be part of it.
As for Lindsey, since she is such a big topic, she is a basic bitch, nothing special. Not friendly and not aggressive, pretended she didn't care and seemed a bit condescending. Basic nothing.

No. 530870

File: 1584979900292.jpg (627.09 KB, 2511x1045, strange.jpg)

Your post made me realize I don't get what her real appearance is.

No. 530875

Anon don't look at her instagram photos, she has been photoshoping herself for years. what can I say if she even photoshops Manson?
Check out pics from different events she went to with mm.

No. 530882

File: 1584982095618.jpg (700.53 KB, 2941x1001, 14994651646.jpg)

Yep, like these ones.
She puts filters which narrow her face and smooth skin.

No. 530884

File: 1584982125226.jpg (92.33 KB, 1080x1073, 9MUnrNb.jpg)

No. 530885

File: 1584982252046.jpg (68.64 KB, 441x600, cDUN7En.jpg)

That one too.

No. 530888

File: 1584982414896.jpg (269.57 KB, 607x1080, W31BE20.jpg)

And this one is from her recent story. She knows her angles and filters. Nothing surprising.

No. 530893

I cant with his double chin and not blending his foundation into his neck. rofl

No. 530913

Name dropping and an old pic again.

No. 530915

File: 1584985763571.png (1.2 MB, 1012x1706, B2D45961-89B3-47F5-94FC-7B36B6…)

Spin interview where he says he wants to kill (most likely) Evan and condoms are “alien things to me”


No. 530918

Was not it already posted above?

No. 530919

File: 1584986242641.jpeg (220.76 KB, 1536x792, 11804FF9-AC1F-434C-8CFF-D1B9E4…)

Threatening the press from his MySpace blog.


No. 530920

Just double checked, nope.

No. 530930

Can somebody explain me why Lindsay follows every person Manson has met and has been involved with? Including his ex like Rose and Dita (but not Evan
huh)? She even follows Dita's bf, her cat's insta. Not to mention how she's polishing their asses in the comments. What she writes is silly and ridiculous, if there is nothing you can say, don't fg spam the heart emoji. What's the point? I would be embarassed if I were her or those people.

No. 530937

File: 1584988857659.jpg (Spoiler Image,259.71 KB, 640x1136, 1467314570374.jpg)

Holy shit, he looks like Lurch from the Luna thread here.
Sage for not contributing.

No. 530949

File: 1584990902910.jpg (228.11 KB, 1080x1066, mJ8pNcf.jpg)

It's really odd. I checked their follows, both Lindsay and Manson follow Maria Tziampiri-Contominas and her husband. Maria knew Manson before he even met Lindsay as it seems to be. She's a big fan of him. Manson painted her naked.

No. 530957

File: 1584992666642.png (859.38 KB, 717x1194, 1545330573275.png)

No. 530958

Basically she wants to be famous. But will never be.

No. 530959

So, to recap, a list of his exes/friends who have either heavily implied it’s MM or have spoken out against him.

* Evan Rachel Wood
* Esme Bianco
* Gabriella
* Ashley Walters
* Ashley Morgan
* Louise Keay Bell
* Jordan Arentz
* Paperblinds
* Clare Buley (included for being young and preyed on by his fake, underage account)
* Lexa Vonn (debated but she does have proof she knew him)
* 666Fearless/Michelle

Am I missing anyone?

No. 530962

Courtlyn Cannan?
Coco Teale was talking how great he was but she def has had issues with Lindsay and probably him as well bc he probably pumped and dumped her.
Madelyn Grimes is spreading rumors that they are dating and that Lindsay abuses him. This chick is crazy. Her fake account on insta in catsanddevils.

No. 530967

File: 1584993639135.jpeg (445.38 KB, 1800x1232, 1582309171769.jpeg)

No. 530970

Oh and mom of Jennifer Syme. There's a video of Jennifer on his tourbus ca in 1995 and Manson basically called her a groupie in one of his interviews.
Btw there were two of his groupies who committed a suicide. Carrie Schulman in 2000 and Kristen McCullough in 2011. Kristen was mentally ill.

No. 530971

File: 1584994264623.jpeg (435.73 KB, 1061x1826, C926FC0D-096E-44F7-8899-D682DA…)

Lexus Amanda?

Also Titti, a groupie who followed him everywhere and was mentioned hanging out with him in an interview.

No. 530974

Paperblinds?? Are you kidding? They talked about their online relationship. Online relationship, my ass.

He fucked Teale, it's a fact.

She's probably locked in the bad girl room with her phone where only old pictures are stored while Manson is whoring around.

No. 530975

Amie Nicole Harwick.

No. 530978

How many girls did he date/fuck? A serial datist.

No. 530979

Isn’t her daughter Keanu’s ex-gf? I thought they were engaged but she miscarried and they broke up. She died a few years later when she left a party (car crash). I wonder if it was from Manson’s party.

No. 530982

No. 530983

Guys I am very happy for you that you find a place where you just throw everything you've heard of or collected, I don't care tbh. I enjoy reading the thread but I do not have a single idea who these people are. I dare think you anons talked to one another before. I don't mind BUT
Could you please bother to give photos, sm account, and, I am scared to ask, proofs he actually fucked them? I could say he fucked Angela Merkel. And how do you prove me wrong?

No. 530984

There’s receipts on this and the rock star thread, >>>/ot/436372

Also Mansonisabusive on IG.

No. 530986

I read the rock star thread. There was about Courtlyn Cannon and Titti, that's all. What's the point in discussing things only a few of anons have access to? What if smn has no insta? You could bring receipts here.

No. 530990

BTW he didn't fuck Titti neither she was a groupie. She used to be his crazy fan and was following and basically stalking him everywhere until he got mad and said her to leave him alone.
Sorry, but you could list Teena Byrd, that would make as much sense.

No. 531006

Never said he fucked her, that’s why I called her a groupie. She might have been a crazy fan, but it’s mentioned in an interview she’s hanging out, drinking with Manson, so she knew him on some level.


No. 531022

I would say most of everything on this thread is very believable. What do these beautiful women have to gain by saying they fucked him!? A UTI and a STD potentially not even known to science yet?

He's not even in his prime anymore. A better question would be why these girls WANT to own up to sleeping with an aged Marilyn Manson. I find that way more interesting than the validity of their claims.

No. 531023

What ever happened to Teena Byrd?

No. 531024

Agreed, and imagine the things that we do not know..

A long time ago, I read somewhere that at the beginning of his career, he liked to get toothless prostitutes. Eww lol

No. 531026

File: 1585004578494.jpg (23.61 KB, 720x637, xOBt1FV.jpg)

No. 531030

I wasn't saying these girls could be potentially getting benefit from being claimed to have fucked him. Just like you said he isn't in his prime.
For example, I googled Teale Coco and Marilyn Manson. She is a model and did a photosession with him for a magazine. Why do anons say she went crazy about him or fucked him? Anything to back up these claims without referring to a closed Instagram account? Why don't they share?
I know I am not reading The Times, it's lolcow… I may be grumpy but I would love to read seem-to-be-credible things.
Anons above did some great job by bringing screens and sources.

Oh, here we go… teethless prostitutes.

No. 531042

File: 1585007192373.jpg (660.59 KB, 2790x1154, 1JdoBvb.jpg)

There's receipts on most of listed girls in both threads, just checked it. Here are pics of Manson with Coco Teale and Amanda Lexus. Amanda was seen with him on st valentine in Bellagio. Sorry won't look for Coco tweets right now, maybe later bc they are very interesting. They were working and hunging out together in Tokio and LA.

No. 531046

It's a backstage photo with Teale Coco from the photosession.

No. 531071

File: 1585011968111.jpeg (277.24 KB, 1768x1200, 0C6EEC2B-CA02-47A2-8BE5-34A62A…)

I think a lot if that stuff in the past was played up for edgelord points, to entertain the media. I was researching photos of him for this thread and I couldn’t believe how normal his body language and demeanor was when he was with dita and rose compared to the pictures being posted here with Lindsay and his side groupies. Like a completely different person.

No. 531113

That's legitimate scary lol. Must be drugging his groupies a lot

No. 531119


I'd say they're pretty credible. Most of the women in question have photo evidence of being in a friendship with him, knowing him or meeting him in real life. They're credible because them coming forward could potentially be defamation if it turned out everything said was false and considering he knows them in real life (taking selfies with them and collaborating), it's pretty safe to assume that he knows where to find them to hold them accountable if they're making false claims. As far as I know none of these women were served with legal trouble their claiming their experiences were false. If anything they get served for breaking some kind of confidentiality contract or they get bullied back into silence.

No. 531144

“We’ve been through some serious shit” is code for “he has put me through some serious shit” I used to say that about my ex when we where together and I wanted to be soppy/justify our relationship to others. If he did those horrific things to ERW, Dita and Rose who are successful women with their own fan base that has nothing to do with Manson, then god only knows what deprived antics go on between him and groupie whores like Lilith who probably don’t put up half as much of a fight.

No. 531153

File: 1585034081186.jpg (606.67 KB, 4160x2080, 4gyVYRi.jpg)

His body language. I have no idea.

No. 531155

File: 1585034214108.jpg (83.31 KB, 992x394, slExeAf.jpg)

I guess groupies.

No. 531160

The cringe is real

You can tell the one on the right just had him as part of her Goth to-do list, how amusing. His body language in >>531153
is awful, this is my toy. 0% chance he thinks of women as human beings.

No. 531162


Anon this cow retroactively made up a bff relationship out of girl she was only internet friends with who died of an OD. Take what she everything she says with a grain of salt. All evidence is she had a fling with manson, he wasn’t interested in taking it further then she tried to break into his house in LA

No. 531167

No. 531170

File: 1585038094312.jpg (20.04 KB, 514x519, oTzO5uZ.jpg)

There was a video of them together backstage but I've got only a screen of it. Has anyone the full video?

No. 531174

File: 1585038639906.jpg (425.15 KB, 1280x1600, tumblr_0f79781c3bba2395f301d21…)

It's about Lexus Amanda.

No. 531175

File: 1585038771917.jpg (42.97 KB, 500x400, lexus-amanda-wrist-tattoos.jpg)

No. 531178

File: 1585039493181.jpg (45.38 KB, 720x1028, 02m0lEz.jpg)

No. 531179

File: 1585039574700.jpg (19.86 KB, 720x415, 24Wj4v1.jpg)

So pathetic how even after he abused her, she still worships him. Grown woman acting like a teenager.

No. 531183

It makes me question if the story is about her.

No. 531185

Isn't it at his house?
Check xpsd_13 on Instagram.

No. 531209

File: 1585048799259.jpg (24.11 KB, 720x865, rfX2EGD.jpg)

No. 531213

It's not uncommon for abuse victims to still like their abusers, unfortunately. Don't blame her for it.

No. 531214

I knew pretty much nothing about Manson besides the fact pearlclutchers blamed him for Columbine. This thread has my jaw on the floor.

He's like one of those cringey teenage weeb girls on Tumblr who self-identifies as yandere. Except way scarier because he's a grown ass man and actually acting the part in real life.

No. 531218

I have so many questions to Laney Chantal.
She is friends with both Lexus and Gabriella. At least she was friends with them in 2015-2016. She introduced Lexus to Manson and 3 months later (if we take the story in the screenshot seriously) she and her husband (also a rapist?) had to save Lexus's ass from Manson. And AFTER THAT in the second part of 2015 Manson dated Gabriella, Laney introduced her to him. Excuse me?
The timing is definitely how I put it because one picture of Lexus and Manson is from the Saint Valetine day, it's the beggining of 2015. Gabriella went on tour with him later in 2015 (late summer + fall?). There were also photo of her taken by Manson in late 2015 and she went to his house to paint with him in 2016. See proofs in the rockstar thread. Even if Lexus and Manson started 'dating' a bit late then February 2015, the timing still points at how fucked up the situation was. If dating time of Lexus&MM and Gabriella&MM overlapped, it is even a bigger question to Laney. wtf you introduce two of your friends knowing the intentions of both (at least the ones of Lexus).

What do I mean?

version 1: the screenshot with a story about Lexus is a lie. She most probably fucked Manson and got dumped. That's why she posted pictures of him later on so easily and continued her fangirling shit on and off. She wasn't abused.

version 2: the screenshot is not lying, everything happened as it describes it and then we have Laney as the shittest friend ever who probably "gave" to Manson not only these two girls.

What do you think anons? Other versions?

No. 531221

File: 1585052432299.jpg (258.98 KB, 1548x616, mVZKEK3.jpg)

It's much worse, anon. Here are pics of Amanda and Gabriella together.

No. 531225

Laney is also a friend with Esme Bianco and Ashley Morgan, both are his ex gfs, Ashley Walters, his ex assistant who may have had sexual relationship with him.

No. 531228

omg, idk. full circle of complete idiots and false friends?

Tbh I wanted to put my thoughts about Esme+Ashley+Evan too (inb4 you try yelling at me, no, I think MM abused Evan). But I am afraid of the shitstorm from anons right into my face, so I probably wont lol.

No. 531235

Here's a snippet from Lola Blanc interview and her lyrics. She has had a short term fling with him.

What are the challenges of writing a song like “Don’t Say You Do,” especially since the song is about another musician? Were you nervous to release it?

It did not make me nervous because it was a genuine thing that I was feeling. I was very frustrated when I wrote it – not heartbroken, just frustrated – and it perfectly encapsulated the feelings I had in that moment. I was more just excited to have a song that expressed something I wanted to express than I was worried about who it was about or how it would look.

We dated very briefly. That was the reason why it was so frustrating. It was like, "You did not need to say such extreme things in such a short period of time. It’s just not necessary."

I think writing in general is a way of getting to the truth of a situation. It’s a way of expressing the root feeling and the core of what’s happening in a way that just existing doesn’t necessarily allow you do to do. For me, finding a way to express the things that happened to me in my art is a way of getting to the heart of the issue and how I really feel about it.

Don't say you do

Sweet talk so sweet that I'm getting a tooth ache
Too good to be good shouldn't eat it
You talk like you need me, like you'd never leave me
Until I begin to believe it
I was good on my own until you came along
Waited for me to fall
Now you're gone, baby, gone
If you don't mean it, don't just say it
If you don't feel it, don't you fake it
If it's a lie, baby, don't say it's true
If you don't want it, why'd you take it
How come you bought it, just to break it
If you don't love me then don't say
Then don't say you do
Days passed since I'd seen a trace of your face
Towards the New Year things got your attention
I begged, "Just be honest, " you said that you promised
My disbelief lost it's suspension
I was good on my own until you came along
Waited for me to fall
Now you're gone, baby, gone
If you don't mean it, don't just say it
If you don't feel it, don't you fake it
If it's a lie, baby, don't say it's true
If you don't want it, why'd you take it
How come you bought it, just to break it
If you don't love me then don't say
Don't say you do
Got your name, and your fame, and the beautiful people
I guess I can't say I'm surprised
But who's gonna love you and all that you've got
As your name, and your fame, and your lies
And your lies

No. 531236

File: 1585053925537.jpg (262.79 KB, 1080x1174, QNWWBUi.jpg)

No. 531254

> Amie Nicole Harwick.

Did she date Manson?

No. 531258

Lexus is a total cow all by herself.

No. 531270

I've seen the real video on Instagram. There was also one with a dick in it but that got removed pretty quick.

No. 531271

I really like Gabriella's artwork. I find her talented and I find it hilarious that she exposed him about his liposuction. While we're talking about her on here we should also note that she has a tumor on her spine and a GoFundMe account for her medical expenses.

No. 531272

with a dick?

No. 531275

Wait this alexis Amanda chick is one of his ex's and she got a tattoo that is famously known to be about evan?

No. 531277

Yes. I swear I remember seeing a video pop up along with the one covering her boob and it was taken in a room with red lights and it was a dick. Who's dick? Idk. I just remember that video being thrown in with the one of the middle finger and boob. It was posted on Instagram along with that other vid. I can't prove it though, unless someone else happened to see the same vid as me.

No. 531278

Lilith seems like a hoe. It could've been anyones dick…

No. 531305

File: 1585066526939.jpg (107.18 KB, 664x1136, IMG_6403.JPG)

Painting Manson did of Gabriella in 2015

No. 531308

Are you sure it's her?…

No. 531310

File: 1585067074473.jpg (107.91 KB, 570x483, dZH3JOX.jpg)

Some of his paintings are disturbingly beautiful to me.
Some are just disturbing..

No. 531311

File: 1585067129337.jpg (55.63 KB, 497x650, cCWIhV9.jpg)

No. 531312

File: 1585067185824.jpeg (373.99 KB, 1104x1090, FBCA19A9-90BF-4FA5-9B74-AFCAD4…)

Jordan Arentz, part 1.

No. 531314

File: 1585067291276.jpeg (403.01 KB, 1109x1091, 0F3353C2-EBB4-4174-B3A6-D50A89…)

Jordan Arentz, part 2.

No. 531315

File: 1585067326562.jpg (132.31 KB, 576x952, 5u0A8av.jpg)

You can see more at https://www.mansonwiki.com/wiki/Marilyn_Manson_paintings
Some are unpleasant to look at. He should see a psychaitrist.

No. 531316

File: 1585067383084.jpeg (395.71 KB, 1106x1099, 05A34C3A-3F21-4C9C-B0BD-93EAA0…)

Jordan Arentz, part 3.

No. 531317

File: 1585067475356.jpeg (390.61 KB, 1105x1076, EC607D51-C371-45DA-AE8A-C6D413…)

Jordan Arentz, part 4.

No. 531318

File: 1585067567084.jpeg (380.63 KB, 1106x1073, DC67B25E-4164-4B5B-BB54-306CDC…)

Jordan Arentz, part 5.

No. 531319

File: 1585067658127.jpeg (397.62 KB, 1108x1099, 01F16055-56FC-42A2-A1CE-B087BD…)

Jordan Arentz, part 6.

No. 531320

File: 1585067755892.jpeg (400.98 KB, 1105x1108, 0B96908D-36AB-4ADF-9D31-223E31…)

Jordan Arentz, part 7.

No. 531321

File: 1585067835993.jpeg (113.04 KB, 751x1039, E9ED0B3D-099F-4B72-9323-ACC0F5…)

Marilyn Manson and Jordan Arentz.

No. 531322

5 girls + long-term ex.
Anons do believe in it? He was 40+ y.o. Could he handle that many women? Testosterone monster?

No. 531329

File: 1585070135047.jpeg (319.99 KB, 1530x639, 6D6375D1-608F-4C1D-8E46-1747D3…)

No. 531332

I don't believe those were long term relationship. I believe it goes about brief flings.
But still believe that he probably takes some stimulants like viagra.

No. 531335

5 girls+ long term gf doesn't mean he was thinking of their satisfaction. Seems a lot he sees girls kinda like his dolls. So I mean he could basically have sex with every of them once a week or even less. I'm not sure he cares about anything except his own desires.

No. 531432

File: 1585081089303.jpg (291.4 KB, 750x562, image.jpg)


Gabriella painting at his house with the painting he did of her in background

No. 531434

File: 1585081745612.jpg (2.9 MB, 3000x2400, Untitled-1.jpg)

M and G on tour in Europe somewhere

No. 531440

File: 1585082879537.jpeg (326.19 KB, 1783x1123, 10D5339E-2BC4-4923-9FE1-81B05E…)

Ashley Morgan

No. 531441

I was watching the drama in real time in 2015-2017. I remember messages of manson to his girls. Every single one was about how desperately he wanted to get them laid. Btw his conversation style is awful how I recall it. They must have been brainless to fall for his talks. I cringed so hard, my personal favorites are 'massive fuckfest' and 'wash your vagina' or sth close to it.

No. 531454

Excuse me? He tried to stay friends with Lindsay?
Back in the day Lindsay's Instagram was all into proving i am Marilyn Mansons gf, we love each other, i am badass you see, there's a photo of us, there's a photo if his house, there's a photo of my ass
And wtf is he talking about. A friend?

No. 531457

She still tries hard to prove they are together on her Instagram.

No. 531459

Aren't they together?

No. 531460

They supposedly are. That's why I find her behavior on insta a bit weird. She doesn't post pics of him for a while. Then suddenly she posts pics of him and cats, some old shit but they clearly avoid to show his face on recent pics etc idk what to think. Maybe he's just shitface all the time now that's why they are avoiding to show his face. It's only explanation.

No. 531462



Has anyone considered that maybe he and Lindsay weren't monogamous? That would be the perfect explanation as to why he doesn't seem to try very hard when it comes to hiding his relationships with all these other women. Most of them have actual selfies with him, that doesn't seem like something a man would be okay with if he's in a monogamous relationship on top of being a public figure. Some people think monogamy isn't natural and so they secretly don't practice monogamy but to the rest of the world, they go on as if they're in a committed relationship.

Think about it …he has all these side women that he's seeing but he's going in public with Lindsay as his girlfriend. Based on Jordan's story and a bunch of others, he's clearly not interested in emotionally connecting with any of these women or doing anything beyond talking about shared hobbies and sex. As someone who used to be in a monogamous relationship my ex and I would pretend bash each other all the time, I would claim that he's an abusive fuck and he'd claim that I'm batshit crazy and that would justify why we would be "cheating" on each other with other people. It's extremely hard to get people to want to interact with you once they find out you're in a non monogamous relationship, people normally run once you disclose that information

No. 531465

Actually Lindsay said once she allows him to sleep with others but noticed she doesn't do the same. The point isn't a cheating. He was accused or implied many times of fooling girls to get sex, of physical, sexual, emotional abuse.

No. 531468

He insulted her several times publicly, followed her haters, called a pig, shaded her in interviews by calling her damaged woman, psycho woman and many more. He posted a pic on his insta with a trash bin and tagged her, he also voiced a very nasty video with her photo on the thumbnail unfortunately, it's nowhere to find now. Shall I continue?
I watched this in real time, there is no way they had had an agreement he would do this.
Btw she used ultraviolet to see if he cheated on her, she also browsed marilynmanson hashtag and dmed threats and nasty things to girls who had fresh selfies with him, accusing them of stealing her man (it happened at least once in 2014).
As I said above, I was watching it in real time. It looked like he did everything to get rid if her. EVERYTHING.
I cannot understand why she stayed, why she's so proud of her status now. He treated her like shit or even worse. She has no dignity. While she was posting seemingly happy life with 'her love' photos, he was cheating on her almost openly and told these girl Lindsay was insane.
The fact she's now all into love with him and he's been to a romantic restaurant recently without her makes me assume nothing changed.

No. 531469

On ultraviolet thing. This bullshit was said by Manson in an interview apparently to depict her as crazy. And anyways how can you test anyone on cheating with an ultraviolet?
I guess Lindsay was harassing Coco Teale because Coco tweeted sth about it.

No. 531470

Well okay. The only thing that changed is that he follows her on insta and follows #lindsayusich, he likes every post with her now.
Their behavior is completely the opposite of what it used to be. She is nice to his fans now for example, in the past she was very rude and condescending. It seems both of them are trying to present a happy life picture now. I kinda see why she does it, she has nothing else in her life, but Manson?

No. 531471

I don't think so. It does align with her behavior I witnessed.

No. 531473

It was not just once that he tried to depict her crazy in his interviews. In 2012 he said he took several fangirls to their hotel room and said them he is going to sleep with the girl who will win with Lindsay a pillows fight. Lindsay started to stub a pillow with a pencil. Girls didn't do anything to her. I wonder if he lied about it along with the other story about Dita he told earlier. He said Dita took a fangirl backstage and tried to get him to have a threesome then has hit him because he didn't want to. Both stories sound like a bullshit to me.

No. 531474

She was harassing regular female friends, I actively was in fandom back then and a few girls complained almost at the same time. One even reached Manson and showed him dms and he said sth like sorry, i know, don't pay attention.

No. 531475

Oh well then she can do it whatever makes her happy but I should notice that the sperm traces on men's underwear has nothing to do with cheating.

No. 531476

You mean that one?

>Then Manson describes his strangest sexual encounter: that time his ex-wife, Dita Von Teese, punched him in the face in the middle of a foursome in Zurich. “It was with my ex-wife, and it was a foursome with three girls,” Manson says. “I never understood why Dita punched me in the face, but she gave me an explanation years later. She’d brought back two girls in Zurich where a year later, I was accused of ripping my genitals off and throwing them in the crowd by some religious people. In the same room where this foursome took place—where I got punched in the face—I had to have a tribunal court hearing, and I just couldn’t stop laughing. She explained it to me, finally, after all these years. She said, ‘When I bring two girls back, you’re not supposed to touch the ugly one, you’re supposed to watch me touch the pretty one.’ I don’t even understand the math of that.” He takes a deep breath to collect his words. “So, my advice is: don’t fuck crazy bitches. However, I’m not good at keeping that rule.”


No. 531477

But Manson still cheated on Lindsay a lot.

No. 531478

No. 531479

I meant female fans not friends, pardon my T9.

No. 531480

Maybe she lacks schooling. Idk.

No. 531481

Yes I've heard stories from female fans that Lindsay harassed them for posting meet&greet photos. Interesting that Lindsay probably didn't know that he met privately two girls while he was on tour at that time without her.

No. 531483

This thread is a wild ride for me. The first CD I ever bought was a Manson one but I've never kept up on him otherwise. I never even knew he was married to Dita just thought they dated lol. For the life of me I cannot understand how people think he is attractive or interesting. I bought his single when I was like 10 just to be edgy I assume that is the majority of his fambase because his music fucking sucks

No. 531486

2 girls?

No. 531487

Is there more of her

No. 531494

Yes. One of them was Jennifer Aster, a fetish lolita model, the other one was a famous in her country groupie, can't remember her name, but she was never hiding that she meets and fucks celebrities. Neither of these girls posted pics of them together with Manson on Instagram at that time so I don't think Lindsay even knows of them.

No. 531497

File: 1585092866576.jpeg (172.55 KB, 1629x448, 2EDAF89C-7A9C-47E2-8069-291EB5…)

Some screens. She’s holding Manson’s cat, Lily White.

No. 531498

File: 1585093110474.jpg (50.99 KB, 960x960, SujOq3U.jpg)

A selfie of them together.

No. 531548

What's up with him and Lolita.

No. 531553

File: 1585105132049.jpeg (319.96 KB, 1289x971, 1693A4A8-F0EE-4119-A2DB-0EC0BE…)

Teale Coco with backstage passes for Manson. Did she tweet a bunch about him? Can’t find it now.

No. 531565

What's the tea on Madelyn Grimes? Her Instagram is interesting

No. 531572

Afaik, she spreads rumors that she and Manson dated but has never been able to show proof. She and her other account, catsanddevils, often comment on Manson fan accounts. Personally, I think she’s delusional.

No. 531597


Is she the one that claimed to be pregnant

No. 531604

Nvm… that was Lindsay that lied and told Instagram she was pregnant right?

No. 531612

Did she ever tell what did he do to her when she was in this studio?

No. 531622

I have a serious question. Manson was seen with fetish model Tondra Dene several times backstage or in a hotel (?) room during 2013 - 2014, I'm not asking about Madelyn Grimes or Courtlyn Cannan who he was supposedly seeing during that time too because he obviously didn't date them openly. But he had flings openly in 2015 - 2016. I fail to understand Lindsay at the point if there was actually a sense to try to control him because obviously she couldn't handle the whole situation. He didn't care and did all he wanted all these years.

No. 531626

File: 1585125630443.jpeg (71.96 KB, 544x379, 394F85D0-660C-4EC3-9C5E-9FF661…)

That’s fucking terrifying.

No. 531634

Wait, ppl, I need to sum up. He appeared with Lindsay a lot on red carpet in 2014 and he was seen once with her in chateau Marmont that year. Lindsay was massively bullied same year on social media, Manson didn't do a shit to stop it. He was seen with Charlotte Stockely at the wedding of Jordie and Laney (Lindsay wasn't present there). Someone posted a selfie of Manson with a mysterious blonde same year. Manson was on tour sometimes without Lindsay she was seen with him in Prague in august. Next year was a public break up in february.

No. 531639

And she wasn't present at his bds these years.

No. 531640

In 2017 his makeup artist James Elle was present at his birthday party. They were also seen together on chateau marmont in early 2018 or late 2017. It was rumoured they were fucking. Btw he was seen with Emily McEnroe in the hotel in spring 2018. She posted several selfies of them together and she was kissing him on one of those pics. Lindsay was seen with him in fall 2017 then she appeared in the middle of summer 2018 on tour with him from nowhere…

No. 531648

When you’re on tour, what’s your post-show recreation? Do you take a handful of pills and drink all night? Or do you take a big dump while reading Us Weekly and then go to bed?

>I’m usually pretty exhausted after a show, so I’ll watch a movie and get a good seven, eight hours of sleep so I can make sure this gravelly larynx of mine will still be functioning tomorrow. That doesn’t mean I haven’t found myself in interesting situations. I’ve had moments where I’ve told girls that if they fought my girlfriend in a nude pillow fight and won that I would have sex with them, and then my girlfriend proceeded to pull out a pencil—and this comes back to my pencil metaphor—and started stabbing a pillow and there were feathers everywhere, and the girls just sat there and didn’t do anything.


No. 531649

File: 1585135956595.jpeg (40.53 KB, 222x275, 4AC3C5FA-0263-41F7-B22C-006EDE…)

When he posted Gabriella aka sourgirrrl and then posted her initial on photos

No. 531650

File: 1585135997541.png (278.44 KB, 929x538, B0B629AD-5815-4DD2-BBF2-530690…)

No. 531651

File: 1585136051118.png (408.8 KB, 932x542, 0555D3FB-AEEC-4BBE-8752-5E4888…)

No. 531652

Manson with Jennifer Aster in Moscow in 2014.

No. 531654

With Jennifer Aster part 2.

No. 531655

With Jennifer Aster Part 3.

No. 531683

Anon do you remember what was in the video? Where was it posted? Is it on YouTube?

I find it a strange coincidence that you say he posted a trash bin and tagged her and anon above brought a screenshot where Manson comments pig on her post which includes the word "trash" >>529712
Did he do it before the video and her post or after? Do you remember the timings?

No. 531685

Im not the anon from above but I remember this video. It was posted on insta in fall 2016 or in december, I don't remember exactly. It was posted later by mansonisabusive and by a fan account _la.u_ on insta but it's deleted now I think because Lindsay's mother stalked and trashed the person who run _la.u_ (and the person who run mansonisabusive too). For some reason she doesn't like when someone posts/talks/exposes the relationship of Manson and her daughter.

No. 531686

The photo with a bruise was posted in 2014 after he was on tour without Lindsay (he was 3 or 4 days in eastern Europe). He called her a pig in 2016, I don't remember when exactly.

No. 531692

The video you are looking for is at https://www.instagram.com/p/BNuzHynD0bT/

It was posted by that account on 8 December 2016. It was initially posted on Lindsay's Instagrams account if memory serves me well. Judging by the caption not much has changed since 2016 …

No. 531736

It sounds so much like Manson

No. 531766

It IS his voice anon.

Having read the thread, I have three questions:
1) Why do pretty grils fall for him? (btw Lola Blanc's song is a good stuff, thanks anon)
2) Why does Lindsay Usich stay? Apparently she is nothing but a nonentity for him. Why didn't she leave when he obvisouly wanted her to leave? She has a sister and parents, I don't think she had nowhere to go.
3) Why do they play a happy life now? Happy life can never happen in couples like theirs. That much shit can never be forgotten.

No. 531780

Maybe they play a happy life now because he is accused or implied as an abuser and a rapist and pretending he's a happy couple with Lindsay will make people think he's not that terrible?

No. 531788

File: 1585156184719.jpeg (176.1 KB, 1088x1024, 700273A7-9CBC-45E7-8FB5-60153E…)

Found another 666fearless screen.

No. 531795


It seems like he hasn't been a normal human being since the Evan and Dita situation. His parents dying probably killed any strand of humanity or grasp of reality that he had. Now he's "marilyn manson" full time, all day everyday. Before you could tell that he was able to turn the rockstar off and maintain life as a normal human being. Some artists that worked with him in the past even admitted that he pretended to be high on drugs for some of his shows, even with recreational use he used to be able to control himself. Now it seems like he is actually taking drugs for real and it's deteriorating his mental state and ability to perform. We could probably sit here and debate about WHY Lindsay stays or why he stays with Lindsay but it's important to realize that when it comes to drug addicts or sex addicts, there's no logical explanation and there's no method to the madness. I personally think Evan and Dita fucked him up, that's like 11 years of his life and he didn't properly care for himself and now he's taking as many women down with him as possible. If you notice that no one he's dated before Evan and Dita claimed any abuse and one of his ex girlfriends actually did this documentary and spoke fondly about him.

No. 531798

We should honestly feel bad for Lindsay. She might be a bitch but there's a good chance she's being physically, mentally and emotionally abused as well. If you were being tormented or cheated on repeatedly by someone who consumes your whole life, you'd be crazy too. You'd harass fans. You'd do bitchy stuff. Plus everyone bashing her appearance, saying she's plain looking or ugly on top of the fact that all these conventionally beautiful super young women willingly throw themselves at your boyfriend completely disregarding that he's in a relationship.

If she did get physically abusive with him GOOD. HE FUCKIN DESERVES IT. I'm glad he finally met his match. If he's really locking people in rooms, I would beat the shit out of him if I were her as well.

Her threatening suicide so she'd stay? Isnt that the same shit he did to Evan?

No. 531802

I agree with you anons. Very well worded. Full karma circle for him.

No. 531806

He deserves it but there's no proof she did it. There are pics of her bruised body, not only that one from above, there are more. So there's a big chance she's abused. Plus Gabriella told he lied about physical abuse to cover liposuction. The rumours about physical abuse are spread on social media by Madelyn (if catsanddevils is really her) for example and I think this girl is brainwashed by him very much.

No. 531807

Have you ever seen a liposuction bruise?
Google it, it's not something he could sell for "she hit me".

No. 531812

Are you the one who talked to her? I saw screenshots that are above, there aren't any details you mention.

No. 531813


Yea I've seen it. Gabriella said he had bruises all over his ribs. Sounds like a bruise afte liposuction and not after the hit. Maybe that's why Gabriella didn't buy it.

No. 531815

File: 1585158584555.jpg (102.87 KB, 1080x839, dlV5lmF.jpg)

No. 531816

File: 1585158878331.jpeg (143.66 KB, 1098x727, 7A14C98D-DDD4-4222-82E3-0D48DD…)

Teale Coco tweets - found them on Mansonisabusive.

No. 531818

No. 531830

Did anybody notice he took off the 666fearless tag?
I checked it when anons brought the screen shot in the rock star thread, it was there.

Does he really have a camp for social networks monitoring? If yes…

Do you sleep peacefully knowing you are employed by a rapist?

No. 531834


it's still there anon lol

No. 531838

Omg I just double checked it, the tag is there. I am blind lol.

No. 531861

File: 1585161976229.jpg (102.88 KB, 491x534, VFPLSKp.jpg)

I thought some of you anons were just hating on Lindsay out of jealousy or blind fangirling so I did some research and looks like those rumors actually have some ground.

No. 531872

No. 531923

Nothing interesting. She is an obsessed girl who wastes her best years on a man who's barely interested in her. I think she had a fling with Manson long time ago, it was even shorter than he had with Gabrielle or Clare. If she had happened to be in Lindsay's shoes several years ago, I bet she would not have been very different from Lindsay now. Madelyn is a NEET, wannabe model and designer with poor creativity. Her sister has done much better in life.

She appears to be one of the most arrogant NEETs I have ever seen.
I took a look at her lj, all she was thinking of was sex, food, and nothingdoingness. She had no worries about career choice, education or anything. At some points I thought she was being jealous of her own sister, I think she is even more jealous now. Her twin is happily married with two kids and has a business to keep her hobby.

No. 531964

File: 1585176550215.jpg (122.84 KB, 1005x355, M0sgjhs.jpg)

I saved this comment years ago. I heard a lot that he invites young girls backstage to hung out and/or have sex with him.

No. 532042

Does Jordan Arentz have Instagram? I can't find it for some reason? I also can't find the direct link to her wordpress account?

Does anyone know if this girl is OK?

No. 532045

As much as I bash Manson I don't think he's dumb enough to take underage girls backstage for anything other than creepy mental stimulation and some kind of ego boost. If he's with underage girls he's probably stalking them online and finding them through other avenues. Scouting for them at VENUES with hundreds would be extremely fuckin stupid.

No. 532048

I'm curious how old this Gabriella chick is.

No. 532066

File: 1585192618114.jpg (2.99 MB, 3125x4684, Untitled-1.jpg)

Gabriella and Lily and the painting she did of Lily

No. 532077

Rock stars have been doing it for decades, it would not suprise me in the least, also coupled with the fact thats hes disgusting and abusive

No. 532094

File: 1585196734502.jpeg (29.98 KB, 720x163, 757A47B7-F453-4AEF-B93B-5D0474…)

Jessicka Addams.

No. 532108

To be fair it's not obvious the girl from the screen above was underage.
He was dumb enough to admit he's locking girls in a small soundproof room.

No. 532149

The last time I checked on her she was fine. However, as far as I remember she is a rape survivor too, not by mm though.

Given her record, I wouldn't believe a word of her. Not to mention how she claimed she is fine with mm now.

No. 532150

Seems like he wasn't always careful >>525406 but the girl from the venue story still not necessarily was underage.

No. 532213

>The last time I checked on her she was fine. However, as far as I remember she is a rape survivor too, not by mm though.

That sounds like Louise Keay Bell, not Jordan. Louise recently shared about a sexual assault on her Twitter.

I believe Jordan deleted her blog. The only info I can find on her is she also goes by the name, Saint Sasha.

No. 532215

Jordan deleted her personal account on Instagram. Saint Sasha is her new account and I believe that she experienced problems because she has had another account saint Sasha backup. I heard she posted that she was assaulted in her stories.
Afaik there were other girls who were involved or were suspected to be involved with Manson or were posting something that Lindsay maybe didn't like. I'm not sure. But some of them deleted their Instagram accounts.

No. 532221

I don't know much about Louise Bell apart from what was shared here.
Jordan performs in a stipbar, not sure if I defined it correctly. I remember she shared in stories she had a panic attack and went off the stage because she saw her rapist in the crowd.

No. 532229

I found Jordan on IMDb.

Seems like she was trying to start a career of TV series actress but in 2016 it ended.

No. 532247

Has anyone else noticed that IG dandyarch almost always comments on victims posts, trying to discredit them? He was also quite vocal on Mansonisabusive, as well. A fairly credible source told me he’s on Manson’s payroll. I don’t know if that’s true, but he does have several behind the scene photos on his wall and tons of Manson concert videos from different cities. He could be just an obsessed fan, but it makes me wonder if he’s Manson’s ‘fixer’.

No. 532256

Could he be his fan who got employed by MM and is now fanatically defending his boss-idol?

Anon I dont wanna to make you behave but are you sure it's a good idea to post this info here? Her wordpress text gave me vibes she might want to distance herself for good.

No. 532258

I just noticed he drew her initial on his dick place. Ew.

No. 532267

File: 1585240512193.jpeg (323.41 KB, 1800x1663, C6F4C087-CF1B-40C1-999A-3E712E…)

True. Something else I’ve noticed, Lindsay often likes and comments on his posts.

No. 532271

Lindsay is so stupid I cant.
And that account gaslights Evan a lot.
Their actions are silly to me like they know nothing about damage control. If I were Manson I would not allow my employees to have anything do with victims and especially with ERW, not even talking about his "gf" and her deadbrain mother. Btw to the anon who asked why Lindsay wouldn't gp to her parents. I think she was living with her mom when Manson blew her off, and her mom is a MM fan. Being allowed to call her daughter's abuser her son is new thirty pieces of silver.

I cannot imagine how low Manson let himself. I read Evan felt sorry for her abuser and wanted him to regret and change for his own wellbeing, the poor girl probably knows this will never happen.

No. 532298

File: 1585246077628.jpeg (330.01 KB, 1800x1180, 11A4072F-A9BE-4D7B-924C-EEC739…)

Ok, this could be nothing, but I know for a fact that the Manson/Zombie guitar was only available for the ultimate VIP that was like $2500. I don’t believe they made many. He must have friends in high places to be gifted one.

No. 532308

Check out his Twitter, the majority of his posts are bashing Manson victims.

No. 532339


I think part of the money that makes it so expensive accounts for the guitar, a personalized one is gotta be pretty hefty.

No. 532340

If her mom is his fan, the posts of 666fearless were lie? Or anon misunderstood them >>528992

No. 532342

That anon wrote her mom tried to blackmail him, too. Anon if you are still here pls comment.

No. 532346

Lindsay’s mom has a history of drama, harassing people and being meddlesome. I think she just likes the status of being connected to Manson. Hopefully someone has screenshots for defining hope, Lindsay’s mom.

No. 532347

Where is her father btw? Did he die? Nobody said anything about him.

No. 532350

I’m not sure, but I’ve heard he’s an attorney.

No. 532355

File: 1585254189172.png (793.77 KB, 1050x2263, 111.png)

Her Instagram is private but her Twitter is an omg situation.

No. 532356

File: 1585254242224.png (385.86 KB, 1048x2255, 222.png)

She's not allowed to mention their names?

No. 532359

I would be shocked if she wasn’t under a NDA.

No. 532361

Would you call "your daughter's guy" a good person then?

No. 532364

Yeah, idk what’s up with her. There was drama a couple years ago when she got into some kind of twitter battle with some of Manson’s side chicks.

No. 532367

Wow do you remember any details?
"So kind and such a good person" and a known record of cheating..

No. 532370

Hold on, I’ll try to find receipts. I think there’s still some left on Twitter.

No. 532372

You're so sweet anon.

No. 532403

File: 1585259251190.jpeg (451.71 KB, 1106x1619, 131078F4-AC11-4B51-BAA7-B943E8…)

Still looking for the real tea, I didn’t follow the drama close enough to take snaps. I did find this tho, the fb link is https://www.instagram.com/p/BnRJohfhSp0/?igshid=yozl5ucfl8z3

No. 532526

Who are the side chicks hes currently talking to I wonder

No. 532565

File: 1585278298710.jpeg (436.33 KB, 750x970, 9912981C-7F93-42ED-A18C-6FE448…)

Manson with Jennifer Aster again in 2015.

No. 532685

File: 1585303166219.jpg (145.56 KB, 436x767, WUhK9N8.jpg)

Doesn't she understand she basically admits manson was cheating on his back in the day fiancee (erw) with her?
And the description gives me vibes of Jordan's description of their time together. The same approach to each girl he picks.

I think Lindsay has been his side chick for a long time just because she didn't leave for some reason (= she had nothing else in her life). All other chicks he had were just a bit smarter than her and hurried to leave him lest experience some trouble with him.
It appears at some point he is really fun to be around like anons said previously but nobody wanted to stay with him.

No. 532688

File: 1585305389045.jpg (818.41 KB, 2817x1221, marmannews.jpg)

Thank you for posting about marilynmansonews! That account is hilarious! I love their posts about Lindsays mom, the woman is retarded and has too much free time.

No. 532694

File: 1585305961195.jpg (88.85 KB, 1199x597, 25682843.jpg)

Anon who said Botox is not a magical band aid.. This woman was saved by Botox!
marilynmansonews is both hilarious and cringy.

No. 532714

I'm going to assume that she's romatizicing and stretching the story a bit with that. There's no way he cheated on Evan with her. She might of caught his eye when the relationship was already fizzing out but lets not forget that he proposed to Evan like 3 times in 4 years, dedicated maybe two albums to her and Lindsay's been around for years and the only memorable moment was him cheating on her publicly causing her to delete her social media out of embarrassment and him swatting her away in front of hundreds when that huge stage prop fell on him.

I'm not sure why she's posting throwback photos but I'm assuming it's because she finally got permission to do so, which is hilarious because it's the most she's gotten other than briefly being mentioned in articles when journalists specifically dig and photographed at airports.

No. 532715

It seems like she was in the same position as the other side chicks but didn't have enough self respect to move on once the truth came out and that's how she managed to work her way up to girlfriend status.

No. 532716

In her defense she could be talking about Ashley's husband. From what I hear he's a decent guy, I believe he was a drummer in smashing pumpkins. I came across an article of her talking about her house (which is actually really cute) and they seem to have a decent life with 2 children. My mind went directly there when I read about her moms tweets probably talking about james

No. 532743

File: 1585315725601.jpg (99.86 KB, 535x644, 3fMcj3v.jpg)

I am afraid it's not the case.
She tags James when she's talking to him.

No. 532744

File: 1585315827892.jpg (61.3 KB, 607x508, lvwHk8K.jpg)

And these twits just to compare.

I couldn't find the tweet with #LindsayUsich from the posts >>532688 Probably deleted but why?

No. 532746

File: 1585315848217.jpg (28.07 KB, 601x233, poOM1CU.jpg)

No. 532747

File: 1585315968496.jpg (58.08 KB, 594x409, 6YQ5RQx.jpg)

And one more. She's not allowed to spell 'her daughter's guy' name?

No. 532748

I really want to hear anon who posted about blackmail. It really contradicts what I see on her Twitter.

No. 532750

>swatting her away in front of hundreds when that huge stage prop fell on him.
wtf? is there photos or video?

No. 532751

Why no way if he cheated on Evan a lot?

No. 532770

The comments and replies on that account are wild. Everything from ppl accusing Manson of being behind it to catsanddevils claiming Lindsay abuses him. Wow.

No. 532773

Anon, he was fucking Isani, Stoya, Esme and I've heard he was fucking groupies a lot that year. I don't believe he would not fuck Lindsay.

No. 532774

Around the 2:00 mark.

No. 532775

Of course she understands that, it’s the whole point, territorial pissings. What she doesn’t understand is that she looks like a sidechick that hung on for too long.

No. 532776

I concur, thanks anon. Lots of tea spilt and plenty of stuff to research. They lead to receipts aplenty. I’ll get a bunch of them together and post later. Have been following this account for some time.

No. 532780

04:07 ish

No. 532787

I remember when defining hope tweeted, “don’t mess with mama bear” and I swear I saw a screenshot posted by 666fearless with a message from Manson saying something like, “I put a stop to that mama bear shit.”
Does anyone remember this or have receipts?

No. 532790

Easy anons easy, I didn't claim everything I say is 100% truth. I posted about what I saw and read myself. Give me a beak, it was almost 2 years ago. And btw I didn't say it was her mother (other anons did thou), it was Lindsay. I recall a post where Manson complained about a JD situation. I figure JD is Johnny Depp, you do the math.
However, I do remember Manson was texting 666fearless about Mama Bear and 666fearless captioned those texts as Gone Girls' mother. I don't come from an American culture so Mama Bear is a wtf for me, I didn't link Mama Bear to Lindsay's blackmailing thing, idk.
I don't remember if there were any posts about defining_hope in particular. I mean there could be and I just don't remember. 2 years passed guys, 2 fucking years.

No. 532794

File: 1585325694538.jpg (52.98 KB, 551x394, D6qIE7N.jpg)

Let me just check her Twitter.
And here we go.

No. 532798

Thank you anon! Hopefully someone has a screen from 665fearless with Manson’s response.

No. 532802

File: 1585326673677.jpg (93.58 KB, 402x687, YD4ghrX.jpg)

It's a thread btw.

No. 532803

File: 1585326708964.jpg (65.08 KB, 386x447, 2XKdjF9.jpg)

No. 532804

File: 1585326819475.jpg (51.85 KB, 368x404, 2aXHDNt.jpg)

No. 532805

File: 1585326903210.jpg (51.48 KB, 403x296, Z3Gizsw.jpg)

And the last one for your lazy asses.

You see, anon, there's no need to get defensive.

No. 532806

File: 1585327592419.jpeg (511.8 KB, 1318x1971, F30F2C57-EA0F-4C35-B577-72BB70…)

Found this on Twitter, implying Hope Harvey had a fake account to bully people.

No. 532820

Thank you anon. That's the most loving relationships ever. lmao

No. 532833

>If I were Manson I would not allow my employees to have anything do with victims and especially with ERW, not even talking about his "gf" and her deadbrain mother

Did Hope ever attack Evan? Or you mean other victims?

No. 532834

File: 1585331779509.jpeg (341.8 KB, 1800x896, 96C84DC0-810E-4AE7-ACFF-159B61…)

Here’s an example of dandyarch gaslighting victims and spreading lies and Louise’s response. I highly doubt Louise is stalking him and considering he tries to discredit anyone who speaks out, I believe her. Plus wouldn’t he post proof if it was true?

No. 532841

I believe anon was referring to dandyarch.

No. 532844

File: 1585333786926.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, 5AA03E83-8F20-4008-8F56-F0E587…)


No. 532845

File: 1585333811001.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, 03C2B3A7-7E3F-4411-822D-9BA395…)

No. 532846

File: 1585333912028.png (3.19 MB, 750x1334, BA6F6616-EC25-44D8-8FF8-4E712A…)

No. 532853

Manson used to follow misscarolinab on IG too.

No. 532907

How do I unsee this?

No. 533256

File: 1585405515328.jpg (118.58 KB, 1080x442, YmXN270.jpg)

his grooming techniques haven't changed at all lol.


No. 533301

File: 1585410490284.jpeg (180.98 KB, 1097x1062, 94FA49CF-000D-4FD2-8CF9-670A2C…)

Lindsay is “faithful” while Manson apparently bangs anyone he pleases.

No. 533392

Manson and Gabriella were actually pretty cute together.

No. 533409

File: 1585426639755.jpg (226.38 KB, 540x1057, YQOycH8.jpg)

There was something about his behavior in 2016. He asked Ellen von Unwerth whether his girlfriend Lindsay can take part in her video.

No. 533411

File: 1585426752106.jpg (149.27 KB, 539x1030, zlgmpG8.jpg)

Then he said he was looking for a nice girl in an interview in September. That he would invite girls to the house to learn each other. I don't understand him.

No. 533588

It seems like he was looking to upgrade the girlfriend in 2016. There's nothing wrong with "dating" multiple women, men do it all the time where they're getting to know multiple people at once. Just sucks if you're Lindsay hahaha…

I get the impression that this guy doesn't spend a lot of time alone or single. He seems like the type that is too weak to fully end a relationship like a normal person so he has people lingering on the side until he can find someone else solid to latch onto while he licks his wounds.

I bet if he truly allowed himself to be single for a while he'd start finding quality women. Not Instagram models or "photographers" people a little more complex that want to date him beyond his marilyn manson persona…like Dita.

No. 533590

I don't know about anyone else but I definitely wouldn't want to be fucked 10 times a day by a rockstar with his body count. Over 5 times seems excessive. That sounds like a yeast infection or a very aggressive and violent UTI, maybe that's why she's frowning so much in photos. The puss puss is melting…eeeek

No. 533592

She should slow down there with the sex ten times a day. Vaginas can fall out and with her hygiene…I worry

No. 533593

I am convinced he dropped Jordan because he knows she's out of his league and didn't want to deal with another "high end of low" situation. That is a very beautiful woman. I peeped her Instagram and she's up there with Dita in opinion.

No. 533748

Jesus, same shit every time. He repeats it at 14:25 in this interview.

No. 533802

Why doesnt anyone talk about this video of Manson actually assaulting a girl at 4:14 https://youtu.be/Z_Oq09KOGdY

She is literally screaming and its blood curdling

No. 533814

I'm pretty sure that clip is from a short film Manson never fully released called Groupie. I remember posting about it in the rockstar thread. According to the lost media wiki, these are the alleged events that transpired. There's much speculation on whether or not it was truly staged and the actress was fully informed about what she was getting herself into.
>The film begins with Manson sucking bandmate Jeordie 'Twiggy' White's flaccid penis through a condom at the house party before the groupie shortly after that arrives at the door (brandishing a piece of artwork as a gift); she is then invited inside, where things become progressively more disturbing. She is pressured into drinking Stephen 'Madonna Wayne Gacy' Bier's urine from a wine glass (Bier also being a member of Manson's band), which she eventually does, but only after convincing Manson to also partake. The contents of the remainder of the short have not been made entirely clear, although it has been revealed that the groupie is at one point tied up, a gun is introduced into the situation by Manson, a fight breaks out, and blood is shed.

According to the rest of the article, his manager strongly advised him against releasing the entirety of the film because it could get Manson thrown in jail. Considering that fact, I think we can safely assume that he is a fucking sociopath.

No. 533839

There's another interview by shockhound where he talks about getting a phone book or little black book of some sort and calling up random girls he's seen around LA, asking them to come over and hang out but them being apprehensive assuming he's a stalker (even though he quite literally stalks these females and finds ways to contact them to shoot his shot) what a strange guy

No. 533840

It's so disappointing to see that darkness so early on in his career. I've always separated "Manson when his parents were alive" and "Manson right now" like "Marilyn Manson" and then "Charles Monroe" that seems very Charles Monroe of him, I wonder what his mother thought of that mess. He just seemed so sweet back then I just assumed it was a stage persona but this is clearly going on backstage

No. 533841

Dita has moved onto REAL men and I STAN… She had no business with this loser in the first place which is why he lost her.

No. 533863

Actually there was an interview where she said she would have gone back to him had there been a proper apology.
It's shocking but true. I will try to find it and post later.

No. 533864

I double that.
Their last appearance with Lindsay made me think he has dementia and she's either nursing or manipulating him. I am not putting aside his abuse to other women, everything he's having now is in return.

No. 533899

peoples' adoration and fawning over dita is so strange
shes known for being a cold stuck up bitch who thinks her brand of sex work is somehow classier than others

escorting and ~burlesque~ for celebrities in a martini glass is still prostitution and stripping

also, shes a fucking nazi, or at least has a penchant for fucking nazis and hoarding nazi insignia in her home just like kat von d

No. 533927

Not sure which side chick you are but Dita IS classier than most women in regular sexwork and that is just fact lol. She has done porn fetish videos, stripped and all of that but you don't see any other pornstar getting custom designer shoes because she's friends with a high class designer and that's because Dita is a whole brand. People want her in their expensive parties and they trust shaking her hand and thats because of how she carries herself and how seriously she takes her work. She's not just any stripper dancing to Britney Spears and having cash thrown at her, she turns it into an art and puts on a whole production on. She IS better than most strippers and at least she knows it. The parties Dita does and parties stripper do are VERY different.

As far as the Nazi stuff goes I'm sure that's incorrect and even if it is true, as an artist what is she supposed to do? Deny the holocaust happened? She is fixed on certain eras and bases her work and art on certain eras, nazi stuff is what was happening during those eras and it heavily influenced her niche during that time and that is what she is reflecting. I doubt Dita is going around threatening to harm the jewish, I doubt she's out drawing swastikas on doorsteps and lighting them on fire with piss. She just happens to own items from a time period and place where nazism or whatever was happening. It's not like shes been searching for hitlers ashes to keep in her house. Theres a lot worse she can do. Are you in america? People forget that they build whole ass houses on indian burial grounds but get angry when someone dares to own something from the time time period as someone that might of waved at a nazi once.

No. 533931

Lindsay can't go a day without hinting that she's "living peacefully" with him.

She must be really excited that he let her out of the soundproof room and she has Instagram now! She gets to play with the cats and look at old photos! I'm glad she got out of that Poot Lovato lifestyle [look it up] it was aging her terribly!

No. 533943

Nah, shes not “better” than other sexworkers, sex work and stripping is trashy any way you try to spin it, so many Dita stans lol

No. 533949

She…literally used to carry Eva Brauns handbag around. I cant believe you're defending the procurement and use of Nazi shit because its ~her aesthetic~. She could have told Marilyn not to buy her that shit and use it to decorate their house, and definitely could have chosen not to walk around with it, period.

No. 533976

TIL: being seen as a walking cumdumpster is "art" as long as you get custom-made shoes out of it.

No. 533986

dita is white trash. can't believe everyone doesn't see it clearly through the posturing and 'classy' clothing.

No. 533995

It's a fuckin handbag… Guess what? Someone probably moved into Eva's house when she died too. You don't become a Nazi from owning inanimate objects or writing symbols…sorry. The Nazi's were doing a lot more than carrying handbags and drawing swastikas, based on the devastation done from Nazism or whatever, the least of their worries was a fuckin handbag or item from their house. Hitler and Eva were iconic people in pop culture at that time. The "it" couple outside of Hitlers terror. Owning objects does not make you a nazi. Eva was the it girl of that time and their relationship and death was highly romantiized by many. If anything, it makes you a historian of some sort for owning something like that. It's not like they imported a fuckin gas chamber to place in their backyard. Or opted to build their next house on concentration camp land. It's a purse! Or earrings! Or feathers! Or whatever else Dita collected. The purse wasnt the thing rounding people up in camps, it was the person.

No. 533997

>Their last appearance with Lindsay made me think he has dementia and she's either nursing or manipulating him.

I got the same impression. Manson has a history of YEARS of severe drug and alcohol abuse, that can do permanent damage to your brain. Mix that in with mental illness and he probably does need a caregiver nowadays.

No. 533998

Why does the possibility of him having dementia make me feel kind of sad. Wow.

No. 534000

Could you sperg harder? At least sage your rambling.

No. 534024

This is a lot of coping to try and excuse a nazi stripper with the personality of a cardboard box. She used the handbag knowing exactly what it was. You're gross anon.

No. 534029

There is no proof that she owns this handbag, anon. I've been looking for proof of this handbag being owned or carried by her and the only thing I'm coming up with is some article of an ex band member who also claims Manson also bought "African masks made of human skin, the full skeleton of a 4-year-old Chinese girl, and the full skeleton of a 17th-century male in a wheelchair"

Sounds about as credible as him having his ribs removed.

No. 534032

I cant find a single picture of her carrying it around. stop derailing cause shes hotter than you despite being twice your age. sage

No. 534049

Her face is kinda fug

No. 534057

Hello Lindsay,

Dita might be a lot of things but "fug" ain't it. You can dislike her but let's not straight up lie, physically there's nothing ugly on that woman. She was a pretty girl even before the Dita Von Teese thing… Dita has had every one of his girlfriends quaking since they broke up. They all wanna be her…

Nonetheless we should just make a Dita thread. This conversation is probably annoying everyone who frequents this… let's all agree to disagree

No. 534060

Agreed. This person is derailing the thread based on an item that supposedly exists in a house they owned together years ago but has never been photographed or seen in public. The way I see it, it's about as real as him having his ribs removed and hung on the wall as decor. I even watched the new video where Dita is showing her house and there was nothing Nazi related shown. She mainly collects random items from past burlesque dancers…

No. 534062

A bigger question: y is she discussing their relationship with fan accounts. Why is she even in a group chat with fans?

No. 534064

File: 1585553594962.jpg (36.93 KB, 560x800, 1a990f99fd34ff1a57bd97f40ff8e3…)


Most of us don't care how pure and artsy uwu she is. We are anything but jealous of being a commodity that can be bought and sold.

Manson lost the suit in which his bandmember claimed he spent millions on nazi memorabilia(Including the purse) and tasteless human taxidermy. He never denied he actually bought any of this either.
In regards to the child skeleton he bought, hes literally quoted saying:

>"And I would never spend my money on a Chinese girl skeleton. That would be crossing the line. It's a Chinese boy, for the record."

Dita also took her stage name as tribute to Dita Parlo, who worked as an actress and burlesque dancer in Germany, namely for a German film company named UFA which was directly under the heel of the Nazi Regime. She also had either 1 or 2 nazi husbands iirc.

Dita is no angel. Is she for sure a nazi? No. Nazi handbag? Hard to prove but not terribly unlikely. Educated guess at the very best. Is she beautiful? If you're into the pin up thing, sure. I think shes quite enthralling myself. But anyone with an ounce of self respect isn't ~jelly~ of her just because they call her out on her shit.

(Pro-tip: sage your obvious samefagging so at least only the mods are laughing at you)
You are an absolute moron if you think beauty isn't subjective and that everyone shares the exact same opinions you.

No. 534068

> Dita also took her stage name as tribute to Dita Parlo, who worked as an actress and burlesque dancer in Germany, namely for a German film company named UFA which was directly under the heel of the Nazi Regime. She also had either 1 or 2 nazi husbands iirc.

Parlo was a German actress, that doesn’t make her a Nazi sympathizer. ALL German film companies were under the thumb of the Nazi regime at the time. She had one husband who was a Protestant pastor.

Anyhow, back to the subject at hand, Dita had plenty to say about her marriage to Manson - https://www.independent.ie/woman/celeb-news/the-art-of-the-teese-26312428.html(imageboard)

No. 534069

Dude, just because she lived in Germany at the time doesn't mean she was totally peachy keen with the stuff the Nazis did. You know what happened to you if you told people you were against the Nazis back then? You got fucking murdered

No. 534086


Honestly if you want to “expose” her and spew your autism can you do in another thread? I’m sick and tired and looking at your autism. I could give less if a shit if Dita wore some nazi esque crap or had some memorabilia. There was a whole genre of entertainment in the 70s-80s called nazplotation which was basically soft porn with nazi themes, you wanna sperg out about that too?

No. 534097

It'd be funny if Dita was in this thread now, defending herself. It probably isn't, but the way one anon is accusing people of being jealous side chicks for not liking her is oddly pointed.

No. 534105

Could all Dita fangirls go somewhere else please?

No. 534117


Idk about the other anons but I’m not a fan and I’m totally indifferent to her and her entire career output, it’s just pointless derailment

No. 534143

File: 1585570743806.png (3.32 MB, 750x1334, FB916FF6-EAB6-468F-9FC6-D6A917…)

Any ideas on what this is supposed to mean? He’s sick and tired of her so he dressed her up to look like……contrapoints?

No. 534145

Did she break her nose? It looks crooked.

No. 534153

Lmao its just facetune

No. 534157

Does facetune really work like that?

No. 534158


Yep, she probably edited her cheekbones and smoothed her skin so weird warping on the nose may happen. Its not that uncommon really.

No. 534201

File: 1585584451763.jpg (313.38 KB, 750x1131, amie1dita.jpg)

Say what you want about Dita, but she's actually problematic.
This is from a conversation between me and Amie Nicole.
Now that no one can harm her or her career anymore, I thought I'd share this. Maybe someone finds it useful. 1/3

No. 534202

File: 1585584535352.jpg (316.17 KB, 750x1169, amie2dita.jpg)


No. 534203

File: 1585584676919.jpg (284.32 KB, 750x1101, amie3dita.jpg)


No. 534211

On his obsession with anal sex.

Do you have any bedroom habits that annoy Dita?

>She refers to me as turning into a Dracula. If I've been drinking absinthe and it's past four in the morning when I come to bed, I do really depraved things to her against her will. She always likes it in the end, by the time the sun rises.

She gets two hours of teeth action?

>Well… (long pause) It's more Vlad the Impaler.

Do you use moisturizer?

>In regards to that? Anal-eze or Oil of Olay?


C: Is there one thing that gives you joy?

>M: Several things. My cat and I have a very nice relationship. She calms me down. Painting makes me very happy. Finishing a record and creating the record makes me very happy. Anal sex, good movies, being with the woman I love– that goes back to the anal sex part– I don't want you to think that was a homosexual reference


>You once wrote a song called "Cake And Sodomy." Which do you prefer?

"I'd have to say sodomy. It takes a strong woman to bear the burden of ass-fucking and I respect any girl that does and I buy her a lot of jewellery. I kick the ones that don't out of my house."


No. 534212

At some point I can get why Dita might dislike somebody like Amie Nicole, she's her copycat in many ways. However, I would have never thought she would treat somebody this way.
Now I am sure that she not only cringes when she sees Lindsay but she probably mocks at her in her conversations with Manson and everybody she feels safe with.
Dita is a predator, I think she likes to entertain the thought that Manson can't get over her.

mansonisabusive, since you are here, can I ask you three things:
1) How did you feel about your content shared on lolcow?
2) why do you keep your account private?
3) Do you have any fearless receipts? I mean that Mama Bear stuff. Anons talk a lot but nobody managed to screen cap her posts.

No. 534213

Lindsay was writing on the walls?? WTF? Wanting what? Create her own house design?

No. 534219

That's what it sounds like to me. Sounds like the social distancing is forcing him to be loyal to her so she's roleplaying as one of the side chicks or at least roleplaying as someone other then herself. God that is extremely fucked but extremely hilarious at the same time.

No. 534225

Someone did say that Dita was quoted saying she wouldve got back with him had he apologized. Maybe she wants him back. He's a lot more tame now. He wears more clothes. Seems to do recreational drugs in a home setting instead of partying. He seems to of established a healthier lifestyle like going on tour and then going home for haiatis. I think he's calmed his public persona down because he's doing heavy drugs at home and doesn't want to blow the cover.

No. 534226

Well she was cheated on with someone younger. I bet that hit her ego hard. I bet she loves the fact that he couldn't seem to get his life together after her.

No. 534228

If Mansonisabusive is on here I would love to know why the account is private?

I trust most of the Milk that is posted on here but it would significantly help your credibility if you just opened your account to the public and stayed away from hashtags that might attract looney fans. [If what your posting is true that is…]

No. 534234

She is fug, she has the same jawline and chin as american dad

No. 534235

Honestly that would be amazing but i think its just ugly goff girls who self insert as her because shes not attractive yet famous and goff

No. 534241

Who did Lindsay and Judd harass?
JFC, poor woman. Manson’s body count keeps growing.

No. 534244

Probably 666fearless, screenshots where she talks about it are above.

No. 534251

File: 1585592882450.jpg (332.87 KB, 1778x1202, R2ajtGB.jpg)

Snippets from his interviews.

No. 534258

Knowing Manson's tendencies wouldn't be surprised if he did that for her.

No. 534259

File: 1585593543000.jpeg (350.47 KB, 1536x989, E940C319-41AD-411B-A1D5-444B75…)

No. 534264

Anon are new to the thread? Why don't you read it first? Your caption is a bit irrelevant to the screenshot you've brought.

No. 534269

File: 1585594729630.jpeg (161.24 KB, 1077x742, D8CE2878-431E-403A-9BB0-36D3F2…)

Yes, I’ve read it.
“I know everyone will suggest that fucking a pig is how this disease was obtained. However, the doctor said my past choices in women have in no way contributed to me acquiring this mysterious sickness.“

It’s a dig at his exes.

No. 534287

File: 1585598024612.jpeg (156.65 KB, 750x817, 013A2231-2486-4B72-BF44-A89180…)

Not sure who Amie is referring to here, so, a side-step but…Judd was certainly harassing LK Bell when her messy Manson situation was going on in 2017. She shared caps of his emails, which I think have already been posted here, earlier in the thread.

Judd appears to have real form. Here’s a cap of LK explaining her Amie Nicole/Manson comments…

No. 534288

File: 1585598157107.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, 0E3E03FD-97C2-4567-8228-F9B1A6…)

This cringe cap of a later story…is she actually referring to Ashley and herself as being inspirational? Kek

No. 534294

Awww so sweet Lindsay's trying to pretend they stay at home because of that virus. But why the fuck we can't see Manson's face on the pictures she posts? I bet he's just drugged and drunk af and that's the real reason why they "stay at home".

No. 534296

My idea was that the pig comment milk has already been posted and his comments about the flue naming are just retarded jokes repeated after the web. "Ex-gf reference" is just jourlalist's speculation to hot up the article.

No. 534302

All I see here is Nika

No. 534308

Is she trying to imply that she works with her sister’s clothing company, shopcete? Lindsay’s been tagging it often lately. Or is she delusional enough to think people are inspired by her amateur photography? I don’t understand her.

No. 534314

File: 1585602477416.jpg (135.71 KB, 687x589, MWvt6t3.jpg)

Pogo's comment. Manson stole money from his band. As far as I remember at least 3 ex members of his band sued him.

No. 534317

File: 1585602950792.jpg (60.16 KB, 640x606, OSNGXe2.jpg)

anon even if she leaks photos with mm, i bet it will look like these ones that she leaked in 14 or 15, correct me if wrong. he'll be probably drunk and unconscious.

No. 534318

File: 1585602973029.jpg (54.47 KB, 720x717, XIYDsy9.jpg)

No. 534320

File: 1585603404837.jpg (54.13 KB, 725x1080, ptUyUsG.jpg)

>She doesn't do drugs imo.

yeah anon say it one more time lmao.
she's been to rehab numerous times, m payed for her.

No. 534332

To be fair, if my life consisted solely of gate keeping my relationship with this grotesque slob, my sister and occasionally taking photographs I would try to be on drugs as much as possible too. Has she ever been documented to have any friends besides Ashley?

No. 534342

if only you knew that she did not use to spend that much time with ashley in past.
all her friends she got to know bc of mm. alison mosshart, lisa veronica.
she had plenty of time to make friends imo but she probably cannot have proper friendship.

No. 534345


What kind of drugs do you guys think she's on????

No. 534346


No. 534347

She is probably social media manager or something. It's quite hilarious that she has a history of abusing MM fans but now her sister has this company she's retweeting the posts dying to have someone actually purchase something from this store that probably has the same credibility as a random etsy shop.

No. 534350

Beware, Bier is a top tier troll. He did get treated like shit, yes, but he’s a very special moron of his own, and a lot of what he said should be read with a raised eyebrow.

No. 534353

She’s the Anna Bolena to his Henry VIII. Yeah for sure she’s been slowly given SM rights, just to get her out of the way and think she’s in control of something. Kek.

No. 534354

Moved to >>>/snow/951424.

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