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File: 1592655542369.jpg (35.65 KB, 515x767, 325.jpg)

No. 989990

Previous thread >>782532

A Tradthot can be defined as: A woman who claims to hold traditional values while living in a modern way, using the concept of traditionalism as a method to gain an online following that typically consists of angry misogynists who don't recognize the hypocrisy of the girl they follow on social media/donate money to.

Tradthots enjoy modern freedoms and are often childless career women who pander to their male audience by showing cleavage, camel toe, and other revealing body shots while also posting pictures of aprons on Instagram and yearning for a 1950's way of living. These kinds of girls typically hate other women, as it is common for them to hold a "I'm not like other girls" attitude to suck up to the niche of men who also hate women. Many of them, in additional to sexist views, also have racist and anti semetic views to appeal to alt right and more radical men.

>Lauren Southern

>college drop out who now travels the world full time on money donated to her from her male fans doing journalism
>got her start from jumping on the anti feminism bandwagon that she has taken credit for pioneering
>came under fire for wearing heavy makeup and bleaching hair, having black friends, a black ex boyfriend, pictures of her clubbing and dressing up as a sexy cop
>shocked when alt right and white nationalist men are sexist, addresses some of the issue in her "Why I'm not Married Video"
>has previously mocked women for wanting to become doctors
>video "What Every Girl Needs to Hear" tells girls to save themselves without citing any credible sources, even cites wikipedia (and can't give personal testimony)
>Has now returned claiming to be a centrist and against the Alt Right
>Apologized for helping create a toxic online culture and mass deleted her tweets, hoping to escape her pandering past
>Leaked DMs with Paul Joseph Watson
Website: https://laurensouthern.net
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurencheriie/
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCla6APLHX6W3FeNLc8PYuvg
Twitter: @Lauren_Southern

>Ashley Elisa

>Med school drop out
>Acts like she's hot shit
>Anons pointed out how she looks like a donkey
>New cow from last thread
YouTube link:

>Daisy Cousens

>Dresses like it's still the 1950's
>Talks about how right-wingers are "scientifically" better looking while resembling Cinderella's evil stepmom
>Another new cow
>Hideous thumbnails and overall bad content
YouTube link:

No. 989993

File: 1592655661842.png (244.69 KB, 633x625, emptytwitter.PNG)

Lauren's only remaining tweet is this rt

No. 989994

File: 1592655727444.png (58.61 KB, 593x593, pjwmeltdown1.PNG)

No. 989995

File: 1592655827145.png (151.45 KB, 603x525, dms1.PNG)

No. 989996

File: 1592655855848.png (292.09 KB, 381x829, pjwmeltdown2.PNG)

No. 989997

Lauren's entire video on why she is back.

No. 989999

File: 1592656127229.png (309.52 KB, 1512x568, mtdp3.PNG)

The comment in question that Paul is sperging about, which Lauren allegedly removed.

No. 990015


Gee, I wonder why despite being the heartthrob of the right wing, he is still unmarried and hasn’t sire any children.

No. 990029

File: 1592664257563.jpeg (198.27 KB, 1068x1589, 2B25EE11-BD94-4828-B835-2571D9…)


No. 990042

Ew, now I actually feel bad for Lauren that she had to endure his gross nauseating micro dick inside of her. Let’s bow our heads in a moment of silence; RIP Lauren’s pride, dignity, and vuhjayjay.

No. 990050

drop the info Paul!

No. 990054

It's good that she changed her opinion on her behavior, but it's not like she was a teenager when she cosplayed as a "controversial alt-right journalist" - she was in her late twenties to thirties and knew what she was doing. Sadly, dignity is the price you pay for being a pickme.

No. 990067

File: 1592668583360.jpeg (204.4 KB, 750x739, 53360C98-5C04-479F-BD66-DA149C…)

No. 990071

File: 1592668758214.jpeg (437.14 KB, 750x989, 454FBA1E-DE18-4B98-95B9-80B542…)

No. 990072

Sure, Paul. Lmao, what a pathetic worm.

No. 990077

Not trying to WK, but she's 25, not "late twenties to thirties"

No. 990089

I was going to post the article below last week but decided it wasn't relevant but now that she's back…

It sounds like Lauren appears in a documentary about the 'alt-right' where she complains about the sexism she has faced. I'm sure that will go over really well with her audience.


What Lauren is about to learn is that the misogyny in the online right has simply gotten worse since she left. Whereas before these men would still subscribe to her and listen to her, and maybe make a shitty comment here and there - now they don't even want women to speak or be online period. Even 'trad' girls like Southern.

I do feel for her since her return was not warmly received but then I remember that this is the type of world she wanted for all women. And now we all have it - she just thought she would be exempt.

No. 990097

The comments are full of seething scrotes calling her a money-hungry grifter, but I agreed with most of her points, and think it's good that she seems to have turned into a normal human being instead of remaining some cringy alt-right poster girl.
It's a bit too little too late, though. She helped create the current problems in the community for her own benefit, and no one's forgotten about that. It's going to take her a long time to gain some ground in non-extremist circles (if it happens at all).

Sure he was. This pathetic fuck is almost like a British, alt-right version of Onision.

No. 990098

Shes rebranding herself to be more marketable since hardly any extreme alt right wing isnt making money. But she could profit off of being a victim of her own echochamber like this >>989996 to a few

Both of them are such small fat little cows. They both are addicted to internet attention by the alt right its kek worthy

>now they don't even want women to speak or be online period. Even 'trad' girls like Southern.
Yup they want women only to be seen for porn and never heard. All of them will get hit at some point will Brittney, Fairbanks etc. Even those "how to be a FEMININE woman" youtubers will be on the chopping block because theyre not doing what these guys want. Ive seen mrs midwest already slip up once by flirting with a muslim youtuber before

No. 990204

people always make women to be older than they actually are and its fucking weird. Like say their actual age and stop making any woman older than 25 to be 30.

No. 990212

>it's not like she was a teenager when she cosplayed as a "controversial alt-right journalist" - she was in her late twenties to thirties and knew what she was doing.
Actually she was in her late teens/early 20s when she was active, then she went mia at 23 and only turned 25 this tuesday.
Like other anons said, let's not do this, acting as if women her age are old is something that altrighters, mras and incels do.

No. 990221

For some reason I always thought that she was older than Shoe. Well, my bad.
>It's going to take her a long time to gain some ground in non-extremist circles (if it happens at all).
If she actively engages with people who share her new political views, it would make it much easier for her to redeem herself. It would, however, take some courage and patience because of alt-right scum that won't leave her alone any time soon.

No. 990354

Any thoughts on Petite Nicoco? I notice her and other hapas like Lauren Chen are always super reactionary. There was another half Asian/white reactionary from England that fell in line with the above two but the name escapes me.

No. 990355

File: 1592705478135.jpeg (330.96 KB, 750x751, 242AF919-5EFA-45FC-A158-E0346A…)


> my kitchen


No. 990361

1) she actually looks a lot older than she is due to all the unfortunate plastic surgery
2) there's nothing wrong with actually being 30+ either way

No. 990402

I don't
she helped push the "replacement demographic" theory and get alt-rights in a frenzy across the western world and go on shooting sprees

No. 990413

Was it Bernadine Barber?

No. 990461

Lauren Chen admits she was a brony at the 10:45 mark.
I think it's funny she's saying "it's okay if you still watch Spongebob" when a large chunk of her followers are men in their late 20s who have moe anime girl icons

No. 990741

I love how alt-right men are so butt-hurt at spongebob being gay and act like its ''wrong'' when these are the same type of men to masturbate to anime of children being raped by animals or adults.
A character thats gay=Wrong
Masturbating to the most fucked up porn=Normal

No. 991517

does anyone have a link to this white noise documentary to watch or download? It looks like it was available to stream live for a day and is now not available. Did anyone rip it while it was live?

No. 991538

No. 991553

theyre acting like 'the evil left' is obsessed with spongebob's sexuality when at most it was literally just a meme thats already dead, also spongebob has been 'queer-coded' since forever. These people really have no lives if theyre assuming people are as obsessed with a cartoon as they are with anime.

No. 992059

I wonder how hard they'd try to cope with the fact that Hillenburg himself has stated that spongebob is asexual (because he's a sponge)

No. 992102


Everytime I see his face that song “red red wine” by UN40 plays in my head, it’s so obvious even through the internet that’s he’s a long alcoholic it’s kind of sad no one at infowars it anything took him and aside and was like “maybe you should go to rehab”

With that being said, everything I’ve read about alt right makes it sound like the grossest type of counter culture scene where a limited amount of people in a super closed social network just have sex with everyone else in a highly incestious manner. I’ve seen PJW linked to Ashton Witty, Laura Loomer and Martina Markota.

No. 992175

File: 1592889408348.jpg (226.5 KB, 1080x2069, lauren what happened lol.jpg)

>those sunken cheekbones
Looks like the alt-right and being prego really sucked the life from her unless she actually elected to look like a plastic corpse. Makes her look like she lost teeth.
Also her foundation doesn't match and it bothers me.

Nitpicks aside, she doesn't deserve to have peace on the internet. She profited off throwing women under the bus. Lord knows how many stupid naive girls actually listened to her rhetoric and fucked up their lives following her shitbird advice, except the difference is that Lauren made a coin by selling her talking points to make a nest for herself. Meanwhile those dumb girls who listened to her are stuck being poor, education-less, and pandering to whichever basement dweller they tied themselves to at her behest.
I hope some crazy alt-right incel gets stalkerish and she's forced to go back into hiding for ~de sake of her fahmalee~ cause she's only back right now with tweaked talking points to make more money. She's a twat, and worst of all is that she's getting away with her bullshit.

No. 992241

File: 1592903489330.jpg (429.68 KB, 1080x1276, 20200623_051010.jpg)

No. 992244

I thought she could've probably removed Bichat’s fat pad. Big mistake, if this is the case, cause she'll look like a hag when older. Her cheeks were not THAT puffy to begin with, they were just normal.

No. 992254

sage for offtopic but is like the Alt-right dead now ?

No. 992260

Yes and blompf losing will be the final nail on is coffin

No. 992285

File: 1592910484820.jpg (240.16 KB, 1200x804, 1523620112276.jpg)



>I believe with every fibre of my being that most of my followers believe in me as a journalist rather than as an ideological pinup doll,

has she met her followers?

No. 992292

The anatomy here… oh boy

No. 992296

>My years of work and my actual ideas don’t matter. All that matters is who I sleep with, what color they are, who I collaborated with, what color they are, whether I’m 100% pure Bavarian phenotype, blah blah blah
Omg what the fuck did she expect? No SHIT the white supremacists who think you belong in the kitchen are more concerned with your black ex bf than your work. That's the first thing tradthots learn, that your mind means nothing to men.

No. 992406

She looks like an ugly, botched version of Poppy. I can see that she'd be considered pretty in right wing circles but in general she's below average.

No. 992416


I do respect her for actually figuring out its one big snake oil shitshow of bitter, unstable narcissists trying to self enrich themselves and fighting over the same rapidly stagnating demographic. Her making the choice to basically start over as opposed as clinging on to her little pickme anthill like most 2016 trad ethots was not something I expected, she’ll never be accepted by most mainstream conservatives tho unless she cuts ties absolutely everyone tho

No. 992440

File: 1592921945588.jpg (141.78 KB, 1200x857, jka0v7sdrrr01.jpg)

>has she met her followers?

never forget the barrier

No. 992502

they look gross. Also that guy on the left looks like Ethan Klein if he was homeless kek

No. 992514

Is it just me, or do most of tradthots usually are blonde or dye their hair blonde… Personally In my place every 'proud rightwing and tradthot' are dirty blondes.

No. 992532

lol IKR but they swear "its all nashurul guyzz, I dont use hair dye thats for sjws and ugly feminists" but then you can actually see the roots and the shitty hair dye job their stylist did (see Lauren Southern) but they swear its their natural color. I love these hoes and their hypocrisy, the best part is that even their own fanbase (thristy right wing incels)turn against them for the smallest things. Also the fact that to them they are just property they dream to conquer one day.

No. 992578

What tf is that hairline

No. 992747

oh my god thank you anon, I've never seen this picture before, big kek

No. 993208

Let's be real here- she's only changed because it's convenient for her. She's probably been aware that it's one big snake oil shitshow of bitter, unstable narcissists for years but didn't care because she was one of the people benefiting off of it.

No. 993357


I disagree, the majority think they are actually fighting the good fight for freedom of speech or some shit while living in the bubble of internet troll culture, thats how you have 40 year old men like PJW and Gavin McIness who still operate on the emotional level of 21 year olds and tradthots like Martina Markota and faith goldy desperately trying to panhandling for whatever scraps of attention they can still get to convince themselves are in fact still attractive despite passing their prime. Of all these people tho, I don’t think I ever imagined Laura southern to be the one to realize what a toxic cesspit it all was but maybe having a kid forced her to consider what kind of world and people she wanted him to be around, and it wasn’t a bunch of screeching alcoholics in their basement.

No. 993359

its kinda funny that half these guys don't even look white, I feel that amount of self hating brown people(especially Hispanics) should be addressed more, I mean look at Nick Fuentes

No. 993553

actually they are white and thats the funny thing. White people with grey toned skin and black hair exist and its funny when those type of white people talk about pure aryan blondes bl bla because their ideology ends up invalidating themselves too.

No. 993809

Alot of these trad thots dont have kids: PJW, Martina, Faith and Brittnay P, Gun Girl..Lauren having a kid might have woken her up to the bullshit or maybe it was her husband wherever the fuck he is. You'd think Gavin would be same since he has daughters and is watching men treat women like shit but he stuck around. Also was he that one that stuck fruit up his ass? I keep hearing about Proud Boys doing that

No. 994335

Yuuup. He shoved a up a banana up his ass on his show, forgot the name of it. He also pussied out of the proud boys once they were listed as a terrorist group, claiming it was a "gentleman's club" ala the Elk Lodge, despite instigating his group of mouth-breathing retards to beat up random people during protests.

No. 995826

File: 1593143591170.png (3.73 MB, 828x1792, F0086104-7262-461D-971F-E0A3B9…)

She looks botched

No. 995866

Botched and skeptical, not that anyone who watched her first attempt at a documentary can blame her.

No. 995905

Tana Mongeau vibes?

No. 995945

saged for shit question, but what's a "rooftop asian"?

No. 995963

It is a term that has its roots in the LA roots of 92. Basically, a Korean shop owner shot a black teenager in her shop "for shoplifting" (what really happened is that a young girl came in to her shop, picked up an orange juice and didnt have a chance to pay because some racist old bat decided to shoot her, but alas). The tensions between Korean community and black community were running high and so black protestors started targeting Korean businesses. Koreans then wanted to protect their businesses and got on the roofs of the buildings, from where they would be killing protestors. Recently, this term has resurfaced because of the BLM protestors. The context is that those "rooftop asians" were based and people should follow suit this time around. A racist dog whistle.

No. 996007

Just looked into the case. Holy shit, that's fucked up. She literally grabbed the girl and assaulted her (even though she had the money to pay for the juice in her hand), the girl pushed back, returned the orange juice and started walking away. Then the store owner threw the juice on the floor and shot her.
At that point, it's not even about the orange juice, just pure malice. Ridiculous that she wasn't sent to jail.

No. 996115

Honestly had no idea PJW was that old, but you're right anon. That somehow makes him even more pathetic. Imagine being 39 and having nothing to show for yourself but a couple social media accounts where you shout at a camera through a haze of alcoholism and brag about fucking 20 year old mentally ill tradthots.

No. 996125


THIS. Why are so many people being so fucking gullible about Lauren?

She knew what she was doing during her alt-right bullshit and when that audience turned on her, she took a break, rebranded and has now come back to play to a new audience. It's Candace Owens in reverse.

She is still the same shallow opportunistic cow she always was and always will be.

No. 996335

kek Bu…but she is natural guyzz what are you talking about? she is so tard I mean trad, and only femenist and sjws do surgery she is pure and natural, everyone else is just jealous of her natural hair and her natural face.

Honestly these women are a bunch of hypocrites they scream and yell about other women doing plastic surgeries or pursuing a career, or not getting married while they do the same shit, but oh no they are "fighting for freedum guyz for our white herritage" lol

No. 999202

File: 1593524956165.png (18.16 KB, 586x174, molymeme.PNG)

Stefan Molyneux was finally banned from YouTube. He's basically a male tradthot.

No. 999207

Lauren Southern claimed that law enforcement has no trouble handling rape cases and rapists always get arrested etc, couldn't understand how there are statistics for unreported rapes and instead of inquiring just blatantly tried to humiliate the other woman talking. She's been a dick to sexual assault victims so I have no sympathy to her complaining about misogyny in her little bubble of simps and horny men building her career.

No. 999209

Her career is built on shunning other women and being catty and claiming the only reason she had few female friends was because of feminism, while she never actually understood what feminism was. It's hilarious to hear her complain about sexism now when she's been misogynistic for years. Remember when she tried to mock that woman on twitter for wanting to become a doctor? Hilarious.

No. 999214

There's also that video of one of her "lectures" which is just her ranting about how women who want careers will just regret it when they're older and how women are meant to have lots of babies while they are young and fertile.

No. 999215

"private property"
So much cringe

No. 999266

love the hypocrisy Lauren has seriously, she basically did all that shit she probably got married and had a child to please her neckbeard audience which they will retaliate by saying shit like "you have ruined your body" "your tits are soggy now" "you are no longer desirable and have turned in to a cumrag" they will hate on women no matter what even if they are "on their side" serves them right for pandering to these disgusting men.

No. 999274

I wish I could feel bad for Lauren but I seriously never can she spouted racist and sexist garbage and got rich off of it. Gave so many shitty people platforms to spew bullshit and now wants us to feel bad because her racist and sexist fan base turned out to be… wait for it……racist and sexist!! All these “I see the light ass” tradidiots like her and shoe are
Only seeing the light now that that ideology is no longer profitable not because it’s disgusting and harmful logic to have. Congrats on the baby though!

No. 999288

Asians that want to be white so bad they align themselves with white supremacists are so sad, gross, and pathetic. Bet she only dates white guys and probably never learned her mother tongue lol. Loser lol

No. 999291

Sorry she’s “half white.” eyeroll

No. 999429

Lol yes, while she has a career and has had a career for years and uses very traditional social media and is a very traditional working mother.

She can do it guys!! Other women can't though

No. 999643

>Ive seen mrs midwest already slip up once by flirting with a muslim youtuber before
When did that happen? Details?

No. 999650

off topic, but Lauren Southern reminds me of CC Babcock from the Nanny

No. 999677

All of these clownfish are failed Phyllis Schlaflys, which is like failing at being a huge stinking turd.

No. 1000876

File: 1593662228257.png (597.23 KB, 828x1792, 284C06FC-EC83-4347-AC60-1894AA…)

Lauren Southern’s hidden replies lol

No. 1000887

To be fair it's not like she has a 'career' based on any kind of merit or talent that made her stand out, she got where she is cause she's a bottle blonde who had a controversial take that she milked for a few years.

No. 1001150

The premise is that she traveled the world and worked and made money, if you want to nitpick over the word career go ahead but the idea is the same

No. 1002141

Sage for OT, but anon-chans, out of curiousity, what are the stereotypical trais of tradthots in your country / city and how do you deal with them (if you have to) ?

In my place the usual stereotypical sign of tradthot pickme is that they either bleach their hair blonde / dirty blonde or are actually wtih this haircolour. Also are obsessed with wing eyeliner for some reason most of the time, as if it's the only thing they can apply to their faces.

Clothing-wise I think it's stereotypical everywhere because tradthots usually are wearing the most modest stuff uwu.

No. 1004100

File: 1594228617082.jpeg (908.35 KB, 828x1434, 67A4BCBE-72DF-4D9C-9D65-BC1CCC…)


No. 1004114

wtf she looks like tana mangoose

No. 1004200

ngl i was sceptical when you all talked about how bitches her face is but this time it's so obvious.

No. 1004201


No. 1004429

File: 1594258615093.jpeg (234.92 KB, 750x625, 59A90B8C-C9A2-485C-80C3-0A3754…)


Slightly off topic, but the responses remind me of the responses to these two commentators. It’s not enough that a lot of their political talking points are agreeable to their followers; they’re still seen as bitter hags whose only purpose is to breed. You can never win with these type of men.


No. 1004471

File: 1594260712464.jpeg (507.08 KB, 737x1055, 999283CD-E465-4893-9323-6950A9…)


Cow crossover in the reply gif.

No. 1004596

Julia is like 26 and Mindy is 40 too. Stefan and his wife were around Mindys age when they had their daughter but hes always been a "do as I say dont do as I do" type

No. 1004660

File: 1594293519648.png (47.75 KB, 610x336, ice_screenshot_20200709-131348…)

The amount of men who took their joke seriously, one rule to stupid tradthots is you dont make these type of jokes towards your incel audience.

No. 1004662

dont you realize to extreme alt-righters the rules never apply to them yet they want everyone to live this pure trad lifestyle.
They can do drugs, they can do porn.they can be single until 40,they can be sexpats in asia and africa,they can be hypocrites,they can be on welfare….but if other people dare to NOT live the pure trad white and married at 17 and homeschooled lifestyle then those same people will call them a roastie,,decaying or soyboy.

No. 1004668

Exactly. If they were as "traditional" as they claim to be (and crucify others for not being so as much as them), they'd get off the internet and stop owning mobile phones and laptops. They'll never do that, though, because then they can't rely on the internet to give them attention for how "traditional" they're being. Almost all right-wing ideologies seem to be more of a cheap attempt to look contrarian and ~not like other ppl~ than anything.

No. 1004675


What they mean by tradition is just whatever sect of Christianity they think they belong to. Also having slaves.

No. 1004709

alr-righters have become such a mess that they now hate Christianity. Now its trendy for alt-right trad people to claim to be atheist or pagan (because christianity is not white enough for them,and christianity also has rules that need to be followed which we all know those degenerate alt-right freaks never do). What Trad has become is basically degenerate white men and pickme women who lived the most disgusting lives and now want to judge other people.

No. 1004726

No, that peaked a few years ago and now they're all christians again.

No. 1004774


I live in a liberal city so the closest thing we have to tradthots are the outer suburbans italian/greek/russian/jewish neighborhoods and they aren't even tradthot so much as they are too dumb and obsessed with consumerism to live outside of the traditional extended nuclear family model and still make enough money to afford all the stuff/car/house they want. They are still MAGA or identify as conservative via weak inertia. They exist in a sort of permanent state of cultural hand-me-downs and you can identify them visually because they dress like people did 20-30 years ago ( tan, LV bag, lip gloss, pin straight hair).

No. 1004842

Its a cycle with them anon. Theyll return back to hating religion again soon

No. 1005184

File: 1594400006319.png (155.19 KB, 789x636, uhohstinky.PNG)

Lauren Chen was set off on Twitter by a comment apparently from a small channel. Guess it really isn't possible for her to pander to every single man.

No. 1005191

It's interesting seeing her go off like this when she loves to act like "the rational, level-headed, non-shrill, non-crazy woman" in her videos with that almost-smug air.
I wonder how she'd react if someone made a video called "Lauren Chen has a Twitter MELTDOWN?!" and criticized her the way she does with other women.

No. 1005517

Lauren Southern looks like she has been stung by a bee.

No. 1005577

Don't kid yourself, Lauren I always knew you were in it for the money. Now It's more profitable to be centrist/left leaning.

No. 1005849

File: 1594559511859.jpg (338.93 KB, 1000x1403, IMG_9166.JPG)

Does she have the potential to be considered a tradthot? She honestly reminds me of Shoeonhead's older vids when she was riding the anti-feminism train during the mid-2010s

>Says women like being objectified

>Constantly strawmens feminists
>says she'll only date conservative men


No. 1005860

File: 1594561497039.png (1.13 MB, 1359x804, likejune.PNG)

Seeing the number of views land so high on videos titled like the sexual objectification and rape ones will never not depress me a bit. But what is up with this weird bitch and her other topics? Not washing her hair for years???

No. 1005864

Cave dweller Trad is the ultimate Trad.

No. 1005865

Why would you brag about washing your hair with only water if it looked like that?

No. 1005870

File: 1594564000783.jpg (342.76 KB, 1440x1440, EagooCnUYAIsrjN.jpg)

I really hate Lauren because I had a big crush on her till she was ousted as a whore by Milo. Custardloaf's my current crush and I don't care about the brush because underage nudes don't imply she's not a virgin(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1005884

If they're not tradthots, then why do you talk about them in a tradthot thread?

No. 1005890

>gross unwashed hair
>tits out on thumbnail
>lowest quality topics ie fat acceptance, tiktok and buzzfeed-tier feminism
>"not like other girls I like being objectified! Rape doesnt exist rape culture is a lie. Feminism destroyed my chance at dating uwu"
Rinse and repeat. Its hard to have pity for them when their audience eventually turns on them. So many basic untalented and unremarkable women choose this route for attention from bottom of the barrel males because quantity > quality

My guess is shes trying to snag as much attention from the crowd that believes womwn spend too much money on anything hygienic like hair care. So she has to brag about her stringy hair being so amazing and better to appear as low effort gf material as possible

No. 1005898

Begone, scrote.

No. 1005911

Lauren's a thing because we all had a semi-crush on her because of her looks and perceived personalty. Its the only reason anyone really pays attention to anybody

No. 1005922

She's not a virgin. Begone, male.

No. 1005923

you’re a creep go repent to christ

No. 1005930

She's only had an abusive e-relationship or something, doubt they had sex. That's better than 99.9% of girls and every whore I had the misfortune of dating(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1005934

You sound like a faggot. Might want to get that checked out.

No. 1005945

time to go check your testo lvl scrote

No. 1006598

File: 1594687999974.webm (1.63 MB, 1280x720, sl.webm)

>this entire thread

No. 1006730

why does every McTrad woman look 40

No. 1006827

because putting yourself and others like you down to pander and coddle the feelings of degenerate scrotes actually sucks the life out of you.

No. 1006871

File: 1594736888839.jpeg (1.47 MB, 4000x4000, 50937815-0EE2-4245-8984-CD7EF1…)

I watched a part of mikhaila peterson’s interview of Lauren southern and she made a point in the intro to say she looks exactly like she did when they first met years ago

Sure Jan

No. 1006882

What's more traditional than preserving your ~natural white beauty~ with copious amount of plastic surgery and silicone fillers?

No. 1006887

“we’re so traditional and different from modern feminists because we had babies at 25”

Lmao they both got pregnant out of wedlock and had shot gun weddings. Mikhaila even separated from her husband. How tf is that traditional

No. 1006967

lol sure jan we are so jealous of your misogisnist husband and your misoginist fans who only look at you as a baby making machine they can gawk at. Yes we are fuming with anger and rage that we dont have alt right neckbeards judging our every decisions. Yes it must be a privilege having such handsome men turn on you at the smallest thing, oh woe is us, we are just bitter jealous women of you tradishunul and natural beauties.

No. 1007526

Lauren Southern looks like a fish. No exaggeration. She is only 25 and already has a plastic frankenface.

No. 1007830

That anon should spend less time being mad at us, and more time being concerned with the fact that a large amount of their alt-right aryan daddies are fags. Almost all of them are following crossdressing teenage boys (or actual trannies) who're shooting themselves up with hormones to look like an animu gurl.

Sydney is an idiot. She still lurks rw Twitter and happily likes/RTs everything those nerds have to say even after they spread her nudes all over Twitter on her birthday.

No. 1008394

KEK right?! haha either that or they are nasty sweaty neckbeard who dont know what a bar of soap is, its never the middle its always in between. IF.. if…Thats shiny pokemon levels of rare, if there is a guy that kind of looks "decent" I am saying it in such a loose term, they usually are super douche bags, who see women as property or who only want a trophy and an object to display how "good" they have it. Lol but yeah we are so jealous tho who would pass the chance to be a manlet's sexual object! sign me up queen!

No. 1008626

File: 1594955860743.jpeg (154.66 KB, 1080x1347, 93674E09-52E8-42D5-B755-93A0FB…)

No. 1008627

File: 1594955900285.jpeg (19.45 KB, 275x275, 959E3F09-340D-4979-8084-FF4C0F…)

No. 1008630

File: 1594955993782.jpeg (59.06 KB, 600x450, 356DEDAC-4F68-449A-84B5-D9E69C…)

When you hook up with an Australian dipshit and wind up with an accidental pregnancy

No. 1008631

File: 1594956016646.png (322.91 KB, 768x426, 8EEDDA39-D860-45EA-BC55-D3E43D…)

No. 1008653

File: 1594960288888.png (1.26 MB, 828x1792, DE8DE8F1-4B78-402B-A6DF-A0F87D…)

No. 1008654

File: 1594960313330.png (2.8 MB, 828x1792, CE3D0503-2C6A-434F-83D0-EB9B20…)

Normal family

No. 1008655

File: 1594960341903.jpeg (324.64 KB, 828x808, 492AA857-5E38-4245-A3B5-72EB69…)

No. 1008657

File: 1594960385763.jpeg (65.69 KB, 594x1024, DB28E687-ACD2-4CBC-9C00-3F4528…)

“Young” moms at 25 are great role models

No. 1008660

>Hey dad let me use your platform market my bikini pic
God this is so transparent. It's weird enough to piggyback with this kind of image using any family member, let alone your father.

No. 1008682


I'm waiting for the all skeletons to come out of her closet. I've never understood how she wakes up in the morning and thinks she is going to build a career as some kind of health influencer outside of her father's fanbase. She is literally shaped like a refrigerator and no matter how much weight she loses/works outs it's not going to make her attractive enough to work the influencer circuit. Her husband and her both come off to me like somewhat sociopathic opportunists that see JP's benzo addiction as a way to live on permanent vacation off of his earnings. Neither of them have been in Canada since late october so I doubt her husband is working but they take private jets and dine out at steakhouses every night. The only country that she was able to find a rehabilitation for JP to her liking just happened to be in Serbia, which is one of the few countries in europe RN without travel restrictions, quars or nightlife closures.

No. 1008700

Offtopic, but why is her name Russian? Both Peterson and his wife are Canadian Anglos. I know he's into Soviet history, but it seems a bit much.

No. 1008707

There's no such name though. There is a male name Mikhail and it's of Hebrew origin (although surely it's not used only by Jews), and the female version is Michaela (yet I've never known anyone with such name). Did he name her after Gorbachev? If so, that's fucking weird lol

No. 1008725

Female version of Mihail is Mikhalina (Михалина), actually. There's a Russian biathlete with that name, for example.

I'm not a fan of Peterson, but it seems hard to believe he's such a misinformed Slavboo.

No. 1008734

Yeah, I forgot about that one. I'm not wrong about Michaela though.

No. 1008735

File: 1594982994831.png (224.66 KB, 283x552, Screenshot 2020-07-17 at 11.50…)

Her oblivious little daughter on the bed waiting for mommy to be finished makes this lmao. At least Lauren Southern has the decency to stuff her kid in the wardrobe out of sight before she takes her midriff pics.

No. 1008748


Kek that bra is waayy too big for her.
What the fuck is the context of this pic.
The kid on the bed is so out of place it looks shopped.

No. 1008752

>"relatively young"
aka "we still have to pander to all the neckbeards who think every woman needs to be a baby machine by 18"

No. 1008756

Michaela Peterson (or whatever special way her snowflake name is spelled) must stink something rotten if all she eats is meat. Her house must smell like rancid grease all the time and she likely does too. Her farts and bowel movements must smell like death and I would hate to be the person who lived with them. It's probably why her marriage ended.

No. 1008757

If anything, I think the meat diet thing is a complete lie made up to rile people up and get attention.

No. 1008760

Her dad makes money by telling grown men to tidy up their bedrooms.

No. 1008782

Pics like these are why so many of JPs audience hate her ironically lol

Tradthots will never respected so I dont know why they keep up with this shit.
>will create pinterest aesthetic boards full of white trad european girls wearing linen modest dresses in flower fields claiming that this is life
>posts generic selfie in bikini

No. 1008831

She probably smells less/farts less because shes not eating any fiber

No. 1008876

I KNOW! these girls no matter how hard they try they will never be taken seriously or respected by the alt right men, they will always see them as "inferior beings" its these same men that say shit like "women shouldn't be allowed to vote or have jobs" so yeah and they know this shit they know it all and they continue to pander to these men, SAD!

No. 1008886

This is the most random assortment of clothes. the bra and underwear don't match. why even wear the fuzzy sandals? why is the CHILD not even cropped out? this would've been a better photo if it was done in the bathroom lmao

No. 1009214

if this actually is her husband i'm so sorry for her. she could do way better

No. 1009330

God I miss her so much.

No. 1009670

Hubby in the wedding photos looks a lot skinnier than that guy.

No. 1009745

The person who unironically believed black people are incapable of learning English, then tried to backpedal on Twitter, kek?

No. 1009861

Or got a suit that actually fits

No. 1009869

Awww, racists lost their Barbie. How sad. Tots and pears.

No. 1009901

File: 1595180786471.png (330.4 KB, 738x832, 1534236152024.png)

What happened to her? She was true lolcow material.

No. 1009936

I miss her too. I think she's gone for good after being exposed for being non-white. She kind of reminded me of gimp girl.

No. 1009938

Who is this hoe? Also, anybody who clings onto the liberal/conservative identity is a retarded brainwashed smooth brain. There is barely a difference between this thread and the lefthot thread.

No. 1009973

She got scared when people found out she wasnt a trad white girl then really scared when personal info leak like her home and nuked it all. Last thing I heard from her was that she got dumped and had to get a job I think in real estate kek all that whining for nothing in the end

I missed her sperging over athletic women being too fit and gross to her

No. 1009993

File: 1595196140856.jpeg (269.66 KB, 750x623, 7DB07C83-2A5B-48DC-AD64-4C61DF…)

Some new info about mikhaila’s Russian husband. I don’t even know where to start, for someone who’s dad is a obsessed slavaboo you would think she would be able to tell the difference between “the wall” (east/West Berlin divide) and the fall of the USSR (“iron curtain”), maybe she shouldn’t argue with anyone about history and just listen and learn lol.

Also not surprised their is something off about her husband being married to her, but I was not expecting this “spiritualism” pseudo-new age demon stuff, I’ve only seen this is in third-world tier Russians who never left former USSR sphere like the human Barbie girl. Their kid gonna grow up to be a hot mess

No. 1010002

She was so entertaining and sad, I'm laughing seeing her profile go from Muslim -> Persian - > Christian to keep racist men on side.

No. 1010011

Weird. No, meat diet is just keto.

I stopped farting on keto. 100%.

Sounds like you guys are afraid of meat and have no idea what you are saying.

I appreciate trying to tear down Mikhaila the retarded slut cult leader, but let's not attack "Eating meat" which has SOME merits after all.

No. 1010012

Yo serious thing here, where are all the leaked logs of shit happening? Milo? Paul? Etc.

Im surprised y'all can be this fucking stupid to create a thread without actually posting any real content, just babbling

No. 1010142

it's not eating meat it's eating only red meat. no fish, no eggs, no veggies at all… i bet she'constipated af

No. 1010154

This shit about demon is hilarious. How can you even take someone like that seriously.
Also what's her stance on Stalin? Couldn't find anything on that. I'm curious why she thought he was brainwashed.

No. 1010318

She herself only eats meat because she's fucked up and has chronic illnesses, it's not normal or natural please stfu.

No. 1010320

actual lmao that she thought she could pass as persian with her complexion (especially after a previous profile alluding to "gol roti"…so persian)

No. 1012002

It sounds like her husband thinks Stalin was good (they had to immigrate after the soviet union started falling apart - so they probably had it good in the ussr).
This is so weird. I can't imagine getting married to a person who thinks communism is great when you strongly think otherwise.
Don't a bunch of marriages fail because one person is a democrat and the other is a republican?
She really dun goofed with that pregnancy, I don't think she can stay with the guy for much longer. They seem like they have nothing in common.

No. 1012149

File: 1595617783940.jpg (156.13 KB, 901x598, Screenshot_20200724_053635.jpg)

Anyone heard of Lana Lokteff?

She runs a white supremacist media outlet called red ice. She literally said that people should have sex with their cousins to keep their genes pure and that people who are similar genetically produce healthier children. She goes on about how race mixing causes health problems and is morally wrong.

She thinks brown people are savages and all want to be white.

Of course she bleaches her brown hair blonde.

No. 1012151

Lana is just as crazy if not moreso than Looney Loomer. It's honestly surprising Red Ice is still going on.

No. 1012159

>She literally said that people should have sex with their cousins to keep their genes pure and that people who are similar genetically produce healthier children.
Isnt she married to a swede, in her 40s with no kids too? God these trad thots are all Rules For Thee But Not For Me. We dont need more retards making the Hapsburgs 2.0.

No. 1012168

According to her Wikipedia page Lokteff quoted "The alt-right is a very attractive, very sexy bunch … Matches are being made left and right of beautiful, intelligent couples. It's a eugenic process"

She's forgetting all the autistic, Troon basement dwellers with pepe avatars who post loli to 4chan.

This woman is the gift that keeps on giving.

No. 1012176

Anonymous now No. 1012174


Eating nothing but meat is not typical keto. Keto just means low carb. A keto diet usually contains lots of plant foods as well as meat. Some ketogenic diets are also vegan or vegetarian.

Every bit of evidence points to the fact that fruits and vegetables make up part of a healthy diet and too much meat is always bad for you.

Whilst it is true that keto is very good in the short term for obese, hypertensive and diabetic people to improve their markers and lose weight quickly, people on meat heavy ketogenic diets have been shown to have more health problems if they eat that way long term.

Meat is a great source of bio available nutrition but it is an inflammatory food and most people would actually benefit from not eating it every single day and adding more legumes into their diets.

Either way it's a form of orthorexia to eat nothing but meat because you think it's healthy. Jordan Peterson and his daughter are nut jobs and they are promoting a dangerous diet. They're no better than these raw vegan quacks who claim they live on fruit and nothing else.(derailing newfag)

No. 1012179

>"The alt-right is a very attractive, very sexy bunch"

Ah yes, like all these absolute chad alpha men >>992440

No. 1012181

File: 1595622406892.jpg (645.33 KB, 1080x2310, Screenshot_20200724_232426_com…)

Janet Bloomfield aka judgybitch

Claims her grandfather was a nazi and this makes her proud.

Wants to nuke the middle east.

Grew up with an abusive mother but her father was nice to her apparently, All women bad because of this and all men good.

Activist at avoiceformen.com a lolcow site in itself.

No. 1012250

ohhh girl these men make me feel thingss! so handsomee uwu what a bunch of sexy tradishunul hardworking men, I am soo envious of those alt right girls they get to have these chads that smell like fermented fromage, so delicious!

No. 1012254

I don’t have the energy to look thru her feed, but if she shills Nazism like you say, yet has a banner photo is of herself in a Star Trek cosplay, then that is pretty fucking ironic, considering Gene Roddenberry’s vision was all about diversity and peace.

No. 1012273

Kek she came back? I remeber she was chased off the internet for a while claiming her kids safety

But janet is a hypocrite. iicr she was married to a college professir, wanted to get into some type of martial arts, he said no, she went away, fell in love with the intructor and divorced her husband to marry him.

alpha trad 50s husband material uwu

No. 1012293


I’m assuming he doesn’t think “communism is good” but rather thinks Stalin is judged too harshly by history and did mostly good things for Russia he doesn’t get credit for. This isn’t an especially uncommon opinion in Russia but generally among smoothbrains with lower educational status that never travel outside the country and not immigrants that grew up in a Canada and went to collage. He seems as weird and low iq as her just in a different way, I can see why their relationship is successful but he def dated WAY down in terms of physical looks, if it wasn’t for the kid I don’t think they would be together longer then a few months

No. 1014303

File: 1596022586209.png (258.36 KB, 1080x1538, Screenshot_20200729-062326~2.p…)

The woman who got impregnated by some alt-right Twitter nerd says you're larping as a man if you don't want children. This chick also spreads moronic "advice" on childbirth.

No. 1014305

File: 1596022785739.png (350.93 KB, 1080x1479, Screenshot_20200729-063106~2.p…)

Doubleposting, sorry. Here's a trad totally not a lesbian, Catholic woman. Straight women 100% have a strong urge to fondle other women's genitals when seeing a sideboob.

No. 1014340

op is confirmed bi

No. 1014342

It's always an ugly shade of blonde, never seen a trad with a nice, non chicken yellow blonde.

No. 1014391


I remember this dumbass. She had a blog a few years back where she detailed how her young, grade school daughter (probably around 5 or 8) was being harassed by the boys in her block.

The comments from her brainlet fan base were asking what her daughter did to provoke them and how she was giving mixed signals, and mother of the year was agreeing along with them.

I tried to find the blog post, but apparently it was yanked because of threats toward her children allegedly.

No. 1014405

They always say this as if their family will stay the same as they age. Like their kids wouldnt leave the nest and call them maybe once a week at most just to say hi. They wont be surrounded by grandkids, their ~legacy~, as they pass away peacefully in bed. Theyll be alone just as much with a neglectful aging alt right husband who hates them for being old but he cant leave since he wont be able to get younger women to care for him.

The poor girl. I hope she leaves home asap and never looks back. I think Janet abandoned it because people wanted to rescue that girl and called it "threatening my kids" likely because she knew she fucked up by admitting she blames her children for their own harassment.

These trad women dont want children or to raise them imln a healthy way, they just want a stamp of approval from their male audience for being able to have babies.

No. 1014615

>Theyll be alone just as much with a neglectful aging alt right husband who hates them for being old but he cant leave since he wont be able to get younger women to care for him.

Kek, there's one called perfectsweetle who keeps talking about her and her trad daddy's age gap. It's quite obvious she dislikes the fact she's turning 23 and nearing her mid 20s, the dude is 30-31. Probably scared he'll end up leaving her for teenage trad coochie.

There was another girl like this, her username was like SceneQueenUsa? Kept sperging out about turning 20 years old, when her birthday came and passed she never changed her age in her bio, lmao

No. 1014775


Only brits and those who have lived in Britain will get this. Robyn Riley/critical condition looks like a young Dot Cotton. With her ugly, floral dresses, her poofy hair, her bright lipstick and her preaching about God and stuff and the features on her face. Dot was even a racist character when the soap first began. She's like the real life embodiment of this character.

No. 1014776

File: 1596120973873.jpg (23.18 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

Robyn Riley has one of ugliest wardrobes and hair styles I have ever seen.

She dresses like a senile old woman.

No. 1014779

File: 1596121310051.jpg (32.43 KB, 348x388, Dreamfaces_1028.jpg)

They all do that same smug arched-eyebrow look. It's like the tradthot version of Dreamworks Face.

No. 1014785

>"Behold the Master Race"

No. 1014807


Probably because their husbands don't let them spend any money on decent clothing and hairstyling so they have to shop the clearance rack at goodwill.

Husbie probably gives Robyn a meagre allowance.

She would look better if she just stuck to yoga pants and basic tees like Lauren Southern tbh. The motherly cottage core look is just plain ugly.

Either that or their husbands dictate to how they style themselves. Straight men have no fucking clue about what actually looks fashionable or put together. All you have to do is look at autogynephilic troons to understand this.

No. 1014834

File: 1596130391472.png (60.45 KB, 200x200, 47486.png)

Apparently she can't even afford an ugly ass blouse that fits. The buttons are popping open.

No. 1014854

It's because they always take themselves far too seriously. That's the look of an egomaniac.

No. 1014856


Yeah, no, sorry. I don't feel lust when a see another woman dressed in sexy clothing. Men are only able to bring me to that state. This post can only be written bisexual/lesbian. You like girls, get over it.

No. 1014994

File: 1596156097119.jpg (89.9 KB, 1080x296, Screenshot_20200731_034022.jpg)


I'm a delicate little flower because I'm a woman uwu

Also Robyn

Why do I love watching police brutality, particularly when women are the victims?

No. 1015021

It will never not be funny to me when tradthots and pick-mes drop the ball and momentarily sound like the males they constantly simp for. It's always so off-brand for their "real, feminine, nurturing woman" personas, but they either don't realize it, or they think it "works" (it doesn't).
They don't even stop to think what they're saying, they just repeat whatever men say and enjoy the likes/replies on Twitter. It's like when that chatbot AI "turned racist" because of users deliberately feeding it offensive input that it had no discernment powers to ignore or block. Or like seeing a Stepford wife malfunction and start reciting comments from PornHub videos she found in her husband's bookmarks.
I'm sure this woman read a comment made by some scrote who's obsessed with abuse/torture porn, and unwittingly was like "Ah, I should post the same thing (but slightly rephrased) on my social media real quick, gotta let them know I'm on their side and hate the Karens too".
Another example: I remember RedPillChick (rip) posting something like "Now draw her in just a bra" or something in response to a drawing of a woman. It was some comment that only a coomer male would unironically type, but you just know the most thought she put into it was "Heh, it works because I'm a girl, men love when girls are kind of gay, but not too gay. They will read it, think I'm just like them and respect me more. I'm just one of the boys, but with tits and will make them a sandwich".

No. 1015037

It could be that but tbh I believe that's how she genuinely thinks.

No. 1015131

File: 1596202511007.jpeg (498.15 KB, 750x909, 5BE2634D-B5CA-4239-B6E6-2374A9…)


Slight derail, but religious extremists (or those larping as such) always prattle on about how strong values will prevent broken and homeless adults.

The thing is a number of homeless people are on the street because people like her would disown their children if they were gay or developed a drug addiction as a coping mechanism from abuse they experienced in the home or at church.

The trad “lifestyle” is devoid of any actual values; it’s all superficial.

No. 1015237

The moment she goes full "Karen" online for whatever reason, her audience will gladly cheer on her getting beaten to a pulp. Then say she deserved it

Instead of helping, make more people that could possibly become homeless. Then complain about homelessness and broken people existing.

No. 1015240

File: 1596221869139.jpg (220.89 KB, 1071x814, Screenshot_20200731_034528.jpg)

Women can't be individuals because they are born with all their eggs, apparently.

For someone who doesn't see herself an individual Robyn surely does enjoy her own soap box.

Maybe she should just step down and let the men do all the talking.

No. 1015241


Ironically she's probably the kind of mom who would kick her son out on the street or disown him because she found out he was gay or didn't want to be a Christian.

No. 1015243


Look what happened to Lauren Southern and Tara McCarthy when they said things that the unstable males that make up their audience didn't like. Yet characters like Stefan Molyneux can spew loads of contradictions and say what they want and still be held in high regard because they are male.

As soon as these women fall off of their pedestal the alt right neckbeards go all BPD on them.

No. 1015250

>women arent people because they can make babies
>says a woman
She certainly has a cuck of an alt right bf for her to keep talking online all day instead of being a good trad wife with kids.
How old is she?

And look at lauren now. She has what she preached about. A husband and a baby yet she still couldnt leave without male attention and a career. Id throw in JP's daughter too since she has a baby but cant stop taking thrist trap bikini pics for her dads audience.

No. 1015251

Here I was thinking men contributed genetics to their progeny too. What a dumb bitch oh my godddd.

No. 1015252

Is she a dumb bitch every day of the week, or is she just trying to impress me?

No. 1015278

File: 1596226672225.jpg (156.78 KB, 1080x504, Screenshot_20200731_231418.jpg)

If Robyn was actually honest instead of emotive.

"Raising children under any ideology is wrong unless it's my ideology"

No. 1015704

>Women can do something men can't
>Clearly they're the inferior ones
BPD is the male default state

No. 1015710

She has to be fucking trolling with this jfc

No. 1015732

File: 1596316745665.jpg (200.47 KB, 1074x648, Screenshot_20200802_001837.jpg)

I guess men are not to blame for where they put their hands. They are idiots who can't control themselves.

No. 1015733

File: 1596316823071.jpg (148.38 KB, 1080x433, Screenshot_20200802_002039.jpg)

No. 1015734

File: 1596316933285.jpg (139.07 KB, 1080x572, Screenshot_20200802_002220.jpg)

No. 1015738

It's really weird that right wingers typically hate Muslims and think Islam is barbaric, when really they would be right at home with them over there.

No. 1015744

By this logic, is she telling us she wants men to rub their hands all over her face and hair?
In fact, is using her face as an avatar on Twitter her way of "dominating and controlling men" without them even realizing? How devious.

No. 1015754

Then this hoe needs to stop showing her neck and collarbones, men want to put their hands there as well, they’re sexually appealing for a bunch of people.

No. 1015779

If you can be dominated and controlled with the sight of an ankle you're subhuman and shouldn't have rights lul

No. 1015782

This actually made me kek, what if I’m single and everything is for sale?

No. 1015851

Lol I hardly think this lady saying cover your tits and ass is the same as Islamic men demanding women cover their entire bodies bc if they don't they'll rev up the local boys and obviously get raped. I always kind of thought the rape stuff was an exaggeration…until they came to Europe and started raping everything in site.

No. 1015859

Robyn's in her 30s. She hides her age because her incel audience will tell her she hit the "wall" and is a failure because she doesn't have 10 kids.

Do you remember white Sharia from a few years ago? I've seen some of the alt-right men sperg out about Christianity claiming Islam is a better "manlier" religion. It's not a popular take, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is in a few years.

No. 1015862

NTA, but they have the same logic. This woman probably thinks if a girl gets raped and wasn't covered like a nun, it's at least partly her fault for "advertising".

No. 1016313

File: 1596406679532.jpeg (359.26 KB, 750x702, A38B9E99-C458-4E4E-B338-7106BB…)

Have you guys also been getting ads for Ben Shapiro’s sexy sister? She’s actually one of the few attractive tradthots, but also really really really dumb. She always talks about how being a conservative woman is so hard and how you should be ~classic~ and reshape men when you marry them. I keep trying to remove her ads from my feed but different videos keep popping up. I’d feel bad for her but she walked into this by having her ads literally everywhere. All of the comments are people just annoyed with her constant ads

No. 1016320


lol anon wut, only scrotes like her for her huge milkers, her face is like the textbook unfortunate jewish girl face, but idk diff strokes for diff folks I guess

No. 1016321

Same. I get one almost every time I open youtube. I just can't imagine she's getting any profits. The sheer amount of promotion must cost a ridiculous amount.

No. 1016432

She has no charisma. Even for hate watching it’s so boring

No. 1016435

File: 1596419151974.png (3.33 MB, 828x1792, 8E6C67F6-5885-4BFA-A204-FC06FA…)

I love how Lauren southern has apparently become religious, yet the only thing she ever says is God is good. No psalm or biblical verse, just the vaguest statement that any religion could make lmao

No. 1016490

File: 1596425316751.jpg (60 KB, 479x461, EPj1v-uUYAA5vGb.jpg)

>Ben Shapiro’s sexy sister?
>She’s actually one of the few attractive tradthots

No. 1016497

Lol she looks like his awkward teenaged brother that may or may not be transing

No. 1016499

why is her face so smooth she looks like a dolphin

No. 1016511


No. 1016533

facetune is traditional

No. 1016536

same, it's super fucking annoying. I've hit the "dont show me this ad" option on at least a dozen of these and yet they just don't let up. I had no opinion on her before but now I would throttle her given the chance.

No. 1016679


I don’t even think what she does Troyes to promote is “conservative” so much as just normie suburban consumerism, which is why it fails to attract even the lowest hangin fruit of horny incels

No. 1016735

File: 1596471579269.jpeg (804.48 KB, 828x1369, 18897BA7-62C5-4CE2-8EB9-BD163B…)

Lmao because white women never lie about rape(derailing)

No. 1016738

Most of these women do. And its like why even post content for them in the first place if it'll only make you insecure of something that is inevitable like aging.

Lauren is going down the Roosh V route by pandering to the religious misogynistic crowd for support instead. She just wants any attention she can get to continue her career online. Even if that means using her kid as a prop to appear wholesome

>conservative woman q&a
>conservative woman ootd
>conservative woman opinions
How painfully empty you must be to make 'conservative' your only personality trait. But I guess she wants to market hard to her brothers audience for a boost

No. 1016762

File: 1596474449826.png (392.96 KB, 517x658, awfulfit.PNG)

I checked out her conservative ootd videos after this to see what that was to her, and she's so bad at dressing herself holy shit

No. 1016773

Fucking hell I thought I was the only one trapped in a time loop, literally EVERY SINGLE TIME I’m opening my YouTube home page on my phone her ads pop up up. I was tempted to actually watch one just to see if it was worth it for her to shove these “submit to your husband” ads in our fucking face but now that I’ve seen them at least 20 times you couldn’t pay me to click them on purpose.

No. 1016813

Most of these 'trad' women are bad at dressing themselves at least imo. They are all flouncy and florally and have overly long ratty or badly bleached hair that needs a trim.

No. 1016819

File: 1596480463890.jpg (129.19 KB, 1082x798, imaginebeingthisboring.jpg)

Getting ad raped by her as well, I saw screenshots of her video views and oof they're bad considering how fucking hard she's shilling herself. What's the goal here anyways? Her videos don't look any unique from your boring milk toast tradthot, she isn't even getting hate views because everyone knows it's just rehashed "i'm a conservative waman uwu" content. Are these just meant for other "trad" women to circlejerk too? I don't get it.

No. 1016823

It's the YouTube algorithm. You watch one of those videos and 100 come up.

No. 1016826

Half the nonsense these alt right drips post is emotive appeals to emotion, yet they are the 'logical ones'.

No. 1016835

It's really funny how so many of them proclaimed to be atheists but now they collectively all believe in God and come out born again one after the other. It proves that they are just as suspectable to group think as everyone else.

No. 1016837

File: 1596483604344.jpg (117.2 KB, 1080x370, Screenshot_20200803_223943.jpg)

proceeds to have her own selfie as her Twitter avatar

No. 1016839

Also I was just thinking.. why does Lauren never post pictures of her family ? Like her husband .. is it for privacy reasons? Something feels very suspicious that all is not well in her marriage ..

No. 1016841

File: 1596484254243.jpg (129.34 KB, 1080x415, Screenshot_20200803_224416.jpg)

And men think they hit the jackpot with tradthots.

No. 1016850

This is such a weird belief for a tradthot. They're usually such pickmes and either pretend to not care about being cheated on to be coolgirls or are super deep in denial about it and claim that their husbands will never cheat on them because they are such spectacular waifus and fulfill all their manly needs. To see a tradthot express such a violent sentiment to men is weird, I'm sure it won't go over well.

No. 1016851

File: 1596485577032.jpeg (72.87 KB, 794x507, 6D252CC8-169A-405B-9F98-D4D998…)



No. 1016856

To them men are only good for their macho utility and if they have the correct political beliefs. They use all the uwu men are wonderful stuff and everything is all for their own benefit and idiot neckbeards eat it all up and throw their welfare/parents money at them. I'm sure half of them are the most unbearable wives to have and they attract equally toxic men.

There is nothing wrong with more traditional gender roles or the woman staying home to raise children at all but people who feel the need to sincerely concern themselves with everything everyone else is doing regardless of what their views are have problems and these women are more concerned about telling everyone else what to do and attention seeking than they are staying home and baking cookies.

No. 1016862

further evidence that, no matter how you dress, men will continuously sexusalise you the second you become pubescent

No. 1016865

That is the one of the ugliest dresses I have ever seen.

I don't understand why these tradthots always think that wearing grandma or toddler dresses or faux 1950s revival garb is the only way to appear feminine.

Femininity just means looking or an association with being female. Women still look like women even if they don't wear these fussy, outdated clothes. Are you telling me you would mistake a woman for a man in mom jeans, doc Martins and a flannel shirt? Yet they call women who wear these sorts of clothes masculine.

It seems like they throw around the terms masculinity and feminity to mean anything they want it to mean when in reality they kind of abuse these terms.

No. 1016873

File: 1596488553026.jpg (150.36 KB, 828x923, EPfRbUDX4AAQsJz.jpg)

Tinfoil ahead there are some like Andrew Anglin and Matt Forney (who are professional trolls BTW so take it what you will) speculating that Lauren doesn't really have a family at all and that the pregnancy bump, the wedding photos ect are all fake and that Lauren is professionally staging the whole thing. I wouldn't put it past her, though. She was really, really skeleton looking when she was supposed to be pregnant. No sign of even water retention or increased blood volume.

No. 1016881

>easier to build strong children
Does this bitch actually have kids though? It's incredibly hard to raise a child, even harder to raise it well.

No. 1016895

she had videos on her instagram lmao this is schizo tier

No. 1016906

Does anyone have any proof of this? Is that you Lauren? We know you lurk here. Lol

No. 1016907

I doubt it. She does seem the type though

No. 1016911

File: 1596494853757.jpg (972.84 KB, 1080x2310, Screenshot_20200804_014541_com…)

She does look like skin and bones. I'm not saying there aren't thin pregnant women but they usually still have a 'glow' about them and some puffiness somewhere. Lauren looks so gaunt, like the walking dead.

No. 1016913

File: 1596495174770.jpg (660.13 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20200804_015015_0.jpg)

Compare pregnant Lauren to pregnant Victoria Beckham who is as anachan as it gets.

Victoria still looks glowy and swollen although she's still super skinny.

I know this is totally tinfoil but Lauren doesn't look pregnant apart from the apparent bump she's clutching.

No. 1016915

That's one ugly fucking dress.

No. 1016946

If anyone is interested here is the article accusing Lauren Southern of faking her pregnancy.

Be warned that this is written by Andrew Anglin, who is known to be a professional troll and engages in manosphere shit talk, so if you are offended by that sort of thing you might not want to read it.


No. 1016958

You don't withdraw from public view right at the moment your new documentary required promotion as a career move. It got 95% of it's views before she retired, she's lost all career momentum.
You do suddenly retire if you're unexpectedly pregnant. It's pure tinfoil and trolling.

No. 1016976

Come on we all know that Lauren lurks here and reads everything on the internet that contains her name.

No. 1016979


You do know that Lauren had been exposed as a grifter, was exposed for fucking her way to the top, was exposed asociating with politically oppositional organizations, Borderless was a flop with her fanbase and her whole audience was turning against her just as she retired?

Maybe, just maybe she went away to 're-invent' herself so she could gain a new audience?

The theory of her pregnancy and marriage being fake seems possible to me.

No. 1016982

That's seriously the most awkward picture ever, just bending over in front of an oven that doesn't appear to be switched on/cooking any food and smiling enthusiastically. It looks like a stock photo or a corny advertisement.

No. 1016984

It looks like she's about to reenact this meme

No. 1016993

File: 1596506743484.png (759.63 KB, 642x797, Screen-Shot-2020-06-24-at-10.1…)

Lauren's pregnancy bump doesn't look right in this picture.

No. 1017050

I always have myself a good kek when I see her videos because she wants to paint herself as a quiet, conservative, modest housewife but a few years ago all of her nudes and her sex tape were released and I'm sure she gets salty knowing her pure tradwife reputation will never be as clean as she wants her followers to believe.

If it was fake, there a good and cheap prosthetics she could buy, but unless there are pictures of her bare bump to look at there's no way to tell, and it's just tinfoiling.

No. 1017059

I've never once clicked on this trash and I still get them shilled on every single video I watch on the YouTube app

No. 1017298

Oh gosh, spill the beans

No. 1017322

Is that you, Lauren?(hi cow)

No. 1017332

File: 1596554167298.jpg (527.07 KB, 1080x2310, Screenshot_20200804_180125_com…)

Robyn just can't stop attacking other women so she can put herself on a pedestal.

It doesn't her look noble, she's just a bitch.

She doesn't care whether or not you breastfeed or what you do with your life, she just wants to look good in comparison and win competitions.

If she was coming from a good place she would be doing advocacy work and giving women useful information.

(I'm also saying this as a breastfeeding mother who doesn't work outside the home, so no, I'm not jealous of your apparent leave it to beaver lifestyle, Robyn).

No. 1017334

File: 1596554600863.jpg (308.58 KB, 1080x1150, Screenshot_20200804_181852.jpg)

Hey look it's Sydney Watson again, coming from a major place of white, middle class privilege.

No. 1017343

god, what was her name again??? i forgot about her

No. 1017344

You didn't know about that? Tons of her nudes and her sex tape are everywhere. It's not even debatable whether it's her because her face is clearly there. I don't want to post any because I know people have been bans for on-topic spoilers nudes, but if you search "Abby Shapiro nudes" they're all in Google images.

No. 1017358


Police aside, that's literally what special forces sign up for in the military. They love to kill and get away with it, including innocent civilians.

No. 1017368

Sydney is like any other tradthot. She regurgitates opinions. She doesn't have any of her own.

No. 1017378

are foot fetishes really this common or are all these channers just being "ironic"

No. 1017387

how do i know its really her and not gender-swapped ben shapiro deep fakes?

No. 1017395

It is her. Same exact facial features, same body, same proportions, and it blew up when they were leaked. It's not questionable whether or not they are her.

No. 1017397

No. 1017412

They're pretty easy to find. I'm no expert, but it definitely looks like her idk

No. 1017416

She looks a lot taller and heavier than that girl.

No. 1017431

It's literally the same person.

No. 1017462

File: 1596568121235.jpeg (Spoiler Image,80.67 KB, 640x853, 3E3DA1C0-F02A-4D3F-9A7D-F2CF35…)


Tradthots are inherently broken women.

No. 1017463

File: 1596568146791.jpeg (Spoiler Image,109.47 KB, 640x640, C6883476-4539-4052-8A02-070EA2…)

No. 1017464

File: 1596568260490.jpeg (Spoiler Image,30.41 KB, 404x720, 673F8092-5172-436C-9D8B-6B15A3…)

No. 1017466

File: 1596568297074.jpeg (Spoiler Image,27.73 KB, 404x720, 8829F149-C926-431F-B184-BDA2ED…)

No. 1017468


She does have a beautiful figure, and admittedly I’m high key jealous.

I don’t understand why a young woman with her body and wealthy connections chooses to waste her energy on the lowest common denominator of men.

No. 1017476

So robyn is in her 30s with a baby but no husband? interesting. Also all that hatred and her tweets hardly get any attention. Will she keep yelling into the void well into her 40s and 50s?

I wonder how her brother and his audience feels wow

She has/had? a nice stomach but I think her legs are little too skinny in relation to her chest. It doesnt look balanced imo

No. 1017479

She does have a great chest, but I think it's disproportionate to the rest of her body, which is also nice. I've never thought large chests on thin bodies with no ass was a good look, but that's just me.
That's besides the point though. How can she talk about being conservative and modest when, by her own standards, she's slutty like the rest of them?

No. 1017487

File: 1596570014098.png (874.51 KB, 828x1792, B4B580ED-9C76-47BB-9044-EC205D…)

No. 1017489

File: 1596570035185.jpeg (38.73 KB, 708x450, 163F0D6B-EA80-4132-B612-264443…)

No. 1017490

File: 1596570068209.png (744.64 KB, 828x1792, 668DABE2-ADC1-4F12-9047-ADB74A…)

No. 1017497

That girl has a softer face, a smaller body and those boobs are obvious fakes. I'm not saying that a woman can't be slim with big boobs but this woman has low body fat and it would be virtually impossible for a woman that thin to have natural boobs that disproportionately large. Not all boob jobs look like bolt ons, some are more 'natural' looking, especially saline ones.

Abby is big chested but she has normal body fat and she isn't wildly out of proportion like this woman.

I really don't think it's the same person.

No. 1017500

Those boobs are obviously fakes and I don't think that's Abby.

No. 1017505

Ntayrt, but are her boobs fake? I don't know much about implants but her boobs look to "squishy" to be fake.

No. 1017506

Are you blind? That's literally Abby. People can gain body weight anon, but she has the same fucking face and chest to body ratio Abby had a few years ago. I have no idea how people can argue it's not her when it literally is, there aren't many girls walking around with the same bird face and large chest to lanky body ratio that Abby has. Also her boobs don't look fake, if they were her surgeon would have had to perform magic to make fake implants that large look that natural. They don't move or squish like bolt ons.

No. 1017507

File: 1596571586784.jpg (60.94 KB, 500x400, Abigail-Shapiro-kinky-nude-lea…)

Not sure if it's her. The face looks different.

No. 1017511

File: 1596571768081.jpg (24.6 KB, 460x688, 1596571193253.jpg)

Samefag but I took a pic somebody just used in a different thread of Abby a few years ago as a reference.

No. 1017512

Fake boobs can sag and move around. It depends on what implant you get and how much the skin has stretched. Not all fake boobs look like bolt ons.

The naked woman posted isn't 'lanky' if anything she is petite. Abby has a large chest but it isn't that freakishly large.

No. 1017513

She looks taller, has a longer torso, larger shoulders, smaller boobs, (although admittedly still large) a longer neck, a harsher face, a smaller head and a higher body fat percentage.

No. 1017516

They look very alike and could be leaning towards being doppelgangers but there are differences in facial and bodily bone structure. It's not the same girl.

No. 1017518

The skin in the boob area looks completely blown out.

No. 1017520

Can you stop samefagging and sage your posts

No. 1017521

Fake boobs can be squishy. The skin is all blown out and has lost all its elasticity which will make them look squishy regardless. Implants come in different textures and shapes, also.

No. 1017523

Just waiting for someone to re upload this video. This is going to be fun.

No. 1017544

It’s on bitchute and very boring. Funny part is her complaining about being banned by airbnb

No. 1017562

why was she banned?

No. 1017565

I honestly dont see implants. Shes only like 20, idk where the money or the time came from for her to go through that surgery and recovery. She probably had if anything a fat tranafer or something subtle to increase her natural bust without any implants. She could be like kate upton with no prominant curves but bigger boobs then she just increased her bust

No. 1017574

She is only 20 and those pics look old so either she had them done when she was a teen and those pics are cp Or her boobs are real. Or it's not her. Idk honestly.

Also, I didn't realize she was only 20. Not saying she looks old but I definitely would not guess that from how she looks.

No. 1017582

Kate Upton doesn't have boobs that large. She's top heavy without a doubt but they don't look out of the ordinary. That girl's are freakishly huge. Saying that she could have macromastia. That is a thing. Abby's are smaller than that girl's.

No. 1017586

File: 1596579116225.jpg (73.72 KB, 750x461, 1575709744924.jpg)

her body looks so ridiculous to me tbh
also did she have implants by chance? in her older pictures she practically has nothing and now they look like giant boulders on a skeleton

No. 1017618

What's next? Conservative sandwich?

No. 1017676

Wait why is she doing documentaries again if her baby is less than a year old? Who is going to be watching him? Does that not go against being trad? Is Lauren’s husband going to be the stay at home dad while she goes out on the road and makes boring documentaries? Her husband is alright with her being on the road with a crew of 10+ guys interviewing migrants and the like? Alright… sounds very progressive lmao

No. 1017679

>Shes only like 20
there are 14 yr olds who get implants, a 20 yr old having implants, most people get implants when they're 18. that's a ridiculous excuse
>idk where the money or the time came from for her to go through that surgery and recovery.
she's an opera singer and isn't in school nor does she have a full-time job, her family clearly has money as we can tell because she is able to pay for ads for her videos and have big apartments/houses in large cities

not saying she's 100% for sure has had implants but come on now anon, you're out of your mind if you think that young, male attention deprived pickmes from rich families are the last people who would ever get breast implants

No. 1017689

Ok but her tiddies tho

No. 1017691


I hope that’s not the case. Google will need to do a damn deep scrub because these are easily found on Google search by just typing her name + leaks.

No. 1017724

That's…. An extremely pointy shoulder

No. 1017730

Tits notwithstanding, Abby has a hatchet face and her voice is crazy annoying. I clicked a reaction video to hate watch, instant regret. She’s like Girl Defined but somehow even more incoherent and condescending.

I’m wondering what Lauren got done. I haven’t peeked at her since she took her break and she looks WAY different— older than 25, would not have recognized her at a glance. Tinfoiling at least a brow lift and maybe a buccal fat removal. Def some lip filler. But maybe I’ve just been watching too many Lorry Hill celeb surgery videos.

No. 1017734

She’s 28 not 20. I don’t believe it’s her either way tbh

No. 1017736

It’s definitely not her. Also those tits are gross looking. There is such a thing as too big

No. 1017737

Cause she promoted the racist replacement theory and was part of generation identity probably

No. 1017815

Just because you think her tits are gross looking, doesn't mean it's not her. What's with the samefagging?

For someone who says women's primary goal should be staying home with the children Lauren sure as hell doesn't mind doing the opposite.

No. 1017868

she posted in her youtube comments that his parents have already agreed to babysit a lot, her parents if in canada
besides no one is travelling anywhere for months

No. 1017871

Damn, shes actually really pretty, and her body is banging

No. 1017914

I agree but anons just see her jew features kek. She would be so much prettier and more appealing if she just didn’t involve her retarded politics in her dumb videos

No. 1017933

Did she always speak like a typical Tumblr/Twitter teenager? It's kind of funny

No. 1017949

Completely agree, I feel like anons are blind to think it’s the same person but maybe it’s me that can’t see

No. 1017958

It's hard to tell, she has a pretty nice body in clothes but the girl in the pics looks like a ridiculous skeleton with bolt ons. I also feel like Abby has more thigh and hips too

No. 1017968

It's one rule for them and another for every other woman. Since they are extra special and extra important.

No. 1017970

File: 1596647468741.jpg (66.5 KB, 1080x219, Screenshot_20200805_201053.jpg)

Lauren is so full of herself. She looked like a beaver before surgery and a bee stung plastic face afterwards.

No. 1017971

he is a fag(not joking)

No. 1017972

He is a literal nazi sympathizer

No. 1017973

File: 1596648290677.jpg (40.07 KB, 415x286, Screenshot_20200805_202405.jpg)

This is what Lauren looked like before surgery, she's always been a complete butter with a beaver face.

What is it with tradthots and being a butterface?

No. 1017975

File: 1596648766999.jpg (144.86 KB, 660x738, Screenshot_20200805_203052.jpg)

Robyn Riley as well, she looks like a shocked fish with a progeria nose.

And Abby Shapiro… Well. Lol

These women know they are uggos and probably try and make up for it by being such a pick me.

No. 1017976

>look good
yeah because being filled with plastic and fillers is the most fun and fresh look right? lol I love her hypocrisy, she is out here promoting that women should be natural and traditional while she was out traveling the world on her own doing god knows what while also having surgeries on her face. This woman is such a joke tbh.

No. 1017988

File: 1596651166083.jpg (309.39 KB, 1080x785, Screenshot_20200805_210956.jpg)

I can't stop thinking of this meme when I think of tradthots.

They usually end up with men no one wants because most of them are anti social butterfaces with no self worth.

I'm tinfoiling but Lauren Southern probably doesn't want to show her husband because she's hiding something. He's probably a middle eastern man refugee she met when filming Borderless and he is using her for a greencard and all her money.

No. 1018002

File: 1596652160377.jpg (897.61 KB, 1080x1592, Screenshot_20200805_212954.jpg)

It's actually well known that Lauren likes brown men. Not that there is anything at all wrong with that at all but it's so ironic and hilarious given the fact that she has spent years pandering to racist white incels and neckbeards as some Aryan, white supremacist goddess.

Her husband probably isn't white. In their wedding photos from his phenotype he looked arab. There has been lots of speculation about this already and Lauren won't answer to the claims. She would totally bust that claim if she could as she has no problem bragging about being white and pandering to white supremacists.

No. 1018008

She looks happier here than in any other pics I’ve ever seen of her.

No. 1018034

You don't suppose you're holding them up to unrealistic beauty expectations? I don't like the old lady style that tradthots then to larp in, but she's not utterly terrible looking nor model-tier beautiful.

No. 1018043

It's because actually desirable women don't need to bend over backwards and virtue signal for men. They could be man hating radfems with a body count of 100 and men will still worship them.

No. 1018048

They have a serious navel gazing complex and make out they are superior to everyone else. They make it out as if they are most sought after, intellectual women on earth when in reality they are remarkably boring and average and just really narcissistic. I still don't take what I said back though. I don't think Lauren, Robyn and Abby have particularly attractive faces. I wouldn't even care to mention it though if they had some humility and didn't make their whole internet presence about how amazing and how much better than other women they are.

No. 1018059

Yeah at the end of the day if men think you are really hot they don't care if you are a bitch or if you hate men.

If you are an average woman like most of these tradthots are there really is no point in bending over backwards to try and impress men because then you will just attract abusive freaks.

No. 1018111

File: 1596663392483.jpg (311.32 KB, 1080x967, Screenshot_20200806_003634.jpg)

Yes Robyn really did pick this name for her baby.

No. 1018120

She's low-key right though. The ad-hominem means that the other person ran out of arguments.

No. 1018122

File: 1596664622330.png (3.15 MB, 1242x2208, B98E6B4B-E1E4-46F2-A0EA-CD8DBD…)

Tomi Lahren is definitely a tradthot but at least she’s not a pickme

It’s funny to watch the scrotes get all salty at her

No. 1018125

No it just means they wanted to take an opportunity to dunk on that stupid ass name that a stupid ass woman gave her son. Poor kid.

No. 1018161

Her old tweets were pretty funny. All about popping her pussy at the bar, getting drunk and partying in Dallas. Then she apparently hooked up with a navy seal and thats when she went full pro-usa.

She definitely fell off the wagon after she came out as pro choice though. Everyone turned on her

No. 1018173

I still remember the huge outcry when she said she was pro choice.

No. 1018206

she should go back to a short haircut, it completely transforms her face (in a good way)

No. 1018234


Don’t worry she’s gonna appear in that anti-abortion movie and everyone will think she completely changed her views!

No. 1018359

File: 1596704360916.png (290.46 KB, 507x354, 10AB130C-7A1D-4693-B129-847746…)

Isn’t Magnus is the name of the horse on Tangled? Kek poor kid. It sounds like a condom brand

No. 1018521

File: 1596736496313.png (1 MB, 1080x1530, Screenshot_20200806-105648~2.p…)

Lauren's husband is Australian but that doesn't mean he's white. We know how much she loves BBC kek.

No. 1018554

File: 1596740009726.jpg (687.51 KB, 1080x1386, Screenshot_20200806_215338.jpg)

Considering that Australia's population is just over 25% non white, that really doesn't tell us anything.

Looking at the pictures of her husband from behind he definitely has a caucasian phenotype but he's quite brown. I have ruled out him being black or East Asian. I think there is a pretty decent chance he is of south or western Asian descent.

The baby is also far from white looking. The baby looks brown with black hair and looks as if he could have some western or south Asian in him.

No. 1018555

File: 1596740325403.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x1797, Screenshot_20200806_215808.jpg)

Here she is posing with what looks like a completely different baby. I know babies change a lot as they grow but this baby has had a complete transformation.

Andrew Anglin could be onto something.

No. 1018567

Kek. At least didn't name his son "Biggus dickus"

No. 1018656

These aren’t her that’s been debunked

No. 1018680

File: 1596756491721.jpg (201.02 KB, 1080x1920, ging.jpg)

No. 1018694

Arabs can have red hair

No. 1018697

That looks like brown hair in the sunlight, not ginger

No. 1018754

jesus what a blind motherfucker, it actually drives me insane how gullible some people are
will you be getting vaccinated against covid? just curious

No. 1018759

Lmao it’s not her, how dumb are people

No. 1018762

Having a red tint to your hair under sunlight really doesn't mean anything. My husband is 100% Asian with black hair (as confirmed by 23 and me) and has a reddish tint in the sun.(nobody cares about you and your 23nme husband)

No. 1018763

Lauren is really desperate to prove herself without actually having to lie, isn't she?

No. 1018765


That baby is brown as fuck. Just own it Lauren, you like brown men. There is no escaping from your racist audience and your career will never be the same again.

No. 1018767

actually she looks a little brown herself, was she secretly an arab all the time?

No. 1018768

She’s Spanish remember? Not an aryan Danish princess she pretends to be

No. 1018771

She legit got upset over her 23 and me results when they didn't say that she was Nordic enough.

No. 1018773

It looks like Lauren turned up the saturation in that pic as both her and the baby both appear whiter than they actually are.

You can see some details around the babies head that look non white and some brown pigment.

No. 1018776

I have never seen that picture on Lauren's socials before and I follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

I'll let that speak for itself…

No. 1018785

She did actually post it, she’s desperately trying to convince people the baby is white. If he was she would’ve showed his face by now

No. 1018792

Or at least just come out and say it. She has no problem bragging about being white herself.

No. 1018816

File: 1596769596381.png (412.55 KB, 828x1792, 6430BE8E-1020-48B1-AB82-3A8D36…)

Also Lauren Southern in her what every girl needs to hear video
“sexual market value is the most important asset of our life as females”
“A man’s wealth is measured in accomplishments, strengths, and resources. A woman’s wealth is measured in youth, fertility, and chastity”

No. 1018864

Yeah, she gonna pay for that diapers in chastity express or some crap.

No. 1018866

jesus fucking christ these women need to get a grip. how the fuck do you make it to 25 or 30 and still act like this. when will natural selection rid the world of these bitches. lauren, shoe, everyone else, i cannot be bothered to remember all your names, when will you learn that it's not that deep. the way you look is a shallow representation of who you are. for the love of god, do something else with your lives. there is no fucking way these women were put on this earth to be like this. i really hope they're con artists because the thought that they actually believe this shit is depressing. but on the other hand, if they can scam neckbeards out of their money then good those faggots don't deserve to be rich.

No. 1018867

oh god i can't believe they attatch their real names to this shit. soz for samefaggotry.

No. 1018869

as ran through Stacies with infinite body counts land the richest men with the best jobs

cope more, lauren

No. 1018872

2020 is wild. Lauren dealing with men that outwardly hate women now turning on her. Tomi Lauhren raging at men too. You think other tradthots and pickmes like Abby would listen and realize that they arent special no matter how much you say you hate feminism and believe in trad values. I wonder who else is next.

No. 1018875

That's literally just the sun hitting the wispy parts of his hair. That happens to literally everyone.

No. 1018904

It won't stop as long as men enable it. The real issue is that there is a strong demand for women who spout bullshit like that, not by other women, but by men who jerk off to how "based and redpilled" they are.

No. 1019344

File: 1596835629293.png (202.23 KB, 460x414, Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 5.27…)

Not very milky but Mrs Midwest is back from a few months break and is pregnant. Get ready for pregnancy and biblical motherhood to replace homemaking as her whole personality

No. 1019350

File: 1596836060996.jpeg (708.92 KB, 1191x1510, 59244EA1-489C-4C8E-B839-AEF610…)

No. 1019407

Her porn addict husband finally knocked her up? Sorry for the baby. Cops typically dont have the best homelife esp for kids. I wonder if she'll go back to semi flirting with that one muslim redpiller youtuber

No. 1019436

Tbh Mrs. Midwest isn't the worst of the tradthots imo. She's very obviously fake sweet in her videos, but I find them entertaining cause I like those "day in the life" videos. She also doesn't say shit like "every women should be at home taking care of the house and her white aryan children her husband works uwu"afaik.
Ew I never realized how similar Twitchthots and Tradthots are lol.

No. 1019483

Have you seen the screen shots of Mrs Midwest's deleted reddit and quora accounts?

No. 1019515

Oof. I never get how women subject themselves to these trash men. I've never seen these in a previous thread. Here are the imgur albums for anyone else who is interested.
Reddit and twitter posts https://imgur.com/a/dLgkZFc
Quora posts - https://imgur.com/a/9IqZhPH(imageboard)

No. 1019527

The fact that Molyneux has daughters is so sad to me. Imagine your own father telling you that your only value is being fertile and you'll age like milk and all that other bullshit

No. 1019713

Magnus is just a really common first name in Scandinavia, as well as some other Germanic countries. I highly doubt she named her kid after the horse in Tangled. And "Rex" means "king" in latin. A bit cringey.

No. 1019745

Gee I wonder whose brown finger that is I see holding up up the baby?

No. 1019749

He actually wants his daughter to study philosophy and be educated. His wife is basically the breadwinner for being a therapist while he makes demonetized videos. Shes lost to his teachings though and was almosd fired and almost lost her license due to him. Theyre still hypocrites however like almost every other "trad" figure

Fundiesnark on reddit and other forums keep tabs on her. Shes apparently now trying to sexualize how big her breasts are for her mgtow audience and make it seem that shes just so top heavy but is still a feminine and dainty tradwife uwu

No. 1019814

Omg I notice that now. The baby is also legit brown.

No. 1019841

looking like someones 35 yo balkan aunt lmao
thats laurens finger, look at the nail polish

No. 1019846

File: 1596909350089.jpeg (739.51 KB, 750x1247, 5431E803-FB39-4B88-941C-A2FB16…)


I checked out the subreddit, and damn. Another L for tradthots.

No. 1019880

File: 1596913625083.jpg (169.68 KB, 1200x900, 4b35432deb0d0632147ad007935654…)

I'm highly anticipating the husband reveal after seeing this kid

No. 1019888

Kaitlyn is way above average in looks but this is proof that no decent man wants a pick me, even a hot one. Her husband is fat, bald, ugly and a cop. I don't think she could do a whole lot worse. This is not exactly a good advertisement for being a pick me.

No. 1019890

Wow, fat, bald, ugly, and looks 15 years older than her. What a progeny.

Lauren was obviously unable to find her blue-eyed, blonde-haired trad viking willing to provide everything for her.
There's nothing ginger about that baby's hair. He's a brunette through and through.

No. 1019892

File: 1596915904158.jpg (189.17 KB, 1078x1246, Screenshot_20200808_224507.jpg)

Robyn took down this Twitter account. Anyone have any idea why?

No. 1019910

Maybe that was before Lauren was a total pick me because that guy Lauren is with in this picture obviously has way more going for him than Mr Midwest.

Not that he wigger nationalist audience would be happy, though. They would rather see a woman with a white, unemployed alcoholic or a fat, bald porn addicted cop than a successful, stable non white man.

No. 1020021

File: 1596933853872.jpeg (319.56 KB, 1448x1931, BE725964-3941-4024-BCCC-79D6D9…)

Spot on

No. 1020024

Kek she IS a psycho aggressive women! She needs to just own it and accept that she’s a femcel and just start posting on here.

No. 1020216

Yeah, take the moral highground with people to see her unhappy and her marriage fail just so they can make jokes.

No. 1020385


Dot Cotton's son turned out to be a smackhead murderer so that's a good omen.

No. 1020391

unlike most tradthots at least mrsmidwest actually practices what she preaches, or that we know of at least

she's most likely the least problematic of the tradthots outside of her toxic relationship

No. 1020467

Shes like Lauren if anything. She went to college and was seemingly normal back then. Studied marketing and found redpillwomen and those 'promote white couples/save the white race' ig pages where she discovered a niche she could market to for profit and male validation. Even after the baby comes, she'll be on her bullshit shaming all other non trad women while her husband jerks it to those same non trad women behind the scenes.

No. 1020542

Except Lauren is a college drop out

No. 1020597

>magnus rex

The big big? What the fuck

No. 1020599

It's "Big king". kinda cringy IMO.

No. 1020707

Magnus Rex sounds like a porn actor name.

No. 1020716

Like mangnum dong, but more "classy"

No. 1020722

Wow such an alpha chad name hahah…not

No. 1020750

this is Sean McCarthy with a FaceApp filter LARPing as a tradthot you stupid faggots

No. 1020785

What I mean is that she doesn't shame women for not being traditional, and she hasn't said anything racist that we know of. I honestly don't think she belongs her and if she wasn't young and attractive she would have easily be wiped off as some religious nut and not had a thread

No. 1020866

Yeah but shes praised Roosh V before back when he said that rape shouldnt be punished if you invite a woman onto your private property. She unironically follows Stefan Molymeme and Lori Alexander who is another insane fundie that has denounced martial rape as not being a crime because women should always give their husband sex regardless and some other crazy shit

No. 1020879

He will likely be a complete speccy little nerd with poor social skills and everyone will just make fun of his name.

The only career he will ever be able to get with that name is a porn career or as a pimp.

You can't imagine a doctor, lawyer or a dentist called 'magnus rex'.

No. 1020887

Look at her reddit and quora accounts.

No. 1020892

I can imagine it now, Mrs Midwest has a daughter who ends up with all her father's unfortunate genes.

No. 1020900

I notice a pattern with femcels. They often have a really hot Stacy pick me mom with no self esteem like Kaitlyn and an ugly incel dad who hates women and just happened to meet a crazy pick me. They take after the dad appearence and social skills wise. Because of this their parents hate them just for existing.

If their kid ends up a girl she will be posting on trufemcels 13 years from now.

No. 1020904

why can't we just let women enjoy their lives however they want without always telling them they're doing it wrong

No. 1020908

Why do they just assume their daughter will take after their mothers? I look exactly like my fucking dad and so do most women I know. Thank god my dad is fucking skinny Because I am literally the female version of him. They need to stop marrying ugly fucking beta fatbois. Marry a soft twink at the very least. Then he will have mrs Midwest’s aggressive masculine personality which will compliment him well.

No. 1020909

Because they can’t let other women enjoy their own lives and have to stick their oar in. These bitches make it harder for all of us to get ahead. That’s why I hate them. They’re dumb ugly bitches with nothing going for them.

No. 1020913

Well he will have his mothers mentally defunct DNA so he won’t even be clever. Just another hopeless incel at school harassing the girls who actually have a future. What’s the point in being a mother if you’re just going to raise yet another societal burden: a moid with a superiority complex. These bitches should just drown their children at birth. Not like they’re going to be good mothers anyway when they lack the faintest sliver of empathy and have useless husbands that don’t love them.

No. 1020917

That's what Lauren and the other tradthot types need to be told.

No. 1020920

The only people who think they're "helping" others with their shitty advice are those who don't feel satisfied with their lives and need to shape others' lives so they don't feel bad. Truly pityfull.

No. 1020940

LOL I look completely like my dad too. I even have the same nasally voice, as if I'm always holding my nose.

Since Kaitlyn thinks a woman's role is only to be skinny and beautiful this is going to turn out badly because she married a fat thumb.

No. 1020948

On top of thinking that women have to be skinny, beautiful and ornamental she thinks that they have to be sweet and submissive. She married a bossy, controlling cop. Personality to a large extent is also heritable. Good luck with all that.

No. 1020951

Imagine when Kaitlyns's kid searches for their mom on the internet and finds all the dirt on their father's porn addiction. That shit is online forever.

No. 1020988

I really hope she doesn’t have a daughter. If she has a son he will be coddled no matter what.
I don’t believe you can cure a porn addiction in a male.

No. 1021041

She's having a boy - said so in the video. She's 100% going to be that creepy mom who tries to be attractive in front of her son's high school friends.

No. 1021110

Pick one

No. 1021214

Idk I think you haven’t seen her nose

No. 1021250

Here is Jordan Peterson’s daughter club hopping instead of being by her father’s bedside.


I don’t know if she counts as “trad” but she does run in “trad” circles and leans into men’s rights and “upholding the patriarchy.”

Maybe I’m tinfoiling but I have an uneasy feeling that something sinister is going on. No one knows what’s going on with JP and she carries on social media as if nothing is happening.

No. 1021252

File: 1597159409619.jpeg (157.03 KB, 827x1083, D88FA0FD-87E0-455C-AEF5-5CDB3B…)

No. 1021253

File: 1597159502951.jpeg (131.46 KB, 827x868, 34B58499-C293-4A34-91A4-59DFD1…)

No. 1021272

File: 1597162429229.png (26.12 KB, 591x296, Ben Shapiro hates WAP.png)

No. 1021274

File: 1597162520641.png (36.32 KB, 587x367, self-own.png)

No. 1021406

Fucking hilarious. Admitting that his wife doesn't get wet for him and thinking that's normal. These men tradthots pander to suck so much at sex I bet.

But what's fucked up is that his wife is a doctor.

No. 1021458

File: 1597184799550.png (718.37 KB, 750x1334, 7023D67F-6397-41BD-A6D2-7C983D…)

Ben Shapiro’s sister is not only an opera singer but she sucks ass at singing. It sounds so weird and unprofessional. There are barely any comments praising her

No. 1021484

Why is she even talking? The song is about her, lmao.

No. 1021487

File: 1597186952453.png (8.32 KB, 364x114, blken.png)

No. 1021494

is she being forced to do this at gunpoint?

No. 1021497

She's just saying this to avoid fucking him. That, or she's probably been masturbating to some Chris Evans & he confronted her about being wet.

No. 1021598

They have three kids together… I'd say I feel bad for the wife but she chose him.

No. 1024442

People are telling her to chill with her vibrato, but I don't even think it's intentional…she just has such bad breath support that every single note comes out wobbly

No. 1025712

File: 1597851946456.jpg (181.07 KB, 1908x1146, 32121360-0-image-a-22_15978175…)

Fuck, how did I miss this entire thing? Loomer is literally psychotic. Also how has she managed to get about 20x uglier since the last time I saw a photo of her?


No. 1025740

She… won over all the other potential GOP candidates for that district? How on fucking Earth are there enough people who… wow.

No. 1025761

File: 1597860247054.png (4.06 MB, 2018x1308, kMtflKRpZbVnwNNZRBVizidmAzwk9W…)

Only 14,000 people voted for her lol. Turnout for the R primary was VERY low. In 2016, the D incumbent won with 62.7% of the vote, so I doubt Loomer is actually going to go to Congress. I can't believe after all of the filler she's gotten in her face she somehow looks worse than before.

Her victory party had an interesting guest list
>Gavin McInnes
>Milo Yiannopolous (who has aged rapidly btw)
>Jacob Wohl
>Roger Stone
>Ali Akbar

No. 1025815

fewer people voted in that Republican primary than go to a minor-league baseball game or a Stryper concert

no Republicans no curr

No. 1025827

>that face
>age: 27

>Her victory party had an interesting guest list
>Gavin McInnes
>Milo Yiannopolous (who has aged rapidly btw)
Don't know the last three but the first shoved fruit up his ass and the milo is millions in debt. What a mess kek

No. 1025873

File: 1597878598775.jpg (84.33 KB, 1200x672, corrigan.jpg)

Jacob Wohl is quite an interesting one - he constantly tries to run smear campaigns against any and every liberal, one of his most spectacular failures is lying about someone accusing Bob Mueller of sexual assault or something - he tweeted a pic with them and it was later revealed to be his girlfriend. He had already posted the pic before with her face unblurred kek.

His most recent link is to his current girlfriend Merritt Corrigan. She would probably fit right in as a Tradthot. She was fired from USAID for tweeting a bunch of stupid shit.

>After she was fired, Corrigan tweeted that she would appear at a press conference Thursday with two notorious conservative conspiracy theory peddlers, Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman, who have a pattern of making outrageous claims against prominent figures unsupported by credible evidence.

She didn't go to said press conference, because she accused JW of kidnapping her and sending said tweets from her phone, which he proved wasn't true. There is a lot of milk about her I could go over lmao

No. 1025941

Wohl also claimed to be working for Ghislaine Maxwell, which turned out not to be true. Imagine coattailing the world’s most notorious child pimp for clout.

No. 1026052

She ruined her face

No. 1026055

File: 1597920124956.jpeg (410.48 KB, 828x1642, 6D247F3E-004A-4381-8D6F-53BB98…)

Sure Lauren

No. 1026056

File: 1597920150234.jpeg (329.57 KB, 819x1429, D6011D62-A3C0-4965-970A-FAD6B2…)

She looks like Loomer lol

No. 1026067

I couldn't believe Loomer is 27, I thought she was in her late forties. What went wrong?

No. 1026117

I have met plenty of biracial people with green or blue eyes Lauren. Still doesn't prove that your husband is white does it? lol

No. 1026120

File: 1597936208802.png (338.23 KB, 392x720, Untitled.png)

she must be desperate if shes posting feet

No. 1026123

Superior white cells aging kek

No. 1026125

Is that her feet or her husband's? Lol

No. 1026133

Either way those feet look brown. She's trying so hard to prove that he's white without actually proving anything.

No. 1026136

Please stop, this race argument is fucking dumb. Not wking Lauren but those legs are the legs of a white person. Any race debate about her husband is tinfoiling until we see his face.

No. 1026137

Plastic surgery

No. 1026167

I don't see how it's dumb when Lauren's audience are a bunch of white supremacists. She made her bed by pandering to them and it's so funny to watch her squirm whenever her husband's ethnicity is mentioned.

No. 1026169

Those legs look very racially ambiguous to me. They could possibly belong to a white person with a very deep tan but that skin color is just as likely to belong to someone Arab or biracial.

No. 1026185

Sure, and the fact that it could be ambiguous makes it a tinfoil, and a retarded one at that. His skin looks at white as any other white person. In the summer, or during any other time of the year. Even looking at her baby, it looks like a white baby.

No. 1026204

I don't even know who she is until this thread.

>After her 2018 ban from Twitter, she handcuffed herself to Twitter's headquarters in New York for two hours before police cut through the handcuffs at her request.

>Loomer was also banned from the March 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) after attempting to heckle reporters and chasing them through the conference.
>After her August 2020 primary victory, Twitter reiterated that it would not unban her.

>winning despite these bans

Honestly, good for her lmfao. I don't think she looks old for her age. Find something else to nitpick her on instead of her looks.

No. 1026209

It's really interesting how someone on this sub always promptly responds when Lauren's husband's ethnicity is mentioned. I mean there are lots of other accusations here against multiple other cows but this is the only one that gets defended every single time.

And no the baby and the husband look racially ambiguous. I don't personally know many white people who tan that deeply in summer without using fake tanner. I mean I know some, they are out there but that baby and those legs look pretty brown to me. It's also unusual for a newborn to have a tan. Newborns are supposed to be kept out of the sun and the baby was very brown. There was a picture of the baby looking whiter but Lauren turned up the resolution and it was obvious.

No. 1026216

I don't know if you're implying that I'm Lauren or one of her whiteknights, but I'm not. I think it's the complete opposite, people are jumping at the chance to "accuse" Lauren of having a husband who isn't white. It's such a ridiculous thing to nitpick her husband and baby's skin colors to have something to attack her for when she's a milky tradthot to begin with. >>1018555 Look at that baby's skin and tell me it's not white. Most of the nitpicking is done when the baby/husband are under different lighting conditions. Nobody will ever know what race Lauren's husband is until we see a picture of him, so it's all tinfoiling and just stupid. If you want to go by the color of skin alone, in this picture >>1008627 they have the same colored hands. White people can be dark too. Lauren has so much shitty behavior to discuss besides tinfoiling about race.

No. 1026238


the ultimate laura loomer moment.

No. 1026287

> good for Laura Loomer

Oh, come on. She won a pointless primary thanks to the endorsement of fellow Trump sycophants like Matt Gaetz. She’s a complete trainwreck and likely has no plans for what she’s going to do after losing the election.

Even Gun Girl found a job in the wingnut-industrial complex; Loomer can’t get it together enough to do that.

As for not looking older than her age, you must have some super rough 27-year-olds by you.

No. 1026298


I bet you she’ll say the election was rigged if she loses too.

No. 1026329

File: 1597965856241.jpeg (55.15 KB, 749x552, EfyJ0g8WAAE9upR.jpeg)

she looks fantastic

No. 1026334

>Being an "opera" singer
>Suck at it
Being Shapiro is suffering. Also, abusing the falsetto doesn't make you a soprano, Abby.

No. 1026349

The whole "her fans obsess about race, so we're going to obsess about her husband's race twice as hard to show we don't care about race" thing is pretty funny.

No. 1026503

Since when does anyone come to defend cows? We all know that Lauren lurks here…

No. 1026504

Lauren would hardly jump up with her hands in the air and tell us that she was coming here to try and save her sinking career now… Because if her husband wasn't white it would be 100% over.

No. 1026505

She's wearing the whole of sephora on her face, like they always do before they marry some ugly weaboo 4chan scrote and start dressing like old church marms.

No. 1026506

Honestly I feel kind of bad for Laura. The rest of these tradthots are basic Beckys who at least used to look averagely decent before getting inflata-lips and botox but Laura is just flat out ugly and she's trying to hard to be likable because of it thinking that mysoginists who only judge women for their physical appearance will somehow approve of her if she's super sweet and agreeable towards them and is the cool girl and never says a bad thing about men. It's sad tbh. I'm not even laughing.

No. 1026510

File: 1597995243718.jpg (185.29 KB, 1200x1674, 1200px-Candace_Owens_by_Gage_S…)

I'm honestly really surprised that no one here ever mentions Candace Owens. She first entered the scene as Red Pill Black around 2016/17. She is basically an Aunt Jemima who denies that there is any racism against blacks. She grew up rich and she is Jamaican rather than African American. Her ancestors were never enslaved but she talks like they were. There was a whole scandal on the alt right where she released a 'social media' app called candid. It turned out this was actually a heavy surveillance app that infringed upon people's privacy. The alt right turned on her and she disappeared, only to come back a year or so later and everyone suddenly forgot about Candid.

No. 1026514

I don't think she was involved directly in the developement of candid (but might have done promo for them tho)
Her project (can't remember the name) was like a platform to dox people and associate pseudonyms used over the internet with real names. I don't think it was ever more than a splash page because she cannot code but she was looking for funding for this thing.
And this was back in 2015(?), before she was red pill black, and she was in fact a democrat. This was around gamergate and she got mocked for this stupid thing and left and nothing came of it, then iirc when she reappeared as alt-right she was still trying to get funding for this thing under the premise that democrats didn't want her dox thingy because it would expose Hillary(?)/democratic party fake accounts (& remember there was no functionality to this thing just a splash page where you could enter info to dox somone that might or might not have been saved anywhere).

Anyway, she has her milky moments but overall I find her quite boring. I cannot believe the Christchurch shooter mentioned in his manifesto (talk about low standards)

No. 1026516

hey, I remembered the name of her doxxing thing was social autopsy

also, looking at her wiki kek https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candace_Owens#Privacy_violation,_Gamergate,_and_political_transformation

>In 2007, while a 17-year-old senior in high school, Owens said she received three racist death threat voicemail messages, totaling two minutes

then ffwd to 2018:
>You know, [Hitler] was a national socialist, but if Hitler just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, okay, fine. The problem is that he wanted—he had dreams outside of Germany.

No. 1026517

the last i heard about her was during george floyd's death, basically just a video of her saying he's not a hero.
lmao also didn't she get into a fight with zoe quinn at one point, like that was her big thing during the gamergate thing was direct action with zoe quinn and zoe was racist to her or something.

No. 1026609

She espouses extremely dumb political opinions but I don’t find her to be an ethot lolcow like other women ITT

No. 1026778

File: 1598044501896.jpg (29.68 KB, 640x460, Ef9rrPtX0AAqb0Y.jpg)

now that's classic

No. 1026893

>As for not looking older than her age, you must have some super rough 27-year-olds by you.
Not every woman looks like a model. Same age, I look rougher than her since I wear no make up, had a history of acne, nor do I have a PR team to photoshoot and airbrush my blemishes off. (inb4 "lol u haggard anon!")

Some people completely fall apart by that age because of bad lifestyles; some people don't age past looking 20 until they're 40. I personally don't take pictures of myself or cast judgement on other people's looks. It's just plain petty when there's no milky twitter collage.

I just think twitter is an overrated shithole.

No. 1026960

At this point I’m convinced his wife pegs him. He’s such a brat

No. 1026965

Why did he feel the need to basically confirm that there's little to no sexual satisfaction in their marriage? Does he just like to self-drag?

No. 1026974

wait did you not hear? his wife who is a doctor infamously told him its normal for a pussy not to get wet during sex then when he said that everyone clowned on him. the funniest part is he actually believed his wife when she said that.

No. 1026977

Fake tweet, sadly

No. 1027139

Owens political activity is really just a long grift, which makes her pretty sane compared to the other tradthots ITT

No. 1027817

She was a hard lefty for a while right? Then got doxed and blamed the left for it when it was really the alt right. But then she embraced them, became their token black girl and they funded her. She married a white brit not to long ago so I guess we'll see some white nationalists go after her for being inferior and her husband for being a race traitor

No. 1027873

Yes. Technically.

No. 1028575

Kinda on topic, but I saw this on KF and thought it was relevant: https://archive.md/sn5ya.

Apparently, it syncs with Ashton Whittey’s account of being cheated on.

I honestly don’t feel sorry for these girls; they need to find out the hard way.

No. 1028889

File: 1598409047277.png (480.52 KB, 828x1792, A9DC5003-6A6D-4878-9CBF-B93D96…)

No. 1028897

Isn't she in her 30s now? Changing her tune now that she can't play the exception anymore, kek.

No. 1028900

oh Lauren. Everyone remembers when you said "women are born rich and die poor". YOU said a woman's looks fades quickly therefore she needs to secure a husband asap. No need for college or a career…but I guess that's for other women right? You're special?

No. 1028909

She's like 25/26 iicr so shes definitely trying to cushion the impact as she ages even after getting married and having a baby. It still isn't enough for her audience. This is what happens when you focus on men who openly hate women and let them dictate your life. Anyway I still kinda love how she's right. It is a cope. And its pretty stupid to constantly reeee about the wall if you're also suppose to be pro family/pro traditional marriage while you're also shitting on those same women. It won't cause dread, only make more women realize that marriage to them would be awful and draining.

No. 1028929

lmao at this classic leopards ate my face shit.

I mean, she's completely correct but she should've had the foresight to realize it years ago and not pander to men who hate women over 30. It amazes me how young pickmes always conveniently forget that they, too, will age. It's the only fucking thing we literally cannot avoid!!

No. 1028937

Cope more Lauren, even your beta fans see through your Botox and face lifts

No. 1028991

Wow, that's a real backtrack after her years of talking about sexual market value and women's peak fertility

No. 1029021

i'm not really against her changing her views but it's frustrating that she doesn't even address several of her old videos where she literally argued for believing in this wall bullshit

No. 1029056

File: 1598445736839.jpeg (79.38 KB, 565x680, A5921189-D9A6-496B-A4F3-92091E…)

No. 1029066

How does any of this make sense.
What do these people even believe in? Is it all purely half baked, internet addiction driven piece- meal garbage they've heard from someone more important and articulate?

No. 1029094

DESPERATE for male attention kek

No. 1029375

File: 1598490668652.png (473.72 KB, 828x1792, 83E9D683-D027-4F24-A0DA-37E242…)

Because Lauren has been in physical confrontations and has a degree in.. oh yeah nothing

No. 1029411

lol this is rich coming from this bitch! oh lord the irony, this is the same girl that said that women over 25 were worthless if they are unmarried and without children, she also said women after 25 start to look ugly and men dont want old prunes as wives, now that she is on her mid twenties she is singing this tune, wow isnt it funny how all these "trad" women say the same shit after they start hitting the "wall" I gotta love the irony

No. 1029455

That bitch is unable to even understand the meaning of irony.

No. 1029458

Ahaha. Lauren's words have come to bite her in the butt and now she comes out with this pathetic damage control. Don't change, darling.

No. 1029550

Hmm I got trollIng vibes from that post but I usually only lurk and rarely ever comment so I obvs wasn’t gonna bother to say shit. Really it doesn’t matter though because it might as well be real with how much of a parody of themselves the tradfags have become.

No. 1029553

This is a gossip site. No one here genuinely thinks they’re above anyone.

No. 1030406

File: 1598674771871.jpeg (201.22 KB, 828x917, FD5C1731-01ED-4016-B920-E37707…)

I thought Lauren lived in Canada and her husband was from Australia? How does this make sense. Also she was pregnant before she got married soooo feels like none of this is true lol

No. 1030434


Can't a girl write a fanfic without criticism? /s

Her denial is too much.

More likely she got impregnated by some swarthy half-leb/half-australian or full levantine "wog"(don't agree with the term, but it's a racist term used by aussies to denote darker skinned individuals) and decided to have a shotgun wedding.

She has to hide it because the racists who follow her are like K-pop stans for their "princess" to first be in a relationship and to be in one not with a Europid looking individual is the ultimate insult to her "fanbase".

t. I'm literally genetically nearly half-european/half-MENA(Middle Eastern North African. European comes from one region, my MENA split up across the region, and both parents come from the same region. No American guy falls in love with a Lebanese woman while working at the Beirut consulate type of thing. I came out lighter than her kid's skintone at birth and even the leg pics posted.
That kid's skintone was VERY common with the half-levantine(leb/syrian) and half-caucasion kids I've known. Hell, even the 1/4th levantine, 3/4 white european kids had a darker skintone.

Essay writer is close enough to heritage to her presumed kid's ethnicity and came out lighter in skintone.(blog)

No. 1030459

wog is mostly used as a term of endearment for southern europeans and mediterraneans

No. 1030462


… But it’s a racist term tho.(derailing)

No. 1030464

Lmao love how she doesn’t mention how long they dated

No. 1030471

maybe for americans, but the net has led to dumb american racial discourse to taint the discourse in every other nation. the usage of the word has evolved, it's dumb to think it means or is applied the same way as other uses of the term. it's used in a friendly endearing way now.

it's like how bluey had to apologise for saying "ooga booga" for monsters when it's been used the way "boo" is used for ghosts. it's not used racially, to pretend it is retarded.

languages evolve naturally, not from top-down mandates from wokescolds to modify language artificially

No. 1030505

>How does this make sense.
Old timer here. Back in the days before the plague we had this flying machines, like great big birds, and we could travel between the continents.

No. 1030532


I’m English but go off.

No. 1030549

It is but it got reclaimed in the 90s by italian/greek Aussies so now we all pretend that racism was invented by Americans on the internet in 2009.

Anyway I was getting east Asian vibes from her baby's hair, but then >>1030406 makes me wonder about the "native" story. Was that in Australia or Canada? Could he be a Canadian expat in Australia? Maybe indigenous to either?

No. 1030566

In an IG story she talked about the babies british side as he dunked a biscuit in tea. That's pretty standard australian. As far as the native story goes she also said her mother helped him design the engagement ring in secret, she could've given him the story.

No. 1030572

The only thing that matters about Lauren's baby is that it's not a bouncing blonde paleskin with blue eyes. That's enough to rub salt in the wound, coming from a woman who once purported "white genocide" and got upset when her DNA came back as part Iberian, and not pure viking slav godessu.
She's fast approaching 30 but doesn't want to admit now about her lowered "market value" and having to fade her online career into obscurity to become a wetnurse and bangmaid for her child and husband respectively.

I want Lauren to live every day backpedaling and having to remind herself that she's a giant stupid bitch. It's good that every day she feels threatened and embarrassed. She was warned, but still chose to sell out other women for a buck. She deserves no peace.

No. 1030575

Lol yes, so smooth


No. 1030587

She said her place, she’s talking about it as if they lived in the same country

No. 1030848

Meet someone and fall in love while traveling, follow them to their home town to continue the relationship, get engaged, get married. It happens a lot. It's how one of my uncles and one of my brothers courted their wives.

No. 1030853

Or she made it up

No. 1030971

Shit ton of aussie backpackers flocked to canada it really isnt that complicated

No. 1031249

Lauren is ranting on her Instagram story, throwing a fit about how she's not dyeing her hair anymore but she's still blonde (her roots are pretty obviously brunette)

No. 1031298

ok but this is an imageboard, ya'll got any of them picture images?

No. 1031310


I find it hilarious that she has to justify her hair color. She has dug herself into a hole. What else can she expect from a bunch of 4chan autists who see her as a virtual girlfriend?

No. 1031312

Yet she's still desperate to cling onto her career of being that virtual girlfriend.

No. 1031316

File: 1598871721167.jpg (76.84 KB, 560x344, Screenshot_20200831_140133.jpg)

Robyn Riley also has a swarthy looking baby.

She claims her husband is eastern European. I'm guessing he's probably bulgarian with some Turkish admixture.

No. 1031341

File: 1598879092230.jpg (188.27 KB, 861x470, Screenshot_20200831_160205.jpg)

This was Robyn before she was trad and in an abusive relationship, apparently.

No. 1031352

She looks fine on first picture yet on 2nd one i can feel the "pickme who would talk shit about u bc shes jealous of you" vibes kek

No. 1031355

File: 1598882810701.jpg (638.68 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20200831-090735_Ins…)

Her roots/hair is visible all over her Instagram

But sure, here's a screenshot of her story.

No. 1031369

Looks like greasy ash blonde hair to me, but I've learned that the definition of what's blonde vs brunette seems to depend on whether blonde is common where you grew up.

No. 1031377

It's brown hair, whatever way someone wants to twist it. It's funny how hard some brunettes will reach to say they're "dark dirty blonde" like… girl, it's brown, and that's fine. (But of course, it's not fine to them since their """whiteness""" is their entire identity.)

No. 1031389

It's just that most blondes get darker as they get older and then it's more of a light brown than a blonde. I know many who were born with white-blonde hair that slowly turned into gold-blonde as they grew into teenagers and as adults is just dark blonde/light brown. In their hearts they are still blondes cause that's what they were born as and grew up as and it's sad to admit that you're now a boring brunette.

No. 1031397

Driveby comment, that's dark blonde/light brown. Brunettes have a different tone. Probably a level 6 in hairdressing terms.

No. 1031398

Sage for ot, why does this happen? I had the same thing lol.

No. 1031400

Interesting, I didn't know that was still considered blonde. The same happened to me (blonde hair that got darker with age) but I still consider myself brunette, I sort of assumed it depended on what color the hair was once the change was finally done. (Apologies if that's blogposting.)

No. 1031407

The pigments in the hair just change with age. It happens not only in humans but in a lot of other animals as well. A lot of blondes just keep bleaching as they get older to make up for it but they will always have dark roots. You can still tell they are natural blondes tho cause they will usually have lighter bodyhair on arms/thighs etc. Your pubes get darker too tho.

No. 1031423

File: 1598893176151.jpeg (70.72 KB, 680x425, C314912F-00DB-4DA6-8E74-7CA72A…)

Anyone know what happened to this girl? Michaela Ariza AKA KaylaSpicer and KaylaKosplay. Back in 2016 she got arrested for having sex with a minor but she was posting on her DeviantArt a lot afterwards so she’s not in jail. She got big among MAGA incels circa 2017 and then disappeared.


No. 1031436

lol probably got knocked up and married to some neckbeard trump supporter and probably wanted to leave this behind her to live out her tradishunul wimmin lyfe. but thats just me tinfoiling but thats what basically happens to all these trad thots, they all look the same from the shitty dyed bottle blonde hair to the pandering to neckbeards.

No. 1031443

Yeah I get called blond in the Middle East and and brown haired by Scandinavians, my hair is maybe even a hint darker than Lauren's.

No. 1031472

This is brunette (and don't forget everyone, she's got filters on these videos and pictures so the tones are way lighter than how they are irl). She is NOT blonde.

I can somewhat empathize, not meaning to blogpost but I too was once a platinum blonde kid who awoke one day to be a mud hair. If anyone's interested in the science behind this, tl;dr is that we aren't always born with completely read genes. As we grow, our genes begin to "express" completely and so features that we had before (ie light skin, light hair) may darken as we grow and our DNA is replicated as it was intended. I read an interesting theory once on "juvenile coloration" (young animals have certain colors when they are small to protect from predators or to signal to other adults that they are still young) and that this may be why European women who were born blonde may be more likely to bleach or add highlights to their hair because subconsciously that color represents their youthfulness…see where this is going?

Maybe Lauren's mommy hormones are finally telling her the bottle blonde shtick is too much effort and doesn't fool anyone except the most idiotic men and women. Plus I'm sure the cumulative effects of frying her hair and buying extensions are adding up. Hair isn't the same post-maternity either.(blogpost)

No. 1031493

saying its bulgarian-turkish is a huge reach, this is a perfectly white baby? do you go outside anon?? kek

No. 1031505

>one sentence
>a blogpost
Pick one.

No. 1031526

Turkish can be white

No. 1031595

Does Roma count as one? she's not trad so much as an MRA


No. 1031650

File: 1598931298290.png (470.66 KB, 1187x758, 1497953878818.png)

Her last known appearance was almost two years ago when she posted on /pol/.

No. 1031664


Looks like a regular caucasian baby to me. Her husband is from Slovenia. I'm assuming that's his ethnicity. I've actually seen uncensored pictures of him (no, I won't post) and he looks 'white' to me, but I wouldn't swear I could tell a Slovene from a Turk. I mean, in the 'before' picture of Robyn her skintone could pass as Mediterranean because of the lighting.

No. 1031726

Robyn actually joked on twitter that she can't be a white supremacist because her husband is a slav.

Just went to search for the wording, when did she get banned?

No. 1031759

Why won't you post? I'm guessing you are lying if you won't post. I'm also guessing Robyn lurks here.

No. 1031760

File: 1598957297343.jpg (263.78 KB, 1080x740, Screenshot_20200901_134915.jpg)

Robyn has a new Twitter account

Her username is RRR0BYN

No. 1031762

Hair doesn't change permanently after having kids. It can thin out a little temporarily due to post partum shed but you can still bleach it.

My best guess is that she doesn't want to put in the effort to maintain blonde hair. Bleaching takes several hours, especially on brunette hair like Lauren's. Then again if she has time to record a documentary…

No. 1031764

File: 1598957791001.jpg (302.92 KB, 1080x981, Screenshot_20200901_135627.jpg)

Helping with chores makes men less sexually attractive, apparently. It's not that women are tired and resentful because they usually have a full time job and men don't do enough chores…

No. 1031767


did it never occur to these idiots that sex isnt a fucking transaction??

“limiting sexual responsiveness” “make sex more expensive”

maybe women are just tired of being fuckmommies to their obviously ill-raised shithead husbands and don’t want to put out for 0.5-35 mins of unsatisfying jackhammering? i’m so tired of men’s entitlement to women’s bodies being treated as if it’s a commodity in all fucking political circles

it’s literally just “you have to suck my dick and like it and always be responsive for it” but in tradthot speech

No. 1031770

What a gem

Some of these thots I see entering the tradfem to radfem pipeline. She won't want to be sexually responsive to her husband forever

No. 1031792

File: 1598967407225.jpeg (182.77 KB, 750x500, 8F7E1F4C-1610-4C13-B79C-1974BB…)

She pops up a lot in The Perfume Nationalist’s replies at the LeftThot thread, but RedPillBelle is a good addition to this thread.

Her whole TL is your typical reactionary posts about racism and feminism, but of course she turns out to be a cuckqueen.

No. 1031793

File: 1598967521080.jpeg (422.83 KB, 750x969, 19BBB8ED-F45A-4450-AA4D-4305D9…)

No. 1031794

In some ways, it is an energy transaction.
Not only does having to do all the house work/emotional labor deplete the energy you can share, but one sided, selfish sex completely zaps it (instead of exchanging/replenishing).
For some reason they can't understand this.

No. 1031802

you sound fucking retarded. you are just as internet brained as the retards posted itt, go outside, that baby is white

No. 1031809


Amina aka redpillchick, honey is that you??
Have you returned to bestow us with more milk??

No. 1031838

That is definitely a guy LARPing as a woman online.

No. 1031861

The problem with trad thots is that their existence is a paradox.
Men who want to wed trad wives want them to be as young as possible, obedient, quiet and with predominantly white features. Kind of like Varg Vikernes and his bride Marie, who married when she was around 19-20 years of age. Now she’s pregnant with her 7th child, never posts body checking photos online and is as blonde as a Lebensborn could be. Never overshadows her husband. She’s around 32 now but is worshipped like some sort of cult goddess on twitter by Varg’s fans because of her maternal personality. She is the ideal tradwife.

These simps will still feed them with attention because a trad thot is still a thot at the end of the day, but deep down they despise these women. Why bother with men who inarguably believe a woman’s worth depends on her youth, whiteness and success at child labor when your dating history is questionable, you hair is light brown at best, and your child count is still 0-1 in your late twenties. What kind of self hatred is this?

No. 1031902

We thought the same of Amina (redpillchick) and Mary (gimp girl) can't wait to find out this chick is someone overcompensating and self hating.

Wasn't varg one of those who suggested that even brunettes/people with dark hair and eya not reproduce in his country to make the blonde and blue eyed a majority? I remember seeing something like that before.
Anyways these thots know theyre in for a rough ride but don't want to do anything about it. They see the hatred women receive online for simply existing so they bend over backwards to appear not like them and not receive thr same hate. Lauren is learning this the hard way. At this point though, it's being a trad aryan cottagecore wife and mother because muh white race is popular now. It's all for show because these men (who can't even be trad themselves) live in their minds rent free for years. Bet you if these guys were praising goth chicks rn as the best, we'd see these same women do everything they can to appear as goth as possible.

No. 1031925

We all know Robyn lurks here.

No. 1032144

White… Not aryan.

No. 1032229

File: 1599037199817.jpeg (149.07 KB, 768x669, 7CFFCC75-5E74-41D0-8981-F649E6…)

No. 1032273

Real traditional women don’t spend their life on social media, so they’re never doxxed. These red pilled twitter trads are just repackaged online thots. It’s ironic that if they followed their own advice, stopped seeking male attention, they wouldn’t get exposed for being LARPers.

No. 1032296

i just skimmed this chicks twitter and all i have to say is yikes. some of the stuff that comes out her mouth…

No. 1032329

Very pretty girl. It’s a shame that she’s a pick me kek

No. 1032330

wtf are you on about, go back to the alt-cow thread

No. 1032487

File: 1599078180053.jpeg (157.54 KB, 821x894, 495A32A1-32E8-4C64-A005-514540…)

No. 1032643

File: 1599093880293.jpg (463.16 KB, 1080x1595, twitter.jpg)

Some of her own followers aren't convinced that she's a real account lol. It wouldn't be surprising that some male took a random pic of a girl and is posing as one

No. 1034834

You can barely decipher what she looks like from that picture. She's obviously wearing heavy makeup and is possibly using a filter. She does have a honker of a nose,though.

No. 1034847

Sounds terfy

No. 1034849

it really doesn't

No. 1035032

This is not how anthropology works… Bitch.

No. 1035338

File: 1599575382914.jpeg (638.74 KB, 828x1155, D4D6425C-1789-40D3-8283-C219A4…)

reminds me, elijah wood called out her pick-me ass a while ago and it was too funny. what a king

No. 1035482

These altright fags always have stupid ideas about art and think that raw technical skill is everything.

No. 1035775

Remember when this dumb idiot bich made fun of a girl for aspiring to become a doctor? I hope that girl enjoys a wealthy and upper class life while you enjoy your mediocre low middle class grifter life Lauren. It's what you wanted. You made you bed. You can never let go of everything online. I hope you cringe for eternity looking back at your gay shit to the point that you wish to legally change your name.
Hypocritical bitch.

No. 1035784

This is a place for lolling, not pathetic impotent seething.

No. 1035884

I have to admit this is some prime bait

No. 1035909

at this point i go on the cunt's twitter just to rage, i can't believe how fucking retarded and unintelligent she is and close to my age too

No. 1036484

Feel like she had a kid just to tell people who criticize her for all the bullshit she said before. She mentions it way too much, like the gun girl and her gay husband constantly talking about getting married

No. 1036615

I've yet to meet a new mother who doesn't talk constantly about their kid. They're almost as bad as vegans and their diet.

No. 1036691

Because she placed herself into a corner. Get knocked up asap, have a shotgun wedding, larp as a cottagecore trad wife mom for her incel audience. But she actually thought she could dip away for a bit then appear as a cool centralist who's totally against the wall and women being limited at home now that she's realizing that what the alt right wants out of women is completely draining

No. 1036959

It's super cringy watching women like Robyn and Lauren posting on twitter about female subjects like pregnancy and motherhood and then virtually their whole audience is just a bunch of neckbeard men mansplaining it all back to them in a really crass way.

No. 1036968

File: 1599853330370.jpg (889.66 KB, 1080x1789, Screenshot_20200911_223411.jpg)

And all the people replying to this thread appear to be male, isn't that like, indecent or something? What a harridan being a virtual trad waifu for all these lonely neckbeards. Shouldn't you be talking about embroidery and jam making with the godly women at church?

No. 1036972

File: 1599853637417.jpg (92.06 KB, 1080x325, Screenshot_20200911_224653.jpg)

Re-tweeting and following a dude who goes by the name of 'hymen protector' and posts loads of vulgar stuff to his Twitter feed.

Keep it classy, pure and super trad ladies.

No. 1036992

but… if these girls are telling colleges they want to do Onlyfans as a career… why are they trying to go to college? Why would they pay all that money for a degree they're never planning to use? lmao how dumb do you have to be to believe this shit even if it wasn't posted on 4chan

No. 1037000

Onlyfans is a platform for online figures that have already established a following elsewhere. I can't imagine that most girls would make a whole lot of money or gain many if any followers on there. The market is super saturated when it comes to online 'sex workers'. There is far more supply than demand. Most women who do it simply dabble in it and realize it's not easy money and give up after a very short amount of time.

I call bullshit on this claim.

No. 1037009

2,200 likes and nobody realized that this is a bullshit story and that what you tend to see on social media absolutely does not correlate with real life. Most young women aren't doing OnlyFans and are still going to have a career. In fact, isn't it actually men who have been dropping out of the workforce in recent years?

No. 1037112


Philosophicat isn't a tradwife or a Christian. She's a Traditionalist in the philosophical sense and a pagan. There's a lot of overlap between the neckbeard audiences, though.

No. 1037137

Philosophicat is seriously projecting with this bullshit. She loves the online attention she gets from low value, disgusting, neckbeard men and she would rather do that over a career or whatever. Superficial validation from men online means everything to her, even if it means fishing at the bottom of the barrel. She's the one who needs to speak to a therapist.

No. 1037202

This kind of person almost always had their parents pay their way through shit. Who else could be surprised that college students in this economy are turning to thottery for cash? Or is she just desperate to fit everything into her pickme "philosophy"

No. 1037564

It doesn't even matter to her incel audience if she's a trad wife larper or trad in a vague way. ANY comment on women in a critical pov is what they want. Incels want to hear from their "good" women how evil other women for being whores and "unmarriageable" Because it's punishment for not choosing them.

Every single one of these pro trad values pick mes online wish they can shamelessly start an OF account for the validation and attention. They are the same type of women that these incels love to hate on yet they only say what these incels want to hear and suddenly, they're praised for being based

No. 1040621

File: 1600382652226.jpg (233.39 KB, 1080x1077, pic_818202014446.jpg)

Why do all these women on the alt right fetishize menstruation and their menstrual cycles? I find it very creepy.

It's a legit personal choice not to want to take birth control and to rely FAM but the way these women talk about it is strange. Like having a simple bodily function, one that is understandably undesirable for most women and something we have the opportunity to be freed of is all part of their identity. It icks me out.

They don't talk the same amount about any other bodily function or aspect of women's health. It's always their vaginas and uteruses and all things connected to it. You don't see them talking about how women are dying of heart attacks and how heart medication effects women differently for example.

It's as though they fetishize their own female bodies. It really only took me a few minutes to find 3 random examples.

No. 1040665

it's because birth control pills can fuck you up royally (don't expect americans to know this) and i'm guessing its a jab at trannies too?

No. 1040681

I find it so funny that both the right wingers and the dirtbag left people from the leftthots thread obsess over this shit equally. Two sides of a coin.

No. 1040683

At least the right ones are just talking. Vaginal yeast pancakes and freebleeding selfies take it to a whole new level.

No. 1040688

>Why do all these women on the alt right fetishize menstruation and their menstrual cycles?
Because they're transphobes.(Back to the Tumblr)

No. 1040698

I'd say it's more of pandering to their audience's breeding fetish. These tradthots will clam up quick of someone brought up what's happening to women all over the world with forced sterilization via hysterectomies like in those US ice detention centers because those women aren't white. Their audience only fantasizes about forcing women (mainly white) to have babies. So tradthots have to talk about periods and hint at how fertile they are compared to those nasty modern women and their birth control and reproductive issues

No. 1040745

Birth control pills come with possible side effects, some of them very negative but they are something that we should be grateful to have the choice to make use of if the benefits outweigh the risk.

Having a natural cycle can also be unhealthy. Having a natural cycle can eventually lead to fibroids, can give women depression, can cause women pain, uterine polyps, anemia, uterine cancer, acne, ovarian cysts, migraines, nausea, lowered productivity, abdominal pain.

It's not that either choice is universally bad or good. It's all up to the individual and it's important that women are objectively informed.

These women want other women to be denied the opportunity to use birth control. They reduce the legitmacy of women to a simple bodily function.

No. 1040748

Troons and tradthots both have a lot in common for two sides that supposedly hate each other. They both believe that womanhood is a big dramatic performance of twirly wirly skirts and sexual servitude.

No. 1040763

This. Not everything is about trannies but that's hard to comprehend when you have npd

No. 1040812

I personally believe both answers could be correct but the trying to appeal to impregnation fetishists reason is definitely way more obvious and intentional now I think about it.

No. 1040819

hon, go back

No. 1040872

Leave and never return

No. 1040912

File: 1600422917458.jpg (65.39 KB, 699x677, 1oninr4xgg221.jpg)

Poor newfren didn't know lolcow is TERF City

No. 1040957

Lmao is that a bad thing?

No. 1040994

But the leftthots believe all the exact same things about fertility and birth control the alt righters do, it's the Buzzfeed types who are into all the freebleeding shit.

No. 1041002

All the women in your screencap are doing are talking about menstruation and pointing out that it's natural. It just sounds like you're the one making it creepy, to be honest.
Ever seen those transwomen on Fetlife bragging about stealing women's pads from the trash and rubbing against them to jerk off, or sticking tomato popsicles up their ass to feel "womanly" (because they consider it hot, in their own words)? That's fetishization, kek.

No. 1041015

Well one is talking about how men are meant to rule and women are mysterious, and the others are putting down women who choose not to menstruate anymore. It’s one thing to talk about your own experiences with periods, but it’s another to say that women should not be able to stop menstruating if they so choose.
Birth control has a lot of side effects, but so does having a period.

No. 1041039

That's not really fetishization, though, just retarded ideology.

No. 1041051


Sleeping is a normal bodily function, for example. You don't see them talking about how modern career women don't sleep enough. (the average adult in the USA doesn't according to statistics and people with demanding jobs and working moms fare the worst).

They see menstrual cycles as an integral part of female identity which is fetishization. It's just another simple bodily function.

They are also criticizing women who want to skip that simple bodily function because hell, it's not a convenient one for a lot of women and they want to take away that choice from them.

No. 1041054

I never said it was wrong to talk about FAM or to practice it or to be aware of what a menstrual cycle actually is, it's just the creepy way that they not only make it a part of their identity but they try and push this identity onto other women and wish take away their choices not to have that bodily function. At least the buzz feed free bleeders don't want to ban birth control.

It's like the left calling us 'menstruators'. They might as well start doing it because that's all they see us as.

It's also all the cringy fucking psuedo science, saying that women are 'connected to the moon' and 'cycles connect us to the earth' and shit and that birth control pills directly cause permanent infertility, when no single piece of medical literature has proven this. Then getting all uptight and angry when someone comes along and mentions this fact and literally saying "doesn't mean it can't be true".

No. 1041060

File: 1600441122002.jpg (100.89 KB, 1080x354, Screenshot_20200918_175920.jpg)

So are you Robyn and your progeria face and botched fish lips.

No. 1041062

How does that change the point in >>1041039?
It's trannies and other males who fetishize menstruation.

No. 1041063

The point you made is that they are just pointing out that it's a normal bodily function. Seriously no one needs to be told that. It's captain fucking obvious.

What they want is to force their own identity onto other women and take away their freedom to choose and bodily functions like menstruation and ovulation, which are inconvenient for a lot of women are something they hold on a pedestal and want to force on women because of their creepy fetish.

No. 1041066

File: 1600442218502.jpg (199.51 KB, 1080x642, Screenshot_20200918_181440.jpg)

I have been seeing this cringey meme going around on tradwife Twitter.

Apparently 'homebirthing' is seen as a hobby and it's cool to have schizotypal personality disorder (thinking your kid can see angels and that dragons are real. Lol).

I get that there is a cringey section of the left but they don't make themselves look any less like lunatics.

No. 1041071

The weirdos who make vaginal yeast cakes are cringey but they don't want to take choices away from women and they don't scorn and belittle women who choose to forgo menstruation.

No. 1041072

You keep repeating yourself, kek. Where is the contradiction with >>1041039?
>because of their creepy fetish.
Stop trying to change the definition of the word "fetish", lmao.

No. 1041074

I like how the gross woman watches porn. But I bet the guy who made this is a pornsick coomer.

No. 1041075

Definitely. Disgusting men demanding "pure" women, as if they'd "deserve" them.

No. 1041076

It is a fetish by definition

English Language Learners Definition of fetish : a strong and unusual need or desire for something. : a need or desire for an object, body part, or activity for sexual excitement. : an object that is believed to have magical powers.

A lot of them have mentioned how the menstrual cycle has spiritual mysticism and is connected to the moon.

They also get off on being dominated by alt right neckbeards, and forcing a bodily function that a lot of women find inconvenient and stressful that they have no control over gives them a sick thrill.

It's a fetish.

No. 1041080

Is this a anti mask meme too? I've noticed alot of tradthots complaining about masks and vaccines too lately

They can't be trad themselves as it would demand them to give up porn and video games indefinitely while also staying fit and holding a job that can support a large family.

No. 1041084

File: 1600444425248.png (156.81 KB, 1372x940, fetish.png)

>"If I pick an uncommon definition of a word and try to use it in a wholly unfitting colloquial fashion, no one is allowed to point out I'm misusing it and misrepresenting my argument!"
This is such a cringy way to go about things. Like baby's first framing/manipulation method. It's not a fetish to have a retarded mindset about women's bodies, but troonery sure is.
Pic related, #1 is the main definition understood and used outside of a religious/cult context. You knew what you were trying with the word choice and why you got corrected, don't double back now with cherrypicking.

No. 1041092

They get sexual gratification out of being subservient to men to the point where making other women subservient gives them a thrill, too.

They see menstruation for what it is, an inconvenience to a lot of women and they get off on taking such choices away from other women to please men who like to see women powerless.

Their whole larp is a fetish.

Glorifying menstruation and ovulation and having a lot of children and wanting to force it on to all women is just part of their fetish.

No. 1041099

That's not to say that I think there is anything wrong with being a housewife or having a large family and choosing never to take birth control, it's that they want this to be the only choice for all women. Maybe they would never brazenly admit this word for word because they want to seem like they are all about 'freedom' , but they admit it in cutesy memes and shit posts.

No. 1041103

They are also religious and culty.

The whole Godly alt right trad waifu thing could be seen as a cult. Usually full of middle class, educated white women who have a submission fetish and like to overperform what they perceive as feminity.

No. 1041145

Second. Their mindset its not different from your average evangelical Christian cult.

No. 1041146

Ironic coming from her,projecting yourself onto your opponents to minimize them is sad at best and pathetic at worst.

No. 1041160

File: 1600452901073.jpg (328.03 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_2020-09-18_21-14-33.JPG)

Seriously this woman is just a whole fucking plethora of cringe. She's gone from hippy drippy, liberal yoga instructor with a bull ring through her nose to hippy drippy fundie Christian.

No. 1041169

Why did she put ages there like a bad thing lmfao are tradthots not supposed to age now?

No. 1041177

And like any of these women were married at 25 with kids. Most of them got married and had kids around their late 20s and into their 30s. They enjoyed their youth, went travelling, went to college, worked jobs, went to bars, had various sexual partners, used birth control ect. They did all the same things that they shame younger women for doing and we are supposed to forget about this because now they have given birth to a kid or two and found God. It's pathetic.

No. 1041180

File: 1600454515374.jpg (388.67 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_2020-09-18_21-42-32.JPG)

She thinks she's above average in looks with her borderline progeria face.

No. 1041184

I'm still convinced it's insecurity because they are scared of their husbands cheating with "loose" young women because those trad men are really entitled and sooo many cheat once their wives start to age or have changes with pregnancy.

No. 1041204

>works as a flight attendant and calls it "travel"

Lmao. Whoever made this has a specific and salty vendetta. Not to OT, but flight attendants with seniority get to go on same damn good destination travels between schedules for next to nothing compared to what the average person pays to do the same. Airline workers who aren't even flight attendants get paid vacation and flight passes as well, and discounts. They're so fucking mad that some people actually get to leave their small towns and have experience outside of hobbies such as church and homebirthing.

No. 1041215

Oh they sure did have hobbies outside of church and homebirthing when they themselves were in their 20s. It's just not OK for other women to experience those things when they are young and we are supposed to forget about the fact that trad thots had lots of colorful experiences in their youth because they got to 30 and suddenly realized their sins and popped out a kid.

Robyn herself worked in a yoga studio, has admitted to having various sexual partners (including a violent, abusive boyfriend), has taken birth control, has admitted to travelling to different countries and used to have pink hair and a nose ring. A lot of her old YouTube videos are private.

Lauren Southern had various sexual partners, was a journalist who traveled the world and even quoted 'I don't masturbate to anime, anime fans masturbate to me'.

Various others have admitted to having their fun and receiving an education and having careers when they were young.

It's so hypocritical. They want everyone to think they are cut from the same cloth as Michelle Duggar when it couldn't be further from the truth.

No. 1041218

The more extreme she gets, the more attention she receives. She'll never be an actual trad wife working the fields, managing the home inside and out and finances while the husband works. That would require her to shut off all social media and disappear

100% insecurity. I think they're also overcompensating too. I've known a few authentic I guess trad women who were actually really sweet, non judgmental and just wanted to be happy. They didn't see the point in being online all the time since they had real responsibilities. Plus some of them lived in a large family community that helped each other out. The whole it takes a village to raise a baby thing is pretty true. Robyn and other tradthots just sound so bitter and lonely. She's insecure about her past so she overdoes it with her pro trad twitter rants to bury that insecurity.

No. 1041224

>normal women at 35: enjoyed their youth, earned good money, now buy a cute house, get married to a normal dude and get a baby
>tradwives at 35: sit at home bored all day, mourn their lost youth, get hated by their rebelling teen kids, endure their "hubby" chatting with 18yo thots on twitter

No. 1041231

>the housewife becomes psychotic
what a fucking self-own lmao, the left one doesn't even feel like a roast

No. 1041257

File: 1600463515636.png (687.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-09-18-13-07-36…)

Why does she look so old

No. 1041278

It’s like she has a layer of clay on her face and her skin is gasping for a drink of moisture.

No. 1041280

File: 1600467496226.jpg (359.18 KB, 1080x1703, Screenshot_20200919_010838.jpg)

This is Amy Mastrine. She's another sheltered white, middle class, western career woman without children or a husband from a small American town sperging about patriarchy when she has never actually experienced patriarchy in any real sense of the word.

She claims she was once a radical feminist. She decided that after moving to San Francisco that she was an avid supporter of patriarchy, because the lack of male leadership in society is responsible for all the crime there and the fact that she didn't feel safe, apparently.

Apparently the small American town she came from was also patriarchal and that's why she never felt scared there.

Here is her cringe fest of an article.


Maybe should move to Mumbai, Cairo or Johannesburg and take a walk in the slums late at night. It's a wonderful patriarchal culture there, nothing bad could happen to her. There will be lots of strong men to protect her with their patriarchal leadership…

No. 1041284

It's a bizarre choice of stereotype too, I've never noticed it online or irl and flight attendants are typically super attractive and feminine. It's also a service industry and like a higher status version of waitress, which is hardly contrary to tradthot values. In some countries it's a direct path to marrying a rich guy and getting the SAHM life.

No. 1041285

File: 1600468168406.jpg (331.13 KB, 1080x1178, Screenshot_20200919_012440.jpg)

That has to be the most wacko job title I have ever seen.

Why is she studying magic mushrooms or whatever it is she is doing and not having lots of babies with some white nationalist Chad?

No. 1041287

File: 1600468415671.jpg (356.31 KB, 1044x1346, Screenshot_20200919_013350.jpg)

This is what she has to say about women who work when she seems to have a career and no husband or kids herself…

No. 1041294

Amy is the only one who has "estrogen logic" and needs to shut up.

No. 1041296

She has a romantic, sheltered view of everything.

Does she really think there was a time in history where most women sat at home together having fun, frolicking with cats and babies, doing cross stitch and baking cookies while only men did all the hard and dirty work?


She's a supposedly educated woman and she talks and thinks like an 8 year old.

No. 1041310

Silly anon, she'd be a member of the ruling class, not a filthy peasant! Because, you know, trophy wives to rich dudes don't exist anymore, thanks to feminism.

No. 1041335

Tradthots really are mostly driven by laziness and aversion to work, huh? It'll be a nasty shock for them when they realize being a SAHM isn't all fun and crafts and that plenty of SAHMs return to the office just to get some time away from children. Deep down they just wanna be NEETs who get to play with babies.

No. 1041336


It's also as if she thinks all women work out of choice and not out of necessity. A lot of women simply cannot afford to be SAHMs. Many can't even afford to breastfeed their children because they have to return to work straight after they give birth. Not all women get maternity leave.

To her all women that work work in an air conditioned office and are only there for the hell of it.

What an easy life she's had.

No. 1041339

That's really it. They seem to think there is this perfect, easy utopia where women have no responsibilities outside of their reproductive and domestic abilities and have all their modern creature comforts on top. Only men ever have to deal with anything drudgerous, difficult or stressful and they are not able to cheat or leave because they have their 'wife goggles' on.

It's as if they all believe Disney movies and all think they are princesses.

No. 1041342

It's so weird how they think there is only one path to happiness you are supposed to follow because of your sex, and that feminists and society are stopping them from being happy.

Like girl you can still marry a man 20 years older who will build you a shack in the woods or something and see for yourself how you like being a dependent housewife. Literally just give up your "studies" and go, there are plenty of countries where women are treated as baby makers and where you can live away from feminism.

But they never do that. They know women do not have it easy in these systems and they benefit from all the rights the evil feminists gave them, but they still whine and whine about how society is destroyed and how their lives would be sooo much better without rights. Go live in pakistan and come back to tell us about how the men there are wonderful protectors and how the women spend all day tweeting, crafting and playing with babies.

No. 1041346

I think they have a romanticized version of the past and cling to it, they don't see just how wrong it went for a lot of women.
I remember my grandma telling me about how my grandpa would come home, beat their children black and blue and break everything inside, go to prostitutes and spend their money, how they kept having one baby after another. They barely had enough to eat and grandpa didn't care. And NO ONE would help because this was just the way things were, she was his wife and needed to bear it. What saved her life was her male children fighting back, female children starting to work and divorce becoming a option.
"playing with babies and cats and cooking" my ass. This is what happens when women are forced to stay at home and be subhumans.

No. 1041356

When it comes to tradthots who don't practice what they preach (ie going off and marrying whatever old man will provide for them and impregnate them young) I think it's also that their standards are, ironically, sky high. They think that promoting tradthottery, agreeing with whatever men say and doing the utmost to appease them means that they deserve a rich, handsome, traditional man. They're better than other women after all, so why wouldn't they deserve a better man? They really want a top tier husband and are striving to attract one, not lowering their standards the way their incel audience wants them to.

No. 1041360

And the sad thing is women like your grandma and my grandma and my grandmas grandma only ever wanted teas for their daughters to not endure what they did and have more choices. Like do what you want but don't shit on the memory of the women before you by making it seem like this wonderful perfect life when it absolutely was not. Disrespectful.

No. 1041373

It's been said over and over itt, but like…I just can't imagine wanting this lifestyle. Wanting to be the abused, punished housewife, not allowed to leave without your husband's permission, not allowed to make choices and dress how you want (Keep in mind there are so many popular fashion styles that fit the modesty degree that these woman whine about, but don't fit the style they think of, which is skirts and high heels and floofy dresses, not classy, preppy skirts and cute modest clothing), n oki t allowed to seek higher education, being required to birth as many babies as the men want…it's so ridiculous. I wish I understood what makes smart women turn to wanting to be submissive, sex slave housewives devoid of lifestyle choices.

No. 1041375

She lived in Dallas for a bit then California, doubt she used spf. Males are at her throat still for calling them out lol even after she backtracked

I honestly think this woman is just trying to gain an extra boost in their engagement so she panders to the lowest males online for clout. Until the money is enough of course. Without that added edge of being so pro patriarchy, she's just another completely forgettable basic young adult white woman with basic interests in plants and art.

>larping as men in the office

There are more careers out here than just office work kek. You don't see them rant about female veterinarians, geologists or book keepers. Tradthots seethe at corporate office work too much it almost sounds like a vendetta

No. 1041449

File: 1600495606208.gif (357.18 KB, 904x705, cf7402c9b7ac73f918c467c197efa0…)

Exactly, either she's horribly educated or know that's a blatant lie but doesn't really care.

No. 1041496

Why can't women want to be trad housewives and mothers? I'm sure the ones who do want that don't see it as a submissive sex-slave hostage situation as you describe it, but as fulfilling.

Seriously, being a feminist means giving women a CHOICE and you are not doing that by saying "you should only chose to be a lesbian cat-mom, don't let those evil men enslave you!"

You can be trad and not be a tradthot who posts about it on the internet and tells other women "this is how you have to be", but let women make their own choices without belittling them. You come off just as bad as them, but in the opposite direction.

No. 1041527

Anons post literally described why she couldn't fathom it. Nothing in that said "reee dont do it!! Becone a lesbian cat mom." Just cuz this anon doesnt see the joy in it, no where in that post did it say we should make women be any kind of way. Literally just wants to understand why its as appealing to them, not even being a judgemental dick anywhere in it but making realistic observations.

No. 1041672

Women can be housewives and SAHMs. It's just the trad larp and submission fetish which they try and push on everyone and criticizing other women's choices.

On the other side of the coin you get a subset of women who will criticize any woman that doesn't have a career or a formal education. These women are often snobs and control freaks just like tradwives and don't recognize their own privilege and want to push their choices onto everyone else.

It's of course better for women to have a backup plan in case something happens to her marriage or husband. However a lot of middle class western women don't understand that this is unfortunately a privilege that many women don't have. Tradthots should really be grateful that they have that privilege, that if their husband beats them or dies they aren't going to be on the streets with nothing.

No. 1041679

That's the thing, they don't want that. All of it is a larp. They romanticize everything.

I would be willing to bet that half these women have husbands who are normal guys and have no clue about this stuff. They are attention whoring online to other men outside their marriage.

That's also not to say that every marriage in the past was bad and that every woman is abused in a patriarchal culture. It's just that when women do live that reality it's harder and sometimes impossible for her to escape it and women often have very limited options in life. Men get to behave how they want without impunity because women cannot survive without them. That doesn't mean all men behave badly but enough do.

No. 1041752

>not even being a judgemental dick anywhere in it but making realistic observations
The way it was written was obviously super condescending, judgemental and insulting to anyone who would chose a lifestyle they don't understand. Being a tradwife =/= being a choiceless sexslave who wants to be abused.

I agree that it's a priviledge and I myself don't think I could ever trust in a man or a marriage enough to just go into it without a back-up plan cause of the high divorce rates. But I don't see anything wrong with wanting to dedicate your life to your family, raising children, taking care of your husband as he takes care of you and just living a life with traditional values.

What's wrong with tradthots is that they force it on other people, act superior and are hypocrites cause no actual trad woman would be an e-girl on the internet posting selfies for attention. Being dismissive of all women who chose a traditional life because of people like that is shitty tho.

No. 1041820

I don't know why it even has to be called a 'traditional life'. That sounds larpy to me. You can be a SAHM without all the cringe.

No. 1041821

Anyone who uses the world 'tradwife' to describe themselves is automatically cringey.

No. 1041836

Oh my goddd that anon was clearly talking about the ones that want to be "choiceless sexslave who wants to be abused" AND want to force other women to be that too. Y'know, the subject of the thread and the ones we're making fun of.

And women have been told for centuries that they should be housewifes, and still are in many areas/cultures, i doubt anyone here really hates SAHMs who just live their lifes but there's nothing wrong with questioning why they chose that and if it was because of internalized misogyny or smt.

No law is forbidding anyone of being traditional but if they want to submit to a man and put themselves in a dangerous position they shouldn't be pressed that some women will question why they would do that. Housewifes aren't being opressed please go outside.

No. 1041846

It's just rude to ask another woman about her choices. Not all women are privileged enough to receive an education even if that's what they wanted and whether they want that or not that's none of your business. Why a woman is a SAHM is none of your business or anyone else's.

This whole thread is about trad thots, not about women who don't work outside the home or don't have a career.

No. 1041847

lmao, what a bizarre comment. Discussion about the concept in general is not invading the privacy of any individual SAHMs, and how the fuck is a women's issue not our business?

It's obvious you're just butthurt anons don't respect your dreams of staying home and playing with kids all day. I'm sure you can find choice feminists to support you elsewhere.

No. 1041859

Exactly, it's about tradthots, and they are the ones who fight tooth and nail to keep women uneducated, judge all non tradthots and want to enforce their choices on other women with laws and regress society.

>Not all women are privileged enough to receive an education even if that's what they wanted and whether they want that or not that's none of your business.

If a woman is staying home because she cannot receive an education or never considered other options due to not being supported by her loved ones or culture/laws that is our business and should discussed.

And choices aren't made in a vacuum, the majority of men don't even consider staying at home like women, there are cultural factors at play here. You sound like those ancaps that say people working below minimum wage is fine because they choose that out of their own free will.

No. 1041919

File: 1600568535519.jpg (32.06 KB, 500x385, tumblr_inline_olkqq0nJpN1qgl6q…)

What's stopping you from being a stay at home wife now? If you can't do it in today's feminist times, you sure as fuck wouldn't make it back then.

Or are you actually aware that being a housewife is hard, thankless, soul wrenching work, and the lifestyle you're describing can only be somewhat true in case of millionaire trophy wives? Go become one then.

Wait, maybe you have figured out that forcing women out of the workforce creates a buyer's market for rich men and gives them more young desperate girls to choose from, which pretty much guarantees that you wouldn't be able to compete Back In The Day™? Uh-oh.

So what do you want, you stupid pickme cunt?

No. 1041927

Middle age crisis?

No. 1041993

You seem awfully defensive kek

No. 1042112

Choice feminism is the only type of real feminism. Anything else is authoritarianism and doesn't support women.

No. 1042119

I just can't stand people looking down on women in patriarchal cultures or women in the lower income bracket. You get a faction of middle class feminists with an obvious superiority complex and a desire to manage and control other women who they see as below them. They come from a place of snobbery and contempt rather than a place of understanding.

By all means we should discuss how we can help these women live up to their potential but at the end of the day no one should be forcing them to do anything. It should all be about giving women choices in life and the ability to protect themselves and their children from abuse.

No. 1042121

Oh yeah let's stop discussing how society affects womens choices. I'm sure the overwhelming majority of stay at home parents being women has nothing to do with external factors, it's just a choice wired into our brains. Let's make FGM legal too then, those women are just like choosing with no outside pressure or cultural influence at all.

No. 1042134

And i can't stand people like you who do not come from such a background telling me it's womens choice to be below men. Harmful cultural norms won't ever change if you keep coddling with "it's just their culture" and never questioning the status quo, because these women will still pass this thinking to their daughters and sons and the cycle of sexism does not end when it's everywhere around them.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with staying at home, but understand that for centuries that was our only option and in somes places it still is and that needs to be challenged.
Some women like shaving, Some women like makeup, some women like submitting to their husbands, some women want to be virgins until marriage, some women want to housewifes, that does not mean we shouldn't question why only women feel pressured to do so and why they might want to do potentially harmful things just because they are women and that is what women do. Choice feminism just sweeps history and all external factors under the rug and pretends everything is a-okay and does not stop to think why only women choose or do X or Y.

No. 1042136

Honestly idc if women are SAHM, but I WILL call them dumbasses if they don't have some backup if their husbands decide to chimp out/die early. Like put it in the marriage contract that you control all money or something. If your future husband isn't a controlling dick who wants a slave, he'll be ok with it, because he realizes the risk you're taking. But I'm talking about places like america where women have equal legal rights.

Yeah I feel like nowadays choice feminism is just used as way to shut down critical thought/conversation.

No. 1042139

"You're stupid if you let a man tell you what to do and how to live your life, but here let ME tell you what to do and how to live my life."

Sorry but some of you really sound like legbeards from subreddits like /childfree and whatever feminist subreddit is not banned yet for being transphobic.

"Your choice as a woman is only valid if I agree with it! Otherwise you are a slave to your husband and a dumb breeder!"

No. 1042141

How do you know what kind of background I'm from? Short answer is you don't.

No. 1042144

Calling a woman an idiot because she doesn't have a backup plan outside of marriage is snobbery.

Poverty and lack of education still exists in America. Many women still don't have access to things and don't know about their rights. Not to mention how poor and marginalized women and their children escaping abuse are often treated by the police and CPS. Sometimes they fear the authorities just as much as if not more than their husbands.

No. 1042149

Honestly I couldn't agree more with this statement.

Let other women live their lives. This thread has gone from laughing at cringey tradthots who sperg about 1950s revivalism to completely shitting on other women and their choices or lack of.

No. 1042160

Idk this thread always somehow ends up derailing into idiots sperging about muh moral feminist values. Either that or about Lauren's supposed "brown" baby.

No. 1042161

Girl i doubt you grew up seeing women be abused because they had to stay home and be at the mercy of their husbands and how they either pass that brainwashing to their daughters or push them to get educated and never depend entirely on a man.
If you did you would recognize that in such cultures behind that "choice" and happiness front often it is not really a choice but what they need to do to be safe or all they have been taught to do by everyone around them just because they're women. This harmful thinking doesn't go away when you slap the "choice" label on it, it can be even harder for them to get help or reflect on their place in society as a woman.
Same way you slapping the choice label on someone who is insecure about their face and wears makeup all the time does nothing for the underlying issue of impossible beauty standards for women. You can respect someone while still raising questions about the way society shapes our choices.

No. 1042164

Threads like these will aways get derailed ime, just like the mtf one.

No. 1042180


Let's stop pretending women are helpless and choiceless. Want to talk about choiceless, go to india where women are honor killed for not marrying.

Poverty can be dealt with in many other ways than marrying and having kids. In fact having kids is a huge reason why women fall into poverty in the first place. Even if they do end up pregnant and unable to abort, adoption exists. Women need to get over their misplaced empathy, and dependence programming. At a certain point we're just using empathy as an excuse to infantalize women.

No. 1042217

I hope they change the name somehow since now that acronym is associated with pedophiles trying to weasel into the LGBT

No. 1042264

idk if you're a tradthot and that's why you're acting this cringey, but you obviously are struggling to understand nuance. Just because women are treated worse in India, that doesn't negate or excuse any abuse a western woman faces. That is a scrote tactic.

I know men like to harp on about women trapping them with babies, but if you check the statistics men do it just as much to women. The fact you think a woman in that situation could give birth and be "allowed" to put her baby up for adoption or not struggle with that decision after carrying the child to term is retarded. "JuSt PuT tHe BaBy Up FoR aDoPtIoN" is such an ignorant, boneheaded, shallow point of view you should feel embarrassed for having typed it.

As for your empathy sperg I suggest you read up on socialization.

No. 1042390

This just seems like a way to avoid critically thinking. Bitches really be out here thinking women in lesser known online spaces questioning the SAHM dynamic and pointing out how it has been (and still can) disadvantage women is the same as patriarchy kek.

No. 1042395

samefag, but the people bringing up "but poor women"! but oppresshed women in pakistan, sudan, and guatemala" only further strengthens the arguments of the people critical of this dynamic. It is clear as day that patriarchy isn't going anywhere anytime soon, especially in these awful cultures and that you'll have to "work with the system" for the time being to help these women out but why do you all want to deny reality so bad? It is a risk to be financially dependent on someone. It is better to have some kind of backup plan for if your relationships falls through. I'm sure it is just a coincidence that it is mostly pushed on women to not become financially independent. I'm sure it is just a coincidence that it is women that have to submit to their husbands.

No. 1043143

Wtf happened here? Are tradthots trying to rebrand their aspirational lifestyle choice as feminism for the new generation now?

No. 1043150

>>1042139 Has any feminist ever said that women shouldn't be allowed to be housewives though? Being critical of the phenomenon doesn't mean that you want to stop these women from living the life that they choose. Smh, people on the internet always seem to think that disliking or disagreeing with something means you want to ban it.

No. 1043608

File: 1600850090111.jpg (165.68 KB, 1024x683, merlin_20384543_d3ec26b1-b22c-…)


Elizabeth Wurzel (R.I.P.) actually wrote a article that went viral about how woman who chose to be housewives were killing feminism and making it harder for based career wominnz such as herself to gain respect from their male colleagues in the workplace. Granted it was trashed by most everyone and she had been a known as a crazy wine aunt for years at that point. But, it was written by someone who had once been considered an prestigious intellectual and was published by The Atlantic.


No. 1044110

I'm old enough to remember "all sex is rape" and "marriage is slavery" feminists so yes, some feminists have said women shouldn't be housewives.

No. 1047409

File: 1601321072851.jpeg (503.04 KB, 750x1065, 456CCD7E-F026-422B-B9B5-821AA3…)

Maybe I’m adding fuel to the fire that went on in the past week in this thread, but our dear tradthot got upset.

No. 1047410

File: 1601321178236.jpeg (505.89 KB, 734x1072, A939628F-1224-4A99-A651-CFD7F2…)


She’s not completely threaten at all, which is why she had to post this.

Do women like this forget lesbians exist? I guess so.

No. 1047413

File: 1601321366618.jpeg (298.62 KB, 750x872, 38AED3AA-BEF8-4C71-B581-AD4B22…)


And she’s bumping former sex pest Douche V since he’s a good Christian boy now.

No. 1047417

File: 1601321576497.jpeg (368.53 KB, 750x1015, EF7E3DCA-5442-439D-9CD5-971126…)


Phew, lass.

No. 1047580

I can smell Robyn's husband's bologna pits from here. Not all women want a big hulking gorilla for a husband. I bet he has roid rage all the time and acts like Andrei from 90 day fiance. In fact they are probably like Elizabeth and Andrei behind closed doors.

No. 1047585

Kek. Those tweets must have struck a nerve.

No. 1047588

Damn shes REALLY pressed about that tweet, 3 responses already.

No. 1047628

Kek, thank you anon, I was wondering why I never saw people call Roosh a douche. Roosh the Douche, it works so well.

No. 1047763

I only see a fucked up case of low self-esteem and over-compensation. I pity that child for having such a pathetic mother.

No. 1047769

Then you must be old enough to remember the times when it was precisely the case. Here's a brain teaser for you: what happens when you're completely financially dependent on your husband and marital rape is legal?


Lol, wasn't this missing link looking faggot shrieking about how feminism is racist because being a misogynist is part of his culture as a Muslim?

No. 1047779

File: 1601361001220.jpg (432.58 KB, 1500x1389, stock-photo-young-asian-woman-…)

I think the most paradoxical thing about tradthots is not that they're nagging hags who never shut up despite preaching female silence. It's that they only manage to get picked by the absolute bottom of the barrel. You are a professional pickme and this is all you can manage? You're bragging about this? It's like if some feminist #bossbabe bragged about her "career" driving Uber.

Thinking that being a bangmaid to a lower middle class hairy roid manlet is goalz is a pretty neat self-own. I think I understand why pickmes think that abolishing female wage labor is absolutely essential to being able to land a man at all.

If this is what they consider a catch, getting anyone to pick them must be a task so Herculean they're doomed unless everyone else is unanimously on board, which they retardedly think would boost their chances because they don't understand supply and demand.


I'll tell you this as a well kept stay at home wife who isn't even expected to shit out a kid: you know what people who actually enjoy their reclusive trad lifestyle do? They don't give two shits about proseltyzing it to others. In fact, they're more likely to selfishly keep their secrets to success to themselves.

Your actually successful counterparts (aka buxed trophy wives) won't be caught dead teaching other women about how to land a rich dude and rob him blind in divorce. The more women know how to do this, the more competition they face. Why would they just hand out the cheat codes?

In other words, if you actually enjoyed your decrepit lifestyle, you'd be too busy luxuriating and/or bonding with your husband and kid instead of spending 9 hours a day on twitter trying to reduce every pickme's chance at getting picked by creating more pickmes. Given how much time you spend furiously typing, you might as well become a minimum wage office clerk.

Enjoy surviving on measly child support when your ham golem inevitably leaves you for an "interesting" chick who curves him. At least you got picked!

No. 1047794

Those feminists were well after marital rape was made illegal and divorce settlements were a thing. In the west at least. But go ahead with your pathetic strawman arguments and blame white patriarchy while those things are still issues in islamic countries (and sharia ghettos in the west) but you say fuck all for fear of appearing "racist".

No. 1047876

Lol, no one thinks tradwives are miserable per se, we just know that limiting your options to “can scrub floors” and popping out a couple of tater tots every 2-3 years leaves you in a precarious situation sometimes. Fine if you have personal resources to fall back on if your uwu trad marriage goes to shit, and your husband is fully supportive versus weird and abusive…why can’t they see that?

No. 1047881

Tradthot chan (or scrote, who knows kek), you don't even have your years correct. Marital rape, in the US anyways, became illegal after Dworkin's book intercourse was published (reference to "all sex is rape."). Marriage is slavery sounds like some Betty Friedan type of shit, and her works were from the early second wave. Your sperging all over this thread is pretty amusing, considering the most fringe evil feminazi has very little societal support. Any form of patriarchy is the mainstream ideology, whether it is the white patriarchy you want to bend over for in Western countries or the Islamic patriarchy. The evil feminazi shrieking (even the fringe shit that is clearly make your shart yourself) is in reaction to the historical reality that marriage was (and still often can be) a shitty deal for a woman. And of course, you ended this with a "but the Islamics" as if this board is made up of women afraid to criticize Islam kek. Hope you get picked and don't up a cow in this thread!

No. 1048001


These women are hardly subservient housewives, though.

They are modern, city dwelling, educated women with a fetish for appearing 'trad'.

Many of them make their own income from home and don't financially rely on their husbands. Tradthots get beta buxx donations.

They would never actually want to give away the freedoms that their society has given them.

They are not actually in a predictament where they have any obligations. What they are doing is a choice and they can opt out of that choice at any time.

Saying that they believe women shouldn't vote and shouldn't have careers ect is a larp.

I'm willing to bet that their marriages are fairly egalitarian and their husbands don't tell them what to do. Can you really imagine a hot head like Robyn doing what anyone else says? It's a larp.

Around 29% of moms at any given time in America stay at home with their children according to census data. You don't see 29% of women proclaiming to be 'trad' and ranting on twitter about it. It's a common choice. What they are doing doesn't make them special in the modern world.

No. 1048009

They're beta females who want to punish other women by proxy.

I highly doubt any of them are happy, or exactly where they want to be marriage wise. In fact, I'm willing to bet they're splitting bills. They know they married shit tier betas, hence the need to gas them up on the internet.

No. 1048012

I don’t like how this man is holding the baby.

No. 1048053

imagine simping for a man this fat

No. 1048067

>She's a Traditionalist in the philosophical sense
She's an elaborate sort of traditionalist, which is totally different from the garden variety traditionalists? Lmao, she's as retarded as the tradcaths

No. 1048070

They're fucking desperate to belong to an in-group and going against the grain is a quick way to get male attention. If they actually believed what they preached they'd be off social media altogether.

No. 1048267

File: 1601441912149.jpeg (85.01 KB, 828x521, DD04A8B7-E955-4254-A775-823B8D…)

Sounds fake as fuck

No. 1048279

She posted the police report they filed. Whether it was an actual fight or just shoving is another matter.

No. 1048342

…how do you get into a fight in Vienna? I've been travelling through and to Vienna a lot and never seen such stuff.

No. 1048382

How big of a shit head do you have to be to get in a fight in Vienna of all places? Anon, can you post the report?

No. 1048462

I can believe he got into a fight. I don’t believe “antifa attacked him.”

No. 1048467

File: 1601477654642.jpg (156.81 KB, 1351x1561, three antifas no five antifas …)

nta but here you go.
Her twitter feed is really fucking insufferable.

No. 1048479

And then everyone clapped

No. 1048485

Can anyone read this? I'm still wondering how they knew the guys were antifa

No. 1048486

why not? They have a long history in recent times of assaulting people.

No. 1048490

It doesn't say anything of note, just that they reported 5 unknown perpetrators for causing serious bodily harm. No descriptions or further info.

No. 1048498

File: 1601484203924.jpg (507.64 KB, 1080x1584, Screenshot_20200930_194224.jpg)

At the very least Brittany Sellner has a decent looking husband who doesn't look like a neckbeard or a gorilla and despite his fringe politics seems kinda normal.

Then again I would say she's slightly less of a pick me than a lot of them.

No. 1048499

Weird. She didn't say what the grievous bodily harm was, and knowing these people if he got hurt they would be milking it for a few weeks at least.

Nayrt but it just makes no sense. Unless they were shouting randomly they were antifa and somehow recognized her husband (who looks like any other guy in the tram) she has no way of knowing, antifa don't have ids or uniforms.

No. 1048500

To be fair antifa are complete shit heads. They riot and randomly attack people. I'm not saying this goes for every single member but a lot of them are just violent criminals.

No. 1048502

Was this the bitch that claimed he was atacked by antifa months ago, pepper sprayed people randomly, pissed himself in public and got a weapon ban?

Some are but this story is still fishy, and sellner and brittaney are kind of unhinged.

No. 1048504

Anyone that attacks him is antifa by definition

No. 1048512

Yeah where is the proof that they are antifa members? Did they recognize him?

No. 1048515

she read "do you [men] deserve a good woman" and translated it as please pick me give me validation that I didn't stay an ugly feminist I'm a good kept woman see I made a baby and have a man please validate my existence I'm so self conscious that I'm not appealing to men online for my life choices because their validation matters to me most hence why she also as triggered at that other tweet about tradthots. It hurts her to know that she's sacrificing her own independence for anonymous men on the internet. I can't believe she was once some random calm yoga instructor. How do some women fall this badly? No self esteem?

How about staying at home and being a good quiet housewife that doesn't share everything with the internet Brit? Should be making babies, not going to Vienna like those modern worldly feminist women do

No. 1048528

>she's slightly less of a pick me than a lot of them
Anon, she wrote a whole book teaching women how to be pickmes

No. 1048537

File: 1601488226584.jpg (273.4 KB, 1080x1105, Screenshot_20200930_204501.jpg)

Robyn made a video about breastfeeding on her 'motherland' channel which she owns and moderates. She always promptly deletes any comments that aggravate her but she wasn't aggrivated by this pedo who wanted to jerk off to her baby nursing.

No. 1048540

She probably is a pick me, at least in public. She obviously has more self worth than a lot of them to at least marry a man of her looks match, though.

No. 1048758

Tradthots that entertain pedophilia and fetishes involving children have a special place in hell what the fuck is wrong with her

No. 1048773

I know it confused me because Robyn is very quick to delete and block whenever anything bothers her. I have seen her argue with her male audience and block them numerous times. She carefully moderates all the comments on her YouTube videos.

However she always seems to leave pervy comments up but this one takes the piss. Men who get off on things involving children are a certain kind of wrong and the comment has been up for at least 24 hours.

The video itself is titled 'breastfeeding' and is just her discussing the benefits of breastfeeding and whatnot.

No. 1048777

I used one of a sock account to call the guy a nonce and she deleted it and blocked the account. Proof she saw the pervy comment.

No. 1048784

File: 1601509257789.jpg (458.02 KB, 1080x1637, Screenshot_20201001_023910.jpg)

"I got my period after 6 weeks which was a huge blessing"

What woman in her right mind would ever say that?

I didn't have a period for the whole 18 months I was nursing (then I immediately got pregnant without ever having one. Most women skip their periods for months when nursing) and it was amazing not to have to deal with it.

These trad cray cray women have a fetish, I swear.

No. 1048802

Internet trad women make a pretty good case for cis female autogynephilia tbh

No. 1048814

Not to mention when fully nursing women get a period so soon post partum it's usually anovulatory for many months. It's not like it's going to enable her to get pregnant again and if by chance she does it will make her milk dry up a few months into the pregnancy and she won't be able to supply it to her older child. A lot of babies and toddlers do like to dry nurse however for comfort.

Nursing while pregnant is also a certain type of hell. Not only is it painful but all your nipple sensation comes back (nursing when not ovulating or pregnant makes your nipples virtually numb) and it often turns nursing from something relaxing and calming that helps you bond with the baby and fall asleep easier to a stressful experience where you just want to push the child off.

I can't see the benefit of having a period so soon after a baby when nursing.

Most women who get it back so soon were envious when I told them I didn't have mine.(Blog)

No. 1048815


Yes they are it's as if they have a fetish for the performance of femininity.

A lot of autogynephilic men also have a trad wife fascination and enjoy the idea of having a period for it's own sake.

No. 1048985

pretty sure the atlantic is about to try and rehabilitate lauren southern's reputation

No. 1049089

File: 1601539406691.jpg (263.92 KB, 1080x1187, Screenshot_20201001_110432.jpg)


Look at that like to dislike ratio


No. 1049102

Of course they are. They provided Richard Spencer with so much free advertising, it's only fair they do that for the girl boss version.

No. 1049185

everyone in the german speaking world recognizes that little manlet by now - he's so eager to hold his mug in front of every goddamn news camera…
(i doubt he could fight off as much as a chicken even if brit's life depended on it but whatever…)

No. 1049242

Of course, Lauren was never going to take any real responsibility for anything she's done. The convenient thing about all her arguments about women being less then is that now she can just go "uwu but I felt like I couldn't think for myself cause of the alt right men being so overpowering! I didn't mean to be racist, it was just an oopsie because I believed I was intellectually inferior to bad men"

No. 1049244

sorry, *less than

No. 1049279

What's frustrating is that she's proving her audience right by playing the victim, as they believe all women do, instead of taking responsibility. She can pop out 10 babies and join Robyn and blonde belly beast girl on their podcast entertaining ing all the fetishists and it won't matter

No. 1049511

File: 1601587817075.png (57.91 KB, 761x621, rudedude.png)

Imagine your own husband "but think of the men" posting on a post about your own struggles with infertility. What's the point of getting "picked" again?

No. 1049546

I don't understand people who feel the need to make aspects of their life like this public to complete strangers.

No. 1049550

So men are more fragile?

No. 1049561

It's really funny that these are the women who go on and on about never disagreeing with your man in public and then their husbands go and do this shit

No. 1049743

The Atlantic is infamously known for getting the United States into World War I and they're still doing similar shit today lmao.
Also, it is odd they are reshining the light on Richard Spencer who has been publicly advocating how much he hates Trump and wants Biden to win for a while now.

No. 1049779

File: 1601612067735.jpeg (351.8 KB, 828x930, AED26054-9BE8-4C06-8A51-2808D8…)

So Lauren got kicked off CPAC and information was leaked that she came to Australia under false pretences as a visitor before applying for another form of residency while she was pregnant and having an Australian anchor baby. Oh and she’s apparently going to sue the government I guess. Reminds me of when Cassandra Fairbanks tried to sue a journalist for calling her a white supremacist and the judge threw the whole case out

No. 1049784

File: 1601612228876.jpeg (321.23 KB, 801x1380, 089B1710-58FC-44D2-A7D3-E85123…)

You’re not American Lauren, why do you keep commenting on American politics

No. 1049789

>not a white supremacist
>promoted white genocide/replacement theory
Pick one lauren

No. 1049792

File: 1601613207010.jpeg (154.23 KB, 779x1024, 15FD4ABC-55BB-4E96-918D-6F3F28…)

>potentially put in danger
>cries on twitter and draws attention to it instead of going to authorities
Grifters gonna grift

No. 1049808

All just promotion for her stupid documentary that’s coming out. She does this every time she’s releasing one.

No. 1049821

Yeah, it's not like sperm is abundant and worthless by design right? Boo-hoo, one of billions of semen delivery drones is out of order! Humanity is doomed!

No. 1049822

File: 1601614755054.jpeg (428.35 KB, 828x1138, 47843D2E-6F78-45E1-8A6F-437CA4…)

Lmao bitch you literally released a video about his ideology. You promoted the great replacement theory you utter retard

No. 1049825

>Radicals working within government
Ok tinfoil

What gets me is if a mexican or some other bad immigrant was doing half of this circus to try and get into a 1st world country she would be all over it.

Like imagine what she would say about some communist cuban whos speaking events turn into violence and is planning to move and not work, just mooch off their husband and government. I hope they deport her.

No. 1049828

Lmfao i wonder where these people get so much audacity, she is on video saying she agrees with his ideology, thousands watched it and she still lies through teeth and say it didnt happen.

No. 1049831

File: 1601615479255.jpg (54.32 KB, 598x568, 09o8nvSZiB.jpg)

how embarassing.

No. 1049832

File: 1601615571067.png (7.2 KB, 377x133, 6F793A4B-1928-4C17-9FBE-7CEA08…)

She wasn’t even doxxed, she’s trying to play victim so people will pay her rent. Not against anchor babies when it’s her own

No. 1049858

File: 1601617240451.jpeg (267.52 KB, 828x585, D19D81E1-E154-4DD7-B1D4-20BFB9…)

Lauren, you’re a college drop out. Not everyone is a fake journalist like you

No. 1049862

The “trauma” she’s going through has apparently passed cause now she’s arguing with people on twitter calling her out lol

No. 1049866

Her attempt at being relevant again

No. 1049874

Isn't her husband suppose to be her king kek

They'll idolize trump, paint him crucified on the cross like christ, call him their king but will still call themselves humble Christians when I'm sure the Bible warned about false idols

Kek shes losing at every side. She lost her radical alt right audience after trying to be a centrist. And she can't go into the mainstream because they'll just pull up her videos about great replacement theory, interviews with molymeme, and how she inspired a radical murderer. Then add in how she's trying to be not like other immigrants

No. 1049875

King’s got the rona

No. 1049911

She's been back and forth from Canada to Australia since then. Pretty sure the baby was born in Canada, and she was back there when she was dancing on her sister's twitch.

No. 1049913

She said her son and husband are Australian. She would’ve said he was Canadian if he was born in Canada

No. 1050019

All the dislikes appear to come from butt hurt white nationalists according to the comments.

No. 1050181

this girl is married?

No. 1050311

I think Lauren's husband isn't white and she's been with other non white men in the past.

No. 1050482

There's photos of him in the thread, but I guess there's no rules about not making stupid posts.

No. 1050493

Is there any info on which city in Australia she is in or goes to when she visits? She made a video once claiming that a suburb in Sydney was a no-go zone and I just think it'd be funny for her to live here after being known for something so laughable.

Surely her back and forth between Canada and here was shut down by Rona.

No. 1050556

File: 1601693158120.png (565.69 KB, 828x1792, B87D4DD9-4DC1-47DD-8F06-4B6D77…)


No. 1050640

There are no photos of his face or any photos of evidence that prove he's white.

Seriously whenever someone mentions this a white knight jumps in to talk about how Aryan her husband probably is.

It's obviously not a coincidence.

No. 1050643

There's photos of him from the back where his hands and back are visible, it's clear to see he's white

No. 1050646


It's not clear at all. His skin is caramel colored and his hair is very dark. He could be anything from Southeastern European to hapa to Arab with that skin color.

No. 1050647

He looked pasty to me

No. 1050648

Nothing about him looks pasty. Why else would she hide his face and her baby’s face if they weren’t white

No. 1050649

File: 1601707354194.jpg (74.89 KB, 406x389, Screenshot_20201003_094322.jpg)

Sorry but this is far from pasty.

I live in Europe and Roma people who have Indian and Turkish ancestry have that skin color.

We all know that Lauren lurks here constantly.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1050655

They're almost the same color, so… Lauren is not that pasty either

No. 1050659

She is Spanish remember. She’s not aryan either. I think it’s suspicious someone would hide their spouse like that

No. 1050660

I didn't know that. It makes the whole thing even stupider

No. 1050686

They have the literal same skin tone, like wtf is this debate

No. 1050700

If you look at her husband's hands in contrast to his they are just slightly darker. Lauren also has on a fake orange tan. That's not her real skin tone.

No. 1050723

She's posted about her son's ginger gene and his british side. Pretty typical aussie.

No. 1050835

Look how brown her husband’s hand is

No. 1050838

She’s trying desperately to convince people of that

No. 1050850

This skintone debate is honestly the dumbest fucking thing, until we have a real picture of Lauren's husband we won't know what race he is. The same shit happened with her baby, and people were infighting and derailing over the kid's race, then we started getting real pictures and the retards saying "look at how BROWN that baby is!" Shut up real quick.

No. 1050855

stop replying to the /pol/ sperg ffs

No. 1050856

And these photos are taken from instagram where she definitely doesn't any filters and editing /s
Her husband is just some white aussie twink since he's the same height as her

No. 1050929

what i want to know is why his watch is censored

No. 1050973

File: 1601753733060.jpeg (Spoiler Image,392.98 KB, 1536x2048, shay.jpeg)

Thought this was Shay for a second.
Weird crossover episode.

No. 1051040

Isn't Lauren like 5'6? That's a really short height for a white Australian man.

No. 1051042

Why do they all either dress like they are 8 years old or dress like some demented grandma?

No. 1051052

File: 1601762673318.jpg (176.26 KB, 1080x710, Screenshot_20201004_010450.jpg)

Surprise she's with a sperg

No. 1051068

File: 1601764435188.jpg (196.61 KB, 1080x506, Screenshot_20201004_013106.jpg)

I bet she also thinks women have to listen to their husbands talk about sports, cars, finance, fishing or whatever it is that doesn't interest their wives. Men's interests are always superior to women's.

No. 1051079

That all doesn't even sound like femsplaining/mansplaining, that just sounds like…a person talking excitedly about something they love to some someone else doesn't find particularly interesting? If you take genders out of it, imagine someone talking about a scrabble tournament to someone who doesn't care about board games. You listen diligently to be polite, I don't know why people have to apply politics to menial things like this.

No. 1051091

She totally has it backwards kek. Does she even understand what mansplaining is to begin with?

No. 1051132

Obviously because it was a smart watch and it had his full name, address and DNA profile shown on it.
That or it was just expensive and she didn't want people to know how expensive. Or it was a prize from a cereal box and she was embarrassed.

No. 1051181

File: 1601774092319.jpg (24.79 KB, 153x300, My-Little-Pony-metal-watch-for…)

Found it.

No. 1051436

>That or it was just expensive and she didn't want people to know how expensive
You only "don't want people to know how expensive" when it's not expensive enough

No. 1051443

yeah it is, I went to Australia 2 summers ago and the men there were all pretty tall, much taller then the men of my country so the fact she ended up with a manlet is telling

No. 1051616

File: 1601835236151.jpeg (721.4 KB, 828x1090, 2D8F02F3-7A59-4FD5-AF9C-FB3D72…)

Sausage lips. No different from Kylie Jenner level fake

No. 1051617

File: 1601835327559.jpeg (28.97 KB, 120x583, CE16C4E7-2C9D-4B2A-A65F-3B209F…)

There is no way her husband is white.(race sperging)

No. 1051632

ehhh If he's got some limited edition submariner people might not donate to her when she panhandles for her "documentaries". I'm sure she lost a lot of simps as it is, if he's rich I'm sure even more would tell her to go ask daddy for money

No. 1051787

File: 1601850530632.jpg (575.24 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_2020-10-05_01-24-16.JPG)

Here is a before and after picture for comparison. She's gone from a regular pretty girl to botched.

I don't know why she had to mess with her face. It looks so uncanny Valley.

No. 1051793

File: 1601851532732.jpg (27.97 KB, 237x230, Screenshot_20201005_014416.jpg)

The kid also looks mixed. There are a lot of Asians in Australia. I'm willing to bet her husband is hapa. I have seen pics of him from behind and he definitely doesn't look full on Asian but he's certainly not fully white and I see some hints of Asian in his phenotype. Her baby also looks to have an Asian phenotype and hapa kids always look more Asian when they are babies. I know a hapa woman whose kid is quarter hapa like Lauren's likely is and it looked Chinese when it was small. I still see this kid sometimes on fb and as it's gotten older it looks a bit more white.

I have a hapa son and he kind of has the same skull shape as Lauren's husband.

Caucasians have more egg/round shaped skulls and Asian skulls are more oblong/balloon shaped.

Lauren's husband has a mixture of the two.(race sperging)

No. 1051794

File: 1601851634725.jpg (671.37 KB, 1080x1690, Screenshot_20201005_014836.jpg)

I showed this Pic of Lauren's baby to my husband and he said 'definitely not a white finger'.

I think we have concluded that Lauren's husband most likely isn't white.

No. 1051799

>I think we have concluded that Lauren's husband most likely isn't white.
Personally I've concluded you're an obsessive racist who has been posting non stop and talking to yourself about the race of her husband when the rest of us don't really give a shit about tinfoil that barely qualifies as milk. Let me guess, you're an ex fan who hates her for being a race traitor?

No. 1051802

Please shut the fuck up about the race issue. You’re beating your own dead horse.

No. 1051804

Not really, but what we have concluded is that you and all the the other ppl in the thread that go off on sperg tangents about her "totes not white he's a Turkish Arab" husband based on a picture of his fucking finger are retards and should be put out to pasture. You sound like an absolute autist who's never heard of dark white skin before, a la Italian people. Shut the fuck up already.

No. 1051816

Seriously how fucking stupid are you? That's pink nail polish, that's her finger in his shadow you complete and utter retard.

No. 1051833


Just maybe it's the fact that Lauren is a figurehead of the alt right, a movement full of racist neo nazis and she's deliberately pandered to white supremacists during her career. Because of that fact there is definitely milk in her being married to a POC, particularly since she's trying to low key hide him and the baby from her audience and won't denounce anything she said or supported in the past.

I could actually understand her hiding her husband and child to keep their identities private for it's own sake but she still low key panders to white supremacists. An even bigger point about 'muh privacy' is why would she need to post pictures of her wedding and family at all if she truly wants privacy? That alone confuses people because it contradicts her truly wanting privacy.

She also drops little hints about her husband being 'Australian' and her child having 'ginger genes'. Everyone can read between the lines and see what she's doing.

If her husband was a white Australian man whose ancestry came from the north of England would she still be hiding her families faces?

No one here really cares about or negatively judges the fact that a white person is married to a POC in and of itself.

It's all the SJW anons who think that any mention of race is racist without looking at any of the other details.

I myself am white with a husband of a different ethnicity. Most of the men I have dated in the past have not been white. I am not against interracial romance. How could I be when I have participated in it myself and had kids with a man from a different ethnic background?

I think white supermacists are legitimately retarded.

Some of you anons are missing the point entirely.

No. 1051835

That could easily be a pink fingernail. You can't clearly see that it's nail polish at all. It could also be a female relative of her husband or a family friend.

No. 1051914

No1curr about you and your gross husband and kids. Read the rules and don't blogpost.

No. 1051933

It's classed as blog posting when you divert from the subject to divulge details about yourself. You can divulge details of something anecdotal without identifying yourself to make a point about something related to the topic being discussed. Anons are claiming that the people here mentioning that Lauren's husband is not white are racists.

The anon made a point about Lauren pandering to neo nazis whilst simultaneously being married to a non white man and hiding him and their child.

That's the milk. The milk isn't the fact that a white person is in an interracial marriage. The milk is that a white person infamous for being racist and making a career out of it is in an interracial marriage and is trying to hide it.

Then the point about that that anon made being in an interracial marriage is valid because people are accusing that anon and other anons of being racist. It was an attempt to weaken the argument of anons mentioning Lauren's husband's race doing it because they themselves are against interracial marriage and it succeeded.

No. 1051936

File: 1601864766610.jpg (147.56 KB, 1080x588, Screenshot_20201004_010404.jpg)

Are we supposed to forget the fact that Robyn herself waited until 31 to have her first child?

No. 1051939

'the anon' lmao, as if it's another person and not just you sperging all over the fucking thread.

If we knew FOR A FACT that Lauren had a non white husband, it would be mildly interesting for the irony but not a big deal because it doesn't reflect poorly on her. But we don't know that, and you're the only retard tinfoiling 24/7 about the tiniest possible hints that the dude isn't white, like it's a witchhunt and you're investigating the heinous crime of having a non white husband. Until we have proof, nobody cares and your obsessing over it is why people think you're racist.

No. 1051943

Actually, it is blogposting. Please leave if you're not even going to follow the most basic of rules, and fir the love of god, stop fucking sperging about her husband's race.

No. 1051947

I don't think Lauren herself has ever presented any real evidence that she herself genuinely holds racist beliefs about POC. However she has knowingly pandered to daily stormer types and has made a whole e girl career out of having them jerk off to her.

She is far too cowardly to fully denounce herself from the daily stormer types. Her attempts at acting glib about it whilst still pandering are pathetic and an insult to her possibly non white husband and son.

She's getting what she deserves at this point.

No. 1051951

Maybe you need to go and take a look at the rules if you think that's blog posting.

Again no one is talking about her husband's race as if that's the focal point.

No. 1051957


Wait, this bitch is in her 30s? I thought she was in her 20s with how she presents herself. That whole “uwu I really want to be orthodox Catholic” ingenue act on her TL is even more cringe.

No. 1051962

This is an anonymous image board primarily focused on gossip. People 'obsess' about all sorts of details about cows. Just go on any other thread and you will see the same thing.

This isn't special.

People are just bringing their own sensitivities into it.

No. 1051963

Yeah she was a yoga instructor and she traveled the world. She had pink hair and a nose ring and took birth control. Then she met her Slovak husband read roosh v's book at around 29 and suddenly became trad.

No. 1051965

Or unnecessary hysterectomies as birth control.

No. 1051975

Like it's more than one anon accusing farmers of being racist. Perhaps one over sensitive person is getting triggered and can't see the point being made.

No. 1051977

Yeah I remember that.

With the exception of fake bois if you are under 45 most doctors won't give you a hysterectomy unless it's a lifesaving procedure. Even women with painful conditions like endometriosis are being regularly denied them because they are not on their 40s.

Robyn is such a dumbass.

No. 1052000

Brittant Venti is still living in her own filth.


No. 1052004

There's a bunch of anons all over lc, not just this thread, getting triggered over comments that offend SJW sensibilities that didn't usually get a second look before. You're clearly one of them. Go away, pronouns-chan.

No. 1052008

Omfg no it's just that your spergy 19th century phrenological race science screeds provide no milk

No. 1052018

File: 1601872170470.jpeg (279.32 KB, 670x900, 1B0945DF-EDCF-4EFC-87C3-195752…)

Honestly it doesn’t matter what race her husbando is, the fact that he has olive skin is that in itself cringe. The type of people she has been pandering to for the last 10+ years operate off primitive fantasies of muh white aryanz familee, not facts,and I agree with farmers that say she is trying to deliberate post only vague/non descriptive photos with him to avoid criticism. With that being said tho, I agree tinfoiling his actual racial bg is retarded and pointless.

No. 1052019

There is no point to even be made, it's a retard in this thread sperging over the color of Lauren's husband's fucking arm. All of this stupid rave derailing and tinfoiling has to stop until we get an actual picture if his face.

No. 1052046

Damn, I will never understand people that get lip injections. I’ve never seen it done well

No. 1052056

This thread is hilarious, it's just a bunch cows who think they're farmers.

No. 1052119


I have never considered Brittany Venti a tradthot. I don't think she belongs in this thread.

No. 1052120

NTA, but she is, and she does.

No. 1052121

How is Brittany Venti a tradthot? She's never claimed to be into that sort of thing and there is no indication of it. She appears to be apolitical. She's certainly an e girl, but definitely not a tradthot.

No. 1052159

>She appears to be apolitical.

Are you legally blind

No. 1052178

File: 1601902484749.jpeg (126.71 KB, 2000x1000, 7F726FB4-D971-40C3-8AA0-1D275B…)


Every single time.

>had a career

>travel the world and had dick internationally
>marry a non-American or Westerner to father their child
>optional: make said child an anchor baby in foreigner baby daddy’s home

Her, Lauren*and even Candace Owens who isn’t as bad as these two, all squawk on about American exceptionalism except for between the sheets.

They can easily dismiss how American men are soft when in reality none of them even bothered to try conservative avenues (such as attending church, attending conservative, religious affiliated uni like BYU). Nope. None of it is as glamorous as jet setting in your 20s.

*I know Lauren’s Canadian, but she did a lot of cheerleading during the last U.S. election.

No. 1052189

I have never seen Brittany Venti talk about God, living in the 1950s, being subservient to men or banning birth control.

If she is political she's left wing.

No. 1052194

Brittanic Venti spends all her time on twitch with her tits out. I honestly don't think she's a tradthot, and I'm pretty sure she's just an very convincing troll when she talks about politics.

No. 1052211

She got her start self posting on /pol/ all the time

No. 1052267


She rages about porn, anti-sw (even basic shit no would consider even sw anymore) and trad family values constantly. I wouldn't say it makes her a typical tradthot but she is def not left wing, she had to make a whole 10 minute haterboner youtube video on Martina Markota for the grievous degenracy of being…. a ex-burlesque dancer and not having kids. I question weather a lot of it is sincere or a cope for the fact that realizes somewhere deep down that she will most likely be 30+ and single with no kids one day as well given her internet search results are so tainted no normie man will ever date her and her beta /pol orbiters are unimaginable as suitors. But under no circumstances would she be considered left.

No. 1052289

I agree, Venti is not a tradthot. She just likes being controversial in general and doesn't strike me as a pick-me at all.
Venti is "our girl".

No. 1052292

>She rages about porn, anti-sw (even basic shit no would consider even sw anymore)
Sounds like a radfem to me, not a tradthot.

No. 1052293

Robyn's husband is from Slovakia? Guess euro dick is good enough or she was desperate for it kek. I know of one girl who's desperate to marry this guy from the Ukraine despite never been there and can't speak the language

>candance owens

straight up married her billionaire husband only 3 weeks after meeting him kek. And she secured herself by being pregnant. So much for being so pro American then you marry a brit. These trad women just hunting for international dick

No. 1052295

>Venti is "our girl".

So she keeps saying. Repeatedly. Often on lolcow dot farm.

No. 1052325

>Venti is "our girl".
If by "our girl", you mean "/pol/tard obsessed with trying to impress racist neckbeards, hates herself, is intensely jealous of Shoe0nHead and any other woman who exists on the internet and gets more male attention than her, constantly tries to pull the race card despite being 70% white, and cries on camera blaming black people for herself being ugly".

No. 1052435

Venti is a thot but no one is jealous of Shoe, I assure you

No. 1052471

Nope, Venti is obsessed with her. She made multiple videos and Tweets made up of recycled shit from LC threads.
It's funny, because they're basically the same, except Shoe is skinny and more successful at the cringy schtick. She also targeted idubbz's girlfriend for a while. For some reason, it's always YT girls and other, more popular female streamers she goes after.

No. 1052613

File: 1601945111288.jpg (793.66 KB, 1444x1392, 91Y4DuG12HL._SL1444_.jpg)

I remember bullying Robyn off the internet when she announced her "redpilling" like it was a religious conversion. She made these cringe videos gasping about how watching a Jordan Peterson video had blown her mind. Then she announced she'd make weekly videos and, naturally, immediately started a Patreon so all the men could support her awakening.

Shame she came back, though it seems she lost the nose ring. Way to read your marks, Robyn!

Lana looked better with darker hair.

No. 1052703

Wasn't it revealed that Venti used to stan shoe and got upset and started making videos about her because shoe like, ignored her on twitter or something?

No. 1052707

Girl literally stopped wearing make-up to be more trad. She's a trad thot and deserves to be posted here.

No. 1052708

Yes. The people who do not mistake formulating in their mind what comes out of their mouths next for conscious thought are very few. I don't even believe they have anything in common with each other beyond being unique.

No. 1052719

File: 1601956041045.png (355.75 KB, 884x702, 7f05fb66fa838080aa44444ef48f7d…)

I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case, she's fucking mental.
>so she keeps saying on lolcow dot com
It's not just on here. She liked to derail and whiteknight herself in the /cow/ threads on schizochan too. Wouldn't be surprised if she spends part of her day just crtl f'ing her own name on the various sites she frequents. Only reason I'd be down for a venti thread is if mods eventually tagged her posts ala spergchan or mystery and we could see just how long she's been seething in both the shoe and venus threads.

No. 1052722

File: 1601956157712.jpg (167.15 KB, 955x910, lolo.jpg)

She's on Sky News in Australia now and on video she looks better than those selfies. Studio lighting etc.


This gig is probably why she's pushing back against people calling her out on twitter. Do they really just let anyone on TV there lol

Here is the article Lauren is reeeing about: https://archive.is/L3DTb

The main point that seems to have her upset is that she apparently planned to move to Australia since last year and filed a series of deceptive declarations for visitor's visas even though she was pregnant and planned to stay (and therefore kinda making an "anchor baby" as she'd call it). And seems to fill in the gaps around her "retirement," which she announced 2 days after applying for her first visitor visa (to "attend a wedding.")

No. 1052740

From this screenshot she looks like Laura loomer kek

No. 1052742

Her blotchy hair…

No. 1052746

Interesting. We used to say Loomer got a bunch of surgery to look more like Lauren. Now we can say Lauren got a bunch of surgery and wound up looking like Loomer.

No. 1052760

Plenty of her heavily pregnant pics are obviously in Vancouver and would've been months after that wedding. The "anchor baby" theory is pants down retarded.

No. 1052769

I'm sure she's a natural calico.

No. 1052787

There’s always a Lauren defender in these threads. The info was leaked, why did she file for a visa under false pretenses if it wasn’t an anchor baby

No. 1052813

She didn't file under false pretenses. She didn't stay. She went there for a wedding then went back to Canada. There's abundant photographic evidence of her in Canada after that time. She didn't move to Australia until later.

No. 1052828

The anchor baby isn't the takeaway from this (though it has the most potential lulz based on who she is). It's that the speculation around her abrupt retirement turned out to be that she (a) got knocked up and (b) was concerned that all over her epic snowflake melting was going to have ramifications on her future. She'd already been banned from entering the UK, and that was before a mass murderer cited her work and began deleting her videos. The timing between the visa request and her sudden retirement/deletion spree was pretty much perfect.

> abundant photographic evidence
idk like 5 photos?

No. 1052874

How did her kid become Australian then? If he was born in Canada it would’ve taken years for citizenship to go through

No. 1052891

TBH, out of all the TV channels to end up on Sky News would have been my first guess.

I reckon Lauren wouldn't pass up the opportunity for quick and easy permanent residency via anchor baby but in fairness there are 2 alternatives:

- she had her Sky News job lined up already, and so they are sponsoring her on a 482 visa, which is kind of funny given that their audience being all "they took our jerbs" about that class of visa.

- there is a reciprocal visa program for Canadians under the age of 35, which would give her 3 years to naturalise her kid and apply for a spousal or parental visa

nah it'd quicker than that for citizenship by descent, less than a year, maybe even 6 months.

No. 1052956


Not to surgery fag but it REALLY looks like Lauren got an ill advised buccal fat removal and it’s hilarious. She looks about ten years older. Kekkk. Normally I’d chalk it up to the hate aging her from the inside out but the way her face looks right now is just not natural. All these conservative women turn into creepy wax masks eventually anyway. Or bird women like Ann Coulter.

No. 1053181

Her hair looks like what I used to make in that Barber hairdresser game. WHY are the layers different colours, she looks like the college sjws she used to complain about.

No. 1054199

I didn't know SubscribeStar was still a thing. Lauren is still (still!) making nearly $3,000 a month from it and has been very active there with her "fans" in the last month: https://archive.is/wip/hoqJD

It's not all from her recent "comeback" either. A bunch of these people were paying her 4 months ago from this saved archive: https://archive.is/DPxrS

I just can't get the logic of these people.

No. 1054388

Damn maybe I should become a grifter. I will never understand who gives money to these people

No. 1054715

At least with her the money is going towards the film crew she has traveling around the US at the moment.
I just can't get the logic of the people who throw money at people like Nick Fuentes to sit in front of a green screen in his mom's basement.

No. 1054850


Why are they all ex alts or weebs? There does seem to a be pipeline.

No. 1054851

Lauren's hair looks like a super hot mess. It looks like she dyed it brown over peroxide blonde and because of the porosity and damage from the bleach the brown dye wouldn't take.She should just grow it out with an ombre or something. What a nightmare.

No. 1054853

Honestly if all it takes are a few emotive Jordan Peterson videos about cleaning your room and eating nothing but steak because you are white and need protein to change your whole worldview then your worldview is very shaky to begin with.

No. 1054865

the fuck is going on with her hair here?

No. 1054911

I genuinely think she was going for "this" look… there's too many spots that are undyed and blended into the brown. The coverage would be significantly more blochy if this wasn't some sort of fucked up intentional colour. It would be better for all parties involved it this simply was an accident…

t. Hairfag

No. 1054923


I was thinking the exact same thing, Anon. Every single one of them.

No. 1054969

Is that all because tradthots are trying to pretend to be ginger instead of bleaching their hair dirty blonde now?? Lul

No. 1054980

I never wanted to defend Lauren but she has a brown to lighter ash brown fade in her very damaged hair, and you guys autistically complaining about the splotchiness of the color sound like race detective anon. It's due to the red lighting hitting the layers in different ways. She needs a cut badly because at the moment it looks like the layers are courtesy of breakage

No. 1054983

Samefag because I'm mad I watched the actual video. Instead of waiting money on her botched ps she should have invested in a speech coach because I'm getting triggered by the way she just monotonously shout-lisps her canuck accent into the camera. Was her upper lip always this stiff or is that a side effect of the botox?

No. 1055113

When I first discovered Lauren I thought she wanted to be the new Ann Coulter which isn't what I want out of life but at least it's a goal. But she didn't, I think her main goal was just to get out of a dead end waitressing job. She's just floated from thing to thing, so she never really gotten good at any of them other than priming the pump for donations from thirsty boys and dirty old men.

Now she's doing 90 second ranty segments about the issues of the day in a country she barely knows. But she doesn't know how to speak, both actually how to vocalize but also delivery - the head tilts and other ways news presenters make copy interesting to listen to. There's an art to it, it's hard to be great at it but it's not hard to put the work in to be simply good.

No. 1055413

I think Lauren and her sister both just love the attention of men. Go through her likes on twitter, it’s all just men complimenting her. And all her sister’s posts are ass shots. It’s how they thrive, it’s how they make money. Their parents must be so proud. Neither daughter went to school and made something for themselves

No. 1055807

Neither of them have any self esteem but at least her younger sister didn't pander to white supremacists.

>Go through her likes on twitter, it’s all just men complimenting her

How every trad and feminine of you lauren. Does her trad husband approve?

No. 1056043

File: 1602374358075.png (3.2 MB, 828x1792, 6F87753D-642B-44C8-B4C1-DC1F2B…)

Her hair is atrocious

No. 1056044

File: 1602374408286.jpeg (179.02 KB, 1030x687, AdobeStock_93500137-1030x687.j…)

No. 1056207

File: 1602397348657.jpg (329.14 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_2020-10-11_09-23-06.JPG)

Omg Robyn totally triggered the incels in her audience.

No. 1056223

File: 1602399516015.jpg (345.99 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_2020-10-11_09-54-15.JPG)

Lauren's dad has cancer (my condolences go out to her and her family) and some of her disgusting followers think she should sell her body.

Her only response was 'my dad wasn't like that'.

But hey sex work is work right? You're not allowed to ask for donations if you are a woman because you have a vagina and boobs you can sell.

No. 1056229

Yeah I dont agree with it but this isnt a shock and I admit I do laugh a bit when these tradthots get the shit they spewed for years thrown back in their face. You reap what you sow.

No. 1056243


She managed to raise 30K which is great news for the dad if the money actually gets used for his health.

I also found it funny that the majority of the comments were “thoughts and prayers”.

No. 1056245


For once I agree with this bitch.

Men are always going off about the wall, but forget that in “evolutionary psychology” or whatever theory they use to justify fucking minors that women are the ones who get the final choice.

Why? We want someone who is healthy not just in partnership but to pass on good genes to the kids.

Men like the ones in her comments just aren’t worth having kids with.

No. 1056252

I believe that most of these tradthots actually get off on the thrill of teasing incel neckbeards by dropping little bits about them being housewives and submissive uwus but then they drop bombshells like this to watch them squirm every now and then. It's hilarious.

Most of them would never actually fuck anyone in their audience.

No. 1056257

uh? how did the canadian health system fail him? it covers chemotherapy lol

No. 1056266

Scheduled treatment is often slow and certain drugs or surgeries that have been proven to give the best outcome in medical literature are not offered and are very expensive or difficult to get hold of. Universal health care isn't perfect and has it's downsides.

No. 1056298

This is so vile. I don't like Lauren and she's reaped what she'd sowed with her audience here and all, but imagine telling someone that they should sell their body before they can ask for help with a sick family member or trying to use a family member's cancer diagnosis to get nudes from someone. Onlyfans has fucked our society beyond repair.

Lots of people in Canada die waiting for healthcare, she says his condition is time sensitive

No. 1056396

You'd think with the trivial shit that people make gofundmes for this serious issue would have been received better. She made her bed with her following, especially now it's glaringly obvious how exploitive they are, but I can't help but be disgusted for her. If this was an alphabet person who wanted fake nails people wouldn't dare to guilt them into prostitution.

No. 1056443

This is the result of pandering to scrotes who think you already have the world because you're a woman.
You will always owe them something back, preferably in the form of pussy (supplemented with self-hatred and attacks on other women).

No. 1056503

Watch until she says something wrong that will launch them into attacking her until she deletes,then remakes another account, gets outed and then deletes again for good. Robyn should have stayed as some hippie yoga teacher. Or just stayed off the internet if she wanted to go full fundiethot

>but imagine telling someone that they should sell their body before they can ask for help with a sick family member or trying to use a family member's cancer diagnosis to get nudes from someone.
Eh. She did try to humiliate a girl for having the dream of being a doctor on Twitter. And also told women that they're worthless past 25. I'm not shedding any tears for this woman. These same incels are her audience and they hate women period. Including her despite her shitting on women and saying everything they want to hear for the reward of validation and praise. No sympathy from me here. She only got married and had a a baby was to appeal to them more. And being mom didn't even stick with her. It's clear she's more interested in validation and attention.

I bet if anything, she'd actually do it. And it will be modest cosplay because that's what she liked before, then risky lewds, then porn.

No. 1056514


Robyn is clearly a narcissist. She's one of those moms who dotes on her kid in public but is overly critical and controlling behind closed doors. Just wait until 'Magnus' is no longer a baby and God forbid if this woman ever has daughters. Everything she secretly dislikes about herself she will project onto them and she will likely be jealous and competitive. She cares more about her public image than she does her private family life.

No. 1056702

File: 1602463610888.jpg (337.94 KB, 1080x1764, IMG_20201011_194539~2.jpg)

No. 1056744

Well now we know why she always filters her instagram stories

No. 1056745

>Eh. She did try to humiliate a girl for having the dream of being a doctor on Twitter.
That was Lauren Southern, not Lauren Chen

No. 1056784

This. Cancer treatmemt isn't just "lmao here's your weekly shot of radiation lol" Depending on what stage he's in and the type of cancer he has, relying on the clinics/specialists that they reccommend/provide may not be the best option for him but, I wish them luck in the US since it'll be long and difficult process.

No. 1056920

File: 1602501014691.png (40.26 KB, 500x333, Microcephaly-head-min.png)

Lauren looks like she has microcephaly here. I'm surprised why she would post a photo of herself that looks so exceptionally bad.

No. 1056922

bro she looks normal, that's just mean and weird nitpicking.
hate her politics but i don't see how her skull structure enters in. stop me if i'm wrong

No. 1056952

Why is there always someone who white knights for Lauren in particular on this thread? It's like clockwork.

Say whatever you want about virtually any other cow on this site and you hear crickets.

No. 1056978

Ntayrt but maybe it's because this thread always devolves into nitpicking the dumbest shit about Lauren when she's not doing anything milky? Lauren does and says a lot of retarded things, but when her milk goes dry for a while you get retards spamming the thread with tinfoils about her husband's race and random, stupid nitpicks about her fucking bone structure. It's not wk-ing, it's pointing out how retarded people itt are.

Also, learn to Sage. You're part of the problem when you keep bumping the thread with no milk.

No. 1057608

File: 1602600344632.png (244.19 KB, 487x1034, BLONDEvsWALLCapture.PNG)

This is how scrotes repay Pickmes for all of their embarrassment. (Censored name because I don't want to give the tampon who wrote that any extra traffic.)

No. 1057621

This doesnt sound like it was written by a man at all. It's too nitpicky about things like jewlery that men don't even notice. This sounds like it was written by some kind of poc that hates blondes and "black dun crack while white women age like milk" jealousy.

No. 1057626

Men who get really into Misogyny+ get really into this shit. I mean, they're the ones who came up with "the wall" and shit, plus one million charts of racial micro-identities just to rate the world's women like pokemon. This is absolutely within their spergy range of intellectualizing their boner.

No. 1057637

>she's too old to be wearing that outfit and necklace
>she looks busted
>hyper focus on the fact that she is blonde
>aging WESTERN women have flabby skin
>put a 30 year old asian woman next to her and you'd mistake her for the blondes daughter

nah this was written by an asian woman with a hate-on for blondes(racebaiting)

No. 1057639

This. If the post is really catty, bitchy and nit picking, it's by a woman. Almost all the crap wrote about Lauren here is by women, and uglier ones at that. Especially the married ones lol unhappy in their marriage projecting their anger to younger more beautiful women.

No. 1057643

File: 1602604437331.png (379.73 KB, 1396x1404, 09e52.png)

Doubt it, I just found his blog. This guy has written extensively about being a misogynistic PUA type. He even shits on Asian women and men, despite having a Chinese girlfriend.
The call is coming from inside the house.

No. 1057645

>misogynistic PUA type

LOL. PUA is about building confidence, not hating women. What on earth are you talking about lololol.

No. 1057646

She even had a white baby for her white audience to applaud her. Idk if she's married. Guess it didn't matter.

Or some white mgtow that hates western white women. And think all asians are better. It sounds exactly like how they nitpick women, even the pick mes that defend them.

No. 1057651

File: 1602604616857.jpg (33.65 KB, 830x414, ne.jpg)

Hmm, I wonder who could be behind a suspiciously salty post like this.

No. 1057652

>states a fact
>salty post

lololol are you ok?

No. 1057654

You're not fitting in very well.

No. 1057656

go away scrote. men are not allowed on this board.

No. 1057657

So posts have to fit into your rules? NO diversity of opinion is allowed? Lol way to back up your arguments.

Umm sweetie, I am trans.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1057659

Urgh Lauren Southern is just SO beautiful. Makes my heart hurt.

No. 1057663

File: 1602605072171.jpg (23.88 KB, 696x433, ambulance por favor.jpg)

Anon, that's angina.

No. 1057670

She's objectively a very beautiful young lady. Men dream of her. A lot.

No. 1057671

so… scrote kek

No. 1057681


I don't even understand this language. Underage? "Kek" is right wing supremacist anti-trans talk.


Is this reddit? Mods!! Someone said Lauren is attractive! How bitter are you lol.

No. 1057688


No, it's a PUA scrotum with a yellow fever, his GF actually is like you describe tho

No. 1057689

What's with all the genital obsession? Bit weird. Misandry?

No. 1057692

>yellow fever

Cool racism. Hope you enjoy being a white supremacist. Using racist terms is NOT OK. It's borderline hate speech.

No. 1057694

Minimodding is against the rules. Please stop.

No. 1057697