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File: 1454195477426.png (592.09 KB, 903x572, Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 3.01…)

No. 87648

Last thread hit its post limit just as she resurfaced.


No. 87651

File: 1454195865866.png (858.28 KB, 913x586, Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 3.01…)

No. 87653

File: 1454195934498.png (595.6 KB, 901x565, Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 3.01…)

No. 87654

File: 1454196046449.png (501.77 KB, 832x546, Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 3.02…)

No. 87656

So, in addition to being back with more stevia infused cooking than ever, Ginge is now a brand ambassador for those beloved-by-anachans winks desserts. Plus, she wants us know that Walden Farms isn't full of chemicals at all - "they use only the best natural food flavorings". Does she know that chemicals are naturally-occurring elements?

No. 87660

File: 1454196588577.png (163.75 KB, 453x703, Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 3.02…)

This is gonna be long, she made a gigantic blog post about how her special snowflake health problems all disappeared once she ate vegan, developed a "fat allergy", and lost 30 lbs! Except for her crippling pain, fatigue, "organ displacement", POTS disease…


No. 87661

That sounds suspiciously like science. We all know facts and science are the true enemies of fundies like Gingler.

Nope chemicals come from satan-scientists. Only chemical free organic goodness like stevia is holy enough.

No. 87663

Per her updated "about me" on her blog, she is "wRAWp ambassador, Grainful ambassador, Miracle Noodle Ambassador, and Wink Warrior".
Also, she now isn't merely gluten free, high protein, high carb low fat, low sugar, but also follows the FODMAP diet. This is the first I ever read about that. Is that a recent addition? Like her gluten sensitivity, that suddenly appeared?

No. 87667

Low FODMAP means cutting out short chain carbs/sugars.
Its supposed to be beneficial for people with IBS. (Didnt work for me :/)

Gingler has no reason to be adopting this sort of diet unless she's suddenly got IBS as well.

No. 87668

It's been talked about a bit shortly before the old thread hit post limit.


No. 87671

File: 1454197269389.png (179.45 KB, 445x712, Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 3.02…)


No. 87672

Ah, thanks. I've heard the term before in connection to IBS, and remember it being fairly difficult to follow, or at least eliminating a variety of things. I'm sorry it didn't do anything for you, anon.

No. 87673

Wow she straight up admits that se thinks gaining weight back will make her super sick.

That's fuckin tragic, does she think those 30 pounds actually contributed? She could stay vegan without staying a spoopy creep.

No. 87674

File: 1454197535371.png (173.23 KB, 400x698, Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 3.03…)


No. 87675

File: 1454197645437.png (158.78 KB, 445x714, Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 3.03…)


No. 87677

Its a pretty intense eating plan-
You have to get rid of these;
Oligosaccharides (eg. Fructans and Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS))
Disaccharides (eg. Lactose)
Monosaccharides (eg. excess Fructose)
Polyols (eg. Sorbitol, Mannitol, Maltitol, Xylitol and Isomalt)

And then hope for the best.
This on top of being a raw vegan and whatever other rules she follows, I don't know what the fuck she eats. I doubt its the gross stuff she claims.

No. 87680

I can't stop looking at her camel toe.

No. 87681

The first human to be allergic to calories, it seems.
This level of cognitive dissonance is frightening. Not quite Aly-level, but getting there. So frustrating if there are people left who believe that.

No. 87683

I have IBS and did a bunch of elimination diets to figure out a plan - low FODMAP, gluten free for 3 months, low fat, etc.

The thing is: you're not supposed to STAY on those plans long term. There's no benefit to doing so, it's just supposed to help you figure out what you can eat long term.

But ginge doesn't even eat any baseline "neutral" foods that are vegan: rice, potatoes, bananas, etc. It's super apparent to everyone except her that what she's afraid of is calories. She's created a world full of fear and restriction and is calling it health.

I'd say she needs jesus, but I think that's compounding the problem. Maybe a come-to-jesus conversation with an actual doctor, not a fucking woo / quack / natural practitioner / chiropractor who will cater to her speshulness.

No. 87684

That's what makes it obvious,I think. There may not be much in terms of variety with all these restrictions, but what about a proper brekkie (blergh) of non-miracle, regular oatmeal and whatever vegan milk she prefers,for example?

No. 87685

Isn't she eating quite a bit of fructose with the apples and other fruit,or would that be too small an amount? Not that I believe she is truly following the diet.
I never understood why sugar "shutting down her system" didnt seem to account for the different types of sugar there are.

No. 87687

It seems like she eats more fructose than recommended, but at least the stevia actually fits in her weird story.

No. 87694


None of what she says makes any fucking sense. Your body needs 3 things to create energy and function: fat, protein and some form of sugars from carbohydrates (sugar and starch foods.) Insulin breaks the sugars down into glucose. Without a steady level of glucose, you either get exhausted or super jacked up / shaky / jittery; basically, you can't function.

Her poor body is so starved of nutrition at this point that it's no wonder she thinks she's stroking out if she eats something with carbs or sugar - in her fragile state, her glucose levels raising above comatose probably feels overwhelming. With her fucked up electrolyte and glucose levels she probably goes into a food coma pretty easily as her body tries to process a bunch of non nutrition containing substances in addition to a bunch of raw veggies.

But she didn't get that way overnight; she had to starve herself severely before this shit would happen.

No. 87696

What is she even talking about with the bullying?

No. 87704

Strangely the thing that annoyed me most about her post is that she called croup, whooping cough. Not interchangeable. Shows how she's making this shit up.

No. 87711

>With every bite of food I ate, I was feeding my body with allergens that, for some reason, my body just can't digest. These allergens can come in all shapes and sizes: for some people it's dairy, for some it's gluten. Unfortunately for me, it's a LOT. My doctor explained to me that I suffer from multiple SEVERE food allergies, causing all my health problems growing up, and when I finally eliminated these toxins in my diet, I basically "DETOXED," which explained the drastic weight loss. She was (and is, still) extremely happy with my medical stats, and told me not to worry for a second about being technically "underweight"–after all, I come from a family of very tiny people!

No. 87716

File: 1454205246942.png (46.5 KB, 301x306, Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 5.52…)

Oh man, is this a farmer or is this GOMI? Or is it Katherine herself, jelous of the attention?

At any rate, I'd almost forgotten about that crazy bitch Katherine Marion, aka the rawsome chef. But I find it hilarious when lolcows intersect (i.e. Ember and Ashley stalking other anas)

No. 87726

can't wait until this bitch crashes lol

No. 87731

It'll be soon, I'm sure.

No. 87832

File: 1454252792075.png (51.94 KB, 1131x428, gingerkiwi.png)

No. 87834

File: 1454253553113.jpg (28.83 KB, 257x300, ann-wilkinson-portrait-01.jpg)

Anna's "doctor." She believes cancer is caused by negative vibrational energy and can be cured with ginger and essential oils.

No. 87835

Antidepressant Microbes In Soil: How Dirt Makes You Happy

No. 87838

>Paul please no I am extremely clear very very very clear I like to eat my fruit and vegetables when the bugs have started to bite them because I know they're perfectly ripe and I know very well the intelligence of the animal and insect kingdom I'm extremely clear on the subject matter for myself and the clients that I have that are sick from not knowing better
The reason why Anna's veggies are often weirdly shriveled and rotten-looking?

No. 87841

You what

When did Anna say she has Marfan syndrome? I must have missed that.

What symptoms of Marfan's is she showing? Does she have a very long/mobile thumb and fingers? Are her limbs longer than usual? (I don't see it…?) does she have pectus excavatum or pectus carinatum ? I don't see that either. We have no way of knowing any eye or heart deformities typical of Marfan syndrome - unless she shared that and I missed it.

Has anyone else noted signs of scoliosis? I haven't seen any photos of her back.

I will buy the osteoporosis thing, it's quite possible. She may have osteomalacia instead of rickets as rickets tends to manifest at younger ages and she doesn't have the bow legs typical of it- but I'm not sure about this.

What is unfixable vitamin D deficiency? I cannot find medical sources that confirm that. Even very low levels can be replaced orally. I guess if there is joint damage/dislocation due to osteomalacia, that may not be reversed by replacing vitamin d and calcium, so if that's what they're trying to say I will agree.

Overall, weird post.

No. 87842

Never mind, i missed the key word "mistakenly" so ignore anything I said about Marfan's

No. 87903

I'm absolutely addicted to the GOMI and kiwifarms threads. This shit is gold.

No. 87923

Just watched the Soylent Green video on kiwifarms. I want to give her and her brother a medal for trying these recipes.

No. 87936

>25 years if she would up and stop, due to the irreparable damage caused

Probably the first time I felt sad for a cow

No. 87937

Have you guys read the woo she's been spewing on her newest posts? She's gained a new fanbase since going public, and she's starting to sound like her crazy "doctor". The other girl that commented on Xanthippee's post about being blocked has anorexia. I'm going to consider her and everyone else Ana has blocked lucky.

No. 87938

This quack she works with is going to see to it that Anna's dead long before then. She really needs an intervention. She's sick and trting to pull her followers down with her.

No. 87940

The digestive enzymes…she's not shilling for them yet, is she?

The only time you need enzyme supplements is if your pancreas is chronically inflamed and not functioning properly. Otherwise there isn't enough evidence (as per the Mayo Clinic's Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program aka partial-sellouts to woo – http://newsnetwork.mayoclinic.org/discussion/should-you-add-enzyme-supplements-to-your-shopping-list-mayo-expert-explains-pros-cons/)

No. 87942

Joltography? I thought she was wannarexic.

I did wonder about claire_elizabeth, though. I thought she was smart enough to distance herself. She stopped commenting after thanksgiving, when Anna's "severe gluten sensitivity" made an appearance.

Now I wonder if she got blocked, too.
Would be a blessing, she still looks really frail.

No. 87948

This sounds super fake. Her doctor managed to discern all of this from a few photos, and Ginger's own personal claims?

No. 87949

Not her, the account was eff_emma or something similar.

No. 87951

Her "doctor"s CV – http://www.amogalife.com/about/ann-wilkinson-resume/

She's a physical therapist, trained in osteopathy, which is NOT the same as osteopathic medicine (DO degree) which means she cannot call herself a doctor. To be fair, I don't see her calling herself one on her website, but I don't know if this is the understanding she has with Anna in person.

No. 87952



No. 87961

Anna exaggerates everything. Chances are, this woman said that she's "like a doctor" and Anna's manic non-gluten noodle twisted that into her actually being a doctor.

No. 87965

File: 1454278938271.gif (1.61 MB, 280x296, 1043.gif)

>warm strawberries

No. 87966

Lol, nice skin smoothing and eye enhancing filters, woo lady. Can't you just use essential oils for all your beauty needs?

No. 87967

File: 1454279323160.jpg (16.7 KB, 317x379, 14391585449721.jpg)

>be vegan
>avoid oligosaccharides

fucking what

No. 87968

>Does she know that chemicals are naturally-occurring


she probably buys into that "don't eat it if you can't pronounce it!" bullshit

makes me wish IUPAC nomenclature was mandatory for all food labeling

No. 87975

>Insulin breaks the sugars down into glucose.

insulin is a peptide hormone that helps regulate the amount of glucose in the blood. it signals muscle and fat cells to take in glucose from the blood, and tells liver cells to stop releasing glucose into the blood.

glucagon does the opposite. it causes the liver to release glucose into the blood.

No. 87977

She doesn't have marfan hands or the pigeon chest. Where did marfan come from?

No. 87978

The doctor that looked through her account was chatting with a Marfans patient.

No. 87979

not true, she loves Walden Farms frankenfoods

No. 87994

Yes, but they advertise well. Anna is very gullible.

No. 88004

The first time she bought Walden Farms she was clearly told (by multiple commenters) it was a toxic cesspool of chemicals and plastic-ness, and that she needn't be eating anything with zero calories. She said she'd returned the jar as a result.

Wonder why the conversion now

No. 88005

Dr. Woo probably helped to change her mind.

No. 88009

Sounds like an anorexia in the bargaining stage of grief…….
Not to /blog/ but i made up all kinds of excuses when i first got found out and psych evaluated

No. 88053

>tip: ➡️I hate it when people say "I didn't #workout today so I can't treat myself to eat a lot"–that's so ridiculous! Rest day is the most important day of the workout week–I like to call it #activerest or #musclerecoveryday ??

Bullshit, Anna. You don't take rest days.

No. 88164

File: 1454311108143.jpg (11.78 KB, 418x427, xanthan2[1].jpg)

xanthan gum is produced by a bacterium

No. 88172



No. 88204

Her ridiculously large head will never cease to make me laugh

No. 88340

File: 1454356725512.png (60.73 KB, 781x515, amogalife.png)

Ann Wilkinson's "Amoga Life" website (http://http://www.amogalife.com/) is creepy as fuck.

>The second most common reason is that emotions or memory of a previous injury can be energetically trapped in the tissues and with body work released. In order to be released their can be a conscious or subconscious re-living of the energetic aspect of the injury. Emotional releases are frequently accompanied by nausea.

WooooooooOOOoooooOooOOooooOoo. You quack.

No. 88342

What IS it with the woo warriors and fucking "toxins"? They are not a thing, unless you are discussing ACTUAL POISON. Poison is toxic. When you're tired or have a stomach ache, you haven't been poisoned.

No. 88344

File: 1454357748372.png (618.74 KB, 918x581, Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 12.1…)

I present you with: the saddest "doughnuts" in existence. The Sahara's got nothing on the dryness of her baking experiments.

No. 88347

They look like they'd suck moisture out of your whole body if you dared to eat them.

No. 88350

Plus she's serving them with powdered peanut butter. It seems her new strategy for weight loss includes recipes to seal her tounge to the roof of her mouth.

No. 88352


They look like those white dog turds.

No. 88364

File: 1454360764641.jpg (58.1 KB, 484x338, babycakes.jpg)

I know "vegan, gluten-free, oil-free" doesn't usually equal "rich, moist and delicious", but why the fuck do they look like that? It's possible to make vegan food that doesn't look like absolute shit. She seems determined to make food look as unappealing as possible and she's obviously proud of her fuck ups because she's always posting them.

No. 88404

That kinda reminds me of this salt dough stuff I made in kindergarten and looks just as edible.

No. 88464

there are tons of simple good vegan dessert recipes (and vegan recipes in general)that are low fat and tasty but Ginger has a real knack for making completely inedible garbage under the guise no matter the "food" she's got on the menu

No. 88465

under the guise of "healthy vegan food" no idea why i fucked that up

No. 88538

>harvard is studying the health benefits of being overweight

please shut the fuck up, ginger, holy shit

No. 88584

there are plenty of toxins in the body

reactive oxygen species, metabolites of heme, nitrogen compounds from protein metabolism…

we just come fully equipped to deal with them. if we required "cleanses" or whatever spooky bullshit these quacks prescribe to rid ourselves of toxins, the human race would have died out millennia ago

No. 88585

excuse me for assuming, but I'm pretty sure regular donuts don't have any fucking meat in them

this isn't vegan cooking, this is "zero food energy" cooking

No. 88594

File: 1454393689841.jpg (121.1 KB, 750x745, image.jpg)

No. 88600

probably means like no milk or eggs in it

No. 88601

*And drinking enough water and eating enough. The body has priorities when you're starving yourself, and preventing you from becoming yellow isn't at the top of the list.

No. 88606

vegan =/= vegetarian

No. 88641

File: 1454408209773.jpeg (236.11 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)


Went to go look at the actual photo after you posted it here. Fucking lol @ this person's comment, surprised it hasn't been taken down/blocked yet.

No. 88661

Every time I see this photo my mouth dries out

No. 88679

How is it even cake? It looks like dried out bones, in donut form.

No. 88720

How do you know that's her doctor?

No. 88789

Regarding her "donuts", she could make fucking yeast risen donuts - vegan - like a normal goddamn person, but no. She has to create a nearly zero calorie monstrosity so she can binge on air and call it health. I have no idea why she thinks the world needs her to spread her gospel of zero calorie eating.

No. 88792

This comment is already deleted. Seems like someone doesn't want to hear how unappetizing that looks. Bitch, if your presentation looks off and the food looks inedible it's not a personal attack on you. It's not bullying. You clearly have very little sense of what will be appealing to other people, but if you could listen you might learn something.

No. 88862

Emkiwi is also a major contributor in the myproana thread. It's amazing that even anas hate Gingler.

No. 88865

Anna linked to her from her fb.

Check the testimonials, too - http://www.amogalife.com/testimonials/
>The first time I came to see Ann, my Dad had to carry me into her Treatment room. Even though I had seen many doctors for severe pain for over two years, after my first treatment, I walked out with 90% less pain. Ann is a Miracle—my saving grace in so many ways. ~ A.J. Newark, DE

No. 88866

That sounds like a dirty lie by a dirty liar.

No. 88938

File: 1454464224067.png (60.42 KB, 622x548, fullofshit.png)

No. 88956

"You taught me I could binge and fake my recovery with a pall of 'health food' and 'just exercise!' while not gaining a single pound! What a relief, thanks for helping avoid meaningful change with more lies! #blessed"

No. 88957

So, she used to be sick, and was using Anna as inspiration, but now she has seen the light and learned that you can eat guilt-free and without gaining any weight i.e. staying emaciated? How again did Anna help her?

No. 88958

Are all of her comments more ore less subtle Anna sockpuppets? The one on the post before this is quite obvious, asking Anna to finally explain how she is not at all what she looks like, to shut up the haters. That person hasn't left a comment since, you need to get on that, Anna!

No. 88992

File: 1454474940982.png (489.56 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Soon to be deleted comment

No. 89033

She helped her learn how to cover her tracks better. Healthy, you guys.

No. 89036

someone should ask about her period in a DM, like "It's so cool that you healed all your health issues! I've also overcome a lot of health issues going vegan but I lost my period after losing a similar amount of weight. Did you ever experience this and how did [whatever the fuck her "doctor's" name is] help you get it back?"

No. 89037

File: 1454502650480.png (103.41 KB, 624x642, Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 7.30…)

No. 89042

I don't understand how she doesn't get nauseous with her huge amounts of raw food and colliding flavors…pb and sauerkraut wtf

No. 89047

reach your macros aka 500 calorie limit

No. 89048

i agree but also when livers evolved in whatever primordial ooze, people weren't eating the disgusting amount of sugar and artificial stuff we eat today

No. 89059

This fucking bitch makes me so mad. Why can't she just admit that she has an eating disorder? I'm sure she'd get so much support from the vegan and ED communities if she just admitted it.

No. 89077

Lol, her reply to one of the posters on her 'macros'pic was so fucking smug.

Now I understand why she doesn't have real life friends. She must be insufferable to be around.

No. 89184

bitch, do you even know how sugar metabolism works?

No. 89218

It's not her fault she's so much smarter and more mature than her peers. I bet it's exhausting for her to talk to regular people because she's sooooooo wise and enlightened and just doesn't have time for young people and their foolish football games and gangbang parties.

No. 89230

And people had shorter lives back then, and they also did a lot of manual labor unlike today.

No. 89266

those look like literal rings of sand.

No. 89267

I just drank a glass of water after seeing those pics.

Drybones donuts

No. 89275

I mean, this shit doesn't look too bad, so at times it seems almost as though she's learning how to present her food

No. 89280

File: 1454545049770.jpg (175.06 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

Dang, forgot to post the pic

But then she posts donuts that look drier than the Sahara and I lose hope all over again.

No. 89286

Not bad. Maybe she actually took that comment about the donuts to heart.

No. 89288

No. 89290

nah, she just posted a picture of a plain beige waffle with a dollop of dog shit on top.

No. 89292

Don't you mean a delicious vegan meal that simpletons like us cannot possibly understand?

No. 89299


This looks like something I made in art class during high school.

No. 89301

Those look pretty good actually.

1. Two soft corn tortillas
2. Two handfuls fresh spinach leaves, steamed
3. 5 oz. extra-firm tofu
4. pinch of salt
5. onion and garlic powders, black pepper to taste
6. 1/2 cup sliced, steamed red beets
7. 2 T canned pumpkin puree
8. splash of barge's liquid aminos (or soy sauce)
9. dried herbs and spices of choice, to taste

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
2. Chop tofu cubes into small chunks and place in a medium-sized bowl, along with salt, onion, garlic, and black pepper. Toss with spoon to coat.
3. Spread tofu over parchment and roast for 20-30 minutes, until crispy. Remove from oven and let cool.
4. While tofu is baking, begin plating your tacos. Place tortillas on a large plate and divide steamed spinach between the two.
5. In a small bowl, whisk pumpkin puree with enough water to form a sauce. Add herbs and spices of choice, along with aminos/soy sauce, and stir well.
6. Top spinach with tofu, then steamed beets, and finally, pumpkin sauce. Serve!

Looking at the ingredients, it seemingly is at least edible. Only, there's no oil used when roasting the tofu - how would the spices stick? Would it roast evenly without oil?

No. 89302

File: 1454548010569.jpg (Spoiler Image, 267.68 KB, 800x533, image.jpg)

Let's play a game:

#whatveganseat or dog shit?

No. 89303

File: 1454548508703.jpg (Spoiler Image, 86.42 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

#whatveganseat or #whatdogssecreat

No. 89309

TOP FUCKING KEKS! Abs aren't made in the kitchen, ABS ARE MADE ON LOLCOW laughing your ass off at crazy ass Gingeningshitfrankenveganfood v. moldy dogshit pics! I love you anons, yay I am gettin a 6 pack in here! #absaremadeonlolcow

No. 89315

are you twelve
or just amazingly sarcastic

No. 89317

Vegan beignets on a bed of field greens, recipe in #THEFITVEGANGINGERCOOKBOOK

No. 89318

Oh dear. I thought the sarcasm would be obvious.

No. 89321

I don't think the better pictures are hers, honestly. The lighting is nice and bright, the plating is good, the ingredients are eatable considering who were talking about (i.e.she might have swooped the recipe from somewhere, and just nixed any real bit of cooking, including pressing the tofu and using some sort of binder and oil to crisp it up.) I think all of the better lit, presentable things are ones she lifts and alters.

No. 89341

I'm sure she steals photos.

No. 89344

Ginger is dangerous and scary. I'm 10 years older than her, and a few years ago I would've defended her right to experiment and express herself because I would've reasoned that she was 19 and that anyone who looked to her for leadership was stupid and they deserved to get sick. Now I have a daughter, and I'm looking at the few girls who seem to look to her for inspiration to make themselves sick(er) and I'm scared. I'm scared that she exists, and I'm scared that by the time my daughter is a teenager, she'll undoubtedly encounter others like Ginger.

I want to crush her like the disgusting insect she is. Before she lays her eggs.

No. 89353

File: 1454557027168.png (253.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160203-223309.png)

This is exactly the kind of manic workout anorexics do alone in their room after bingeing on a box of frosted poptarts. Ginge prob does this workout three times a day in addition to running 7 miles every day and eating 0 calorie frankenfood.

No. 89357

She must have a crazy case of OCPD.

No. 89404

File: 1454566851839.jpg (66.63 KB, 920x411, diarrhea waffle.JPG)

No. 89406


No. 89414

>It looks like you took a poop on a dry waffle

pretty much exactly what we were all thinking

No. 89416


Kek. But let's be honest, I doubt Ginger even shits more than twice a month.


I'm in recovery for anorexia and have been weight restored for a while now. When my ED was at its worst, I would go maybe once a week, if that. And I ate normal people food (just in severely restricted amounts and I purged most of it.) Ginger's frankenfood plus all her exercise and the amount of fiber in her diet? Can you imagine? Bleh

No. 89424

File: 1454572684511.png (2.04 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

Farmer or…? Waiting for a 'this has been such a hard day'' post.

No. 89426

The blue/purple tinge to her skin doesn't look good. I'm pale so I understand how red-faced you can get after exercise, but she legit looks like she's running out of oxygen.

No. 89429

File: 1454574146829.jpeg (61.1 KB, 959x1024, image.jpeg)


It looks like her head is photoshopped onto her body. Obviously it's not, but the change in her skin color from her face to her body is so fucking drastic that it looks like a bad shoop. Or like she's standing in one of those cardboard cutout things (pic related)

No. 89432

that arm, that face, fuck
shes gonna get herself in the hospital real fast if she continues like that

No. 89434

Gah, can you imagine running into this at your gym?

I once went to a gym with what was very, very apparently a resident ana in her 30s or 40s. Holy shit. It was the most viscerally painful thing to watch her run herself into the ground; she looked like she could snap in half OR die at any moment. If she caught anyone's eye when she walked her naked skeleton around the dressing room, she'd give you a biiiig smile like ginge here. I never had the heart to try to talk her down or even hold eye contact for long. When you encounter someone like this IRL, it's extremely overwhelming.

So, I have a pretty good sense of what the folks at gingers gym thinknow of this situation. I just hope she doesn't die on site.

No. 89437

holy shit she's so fucking ugly and everything she posts is so ugly i can't stand the ugly anymore

No. 89463

That peanut butter looks like baby shit and that waffle looks like cardboard.

No. 89464

File: 1454596033071.png (16.46 KB, 285x169, gofuckyourself.png)

Shut the fuck up, Anna.

No. 89467

The smug infinity threshold has been broken

No. 89472

~*fitness persona*~

No. 89473

It's just that, a persona, a character. Not who she actually is. She is sick.

No. 89481

No, she's not sickand never has been, pleb.

No. 89504

This is the cuntiest reply ever.

No. 89522

How many forums are making fun of her now?
Lolcow, Kiwifarms, GOMI, and myproana are the ones I know about. Are there any more? I hate to admit it, but I'm addicted to this Gremlin and I will buy her cookbook and scan it if it ever comes out.

No. 89540

Where was MPA talking about her?

No. 89542

No. 89562

There's a few other mentions on the forum too, if you search "thefitveganginger". Seems she's pretty well known.

No. 89609

Out of all the things in that food post - the fuck is wrong with you, anon?

No. 89610

Not sick and never has been? Why did she quit skating then? Wasn't she on deaths door? Didn't she JUST write a whole blog post about how she's been sick her whole life? Isn't she "sensitive" or "allergic" to like 50 different things, according to her? Doesn't she have POTS disease and displaced organs and spinal cord damage and hip damage, all according to her? You don't fix muscle, bone and nerve damage with a starvation diet and massive amounts of exercise.

So which is it, Anna? You couldn't possibly lie, that would make Jesus sad, but both things can't be true (either you've never been sick, or you have myriad health issues).

No. 89611

Are those supposed to be meringues?

No. 89612


No. 89614

Does anyone know if Anna's sister was homeschooled too? I assumed she was homeschooled for religious reasons, but maybe she had somethig wrong with her (ADHD, OCD, retched cunt syndrome) that convinced her parents to homeschool her.

No. 89615

File: 1454623193357.png (76.86 KB, 431x524, Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 1.58…)

She's shared her secret recipe to these delicious looking dog biscuits and poop.

No. 89617

1. Raw-fed dog
2. Dying cat

Collect dog feces and top with cat feces.

No. 89619

Meringue donuts?


No. 89621

I bake as a passion and this recipe fucking hurts me.

Too much protein makes it chewy, lumpy, stiff. Where is the fat content? Why no vegetable or canola oil?
Where is flavour?
You could add a tiny bit of cloves, cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg so it at least doesn't taste like plain dough.

Why wouldn't you learn at least some basic skills and principles related to cooking if you want it to be your career?

No. 89622

She says she allergic to fat, lmao. Hence no oils. Obviously that's not how real vegans eat, and I know you do need a mix of fat, protein and carbs to live.

No. 89624

I know, and it's not like there aren't God knows how many websites and cookbooks devoted to raw vegan desserts - but the thing about them is they're usually full of coconut oil, dates and raw nuts, which of course contain calories. Unbelievable, how she can claim that she's not creating a guide to "How to be an anorexic and not really get away with it." The delusion is painful to witness.

>>89437 I get you, she's offensive to pretty much all of the senses; I can't help but imagine that she smells disgusting too.

No. 89628

It's how she's trying to write 'Orthorexia for Dummies'
Wouldn't she be kil?
I mean I know she's a huge liar (shame on you Anna, lies make baby Jesus cry) but how can people live with an allergy to lipids?

No. 89629

The wtf thing of this is that EVEN WITH her insane restrictions, she could have: used nut or soy milk instead of fucking water (!?); added spices; make them yeast risen, used xanathan gum or cream of tartar to get the things to rise and be more cake-like.

Most of all, she needs to realize that other people DON'T restrict like she does. You want a version that tastes like nothing, and is dry and almost without calories? Go ahead. But you'd better provide that version as a substitution option and have a real version that's vegan but tasty. Even with the changes abive, that shit would taste better. And other vegans would be able to add oil as a binder and real sugar, which would vastly improve the whole recipe.

I don't know who these crazy people are who want to eat like she does, but most people don't want to put bad tasting, plain, dry substances with fake sweeteners in their mouths or stomachs.

No. 89631

Yeast won't work if you're gluten free. She eats oil free, fat free, sugar free, gluten free and vegan. Yeeeeeeah.

No. 89633

You can't. Maybe there's such a thing as fat intolerance, and I know for a fact there are conditions were you don't absorb nutrients well like Celiac Disease and Cystic Fibrosis, but I don't there's ever been anyone who is allergic to fats.

No. 89637

>She says she allergic to fat

I'm allergic to glucose, I can't eat any or else I get a headache :(

No. 89638

Baking anon again-
I'm still mentally fixing her recipes and a nut milk would be great, nice flavour and a smoother, softer texture.

I know she's all about her powders and supplements instead of real food but high protein is the stupidest way to go about cakey anything. I don't think she understands the science behind it at all.

I almost want to buy her recipe book and post reviews of it all.

No. 89640

She's charging $40 for that typed-in-comic-sans monstrosity, fyi.

No. 89641

New plan, rather than contributing to her stevia and sadness funds I will just review some of her online recipes.

I can be the disgruntled omnivorous blonde.

No. 89649

Please do! I'm a terrible cook, so I'd like a review of he food and techniques from someone who know what "normal" is (especially with respect to cooking times and techniques)

No. 89660

I'd be willing to help with some. Can't have only one person blowing $$$ on trying her barely digestible concoctions…

No. 89664

>retched cunt syndrome
i laughed too hard

No. 89673

I don't know if this has been mentioned before (sorry if it has) but had anyone ever actually review her recipes? I tried googling it to no avail.

(If so, link please?)

No. 89677

No. 89678

Thank you!

No. 89699

I'm so curious about this. I'd love to try this but without the glutenfree flour. Maybe she hacked the matrix and made delicious low calorie donuts. I won't judge until I try.

No. 89700

Why does dogpoopies go white like this sometimes

No. 89702

Please try it anon, I'm insanely curious. Some brave person should try all her recipes and review them. It would be an interesting IG account.

No. 89703

It's from eating bone. Dogs are supposed to eat bone, and when they do, they poop white.

No. 89707

>no gluten
>no oil
>no sugar

What pleasures does she have left in life?

No. 89708

I'd love to see this in youtube form so you can watch the "cooking" process and hear the poor person eating it break down from disgust.

No. 89710

Lol the trapped emotion shit is scientology stuff. Is it possible her doctor is a scientologist?

No. 89712

Sounds like she had aids. Not trying to be funny, maybe she got it from a transfusion

No. 89713

Anecdote is not the plural of data anna.

No. 89714

These are fucking glorious. Protein Mug Cake, everyone!

"So I had to do some modifications, I don't have Vega protein so I didn't get that nice poopy green color that she has. Also I didn't have brown rice protein powder but I had macca which smells brown so close enough. I put in about a tablespoon of stevia which I think is nasty btw. It's got this very bitter taste with a really sweet aftertaste. This is important. So as soon as I add my water it starts bubbling like a science experiment gone horribly wrong. It thickened up quickly as I stirred, taking on the consistancy of natural peanut butter. Smelled alright at this point, kind of like pumpkin pie. So then I microwave it…

Now it smells burnt but in a very weird way. There was only a very slight "crust" on top, not like hers which hardened more on top. Kind of looks like baby food. So then I taste.


So the notes I wrote while baking say " holy fucking shit dicks what is this abortion of a baked good" I don't know how to describe it, it's so fucking bitter and burnt tasting. I think the bitter was from the stevia. I couldn't even bring myself swallow down that spoonful of awful. I'm not even a drinker and I had to chase it with a shot of Captain Morgan . I can still feel my taste buds screaming in collective agony. Actually when I went to microwave dinner later, I noticed the burnt smell was still lingering in there.


No. 89718

It's gonna take me a while to get her ingredients, I live in rural Australia.
I plan on delivering videos of the cooking process and a taste test.

No. 89727

Not trying to be cunty, but are you self-diagnosed? As far as I can tell, there's no such thing as an allergy to glucose, but there is glucose intolerance (which IS NOT an allergy); glucose intolerance doesn't cause headaches, though.

No. 89728

for what it's worth, livestrong.com says it's a real thing and the rush of histamines can cause headaches.

saged because waffle.

No. 89734

Can we please stop with the Orthorexia. Shes FAR from trying to eat healthy.
Whatever she eats, is obviously not healthy. No sane person thinks all these powders and potions are healthy.
Shes just a knob.

No. 89736

I was being sarcastic. it's like being allergic to water. you literally cannot live without glucose in your body.

No. 89786


Isn´t Ashley on the review trip? she should do that.
(but would have to drink A LOT of water to purge it afterwards)

No. 89799

No. 89801

Tbh I think she wants to delude herself into that she is doing some vaguely healthy or "pure" form of eating. We all know she is just restricting herself like crazy but who knows how far in denial she is. She really does seem convinced that her diet is just ~super clean healthy vegan eating!!!~

No. 89802

I agree. I don't think she has anorexia nervosa. I think she's just delusional.

No. 89804

Omg thank you anon

No. 89806

File: 1454702186838.png (108.64 KB, 1055x433, Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 11.5…)

She finished the cookbook, guize! All she needs now is another $9,950 from her dedicated readers to self publish! She's already raised $50 in 4 months, so with just a little extra push, she'll be there in no time at all!

This make me wonder if her readership is entirely anas? Since the kiwifarms recipe review seems to be the ONLY time someone besides Anna has made one of her recipes (which are, unsurprisingly, completely inedible and gave the 2 kiwifarms reviewers food poisoning. And that we from the more "edible" sounding stuff.)

No. 89807

>$50 in 4 months

From 1 person :(

No. 89873

If only she hadn't blocked her only fans.

No. 89923

why in fuck's name does it cost 10k to self-publish??

No. 89933

It doesn't. She could upload a .pdf to Amazon.

No. 89942

Her "awesome recipes" she herself doesn't dare to eat…

No. 90008

File: 1454747275729.jpg (739.15 KB, 4160x3120, wxAYoKZ.jpg)

calling serious bullshit on that

/lit/ self-published a book that they wrote

No. 90013

>Didn't she JUST write a whole blog post about how she's been sick her whole life?
right? my favorite part of that story about her being so sick since birth is that she only listed having eczema as a child. bitch, i've had eczema my whole life and never considered myself ill.

No. 90017

>I was a very, very sick child growing up. I was diagnosed with eczema at age 3, which I still currently suffer from

That didn't even clear up with her diet change. So far, all I see is the addition of numerous health issues since her change, presumably self-inflicted.

No. 90228

Someone should link her to Lulu.com.

No. 90308

File: 1454852212162.jpg (614.22 KB, 926x489, GRVqKMy.jpg)

This is the second comment pointing out politely that she wouldn't actually try the Ben and Jerry's because of the fat. First one got deleted. Let's see how long this one stays up.
Her new strategy in dealing with criticism seems to be to leave up the ridicule and otherwise obvious "hater" comments and swiftly delete anyone asking the obvious questions pointing out the contradictions she herself puts out there. With the comments she leaves up, she can act all above it and "lol this is hilarious I'm laughing right now at how pitiful you are" and have people come to her defence.

No. 90331

File: 1454861129750.jpg (Spoiler Image, 300.95 KB, 934x417, 0b9TXHj.jpg)

Bodychecking continues. What the fuck is wrong with her bellybutton? This feels obscene to look at.

No. 90333

LMAO, tons of kids have eczema. It's common and it's totally totally terrible like psoriasis or other autoimmune skin disorders.

No. 90336

It would make sense if she also had an eating disorder tied up with ideas of contamination alongside your standard healthy eating orthorexia. I get like that if I don't watch myself and break the thought cycle. Non-foods seem safer than certain food groups because they don't go off or they don't contain "bad" things. Maybe she got really bad food poisoning from a pork chop once or drank some chunky milk by accident. It doesn't matter if we know the fake foods aren't good so long as her brain sees them as good or safe.

No. 90396

File: 1454874363124.png (638.55 KB, 912x589, Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 11.4…)

Guize! New vegan recipe: put jelly on TOAST! Revolutionary!

No. 90409


I think she created an English muffin recipe. Its probably disgusting and nothing like an actual English muffin. Nor is it revolutionary. Much chef, Anna.

No. 90414

File: 1454876477934.jpg (506.51 KB, 245x175, 58Sc82o.jpg)

No. 90427

I thought that was Aly's hand at a glance.

No. 90522

She made a post a day or two ago with an open faced jelly/"nutella" sandwich which implied that the nutella was real. Someone commented saying "I thought Nutella wasn't vegan?" Just went to see if she posted a snarky response but she just flat out deleted the comment. Come on, Anna

No. 90525

If you Google "thefitveganginger", all the forums talking about her are on the front page.

No. 90529

Yes, that's her new modus operandi. Appeal to a larger crowd with food like nutella and Ben and Jerry's and advice like you're a fitness persona (rest days,you guize! so important!). Rely on new followers and delete questions.
Could be a reason she isnt't posting her daily devotional and super jesusy stuff any more.
Not gonna happen, Anna. You can't promote yourself as having all the restrictions because deadly illnesses and then pull that shit.

No. 90530

File: 1454906059577.jpg (473.01 KB, 904x373, ehdFXD7.jpg)

She answered this one. Claims she got so excited she forgot to check if she could eat it. As if you needed to check if Ben and Jerry's contains fat.

No. 90531

I wonder if our dear ginger has discovered purging on her descent into spoopiness. Eat all the calories you want!

No. 90538

"Check" if fucking Ben & Jerry's has fat? Does she think people will really believe this shit? I thought she couldn't get more ridiculous..

No. 90540

>> 90530

Not only the fat but also pretty much all of those flavors contain gluten, which she also says she can't have….

No. 90543

I'm sure she has. Have you seen the sizes of her meals?

No. 90552

There's been a theory floating around that she photographs it then puts a bunch of it back in the fridge. Them dry old carrots tell the story methinks.

I'm not an ana-chan or bulimia-chan, does someone purge a lo-cal meal like that? I thought it was all sweet things.

No. 90553


Recovered ana-chan here. I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa (b/p subtype.) I used to purge most things, even if I was only eating 500 cals a day. I never really binged, just purged what small amounts I ate whenever I could.

Sage for OT

No. 90569

Thanks for filling me in.

No. 90570

File: 1454922329138.jpeg (165.58 KB, 640x1080, image.jpeg)

So she agrees that her food is ugly.
I'm surprised she didn't just delete the comment.

No. 90572

I think she's an exercise bulimic

I have BED and I eat weird shit almost like she does just so I can eat low cal and still eat a lot

If I'm losing on large quantities, there's no way she wouldn't be able to work off these E-Grade meals and have a large deficit

You guys should should calculate her average meal cal count one day, they never look over 400 by just a glance

No. 90574

I'm sorry but I have never heard "ugly food is the best food". Maybe thats why all successful restaurants serve dry dog turd looking food?

No. 90592

I binge and purge veggies. Some of the food I eat is going to be digested, so veggies are the safest option. However, I'm not okay with having food in my stomach in the first place. I'm too weak to keep myself from eating, and I'm too weak to keep myself from throwing it back up.

No. 90834

File: 1454994396949.jpg (746.24 KB, 1056x508, pnE3EMu.jpg)

This person left this comment on one of Anna's mirror selfies: >Hi Anna - Do you still teach yoga, or train people? Would love to see videos or photos of your body in motion, rather than more appearance-focused static shots.
Sounded like a fetishist at first glance (videos of your body in motion).
Interesting what kind of people try to get involved and interact with Anna. Morbid curiosity or an attempt to make her see how she has deteriorated/help her somehow?
Either way, prepare to be blocked.

No. 90905

File: 1455031165951.png (624.52 KB, 929x597, Untitled.png)

Yes please.
Then we can determine how cray she really is.

No. 90933


ana-chan here /bulimia-chan here.
I purge up to 5 kg veggies and fruits per day. I think she purges, too-

sage for ot

No. 90934

That's roughly ten pounds of food. Seems like a waste of money and food :/

No. 90936


depends. waste of food for sure. Money not really because I´m part of a food saving organisation. can go up to 20 pounds. yes. only fruits and veggies./potatoes

No. 90940

No. 90954

How are you teeth ?

No. 90970

I want her to faint at the gym and split her cheek open and require stitches. For her own safety.

No. 90976

I want to see more videos of her moving around and stuff just to see how surreal it looks

No. 91000

how can you not be dead

No. 91005


They are quite okay, as I watch out


dunno, sometimes quite close to it.
Doctors wonder, too.

topic related: Ginger purges or her stomach is really really streched.

No. 91010

Watch her rise up like freelee jesus

No. 91016

File: 1455058195634.png (275 KB, 720x652, IMG_20160209_174517_edit.png)

Can someone verify if this is true? Can the flaxseed oil in those biscuits be adequate for absorption of nutrients?

Also wtf is hummus without fat? Might as well call it bean paste.

No. 91019

Shes so terrible at things… check out TFVG Online Store!


Then try to order.

Shes so stoopid. She cant even resize pictures.

No. 91021

I thought her pretend allergy was to fat, not oil

No. 91022

I used to b/p 8-12 times a day and even I wanna know how you're not dead anon.

Sorry for diary-chan OT but holy shit.

No. 91024

What do you think oil is you tard?

No. 91025

it's showing up all weird on my phone

The "select" menu doesn't contain any options

What's the empty field for? ( the one you can type into)

Also, what's her supply chain for these products? Is she selling her therapist's woo products?

No. 91027

It is just bean paste, sometimes with spices. Someone on the kiwi farms thread tried making 4 or 5 of her recipes and tasting them, which included a "brownie batter hummus". It was so think the posters blender started smoking; she had to add a bunch of water to even get it to mix. And the poster and her brither, who both tasted the food, got food poisoning after. So not only are Anna's measurements and proportions wildly off, everything tastes like shit and gives you nausea. Probably on purpose. But I have no idea why this bitch thinks there's an audience for nasty recipes that need to be adjusted in order to bake or cook, and makes the eater sick.

No. 91034

My point is that she mentioned eating EFAs.

No. 91060

I call bs on the 'food poisoning'. That's from bacteria, which grow from the mishandling of food.

The food combo might have been disagreeable for their digestion, sure. That can cause discomfort.

No. 91064

Agreed about the food poisoning; I'm sure they mean it in the sense of "the food made me feel ill", otherwise it reflects badly on their own food storage/freshness.

No. 91065

Apparently the aftereffects were: severe nausea, headache, feeling shitty kind of all over. If I had to take a guess it was from consuming a massive amount of stevie and ginger powder, along with a slew of other unpalatable and not really intended for consumption at high volume materials.

No. 91066

I wish somebody would make the cabbage cream pasta- I'm not brave enough to try

No. 91078

Under the DSM-5, exercise is considered a restrictive behavior, and ginger is obviously underweight. Even if she threw up, she'd be anorexic, not bulimic.

No. 91104

File: 1455087448848.jpg (153.27 KB, 318x308, Lp4Ujzw.jpg)

If you,too, would like to look like Anna but don't know how - look no further than Anna's new shop. Weight loss protein powder. Jesus.
Does she even have a business licence?

No. 91106

Well, she'd be b/p subtype

No. 91109


no probs anon, I don´t even know. srsly.

Also study and live my life. A lot of spoopy pain. but nothing to complain about as it is my responsibility.

sage for ot but u asked.

No. 91111

> I watch out

Don't try to convince yourself what you're doing is safe. The appearance of your teeth is the least of your worries. Get help.

No. 91112

Yeah that's what I'm guessing. Technically not food poisoning, but very disagreeable to the gut.

No. 91116

Oh! I can't believe I only thought of this now but:

The carrots could be her 'marker food' if she's bulimic. It means she eats them first so when she purges, she knows when all the food has come up.

Personally, I doubt she binges, her gig seems to deffo be orthorexia.

No. 91118

TIL about marker foods.

Sometimes I'm glad I was a run of the mill fatass binge eater and not a bulimic or anorexic. :/

No. 91119

Seriously anon be glad. Its a whole new level of suck compared to being fat.

(My marker was Doritos or a sip of blue food dye)

No. 91124

File: 1455092568403.jpg (17.09 KB, 611x458, 7.jpg)

>her 'marker food' if she's bulimic. It means she eats them first so when she purges, she knows when all the food has come up.

>My marker was Doritos or a sip of blue food dye

that's fucking insane

No. 91126

File: 1455092869825.jpg (37.04 KB, 420x350, image.jpg)

Did you expect sanity from bulimics?

No. 91141


Are you guys srs lol
Marker foods don't do shit, all the food generally gets mixed up can confirm

No. 91142

This. Also can we cut out the gross vom talk? I'm not here to read about ya'll b/ping.

No. 91143


You all have mpa to go discuss the juicy details of purging. This is not a tips forum.

No. 91147

A little personal anecdata is fine, but I do not need to read about people using Doritos as a color marker, yuck.

Also, IDGAF if Ging b/p's or not. She is still crazy regardless and deep in denial that she has problems.

No. 91150

Is this effing mpa or something? Can we get back to talking about Ginge now?

So confused on how she's selling this stuff. ..

No. 91163

File: 1455119858913.jpg (204.33 KB, 1066x1494, Screenshot_20160210-155535_1.j…)

So calling Shrove Tuesday #fatTuesday isn't disordered at all Ginge? Have some, it might fill out your boney shoulders

No. 91164

fat tuesday is just another word for shrove tuesday lol

No. 91165

Just sounds weird coming from someone so scrawny. Never heard it called that btw, my bad

No. 91168

I wonder what other gym goers think of her. Im surprised she's allowed at the gym, she could be a liability if she fell or injured herself from overexercising and restricting.

No. 91261

Oh I do adore the samefagging.

No. 91327

I only made one of those comments, so no, it's not samefagging you autist.

No. 91346

I'm not samefagging either.

Me either.

No. 91381

It looks like Anna got roped into some type of MLM scheme via her woo chiropractor. I very much doubt age dreamed this up on her own. Her woo guru probably told her that all her money problems will end (and she can afford school without giving in to getting help, as per her parents) and that heavenly blessings will rain down upon her if only she makes an initial offering of $1000. Niw that she's a health food and supplement consultant her worries are in the past!/s

No. 91385

I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. Anna seems really gullible and naive.

No. 91570

Nobody besides you two oder three wants to hear, how "Anonymus" pukes. Ginge doesnt even puke herself.

I honestly wonder, what shes thinking. How doesnt she become discouraged, when NOBODY buys her stuff. It not even possible to do so.

No. 91589


No. 91627

Someone should suggest Anna sell It Works.

No. 91690

File: 1455217669202.png (12.7 KB, 243x149, princess.png)

Look who's following ginger!

No. 91691

Lolcow's a close knit community.

No. 91726

that. shirt. is. so. un. flattering. oh. my god.

No. 91763

Lol, on mobile so I can't link a photo (stupid phone only copies to clipboard) but did anyone see that Anna got bumper stickers made from that awful clip art picture on her blog? The text resolution looks like dot matrix level, too. Oh, gine, never change!


No. 91765

File: 1455233602997.png (112.25 KB, 720x464, IMG_20160211_183234_edit.png)

Ouch @ the comment underneath that picture

No. 91768

How can she not see how horrible that bumper sticker looks… like, it reminds me of the 'art' I used to make for my mom and she being nice and putting it on the fridge or something

No. 91779

File: 1455236714230.png (1.34 MB, 1200x1920, 1HgO0mz.png)

the bandaid on her thumb is interesting. That's the one she chews on- it always looks chewed up & callused. I've never seen her cover it up before. It must look pretty bad for her to do that.

No. 91780

Shits pixelated as fuuuuck

No. 91784

maybe her eating habits are causing her eyesight to fail and she genuinely can't tell how bad it is

No. 91785

She can't be serious with this shit

No. 91786

Funny aswell
A: she uses a blogspot-URL to promote
B: she wants 30 bucks for a ebook

This chick, man.

No. 91792

No. 91805

Ginger, is that you?!

No. 91810

I edit photos, business cards and general cards for work. If this came to me I'd send it straight back because of how low res and shitty it is. It's not that hard to ask someone to vector it. Just pay them a little bit to do it for you and bam, vector that's good at any size. Everything hurts looking at this.

No. 91812

File: 1455252652684.png (237.58 KB, 461x515, 3984309.png)

Or she could have just bought the vector version to begin with…

No. 91814

Omg ging, stealing is a sin

No. 91822

File: 1455256336615.png (16.56 KB, 300x64, 97439438.png)

No. 91824


Is she mentally retarded or trolling? How can anyone think this would be worth 30 dollars?

No. 91835

Lol, kudos to whichever anon got ginge to say a swear! It's the same account as the one telling Ali she's a lying liar about her accident.

No. 91865

File: 1455282122387.jpg (37.75 KB, 640x640, 10329222_748034128580372_35163…)

Woah, never seen this photo before.
I wonder why she stopped wearing makeup.

No. 91877

I get so angry at gingers who refuse to fill in their eyebrows but insist on going full raccoon on their eyes, jfc. I'm a ginger myself and honestly i'd rather do just brows if i had to choose one.

No. 91879

The eyebrows are the reason so many people say they're not into gingers. I feel sorry for ginger guys who don't really have the option to fill in their brows.

No. 91885

tbh if I was a ginger guy I'd just get some subtle eyebrow mascara

No. 91899

I have a ginger friend who wears eyeliner without mascara, it looks so wrong.

No. 91909

To me the biggest difference is her hair… that braid does not look like the ones she was sporting recently.

No. 91923

Her hand almost looks weirder than her face

No. 91928

Where to even start with this mess?

No. 91929

Can someone teach her about vectors?

No. 91964

File: 1455312690620.png (16.99 KB, 299x207, hyuvvh1.png)

The deleted third comment was:
>Honestly, I'm not even trying to be mean. However, I felt a light joke would point out to you that your thinking is very disordered right now. You state that your upping your intake of protein; which I'm assuming is to help you build lean muscle mass. That is a wonderful dietary change, but sadly upping your intake of protein won't do anything for you if you aren't eating enough calories. If you want to maintain a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, you must eat denser more caloric foods without all the fake ingredients. Right now you are eating a huge quantity of food, but it has very little sustenance to it. I understand you have some dietary intolerances that make it a little trickier to find a healthy balance. But ultimately you need to find a way to eat more calories. The lifestyle you are living right now is not sustainable in the long run. I truly wish you the best. You seem to be a beautiful young woman inside and out and have a very good work ethic. I wish you would use that work ethic for your benefit.

Of course she deletes any reasonable criticism and leaves up only the trolly comments.

No. 91991

File: 1455320897882.jpg (314.18 KB, 719x966, IMG_20160212_164550.jpg)

No. 91992

File: 1455321039530.jpg (196.37 KB, 708x952, IMG_20160212_164939.jpg)

No. 91994

Even her old buddy Claire is agreeing with the commenters! I'm impressed. Queue up a bible picture of relevant 'be strong when you get attacked' quote and 'haters' int he margin.

No. 92000

I once turned down a perfectly nice ginger guy because I could not get over his lack of eyebrows.


I did some penance later by dating a redhead who was not a ginger and therefore had proper eyebrows/pigmentation, but yeah…I feel bad.

No. 92012

File: 1455323923149.png (188.78 KB, 720x720, IMG_20160212_193439.png)

I was surprised to see her name there too! I wonder what Anna will make of her advice, given that it's exactly the opposite of the new direction she's taken with her blog - deciding to focus on "nutrition" and "fitness"

No. 92014

File: 1455323957645.png (179.67 KB, 720x720, IMG_20160212_193457.png)

No. 92017

The last sentence of her first response is so garbled…Anna eat moar carbs pls

No. 92022

Prepare to get blocked!

No. 92026

File: 1455327488306.jpeg (194.9 KB, 1265x869, image.jpeg)

Lots of 'hater' comments tonight.

No. 92038

She's going to have a fucking meltdown.

No. 92053

No really, Ginger, is that you??

No. 92061

Gone. ALL GONE. #BullyFreeZone #NoBullying #NoHaterz

No. 92063

Back off, HUN!

No. 92064


No. 92074

K, archiving page now, as there are several follow up comments and they don't fit in my phone screen.

No. 92078

Ha, she already deleted that barrage of comments from hyuvvh1. She's monitoring that shit closely.

No. 92080

>self-abuse issues

so… masturbation ?

No. 92081

It's nearly midnight on the east coast, she should go to bed is she's to get to the gym for #fastedcardio at the crack of dawn.

The archived page still has the barrage of comments up. Cool. I don't think that feature is used enough by our anons. It's easier than screencapping long/multiple comments.

No. 92082

jesus christ, that's some "Has anyone really been far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?" shit

No. 92083

The bible would not approve.

No. 92086

I guess so.

The pussy euphemism for self mutilation is "self harm." "Self-abuse" is what 1950s hygiene films called masturbation.

No. 92100

File: 1455343916100.png (1.07 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20160213-010353.png)

3 hours ago: "I have LOTS of friends! I just don't like to post pics of them!"

(deletes original question but leaves answer up)

1 hour ago: posts pic of her in someone else's house, captioned "good talks with good friends after work" (no one else is pictured.)

Okayyy, ginger. #LifeIsGood #GodIsGood

No. 92102


I like how that reply made no sense but one of her typo's said 'ember', kek. Maybe she's been getting some inspiration from !!1! the almighty thinspo kween !!!

No. 92103

File: 1455345045192.jpeg (32.89 KB, 719x141, image.jpeg)

Samefagging for dropped pic

No. 92104

She's blocked her biggest (only?) fan, claireelizabeth_e. What a dumbass.

No. 92106

What is she even trying to say??? Isn't she a native english speaker, just wat.

No. 92107

No. 92108

Because Claire expressed concern for her.

No. 92109

Because that Claire girl posted a sweet, concerned message. How dare she.

No. 92111

Look at that look in her eyes. "Hah! I'll show them!"

No. 92118

Not only this little shit looks like a girl whose site i used to fill with content, she is greedy as much

No. 92122

I think that is at her quack's office. She posted the puppy when she was at work before. It belongs to either the woo doctor herself or a patient. And what is that in the background in the right? A scale? Some exercise machine?

No. 92123

Thanks to everyone archiving/screencapping. The archive feature is really useful for people in different timezones who wake up to all the drama already deleted.

No. 92124

That's her woo doctors office / house. She has a friend, a very good friend who's both her boss and another independent consultant for the MLM products she's happy to sell you!

No. 92126

Delete comments all you want, Minge, God knows when you're lying to others and yourself.

>something something this was a trial from Him and you failed

No. 92129

File: 1455351500613.jpg (41.77 KB, 636x358, tm6ofvkjjvoygkt8zlta.jpg)

ohai ging

No. 92175

File: 1455371027152.png (29.18 KB, 274x399, muchlogic.png)

>Yes, it WOULD be a problem if I did have an eating disorder and ate lots of low cal foods. BUT I DONT. SO ITS NOT.
How very much "ceci n'est pas une pomme" of you, Anna.
>eats low-cal food even if real, nourishing food would fit within her restrictions
>weighs about 80 pounds at the most (says she lost thirty, probably wasn't more than 110 to begin with at 5'3 or so)
>but says she's not disordered,so it's fine.

How dare anyone take issue with what she eats, just because she is emaciated! The injustice of it!

No. 92524

File: 1455397590046.png (161.51 KB, 720x488, a.png)

People continue to make Anna's life difficult.

No. 92525

File: 1455397626367.png (118.76 KB, 720x378, e.png)

No. 92527

>As long as you are healthy

What do they mean here?
As long as you're able to work out all the time and not post how much you're suffering from it?

Or as long as the food is perceived as healthy, which it would be to people who don't understand nutritional information works?

>Her calorie free diet has nothing to do with her size

Is this a farmer, this is surreal

No. 92528

It's satire

No. 92530

That post is 100% sarcasm.

I sincerely hope so anyway.

The poster is using Anna's own statement about being underweight but not unhealthy (see her blog)

No. 92546

It was sarcasm. I wrote it but she blocked me :(

No. 92550

Xanthipppee has been fucking hilarious lately. The posts mocking her appearance are kind of rude, but the rest of it is so damn accurate it hurts.

No. 92557

Nothing is funny about that account. It's pathetic and the person who made it keeps linking to it here

No. 92565

File: 1455402790651.png (213.45 KB, 578x278, bumpersticker.png)

Not seeing it either. There seem to be two parody accounts now. Only thing that's spot on are the bumper sticker recreations.

No. 92573

RIP in pieces :(

No. 92714

File: 1455417552467.jpg (125.38 KB, 375x667, drybonesdonutsyay.jpg)

I'll show myself out.

No. 92717

It reminds me of food that a kid makes with playdoh. Then you pretend to eat it so you don't hurt their feelings.

No. 92721

Nyom nyom mmmmmm!! This is delicious Anna!! You're a good little baker! Yum yum, what else can we make today?

No. 92722

Anna's been missing again today. Guess she hit maximum sperglord status yesterday and is praying for people to pay attention to her but only good attention with lots of compliments on all the healthy ways to starve yourself (guess he only got half her prayer.)

Will Anna go private again? Will she persevere and continue filling her corpse with pretend food? Will the haters be smited with fire and brimstone by a vengeful sky god?

Or did she finally collapse, alone in her apartment or on one last fasted cardio run?

No. 92724

1. 1/2 cup gluten free oat flour
2. One scoop vegan protein powder (I used Sunwarrior vanilla)
3. One packet stevia powder
4. 1/2 tsp baking powder
5. Scant 1/2 cup water

1. Combine flour, protein powder, stevia, and baking powder in a medium sized bowl and mix well.
2. Add water, stirring in as you go to avoid clumping.
3. Pour batter into mini donut silicone/nonstick pan and bake
350 for 25-30 minutes, until firm.
4. Let cool 10 minutes before removing. Serve with PB!

It doesn't just look bad. That obviously tastes bad and this is coming from someone that makes vegan lentil brownies. Nobody else eats Anna's recipes and her tastebuds have been trained to find this nasty shit good. Most of her followers are trolls or maybe ana or ana fetishists. I think Anna is actually low IQ to not realize nobody unironically uses her recipes.

No. 92729

She's so fucking hungry anything is a tasty mouthwatering treat.
I've seen a girl cry over how good milk tasted after she did some stupid four day fast.

No. 92733

there's no actual food in this recipe

you're better off stuffing your face with dirt

No. 92736

There has to be something mentally wrong with her, like a learning disability or something. I get that she’s probably so starved that anything tastes good, but I don’t understand how she can honestly think her food looks appealing. And the gross food is one thing, but that fucking bumper sticker really made me question it…how could anyone with eyes seriously think that looks good?

Not to mention she acts like a child all of the time, with her inability to take any sort of criticism and the delusion that she is actually a legit food/fitness blogger.

No. 92742

I think she's just so into herself that she can't see how anything she makes or does could be bad.
Nobody is criticizing her irl, and I bet she was always told that anyone who says something she doesn't like is a silly jealous bully.

She seems to genuinely believe she's absolutely amazing and skilled. Imo this is what constantly giving a kid patronizing head pats does to them.

No. 92743

I kek-ed, audibly and lengthily. I love this person.

No. 92746

You gave me joy anon. I have a tears of joy right this minute.

No. 92747

It's either a developmental delay or disability, or she's just one of those ana chans who cling to childhood like a drowning man to a life jacket. And it's probably the second one because I can't imagine her parents would have just left her in another state with no financial support if she was disabled. But she could certainly use a shrink or some other actual medical supervision, because left to her own devices right now she is not functioning well. I don't know if that's something that's ignored in their particular brand of evangelism, does anyone know? Some kinds are all about woo and they'll ignore anything.

Sage, but i had an acquaintance leave her infant with a lung infection for a whole year. Because putting garlic on that poor infants feet was "natural healing" - bitch was raised in an evangelical cult. Even though she wasn't religious, that ignorant woo shit is still very much a part of her life. I'm not sure how or why the 2 got connected, but woo and religion is a toxic fucking mess.

No. 92748

Dr. Armchair, I think this is heading into GOMI territory. I'm not saying a shrink wouldn't help her, but when you look at the general population it seems like reaching to assume she's some sort of retarded.

No. 92755

I don’t think she’s mentally disabled, probably just a little slow/stupid combined with constant asspats all her life like >>92742 mentioned. Since her family is religious, I wonder if she was homeschooled? If she was, she probably had no exposure to actual criticism and therefore gets super defensive any time someone disagrees with her.

No. 92767

She's not even slow. She's average, maybe slightly above or slightly under, but she's not slow. She's just incredibly sheltered and doesn't have much life experience.

No. 92781

She deleted the "donut" post?

No. 92784

Nope, it's still there on her insta, in its dry, shat on glory.

No. 92914

File: 1455468067265.png (13.37 KB, 294x137, greatexpectations.png)

Something to look forward to, on both counts

No. 93031

File: 1455487789082.png (688.5 KB, 917x604, 34534.png)

Someone made one of her recipes.

No. 93039

Mmm, gotta love some raw cabbage thrown on top of 0 calorie noodles. What a flavorful and satisfying dish!

No. 93082

>miracle noodles

holy fuck white people.(race derailing)

No. 93083

White cultures have created some of the best cuisine in the world, but keep being salty.

No. 93084

No. 93085

Why are you here and not on tumblr anyway?

No. 93086

> acts like French cuisine isn't a thing

No. 93087

Asian people invented them, no?

No. 93089

France got it from Italy… Italy got if from China.

It's all good though.

No. 93090

No. 93091

File: 1455494950140.jpg (16.88 KB, 200x200, image.jpg)

Top bait.

No. 93092

The most offensive part of this dish is the cinnamon semen sauce

No. 93093

Kill yourself instantly.

No. 93094

This is a great proana dish. What next, is she going to try eating cardboard and cotton?

No. 93095

I almost miss when they were all obsessed with green tea and Splenda.

No. 93113

File: 1455498977757.jpg (246.44 KB, 1152x2048, lA4-Sorl.jpg)

new anon here. i had tried to talk to the ginge in a nice way but i give up lol she's an asshole. i feel like if i look at her profile again i'm gonna ragequit insta

No. 93120

What a bitch. How does she expect to get anywhere as a food/fitness/whatever blogger if she's just going to be rude to everyone?

No. 93125

File: 1455503216615.png (72.79 KB, 428x517, Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 6.18…)

She's so deep into her delusion, and it's all blended together with deeply judgmental self righteousness, courtesy of her bible thumping. She's a child of god, and whatever she wants is the will of god, so therefore it can't be wrong. She won't be able to hear anything to the contrary until she collapses, can't work any more, her parents intervene (i.e. won't let her move back home if / when she's unable to work anymore), or she dies.

And in other news, I decided to dig for some throwback recipes while Anna posts "motivational" quotes instead of monstrosities. This thing has 30 DROPS OF STEVIA in a single serving - watermelon flavor AND coconut flavor! - and is supposed to be soup. It sounds like its a combination of veggies, suntan lotion, and watermelon flavored bitter candy.

No. 93126

My bad - ONLY 20 drops stevia. That's practically a savory dish.

No. 93127

I guess it doesn't matter to her if she dies, she thinks she's going to heaven anyway.

No. 93128

her reasoning doesn't even make sense of why she doesn't have an ED. she literally admits to being underweight and eating the same shit as anas but SHE doesn't have one because she SAYS so. what does she think having an ED is anyway? she's such an idiot istg she's a little 'special'

No. 93133

She thinks what she’s doing is healthy (because it magically “cured” all of her illnesses), therefore it’s not an ED.

No. 93135

"If you're not into what I create…"

This is the part I don't get. Does she not realize that no one besides anorexics / purgers are "into" what she creates? There's almost no way to stomach any of the recipes - they're pretty much designed to make you purge. And her digestive / stomach problems only make sense in context of her buzzard diet; you don't heal intestinal and stomach issues by forcing your body to process raw veg and fake calorie free substances.

And re: the stevie soup - 20 drops is the shittuer tasting equivalent of 3 tablespoons of sugar in a "soup" recipe for a single serving. I feel sick just thinking about it. If that's the.point, then Anna has succeeded in spades.

No. 93136


No. 93141

never forget when she told an average sized ("fat" to anas) person to "pick on your own size"

No. 93142

Plus dried basil on top, omg.

No. 93155

I liked "buzzard diet," anon.

No. 93172

Since when is oat flour not real food?

Everything in that recipe is pretty 'normal' for food except for the protein powder. It just looks gross.

No. 93175



No. 93177

File: 1455515776460.jpeg (55.87 KB, 615x409, image.jpeg)

No. 93181

Wait, wat? Did she post that somewhere? Jesus christ that's word salad. Zero calories tho.

No. 93201

it's a well known brainteaser sentence

No. 93225

Haha, the person who posted this pointed out that the recipe for this has since been deleted from her blog.

Maybe we should start trying more of her recipes to show her that normal people think her food is shit.

No. 93312

File: 1455562850574.png (602.3 KB, 914x578, Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.5…)

Well, it seems our Ginger Terror has given up pretending to eat a massive breakfast every day. If this has more than 150 calories in it, I'd be shocked: miracle rice (calorie free), walden farms strawberry syrup (calorie free), tiny orange sections (10 calories?), and chocolate protein powder, water and stevia congealed in the fridge into ball shapes.

The whole thing looks like Willy Wonka play food - except everything is NOT eatable.

No. 93331

What in the ever loving fuck is that? It looks like tadpoles in period urine with jumbo rabbit droppings and some compost in it.

No. 93333

Is the new Grainful post sponsored? Anyway, those ready meals contain salt, oil, and sugar, which I thought was not Anna's bag. They do look good though, and if she's attempting to edge into "normal" food I will welcome that.

No. 93343

File: 1455570743385.png (834.58 KB, 917x591, Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 1.09…)

The calorie count I'm sure she's into (they're pretty low) and she's not had time to make / pretend to eat those giant meals with minimal calories from raw stuff - and doesn't get a discount anymore - so maybe frozen diet food is her new thing.

But I'd love for someone to mention how these don't fit into her 100 declared "allergies".

No. 93346

File: 1455571181743.png (219.81 KB, 843x338, Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 1.13…)

Here's the list of ingredients - TWO kinds of oil, oh no!

No. 93347

Thats 100% a sponsored post. The company sent her the stuff to shill. They just started marketing on instagram and have no following whatsoever

Id be suprised, if she ate that poison.

No. 93356

File: 1455572775249.png (16.41 KB, 294x211, fat intolerance.png)

Someone asked. She's pretty vague on whether she intends to actually try any. I don't believe her "obsession" story - we would have seen pictures of the meals already.

No. 93408

File: 1455579395280.png (140.55 KB, 303x290, brrr.png)

This is the person behind the brownie fudge picture and recipe that Anna posted. That she woud never eat herself. And I wonder how much of those aspirational twee vegan paleo sweets the account owner actually eats - pic related.
Anna defended her on one of her pics. That woman does seem to have crohn's, but has Anna's rude defensive tone.

No. 93418

is fat intolerance even a real thing for people who have functioning gallbladders? and even without a gallbladder, it just means you can't have high fat meals like burgers and fries without having greasy diarrhea.

I mean, I guess there might be an extremely rare genetic disorder where you can't metabolize fats, but that would almost certainly be fatal just after birth, with severe failure to thrive.

fats are essential macronutrients. your body needs them for everything from sex hormones to cell membranes.

No. 93422

Digestive problems post-gallbladder removal are a real thing.

No. 93424

All the time spent concocting that rubbish is part of it for her, no? It's an elaborate routine of making each thing then photographing it all… no doubt cold. Just like Aly photographing each thing in a particular way before she'll take even a bit.

No. 93426

Its like she thinks her body doesn't produce lipase.

No. 93431

It is the only real reason to be "intolerant" to fat that I knew of. Although I'm not sure about the amount of fat you can generally still consume without negative effects- clearly some.
I'm still sort of wondering if the girl who asked made it up to seem legit and not be deleted. Seemed highly coincidental.

No. 93435

Has anyone ever contacted her family/friends/church?

No. 93437

File: 1455583946260.png (376.66 KB, 496x505, crohn's.png)

sage for slightly OT, but the girl who's apparently Anna's new idol, https://www.instagram.com/lilsipper/ claims to have Crohn's and looks like this. Is this a likely result of malabsorption due to Crohn's? She posts lots of sugar free stuff/vegan/paleo too. Do those restrictions help? I sort of suspect her of bullshitting at least to some extent. She gets extremely defensive to anyone asking about her weight.

No. 93442

File: 1455584490892.png (17.77 KB, 264x168, #wehavejesusonourside.png)

And how obnoxious is this exchange? Sorry, I'm done now.

No. 93454

I know only one person with Crohn's, and she is currently very thin also, but she lost 20-30 lb over a period of 2 months due to Crohn's flareups. It isn't usual for her (she is normal-slim when healthy). I'm not sure what the status of lilslippers Crohn's is. The vegan/paleo stuff, I have no idea – seems like it would have more roughage and be harder to digest, if anything.

No. 93456

Well, I HAVE had my gallbladder out, and not being able to eat super fatty foods without getting extremely sick is a very common after effect. I've never experienced that myself, but I wanted to play nice and see what she'd cop to in a response (does she actually eat this stuff she's promoting, and therefore her fat "intolerance" where she can't eat even the tiniest bit of oil in her food is total bullshit? Or is she shilling for shekels and pretending to eat real people food?)

No. 93457

There's no way she's actually eating these. Not only do they have oil, but there's real sugar in them too which she doesn't eat. She just tries to become an ambassador for 439582 vegan products so she can look like a credible food blogger.

No. 93459


Another review for #thefatvegangingercookbook

No. 93467

>Cures ulcers, IBS, Crohn's, & other digestion issues
Well since she believes eating aloe vera cures crohn's disease she'll need another excuse to be spoopy since she herself says she has a 1/2 cup of it every day.

No. 93488

Uhh… taking aloe Vera juice every day is a great way to EMULATE HAVING crohns disease. But if you have it and take aloe vera, you'd better already be in the hospital, because otherwise you might not make it.

No. 93489

File: 1455591344194.jpeg (266.85 KB, 750x1250, image.jpeg)

She used to look like this now she reminds me of that crazy, sick sister in pet cemetery. Still not as ugly as ginge tho.

No. 93500

Oz the Gweat and Tewwible!

There's something a bit odd about her. Like, she isn't stick thin like Anna, but she doesn't look healthy.

No. 93505

File: 1455595386129.jpg (124.12 KB, 600x597, notdog.jpg)

Ah, another zucchini hotdog aficionado. https://www.instagram.com/p/3CYJfsNVW9/

No. 93506

File: 1455595648468.jpg (138.22 KB, 1138x741, Capture.JPG)

Uh oh.
Is this Anna's disordered fairy godmother?

Also kek at this comment.

No. 93512

She left the stem on ffs
Its prickly!

No. 93514

File: 1455596762783.jpg (12.85 KB, 272x252, image.jpg)

Replace carbs and proteins with zuchinnis?

No. 93520

She deleted this "recipe" from her blog too. That's the second one she's deleted now after other people have tried it.

No. 93523

Wait so all we have to do is make her recipes and she'll slowly dissappear?

So cookbook author, Anna.

No. 93525

File: 1455598861221.png (176.71 KB, 720x682, shilling.png)

You're right sigh

She's a shill for them, it's in her blog bio

No. 93532

File: 1455600377424.jpeg (173.26 KB, 750x1200, image.jpeg)

>isn't as stick thin as Anna
She's just as thin. Just all the couple lbs of fat she has is on her legs.

She's got the same type of ED as ginge just way less entertaining.

No. 93534

I like how this lady is selling her cookbook for $4, and Anna is charging $30 for her's.

No. 93539

How does Ginger afford to "eat" like this? Vegan-brand crap is expensive where I live. Also protein powder costs a lot, can't imagine vegan protein in multiple flavors. Vegan cheese is like $2 more than normal cheese at my grocery store (and has significantly less). I guess not having a life means having a lot of money saved up to buy pricey vegan brand products.

Oh wait, she's an "ambassador".

No. 93540

Is it me or does she look super haggard, like her face doesn't really glow or look too healthy?

No. 93541

She looks like a well preserved forty year old.

No. 93542

Yep, she's obsessed with food and it's not like she's spending it on anything else (like eyebrow makeup).

I bet she spends less on food than a normal person anyways since she never eats at restaurants or anything. Plus the food probably lasts a long time since she eats so little.

No. 93543

I can't find the link, but she once said that she spends about $40 a week on food.

No. 93544

But how old is she?

No. 93545

File: 1455603522976.png (429.41 KB, 628x428, singleserving.png)

It seems like Ginge identifies as "single" as well.

No. 93546

her thumb looks super delicious tho

No. 93551

Salt, oil, sugar, fat, gluten, fish/meat, dairy, and egg free. Even if she wanted to could she restrict anything else and still eat anything with calories? Grains maybe?

No. 93552

Her bumpersticker and now this card. The design hurts my heart, its just so ugly. And the everything-free diet just really shows how nutty she is.

No. 93555

Ugh. Those fucked up, dehydrated hands. Her recipes must be based on ancient mummy-preservation techniques.

No. 93558

File: 1455608334991.jpg (108.46 KB, 700x1074, JCI0525736.f1.jpg)

it's the complete lack of fat in her diet.

No. 93570

Beans are about the only significant category left that holds any amount of calories. And she often posts things as "bean free".

No. 93578

She did a post asking people to guess her age, saying:
> I'm older than you may think (thanks natural skincare
>says in the comments she's 26 (?)

I would have guessed well preserved mid-late thirties as well.
Also, I'm in my mid-twenties. Go die in a fire, bitch.

No. 93581

File: 1455614908504.png (834.69 KB, 602x531, spoopy.png)

You can't see a lot of her in this picture, and she wears a big sweater, but she has the spoopy look down: claw-hands, sallow skin, sternum protruding.

No. 93585

I wouldn't call those claw hands. Mine look pretty much exactly the same :/
Her neck looks…weirdly flattened and squashed.

No. 93591

26??? Oh honey – you ain't livin' right! I would have guessed 15 years older.

No. 93611

File: 1455625843103.png (925.56 KB, 915x547, 26.png)

Here's the post where she talks about turning 26.
Does anybody else think her boobs look a bit Aly-level bolted on, especially as she has so little fat everywhere else? Push-up bra,fake or just blessed?
She does have wide hips and a nice hourglass shape,so maybe she's lucky.

No. 93614

i believe you mean edible

No. 93636

Stupid question, but does having your gallbladder out affect how much fat you can eat for life? because my mom eats nothing but junk, had her gallbladder removed decades ago and complains all the time about stomach issues.

No. 93639

My friend had hers removed in her mid 20s and was told she'd need to be careful with her fat intake. Smthing to do with removal slowing enzymes down from the liver (probably got that wrong but something like that). She still eats high fat foods like a nob but doesn't get any problems with it.
I'm sure there's a doc anon who knows more though.

No. 93642

why does literally everything look like vomit
she is either extremely ill or the ultimate troll

No. 93684

She looks like she spent too much time in the tanning bed so she's 26 but looks 38.

No. 93728

Your gallbladder stores bile, which aids digestion. Once it's gone, your liver and kidneys take one for the team and get the job done, but they're not quite as effective as having a functional gallbladder to store up bile to help break fats down. You don't have to go Anna level crazy, though, it just means a double bacon duck fat cheeseburger is probably a bad idea in the first few months after surgery.

No. 93733

I'm two years older than her and she looks like she could be my mother. Even her hair is crispy.

No. 93734

Yikes. I would have guessed early 40s, honestly. Starving yourself for years on end ages you up something fierce. And she didn't have a very attractive face to begin with, poor thing.

No. 93800

Oh yeah, she has store bought boobies. It's very obvious.

No. 93808

That's what super low body fat does to you.

No. 93834

File: 1455663420010.png (205.96 KB, 295x289, #workwithwhatyagot.png)

Makes pics with captions like this one pretty brave:
>Too thin. Too fat. Too tall. Too short. Too flat. Too big. Too dark. Too muscular. Too blotchy…..
Embrace yourself and have confidence. It's the most attractive thing you can posses!
#WorkWithWhatYaGot @lilsipper

Work with what ya got indeed. Or deprive yourself, get a boob job and extensions.
No surprise she's getting some blowback. Crohn's or not, her food choices and antics (promotes fat loss! guilt-free everything!I don't need to count calories because my food choices make me look like that effortlessly!) raise red flags. And she has almost 300 times more followers than Anna.

No. 93845

File: 1455665576052.jpg (Spoiler Image, 7.32 KB, 194x259, download (1).jpg)

This post reminded me of those monks who'd start mummifying themselves while still alive. Probably her next step is to find out their diet and finish the job she already started.

No. 93848

File: 1455666137048.jpg (336.61 KB, 712x1103, IMG_20160216_162552.jpg)

Dat some good bulimia right thur.

No. 93854

those carrots look like her chopped off dehydrated fingers.

No. 93863

Perhaps they are prop carrots that have been reused in multiple photos rather than eaten.

No. 93881

File: 1455676368624.png (393.17 KB, 1536x2048, image.png)

TFC seems to have turned against ginge according to these comments on this hilarious IG satire account for TFVG.

No. 93884

Anna is crazy, but that xanathipeee person is a loser for creating a separate IG account just to make fun of Anna.

No. 93885

Notice two placemats to hold it all.

Ugh at those carrots… I first though they were some kind of salami or something.

No. 93886

Lettuce alone!

No. 93887

link? lol cottonless cotton "balls"

No. 93894

Business cards? The "ultimate vegan recipe resource"??

Really??? She really thinks she's gonna be some kind of vegan mogul with her "recipes" of protein powder and water rolled into balls & served with a side of raw celery and Walden Farms zero-cal syrup, in a $30 Comic Sans ebook?

I… have no words.

No. 93899

Theory: Xanthipppeee is Anna.

No. 93900

No. 93909

>Posting on a website made purely to make fun of people

No. 93913

File: 1455690903855.jpeg (43.77 KB, 357x479, image.jpeg)

I thought she was at least mid 30's. i can see how not believing "trolls" on Instagram are telling her she looks sick as fuck but nobody irl told her to gain 15 lbs at least.

Her food looks great compared to Ginger's at least.

I know some extremely skinny girls with huge tits but you can see they have sag. And this cleavage looks weird.

No. 93918

I both have my gallbladder and liver, but they aren't really functional, my body doesn't give proper signals that they should go and do stuff. So I'm terrible at digesting fats and sometimes turn very yellow, yay -.-.
My doctor advised me to get around 15-20% of my calories from fat. Below 10% would be detrimental to the rest of my health. Your body doesn't care that you are shit at metabolizing fats, you still need it.
What would be even worse, is calorie restricting. If you already don't have a gallbladder, you shouldn't give your liver a very hard time like that.

No. 93935

on the other hand, if she has a congenital inability to oxidize fatty acids, fasting would probably be extremely dangerous to lethal.

No. 93939

26?! Wow. That's shocking, but … probably not for the reasons she's hoping.

No. 93943

Sorry no one thinks your account is funny. There's a difference between occasionally posting on an image board, and making an entire account to mock one person, even going so far as to actively interact with her and her followers.

No. 93949

This idiot calls her recipes a "pefrect for students".
How is being vegan is any good for student? Being one you already burn calories by processing lots of information with your brain(brain burns calories when it works) like a stowe. When you cut your callories income down to zero you would be barrely abble to think clearly.
Vegan crap is expensive as hell, being a poor student you will not only starwe yourself to death but also go bankrupt by living vegan lifestyle.
Anna knows nothing about real life.

No. 93951

Not my account actually, I just think it's a bit hypocritical of you to make a comment like that. It takes less than a few minutes to make a post in Instagram, it's really not any different to posting on here.

No. 93954

Wrong poster. I am the one that called the xanthipeee person a loser. There's a difference between creating a thread dedicated to someone like Anna vs being so obsessed with her you're willing to create account after account just to make fun of her.

Xanthipeee was already deleted once by IG, but they're back at it. As far as I know, that account is run by

No. 93955

*someone from GOMI.

No. 93957

Yeah, there's a difference between clever satire and mindlessly making fun of someone. This board does not pretend to be a parody account. When your hate accounts biggest fan is joltography…

No. 93958

Anna only did a few online classes I think, and maybe an in-person stint at Liberty for a little while. She has no real concept of student life.

No. 93959

It's a rule at GOMI not to own up to that shit there, so it's not easy to find out for sure who.

No. 93960

Yeah, I suppose it'll be impossible to find out who is behind it, but it's someone from GOMI for sure.

No. 93961

does the brain really burn more calories while studying? I always thought it's a myth.

No. 93965

not sure, that person definitely at least lurks all forums talking about Anna. She incorporates things brought up there. There is a new poster over at gomi whose first post was to mention the xanthippe account. I'm not accusing anyone, but seeing as self-promotion has been happening here as well.. I'm kinda suspicious.

No. 93967

What I think happened was the person created the IG account originally was a Gomi user. Then somehow GOMI started finding out about lolcow, so now this person stalks the thread. Even the Ash and Aly threads over at GOMI have mentioned this place.

I can't be sure though, and we'll never know if that's the case.

No. 93969

Sorry you're hangry, maybe you should eat some vegan cinnamon toast crunch cereal. Those Instagram accounts are hilarious. Maybe you can come back when you have a sense of humor.

No. 93973

This sounds so GOMI tbh.

No. 93975

For me, the #1 potential candidate is Cersei. I'm a former GOMI member and she had the biggest hard on of all about FVG. She is also a long term ED sufferer (18 years or something) who probably gets triggered as fuck about these things then can't look away.

No. 93984

I was under the impression that it was Kiwifarms. I forget why, but I had evidence at some point.

No. 93986

File: 1455725849950.png (135.05 KB, 236x226, cryptkeeper.png)

I refuse to believe she's 26. There's no way she isn't at least in her late 30s.

No. 93989

Really? Didn't she change her usename and then left suddenly? I had assumed she got worse or better and decided Gomi wasn't helping? Maybe I'm deluding myself, though.
The poster I suspected (I'm >>93965) was Borderline Personality Disorder. She could originally have lurked,and is now seeking attention/headpats.

No. 93994

File: 1455730540796.jpg (32.59 KB, 420x294, 4f214be7cfbd9fae8138c8b4e11092…)

dear anna, this is relevant to your life

No. 94002

File: 1455732929513.jpg (27.49 KB, 480x426, download (2).jpg)

No. 94003

No. 94007

Can we have a GOMI thread to stop shitting up this one?

No. 94011

Bullshit. Chicken is way more expensive than beef.

No. 94013

ground pork is $2 or less per lb. also tofu is only $1 unless you don't get it at asian food stores, in which case why bother.

No. 94015

No. 94034

I don't know tbh but it depends on where you are and whether there has been a mad cow outbreak in the last couple of years. Beef is really expensive right now where I live.

These price infographics are always horribly inaccurate for me anyways but I'm Canadian, not sure if they are accurate all over the USA.

No. 94037

Yeah given that right now cauliflower is like $5+ a head in my area. Being veggie here would be brutal…

No. 94059


Europeanfag here
omfg yesterday I got a head of cauliflower for 1 € (~ $1,11)
for example you get one cucumber for 70 c
being vegan is not really more expensive if you don´t eat these fake meat stuff

No. 94071

Some veggies and fruits here are alright, it's the vegan brand crap that costs a lot. Ginger can afford it because she doesn't spend her money on leisure activities and she probably gets free food anyway for being an "ambassador".

No. 94091

I never understood that. Like, I hate the taste and texture of real meat, and I greatly dislike mock meat. Yet my friend who is vegan will eat mock meat up the wazoo.

No. 94092


they even build chicken with this typical skin and wings. even lobsters.
I am vegan for so long now but never wanted to try this

No. 94109

She doesn't eat eat the carrots and puts them back in the fridge every time, some other anon already mentioned this and these carrots pretty much confirm it. Wouldn't be surprised if she throws away half her food in these pics.

No. 94112

I don't believe this is true in a single country on this earth.

No. 94113

When my friend and I went to a vegan place, she made me try these mock meat chicken drumsticks, I was trying to be polite and said it was nice, even though I couldn't stand it.

The reason we went to a vegan place to begin with is because 1. she's vegan and 2. I have food allergies and usually can't get dessert in restaurants.

No. 94118


$1.11 for Cauliflower?!?! I wish. Bell peppers are now $4/lb, kale and lettuce are $2-3$ a head. Meat in our area is always on sale, it's very cheap to get red meat, chicken, fish ect. I can't believe how much it costs to eat 'healthy' in my area, but then again, it's a super waspy rich area.

No. 94125

File: 1455746756709.jpg (110.9 KB, 929x594, tfvg.JPG)

Holy crap, sage the grocery lists, yeah?

Let's get back to the "meat" of this thread - this crazy ginger bitch. Here's a 30 calorie "appetizer" that she calls chips and salsa (WHICH IS ALREADY FUCKING VEGAN YOU TWIT)- but I don't see any dinner, so… this was probably it.

No. 94227

Why does she feel the need to remake so many things that are already vegan?

No. 94230

Because it has actual calories

No. 94232

Probably because veganism is a cover up, just like fat allergies and her constant health problems. I'm sure some of them are real, especially when you consider how few vitamins and minerals she's getting and how much she pushes her body (her bones must look like shit, and she already has Reynaud's, assuming she didn't before). For example, those chips could be high in fat or have a lot of sugar or some other ingredient Ginger thinks will make her fat. Or if she's truly ortho, it's probably about how 'healthy' or 'clean' the ingredients are. After all, she's supposedly a raw vegan.

No. 94235

She isn't even consistent. Is raw vegan but eats those microwave meals? Apparently has all these allergies but can handle highly processed lab food like Xanthan gum and TVP.

She just combines a bunch of restrictive diets so she can restrict everything high calorie to trick her dumb ass family.

No. 94236

I know right!
Like if someone is a vegan for ethical reasons, then real meat probably disgusts them. Wouldnt fake meat also be disgusting?
Or, if someone is vegan for health reasons, wouldnt fake meat be a horrible choice consdiering its far
More processed and artificial than any real meat Would be…
Theres literally no good reason to eat tofurky and what not lol

No. 94238

tbh I'm not even vegan but I like the taste of tofu/veggie burgers/tempeh. They don't remind me of meat, they just taste good on their own

No. 94240

Holy shit, her face reminds me of Aly

No. 94245

Oh shit. I did a report on Harlequin Ichytosis a few semesters ago and used that exact diagram. lol why do you even have that saved, anon?

No. 94254

This salsa is sad.

No. 94310

File: 1455770182936.jpg (102.36 KB, 920x572, tfvgSPON_CITY.JPG)

Well, dis crazy bitch made another blog post. This time, you guys, she HAS to share her FAVE PRODUCTS with you all! And they all just happen to be companies she gets freebies from - what a crazy coincidence!

Methinks someone turned lil Anna onto Jesus' miracle of cross promotion, sales and monitization. I suspect that when it became clear that she wasn't gonna pray her way to $10k to publish her biggest failure, her "doctor" boss turned her into social media schemes. Although with her low readership and following, I doubt she's getting more than free food to photograph then throw away.

No. 94311

It has more substance than Anna's life.

No. 94312


She fucks everything up.

No. 94327

I dated a girl who was raised vegetarian, to the point that the very thought of eating meat disgusted her. To the point that if she saw me eat meat, she wouldn't kiss me until I had brushed my teeth.

Her cabinets were full of the fake meat shit, in cans. She made some for me once. It was like a really bad Tyson chicken nugget, the kind made entirely from mechanically separated chicken.

No. 94328

yes. that's how PET scans or fMRIs work. increased use of glucose by the neural tissue involved, and increased blood flow directed to the active portion.

No. 94329

it's a good illustration of why fat is necessary for healthy skin

No. 94449

Her account is such a clusterfuck of nonsense today. Maybe Claire and the others really got to her.

No. 94461

File: 1455819769777.jpg (272.57 KB, 933x645, falseprophets.jpg)

>>94449 Joltography - er, hedgie.coconut - is making increasingly pointed digs. Ouch.

No. 94467

This is why Ash and TFC get along.

No. 94468

ahh ouch, that's fuuny though

No. 94473

UGH how can anyone write in a book WITH INK. Sacrilege.

No. 94474

File: 1455821924548.png (865.87 KB, 933x645, yikes_zpsossz2okd.png)

No. 94481

I think they should both write their quotes in Hebrew (or was it Aramaic). I don't think Jesus Christ "comes and says" anything in English.

No. 94484

File: 1455823229468.jpg (70.48 KB, 509x412, download.jpg)

also in the bible

No. 94496

Are you saying Jesus doesn't speak American?

No. 94523

He definitely does not. He probably didn't even graduate and have a prom. I hear he was good at making cabinets, handy with his hands, but cant see he could be arsed with Travel With Berlitz tapes. I might ask Ginge though.

No. 94552

It looks like she just crushed some peeled tomatoes and these "chips" look like slices of Nutraloaf (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nutraloaf).

Also, is anyone else triggered like a motherfucker by her hashtags?

No. 94571

File: 1455841846456.png (103.75 KB, 352x658, strenght.png)

>>you might want pizza AND pasta AND breadsticks….
you mean the low carb, high protein, stevia-sweetened tofu breadsticks, pizza and pasta???

No. 94574


is the west just now learning about yam noodles by the way?

No. 94575

this made me laugh so much for some reason

No. 94580

Unfortunately, it only seems to be catching on as a safe food among dieters and the eating disordered. The way it's marketed, people expect it to be "just like" regular pasta, sub it into familiar recipes, and find the differences to be a revolting surprise.

No. 94582

it's not really, the only one similar is the tofu yam noodles. other than that these are good in like soups or obviously japanese dishes, cause they soak up a lot of flavors. i also wonder if these people are actually boiling them first to get out the muskiness.

No. 94593

Just bought some of the tofu ones to try in stir-fry. So I should boil them first? I know to rinse them but didn't know about boiling!
[OT as fuck sorry]

No. 94716

vegan for ethical reasons means i dont think its right to kill animals. it doesnt mean i dont like the taste or the convenience of frozen "meat balls"

No. 94906

File: 1455915948932.png (858.35 KB, 928x576, #eatrealfood.png)

Without comment.

No. 94962


No. 95016

Which one of you posted her on /ck/?

No. 95024

what is /ck/?

No. 95029

I hope you're kidding.
It's 4chan's cooking board.

No. 95032

File: 1455942855117.gif (2.99 MB, 355x201, 1395434516294.gif)

oh boy here we go

No. 95036

File: 1455947183323.jpg (201.22 KB, 533x569, Claire mom post on tfvg.jpg)

OMG how did we miss this?! On 2/15, Claire's mom reamed TFVG on her Facebook page! Spot-on comments too. I feel so bad for Claire. She seemed to be an amazing friend who genuinely loved and cared about Anna.
Link to comments section on FB:

No. 95038


Was this deleted? The link leads to an error page. I wish that we knew what Anna was thinking. I hope this eventually opens her eyes.

No. 95039

>I’m thankful you do not have a large audience

My sides.

She's totally right though. Claire’s comment before she got blocked was actually really nice but Anna blocked her in a hot second. What a raging bitch to do that to someone who is actually your friend.

No. 95040

Link? I have no idea who claire is

No. 95043

Fellow ana-chan, online-friend and supporter of FVG until just recently blocked.

No. 95044

Thanks. Wow, I can't believe she'd block her for that… maybe the public platform thing wasn't the best way to go though

No. 95077

File: 1455961060087.png (780.05 KB, 956x613, efdshjk.PNG)

Yum Yum vomit soup lookin oatmeal

No. 95080

Mine too! Nice burn, Christian lady.

No. 95088

File: 1455967341748.jpg (215.7 KB, 1000x643, image.jpg)

So I guess these readymade ones she posted the other day were just too darn high in fat. Had to concoct her own.

No. 95091

I can't work out what the yellow things are. I assumed they were cashews, but then, fat.

No. 95093

I think it's squirts of mustard…

No. 95105

oh god no

No. 95123


Zoomed in, looks like squirts of mustard as well as corn kernels.

No. 95126

And are those lentils?

No. 95137

Yep, I spot brown lentils, peas, baby plum tomatoes, carrot/some type of squash, corn, and while at first I took some of those yellow-white blobs for chickpeas or buckwheat (maybe sprouted to account for the irregular shapes), they're so shiny that I think they're probably squirts of mustard, as other anon said.

No. 95153

not shown: 20 drops of random-flavored stevia.

No. 95161

it's SAVORY, but still gotta have that stevia

No. 95184


Savory oatmeal is fucking delicious made right (I like to make it with a strong cheese like feta, sautéed veggies, and a runny egg) but I can guarantee this is made with some nasty ass concoction of zero calorie rice and stevia.

No. 95281


I was busy telling people how much their food sucks on /ck/ when this shit came up. Glad to see this place is still alive… I think.

No. 95305

No. 95306

kek, she also got posted in the high test thread

No. 96471

File: 1456036081588.png (396.64 KB, 494x494, notgood.png)

No. 96475

Damn look at those thighs. She doesn't even figureskate any more, right? Sadness

No. 96561

Oh my God i wish she would just gain anywhere from 10-25 lbs, get a fucking consultation at Sephora, a real goddamn haircut, a $1000 gift card to any clothing store but LL Bean, and a long-ass manicure. So much shit could be fixed.

No. 96586

I'm not sure if it's the camera or lights, but she looks yellow at right photo.

No. 96598


No. 96628

There are a couple of documented cases of water allergies, but it's something like contact dermatitis where it only affects the skin.

No. 96633

I wasn't convince that Anna was anorexic, but after her recent drama with Claire, I'm certain she is and she knows.

No. 96647

>I mean, I guess there might be an extremely rare genetic disorder where you can't metabolize fats, but that would almost certainly be fatal just after birth, with severe failure to thrive.
There's a woman called Lizzie Velasquez who appears to have something like this.

No. 96657

can someone fill me in on this??

No. 96660

I'm convinced this would not actually be as satisfying as it seems it would be. In the before picture her body shape/fat distribution is bad as well as her actual face.

I still really badly want to see someone try and improve her.

Does the makeup is the devil thing have anything to do with ED? I don't even think it's religious because she used to wear (terrible) makeup and she's always in all over skin tight clothing kek.

No. 96716

No. 96719

No, she's just trying to look as young as possible and to be special. Remember when she said selfies are vain and against her religion or some shit?

No. 96736

File: 1456100150763.png (631.85 KB, 913x571, Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 4.13…)

Eugh, her SPINE. Thing looks like its ready to pop out. How much longer can she keep up her crazy physical activities, you think?

No. 96746

1-3 years.

No. 96747

I don't follow this girl and am not interested in ana-chans, but this offends me to my very core.

No. 96868

it's that fucking dijon she puts on EVERYTHING.

No. 96872

File: 1456136926854.png (4.94 KB, 719x119, ck v g.png)

I fucking love 4chan

No. 96874

File: 1456137652466.jpeg (94.85 KB, 750x738, image.jpeg)

Someone should show this to Ginger and link her to the quick online ED screening on NEDA's website. I know she may think she doesn't have a problem but that doesn't mean shit; lots of alcoholics don't think they have a problem while their liver is failing. She needs to get some help.

No. 96876

Well, first off, devoted christians don't wear make up, because it implies you don't like the way god made you.
Second, she is VEGAN, and most cosmetics are not vegan, also her made up allergies.
And for the last, she want people to show off how young she is and how much she does not need it.

No. 96877

The only way to help her is to put her to institution for a intensive therapy without any internet connection. her diet is not the cause, it's consequence of her actuall issue - pat hungry attention seeking greedy needy little bitch.

No. 96880


No. 96884

Realistically she should just wear a little something from 100% Pure which would avoid all her issues and not be a big deal in terms of vanity (I doubt God will consider putting on a little mascara an admission of vanity) or at the very least just make a normal face in photos but we all know she's not going to because she's not logical sadly.

No. 96890

File: 1456143826159.png (15.2 KB, 550x96, yesitis.png)

No. 96892

Lmfao so savage

No. 97090

File: 1456183452297.jpg (154.27 KB, 594x842, 1456181122772.jpg)

shamelessly lifted from 4chan

No. 97093

omg is there an archive of the thread you got it from? I'm addicted to this shit.

No. 97140


No. 97148

No. 97159

File: 1456188807845.png (256.41 KB, 373x1224, savory oatmeal.png)

>modicum of fat from the cashew milk

this may be the highest calorie meal I've ever seen her post

No. 97167

It's more than one colour too!

No. 97171

>not cooked in a microwave

Maybe she's improving.

No. 97177

A little feedback sinks in even when she has her disfigured fingers stuck in her ears.

The mustard throws this off for me, but baby steps.

No. 97258

>I imagine she smells fucking terrible and has loud-ass hiccups all the fucking time.

No. 97332

Oh what a shame, i'd really like to see her kill herself with vegan diet. Or at least get herself into ambulance and a feeding tube.

No. 97356

Dw anon. She will be blind and arthritic soon. Without fat she can't absorb vitamins A, D, E and K.
Her kidneys and guts will die without it.

Ideally, you should get around 20 to 35 percent of your total daily calories from fat so gingler is fucked.

No. 97378

We have ghostxperfume who just won't fucking die no matter what, so i expect a years long of vegan cooking bulshit from ginger.

No. 97384

Trashley isn't alive though. Cockroaches infested her wig, ate what was left of her brain, and now they are running social media accounts and scouring target for dropped crumbs using her skin as a disguise.

No. 97390

I'd like to see her kill herself with her diet too, but it's not vegan. For a start it has nothing to do with ethics, and it has fucking bizarre rules that have increased over time so she can cut ALL CALORIES out. It's just insanely restrictive because she has an eating disorder; she calls herself vegan, but it's meaningless shorthand - just like she calls herself HCLF but also drastically restricts carbs so she isn't HCLF either.

No. 97401

Ugh can we not bring up vegan ethics? Nobody cares about vegans unless its to make fun of them for ignoring evolution.

No. 97410

We're not the ones emulating cavemen and ignoring thousands of years of human development and the fact that you don't need any animal products to be healthy. If you don't agree with the ethics, okay, but don't go around using nature fallacies and praising cavemen.

No. 97411

"i'd like to see her kill herself…." wtf guys.

No. 97412

She's a cancer to the vegan community, just like most other HCLF people treating veganism as only a diet.

No. 97414

yes, totally, agree, now let's move on

No. 97431

"CWC gives autistics like me a bad name"

No. 97432

10/10 post kek'd hard

No. 97519

File: 1456253851662.png (4.96 MB, 3300x2300, 1454048491319.png)

It's just too perfect.


No. 97520


Was this posted already? Anna in motion is exactly as autistically awkward as I've imagined.

No. 97523



No. 97525

Reminds me of shmegeh's dancing video.

No. 97528

Nobody curr go die of malnourishment vegantard.

No. 97584

>the fact that you don't need any animal products to be healthy

the fact that humans literally cannot live on a vegan diet without supplements, like cobalamin, should tell you something

No. 97659

all you need is b12 m8.

Anyway no vegan on planet earth would touch any of the garbage Ginger makes, nor would any self respecting human being. I still get nightmares about the cinnamon toast crunch made of veggies.

No. 97749

Doesn't virtually everyone take supplements these days anyway, regardless of if they're omnivorous? The health supps industry has done a top job with marketing. It's just about how healthy your diet is.

And no, no ACTUAL vegan I know would touch any of the SO-CALLED vegan atrocities she comes up with.

No. 97752

>Doesn't virtually everyone take supplements these days anyway, regardless of if they're omnivorous?

Only in America is that seen as remotely normal.

No. 97756

I don't get the "you have to take supplements" argument. what's bad about taking supplements? because they aren't natural? is the way we grow most plants, fruits and veggies natural? is the stuff we feed the animals we eat natural?

are supplements bad because they are chemicals just like everything else? many foods contain some sort of supplement anyway and most people have some sort of deficiency, not matter what they're eating.

No. 97757

You don't even need a B12 supplement if you eat organic produce that retains the natural B12-producing bacteria in the soil, (or you can just have some fortified foods or drinks, since dairy is fortified anyway and the animals meat/dairy come from get supplements regardless so that more B12 shows up in their milk and meat). I know people who have not had a B12 supplement or fortified food in decades because they can access organic produce for most of their meals. However like 40% of the US population is B12 deficient even eating meat/dairy, I'm guessing because naturally people would get a lot that was on or absorbed by fruit/veg through soil but nowadays with pesticides the soil is fucked and the healthy bacteria producing B12 is gone. So it's not a bad idea for anyone to take some extra B12 even just once a week. Sage for OT. Bottom line is any wholesome, plentiful diet is enough to give us the nutrients we need.
Ginge's body is falling apart because she doesn't eat wholesome foods, mainly just stevia and artificial crap plus a smattering of low-calorie vegetables. She should be eating heaps of different fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, etc. but is not.

No. 97762

Everyone! Dont take this anon dangerous misinformation, if your vegan take your B-12 NO MATTER what, even if there was bioavailable B-12 in dirt it would not be a sufficient amount.

No. 97763


No. 97821

she probably has mthfr that is causing all the stuff to go away when she went vegan (because all the stuff she's cut out, she's probably cut out folic acid) and needs to take methyl-b12

No. 97900

as much as I hate Freelee the banana girl (huge advocate for HCLF vegan diet who's an obnoxious bogan) i'd love for her to rip into Ginge. Just like she makes videos attacking anorexics & non vegans all the time.

No. 97908

Nobody cares about your vegan ranting. You'd understand that if you weren't deliberately eating like a herbivore despite thousands of years of being an omnivorous species. If someone did this to a dog its abuse so don't say its food for other people.

Can we please get back to the calorie-free goblin? You've got all of tumblr to spread your fruity pseudoscience, don't bring it here.

No. 97919

Seriously. If you eat what you're supposed to, you don't need to force feed yourself 'supplements' to make up for lost nutrition.

No. 97948

It's a natural desire to want to see cows get together. Gurgles and Margo, for example. FVG and just about anybody. I'd pay to watch.

No. 97949

sage this shit pls

No. 97983

her latest upload of the black bean steak looks like my constipated shits

No. 97994

Okay, I gotta ask because I've seen her mentioned several times now: who is Margo (and I've actually never heard of Gurgles)? Inquiring fags wana know!

It looks like asphalt or bloody dried out stool for sure. WTF dude, just like those Sahara playdough dogshit circles, I'm parched just looking at this shitastrophe-on-a-plate! retch

No. 98028

Margo is Venus Angelics psycho mother, gergles is onision, a disgusting pig.

No. 98029

Thank you for explaining anon!

No. 98031

they each have threads in /pt/

No. 98087

File: 1456406800003.png (522.53 KB, 929x588, k.png)

Proving she has friends after saying she keeps her private life.. private.

No. 98088

File: 1456406859630.png (878.01 KB, 932x597, groce.png)

Black bean steak. Would anyone in their right mind actually try this?? wtf

No. 98090

I'm actually an omnivore. I only think the "but you have to take supplements so it's bad"-argument in particular doesn't make sense. Since you only attacked me on basis of what you thought my eating habits were you didn’t really make a point.
It's also pretty annoying to say how nobody cares and to ask to get back on topic while continuing the discussion. If you want to get back on topic post something relevant.

No. 98093

>>sorry I've been MIA for a few days.

What does that even mean? MIA = bulimia but I'm pretty sure that's not what she wanted to say.

No. 98094

MIA = Missing In Action.

No. 98101

The sad thing is that if it were actual meat this might be kind of good. But the "meat" looks like spray painted styrofoam. It's making me nauseous.

No. 98107

So, a cute little TFVG white knight recently showed up on Kiwifarms:


Ctrl+F "Cordelia_Chase"

No. 98111

She's an ex-gomi troll who migrated to Reddit, was not well received and decided to engage in some really uninspired cross-board drama after some kiwifarms link got posted to reddit.

No. 98131

Darn. I was hoping she was Ginger's bff.

No. 98140

Speaking of which, doesn't Minger's "bff" seem more like a fairweather friend? I doubt they gossip and giggle together.

No. 98149

To me it looks like only ginger thinks they are friends, while it's something less significant. They arw completrly from differenr leagues.

No. 98156

File: 1456428762935.jpg (21.78 KB, 300x237, image.jpg)

uncanny resemblance

No. 98158

File: 1456428861639.jpg (140.86 KB, 933x597, image.jpg)

i have nothing to contribute other than the cat.

her life makes me =[

No. 98166

Gotta love starvation-triggered bipolar mania!

No. 98167

Pity friends. :(

No. 98171

It looks like a dried up and flattened dog turd, really, why does 90% of her food resemble feces?! I don't believe the resemblance is caused by accident (and her ineptitude) anymore. Christ!

No. 98177

Me too. The more manic someone is and the more they won't admit there's anything wrong, the more glorious the breakdown/crack-up, usually.
Jesus, look at that pigtail. I have an extremely short pixie cut and I could manage a far thicker more luxurious plait than that.

No. 98253

File: 1456439743516.png (24.13 KB, 870x421, instastats.png)

Saw it mentioned on Gomi that Ginge is now buying followers. I took a screenshot,and unless these sites are unreliable (does anyone know?), this looks suspicious.

Her insta idol lilsipper recently got spammed on a few posts from one of those accounts that sells followers, so that may be where she got the idea.

The release of her cookbook should be in the next days. Maybe she's gearing up for that. Not that it matters if you have so few followers, and many of them hate-followers or spammy "like my profile" ones.

No. 98307

In old pics she wore thick black eyeliner all around her eyes, nothing else though. So she wasn't always anti makeup that seemed to stop around the time she fell deliriously in love with veggies and stevia.

No. 98342

She looks even more freakish next to a normal-looking human, ugh.

And that kaiti person is someone ginge used to skate with, not a "bff." No mention of ginge on her IG for over a year and nothing about their AMAZING day together. She's just the latest of a string of acquaintances that make a one-time appearance in ginge's IG as her BEST FRIEND EVER, never to be seen again. (Remember octogenarian Nat? LOL)

No. 98374

She has less hair, than a balding man, and men naturally alreadt have lesser amount of hair on their head because of testosteron.

No. 98404

Mom bought her more followers.

No. 98414

About 1500 followers more since the first sudden increase on the 24th. Someone should congratulate her on her "breaktrough".
I wish insta would crack down on bought followers again. It was funny the last time that happened.

No. 98468

I don't really use Instagram. What's the point of buying followers? Is it for her sponsorship for fake food or?? Why is she desperate for more followers? Aren't they bots?

No. 98472

Probably because some people (like Claire's mom) said she wasn't popular/didn't have a big following. So Ginger is trying to make it look like more people give a shit about her than they actually do.

No. 98481

The life of a socially awkward Christian with a mental disorder.

No. 98495

File: 1456538848744.png (12.15 KB, 302x156, congrats.png)

Not sure if bots exactly, but you can tell they're somehow automatically generated,they look fake. I think it's mostly vanity for her, as her very few likes and comments should make clear to prospective sponsors that there isn't much interaction with her followers.

Pic related: some more or less inconspicuous teasing about her sudden popularity. Probably not subtle enough, but A for effort.

No. 98519


"Probably because some people (like Claire's mom) said she wasn't popular/didn't have a big following. So Ginger is trying to make it look like more people give a shit about her than they actually do."

LOTS of followers and TONS of friends that she goes out with ALL THE TIME!

No. 98521

Definitely bought followers, I checked a bunch of accounts who follow her & they are all two post, no caption bots/fakes. I guess she took Clare's mom's words to heart and decided to "show her just how popular she really is.. Sad really.

No. 98552

File: 1456556063804.png (695.53 KB, 928x589, maggots.png)

Looks delicious.

No. 98554

OH MY GOD. It's fucking MANGOWORMS!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWW creeped the fuck out

No. 98556

Maggots are totally vegan, guys.

How the fuck can anyone eat that shit?!

No. 98557

>miracle bricks

No. 98558

I feel triggered, good lord what the fuck is this, worst shit she ever posted

No. 98563

The skin around her thumbnail is gnarly.

No. 98569

She is not even following bible, her instagramm alone is a beakon of SIN. She is more like christian wannabe, what i want to say is that she's christian only by words, she doesn't live like one, not follows christian beliefs. What makes case even worse she's a filthy heretic for following that woo-woo shit Sai Maa sect.

Miracle rice is made out of fiber that cannot be digested. It's not vegan, it's not even food.

No. 98577

File: 1456575115207.png (31.84 KB, 896x451, Untitled.png)


Hahaha she is def. buying followers. Wow.
Suddenly at 3,932.

No. 98578

Wanted to add:
I don't understand what the point is though. Will the bots automatically like or comment on her posts? Or they're just there to be a number?

No. 98579

How desperate. Exactly 1,500 in one day? That comment from Claire's mom about how she didn't have a following and wasn't important really hit a sore spot lol. Someone should point this out on her Instagram, even though she'll probably block/delete in a heartbeat, it would be funny as fuck

No. 98580

So do I, and I'm not normally squeamish but Jesus fuck that's rank. It's triggering my trypophobia too.

No. 98585

I wasn't going to mention trypophobia, as I made the mistake of googling it a few years back, and the images and one particular creepypasta still come back to haunt me every once in a while. I did not appreciate having that sprung on me without a warning. Glad I'm not the only one having a visceral reaction.

Ginge, go back to 50 shades of faeces. It's what you do best!

No. 98586

Yep, there are some fucking awful images out there. I find it slightly ironic that the images which you are phobic about come up when you Google it, although I don't know what else I'd expect to happen…

No. 98602

Why would you put miracle rice in a fucking brownie. God damn. A microwaved brick of tasteless shirataki fibre and chocolate protein powder. This is almost as disgusting as her peanut butter and sauerkraut sushi

No. 98642

File: 1456591812450.jpg (21.99 KB, 736x373, passion.jpg)

No. 98711

>The release of her cookbook should be in the next days.

I can't wait for that, bracing for a meltdown when no one buys it, apart from maybe her mom and one or two of her insta stalkers (her woo woo doc is probably too cheap/smart to buy one), it will be great.

Oh Anna, how unchristian of you to deceive people like this! >>98569 is absolutely right with her post, Anna is a christian in name only. Pretty sure she also never read a bible besides her ICB, makes me kek to no end.

Sides in orbit

No. 98712

Other than posting a lot of selfies, how is it a beacon of sin? I'm curious.

No. 98734


soz newfag - who is Claire? and where was Claire's mums comment?

No. 98757

No. 98784

wtf r u talking about?

No. 98789


christ thanks for sharing that with me. agree with her mums reply completely - Anna is a complete self obsessed cunt.

No. 98799


Jesus, Is there a way to spoiler videos?

No. 98810

File: 1456636517728.png (709 KB, 933x609, 2002.png)

No. 98830

Lol evanescence. Probably has some POD on there too.

No. 98831

I hate when she stands like that. It widens your thigh gap but it's so uncomfortable. There's no way in hell she's standing like that for any reason other than to make her thighs look thinner.

No. 98845

No. 98862


Sin of lie.

She has been lying so much to so many people, she has became lie herself.
She most certainly lies to her parents, she lies to people on instagram about EVERY SINGLE THING, she lies about her recipes being tasty, she lies to companies whose foods she presents making them believe she's significant, while there are 1,5 white knights around her and others are just there to watch that goblin do gross shit and being gross in general, rest are bots.

Sin of greed.

If you did not notice she's so greedy she actually wants people to give her 10 000$ for her book, not only that, she also charges 30$ for book itself. She uses thumbnail image of extremely low quiality because she does not want to pay 12$ for quiality image. She expects people to buy her overpriced crappy stickers.
(The very same behaviour had my former employer, and the she looked like ginger, and in general was like a copy of her, i left her in the very same moment i realized what kind of person she is)

Sin of heresy

Woo-woo doctor, for who she left her job, whose stuff she promotes, who she listens and has close one sided relationship.

Disregard of the food is also a Sin.

Be it plant or be animal it's always nature's sacrifice to human. She is trying so much hard to eat artificial food, it's killing her. She wastes food for her crappy photos and reuses it, in the end she does not eat food and it goes in trash can.

She does not love people around her, she likes only their positive attention, it's a sin.

She blocks ANYONE who is not enabling her, thinking different than her, hell, sometimes it's enough to not give enough of positive attention. She's being bitch to people in general.

She mentions god is a FUCKING HASHTAGS!


She uses christian religion for ATTENTION and FASHION purposes, but does not follow it.

No. 98865

Wow, Evanescence? That seems pretty unchristian for Anna.

No. 98867

File: 1456670116553.jpeg (88.29 KB, 750x728, image.jpeg)

Sounds like someone we know….

No. 98874

File: 1456670918682.png (12.77 KB, 310x130, hype.png)

She is so obnoxious, wtf. Is she so stupid that she can't see that people are taking the piss? Does she expect to get away with this by responding as if people were complimenting her and blocking anyone who actually spells out "you are buying followers"?

No. 98882

Every day i'm thinking about creating IG account just to come to her photos and commend how she's beautiful, how her food is delicious, her healthy and so on, just to enable her selfdestruction and how it all ends.
But i wish other farmers would join me in this endeavour.

No. 98885

I was dissing her food the other week from that same account and she didn't block me, she's only ever replied to my comments even if they're sarcastic or rude which is odd.

That's what I'm doing now, going to kiss her ass and convince her to make a Youtube for yoga routines and stuff. I wanna see this awkward creature in action!

No. 98893

Alright, i'm going in.

No. 98894

This meant for>>98885

No. 98898

Gotta be honest, a lot of this stuff is unkind as fuck.

A lot of girls on /snow/ deserve the abuse - the weebs overwhelmingly (think of that chick who married a Japanese banker but doesn't feel attracted to him), but this chick just seems… awkward and weird and introverted.

No. 98901

I'd say she's too lacking in skill and sanity to negatively influence a large following, so I can somewhat understand people finding her relatively harmless and simply pathetic.

That being said, I'm afraid she's creating her own little echo-chamber of disorder while putting on a mediocre front. People have said she will crash soon for almost a year, but the bleak reality is that not everyone suffers enough immediate damage to stop. And she's a legal adult. I picture her future like Rebecca from strength and sunshine or Kayla (Healthy Helper), who are boring, didn't have a "breaktrough" but minor success in shilling companies who dgaf. They are not getting any better anytime soon, and helping people get worse while spouting health advice.

So, if this "encouragment" leads to a crash and burn instead of slow demise with long term damage, good.
Not saying it's a kindness in disguise, but I think she is a cow in her own right, and would be even worse if she didn't expose herself the harder she tries. Sorry for tl;dr.

No. 98905

lurk moar, dear.

No. 98911

I guess.

My own feeling is probably motivated partly by the fact there are innumerable more "deserving" targets, Audrey is one example, but /snow/ is littered with others.

No. 98933

Lolcow isn't an internet army bringing justice to those who "deserve" it. It's for laughing at weirdos.

No. 98988

File: 1456693518486.jpg (206.84 KB, 830x913, download.jpg)

No. 98989

spoiler that shit man :'(

No. 98990

moar sage (last one)

No. 99106

The off-topic discussion already ended. No need to post these.

No. 99159

She even block people who write positive comments to her photos. I have subscribed to her yesterday and today her IG is not accessible to me.

No. 99165

Tbh you were not particularly convincing, vegetable_golem. She's not that stupid.

No. 99188

I expected her to be more stupid than that.

No. 99193

Anyway, i can make countless amount of accounts, consider this attempt a test run.

No. 99221

File: 1456771303745.png (496.83 KB, 597x599, burntmushroomsoup.png)

Every time I think she's already made the grossest thing possible…

No. 99306


Grossest Ginge food is a toss-up between this pile of mould and that trypophobia-inducing maggot "fudge".

No. 99321

I'm from /ck/ and what Anna does to food warrants any and all abuse, always and forever.

No. 99325

Reminds me of Life of Grime.

No. 99334

File: 1456792061858.png (19.52 KB, 305x241, tfvgcookbook.png)

Didn't she say her book would come out end of february? Now it's 4 ebooks in order to raise funds for her BIG print book. Because fundraising went so well the first time around. First ebook end of April.

No. 99405

File: 1456808975370.jpeg (283.72 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

I love checking Ginge's page and finding comments like this that haven't been deleted yet. Top kek

No. 99444

She has to come up with new recipes I guess! Because people were trying them and said they tasted like this. Seriously though.. how can she possibly create 4 ebooks and an actual book with all different recipes?

No. 99445

tasted like shit* not this.

No. 99507

>dinn dinn
I'm going to punch her in the face

No. 99508

jesus christ i saw the thumbnail and thought it was literally a turd

No. 99533

>to gain revenue to publish the printed cookbook

Well, I don't think there will be a printed version of the cookbook after all, then.

No. 99534

There are two reasons for that.
First is once get his hands on her book, it will be instantly distributed among the farmers for free, and we are the only people who have interest in her book.

Second is she will obviously charge 30 buck for it. Who gonna pay so much for such a shitty book.

No. 99537

>Second is she will obviously charge 30 buck for it. Who gonna pay so much for such a shitty book.

That is pretty much what I was trying to imply with my post, Anna is so unbelievably deluded, 30 dollarydoos for a cookbook that looks like it was made by an elementary schooler (as seen in one of the pics in this thread) and with pictures of "food" that look like feces.

No. 99538

Jesus fuck! DINN DINN?!
Along with "strawbs" and "toms" this babytalk is killing me!

No. 99539

Stop with the fucking hashtags already! Is this normal on Insta?!

No. 99540

Nothing she says will ever enrage me more than "cukes" and "zukes".

No. 99554

or bloobs

No. 99557

"wallamalla" for "watermelon" was my personal bridge too far.

No. 99560

But how else #ONE gets #POPULAR on #INSTAGRAMM?

No. 99644

Fuck me, cukes and zukes? And BLOOBS? Bleeding christ I thought dinn dinns was bad. Dafuq is "wallamalla"? I would not even know what she was trying to say if you didn't write watermelon too! Oh Ginge, you are just so messed up. You're a walking disease "hun," and your life is barely approximating a human being's at this point.

No. 99655

I can't stand any of her baby talk nicknames but that is seriously the worst offender. You're not 5 cut that shit out!

No. 99658

Oh god, this is perfect

No. 99671

I like the presentation here actually. Apart from the chocolate fudge, that bit looks ew.

No. 99676

OT but pet "semetary" was the best movie ever
This is fascinating. I wonder if it actually tastes any good. What I'm wondering though is why she left the tail in…

No. 99682

all xanthiphee does is repost pics from this thread and make unfunny comments. Making a top kek post like that once would have been funny, but this is a whole account dedicated to vegan. Kinda creepo.

No. 99712

How does it rate compared to the book? There's so much unspoken dread in the later parts of the book, I can't imagine how that comes across on screen.

Sage for obv OT

No. 99719

File: 1456889931786.png (910.7 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-01-22-37-38…)

She's gonna collapse soon. Fucking gross

No. 99731

She seems really smug and pleased with herself.

No. 99735

honestly looks like something out of a horror movie

No. 99742

She's looking worse than ever.

No. 99748

>those arms
I almost feel bad for her, how can someone be so in denial? Shit that's a poster case for ortherexia being a legit and life threatening illness.

No. 99750

I have to say though, at least it's a semi-accurate visual of what anorexia really does to you since most of them photoshop that away.
That thinning hair, tendons and veins popping out, and just looking scary sick in general. I mean it doesn't happen to everyone, but I'd rather be chubby than that.

No. 99751

File: 1456897248192.png (949.78 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-03-02-00-39-01…)

Her favourite post skating meal guys. Modified, of course, to be as low calorie as possible even though undereating is EXACTLY what forced her to stop skating in the first place.
Tragic, honestly it is.

No. 99752

File: 1456897523472.png (582.98 KB, 925x595, 8rre.png)

>979 calories burned

No. 99754

Christ that's more than she eats in a day

No. 99755

She'll be dead soon.

No. 99756

Burning that much makes you crazy hungry. She is insane…

No. 99760

She's killing herself.

No. 99763

How does she even expect to sell copy of her ebook when most of her posts get absolutely NO comments at all? That's just plain delusion, beyond her obvious eating disorder.
Even hardcore anti-gluten veggie types don't care about her because she's clearly crazy and her recipes are gross.

No. 99764

I actually feel terrible for her. Even losing her dream (ice skating) didn't seem to shake her at all, so she'll probably keep going this way until she dies.
Even if she does have a near-death experience, she'll probably blame it on her diet but… instead of being a reasonable person and eating a balanced diet, she'll just restrict even more. Maybe she'll decide she's allergic to protein or something. She's going to die.
I can't believe her family is enabling her and seems to be in as much denial as she is. Sickening.

No. 99768

Nah. All the pitty goes away when you realize how much of a bitch she is to people, even to her own family.

I'd rather enable her to see what happens. It would be genuinely amusing to see her near death.

No. 99769

I don't actually want her to die. She's obviously mentally ill. I'm not a moralfag, I'm just waiting for the day trashley dies for e.g.
Ginger is severely ill but doesn't know it. She needs help. I'd rather see her at rock bottom and admitting her mistakes, it'd be much more satisfying than her just dying, it's not like she has an actual fanbase to teach a "lesson" to anyway. Only herself.

No. 99772


At least since she said that "chilled apple sesame noodles" used to be a favorite meal of hers back when she was skating, now we know that she's always been eating weird shit, even pre-ED. What the fuck.

No. 99781

File: 1456905638550.png (545.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160302-025916.png)

No. 99787

I know you guys get a lot of ana-chans saying this kind of shit-but she looks the same weight as pic OP used but farther away

Her ankles are disturbing though, they're angled so severely…is it the pose or is she forcing her legs to look bowed?

Either way she is eating too damn little and working out way too hard, I wouldn't be surprised if she had a heart attack soon

No. 99799

The fucked up thing is she probably DOES get comments, but they are worried or concerned or troll-ish and she deletes the lot. Agree with you on all the rest.

No. 99819

She's got it set wrong or something… that's the theory I've seen talked about at gomi.

No. 99821

I really shouldn't laugh…

No. 99822

File: 1456921392717.jpg (141.31 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Someone from gomi made this pic. Undeniable proof that she's buying followers.

No. 99823

Her illnes is Instagramm.
She needs to be cut off thr internet and taken away from big city(away from hipsters, other vegans and that cultist doctor) to a rural area where people produce their own food.

No. 99828

if this is true that puts her into negative calorie deficits which is total ana behavior

No. 99829

she doesn't have a 'hipster' illness nor does she hang with other vegans. all the restrictions is just in service of her illness.

do you live in such a rural idyll as you describe anon? are you walking with children in nature?

No. 99838


…yeah bc cities cause eating disorders??

she lives in a suburban college town, hardly a booming metropolis, and she developed her ED when she lived in a different suburban college town

and fwiw she would eat up (no pun intended) the "produce your own food" thing as a way to further restrict. she'll literally take anything and add it to her list of supposed allergies, food philosophies, etc. it's one of the most glaringly obvious signs of her disorder tbh

No. 99854

File: 1456934288916.jpg (11.69 KB, 400x400, tyTc1Nl.jpg)

Oh boy, why do i have to explain this.
Anna did not take these ideas out of nowhere about those crazy allergies. There are lots of hipsters who make up their allergies to be speacial snowflakes, their culture is based on snowflake syndrome. Anna wants to be as cool as those hipsters.
There are vegans, who claim morral supperiority based on the fact they don't consume any animal product and radiate tons of propaganda how healthy and supperior they are. Anna wants to be as cool as them.
Those type of people exist on instagram and in wealthy cities where people got easy, hip, and cushy jobs.

The fact she does not hang around with vegans and hipsters does not mean they don't have influence on her, don't forget how much of a bitch she is to people around her.

Being away from influence of those people will cut her dellusion fuel.

When she won't have access to the internet, there will be no reason for her to suffer made up allergies, wasting food to take crappy photos.

Imagine her living on a farm with family who grows their own veggetables and fruits, taking care about chickens, cows, goats and others. Living like this is not compatible with being vegan, people will mock and there won't be miracle block button to stop people speaking, and they won't take any crap of hers.


No. 99855

File: 1456934288910.jpg (11.69 KB, 400x400, tyTc1Nl.jpg)

Oh boy, why do i have to explain this.
Anna did not take these ideas out of nowhere about those crazy allergies. There are lots of hipsters who make up their allergies to be speacial snowflakes, their culture is based on snowflake syndrome. Anna wants to be as cool as those hipsters.
There are vegans, who claim morral supperiority based on the fact they don't consume any animal product and radiate tons of propaganda how healthy and supperior they are. Anna wants to be as cool as them.
Those type of people exist on instagram and in wealthy cities where people got easy, hip, and cushy jobs.

The fact she does not hang around with vegans and hipsters does not mean they don't have influence on her, don't forget how much of a bitch she is to people around her.

Being away from influence of those people will cut her dellusion fuel.

When she won't have access to the internet, there will be no reason for her to suffer made up allergies, wasting food to take crappy photos.

Imagine her living on a farm with family who grows their own veggetables and fruits, taking care about chickens, cows, goats and others. Living like this is not compatible with being vegan, people will mock and there won't be miracle block button to stop people speaking, and they won't take any crap of hers.


No. 99857

File: 1456934812084.png (800.21 KB, 992x548, hjkl.PNG)

the miracle noodle IG posted her disgusting "brownies". check out the comments
i honestly can't believe they thought this would be a good way to advertise their product

no one gives a shit

No. 99860

yeah, agree though, looks disgusting.

No. 99871


lol what

eating disorders existed way before hipsters did

and anna is a homeschooled jungle freak who doesn't even know how to try to be cool

No. 99873

First Walden Farms, and now this. What morons are running these companies' pr departments? WF at least knows their clientele, but shouldn't overtly cater to them. This debacle is just lack of common sense. Every comment except the one farmer who's trolling are calling them out.
I thought I read Miracle noodle just handed out free stuff to people who promised to ask stores to carry it, and did't really do due diligence. There is really no excuse for this.

Let's see how long this stays up. Wish MN would have the guts to drop her as embassador.

No. 99874

File: 1456938246045.jpg (223.19 KB, 933x599, 49762.jpg)


I don't think I'll ever be able to look at miracle noodles without feeling nauseous. Even used in "normal" dishes they look like little worms.

No. 99878

Aaand… the picture got deleted.

No. 99882

Again, you missed the point.

How can't you see Anna is hipster-pozer?
Her eating disorder is caused because she wants to be cool and famous, so she's emulating traits of those cool guys who happen to be hipsters and vegans.

It doesn't matter how long ED existed, we are talking about this particular case of gains goblin.

No. 99883



No. 99885

Betting on 'Miracle Noodle Ambassador' being removed from her bio any time now, and a passive aggressive bible quote post about haters.

No. 99893

Do they just reblog what ever ambasadors cook with their synthetic noodles without even looking into it?

No. 99931

File: 1456948152615.png (243.25 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Wonder how long before that last comment is deleted

No. 99974

They have a bee up their butt about hipsters. Ignore them.

No. 99975

jfc she looks like a middle aged woman that just got her shit together after decades of substance abuse here

No. 99985

File: 1456956819267.png (14.45 KB, 295x168, probablynot.png)

Someone stated the obvious.

No. 99986

To me, it's more like former alcoholic drug abuser, who recently left clinic.

No. 100013

I wonder if Ash and Aly will outlice her.

No. 100014

That was a typo, but I wouldn't be surprised if she has lice.

No. 100018

I don't know, but I wouldn't be surprised if they did outlive her; they seem to have perfected the drawn-out thing, whereas Ginge is really pushing her body to crisis point over and over again, and has gone downhill quickly - in terms of appearance and actual health. I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear she had a sudden fatal heart attack.

No. 100053

lmao we should have a vote in /b/ or something over which of the craziest will go first

No. 100132

that… that actually looks really good…

No. 100138

You got such a bad taste.
This plate looks like it had been left on a table for a couple days and started rotting.

No. 100163

I swear to god, this girl is so dumb, it hurts… here is the beginning of one of her recipes

"Nobody alive can deny the fact that breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, but also the most delicious. I mean, come on–is there anything on earth better than a tall stack of perfectly fluffy flapjacks after a long day?! Nope. Nothing."

Then she cooks potatoes.


No. 100167

How can anyone take her seriously with that blog layout.. it looks so messy.
Even Tumblr would be a better alternative, at least it would automatically re-size her images.

No. 100182

Goddamn no other thread on here has ever made me laugh so often

No. 100183

Lol. But honestly that's the most attractive food I've ever seen her make.

No. 100186

GOMI really tore into Miracle Noodle over Ginge.

No. 100187

That's not her cooking.

No. 100190

Check out the hashtag #thefitveganginger on Instagram. Seems a lot of people are trying her recipes now.

No. 100191

Someone on kiwifarms said their daughter has these pants, and she bought them at Justice

No. 100193

OT but whenever I try to check the GOMI forums I get redirected to the main page. Any idea why?

No. 100194

Partypants did that because of ad blocking. She wants the money from ad revenue. Disable your ad blocker and it should work.

No. 100218

>Pancakes are so good
>At the end of a long day

It's not breakfast anymore then is it you dumb bitch

No. 100265

At least it looks like food this time.

No. 100267

I was about to type "how do you know that?" but then again it really is quite suspicious how nice it looks, compared to her usual, fecal-looking (and probably tasting) concoctions. Suspicious indeed.

No. 100274

She's an idiot, but you gotta admit that pancakes after 10pm are extra delicious.

No. 100291

File: 1457045550027.jpg (526.08 KB, 2448x3264, VmJtqhD.jpg)

Fanart from Kiwi Farms

Nah, it's still nasty. I thought that was quinoa on the right, but it's actually microwaved vegan meat substitute.

No. 100320

Oh god that's priceless

No. 100330

File: 1457056735048.png (237.16 KB, 750x1334, rgG5wGn.png)

Here's some more comments from that post Miracle Noodle ended up deleting

No. 100332

I love all of the comments about Ginger that she can't delete and pretend its ~fake accounts jelly h8rs~ (even though Miracle Noodle later deleted the post).

No. 100338

my fucking.

No. 100362

Yeah,that's a bowl of microwaved tvp granules. Not attractive.

Also this:

"Line a small soup pot with water and satire onion and garlic until soft and fragrant."

"satire" onion & garlic? Does she mean 'saute?' But it's in water, so it's actually boiled. Does she really expect people to buy this??

No. 100365

How do you line something with water?

No. 100373

File: 1457068187201.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

She does ballet, too?! Jesus christ

No. 100374

File: 1457068222769.jpg (48.62 KB, 500x500, tCHwn1K.jpg)


No. 100375

I know, right??

No. 100376

I was just about to post this! It makes my hands hurt just looking at it.

Also top kek at the calorie free seltzer and her shameless plugging of that small brand in the comments. Bet she'll delete Miracle Noodle out of her bio and add Vintage Seltzer in its place.

No. 100377

Urgk!! Everything looks dry and tasteless.

No. 100379

File: 1457068654855.jpeg (245.66 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

Went to Miracle Noodle's Instagram after they deleted her post and found this. Looks like Jolty is taking some tips from Anna….

No. 100383

Quit self posting already.

No. 100388


Top kek, I'm definitely not Jolty. I'm Rochester anon who sometimes posts about Ember in the pro-ana scumbags thread

No. 100391

Slap some Walden Farms on that Miracle Noodle shit and you've got yourself a meal.

No. 100402


Actually am very surprised she didn't add a drizzle of her fave!!!1! Walden Farms strawberry syrup

No. 100581

well she has to eat something right?

No. 100586

>satire onion and garlic

Now that is just embarassing. Not to mention that you can't sauté in water. I would ask myself why someone would write a cookbook if they don't even get basic shit like this right but then I remember it's the ginger loon and what she prepares can hardly be called food.

No. 100587

File: 1457103605739.png (30.71 KB, 191x196, 1433415626579.png)


No. 100619

They've made her look way better than she really does. But the flies on shit plate is nice.

No. 100621

Anna does ballet now. So much for her twisted spine.

No. 100624

You can cook veggies in water which is what my fat ass does to legitimately cut calories but I wouldn't call it sautéing, and there's no fucking reason to avoid such small amounts of oil in cooking if you're not fat. Adds so much great flavor and color to food.

No. 100628

B-b-but anon, our fragile little Anna's allergic to fats! Or intolerant of, or sensitive to, or whatever the fuck she decides on the day someone mentions it.

No. 100639

Anna refuses to eat any fats, claiming an "intolerance" to them. She uses zero oil in her cooking, and the only way she eats nut butters is if they're the powdered version reconstituted with water.

She also claims any real sugars, be it cane or molasses or organic maple syrup - causes her terrible GI ISSUES. But I notice that she eats fruit sugars (oranges, cantaloupe, etc) just fine.

Basically, she's spouting bullshit. Everyone can see through her lies, but she really thinks she's the smartest person in the room and has us all fooled.

I am interested to see an actual starchy vegetable appear so frequently on her plate lately. She must be getting to a desperate stage of hunger to break down and buy a sack of potatoes. It's sad to see her portion then out so carefully and make sure to never serve them in a way that increases their taste or calorie count. But she reminds me of someone in a famine, where people crave vitamins in the deepest stage of their starvation so that they start to eat things like grass.

No. 100643

An average sized potato is only 100-150 calories, and she's not adding any caloric toppings, so it's really not much of a change from her normal diet

No. 100655

File: 1457117739910.png (666.67 KB, 951x625, legday.png)

She has the physique of a 9 year old boy.

No. 100663

spoiler this JFC
sage for triggered

No. 100678

Not your safe space etc.

No. 100724

Please don't tell me that baked potato is covered in mustard.

No. 100727



No. 100737

shoo shoo gains goblin

No. 100741

"#veganmuscle #veganfit"
vegans on instagram must get so pissed off when they see this freak trying to represent them

No. 100747

Not only is she a miracle noodle ambassador, she's now a wink ambassador.

For those of you who don't know, that shit is the fucking nastiest stuff ever. It's basically an "icecream" alternative similar to Arctic zero (which I'm actually fond of), that's vegan, dairy free, fat free, soy free, sugar free, egg free, nut free (I read the list to my brother and almost died laughing).

I bought it out of curiousity, because it's 25kcal/serving (100 for the pint). Took a bite, nasty. I paid almost five bucks for it so I decided I was going to try it and took a second bite. After that I was done. I made all my siblings try it for shits and giggles. I don't know how anyone can possibly stomach an entire serving of that shit.

Clearly the only reason she eats anything she does is for the fucking calorie content. I want to call her out on her bullshit, but I know it'll get deleted.

No. 100749

Dammit, now I want ice cream. I'll have to keep an eye out for Arctic Zero next time I'm at Shaw's.

No. 100750

She was a Wink ambassador first.

No. 100752

>vegan, dairy free, fat free, soy free, sugar free, egg free, nut free
I looked up the ingredients to find out what could possibly be in it.
It's protein extract, glycerin, a bunch of gums and flours for texture, baking soda, stevia and fruit extract. Sounds fucking horrid.

No. 100756

Is Snibbidysnab a fetishist or a farmer?

No. 100775

pro tip: Halo Top >>>> Arctic Zero

No. 100776

yeah, out of halo top, wink, arctic zero, etc., wink is definitely the worst

No. 100778

one of the farmers who decided to egg her on a few posts back

No. 100779

Hashtag #someonehelpmeplease

No. 100780

Sigh, unzips wallet

No. 100814

File: 1457143456976.png (35.37 KB, 326x380, v.png)

Either she's lying or someone bought her followers for her (if that's possible) to stir the pot.

No. 100833

you can buy people followers if you have their account name and email

No. 100853

That sounds like a very "GOMI" thing to do.

No. 100859

File: 1457152763027.jpeg (402.54 KB, 1268x1487, image.jpeg)

Newest comment on this photo.

No. 100860

Which was JUST deleted

No. 100865

She probably has some different wording or bullshit technicality that makes it "not lying" in her mind. A lot of batshit Christians do that and ginge is top batshit.

No. 100896

She has to be joking, who would post a picture showing off her 'flexing' with that spindly stick arm with a teeny muscle bump. She looks like a bobble head, christ.

No. 100901

It's 100% LIE. She bought those followers by herself in order to get some money for being ambasador.
"Look how many followers i have, you should pay me now"
I knew a girl who's total copy of ginger.

Can't wait to see her flexing bones.

No. 100902

File: 1457164766062.png (811.21 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

It's weird to see what comments she leaves up and deletes, the "triggered" one has been there for like seven hours

No. 100905

She's deliberately triggering people searching "fitspo" tags when they come across her emaciated ass. It's really fucked up of her and she totally knows what she's doing.

No. 100912

Ginger is so obviously pro ana it's embarrassing.

No. 100931

But she would then get a confirmation email or smth to her account, wouldn't she? So her being unaware is a lie either way.
I love a good conspiracy, but that's a bit out there.
I'll believe that people are stirring shit, but that's lolcow as much as everyone else. The dumb accounts currently fake-praising her are from here for example.

No. 100938

Her selfies are starting to look like those "normal" ones which are vain and an abomination unto Nuggan I mean Jesus. She always claimed to be so much better than those egocentric bitches who actually smile and want to look nice in selfies, now she's lifting her shirt to proudly show off her ugh #veganmuscle

Her alternative account was so full of proana poses it was ridiculous, it might still be, cba to check. Her profile pic was her showing off her collarbone in one of those "starin' at the sky contemplatin' Jaysus while gently pulling my shirt to show my collarbone while centring the camera on it" poses. She loves hearing how disordered she looks.

No. 100939

What's her second account?
She's so proud of her ED and her disgusting eating habits and she clearly loved the body comments and people saying she triggers them. Many if not most anorexics get really uncomfortable when someone publicly tells them they are ~goals~

No. 100944

It's this: https://www.instagram.com/thehappylittleginger/
Her profile pic is disturbing and looks like something from a horror film (Possessed Henrietta comes to mind, although she had some weight on her), and from what I can tell she's deleted some pics, but there's still plenty of thigh gap emphasis in there.

No. 100945

File: 1457178345512.jpg (163.81 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Such modesty for jaysus. No vanity here.

No. 100956

File: 1457183484822.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Even though this was posted over a year ago, her arms here are terrifying

No. 100964

How and why is she posing like that

No. 100969


No. 100973

That outfit… just no. She's 20 and she still dresses like an awkward middle schooler.

No. 100989

File: 1457196814142.png (31.15 KB, 303x414, ssvggjbtu.png)

She has been on a deleting spree. Here is another long, polite comment that is gone now.

Wonder why she left the convo about buying followers up? Any reasonable person is going to conclude from the numbers mentioned alone that someone has been buying her followers - and if it wasn't her, wouldn't she inquire, or take one look at the 1500 that followed on one day to see that near half of her followers are bots now?

No. 101013

Because she wants people to see she gained 1500 followers in one day and thinks they are going to be really impressed.

No. 101017

These comments are far too nice, bitch needs a serious reality check.

No. 101074

File: 1457210252673.png (12.98 KB, 295x122, detectiveanna.png)

Uh oh, detective Anna is on your case!
God, she really has no clue, but thinks she's one step ahead of everyone…

No. 101076

Wow, its SO obvious that she pulls down the collar of her shirt to show off her sinewy neck and collarbones on this account! You can see her shirt purposefully tugged down, how sad. She really is disordered and delusional..

No. 101081

Nobody tell her.

No. 101083

Seriously, nobody spoil this milk.

No. 101116

I just realized Anna was born on 9/11. Yet another reason the day is a national tragedy.


No. 101119

I'm not going to tell her, but considering how buttmad she gets whenever people post any criticism on her IG, the fallout when she finds out about lolcow/gomi/kiwifarms will probably be hilarious.

No. 101122

For a second I thought you were telling me that 19 year olds were born in 2001 and I was about to cry.

No. 101132

Oh, she's known about the sites for a long time. The fallout here is from falsely accusing Claire/her mom, because she somehow doesn't realize that message wasn't private. I don't know how she missed that, but that's a starved brain for you I guess.

No. 101134

What was this in response to?

No. 101197

Lol, does she seriously not know these forums exist? Ignorance is a bliss…

No. 101198

Oops nvm, saw the most recent posts.

No. 101208

This picture: https://www.instagram.com/p/BCb4Q5ADSgO/?taken-by=thefitveganginger

The person talked about her buying followers, and how it was clearly a reaction to Claire's mom's post on her fb, who said "luckily you don't have a large following" or something when chastising her.

No. 101251

The fact she put mum in inverted commas as if it isn't a valid word really pisses me off. What an ignorant cunt.

No. 101259

File: 1457231040843.png (23.81 KB, 307x251, noooo.png)

It's over, that commenter told her it is (or was) public. So, no paranoid Anna drama there.

No. 101297

perhaps she's just ignorant and thinks the whole world says "mom". she probably doesn't even know mum is a real word.

No. 101298

she mentioned before that she, "tracks her macros." Has anyone found any MFP type accounts of hers? I was looking at her old IG and she used to eat stuff like ACTUAL rice not the RAWice re-hydrated TVP bullshit she pawns off as food now.

No. 101302

File: 1457241275275.jpg (164.69 KB, 1200x768, owqLn2z.jpg)

Saddest pizza ever. I don't want to know what's in her "homemade cheeze".

No. 101310

literally Play-Doh.

No. 101352

Has she always been magically gluten-intolerant? And lactose intolerant? Its like her list of food allergies just keeps growing. Fats, oils, and a raw vegan on top of everything doesn't leave a lot left to eat.

No. 101353

the crust looks like modelling clay that's been dried out in a kiln.
I feel like it would crumble to ash in my mouth.

No. 101360


No. 101402

I'm the anon who found and copied the Claire's mom comment pic, it was posted as a review on TFVG's "brand" Facebook page (pathetic, maybe 300-ish likes last I checked). She deleted the review sometime afterward. So she is going to pretend now that it didn't happen? I just posted the cropped comment but have the entire screenshot. She is so fucking dumb.

No. 101411


you shouldnt have told her so she'd get paranoid as fuck

No. 101422

I didn't tell her, don't worry. I meant I was the one who originally found the comment and posted it here!

No. 101448

She needs to stop creating monstrosities and follow other people's recipes. There are more than plenty gluten free pizza crust and nondairy cheese recipes out there that don't look like absolute shit. But I guess if it's not #HIGHPROTEIN stevia cinnamon shit she won't go near it.

No. 101450

B-but…CALORIES, anon!

No. 101459

This literally looks like an open, festering wound. Do not want.

No. 101498

File: 1457281628889.jpg (558.47 KB, 1093x1012, Maellusinquisitor.jpg)


No. 101505

How's 8th grade going for you, son?

No. 101951

you sure hate fun

No. 102227

File: 1457410390836.png (438.76 KB, 369x603, DEvTXft.png)

19 or 90?

No. 102230

I think Anna's recipes look repulsive. But I'm actually half temped to purchase her ebook when it comes out.

A.) I want to know what the fuck kind of shit she puts in there to make it look so horrendous.
B.) I'm extremely nosy and want to calculate the cals in her meals, and figure out how much she's really consuming in a day.
C.)I'm in "quasi-recovery" and the disordered part of me wants to know how the fuck I can eat waffles and still look as emaciated as her.

Although, I know purchasing her book would only give her fuel to keep doing what she's currently doing.

I wonder if her parents have ever intervened or questioned her? Or if she "blocks" them if they do…

No. 102231

Daaamn Ginger! Looking good with the receding hairlines and wrinkles!

No. 102234

How in the hell is this girl calling herself fit? She looks sickly as fuck and super malnourished. Disgusting.

No. 102248


Is this really Anna? She looks like a mtf

No. 102260

>>102227 Looks like a drag queen before they put makeup on.

No. 102267

Where is this from??

No. 102281

I highly doubt this is her

No. 102288

The celery "cereal" is back

No. 102304

Not her. Chin not big enough and Anna doesn't have dimples that high.

No. 102306


The fact that she has the audacity to call that cereal is fucking beyond me. A bowl of vegetables and fruit can be lots of things, Anna, but cereal is not one of them.

No. 102309

She consumes 'waffles' by chopping up a bit of celery and stevia and calling it 'waffles'

No. 102329

She has free recipes on her blog you can try and post here. Most of her baked sort of stuff is protein powder and water.

No. 103942

I'm pretty sure I can tell you what she puts in her "saved especially for the book" recipes to make her food look so horrendous without you parting with your hard-earned cash: what she puts in everything else, which is silken tofu, pea protein powder, partly-expired vegetables, and more flavours of stevia than there are colours on Joseph's coat.

No. 103949

The idea of baking protein powder and water is just so disordered.

No. 103951

Anna stop stealing images!

No. 103952


No. 103957

CICO. i would rather eat more calorific toaster waffles that taste good than eat a 5 calorie rock.

No. 103958


Proof? Someone needs to catch her doing this and call her out on it, with proof.


No. 103965

The logo she's been using for one, its been posted about ITT

No. 103966

File: 1457632658154.jpg (33.22 KB, 640x640, 10723687_236628790011744_13126…)

Is she using tiltshift?

This photo is really weird

No. 103969

Not enough DOF for tilt shift, everything is on the same focal plane.

No. 103970

Thanks fam

No. 104002

File: 1457642792230.jpg (16.79 KB, 249x250, back off hun.jpg)


I think it's bc she straightened the image to make her headstand look vertical. Pic related: I re-straightened it so the floor is parallel with the bottom of the image. This way you can tell it's just a shitty headstand.

In this version you can also tell that the lettering on her wall isn't straight either (compared to the floor). It's easier to tell since the orienting point of reference (the floor line) is now arranged in a visually meaningful way. In her crooked version, it was just one more thing that led to a "wtf" because it became impossible to tell which was was up. Literally.

Basically her image is like a variation of when you see the tilted versions of San Fran streets where they've been made to look like the road is flat instead of a hill, and all the houses are leaning sideways.

No. 104003

File: 1457643024364.png (553.65 KB, 700x430, sinful houses.png)

"Crooked" houses optical illusion.

Also I meant "which way* was up" above, oy.

No. 104016

That's a pretty significant lean for someone using a wall as a guide

No. 104082

why doesn't she just call it a smoothie?

And why the herbs?

No. 104111

Protein powder + oat flour + baking powder + water. Mix and bake into a brick → fab breakfast loaf! Top with powdered PB and WF 0 cal choc syrup for best breakfast EVER!!
#0cal #0nutritient #whatanorexicseat

No. 104115

File: 1457674569211.png (1.46 MB, 1238x1374, Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.33…)

>oat flour
Nope. Anna doesn't eat oats. Oats is for fatties.

No. 104118

How does mashed up zucchini with some stevia equal vegan oatmeal? That's not even trying.

No. 104126


Pretty sure stevia and protein powder aren't raw vegan..

No. 104148

So is she actually fucking grain free now? I said that as a joke… but she won't eat oatmeal? Fucking zuccinis with stevia is oatmeal now?
She's insane.

No. 104155

Oh yes she does anon. Her famous super-yummy donuts:

1. 1/2 cup gluten free oat flour
2. One scoop vegan protein powder (I used Sunwarrior vanilla)
3. One packet stevia powder
4. 1/2 tsp baking powder
5. Scant 1/2 cup water

No. 104156


No. 104222

i am morbidly curious to see her attempting ballet. she has the weirdest posture and every example we have of her in motion is the opposite of graceful. plus her crazy body shape. i just really want to see her hopping around in a neon pink child-style leotard chanting "it's marvelous monday!! happy!! i'm a DANCER!!" and then doing some shitty attempt at a herkie

No. 104418

File: 1457751633109.jpg (153.67 KB, 1145x663, Capture.JPG)

Well. This is interesting.
Check out her last post, with the flax salad etc.
There are 10 comments on it, which is unusual, especially considering there are no "hater" comments/discussions.
(Okay, as I type this, there are 17, because Anna is replying to them)

Check out the "following" number of each of those accounts. Almost all of them follow 7500-ish accounts. The exception is "why do you put your apple in a bowl" which has 6900. None of those accounts have photos that belong together (ie. same people, setting etc). No captions either.

My conclusion - bots, or humans paid to post and like comments (paid by Anna, when she bought those followers).

Which makes it even sadder that she is replying to them.


No. 104421

This girl is like the polar opposite of Simply Sara on Youtube.

No. 104422

File: 1457752639953.png (559.03 KB, 1212x1522, Untitled.png)

Proof - not all accounts, but I can't be bothered. You get the idea.

No. 104430

She says she has OCD and doesn't like her food to touch in response to the question asking why she puts her apples in a bowl. Also because apples rolling around bother her.

thefitveganginger @audiobustling lol I get asked this so much! Haha I'm ocd and don't like my food to touch haha. Also for some reason it really annoys me when apples roll around…not sure why so I put them in bowls so they have a little cubby hole.

I bet she has more strange behaviors that don't show up on IG, like chewing on her thumb to the point that it's raw.

No. 104433

Many mental health professionals believe anorexia can just be an extension of OCD as they exhibit the same type of rituals and anxieties

No. 104575

Latest breakfast caption -
>protein cereal with protein mylk



No. 104622

How can I get paid to follow accounts? I wonder how the money is.

No. 104634

Couldn't she be making banana "icecream" (Frozen bananas&other fruit blended until smooth)instead of this processed diet icecream shit?
Maybe that's too many calories for her.

No. 104638

Speaking of bananas, has she ever shown bananas in her meals? I can't recall ever seeing bananas but my memory probably fails me.

No. 104677

Bananas have calories. She doesn't eat them.

No. 104680


She used to eat them before totally going off the orthorexic deep end; when she was still claiming to be #HCLFV. Of course they got baby-talk named: "nanas" or nanners or something equally infuriating. But yeah, not anymore because calories. She is so fucked up.

No. 104709

File: 1457831995247.jpeg (283.86 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)


Don't know what you anons are talking about, she posts "nicecream" as part of her meals on a decently regular basis. It's basically frozen banana puree, sometimes with added protein powder or other shit.

No. 104710

yeah but she makes her 'nicecream' out of random shit.

No. 104749

She's been going hard on the waffles lately. What's with anas like her and Aly fixating on waffles? Is it because they feel filling without as many calories or something?

No. 104754

I thought she substituted banana for cauliflower.

No. 104791

aw shit I forgot about the cauliflower one. blech.

she basically freezes and sorbets whatever, whenever and calls it nicecream.

No. 104810

I think it's the opposite, actually. When you're malnourished you tend to obsess over very calorific foods. Many people with eating disorders will become obsessed with cooking and baking, but mostly for others. In Aly's case, she just fills her intake with a few high-cal foods (or just takes photos of them, depending on what you want to believe); in Gremlin's case, she makes her own weird-ass low calorie versions that feel 'safe' so she's able to allow herself her cravings.

No. 105024

File: 1457905575479.jpeg (228.9 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

Saw this comment and then looked at the owner of the account, she looks even sicker than Ginge :(

No. 105069

File: 1457913693231.jpg (17.29 KB, 343x178, FyEd2jy.jpg)

Person: "What if I don't want to buy a whole damn book for one recipe?"

Anna: "Buy the book!"

No. 105132

That ankle tho. Does she chew on her fucking ankles too?? She answered & said "lol it's just the filter I used" but no… that thing looks chewed on.

No. 105134

File: 1457924264269.jpg (75.33 KB, 640x640, ciNxSrw.jpg)

Is she TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE SICK looking at this?? omg that jar of crap..

No. 105136

it all looks like different variations of the same substance.

No. 105142

If she at least put in effort like getting pretty dishware, setup, background and lighting, people would perceive her recipes many times better than what they actually are. Not that anyone should be subjected to trying one of her recipes, but if she wants to make a big following and a book out of it, it's necessary to take those steps. Even if her recipes looked delicious they should still be photographed much better than this, which is just lazy and careless, and only highlights how crappy the food looks.

No. 105178

File: 1457930425526.png (562.34 KB, 1170x448, Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 9.34…)

That person is an annoying idiot though.

>don't need much fat to survive

Hair is falling out

No. 105182

She's literally going to get diabetes

No. 105196

For once I'm with Anna on this.

No. 105221

Skipping meals can also trigger migraines, but the Gains Goblin can always pick the option that furthers her narrative.

No. 105254

So this was photographed on a windowsill. Why?? And the bowl of soggy brown crap (besides being disgusting) looks like it should be falling off. Like it makes me nervous to look at this. What was she even thinking, balancing that stuff on a fucking windiwsill? Why would a meal be on a windowsill?? It's just puzzling. It makes no sense. I can't imagine what goes on in this girl's poor starving brain.

No. 105267

>pretty dishware, setup,

literal jar of slurry.

No. 105268

what's with this clothing line that keeps asking her to rep? it's like they slapped the phrase "dreaming elegance" on some T shirts on CustomInk

No. 105269

I thought it was a farmer at first, but they have 1 or two actual people wearing their shitty shirts

No. 105270

I clicked through to some garbagy IG.

No. 105271

Oh. my god. tell me if this is too far, but what if a farmer made a fake clothing/food/brand account and asked her to rep???

No. 105273

This's fun. Reminds me of chris-chan sagas.

No. 105280

i mean, creating an account like @dreaming_elegance_apparel probably takes like four minutes

No. 105282

Dreaming Elegance is a work-from-home pyramid scam. They charge $150 to rep for them.

No. 105285


No. 105361

Dreaming Elegance claims not to be a pyramid scheme because they sell products and don't flat-out pay existing reps for recruiting new reps. However, they count their "marketing platform" as a "product" that new reps have to buy. If their reps who actually make money are earning more from selling the marketing platform than from selling clothes, Dreaming Elegance is still a pyramid scheme in the eyes of the law - but according to the Terms and Conditions, reps who disclose their compensation or expenses will have their accounts terminated without refund.


At best, this is a company with a shady business model and lots of customer complaints against them.

No. 105398

The only reason I could think of is that she wanted some natural light.

No. 105447

First time I heard Anna's voice and it's actually pleasant. I always thought she'd have a screechy manic voice.

No. 105575

YOU CAN SEE HER SCALP THROUGH HER HAIR where she slips up & shows the top of her head. Her hair is that fucking thin. gaahhhhhhhhhh

No. 105587


Agree, it was very weird to hear her voice. She doesn't "sound" insane like I had naively expected her to.

No. 105591

Anyone wondering where her family is and why they aren't intervening? I mean, usually family's are the first to say something or intervene…

No. 105607

I wonder if she experiences amenorrhea.

No. 105612

More than likely.

No. 105615

Where'd you hear her voice?

No. 105617

her video on instagram

No. 105618

No. 105624

No. 105630

>>105624 why is she yelling at me…

No. 105647

She is so fucking bizarre, she reminds me of brainwashed jesus camp kids

No. 105666

I don't know, but I'm scared.

No. 105694

She sounds like a demented Sunday school teacher. There's something vaguely condescending in the tone of her voice that reminds me of a teacher talking to a small child.

No. 105784

Why is she lecturing people about what she "expects them to do"? Is she a life coach now? Since she's such an expert on nutrition & fitness..

No. 105797

File: 1458020365596.png (501.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160315-013654.png)

How come no one's ever asked her about her hair before? Or maybe she just deletes those comments?

No. 105800

They get deleted.
I have to admit though she almost looks cute in this video. So much prettier than the usual faces she pulls.

No. 105803

If she's just talking normally then she looks less spastic. She could clean up well if she just gained some damn weight and learned to apply makeup correctly.

No. 105804

I hate you for reminding me of those, they contain so much cringe

No. 105808

She looks scary as fuck even at a normal weight. Do all gingers need a certain amount of makeup to be presentable?

No. 105813

No. 105867

Nah, fuck that smug 'I'm better than you' attitude. She's even more annoying with a voice.

I still don't understand how she can justify selling her ebook for $$. There are plenty of other successful vegan Insta's where the food actually looks nice, and they post their recipes in the comments, for example: https://www.instagram.com/holyhealth/

Is anyone here actually planning on buying it so we can see what's in it?

No. 105891

Someone on Kiwifarms said they're willing to buy it, as long as she's sure no one else will to prevent giving Anna $$$

No. 105974

File: 1458059090245.jpeg (58.1 KB, 640x980, image.jpeg)

Yikes, her body is so awkward looking.

No. 106014

File: 1458064899042.png (890.56 KB, 644x680, 0JaqUla.png)

her stool really doesn't look healthy

No. 106017

Same. If she'll release her cookbook as an audiobook I'd probably buy it.

No. 106040

you don't understand how much i love you for that. 7s are the worst

No. 106167

Just watched the latest Insta video and wow. She looks so much better in video than in photo, and her voice is nice. If she could just stop with the weird ass recipes, gain some weight back, and start doing other fitness videos, she could turn around her lolcow status

No. 106213

That would be me. I am indeed willing to shell out for either the ebook or hard copy to share around here and on kiwi farms (she said there'd be an ebook and if true, it should be much cheaper.)

When she officially launches it I'll buy it and upload or scan the pages - so please don't feel obligated to give her any more cash just to peep the poisons! I'm not willing to pre-order it though; like her woo supplements, she might just be collecting pre-orders as a cash grab. Once there's evidence that this book actually exists I'm on it.

No. 106279

aware me on how old this long face sad life freeckleghost is?

No. 106281

19, says it in her Instagram bio

No. 106356

no kidding. she's seriously so different on video than she makes herself seem in her captions, much less obnoxious-sounding than expected.

pretty sure at this point she could turn from having a following of bought bots and ana-chans and make a decently-popular online persona on fitness and maybe her orthorexia recovery. i get why some people might be attached to their EDs, i do, but Ginge? her fake online life is more of a laughing stock than she probably is in person.

No. 106376

I have to admit, it's a shock to see her sound and look so much better than I expected in the video.

No. 106419

File: 1458153271399.jpg (9.14 KB, 200x200, horror.jpg)

No. 106444

shoo shoo gains goblin

No. 106556

Her voice makes me think of Morty in that third one.

No. 106582

Also gotta agree that the one video of her speaking normally makes her look and sound far better than expected. Her face doesn't even look creepy like it does in all her wide-eyed, big-grinning selfies. With some makeup and leaving behind her overexcited shtick she really could improve by leaps and bounds.. Too bad her recipes are completely hopeless unless she radically changes her diet

No. 106605

She looks like a noodle in a wig.

No. 106609

It's so weird. She looks legit pretty in her video, with zero makeup or effort to boot. I don't get what she's trying to do to herself.

No. 106612

No doubt there is some legit chemistry caused by long srarwation happening in her brain.
I bet she had good meals which made her brain function better than usual.

No. 107365

what even IS the bump on the bottom right???

No. 107366

File: 1458397452415.jpg (64.05 KB, 360x480, blogger-image--89886375.jpg)


I always imagined that she sounds like Spongebob.

No. 107373

I want to be happy for someone that seems so happy themselves but…nah.
Fuck that noise. Bitch is a lunatic.

No. 107425

anon, why? I seriously puked…

No. 107467

i'll be honest, i'm intrigued by that bottom dish.

No. 107543

File: 1458437106545.jpg (392.48 KB, 1080x858, gingshoop.jpg)

you guys… i tried so hard. i just don't think it's possible

No. 107545

What exactly… were you trying to do?

No. 107546

Like… Did you think she might look better if she was suffering from a severe anterior pelvic tilt and was somehow even skinnier?

No. 107567


You need to learn some basic anatomy before trying to photoshop it better, anon.

No. 107611

File: 1458452829975.png (713.21 KB, 922x593, dogvomit.png)


Hah come on guys, they were clearly only trying to give her a booty.

I thought I was on one of the parody Instagram accounts when I saw this. It doesn't look appetizing in the slightest.

No. 107613

File: 1458453232522.jpg (36.89 KB, 620x349, smiling-poop-emoji.jpg)

This is my favourite Fit Vegan Ginger recipe.

No. 107934

i want to get her book and eat every recipe because i love to suffer.

No. 107946

Anon, please. Don't do anything drastic. Think of all the people in your life who love and care about you.

No. 108904

uhm guys, "thefitvegangingercooks"on Instagram isn't her, right?

No. 109009

without context, if this photo was done up a little better it could pass as pleasant and appetizing. like a dry, dense creme puff with glossy (albeit oddly textured) caramel

No. 109010

I want to get her cookbook and make everything to see how awful it is

Like some fucked up julie & julia

No. 109013

more gomi lunacy I expect. who wastes their time making all those meals.

No. 109019

File: 1458641229130.jpg (16.42 KB, 224x219, 5cf.jpg)


Her cuticle is fuuuucked up.

No. 109028

I doubt they are cooking them. It looks like random puke found on other instagrams.

No. 109050

Sometimes I wonder if all the people commenting on her health are giving her some kind of gratification.
I used to know this anorexic girl who confided in me that she secretly enjoyed being told that people were concerned for her health. She denied having a disorder to anyone who asked, but she still relished in people thinking that about her. At some point people were gossiping about this other skinny girl, and the anorexic chick got crazy jealous and competitive. She said this was also the reason that going to one of those recovery center kind of things never would work for her; because she'd get competitive with other girls on who could recover the least.

No. 109054


She's only 36. This is Anna's future. I feel really sad looking at this woman.

No. 109056


Shit, that looks just like her but aged.

No. 109063

Holy fuck, she really does look like Anna.
Does she have fake teeth?? https://www.instagram.com/p/BDCm6_mlqlv/ I can't tell on my shit phone but they look unnaturally shiny

No. 109064

File: 1458661279595.jpg (75.23 KB, 598x598, livingmummy.jpg)

Holy shit she really does. The same demented smile. Creepy.

No. 109065

Damn…looks just like an older version of Anna.

No. 109066

File: 1458662410298.jpg (184.78 KB, 1080x1080, 12552243_569845726513226_17702…)

Literally thought this was her before scrolling up and reading the context. It's no surprise they both look like goblins considering this woman also overtrains and eats tiny portions of disgusting "super healthy protein!" recipes. Given, some of her posts are better, but look at this one and tell me it isn't just what Anna would post.

No. 109069

Why would you make her thinner? damn

No. 109070

I thought this was her, wow.

No. 109074

File: 1458664406841.png (886.68 KB, 933x597, 4366b.png)


That is fucking uncanny, the similarities of how they look and their obsessions are just surreal. Looks like this one also likes eating that weird ice cream Anna does.

No. 109086

this icecream is fucking gross. its made with pea or bean protein and tastes like fucking beans. its shit

No. 109093

Anna is a Wink ambassador, though so she has to say good stuff about it.

No. 109099


OT but yeah, Wink is gross. Arctic Zero (which is also on that woman's IG) is much better and has less calories. Oh, and no beans or shit.

No. 109127

Lol at Anna using a Paleo tag. Walden farms and miracle noodle aren't paleo. Neither is PB for that matter. I think paleo is a load of bs but at least she should know the dos and donts of her diet-of-the-day

No. 109129

I imagine Wink is more popular because pea protein has more use than Arctic Zero's 'empty calories' nutrition wise.

I've never tasted either, so I can't say which one is worse but I wouldn't want to eat either.

No. 109156


Omg going through her account she even has the same shape head as Anna and everything. It is honestly like looking into the future. What a sad existence.

No. 109157


Omg going through her account she even has the same shape head as Anna and everything. It is honestly like looking into the future. What a sad existence.

No. 109199

I feel bad for her, she does have an ED and posts a lot about how she's struggling to cope. Also, she seems pretty nice and doesn't fly off the handle when people comment on her physical appearance.

I wouldn't be surprised if she started out very similarly to Ana with an innocent fitness and health routine that went out of control. She really is Ana's future.

No. 109573

halo top is LEAGUES better than either of those

No. 109739

File: 1458767273570.jpg (395.04 KB, 1080x858, ging.jpg)

i tried to fix what i think you were trying to do? give her a more feminine physique? she's kind of a lost cause, though.

No. 109741

The forearm is a little wonky but otherwise nice

No. 109746

Guys, she posted a new Instagram saying she made a youtube channel for yoga videos.

No. 109748

Pretty sure her stomach is bulging from malnutrition

No. 109752

Wow. Putting a normalized picture next to actual Anna makes her real self look photoshopped (and badly so). It's strange, your eye gets sort of accustomed to her to the point where she doesn't look that terrible in some angles, especially if you squint somewhat and forget that she is supposed to be 19, not 11. This shows just how unnatural her current state is.

No. 109758

File: 1458768708231.png (917.42 KB, 1012x583, #ignorethehatersabove.png)

The last comment on the most recent picture says #ignorethehatersabove.
I don't know how long she will keep this going, but once she comes to her senses or collapses, I hope some people feel ashamed in what is sure to be a rare moment of self-awareness.

No. 109799

Her arms! It seems like she's losing weight extremely rapidly now. She's starting to look like Aly.

No. 109800

Her shoulders look thinner han her wrists! #veganmuscle

No. 109848

ugh her face

No. 109854

I know I'm a shitty person for saying this, but I hate her more just because her face is so damn ugly.

No. 110000

Yup, fake teeth.

No. 110054

that's the thing, if she were like 10-16, she'd be unfortunate looking, but normal. as an adult though, it's not a good look

No. 110074

It's a human instinct, I think - even the most unbearable cunt is that bit less unbearable if they're easier on the eye to you. It's unfortunate.

No. 110078

I'm so looking forward to see her get herself in ambulance.

No. 110130

I asked for her Youtube channel and commented on another photo about the recipe of something, of course she took the opportunity to advertise her upcoming ebook at the end of April ! But no reply to the Youtube comment. Greedy betch.