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File: 1578631298861.png (956.2 KB, 1286x516, 32.png)

No. 915865

Continuing coverage of the Ana Olympics 2020.

Australia has been winning lots of gold top milk for most nose hoses recently, UK and US lagging behind.

Last thread: >>>/snow/900161

Yes, this is a shit thread.(shit thread)

No. 915884

Shouldn’t this thread be #32 since the last one was 31?

No. 915889

Thank you, I was getting so confused by that too

No. 915907

Love the thread. There is just too many milky ana queens to do a thread summary on everyone discussed, and they all do the same shit anyway. Only ones who stand out are the fatties and the most outrageous malingerers.

No. 915914

UK might get a bit better when Elzani relapses into AN or starts BPing.
Looking forward to her EDU vlog ( but her second channel is shit).
What's morven been up to?

No. 915916

shes gained weight finally

No. 915917

sorry that's ridiculous, op could at least link to their sm and say a couple of words on who they are.

No. 915939

She’s still underweight and leading a life entirely revolved around food and her identity as the best anorexic/recovery-qween. It’s not recovery, it’s just another iteration of the illness, and even more annoying that straight up anorexia because now she’s preachy af and pretends she’s some sort of incredible role model when all she does is leech off her parents and take pictures of food.

No. 915960

>>915914 she was sectioned for a very long time, lasted one day on the outside before being sectioned again.

No. 915979

File: 1578672430965.jpg (747.43 KB, 1080x2079, 20200111_030630.jpg)

Medical risk…. at that weight…. KEK

No. 915981

File: 1578673027804.jpg (24.94 KB, 407x342, less whine more milk.JPG)

a. There are too many of them
b. Most are private accounts
c. Stop being a lazy farmer, go back to last thread and look at their damn usernames
d. Make the next thread yourself.

No. 915986

Making a new thread. This one is shit

No. 915989

Thank you, new thread anon. The wrong number alone is bout ta drive me into fake insanity and I'm gonna have to check into New Farm

No. 915990


Where did all these autists come from? Get a fucking grip.

No. 916002

File: 1578676851132.png (4.66 MB, 1242x2208, D8C95391-3B0F-42F7-A11E-C59C92…)

is today the day?

No. 916004

sorry, how have you not noticed these threads are chronically filled with autism?? it’s not new

No. 916005

She's had good fortune with her health for the decades. She looks too calm for it to be an anxiety attack. Oh dear.

No. 916008

Losing 6 lbs. in 4 days isn't hard given that it's all water weight. I gain and lose about 8 lbs. before and after I have my period. Diuretics could also easily accomplish that. It's goofy that anyone with an eating disorder wouldn't know this (@wildstruggles, not you).

No. 916010

Sorry to pull this post from the depths of the original #31, but this looks like a hospital- does anyone know if she's inpatient, or was whenever she posted this?

No. 916013

Weight can fluctuate a few lbs in a day during the day anyway.

No. 916026

File: 1578682711631.png (3.31 MB, 1242x2208, 9CC085D6-0CB7-459F-B478-791109…)

never heard of someone with an ed to purposely out themselves to their parents.. isnt a whole aspect of it to keep it secret? prime example of begging an eating disorder for attention

No. 916034

File: 1578685649074.png (1.36 MB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2020-01-10-14-46-29…)

Just the dainty whale reminding us all that she's super sick and on feeds.

No. 916040

1000 calorie feed overnight(emoji)

No. 916042

To be fair, it probably takes a lot more calories than the average person can stomach just to maintain her obese body. Such a ~*~mystery~*~ how she managed to get, and stay, so big in the first place given her claims to be completely unable to eat. Kek. Much kek.

No. 916043

I know you can be malnourished at any weight (in theory), but is this really necessary/good practice/healthy for someone who is already overweight?? Wouldn't a malnourished fat person be missing specific nutrients but not necessarily calories? I just find it hard to believe that this is even in her best interest.

No. 916047

File: 1578688407794.jpeg (47.57 KB, 424x315, image.jpeg)

How can anyone who claims to be recovered and is now giving out recovery advice think that is OK to post a thumbnail of all her skeleton shots- if she's genuinely recovered ( unlikely) she would know it's not good.
She's still screwed up- her family dynamics are bizarre and wtf does she do all day?

No. 916048

I would lol so hard if the nurses just hooked her up to the “feed” to placate her then unhook it and replace it with an empty bag in the morning to play into her delusion of being a malnourished superspoop. Her dad’s insurance is essentially just paying this treatment centre to make believe that she’s actually anorexic.

No. 916052

Giving an obese person extra calories is not healthy. All the hospital is doing is helping perpetuate Georgia’s delusion that she’s anorexic and needs asspats for eating excessive amounts and junk. It’s not only unethical, it’s dangerous. She’s not losing weight, she’s just getting fatter with each hospitalization. They need to address her delusions, put her on a diet, give her a multivitamin for her “malnutrition”, and discharge her. Playing into her sick snowflake fantasies is not helping her at all.

No. 916060

So… An obese wannarexic refused to eat a meal and they gave her a NG tube??? What kind of hopital is this? Isn't it going to fatten her up even more?
And the "boohoo im sick i have a toob poor me" act is cringy as hell… She obviously wanted this prop.

No. 916065

My favorite part is that she claims main meals are her struggle, which likely means she's having no problem wolfing down the junk food snacks they provide. She's been in and out of treatment enough that you'd think she would be at least a little better at pretending to be sick. I guess the fact she's obese and never seems to actually lose any weight despite her claims is a dead giveaway though…

No. 916066


It is in poor taste, and she obviously doesn't have any photoshop skills. What she does all day, i don't know she mentioned working with her dad. Edited videos are small part of her life, it doesn't mean she just eats and goes to the market. I hope. I don't think she is milky nowadays.

No. 916076

you and other anons need to chill tf out with your desperation for medical professionals to go along with your sperging. people don’t do shit like that. they’d lose their job. get a grip.

No. 916080

Well obviously they don't. When did you get that sense of humor bypass?

No. 916095

Lol holy shit, this reeks of her mom straight up being tired. She didn't reply to any of the whinging or take the "mom, I SAID I haven't eaten for a few days!!" bait

No. 916096

Tired *of her shit, my b

No. 916107

KEK 1000cals. Oh georgia, if you were really in need of it you'd be having the 500mls 2.0 x 2 bags. (Thats 2000cals for people playing at home)

No. 916109

Tbh flexing your knowledge of feed types and sizes (without saging especially) kinda just makes you seem like a proana scumbag.

No. 916120

Why does it matter? That was ages ago

No. 916125

File: 1578699975503.jpg (30.67 KB, 501x423, j.JPG)

>watch stupid youtube videos

Seething to herself watching Elzani videos.

No. 916133

File: 1578701191241.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x1389, F4D17458-2790-4FA3-8F34-B9E54A…)

I think n2f is back at it with eating mouldy bread. Oh lord…

No. 916137

File: 1578701404419.jpeg (190.48 KB, 581x1032, 31DF5FB2-42E5-4F2D-9A6C-29C9A4…)

Don’t need to be an anachan to know it, anon. Med/carer background and my first thought was how jealous Georgia would be if she saw the actually ill patients on 1.5 or 2x feeds.
Someone of her weight would need a lot just to maintain, which one would hope is the clinics goal for her… Even if malnourished there is 0 reason for her to be on a gain plan. Focus on nutrition should be priority, and most of that ‘malnutrition’ is probably fucking dehydration.
She even is asking for pity on her fb.

No. 916138

seriously what the fuck is wrong with this chick - why does she seemingly live in squalid dark room and eat mouldy food? I only assume she’s an anachan because she’s in this thread but i don’t recall ever seeing a pic of her face either

No. 916141

The OOPS rolls are probably a bit stale, but it's good they didn't end up in Asda's bins. It's what's surrounding the plate that's worse today. A lighter, an old laptop keyboard? a torch? dirtu saucer in either a pet bed or a washing up bowl, a fucking bra.

A hoarder in training. There're pics of her in the previous thread, I think. A couple of her face.

No. 916145

No. 916173

Also the fact that all of her food is on extreme markdown reeks of b/p

No. 916185

The background is just so nasty!

No. 916186

tayrt and thank you - honestly considering my impression of her from her gruel posting the garden body check in her underwear wasn’t at all suprising…

No. 916203

Again with the tube selfies?? There is absolutely no reason to post this except ‘look at my tube’. We get it. You have a tube. We can also see that you LOVE it and think it makes you a spoopy skelly.

No. 916229

Is it me or does Georgia kinda look like she lost weight the last mo th or 2? Might just be angles idk. Anyway she/anyone whose obese wouldn't need a weigh loss meal plan in an inpatient unit for eds, they just need a general maintenance plan and they would lose weight naturally. But her sudden restriction before going in prob fucked her metabolism a bit so I bet shel gain at first lol

No. 916230

Its just you. She looks the same size if bot bigger.

No. 916268

File: 1578720922036.jpeg (71.14 KB, 750x209, 2CDE8AA9-B193-4E2B-9848-6FD031…)

This is what she says. Who knows.

No. 916278

yeah for sure you know better than professionals who study for years anachan

No. 916279

File: 1578726418437.png (3.41 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-01-11-17-04-46…)

Aly's decided to make an only fans after already saying she's making a cosplay acc (deleted and didn't last 5 seconds)
And then complains about how fat she is yet she is doing this?? Yeah makes sense aly

No. 916300

Aly is 27, acting like a teenager. She's got serious issues

No. 916306

Every time I come into this thread and see her weird food choices I ask myself: is she trying to make her food look disgusting on purpose? Is that some Ana-thing?

No. 916329

File: 1578745134564.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 85.77 KB, 275x270, AA7646D0-61B9-42F1-9D83-A11454…)

She genuinely looks feral. She’s not even bad looking either just extremely unkempt, dirty and unhealthy looking. Her room is gross also. I’m weirdly and morbidly fascinated about her life, I think she lives at home with both parents and has a good relationship with them as far as I can tell, has posted pictures of her on holiday with them where she looked happier than ever, not weird and feral at all, if I can remember correctly she’s posted her mothers cooking which looked alright, but suddenly she seems to be spending all her time in her room, seems to be cooking and eating all meals In her room and never posting pictures of anything but torrents of disgusting and unhealthy looking food, enough sugar to get diabetes type 2 in her 30s while skelly, seemingly surrounded by many buckets, bins and plastic bags that potentially she throws up into. I feel sorry for her honestly, as much as she disgusts and astounds me I just feel so sad for her. She needs to wake the fuck up and sort herself out.

No. 916345

She looks like a gremlin. It would be interesting to see if a good haircut and some proper nutrition would make her attractive because right now it’s kind of impossible to tell is she’s actually ugly or just sick.

No. 916361

File: 1578750317356.png (907.76 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5708.PNG)

It's puzzling to me how self-centered Laura is. She literally has pictures of herself throwing her leg up in the air all over her mirror and walls. (On the walls there's also pictures of her friends, but the mirror seems to be dedicated to our fragile fairy alone.)

No. 916388

if you hint at or threaten suicide or self harm within aussie mental health services you'll be deemed high risk. its easy to say that for attention lol

No. 916392

the speed with which she went in to treatment after "relapsing" is insane too like. i want to say so much about it because it's so ??? real anarexics firstly lose massive portions of weight and usually avoid any kind or treatment. not go to hospital for not eating for a few days.
bet theres nurses there who havent had a chance at a good meal in days because they have to take care of all these cows.

No. 916395

in her ~ana video nearly died!~ she mentions/her parents say that all she does is lie in bed. she probably does that still now if she doesnt leave the house. stays in bed on her phone or sleeping.

No. 916405

File: 1578756196211.png (2.35 MB, 1345x2226, 20200111_101155~2.png)

top of that bread is definitely moldy. i'm disgusted

No. 916406

Omg. More like “fuck u mycotoxins”! That’s actually gag inducing. If emojis were allowed, I would use the puking face right here.

No. 916408

Good god. I think most of us have ate bread that's gone a little mouldy but you cut that shit off.

No. 916425

KEK. This is literally the worst one yet, the actual huge blue mold spot. Why is she eating it!?!?! Does she not see it, does she even really eat the food she posts, i'm so concerned.

No. 916427

I'm starting to believe that n2f is trolling. No one has this little self awareness… right?

No. 916429

Did people comment about the mold. She must eat rancid food to make herself sick. Plus she buys it all on discount past it’s best by date. What a disgusting human.

No. 916450

Her mom responded though? Telling her there's food in the fridge if she wants to eat something. How does she post something like this and then claim her mom doesn't give a fuck?? Clearly all for attention

No. 916509

I hate this fat cunt so much. Georgia you don’t have to fucking eat anything for over a year and you wouldn’t starve, you’re covered in blubber. Just go on a healthy diet and stop being an attention seeking shit-cunt

No. 916519

Human body can only last 10-14 days without food. She'd be malnourished way before 1 year is up

No. 916523


Anon #1: you seem disproportionately mad. You either are Georgia or you’ve got a creepy fascination with her beyond normal farmer levels.

Anon #2: you are factually incorrect. There have been studies done on morbidly obese people (I think two formal case studies) who were able to go months without food and survive on fat stores. Mind you, they were under very close doctor supervision and receiving vitamin supplements, but you’d be amazed at how resilient the human body can be!

No. 916529

You’re retarded as fuck if you genuinely think that. Maybe I’m angry at her because she’s a self centred emotionally manipulative attention seeker?

No. 916532

Yes I think she would, Decent face, decent figure, it’s her hair, teeth, and posture that make her ugly and those are easily fixable. I just feel really sorry for her, yet I can’t look away from this dumpster fire. I feel like she’s a nice girl, just extremely fucked up.

No. 916586

Her mysterious job she never actually says what it is - it’s probably just doing paperwork for her dad like she did before .

Her uni was a first year Open university course so she could stay at home - can you really see Elzani with all her attachment issues going off to uni?

No. 916598

If you actually read the studies, they ate food. Try again

No. 916609

how tf do you get lolcow on discord it doesn't work(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 916668

i know , she said before that uni thing was an online course or whatever. Im not gonna pretend i know her just based on you tube videos, but to be honest, her body does look healthier in the new videos.

No. 916681

File: 1578789758411.jpg (752.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200112-004056_Ins…)

Just when I thought her combos couldn't get any weirder fml

No. 916683

there was an obese scottish guy who literally survived a year without food, just drank water and vitamins. if the human body could only survive 2 weeks without food then there wouldn't have been anyone left in concentration camps by the end of ww2

No. 916684

File: 1578789966400.jpg (145.82 KB, 526x359, 20200112_004559.jpg)

Oh and close up of the mold incase anyone wanted a different angle. God I could vomit.

No. 916685

>Fucj u anorexia with muh mighty mold spores

>and the bacteria in muh chipped mug

Guy was posted as img in last thread

No. 916688

File: 1578790407153.jpeg (228.03 KB, 750x1209, 718D753F-A5AE-4D08-96FB-4A2175…)

Has this one ever been posted here ? Her name is mikky (probably not the right spell). She was on You tube. In 2 years she claimed to be: anorexic, bipolar, addicted to opioids, homeless, part of a cult that branded her, bulimic, depressed, said that she fasted for 22 days, and everything in between. Has claimed to be bankrupt many times, begged for money only to use it to move to mexico with her mexican boyfriend. She is now begging again so she can leave mexico cause "it's too hot and i can't speak spanish".

Her IG is : PaintingParades.

If she is unknown here, there's more to post. She doesn't talk about her "ed" all the time but she does every now and then. Milky in a way.

No. 916692

Didn't know her. Looked at her ig, it's private. Found links to her yourtube https://www.youtube.com/user/EnvyMaliceMikki/videos but idk if ica to watch any. Says she speaks fluent Spanish here https://www.couchsurfing.com/people/mikki-despain

No. 916698

You’re a wannabe anachan and obese yourself if you think it’s healthy or ethical to be giving extra calories to an already obese person(infighting)

No. 916699

File: 1578791746113.jpeg (841.22 KB, 828x1569, 11F2AAA3-4F48-48BC-899E-BF5F42…)

She’s really going to bang on about how difficult it is going through “re-feeding”? Bitch, you been fed real good, clearly!

No. 916703

Oh my gosh she looks so fucking stupid. Did she forget she posted all those meals she most likely smashed with ease on her Instagram? Why are we suppose to except that this is a real struggle or even anything like fucking refeeding where you could actually die lol. She’s honestly so deluded if she really truly believes at her core.. she’s this sick. I for one think she knows she’s bull shirting bc it’s just too obvious but idk. Would someone who lacks self awareness constantly incriminate themselves with their posts? She’s a really, really bad faker and it’s obvious. I wonder what the other clients think, and I wonder what will happen when her meal plan increases kek

No. 916710


Laura's a dick, we know that BUT she had lost a bit of weight, even if not as dramatically fasting as she says. If she can get by without a tube or refeeding syndrome, this heifer surely could.

If I saw her in a clinic and I was a patient, I'd be shit scared because I'd think I'd have to be as big as her to get out. That New Farms place/the shrink really needs to be investigated.

No. 916711

LMAO, I can just imagine trying to scare new patients using Georgia! Doctor: "Yeah, when she first got here a month ago she was barely 60lbs, now look at her! She's almost weight restored! Almost"

No. 916722

lol @ how she’s pressing her arms against her body to try to make herself look slimmer

No. 916723

File: 1578795304757.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1723, 3E6B4726-C3B7-4D6E-887D-F1E2CD…)

“plodding along” she claims that there’s 17kg between these photos ….would her body actually go through refeeding if she doesn’t need to gain??

No. 916725

She can't even use these two pictures as a before and after. The lift mirror's distorting her. It's making her head look long . She's crossing her legs in the "after". Her arm is higher. That's not accurate at all. Only real difference is how she looks like an old trans in the life shot.

No. 916726

No. 916727

File: 1578796624340.jpeg (163.17 KB, 750x1334, BA08F398-4F29-4A02-A7C5-A1609E…)

That’s Kelsey. I know her in real life. We’re friends. That’s all I’m gonna say now.

No. 916728

This chick is milky as fuck. She moved from Ohio to Mexico to live with her bf she’d never met and now she hates it and had a go fund me to make enough money to get back to Ohio lmao. She’s a train wreck.

No. 916737


Boo you for blacking out the rest of the Instagram username! If you're going to post your "friend's" personal account here, you should give us all access to the milk

No. 916740

How can that even be a username when there's no dot or underscore between the two names?

No. 916747

Holy fuck, the colour of her lower legs!! How is she even standing?

No. 916751

Nice thigh shoop. How coincidental that her “friend” just happens to show up with a “real” IG account.

No. 916755

Blurring in loads of places if you zoom in 300%

No. 916761

funny how you’re not posting the whole username

No. 916762

Anyone can go through refeeding. All it takes is 10-13 days on 1/4 the intake the body requires (varies slightly due to height).

No. 916763

People in concentration camps still had intake. If you want to be smart at least do research first. Google scholar exists

No. 916770

Angus Barbieri still had calories going in. He was doing a wet fast. So he consumed liquids like tea, coffee, soda, soda water. He wasnt a dry fast. The original comment was about Georgia consuming NOTHING for a year and her still being fat

No. 916772

It’s good to see her in treatment and like she’s involved in the real world at least. Her milk is just that she shoops isn’t it? I’ve only been here for like 4 threads so forgive me if I’m wrong.

No. 916776

Be gone you thread clogging, non saging, white knighting autist no one cares about your nerd flex! Georgie Porgie is not going through refeeding and no fact or figure can convince me of that lol. That girl has not been skipping any meals to maintain that voluptuous figure, there’s no way kek!

No. 916778

Anyone find kelseys personal ig of is this spoopy shit

No. 916782

File: 1578807446756.png (46.48 KB, 597x748, Screenshot 2020-01-11 at 11.37…)

Reverse image searched her pfp and found her.

No. 916783

File: 1578807748329.png (310.29 KB, 503x911, Screenshot 2020-01-11 at 11.41…)

No. 916784

File: 1578807769069.png (27.19 KB, 578x262, Screenshot 2020-01-11 at 11.41…)

No. 916785

File: 1578807884416.jpeg (158.04 KB, 746x744, 9C3BEFDE-CB4C-4DC6-8C97-0A0D1B…)


It gets even worse : she used that go fund me that it was supposed to be to go back to the states, then proceeded to travel to New Zeland to visit a crazy online friend of hers, who obviously claims to be super ~Ana butterfly~ . Of course she has stupid tattoos to show how SiCk she is.

No. 916786

Damn. I live 10 mins away from her

No. 916790

wearing her jumpers all the time because she's at such a low body weight where she's cold all the time

No. 916792

She says her friend paid for the trip but I don’t buy it. Her friend is broke as hell too. What I find funniest is that she actually made YouTube videos talking about her abuser WHILE she still lived with him, she talked about him being crazy and violent yet told the whole internet about it in a video… it makes no sense to me.

No. 916796

File: 1578809662492.jpeg (802.21 KB, 828x1430, D169B103-4E19-4BA0-A694-526B54…)

allegra: ugh i am not an object for men i hate men i’m so disgusting and fat
also her

No. 916799

Is it just me, or does this not look like most of the pictures we’ve seen of “Kelsey”? The most recent few pictures look like this girl, but older pictures look like a completely different person. That’s not the same face.

No. 916800

It’s the same person. She’s just dying.

No. 916801

those were posted on facebook in 2015, of course it’s gonna be different

No. 916803

The pictures on Facebook from 2015 and the recent picture from the Kennedy Instagram are clearly the same person. Other pictures we’ve seen of Kelsey from 1-2 years ago kinda look like a different face to me.

No. 916804

Her face does look different in the last one she posted. And it looked different but not in an ill way the ones before that. Something's still off about the whole Kelsey deal. If that's a legit spoop body, her face or not, p sure she'd be forced into a wheelchair.

No. 916805

File: 1578811696555.png (589.61 KB, 718x1194, Screenshot_20200112-064520~2.p…)

She used to go to the dance academy she put as a LIKE on fb. Seems she went from being an active teen to being an ana chan shut in around 4 years ago.

No. 916808

I mentioned the moldy bread and got blocked.(cowtipping)

No. 916810

How ungrateful! You were only concerned about her health.

No. 916829

Am I the only one who thinks posting this on her personal is milky af? The shopping and fishing for concern from people she knows in real life is off-putting

No. 916845

File: 1578827070284.png (1.17 MB, 1068x1549, Screenshot_20200112-052729~2.p…)

Lol you forgot the best part, where she begs for likes in her caption and says it took her 5 hours

No. 916846

File: 1578827083062.jpeg (1 MB, 828x1704, 531F43FF-5B79-42F7-99D3-C79783…)

Ah yes, the truest sign of a fine mental health establishment. Confirming that it’s all jokes, hair braiding and pyjama parties at treatment/summer camp. What a waste of resources.

No. 916847

File: 1578827162234.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1480, Screenshot_20200112-052710~2.p…)

Five (5!!!) hours to take low quality photos wearing a cheap wig and lingerie

No. 916848

File: 1578828672266.jpeg (224.78 KB, 750x1334, 8D651D0A-00D0-4884-B3A2-D118D2…)

She is in a wheelchair

No. 916850

This made me snort

No. 916858

Yup, good job figuring out that that chair with wheels is called a wheelchair. Is there any milk other than spoopy hospital pics of her showing off her body?

No. 916859

tbh sounds like whoever said "she is in a wheelchair" is probably some skinny fetishist

No. 916876

Would be nice if the kelsey leak would show us the captions. Looks like shes at Denver acute.

No. 916877

She is at Denver

No. 916883

How does she not see how absolutely ridiculous she looks in these pictures ? Especially this one. She should’ve just deleted this one.

No. 916891

she's gotta feel the validation or she'll die bro. she says she doesn't "need" men but she clearly needs them to fall for her thirst trap or she'll cry on her story for hours about how shes so "fat" (and again she only says this so people will run & comfort her to tell her she's not)

grow up allergraD! youre like 27? 28? hilarious

No. 916897

File: 1578842440428.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x2014, C4DFF154-457B-46FF-8FA3-B5C91D…)

I feel bad for her actually. I 100% think someone was using her pics though now. She’s sick

No. 916907

How old was this post?

No. 916918

Holy shit wait what?!!! So has "kelsey" been stealing this girls pictures? How did you find this?

No. 916922

I dunno. I kinda thing the Kelsey account is this chicks finsta or vent or proa a show off account.

No. 916926

That's what i was thinking, where would she get these pics if not

No. 916931

Can anyone get more caps from the Kelsey personal?? Photoshop notwithstanding, you can't fake being at acute.

No. 916933

Are there more pictures can you screenshot them?

No. 916937

File: 1578850243045.jpeg (289.59 KB, 750x1334, 6D5B1249-526C-4930-9DE7-A12634…)

No. 916939

File: 1578850374739.jpeg (225.94 KB, 750x1334, C94DFBBE-EEAD-4E7D-95FD-C14FFD…)

No. 916940

File: 1578850399765.jpeg (277.81 KB, 750x1334, 5CD7468C-1D4A-49FB-BF8C-AAA0E6…)

No. 916942

It's so weird seeing her in normal clothes not shopped to hell and back. Yeah I think kelsey might have been her proana account

No. 916943

How did you find her?

No. 916944

I was just about to say, "Kelsey" is definatly run by Kennedy. It's her pro account. Kennedy is just her real personal account. Kelsey seems all to happy to post the body check videos without them being posted anywhere else. Sad because that means she's not really committed to getting better.

No. 916947

Nice self-post.
This whole Kennedy/Kelsey thing is puzzling. Digging through fb/instagram with the given name and location gives the impression of a lovely, well-off, family. Yet their daughter managed to become skelly.
It’s a shame most people have their stuff on private now bc I love nosing through people’s stuff.
I still think something is… off… maybe this person IS genuine, some sicko is using her photos, and K has no idea bc she’s in her hospital bubble. But surely someone would have told her, right? I mean her face is in the pictures.

No. 916951

I didn’t cowtip and I wouldn’t ever. I mentioned the moldy bread before seeing it on lolcow.

No. 916952

How was that a self post?

No. 916954

My bad, not sure how I got mixed up there.

Still, why give all this info yet black out her dp and name? Anon who reverse searched already gave us info thanks to the screenshot anon.

No. 916955

How does a 17/18 year old get that skeletal?

No. 916956

this is so puzzling… I wish we had more access to the pictures on her personal account. I want to know if someone stole her pictures or if she was doing it the whole time. Maybe she recovered but missed it in a sense?? Like still wanted attention for being spoopy, kind of like E but in a different way

No. 916959

Yes exactly, this is the most interesting thing in the thread for a while now, i wonder is the denver
Picture recent or was it a while ago. I wish op would reply

No. 916960

Not sure why so many of you guys are hanging onto the highly unlikely conspiracy theory that this “poor girl’s” pix are being stolen. I think it is pretty blatantly obvious that “Kelsey” is Kennedy’s secret ED account and obviously she has not recovered.
Personally I never subscribed to the notion that it was a troll or was totally fabricated CGI; I always assumed she was a real person, who was underweight with a bad ED, that was compelled to shop her pix to make herself look even more emaciated than she already was. As they say in medicine, when you hear hoof beats, think horses not zebras.

No. 916961

and also, this Kennedy girl was spoopy so why photoshop the pictures? She was evidently really skelly but there was so much unquestionable photoshop evidence over the years with the Kelsey account

No. 916962

I thought that too, at first I fell for the cgi but it just didn't make sense I didn't think you could fake that so much, and why waste so much time doing that.

No. 916963

Maybe kenedy has always been self posting, she's always been found somehow within a day or so of making a new account some fucked up way of getting validation? And op hasn't told us how they found her main.

No. 916965

the kelsey account has been the most interesting cow for me and i've been able to find a few new accounts of hers quickly. not disputing her self posting, very possible but what's she going to do now that we've found out who she really is? Also can't help but notice her account has 20 new followers since the screenshot was posted

No. 916969

Not to blog but at my absolute worst I also would shop pictures of myself (for myself, this was pre-Instagram) because I was so ashamed of how fat I believed I looked. Eating disorders are mental illnesses. It is not impossible to imagine that she also felt like she needed to make herself look even skinnier for her secret ED account either for validation and/or because of her own body dysmorphia.

No. 916972

Samefag but I just saw that they know each other, for some reason the whole thread hasn't been loading for me

No. 916976

OP here. I know Kennedy in real life. We once met in treatment and became friends. The Denver acute post is from yesterday. She just turned 18 yesterday. If you want to ask me anything else, let me know. I hope everyone on this thread is alright. Please, stay safe. I don’t know any of you but I care. Please get help if you need it.

No. 916984

Please post a pic with the date when it was uploaded on it.

No. 916985

And tonight we have campfire stories and marshmallows on a stick.

No. 916986

Also, how did you find lolcow and why post her kennedy account?

No. 916989

>>916976 why are you posting her here if youre her friend?

No. 916992

Can you post more pictures/captions? Her account is private

No. 916993

Strange, isn’t it?
No one would post this kind of stuff about their friend, it’s obvious that you either aren’t friends or you’re bitching behind backs.

No. 917002

File: 1578858421311.jpg (66.72 KB, 309x480, 83021783_2549947965244468_8771…)

Is she really trying recovery again? Just to make things more interesting…

No. 917004

Still posting spoop pics whilst in hospital, doubt she wants recovery just going along with it until she can get out and go back to spoopy shit

No. 917013

I know cow tipping isn't allowed but its tempting to reply Kennedy or something like that on her picture(samefag)

No. 917017

Holy shit she lives in little chute? I live fifteen minutes from this girl, I probably know people that know her! Wtf

No. 917020

File: 1578860179766.jpg (30.55 KB, 400x400, 8lVnYwbb_400x400.jpg)

If she's 18 today, that makes her 12 years old in this pic. Um, no.

No. 917027

File: 1578860751648.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.6 KB, 796x582, 0.JPG)

Christ, skelly army invasion. I went to mpa to see if anyone had posted these pics of Kelsey yet (you KNOW they're going to make it over there and vk, so thanks to the "friend"). Not yet, but someone's posting this girl who's been mentioned here. Her recovery's going well…

No. 917043

File: 1578863805815.jpeg (1.19 MB, 828x1517, 12BDECDA-A89F-4304-94E4-3BBB9B…)

Kekekekek. Georgia has discovered her little nose hose accessory makes her gain even more weight than her standard shitty diet? Shocker.

No. 917048


I've never heard of a treatment center or hospital that makes obese patients gain weight! It makes 0 sense. I understand not putting her on a "weight loss" meal plan, but a maintenance meal plan for her ideal body weight would cause weight loss!

No. 917052

I don't think she is claiming to be in recovery. Poor girl really, she seems to have got to that point pretty rapidly. No milk there whatsoever.

No. 917053

Maintenance? No way! Georgia is claiming they’ve got her on a “refeeding” meal plan! Gotta refeed from plain old obesity back to morbid obesity I guess?

No. 917054

She's always putting herself across as a knowledgeable ana who knows all about levels and shit, yet she begs FOR a nose hose and is surprised that going IP makes her gain weight.

Jumping off a bridge…Paris is triggered.

You obviously didn't read previous posts by her. In July she went into detail about nearly dying and how now she's focused on recovery.

No. 917065

Imagine coming on the chans and getting upset about the autistic replies…

No. 917070

This is fucking hilarious. This dumb bitch really went ahead and got a toob and only now realises they're for weight gain? Holy fuck Georgia you're even more stupid than I thought!

No. 917073

Doubt she'll have to beg.

No. 917075

The refeeding plan IS her maintanence. She's probably just gained a few grams because shes adequately hydrated. The feeds were apparently just overnight

No. 917089

File: 1578871509352.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1713, 4FC8DFE6-89AE-4A87-8E6B-EF3D56…)

Status update: the dainty one might just be able to bring herself to eat enough food to sustain her delicate frame without them pouring 1000 calories of liquid fat down her nose! It’s a miracle!

No. 917095

Making sure she gets as many tube selfies while she can.

No. 917104

Bet she keeps the tube in ‘just in case’. Photo prop kek.

No. 917106

Jesus christ she looks worse than Ash

No. 917124

This is still snooped to hell. Even extremely emaciated legs don’t look like this.
I highly doubt the plan is to make her gain weight. The weight gain comes from her eating while being on NG. She starves herself for like 2 days as soon as she gets to IP, gets her precious nose hose, and goes back to eating like she obviously always does. It’s just now she’s getting extra toob calories. She’s probably taking in way more than the hospital planned for. It’s her own damn fault she’s the size of a house, and the NG is nothing more than a fashion accessory to get her asspats.

No. 917135

File: 1578874706748.jpg (23.94 KB, 981x239, 0.JPG)

Georgia should buy a tube from amazon. It's less expensive than hospital, it doesn't have to go down her throat, it isn't extra calories and she can wear it around town so everyone will know she's sick therefore worthy.

Or just stop being a dick.

No. 917140

Why is her tube so long?

No. 917182

File: 1578878937729.jpg (871.52 KB, 1080x1679, 20200113_012728.jpg)

It's all going down over straight spaghetti on N2F. Being accused of it being raw and her taking all the offence.
Tbh it does look raw lol

No. 917184

File: 1578879041247.jpg (285.21 KB, 1080x1489, 20200113_013039.jpg)

The comments

No. 917192

Was going to share this earlier, no way is that pasta cooked and the sauce looks like she already ate it and put it back on the plate.

No. 917195

Kennedy op can u drop all her acute pics w captions we're curious(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 917202

She cooks spaghetti by sticking it in the microwave for 8 mins? It'd take that time to actually cook properly if she boiled it in a pan for that time.

She's taking el dente too extreme for me.

No. 917205

…actually, this convinces me she microwaves her meals in her room. Explains why things like sausage rolls don't look cooked/raw pastry.

No. 917280

The absolute speed of her relapse + inpatient + recovery is fucking hilarious
like all the cows we’ve watched in these threads go in and out and never Gain or better themselves for years but Georgie Porgie over here … I’m honestly impressed at her bs

No. 917303

File: 1578899606981.jpeg (62.06 KB, 681x614, image.jpeg)

Video on YouTube makes interesting point about how damaging Elzani's videos could potentially be. Pity that all the comments come from Elzani fan club members. There should be more videos like this- but seems no one is brave enough to make them

No. 917308

File: 1578900353820.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, D64D165E-8246-4507-AB9A-7A3A6B…)

The actual theme of "wildstruggles" last IG story is "i'm actually a fuckable girl" which she is, if you forget she is a stupid fuck pretending to be an ~ ana queen~ who does every single stupid shit she can for attention.

Again, 10/10 would fuck if she wasn't retarded.(hai guize i have a dick XDDDDDDD)

No. 917310


Blaming elzani for your relapse is the same as blaming you becoming a terrorist because you watched ISIS videos.

You have to be already crazy to believe in ISIS, you have to be on the path of relapsing if a vlog from a random english girl on you tube makes you starve yourself.

People need to grow up and accept responsibility for their actions.

No. 917313

Agree. If you choose to watch recovery videos, watch an established youtuber with a good reputation, like megsy.

If you're so obsessed with food, watch a mukbang, but save recovery for those who've been through it and offer a grasp of the psychological aspects and not just the food.

No. 917326

I'm wondering if Kennedy has an international fetishist friend who works on these shoops and video edits with her, or if she's learned the skills to dit her images and cater to them herself? she always has that grin, the tan. and the shooping that's done lends a 'virtual' tone to the images each time. is her mother taking her for spray tans or is she shooping that on? she's intriguing in many ways. in reality she's crusty and weak, but she presents this image of a golden glow, strong enough to stand, and big smile.

No. 917327

i know my words mean nothing but, It’s suspicious because for someone to be THAT underweight when they walk or stand up it feels like Bones on Rocks and it’s extremely extremely Painful due to their being NO FLESH on the bottom of their feet. so, How is she being able to stand up being that underweight? like you know wat i mean.(emoji)

No. 917361

Can tell you are also both members of the Elzani fan club.

No. 917394

because there's still extreme photoshopping as well as being extremely thin

No. 917404

Second anon. I don't care if elzani lives or dies and I've never watched more than 2 mins of a video. Stating the truth is all. The girl in that video is naive and should know better.

No. 917434

Anybody have the direct link to Georgie Porgie's myproana account? Searching the user comes up with nothing

No. 917450

File: 1578934905972.jpg (Spoiler Image, 743.06 KB, 1080x2008, 20200113_175901.jpg)

The caption is absolutely ridiculous. She never wanted to get better. And now blaming the doctors. Tf.

No. 917452

5 pounds lower? Good luck

No. 917458

Ahahaha I'm sorry, but really? Is she 4? "IMMA KILL MYSELF AND YOU'LL FEEL BAD FOREVER". Silly bitch, go starve yourself to death. You'll be forgotten in a week.

No. 917542

she should make these moves in silence so i wouldn't have to hear about it. remember what these spoops really want is attention & asspats

No. 917548

She's actually pathetic. I feel bad for her doctors and nurses who had to deal with this level of dumbassery.

No. 917626

>I'll make sure to write in my last wishes for someone to tell them that this was their fault.

You think because you write some spiteful shit in your suicide note, it's going to be delivered to these healthcare professionals? And if it is somehow given to them, they'll probably read 2 sentences of your insane rambling and throw it away. Either that, or they'll feel sad that you took zero personal responsibility and chose to use your last moments doling out petty revenge

No. 917629

Exactly this. Mental health professionals wouldn’t internalize any guilt over a spiteful suicide note because they know the fucked up psychology behind it and that this twat’s suicide isn’t “their fault”. She’s acting like a pre-teen with her ott dramz and complete refusal to accept any culpability for how utter shit her life is. Sad. Pathetic.

No. 917636

File: 1578950650940.jpeg (794.08 KB, 828x1651, B613D778-8FEA-4965-861D-78ED05…)

Okay, I have to believe she’s just trolling now. YOU ARE NOT A WAIF JUST BECAUSE YOUR XXXXL CLOTHES ARE BAGGY!

No. 917637

wtf is she so mad about? that the drs are doing their job? doesn't she always go to the hospital voluntarily anyway?

No. 917649

The scrunching up and forward of the shoulders always gets me
Why do anas do that

No. 917676

File: 1578952845446.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, 6949567D-7A28-415E-AD30-822AAA…)

Speaking of…

No. 917681

File: 1578952893059.jpg (35.61 KB, 1164x187, 0.JPG)

She deleted her account, so she shows as guest now.

No. 917695

i always laugh when i see this type of stuff from her. she really wants us to sympathize for her and talk crap about these doctors who are doing their job. i wish they’d keep her for months so she can actually gain weight. “inpatient isn’t for me” girl neither is staying at home so

No. 917715

i've lost the little sympathy for her from reading that childish shit. why would you kill yourself to make the hospital feel bad??? they'd get over it in less than a week because they know at the end of the day this is shit kids who watch 13 reasons why would try. there's probably 10 other patients like that

No. 917722

I can only assume other anas do it to look even more small and make their bones look more pronounced (if you go do the same pose in the mirror you’ll notice it makes your collar bones pop out) but i think georgie does it because it makes her look less broad/fat lol

No. 917742

She can certainly type a lot of bullshit from someone who’s arms and wrists are seriously injured. Also, kidnapped? Does she really think people are going to fall for her fake ass stories and give her asspats.

If the aesthetic she’s going for is shapeless blob of lard, she’s absolutely nailing it.

No. 917745

File: 1578958540623.jpg (28.1 KB, 296x394, you can sit at the tube club t…)

Of course they had to send 4 OR 5 (was it 4 or 5?) guards to restrain her. I mean, a woman under 100lbs is going to overpower ONE GUARD alone! Of course in hospital, 4 or 5 guards would be so rough on a PATIENT just because they're trying to find a door. Of course this happened. Smile and nod.

I was looking at this tube thread to look for more of Gorge's posts and it makes sense they all want to be nose hosed. They actually like when they get to post a tube pic in that thread. It's such fun!

No. 917778

in my opinion, it IS possible that the Kelsey accounts are just an impersonation. What gets me, is that these past 2-3 Kelsey accounts all the posts she makes are bodychecks with very basic captions. Most of them are something along the lines of “I feel nothing” or “I’m so fat.” And honestly there’s just not that much substance to her captions. In >>916897 it’s very wordy, obviously. It’s not proof that it’s an impersonation but I’ve always thought that it was odd. I know eating disorders take away personality but I just feel like it’s weird that “Kelsey” always makes the most stereotypical captions. But then again, if it is a fake account, what would that person have to gain? And where are they getting the pictures? I seriously doubt that kennedy is posting half naked pictures on her personal account. Who knows

No. 917788

The "friend" who leaked the supposed personal account hasn't been back to answer questions. I'm not even sure if that person isn't the one who has the Kelsey accounts.

Someone that level of spoop usually has a lot of other social media going on to showcase their bones. Ash, for instance. Other cows on here. Even Elzani with her multiple ~recovery~ videos, but there's NOTHING else about her except insta. No tumblr, no mpa, no youtube, no dramas anywhere.

I even wonder if the hospital photos are old. There were photos of her in hospital from a few years ago, so maybe these "new" ones are "old". The "friend" didn't give a screen shot of the date the Kennedy pics were posted. That's suspect.

No. 917791

Oh, I meant to say that with all the attention she desperately wanted with the spoop accounts, making one after the other, it'd kinda make sense she'd be posting elsewhere, but she doesn't.

No. 917832

gotta agree w/ u on this one.
there is a possibility of how the photos came to be: kennedy/Kelsey had a proana phase of time for herself where she did post photos and it caught the eye of ppl. it's sadly not unheard of proana photos of girls in underwear to be actually underaged girls. which squeaks me out about the photos we have seen. what >>917326 said isnt farfetched but i doubt a young girl from the US would be posting them on VK for pedophiles out right. there is some form of source for these images, they were posted somewhere.
the "friend" could be kennedy herself but if shes in inpatient in denver i hope she is not posting. the poster is fucking sus either way considering this is the real identity of this girl who's photos are in the hands of skinny fetishists + the possibility of her being underaged in them.

or we are taking bait from a skinny fetish weirdo lol.
its all weird as fuck but for now tinfoil. i hope we get some confirmation or smthin cuz this is just more oddly concerning then before tbh.

No. 917833

File: 1578969067560.jpeg (587.25 KB, 1377x1743, B125EB87-B58F-4C57-ACC8-5D67D7…)

This is actually sad, if you scroll down you can see that she used to be very pretty. And a sport enthusiast. No idea how her body is able to stay alive at this stage.

No. 917834

Is it possible that Kelsey/Kennedy went into treatment at one point (2 years ago?) and gained weight, resulting in the shooping? It would explain why so many at one point were shooped, but she is real life skelly. The names are so similar too. But I don't think its any self posting, she just posted all the photoshops because she needed to be that skelly again and get attention for it.

No. 917835

Does this girl have another account you know of? I follow a cow that is her but it's not the same account. Same hair, same text, etc. and she posts quite a bit about ED shit. I didn't know she had such a public account

No. 917870

What a lovely celebration of perpetuating mental illness for asspats. They need to stop letting the tube fetishizers out of the zoo to do fashion shoots. It’s clear it’s not about health or recovery, since they gave obese Georgia one. That was downright unethical. She’s already on her way to heart disease and diabetes, she doesn’t need any help getting there.

No. 917901

Who is this?

No. 917925

A random with her "friends" from the tube thread Georgia posted on on mpa.

No. 917953

You are not musing much in Elzanis videos- inspite of her assertions they contain 'quality content'
I've watched them- like watching a train crash- not really influenced me at all in terms of ED or recovery/relapse.

No. 917958

Can't believe that people are really dumb enough to support her gofundme.It's her own fault that she's stuck in her shitty situation.She moved to Mexico without being able to speak the language,has no papers and can't find a job there.She should've just stayed in the US and wouldn't have to deal with all of this.

And nice manipulation tactics.Maybe she wouldn't be so miserable about everything if she got off her ass for once.

No. 917969

File: 1578994013236.jpeg (232.49 KB, 750x1334, EE6B47EE-153B-4B17-B038-81727C…)

Here’s when it was posted. Sorry I haven’t answered questions. I’ve been busy. Will try to come back later.

No. 917971

53 posts and she only just introduced herself?

No. 917974

No matter her caption she’s still traipsing around the hospital in short shorts trying to get validation and trigger other patients. I fear for her knowing her parents did not get her treatment sooner and she was supposedly underage. She should have been removed from their care

No. 917977

Laura is doing her usual scratching and being admitted again…
They 'stripped' her now she'd traumatised(this is an imageboard)

No. 918002

Hi this is an image board

No. 918004

This is Kennedy’s friend. I have trouble coming here so if you want to ask questions, message me somewhere else. Let me know what a good form of communication could be. The Kelsey accounts are her ED accounts and the Kennedy one is her personal. At least as far as I know

No. 918011


What was the mpa thread title?

No. 918013

Make a throwaway Instagram account. Also just out of curiosity, why are you telling all of us this stuff?

No. 918017

This is sketchy as hell. Wtf are you playing at?

Also can we have some sage in here.

No. 918102

File: 1579022347644.png (307.81 KB, 1343x498, glamour.png)

No. 918131

Fucking dramatising everything.
That's pure cringe if u ask me

No. 918134

How do you know that's Georgia? That photo was brought up in the Kaydee thread back in the day because people thought it might have been her - it wasn't of course. But that image has been floating around for a while.

No. 918142

File: 1579027461910.jpg (457.07 KB, 720x1263, 20200114_184019.jpg)

If y'all remember coffeeandanxiety from a few threads ago she's pregnant now apparently
and she had to announce it by showing off her underweight body on instagram as usual

No. 918143

File: 1579027491737.jpg (441.28 KB, 720x1202, 20200114_184038.jpg)

rest of the caption

No. 918185

I want to know how she managed to go that long without being involuntarily admitted as a minor, where were her parents?

No. 918200

why is her head so huge?

No. 918205

If she manages to carry full term, lets hope it does her the good it did for Emily.

No. 918209

I think it may. She’s a bit of a train wreck but hopefully this encourages her to move forward instead of relapsing. Kind of shocked she was able to conceive tbh
Not sure. But clearly they weren’t paying attention or didn’t care. She lives in an affluent area so I’m assuming her parents have the money for treatment but I could me “making an ass out of u and me”

No. 918244

my thoughts as well. pretty wild that she's still fertile after years of anorexia but I hope this will benefit her

No. 918289

My exact thoughts

No. 918304

File: 1579050926739.jpg (1.69 MB, 1920x1920, Moleymoleymole.jpg)

Sorry for being late to the game, haven't benn on recently.
But i noticed in a lot of 'Kennedy/Kelsey' pics her mole disappears/appears in her photos. If it is the dame same person then its evidence shes def editing/shooping pics

No. 918306

File: 1579051152759.jpg (474.22 KB, 1080x1472, 20200115_091710.jpg)

Samefag but i also noticed this inconsistency in her hospital pic. Thats not part of her pants and its not the floor (different colour, doesn't match up with lines)
Also who's pubic/pelvis area is so round and smooth?

No. 918309

File: 1579051319305.jpg (156.13 KB, 535x487, Screenshot_20200115-084946_Chr…)

Did aly edit her knees to make it look like she's been…kneeling
Looks like she used a makeup app and put blush on them. Must be a delicate process that takes 5+hours

No. 918311

File: 1579051415107.jpg (582.7 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200115-111354_Ins…)

Anyone else think distorted_eating is extremely pro??
She gives insane amounts of details about her diet to her followers, most of which are teenagers looking for tips. She also claims to be too sick for hospital. It's disgusting.
also- " i EaT nOtHiNg " ???? Really girl? I bet that's pure fact.

No. 918312

File: 1579051511100.jpg (698.99 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200115-111402_Ins…)

An example of her pro ana tips and tricks

No. 918316

File: 1579052159067.jpg (1.4 MB, 1920x1920, Nyet.jpg)

Anyone speak Russian?

No. 918318

Does she claim to be in recovery or is she just a pro. If she's just pro, not really milky

No. 918319

anyone think @ames.recovers is worth mentioning on here? she is back IP (her last stay was several years long) doing SH again and again and is on PEG tube because she won't eat due to PTSD but will swallow no-calorie sodas?

No. 918330

I can't get her to accept my follow request. Screenshots?

No. 918337

She has photos of her family taking vacations down to Florida, her bedroom is huge, and she's been to treatment before apparently. I don't want to assume either but that family seems pretty comfortable. It seems like she has 2 sisters from creeping her facebook too

No. 918343


No. 918346

It’s Georgia. Her fat face is quite recognizable, especially with the nose hose and fake as fuck caption. She only wishes she had those symptoms, instead of faking everything for asspats. It’s obvious she’s just parroting what she’s heard actual ED patients say and post. Georgia never has gone long enough without food to experience any of those things kek

No. 918350

This isn't exactly milk, if you follow her you can see her bedroom is big and someone just posted caps about her treatment. No idea how old her sisters are in the pictures so won't post those. There's also caps in old threads of her on the beach when they took vacation, don't think she's been since making new accounts.

No. 918353

MPA anons: read the rules jfc..

No. 918355

i don't know this user but the first screenshot says they are trying to recover to a certain bmi (not real recovery)

No. 918378

"You're very kind"

No. 918394

Newfag here. Never knew it possible that such trainwrecks exist.

Yikes. This girl facinates. She is beyond ratty and somehow I feel bad for her. I'm assuming that eating like a 5 year old is normal for anas?

No. 918398

Ha thanks. I was kinda hoping someone could watch it and translate what shes saying. She answers questions on her live

No. 918401

File: 1579066638747.jpg (897.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200115-133222_Ins…)

Uh oh. Barely a day without tubie and she's struggling so much! Kek
She needs her own munchie thread started

No. 918402

File: 1579066915153.jpg (835.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200115-133236_Ins…)

It's got to be some kind of malpractice by NF to give so much ect to her in the time they have? It's meant to be a last resort.
A dip in your mood does not require ect porgie..and your whack Dr. You were working a month ago. You ate christmas dinner with oiled veggies and gravy. You're not fooling anyone

No. 918403

File: 1579067026051.jpg (349.42 KB, 1080x994, Screenshot_20200115-064321_Chr…)

Good luck with the baby ahah

No. 918408

ECT??? Seriously? It's meant for extremely treatment resistant depression, there's nowhere in hell it's actually what she requires.

No. 918409

i’d love to see a thread for just this girl honestly, if she hasn’t got one already. i’ve only been reading this thread these past few days but wow, she is fucking annoying

No. 918411

they give it out to almost everyone there. no way these people are severely depressed.

No. 918422

By the sound of NF, they'd administer insulin shock if the clients had the ready $ and asked for it.

No. 918429

I second that. Why doesn't she have one yet? She's talked about enough and she's one of the milkiest of the people on this thread.

No. 918430

This is a containment thread for ana chans and wanarexics. Mods don't want a particular cow to have their own thread. She's posted here as often as possible though.

No. 918431

File: 1579074518756.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1242x2052, E7C7CF2B-DDCC-409B-8E84-4412EB…)

Laura casually looking possessed in a park

No. 918432

Oh dear

No. 918460

Surprised she uploaded that with her stomach giving away that she's not sick and thin starving waif

No. 918486

That ancient tumblr post is not Georgia, no way. Am I misunderstanding?

No. 918510

I might be missing something… how do you know she's inpatient in Denver?>>917974
Yeah, not to blog but I've known multiple underage girls who got into state custody because their parents just sort of ignored their eating disorder. It's literally neglect, a form of abuse. And yeah, rolling around the hospital with short shorts on and requesting people take pictures of you is embarrassing
>>918402 Wow, ECT can and often does fuck people up permanently… I really hope her program isn't going to humor her with this like they are with the tube. That's so sad.

No. 918528

File: 1579102078263.png (3.35 MB, 1242x2208, 5929B4DB-ACCF-41DD-AE63-1357D1…)

christ, she’s redundant

No. 918531

Exactly “medical neglect” cases that never end well because not all insurance will cover. I don’t doubt she’s at acute but there’s some light shopping happening at the very least in those pictures

No. 918536

She's even better at sounding like an ana chan cliche.

No. 918552

She's so gd boring, jfc… if her social media was taken away I truly think she'd be bored enough by herself that she'd recover. She is so deeply driven by the attention it's scary

No. 918612

File: 1579112563061.jpg (1.73 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200115_204200389.jpg)

Saged for mot necessarily relevant.
I was walking thru cow fields and came across the woman on the left (she's 33) @oxanabulyga , and thought she looked like N2F in 13 years
I have some possible milk with oxana but i'm not sure if she's milky enough. Her profile is public, you'll just have to click translate. If anyone wanted to go check and confirm and I'll post what i got

No. 918620

File: 1579114146053.jpg (107.67 KB, 928x601, 0.JPG)

I see what you see! Definitely long lost sisters.

This oxana girl really loves herself, doesn't she. Talks a load of shit as well.

No. 918666

File: 1579121770577.jpeg (1.13 MB, 828x1524, B1DDBCA1-DC37-4115-99BF-B16E76…)

I wonder what she thought would happen. I wonder what she thinks is/isn’t “enough to gain weight on”. Given that she’s clearly eaten herself to obesity while claiming to always be restricting, she probably thinks most people maintain their weight on 3000 or junk food.

No. 918673

sorry for the ot but she looks like if erin painter and holly BRown had a baby

No. 918676

File: 1579123449280.jpg (50.21 KB, 703x576, the-cowardly-lion-courage.jpg)

I thought it odd when she said that she managed to have breakfast because it was only 300 calories. Like, aren't most breakfasts around that mark? Toast? Cereal? She must usually have a full fry up every morning.

I think I see the look she's going for with her hair.

No. 918682

File: 1579123999619.jpeg (83.59 KB, 1013x804, 0DDE8226-BF62-41D3-87A8-71B386…)

Begs for nose hose & “”refeeding”” meal plan, is shocked when she gains weight.

No. 918691

She needs to blame someone other than herself for gaining weight.

No. 918776

How stupid is this bitch? You're in TREATMENT they're hardly going to let you fucking lose weight. Their whole shtick is getting people with eating disorders to GAIN. I don't know what the fuck she thought would happen…

No. 918789

i love ever video of oxana trying to "dance". the very definition of bones rattling

No. 918808

Poor baby though(don't use emoticons)

No. 918842

She has a son apparently, pics of him mixed in with her navel-gazing and soft core porn… poor guy

No. 918863

Yeah, no wonder she didn’t post those pics around the time of her photo shoot. She looks mentally delayed and like her body fat is slowing melting on her body. She’s one of those classic skinny fat body types.

No. 918874

File: 1579147603026.png (676.26 KB, 750x1334, BACFDA4C-2F94-4AFB-B81B-1CC24D…)

Well, if this ain’t the most pro ana thing you’ve ever seen, idk what it is. The GoD cOmPleX that’s been given to her by the GODDESS ANA

No. 918875

It disgusted me how she did that. Naked pics of herself, whining like a teen about how her ex husband hates her nude pics on ig and she has ones of herself with her kid among the massive display of ass shots. Plus a preachy post about good parenting.

No problems with nudity here, but don't involve your son ffs. Tasteless.

No. 918877

She knows that skinny fetishists jerk off to bodies like hers, right? I'd rather have unwanted attention from the average joe than some old sick bastard perv. Saying that, even they have fondness for the skeles and take their personality into account. Can't imagine anyone could have affection for hers.

No. 918924

Thanks for the confirmation. Didnt want to post dump for nothing.
Yes she's a "blogger" but i think shes heading more in the direction of sex work?(the videos and pictures and talking to them) is pissed the husband protests against the naked photos. Was considering leaving him for it.
Yes she has many videos and photos of her son and herself, she mainly scantadly clad. I agree she knows theres the skinny fetishes and that makes me worried for the kid because those kinds of people run in the same circles. Oh and her account is Public! Wtf is wrong with her.
Almost every pic is a anachan pose.

No. 918927

whatever happened to lilvegiebean

No. 918933

File: 1579156617024.jpg (3.36 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200116_143148904.jpg)

Using being a Blogger"/model as a veil to post body checks almost always half naked. In some posts she mention anorexia and recovery or wanting to not feel cold etc but even under the protest of her husband she still does. She also includes het son in pictures and videos on her public account. Shes Russian so shed know about vk and their creeps. Any photo could have gone in this collage tbh

No. 918934

File: 1579156732557.jpg (646.92 KB, 1064x1463, Screenshot_20200116-141758_Ins…)

Caption in next pic

No. 918935

File: 1579156766229.jpg (783.05 KB, 1080x1558, Screenshot_20200116-141814_Ins…)

No. 918938

File: 1579157235236.jpg (1.87 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200116_144221839.jpg)

One of the many pics of her son she has on there. I feel like she panders to the creeps in her videos. Should probably have a different account for your 'beauty blogger/model content and keep your sooon out of it and private your account.

No. 918939

File: 1579157530970.jpg (953.52 KB, 1080x1630, Screenshot_20200116-142020_Ins…)

No. 918952

File: 1579158766353.jpg (Spoiler Image, 440.13 KB, 1080x1514, 20200116_081025.jpg)

Does someone know what happened to rexiacct? She said she was raped, beaten and burned but thats all of the information

No. 918973

normally i would automatically be like "haha bet attention seeking anachan" but both of her eyes look like they have black eyes forming and the spot on her forehead does look like a burn (bad photo tho). i have creeped on her account before but never followed but i knew she was normally public but she's private now (i checked).

same anon. from the caption on the kennedy account >>916897

it was mentioned in the cap sent by her "

No. 918974

There is definitely milk here. Might be worth looking for her other sm presence. She talks about fasting. She's a pro ana for sure. One to watch.

No. 918979

Is her ED a response to her controlling husband or has she had one for years?

No. 919009

A lot of people have eating disorders to appear unattractive to others thus safe. Its not a proana thing

No. 919029

Seems she had it for a number of years. As far as i figure, she did blogging which turned to some modeling which turned to beauty blog which seems to have turned toward sex work. The husband does t want named photos if his wife (and kid) on a public forum. She seems to try and be artsy with her photos and videos( oh please, go watch some, theyre a good cringe laugh) A bit of a feminist sjw. Shes 33, just seems like a bit of a early mid-life crisis.
Imma bet she'll leave the husband when she finds a sugar daddy

No. 919042

its 100% a proana thing to assume this kind of content will save you from the men currently jacking off to you

No. 919106

File: 1579187732699.jpg (2.68 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200116_101456337.jpg)

"Head full of doom" . is tits-on-table a look shes going for?

No. 919107

Omg I’m glad someone else noticed the tits on the table aesthetic! I laughed out loud when I first saw it. Too exhausted from eating and talking about her feefees to even sit up straight. Poor little waif.

No. 919111

Why don't her doctors encourage her to delete social media and get on a healthy routine instead of jumping to unnecessary ECT?

No. 919122

They want her money. They don't gaf about her wellbeing.

Ect makes her feel supersick special. She doesn't care about memory loss and blinding headaches.

No. 919170

does she mean 12 sessions of ECT? i’ll be honest i didn’t think they did that anymore - can’t believe they have to give this fat fuck conversion therapy to cure her sooper serious sads

No. 919244

File: 1579208571074.jpeg (591.2 KB, 1125x2107, 0CF8B957-3963-4EDD-BDA0-7BC12E…)

Bexxyboo nearly died in the night you guiz. Severe withdrawal from what, asspats? Despite being desperately, devastatingly sick she’s been posting daily as usual. Why does nobody call this bitch out?

No. 919254

Still managed to take a ridiculous selfie behaving like a dick despite near death experience.

No. 919256

most likely.

Dunno it works in Aus but generally ECT is used for ‘treatment resistant’ shit. Over here it can be controversial even if you’re detained under the MHA. Just like the NG it seems like there is fuck all clinical indication Georgie ‘needs’ it. They have to knock you out and keep a closer eye on your vitals though so perhaps that’s why she likes it.

No. 919264

ECT is ONLY ever used in the UK if they've exhausted all other methods of treating the depression. I mean, very severe depression where you wouldn't be posting to ig.

Not too long ago it could be given without permission if sectioned but now even then you have to sign agreement.

No way is she at the point where for a long long time she's tried every drug combo and is extremely severely depressed. That place she's at is barbaric.

No. 919309

apparently it was some man she met on tinder? i’m not exactly sure but i do think it’s sincere and i feel bad for her. i don’t know much about her but do remember a time where she was cleaning purge from her closet and found hundreds of maggots

No. 919317

File: 1579217502655.png (8.93 MB, 1242x2208, 9A56600F-B1D0-48C8-BAD4-35639D…)

someone tell Georgie that she’s not a waif for having leggings on that are a size up from her usual xxL

No. 919348

it took me a second but i do remember that. i know she's mutuals w/ acidburnfawn who has a thread so she will prob info dump/overshare about this situation if she told her lol.
from what i know she's changed some since the maggot closet incident but this is fucked. i hope she went to the police

No. 919364

File: 1579223749120.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200116-162048_Ins…)

3 pringles and 1/4 a sandwich for the kids, yikes. Don't go overboard now!

No. 919371


No. 919376

yet she was complaining about gaining? pick a story georgie porgie

No. 919382

When cotton mix leggings go baggy it's usually a sign they need a wash.

No. 919423

These are perfectly fine meals for toddlers. At least now she’s including a fruit or vegetable kek

No. 919425

Not white knighting but Georgia has had depression longer than her eating disorder. Shes done meds, psychology, TMS, it makes sense to try something else if after a decade its not working. Her depression probably causes her ED

No. 919428

But but but she is NOT displaying being severely depressed for ECT. She's had it before, and yeah it works for maybe up to a year, but it's something you have to keep repeating. She won't be feeling the side effects so much now, but as she gets older, she'll have memory problems, maybe migraines that suddenly appear as a consequence of it. Source: self.

No. 919439

I'm not usually one to suspect self-posting, but this deadass is a self-post lmao at least try to hide it better next time.

No. 919441

you're assuming she actually has an ED when clearly all she has is a malingering problem. if they were responsible they'd refuse to engage with her attention seeking behavior

No. 919515

Quit WK
People on public and private struggle to get ECT a lot of the time. In public you literally have to have tried every med and therapy and have a history of severe med resistant depression. From what i have seen that is not Georgia. 1 month ago she was eating christmas dinner, drinking stock cubes and still working. Its so v interesting how Fast she gets so critically ill. Shes contradicted herself many times. Yes shes had all those therapies, and still makes voluntary admissions where she somehow always ends up on edp and on a nose hose. She has had multiple sessions of ect. NF are pandering to her delusions for $
Shes wasting beds and resources to satisfy her need for validation from others and continue her super sick persona

No. 919517

She has an ED, BED. Its just not the one she wants. She wants to be speshul

No. 919529

File: 1579249011698.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3464x3464, F12A781B-18C0-4073-8ABE-E9F394…)

Here’s one of Mikki’s story highlights. This ones about her patreon, apparently people are dumb enough to give her money for her abloobloobloo blog posts. No wonder she gave up on YouTube, she just gets people to pay her directly instead.


No. 919534

File: 1579249724124.jpg (196.43 KB, 720x1402, IMG_20200117_022501_873.jpg)

Yall really need to chill the fuck out and back the fuck off. Not only has this site violated laws in the thread and previous ones (stalking,harrasment,slander,
leaking peoples addresses,violating HIPPA) its just fuckin rude. Ik m getting really fuckin sick of people going after my friends and people who use the ED community for a safe place. You guys are really fuckin shitty and it blows my fucking mind. Do you not have jobs or hobbies or a fucking conscious. If people said this shit or did this shit to yalls family you would all go off but no you think your fucking special or some shit. Yall are some soulless motherfuckers and I'm sick of seeing your toxic asses hurt my friends. Get a hobby,a job,write a book,have sex,ride a bike,hell idc wtf you do but fuck off my friends because this shit is getting old as fuck for real. Fuckin assholes.(l u l)

No. 919536

Please stop embarrassing yourself

No. 919537

Im not fam lol I've never been more proud of myself for sticking up for what I believe in. Stop being assholes plain and simple.

No. 919538

whats your username?

No. 919539

Lmao why the fuck would I tell you. Yall posted my shit before and since your so fucking crazy and like to stalk people you can figure it the fuck out yourselves. Gotta love the short ass replies. Its fuckin hilarious how you dont have shit to say now that your being called out

No. 919540

Forgive us for not wanting to cop a ban like you’re gonna get.

Don’t reply to this troll, just let her get what’s coming.

No. 919541

Public info isnt stalking.

No. 919542

File: 1579251255685.png (657.95 KB, 750x1334, 49276A46-6BF4-446F-9429-7BBD02…)

I agree. After following her for so long it’s obvious that she won’t give up the self pity and e begging, expecting others to fix the problems she created

No. 919543

called out? its not illegal to commentate on people's social media posts.

No. 919544

Lmao ban me then. You act like there isnt a way around a server ban…oh wait i forgot you have you heads up your fuckin asses. And i doubt those pictures of that girls hospital files or alys address and shit or the hospital kennedy is in is a fucking public record. And even if it is stalking is still fuckin illegal

No. 919546

My @ is fallenstardustdreamers bitch fuckin drag me i dare you guys ill fuckin call my damn lawyer try me bitches

No. 919551

File: 1579251993951.jpeg (69.33 KB, 599x418, 0BA8AB67-EF71-441B-A2B9-BB7D1C…)

Goddamn you look and type like you’re severely inbred lol.
Get lost fatty.

No. 919552

I find her to be really entitled even though she thinks she’s the complete opposite. It irks me how she posts about her Tellonym asking for people to send her questions then bitches when they’re all triggering to her. Like what does she expect? She based her whole life and social media about her mental health, of course the questions are going to be iffy.

No. 919554

Someone tell porgie pie that those leggings would be baggy on the majority of people bc, you know, they’re fucking huge.
I mean she’s clearly coming here and self posting so she will read it for herself.

No. 919557

Keep banning me bitches ill keep rerouting my ip lmao

No. 919558

File: 1579253239078.png (118.79 KB, 500x687, 1-surgery-for-my-legs-cause-i-…)

Yall really think i was fucking playing

No. 919559

Also if your gonna insult me dont call me a fatty lol that shit dont hurt i call myself that everyday

No. 919560

File: 1579253365685.jpg (196.23 KB, 720x1402, IMG_20200117_032951_584.jpg)

No. 919562

Aint got shit to say now do ya

No. 919563

And if you ban me ill just keep rerouting and coming back

No. 919564

Gtfo no one cares and you getting on your soap box over one of your cow friends isnt going to stop people talking or shut down the site, so you're standing up is in vain and like someone said before just plain sad and embarrassing
Tell your friend to get therapy for munchausens

No. 919565

OMG! you're the DID faker.

No. 919567

Kek, now whos acting like a high schooler. Troll is butthurt

No. 919568

"Self Diagnosed System Of 2k+"

feast your eyes folks

No. 919570

No fucking way, you’re not kidding. This keeps getting better.

No. 919571

ikr. The milk serves itself. Her tellonym is a goldmine for cringe.

No. 919572

File: 1579253863810.png (151.85 KB, 534x315, Screenshot 2020-01-17 at 3.38.…)

Renesmee????? Like the fucking alien baby from Twilight?

No. 919573

Haha keep talking shit you act like i actually care about your damn opinion

No. 919574

She brought in her own milk kek
I think someone was just jealous her friend was getting all that attention, aren't ya fam kek

No. 919575

Its funny really. Feel free to slide into my dm. Oh wait you fuckin wont because your too pussy at least i put my @ name. See heres the difference between you and I. I dont give a shit and feel valid in myself lol. Also before you bring up that tell. I did not send any tells sayong I wasnt a system. If i did I wouldnt have sent it fuckin anon lmao

No. 919576

If you don't give a shit then go. Seems like you give a shit tonne of shits. At leat 1,999 of your 'system' does

No. 919579

Lmao im gonna keep doing this til yall learn to fuck off fr stop being pretentious cunts and get a fuckin life

No. 919581

"Profanity is the effort of a feeble brain to express itself forcibly"
If you don't have the intellect to debate properly, just swear at the cunts ammi right fam
Careful, your IQ is showing

No. 919582

Haha what you dont have any petty insults now. Like come on i thought this was fun for you. I thought being an imbecile and a lowlife was fun. Bring it on hunny

No. 919583

File: 1579254846307.png (124.5 KB, 436x689, Screenshot 2020-01-17 at 3.53.…)

She's really out here roleplaying lmao

No. 919584

Role play lmao thats a good one . Its not roleplay though sweetie

No. 919587

Fuck off

No. 919589

go speak to ur “alters”

No. 919590

forgot to sage, my bad

No. 919591

Lmao thats a weak come back try harder lmfao

No. 919592

why don't you and your 2k+ alters pack your bags for a stay at the new farm clinic?

No. 919593

Omg wait, are you Kai's partner/gf/bf/whatever??

No. 919594

Stop arguing over an image board and go argue amongst yourselves via DM's we don't need to see it here.

No. 919596

File: 1579255675158.png (2.68 MB, 1060x1884, 20200117_180732.png)

Stockin up on sodium before she went in

No. 919598

File: 1579255822848.jpeg (36.43 KB, 222x275, DBB0FB21-15C5-4D12-9454-BA06CB…)

>>919560 sweetie you are more than a fatty, even if you lost weight you’d still look like a shaved Neanderthal.

No. 919600

File: 1579256049966.png (1.77 MB, 1080x1819, 20200117_181005.png)

3 weeks ago.
Can eat whole plate of food including oily veg, meat and gravy and cheesey bake potatoes. Goes IP and cant finish a meal and has to go on ng. In one of her posts about going ip she didn't even mention ect, it was tms and emdr and she 'knew' she'd end up on edp
Id like to put all the blame on Georgia but NF have got a lot to answer to
Anyone wanna do the actual math for this plate

No. 919601

Fine ill back down. Enjoy your shit show imma dip out. Yall do what you want. Im backing down(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 919603

File: 1579256312682.jpeg (86.37 KB, 1024x576, C1FB1A5D-1C5F-421B-86E8-6B6745…)

She literally looks like that poorly restored Jesus painting

No. 919604

File: 1579256410299.gif (5.62 MB, 320x240, 3166EEBC-7F81-4BF5-B1E4-AF2825…)

No. 919612

Damn tomorrow she’s going to say it was a new alter. 2001 bby. Finally some fresh fresh milk

No. 919613

File: 1579258725277.jpg (193.23 KB, 1080x973, Screenshot_20200117-183213_Ins…)

Her DP pic doesnt match. Maybe that's what one of her alters looks like kek
If you can't be skinny and pretty irl, make up a DID system and make one of them be ana. Voila

No. 919617

File: 1579259721821.jpeg (401.38 KB, 2400x2400, 0E0FA01B-6D41-44A4-8E83-80DDDA…)

By far the weakest troll we have ever had. These posts where made mere minutes apart.

No. 919618

Well she was embarrassing. Why do the wks all say YALL?

New level of idiocy posting a selfie jfc.

No. 919619

this was delightful to wake up to lmao
"Get a life" says the sad sack who has to invent 2000 imaginary friends to feel worth something

No. 919620

she probably uses the made up alters as an excuse to binge because shes simply feeding all her headmates.

No. 919627

Yes but each of those 2000 alters do voluntary work.

No. 919628

It’s physically impossible to have 2k alters even 100 is unlikely. And back to back text writing is also near impossible unless there’s intense therapy over years but the entire thing of did is dissociative barriers make communication near impossible bc ya know it’s a dissociative disorder caused by extreme traumas. Fuck off fat fake retard. Absolutely no one believes you.
Also literally this site can’t be touched by law enforcement, there’s hundreds of people here and nothing illegal happening lol if youtubers with cash to blow and lawyers out their asses Can’t do shit why would a fatty chan no body be able to lol

No. 919635

Kek I’m dying she’d be the kind of person to say her 1,999 alters have BED but she has anorexia
I agree, a pleasant surprise. And the cow posts her fucking self! With multiple pictures, her username and tell. I think this is partly a georgie wk, but the reason she gave up so easily was because her feeble attempts at getting us to talk about her in the way she wanted failed. Now her dumb >>919603 Jesus repaint, Neanderthal >>919598 face will be immortalized on lolcow forever. Way to go, I don’t think we’ve ever had so many trolls let alone 2000 at once fail so bad in a while. >>919534 Congrats ya played ya self

No. 919636

Not impossible, just v v unlikely. This lady is said to have up tp 2500 personalities and she's one of the worst/ most complex cases.

Fallenstardust is so supa speshal she's self diagnosed herself as one of the worlds worst DID cases
I still can't get over 'self diagnosed' Unless you're all integrated, how would you know how many you have? You can't be co-concious with 2000 personalities

No. 919651

Even 1 alter is extremely unlikely. Most psychologists doubt DID even exists as everyone who has it does it for asspats or to get away with murder.

No. 919672

Most psychologists think 'bad case of borderline personality' when a patient starts talking about alters

No. 919695

Is this you or one of ur aLtErS

No. 919709


pretty sure she’s faking it for attention considering she didn’t sign off as one of her fake ass alters on lolcow or switch to edgy or baby talk text lulz

the milk delivered itself this morning

No. 919722

Damn. Woke up to all this milk. Fallenstardust is so cringe.

No. 919725

Laura got discharged (cant post caps as its a video) Bets on how long before she gets herself readmitted? I give it 3 weeks max.

No. 919761

3 weeks is being generous. I say Monday.

No. 919777

I give it 200 feet from the front door of the hospital. She’ll be scratching her face against the side of the building and shitting her pants all down the sidewalk trying to get immediately readmitted.

No. 919779

if she didn't go on NG then she wouldn't have anything to get instagram attention for

No. 919795

File: 1579290661415.jpeg (942.9 KB, 1242x1432, EDEBD47F-29D8-4A58-821E-DDBB10…)

She’s straining so hard to get those collar bones to show lol.

No. 919807

i think shes going to need to up the ante over pooping herself in public & scratching up her face, but im not batshit insane so idk what that could be. 2 weeks tops.

No. 919817

Where does one even go from there though? I feel like she’s capping out with her ott drama. One can only keep escalating their make believe crazy for so long until it can’t be escalated any further…

No. 919819

Is her goal to be locked in a padded room?

No. 919839

Wait did she actually shit herself?

No. 919849

DID/having “multiple personalities” isn’t real lol

No. 919853

She mentioned being sent home from a dance class because of a laxative overdose. Last thread. TBH I think she's going to find it difficult to get readmitted again.

No. 919869

Can the anon who posted this cap give us more? 2ksystem only has 19 followers

No. 919883

Like all people with BED, it’s at least 2x more than she thinks it is.

It looks like she chose the lowest possible calorie amount on a calorie counter and conveniently skipped over all the gravy and butter in this dish.

No. 919884

"stop calling me this. it totally doesnt bother me even a little bit but im gonna demand that you stop doing it"

No. 919918


having 2000+ alters and self diagnosing is not real but did is

No. 919922

File: 1579309597092.jpg (294.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200118-010635_Ins…)

No. 919923

File: 1579309643375.jpg (131.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200118-010640_Ins…)

No. 919929

I'm more inclined to think that dressing in a leotard and ballerina floaty skirt around the wards is what they mean by "inappropriate". I can't imagine anyone in 2020 saying that what a woman wears increases risks of abuse or w/e. Unless they're wearing a latex bikini.

No. 919935

Theyre probably talking more about how she cocks her leg to air out her moot to the world

No. 919961

Wouldn't they diagnose her as bpd if being sexually provocative was one of her traits? I'm guessing the pics she chose of what she's wearing are for sale on Depop and it's a marketing move. What she said did not happen. How did she get access to a "piece of paper" with that info written on it?

No. 919964

There’s no such thing as having alters in general

No. 919984

this is all marya hornbache'rs fault

No. 919995

She has a lot to answer for. With these DID thrown in chans, I blame Sybil's shrink.

No. 919998

Especially since a good chunk of Wasted is absolute made up BS or at best, highly exaggerated for narcissistic bipolar creative effect. And for what Marya? To inspire a generation of dumbasses who thrive on emulating the aesthetic Marya helped cement? though how much the newest generation of pro ana people know about Marya compared to newer media, idk

No. 919999

Unhygienically waving your filthy shoes in peoples faces and behaving like a fool in public certainly comes under ‘provocative’ and definitely shows a lack of insight or understanding of social norms. It’s a fair comment really - that she’s vulnerable to be exploited. And sure, she’s not wearing inappropriate clothes like a bikini, but dressing as a ballerina in public is as inappropriate as wearing an astronaut suit or a batman costume.

No. 920022


wintergirls was (and still is) big in the pro ana community as well. It's fiction though, unlike wasted which is more of a biography.

No. 920023

File: 1579331640785.jpg (599.31 KB, 1080x1850, 20200117_182203.jpg)

So turns out Oxana is already well known in the mpa and thinspo community; at least over seas
And even they question her sanity and motives
Some pics to follow

No. 920024

File: 1579331851631.jpg (376.08 KB, 1080x1717, 20200117_182240.jpg)

Re: dancing- she used to do competitive ballroom. Found her results. She was also in their Cosmo showing us hows to do street style
Even the anas are concerned for the child

No. 920025

File: 1579331994587.jpg (608.19 KB, 1077x1606, 20200117_182502.jpg)

Seems the media (and wider internet) were even calling her on her spoops, yet she still denied anorexia, well she doesn't really confirm nor deny

No. 920026

File: 1579332041008.jpg (394.89 KB, 1080x1217, 20200117_182539.jpg)

No. 920027

File: 1579332080143.jpg (327.26 KB, 1078x1127, 20200117_182620.jpg)

No. 920029

God, I am literally SHAKING in my boots.

No. 920032

File: 1579332477212.jpg (422.64 KB, 1080x1490, 20200117_182135.jpg)

She also geotags her posts on IG
You can easily click on them and get a very good idea of where they live and what their movements are
She has over 32K followers. Seems she knows what she's doing and refuses to address it while whoring it out for likes from pre-teens and 55yr old creeps

No. 920038

There's more Oxy milk if yas want it

No. 920065

Yes please

No. 920086

File: 1579357888424.jpg (274.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200118-143049_Ins…)

I doubt she will last till Monday!!

No. 920098

>>920086 shes obviously just asking people about their symptoms so she can fake them. classic munchie behaviour.

No. 920100


Yeah. As if she hasn't already visited 100 sites to find notes on how to appear psychotic. I don't think she's a munchie, she likes living in hospital.

No. 920149

File: 1579376636112.jpg (374.71 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20200118_165214_307.jpg)

Oxana responded to this question she received. She answered south a video in english do i just transcribed it
No actual deny. If you're in the public eye/ internet influencer/ model/ possessed dancer wouldnt you outright state you didnt have as b ED…. if you actually didnt

No. 920150

Forgive the typos

No. 920157

File: 1579377352850.jpg (1.26 MB, 1920x1647, 20200119_034033.jpg)

The pic on the far left was oxana at a healthy weight. Forgive me, i forget which year, I'll find it later. The middle and right are more recent photos. Apparently her peak spoopiness according to the pros was 2016 iirc

No. 920159

File: 1579377602008.jpg (244.05 KB, 1080x1304, 20200119_035127.jpg)

The numbers seems to add up

Yes yes we can all figure out the bmi no need to post it

No. 920164

File: 1579377705858.jpg (231.83 KB, 1080x1582, 20200119_035239.jpg)

The pros are/were worried about the child's well being
I have to say i am too
Pics to follow as examples

No. 920166

File: 1579377909368.jpg (942.67 KB, 1080x1706, 20200119_020910.jpg)

No. 920170

File: 1579378434980.jpg (1.33 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200119_041141006.jpg)

He also features in a lot of videos she has on her story memories
Why feature him in a video response to this question?

No. 920171

don't know if i'd call the first pic "healthy"…

No. 920177

File: 1579379022020.jpg (847.65 KB, 1039x1920, 20200119_041857.jpg)

Once again the child is half naked and she's on about raising a child without losing your inner child and how thats not possible or something
Just a reminder, her profile is public, she has an audience of 32k, she's a source for pro anas, she geotags her posts do is very easy to find out where they frequent, and it seems shes heading toward sex work. She'd have the skinny fappers and the kiddy fappers following her and i think she knows it

No. 920183

the left is nowhere near healthy anachan lmao

No. 920187

Does she talk about drugs anywhere? I get coke head vibes.

No. 920196

Considering she is eastern European and a pro dancer i get what anon meant. Not spoopy and still borderline okay.

No. 920198

File: 1579385420421.jpeg (1001.69 KB, 828x1725, 90CE1F97-3E6B-44D4-A6F7-CB8C1F…)

Omg the brave ana warrior waif that is Georgia is going to attempt to eat her WHOLE meal plan?! Such inspiration! What a fighter! (#sarcasm)
I honestly think there’s no way she’s not just trolling at this point.

No. 920200

Was she doing that ONE MORE FOLLOWER = ONE POTATO thing?

No. 920211

I agree, she is definitely on the lower end of healthy but still tiny

No. 920220

File: 1579389499576.jpeg (224.43 KB, 1119x1767, 56E61D72-EAEC-49DF-8C65-FA7852…)

Does anyone remember this girl?

No. 920235

Name? Details?

No. 920258

File: 1579395845136.jpg (858.22 KB, 1080x1716, 20200118_190343.jpg)

No. 920266

You beat me too it! I knew she wouldn't last the weekend.

No. 920275

It seems excessively easy to be sectioned where she lives.

No. 920280

what did i say, 2 weeks? and this was 2 days? >>920098 was absolutely right she was likely fishing for "more original" stunt she could pull since picking at her pimples isnt enough.

why was she discharged? seems to have made zero improvement over the past month or so

No. 920313

File: 1579404102544.jpg (77.05 KB, 681x485, sec.JPG)

No, but I'm guessing you know her very well (as in inhabit the body of her)

It's impossible to be sectioned so quickly. Bish is lying.


No. 920314

she probably “attempted” again. she’s insufferable. i feel like she has a pretty solid home life and yet can’t stay out of the hospital. i used to not understand why she was so bad but this year taught me otherwise

No. 920326

Kennedy’s friend again. Anyone who wants to ask anything can message me on Instagram. Thanks to whoever suggested the throwaway account. The username is: deletedacc._.00

No. 920334

File: 1579410533885.jpeg (669.21 KB, 828x1260, FF3132C6-ECA6-4FFE-9651-F5F99D…)

I give her a year max, she’s so fucking delusional it hurts

No. 920348

What a complete waste of life. If she wants to “be taken by ana” so badly, she should just get it over with and save everyone the trouble of trying to help her.

No. 920349

The only ana chan idgaf about the welfare of. Bad of me, but she's too big a twat to find empathy for.

No. 920358

She is NOT at a healthy weight in the first either, it’s a real shame that she chooses Ana over health and social activities, I know this happens with anorexia but usually people get so sick of living that way that they at least try to recover. What do you think?

No. 920359

Your not a friend if your on here disclosing info lmao

No. 920360

Sorry I forgot to sage

No. 920363

She could well be, so many ridiculous comments have been thrown around on here like she's not real, entirely photoshopped, etc (I'm not saying PS doesn't exist, but it went ott), idk what her friends intending to disclose but she could set the record straighter then it's been, doesn't require bitching or disclosing details she wouldn't want people to know. And tbh she's posted herself in such proana poses etc that she early doesn't care pep talk and god knows what over her photos. Even if she wasn't the poster (I think she was) she had to have given those photos to someone, a random couldn't just take them

No. 920365

Nta, but my 5 cents. She probably struggled with an ed in the first pic. However, she has the body of a stripper in that pic. Not the camstripper cows here, but her figure is pretty much what you'd find at a place like Spearmint rhino without implants.

I don't believe anyone with an ED is happy and to there's a point you really want rid, but it's difficult for some, even feeling like death, to face recovery.

She has a son though. I would've thought that would be motivation enough. It's irresponsible to continue putting her life at risk and potentially leaving him motherless

No. 920369

Dude calm your tits. I was actually inquiring as to whether anyone knows her bc i cant even remember her name. She used to be v proana but idk if there was or is any milk on her

No. 920373

I remember she went by "the lovely bones"? I don't think there's any milk on her, just another generic pro ana.

No. 920389

personally wish that the friend would just disclose info instead of being vague or asking us to dm for info after already posting anyhow. i think more ppl are concerned about the wellbeing of the girl at this point considering all the possibilities
anyone msg that account at all? >>920326

while i understand some children are unruly little shits who like to take their clothes off: why would you post photos like this on a very public media where u also post nude photos of urself?
>>920164 if he was 5 in 2016 he should be about 9 now right? i actually thought he was about 7…

No. 920401

File: 1579439832180.jpg (693.36 KB, 1080x1542, 20200119_081627.jpg)

this is such a cope, i laughed when i woke up to this on my feed

No. 920436


I think I figured out how to reply?

I do NOT intend to disclose any negative information about Kennedy. She is so sweet and a good friend of mine. She is struggling and it breaks my heart. I just want you all to know she is a real person and has a heart. I care about her and it sucks to see people talk about her online like this. I understand why people do but it just hurts to see people saying things about her. I do want to set the record straight but it is difficult for me to get to this site. I originally went on here to see if anyone was saying stuff about me and my instagram account. I disclosed an account for people to message me because I do want to help answer any questions you may have. So please, message me there if you really want to know anything else. I know you guys found her account so if you really want to see it, just request to follow her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 920438

Kek I think that emotional disconnect is more likely a personality disorder lol. This bitch has been in more relationships, got dicked down by more guys, and had more boyfriends than any of our cows. Aly your still a vacuous, attention seeking whore. Claiming your aromantic doesn’t mean blow through every dick in town without an emotion, that’s fucked kek. She is so stupid and so deluded. This is like when she claimed she was bisexual and she said she shouldn’t have to prove it but then tried to prove it in the same live. What an idiot.

What’s the status on her basically becoming a cam girl op? >>920401

No. 920441

Emotionally disconnected from her whore sessions she calls hookups? Kek didn't she freak out when the 3some couple ghosted her or something of that sort? Trying so hard to look like a heartless sooper free spirit that'll fuck anything with a pulse with no strings attached.

No. 920442

Laura went on live blaming her last hospital not preparing her for the real world as the cause for her being sectioned again. She didn't say what she did, but she said she was found in a "scary situation." She had no ligature marks. didn't mention being in general, so likely didnt id. tinfoil but i bet she went to a train station and was threatening to jump or something, rather than actually hurting herself. She's trying to move awards because she hates the doctor at this one.She is also putting in a formal complaint lol. no caps as it was live.

No. 920454

File: 1579455737218.jpg (327.51 KB, 720x1020, 20200119_174215.jpg)

No. 920465

Being back in hospital “isn’t a failure” when that was your plan from the moment you heard the word “discharge”. What a waste of a human.

No. 920472

File: 1579458231688.jpg (565.25 KB, 1079x1890, Screenshot_20200119-181713_Ins…)

Which one of you guys was this?! Lmao.

Called it though. I definitely agree with the sentiment that she'll have to escalate her crazy to keep getting admitted and stay there though. There's only so far acting ~unsafe~ in public will get you.

No. 920495

lmao 'im so sick and tired of people' when they point out how i treat hospitalization like a revolving door. they didnt even say anything nasty, just like, pointed out the truth

No. 920500

File: 1579461870033.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200120-052438_Ins…)

Watch out New Farm, lee wants back kek

No. 920501

Is this supposed to be intimidating????? Kek

No. 920502

She’s flexing that collarbone so much she’s going to break something, sheesh. Doesn’t distract from the face that her face has filled out massively

No. 920503

Fuck off kennedy

No. 920504

Nobody really cares. Nobody has questions. She's just another spoop to us. She's not special. Proana attention seekers are a dime a dozen.

No. 920518

So Kelsey/Kennedy is anorexic and goes to treatment. She was a real spoop before but gained weight and became restored. Whenever she's out, she goes back to her instagram account but she's not as spoopy as before and needs the validation. Starts shooping her pictures because of this while relapsing and losing weight again. And now, she's going back into treatment because she's as spoopy as before which explains why there was SO much shooping at one point. Does this make sense?

No. 920522

Yeah I guess, it’s a real shame that she feels the need to look that thin and get the attention she wants, might possibly believe that any attention is better than no attention at all?

No. 920523

No it wasn’t, just making sure that people know that this isn’t a healthy weight.

No. 920528

how did it not prepare her for the real world??? she had DAILY outings?? lmao who is she fooling

No. 920529

File: 1579466621079.jpeg (1.08 MB, 828x1723, 7F857728-C638-4672-96B7-CA9B35…)

Breaking news: Georgia has discovered she’s (still) obese! WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU EXPECTING?! You wanted to be treated like one of the spoops. You wanted your nose hose and soooper speshul “refeeding” meal plan and you’re SHOCKED that your weight is going up? Can’t have your cake and eat it too, buttercup.

No. 920536

It's sad, especially for her age. I hope she stays off instagram for her own good.

No. 920553

Why did her family let he rget so bad? That's all I want to know

No. 920558

I wish I knew. It makes me feel so sad

No. 920584

File: 1579475455751.png (3.88 MB, 828x1792, 27AED76A-4EBB-409D-BF38-09C8BF…)

Please explain to me what reputable dietician would be pleased by an obese person rapidly gaining weight despite “barely being able to finish her meal plan”.

No. 920589

I think its likely they didn't. She was photoshopping at one point, indicating she was at least at a healthy weight after treatment. In her big long post that's on here, she mentions being at treatment before. She gets out a healthy weight but starts to lose again eventually. Now her parents might be re-admitting her since apparently she's going back.
I'm not saying I'm exactly right or that we know everything, but I don't think her parents are as oblivious and naive as some people want to think. They seem present on at least a surface level

No. 920594

I honestly do not believe a word she says…. they probably actually modified the foods calories so shes not gaining, and ALSO said don’t worry about the number. I don’t believe clinicians would be so stupid as to actually applaud this behavior, she’s twisting it around to seem sooper sick and speshul and validating her delusion. NF seems to have a lot of protocol issues but geourgias case is so fucking cut and dry she cannot get away with lying about it.

No. 920596

That doesn’t even make an ounce of sense though kek it doesn’t explain why they didn’t intervene like 30 pounds ago. They waited until she was quite literally on deaths door, and that’s what makes it negligent as fuck.

No. 920623

"healing" what bullshit

No. 920645

Up until now, we've had no certain idea what she actually looks like because of the photoshop. I'm not saying its okay but a lot of parents are swayed by manipulation tactics in these situations, just like addicts do.
I'm just saying I don't think her parents should be investigated for criminal negligence or anything like that, pay more attention sure but I doubt they never showed concern

No. 920652

I would say the dierician isnt pleased with her weight gain perse. More so that she is pleased with her compelting meals and complying.

No. 920670

File: 1579486785086.jpg (465.26 KB, 1080x1554, 20200119_211706.jpg)

lmao "suspected lolcow poster" reminds me of persons suspected of wrongthink. im actually doubting this was one of us b/c that fat DID chick happened like 3 days ago. saged b/c its not really milk, but we got a mention

No. 920683

'suspect lol cow user' kek these ana chans have no idea how many lol cow users live amongst them…..

No. 920695

Do they never think how many of their followers are farmers? Y'all. I follow most of them with a sock puppet. Don't we all? Y'all.

No. 920709

Lmfaoooo literally two days ago Aly was crying about how all she's good for is hookups and how she'll never have romance bc no one wants to love her or something
You're not aromantic, you dummy, go to therapy

No. 920712

I am so sorry I missed this! Oh man, I saw one live ages ago where she would just alternate between some dancing game on her TV and crying into the camera. Was trying to show everyone her “over-exercising”, but it was like the most pathetic attempt at a work out I’d ever seen. Dance for 30 seconds. Omg, does everyone see what I’m doing to myself? Are people telling me to stop hurting myself? Let me check comments…. ect.

No. 920730

Laura's going to end up being put in a halfway house if she's saying she needs to be helped back to normality and those places aren't nice at all. The hospitals aren't going to keep readmitting her because she's institutionalised..

No. 920746

Just to let you guys know, in relation to Georgia, a refeeding meal plan is technically less that a maintenance plan. Refeeding meal plans are meant for super spoops that are at risk for refeeding syndrome and need to start by eating at a calorie deficit and then slowly working their way up to maintenance. Then usually, a weight gain plan gets put into place, but we all know that ain't gonna happen for Georgie Porgie lmao. Still, it's unreasonable as fuck for her to be on a refeeding plan. That only usually happens when the patient's been starving for months and we all know the cow really enjoyed Christmas dinner, kek.

No. 920750

Why do i have posts missing on here anyone know?

No. 920752

Have you clicked the thing where sage posts don't show?

No. 920799

Who knew laura shit herself in public? Does she really? That's disgusting but anything to get her readmitted and back in hospital.. Don't worry Laura you're only stopping someone who ACTUALLY needs proper help from getting it, carry on love.

No. 920801

She basically said she “took a lax overdose, felt sick and overheated, passed out while at dance class, woke on the floor with everyone around her, then her dance buddies took her to a&e” and she didn’t mention shitting herself or anything but like it’s a lax OD so how could she not?

No. 920802

She has the most lifeless eyes, like a fish.

No. 920804


No. 920825

To me she has the exhausted and obese 30-year old mother-look

No. 920846

File: 1579531907532.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, 0379E606-E76F-4973-BB7D-572BB8…)

Kek your right she’s going for it again but not even trying to hide the fact that some Drs are doing some bullshitting or manipulation to get her in, look at what she says : if she can tell the clinic to get their shit together like she did for me last time what a selfish, entitled, deluded wanorexic! So basically she forced her dr to negotiate with NF to let her in now they are having to do it again… lol wtf

No. 920869

File: 1579535658834.jpg (496.85 KB, 1080x2340, IMG_20200121_015410.jpg)

Wow, may saying she can't wait to b/P again and Alys three different diagnosis. Just wow

No. 920884

lmao allegraD just wants to sound more complicated than she is. if you purge, youre bulimic. keep it simple stupid, and all that

No. 920888

Actually since she's underweight, AN B/P would be the correct diagnosis. Underweight + purging = AN B/P. Overweight or normal weight + purging = Bulimia. Idk why she's gotta lay out all of her DXes like that though lmao like do you want an award for having had all the eating disorders at different times in your life? Perfect ana queen has had EVERY ED!!

No. 920890


You are actually totally wrong according to the DSM V. Not denying that she's an attention whore, but your lack of knowledge makes you look stupid, not her.

No. 920899

wow u sound mad

No. 920904

Why do bulimics get off to talking about b/p so much? On mpa it's a competition who binges the most food and how often they purge.

No. 920912

It's always a dick measuring competition for these loonies. They act like they know it's TMI to share and uncomfortable to talk about, then they go into great detail about each step, exactly what came out, etc etc. Wouldn't put it past them to get a hard on from exchanging gross ass rituals.

No. 920918

Na, I’ve known a few of them and they don’t have the hollow, empty look that she has. They care about things other than themselves and validation. She has that “I’m an emotional black hole” look about her

No. 920921

She's depressed because she has to keep up the pretense of not wanting to eat when really she wishes everyone would piss off so she could raid the kitchen.

No. 920967

We get it you’re fat
doesn’t stop the first image being within the healthy range.
The haes movement really distorted some peoples views on that skinny automatically being Ana chan.

No. 921008

How did the haes movement distort people's views like that? Their name literally mean "health at all sizes" how did that make people automatically think that skinny people are ana chans??

No. 921037

Nayrt, but ask yourself this: who started that movement? Ana-chans, regular people, or the fattiest of fatties?
The answer to that question should give you a hint.

The whole movement is based on a false premise, because you can't be healthy at every size, body weight is intrinsically linked with health. HEAS is just a manipulative attempt at justification for an (over)eating disorder by framing it as a social justice issue.

No ana-chan would call that pic ana. No normal person would either. And most importantly, no self-conscious fattie willing to get healthy would. Only a delusional defender of their overeating disorder would. And HAES people fit the last category.

I hope I managed to convey what train of thought leads us to the conclusion that HEAS helps distort people's perception of reality. I really tried my best to answer your question, but I've had a bit too much campari-juice.

No. 921039

Has Elzani quit social media? She hasn't put up photos or vlogs- I can't see if she's been doing IG stories as I don't follow her.

Disappearing either means she's doing amazing or that she's relapsed .

Interesting that her IG followers have dropped from 35k down to 23k.

No. 921041

honestly she looks a little under a healthy weight, but a girl who weighs 30 pounds more would also be healthy. the HAES movement are as i see it trying to make it more okay to not have a perfect skinny body because that does help eating disorders develop.

No. 921045

I guess you replied to my post, I had to delete and repost because of tipsy typos.

So let me point out the mindbending hypocrisy of your last sentence.

If HAES was really about "health", they would have no problem with healthy but skinny. Yet according to you they do, because it puts people at risk from an undereating disorder.

Ok, let's say that's true. So If HAES was really about health, and they're concerned about ED risk, they would also have a problem with people who have a few kilos extra, because they're approaching the health risks overeating brings with them… And yet they don't. Ever.

HEAS is a pro-fat movement that is worse than the pro-ana movements because of its hypocrisy and manipulation of fact.

No. 921050

That's a significant drop, maybe her followers are catching on to her act? She got some backlash for the last video she put on youtube

No. 921083

Exactly. HAES is pro-fat but extremely anti skinny, even though there are people who are naturally thin. And if they were truly HAES, they’d have no problem with people who were underweight, since that’s about as healthy and being morbidly obese. HAES now only serves to validate ham planets and to give them an excuse to shirk any sense of personal accountability with their weight. They’re not whales because they eat 3k+ calories a day, they’re whales because their bodies naturally are supposed to be whales and the world is at fault for not accepting them as such. But how dare the world allow natural skinny people to have thin bodies, that’s fat-phobic kek.

No. 921086

She was posting but only food from weeks ago, maybe after the Christmas food she's relapsed? I wouldn't be surprised. Wow that's a lot of followers to lose!

No. 921088

That last video must've done a lot of damage. If the majority of her subs are people wanting recovery (as opposed to wanting to watch someone eat), that shite she posted was triggering as hell and if you want to recover, you don't want to see her dramatics because it'd scare someone off ever seeking help.

No. 921098

File: 1579567572495.jpg (94.69 KB, 750x1333, 2225672759732904772_6725748295…)

I don't follow her but I can still see her stories. Can't you click on her profile pic when there's a red circle?

No. 921105

Not to mention, HAES-ers are vehemently against anyone wanting to lose weight or diet for any reason, even if it is medically necessary. Fatties who have been told by their doctors to lose weight will just scream that the docs are fatphobic and their health problems MUST be caused by something other than their morbid obesity.

There's a huge range of weights and body types that can be perfectly healthy, but morbidly obese ain't it. Neither is skelly ana.

No. 921108

Just because someone is skinny doesn’t mean they are Anorexic.
Anyway if you think this individual is at an okay BMI then it’s your perception, but anyways BMI doesn’t mean shit when it comes to health, you can starve yourself and be at a norm weight. It’s your organs that suffer.

No. 921110

The fact is the girl in the first picture is underweight, nonetheless still doesn’t mean she is healthy, people have a weight that their bodies are happy at and therefore they will have periods and organ functions are optimum. Can’t base health on looks. Unless it’s obvious, like jaundice.

No. 921111

That’s an awful lot of subscribers to miss in a a short time on IG . My guess is relapse.

No. 921112

HAES is just a way for obese/fat people to feel thinner/better about themselves

No. 921114

I agree, I was so pissed at her for putting that video up because I know people are going to be hurt bu that, and yet she still does it anyway.
Selfish, she has no need for self validation about her ED, her parents tell her all the time(in videos anyway) how skinny she is. She needs a job and a life.

No. 921116

I agree with this actually, personally I believe that as long as you are healthy and not at either extreme ends of the spectrum then it’s okay.
Maybe it’s different for everyone? I’m sure not all people who believe in this are overweight. but if it’s damaging to health then it’s a bad idea, I think people should lose or gain weight if they are becoming sick from it.

No. 921117

Or that video was triggering af and people don’t want it to keep popping up on their homepages and social media in general.
No matter the reason it’s hopefully something she realises and encourages her to get her act together.

No. 921118

At 13.29 - The girl in the doc wants to be a model but she's too naturally skinny. These people do actually exist, you know. She's healthy and finds it difficult to gain weight.

If you watch all of this, you'll want to tear the proskinny guy's knackers off and feed them to a dog.

No. 921119

That’s why BMI is a shit tool. It’s a shame she couldn’t become a model because her body chose to be that shape.

No. 921130

Oh god no what the fuck what have I done. I really thought I was in the deathfat thread when I argued against HAES. I still stand with all I've said, but don't you skellies dare twist and take that as a confirmation of your equally self-destructive lifestyle.

There is no such thing as "naturally skelly" just like there's no such thing as a "natural fattie".


No. 921133

File: 1579573339362.gif (71.69 KB, 303x429, isaac-w-sprague.gif)

>There is no such thing as "naturally skelly"

Tell this guy (on a ouija board or something).

Okay, can we stop talking about HAES and BMI before someone's put to pasture, and just laugh at the cows?

No. 921145

Tell him on an ouija board? Imma tell you on an image board.

You presenting an extremely rare case of an individual with a mutation as an excuse for validating an undereating disorder is equal to Onision telling Blaire that his affinity towards underdeveloped women must be ok because midgets exist and someone fucks them.

No. 921149

I'm not validating anything. I was attempting to inject some humour into this thread to divert it from what I saids. This isn't the place to discuss haes. Make a thread in /ot if you're passionate about the subject.

Not all farmers are ana chans, and mot all ana chans think being severley underweight is fine. It's not.

No. 921154

Oh, ok. You couldn't have known I have no sense of humour.

No. 921155

just laugh and move onnn, my god. shit thread is right

No. 921157

it’s just anorexics saying clearly underweight people are “normal weight” i’m a fucking anachan and i know what underweight is. idiots

No. 921167

Moooooovvvving on.
So in Australia newz, lee and georgia being inpatient at same time should be fun

No. 921171

We will see what happens then

No. 921177

The ana dickheads drop by here sometimes. Ignore it. Their problem.

I guess they arrange their vacation together like Laura and her chums.

No. 921218

Can someone give me a quick low down on lee? I lurk a lot but don't remember her
If shes going to NF i'm guessing another Healthy weight ana that enjoys a nose hose

No. 921227

It’ll get interesting to see how they interact when they are together. It seems like the get more competitive when faced with other fakers instead of real people with EDs

No. 921233

Yeah. She was "discharged" 1 week ago. she left because she didnt like her psychiatrist or something. tried to go public. now choosing to go back to NF

No. 921244

Kek fuck being on that ed table
Making bets how long itll be before she gets a hose? And are Porgie and her friends?

No. 921245

Apparently. They follow eachother on insta. Georgia took her and shay out of the clinic on leave once

No. 921256

I don’t understand why they wouldn’t just give them some pabrinex if they are so worried about their health, no need to put them on feeds if their weight is okay, unlikely their bones would have been harmed significantly and a blood test could easily rule out any organ damage

No. 921267

Shay, Georgia and Lee are all the same. Normal to high weight, revolving door admissions.

No. 921276

File: 1579606524639.jpg (590.15 KB, 1080x1984, 20200121_123235.jpg)

Does anybody follow her? She is very weird. Drinks 4l of coke zero, talks about how she absolutely hates sex, hates people etc. Posts weird body checks and is crazy mad when someone reports her

No. 921277

I do follow her. Find it hilarious how she keeps claiming not having an eating disorder, when all she talks about is losing weight, exercising the calories she eats off and how she just "has a preference for a thinner body" (while also being a spoop kek)

No. 921278

If u follow her main "visusrats" or something u can see in her older posts that she was at a healthy weight

No. 921282

She was mentioned earlier

No. 921323

File: 1579622560086.jpg (365.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200121-155916_Ins…)


No. 921324

File: 1579622630553.jpg (269.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200121-160429_Ins…)

No. 921328

Not sedated enough to post on ig though.

Because there are so many empty nhs beds

No. 921345

File: 1579627411460.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, D8D7E1BF-C173-495C-9F26-B84232…)

Just a heads up her TW is unnecessary
Well Lee…. that’s kind of what you get when you go to Eating Disorder treatment and get fed unnecessary calories through a nose hose. I hope the ng tubie pics were worth it for the instagram Kek. Exactly what all the farmers say will happen, always happens to the wanorexics like Lee and Georgia they end up gaining and are then mad… like you wanted and chose this, kek wtf?

No. 921354

If cows like this aren't willing to work on the psychological side because it doesn't come with some medical paraphernalia so everyone can see they're ill, tough. Gained weight, now deal with it.


I don't go on twitter, but yep to links or ss if you find some.

No. 921388

I just realized I used to follow her like 2 years ago. She did some boring lives. Also, she’s always had this maniacal smile at all times. She’d post a pic of her smiling but make it b&w with some depressing caption about how she overdosed and was going IP again.

Never change, Laura. You are truly a hilariously histrionic waste of space.

No. 921389

How about fuck off home you malingering piece of shit?

No. 921390

I think this >>66760 was the first mention of Laura. FOUR years ago and still idiotic.

No. 921443

She was also caught very blatantly self posting here a few years ago kek. What a sad life.

No. 921451

Just like May, I think the first ever post about her on these threads was a self post. We shouldn’t really be giving them what they want, but with Laura and her sharty dance parties, the milk is just irresistible.

No. 921487

What was the name of that fatty who did collarbone checks? I think she was originally a wk?

No. 921500

Sad indeed. Even til this day Laura still lurks here and selfposts because no one cares about her munchie act. Iirc she posted a picture of herself a thread or 2 back but she uploaded the full original version, which just proved that she was selfposting. Sad and pathetic lmao.

No. 921503

I leave a lolcow browser open so I see deleted posts. She'd tried at least three times to size down the image from her phone. Her parents must be a bit stupid to let her get away with being a tit. Or they just don't gaf about her.

No. 921661

Holy fuck, that was a blast from the past. Reading those old threads always makes me chuckle, but good to see how many of those former cows have moved on. Though, some like Laura, and @imfuck_ed, who was known for shite photoshopping and the like, are still kicking. Pathetic. Makes me wonder how many more are still at it.

No. 921684

File: 1579668019671.jpg (90.34 KB, 868x510, fast forward.JPG)

Four years ago! I remember that night Gracie was sperging about Emily going missing like it was yesterday! I often wonder if Gracie recovered. Sometimes I look for the older cows but they've probably changed usernames so I can't find them.

The fuck.ed girl - what're the chances her kid's rotting in a care home. Sad.

blue_eyed_kittycat - where is she now?

Fakeboi wanarexic hollow oli strangely became more feminine after she started taking ~T~
Anon called it!

At least Emily turned things around eh.

No. 921705


No. 921729

File: 1579679097436.jpg (569.02 KB, 1080x1045, 20200122_084122.jpg)

I know she was mentioned before but I can't with this person. Asks people what they think her BMI is, how much they think she weigh, claims to be anorexic and always makes this strange bodychecks trying hardcore to show her rips when she's just… Kek

No. 921740

Her account is private. Is there anything interesting?

No. 921768

Peep all the chocolate in the background (top left)
Any other milk?

No. 921771

I follow her but actually can't stand her. She's one of those people that post 30+ stories a day, with a good 70% being videos of her talking. No thank you.
Sage for no milk

No. 921849

File: 1579710224208.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, 0CE8AC52-9B1F-467D-A4E0-F367F3…)

So we are going inpatient but can have this decadent dessert without as she calls it a bpd meltdown I don’t even know if she has borderline… it’s so hard for the professionals to probably diagnose and treat ppl like Laura, Georgia, and Lee bc they show munchie tendencies which can manifest in feigning mental or physical problems. It’s obvious this chick is not anorexic like she claims but does she really even have BPD or does she just like to use it as a behavioral excuse like Aly does? What do farmers think and does anyone have an update on the great dainty one Georgy Porgie

No. 921933

Then why post her?

No. 921968

I didn't, which should've been obvious by context.
Upon checking her profile again I must say tho that the initial post reeks of self-post. There's nothing actually noteworthy about her. Standart ed insta profile, no obvious milk.

No. 921976

Forgive me for misreading the post, I didn’t connect the dots.

No. 922002

There's never any point posting someone when they lie on the floor and suck in. That's lowest level wannarexic behaviour. They're never interesting.

Anyone pls brighten the thread with some n2f?

No. 922066

File: 1579737722033.jpeg (731.13 KB, 828x1557, 58F0273F-E98B-4699-BD81-194047…)

How ‘bout some of that sweet, sweet autist sperge from E? Read that caption and remind yourself that this is a 20-something year old woman who claims to have been eating an abundance of calories for something like 2.5 years now (ie. should be over her creepy food obsession if she wasn’t just bullshitting everyone and doing some crazy exercise and restriction shit behind the scenes)

No. 922068


Saddest toastie I've ever seen. A toastie has the contents spilling out. That's the Ashley Isaacs of the toastie world. Yasss!

No. 922078

I just realised this is how middle classes make toasties. George Foreman grills. No. Breville make toasties but not dainty enough for the nouveau riche. This is why the UK is so fucked up.

No. 922152

elzani must be in restriction mode. that looks like a sandwich for a toddler. no wonder she hasn't posted any new videos in days.

No. 922172


Granted, I've never had an eating disorder so I don't really understand the mindset, but it seems really odd to me for somebody who claims to be "cured" of their anorexia to still have SO much of an unrelenting focus on food, to be so preoccupied with the smells and flavors and textures of food, and to have such an enormous proportion of her day that revolves around considering, cooking, blogging about, and eating food. To the recovered ana-chans in this thread, am I wrong in assuming this? Should she be spending this much time thinking about food if she was truly recovered? And do any of you feel like running foodiegram accounts is just a way for ana-chans to continue obsessing about food in a way that's overt, but also seems "recovered" at the same time to those who don't understand the way that people with EDs think?

No. 922182

File: 1579753597379.jpeg (154.85 KB, 750x436, 0F00B7DC-9705-4BFC-AB54-B8F35E…)

Georgia’s comment on a post someone wrote about overcoming b/p urges…

No. 922226

I feel sorry for whoever post she commented in, because all they have to do is look at her and then they will believe that they themselves will become overweight if they start eating whatever they want. Georgia, you have no idea what it’s like to starve, you just want to have anorexia for some reason and get tubed for no apparent reason, no idea why though because it fucking hursts after a while.

No. 922228

She needs to have some therapy, I think she has lost weight because her legs are starting to look more like wish bones from a turkey again.
I know she has lost a load of followers because she is a triggering piece of work who I believe feels that this whole thing is a competition to be the sickest you tuber. She knows that if she gets deathly skinny again that she will get more views again because people will want to trigger themselves.

No. 922230

File: 1579758486078.jpeg (421.74 KB, 1536x1820, 07F52872-E236-4894-AADB-234B7F…)

Also noticed how she isn’t eating any meat now? Reduced portions?
All she has is her ED and her parents money. When is she going to get a life?

No. 922234

What does this mean? I’m uneducated.

No. 922273

She’s going nowhere ! My guess she’ll be back in hospital before end of 2020.
And I’m still waiting on her hospital vlog- given she has nothing else to vlog about.

No. 922279

Georgia has lost weight from her meal plan, saying its due to her metabolism speeding up…no sweetie, its because the calories are less than what you usually consume and you have finally actually got a deficit for once.

No. 922314

Is anyone following the Kennedy account? She hasn’t accepted my request but her post count went up.

No. 922319

File: 1579779341517.png (1.08 MB, 636x1128, Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 4.32…)

so i went to check E's account for the first time in a while after seeing this. wtf is this shit kek, it reads like a doge meme. imagine being in your 20s and having the most exciting part of your day being taking a million photos of the peanut butter drizzle on your sad breakfast. can't believe anyone falls for her "real recovery" BS

No. 922321

File: 1579779466978.jpg (139.6 KB, 718x1276, XV52ILq.jpg)

she has been posting constant (what i can only assume are ads) for this peanut butter but not disclosing the fact she has affiliations with the brand- doesn't that go against some kind of instagram rule?

No. 922326

Doge meme is SPOT ON. I couldn’t put my finger on what her captions reminded me of until now. Thanks anon, you’re doing God’s work!

No. 922370

shes absolutely restricting again, that toastie is absolutely ana-tier and the rest of them dont look very high in calories either. plus shes been dropping followers like craaazy & hasn't tried to save face. relapse 2020

No. 922373

Can we have some pictures or something I’m blocked from the dainty one!

But lol she’s probably claiming she’s like all the really starved anorexics that get hypermetabolic and lose weight when they begin eating - it’s not uncommon I’ve experienced it and seen others, but this Isint the case for geourgia quite obviously its for the reason you said she’s actually in a calorie deficit.

This is why I want to hear/see it straight from the cows mouth bc I want to see how she’s going to twist this. As much as she’d like to think she’s so dainty and underfed, it’s probably more likely that the team decreased her meal plans caloric intake from the standard maintenance diet that people enter on to one more specific to her needs which would be ding ding ding geourgia WEIGHT LOSS. Idk how they do it there but even with the most revolving door patients they start them off on the basic mp not even enough to gain until u see a dietician. Although different, country different health games, different protocol I would guess this is what happened to Porgie

No. 922374

File: 1579792202301.jpeg (506.48 KB, 741x1211, AC9EE560-102E-447F-9D49-C0CB67…)

Has anyone been following the twins? I think Katy might have a chance, she’s actually looking better

No. 922376

File: 1579792413164.jpeg (198.23 KB, 750x1206, D4A07316-0B2C-4D01-B212-D6F55C…)

I can’t say the same about Maria though…

No. 922385

stop interacting with and cowtipping thread subjects, that way you won’t have to ask anons to spoonfeed you.

No. 922391


Filters. I only follow Maria (their accounts are so similar so why follow both) but sometimes I think she looks better, but then she posts without a filter and still looks like her normal spoopy self. I think I'm backing a loser if I hold out hope of either recovering.

No. 922392

File: 1579794538457.jpg (60.24 KB, 333x596, food and fuel.JPG)

Yeah stop cowtipping, cowtipper.

No. 922399

File: 1579794962021.png (135.49 KB, 327x509, oop forgot to crop.png)

No. 922403

File: 1579795206516.png (624.49 KB, 640x640, D5569211-6F75-4845-8EE7-4ADA3E…)

I understand all those words alone, but together? Not a fucking clue what you’re on about.

No. 922409

File: 1579795702682.gif (956 KB, 500x225, enid.gif)

No. 922436

File: 1579798220920.jpg (29.13 KB, 267x254, complaint.JPG)

Aww, Laura was treated badly on the ward.

No. 922451

File: 1579800606259.jpeg (852.95 KB, 828x1489, A515DA37-0412-46CF-9F1D-FA2EAE…)

Nightmare fuel wanting to dole out food & fitness advice.

No. 922452

File: 1579800892906.jpg (60.59 KB, 615x922, fillers much.jpg)

She reminds me of Big Brother's ana Nikki Graham.

Fitness? How do you do it when you have no energy?
Food? When will you eat more than a mouse?
Lifestyle? When will you realise how fucked up what you put on insta is because you look like you're about to die?

No. 922453

File: 1579801246078.jpeg (272.66 KB, 750x1113, AC5C38C1-C664-4DDA-BFC4-0E3A16…)

When a cow just admits their attention seeking behaviour kek. Why does she even post?

No. 922466

Believe anon is lamenting about how the upper classes will often emulate certain aspects of working class life, but make it try to make it more palatable (like making a understuffed toasty). But I think her toasty looks like that because she’s an ana, not because middle class people think owning a beville sandwhich press is too common.

No. 922477

Zoe will say shit like that and won’t fucking change. she upholds the “woe is me” mentality only for asspats. she doesn’t think she’s the worst, she only says that for attention. I can’t stand her.

No. 922488

File: 1579805465585.png (164.46 KB, 728x633, sohWhy9g.png)


So those hours/days spent making that video, staring at herself at her thinnest just made Elzani ill again - I am amazed.

No. 922498

Holy shit that’s supremely autistic lmao, I love it

No. 922505

File: 1579809103325.jpg (943.82 KB, 1080x1920, 20200123_144449.jpg)

small milk? ill sage it anyway. anyone follow sabrirae? she's mentioned being in hospital for ed but her account is mostly full of nymphet shit. a few days ago she posted a screenshot from urban dictionary making fun of #metoo, then yesterday posted a poll asking her followers if theyre more right or left-wing.

i was dumb then not to screenshot b/c now the stories are gone. today shes sharing pics of what look like 50s housewives.
>tldr: anachan veering into tradthot territory

No. 922521

You people are so pathetic. Omgg

No. 922526

Hello, Regina Kiviranta

No. 922535

Kek painu vittuu, regina

No. 922539

Sounds like she aspires to be a tradwife

No. 922553

but tradwives dont sugar. or i guess these days they might

No. 922558

Wow. Eating whatever u want to overcome the b/p urges? Thats basically binging then.

No. 922563

No. It's eating intuitively and abundantly. Oh wait…

I think Georgia would be benefit from a gastric bypass.

No. 922570

Is it me or is she losing weight again?

No. 922579

She looks horrific. And all of her answers were ridiculously preachy and undoubtedly untrue “omg trust your body!” “My macros are so high that I never go over but I always hit them because GAIIIIINZ!”

No. 922591

i might be ignorant but isn't intuitive eating and fundamentally incompatible with disordered eating? if you have an eating disorder you either over or undershoot how much food your body craves so suddenly eating a healthy amount on intuition alone doesn't seem feasible. it would be like being an alcoholic and suddenly being able to just drink in moderation without quitting first. possible but unlikely.

No. 922612

File: 1579820777840.jpg (69.66 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200123-225828_Ins…)

Shes upping her game

No. 922663

I've never understood it. It all sounds contradictory and a weight control diet in itself, even though they say it isn't.


No. 922665

She can't cope? Imagine how the member of staff feels.

No. 922692


I never even interacted with Georgia, just followed her, and I got blocked. Can't confirm the other anon didn't cowtip but I didn't.

No. 922708

Who's the spamming molopää?

I think sometimes they see who you're following and if it's a load of cows from here they block. I spread them out over a few sock puppets.

No. 922717

File: 1579825238129.jpg (457.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200124-102018_Fac…)

This is the spammer. Shes friends with blie haired rat lady; Vivian

No. 922730

File: 1579826227832.jpg (70.02 KB, 1080x755, IMG-20190922-WA0002.jpg)

Top kek @ molopää but fr what ana groupchat got linked this thread

No. 922732

Where's the retard wranglers, opettele kirjottaa

No. 922776

yawn, is someone gonna ban this loser?

No. 922777

File: 1579827516697.png (8.36 MB, 1242x2208, 20FD043C-BD1E-489E-828B-E9C3FB…)

dude you’re telling me australian MH patients get KETAMINE??? booking a flight from london to sydney rn.
how does ketamine even help??

No. 922798

imagine thinking you're badass and clever when really you're just being a fucking embarrassment lmao

No. 922801


Idk about ketamine in Aus, but the Soren Hayes thing says she's on ketamine in the US. Georgia doesn't fall down K holes, fat falls down her cake hole - constantly.

No. 922802

What the fuck even is this treatment place??? ketamine, because an overweight malingerer doesn't eat all her food?

No. 922813

This article says they give it in Aus as a nasal spray as a sedative, so it's not like you'd get high. Usually you get a light general anaesthetic.

No. 922827

soren gets ketamine from a dealer lmao she’s dumb

No. 922830

Oh I thought she said it was prescribed. She bullshits anyway.

No. 922856

Ffs dudes, ketamine post ECT is normal. Ketamine is a disassociative agent and allows effective pTsD treatment post ECT which is what she is there for

No. 922863

Fuck me imma go to NF, not like it's hard to get into and K hole it the whole time kek
And if it is just a nasal spray that basically does shit all, its pathetic she posts it to look like she's on a proper dose of Ket. Ooo im so spesh i had to have ket!

No. 922876

This is seriously sad, you don't even understand how this thread works and you're gonna get banned once the mods wake up from their beauty sleep. Plus nää varmaa koht spämmii sul faces paskaa tai jtn, ei oo wörttii hyvä ihmine.

No. 922878

She'd got nothing else going for her, she might as well post her fat greedy paw clutching a cheese sanga and talk about her depression treatment.

No. 922883

Why do we have a Finnish fetus using primary school tactics to attempt to hurt our feelings
Kek i find it entertaining to see these cows come here to try and wk and splurge shit thinking it's going to do something. Bitch your juvenile comments do shit all. Hou aint stopping anything kek and you wont stop people posting here but i do find it funny when they try, like the DID cow that was here this week(splurge)

No. 922900

lehmän lanta

No. 922903

to be fair anon i also remember them saying it was a prescribed dose (not that i believe that she did get prescribed it but). new farms seems great, you get given shock treatment and horse tranq just for being a fat mardy bitch.

No. 922905

(Why is the child spamming here and does it know we speak English?)

No. 922906

Sry but why the would the cow need k for anything?

She's a friend of some cow and realised she can't write english for shit so nor can she work out the reply function so retard screeching ensued. Too bad the finn thread is dead.

No. 922907

spammers need to suck their mums. or at least chat shit in a language we can be offended through

No. 922909

Mods need to wake up to ban this emoji using calf
Until then dont engage with trolls
She'll get bored like fallendtardustdreamers_

No. 922914

Sorry but you're not interesting so there's nothing to talk about. We don't trash randoms.

No. 922921

Omg is this finnish bitch basically self posting asking us to burn her kek
I don't know which is worse, cows like Laura delf posting anonymously or these wk cows who come here to be noticed

No. 922923

should’ve kept that one in the drafts, how embarrassing

No. 922925

Shes basically begging to be posted about in here kek
We dont have info on you coz you're boring af and we dont gaf
You're not going to be part of the crowd discussed here no matter how hardcore and badass you think you are. Go back the pre-school, maybe someone will be intimidated by you there

No. 922929

The shitty grammar jumped out, the Loima school system failed her

No. 922932

File: 1579830625691.jpg (358.89 KB, 972x1016, Screenshot_20200124-095041_Goo…)


No. 922933

File: 1579830678269.jpg (34.74 KB, 349x642, 6kGliTjh.jpg)

"joke's on you guys, I WANT you to make fun of me"

No. 922935

File: 1579830689895.jpg (525.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200124-093151_Ins…)

If i didn't know any better, i would have thought this dirty vegemite hand was n2f
Why tf cant these cows keep their hands clean when eating?
Put it in a trough so they don't have to use their hands

No. 922943

can lolcow permaban this idiot and stop her spamming this thread

No. 922947

Since when does Georgie have PTSD?

No. 922949

She said she got it because she had a car crash when she was a child and that's why she's got a massive scar on her forehead.

No. 922953

fuck off russian cunt

No. 922973

Thank god she’s banned now

No. 922977

It was one of her first diagnosis. She was in a massive car accident as a kid hence the face and head scar as per herself report

No. 922985

In North America they’ve been starting to do ketamine infusions for treatment resistant depression

No. 922986

Imagine whiteknighting an ugly sack of bones like this, it's a school night.

No. 922988

I was reading about that when I read the link before. There's a tv show Helicopter Rescue and regularly they give ketamine to the injured people. Not a nasal spray either. They actually start tripping balls. They say they've had success treating depression with lsd as well.

No. 922991

I knew about lsd being used to treat depression, but now ketamine? Interesting, georgia probably only got the nasal spray though

No. 922994

Tbh, I wouldn't be one of the first batch of people to use anything like ketamine or lsd. You know where you're at with the old shit and whatever comes along never "cures" depression. Nothing ever will. Georgia's more or less a guinea pig at this point.

No. 923001

oh I wouldn't either, way too risky with how mental health affects everyone differently. Good use for a guinea pig though, at least use her for something while she's in and out

No. 923003

Love the thread. There is just too many milky ana queens to do a thread summary on everyone discussed, and they all do the same shit anyway. Only ones who stand out are the fatties and the most outrageous malingerers.

No. 923004

She’s still underweight and leading a life entirely revolved around food and her identity as the best anorexic/recovery-qween. It’s not recovery, it’s just another iteration of the illness, and even more annoying that straight up anorexia because now she’s preachy af and pretends she’s some sort of incredible role model when all she does is leech off her parents and take pictures of food.

No. 923005

She’s still underweight and leading a life entirely revolved around food and her identity as the best anorexic/recovery-qween. It’s not recovery, it’s just another iteration of the illness, and even more annoying that straight up anorexia because now she’s preachy af and pretends she’s some sort of incredible role model when all she does is leech off her parents and take pictures of food.laama

No. 923006

If you want to reply to a post, click on the number before you do so. Otherwise we have no idea who you're talking. Also, put sage in the email field.

No. 923034

Hope not for her sake and everyone else’s

No. 923052

Probably someone told her she couldn’t use her phone and skip out for coffee dates when ever she pleased and hence the super serious trauma

No. 923054

Aw. You won’t be able to take stretchy selfies all night? Y’all this nurse is in for a ROUGH night.

No. 923063

I hope they send her somewhere with some supremely fucked up people. I’d love it if she just got the absolute shit smacked out of her.(a-log)

No. 923166

File: 1579889646047.jpeg (1.03 MB, 828x1513, 7C46DF2A-F554-4485-A48E-BBE625…)

Yes, nothing says “recovered and well adjusted” like an apple diced into 100 pieces, a few cookies and a puddle of fat free yogurt on a plate. #sarcasm.

No. 923174

Ohhh, that's why she looks radiant. That apple tho.

No. 923176

i wonder why cutting up food mad tiny is such a persistent eating disorder thing. so long as people like her and E keep doing it you can be sure they're not recovered.

No. 923179

It might have something to do with being attached to their childhoods, reference the ana chans who are obsessed with children's stuff

No. 923180

I thought she might've done it to mix with the yogurt, but then you'd stick the apple in with the yogurt unless she's into separating food. Too much time on her hands to chop so small. She even de-cored it.

No. 923182

I doubt there is one single answer, but a big reason is to prolong the experience of eating. It takes longer to prepare your food and longer to eat when everything is is tiny pieces.

No. 923216

File: 1579895673831.jpg (366.8 KB, 1079x1525, Screenshot_20200124-192037_Ins…)

Fuck off Regina

You spoke too soon, anon

No. 923218

Wow, she did it. Regina convinced us all to stop using this site, and she saved the day.
Now she will never, ever feel bad ever again because of the meanies.

You really, really need people to pay attention to you at all times or you'll go all to pieces, don't you?

Aa ha, Laura will always find a way.

No. 923251


It takes longer to eat when it’s in a thousand small pieces.

No. 923262

File: 1579899712259.png (863.49 KB, 1024x768, image.png)

I really cringed at her making breakfast brownies video- it was sad-a lot of goofing around being a twat and seeing how many time she could say ' breakfast brownies '.
She's 22 and what does she do al, day? Not a lot. No milk really but she's just so irritating and full of herself and sponging off mum and dad.

No. 923268

What's the red thing on her head?

No. 923272

Does she not have more than 11k subscribers? I thought she had way more before

No. 923273

it’s called a party hat, anon.

No. 923277

Super sad. She spent her 23rd birthday thinking baking brownies for breakfast with her mom is the epitome of an awesome, great time. I’m all for having a good relationship with your family, but she seems to have absolutely no life of her own and no desire to even try to be independent.

No. 923278

She lost a lot on ig after her hospital video and now she had two YouTube channels- this is her new one / not many subscribers-I can see why.

No. 923279

I didn't know it was her birthday. I don't watch that crap y'know.

23. Incredible. Sometimes it feels like all the cows are trolling us theyre so ridiculous.

No. 923281

File: 1579903310171.png (358.9 KB, 1153x419, Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 4.59…)

looks like her original channel still has a shitload. Seriously do not understand how nearly 60 THOUSAND people can put up with that twat and her inane drivel

No. 923283

62k people clicked to watch her eat granola. I need time to process that.

No. 923294

her face looks a lot fuller

No. 923307

I actually laughed out loud at this

No. 923318

She doesn't look pale and sickly either. I suppose now she just needs to develop a personality and interests not based on food.

No. 923342

File: 1579912358199.gif (14.36 MB, 600x1067, shitshow.gif)

Would help if she spent more time working on BALANCING than sticking her leg in the air.

No. 923345

Holy shit that's cringe. She looks like she needs an exorcism.

No. 923347


Half of her "dancing" is just her sticking her leg in the air

No. 923360

I like when she puts her hands next to her head. It's like some 70s dance troupe.

No. 923509

Warning for tinfoil tinfoil. I dont mean to white knight but i think maybe Elzani is doing some self reflection after getting critisized for that video. And tbf to her she was super skelly unlike most wannarexics in this thread. She had years of not eating so im not surprised shes obsessed with food when you think about how much she restricted and starved before. People tinfoil about her persobal life but i thibks shes smart by not sharingso much about her job and school compared to people like Aly or that girl who posted her med records here. Sage for non contribution.

No. 923549

I don't think she's smart at all. Using her full name for sm accounts is stupid. It takes less than 30 seconds to find her home address and details of her dad's business. We know when they're away on holiday and if someone wanyto rob the house we know the layout and where possessions they own are located. Any employer can find her youtube and see how awkward she is and how she's strange enough to film everything about her life.

She's not smart at all.

No. 923564

why are you having this conversation with yourself

No. 923578

No. 923580


I agree, I think Elzani is doing her best and I'm really happy for her- if you actually watch her recent videos she really is loosening up around food and is so much less obsessed compared to her earlier videos.

Many people with anorexia never even get that far, it has such a high mortality rate and lots of people just end up totally unable to progress at all. Elzani is very obviously making progress at the moment.

No. 923590

Or that's the image she portrays on her vlog.

No. 923592

Just because they subscribe doesn't mean they watch, I subscribe to a lot of shit channels I never watch.

No. 923597

File: 1579947490056.jpeg (1.09 MB, 828x1549, 69ACEC66-C73E-498F-AF15-BE80D7…)

She’s not wrong. But, like, why post it? You’re 20-something stop broadcasting your tantrums for attention. She’s like a dramatic toddler who makes sure she’s got an audience before throwing a fit.

No. 923625

She’s not smart- has made no secret of where in the uk she lives or what hospital /unit she was in and her name isn’t exactly common. And it’s not smart- the first thing a potential job employee will do is google her name and come across her yt.
I don’t think there is a job and she hasn’t mentioned anymore about her bad back.
If she’s not going to post another hospital video at least she could give an explanation one.

No. 923639

File: 1579957543405.png (1.04 MB, 610x1082, Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 6.05…)

jesus christ she looks absolutely terrifying these days. also someone needs to have a serious discussion with her about her eyeliner kek

No. 923645

File: 1579958562369.jpeg (734.71 KB, 828x1481, B751415F-7587-4A55-8DF3-510752…)

What do you mean? She’s clearly picture of health! #sarcasm.

(For those wondering, no, she doesn’t think it’s disordered for her to be weighing herself daily despite her history of anorexia and refusal to reach a healthy weight after 3 years of so-called recovery)

No. 923647

why does her skin look so dry? especially her lips? i’m guessing malnutrition…. very healthy for a fitness coach

No. 923653

probably because she still eats nothing but pickled vegetables, rice, and ketchup

No. 923656

And an apple diced into 100 pieces, because vitamins, right?

No. 923670

File: 1579966062072.png (678.41 KB, 600x1028, Screen Shot 2020-01-25 at 8.28…)

are you telling me this isn't the hairline of a healthy person?

No. 923671

File: 1579966247968.jpeg (1.09 MB, 828x1472, 83E3AF6B-5A91-4D41-BA3C-64AF8D…)

Was just about to post from her most recent Ig stories too!

Watching her eat that brownie thing (Probably a protein infused shit-cake?) was incredibly cringe. I’m guessing she didn’t finish, based on how the tried to take the smallest bite possible.

No. 923673

god she really has the most unfortunate head/face shape at a low weight.

No. 923685

I don’t like Elzani and I’m not a “fan” or whatever, but literally just stop. The girl has obviously been through a lot. Of course she isn’t going to be “normal”, especially not in a year. Just leave her alone at least she’s trying. You say she doesn’t do anything and she doesn’t have a life? Well what about you? A bunch of loser adults who spend their time hating on a poor girl LOL. Stop playing doctor and stop acting like you know her or trying to diagnose her with other disorders. You are all disgusting. Grow up. Let the girl be she isn’t hurting anyone. Sure her documentary was a very bad idea, but y’all have been hating on her even before that. Give the girl a break. You’re not her doctors, her friends, or her family members so just let her be and let her do whatever she wants. Don’t like it. Don’t watch. Simple as that. You should be ashamed honestly. No one confident would hate on someone else so you all have issues of your own that you need to figure out. Anyone reading this thread will know that something is seriously wrong with all of you. It’s disgusting that you choose to spend your time talking about girls you’ve never met.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 923687

She's not a girl. She's a 23 year old woman. Y'all.

No. 923695

I would be so pissed if I asked my gym to assign me a personal trainer because I didn’t know who they had on staff and this woman showed up… when you’re in a career like any kind of fitness, any part of the beauty industry, etc., you are your business card and if I was her I’d take some time off to avoid ruining my career before it started and not come back until I could represent what I had to offer.

No. 923697

kinda agree tbh, she's recovering slowly and the only harmful thing she's done is post that hospital vid iirc.
it's more fun to talk about wannarexics anyway

No. 923698

I agree, what she’s going through isn’t abnormal when people are struggling and trying to recover, my only issue is her marketing herself as “recovered” when she’s so sick. Same as nourish

No. 923709

So bring some wannarexic milk?

You don’t have to be super interested in every cow here, it doesn’t mean they aren’t their own special kind of milky. Personally I couldn’t care less about recovery.chii or elzani, but I still respect that others wanna talk about them. What I’m saying is: let’s go after the cows, not each other!

No. 923734

File: 1579983676901.png (3.73 MB, 1536x2048, AF8DF3AE-F338-4AE3-97A3-3E64CB…)

Back to Georgia then….
She must be REEEAALLLY starving herself folks, what a fight!

No. 923735

Elzani is a boring topic now anyway, everyone gets the idea, she milks money off her parents and gazes at food all day, contemplates weightlifting, and doesn’t want to grow up.

No. 923738

What body part is that? Is that her leg stomach? If she starved so much so often she'd be a wee lithe thing and not sumo, right? Who is she fooling.

No. 923742

Exactly- she gets everything given to her on a plate ( literally)- she has a car, expensive camera, they shop in marks dnd Spencer’s and Waitrose , those jackets her and her mum wear cost like £300 . And what does she do all day?
I don’t think she’s been through particularly a lot - the hospital video was all drama and crying only because she can’t be apart from her parents and has attachment issues.
Yes she’s gained weight- but never has she mentioned therapy- not once- so how does she expect to properly ‘really recover’ without therapy and addressing her issues whatever they may be ( mother daughter relationship ?). She also needs to grow up and act 23 not 13.

No. 923751

I’m confused how that works. How would anyone know she’s “starving and restricting” when she constantly stays the size of a baby whale.

No. 923758

She’s absolutely not employed by any gym, let’s be real anon. Does she even have a certification? I don’t think she trains anyone in person either, it’s all advice given over the Internet.

I doubt anyone pays for her bullshit fitness “advice,” but if they do it’s almost definitely illegal because she isn’t certified.

No. 923759

She’s absolutely not employed by any gym, let’s be real anon. Does she even have a certification? I don’t think she trains anyone in person either, it’s all advice given over the Internet.

I doubt anyone pays for her bullshit fitness “advice,” but if they do it’s almost definitely illegal because she isn’t certified.

No. 923782

It was an online course so they probably don't know she looks like death.

No. 923813

I wonder what this doctor is thinking as an obese patient is telling them she is having trouble with restricting and starving. Can you even counsel someone that delusional?

No. 923817

she admitted to being orthorexic at least

No. 923821

If she’s willing to “admit” to being orthorexic, she should have the decency to stop marketing her “1-on-1 fitness and nutrition coaching”. Is she coaching people to be disordered like her? How is that in any way acceptable? Epitome of subversive pro-ana disguised as recovery.

No. 923828

Public hospitals would never give ketamine for MH. It’s used as anaesthetic for electroshocks but it’s administered as a one off. You get ect here if you don’t respond to multiple antidepressant classes but they aren’t huge on long term trials or making sure patients actually work on therapy instead of just going to appts.
You can’t get codeine for dental abscesses, there’s no way she’s getting ketamine infusions prescribed. You get a little dose before the shocks. 8 sessions total. You have to have a panic attack observed by a doctor just for a short course of Ativan lmao, ketamine prescriptions are basically non existent.

No. 923924

File: 1580015405177.png (823.17 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200126-000914.png)


No. 923941

>>923828 you really need to learn your facts. Ketamine has been used and trialed for depression for quite some years now, sometimes with decent reported results from trials. There's a ketamine clinic run for depression where I live

No. 923944

Yep public uses ketamine all the time.
medical MDMA is being trialled for PTSD treatment and hydrocortisone is being used straight after a trauma event to prevent strong PTSD symptoms.

No. 923958

Ive also heard about it being used for anxiety as well

No. 923976

File: 1580023006124.png (5.85 MB, 1242x2688, IMG_3075.PNG)

Jesus christ, her hand is so fucking filthy. I feel ill

No. 923977

File: 1580023138339.png (8.12 MB, 1242x2688, IMG_3076.PNG)


We also got a face shot of the Grime Queen herself, looking like she smells of cat piss and milk left in the sun.

No. 923991

Are all her story pics of her food and grime? That's a lot if uploads.

No. 923994

Her hands are those of a bloated drowned corpse. What's all the purple?

No. 924000


Yeah the whole story is just bizarre food combinations at various angles

No. 924022

her mum probably got new farm's bill and wondered why her obese daughter was being treated for anorexia

No. 924027

Come on, how on Earth dies she expect anyone to believe she is recovering or even recovered with a pale, sickly face like that?
It’s obvious she’s purging.

No. 924029

It made me realise that she has no reason to get better, if she can rely on money and housing from her parents then she will take the easy way out.
I know sixteen year olds that live by themselves who have had severe trauma and mental health issues and get around fine.

No. 924030

File: 1580035606677.png (2.68 MB, 1536x2048, 486B867A-AFDB-4DDE-A764-AFBCE2…)

Why are they worried about her losing? Just do a blind weigh in and tell her they can’t disclose her weight?
Honestly wanting her to GAIN?

No. 924032

I love a good n2f post but this makes me a little sad. Her eyes look so blank. So dead.
Of any cow on here, shes the one that worries me the most

No. 924034

Same i lol at her freaky food combos sometimes but I just want her to get better. I want to know the deal with her though, I thought she lived with parents in a nice clean home, possibly a brother and a really cute mini dachshund and they went on holiday together one time. She’s gone rapidly downhill, she used to be a lot cleaner and more lucid, like what’s the deal with her cooking in her room, why tf is she doing that? It seems like she has extremely bad bulimia, like even worse than ghost.

No. 924035

I’m sorry but this is so funny. Georgie surely even your mother getting sick of your skinny waif ana act is a sign that maybe you’re not at all what you think you are. Side note - how did she find this out? Did her mum come clean to her or something

No. 924036

Who knows what action lead her to say that. It doesn’t necessarily mean her mum is calling her fat, maybe she’s inconsiderate, dirty, rude, abusive, dishonest etc.

No. 924054

‘Recovered’ anorexics - as in Elzani - only disappear from social media or reduce their presence if they are relapsing- like people who have weight loss surgery and vlog/ig it all then gain back the weight and vanish .
Either that or her sister up at Uni has finally talked some sense into her.
Was there a lot of outcry/discussion on MPA about her hospital video ?
I think she’s now too scared to do the one on the Haldon EDU.

No. 924056

On that same note: is anyone else following the recovery.chii / Kara drama? She’s been gone for months then comes back and says she’s going to delete her account but now she’s not deleting it? Why did she disappear in the first place? I’m guessing relapse? Why is she back? Got hungry for attention again?

No. 924071

Georgia's ED behaviour claims change like the wind. It goes from B/P only to now restriction despite claiming not restricting in "so long".

I fail to believe her or @littlestlee or Shanaya @battling_4health for example, have legitimate eating disorders. I think a lot of alleged "anorexics" on instagram merely temporarily displayed disordered eating and managed to find a GP to diagnose them. I think BPD is the real disorder involved.

No. 924079

File: 1580047815938.jpg (115.42 KB, 750x1333, 2228218476070566303_957105559.…)

I'd be interested in the context of this comment. Georgia's playing for pity recently, so she's grasping at anything. She's never mentioned her parents being wankers before now, so I'm choosing to believe her mum didn't say this.

Late to the party but img posted in ref to the Ketamine debate above. I saved it the day she posted it, but I wasn't home yesterday.

No. 924086

She’s publicly disparaged her parents And grandparents on her insta many times in the past, usually a shitty reason like her mom getting mad because she refused to have seconds / thirds / fourths. I struggle to believe any of it. But if her mom did call her a pig, good for her mom! She behaves like a pig. She is rude and self centred and (obviously, but least importantly) fat af.

These immature twats think their parents are obligated to tiptoe around their feefees, even well into adulthood. She doesn’t show her family much respect, why is she so shook if they aren’t willing to play along with her ana-waif delusions any more?

No. 924089

if she would give up the ana shtick georgia could make a legitimate case against why they want to force a clinically obese patient to gain weight, but shes far to ~delicate~ to point out the obvious like that

No. 924092

I didn't know she was a bitch about her family. Why doesn't see get out of their house then? At her age she should be making her own way in the world.

She does come across as arrogant in those youtube uploads of hers. I hope they tell her to leave so she drops her act and has to find a job.

No. 924094

Are you confused? We’re talking about Georgia, not elzani. Does Georgia have yt videos I’m not aware of?!

No. 924095

I'm talking about Georgia. She has some uploads on youtube where she's being all preachy.

No. 924104

Omg. How did I miss this? Thanks anon.

No. 924109

>I’ve been getting a lot of messages
= I constantly refresh the pro-ana thread on lolcow and wanted to address the ~meanies~ in between self posts

No. 924117

She's in this one as well as a bonus! Her voice is really annoying and I don't have a problem with an Aus accent.

No. 924119

wow, so dainty! no wonder she has been tubed like 10 times!

No. 924132

She's skinny really. It's the horizontal stripes giving her a more fuller figure.

No. 924135

Wow. She was actually unwatchably dull.

No. 924202

File: 1580070462371.jpeg (849.44 KB, 828x1568, B4D9B8C6-11F6-4E51-8301-C22C13…)

Horrific. And the caption (next post) is even worse with its preachy attitude. This girl should not be doling out advice she’s not willing to take. She says she follows the 90/10 rule (90% whole food, 10% treats), which might be appropriate for someone on a diet, or even a healthy weight person (still, most dieticians I know would advocate 80/20), but for someone in recovery it takes a lot more than 10% of what she considers “treats” (likely still incredibly safe foods) to recover mentally and physically.

No. 924243

There’s a very good chance Georgie Porgie is being less than truthful. No dietician in their right mind would want her to gain weight. It’s more likely they told her the opposite, that her meal plan will be reduced further if she GAINS more weight.

No. 924249

her mouth is so small

No. 924273

File: 1580078847492.png (3.82 MB, 750x1334, 208937DA-C062-47D2-9B34-D2D806…)

girl what

No. 924274


No matter how grim the food is I always find her hands most horrifying. They look decomposing.

No. 924278

I don't think they are making her gain, more it sounds like they don't want her to lose. While I see why it would be healthy for her to lose, since she's in an Ed clinic stating all these anorexic thoughts (which sound like bullshit, but that's what NF has to go on) I can see why they want her to maintain (to minimise bingeing risk etc). The clinic sounds incompetent af though, it sounds like all it cares for is making money of rich kids who wanna be in hosp with tubes

No. 924281

Her freezer = a plastic bag under her bed where she stashes binge food so her parents don't find out she binges all day.

No. 924311

Sounds a lot like a self post here. Looking at her you can tell all her anorexic claims are bullshit. Most places will put you on a maintenance plan when you are this fat and just let your body settle. They aren’t going to jack her meal plan up just so the dainty one doesn’t lose. This place is several malpractice suits in the making.

No. 924317

Something about her face is just so unnerving. Like deep in uncanny valley territory.

No. 924329

It's a face anas skinnier than her, really wasted ones, have and it looks odd on a body that's thin but not yet at the level her face is at. More than anything it makes me wince to imagine how much it hurts to smile when her skin is so dehydrated. Nutrition coach with skin so dry. It's sad having all the knowledge about how to be healthy with food but she can't use it. I doubt even moisturiser would make a difference.

Horrific really is the word to describe her appearance.

No. 924360

Shes so young and has young teeth and eyes but her skin is wrinkled like a much much older woman. Multiple smile lines and deep wrinkles around her eyes. I'm guessing it's due to losing and gaining and losing weight so quickly without good skin elasticity.

No. 924371

File: 1580091464598.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, A663D825-3D68-417B-8DD3-684D70…)

So I am pretty sure she’s been posted before so I won’t go hard on the intro but basically another wanorexic who whoops her photos, constantly creating new accounts with different names when people call her out etc etc, but recently she has claimed to be in a coma from her anorexia two days from hitting her head and then a few more medically induced. She claimed to have epileptic seizures but then did that fake bs where you film it to prove it like a desperate munchie so that was up for question. Anyway she’s in hospital awake, after her “coma” having the time of her life with visitors and fun filters. I was thinking fine live your probably fake munchie wanorexic life until I saw this photo…I don’t follow this one of Shanayas accounts but I thought it was really weird that she gets all these questions answered and in within the same hour also gets her tube downsized and changed to the other side… I thin in Shay is trying to feed tips to this cow on how to munch the system so I think she’s worth posting now that she’s genuinely outed herself as getting all her info from yet another wanorexic. All these aus wanorexics stick together… it’s like a plague over there. Anyway I’ll post a few to intro/reintro her

No. 924374

File: 1580091631030.jpeg (541.18 KB, 750x1194, 4520B57A-DC8B-48C8-9582-E54678…)

Going for the most attention with the ambiguous caption RIP this was from a different event car accident maybe? She likes to be ambiguous so people ooooh and awwww and ask questions. ..anyway I believe this is from the past one. But still highlights her desire to show off how her ed lands her in the hospital (not sure how her ed had had anything to do with the car accident but whatever)

No. 924375

File: 1580091689115.jpeg (288.42 KB, 750x1198, 9E49F56E-2939-4C9C-A545-7C3E67…)

Ok so this one really makes me lol. This was when she was supposedly in a coma and her friend Skye was posting for her. But Skye says “she said she’ll update you when she wakes up” wtf kek!? So she obviously wasn’t in a coma then and this was probably kjk posting and she slipped up kek omg. What a fail lol. She’s in a coma… but she told me to post this and she’ll update y’all later, kek sure jan lol

No. 924382

File: 1580092180513.jpeg (696.49 KB, 750x1208, 2F85322E-3C6B-4DCF-9B13-214BBD…)

Obvious example of shopped photo with stupid woe is me caption. She’s literally complaining about the doctors and med professionals aren’t equipped to treat eating disorders on this floor. Why do all these aussies beg for the calories via tube? Like they want that nose hose and they want cals PUMPED and if they aren’t getting it, it’s a fucking bitch fit! That’s how I know these ppl are wanorexics. No person big or small with a genuine ed would be begging for a nose hose. Anyway actual size facial comparison in next post.

No. 924385

File: 1580092523002.jpeg (200.99 KB, 750x1209, DE05F936-6698-45B1-9A5D-E9DE28…)

This is from a video her visitor took, it’s interesting she did NOT expect the camera to be turned on her and was shocked like she had the choice to not post it but I love this screen grab bc it captures both her actual face size, and the thought of Instagram seeing an unedited, non photoshopped version of her. For someone that’s seen only pictures or filtered clips holy shit she looks different! She always looks so angular like here >>924382 im guessing the result of poor photoshopping now but damn who she fooling. I’ll bet she’ll be headed to New Farm. She’s talking to shay >>924371 she’ll talk her into it.

No. 924387

File: 1580092634617.png (277.86 KB, 720x865, Screenshot_20200127-023523~2.p…)

Searched her name. Is this her?? She seems normal. Not her?

No. 924390

Wait, it IS her
I see her tattoo on fb. She isn't even in hospital according to fb.

No. 924393

Yup That’s her
Wait wtf….? Where is she lying insta or fb then? I’m shocked bc she made it seem like she was near death… that’s next level fucked. Maybe she just took photos from the car accident and fabricated the whole thing like read this caption she done fucked up >>924375 she’s either in a coma or not if she’s awake enough to tell her friend she’ll update everyone later why wouldn’t she make the post? Clearly she wasn’t in a coma

No. 924416

File: 1580095509843.png (872.61 KB, 720x1281, Screenshot_20200127-032351~2.p…)

Two days after things look grim in a goma, she posts this.

No. 924417


No. 924418

Called it.

How come they never think about how creepy this story is? “I was in a coma and my family/friends took pics to remember the moment forever” like no.. normal people won’t photograph that shit because it’s not an achievement to them.

No. 924430

when youre overweight you can lose on 2,000 calories a day. they should be expecting her to drop at least a little unless they are purposely overfeeding her

No. 924466

shes a junkie so thats the only reason why she would ever be near death

No. 924467

and exactly. Legitimate ED sufferers freak at the prospect of a tube. BPDers however get excited.

No. 924472

Kyiah tags shanaya so clearly os a wannarexic also

No. 924506

File: 1580124853180.jpg (713.43 KB, 1080x1642, Screenshot_20200127-190455_Ins…)

Unsaged because not aware if shes been posted before


IG model/influencer
Every 'model' shot is a clear body check
She denies any ED and says she promotes a healthy lifestyle (Which is fruit btw) Also with that 'promiting' she's giving out nutritional advice and to a point medical? She goes on a lot about the lymphatic system.
She's a shill who sells to skinny fetishists and wannarexics
Has a strong minion following that will come to her defense if you even try to ask about her weight.

Along those lines too, i did a small deep dive into who she follows and who follows her etc and its a lot of made up accounts that follow other accounts who follow skinnies and young girls. They post pics of the young girl models and roam certain hashtags
Shes well aware of who follows her
I have screenshots if this is milky enough

No. 924511


She has a thread in /snow >>779628

No. 924522

Yeah it happened to my mate as well, anorexia made her look ten years older.

No. 924523

Hospitals can put people in comas for medical reasons

No. 924524

Awesome thanks for letting me know
Is there (and i might just be dumb or blind) but is there somewhere on lol where you can search a handle or something to see if they've been posted before?

No. 924525


People in comas has breathing rubea not face masks for supplementary 02

No. 924528


Her mate hoppers recovery is WAAAAY milkier

I bet hoppers recovery posted kiyahs photos here. Typical BPD behaviour. What a fake friend you are.

No. 924531

tbh the BPD accounts on instagram that are within the "ED" community need their own thread at this point, the milk spills over.

No. 924533

Wow thanks captain obvious…..
Who is “hoppers”, what’s her account and if it’s so milky why don’t you share with us some photos or why you think so. Unless your just jealous your friends getting attention and it’s actually your BPD ass that wants the social commentary.. I reposted this girl bc the wanorexics are hot rn and she’s conversing with well known wanorexic shanaya. Besides all these chicks claim to have BPD but who knows if any of then really have it any way? Especially when they are suffering from lyingitits and give me attentionosis kek!

No. 924538

There's a catalog option where you choose the board page and you can just ctrl+f (or the mobile equivalent) for whoever you're looking for

No. 924567

The fact she was working and that fat in September of last year just really enrages me. She's out there reporting, but just a few months later she's depressed enough to need ECT and ~starved herself~ into needing a tube. Who the fuck is she kidding?? Like yes, depression is different for every sufferer but going from being able to work to supposedly needing ECT in a couple of months is ridiculous. I refuse to believe she has tried every single other option available. And it's not physically possible for a healthy person to lose enough weight in such a short time to have any medical reason to need a tube. Jfc everything about her is insufferable. Private healthcare is a fucking travesty.

No. 924585

She’s figured out how to manipulate a system that was designed for underweight anorexics, not obese hamplanets like her. It’s obvious she needs to lose weight, but her buying her way into a private ED hospital means they’re pretty much forced to maintain her weight. It’s fucked up, and she knows exactly what she’s doing. Attention whore cows love gaming the system, and Georgia has it down to a science.

No. 924598

Google search their username and lolcow. If they've been mentioned the thread will show. That's how I check anyway.

No. 924639

File: 1580153550993.png (1.12 MB, 1360x595, much confused.png)

I just stumbled upon someone on instagram and I…don't…can't…please can someone explain to me what's going on.

Her body is "very anorexic"? Gofuckme for ED treatment https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-leah-recover-from-anorexia?utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_lico+share-sheet

No. 924646

But but… but her body is already the fat stocky chub rub watever she is looking for…. much confusion

No. 924648

'this body is also still underweight'….. sorry what

No. 924654

this poor girl is just absolutely drowning in an ocd, severely bulimic dungeon of filth. she needs so much more help than she is getting

No. 924655

File: 1580156144628.png (246.09 KB, 367x649, Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 3.05…)

This chick really grinds my gears. She is a crazy ~35 year old bulimic who works at DSW part time and completely leeches off her parents. They bought her a house and pay for her groceries and still she mooches of the system because she gets food stamps (which obviously she just pukes up). AND SHE TALKS ALL THE TIME ABOUT STEALING GROCERIES. Img from story post today talking about all the food her parents bought her and then what she stole. Do not understand how these entitled bitches don't have an once of shame about stealing from honest people (via food stamps) and actually stealing from grocery stores. And her parents literally fund her pathetic ass anyways. Sage because most of her stories and posts are pathetic and winey (constantly complaining about the "trauma" she experienced in nursery school with a mean teacher (WTF) and her bad skin.) But her complete lack of self awareness about what complete scum of society she is is infuriating.

No. 924663

I often see bulimics humble brag about what groceries they've stolen. Do they do it because it makes their binge urges seem bigger than everyone elses? I'm p sure there was one of them posted here ages ago who posted on ig all the food she stole. I totally understand if they're poor as a church mouse and need the food for a binge, but this one's doing it for the hell of it.

PTSD because of acne. Jesus.

No. 924674

>that face
anon has she got some kind of syndrome or learning difficulties … surely that’s not normal

No. 924685

File: 1580157789421.jpg (47.01 KB, 500x507, special.JPG)

She said she was diagnosed #actuallyautistic two years ago.

No. 924687

File: 1580158006288.jpg (83.71 KB, 917x564, jfc.JPG)

This bananas on french toast - EGG WITH BANANA - is n2f tier repulsive.

No. 924695

Calm yourself anon, this is nowhere near N2F level repulsiveness. This is not the most appealing looking version but banana french toast is a thing. Its not like she ate soft boiled eggs with cooked moldy banana sprinkled with candy in a dirty bowl.

No. 924698

This isn't particularly unusual or repulsive, it's just not aesthetically pleasing. Caramelized banana on french toast actually sounds pretty good. Maybe all the ig anas spending more time plating and photographing their food than they do eating it coughElzanicough have given you misconceptions of what normal food looks like?

No. 924700

Yes. At least the crockery is clean and there are no hairs in the mush.

I've never known egg and banana as a combo before. The vileness of the idea might be my aversion to egg, but, nope. Not with banana. I didn't know it was caramelised either, I thought it'd gone brown. Sorry, but I still believe this is pukeworthy food, but then some people think the same of pineapple on pizza.

No. 924704

Not sure what you're on about anon, french toast is not just egg, nor does it taste like you are eating eggs, egg is simply one ingredient. Surely you have eaten food cooked with - gasp- bananas and eggs. For example, banana bread, maybe you've had a banana pancake etc.

No. 924714

File: 1580161533152.jpeg (1.1 MB, 828x1586, A2C1D665-25E3-44A5-8613-D1FE94…)

If y’all want to talk about n2f-level nastiness, take a gander at ganergainz. I wonder if she advises her clients to eat like this, as a self proclaimed “fitness & nutrition coach”

No. 924716

Has Elzani got BPD?

No. 924719

Does it matter? She’s subversive proana scum. More likely an autist than bpd, but I’m just a humble farmer, not an MD.

No. 924752

I know this has been discussed before but so many farmers are quick to call bpd on people that are behaving more in line with hpd symptoms. A lot of these cows would never do a thing to put their precious selves at risk outside of what they feel they need to do to keep people looking at them.

Laura is the worst about this but Georgia isn't far behind. I don't think Elzani qualifies as having any personality disorder though. She may just be stupid.

No. 924780

File: 1580167861852.jpeg (562.51 KB, 736x1245, AA39FDC9-8795-49EA-9075-97A4A9…)

No. 924781

File: 1580168031368.png (3.05 MB, 750x1334, CB42CD3E-1D45-4F0B-A7B8-530523…)

She seemed to clean the fake blood up pretty quickly though

No. 924796

"I come from a generation of stocky lasses" yes, thats you.

No. 924800

if anyone is wanting to mention these cows BPD antics, i've made a topic for it >>>/snow/924799

No. 924823

it’s a filter homie

No. 924835

she had absolutely no reason to post this. they need to take her phone away, i bet she'd recover very quickly
this looks like barf, im with you anon

No. 924840

File: 1580179049125.jpg (1.18 MB, 2896x2896, 20200127_213607.jpg)

this is so pathetic, isn't she pushing 27/28?
peep that "mommy" on top in the second pic. i think i was still in elementary school last time i called my mother that. sage for no milk, i just hate her guts

No. 924854

Shabby effort. Is this the first pic where she isn't smiling like an idiot after pulling the facial damage stunt?

No. 924863

Wtf? I feel so bad for her mom… aly’s so emotionally manipulative. Like in order to be forgiven by the delicate trigger sensitive princess you need to grovel and apologize over a damn bagel? She eats shit like this all the time and fricking nachos why would someone commenting on this trigger her kek. Maybe it’s not the food but it’s just the act of eating and getting a food comment ? Idk regardless she played this up to get emotional sympathy from her mom and that’s messed up, kek oh aly you need to grow the f up if you can happily choose the bagel, I’m sure a comment like that Isint worth throwing it out over that’s just being ott

No. 924871

>this looks like barf, im with you anon
Some sense at last, and no I've never had banana with pancake. Anything that's obviously eggy would be revolting with fruit. Banana bread is different because it's not got the egg taste.

I get that comments like that can be taken the wrong way if the person has an ed, but she's old enough to realise that others don't really get it. So much immaturity with a lot of these snowflakes. Why would she throw a bagel away if she was going to barf it up anyway?

No. 924893

There's no reason to have two ana-chan threads.

No. 924916

It ain’t an anachan thread if they are fake anas with BPD issues

No. 924958

No way.
At least look up the diagnostic criteria before throwing out diagnoses…

No. 924963

does anyone here follow sasiisadness? was there ever an update post of hers since 2017/2018 or the rumor of her passing away is true?

No. 924964

This isn’t just a thread for anachans.. it’s also a thread for wanorexics. Not every cow has BPD and I don’t always take their word when they claim they have it bc most of the time it’s used as an excuse to justify outrageous behavior or an action. I doubt all or even half these cows have it. I think people like Lee and Laura definitely use it as an excuse to act ridiculous.

No. 924968

No contribution but does anyone have anymore milk from my pancake addiction? I’d take screenshots but admin is a NEET who patrols the site 24/7. Idk if she can see who takes screenshots, but this no life bitch is up everyone’s ass

No. 924972

File: 1580221967472.jpg (572.47 KB, 1102x1470, 20200124_183528.jpg)

Top pic- a tweet by Georgia in 2016

Bottom pic- one of a series of poses like this after losing 'all that weight'

I also want to know what the world is coming to

No. 924973

File: 1580222475337.jpg (898.48 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200128-144139_Ins…)

Smorven's being admitted again.

No. 924982

Any bids on how many 'i cant do this anymore' story posts during this admission

No. 925004

The way they all say "I'm scared" is when I give the biggest eye roll. They got admitted which is what they wanted and now they want ~messages of support~ as well. So boring.

No. 925008

File: 1580229009970.jpg (Spoiler Image, 924.63 KB, 1080x1752, 20200128_172943.jpg)

New kelsey pic oh lord…

No. 925009

>>924963 there was no update. we couldnt find any proof of her death, but its highly likely.

No. 925015

Her face was alot thinner there.

No. 925018

File: 1580229557486.jpeg (357.82 KB, 1124x1652, 7EB17A2E-4881-4F6C-931A-CD4892…)

Nika Petrova

No. 925022

Morven is just a sad waste of a life. She is not even milky at this point, she's just an infantile revolving door patient with no hope of recovery or future. Honestly surprised she hasn't offed herself yet. Seems like an inevitable for her.

does anyone other than her mystery narc friend follow her "real" Kennedy account? If so, has she updated there?

No. 925023

I’m scared [that the hospital is finally catching on to my bullshit and will refuse to admit me next time I throw a foot-stompin hissy fit]

No. 925037

farmers love 2 point out any inconsistencies with the carpet but idk how she could have faked/shooped her torso to look like that. she's becoming less milkey and more sad to me tbh

No. 925038

If you can see the actual post, her face looks much more sick now too. Now that the mystery is kinda solved it is more sad

No. 925040

kelseyyou need to remember for your next shoop that humans have organs and can’t be a vacuum sealed bag of bones

No. 925074

I guess she’s still in the ward attached to some unspecified “trauma”. Also, remember how last week or so she supposedly stopped eating and drinking? I guess that ended pretty quick. I think she might have EDNOS, but she’s definitely not ana as she so desperately claims. She just goes back and forth from normal weight to maybe slightly underweight. Though she’s been at the lower end of average for quite awhile. I would love to know what her actual diagnoses are.

No. 925223

File: 1580255186981.png (167.54 KB, 455x401, c4.png)

Anyone in the UK watching the Channel 4 docu series about the "mental health crisis"? Features teens in adolescent units and their worn out parents, and includes unsubtle mock instagram self-harm accounts, also shows a girl who calls her eating disorder "golen" making her restrict. One of the mental health professionals in it says kids in their units self-harm to fit in "whether they have a mental illness or not" which seems to back up a lot of the conclusions in this thread. Sorry if my rampant newfaggery is showing but this looks like a dream show for the cows in this thread to appear on.

No. 925242

This photo looks the 'realist'
You can actually see skin folds, veins, thinning skin etc
But according to her super secret friend isnt she supposed to be IP rn?

No. 925244

File: 1580259411059.jpg (992.12 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200129_085535889.jpg)

Even Henry thinks she's too thin

No. 925245

This looks interesting. Wonder if i can find it in Aus

No. 925257

Wow! I'm freaked out by the skinny fetishists. So, thanks for the screenshot. You know you've taken it too far when Henry thinks you need to eat!

No. 925263


My follow request was not accepted by her or the narc. I'm pretty disappointed.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 925278

File: 1580267157380.png (929.75 KB, 634x1092, Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 8.04…)

ganer looking like a corpse in her story today where she also goes on a shopping trip to buy rice cakes and cinnamon…such recovery

No. 925292

That is the smallest bite ever taken. Remind me to add quest to the growing list of companies I won’t fuck with because they partner with cows.

No. 925302

I forgot it was on so I'm keeping an eye on the fourseven channel for a repeat. Failing that I'll watch it on catch up at the library.

Try the channnel 4 website and a proxy.

No. 925306

Sorry forgot to sage.

No. 925336

lmao >>925292 is so right about that fuckint tiny nibble out the corner. guessing she didnt eat the whole thing. absolutely a trip that she claims to be in recovery. at best shes shifted from one ED to another

No. 925340

File: 1580281933324.jpg (462.64 KB, 1080x1765, 20200129_021130.jpg)

why would someone share this with their followers? seems like the new version of bragging about how many times youve been inpatient

No. 925354


Weird. All it is is a list of meds she's tried over a ten year period.
I know Adderall is one of the ones on wishlists over at mpa. She probably sees it as ana chan points.

No. 925394

Wtf she takes Valium, Ativan, and neurontin at the same time? She’s be a zombie if not for the adderall and cymbalta. I’m legit surprised a doctor would prescribe 2 benzos at once

No. 925411

It's her own spreadsheet thing. I can't see why a doc would prescribe valium and ativan either. Maybe one of those for daytime and temazepam or some other sleeping pill for night time, but this makes no sense.

No. 925416

File: 1580308335345.png (256.96 KB, 315x511, possessed.png)

Laura's realising that hospitals aren't places where you can go from one to the other if you don't like the curtains.

No. 925418

goddamn she looks even rougher than usual. besides the attentionscratches what the fuck is happening with her face?

No. 925426

laura looks horrific holy shit is she like…good

No. 925428

Looks like she's trying to take the most unflattering picture of herself to look as ill as possible. Nobody else would post this on ig. She looks like Regan Macneil midexorcism.

No. 925429

File: 1580312804363.jpg (40.61 KB, 640x607, am.jpg)

or Annalise Michel

No. 925431

Spoiler this shit please yeez

No. 925433

File: 1580313101395.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.28 KB, 590x546, argh.JPG)


No. 925444

I mean it’s no secret she’s gained weight recently which is whatever she looks fine. But her face looks bloated and blotchy here >>925416 and if she doesn’t have a filter on she looks dirty as hell.

No. 925448

i got banned within minutes of posting here. not sure if she can see who screenshots, i assume it's probably that she can see who has viewed a post and compare it to the time it was shared here. so if you want to share any milk it might be better to horde screenshots to post once some time has passed. just a guess though

No. 925460

instagram gives you notifications of who screenshots your stories, you have to just screen record (iphones have built in screen recording) and then take screenshots of your screen recording to post.

No. 925464

Think that anon was talking about mypancakeaddiction that has the lunatic owner.

No. 925466

File: 1580316341638.jpg (489.79 KB, 1080x1661, 20200129_104505.jpg)

The fucking heart at the end

No. 925467

File: 1580316428795.jpg (446.19 KB, 1067x1423, 20200129_164643.jpg)

Top kek. I wonder what it'll be next. Hearing God in her neighbour's dog telling her to shoot people?

Shame about all the NHS funding she's wasting in her bid to be the craziest once she realised no one was falling for the anorexic shtick.

No. 925468

Actually you can save yourself the trouble of screen recording. Currently you can screenshot content from stories without the user being notified. Instagram will only notify users of screenshots that another user took of their disappearing photos or videos in a direct message chat.

No. 925470

File: 1580316651979.jpg (79.62 KB, 800x550, psychic-sally.jpg)

Definitely demonic possession. She WILL feel ill when they start her on largactil or some shit. Hearing voices lol.

No. 925472

On a laptop download a stories viewer on chrome. The account holder has no idea you saw their posts.

No. 925476

Banned within minutes? Damn. I not surprised tho bc admin has responded to my messages in SECONDS. She truly does nothing else all day.

I might try to hoard screenshots. She’s quick with the ban hammer tho.
Yes that’s what I was talking about. My pancake addiction is on lockdown due to being posted here kek.

No. 925477

File: 1580317598721.jpg (44.87 KB, 338x576, 0.JPG)

Wow, fake DID ana chan chickpea's got a new council flat. Is it going to be a rinse and repeat of get discharged, get given a flat, fake a sperg, get put back in hospital? Of course it is.

No. 925492

I think the dripping or dried blood is what gets me the most, at least clean your fucking face before you take a gd damn selfie. She’s revolting but I can’t look away. Also, lol that she has to move to a ward that allows coffee dates/regular photo shoot opportunities. Notice that at this ward she’s only posted photos from her room. They probably don’t let her take pictures in the main areas and it’s oh so traumatic.

No. 925523

File: 1580324705626.png (250.27 KB, 883x678, fskghkdfg.png)

"totes pro recovery guys" also the link to the excel file for the challenge https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OKc7PSf_gHfJdtms-0IuWuDTjkJO_BvFtERkedJiH2k/edit#gid=32668357

No. 925542

What a fucking moron.

No. 925543

yeah, i posted some cringe here, went back to pancake, refreshed the page, and got a notification that i was banned. it said "Reason: Lolcow user" which made me bust a gut. owner is a NEET with nothing better to do. i had posted an older thread so that's why i think she can see who views what page on the site, i was probably one of the only ones who clicked that post that day

No. 925548

That spreadsheet confirms they're all wanarexics. Mostly average weight sprinkled with overweight-obese. Does it make her feel daintier having a website where the members aren't as thin as she wishes she was?

No. 925549

how does one claim anorexia at bmi 47?? just how wtf

No. 925550

Forgive my amerifaggotry but those weights gots to be in KG, right? Shocked that they are all so… fat? I guess that most EDs are BED/overeating but still…

No. 925551

Got to be kgs.

No. 925552

in the first column it says if its kg or lbs, the bmi is there too so if youre confused just look at that

No. 925553

File: 1580327704768.jpeg (334.15 KB, 1536x1629, 44A5EB28-B2D5-4BF0-A900-DACF3D…)

Jeez I seriously thought this chick had herself together, I guess once an attention whore always an attention whore.
It’s almost Laura-type of autism here.
Remember this is a nineteen year old.

No. 925557

Is that the bald one? If so she ain’t really milky tbh, she got over her shit, just weird af.

No. 925561

File: 1580328312443.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 143.1 KB, 750x1334, 18DFC1BE-C02F-48C4-9234-49A33A…)

Ahhh the future of the NHS right here! (sarcasm obviously)
Would you want to be treated by this? I’d be scared tbh.
Also what the hell is going on with that pose?

No. 925565

File: 1580328364914.png (41.33 KB, 433x114, kjkfjghskfgjh.png)

okay but this is like weird fr

No. 925566

File: 1580328576590.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.65 MB, 3000x4000, 320A3832-A09E-44C8-ACCD-86D83D…)

I understand the comparison anon kek!

No. 925569

Christ, imagine them two being in the same unit together, it would be like a circus

No. 925572

if these bmi 40+ ana-chans at least claimed to have BED or bulimia i wouldn't laugh at them as much. i guess BED/mia isn't as attractive as uwu anorexia lol

No. 925577

who is this??

No. 925580

File: 1580330013580.jpg (175.21 KB, 1079x792, Screenshot_20200129-143327_She…)

No. 925586

Can’t remember her name, but she was the “Buddha” looking chick from way back

No. 925587

File: 1580331651357.jpeg (213.69 KB, 750x1000, iszy church.jpeg)

No. 925591

File: 1580332232242.png (3.47 MB, 1536x2048, D6EA7169-CEAF-4C32-86E0-50A841…)

What’s with the mayfly pic?

No. 925668

I almost hope she just gets sectioned. She was honestly doing well a few years ago. Really hope she gets at least a little better soon, poor girl. She seems very innocent, not manipulative, conniving or histrionic like some of these others.

No. 925670

Got dam that’s a big ass bruise on her forehead. She really stepped up her self-harm-as-emotional-manipulation game. Wtf is wrong with this ward now? Good lord.

No. 925680

"its a mental disorder not a weight disorder" is usually their go to

No. 925689

File: 1580347629469.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, 20200129_192653.jpg)

No. 925696

I straight up don’t believe any of this. Is New Farm really that fucking stupid or is she just lying again? It’s just so hard to believe the word increase is involved to any degree in her treatment, maybe increase exercise, increase portion control, increase honesty, but increase food? No way kek !

No. 925715

Are we sure G is actually at an ed clinic? Like could she be faking the entire thing? I can't see a clinic wasting resources on her

No. 925716

Full snacks just means a whole apple or whole yoghurt etc.

No. 925727

She went in for “hearing voices” she’s probably on a ward for people with psychosis fewer friends to go get frappes and go shopping with, and more “old scary people”. Hopefully she’ll get loaded up on antipsychotics and watch her weight balloon and maybe learn a lesson about attention grabbing stunts like this.

No. 925755

… how would she know? It's an old screenshot, obvs. Seems like you'd be safe posting a screenshot here that was taken 16 days ago. Maybe I'm not internet savvy enough, but how would they be able to figure out it was you?

No. 925756

How does a human even get a bmi over 40? That’s like double a decent size. What makes anorexia appealing to obese women?

No. 925765

yes, its new farm. they let porkers in as long as you have private health.

No. 925766

Thought she was fine with snacks but it was the main meals (hot meals) she couldn't finish? Since when has she had trouble finishing….a snack
Her super anorexia has morphed again

No. 925770

File: 1580366338507.jpeg (233.38 KB, 747x1099, C55C2285-9428-4F06-9D99-F8CBD9…)

Here’s a picture from Kennedy’s personal Instagram

No. 925771

File: 1580366404525.jpeg (252.48 KB, 749x1086, 1F0A3182-DFE1-4C21-A02F-99738D…)

And here’s one that was posted 7 hours ago

No. 925778

she has a droopy dogface like maggie gyllenhaal. i guess if i were this unfortunate and ugly-looking i'd claw my face every time i saw it too

No. 925779

Kek around the world. Dat thigh circumstance difference

I love photoshopping yes I do. I love photoshopping how about you!

On a serious note she’s more ill than I wanted to believe. In acute and shopping her pics to post them to her personal account. Constantly updating people who are more reactive than her pro Ana account and are worried. She’s more f*cked in the head than I imagined. I also nitpicked about her wearing revealing clothes in the halls but here she is doing it again. Those poor other patients have to deal with her exhibitionism. I hope she gets slipped at ERC

No. 925780

>wearing revealing clothes

Tucking her t shirt into her leggings is ridiculously pro ana. Who the fuck is taking these pictures of heer showing off her gadgets and all kitted out with her wires n shit?

No. 925809

I will admit her face looks spoopier in these photos than the ones on her pro ana insta

No. 925814


Everything else looks a lot worse though, her face, her hair looks like it's falling out, her skin especially on her ankles looks like she's been dead in a ditch for a week. I guess she's photoshopping the more flattering photos taken at a higher weight to look like she does now?

No. 925817

Unless the new ones are old.

No. 925823

What other pictures did she include in that post? How are you getting access to her page

No. 925825

Also claimed to have a BMI of 13 at one point… not saying that anyone higher that that bmi doesn’t need treatment or whatevs… just such an obvious lie. The post was deleted ages ago and I’m being super bit picky now but can’t even use the right ‘their’ instead used ‘there’ repeatedly.

No. 925828

Also idk if u remember but used to and probs still does edit pics massively!! For ages I didn’t know what her real face even looked like.

No. 925829

her arm looks very short in that pic..

No. 925833

Didnt she apparently post that body check video from home the other day/week?

No. 925841

Yeah. There's much fuckery going on.

No. 925866

Whoever is posting these, can you post the other 6 pictures and the captions. For >>925771 too

No. 925871

I remember that post and she just claimed that recently before her coma her BMI was like 11 or 13 but she’s already edited out all of the numbers out of her posts unfortunately.
Hell yes! Her face looks different in every photo and when she does a video or boomerang it’s a really face altering filter kek. This is the most accurate version probably of her right now as it was filmed by one of her friends >>924385 but your right she shops massively. Here’s a great example where her face doesn’t even look like the same face and these two shots are within days of each other kek >>924382
She’s really trying to get that cheekbone popping

No. 925876

File: 1580396038177.jpg (1005.14 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200130-034200_Ins…)

No. 925877

This comment made my day. Lol

No. 925879

no thanx. there are special internet places to go to if i wanted to watch a fat woman eat.

No. 925884

File: 1580398895743.jpeg (437.62 KB, 1536x1610, 20E775C4-F3B9-490F-AD7C-961EDE…)

Looks like she’s leaving folks! Wonder for how long though ……

No. 925886

What's she supposed to be recovering from?

No. 925889

begging for interaction even though shes "totally about to deactivate"….. lmao ok.

No. 925892

At least it seems like there are SOME doctors who are aware of the whole ~ who is the most unstable/worst case ~ insta dick measuring contest and how it definetly keeps anyone from getting better (even if they were overexaggerating in the first place)

No. 925952

I wonder if the site owner has a script running on the website that tracks if a screenshot is taken. She might be matching user IPs against the screenshots taken here?

Idk, bit nutty if you ask me. Its insane how quickly people get banned after posting a screenshot.

No. 925954

Did anyone get a screenshot of the Google Doc? It's gone, seemed milky though.

No. 925958

They’re probably some fat old computer nerd who has waaaay to much time on their hands. God knows what the websites coding looks like, probably scripts galore.

No. 925974

File: 1580417992828.jpg (70.38 KB, 719x583, ss01.JPG)

No. 925975

File: 1580418091169.png (64.42 KB, 1360x595, ss02.png)

No. 925980

File: 1580418931310.jpg (774.47 KB, 1080x1650, 20200130_151531.jpg)

No. 925982

153 calories. Impressive recovery "dessert".

No. 925995

And she’s so fucking smug like she’s some fucking ~*~inspiration~*~

No. 926010

What's up with these bmis? Are some of the weight in lbs and some in kilos or are most people on the verge of obesity? Yikes

No. 926012

This shits just sad. She’s going to die

No. 926014

I get the impression most members on that site are genuinely obese or overweight ~atypical anas~. almost every frequent user of their anorexia board is objectively fat and anyone who might point it out would be instantly banned.

No. 926043

She sure as shit ain't going to recover. She's too into being bonespo. About to die but still pulls her ana poses. That's the saddest thing.

Btw, am I the only one who thinks she's posting these herself?

No. 926049

it also crossed my mind since there is no caption shown, none of the other pictures are capped and the OP did not say anything other than "hey here are some recents pictures posted." weird but this girl is obviously so far gone that it seems possible. slash anything is possible with her.

No. 926052

Why would her so called friend be posting these pictures of her and exposing the fact its kind of a fake account? Something isn't adding up here.

No. 926054

Just like her photos kek. She’s definitely very thin, but her pics aren’t realistic at all. The proportions are off, and even if they weren’t, she’d be on bed rest. ACUTE is known for bed rest and room restrictions, yet here’s Kelsey up and walking around. ACUTE isn’t some New Farm sort of shit, they actually have sick patients and monitor them accordingly. If she was actually in as worse shape as her shooped photos, they’d have her on true bed rest. IMO she may be (or was previously) at ACUTE, but she weighs more than her photos show. She just can’t admit she’s healthier now, and thus the skelly shoops. Whatever’s going on though, she’s a major attention whore who doesn’t seem to care about being a major potential trigger. It’s selfish and gross.

No. 926055

File: 1580430486895.jpg (316.55 KB, 1080x945, Screenshot_20200131-081233_Twi…)

Henry believes her photos are real. But this pic was posted here by her "friend" a week ago, but then a body check video at her home came up. So its questionable if shes in acute still. Im thinking these are old photos and videos. Wondering if she weight restored (or as close to as she could) and wants to be spoopy again and lives vicariosuly through those old pics and still gets the admiration while remaining all mysterious. I think she gets off on it.

No. 926076

ACUTE would NOT let her go home at that weight. They’re known to court order people that are that sick to stay, even after ACUTE they’ll continue the forced treatment at ERC no matter how old you are….they’ll argue you can’t take care of yourself and generally they’ll win every case. Friend of mine was court ordered for 6+ months. The new pic was probably an old one from before she was admitted.

No. 926082

Maybe she has someone else posting old stuff for her or even editing her pictures to post? Something smells

No. 926085

File: 1580434813030.png (2.95 MB, 1242x2208, 1A820DFA-68E7-40E5-8F88-B7AC34…)

Anyone able to translate? I am always curious about her posts but they’re always in Czech

No. 926094

So glad you can have fun talking about bullshit, it's like some sort of moron virus..
Once again I'm not I N T E R E S T E D

No. 926096

File: 1580435913058.jpg (177.87 KB, 720x932, _20200131_035152.JPG)