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File: 1569342329918.jpg (194.75 KB, 750x1334, 1568045250848.jpg)

No. 872515

General thread for altcows, cows in the alt scene who use that to fuel most of their cow behaviour.

Featuring (no particular order):
Jake Munro & Toxic Tears/Kaya
It's Black Friday
Adora Batbrat
Kat von D
Of Herbs and Altars
Aurelio Voltaire
Psychara & Manic Moth
Sebastian Columbine
Dre Ronayne
Erin Micklow
Avelina de Moray
Drac Makens
Jude Bishop (also has her own thread for some reason)

Previously on alt-cows:
>Jake thirsts on teen fans, calls himself daddy while dressing like a kid high on crayola, announces new cover/rip-off with his band

>Kaya continues to be lazy af and broke the TV a fan sent her and Jake

>After another hiatus IBF returns with pity-me video of things that were mostly her fault, lives in Scotland for now, currently visiting doormat fiancé in NZ

>Voltaire has creeped on and groped young fans, dated someone half his age then made songs after they broke up like Taylor Swift (he's 50)

>Cassandra groped the corpse at a funeral of her friend who committed suicide

>Psychara and Moth lie about totes sustainable clothing, overprice stuff on Etsy, continue to be superficial and catty

>Kat still secretly raising son antivax, Seb still fake lgbt, Erin still a poseur, Dre still without toxic friend Kelly whom Jake thirsts over, Jude still wants to be famous with 0 effort and thinks Jake is the best YTer while Jake rips off his look from her daddy

Last thread: >>>/snow/855132

No. 872532

I guess Voltaire got annoyed with Adora because they aren’t following each other on insta (anymore?). I’m assuming their friendship is over since she’s such a cow.

No. 872539

I cant even see Voltaire's instagram, it was private the last time I went there.

No. 872542


Did he just private it? It was public a few days ago unless I’m mistaken.

No. 872553

It was public yesterday night so it had to have been in the last few hours.

No. 872556


He’s been lurking, I bet, or someone tipped.

No. 872618

There sinks my ship :P(:P)

No. 872621

So mr doormat is studying and hss a job… are you taking notes freyja?

No. 872640

Her notes probably read
>ask for loan
>stress it's for our future happiness

No. 872647

He sometimes switches it, so I doubt he was tipped. He doesn’t seem like the type of person to lurk, either.

No. 872652

I found through reading online about Voltaire that he was sexually abused by a family friend for years and eventually ran away from his abusive household to NYC? Goddamn, he had such an awful childhood, I feel bad for him tbh.

No. 872669


I don't follow him that much, so I'll take your word for it. You can never tell sometimes.

No. 872704

I cant believe Cass is on here! I had forgotten all about that dirty slag. I was at a friend's party once and we threw her gross ass out because she literally pushed one of our friends on the couch and tried to take his pants off. I always wondered why she never showed up here

No. 872718

I have heard this too, as far as I know his song The Chosen is about being sexually abused as a child. Buuutttt that doesn’t make it okay to perv on women constantly, especially younger fans. It actually makes me angry that he’s the only “goth” entertainer I can think of who does all ages shows (all others are 21+) since he’s a total creep to younger women and girls anyway.

No. 872734

>when we try to post milk from other cows
>boo vendettachan
>boo it's not milk
>let's talk about kaya being a dumb fuck again
>boo voltaire isn't a cow

srsly anons here are entitled kek

No. 872736

not psychara, it's maimagi
psychara ripped off a tattoo

No. 872747

File: 1569370172890.png (1.83 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190925-010831.png)

No. 872748

File: 1569370214140.png (2.64 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190925-010847.png)

No. 872750


>ripped off a tattoo

…of mai's?

other reasons have included:

>it was because mara wanted to stay at mai's house uninvited

>mara and mai were fighting over a camera and taking photos
>mara stole/copied mai's sustainable clothing brand idea

I'm really confused.

No. 872768

Oh I absolutely agree that he has no right to perv on women, I just figured I’d post that bit about him because I was shocked to read about it.

No. 872798

File: 1569381168167.png (139.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-09-24-19-11-45…)

It's still private for me, unless this is the wrong account?

No. 872800

That’s the right account, and it was public for me as recent as two or three days ago. Maybe someone tipped him off.

No. 872804

The last time I checked though (which was about 2 or 3 days ago) it was still private for me. Probably got tipped off.

No. 872849

File: 1569404567461.png (553.62 KB, 745x585, utube.png)

I'm so annoyed.
Kaya's outfit and hair actually look cute in her new video but she ruins the entire thing with the dorito eyeshadow.
apparently some guy started hitting on her in the street which I find hard to believe

No. 872859

I still don't see you posting any milk though? You're still only bitching?

No. 872865

I don't find it hard to believe. I'm as fat as Kaya and I still get male attention. Also if she dresses alternative some guys will automatically think she's down to fuck and into kinky shit.

No. 872867

Exactly. If you look alternative at all you will still get male attention. It is really not that hard to believe. Anons here just want to focus only on berating Kaya every day until new threads have to be made. We get it, she's a gluttonous e-begging cow, but why go on about how fat she is or how much acne she has or nit picking in general for the majority of every thread. You can just wait until you find some milk.

No. 872871

I believe it, but not because "Kaya can still be attractive!!1!" despite looking like shit- but because some dudes are just that desperate and will just about hit on anything vaguely female shaped lol

No. 872875

I'm that anon who said I was as fat as Kaya and still get male attention. I don't look alternative at all. Men will often go for less attractive/average women because they think they have a higher chance of getting laid than with a gorgeous woman. That being said I used to look alternative and got lots of "I bet you like kinky things" comments from strangers, even though I was a teenager….

But I agree with everything you said, there is an anon here who every time Kaya posts a new video where she doesn't have make up they'll take a bunch of screenshots of her acne. Like, we get it, she has acne and a double chin. But don't you dare try to talk about Voltaire groping girls.(blog)

No. 872878

Gotta agree with you on this one. The only times l side with other anons talking about her weight, is when old, snarky posts of hers resurface. Heck, l was the anon suggesting the thread pic, and l'm glad it was chosen.
If new people lurk here, hopefully they'll see it and maybe realize that Kaya is not-so-lovely after all.

The eyebrows are so up there on her forehead. She should just have avoided drawing them imo.
But why would you doubt it kek. After all, she's not ugly or deformed.

No. 872891

Her weight was never mentioned.
I'm sorry you both have issues with your weight and have to project it onto everyone else.
The horrible doritos eyeshadow and her being 6'5 in her high boots is why it's hard to believe that guys would just randomly approach her in the street

No. 872897

File: 1569413081317.png (1.75 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190925-125241.png)

No. 872901

Its so urgent that she didn't even finish her sentence!

No. 872902

File: 1569414913789.png (1.4 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190925-133251.png)

No. 872904

File: 1569415427219.jpg (350.57 KB, 750x1129, b2.jpg)

No. 872905

File: 1569415608873.jpg (103.69 KB, 750x359, b1.jpg)

No. 872908

File: 1569416249694.png (316.24 KB, 1062x1590, Capture _2019-09-25-05-54-21.p…)

drac addresses her absence from youtube

No. 872911

>Why did you shit on your fans by turning off comments but suddenly turned them on again when you needed to e-beg?
>I turned them off because I don't care about y'all one bit, but now my life is hard boo hoo hoo I broke up with my Native American hunk, remember
Cue world's smallest violin, playing just for Bianca

No. 872915

Of course Avelina sees an opportunity to profit and sell of her overpriced “designer” crap. She doesn’t care or she’d announce giving all the proceeds to her or some other shit. She doesn’t even try to fake caring come on.

No. 872924

File: 1569420532612.jpg (787.6 KB, 2172x3862, 20190925_150638.jpg)

A good reply under _averyv's original comment.

No. 872934


Dragon Scale Gloves: A Double Halloween Giveaway! :D

Of Herbs and Altars
71.9K subscribers
Published on Sep 23, 2019

How to enter:

Method 1: My shiny new Patreon link is here: https://www.patreon.com/ofherbsandaltars , & as soon as you sign up you will have access to the first secret video waffling, where you’ll be able to enter this giveaway from the comfort of your snuggly bedchamber, & no limericks required! :D Other perks down the line will be early access to YouTube videos, further Secret Videos at the launch of each new giveaway set, input into what colours & styles of gloves you’d like to see knitted next, & you guys will be the first to know if I have extra pairs of gloves to sell, as well as when I hopefully get some demonic t-shirts underway! I do also have a limited number of still-to-be-signed copies of my book lurking somewhere in the depths of this dungeon, so once I get organised with Patreon, I’ll create my little Etsy store for future knittings, & let you guys have at the books that remain! Eternal squiggly gratitude to all who choose to venture forth upon this WOOLLY CRUSADE with me – you’re more wonderful than I could ever express! :3

Method 2: If you choose to enter by post, the address is:
Dorian B
Initial Business Centre
Wilson Business Park
M40 8WN
- Each giveaway must be entered separately; entry now is for the orange & black gloves; to enter for the purple & green pair, await further instructions from my Instagram, circa the 7th October. In this particular orange & black giveaway, your postal entry must include:
1: A number between 1 and 2,500
2: A way to contact you online – email or Instagram, ideally
3: Your postal address
5: A picture of a dog, be it a photograph or artistic doodling!

The winner will be chosen at 3pm UK time, on Saturday 5th October, & notified by the evening of the next day, so that’s just under two weeks, but my PO box gets shipped over on a Friday or Saturday, so this will give postal entries the best window possible, without too much of October slipping away gloveless! The winner will be selected via a random number generator; if two or more people have the winning/closest winning number, I will assign them each the new numbers 1, 2, 3 etc, & spin again.

For anyone interested in knitted their own dragon scale gloves, I made a tutorial on here several years back, so feel free to hunt that out, though I have changed & improved my methods considerably since then – nonetheless, it will give you the basics of knitting with & without scales, & all my own pairs of gloves have been knitted as per tutorial – it works fine! Scales are available from Etsy, & you want the ‘small’ size, but not the ‘tiny’ size some shops do!

Good luck to all, & the happiest of Spooky Seasons! :D

No. 872935

File: 1569421763764.png (170.09 KB, 800x857, Screenshot_2019-09-25-07-25-38…)

No. 872938

I'm not overweight, you're wrong. You are just overly obsessed with Kaya to the point that it is clogging up threads, and you got called out on it. Take the criticism. Come back when you have milk instead of spamming these threads with "OMG KAYA IS FAT AND UGLY" all the time. You do not have to obsessively post about her and make pointless, incorrect assumptions.

No. 872948

File: 1569422702942.jpeg (143.61 KB, 750x1051, 729302AA-27E7-437E-85CD-947AE6…)

No. 872959

File: 1569423827173.png (247.74 KB, 720x863, 20190925_155821.png)

He's a real embarrassment.

No. 872969

File: 1569425095383.png (149.1 KB, 500x275, trulyclassyjake.png)

No. 872976

You don't need weight issues to think harping on about someone's weight is pointless. As for her height, being tall doesn't make you fundamentally unfuckable either. Her terrible eyeshadow will only add to her allure to the kind of guy who hits on alternative girls because he thinks they're kinky/svailable. We've all met that guy. People can want to fuck Kaya, and Kaya can be a cow. Those things are not mutually exclusive.

No. 872987

Who hasn't been hit on? I mean, whatever size or whatever you look like, a guy's going to hit on you in random place. It's what they do.

I don't like Kaya, but I'm more surprised that the twat she lives with gets female attention. Like, how…why??

No. 873030

File: 1569434965174.png (2 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190925-190255.png)

No. 873041

Ah. Empty-skulled soulmates.

No. 873089

File: 1569445767954.png (2.48 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190925-220820.png)

No. 873094

He looks like if donalt trump fucked a cockateel.

No. 873103

What a sell out. Jake selling halloween merch even though he goes on about how he hates halloween?

No. 873110

File: 1569448452892.png (471.02 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190925-225345.png)

No. 873114

File: 1569448986763.png (321.79 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190925-230027.png)

No. 873117

File: 1569449223876.png (408.86 KB, 534x580, uhh.png)

what the almighty fuck is this look?
Jake I know you lurk here so here's a tip,
put some primer or moisturizer on before your makeup and then your skin won't look so terrible

No. 873119

File: 1569449789459.jpg (36.67 KB, 500x333, d27b475165d76754ba3293116ff9ba…)

There ya go stumpy. This is how it's done…

No. 873128

File: 1569451390349.png (1.05 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190925-234214.png)

No. 873146

File: 1569454652312.jpeg (510.28 KB, 1242x2128, 313C1D1C-4173-467E-9325-5EF735…)

This is happening over on goth memes on Facebook.
Not overly sure what this is about but the “goth” that’s using a dead blind mans assets and things because she’s broke is fucking disgusting

No. 873159

Note the Chuckula comment, wasn't he brought up in the last thread?

No. 873162

It’s not about him, it’s about the woman sunshine soon.

There’s not really enough mill about her though to bitch about, besides her convo with whomever.

No. 873164

Looks like the owner or owners of the page are deleting posts. I go to comment and then all off a sudden cant.

Who died? Ehy did she take the dead mans belongings? Who is chuck? I’m so lost on all of this!

No. 873199

>I believe it, but not because "Kaya can still be attractive!!1!"
No one here even said that, anon are you feeling okay?

>Her weight was never mentioned.
Lie. Her weight has been mentioned millions of times in these threads. She got called obese in the last thread. And some times it's because Kaya posts about her weight/weight loss etc but a lot of times anons will just post unflattering screenshots from her videos with 20 replies calling her fat.

>she can't get hit on because she's tall

Okay, so fat women can get hit on but not tall women? What if the guy had a tall fetish? Some times women who you don't like are going to get hit on, and you're just gonna have to learn to cope with that. What >>872871 said is true, men will put their penis in pretty much anything.

Milk has been being posted though, it's just that people get bitched out for it.

No. 873201

Wasn't Voltaire dating/fucking littleskylarkis/isabella karnstein? Wonder what ever happened with that

No. 873214

oh look who's hopped on the e-begging train. shit happens in life, ppl are worse off than you, why should anyone give you money? i hate that ppl did, these cows never seem to have anything saved for emergencies, and yes i get things come up that can't always be covered but i'm sick of seeing them whine and beg and give next to nothing in return. if she had kept selling art maybe she'd have something to deal with things like this. also she still looked fat on that ig live she did.

this person gets it, and it's so shitty that ppl have to word themselves this way b/c she has a habit of lashing out on any comment that's not completely positive/ask kissing and then have her fans pile on so that maybe she'll notice them or whatever.

these ig vs video/reality he keeps doing are hilarious. he knows ppl can see what the looks are like in the videos and even posted a pic of him with the stupid black contouring and still had a double chin but continues to over edit.

funny how he kindly replied to those ppl who called him out on making halloween related merch while also stating his dislike for it when he just posted on twitter his ~witty comeback~ he 'mistakenly' replied to someone who said he should do something more interesting than unboxings. goes on to say he doesn't care, that he's too busy for commenting on that sort of thing, yet dedicated the time to make two tweets about the situation.

and how sad is it that kaya can't do dutch braids in her hair but jakey boy refuses to even try. like yea she's said terrible things so not sad like aw i feel bad, but sad like he's so busy fapping to ppl feeding his ego he can't even do something for his girlfriend for a few minutes.

No. 873216

I would forgive Kaya's old tumblr posts if she just addressed them and said "I was young and stupid back then" or something. It's the fact that she completely ignores them that annoys me.

Darth Maul is that you?

No. 873254

that is without a doubt, the ugliest fucking handbag I have ever seen.

No. 873270

Drac is a talented niche make up artist, unlike Kaya (who never tried to do develop and skills or talents yet does well out of YT)Drac put work into developing a skill with her art/ makeup. if Drac had put more effort into the marketing side with her shop, selling her art work and/or make up,styling services and/ or looked for more paid endorsements( there are apps for this).
I think she would have at the very least a decent side income right now..
she ran out of steam with her channel, not sure if it is her serious mental health issues, laziness or she just lost interest in doing makeup looks.

You can't have it both ways Drac, keeping yr private life private, doing no YT videos for a year(!) And then expecting yr fans to cough up the minute you get into a jam.

Thing is she lived with her parents until about a year ago when she moved in with her gay friend.AFAIK she could move back home. Maybe they don't have lots of spare money to give her, but unlikely her parents would let her sleep on the street.

Yes, all of avelina's "collaboration" handbags are ugly junk and look cheap af but cost a lot. Hope no one else buys them and Avelina loses money on this tacky project.

No. 873271

File: 1569489395117.png (380.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-09-26_10-14-10…)

No. 873272

Since the post has been archived, l can't post a collage of some of her replies.
Anyway, she said that she ran out of ideas for vids; also, since she considerably toned down her looks, she sees herself as an uninteresting individual.
(Back when her comments were open, she also added that she can't be bothered with yt anymore, because her job is too tiresome).

Regarding the shop, she said that she's thinking of reopening it to make dresses and sell them.

Her parents are aware of her current situation and helped her with advice, & as you said, they are probably unable to provide financial help as well.

What baffled me is Avelina's shameless plug. She could've sent her business partner some money in advance, in exchange for some more promotion, asking her to make artwork… I guess this is too much to ask for kek.

Sage for double posting.

No. 873275

Holy spergfest

>You can't have it both ways Drac, keeping yr private life private, doing no YT videos for a year(!) And then expecting yr fans to cough up the minute you get into a jam
>M-muh private life!
>Welp guys help me with my private life problems
Pick one, Bianca.

No. 873281

File: 1569495337289.png (642.39 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190926-114331.png)

No. 873283

That doesn't even make sense. Why have his ugly mug on the shirts too if he hates Halloween? Just have "Halloween freak" on them and maybe we could let it slide, he's clearly a sell out trying to cash in on a holiday he doesn't care for

No. 873285

>understanding what my audience is
You mean understanding what will bring in the most profit, which, frankly, I don't disagree with. At least he's providing an actual product and not just e-begging as usual.

No. 873289

He sure knows how to appeal to them, and some people already ordered.
I checked one of the comments, and that person also got his previous shirt. So he even got consistent buyers.
I mean, it has every tacky, edgelord element that is in vogue
in alt fashion: edgy words written in spoopy font, inverted pentacle, ''horror imagery''…
So it's not surprising that they're throwing money at him.

No. 873312

>Jude bishop: Fuck this look is so dope
How? Cow cross over lol. She's another one who wants to be a social media star without any work, she does even less work than Jake if you can imagine that.

No. 873364

No, Jake, you just like money above pretty much everything.

No. 873376

Jake hasn't posted anything on his Patreon this month, no songs/audio books :(

No. 873384

She's not only breaking the rules, but also expecting the snail-mail applicants to doxx themselves for a chance to win?
The letter idea is beyond me.
What if two people pick the same number?
What if you live somewhere where you can't possibly get your letter delivered in two weeks?
I get having fun with it, but requiring a limerick and a picture for a random drawing? I'd get it if it was a poetry or art contest. But just to get your number into the pile…
This whole thing will end up a disaster. Nothing is thought out and no one should participate. But you know damn well people will.

Also… a Patreon, really? With how much perfume, lenses, drugs and alcohol she buys, does she need more money? She's fed and has a place to live, her parents would probably let her mooch off them until they die.
Granted, I couldn't stomach the video so maybe she gives some proper reasoning for it. But the only thing I can think of is spending that money on materials for knitting to give away to a random supporter. Still that's against the rules.

No. 873387

File: 1569521093491.png (815.53 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190926-190424.png)

No. 873388

It's only a matter of time until jake and jude collab. They both draw from the same teenybopper edgelord fanbase, so it makes sense. And that'll probably be bad news for Kaya.

No. 873390

What the fuck is this, can someone explain? Did someone really send her an entire massive teaching skeleton just cos her narcissism means everything has to be “goth”?

No. 873391

He mentioned wanting to use the patreon money to move out, as well as producing better content, although he didn't provide a lot of specifics on that one. He also plans to op ern an Etsy for his knitting. That's not a terrible idea, since his knitting is actually pretty decent, especially the patterns he designs himself. I can see that selling.
As for the giveaway, uf people have the same number they'll be assigned a new one and run through the randomiser again.
But I don't have a fucking clue about the dog/limerick thing.

No. 873392

File: 1569521776934.png (279.42 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190926-190410.png)

No. 873394

File: 1569522372341.png (1.97 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190926-192531.png)

No. 873397

Wow Kaya. You made your giant skeleton decoration that you ebegged for even tackier. That's quite an achievement.

No. 873398

Oh hell no, Jake. Chester is turning in his grave.

No. 873399

not surprising, he's too busy reveling in all the money he's making off ppl buying his lazy merch, including the stuff he wears in videos. but he's apparently putting up an audio book tomorrow.

ugh, can someone listen to this and tell us if it's good or not, i don't want to hear him butcher the vocals after shitting on another musician for the way they sang. also, if anything is out of tune most ppl aren't going to just ignore it.

No. 873400

why do both he and kaya have moon faces? kek

as confused as you anon, what purpose does it serve other than just another pointless thing she "needs" that's dark and spoopy

No. 873410

Shame she doesn't have any ~goth~ interests she could talk about and be interesting about. I know everyone says she's all look and no substance but it's so damn true. She likes how ~spooky~ things look but that's about it. Same with tubby edgelord. I know he has his band, but the music's shit, really shit. And boring.

No. 873423

I knew this looked familiar.
Why. Just why.

No. 873450

File: 1569532902893.png (432.48 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190926-221938.png)

No. 873480

so on average these things can cost around £200+
I just can't believe someone would spend that much money on something and then send it to Kaya who just uses it to dress up in her clothes.

No. 873485

Tonight oooon…. Who Wore It Best?

No. 873503

Love how he tries to make it sound like he has an official “studio” as in a place he goes to work as an artist but it’s really just the second bedroom in his fucking house.

No. 873506

File: 1569537998526.png (2.34 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190926-234540.png)

No. 873522

File: 1569540135166.png (2 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190927-002135.png)

No. 873563

File: 1569548460450.png (535.29 KB, 720x1121, cow.png)

No. 873579

all he does is make dick jokes. Kaya must really hate herself to stay with this asshole.

These are both good replies. You cant unblock your comment section when you need money and help and ignore all your followers 300 days out of the year. She's trashy and greedy

No. 873580

This is gross tbh. Everyone goes through tough times and most people dont immediately go to e-beg.

No. 873635

File: 1569572891301.png (647.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-09-27_09-04-18…)

No. 873636

File: 1569573173150.png (220.93 KB, 567x757, 20190927_092916.png)

No. 873641

File: 1569573630218.png (520.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-09-27_09-39-29…)

No. 873646

File: 1569574468356.png (209.05 KB, 720x766, 20190927_095306.png)

No. 873648

I know nyx personally. She's a shit person with a new fiance every month. She tried getting a few people kicked out of area 51 and acted like her and cinnamon hadley were bfs after she died. She'll do anything for fame. Oh and her ex Loki is milky af too, but he blocked me.

No. 873655

Sorry about the multiple posts.
Anyway, to sum it up:

-Manipulative whore junkie, whose last victim was a blind man named Brent, who recently passed away.

-toyed with the admin of the goth memes page(Loki/David/mainmin)
>>873646 >>873636

-Acts like a complete whore and then plays the victim card.

-fat shames people, gother than thou gatekeeper >>873563

-a complete skank who leeches off friends and bfs and leaves them as dry as a bone.

The goth memes admin looks like a vendetta-chan, but we can't dismiss the rest.

No. 873662

I thought this was Winona Ryder at first

No. 873673


This bitch, seriously. I hate how fucking entitled all of these cows are. She has some drawing talent, why not sell or do an art auction instead of e-begging?? Specially her, with her "my private life is private" antics, like it was mentioned here plenty before. The fucking nerve.

No. 873676

File: 1569585523107.png (267.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-09-27_12-50-00…)

Her comments are still open, and she's interacting well on her latest posts about the job at the bakery.
Until someone pisses her off, that is.

Also, she promised to do smth for those who helped her, she suggested writing letters and said that she'll make a poll on ig to discuss the reward.

As you said, if she doesn't pay them back with artwork, it would be a real shit move.

No. 873685

She sounds fucking insane. Jesus.

No. 873706

File: 1569596662059.png (186.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-09-27_16-02-14…)

He had to come up with something in order to avoid being called a sellout.
You're deffo not lying, jakey boi.

No. 873765

File: 1569608075713.png (1.53 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190927-191236.png)

No. 873807

File: 1569614582084.png (2.25 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190927-203530.png)

No. 873826

This is really pathetic even for Jake

No. 873834

File: 1569619179278.png (1.91 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190927-221857.png)

No. 873839

I wonder if Kaya see's him walking around the house painted like that and wonders about what a douche she has chosen for a boyfriend.

No. 873841

File: 1569620945854.png (1.57 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190927-224822.png)

No. 873872

The altcow plot twist of 2019 was anyone actually liking any of the shit Jake makes, and even purchasing some of it. I guess the standard is pretty low out there.

No. 873873

oh a hand written note, whoopdedoo. agree that she could've put stuff up for sale instead of just going right to e-begging. idk how her car even got towed but if she needed it that much why not make sure something like that doesn't happen.

yea he should just keep taking other ppl's content b/c he can't come up with his own. pretty sure he'd need permission to sell it, let's be real, he wouldn't put it out for free.

as for the jack skellington song cover, i'm not a musician but it seemed like he had some sort of effect or something on the vocal to make it better. it was alright, he did it for the views and all the accolades from his tween ~snaccs~.

No. 873891

File: 1569631712790.png (281.32 KB, 720x1064, 20190928_014727.png)

Disgusting, as always.

No. 873896

his humor never left highschool. He's like a stupid teenage boy who thinks he's funny, but he's cringey as all fuck

No. 873941

I just threw up in my mouth a little

No. 873943

>poor kaya
I wonder if kaya feels some sort of obligation to stay with him because they sort of have built their online personalities together, or if she just has low self esteem

No. 873962

I reckon both. She grew fat since they first got together. And her popularity is waning while his is somehow on the rise with this current BS.

No. 874007

Jake singing style is an exact copy of those pop punk emo bands from the early 2000's. He's always doing that screaming shit that this is actually the first time im hearing him sing. Can't believe he made fun of adeles singing when hes so basic

No. 874020

Anyone know why Sebastian deleted most of her old videos?

No. 874022

File: 1569667953552.png (59.16 KB, 815x548, fuckingposer.png)

Feeling a little insecure, are we Jake? You literal fucking poser. You're not "goth", nothing about you is "goth", everything you do is in effort to prove how "goth" you are. Everything except for actually participating in the scene, that is.

No. 874026

We get it, Jake, you're horny, jack off already so we can be done with it

No. 874031

Is Jake the Onision of the poser goth alt cow world? kek

No. 874034

Ok this is really pissing me off. Funny how every shitty poseur gets their pants in a twist whenever they're called out, and start throwing the word elitist as punctuation.

Trying to be articulate and philosophical doesn't change the fact that you're in it for the clout, and you're by no means a goth.

Look who's talking about preserving ''goth''. Maybe by being such a role model and tweeting obscene things, or selling tacky merch when he hates halloween, or not talking about the music, not even once.
And please Jake, a NBC cover isn't goth music.

No. 874046

It's a shame because I know she won't but really Kaya just dump this manchild already. Swallow your pride, move back in with your parents for a little while and be like the rest of us adults and get a fucking job.

No. 874055

I don't even remember what brought them together in the first place. Now they're just an attention whore with no taste and his chronically depressed wallet.

No. 874068

I would say yes. It used to be Social Repose but I'm not sure if he was as disgusting as Jake but still the same poser. But yeah, Jake is borderline Onision poser goth edition.

Shut the fuck up Jake. "What I define as Goth music" Shut your fucking mouth, you don't decide what goth music is, Goth is an already established genre that has it's own characeristics of what makes it what it is. It is not opinion, it is dact. Because if you're gonna be saying nonsense like that, then we'd have[ people saying bands like Nickelback or Hinder are Metal bands because "they sound heavy in some of their songs".

And considering the fact that there is a lot of new Goth music that has come out in the last 10 years, it negates you're fucking "Goth has evolved" nonsense. Yes it has evolved a bit but not in the way you're implying at all. For example, a newer band like Lebanon Hanover or The Rope, they don't sound like The Birthday Party or Virgin Prunes. They have a slightly updated sound but the foundation is still there, just more polished. THAT is what the evolution of Goth music is. Not you're shitty nu-metal music. Get the fuck out of here you uneducated dolt.

No. 874070


Here we go again with the stupid "goth isn't just about the music, it's a state of mind" argument.

No. 874072

File: 1569687029683.png (429.33 KB, 459x1062, 20190928_170908.png)

Drac's latest post.

No. 874079

File: 1569687620399.png (1.44 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190928-171915.png)

No. 874082

File: 1569688207357.png (211.52 KB, 295x1118, 20190928_172806.png)

No. 874137

According to her boyfriend tag video, they met online and she immediately thought he was an asshole. If only that first impression stuck.

No. 874138

Which video is this from?

No. 874194

This one

No. 874233

Just when I thought she was being surprisingly mature,
popped up. Boo hoo hoo, woe is me, feel bad for me

No. 874250

She didnt even answer the question. Drac could have worked on art while she looked for work as a source of income but didn't, cuz she's lazy

No. 874314

Watch him talk about this later. He will call it a hate comment, or harassment, and go on a tangent about elitists or some shit.

No. 874321

that's what it reminded me of, thanks anon. he really has no room to comment about other music/vocals when the majority of what he does -much like his looks - is lifted from others.

i think it's b/c she's not goth any more and didn't want to have them up.

but she had medical problems, wahhhhh. like ppl work through those all the time, when she was feeling good she could've done drawings or put out more pins, ppl seemed to actually like those.

No. 874419

>but she had medical problems, wahhhhh
So many snowflakes love to mention their medical/ mental problems all the freaking time. Like they're the only ones having them and other "normal" people are 100% healthy ubermensch who power through everything, no problem.

No. 874428

>So many snowflakes love to mention their medical/ mental problems all the freaking time. Like they're the only ones having them and other "normal" people are 100% healthy ubermensch who power through everything, no problem.
This is what pisses me off about IBF and pretty much all influencers. They make videos and posts talking about depression and anxiety and other mental issues as if they're the only people on the planet who have them and everyone else is 100% happy and high functioning all the time and have no idea what mental illness is like. As if there aren't millions of people who keep going back to their miserable low paying jobs even though they have crippling mental/physical health issues but have no choice. Also if anyone makes any mild criticism of IBF she goes all "muh depression!!" actually Kaya does that too but not as much.

I can't believe I actually used to believe Kaya and Jake when they would talk about goth "elitist" bullies on the internet. I see now these "elitists" are just people saying tame things like "you're not goth if you don't listen to goth music" etc. but Kaya & Jake just can't handle it. I wonder what Jake would say if I listened to nothing but Kpop and then called myself a metalhead. I would just tell him that he wasn't allowed to decide what makes someone a metalhead because he doesn't have the authority.

Also Jake is nearly 30 but types like an angsty teen. "you don't have any authority over me!! I dont have to answer to you!!" cringe. What I wanna know is why the label of "goth" is so god damn important to him? What is it about that label that he needs so desperately to be associated with it?

No. 874476

>What is it about that label that he needs so desperately to be associated with it?
Attention, I'm assuming. "Goth" as a label is very widespread, albeit for the wrong reasons (i.e. most people who tote it don't actually know what the subculture is about), and by using it and piggybacking off a subculture they aren't even a part of, Jake and people like him can get the attention they so deeply crave. It's nothing new, poseurs and leeches have always existed, it just seems amplified by social media.

No. 874539

>"you don't have any authority over me!! I dont have to answer to you!!" cringe
True, neither Jake nor anyone else have to answer to anybody else about what they're doing… if they're living inside their head all their lives, that is. If you want to be associated with a subculture, or a certain group of people in general where, y'know, you have to interact with other human beings, you have to be able to explain yourself if needed when you fuck up the "rules" of that group. Life's tough, Jakey boy.

No. 874540

Samefag but it's no wonder he tries to make shit like "Joker goth" happen. If it's a style he supposedly invented, he makes up the "rules" and no one can tell him that he's doing it wrong.

No. 874569

Erin Micklow was on tour with a band but apparently the fighting got out of control ? She talks about it in her snap story. Did she think rooming with multiple dudes driving across the country was gonna be so private? I wish she would have given the milky details.

No. 874599

File: 1569786747738.png (224.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-09-29_20-51-20…)


No. 874626

did she say what the fighting was about? i can't follow her stuff b/c it's aggravating and not very milky, but she puts things like this out there and stays vague for some reason.

No. 874630


Real high brow humour there Jake. It’s fairly easy to tell his formal education pretty much ended by age fifteen. It’s disgusting how he tailors his humour and content to appeal to the underaged masses. Kaya, I know you lurk here so this message is for you - get out of that relationship, your man displays some serious predatory behaviour, unbridled aggression towards anyone who comes for his inauthentic nature and engages openly in inappropriate, lewd dialogue between himself and fans. Not to mention the fact he has zero respect for you as a boyfriend, he has as much pride in being your partner as Germany does of Hitler.

The moment he gets an opportunity, if he hasn’t already, he will cheat and ditch you faster than you’ll ever be prepared for. He is truly disgusting.

No. 874636

File: 1569792209312.png (1.08 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190929-215241.png)

No. 874646

File: 1569793732145.png (266.29 KB, 740x344, 3565d343ea90aa94a364ac50925a7a…)

Who wore it better?

Jake on his live stream looking like a fat kelly osbourne

No. 874656

What's with this recent influx of sexual "humour" and references? Have a fucking wank already.

No. 874659

God he's such a pie faced ugly cunt. He's the music taste of a 12 year old in the early 2000s and thinks wearing black hoodies constitutes as goth.

Imagine dating this faggot while he's baiting for sexual chat from his fangirls.

No. 874676

>Jake: "the face you make when you nut but she keeps suggin"


No. 874682

Kaya is probably deeply in denial about jake's douchebaggery. She probably thinks iT's jUSt aN iNtErNeT pErSoNA to get more followers.

No. 874685

Kaya needs to read the Onision threads on /pt, she might see some familiar behavior

No. 874686

File: 1569802219342.jpg (Spoiler Image, 466.71 KB, 1080x1666, 20190930_020900.jpg)

Kaya giving a shoutout to another alternative youtuber? What's this?

No. 874687

Why is Kaya still with this guy? maybe if they broke up she'd finally get the self-respect to work on the issues she so clearly has.

No. 874688


They just say that shit so that people won't take them to task for their ugly behavior, it's not a mental health issue so much as it is just them being dicks and wanting people to bend over backwards for them.

Like nowadays 'depression' has become a the blanket codeword for lazy bitches to complain about life and make an excuse not to do anything and mooch off of others. It's like how everybody has a 'narcissistic' parent when they really mean they hate their family or have interpersonal issues. Anybody can be 'depressed' on the internet, and it's a shame because it just stigmatizes people who are actually suffering from this shit because of these clowns.

No. 874692

File: 1569802987593.png (712.69 KB, 713x963, drac_thirstens.png)

I like Drac (more than I like other altcows, at least) but her Instagram captions make me cringe

No. 874695

File: 1569803316288.jpg (434.89 KB, 1080x1784, Screenshot_20190930_012352.jpg)

Jude is now sucking up to Kaya despite fangirling Jake in every post he makes. Interesting.

No. 874698

She's trying the back door since knocking on the front never worked.

No. 874715

Jake keeping it classy for his teen fans, as usual


No. 874750

Comments like this make me sick. We all know Kaya and Jake both lurk. Stop giving her advice on leaving him and feeling sorry for her. Either she's a cow or she isn't. Stop pitying her because she wants to stay with this douche. I'm waiting for him to leave or cheat. She's an adult and if she's that unhappy she can do what countless other women have done and dump the baggage. If she chooses not to, that's on her, not us. Too many of you are too caring about her and trying to give her good advice, why?! I mean is it that common to feel so sorry for a cow?

No. 874751

Let's stop telling Kaya to leave Jake as if she is Any better than him. She went on rants about fat people, chavs, poor people, other goths, people in belfast. She begs just as much as Jake. She never had any interest in visiting her dad until she realized he was living the good life in Barcelona and she wanted a piece of it. Kaya and jake are together because they are similar people

No. 874753

I am growing to really distaste Dorian.
Basically half an hour of waffling about how women's privilege is the fact that we can follow beauty standarts that men pushed upon us and use beauty as a tool.
All her arguments actually come from patriarchal views and opression of females.
Apparently we should thank men who won't even look at us if we don't have a ton of make-up smeared on our faces, a push-up bra and a wig?
Conflating the success with attractiveness/looks is extremely male of her. I guess there's something male about that chick finally.
She's so vapid and looks-oriented it really grates on my nerves. She's also extremely obsessed with gendered stereotypes despite claiming to be not cis.
Men being unable to be emotional is not female privelege, it's literally men being opressed by other men.
Also apparently taking selfies as a woman is a privelege. Yeah, more women can "look" sexier in more outfits/pics because we're so incredibly sexualized and it is generally believed that women are ones obsessed with selfies and vanity.

I think my rad-fem is showing, sorry.
I just found her to be fairly snart before. This video really ticked me off.

No. 874754

>Men being unable to be emotional is not female privilege, it's literally men being oppressed by other men.

i hate when people say this too. Being bullied for crying and even wanting to dress outside the social norm is not women's faults. It's other males who condition men to think if you arent chugging a beer and punching bears, you're not manly enough. She sounds like like June/shoeonhead

No. 874758

Dorian is mentally still a 16 year old. Living with mummy at 35, sleeping all day and writing vampires stories at night with no direction or responsibility in her life. She uses her aspergers as an excuse but she's choosing a selfish lifestyle of perpetual teenhood at home. I never pay her opinions too much notice cos she has no life experience

When you look at the reality of where she is at (in her mid thirties) it's a pretty pathetic life

No. 874769

>I am growing to really distaste Dorian.

Wow, you really held out there! This is one I've avoided for a long, long time because nothing she's ever said wasn't a load of bollocks.

Most of these alt cows I read about with a smirk on my face, but there's absolutely flap all about her that's enjoyable to watch.

No. 874771

I agree completely. I actually tend to like Dorian's videos. But in this one he misses the point completely. Those forms of "female privilege" are actually just manifestations of the patriachy. It's not a privilege to be judged on your looks just because you're doing better by it. Men not being able to do dress up and not being allowed to show emotion is a sign of toxic masculinity. It never seems to occur to him that this is a system we could actually get rid of, rather than exploit it for short-term and superficial gain.
Like I said, I've enjoyed his content in the past. But this is some shallow bullshit. I'm pretty sure anyone saying so will be dismissed as an "angru intolerant feminist" though. He's mentioned in the past that his dad is very mysoginistic, so maybe that rubbed off a little.

No. 874782

To the Anon referring to Dorian as "he"..don't be ridiculous.
Dorian is nothing more than a trans-trender.
Just another insufferable thing about this no nothing know it all cow.
Has Dorian taken testosterone or had any trans surgery( such as breast removal) in all the many, many years "he"has supposedly changed gender?
No, " he " hasn't.
In fact "he" dresses in female clothes exclusively( rather feminine styles) and wears make up in an ultra feminine style(as opposed to say corpse paint or a horror look which would be considered more male stereotypical male looks).

In short, Dorian is full of shit.

No. 874788

Lots of trans people aren't on hormones and don't get surgery for a variety of reasons such as medical, financial, or because being openly trans could be dangerous for them. That doesn't make you any less trans. Nor does the way you dress or present. A cis guy wearing makeup would still be a guy, and the same goes for a trans guy. There isn't some official level of butch you have to reach to be trans.

As for Dorian, I honestly don't know about him. He might be trans, and he might just be an attention whore. I mean, relating to trans identity, he's obviously an attention whore regarding most things. Either way, I just prefer to call people by their chosen pronouns, even if that person is being a cunt.

No. 874789

File: 1569858209323.gif (1.6 MB, 480x268, let it go.gif)

No. 874798

You're feeding into HER delusions and giving the cow exactly what she wants instead of using your brain. I think you're the cunt.

No. 874802

Why the fuck do you care what pronouns people choose to use? Are you just being a contrarian edgelord? Or do you genuinly get your panties in a twist if somebody uses a word you find triggering?

No. 874812

Pretty much >>874476 said it all. He just wants attention. He wasn't getting attention as a simple Chav/Metalhead (most likely because his personality sucks and his music is shit) so he tried piggybacking on the Goth scene thinking that because he wears black and creepy makeup, it was enough when he's just being a big fat poser and can't handle when people call him (or Kaya) out on it. It doesn't help that teenagers who don't know shit are taking what he says as Gospel but it is what it is, I'm just content that he's only ever gonna appeal to teenagers and middle schoolers and that actual Goths, we think of him as a big fat joke.


And the thing is yes, depression sucks but even in a situation like IBF or Drac Maken's, doing something creative to make income is not a strenuous thing. Drac's excuse pissed me off more as an artist myself. If I had the oppurtunity to just work on making art for income knowing there will be people who'd be interested, I would so be taking advantage of that because at least the difference between making art in the comfort of your own home vs a public job that is busy nonstop, at least the former is your own space and quiet. She has no excuse, she could've just worked on one art thing a day or every other day and could've made some income back.

Maybe it's part of her scheme? Get in good with the girlfriend, then get invited to stay with them for a day or two and she jumps Jake's pasty bones lol.

You're right anon. This is why I don't get people who keep telling her to leave him. It's been what…? 4 or 5 years now? If she didn't leave him then, she's not gonna leave him ever. Hell, I bet that even if he does cheat on her, she'll still stay with him. The only way they'd ever break up is if Jake breaks up with her to pursue one of his fangirls. She's a grown adult almost 30, she made her bed and now she'll have to lie in it.

Transtrenders aren't real because transgender is nothing but pseudo science. But uh yeah, especially with Dorian, just… Don't humor her. She doesn't even attempt to look remotely stereotypically boyish.

No. 874823

Maybe she wants to fuck them both

I agree 100% with you. Wanted to add that this opinion, coming from her, makes next to zero sense. She is a traditionally good looking woman, she fits in the mold perfectly. She has a nice face, is skinny, well proportioned… She also uses the thing she calls "female privilege" all the time! Goes out in very revealing outfits showing her breasts, legs, etc. Literally showing her breasts, minus the nipples. I'm not saying that this is wrong in any way, but to say that this is female privilege and that she doesn't have this because she's not of the female gender… makes zero sense. She's literally a pretty girl making pretty photos and looking pretty in videos on the internet. Nothing wrong with that, but she DOES take part in it, it's undeniable.

It seems to me that just because she doesn't fit into the stereotypical mainstream female image she thinks she must be a man. Look, no one barely does, Dorian! That's why these stereotypes are limitating, dangerous, etc. You're not a man for not reaching maximum pontuation at "being a woman" as stablished by society (and ourselves, as we end up internalizing shit). Sad shit

THANK YOU. We're not even discussing the whole transgender thing, it's just clear that DORIAN is someone very lost, who because she doesn't fit the ideal women image, she finds comfort in denying the issue, which is the society etc etc (i won't delve into this)

Look, I won't call her Jenny and that's about it.

No. 874863

Don't forget she also bought something that accentuates her breasts. She bought it back when she was "fat" but she was really happy to wear it and I'm sure she still feels that way today. Dorian is a self-absorbed loon but even I can admit that she is a pretty woman and is benefiting from "female privilege" and is just using the fact that she's alternative as a means to say she doesn't fit the mold when she does, just on a different end.

And yeah, I won't be surprised if Dorian finally comes to her senses when she's in her 40s and realizes that not conforming to gender expectations doesn't make her a man (also when she starts naturally aging like a woman).

No. 874873

The only time I ever looked at 'erbs insta there were shots of herself flashing her arse in some PVC bondage type thing. I though, that looks incredibly masculine.

No. 874920

File: 1569878497750.png (1.84 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190930-222101.png)

No. 874923

Is this your sad attempt to be hip with the kids, you sad little pug.

No. 874929

No. 874937

File: 1569880910373.gif (119.81 KB, 317x231, nope.gif)

I hope that ship never sails

>not conforming to gender expectations doesn't make her a man
Dorian is milking the transgender shtick for attention. She ain't trans like >>874782 said.

No. 874954

File: 1569882861231.png (304.56 KB, 516x572, tiktok.png)

hasn't Jake talked countless times about how you should always be yourself and never let people bring you down etc etc
but then once he realized that cringe tik tok reaction videos made him youtube bucks he all of a sudden has no problem making fun of people

No. 874973

spoiler that shit anon, I just about puked in my mouth

No. 875002

yup, but it's totally ok to make fun of ~normies~ and ppl he doesn't deem goth or alt or whatever he's bitching about, but no one has the authority to tell him what he is/isn't.

she probably doesn't do them any more but he should react to kaya's tik toks, i saw some ppl mentioning it in the comments that he completely ignored.

No. 875053

jake's always been a dickhead by the looks of it

No. 875064

File: 1569907311341.png (93.85 KB, 712x740, Screenshot_2019-09-30-20-53-38…)

Oh man, I wish Magdalene Berns was still alive, I would love to see her response to this. At least some people are making good points though.

No. 875080

Totally agree. Peachyyoghurt channel in the Netherlands is in the tradition of Ms.Burns ( RIP). I'm sure she would have plenty to say about Dorian's sexist self.
I do wonder if Dorian believes the utter BS she comes out with, or is she courting controversy for views?

No. 875087

he looks so much better here

No. 875127

Did you happen to save the stories? I was at one of the shows, I saw her walk in with her stupid liberty spikes and groaned lol. I know after the show she was talking to the band she was with about the tips she made, and complained that she was "working her ass off"

No. 875162

isn't she just helping at the merch table? i saw she was hyping herself on ig about making 'custom' shirts which was her literally just cutting them up and that's nothing new or unique. she wants so much credit for her 'diy' when it's basic stuff.

her shilling for dollskill is also annoying.

No. 875168

That would be fucking hilarious.

Thanks for the hurt anon, it's still such a shame that Magdalen is no longer with us, she would've tore Dorian a new one if she saw this video (well maybe… Do you think Magdalen would've made a video response to this?)

No. 875201

Kaya's makeup looks like it was done by a 5 year old. Also, why does he look so bored? Also, does he have tourettes? Sure fucking looks like it at 2:45.

No. 875224

In this video, she states she makes no money from adsense. Does anybody know if this is true/still stands?

No. 875270

Yes; she was selling merch for Stellar Corpses and hawking her ~customized~ Stellar Corpses shirts while handing out stickers with her face on them.
It did seem like there was some weird tension between her and the band which makes me super curious about what she said on her story.

No. 875273

File: 1569961504691.png (799.67 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191001-212442.png)

No. 875280

What's the point in making exaggerated expressions if you DON'T HAVE ANY FUCKING EYEBROWS?!

No. 875377

Just my own contribution to all these cows ebegging because they say they don't make any money on YouTube (Julia and IBF I'm looking at you) I have less than 20,000 subs and I'm making $3-400 a month from less than 5k views per video. Maybe I'm lucky but there's no WAY these cows aren't making some pretty decent spending money(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 875490


It's really obvious Kaya has something socially wrong with her when you see her in a video with someone else, she tries to make jokes and laughs at herself and acts very very weird even though shes with her bf. It's almost as if she's autistic and doesn't really know how to act socially.

No. 875518

File: 1570007579694.png (407.69 KB, 2048x471, Screenshot_20191002-020931.png)

And you are…? Post proof. This is an image board.

Anons - sage your shit if you have no milk and stop blogposting

No. 875521

Am I crazy or are they all ebegging way more lately? Has the goth trend ship moved on that hard?

No. 875522

he looks like a naked mole rat, gross

No. 875528

I think Kaya and IBF have been. But that's at least partly due to them getting fewer views because their content just isn't what it used to be. Jake seems to be riding the gothtrain quite happily, and Jude is new to the "influencer" thing, and thus also new to ebegging. As for Dorian, she's been getting increasingly full of herself.

No. 875541

I DID sage it, and you're an idiot if you think I'm going to expose myself. What I said is relevant.

No. 875542

Not that Anon. And I don't expect you to expose yourself. But you did not sage it.

No. 875547

Do you know what sage means, dude?

No. 875553

File: 1570023072440.jpg (414.14 KB, 1075x1401, 20191002_152909.jpg)

Looks like Mai is making bank on more "preloved" stuff. Because thrifting items and then shipping them across the world is way more sustainable than just having people thrift nearby. How else are they going to get a dusty burgundy sack?

No. 875554

I wouldn't even pay $35 brand new for that. Really relying on the mindless followers there huh Mai.

No. 875578

I didn't save the stories, should have. She was showing off her "custom" merch. Apparently they were rooming together, because she was bragging about getting her own room on the last day and posted photos of her in her room with not much clothing on. Regarding the fighting, she had posted her saying it was "stressful" and that fighting has to stop, and that she was glad the tour was over. I was super bummed she didn't go full on milky, she's such a "punk" twat. The dollskill shilling is out of hand, how is that so punk. Support the big company sending shit to everyone, you're so edgy and ~different~

No. 875605

File: 1570036882136.jpeg (890.38 KB, 828x1482, FF6800E3-50E0-4755-88C7-4E5B03…)

place bets how long this will last

No. 875607

Not long. Statistically the people who start out publicizing every workout or trip to the gym are the ones who don't enjoy it, just want the validation, and give up quickly. Big red flag for failure.

No. 875610

I hope she keeps it up. But honestly I doubt it.

No. 875614


I wonder what she did to this potato sack to justify the markup, cause it’s making the mannequin look fat. It really should be $15, not $35. I don’t think she’s actually doing anything meaningful to the clothes other than putting them through the wash. If she was actually talented she’d be designing and sewing her own shit.

No. 875617

I could picture a busy mom wearing this with some sweatpants while doing a schoolrun. I really don't think she did anything at all to it.

No. 875626

She is such a fucking dick.Who dresses up like this to go the gym?

No. 875627

File: 1570040003978.png (1.79 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191002-191201.png)

No. 875629

File: 1570040214574.gif (392.6 KB, 220x220, tenor (1).gif)

I'm glad she finally figured out what to wear to set foot in a gym

No. 875681

Completely OT but supposedly, posting about it may make someone do it longer, because they're held "accountable" and they feel like they have to keep it up longer than they would've to save face with their followers

No. 875683

File: 1570050625124.png (1.66 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191002-220755.png)

No. 875728


I have a feeling she's going to crash and burn because she's just jumping into it headfirst and is going to get frustrated. She should start small like taking walks in the morning.

No. 875737

We all know the gym won’t last with Kaya, even if is he is posting it!
Whatever happened to her garden that she was posting, or her hoarder home she was posting.
She’s posts a lot of starts, no progress and certainly no end lol

No. 875752

File: 1570059398867.png (1.03 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191003-003612.png)

No. 875759

File: 1570060770769.png (661.67 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191003-005910.png)

No. 875775

yea dollskill hasn't really been looked kindly upon, there's hashtag on twitter to boycott them with plenty of receipts why but of course ppl ignore those things when they get sent free shit.

who wants to sacrifice their ears for this? i hope it gets hit for copyright and is taken down, come up with your own material you spooky potato.

No. 875830

File: 1570071565301.gif (467.5 KB, 500x282, Nsjmd.gif)


You did not sage. I don't think that anon was talking to JUST you because we seem to have a lot of lurking newbies that don't sage their posts.

No. 875836

I know how to sage and I swear I did. Unless my phone autocorrected it to safe as it just tried to do, I know how to do it and unless I have milk, I always do that. If it went through as unsaged this once due to what ever reason, I apologize but I'm not going to lose sleep over it.

No. 875900

The cover was fucking horrific. Sounds like a kid taking the piss out of the melodrama. Honestly, I went into it open minded (haven’t listened to Jake’s other stuff), I thought okay, maybe this dude really does care and works hard on this one thing (singing).
Nope. I’m genuinely surprised at how much worse it is than I thought. He’s OFF BEAT, he can’t even sing the right parts in time with the music, he adds these weird vocal strains that should be a joke. To go on about his connect to the band and a guy who killed himself to give this cover clout is really really disgusting. Jake is past saving and irredeemably narcissistic if he thinks his “singing” doesn’t need an incredible amount of work.

No. 875903

One anon on the last thread tinfoiled that she had ADHD because of the social stuff and because she can’t commit to anything. tbh, I see it. Could also be Asberger’s, it’s wildly underdiagnosed in women.

No. 875916


The speaking/rap parts sound like The Lonely Island, it's like he's trying to parody himself.

No. 875949

Just throwing this out there, I had no clue what the hell it meant to sage a post. For future reference have I done it right on this one? I know not topically useful but I don't want to annoy anyone by being stupid.

No. 875951

You saged it correctly. And no harm in asking. It just shows you're willinv to learn.

No. 875977

Didn't she have a bicycle at some point? She could just ride that for exercise.

No. 875978

oh my god it really does sound like lonely island

No. 875984

I'll be generous and give her a week.

It's kind of typical of these cows. First it was Avelina De Moray and now you can add Jake to the deluded cows who think they can sing.

No. 876049

not surprised, he went on ig to humble brag about how he 'nailed' the voice and failed anyway. being off beat is embarrassing, especially when he claims to be so into the band. just stop dude.

oh yea, she probably only wanted to be on it if jakey boy could take pix so she could show everyone. she got that electric skateboard, used it a couple of times and hasn't talked about it since. she also made a big deal out of finding 'cute spooky' things for the gym and winds up in a generic looking all black outfit.

No. 876059

Delusional: Check
Narcissistic: Check
Sexual posts knowing the majority of his fan base is young girls: Check

Someone said it further up but Jake really is the Onision of the poser goth world. How long until he tries to convince Kaya she's bi so he can bring in another girl

No. 876070

File: 1570127236306.png (874.15 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191003-192603.png)

No. 876095

never thought I'd agree with him on something kek

No. 876110

File: 1570134697472.png (1.92 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191003-213040.png)

No. 876116

File: 1570135552616.png (1.76 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191003-214517.png)

No. 876135

File: 1570138080984.jpeg (218.68 KB, 741x1005, 9F8A1D66-DE53-49A6-A955-9F96CC…)

This is just pure speculation and I’m not even sure anyone would care about this but I may have stumbled upon the reason why ReeRee Philips is so tight lipped about her divorce.
I think him and ReeRee broke up sometime in April and here’s a post about him moving in with a 20 year old normie in July.
Here’s where the tinfoil goes on; was he cheating on ReeRee with this normie?
There has to be an overlap because 2 months seems too short of a time to fall in love and move in with someone after leaving your family imo.

No. 876136

two greasy moon faces

No. 876137

Well, she definitely needs it. But she reeeeaally has to dive into it, and I doubt that she realises what exactly causes her problems. If she does tho - good for her.

No. 876142


Wow her nose is huge and bumpy in profile view!!

No. 876143

File: 1570141729998.png (1.41 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191003-232822.png)

No. 876146

Ouch. Poor Reeree. That would explain an awful lot. Does she have a job or was he supporting her?

No. 876173

she works and has moved on herself with the tattoo artist who did her venom piece.

No. 876185

He looks like such an ass.

No. 876271

Good. I wish her well.

No. 876277

File: 1570178109227.png (112.86 KB, 480x683, Screenshot_20191004-042350_2.p…)

Angela weighing in on Jake. To see the context look up Elitist Joe on Facebook, he makes a post about Jake being a poseur.

No. 876278

Not to defend him because this very well could be true, but some people do move on very quickly especially if it's a rebound

No. 876280

Wonder if she'd be willing to put his bullshit on blast?

No. 876284

File: 1570179893873.png (1.07 MB, 870x896, fakeyboi.PNG)

Some context

No. 876286

File: 1570180467879.png (21.15 KB, 349x338, fakeyboii.PNG)

Comparing Jake to Repose

No. 876291

File: 1570180888147.png (372.84 KB, 1110x894, gsfdg.PNG)

No. 876295

kek too good

No. 876297

But this isnt the case with Jakey boy, because he still says he hates goth music to this day

Unfortunately probably not because she probably doesnt want to start drama, but that would be awesome of she did

>at least hes not social repose
True, but thats like saying getting your kneecaps shattered is still not as bad as getting your eyes gouged out

No. 876299

Reeree was dating first. Then he found this chick through twitch when he started streaming.

No. 876305

Samefag, went to her Insta to post a screen cap and she’s deleted everything about the topic!
Did anyone grab a cap when she announced she found someone and her sitting on his lap? Cuz it was then a week or two later that her ex husband announced he was with the norm twitch streamer

No. 876328

I was referring to Reeree's ex husband, not Jake

I didn't but I did see the photo you're talking about. Have they broken up or does she just not want to involve him on her social media?

No. 876329

They both had each other unfollowed on Instagram when I checked last week. It's a shame they didn't appear to last long, they looked great together.

No. 876336

They unfollowed each other for a long time already, and he went as far as to delete every pic of hers on his ig profile. She appears only in a videnoir couture modelling post from WGT, and he removed the tag too. The hate must be real.

No. 876362

Avelina De Dollarsigns put up her cover of the Offspring and it will make your ears bleed. I only made it 10 seconds. Spare yourselves.

No. 876401

Anon WHY did you have to tell me, I had to look it up out of curiosity… Only made it a minute through, but my quality of life is permanently lowered.

I dont have a facebook, is there any way it could be screenshotted?

No. 876412

Someone already did further up, see here >>876284 here >>876286 and here >>876291

No. 876417

Oops, I didn't realize that was the post, sorry.

No. 876421

File: 1570209082843.png (413.53 KB, 1125x2001, 677DA098-4674-4C26-A2B1-925E30…)

From Jake’s YT channel.
“Working so hard on this channel” is he serious? The most time consuming parts of his videos are doing his shitty makeup and some editing. It’s not even close to the full-time hours I imagine real youtubers put into multiple projects. Get a grip.

No. 876422

Holy fucking shit. This is the first I’ve seen them look even remotely coupley since what, 2009? Kaya clearly lurks here kek

No. 876423

I thought so too anon, she probably whined at him that everyone is saying they don't seem into each other and he never shows her affection

Kaya, we're not falling for this. Dump the fat jerk already

No. 876424

In this video Jake says:
>I wish I could create a new word for what I am, because I kinda hate goth, you know? Because a lot of people in it are just dicks, and they're really exclusive and elitist and I'm tired of it. I'm sick and tired of all these rules and regulations. I just wanna wear black, and i… I just.. You know, why. Stop. Stop. Wearing black clothes is cool. There we go, goth is no longer goth, its just cool. I wear cool fashion.

Does he not realize that no one is pointing a gun at his head and forcing him to call himself goth? He's the one who's obsessed with labelling himself that, not other people lmao.

No. 876425

I'm surprised he has kept this video up, it's pretty incriminating

says he hates goths, they're all elitist dicks and also appears to suggest simply wearing black makes one a goth. NOW he insists that he is one… maybe we finally have some self awareness and he's admitting he's a dick? kek

No. 876426

File: 1570209624662.png (4.46 MB, 1334x750, 9A5CFC42-91D0-4EB1-A1BB-603166…)


Lmao I just watched it. She’s basically bonging on her piano and making 2 week constipated faces at the camera while wheezing in an attempt to make her voice sound dark and husky. Also her outfits are confusing me.

No. 876427

File: 1570209788442.png (4.26 MB, 1334x750, 9FDE603A-43E5-4D30-81B4-9294A9…)


Samefagging but I tried to get a good cap of this particular ensemble…she’s wearing some strappy top/corset thingie with her boobs hanging out. It’s really weird.

No. 876428

lmao what is that face?

What Offspring song is she attempting to sing?

No. 876429

File: 1570210560324.png (4.12 MB, 1334x750, E3EC904D-2B56-4A1E-B9C6-BFF9B9…)


Gone Away!

The Behind the Scenes (kek) is even better because it’s obvious she’s not a musician and doesn’t know what she’s doing. She tries to blame the tempo of the song for her being unable to hold her notes or whatever.

No. 876438

Her and jake would make the perfect pair! Both epic musicians that know better than actual musicians and it’s the always the songs fault!
I always wonder how idiots like this are so popular online but people who have good content are not?

No. 876441

Why does this look like a cropped screenshot straight from a Pornhub video?

No. 876444

File: 1570212016498.png (362.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-10-04_18-58-30…)

This is what she's wearing.
Anything to make those tiddies pop kek.

No. 876446

Of you want a short version of the video/singing(?), look at her Instagram. Without sound you’ll be confused as fuck as to what is going on as she goes from smacking the piano keys to feeling up velvet cloth, laying in down in her lingerie brand.
With sound, you’ll cry as you won’t know who’s worse between her or jake

No. 876454

File: 1570213769930.png (22.44 KB, 853x224, whoareyoutryingtofool.png)

Gotta love the pinned comment on that video.

No. 876456

File: 1570213956030.png (648.18 KB, 1125x2436, 661361A7-F34A-489D-BBF7-4C4CDC…)

I didn’t see this posted

No. 876458

File: 1570213978948.png (613.52 KB, 1125x2436, 134A7840-62A2-4CAB-83E0-A7214D…)

No. 876459

fuck off Jake you inbred fat troll who clearly lurks here

You CLEARLY stated in that video you hate GOTHS THEMSELVES and GOTH MUSIC and that GOTHS are ALL elitist dicks. You did NOT specifically state you only hate elitism.

I also see that both he and Kaya like to use The Cure as an example of a "goth band" they like to avoid any criticism topfuckingkek, you're not fooling anyone Jakey boy. We know you only like bad metal music and not a single goth tune

No. 876466

It’s been posted. Last thread.

No. 876468

No. 876526

I've noticed that too. A lot of people who don't actually like goth music but still want to claim the goth label mention them. Maybe because they've released a lot of mainstream pop stuff in addition to their darker albums? Or because theu actually get some mainstream radio/tv play?

No. 876555

She has one of the most unfortunate looking faces I have ever seen.
What exactly do her and her husband do to afford their home and lifestyle anyways? Apart from her overpriced tat on her website

No. 876575

Ive never seen someone try so hard to be kat von d. She should lose the hat. And the brothel lighting… And the …. just go away….

No. 876578

Can you honestly get any more tack? It looks so cheap and that stupid design on the front is so fucking ugly.

No. 876640

Okay, screw this. I need to vent- never posted to this kinda place before but am glad I found it. Im getting real pissed off about Kaya and Jake. I live in the same street in Belfast as and have common friends with these two rats and have some stuff to say. Anyone wanna listen? I aint giving my name or explicity our common friends names (but they also youtube) I do however have a lot of tea about them. We all know each other via a local con (Q-con)

No. 876643

Do you have any proof of what you’re about to say though? We have this all the time

No. 876653

Yeah people post like this all the time, and it's usually stuff like "kaya is overweight, Jake is an asshole and ignores her".

If you can't substantiate anything then don't bother.

No. 876660

What I wonder about jake is, since he was never into goth music and therefore not in the actual goth scene, how does he know the goth scene is full of "elitist cunts"? Where did he meet them? We know he's just talking about the internet and people who say things like metal isn't goth and youre not goth if you dont actually listen to goth music. He just has a thin skin and cant handle it.

No. 876671

Shes starting a patreon for music. Ummm I think she needs to stop trying so hard. Im bored.

No. 876704

I'd like to hear it, even if you can't verify who you are/prove you know them it's clear when someone is making shit up. Do spill the tea

No. 876706

Agreed. I'd like to hear it. It's usually pretty obvious when people are full of shit.

No. 876720

To the person who lives near Kaya and Jake, please tell us more.
Believe me your tea will be appreciated.

No. 876769

That's probably the case. Which is funny since he previously decided that he doesn't want the label goth, which is fair since it didn't and doesn't apply to him anyway; until he decided to reapply it to his "content" for clout, that is. I'm glad to see actual goths calling him out on his bullshit though, I hope it continues.

No. 876782

Because clearly The Cure is the only goth band to ever exist.

No. 876787

File: 1570302924524.png (503.02 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-10-05_20-01-29…)

The stories she uploaded sound worse than her recent cover imo.

No. 876815

File: 1570307667908.png (1.36 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191005-213340.png)

No. 876817

File: 1570307754836.png (2.07 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191005-213348.png)

No. 876818

File: 1570307877949.png (1.16 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191005-213700.png)

No. 876836


God please don't tell me she's going to cover a Lana song.

No. 876845

I mean yeah, this was posted before but it never stops being funny that she said "I don't like talking about myself or burdening others with my bullshit."

Girl, that's it. That's all you do. There's nothing else. That's what IBF is.

No. 876896

I don't find Avelinas singing that terrible. I don't think it's great, or even good, but it's firmly mediocre, and idk at least she can play an instrument. I checked out clips on her IG out of morbid curiosity cause everyone was saying how godawful she was but like it's just more cringeworthy than anything ear bleeds. Jake is a way worse "singer' for example

No. 876898

Avelina does makeup that doesnt flatter her features at all, like of you have an asymmetrical face and you want to wear heavy makeup you should do it in a way that toys to enhance what you lack. Of your eyes are super close together you should never do black liner in the inner corner it just makes them look worse. Makeup artist here. I could go on about the way a lot of these people do make up tbh.

No. 876899

I'm sorry English is not my first language for any mistakes.

No. 876907

File: 1570322821874.jpg (98.04 KB, 1639x2048, H4gaHhp.jpg)

There's a drag queen named Louisiana Purchase on this season of Dragula and he's basically Avelina.

No. 876923

Her face is still a couple of inches longer kek

No. 876940

I don't even get why he wants to call himself goth. At least Kaya is "darkly inclined" but Jake isn't even that. His fashion/make up that he wears doesnt really look goth either, he just looks like a crackhead joker wannabe.

I also don't think all of these goths (oops I mean "elitist cunts") really care that much when someone identifies as goth who isn't. They just dont like someone taking that label and trying using it on everything they post as if they represent goth. Like naming all of his videos goth reacts to, goth does this, goth does that.

No. 876941


I don't think anyone here has explicitly said her singing was bad, it's the way she goes about trying to portray herself as some kind of goff rockstar that's annoying and makes her so lulzy like you said. I think another person or in a different situation, she'd be okay. But she just tries way too damn hard to be something that she's not.

No. 877004

That, and the fact that it is clearly a vanity project. If she had to get along on her own merits, instead of having daddy pay for everything and using her clout with other influencers, she would not have a presence as an artist.

No. 877012

File: 1570367044829.jpg (958.67 KB, 1440x2290, 20191006_084319.jpg)

Looks like ReeRees ex has maybe split from his new girl. All pics of her are deleted on his IG. Like I know it's not my business and like I'm sure they had good reasons for splitting up but they seemed like an attractive and happy couple . Maybe him and reeree will get back together, idk.

No. 877061

I noticed that too after I read that reeree had deleted all evidence of her new man. I wonder if both removed their new partners to keep it private or both actually did split from their new partners..

No. 877065

late to reply but ppl have actual jobs and stuff yet still are able to find time to make albums/videos wtf is he doing that he's "stretched thin". this is just a convenient excuse to not do any "vlogtober" content b/c his life is pretty boring and doing the usual gym/food/fucking about ones aren't interesting even in the ~spooky~ makeup.

No. 877125

File: 1570389314134.png (129.54 KB, 586x782, e8be9a82ee7da24a72cc4ee3975833…)

laying in bed is full time work, guys

No. 877146

I completely understand what you're going through Kaya. I realize that uploading an unboxing last week was super stressful, and taking a few days off is well deserved.

In the meantime, enjoy laying down and tweeting about how bored/tired you always are,or just dress up your skeleton, 'Josephine'. It shouldn't be too hard to dig some (trash) outfit from your hoard pile of freebies.

No. 877148

File: 1570392127276.png (1.76 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191006-194031.png)

No. 877153

File: 1570393758317.png (Spoiler Image, 64.8 KB, 571x344, Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 8.19…)

I know Ruadhan isn't super milky like some of our regulars, but his sm is just so damn entertaining because it's like he's talking to himself and constantly trying to create drama where there is none.

Spoilering because it's kind of a gross tweet and the mental image is just nasty.

No. 877157

This is one of those posts that should have stayed in his drafts imo, he seems like one of those lonely people that don't have any friends to say shit (jokes?) like that to, so they post about em to their "audience"

No. 877201

too busy to consider getting a part time job, has time to bitch on twitter about how she's bored but doing things is "unappealing".

No. 877206

"Have you considered being a productive member of society?"
"lol fuck no"

No. 877220

Sometimes I think: "Oh, you know, Kaya's not that bad, she can be sweet and she puts up with that asshole boyfriend of hers. But that I read shit like this and I´m reminded of how much fucking spoilt, lazy and entitled that bitch is. If you wanna stay home scratching your own damn ass everyday that's your prerrogative, but don't state that you're busy and stressed when literally all you do is complain and keep your youtube channel to the bare minimum. At least, Jake the clown seems to put a bit of effort into youtube, music, etc. All kaya does is fucking complain.

No. 877251

I almost have sympathy for kaya some times, then she posts shit like this. If YT is ~so stressful~ wouldn't it make more sense to get a job so she doesnt have to rely on YT as much?

No. 877257

Didnt see anything milky about this tweet. Unnecessary info, sure. But eh, nothing that we don't see people regularly doing

No. 877289

Shut the fuck up you twat (not you anon, Jake's pretentious comment). The Goth scene is not full of elitists, there are some but they don't get all that much attention. He's just whining on about how he's upset that real Goths don't consider him Goth because he doesn't like the music. Well tough titties, if you don't like Goth music, you're not a Goth. It's as simple as that. Eugh… I seriously hope someone puts him on blast one of these days.

Wanna know even better? While The Cure are a respected band within the Goth scene, not all of their work was Goth and how much you wanna bet that the songs they do like are not even their Goth ones? I'm pretty sure it's their singles like "Just like Heaven" or "Boys Don't Cry" or "Love Cats" or "Friday I'm in Love" or any other non-Goth song of theirs.

Exactly this. I've noticed this as well with a few people who claim to like Goth music but then the only band they mention is the Cure and it's at a point where I just nod and go "Mhm…" I'm at a point where I think that if they only name the Cure as their favorite "Goth" band, I don't take them too seriously because a lot of the time, they only like their pop songs and they don't realize that not all of the Cure's work was Goth as they did dabble with other genres as well.

My guess is that perhaps he did go to a Goth club once. That or went to online Goth forums. Either way he most likely had a run-in with actual Goths and when he tried to showcase what music he liked (Metal) and the Goths were like "Okay cool, what Goth bands do you like?" or something like that.

Yep, he's pretty much the new Social Repose with how he's mislabeling his shit as "Goth" content.

Eh some do but we won't really say anything and would rather they just see on their own that they're not doing themselves any favors calling themselves something they aren't.

Agreed. If she wasn't trying so hard to be a Goff and just owned up as an Alternative person who just likes Rock music, she wouldn't be as cringy. She's mostly only cringy to Goths and possibly Metalheads, I'm sure "normies" would find her cool.

Whatever helps you sleep at night dear…

No. 877290

Someone further down in the replies was sympathizing and said they can’t handle a job right now either due to their mental health issues but that they are trying to do volunteer work to motivate themselves, and of course Kaya ignored the comment. Can you imagine Kaya volunteering or doing something for anyone else?

No. 877295

File: 1570417328316.png (86.46 KB, 521x681, Screenshot_2019-10-06-18-57-59…)

Here's the rest of her commemt.

"My mental health has been so much better this past couple of months" even though she has still been complaining about everything nonstop these past few months? Okay then.

No. 877297

I think that is what really shows how lazy she really is. I can understand why someone may not be in the mental place of not being able to handle a job but yet they still do something productive. She can't even do that much.

No. 877308


>I'm sure "normies" would find her cool.

Lol, funny you say that, because most of Avelina's followers and diehard fans seem to be normies judging by the people commenting on her videos. I was looking at them when she posted her Offspring cover.

No. 877335

Is there anyone on goth YT( I refer to both fake goths like toxic tears and smaller actual Goth channels like Ruadhuan 1334 and radically dark) who doesn't have depression/social anxiety/whatever mental health diagnosis and/or various physical health issues?

Seriously, most of them do at least mention some issue. Other than maybe Jake(?) In the case of cemetery confessions it's his wife who has " treatment resistant" depression, sounds like a blast of a marriage for the count to endure.

But thankfully not all DWELL on their various issues for victim points.

Plenty of channels mention their issues briefly ( which is fine)but don't fish for donations and "poor you" asspats by making depression substitute for having a personality.

IBF is the queen of this, still raking in patreon bux and not doing any videos, even low effort hauls.

Ruadhuan is a bit of a special case, he has cow tendencies with his extreme self involvement, his haughty demeanor and e-begging/ Amazon wish lists.Conversely, some of his content can be interesting when edited and when he focusses on other people or social issues/ commentary and/ or his hobbies..skip his endless 3 hr live streams about the minute details of his squalid existence .
TBF Ruadhuan is an old Goth with a lot of quirky interests. I think he is probably quite isolated as well as being more of a genuine mental case than TT or IBF.

IBF and TT constantly throw pity parties and over identify with their depression/ mental health issues in lieu of developing interests/ hobbies which would give them something to talk about on their channels( actual content away from hauls and oh I'm too depressed to do my full time YT job, send money)

No. 877360


A while back, possibly even as late as last fall, I was watching their MAG/twitch stream live and someone commented in the live chat and said to them both they would they were willing to be supporter of kaya alone via patreon but didn’t feel comfortable to do so because she didn’t use her spare time to do anything productive like volunteering etc. They didn’t mention Jake at all, He accused them of being arrogant and that they can’t tell someone what to do. Kaya immediately accused them of being salty and that she wouldn’t want a patreon supporter who had their attitude. That person literally defended themselves a bit and then stopped commenting altogether because of kayas reaction, she really came down hard on them and told them to stop watching if they had a problem with how she lived her life. I really enjoyed MAG and TT until I saw that reaction, she was obviously ashamed of herself and scared her followers would think the same of her. I did too, I felt so embarrassed because it was true. It was an eye opener for sure that she just wants to sit at home and watch Netflix without having to work for anything. She’s done it all her life I guess. They both rely on handouts and have been able to get shit sent that they need like a TV without even having to leave their house to get it. I think that’s why Kaya deserves the hate she gets here, it all ridicules her victim mentality and how frustrating it is that she doesn’t do anything for herself and isn’t willing to try. Jake has more patreons than her and is getting more views, he was the best part of MAG and it doesn’t surprise me as he puts way more effort into being a content creator than Kaya despite his own shitty outlook and begging. They are a sad case man

No. 877365

what exactly does Kaya have to be stressed about? a part time job would be great for her. a couple hours a week actually contributing to society and not being a dole scab.
I really can't wait until everyone loses interest in her and she makes less money than she does now. I'm so curious to see what she'll do to get money, because it sure as fuck won't be working

No. 877366

maybe I'm just in the minority here but I'm bipolar and having a job has helped me a lot.
yeah sometimes it can be shitty and if I'm left at home longer than a couple of years I just completely spiral. I think Kaya needs to go out and talk to other people besides jake and feel like she's doing something important in the world. I actually think shes been unemployed and stuck in her house so long she has agoraphobia(blog)

No. 877367

wow what the fuck
*but if I'm left in my home for a couple of days I spiral

No. 877373

Have people forgotten to sage non milk blog post shit? Or is it all the same person that doesn’t know how to sage?

TT is just a lazy slob that lets her true personality slip every now and then. She doesn’t care about anyone other than herself. She’s just embarrassed that she doesn’t have her body anymore to have the bitchy ego anymore.

No. 877374

Yeah I agree, TT is probably agoraphobic. But step by step she can help herself.
TT probably isn't ready to get a job tomorrow, due to her issues..but annoyingly she does NOTHING to help herself, she just complains about being tired/ bored. And hints/ebegs for more crap. she needs to force herself to go for long daily walks and/ or gym at the very least.Physical activity is better for most depression problems than most of the happy pills given out like candy.

Possibly she could do an evening class or PT volunteer job or some new creative activity that is involving/interesting, maybe amateur theatre, getting involved with acting in a local panto( believe or not I've known a few alt types who do this) would get her out of her own head for 5min.

If she did SOMETHING she would suddenly have video topics.

No. 877382

Exactly. I understand she might be paralysed by her own depression. Part of depression is often not being able to do the things that you know are good for you. But she also does nothing to improve her situation. She doesn't even awknowledge that her lifestyle is a significant part of the problem. I would have sympathy for her if she admitted that she needs to make some changes but is struggling to do so. But no, she seems to think what she's doing is fine and depression is just this force she has no control over.
Nobody asks for depression. But you have a choice to manage it or not.

No. 877410

Bit of a blogpost here but it infuriates me that as far as we know she’s basing “work is bad for my mental health” off a shitty awful call centre job and one retail position. Like, there’s stressful minimum wage jobs, and then there’s stressful CALL CENTRE minimum wage jobs - the pressure and bullshit commission and talking to angry customers really is the worst but I don’t see how YT full-time (being constantly required to self-motivate, maintain your creativity, keep up with trends, edit and manage your own brand and business, fielding hate) is ANY less stressful. She’s just lazy and ignorant.

No. 877411

True Anon. Certain people CAN’T physically work but others will take any lengths to “improve” their mental health except push themselves and realise that regularly leaving the house, seeing people and doing something that gives them some purpose is the absolute best thing they can do for themselves, it makes such a subconscious but massive positive difference.

No. 877425

All that is fine but the anon before is right. THIS SHIT IS NOT MILK, PLEASE SAGE.

No. 877500

Can't she be a productive member of society, by at least doing some charity work?
Since she's such an ~animal lover~, why doesn't she volunteer at an animal shelter? Or is that too much to ask for?

Kek at a job making her feel X10 worse. Flash news Kaya, l doubt anyone enjoys working either, but you're such an entitled brat, you can't possibly understand.

So, to all anons who think that Jake is burdening her, at least he puts way more effort in his channel and makes music (despite both being shit-tier). She's so useless and lazy, it's infuriating.

No. 877529

Do we actually know if Kaya has a diagnosis? Not that you can't be legitimately depressed without one. But I wonder if she's ever mentioned anything beyond just general "depression." I know she's been on meds.

No. 877548

File: 1570472341574.png (1.24 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191007-190943.png)

No. 877653

Not only that, but she could maybe take a single uni course or some type of adult class of something that she’s interested in, like say, gardening or art. It would be much less stressful than a job, she wouldn’t even have to “serve” people like in a charity or volunteer situation and she might meet people with shared interests. But NO. She genuinely has no interest in helping herself or improving her situation, this is why she refuses to make an appointment with a therapist. I think a lot of us here have genuine frustration for Kaya because we have been there and know what depression feels like and what makes it worse and she is going out of her way to avoid anything that will help her get better. It want to feel for her because depression truly feels awful and I don’t want anyone to feel that but she is almost determined to remain this way forever. She takes any suggests of help as a personal attack on her lifestyle. Saged.

No. 877665

Or a sewing class, she was so into sewing a while ago. I remember watching an MAG video about 3 years ago (can’t remember which one it was) where Jake was pretty anti- upper education, for himself at least. He saw absolutely no reason he could possibly need it, kek. God, he’s such a twat. I wonder if maybe that’s why Kaya wouldn’t do an adult class.

No. 877682

I would say they want to keep things private. I know the tattoo artist ReeRee is seeing is a pretty private dude.

No. 877759

She talks about “my anxiety/my depression” a LOT and obviously we know she’s taken meds for that but that actually doesn’t even mean she’s diagnosed. With how goofy she is I have serious tinfoil that her depression/anxiety is caused by asberger’s or something.

No. 877766

Haven’t watched it yet because it’s 36 minutes long but Angela gives her opinion of Jake Monroe in her new video.

No. 877777

Jake and Kaya talk begins at 13:00 mark.

No. 877782

Fuck I meant 14 lol whoops sorry samefag

No. 877790


So can one of you post what she actually says about them, so the rest of us don't have to slog through it?

No. 877813

>TT and her used to follow each other
>talked to TT about some problems that she (TT) was going through at the time
>angela sees jake's video that someone else shared, left a comment calling jake a rotten mouth prick clown
>TT gets really offended, instead of confronting Angela, screenshots Angela's comment and posts on twitter saying something like "I thought I had a friendship woth this person!!!!"
>Angela realizes Jake is TT's boyfriend
>Angela reaches out to TT
>TT lashes out at angela and wants her to make an apology
>Angela says no unless Jake retracts the stuff he said about goth

And that's prett much it, dont think I missed anything.

No. 877821

>TT lashes out at angela and wants her to make an apology
>Angela says no unless Jake retracts the stuff he said about goth

good, he shouldn't get to shit on a scene and then constantly try to profit off it by titling his videos with goth and pretending to invent new kinds of looks or whatever to keep using it. he said what he meant and meant what he said, she shouldn't backpedal just b/c he's dating someone she was internet friends with.

also i didn't see the sc post on twitter, if kaya had that much of a problem with what was said, why not message her directly? these two are such cowards, they talk mad shit online while complaining about how ppl comment but not to their faces.

No. 877826

I had no idea there was backlash over Jake‘s “I hate goth” video when it came out and Kaya fucking defended him! When she calls herself a goth! She must have negative levels of self esteem to be with him, Jesus Christ.

No. 877828

Slight OT but with the talk of comparing Fake Dumbro with Social Repose, should we bring him in as an alt cow? He has threads for his general milkiness definitely, but I meant his milkiness in alt cow terms like goth baiting. (Hey, or not)

No. 877831

Right?! Kaya is so fucking immature. I already knew she was immature, but god damn, she's worse than I thought. Screenshotting Angela's comment and publicly shitting on her instead of reaching out to her is immature. Demanding an apology from Angela when she knows damn well the shitty things Jake said about goths is immature. Angela only said what she said because Jake had been such an asshole about goths. This honestly reminds me of the time her and IBF bullied that clothing company for a screenshot that someone took of the woman who owned the company's private facebook account. IBF and Kaya both have massive victim complexes, no wonder they're friends. Maybe this is armchairing but I strongly feel that Kaya was very coddled/sheltered as a child.

Seriously. It's like he can do no wrong in her eyes.

He's been mentioned here before. Definitely a cow but he's such a terrible person that I honestly prefer to not even think about him.

No. 877833

I like Angela but some times I don't really understand her.

In her most recent livestream someone asked if gothic metal existed, and she said she didn't really know, and that someone who listens to metal would be more fit to answer that question. But in this video someone asked the same question and she said gothic metal doesn't exist and that "just because you put the word gothic in front of it doesn't make it gothic". Except there are bands like Tristania that are metal but do have a gothic sound.

No. 877854

I think sometimes Angela just takes things way too seriously, it's not that deep. BUT shes 100 percent right for this.

No. 877855

Sadly dont have a screenshot cause it's on an IG story but God IBF is so cringe. She posted a pic of a huge steak in a pan and tagged it #definitelynotvegan. Soooo edgy of her. The people who make edgy vegan jokes are more annoying to me than the annoying vegans. Also maybe being a veg would do her some good lol.

No. 877859

Not a vegan. But I understand that it requires quite a bit of restraint, something IBF lacks. Maybe she's jealous because other people can make themselves not inhale every edible thing they see.

No. 877867

File: 1570529262475.png (784.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-10-08_11-03-24…)

I didn't post it because l thought it's just dumb and boring. Idk why she keeps rehashing this joke.

She is so shallow, and it shows that apart from sharing her OTT looks, or (messed up) life updates, she really has nothing of value to talk about/show.

No. 877869

Let's face it, even if she went vegan her diet would probably consist only of Oreos and an occasional peanut butter sandwich.

I think she might think she's making a joke here, but it isnt funny at all. Not offensive either really, just obnoxious.

No. 877897


Total nitpick but what a bad way to cook a steak. A flat pan with too much oil, seemingly no seasoning and the steak is still wet. Waste of good meat

No. 877898

File: 1570540901136.png (1.97 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191008-142050.png)

No. 877900

File: 1570540925953.png (1.06 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191008-142104.png)

No. 877901

I don't think the hob is even on and if it is it's nowhere near hot enough.

No. 877902

>>877900 But what happened to her being soooooooo busy all the time because youtube is such a full time stressful job?

No. 877903

I really think she's Jake's puppet, and afraid to cross him so much that she doesn't even have a right to have her own mind, she just has to do whatever she can to please him. It´s fucking sad, and I hope someday she can grown the fuck up and be a woman, instead of a sad little girl hidding behind him.

No. 877939

Someone speculated on an older thread if Jake might possibly be abusive towards her. There's no evidence of this as far as I'm aware but Jake clearly has anger issues (both he and Kaya have said this before) so it wouldn't surprise me if she's scared of him and just says/does what he wants to not be on the receiving end of his angry rants and tantrums

No. 877947


She said gothic metal isn't goth. Gothic metal is metal.

No. 877948

There is another about Jake Munro. No idea who this youtuber is but it includes accusations of grooming children!

No. 877950

Yeah, I know she said that, why are you telling me?

No. 877955

Gothic metal is still metal. Doesn't matter what it sounds like. Metal/doom metal/gothic metal and punk/post-punk/goth are two completely different genre trees.

No. 877961

No one is saying gothic metal isn't metal. But she did say that gothic metal is just metal and just because you put the 'goth' in front of it doesnt make it gothic, implying the only thing gothic about gothic metal is the name and not the sound. I'm saying that there are metal bands that incorporate gothic sound into their music, so I think it's fair to say that gothic metal is a thing. Also metal is basically rock but harder, so if gothic rock exists I dont get why gothic metal can't.

No. 877963

Yeah not surprised. Only normies are the ones who would find her or just the cows in general interesting whereas people within the music scenes are more like "meh" or don't think they're great.

I think it's fair to say a lot of people have anxiety, depression, etc. I admittedly have social anxiety around large groups of people and do suffer from depression but I do get the sentiment. It's one thing to have it and another to use it as sympathy points to get money or attention. The only Goth channel I can recall who didn't dwell on their depression (or bring it up from what I'm aware of) is Accumortis though he's not really active since he was in university. And I know Radically Dark has mentioned it before but she doesn't dwell on it and continues making content while working her IRL job.

I never watched MAG but holy crap, had no idea about that but not surprised. I think that the only time they'll get aggressive is when people put their shit on blast and may be a beacon of logic towards others who may not realize that Kaya is just a lazy schlub who doesn't want to do anything except sit on her ass and watch Netflix while moaning about how "stressful" her life is and continue to get chump money from her gullible fans and Jake is a poser try hard who's music sucks. The only thing he has over Kaya is he does seem to have somewhat of a work ethic seeing how he uploads even if his content is shit.

Same here anon. I'm very curious how she's gonna be when the money starts decreasing as more people get tired of her laziness.

Yeah I think it's the equivalent of pretty privileged. Back when she was skinny and decent looking, no one would bother thinking ill of her but now that she lost her looks, people started seeing her for who she truly is. It's almost like her outsides now match her insides which is gluttonous lazy ass who complains a lot.

No. 877968

Same, I'm actually happy Angela stuck to her convictions instead of keeling over. Jake doesn't deserve shit after what he's said about Goth scene. Why would she apologize when everything she said was true? Kaya and Jake are deluded.

I was there in the livestream when he said all that. The backlash was amazing as a lot Goths called him out. It was definitely not Jake's best moment and that's why it's hilarious he still calls himself a Goth when the internet never forgets.

Is Social Repose even active anymore? I haven't seen his videos pop up in my news feed, it's mostly just Jake with the GOFF reaction videos lol.

Unless she means people calling bands like Evanescence or Lacuna Coil as "Gothic Metal", yeah I don't get that because it is a real genre. The only thing is it's not a Goth genre, it's a Metal sub-genre.

It does. But the main thing Gothic Metal does that separates it from regular Heavy Metal is how it adds in classical bits (mostly the Piano) while following a Doom Metal-like pattern.

No. 877982


Doubt it, she's a foot taller than him she can just step on him

No. 877988

Jake is clearly narcissistic and wants the praise and worship, I really hope this is the only reason why he tweets such disgusting shit, but surely he MUST know the main age range of his audience? I think he posts the overly sexual stuff to feel better about himself and isn't actually into children/young teens but who knows… I hope that's not the case because the guy is disgusting enough as it is. I hadn't actually seen the "then I get naked and nut into a flesh light" comment before, fucking vile. Does Kaya not see this and feel totally disrespected??

kek I think they're actually about the same height, but maybe she could just sit on him

No. 878000

I don't know if he is abusive to her or not. And if it is, I don't know if it's physical or emotional. But either way, her being taller, or even stronger than him doesn't mean that he can't be abusive towards her.

No. 878013


Take a fucking joke

No. 878036

Make funny ones.

No. 878065

File: 1570569657624.jpg (38.18 KB, 377x329, kDYJaq3.jpg)

Damn, Kaya's always been a sweetheart, huh? Too lazy and/or depressed to ever get a fucking job. But if you need her to ruin someone else's source of income she's suddenly full of energy. Our brave internet warrior gorl. This was in a reply to someone who had a run in with kaya and their little fans who bitched him out for daring to criticize anything about Jake.

This asshole never talks to anyone she has a problem with. Never tries to resolve anything, never tries to see if there was a misunderstanding. She's immediately screaming on every social platform about how she's been terribly wronged.

No. 878072

Oh god I forgot about Kaya defending the Bowie-Jake comparison. I know we call her delusional a lot on these threads but I’m not sure anything could ever really top that. Well, maybe them thinking their Sims porn was a good idea.

No. 878079

File: 1570575585044.png (1.61 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191008-235922.png)

No. 878080

Racking up the negatives to justify quitting going to the gym. Waiting for how the perspiration on her face is making her acne worse.

No. 878137

File: 1570591394695.png (504.72 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20191009_0001.png)

But wait anon, there's more. I saw that comment too and it's part of a convo that's pretty interesting. 1/4

No. 878139

File: 1570591509942.png (467.91 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20191009_0002.png)

No. 878141

File: 1570591681235.png (485.1 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20191009_0003.png)


No. 878148

File: 1570592464253.png (477.54 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20191009_0004.png)

Oof almost forgot 4/4

No. 878154

This girl seems super timid, I hope she doesn't get an influx of hate from his rabid teen fans and Kaya.

No. 878172

File: 1570600830712.png (315.91 KB, 720x1012, 20191009_065230.png)

Well, some shithead already jumped down her throat. Sounds like a kid too.

No. 878174

File: 1570600924322.jpg (461.4 KB, 2172x3862, 20191009_065524.jpg)

Adrian the tattoed guy is the real deal. I'm glad some people are seeing through their bullshit.

No. 878175

File: 1570600968333.jpg (414.05 KB, 2172x3862, 20191009_065740.jpg)

Sorry about the multiple posts.

No. 878192

File: 1570603467721.jpg (617.19 KB, 2172x3862, 20191009_073408.jpg)

Samefag here; l'm sorry about the spam.
So many people have been very critical. Such a refreshing thing to read, because l was damn annoyed with all the ass kissing from his ''snaccs''.

No. 878193

File: 1570603560466.jpg (583.84 KB, 2172x3862, 20191009_072828.jpg)

I didn't know that Avelina reached out to TT for a collab. Clout chaser very much.

No. 878195

File: 1570603616791.jpg (471.72 KB, 2172x3862, 20191009_073806.jpg)

Some more comments, even Coal Candy joined the party.

No. 878214

>also many metal bands look goth

kek so what? What does this even matter or prove? LOOKING goth and actually BEING one are two different things. Jake/Kaya's fans really are brain dead tweens

I knew about this. Years ago TT had put out a video where she mentioned it, asking for suggestions on the colour of the interior of the bag (at that time she was going through one of her forest obsessed phases so she was wanting a forest green colour) but then suddenly nothing was ever heard again about the collab. I always assumed TT dropped the idea because Reeree had also dropped out, something about not getting much of the profits I believe? So I thought TT was worried about not getting much money out of it, if it turns out she just ghosted Avelina then it further goes to show she can't even resolve issues with people like a normal ADULT

Also don't worry for spamming anon, it's refreshing to see so many people feel the same way

No. 878245

File: 1570622149721.png (1.01 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191009-125402.png)

No. 878246

File: 1570622752068.png (2.35 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191009-125430.png)

No. 878255

So true! A couple of years ago I made an innocent remark (more like constructive criticism really) in one of their MAG videos, and they fell on top of me like a ton of bricks. Instead of replying in a polite way, they both just attacked me, because it seems like they can't handle even a bit of criticism. I imagine this is why they seem to have zero friends.

No. 878256

File: 1570625116233.png (384.66 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191009-134444.png)

No. 878257

File: 1570625140359.png (511.13 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191009-134419.png)

No. 878260

I didn't post the wk comments before l spammed quite a lot already. There was one other wk that wrote essays to defend the toxic two, but someone retaliated very well.

I'm sorry about that. Only things allowed are asskissing, or donating.

Is she already preparing the ground for her next move, i.e dropping the workout?

Top kek anon. Can't wait to read her tweet about that.

No. 878332

Has anyone watched Emily Boo's latest video?

She says that with some wig companies, she didn't think they were worth their retail price but she still put out videos praising them and "showing the wig from only good angles". She went on to say she doesn't think that's lying but simply making a good advert for the brand, comparing it to a Burger King advert depicting a burger as huge when in reality it's much smaller… No love, that's not a good advert but clearly FALSE ADVERTISING. She shouldn't be putting out a positive review of a company when she doesn't think they're any good. She ALSO doesn't think YouTubers being sent items for free from companies (eg Killstar) is "truly free" because you still have to put time into making a video for it, lolwut?? The clothes/accessories/homeware ARE free, making a video showcasing everything is not some strenuous task that takes days to make unless you're a lazy fat slob like TT

and don't get me started on the fact she likes and defends Jude edgelord poser goff Bishop just because she's "so nice in person"

Sorry for the rant but I really can't stand EB and no, I am not Raven, we are allowed to judge EB without being that hambeast

No. 878345

Oh wow. Just because you're not held to the same standards as a traditional media advertiser doesn't make it any less sleazy. Especially since Emily (and a lot of other youtubers) go out of their way to cultivate a relationship with their audience in which their subscribers put a lot of trust in them, and sometimes even view the youtuber as someone they know. That's really shitty of her. And just because Jude is nice to you to your face doesn't mean she isn't a transphobic poser.

It is sometimes hard to call out Emily without sounding like you're Raven. Raven makes Emily (and pretty much anyone) look like "the decent one" by comparison, because she is such a dumpster fire. And her many shennanigans have really muddied the waters.

No. 878359

Jake the Fake deleted his video where he said he hates goth.

No. 878363

Yea, I mean I don't entirely disagree with everything she said in the video - she admits to jumping on the Spooky Box Club bandwagon in the past but doesn't think they're worth it, she now says she doesn't like Killstar anymore, she's bored of unboxing videos and she even said TT and IBF need to quit with the constant Killstar hauls - so credit where credit's due I guess, at least she can call them out for it (although she likes TT, I wonder if Kaya will be butthurt after watching that)

kek not surprising at all. Did anyone download and save it by any chance?

No. 878379

What a fucking joke of a person.

No. 878388

File: 1570649892746.png (470.87 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191009-203731.png)

No. 878390

File: 1570649923545.png (494.04 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191009-203321.png)

No. 878391

File: 1570649965121.png (828.72 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191009-203640.png)

No. 878394

I feel like this person is probably referring to Angela?

It really is pathetic that these people worship faux gofficks and not actual, genuine goths like Angela and others

No. 878395

Or Adora… It could be either…

No. 878397

True, but with the "falling asleep to the same thing" comment I think she is referencing Angela's "What goth was like in the 90s" videos which she does churn out a lot of. Though I admit I've never watched Adora so I don't know what kind of videos she puts out? I've only seen thumbnails for makeup tutorials and vlogs in the past

Also a correction, I don't mean people should be worshipping Angela/others, no YouTuber should be worshipped obviously. I just think if people are going to watch "goth youtubers" it should be her or other legit goths

No. 878398

He obviously knows that Angela's called him out and deleted it before his "snaccs" find it.

No. 878404

>the toxic giant
that's my fav new nickname for kaya.

if jakey boy can talk about whatever he want then so can everyone else. these ppl are so brain dead they just scream on their keyboards without realizing what they're saying.

i like this adrian dude, pls come talk shit with us here you are cracking me up.

way to prove yourself a coward jakey fakey, deleting the video doesn't change facts and when the spooky thing isn't pulling in the views or cash as much as you want it to, you'll be hopping onto something else that does.

No. 878409

When that happens he'll probably go on a rant about how "goth is too toxic" and he's just too edgy for us, so we were mean to him.

No. 878410

To think that I once thought she was cool after seeing her in that Snog, Marry, Avoid episode, she seemed like someone who knew what Goth was actually about and an engaging person but then she starts YouTube and you see she's just a poser and is just like these other cows. Why is it that these people get so much attention? Lazy people with crappy content that will only appeal to teenagers. Guess I answered my own question but I just find it interesting how EB, TT, Jake, Bishop, and these other various cows don't really have much of an actual Goth following for the obvious.

How is Jude "Transphobic"?

Ooooh I hope someone archived that video (most likely not, he's a nobody in the grand scheme of things) but seriously, he only did it because Angela did mention it and he doesn't want his fans to see the truth.

What other content would they do? They have shown they have no real interests lol.

It most likely was Angela. Adore is not a real Goth neither, she's just a cow like the rest of these Goffs.

Nah I understand you anon. Angela is not a god but she's a real, genuine Goth YouTuber and really the only one with a a decent sized following. Accumortis, Cadaver Kelly, Kai Decadence, Radically Dark, SkullGirdle, Cemetery Confessions, Rose Nocturnalia, and Country Fried Goth are great channels and are actual Goths who do care about the scene and share things relevant to it but they have no where near the amount of viewership Angela managed to build up. Not that there's anything wrong with that, especially since a lot of these people don't make YouTube their fulltime job and I still appreciate the times when they do upload but Angela is really the only actual Goth who is pretty known and it's good that we finally have an actual well known Gothtuber who is not a fake/poser like TT, Jake, Jude, and EB.

No. 878412

File: 1570654359823.jpg (Spoiler Image, 614.9 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20191009-225139_You…)

Kaya's neck is swallowing her choker. And she's still trying to make josephine happen.

No. 878415

From the PULL thread:

I don't like her anymore, I don't. She was coming off as a nice young lady who just wanted people to be kind, now I think she's a manipulated woman child. I don't know her history before youtube so I'm only going off what I've seen, through her videos and facebook posts while I was following her. Once she came back from being denied entry to the uk, she seemed different. But I feel she was just looking for a way out of her current living situation. I don't have screenshots unfortunately but, she tried pulling another e-begging stunt to get her back to Germany because while it was Mr Owl's birthday, she was a miserable sod who just thought about her own happiness. She quickly deleted that gofundme post when someone called her out for "begging". And when the post of her being in the new relationship hit fb, she couldn't handle the banter and took to youtube so her followers could put her in a hug box so she didn't have to face reality. She should've just made a private video/post to the REAL people that were a part of her life. She was told she couldn't enter a museum because of her over the top look and again took to youtube so they would harass them into apologizing to her. And she can blame her being goth for her being denied entry into the UK, when and where is that a thing? To be banned for your looks?? You only get banned from entry anywhere if you did something illegal or just that fucked up, some are saying she overstayed her visa or something, idk that at all and I don't have the know how to find that out, but her saying she was banned because of her gothness is bullsht. I saw nothing wrong with her ex husband Matthias, he seemed like a lovely young man. And yes it did come off to me as her using the marriage for residency, but again I can't confirm. In one of her old videos she talks about how many times she was engaged (multiple times) just gives me the impression she likes to keep a man or 2 as a backup with how fast she went from Owl to Matthias. She also needs to realize that the majority of her followers are tweeners and like it or not to any youtuber, you are an infulencer to your younger viewers and you need to act responsibly. Sidenote, she left a sour taste in my mouth when she admitted she was an onision fan (red flag). I see her as a conniving little shit yet says "Be nice to each other" as if that's her excuse to be an online idiot. HER MOTHER, a real piece of work, she needs to stop coming to her GROWN daughter's defense, and I'm certain she's the reason she acts as irresponsible as she is and thinks life is a fairytale. As soon as she was engaged to Matthias her mommy was arguing with people in the comments, she shouldn't have encouraged her daughter to get married so fast. The mother goes as far as to look for people commenting about owl and she responds about how unfunny and what a nobody he was, yet when the marriage ended and she was back with owl, suddenly she just spewed her venom at matthias (crazy btch) It's so discomforting how she goes from one c*ck to another so quickly, try being single. And I agree she has become a basic bitch, doing unboxings, reaction videos, reading hate comments, etc., get your own ideas like you used to. She's made a post about owls gf he had after they broke up trying to be a typical passive aggressive twat trying to say she was copying her look, when they look quite different, and acted like a wounded animal that people were rallying around her (again mommy stepped in to fight the internet) And back to her 'being mistreated for being goth' it comes with the territory, in one of her hate comment videos, she said she's glad she scares people….but then cries when she's refused entry, to any goth/alternative person out there, it's not going to kill you to turn your look down a notch. So picture this if you will; her saying "Good that's the point I like that I scared you" to her crying saying "I don't know why this keeps happening" while leaving the museum. She admitted to being "afraid of toothpaste" so she used children's toothpaste……and wondered why she had teeth shattering out of her mouth. She needs a good punch upside the head, and it's scary that she has so many followers that she uses more as an echo chamber than a fanbase. I tried watching her again and she barely uploads and they just turned into her gaining sympathy for her not wanting to upload. She needs to take a few years off the internet, but she wants those paypigs though. tl;dr, she's a crazy undisciplined spoiled brat who needs to grow up, and mommy needs to be put in a home.

No. 878452

has anyone else pointed out that the name of the anatomical skeleton in The Wallflower (manga about an agoraphobic horror enthusiast with low self-esteem who has a male harem move in with her and transform her into a beautiful goff qween despite her putting absolutely zero effort into the transformation and actively resisting their attempts to improve her life because she wants to be a lazy NEET all day instead) is also Josephine?

Now that I recount the plot of the comic, I realize why she relates to the main character…

No. 878457

File: 1570661833817.png (1.49 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191009-235652.png)

No. 878459

File: 1570661992276.png (1.15 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191009-235938.png)

No. 878465

Oh cringe. That makes all the sense.

No. 878467

I was about to refer to that manga when she posted about Josephine on ig, but thought it might be irrelevant to bring it up.

Maybe TT will be bold enough to e-beg for the other two spoopy mannequins, i.e Akira and Hiroshi.
It's pretty annoying to see these weebs wanting to live the animu life while other dummies pay for it.

No. 878478

I also can't stand EB and I keep wanting someone to bring her up. She disgusts me with how piggish she is, she delights in being gross. She thinks that she's edgy but she's just a short fat foul creature. She isn't remotely goth. Liking spoopy cliche witch and Halloween junk doesn't make you goth! I don't know how no one has called her out for this

No. 878497

File: 1570668464301.png (1.57 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191010-014722.png)

No. 878524

Long time watcher of these threads, especially altcows. I'm here for the toxic twosome with a side of black friday. I've been wanting to ask something but haven't wanted to deal with the "hi raven" comments that are sure to follow but why the heck not, I'll ask anyhow.
I keep seeing comments here and there about raven being the worst there is.I want to know why y'all feel like that because (no wk) I don't see it. I used to watch her back in her greasy fat days when she was more a cow than she is now. From what I see she doesn't do anything these other cows do. She was in a disgusting age inappropriate marriage that ended years ago. She was a debatably bad mom to her kid, and I say debatably just because her son was kinda a douche. So was his girlfriend. Logan wasn't anything special either. We can debate all day on how much of this is her fault but the point is she isn't in their lives and hasn't been for years. She doesn't ebeg aside from I think 3x that I personally remember. She's never called herself goth and she doesn't influence impressionable kids like tt and jakey do. Don't get me wrong I'm all for calling a cow a cow but with her I'm genuinely stumped as to why y'all give her so much credit and treat her like the top of the line when she doesn't even do anything close to what these other cows do, and anything that made her an active cow was years ago. Why even give her so much attention? She doesn't deserve it and I don't mean that in a because she's a good person way. I mean she's boring now. She married an age appropriate guy and they lived in a shack and there's a debate about if she kills animals or hoards them or just discards them with no proof like we ask for from everyone else. That's about all the milk I've seen lately and even that's reaching. She always seemed to me to be upfront about everything she did wrong and addressed everything she knew was said about her so I did always give her props for that at least. No hate, I'm genuinely wanting to know why she deserves the title of the worst or most hated cow. I didn't want to post this in her threat because I don't want to open it up for one question. I just decided to ask after seeing these comments on Emilys thing which tbh I'm glad to see because to me she's been a cow for a very long time. Her and Chuck Stegall need more posts here, as much as I love seeing what greedy selfish assholes the toxic twosome are, it's time for new stuff. And before you tell me to start it I have but no one cares. It's always back to the same cows and the same complaints kek

No. 878527

1. No1curr what some rando said on PULL
2. You could have posted a screenshot seeing as this is an imageboard instead of that wall of text, but alright I guess

No. 878529

when you know you're going out with ppl who will probably take candids so paint your neck to pretend you have a jawline instead of a thumb face. this must look hilarious in person.

he put up another lazy tik tok reaction video and definitely laughed but lied and said he didn't. might just be me but they weren't even that funny. someone in the comments said they were heartbroken he has a gf, lol.

No. 878533

Lmao, I KNEW he was gonna do that. So glad some of it was quoted here so everyone can know what he said.

No. 878541

Probably saw on the video analytics that views/clicks were coming from the vid being linked here in a previous post


Anybody have a mirror of the video?

No. 878576

Section of Jake Munro's deleted video where he hates goth


Can't watch it online but you can download it there

No. 878590

File: 1570687684357.png (224.44 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-10-10_07-01-42…)

He probably deleted it because of the sudden influx thanks to Angela's vid (l bet he heard of it too) and did some damage control.

On his social blade profile, it doesn't look like he lost any subs. A shame.

No. 878596

It's fiction brought to life! Well sorta… Kaya doesn't have a harem lol
Just switch harem for her Patreon supporters haha.

Exactly. Is she even remotely into actual Wicca or just pop Witch ala American Horror Story Coven edge girl? And I think the reason why she isn't called out or brought up all that much is because she doesn't seem to e-beg as much as the other two cows.

Thanks anon, much appreciated. He thinks he's slick but as they say, "the internet never forgets."

No. 878602

File: 1570693865046.jpg (671.63 KB, 1076x1417, Screenshot_20191010-034941_OGI…)

Leave it to Ho-dora to make mammograms slutty and taking selfies

No. 878614

Take it to the Raven thread. She's currently faking a pregnancy, has scammed a lady by selling her a sick dog she's falsely claimed to "rescue" and is generally neglectinv her pets, which ended in several of them dying. But she has her own thread, so take it over there.

No. 878615

Sorry but either you are Raven or have read very little about her. I've been following her since the beginning and everything you're saying there is no proof of THERE IS, from the cow's own mouth no less. You are absolutely wrong about her on all points. You say why give her attention but NO ONE here has? It's literally you bringing her up now that is giving her any attention

She's not even a horror enthusiast either, has admitted she hasn't even seen the classic horror films (I doubt she's seen many at all)

Nice obviously fake clip on bangs Ho-dora…

No. 878617

God this is so fucking pathetic

No. 878620

Kaya looks nice here imo. Jer makeup is fine, and her clothes look comfortable and well fitting. She always looks better in the more basic stuff than the oot shit she sometimes tries to pull off

No. 878622

What in God's name is Emily doing? She thinks she's a sassy black girl kek
I can't stand the way she pauses during her cringe "hello boobies welcome back

to my channel". I just want to smack her

No. 878625

I can't stand that either, I have to mute the video at the start just to avoid hearing it kek

No. 878627

anon it's clearly photoshopped

No. 878628

File: 1570710135602.jpg (974.77 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20191010_082112.jpg)

EB is another cow that steals tattoos. She copied the scissors from Rosie. Didn't she make a video in the past bashing people who stole tattoos?

No. 878629

I mean in fairness the scissors look a little different and the tattoo is placed slightly differently, but even so that's still quite the resemblance. Do you know how long Rosie has had that tattoo? I know EB has had hers for a while so I'd be curious who got it first…

Also what the actual fuck is up with TT and her skeleton? (I refuse to refer to it as Josephine) It makes her look fucking insane talking to/about it as if it's a real person. How is this any different to if she was pretending to talk to an imaginary friend on camera? It's fucking bizarre to me

No. 878632

Yea, it's the same with Voltaire and his "roommate", it's so weird to see them talk to a puppet.

No. 878633

File: 1570714092953.png (502.02 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191010-142654.png)

No. 878635

I'm torn, on the one hand I'm a firm believer that things like mammograms should be shown like this to help normalize it. On the other it doesn't do much when your market is lonely men…

No. 878644

I think the scissors on the cheek is a popular tattoo in general. I know multiple people with the same tattoo. They're hairdressers and barbers, though.

No. 878677

I know Jake and Kaya are quite awful, but part of me thinks that just maybe Kaya could work on becoming a better person if she kicked her crackhead-chav boyfriend to the curb. And maybe grow some self-esteem.

No. 878719

File: 1570729462235.png (264.01 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-10-10_18-39-29…)

I don't know if you remember Reverie, (mentioned in a previous thread for calling out ibf on her stupid banner saying she uploads thrice a week).
She commented again, beautiful, as usual.
Proud to see some people who have brains and represent the community well, and not by talking like a 12y.o and using curse words as punctuation to prove their (wrong) point.

No. 878735


Uh, the post I replied to and one before it both brought her up, so

No. 878737

i mean, they brought it up in the context of emily boo (who doesn't have her own thread but she and raven used to have a…correspondance? of some kind) but if you want to actually discuss who raven is or why people don't like her then there are extensive archives and a raven-dedicated thread in which to do so.

No. 878739

lolcow is for the discussion of internet personalities, not the random commentators on their Youtube. If you approve of her commentary, then respond on Youtube, but I don't understand why you're bringing this screencap here specifically to applaud this ~beautiful brainy goth girl~ unless you want her to get some kind of negative attention.

No. 878742


I've read everything. Which if you read my questions you'd see that I know what's said about her but not why she's considered the worst when there's people like Kaya and Jake and ibf out there. Ravens time as a cow was years ago, there's worse than her but she's always spoken of as the worst of the worst. That was my only question. If any of you have seen count chuckula for example, and he's been brought up once or twice, he's the definition of a cow. He starts trouble and attacks any and every one, runs and hides, and comes back to do it again. If you're even remotely alternative he hits on you. I was excited to see him posted but it didn't go anywhere. Like I said I thought she was a cow before but she's boring now and everything she did is irrelevant now, old news that's not even happening. I thirst for more fresh milk

No. 878750

Not wanting to attract any negative attention on her, just appreciated the fact that she called out two other cows.
I wrongly phrased my sentence, and actually meant that the comment itself is beautiful.
Also thought it was ok to post interesting comments, since it's often done.
Sorry if that annoyed you.

No. 878751

File: 1570733774228.jpg (493.28 KB, 1800x1800, New Phototastic Collage.jpg)

can we please talk about the fact that adora batbrat is literally 14 years older ta ibf but literally looks about 90,000,000 years younger?

No. 878753

File: 1570734540596.png (1.37 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191010-200850.png)

No. 878768

adora, we know you use photoshop and under all that makeup you look your age.

No. 878780

In person, her age SHOWS and not just slightly. All the layers of make up can’t hide it

No. 878784

Agreed. I've seen her IRL and her makeup cracks like plaster. It's a little grotesque actually.

No. 878792

I wonder if jake (who has now made three videos making fun of people on tiktok) puts down kaya for making for own videos. She even does the bopping thing every tiktok user seems to do

No. 878794

File: 1570741105917.jpg (25.47 KB, 354x295, baby j.JPG)

It comes to us all, anon. It comes to us all.

No. 878795

why the fuck does she have a busted lip??

No. 878811

File: 1570742711223.png (1.94 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191010-222355.png)

No. 878829

File: 1570744024714.png (1.35 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191010-224622.png)

No. 878830

File: 1570744048524.jpg (111.91 KB, 1280x720, 0zHVIgj.jpg)

Jake's fake jawline always reminds me of emiia fart

No. 878848

File: 1570745839282.jpg (564.71 KB, 1077x1032, Screenshot_20191010-181403_GBI…)

Any of you heard of kristianaoneandonly? She used to be an alright chick on YouTube. Then she started getting Instagram sponsorships, and not even a lot, and suddenly she turned into a huge bitch. All she does is advertise and cop attitude. She blocks anyone who doesn't gush about her accomplishments or how beautiful she is. I commented once to tell her that she should calm down because not everyone is against her, and the bitch blocked me. She blocked a bunch of my mates as well over nothing. One asked if she got her lips done, cause girl ain't fooling anyone

No. 878882

nah, it just reeks of selfpost whenever any anon in a thread specifically brings up a literal 'who?' in order to praise them.

No. 878883

>claims to have posted because her 'comment is beautiful'
>the screencap doesn't even show the full comment

No. 878886

File: 1570751433625.png (905.31 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191011-004924.png)

No. 878907

What is this update for? I'd think it's to let subs know she won't post videos cos of surgery, but she doesn't post anyway. She could take this opportunity to do a surgery/recovery vid for anyone having the same thing. But she'll probably just use it for a lyric in a quick "pity me song part 2" video before another hiatus.

Why do her fans not hold her accountable for that btw? Most of them like/d her for her videos. And now she does none with no explanation. No I won't count "pity me song part 1" with the plane crash. Ironically this pity-me update would be a legit explanation though.

No. 878912

it's makeup, she filmed herself applying the look for a new video. haven't watched it yet but this is the kind of content she should put out more of.

he is so insecure about it yet there's plenty of pix and vids out where you can see his lovely thumb head.

No. 878932

What a bait-y post, she made it look like she got beat up or something.
Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I thought you’re not supposed to eat or drink anything, including water, for like 8 hours before surgery because of the vomiting risk. Wtf is she doing sucking down energy drinks and hour before an operation?

No. 878963

probably because she isn't being put under. she's making it sound like she's having major surgery when really she's just at a GP's office having something cut off with a local.

No. 878978

It's probably a lipoma. They don't even need stitches.

No. 878998



>no receipts
>no milky images


No. 879004

Sorry if I missed it but where's judes first thread? The link says it's archived but goes nowhere. What makes her so special that her thread was removed?

No. 879020

I might be remembering another thread but I think it was corrupted somehow and had to be restored, but it could only be restored to a read only state.
Nothing to do with how special she wishes she was.

No. 879043

File: 1570794907524.jpg (60.58 KB, 415x463, 1931093801.jpg)

Yeah this chick is the lowest. She loves e-begging and milking any remotely tragic event in her life for attention. Her whole face screams "I had plastic surgery". She looks like Octomom to me. I bet parts of her body are fake too.

Silence. Be cunts to cows and not to each other. Anons needs to sage tho.

No. 879047

I don't understand why every little post of Kaya's stories is being posted, if it´s not milky. Granted they're saged, but who the fuck cares? We can all check our insta by ourselves. Please only post if milk/interesting in the slightest.

No. 879060

Everyone has been saying that for the past few threads. We're losong hope now especially seeing how much she defends him and how immature she is when it comes to conflict.

No. 879092


How does her face "scream plastic surgery"? Is being pretty a crime on these threads now?
Post some milk and shut up about these stale cows. When did this thread become a bitching post for insecure farmers? I thought this place was for actual milk? We all love milky gossip here, but some of you need to work on your self esteem issues instead of venting it all out here.

No. 879093

Is she really that bad? I was a fan of hers years ago, but now I only scroll through her insta somethimes, without checking captions, storys or videos.
I don't think she had any plastic surgery but the braces changed her face a little.

No. 879101

File: 1570809898345.png (1.3 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191011-170427.png)

No. 879111

None of this is milk. Having plastic surgery certainly isn't. Give us a specific example of shady shit or take your weird fixation elsewhere.

No. 879206

Braces only change the shape of your jaw, not the movement of your lips.. I used to be a fan of hers until her posts became all me me me. I still have a peek to see what she’s up to but there’s no milk. Not that I’ve seen, and I was following her well before her evanescence/skin walking amy obsessed stage.
She’s had work done but if that’s the only thing that’s going to be considered as milk, take it to the plastic thread.

Sage your shit if you’re only commenting to have a hissy fit

No. 879331

still drinking healthy alternatives. smh.

No. 879351

She's actually pretty milky but it's very hard to get screenshots because she's so fast to block and delete. She has a video in her ig about not judging her and she hasn't sold out. Her overall tone is extremely entitled and she's not at all grateful for her fans nor does she seem to remember what it was like to be at the bottom. She's definitely had her lips done and insists that she hasn't, and laughs at you then blocks you for asking

No. 879371

File: 1570874480317.jpg (203.73 KB, 709x1037, 20191012_205842.jpg)

Why have a close up of your infected face? Its fucking disgusting.

No. 879374


Its halloween makeup hun.

No. 879380

Fuck, these are two completely different faces. Something has been done to the lips and her cheeks have fillers.

Get your eyes checked if you like Wildenstein in progress.

Being dishonest about evident surgery in her face is milky af.

I've seen her recent videos, her complete face is oddly stiff compared to the old video, there is almost no movement in her face.

According to stories I heard Kristiana likes to collect freebies from brands, then she is never heard from again.

No. 879406

Again, you’re all posting what “you’ve heard” and no screen shots. Kristinas milk is just her plastic, as proof of milk, nothing more.
This whole thread is getting pretty pathetic with everyone posting bs without receipts. If if you don’t have anything solid, move it on.

And having cosmetic work done is “milk” for this thread. As I said, take it to the plastic thread as it’s going to be a pretty short and boring thing to bitch about

No. 879446

If anyone wants it someone posted that bit from Jakes video he deleted. https://www.flickr.com/photos/185015269@N08/48882944933/

No. 879449

kek @ the tag "fake American accent"

cheers anon! Someone needs to post it on youtube

No. 879469

If you post anything about his accent on his videos, he immediately deletes it or says that’s how he was raised. His old videos never sounded like that though

No. 879481

Honestly he's just very insecure. Why obsess over being defined by pop culture? He should focus on something that will improve his job prospects and maybe get some elocution lessons. Let's start by washing his mouth out with soap. Jake is a man child. I think he wishes he was cool….

No. 879528

Yeah in very old videos Kaya has on her channel with Fake he has the typical British accent. But Fake did a video on his accent saying it started young, American TV rubbed off on him. If that's true you'd have to be a 24/7 shut in for it to work. Why and how he sounds like an American doing an Aussie accent after doing YT for a few years is beyond me.

No. 879529

He reminds me of kelly eden, who fittingly jake has a crush on. She defines herself by what's trendy to get attention, and jake does the same. But he made the mistake of publicly hating goth before, to look superior cos he's a poseur. Now he looks like a fame whore hypocrite more than ever.

No. 879565

also IBF's makeup is unflattering. like TT she shaves off her eyebrows and draws them miles above where they naturally are which ages the face. I think she looked younger/cuter in her 'kylie jenner' video. but IMO looking younger is overrated anyway, and what I don't like about IBF's makeup is more that she does it the exact same way 100% of the time for years.

No. 879635


In this video you can hear his very typical Welsh accent lol

No. 879685

That's an English accent anon, he's not Welsh he just moved there. I think he puts on the weird American accent to sound more like Casey Neistat kek

No. 879713

File: 1570995606573.png (1.92 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191013-203908.png)

No. 879721

File: 1570997599126.png (545.68 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191013-204311.png)

No. 879729


So kaya and Jakes metal ass gaming account on patreon has 47 active donators but they aren’t making content? Surely that’s unacceptable and they should give those people their money back?

No. 879742

"stretched thin over out current projects"

What fucking projects?!

No. 879747

I remember her and yeah, I used to like her videos way back in the day when she filmed in low quality. She seemed down to earth and had a cool style though in hindsight, she was not a Goth, just alternative girl who was obsessed with Evanescence. She disappeared off the face of the internet (I think, I didn't use Instagram or Twitter or any of that stuff at the time but I know she disappeared off YouTube). It's sad to hear that she's changed into a gross person because I remember her being quite chill back in the day.

Oh wow… I have never seen a picture of her without makeup, she looks quite different. I don't remember seeing her e-beg on Youtube at least but yeah, I don't follow her on social media so I'm not surprised I missed some things about her. As for the surgery, whether she had it or not, I don't really care because it's their body.

Yeah I remember she wore brace and they can change lower face structure at the teeth align.

Eugh… I would say I hope they don't sell but we all know they will because of his gullible fans.

Maybe he's going through some sort of mid-life crisis where he's trying to be the cool kid he wanted to be in high school or something and thinks that because he impressionable teenage fan-girls fawning over him, he's becoming that cool kid lol. I'd say he's like Voltaire only not talented and not into actual Goth.

Yes time certainly flies.

I think what may have happened is the donators may have forgotten that they were still on the list maybe? Because yeah it's a waste at this point.

No. 879762

File: 1571009107329.png (1.58 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191014-002421.png)

No. 879836

youre drawing more attention to your fat arm that way, Kaya

No. 879839

File: 1571031791475.jpg (848.16 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20191014_014110.jpg)

Did you see what Ho-dora is up to now? What's up with that lump on her hip? In the second picture you can see how misshapen her fake boobs are. What a mess. I kind of wish she would get really fat so she wouldn't be able to pose naked anymore. Take that away from her and what does she have?

No. 879845

It takes a long time to cover yourself in clown paint every day!! Respect the craft!

He is packaging all that merch he sold, but not sure what Kaya could be doing that is time-consuming.

No. 879846

File: 1571035428525.jpeg (43.37 KB, 630x354, A8D72862-3C5C-49BB-A194-F76CA5…)

This is all I see.

No. 879847

Posting ass pictures is a new one for Adora, she used to restrict her lewds to boob pics.

No. 879848

He's been putting on a cringey accent for years, it's strange because Americans tend to love the novelty of an English accent, it's strange to put on an accent from an entirely different continent and claim it's because of exposure to US accents. Funny how this doesn't happen to everyone in the UK since most media they get is from the US.

No. 879862

kaya, this won't convince us you two have any sort of chemistry

p.s. nice attempt at covering the bingo wings, you both still look doughy as fuck

No. 879903

Dorian is doing ASMR now. Fucking cringe.

No. 880030

Yeah they should but it's not going to happen. They are greedy and lazy.

>like Voltaire only not talented and not into actual Goth
I'm wheezing

Who is the guy in the background? And what the fuck is she doing?

No. 880072

File: 1571088709801.png (1.51 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191014-223134.png)

No. 880083

He has the proportions of an Oompa Loompa, kinda ruins the edgy Johnny Depp Marilyn Manson thing he's trying to do

No. 880087

File: 1571090688301.png (817.25 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191014-230418.png)

No. 880090

File: 1571090913206.png (1.52 MB, 1279x1567, Jakey.png)

Samefag, had to do a quick phone scribble on it to demonstrate

No. 880096

File: 1571092385851.png (455.03 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191014-233235.png)

No. 880099

File: 1571092678188.jpg (218.81 KB, 1724x862, fM1kyJ4.jpg)

Does Jake the Fake have rickets? why does he stand so bow-legged? or is he just that short his legs bend like a babys?

No. 880101

Maybe he's weirdly topheavy, and his stumps can't support his bolbous torso. Or maybe he's trying to look tough? Getting his trollsquat on?

No. 880105

I'm betting on a combination of trying to look tough and also not wanting his fat thighs to touch because he'll look like a big assed woman

No. 880184

agreed, was afraid to say something and be accused of mini modding but they get posted without any commentary and i'm always like, 'ok and?' not everything needs to be shared from the gruesome twosome.

wah wah wah, life is so hard for you dude. just pack the stuff up and send it out, fuck he needs asspats for everything.

this is great, thank you. i get he wants to show the whole outfit but why he chose these angles is baffling b/c it makes him look even stumpier.

No. 880214

Not sure if any of you follow Mahafsoun or care at all about this. Mahafsoun is not really a cow but she did a bag with Avelina at one point.

Anyway in this video she talks about her stalker, or a guy who makes violent videos threatening her. At 14~ minutes through she said some guy who is relatively famous gave her stalker her phone number/address. At first I kind of wondered if it was someone else but the comments seem pretty sure it's Father Sebastiaan, a guy who makes vampire fangs.

No. 880249

“stretched thin” meaning packing and shipping shirts. Wonder how long it’ll take them. I feel like we will see an influx of “what about project abc.. when is (blank) video coming out?” comments haha

No. 880266

File: 1571123239979.jpg (571.43 KB, 1080x1356, Screenshot_20191015-030512_Ins…)

This fuckin nasty bitch. Why tf do people follow her?

No. 880283

That tracks. Father sebastian is a wannabe cult leader who's quite controlling.

No. 880286

Why the fuck would she post that? She's an adult woman with a child. A child who's classmates will be on the internet in a few years. That'll be fun for her.

No. 880300

He’s very controlling and self absorbed. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was hiim. Such a dick move if he did do it though and I hope she takes action against him. He treats all women like were supposed to be his play things, as long as you have enough clout, are hot enough and have purchased his fangs

No. 880335

Didn't IBF have him in one of her vlogs?

No. 880365

Fucking brilliant

No. 880366

Almost certain she got a pair of custom fangs at WTG or MeraLuna or some other festival in one of her ooold vlogs

No. 880418

File: 1571162309354.png (2.68 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191015-185803.png)

No. 880431

I found this documentary on Father Sebastian. Like most other vice stuff it's pretty cheesy. But he really does come off like a controlling bully.

No. 880450

Wow I didnt know he had his own vampire "clan". Definitely a wannabe cult leader.

No. 880461

Damn. I don't think thete's anything wrong with vampire roleplaying. Each to his own. But if one person tries to excert so much control over a group, that's pretty messed up and creepy.

No. 880480

He legit looks Hank's dad; Cotton.

No. 880486

Hahaha! Spot on!

No. 880556

Been meaning to watch this, but its 40 fucking mins long… Will give it a try, though.

No. 880568

He has his own “clan” and he’s released books on “how to be a vampire” with its code and rules. It’s based off of that book where it’s all about the power of wish.
You get to be apart of the clan if you’ve had his over priced fangs made, with a necklace that’s upgradable every year you’ve been apart of the “Sabre tooth clan”.
Oh and in his book of rules about vampires, there’s a section of “muses” which is just a heap over overly photoshop females with his fangs in. Gave me the creeps. It kinda felt like a serial killer showing off his trophies.
He honestly thinks he’s better than he his and is massively controlling.

No. 880770

I went to a few vampire balls including the main one in New Orleans I know quite a few people from the community. Spent time with sebastian as well. Seems a narcissist and over bearing. He may sell it as absorbing energy or some vampire stuff but he basically intensely stares at you and acts controlling and sometimes overtly a jerk. Many girls fall for his status (mostly self-implied) and magnetic vampirism (!) or some such, but most find out he’s a douche. Some laugh in his face from the start. Even when he has a serious girlfriend, he has no problems making advances on women.

I think there is actually milk about him. He’s a very divisive figure in the community. I’ve heard from multiple people He’s not welcome in certain circles, has even been beat up I believe. I didn’t get much detail but there is serious bad blood when it comes to this guy that you hear from multiple independent sources. People just don’t have something good to say it seems. But I don’t know how bad and how specifically he is bad. If any farmers have more detail maybe they can Share?.

I I know a few things about his background too. I think this part is interesting, even though I’m not sure milky per se. Even though the fang / vampire clan world seems like an alternative underground kind of thing sebastiaaaan comes from a well off family. his father is a tough, self-made businessman, and won’t leave anything to his children. He want them to DIY life like he did. his siblings have all been incredibly successful and made lots of money. So he has a huge insecurity about not having made his first million dollars yet, which apparently is a failure and his family. And his goal.

And to do so, his business - fangsmith and event organizer/promoter. The vampire balls they hold are cool but mainly because of the attendees. He doesn’t seem all that enthused, maybe it’s just a moneymaking thing for him. Last one I went he barely even watched any of the performers or visited with the guests, he actively scoffed at the best costume contestants standing right behind me, and after that went outside and spent the rest of the evening smoking outside and chatting with girls including mine (and I mean titties!!) even though I was actually asking him some relevant questions.

The event can maybe make money, they seem to clearly be cutting corners. It’s not nearly elegant. The merch included tshirt and tote bag, a black plastic rose (with no stem) but fake dew, a vial of vampire perfume which didn’t even attempt to be dark but was just plain ole plasticy soap scented, So bad, it must’ve cost a nickel. The attendees had amazing costumes and it was fun. But the organization doesn’t add much. So he must make money from these events and he will try to grow them and make them even more main stream/cheap and big. And hopefully get his million dollars and daddy’s approval. Maybe he’ll lighten up..

Sorry for blogpost. I just tried to put together what I know and it came out a bit wordy.

No. 880776

Jake is a mess. He doesn't like some goth fashion cause it doesn't look right on people thst are built? Jake hun, you're fat not built and you're short as fuck. He also claimed joy division is goth music?? He really is a fucking idiot. His music tastes seem. Stuck in the early 2000s,did he think Linkin Park and papa roach were goth too lol

No. 880777

File: 1571219574128.png (778.31 KB, 774x814, ik.png)

Wait a fucking second.
The girl from the catgirl mansion (>>>/snow/650320) is in this video. What a crossover, I didn't expect that.

No. 880786

Thank you, anon, it's refreshing to see new people being discussed. If you find any more milk on him - bring it here.

No. 880792

So chicks really spend 100 bucks for some scarecrow tier fangs to get abused by a cringelord? Embarrasing

No. 880795

I've seen lots of videos of Adora, filmed by her, or by others and I must agree IBF wins the old hag pokal still.

No. 880802

Oh yeah, and her and Voltaire were dating/fucking at one point. Double crossover.

No. 880829

She was once upon a time taken in to the project as a.. something. Promoter many? The cat girl things became a part of that worl a few years ago and she and sebastian dated. I believe he gave here the parrot she has? After words he has referred to here as "high maintenance" and was thrown of cat girls for a while. I also know she gifted him other cat girls. Unfortnuntly I have no hard evidence for that sins he just showed me pictures and vidios on his phone, and it is a few years ago.

The cat girls at the parties are referred to as "vampurs" and have quite a roomor of being spoiled as fuck and also have there heads up there own ases, by behaving rather poorly when they are about and about and believe they are better then everyone else.

I do believe there was a thread about here a year or so back, but j dont know if it survived. There was some milk on both here and sebastian in there.

He also thought another fang smith, cordelia (?) And there seams to be bad blood between them. But I mean that must be well over 15 years ago that happend. C was more active in Europe but after sebastian started to visit the feativala there frequently it seams like he disappeared in to thin air?

I've spoken to / hung with sebastian a few times. Ive seen this behaviour towards others, but not towards me, if that has to do with me being to ugly or the fact that I am not impressed by him what so ever I can not say.

No. 880843

I feel like most goths think this is some sort of accomplishment or something to brag about lmaoooo banging nasty lecherous musicians

No. 880845

Why are so many cows from well off families? Dorian, Sebastiaaaan, Manic Moth, Mai Magi…
Thank you anon for pointing out this new cow. The wannabe cult leader is definitely a creep worth watching. Is there enough milk for a thread?

No. 880848

Because they can get away with it. If you have to work all day and worry about rent there is less time for petty drama and self-indulgence.

No. 880863

I don't think Isabella is a goth, though.

No. 880866

you could try watching it at 1.25x speed. i watched the whole video a while back but i dont remember enough details to make an adequate summary.

>It’s based off of that book where it’s all about the power of wish
you mean 'the secret'? and yeah that does sound serial killer-y.

wow, this sebastiaan guy sounds like a really well adjusted fellow. does anyone else think the fact the fact he calls himself "father" adds to the cultyness factor? anyway, it's a good thing faroogh (mahafsoun) is no longer on good terms with him. better for her that way.

if any anons have more milk on him please share.

No. 880882

No, that definitely makes it more culty. But also just the way he directs his "clanmemvers" in the video. I don't know anything about that Isibella girl. But the way he tried to control her conversation with the documentarian raised some serious red flags.
At best he's a narcissist who retalliates against anyone who doesn't kiss hiss ass. At worst were talking cult here.

No. 880885

File: 1571245014850.png (25.96 KB, 512x249, 453245.PNG)

Stay the fuck away from "Father Sebastian" for your own good. Plenty of people/groups have made credible claims that he is a sexual abuser, including the Vampire Court of Austin.

No. 880886

Underage girls? Yikes, just when you thought it couldn't get worse. I'm also afraid to know what his "sacrifice" entails.

No. 880887

I just googled father sebastian… dude is not even good looking, wtf. saged for pointless sperging.

No. 880900

"Father sebastian" is hella milky along with don henrie and michelle bellanger, my original fav alt cows. sebastian always had a creep vibe to him at least in the documentaries I have seen.

No. 880905

This guy is not just a cow providing entertainment. He sounds like an actual monster. I have zero difficulty believing these accusations, given what I've seen of him. But does anyone have proof?

No. 880932

well rapists usually don't take selfies during the deed. unless his victims speak up in public we are unlikely to find any proof.

more details about don henrie and michelle pls

No. 880950

I meant "proof" as in first-hand accounts or specific things he did. But you're right. I could have phrased that better.

No. 880968

File: 1571260828640.png (1.92 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191016-221950.png)

No. 880986

Don henrie dropped off the face of the earth once he became a hippy. He went from being “king of the vampires” to completely bonkers. No one has been able to find any online presence of him since the whole fiasco with some hi aged mansion thing in Las Vegas run by that Eli Roth(?) dude.

FB has been a creep for years. His parties were nothing more than him going look what I can achieve. He treats his cat girls as if they are his toys and has never truely respected anyone. His custom fangs are over priced as shit, that’s why you also get a medallion as a part of his “clan”.
His books which are supposed to be his vampire code are based of vampire the masquerade and the book the secret. And like what was said, there’s always a section of women as “vampire muses”.

Would love know if anyone has any proof of his milk other than his cringe. I wish I kept his books but they were honestly trash. Was almost $80aus for overly shining, poorly written pos

No. 881006

File: 1571265033381.jpg (83.95 KB, 876x439, elbowsan.jpg)

Talking about underage girls, anons here are likely familiar with Elbow-san, Taylor's gross husband who is responsible for the 13 year olds featured in the Menclub online magazine, along with disgusting titles like "schoolgirls that we fxxed".
Sharing a hearsay story because it's the weirdest crossover, don't at me. Apparently Manicmoth is a stalkerish Taylor fangirl, for she went out of her way to defend Pedo-san to others when the scandal surfaced. She claimed the story is fabricated by PULL haters, Taylor is a poor victim, and totally not the nasty enabling trophy wife she actually is.

No. 881012

Yeah but she obviously associates closely with goths/probably hangs out in goth scenes bc I feel like in most places that weird fetishy bdsm and rp (vampire) shit is all kinds lumped in w goffs. That’s more what I meant, sorry.

No. 881060

he looks like a blue-haired version of that sadboi associated with jude. idk this song so can't comment on whether his 'cover' is good or not but dude still can't come up with his own content. totally failed on doing anything spooky for the month but puts shit like this and tik tok reactions out.

No. 881130

File: 1571283278399.jpg (26.74 KB, 541x400, Michelle_Sebastian.jpg)

Oh man, my favorite old milk…Belanger and Father Sebastian's fall out is legendary in the 'dorky larping goth' scene.

Additionally, Sebastian has long been outcast from the southern vampire scene for being a backstabbing SOB, especially with the NOLA vampires.

No. 881150

I haven’t heard of this. Bring the milk please and if anyone has the new creepy stuff, post it

No. 881174

How was he a back stabber? Do share

No. 881201

Give us the details of their fall out, plus Sebastian's backstabbing stories.

No. 881202

Please share the milk. It's good to have a new cow.

No. 881214

Voltaire being a lecherous sleaze at his fiancé at the 6:50 mark. Also major cringe.

No. 881216

So not milk at all, bit Ree Ree is working on a video with her ex as per her IG story.

No. 881313

At this point, seems like these two never grew up from high school and are still acting childish.
Both “divorce” because reeree wants her tattooists dick, mr Phillips then gets with some chick from twitch, both remove all evidence from social media and now they’re back together making content. You just know these two will get back together, say they made a mistake and will be stronger than ever. Then reeree will have one if her break downs again. Kinda pathetic at this point . Not the first time it’s happened either

No. 881404

I thought that wasn't so bad. Until the ending. Not milky at all but definitely cringe.

No. 881650

Most of the video was decent. But that ending…….

No. 881652

>Both “divorce” because reeree wants her tattooists dick
What a stupid thing to say. None of us really know everything that happened between them. Also how do we know that them making a video together means they're back together?

No. 881678


She clearly states EX husband in the insta story… So doubt they are back together if shed put that.

No. 881954

Thats nice. Pity she's a cunt of a human being.

No. 882019

Jake uploaded this Q and A where he talks about "goth" and "elitism" and holy shit.

First he says he "didnt even know what he was doing was goth" when he was a kid, he just like the villains fashion from Disney movies so thays how he would dress.

Later someone asked for advice for baby bats and he says just to "ignore elitists" because "elitists" will see you as a target for their pedantic authoritarianism and that they will bully you into acting a certain way or dressing a certain way or listening to a certain type of music that you might not actually like in order to be accepted as a goth. He also says "no one has to accept you but yourself, and no one can tell you what you are or are not". Oh yeah, and he called "elitists" subculture bullies.

No. 882024

He looks like a bluhaired hobo in this video thumbnail

No. 882029

Even his lie about being goth fresh out the womb is about clothes, he's one of those vapid people who thinks it's just the fashion. Not uncommon with people who find out about it on social media because it's very visual. Idk how Fake Munro found it but now he's helping his "snacks" be just as vapid using his social media.

No. 882059

She has done this 3 times now. Twice before they were married and once whilst they were married.
It also has to be 1 year of not living together to be classed as “separated” and then they can file divorce, being officially divorced.
You’ll see, in a few months time he will pop up more and then she release another sob story and delete it a few months later.

As for who left who first, reeree left first and then quickly announced how she was with the tattoo artist saying it was for the better. So yeh, everyone that’s been following her since she first popped up online knows how’s this story goes and has done so since their high school years. Nothing new

No. 882060

Love it! Fake Munro! Anyway, if Angela’s video didn’t open people’s eyes about how much of a douche he is, nothing will at this stage and then we’re going to see more “goths” like jake

No. 882065

i feel like he's come out with a couple different explanations of how he came to dressing alternative, and it's always like, 'i had no idea x was a thing'. fair enough, ppl can wear lots of black and not be goth or know that's associated with goth, but he acts as though he's invented things that existed long before he did.

No. 882077

He acts like he doesn't have a choice whether he's goth or not. He acts like someone is pointing a gun to his head saying he has to call himself that because he wears black or something.

And maybe it's becsuse other people (according to him) called him goth in a derogatory way when he was younger, which is probably true because that's something that people do. But there are people who get called satan worshippers because of the way they dress, does that mean they are that and they have to call themselves that? No. Of course not. And other satan worshippers wouldn't call them that either.

No. 882082

Even before that, he would call himself emo and then cyber goth once kaya started to dress cyber goth. He knows what he’s doing, the cunt is just back tracking because of the video he put out saying he hated everything that IS goth

No. 882117

He literally looks like he has NO TEETH! Why does he think that's a good look?

No. 882124

'Sebastian' is actually Todd Hoyt, fyi.
She was friends with Todd, going so far as to call him her brother. When they broke off their friendship, she not only bad mouthed the sick fuck, she claimed he stole her material (which she stole from various role playing games, creating a black hole of copyright infringement).

She wrote about it in her livejournal, and then proceeded to heavily edit the complaints. This is the post in its unedited entirety:

"This post is an open letter intended to reach all of you in livejournal land and beyond. I am hoping that as many of you in the vampire community as possible stop by to read this. For those of you not interested in vampire politics, I suggest you just move along, or simply read this for curiosity's sake.
Since late 1998, I have worked with Father Sebastian Todd. Our initial partnership began after my work was plagiarized in his Vampyre Almanac 1998-1999. The material plagiarized was originally published in the 1997 Monolith Graphics Art Calendar. I touch upon this in my book, The Psychic Vampire Codex, but at Sebastian's insistence, left out the specified incident of plagiarism because he did not want to look bad.

At the time, Father Sebastian alleged that he had no idea who sent him the material. As reparation, he offered to have me write for the next Almanac – without pay, of course. To this day, I am certain that Todd himself plagiarized my work, and this knowledge in part influenced my decision to work with him on future projects.

This may seem counter-intuitive, but I had been plagiarized before, and as a relative no-name, I had discovered just how hard it is to call someone to task for intellectual theft. I felt that if I worked with a known plagiarist, at least I would have some say in how my work was presented and I would be much more likely to be able to keep my name attached to that work. In later years, another factor that kept me working with Todd was the fact that I could influence him to be less destructive to the community – my revisions of the black person Veil are a sign of this, as Todd's version that first appeared on the Sanguinarium website was criticized by many as reading like a bad rehash of The Traditions of the Masquerade. It was.

Last week, after many long and eventful years, my House and I decided to bring our association with Father Sebastian Todd to an end. For multiple infractions that have built up over a span of years but have specifically reached a head over the past 8 months, Father Sebastian Todd is no longer an ally of House Kheperu. Subsequently, he is no longer someone who can use our name, reprint our work, "borrow" our ideas, or otherwise continue to enlarge his own projects with our creativity, inspiration, or reputation.

First, I want everyone to understand that this was not done lightly. Ever since I first started working the Father Sebastian Todd in 1998, I have had various people approach me and warn me not to work with him. More people than I can count have approached me over the years with complaints against him and reasons for why our association should end. Until recently, I never felt there was sufficient evidence for such a drastic move. However, over the course of the past year or so, a number of events, incidents, disagreements, and issues have built to a point where the cessation of his ally status was inevitable.

When the infractions are based on material reported to us by another, be assured that we have acquired the text of letters, IM logs, chat transcripts, and other primary evidence to back up each individual's claims. Furthermore, the individual infractions are not limited to single incidents but represent a repeated pattern that cannot at this point be resolved. The material we have on file will remain private as it contains peoples' names and we have no desire to spread further drama and recriminations throughout the community. Just understand that by our exacting standards, it is more than sufficient to prove each case.

Here are the main points that inspired this radical decision:

Primary Infractions of Father Sebastian Todd:

Stating that House Kheperu is sponsoring events without first gaining permission from the House. Further, not even notifying House Members that we were supposedly sponsoring the events

Presenting himself under a known alternate ID as an ally of House Kheperu to other houses and then implying or outright stating that House Kheperu supports the issues and/or policy changes he is attempting to enforce in said houses.

Reprinting material from members of the House in his publications without first acquiring permission to do so. (plagiarism)

Frequently taking ideas and partial writings from the House for reprint in his own publications without proper attribution. (intellectual theft)

Misrepresenting concepts, ideas, and teachings from House Kheperu.

Attempting to recruit an established member of House Kheperu. Furthermore, attempting to use sex to do so, via a third party.*

Misrepresenting House Kheperu and/or its members to potential members and other individuals within the community.

Ordinarily, when someone becomes an ally or loses that status, we treat it as a private matter. It is only because of the very public identity of Sebastian and the widely known nature of our association that we make this a public matter on our boards. For the sake of peace in the community, we do not wish to debate the matter further.

We also wish to take this time to apologize to anyone in any order, coven, or house who has been approached by Todd, a member of House Sahajza, or its affiliates using our name. If any person claiming to be abbon of House Kheperu has attempted to inform you of our opinions or policies, they had no right to speak with our voice. They did this without our knowledge or our consent.

House Kheperu has no interest in dictating policy to other houses or individuals. If someone attempts to tell you what to do, using our name to back up their credibility, they are abusing both us and you.

If you run a vampire-related House, Order, or Website, please reprint this letter in its entirety. I am especially distressed to learn that Todd frequently used my name and the name of House Kheperu in private correspondence to lend credibility to his claims and demands. He never had permission to do this. If he has run an event and our name has been attached to it, he has never even asked if he could use that name. Some abuses I can tolerate when it's for the good of the community, but too many of the liberties he has taken with us have hurt the community I love.

–Michelle Belanger

*Ordinarily, we have no problem with our members joining other organizations. It is the fact that Sebastian has railed against other individuals who have sought to recruit his members that we take this into consideration at all. Our members can come and go as they please, but we feel that by Sebastian's own standards, a concerted effort to draw them away represents a serious insult to us and our House."
All of this was from her encyclopedia dramatica page. He has one too.

No. 882126

Yeah ignore the music that the subgenre is literally based around…

No. 882132

jfc father sebastian is a crazy bastard. belanger's ed page is fucking cringe in general:

She says her name is French for "beautiful angel" to reinforce her claim that she is a living decedent of the Nephilim race, but there are no sources that confirm this. Sure, bel is beautiful and ange is angel, but her name isn't spelled Belange (even though she lies and says that's how Belanger is pronounced). She is the only member of her family to boast that this is the actual translation. It's more likely an English (or even Germanic) name than French. Also, only hack-job amateur genealogists will give you the "beautiful angel" crap. The name probably originated as Beringer if it is indeed French, which means "strong as a bear". Most sites online will tell you this bit of information. Notice how any mention of angels is absent.

dressed like villains from disney movies hahahah. jake doesn't understand gothic isn't the coked-up cosplay he's into.

stupid if she did, she unintentionally outed herself to be lurking on pull.

No. 882135

File: 1571487332931.jpg (42.6 KB, 566x400, Don_sebastian2.jpg)

lulz pic from encyclopedia dramatica for the meme anons.

No. 882140

There's an encyclopedia dramatica article on him? oh man I need to check this out

No. 882152

I wonder why she edited it later. Maybe to not piss him off, but what is he gonna do? He's the one who plagiarized and what not.

No. 882153

Unleash his army of followers on her?

No. 882160

Why is he so mad at """elitists""" though, who hurt him? Did someone give him concrit?

No. 882276

File: 1571508671039.png (1.43 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191019-191000.png)

No. 882281

Mate no one gives a shit….

No. 882306

File: 1571513608597.png (586.73 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191019-203247.png)

No. 882307

File: 1571513663435.png (865.11 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191019-203219.png)

No. 882313

what's up with cows saying that they "always dressed like that" and "didn't even know what goth was until…" as if 1) we don't know it's a lie (i.e. IBF) 2) it somehow makes them superior 3) internet or local goths aren't a thing

No. 882358

To be fair, when I first started developing my own sense of style, there was no internet. And in the small town where I lived goths really weren't a thing. But I'm also very old. I'm pretty sure Jakey can't make the same excuse.

Also, nobody can claim to be "goth from birth." You can't know about the music if you're a baby.

He can certainly know about the music now though, so why still call himself goth if he knows better?

No. 882406

Iuno about this. Most people born from 80 to 1990 (maybe till 95), their parents were playing shit like the cure. Here in Australia anyway, that’s all we had! That was THE music to listen to and it was different. For us it was called goth, and most called it punk and then moved on to the next big thing. We went from rock and roll to stuff like the cure and loved it because of the film clips.
To say “born into goth” may not be literally born into it, but if his parents are my age, there’s a bloody good chance that he was thrashed with 80s music and not knowing what it was. That’s why he says he hates it. But you still can’t trash a genre and say you’re apart of it

No. 882429

Anon do you even know anything about Jake at all? He literally considers goth to not be about goth music and openly said he hates goth music, and says that anyone who thinks goth is about the music is an elitist cunt and pedantic authoritarian bully. Therefor even if he did grow up listening to The Cure (doubt it) it wouldn't make him goth in his own eyes.

"coked up cosplay" is the best description of Jake's style I've ever heard.

No. 882536

File: 1571573811441.jpg (514.55 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20191020-081358_You…)

Now that Emily has had a falling out with annoying friend #1, she replaced her with much more annoying friend #2. This fat bitch always acts like a fool on camera. Speaking of fat bitch, why are 99% of EB's friends so damned huge? This is a repeat vlog of yet another group of whales making a scene in public, cue Emily talking about having to take a shit as always.

No. 882550

I just watched that part and it was disgusting, fat friend showing off her huge belly and ass. Like attracts like I guess

I'm curious what went down with annoying friend #1. they seemed pretty close for years, even got matching friendship tattoos, then all of a sudden they fell out and don't hang out with each other anymore. I wonder if it was something as dumb as her friend wanting the same hair colour as Emily kek. Wouldn't surprise me at all since she changed her blue hair because everyone else in her town now sported it and she didn't feel schpecial enough

No. 882632

Because cows need a whale friend to feel better about themselves. Psychara has her fair share of fat friends, Manicmoth has a fat friend too. It seems to be a quite tell-tale sign to me.

No. 882634

fyi Valentin Winter is a supporter of Father Sebastian.

No. 882650

File: 1571604483957.jpg (736.07 KB, 1074x1232, Screenshot_20191020-164810_Ins…)

I have a friend who said she heard Emily just got too big for her britches so to speak. Notice as her views went up, her makeup and hair changed and she suddenly adopted the "sassy black girl" personal. And have you seen her wannabe modeling pics lately where she just looks constipated while trying to look sexy or edgy? Now she thinks she's some huge star and only wants to hang with people who can either make her look good or who worship her. Her old friend didn't treat her special so she had to go to make way for people who treat her like something special even though she's not goth, she's barely alternative, and if it wasn't for snog marry avoid no one would even know who she was. She's a trend hopper fake followed by nothing but posers and the fact that she thinks so highly of the toxic twosome is more than enough proof of her character. She's like IBF as well in that she plays nice on camera but on her own profile she slags off everyone. I was on her private profile many years ago and confronted her about some shit talking she was doing and she blocked me right away.she's nasty inside and out and her "fame" has gone right to her stupid ugly fat midget head

No. 882668

File: 1571609482874.png (1.41 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191020-231042.png)

No. 882726

Tbh, she doesn't strike me as a cow. Her personality can be a bit annoying at times, but she seems pretty laid back and happy, and for me, doesn't display any typical cow behaviour. Regarding their weight, couldn't give two flying fucks. Contrary to toxictears that's always whinning about it, they all seem to own it and be pretty confident and happy in their own skin.

No. 882738

I really don't know much about EB, maybe she's not a cow, but she seems like a gross and obnoxious person (I've only ever tried to watch 2 of her videos and stopped because I found her so annoying).

It's always weird to me how anons will root for Kaya in spite of her shitty behaviour and defend EB but are weirdly vitriolic towards Reeree whose only crime is that she's a bit boring.

No. 882741

The only thing that EB doesn't do that the others do is ebeg. I don't know why the pig always gets a free pass

No. 882747

That's because Reeree is pretty lbr

No. 882755

I also have no problem whatsoever with ReeRee. EB not only does not e-beg, but also she's not afraid to give bad reviews to a shop if the service/quality was shitty. I don't see her victimizing, acting like an elitist cunt, nothing of the sort. I can see that she can be loud and maybe a bit disgusting to some people, but to me, that doesn't qualify her as a cow.

No. 882778

>EB doesnt act like an elitist cunt
Anon which if these cows DOES act like an elitist cunt? The only time that term has been used is by Jake when he gets assblasted by people saying you have to like goth music to be goth which isnt cunty at all. And we all know he's talking about Angela, who is a really nice person, nicer than he'll ever be.

No. 882787

Our definition of a cow differs then, because her attitude, grossness, shunning old friends as she gains popularity (and she's said in one of her videos that she is picky about who she becomes friends with because she doesn't want anyone gaining attention from being her friend. She has to be the most popular one), her bad tattoo choices and constant lasering, shopping for junk and then selling it without even wearing it, hoarding every spoopy witchy thing she can get and pretending to be goth when she also doesn't (and never has) listened to Gothic music. Her manners are horrific, burping and taking pictures of herself on the toilet, talking about her nipples and hairy legs and bodily functions like anyone cares. Her acting black! Her disgusting diet of chocolate, crisps, alcohol and soda from first thing in the morning. What else? She's as much a cow as any of the others.

No. 882788

My bad for the double post. I clicked post just as I remembered what I was going to say. The fact that she has to look as over the top as possible or else she won't even get out of the car. That's like IBF. She shares so much with these other cows. She has to be alternative looking and have colored hair or else she literally has a panic attack kek. Not even IBF is that bad from what I have seen

No. 882824

File: 1571659567134.jpg (23.02 MB, 728x408, qmcYK1s.jpg)

I agree anon. Sure she doesn't e-beg (yet) and will give bad reviews for companies (although she admitted to false advertising for brands she was sponsored by, so not very honest is she) but she's definitely still cow material. Someone posted this gif of her at a meet up on an older thread, it shows her disgusting behaviour in public

No. 882830

Reeree is friends with Angela but is also friends with Jake and Kaya. That must be awkward for her. Womder if it ever causes conflict or tension.

I also wonder what Voltaire thinks of Jake.

No. 882851

Look at us being friends guys!

No. 882913


Disgusting behaviour? She's running and dancing.

No. 882921

They ran up to a group of people who was not with them and doing their own thing (I think singing) and basically took the piss - dancing by them, singing, and Emily grabbed one of them there too.

No. 882999

File: 1571690631120.gif (2.64 MB, 522x428, ezgif.com-video-to-gif.gif)

Kaya is so socially awkward she can't even make eye contact with her camera while saying her intro

No. 883030

There are articles on all three of them and some other alt cows from back then like memory and dream, pink spider and johnathan the impaler (thats how he spells it).
From what I remember-don henrie has some weird fetishes like listening to people poop, claimed to be dating a black girl which he said meant he could say the n word (the girl wasn't black) pretty much acted like a big tough guy on the internet. I saw him in mad mad house where he claimed to drain a persons energy making a contestant almost pass out ergo proving hes a "real vampire", but its claimed he just put pressure on some of the blood vessels in their neck which apparently has the same effect.
Also he gets triggered if you talk about his lopsided nipples.

I feel like these guys are the original altcows and I kinda miss the stupidity. To add to other anons posts about bellanger apparently she also tried to take over a friends band (video related) also warnings for major bellanger henrie cringe (they are both in the video) for anyone who hasnt already see it.

No. 883054

Yeah Kaya is hella awkward, she used to seem less awkward on camera, I wonder if sinking deeper into her neet lifestyle has made her that way.

Lmao this is gold.

No. 883055

This makes me so angry. I hate people that do shit like this. Do you know what thread this was posted on?

No. 883058

File: 1571695564252.png (1.96 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191022-000530.png)

No. 883062

That's fucking priceless. What a sad sack bunch.

No. 883155

Not that anyone cares or asked, but here is a brief summary of Herb's latest video

>says youtube won't give creators the raw statistics anymore, will just tell them if they're doing "good" or "bad"

>will say that your video is getting recommended but not clicked on
>will promote topic videos, typically more controversial ones (like her ones about her ED, heroine, aspergers etc) so they will get more traffic but also get demonetized
>YT doesn't promote other types as much (like vlogs) but won't demonetize them so she actually makes more money off those
>YT also promotes drama videos more, so those have been more popular lately
>YT demonetizes LGBT videos and videos with FX makeup (fake blood/wounds) but doesn't demonetize questionable "kid's" videos
>says all of this is making her feel extremely negative/depressed like she did a decade ago

I might have missed a few small things, but that was the meat of the video.

No. 883174

You right, no one cares or asks, but at least your summaries mean we don't have to sit through herbs self pitying videos, I dont know how you do it anon.

Out of interest does she actually make money on youtube? Also she was shit stirring for a while a few months ago, so its rich of her to complain about negativity kek.

No. 883194

Herbs and alters surely does ok out of you tube.
Even if she gets totally demonetised she will do fine, don't forget she is on sickness benefits(not exactly peanuts when you don't have to pay rent, bills and probably get free food and use of a car!) and has plenty of family involvement and support generally.
If her home life was bad she'd mention this in videos I think, she has shared every other detail of her insane story of addictions,mental illnesses and transtrending.
So she acts all self pitying in this new one? I won't torture myself watching it..WTF does she have to whine about? Easy life x a million, having a well-off, supportive family like that.

Not a fan of EB but I find her more tolerable than herbs, IBF or the toxic twosome.
EB is loud and tacky and shills for cheapo wigs and whatever else but she does work a normal FT job in a bar and AFAIK doesn't e-beg.

I didn't like the fact that she stated in a recent video that she made a shit wig look better than it was in order to give it a positive review. I respect her honesty but misleading her fans isn't on. Especially as both her and her husband work so it isn't like they'd be out on the street without YT cash.
To me, e-begging and self pity are the cardinal cow sins.

No. 883203

sage goes in the email field. hover over the 'Anonymous' for my post and see what I mean. typing the word sage in your post does nothing.

No. 883210

>listening to a certain type of music that you might not actually like in order to be accepted as a goth.

Fucking pissant. Because of course it makes sense to call yourself something that has a meaning and it doesn't apply to you. Shut the fuck up with this nonsense. True Goths do not judge newbies, they don't judge people on what they're wearing or what their background is in. The only requirement to be Goth is to listen to the music. You can listen to other music too but if Goth music is not included in that collection of music then why call yourself Goth? Jake is an idiot and his fans who seriously take that advice are in for a rude awakening. Yeah you can call yourself whatever you want but don't be upset when those involved in the scene don't take you seriously or think of you as a Goth because you don't like or have some enjoyment for the music.

But see, even if you do discover Goth through the internet, you can still find what it's truly about, that's how I did. That's why people like Jake piss me off.


I didn't know he used to call himself "emo" or "Cyber goth" but that certainly puts things in perspective. He's just a poser who will clamor onto anything to get attention.


It's because actual Goths don't think he's Goth. That's why he has a chip on his shoulder because of the fact that while he can fool normies or teenagers, real goths see right through him and either ignore him or call him out. I think he especially has this issue because of that livestream he did back in 2016-2017 where he pissed off a lot of Goths in the chatroom saying he thought Goth music was shit and that the fans of that music were cuntbags.

And now we have people being a little more vocal about their feelings about him. Angela Benedict with her Q&A video, that girl who made a video talking about how he's a poser and a potential creeper towards underage fans, I even saw a comment left by Kai Decadence who sorta shared what he though of him. So yeah, it's not surprising that he has a chip even though what they're saying is true.

No. 883212

Yeah that's something that always annoys me with these people. They act like we're stupid. That we don't see through their BS of "always looking this way". Like dude, it's okay to have come into the alternative later in life, most of us did. Why lie?

> Also, nobody can claim to be "goth from birth." You can't know about the music if you're a baby.

Exactly. Unless your parents or family members listened to Goth music and played it around you, you can't be a Goth at birth or in childhood and it's perfectly fine. It's a journey.


Pretty much the same reason why Kaya still does it even when she's not a Goth. It's for attention.

The Cure isn't a very good one to go by because not all their work was Goth and most of the time, I see older folks who aren't Goth but still liked the Cure, they mostly mention their love for their pop songs. So personally, I don't really think The Cure is a good hallmark anymore. Now if say the parent was playing Bauhaus, Specimen, Christian Death, Virgin Prunes, or Danse Society for example (as they were popular within Goth in the early 80s) then I would be more inclined to go "Oh yeah, you definitely grew up on Goth" but most of the time, people just list off pop songs by the Cure and follow it up with bands like Duran Duran, A-HA, Pet Shop Boys, and David Bowie (pretty much 80s Pop/New Wave).

Birds of a feather flock together I guess?


I think the main reason why EB was considered a Cow was because just like the toxic twosome, she's a believe that Goth isn't about music and that being dark and spoopy makes you goth. Obviously Goths will find her to be a joke but yeah she's not as bad as some of the others mentioned here, I'll give you that.


Part of me likes ReeRee and another part of me is indifferent to her because I can't help but feel like she has nothing else going for her except for her look. Like she doesn't have any interests outside of makeup and fashion. Also because she was another one of those Goth = Dark & Spooky people.

No. 883220

Reeree is prettt interested in music. Most of her insta stories are about music and she periodically makes videos about music. Its metal though, but she stopped calling herself goth, just alternative, so theres that.

No. 883221

“ But see, even if you do discover Goth through the internet, you can still find what it's truly about, that's how I did. That's why people like Jake piss me off.”

His “reasoning” is that no one told him what goth music was and that Spotify didn’t exist back then. Like, seriously? I’m only 5 years older than him, when I discovered goth, Wikipedia, YouTube, and iTunes didn’t even exist yet but I still figured it out because I had a genuine interest in it.

Sage for personal rant.

No. 883229

Just because she doesn't ebeg and isn't "as bad" doesn't give her a free pass. She's still a cow and even more so after seeing her act like a cock in that clip someone posted

No. 883233

i swear she's into harmony nice's witchy channel. copy the eye makeup much? yesch…. kaya get an original idea for once. can't stand her!

No. 883241

File: 1571747005255.png (1.14 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191022-142321.png)

No. 883242


If she did watch Harmony Nice, she might know atleast one thing from the Witches Moon unboxing.

No. 883243

File: 1571748518189.jpg (50.66 KB, 720x697, FB_IMG_1571748547376.jpg)

Just came across this.. great new thread template

No. 883244

I have to agree with her on this, as I think most of us will. When will we get a fucking decent alternative brand with quality, that doesn't cost 300 euros, like newrock? It´s been this way since I began dressing alternative in the 2000´s. Raven, demonia, SDL, punk rave… I suppose lip service had alright quality. These new brands are exactly the same, dark in love, killstar, even older brands like hell bunny… The style is right, the prices are huge and the quality is dreadful.

No. 883246

Lip service had terrible quality. Especially their PVC stuff. And was very expensive as well. I think people are just sort of nostalgic about them. I do agree though. But good goth clothing has always been expensive. You either make quality items for a neiche audience, which means smaller batches and more expensive materials. Or you make cheaper stuff that appeals to a larger audience. Fast fashion versus investment pieces. It's the same for goth as it is for any fashion genre. That's why there's such a tradition of thrifting and DIY in the scene.

The problem is influencers (like IBF and Kaya) claiming it's great quality when it really isn't.

No. 883247

Is it me, or has Dorian become increasingly full of herself lately. She used yo at least be self-depricating, which made her a lot more easy to stomach. But she's really had her head up her own ass the last few months.

No. 883249

it really isn't. And Jake is featured under "expectation" when he's a fat ugly poser troll

Yes I don't like EB but it is good to see a slightly "bigger" YTer calling out Shillstar. Seems a bit redundant though as she said she'll still shop with them

No. 883262

I didn't own much by them, and everything I had was second hand (LS), but the pieces I did own were of decent quality. The problem with goth fast fashion is that it is expensive, and the quality is shit. At least with mainstream street fashion you can decent prices, and alright quality.

No. 883266

Kayas latest video (is a goth reacts video, clearly taken inspo from Jake after his recent spike in viewings) hasn’t even reached 5k views and it has been up for a day. She is so, so boring. Her language is like that of a teenager, nothing interesting or even descriptive, at one point she says “I like the haunted house thing.” YouTube is quickly not becoming a viable career for her and she and Jake need to cease their patreon account for metal ass gaming considering they don’t post content anymore and are just stealing from people.

No. 883268

You're right. It's "decent." I own a pair of (secondhand) boots by them. They're pretty okay quality. But they would not have been worth the original price. IBF especially always goes on about how "amazing" their quality is.

No. 883273

File: 1571758632204.png (836.71 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191022-173619.png)

No. 883282

File: 1571760540258.jpg (76.2 KB, 988x165, Screenshot_20191022-120742_OGI…)

Now she's calling herself nugoth and grunge goth kek. She's been taking lessons from Jakey making up subgenres to get the most attention

No. 883287

I own 3 pieces by killstar, one dress and pair of earrings that I got on sale for like 30 usD, and a pair of boots I got for 40 usd on poshmark. The earrings and dress were great quality as are the boots. It was a green velvet dress. That being said, great quality for the discounted price, and mediocre for the full prices. I also hate that killstar usually has its logo name very noticeably on its items. I find it very tacky, and only look for items without that. Fast fashions many problems are apparent. From a purely aesthetic point: many of these brands like killstar, blackcraft and others are very trend oriented and directed at an edgy teen and young adult audience. This makes it so their clothes tend to be very dated very quickly,splattered across with lots of graphics like pentagrans and ouija board planchettes etc, which tend to look juvenile af. For the money you are spending, only a few of their pieces are going to last and not look dated in 5 years. The whole killstar-coven-pentagram-nugoth clothes covered in planchettes and symbols is going to look as ridiculous in 5 years as cyvergoth plastic dreadlocks look now.

No. 883289

that isn't adhd but go on

No. 883318

Hey, at least she's exploring explanations for her many, many issues. Now if she were to get herself diagnosed so she can develop a xoping strategy…

No. 883332

I own a Killstar purse that cost about 45 euros iirc. The zipper on the back pocket went out of business in like the first week of light use, the rest has been fine so far (thankfully)

No. 883420

Yeah she hasn’t been diagnosed because she refuses to go to a shrink.

No. 883426

>Dorian become increasingly full of herself lately.
>the last few months.
kek try at least the past few years, its just become more obvious now.

No. 883440

Ah okay, well that's cool that she stopped calling herself Goth since it didn't apply to her. And right, she's a big metalhead. I guess there's that. She should talk more about it whenever she comes back.

No. 883444


Nobody cares what you own from killstar

No. 883456

I'm so sorry my comment didn't adhere to your standards, thankfully yours was full of substance and made up for it

No. 883562

File: 1571801767534.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1624, 048484F1-215B-4E83-B33B-ADF9B8…)

Saging bc I’m not sure if this should go here or instagrammers thread OR anachan thread (maybe not bc I have no real milk just annoyed and she is “uber gofffff” Killstar shill)

but I’m so tired of seeing this chick on my TL being reposted by brands. Her shoop is awful and her thinspo posting is awful too. Her surgeries look like shit. Anyone know anything about her? just curious.

No. 883564

I'll agree she definitely shoops her face and waist, but I'm not sure about "thinspo posting". I looked at her insta and most of her pics are showing off her ass etc

No. 883568

File: 1571802519067.jpeg (268.6 KB, 1242x1238, 0FABAE2B-2ABD-4DB3-90CF-E627E3…)

Yeah maybe not I just saw a couple where you can tell she’s shopping her waist super tiny like from the side and it kinda reminded me of some ana shit.

Like really what is this lmao

No. 883597


It was irrelevent and not related to any cows. We dont need reviews on your killstar purchases lmao

No. 883605

I don't think there is anything to indicate that this is pro-ana. Unless she's said anything to indicate otherwise it just looks like a vain bitch who's bad at photoshop.

No. 883609

I'll make sure to consult you before I post anything next time to avoid a grave mistake like that happening again (get some reading comprehension though, people were talking about the quality of brands just above my comment that pushed you over the edge)

No. 883616

This one has gotta be a joke lmaaaooo

No. 883617

I don't even get how not wanting to get up to get something is ADHD. But someone in the last thread was saying they thought she might have it.

No. 883619

Sorry if this is derail/blogging - but problems with "executive function" are a huge part of ADHD. It's like your brain is a circus without a ringmaster. This is a reason people with ADHD are often mislabled as lazy, stupid, or careless - it can be incredibly difficult to just make your body DO THE THING, even (especially) really simple or mundane tasks. It has nothing to do with not wanting to do something. Idk, google executive function. It can be a significant impairment. That difficulty also often leads to shame, which long term can become clinical depression, which makes motivation against inertia even more difficult.

I have nothing to add about this in regards to Kaya, but wanted to clear some of that up, I think it's important.

No. 883626

This is literally not her. She would do anything and walk ALOT when she was thin as her ego was so far up her arse. She’s just lazy and depressed. She had it all and then threw it all away. It would be made worse by jake becoming popular and now having fan girls.

No. 883628

This guy is probably not alt or cow enough to be considered an alt cow, but he's alt on some level and I find him SO annoying. He mostly talks about piercings, I think he's a piercer.

No. 883638

File: 1571831326339.jpg (513.02 KB, 1079x866, Screenshot_20191023-144421_Ins…)

It reminded me of this iconic shoop from Violet Ell for some reason that people were "concerned" about, like it wasn't real fucking obvious it was an edit

No. 883660

Fun fact. Mai Magis house was 521.000.

Found the actual sales record(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 883662

Disagree Anon. What's walking a lot got to do with it? She's always done lots of things and still does even if they're not productive - it's dumb shit like shopping, obsessively collecting, walking, crafting, etc. The way she can't bring herself to complete certain tasks but can get childishly OBSESSED with one or several very specific things, often pointless and not what she needs to focus on long-term, is super typical of ADHD.

No. 883663

It is a huge part of ADHD. The stereotype of ADHD being disruptive/fidgety boys in middle school is wrong. I get that it's infuriating to feel like Kaya might be making excuses for herself but it's so glaringly obviously that she has issues beyond anxiety/depression, other Anon was right, at least she's exploring options.

No. 883804

File: 1571862423213.png (515.82 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191023-222617.png)

No. 883807

File: 1571862462442.png (804.98 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191023-222604.png)

No. 883873


Why are you posting badly cropped boring tweets? They are so cropped it's impossible to read. We don't need a tweet by tweet update this isn't milk.

No. 883881

It’s called being lazy and not ever having responsibilities. She literally has no concept of it because she’s always had her fans pay for her shorty consequences.
From her birth, she’s literally had no parent teaching her how to be responsible. Ever.
She doesn’t have adhd, she’s just a lazy brat. Once life gives her a kick in the ass, shell drop off from the net and get a job.

Why does this site go full tumblr retard every time someone says they have depression?

When you’re a teen without responsibilities, you take that same lazy entitled attitude with you in to adulthood and have no idea how to deal with shit when it doesn’t your way.
Starting to think this thread is either full of people like I just explained or people that should go back to tumblr

No. 884145

There's a difference between recognising that depression may be a factor in her behaviour and attitude, and accepting it as an excuse. Most people who comment on her (supposed) depression also say that it's her responsebillity to deal with it, and that she isn't doing so.

Must be hard for you to be the only non-tumblr retard on this board.

No. 884160

521,000 DKK are USD 77,500 but Mai still flips thrifted clothing she took from real poor people. Shamelessly pretending to be poor! Why are people so stupid to pay for this woman's patreon?!

Who is the guarantor of the bank loan on the house? Can you post the sales record or let us know where to find it?

No. 884164

File: 1571936061249.jpeg (21.8 KB, 474x337, th.jpeg)

Blogposting is forbidden but honestly no one should buy shillstar's cheapo crap.

No. 884166

I agree. The thing is, everyone has depression at this point in time and it's all about how you deal with it. I could forgive Kaya if she was actually productive. People who have bad anxiety or depression and just cannot feel comfortable in retail-like settings, fine I get because I can relate but this is where the individual should be getting creative. A lot of artists tend to have social anxiety but they turn their passion into a job by doing commission work for others. This is why when it comes to things like Patreon or KO-FI, I don't think it's wrong when artists or crafters use it because at least they are being productive and giving something back.

Kaya could totally be creating and selling things with all the time she has. You know at least doing something to make side income but she can't even assed to do that. Jake is a tryhard scumbag but I will say that he is only a smidgen above Kaya since he at least sells things (his merch) instead of lounging about and complaining.

No. 884183


The 521.000 IS in dollars. It was 3,5 million DKK.


No. 884200

What the aszbsolute fuck! If that had been the ammount in DK it would have been a modest house. I don't know about property prices in Denmark, but where I live you probably couldn't even buy a small house for that. But if it is the price in dollars it's a fucking fortune. How dare she play up the poor starving artist angle and charge people so much money for thrifted stuff. That's horrible.

No. 884210

According to this, her house only gets a c-rating as far as energy efficiency goes. Wasn't she bragging about how energy-efficient and sustainable it was?

No. 884226

Fuck that fake cunt! Her house is worth over half a million DOLLAR?! HOOOLY SHITE

No. 884274

unless this house is in bumfuck nowhere, the price is reasonable. not from denmark, but a different european country with a strong economy

No. 884287

File: 1571952247921.jpg (468.56 KB, 1242x2109, IMG_0321.jpg)

This is the story Psychara posted on her IG. Later she admitted that it referenced the MMs. None of them will spill any milk though.

I noticed ManicMoth was posting about being at that pop up store where she's selling her necklaces, hanging out with eerie_elli and lilachris, who I thought she had a falling out with?

No. 884315

Where did she admit it? Bring us the miiilk

No. 884341

I asked her in the dms if it was about them and she said yes, not really milk cause it has been obvious anyways. This was a month ago btw, I'm only posting now because I found this thread recently.

No. 884378

And now if she reads here she knows exactly who you are. Dumbass

No. 884390

Yeah, because with 240k followers I'm sure I was the only one who asked her about a super cryptic message. At the time, even the comments under every post were all asking about what happened to her and MMs. I guarantee you she had hundreds of ppl ask privately too.

No. 884490

File: 1572005829652.jpg (688.83 KB, 1080x1633, 20191025_141609.jpg)

Kaya's diet is going well I see..

No. 884520

what even is that, looks like puke

No. 884531

Some pumpkin spice bullshit.

No. 884539

Even if she knows exactly who the anon is what is she gonna do lmao, most she can do is block them

No. 884544

Chai iced pumpkin spice latte. The smallest serving has 240 calories according to tge starbucks website. Which isn't great for a drink. Not the worst either though.

No. 884569

File: 1572026943471.png (1.26 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191025-200806.png)

No. 884570

File: 1572027193919.png (572.52 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191025-201259.png)

No. 884602

File: 1572031941142.png (595.26 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191025-213218.png)

No. 884606

Kaya has said in the past "chavs" have thrown fireworks and bricks at her. What are the chances the EXACT same objects have been thrown at him too recently? Either they're both lying, or he's lying by using her experiences as his own. What a pathetic fat shit. You're just a chav that wears ugly makeup and clothes, Jakey boy

No. 884651

File: 1572041079005.png (1.97 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191026-000417.png)

No. 884652

I hate Jake but… they clearly must have been together when the people threw these objects at them, that's why they both had the same experience…

No. 884662

Has anyone noticed lately that Munro keeps has mentioned TT in videos more often lately?

No. 884702

Yeah I’ve noticed that too he always mentions like “my gf” in like a lot of his recent videos

No. 884703

Yes! Ive hardly been watching his videos but I noticed that too. Maybe because kaya is jealous of his thirsty fangirls?

No. 884709

Dude he likes a lot of ree ree Phillips pictures and I feel like she has a similar body like how kaya used to I mean idk could just be coincidence

No. 884710

It doesn’t help that he literally calls himself daddy

No. 884713


NTA but those things are so nasty and sugary sweet. You can literally feel your kidneys working overtime to digest all that orange crap Starbucks puts in it to make it look like pumpkin.


At least she’s being a little bit more forthcoming about whatever happened than those other two retards who kept making a big deal about their ~uwu stronger together~ friendship but then refusing to acknowledge what happened with Mara.

I have a feeling Annika or maybe even Mai was coming here posting all that petty shit about Mara being a bitch, they were way too bitter and aggressive so it seems like whatever happened was precipitated by one of the two.

No. 884715

I havent been paying attention lately, but I remember a few months ago he would hardly like any of kayas posts (it would pretty much have to include him in it to like it) but he would like almost every single one of Reeree and Kelly's pictures.

It might not really mean anything though, it is just instagram after all.

No. 884717

I feel like Jake only does videos that he thinks will get him views like he doesn’t put any creative thought or originality into any of his videos anymore I guess he’s only starting dressing weird again and kinda puts on this persona for the camera that’s just rlly cringey and …super weird lmao

No. 884722

File: 1572052755821.jpg (40.32 KB, 871x391, Capture.JPG)

I just visited that tacky site. There's a fucking size guide. Did she not have a tape measure?

He's in Belfast. Not some Satanic Panicked bible belt territory. None of this happened.

No. 884728

I need to add something about his "chav culture" comment.

The fact he's apparently being ~victimised~ is more a reflection on his lack of social skills and how far up himself he is.

Rule of thumb, if someone gives you grief, you politely open dialogue with them.

>Oi, you look a right dick

He could laugh at himself (whether he feels he's to laugh at or not) smile and say something self deprecating.

IBF's the same. So victimised for dressing in black, oh no!

It's 2019 ffs. It wasn't even an issue in the 80s.

No. 884730

>"but having rocks and fireworks thrown at you"
Thats how chavs say hello to each other, they obv. thought he was one of them, its been said before he looks like one.

No. 884734

File: 1572054946215.png (768.94 KB, 822x517, Untitled.png)

He does though. If he hasn't got the confidence to go out looking like he thinks he looks amazingly weird, he should stick to img.

No. 884757

Are you from the UK/NI? I am and spent most of my teenage life and unfortunately still some of my adult life having experiences like this. My girlfriend also had rocks thrown at her. I had a firework thrown at me about a month ago. This is a regular occurrence here and almost everyone alternative will have most likely had a similar experience depending on the area they're from.

No. 884763

But you arent part of a subculture, Jake. Unless chav is a subculture.

No. 884767

File: 1572066939797.png (684.4 KB, 720x1152, Screenshot_2019-10-20-23-43-16…)

Why tf does he call her a playmate?

No. 884788

File: 1572080727154.jpg (169.12 KB, 1535x808, Izrezak.JPG)

No. 884790


Playmate is what playboy mansion girls are called. Why you getting triggered over nothing lol

No. 884791

Is this bait? I can't imagine someone being this stupid and ignorant

No. 884792

I wasnt triggered, I just thought it was weird. And yes I know thats what the playboy mansion girls are called, but her bio didnt say anything about her working for playboy so I didnt know if that was what he called his vampire cult members or something.

No. 884795


Literal first result in google says she was hugh hefners gf. Lmaoooo

No. 884799

I thought she was holding a baseball bat at first

3/10 shoop

No. 884863

File: 1572090927188.png (1014.35 KB, 1023x582, jake.png)

Jake: "why do chavs stare and whisper about me???"

I'm sorry but we'd all love to peg a stone or two at jake.
he walks around belfast looking like this with a big camera in his face. so many people here in belfast know these two lazy fuckers.
believe me, it's not just chavs who hate them

No. 884877

Jake: goes out of his way to look like a disgusting freak
Also Jake: "Why do people stare at me?!"

No. 884888


No. 884890

File: 1572095526575.png (365.97 KB, 492x538, 0999883.png)

wow all that black shit jake is always putting on his neck actually does do a good job at hiding his fat.
this is the first time in a while I've seen him without it and you can really notice how heavy he is

No. 884893

Out here looking like marilyn manson's big toe.

No. 884898

File: 1572097830039.jpg (89.53 KB, 1100x618, acAn46Y.jpg)

No. 884901


No. 884906

Doesn't make him less of a dick, but you'd be surprised at how shitty people act if you look alternative. It might very well be true.

No. 884908

Started out in the clubs in 1985, only problems been ash flicked in hair on a bus (once), kids shouting "Edward Scissorhands!",Xians getting riled over a TST t shirt and a perv openly wanking in public over a friend wearing thigh length boots (late 80s). So, yes, blogpost, but no, not surprised at snowflakes boohooing over natural reactions of people who are bored. Notable exception was Sophie Lancaster's murder, but fortunately that's very, very rare.

No. 884909

and if he can't deal with people ~whispering~ he should stay indoors playing with his make up.

No. 885015

Tbh it seems like he begs for attention that way so he can mope and complain about it for more attention lmao

No. 885086

I saw that one of you guys linked my first vid on Jake I just made a part 2 if you guys want to check it out. Probably going to be my last video on the subject unless a lot more information surfaces or Jake acknowledges what's going on (Which I doubt he will) anyways thanks for the support!(selfpost)

No. 885092

I’ve never actually seen someone self post on purpose here

No. 885093

who cares? everyone knows my stance on him

No. 885101

Just a little tip. Maybe write down what you're going to say so the viewers don't have to listen to 10 minutes of "um's" and "eh's"
Plus with all the receipts that's provided on jake and kaya on these threads you could have done a much better, better researched video.

No. 885119

Damn everybody draggin this mans ass lmaooooo

No. 885121

Tbh someone needs to just sit down get all the receipts and facts and just make an hour long video on the both of them and everyone can do with what they will with that info but tbh they’d probably make a response video trying to victimize and reverse everything they said anyways

No. 885122

File: 1572131275971.png (2.03 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191027-010619.png)

No. 885134

A quick google search would have brought you to these threads, which would have given you all the info and screenshots you needed.

No. 885282

this is great, of course fakey is whining on his ig story about how "as if it's a clearly defined genre of artists". >>885122 is he so dumb he doesn't understand how music genres work?

he's just bulking lel. i can see why he edits himself so much for ig pix but he has to know what he looks like in vidoes so why bother.

No. 885322


You should mention how they don’t post on mag anymore but still take patreon donations for their channel. Go you for outing and exposing him in a way that’s going to enrage him and kaya both, neither can take criticism of any kind. Especially for problematic behaviour.

No. 885330

And let's not forget when they scammed their fana for thousands of pounds on Kickstarter

No. 885339

Or their history of fatshaming. Or Kaya unleashing her fans on people.

No. 885344

Watching this was fucking painful. It was lacking in almost every aspect and without the amount of umma in it, could’ve been much shorter and mode to the point.
Was legit just a bitch video. Get better info from here with better opinions and points of view.
Probably don’t out yourself next time

No. 885361

Manicmoth has been bitching about eerie_elli and lilachris behind their backs for years. The split second the very people she looked down upon might turn out to be successful she is suddenly their bff to leech from them. It's a repulsive display of fake friendship.

I know at least two other people who asked her the same question.

No. 885363

Also stop trying to subtly pick your nose in videos FFS.

No. 885371


And yet these bitches stay sitting on Instagram preening themselves, preaching positivity and love. It’s gross.

No. 885391

You couldn't make it more obvious you lurk here Fake Munro

No. 885394

It's even more gross if you know manicmoth is also faking her poverty like maimagi. I facebook searched her after I've been told she is lying to people about her family background to generate pity. Her family is in the banking industry, her father is a bank director. Her boyfriend's family is rich as well, it's full of doctors and lawyers. WTF are these people begging for donations on Patreon?!

No. 885395

they are like those trust fund kids who backpack through east asia and europe and beg for money while their parents are loaded. they also have that fake wokeness in common

No. 885402


Seems about right for a group of wannabes. There’s no way they could do any of this if they were actually working or had anything of substance to fall back on.

No. 885424

Found the guy in question, but her family can't be trust fund level rich. Volksbank eG Osterholz Bremervoerde is in some hillbilly German town, it ain't Goldman Sachs.


No. 885519

That's pretty much what will happen, they'll just twist it around and try to be seen as victims of the "elitists". Furthermore in the grand scheme of things, people who know anything know the truth of these two idiots and don't take them seriously. There's just not much else that needs to be done at this point.

"As if it's a clearly defined genre of artists"

Spoken like someone who has no idea what the fuck they're talking about.

I do give her credit for trying. While she could've done better, she's the only one who did a public call out on him. Though Fake Muntro's sycophants are invading the video unsurprisingly.

I don't get why they do this. IF they just owned their situations, people wouldn't have such a negative look on them.

No. 885541


I don’t get it either. I’ve always assumed that they are insecure about being basic fraus and the only thing they could think of to do to make themselves feel special was to cosplay “witches” and practice tumblr magic in their bedrooms. The delusion is real and it’s even more embarrassing when you realize Annika is going to be 30 soon, I think next year?

No. 885604

File: 1572230765761.jpg (131.61 KB, 672x474, altcows meme.jpg)

i just made this in ms paint, its shitty and doesnt look like i imagined but its my first and im still proud of it lol

No. 885629

Hmm, Dorian removed her video about "female privilege". This attention grab probably didn't go as well as she had expected. The last time I checked, she received a ton of dislikes on it. Might be the reason for her recent whinging about Youtube statistics and how Youtube pushes her into drama.

No. 885644

Hahaha. I bet she was trying to pander to the anti sjw crowd and it backfired.

No. 885657

Of course she was, shes trying to be super edgy to get them beta bux, its gotten so pathetic I hope her channel dies soon if not already. I feel bad for ever liking her.

No. 885673

I enjoy some of her videos. But that one pretty much ruined her channel for me. I'm pretty sure she'll never mention it again but cry "muh free speech" when anyone calls her out on it.

No. 885682

The last time I looked at Dorian's female privilege video the ratio was like 1000 likes to about 100 dislikes which I didnt think was that bad. Maybe people were unsubbing because of it.

No. 885699


I think it’s really funny and cool! I vote this pic for the next thread.

No. 885702

This is just another case of someone trying to get attention by posting here. No one is going to pat you on the back so stop being a cow by your obvious attention whoring

No. 885705

That has to be the laziest "backcombing" I've ever seen. Your makeup is sloppy and underwhelming, and you have no idea how to backcomb or create a purposely messy style. I'm not a fan of Jake or Kaya but before you slag someone else and try to get asspats at least be sure that you don't look as ridiculous as the people you're trying to insult kek

No. 885710

Her father's job is at least 70k, to 120k per year which is the higher end of spectrum. If the other parent is working, then it's 30 to 40k for any normal job. Which means Manic Moth's family makes at least 100,000 euro per year.

It's word on the street that her business isn't as profitable as she claims. She and her beau relied heavily on his family's money to keep up appearances, but they were cut off for being a pair of ne'er-do-wells, hence the begging. Still remember her short-lived fashion brand going down in flames? One of her beau's relatives is apparently responsible for her criminal defence.

I love it. Make more!

No. 885805

Is there a thread for altcow irls you meet in the wild? A girl I know just got white girl dreads installed (extensions) on her mohawk and has taken up boxing. Tragic.

No. 885812

You can try posting on any thread with "petty" on the title because that's what your complaint is

No. 885816

idk. you calling them petty when we all make fun of strangers. you being here is petty by default.

No. 885831

I know it's petty. Thanks for being a cunt, though. We're all petty for using this website at all. Again, is there a thread for milky insta nobodies?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 885833

And at the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with being basic. It's good to be true to yourself and not pretend to be something you're not. The sad thing about these people is how they don't try things that can actually make someone truly interesting. Learn an instrument, learn a skill, etc.

Eh give her some slack. She did admit in her Goth tag video that she's fairly new to the scene only having been in it for 3 months now. She's still learning obviously but she's in a better spot than the usual ones who try to get into Goth through the two aforementioned cows. She'll find her way.

> It's word on the street that her business isn't as profitable as she claims. She and her beau relied heavily on his family's money to keep up appearances, but they were cut off for being a pair of ne'er-do-wells, hence the begging. Still remember her short-lived fashion brand going down in flames? One of her beau's relatives is apparently responsible for her criminal defence.

Considering how she is essentially ripping people off, I'm not surprised it didn't take off as well as she had hoped it would.

No. 885844

personal lolcow thread

No. 885848

Thank you!

No. 885890

I get the white girl dread part (CRINGE) but why's boxing a problem?

No. 885930

File: 1572301544002.png (1.21 MB, 1488x545, tt.png)

I wish Kaya would go back to matching her foundation to her skin instead of going about 10 shades whiter. she really used to be beautiful

No. 885931

File: 1572301569632.png (806.31 KB, 628x783, jak.png)

bonus pic of kaya and jake

No. 885942

Ever since that Belfast Anon pointed out how stumpy his legs are I just can't unsee it.

No. 885957

File: 1572305554424.jpg (105.83 KB, 900x633, k.jpg)

He looks like he's her ventriloquist dummy.

Putting this idea forward if they need some material for a joint video.

His chav is really showing in that pic.

No. 885958

File: 1572305643272.png (1.6 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191029-003257.png)

No. 885959

He looks like fat 2019 marilyn manson.

No. 885967

Marilyn Manson looks like a 2019 fat Marilyn Manson.

No. 885972

Yes… which was my point…

No. 885994

>they are like those trust fund kids who backpack through east asia and europe and beg for money
Didn't this happen? I mean Manicmoth "stayed with friends" in Japan. Sounds more like "I'm broke I had to sponge on people" to me.

Yeah according to tumblr she is turning 30 next year. Imagine having no credentials other than putting finger paint in your face at this age.

I hoped Jake would look decent somewhere on the timeline. Nope. Still an incel.

No. 886009

Genuinely wtf happened to Kaya to make her face look SO busted? Imo some women carry extra weight really well or just look like bigger versions of themselves but she genuinely looks like a new fat person cosplaying thin Kaya.

No. 886089

Kaya really does look busted compared to her old look. I think some women can look incredible with extra weight, some just carry it beautifully. I feel like she should get a personal trainer asap, not just because she looks off but also because you can tell she is insecure af.

No. 886100

She used to have one, I dont knkw what ever happened to that.

I think its just her narrow face type, narrow faces dont usually look good with extra weight. If someone has a rounder face then it usually fits them more.

No. 886139

What music did Sophie Lancaster listen to? Was she even goth or do goths use her death for sympathy towards their subculture, and call her goth because of her appearance?

No. 886141

You're right. I'd forgotten about that because she just stopped mentioning it. Wonder if she gave up on the trainer or if they gave up on her.

No. 886144

First of all, don't do this to the dead girl. She can't tell her story and I doubt anyone who knew her would be concerned with establishing her goth cred.

Second of all, it's irrellevant. She wasn't killed for the music she listened to. She was targeted because of her appearance. I doubt the people who beat her stopped to ask how she felt about bone orchard. And peoplw who target goths today don't care either.

No. 886145

Same and it's fucking killing me lol

No. 886166

File: 1572354321407.jpg (799.38 KB, 1080x1848, 20191029_135921.jpg)

Not milky news really but lilacris and crew opend a clothing shop in Hamburg. Supporting smaller and local designers… wondering what the witchy bunch will think of this? If she deside to stock someone's items, not the others, or if she actually make things work where they fail…

No. 886216


Ugh, not another clothing shop/line. I know it’s hard to find affordable quality alternative clothes that aren’t made in China, but I would like to see some diversity, like jewelry, shoes, artwork? Something kind of different and requires some skill, especially when they’re not the ones making the clothes…

No. 886255

What even is this comment? She was killed for being alternative, it doesn't matter what fucking buzzword the media used.

No. 886258

Are you seriously gonna go after a dead girl? That's just low, even for lolcow.

No. 886275

If they support smaller/ independent designers, cool, and good for them. If they start carrying fast fashion shit like Killstar or Punk Rave just because "they're big brand names that sell", they're contributing to the problem.

No. 886277

Wow. An out and out psychopath. Thank you for being so blatant about it.

No. 886312

I'm just gonna bite the bullet and say I don't think she was a Goth but perhaps a Rivethead since Industrial music was quite popular in the late 90s to the early-mid 2000s. But that being said, >>886144 is right. It doesn't really matter because her and her boyfriend were attacked on the sole purpose of them looking different from the norm and that is what makes what happened to them beyond messed up. And the "normies" for lack of better word who attack those of us on the fringe don't care whether we are Goth, Punk, Rivethead, or whatever, they think we're all weird and deserve to get attacked for it.

Is Lilacris a cow? I used to watch her content and she didn't seem lol-cowish but she defintitely fell into the category of people who think liking occult symbols and metal music makes them Goth but I don't recall her trying to scam anyone or anything like that.

That's why Etsy is pretty cool as I've come across a few artists there who create dark or gothic jewelry that looks just as good as Alchemy (in my opinion).

No. 886325



Robert Maltby has spoken about the reaction to Sophie's murder before and how he didn't like how goths latched onto it -
"Because the media feels the need to simplify every story to the point that a five-year-old should feel his or her intelligence insulted, it was decided that the couple got jumped because they were slightly goth-looking. And so the whole thing turned into a weird "Do goth kids deserve rights?" debate instead of the sincere moment of "Holy shit, when did our nation's youth turn into the real version of Clockwork Orange only way dumber and scarier?"-type reflection it should have been"


But it does seem like her mum got a lot of support for the sophie charity through whitby goth fest and other events.

Sophie has Rasputina lyrics on her gravestone IIRC as they were one of her favourite bands - not super goth but I don't think she claimed to be.

No. 886337

In the interview with CoalCandy, Lilachris said that they want to carry both big brands as well as small designers. They want the big brands like Killstar or Punkrave to attract more people but also having a selection of small businesses that they can discover while browsing the mainstream things.
Honestly, I think that's a smart choice business wise.

If it was all Killstar and Punkrave and the like, I wouldn't be impressed, but having an even ratio is fine. Selling bigger brands isn't "a problem" imo.
Yes, I know Freezer, Toxicbitch and some #alternativegirls on IG have spread this image of goth being all about the ready to buy fast fashion look. I too am annoyed that they have put none to minimum effort in spreading the music or even the secondary aspects of goth like literature, art and fashion that is diy and custom.

That being said, I don't see a point in boycotting everything punk rave etc. - in the end, some of their designs are amazing. Just have some damn diversity and put a creative spin on it.

No. 886400

Sophie always went to WGW, and knew a lot of people there. I know it's not very goth anymore, but back in the day it was.

No. 886409

Kek, she should go back to copying Angela Benedict's 90s/00s nostalgia videos. Her videos haven't been good in a while, just her insane ramblings, probably from sitting in a filthy room with rat carcasses everywhere.

Entire video itself is lazy. Maybe it's just me, but who cares about Jake not being goth and hating goths? We know this, his fans know this, they don't care. Or "He's selling Halloween merch but doesn't care about Halloween!" Again, who cares? There's much more milky shit about him and Kaya, than his boring ass likes and dislikes. I can tell this kid saw Angela's video, decided to make her own to be noticed by us. It worked, seeing as the kid decided to self-post. Didn't they learn anything from Ruadhan?

They're staring because they're confused as to why their chav brother is dressing like an eboy Marilyn Manson.

No. 886528

Maniac moth pictures all over the shop. Surely, milk will ensue. Also, the shop looks huge!

No. 886575

Yeah I thought so. Rasputina are cool but they're not a Goth band. Nevertheless, it doesn't make what happened to Sophie any less unacceptable and I'm just happy that at the very least, more awareness was put on how some people can be towards alternative people and how violence will never (or should never be accepted).


All I know is I can't wait for TT, Jake, and IBF to try to get their hands on sponsorship from them lol

No. 886580

File: 1572420881325.png (837.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-10-29-23-29-38…)

No. 886581

File: 1572420916449.png (436.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-10-29-23-30-01…)

No. 886582

File: 1572421109603.png (611.12 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-10-29-23-37-43…)

No. 886619

How can she be single but is dating someone else? Get your stories straight Reeree

No. 886622

She means it's not official/exclusive/a full blown relationship yet.

No. 886650


I’m sure we will get a video soon from Moth and Mai going on a shopping trip there. The giant statement photos of Moth were okay if not a little tryhard; I think Psychara is more photogenic even though she’s an oversensitive cow.

No. 886663

Lila Chris isn't a full-blown cow yet but she is as much of an opportunist as everyone else. There were old party photos with Lila Chris almost sitting on Psychara's lap, it's established she used Manic Moth to suck up to bigger bloggers. Psychara never seemed to give her the time of day, for now she attached herself to the next best option she got, which is MM.

Not gonna happen because Lila Chris hates Mai and frequently shit-talks her.

No. 886676

File: 1572449537446.png (999.71 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191030-162741.png)

No. 886678

File: 1572449608718.png (721.5 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191030-163325.png)

No. 886698

Thanks for the heads up anon. I didn't know Lila Chris used to try to hang around Psychara and Manic Moth but looking back on some of Lila Chris' looks, I can't say I'm surprised. It feels like these women are kinda clones of each other with that whole witch/nature thing (though Lila Chris went more alternative).

W@hatever helps you sleep at night Fake Munro.

No. 886732


I forgot Lila hated Mai. They all sorta blend into one another, like some amorphous goth blob.


Tbh they are clones of each other, you’re not far off in thinking this. They’re like hipsters - all telling themselves how different they are whilst copying each other left and right.

No. 886734

File: 1572458296541.jpg (131.94 KB, 933x543, ashtrayarts1.jpg)

There is this tattoo artist ashtray_arts who did the stolen neck tattoo for psychara. Also she was called out to exploit Psychara for likes. Unsurprisingly also a ~friend~ of manicmoth kek. Idk I think these orbiter girls all suck, it's all too obvious they are brown nosing.

No. 886737

File: 1572458342072.jpg (146.43 KB, 809x543, ashtrayarts2.jpg)

No. 886739

File: 1572458538351.jpg (139.99 KB, 814x541, ashtrayarts3.jpg)

The girl who criticized them attempted to be friendly, but everyone just jumped down her throat. How dare she question psychara's mad skills lol?!!11!

No. 886740

File: 1572458606725.jpg (144.28 KB, 813x544, ashtrayarts4.jpg)

No. 886741

File: 1572458674578.jpg (143.35 KB, 813x540, ashtrayarts5.jpg)

psychara being an oversensitive bitchy cow again

No. 886747

>amorphous goth blob
I vote this blob for the next thread pic. Meme anons, pls deliver.

No. 886767

Can anyone translate this?

No. 886788

File: 1572464904909.png (900.08 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191030-204707.png)

No. 886790


This is my first comment on here, so sorry in advance if I did anything wrong, just thought I’d help out with the translation.

Kat_creeperson says this:
“I’m tattooing myself and already had to listen to a lot of advice from other tattoo artists. I’m about to give one piece of that advice to you and also my personal opinion. I mean no harm, please don’t take it the wrong way. I know that art is a matter of taste but you’re better off continuing in your own style. Sure, if a client is a fan of Psychara and wants something done, it can be tattooed. The fact that she has so many followers is probably beneficial for you. However, your art is significantly better! When the client shows this tattoo around (and a lot of people seeing it won’t know Psychara) everyone is going to think that you designed it. That will reflect badly on your drawing skills. Because in my opinion it’s really not well drawn and should have been executed differently to make it durable. Especially the snake heads, the anatomy, the ear… Sure, it’s probably going to get a lot of likes on Instagram but in reality where it counts and people hear about your tattoos by word-of-mouth… that’s where it’s getting difficult. As I said, just some experience of my own, how you’d like to handle things in the future is of course entirely up to you.”

Being German myself I think she phrased this politely, if that doesn’t come across as much that’s probably just my translation. Also sorry if there are any errors, I did this rather quickly without proof reading.

The part that Psychara repeats, “Ich weiß Kunst ist Geschmacksache“ means „art is a matter of taste.”

No. 886799

Thanks, anon!

No. 886804

trying to convince us they are attracted to one-another, yaaaaawn

No. 886806


My German is rusty so I understood bits and pieces; your translation is perfect.

Nothing kat said was inherently bad and her advice makes a lot of sense. I think the part that got to Mara was about the “instagram likes”.

No. 886831

Jake: I'm a goth king even tho I hate goth music lol

Goths: um, you're not a goth if you dont listen to goth music

Jake: you can't judge me! No one can judge me! How dare you tell me I'm not goth, you pedantic authoritarian bully elitist cunts!!1!1

Goths: but goth is a music based subculture

Jake: wow goths are so whiny

No. 886972

File: 1572494360978.jpg (343.01 KB, 973x1944, IMG_20191031_035557.jpg)

Dre is serving tea. She created some Hella ugly shirts for hot topic, and a girl is accusing her of stealing her design. Tbh, just letters of a fucking cringe cliche phrase on a shirt, but the accusation is the exact thing Dre herself would do so.. Karmas a bitch

No. 886973

File: 1572494625115.jpg (298.18 KB, 1080x1511, IMG_20191031_035640.jpg)

No. 886975

File: 1572494679926.jpg (337.6 KB, 1080x1562, IMG_20191031_035621.jpg)

No. 886976

File: 1572494747348.jpg (970.12 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191031-040353.jpg)

Also, this is too terrible not to post.

No. 886979

not sure how any of them can claim the term "mall goth," since back in the 90s and early 00s, it was a derogatory term that punks and other people used to mock posers…

No. 886980

she looks like a 40something years old suburban soccer mom trying to fit in with the "cool kids"

No. 886984

File: 1572496555198.jpg (632.33 KB, 1080x1882, 20191031_053312.jpg)

To be honest, I'm with Dre on this one (wtf happend there?). Not trying to be a wk, but when the font is all different and the wording is not even the same…. and it's not the first time around mall goth has been printed on a tshirt!

No. 886985

Don’t know why she’s so butt hurt over the mall goth shirt she claims to have been ripped off. When she has ripped off others with her shirts. The 666 shirt cheerleader look has already been done by big brands.
Kinda seem like a self post that’s going to back fire fast

No. 886986

File: 1572496633170.jpg (494.19 KB, 1080x1542, 20191031_053328.jpg)

And I suppose she was first with putting this coffin, or 666 on a tshirt as well? Jeeez…

No. 886990

Actually, I’m convinced it’s a self post considering the posts are made unsaged. Will be interesting to see what unfolds from this

No. 886998

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed lol That's why I find it fascinating that they all don't like each other.

Kek Yep that sounds about right. There's a reason why no actual Goths watch him or his whiny girlfriend and they only attract like minded people (a.k.a fake goffs/posers).

Are they really trying to use the term "Mall Goth" as a term of endearment? lol Can't wait for Fake Munro Toxic to get in on that.

No. 887004

Those designs look like brand knockoffs you'd find on aliexpress. Why would you even want to take credit for them. They're so stereotypical

No. 887032


Why would I sage milk…? Are you new to this board….? Plus, I state "Tbh, just letters of a fucking cringe cliche phrase on a shirt, but the accusation is the exact thing Dre herself would do so.. Karmas a bitch". Translation: Just a cliche phrase on a fucking shirt, that anyone can use really, but that the accusation seems like something that Dre would get behind of. Would I say that about my own fucking tshirts? Seriously, sometimes anons in this forum make me wonder if they have actual brain problems.

No. 887044

Exactly lmao, they couldn't be more generic if they tried, why even fight about this shit lol

No. 887057

File: 1572535342683.jpg (92.57 KB, 1024x769, 08bananas-jumbo.jpg)

Two US companies actually fought a lawsuit over banana costumes. Kinda OT but yes, they do fight about this shit lol

No. 887061


No. 887065

File: 1572537016648.jpeg (107.79 KB, 639x702, FAA1F0D3-1AD6-46E8-BBD6-E5EF8B…)

Surprised me to not see a picture here of this series of Maimagi. She reminds me of newly divorced 50 year old who is suddenly spiritually enlightened and a ‘free spirit’. Not aware of what’s going on in the real World in any way..

No. 887075

File: 1572538683395.png (402.71 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191031-171757.png)

No. 887083

I am the anon from Belfast that pointed out Jakes hilariously tiny baby legs. On camera, it’s hard to convey just how disproportionate his body is, in rl it’s as though he has no lower leg and is just thigh straight into ankle. Also, Kaya is a lot bigger and haggard than you’d think, she knows her angles and her way around photoshop. I feel really spiteful sometimes for pointing out their physicality and mocking it, but they invest so much time into creating a completely fake persona and image they are deserving of ridicule.

No. 887086

Why do u have to come here to namefag about her every other week, what the hell? That's not milk

No. 887096

Exactly Belfast anon. They use their appearance to market themselves. And given their long history of public fatshaming, for which they have not apologised, I'd say don't feel bad about it.
Also thank you so much for the entertainment you've given me with pointing out the stumpy nature of jake.

No. 887097

thanks anon. Try to snap a picture of the toxic twosome next time kek

No. 887117

I agree w you. It’s a non issue.

No. 887125

>I find it fascinating that they all don't like each other
…at the same time they are willing to use each other as stepping stones. The amount of hypocrisy on display would have made Machiavelli proud. Shit like this really makes one appreciate having real friends.

Outfit is fucking ugly, non-existent waist, great job. Where did you find the photo? If there is more, post them. BTW learn to integrate, stop name-fagging.

Kaya is worn out from WALKING?! hahahahah

No. 887131

File: 1572553332642.jpeg (84.63 KB, 640x747, 88C9B50D-2799-469B-A00F-244F53…)

They are in her tagged pictures on Instagram.

No. 887154

You are forever welcome, they are such an ungrateful tacky pair of shites. It is my biggest regret that I didn’t take photos the day I saw her and Jake in the town and she had a pink wig on, I could’ve dropped down dead of embarrassment. The Belfast scene is alive and well despite what she and Jake say, they just aren’t a part of it and are never at local gigs or alt nights. I haven’t seen them out once unless it’s been in Belfast city centre. It baffles me how their Patreon donators are ok with financially supporting two overweight, spoilt, lazy calculating wankers who do nothing aside from eat, complain and beg.

No. 887189

i like her hair. sorry.

No. 887202

Same, I've never followed mai magi but she comes across as one of those annoying neopagans who act super enlightened and the fact that she calls herself a viking annoys me. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't love her hair.

No. 887268


I actually like the witchy goth aesthetics too, especially Psychara. Sometimes Mai comes off frumpy and Annika is uninspired.

Can’t stand their personalities or how they bully each other, but I am into that woodland witch living by the light of the moon vibes they give off. They’re still insufferable though.

No. 887272

where is lilachris from? I've only watched one of her videos, she sounds dutch to me but I can't tell

No. 887345

Kaya's excuses for not filming videos in her new vlog just shows how out of touch she is. Can you imagine not turning up to work because you were "sorting your life out" or because you didnt want to wear makeup?

No. 887346

File: 1572607086155.jpg (228.24 KB, 1706x872, 0wsVdac.jpg)

Jake in a childrens toy shop

No. 887350

File: 1572608752379.jpg (38.92 KB, 427x587, lilachris.jpg)

Lila Chris is from Germany. Her home town is Henstedt-Ulzburg, but she lives in Hamburg now.

No. 887357

I find them insufferable for calling themselves vikings. This is nazi-level ancestor glorifying crap, big fucking nope. Also what's super annoying is their green washing hypocrisy. Annika has been caught wearing real fur and refused to address it. Mai looks like she just murdered a flock of endangered birds for vanity.

No. 887358

File: 1572611109033.png (811.16 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191101-132337.png)

No. 887382

Emily Boo's fucking whale friend showing her disgusting rolls. Any excuse to show off, nasty fat fuck

No. 887385


I’ve noticed the Viking stuff as well and laugh because whatever Viking blood they have left in them is obviously not being put to good use.

Mai constantly tries to gas up her derpy looking partner as being some “strong sexy Viking warrior” when he looks like an anemic pencil pusher. In fact, my dumb ass has often confused Mai’s partner for Annika’s as they literally look like brothers…same limp hair, dull faces, never speaks.

No. 887388

Sorry for double posting as I was having issues adding this link to another response.

Annika did go to see Lilachris in her new store.

No. 887393

File: 1572619838183.jpg (40.35 KB, 395x397, Larson.jpg)

Anons, write a summary for us? I don't want to give cows youtube clicks.

The anemic pencil pusher is Asmus Larsen from the Jesper Larson Antik family. Google CVR No. 19246043, if you want to see their finances. I doubt Mai Magi would have been able to receive bank loan for the house without Asmus. He's pulling the financial heavy weight in the background for sure. If he spoke up Mai's self made girl boss image would fall apart.

No. 887399

File: 1572621868374.png (967.84 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191101-162256.png)

No. 887400

File: 1572622010324.png (1.77 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191101-162646.png)

No. 887403


Fatshaming isn't milk, do you have anything else?

No. 887409


For the Annika vlog she mainly shows them putting the store together, unboxing, cleaning, and her display box. They had a champagne toast, somebody bought some jewelry pre-opening, and she changed out of her black shapeless clothes into more black shapeless clothes to model some of the designs in the store. She also has a rack of tee shirts with her logo on it. She hugs Lila a couple of times and shoves the camera in people’s faces.

Her jewelry looks a lot like Felvae’s (rings with stones), so I wonder who’s copying who?

No. 887433

What drives me mad is that they claim they’re poor and don’t have much money but then go to places like Build A Bear and Hotel Chocolat which are really expensive!! The teddies alone are £20, then the clothes on top of that, and the bags of chocolate they bought probably goat a minimum of £5 each.

No. 887452

Mai keeps going on about the "viking" thing and it bothers me to no end. First of all, it really does play into creepy white supremacist ancestor worship and constructing a fake glorified past. And second of all, she knows fuck all about it. You can't have "viking blood" anymore than you have plumber blood or accountant blood. "Viking" was a job description, referring to raiders. The people we call vikings would not have called themselves that and had no concept of race.
Also her "viking compass" tattoo is neither viking, nor a compass. It's a ca 16th century icelandic symbol.
Sorry if this is blogposting. But it just bugs me that she anchors so much of her identity to this "viking" thing but doesn't have a clue. She only picks up on some aspects she finds aesthetically pleasing. But she's apparently not curious enough to look into it.

No. 887478


It is a compass, I have the exact same one. Google vegvisir :)

You are wrong about vikings, it is a collective term for the ancient peoples of scandinavia :) it is more of an empire, they had settlements, villages, culture and art - it wasn't just the warriors.

No. 887485

And yet she is still complaining about her camera falling apart.

No. 887486

I know what a vegvisir (literally :way pointer) is. It's not a compass, it's a signpost/charm to ensure the wearer wouldn't get lost. Also it isn't "viking."
And I know that the scandinavian people whom we now call vikings had a widespread culture that could be considered an empire, or a loosely affilliated series of enpires. But they did not call themselves vikings, was my point.

No. 887487


So? Medieval people didnt call themselves medieval. Doesnt mean we shouldnt use that descriptor.

Omg ur logic

No. 887490

idk not to wk I know some white supremacists have co-opted the whole viking thing but why should that stop other people from being proud of their heritage

No. 887492


It's your logic that's flawed. Being a "medieval person" is not a job, it's referring to the fucking historical era they lived in, while not every Scandinavian person of that time was a viking. "Vík" means bay, because they went raiding, and not every peasant went raiding. Wtf

No. 887495

No. But it does mean they didn't. And my problem isn't with modern people calling the people who lived in scandinavia centuries ago vikings we call them vikings because that's how the people they came in contact with through trade and raiding referred to them. But my problem is with people today calling themselves vikings, because their not. And if Mai was nearly as interested in her (assumed) ancestors as she claims to be, she should be able to make that distinction.


It's kind of a tricky one, I agree. I hate how nazis have co-opted that, because nazis ruin fucking everything. I think it's important to draw a distinction between "my ancestors did this cool thing that I like" and "because my ancestors did this cool thing I myself am likely to be just as cool because of genetics."
Not saying that Mai is a white supremacist in any way. But it would be nice if she thought about this stuff a bit more.

No. 887496

No. 887504

Is she freaking serious? Being tired from walking is most likely a good thing for her considering how inactive she is and with all the weight she's carrying around, it's kinda expected that it wouldn't be too comfortable at first. And kek at the "work" thing, sure lol.

Going off that description, my mind thinks King of the Hill's Cotton (the grandpa) who got his shins blown off and walks like a penguin lol. I'm guessing all the layers he wears doesn't help neither.

> …at the same time they are willing to use each other as stepping stones. The amount of hypocrisy on display would have made Machiavelli proud. Shit like this really makes one appreciate having real friends.

So true. If you can learn anything from these people, cherish the real friend that you have because it could be a lot worse like their trainwreck.

I'll begrudgingly admit that I do like Mai Magi's winter aesthetic. It's just ironic that these girls are not Goth. I wouldn't call their looks Goth neither. Dark? Yes. But Goth? No. Maybe it's because I've been in the scene for a long time now and I just noticed that actual fans of the music wear things that kinda give a nod to Goth music and with these girls or Fake Munro & Toxic Whiner, I don't get "goth" vibe from them at all.

But in saying all that, I can also admit that even though these chicks aren't Goth nor do their looks make me think Goth, some of their (Magi or Psychara) looks can be quite neat looking from a dark aesthetic. It's just a shame they are boring individuals who try too hard.

It's just insulting really. She has one "job", ONE "JOB". Her content is not deep, doesn't take that much editing, and she has a shit ton of time.

It kinda reminds me of Allison (Goblin Queen) when she was going on and on about her Viking roots (Is she still doing that?) which was sad because I understand that getting into something new can be exciting and fun but you shouldn't let it take over your whole sense of self.

No. 887506

>I think it's important to draw a distinction between "my ancestors did this cool thing that I like" and "because my ancestors did this cool thing I myself am likely to be just as cool because of genetics."
You hit the nail on the fucking head imo. Blogpost but I'm from a country with a very strong alt-right presence right now, and their bullshit is always about "our country's grand past= we are grand by default". If you want to be grand then DO something grand, just existing won't cut it boo.

No. 887618

You anons freaking scary me. Giving info for people's personal finances? Gezz. I don't even know why it´s public in the first place.

No. 887665

File: 1572658745072.jpeg (744.7 KB, 740x1078, 91E721BE-DD73-424C-B5A2-CE1B5F…)

I have to admit I kind of like IBF painting, not mind blowing but I don’t hate them.

No. 887669

Can the snowflakes leave the hate forum, fucking please?
Calling someone a nazi or white supremacist because they larp Vikings or people from the medieval period is some next level retardation. Go cry on your Twitter about, not here.
Legit never thought I’d have to read that sort of stupidity here.

This is cringe, but no milk. Is there any milk on her?

She hasn’t been posting much and she’s still in NZ. Maybe she’s finally moved back and getting her shit together. Kaya should take note

No. 887671

I agree anon, it actually looks kinda nice. At the very least, she showed something creative that doesn't have to do with clothes.

> She hasn’t been posting much and she’s still in NZ. Maybe she’s finally moved back and getting her shit together. Kaya should take note

We can only hope she did but I dunno, something tells me she'll be back to the old routine once the holidays pass.

No. 887673

I’ve been wondering what’s happening with Freya but didn’t want to annoy any anons as her socials have been super quiet.

Hopefully she’s getting help for her depression or whatever is wrong with her. Maybe her and Barnaby finally got married? Maybe she’s took the criticism to heart about staying in NZ and sorting her affairs? One can only hope.

No. 887735

Yeah it's cool IBF is doing some decentish art these days,(now I'm wondering if her historical novel that she supposedly lost is ok-ish too? ) yeah it's way,way better than her usual shillstar unboxing videos..but she knew that ship has sailed and had to change tack to stay relevant and keep her followers/ fans on side..don't kiss her bum too much anons.

She is still raking it in from her patreons for doing fuck all. I hope her is getting therapy and she is happy in her relationship with Mr owl, but never forget that at the end of the day she is still an entitled bitch.

No. 887740

Lolcow is always full of surprises!

No. 887744

I only just discovered Snowy Lowther's hopped on the ASMR channel with a new(ish) channel.

Forgive me if it's been mentioned and I missed it. I'm posting because it was a YT suggestion and I can't quite wtf at how bad it is and Snowy doing asmr.

No. 887759

genuinely didn't know she had any talent in her at all, i thought she was Kaya minus the faded looks.

pretty sure with her retarded following she could make a living off of that kinda painting.

No. 887767


But art is sooooo hard anon. If she was a full time artist, she’d have to buy supplies instead of binging on alcohol and sweets, she’d have to sit her ass down somewhere and have a studio and talk to normal people instead of just goffs like her, she’d have to be responsible and mature and that’s way just too fucking hard. It’s so much easier to live off of Patreon donations, make a video once every 6-12 months looking for asspats, and claim wanderlust anytime you pack up on a whim to go live your goffic dreams in Europe with no clear plan and no job and no desire to get a degree or contribute to the economy in anyway.

No. 887796

These cows aren't aware it's supposed to be LARP, that's what makes them look delusional. They based their own identity on glorified viking ancestory to appear more interesting than the basicfraus they are. It's as if some redheads decided to to parade around in ariel cosplay to claim her story. It's cringey af.

No. 887831