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File: 1591194356638.png (698.97 KB, 800x550, crackhead energy.png)

No. 982801

Lilith Levisis, real name Clare Buley. Thread #5.
Thread 1 - removed & unavilable
Thread 2 - >>>/snow/579509
Thread 3 - deleted in an unfortunate error, but is at this static page: https://lolcow.farm/snow/832303.html
Thread 4 - >>>/snow/846840
Latest updates:
>LARPing as a blood because of her current boyfriend, a bizarre wanna-be rapper @lokowitthamask (real name Jason, goes by Jay). Threatens to send her "blood girls who went to prison" after people she beefs with >>978590 & >>867587
>Was homeless in Florida for a minute. Apparently lost most, if not all, of her possessions.
>Went to rehab again, lived with family in Kentucky for awhile. Currently living in NY again.
>Promoted a cheaply made underwear line for months, "bunny g-strings", never amounted to anything.
>Started a random crusade against toopoor's use of the n word years ago, ended up getting her main instagram terminated after posting her BF's uncensored dick. Account was unbanned a month or so later. Claimed toopoor paid people to hack her iCloud and get her IG banned.
>Had multipe accounts banned for "self-harming" due to old cutter scars. Main secret account was later reinstated.
>Sold a bunch of clothes on IG that she never sent out, potentially scamming a lot of people. Uncertain if anyone ever received anything. >>915371
Honorary mentions from the previous thread:
>Psyberfae exposed themselves in the thread, later asked for the original post to be deleted. Ended up changing her online handle to Psyberelf to save face. >>954547
>Clare's mom, Cheryl Avioli, necroposted in thread #2 so she could call out all the haters. >>925110
>Let her BF fuck her with a gun. >>900635
>Clare trying to start beef with everyone under the sun. Toopoor >>853815, Holli >>978682 & >>966061, Kroseyi (aka lopholora) >>978584 & >>977753, Tommy Hilfiger's Son >>876203, Vangerey >>854654, etc.
Original thread post:
Vapid, try-hard IG heroin junkie
>Shops waist into unrealistic proportions & denies it, broken back from constantly sticking her ass out as far as possible
>Scammed people for money using her cat's health as an excuse
>Has been sent to expensive, high class rehab resorts 3+ times only to last days; claims it's because she is too psychotic
>Most recently kicked out of the Betty Ford Clinic because she "paints demons on rocks"
>Cannot form complete sentences in speech or writing
>Claims other girls steal her totally original, never-before-seen aesthetic
More info from a former peer on PULL:
>goes to NYU, Her father is a lawyer i believe who pays for her and her sister
>both have new york apartments and [he] pays all their expenses
>all she seems to do is buy drugs and party constantly while her dad fills up her bank account, no questions asked.
>went on tour with marilyn manson, they had a fling while she was underage.
Social media accounts:
Used to go by pudubaby
Related social media accounts:
Lokowitthamask - https://www.instagram.com/lokowitthamask/
Rachael (Clare's sister) - https://www.instagram.com/rae___ven/

No. 982803

there are definitely receipts for her beef internetgirl & toopoor in the previous thread. I included some links in the OP of this one.
her beef with internetgirl stems from her wanting to fuck manson while lilith was dating him. beef with toopoor is over her being racist or something. lilith went on a crusade against her a few months ago and ended up being b& from instagram on her main. should definitely be in this thread, she was fucking nuts for awhile after that happened.

No. 982807

correction to OP - her secret account was never reinstated. new secret account is here: https://www.instagram.com/lilithlevisissecretacct/

No. 982817

good job on the thread anon!

No. 983659

File: 1591357901288.png (3.78 MB, 750x1334, 776A61AF-BC57-4898-9225-3F090E…)

She’s still backing up the beef with Dogxanac, Lilboweep etc. Sharing and commenting on stories from Dariaxbank…

No. 983661

File: 1591358106950.png (4.13 MB, 750x1334, F0C7C0FD-9A45-46D0-8172-4088B9…)

No. 983707

File: 1591369308835.png (637.83 KB, 750x1334, B580294A-5C3D-4F55-80CF-6A5585…)

>hate forums

No. 983773

What was the beef with Zheani, anyone know?

No. 984806

No,Zheani's on the Lilith side and had beef with Lil Bo Weep for personal reasons, and can't stand toopoor and her gang.

No. 984809

Aww, i'm actually sad to hear that Zheani doesn't like toopoor. Did she say anything specifically about TP?

No. 984814

Z just doesn't like basic LA bitches. They appeared to be in the same circle of friends including The Beverly Chills, dogxanax and shit. Some of them eventually fell out, including Zheani. After that happened, she noticeably wrote about LA thots in her raps. Online-vise, they never interacted.

No. 984883

File: 1591647023718.jpg (877.08 KB, 1080x2078, 20200608_231016.jpg)

LOL whywhywhy do you bring this up today

No. 984886

kek she's really proving how down with the brown she is when its convenient or supplementing her sex life and drug use.

No. 984985

File: 1591664061166.jpeg (299.92 KB, 750x1077, A406ECBD-9D10-468F-8128-9A4377…)

The comments…lol.
>she got caught in the mix with the other hoe

So she’s fine with Lil Bo Weep now?

No. 986014

File: 1591893095571.png (482.77 KB, 613x561, 75645674567.png)

No. 986618

File: 1592007068395.jpg (314.17 KB, 1440x1417, Screenshot_20200612-182754_Ins…)

No. 987138


yungfrown is very milky

No. 987877

File: 1592261144066.jpeg (320.74 KB, 750x1286, 3805419D-29FB-47AA-9612-EC9AA3…)

the narcissism Knows no limit kek it’s almost a talent to make the race war and police brutality about you- a very privileged white woman who plays dress up as a blood

No. 988293

Oh cool new thread. Please post some of her OnlyFans contest. For research purposes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 988712

What is it with this chick? Is she charging a lot or does someone want her thread to die?
These scrotes cant all be dif

No. 988865

I'm pretty sure they're all the same person trying to kill the thread.
Her only fans is just $13, pretty sad if they can't afford that lol

No. 989412

I can’t afford 13 dollars. And I’m super Horny for her drug deflated meat bags. Please be a friend and post her boobs. I would really appreciate it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 989413

U a troll?

No. 989474

are you retarded?

No. 989808

Who tf wants to get off to a junkee anachan hoe ?

No. 989894


Mods are really slacking off here. Just permabann this ip, how fucking hard is that

No. 990342

File: 1592704416102.png (26.23 KB, 323x468, 5463456546.png)

guess she finally got around to mailing out that depop shit from like 6+ months ago

No. 990588

“My ppls” moving crew her parents hired? I refuse to believe her weird junkie bf showed up to move and pack her her stuff for hours and hours

No. 994115

File: 1593044260567.png (1.9 MB, 1334x750, E92B6B87-DAE8-4609-9B4F-66608F…)

Wow. She looks so different to her photosss

No. 994120

File: 1593044845798.png (2.44 MB, 1334x750, B3455FCD-0C9B-4F88-93B3-7289D7…)

I always thought of her as a skinny legend but jeeez, she’s not even thin! And where is her waist?!?!

No. 994121

File: 1593044947931.png (3.07 MB, 1334x750, 48AD49CF-0063-4E68-A060-AD2787…)


No. 994153

Sage your sperging, anachan.

No. 996833

File: 1593235485905.jpeg (489.04 KB, 828x1131, FEE128E0-9B38-4375-9B8F-2516F6…)

She’s definitely not chubby but the Instagram posts she made of her interview with Dennis Rodman she was clearly filming the video with her phone so she could zoom in and obscure her nose when they showed her side profile.

No. 996889

Oh fuckkk off anon. Everyone is hating their bodies during this pandemic chill. Me and clare have the same type of body and I can confirm it is all angles up close/looking at the waist from a view from below… and we all know the footage says her waist is fake but trust me it only looks different because the shadows that create her shape are not there because lights are shining all over the parts that clare relies on for the shadowing on the sides of her waist. Worry about your own body in future and stop nitpicking.

No. 1002257

Anon feels personally attacked because she has the same body type. Sry to break it to you it means you don't have much of a waist either.

No. 1003964

I went to HS w Clare and kept up with her after her shift to Lilith. It's really sad, I'd do anything to have her money and opportunities. Believe it or not, back then, despite being a stuck up privileged bitch, she seemed like she would g et her MRS degree at college like the others in her group and turn out mostly normal. Sad to see her go to waste like this. Hmu if you went to high school with us back in 2010-11, I'd love to talk to others from that era(namefag)

No. 1004031

why in the thread main image the 2nd one, looks like a crackhead fortnite bitch?

No. 1004073

If you in all seriousness can't make out her waist in that picture you need to get off the internet and stop watching 3d hentai, degenerate.

No. 1004108

I’ll bite. What was she like? Was this in NY? Did ppl know who her dad was? From photos itt she looked basic af.

Also don’t put anything in the name, email or subject field.

No. 1004306

Her latest stories are nightmare material. S O S

No. 1004308

Meant to say latest post.

No. 1004391

File: 1594257293720.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1242x2296, 5E22844E-2594-4B6A-BE97-B9AA5A…)

those lips…..(nitpicking)

No. 1004406

File: 1594257789984.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1242x1915, 27A03C1B-53EE-4F5B-ABC3-AA6086…)

she's looking greasier than usual today, kek @ comment

No. 1004599

File: 1594273993324.jpeg (831.75 KB, 828x1396, C4CAF0C3-1B31-4906-8908-CEA8C0…)

I can’t believe no one posted this one tbh it’s so bad

No. 1004703

File: 1594304297064.jpg (25.08 KB, 275x206, 1533105959439.jpg)

Yeah, well, this woman definitely is nowhere near sober.

No. 1004724

File: 1594308781534.jpg (674.28 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200709-113135_Ins…)

Notice the shadow on her arm… isn't where it should be lmfao such bad PS

No. 1004772

she's never completely "sober" she still drinks alcohol and smokes weed and takes prescribed xanax but i don't think she relapsed to actual drugs, you just have to accept that she's washed out, wether on drugs or not

No. 1004785

Whoever did those lips should have their license revoked

No. 1004793

File: 1594317986299.jpeg (590.44 KB, 1222x1580, 331C4BE2-26A0-431A-ADC1-0CD07F…)

Is she kidding with this photoshop ??????? I feel like she’s on something and lit up and just not realizing how bad all of these edits are. That’s the only way this makes sense to me lol

No. 1004794

Your ig icon is showing

No. 1004796

going for the down syndrome with bad eyeliner look.

No. 1004844


she looks like she just got kicked off of Rock of Love with Brett Micheals for getting wasted and puking in the jacuzzi lolol

No. 1004850

Sage for OT but Has anyone else watched her recent stories? She is talking in that weird fake sopranos new jersey accent again. I just noticed and gave me the creeps for some reason. It's like her voice just changes depending on where she is sucking her personality off from, like an empty shell, when she was living in LA and hanging out with Holli/Blade she sounded hoodrat and in between that she just talked her normal person and now she sounds like mafia wife.

Also how her parents justify wasting thousands of $$$$ in drug rehabs and therapy and shit and then okay her to go spend a weekend in PR with this gangbanger/drug dealer wannabe. I get she's an adult but someone paid for her uber, airline tickets, spending money ect and I REFUSE to believe this jobless wannabe rapper, who is basically just in a casual LDR relationship with her at this point, fronted for everything.

No. 1004885

i am so not surprised she ended up traveling out of the country to go be a thot there lmao. have fun getting corona ig

it's funny because imo she actually looks better with her natural nose instead of the imvu avatar one she shoops onto herself. makes her lips look less freakish and gives her some character without being like a bulbous honker

No. 1004992

File: 1594346923313.jpeg (561.59 KB, 750x1077, 341A5541-DCBA-462C-9237-1DDD9B…)

Was there exactly one day. Kek.

No. 1004998

Puerto Rico is not another country…

No. 1005100

I hope that by her deleting the post, her & loko aren't back together? It's really weird now that man doesn't acknowledge her at all..

No. 1005108

He seriously shared every "happy birthday" post made about him except for her's, which he didn't even heart her post

No. 1005115

oh fuck you're right lmao. sorry, i completely spaced

No. 1005119

So she types normal now?

No. 1005161

Ok now she's posting Loko like nothing happened

No. 1005253

File: 1594407709963.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1860, 2A2B1168-9282-4AAA-AECA-2B956E…)

still in pr

No. 1005401

File: 1594435913239.jpg (380.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200709-202713_Ins…)

is her hair just pure grease or does she have alopecia or something??? her hair looks so nasty.. what is it with heroin addict white girls always having the most disgusting hair ever

also, just a small side note since it hasn't been posted yet, but loko flew out another chick along with lilith to puerto rico.

No. 1005402

File: 1594435966557.jpg (348.03 KB, 720x1019, 20200710_225058.jpg)

she isnt even trying to hide the hip shop lol

No. 1005586

Im just really intrigued on whats going on her head and her relationship with loko, its all so weird and i cant believe no one tells her she look like sht

No. 1005611

File: 1594504705223.jpeg (699.24 KB, 828x1704, 5E4C5C22-8F11-4C70-8950-330408…)

I happened to go into her live while she’s on her flight back from PR. She was basically yelling into her phone about how much she hates JetBlue, how they’re the shittiest airline cuz they aren’t giving her drinks and snacks or “more room.”

An airline attendant appears and super politely tells her she can’t be on live for national security reasons but she can text all she wants. She got all pissed and said “I gotta go guys cuz jet blue thinks I’m a terrorist” and then signed off.

She’s an insufferable inconsiderate brat. If someone was talking that loudly on a flight I was on I’d slap them

No. 1005615

She's in luv w loko & he's just using her for clout it seems????? But then why doesn't he present her @all??? He prob just thinks her posting him all over her 19k or w/e ig acct will get him more bitches

No. 1005636

File: 1594510086082.jpeg (458.58 KB, 1242x2000, FF3A827D-C0EA-4517-8574-FA0495…)

Surprised no one caught on to this…

Some broad In PR got a Loko tattoo

No. 1005637

File: 1594510113314.jpeg (495.45 KB, 1242x1531, B8DADEA3-0F5B-4A6B-8026-D2D7B2…)

Then the comments went off


No. 1005638

File: 1594510251006.jpeg (222.47 KB, 1242x803, 53A4E0A4-417D-4CF9-9859-98742C…)

No. 1005641

File: 1594511048043.jpeg (279.92 KB, 1938x1097, FD736004-1391-4B37-ADE7-9EEDA7…)

No. 1005658


Why does her skin look so molted and sallow… she reminds of Luna slater jeez. Another heroin junkie?

No. 1005661

File: 1594514140522.jpeg (472.85 KB, 828x1438, 69A2005F-8556-4711-A453-AA4F25…)

This girl gonna end up bad

No. 1005662

File: 1594514283189.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 443.25 KB, 750x1032, 169B8EF0-F295-44FB-A7C7-DB55D7…)

She’s straight posting videos on her account rn of her getting arrested at the airport and fighting with some middle aged couple. Catch it before her Xanax fades and she deletes lol. Her druggie boyfriend is nowhere to be seen/heard

No. 1005689

File: 1594520365350.png (701.94 KB, 520x924, 5463456456.png)

goddamnit i wish i caught the livestream lol

No. 1005691

File: 1594520648380.png (512.68 KB, 828x608, 5424352435345.png)

videos she posted of the flight incident:


No. 1005692

yes shes a """recovering""" heroin addict

No. 1005720

File: 1594526955879.png (3.15 MB, 828x1792, BA31A3F7-54C5-41B7-8D1E-C7FF0B…)

Did anyone else notice this? Lilith called DK/someone involved out on her story but the founder Shoddy Lynn just commented on one of her posts

No. 1005722

File: 1594526986926.jpeg (298.84 KB, 828x1469, 643E5E0E-FDA1-4907-ADF0-438D17…)

No. 1006291

File: 1594630340720.jpeg (566.11 KB, 1125x2072, 4633185F-CFDA-4FCE-8B6E-098EFB…)

Claire being jealous of toopoor again (they’re all scum tbh, Brooke Candy included

No. 1006297

File: 1594631108332.jpeg (559.24 KB, 1125x2162, 6D0D05D6-814A-4F1C-98D7-FF6CC8…)

No. 1006305

Meanwhile Lilith uses the N word openly in her IG live and pretends to speak like she’s from the hood and against white middle aged men in her airline posts (it’s like she completely forgets of her privilege and whiteness) when all she does is live off her white middle age dad bank account and tries to cancel these women for actually having careers because all she does is spend her time hating on IG

No. 1006348

That's funny since lilith supports rapists and murderers like richard ramirez and racist nazis like varg but anywaysss. This girl is a fucking karen who thinks she still relevant somewhow

No. 1006352

People like her that leech from the oppressive system of white patriarchy (indulgent rehabs, never having to work a day in your life because you have a white daddy) perpetuate it and support it and to see her desperately deflect from that by yelling at the couple standing up for the kind person working on an airplane who has to take shit from privileged assholes like her humiliating them and disrespecting them all day is so sad. Asking someone to turn their IG live off on a plane is not abuse but cursing out the person working in a service industry for asking you nicely to abide by the policy is disgusting. She is the problem with society and her mental illness is her PRIVILEGE. Someone needs to cancel her Karen ass.

No. 1006400

tinfoil maybe but i've always basically assumed she got the toopoor is trash info from stalking her own thread on here. i havent seen that many people talk about it except the girl who originally tweeted it and the posts on here.

No. 1006415

Her obsession with randomly shit talking toopoor always reminds me of how Chris Chan randomly spergs about Megan

No. 1006455

It's sad how her behavior is validated by her fans… she was being so loud on that plane just shut upppp

No. 1006484


Toopoor is who she wishes she was. I dgaf about that should SoundClout/posttumbler crowd but she’s out there living her best life while Clare is mainly know for being a ig junkie/Manson’s pumpndump

No. 1007858

How tf do you pronounce levisis

No. 1007862

I think it's le like in levitate, vi like in vision and sis.

No. 1007919

i've always thought it was a play on anton levay with the vi sounding more like the va in vase; leh-vay-sis.

No. 1007972

It's Anton LaVey, not LeVay.

No. 1008507

has loko ever posted her, like at all, like once??

No. 1008606

no, afaik he's never posted her. pretty sure the farthest he's gone is mentioning her for some of his video credits.

No. 1008687

its her followers egging on her behavior that is the most concerning thing about this situation. it's frankly hard to digest the sort of mob mentality she procures from each post, it's like some sort of borderline echo chamber? if her "fans" didn't encourage the worst of her behavior, she might be doing better right now and thats a shame

No. 1008947

Exxzxxactly… poor girl gets praised for her bad behavior & that has the worst effects on anyone, anywhere

No. 1009009

It’s like she tried to jump on the “record a Karen” trend yet in her case this couple was probably right to be annoyed - she’s incredibly rude and loud which just goes to show how privileged she is. It’s not like she was just minding her business and got harassed for no reason

No. 1009128


No. 1009236

Lol there's a photo of another girl's ass with lilith's knees in it, does that count? He also made a very vague valentines day post about her once

No. 1009527

File: 1595109936168.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 3FBAAAE4-140D-4747-A133-E14172…)


No. 1009529

File: 1595110077021.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, 157CE7AA-2602-4C2B-B834-332940…)

she’s been checking the thread.

No. 1009543


The skin on your face is mad thin, esp the nose, it's not like getting a cut on your knee that just heals by itself and dissapears. This dumb hoe is actually gonna have scars from this if she doesn't put some kind of protection/bandaids and ointment on.

Also does anyone have intel on Loko's age? He superficially looks liliths age but for some reason he just gives me late 20s-early 30s "I'm done wasting time, I'm gonna focus on my art now" vibes

No. 1009570

"hey babe, they've been posting on that thread again about how you don't acknowledge me, can you PLEASE acknowledge me real quick?"

No. 1009998

File: 1595196625458.jpg (800.66 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200719-165934_Ins…)

It's like whatever is said in here, she vaguely posts about later!

No. 1010017

Yep! And drug use/smoking def doesn’t help the healing process

No. 1010096

Idk if this has already been posted or not bc I didn't really keep up with the thread, but I thought it was kind of funny: https://www.coeval-magazine.com/coeval/lilith-levisis

No. 1010310

File: 1595269435466.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, 4A40DD1A-457F-437F-BBE7-11CED4…)

yes clare people really will support anything hence why you have 91k instagram followers

No. 1010324

Clare acting like she wouldn't be twerking her sad butt in a 6ix9ine for smack money a few months ago

No. 1010725

Who tf is the troon-looking plastic surgery failure?? Woof.

No. 1011310

File: 1595466161451.jpg (53.81 KB, 1073x571, Screenshot_20200722-200154_Ins…)

How come her & her sister aren't following each other? (They are with the lilith "secret" account though)

No. 1011984

You can tell she only dislikes him because he's a 'rat'and not a pedo, she says "pedophille/rat' as if being a pedo isn't enough reason to dislike him. Plus literally everyone knew he was a nonce around the time she was listening to him. Her obession with Richard Ramirez clearly shows being a nonce isn't a deal breaker for her!

No. 1012156

File: 1595618638500.jpeg (176.41 KB, 828x860, 469FAD16-7C81-432E-87E3-DE4625…)

Some comments on her latest post

No. 1012448

Omg! This disgusting slut is a fucking hypocrite! She dated Marilyn Manson who is a fucking pedo himself!!! And she protects him. It’s been said by many people she was only 17 years old when he started dating or talking to her. Even if she was 18, he was still almost 50… and that is still just as sick! And I would consider that pedophilia.

No. 1012714

File: 1595713996896.png (1.52 MB, 828x1792, D2272EEC-BBF6-4F36-9211-AF1613…)

Jesus. Is that what her OF content looks like????? Yikes

No. 1012768

90% chance “manager” is loko

No. 1012879

You think she's paying that "manager"?

No. 1012919


Yeah, he’s pimpin’

No. 1013477

File: 1595877209074.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, 0683F378-74B0-403F-A74F-23AAF8…)

the sporadic instagram q&a’s never fail to amuse. her point number 4….. not a single brain cell to be found in her skull

No. 1013488

File: 1595879117051.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, 25BE0E7D-8CC8-4B7E-852A-4AC354…)

not her calling her dad a good guy

No. 1013586

Didn’t screenshot it but she posted to her story a couple weeks ago that her dad told her to stop talking to him - also her most recent post of her mom is the first time I think I’ve ever actually seen her

No. 1013619

I know theres a filter, but someone explain this makeup and why it looks like a kid did it with a marker??

No. 1013676

File: 1595903554326.jpg (370.9 KB, 1072x1072, 20200727_213237.jpg)

How much longer can she deny having lip injections?

No. 1013746

File: 1595910999886.jpeg (888.27 KB, 828x1449, 6CEA28F1-F25A-4EFC-A334-D3FD96…)

So #6 is just blank/her weird need to constantly brag about being a junkie

No. 1016014

File: 1596360241888.jpg (585.07 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200802-052411_Ins…)

She's becoming self aware

No. 1016165

Can someone please tell me what this is?

No. 1016714

File: 1596468259947.png (854.32 KB, 750x1334, 2D065279-DFAD-444C-9B68-80546E…)

(crop your pfp in future)

also funny that she tagged her “boyfriend” confirming that whenever she talks he just wants her to shut the fuck up. i actually pity her for once

No. 1016957


these memes that her loser boyfriend makes implying she is a thing are so whack, she peaked in 2016-17 and been going downhill since then. She show just go LA and get signed with porn manager, I honestly feel that would be the best route for her since she doesn't want to work, go to school or even pretend to take her "art" seriously anymore

No. 1023546

File: 1597538425074.jpg (616.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200815-194024_Ins…)

But, Marilyn Manson?

No. 1023657

I don’t think you can cancel someone for “ratting,” considering 99% of cancel culture is just tattling. I’m sure everyone he helped put in jail was a perfect angel who never did anything wrong ever.

The fake woke shit might work if she could string together a coherent thought and not type like a retard, but alas.

No. 1023860


She’s posting this to further ingratiate herself with Loko and his Bloods buddies.

No. 1025161

CACKLING. I doubt that she’ll ever mention that her “ex” Marilyn Manson is an abusive pedophile. Lilith was straight up a victim of that creep but her dumb Pick Me ass self will never come to terms with that. It’s sad.

No. 1025674

I don't know much about Lilith other than she's a delusional junkie with ridiculous shoops. anythingforselenaaas and I have followed each other since I've used ig. Is she just a kiss ass or she an actual friend?

No. 1026761

File: 1598041901999.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, 3E915BF6-7FC5-400A-B527-818A4A…)

what is the deal with those lips…

No. 1026925

File: 1598071081821.png (5.64 MB, 1242x2208, 7918176B-A4C5-4C6C-8AAF-BA832A…)

Omg she’s so ugly

No. 1027025

This is the best she’s looked in years

No. 1027318

File: 1598137014761.jpg (124.1 KB, 784x1024, OhsVvCxvDbwg1EHi40ZDQgsW7TPPjZ…)


Agreed. If she wasn't totally psycho she could potentially have ended up looking like Melinda Cohen.

No. 1028023

Is she jewish?

No. 1028443

May not be relevant info but me and some girl used with clare In her apartment In NYC She did nothing but sleep she wasnt very welcoming either and I remember how she told us how you can buy fillers online and she kept the needles

No. 1028447


> she told us how you can buy fillers online and she kept the needles

Wow. I hope you’re safe and healthy now, anon. Thanks for the delicious nourishing milk x

No. 1028698

>buy fillers online
Illegal in America
>she kept the needles
You can buy syringes online by the pound without ID everywhere

No. 1031659

what doesn't she do thats not illegal..

No. 1032161

does anyone hav any photos of blades account they can share(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1032984


Theres no way she could inject herself w/o medical grade anesthetic, fake milk or not fake but you got lied to

No. 1033460

File: 1599233387547.jpeg (48.14 KB, 750x404, CD90CBFA-0750-4761-BD55-2140C9…)

I guess they're not together anymore….

No. 1033461

They got lied to, or they’re lying. Not to mention it’s incredibly dangerous and if she tried to inject herself with filler we would know.

No. 1033462

File: 1599233535142.jpeg (95.22 KB, 828x410, BF244768-087F-4B32-A006-E75BE9…)

Don’t be retarded pls

No. 1034853

i mean, heroin is alot stronger than what they give you for lip injections, they literally just use a numbing cream. Which wouldn't even be hard to get.

No. 1034858

yeah her scars from 'falling over' give me major 'i picked my face while on meth' vibes

No. 1035120

so when is someone going to leak the onlyfans???(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1035169


sage your shit on a dead thread. if u wanna know so much go buy it

No. 1036115

File: 1599691980907.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, D1CFBF1D-A7AB-4C9B-A51A-6D2B41…)

kek she’s starting to get it

No. 1036282

You're onto something, Clare

No. 1036593

She’ll get bored of poverty larping once her parents cut her off completely and she realizes that being a homeless strung out junkie isn’t actually glamorous.

Then she’ll try to straighten out her life, maybe even find an ny social climber who will marry her for her family money and connections.

No. 1048011

File: 1601408790290.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x2071, AAD15B51-A8D7-4FB0-9613-7332E1…)

she's (hopefully) suicide baiting

No. 1048016

I really hope so! Shes shit but she's young enough to have a life after this all. Ugh. Please just get help finally

No. 1048589

File: 1601493853679.png (887.38 KB, 750x1334, B9DC2F19-2AB1-4B3C-9CED-0BBE8E…)

unsurprisingly unserious

No. 1048596

File: 1601494792156.jpeg (531.16 KB, 1125x1925, ACBDD9E0-873E-4B69-B8E5-D338B5…)

No. 1048989

kek, you can see the warped wall and frame beside her. also not surprised that she would suicide bate, probably to garner sympathy and attention.

No. 1049659

File: 1601599270048.png (3.89 MB, 1242x2688, 71ACE6DF-0A7D-4D3B-B94E-4DE9D2…)

im guessing loko dumped her?

No. 1049909

She said she forgot to upload this to her Instagram so I figured I’d let her remember posting it after she sobers up a tad and takes it down


No. 1050225

File: 1601666110707.jpg (925.08 KB, 1079x1793, Screenshot_20201002-151553_Ins…)

def dumped

No. 1050261

File: 1601669431436.jpg (363.17 KB, 1079x1342, Screenshot_20201002-161136_Vid…)

Lmao she basically falls over in her latest post. How does one upload videos?

No. 1050748

File: 1601731064254.png (956.88 KB, 750x1334, B1A6BD46-08C3-4B5C-9833-7015EA…)

they’re def lurking on here. it’s him uploading a years-old picture of her when she looks absolutely nothing like that now lmao

No. 1050749

File: 1601731175490.jpeg (185.47 KB, 750x1080, 6BA364BE-E5F1-466A-A2E1-836793…)

“I’m a student” kek

No. 1050751

She can make $100 "in a minute" just by simply hitting up a parent

No. 1050754

File: 1601731539958.jpg (861.38 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201003-082103_Ins…)

No. 1050761

File: 1601732428426.jpeg (104.11 KB, 750x899, CFE1E92D-3DED-4099-9000-976547…)


“Id lov to get my lips done”

Ok Clare.

No. 1050764

Absolutely loving this latest tard-out. Her hypocrisy is mind boggling

No. 1050766


her whole ass and thighs are covered in white stretch marks, she doesn't have to get BBL to get cellulite. Everything in it's time kek

No. 1050768

can't upload videos, but here's an archive: https://streamable.com/ezn2x0

No. 1050812

File: 1601739778504.jpg (159.93 KB, 1080x793, Screenshot_20201003-114327_Ins…)

Think she actually is? Or can I just not understand her bizarre comebacks

No. 1050839


No. 1051231

File: 1601778987378.jpg (576.47 KB, 1079x1793, Screenshot_20201003-223229_Ins…)

he said "why you askin?"

No. 1051337

Imagine the smell of that lip

No. 1051437

She is so fucking stupid with her fingers on both triggers. What’s going to happen one day when she’s trying to show off and one of those guns slips? I always hope for cows to turn their lives around, but she’s going to end up killing someone if she doesn’t off herself first.

No. 1051857

File: 1601859858421.jpeg (141.47 KB, 828x828, A44563AD-0866-4DAB-BED9-6F9E7D…)


No. 1051858

File: 1601859906882.jpeg (126.39 KB, 828x828, D3DB1E98-0956-4E51-A9AE-249B3F…)

She a woman of many faces lool

No. 1051860

His lack of chin is hilarious

No. 1052097

Her face looks like a melting ugly stepsister from Shrek. I think her drug addiction is worse than ever tbh, she doesn't seem as unhinged but she has lost all ability to dress herself and do her makeup. Her trashy style used to be kinda interesting in its own way, now she only looks like a rotting hooker. There's nothing pretty, creative or interesting about her anymore.

No. 1052156

File: 1601899068967.jpeg (761.55 KB, 800x1199, 1F844B0C-05F8-4E79-8F20-123CBC…)


I agree. I’ve followed this cow on and off for years and the deterioration of her looks over just a few years is scary, this is the shit they should show in anti drug PSAs. She used to have a classically pretty look with nice cheekbones, now her actual look is on par with her 80s crackhead prostitute aesthetic.

No. 1053038

I beat the shit out of young frown a few years back at a house party.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1053068


No. 1053342

File: 1602029519670.jpeg (203.75 KB, 750x1302, BE3193F8-FA1F-4D11-8C3B-3F9B84…)

No. 1053406


didn't yungfrown's bf just die? were you the one that put her in the hospital lmao

No. 1073593

File: 1604364449827.jpg (1.42 MB, 1078x1721, Screenshot_20201102-194542_Ins…)

What the hell is this boated-faced midget?

No. 1073620

File: 1604366627067.png (647.79 KB, 921x610, 3565446.png)

she gained a toooon of weight. i didn't save it, but she had i believe a live posted the other day where she leaned over and had an absolutely massive stomach kek. its also pretty clear she edited the shit out of her stomach in the pic you posted.

have another horrible recent pic.

No. 1082989

File: 1605466307474.jpg (305.31 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201115-125117_Ins…)

No. 1098168

File: 1607021361316.jpeg (94.29 KB, 442x455, 0B25A8EC-6E8D-4604-973B-653517…)

she literally described herself lol the lack of self-awareness

No. 1098191

File: 1607022630070.png (561.21 KB, 524x904, Screenshot (144).png)

No. 1098193

File: 1607022666644.png (700.54 KB, 958x614, Screenshot (145).png)

No. 1098195

File: 1607022699105.png (791.38 KB, 946x598, Screenshot (146).png)

Gotta love projection

No. 1102178

I don't follow her and her instagram is private so I have only one question: did her rich father finally cut her loose

No. 1102458

i tend to doubt it because she doesn't have a job or do ANYTHING for money it seems and imo if her dad cut her off and she needed money she'd find a way to beg her followers or get an onlyfans or something, she's said nothing and her lifestyle hasn't changed so it seems like her dad is still funding her degeneracy

No. 1102522


any details? Like is she still making chicken scratch drawings/amazin herb packs? Is she still trying to do that satanism thing? or just sitting around all taking drugs with her bf posting old photos of blade? Sorry like I said, I never followed her and her instagram is private now.

No. 1103229

File: 1607467284648.png (566.66 KB, 1009x476, 3564563456.png)

i think she moved in with some family awhile back after another attempt at rehab.

she hasn't really been active at all recently. mostly just posting memes/sopranos stuff, or talking about her bf. they don't live together anymore and she also lost all her shit earlier this year, including those books full of chicken scratch drawings. haven't seen those for awhile. surprisingly she's also posting way less about drugs, seeming to have limited it to weed. imo she's on bars, too, but she hasn't said anything about it.
only recent update is her talking about taking online classes to become a professional makeup artist. i never expect her to go far when she posts about this stuff, though. she's also STILL mailing out stuff she sold.. a year ago, i think?

No. 1103230

File: 1607467314080.png (1.09 MB, 518x902, 654365456356.png)

No. 1116237

File: 1609114216190.png (297.79 KB, 526x912, 4352345.png)

kek what @ this entire post

No. 1119074

File: 1609447586801.png (915.21 KB, 1032x922, 34253452345.png)

super nasty ass cold sore/festering herpes.
she posted several, up-close videos of her face/lips, so i'm honestly kinda of wondering if its makeup FX bait. i don't think she's talented enough to make it realistic-looking, but it crossed my mind.

No. 1119076

No. 1119160

File: 1609454036172.png (1.48 MB, 1558x914, Screenshot (269).png)

kek, holli aged horribly. don't smoke crack, kids!

No. 1119161

File: 1609454062774.jpeg (131.4 KB, 1280x1041, 1565383530088.jpeg)

No. 1123614

File: 1609925773028.png (3.79 MB, 750x1334, FEA909E1-D520-4A79-BE42-295596…)

Major pick me energy aside, who the fuck (other than an “edgy” 12 year old) says shit like this? So embarrassing and tone deaf.

No. 1123617

Meanwhile, her (ex-)boyfriend's music's like

No. 1123718

yeah the world is ending because ariana grande. ariana grande is why police kill people and why the ocean is drying up. ariana grande is why usa is locking up mexicans and selling their children to pedophiles.

No. 1123725

That chick blocked me on gram when I called her out on her shit. She didn't block me last time, on a Toopoor dedicated post, just said like "blah blah Toopoor racist racists don't grow from their mistakes".(cowtipping)

No. 1123796

wow, big words coming from the girl who fucked marilyn manson's moldy cock

No. 1124448

She is SO cringe woooow

No. 1124490

I swear this looks like some parody of rap music videos that plays during a movie or something.

No. 1124503

“Or something” shut the fuck up. You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.

No. 1124520

And you do? Lmfao you clearly are the one that is confused so don't come for that anon when that music "or something" literally sounds like over augmented shitting noises when someone's asshole is dry heaving into a gas station toilet

No. 1124523

You or whoever wrote on the post that the screenshot of the person in the video looked like they were in a rap parody video, I never commented on how the music sounds. Why does it look like a parody to you???

No. 1124532

Not to hi cow but… chill out.

No. 1124595

omg why is she so mad about ariana grande? a fucking pop singer…wtf. chill girl, there is SERIOUS issues in this world…rich first world girl problems i guess…

No. 1124608

'you should be ashamed to listen to this music'. no lilith, that is just music. YOU should be ashamed of supporting and praise rapist murders like ramirez for example…

No. 1124626

her mind…powerfull.

No. 1124630

If she didn't do the things then she would be indistinguishable from any other basic ass white bitch living off of their republican daddys dime so she has to make herself the anti basic bitch even though that is xactly what she is but since she is so special and unique she has to use shitty try hard edginess to differentiate herself while shitting on the girls that she is exactly the same as just minus the severe mental issues and track marks

No. 1125039

Just had to point out her new post right now, she has a jacket half on but it’s just covering her gut, and then she’s trying to twerk and show off her butt however she literally looks like the dancing tiktok girl that can throw out her back and makes it so her back looks like the letter “C”. I’m just dying laughing.

No. 1125204

Or varg from burzum.

No. 1125432

File: 1610093265008.jpeg (148.32 KB, 828x1182, 3F123A61-A26D-4DD6-9005-ECB0FA…)

LOL at her bloated ass covering her beer gut. She looks so awful wow

No. 1125513

Calm down, ana-chan.

No. 1125552

File: 1610111486845.jpg (160.74 KB, 1080x1248, 20210108_131029.jpg)

No. 1125553

File: 1610111524261.jpg (188.07 KB, 1080x1490, 20210108_131005.jpg)

She hardly even looks human anymore

No. 1125554

File: 1610111573517.jpg (85.88 KB, 1080x691, 20210108_131045.jpg)

Also peep the comments on her latest video. I know its not news that she scams people but she's doing it again

No. 1125593

Congrats on sounding as much of a tard as Lilith anon.

No. 1125658

File: 1610123043823.jpeg (111.78 KB, 1200x1200, 704237C1-9323-43C2-AE11-2D721B…)

No. 1125711

You’re so autistic, that anon was being sarcastic

No. 1125868

She was clinging to that jacket for dear life. Why even advertise the underwear to only cover most of it up…

No. 1127538

File: 1610289362087.png (2.24 MB, 750x1624, 2ED16F17-F904-47B3-AF16-0DAA98…)

No. 1129104


AHHHH accurate

No. 1130345

File: 1610552392596.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x1859, A1CD15E3-405E-47DE-9BC1-7C0FE8…)

lilith: shits on internet girl at every chance
also lilith:

No. 1131479

File: 1610647476688.png (787.18 KB, 521x910, 345645363456.png)

apparently clare was discharged from a psych ward recently for "actin crazy to cops".

No. 1131799

i'm dying at her caption of lyrics from the most played Nirvana song of all time. she thinks she's so original and quirky.

No. 1132488

Haahaha she doesn't even know the words. In the video she just posted on her 'secret account' you can see she's mouthing 'a mulatto' when it should be 'an albino.' Fucking moron.

No. 1132536

File: 1610742304372.png (560.71 KB, 826x607, 54634563546.png)

sperging about cops

No. 1132740

she's comparing her being a messy dumb ass around cops to systemic racism.

No. 1132824

She says that as if she'd actually care about the Black Lives Matter movement if her boyfriend wasn't black. And the way she sticks her tongue out in half of her pictures is repulsive. Whoever did her lips needs to have their license revoked. It's like the filler gathers in one big clump in the middle and droops down.

No. 1132918

(sorry no pic I was too retarded) she reee'd about nazis a week ago while wearing her mayhem shirt lmao tone deaf

No. 1134378

Clare acting like her stupid braindamaged self has actually sat and watched the whole of game of thrones when she doesn’t even know what it is lmao

No. 1134407

File: 1610924092492.jpg (787.08 KB, 1062x1878, Screenshot_20210117-225210_Ins…)

Clare stfu and stop acting like someone you are not. I am really getting the feeling like Clare has been skinwalking some girl recently.

No. 1134777

File: 1610965787256.png (7.68 MB, 1125x2436, 2BBB90F3-00FC-4504-927C-83BBA0…)

there she goes again rambling about being lilith reincarnated

No. 1134778

File: 1610965826752.png (5.5 MB, 1125x2436, 84D15F56-ED3D-4A29-85E2-E5F8B7…)

No. 1134779

File: 1610965872661.png (5.15 MB, 1125x2436, F15B938E-FCE9-453D-B79A-4635D4…)

No. 1134780

File: 1610965952620.png (7.17 MB, 1125x2436, 7688547D-7CC6-4CF4-BCDF-8E2D84…)

apparently bigklit fucked loko and lilith is pretending that she doesn’t care anyone got any screenshots bigklit seems to have deleted it

No. 1134794

Can someone explain why she’s not friends with holli (heroingranola) anymore

No. 1134803

nitpick but Lilith is really starting to look like an old demented crack whore, so much for being Lilith reincarnated, so lustful and sexy how could anyone resist.

No. 1134805

I do find it piss funny how Lilith goes on these sjw sperg out rants yet claims to be a sociopath/narcissist/demon. In saying that we know it's all performative and i'm sure she'd be larping as a magatard if her boyfriend was doing the same, I really think this girl has zero brain function at this point.

No. 1134834

Nobody really is. Holli is a literal embarrassment and the only people who still act like they like her are just trying to score coke and xanax.

No. 1134863

File: 1610977960940.png (941.89 KB, 1177x740, wetertert.png)

"some guy totally just gave me weed because my eyes made him do it!" and then everybody clapped

No. 1134906

File: 1610982899847.png (3.26 MB, 828x1792, B2B5FD0D-1657-4DD6-899C-0EE8E8…)

guess loko is done with her shit too kek apparently everyone has been telling lilith that loko fucked some washed up artist who calls herself bigklit(newfag)

No. 1134958

bigkilt is not the only other girl he’s been fucking(emoji)

No. 1134986

File: 1610991599380.png (1.17 MB, 775x924, 45656546345.png)

clare has DEFINITELY never had lip work done. without a doubt.

No. 1135000

the abercrombie to crackhead satanist transformation is so funny, you just really have to appreciate that level of reverse social climbing.

No. 1135024

shes so annoying

No. 1135094

She’s actually the type of problematic people that she speaks about trying to act like she’s “blood”. She wouldn’t last one second around people who actually are in gangs and live that lifestyle. It’s crazy how she can contradict herself so much In post, under the guise of being a sjw

No. 1135171

Why is this bitch not killed herself yet shes annoying as fuck.(A-logging)

No. 1135331

you can be a sociopath and still care about what is happening in the world and speak out against injustice. the problem is she doesn't care she says these things for clout

No. 1135335

File: 1611017436987.jpeg (21.28 KB, 257x293, 2454E7FD-F6FC-4D44-926C-75BE09…)

"FIRST OFF FUK COPS RUINING MINE N EVERYONE I LOV LIVES NOT TO MENTION THE MILLIONS OF INNOCENT BLAKK LIVES TAKEN FRM COPS /// thinkin bout this is gettin me heated n the cop who said “youd be way more fuckable if you didnt try to dress lik a corpse” likk fukk u man as if id want a cop to ever find me attractive mannn im so pissed rn "

No. 1135345

No. 1135407

File: 1611023973754.png (7.7 MB, 1242x2208, C18CA931-4435-45FA-8386-614FA7…)

i have the loko and big kilt ss that she was apparently selling some type of video or smth from on her close friends

No. 1135409

File: 1611024085488.png (8.27 MB, 1242x2208, 0878225C-148B-43A6-AE1E-7AAB9F…)

oh and this one too- cant rly deny something happened here hmm

No. 1135547

He has no chin to speak of, I’m amazed at the overcompensating his tattoos do—it’s so textbook.

No. 1135905

File: 1611078943294.png (995.33 KB, 617x885, 4536456456.png)

clare is trying to auction off her cheap ass "lucky" baphomet pendant that she'll probably never mail out kek

No. 1135906

File: 1611078997949.png (751.43 KB, 945x593, 435435435.png)

also her and holli are bffe again or some shit. i guess clare has gotten over her friends hanging out with ""the opps"".

No. 1135915

The necklace costs less than $2 on Aliexpress. What a rip off.

No. 1135984

File: 1611083040112.png (61.8 KB, 624x646, 35463456456.png)

super old news, but its the first time i'm seeing it.


No. 1136053

yikes the whole family is for the streets

No. 1136098

File: 1611088805948.jpeg (372.36 KB, 828x1700, 657B3068-E138-4C48-A2DC-C8EF2F…)

Newest hyper fixation lmao

No. 1136288

That article almost makes me feel bad for her, especially the part where it talks about how he brags about putting himself through law school on a golf scholarship

No. 1136320

Damn still with his ass what a cuck. She deserves him

No. 1136322

Anyone know the drama between lilith and zheani. Shes not following lilith on insta anymore.

No. 1136359

Doubt it, she just saw Holli mentioned here and decided to defend herself apparently. She’s done several indirects that make it obvious she lurks. Just kissing ass to keep drug connects open.

No. 1136703

File: 1611120934229.png (8.93 MB, 1242x2688, D40FA241-6BB2-4C62-9FC9-9FF9E4…)

i don't even know what to focus on. the shoop, the totally sober makeup, or the fact that someone paid her $355 for a hot topic necklace

No. 1136705

File: 1611121059028.jpeg (646.99 KB, 1242x1650, 218E0D7F-7C55-4AE0-8AFC-7F8204…)

No. 1136719

Anyone see her live?

No. 1136794

File: 1611132945771.png (Spoiler Image, 1.39 MB, 750x1334, 0C442901-4FE1-4426-A3EA-8D2190…)

To what bf she has????? I follow all of her accounts so teach me how to use this site and I’ll post all the snow u. I’ve been following her nonsense for 5+ years I just don’t know how to use these sites so help me and I’ll help you. I love this shit lol(newfag)

No. 1136807

can you cracked out retards learn how to type and lurk moar. just post your shit and stop name-fagging.

No. 1136811

Omg I literally don’t know how to comment or communicate on this site. I’ve been an observer since 2014 watching Sabrina Nellie and Lilith Levisis and I love this so much I wanna contribute Bc I actually follow them and have been following them for years.

No. 1136818

>observer for 7 years
>didn’t pick up any of the posting norms


No. 1136977

I wish “ moar “ would just fucking die. You all look like retards saying that shit.

No. 1136980

tf is moar

No. 1136983

File: 1611157535928.jpg (80.38 KB, 976x549, _96267166_gettyimages-14799514…)

No. 1136986

Of course idk how to post this is literally the first time.
I’m just trying to contribute bro. Just tryin to get a laugh so even replying to you helps me practice posting here so thanks

No. 1136991

File: 1611158206107.png (6.56 MB, 1800x1800, CD231DD3-54E6-401D-A5E2-8A29B8…)

Her parents (both bring in 400k/year so that’s 1million/year income + graduated analysts of drug abuse) = her + and her sister Rachel (heroin trust fund junkies) kek

No. 1136993


It’s particularly amusing to consider in the context of her constant sperging about “fakers” and whatever. She’s cosplaying as a poor person and knows she can skip out of this life whenever she wants. Mingin’

No. 1136998

Those tiny lips tho.(nitpicking)

No. 1137000

How about reading the rules? Type sage in the email field

No. 1137345

File: 1611184474074.jpeg (277.74 KB, 750x931, D32DAC8D-D536-4CD4-A41D-9482E4…)

I’m sorry the lip liner is just. wow. Worse than usual.

No. 1137348

File: 1611184757021.jpg (Spoiler Image, 380.61 KB, 1080x1898, 20210120_231305.jpg)

(Spoiler: fake blood creating graphic imagery)

What is with the whole "khalessi" thing shes got into lately? Bitch overdraws her lips and is the basic looking white ass ever and here she is acting like shes the most powerful reincarnated lilith. Sorry for obvious nitpick but Clare is so ugly and basic. She acts in a black stereotype voice in front of her boyfriend loko and its sooo cringey. She has obviously never seen game of thrones before and funny she even spells Khaleesi wrong, bitch doesnt even understand Daenerys isnt just a Khaleesi shes the protector of 7 kingdoms and I bet you clares autistic brain can not name not one of them.

No. 1137350

Why would you want to make the border of your lips look like its suffering with chapped lips and cold sore? Like… why doe???? And she thinks she looks good lmao she is looking like shit these days.

No. 1137355

Bitch probably thinks if she does her eyebrows that high up her big tefal forehead will look smaller. Them eyebrows are terrible!

No. 1137361

File: 1611185740290.jpg (240.35 KB, 1080x1901, 20210120_233543.jpg)


No. 1137372

She used to at least look cute even if other anons don’t agree. She’s ugly af these days.

No. 1137436

ive followed her for years because aside from the waist shoop i always liked her style and thought she was gorgeous, i know anons disagree with me but she's always had an undeniably interesting look (owing largely to the chola eyebrows that were once precise but are now all over her face). somehow in the past couple years she's managed to physically deteriorate faster off heroin than she was on it, it's honestly sad to see because she's a pretty rich girl who could be living her pretty rich life (see: her sister) but instead she's actively choosing to cuff herself to a weaselly soundclout rapper who publicly cheats on her, pilled out of her mind wearing makeup that rivals my own during my worst manic episodes and posting incoherent stories on instagram all day. i just caught her live and heard her talk for the first time in a couple years and i was floored by how awful she looked and how gravelly her voice has become. it's sad still seeing her try to contort her waist like she did when she was underweight…she's a caricature at this point

No. 1137672

the way she abruptly ended her live as soon as loko told her to make him coffee she really lets that sewer rat loser of a rapper treat her like a maid it's sad to watch actually lol

No. 1137732

File: 1611211951957.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 788B81B4-39C3-45A1-A318-AB9237…)

Funny how she only attacks girls she’s envious of. She’s sperging against the girl her “bf” fucked & attacking HER instead of being mad at her own boyfriend for cheating.

No. 1137759

She’s so gross and she’s coming off just very anti black to me, I doubt she intends to but for her to assume the other girl is trying to be “metal” is fucking weird in itself. She’s clearly reaching. At least the other girl seems naturally beautiful, In my opinion.

No. 1137927

it’s even funnier because bigklit is actually pretty and had made her fame by her/getting signed to a label/ going on adult swim and performing
not milking her friends death or sleeping with an old crust man on tour while she was younger she needs to get her social media access taken away the way she types is so annoying i feel like i’m having a seizure just trying to decode anything she says

like clare when have you done anything worth bragging about or doing anything else apart from shopping your photos and scamming people and also glorifying drug abuse /self harm /ED
i’ve been on and off this tread for a few months was friends with melanie on tumblr didn’t know she passed away until i guess lil tracy reposted of pic of them saying rip idk sad she was actually funny and cute then hard drugs an abusive bf will fuck you up

No. 1138309

File: 1611258708268.jpeg (151.06 KB, 1242x984, FF72ABDC-2813-4961-A787-316BBC…)

Imagine hating on a woman because your “bf” did this

No. 1138334

Claire is just mad because she got publicly cucked

No. 1138341

Not to derail but this is just not true, legitimate sociopaths, not retarded emo kids that have a blood kink and fantasize about knifeplay, don't actually care about social injustices unless it's directly affects them, sociopaths feel no empathy for anyone, period. Sociopaths do know the difference between right and wrong though and will very easily masquerade as a sjw if it will benefit them in one way or another. It's very easy to larp online about social injustices even if you aren't a sociopath, case in point being Lilith.

No. 1138366

File: 1611261546454.png (474.87 KB, 522x900, 565463456456.png)


No. 1138386

The way she can’t even put contacts in correctly is so bad

No. 1138393

Doesn’t her boyfriend… fuck with her…?

No. 1138406

why does she beef with literally every small soundcloud or w/e artist ever?? it’s like she’s purposely trying to preemptively burn bridges while clinging to irrelevant shit like being grandpa manson’s cumrag. if she ever plans on releasing her own shit music it’s gonna be hard for her to keep any connections like this, bigklit is a small artist but has a very dedicated fanbase

No. 1138726

That was crazy

No. 1138901

Not to wk but it looks like he just got paid to do this as acting, there’s nothing sexual happening

No. 1138969

File: 1611317877477.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 1242x1673, 123AEBFE-29DA-40E9-99EC-AC8E8C…)

She was selling other x content from this shoot

No. 1139548

File: 1611356750191.png (701.48 KB, 620x797, 435345345.png)

back to sperging about the source of all her problems, toopoor, again.

No. 1139557

Give over clare

No. 1139559

I mean call me out on the obvious nitpick but her lips are so disgusting who the fuck in their right mind over lines their lips that much

No. 1139561

“I just want to show my best arm”
“I just want to show off to them the arm I shot up on”

No. 1139571

Wow just no this is nothing like Daenerys. Bitch don’t disrespect “KHALESSI” like that ever kek. I swear to god this haggard faced cow is a different character everyday and it’s like she’s jumping in and out of skin suits in pictures of herself to make her Instagram look interesting again because she comes across as boring these days.

No. 1139730

File: 1611368851593.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, 373ADBAA-C643-4EB0-BABD-214242…)

3 years ago she looked better than she does today. Wtf? I’m glad for her “sobriety” but who is she kidding we all know she’s either on ketamine (“horse tranquilizer” in her words, or something else.) Maybe protein bars Bc she’s gaining so much weight.

No. 1139745

File: 1611370500086.png (3.59 MB, 750x1334, 0EF8D14B-AFBF-459C-8C7F-A5BF7C…)

Holli showing that she doesn’t feel good about herself unless she’s inebriated/anorexic. And Lilith try Harding to get her love back just in case “no chin” doesn’t work out.

No. 1139758

Couldn’t have said it better. This is well put together anon, you’re right. Have you seen her sister though? Rachel? She hasn’t aged a fucking day and she still looks the same never changed herself and she is beautiful as fuck compared to clare

No. 1139769

….it’s literally a common phrase on the internet and has been for like over a decade stfu tight ass newfag

I wouldn’t even say she has beef with anyone, she just gets doped up and goes on weird incoherent rants on her phone and doesn’t even remember them later

No. 1139813

File: 1611378787359.png (499.62 KB, 516x920, 234234234234.png)

kek wat

No. 1139910

What do anons think went so wrong? Did she have bad fillers and extreme weight gain or…? How can she look that wrecked omg

No. 1139941

I’m still not convinced they fucked, it could be lewds

No. 1139961

No. 1140004

Does it matter? It was still a boundary Clare clearly was uncomfortable with. Wether he stuck his dick/ a finger/ a gun/ nothing in her doesn’t matter. Just laugh at her gettingn cucked

No. 1140140


FYI: That's a meth pipe not crack pipe

No. 1140359

File: 1611437515629.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1125x1879, 90EF5F20-0C65-4DA1-9EBA-845B33…)

Well we saw that one coming easily. Back to Holli.

No. 1140745

File: 1611465240831.jpeg (87.89 KB, 352x640, 1611449211716.jpeg)

I can't believe she's still protecting him when she probably has evidence that could get him blacklisted for good, especially the shit from when she was underage. Exposing him could save so many other girls from what he put her through.

No. 1140841

People pantomime sex acts for music videos… it makes a difference if you’re roasting her for being cucked or for overreacting to him networking. It’s relevant and either way, milky

No. 1140843

Don’t worry about Manson, is already a pariah, enough girls have tarnished his rep, he can’t even get the media to care to report on his new marriage

No. 1140964

File: 1611506806315.png (572.21 KB, 750x1334, 2A99453C-D7E2-48D1-B4C3-DFAA5D…)

Anyone else notice bigklit made her ig private this past week after the Loko cheating vid milk?I was just getting into stalking her. Too bad.

No. 1140977

File: 1611508770638.jpeg (363.02 KB, 750x760, 0C305BEF-40CC-4CB0-B212-130C31…)

She is a living anti drug PSA lol. This is her at 18. I can only imagine how much worst she looks now since every photo has a filter and 4 pounds of makeup. Kids, this is your brain on SoundCloud.

No. 1141052

File: 1611514196346.jpeg (1 MB, 828x1450, 0968D259-CF12-4F24-8D44-BCF0AC…)

From Loko’s story

No. 1141267

File: 1611528739163.jpeg (433.82 KB, 828x1361, 8A297F84-4493-41FC-AB0C-844201…)

this is just sad lol

No. 1141320

I really don't understand her simping for this loser knockoff of a knockoff, when he's so obviously not interested in her and obviously only used her for w/e tiny amount of clout she has.

No. 1141345


what is thart weird shape in the side of her face? Is that just literally her skull poking out of her withered face?


she's turning into a physical clone of her whack ass boyfriend, just like Luna Slater, the parallels are astonishing

No. 1141841

File: 1611596807843.png (338.2 KB, 828x1792, CFCCE0C1-3EEB-4930-BDEE-87D22A…)

Good morning leaving this for you all to see l-o-l

No. 1142164

What's tattooed under his eye? Is it the crop call or whatever?

No. 1142223

File: 1611626339284.png (Spoiler Image, 4.31 MB, 1800x1800, C5E7EF21-B497-46E2-BCBE-794264…)

Anyone ever see holli smile with her teeth? She looks so different.

No. 1142294

Because she’s not pouting her ugly face to stick her lips out and bite down on her cheeks because she thinks it makes her look gaunt

No. 1143012

Love how Lilith bullies Big Klit purely cause she fucked with her bf/ex/bf again/ex again/etc.
Whether Big Klit is good or not is debatable, but at least she's doing something. What does Lilith do apart from scamming people on depop, posting junkie shit, hating on other girls, photoshoppin her pics, bragging bout fucking Manson? Right, nothing.

Waste of fucking space. So I'm not surprised she attacks girls that actually do something creative, kek

No. 1143568

Any one notice Clare hiding her belly recently that bitch photoshopping herself left n right

No. 1143754

man you bitches obsessed with how 'fat' someone looks are weird and nitpicky as fuck who caressss about her body there's plenty other things wrong with this bitch lol acting like weight gain is something bad just perpetuates the weird ass photoshopping and insecurities further

No. 1143762

File: 1611788281069.png (760.16 KB, 621x667, 3456456456.png)

kek clare is now auctioning off some cheap ass hat she likely bought at a truck stop.
if she had any real type of hustle mentality, she would've done this with her scribbles. i've never understood why she hasn't tried to cash out on her shitty art; its not like it takes much effort.

No. 1143806

You are probably just fat calm down karen jones

No. 1147586

File: 1612130116229.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 232.46 KB, 827x1515, BB274705-8225-4898-9C22-6AFC19…)

Lol her own sister even knows Lilith is trash. She’s practically begging her not to destroy her own property lmfao

No. 1147988

File: 1612189024115.jpg (66.48 KB, 716x613, 20210201_111453.jpg)

No. 1149177

bragging about fucking manson
lmaaaaooo she’s in for a rude awakening about her singular claim to fame(integrate better)

No. 1149253

Yeah I’m shocked she hasn’t come to MMs defense yet…weirdly silent(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1149358

File: 1612290606713.png (240.7 KB, 624x647, 435345.png)

massive rambling about manson. the gist of it is she doesn't consider her relationship with him to have been abusive, but then goes on to detail how he would make fake accounts to stalk her, and find out info on her.
she also doesnt want to give up a lot of details in regards to her feelings on manson or what she knows about the other girls that have dated him because she fears he will retaliate against her; "manson is the last person i want to be oppin with".

No. 1150434

God trying to read anything she writes gives me a fucking headache

No. 1150547

>>1149358 Clare knows just a little bit more than she pretends. That's why she suddenly changed her tune.. she has to be on the winning side right? Even she knows better than to side with Manson after the news broke. This is her lame ass way of saying #metoo. "I'm so naive :( But I don't think he was abusing me
:(" .. leaves everyone to draw a very simple conclusion. She can't go back and say he WAS abusive after the previous Manson post, so she found another way. Thus gaining her the teeny crumble of attention she so desperately seeks.

No. 1151376

If she exposes him, she'll maybe get some fame. I mean, isn't what she wants anyways?

Joga a merda no ventilador amiga

No. 1151805

That would make her a snitch in her mind and that’s “cop like behavior”

No. 1153035

File: 1612535134902.png (412.47 KB, 412x726, 24545345435.png)

tekashi 69 allegedly ripped off loko in a new song

No. 1153064

What kind of publicity stunt is this

No. 1153077

File: 1612538800288.png (536.56 KB, 424x748, 454545345.png)

clare is either being committed or going to jail
i tried to look up her charges in albany county (her parents house in voorheesville is there; not sure if she's still living there, but its the only info i had), but wasnt able to find anything.

No. 1153250

File: 1612552520644.jpg (279.34 KB, 1039x1926, 20210205_191142.jpg)

This dumbass. Recovering addict shacks up with a drug dealing 'gangster' type. I reckon it's court mandated rehab after getting caught with her cringey bf trying to act hard

No. 1153252


Bonus cows collide moment. Batshit pedo Nika feels the need to comment.

No. 1153254


Lilith in prison would be funny as fuck. All her fronting would disappear in a second when her dad's money couldn't make it all go away. What do we reckon, dealing or prostitution?

No. 1153364


I'm guessing it has to do with the nutty outburst at the airport a few months ago where security detained her?

I doubt it's prison because she would bragging about that, it's def another boujie rehab. One day the judge is going to look at her rap sheet (This is 2 or 3rd time she has been arrested I think) and be like nah go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200

No. 1154003

File: 1612625162355.jpg (180.69 KB, 714x1240, 20210206_122438.jpg)

U literally cant tell who is the ugliest motherfucker

No. 1154249

File: 1612644041934.jpeg (1.1 MB, 828x1631, 4249940D-CBD2-4A5D-98EA-FE9815…)

Lilith isn’t even going to prison seems to me she’s going off to another rehab(Emoji)

No. 1154250

File: 1612644113388.jpeg (174.32 KB, 828x392, 6E53CB29-FA26-4747-A396-2EE4C6…)

Like an actual nice rehab… I can’t fucking Stand her wannabe hard ass she’s not going to jail(Emoji)

No. 1154412

surely you can't just say on social media literally to "#GUTAPIG"?

No. 1155325

As gross as 6ix9ine is I find it extremely hard to believe he's copying in anyway some nobody that had to fuck Lilith to get clout for his shitty music. I guess crack is know for boosting confidence. Not to mention all these mumble rap degenerates all look and sound the same.

No. 1157301


She wouldn't go to prison unless she was convicted of a federal crime so this tinfoil is ridiculous. And prison is way better than county jail anyway. But she's not even hard enough to go to county, which we already knew. This bitch larps as a gangster and it's extremely obvious and pathetic.


Then we see the bougie place she's ACTUALLY going to when it's not the fault of cops or the law… it's just her being a dumbass. She really tries so hard to paint a fake image of herself, when everyone can see right through it. Poser bitch still can't figure out how to front in a believable way, which is good because at least she won't fool anyone, but annoying af and extremely cringey to witness.

No. 1158185


"The law" isn't stopping you from dropping anything. You can still have your ugly-but-still-prettier-than-you sister launch an Etsy/Depop shilling your cheap Amazon thongs with poufs sewed on the back. You're just coming up with excuses to justify being a lazy rich kid sitting in an expensive rehab fully covered by mom and dad.

No. 1158194

File: 1612980715833.jpg (1.76 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1612980594874.jpg)


In case you wonder what this tough-as-nails, prison-like place is that the copz and law are forcing Lilith to be at is like… it's also called Swift River and focuses on rebuilding families. They have excellent reviews and are very expensive and not a court-mandated program, meaning someone rich is definitely paying for her to go here.

No. 1160990


and the sad thing is she will take this excellent clinic and its treatment for granted, put zero effort in it and leave the same way she went in. some people don't know how good they have it in life and it's sad bc i would kill to be able to afford such a treatment

No. 1161921

Idk why but I’m still laughing about that time Lilith said Layla/toopoor pretends to love drugs but got angry when Lilith and her friend were smoking weed at a party and slammed 3 different doors shut to keep the smell out LOL

No. 1161923

I remember her talking about launching those retarded taobao bunny thongs like two years lol…lazy brat

No. 1161932

i just cannot believe it's literally been years and she's still "just about" to drop her ridiculously easy-to-make bunny thongs. she only brings them up when she's getting sent to rehab. has she ever even had a job? how hard can it be to sell literal elastic strings online?

No. 1161999

Those disgusting bunny thongs Clare is supposedly trying to sell make me SEETHE uncontrollably thdy're hideous.

No. 1162220


Guess we'll have to drop them first as a lolcow product while she's in rehab so when she gets out she has nothing to pretend to work on.

No. 1162463

File: 1613427470078.png (6.59 MB, 1170x2532, C2A6A359-30AA-4F3D-ACD6-B2C428…)

Lol what a cry baby.

No. 1162489

I wonder what all these ageing 20-something ig druggie soundcloud groupies are gonna do in the next couple years, seeing as how the dirty smelly heroin addict carnie clown aesthetic is dying and being a healthy preppy tiktok teen or cutesy jailbait e-girl is in.

No. 1164240

File: 1613609572384.png (10.82 MB, 1284x2778, 7ABB4A99-EB7A-4EAF-A3B5-B27C3B…)

when a NICE facility is considered being in an “institution” lol i have no words

No. 1166237

it's a rehab not an institution. and it's really fucking nice. the only joke is getting to go to a place like that and fucking it up. she's posting this before she goes obviously so i really hope she takes full advantage of it and writes differently if she comes back to social media, and i hope she doesn't so quickly.

has she ever been committed involuntarily before?? feel like anyone who's actually broken doesn't refer to themselves as broken either because wow it's lame, and if you're really done, being able to go to such a nice place would be promising. people who really don't have a chance don't get to go to places like that.

No. 1168078


Sounds like she's reaching for pity points to try to get into the Oppression Olympics.

No. 1169068

I bought her OF a while ago out of curiosity and she doesn't even put any effort into one of the easiest possible things you can do; e-whoring. I wonder if she has actually tried at anything in her life

No. 1169168

why would you do that

No. 1169383

Armies of thirsty orbiters will pay for it because she’s (moderately) still a very attractive girl. The recent pics I’ve seen of her makes me give her an expiration date of 25-26. Don’t do drugs, kids.

No. 1169932

File: 1614225781314.png (442.87 KB, 522x914, 2423543543.png)

kek clare posted like 20 stories of herself in rehab. showcasing what is basically a shrine to loko, a bunch of WIP artwork, her trying to reconnect with her former roommate, juliet, how she has only snapped a few times on others, and apparently got music banned from the great room. she also had a life changing epiphany about her addiction to xan and alcohol.

No. 1169933

File: 1614225807979.png (365.21 KB, 528x918, 3453455345.png)

No. 1169934

File: 1614225810539.jpeg (417.97 KB, 750x853, DCA5D92B-76A0-4F55-ACB7-7BCDE2…)

Post she deleted

No. 1169937

that post is still up

No. 1170163


How is she gonna continue to hang out with Loko and his trash crew and maintain a straight edge style of life? She is delusional. Clearly he is not a total fuck up like her but every one of his video has mad drug and alcohol references and Im sure he takes Xans, drinks ect. Also kek her idea of sobriety doesn't even touch on weed- not that that is anything compared to hard drugs but replacing everything else she does with weed and turning into a pothead vegetable sitting on the couch stoned 24/7 isn't going to help her get anywhere in life

No. 1171582

if she got music banned i can fucking guarantee everyone hates her ass rn. you would have to do more than just play one shitty soundcloud rap song about murdering, overdosing, and fake devil worship to get it banned entirely, and we all know she would be coming in there to play that shit like she has something to prove instead of surrendering to the experience to try something new. if anything it could just get her banned, unless the other people started acting out too and it all went to shit.

the first fucking thing they tell you with benzos is you can't drink, and how highly addictive they are since they're a tightly controlled substance. she drinks on them because she knows it amplifies the effects and the addictiveness, i'm really not buying her "i never thought i was an addict" thing? why not just confess she was doing dumb shit and didn't care, not that she was ignorant to it?
and if this is how she types sober holy fuck are you serious it's never cute never been cute

she should take the antipsychotics and get off them slowly it would make detox a lot more tolerable to herself and the people she's sharing space with, but ok her choice. who the fuck thinks taking 10 bars is fucking sober????? ?? pcp is the horse tranquilizer, not ketamine. not drinking wine has nothing to do with age her brain is just rotting noodles

and she's saying the law put her in institutions, i'm assuming involuntarily committed? i only skimmed a couple threads a while back, hasn't she only been to fancy places?

No. 1171970


Ketamine IS A tranquilizer for animals (including horses). PCP makes you trip balls and is not any kind of tranquilizer for anyone. I don't get why anons post incorrect info.

No. 1177977

wow i forgot she used to look like that. she seemed bad in a day but now her 18 year old self looked great compared to whatever she's done to herself later.
also can't believe chicks like her still go for soundcloud rappers type. that "movement" was dead and fallen out of fashion years ago, no clout here.

No. 1182845

File: 1615572399697.png (336.85 KB, 509x889, 4536456546.png)

getting out of rehab soon. looking forward to the massive walls of texts with either her revelations or how everyone bullied her for painting demons on rocks again.

No. 1186224

File: 1615936868231.png (432.81 KB, 516x822, 2435435345.png)

kek what the fuck is this yeeyee ass haircut

No. 1186263

Looks like he scalped goldilocks kek.

No. 1186310

How does she have a fucking phone if she got ""institutionalized"" or is any kind of reputable place, I mean that. even a lame rehab place that obviously scamming you/your insurance would tell you to not be on your phone so you don't maintain connections etc. This is so dumb

No. 1186648

she posted a few times about having "finessed it", so they probably offered limited phone use as a reward for good behavior (which i find hilarious as she was apparently fighting with people and shitting up the day room with her retarded music. the bar for good behavior must be pretty low lol).

No. 1192519

File: 1616659109580.jpeg (349.92 KB, 1536x2048, CE4B70A7-73D1-47BD-B79F-557563…)

thought this was lilith at first. holy shit she did it; toopoor skinwalking lilith transformation is complete

No. 1192520

File: 1616659135804.jpeg (483.33 KB, 1536x2048, 9F93122D-A6CE-4248-B5D6-01E036…)

the BROWS, or lack thereof

No. 1193238

No one is copying of lilith you winnet nobody else cares apart from you which is a whole insecurity you hold against yourself lmao

No. 1193451

File: 1616735077944.jpeg (32.41 KB, 453x677, images.jpeg)


No. 1193488

Lilith is a basic bitch that recycle other people looks, just like too poor lol. She didn’t copy jher

No. 1194186

I dont see lilith here at all. Not even the same vibes besides the hair looking like liliths old hair.

No. 1194706

Lilith didnt even invent the hair. Think we all need to realise that these girls come with what they naturally got. Idk what liliths natural hair colour is is it brown? I would be more concerned if someone was copying of my dna

No. 1194788

She didn't, of course. As you can see in the xtina pic above…wich is just one of many examples.
Nobody said she did
Maybe toopoor is """copying""" her (idk) just to piss her off honestly.
Of course lilith will buy the skinwalking idea because she would love (?) the idea of tp being like her.
And if theres beef between them, they alwys get more and more followers.

No. 1194789

"Copy of my dna"
what this even means..?

No. 1194941

I think what they're trying to say is that it would be creepier to copy someone's natural hair color. People can have the same dye jobs, they aren't born with them.

No. 1194980

Oh ok, i got it. but isn't it more "personal" of a copy when a person has pink hair for example and the other goes right after and paint it pink too? Idk, the hair would be more "exclusive" if you know what i mean, than you would think its actually a kind of copy or inspo whatever.
Not that this actually matters. Is just hair and its not even real hair most of the cases lol

No. 1195428

in what way? is it the way shes fully clothed and doesn't look like a homeless crackhead

No. 1195625

File: 1616940699663.jpg (72.35 KB, 720x720, 20210328_111207.jpg)

No. 1197331

Are Holli and Lilith still keep in touch?

No. 1198904


No. 1198906

File: 1617235769467.png (Spoiler Image, 2.78 MB, 1125x2436, D2228F20-C560-4EC1-B1B2-CE8429…)

Here is the photo no one asked for of her delightfully meaty wizard sleeve getting finger blasted.

No. 1199012

spoiler that disgusting shit you retard

No. 1199329

lilith and holli seem to be on somewhat good terms, but i dont think theyre in active contact.

No. 1201352

File: 1617497702974.jpg (15.83 KB, 240x474, 168461785_204509331432931_7703…)


No. 1201353

File: 1617497742660.jpg (18.97 KB, 240x474, lilith glowup.jpg)

2/2 was she actually in tho? doubt it, but she does look like she lost some weight.

No. 1201427

She’s just sober enough to shoop and do her makeup right again. Let’s wait to see if she actually releases her bunny tail thongs for Easter. She hinted at it but I doubt it unless she’s seriously hurting for cash.

No. 1201455

What rehab takes you OFF of all your fucking medication and let’s you use your phone to post wack stories so the reward centers in your brain, presumably already obliterated from drug addiction, are still hardwired to social media after being dickish enough to get music group or hour or whatever banned for everyone - while also watching her not eat and work out like that’s cool too

This place is such a cash grab and I would’ve hoped her family cared enough to do real research but not surprised. If she’s sober I really hope it lasts, that place seems like a joke but if she got that good for her.

No. 1201477


She says she barely ate, who knows what that means, you can see her lifetstyle for the last few has consisted of getting high 24/7 . maybe "eating" means getting the munchies and eating massive amounts of junk food.

No. 1201578

maybe she meant she stopped taking her meds AMA. kek

No. 1202526

File: 1617676459076.png (Spoiler Image, 771.26 KB, 1013x748, Skärmbild 2021-04-06 042503.pn…)

note how as of right now, this was posted over a day ago and still no link to be found.

No. 1202553

agreed. she looks better because for once in her damn life she isn't wearing clown makeup

the nice cushy middle/upper class people insurance ones. Their main requirement is just don't use/fuck/abuse anyone/etc., or at least don't get caught. most do drug test more than once but people still manage to use there anyways.

No. 1202578

Did she really just glue fluff balls to cheap ugly t back thongs at least no one can call this a scam they’re just paypigs

No. 1202705

i saw comments saying the website wouldnt work so id say shes still a scam.

No. 1203201

If people are checking the website in the first place to buy these unflattering michaels craft whore monstrosities, they want to be scammed. Period.

Does anyone think she was taught coping skills or did therapy, or she was just scammed for insurance while detoxing in the most bare minimum way?

No. 1203374

I think she's just not been using anything she's offered at any rehab, maybe she just detoxes in bare minimum but I feel like she also uses or used rehab as a reason for going offline. Maybe a few days in jail here and there, who knows.

No. 1206662

No. 1207271


I hate to be a buzzkill to Lilith, but as a dEsIgNeR, she's not even naming what she's selling correctly.

She's selling g-strings, NOT thongs. It's something most females learn in high school when they start wearing them. And even if she didn't know the proper term for what she's selling, she could Google it. If she wasn't selling them, I wouldn't even point it out, but how you gonna sell a product and not even use the right term?! Some of these social media kids spend way too much time learning dumb shit on the internet, like how to make a fucking tik tok or how to use Snow/FaceTime, but don't know that using the right terminology for something you're selling so it'll show up in searches is necessary. Priorities.

No. 1207279


She doesn't go to jail because she's just a poser trying to look hard for social media.

And her being allowed to refuse medications says a lot about her treatment. By law, you can refuse any medications if you voluntarily committed yourself. If you're ordered to be there, you have no choice in what you can/ can't take.

So Lilith is admitting what we already know: She agreed/asked to go and her parents paid. That's why she can pick and choose what she wants to take and has more control over her treatment than someone who's involuntarily committed.

No. 1207286


You can detox with suboxone at home. She chose to go to the bougie rehab so she could larp as a Girl, Interrupted bitch who can exaggerate the situation to paint herself as a crazy addict who was forced into inpatient and treatment. She could have just taken suboxone at home and done therapy locally. She made the choice to commit herself to chill at a nice rehab. She really out-posered herself.

No. 1209538

File: 1618535758386.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1284x2265, 6627CDAB-D796-40A5-BAB2-552F84…)


No. 1209753

>"dressed like a teacher"
>autumn asphodel tier makeup

No. 1210908

Yikes all around. I’ll never get over those eyebrows.

No. 1214888

Love how she mentions the freaking thongs on easter because ~bunnies~ than days later proceed like nothing happened and never delivers the thongs ppl bought already like what,2 yrs ago? Heheheh

No. 1215126

File: 1619212578885.png (2.13 MB, 750x1334, D13EBBD3-952D-4ECE-B303-16E178…)

Omg is she finally admitting the work that’s been done for years?!

No. 1215136


the relevant q is why is daddy buley is still funding this bullshit for his almost 25 year old daughter that hasn't done anything since high school besides get high, fuck Marilyn Manson a few times and be a lolcow online

No. 1218460

Man it rly makes me sad how cringe and unattractive she is now. Like she’s sooooo gross. She used to b so cute and like super unique in my eyes. Mannnnn

No. 1218485

yeah she is really disgusting, it’s sad when pretty girls make doing drugs their entire personality and wreck themselves over it. she did it all to herself

No. 1220689

File: 1619828877178.png (1.12 MB, 620x836, 563546456.png)

kek what the fuck is this look? goth jersey shore?

No. 1220784

File: 1619839046616.jpg (985.79 KB, 800x1199, LADYGUNN-DSC_1859.jpg)


Her face is undergoing age-related changes (much earlier in life then normal people because of her horrible lifestyle) where the cheeks/cheekbones recede and lose their youthful projection due to volume loss, sagging and bone reabsorption that makes it look flatter and longer. Aka she's doing a Lurch lol

No. 1220968


It's actually normal for people in their twenties to start losing their cheek baby fat and to have more prominent bone structures. People start gradually reducing collagen production when they get in their thirties. Unless someone's on meth, drug use physically doesn't start showing until later. Lilith is an idiot, but just because she's hanging her mouth open in a picture with her head tilted down doesn't mean she's losing bone due to using drugs. You can attribute drugs to someone taking care of themselves less which might make someone lose weightor be dehydrated while they're heavily using, but drugs that aren't meth aren't going to physically show until a user is in their mid thirties. Anyone in their twenties (not on meth) can start eating better again and drinking more water and look healthy again. But losing baby fat and having more prominent facial features is very normal. Welcome to growing up.

No. 1221232


The oxidative stress from living a junkie lifestyle and constantly filtering toxins out of your body will def age you. She used to have really prominent diamond shaped face that is now basically an oblong. Idk dude I think that’s more the baby fat

No. 1221252

>>1220689 nitpicking but my god her eyes look like theyre in different timezones, her face is so crooked kek

No. 1221531

i really think its a facetune addiction, her jaw shape completely changes

No. 1224161

File: 1620246271608.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, EDF1C501-AD8A-4C1B-B6CE-54D2AA…)

Lmao why does she care so much(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1224165

I mean she is consistent. A dumb ass, but consistent.

No. 1224207

She’s so cringe wowww. Like I hate the e-girl ‘goth’ trend too but like who the fuck cares. Not all goth girls are dark brooding depressed weirdos who cut themselves. Claire sure is the queen of unsolicited opinions

No. 1224238

Addiction runs in our family and it is very difficult. Unless you have had any experience with it, I suppose it is easy to call people names and focus on appearance. There is much more to my daughter than this. She is trying hard to live so back off on her lips and her weight. Brain chemistry is complicated. We love our daughter and every day is another day to hope the next stage of her recovery sticks. Peace.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1224337

lol what

No. 1224421

Mama Levisis

No. 1224434

>>1224238 that’s actually her mom kek

No. 1224442


Oh cool that’s all we needed to know lol her parents are obviously dumbass fucking cows who enable their drug addicted daughter. Fucking rich people are the stupidest

Hey Cheryl when are ya gonna see that you’re probably part of the problem?

No. 1224620

your daughter is so beyond help, cheryl.

No. 1224998


Typical life cycle of a failson/faildaughter. Don’t take away privileges like phone or set financial boundaries like no plastic surgery. Just throw more $$$ at rehabs to relieve the creeping feeling of guilt while clinking wine glasses with other horse moms on your ranch thousands of miles away, kek

No. 1227656

yeah i think she was genuinely charismatic and unique up until late 2018 (?) and it makes me sad to see how she pretty much turned into a parody of herself with everything she says and posts. a real shame because she was a pretty girl with obviously an artistic and creative mind and now i don't even think she takes herself or that online persona she created serious herself

No. 1228166

File: 1620773106742.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, E114E7BF-D72D-455A-BACA-4FC508…)

Honestly she looks so much better now. Can’t hate so I hope this is a good path for her. Only time will tell.

No. 1228186

>Honestly she looks so much better now. Can’t hate
Anon, she looks like what would happen if sakimichan tried to draw Cruella de Vil. Are we looking at the same pic?

No. 1228203

What? I hope youre being sarcastic. She looks hideous! The eyebrows what the fuck are they supposes to be? Cant get her life straight nor her eyebrows. Spare me your asslicking on clare.

No. 1228204

The way clare only updates with shitty instagram selfie stories as long as shes had her lips done or something or showing off what dada buley has handedout to her but still adds filters on top and still says shes not had work done lmao sure clare buley.

No. 1228206

I am really not getting that choice of eyeshadow just sitting on the whole of her eyelid and then this bitch just says she is a makeup effects specialist

No. 1228406

It's the filter.

No. 1229766

Sorry to desecrate your little incel meetings but at least have correct information and don’t let your weird obsession with Clare turn fantastical and get off my dick it’s really big so I know there’s enough room but I didn’t ask you to be on it

No. 1229774

mom buley and 6ix9ine wanna be in the same week? oh boy.

No. 1231111

File: 1621143209837.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1284x1589, 8D0B4577-BD27-4F8D-B455-EB6D76…)

Can you imagine what this bitch will turn out like when shes an old lady for bending her back too much just to say she has some ass. She looks so gross and traumatic.

No. 1231507

File: 1621200576986.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1284x1867, 495385D8-AC9E-420B-B57D-D6E531…)

I just think she’s the most cringe when she’s making face expressions and they just aint working on her eyebrows and face kek

No. 1233043

File: 1621373101429.jpeg (160 KB, 1284x1321, DCBFA884-9CE6-4490-82B9-3E82B7…)

Anyone else Watching this stupid cunt ramble on about how she deserves a pet puppy.

No. 1233045

File: 1621373185168.jpeg (31.13 KB, 809x455, 24E98441-044B-464D-A473-699917…)

Bitch be looking like Handsome squidward

No. 1233263

After a heart-to-heart with her father, Clare makes a compelling argument as to why she deserves a puppy:

No. 1233685

Ok but why dont get a freaking puppy then? You go girl, get ur puppy and fix ur mental issues. Win win

No. 1233748

im assuming shes living with her dad at the moment, and he won't let her get one.

No. 1234085



No. 1234198

File: 1621479380279.jpeg (409.23 KB, 1284x1887, 89091030-D66B-4FCF-822F-5C0866…)

she's not like other girls she's actually a misogynist like a boss

No. 1234200

Hope he picks you!!

No. 1234316


How edgy to stan an Islamic fundamentalist nutjob who blew up and killed 22 innocent people (mostly young girls) because the concert he did it at was “pop”. What an insufferable try-hard.

No. 1234379

I have lost all respect for clare blurting this one out. I live in the city it took place and she has no right to say such thing. It was a tragic loss and day. Clare you are such a fucking cunt i hope you overdose.

No. 1234427

File: 1621513799921.jpeg (67.62 KB, 275x179, E341A024-41B1-48CE-B3DE-5FACBE…)

she really has no depth. the rock vs pop debate has been dead for like a decade now, sane people don't completely attach their identities and other people's' identities to music genres. this unnecessary hatred towards anything she considers "basic" is very edgy-middle-schooler of her

No. 1234450

File: 1621517206171.png (150.81 KB, 500x522, 1490639718433.png)

>>1234198 waaaaaaaah Toopoor said the n word once in a tweet years ago but actually a mass shooting is awesome because pop is bad!!!!

No. 1234996

Fucking god seriously what a dumb bitch, for so many reasons but wow. She whined about being fake “institutionalized” and diminishes an actual terrorist attack. She’s only ashamed to be a woman because she can’t compete with them, and sees everything as a competition which is why she’s trying to degrade two women who make more money than she will ever see in her life. Also her eyebrows fucking suck but she’s too out of her mind to change them.

No. 1235492

what an insufferable cunt lmao

"I deserve a puppy because I've earned one"
By doing what? Getting high and posting on Instagram and going from one luxury rehab to the next only to keep going the same shit for years?
She would neglect the fuck out of a dog especially a puppy.

No. 1235566

anon you dont understand, she is THE most responsible person when it comes to taking care of a puppy. nevermind the cat she dumped on her family; a puppy will change EVERYTHING.
seriously though, she should consider just pet sitting or something. anything besides being solely responsible for an animal for the next 10+ years.

No. 1235594

Wait, wasn't she a demon reincarnated like forrealllll that dates a gang member-rapper-whatever who even have gunsss? (Wow!)
The real life Lisa Rowe that is too edgy to 'normal' people understand?
Now she has to ask the parents permission to get a puppy?

No. 1235595

File: 1621661136240.jpg (77.66 KB, 720x652, 20210522_022733.jpg)


No. 1235602

lisa rowe literally is a real person LMAO but yeah it's so funny she's nothing and no one without her rich white mommy and daddy

No. 1235608

I know, I was referring to Angelina's Lisa, on the movie, wich is what lilith aspires to be…

No. 1235670

Lmao shut the fuck up right there she aint fuck responsible to own a puppy, i guess you werent around when she was using strong oils and weed exposed arounf he cat damien, fucking come back when you’ve gave your head a shake

No. 1235674


> “maybe meds wouldn’t work but maybe getting a puppy would get rid of all mental illness I would ever have”


No. 1235689

sage your autism since you can't read sarcasm

No. 1235787

He looks so inbred

No. 1236680

File: 1621829660743.png (584.73 KB, 522x917, 5435456456.png)

kek the lack of self awareness

No. 1238054

Notice how she talks normal(ish) to her dad and then the video goes to her doing her druggie drawl

No. 1238056

Notice how she talks normal(ish) to her dad and then the video goes to her doing her druggie drawl
(sorry for the double post)

No. 1239721

File: 1622112479242.jpeg (199.15 KB, 1284x2240, 9533F7F4-2E60-4254-A8D2-082D86…)

This cow is balding by the day

No. 1241272

File: 1622299456065.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1284x1844, 664F923D-6172-4CEC-8428-496135…)

Lmao bro some one got insecure af here after this

No. 1245197

I know a girl who uses loads of drugs constantly but she's somewhat sane but in denial af about her addiction. She got a cat, hamster and a lizard to help her "autism" but she beats the fuck outta the cat anytime it touches anything she doesnt want it to and almost squeezes the hamster to death when she "plays" with it. I don't want to imagine how Lilith would treat a puppy when she's arguably way more unstable.

No. 1245420


I also have parents that have enabled their failson's addiction for more than a decade. When will parents like you realize that YOU'RE the problem, not the addict?

No. 1245438

Uhh, wtf?? Please tell me you’ve called animal control to get them removed from her care. Or do you just watch and do nothing?

No. 1245499

Nice that people making fun of her daughter's LIPS and WeIgHt are what makes mama "disgusted". It's clear to see where her empty-headed rich bitch priorities lie, no wonder her child is lost.

No. 1245548

you shouldn't get heated over an online anon post, but yes i did a few days ago. she's under investigation and they have video evidence. She won't keep those animals, if that helps you sleep.

No. 1245850

Don’t blogpost if you don’t want reactions to your blogposting anon.

No. 1247888

Wdym getting bald? Why? What happended? She said it was pulled out? How these stuff happen? I'm confused, sorry

No. 1253321

File: 1623447976405.jpeg (216.86 KB, 828x1105, 3E0AB2AE-16D8-490F-9529-968649…)

Wat is going on in this pic omg

No. 1253358

Omg the wall is warping into the shape she makes herself the fuck

No. 1253360

Her thigh is literally bigger than her waist in this photo is she having us on???

No. 1253390

i'm so interested in the ashy ass contour she's smeared on her cheek lmao

No. 1253489

File: 1623461140797.jpg (302.44 KB, 1080x2087, PSX_20210611_211526.jpg)

She is completely disconnected from the real world. Only living in cyberspace

No. 1253529

wtf i actually used to hangout of "dariaxbank"

she was underage and was dating a dude in his 40's who had a murder charge.(no1curr)

No. 1253531

used to hang out with**

No. 1253605

Trying to looks professional. Wearing a fur jacket during summer …..

No. 1254053

And a dress made out of old horror movie t shirts and patches cringe

No. 1257387

It’s beyond hilarious to me how she’s now whining for sympathy cause everyone is so mean to her when she publicly attacks and maligns any woman that actually works hard and is successful like BigKlit or Billy. She ridicules and rants and bullies anyone different from her who doesn’t sit around making naked videos while living off daddy’s money. When you spew pure hate towards others that’s what the universe gives you back. If you feel useless it’s because you literally do nothing useful. Welcome to reality girl!(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1257497

File: 1623777794635.jpeg (33 KB, 431x569, 047ACFDD-B5A9-4E52-9E7C-AFC247…)

No. 1257498

File: 1623777829550.jpeg (34.08 KB, 409x560, F7FA861C-A63E-4BFF-B911-3A68CA…)

No. 1257500

File: 1623777863024.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 88.1 KB, 828x397, F4C1C1B4-8BD8-48F7-8EE1-DEEF05…)

No. 1257573

What am I looking at? Who is that in the back?

No. 1257740

it’s screencaps from her onlyfans live show. she tagged the other girl as eyeana(?) on OF but other than that im not sure who she is

No. 1257896

oh… oh my goodness. that's jarring

No. 1257963

Clare buley looking out here like a wetherspoons coke head. She looks rough af.

No. 1257964

Why does she always feel the need to give the nip slip. Clare no one is wanking over a 11 year old chubby boys chest.

No. 1258069

Never seen a woman that looks this much like a tranny, lay off the smack Clare

No. 1258207

Nobody gives a fuck or even knows who that is bro

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