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A place to discuss the outlandish and often attention seeking, toxic and manipulative antics of users within the BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder)/mental health "recovery" community on instagram.

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Ames.Recovers is back IP for her self harm antics and manages to get leave only to fuck it up by having an incident with her mother

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No. 924865

nta but her profile says 21
https://www.instagram.com/ames.recovers/ (private)

Does she sleep under the desk??

No. 924877

yes. she was IP for 4 years, got out and is now back in. she hasn't eaten since 2016. was NG tubed for a while and now has a PEG. refuses to eat due to "trauma" yet drinks diet coke and other diet drinks.

No. 924880


Damn these kids got way more fun than i did inpatient. No phone, no TV, goddamn it.

No. 924882

This is why they never want to leave.

No. 924883


that’s what I’m saying. not to blog but when I was in I did and said whatever I could to get out ASAP, because it was fucking awful and mind-numbing. I don’t understand how internet access to whatever ana and suicide groups you’ve got on IG (and true crime documentaries lol) could help anyone recover

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