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No. 938248

Yandere dev is a 30 something year old manchild developing a game called “Yandere Simulator” which was supposed to be released this year.

>used to write articles about anime girls he felt were attractive

>mentally unstable, wrote fan fiction about murdering his parents
>can’t take any criticism of his game
>bans people from his discord for criticising his game or making fun of him
>scams fans with a patreon
>steals character models
>streams more than he claims to work on his game
> pedophile
>copyright strikes his fans
>steals fanart

He has no social medias that I know of (just fanpages) but his website is yanderesimulator.com

No. 938249

Thread about him already exists here:

No. 938473

it's a year old, you can't necro shit from a year ago.

No. 938577

You can if you have milk. If not, why make a new thread

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