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File: 1455595976806.jpg (24.75 KB, 960x640, 12654132_773249746153310_59527…)

No. 93507


Not technically a cow but a snowflake for sure. Momokun is the latest JNig wannabe. Despite only being active since last December her cosplay fb page has over 20,000 likes, a clear sign that many of them are bought. She gained notoriety for her Zero Suit Samus cosplay and she’s already got a Patreon going and is trying to hock prints. Nicknamed Thick Samus, Momokun is just plain old fat.

No. 93508

File: 1455596040333.jpg (41.62 KB, 600x450, 1454448261934.jpg)

Momokun even makes the same stupid faces as JNig. She's in it for the fame and nothing else.

No. 93509

File: 1455596061006.jpg (74.21 KB, 958x640, 1453385805140.jpg)

No. 93510

File: 1455596099677.jpg (88.29 KB, 600x600, 1453380105407.jpg)

No. 93531

Don't forget:
>got posted on cgl
>whined because she got posted on cgl
>begged people for money while simultaneously saying that they should only donate if they want to uwu
>you can pay for her nudes on Patreon
>got her nudes posted on cgl
>begged people to take them down because her "Muslim family disapproves"
>despite said Muslim family disapproval, she continues to distribute nudes
>"you bitches don't know who you're messing with!"

No. 93536

i think she self-posted at one point too, not sure if it was that or vandetta tho.

No. 93567

There's no evidence that can prove that she was the one who self posted but she was definitely in the thread pushing her Patreon links on people.

No. 93568

post the nudes

No. 93573


She does look nice from behind..

No. 93599

No. 93622

You girls sound jelly tbh

I doubt any of you could make 1500 a month from patreon

No. 93629

Honestly she's eh. Some people have higher standards and different tastes. I can see the appeal to her but I feel like in person she's kind of gross. A part of me feels like she smells like perfume and darts for some reason.

No. 93631

File: 1455629570618.png (158.54 KB, 1277x1260, Untitled.png)

Sorry for the large size. Here's a few posts she made in her cgl thread.

No. 93632

*farts, goddamn this phone.

Also if she doesn't work out regularly she's just gonna get gross instead of staying curvy.

No. 93633

File: 1455629624140.jpg (549.75 KB, 1152x1440, 1453463876431.jpg)

Picture at the end.

No. 93637

At least JNig has a decent body, this cow is just flabby. Doesn't even have T&A to make up for it.

No. 93657

File: 1455636349066.jpeg (121.65 KB, 600x900, image.jpeg)

I'm not a JNig fan but ngl I'm jealous of her bod and her workout routine is crazy intense. You gotta at least give her credit for that. I definitely want to try out her workout routine when I have the time.

Just saying but there are still cosplayers who aren't interested in monetizing their hobby outside of commissions and selling cosplays that they don't wear anymore.
Besides, her handmade costumes are pretty much unrecognizable and her wig styling is shit. The only reason why I recognized her Mewtwo as Mewtwo was because she had a giant tag hanging off her wig that said "Mewtwo" on it. She's clearly just into cosplay for the potential money and fame.

No. 93658

File: 1455636564020.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 766.31 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

Remember when she said her Muslim family disapproved of her revealing pictures and nudes?

No. 93662

File: 1455637355666.webm (2.88 MB, 1024x576, 1453342710166.webm)

if you had a body this THICK wouldnt you flaunt it?

No. 93664

File: 1455637650647.webm (1.62 MB, 924x1080, 1453541198124.webm)

No. 93665

JNig is as plastic as Yaya. Neither of them are good looking.

No. 93667

File: 1455637790652.webm (2.14 MB, 616x720, 1453573863407.webm)

No. 93671

This girl still looks gross anyways. Take the suit off and see the gross frumpy mess.

No. 93673

That quadraboob… Girl get a better fitting bra!

No. 93678

File: 1455638484857.jpeg (64.67 KB, 750x586, image.jpeg)

>talking about her bod and workout routine
are you implying that all of her muscle tone is from plastic surgery?

Pic unrelated.

No. 93680

File: 1455638548529.jpeg (207.39 KB, 750x1019, image.jpeg)


No. 93681

File: 1455638588156.jpeg (247.23 KB, 750x908, image.jpeg)

No. 93682

File: 1455638655788.jpeg (158.94 KB, 750x1022, image.jpeg)


Wow so inspirational, Mariah.

No. 93683

>people think I am good looking.

Who? lol why are so many girls in the community so self pitying and saying how they were ugly ducks but now famous starshines? … Especially when they aren't famous. Gurl get over yourself.

No. 93685

JNig is definitely plastic, anon. calm down

No. 93686

You're still fat you dumb cunt, only now you're fat AND half naked.

No. 93687

I miss the days when Samus wasn't in this outfit…. I miss those days so much, Nintendo. fuck you guys.

No. 93688

No, because then I'd be fat.

No. 93690

I truly hate what cosplay has become. it used to be such a fun hobby. Where did it all go wrong?

No. 93693


She's so fat yet has such a flat ass? Yikes. That last bottom picture tho is that bad makeup or just bad skin… she's nothing special so no I'm absolutely not jealous of her at all. I can wear skimpy clothing and advertise myself and I can pretty much guarantee I could get to where she is. It's easy being an attention whore, and at least I have an ass so I just gotta pander to lonely nerds and basement dwellers. I would probably have actual knowledge on who I'm cosplaying as well. This might sound cocky but at least half of the girls commenting in this thread could make it as well if they just put themselves out there.
TL;DR: this flat assed hambeast is nothing special.

No. 93695

Same. That's why I never get involved in groups or anything like that. I'd rather do it on my own terms and solo to avoid drama.

No. 93720

It went wrong when Yaya decided to make cosplay a quick and easy way to gain cash and fame and JNig's ex had her flaunt her (flat at the time) bod as sexy pikachu.

No. 93749

>I'm just this random good-looking girl
Burst out laughing in the middle of lecture, thanks Momo

No. 93750

jeeeeesus her fb page is so full of cancer

No. 93751

No. 93752

No. 93753

I got a newsflash for you, Mamokun, you're still fat af

No. 93755

Goddamnit this female whale creature scares me..

No. 93761

Many many cosplayers have patreon
very few are as successful as her and shes only been cosplaying for 6 months

You think she's not hot? Your opinion is irrelevant.

No. 93763


Hi Momo!

No. 93772

File: 1455652938055.jpg (41.9 KB, 548x859, 12741986_776137619197856_88074…)

it's cream or cake frosting she wiped on her face to try to look sexy. you're right though, it just looks like peeling skin or something.

You don't have muscular Chun thighs, Momo. You're just fat.

No. 93786

File: 1455655461004.webm (1.86 MB, 1416x1080, 1453541765336.webm)

Men like girls with curves.
This is why on an instinctual level, women hate other women who have big ass and boobs because it threatens them.

So if you ask a woman what she thinks is an attractive woman, you get some beanpole because its non threatening.

You bitches may think some assless lolita cunt is hotter than Momokun but your opinion is irrelevant. Men decide who is attractive, not you.

And men have decided that cosplay girls with tits and ass are the most attractive, which is why they make far more money(prints, patreon, etc) than skeleton bitches.

No. 93787

>implying lesbians don't exist

No. 93788

File: 1455656095542.jpg (176.25 KB, 1104x1104, bettie_page_vintage_bikini_pin…)

Momo is not curvy, she's a fat fuck.
"Good curvy" = Hourglass Figure like Bettie Page , not flapflaps over here

No. 93789


and what kind of girls do lesbians like?
boyish ones
man looking ones

No. 93790

>implying that lesbians are only attracted to woman because they look like man

No. 93791

Well I'm sorry that I'm 117 men usually like skinny/curvy girls from the sizes of 117-130 pounds, anon.
No one really likes fat girls, in regards to men.
Men like skinny girls with big butts and boobs, and skinny girls not fat girls. That's why girls like Kim Kardashian and Nicki are such hits, even though they have fake plastic surgery bubble butts.

No. 93794


Most lesbians are just going through an experimental phase and go back to cock eventually tbh fam

No. 93796

File: 1455657479197.png (17.45 KB, 626x624, lGiX9Fr.png)

No. 93877

File: 1455675419621.jpg (27.64 KB, 640x441, 4NwQjz8X3.jpg)

No. 93888

Oh how very haraam ( ° ʖ ° )

No. 93896

Why do these snowflakes think it's a good idea to associate their real names with their revealing or nude photos? Her future employers are going to see this shit since her Twitter is what comes up when you google her name.

No. 93901

everyone wants to debate on whether or not her body is hot (i personally think she's a hambeast relying on waist cinchers) but when will we address the elephant in the room with that god awful man face

No. 93977

take the waist cincher/corset off her and she looks like shit. glad i have a natural hourglass shape so i don't have to put myself through that.

No. 93979

What is with all the fatties calling themselves """curvy""" these days? Bitch is fat af

No. 93981

Because they wish they were hot and men would love them. That's why there's so many posts and comics about men hating skinny bitches and choosing "real women" (landwhales).

No. 93990

We could always add the fact that she's not a geek at all. It's kinda obvious since she never actually talks about any of the shit she cosplays and her 'non canon' outfits are all completely out of character. The fact that she drew Diane eating cake when she loves meat and pork like a mofo and doesnt really like sweets? Has bitch even read/watched Nanatai?

No. 93991

She's not making money because she's a cosplayer. She's making money because she's selling fap material.

Anyway as someone who uses patreon, she's probably not making NEAR that amount. A lot of those people probably sign up for the free shit she posts and then bounce. I doubt she's smart enough to make sure payments go through besides the top tier ones.

No. 93992

>Those arms that are 2x as fat as her boobs
>That upper back fat

No. 94009

File: 1455734434425.jpg (23.01 KB, 293x363, the_master_of_disguise.jpg)

Her face reminds me of the turtle guy from master of disguise

No. 95263

fucking disgusting, Samus would never be that out of shape.

No. 95276

She's so very obviously using a corset to tuck in her waist fat. You can even see the goddamn boning in here >>93664 .

No. 95293


i reallyyy want to know what the pikachu girl is saying here lmao. she looks tired of the hambeast's shit and camera whoring

No. 95294

tbh she doesn't even look like samus? just a fat girl with no ass (somehow) in a blue suit and a blonde wig

No. 95304

It doesn't matter if her cosplay is accurate or not because her "fans" just want to see T&A

No. 96469

File: 1456035945524.jpg (88.78 KB, 789x561, curvyfat.jpg)

>men like girls with curves
Momo ain't curvy, she's fat

No. 96478


where are they? at a mall?? this is so cringe worthy, getting so much second hand embarrassment

No. 96496

The curvy one isn't even curvy, just photoshopped.

No. 97293

sorry, anon, despite being curvy, Bettie Paige was also pretty flabby.
Momo is curvy too, just heavier.

No. 97307

File: 1456206412906.jpeg (104.93 KB, 622x626, image.jpeg)

No. 97308

Whoops didn't mean to quote the last one. Sorry anon!

No. 97396


>tfw I will never look curvy like that if even I gain weight because of my horrible genetics and plank body type


No. 97437

She's not curvy, anon. She's fat. She uses corsets and shapewear to make her waist appear smaller so it looks like she has curves. Without shapewear, she still looks like >>93682.

No. 97574

hello momo

No. 97576

File: 1456259477507.png (983.01 KB, 616x685, baaa69fbb68ac87b2df5500d7ddd61…)

Anon please, blessed with what? a flabby gut and a flat ass?

No. 97597

how the fuck does someone just…lack so much muscle tone? like she's fat but even when fatties flex you can typically see some definition going on. none here. none at all. blowing my mind here, cosplaying an extremely in-shape person who contorts their body into a fucking BALL when you're a land whale who can't touch her toes. amazing.

No. 97723

That's reassuring, at least.

No. 97724

It's funny cuz if you google her, a bunch of search results come up about her participation on her high school's lacrosse team but she's still fat even after playing lacrosse which is a pretty intense sport.

No. 97726

My sis used to play hockey. There were some chunky girls in that team but they played hard. Idk how that works.

No. 97732

What's nigri's workout routine?

No. 97778

No. 99027

File: 1456705355151.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.96 KB, 600x899, CcSM_UMUMAEwT4q.jpg)

Momokun: Master of the clever angle.

No. 99050

Muh muslim family disapproves so much :'( please donate to my patreon

No. 99125

I'm actually really curious though, did she make the zero suit or did someone else make it for her? Cus I kind of like it except for the fact that theres a fat cow in it.

No. 99128

I saw this Facebook post and she was talking about the problems she has with her body and how this was the most empowering thing she's ever done… but I doubt it. It's a way to earn a quick buck without much work. Like people who just do it without patreon, I can believe that they do it for self empowerment (though I think a lot of times it's more based on getting more views/likes) but if it's literally for people who are paying you… ya, I don't buy it.

No. 99280

>breast reduction surgery

aaaaaaaaand dropped

sorry but you slapped Allah (SWT) in the face

I wont be fapping to you anymore, hope you are happy

No. 99293

Why is she getting her breast size reduced? Yeah their big, but they fit her body? It's not like their really huge or anything, she can just lose weight then problem solved.

No. 99327

She admitted to buying it on Aliexpress on cgl. Previously, she just ignored people who asked if she made or bought it.

Too lazy to change her diet and exercise I guess.

No. 99328


she already did it
> I have scars under my breast after my breast reduction surgery at 14 years old,

just imagine what she would look like now if she had kept them

No. 99331

Kek you sound like the chiche butthurt basement dwelling fedora wearing neckbeard.

Sage sage sage.

No. 99333

No. 99351

Wait so she bought a suit from China and is essentially calling herself that character and acting like she's a cosplayer? Like…what has she done? Has she EVER made anything? Like at that point why not just call yourself an alt-model or erotica model or something? Like I thought you had to cosplay to be a cosplayer…I guess the bar must be reaallllly low for women to get fame in the cosplay community as long as you're willing to show off your body and pose suggestively…

No. 99415


Idk she looks nice at that angle.

I like her smile.

No. 99448

File: 1456823375391.png (777.48 KB, 808x730, contain yourself ladies.png)

she made her Mewtwo cosplay that no one even would've recognized was Mewtwo if she didn't have a giant tag hanging off her wig that said "MEWTWO" on it.
You're not wrong about how low the bar is. Flash your tits and put on a "omg I'm such a geek but I'm also kinda ditzy and kooky! XD" personality and you'll get a lot of followers.

btw she'll be featured on Arda Wigs' website and on the IGN snapchat discover if anyone wants to look.

No. 99468

File: 1456834800681.png (1.23 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

She was featured on ign's snapchat with cosplay of the day.. I literally said "wtf ew.."

No. 99491

aw i thought the same thing. she has a cute face

maybe she's fat but she knows how to work the angles

No. 99896

She has mentioned she's trying to cut carbs out of her diet, for someone who's so about body positivity she's already caved from the thousand of haters who think she's just fat lol. In my honest opinion she is, her thighs are so huge that they just turn into an ass there's no definition line or a curve between her ass and her thighs its just a continuous line. And I saw her corset in the Samus suit from a mile away. Lazy cow benefitting from lonely desperate nerds who think she will suck dick if they donate to her patreon. Not salty or jealous in the least bit just stating facts.

No. 99898

The biggest thing that annoys me is she is having sexually suggestive convos with other females. People who fake bisexuality are the worst type of people. She knows if she pretends to like boobs the horndog level of her pathetic fans goes through the roof. Have you ever even kissed a girl? Ever fingered another chick or sucked on a nipple? Highly doubt it. All girls do it tho, fake bisexuality for attention. Its just irritating. I'm bisexual and I've had relationships with women in the past, dating a guy now but its still besides the point. Stop being so fake.

No. 99946

Holy lol. There are some bitter, jealous bitches/neckbeards in this thread. Live and let live you spiteful retards.

No. 99947

Jealous or inane, petulant busybodies. Pick one.

No. 99952

Lol one of these two is Mariah. She has an unfortunate habit of googling her name so she can defend herself by popping up in random threads. Go back to not caring what others think like you state so often. Either that or its the two new cosplayers she met online that are dickriding her fifteen minutes of fame so hard XD

No. 100087

Haha this thread is cancer in the purest form. Then again I think the internet is in general. She needs to lose weight plain and simple if she wants to be as famous as Nigri. Which some of you are saying she is trying to do. Fucking good for her. The thing is, if she's a genuine person she will stop caring what other people think so much. Only people who aren't genuine and have something to hide go around trying to defend themselves everywhere they go. She's not gonna get anywhere if she lets shit like this get to her.

No. 100125

I've never done any of those things, and all of my past relationships were with men, but I masturbate and fantasize mostly about women.
I mean, I don't go around saying I'm bi (I've never been asked, so who cares?), but your criteria is still pretty flawed.

No. 100131

No. 100305

File: 1457048321799.png (259.87 KB, 358x551, Screenshot_2016-03-03-15-34-01…)

This is supposed to be Diane?
I don't understand how you can post photos like this if you were so worried about your family. I hope someone sends her mom these one day.

No. 100331

Bahahaha that's why she is such a joke lmao. "Oh I'm this Arab chick with super religious parents" bitch they would have disowned your ass by now. So many lies but everyone just eats it up, she plays on this "body positive I used to be depressed and feel worthless" trend so that she becomes uncrucifiable by her fans it's fucking disgusting. Quit lying, quit being such a fake ass bitch please ??? anyone who isn't a lonely nerd can see right through her shit. I hope she sees this thread and quits cosplay lol. I'm not gonna reply to any keyboard warriors by the way y'all are wasting your breath :) go ahead and defend your precious momokun she only cares about your $$$

No. 100333

File: 1457057392576.jpg (42.09 KB, 639x938, 11825550_888257894601276_55833…)

Even if you don't like her how can you say she's fat?

No. 100334

stop posting on the internet and go for a run mariah

No. 100335


That's not her

No. 100337

File: 1457059547060.jpg (37.55 KB, 540x960, 11250023_888258174601248_20118…)

When you're so jealous of someone you're denial

No. 100346


Momo I can tell you're sucking in your stomach. Stop lying,

No. 100348

File: 1457060468977.jpg (58.72 KB, 327x451, 2016-03-03_18.56.12.jpg)

LMAO JEALOUS OF WHAT?! Those pictures are SOOOO old here's some recent ones you retard yah we're super jealous of arm flab, back fat and corsets ? its not even about her appearance tho its just her shitty personality in general. Sue used to be a real cunt online to anyone who got mad at her and now she's acting all sweet and innocent everyone love me lol.

No. 100349

File: 1457060513980.jpg (45.69 KB, 377x463, 2016-03-03_18.55.29.jpg)


No. 100350

Mariah could you maybe relax on posting so much, it doesn't make you look any better. We know you're fat.

No. 100359

Mariah, if you were just fucking fat and ugly then everyone would turn the other way, maybe you'd get posted in a cgl thread every once in a while. But you got an entire lolcow thread dedicated to you because of your awful, rotten attitude and your desperate, shameful grabs for attention. Instead of riding that dildo built into the saddle of your high horse, you should stop white knighting yourself and take this opportunity to reflect on yourself and behavior. You're not the common denominator for no reason.

No. 100364

This is bait, right? There's absolutely zero muscle definition in that flabby arm.

No. 100369

This looks like you need a bigger sports bra…

No. 100506

File: 1457073518777.png (20.75 KB, 586x222, tryhardermomo.png)

don't tell her muslim family though!!

No. 100510

Nice tits. Would like to see more of them

No. 100513

i don't know if it's just me, but i don't believe she's a Muslim, or her family is muslim. Taking nudes or pre-marital sex is highly frowned upon in islam, and she should know better if her "muslim family" don't approve what she did. i think she's just saying that because she's hoping the ~pervs~ would take down her nude down, but guess what, they wouldn't, since her nudes are already up in the internet anyway. she's basically a camgirl at this point, like JNig, but insisting she's not because "i'm a cosplay guuuurl don't lump me as the camguuurl because we're different" . Guuuurl you delusional as fuck.

No. 100514

Does she have any actual nudes? I've only seen the underwear pics and apron pics

No. 100515

She has actual nudes available through her Patreon. The weird thing is that for her family to "disapprove", they'd have to know that her nudes exist in the first place. Can you imagine how mortifying it'd be to be confronted by your family for posting nudes on social media associated with your real name?

No. 100516

No. 100520

File: 1457076868912.png (25.34 KB, 578x192, thisislamicthoughtprocess.png)

Mariah, you're not a fucking minority anymore. You abandoned Islam to chase cosfame and sell porn. You literally sold out to the majority as an 'exotic' cosplay fapping source. I can't believe she would be so disrespectful to throw back on a hijab for more attention.

No. 100529

I thought her ex posted her nudes on Twitter they were on the adult request board

No. 100578

She'd do literally anything short of killing herself for fame and attention. She's gonna get yelled at by some old racist and then come back boohooing about how she was "mistreated" and "saddened by their behavior" at the rally when it's her own fault she even went.

No. 100593


B-but it is haram, anon-chan!

No. 100594


She should try wearing one of her sexy outfits in a crowd of Muslims and see how they react.

No. 100612

I'd love to her beheaded.

No. 100875

I'd still fuck her.

No. 100880

too chubby

No. 100890

No. 101052

When will trolls realize that any press is good press? The more you hate on her and bash on her, the greater chance people are going to Google this thread and either love her or hate her but at least they still know her name. If you want something to go away, truly go away, you ignore it. And if it doesn't go away then you were wasting your energy. Since this thread started she's probably gained ten more followers and even if they're negative its still ten more followers. Every rt that says "ugh I hate her" is still advertising in which YOUR followers will probably follow her too. If you donated to the Patreon to see her slutty pics, guess what? SHE STILL MADE MONEY lol. So honestly, just drop it. And to the idiots that don't understand what I've just explained to you, go ahead and call me Mariah or Momo or whatever the fuck, I personally just want her to go away, but its not gonna happen if we all keep giving her exposure, whether positive or negative. This is the reason why the Kardashians and Kanye West still exist lmao.

No. 101082

I don't think it's going to do anything now. She'll be gaining popularity for another year or 2 but her likes will get stagnant because she'll have already pandered to every guy willing to look past how fat she is. She can't appeal to the rest of the market that Yaya or Nigri have. That's when these kind of threads will start getting to her

No. 101366

Anyone wanna post her patreon shit?

No. 101383

no because no one is going to give her money. if you wanna see her patreon nudes so badly, then donate to her yourself.

No. 101394

File: 1457254860468.jpg (264.13 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

>forever destroying the social norms of Cosplay

>actually thinking you're this special

Holy shit

No. 101396

File: 1457254908847.jpg (195.1 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

No. 101401

she doesn't look like a bamf or a tough cookie. she just looks like some random chick in ill-fitting cosplay.

No. 101467

Jesus h Christ

No. 101482


Because no overweight person has ever dressed up as a skinny character in the history of cosplay. Nope, has never happened.

No. 101660

The costume is so oversized and ill fitting that you can't even really tell that she's bigger. Could also be angles. But god it fits so badly. Did she literally just order a size 2XL from China and throw it on?

No. 101670

"Sakura is a tough cookie"
K e k

No. 101671

Love the dancer tights she has on so the shorts underneath won't squish her fat out. Kind of like the fat on her upper arm being mashed out by the fabric.

No. 101740


Does anyone have her contributor patreon links?

No. 101758


It wasn't even nudes.

Just lingerie.


No. 102097

ERM….when she said "so many hatefule racists in my mentions because I'm Arab" I scrolled through all the tweets with @mariahmallad in them and I was like….where? Sick of her crying for attention….she's such a disgusting liar….I bet $20 that she can't even hold a conversation in Arabic….and if she has any knowledge of the qu'uran its probably very little…she is testing patience of Muslims…giving bad name…

No. 102170

File: 1457400791103.jpeg (85.83 KB, 790x790, image.jpeg)

Replace "traffic" with "haters" in pic related.

No. 102399

her feet are so gross

No. 102400

her feet are so gross

No. 102401

that fat arm gives it away

No. 104457

All of those people who white knight her…I wonder if she realizes they are praising and defending the shit out of her because she's not famous yet, neckbeards hoping she sends them nudes and all those girls hoping she shares her little moment in the sun with them…they're fanatical, and I can't see them all being brainwashed…they all have motives .-. Once they all realize she's not fucking with them they will probably lose interest :)

No. 104465

Newfag gtfo

No. 104553

No. 104735


mega nz


I'd feel ripped off if I paid money for that pack. No nudity and she couldn't resist slipping in a derp picture.

No. 105133

She has some nice tits.

No. 105172

Mariah stop bumping your thread. We all just think you're a fat cow.

No. 105437

File: 1457982282097.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.48 KB, 640x960, FB_IMG_1457982025981.jpg)

Someone slipped up and posted a very unflattering pic…what's the point of Patreon donors if you're desperate need for attention just has you posting the private pics anyways? Not much to see here she does have nice hips but you can only go so far on that alone considering boobs are squished and all over the place…and the tummy lol. Patreon hasn't increased in sales much.

No. 105441


Her boobs aren't very big compared to her body tbh. Plus they look like if you unhook her bra they'd be floppy lol. Only look big when she does close ups highlighting her boobs only.

No. 105467

In all the photos I've seen of her so far, she looks uncannily like a very chunkier Nigri.

No. 105551

That's an insult to Nigri lol

No. 105696

Wtf is going on with the hand that's against the wall?

No. 105717

I'd still break that like Bane broke the Bat.

No. 105720


Ew lol. Cottage cheese tummy prolly stretch marks there too haha

No. 105721

Why the fuck does she keep going on about defending her Muslim shit? Like all of a sudden she's Muslim hahaha all of a sudden that's an important thing like we all know you just Google the shit pls kill urself thx

No. 105748

She looks more like a fat 40 year old who's husband wants to fuck nigri so she's trying to dress up like her to keep her hubby's d going.

Like Jessica isnt the youngest looking girl ever but jesus
looks like a straight up 40 year old

Low standards or momo trying to prove a point.

No. 105763

Nah dood, I ain't Momo. I just like thick women.

Probably because folks keep bringing her being Muslim up.

No. 105904

you are obviously momo, we have threads of waaaay hotter girls but somehow there are no whiteknights there? riiight..

No. 105914

To imply she's "thick" is to imply she's toned, there is no tone to her body.

Just admit you like your women fat.

No. 105915

Why does her left arm look so deformed?! I am crying!

No. 105919

I like fat women too. To an extent.
"thick", I've found, varies person to person.

I'm too lazy to search all the threads for hotter women. I'll stick with Momo unless you have quick links for me.

No. 106000


hold on, I whiteknight my waifu(not momokun) plenty

No. 106211

File: 1458089616361.jpg (297.61 KB, 1540x634, HAplVZ5.jpg)

For anyone who was offended by momo's Chun-li cosplay, here you go. These are two women that wear it right.

No. 106212


Yah I found that awhile ago, does so much more justice haha. Momo don't got thick muscular thighs they just fat! All those neckbeards thirsting cuz they know a girl like the one in the other cosplay wouldn't give them the time of day bahaha

No. 106714

Hey guys actually momo here, one of my friends showed me this page as was really upset about it but I guess there's a lot of hate towards me and I thought I'd address it or apologize.

I am in no way saying I am the best body ever. I know I don't have the best body, but I struggle with really weird weight gains and losses and it really fucks with my body image issues sometimes. So yeah I get it, I have arm fat! Big deal /: But I'm constantly in the gym trying to improve myself (:

I'm also sorry that you guys think I'm just s JNig copy. I'm really not trying to be, and I am influenced by her but in the long wrong I want to be my own person.

Overall, you guys may think whatever you like about me I'm not going to sit here and defend myself but if you guys ever have an issue with me please come to me I am fairly legit when it comes to responding and taking care of situations. Like if I do something that bothers you, let me know, and I'll work on it. I'm just a new cosplayer and I'm trying and working really hard to prove to you guys I love this craft and cosplay has changed my life, I love it. I love the fandom and the people and everything. Even the furries! Lol either way, I'm working hard and I won't stop working hard and if you guys think I need to work harder than I promise you I will. I understand this will probably go in one ear and out the other for some of you and you'll probably still dislike me but I hope for some of you at least you will give me a genuine chance and put faith in me because I want to create beautiful and elaborate cosplays, and I wish you guys wouldn't critique me so hard sometimes >__> but I know it's the Internet, so I gotta take it with a grain of salt but yeah, I promise to work harder I swear! Thank you everyone <3

- Momokun

No. 106720

File: 1458227998691.png (239.4 KB, 529x251, image.png)

>let me know and I'll work on it
I literally tweeted you once and you didn't respond so

No. 106722

Oh honey. You seem nice and sweet but don't respond to anon boards. It'll just hurt you more. Learn to ignore it and if the comments really bother you enough it inspires you to change then strive to improve. But don't stop doing something if it makes you happy.

I just wouldn't have posted here is all. If it is even you.

No. 106723

>I'm not going to sit here and defend myself

What the heck??? That's exactly what you are doing. Cosplay bitches are so dumb

No. 106727

lmao this attempt at defending yourself is pathetic, fuck off with your passive aggressive ':)' you fat cunt.

No. 106731

See Momo, thing is it seems like you want to promote "body positivity" and whatnot, but you shame skinny/slim women - some of which are actually fit. i.e - calling them skeleton bitches, stick figures, etc.

No. 106805

Not if they are more popular than her. She's been sucking Jessie Balfus(sp?)'s dick recently.

No. 106814

The only thing that legit bothers me is… Can you stop saying you're a cosplayer when you've bought all your shit from china please. There are tons of us who work so hard on making our shit from scratch not maybe spending an hr refitting it (though you didn't even bother doing that for sakura…)

No. 106840

Eh she's still a cosplayer even if she buys her stuff. I don't know much about her but as long as she's not claiming she made it, it's whatever. Cosplay is just wearing a costume for fun, it doesn't mean you have to have made it.

I feel you though, it's hard when you put a ton of work into costumes and no one notices but these girls who buy costumes get a ton of attention. It frustrates me too. But it's just how the world works and it doesn't mean she's not a cosplayer

No. 106925

I don't care about your size or the fact that you buy your cosplays so I'll keep this short.

Your personality is vile and needs an overhaul. Clam that ego the fuck down.

No. 106938

Yeah if you think this is some big fat shaming conspiracy then I'd have to say I really don't care about you being overweight either. You're just increadibly up your own ass. If you humbled up and stopped acting like you have something to prove (I.e. I'm a real nerd girl!! I'm big and beautiful!! I'm a real muslim!!) then a lot less people would have a problem with you.

No. 106944

File: 1458265828942.png (51.89 KB, 609x275, Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 6.48…)

No. 106950

I agree wholeheartedly. This "apology" as you say is only an attempt to get us on your side. Make fun of yourself and say that the trolls are right? We all know that's just your nice girl act. Your personality sucks, and you use tactics to brainwash your fans, making them support your body positive bullshit only to turn around and say "fuck skinny bitches" lol. You're just gassed so much by all the neckbeard fans that you literally think you are the shit, when the only cosplays we've seen is a spandex suit from China and a horrible attempt at a Pokemon costume wearing a silk bathrobe. You're not the shit, you're not Nigri famous, wait until next month when your patreon donors stop supporting you before you keep up this "I'm almost famous" act. All of the YouTube interviews you were in and promoted were low level YouTube channels with 1500 views. You're nothing.

No. 106953


See, we all fucking knew it was Momo defending herself bahaha

No. 106964

>I can't keep going on there and replying to everyone
>implying that she can reply to everyone who DMs her

No. 106977

These designs are so unrecognizable. I remember reading on Facebook that the one in pink was bitching about how no one recognized her as Mew. They both look like they're wearing super weebaboo'd out kimonos with some additional touches.

No. 107009

Honestly, I'm not here to make any of you like me, whether you don't or you do, that's on you. I'm actually not really stuck up, nor have I ever put down skinny girls… If you ever read my comments on Facebook when people literally comment saying "fuck skinny girls" I actually call them out on it.

Youve guys have made up a lot of lies about me and it's kind of sad. I'm actually pretty down to earth and take critiques with a grain of salt. I'm working really hard on my cosplays, in fact I haven't actually bought many of them. I handmade my Lust, Diane (except the body suit, I had help from vamplette, but her boots hammer and gauntlet were made by me), Linkle, Chun Li, Sakura ( altered ) , Rin Nohara, Batwoman, and my mewtwo.
The only cosplays I've bought were Sakura, but I didn't like I because it was so big so last night I completely re did it and Samus and Sailor Mars. I really pride myself in my craftsmenship and am pushing myself to work hard and create awesome pieces of work like all of you, and I hope to be in the same league as other top tier cosplayers one day.

I don't know why you guys think I have an ego, I'm incredibly grateful for all the attention I've gotten and donations, and I've given back to my community a lot, I am constantly thanking everyone all the time. Sometimes I do humble brags because I am new to this all and it gets really exciting for me. I am just a normal person and I do get excited about this stuff. Each compliment, each like, each follow, each dollar, it really just excites me and makes me love everything about cosplay.

I know there's some people who don't like me because it's not fair how fast I grew and I agree I wish I could give my what little fame I have to others who deserve it more than I do, it's why I share a lot of cosplayers who contact me to share their pages, because I want to give back, and I want to grow as a cosplayer.

But if you guys think I should be more humble, and work harder, and lose more weight, then you got it I will work harder on that, and I apperciate your critiques and I will work extremely hard to make you guys at least somewhat tolerate me lol hopefully >__> again I just want to have fun in this community and that's why I'm reaching out to you here to show you that I'm not as stuck up as you guys think I am, I reach out to a lot of people who have an issue with me. Like if you do, talk to me, you don't like something I do, let me know, I want to try and make as many people as I can happy. I know some of you guys think I'm a fake nerd and I dont really know how to defend myself, I mean I watch and read a lot of anime and manga, I game, read comic books, and build computers and write code but if that doesn't make me a nerd then… I guess I'm not. I'm just Mariah then. And I'm okay with that.

Love Momokun

No. 107020

It's 6am. Go back to bed.

No. 107027

Stop trying to defend yourself. It makes you look even more dumb. You've overdone it.

No. 107031

B-but anon! She's reaching out and contributing to the cosplay community by taking donations and further perpetuating the idea that all cosplayers are sluts who are only into cosplay for kinky costume sex, money, and fame!

No. 107042

File: 1458313363782.png (102.01 KB, 540x831, aha.png)

No. 107062

>I know there's some people who don't like me because it's not fair how fast I grew and I agree I wish I could give my what little fame I have to others who deserve it more than I do, it's why I share a lot of cosplayers who contact me to share their pages, because I want to give back, and I want to grow as a cosplayer.

This is the biggest piece of bullshit.
You're not 'popular' you're not 'well known'
You're an internet cosplay whore who people literally only give half a shit about because you're flashing your tits and taking half naked photoshoots. Not a single person thinks any of your cosplays are nice they legitimately just want you to show them your fucking tits.

That passive aggressive humble brag bullshit is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself

People dont like you because you show blatantly how little you know about the characters you're cosplaying

>BlackCat with that weird ribbon around your neck

>Diane in an apron eating sweets
>sexy photo of zerosuit samus with the back zipper down
>Samus in all black lingerie (SERIOUSLY you couldnt spring for even a red/gold set of lingerie???)

People dont like you because you're constantly caught lying to make yourself look 'cooler' of 'nicer'
>in response to the last one 'Forever destroying social norms when it comes to cosplay'? You're not the first 'bigger' or 'curvy' chick to cosplay. You're DEFINITELY not the first to do that in a sakura cosplay. I'm not even a fan of IvyDoomKitty but she's been in the game WAY longer than you have and even though she corsets she is 100x more the 'face of bigger girls cosplaying' than you.

You pretend to be this special snowflake who worked super hard and is getting known but literally anyone who put out their cleavage and tits will get the same amount of attention. ESPECIALLY when right off the bad half of your 'cosplays' are ~*sexy lingerie*~ shoots or specifically taken to be sexy no matter who the character is.

You're not breaking any norms. You're fitting neatly into the 'All cosplay girls have to show their bodies to get popular' mindset REAL nicely.

No. 107070

File: 1458317189782.jpeg (37.09 KB, 242x660, image.jpeg)

Photo drop incoming. She wasn't fat in school…she did lacross..she was ton idk wtf happened to her

No. 107071

File: 1458317216845.jpeg (73.81 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

No. 107072

File: 1458317234736.jpeg (40.43 KB, 480x480, image.jpeg)

No. 107073

File: 1458317280994.jpeg (80.39 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

No. 107074

File: 1458317338747.jpeg (65.78 KB, 640x480, image.jpeg)

Also she used to draw a lot, but stopped

No. 107075

File: 1458317439163.jpeg (192.47 KB, 960x960, image.jpeg)

No. 107078

Even if she were thin, or even just less bloated, she'd still be a total butterface. Yikes. She looks like a 6 year old boy named Jayden or Braxton from the neck up.

No. 107086

>>No. 107078
>Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder maybe? That'd be unfortunate if true.

How the hell did she put on so much weight? If she really was working out (effectively), I would think some form of muscle mass would be visible. Heck, I eat junk food all the time and I've put on quite a bit of muscle with the fat gains I've made in the gym lol.

No. 107090

You're either typing out endless amounts of speeches like a fucking pageant queen on Facebook,about how you don't care what others think and you're trying to be a role model for body positivity and then two days later saying you're not trying to be a role model because you're always fucking naked, trying to defend yourself here by pretending you genuinely care and want everyone to love you, or acting like a bad ass bitch on twitter, saying you dont give a fuck and trolls are sad and whiney. Its technology you dont think we dont see every aspect of your hypocrisy? Pick a side you're actually on and for the love of god, stop acting like you need a speech for everything you've accomplished. You got this far quickly because of your high follower count before cosplay you had like 12k followers, just because you were a twitter hoe who got naked and posted sexy selfies for attention, now its the same thing except in cheap spandex suits, you've slapped cosplayer on your bullshit resume and now you've got the attention of all the neckbeards who didn't follow you before just because you were some random hoe on twitter.

No. 107091

Lol she was "twitter famous" because of her weight loss she was tryna be inspirational but then everyone stopped caring about it, looks like she couldn't even accomplish staying thin lol

No. 107116

Loving that edgy middle finger in the top left. The face makes it even more perfect. The "I'm trying really fucking hard to be cute but I'm going to also raise my eyebrows really high so you think I'm just making a silly face but trust me this is hard work trying to look like I'm not trying to be cute"

No. 107123

That cheap spandex suit has gotten me more attention then you'll ever get, featured on IGN, and Arda Wigs, and got me connections with funimation…. The thing is sweetie, yeah I don't have a perfect body; but I have a good attitude and outlook on life and that's why people like to work with me, because say what you want, I'm still gonna get paid everyone month, I'm still being invited to conventions, I'm still getting photographers offering me shoots all over the place and dying to shoot with me, and I'm still giving back to the community. And no matter how much you hate me, or hate what I do, I'm always gonna be happy I'm doing what I love and that keeps a smile on my face. So please, by all means, pound your little fingers into the keyboard as hard as you can and cry as much as you want about me, because I'll be too busy cashing my checks, and flying to conventions across the country while you sit wherever you may be, whining about a person you don't even know, complaining about things that don't really matter… But that's none of my business.

No. 107126

>That cheap spandex suit has gotten me more attention then you'll ever get
>I'm still gonna get paid everyone month,
>I'm still being invited to conventions,
>I'm still getting photographers offering me shoots all over the place and
>dying to shoot with me
>I'll be too busy cashing my checks

Wow you really are a shallow vapid cunt arent you?

You've proved right there that all you care about is the fame and the money.

>I have a good attitude and outlook on life

Says a noname cosplayer. When did you get invited to conventions? Photographers also want you for your followers not your cosplays or personality. Cosplayers like mostflogged have been publicly vile and photographers still flock to her so how does that 'proove you're a good person'. IGN, Arda and funimation are basically the same as audible and naturebox are to youtubers. They'll feature and partner with anyone but keep thinking you're special.

You dont see Yaya, Jessica or even mostflogged coming to these forums trying to bullshit and getting super passive aggressive at us. No it's just you skirting the topics we've brought up and when we extra call you out on your bullshit you turn to the 'omg I am so much better than u tho'

Also returning to
> gotten me more attention then you'll ever get

Not all of us are so desperate for attention we need to whore ourselves out for it sweetie ;)

No. 107152

Ok lol :3

No. 107153

File: 1458330626994.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.75 KB, 367x514, 5ab864b4-1ea7-4b7b-9c68-970671…)

she's just another dumb hoe trying to seem nerdy and approachable.

No. 107156

Didn't you say you're not going to sit here and defend yourself??? bitch why are you still here then?

No. 107159

If you don't care so much why are you still here then.

No. 107160

Surfing for alt.sized chick pr0n, found samus spandex chick, freaking neat. Followed her stuff, A++ would stalk s'more.

No. 107164

>I just want to have fun in this community
>I'm not as stuck up as you guys think I am

Yet >>107123 is all about how much you love cosplay for the money and showing how stuck up you are.

Ok momo.

No. 107166

If you really want to pretend to be a good influence or positive person or show your love of cosplay?
Get rid of the patreon.
You are essentially a nerd themed cam girl. People are paying to see your body. Not your cosplays. Your tits and ass. There's nothing wrong with being a camgirl/sex worker, but if that's your goal, do it elsewhere instead of shitting up the cosplay community. Don't act high and mighty and like an "artist". The real artists don't sell pictures of themselves in lingerie to get more likes/views/money.

No. 107171


Real artists don't also buy Facebook likes and Twitter followers.

>I have a good attitude and just want to have fun!

And then:
>That cheap spandex suit has gotten me more attention then you'll ever get, featured on IGN, and Arda Wigs, and got me connections with funimation

Bitch please.

No. 107173


I love Black Cat but it and Yoko are the basic bitches of cosplay outfits.

No. 107174

You act really sweet and like aww desudesu but the moment we don't buy it you basically pull the "ya'll just jealous and I AM GOING TO BE MORE POPULAR THAN YOU ARE" …bitch you don't know who I am. And I assure you I make more money than you, and I also am more popular than you. So keep thinking you're special.

No. 107180

You're misunderstanding the issue. People don't care that you're getting attention as a "plus sized" model. Your body type doesn't matter.

They care because you're abusing a niche hobby (cosplaying) as a vehicle for attention and fame as a model, while not actually respecting, understanding, or caring about the hobby itself.

If you just want to be a model, then why not do regular modeling in regular clothes? Or in spandex, but not stolen from a fictional character. You would not get any criticism if that's all you were doing.

No. 107181


This is the pic she was crying to get off of cgl. Haha funny

No. 107184

>attention whore only cares about attention and money from hipster welfare AKA Patreon

makes sense

No. 107203

File: 1458338008876.jpeg (146.67 KB, 640x776, image.jpeg)

>but I have a good attitude and outlook on life

Do you lack self awareness this much?

No. 107208

Lmao I love this thread. Mariah is such a train wreck.

>talks about how she's not gonna defend herself yet here she is

>says she's a nice person yet on of her responses was literally her going on about how much better she is than all of us
>was actually really in shape, what did you do.
>just overall desperate for any attention

No. 107211

Whatever guys I'll work on bettering myself then. I guess I was having a rough day and got rilled up. But like I said, I recommend you actually learn more about me, and the amount of work I put into my cosplays. I do love this community and it fucking sucks that there's people out there who think negatively of me. Like you guys are right I need to work on myself more, fix my attitude, be more considerate, produce better quality costumes, and promote all around body positivity for all body sizes.

No. 107212

No. 107213

File: 1458341441281.jpg (18.31 KB, 300x265, 1403498088776.jpg)

No. 107214

And clearly workout harder… God damn you guys are ruthless fuck haha

No. 107215

If you want to be respected as a cosplayer girl tbh you need to stop selling your body for money.

the FIRST THING you have on your patreon is
>One Boudoir/Lingerie Shoot A MONTH!
that's not cosplay especially since you dont even put effort to make the lingerie work for the character. As another anon said for the samus shoot you should have at least had lingerie to match one of her suits. There are plenty of designs on the internet for referencing when it comes to that sort of thing. Sure not all of them are great but imho if you like a character properly you'd be able to figure out which design suits them.

tbh I think you should work on actual cosplays before you try and hop on overly sexualized shoots. instead of doing monthly pictures in your underwear you should strive more towards monthly new actual cosplay photoshoots. If people start donating less then you know right then and there what kind of supporter they were.

No. 107217

God I hate your stupid face, please fuck off.

No. 107219

Yeah at least JNig tries to theme hers a little

No. 107220

We'll believe you when you get rid of the patreon. Money talks.

No. 107221

I honestly really like the boudoir sets, I could have gone a different way with the Samus lingire but I really wanted to go black with it, but now that I think about it more, doing blue would have looked much more nicer.

I like the boudoir sets because it helps fund me for my actual big cosplays, like right now I'm working on a Cammy/Samus crossover, A new Lust, Yang, and Samus armor!

It sucks to say it but sex sells, do I want to be doing a boudoir set every month? Not really /: but i might as well have fun with it and use the funding to create bigger and better stuff.

I don't think I'll be stopping my boudoir anytime soon because it is so successful, and would be really silly of me to stop but I understand where you are coming from, and I'll try to theme mine more so. like my next one was going to be a bunny Bulma set ~

I do, do a cosplay photo shoot Every month and release it at the beginning of the next month, Samus, Diane and now Sakura. So I am doing that at least

No. 107222

I won't be getting rid of my Patreon anytime soon, sorry. And if that makes me a bad person… Then I'm sorry but I use all that money to fund more cosplays, build computers and gaming equipment for streams, and equipment for photo shoots.

No. 107223


No. 107224

Then people are going to talk shit because you're essentially being a sex worker and making it harder for cosplayers who work really hard on their costumes but don't want to show off their body. Don't act like you're out to help the cosplay community when you're making it more difficult to get any notice without showing tits.
You have no defense here. Either own it or shut up and ignore it while you roll around in your patreon money.

No. 107226

I'm not making it harder at all. I'm just doing what I want to do and making myself happy as a cosplayer. There are plenty of other cosplayers who do things that I can't or don't want to do but I don't go around saying "you're making it harder for everyone else" no cause that's ignorant.

No. 107227

If selling yourself out for betas to fap to makes you happy, whatever.
Some of us have actual goals and careers that won't leave us unemployable once the sex money dries up!

No. 107228

If you're so happy why do you need to come here and tell us that you're sooo rich~ and soo successful~ and cry on twitter about it, retweeting everyone kissing your ass? If you were really happy with your life and what you're doing with it, you wouldn't throw a fit when people post your titty pics because your "family wouldn't like it", you wouldn't give two shits and keep doing what you're doing. The fact you've spent a few hours of your time coming back on over and over to respond to people shows you aren't happy.

No. 107231

You're right I was really unhappy that you guys dislike me so much and attacked me so much…. Sorry for being human and it was me responding trying to get a better understand of everything. And like I said earlier I (stupidly) got riled up earlier and vented on Twitter about it when I shouldn't have.

No. 107232



You reek of insecurity and desperation. You get validation by chubby chasers and your ego is built on a fragile, decaying foundation.

If you had any confidence or self esteem you wouldn't care what some imageboard thinks of you, but you do.

Because you hate yourself more than any of us ever could.

No. 107236

Plot twist this isn't even Momokun anymore but an elaborate troll

No. 107241

This is what I meant, thank you anon.

You come to an anon board and brag how many sponsors you have and how much money you have and how famous you are and you have no clue who any of us are. This is basically screaming at a brick wall at this point and you keep coming back. this isn't about you being a human, this is about how you cannot handle when people aren't licking your ass.

You don't jump in your thread flailing your arms screaming about how much better you are. Because at that point you're not. You're just one of those girls flashing your money and followers trying to shit on everyone else to make yourself feel better about how fucked your life has become. You need to stop puffing your chest out and acting like you're hot shit in this world, that's a personality trait that doesn't get you anywhere except here.

Also, pro tip sweetie, arda wigs hands out sponsorship like circle lens companies. Anyone with a face will work. You're a "special" guest because you squat down and shove your ass in a camera like a dog doing tricks. At least Yaya and Jnig have mastered how to act provocative without being cheap.

No. 107242


Plus, she's wasting her time trying to win us over. She can't STAND not being liked by ANYONE, because she fucking hates herself.

No. 107246

Ugh. I mean if this is really you, it's fine shit happens. Just stop answering this thread immediately and ignore us the best you can, that's the fastest way to stop getting posted about here. Plenty of girls are camwhores or variations of that and there's nothing wrong with it, they don't get posted here en mass because they don't consider themselves cosplayers or whatever. If you do make money from body shots or nudity you have got to be way, way more secure about the method you're doing because it's clearly easy as fuck to get old pictures. Keep the camgirl/soft-core persona and cosplay persona separate and no one will bat a fucking eye.

No. 107259

There's not much point responding anymore considering her army of asskissers came in to gas her up again, let's just see what happens next month when the patreon donors stop paying. And if they continue to support her, I hope she's happy being a piece of meat to a bunch of desperate losers.

No. 107261

Lol fatass no one wants to see you on twitch

No. 107296

Thanks for this thread,
Now I'm def subbing to her patreon

No. 107333


Good for you? Who fucking cares lol. I definitely don't hate myself, maybe some of the people on this board do, but not as much as you hate yourself momo. Otherwise you wouldn't be putting yourself through trying to defend yourself on here.

No. 107363

I no joke think she's hot as hell and have a big gay crush on her. I don't know too much about her outside of the Samus cosplay, but she seems really cute and funny too.

She's a bit chunky but I like her size if that makes any sense. >>93509 like this.

No. 107364

File: 1458396244771.png (491.21 KB, 704x503, 1456152063521.png)

>At least Yaya and Jnig have mastered how to act provocative without being cheap.

No. 107367


And whatever other asslicking comments in this entire thread. This shit is rarely posted in other threads. If we like a cow its not full on ass pats. You can read some comments in here and tell which is Mariah/white knights. Stop trying. You're a shit person with crappy cosplays. Go roll in your fat somewhere else. Replying to anon message boards doesn't help you.

No. 107369

I meant cheap as in at the zero effort bullshit momo does. At least Jessica does more than just slap a wig on a target lingerie set and call it Samus kek

No. 107370

File: 1458398150489.gif (97.5 KB, 250x250, 1429512484125.gif)

I'm not Mariah. Check my IP and become an hero, dumb bitch.

God there is so much ass hurt in this thread. You'd think it was literally killing some of these people to invade their shitposting ~~safe space~~ with a differing opinion.

No. 107389

>Check my IP
>Check my IP
>Check my IP
>Check my IP

No. 107412

The one on the right looks like it has a beard because of bad shadows.

No. 107474

File: 1458424369973.png (1.03 MB, 1075x520, Natascha-Encinosa-Naty-Chun-Le…)

Hm I guess it does a little? Anyway, here you go.

No. 107481

You know what Momo, I was almost buying it with the "hey guys I'm positive and not throwing shade and I'll improve everything I promise" facade, then you fell here >>107123 and showed your true colors.
I can understand why the Patreon is convenient, I mean who wouldn't like making money in such an easy way. But don't fucking lie saying you do cosplay for fun, you do it for the attention. You only care about having followers and being popular and people liking you because attention is your oxygen.

No. 107487

>Chun li cosplay
>just a girl with plain hair in a plain dress with some random flowers

No. 107498

I want to thumbs up / like this post.

No. 107499

Momokun: omg u guys I'm totally a nice person. Just get to know me hehe I'm just enjoying myself and hobbies!
Also Momokun: wow omg u jelly h8rs I'm gonna cash this fat check while y'all cry about how popular my tits are kek
Momokun Version 3: I was having a bad day ): wow I'm trying to better myself I'm sorry uwu ur all so mean

I'd tell you to go away but seriously you're so entertaining. I had no idea who the fuck you were before this but this is one of my favorite threads when it updates lol

No. 107582

I never pointed it out but after reading the argument between her and Vamplettes I remembered a valid point lol. Didn't she always say she wanted to help other cosplayers in her community to help grow? Anybody else notice she stopped talking to Gabby C cosplay and Vamplettes ever since she started sucking that Kay girl's dick? Wanna know why? Because that Kay girl is affiliated with Jessica Nigri. Only chooses friends who are beneficial to her :)

No. 107615

Where is argument with her and vamplette

No. 107633

hm I guess it's more so her physique that's very Chun-li like? even then the girl in the first 3 pics of >>106211 are pretty spot on.

No. 107634

It's actually pretty sad the cosplayers she mooched off of for fame boost and making her cosplays for her actually know how to sew and make their own shit but aren't as popular because they don't have nudes online

No. 107638

That's sadly the name of the game now.
If you want to be a popular cosplayer, you either have to have amazing craftsmanship and be on the cutting edge (i.e. Volpin and Kamui) or you have to get naked/semi naked. Since it's a lot of money and work to be super skilled at making costumes, it's easier to just throw on some lingerie and a wig and mooch off people that way.
Ya, I hate it, but that's the way it is. Even sadder than that are the people who don't realize this and try to achieve fame anyway.

No. 107641

Lol I remember Vamplette. She's yet another JNig wannabe. Why does this city pump out so many fucking snowflakes now, God damn…

No. 107650

Even now Kamui does somewhat revealing cosplays. At least from the last that I've seen.

Sex sells, and apparently dinosaurs too.

No. 107671

but here's the thing there's always been a fine line as to what a 'cosplayer' is but I think we can all agree that what momo sells her patreon on is NOT cosplay because it's not even an attempt to appear as the character.

tbh I'm fine with sexy costumes and even non-canon but you cant slap on any lazy storebought bullshit and a wig (in the case of samus a wig that was messy and didnt look like the character's hair at all).
For example: Jess' Veigar she kept main pieces and had lingerie that matched the character. I dont necessarily agree with it but at least it's SOME effort.

Also legit question: who had heard of this cow before this thread started cause tbh she's acting like she's famous but outside of a friend who I showed this thread to I havent heard about her at all outside of it.

No. 107683

File: 1458486676010.jpg (170.25 KB, 718x816, 2016-03-20_08.07.42.jpg)

And the bitch just keeps coming back for more must be a real glutton for punishment. "I don't care what y'all think but I'm gonna keep stalking this thread alright?" Keep posting and talking about it because your insecurity is just all over the meter haha ;) eventually your friends are gonna ask you to shut up about it

No. 107793

At least Kamui has really great craftsmanship and did make that book about working with Worbla. So even if she's doing revealing cosplays, she originally got popularity through her craftsmanship. Sad if she has to be revealing now unless that's what she wants to do.
If someone does sexy costumes because they want to, I'm pretty whatever about it. But when you're ONLY doing that and selling pictures of yourself in lingerie and stuff… then at that point it's pretty clear what you're doing it for.

No. 107819

I haven't and I'm involved in the Las Vegas cosplay scene. She sounds like one of the most delusional cosplay cows.

No. 107845


Correct me if I'm wrong but she only really got popular after Otakon Vegas 2016, where she debuted that Zero Suit Samus costume.

No. 107887

she's trying way too hard to look like a tough ass and act like this doesn't bother her… I'm not going to bother to appeal to her calming the fuck down and humbling up since she obviously can't, but I am a bit entertained thinking about how embarrassed she's going to feel in a few years when a new cow rolls around and her fan base dwindles.

No. 107908

File: 1458519096073.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.35 KB, 600x901, CbTbjQVUYAAqFQw.jpg)

She is such a talanted cosplayer look at all the work she puts in her costumes!!

No. 107910


Nah she got her norotity after she wore a cosplay that the other JNig wannabe bought , the shitty zero suit, and that started her "fame" enough though all her selfies are completely shopped. But I've been following her shit for awhile, mainly because I'm enjoying watching her fail at every shit costume she does. But I won't deny dumb bitch knows how to advertise herself, she did a shoot with Mayhew photo for Samus at game works, which she said "oh yeah JNig shot here so now I'm shooting here! Following in her footsteps" like you following a hoe? Good job. But that's what made her blow up, cause she did a trashy back shot of her disgusting fake ass.

I was at otakon Vegas, even spoke to her and got a photo of her. I won't deny that she is a nice person but she doesn't seem to care for her fans at conventions, not saying that I am one, but I wanted to ask her about her shoes and how she made them but she got swirled up in the neck beards.

Tbh, I've been watching this thread and how she responds and how she's been posting about it, she is insecure, because she doesn't belong in public eye, shit is hard. As much as she fucking drives me crazy with some of her shit, and "cosplays" I don't think she's in it for the fame. She seems genuine but she just doesn't belong in this community in my opinion, she's gonna flop soon in all honesty.

I recommend she loses some more weight and fixes up her Patreon, like cut the lingerie shoots out and work on just cosplay shoots. And if peopletb donate then so what; at least you're not a sellout Momo.

I'm fairly level headed when it comes to this girl but I feel like her replying just made everything worse.

No. 107915


Is she suppose to be Diane ?

No. 107949

Dirty feet

No. 107961

>I don't think she's in it for the fame
Are you retarded or what

No. 108668

I was on kinda mutual terms about Momo, I didn't hate or like her. I think she has a pretty face. After seein0g the way shes pulling the "idk what the haters say they all hate themselves, im famous and rich ect" shit, its really fucking made me hate her.

Reminds me of children in school who pretend they dont give a shit when they're getting wrong but when they get home, they cry.
-Momo im not falling for this shit, if you really dont care about this fucking thread dont look at it and stop posting about it.

No. 108669

jesus christ her skin looks disgusting! Also, when shes that fat, how does she have no ass..

No. 108739

-sigh- the most annoying part is when her brainwashed fans make fun of her haters "I love how you call them out and they never respond"…bitch, unlike you we don't obsess over the drama, we're not out here googling our own names or tryna find trash talk of ourselves on twitter, we say our hate piece and move on we don't want all these fucking neckbeards attacking and stalking our own twitter profiles thank you. Sure we might trash you on a regular basis but we ain't responding to your bait no point in arguing with a dumb hoe who's so blissfully ignorant man I just hate this bitch why does she even exist like fuck anitwitter already got it bad enough

No. 108741

I think they think it's like, 4 bitter jealous girls sitting in this thread all day every day waiting for her to say some shit. There's probably 100 different people in this thread and we all have better shit to do than refresh the page 60 times an hour waiting for her to post again.

No. 108744

File: 1458577963753.jpg (56.27 KB, 717x210, 2016-03-21_09.26.56.jpg)

…where they at tho? Keep tryna gas yourself up, Momo. Just because Chris Sabbat responded once to your tweet don't mean your connected to funimation, girl. And IGN posts any cosplay that's decent enough hell I've seen so many that are still under a rock no one knows who they are. I'd love to go to one of these conventions just to see how many people actually attend because they might just be shitty unheard of cons and if she's actually a guest of honor haha…she takes what little fame she does have and gasses it up so hard, tells everyone she's mega famous…I agree with one of these previous posts, the interviewers she ever got interviewed by, articles written about her, they're just low level media no one actually watches or listens to, they just hope she feels "so honored" that she offers them nudes :)

No. 108745


Lol nah. I found this thread a few days ago, had a good laugh, said my part and left. Most of the hate is done on Twitter I didn't even know about this place but its awesome lmao. If you look on twitter there's a lot of people who actually can't stand her shit, we all just wanna see her fade away quickly. Cosplay already has a bad name she just making it worse.

No. 108755

>Her asking to do a panel means she's a guest at a con?

She's so damn desperate and gross

No. 108831

>guest of honor

girl, buying shit from taobao, aint nothing honorable about that kek

No. 108838

File: 1458593797085.jpg (98.03 KB, 718x567, 2016-03-21_13.52.48.jpg)

Can anyone explain this? Last active in 2011 means she was like fifteen, lol. Partying hard at 15 eh? Also were u not proud of being Muslim back when u were claiming to be Italian? This has all sorts of weird all over it tbh. Is this a catfish account b/c am crying her face lmao

No. 108882

No one's being mean to you for attention? Everyone here is on anonymous if we wanted attention we'd be using our real names and not bashing you on a 4chan thread, no one really reads this shit you're the one (momokun) who keeps bringing it up on your twitter and giving the entire feed more attention than it should hahaha! This is all just so funny :)

No. 108888

i don't get why noobs always do this 'talking to no one weeks or months after they've posted and not quoting anyone' bullshit. i guess it makes it easy to spot newfags but still. yeesh.

No. 108897

File: 1458603210875.jpg (143.08 KB, 717x702, 2016-03-21_16.28.20.jpg)


Oh so fucking sorry let me connect a screenshot from yesterday to my original statement. Can't beat 'em, join 'em eh Momo?


This is just one screenshot but she's always talking about how we all just want attention but honestly who expected so much attention on a lolcow thread? She gave this thread that attention by talking about it and posting screenshots.

No. 108898

>so buttblasted over her own mistake
poor behbeh. learn to use the board next time.

No. 108903


Y does everyone assume these are all females? I occasionally troll the bodybuilding forum site and guys are just as bad lol. There's so much hate here that people try to make her feel better by saying they're just petty females, but if it was a dude maybe the statements would be legit? The logic just doesn't make sense to me lmfao, guys can't hate on dumb bitches either?

No. 108913

…so it looks like this thread is officially losing its appeal, people are now attacking each other and it looks like there are a few people here who are just posting repeatedly. I'm out, lol, let's just let this die now mkay?

No. 108916

I never really got the "you're mean because you're jealous" thing. I'm mean because you're a cunt.

this part sucks but man it's one of my favourite ones at the moment because Mariah actually keeps coming here and talking about it.

No. 108919

This girl's ego is so huge. I mean, if you're going to be concieted, at least own it. Sucking up one minute and then boasting about your "fame" the next is pathetic. Not to mention all the humble bragging. I've never even heard of her before this thread.

No. 108921

File: 1458612487294.jpg (64.26 KB, 540x403, momo.jpg)

what do you mean? the 'we should let this thread die' anon is most likely momo or one of her friends.

>pic related to this thread

No. 108924


Haha yeah I feel you. I posted here close to the beginning of it and when she finally saw it I thought it was hilarious that she would even put effort into trying to stop it lol. But now its just boring.


Wasn't Momo was me I just think the savageness of previous comments can't be topped anymore, all the truth has been laid out, only thing left is to make up stuff and that would be retarded. I'm just gonna wait until she does something dumb or slutty again before I review or post here again haha.

No. 108925

because this entire site is mostly female idiot.

No. 108929

>I just think the savageness of previous comments can't be topped anymore, all the truth has been laid out, only thing left is to make up stuff and that would be retarded

You just described every thread on lolcow

No. 108933

Honestly I've never been on her Twitter or checked out any of her social media.. I just read the thread and laugh. She's just an average fattie with no butt (considering her size). I think it's kind of dumb to pull the Muslim card whenever you want though

No. 108973

File: 1458624218260.jpeg (202.1 KB, 750x1084, image.jpeg)


No. 108974

thats just fat mariah

No. 108975

File: 1458624367292.jpeg (80.25 KB, 750x756, image.jpeg)

>not in cosplay for money or fame! just for fun!

No. 108976

File: 1458624416457.jpeg (70.57 KB, 750x672, image.jpeg)

Have you ever been so delusional that you believed a lie as obvious as this one

No. 108978

File: 1458624472646.jpeg (128.47 KB, 750x1048, image.jpeg)

No. 109067


Why are people so retarded? Like do your research before white knighting some one, I've been in the anitwitter community since 2010 and everyone knew she was just a twitter thot. She did roleplaying with Bulma for awhile, writing smut on the timeline and completely ruining the Bulma character, so when that didn't work she started flashing her boobies and rolling around her bed in her underwear :) you can only get so much attention doing that so she had to have a new special edge which is this bullshit cosplay. Its all for attention its always been for attention. Drop the thread some of you are just screen shotting dumb shit that means nothing. Its going from proving a point to just looking petty, wait until she drops her Bulma patreon shoot and its complete garbage then maybe its worth trolling again smh.

No. 109133

I dont understand why cons invite people to guest when they have zero craftsmanship or even knowledge of the cosplay community. They can't host a panel about anything other than "sex sells".
I mean come on, even Jnig could host a panel about making simple cosplay stuff. If you're invited just to do meet and greets you're a glorified booth babe for the whole con.

No. 109159

we still have yet to have proof that she's actually been invited to a single con.

Hosting a panel doesnt count since anyone can apply for those.

No. 109201

Yeah I didn't mention, some hosts get given a panel to do sometimes. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if she's been hired as a con booth babe.

No. 109408


she looks like a slightly homeless heroin user who's trying to sell some porn to people with a fat fetish.. seriously she looks so haggard without the makeup, photoshop and tight body suit+corset

No. 109413

File: 1458700700999.jpeg (104.37 KB, 750x791, image.jpeg)

Oh hey there Mariah. That person said to type sage in the EMAIL part, not the name part as well.

No. 109465

File: 1458709364751.png (359.33 KB, 617x473, turtle mouth.png)


She has the most hideous face. She looks like Beans.

No. 109480

File: 1458712534971.jpg (31.75 KB, 958x700, 600700_796815800463371_8551998…)

Funny how some of you continue to call her fat and she does a new shoot, and is gonna make money off it. Looks like she wins no matter what.

No. 109484

that's cool mariah but you actually are fat regardless of if you're making money off of selling softcore porn or not

No. 109487

LOL WHAT IS THIS PHOTO. Shes so fucking fat. I like how they smoothed out all the odd bumps and skin. Her right arm makes it look like shes a midget. She can make money off of her fat body all she wants. I'll make money in a way where I don't degrade myself. She can't make money doing this forever, shes just going to get bigger.

No. 109491

You are fat no matter how slim you try to slice it, Mariah.

No. 109492

File: 1458716202453.png (Spoiler Image, 645.17 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Idk if this has been said but she just got posted on thedirty.com.

No. 109494

I feel like that reeks of self post.

Mariah will have fame for now because of all the fatties supporting other fatties. Once that trend is over, she'll be yesterdays news and a heap load of health problems.

No. 109588

I think it's obvious she does post here insulting herself, none of us really care that much anymore so she's baiting the thread so she can bitch and moan on twitter about how jealous and mean we all are.

No. 109592

File: 1458739697070.png (248.69 KB, 575x601, Untitled.png)

That pose, the position of her feet.
Shes getting said to do this shit, she clearly doesn't know what looks good for her and leaves the Photographer to do all the work with touch ups.
Isn't that like rule one of modeling, cosplay or not? - Know what pose looks good for you. smh

No. 109596

While it is up to you to know your good side and what pose flatters your body and to discuss that prior to shooting, your photog should know better than to let you stand there awkwardly. Which makes me think she's not shooting with a professional photog, and just an amature one.

No. 109597

It is partly the photographers fault too, i agree. But for someone who is "famous" for this shit you'd think she'd know better. Also that set up looks pretty professional, i wish she linked who was doing the photography so i could have a better judgement.

No. 109668

Tbh this entire thread smells like self-post. She has repeatedly self-posted on cgl before this and showed up each time to "defend" herself and then cried "wehweh teh 4chanz is making fun of me ;___;" on Twitter.
So I wouldn't doubt that she posted this thread herself to try to get attention and sympathy despite that no one even knows who she is.

No. 109685


LMAOOOO those look like little tiny T-Rex arms haha

No. 109686

File: 1458756285792.jpg (63.14 KB, 718x192, 2016-03-23_11.00.12.jpg)


There ya have it everyone, straight from the horse face's mouth. "I'm working to become cosplay famous follow my pages!" Yah its not for attention at all, guys!

No. 109687


>I'm not trying to be the next Jessica Nigri or Vampy Bit me.

You're not doing a very good job of not being a cosplay fetish model.

> I want to be someone that this community looks up to as someone who is herself, and inspires other's to do as well.

and yet you come on here bragging about how rich and famous you are, and how you're doing it for the recognition. You're becoming a sellout quickly.

No. 109688


i dont even have twitter anon.. i was just making sure i could sage properly.. am i the only one who thinks she looks haggard? only photoshop can save this fattychan now. i also really dont think she's as famous as she's blasting herself out to be

No. 109701

her fat body makes her lil head look so tiny lmao

No. 109706

>still can't sage properly despite being given instructions on how to sage in the screencap

can't wait to see mariah whine about this comment on twitter lmao

No. 109721

Maybe the thread should be IP checked. I also feel like she's doing a lot of self posting which would only further show how desperate she is for attention. It just makes her a much more sad and forgettable person to me.

No. 109949

File: 1458791720709.jpeg (94.88 KB, 718x744, image.jpeg)

I think so as well since this is the one insult/theory that she hasn't responded to on her twitter.

Also not related but is 23k followers even considered "fame" nowadays? I think at least 50k followers is the minimum to be considered Internet famous which is achievable if you have talent, pander to tumblr, or wear/own a lot of expensive brands and you post often.
23k is very little for someone who has to strip to gain followers. Hell, even Ahripop had 40k+ before she poofed and she didn't even have to actually take off her clothes.

No. 109956


It's more than most flogged. Fuck that jenni bitch. I hope that's a slap to the face to her. Lmao
Momokum has more followers than you're stupid ass flies off to the MF thread to rant

No. 109961


Not really. My sister is a fitness/bodybuilding blogger with 46.2k followers on Instagram and she's definitely not considered famous not known by any stretch.

No. 109962

MF has less followers than Mariah on FB and Twitter but you also need to consider that MF's main platforms are Instagram and Tumblr while Mariah's are Twitter and FB so of course MF is going to have less followers on platforms she uses less often. MF has 35k on IG alone and potentially way more than that on Tumblr since that's her main platform and she panders to Tumblr HARD.

No. 109964

Are you from pull because you type like a 13 year old pullerina. Also why are you bitching about mostflogged in someone else's thread? Lmao.

No. 109985

I saw an opening and I went for it :p

No. 109986

no not the momokum part, you tard. the part where you sperged out over mf outisde of her thread, your glaring typos, and the action . also the fact that you have no clue how to sage

No. 110499

File: 1458918445224.jpeg (126.15 KB, 713x915, image.jpeg)


No. 110516

Haha best part is if you go back to thedirty.com everyone says it reeks of self post and there's not one positive comment bahaha


No. 110526

It really irks me when cows/snowflakes go on about how "hard" they work. Like, bitch probably never worked a day of hard labor in her entire life. Taking slutty photos and getting donations from horny men takes a minimal amount of effort.

No. 110550

Honestly, if I was a fan of hers, reading the whole "I'm too busy being successful" bit would kill all of my appreciation for her.
You're not Chanel Oberlin, being bitchy won't make people like you nor will make you seem "successful" at all.

No. 110580


You know Lolcow broke a bitch when all they can tweet about is how good and special they are.
Momo, you are literally proving your snow status lmao

No. 110709

She is a literal cow producing much milk. This is amazing.

No. 110833

File: 1458977595731.jpeg (82.92 KB, 750x637, image.jpeg)

She's still not into cosplay for the fame, guys. STILL NOT INTO IT FOR THE FAME!!!

I wonder what she thinks about Kim Kardashian or real celebrities who have hundreds of thousands - millions of followers/subscribers.

No. 110836

File: 1458979498768.jpg (120.79 KB, 538x654, 8260_1278015865546743_80290024…)


No. 110837

>And no one has gotten to me.
oooh the irony…the more she tweets about negative attentions, the more people would see that she actually cares about what 'those 20 people' say on the internet.

No. 110838

fucking kek, she acts like a 14 year old who just got dumped by her boyfriend. Constantly posting about how she feels great on social media but deep down inside shes a fucking wreck.

No. 110842

File: 1458986093654.jpg (41.27 KB, 506x553, urgh.JPG)

No. 110904

It doesn't surprise me that they don't have a real job. One that earns them money even after they are 35, where you don't rely on your looks.

No. 111067

woah why you put livestock photo here….oh wait I forgot this is lolcow farm, how silly I am

sorry, you can keep up with that angus cattle anon

No. 111069

shut up, Adachi!

No. 111071


No. 111073

by doing sport for your fingers on the keyboard?


No. 111074

dam son, just move your ass and show it that you are not a total biatch

No. 111076


No. 111078

You mean…more content of chaturbate? Count me in then

No. 111079

have you ever wonder why you not joining qorban?

No. 111080

you forgot step profit

No. 111089

welcome to the BBW section, or maybe you more fit with BW…….Big Woman

No. 111091

ew, gross

No. 111092

I wonder what those arms look like unedited :^)

No. 111172

File: 1459056142986.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, x1JH8oNL.jpg)

Such a classy lady

No. 111174

nothing about those arms is tiny, lol

No. 111175

You know you can just put all of your replies into one single reply, right?

No. 111182

File: 1459060625288.jpg (28.96 KB, 228x336, image.jpg)

I came into this thread not knowing who the fuck this girl was, and thinking "she's kinda hot, and she's cosplaying best girl".

But the more I read about her, the more I just feel kinda grossed out. Not physically, I'd still fuck her, but she seems like she doesn't have a respect for what she does and kinda just does this shit for whatever small modicum of attention she can get.

And even that small amount gets blown out of proportion by her, since this is like the first time she's ever felt special.

I don't even dislike her, I just feel kinda bad for her that she thinks she's hot shit, when in all actuality most people don't know who the fuck she is.

And on top of that, she's selling herself short by pandering to the neckbeards and doing nudie shots, when she could be working on making good cosplays and making an actual name for herself, beyond "Thick Samus" and "Attention Whore #63424844".

I just find it sad to see someone that had at least some modicum of potential fuck it all up by having a shitty personality.

No. 111185


Her patron set's aren't even nude.

Wish they had some nudity to them, but she hasn't crossed that line yet.

No. 111187

>Her patron set's aren't even nude.

Um, then what this anon is saying
is not true?

And where did these nudes come from then?

No. 111192

Just realized from her Samus shoot that what shes wearing for underwear makes it kind of look like shes wearing a diaper

There are fucking children walking by. Their poor virgin eyes.

No. 111196

Those are leaked nudes

No. 111237

She always tries to play it all off as she doesn't like what she's doing but she'll do anything "to make [her] followers happy". If she didn't like doing lingerie sets so much, she wouldn't have offered them in the first place. She knows everyone's just here to fap but she wants to live her delusional life and think that people really love her and that the popular kids from high school now think she's cool and famous. She's a basic bitch no one who isn't even good at cosplaying.
Also this thread's been active for a month now and she still hasn't shut up about "BULLIES!!11one1!" since. She claims she doesn't come here anymore but she clearly does since if you read all of her tweets, she tweets about subjects that were posted here not too long before whatever she tweets about (e.g. making her own cosplays).
I'm sure she stirs shit about herself in this thread too since she does have a history of self-posting on 4chan, making mock thirst threads ("wow who is this hottie? ;)" etc.) on cgl and made a thread for herself on /s/.

No. 111241

File: 1459095786646.png (224.18 KB, 1080x842, Screenshot_2016-03-27-11-04-18…)

>She knows everyone's just here to fap but she wants to live her delusional life and think that people really love her and that the popular kids from high school now think she's cool and famous

This so much. She is obviously insecure from being bullied in highschool. She thinks she's hot shit since she lost some weight and got some attention in the cosplay community.
Mariah, just because you got a LITTLE cosplay fame and make money from desperate neckbeards doesnt make you better than the popular kids from high school, also I'm sure they don't care about your "cosplay career", get over yourself, its sad.

No. 111319

File: 1459116246915.jpg (168.4 KB, 717x773, 2016-03-27_15.00.02.jpg)

I knew she was going to turn this into a big deal for more attention, I saw her breakup posts yesterday and knew we weren't going to hear the end of it lol. What are you, sixteen? I think she said she was the one who ended things? Then why you still jelly haha, can't wait to see if that ugly dude she was dating is a big enough piece of shit to leak more nudes lmao. She really is a train wreck, its just so entertaining to watch.

No. 111320

File: 1459116494693.jpg (161.32 KB, 715x753, 2016-03-27_14.59.33.jpg)


I'm a noob and don't know how to post more than one photo so I'm just connecting my comments, it almost seems like she doesn't have any real friends, like who goes to Twitter to vent to neckbeards and strangers about your personal life? She wants validation so badly, looks like she's not getting any in the real world so she wants people behind a computer screen to tell her they care, when over half of them are just hoping she takes bait and sends nudes…its kind of pathetic actually I'm starting to feel sorry for her lol.

No. 111321

Top fucking kek
>It's funny seeing the people from high school because they all have peaked blah blah
>Implying I'm not rated 9/10 at 23, blah blah while my ex-pretty ex-classmates are pregnant with the second kid and divorcing blah

No. 111327

No. 111328

>I'm sorry for lashing out

When your only response to not getting loved and worshiped is anger and attacking people I think it's time you go sit in your room and do some serious thinking about where your life is headed. She's done it here when people told her to fuck off and stop begging for attention and now she's doing it when her ex moves on? Sad.
This is just how it seems to me, but she wants people to be really caught up on her. Exes shouldn't move on they should forever chase her and be single begging for her attention, people shouldn't tell her what to do they should follow her every move and shower her with compliments only, and so on. If people don't agree with her 100% they get shit talked on twitter so her followers will kiss her ass blindly until she feels better. She'll post "im sry 4 being human guyz :(" and then in a day or two do it again. If she doesn't grow up people are going to get tired of her tantrums.

No. 111339

Who was her boyfriend btw?

No. 111343

Eric matos aka Maroon Cosplay. She's made some of his cosplays for him here and there.

So I'm assuming he just used her to grow a bit similar to Ryan and JNig in my opinion

No. 111351

karma sure is a bitch.

I'd pay to know how the breakup went but with the way she's acting he probably got tired of her being a terrible pompous piece of shit.

Like no one who ends the relationship cries about it and spams twitter about how omgz hurt they are

No. 111375

File: 1459131823806.jpg (68.7 KB, 720x720, 2016-03-27_19.21.16.jpg)

HAHAHA went from "oh I'm so sad about my breakup I'm gonna go cry" to "hey give me money" real quick!

No. 111376


Jacking off to her is the only reason I give her money. But after that first set, I'm not even sure if it's worth it. I was expecting alot more images then that and even more of her in the actual zero suit.

I don't see how it's so hard to just throw a ton of photo's in these sets, all you're doing is taking pictures of yourself.

No. 111379

she's probably hoping that people will throw pity money at her.

How many photos did the set have? And she did say she was doing a "Samus" LINGERIE set, not a ZSS set.

>all you're doing is taking pictures of yourself

she hires togs to take photos of her for her boudoir/lingerie sets, right?
that means she's paying them for their time and they can only get a limited amount of poses in.
out of the photos that they did take, she and the tog spend time to pick out the photos that they think looks best and then it goes into editing mode (smoothing out problem areas, adjusting lighting, etc.).
Then those photos are the ones she posted on Patreon. She could've had way more photos taken than what was post, just not all of them made the final cut.

No. 111381

File: 1459133715829.png (65.83 KB, 606x431, ew.png)

Ew, he's so gross

No. 111382

I mean that was his gf at the time so I dont see what's so wrong with that?

Also comparing the two of them he's ten times a better cosplayer than her(cept for those eyebrows on Ban make me wanna die)

No. 111387

ngl I do think she's a great role model

I had body issues before I saw her fat ass and now i feel a lot better about myself

No. 111391

That is fair, I would just personally find it gross if my bf tweeted something like that about myself honestly. It seems a little degrading, but maybe that's just me lol.

No. 111413

Kek same. I thought I was butterfaced until I saw her.

Apparently some girls are into that kind of stuff? My friend's ex used to steal his phone to tweet things like "(Ex's name) is so hot. Just thinking about her makes me hard."

She's his ex for a reason.

No. 111414


It kind of goes both ways though, call me old fashioned but if I'm supposed to be in a relationship with someone, I wouldnt be taking pics of myself in lingerie to panhandle to neckbeards with, she said it herself "sex sells" so she MUST know these guys fap to her work, like how would you feel if there were hundreds, literally hundreds, of creepy nerdy dudes whacking off to your girlfriends ass in a thong and garters? Sorry but once everyone's seen all of it there's nothing special left of you, like that's gonna follow you around in all your relationships.

No. 111415

I wonder how he feels/felt about his then-gf parading around in her underwear so that people will give her money so they can fap to her.
He probably thinks that's a normal thing to do anyways

No. 111436

As someone who has worked with her on a project in person she admits she does it for attention and strives for fame.

No. 111464


it seemed pretty obvious. I feel like dedicated cosplayers let their costumes and cosplays do the talking, not some shitty bratty attitude

No. 111468

like, what is with her face? she looks like someone's 30-40 yr old mom, it's throwing me off. also how is her butt so small with how much weight she has? i don't even workout out and my ass looks better than hers lol

No. 111544

This is one of the least healthy ways to deal with bullying.
I used to be bullied and bitter about it for years as well. But being like this will just hurt yourself. I too wanted to show them: 'Look, I'm so much better.'. It's no use. You're not going to 'show them' anything. They moved on and most likely already forgot about you. Yet you are still there, insecure and bitter.
She needs to let that go of all that anger, otherwise she'll never be able to move on and leave her insecurities behind.

No. 111555


Plus its kind of bitchy to just assume they "peaked". Maybe they're going to college to get a half ass decent job without stripping for money? Maybe they have families they've got to provide for, assuming anyone "peaks" is just rude, especially if they ARE married with kids, at least they're working hard to earn money for their families, like I'm sorry but that's so fucking rude lol. Some people make mistakes and do have kids and/or are divorced at young ages, doesn't mean they give up on life they just gotta work harder. Mariah, you're a fucking bitch. A fucking twatcake that needs to sew that nasty mouth fucking shut. Come back with that same argument once you have a million followers like Jessica Nigri. I know you're insecurities male you rude because I've seen it first hand, you were rude to me once just because I didn't ride your dick, like keep your fucking mouth shut you have 21k followers so do half the fucking twitter honeys that DONT do anything but take pictures, and they don't boast or brag about their Twitter fame. I hate you, I really do, not because you "hurt my feelings" or whatever bullshit you wanna come up with to convince yourself I just need attention, but because you're constantly contradicting yourself and you're just a big walking ball of mediocrity and hypocrisy. You're a dumb bitch.

No. 111618


*make. Oops. Typos. Anyways, my point was no one peaks if they're not looking for fame. Some people just want a regular job, find someone else with a regular job, move in together, and buy a house. That's it. No fame, no dickriding, no having their heads shoved up their ass, lol. They're called yuppies, I admit I'm a yuppy, I don't have kids, but I do make 40k a year, my boyfriend makes 70k. We own a house and I'm just fine with that. I don't think I peaked, haha. But its rude to go on a twitter rampage and belittle people when you're such a mess yourself. And getting your fans to belittle people with you just so you can feel better about yourself. Have a nice day, Momo, but no one who makes a decent living and is happy with their life is gonna respect you, haha. Just them Twitter trolls you admire so much.

No. 111621

File: 1459172509082.jpg (99.76 KB, 712x415, 2016-03-27_21.59.35.jpg)


By the way, I love this man, he's my drill sargeant, haha. He said this yesterday and I think its a perfect response to all the things you keep telling us here on this thread "sex sells I'm going to keep getting naked because people buy into it". Yeah…keep this up and you're gonna "peak" too. No new cosplays, just throwing on that same Samus suit for every Twitch stream because you think it makes you look half decent, like c'mon girl…

No. 111634

I mean for all we know she might have done the same thing here or specifically told him to make the tweet.


Gonna agree with you on this.
idk self confidence is not something people parade around because it's the kind of thing you done NEED to parade around. You exude it yknow?
You dont feel the need to go to a lolcow thread and act like some kind of shitheel while flip flopping all over the place.

She's so disgustingly insecure it's unnerving.

Also she inflates how much people actually care about her by retweeting EVERYTHING anyone says about her (which makes certain people retweet and tweet at her more because they want to get the exposure.)

Also I'm really tempted to see what kind of viewership her streams actually get because I really dont see how her personality could work long enough for people to actually watch her

No. 111647


Yah, I guess talking about my own life on lolcow is kind of contradicting as well, haha. Was just trying to prove a point, however, that belittling someone's life choices is also a form of bullying, so was personally attacking her ex boyfriend and getting her followers to say what a scumbag he is. Like that's rude, its his personal life too, you know? She has a thousand subscribers but I think the highest her stream ever got was 200, that is kind of a big deal but I guess when you're always streaming in the Samus suit it gets old haha no boobies to show off because her chest is covered in spandex :p might watch it sometime, she does seem funny but idk if its worth watching hours of it to be honest.

No. 111674

I wonder if she gets off to the thought of all the nerds who masturbate her?

No. 111724


I feel this relates to many of the female cosplayers who've now gone down this path. So many of them are nothing but puppets. Finding a unique and actually talented cosplayer who doesn't rely on showing excessive tits & ass, playing poorly on Twitch and doing half naked photoshoots for neckbeards to cream over is like trying to find a shiny in a Pokemon game.

No. 111822


This, I love this, haha. So many cosplayers aren't actually cosplayers they're cos "models". They know they can get famous real quick if they pander to the nerds who are willing to shell out so much money for sexy waifus, haha. It ruins the integrity of the actual cosplay profession.

No. 111892

>Like no one who ends the relationship cries about it and spams twitter about how omgz hurt they are

Everyone does this.

No. 111900

>everyone does this
no they don't. most people will publicly announce that they're no longer in a relationship but keep their feels only to a few close people.
not everyone is a drama mongering attention whore.

I wonder about her future since all of her social media and sexy photos are attached to her name, and "Momokun cosplay" comes up if you google her name.

>actual cosplay profession
>integrity of cosplay
kek. cosplay isn't a profession unless you're yaya or jnig and there's no barrier of entry to cosplay either. all you have to do is shell out the money, get a costume, wig, etc. and bam, you're a cosplayer.
you might as well say that people who buy costumes aren't real cosplayers either. or people who buy custom printed fabric instead of hand painting it themselves. or people who buy pigtail/ponytail wigs since they didn't style the wigs themselves.

No. 112095

File: 1459235265529.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

body of a fat baby….

No. 112218


Either a low-level attempt to make fun of her or a sarcastic attempt to defend her, look at the back of her thighs they're covered in cottage cheese indents her legs are clearly fat. God she's so pale, get a tan, it'll make your fat not look as gross lol.

No. 112219

at least wear stockings or dancers tights..

im super super pale, granted my legs aren't as cottage cheese as hers i still got some. I don't tan well and wearing stockings ect is just fucking common sense, for decency and to hide shit like this. plus it looks nice on camera.

No. 112271


tfw you'll never lick those THICK thighs

No. 112283

Maybe it's just the angle but she doesn't seem to have any of that ass she tries to show off in all her other pics. I'm also getting PT levels of t-rex arms here. Though PT will always be the one true queen of cosplay.

No. 112296

File: 1459269301940.png (249.19 KB, 504x277, bitchwhere.png)

From the video pinned on her twitter - litreally no ass, just fat.

No. 112316

yeah, in that video, she's not curvy either, just thick. she does appear curvy in some of her photos though. as some anons above said, she knows her angles for photos, but definitely disappointing in motion.

No. 112327


your ass is made of bones then I guess?

No. 112356

Ass is muscle lmao hers is cottage cheese.

No. 112396

lol your ass is as hard as a rock?
dumb son of a bitch

No. 112400

She knows her angles but in motion when she's not forcing a pose she isn't that great. She's average at best.
>>97576 makes my point pretty well.

No. 112402

File: 1459278676105.png (24.35 KB, 612x351, kek.png)


>layer of fat

>doesn't say cellulite

A normal Butt is mostly muscle, are you autistic?
fuck off momo

No. 112449

File: 1459281643154.png (95.89 KB, 590x553, Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.5…)

remember, guys. she isn't in it for the money. she's using these donations to ~contribute~ to the cosplay community! ;)

btw if you want a 4x6 print of her as zss, you have to donate $50+ monthly to her patreon BUT SHE'S TOTALLY JUST DOING THIS TO POSITIVELY INSPIRE THE COSPLAY COMMUNITY! :)

No. 112631


Can the children please stop fighting? Cellulite is the layer of fat on your ass or tummy that just has a lot of indents in it, usually caused by poor diet and weight fluctuation (i.e. starving to lose weight and binge eating) its also caused by not getting your eight glasses of water a day.


I agree that when she uses her angles right she can stick out her booty and stuff but its not this amazing ass everyone makes it out to be, when I angle my photos I can have a pretty thick booty too when in reality I'm flat as a pancake lmao. Like I've sent a couple booty pics in my time and they looked like the ones you would see on @booty or those kinds of twitter domains haha. But who really cares about her body? Even she admits she's not perfect and I think we can all agree to move past that part, the only issue most of us find hard to get over is her crapass personality.

No. 113380

File: 1459386481782.jpeg (225.83 KB, 1140x2021, image.jpeg)

Sorry for the huge blurry photo but nice try Mariah

No. 113381

she just said they deactivated it

No. 113382

She said they reopened it.

No. 113384

How poor is your reading comprehension? I'm not defending her in any way but she said they describe and reactivate it. Not that it's currently active

No. 113385


No. 113433

I never said you were defending her but she said "reopen" I.e. they reactivated it. Anyways it doesn't exist now so there's no point in arguing about it.

No. 113437


Then why the fuck does it matter. She clearly fucking stated that someone is opening up a different account with her name. Like if you're gonna talk shit at least do it well. She didn't even fucking do anything there?

I'm surprised she's overreacting the way she is… Like what does she expect she's rapidly growing, people are gonna fuck with you and make fake accounts get over it

No. 114256

Holy christ ure such a two faced chubby deluded fucktard

No. 114343


i could bake a scone in r yeasty fuking vag, u hunchback!!!

No. 114361


ure a fukking autismal buk toothed ass tw faced narcissst ass winkly as disgusing nasty ass fatty!!!!

No. 114379

I havebnothing against her body tbh but I can't stand that samus suit in op pic the underboob shading over her boob loaf and the crotch looks like she has a bulge

No. 114392


Some photos, it blends really well, others ot just looks a little weird lol I think it depends on the angle.

The suit itself is made for women who aren't curvy like Momo so that's why it looks a little funny on her. Because the woman has some damn melons on her chest so it stretch that material and shading a lot.

No. 114393

File: 1459663765452.jpg (2.01 MB, 3263x3263, image.jpg)

Not gonna lie she won me over with this shit.

No. 114394

memes so funnay xD

No. 114405

luhmaoz teh hilareeus maymays! XD

No. 114406

File: 1459672110331.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, -YCRPrJi.jpg)

>but I just think it's stupid to think that someone will lose job opportunities for modeling
the point is that she isn't "modeling", she's effectively selling out her body online.
>>114361 is right as it would be seen as fetish modeling and cosplay "modeling" in particular does still heavily carry the connotation of nerds jerking off to pictures of women in costumes.
If Mariah had been doing real modeling for brands, it would work very much in her favor both as job experience and an opportunity for her to get more modeling jobs.
However, because she's already gone exactly the other direction and engaged with extremely unprofessional behavior online, her current "modeling" works completely against her.

not related but does her new "candid" look photoshopped to anyone else?

No. 114442

Did you guys notice how she needs to claim she's so happy in every post and photo now ? She's obviously hurt lol

No. 114443

What is with that pose? Am I just a fake Metroid fan or does Samus ever do anything that looks like this?
I'm nit picking but the wig is far to long for Samus. she was one of my all time favorite back in the day and one of the first female game characters i ever really looked up too.

I wish people would know the character before doing poses that just dont suit them. Jesus, a simple google image search would give you plenty of poses and hints of personality to tell you enough. Just something that rubs me the wrong way.

No. 114446

File: 1459690313493.jpg (129.03 KB, 1000x1390, ssb-zero-suit-samus.jpg)

If we're gonna touch on her wig:
>Too Long
>Not 'golden' enough
>Ponytail too low
>Bangs not cut
>'Ear tails' not long enough
>Too damaged and gross
>Has a side part

I think she shooped her face thinner. Her hair on the left angles in towards her chin as well as her chin doesnt line up with her neck.

Also she definitely is wearing 10lbs of foundation to make herself look white in this pic.

I also wanna call 'BS' on that being 'candid'
'trying to pose'=/= candid.

No. 114473

Dat bad photoshop. Her face lmao

No. 114500

100% agree but i didn't want to nit pick too much. First time i saw her i was like "wtf is up with that wig?" Like did she just hear that Samus was a blonde with a pony tail and do no effort to actually look at how it's styled in canon

No. 114505


Actually a fan of momo here.. Thought id throw my two cents in. From what I noticed she tends to try to go the realistic route when it comes to cosplays, samus being a prime example. She was talking about it on her stream the other day when we asked her when she was going to do shion sonkzaki, because she keeps fucking hinting it and not giving it to us. Lol but she talked about how she likes to spend a lot of time on research when it comes to colors for wigs and making sure they aren't just one toned but multiple. I mean, I don't see an issue with the length of the hair but I do see how she could of gone for a shorter length and made it a bit more golden, but I feel like it works for her.

I dunno I feel like you guys nitpick her too much. Shit like when I first started cosplaying, I was even worse, nothing I did looked like the character and now that I've been doing it for 10+ years I feel that now I have a better grasp on it, it's not always about how well you can look exactly like the character, it can also be how you out your own spin on it. I for one when I make my cosplays always add a flair of my own no matter what. I guess it's just preference

No. 114510

classic excuse I've heard from countless cosplayers

It's laziness, not "i've did so much research and i choose to do it this way". If she did has much research as she clams her Samus underwear school would have been thought through instead of just getting naked for naked sake. discussed here >>105437

I know jnigs isn't the best example but look at her latest World Of Warcraft boudoir, it has props and themed underwear to make you see the actual character and you can see the research that whoever has put into it on the screen.

That much research into a cosplay would end up with the character being pretty actuate or have a special twist to it. I've not seeing any of this.

No. 114524

Sorry but I'm gonna tear this entire post apart

>try to go the realistic route

> making sure they aren't just one toned but multiple
NONE of her other wigs are 'natural'. they're all single color shit shows (and all extremely low quality.

>but I feel like it works for her

That's really not your call to make. I know it can be ass to find the right blond wig for a skin tone but no matter what her wig is WRONG

>I feel like you guys nitpick her too much

Please scroll up and read her responses to this thread. She's only doing cosplay for the attention and fame and she's admitted it several times. No one who is in cosplay for the joy of it would compare themselves with someone else by 'popularity' or connections or what sites they've been posted on.

>when I first started cosplaying, I was even worse

Where you plastering lingerie shoots of yourself when you first started? Also let's be real starting cosplay now is 100times easier than starting 5 years ago because there are quality premade cosplays to buy, wig quality and variation is so much better and the such.

> for one when I make my cosplays always add a flair of my own no matter what

Adding flair is like 'oh if I'm cosplaying Diane I'll carry around a fake piece of meat' or going through the effort of making her backpack or carrying around a Meliodas figurine it's not putting on an apron and slathering cake icing on your face (for a character that I'm pretty sure doesnt like sweets)
It would be making a metroid like what Vampy did not taking ass shots in an arcade that doesnt fit the character whatsoever (or even more stupidly taking a photo where the back of the suit is unzipped when OH HEY the suit WOULDNT open there)

I can probably go through every single character she's cosplayed and find at LEAST one PHOTOSHOOT picture where she is completely out of character and doing something to the opposite that the character would do.

It's idiots like you slurping up anything she says and taking it as gospel.

tl;dr - Momo saying she does a lot of research for her cosplay is like a textbook weeaboo saying they do a lot of research on Japan.

No. 114542

The fact she didn't bother to even cut the bangs on the wig shows she doesn't give a fuck about the cosplay. Cutting bangs on a wig is literally the easiest thing to do, it takes maybe ten minutes for complicated styles. She posts videos going "SEE GUYS I MAKE MY OWN STUFF! I DO CARE ABOUT COSPLAY!!" but can't style, or even take care of, her wig. lol ok momo.

No. 114612

i know another muslim female cosplayer and male cosplayer, that both don't flaunt that they're muslim and wear conservative cosplays.

they clearly look arab af, so you can assume their faith. i asked, they said yes they are muslim. but if mariah is muslim:

1) why are there nudes
2) why are you flaunting that you are muslim? whats your point
3) why are you wearing a cross in pictures of you

No. 114628

File: 1459723146894.jpg (172.07 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

Well her bangs look different here? I think she did cut the wig.

Maybe it wasn't really styled the way in Smash bros, but I like both ways she did it personally. Tbh I don't really agree with these attacks on her. This entire thread irks me a bit. Mainly because I have a younger sister whose similar to Momo. Young, pretty but childish. And I think that's what it is, she's talented but childish is how she speaks about things. I mean the girl is 19? 20? I know I was a dick at that age. Like I mentioned before I think she is a good girl, and she is doing what makes her happy because at the end of the day that's what it's about. She spoke a lot about how she had a really tough childhood growing up, from being bullied and depression and suicide attempts. I'm just really happy to see her having fun. Like I mentioned she reminds me of my younger sister so I guess I have a bit of a bias. I just would like to see her mature more and become an even better cosplay we considering she just started last year. I hope the best for this girl, and I hope she only improves.

I know this is the place to bash but I just feel like she deserves a chance. She clearly has a lot of people attacking her because she grew so fast and that sucks, when your fame grows too quick while others never do grow. I feel like I could ramble on, but I won't haha. I just think the girl is pretty genuine compared to a lot of these other fake girls in the community. She tends to lifts a lot of other girls up and work to make a lot of people happy. She even recently became a Patreon for my artist page. Which is pretty cool in my opinion.

I dunno… I guess you should get to know her and not base her off of her getting upset a bunch of people were attacking her. Hell, I know I'd probably react hot headed.

No. 114630

No one hates her because she's popular. She was popular before she was a cosplayer she's using that popularity to make money by jumping on the cosplay train.

She's constantly shat on other body types and black cosplayers and then back pedals harder than anything.

Also that's not even her current Samus suit so ????

Once again if you scroll up we DID give her a chance and she throwed her ~*popularity*~ in our faces. She's a shitty person inside and out and obviously you are too if her throwing a little bit of money at you (for obviously being a fangirl) wins you over.

No. 114633

1) The photoshop in this picture is out of this world. Her nose is a blur. "Body positivity" but I'm going to photoshop the hell out of my pictures.

2) Her patreon receives over 2k/month. The suit is cheap. We can all see that. If you are making that much a month and write that you're using that money towards cosplays, then I need to see a receipt. Because that suit is not worth more than $50. A legit suit costs upwards of $300.

3) I wouldn't use the term "childish" to refer to someone whose naked photos are all over the internet on purpose. Ass shots, thongs, side boobs, and then full on nudes? Yeah, childish. You mean immature.

Remind us again why we should feel bad? Because she's making what the average American makes off Patreon selling her body? Calling it "body positivity" when she fat shames herself and skinny shames others? Calling it "empowering" while its just actually marketing? Flaunting that she's Muslim when her actions all scream that she isn't? Dumping her boyfriend then shaming him in front of all her neckbeard fans, and in turn they bully him?

I follow many cosplayers. They don't act like this. There is something called integrity and dignity, and she has none.

P.S. She cheated on her boyfriend too. Drop the white knight act, it's hopeless.

No. 114636

>all these excuses for her behavior
>'she's doing what makes her happy'
>believing momo was bullied when she was a skinny lacross player and only got fat later on
>'deserves a chance'
>thinking momo is 'genuine'
>thinking momo promoting other cosplayers isnt just her way of leeching off of their fans/getting cosplay friends
>implying we dont know her better because we're willing to actually be critical about her behavior

hi momo

No. 114638

I'm dumbfounded by the amount of stupidity from this but ok… |:

No. 114645

Classic vapid response.

bye momo.

No. 114646


>1) The photoshop in this picture is out of this world.

I can promise you for sure, 100%, that this isn't Photoshop but a camera app with a "beautifying" effect. Looks like YouCam Perfect to me. It detects skin and hair and has a sliding scale for how much you want your skin/hair evened out.
Sometimes I use it a little on my selfies, even out the light a bit, but it looks like she cranked hers up to max. I recognise the Gaussian blur overlap on her hair.

No. 114658

File: 1459727293032.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Terminology aside, anon was just trying to say that she shoops/edits her face, not that she specifically uses photoshop.

If your Muslim friends don't dress like pic related, they aren't real Mariah Mallad (TM) certified Muslims. UwU

No. 114659

File: 1459727347842.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Not 100% Momokun but her friend made a decoden case for her and it looks so sad like one of those terrible Pinterest fails.

No. 114660

nigga shut the fuck up not everyone is Momo

No. 114661

>>> when you used to be the biggest contributor to the shit talk on this thread but she wins you over with some bomb ass selfies today same. honestly since she's stopped checking this thread she just proves that she doesn't care as much anymore I've noticed her profiles gotten a lot more down to earth, that's all I wanted was for her to stop being such a vapid cunt because if she lost a little weight and tried harder with her cosplay she could make it decent, I still won't call her a cosplayer more like a cosmodel because honestly she only talks about mainstream animes and the only video game characters she seems to know are smash bros, but she's growing up and not crying out for that attention anymore. Granted that titty shot was a little grab for attention but Jesus them tiddies they're almost as big as mine lol. I won't ride her dick or nothing but I am going to stop contributing to this thread.

No. 114663

I can see why she pulls stupid faces in 90% of her photos now, yeesh.

lmao wat

No. 114665


Dude exactly!!! That's what I've been trying to say! Fucking thank you. She's growing up! That's the point! At least she's not acting like a little brat anymore

No. 114669

'photoshop' is the general name the internet uses for editting a picture. gtfo newfag

Momo you should really stop trying so hard to pretend to be a female fan you know.

>she wins you over with some bomb ass selfies today same

>I've noticed her profiles gotten a lot more down to earth
>but she's growing up and not crying out for that attention anymore.
>I won't ride her dick or nothing

Make up your mind

Also bullshit
it's been a WEEK since she publicly dragged her ex through the mud how the fuck would you think she's 'growing up'. Get the fuck out with this 'she's so mature desu' gullible shit when she hasn't even turned around for a month.

No. 114675


Wait she cheated on her boyfriend? with who??? What where why how. I need dirt now! I thought she broke up with his goofy ass

No. 114682

it was obvious he broke up with her. Why else would he already be with another chick
She first blatantly says that he broke up with her and then tries to save face by saying it was her that ended things
and yet continues to rant about him

No. 114685

File: 1459729923447.jpg (526.86 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)


Yeah but she did publicly apologize. It takes a lot of balls to aplgogize in from ot 23k people for being a dick and at least admitting they are wrong

No. 114688


pretty sure she broke up with him… Just because a guy gets with another girl a couple days later doesn't mean anything he's probably trying to get over her.

Especially since he hasn't made anything public yet so I do think they handled the situation if she is aplgogizing publicly to him. And I just checked his Twitter, he's following her again. So something happened. Maybe it was a big April fools joke to gain publicity. Do I smell a Trisha Patyas in the making?

No. 114695

File: 1459731041123.jpg (138.2 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

I got this!

No. 114696

File: 1459731066673.jpeg (360.81 KB, 1024x1365, image.jpeg)

Well she did tweet yesterday that she admired Trisha Paytas so maybe. She deleted the tweet though and I could've sworn I capped it but I can't find it atm.

Her finalized paralyzer looks so rough and bumpy. It reminds me of baby's first prop.

No. 114700

File: 1459731287050.png (361.53 KB, 523x592, image.png)

>thinking that either person will answer you

No. 114706

No. 114708

File: 1459731822779.jpg (108.19 KB, 640x771, image.jpg)

I got to excited and blank posted but nigha fuck you, but 3 fucking replies!!!!!

No. 114710

Did you honestly expect her to answer honestly and be like "yeah fam I cheated on him"

No. 114711


see also: saving face

No. 114712


You know… I didn't actually think about that.

No. 114713

>totally makes her own stuff guys
>is a hard working cosplayer
>is totally super passionate cosplayer
>is really trying hard

No. 114717


>'photoshop' is the general name the internet uses for editting a picture. gtfo newfag

If you weren't so new to the art of shoop you'd know by now that it's not :^)

Btw what's 'editting'?

No. 114718

>she says 'you dont break up with someone and then grind all over another girl'
>She then proceeds to drag his name through the mud for like 3 days
>half apologizes after people go and attack him
>There are now thousands of neckbeards who will hate him no matter what and just assume she made that tweet to be the 'bigger person'

No. 114763

I came here to shitpost and chew bubblegum …

And guess what..

… I'm all out of bubblegum

No. 114765

aand this is why you use a x-acto knife to cut foam, plastidip, sand, and prime before painting and assembling.

cool status update. no one cares.

No. 114767

I really kind of expected more from her sakura set.

Where was the titty n ass shots?


No. 114772

File: 1459750209166.jpg (316.43 KB, 1500x1001, this is not sexy.jpg)

>reposting her Patreon content so we can all see it
based anon

so many of these photos are ooc or unflattering though like pic related. you'd think the photog would at least try to capture her from a flattering angle instead of one that makes her look like a frumpy grandma.

No. 114773

>by mmallad
hi mariah!

No. 114776


What did you expect?

It the link she used on her patreon

No. 115192


She really has such an ugly face.

No. 115316

god shes actually really fat

No. 115359

File: 1459877081671.png (377.09 KB, 1080x657, Screenshot_2016-04-05-13-17-44…)

Im a bit late on this, but looks like Mariah was self-posting on cgl again.

No. 115369

Did she make a post on twitter about how "we made it boys!" 1 minute after the thread was made again?

No. 115739


You're getting a bit too paranoid.

I made that thread to shitpost on cgl because I know she's not liked.

No. 115816


Lol the fuck is this shit?

No. 115823


I've seen that, the only confirmed "nude" is her butt shot, you can see her face in it, but I don't think the rest are real, look at the body of the "full nude" the Butt and stomach are heavily edited, the butt looks like a freaking chair, Kim K fake ass pretty much. As dumb as she can be, I don't think she would've taken a nude be been like "let me edit this so I look like a unporpoetinal freak." Cause that's what that photo looks like.

Also to the people in the thread complaining about not getting nudes on Patreon, PATREON DOES NOT ALLOW THAT, fucking thirsty pieces of shit trying to force xosplayers to do nude shoots. Fucking annoying.

No. 115824


So why is hentai and other drawn smutt allowed then?

Also some other cosplay patrons(im supporting one right now) show off their nude beasts in cosplay sets because they upload it to dropbox or somewhere else and don't upload it directly to patron.

No. 115826

Did you even read the thread? They were discussing how she even gets her content out when 18+ isn't allowed on Patreon. They weren't saying that Patreon should allow 18+ so they can get more nudes.

No. 115855

File: 1459920765501.jpg (286.97 KB, 1894x1263, image.jpg)

She just posted this and I kinda disagree. Not a big fan of her but she is pretty photogenic. I feel like when she's not in cosplay she just looks so laid back, but as soon as she puts on a cosplay she becomes Yaya Han bitch status

No. 115865


/: she is kinda pretty. If she lost a few more pounds she'd look better

No. 115867

She actually looks really good dressed down like a nice gal I'd see at school or something, but her personality is rotten to the core.

No. 115869

How is this photogenic when she looks like any other below average chubby slob who just crawled their way into a morning class

No. 115870

A professional photographer, good lighting, and filters can make anybody look decent though.

No. 115917

File: 1459948582366.png (34.68 KB, 309x294, dem rolls.png)

Photogenic means that pictures of her USUALLY look good not 'only selfies and professional photoshoots with pro lighting look good

Also imho the only thing photogenic about this picture is her face which is covered in makeup and is so surrounded by reflectors that even her teeth barely have definition. Her poses it 100% unflattering and makes her look 10 times bigger. Catch them rolls she's trying to hide under that baggy shirt.

Also Why is she trying to white pass so hard? Why does she need to wear that blond wig for a casual shoot?

No. 115921

Look me a while to figure out what that pic was but I agree. Poses are awful, why the fuck is she wearing that wig casually. I feel bad the the photographer shot that with her leg up like that and published it. Looks so unnatural and awkward

No. 116002


The pose looks fine to me lmao some of you people nitpick so much.

But like I said before her attitude is getting better. She's not acting like a cunt anymore and is growing the hell up finally

No. 116028

fuck off looking at this thread if you're just a whiteknight

No. 116042

Man I wish I could be a raging cunt for months on end and then just fuck around not saying anything for a week and be magically forgiven

No. 116132


Nigga stfu I'm not being a damn white knight you damn prick.

I'm just saying she's not terrible looking and the picture looks fine. I'm not a fan of her but I'm not gonna shitpost just to shitpost like some of you. Like why are you so worried about this girl, she doesn't even have 50k likes on Facebook, why is there a thread on her and so active, you guys are just giving her more attention? Cause you know damn well there are some thirsty mutha fuckas on this thread who probably are donating to her damn pattern now because you guys don't shut the fuck up.

No. 116139

why do you visit this thread if it makes you so triggered lmao

No. 116166

>tfw this thread is so clogged up with thirsty betas, Mariah's own posts, and white knights that I can't even tell if this is a pissed off wk, beta, or Mariah herself

Her attitude got worse between being posted on /cgl/ and being posted here and continues to be horrible.

No. 116170

File: 1459984372764.jpeg (107.09 KB, 750x976, image.jpeg)

Whoever keeps tweeting Mariah and her fans, you're cringy and embarrassing as fuck and you need to stop.

No. 116201


Lmao. We aren't expecting forgiveness because the entire thread is anonymous, that's the beauty of the internet. I do wish the other guy who shares my point would stop replying to this thread though, you guys look stupid and bitter now. I've said it before, there's no more valid points to make, you're literally hating her because of the way she posed in a photograph? A non-nude, non-oversexualized photograph to be precise, just a typical everyday picture.

Unless of course the girls that are making rude comments in this thread are Momo herself, in a really sad attempt to keep this thread's popularity so people keep visiting it and it's her attempt at free advertising, ha-ha. Pick a better argument to use against yourself because honestly "the way she posed in a casual shot" is just so lame.

Dude, just stop replying.

No. 116249


I actually know momo and keep an eye on this thread, the other day myself and another cosplayer saw some stuff going on in this thread that worried us and we both texted her right away, and she told me "oh so and so just texted me the same thing" in regards to the dick Simmons Twitter account ( btw nice shout out to RVB lol ) we pretty much sent her the links to show her the thread and she pretty much dismissed it.

As her friend I like to keep a close eye on this, but she at first was super worried about what everyone thought about her and tried making everyone happy, to be honest in this last month I've seen this girl change a lot, if it's one thing I know momo is good at is realizing when she's wrong and getting her shit together.

But honestly you guys are hating just to hate. And it makes me kind of proud of her she didn't even want to look at this threads because this girl use to be so worried about what people thought of her, and now she's been content just doing her. It makes me laugh a bit when you guys say "hi momo" when that girl wants nothing to do with this negativity. From what I understand when we talked about this, she got the message loud and clear and understood what she reasonably needed to fix, the rest was just silly hatred. And tbh she's probably gonna get mad if she does happen to come on here and see this me talking about her because she's going to know exactly who I am so… Hi bugabo love you don't hate me :3.

Anyways, momo really doesn't care. And it makes me really proud that she doesn't anymore. Now it's time for me to stop looking at this thread all the time.

No. 116256

Did you miss the fact she's been here several times to defend herself?… GTFO.

No. 116258

>Now it's time for me to stop looking at this thread all the time.

'bout time

No. 116259


She was only on here a few times but realized nothing she said would change your guys' mind, only actions. It's why she's working harder on creating more of her costumes and studying how to sew better and different fabrics. Like I've been cosplaying for 7-8 years now, and my cosplayer didn't come out half as nice as her beginning cosplays that's she's making. I'm really proud of momo. And she is always working to improve herself. She's still young and I hope the best for her, but like others have mentioned before here, she is still learning, but she's doing what makes her happy and does nothing but lift others up as well, and shares what fame she has. Hell, the girl helped get me in contact with IGN, Nerdbot, and vice. Like there not a selfish bone in this girls body. And I really hope you guys try and get to know her. She wants nothing but the best for people, and even though she reacted a bit over dramatic in the thread it's because she was upset. Again I don't wanna speak for her, but I've been dying to just reply to this thread and be like just give the girl a god damn chance.

No. 116260

>Now it's time for me to stop looking at this thread all the time.
and yet here you are, still looking at this thread.
she hasn't done anything to deserve a second chance.

also please tell her to fix the shoulders on her samus swimsuit. they're really uneven. also since she appears to be using spandex, she needs to learn how to fit better cuz goddamn that shit does not fit her at all and it's a stretch fabric so fit shouldn't even be a huge problem.
her seams are sloppy as shit too with all that puckering. the only way to fix that is seam rip and re-sew the puckered seams.

No. 116265


I thought she said the samus swimsuit was just practice? Or a "prototype" lol

No. 116269

those are going to be issues she has to fix either now or later on, so it's better for her to fix her mockup so she doesn't waste fabric on her final.

No. 116299

Hey Victory cosplay!! Pretty sure this is you because you were the first person to show her this thread according to her convo with Kay. You're a lame social climber who is never going to get popular no matter how many times you @ Nigri. Go to the gym, learn to apply your makeup, make a decent costume for once.

No. 116312

>when that girl wants nothing to do with this negativity
Yet only a week ago she was still vague tweeting about the thread and is trying 'her hardest' to prove us wrong.
>And tbh she's probably gonna get mad if she does happen to come on here and see this me talking about her because she's going to know exactly who I am so
So you yourself are calling her a flip floppy bitch by implying that she IS going to come back to this thread

>Like I've been cosplaying for 7-8 years now, and my cosplayer didn't come out half as nice as her beginning cosplays that's she's making
So you've been buying shit tier sweatshop cosplays for 8 years now
>Hell, the girl helped get me in contact with IGN, Nerdbot, and vice.
So you're admitting that you're also just using her to climb socially as a cosplayer.

Also hi magically another anonymous person claiming how non selfish she is.

Let me put this straight:

No decent good person would have psycho cunt flip outs like she does. IF she was so kind and giving and loved she would have a decent circle of friends to help her through lolcow threads and boyfriend breakups.

She's obviously self righteous and disgusting

also let's be real IGN, Nerdbot and Vice ???? NO LEGITIMATE COSPLAYER GIVES A DAMN ABOUT BEING ON THOSE SITES. Go enter a fucking contest and win an award and stop relying on photoshop and other people's effects to get you popularity.

No. 116329

I'm also adding to this.
I was quite confused as of why she's making a Samus zero suit from scratch when he has a pre bought one. I only Samus has multiple versions of this suit but why did she just decide to make one now?

Because she got upset about us calling her out on the shitty taobao suit she pre bought and she still wants to "prove us wrong" by making her own.

lmao if she can't style a wig into the correct shape and get the darts right on her swimsuit mock this is going to be messy.

No. 116343



Holy shit how is everyone trying to defend her this fucking retarded lmao. How many times have this been said?

"If she wants nothing to do with this negativity stop replying to the goddamn thread!"

Lmao! Every time you come here to post that shit the thread gets bumped like how dense are you? Makes it sound like you're trying to keep it popular for her because again like I said, free advertising. Do you not understand how 4chan works?

Stop fucking replying you goddamn retards let the fucking whiney petty bitches complain about every little thing that's wrong with her because this thread is literally just going to shit lol. You can't change people's minds when all they want to do is hate someone to feel better about themselves. Read the responses to this comment and everyone is going to say "hi Momo" you can't change trolls you just can't.

God. I don't even know why I fucking try.

"I'm gonna defend her on here and make myself seem like her best friend so I can dickriders her fifteen minutes of fame." Holy shit. That's what you look like doing that shit on here. Jessica Nigri has thousands of hate threads on her you don't see her or any of her friends whiteknighting the shit. Like fuck right off lol.

No. 116470

She's right you know… Just stop replying. Let's all go spam Jessica's thread instead lol

/flies off on broomstick

No. 116473

File: 1460075714380.png (660.52 KB, 640x1136, eyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL2Rpc2Nvcm…)

No. 116485


Sorry, should I say "close personal friends" anyways. Close personal friends shouldn't be encouraging or discouraging stuff like this. Especially if you're supposed to be "mature" and "grown up". Maybe she should re evaluate her friends.

It all goes back to the original post.


I think it's just sad that all these young girls who actually like anime and video games, attractive or not, honestly think that the only way to become famous or popular in cosplay is to be half naked like Nigri. Even Mariah says "sex sells I don't like it but it's making me popular" now there's all sorts of hypocritical in that statement because it just shows that when money's involved she's willing to throw away her morality, but it's really sad that cosplayers who genuinely work hard to make elaborate and beautiful pieces of art don't get the same credit that these hoes get for hanging out their tiddies.

Granted the ones who work hard on their cosplay wether they're hot or not become prop makers and costume designers for movies and television shows. That was originally the goal from the get go when cosplay was less mainstream but it probably doesn't pay as much as Nigri gets paid or even Mariah (2400 a month of other peoples money just for her to have photoshoots in her underwear and poor quality cosplay with boobs and thunder thighs hanging out everywhere)

Instead of just attacking another generic cosplay hoe maybe another thread should get started about how fucked up the industry is now because of thirsty beta fags and neckbeards, ha-ha.

I was attacked before for saying that some professional cosplayers have integirty and some vapid bitch responded by saying that was a joke, but what about all the men of cosplay? There are some kickass full body armour cosplay out there from Halo and even the Bloodborne cosplay were pretty fucking impressive, but no one pays attention because they don't have tits. But if you haven't noticed these men go on to design movie props and costumes. Look at Midnight Armor or any of the other guys that were on heroes of cosplay and just kinda faded after the show ended.

I don't know, I think she shouldn't be getting as much hatred or attention as this thread allows, shes just another generic pair of tits.

No. 116487


I should probably elaborate on my statement even though I've written too much already lol. If she thinks that she's going to get much popular than what she has right now she is a little delusional. She needs to look at the people who she interacts with on Twitter, the ones who have been doing it for five or six, even ten years and have way less followers than her. Like I said, just another generic pair of tits. This is about as good as it's gonna get Mariah, maybe a few extra convention invites and a couple hundred more dollars on Patreon which I gotta give kudos is a lot more money than I thought she would get…sometimes I wonder if maybe she did buy a few followers?? But the point I'm trying to make is you've already set yourself up as one of those people who get half naked in an attempt to become cosfamous, but there are hundreds of girls who have done the same thing and they peaked after their first year too. Yaya and JNig are the worst examples when it comes to an aspiring career, because honestly they're pioneers in being cosplay hoes. They were the first to ruin the industry and that's why they're so popular, ha-ha. Once everyone tried to follow suit and copy them the whole community just became infested with "wannabes" and there's only so much beta fag money to go around, lol.

No. 116490

Thats so true, I follow a lot of random cosplayers on facebook, most of which are basically half naked, hot and doing patreon.There's tons of them. They all get lost in the sea of copycats. Jnig and Yaya keep going because yeah they were the firsts. I haven't seen anyone else really "rise to the top" in a long time since those two. A few poke their heads out but they don't get mentioned like Hangri. What Mariah needs is an edge. Marry someone secretly and kill them by accident. That could work.

No. 116492

Her edge is that she is fat. So she can play that i'm changing the worlds beauty standards bullshit card

No. 116510


She doesn't really look fat to me, she just looks like she could lose a bit of weight and tone up a bit.

But in all honesty I'm no one to talk I like Tim Horton's too much

No. 116695

"If I saw a white woman wearing a hijab, I wouldnt lose my shit over it."

-The wisdom of Mariah.

Holy shit the ignorance tho. If someone would please beat her with a book so she could be taught to only open her mouth once it's educated, that would be great. There are many European countries and some parts of Russia who are WHITE MUSLIMS…..you wouldn't lose your shit because you're only using these statements to get more people to try and like you…MUSLIM IS NOT A RACE but then again Americans are dumb and ignorant as fuck most people who aren't educated, like this bitch, assume all Muslims are brown :)

No. 116712

File: 1460166499677.png (24.1 KB, 582x156, seriously.png)

I'm more amazed at this tweet if anything

She's trying so hard to be 'cool and different yet what anime has she cosplayed from??? Two mainstream shounen manga (Naruto and Nanatai).

I dont even wanna name anime/manga she would actually have to cosplay from to prove that she actually likes dark anime but the list is loooong. Funny enough one of them includes one of the most basic bitch cosplay that both nigri and Jenni have done it

No. 116754

File: 1460181861170.jpeg (81.43 KB, 750x688, image.jpeg)

Caps please. This is the only thing I found.

She should be careful. She could cut herself on all of that edge.

No. 116756

File: 1460183194386.png (64.14 KB, 720x291, Screenshot_2016-04-08-23-22-52…)


……like it was right there lol how stupid are you?

Swimsuit Samus. What a joke. She can't make a body suit herself, so she's just gonna slut it up again. She's been Samus for like two months it's old.

No. 116761

it's the only cosplay that gets her attention, that's why. lol how stupid are you?

No. 116774

File: 1460196831308.png (70.71 KB, 478x365, Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 3.11…)

if she was actually muslim, she'd know that there are muslims from all over the world, including white and asian muslims.
for someone who claims to be very knowledgeable about muslims, she sure does know nothing.

No. 116782


This is actually funny. Isn't she the one that didn't want her family finding her photos? If she's a Muslim, she's a mess. Doubt she is though Lmao

No. 116786

When she first came out as Muslim she said she was from an Iranian…?

So now she's from Lebanon?

No. 116788


No she's never said she was Iranian, just Lebanese pretty. So that means she's a Shiite, meaning she probably hates Iranians

No. 116846

Am I the only one that has trouble picturing her praying ?

No. 117380

File: 1460339352024.png (73.25 KB, 720x578, Screenshot_2016-04-10-18-44-39…)

Her dickriders fans make me cringe. First off the swimsuit Samus quality is terrible, it looks like she's wearing a big blue wrinkly bib on her chest. Second off we stopped saying she made her own shit like weeks ago now we're just saying she does make her own shit but it's shit lol.

No. 117393


btw you should read the tweets in >>116170 because "BiBi" told the guy that noone tweeted Momo saying that Momo doesn't make her cosplays and props and he flips his shit trying to be like "s-sub tweeting! the haters subtweet! don't call me out ok???"

No. 117401

If I was momo, I would be extremely paranoid about being hypersexualised and also claiming to be Muslim.

There are a lot of extremists out there who wouldn't take kindly to that.

Sure, you don't hear about internet personalities being attacked by extremists BUT IT COULD HAPPEN.

No. 117422

>implying that extremists would want to attack an Internet nobody

No. 117515


I don't understand why people think that Islam is so different than other religions. There are tons of christian girls who have a lot of sex and act rowdy. There are a lot that don't pray every day, etc.

Not white knighting but honestly, stop this autism.

No. 117532

please read the fucking thread before spouting bullshit.

Momo has said she doesnt want her family to see ANY of her lingerie shots or anything like that. She claimed here
that she prays daily and follows all these muslim teachings etc but acts as if 'oh if I call it MODELLING that makes it okay'even though no one is paying her to specifically model those things. SHE comes up with the shoots and gets them done. If she was a LEGIT lingerie model I could understand the bullshit she's spewing but no she wants to pretend to be both 'wholesome muslim girl' and also 'LOOK AT MY TITS AND GIVE ME MONEY'
Also she's trying to claim that snap chats
are her modelling now I guess

No. 117555

Lol yall haters. Sad.

No. 117577

I hate dog shit too and no one thinks that's sad so? I dont see the difference.

No. 117587

I only come here for the occasional dumps of a chubby girl cosplaying as video game characters I like.

She's doing what she likes, people like it, they're paying her. You all are really pathetic and autistic and I can barely stomach scrolling through this shit to find jello thigh links.

What compels you dirty niggers to crawl to your computers every day and try to pretend your better that some dumb airheaded bitch that parades around and plays make believe?

You should all be ashamed at the simple fact that you are lesser human beings than the person you have created this shrine to mock. Let that sick in.

Now someone dump her shit im not paying this fat cow 20$ a month to look at her ass.

No. 117607

Do you know what website are you on, honey?

No. 117633

>calls thread pathetic and autistic
>resorts to 12yo edgy slurs
>thinks we're all in this thread daily when this thread has gone dead for days before
>Even if we did come to the thread daily we'd all still be better than the fat slut
>You guys should feel bad but I totes wanna get off to this rando fatty instead of looking at the hundreds of other chubby cosplayers

oh no my feelings are so hurt. what ever shall I do with myself?

I'm usually not the type to resort to this but since she's been found shit posting about herself before I'm gonna say hi momo

No. 117746

File: 1460424886140.jpeg (261.14 KB, 1024x1365, image.jpeg)

She didn't fix it ?

No. 117751

Holy fuck that wig is so ratty now. BRUSH YOUR WIGS.

No. 117752

File: 1460426546974.png (Spoiler Image, 599.27 KB, 414x1119, Screenshot_2016-04-10-18-51-30…)


No. 117753


oh honey no.. those arms are scaring me more than her shitty prop..

No. 117771


At least she's wearing tights. She got that right. No one wants to see her cottage cheese.

No. 117800

No. 117824

Which one of y'all fuckers keeps making that @mariahmaliad account lol. I hope it's not one of us tbh because that last person who made the 20 questions account about her relationship with what's his nuts was cringey enough lol. Let's try and keep the level of childishness here to at least a 17 year old level not an 11 year old bahaha

No. 117833

File: 1460442634176.jpg (158.86 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

The guy making the account does this to a few cosplayers and voice actors, constantly making new accounts of them and tweeting at others trying to get replies. He's been doing it to different cosplayers for a few years now.

No. 117914

why the fuck didn't she sew the legs and arms on. The Zero Suit is sexy enough as it is. Are you really trying your hardest to kill this character.
>iron yer fucking seams

No. 117955

Whythe FUCK does she insist on the zipper being in the back? has the slut never heard os a side zipper???? The back of zero suit is so iconic and OBVIOUSLY now supposed to have the zipper there

thought tbh
I love how she thinks anyone who really cares about her cosplay is gonna give her brownie points for making it.

Mariah since I know you frequent this thread:
People only prefer hand made costumes because they SHOULD look and fit better than ones bought online. So the fact that your new zerosuit is LITERALLY worse in EVERY way (seams, color, lack of detailing, fit and you didnt even manage to sew on the back pieces properly and your gun looks 1000000% worse)

Maybe you should copy Jessica Nigri some more and follow her example of commissioning props/costumes you can't make. Also go to your local Joanns and take a sewing class or something.

Also when someone tells you to take some god damn pride in your work it doesn't mean to feel proud of what bullshit comes out of your obviously rushed laziness. It means that you should take your time and work hard on everything you make. Maybe you should get this phrase in your thick skull 'Anything worth doing is worth doing well'

No. 117995


Lol she's just so…beefy…you can see in her face she's really not as confident as she seems to be, and if that's the definition of thick someone tell Valeria Orsini and Anastasiya Kvitko they're doing it wrong lmao.

No. 118011

lol why is her butt so small? looks like she got some major wedgie action going on too. thing that bothers me the most is her cosplays are almost never in character, setting, pose (not as much in this case), etc.

No. 118034

File: 1460479607693.jpg (48.03 KB, 600x900, Cf0-1Z4UkAA8ZNX.jpg)

I hate this brown lipstick trend! It makes her look like she's been eating shit. The puckering on her suit is terrible and there's no excuse for it to fit her this badly considering that it's made of stretch material.

thick means that she should have a nice ass (she doesn't have one as seen in >>117746
) and boobs, but also have a thin waist. You can see in >>117752 that she doesn't have curves.

>that photoshop on her waist and hips

oh but she's all natural, right? ;)

No. 118036

File: 1460479697382.png (58.33 KB, 637x331, sucker.png)

No. 118039

File: 1460479863160.png (72.44 KB, 610x331, the only JP speaker in the US.…)

No. 118074

File: 1460481711221.gif (903.63 KB, 240x228, stopplease.gif)

What kind of bomb is that to randomly drop? That's like saying you envy the furry style and wish you could be a yiffy fox.

No. 118081

im sure she busts out her broken Japanese, no relief whatsoever for the seller. hell i bet my japanese is better and i haven't spoken it in years

No. 118086


she probably just used google translate and was like "im soo gud at japanese, guyz"

No. 118151

File: 1460488537944.jpg (143.76 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

The zipper is a joke. She used an invisible zipper but didn't even put it in the right way? If she at least put it in like a regular zipper it'd be one thing, but look at those sloppy cut raw edges.. It looks like babbys first sewing project

No. 118174

Are the designs cardboard? Like, at least appliqué that shit! Or nicely topstitch.
This is some beginner shit for sure. Good for her for trying to make stuff for herself but she needs a lot of practice before she can act like it's anything worth being proud of. As a seamstress this picture stresses me out.

No. 118182

see idk how that's even 'beginner' level. My first costume was MUCH cleaner than that because I cared about the costume and took my time. This just reads as 'LOL LOOK I CAN SEW A THING IN LIKE 2 DAYS H8TRS. I'M SO GOOD.'

No. 118305

It's real funny how she was getting so much hate for not making her own cosplay and she decided to pick up sewing. Pffffft

No. 118316

She wasnt even really getting hate for not making her cosplay. She was getting hate for buying a really shitty store bought cosplay. I almost wish she had splurged and bought a nice latex one since she wants to be gross and pandering anyway.

No. 118369

No. 118376

LOL I didn't know what else to call it, but it's definitely nothing professional or anything to be proud of. Especially since she wants to act like she's trying to get better… this shows no signs of improvement.
I'm not sure those can be called appliqués… more like badly done fabric blobs. She needs to take a sewing class badly or jut stick to buying.

No. 118384

File: 1460522416334.jpeg (13.83 KB, 169x324, image.jpeg)

See that sad jagged edge right there? And that, kids, is why you cut foam with an exacto or heated knife instead of scissors.

Plus why did she use a straight stitch on the edge of the "appliqué" instead of a satin stitch like what she's supposed to use? Too cheap to buy a satin stitch foot or too lazy to actually learn how to appliqué?

No. 118404

I screenshot her just do that when she gets "huge" (lol get it?) We will still have it to refer to, since she obviously can't stay consistent and will probably go back on her word. One second shes like "I'm a strong independent fabulous woman fuck da haters I'm obviously better than u bcus money lolz" and the next shes like "humanity, hard work and puppies hehe I am so magical and wonderful and do so much good for the world I am so humble and down to earth". Plus, if she actually does get jnig tier famous beyond just the nerd and convention fanbase (and the people who jack off to people's pics on instagram base), which would be genuinely surprising, I will just have to whip this out to show her fans, "this is how your beautiful idol sees your passion, this is how humble and modest she is!!!" Saying you're humble and down to earth means you're not, fuck

No. 118405

File: 1460529393795.png (387.74 KB, 997x1194, 20160413_012745.png)

This stupid thing didn't post my screenshot because it thought I clicked post for some reason, but there it is in case anyone else wants to save it for lulz

No. 118416

Does anyone else find it ironic she's typing this on the anonymous message boards she claims is full of such losers? I always imagined tearful eyes behind such pathetic comments.

No. 118461

People would accuse you of Photoshopping this together and there would be tearful pleas from Momo like "omg guys that's not me! it's someone else pretending to be me. how do I have this removed? ;___;"

No. 118474

Nah cause we have proof of her tweeting about it >>107683

No. 118547

File: 1460565040362.jpg (42.22 KB, 321x446, 1457372063786.jpg)

this whole thread

No. 119010

Kek but she really ain't thick tho

No. 119020

I'm in love with her.

No. 119026

Selfpost? Sorry, but who could ever love that thing? Explain yourself

No. 119039

I'm gay and I think she's really pretty. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A lot of people probably think she's shallow and vapid and they might be right. She's sensitive and obviously has some insecurities, but she has a cute smile looks like she'd be fun to have a one-on-one conversation with, or just to meet in passing.

I don't care about any of this drama at all because it's stupid as fuck but I like to think she could mature from this. She's also really lewd.

>no momokun gf to reassure in her moments of vulnerability

>no momokun gf to lead down the right path

No. 119059

File: 1460576491838.png (Spoiler Image, 278.42 KB, 366x460, Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.4…)

I met this chick during the Seven Deadly Sins gathering that she hosted at ALA and she seemed really sweet. It's a shame that she's just like every other attention whore in the cosplay community who only wants fame and money

No. 119061

Yep, self post.

No. 119071

I bet she's one of those fat girls that acts nice towards skinny girls in person and then says nasty things about them behind their backs.

No. 119076

File: 1460577268054.jpg (124.56 KB, 640x496, 1434061752892.jpg)

>waahh waahh someone disagrees with me on the internet!!!!
>it must be mariah trying to defend herself!!!!! because no other person could actually like something i don't like!!!!
>"Hi Mariah how are you doing :) :):) :):)):) /s"
>le originale comment

Why is there so much autism here? I thought /r9k/ was bad but somehow every time I shitpost here you guys literally sperg out.

We don't even type similarly, you bitter vagina.

No. 119117

I know, bitch built like a refrigerator

No. 119218


I mean sure if thick means fat yah she's fat as fuck :)

If she lost the extra twenty pounds around her tummy and arms that need to go with proper diet that ass is going with it haha.


Yah you should calm down. Ever since her little army found out about this post they come in tryna whitenight her, its not always Mariah smh.


Just GTFO out how many times has it been said the only way you can properly defend the hoe is by not responding to this thread and bumping it you stupid prick.


Ha. Funny.

No. 119222


Shit. I mean to reply to


With the ha. Cuz its funny. Guess I'm the stupid prick :p at least I'm not all self-righteous here I just hate the bitch lol. She fucked a lot of people over on Twitter and she wonders why her nudes get leaked.

No. 119534

thing is, she has no ass. she got that flat butt big gut though. >>97576

No. 119794

File: 1460682062235.jpg (13.41 KB, 293x395, momo.jpg)

Return of the cheap spandex suit

No. 119797

>spider gwen
what a casual lol

No. 119799

File: 1460683374623.jpg (49.04 KB, 600x1008, Cf5FdxPUIAA3fLd.jpg)

can anyone confirm if this one is photoshopped? the waist and ass looks off…….

No. 119820

File: 1460686985207.jpeg (67.67 KB, 750x1025, image.jpeg)

Not sure if shoop but this dip right here looks wrong to me…

No. 119822

Looks better than the cosplays she makes though

No. 119824

Wearing a waist cincher

No. 120454

Yo damn, what a bunch of sad bitter nerds.
At least i saved some pics.

No. 120458


No. 120472

why are her wigs always so shitty though? her samus wig was so unkempt, and this one looks exactly the same mess and colour.
at this point i don't care about her being a fat jnig and buying spandex suits for cosplay if she had a decent fucking wig to go with it.

No. 120504

She wears Arda wigs which tangle beyond belief if you don't take good care of them. Her Samus wig looks like it frizzed up because she tried to brush it with a regular hair brush instead of a wig brush.

No. 120728


Actually I'm typing this out on my phone on my break at work because I have a real job and I'm just bored right now :) I don't have a computer in my mum's basement because I moved out years ago but thanks for stereotyping!

Honestly it's so funny how people assume the people bashing her are jealous of her sloth face and her thunder thighs. We just can't seem to contemplate how she got so many neckbeards to worship her but like I've said before I think they just hope that because she's not super famous she might send them nudes if they're super nice to her.

Just a point, I know the point itself has been said and done to death but for some reason these whiteknighting and Mariah herself are so thick headed that no matter what you say they think we're just ugly fatties who are jealous of her cellulite and bad costumes.

No. 120791

dont even know who this girl is but saw your comment and lmao can feel that edge : ^) just because you use bad words baby doesnt mean your a grown up :(

No. 120792

also its fucking lolcow get out white knighter and pay her for some nudes

No. 120796

Oh boy look at the tryhard samefaggotry

No. 120843



And your point? I'm just saying you're all so caught up in trying to defend this girl and make her seem like an innocent angel but you fail to see past the fact that we aren't jealous of her. At least I'm not. Granted there are probably some bitches who wish they could make as much money as she does right now cosplaying but I'm not one of them. Im just a fan of cosplayers in general and honestly she will never make it as far as women like r1ddle and JNig. She should just stop embarrassing herself by trying to sound like a pageant queen trying to change the world all the time, being a body positive cosplayer. Yah she's gotten pretty far for a fatty but she hasn't become rich overnight and that's how she's acting "omg I made it and I'm fat I'm changing the world" no honey. You're not.

No. 120845


Also this comment doesn't make any sense. I'm not a grown up, because I'm using bad words…but there's not one swear word in my statement? What edge exactly? Please get the fuck out if your brain cell count is lower than the fucks I give :) I'm saying that Mariahs counter argument and all the whiteknighters counter arguments are always the same: "we're just jealous" um. No.

No. 120983

This is why I admire people who fucking make their own spider gwen suits more than people who do these fucking printed ones.

No. 120991

See the best thing is she's hardcore labelling herself as a fake nerd because Spidergwen's suit has the hood when when she doesn't have the mask on.

No. 121002

how did this thread end up with so many white knights? like 50% of this thread is wks while other threads have a small amount of white knights if there even are any.
you don't see white knights shitting up the game grumps thread or the jnig thread yet here we are with a ton of wks shitting up the thread of some nobody "cosplayer".

No. 121007

I mentioned this earlier on and someone asked about checking their IP idk. This thread is mostly Mariah and her friends. It's true, I never see white knights this much.

No. 121067

File: 1460902290214.png (192.15 KB, 720x816, Screenshot_2016-04-17-07-03-22…)


This is what I was saying from the fucking beginning and I'm so glad there's actually a male who fucks with anitwitter that finally isn't thirsting all over this bitch just because she can hide her body in corsets. She gets such fake self esteem from her followers because half of them want nudes and the other half just wanna share the spotlight by acting like they have a lesbian crush on her lmao. You're not insecure? You're perfectly happy where you are? Then why did you post about this thread and your breakup with Eric and everything else bad that happens to you? Because you want your little fucking followers to lift you up even tho they have their own selfish motivations.

No. 121097

I love how her she thinks that she's actually famous and is beloved by the people or some shit when the guys who kiss her ass just hope that she'll suck their dicks.
She really doesn't have that many followers for someone who stripped to gain followers.

No. 121368

Isn't that bitch Nana bear a fatty but more famous because her attitude isn't shit? Lol

No. 121474

File: 1460954234851.jpeg (45.72 KB, 351x525, image.jpeg)

That and also, you know, nana bear is actually a good cosplayer.

No. 121853

Ew she's tryna sell herself as a Dark Souls Fan I'm so sad now I don't care if you guys think the game is shit but Dark Souls and Bloodborne are like my shit and it's tainted now lol I almost wanted to die when she started talking about The Walking Dead like no pls go die in a corner :(

No. 121854

>btw i just learned about DS a few months ago

No. 121855

She's been riding that guys dick, or trying to, for a long fucking time. You can see if she didn't delete the tweets, which she always does. She also tweets Dpiddy who never responds to her. This is the guy she was hitting up when she was with Eric.

No. 121857


I know this sounds childish but I hate the vapid cunt so much that knowing she has any similar interest just makes whatever I'm interested in tainted lol. Like I hate the bitch that much.


Oh yeah, anyone who's even a little Twitter famous or has a high follower count she will be riding his dick. She's an attention whore, we know this lol. When I saw her hitting up Bardock Obama I just laughed like "oh you have 300k followers? Yah, of course she's gonna try and fuck with you :)"

No. 121859


200k, my bad. Still, it's higher than hers so obviously she's gonna try and get his attention right?

No. 121888

File: 1461038866397.png (863.64 KB, 720x1038, wot.png)

Goddamn she's milking the thirst

No. 121889

well how else is an ugly fat girl going to get views/followers?

No. 121890

The bunny suit itself though doesn't look half bad. Tbh I think this could be a decent cosplay if she styles the wig properly and gets good tights for it

No. 121894

That's fucking cool

No. 121898

File: 1461044019932.jpg (60.57 KB, 500x279, thatsmybulma.jpg)


No. 121933

Bulma is not a cheap whore. This is insulting.

No. 122018


Yah that's really sad lol. I wish I had the screenshot but that was one of her old Twitter quotes she's actually said that a few times before, now she gets to ruin Bulma because of it :) people drag Bulmas name through the mud as a joke because of Dragonball but she was never a cheap slut she would never say something like that…like you're never going to have any followers who don't see you anymore as fap material lol. I guess if you're okay with no one respecting you whatever floats your boat

No. 122069

I can't find the comment in this thread or on her twitter but she said she is a geek because she builds computers. Then on her cosplay page she just said a cosplayers boyfriend built it for her? What a fake fucking bitch stop pretending to be nerdy because you think it's cool.

No. 122090

File: 1461101633422.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

This one?

Also she self posted on cgl again.

No. 122121


o bitch u better fucking not

No. 122176

Someone should email this screencaps to the Joann she's trying to apply to.

No. 122179

File: 1461120245478.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

She's trying to kiss Yaya's ass too but Yaya is too busy being famous to care about small fry like Mariah

No. 122180

File: 1461120276684.jpeg (94.36 KB, 640x1136, image.jpeg)

Again with the jnig "hurrhurr I'm so funny" face

No. 122181

No need. These photos come up if you google her name.

No. 122213

Or rather, the "i'm gonna make stupid faces to cover up how ugly i really am".

No. 122222

File: 1461134202276.jpg (140.87 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Apparently some girl named Daisa made this thread?

From what I've heard Mariah didn't befriend her, and didn't reply to her "hundreds" of messages according to little miss Momo.

So this bitch in Vegas is out to get her. I don't know why I find this so funny. This girl needs her own thread lmao

No. 122269

She's a nobody lulz

No. 122383

File: 1461181940827.jpeg (41.63 KB, 640x270, image.jpeg)

Dumbass, dumbass… Dumbass.

Quitting her job when no one knows who she is and she only started cosplaying less than a year ago to try and become the next JNig? Girl, give me a break. You're going to crash and burn. LOL

No. 122388

Is she in college? If she is, she's probably leaving her job so she has more time for school but she's saying "for cosplay" to save face. Honestly, she should quit cosplay to juggle her job and classes instead

No. 122472

Nah. She's too hungry for fame. As someone just stated above, she's gonna crash and burn. Mainly because she doesn't realize what it takes stay at the top. Both Yaya and Jnig are starting to expand outside of cosplay. I don't like either of them, but they're making somewhat smart business moves. Unlike Momo.

No. 122477

I'm so sick of this fucking trend. Cosplay is not a job! It's a hobby! You aren't making money off of it. Yaya han busted her ass for almost two decades to get where she is. Like literal dick sucking. So did Jnigger. This fatass is stupid as fuck if she thinks cosplay is going to pay the bills. I can't even believe people buy into this.

No. 122484

Not so fast anon, she does make money with her Patreon and even tho a lot of that may be b/c of the nudes cosplay is her foot in the door, and there is a some money to be made thru social networking and becoming sponsors/partners and shit. Not saying she's totally on the right track (time will tell I guess). I agree it's not accurate to say cosplay can be a job but it can be your content and you make money as a content producer.

>>Mariah I pray your newfound time will ensure you take a breath and relax while you're sewing seams since your last samus looks like something I would sew while freaking out on 1 hour of sleep the night before a con

No. 122489

>there is a some money to be made thru social networking and becoming sponsors/partners and shit
No company wants to hire a no-name fatty with a bunch of nudes and ass shots in her name google search. Also she's been earning LESS from her patreon. Last time I checked she was earning close to 3k and now she's down to 2.5k

She's already failing and I will state as I had several times in this thread: She's not a cosplayer she's a fetish model.

No. 122499


She was at 2.6 at her highest, but that's because some people donate and back out at the end. But she's so far made around like 5k from what I believe. 2.3kx 2 then 1k , she started in Jan. so she's been racking in the numbers.

And I agree I think she will probably work with sponsorships and twitch, as she's been showing off the patreon money with her new computer build.

It's good to see she's actually been spending the money on what she promised I was worried about that, but at least she's honest there. Some other Cosplayers I've supported on Patreon just take the money and go. And don't give you anything they promised. I'll give her that, as a donator she runs her patreon really professionally.

No. 122500


She is a cosplayer you dumbass. Just cause you don't like them doesn't mean she's not one.

Bitch dresses up as characters. She's a fucking cosplayer. Costume play. Learn the fucking word you cunt. Like if youre contribute to this thread don't shitpost

No. 122502

Why in the fuck is this thread White Knight Central?

No. 122504


Or not as many people hate her as you think. I use to dislike her but then I realized it was because its because the same stupid bitch that was just posting and posting in this shit.

Like just stfu and stop replying to this thread. You guys whine and cry that she's not anyone important but you guys sit there and cry all day long about her. Just shut the fuck up and go bitch about some nobody Cosplayers lol this bitch don't give a fuck about you guys or this thread. She gave you guys two seconds of fame and was done. Get over yourselves haha

No. 122518


White Knight detected

No. 122523

>been spending the money on what she promised

oh yeah like that new PC setup she got herself and buying more shitty taobao cosplay

Lemme guess she promised she would put in a good word at IGN for you if you whiteknighted her? That's cute.

Literally everyone I know who isnt a fame hungry cosplay whore hates her tbh and it's not only no names. You'd be surprised how many big name cosplayers are laughing at her on their private FB accounts or in DMs. I can say that she's a huge joke in the pretty much the entire CA cosplay scene.

PS I mare more than she makes in a month on her patreon this past week and I didnt have to demean myself to being fap material to a bunch of neck beards for it.

No. 122525

You realize if fuckwit white knights like you stopped posting in this thread it would probably have died weeks ago right?

No. 122539


Yeah right bitch who are you?

And that's why she is going to be a guest at a Cali con coming up, and bitch have you seen who she talks to? It's mostly ca Cosplayers and they all respect her. She's a damn good business woman and knows what the hell she is doing.

Just shut the fuck up you wannabe be bitch. You fucking wish you were making that much lol the nerve of some people, they try so damn hard and it's so pathetic like bitch you ain't making shit.

No. 122560


Hi Momo! Up early today?

No. 122561

>>122560 lol yah was gonna say the same thing. Even if she wasn't Momo there's still a selfish reason behind this whiteknighting. Wanna piggyback on her fifteen minutes eh? This drama she promotes on her Twitter will get really old really fast when that's all you've got. And she's still hasn't lost weight!!!! She's just airbrushing and wrapping herself in fucking tape and cellophane lol stuffed fat sausage bitch

No. 122564

With all of the talk about guests at conventions, I would like to know personally where all of the pictures are? Where's the fan shots of people saying "finally met my waifu today" where's her friends shots of her physically up on a panel answering questions with a mic or sitting at a booth with one of them saying "so proud of my girl" where is that hm? She talks a lot of talk yet the only pics I've seen of her at cons are when she's mostly alone or with Vamplettes and GabbyCCosplay. Even at that dark dingy party she went to on her Snapchat she took a few pics with those really hot bitches but nobody else wanted to meet her or talk to her. That's all I wanna know, where's the photo evidence of her so called fame and respect and special guest appearances?

No. 122578

I've also wondered about this. She Retweets anything that has the whisper of her name in it but none of them are ever "omg i met momo at this convention today!"

Fuck off momo whiteknights, no one gives a shit. But also ty for keeping this thread and discussion alive. It would be dead without you idiots.

No. 122586

File: 1461253319446.jpg (38.97 KB, 720x465, _20160421_114025.JPG)

I'll just leave this here

No. 122587

Awww did I hurt your feefees Momo?

Which Cali con? I legit went through every cali con I could find until september and she isnt a guest at a single one. (although there was one called Tragic Con that I almost wished she was guesting at because THAT would have been a hoot) You realize piggybacking on someone else's panel doesnt count as being a guest right?

Lots of people talk to people they think are disgusting because THAT'S what a good business person does. A good business person doesn't publicize their hate and will act nice because publicizing drama is rarely a good business move. Another thing: the fact that Momo is constantly always retweeting everything also proves that she's not a great business woman as it shows just how much spare time she has to be on twitter.

Also you're literally only digging yourself (or Momo if this is one of her coattail chasing friends) a bigger whole by getting so salty.

Also this >>122564 if she's so amazing and has so many cali friends where are they saying 'oh man cant wait to see momo at -insert con-?' or suggesting cosplay groups or anything of the such? Nah it's just a bunch of neckbeards and nobodies commenting because they KNOW she'll RT them. They dont care about her, they care about their 2 seconds in the 'sun'.

wow I didnt know waifus sat around at home shoving cake in their mouth while crying over lolcow threads?

No. 122599

Right?! Momo needs to teach everyone all of her waifu ways. I've been doing it wrong for years….Please Momo, teach us your waifu ways!

No. 122608

I think the toughest part would be gaining the 50~lbs so I can be 'THICC' too

No. 122613

File: 1461261679628.jpeg (76.83 KB, 750x634, image.jpeg)

>uhm u r just jelly of me. improve urself to be like me, sweaty. :)))

Part of being a good business woman is maintaining a professional appearance and attitude. The only professionalism she's presented is the professionalism of a fame hungry whore.

No. 122614

Does anybody know what job she was working at?

No. 122622

Barista at a Starbucks

No. 122714

Ugh I'm just sick of this thread you guys are such assholes like just get over yourselves. Like why are you so negative?! And no I'm not dick riding her I just like her as a person. She's a nice girl. No mater what you say, at least she doesn't go around trying to bring people down all day long. Instead she's trying to help out, like you guys need to understand that so what if she has faults, she's not perfect. She's new to cosplay too! Like she just started. Give the girl a break!!!!! She's doing well, why can't people just be happy for people, why are you all so destructive.

Like Imagone seeing hate threads about you, shit would be so upsetting. No wonder she won't even look at this thing anymore. Like when you guys were shit talking her for cheating on Eric, she refused to read anything you guys had to say. Which in my opinion says a lot about her.

And stop saying I'm Krissy cause I'm not. God forbid you guys start a hate thread on me if you found out who I was. Mind you, I am a CA cosplayer who is quite popular but I've never heard a word about Momo in a bad way. She's a nice girl. And we had our differences at first, mainly my fault because I was being small minded, and even when I was she was nothing but nice. This thread just aggravates me so much. Just give this girl a chance, like let her grow, stop trying to bring her down and tell her to crash and burn, learn how to be nice dammit

No. 122716

Why do you idiots do this. This is the price of internet fame. People talk about you, look away and ignore of get your fat arse off the internet.

No. 122720


Then why are you here? If she doesn't look at this page anymore why do you come here to defend her? Did she bring it up to you because if she did she's obviously still watching the thread and it bothers her, or maybe did she ask you to keep an eye on it? Because she certainly wouldnt read your defending her if she wasn't reading this anymore, right? Why are you here?

No. 122724


Lol. A Spanish 4chan sharing her nudes.

No. 122726

Which one are you?

No. 122728

File: 1461286134649.jpeg (89.1 KB, 750x451, image.jpeg)

>she's a stupid Nigri wannabe

No. 122735

I honestly doubt she's reading anything I'm saying. I'm doing this more so because you guys just need to learn how to not be jerks. I get this thread is made for it, but chill the fuck out man. Like really just calm down. Why do you guys even wanna talk about her? Why can't you just be happy she's doing what makes her happy?

No. 122742

No. 122753


>I am a CA cosplayer who is quite popular but I've never heard a word about Momo in a bad way.

suuuuuuure momo

>Like when you guys were shit talking her for cheating on Eric, she refused to read anything you guys had to say.

Then how did you ,OH SORRY You're pretending to be someone else again IU mean , 'she' know we were saying things about her?

No. 122755

I'll ask again:
What con is she guesting at? You come in here saying she's so famous and loved?

if she's so loved show me all her cosplay followers on twitter from CA? Show me all the cosplayers who like her page on FB? One person from my FB likes her page and most of my friends on that account are cosplayers and photographers.


No. 122810


I don't remember which one I just saw her mention it. And wtf how do I know what Cosplayers follower her.

Jessie Blafus and D piddy and even vert vixen talk to her a lot, all really good Cosplayers.

You know you sound really stupid calling me momo over and over again…. But ok guess I'm Momo.

Anyways, Her Facebook friend list has a lot of Cosplayers, like Oliver Holmes aka Kohalu aka THE FACE OF AX 2015!!! Frequently comments on her stuff, I mean Kohalu talks to me here and there but like still it's an honor to be recognized by Jim in my opinion.

No. 122811


You guys just are so blind haha. This thread is so dumb. Like I said, learn about the girl, actually talk to her, ask her questions, don't just fucking go after someone you don't know like a POs.

No. 122813

Seriously one of the best threads here. So much White Knight. It's glorious.

No. 122825

>this bitch don't give a fuck about you guys or this thread

And yet, the dumb bitch posted in here several times, proving that she does care about the thread. Lol you are so fucking dumb.

>go bitch about some nobody Cosplayer

We are. Her name is Mariah Mallad.

No. 122839

Who cares if Momo is thick or muslim? I just wanna pork her brains out

No. 122840

File: 1461319379362.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.02 KB, 600x600, 145922400989.jpg)

She doesn't look to bad naked

No. 122842


That can't be her. Look how edited that photo is. Please someone notice how shopped the but is…. I call bullshit.

No. 122854

To the people saying get to know her, I do, and she's everything these people say and then some. That's why I do everything I can to avoid the bitch. It's funny how you guys defending her are so blinded.

She takes every opportunity to talk about herself and when she gets drunk it's horrible because her shit personality really shines. She's fucked over so many people already, cosplayers and photographers.

From experience I can say she's one of he most hypocritical, egotistical things I've had the displeasure of meeting.

No. 122861

File: 1461328174653.jpeg (181.91 KB, 637x793, image.jpeg)

Soooooi this is tsukiumi from Sekirei, apparently made for a $100 tier patron, what the fuck she couldn't even buy a pattern for the coat? She half assed it for a $100 patron? If quality is what they pay her for she ain't getting any better, she's probably going to try and ruin Jojo next ugh!!! Also that is her naked in a previous post! Her breasts have the surgery scars from when she had them "reduced" she wasn't as fat when she took it though

No. 122870

It's one thing to half ass a cosplay on your own but it shows how little you give a shit when you do it to a paying customer. I really hope Mariah crashes and burns soon. Seems like she is on that course if she's already pissing off her peers.

No. 122871


It's either shopped or really old. Probably both.

No. 122920

>I just saw her mention it
oh okay so you're admitting you're the blind follower here
>D Piddy
Doesnt follow her on Twitter
Only followed her out of pity because she believed the fake account (I know this because I witnessed it)
>Vert Vixen
Doesnt follow her on twitter
Talks to literally everyone. He's a nice guy.

I'm failing to see your point here.

Actions speak louder than words anon

Also >>122854 is basically the same thing I hear from every person who knows her irl. The only people who would vehemently back her up like this is obviously herself or some ass licking person she's promised to send on their name to some magical company that she totes has an in with.

No. 123063

is it really that hard to find the right color of boots, especially when they're so tall that they're a fixture of the outfit on their own?

No. 123065

It's not hard but she's too cheap and lazy to do anything right

No. 123066

File: 1461352929017.jpg (93.35 KB, 453x640, 844a1f7edaffa0_full.jpg)

Literally nothing like her.

No. 123075

u guys need to get a life lol

No. 123078

says the person stalking this thread to get salty about people shitting on a shitcow

No. 123118

>actually desiring the argument of someone unironically using cuck
You are not only jealous, fat, and bitter, but you're stupid as fuck.

No. 123119

You sound like you're crying right now

No. 123121

You have a pathetic and bizarre obsession. Fix your personality.

No. 123122

You're excatly like those Fat People Hate people. I don't think I need to insult you further.

No. 123147

>implying people are even insulted by your weak attempts
pls go

No. 123225

aww look baby learned how to reply! Okay next you'll realize you can reply to more than one comment in a post. Also maybe think of better insults than 'jealous, fat, and bitter, but you're stupid as fuck' cause right now according to you that makes us waifu material since that basically describes Momo

No. 123282

File: 1461404234483.jpg (1.32 MB, 2448x3264, image.jpg)

She looks like she's been losing weight. She doesn't have her fat rolls anymore lol

Good job Momo keep reading this thread you might learn something

No. 123300

as someone smaller than her but still admittedly chubby: those long mirrors do wonders. The right lighting and the such can take that stomach in.She's also sucking it in hardcore. Also the hand on her hip that she's 'casually'(aka completely unnaturally) using to pull the panties up would be hiding the rolls when it shows up on that side (you can still the the crease but the back of her thumb there). Does she thing the dwarf arm look is attactive or something because I swear. Also the 'knees in' look is used to make hips look bigger.

Actually it's also shooped cause if you look at here her waist dips in you can see the drawer behind her dip down as well. Not a major shoop it seems but still there.

TBH you'd think that her corset training would make her waist nicer but the shoop and selfie tricks make it obvious she's still trying to hide a lot.

Also: No sheet on her bed; nasty ho

No. 123313

File: 1461416454196.jpeg (18.04 KB, 512x288, image.jpeg)

No. 123318



She does have a nice body shape but could really benefit a lot of she toned up. Right now she just reminds of a Holstein. Who knows, maybe getting in shape would divert attention from that face.

No. 123321

>le tranny horse man face


No. 123325

needs spoiler. i almost vomited my one lettuce leaf meal of the day

No. 123407

This is revolting wtf. What is she doing with her mouth? This makes me feel physically ill thinking about this in motion.

No. 123409

She's trying to be sexy or sultry. Not really working for her. She would've done better with either a cute or silly expression.

No. 123410

No, she would have done better losing 50 pounds and shutting off her computer.

No. 123411


Lol yah that was my first impression she looks like a tranny with that one brow and the duckface ha-ha.


No she hasn't and tbh it really pisses me off that she's just so lazy. She promised before she would go into the gym, but shes just going to use her body positivity kick as an excuse not to. Her tummy still has a "front bum" as I like to call it, there's a line running below her belly button and then the chub just above her pubic line. Might be blurred out in this one but if she turned sideways I guarantee that tummy is a lot bigger than it looks in this photo ha-ha.

My advice? Suck it in and use your lighting in your house. High sunlight magically erases all chub lines because the shadows are being highlighted by the light ;) Momokun is not the only master of the clever angle, used to do that when I was a little chubbier lol. At least then no on can attack you on how fat you "look in photos"

In my opinion if you're not gonna change your body at least learn to use lighting.

No. 123426

File: 1461437986134.png (112.48 KB, 215x227, noice.png)


i feel like if she didnt show any skin she wouldn't get anywhere with a face like this

No. 123431

File: 1461438792600.png (269.4 KB, 662x654, Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 11.1…)

I hate when she makes these stupid fucking faces.

No. 123454


She's such a jnig wannabe, you know all the I'm a sweet person and that she was bullied? People that went to school with her confirmed that SHE was the bully and made stuff up a lot but would back track and claim she acted out because of her bipolar disorder. She was basically loud and obnoxious and disturbed classes a lot and did whatever she could to get attention disrupted class a lot.

It's creepy how she always wears that blond wig and tries to act like jnig, at ala she claimed people were calling her jnig but really they were saying your trying to look like jnig.

No. 123470

kek, got any source?

No. 123498

Tons! All you have to do is go on Facebook, her past actions support this, especially when she'd bait people and cuss them out when they disagreed with her in anime expo forums or ALA forums. She used to spam the forums with her pics and got reported many times for her pics or outbursts but nothing ever came of it, she acts nicer now because all of her handlers tell her to zip it. She is indeed the real bully, just search anything from anime expo forums from the past 6 months or look up someone from her high school, she did not cover up her tracks at all. She has admitted she is bipolar, but how is that an excuse for every single douche thing she does?

No. 123505

As someone with Bipolar, I can kind of register how your perception of reality and self can be affected. I kind of feel bad for her. If she is legitimately mentally ill, I hope she's getting help at least, instead of leaning on it as a crutch or excuse.

No. 123549

What the fuck happened to the TV show she said she was so proud of "starring" in? Did she ever elaborate when the release date for the episode was because it's been 4 months now lol.

No. 123550

She said she's gonna be on a tv show?

No. 123554

Back in her first cgl thread, she said that she's going to be in a TV show or something. She mentioned that her Feb cosplay set was going to come out late because she was busy filming or something like that

No. 123577

Maybe it was Call to Cosplay?

No. 123596


She mentioned it before on Twitter that they were sloppy with how they handled things, and they wanted to promote drama in the show like On heroes of cosplay. And then I think her and Steff Von Schweetz and Vamplette were suppose to star in it, but I think they had a falling out. Not sure between who. But I think Steff was being a pompous asshole as she always is. Just like all the characters she cosplays . I'm kinda sad we didn't get to see any of the filming and what a train wreck it would be

No. 123665

i mean tbh it was probably BS just like her claiming to be a guest at cons. She's the type who will claim something amazing happened to her and then never mention it again but people still think 'oh she was on a tv show I just missed it'

but as someone with bpd how often do you go around telling people you have it? My friend has bpd and has the medication to help handle it but only this year at 22 got around to admitting publicly that she has it and that's because she's gotten a following and wanted to show her younger followers that they can do cool things too even with social/mental/personality disorders.

I think that's where my distaste for Momo lies. She claims to be wanting to give back and/or giving back to the community but every time she says something trying to be supportive it's all about HER.

Like Suzy is a way better example 'Reminder- When someone is nasty or treats you poorly, don't take it personally. It's says nothing about you but a lot about them.'whereas Mariah's closest similar tweet is 'It's so sad to ME when people try so hard to make up rumors… Like please stop. Go work on yourself before you talk about me.'

With Mariah it's always about HER HER HER like 'OMG look at MY haters I'M so much better than THOSE people arent /I/ amazing?' whereas EVERYONE ELSE is 'dont worry about what people say about/to you' which also shows about how much she lets it get to her an how immature she is about the whole thing. Her feigned arrogance is obvious and what bothers me about her the most.

No. 123745


I know this girl. She doesn't have Bpd. She has ADHD. She's never claimed to have Bpd. From the time I've known her in middle school she was pretty different. Just a lonely band nerd who always wore a kirara hat from Inuyasha. The weebest of the weebs. I didn't know too much about her in middle school but she was loud, not so much disruptive but she has a loud voice and she posted about it on Facebook once saying she's like that because growing up she didn't have a voice. Which is understandable but no reason to be as loud as she is.

And yeah, she was a bully. I knew her sophomore year to senior year. Sophomore year she was a complete BITCH. And then junior year she lost a bunch of weight and started playing a bunch of sports and became this jock, and if you even mentioned anime to her she wouldn't speak to you about it ( had her in my Japanese class and brought her a manga to read and she looked at it like it was a ghost ) I guess what happened was her teammates were heavily bullying her for that which is fucked up, so from middle school to then it was a 180. She was trying too hard to "fit in" a crowd she didn't belong. Senior year she got worse. I couldn't even stand to speak to her. She was loud, obnoxious, super aggressive too, pretty sure she was thrown out of two rugby games for hurting other girls.

People mentioned that she was shitty but yeah i mean I'm pretty sure a lot of us were assholes in high school. I think she's getting better. I actually just saw her today, which brought me here to heavily stalk this thread. She's doing better. So I'm glad for her: She still has this kind of arrogance to her but I can't tell if it's arrogance or if she's pretending to be nice, or if she's just trying to hide how she is or maybe she's just really trying I have no fucking clue, but I started out wishing for her to "crash and burn" but if she keeps up this path of shaping up, I think I could grow to tolerate her

No. 123787

File: 1461498692424.png (158.19 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Riiiiiiight momo never claimed to have bipolar disorder, All you have to is look up her "inspiration post" where she mentions HAVING IT! You basically confirmed she has always been a bully to people, people grow and change but this girl only changes when it benignity her temporarily the she regresses. People who tried getting to know her and befriend her from relating to her "issues" she completely threw under the bus or discarded in favor of her neck beards, if she were legit or actually cared about those suffering like she supposedly does; why is she quick to get rid of those people?

Oh right! Cuz you have to pay her to be your friend! Just check out her patreon rewards $50+ gets automatic follow back on all social media transaction? Pay me and I'm your friend cuz I really do care.

Bull fucking shit.

No. 123790

Fucking hell! I meant to say benefits not benignity the fuck spellcheck! Ugh! But to get to my point, Mariah Mallad aka momo is an opportunist. There were people in the cosplay community, tons actually! That wanted to befriend her, momo basically started calling them hangers and labeled them as fame hungry and claimed those people (yes plural) only wanted to be friends with her cuz "I'm famous and going to be an a tv show now everyone is trying to use me!" The only people using her are her neck beards, she cares nothing for the real cosplayers that legit had her back in the beginning, she tossed the aside in favor of a paycheck, she just wants to be the next jnig. She's too shitty a person to be anything like Jessica, and yaya han basically already ignores her.

No. 123806


BPD is Borderline Personality Disoder, not Bipolar Disorder. There is a world of difference between the two. The general populace is uneducated enough about them without having people mix and match the initialisms.

No. 123819


This is what I mean though like not a single 'big name' cosplayer has even looked twice at her. She's not a guest at any cons and she has no real 'clout' to her name but she'll just keep on lying to get all the ass pats she can get I guess

No. 123854

That one time she actually did get Jnig to notice her she was dumb enough to brag about it and screen shot the tweets… Seriously who does that? If one wants to be taken seriously as a cosplayer, why exploit the bigger actually well known cosplayer? Jnig doesn't follow her I think jnig saw those and immediately back away. Yaya…. As if yaya han would ever take a fap model seriously, yaya barely even accepts gender ends. If momo got a guest spot maybe I remember someone mentioning anime California, a con that was so disastrous its first year the ceo had to step down and it was banned from the Hyatt in Anaheim. Anime California also tried to get the girl that got drugged up and fell at sdcc a few years ago to be the mascot so, yeah shows what honorable spot that is, to its credit anime California got better its second year but not by much. Any meet ups she has momo is self hosting, never seen it be official anywhere on any con site. When it came to literally dozens of cosplayers who embraced her at first and then she blacklisted; those cosplayers were actually talented, made their own costumes and or didn't have to buy their spray paint suits, guess momo just couldn't handle being around people willing to help her out and grow, cuz it's allll about Mariah, no one else can be a part of her show, not even vamplette. Vamplette has been cosplaying way longer and is actually talented, why she hangs out with momo is a mystery, in their pics together she doesn't even look happy to be near momo as of late.

No. 123943


Didnt she just start cosplaying last year ? Nigga damn how you gonna expect so much lol

No. 123959

Well Mariah was the one who bragged about "getting invited to cons" and supposedly being in a TV show and shit. She also tries to make it look like IGN and Arda found her and featured her when actually she applied to be featured for both of those. She tries to make herself sound way bigger than she actually is when in reality, most people just follow her for T&A and her "fanservice" (coughwhorecough) photos.

Not related but someone on PULL started a thread for Mariah and no one has shit to say because they're all fatties lmao.

No. 123997


What's wrong with applying to be featured in stuff. If she's applying and getting the features isn't that good? Aren't you suppose to do that as a cosplayer if you want your name to grow?

I applied to CosCulture and got a feature. They probably wouldn't have found me in the first place if I didn't. I don't see anything wrong with her applying and getting those features, and I have yet to see the girl say that IGN or Arda found her…. She made a post saying she was talking to IGN, I remember seeing it all on Twitter when someone tagged IGN in her samus photo and then IGN said "Nigga you wanna be a cosplay feature" after she said "I love your cosplay features, I wanna be in one!" And then she got contacted with Chasity. ( not word for word. ) but same shit.


if Vamplette didn't like Momo she wouldn't hang out with her. They are always in each other snapchats and always checking in together places. Personally Vamplette lacks A LOT of personality. As talented as she is, she has no voice. She's kind of a wall flower. I've been following her for awhile, she's the reason I know of Momo. But I think that's bullshit because I feel like Vamplette is way more outgoing and fun now. I like Vamplette more than Momo but I think Momo is good for her, she brings a lot of good and energy out of her. I'm glad they are friends. Besides Vamplette I'm pretty sure is the one pushing Momo to make more of her cosplays, Momo looks up to Vamplette.

No. 124014

Lol hi mom welcome back hahaha

No. 124020

Colette and Mariah are both horrible people and are infamous as drama queens in the community. What the hell are you smoking?

No. 124024

Didn't they start shit at otakon Vegas because they lost? Gijinka were cute but nobody knew what the fuck they were cosplaying haha I think momocunt got kicked out at some point or something

No. 124033

Yes, yes they did. They stirred up some dumb drama attacking the judges just because their poorly made unrecognizable Mew and Mewtwo gijinka cosplays didn't win anything. They're both living drama bombs.

No. 124049

How the hell did either of them expect to win anything with Nigri knockoff cosplays? I swear almost everything those two drama queens do is based on Jessica nigri

No. 124125

File: 1461570156155.jpg (38.09 KB, 465x350, image.jpg)

Oh my god… Like really, and you cry about why you're not in shape? Like why is it funny to eat on stream. Go eat celery sticks.

No. 124126

well she's gotta stay "thicc" somehow, anon.

No. 124127

Oh, I agree. Every cosplay both of them do is based off of Jessica Nigri who is infamous for her shitty craftsmanship. I went through Colette's gallery and she copies all of JNig's shitty poses, which Mariah copies JNig's fake ass Cringy mannerisms and gross photo captions. I'm like, "REALLY????"

No. 124128


She's never once cried over her body weight wtf are you talking about if she wants to eat a fucking burger let her eat it my god you jealous cunt lol

No. 124137

Seriously it's irritating how hard they hate trying to be nigri! I gotta give Jessica props on a few projects but she is wasteful especially with worbla. That kindred cosplay vamplette did, it was a shitty half assed copy of what nigri did, at least nigri carved that shit out properly vamplette didn't even try, Jessica does those awkward faces and it fucking annoy me how hard momo tries to do the same! Like bitch get a personality! Copying this chick here ain't going to get you anywhere! Momo is shitty at posing too, she's pigeon toed in almost every pic she does, she really doesn't try. I had to laugh when she made that bunny suit and said yayas fabric was hard to work with, it's cuz stretch fabric isn't meant for bunny suits! Vamplette didn't point that out I guess lol I think those two will turn on each other at some point.

No. 124142

In her defense, the Kindred cosplay was last minute, like, made in a week last minute. I thought they looked pretty good considering.

No. 124167


Omygod my thoughts exactly lol. She's a fat hoe let her be a fat hoe novelty wears off eventually man why are you so hung up on her? I swear there's like 3 people in this thread ha-ha.


Why y'all bashing other cosplayers in a momokunt thread? If you have a problem with vamplette start a new thread for her I'm sure she could use the publicity.

No. 124178

So you guys realize that because she streamed in a bunnysuit we can report her to twitch for 'Inappropriate Broadcaster Behavior and Attire' right?

If it was just cleavage that would be one thing but she was blatantly showing cleavage as well as the fact that she had a jacket on shows that she wasnt hot or anything. As well as I'm reporting the fact that she ate a burger because she promotes herself as 'THICC'

No. 124186

She's banking on twitch to be her new job lol your going to be a partner by eating a burger and acting like z grade jnig lol. Good luck with that shit, she sucks at gaming too

No. 124199

It doesn't take much to become a partner. Even Nicole "Sheena Oum" Duquette was able to become one.

No. 124259

Spot fucking on, lol

Me too. I wouldn't mind if it wasn't her, she's just so fucking pretentious, which makes her super punchable.

No. 124343

actually she probably cant get it. You need to either have direct connection to someone famous (sheena probably said she's monty's widow and the grump's friend) and other than that you have to have over 100k followers on a social network I think. She would have a bit of an easier time if she was a creative streamer but even still she would need an average of 100 viewers minimum and still need to have actually impressive backing behind her work.

No. 124384


She had a consecutive 228 viewers last night…. But that was only cause her boobs were out

No. 124419

she's not gonna be able to become a twitch partner if she doesn't have that many views with her tits covered. y'all should've just reported her stream.

No. 124433

You serious?

No. 124444

You can report her VODs as well. Do you think reporting the title of her stream could get her in trouble? I dont think twitch will enjoy her promoting herself as a 'Titty Monster'

No. 124458


That's the girl she was cosplaying as stop fucking whinning

No. 124470

Stop trying to defend the attention whore. twitch has taken people down for less. (They banned Yandere Simulator, you think they give a shit)

No. 124575

Look like jnig actually pays attention to her , I have less respect for her now.

No. 124592

File: 1461684326725.jpeg (130.12 KB, 1024x1538, image.jpeg)

Bitch where? Jnig hasn't tweeted Mariah since the whole thing about her defending jnig.

Also God her face is so unfortunate.

No. 124672

Is there really any reason to hate this girl? She's just another attention whore who wants to be Nigri # 58640.

No. 124673

Read the thread.

Her vile personality is why she gets so much hate, plus she self-posted here numerous times being a cunt trying to defend herself.

No. 124677

>her vile personality
fair but a lot of cosplayers have worse personalities than her

>self-posted here numerous times

you don't have proof of which anons were her beyond the ones obviously labeled "Momokun" though. again, it's part of her wanting attention thing because she wants people to know that she's here and watching.

No. 124689

there are lots of people who are only attention whores on this site. Momo is just a neverending spout of hilarity and tryhard.

No. 124691

Thank god we don't have trips and upvotes on this site. Could you imagine the madness?

No. 124704


No her and Jessica have been talking. Along with Kay Thomas. I've been watching her friend list, I guess Yaya's boyfriend made a post and Mariah commented and Jessica started Repling to her. And now they are planning shoots together????? Lol two biggest attention whores in cosplay doing shoots together? This is gonna be good

No. 124707

She's admitted to posting her on Twitter. What more proof you want? While you're at it, get off here. This site isn't about defending the cows.

No. 124720

oh ok so replying to comments on FB makes them best friends forever now.

Jessica replies to a bunch of comments on FB and she's always in the mindset of helping other cosplayers and she's done photoshoots with a bunch of 'not as good' cosplayers that doesnt make them friends. The one thing people cant really say about Jessica is that she's stuck up when it comes to cosplay. I mean look at pretty much every group she's been in since she started actually making legit cosplay? It's a bunch of nonames and she usually looks the most put together.

If anything I HOPE Jessica does a shoot with her so people can see how disgusting Momo is by comparison kek

No. 124722

Jessica is plastic and has terrible skin but she's toned and you can tell that she works out. Mariah would look like a flabby pile of lard next to her.

But oh god imagine how retarded they'd look doing stupid faces together..

No. 124726

>I guess Yaya's boyfriend made a post and Mariah commented and Jessica started Repling to her.
you guess? where the caps at? I checked his FB and couldnt find it. Caps or gtfo

No. 124727


God. Squash this rumour now like shut the fuck up unless you have proof and screenshots. I've seen the two replies JNig gave her when she told her about her Mewtwo and Jessica was all "babyyyy"! But I haven't seen a single reply from Jessica to Mariah directly in that conversation she had with Kay a few days ago. Plus, I watched the tweets after Mariah had that little spaz out "omg I'm so lucky to be connected to Nigri" and literally THE NEXT DAY Jessica put "God I'm such a ball of rage today! Don't use people's names to make you famous that's unfair!" And literally I assumed it was about Mariah dicksucking Kay to get to Nigri. I'm too lazy to find Nigris tweets but seriously don't promote this bitch.

No. 124728


Hi Momo, or whoever one of your minions are :) can you not? Like stop lying to make yourself special u dumb bitch

No. 124733

What could you possibly mean? Momo is a super famous cosplayer who is a guest at all the cons and is loved and adored by all the cosplayers around the world!! She is a professional model and is nothing but super supportive and works harder than anyone ever. Didnt you know she's gonna be part of a TV show??? That basically makes her more famous that ScarJo. But she's nothing but humble and helpful to all of the poor sad lesser cosplayers that dont have the PRIVILEDGE of having thousands of neckbeards fapping to their airbrush bodysuits and tits~ /s

No. 124736


A minion? Yeah no. I just always see her in my feed, besides its not lies it's what I've been told the fuck? Lmaooooo

No. 124744

>A minion? Yeah no.
>its not lies it's what I've been told
pick one idiot. You believe everything someone tells you without evidence?

No. 124765

Does she still suck up to Kay? What I want to know if Kay realizes she's being used? All these bitches seem to stand for the same thing but then they prove that they aren't, what's jarring is how unlike the other wannabe cosfamous chicks who are actually somewhat good at hiding their tracks- do they support a douchebag like momo who has been fucking sloppy and contradicts herself over and over again and has shown over and over (and over!) again how selfish she is, what a troll she is, and is only in it for the fame and money! She was already pretty well off through her family, she never needed a patreon she's just selfish as fuck

No. 124820

She's a rich girl?

No. 124828

She doesn't look rich. Her selfie backgrounds always look like poorfag hell holes.

No. 124831


She looks like she's just middle class. Nothing special. Just average Jo

No. 124834

Probably not rich but definitely not poor or working class. She lives in summerlin, that's a rich area in Vegas. Mostly wealthy live there unless it's west summerlin.

No. 124857

File: 1461718595552.jpg (74.82 KB, 1136x639, 13048077_819119734899644_10434…)

Oh my god

No. 124864

She bought that of course. Seriously just wants to tackle every sexy character atm

No. 124870

lmaoo her stumpy ass leg

No. 124871

This photo is awful. Her stretched out leg looks like a stump. She should not be cosplaying characters that are thin because she looks awful in their outfits.

No. 124882

Lol I love how it's so obvious she only knows the 'jam the elbow into your side' trick to trying to try to look skinny. It makes her look even more disgusting since it makes her leg look thicker than she's showing her waist

No. 124883

It doesn't make her look skinnier though. It just makes her arm look distorted since you can still see her back rolls.

No. 124888

She has really weird stumpy hands, the rest of her body is huge and her hands look so odd and dwarfed by her "muscled" triceps

No. 124907

Appalling, isn't it?

No. 124935

This is legit upsetting. What "amazing photographer" did she get this time. I'm cringing at seeing this from behind. Her body grosses me out.

No. 124959


Whats it like being a jelly hamplanet?

No. 124962

No. 125110

does anyone know how tall she is?

No. 125141


Not short but definitely not tall enough to be a commercial model

No. 125173

File: 1461782459080.jpg (24.23 KB, 320x421, large.jpg)

No. 125184

I remember I found a cosplay music video for Anime Los Angeles and it had Momo in it but she was shaking it in somewhat slow mo. Some guys may go for that but for me, no thanks to all that jiggle.

I'll see if I can find the MV.

No. 125200

File: 1461784452724.png (Spoiler Image, 303.37 KB, 720x1134, clip_now_20160427_151053.png)

No. 125302

That can be easily faked, especially if she's not showing the entire screen, but someone is still reading this thread lol

No. 125306

She moved out of her parents home, and has no job anymore. Didn't she mention ALL of her patreon money was for Cosplay and not for anything else? Very interesting.

No. 125333

File: 1461799602151.png (99.51 KB, 720x469, Screenshot_2016-04-27-16-19-19…)


Yah I found that interesting too lol. A week or two after she put up the patreon she talks about moving out and she's quit her job at Starbucks. Girrrrl I hope you realise your body has about five more years until it no longer wants to be seen by neckbeards, and at 2500 a month you definitely won't be rich from it. I wonder if she realises she's gonna have to pay the tax back at the end of the year? It's not a regular paycheque it's her own business they're gonna wanna see dat money $$$$ hopefully she's not spending it like a drunken sailor lol.

On another note, now she's sucking up to MostFlogged :) good luck tryna get in with Nigri now lol. No loyalty just dicksucking until she get the right connections I guess haha. Randomly mentions her in a convo but she's never talked to her on Twitter before? How desperate are you?

No. 125335

Fucking idiot, I swear. The "paid likes" doesn't mean you bought likes - it means likes that came from your sponsored, paid ads thru Facebook. Going to a third party site and buying likes wouldn't show up on there.

No. 125381

How gross. Like literally who is left at this point? She's basically tried to suck up to all of the big name cosplayers at this point.

No. 125384


"she has a small chest but is still talented" seriously bitch? just because you have a lot of fat in your thighs and titties doesn't make you better than anyone. having cottage cheese thighs doesnt magically give u skills.. sounds like a very backhanded compliment..

No. 125386

She tries so hard to come off as worldly it backfires so hard, she should just shut her hole and do what she does best, spend other people money and flash her sponge looking ass and fake tits

No. 125388

The best thing that will come out of this is MF and her crew will now make delicious shit posts about momo. If they were tearing into Jessica imagine the shit they're gonna say about momo kek

No. 125395

It's a two part thing. One it's a sneaky way of shitting on her "competition" and bringing herself up for her chest. Secondly it's a good way to get attention. Someone is going to read that and go "Small chest? Then wtf does this momo girl have going on?" and go check her out and maybe stick around.

No. 125398

File: 1461807618459.jpg (34.46 KB, 257x275, MFMomo.jpg)

Good luck with that Momo.

No. 125418

File: 1461810563364.gif (782.51 KB, 400x225, 1439341538948.gif)

>The best thing that will come out of this is MF and her crew will now make delicious shit posts about momo. If they were tearing into Jessica imagine the shit they're gonna say about momo

I am so ready

No. 125427

File: 1461815267397.jpeg (113.06 KB, 750x958, image.jpeg)

I just checked MF's Twitter and saw this. No fight. :'(

No. 125431

she wasn't even fat during school lmao

No. 125466

I don't want to sound like a crazy conspiracy theorist but I wonder if they worked out some kind of mutual promotion deal. Jenni seems oddly calm about all this whereas she'd usually enter super bitch mode about muh cultural appropriation.

No. 125724

They both probably hate nigri so a team up, wouldn't be surprised if momo lost some of her "connections"

No. 125726

She was also supposed to spend some of that money for Fanime if I remember correctly, it was "if I reach $2000 it will make possible for me to go to cons outside of Vegas and meet my fans". I guess she changed that reward goal since she's made no mention of Fanime or any Cali con. i was wondering why she had all this money but barely cosplayed anything but Samus now we know, plus her sewing is shit iv thought the purpose of this patreon was so she'd be able to support her hobby and visit cons but it's really just so she can spend it on stupid stuff for herself

No. 125811


She spent that money on the computer set up. Which from what I've seen was around a $2k build…. And you have to factor in the amount of photo shoots she's been doing and paying all of these photogs $200 per session sometimes. Just saying.

No. 125812

Wow she's partnered with some real leaches then, most photographers do it free unless it's a studio thing. The print thing I get, and isn't she making money of that too and had a job before last week? She ain't investing or spending that money wisely and

No. 125850

Her computer build is shit she only got 20 frames while streaming.

No. 125857

I can't understand why sooo many girls are trying to coin in on cosplay goddess, nerd girl shit. Like why can't you just share your hobby with others without being some begging asshole. Plus most these girls won't ever make as much as Jnig and Yaya, they pretty much broke the floodgate and its a over flooded market hot girls/not so hot girls showing off titties.

No. 125882

There is a lot of unneeded hate here.

No. 125884

You must be new here.

No. 125910

File: 1461923381336.jpeg (12.86 KB, 452x252, received_10205657746392050.jpe…)

She looks more the one of the apes from Planet of the Apes

No. 125936

ITT: Cucks that think any woman that actually has a shape is fat as fuck. GG

No. 125959

I guess if you consider a bolb a shape

No. 125961

Its crazy, this thread gets at least one whiteknight a day, Ive never seen a cow or snowflake get defended this much, not even the ones who are more well known than her. Mariah and fans, learn to ignore the "haters" if you want less negative attention. You're just feeding the thread and the creating drama, which is actually good for us because it gives us more to laugh at.

No. 125979

I love how momo claims she doesn't read this thread than goes and proves she does whenever someone calls her out on stuff she's promised but hasn't done haha now she's trying to prove she is using patreon to go to Fanime when she she mentioned nothing about in the past couple weeks. Wonder what crappy costumes she'll fart out for the convention for her fap knights to smell. she has a lot of fap fans out here but the bigger name cosplayers think she's a huge slut and a joke in the community people will soon see what an asshole she really is. Hi Mariah when you read this, your not very smart you and your drama squad need a new business strategy because I know what a cunt you really are

No. 125986


She does spend it on random stuff. Her first month she dumped most of it into vamplett for her bday. Personally it's upsetting knowing that all these funds aren't going to what she's saying they're going to. That's fucked up and misleading.

No. 125990

And buying her "bae" sushi and what not, she only does stuff to save face when someone mentions she isn't doing anything cosplay related or importantly: spending that money to buy sewing lessons at jo anna! That simple, she did a hideous job with that request costume that someone paid $100 for. She definitely cuts corners with cosplay to save money for stuff she wants rather than materials or even ready made costumes she could use to please her patrons, just shows how greedy she is. Also am pretty sure she never broke up with Eric, thousand % sure they are still dating and just broke up for the fap beards to donate more money feeding their delusions that this chick will date them one day.

She's such a lying, phony, twat

No. 126017

What did she buy Vamplett for her birthday?

No. 126079

She bought her that new desk I think and those Bayonetta guns! Vamplette is always crying about money so no way she bought them herself, the guns are really well made

No. 126084


They're def still fucking they talk like they are still best friends. It's a fucking scam. You don't break up with someone and then immediately become friends with them lol

No. 126086

Lol right? Who do they think they're fooling hahaha

No. 126092

Also, gotta note, she made that big scene how he was flirting with another girl in front of her and blah blah. This is why they broke up. Blah blah. But a few days ago, she jumped on someone asking Eric if she cheated, claiming they still talk almost every day.

No. 126097

This girl sounds like someone pull would bully to hell and back if she wasn't fat

No. 126107

Bet she bought vamplette the yaya Han fabric and pattern for bayonetta as well. That's fucked up that she spends money that's meant for her OWN cosplays that she hypes like no tomorrow and delivers half assed crap. At first I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but momo really was serious about donating her own donations to other people, that ain't right! You can't re gift a fucking gift! It's bullshit that momo and her douche friends move in on cosplay right as its starting to get a little bigger in the area and they are turning it into real time heroes of cosplay scene.

No. 126158


Vamplette has been around for years lol get ur facts straight before u attack someone. I feel sorry for her because she has all these insecurities and wants to quit cosplay and Momo is like "no u have to be a part of my posse" her costumes are grade a material and it's a shame she has to ride momos chubby coattails just to get exposure :/ that's what's wrong with cosplay tho even floppy tits get noticed while Vamplettes craftsmanship is overshadowed by her petite body :/

No. 126161

>her cosplays are grade A material

Not according to those who've seen the craftsmanship on that shit up close. Whiteknignt harder.

No. 126167

I'm not whiteknighting Mariah oh boo fucking hoo I actually like Vamplette what I can't like a cosplayer just because she associates with Mariah? Sit down. You sound jealous. The only one I didn't like from her was the Mew cosplay but I have a feeling Mariah talked her into it because she thought it would give her good exposure from Nigri. If Vamplette actually wants a career making others cosplay she needs to step away from Mariahs "marketing" because no matter what everything is about benefitting Mariah. Vamplette could make a good patreon selling costumes, but I guess it is time consuming and it would be hard to keep up if she had a lot of orders.

Even if her craftsmanship is considered "shitty" it's still way out of Mariahs league. Like I said she doesn't have floppy tits and a fat ass so she will always be in Momokunt's shadow.

No. 126168

I fucking know vamplette a been around for years, I think it's stupid how she decides the only way to be anybody is to keep close to momo. If she actually wants to quit than quit! She and momo have caused more drama in the Vegas cosplay scene together than before they ever spoke. Vamplette is notorious for complaining about money which is why it's interesting that she yaya Han fabric and fancy guns. Momo obviously helps her out now and is even going to Fanime with momo, gee I wonder who paid? read the entire thread vamplette is just as douche as momo, she didn't use to be but she's become a huge tool and drama queen

No. 126169

I don't think her craftsmanship is shit, I think she's selling herself short in order to do more cosplays cuz she can't afford them anymore. Momos skills are indeed shit, momo is a shit seamstress and craftsman

No. 126173


No. 126181

"Petite body" uh, what? She's almost as out of shape as momo.

No. 126192

They are the same height even with heels lol, that guy trying to say she's petite

No. 126232

File: 1462011010732.jpg (101.47 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

How the fuck is she hiding her whale blubber?

No. 126234

File: 1462011067192.jpg (111.88 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Lmaoo this bitch.

Someone explain.

Does this bitch just like gain and lose 30 lbs every month

No. 126236

The heavy elastic in the athletic leggings she seems to be wearing is probably helping much like shape wear would. She has them pulled all the way up to her belly button to hide and flatten out her gut.

No. 126280

Lol, wow. Calling Vamplette fat has me so curious as to what all of you look like with your strict body standards. You must all look like Instagram models, bet all of your faces are flawless too, huh? I'm so curious I would actually start a fake Twitter account just so you could message me and prove what you actually look like. But you all won't, because I'm guessing half of you are so disgusted with yourselves you need to call people ugly and fat to feel better about yourself. You remind me of this fat chick I knew on Twitter who kept calling me horseface but her selfies were always blurred and angled and even then she was ugly and I could see the pounds on her face, ha-ha. Never understood trolls,

"I mean I'm TOTALLY a supermodel with a perfect body and my cosplay always come out so perfect I make ten grand with a Patreon so I can totally judge people lesser than me."

I hope you dumb asses can sense the sarcasm there, because with this whole thread I wouldn't expect anything less from more than half of you. Damn, y'all must be just amazing s-senpai <3

No. 126286

hi vamplette

No. 126295

l o l. ya ok set up an account

No. 126306


Nah. Not worth her time to respond to a thread that's not about her. But thanks for showing your idiocity by having only two responses to whiteknighting :) God I love how creative you all are. This thread is just entertaining now because everyone knows you're all just jealous cows knitpicking achievements that you probably couldn't accomplish if you tried. Unless MostFlogged or Jessica Nigri come forth and admit they've been a part of this thread I don't see any of you as much of a threat. Who are you guys? You have a fanbase? This thread makes me feel better about myself by knowing how many people have to destroy complete strangers online to feel better about themselves, it's quite entertaining.

No. 126309

Maybe we just don't give a shit about being famous or popular MARIAH, calling you out on your bullshit when people honestly believed in you is a different story. No body here called vamplette fat, just sad for fucking following your vapid ass around, we know you don't spend that money on cosplay, we know you just fuck around and want to be famous you have no love for cosplay, your just a wannabe and if you call being paid to be a fab model popular you are just sad, your just a selfish cunt and you don't like that were calling you out on your bullshit.

No. 126313

Not everything is about being famous you fucking moron! Proving exactly our point by coming on her momo! We were talking shit about you using your bestie, are you afraid of losing her? Awww poor thing is on here trying to make sure she doesn't get revealed for the sloth untalented drama queen she is! Face it momo your fucking drama

No. 126315


Oh I'm Mariah now? Wow I must be a fusion or something lol. Vamperiah activated!!! I'm not responding anymore, doesn't mean you guys won I understand the nature of trolls, feign ignorance until somebody snaps and then you screenshot it eh? screen caps "oh I'm gonna keep an anonymous reply in my screenshots for months just to blackmail Mariah because I'm not creepy or sad" how much phone space do you use for your attempt at feeling good about yourself? Peace bitches, have fun being petty :) because y'all are a laughingstock even prettyuglylittleliar people are cringeing at this thread ha-ha. Is it true one of you is that down syndrome looking cosplayer that Mariah didn't wanna be friends with? Damn. I wish you all the luck in the world, lady. I hope you heal yourself so you can actually have real friends who don't take advantage of your insecurities. Mariah if you are reading this it's the girl with the Squirtle hat ha-ha. Love you girl you don't have to prove shit. Later cunts

No. 126318

Bye bye you will be missed muah

No. 126319

Do we give a shit what people on other threads say bitch? Wow Down syndrome looking person? If that came from Mariah than that's pretty fucking crude, proof right here of what upstanding people Mariahs fan base is!

No. 126321

PULL hates this thread because everyone on PULL is an obese whale and a lot of this thread is people saying that Mariah isn't actually "thicc", just fat. Someone in the Momokun thread even called her fit l m a o.

No. 126322

This definitely sounds like Mariah, you can tell by the speech pattern. Or her fans really are that vapid like her, I thought she promoted body positively and acceptance and now y'all are saying she flat out called someone a Down syndrome looking cosplayer? That is fucked up, what happened to accepting everyone for who they are squirtle girl? Keep on coming on here because you guys reveal more about this cunt than we could ever uncover. not like we even made anything up at all or even tried uncovering stuff, the proof is right there on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. A lot of people just remember exactly how it happened, if I were nigri or Kay I'd back way off. Momokun really is an asshole

No. 126323

Lmao. Mariah said a few days ago the cosplay community helps each other other. If that woman does have down syndrome and Mariah turned her away, that's cruel. Sure, I don't know the whole story. But you kinda implied enough. Wouldn't blame that poor girl for starting this thread if she did.

No. 126330

She looks like Soren lol

No. 126343

Nothing about this even screams anything remotely Mewtwo to me.

Mhm. Alright.

No. 126344

She's talking about Dasia lol she doesn't have Ds she's just a fucking asshole lol

Dasia blanks pretty much harassed momo to be friends with her and kept harassing her on groups when she replied to them begging for her to talk to her, and when momo wouldn't reply right away Dasia accused her of ignoring her or just not caring, the screenshots were passed around. It's pretty pathetic this girl wanted to leech off of momo so bad lmao

No. 126347

I still don't think momo actually reads this. I feel like her crybaby ass would always be saying shit if she read it…. Just my opinion.

No. 126352

Where are these so called screenshots then? I've never seen then and I'm interested.

No. 126353

Lol. Read half the thread some of you are just as rude about Mariah and her friends and have said way worse than "down syndrome" get off your high horses. Smells like samefag everywhere.

No. 126355

White knight alert! Calling Mariah out on her shit is a whole other ballpark, who uses who? Who's the oppurtunist? Get the fuck out of her thought you weren't going to reply squirtle bitch. Mariah is a bitch and were calling her out on her bullshit

No. 126356

Wow Mariah and her fuccbois are so sad that even IF any of us were actually stalking this thread they'd make us seem normal. We have never called or referred to Momo as anything that we couldnt prove with pictures or screenshots. She is a fat (undeniable), self-absorbed(only pays attention who can further her in one way or another), wannabe(Claims she can make her own shit but everything she has made looks like a toddler did it) cunt.

No. 126361

Pretty sure Mariah fucked over more people than her fans realize, basically half of the Vegas cosplay community knows Mariah is a bitch and only cares about being famous! It's on her deviant art for fucks sake, she is a total cunt. Is she even friends with Von shweetz anymore?

No. 126377


Oh boo hoo you're calling me names now I'm gonna go cry because some fat cunt on the internet is making fun of meh

You're all just as self absorbed in your self righteous bullshit. Have fun being insecure fucking losers for the rest of your lives maybe go for a run and stop eating the hamburgers and maybe you won't be so judgemental lmao. Just cause I said I wouldn't reply doesn't mean I don't watch the thread and you guys are just as ignorant as ever lmfao.

"I write on anonymous message boards about how other anonymous people are losers for defending someone I'm trying to attack just because I think she's fat"

Bitch all of you sound fat as fuck. I hate even replying because people think I'm Momo and then her name gets dragged through the mud. Every time I reply it's saged anyways so suck my dick lol.

No. 126378

Momo's whiteknights come in here insisting she's petite, imply we're all anachans. Then flip the fuck out and call us all fat. topkek.

No. 126379


Dude just stop replying. This site is meant to rip on people.

95% of all these claims against her aren't true. Just little kids making up rumors. Let them be, the more you argue the worse it gets. Besides its only two people really hating at this point, everyone has stopped reading this.

Momo is a good person. And it's sad these people sit around and do nothing but attack we cause you know she has to be perfect God forbid she's not. But you won't change their minds.

If you have an issue with momo why don't you go talk to her about it instead of complaining on here.

Squirt le girl, whoever you are just leave it alone it's no point

No. 126380

Also, if lire trying to defend someone who supports body positivity it's not very smart to go around name calling people like that… Don't think momo would be too happy about that.

No. 126382

I'd love if an admin could check to see how many of these white knights are the same person/people or if it's truly Mariah

No. 126383

This argument is asinine. Do you understand what this place is for? Gossip.

No. 126386


Yah I guess. Kind of lost my shit just because I'm so dumbfounded about how ignorant and rude some people can be, I guess these people probably just have a personal vendetta against her and are too cowardly to say it to her face.

I won't apologize, but I personally hope something good happens to all of you so you can actually feel good about your lives and not hate yourself so much that you feel the need to hurt others online. Peace out.

No. 126393

Blah blah blah yes we are all immature losers, thank you for showing us how wise and worldly you are momo or white knight!

No. 126394

Have you not been reading the thread? People do fucking know her and knows she's a cunt, believe what ever you want we ain't going stop bitch

No. 126396

So holy shit this thread is so hilarious. I know Mariah and she really is a vile person unless she's chosen you as her friend. She's good at acting really sweet outwardly but she is so toxic under that sugary sweet exterior.
She used to run Eric's twitter, I'm unsure if he has control of it now but someone posted a screencap of it with the tweet about needing lotion and I would bet 100% that she tweeted that about herself.
I don't know what the fuck she's talking about when she says she writes code and programs since she majored in Marketing and brags about how she knows how to sell herself and that's why she's so popular.
If she likes you she'll tell you page likes won't matter but if you piss her off she'll be the first to say that she's more successful than you and throw around her follower counts.
Can confirm a friend's boyfriend built her PC for her. Honestly I would bet he set her stream up for her too because I'm pretty sure she couldn't computer her way out of a paper bag.
Multiple twitter temper tantrums of hers have resulted in friends telling her to take them down because you can't present yourself like that. (However I think only one has actually resulted in an apology or showing some kind of remorse for ripping into someone on twitter.) Also these multiple online temper tantrums have made Vegas cons wary about asking her to guest so idfk which con she's a special guest at but I sure as fuck know it's none in Vegas (if that is true)
As for the TV show thing, Mariah pissed off the other people she was working with so I have no idea what that status is right now.
Also people who keep saying a lot of her Patreon money on photoshoots. I'm fairly certain she's never paid for a single shoot. I personally know a photographer that she dicked over, he did the shoot gratis for her with the condition that if she sells prints of his work he gets a cut. When she started selling prints of he reminded her of that agreement and she basically told him "lol no I'm keeping all the money"
As for Mayhew photo she doesn't pay for a single shoot with them, they shoot with her for free on the condition that they get to manage her Storeenvy and control her print sales. I don't know if that accounts for what she sends out on her Patreon as well but that being said, I'm pretty sure that 0% of her Patreon money is actually going to shoots.

Sorry this is long basically just after reading this and losing my shit because hoooooo god you guys are ripping into her lmao I figured I may as well dump the info I have.

No. 126397

You're a god sent. Thank you. Specially after all the white knights. Besides her thirsty fans and beta friends, no one else seems to like her

No. 126398

Stfu you're talking about Enrique. She never sold the print she put it on Patreon as a FREE print but when he flipped out she didn't send them out. She never told him she was taking all the money. Lol I like how you're talking about Mariah like you know here but pretty sure you've never had a one on one with her or actually asked her about any of your stupid accusations.

I'm trying to be smart about not replying but seeing you attack someone I'm close to with idiocy is just so pathetic to me.

No. 126399

Lol we already know half of what you said, the Eric Twitter thing is a knee one. She's only flipping out on here because we can see through her fakeness, I can tell she's a person that can't handle being in control all the time- which photographer was it she screwed over? Modelmosa? Never seen any photos from him of her. He's gone to the east but people out here hate her, California really has enough of her out here we won't welcome her. Also sure that was her calling everyone here losers and unpopular fatties, Mariah is the only person on here who keeps using popularity as a way to sway people. Even if you write in bold capital letters that we don't care about being popular or a fap model

No. 126400

That's momo for sure

No. 126401


I wasn't trying to name names but okay. Enrique is legit one of the chillest dudes I know and I spoke to him about the Mariah thing one on one. Yeah it wasn't Modelmosa, I'm actually not familiar with who that is. I definitely recognize the name but I'm not a cosplayer (before someone white knights and says I'm just jealous because I'm not as famous as her lol)so I'm not familiar with all the local cosphotographers.
Also I have zero interest in confronting Mariah about anything because she'll lie through her teeth to me to tell me anything I want to hear because she's fake as hell. I would detail the encounters I've had with her but that'd give away who I am and I don't feel like getting a twitter tantrum thrown at me right now

No. 126402


He is chill but he's lying about the whole thing I was there when it happenedll

No. 126403

I'm inclined to believe you because you described Mariah perfectly from own encounters with her, she doesn't realize how fast word spreads with cosplay communities and how small it actually is, most of her likes come from thirsty guys who aren't into cosplay at all. She's throwing tantrums right now, the more she does them the more people lose patience with her. But I just sit here and watch her act like the jerk she is, she ain't fooling anyone

No. 126405

Oh man, Admin-sama pls.

I love this thread never let it dieeee

No. 126415


Mariah may be a lot of things but it's one thing bout her when she does wrong she owns up to it. If you're apart of our so called friend group because you clearly know a lot of personal things about her, you know how drew talks to her and helps her see why she's wrong and how to fix it and improve. You guys seem to forget she is still 20 years old. She's still growing and learning. And you guys leave no room for fault. Yes she's made some poor decisions in the past but if you've talked to her recently you'd see the change in her and how much she resents how she acted. It's just so frustrating no one wants to just give her a shot. You guys are really terrible, like it hurts my heart to see so many hateful people on someone who is just trying to be happy. It's just fucked.

And whomever you are, it shows what a coward you are that you won't go and speak to her about your issues. Someone else had an issue with her the other day and they just fucking talked it out and it was a whole misunderstanding. Like if you see her so much pull her aside or fuck like just explain to her you want to ask her down thing. When I had a misunderstanding with her it was my fault for not going to her for months, she had to come to me to help me realize I wasn't seeing the whole picture.

Just like… Be a good person. Be honest with yourselves. I look at Mariah like a little sister. I've replied here a few times before and I feel like each time you guys just get worse .

No. 126418

We get worse because we know she's full of shit, people make mistakes they grow, and then there are people like Mariah. You coming on here is a sign of what kind of person she and her group are like, plus we know it's you Mariah grow up.

No. 126427

Once again I bring up this:
Why are you here?
Jessica Nigri (proven nice, supportive and basically everything Mariah claims to be) doesnt have a bunch of people in her thread trying to refute everything anyone says. Why? Because she has nothing to prove to them. She's not faking niceness or anything so she doesnt need to go crying to her friends for them to show up and try to white knight her.

We get worse because peons like you show up without a single shred of proof but go on and on about how she's a good person and how she talks things out and is so friendly and nice etc etc etc. Show us examples. We have examples of almost EVERY single shitty thing we've claimed she is.

Bastardizing characters and showing she doesnt give a rat's ass about the material they're from

Fat slob

Shit at construction and not really trying (anyone taking their time could have made a better gun than her)

Blatant Liar (there's other things but this is the most blatant and lulzy because what was the point?)

Shows her body and acts like a blatant slut for attention

Look at basically ANY of her replies to this thread for the proof that she only cares about fame and uses it as a measuring stick for 'self worth'.

Okay your turn now.

No. 126438


slow clapping. Well said lol obviously they can't respond cuz they are playing league on twitch a whopping 60 viewers! Lol

No. 126442

File: 1462067528658.png (668.6 KB, 1124x1256, ERRMERGERDD.png)

Her twitch is so fucking cringey jfc

No. 126443


Agreed. I feel like she's trying way too hard being 'cute' and 'interesting'

No. 126448


I don't know anything about cosplay but 500$ seems like a lot…

No. 126449

Doesn't she have patreon to fund her cosplay?

No. 126452

She does, and sells prints she's just greedy

No. 126453

Depends on what you need and what you want to use the materials for, but most cosplayers budget really hard especially beginning ones, she buys mostly computer stuff yaya Han fabric and as far as I know she doesn't coupon. Like we said before she is spending her money on stuff that isn't cosplay and just quit her job today, she's greedy and lazy and just wants other people to support her

No. 126491

lmao staff member trying to get that sloppy bj already. so pathetic.

No. 126722

Funny that last night she literally lost over $700 in donations overnight so busts out a picture of her bending over as bunny bulma to get more patrons, she should just do fart porn since guys are so obsessed with her ass. The only thing that will keep money coming

No. 126725

She lost $700 on Patreon? Hahaha

No. 126726

Yup, she original was close to $2600 than this morning went down to $1900 course posted a picture of her butt and got $200 back

No. 126728


It's kinda funny. Wasn't she bragging not too long ago that she was making cosplay as a living now? And she just quit her job too lol. A foolish choice on her end

No. 126731

Tbh I can't wait for her to craxh and burn so it will fucking humble her. I doubt she'd be less of a shitty person though. She'd probably blame it on others than take responsibility.

No. 126734

If you read her patreon goals on desktop, she wants to reach $10,000 so that she can quit her job as a barista (course she did that anyway) and make a living off of cosplay. She basically through shade on her patreon at those people that pulled their $100 donations and or edited them to something less but still supporting her financially and then had the nerve to say "you don't get my full set this only for the ones whose full payment went through.

No. 126735

She was extremely butt hurt that people pulled donations, she called them out on it. She's suddenly entitled to other people's money now.

No. 126736


lmao the train wreck never ends with this bitch. i can't believe she seriously think it's anyones fault but her own.

No. 126738

She was calling people out? Wow. It's their money. If they don't want to spend it on her, their choice. She has no right to complain. Wow. Can't believe the entitlement here. She's defiantly needs to be humbled and it's coming soon

No. 126739

How does that work? Is that just people who just donated once and because it's a new month her amount went down? I dunno how patreon works but she needs to be far more humble.

No. 126741

$10,000 a month?! Wtf?! That's pretty high for a newbie. Not to mention, what the neck does she need $10,000 a month for?! I get it, people need to live. But she's just sitting on her ass making half decent cosplays.

No. 126742

Yeah it's all there on her announcements on the patreon if she hasn't edited out already, she basically said " noticed a lot of you pulled donations" She's getting money now but who knows how long that will last, course she has people behind the scenes telling her to keep her mouth shut and just look pretty I bet. Hence the resurgence of funds

Yeah patreon is month to month donations, you agree to pay an "artist" every month with a pledge and you have the right to change your donation amount at anytime, she's getting salty that people did that. Like she actually worked hard to take there money, people aren't obligated to support her lifestyle they signed up to support her cosplay projects. She has no respect at all for people, they literally are paying for her to do nothing but flash her butt, and she acts like she earned it all.

No. 126744

Remember, she's the new nigri now or so she thinks.

No. 126746

File: 1462164742175.jpg (68.5 KB, 720x777, _20160502_005123.JPG)

No. 126747

Yeah, they're only supporting her financially but they don't deserve any reward

No. 126748

File: 1462164914381.jpg (65.15 KB, 720x591, _20160502_005411.JPG)

There's also this one

No. 126749

Well getting popcorn ready! Shouldn't be too long for the white knights to come here and say we're wrong about her being a greedy no talent fap bait

No. 126752

File: 1462165591961.png (341.05 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Photoshop much? Also sucking in the sides and using her hands lol

No. 126754

File: 1462165940455.png (5.22 KB, 166x234, tryharder.png)

well honestly it's kinda frequent that people will do that hence why a lot of people who run patreons only send out the stuff after payments are processed. She wont last long because she'll probably send out post half of the pics anyway.

the funniest thing is that if the payments just weren't processed it still means she probably didnt make half of that and the $700 she dropped are people who ACTIVELY took down their donations. (ref: my own patreon. I mainly use it as a tip jar so I dont really care if payments dont come through. sometimes I only get half of my 'earnings' but the number on the profile doesnt change)

she doesnt make her half decent cosplays. The half decent ones are the ones she bought or commissioned.

idk how much of it is photoshop and how much is maybe this is a photographer who knows how to tell her to pose. She's also pointing her knees in a bit but it's all perspective.

No. 126756

Oh, they'll say if the people didn't pay, then they don't deserve the rewards. No matter what. She shouldn't have made any scenes. She's now just appearing salty and spoiled. Oh, and unprofessional to hell and back. Is this how you run a business? No.

No. 126758


No. 126762

Making scenes is what she does best, but you know her "friends" aren't going to let her keep making them she's the cash cow.

No. 126768

I don't understand why these fuck boys still defend her and act like she will fuck them if they do, she's still Fucking eric

No. 126770

File: 1462172532497.png (21.24 KB, 590x130, butarentusingle.png)

she's not even being subtle about it either. I'd be less suspicious if it was anything else but it's not like she RTs everything of Jessica's. This just screams 'LOL I'M STILL DATING ERIC KEK'

No. 126772

Does jessica support her? Yeah I don't know who actually believes momo and Eric aren't together anymore

No. 126773

Jessica doesn't support Mariah if that's what you're asking. She tweeted Mariah a couple of times but that's it. Mariah has tried to get JNig's attention way more times than JNig has replied though.

For the 6 months she isn't planning to work of course! She said won't even be applying for a new job (at Joann) until October.
I'm pretty sure she's applying to the 2160 N Rainbow Blvd Joann but tbh no one even needs to contact them and be like "ur employee is unprofessional" since her ass pictures like in >>126752 come up just by googling her name…

No. 126777

Mariah basically thinks that she's the new JNig and is entitled to the same amount of money she gets. Why is cosplay full of fake money hungry bitches like these two? Ugh

No. 126778

File: 1462174866336.png (345.23 KB, 587x498, Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.3…)

hah she's a fan of jasminblu, that tumblr drama queen who freaked out and threatened to commit suicide because she got called out for telling a bunch of people to kill themselves

No. 126783

Please, people at joanns wouldn't hire her. The people at that location are friendly but the the manager would never allow her to be on the team even if he were friends with her family, joanns has a strict code of conduct and people who work there know who she is and don't like her.

No. 126784

File: 1462175806405.png (213.19 KB, 583x743, Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.5…)

No. 126785


No way that is legit. Misspellings, run on sentences, lack of detail, and how unprofessional it is. I bet once she realizes it's a scam, she'll delete that tweet.

No. 126786

This convention is small and new, its first year was a disaster. It was at the Hyatt in Anaheim which is a Disney hotel that shuttles people to Disneyland, there were investors for Disney staying at the hotel and were horrified about the con cuz of course underage drinking half naked people and photoshoots everywhere. Led to the hotel security hatrassing con goers and photo shoots and gatherings restricted to ONE area on day 2, the ceo had to step down. Second year was better but they were having a major legal battle with the maid cafe that was supposed to be there. They were an independent group but AC tried to own then huge mess. Not to mention the ceo of the first year tried to get Milly Massacre the chick who fell at sdcc while high as a kite and then tried to claim she was raped (which was false) to be a guest of honor. Anime California probably won't hire her , but if they do she'd have to pay for everything.

No. 126787

she'd probably do it just so she could say that she was a guest as a con, so suck it you jelly h8trz! she'll always be more famous and rich than you are!

No. 126789

Are you being ironic or white knighting?

No. 126790

probably ironic. Its too early in the morning for the white knights to show up yet.

No. 126793

Even an autist can see it's meant ironic.

No. 126827

Every time she farts, it's really just another crappy lie born :p

No. 126835

This proves that she's not professional at all and has never been invited to be a guest before

First of all being asked to be a guest doesnt meant that you'll be a guest, hence why until everything has gone through and they're posting you on the site you shouldnt post about it. Also, who the fuck shares a full screenshot of an email? It reeks of 'you must be new around here'. She's like a tryhard fuccboi who cant wait to shove it into the uggo STD-laden chick because he cant get anything else and then tries to brag to all his friends.

No. 126852

Vegas cons don't want her as a guest, especially considering the fact that she used to beg them to allow her to guest. When they refused, she resorted to threatening the cons with shutting them down by using her "loyal fans" and destroying their name. She's still not guesting anywhere here.

No. 126854

She tries to imply she's been invited to guest at Las Vegas cons though. Look at the idiotic event she created to meet her at Lvl up expo. She's probably salty that most of the cosplay guest list for that event is made up of people she bitched about after the Otakon costume contest.

No. 126857

She threatened cons? Wtf? She's not even a year old or good at sewing and crafts what entitled her to a spot as guest of honor? What did she say to them?

Who are the people she bitched about? Cuz this totally sounds like her, all sweet and kind in person than a psycho bitch when you won't buy her shit.

No. 126890

She basically told them that she has thousands of followers and that she can use them and her influence to shut down cons, I'd assume by social media and whatnot. And as someone else said, nearly all of the guests at lvl up were cosplayers she and Vamplette bitched about at Otakon when they lost. Two of them were the judges.

No. 126893

She also made a "meet and greet" event at AX, which is hilarious, considering that she doesn't have a ticket and she recently asked people on facebook to buy her ticket.

No. 126898

Are you serious? I knew about her meet and greets , those aren't even officially Sanctioned by the cons. But actually asking someone to buy her a badge when she has enough money to get one herself? She acts like a suger baby, seriously how pathetic must one be to get (get not make) 2000 a month for doing nothing and still have the nerve to ask for freebies. If she's such a huge name why not get an industry badge if she's so "famous"

No. 126901

momo's goals on her patreon.

View all

$2,267 of $10,000
per month
With the 10k goal I would be able to truly turn cosplay into a career. I would be able to leave my exhausting job as a barista and dedicate my time 100% to cosplay. It's what I've always wanted, and to be honest its one of the reasons I am not able to go to all these conventions because getting time off is extremely difficult. I want to go do events with you guys, I wanna go have fun, and hangout with everyone but having a job stops me from doing that

No. 126911

I find this hilarious, being a barista is not exhausting for anyone who's not a fatass. None of my barista friends have never complained about it being exhausting and they still have enough time to actually make their cosplays.

I cant wait to see what happens when her patreon drops more. I guess lingerie 'bulma' is what comes next.

No. 126919

She must think people are stupid, as part time it's very easy to get certain days off especially if you have someone to cover you those days, I know full time nurses you know people that actually have to work hard that still have time to cosplay.

No. 126922

Do anons have screencaps of this? I didn't get to see them since I didn't follow her before the thread started and more importantly its more proof of her bitchiness

No. 126928

Unfortunately I can't share the caps since it'll make my identity obvious (because of who sent it to me, etc.) but I was pm'd by some higher ups and shown…basically everything c/p straight from her own pm's. It's all fucking ridiculous and lolworthy though.

No. 126932

There's video on YouTube where she's interviewed in her mewtwo gijinka and confirms being escorted out of Otakon Vegas by security the day prior, but she claims cuz a fan threatened to kill her boyfriend. So partial confirmation she was kicked out, but she was kicked out for threatening someone. If you look up a few people from her time in high school and college lacrosse they will tell you far worse things than what are on this thread. She did not cover her tracks at all or even try too, scariest thing is she idolize get Kim kardashian and Kanye west, two people well documented for narcissism

No. 126941

It's still really cute that Momo thought she was famous enough to copy Jessica with the whole Pokemon twist thing. Her's was ugly. And seen the video you're talking about. Another funny, she's gives off the vibe she's made every single cosplay in that interview hahaha

No. 127026

File: 1462236917987.jpg (196.37 KB, 720x720, PhotoGrid_1462236687029.jpg)


>>logs into Facebook

>>sees cosplay drama
>>upset she's not part of said drama
>>makes four posts on three different accounts about how she doesn't like drama so she can get attention one way or another

She's delusional if she thinks we are all part of one big cosfamily. Some we hate because they're jealous skanky hoes :)

No. 127027

Next time she tweets about haters I think I'll respond with a link to one of these tweets. 'But momo I though you said we should all get along and shouldnt fight'

No. 127028

Lol she's trying to make it all about herself. ' All this drama is upsetting me waaah'. Please. She has no room to talk

No. 127030

Yeah what is she whining about now? She is the drama a few people even called her out on that already. Course her white knights are telling her she's making cosplay a better place lmfao

If she doesn't like drama why the fuck does she keep starting it? This bitch is a psycho

No. 127031

Luna Lanie started some shit. Not exactly sure what since her twitter account was suspended

No. 127032


"Lift eachother up"

Bitch some people don't deserve to be lifted up. Like you. It would break my arms.

No. 127046

Yeah, it's about Luna Lanie I'm sure. She blocked a ton of other cosplayers on twitter for unknown reasons and then when she was questioned about it, she started attacking everyone, claiming they're all bullying her but literally no one is, people are just calling her out on her shit. She cries BULLIES but then immediately after publicly trashes people and sics all of her white knights on them. This is a pretty heated topic in the cosplay community right now as everyone is sick of her bullshit. She's also hilariously contradictory talking crap about cosplayers that have their boyfriends take risque pictures of them but she does the same exact thing lmao. She deserves her own thread tbh. It's been an entertaining ride the last few days.

No. 127048

I've been looking for one here in snow. WHERE IS IT.

And I won't make it cause I'm lazy.

No. 127062



This needs to be resurfaced ha-ha.

No. 127071


It's especially funny because Luna Lanie has talked so much shit about Momo and said to so many people she hates her, yet Momo has no idea and wants people to be nice to Luna

No. 127072


Sources ???

No. 127082

File: 1462252966752.jpeg (588.26 KB, 868x1300, image.jpeg)


Bonus: this is from one of Vamplette's self posts on reddit

No. 127091

File: 1462254192991.jpg (21.85 KB, 640x960, 13094419_821725094639108_16473…)

OK momo

No. 127094

HAHA! That "cosplay" was the very first one (along with Lust) that Mariah spammed everywhere on facebook when she first started last year! It started some crazy drama instantly and that's what kinda put her fat ass on the map. Mainly because everyone could see her exposed vagina in the mirror body shots. Just….no.

No. 127107

It's funny that people (her and her neckbeard fans) try to argue she's "curvy" when her chest is the same circumference as her gut. The ratio is just no good. Her ass is more wide/flat than it is round too.

No. 127115


All i want is to smack it. help.

No. 127122

I will never understand some people

No. 127123

File: 1462270717505.png (536.55 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_nmbw83QBCl1svwlszo1_128…)

I got you fam

No. 127125

fuck. meant >>127115
not >>127091

No. 127167

Not to mention she was part of the negativity that led to the creation of a new forums for ax since the original one is a breeding ground for self promoting media whores like momo, since she and vamplette started posting