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File: 1526061311203.png (535.51 KB, 506x675, lilithshoop.png)

No. 579509

The original thread had to be removed due to complaints about one of the featured subject's photos. From here on out, do not post any old nude or erotic imagery of Blade. Newer images are fine as long as it's provided that everyone depicted is a) of age and b) the images aren't revenge porn.

Original thread:

Vapid, try-hard IG heroin junkie
>Shops waist into unrealistic proportions & denies it, broken back from constantly sticking her ass out as far as possible
>Scammed people for money using her cat's health as an excuse
>Has been sent to expensive, high class rehab resorts 3+ times only to last days; claims it's because she is too psychotic
>Most recently kicked out of the Betty Ford Clinic because she "paints demons on rocks"
>Cannot form complete sentences in speech or writing
>Claims other girls steal her totally original, never-before-seen aesthetic

More info from a former peer on PULL:
>goes to NYU, Her father is a lawyer i believe who pays for her and her sister
>both have new york apartments and [he] pays all their expenses
>all she seems to do is buy drugs and party constantly while her dad fills up her bank account, no questions asked.
>went on tour with marilyn manson, they had a fling while she was underage.


No. 579525

such terrible photoshop going on in that ass wtf

No. 579534

ew why is she showing off her keloid that shit makes her 10x unwashed and trash

No. 579539

its not even her ass she just has fat thunder thighs

No. 579567

So the old thread got deleted?

No. 579614

Is that a giant self harm scar?

No. 579622

It appears blade was underaged in some of the photos that she herself posted on her old tumblr or so she alleges ???

No. 579626

Err why has she posted a set of lewds from when she was 17. Reporting that shit. Gross.

No. 579669

thats what im assuming

No. 579670

her boyfriend sperged out bragging about going to NYU and apparently threatened lolcow w/ some legal action so i guess they took down the previous thread…

No. 579693

@ anon who posted that story screen cap from biancas video pls upload it again

No. 579696

^*to compare the average waist and flat ass for comparison

No. 579715

File: 1526071712285.jpeg (293.92 KB, 1125x1803, E94B54B9-BE17-47D2-8F42-1F501F…)


No. 579717

I legit thought the OP image was a sim

No. 579723

Don’t give her credit anon. There’s a ton of facetune applied to the original photo.

No. 579724

My god that hair is ridiculous and her forehead has more thickness than a brick

No. 579747

File: 1526073369675.jpeg (599.72 KB, 1125x1982, 845CAD5C-C902-469C-80CD-A76183…)

Hahaha she basically set up a roleplay “fan page” of herself to display her jailbait and Manson era

No. 579801

How do you know she set this up and not some deluded 13 year old

No. 579810

Who would want to role play as a down syndromed chola tho

No. 580145

She’s just showing it off to be edgy. She was fucked up, and fucking around, and did it on accident. She basically live posted the whole thing, it was embarrassing.

Also, just to tidy things up - yes, her dad is a rich right wing lawyer. She still scrounges for money, so it seems like he’s at least trying to keep some sort of restraint on her spending. Either way, both of her parents are rich, she goes home to her mom’s McMansion at least once a year and posts about it when she does.

She also hasn’t been kicked out of every rehab, she just plays it up for the Harley Quin baby psycho image. When she bottoms out in life, she gets thrown into IOP or a treatment resort, and gets to start over with another school or on another coast. For some reason, Rachel seems along for the ride through it all. Clare is still an active heroin user.

No. 580176

oh stfu clare stop trying to justify your shitty online behaviour.

clare doesn't even do heroin lol at least from what i can see anyway, shes probably on the causual party drug and if she was on heroin how come theres 0 track marks on her skin and weight wise she looks filled out… not even no where near holli's appearance

No. 580178

lol clare pretends to be on heroin to act cool like the other cows

No. 580179

clare has an awful relationship with her mother. her mother likes rachael more than her and her step daughter too. clares mother isn't with her father no more she has been with a different partner for a while and he has a daughter who set a better example than clare and rachael put together.

No. 580180

Clare also does this stupid thing in the way she acts where she pretends to be high as fuck it’s so funny and fake but it’s supposed to add up to her persona.

No. 580182

File: 1526117910187.jpeg (260.59 KB, 1125x1889, 459B855B-EF95-4D03-95FD-4CEA7A…)

Ikr she doesn’t have arms like a heroin user her arms always look porky.

Kek the “psychotic slut” bracelet. I don’t think this dumb cow realises that she’s putting labels on herself.

No. 580247

Eamon Colbert an autistic cuck.

For SEO purposes, of course.

No. 580507

The amount of money clare's father has spent on her seems connected to the fact that he was arrested in early 2000s for attacking her mother in drunken rage, so I think there is some guilt associated with the idea that he contributed to her problems in some way. Pagesix ran article on it which I'm not linking for obvious reasons.

No. 580514


You have ways to go before injecting, most people just snort initially for a long time, then if they have a friendly knowledgable junkie in their social circle who will teach them how to to smoke that will hold them over a little while longer before they have to start shooting. Despite what they teach in HS drug education programs, heroin is not so addicting from the very first usage to the point where they person wakes up in cold sweats the next day needing a shot.

No. 580519

Is she actually satanist lmao?

No. 580574

File: 1526155948867.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, FBA572CF-E874-443C-A275-CD659D…)

No. 580635

Her forehead is fucking huge looks like she is losing her hair

No. 580723

What makes her think she’s all pretty with that makeup caked on she’s fucking fake and ugly

No. 580990


yes it is. she accidentally cut herself and went berserk. posting non stop pictures and videos of her and Holli going to the ER. she literally wore gauze on it that dangled down past her knee and was showing off. she wore this insane outfit with a miniskirt to show it off even more for at LEAST a week. it was fucking pathetic. it's probably the only time she actually cut herself and she probably did it on accident. imho she didn't even need to go to the hospital for it. just wanted to seem like a ~damaged psycho~ lmao.

also reposting the screenshots I have so people can see what she really looks like. squinty eyes, ugly nose, skinny and flat.

No. 580992

File: 1526181690295.jpg (187.94 KB, 1440x1430, IMG_20171006_134818.jpg)


No. 580995

File: 1526181759984.jpg (477.07 KB, 1440x2560, IMG_20180329_221549.jpg)


No. 580997

File: 1526181819428.png (1.8 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171002-073952.png)


No. 580999

You dumbfuck. How do you call that on accident? She clearly did it for the aesthetic.

No. 581000

File: 1526181880529.jpg (355.93 KB, 1440x2560, IMG_20180329_221502.jpg)

my favorite personally kek

No. 581002

She looks constipated

No. 581004

well obviously. I meant more along the lines of she didn't do it because she was depressed or something. and she accidentally did it worse than she intended. no shit she did it on purpose, but not for the reasons she wants her moron followers to think.

No. 581013

I’m not Clare, as you can see I’m capable of typing real English without sounding completely retarded. I’ve just been following her shitshow since I found her a couple years ago, after following a rabbit trail of girls associated with Josephine/princessgollum. Just trying to clear up semi-inaccurate information in here since the last thread got nuked and a lot of evidence is deleted. I don’t have caps; other people probably have them for some of it, though.

Sage for obvious reasons.

No. 581019

I’m an idiot, sorry for double posting - but I forgot to mention that Clare posted a picture a couple months ago of her lower arm with obvious track marks, and the text said “looking for weed” or something like that. And what >>580990 said is accurate, she tried to be edgy by acting like “haha playing with knives,” but it was definitely an accident.. She’s posted actual self harm scars before, and it’s nothing substantial like that.

No. 581069

i had no idea clare had ever been friends with princessgollum. that's kinda surprising she's one of the very few girls with that sort of style who actually comes off as genuine/ has a purpose that isn't bragging abt drugs on the gram

No. 581152

I don’t think they know each other, they just had a number of mutual friends at one point. The Heaven party scene in LA back when health goth was a big deal was a gold mine for me discovering people like Holli (and by extension, Clare.)

No. 581615

File: 1526245209309.png (31.02 KB, 591x93, Skärmavbild 2018-05-13 kl. 22…)

she's still illiterate but she's getting better now that she's "sober". her room looks a bit too much like a hotel room for me to completely believe that she's actually in rehab.

No. 581633

She'll be in an expensive one, they usually look like hotels

No. 583002

File: 1526342111832.jpeg (31.45 KB, 391x363, 6E2B641B-C4F6-47E7-ACED-3A76D8…)

I can’t believe this butch is fake n ugly

No. 583004


No. 583797

File: 1526407908897.png (137.43 KB, 750x1286, IMG_9277.PNG)

Mom or dad finally went in to clean up her LA apartment so they can get their security deposit back

No. 583845

Why is she posting this like it's something to be proud of

No. 583916

proves that during cutting she must have been kinda high too, which nullifies the seriousness completely. I‘ve seen this and smudging walls with their blood is what people do when fucking high, not in a deep crisis/meltdown. Plus harming yourself on drugs makes you not feel the pain much, the depht of the act is shallow. Its all about image. Am myself surrounded with quite intense people, key is to find balance to be able to look into the abyss and not get swept away from one rehab to the next

No. 583920

Mooooooooom I'm EDGY

No. 583936

>this has been the hardest situation of my life - cleaning blood off walls etc.

these texts were from yesterday aka Mother’s day…so if that was her mom, she’s proud of making her sad and spending mother’s day cleaning her junkie apartment. sad.

No. 584015

sage but yesterday wasnt mothers day

No. 584100

She was complaining yesterday or the day before on her ig story about the staff at the treatment center not giving her anything for her anxiety and instead suggesting she try mindfulness practices for once in her drug addled life. It was kinda funny actually because she was so exasperated at being told to try a crossword puzzle kek. She was talking abt asking them for a bucket of ice water to put her head in… idk how literal that was but it sounds like some attention-seeking bullshit

Those texts posted above are fucked up. What a spoiled brat.

No. 584255

My GOD I’m cringing.

No. 584437


No. 584475

File: 1526442655353.jpeg (271.58 KB, 1242x1166, 3E75F8BD-ADD5-4879-936E-DF78BA…)

I bet $100 that clares going to jailbreak from her treatment center

No. 584553

I don’t understand lilith’s hate for lophora at all? Lophora is copying hofmannita not lilith and her smelly ass crack

No. 584561

the 'shadow form' tweet has me CRYING oh my god we get it you're the only person that gets fucking sleep paralysis

No. 584562

File: 1526447640169.jpeg (236.89 KB, 451x1599, 4AD4BCCC-DDBA-4C79-B1C8-45296C…)

No. 584564

File: 1526447882121.jpeg (223.75 KB, 473x1547, 8949565A-0BB8-41D0-8C39-6FDADC…)

She’s still able to photoshop her selfies in her psychiatric treatment center, thank god!

No. 584566

That scar is hideously unattractive and why does she smooth the hell out of her skin and not her cottage cheese ass cheeks? She needs to smear concealer on her butt. I can see veiny stretchmarks eww.

No. 584641

girl if you're having an ocular migraine you wouldn't be using your phone

No. 584703

File: 1526467560196.jpeg (248.49 KB, 1242x1967, FE9D7866-5857-4FA9-82F5-B3FEA3…)

if you lurk real deep into her insta you can see when she met lilith the videos she’d post were like liliths (“feeding” stuffed animals, miniture things), started to kinda copy how lilith dressed too

No. 584781


No. 584782

Yeah but Lilith fakes a Russian accent and that’s bad

No. 584783

Lilith started copying of lopholoras Russian accent

No. 584784

God she is the most ugly bitch I’ve ever seen

No. 585001

So what lilith acts like she’s still copying her when she’s actually copying hofmannita

No. 585200

who fucking cares. they all look like idiots

No. 585208

She’s so full of shit. She’s not in any treatment center. Electroconvulsive therapy (aka what was once called electroshock therapy) is still a fairly common and uninvasive procedure done at almost every mental health treatment center. I’ve never been to a treatment where I had to stick my head in ice water wtf is she smoking.

No. 585232

I think it's likely that she might be at some sort of treatment centre but it doesn't seem like a medical one. Her mum had to ask if she could take antidepressants which seems unusual

No. 585291


WTF are you pulling this info out of your ass? I don't know where you live but ECT is almost never used on anyone anymore except people suffering from severe, catatonic depression where they stare at the wall all day and don't talk. Clare is just being an attention seeking drama queen as usual.

No. 585303

what? that anon isn't pulling that info out of their ass? ect is actually really common, people get ect for treatment of bipolar and more recently cocaine addiction? if you don't know what youre talking about it's totally okay to not say anything

No. 585318

Dude it's not 'really common' at all. It's generally a last resort when medication/therapy won't work. According to clare's mum she hasn't even been put on antidepressants yet, they're not gonna jump straight to ECT without looking at other options

No. 585322

lol no dumb dumb, that’s so wrong on multiple levels.

No. 585333

Dude it really is that common, it’s not always a “last resort” and can be extremely helpful when paired with therapy/medication.

No. 585341

Yeah that's why I said it's GENERALLY a last resort, of course for people in severe circumstances it might be used sooner but I find it hard to believe that Clare fits that description

Anyway, clare isn't receiving ECT, big deal

No. 585481

File: 1526513045082.png (144.37 KB, 640x1028, IMG_2426.PNG)

Okay honestly can not tell if she's just Tryna troll us with the whole satan thing

No. 585550

File: 1526515355543.jpg (207.22 KB, 912x1216, t_485.jpg)

The "Ice Dive" is a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Technique.

Sounds strange, but it is actually evidence-based to lower blood pressure and heart rate if done correctly.

It goes a little beyond simply dunking your head in a bucket of ice water. There is a Method to it. (pic related)

I speculate they are trying to give her positive coping mechanisms to try that don't include drugs.

No. 585611

she "gained 10 pounds" yeeeeeeeah… and seriously believes that this picture will fool people?????? she somehow got a smaller waist even though she gained 10 pounds? I haven't heard anyone claim recently that she's had ribs removed. we all know you just Photoshop girl. that shape is seriously impossible.

No. 585644


Oh I see. Y'all are thinking ECT and trans cranial stimulation are the same thing.

It's not the same thing.

No. 585678

She didn’t even say she was receiving ECT, she said “at least they don’t do shock therapy.”

Why are you retards derailing to argue over something it would take you two seconds to Google.

No. 585702

No. We’re thinking ECT.

No. 585774

We are not saying that u removed ribs clare we are saying that you photoshop your pictures

No. 585789

I bet she was complaining to her mom about the lack of drugs, hence the "we'll see about getting you drugs (but not the kind you get high from)" walking on eggshells song and dance.

No. 585846


This is untrue. Her hands shaking and the weight gain is consistent with her being on some sort of antidepressant or maybe an off label use of an antipsychotic. My guess is they have her on something like prozac that they don't want to keep her on long term, and "Steve" will look into what kind of antidepressants she can take when she leaves that don't have such a significant symptom profile.


I mean whatever it's not my job to educate you, continue to believe in whatever reality makes you feel good I guess lol.

No. 585879

File: 1526539504583.jpeg (103.04 KB, 724x724, 507F6401-8AA0-4314-A2C1-656162…)

Wtf is this pathetic edgy shit

No. 585880

Those eyebrows make her look like an old lady

No. 585964

didnt someone here screencap her gym selfie and it had thie overlaying effect near her waist? she must be giving a hint of how she photoshops

No. 586426

Quick question, who is older clare or rachel? Just curious.

No. 586442

Rachael is the oldest.

No. 586443

Rachel is also 23

No. 586968

File: 1526607992403.jpg (304.75 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180517-184604.jpg)

How do you actually know if it's untrue or not? You're annoying stop shitting up the thread with your cbt ect bullshit and armchair diagnoses

No. 586969

I kind of think her waist is real. I do think she has photoshopped it before, but recently? …Does anyone have any compelling evidence? I haven't noticed any blurred or warped lines for a while. Genuinely interested in figuring this out

No. 586973

Like this one. Yea it looks unnatural but I can't see signs of photoshop. How can this brain dead moron make such convincing shops if true? Is there some new program that doesn't affect the background?

No. 586987

I mean… If you're not shit at Photoshop it's certainly possible lol those proportions just look impossible to me and weirdly un-human.

No. 587000

does anyone have milk on sybil nightcoregirl? she's a 30 y/o who has no friends her own age, lives a NEET lifestyle but has money for nice clothes and those massive fish suckers. has to be some milk on her somewhere.

No. 587075

File: 1526617525667.png (72.75 KB, 498x548, IMG_2429.PNG)

Here is an unshopped photo of her from a previous instathot thread

No. 587128

File: 1526625391949.png (333.28 KB, 1080x1503, IMG_20180518_083128.png)

No. 587129

File: 1526625474760.png (411.04 KB, 1080x1731, IMG_20180518_083205.png)

According to her she was 18

No. 587193

Clare… S h u t. U p.
Clare has been caught photoshopping her waist in the past hence the wobbly tiles. Clare is also a user of the Snow App which again airbrushes crap on videos.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 587195

The photographer still photoshopped this. Look at the wobbly tiles.

No. 587289

I don't know who you are or how dumb you are but check the damn thread. I took these screenshots around November iirc and it's plainly obvious she's average as fuck unedited. quit defending her because you're delusional about the proportions of a woman due to being exposed to fake people online for years.



No. 587314

ikr anon. not even weightloss from eating disorders could cause such a drastic body shape that extreme unless they were like those weird anachans on their thread. all the money she has she definitely got some sort of liposuction and sometimes i think she chose to get those tattoos in that placement under her chest to hide obvious scaring.

No. 587315

now i look at kylie jenner and ask myself how could a girl this young just grow an ass but not a goddamn piece of common sense or logic. clare has deffo had work done to herself or she is a lazy photoshopper not to mention the low quality pics she exibits.

No. 587394

File: 1526659327654.png (2.14 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171002-073930.png)

she hasn't had work done you morons. she just bends her back as far as she can, works angles, and then edits the photos. I don't get why we are still having this conversation. there's been multiple screenshots of her 100% candid and she has a VERY average body for someone her height and weight. just because you're too thick to comprehend her editing skills doesn't mean she's had work. she spends what little money she has on drugs and dried flowers off Amazon.

pic related. another screen taken from the same time as the others. you can see she's bending slightly to one side and IF YOU USE SOME BRAINS, you can tell how easy it would be to make this average waist much smaller. it's not rocket science

No. 587456

wow anon no need to be rude! i was on your side lol!

No. 587460

but other than that i agree about her looking average as fuck, her face looks completely different compared to her uploads wtf

No. 587521


I'm with this anon b/c it's annoying as fuck to have someone post every other day about weather or not she got her ribs removed or whatever. Why the fuck would you get your daughter such extreme and expensive surgery for "beauty" but not get any tits at all? I honestly think 80% of her pics are just result of foreshortening, not even shoop because when dumb people shoop with facetune and those cheap phone apps it's always obvious as fuck. She always shoots herself holding the camera pointing up from her ass/hips and it makes her normal-small waist look tiny.

No. 587579

Yeah but she edits her nose smaller too anon

No. 587927

File: 1526688126597.jpeg (197.52 KB, 236x849, 6F20D94C-D53E-4CB5-A01E-98323F…)

No. 587928

File: 1526688138240.png (692.38 KB, 1116x432, 743C347A-17A3-4B08-98FD-F97FF8…)

No. 587930

I think it’s funny how Lilith breaks her back to make it look like she’s got that ass but when you look at this pic you can see back fat that her waist is resting on. She must think she has a fine ass because of her back fat lol.

No. 587931

File: 1526688353544.jpeg (88.14 KB, 526x693, F5EB566D-1DAA-4CBE-9B2C-6CAE2B…)


No. 587932

buddy she doesn't have a fat back, she's just bending it so much that her skin folds.

No. 587937

Uhm yes she does every human body has flab and extra skin.

No. 587938

Read up what body fat percentage is you dumbtard.

No. 587941

File: 1526689027257.jpeg (637.57 KB, 1125x1833, 113BACA9-BE0E-48EB-9A22-AB94D5…)

Has anyone else noticed the boobs going on? Any other time she would show off her flat boobs uncensored on instagram but somehow she’s grown a pair of boobs? Could this be from the 10lbs she gained?

No. 587948

The more I look at Clare from a distance especially from this post here >>587394
she obviously looks average and chubby on her lower half of her body. She relies on closeup shots and angles to give that quick fix of a skinny look. Someone’s also pointed out that she contours her body to make it look like she’s got pretend abs and fake shadowing to look skinny.

No. 587982

>Clare… S h u t. U p.

I'm just another anon. Chill out

Can you specify where bc all I see is water.

I am genuinely trying to have a discussion… no need to sperg all the way out; I don't know dick about photoshopping

Those are compelling evidence of a more common/natural figure, and >>587521 makes a good point about foreshortening & camera pointing up- interesting as well

Fwiw I don't really think she had surgery so I don't care about that aspect, or her face which IS clearly photoshopped.

Sage af

No. 587984

Ah true. I mean I honestly thought Clare was too stupid for this level of detail as evidenced from the way she writes but damn she really is committed to being an edgelord

No. 587996

File: 1526693664760.jpg (114.29 KB, 640x640, houseof666corpses_31338803_165…)

I see the light anon thank you this pic is a perf example of the angles she uses

No. 588001

Warped tiles and wavey lines are an amateur mistake and the absence of them does not mean an image is not photoshopped. A talented photo editor can use any number of tricks: cloning the background to avoid telltale waviness, cutting the subject out and editing it and posting it onto a new background, noise filters or blurring to disguise liquification, simply picking a favorable backdrop so editing the subject will be less noticeable, etc.

Literally every image you see in professional media has been retouched. Believe it or not there are people who are actually capable of convincing edits. It’s something that actual professional photo retouchers do for a living. Maybe you don’t want to give her that credit but she’s an insecure girl who went to art school with parents who gave her everything, including expensive editing software. Felice Fawn’s dumbass could do it, and so can Clare.

No. 588150

Kinda looks like she shopped her bikini line kek

No. 588224


Her bikini line is shooped though
Look on the left side

No. 588324

but it is warped, on both sides or I guess she just has huge boney elbows yeah that is probably it . Strange body she's got

No. 588349

If she really wanted to go for the 90s aesthetic, why isn't she doing the heroin chic thing instead of the very 2018 fake giant ass thing? Idgi.

No. 588383

File: 1526739888360.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 150.98 KB, 567x1109, 13903EC5-E2D8-4175-8DFE-DB80C9…)

Clare isn’t boney lol she’s average and stuffy as fuck. If she was boney she would look like this anachan.

No. 588416

she's wearing a bra, leaning forward and squeezing what boobs she has between her arms. she probably also turned up the contrast to create more of a shadow.

No. 588423

File: 1526744802057.jpeg (415.7 KB, 1125x2245, E7D5D01B-DB8A-4E32-B2FB-E665F5…)

So stumpy

No. 588424

She looks so squishy and flabby wtf

No. 588428

File: 1526745022564.jpeg (308.1 KB, 1125x1832, C0B955A1-AD41-41F7-B1A6-FAD039…)

No. 588499


I mean, i dislike clare as much as the next person, but she's not fat. just a bit of lordosis.

No. 588565

^ you dislike yourself Clare “Lilith”("hi cow")

No. 588568

>huge elbows

Get help & love yourself anon.
This is why I was really curious about the specifics of her body-shoops [i'm the anon who brought it up a few days ago] because some of you all are a disordered as the cows, jesus

This is so embarrassing jesus christ

No. 588614

Does anyone knows when exactly Clare met Manson? Last year jessicka addams accused him and said he's pedo. Someone said only underage girl they know is Clare, but one dude asked Clare and she said she was 18 when she met him. Just curious, i asked Mansons fans, they know her but they do not know how old was she.

No. 588651

She was 18, she'd finished high school when she met him. There's pics on her insta to back it up

No. 588654

Thank you! What has surprised me that his fans said she was his tour whore, wtf it means. But they said they did not have a normal romantic relationship.

No. 588659

Yeah I remember her posting pictures and she went to more than one of his gigs but she also got into a public argument with some girl who was apparently sleeping with manson. So they weren't a serious thing, not surprisingly

No. 588660

After jessicka accusations I did some research on internet, there were people who claimed they know underage girls Manson fucked or claims they fucked them weil they were underage but with no proofs, and everyone can write anything in internet. So Clare was 18, still ugly story.

No. 588662

I'm not sure, but I think Jessicka was likely referring to things that might have happened back when she was with Twiggy/hung out with the band. In Manson's autobiography he talks about Twiggy sleeping with an underage girl, so I wouldn't be surprised if they were both doing it

No. 588663

Lindsay Usich I believe. She was Manson girlfriend for a long time but I heard he cheated on her a lot. The other girl was also Gabriella sourgirrrl in IG, and few more. I heard Manson started dating Lindsay weil he was still in relationship with Evan, so not surprisingly he cheated so much on her.

No. 588669

I read few stories in internet Manson fucking underage girls but with no proofs. I do think he's no fucking angel, just looking how he treats women, but he was not caught with underage girls yet. Jessicka wrote he dated underage girls weil married with Dita, I did not find even rumors about it.

No. 588672

He apparently was dating Evan while he was with Dita, dude's a disaster, I'm not sure why anyone thinks they've got a chance at being in a committed relationship with him
Ah I wasn't aware of that rumour, I've only heard the old ones. But yeah, without proof I don't want to condemn the guy. I doubt he'd get caught though anyway, he's hardly a mainstream celebrity

No. 588695

Yeah, and I heard he started dating Dita while he was with Rose and back in 90s he dated Traci Lords while he was with Missy. Dear lord, no wonder he still has no family, he is a disaster.
People were taking about a rumour him dating 15 years old girl but the told they have not found any proof. He does hung out with a lot underage girls, that is true, but there is no proof if he also fucks them.

No. 588700

He also recently admitted he dated Esme Bianco, they were together apperently in 2009-2011,if so he cheated with Esme on Evan, then on Lindsay. I even do not know what to say. I remember Clare or someone else listed girls he cheated on Lindsay with and there were like no less than 10,including Clare.

No. 589041

ERW also recently accused him of rape and sexual sadism. She refused to name him but from the timeline was obvious it could not have been anyone else. All the MM messageboards went batshit over that.

No. 589046

This isn't super interesting imo. At least not beyond a curosory mention and any connection with Clare. But if Manson is milky make a thread because I would read the fuck out of it(mini-modding)

No. 589133

Manson seems to be an extreme cow but i do not think i can now make a thread while a chick from IG who has a lot of milk about him like his flings and relashionships with semi famous women and fans has hidden most of it. I think Manson people threatened her that they will sue her or spread rumours about her to ruin her reputation. Its a pity, i think, he deserves a thread.

No. 590375


>Felice Fawn

Your're jocking right?

Felice was a moron, but she DID have some kind of artistic/drawing skills even if she was too lazy to use them for anything but traces and shooping herself. Clare has so far demonstrated no particular skill in anything, even monetizing off of being an instaho.

No. 590750

File: 1526956735934.jpg (14.93 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

only stopping in to say she looks like that girugamesh kid

polite sage

No. 592840

So what is going in with her "post psych ward"??

No. 593383

Shes getting high again

No. 594078

File: 1527301451415.jpeg (71.21 KB, 403x566, 48410804-25B0-4AD5-A1BD-10704A…)

Clare’s nose is fucking huge

No. 594146

File: 1527308477254.png (127.22 KB, 750x888, IMG_4026.PNG)

check that wavy arm

No. 594469

File: 1527355931498.png (99.95 KB, 703x1047, IMG_4027.PNG)

here's what her real waist looks like

No. 597749

What the hell is on her head

No. 597759

Her waist looks normal af here. She doesn't even have a bad waist, why does she feel the need to fake having a really weird one and make it her identity?

No. 598499

File: 1527780823442.jpeg (533.23 KB, 1125x1096, DA239719-CCD0-4BE4-AEA2-079F86…)

I always keep an eye on Clare’s follower count and it was at like 73.2k yesterday and she’s just bought more fake followers to look relevant lol stupid fake bitch

No. 598924

File: 1527810637731.jpeg (267.02 KB, 1125x1504, 1C0D91B4-3319-4559-B601-96A080…)

She looks unwashed and shit smelling as fuck

No. 599138

File: 1527825489517.jpg (235.38 KB, 800x976, 20180531_205820.jpg)


No. 599148

Jesus Christ. Way to go. Is she out of rehab now or what?

No. 599156

Are you kidding? She was pretending the entire time.

No. 599306

File: 1527842552340.jpeg (163.16 KB, 1125x1122, C54D4EE7-1343-4F13-BEA5-52BD13…)


she agrees in the comments that the anti-psychotics the doctors have her on are making her “thic” …

as if the weight gain commonly associated with the use of anti-psychotics is to the ass and the ass only. right lilith.

No. 599308

You can always tell when Clare is lurking, because her & Scorpio’s thread’s both get bumped. I also couldnt help but read this >>>/snow/599278 in Clare’s faux-ultra stoned voice she affects. Lol, that u girl?

No. 599310

Hahahaha looking at this bitch creating a curvature line with her fingers dragging bits of her ass of like if it’s some ass bra like Clare you’re saggy as fuck

No. 599312

What’s with the fake cheekbone

No. 599463


She clearly has a pear shaped body which means she will gains weight on her ass and thighs before anywhere else. If she keeps taking that much medication ( that she claims she's on) she will eventually start getting fat everywhere, but for now I can totally believe this.

No. 599486

i think its a piece of hair

No. 599533

File: 1527873061485.jpeg (413.66 KB, 1125x1900, 2234711E-478D-4401-AE75-334CCB…)

Bitch is on meds to medicate her issues but she out here promoting self harm and shitty art of her recent fat gain

No. 599535

File: 1527873091248.jpeg (429.43 KB, 1125x1931, F9BF520A-4E8E-412A-9C98-8F985E…)

No. 599536

So the message of that post is supposed to spread positivity and updates on how she is becoming a better person when really that picture itself looks like she’s promoting a graphic reality of being choked up in therapy. Doesn’t she realise how psychotic she still is? She contradicts herself so much.

No. 599538

She looks like a sweating bitch

No. 599550

The artist made fun of her and she doesn’t even realize it

No. 599552

sometimes her face looks a little like the masks that those guys that wear rubber woman suits wear

No. 599557


i guess i'm just confused because this looks like the same big photoshopped ass she's been posting all over instagram since the beginning of time

No. 599563

Right? Like I feel like she’s been trying to achieve the ass she’s been photoshopping it into but she’s not into the weight gain that’s going in other places.

No. 599574

This Baby Psycho routine she’s playing irritates me to no end. She can barely contain her glee that a doctor has finally prescribed her real antipsychotics, she can’t stop talking about it. The dumb bitch is just run of the mill bipolar, taking the same meds that millions of other people with bipolar disorder do. It’s hard enough for people with mental illness to get through life being treated like normal human beings, without people like Clare out there ramping up the stigma for shock value.

No. 599598

File: 1527880698043.jpeg (545.37 KB, 1125x1963, E4D8124B-9DF9-4682-A691-8D4A68…)

No. 599799

File: 1527902423485.jpeg (277.18 KB, 1125x1897, 5292A92F-CCDA-46BD-90A3-D288B1…)

Everything about her is so crummy and filthy plus why does she mess around with bits of dead plants and wipes spit on them ew

No. 599866

LMAO this is a blunt rap used for weed 8it is gross asf that she displaying her nasty spit tho

No. 599907

Lmao Clare you’re a dumbass. You don’t get edgelord points for mental illness while you’re still doing drugs. Nobody’s going to know what’s actually wrong with you until you’re sober for more than five minutes. Clean your shit up, tf.

No. 601460

File: 1528079765149.png (210.59 KB, 750x1334, 338FDC5C-A143-4C38-ADE0-D0320D…)

she went private

No. 601512

She reminds me so much of Felice and her life trajectory it's not even funny anymore. I really can not wait eagerly enough for her daddy to be like " You burned through all the money I saved up for your college and living expenses, go get a job " so she can really see the long term consequences of this shitty aesthetic and how little a dollar really goes in cities like NYC or LA.

No. 601642

Shes bought more followers again omfg she does anything to waste her money and fake everything about her shitty Instagram(namefag)

No. 601775

File: 1528130009060.jpeg (380.17 KB, 1125x1307, 13846FC3-AD2B-421A-BFBA-941660…)

She lives in a pigsty no wonder she’s so ugly and stench smelling

No. 601776

File: 1528130030637.jpeg (299.07 KB, 1125x1211, E7E879E3-5C29-4CA4-AA1F-6A1904…)

The hell who poses with bones

No. 601777

So ugly

No. 601810

Chelgivitis got a wholeass mask on her face, atleast dust your stomach in some babypowder for colour consistency sweatty

No. 601957

File: 1528144073580.jpg (2.04 MB, 2046x1773, inCollage_20180604_132705442_1…)

From her ig

No. 601996


I know people shit all the time on her nose but this is def an improvement over the weird bratz doll face she shoops herself into

No. 601998

yeah but you're just stupid because this pic is still shopped and clare shops her hooknose

No. 602271

File: 1528184393441.jpeg (579.41 KB, 1125x1901, F61EDEB7-122C-42E9-ADBD-3AC328…)

That was the most cringiest thing I’ve ever read what the fuck

No. 602291

File: 1528188430341.jpg (736.9 KB, 1920x2558, inCollage_20180605_014442355.j…)

Clare trying to dodge the fact that she's a dumbass who cut herself for no reason and lol Clare you should probably learn how to communicate via writing before bragging about being an author

No. 602600


I know for a fact these latest pics she posted are unshopped. In fact I'm amazed she posted these without at least trying ( maybe the grain made it too obvious on facetune).

No. 602614

> I know for a fact


No. 602966

File: 1528253989116.png (350.2 KB, 640x1136, 98FB949A-4CB5-4145-9C23-E8EF9A…)

unsure if this has been posted before and don’t know if there’s a thread for holli /heroingranola / hollibalienciaga but found this pre amusing

No. 603062


DAMN which post is that on?

No. 603078

you left your icon in

No. 603138

Either this drama is fake or this post got them talking to each other again, because the’re all buddy-buddy now.

>I had to break up the fight with a needle in my hand and blunt in the other

So you’re just literally too stupid to put the things in your hands down, Clare? If you’re going to exaggerate for edgepoints at least don’t make yourself look like a retard.

No. 603188

tbh I find it pretty weird when people blame Holli for their own drug use. Are they not able to take any responsibility for their choices?

No. 603190

Seriously though. These women are all adults. They make their own choices. Holli is a bad influence, but she’s never tied anyone down and stuck a needle in their arm.

No. 603247

File: 1528285157920.jpg (96.61 KB, 1080x934, nightcoregirl instakeep_c8b0c.…)

Should I make a thread for holli? Does anyone here follow kody jewel aka @sheslethal on ig? Should we just stay in this thread? Opinions?

No. 603248

The parent who wrote that probably doesn't like the idea of accepting that their child is/was a junkie, it's easier to just pass the blame on to holli. It's stupid really.
Stay in this thread, there's not enough for another one

No. 603250

File: 1528286119119.jpg (281.31 KB, 800x769, Screenshot_20180604-144745_152…)

>parent can't accept their child is a junkie

Yeah this is super common. It's prob bc Holli is more intelligent than their kid so they feel like she's manipulative. She may be for all I know. Pure speculation here

Pic is Kody aka sheslethal. We get it you do coke

No. 603353

please posts whatever you have about Holli here. I find her entertaining for the cringe factor but I can't look at her stuff anymore because she blocked me for calling her out on stealing my posts

No. 603373

Clare and Holli both need to be merged into the instagram thread.

No. 603376

the IG thread is a shit show

No. 603552

File: 1528319577636.jpg (445.36 KB, 800x1256, Screenshot_2018-06-06_140446.j…)

New milk from Clare's ig story. I find this kind of thing fascinating.

These caps were hard as fuck to capture so enjoy bitches

No. 603553

File: 1528319589857.jpg (477.61 KB, 800x1256, Screenshot_2018-06-06_140440.j…)

No. 603554

File: 1528319600941.jpg (440.35 KB, 800x1256, Screenshot_2018-06-06_140424.j…)

No. 603555

File: 1528319611681.jpg (557.01 KB, 800x1256, Screenshot_2018-06-06_140423.j…)

No. 603556

File: 1528319622909.jpg (534.29 KB, 800x1256, Screenshot_2018-06-06_140307.j…)

No. 603558

File: 1528319661525.jpg (454.85 KB, 800x1256, Screenshot_2018-06-06_132858.j…)

No. 603559

File: 1528319675481.jpg (405.4 KB, 800x1256, Screenshot_2018-06-06_132737.j…)

No. 603561

No. 603740

I’m cackling at her ghostemane love letter, thank you anon

No. 604483

File: 1528402142716.jpeg (570.99 KB, 750x1250, image1.jpeg)

Look at this super 100% real photo of clare.

Why don't people admit they edit photos? Especially when they're so drastic and obvioius

No. 604494

the shadowing is absolutely awful around her hips

No. 604508

She looks 2d wow

No. 604537


wow this looks…. off. clare really uses the liquify + dodge and burn tools on photoshop too excessively.

it's really obvious to me as a designer.

No. 604626

thats edited as fuck and those tattoos are fucking trashy shes just ewy

No. 604629

tbh she just looks like a smelly bitch

No. 605033

File: 1528454383346.jpg (10.7 KB, 145x127, 20180608_033926.jpg)

>kill mee

No. 605141

Ok Clare. Cute

No. 605183

Is it from her Twitter?

No. 605264

She posted it/the journal entries on her insta story >>603556

No. 605300

Thanks. I can barely read this, my eyes pops out as I try to read what she writes.

No. 605308

Are you kidding? She is no where near fuck potential or sexually appealing. Especially for someone who looks as ugly as this. >>583002

No. 605315

She was appealing for Manson lol Probably he was drunk af though as he was fucking her

No. 605802

File: 1528530579916.jpeg (474.25 KB, 750x1170, 67A5499E-6FCE-4F3C-9AE1-CE7FE7…)

No. 605808

So Clare hates internetgirl, Bella Mcfadden? It surprises me a lot. They followed Manson on tour in 2015 together and Bella also danced for him. It is very strange that Clare talk shit about Bella now.

No. 605855

How is it strange? She probably hates Bella because she’s jelous

No. 606010

File: 1528565204762.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, image1(6).png)

Clare and Melanie are together again
In this video they were just seeing how much stuff they could rest on her broke ass lower back you could tell so obviously she was uncomfortable and limited mobility by putting her back in that position

No. 606109

If she’s hanging out with Melanie, she has no intention of staying sober.

No. 606154

Did she edit out her holli tattoo!? Lmao

No. 606197

File: 1528579132552.jpeg (485.59 KB, 750x1204, image1.jpeg)

Back 2gether 4ever hiding their noses at all costs

No. 606209


Is that hotel room? Please don't tell me daddy bought her ANOTHER apt in NYC. At least the first two times she was pretending to go to school.

No. 606386


even with all the ridiculous advantages clare has in life ($$$$$$$$$), she's not intelligent nor mentally stable enough to get an education/make something of herself.

shes content to just take 3949 pics of her ass while being enabled by her parents, and she's cool with that being the extent of her achievement.

No. 606576

She’s going to be back with holli soon she can’t afford losing any other junkie friends

No. 606636

Enlarge the photo. You can see it poking out of the top of her tights.

No. 607010

those bangs are a tragedy

No. 607064


why is there no reflection in the mirror? Is she is a ghoul? Is that weird human colored blob on the left supposed to be her/someone else? I'm so confused

No. 607744

as an artist/designer its blatantly obvious to me that she had copied+pasted her body onto a photo of her living room. the edges are so poorly rendered and the lighting coming from behind her doesn't equate. also why is there no reflection from behind her?

No. 607750

Where do you guys see Claire in five years? pregnant, prison or dead im going to assume. I feel sorry for her parents the most

No. 607780

why would she photoshop herself into her embarrassingly messy living room?

No. 608099

File: 1528762550933.png (129.01 KB, 750x1058, IMG_3691.PNG)

No. 608115


lmao what’s the rest of the caption? and the second picture in the post

No. 608119

Picture removed icon.

I feel like Clare always reserves her highest level of hatred for girls that have some kind of modeling career because she knows she's short and stubby and totally unphotogenic without her midget girl angles

No. 608141

File: 1528765234447.jpeg (516.3 KB, 1124x1866, 46F96FD2-DB18-4517-A4A3-E7C806…)


100% accurate. old news, but i was doing some lurking and came across these comments from clare. damn girl, bitter much? lmao how embarrassing

No. 608173

watching Clares life unfold is like watching a car accident. I just can't look away

No. 609083

File: 1528850327912.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, 4B812505-6847-46E5-8326-953558…)

She looks so bad

No. 609154

LOL what the fuck is happening here? Is it a filter gone wrong?

No. 609182

This is so single white female

No. 609213

what the fuck is her makeup…?

No. 609217


She looks like she is tryinng to channel holli here

No. 609430

File: 1528895606400.jpeg (265.28 KB, 1125x1717, A12DA44A-F6EE-462A-AE66-E363F8…)

She’s put on a ton of weight

No. 609432

File: 1528895628628.jpeg (275.25 KB, 1125x1705, 60F300D9-2520-4147-9363-8EDC53…)

No. 609435

Looking at this gave me sciatica.

No. 609485


That elbow hyperextension tho.

No. 609580

File: 1528910750824.jpg (2.06 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20180613_102601256.j…)

No. 609601

I laughed

No. 609689

File: 1528916756570.png (337.72 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2913.PNG)

HOLy shit she sounds like those cigarette commercials where the people have a hole in their throat.

No. 609708

>implying you have to be attractive to be harrassed

No. 609782

File: 1528922873649.jpg (147.46 KB, 670x440, 20180613_134735.jpg)


Recap for those who are too dick for an 18 minute video:

Clare sitting on the floor; behind her are luxurious furnishings and paintings. She has adjusted the video so that her pallor is a brightened yellow hue. She is in a full face of makeup, terrible bangs and all and smoking a cigarette inside.

Rehab in CT:
>occult shit got her kicked out
>said guys were lifting her skirt bc she was wearing nude-colored undeewear
>old lady roommate was scaed of her bc she's a "witch"
>people went thru her stuff
>dwears all other girls wanted to fuck the guys in there but she totes didn't
>went to orientation and 1st group meeting in sports bra
>told others not to "talk about my father [satan]"
>tried to hitchhike her first day there
>keeps calling it a "witch trial"
>says they had to have the first all-girls meeting apparently to make sure Clare wouldn't hurt anyone
>totally doesn't give a fuck about the girls yet she made the whole video about them
>"like, these bitches are just dumb trying to find anything to like take them out of their own like fucking mental pain I guess and shit is just dumb so"
>after that she made friends with new girls
>got kicked out for being toxic to the community
>talked a guy out of suicide apparently, didn't tell staff, he left the next day to shoot dope
>holy new york accent!
>picked lady flowers who had an autistic son
>clinicians wanted everyone to fail
>claims to be sober

>"one thing led to another and i had a needle in my arm every day. every day."

>shit got crazy, friends dying, narcan
>claims to have entered rehab on her own free will to be sober & detoxed in her apartment
>was shooting ketamine after dope
>doesn't think rehab works but doesn't want to die

Betty Ford:
>trouble with officers?
>tried to take her witchcraft books; other patients upset about "satanist"
>said she tried to act normal
>there for 10 days before they said they "don't have the psychiatric care" Clare needs
>doesn't know wtf she is–pagan, satanist, whatevr
>didn't want to go to another psychiatric facility, family was afraid she would die if left alone
>went to clearview in la, she's happy bc she was near all her friends
>didn't finish the program here either even though she says they had better treatment and education
>"didn't tell them shit" yet complains they barely psychoanalyzed her
>hadn't slept for 6 days upon arrival
>put on suboxone, tapered off "way too low"
>has to grow up and be part of society, make changes
>can't talk about the real shit (aka legal issues) because "too many people are watching"
>wants to open an alt treatment center kek
>wants to live a normal life, always thought she wanted to die young

>art bullshit, guitar for some reason

>can't play guitar for shit
>says she's on lockdown right now
>wants 1 year clean so she can help people in prison
>"don't get me started on cops"
>overwhelmed by her phone but wants to respond to everyone


No. 609786

File: 1528923188012.jpg (3.09 MB, 1920x3840, inCollage_20180613_135304437.j…)

Her terrible bangs remind me of Maddy from 16 & Pregnant

No. 609831

Are you responsible for the grosso eagle?

No. 609990

i was about to ask the same thing

No. 609995

File: 1528934529939.png (232.35 KB, 750x1205, IMG_9894.PNG)

Bitch got rekt

No. 610057

I made the Clare one and no I'm a diff anon

I didn't "get" the grosso one tbh but i laughed nonetheless bc it's ridic

No. 610073

Idk if the comment in your post is legit or not but

In the journal entry from her ig story upthread she admits to thriving on sexual attention even from men she doesn't want. It's clear if u watch her newest yt video that she was dressing inappropriately and skipping meetings during her stint(s) in rehab. I remember a girl like that in the hospital I stayed at and she was pregnant and would flirt with every guy no matter how uncomfortable it made him. Iirc she left AMA (against medical advice) for a date with someone who worked nearby.
It was honestly very sad.

Sage for bp

No. 610094

Transcribed from her journal entry >>603555

>I realize now I'm not just a drug addict, I'm a sex addict too, it's not like I fuck a bunch of random dudes no i never thought i was a sex addict. But i knew [?] sex, masturbation, and really any form of sexual attention the same way i do drugs. I get a high from it. And when I'm sad or upset its one of my go-to things for cheer me up. I've been this way since a young girl, probably because I was raped so young. But I always make everything about sex and even when people say some remark I always wanna joke about sucking their dick or some inappropriate shit I shouldn't say out loud. And ever since [I was?] A young girl i've CRAVED SEXUAL ATTENTION even if it's from some gross old dude. I LOVE BEING SEXUALLY HARASSED BY MEN and I am ALWAYS thinking of sex and ????…


No. 610141

well thats kinda textbook behaviour for someone who was abused as a child

No. 610154


It could also just be pathological attention seeking associated with narcassitic, antisocial or histrionic personality disorder

No. 610298

File: 1528960564275.jpeg (227.43 KB, 2000x644, DA21B49E-FD29-4489-BF1A-2ED492…)

Bless your heart anon. Gods work.

What a fucking surprise, isn’t “blayde” supposed to be in a psychiatric treatment facility too? Kek I knew she and pussy ass eamon colbert were just lying to take the heat off their back, and she couldn’t even stay off tumblr for 48 w/o posting her std-infested panties on her face. They both went into psychiatric treatment at the same time, “got out” around the same time, and within hours are with each other in a gross hotel room.

She’s gained so much weight that she has to shoop her thighs (blurring around and ontop) and smoothed everything the f out. Wtf @ her elbows

This is extremely believable and probably true.

That does look like her!! Lelel
But when I first saw her, all I could think of was boy george. That drag makeup, then fuckin eyebrows. Like those rubber sex doll masks with the retarded blowjob clown lips.

No. 612047

File: 1529112304461.jpeg (277.23 KB, 1116x1586, B17A0B99-C6A4-4051-ABA5-D185EA…)

No. 612048

File: 1529112324232.jpeg (323.16 KB, 1125x1674, EAEF912B-D00B-415F-ABE4-18E056…)

No. 612052

She looks nothing compared to this post

No. 612059

lmao this is literally from today

No. 612065

She defs got kybella injected into her waist

No. 612101

All I can see in this picture is that the newfags of NYC have too many cars.

No. 612139

File: 1529117920685.jpeg (103.46 KB, 750x895, 57144EC5-DB28-4467-A79D-CD5690…)

No. 612149

Looks like hookers

No. 612151

File: 1529119682361.png (2.95 MB, 750x1334, 3694F4BA-3B75-47BA-8E70-37E4E7…)

Story spam

No. 612152

File: 1529119741401.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, EF25045A-87A0-4CC0-925A-B61F7F…)

No. 612154

File: 1529119827080.png (2.73 MB, 750x1334, 4DB7C4D7-FBAB-4134-A6EB-55EB2F…)

No. 612155

File: 1529119957517.jpeg (641.88 KB, 750x1334, 6651853B-7E47-4F1E-BBDF-97AF17…)

No. 612161

they really just look like nasty prostitutes wow

No. 612166

She looks like crack prostitute

No. 612173

sage but what the hell is this did she have a widows peak and shave it off??

>newfags of NYC

No. 612191

i know, it's a wannabe ghetto thing. the "cash me outside" girl did it too kek

No. 612239

File: 1529134798477.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, D3063591-E681-456A-905C-2339ED…)

That bend

No. 612240

File: 1529134854839.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, 96ADF68A-52CC-4EC4-9A1D-AA3DE3…)


No. 612270

this is an old post but she's actually referring to a skill taught in DBT known as TIPP, you dunk your face in a bowl of ice water and it activates the mammalian dive response and lowers heart rate. you do paired relaxation and breathing exercises afterwards.

No. 612297

oh my god so this is what it looks like when she sticks out her ass and isn’t using her normal extreme angles? everyone kept saying her back must be fucked, but…seriously, it must be.

No. 612299



Whoa. Now that she's not as anorexic, her flat chest almost concaves inwards. She was always talking about how her "body's just weird" when referring to her tiny waist. It may be weird like she claims - 'causse It's REALly punishing her in the fat-to-boob ratio department lol(namefagging)

No. 612408


Hahah, Lilith Lordosis is exposed. This is how she makes her "big shelf ass" illusion.

She has totally fucked up her spine from doing this for years… Her ribcage literally sticks out more than her breasts. Why did she ruin her back and posture? Male attention?

No. 612409

she's probably proud of her small tits so she doesn't mind her fucked up fat deposition, otherwise she'd have her daddy pay fow suwgewy X3 yall know he would

No. 612412

So clare's back in NYC at all her old haunts and getting fucked up on who knows what.

Hmm, I see rehab really did her a whole lot of good.

Good thing daddy Jeff Buley is bankrolling her zombie walking around the city doing a bunch of drugs! What a shitty, enabling, parent.

No. 612416


FYI: clare's rich republican lawyer dad Jeff Buley beat the shit out of her mom (FKA Cheryl Ritchko-Buley).

she comes from a long line of shitbags.

No. 612421

I honestly just feel bad for these kids. They're so lost and their reality has become just drug abuse and self harm.

No. 612424

File: 1529164351357.png (137.33 KB, 238x432, Skärmavbild 2018-06-16 kl. 17…)

Lmao they look alike too; same nose and dead nose kek

No. 612425

dead eyes* lmao sorry

No. 612599

File: 1529183221744.png (2.44 MB, 750x1334, B7F7EA26-895A-4C84-8705-832EF5…)

Another angle

No. 612606

File: 1529183516521.png (2.21 MB, 750x1334, 480E81A6-C8DF-4F94-A56A-801F77…)

Side profile

No. 612608

File: 1529183601704.png (2.72 MB, 750x1334, 8EBFEFC5-D8C5-4AA9-8B86-50BE40…)

No. 612614

>>612608 who's story is this from?

No. 612616

I believe this was @ staweckix

No. 612689


She has extra flexibility from doing yoga. idk why so many farmers on this thread are so secretly jealous of her and keep trying to perpetrate this idea that she must have had extreme plastic surgery or back problems because she is so badly proportioned and unflattering otherwise. I would never want to have her stumpy fat legs or nonexistent chest, or deflated rat lips that she had before daddy burley paid for her fillers.

No. 612701

is this one shooped? her body looks great here ngl but very unlike the recent hooker shots from a few posts above

No. 613721

yoga? shut the fuck up. to make yourself that flexible from yoga alone you'd have to be doing it often for years, not just for 2 weeks at rehab. she didn't ever mention yoga in the past, I've been following her shit-show for years. quit wking and accept the fact this bitch has lordosis from years of trying to be something she's not–thicc

No. 613849


Are you illiterate or just stupid? Multiple people who know her have confirmed she's a certificated yoga instructor in old instahoes thread and PULL, she has pictures of herself doing yoga in her tags ( or at least she used to) and doing yoga poses in her stories, her mom' social media is filled with yoga shit. Jesus Christ I thought this common knowledge as the only thing Clare is actually proficient in.

No. 613852

File: 1529299222856.png (216.13 KB, 750x1061, IMG_0015.PNG)

Your're welcome

No. 613853

File: 1529299316724.png (238.97 KB, 750x1059, IMG_0016.PNG)

No. 614118

File: 1529337406972.jpg (10.28 KB, 205x326, IMG_20180618_115607.jpg)

you seriously believe this bitch took time out of her life of shooting up, rolling/smoking blunts, play feeding toys, buying herbs off Amazon, taking baths, all while recording it, to do yoga? yeah she might have dabbled and even got certified (proof? aside one picture from 3 years ago) but I feel like if she actually did yoga she wouldn't shut up about it, just like EVERYTHING else she does. it could fit quite well with her fake spiritual personality of being a witchy thicc bitch.

also if she was soooooo pro at yoga wouldn't she be stronger, not just more flexible? I've never heard or seen women who do yoga literally get a spinal disorder from it. quite the opposite really, most get much better posture from yoga.

No. 614126

she's a shitty person but I actually like her unshooped body, she's probably one of the only cows with a decent body

No. 614254

i second that

No. 614437

File: 1529363090242.jpeg (145.31 KB, 750x1098, 162F5F2A-72C8-48A4-9638-B29224…)

response on xxx death

No. 614439

File: 1529363131649.jpeg (147.4 KB, 750x1001, BE356291-8234-4887-AFAB-93B656…)

commenters are bringing down the hammer

No. 614443

File: 1529363208838.jpeg (189.29 KB, 750x1173, 67C2BBD8-D5DD-410E-9EF4-803A67…)

last bit i’ll post but there are way more

No. 614445

LOL yes!!! Absolute gold. came here to post this

No. 614450

File: 1529363365539.jpeg (28.15 KB, 750x215, 8D7F21D9-4F8F-4B3F-ACCF-62E9EF…)

No. 614464

lmao even her friends

No. 614466

Did she really just use this dude's death to try to humblebrag about boning him? Classy.

Good to see some people have sense at least. No one cares that you were nameless groupie #83 to some abusive piece of shit, Lil.

No. 614487

She finally turned comments off lol

No. 614492

This “lilith levisis” made a big stink about how that 9 guy was a pedophile then turns around and listens to his music and promoting him. Now this. Aren’t these the same “friends” of hers that went in on that Russian girl for being a groupie?? Is everyone blind that lilith does the same shit, and does everything to brag and promote? Bunch of brainless zombies

No. 614580


I highly doubt they hooked up as there would be psychotic stalking in the form of subtweeting and subtly throwing his music/photos in the BG of her pics like she did with Manson, they probably just talking on IG a few times or maybe he facetimed her once.

No. 614762

Lol she turned off comments

No. 614780

at least cut the tag off jfc

No. 614943

This sweaty ass goth had nothing to do with him lol!

No. 614944

What’s with Lilith claiming to have fucked all these men she probably has chlamydia

No. 614951

it’s the only way she maintains relevancy

No. 615169

She made her account private again. Wonder why…couldn't be because she's feeling sorry for a dead piece of shit.

No. 615321


I think the backlash finally got her shook cause she's not posting anything new.

Also I don't know what she can post anymore cause she's in sober living but we'll see how long that lasts

No. 616285

File: 1529538845093.jpeg (177.44 KB, 750x932, 1840469B-33CF-43E4-B9B7-F273A6…)

She deleted xxx post but no other activity.. here’s another pic from the bday party

No. 616836

sage for not being particularly relevant/blogpost, but anyone remember Lilith when she was living with Bianca (possibly 'powersystem' or something on ig) and how fucked up they got all the time? I also remember on an old thread someone once saying that nyc apartment was owned by B? Bianca seemed to be genuinely artistic and interesting but fell into the hole of dumbing herself down and typing like a dick and the general ^iLoveLilith&Holli^ aesthetic. Bianca, last I checked, is in Berlin with Sybil aka nightcoregirl now doing some cam duo stuff. Any more milk on Bianca or any at all on Holli? Find Holli the biggest enigmatic cow of them all. Assuming it's fine to ask here due to 'et al' in thread name

No. 616842

Saying “sage” doesn’t sage your post.

Since half of this thread seems unaware - unless you’re contributing new milk, write “sage” in the email field.

No. 616849

@pwrsystm_ is her ig, clare was living with her in la but not nyc
Holli has seemed to be doing alright for a while now tbh, pretty sure she's got rid of her insta too.

No. 616853

File: 1529600519474.jpeg (466.79 KB, 750x958, 8942D87E-3B2D-455A-A0BC-069AC9…)

Holli must have JUST deleted because I capped something from her IG on Tuesday.

She’s still around and still definitely on drugs. Here she is with her sister less than a month ago, pupils pinned af.

No. 616859

she's in direct sunlight?

No. 616860

File: 1529600954034.jpeg (317.93 KB, 750x1115, E7910B10-11C2-47C8-BCFE-516457…)

This is the original picture I was going to post, that I capped on Tuesday. I feel really fucking bad for their mother that both her daughters are abusing opiates. At this rate it’s only a matter of time before one of them ends up with some fentanyl and dies.

No. 616863

That’s definitely not bright ass midday sunlight, and unless you’re literally staring into a flashlight, nobody’s pupils get THAT small unless they’re on drugs. Sorry. See also: pic above. Girl is still using.

No. 616879

holli & lilith hung out a lot before clare's last relapse if i'm not mistaken? and Holli's pupils are definitely pinned from opiates, not sunlight

No. 616933

couldn't it just be from subs

No. 616941


Holli shows all the signs of having sociopathy IMO. The drug addiction part is just a side effect, I lived with someone very similar for 2 years. Very parasitic and directionless, uses manipulation to live off of/get resources from other naive/younger people. Wrecks them and then moves on the the next victim. Holli is interesting because she targets other females when I would expect her to target men. Sorry for medfagging.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 616950

That’s some real armchair shit, and it’s not medfagging, that would imply that sociopathy is a real disorder, when it isn’t. It’s impossible to tell what is or isn’t wrong with Holli because you’ve never seen her sober, and everything you mentioned is a hallmark of being an addict to begin with. None of us have any way of making accurate judgements about the chicken-or-the-egg situation of her addiction and personality problems. No need to project or blogpost.
No. Not like that. Why are you so determined to believe she’s sober? She’s made no point of getting clean other than briefly after she had to detox in jail.

No. 616974


wow sorry holli stan

I wrote sociopathy because most people are not really versed in what antisocial personality disorder is but almost everyone knows what the word sociopath means.

also I didn't say she for a fact has anything, just that from my anecdotal experience, she presents exactly like someone I know who was diagnosed as APD.

>because you’ve never seen her sober

and you have? kek

No. 616988

not from Suboxone. your eyes don't get that pinned from subs unless you're opioid naïve. even in bright sunlight you can tell she's on heroin. if you have any experience with dope heads you can instantly tell when someone is on it. it's not just pinpoint pupils, it's the whole look and aura they give off. it's hard to describe but it's obvious. she's not sober and never really has been aside from jail stints. I guarantee that if she's ever got a sub script she sold it for heroin.

also I don't think Clare lived with Bianca for long. the place she was at most recently in LA was @felix.holiday … she hangs out a lot with Holli's sister a lot

No. 617010

she sort of does target men but for their drugs and sex, she ended up getting assaulted by an ex bf who stole her shit and ran away i think in 2016. think she said he's a meth head. she could be lying but she used to on tumblr post emo shit when she was really high, like her past of sexual assault and she posted a bunch of emo shit and apparently attempted suicide, then deleted it all and posted a tiny bowl of fruit, answering people saying she lived but didnt want to ect and i think she deleted that too.

No. 617014

same anon but if you followed her or go back on her blog if she hasn't deleted stuff she was really dependent with her ex Hunter (Karman) and kind of relied on him for everything. that's also around the height of her tumblr fame because they were the druggie power couple

No. 617018

last I checked she turned archive and something else on her tumblr off but this is all so familiar…what was his handle?

No. 617041

karman90210 sadshawty before he's a dj. he got into a car crash and yung leans old manager died in it, he fucked his leg up and started looking bad because he was using even more drugs to cope with the death (and idk if you can turn archive off? /archive after the url but idk if you mean she made her blog dashboard only)

No. 617889

Holli’s instagram is back.

It’s probably safe to say >>616849 was Holli. Certainly nobody thought she’s been “doing alright for a while now,” and that anon showed up just in time to say that Holli’s insta was gone when other anons had just seen it, plus the “buh sunlight! Suboxone!” posts make little sense coming from anyone else. I mean, let’s face it, Holli doesn’t really have a lot of “fans,” and certainly not ones who closely monitor this thread.

No. 618012

he's still looking like an invalid but now has a basic bitch gf and seems to have deleted any photos of holli from his insta.

No. 618101

>>610057 sorry for OT i just caught this so figured id explain - if it makes u feel any better there was nothing to get, it was kinda supposed to be nonsensical. the original pic of peppy his mouth looked super tiny like a beak, and his face just reminded me of some sort of screeching creature that the romans would've used as an ornament on top of their battles totems(??) or a figurehead at the prow of a ship to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies or whatever. was a slow day at work. thus paquila was born but lilith aquila def takes the cake

No. 618210

Not holli, I noticed her insta was gone because I checked for new posts before before responding to the other anon. By 'alright' I mean she's really not done anything milky/noteworthy recently

No. 618269

File: 1529689725049.jpg (554.71 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180622-104227.jpg)

Clare and her sister are selling their old clothes for junk $$. Their privilege is obvious here in these expensive ass vintage items that probably cost their shitty dad a lot of money

No. 618272

>attempted suicide, then deleted it all and posted a tiny bowl of fruit,

lol anon

No. 618286

File: 1529690686500.png (39.09 KB, 478x480, person-crying-drawing-8.png)

Samefag but imagine how much fun it must be to get high as fuck (h is not my thing but u know..) and impulse-buy vintage designer clothing online, all paid for by your rich parents.

No. 618325

File: 1529693606372.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 159.64 KB, 750x1148, 18146F80-8F7A-4704-9AF6-2BE078…)

i don’t understand what they do when they hang out. Clare / lilith posted this video of her, holli, and that Iconika person (who i can’t tell if they are a drag queen or an actual girl) dancing around half naked in weird ass clothes. Like do they just get high as fuck, play dress-up, and make stupid videos/pictures of eachother? Seems like they’re always just at someone’s apartment sitting around.

No. 618484

Is her sister definitely into hard drugs too, then? I remember a little speculating about it, but I was never sure if anyone confirmed it with evidence (anecdotal or otherwise).

No. 618531

lmao i know but i remember her emo posting, then answering an ask about how she took a bunch of pills, and when i checked her blog when i woke up it was gone and there was the fruit and her basically doing the emo version of "i lived, bitch"

No. 618599

I don't think there's been any sort of evidence that she is

No. 618841


Do you guys know what Holli's blog is? I know it used to be heroingranola or something but I have never been able to find it. Is it even around still?

No. 618849

I'm the anon who posted the pic of their shop and I was just being facetious; idk if her sister is using or not

No. 618852


No. 618885

Ah my mistake.

Rachael has always been a point of interest for me. She seems more “together” based on her social media presence, but she and Clare appear to share the same social circles, and where one goes, so does the other. It’s hard to imagine that Rachael wouldn’t be into the same bad habits, but she doesn’t come across like a drug addled idiot the way Clare does.


No. 618932

File: 1529745540471.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7817.PNG)


Actually same, she's a bit of a muse for me because I can't figure her out. She seems to be good friends with mirellanyc who cmon, is clearly on something, and she has even hung out with Holli before (in her tagged photos there r a bunch of picks of when Holli did her makeup (very badly too)). Also I have zero idea what she does for a living. Recently she said this whole thing about how she doesn't wanna work a 9-5, talks about being in the "studio", not being clear about what she does, meanwhile on her insta story today she posted a nametag from the national holistic institute so?

I think Rachel is pretty, she has some mystery around her so I find myself paying attention to her posts when she does post. I will say, almost every picture of Clare on her profile makes Clare look god awful. Look at Clare's nose on this one…

No. 618956

File: 1529748408530.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7818.PNG)


So it seems Holli's mom smokes weed with them? Or at least is okay with them smoking weed in her presence. I got this from her sister's profile. super enabling, imo, because if I knew my daughter was an addict (possibly two daughters!!) I wouldn't engage in any of these behaviors with her…

No. 618960

Looks like a true ruffian.

No. 619076

File: 1529764015743.jpg (943.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180623-102227.jpg)

No. 619245


>same facial expression

although of course Clare's is completely unintentional and unironic

No. 622780

File: 1530110880181.png (148.68 KB, 750x1111, IMG_0188.PNG)

I know she's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but seriously? You're gonna allow Ana-Chans to use your selfies as inspo? And even passively encourage it?

No. 622956

*heavily shooped selfies

No. 623640

no, you creepy fuck

No. 623646

You weirdos lusting after this whore need to be more subtle, seriously.

No. 623755

just buy her fucking snapchat urself, don't expect us to

No. 623946

Old screenshots from Stawecki’s story

No. 623947

File: 1530238406229.png (4.32 MB, 750x1334, 383014B4-D22D-4A8E-8037-CD50C0…)


Oops forgot to attach image

No. 623948

File: 1530238452791.jpeg (164.46 KB, 750x1040, 31B99A2D-551E-41A2-9DC6-B0C7AA…)

No. 623950

File: 1530238494386.jpeg (163.73 KB, 750x1019, F10F6E37-7510-4965-84A7-AB6D66…)

No. 623952

File: 1530238570539.jpeg (157.46 KB, 744x1036, 511A8959-0EBD-4D9F-A26E-C7F02B…)


Ok I’m done

No. 623956

File: 1530238866516.jpeg (222 KB, 749x1077, 6A5C388B-B1A9-4CA5-A730-00E1C6…)

No. 630388

File: 1530907073967.png (95.25 KB, 750x1006, IMG_2270.PNG)

she posts videos of her ass she must be gaining weight

No. 630390

File: 1530907105361.png (97.82 KB, 750x979, IMG_2274.PNG)

when she was 18

No. 630391

File: 1530907199905.png (76.06 KB, 750x914, IMG_2265.PNG)

screenshot from video she posted on her instagram she must have ribs removed(namefagging)

No. 630400

File: 1530908093784.jpg (156.96 KB, 750x1177, Image-1(13).jpg)

Um I'm not the previous nametag but here

No. 630401


No. 630415

you guys are creepy to post screenshots from her friends stories seems like you care too much about this dumb bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 630434


That caption used to say 17, I noticed she changed it a few months ago though. I don’t have any caps but I swear I remember it.

No. 630435

File: 1530912445021.jpeg (259.99 KB, 750x1221, 87ACAD9D-1BF4-466C-A59F-C3B509…)

She looked so unwell here, idk why any boxing company would ask her to model. I’m glad she gained weight

No. 630442

Why so much hatred towards this girl? You guys talk about her like shes not a real person its disgusting.

No. 630444

Stop falseflagging, you absolute retard. >>630442

No. 630448

She looks deformed. Seriously what am I looking at? Shoop fail or actual disfigurement on her chest? We all know she shoops but I’m appalled, no marketing team would okay this, so I’m not surprised her modeling wasn’t published and she wasn’t asked to come back.

No. 630510

File: 1530919899037.png (800.28 KB, 837x1023, Screenshot_20180706-182841.png)

seriously„ what in the fuck is that? i can't figure it out, but whatever it is holy shit it's disgusting.

No. 630521

I don't really get it either. I can see why people find her cringey and milky, and she's really immature…but I just don't get what she's done that's so BAD. like morally. then again I guess that's why this is snow and not pt. It's a lot more subjective here.

No. 630536

File: 1530921234377.jpeg (14.66 KB, 443x332, 726D9919-CD75-4AB2-A37F-88EE89…)

Maybe a bad hernia?

No. 630554

oh god, honestly that's what it looks like, but uh a hernia from what, sitting around doing heroin all day?

No. 630555

That was my exact thought when I first saw it lmao. Bulimia can cause epigastric hernias but let's be real it's just bad photoshop.

No. 630580

"Gaining weight" must be a cute term for photoshop. There are many candid photos of her flatboard ass.

No. 630710

everyone itt saying she has had surgery is dumb as hell. you guys do not understand the magic of taking videos from a low angle and contorting your stomach muscles. she looks normal she just knows how to create an illusion.

No. 630736

I’m pretty sure most of those “anons” are just Clare, she loves the idea of people debating her ~impossible figure.

No. 630946

Did she date Manson at this time a photo was made, do you ppl know it?

No. 630951

They never dated, she was briefly a groupie when she was 18 - possibly there was inappropriate contact when she was underage, but that is pure speculation.

No. 630954

Well, I meant sex, not dating, writing too quick. But that's all I wanted to know, thanks

No. 630960

She's been on the "rib removal" bullshit since she started self-posting and samefagging on her PULL thread a year and a half ago, which was a lot more obvious due to the lack of anonymity. She loves to start the rumor that she's had ribs removed and then say "wow people are really so crazy to think I would do that no I'm just like this" to steer suspicious parties away from the blatant Photoshop. It doesn't work though. Because Clare is fucking stupid, and any idea she thinks is clever is guaranteed to be fucking stupid.

No. 631274

File: 1531016500282.png (2.44 MB, 750x1334, 5DC7BE6C-DC50-4532-B0C1-B1E88B…)

these are the antipsychotics she’s prescribed

No. 631276

Lol babby’s first atypical. Zyprexa is pretty mild.

No. 631404


Lol is that actually classified as an anti psychotic? Such a small amount of like, a benzo replacement.

I'm sure she begged every doctor at "all the institutions" she's been to in the last few months to give her something she could try to abuse. Did she end up in Florida yet? Here all the rehabs and half way houses are surrounded by traps and dealers, worst place to get sober.

No. 631535

File: 1531050870644.jpg (237.61 KB, 1080x1265, IMG_20180706_220614.jpg)

No. 632714

draws on her prescription bottle that along with the tweet is just sad.. honestly at this point it's almost not even funny, she's just a really fucked up individual whether the troubled addict with mental issues act is fake or real. that being said other anons have brought up that she hasnt had a boyfriend or anything in the years ive watched the train wreck. she makes mentions at being sexually active but why has no one ever came out saying they fucked her or why doesnt she display anyone? seems the type to do so which leads me to thing she really can't get a guy? is she so fucked no one can stand her? i want other milk besides the manson bs..

No. 632888

File: 1531200491356.jpeg (107.5 KB, 750x1157, 0AD523EA-5D76-4A08-B659-C58FD8…)

She’s out again with blunt in hand

No. 632940

File: 1531209457402.jpg (772.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180707-041054_Ins…)

Meant to post these the other day… from Lilith's story two nights ago. Who is this joker? So much for sobriety.

No. 632941

File: 1531209483768.jpg (545.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180707-041038_Ins…)

No. 633280

He's a local dj who used to do some modeling. Ive actually seen him dj before and he's okay but has no following, just survives off his extended social network showing up for gigs. I've suspected for a while they hooked up once or twice when Clare was in NYC for New Years. His instagram is filled with lowkey desperate thirsty comments from Clare, but he clearly doesn't want anything serious from her.

No. 636664

File: 1531620689466.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180710-195659.png)

Lilith's sister posted this on her ig story a few days ago. Gives the impression that she's a cam girl on myfreecams.

No. 642293

File: 1532095950856.jpg (572.02 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20180720_151050.jpg)

So lilith and Holli are talking/maybe hanging out again? Probably not the best person to be in contact with, as a 'recovering' addict.

No. 642654

Those are like the shittest dolls I’ve ever seen the artist just turned them into ugly bitches speaking of which what’s with Clare she’s gone ugly lately

No. 642970

Literally the only person I’ve ever seen glow down from rehab.

No. 642975

File: 1532141505353.png (3 MB, 750x1334, 0487D71A-6B66-4F83-ABD4-CCBD1D…)

No. 642976

File: 1532141530936.png (2.55 MB, 750x1334, DE74F195-2B88-473F-A6F8-F0BD4E…)

No. 643009

The absolute picture of sobriety.

No. 643499

File: 1532205119955.jpg (14.87 KB, 300x300, BROMFC8690DWR.jpg)

quit being stupid. it's a printer. literally google "MFC wireless printer" and it's one of the first ones.

they aren't hanging out seeing as Clare is in NY and Holli is in LA

No. 643521

Ntayrt but that’s obvious, and the post is pretty clearly supposed to be a cheeky “look at this thing at my straight job reminding me of my sex job tee hee.”

If you’re going to sperg at someone else for being dumb, make sure you’re not the one who missed something (and sage while you’re at it.)

No. 643639

that's it, i'm wingshaming

No. 643804

You're an inbred. I didn't doubt it was a printer at her VANILLA JOB which made her think of MyFreeCams (which is obviously abbreviated as MFC by camwhores and basement dwellers alike.) And she follows them, dumbass.

No. 647508

maybe they're just talking again, but if they are and get together again it'll go downhill fast as fuck for both of them.

No. 649070

File: 1532729405010.png (3.34 MB, 750x1334, DD09B2BC-1890-4B0A-A4DF-8036A8…)

Not sure if they were together but this was on both their ig stories a while back. Blade posted 1st

No. 649236

File: 1532745479461.png (66.29 KB, 750x757, IMG_0525.PNG)

The downside to packing fat on your ass: once your metabolism slows even a little you also pack it everywhere else kek. Imsuprised tho, Didn't think she would age that quickly even with her shitty lifestyle.

No. 649238

Samefag but forgot to meantion also looks like daddy buley finally put his foot down and stopped paying for lip fillers and other frilivious luxuries she hasn't earned

No. 649259

You’re right. Her lips look 10x thinner than before she left for rehab. Just like her natural lips are suppose to look like.

$10 says she starts calling herself “thicc” constantly and saying she has “curves” even more, with all her friends encouraging her (secretly so they can look skinnier in comparison-make clare the “fat friend”) and Clare starts posting bodyposi about how beautiful and sexy her “healthy” thicc body is, in between old reposts of her extremely sh00ped skinny pics with captions like “ugh I wish I was skinny again it’s so difficult learning to love my sexy curves” “omg my eating disorder was sooo out of control I can’t believe my waist was that thin uwu!” “My doc says I need to gain 10 more lbs bcuz I’m sooo skinny” “imma do a buncha coke and lose 10lbs lol I hate being fat” “my ass is so phat since I left rehab your girlfriend izz sO jEAloUs!!”

Everyone knows right when you get clean from opiates you start gaining weight fast and breakout like crazy. Just wait till her skin becomes shit, she’s shoveling snacks everyday.

Blade and Clare posted pics a week or so after rehab together/implied heavily they were together, iirc it’s in Melanie’s thread. I’m 99.9% sure they’ve hung out together since Melanie’s boyfriend went to visit his family and the second he was gone Clare and Melanie were posting about being with each other. And theyre both in NYC. And drinking together heavily. Which is a disaster waiting to happen. Holli is still in LA so she’s not around them irl.

No. 649266

So…. basically a lurch-less version of Luna slater

No. 649271

I think her lips appear smaller because her face is chubby now.

No. 649272

Wow she let herself go in a matter of months, wasn’t expecting her to look that bad

No. 649323

Zyprexa is notorious for making people gain a lot of weight if you maintain the same diet/exercise as before you started it. You have to decrease your intake by quite a bit, you gain weight so easily if you don’t control your calories strictly, and weight becomes extremely difficult to lose. It also gives you a massive appetite and sucks the energy out of you, so that makes everything else like 10x worse. Girl’s gonna continue to gain weight for a while, I am sure. Some people absolutely blow up on it. P much all antipsychotics are like that (that’s why people are so fat in places where everyone’s on em - like prisons and psych wards). Sage for derailing and suffice to say - she’s going to regret larping Harley Quinn because her ~so edgy~ antipsychotics are going to absolutely ruin her appearance over the next 12 months.

No. 649355

No she has basically no lips naturally. There are few old pics on her instagram refilled but I have no data left so I'm not posting it. Google Jeff Buley to see her natural lips.

No. 649473

File: 1532782605827.jpeg (577.2 KB, 750x738, C27465CD-24B2-476A-813B-5EB187…)

No. 650956

she's seemingly gained alot of weight and stopped posting as many bodypics/videos right when she got her meds and left rehab she looks healthier tho(don't use emojis)

No. 651224

Looks like someone’s pigged up

No. 651624

Zyprexa yes, but not ALL antipsychotics are like that. Abilify is pretty weight neutral.

No. 651832

File: 1533026111414.jpeg (421.74 KB, 750x857, 9B389A41-9824-4EE7-8474-E23228…)

I’m guessing that’s why anon said “pretty much all…” like we really don’t need a list

Clare can’t show off her “huge ass” anymore. It’s still flat, but her waist got thicker, so now the striking contrast that she used to be able to pull off by arching isn’t really there.

No. 652323

Absolutely. Also she’s pushing the fat down with her thumbs so she obviously gained some hip/thigh/belly fat lmao.

No. 652331

Shit can anyone else spot that track mark on her arm???

No. 654471

Pic is so potato quality it’s honestly hard to tell

No. 654508

File: 1533199482765.jpeg (401.11 KB, 750x1191, 370171D2-FADC-4529-86A1-D48FA8…)

>study horticulture

So…grow weed, then.

Great plan A+ there definitely isn’t a shortage of mental health resources and rampant drug addiction in Hawaii!

No. 654514

>You can lead a horticulture but you can't make her think

No. 654520

I’m weeping bless you anon

No. 654592

File: 1533216835751.jpg (677.27 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180802-232809_Ins…)

Track marks for dayss (this was from a video on her instagram highlights)

No. 654621


For once Luna doesn't have the worst track marks on LC.

No. 654697

Looks like she’s trying to get plugged, reminds me of the time she casually posted pics of her track marks with a “looking for weed” caption when she was living in the very weed-legal state of CA.

No. 654699

(The way this messy bitch lowkey outs dealers so often is going to get her fucked up eventually, sry for double post)

No. 654755

File: 1533234671424.png (Spoiler Image, 665.44 KB, 504x856, SCREENSHOT.png)

Wow u were right

No. 654756

are those bruises on her neck? jesus.

No. 655144

Not to be a totally bitch but how does she have such prematurely saggy jowls/eye bags and her terrible lifestyle, druggo sister doesn't? Fillers?

No. 655362

Lol what she looks 10 years younger than Clare even after she’s clearly been crying in this pic. Also i see no jowls, just bulimia cheeks.

No. 656783

File: 1533429232940.png (1.67 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180804-202749.png)

being a groupie doesn't make him your ex Clare. quit trying to say this bullshit. there's not even evidence she even had sex with him. just one shit photo of her on stage. sad kek

No. 656818

Christ she’s embarrassing

No. 656830

File: 1533436353043.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, image1(6).png)

Proof clare is gaining weight she has tits now and she won't show the rest of her body

No. 656846

We don’t need more proof, she stated it herself, and she’s posted her body plenty. If you mean proof that she’s getting uncomfortable with her weight though - agreed. Usually i woudn’t take satisfaction in that, but with Clare it seems more like poetic justice for editing her body & lying about it, and larping severe mental illness for attention. Now she’s on the antipsychotics she wanted to prove her edge lord status, and she’s getting all the shitty things that come with being a “crazy” person - loss of friends, reputation, and your appearance.

No. 657012

File: 1533453826687.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 350.85 KB, 750x1111, EF345DB7-25F9-46EA-9050-4486AC…)

Rachael posted some pretty big updates…apparently someone beat her up pretty bad (1/3)

No. 657016

File: 1533454278431.jpeg (139.07 KB, 750x747, D2EA915E-6AF7-4FD9-BD8A-1BBE0F…)

According to her she doesn’t do drugs (2/3)

No. 657018

File: 1533454383856.jpeg (516.97 KB, 750x1308, D4CC911C-F5E6-4C2A-AEEF-6E1A56…)

And apparently she is back in LA? Usually she and Clare stick pretty close, but Clare seems to still be in NY.

Rachael is so much more interesting to me than Clare, and I genuinely feel bad that she seems to have so much fucked up stuff going on right now. It’s hard to tell how much of her seeming nice is because she’s more private or because she’s genuinely decent - she doesn’t seem to have lots of people ready to jump at a chance to talk shit on her though, and in flaky superficial circles that those two run in, that’s saying something?

No. 657073

like she isnt totally pushing them up lmao in all those videos on her story she was pushing her boobs up shes still flat chested despite the weight gain

No. 657088

You’re right anon, I’m a chubby chan here and I am flat chested, my weight gain made me flabbier and my skin thicker (kinda like belly rolls?) but yeah she has not got boobs yet lol, she’s pushing her chest chubs together, only way she’d even get a boob is through pregnancy which Clare can’t even expect because of her fake Marilyn Manson date claims and her drug use.

No. 657132

Who would be proud of fucking Marylin Manson in the first place? I can imagine people boasting about it 20 years ago, but now, when he's an old, bloated, unattractive guy? And also probably STD-ridden. I would be quiet about about having sex with him, really. He's just another old pervert now. And he definitely doesn't look like on those T-shirts in real life.

No. 657260

I think maybe he might have used her as a booty call a few times after Clare moved to la but yeah, that still doesn't constitute a relationship. I so wish someone would troll her and ask about Lindsay Usich

No. 657451

Does anyone know how old Claire is?

No. 657511

She’s 21.

No. 657544

Does anyone have any info on her and Internetgirl? Are they still friends? Is Internetgirl as God-fucking-awful as Lilith is?

No. 657582

File: 1533520323925.jpeg (163.76 KB, 750x1022, 19A90ADA-0FD8-433C-8B2F-72DBA8…)

No. 657710

once again marilyn is not your ex lilith… he never even fucking claimed you.jesus christ shes delusional

No. 657714


yes Lordosis, this entire site is allllll about you.

No. 657717

>making websites

Bitch where, post some links I would love to see what people have come the fuck up with.

No. 657806

>somehow I just ended up with 75,000 followers idk I’m an internet victim I guess!

No. 657887

Actually from what people say on insta and other social media, relationship of mm and usich are creepy af so I would rather troll him asking about usich

No. 657888

As for Clare I asked about her mansons fans. They told me she was a groupie in 2015.

No. 657890

Agree. He's a creep, just reading what people tell about him on insta. He definitely uses young girls as Clare as whores.

No. 657940

I'm dying over how she keeps trying to tag/dick ride Noel felding in the vain attempt to get him to ~notice her~ like she did with Manson. She really does have zero social skills and relies almost entirely on her body to get by in life

No. 657965

File: 1533572181143.jpeg (607.54 KB, 1143x746, 7FD15F81-88DE-41ED-A023-3EA1A4…)

I just found a bunch of old photos of Lilith on instagram, @m_e_photography

No. 657973

Woah, no way

No. 657975

File: 1533573809674.jpeg (129.48 KB, 790x1319, 1E3DCD00-10C4-470D-BEBC-3BF783…)

There’s nothing really astounding there - just some pretty average high school photography. The photos are all from 2013. Rachael is in there as well.

No. 658078

Yes Clare you found some Facebook memories didn’t you.

No. 658083

I really do feel like Clare’s sister is slating her on here because this account was from like 2013 and it doesn’t follow anyone else other than Rachel…

No. 658097

These aren't exactly flattering pics of her so idk why she would self post, plus she was banhammered ages ages on the old instances thread

No. 658224

“People talking about my ex MM” oh silly girl MM is on every goth gossip critic site there is being the massive rock star he is and he’s constantly critiqued by music presenters and shit for being so controversial, god why is Clare this dumb

No. 658423

I’m not Clare or Rachael, I literally just thought “hmm I wonder what happens if you google Clare’s full name” and there really aren’t that many results. It’s a public account. Try it and see for yourself.

No. 658443

No. 658457

I'm starting to think Clare has become a femcel hence the grasping at whatever memories she has refurbish into the fantasy of having a bf

No. 658504

File: 1533619477547.jpeg (288.66 KB, 1120x1488, 8495866F-3E77-4A73-8A69-52C84D…)

She looks like shes unhygienic and stinks of stale sour milk ew

No. 658507

Someone quick, put her in a preschool, she’d be so happy!

No. 658539

File: 1533625878772.png (123.81 KB, 1080x712, IMG_20180807_090741.png)

Mansons fans talking on insta about Clare. What caught my attention that Manson seems to be far more cow than Clare.

No. 658540

File: 1533625954573.png (127.41 KB, 1080x668, IMG_20180807_090529.png)

BTW I know what girl they talking about. About sourgirrrl, Gabriella

No. 658589

i want to know more/everything milky about kody/sheslethal

obviously she loves drugs, but more milky juicy details, thanx

No. 658590

File: 1533635960506.png (72.21 KB, 953x264, IMG_20180807_115705.png)

If even fans talks about you like that. Manson seems to be milky too

No. 658591

File: 1533636041458.png (106.55 KB, 1080x594, IMG_20180807_115644.png)

About usich

No. 658594

File: 1533636165783.png (249.67 KB, 1080x1363, IMG_20180807_115758.png)

Holy cow

No. 658595

"multiple girlfriends"?

No. 659234

File: 1533700497323.png (142.78 KB, 1080x794, IMG_20180807_181449.png)

All comments via marilynmansonnews. I guess Clare might not completely lie about dating if Manson says girls he dates them, another thing she must understand now they didn't date.

No. 659261

Not really milky he is a rockstar, it is not uncommon.

No. 659325

This isn’t a Marilyn Manson thread, go post this shit somewhere else, and in the meantime read the rules and learn to integrate.(Mini-modding)

No. 659637

File: 1533749148453.jpeg (481.82 KB, 750x1071, 31CBABA5-D952-48DC-BEEC-49B0DF…)

Imagine needing attention this badly.

No. 659677

She’s so ugly

No. 659681

Why does Lilith add kisses onto her text isn’t that a very british thing to do or is she just fangirling of Noel Fielding so hard

No. 659741

File: 1533757438313.jpg (494.11 KB, 810x1370, 20180808_144155.jpg)

What's with this hairstyle

No. 659756

what's up with the 2007 emo/scene style? these girls were like 10yrs old when that happened why are they trying to bring it back just go make something nicer you have the technology and resources please do better
(forgot to sage the first time)

No. 659794

pleeeease make a holli thread I've been searching for one forever I don't know a lot about her but she seems super milky and I want to see what people can dig up

>broke my little black heart

wow you're so dark and special

No. 662159

I definitely want more milk on Holli and her past, someone please dump info

No. 662196

File: 1534005524284.png (1.73 MB, 1440x1552, Screenshot_20170513-171257.png)


Here's an old SS I took of Holli in a nutshell

No. 662290

you're all sad cunts

No. 662305

Idk I’m a pretty happy cunt but I can’t speak for everyone.

No. 662329

id say spending so much time in rinsing one woman is pretty sad? could ya's not go n do sumin productive with your life like ??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 662341


Supposedly she gave a 16 year old ( also rich like Clare) massive amounts of xanax that caused her to OD and die. Also other farmers have posted comments off instagram of someone's mom accusing her of getting her daughter hooked on drugs on purpose. She honestly seems like a god awful person, who chooses naive girls much younger then her to be friends from rich families she can leech off then runs them ragged until they are junkies with no future like her. She was very pretty once but clearly looks horrible irl now, throws massive amounts of Facetune on her pics when she bothers to post them. Has a sister who looks like a lost cause as well. Went to jail on a robbery charge a while back, did the whole ~im sober~ bs for a while then clearly went back to using. Has never held a job or done anything useful so it's just assumed she survives off of dealing and/or sex work. That's all I can remember off the top of my head.

No. 662343


Also this is just me but I believe she is the only reason Clare became an iv user instead of just snorting, based off Clare's scribblings and horrific attempts at "dancing" I don't think she has the fine motor skill to shoot herself up successfully without giving herself disgusting huge abscesses. She prob had holli shoot her up like lurch used to shoot up luna slater.

No. 662350

Also sorry to samefag but that is absolutely disgusting. I've never seen heroin that looks brown like that out of a bag, is she reusing a needle that was already inside someone's arm? Jesus Christ

No. 662895

>holli thread

I have been following this train wreck for years. I'd be willing to contribute if someone made a thread. @angelicexpression on tumblr is her long-time (now ex?) friend. There is milk to be had but it's old tbh

No. 662904

it's black tar heroin, different from china white

No. 663081

Isnt that meant to be smoked?

No. 663900

You can shoot up either. Most ppl shoot BTH. I’ve been fucking waiting for a Holli thread, please drop some stuff. I’m mutuals with angelicexpression/Paige and I remember when the thing went down with that girl dying, there are some texts Paige posted from Holli trying to pin her death on Paige iirc

No. 663957

File: 1534206471440.png (167.14 KB, 750x1334, E9AD3BCA-DABE-4E77-AE5A-DBB47D…)

Pic dump incoming

No. 663959

File: 1534206539614.png (131.9 KB, 750x1334, D4641C9F-6B2F-456C-BA84-6F94A4…)

No. 663963

File: 1534206912325.png (152.55 KB, 750x1334, FFDABDC2-B80D-4CE1-A88D-234051…)

No. 663992

File: 1534209903538.png (146.08 KB, 750x1334, E032237A-F8FF-441B-9D61-2A3BE3…)

No. 663996

File: 1534210336953.png (397.19 KB, 750x1334, 6BDDCBF3-51E7-47FD-BE4B-BC67BE…)

Holli’s police report

No. 663998

File: 1534210420823.png (150.25 KB, 750x1334, 4C75CFB6-942A-42A5-A811-5393DE…)

No. 664006

File: 1534211090661.png (159.15 KB, 750x1334, 8F216202-5D9D-4597-BE98-124ACE…)

No. 664706

File: 1534294041151.jpg (202.07 KB, 1242x1228, 5cfb3ffd-c0e1-4d8b-b881-f37f0d…)

What an ugly girl

No. 664707

File: 1534294147960.jpg (286.54 KB, 1080x809, 473badbb-65cd-47b4-a347-c05a70…)

No. 664716

pretty sure this is lauren @boystear formerly @internetcorpse they're talking about (?), I'm also curious if/how holli was involved

No. 664796

God why would her parents spell her name like that ??

No. 664813

File: 1534302228009.jpeg (253.29 KB, 750x1086, 74E57C6C-16EE-4DFC-A4AB-893B07…)

Not sure how sponsoring works on Instagram but this recent pic of Holli popped up on my feed a few days ago

No. 664833

What does that even mean

No. 664966

If you read any thread long enough, eventually a Lauryn Lawler connection pops up.

No. 665128

Who is that?

No. 665333

lol Lauryn Lawler is basically a random UK girl who's obsessed with Clare and Holli and tries soooo hard to be edgy to get their attention. she's such a cow but not really in an entertaining way, she's annoying as fuck. I used to follow her to laugh like I do the rest of these people but it got so annoying. can't remember her nick now. there's been drama with her but I honestly can't recall if it was here or somewhere else. in >>664006 and >>663998 you can see the person who asked the questions was Lauryn

some company paid her to wear their clothes in photos. Probably some lameass company like UNIF. She doesn't have a huge following so I doubt they paid her actual money…most likely just gave her free clothes. It's pretty common on IG

No. 665830

File: 1534382330284.png (64.29 KB, 750x382, IMG_0998.PNG)

It's obvious by the way she isn't tagged that Clare and Yudi no longer have any relationship. But she is still down to hang with this methhead weirdo with melon tits. really don't know how Clare manages to consistently choose the worst people to be friends with.

No. 665980

She's a longtime farmer who self-posts and skinwalks cows.

No. 666410

File: 1534447541012.png (736.71 KB, 2048x2048, LimitedVocabulary.png)

No. 666632

File: 1534464683171.png (Spoiler Image, 435.24 KB, 930x598, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 5.10…)

She brings up this thread so often

No. 666649

wasn't lawler that chick that made the tumblr callout blogs about emily and pinned emily and ember against eachother

No. 666724

lol You’re not sober if you’re still smoking weed dumb bitch

No. 666727

File: 1534470808231.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 325.3 KB, 750x1054, 9CB4A4CB-9D38-4FD2-A7EA-55B32C…)

She’s gonna break her fucking back

No. 666846

her parents should both be collectively ashamed for enabling her this long and the fact that daddy rewarded her with new lip fillers just proves he's a moron. I feel sorry for Rachel, I feel like she's being subtly pushed into the role of taking care of Clare when they get older

No. 666849


>height 506/weight 175

Dafuq? was this a typo?

No. 666867

The sponsored is linked to her own IG, that means she paid for a sponsored post to promote her own account. If it was a brand or something it would be her photo but the account would be the brand’s.

No. 666879

No that was actually ember and Emily themselves

No. 666964

She was overweight when she was a young teenager, so that could have been when she got her license and the cops used that info

No. 667048

She looks like a fatty and she can’t even fit on the screen

No. 667060

yeah that was it, someone tried to snark her on tumblr implying shes a fatty who edits her pictures (this is when she looked extremely cracked out) and she said she never got it updated

No. 667062

right this is really pissing me off. she's on her IG story right now talking about how she's sober while hitting a blunt. I don't personally mind weed at all but quit pretending you're sober. was gonna post screenshots but it's just her horrible fringe and hair color and makeup. nothing interesting to be seen kek

No. 667066

Clare Buley looks like a manly looking stinkass goth lately

No. 667080


is that charlotte free? lol

No. 667091

The incest brother fucker yeah

No. 667146

File: 1534530882746.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 171.73 KB, 750x885, 160BED1A-EEE0-424E-AB71-CF6B9F…)


What’s the milk on Charlotte Free? She has always seemed strange to me and I know Lilith is friends with her too…

No. 667179

File: 1534534316431.png (75.34 KB, 1088x328, charlottefree.png)

she dated her half brother

No. 667990

File: 1534645263246.jpeg (157.93 KB, 750x997, C01C10C8-0AFF-46F9-BC88-B67217…)


No. 667991

File: 1534645286769.jpeg (166.87 KB, 750x879, BE925202-AEAA-43E5-AAAA-BE92CB…)


No. 668012

File: 1534647018942.png (4.01 MB, 750x1334, 3FDA75AE-E14E-4DD1-931F-E7DD6B…)

Flew out to see Rachael

No. 668682

File: 1534739523641.png (144.35 KB, 750x1334, 6D8503CC-4273-4A36-81E5-7EC0FA…)

Does anybody know what she said? Who did she @???

No. 668861

Every time Clare uploads a video of her ass it looks like she’s farting

No. 668905

“Asked me if I was still famous” yeah I’ll take shit that never happened for 500
She’s so delusional

No. 669247


wait is that rachael?

No. 669561

File: 1534860352982.jpeg (475.42 KB, 972x838, 48FAE889-B759-4912-BA4D-81B0EB…)

Is this a track mark? Obv could be a freckle, but it looks reddish and kinda indented? Idk.

No. 669661

File: 1534868501573.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 686.54 KB, 1125x832, C149A33A-7FD6-4686-95BF-2AC4E7…)

Clare got her papa Buley to buy her this surgery lol

No. 669662

File: 1534868528842.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 191 KB, 1125x800, EF1B6A7E-2E02-4811-987E-CB0962…)

Yes Clare you had this done didn’t you

No. 669667

anon what are you doing

No. 669710

Who is Lucas Jolivet?

No. 669788

Lmao no one would preform this surgery on a 16 year old

God farmers on this thread are so lowkey jealous of this druggie ho

No. 669946

Sage because not important, but I reaaaally don’t think she had surgery done. If anything, I would guess that she used to do (maybe still does?) corset training/tightlacing.

I used to do tightlacing a couple years ago and I still have a pretty similar waist to hip ratio to Lilith because of it. I think that’s a lot more likely than having her ribs removed lol.

No. 671640

Fuck bLade is dead

No. 671647

>>671640 she has a history of faking her death tho

No. 671653


Check her thread.

No. 671655

What’s her real name? I wanna find like an obituary or sum thing

No. 671658

>>671655 Melanie Arias

No. 671662


It's too soon for a death announcement or obit.

No. 671669

Blade has her own thread, post there >>>/snow/579802

No. 671674


I considered telling anons to take it to her thread in my comment >>671662 but I didn't want to be banned for minimodding.

No. 671936

who is this?

No. 671947

Rachael Buley

No. 671952

lol why was she even a cam girl if they are rich? wtf

No. 671974

I’m guessing that as long as neither of these girls are in school or working, their parents are still supporting them, but limiting their disposable income. Their dad is a big shot lawyer and mom cares enough about their public image that she used to have a sock account for commenting negativity on Clare’s posts about her drugthot lifestyle. Like most rich and detached parents, they probably just try to influence their kids through dispensation or withholding of funds, as opposed to actual guidance.

No. 671976

Also Clare has a drug problem and it seems pretty clear that Rachael struggles as well even though she’s smart enough to keep it off the internet - both girls have been in rehab at the same time in the past - so I doubt they get handed a whole lot of “spending money,” since you obviously can’t trust addicts with cash.

No. 673252

File: 1535234129946.png (394.93 KB, 1440x2147, Screenshot_20180825-165153.png)

people are finally calling her out on her e-begging ways. didn't know if i should post this in blade's forum or not but i figured since it was on lilith's post id go on and throw it in here.

No. 673267

it wasn't her that set up the gofundme though, it was a relative, idk how well off they are

No. 673333

no shit anon im laughing because she already burned the gofundme bridge two times ago and people are sick of it to the point when she posts this she gets called out.

No. 673352

I though eamon made the fundraiser not a reletive?

No. 673357


Maybe look at the Gofundme page, anon?

No. 673437

File: 1535250117937.png (3.43 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180825-221801.png)

I fucking hate her.

No. 673440

It’s not even close to valentines wat???

No. 673443

It's a real or fake memory of a time two aesthetic Instagram junkies from wealthy families bought toys. She didn't say it was recent…

No. 674053

Anyone else find her current nonstop 247 blade posting masturbatory and weird/borderline offensive? Esp since her family not to post thotty pictures that symbolize the lifestyle that killed her and anything featuring lilith is by nature thot material

No. 674107

File: 1535337236200.jpg (53.24 KB, 1024x1024, DljAH0XU4AATNp5.jpg)

she made this face morph ("mine and melanies faces combined<\3") her twitter profile pic. I could sort of understand using a pic of Melanie in tribute, e.g. how Lil Uzi Vert's profile pic is Lil Peep, but with this Clare is literally inserting herself into someone else's tragedy. It's narcissistic

No. 674286

Where/when did her family ask that?

No. 674427

Eamon Colbert stated it multiple times and also her cousin posted a comment on her last instagram post asking that if anyone had "any beautiful pictures of my cousin please send them to me. Decent pictures please." I should have capped it now it's lost in the flood of pointless bs. Because Clare sucks at life and is severely mentally defective she clearly doesn't get it and prob thinks any photo without tits or ass is "decent" even when it clearly perpetuates the narrative of junkie prostitution her fam doesn't want to see or hear.

No. 674571

blade was the same tho. her family is struggling to get “decent” photos of her because she didn’t take very many at all

No. 680041

blade actually made that edit months ago and Lilith posted it years ago she did not just make this and Lilith and Blade were best friends clearly her best friend is going to be devastated

No. 680057

How could you have posted it years ago if Melanie just made it months ago Clare?

Honestly it’s weird and not helpful to you or anyone that you keep coming here to post…like, go talk to a therapist or something. Sort your shit out.

No. 680204

I don't understand what that moron is trying to say but that image is old. IIRC Clare posted it when she still lived in NYC and was hanging out with Melanie a lot. I remember there was a period where they were constantly together getting insanely high and acting like total cows on IG every. single. day. Basically conflating their lives and making themselves seem cooler by associating with one another. It's as if they want people to see their connection and think they are cooler for knowing one another, more than they actually care for the person themselves as multi-dimensional individuals. It's nothing new, it's all over IG and especially in this scene. But deserves to be mentioned IMHO

No. 684324

File: 1536467668377.png (230.87 KB, 706x1056, Screenshot_2018-09-08-21-19-45…)

Melanie has been assigned another court date and has been marked as having appeared three times which would include the 7th, but this could simply refer to having had three scheduled appearances regardless of whether she actually attended or indicate that her public defender attended.

No. 685315

File: 1536601482468.png (495.82 KB, 750x1334, 03756288-C02D-43CD-AC9D-7AC138…)

A “psycho” ex hacked Lilith’s Instagram and deleted all of the pics she posted of Melanie in the past month. Also wiped her twitter clean for good measure

No. 685321

Hm, I wonder if that really happened or if she had some remorse and decided to delete that stuff, then pretend she was hacked.

No. 685521

File: 1536623552541.png (168.49 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8208.PNG)

She deleted another comment I didn't get to SS of someone asking if it was "p?" And clare said yes but idk who any of her exes are besides of course Marilyn Manson

No. 685529

she dated a guy named pete @kamikazebeats. she was obsessed with him. he had her blocked on everything

No. 685701

File: 1536644638069.jpeg (161.72 KB, 750x643, EAA04552-D052-4B9C-8F92-6FE2E4…)

yeah, it’s not that guy. good guess though.

No. 685703

lets be real, there are PLENTY of people who arent her exes that are sick of her

No. 685927

What is this screenshot from?

No. 686004

Her entire Instagram is gone or at least deactivated now

No. 686017

oh man, is her own mom crusading against her again?

No. 686074

File: 1536700380892.jpg (132.82 KB, 1080x1920, PicsArt_09-11-05.11.44.jpg)


supposedly her "ex boyfriend" deleted it.

No. 686078

lil.fever aren't you banned?

No. 686268

If that's true she should be grateful, this is what her parents should have done years ago if either of them gave a shit about her

No. 686386

File: 1536731464028.png (4.25 MB, 1242x2208, 8FB9995A-9C91-4B74-8ED7-7B78EE…)

Yikes does this mean she’s using again? Or did she ever stop

No. 686414

Lmao I wouldn’t be surprised if it was her mom. Makes a lot more sense than a random ex she was obsessed with that had her blocked just popping back up after years to fuck with her. Kudos to Mom if she’s behind it.

No. 686860

File: 1536794023231.png (2.85 MB, 1242x2208, 14DECD33-ACA7-4FF6-8668-510B95…)

No. 687737

Aww, baby's first family-fronted preferential workplace hire

No. 687880

she pays $10 a month to add music to videos

No. 687881


How did you manage to get this screenshot?

No. 688787

If her parents have got her a job it would make sense that it was one of them who deleted her insta

No. 689095

her insta is back

No. 691714

Her twitter is back also

No. 692231

I tinfoil that this anon who posted this is also the person who deleted her account. How else would they get this unless logged into her account

No. 692476

This was my first thought too

No. 694014

didnt lilith say she had a premium snapchat? does anyone know if she actually do anything on there or was she scamming?

No. 694018

i think it was just videos of her ass like she already posts on instagram for free

No. 694019

It's not a tinfoil. The screenshot is pretty forward. A farmer hacked her and deleted her shit, good riddance.

No. 694126

File: 1537613661991.jpeg (3.12 MB, 2787x4208, CF5D8AD9-83D6-4DA8-9F13-58920F…)

Why bother to hack her and not even post real milk? Her DMs would be a goldmine. Of all the info to drop, the fact that she spent a few bucks on some follower apps is a snooze.

Either this was the lamest “hack” of all time or there’s more to it than that.

No. 696216

could've checked for dm's from exes but sure, her copyright bill is milkier.

No. 696581

File: 1537892347494.png (236.28 KB, 750x1097, IMG_1890.PNG)

So why don't you just go back to doing drugs if you know so much better then medical professions Clare - Oh yeah daddy warbucks won't fund your junkie lifestyle anymore.

No. 696589


You habitually abused dopaminergic drugs which damage dopamine pathways. How is this difficult to understand?

>psychically sick

Reading and writing comprehension level confirmed.

No. 697749

File: 1537999488374.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1125x1667, E24A11AA-7D77-4904-9194-D1E074…)

Her shooping hasn’t gotten better with her sobriety

No. 697782

File: 1538002312940.png (1023.55 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5677.PNG)

Seriously what is with the excessive blur tool it doesn't match the rest of her skin at all

No. 698156

it also doesn't match her arms/armpits. i don't know anyone who gets a little chubbier in those areas before getting ANY noticeable bodyfat on their tummy. please.

No. 698395

unless I'm incorrectly informed, no-one gets arm/armpit fat before stomach or thigh fat. Usually it starts with the legs. then the stomach/chest and THEN the arms.

To me she looks like she's sucking in her stomach. In her story she doesn't look that toned either nowadays.

No. 699116

Anyone else feel like she's deadass turning into luna slater 2.0? Living near NYC but taking zero advantage of it, trying to sell her shitty art no one wants, fat girl angles, muh depreshuns, creepy obsession over dead bff, ect

No. 700077

Now trying to sell stickers of her butt

No. 703673

At least she has a job though

No. 705813

File: 1538898421550.png (4.01 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0529.PNG)

from violet paley's instagram story.

No. 705816

File: 1538898613454.png (4.19 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0530.PNG)

one more screenshot from violetpaley's instagram story.. what lilith really looks like with no editing

No. 705884

anyone know whatever happened between her and holli? i would guess holli fucked her over as well

No. 705894

I will never understand the glamorizing of heroin use. You lay there, nod, then puke. Awsome. Side note, do these retarded ass children know that you shouldn't have to cook proper H? All that money handed to them and they buy tainted shit. Hilarious and shows what level of posers they are.

No. 705961


lil hamster cheek girl.

i get so salty thinking about these rich ass fucking thots being able to become junkies for the aesthetic and just having their families drag them out of the holes they dug themselves with money.

No. 705988

Lmao she doesn’t have a job.

Look at this desk. >>686860 It’s clearly for common use or is already in someone else’s use, there’s a list of instructions taped to the monitor, and more importantly no gaudy edgelord bullshit that Clare would immediately plonk down.

More importantly, Clare has no skills or experience for any job, no clothes for a job, and is the kind of dork to make a dumb joke like “lol look at me @ my desk job” to her cadre of similarly unemployed edelord followers.

No. 706001

Even with the low quality you can really see how much she’s breaking out from the psych meds. I’d feel bad for her if this wasn’t exactly what she wanted, pretending to be Heroin Chic Lisa Rowe.

No. 706336

Old post, but reverse triangles do, actually, along with back fat first. She wouldn't since she's probably a pear shape.

No. 706765


She obviously doing some bs filing work for her father. Not a real job, but at least it gives her some job history to start with.

No. 707034

File: 1539043265823.png (4.41 MB, 1080x6285, 2018-10-8_16-58-32.PNG)

From Holli's ig story. She's got mad hunch back from all the time spent slumped over and on her phone kek

No. 707036

File: 1539043478114.jpg (570.97 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_2018-10-08_170412.j…)

No. 713858


No. 715200

Jesus she looks like s zombie

No. 715321

Has it been confirmed that Melanie is actually dead/has anyone heard anything new about her passing?

No. 715631


I believe she’s an intern at some substance abuse association.

No. 715659

Her account got deleted which can sometimes be done at the request of the family once someone has passed away but I’m not totally sure that’s why it was deleted

No. 715662

File: 1539833013402.jpeg (338.3 KB, 640x1084, D2BB55BE-8671-49FB-AEB9-216199…)

99% sure she is. while looking for her account i found a remembrance account run by a family member of hers that has a lot of family and baby photos that melanie definitely never posted. pic related is one from her cousin(?) the name is blurred out for privacy’s sake.

No. 715667

File: 1539833195857.jpeg (564.83 KB, 640x1087, 99BEB550-1DED-498A-BB0A-8C170D…)

samefag from above. this is also fairly definitive proof. this should probably be the end of the discussion though as her thread was locked for a reason

No. 715688

thats depressing, i dont like these posts

No. 715728

that's so sad. poor thing. i thought she still might've been alive. poor girl was a mess and mustve dealt with a lot.

No. 717803

File: 1540078444386.jpeg (180.27 KB, 750x1215, 06C4AF03-F611-42F2-AD28-3FD130…)

Already deleted

No. 717927

oh my god clare no one cares

No. 718147

File: 1540139655955.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2195.PNG)

This is the same father who must have shelled out at least 100,000+ in the last two years and failed private art schools, apts in New York and LA, lip fillers, smartphone, bougie rehabs etc?

No. 718167

tbf it could be a classic 'dad was working all the time and bought be tons of shit to make up for it' situation. A lot of wealthy kids end up acting out because their parents are absent or bad at parenting. Though usually they end up on the straight-and-narrow eventually, and having shitty wealthy parents is a hell of a lot better than having shitty poor parents. Either way, Lilith shouldn't be publicly trash-talking her parents while she's living fast and hard in the most expensive part of the country on their dime.

No. 718182

Rich parents that truly dgaf don't spend massive amounts of money on rehabs and such, if the kid is tucking they just tell them
" You wanna do it your way then your own now, tough love" like what went down with Donald Trump jr when he was working as a bartender in Denver.

Clare is just delusional and spoiled.

No. 718277

I'm glad we have an expert on the inner workings of rich parents' minds here to illuminate the situation for us.

No. 725968

File: 1541263418868.png (1.34 MB, 1080x2308, mentallillness.PNG)

No. 726568

No. 727277

Regardless of her parenting situation, she clearly was born with mental illness. Her own mom was mortified to have to make up stories involving vomit when she was super young. Of course, absent/abusive parents can exacerbate and cause more mental illness, but it seems obvious she was born with a screw loose.

No. 727313

>Her own mom was mortified to have to make up stories involving vomit when she was super young.


No. 727340

She posted photos and videos of her mom’s personal diary. You can tell it is not liliths handwriting. She talks about how she doeSnt know what to do because her sweet little 5 year old just wants to hear stories at bedtime with puke involved. She laments the fact that her sister Rachel doesn’t care for the stories and she doesn’t understand how such a sweet little blonde angel could have such gross desires. Lilith of course ate this up and was proud of it. But it was a sad glimpse of a mom who didn’t know how to handle her mentally ill daughter.

No. 727365

Caps or don’t bother idiot

No. 727366

Caps or don’t bother idiot

No. 727509

She posted them last year. I don’t give a shit enough about that flake to save that shit 😂

No. 727513

learn to sage if you have nothing to contribute fag

No. 727514

File: 1541519848079.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1235x1697, 295A73F8-F601-4F2D-8F4C-AA0360…)

Here’s your tea jackass.

No. 727516

File: 1541520653693.jpeg (128.81 KB, 281x500, 5E0F1CCB-B867-4EA2-B0AE-25A00C…)

Has anyone else noticed it’s taken way over a year for her bangs to grow out? This is from a couple weeks ago and she said she supposedly cut them completely off in a manic rage over a year ago? Bitch’s hair grow slow af or she cut them like a wench for attn.

No. 727517

I don't think this is necessarily a sign of a mental illness. That's quite a reach. A lot of kids go through certain periods when they're fascinated by bodily fluids or various processes and it's not a sign of mental illness, it's just them being curious.

No. 727532

True, but considering we know what path she took after this journal entry, it’s hard to dispute that she has struggled with mental illness her entire life. She didn’t and doesn’t battle it in the most admirable ways, obviously. But this journal entry shows in such a simple way how her mom felt helpless even then.

No. 727582

Holy shit can you newfags read the rules before posting? No one wants to see you lowkeying stanning this dumb bitch via medfagging.

No. 727661

Lord what is this manly looking damp rat looking at

No. 728708

File: 1541693198545.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20181108-080612.png)

No. 728848

File: 1541710293084.jpeg (135.02 KB, 640x881, 9258ED11-1678-4ABF-B725-852592…)

I assume Bella is the girl that was in the video of Lilith and Manson on stage? I remember that being brought up on one of the threads

No. 728849

File: 1541710358749.jpeg (138.74 KB, 640x858, AC5821B3-0E08-4EE4-8EB4-8A6F9A…)

No. 728927

File: 1541719530122.jpeg (682.57 KB, 2048x2048, 82646878-B7BC-48AE-B0CE-27E816…)

No. 728955


she looks way prettier without the weird shoop, BDD is one hell of a drug.

No. 729460

how does anyone even think this is real? she could have had anyone write this for her and it reads like some preteens fanfic. who even talks about their kids like that?

No. 732313

File: 1542247983889.jpg (160.34 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(68).jpg)

Um wtf

I feel bad for Rachel it seems like Clare's been pretty abusive and codependent with her

No. 732317

File: 1542248225845.jpg (106.93 KB, 750x1334, Image-1(69).jpg)

No. 732359

File: 1542254254210.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 38CCCBA1-25DF-4EA2-9F27-9EBCE7…)

Clare has been posting so many old pictures and videos lately, and also tweeting about how she feels ugly. It’s actually pretty sad. I can’t tell if she’s reminiscing about her past drug use or just the way she used to look. Also she talks about how she “ruined her life” it’s not even milky anymore it’s just sad

No. 732781


I'm pretty sure daddy told her he won't pay to send her to back to art school in NYC or LA and For Clare I'm pretty sure that's like death.

No. 734121

It's more likely to be because blade died

No. 734486

She leaked that blade was in jail clearly against her wishes for some "oMG jUnkIE LYfe" clout, yeah she really cared about that girl.

No. 741954


It's no secret that blade went to jail for her idiotic decisions. Just gooogle "Melanie Arias arrest", it's public record that she was a junkie.

No. 742748

File: 1543803337161.jpg (207.28 KB, 800x651, 20181202_181438.jpg)

Totally not photoshop guys KEK

No. 742757

looks super physically possible! totally anatomically correct!!!

No. 742761

You can actually almost make out how flat her ass actually is from that stain on the wall, also check out her broken spine. How much crack did she have to do to believe this looks even sort of believable?

No. 742814

Is this bitch for real? Like she makes Tuna seem more likable DAMN. Also reading how she types makes me actually want to stay sober so thank you fake edgy wannabe girl.

No. 742940

Blade thread appears to be deleted.

Admins… Was it out of respect for the dead or because cuckboy Eamon Colbert NYU was mad about his SEO?

No. 742990

File: 1543854060929.jpeg (378.78 KB, 1125x2133, 5DFA3258-6F65-42C7-9735-DBC03D…)

Oh Emilyologist is back at it, LOOK at her she’s even doing the hand poses Lilith does HAHAHA

No. 742992

File: 1543854325868.jpeg (228.47 KB, 1125x1426, 6F0AC004-C50D-4FF7-9B41-AD6247…)

This bitch never stops (1/2)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 742993

File: 1543854383615.jpeg (674.53 KB, 1125x1707, C0F11E1D-1FB5-448D-8E86-ACC2DC…)

And Lilith’s (2/2)

No. 743028

File: 1543858325582.png (22.67 KB, 322x151, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 9.29…)

i'm kinda glad for that. definitely biased from following her on tumblr way back when she was really young but i was one of the anons that pitied melanie, especially seeing her surrounded by slimeballs like eamon, hot sugar, etc. and all her doped-up snake friends. i personally thought she was in way too deep to ever come out of that scene fully recovered, but i think my sympathy also came from how that shit was genuinely all she ever knew/ grew up with and i didn't see her death coming that fast at all.

lilith wants to come off as this mournful tragic soul having so much respect for the dead uwu but the way she used blade (don't get me wrong i'm sure they used each other lol, that's just what drugs will do to a person) and that weird recent edit (according to the soundclout thread) to her lil peep post near the anniversary of his death fronting like she knew him at all say otherwise. every so often she throws out these claims of working on bettering herself or whatever but we ALL know she's not genuinely tryna change her grimey ways

No. 743038

No. 743046


Lol, thought she was little miss love and light yoga these days. Pick a lane.

No. 743072

Emily is still a banned topic because no one cares, and you forgot to crop out your icon.

No. 743702

File: 1543956909981.jpeg (548.1 KB, 750x1118, 17F72718-22DB-460B-B80D-24DD62…)

Lilith seems to be back on her shoop bullshit. Also it’s just weird to post about a recent heartbreak so publicly? I get it if it’s on twitter or a more personal website but insta just isn’t the place. Wonder what she did

No. 746611

I had a feeling she was losing confidence after she gained weight from rehab. Most of her recently posted pics are either from 1-2 years ago or from when she's all done up for whatever cracker event she's going to.

No. 747142

Do you guys think she was really into heroin? I mean, is not that simple to get sober from it… anyways I hope she's ok.

No. 747194

File: 1544488208763.jpeg (215.16 KB, 1125x1071, E8C5A8CC-5A03-48A3-8157-E98AE3…)

^ compare that photoshopped pic to this one oh lol she’s crusty af

No. 747210

Not sure but when she says she’s sober I think she only means from heroin. In her Instagram stories she’s always sniffling and behaving like a cokehead

No. 747257

she seems like the type of person to not consider coke and alcohol as an addiction, hence her connections with eamon cuck and mel.

No. 747370


No. 747404

Yeah but not to the extent she makes it out to be. She's rich. She's not near the same level of scum as most junkies. These people loveee to appear like they're disgusting gutter punks when in reality they're trust fund babies with tons of rich connections. Have you guys seen those videos of that apartment in Manhattan she's been going to? It's one of her friends and it looks like a fucking penthouse in Midtown. So ridiculously expensive. Clare reminds me of that Portlandia sketch with the gutter punks.

She's most likely on methadone or suboxone. Probably the latter. Or she's just doing dope again because she doesn't seem to be any different and still brags about smoking blunts.

No. 747537

File: 1544552575245.jpeg (61.15 KB, 1242x451, image.jpeg)

oh yeah, lilith is famous for her dancing, we all know that..

No. 747576

What is that thing in her nose

No. 747581

Fake blood I think

No. 747596

I almost feel bad for her. Her face got so extremely puffy since she stopped using heroin.

No. 747687

File: 1544570297424.png (340.01 KB, 304x867, Screenshot_2018-12-11-18-08-54…)

Totally normal guyz and anyone who says ANYTHING is just an ugly jealous loser!!!!! uwu

No. 747765

LMAO where you got that pic from

No. 747799

How…does this not embarrass her? Nothing says I have a small ass and insecure about it like making a 90 degree arch with ya damn spine

No. 749670

This is embarrassing. Imagine her irl with her pants literally halfway off her asscheeks going about her business. Is this why ~girls hate her~? Well I guess by her admission she needs sexual attention from all men at all times so…

No. 749787

I’m with you. She looks like hot shit. It’s gotta be hard for her to stay clean if it means looking like this. Woof.

No. 749788

I’m with you. She looks like hot shit. It’s gotta be hard for her to stay clean if it means looking like this. Woof.

No. 750567

lol I really don't think that having a puffy face is going to be what makes staying off heroin difficult

No. 751263

Lilith is spewing so much shit in her story rn. She's the daughter of satan, her hips and ass got big because she sold her sold as a 16yo, she used to trip for free everyday with blade and let their plug watch. Like damn, let the girl rest in peace.

No. 751303

File: 1545260675640.png (4.02 MB, 1242x2208, 7110A69B-E081-418D-8150-F02E17…)

No. 751304

File: 1545260611704.png (4.02 MB, 1242x2208, 7110A69B-E081-418D-8150-F02E17…)

No. 751364

File: 1545269998684.png (1.07 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-12-19-20-31-33…)

She's still on her Manson bullshit.

No. 751376

did she really say she sold her soul to satan? i wish someone had screenshots

No. 751392

My favorite part was when she said she tried to summon demons from the necronomicon even though it warmed her her you aren’t supposed to and that’s how she got addicted to drugs, I was actually considering writing to her that’s it’s fake book from a HP lovecraft novel but what would be the point, this stupid bitch is still at the point were she believes in demons and tooth fairies and Santa Claus

No. 751395

File: 1545273569390.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, FDCE2808-7A38-4DC4-BB43-D10B29…)

No. 751399

File: 1545273951751.png (702.44 KB, 720x1170, Screenshot_2018-12-19-21-40-10…)

Elementary school… With that body…. How fucking retarded are her followers?

I took screenshots of the longer stuff but some lines were cut off because my screen is small. So someone else please get screenshots of the longer posts. I will post mine if nobody else does.

No. 751402

File: 1545274345948.jpeg (792.57 KB, 1242x2208, fullsizeoutput_c49.jpeg)


No. 751406

File: 1545274567800.png (1.2 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-12-19-21-39-32…)

No. 751409

the funniest thing is when she says how "abnormal" her body/bone structure is and that everyone should leave her alone and how she doesnt know why she has such a small waist/big ass when she just has the most average basic body you can have with chunky arms and thighs lmao just admit you shoop and go on

No. 751414

She lies so much and goes to extreme length to cover her shit up that it’s clear after awhile that she doesn’t even believe any of the bullshit she says.

So embarrassing. Idk why she’s hoping on the super outdated Manson-“I got a rib removed too! #metoo”-bandwagon, gotta keep up her lies I guess. She’s gone from:

>I don’t photoshop!

>you’re just jelouss all natural waist and butt!!1
>I don’t sh00p it’s just a colored filter!
>I sometimes edit myself bc I’m insecur
>but not that much!!! I legit look like that!1
>for real I swear I got a rib removed surgically! What photoshop?!

>my teachers name was Samuel and he was into the occult and taught me witchcraft

She didn’t even start talking about “witchcraft” until she had her tumblr for a while and it was becoming a popular fad there. I highly doubt there was an occultist teaching kids witchcraft at some hoity-toity rich white kid school where the tuition is as much as a BMW.

No. 751420

>”blade….lmao miss my partner in crime so much”

She donated only $50 to Melanie’s funeral expenses on gofundme…
….she spent way more in just one day on bags of heroin than she donated to her best friends funeral once

No. 751426


She literally just said in >>751395
that she developed her small waist and big ass at 16 after “selling her soul to satan”. And yet she is posting a picture from “3rd or 4th grade” saying she always looked like this

No. 751444

This sounds exactly like a meth induced psychosis. She is fucking wacked out.

No. 751494

Really it's what you get when you have a super rich family and no personality. In order to rebel against her rich daddy she idolized grungy junkie/druggie scum like Rob Zombie and Manson. Combine that with some kind of personality disorder and you get this fucking dumpster fire of a human who masquerades as a ~so sick damaged poor junkie bbygrl uwu~… When in reality she's just another boring trust fund bitch who nobody actually cares about.

No. 751584


Someone please ask her what “jobs” she hasn’t been hired for bc of the internet. I can’t because we have mutual friends on Instagram but I want to know what jobs there are for lazy rich kids with zero life skills, who make random scribbles and take pictures of their ass all day.

No. 751640

File: 1545330573275.png (859.38 KB, 717x1194, Screenshot_2018-12-20-13-26-03…)

Anyone who believes this is stupid.

No. 751643

Actually this sound exactly like Manson, I’ve heard multiple stories from people in LA who have met him that he goes on places like social media and even model mayhem trying to pick up 18 year old girls- some of kind of inability to let go of his ERW relationship maybe? Only delusional part is Clare thinking she’s not one of 36786432 girls he was talking to at a given time

No. 751646

I have ptsd from those replies

No. 751648

Yes clare, the gossip websites are to blame for employers being able to look up your bullshit. Or maybe you can for once take responsibility for your actions? Or are you too wealthy for that?
>i love cages

No. 751667

File: 1545334086572.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, D7C010A6-30CF-4D13-B43F-C174FF…)

He was a… shapeshifter?

No. 751822

So she just gonna leave out the fact that Manson was talking the same game to 5736337474833 girls at the time? And how one of them, Gabrielle, DMed her to find out that Manson was just playing them out? She just gonna gloss over that huh. Also why doesn't Manson have a lolcow yet? Dude is a huge Moo Moo.

No. 751846

Yeah I remember at the time Claire and Gabriella planning a shoot together after the Manson thing blew up. Claire herself even went on Instagram live saying she was contacted by him pretending to be a 16 Yr old girl. That's so paedo grooming of him. Fucking gross. She also insinuated he was the one to introduce her to heroin in the first place. Yet now she has a rose tinted version of events so weird. He was with Gabriella and she was his bit on the side. She wasn't special

No. 751849

I messaged her on her story in regards to manson and heroin and she didn't post it(cowtipping)

No. 751935

you should post about him in the celebricows thread, I'd love a little more variety in there. tbh there are tons of more interesting celebs to talk about but no one wants to do anything except argue about ariana grande's weight

oh right I can't believe I forgot that Lilith, a centuries-old biblical demon mythological character, is known for her big ass

No. 752164

OT doesn’t he still live with the Lindsay girl?

No. 752285

He's back with Lindsay. They have been on and off since 2010. When Manson was claiming Gabby/had Clare as side groupie #573738, Manson&Lindsay had broken up a few months prior.

The fact that Clare is trying to rewrite the story years after all the tea was posted on insta just shows how delusional she is.

No. 752289

anon post more of this info on the celebricow threads!! i’m unfamiliar with the girls you are talking about or even that he contacted all these ig wannabe goth girls at all

No. 752392

i i wish i had screenshots of when she was beefing with gabriella on IG. They were both posting about eachother and clare was shitting on gabriella’s art saying she just copies manson and stuff.

No. 752417

What’s her ig? Gabriella I mean.

No. 752425

Any nudes?

And what about Sybil (Nightcoregirl) and Bianca? Friends of her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 752482

File: 1545464953000.jpg (163.56 KB, 750x930, IMG_2863.jpg)

when Manson posted Gabriella and kept putting her initial in all the photos when they went to Europe together

No. 752487

File: 1545465513681.png (278.44 KB, 929x538, Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 11.5…)

No. 752488

File: 1545465562453.png (408.8 KB, 932x542, Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 11.5…)

No. 752594

Yeah I remember all this. Gabriella even posted a pic he took of her and a doodle he did for her. There was tonnes of posts from both sides that showed they were together. All Claire had was that she was onstage/backstage and a few sexually charged messages. It just came accross like he used her for sex. A bit of fun. There was an Instagram page called Blood Honey that has now been deleted that leaked messages from both of them the ones to Gabriella were kinda sweet albeit creepy. He called her his little genius. To Claire it was just sex. That's all she ever will be. No one takes messed up shit artists like her seriously. Remember when she was trying to sell those hospital gowns for nearly $80? Jesus. Terrible art, terrible eyebrows, junkie mess

No. 752621

She's delusional

No. 752636

File: 1545499483793.jpg (283.09 KB, 747x1171, IMG_2872.jpg)

I remember blood and honey and all the pages that kept getting deleted but this is the only page left

No. 752666

Yep and Gabby revealed in the messages that Manson told uer to dye her hair blonde because he was going to start taking her places where they'd be seen by the press. He thought the pink was quote tacky.
Then Clares hater ass started calling Gabbys pink hair corny. "That pink bubblegum goth thing is corny." Is what Clare said in a DM about Gabriella. As if the heroin chic, opiates rule, junkie for life asthetic she goes for isnt?????
Clare calls other girls fake&haters all the time yet she always does the thing.
Anon about Gabriella. Gabbys instagram is dedicated to her art now. She removed all her pics and had to go off the grid cuz some of Mansons fans were harrassing her. Unlike Clare she is done with the Manson drama for good.

No. 752686

I know (for a fact) that after all the online drama settled down- gabriella, lindsay and Manson were friends and hung out together. When lindsay had an Instagram, she and gabriella were following and commenting on each other’s stuff. I highly doubt Clare would have the emotional maturity to even be in a situation like that.

No. 752696

File: 1545509605294.jpeg (18.34 KB, 268x178, 7476C61C-5F29-4F5C-88D9-7239AD…)

Had to dig deep but this was the one Manson took of gabriella

No. 752727


Yeah she def mason's type, all the woman he has LT relationships with have strong lower jawline, baby face and skinny with big boobs aka Dita, Rose and EWR.

Not really sure how Clare ever happened, she has no tits and not the face he seems to go for.

No. 752743

And Rose McGowan. Also his longer lasting relationships tend to be with women who actually have a talent/substance. The groupies tend to be more like Clare. Delusional snowflakes.

The stream where she said Manson pretended to be a 16 year old girl to get info outta her, she said he "sucked." Now hes this amazing person. Pick one Clare.

No. 752767

File: 1545521022808.gif (2.29 MB, 275x180, 1515310459970.gif)

>oh right I can't believe I forgot that Lilith, a centuries-old biblical demon mythological character, is known for her big ass

I love you, anon
But for real, she sounds like a chunibyo with that lame ass belief that she is somehow reincarnated from a demon.

No. 752789

The drugs messed her head real bad. Suffering drug induced psychosis believing all this shit

No. 752845

File: 1545532955054.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, 07F3BEB3-94EA-444D-B7FD-8CC013…)

>he was also a shape shifter but thts beside the point

No. 753270

Damn the drugs have fucked with her head… then again she seems very impressionable.

No. 755214

>“Lilith was known to have a small waist and big hips and ass”
…what the fuck was she on when she decided this was a thing? Show me one written source where they describe “Lilith”s body in that level of detail.

Top fucking kek

All this aside I really do agree with the anons upthread who mentioned it’s almost sad at this point, seeing this is how badly she’s fucked up her life and brain with drugs. She can also say she’s recovered all she wants - but either she was on something when she wrote those stories or that’s how messed up her head is.

No. 755630

File: 1546056212279.jpeg (380.56 KB, 1125x1879, 288423F9-A034-400B-B01E-7910E0…)


No. 755632

File: 1546056266696.jpeg (69.37 KB, 462x1149, 3B0D1545-3A42-46C5-8AEC-EDC6A3…)

No. 755961

above people were saying liliths sister rachael had a mfc (my free cams) account. does anyone know what her name was on there?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 756061

I actually think Lilith is sounding more coherent, and I enjoy seeing her discuss these things more openly. She believes in Satan but at least she doesn't like racism or deportations lol. I'd rather be on her team than toopoor…

No. 756276

kek where is this from

No. 756533

Lilith you try so hard to defend yourself on here.

I DOUBT Lilith as well as the other cows are coherent enough, like did you not read this dumb shit on her q and a, as well as her pathetic persona she still puts out there???

No. 758028

Lilith reminds me of the train wreck that once was ginger bronson.

Sage for no contribution kek

No. 758031

File: 1546473460674.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1125x1969, D4D70E17-6F12-4CF6-8562-673D92…)

This pic literally screams “I’m a fishy cumdump”

No. 761287

Rats tails

No. 763563

File: 1547350627232.jpeg (56.27 KB, 750x1092, 4E37373F-61EF-4705-B976-AE92C6…)

No. 765102

File: 1547504359692.png (42.63 KB, 1047x246, Screenshot_20190114-141818~2.p…)

she's still using it's just legal now

No. 765112

Trying to starve herself I see
kek Because it’s a controlled substance you stupid bitch. They only get it after there’s an order.

No. 766227

does Sybil do camstuff?

No. 766248

File: 1547564296313.jpg (2.78 MB, 2560x1920, inCollage_20190115_065147125.j…)

Holli aka heroingranola's sister really let herself go. Don't do drugs (for that long)!!!!

Old pic is from Oct. 2016

No. 766249

Holli is heroingranola. Who is this? Sage your non milk

No. 766251

>Holli aka heroingranola's sister
Sorry for non sage I forgot ppl absolutely lose their shit if you don't

No. 766279

She deleted her Instagram and Facebook and isn’t uploading anything on YouTube anymore

My hunch is her (extremely rich) family put down an ultimatum that she stop posting/delete her embarrassing trash pics or they would cut off her trust fund payments.

No. 766401

Which is the before and which is after? She looks pallid and bloated in both pics, just one's with makeup and one's without….poor girl, she'd be so pretty if she could just quit the booze!

No. 766419

Left is before. You're right though. I wonder what their family/parents are like that their daughters are so lost and fucked up

No. 766431

Are/were these girls on Chaturbate or something?

Incredible how they their junky look is hot(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 767563

>>751846 not only Gabriella, there was one more girl who leaked messages and her picture in Mansons bathroom naked. Jordan Arentz, known as Saint Sasha, she's a stripper, claimed she dated Manson but I read his messages to her and guess they had just a fling

No. 767564

>>752285 he never really broke with Lindsay. She was on tour with him sometimes and posted often pictures with him together. Their relationship are fucked up, he insulted her many times online and irl.

No. 767566

>>752594 lilith was def a groupie like Louise Keay Bell who wrote metoo story about Manson abusing her or Madelyn Grimes who created fake accounts like @catsanddevils to leak info to gossip accounts

No. 767685

No. 768238

File: 1547915415438.jpg (559.51 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20190119-082802.jpg)

Better make a post about it on instagram!!

Stop mini modding or at least contribute something worthwhile besides bitching

No. 768572

She really thinks anyone is scared of her empty threat? She is a fucking clown. This bitch thinks she is all hard but she is a dumb ass rich kid who hangs out on the fancy part of town acting like a damn fool

No. 768632

File: 1547969259163.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, A3AA4F55-171B-4875-A79A-9008CE…)

when she doesnt break her back she has no ass…. i have to laugh

No. 768633

She’s so average as fuck what happened to the thin ass waist shit that was going on she looks like a chubby person

No. 768636

File: 1547969694238.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, 0AE8B974-2D65-45A7-9B75-9D82AD…)

No. 768637

File: 1547969745194.png (2.43 MB, 750x1334, 56E4973B-6A64-4BA7-945D-29C190…)

No. 768638

File: 1547969990136.jpeg (204.17 KB, 750x1206, FB1ED9C4-E12C-4AF7-A36A-61763D…)

No. 768639

Why on earth does she turn up to social events like this dressed like she sits in all day and stays in pyjamas, dc what anyone else thinks but she’s ugly and skanky in rl you only have to look at a view of her from someone else’s actual footage and she’s constantly covering her ps face and breaking her back

No. 768650

File: 1547971658719.jpg (352.5 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20190120_080005.jpg)

This gal seems milky AF, anyone know anything? Her old account was methlabexplosion and formerly yesismokecrack.

No. 768675

No. 768714

File: 1547992279882.png (2.15 MB, 1080x1744, IMG_20190120_145057.png)

No. 768718

That Fucking entrance was just bad she’s so shit at putting on a show and displaying her hoe slut act, just a typical junkie lowlife who has no potential

No. 768720

This is so satisfying

No. 768909

File: 1548020551405.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20190120-133902.png)

Lmao the ass pose

No. 769069

File: 1548040974177.jpeg (247.48 KB, 750x1246, 97BFFE1A-8127-47AC-B7E4-6A6E3B…)

If this is real and not her usual bullshit self injury attention seeking behavior she’s so fucked it’s not even funny. I’ve seen people with tailbone fractures never heal, require coristone shots that cause severe depression and massive weight gain, hooked on pain meds (not a stretch for her) even have to get the entire tailbone removed

No. 769107

Lol did she finally crack the base of her spine straining to have an ass?

No. 771508

File: 1548419829110.jpeg (428.96 KB, 750x991, ED245AD5-0A19-4F8B-9AFE-2C6C2D…)

I wonder if people ever call her out on this in public or at events. I’d be constantly dying of embarrassment. She posted this recently, what’s the tea on it?

No. 771604

File: 1548434889484.jpg (2.63 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20190125_084729861.j…)

Fucking moron

No. 771605

No clue why people think shit trigger discipline makes them look badass. All it does is make you look like an idiot who's going to end up accidentally shooting your property, self, or someone around you.

No. 771606

It would be sweet schadenfreude if she shot her dumbass hand that's holding her phone.

Not really but kek

No. 771822

File: 1548465613067.png (3.07 MB, 1242x2208, D4AF22B4-BB51-4511-93F9-67417F…)

I agree with what she said obviously, but Lilith is an obnoxious Richard Ramirez stan so she is just being a hypocrite lol

No. 771824

File: 1548465639927.png (3.23 MB, 1242x2208, A05EAE47-49BA-4639-8818-BB614A…)

No. 771825

File: 1548465670431.png (4.24 MB, 1242x2208, C0DEE932-877E-46C1-999C-ABA5DC…)

No. 772101

File: 1548524435386.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1885, IMG_20190126_183928.png)

No. 772131

Im assuming that is that about Lopholora? Does anyone know more details?

No. 772137

File: 1548531253910.jpeg (201.47 KB, 750x1171, 33B2095A-A619-43DA-834D-4DFD28…)

No it’s not about her. However, lolpholora did hang out with this chick Superkem for a good bit in the past. Superkem was mostly known for her brief relationship with the SoundCloud rapper Dexter. She was later seen casually dropping the “N” word multiple times in different scenarios. I’m guessing that’s what this felix.holiday chick beat her ass for

No. 772215

Claire and her friends seem so trashy and sad and shallow. Also dirty and tacky

No. 773119

This was purely the most whackiest shit I’ve ever seen and really? “Imma deep throat this fucking knife”?


No. 773120

File: 1548733571977.jpeg (194.18 KB, 973x1147, 8E919BDA-CF37-4ADD-B90D-F2B95F…)

Who remembers when Clare back in 2016 claimed she was vegan and lied about her lifestyle and here she is wolfing down a steak and bacon lol!!

No. 773121

File: 1548733599254.jpeg (216 KB, 696x1500, CCDF239E-0637-45A0-9A80-5A1145…)

No. 773122

File: 1548733744865.jpeg (273.88 KB, 1125x1908, 15687214-9E8E-484A-A2AD-C2C1BC…)

Wtf is up with her body, when she doesn’t suck in or break her back

No. 773125

File: 1548735029955.jpeg (395.42 KB, 1104x1956, 316A8D6D-F667-43AD-A7E8-3BBAFD…)

Bullshit around the corner everyone

No. 773126

File: 1548735063000.jpeg (289.38 KB, 1125x1903, CE937A63-47F8-41BD-A9F8-4C286D…)

She’s back on with the scam and run

No. 773128

No. 773132

It is so fake as fuck. Her campaigns are actual fake as fuck. Her claim does not support enough information or detail for the legit purpose. So you’re telling me that there are people, not financially secure enough to pay for terminal illnesses on gofundme, and this stinky assmuchee expects people to pitch in for a fake campaign yet alone has faked so many campaigns? I find it so disrespectful what she does. Considering she’s banned from Uber or any other service she’s likely to be disqualified from driving which is proof she’s lying.

I’ve lost count on how many times she’s faked campaigns from the koala bear one, to the meet up with Holli, then other stupid bullshit like her cat was dying. I’ve noticed that she only keeps up with this on a yearly period now.

No. 773134

How the fuck does someone get banned from Uber or Lyft? Doesn't that set off red flags in anyone's heads?

No. 773140

She could have gotten away with this it if she was a little more revised on how to properly “sell” a campaign through put in effort, info, and actual proof?

I don’t even find her campaign persuasive. I find it silly and immature and SCAMMING. She says she wishes “evreone can stp w th intrnrt frums” but doesn’t she realise that whatever dumbass move she’s doing on the internet, which by the way she reckons she sees it as a life changing and progress with the intention to scam people is only getting backfired at her when people like us can see the wrong in what she’s doing. She’s a fucking fraud and a fake bitch.

No. 773160

File: 1548740275580.jpeg (136.2 KB, 1226x675, 1CCF971E-BF13-40C8-939A-F370D5…)

Lilith can be seen nodding out HARD in a video on that gloryholeusa site. She even brings up her inability to stay awake for the party and starts slapping herself in the face.

No. 773170

Ya she uploaded that video of herself high on her story recently and was laughing at herself, saying “I was nodded the fuck out”. Pretty sad

No. 773508

she is one of the last people I'd expect to say this lmfao

No. 773528


I agree, she's clearly proud of herself and it's only a matter of time before she relapses on hard drugs. I can't believe her father rented her ANOTHER apt in Los Angeles, hanging out with the same junkie soundclout people in the same places zero structure doing nothing all day isn't that like rule number one NOT to do for a recovering addict?!? I wonder if he's prepared to keep working until he dies to support her financially.

No. 773619

What is the point of this? Is it meant to be satire? So far, no one has donated.
She can ask her rich daddy for a car and I'm sure he will provide.

No. 773766

File: 1548899852399.png (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 1866x1190, 1490130249650.png)

What about this retard?
Is she still active?
Removed her Insta(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 773844

File: 1548924988526.jpeg (101.36 KB, 750x511, 14C9306B-7D1D-4A87-9802-4CC5DA…)

Sybil deactivated her instagram a while back. Still has Twitter. Doesn’t seem to do a anymore; appears to have moving (cut off financially?) back to Canada. I feel kind of bad for her to be honest, she was fairly normal and productive before her father died unlike Clare who is has no desire to do anything in life besides being a crackhead. I don’t think she and Lilith are friends anymore.

No. 773845

Correction her only desire is to be a crackwhore

No. 773858


No. 774613

File: 1549155261814.png (3.55 MB, 800x5120, 2019-2-2_16-52-12.PNG)

Putting her hand in her buttcrack. Also Bella wtf is that lipstick. She looks like she has downs syndrome most of the time

No. 774638

Does Bella hang out with Anythingforselenas anymore? I seen them both at a show in the summer.

Also these bella and other chicks hype claire up but they can’t see she is a dumb ass. They swear people are jealous of them, ya right. Claire is a fckin bitch I wish someone would kick her ass

No. 774655

File: 1549163482534.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 781.3 KB, 750x1334, D521EA70-B2B9-4AD6-8C9B-189499…)

Did anyone else see this on Liliths story? Why tf does she have to have her tits out at a photo shoot where she’s not even being shot?

No. 774656

Bella be putting her ig account on private over a post on here lol

No. 774660

Lol what tits? Claire doesn’t have any to put out

No. 774684

See >>603556
Basically she needs sexual attention at all times. Also that shirt is cut ridiculously short. In one of the stories she's lying on the bed and tugging the shirt down bc it's so short.

No. 774701

Because she always has to make everything about her

No. 774940

Would've expected her to realistically say this about Marilyn Manson. Is there every going to be a thread made about him please? He's too much for the Celebricows thread and I know people in here have actual lived experience. I have some stuff to contribute but have never written up a thread I'm sorry.

She's honestly likely just pissed Bundy got his spot blown up and now she can't have an obscure obsession with him anymore.

No. 775177

File: 1549339442599.png (3.52 MB, 1242x2208, B7CA0B12-E67F-40AF-A2B9-ACE03C…)

No. 775230

File: 1549352852434.jpeg (684.01 KB, 1124x1957, 0CA381B0-DA11-4BB9-8388-F608A3…)

No. 775261

File: 1549364886814.jpg (27.24 KB, 801x534, rrnqb.jpg)

holy shit, this is the single most edgy thing I have ever seen

No. 775323

She didn't even put effort into that chainsaw. It looks like a fucking cactus in a coffee mug.

No. 775341

I have a lot to contribute too but I've never made a thread too.

No. 775355


No. 775373

It's a knife in a coffee cup.

No. 775383

Oh so she finally admits she fakes mental illness to get her way. Ahhh that is delicious.

No. 775386

Just bring the milk to the celebricow thread until we have enough to start a separate thread

No. 775539

Ok, I have just brought some milk there. If people will find it interesting I will bring more

No. 775782

Anyone know what happened to holli? She seems to have dropped off the face of the earth but I’m surprised she hasn’t tried to hit up Clare since she’s in LA

No. 776245

File: 1549651287310.jpeg (874.49 KB, 1125x1705, D0FC5731-7D01-4016-812A-C7DFC6…)


No. 776251

Her instagram is pupper95

No. 776259

Funny how she thinks this ass is all unreal when she has an average chubby pear shape ass with love handles and back fat when her “small waist” which is actually her rib cage area is the only thing that is setting off the illusion. She claims to be so special about this. Put her next to another average chubby girl with the same average chubby ass of hers and you’ll realise how her body is only an illusion because of her having no tits and abuse of Kybella.

No. 776324

File: 1549675084074.jpg (421.55 KB, 800x1004, 20190208_171724.jpg)

That ass shoop

Also, Dennis Rodman wtf? Kek when cows collide

No. 776341

i thought they were taking a picture with a wax figure statue at madame tussauds until i read the caption

No. 776346


It almost looks like they were edited in, huh. Her face is so waxy smooth, but maybe it’s just the lighting.

Plus wtf is that description? Who wants to listen to some washed up b-ball player talking about how some $2 skid row hooker broke his thang, probably taking too much Viagra? Lmao ugh.

No. 776360

>>776324 kek her ass shadow

No. 776385

Well spotted anon!

No. 776420

At least it's like a modicum less pathetic that she didn't shoop the ass shadow but let's be real, that's only bc she's clinically retarded

No. 778739

is she stripping now?

No. 778860


I don't think she is. I think she will eventually, when she gets back on drugs.

No. 780591

File: 1550894431927.jpeg (132.93 KB, 750x837, 2BBE2935-AF64-4181-B85E-D8C468…)

No. 780638

File: 1550908766562.jpg (28.81 KB, 265x417, 73fa4cb4274869da757d37118937.j…)

What in the..


make-up, mash-up shit is going on with her face?!

No. 781108


she looks like your middle-aged bitchy rude auntie who thinks she's a cougar. how old was she again?

No. 783739

File: 1551841262007.jpg (245.11 KB, 1316x1242, IMG_9018.jpg)

those extensions kek

No. 784793

File: 1552127627428.png (967.67 KB, 750x1334, 34FC4689-8474-4FB1-B46B-76B5F0…)

She’s hanging with Johnny Depps daughter now.

No. 785080

And Lana del rey sister apparently

No. 786028

File: 1552445236696.png (7.3 MB, 1125x2436, 6C106E18-0DE6-41DD-8E11-CA731E…)


No. 786223

OFT a lil but since she does associate with Bella F, I gotta ask.
Anythingforselenas got some hate from an account talking shit on her dead mom. She + other instantly suspect it’s Bella F since they ain’t cool anymore… MEGA TINFOIL HERE but I gotta feeling it’s Lilith and her messy ness.

No. 786286

Her face is kinda weird, also in other pictures her upper lip looks funny like the filler gathers in the middle in a lump

No. 786290

That would make no sense because Bella is being harassed by that account too

No. 786384

What account

No. 786415

I would like to know which account you fags are talking about as well

No. 786511

Some account on IG if you go to Selena’s Twitter you’ll get an idea and screenshots. Everyone started calling out Bella for saying she had the same troll on her account but was showcasing the account in a way to get Selena off her tail. Trynna do some reverse armchair shit. Bella eventually took down the post.
Selena (correct me if I’m fucked idk if this is a thing) requested to get the IP address from the account and traced it back to a KTown apartment . She’s been waiting to go figure out who it is.

No. 786568

Nothing there lol some ig account?


No. 786760

File: 1552615636958.jpeg (321.7 KB, 750x1153, 27E7D65B-7010-4FD8-80AB-89B415…)

No. 787136

I love her body, no clue why she shoops

No. 787143

File: 1552700230566.jpeg (769.08 KB, 1242x1664, 4886D829-7CEF-497E-8FDB-7FF3FC…)

She’s making porn now

No. 787165

As is everyone else, pepper ann also bragged about hanging out with her recently. They’re all embarrassing leeches who will brag online when they get any semblance of contact with Z list celebs, celebs kids, and random socialite models who couldnt give a fuck less about them. The only reason she puts up with this trashfire sc group is bc she’s dating their friend.

No. 787692

File: 1552843623455.jpeg (303.78 KB, 1121x1903, 0C283C2A-3754-4C07-BE00-908A08…)

This ugly mole skinwalker copying liliths aesthetic now

No. 787810

File: 1552872880177.jpeg (106.76 KB, 340x845, C35BD630-B4B1-4027-B12A-C58E6F…)

No. 787845

File: 1552882110679.png (6.55 MB, 1125x2436, CD23D619-5A79-4AE4-8EE8-B884D7…)

Kek, this skinwalker is walking around a party with a metal straw and coke bag with no shame, someone interrupted her narcissist moment to hide it for her

No. 787848

File: 1552883151600.png (3.83 MB, 750x1334, 52898B2D-399F-4687-96B7-B092EF…)

No. 787856

File: 1552886174197.jpeg (749.74 KB, 750x1078, 7EB44F72-6616-42B8-8BFA-5BDEE3…)

Thanks for the keks anon, that was wildly amusing.

No. 787857

File: 1552886251486.jpeg (164.62 KB, 750x755, C50AAADD-41A1-47DF-B53C-228FC9…)

What is this Zoe Wood person known for? She’s ugly as hell, and boring, but somehow has a large following

No. 787865

I am guessing it is because she used to do porn. And she goes to soft leather club
And how embarassing for this Zoe chick to copy clare’s tattoos lol

No. 787883

Haa look at her taping her boobs to lift them, she’s tryna her liliths flat chesticles now

No. 787884

File: 1552908663482.jpeg (208.19 KB, 1125x1752, BD305760-01C1-4C2C-A63A-3C3EEB…)

Shopped waist af

No. 787889

That's a dude.

No. 787929

File: 1552927492503.jpeg (56.15 KB, 436x603, D5095557-533E-4CF4-8EB3-1BC27C…)

Liliths face is so damn ugly

No. 787930

Just imagine if she didn’t have that fake tan on her body with the obvious tan marks on her waist sides you could tell how average her body is, she cakes her body in tan to make it look like that

No. 787949

No anon, that’s a bag of coke

No. 788002

Okay zoë calm down you man

No. 788114

lol ofc she was hanging with sabrina nellie today. $100 she becomes a camwhore next just like sabrina is/lilith is trying to become

No. 789038

File: 1553222830533.png (1019.3 KB, 750x1334, 4690F6E3-7077-4474-8FA8-DFF50A…)

Since when is Lilith friends with this chick?
I feel like she tries to get involved with people and drama wherever she can just to say she’s associated

No. 789073

File: 1553228514293.jpeg (365.11 KB, 1242x1453, 30BC74C7-3842-48F0-B013-2D95F2…)

No. 789184

Scamming people with old material.

No. 789187

File: 1553276345355.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1914, 2E14FEF4-2CB5-432A-8D9A-5903B7…)

Look how this mole downy isn’t giving the slightest credit for copying liliths style, Lilith drawing on her and liliths bone necklace

Also that’s waist is PHOTOSHOPPED af, this bitch is worse than that lopholora

No. 789320

File: 1553307335860.png (1.05 MB, 719x943, 20190322_224055.png)

Omg I found the ultimate Lilith's copycat Lol this is so funny, and the best part is that the person doesn't give two shits about it haha This is amazing(derailing)

No. 789345

there's an instahoes general

No. 789358

someone already mentioned Zoe used to do professional porn. And I saw some post about Brina and her togeher a couple of years ago or something. They are both from LA after all, and that Zoe chick looks like a Brina knockoff esp when she didnt have that style and new tattoos. Her face always gave me trainwreck and dumb vibes thou

No. 789434

lilith already did camming Crystal_bunny on mfc

No. 789468

zoe actually dated sabrina’s ex Rhett right after they broke up years ago. that’s funny if they’re actually friends now

No. 789616

whats her username lol

No. 790195

internetgirl uploaded a youtube video about xanax addiction and detailed the summer she stayed in new york hanging around Lilith. She didn’t use names but mentioned living with a weird dude obsessed with clowns so …lol

No. 790449

File: 1553560903581.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 446.96 KB, 2044x1544, D1F4A46A-6E47-4412-B0C3-F78040…)

I knew Clare had something to do with camming. I’ve seen it all now. So all these so called selfies she uploads are footage taken from her MFC. man she’s really looking ugly in that middle pic.

No. 790590

Her body is similar to a pre pubescent boy’s

No. 790789

Honestly no hate or shade intended but I remember awhile back I dontated to her cats gofundme page and was skeptical about where the money was really going. I mean idk I just was naturally as living in LA is hella expensive, so I left a comment one one of her photos limelighting the issue. She direct messaged me and told me “how crazy I was” and some other really nasty shit. Not a good person!

No. 790880

File: 1553698887458.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 270.96 KB, 1125x1748, 1A62C25D-7875-47EB-9541-D2878A…)

It doesn’t surprise us Clare.

No. 790881

File: 1553698909598.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1125x1970, 62F4D174-5B0A-446C-9C34-8EAF2E…)

No. 790894

Don’t put your email in the email field, just write “sage” in the email field and leave name and subject blank. Tbh that money most likely went to buy dope. She holds one hand out for money and the other she uses to slap her followers in the face if they ask any questions about it, typical clare.

Guess she’s dope sick, yet again.

No. 790951

Tbh with you anon hats off to whoever that person is revealing their email identity because we all know Clare lurks this thread anyway and she can view transactions from this person with their name and email so it’s jusy proof. But I do agree though always enter sage in the email blanks.

No. 791168

She talks mad shit on IG! That bothers the hell out of me that she thinks she can talk to random people however the fuck she wants! Honestly that stupid ass bitch needs to be taught a lesson. I seen screenshots of her threatening violence towards people. One day she is going to get her ass kicked.

No. 791201

File: 1553767622818.jpg (119.41 KB, 1080x1349, nightcoregirl.jpg)

lol read this

what is her cam name? it is something like anastasia

No. 791235

why does she never show her pussy? is she insecure about it? :( her only fans is only the same recycled ass pics(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 791275

i would be very grateful if someone could post some of her onlyfans pics in here.(thirst posting)

No. 791403

is it really? i was gonna pay the $20 too but if its all the same old pics she always posts i wont waste my money(thirst)

No. 791741

File: 1553892948224.jpeg (409.27 KB, 1125x1987, A9D5D9D8-6CD5-4971-84DE-BC1FE3…)

This Zoë wood whore has only been hanging around with Lilith for a month and ooo so far this bitch is already cracking me up with how much she’s gotten into and let’s talk about that stupid liliths baby junkie typo captions she’s doing too

She’s literally copying everything Lilith does to the point of shopping her waist to an unbreathable point, zoë we’ve seen all your pornhub videos and your waist is fuck all like that.

She’s even making cringey Instagram stories posing her skinwalking ass on videos with suicideboys in the background and copying of the way Lilith ties all her top

No. 791745

Why do cows delve into liliths style and waist so hard? Tbh the only person who can pull it off is Lilith herself. You can tell hm all these copy cats shop their waists and they don’t know the only thing that’s giving Lilith her waist that shape is the fact that her waist turns in below her ribs but not her actual waist where it will be in centre of her belly button because her hips are wide and then these cows are shopping and shaving their hips off thinking they’ve got liliths bodyshape? Lol, liliths waist isn’t small it’s the top of her torso underneath her ribs that is giving her that “smallwaist” shit and then her shape goes big into her hips and bum that’s why her bum looks big

No. 791750

>>768714 (pic related)
See here when she covers up the stupid turned in shape underneath her RIBS she’s nothing without that illusion and on this pic she just looks average weight without it because it’s covered

No. 792569

Does anyone know what happened to liliths cat Damien? She doesn’t post him anymore

No. 792724

@ pumpkingutz_

No. 792747

File: 1554145222634.png (Spoiler Image, 1.84 MB, 1440x2081, Screenshot_20190331-213021~2.p…)

She's always shooped her waist

No. 792801

Damien is alive, she posted a pic during a q/a storytime after someone asked. I think it's true, she wouldnt hide his death on social medias imo.

Thanks you, you perfectly described her morpho and why her waist look so thin. It's all illusion girls come on, even lilith admitted during a story, again, it was a lot about angles. She exaggerate her body on picture with poses and with her clothes.

And that Zoe is really a skin walker, its almost impressive.

No. 794157

How does she not see that this pic is overdone with the amounts of photoshop she’s applied to it just to shrink her waist it’s fucking noticeable and embarrassing

No. 794864

I was coming to this thread to see if anyone had mentioned this as she's been brought up here a couple times.
It appears that the video has already been deleted but in it she said that one day she had the thought that she "wanted to be addicted to something" and then went out of her way to get "addicted" to xanax. Which is just….. lol. Don't wanna derail too hard but I found that a bit disgusting.

This is just embarrassing.

No. 795525

File: 1554608145691.png (6.31 MB, 1125x2436, 776D591E-8DBE-4144-A426-726EE1…)

zoes story jus shows lilith without her posing and her but is….: non existent …,…..

No. 795526

File: 1554608209318.png (4.97 MB, 1125x2436, 39F0F9E0-40BD-4439-AF47-0562AA…)

No. 795528

File: 1554608270454.png (6.06 MB, 1125x2436, 8350EA72-9EAB-4450-ABE2-04B41F…)

No. 795529

File: 1554608345895.png (5.3 MB, 1125x2436, ECD904F8-82D0-4A38-B5E7-B681FA…)

No. 795530

File: 1554608421112.png (5.75 MB, 1125x2436, E594319F-4B34-4C12-B1C1-1D4127…)

sorry for the dump……. couldn’t decide which screen cap to post theyre all too good

No. 795691

I don’t see what’s so cingey about these

No. 795751

i think her flat ass

No. 795852

File: 1554742291910.jpeg (34.56 KB, 342x300, 3DAAB32C-9CDC-45A1-822B-3145BC…)

Lol I don’t know where to start with this photo, busted cheap lip injections that look just like blades, Micheal Jackson level FaceTime on cheekbones and nose or the fact that’s she’s still trying to lowkey skinwalk Manson even tho he clearly doesn’t want anything to do with her.

No. 795861

No. 795863

because if its so obvious y even need to say its edited

No. 796035

You know you've reached a new low in life when you are copying Clare. Zoë girl, thats not something to be proud of boo.

No. 796518

Lilith: posts stories about how she doesnt smoke cigs anymore and only smokes that electric cigs;

Same Lilith the next day: posts a picture, literally smoking a cigarette;

Hahaha girl… what?

No. 796966

File: 1554991559932.jpeg (246.59 KB, 750x1047, B3DC2411-22E8-4D4A-B07A-2029A3…)

No. 796979

Watch it be thrifted shit that she just cuts up and sews onto other thrifted shit and then charges $50 for on Depop.

No. 797017

File: 1555001480089.png (2.33 MB, 1440x2396, Screenshot_20190410-215507~2.p…)

It finally happened, lilth commented on Sabrina's IG pic. The Sabrina chick was on IG live lastnight at her exs parents house. Guess she was trying to pick up her daughter and the exs family and him refused to give her back. Did anyone else catch it? She was saying how he beat her and his other daughter mother, almost killed her and all this shit. Why would you live feed that?? So trashy!

No. 797219

Sabrina Nelle is a trash ass mom and ain't shit. Someone spilt that on The Dirty a few years back. No surprise Clare would associate herself with more trash. Trash ass ppl usually gravitate toward each other

No. 797524

File: 1555106142870.jpeg (195.88 KB, 1125x1254, 67EA7F5D-ED80-44E0-A79B-61F076…)

it’s as if she‘s blind when trying to pull off those crusty lisa rowe bangs

No. 799822

Idk I think she's really pretty and everything, honnestly, but that ass videos… I always feel that she's gonna fart on my face or idk… swallow me with her asshole, i'm not joking, it's really weird.

No. 800159

that "boyfriend" of hers… is this guy ok? in that podcast he seems to be a little…slow, like mentally slow

No. 800180

Who? The last dude she was infatuated with was some weird nobody producer right?

No. 800187

she was in a podcast of some ex basketball player and a porn star, something like that. anyway, the boy that is with her there, it's supposed to be her bf

it's on youtube, the name of the host is Dennis Rodman

No. 800219


They could be on opiates or ketamine. Seems like their kinda scene.

She's going to become the next Tuna, calling it right now kek

No. 800257

Oh, I thought he was just retarded. Seems to be anyways. Very strange interview, she bragging about how good she sucks his dick (bitch wtf?)
And then when asked about the best sex in their lives, they didn't mrntioned each other. The guy was like: "oh, the best fuck I had was with a crazy ex gf of mine" and she, OF COURSE, needed to mention that she fucked Manson…

Really sad

No. 800427

they both said they were kidding they're not dating

No. 801739

File: 1556775027970.jpg (293.99 KB, 1080x1787, IMG_20190502_062826.jpg)


No. 801761

jesus christ this is giving me 2005 "i'm not emo i'm scene xD" war flashbacks. we get it, you're not like everyone else! you're different!

No. 802698

File: 1557166470347.png (4.08 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

"What is this ramadan?"

God damn it lilith…

No. 802742

I saw that too but I think she was referring to the filter.
"What is this [filter]? Oh, Ramadan"

No. 802743

I saw that too but I think she was referring to the filter.
"What is this [filter]? Oh, Ramadan"

No. 802969

File: 1557260561669.png (Spoiler Image, 3.75 MB, 750x1334, CCFFE2D6-4657-46E6-996C-FB0490…)

So i got these screenshots of her real face and body m

No. 802975

Why is her butt pointy I don’t get it

No. 802996

Are you kidding? kek it's her ass bone sticking out because she's skinnyfat. No muscle tone, so in certain positions her bones stick out.

No. 803032

File: 1557274919196.jpeg (396.05 KB, 1124x2043, 2940AE64-0436-401D-9715-1BFBE1…)

Mourn however you want but this is just weird

No. 803184

File: 1557333695465.jpg (392.43 KB, 1155x2220, Snapchat-2136612935.jpg)

That's so fucking weird. Did lilith make a remembrance page for blade?

No. 803258

File: 1557349210502.jpg (346.24 KB, 1080x1854, Screenshot_20190508-135633_Ins…)

There's more than one account dedicated to her. Whoever came up wirh the username sacrificialoffering is especially edgy and it looks like Lilith comments on all of these accounts

No. 803326

File: 1557360753559.png (879.81 KB, 640x1136, D13C257B-6E9D-44FD-A83D-A02D91…)

that dude didnt like her she is corny. she cant understand that other chicks are wayyy hotter than her. she is judgemental cus she is insecure & jealous. She cant move her sorry ass on about whoever she is talking about because she doesnt get it- in real life she isnt likeable

No. 803377

lmao this is so weird and yall can take this as you will, but i used to know clare personally. she used to live in my apartment complex across the hall from me. we were around the same age, going to the same university and have a similar aesthetic so we ended up hanging out a few times. she even invited me out to a few parties and had me over for one she threw in her unit. i only just started using ig and a pic of her showed up in my feed. when i realized it was her and went to her page, i couldn't believe what i was seeing.

guys…she's nowhere near as nuts or emotionally unstable as she portrays herself on social media. rather the opposite actually. she's actually got a laid back, spiritual/stoner kind of vibe despite her gothic style. like to the point that she seemed almost unemotional. she's definitely rich, dresses very provocatively, has a lot of connections and does a fuck load of drugs tho. at the time i was hanging out with her she was doing coke, smoking weed and taking a bunch of pharmaceuticals regularly. no idea whether or not they were prescribed to her.

she also definitely photoshops. mostly her waist, eyes and lips as far as i can tell. she is actually pretty IRL and has good body proportions, but her waist is definitely not that tiny. i guess she could have starting waist training since i knew her but i doubt it.

tbh tho something always seemed off about her and that made me keep my distance even though she was fun to party with. she had this shallow attitude that seemed kinda sinister…like she genuinely didn't care about others at all. i remember i tried having an a heart to heart conversation with her and the whole time she just stared at her phone screen and muttered "yeah" and "uh-huh" without looking up at me once.

i'm omitting some mostly unimportant details to protect my privacy but yeah…i'm pretty sure her whole BPD and so chronically unstable that she's in and out of rehabs and mental hospitals thing is mostly just an image she portrays online to get followers. like, she's definitely messed up in the head, but not in a BPD daddy issues kinda way…she seemed more like a sociopathic succubus ime.

her ig is so incredibly manipulative and i have no idea how nobody's called her out on it yet, unless these days she's making an effort to only associate with people IRL who are going to play along with her social media psuedo-art project shtick.

No. 803572

How do you explain her scars and shit? Cutting is classic borderline attention-seeking extreme behavior. I have BPD and people who aren’t close to me think I’m very “chill” and “laid back” because I’m dissociating like 90% of the time and not really present in the moment. My true emotional volatility mostly comes out around loved ones behind closed doors, and formerly in my online persona, to a lesser extent (I’ve since matured). It is gross as hell that she plays it up for edgy girl points the way she does, but I wouldn’t write off the diagnosis entirely. I think she displays sociopathic tendencies for sure but you can have borderline AND antisocial, one doesn’t discount the other. Anyway, this is just speculation, at the end of the day we’re both playing armchair psychologist. Thanks for the info. Clare is a truly rotten person, I despise her yet find her fascinating for some reason(no1curr, armchairing, blogposting)

No. 803587

Allow me to correct myself—it’s unlikely BPD would be comorbid with actual antisocial personality disorder (they’re on opposite ends of the emotional spectrum), but people with borderline can definitely have strong antisocial traits, and symptoms of one can resemble the other. Idk. I’d love to see how Clare presents herself in a clinical setting

No. 803660


This absolutely reeks of selfpost

No. 803738


>sociopathic succubus

anon who the fuck describes anyone like that.

No. 803759

Lmfao cutting isn't only present in BPD and when has she actually cut herself because of mental health? She literally cut herself once, for cool points, and accidentally did it too deep. And she went insane showing her adventure to the ER and shows off the ONE SCAR as much as possible.

Many girls cut themselves when they are tweens/teens. It's shockingly common. Clare is just an idiot and wants to seem ~damaged~ because it's ~cool~ to her. She grew up extremely privileged and is rich, which is boring. She loves to act like she's some *psychopath~bbydoll* when in reality she's just got antisocial PD because of her rich/privileged upbringing which created a person who cannot truly understand the reality of others (and reality in general). Especially others who actually suffer. Hence why she portrays this cartoonish mentally ill persona. Nobody who is actually struggling mentally and financially acts this way. It's literally her skinwalking Rob Zombie and Lisa from Girl Interrupted.

No. 803796

Stop armchairing.

No. 804061

her obsession with lisa is definitely one of her most cringy edgelord quirks, not only will clare never be like her but lisa irl would eat her trust fund kid wannabe ass for breakfast lol

No. 804129

She’s literally covered in self harm scars? You could see like a dozen fresh ones on her arms in a recent ig story

No. 804164

This bitch isn’t cute anymore. She hit her prime at like 19 and now she just looks like a dirty nasty junkie

No. 804213

i dont understand where the appeal in being a sociopath is ? not just lilith, i see it all the time with rappers and musicians in general, like what is so great about having no empathy and like, a mental disability that will make most people hate you the rest of your life ??

No. 804359

File: 1557464108903.png (2.73 MB, 750x1334, DA6EE448-EADF-449C-AEBD-632178…)

No. 804363

File: 1557464406788.png (3.28 MB, 750x1334, B6BB84CE-1AFC-488A-8010-97A678…)

No. 804501

File: 1557477801747.png (Spoiler Image, 1.38 MB, 750x1334, 8AC2CE0D-5B00-4BF8-8DAB-9EEC13…)

No. 804683

It's disturbing to me how a person can lie so much, about her life, mental illness, her face and body (since all her pics are photoshopped)… I mean.. she doesn't even need to do that, it's sad living a lie

No. 805318

I legit think she was very pretty before, but now… something's odd..

No. 805402

Not sure if real, but if so, omfg she married the biggest hot topic poser looking fuck. I hope this is real.

No. 805515

Hey sage your autism

No. 805589


No. 805862

File: 1557689889530.jpeg (184.61 KB, 1125x1793, A23954AA-9DCD-4E03-AB3E-CCFEA9…)

Argh the cringe

No. 805979

Oh I’m so scared! I saw this on her story like bitch ya right

No. 806453

File: 1557781971137.jpeg (318.04 KB, 789x604, 06CDB01C-BAEE-499F-9D01-9482C8…)

My god she looks like a sweating prostitute.

No. 807254

So, what is this ass thing? And why? The videos are all the same, everyday, like… whyyyyyy?????

No. 807255

We get it Lilith, you have an asshole. Good for u!

No. 807347

File: 1557954901197.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20190515-141438.png)

LOL at this ass shoop

No. 807362

File: 1557957347692.jpg (Spoiler Image, 516.38 KB, 2896x2896, PicsArt_05-15-06.53.47.jpg)

See, it's not that hard to become her, you just need to have some facetune. (Used my own waist as example, poorly edited but u get the idea)

No. 808989

File: 1558277846864.jpeg (215.47 KB, 750x931, 12C85647-E3F4-4453-B7CB-580B20…)


No. 809614

Is that Lilly Rose Depp in the middle?

No. 809670

No. 810805

How the fuck does she get invited to these functions she’s got to be entirely unpleasant to be around

No. 810806

File: 1558484978271.jpeg (325.85 KB, 750x1116, C7405878-C930-4BF2-947A-15E760…)

Is this guy not making fun of her? He draws stuff like this a lot and she always acts like she’s in on the joke

No. 810963


she's rich. that's it.

why the fuck was Paris Hilton ever relevant for or get invited to anything before she started her own business ventures?

because daddy is a rich boi.

i revel in seeing "our" cows in the presence of "regular" celebrities, it just proves to me that they're all narcissistic idiots.

No. 811069

anyone else get the vibe that claire is misogynistic as hell ? she got this weird fixation on constantly hating on other girls, calling them "bitches" and drag them down for liking/caring about makeup or wearing clothes that she considers "basic", seems like a mix of jealousy and middle school-edgy hate for "girly" things

No. 811116

Definitely agree with you.

No. 811174

lol clare being a misogynist is nothing new, bitch puts on some sweatpants and a cowboy hat and thinks she’s ~not like those other bitches~

No. 811216

File: 1558557137325.png (3.02 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

Why don't we talk about this more? Anyone would find this skinwalking behavior unpleasant but Liliths ego is just too big to care..?

No. 811224

Please sage your post that is a repeat of one you can find by scrolling up a little. Clare's thread isn't posted in daily, so it's not that hard. Sorry not trying to be a dick, but someone posted that same pic and people talked about it already. Refer to >>789187

No. 811293

I don’t be a ass to ldr but I think considering what’s going on with her dad she’s probably looking for other unhappy or unstable girls to be friends with. Just my 2 cents

No. 811530

LRDs taste in friends is terrible in general, just look at tyler grosso. maybe a coping mechanism lol