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File: 1592222128281.jpg (31.15 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 987632

Haydur Nation is a group of YouTubers who make their living by hating on cow Amberlynn Reid, but they are unable to keep out of drama themselves and are constantly engaging in cow behavior.

The Haydurs:

Charlie Gold/Charlie Dorlean
>Has been doxxed and threw a huge pity party about it, but is currently helping doxx other creators who criticized Young Dumb Honey Bun's shitty ALR merch
>Lies about her diet and exercise routine so she can make excuses for acting exactly like ALR and never losing weight
>Called someone racist for imitating a French accent
>Making absolute bottom of the barrel nitpick content just to keep profiting off ALR
>Was arrested

Young Dumb Honey Bun/Sara Lomzynska
>E-Thot who facetunes the shit out of her face in thumbnails and shoops her intagram pics to death to obscure her real weight and features and soak up compliments
>Has extremely huge and fragile ego and will have a meltdown the second she is criticized, deletes and limits all negative comments about her shit behavior
>Posted her boob tattoos and teased her nipple tattoos on the internet, still expects to work in a professional field
>Has a vitriolic and nonsensical level of hate for ALR tied to her own insecurity
>Made merch of ALR depicting an ugly caricature of her and struggles not to profit off ALR merch even since ALR's cancer diagnosis
>Couldn't even respond to the cancer diagnosis without calling ALR an awful person and shitting on her
>Does nothing to disavow the doxxing other Haydurs do on her behalf

Other Haydurs include:
Zachary Michael Sanderson
Michael Muldrow/Michaelbepetty
Toad McKinley
Shannon Evert (defunct but historically notable)

No. 987634

Carried over from Youtube General #4, Sara Lomzynska's cringe boob tattoos and unshooped looks

No. 987637


I used to watch and support these way back

I hate AL and think she’s a venomous lying cunt. But this lot are as bad.

No. 987638

ALR herself is awful, but in making money off of her these people have resorted to acting just like her and taking their hate for her to extremes.

No. 987655

can't deny that ZM is a member of haydur nation, but he's by far the least retarded of the bunch. he even stopped talking about ALR before the cancer diagnosis d/t his own mental health and recognizing other things going on in the world. i didn't know know about YDHB until reading the YT general thread, and she's insufferable.

No. 987667

File: 1592231381487.png (2.57 MB, 2144x994, Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 9.25…)

I find it especially ironic that OnProgram continually lectures Amber and Chantal about nutrition when she looks like this.
But if anyone dares to call her fat, she gets mad and talks about her ED recovery.

No. 987674

She's on the fast track to being their size.

No. 987678

File: 1592233891327.png (989.91 KB, 1242x1210, RJHoQjk.png)

someone's trying to become a drama youtuber

No. 987681

She looks legit special needs. Those overlined lips.. fucking kek.

No. 987682

File: 1592234092357.png (108.48 KB, 390x220, Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 10.1…)

That overdrawn top lip is shameless

No. 987685

Oh boy, another shitty low-tier psychological analysis of Trisha is surely upcoming.

No. 987697

Her videos are entertaining in the sense that she is a cow being so upset with a cow that she becomes the main cow. Also those tattoos. Lol

No. 987711

File: 1592240357278.png (652.47 KB, 1000x624, Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 11.5…)

She also dressed up like a literal pig to react to Chantal, but backtracked and said people were "misinterpreting her intentions" because she gets called a pig too sometimes.
I think this is the major issue with this group of reaction channels. They punch down for the laughs, but when they get called out they sing about mental health and their own struggles

No. 987723

Yeesh, I only really watch Zachary Michael and AlexisShook sometimes. I didn't realize how bad these other reaction channels are. This is unreal and super projective of her. Way to be an actual boolie to make yourself feel better about being on the other end irl.

No. 987731

Not trying to defend her, but she has lost a TON of weight because she– unlike ALR and Chantal– follows a dietician's meal plan. She talks about it frequently. She's super open about having an unhealthy relationship with food but has been actively losing weight.

She does LOVE to pretend that she's ~different~ from the other reaction channels, but she does shit like >>987711 . I hate when these fucks don't own up to being bitchy. I have absolutely no problem with reaction channels existing, and we all know ALR and Chantal are massive cows (both literally and figuratively); but don't pretend that you're uwu so nice and just trying to give advice uwu. Just admit you're profiting off of making fun of these cows and move on.

No. 987736

I like OrkoTV the most. His videos are short and doesn't go on long explanations of "oh i'm fat but i'm not like AMBER FAT".
I've really tried to get into Zachary Michael, but his videos just arent for me, but glad hes not as bad as charlie gold it seems

No. 987740

I'm ashamed to say I liked all these channels until I went to KF and realized literally every single one of them and their "hot takes" are just regurgitated from there. They always try to mask it by acting like they're coming up with an original thought, too.

No. 987741

Kate Winslet is also great, shremakes fun of everyone

No. 987744

Anyone have the video or screencaps of Charlie doxxing people and calling the person racist for imitating a french accent?

No. 987797

She tweeted a joke about foodie beauty having depression lately and when dozens of replies called her out she was like
> no guys every one of you just happened to misinterpret the joke, I was actually joking about MY depression!
This is her go to line when people point out that she goes too far. She does it with fat jokes too. I mean she made a montage of clips where chantal is looking depressed after her break up and somehow that's not about chantal? I can't stand some of chantals behaviors but if you make a bitchy joke at least own it, don't bullshit people.

No. 987798

>if you make a bitchy joke at least own it, don't bullshit people.
That's my biggest issue with her, she's willing to dish it out but backtracks as soon as she gets called out for it.

No. 987813

File: 1592253873702.png (680.69 KB, 1702x748, Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 3.29…)

>here are some business opportunities for OnProgram that she should consider if her adsense is down now that Amber has cancer and Haydur Nation is imploding:
get a job

No. 987817

Considering how she never shuts up about the fact that she's in therapy.. has she gained no self awareness from it? In every video she applies something her therapist said to either amber or foodie but she has this massive blind spot when it comes to seeing her own hypocrisy.

No. 987955


Agreed. Like fuck both of ‘em but you’re going to stop reacting to Amber because she has cancer because of obesity but will still rag on Chantal who has also had womanly health issues due to obesity. Because it’s not the big, scary cancer it’s okay to rag on another fatty?

No. 988087

GainingGround apologising to his viewers for getting wrapped up in all the drama. I don't think he owed people an apology but hopefully he'll stop responding to all the crazy.

One thing I've always found odd about him is how he dodges questions about his sexuality. I lean towards thinking he's gay and as a 39 year old living in the US it seems unusual to be that guarded about discussing it? Checking the kiwi thread people were reacting to his apology vid with basically 'ok faggot' so I guess I don't blame him lol

No. 988145

hes got a bunch of (what i would assume, at least) middle aged women in his comments who thirst after him for having personality. i would assume he wants to keep that crowd around for views.

No. 988179

this girl looks like she doesnt bathe

No. 988182

Glad I'm not alone in this. The cognitive dissonance is baffling.

I think she potentially offers valuable insight as a fatty who is currently, I guess, reformed– she has the weight loss to prove it, unlike Charlie Gold– but she tries too hard to be soft-spoken and nice. Just call ALR out on being a total tard. Why put on this guise of being a nice gorl? Yes, we get it: you're a recovering fatty and you of all people know what ALR needs to do, but stop acting like she's immune from criticism because she has cancer (that she essentially gave herself, kek). It's so cringe all around.

No. 988209

File: 1592335445449.png (281.7 KB, 844x734, Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 9.34…)

Like a lot of the haydurs, she acts soft on YouTube but attempts to be a bad bitch on Twitter. Maybe because Amber and Chantal can't respond

>The cognitive dissonance is baffling.

It's almost comical how the irony goes over her head

No. 988225

>a fatty who is currently, I guess, reformed– she has the weight loss to prove it
Is she reformed though? I've seen a few people on twitter comment that we only see her from the neck up and she has more than one neck

No. 988252

Holy shit my sides. What a poser.

At least from what I've seen, she looks a LOT smaller than the fullbody pics ITT. I thought she lost over 100lbs, but I can't find a source for that, so I could be mixing her up with someone else.

She's still a total whale, though.

No. 988259

File: 1592343274899.png (2.04 MB, 1962x866, Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 4.34…)

She totally doesn't shoop her chin guys

No. 988283

best part of the hAyDuR NaTiOn is most of them are ex/current death fats trying to seem above amberlard

No. 988327


They really are. Just like how cringe the subreddit used to be and the lame FB groups dedicated to posting pictures of themselves and saying how “I’m fat but I’d NEVER eat x and y like Amber does! I’m fat but I have seeeewww much better fashion taste than Amber!” it’s so bad. I’ve seen a lot of YT reactors specifically scoff at when Amber or Chantal makes food/does mukbangs of fast food yet they’re overweight af and you know they didn’t get there eating caviar and fine dining.

No. 988332

What's going on with that hairline?

The placement of her tatts has always struck me as disjointed, not a good advertisement for the shop where she gets them. I mean the sword is just randomly floating there on one of her necks

No. 988388

Finally they have a thread here. Haydur nation is more insufferable than ALR herself at times. Chuckie gold and YDHB being the worst offenders. I’m probably in the minority when I say this but I never understood the intense hatred they have for Amber , especially when Chantal is one of the worst deathfats(it’s still retarded to be genuinely angered by either of them though, especially is you’re obese yourself).

I have my gripes with Michaelbepetty, but he stopped making vids awhile ago and didn’t pretend to give a fuck about ambers cancer like big ol’ chuck did.

No. 988412

She either wears foundation that is too dark for her skin tone or uses way too much bronzer. You can see a clear line between her face / chin and her neck.

I think her hair might be thinning in that spot from pulling it back a lot. Or she just didn't style it well

No. 988433

Finally a thread on them.
YDHB was fine as a compilation channel when she started and I knew everything would go to shit once she did a face cam lmfao it was fucking obvious that she just wanted fat followers to flex on

No. 988585


Even as a compilation channel, she stole a lot of other ALR compilation channel’s content and reuploaded them as some frankenstein mash ups without credit until people began to call her out. YDHB has always been untalented & unoriginal in every sense of the words.

No. 988887

File: 1592488722312.png (248.68 KB, 1080x1365, Screenshot_20200618-145050~2.p…)

Lots of people have commented that she clearly has some sort of problem herself and they would hate to see her put in charge of the mental well-being of vulnerable people.

A whole lot of her recent tweets are literally
>Fuck you
>Fuck this other person too
It's so repetitive that I won't spam the thread with it.

No. 988934

They criticised GG for responding to false racism/pedo accusations on Twitter, so he left Twitter. But they're still tweeting about him non stop and hearting tweets about wanting to see him get beaten up.
They criticised him for making live streams about being doxxed so he stopped, took down the streams and asked for people to move on. Now fatty gold is working on a whole vid dedicated to their beef which is several weeks old at this point and already boring.

Is it just me or have they surpassed their usual hypocrisy and entered into gaslighting territory here? Seriously Charlie and OnProgram are bigger cows than Amber and Chantal.

No. 988935

File: 1592496435446.png (497.15 KB, 1080x1583, Screenshot_20200618-163723~2.p…)

No. 988942

What the fuck is going on?

They're exposing themselves as the cows we always knew they were.
Shouldn't Charlie be more worried about actually losing weight and paying back her landlord for the rent she owes?

No. 988948

I would easily put Charlie and onprogram (think her real name is val?) in the category of still being obese, I honestly think the fact that gaining ground has left that category is what really pisses them off.

They hate fatties cos it's like looking in a cringey mirror and they hate other reactors who are succeeding. GG shares his current weight every week. Bitter bitches.

No. 989032

>fat-shaming me, a person with an ED
…and Amberlynn doesn't have one? What kind of bullshit excuse is that, nobody gets above 300lbs just for fun because they like tasty food so much, she obviously has terrible mental problems too.

No. 989051

Not to mention Amber grew up with drug addicted parents and was put into care/fostering, two of the top things that set you up for some form of addiction too. If she wasn't food addicted she'd prob be a drinker.

I don't like amber but it doesn't take a genius to see that chain of events. Strange that young dumb honey whatever never mentions that seeing as she's totally a psych expert

No. 989129

I didn't know that. I mean, that explains pretty much everything. Foster kids are probably given candy/fast food to shut them up and keep them somewhat content and later on she continues stuffing herself to deal with the loneliness, eating likely was her coping mechanism her entire life. It should be obvious to everyone that "calling her out" won't change anything.

No. 989130

>They hate fatties cos it's like looking in a cringey mirror
This is why they all seem to take personal issue with Amber and Chantal.
Most reaction channels don't become so emotionally involved in their subjects, but people like Charlie need them for her own validation. The more bothered she is about a stranger's failed weight loss, the more insecure she seems about their own.
If she actually looked at herself she would see an unhappy bitch with no friends (except the other haydurs), no job, no weight loss, a criminal record and over $15K in debt

No. 989163

YDHB is obviously insecure and it's evident by both her interactions with everybody else on the internet, and how much hate she gives to whoever's making videos about her. I would honestly be concerned if a fellow colleague in the psychology/mental health profession was going around the internet judging and shitting on people they have never met in person, and then using her short time in the field as a means to deflect criticism. She's immature, and I'm glad she's already fucking up all of her career aspects by acting like such a shit head on the internet using her name, Sara Lomzynska. I'd never want someone like her giving professional advice to me or anybody I know.

No. 989462

Lyfeofafreespirit is still obsessed with cirine dream. Look at the comments and you will find hers (she goes by ''Dee hi ho silver'')

No. 989463

File: 1592575828864.png (23.72 KB, 1260x170, wjwow.png)

No. 989465

File: 1592576036525.jpg (27.61 KB, 838x132, callie_.jpg)

Some other screencaps of Callies comments on cirine dreams channel from her alt account. (taken from kiwifarms https://kiwifarms.net/threads/caledonia-renee-packard-thelyfeofafreespirit.70681/page-2)

No. 989466

File: 1592576057404.jpg (55.4 KB, 825x414, callie_ (1).jpg)

No. 989468

File: 1592576172358.jpg (14.27 KB, 822x130, callie_ (2).jpg)

No. 989469

File: 1592576412305.jpg (12.69 KB, 847x183, callie_ (3).jpg)

No. 989479

I’m not sure if it’s been confirmed before, but Callie seems to have some sort of mental issue. She has crazy eyes only slightly less frightening than Lillee Jean. Plus, she acts manic in all of her videos and wears clothes that look like drag.
Charlie couldn’t have picked a less stable lapdog.

No. 989510

File: 1592581695949.png (173.06 KB, 977x838, Screenshot_20200619-163429~2.p…)

Noticed that over the last few days her Twitter is just her telling people to fuck off and now she's doing it in her own comment section.

Most of the haydurs (especially Onprogram) keep their worst shit off of YouTube and confined to Twit. Not Sara though, she went on a spree ripping into commenters.

Fuck this
Fuck you
Fuck your opinion
Get the fuck out

No. 989519

>Me being quirky on twitter with my teen anxt
Isn't this woman at least 22 to be in grad school?

No. 989542

I've seen UK commenters point out that she appears to be lying about her education too.

No. 989561

Tbh, she ain't wrong in this instance. The commenter sounds like a dick. But she still comes across as immature i guess.

No. 989566

I think she was so used to people agreeing with her and complimenting her that she lashes out at anything negative. Most youtube channels get "hate" comments, but just ignore it. If you respond to everything, it makes you look insecure, leading to more negative comments

No. 989586

I don't know if I believe that someone with her particular brand of personality was being abused. I rarely question claims like that but with her I really do. She's quick to degrade anyone who even slightly annoys her.

Alot of people pointed out that she accused amber of doctor shopping and was really harsh on her but now only weeks later she has a vid telling women to get that second and third opinion because docs are sexist and miss illnesses in women.. she gave them all the same response of telling them to fuck off. I've never seen a youtuber personally respond to so many tweets and comments by telling them to fuck off.. future psychiatrist guys!

No. 989602

I don't want to sit through Young Dumbs latest vid as she struggles to form coherent sentences for 25 mins.. but she hearted a comment under it saying that tampons should be banned entirely because they are dangerous?

No. 989909

At this point I would say Sara responds to criticism worse than Amber herself.

No. 990288

File: 1592699218405.png (856.37 KB, 1168x936, BCBD9955-93D4-4923-B2B2-6B6E4E…)

No. 990310

I will never understand how people like her manage to find dummies who'll spam 'Yaaas my queen!' in the live chat.

As expected she twisted everything that happened on twitter by very selectively sharing screenshots. Played the victim for an hour. Smirked her bitchiest smirk at the end while trying to dig the knife into GG
>Yaas we come for our sasssy queen!
And no weigh in but some sob stories about how hard it is to lose weight. The chat was heavily moderated.

No. 990500

File: 1592730900226.png (70.34 KB, 983x636, Screenshot_20200621-100303~2.p…)

That like to dislike ratio.

Why is this woman so desperate to have someone to hate on at all times? The absolute stretch that she managed to get an hour long vid out of a Twitter feud that was never interesting or necessary to begin with.

No. 1010016

File: 1595200088247.jpeg (1.08 MB, 2000x2264, 722C34CC-D8C3-421E-BC3D-4DD211…)

They’ve finally started making videos off Amber’s post surgery video and it’s just a ton of people telling her it’s her fault or she deserved to get cancer or she’s just going to die.

No. 1010025

Am I the only one who thinks it is pathetic that they are making videos on someone with cancer? Sure maybe Amber DID do it to herself, but come on. Let it go man.

No. 1010046

No, I agree. They’re just ripping her apart over being scared and wanting her mom or being upset about how much pain she’s in. Like yeah she’s not a great person and she’s made shitty decisions, but orange queen and all her followers aren’t any better. Orange queens justification is just a poll asking people if she should keep making these videos so she can say “the people want this.”

No. 1010084

Since this has been bumped, I'll reply about Callie. She seems SUPER unhinged to me. Last year, she was making vlogs crying over how she though MGK was possessed by demons when she met him at a concert or some shit. And she was weirdly obsessed with Aaron Carter too. In fact, almost every live I caught was her LITERALLY sobbing over the two of them. Acting like she knew them and was friends with them and shit. I didnt even know she was a reaction channel for ALR and Chantal until later.

No. 1010123

I’ll never understand attaching your real face to petty YouTube drama videos and pretending like you’re a genuine content creator.

No. 1010198

Honestly ALR shouldn't keep filming things related to her cancer, that's not stuff you should put on the internet anyway. But yeah, classless for any of these people who claim to not be as bad as her to jump to make a buck off her cancer.

No. 1010223

She seems to have a thing for tall, stick-thin blonde boys with issues. She also uses them as proof that she doesn’t only make content about Amber and Chantal. As if switching between manic thirsting and ranting makes her seem normal.

I’ve wished for a long time that Amber would quit YouTube, if only to cut off the Haydurs from their YouTube coins and to force all of the Facebook moms to actually look in a mirror instead of comparing themselves to a morbidly obese person on the internet.
I don’t like Amber, but she’s slowly dying in the middle of no-where Kentucky with no family. And when you see people punching down it makes you wonder what kind of issues they have

No. 1010316

>I don’t like Amber, but she’s slowly dying in the middle of no-where Kentucky with no family. And when you see people punching down it makes you wonder what kind of issues they have
Couldn't agree more, anon. I wish she would just quit YouTube for good.

No. 1010328

> with no family

Her mum and her partner of three years don’t count as family?

No. 1010528

Sorry, no family except for her absentee mother who was in prison for years. I will give Becky some credit though. She’s essentially a caretaker, but at least she stuck around

No. 1010958

Necky only stuck around because Amberlynn decided to be sugar mama and told Neck to quit her job.
Amberlynn has essentially imprisoned her with promises of Spencer's tshirts and the privilege of wiping her bloody cancer-ridden cooch.. Dont give her so much credit.

No. 1013341

Becky’s mom Nora died of cancer recently. Wonder how fast Zach, Michael, and the other haters will delete their cancer scam videos. It was one of their final “I don’t hate Amber because she’s fat, she’s a bad person” cards left aside from her pets.
Cancer has really put a damper on their YouTube careers lately.

No. 1013378

iirc the whole "gofundme scam" issue wasn't that norma had cancer or not, it was that she had the insurance to cover it and didn't need any extra assistance.

but honestly even after that, at this point though all they have against amber are a bunch of sad nitpicks. hayder nation and the kiwi crew should just let her waste away in peace

No. 1013398

In one of ambers latest vids she talks about furniture they bought for the new apt, dropped that the bed she bought cost 6 thousand dollars! I'm curious about how she's spending 6 thousand on a bed when she has no insurance to cover her surgery. Still glad the haydurs are basically dead though, they'd usually go nuts with info like that and blow it all out of proportion.

No. 1013434

Holy shit did nora really die? I feel like it wasn't that long since she was diagnosed

No. 1014471

Yeah, but since she’s dead I think they would look bad if they continued to whine about it in the future. And the haydurs love to pretend they’re the moral ones in every situation so they’re probably not going to touch it anymore.
The Facebook moms on the other hand will probably compare coffin sizes if Amber can’t turn things around. They’re as ruthless as they are pathetic

No. 1015246

YDHB is bringing Amber reactions back to her channel.

No. 1596299

File: 1658687348454.jpg (99.85 KB, 1080x559, sjw.jpg)

Sorry for necro, I just hate this stuff. We can post redditors can we?

No. 1596307


No. 1596347

They are so fucking crazy lmao

No. 1596350

That’s really messed up she has an eating disorder and they look unhealthy themselves

No. 1596373

She's such a fucking pretentious hypocrite, can't believe I used to watch her jesus christ

No. 1596669

i love laughing at these people who make the same video every day "i'm fat but SHE'S FATTER!"
and every time one of them gets engaged and posts her ring size, kiwi farms posts all the reactors&commenters fat baby-lookin hands with wrist cankles

No. 1596670

these anti-harry potter people are pissed off because that shit used to be their whole personality, right?

No. 1596702

Yea and now their “gender identity” is their whole personality

No. 1596993

kek virtue signalling on a subreddit dedicated to snarking on an obese overgrown toddler will never make sense to me

No. 1596999

File: 1658741006702.png (219.95 KB, 354x766, 83rxm5ema8j81.png)

Just gonna drop a couple pics lol

No. 1597000

File: 1658741027667.jpg (19.87 KB, 320x569, d99wgr5px6j81.jpg)

No. 1597001

File: 1658741057161.jpg (25.32 KB, 640x288, ewx04id3h8w81.jpg)

No. 1597003

File: 1658741079323.jpg (100.72 KB, 2400x1080, o4h8e3c3h8w81.jpg)

No. 1597051

She's a surprisingly big fan of halter straps for a fat chick

No. 1597060

Gotta show off those lunch lady arms. Er, sorry, tricep gains.

No. 1597123

She's gained quite a lot since her tattoo pics a couple years ago. It wouldn't really be notable except the focus of her channel makes it pretty ironic and all, something tells me if someone made a reaction channel about her gaining weight and being an asshole (aka exactly what Amber does kek) she wouldn't be such a fan

No. 1597145

Chikara Transformations gave her a light roasting a while back. Funny how when Amber responds to her, she'll flip out & have a new reaction video ready within an hour, but when a fit person calls her out she suddenly goes quiet and "doesn't watch content about herself" kek

No. 1597196

This bitch is built like a fat linebacker. She has those really unfortunate potato famine genes. Unless she straight up starves herself to POW levels of thinness, she's always gonna look chunky. She's weirdly stocky and square with awful proportions, and she has a fat moon face that rivals Amber's despite being 1/4th of Amber's size.

Bitch is built like SpongeBob KEK

She's worse than Amber and even more outwardly narcissistic. She has also lied about SO MUCH shit regarding her credentials and hOw BusY she is.

No. 1597228

she was wearing this dress totally wrong, too. probably purely to show off her shitty chest tattoos. the straps were supposed to x cross over the chest, but like I said, god forbid her tattoos be covered or her saggy tits be supported. she makes fun of Amber and Chantal being dumb and claims to be edjooca’ed but can’t even wear her own cheap H&M clothing right, either.

No. 1597301

I like Chikara's reactions to different deathfats and hamplanets but I can't watch her videos when her poor dog Rosie is just limping around in pain. It's too hard to watch the poor thing chewing on her busted leg and whimpering, I don't understand how the dog is still injured it's been months now. Has she been in for surgery or anything? It's too sad watching her howl and limp and climb on Chikara's lap for comfort and escape from the pain while Chikara seems oblivious to it.

No. 1597570

File: 1658792103228.png (26.04 KB, 1157x176, nhgfrdtfghjkjhgythr.png)

Since someone necro'd for a redditor am I allowed to add a weird youtuber to the mix? This is random but I literally see this bitch leaving comments everywhere, all over the Amberverse youtube channels as well as some random ones's like Educating Shanny from the ED community. She must spend every second online leaving little snarky comments everywhere. Everytime I see her pfp I think it's that one midget tranny with the facial deformity kek

No. 1598002

>She has also lied about SO MUCH shit regarding her credentials
I'm curious about this since when I followed her as a cow she was often talking about her credentials and professional future, what ended up being fake? All of it?

No. 1598651

Essay coming up.

Here's the clip where she accidentally read a haydur's question on stream, asking her why she lied about being in med school: https://www.reddit.com/r/YDHBSnark/comments/ufitm3/yes_i_lied_about_being_in_medical_school_but_its/

She fumbles for words for a while, trying to keep a smile on for the camera but you can see her panicking internally. After this clip, she "clarified" in a community post that you can find around 1:15 in vidrel.
Essentially, she says that she never actually claimed she was going to med school. No no, you're all just misremembering. She actually said that she was accepted into A medical school. Because the school that she went to has a med school attached. Even though her program was not a part of that med school kek. She also kept editing this community post for WEEKS after the fact, adding & deleting things, which was pretty hilarious.

Anyway, people started digging into her degree & found out that not only does her online master's program not qualify her to be a therapist (they specifically state on their website that you will need a few years' of in-person training before you can qualify), but she only achieved a "pass" grade. She even showed off her diploma proudly, when it says "grade: pass" right on it. Normally a pass means 50-60%, but because of covid they lowered the pass grade to something ridiculous like 45%. So girlie was confirmed as getting grades in the 40-60% range. In an online program no less. One which does not qualify her to become a therapist. Even though she is still LARPing as a therapist while simultaneously posting 50 insta stories in the middle of the workday, only ever sitting around on the couch, getting her nails & lashes done.

Oh yeah, and when it comes to the whole "I never said that I was in in med school" thing - that was quite literally how she started off her infamous coconut oil rant. BABYGIRL I. AM. IN. MED. SCHOOL.
There were also some cringey old posts that people dug up in which she said something like "I'm so close to getting my white coat!!"

It has been pretty funny following her snark sub, but the head mod is a dumb cunt who ruined it tbh

No. 1598786

Yeah the subreddit is actually bonkers, one user was posting about how he “interviewed a woman with the same cancer” in an attempt to prove ALR was lying about her diagnosis. Like, you’re bothering some random cancer patient for what?

Not to mention the obsession over jade/wifeys legal issues, who cares? It’s all so boring.
That’s awful

No. 1599018

File: 1658925881576.png (807.67 KB, 684x928, kjhgfdsdfghjk.png)

Look at what this retard is feeding her dog. A microwaved egg, 2 different kinds of fish, lamb ribs, buffalo wrap dog treats, raw carrots, some kind of brown powder, spirulina, more mystery powder (this one has kelp and charcoal) and then she tops it all off by dumping a bunch of water in the bowl and doesn't even stir it in. I don't have a dog but is this normal? This doesn't seem normal. He looks confused about how to eat it and then takes the wet lamb ribs back to his dirty bed.

No. 1599026

File: 1658926486865.png (576.81 KB, 529x938, oijhugytfrtghj.png)

Oh yeah he looks real fucking happy Sara. I'm sure he loves spending his life in a small apartment waiting to be walked for 15 minutes by his lazy owner so she can take ~aesthetic~ photos for instagram. Rehome him, he deserves a better life than whatever sub par care your providing for him. You're a fucking joke. And putting on this tattooed bad bitch dog owner larp isn't fooling anyone. Even a blind man could see that you're just a pathetic lazy fat slag who can't even take care of herself. Give it up, this is so embarrassing for you.

No. 1599167

Trying to do the raw diet. But half of what's in the bowl is treats. You see packages of ground raw meat in fridges of pet stores. Some people decide to skip that n give the dog whatever meat. But it's more expensive n a lot of people forget to add vitamins dogs need.

No. 1599194

she’s taken her to the vet multiple times trying to figure out what the issue is. last thing off the top of my head she was going to see if the dog just needed its leg amputated because she did get it surgery that they thought would be a fix but ended up not working. but the vet said amputation wasn’t necessary. I thought I recalled in a somewhat recent video there was going to be another appointment soon to see what the next route is. she’s put a lot more time(and I’m sure hella money) into that dog than I would, personally.

No. 1599213

What did the mod do? Was happy to see there's a subreddit for YDHB because she is such an uppity bitch but now I'm curious

No. 1599371

File: 1658954773286.png (288.21 KB, 1330x852, Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 17.4…)

cap from the snarksnark sub.
tl;dr - she's a micromanaging Karen who gets triggered if you call Sara a fatty

No. 1599721

what's going on with her non-ass? usually fat chicks who exercise have a large ass, whether chubby, wide and saggy, or muscley. this woman's genetics are almost as tragic as mine

No. 1599758

She has the same lack of muscle as a woman who's skinny fat but she's not skinny, so just fat with no muscle tone in sight.

No. 1600438

this was so cringe. the sub isn’t as fun as it could be because you really have to be careful not to hurt anybody’s feefees. but then again it’s reddit, so not surprised I guess.

No. 1601142

File: 1659080880568.jpg (154.62 KB, 1282x2647, u62cuajdsfe91.jpg)

Baby face filter

No. 1601172

How is it that she can have a gigantic sausage casing upper lip while still looking like she's curling it inwards chipmunk-style? Inquiring minds need to know.

No. 1601211

he looks absolutely fucking filthy, along with whatever the fuck is all over her floor

No. 1601749

probably the goat leg remnants that she tries to act badass feeding to him.

No. 1604302

File: 1659355825888.png (47.51 KB, 640x385, psych ward.png)

No. 1604908

File: 1659419215247.png (380.13 KB, 551x921, thatsgonnahurttoremovelol.png)

the fucking chin strap in her wedding photos, wonder if she regrets that tattoo yet lol

No. 1605564

It looks like a goatee or a chinstrap kek. PCOS Wooly Willy lookin fuck

No. 1609559

File: 1659881466860.jpg (409.91 KB, 1079x1190, 294641167_860052008304992_3973…)

I know this thread is kind of dead but her photos are so funny to me because she looks different in each one, it's like she thinks we don't remember what she actually looks like lol

No. 1610875

that top lip is tragic, even filtered to shit. her iris also looks like it’s melting either because of the filter or because she edits her eyes to be more vibrant because she brags about how ~blue~ they are. seriously.

No. 1613608

File: 1660291853628.jpg (34.49 KB, 554x471, esm2yqgj2qg91.jpg)

Young Dumb Honey Bun (Sara Lomzynska) has deleted 208/397 of her videos. You know, the ones of her bullying a housebound American lesbian. She also deleted almost all of her thotty insta pics.
I think that she's trying to get a big girl job now instead of living off of youtube so she's trying to hide her youtube channel from search results. Or at least to make her online presence look more "palatable" to employers. She's trying to make it seem like she started her yt channel as a vlogger & then transitioned into the Amberverse when it's really the exact opposite. She's spent over 5 years at this point doing the online equivalent of playing the tuba behind a fat chick as she waddles.
Shit, this isn't even the first time she's gone on a deleting spree. Last time she deleted over 7mill views. No idea how many videos that amounts to but point being, this girl is OBSESSED with Amberlynn.

No. 1613648

Ope, gotta start using the full name bully Sara Lomzynska now when we post about her!

No. 1613683

I know that people have said this before but Sara and Amber are the same, personality-wise. And I think that's exactly why she's obsessed with Amber.

No. 1613727

not surprising, if she was serious about her "career as a pyschologist" and actually bothered to think longer than a fraction of a second, she would have realized how stupid it was for her to have these videos up in the public at all. imagine if she had a client with an ed or body image issues, and they happen to stumble across one of her videos where shes shitting on amber for doing the same things she herself was also doing? i bet that would destroy a patient or her patients comfort around her, let alone that she basically gets payed to talk shit about others wellbeing- while studying to be someone who is supposed to provide help for the same kind of person? she was a fucking idiot for ever bothering at all; an even bigger idiot for never seeing that for herself, even after the time and money she supposedly spent on her "studies". which i still doubt ever happened anyways but thats imo.

No. 1613783

File: 1660311329566.jpg (5.43 KB, 251x240, 1401911969877.jpg)

>She's spent over 5 years at this point doing the online equivalent of playing the tuba behind a fat chick as she waddles.
Actually laughed out loud

No. 1613792

Oh she's not going to be a psychologist lol, she kinda shot herself in the foot with that one. Maybe if she opens up a private practice and people are willing to look past her behavior online, but to get to that point she would need hours in an actual clinical work setting and no one is going to hire her with all of these antics so publicly available online. I mean at this point she couldn't even apply to be a school guidance counselor.

No. 1614184

Wait, you mean Sara Łomżyńska? From Sheffield England? The Polish-born one who went to Durham & who has been practicing as an unlicensed therapist via instagram? That one?

No. 1616948

we'll see if she takes her doormat's last name when* they wed, then we'll need to switch to that one lel.

*if his friends and family can't save him and talk some sense into him to stop being her whipping boy.

No. 1617085

is she even practicing though? the way she's posting on social media now, deletes aside, is not how someone with a job posts. nearly every day, on multiple platforms. there's a theory that she had a job and got fired but idek if she ever had one. her "work outfits" hardly looked work appropriate unless your job is editing videos at home. i mean, would you hire someone with her online presence? maybe it's actually making it hard for her to find work. which would be deserved.

No. 1617205

She does LARP as if she has an irl therapy job. But personally (because she puts 'therapist' in her insta bio), I reckon that she's practicing as an instagram therapist.
You know the ones that "counsel" people via DMs? Who spew out mindless platitudes about how "your feelings are valid, yas queen, set those boundaries & don't perform emotional labour".

No. 1621618

File: 1661094200435.jpg (21.42 KB, 320x569, qtts486e22j91.jpg)

fatty kek

No. 1621619

File: 1661094221276.jpg (18.89 KB, 320x569, pkvze86e22j91.jpg)

mad tricep gains

No. 1621634

File: 1661095650894.png (402.89 KB, 756x556, arms.png)

If she keeps gaining, she will end up like her friend Amber

No. 1621696

I thought YDHB was so pretty when I first saw her but she's obnoxious. Can someone explain what Amber has done so horrible? Like Charlie Gold and YDHB aren't slim and trim either to be judging. Also what happened to that girl who said, "Jeffree Dahmer may have been a serial Killer but at least he's not racists!!"?

No. 1621852

That is a loooooooooot of space in between her neck & nipples. She has such a boxy/barrel-shaped torso and such droopy, far apart boobs. Those square tattoos are the worst things that she could have chosen for her body shape. They just accentuate her weird chest & ridiculously low-hanging nips.
How can she wear lowcut spaghetti tops w no bra when her chest looks… like that? Lmao. I would be ashamed to show off such tubular breasts at <25.

No. 1622311

File: 1661162824779.jpg (132.65 KB, 1080x680, Reddit.jpg)

"Hi cow"

No. 1622359

File: 1661171871871.png (208.18 KB, 442x428, chin.png)

Idk know why she chooses to draw attention to her own problem areas. She's had treatments done to melt away fat in her double chin area and she clearly cares a whole lot about her appearance, spends money and has procedures done but can't… just keep her own weight in check. The hypocrisy is.. chefs kiss.

No. 1622386

Holy shit she has gained A TON of weight since I last saw her. I watched a few of her videos long time ago and she has doubled in size. What a fucking hypocrite.

No. 1622423

whoeber this bitch is, she looks like an advertisement for fake tattoos

No. 1622566

Whatever he's trying to do here, he can't seriously say Amber's IQ is 70-80. She's obviously pretty dumb but 70 would be nigh mentally disabled. The hi cow is taking me out too. At this point even Amber has more dignity left than her most obsessive haydurs who use her as a projection of their own perceived shortcomings. I think I'm dumb and fat so Amber must be the dumbest and fattest. She's everything they hate about themselves and are afraid of being

No. 1622581

HOLY SHIT SHES HUGE. maybe using amberlynn as a comparison didnt have the effect she was hoping for- me thinks she gave herself too much wiggle room

No. 1628181


Hilarious! Imagine taking the money you made by dunking on fatties on kybella injections to dissolve your double chin (over 1000$ a pop, btw) only to eat your way into the next BMI category.

No. 1631199

File: 1661899014515.png (178.81 KB, 1577x607, alryt.png)

No. 1637950

All the Amberlynn subs got banned again & KF is down too kek(sage)

No. 1638082

goddamnit why can't we have anything fun? i heard the other farms had gotten an IG for chantal's new gigolo and when i went to check it was gone.

amber is bound to be in terrific spirits over this

No. 1638107

I just remembered seeing a Michael B Petty video about Amberlynn and he was bitching about transphobia. Even way back then.

No. 1638147

This is relevant milk that the other 2 sites dedicated to discussing this cow are btfo but OK JANNIES this is surely irrelevant information kek

No. 1639783

seriously, her tattoos are SO painfully bad. they're flash art that i've seen a billion times. they look fake because there's no way someone would actually get such generic things voluntarily, right? maybe this is what happens when you want to be heavily tattooed and don't have the money for it. and the double chin strap one isn't doing her any favors with all that weight gain.

No. 1640534

They look like they were drawn on with a ballpoint pen too. Tragic as fuck

No. 1644770

I cackled. such a waste of money. I guess her logic is she doesn't have to look pretty irl because she has no friends, has a simp locked down for the rest of his pitiful life: all she really cares is photoshopping herself thin and trying to skinwalk Lana Del Rey for a bunch of compliments from her equally insecure fanbase.

No. 1691555

File: 1667382904607.jpg (216.16 KB, 750x1252, c82c4c68-306f-4e58-9899-98e16c…)

No. 1691556

File: 1667382925060.jpg (255.51 KB, 750x1251, 7bfc71f1-cb9b-4a6c-8054-55aa89…)

No. 1691557

File: 1667382947757.jpg (221 KB, 750x1252, 770dc19d-bc9c-4316-b299-5a7f41…)

No. 1691558

File: 1667383015726.jpg (212.23 KB, 750x1251, 6b2764db-5dae-4f71-8e3e-2692eb…)

(Ultimate newfag)

No. 1691562

This isn't reddit, newfag

No. 1692139

A terminally online freak obsessed with ydhb that posts about this absolute nobody quite literally every day. And she has been doing this for at least a year now. Totally unhinged.

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