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File: 1593206833981.png (560.99 KB, 569x821, blaire vs actual female compar…)

No. 996474

Last thread was a success, let's have another for the world's most hated tranny.

>Soon to be 27-year-old edgelord troon, never grew out of his anti-SJW phase from 4 years ago that most of his friends from back then have abandoned
>Got his fame from bashing causes such as feminism and Black Lives Matter on YT and sucking /pol/ chaser dick
>Constantly makes fun of other people for being fat/ugly despite looking like a male neanderthal and having his weight constantly fluctuate
>Once claimed he has never been rejected by anyone in his life and can get any guy he wants but has a fat, balding alcoholic fiance
>Is incredibly dull and braindead, seemingly has no interests or talents other than talking shit which is why his content is so shit
>Circlejerks retarded, uneducated opinions with other cows like shoe0nhead and Kalvin Garrah
>Apparently has a drinking problem

Recent News:
>Bob has decided to branch away from political videos and instead all his videos focus on cancelling pedophiles and other internet circus freaks (mostly other trannies) across various social media, an obvious attempt at still trying to make himself look better in comparison to others I may be a tranny freak but at least I'm not like these guys, right??
>"Debated" Jonathan Yaniv, got accused of only doing it to boost his ego and get money rather than out of legitimate concern for Yaniv's victims
>Revealed himself as half Hispanic, likely a lie to cover his ass for his past racism
>Privated most of his old videos, especially the ones bashing Black Lives Matter and now tries to support the cause on Twitter as if he had never said anything contrary in the past
>Almost got cancelled by some retards who faked screencaps of him saying nigger in Twitter DMs, whined about cancel culture and implied he was on the verge of suicide because of it even though he's made a career out of cancelling people
>Still tries sucking up to big time YouTube celebrities like Jeffree Star who continue to ignore him, even Shane seems to have lost interest

SNAPCHAT: imblairewhite
TikTok: imblairewhite

#1 >>>/snow/192045
#2 >>>/snow/665451

No. 996999

She claimed no man has ever turned her down? How come both boyfriend that we know of are below average? I guess she means on trans dating sites and I guess "dates" mean gross chasers who want to fuck her.
NGL that made me laugh.

No. 997001

Are you trying to say that most women look like the girl on thread picture,because what

No. 997038

Not to whiteknight Blaire, but her boyfriend isn’t that bad. He’s cute apart from the baldness (standard for 25+ white men BTW) and he seemed to care about her to a degree. If I’m wrong then tea on Joey/Blair please?

No. 997042


Lurk more it’s from a past post.

He used to skin walk Instagram models such as the girl in the photo before switching over to the “baddie look”

No. 997243

File: 1593290891642.jpeg (440.9 KB, 828x833, CA74A7DE-8C74-4276-9F3E-AF1CAF…)

Yeah here’s at least one of his quotes.

No. 997252

Sage for samefag

As another anon said, this wrinkly old man is constantly trying to skinwalk teenage/early 20’s Instagram and TikTok thots but if you compare an average Instathot to Blaire you see how uncanny valley and gross he looks. Meanwhile chasers and other men like Rucka who suck up to him keep deluding him into thinking he’s better looking than the girls he fails at skinwalking, which boosts his ego so he continues to feel like he’s got the means to shit on others for their appearance.

No. 997273

I'm pretty sure he's a self hating faggot because to my knowledge he'll screech about faggots randomly in public.

No. 997287

File: 1593292831117.png (Spoiler Image,672 KB, 503x1200, 769D7470-8627-4CBB-8A68-14187F…)

Speaking of self-loathing, do you think the reason why Bob is so against children and teens transitioning is not necessarily because it’s an anti-TRA talking point but also jealousy? Pic related is a 19-year-old TIM that transitioned at around the Tanner 3 stage of puberty. He’s decently famous and gets worshipped way more for his appearance than Blaire ever did across social media and chan sites. Wonder if Blaire looks at kids like this with their hip growth and soft facial features not requiring $50k in surgery and just rees out loud in envy.

That’s not to say I support kids or anybody for that matter transitioning, especially kids, but all trannies who transitioned post-18 years old seem to have a burning hatred for young transitioners and I dount Blaire is an exception.(derailing with some random tranny)

No. 997310

"Never once have been denied by anyone". That's pretty unrealistic. Unless you exclusively only ever go for people you already know beforehand will definitely not turn you down.

No. 997356

That and Blaire is just lying. He told stories of how he DATED people who weren't okay with being seen with him, but according to him, no one has denied him, yeah they don't deny but they did hide.

Neither deserve to be worship for their looks because both at best look like average basic women and/or what they are transwomen It's not worth ruining your health in the present and future to maybe pass as a woman, not be able to have kids, a normal sex life, a tiny dating pool and all of that.
Most these people barely look like their pictures and it all falls apart when they are in motion. It's just not worth it and thats the only thing I stand by with Blaire.

And most who tran out as kids don't pass and look weird, so it's just a fucked up situation.

No. 997576

Yeah and also as for the TIF here >>997243 I think her problem isn’t her personality necessarily being more “unlikeable” in comparison to Blaire (I mean yeah I guess she does on a whiny rant about how women won’t accept plastic dicks which comes across as rapey but like most TIFs I doubt she has any confidence to say it directly to another woman’s face and Blaire is not any more “likeable” in the shit he spews) but the main problem gynephilic TIFs have is the fact that they are usually short, bald, smell bad cuz they weren’t trained by their fathers how to practice male hygiene, full of acne, have Klinefelter-proportions and on top of that no dick. You find more incels who are better looking than the average TIF goblin, and at the very least they have dicks. Unless they are at least the average male height where they live, unusually attractive, and had unfortunate masculine features faces/bodies before the transition to make them actually look like men with T, TIFs are below incels in terms of appearance and dating. Go to /ftmg/ on 4chan and you see them constantly talking about how they hang around incel forums.

Even masculine TIMs are fetishized by gay and bi men but almost no woman wants a TIF, even if she’s bi or lesbian. Sucks for them, I guess. It’s no wonder the detransition rate for TIFs is so high compared to TIMs. T apparently turns them into horndogs but they have an empty dating pool regardless of personality. Imagine.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 997583

File: 1593320893426.jpeg (Spoiler Image,625.61 KB, 2048x2048, 4AAC1CAC-AE5E-42AA-8AA4-A57F2E…)

taf does look softer in the face and much more feminine overall than Blaire though. Blaire always had an angular man jaw and chiseled midface even as a young teenager, not to mention the hips.

No. 997605

please sage and tbh does it matter if some random tranny whose pictures look just as manipulated looks softer then Blaire?
Blaire's issue isn't younger tranners "look better" it's that it's dangerous and retarded.

I can't believe i'm sticking up for Blaire. Out of all the anger, jealously and hate I think Blaire has for women and trans women, I truly believe he thinks he's apart of the very small pool of trans women who pass perfectly and that his competition is with women.

So unlike the transwomen who DO have extreme jealously for "passing" trans women and people who pass because they tranned younger, I doubt Blaire is one of those people because he believes he passes 100%.

Stop posting pictures of this guys budge, I don't know if this is an advertisement for this dude or what but who cares?

No. 997612

bulge not budge

No. 997634

God please stop posting that random tranny, neither of them are attractive. The uncanny valley effect is making me sick. Stop talking about your fetish for feminized men, it’s more cringe then trooning out.

No. 997904

In this video Blaire revealed that Jeffree dropped receipts about James Charles being a "sexual molester" but then apparently also told Blaire that another "big, famous" YouTuber is a rapist but Blaire said there was no receipt of this.

No. 997929

Because he's embellishing. I don't think that he had a problem getting laid but when it comes to relationships? Yeah I'm more than sure he struggled. I have a gay friend who looks pretty feminine though he has the sense to not call himself trans and he used to share with me the kinds of messages he'd get on dating apps and they were always mostly sexual. I think this is what Blaire means but he's trying to twist it around into these fetish chasers actually wanting to date him which we all know isn't true. Unless these guys are full-on gay, they usually always end up with women, not these men who think they are women.

Looks are objective honestly. I think Joey is unattractive but I'm not personally into fat hairy men but I know that this combo doesn't bother other women (and men like Blaire) so what do I know? lol.

This. At least with the women he tries to emulate, they don't need to put on 5 pounds of makeup and filter the shit out of their face to look the way they do. We've all seen what Blaire looks like without the makeup, lighting, angles, and filtering. Put him next to a woman and it makes it all the more obvious.

No. 997930

Samefag, I meant "Looks are subjective"
My bad lol.

No. 997938

Sorry anon but I'm more than sure this dude also heavily edits himself as well. Most troons do both young and old and even so, he's gonna age like a man regardless.

>That and Blaire is just lying. He told stories of how he DATED people who weren't okay with being seen with him, but according to him, no one has denied him, yeah they don't deny but they did hide.

Yep I remember this too. He said that about his last boyfriend before he got with Joey. Sorry but if your relationship was having to be hidden away from your boyfriend's friends & family and the relationship is more or less a secret, then I'm sorry but you're not winning anything. You're just a glorified cum dump in that relationship.

No. 998204

why are people still obsessing over how fuckable a tranny is, he's obviously full of shit. he obviously edits himself and his man shoulders. what's more important is thoughts on the jeffree video?

Someone in a comment on it said that Jeffree is like the Cersei Lannister of youtube. I can't help but agree with that. Was Blaire a rape victim pre or post transitioning? Also her bit at the end about Shane kind of made me cringe. I'm not sure if she is supposed to stop being friends with someone for years old jokes that he doesn't make anymore or what.

No. 998205


I personally feel that the only reason Blaire is denouncing Jeffree is because his asslicking to him never went anyway. Blaire was so up Jeffree's asshole for most of 2019 and it was clear he was just clout-chasing but when Jeffree kept ignoring him, he realized that his constant asslicking would never work. I'm pretty sure that if Jeffree actually gave Blaire what he wanted, he wouldn't be making that video on him.

On the rape thing, I hate to say this but I feel Blaire is lying or embellishing it just for more clout. I have no proof obviously but I know that Blaire loves to be the center and is still in that desperate for fame thing that he'll see anything to get that ball rolling.

No. 998206

*His asslicking to him never went anywhere

No. 998614

According to Blaire's latest Insta story Shane also called begging her not to post the video and now she's written him off too.

No. 1000329

It never seizes to amaze me how fast these youtube influencer douchebags are willing to throw their "friends" under the bus just to save their own ass.
Blaire played this beautifully with this whole babe in the woods routine.
"Look at wittle innocent me, crying REAL tears!"

No. 1000630

I used to watch Blaire last year and I went to the #walkaway event in New York that she was at. can I post pictures I took of him to show what he looks like irl?

No. 1000695

do it, i also saw him once in L.A and i was shocked how wide his shoulders are and his ribcage is also much wider.

No. 1000798

File: 1593649902364.jpg (2.63 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_20190328_211542.jpg)


yea same, his head and shoulders are a lot bigger compared to the rest of him

No. 1000799

File: 1593649992514.jpg (2.54 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_20190328_211544.jpg)

No. 1000815

he actually looks kind of okay here. maybe the ffs is settling in or something? that weird long philtrum though, DO NOT WANT

No. 1000823

I agree, looking like a chimpish, kinda masculine woman in these pics. But in low light conditions and without being told to be on the lookout for a MTF, I wouldn't clock them based on this appearance. I certainly wouldn't think they're beautiful either, but a natal woman nonetheless. Now for other pics, Robbie's not so lucky.

No. 1000827

this entire thread is just nitpicking. more than half the post are nitpicks about how manish he looks.

just checked the last thread again and it was 90% nitpicking with some RaCiSt twitter drama thrown in. why is this even allowed on /snow/?

No. 1001027

>this entire thread is just nitpicking
As opposed to the other cows on this board, kek.

No. 1001110

yes. ive never seen a thread on snow with the same level of nitpicking as this and the last ones. if blaire was not a transwoman with broad shoulders there would be nothing here.

No. 1001367

NTA but you must have never been in like…any cow threads before this one then. The whole >wahhhh you guys are only mean because trans
shit doesnt apply or work here.

No. 1001410

Eh I dunno anon, these pictures were taken from a different angle (reverse bird's eye) and I just have a feeling that if we saw a picture of him normal view, we'd be seeing what we saw in the previous thread. It's the game of knowing which angles flatters you best and Blaire and most troons are a good rule of thumb with this concept.

The reason why a lot point out his mannish looks is because he tries to ultimately catfish people into thinking he looks a certain way when in reality, he looks nothing like it.

But yeah aside from him laughably trying to hide what he really looks like, there's mot much else to say about him outside of pointing out his crap quality videos.

No. 1001778

Notice how she suddenly introduces herself for this particular video "my name is Blaire" because she knows this will potentially give her new viewers.

No. 1001885

Don’t pick on the ugly, anon. It’s mean.

No. 1002058


Seeing this thumbnail it’s just remarkable that someone so ugly got so famous (I mean Shane; Blaire isn’t famous lmao)

No. 1002093

Eh well you know, sometimes looks aren't everything and he was making "comedy" videos so his fans were mostly focusing on that.

No. 1002173


This past week has been incredibly funny, so it was all worth it in the end.

No. 1003122

every time i see someone say that blaire is “hotter than most cis women” i just can’t help but wonder where tf they live because that’s just so untrue. i’m not even in the “blaire is hideous” camp, i think blaire has a pretty face, but jesus most women are absolutely not less attractive

No. 1004127

It's not really about Blaire being hideous. Even though most don't care for him or find him obnoxious, ignoring personal taste, we can see that he's not ugly, we just say that he doesn't look like a woman when you take away the perfect lighting and filters, especially the filters because he has a tendency to abuse the smoothing feature like no other lol.

Saying that he doesn't look like a woman, we're not saying he's ugly. He can be a pretty man but just that, a pretty man, not a woman because he isn't one.

No. 1007045

File: 1594758253598.jpeg (320.9 KB, 1125x1893, C3C193CA-2485-47E1-A08F-DB5B3D…)

Really blaire?? Really(emoji)

No. 1007050

He's right, though. They do sound like incels when they do this "Not wanting to date a trans woman is transphobic" thing.

No. 1007061


True, but why is blaire white making it seem like he’s the PERFECT trans person? Without any issues or hardships. Everyone has issues and dating can be hard for anyone.
As if blaire isn’t with Joey because his opinions are slim..

Is it transphobic to not date a trans person? Yeah, but it’s like wanting to date a person of a certain race. It’s racist to say “I’d be friends with a person of >certain race< I’m just not going to date them “
But it is what it is. People are transphobic and racist.

No. 1007088

>Is it transphobic to not date a trans person? Yeah, but it’s like wanting to date a person of a certain race. It’s racist to say “I’d be friends with a person of >certain race< I’m just not going to date them “
ok I'm falling for this bait
is it fatphobic if you don't wanna date obese people then? do you know what preference is? kek

No. 1007099

They're both pathetic and cringe worthy, but the tweet is x100 more problematic, especially to lesbians.

No. 1007138

Blaire's 100% right.

It's not transphobic, stop using that "It's just like racism" excuse as well. Black people not out here calling people racist for people not wanting to date them, Trans people DO do this shit.
Blaire does have a point, it's done because 90% of people don't want to date trans. Blaire is just constantly trying to show off like, "I never had issues!!!" thats him trying to do his usual, "I'm one of the special ones!! Yall just ugly, I don't have no issues!"

it's that male in him going, "I get bitches".

However, not dating someone for any reason isn't a "Phobia".
Cut that rapey shit out, it sounds retarded and sorry.

No. 1007427

Again, he's straight up lying. I don't doubt that he probably was getting attention when he was single but I'm like 95% sure most of it was just sexual interest. They only wanted him for sex but to have an actual relationship? I highly doubt that and Joey was already mingled in the gay scene with the Drag Queens so I'm convinced that's the only reason they met and he stuck around. Joey's gay but closeted, I am more than sure lol.

>Joey because his opinions are slim..

Opinions? You mean "options"? Either way I have to admit that I kinda agree. Like Blaire's previous ex-boyfriend before joey, he actually looked semi attractive from what I remember but the relationship was a discreet one. This was the ex-boyfriend who made Blaire hide in his closet or bedroom whenever his parents came to visit him at his dorm, the boyfriend was not open, at least not to his parents anyway and it's like, how does it feel to be treated like you're not good enough to meet the parents of the man you're dating?

Also I disagree with your last point. It's not "Transphobic". Considering that these effeminate gay men calling themselves "Transwomen" are trying to get at straight men, of course straight men don't want to date them, straight men don't date dudes no matter how pretty they are otherwise they would just be bisexual or gay. And gay people make up a fairly small percent of the population and it's not different for these gay men calling themselves "Transwomen".

Agreed. That's what the "Transbians" do and it's disgusting.

>Blaire is just constantly trying to show off like, "I never had issues!!!" thats him trying to do his usual, "I'm one of the special ones!! Yall just ugly, I don't have no issues!"

Let's just see if he'll be singing that tune if things don't work out with Joey and he has to go back on the dating scene kek.

No. 1007853

>i’m not desperate and thirsty! i just spent tens of thousands of dollars on a fuckton of surgery to resemble a sex doll and wear lingerie as clothing to attract “”””straight”””” men!

blaire is no different than the autogynephiles he shits on. he just wants you to believe otherwise

No. 1007969

All "true trans" hate AGPs for some reason. I've never really understood it honestly, what's the difference? It's not because the AGP is a creepy fetishist, it seems to be because they're older and hetero instead of an effeminate young gay guy with a fetish for straight men.

Lol, his shoulder are wider than Blaire's and facially he looks like a 16 year old boy. His parents are shitty, they started him on HRT when he was 15. Now this poor dumb kid just copes on Twitter that straight guys totally want him, he could've been cute and have more dating options.

No. 1008048

I think it's because AGPs are the ones who people think of when they think "Trans". They think Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs who was an AGP albeit more extreme lol.

> Now this poor dumb kid just copes on Twitter that straight guys totally want him

The poor fool though I don't put the blame on him, his parents are the ones who should get the side eye.

No. 1010160

File: 1595237819977.jpeg (380.1 KB, 1125x1755, 4D14372F-5FB1-4A7D-B9F3-F4515A…)

No. 1010163

This is so unfortunate. I'm really bad at clocking trannies but the man body is so apparent.

No. 1010164

File: 1595239497047.jpeg (276.99 KB, 1125x1978, B7FFCF31-5C9C-4C3B-93DE-A22CA0…)

No. 1010170

kek @ the bulge

No. 1010180

Why can’t he dress like a regular woman? Dressing like a Vegas prostitute makes him way more conspicuous As a Male

No. 1010187


Oh God. This tranny doesn’t have curved hips that women have. I don’t understand how chasers think he’s better than natural women.

No. 1010189

Blaire we know you lurk, please wear flowy skirts or pants instead.

No. 1010207

>that leg "length" and massive head
No wonder he wanted to quit being a man, those literal Frodo tier proportions for sure must have gotten him bullied. Also kek at that 3 inch gap between his bolt-ons…

No. 1010214

I mean, most women don’t have super voluptuous hips and a tiny waist.

No. 1010239

yeah, but not even fridge shaped women don't look like that

No. 1010244

his face looks really odd and huge.

No. 1010247

I get on blaire's looks but I don't even think he's that bad looking, but he looks like a straight up little person tranny right here. Hard as fuck.

Why do you care about Chasers opinion on women? They are bisexual/gay men with a fetish for hard tits and dicks.

Women can have hard tits but we don't have dicks, trust me, you don't want the attention or men that want blaire.
Of course Chasers think their fetish is better then women, gay men tend to like men more and bisexual men tend to lean more towards one sex or the other.

No. 1010405

File: 1595284982541.jpeg (278.18 KB, 1125x1988, B767461A-FAD8-4174-8E13-F6D441…)

No. 1010412

you can see his tucking tape…

No. 1010448

File: 1595291194431.jpeg (545.84 KB, 1125x1115, D239637D-F944-4B07-8B55-60B16B…)

No photoshop

No. 1010455

isn't that shit painful? Like I'd imagine tucking hurts. And Whats up with the pencial thin eyebrows?

No. 1010461

Blaire thinks that pencil thin brows are more feminine

No. 1010470

File: 1595295091749.jpeg (65.78 KB, 500x600, 8FF13506-A26D-48FD-9356-9CE8D2…)

Exactly. I don’t know why he keeps wearing tight clothes that accentuate his male frame. If he wore something flowy that cinched at the waist then he would look a lot better (like pic related).

No. 1010503

You know it just shows that he's the king of fakery. I remember in that one video he did a few years ago where he tried to prove to Onision that he has a curvy figure and did that cringe turn-around shot whilst he was wearing a body shaper leotard lol. His body did not change, he still has man body and all, just with bolt-ons attached.

Because then he wouldn't be seen as a sex bomb anon. He needs to prove that he's better than "real women" to his neckbeard audience.

Never underestimate the power of a fetish anon. That's really the only reason why they say that. That and plus they want his penis because they're secretly gay.

No. 1010504

It looks odd? I mean he's been known to have a huge head as most men do but odd? Maybe it's the bad Photoshop/facetuning you're eye is being drawn to.

Agreed, you shouldn't care what these chasers think and should be grateful they're chasing after men in dresses over us. If you have the misfortune of getting with one of these men, it just never ends well.

No. 1010544

File: 1595310149328.jpeg (404.52 KB, 1099x1866, FBC8BD8A-3D7B-4679-99A1-622152…)

How much photoshop?

No. 1010587

Blaire needs to simmer down with the working out. Those man muscles are sticking out hardcore. I don't know how fat distribution works or if he can get facial injections but them cheekbones make him look like a caricature. Why do they do cheekbones like that? It's more feminine to have chubbiness below the cheekbone.

No. 1010588

Holy shit, his body looks like made of clay by someone who only heard how a woman is supposed to look like.

Yeah, but they don't have an adonis belt either.

No. 1010665

Oh yeah forgot a rundown for people who don’t want to give him (you)s:

>”there’s a difference between trans chasers and trans-attracted men” (goes on later in the video to talk about how men who are only into mtfs are not chasers, and he’s more interested in men who only go for mtfs and not bio women or “other men” because his biggest insecurity is being dumped for a biological woman and dislikes his own definition of “bisexual” as if Joey isn’t bi and Blaire is not just an effeminate man)

>talks about being hit on by a few women and looks visibly disgusted while talking about it
>shits on Joey’s exes that were mtf by calling them “busted” compared to him (Joey disagrees in the background, lol)
>”poor men into mtfs have a bigger stigma against them than mtfs ahaha”
>”Joey gets called a faggot online and I don’t, discrimination against chasers! but chasers aren’t gay loll
>”Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe!”


No. 1010668

Is he a midget

No. 1010672

Are you 60 years old anon? That dress is a big yikes

No. 1010678

And I will say it's interested that Blaire isn't the type who goes after chasers into women, because he knows he can't compete.
It also proves his, "I've never been turned down" shit was bullshit. Of course men into MTF wouldn't turn down an MTF they were attracted to.

How can he say he's not a woman, but at the same time say that fucking him isn't gay? Again, "Not like other trans" blaire is JUST like other trans.

I really feel like Joey is insecure that he's a fag rather then Blaire, who knows they are both gay as hell.

No. 1010680

He’s 5’5 according to him but his big male skull/blocky male body make him look even more like a stump in photos

No. 1010682


Blaire truly is just like other mtfs. Everything he says is a contradiction that people have evidence for.He went on and on about how joeys family accepted him and that never trouble but it’s like…of course his family accepted him if Joey had a full blown tranny ex before Blaire.

If you replace chaser with any other fetish everything coming out of his mouth seems even more pathetic. It’s like a fat girl with a man who has a fetish for that stuff trying to convince you that it’s different. It’s like an asian girl with a guy with yellow fever trying to tell you it’s not the same.

No. 1010684

Imagine having a whole video explaining others attraction to you, knowing the moment you chop your dick off not only will 98% of the men attracted to you will leave and Joey.
Joey worked with drag queens, no doubt he was piping them down. He likes feminized men.
It's not rocket science, no one cares gay/bisexual men want to fuck you blaire.

No. 1010700

I don't think it's Photoshop but I definitely feel it's body tune and face tune from a phone camera app. Contour feature + smoothing feature on his face and the waist shaper and butt lifter on his body.

Thanks for the summary anon. The only new thing here is that Joey indeed has dated/sexed other delusional men who think they are women. I had a big feeling he did because he worked with Drag Queens and some of those men do think they are women so it's not surprising.

And no one is saying that all "chasers" are gay but they aren't straight and that's the main takeaway. Seems like they are the ones who are insecure of not being seen as straight.

Exactly, as per usual he needs to stick with the "Not like other trans" shtick but it's clear that he knows he's not as hot shit as he thinks he is because if the guy is not a chaser, he wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole.

> How can he say he's not a woman, but at the same time say that fucking him isn't gay? Again, "Not like other trans" blaire is JUST like other trans.

This is the thing that always confuses me. Dude, you're an adult human male and if you're having sex with another adult human male (Joey), you are having gay sex. It's clear that Joey is delusional and insecure but why is Blaire not being honest about the reality of this?

>He likes feminized men.

Exactly. I don't know if you remember the video anon but do you remember that video Blaire did called "IS Joey Gay?". In that video when he asked Joey if he was ever attracted to other men "Like him" (Masculine looking men) and Joey obviously said "no" but then Blaire just promptly skipped to the next question without asking him if he had ever been attracted to feminine men?

No. 1010707

He'd never ask Joey if he's attracted to dick, because that's what this is about. Joey is attracted to dicks.
Which is gay, which is why transwomen moved from calling it a "dick" to calling it a "Girl dick", hoping it'd catch on and make chasers/trans attracted men feel it's not gay because "it's on a woman".

Bottom line is, I feel Blaire is doing this for Joey. I think Blaire would say it's gay if he was with a guy who admits it's gay.

He knows Joey has the common crazy Chaser issue, they don't think it's gay because the man is acting like a girl.
Joey would probably fuck Jeffree or James no issue and probably has fucked men who are fem.

you know, like BLAIRE. There's even gay guys saying they are banging "Straight men" so, it's all just internalized homophobia and fetish based.

The question of "are you attracted to men?" implies that Blaire is NOT a man, which goes against everything she's said.

If Joey can smash people with dicks and claim to be straight, do people think anyone in a glass closet like him would admit he's gay/bisexual?

It still bothers Blaire that people don't see him as a woman even if he gets told constantly he looks like one and is better then one.

fucking Jeffree Star/James would'nt become less gay because they call themselves women now, but according to a lot of TRA it is, which is what Joey and Blaire are saying.

No one cares that Joey likes trannies, this is all more proof that Blaire is just like other trans. At the very least I give Blaire props she goes for the men into her, however, I feel she does it because rejection seems to bother her more then the average person.

She knows straight men aren't into her sexually, and if she could prove that a 100% straight man wanted her, she'd be screaming about girl dicks and all that shit.

No. 1010709

You're probably right and Joey is no different than any other delusional chaser who can't or won't accept their true sexuality and this is why women are better off not getting with these kinds of men if they're bisexual and not full-blown gay.

I think it also explains why Blaire dresses like a hooker because it keeps the fetish alive for the chasers. And I'm more than sure that Joey has had sex with plenty of feminine men. I have a friend who's a feminine gay man and he shared with me the kind of messages that he gets from guys like Joey, some of which even have girlfriends and wives.

And right, it's not about Joey liking troons, it's more about how Blaire is just like any other troon with relying on delusion to keep their fantasy moving.

No. 1010779

According to drag queen apparently not. It just means you can't have a boner or pee conveniently. And it gets sweaty in there.

I get what you are trying to demonstration, but I think Blaire would benefit from wearing something youthful.

Blaire is really as delusional as other trannies. At the end of the day, the physicality of a trans person post transition is not natural. It's not normal for somebody to have a preference for somebody who has the opposite set of genitalia to their outward presenting gender. An attraction to trans people is nothing more than a paraphillia. The chances of Blaire having a normal long term partner have dwindled thanks to transitioning.

No. 1010816

>>An attraction to trans people is nothing more than a paraphillia.

Damn this is mean but it's kind of true. A lot of men into transwomen often treat it like a fetish, it's always hyper-sexualized, dick focused or a secret.

A lot of men treat it like that. Even how Blaire or Joey sexualize Blaire & their relationship is different from a guy sexualizing or showing off their hot girlfriend.

No. 1010829

I didn’t mean that dress in particular, just the style where the dress is cinched at the waist and flowy at the bottom, ffs.

No. 1010937

It is. I'm the same anon ( >>1010709 ) and my friend who is a gay guy who is very feminine in appearance, like he wears long wigs and makeup and dresses but he doesn't think he's a woman for it, he told me that he attracts these chasers as well and in his opinion, they are just closeted bisexual or in some cases, gay men who don't want to accept their non-heterosexual sexuality. From what my friend told me, it really is just about sex and shame, that's why so many of these troons have next to no dating life because the men they attract are insecure closet-cases.

Understood, you meant something more coverted up but still trendy. But we know Blaire will not do that because he fetishes the pornstar look.

No. 1010976

I do have a gay friend who follows a bunch of a trannies but at the same time talks about eating James charles ass. Some gays do call trannies "Training wheels" for bisexual/gay guys but some never take the training wheels off and live their truth.

Joey is just a fetishist. I feel if we keep speaking on this Blaire will try to do some nikita shit and out some 100% straight men for thristing on a picture or something.

There's nothing trannies hate more then saying it's gay/bisexual to be into them. Seems the ones who admit it have been lives.

No. 1010978

better not been

No. 1011049

>The chances of Blaire having a normal long term partner have dwindled thanks to transitioning.

Joey dated women (actual women) before Blaire and the other trannies so it’s possible 5-10 years into their marriage he loses interest in him and goes back to women, either via divorce or an affair. It’s very common in relationships men have with troons, and a reason why they always fear it.

No. 1011071

That or the fetishist man cheats on his wife or girlfriend with a troon. Same gay feminine friend said he gets a lot of "discreet" married or men with girlfriends hitting him up all the time on Grindr. But yeah if Joey is really that traditional, I don't see him staying with Blaire for a good long while neither.

Yeah my friend said something similar about troons only he didn't say "Training wheels", he said "Stepping stones" lol. And even if Blaire did pull a Nikita, wouldn't that just prove that some closeted men are just really good at hiding it?

> There's nothing trannies hate more then saying it's gay/bisexual to be into them. Seems the ones who admit it have been lives.

I think the reason why they hate that is because they know that's the thing that their chases fear the most. Being thought of as not straight and they need that delusion. I haven't met a troon who admits being into them was gay. I know some people like my feminine gay friend who don't bullshit and they do seem happier.

No. 1011370

File: 1595479286906.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, 5FB2507D-59D6-4D7C-B214-ADB0EB…)

Some ugly fakeboi posted this about Blaire White on tiktok(offtopic)

No. 1011499

File: 1595507900833.jpeg (328.11 KB, 1500x1188, 26EA1373-0C8C-4652-B161-384F45…)

I’m pretty sure that “blackface” is a pore mask, not actual blackface but it’s funny to see old posts of Blaire shitting on BLM when he’s been going on about being anti-cop and being enraged about police violence against black people as of late.

No. 1011509

File: 1595509065068.jpeg (316.02 KB, 828x791, 5525F99B-D3FF-45B2-AFE9-3BD00D…)

Also samefag but no one has capped her pro-BLM tweets yet so here’s one.

No. 1012238

Are the eyebrows tattooed on? Because they look super out of place.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1012425

File: 1595659198129.jpeg (832.85 KB, 828x1873, D70053D7-FC17-4B1B-857D-0B0CF4…)


It’s really rich since he hates black people and BLM. The only thing that changed is now supporting the cause is in favor so now he’s fence sitting on the group. I’ll never forget how that walking fridge tried to call his fake cheap weave lushes (trying to pass it as his own) comparing it to a video of a black woman .

No. 1012447

File: 1595664341299.png (1.1 MB, 1046x1410, Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 2.51…)

I know what you mean, the idea of the dress is there but that one in particular is too matronly. The v-neck adds unnecessary angularity and makes the shoulders look even more broad. The material is too flowing and thin to really give him any figure. I think something like pic related might be better since it covers up the manish shoulders, arms, and collarbone, while the fabric is stiff enough to support an a-line shape in the skirt.

Dress autism aside … Robbie never goes for feminine silhouettes. It's either bodycon or plain vulgar. He doesn't really want to be a woman, he a gay scene boy who just wants male attention. See Blanchard's homosexual transsexual.

No. 1013208

Kalvin and Blaire collabed to discuss more why they believe they are trutrannies and the people on tiktok are “fake”

No. 1014177

No. 1014179

File: 1595990140992.png (6.38 MB, 2436x1125, 817603B7-CD05-4C86-A10B-8E503F…)

No. 1014183

The dress wouldn't fit. It's pretty top heavy and would accentuate his shoulders.

No. 1014237

have you seen shaynas 500 threads? kek, or 90% of the threads in /w/ and /snow/?

No. 1014292

Well Blaire has to look down at somebody. I guess the mountains of trannies that he feels are crazier, uglier and he's better then is a huge start.
He knows he can call a TERF or feminist ugly all day long, but they are still women and he's still a tranny, I guess he knows it bothers those "Fake" trans more and he's fighting the good fight.

Question, what makes Blaire a "Real" transwomen? because if you ask me Blaire offers nothing productive to the world other then lukewarm basic takes and I feel he trans for the same reason Nikita trans, because they were fem men who wanted to look like women.
Not that they actually felt so strongly to be one. They both felt they'd look better, have more attention and get men if they looked like women rather then their homely male selves.

In Blaire's case he snatched up a manlet and a sea of chasers, he does not seem happy with his life or anything.

No. 1014402

i refuse to watch a blaire video, but im postitive that hollywood fix is paid paps.
Alot of celebs take pictures with the owners son and set up shit with him, so if this is some, "omg we ran into blaire white!" chances are the bitch called the paps on herself or something.

No. 1014558

Fuck. It seems the candids strike again lol

> what makes Blaire a "Real" transwomen? because if you ask me Blaire offers nothing productive to the world other then lukewarm basic takes and I feel he trans for the same reason Nikita trans, because they were fem men who wanted to look like women.

That's the real question. It's funny how blaire and people like him yammer on and on about how they are the true troons but really? What makes them "real"? I think he coats by because he thinks he's so passable and his neckbeard audience doesn't misgender him which makes him thinks he passes but when we see pictures like this >>1014179 , he has to be delusional because the only thing he has up against the other troons is better camera angles and lighting.

> In Blaire's case he snatched up a manlet and a sea of chasers, he does not seem happy with his life or anything.

I caught onto this too but can you blame him? When your image and reputation is based solely on a lie, how can you be comfortable with yourself?

No. 1020875

File: 1597086514764.png (5.51 MB, 2436x1125, 28FF5788-3AA4-4927-966D-22001B…)


No. 1020888

sorry for replying to old post but notice how blaire is the type to throw his friends under the bus for views and subscribers. he’s no better than jeffree in that regard.

meanwhile his ex-friend garrett watts before the shitshow (and after they had stopped being friends) said good nothing but things about shane in an interview and currently seems to be staying out of the drama. that’s being genuine, imo.

No. 1020912

That’s because bob is trash

No. 1021114

You're not the only one who notices this anon, he does this a lot. He either tries to suck them off and brown-nose them like what he did with both Jeffree Star and James Charles in the past or he acts like he's all buddy buddy with people he barely knows like Shane Dawson and Trisha Paytas (during her controversy). He's just an attention seeking clout-chaser, he's as fake as the acrylic nails he puts on his hands and that's why you really can't take anything he says seriously.

No. 1025289

File: 1597778689011.png (340.25 KB, 590x401, 0B651E3C-9CD4-4FE2-BF67-311BE4…)

No. 1025318

I can't explain it but her and eden's faces both have like a..uncanny valley look to it, then you see them in videos and they look like either little boys or weird creations.
this is just blaire baiting, all it takes is bad botched boobs, bad facial work, photoshop and filters.
I have no idea why trannies brags on their looks when put them up to the most basic insta thot and they can't even compare.

No. 1025320

and his head looks huge, his legs look manly and he just looks like a transwoman. I guess he does look better then 75% of trans women but..thats not hard.

No. 1025351

Now he's just being ridiculous. Something tells me he is lurking here and getting all butthurt that people are saying he looks manly. First off, the only thing stopping other men like him from doing what he's doing is lack of photoshop/filtering. His face always looks so fake and plastic in his photos and in his videos, his face looks washed out from the smoothing filter.

Eh If other troons had the amount of time to highly edit and morph their photos like he does, they would all mostly blend in. It's already telling enough that he filters his waist when we've all seen he's built like a vertical rectangle. not trying to be mean but he has not curves, no man does unless he's overweight and even then, it's not really "curves".

No. 1025557

File: 1597811241976.jpeg (666.33 KB, 1600x1121, 00882F80-CB09-4CC0-A420-854833…)

Shots fired

No. 1025591

Oh snap lol I'm surprised someone actually said something like that.

No. 1025653


All it took for this kind of response to be utterly obvious and normal to cancel-worthy bait taking was about 20 years.

No. 1025711

Yeah when put it like that, it's fucking depressing really lol But still, glad someone spoke the truth.

No. 1025734

The funniest thing is blair can't even argue with that, because he'd always basically say the same thing when criticizing gender identities.

No. 1026130

Exactly lol.

No. 1026362

lol. I think mods allow nitpicking a lot more now than they used to for some reason.

No. 1026365

>what makes Blaire a "Real" transwomen?
>What makes them "real"?
Technically speaking, aren't "real" trannies diagnosed with gender dysphoria? Their brains are supposedly wired in such a way that makes them feel like they're in the wrong body. Of course the psychology field has a lot of issues and valid criticism's been thrown at its legitimacy, but that's another topic entirely.
>mentally healthy
Hence the gender dysphoria diagnosis.

No. 1026843

The bifg problem with this whole "gender dysphoria" thing is that while sure it may be a thing, they never really examine how it develops. Ray Blanchard talked about this recently earlier in the year where he said that the clear way to get to the root of it is really examining trans-identified people's past experiences but he also made it knowm that some of them will lie about their past or change their story so they can fully hide in their delusion. He also was critical about how some specialists don't consider other factors that can play into the dysphoria like autism, eating disorders, and NPD.

No. 1027447

File: 1598164065702.png (119.65 KB, 496x432, Screenshot_20200822-232309.png)

His next poorly researched and poorly executed video on Chrissy?

No. 1027785

Bob really thinks he did something(emoji)

No. 1029085

Chrissy Teigan is cow material always subtweeting and whining about things. Nobody likes her she’s just known as John Legend’s wife who looks like a troon

No. 1029456

File: 1598513050948.jpeg (318.69 KB, 828x916, 11670021-901A-4693-A902-DD2F57…)

No. 1029464

It's only interesting if it's remotely realistic.

No. 1029465

Kek, Imagine believing any of this happened. Okay, at best a bunch of chasers were probably telling him to come on down, but does blaire TRULY think repubs give a fuck about him?
You are a token, you are a tool. He's the repub contrapoints except not as rich, not as "famous", not as respected and more fetishized.

I'm positive most Repubs even ones who want to fuck Blaire, still see him as a mentally ill abomination. I'm also positive, most liberals do not give a fuck about Blaire's well being.

In fact, I've seen them whine about Blaire having "passing privilege" so they'd probably think because Blaire in their eyes looks like a woman, he wouldn't be clocked to be in danger. Lowkey some may WANT Blaire to get beat up by conservatives so he can become their trans spokesperson.
He was JUST talking up BLM.

No. 1029485


You’re exactly right. My partner and I were discussing how now so may right wingers who are using SJW identity politic tactics (Blaire, Lady Maga, any Jew who kisses ass to Nazi larpers):

“It’s like a dog sitting with you at the dinner table. People think it’s cute, but no one will ever treat it like an actual human.”

I’m a native Texan, and unless he moves to more liberal areas like Austin or San Antonio, this fag is gonna get decked there like his other ugly friend in L.A.

And maybe this is me being MOTI, but hopefully. He needs a rude awakening to snap him out of his delusion that he’s equal or better than a biological woman.(blog)

No. 1029494

Yes, like does he think that a repub wouldn't dare touch or harm him because "He's one of the good ones?"
The debate isn't even a left or right one, it's about crazy ass men/people. In a way, I'm not sure if Blaire is saying that he'd be clocked or he thinks he's so famous & beloved with repubs that they'll know who he is and welcome him with open arms.

This may be a set up for Blaire to say he was attacked by some crazy Terf or Liberal. People who hate trans people and want to attack them randomly don't care if they are on the left or the right.
It's that male brain of his, he thinks,"i'm one of the boys! Liberals are worried about me being attacked by my boys, but my boys telling me it's all good!" Like he's in a gang or some shit.

He needs to stop letting the loud minority of trans loving repubs make him feel like they all respect or care about him. They don't care anymore then anyone else.

No. 1029551

I hope he meets a ton of conservatives when he gets here. Like actual conservatives, who openly mock trans people.

No. 1029565

And is constantly evangelized at by people preaching about Hellfire.

No. 1029596

File: 1598549097318.jpeg (141.87 KB, 750x591, 2A361846-9F65-4915-81A2-FDF30D…)


Lol. Confirmed that mod is worthless and single.

(ban evasion)

No. 1029598

I care
Pouring one out for yeehaw anons

No. 1029599

Damn, what’s up with those admins lately?

No. 1029602

You can easily make your point without making yourself the subject of the matter. You’re clearly from KF where they’re way stricter on powerleveling, so you should know better.

>It’s like a dog sitting with you at the dinner table. People think it’s cute, but no one will ever treat it like an actual human. Unless he moves to more liberal areas like Austin or San Antonio, this fag is gonna get decked there like his other ugly friend in L.A. He needs a rude awakening to snap him out of his delusion that he’s equal or better than a biological woman.

See, fixed it for you without the weird inclusion of your life story.

No. 1029629

They’ve been banning left and right in certain threads.

No. 1029634

> Kek, Imagine believing any of this happened. Okay, at best a bunch of chasers were probably telling him to come on down, but does blaire TRULY think repubs give a fuck about him?
You are a token, you are a tool. He's the repub contrapoints except not as rich, not as "famous", not as respected and more fetishized.

"And clapped clapped", fucking ridiculous he is. Yeah I can't believe I'm saying this but Contrapoints who is a buffoon is much more respected than Blaire and any "interest" he has is coming from tranny chasers via closet cases.

I think he was trying to move to Austin so there's that but yeah, he's ridiculous if he thinks he's gonna be welcome there with open arms in the state as a whole.

No. 1029636

> I'm not sure if Blaire is saying that he'd be clocked or he thinks he's so famous & beloved with repubs that they'll know who he is and welcome him with open arms.
Considering how narcissistic his ass is, I feel it's a little of both.

> He needs to stop letting the loud minority of trans loving repubs make him feel like they all respect or care about him. They don't care anymore then anyone else.

Eh I say let him do this. He needs to experience the dose of reality that he's not as important as he thinks he is and something like this would be the perfect learning opportunity to have that.

No. 1029637

Yeah, it's gonna be interesting if he goes on a rant about how he's getting more "misgendered" by actual conservatives who don't think he's a woman in any shape or form. Kinda like how you could tell he got bent out of shape in his "debate" with Candace Owens who referred to him as a "Grown Man" or when Ben Shapiro was calling him a man/men's pronouns throughout their debate.

No. 1032947

File: 1599161578979.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1761, 6CD81AF5-CA14-41FC-B54A-325DA0…)

Am I the only one that thinks blair looks like a deer in headlights ?

No. 1032958

Idk, but he looks like a Kardashian

No. 1032969


Wannabe Kardashian for sure

No. 1032986

People really out there saying he passes. With that face and those hips?

No. 1032999

eh he looks fine, Blaire does kind of look like a early transer because he has that huge head and literally looks like a little boy.

Like it looks like his head with through puberty but not his body. At least he's dressing normally and unlike Eden and nikita Blaire doesn't look like a walking sex doll tranny freak 100% of the time.

No. 1033001

and those pants do look like they are hanging off his hips, very ill fitting pants, but he's looked worst.

No. 1033014

Eh. Pass. Some contours are suspect, but that's the case with shooping and implants.

No. 1033105

As ugly as he is, this is probably a better photo of him. Congrats Bob for leaving the hip pads behind this time.

No. 1033106

He should wear more business casual clothes like this, looks way better than the slutty party dresses

No. 1033145

This looks so much better than the usual Orlando stripper visiting LA shit. I actually like it a lot.

… I want to hike up those pants though. The bulge can’t be THAT big???

No. 1033926


I don't think that Blaire dresses badly overall, at least not compared to a lot of troons. His outfits are well put together tbh, likely because he's a gay man. A lot of actual women have narrow hips and have the same issue in women's clothing, I think he does his best considering. It's not realistic to wear business casual everyday. Straight men usually have no idea about how to piece outfits together and when they troon out they usually look like they ran through a dusty old thrift store with glue on their bodies or they dress like a sexualized toddler.

No. 1033937

File: 1599311363536.png (Spoiler Image,674.83 KB, 960x540, 23DB70E8-597F-4D1E-93E3-C526E7…)

Ladies, what’s stopping you from obtaining a man like this?

No. 1033941

I don't have a penis.

No. 1033943

Pick mes always have ugly significant others. Troon or no Troon.

No. 1033947

Why tf hasn't he has a implant revisions yet? they look fucking terrible.

No. 1034025

damn they both look horrible in this picture, In fact almost every picture I've seen of blaire that he isn't posed in he always looks different.
And i've never looked at his man, but did he put on some pounds? Was he always this chubby?I know he's really short.

I was so afriad to click that spoiler because I thought it was going to be Blaire naked or Joey naked.
Instead I got rock hard tits, tranny "o" face and a fat back chaser.

No. 1034026

i never looked at his man for a long time

No. 1034575

I see he's wearing those hip pad things again lol.

The face thing is so true. Yeah sure, from far away he may "pass" but get up close and really focus on his face and you start to see his male features even with the filters.

I've gotta ask. If Blaire was just living in reality and not foolishly thinking there is anything "woman" about him and was just being the man he is who just likes to dress the way he does, would you guys still say anything?

No. 1034576

Pretty sure he's still wearing them, at least it looks like it. The way he's trying to prop up his right leg and you just can't help but notice that unnatural curvature at the top… Yeah pretty he's wearing pads.

Seems like he's maybe trying to prepare to dress more conservative for when he moves to Texas

No. 1034578

Eh, I mean beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I personally never found his boyfriend attractive though it was also the same for me with Preggory (ShoeOnHead's ex) who so many people were saying how attractive he is but I just didn't really feel the same. Then again I'm not really into the whole dad bad look.

No. 1035705

Doesn’t Blaire hate fat people? Why is he engaged to this blob?

No. 1035778


They are a good couple. Blob and bob

No. 1035830

Stop making me laugh with your unsaged shitposts

No. 1035944

Maybe he doesn't like Fat women? If you're referring to that one video he did on the Fat Acceptance movement years ago, it was only fat women in the video.

No. 1036040

Blaire is a pick me troon so he pretends to hate on fat women. He wants to signal out the message to his incel audience that he will never be fat like them but he's OK with fat men, though.

No. 1037066

File: 1599863096874.png (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 1018x570, Untitled.png)

No. 1037100

Oof…that really proves how much he cat fishes.

No. 1037109

That's just… unfortunate, no amount of surgery or hip pads will change bone structure

No. 1037196

Holy fuck anon, what video is that from?
Really goes to show that every bit of him in his pictures are fake or manipulated, he still has the body of a skinny man.

No. 1037200

I never realized how big his shoulders are they do not look that way on video.

No. 1037225

Well tbf, he always has hair out in front laying above them so you can't really notice just how big and wide his shoulders really are. I mean you can kinda get a glimpse here >>1000798

But aside from that yeah, the only time you notice what his body looks like is if his picture or video is recorded by someone other than himself or his boyfriend.

No. 1042813

Taf is literally all angles and has admitted as much.

No. 1042822

File: 1600727928769.png (203.55 KB, 332x543, ooooo.PNG)

those man hips omfg

No. 1042861

File: 1600731620711.jpeg (187.61 KB, 831x1303, 79C7EBE1-D2C4-480A-9FFE-3E68F5…)

No. 1043030

that's a man maury

No. 1043117

What? He has wider hips than me.

No. 1043126

he should cut his hair to mid-back length and get some face framing layers, the heavy untrimmed length its at now creates a weird line that emphasizes his lack of curves. the super long thin pieces also look shaggy as hell

No. 1043146


Wasn’t there some kebab on Twitter saying how women should be as feminine as Robbie? It was that pic with him on the treadmill.

Chasers continue picking up Ls.

No. 1043161

I'm guess this picture wasn't taken by Joey because damn, if you stare at his face for a good few seconds, you can see his masculine features popping out.

It's not his real hair, he wears extensions. His real hair comes up to about his shoulders I believe.

No. 1043188

damn, he can't even commit to growing his hair out and damages it with extensions but wants to pretend to be some hyperfeminine "better than a real woman" ideal. pathetic

No. 1043634

File: 1600856628977.jpeg (333.45 KB, 960x1432, B2E73231-0805-4074-AA95-9806E2…)

You can totally see the butt pad in this picture and the dead look in his eyes

No. 1043637

No shape for his ass, but there's a definite shape of a bulge there. Surprised a pic showing that is out.

No. 1043695

I love the guy's body language in this, it looks like he's trying to shrink into the chair.

No. 1044873

File: 1600997919770.jpeg (468 KB, 1800x1642, AD5F7DBF-9AA5-4653-96CB-7E68E3…)

I can’t be the only who can see how manly his face is.

No. 1044910

File: 1601002074193.jpeg (2.09 MB, 1108x1699, A73FD4FC-2F6A-41BB-B543-614D3E…)

Looks like Michael Ian black

No. 1044929

He stopped wearing extensions for a while and it didn't look bad at all, his hair is just below his collar bone. I don't get the long extensions at all. They make his hair look uber greasy.

No. 1045027

File: 1601027540079.jpeg (185.96 KB, 900x1367, 70A9A0B9-FD2A-4C86-A8E7-AAFFA1…)


Yes they look like twins

No. 1045033

File: 1601028326010.jpeg (963.09 KB, 960x1071, A521C9A6-94C7-462B-AD37-1F0AAE…)

Terrible and scary in this picture, right ?

No. 1045041

this is why I side eye "straight men who go, "some of these transwomen look better then women, it's getting spooky"
They know about photoshop and manipulation when it comes to women but suddenly they believe the transwomen they "find" online look 100% like they present themselves.
Blaire looks trans or like a man, more so then I've ever seen him look. It's really shocking.
I talk a lot of shit about Blaire but when I see pictures like this I'm reminded how the same people who shit on bio women for photo manipulation and filters praise Blaire knowing he does the same shit.

No. 1045059

god, Blaire looks so uncanny…these shoulders and legs… who can even believe that he passes IRL? Possibly someone who needs glasses.

No. 1045076

>>1045033 what is happening in the crotch area… Is that an unsuccessful tuck or a micro peen?

No. 1045126

File: 1601046126466.png (454.29 KB, 533x565, faasffa.png)

why does her face have a gradient? and why is the jaw area so swollen?

No. 1045136

Damn, my dude's got some swole legs. I'm mirin

No. 1045191

You're not anon. It's been discussed quite a bit in length of how manly his face actually. You just have to do the stare trick to notice. Look at his pictures and focus on his face for a good few seconds and you'll notice lol.

No. 1045194

He wears the extensions to mask his wide-set linebacker shoulders. Notice how when he has the hair extensions in, he always makes sure to drape them in front of his shoulders, never has the hair pushed behind him or at least not on both sides anyway.

Okay I've gotta ask, is that person on the right a transman? Or is he just very short?

Just don't pay attention to those "Straight" men anon, they're deluding themselves heavily and are too scared to except that they can find other dudes attractive. Place Blaire next to an ordinary young woman and it only makes it all the more obvious how non-passable Blaire really is.

No. 1045195

> I'm reminded how the same people who shit on bio women for photo manipulation and filters praise Blaire knowing he does the same shit.

I think the the thing that pisses me off the most about this is the double standard. Women will get dragged for using photo manipulation but then troons like Blaire get all praised for it.

No. 1045196

The Gradient effect you're seeing is coming from the phone filter. What people don't realize with Blaire is that he films videos on his phone in a program like Facetune. There are actually some apps out there where you can do face-cam videos with a filter applied to your face but the downside is that if you're filming with a background with stuff in the background, it'll blur those things and make it obvious that you're using a smooth and/or blur filter. That's why Blaire films with a plain background to mask the filter effect. Because there was one time where he did film with a background and the objects behind him looked blurry.

No. 1045204

If you showed me this picture with no context of who these people are, no joke, I'd think Blaire was the only biological man and the other two were exteremely passing FTM's.

I'd be like, "oh it's three trans people hanging out" crazy how sandwitched between two men Blaire looks more manly then I've ever seen her look.

The only way to see some troons real face and body is to see pictures taken by someone else, or uploaded on someone elses account.
I once saw a picture of a troon on their account where they looked like a real doll, I saw the same picture on a friends account and they looked totally different, dude flat out created a new face and body, but the other unedited picture showed the truth.
Women do this as well but troons do this and people pretend like this is how they look. Not that it matters.
It's just funny seeing how far people go for online praise.

No. 1045241

Holy shit i used to think she passed as a woman… until I saw this thread. Man Facetune does wonders. Those shoulders

No. 1045397

blaire's outfit literally looks like a 1920s male swimsuit

No. 1045436

No. 1045437


Yeah those legs are like a buff guys legs

No. 1045438

Does anyone know what procedures he had had done?

I’m really interested in plastic surgery.

No. 1045470

This person is a guy? lmao. They kept coming up on my youtube recommended recently with transphobe and anti-feminist pandering videos, but I never clicked on them. i thought it was another Tomi Lauder type cunt but finding this out makes me feel a lot better lol. i can't imagine his audience takes him too seriously

No. 1045485

Facial feminization surgery

No. 1045488

Also boob job of course.

No. 1045530

smoothing filter on top of makeup. forehead is dark because of bronzer/contour, lots of under-eye baking + chin highlight.

No. 1045549

This takes me back to that video Blaire did with Jaclyn Glenn where they asked people on the street to guess which one of them is trans. Looking at this pic makes me flabbergasted that some of them picked Jaclyn

No. 1045642

Nose, lips, everything

No. 1046467

He had Facial Feminization surgery but more specifically, he had the bridge of his nose shaved down and his hairline lowered. That's really it. After that he was mostly getting lip fillers

No. 1046469

How much you wanna bet that most of the people who were saying Jacyln was the "Trans" one were only saying that to be polite? lol I mean you'd have to be blind to not see how mannish Blaire actually looks when next to a young feminine looking woman. I don't like Jaclyn but she's a conventionally attractive girl and I just cannot imagine people think she looks like a man when next to an actual man like Blaire.

No. 1046995

File: 1601272224408.png (603.56 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_20200927-224940.png)

He is STILL making content without research. Another mediocre man being catapulted into fame and money because stupid coomers think he's hot when he pretends to be a woman.

No. 1047109

Thats just sad tbh, trans athletes are such an easy target and it felt like blaire just needed an easy video since she hasn't got any pedo related clickbait to use this week. also no one actually said "I BELONG IN WOMEN'S SPORTS, GET OVER IT!" which is the title of the video kek. I don't personally support trans athletes using hormones and competing but reporting on an issue without researching is low.

No. 1047174


He’s just going to parrot what is popular stance. To me it reeks of typical his typical antics of loudly aligning himself to get the attention of someone. I tinfoil Joe Rogan who has brought guest after guest talking about this exact topic.

Just seems like he’s trying to get ahead of the game but putting the chips down now.

No. 1047176


Sorry for the errors half awake.

Of his typical antics*

No. 1047187

I'd never think i'd be getting annoyed by someone dunking on trans shit but when it's someone who only does it because he thinks he's a better/true trans person I'll always side eye it.
Blaire's threads have the same conversations over and over because Blaire does the same shit over and over.
I'm just waiting on the "Blaire's starting an onlyfans" announcement. It's going to be full of blurry filtered pictures of Blaire in bikinis and sneakers.

No. 1047188

It's really not surprised that he didn't do his research yet again. He's done this so much in the past when he made political videos so this really isn't anything different. Blaire doesn't have journalistic integrity and is just using a thin veil trying to show off how "passable" he is in comparison to men like that. And like >>1047109 said, it's just clear that he did another clickbait video because he doesn't have any pedo shit to talk about but he needs that coin from his clueless audience.

No. 1047196

is that the little guy from big brother or some show? He's a trump supporter?
Trans childern and trans athletes are the easiest ways to peak people when you care and actually know what you are talking about. The thing is Blaire who does not care and especially does not care about women. So it's funny when he talks about these situations.
Sidenote, someone said that Blaire's boyfriend hit him before, I'm not trying to be spoonfed but did that happen? So he's a abusive gay tranny chaser?

No. 1047287

>is that the little guy from big brother or some show? He's a trump supporter?

JC Mounduix from Big Brother, and yes. He also got reprimanded twice for touching another male contestant inappropriately in his sleep in 2018.
Blaire keeping good company.

No. 1047374

> Trans childern and trans athletes are the easiest ways to peak people when you care and actually know what you are talking about. The thing is Blaire who does not care and especially does not care about women. So it's funny when he talks about these situations.

You're right that trans children and trans athletes are some of the fastest ways to peak trans a person. Personally the thing that peaked the hell out of me was when I saw footage of how SRS is performed, fucking horrifying shit. Especially when they were saying that gross festering hole is the same as a vagina and they want kids to be able to have that like Jazz Jennings did? Fuck no.

But yeah it's clear that Blaire doesn't care about most the shit he talks about, just whatever lines his pockets.

>Abusive Gay Tranny Chaser

I remember hearing this and it's why they called off their engagement but I'm not sure if it's actually true or not. Wouldn't be surprised if it was though.

No. 1047461

Ben Shapiro on the right

No. 1047471

To think that a pic of his own body >>1045033 would've been enough to get across his point about why men shouldn't compete in womens sports, but of course he just had to find a dude who's even more swole…

No. 1048358

File: 1601457966318.jpeg (1.23 MB, 960x1597, C7964D2D-927C-4B98-897A-C47309…)

They look like brothers in this picture

No. 1048361

He looks like he just got his wisdom teeth out, jesus

No. 1048387


Blaire needs to do himself a favor and not show his legs or wear tight clothing. His body is really masculine. You think he even out the bottom half with the bolt ons.

No. 1048424

I’ve noticed a lot of mtfs will overcompensate by dressing overly ‘feminine’ (honestly more like a caricature of a woman) and all it does is emphasize their masculine features. Blaire would look 100% better and more passable if they didn’t dress like an aliexpress porn star.

No. 1048548

Is this on the MAGdits page? Blaire's friends KEEP telling on him with these pictures if so.
The only way to see how Blaire really looks is these pictures. His face looks..swollen and weird.
He does not look good.
Sidenote, I watched a video where Wanye Gross showed how some BG's use a filter over their videos and it made them look totally different. I think thats what Blaire usually uses in his.
Again, the short dude looks more softer then Blaire.

No. 1048549

*Wanye Goss

No. 1049383

But then how will he get thirsty comments from "Straight" men? lol

No. 1049390

> watched a video where Wanye Gross showed how some BG's use a filter over their videos and it made them look totally different. I think thats what Blaire usually uses in his.

Well anon, we kinda already knew that Blaire heavily filters himself in his videos. It's why his face always looks blurry when you focus on his face as well as why he usually films with a blank background to help make it not as obvious that he's using a filter. But then you see photos of him taken out in the wild by other people and we see what he really looks like.

No. 1049845

File: 1601616754428.jpeg (418.46 KB, 828x1036, 99436860-D851-4CE8-BA5E-49EEDF…)

cow crossover

No. 1049966

Wow OT he looked way better before the FFS

No. 1050190

Not that I think he looked ugly or anything but he was still using camera tricks back then as well so it's a little hard to really know but yeah, he looked better back then. When he got that nose job, he pretty much got the Michael Jackson nose when it looks too narrowed.

No. 1052389

File: 1601925494287.jpg (94.88 KB, 749x919, 1601923133245.jpg)

Blaire tried to fight with Halsey. It didn't end well for him.

No. 1052392

File: 1601925541357.jpg (64.53 KB, 713x698, 1601923264823.jpg)

She mocked him for deleting everything too, kek.

No. 1052393

File: 1601925654744.png (561.4 KB, 794x966, 983.png)

No. 1052403

i never thought id agree with halsey on anything, how the fuck do you make yourself look stupid in front of halsey?

No. 1052404

we've been seeing a lot of Blaire's true face nowadays.
Anyway, he needs to shut the fuck up and stop trying to call people out.
Those chasers and "fans" got him thinking he's untouchable. Again he's caught not doing his research.

No. 1052405

also it's pissing me off this man is picking fights with women. Go fight with other troons and men.

No. 1052418

If fucking Halsey is in the right about something you know you look like a dumbass.

No. 1052439

Halsey is laughable but Blaire really clowned herself this time.

No. 1052571

File: 1601941378097.jpeg (1.27 MB, 960x1290, 212E47E4-0A1B-42A1-B34A-736F32…)

I’m sure he thinks he looks so badass.
Haha nope!

No. 1052577

man he has zero cleavage

No. 1052616

Dwarf proportions

No. 1053210

Does he overphotoshop to the extreme or is this just how disproportionate he really is…?

No. 1053871

Well there is some definite editing going on what with how his face looks. We've all seen how box-like his body is so I think there might be some editing on his hip to push it out more to create a curvature.

No. 1055528

File: 1602303422270.jpeg (55.34 KB, 828x200, EAC752BC-CC0A-49AB-A621-1A99CE…)

Anyone notice his followers dipped below 1m as of about a week ago?

No. 1055542

File: 1602305780349.jpeg (223.56 KB, 540x902, 08516919-E9CF-4169-8C2C-7B2F03…)


On social blade around 10/06/20 Blaire lost a bunch of followers and again a couple a days ago. Maybe it was a combination on what was happening on Twitter and the walkway thing.

Nobody posted the full outfit so here it is. I see he’s attempting to corset train now instead of relying on butt pads.

No. 1055550

If that's a corset it's doing an absolutely trash job kek

No. 1055565

It's probably because Blaire got called out by another trans youtuber (Sam Collins)

No. 1055572

Yeah I noticed that video popped up in my feed. Frankly I'm over watching these delusional men thinking theyre women and women thinking they're men argue, at least to where I don't want to sit through it but do you mind giving us a little synopsis of what he was getting called out for this time? Was it about how Blaire lied about the trans athlete?

Gotta agree with >>1055550 , Corset isn't doing him any favors. Also gotta do that hair trick again otherwise they'll see his lineback broad shoulders. I'll give him this though, this isn't the worst outfit he's done lol.

No. 1055579

So the quote that Blaire put in the title of the video was a lie
The athlete in question, Janae, has never and stated will never compete in women's sports
And because of Blaire's lies, Janae got a lot of harassment from the video
There's also a brief mention that Blaire definitely didn't read the JKR book and lied about the info in that video too

No. 1055582

So it was Blaire once again lying out his ass for clicks/views and once again, his deceitful ass made someone receive a lot of undeserved hate. Classy. Seriously can this dude like get cancelled now since he's shown that he doesn't even look into the source material he's commenting on? How he has been able to stay around this long while making fumbling content is interesting but it's getting old.

No. 1055594

Blaire getting officially cancelled along the lines of Shane Dawson would be funny as hell considering he makes his living off of cancelling people and sending (often unwarranted) hate to others from his fans.

Have you noticed since he stopped focusing on Riley Dennis, the like-to-dislike ratio on Riley’s videos is mostly positive, with 90% positive comments? As opposed to 2016-2017 when Blaire was making dozens of tweets and videos about him and Riley’s videos were getting tens of thousands more views (Blaire’s audience) who were disliking them and harassing him? Riley is a delusional idiot don’t get me wrong but he’s nowhere near as malicious as Blaire and it shows you what happens when a YouTuber with influence targets others. Plus Riley never said anything to or about Blaire except a vague tweet where he didn’t accept the apology video in which Blaire halfassedly apologized for assuming he wasn’t “trutrans” (which he owed Blaire nothing, especially after Blaire ruined his online career for a bit).

No. 1055595

Blaire face keeps getting longer and longer. I didn't watch any of the troon babble from any of the videos, so was Blaire on JKR side? Did he say the book was about something it wasn't to defend or to make JKR look bad?
Regardless, if the right wing said only transwome who passed and were like Blaire were women, 100% Blaire would be screaming about girl dick and how he's a woman.
The left allows ANYONE, Blaire does not like that. He does not care about trans atheletes, he does not care about JKR, he only repeats what he feels will get him attention and make him seem like a "trua and honest transwomen".
I'm happy I never feel for the "blaire has sense, she's one of the good ones, I'll call her, a woman because x, y and z"
No. he's not.
I've said it a million times, if everyone is brave and stunning, what does it matter if Blaire puts money and effort into her looks? if everyone is a woman what does it matter if Blaire tries to act/look like one?
On the right, a lot of people just think troons are disgusting, to Blaire if he can repeat talking points not even caring to research them then he could make them go, "I just hate non-passing left troons, ones like Blaire are women"
If the left suddenly decided troons needed to do this or that in order to be considered trans, Blaire would be right over defending all the crazy shit.

No. 1055597

Also sorry for the shitty writing i'm drunk rn.

No. 1055598

>Riley is a delusional idiot don’t get me wrong but he’s nowhere near as malicious as Blaire
Idk, Riley has always seemed gross and rapey to me after he kept saying that not dating/fucking trans people was “transphobic.”

No. 1055603

Kek, I was wondering/doubting if Blaire actually read that book for the video

No. 1055724

File: 1602339452611.jpeg (113.36 KB, 960x758, 30FDE71F-E7CE-4C1F-BF12-BD7C8D…)

Why dose blair make these facial expressions ?

No. 1055727

This reminds me of Carol Channing.

No. 1055753

I've thought of Steve Tyler

No. 1055758

This is spot on anon.

No. 1055773

Oh dear Riley "rapey" Dennis. Honestly Riley is pretty bad because of his rhetoric towards Lesbians but for the sake of the comment you made, yeah I noticed that as soon as Blaire stopped talking about him, while his viewership went down, he hasn't received much hate and usually is getting positive comments and likes (even though it's mostly coming from clueless children being brainwashed into the Trans cult lol). I also remember Blaire's fake ass apology video which was hilarious because you knew his skeeving ass didn't mean it and he was only doing it for clicks/money because at that time, his channel was struck for demonetization and he saw this as a potential big paycheck.

No. 1055777

Took me out anon lol But yeah, totally Steve Tyler .

No. 1056209

As someone who tighlaces irl, that "corset" looks like $60 ebay trash. When buying a corset,you get what you pay for and you have to break them in and… whatever. She has such tacky fucking taste and I hate it.
Basically Blaire said Rowling's antagonist's cross dressing only made one page of the book, but his whole character was based around gender identity issues being a fetish. Not terribly different from Silence of the Lambs, but Blaire got her information off of a tweet and did no research, let alone pick up a book.

No. 1056284

So Blaire didn't even read the book…

No. 1056699

So much shit stuck onto a face.. reminds me of brazil

No. 1057649

File: 1602604606054.jpeg (89.01 KB, 828x504, 5A3DC9A0-64F9-46BE-9DE8-A89160…)

His followers are at 997k followers now. Lost another 1k

It’s stable now but for anyone interested in the downfall:

No. 1057738

Is this blaires fat husband

No. 1057749


caitlyn jenner is even hotter, duh

No. 1057800

File: 1602610745605.jpg (136.31 KB, 477x894, Laverne_Cox_by_Sachyn_Mital_cr…)


imagine simping for some ugly white bitch when goddess laverne is right here

No. 1057813

I mean, they are both still men so.

No. 1057823

imagine simping for any man because he looks better playing pretend.

No. 1058389

He still sounds like a gay man and is built like a line backer

No. 1059468

what the fuck is this

No. 1059501

File: 1602795057748.jpg (115.59 KB, 1200x801, sammy-sosa.jpg)

Sammy sosa lookin troon

No. 1059575

File: 1602803728060.png (4.36 MB, 1624x750, 0952A43A-DFD4-4BD1-8247-2805D3…)

But I thought you and Shane were good friends Robbie? Weren’t you trying to cozy up to Jeff and be the third in the friendship?
Rob caught lying hard on the trans athlete video and dancing to a former friend demise.

Side note when Rob dabs in the video you can see his real hair fling out. Still using cheap weave and can’t blend his hair still I see.

No. 1059585

Real hair, real face and body exposed for the 30th time

No. 1059622

File: 1602811473510.jpeg (321.97 KB, 828x786, B0326D5C-89F8-49A0-9C7C-BCE3F9…)

>get shit on for wrecking someone’s personal image and lying about them
>ignore it
>lose 10k subscribers after 3 weeks
>”guise im sorry ;__;”

No. 1059624

File: 1602811499916.jpeg (321.56 KB, 1242x1623, 41372EA3-86B7-4AF7-B9CF-DC73F8…)

No. 1059626

File: 1602811594302.jpeg (281.54 KB, 1231x1510, 9AA09F84-2439-46D0-AC52-03E6BF…)

No. 1059786

What video?

No. 1059831

God ever since Rucka is taking it up the pooper his raps took a nose dive and its all he can talk and rap about now. He's even had ONISION in one of his videos, of all people. If that isn't a career ender I don't know what is.
So his excuse is needing to shit out content quick for shekels, but not doing the research. And how is that working out for you there, Robbie?
Yeah, maybe you should leave LA. In shame.

No. 1059845

File: 1602854696000.png (819.45 KB, 796x1338, 89392h.png)

And supposedly, it was actually on purpose. Not sure what he thought he was doing.
This is worse than when he tried to take on Halsey and just humiliated himself in the process.

No. 1059846

He's been on the internet, literally doing this and having it done to him for so long, and he didn't know that it would easily figured out? Is this just some publicity stunt or attempt at an easy out for his internet career?

No. 1059878

It seems like whenever he's in motion you can see his true self. I can see why he's so rigid in his videos where he tries not to move too much lol.

No. 1059882

I don't understand why it's so hard for him to admit he was wrong and give a sincere apology. He's not really sorry, he's just saying this half ass apology because he finally got caught being a disingenuous twit and is losing subscribers & followers like crazy. I didn't know he lost 10k subs, that's quite a lot.

No. 1059884

I think it's a publicity stunt. Unless Blaire is like moving into Hollywood to become a big star, I don't see him leaving YouTube because it's where he makes most of his money from.

No. 1059885

Robbie is like June in that way, just assuming they have enough clout in their respective parts of the community that they can get away with not researching anything, using clickbait, and then easily wave it away with an "oops, sorry!" if it's ever picked up on by their fans.

No. 1060000

Do you think people will ever finally get the hint that these people are shallow grifters who couldn't care less about the topics they cover?

No. 1060031

This is just what Shane Dawson is attempting to do. Stay away for a while, make a grand return with a video that will trend heavily.
It's just that Blaire hasn't been demonetized so it's going to be easier in this case.

No. 1060115

You're right and it's depressing how these people do not get what they're trying to do. Sweep it all under and pretend like nothing happened.

No. 1060371

>I don't understand why it's so hard for him to admit he was wrong and give a sincere apology.
Because he's a narcissist.

No. 1060527

He really has to be if he can never admit to when he royally fucks up and can't accept accountability for his own actions. Because this isn't the first time he's done something like this.

No. 1061062

File: 1603029882930.jpg (52.38 KB, 854x480, Robbay.jpg)

He has to have seen this, its mentioned in that Drama and Opinions video. Yet it was giving him a major chubby just slandering his fellow trannie. Which is a dick move to do, but Robbie doesn't give a shit.

No. 1061087

File: 1603031689407.jpg (100.88 KB, 994x994, blaire_himmler.jpg)

its funny how she tries to cater to the right while really they'd want nothing to do with her.
i guess she's doing it to please her nazi boyfriend..

No. 1061112

Anon did you make this or did Brair post it?

No. 1061133

ffs you don't need to make shit up, he's done enough cow-ish things by himself.

No. 1061153

I thought it was pretty obvious that this was edited. But I guess to some of you, it isn't.
Let me clarify this: It was edited by me.

No. 1061275

don't get your titties in a twist, I knew it wasn't posted by Blaire. I just said you don't need to make shit up, he does enough cow-ish stuff alone.

No. 1061280

>don't get your titties in a twist
>you don't need to make shit up, he does enough cow-ish stuff alone.
define irony.
I was never angry, I just clarified it for you. Sorry I can't type in a tone of voice for you.
What else do you need me to explain to you today?
Always willing to help.

No. 1061283

I'm sorry I upset you because I didn't find your shitpost funny. Happy?

No. 1061289

Actually not really, I'm upset because you're upset. Is there anything I can do to make it better?
I promise I will never make a joke here again.

No. 1061491

Joey's a nazi?

No. 1061595

No idea.

I do wonder if his farts still make noise.

No. 1063201

File: 1603314696344.jpeg (88.69 KB, 828x495, EE62531F-A9EB-4A5E-804C-EC24D9…)

His upper left shoulder looks unnatural if you stare at it long enough. Snow is a useful app for these fags.

Also I’m really enjoying seeing all this delicious milk coming from Blaire, I disliked him for so long despite the fact that he wasn’t terribly milky but over the last few months he’s really shown everyone his true colors.

Any chance he’ll ever make it back to 1m before getting canceled again?

No. 1063210


It will probably take a longer time to come back from the back to back shenanigans Robbie pulled but I’m sure he’ll manage to somehow.

He’ll just make videos again in a week or so like nothing happened. Maybe focus on pedos again or whatever is the next internet punching bag.

Maybe he’ll try to gain sympathy by saying this all put stress on his relationship and mental health.

No. 1063223

>He’ll just make videos again in a week or so like nothing happened. Maybe focus on pedos again or whatever is the next internet punching bag.

Agree, I suspect he’ll come back after some other internet retard gets enough hate for him to make a video on it, because he’s made it his goal since Day One of his YT to be a “likeable” tranny by throwing others under the bus and make people believe he looks good in comparison. However I do think more people are catching on to that and it’ll bite him in the ass once he tries going back to it. Even many of his former fans are being vocal on social media about smelling his shit and turning against him.

No. 1065574

File: 1603360633573.jpeg (212.99 KB, 866x1217, E837C9AB-451D-4EEA-9C23-DE227D…)

How goofy dose blair look here?

No. 1065581

fuck he looks like every owo troon pussyboy that make his entire life about his sissy fetish, i almost puked

No. 1065582

Those legs. So stubby.

No. 1065584

Can Blaire even get it up? He gives me shrunken dick vibe, in fact they both give me little dick vibes.

Is this recent? He's wearing that purse he wears with every outfit so it feels like it is. Why does he look a teenage boy on a disney show cross-dressing as a famous singer so he can get backstage?

No. 1065585

He's wearing hip pads and still looks like a box

No. 1065589


Funny thing is that blair probably thought this was a moment(emoji)

No. 1065595

this is so oddly specific lol

No. 1065598

He needs to tuck his shirt in and wear high waisted pants. I have a similar body type (actual woman) and I look like SpongeBob in mid rise pants and a longer shirt.

No. 1065601

Kek, but you can't say it's not on point. He's dressed like a one episode character from Hannah Montana.
Has Blaire ever explained why he won't just get the Nikita/Eden hips and ass? I know he's small but so is eden and troons don't care about fucking up their bodies until they want kids/have complications.

No. 1065603

Remember when somebody asked about his height and he smugly replied with something along the lines of "I'm not one of those disgusting tall troons"?
In every video he's dolled up to hell but at an actual event he wears sneakers?

No. 1065637

File: 1603371389815.jpeg (5.52 MB, 3024x4030, 5B69CF31-0FA0-4A08-8ED2-B80F76…)


This was in June this year. To throw Robbie a bone it was a rather casual event most people dressed up in simple dresses with flats or heels.

Robbie doesn’t have a lot of outfits that are flattering to wear outside of his bedroom. It’s why he keeps wearing the same shit. He’s been addicted to that purse and a white Hermès bracelet. Maybe it’s the only luxury items he has.

No. 1065649

The outfit would've been ugly but better if he just tucked his shirt in. I feel like he didn't because like you said it was a casual event and he didn't feel like tucking.

No. 1066389

Blaire has always been milky. Not super frequently but like at least every other month though it was mostly happening on Twitter and Blaire would usually delete stupid things he's said rather quickly when they got backlash or someone called him out.

> Any chance he’ll ever make it back to 1m before getting canceled again?

Honestly with how men like Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star can manage to keep above water despite it being shown that they are awful people, I'm sure the same will happen with Blaire, it'll probably just take awhile since I feel like a lot of people will be viewing what he says with a microscope after this big shit show. But do I think he'll get back to 1million? Begrudgingly yes and when he inevitably fucks up again, people will act super shocked yet again lol.

No. 1066391

I'm so disgusted at seeing how much of a possibility this is gonna be. Play the mental health card for your shitty shitty actions and the sycophant fans will eat it up like candy.

"lIkE yOU dOn'T uNdErStANd, BLaIRe wAs uNdEr a LoT oF StReSs."

What even is this outfit? Looks like a jumbled mess of different things put together and doesn't really match but maybe it's just me. I don't know what's trendy these days lol.

No. 1066395

Yeah I noticed as well. It's because hip pads can only do so much for a skinny man. Biggest error I see is the leg he's trying to push the weight on, the curve looks slight and just abruptly goes straight down, no natural curvature at all.

His fetish won't allow for it. High-waisted pants aren't usually seen as sexy to troons like this and they prefer pants that will show the waist and hips.

> Has Blaire ever explained why he won't just get the Nikita/Eden hips and ass? I know he's small but so is eden and troons don't care about fucking up their bodies until they want kids/have complications.

What did Nikita & Eden have done? I'm new to hearing this. Did they get like hip injections?

Man seeing pictures of him placed next to a woman makes his maleness stick out even further. Anyway I feel like Blaire is probably taller than some people may think. I feel like he might be 5'7 - 5'8".

No. 1068550

Blaire briefly talked about how he's getting a neovag in his latest video.


No. 1068582

I bet his straight boyfriend will love this. You know the same boyfriend who worked with drag queens, sucks dick and has dated troons.
Because thats what straight men do, they mainly date women with dicks.

(im not watching Blaire, is he joking or not? If not, then seriously, wow. Sometimes I feel like he has no sex drive anyway and just lays there and let Joey get off. So maybe he has no use for it)

No. 1068584

I know Nikita has a lot of work done on her body and it looks weird in motion.

No. 1068614

File: 1603767430665.jpg (Spoiler Image,202.77 KB, 1124x1380, subtle.jpg)

>Did they get like hip injections?

In Nikita's case, that's an understatement.

No. 1068623

and he still looks like a man in the face and next to any woman. Him and Blaire have the generic tranny look in pictures and person.
Sad what these men do to themselves.

No. 1068675


Robbie says things just to say it. It’s to get clicks for his videos and that’s it.

He made a whole video about not talking about his family life anymore to protect his family/privacy/to get kids in the future. But I remember like a week later it was back to live streams complaining about his dad’s side of his family and a video of him drunk on the floor.

He’s not getting a Neo vag or plans on having kids. He’s been engaged going on 3 years now with a rocky relationship. I’m sure he would leave Robbie if he went through with it.

No. 1068796

Blaire is not someone I hate enough to want him to go through w this. Getting a neovag is legit a life-ruining thing; even the best of them are a nightmare I don’t wish on anyone (expect maybe Jonathan Yaniv). I really hope he backs out of this, or gets a no-depth one.

No. 1068797

wasn't it kind of his thing to be a feminine presenting troon with a dick intact?

No. 1068870

I thought he was very adamant on keeping his dick? This is strange

No. 1068988

Honestly anon, don't believe a word he says. He's a pathological liar and he's been talking about getting a neovag since like 2018 but he never went through with it. He only says this so he can keep up his appearance of being "true trans" when in reality, he's not anymore of a woman than the loons he harps about and he knows that his "straight" boyfriend will dump his ass as soon as he gets his dick inverted. So really anon, don't believe him because just watch, he'll pull out at the last minute with some funny excuse for why he decided against it.

No. 1068989

Yeah I've never seen Nikita's body till now but after seeing this >>1068614 holy fuck is that just bad. Aside from the laughable face filter and makeup because I've seen what he looks like without those things and he just looks like a man with long hair, those hips are absolutely ridiculous. I can only imagine how hilarious he looks when walking since it seems like he did what all these troons do which is get their hips and ass massive while having skinny ass legs. Not cute and won't look good when they age.

No. 1068994

You're wasting your breath. Don't worry, he's not oing through with it. I think even he knows just how retarded it would be to have that procedure when like 99% of the time there will be expected problems that will make life unbearable and make you want to commit suicide because you really did fuck up your body at that point.

I don't think so. He never really talked much about his dick except for answering a question where he said he still had it.

No. 1069131

File: 1603835883100.jpeg (839.42 KB, 1079x1099, 617611D4-B801-419B-85A5-1BBEEE…)

I mean, it’s worse in candids. Very similar to bobs “hips”.

No. 1069359

Apology Video, doesn't really admit to lying and excluding info but does mention not doing enough research.

No. 1069373

Holy fuck, talk about light bulb build. How are they so delusional to think that looks good? Is the fetish game that strong? lol

No. 1069374

Meh that's the best you're gonna get. He never admit being wrong and lying. But here we go, I can't wait to see his fans eat it up.

No. 1070247

Bout time Robbie apologized to Matthew.

No. 1070354

You really think his apology was sincere? lol

No. 1070377


About as sincere as his fake tits, or his love for Joey "despite" him being rich as shit and having tons of connections in the media industry.

No. 1070902

File: 1604043433303.jpg (28.41 KB, 400x400, 5661697.jpg)

Awesome lol.

No. 1071529

idk what other anons think about frasier but imo he railed blaire's ass in this video
sage cause im a newfag and i mostly lurk /ot/ ang /g/ so im not sure if this is the right thread… kthnxbai

No. 1071549

The video was annoying because it feels like this dude is playing dumb. Let's be real, he knows why Blaire titled the video the way he did. Blaire knew that if he titled it properly, it would be him admitting he was wrong publicly to his audience and that the video would've gotten just as many views as the original slanderous video got.

He's not being sincere, he's not really sorry. He's just sorry he got caught and lost close to 10k+ followers/subscribers for it. Either these people are really that stupid to not see Blaire is a disingenuous liar or they don't want to admit that they know he is but it's getting really old.

No. 1072187

to me, the most unbelievable part of the 'apology' video was that apparently, the reason it took over two weeks to take down the video (something that takes two seconds to do) was because Blaire couldn't figure out the difference between lies being called out and unfair criticism

No. 1072511

Yeah Blaire was just being ridiculous when he said that. If a ton of people are saying that you got something wrong with in your content, there's a good chance that you fucked up. To say it's just "haters" is just asinine.

No. 1072530

File: 1604252506436.jpg (655.6 KB, 1649x2160, 20-11-01-12-34-43-170_deco.jpg)

dangelowallace is apparently working on a Blaire video

No. 1072701

File: 1604268532034.jpeg (575.72 KB, 2048x2048, 4DBF8425-17E0-48B2-8D0B-2A1FB9…)

Bit of a disconnect here.

No. 1072705

no amount of facial feminization surgery can make up for that blatantly male body blaire has lol

No. 1072708

I enjoyed his videos on Shane Dawson. I think he makes good content! Can’t wait for this video.

No. 1072723

i can't believe blaire is so obsessed with shitting on other troons for how they look when that's what they look like unshooped

No. 1072753

Hm well of course he would, Dangelowallace is one of those drama investigation channels so naturally Blaire would be on his list.

That Wonder woman edit makes his head look massive compared to his body.

It's pure projection on his part.

No. 1072903

Who the hell is Photoshopping Blaire to look janked up like this? They don't even know what a woman looks like, unless said person is Blaire himself. Kek.

No. 1072924

of all the many things wrong with this picture, i think the strangest is the "thigh gap"

No. 1072941

Wait Joey's rich?? If he's rich how come Blaire always looks so tacky and has one purse? I find it funny thinking of Joey as this rich short guy thinking he has a trophey tranny wife. It' kind of like Briana Wu and her short asian husband, except he seems to actually love his trans wife, while Joey and Blaire's relationship is weird to me.

Wow, the muffin top that makes him look more manly and wide, the big ass, fake hips on top of thin legs, the obviously lady boy face, that looks like shit whenever he moves it.

No. 1073006

The thigh gap shoop makes it look like he's wearing diapers

No. 1073056

oh yes, and he's connected to all the right people in the media. how do you think Robbie is getting all those interviews and shoots etc? nobody cares, but he arranges it and then Robbie can do that shit. Robbie is clever like that, thats also why he hangs out with Jaclyn Glenn. Get to know the right people and suddenly its almost like you're relevant.
Plus a lot of money never hurt anyone either.
He is failing in LA though thats why they're now leaving in shame to live in what is it, bumfuck idaho?
Well its suitable.

No. 1073250

I didn't know that Joey was rich but what you said makes a lot of sense. Thinking back, when Blaire got with Joey, that is when he started getting all those interviews and photoshoots. I think the only guest appearance he got on his own was when he went on Shane Dawson's show a few years back but aside from that, he was just a run of the mill anti sjw youtuber tranny edition.

I think it also explains why he's so reluctant to leave Hoey after learning he can be violent. He knows that if he leaves him, he will go back to being a nobody and won't be able to get interview and easy photoshoots

No. 1073290

kim kardashian is this delusional so it unfortunately doesn't really surprise me

No. 1073303

but the gag is he still is a nobody. Blaire's not interesting besides having a dick and pretending to go agaisnt the troon grain, when truth is he only hates when ugly troons act out.
Blaire does not want to be in female spaces, he does not want women, this is all so he can dunk on other troons.
Joey sounds disgusting a violent short chaser who can't admit he's gay/bisexual. I also feel like he has a small dick or something is off with him so he can't upgrade from Blaire for another youtube trans.
Both seem kind of stuck. I'm still waiting on Blaire to launch a onlyfans though.
It's going to happen and it'll just be boring ass photoshopped filtered pictures.

Blaire makes dating a well off guy seem so…boring. Everytime troons like him have money they always go all out with clothes, hair, make up etc.
To be so into his looks he does nothing interesting with it.

No. 1073344

True. Man or woman, that look does not look good at all and I can only imagine what it's gonna look like when they age. Saggy baboon asses and all.

No. 1073350

he's a major media producer, its claimed on his website: https://www.joeysarson.com it says here that he works for World of Wonder productions: https://everipedia.org/wiki/lang_en/joey-sarson which is a pretty big production company, ironically I know them from the movie "Party Monster" about Michael Alig.
Personally given how Robbie hangs out with all the right people I wouldn't say its a coincidence he's with him. I had no idea he hit Robbie, he looks like such a soy boy I wouldn't see that in him, however when you look at other soy boys like "Mr Girl" from the infamous Cuties review I can't say i'm all too surprised.
You're absolutely right, if Joey leaves Robbie, Robbie goes back to being an absolute nobody.
What I notice is that Robbie always goes for low hanging, uglier, over-ripe fruit. He'll go for the fat ugly more manly looking trannies so he can feel better. Joey doesn't admit to being a fag? haha i'm not surprised. I bet thats where Robbie gets his whole pro-Trump bullshit from. Most rich folks like Joey are pro-Trump. And then of course also the stupid poor people that don't realize Trump isn't their friend. But sorry, no political debate here. I'm not pro nor anti-Trump, I don't really care. I'd say if Joey leaves Robbie, Robbie will make an onlyfans. Mark my words. If he does though he better hurry, he's already what, 30? Thats like 87 in troon years.

No. 1073351

Oh I wasn't saying that Blaire is interesting. He's as boring and lifeless as his dead-eyed fish look he does in most of his thumbnails. I just meant that he gives off the illusion of being more important than he actually is like during the whole Dahvie Vanity situation or the Jeffree Star thing where he said he supposedly knew one of the victims but didn't want to say anything. He just gives off a fake illusion of importance when he's just a social climbing clout chaser and that being with Joey kinda amplifies this undeserved ego because of all his connections.

I do agree with you that their relationship just seems boring and fake at best. They're only with each other for convenience and probably in Joey's case, lack of other options. I'd love to see Blaire start an OnlyFans, the photoshopping would be hilarious to see kek.

No. 1073354

When you look at Joey's instagram I wouldn't say its as much lack of options but the fact that he enjoys the cock and is afraid of admitting he's a fag. Just look at his pictures, he tries too hard, which is a dead giveaway for the latent homosexual.

No. 1073361

I mean it ain't easy for Joey, being a closeted Nazi as well as a closeted gay. Those two don't mix very well among his republican buddies.
I bet he tells them he fucks Robbie up the ass like a good God fearing Christian conservative but who would believe him?
Can't go out and publicly say he hates n…. and can't go out to just proclaim how he loves the cock. That boy is fucked either way you sliced it. He's caught between a cock and a hard place.

No. 1073363

Oh wow thanks for the extra info on Joey. Yeah apparently he's a bigger deal in the entertainment industry than we realized aside from him working on RuPaul's Drag Race. I didn't know he worked on Party Monster but point made. Joey has some bank and Blaire most likely wants to hold onto this plus the connections. Because without Joey, aside from him being essentially a nobody, he would not be able to live comfortably in the area he is currently in on his own.

And Blaire going after uglier troons is definitely a self-ego thing and as discussed before, to fool his fans into thinking he's better while the reality is his actual looks are no different than some of the troons he mocks. And yeah I noticed a lot of rich people are Trump supporters and that's most likely why Blaire is all for him since Joey is. I'd have to wonder if he'd be as big a supporter if he wasn't dating him since I don't believe Blaire comes from a rich family.

Oh and Blaire was born in 1993 so I think he's 26 or 27 by now.

So I took a look at his Instagram and while he's not super active on it I do see what you mean. I feel like the reason why he's so against admitting his obvious homosexuality/bisexuality may have to do with his Republican background. A lot of gay guys who come from Republican families tend to wait a little longer to come out if they do and I feel like he's one of those guys who probably won't come out until he's in his 40s or 50s.

No. 1073368

Nah not Joey, the company World of Wonder made that documentary, which I reckon was before he started working there considering that documentary i meant is from like 1997 or so I think. Also, his imdb credits are very little, he didn't do that much but I bet he does assignments here and there for world of wonder.
I honestly doubt Robbie would even think politics if it werent for Joey, and for him I think its a novelty. Like how he wore that trump hat outside. I bet Joey was going "Oh yeah I wonder how people would react if a hot babe like you would wear a trump hat outside!" next thing they know poor Robbie is getting attacked "Look guys theres a weird Mexican crossdressing midget wearing a MAGA hat!" and he broke a nail. Call the ambulance, poor thing.
About Joey's instagram yeah I think he's a total closet case. And so he thinks its safer to walk around with Robbie who in public without a million filters and good lighting sorta looks like a girl if you squint your eyes and not look directly at him.
I'd say Robbie better hold on to him well because a. Joey is evolving, him just being with Robbie is already proving that, b. Robbie is aging and c. pretty soon the novelty is wearing off and i'd say one day Joey would just go for what he fantasizes about: a man who isn't in drag, just.. a man.
That, in a nutshell, is my theory.

No. 1073499

lol WoW is most well known for producing Drag Race and other LGBT content.

No. 1073539

coincidence Joey would pick specifically THAT production company to work for, innit?

No. 1073547

I think he's just a web content producer willing to work for peanuts, that's what World of Wonder looks for in an employee.

No. 1073549

could be, I really don't know enough about them to judge that. what i have seen though is that he used his influence to try and advance Robbie's career. i also doubt very much that his friendship with Jaclyn is a coincidence.

No. 1073825

I feel like his friendship with Jaclyn was not a coincidence neither. In fact it's pretty clear that Blaire is a social climber, he tries to get in with popular YouTubers in hopes that his own channel increases but his interest is not in genuine friendship, just popularity. I honestly feel like the only real friendship he may have had was with ShoeOnhead but mostly because Shoe kisses Tranny ass and can't get along with real women because she sees them as competition. But other than that, we've seen how Blaire can be a faker trying to cozy up to certain YouTubers. Remember when he tried to brown nose james Charles during his first drama with Jeffree Star and Tati add James up and ignored him and then he tried to do the same with Jeffree Star with similar results and then finally with Trisha Paytas. It's just clear to see how he's trying to operate.

No. 1073892

Claire would be 100% happy being Nikita, little talent, a good agent and possibly a escort who gets in to parties/ places with “famous” ppl but isn’t friends.
Thing is Blaire seems kinda of racist, Nikita social climbs through female artists mainly rappers, most being black.
Blaire wants to social climb through gay men and you tubers.
Blaire also does not have the looks or style to become a professional trans hanger on, he does not know how to dress, he’s not funny or sassy and he’s right wing.
There’s a reason why Blaire hangs only with got her gay men and very few women

No. 1073895

blaire not Claire my auto correct sucks

No. 1073941

thats exactly robbie's problem, he's trying to cater to an audience that wants nothing to do with him. thanks to joey the wannabe conservative. they are both in exactly the same boat with that, and need to give it up.
its like a black man wanting to join the KKK, its ludicrous. and you end up with NO ONE liking you, really. thats the only logical result.
he totally is. he probably wants to be a james charles or jeffree star. i don't think that he can though, again for the exact same reason. if you wanna become famous like that you gotta appeal to tween girls, and no tween girl likes a racist or a bigot or a meanie.

No. 1074021


I think you both made really good points. Blaire probably wants to be like a Nikita, Jeffree, or James, super famous but it won't happen because he's unlikable and boring. It's a mystery how Jeffree Star has managed to get away with all his scandals but his audience are mostly tween girls and a few catty gay men but he did have somewhat of a presence before YouTube during his MySpace days when he did music (even if it was shit music lol Enough tweens gobbled it up).

Blaire doesn't have any talent and like you said, he's not funny or interesting and it's mostly his own fault because he tried so hard for years to pander to an audience who really doesn't care about him outside of being a token tranny to point to and that doesn't have any lasting appeal which is already showing since most conservative YouTubers don't even hang out with him.

No. 1074028

I just think that as an artist you shouldn't take any strong political stance and that that is where a lot of artists go wrong. Think about it, it doesn't even matter what side you pick, you are both to alienate about half your fans who will feel like "you're trying to tell them what to think and do" and "who to vote for." Even if thats not your goal, thats how they will feel, like you're a know-it-all type snob like you often hear people say about people like Bono or George Clooney. Your intentions can be good, hell they can be the best intentions in the world, and yet I feel that as an artist you shouldn't. Like you mention Robbie had tweenie bopper fans when he was younger, and that was probably because he wasn't taking a strong political stance yet back then. Tween girls don't like to be told what to think, and they will feel that someone spouting a bunch of conservative crap is "not nice". I dunno, thats just what I theorize but I could be wrong, of course.
I think most of all people are getting sick and tired of him pretending to be the king and know all end all authority on trannies. Like I said earlier he always goes for the low hanging fruit. And theres so much of it, trannies who despite their best efforts look mannish and just sorta goofy and funny. Its very easy to shit on those, its like going after Christians, like slaughtering bunny rabbits with an axe. It makes Robbie come across as a snob and a bitch, and that in combination with the conservative crap isn't helping him.
Now let me make one thing perfectly clear though: You can be gay, or trans or whatever you may be and be a conservative, thats your right, your thing. But personally I don't see it making much sense and when you're publicly doing that as a gay or trans person I think its not a good look, hell I think its even foolish to do.
Besides which, do these politicians really need or want you? Think about it. Is it up to YOU to have this whole political agenda? Politicians be it left or right are all scum, and I don't feel its up to any artist to try and force opinions on fans.

No. 1074032

One more thing to add: Now if Robbie were to choose to be sort of a fighter for gay rights, then it would be a good look for him. And it would make sense.
Personally, I would have picked that side. I'm not even talking hardcore SJW which-toilet-do-i-pick gay rights, but more rights like i dunno like in sports in example. Its very hard to come out as gay in certain sports. Or gay rights in work places, I dunno, that sorta thing.
Now THAT would have made sense, and would have been a good look for him. But he didn't pick that, instead he decides to go after other trannies and even spreading false information about fellow trans athletes.
Bad look all around. Maybe Joey needs to get Robbie a spin doctor.

No. 1074218

I had to "lol" at the "Artist" remark since blaire isn't one but I get what you mean. And yeah his politics don't make sense but I always kinda figured that he wasn't really Conservative. He never talked much about it without giving surface level explanation and just… I don't know, I just feel it's all a gimmick but either way yeah he could've just been another gay activist but that wouldn't have made him stand out and most likely pushed him to be that token conservative tranny even more but the tables are turning not because of his politics but because he showed he's a liar and so many videos are still being made today. That Dangelo Wallace video on him is almost to 800,000 views, it's insane but was a long time coming.

I'm just not sure if Blaire is actually gonna be able to bounce back from this, at least not swiftly anyway and I'm just that Michael Jackson meme of him eating popcorn watching it all unfold lol.

No. 1074253

yeah I guess I just picked that word artist based on myself. I dont know what else to call it, maybe media personality or something or influencer would have been a better word. Thank you for the tip on that Dangelo video, I'm going to check that video out later. I think we will see interesting shit happen with Robbie, for one I don't see that relationship with Joey lasting. He mentioned on his other channel they've already had problems and called off an engagement, so its already shaky at best.
As for his direction, I don't think its a good one. However, if Joey does end up leaving him he can always blame Joey for "forcing him" in to that conservative direction.
Dark cloud, silver lining, glass half full type deal.

No. 1074311

Ew I can actually see that happening where if Joey dumps him or vice versa, he'll just use Joey as his scapegoat saying that he was the reason why "he lost himself" or some cliche nonsense like that lol. I guess we'll have to wait and see but after seeing how many views Dangelo's video is getting where I'm more than sure it's gonna hit 1million+ views like most of his other videos do, I think this just changes the nature of the situation even more. I highly suggest giving it a watch when you do, it's actually pretty good, especially towards the end with how far Blaire had went to try to bury the drama under the rug with shadow banning certain words on his videos.

No. 1074351

I agree with you a 100%. I have nothing to refute in anything you have said in this thread. And yes I am definitely going to watch that video in full, don't worry about that, because I'm very interested in what he has to say about Robbie.

No. 1074357

Robbie is down to around 971k followers and counting after d’angelos video. Let see how he’ll apologize for this one.

No. 1074384

watched this earlier, it was pretty good. i'm almost certain at this point that blaire is finally going to be canceled

No. 1074414

Blaire is absolutely getting cancelled. ATM, D'Angelo is like, the authority on influencer/Youtuber dissection, and if he takes aim at you, you're done.

No. 1074498

Can someone summarize this for a tired anon stuck at work?

No. 1074537

Blaire doesn't do research on certain topics, smears peoples' names without responding to requests to fix it, still kinda supports Jeffree, drops the n-word casually and says BLM is trash

No. 1074544


I didn't have time to watch the whole thing but here's the first half hour

> Blaire White made a video featuring false claims about a trans athlete, Janae Kroc, which incited a lot of hate from Blaire's fanbase

> Blaire's response was poor; disappeared for 3 weeks, ignored a storm of criticism, left the video up, apologised on platforms other than Youtube and the apologies got a fraction of the views the video did

> D'Angelo goes from thinking this is one mistake that was poorly handled, to part of an ongoing pattern of behaviour that might not be unintentional

> Brings up the face mask picture, points out that black beauty masks per se aren't racist, but Blaire's caption and accompanying comments was very racebaity

> Points out Blaire's use of the n word in the past that make the face mask look a little more suss; includes a lulzy clip of her telling Onision about it

> Blaire claimed to have read J K Rowling's 900 page book in one day and claimed that the serial killer's cross dressing is only mentioned on one page, and is only described as a disguise to lure victims, but doesn't provide quotes to prove that. Other commentators have provided quotes to contradict all that. D'Angelo wonders if Blaire is lying about reading the book, or lying about the content of it.

> Brings up Blaire White being a Jeffree Star stan and twisting the story of him talking about witnessing Dahvie Vanity being gross and then retracting it.

> Blaire writes for the Post Millennial based on credibility earned on Youtube, despite lying a bunch, and wrote an article about Janae that was up there with a link to the trans athlete video

> Blaire gatekeeps being trans right and accusing non-binary people of co-opting the trans identity to make money, unlike Blaire who transes right and makes money off …. oh.

No. 1074545

Blaire's a male pick me for the right and Joey.

No. 1074549

> Blaire gatekeeps being trans right and accusing non-binary people of co-opting the trans identity to make money, unlike Blaire who transes right and makes money off …. oh.

He got a point on this. Even though Non-binary shit is retarded and trans folks should call the Fashion Gender out because it makes them all look bad, Blaire does make money ONLY because he's trans, just like every other trans person.
It's crazy how a lot of minorities actually have to have a tiny bit of talent, but the doors open for trans women regardless.

No. 1074558

> Blaire claimed to have read J K Rowling's 900 page book in one day and claimed that the serial killer's cross dressing is only mentioned on one page, and is only described as a disguise to lure victims, but doesn't provide quotes to prove that. Other commentators have provided quotes to contradict all that. D'Angelo wonders if Blaire is lying about reading the book, or lying about the content of it.

He also pointed out how Blaire claimed to have read it in 12 hrs as an ebook but then claims to have read a physical copy of the book, that was overnighted, in a separate video.

No. 1074578

File: 1604465900172.png (30.45 KB, 605x279, C28E9502-FB5A-4B69-85EA-3497F5…)


I only believe Robbie supported in hopes of getting into his circle. I remember after becoming close to Shane he was trying to tweet about him constantly like he wasn’t constantly bashing Jeff any moment her could a 3 years earlier.

It’s not the I don’t believe Robbie never was a fan just that he wasn’t consistent with it.

I remember Robbie got unblocked soon after the video with Shane, he probably put in a good word for him.

No. 1074582

File: 1604466365540.png (86.96 KB, 791x615, 7D19C13C-E193-45D2-A527-DF61D8…)

No. 1074613

Woof that is quite the drop. Last I saw he was at 981,000. Oh I cannot wait for the next apology video lol.

Yeah normally I think that "Cancel culture" is a whole bunch of bullshit but I gotta admit that this is probably one of the few examples of it probably coming true with how much subscribers and followers Blaire is losing each week.

>ut then claims to have read a physical copy of the book, that was overnighted, in a separate video.

This was one of the best parts in that video and how Blaire totally contradicted himself lol.

No. 1074622

>>>says the n word
can d’angelo even attack robbie for this? He’s an icuck fanboy. Ian’s favorite words are faggot and the n word.

Robbie’s down to 968k subscribers now. That’s nearly 10k in a day.

No. 1074625

Can a black person attack a white person for using the n-word? Of course they can. What the fuck are you even asking.

No. 1074677

File: 1604487829959.jpg (44.57 KB, 483x502, Dlj53GFWsAYNM0c.jpg)

It was brought up more as an example of the context around why people thought Blaire's facial mask tweet was intentionally racist. The n-word use is one thing, and then the caption was another.

Blaire then cropped the caption out when defending it which reeks of guilt as well. Like why not just say it she put the mask on, thought it reminded her of blackface and made a joke about it? Since when do based edgelords hide their jokes if they're just jokes?

No. 1074755

File: 1604503192775.jpeg (11.77 KB, 431x89, D649213E-582E-4B68-8EA3-648AC6…)


Robbie been flirting with white nationalist via Twitter and saying “jokes” that cater to them forever. I don’t understand how it’s a weird concept to consider he’s racist when if you followed him during his 4chan days until now there’s more than enough evidence.

No. 1074764

File: 1604504757701.jpg (169.73 KB, 780x1171, waifunazi.jpg)

ah yes the master race. like that baldie scrotum faced soy boy you are with, Robbie?
keep it classy, you woman wannabe. say what was it again nazi germany used to do to gays?

No. 1074767

oh and you and your billiard head butt boy might wanna keep your nazism under wraps, robbie. why you ask? well, considering joey is working in media and it is a well established fact that the entertainment industry is predominantly ran by jews, your nazi propaganda might get him kicked out of the industry for good.
thats not tin foil hat stuff, just read the end credits to any movie, it reads like a phonebook from tel aviv.
so your soy boy is pretty much working for jews. i wouldn't have a problem with that, but i know you guys would, seeing as you're gestapo wannabe confused homosexuals.

No. 1074778

File: 1604506349940.jpeg (94.26 KB, 599x893, EAC4F970-8F6C-4451-8AE6-50FC8C…)


Robbie only gives the bare minimum of caution now. Nothing like the days where his ex made him hide in a closet. Luckily the way back machine never fails.

No. 1074779

Exactly. I remember seeing that video where Blaire lied about the mask. He left the caption out and just put the picture and if you weren't following him on Twitter around that time, you wouldn't have seen what that picture was attached to.

As for Blaire admitting that he does say the N-word (hard "R"), it was in that interview he did with Onision and he said that he doesn't care about the word and that he uses it quite a bit usually when he's playing video games or "stubs his toe".

Personally I don't know if he was just trying to imitate what PewdiePie said when Pewdiepie said that he says the "N" word when he's playing video games but it could just be a coincidence. Either way it was fucking ridiculous. Like who do you know who says the N-Word when they're frustrated? I just always found that to be a poor cop out personally.

No. 1074803

What is it with troons and white nationalists?

No. 1074809

I think I have an explanation. Maybe these troons are obsessed with white nationalism because a lot of those Alt-Right people want their society to be based on old 1950s traditional values and these troons fetishize the subjugation that women had to bow to back in those days to be seen as "Traditional". These troons think that they can be that fantasy of super submissive "wife" to these men. At least that's what I got from this because aside from that, I don't see how any troon can want to be a white nationalist when those old traditional values would deem that men like them are mentally ill and need to be put in mental wards.

Oh and btw that Dangelo Wallace video just hit 1.4 million views.

No. 1074815

File: 1604510760008.jpeg (92.32 KB, 743x515, 1EECF077-CC41-4201-A959-EE31B2…)

>Oh and btw that Dangelo Wallace video just hit 1.4 million views

I wonder if it will slow down and cap off around there or continue. The weight lifting community are still upset and the trans commentators have always been waiting for this moment.

The only option is to make another video addressing all of this but it’s not like he can nitpick d’angelo’s words or crop clips since he’s so big. Is Robbie really going to go down the “don’t acknowledge this route” I wonder.

No. 1074817

>Like who do you know who says the N-Word when they're frustrated? I just always found that to be a poor cop out personally.
Anons who were raised before the zoomer wave of PC culture. At that point the word had lost all meaning similarly to fag with its prevalence in hip-hop culture. Not everyone who makes "naughty" audible sounds has a seething hatred of other races. Which isn't to say Blaire isn't legitimately racist, and you're entitled to your opinion, I'm just providing more context to your question.

No. 1074871

NTA, but "we were raised before the zoomer wave of PC culture" sort of seems like an attempt to justify nonchalantly using racial slurs over minor things, when you could say any other word in place of it. It's just due to deductive reasoning that people would think someone who yells "nigger" when they're mad could be racist, or that someone who yells "faggot" when they're mad could be homophobic, not some brand new wave of hyper-political-correctness.

No. 1074901

NTA, it's not justification, but context. In the 90s and 2000s people threw slurs around like nothing, and dressed as Nazis on MySpace. oldfags definitely are aware of the cultural shift.

No. 1074921

Well I'm not a zoomer, I was born in the late 80s and I am of color. I just never personally met anyone who would shout the hard-R N-word playing video games. I just mostly heard "Fuck" or "shit". I'm guessing it's probably from the 4Chan crowd since that's a place I've never really been on.

Yeah mostly this. I'm just a little bewildered to learn this because "Nigger" always had a specific meaning and it wasn't about venting frustration, that's for sure lol

Right, I do remember some people using "Faggot" quite a bit back then. I heard "nigga" but personally I just think it's slang. But never "Nigger". Like I said, maybe it comes from like 4Chan or something because even back in my Jr. High and High school years, never once heard other kids throwing around "Nigger" around.

Either way back on Blaire, yeah I think the views on Dangelo's video are probably gonna cap around here. I don't see it getting like 3 million views though hey, anything can happen lol. I'm just anticipating how Blaire is gonna weasel his way out of this one because even big name YouTubers are commenting on that video.

No. 1075120

I watched the video last night and he makes very good arguments, I mean you can obviously tell he has a lot going on in his head. And by that I mean he's pretty smart. Most his points I agreed with but some I think somewhat differently about but I mentioned those in this thread. Doesn't mean I'm right, mind you.
Here goes a little bit of "me"-aspergers but I couldn't explain it any other way, so I spoilered it and condensed my thoughts very heavily:
I could sort of relate to the "him as a former fan"-bit. I was subbed to Robbie for probably a little over a year and it was just one of those things I was interested in, specially after I learned he's trans. My personal reason for unsubbing happens to be the exact same reason I unsubbed from "memology 101" and that is them trying to spin a narrative. I don't like to be fooled as a viewer and I caught them in inaccuracies that seemed to be deliberate in order to set a certain mood of us agreeing with them. It was the exact same reason I was outraged with Michael Moore after I seen Bowling for Columbine, believed what he was saying as a European, and then found out that he was lying. Hope this aspergers is condensed enough, if not, sorry. Didn't mean to "blog."

No. 1075293

idk what trailer park you grew up in, but people said "nigga" casually, not "nigger". I only saw people use it with a hard R online.
For sure, there's definitely been a cultural shift. I just don't remember people "stubbing their toe" and shouting "NIGGER". lol who does that? Blaire is just racist.


No. 1075340

Nah what you said is understandable on how how you came to unsubbing from Robbie. I too was originally a fan of his but I discovered him back in 2015 when ShoeOnHead shouted out his channel. However I started to not take anything he said serious when the whole MAGA hat incident happened and how how super defensive Blaire got when some other YouTubers started questioning him on certain details about the incident. I can't remember if it was Andy Warski or some other "Anti SJW" content creator but I remember it was in livestream format and throughout the whole discussion, Blaire was dodging certain questions like why didn't he file a police report or why was Joey still filming him after he had an unknown substance thrown in his face. Blaire was just being super shady and it just left a bad taste in my mouth to where I started taking what he said with a pinch of salt and things just kept piling on from there, especially when I discovered his threads here.

No. 1075403

File: 1604579971517.jpeg (41.47 KB, 750x532, CC589AF3-E567-416C-830D-C1330C…)

The followers keep dropping I feel like it’s going to continue until he stops hiding.

Robbie deleted his 1million subscriber post on Instagram and he had a few likes on his Twitter yesterday so he’s definitely seeing all the backlash.

No. 1075437

File: 1604586478229.jpg (201.94 KB, 2048x2048, beatenupguy.jpg)

I think that anyone using a word like the n-word says more about the person saying it than anyone else.
But it is also a very bad, hurtful word yes, and people shouldn't use it, no matter what color they have or whatever variation of the word itself. Its a bad word, period.
Oh yeah I seen that video. Honestly I don't even understand what he was thinking doing that. What was he trying to prove, really? And then the overly dramatic tone from that video, it reminded me of one of those crying kids after having been bullied in school videos. Except this was a grown man and he wasn't being bullied.
"I broke a nail! Call the ambulance!"
Those nails always look like shit anyway, they look like huge weird claws. I always fear they're gonna reach trough my monitor and grab me by the throat like Freddy Kruger.

No. 1075439

File: 1604586688376.jpg (133.75 KB, 612x407, brucewillis.jpg)

hey blaire maybe try this next.
i'm sure it will get you tons of views.

No. 1075444

If he has no problem with one white guy saying it then why bring it up to prove a different white guy is racist? Moot question I’d agree, but my point is we don’t need a whole lot of explaining to understand robbie is a flaming racist POS. So like >>1075437
I am apprehensive to take d’angelo’s word for it because of his both-ways behavior and to me this makes it seem more like d’angelo made a hypocritical call-out video for the sake of clout and views. Rather than a genuine call for responsibility and accountability from robbie. Which is akin to what robbie did to the weightlifter troon that started this whole thing. Robbie deserves to be called out though, I don’t know who would be better than d’angelo to do it on the platform right now.

No. 1075464

What are you even saying you're talking in circles

No. 1075579

Yikes it just keeps dropping. Yeah he's definitely gonna keep losing if he keeps hiding. He's probably trying to find the best way to weasel back in but this is like one of the biggest bite backs in a good while.

Agreed on the word. As a person of color I don't use it myself. And yep that was the video. Very overly dramatic, especially when he was acting like he got his hand intentionally stepped on. No bitch, you were trying to reach for your hat underneath a crowd of people moving around and with those ridiculously long nails, of course it was gonna get stepped on by accident. I think that they were trying to run with the usual "LOL LiBeRaLs ArE vIoLeNt TRUMP bIgOtS" or some shit, it was stupid.

No. 1075581

he literally said he believed her when she said she wasnt racist and that the face mask photo didnt mean she was a racist. but she cropped out the caption, which included racially specific words. she said it had "NOTHING" to do with race, even after cropping the photo herself.

No. 1075583

"both-ways behavior" What do you mean by that?
And sure maybe D'angelo did do the video for views and clout but he was probably the best example since his videos do get high views and Blaire needed to be called out by this degree, he had been skating by for far too long and when it comes to YT drama channels, I feel like D'Angelo was one of the better ones to make a video like that.

No. 1075771

I'm also terribly confused here. Not about my gender, but about those posts with the confusion in them.
What I am sure about though is that Robbie is a racist and that he likes using the n-word.

No. 1076109

Yeah this is it, you don't need to think Blair is racist to see that the response to the backlash on that photo was disingenuous at best.

Although I'm pretty damn sure the racism thing is probably true just as part of the whole basic bitch "omg did I just really say that" aesthetic. But that's incidental.

No. 1076376

The last time I saw a YouTuber lose this amount of subs was when Richie cheated on Jaclyn.

I’m surprised he hasn’t lost more subs (and more rapidly) considering saying the “N” word or being even somewhat insensitive to the black community has lost people millions in the past.

No. 1076615

What I don't get about any gay or trans or any LGBT person for that matter is that they don't like to get discriminated against. Of course not, who would? So why would they then become a racist. That part just doesn't make sense to me. It makes much more sense to be when any LGBT person is a leftie. Way more sense.
Maybe I'm being terribly naive here, but thats how I feel about it.

No. 1076616

Oh and one more thing to add to that:
A person of color doesn't choose to become that, they just get born in that culture. Same as an LGBT person is born that way. So its ludicrous to fault them for that and discriminate.
That is all.

No. 1076659

Ignoring the fact that trans is a nonsense lie based in fantasy and how it shouldn't have been adding to the LGB in the first place since it's not a sexuality, I think with Blaire it's because he thinks being the way he was with racist baiting and bullying, he was doing it to be seen as "cool" to the anti-sjw scene.

No. 1076671

I don't have a real opinion on that, other that even if you take away the trans-part from Robbie, he'd be in the very least gay. Since he's with a guy, right?
The point I'm trying to make is that I feel he's catering to a crowd that in the end does not really want him, other than that they can bring him up in conversation like "oh yes i'm subbed to this trans person on youtube, and she says blablablabla" (the blablablabla part being some right-wing propaganda bullshit)
Thats it really, he's a novelty to them, but they will never accept him because historically the far right has never accepted gay people.

No. 1076776

The difference here is that a huge part of Blaire White audience is just like "lol, me too". They dgaf.

I often see all this as the trans equivalent of the Cool Girl thing talked about in Gone Girl, where it's about being the good "based" minority in order to avoid being victimised. I don't know if it's true though.

It might also be that Blaire doesn't just identify as a woman but specifically as Regina George, so "stop trying to make they/them try to happen" and "omg that is the ugliest trans I've ever seen" is identity affirmation.

No. 1076885

Oh Blaire is a full-blown flamboyant gay man and I wasn't disagreeing with you, he's been trying to pander to a certain demographic who were never gonna accept him as nothing more than a token. You're 100% right.

No no, I think you're right as well that Blaire was obviously doing his shtick to divert attention away from himself, especially his own appearance which has been shown that he looks nothing like he does in his heavily altered photos and heavily filtered videos. I'm honestly kinda surprised that no one hasn't put out his true appearance yet.
And yeah he clearly formulated his personality off of mean girl cliches but quite honestly, it's actually no different from a Drag Queen lol.

No. 1077117

File: 1604758798496.jpeg (86.59 KB, 731x411, D51383CA-F3FA-4CE9-A498-2A0C01…)


People have posted his real photos even fans/mutuals just simply tagging. He just doesn’t bring attention to it. Like the infamous mythcon photo with Theryn Meyer or the one with Lauren Chen.

That’s not even going into the bunch of lesser known podcasts or universities inviting him and since it’s their video you see Robbie in all his mismatched glory.

No. 1077295

Oh okay, I just figured that people only knew what he look like on this website because I haven't seen a "Blaire white exposed" type of video on YouTube that went in on Blaire's deceptive looks. I can only recall in my personal experience one YT person who brought up Blaire's fake looks and that was Andy Warski who I know is thought of as pretty crazy but I remember in a podcast he did after meeting Blaire at I think Vidcon or some event he was at, he mentioned that Blaire looked really different in person and "not what he expected" but he didn't really elaborate on what he meant.

But fair point, I just cannot fathom how anyone could say that he looks better than "real women" after they see his unfiltered face and he looks like any other troon and it shits me when I see women saying they're jealous of this clown when they really shouldn't be. If that makes sense lol.

No. 1077891

File: 1604840145329.jpeg (102.42 KB, 828x960, BB4F152F-8A9D-4BE8-8C91-ADC742…)


This is why a long time ago I accused Robbie of editing that video with her friend Jacyln (forgot how to spell it). She asked random people which one was cis and which was trans and the first girl group got it right. After that she didn’t tell people if they were right or wrong and it was oddly cut.

In other news. Robbie is exactly at 960K and it will probably be at 959 by Monday. I don’t know if anyone noticed but he pruned a lot of his likes and posts on Twitter. He’s been active because he liked someone who posted this picture and it’s gone now. Along with the “Kanye should ask for a recount”.

I wonder if he’s gearing up to say something.

No. 1077892

File: 1604840407969.jpeg (92.55 KB, 1200x675, 1FB13385-3842-4820-8401-BE54E9…)


I was incorrect the kanye tweet is still there my bad. I will look on the archive to see what posts were deleted when I get the time.

No. 1077924

Pointing out that a transwoman looks like a dude with implants would be considered transphobic and petty, even if nobody likes the guy in question. I’m really not surprised nobody has come for his appearance off anon.

No. 1077943

File: 1604850293791.jpeg (512.38 KB, 828x1211, DBD9AE0B-0BAD-4E9C-AFF9-DF1344…)

Sorry, but it’s always funny seeing Twitter people misgender Robbie. He’ll probably write this person off as a liberal, too.

No. 1077952

>I’m really not surprised nobody has come for his appearance off anon.
people already do call him ugly, although it mostly comes from other twitter trannies

No. 1077964

Oh right I remember that video "Experiment" and it's obvious that he edited it to make it look like everyone thought he was a women while Jaclyn was the man. Like I think it's pretty obvious that a lot of people clocked Blaire and that would've hurt the premise of the video lol.

And oh wow, they just keep dropping. Yeah I'm sure that Blaire will probably drop a "We need to talk" type of video sometime this coming week.

Yeah you're probably right that they'd just cry "transphobia". Though to me, it's not about saying that Blaire is ugly, it's saying that you shouldn't be insecure of not looking like how he looks in his videos because his video/photos are as fake as his cheap implants.

Lol well at least some have the balls to do it lol.

No. 1078460

File: 1604920733579.jpg (12.34 KB, 236x296, robbie_white.jpg)

oh come on now, Robbie ain't that ugly. personally i think this is his best picture.

No. 1078659

File: 1604942592209.jpeg (4.25 MB, 3024x4030, 0E5E9DB7-C193-4696-8F74-0D67BD…)

Robbie is official at 959K and he claims to be making a video today/tomorrow after having a vacation at a cabin.

Guess we are going to get another sitting on the floor sob story again. I assumed this entire time he was planning a better apology maybe even inviting croc to discuss the topic properly but guess not.

I wonder if another half ass apology will just plummet his subscriber count faster.

No. 1078746

Oh joy, I can't wait to see Blaire lie through his teeth even more. Honestly when it comes to these apologies with these YTers, I think that they're kinda pointless coming from guys like Blaire because you can tell that they don't really care nor are they really sorry, they're just sorry they got caught.

People are digging deeper into his past and seeing how much of a hack he really is, including screwing over smaller YTers to do all the leg work for him. On the by, I'm glad that PastelBelle told smaller creators to stand up for themselves and be open about wanting to take credit for their work, she's right about that and that's what I found annoying about TehMimi's video.

Anyway I'm curious what's gonna be in this upcoming video. I'm predicting a crying, sobbing mess on the living room floor and talking about how he's been having mental problems since the Covid lock-down or something along those lines and I hope people don't fall for it, especially since he had a track record of acting like a scumbag far before Covid.

No. 1078788

You know, even as someone who's into trans women, Blaire is only a 5/10 at best. I don't know where she gets off criticising other trannies' looks; it'd be like a Jew making fun of someone else for having a big nose.(no1curr)

No. 1078806

>even as someone who's into trans women
you’re nasty

No. 1078862

File: 1604955652170.jpg (38.61 KB, 600x911, OgE27qN.jpg)

>>>into trannies

No. 1079090


No. 1079092

Or it would be like an Italian calling a jew “big nose”

No. 1079145

File: 1604990786480.jpeg (4.4 MB, 4032x4030, D6FE9E13-7813-460B-8750-FB78AA…)

Seems like we might not get a video addressing anything d’angelo vid and other call out posts.

Robbie claiming the video is about a big life update that addressed an older video. I see he’s going to basically continue down the “ignore it until it goes away” route.

It will be released tomorrow I’ll try to get up earlier to check the comment section and see if there’s any censoring.

No. 1079165

Thanks for the heads up anon. Yeah it sounds like he's trying to ignore the criticism. I'm pretty sure part of the "big update" is him moving out of California. I mean what other big thing would it be?

No. 1079167

It could also be him possibly getting SRS but I think the moving vid is more likely.

No. 1079197

he's really hasn't been looking his best lately, literally looks like a dr. seuss chracter.

No. 1079274

File: 1605014960389.jpg (85.71 KB, 1107x715, blairewhiteweirdobeach.jpg)

Autistic, but I searched a lot to find these again of Robbay running on the beach with his poodle.
Don't wanna nitpick but lets just say I think he looks "odd" body wise.
Kinda reminds me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings shape wise.

No. 1079275

>looks like a dr. seuss chracter
holy shit you're spot on anon. blaire's gotten a bunch of surgery done but somehow overlooked that giant whoville philtrum?

No. 1079277

Jesus chirst, where is he running from? The Shire?

No. 1079278

i dont know, but i do understand that poor Pomeranians reasons for running.
kinda feel like that poor little dog is heading in the same direction of paris hilton's pets in that one south park episode, where they all ended up an heroing.

No. 1079287

File: 1605017268350.jpeg (4.37 MB, 3024x4030, E842DDE9-0BD6-449C-B73B-0F37D6…)


He’s wearing his hip/butt pads in this photo that’s why.

His body is legit a fridge and he’s only getting bigger that’s why he looks odd.I know he’s not really gaining weight but I suspect losing fat from getting older and working out isn’t helping.


(Here’s him in action)

No. 1079306

Those big fat giant hobbit man-feet aren't helping. His feet look like Greg's feet.

No. 1079356

those massive feet!!! my sides!

No. 1079366

What size foot is that? That's definitely not a men's 11

No. 1079412

He loves that smoothing filter doesn't he? lol

Not even his hair laid in front trick is working here.

Possibly 11.5 or 12?

No. 1079418

It’s up

Haven’t watched it yet but like you and Joey aren’t even married yet? (2-3 year long engagement) Kids shouldn’t be on his mind and his actions with the Robbies drunkard saga is proof enough not to have children.

No. 1079425

Spoiler: isn't a thing

No. 1079506

Is he fucking seriously? I'm not gonna watch that shit but what a stupid topic and title. Newflash Blaire, you're a man for one and you can't get pregnant (I'm sure he says that in the video but the thumbnail text is still stupid) and what makes him think he'd even be a good parent? Ridiculous.

No. 1080004

>what makes him think he'd even be a good parent?
In Robbies defense, which of us do know if they're gonna make a good parent?
You really don't know if you do until your kids are adults and tell you you did a good job, or a terrible one.

No. 1080196

I get that, you never know if you'll be a good parent or not but I just feel like even if Blaire presented himself as likable but what I mean is that he's not in a stable place anyway to parent a kid. He's in a rocky relationship with an abusive spouse and living in an expensive state with a shaky job (his money being tied to social media). I just don't think at least with what is shown with him that being a parent would be good at this time in his life and that he should wait.

No. 1080340

>He's in a rocky relationship with an abusive spouse and living in an expensive state with a shaky job
Thats absolutely true, I didn't look at it from that perspective. You are absolutely right.
I hope they aren't doing this to "fix the relationship" because having kids to fix a relationship is like chewing gum to fix a broken tooth.

No. 1080735

No. 1080747

Self absorbed drama addicted vapid vain man making a good parent? Lmao sure jan.
He’d care more about a babies eyebrows than it’s development.

No. 1080757

he can't even fact check before making a fucking youtube video, what the hell makes him think he can raise a kid?

No. 1080780

I think the reason why Blaire's deceiving appearance isn't touched on outside of sites riddled with terfs is because to a more "woke" or normie crowd it's a bit like if you pointed out someone with anorexia shooped themselves to be skinnier than they are, yeah I agree it's a scummy thing to practically catfish people like that but it would come off as a lowblow off anon.
Plenty of women without EDs do that too and get less criticism, same with cis women for the most part with a few exceptions (usually female lolcows pullfags go after go figure, lol).

it's deemed a sensitive subject due to already having deep insecurities about their appearance.
I think people wouldn't pay that much attention to the shitty editing if Blaire didn't have a channel dedicated to pandering trans bullshit to rightwingers and tradthots.

unfortunately filtering and editing photos heavily is just considered the norm now. inb4 I get called a tranny or Blaire simp - no I'm not comfortable with the creepy overshooping either, Blaire looks like an ayylmao alien in most self taken photos and it ain't doing any favors with the whole passing as a "real woman" thing.

But posts obsessing over tiny details like
are kind of bizarre nitpicks, I didn't even notice the feet.

Probably an unpopular opinion but Blaire would pass better without the filters and editing at this point, that plastic outdated bimbo aesthetic always kinda screams tranny or trying too hard to be a b-list celebrity to most people.

I think this thread is 90% retarded comments about appearance nitpicks which is a bit of a waste or means it could be moved to /w/ but
Blaire if you're gonna go all out on being a pickme trans thot at least edit or dress in a style maga copers actually like, lol.
I hope there'll be some salty tears about Trump in a video soon regardless.

No. 1080804

And you just come to nitpick how we are nitpicking in a long ass rant.

No. 1080855

File: 1605187707678.png (545.31 KB, 1280x720, 7cLFZJlmFDE-00-01-27.png)

tbh I think Blaire looked best around 2016ish, before the creepy huge nails and whatever else she had done.
screenshot from her "Feminist Onision Is A Creep"-video.
she looks more passable than most trannies i've seen but the entire reason i'm posting this right now is to post something nice about her, since you brought it up.

No. 1080857

oh and that kinda brings me to a point i forgot to make, is that she looked more "natural" back then. which made her more "passable" as they call it, I guess.

No. 1080859

File: 1605188546856.jpeg (43.32 KB, 500x375, 0E9B92D4-93A6-4E7F-9EE1-B827DD…)


What are you smoking or are you choosing to be ignorant? Robbie looked awful in 2016.

Just because he chooses to used 360p and drowned out his videos with lighting doesn’t mean he looked better. He looked worst than because with every appearance he made on someone else’s videos where he had no say he looked terrible.

His Shane and friends photo circulating is what made him want ffs in the first place because people were catching on.

No. 1080899

i don't think he's ever passed tbh and i'm saying this as a former fan. he's built like a twink and has large hands, large feet, and a very blocky looking head/face. i think blaire's fanbase confuses finding him attractive with him actually passing.
people can find him cute if they want but he's never looked or sounded like a biological woman

No. 1080911

he kinda looks like an average-looking woman on this specific pic, his natural (?) nose is way better

ofc he wants to look like a bimbo but he will never be one with genes like these lol

No. 1080915

Oh hey don't get me wrong, I didn't post those to suck Robbies cock, I was only posting that since someone mentioned we were being too hard on Robbie. Hence me using his girl name and pronouns for a sec.
I never seen those other videos etc from 2016 but now that you mention it.

No. 1081078

Troons relating their stupidity to women with fertility issues is so narcissistic and patronizing. Imagine cutting off your own legs and crying to someone in a wheelchair that it sure sucks to not be able to walk. To top it off you even had the chance to freeze your legs so they could be reattached at anytime but you didn't. If you're dumb enough to not only sterilize yourself but also not even freeze any sperm then it's just darwinism at work.

No. 1081083

oh but Robbie still has his cock, he's post-op troon.
he doesn't get it hacked off though since joey loves to suck on robbie's cock and stick it up his soy ass.

No. 1081139

While I agree that on camera posts he looked better around this time, it's still not what he really looked like. At this time he got some ring lights and was using them to wash his face out.

Nailed it. It was around this time when he upped his camera trick game. He wasn't using a face tune app yet since they weren't really a thing yet, at least when it came to video recording and the popular trick was to film in lower quality (360p) and drown your face out with ring lights.

He's not ugly but he "doesn't look like a woman" just like all these other troons don't.

No. 1081140

I think you mean't "Pre-Op". "Post-Op" is when the person had genital surgery while "Pre-Op" means they haven't .

No. 1081152

ah yes thats what I meant, pre-op, sorry bout that.
I was trying to be nice since >>1080780 sorta asked for that in a way, but I guess its now backfiring in Robbie's face.

No. 1081386

File: 1605252843123.jpeg (1.13 MB, 2208x1216, 2017 vs 2020.jpeg)

I agree, she was more passable around that time. This was before she moved to LA too. The pic of her on the left is from 2017.

She made a vid a few months ago about going off estrogen, I can't remember her reasons for doing it (possibly fertility related) but she did confirm she was going off of it for awhile so I think that definitely explains a lot of the change in her face.

No. 1081390

>I think that anyone using a word like the n-word says more about the person saying it than anyone else.
This is such a funny statement in a thread full of transphobic comments lol.

Where D'angelo missed the mark in his commentary was that the use of the word "nigger" only matters in context. There's a difference between using the word randomly or casually versus going up to someone like D'angelo and yelling it in their face. Context. I know black people who agree and some who also disagree with that statement, there is no "general consensus" in the community.

I think the face mask shit >>1074677 was Blaire trying to be uwu edgy. Nothing deeper than that.

No. 1081430

File: 1605263815112.png (3.7 MB, 1624x750, FA6FEE14-B53A-4FA5-8D79-C2EDE9…)


If you’re going to compare photos there’s plenty of candid fan/videos from conventions/ other podcasts videos of Robbie in 2017 instead of literally using what was JUST discussed as a poor quality video with lighting and makeup tricks.

Google is free, past threads exist and even other forms have candid photos/videos so you’re just being as disingenuous as Robbie at this point. Thats no even discussing Robbie has had FFS after moving to LA to be with Joey/attempting to leave the political commentary initially 2 years ago.

So if you even if you wanted to do you claim that going off hormones for 1 year is what distorted his face dispute a surgeon literally shaving down his skull you would have to pull screencap Robbie 2016 pre the de transition video which there’s plenty. Robbie will always have a square wide face. Plastic surgery works with what you have, you can’t bring in a photo of a soft oval face celebrity and say you want that like it’s a burger joint.

No. 1081431

>I think that anyone using a word like the n-word says more about the person saying it than anyone else.
>This is such a funny statement in a thread full of transphobic comments lol

I get what you mean but also, black people can't choose to just not be black lol, Blaire and other transpeople 100% choose to transition and live their lives as transsexuals so I'd argue it's really not the same

No. 1081433


Exactly. Too bad saying the n-word isn’t the only racist thing the Robbie has done let alone said. Are new fags to Robbie just going to ignore the shit he’s said on /pol/, older videos reupload, using free internet archives to look at his Twitter posts and Instagram?

Calling people here transphobes isn’t some gotcha. Robbie can happily revoke and call other mtf a man/he/him/it and deadname them because they don’t pass enough in his eyes. All his fans saw videos and comments of him doing that for years and his reasoning was they didn’t meet his standards so it’s okay.

If he wants to use that logic than people here can call Robbie by his old name or say he/him all they want.

No. 1081477

>This is such a funny statement in a thread full of transphobic comments lol.

>implying there’s anything wrong with being transphobic

No. 1081491

when he denied the blackface incident and tried to pass it off as a face mask without showing the full tweet, he honestly should have just owned up to it given his past of being openly racist. he literally built most of his following by pandering to the alt right

No. 1081581

I think people really overestimate just what the HRT does to your body. It doesn't change your face structure, your face structure outside of surgery is determined by your skull and can't be changed outside of aforementioned surgery. And the FFS surgery Blaire has had done was getting his nose bridge shaved and his hairline lowered, that's it. And we've all seen what he looks like in the modern day when not drowning himself in in the smoothing filter and photo editing.

And the same applies even before the surgery, he was just using drag queen makeup techniques and washing himself out in lighting.

All of this.

No. 1081864

I think people call people transphobic way too lightly. When you look at in example homophobia thats a very clear line. You got in example the Westboro baptist church, violence against gays and overall bigotry then yes, thats absolute homophobia.
With transphobia specially online you say ANYTHING even remotely bad about trans people SJW's and the like will call you transphobic.
My point is that maybe before you call somebody transphobic you need to define what it is. The true irony here is that Robbie himself is actually against using the word too lightly.
I'll give you an example: Say that Joey and Robbie live right next door to an old man who really doesn't like trans or gay people, yet still is normal, nice and neighborly to them. Would that then be transphobic?

Now for example number 2 lets take that same neighbor, but to a new extreme where he secretly puts threatening letters in their mailbox and smears feces on their windows.

Now to me scenario 2 is obviously transphobic, scenario 1 isn't.(derailing)

No. 1082210

Are shoe and Blaire still friends? I haven’t seen them tweet one another in ages.

No. 1082446

I honestly feel like they aren't. That or they haven't been talking as much since Shoe was going through her split with Greg.

No. 1082866

Yeah I just figured as much shoe would be whiteknighting Blaire after all of this if they were still buddies. I wonder what happened, and maybe if it had something to do with their politics or not since I believe Blaire is still shilling for Trump?

Also unrelated but Blaire has already lost 1k subscribers today and in the states it’s only 5am-8am. God damn, her ass is still on fire.

No. 1083477

File: 1605494486159.jpeg (1.12 MB, 960x1580, 34C7EEBE-FA07-4017-A557-4710C5…)

Why dose Blair look so weird?

No. 1083526

You know now that I think of it, I think that perhaps Blaire and Shoe aren't friends anymore. I mean while this may be a bad example, I remember when Shoe and Laurne Southern were friends until it was found that Lauren Southern was a bit more on the Alt-Right side of things and Shoe distanced herself from her. And with how much of a scumbag Blaire is, especially with all this coming out about him, Shoe may actually be wanting to distance herself from him as well.

I think in this picture Blaire really messed with the Sharpness feature since it looks like he's popping right out of the photo

No. 1083609

his leg has that cheap 3D effect that you could get from from those 3D glasses

No. 1083616

pointy knees and wide shoulders with no hips. He's got the typical male V figure.

No. 1083619

No. 1083620

A thing it's bothering me it's why people keep calling her "he/him, you have to talk about the things she do,not to vent your inner homphobia. It's not hard to be a decent human being.(no1curr)

No. 1083632

Ha ha you calling Blaire a man yourself calling it homophobia, I'll take a ban just to say this.

No. 1083641

Transphobia is sexy though.

No. 1083682

Kek are you lost faggot

No. 1083709

Those legs are disgusting.
I thought Blaire moved to Texas but that photo still looks like LA.

No. 1083801

Said on an ig story Joey got a job offer so they're staying in LA so he can take the job

No. 1084197

Could it just be an excuse to not have to go through moving? Did she claim to be moving just for views… maybe

No. 1084507

Probably, part of the whole alt right trend of telling everyone how happy they are they moved from a blue state to a red state, all the cool kids are doing it.

No. 1084667

Maybe he had a change of heart after doing more research and finding out that most Texans despise trannies and the laws in that state regarding his kind aren’t what he was hoping for, even if he were to move to one of the bigger cities.

Robbie benefits off of laws that are put in place by left-wing politicians, let’s be real. He just won’t admit it to himself or anyone else because supporting the left will kill his persona of being the “based” contrarian tranny that gets him so much attention. He’s probably not even disappointed that Biden won the presidency, because Trump was actively stripping all the special treatment laws put into place for troons kek.

No. 1085588

Blaire has always been shown to lie about stuff for views and it's the belief that he usually lies when views are down or he's in a hot controversy.

Also this lol.

No. 1085959

wow he looked better back then, his face was more narrow and not broad like it is now. I like his old nose better too

No. 1086574

File: 1605832261605.jpeg (174.04 KB, 960x1684, 63205D0A-50AB-4987-B086-089E39…)

No. 1086578

File: 1605832649563.jpg (80.19 KB, 1280x720, cant he photoshop himself a be…)

His torso is so short it makes him look like this

No. 1086906

It's crazy how everyone ele can take non-blurry pictures but Trans women and the Karjenners pictures always look like they have a very fine layer of Vaseline over the lens.

No. 1087832

File: 1605967650495.jpeg (5.09 MB, 3024x4030, 235494DD-4CDF-40F0-A2E7-37F8BE…)

Robbie’s followers continue to drop at a steady pace I guess boo hooing about not being able to have a child didn’t distract people like he hoped.

He’s back to doing commentary on low hanging fruit for now. Apparently responding to a comic about trans children. A bit of the reaction is on his Instagram story.

I guess his plan now is to continue to appease his core audience before the pedo videos. At this rate he’ll be at 940K before the year is up.

No. 1087850

Oh, I'm so hurt.

No. 1087855

Those comics were not made for children, Blaire is just retarded as usual and purposefully did no research.
Assigned Male is cringey enough on it's own without needing a "Think of the children!!" spin on it, goddamn. Most of those are technically all ages or PG but the target demographic is still other "woke" adult trans activists.
Didn't even pick the funniest ones, smh.

No. 1088222

Yeah I've seen these comics floating around about a year ago and as cringe as they are, they were definitely not made for children, it's definitely only mostly shared among the "woke" TRAs as per usual so yep, here we go again with Blaire showing his laziness. Yeah he most likely will be down to 940k by the end of the year for sure.

No. 1091836

File: 1606359492479.jpeg (938.3 KB, 960x1312, 56AF780E-40EA-4E1D-A0DA-7511A8…)

Robert just posted on on IG story that some guy said his feet were pretty and was all into those hobbit. Gross

No. 1091983

I find these recent photos funny because it's pretty obvious Blaire might lurk here and is trying to do these seemingly no makeup looks since one of the things lots of people point out is that he wears a ton of makeup to mask his obvious man-face.

But sorry Blaire, you're still not fooling anyone with that filter smoothing your face out.

As for the feet comment, I'm not into feet in general and I don't think I want to see Blaire's but I'm sure whatever guy said that was delusional.

No. 1092009

File: 1606375700029.jpeg (399.53 KB, 960x1644, 272D061E-4D9D-4974-9102-CAAEEA…)

So much photoshop is not even funny and Blair still looks cringy

No. 1092015

Blaire's a catfish, whenever people post how he really looks when he's being praised 9/10 go, "how is that even the same person?" it feels like so many people forget photoshop & filters are a thing when it comes to troons. He has no clevage but in all his pictures suddenly his tits are full?
Sad thing is he's still weird looking with a big head regardless.

No. 1092048

File: 1606385153706.png (398.64 KB, 549x428, rob.png)

Seems like he drew in some extra thigh meat so it'd meet his hip extensions, but forgot to erase the original outline. Overall a really shitty shooping job.

No. 1092163

It's because people don't realize that he's ALWAYS using a filter when he's filming & taking pictures of himself. I remember showing my friend a picture of what Blaire really looked like and he thought it was fake because "she doesn't look like that in her videos" and then showed me the video I posted and he said "She's not wearing makeup here so I dunno about those photos, they look fake"

Obviously he's a guy and I feel like mostly guys are the ones who fall for this catfish.

No. 1095693

why does he have a crown on his ankle? is he trying to claim he's the queen of footjobs with those big man-feet of his?

No. 1097990

File: 1607000665473.jpg (1.07 MB, 1468x2048, leul.jpg)

No. 1100841

File: 1607232936143.jpeg (713.61 KB, 960x998, 4DF07C76-B309-4469-BB85-1C5D9F…)

No. 1100903

File: 1607238844385.jpeg (98.84 KB, 342x719, AC7500CE-637D-4F1E-A8F0-6F9AFF…)

Robbie at Jaclyn Glenn’s wedding. The difference in head size is topkek

No. 1100908

No wonder he likes to hang out with other troons like Eden. The girls looks so pretty and natural and he looks stiff and like he smelled a fart.

No. 1100914

wtf are those gorilla feet

No. 1100934

For some reason anon photoshopped his feet but I’m still laughing

No. 1100949

All of their heads look weirdly small, but Robbie's sticks out like a sore thumb.

No. 1100978

This has convinced me people are stupid, they see a few photoshopped pictures of troons and think, "Wow SHE passes" and then see pictures where the truth is out and they act confused.
Even if at glance you thought blaire was a woman, he'd still be a very odd looking woman, one that'd never be praised for looks, in fact he looks like tranny knock off Kylie before her body work.
Difference is Kylie gets roasted for looking like Kylie & photoshop yet troons get praised.
makes zero sense.

No. 1101001


He’s having to stand with one leg out to create the illusion of hips.

No. 1101052

Most troons' hairlines have gone with the wind but Robbie permanently looks like he's wearing a wig that slid down on his forehead

No. 1101122

Yep he is VERY clockable when standing next to women. Stands out like a sore thumb.

Kek you said it anon, it's like light and day when you do these comparisons.

No. 1101124

No, you're right anon. Most people are stupid when it comes to these troons fuckery with photo editing. I feel like it's mostly men who are easily fooled. In fact, I'm pretty sure even Joey may have been surprised he he saw what Blaire actually looked like.

You're also right that the double standards are appalling. If a woman dares to edit her photos, she gets lambasted for it but if a troon does it, it's perfectly fine and they don't get called out for it.

No. 1101129

File: 1607272994385.png (17.9 KB, 312x97, Loss Subs.PNG)

So looks like Blaire has stagnated to about 944k subs. It also seems like his views on his last few videos are no where near the amount he usually got on his videos. I wonder if his viewership is gonna continue to drop.

No. 1102685

Could honestly be from Youtube shadow banning and deliberately suppressing his content.
He is still basically a right-wing fascist in the eyes of your average Google employee, even if he has moved on from Sargon-tier anti-feminism.

On the other hand, his novelty as the right wing tranny has worn off at this point.

No. 1102805

It could be both at this point. The shadow banning but especially the token right wing tranny shtick. It was about to go out at some point.

No. 1106740

File: 1607896248955.jpeg (336.94 KB, 960x1650, 58118C3D-C020-4816-A2CA-12D223…)

No. 1106744

Is that him? Something looks so awkward about this.

No. 1106798

that virgin posture hhnghh, who the fuck wear shorts like that to hike in?

No. 1106833

Someone craving attention

No. 1106939

it's not a very flattering picture, Blaire has some strong ass legs, they clock him more then his shoulders and unfiltered face at times.

No. 1107027

FR right? It's pretty much for attention and again, the AGP is showing in him because no sane woman would wear something like that on a hike.

No. 1107118


A tranny; because anyone with a vagina would know that’s a recipe for thrush lmao

No. 1107441

File: 1608052517388.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1862, Screenshot_20201215-174332~2.p…)

No. 1107456

File: 1608053346759.jpg (17.36 KB, 251x480, 2_large.jpg)


No. 1107459

Middle aged gay dude ass.

No. 1107462

This is sad, he has the manliest body type yet he’s a tranny.

No. 1107557

where did you find that? checked his sc/insta, couldnt find it. also just EW, wtf

No. 1107631

lmao… Where did you find this anon? Either way is anyone really surprised? He has a typical slender man body.

No. 1108087

File: 1608108624365.jpeg (265.3 KB, 1530x960, 560C5993-11B1-4FDC-A89C-1B0914…)

Looking super weird in this picture. Right?

No. 1108126

looks like from this

No. 1108172

oh no… i'd actually feel bad for him having this body type if he weren't such an awful person

No. 1108187


Disgusting. The same men who say they won’t date women with pixie cuts because “when I hit it from the back, it’s like fucking a dude”; how do they justify this?

No. 1108210


maybe it's because a lot of men are autistic enough to believe short hair = man and long hair = woman?

i mean, look at how bad the average man is at clocking trannies

No. 1108259

Anon let's be real. Would you even want to date a DL bisexual or gay man who would go for a delusional man who thinks he's a woman? Kek.

No. 1108834

File: 1608183005389.png (121.97 KB, 452x391, Girugamesh01.png)

No. 1111594

Robbie had to chose a troon to go after that looks like his future self, kek.

Also he's officially down to 940k despite routinely coming out with new videos.

No. 1111746

Yes Blaire, if you ever were convicted of a crime and had to face prison time, you damn well do belong in a men's prison because that is what you are.

Again with him using his looks as a means to think he's entitled to be put in a woman's sanction when A), he's not a woman and B), his look is manufactured by digital filters.

No. 1111799

Idk I would wear that hiking since I don’t have workout gear or am an active hiker, I probably would just chuck a pair of short shorts on too, idk just don’t see the big deal in this one

No. 1111843

"I would/should be placed in a women's prison" has gotta be a troon cope to avoid having to think about being raped daily in a men's prison.

No. 1111876

Wait, he said he belongs in a womens prison? My internet is spotty and YouTube won't load.

I support prisons with LGBT sections since I understand a lot of gay or GNC males who committed harmless crimes like giving away their Adderall at college would be raped and harassed relentlessly at a male prison, but stop treating the womens prison like a "safe haven" for your fetish. Imagine the womens reaction when Blaire's scrubbing his hank hill ass and dick next to them in the showers. Just because Blaire might not be the type to physically rape a woman doesn't make it any better.

No. 1111892

Blaire is oblivious to the fact that he has a manly body type though which you can tell when he wears shorts

No. 1112102

It's not that he's wearing short shorts, those are booty shorts. Would you seriously wear shorts that high to the point where your ass is hanging out while on a mountain hike?

Oh for sure anon.

> I support prisons with LGBT sections since I understand a lot of gay or GNC males who committed harmless crimes like giving away their Adderall at college would be raped and harassed relentlessly at a male prison

THIS. Look, I'm not saying that I want men like Blaire to get ass-raped in prison but that doesn't mean he deserves to be put in a prison he doesn't belogn in. His fears do not trump that of Women's spaces, sorry dude. But the best way to handle cases with men like him is exactly what you said, they should create Gay sections of the prison specifically for gay men like Blaire.That's the best solution to this as women can keep their spaces free of men and men like Blaire will be safe from the sexual assault they would definitely get.

No. 1112446

>Blaire is oblivious to the fact that he has a manly body type
Is he though? He wouldn't be hiding behind filters and hip padding if he were truly delusional about his obvious masculinity. Him bragging about how pretty and "passing" he is are straight up lies coming from his own mouth and he knows it.

He flaunts his saggy asscheeks out in public because his fetish won't allow for him to dress modestly, ever. A normal pair of shorts would kill his boner.

No. 1112501

I thought that only the men attracted to women calling themselves "Transbians" were the AGPs? Do gay men like Blaire suffer form AGP as well? I mean I suppose it would more more sense why Blaire dresses like a cheap streetwalker at times but I never knew that gay men could have AGP.

No. 1112510

Nta, I guess they get off on being objectified by chasers rather than fetishizing women (which is not possible anyway)

No. 1112551

Those men are HSTS, but they do tend to still have the AGP mindset of getting off to he IDEA of being a women, viewed by a straight man, even if they don't necessarily want a vagina. They crave the attention from men who would normally be attracted to women, which is why most of them turn into bimbos or drag queen-looking things (little do they know, that any man attracted to a creature who only looks vaguely female with 10lbs of make up and still has a penis is not a straight man).

I don't think Robbie fetishizes women the way transbians do. But he clearly feels like he does "womanhood"/femininity properly, or better than women do and gets off on being a dolled up "barbie" that can pull "straight" men.(Armchairing)

No. 1112587

When I was a fakeboi I was friends with a "straight" tranny only attracted to biological men. I jokingly called her HSTS once and they said, "no, I'm not really ashamed of admitting I'm AGP." They even looked like a stereotypical AGP.

Plus didn't Blanchard get rid of the "HSTS" category and replace it with COGD (childhood onset gender dysphoria) for gay and lesbian trannies who transition because of internalized homophobia and feeling unable to fit in with others of their bio sex? HSTS is just another form of AGP.

No. 1112588

Samefag, but here's an article on the updated typology by Blanchard:


No. 1112633

Thanks for the explanation. That really makes a lot of a sense because I notice that even a lot of the gay troons have this bimbo look either through showing off their obvious fake chest implants with short skerts/dresses or piled on makeup. The only difference I've noticed is that they don't look as not-put together like AGPs mostly because well, they're Gay men and tend to be into makeup so they may know their way around a brush while an AGP straight man doesn't know how to use the stuff.

But you're right, it does seem like Blaire and men like him don't get on women necessarily but just the attention they get from "straight" men (which I have to question tbh) and that is what fuels their fetish.(derailing )

No. 1113791

File: 1608772571773.jpeg (441.72 KB, 1200x1680, 4BFA2C80-48AE-4111-957F-F9E454…)

No. 1115531

File: 1609023401901.png (Spoiler Image,425.75 KB, 1018x570, 1599863096874.png)

I'm always amused when candid pictures of him surface and it turns out the token tranny that is supposedly sooo feminine and passing is just a mannish plastic surgery disaster.

No. 1115551

Same, I love posting pictures of Blaire without the filters and poses when he comes up in gender critical conversations, for some reason so many people STILL think Blaire gives a shit about women and is speaking out because he's "different", people are always so surprised that Blaire looks totally different and manly. But the thing is, even fake Blaire isn't all that attractive he's only attractive for a trans woman & the bar for them is SO low.

The tiny nose, the nasty lips, face shape, the fact he has negative cleavage, he's not really good looking. I'm still waiting on Blaire to start a onlyfans of his shopped pictures.

No. 1115553

Nitpicking candids is not milk.

No. 1115564

yeah no surgery is ever gonna cover up genetic male bone structure

No. 1115582

Wow people weren't exaggerating when they say he has shoulders like a linebacker because wow are they wide.

The honest truth is that if Blaire stopped with the whole charade of him thinking he's a woman and just accepted himself for who he truly is while embracing his feminine side, he would come off a little better. I say "A little" because personality-wise, he is nothing special. Just a stereotypical flamboyant gay gossip type of person but at least he wouldn't be pretending to be something he's not.

No. 1115585

The annoying thing about this picture is that it's so obvious that he looks like a man here but you'll have people swear he looks like a "ciswoman" lol. I just don't understand how anyone would though, his face just screams and not even super masculine women look like this.

No. 1116690

File: 1609178267666.jpeg (606.65 KB, 960x1657, 7A1F6B94-702E-4475-A3B8-B9A1C2…)

No. 1116720

He makes that granny look slim thicc in comparison…lol

No. 1116737

why does she not get her eyebrows fixed? she looks like a clown and she can certainly afford it. does she still have a dick?

No. 1116742

definitely. white always says that the dick isn’t gonna get cut off and half of the skimpy outfits show at least a little bulge because of it. a lot of these no bottom op trannies should really learn how to tuck.

No. 1116743

Instathot is never a cute look, but especially not during the holidays, and especially not in whatever this print is.

No. 1116745


Fuckin hell - size on those feet!

No. 1119910

File: 1609548149396.jpeg (1.22 MB, 960x1670, 186EC93F-433D-43EA-9D11-F8B227…)

No. 1119923

wow, osama bin laden next to his aging crossdressing twink bf who looks like he's concealing his farts as much as his wrinkles?

sage because this thread is proving itself to be nothing but endless nitpicking again. come back to me when bob actually screws up something other than photoshop or posing.

No. 1119927

his legs and face look horrible, it really feels like he's getting really weird looking. Is he doing shit to his face?

No. 1119953

he really has a fridge shaped head on top of his fridge shaped body

No. 1120003

Is this the boyfriend of the man who goes the 4chan to talk about how much better femboys are to real women? lolol

No. 1120010


He is such an ugly motherfucker, even after shooping himself into orbit, no wonder he hates women so much

No. 1120080

I really don’t understand why Blair’s doesn’t corset

No. 1120358

File: 1609613515627.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1164x1893, 010A9C80-FC49-40EB-ACD3-FCAEB1…)


(Sorry mods for picture repost - this is just for ease of reference)

Honest question: Can men with a torso this wide and V-shaped corset train anywhere close to as easily as a woman? And that's sort of implying it's easy for us, which it isn't. I'm pretty sure corsets are designed to fit only the female skeleton and shrink our waists in accordance to where our hip bones and organs are supposed to line up, which even for us is a very gradual and sometimes painful process. Male anatomy just isn't the same. For a while I followed a bunch of mtfs on social and have seen many of them show off their new, often quality corsets but even a year or more after the unboxing, no changes to their waist could be found in risqué pics (except for one person who got very noticeable shrinkage, but I believe he had Klinefelter's and probably Photoshops too, idr). I'm guessing they either won't fit the average man at all or the fit is unbearably painful for them.

So I would imagine Blaire has probably tried to corset train before given how obsessed he is with his waist appearing small, but failed so he bought the cheap drag padding as a last resort. A corset would not have fixed the lack of hips and propane ass, either.

>TL;DR Blairebod is too bulky to corset train and he's too far up his own arse to admit he doesn't pass so hip padding and lazy photoshop it is.

No. 1120726

File: 1609645272530.jpg (172.6 KB, 1200x1788, Amanda-Lepore.jpg)

Amanda Lepore had ribs removed, waist trains, had all sorts of lower body surgeries and still has a manly torso. So, no.

No. 1120961

I've never heard of this person before but holy fuck is that horrifying. That's your body on Autogynephelia if I've ever seen it lol. Bur I see what you mean that even despite all the butchering he did to his body, he still has a male torso. I think it's because men don't have birthing hips and that's just something you can't fake when you're a man.(derailing)

No. 1125986

The feet will always be another giveaway. Ofc there are women with big feet but his look like trotters.

No. 1130179

File: 1610525374490.jpeg (318.77 KB, 797x1399, 9D523116-3C46-404F-BD13-D0485E…)

I see bob is talking shit about Jeffrey star again

No. 1130194

Jeffrey identifies as a man so why is he even trying to compete lol. You’re always going to be a catty gay man just embrace it and stop embarrassing yourself

No. 1130202

Amanda is a former club kid, there's an element of that sicko, exaggerated and disturbing strain of drag that Alig and the rest had in the 1980s and 1990s. I got the impression that the insanity and unreality in Amanda's case is intentional.

No. 1130203

File: 1610530611358.jpg (27.56 KB, 453x679, bossk-star-wars.jpg)

Uncanny (as in valley)

No. 1130324

Oh I didn't know he was big in the 90s club scene but I can see it now. Still, I'm just super disturbed that he can't see just how frightening he looks.

No. 1130325

Exactly. Jeffree Star may be a scumbag but at least he's living in reality and not larping as a wannabe woman. Plus if he drowned himself in FaceTune like Blaire did, they'd look about the same on par lol.

No. 1130327

Smeagol in drag kinda body. Blaire's feet are fucking massive. kek

No. 1131051

File: 1610596605709.jpeg (1.13 MB, 960x1678, 3F8FE285-2C0B-4A97-930A-C8779B…)

(not milk)

No. 1142012

When I first saw her videos, I did not understand she was transexual, she looks really pretty. I can't believe she supports Trump as an LGBT person though.

No. 1142032

Sage retarded newfag
She’s not pretty it’s facetune working overtime Blaire has a man face

No. 1142081

>>1142032 I saw her appear in other channels like VICE too and she looks the same. She looks great without facetune as well.(learn2sage)

No. 1142086

He's not even cute for a man though but being wrong isn't a sin I guess

No. 1142098

VICE is not a good example. The thing with Blaire is that if he makes a request to show his good side (which I'm sure he does) if he can't film himself or do a livestream type of interview where he's in control of his camera setup, you see him for what he truly looks like. And it's not that people think he's ugly per say. Well some do but most of us don't. We just don't think he "passes", no troon really passes except for Nikke Tutorials because he trooned out when he was a child. But yeah point is that Blaire uses camera tricks, lighting, and facetune to achieve the look he has in videos but catch him out in public and that's where you have to do a double take.

No. 1142278

Unsaged newfaggotry to cape for an ugly misogynistic cunt of a tranny, go back to twitter retard

No. 1142841

File: 1611696648124.jpg (556.34 KB, 1147x749, aids.jpg)

why does he always think he's the know all, end all on all trans issues?
who died and made Robbie king of the crapper?

No. 1142944

It's mostly because he has so many asskissers who take everything he says as gospel.

No. 1143003

File: 1611709017574.jpeg (300.77 KB, 503x713, 72747B89-443E-4F9A-9A2B-EA91B3…)

Oh bob had been looking worse and worse.
Could it be age? Now that he’s 50?

No. 1143026

Omg the eyes

No. 1143027

That concealer is something else, has he ever done makeup videos? That would be funny as shit

No. 1143029

tinfoil but i bet that'll be his next youtube phase

No. 1143039

why does he put so much concealer over the top of his cheeks? is it bc if he didn’t, people would notice he has no cheekbones?

in any case, the light ass concealer is not helping. should really learn how to contour his jawline and under the cheekbones. also put mascara on his lower lashes like wtf, that’s makeup 101.

No. 1143176

I think he did on his Blaire Black channel. I think he did a video called "My everyday makeup routine" or something like that.

No. 1143248

File: 1611745237790.jpg (11 KB, 687x33, another 1k.JPG)

Blaire is still losing subscribers, picture related was yesterday when his new video came out. I can imagine Joey is stuck dealing with a series of tantrums every time that number goes down, but seriously, is he really stupid enough to go after nonbinaries again even after watching his friend Kalvin get cancelled for doing just that?

I get that Blaire is a boring dumbass with no actual talent or hobbies but he's going to continue spiraling into irrelevancy until he figures out some kind of content to put out beyond shitting on people. The Janae video woke up his audience into realizing he's an asshole and yet he continues to mock others instead of trying to prove himself otherwise.

Bob, get a hobby or two. Learn something that you can share with others. You're pushing 30 and still act like a catty gay man for a living.

No. 1143282

One eye looking atcha, one eye looking for ya.

No. 1143323

File: 1611752115915.jpeg (252.58 KB, 1200x1342, 1F6F475D-20FA-45E4-A4B9-C6DA3B…)

No. 1143333

they're both walmart lol

No. 1143335

a man looks like a man,woow something new. this freak show is unbelivable

No. 1143426

Oh man, I didn't know he lost even more. The last I saw he was at 978k, that's a hella dip in subs.

>I get that Blaire is a boring dumbass with no actual talent or hobbies but he's going to continue spiraling into irrelevancy until he figures out some kind of content to put out beyond shitting on people. The Janae video woke up his audience into realizing he's an asshole and yet he continues to mock others instead of trying to prove himself otherwise.

Agreed. I think he's trying to pull a Jeffree Star where he thinks that he's practically untouchable and can prevail with views despite being in hot ass controversy but this should be a wake up call. He's not Jeffree, his channel is in the stages of a slow death.

Honestly though I think that he is gonna become a twitch streamer like the Stef Sanjiati person. Idk why but I feel that's the next stage for him for easy money.

No. 1143818

File: 1611791299759.jpg (58.62 KB, 1207x754, smug idiot.JPG)

>Oh man, I didn't know he lost even more. The last I saw he was at 978k, that's a hella dip in subs.
Yeah and he's down yet another 1k today. It won't stop lol.

>I think he's trying to pull a Jeffree Star where he thinks that he's practically untouchable and can prevail with views despite being in hot ass controversy

He even sells a tshirt that says "uncancellable" on it. He's probably smug because he kept gaining subscribers for so long despite so many other people hating him and didn't realize that no one is immune to having their own fans turn on them. The shirt is still in his shop, so with that he's probably trying to imply that just because he's in a controversy doesn't mean he's going away (kind of like a bothersome mosquito) but continuously making the same recycled garbage videos isn't going to keep him his fans.

No. 1145126

File: 1611926027555.jpg (62.89 KB, 740x380, v1.jpg)

uncancelable? let's put that to the test.

No. 1149018

File: 1612251192500.jpeg (236.71 KB, 1440x1584, 0117968E-DC19-4C66-96A7-A64326…)

he comes back with an oompa loompa cosplay?

No. 1149027

I can only imagine how this cosplay actually looks IRL without the special camera editing and knowing he has a fridge build…

No. 1152265

This is an amazing cosplay. I wonder if she will do more.

No. 1152941

File: 1612526587739.jpg (21.76 KB, 161x558, 1612522954936.jpg)

he has, here he is cosplaying as a bridesmaid at Jaclyn Glenn's wedding.
"grandma, why is that man wearing a dress?"
"because he's a pervert, bubele."

No. 1153799

You need to get with the times, grandma.

No. 1153973

ah yes open perversions are a thing now, how could grammy forget.

No. 1154320

Blair's dog looks byb is it supposed to be a pomeranian?

No. 1162562

File: 1613436910867.jpeg (282.93 KB, 960x1674, DC8928DD-803E-475B-AF4D-EB0DC9…)

This is really what he looks like, even with filters and bs(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1162573

You retard bumped this goddamn thread for a shitty ig filter? I am so sick of the influx of newfags in snow today, i really am

No. 1164400

File: 1613628939837.jpeg (579.26 KB, 960x1554, 160FA7EA-D30D-40DD-AC42-D608D3…)

So that’s the ultra “feminine” boy he use to be?? He looks just like any little boy… kinda masculine actually. nothing feminine about rob then. So why transition now?

No. 1164454

For the fetish.

No. 1164631

And the attention he would never get as another random scrote on the internet nobody cares about.

No. 1164638

All of this plus internalized homophobia.

No. 1164767

Eh, she wasn’t a hyper feminine little kid, but she was a super faggy, cringy scene dude as a teen. You don’t really have much agency over your appearance until you’re old enough to go shopping on your own, and it’s hard to capture feminine mannerisms and whatnot in a school photo.

I absolutely 100% believe that Blaire was one of those kids that was obviously gay even from a really young age.

that being said… blaire do be a liar

No. 1164859

Yeah someone posted pictures of his high school look in the previous thread. Obvious scene kid / Jeffree Starr wannabe. I just don't think his face changed much. The only thing he's done is that he ditched the heavy makeup look and started going for a more natural look. Well "natural" lol. He's trying to go for that Kim Kardashian look which I'm sure she herself had to have been inspired by drag queen makeup.

No. 1173223

No. 1173256


Trans identity really is a mental illness.

No. 1173310

File: 1614611623154.jpg (131.24 KB, 1080x798, 20210301_161319.jpg)

Does anybody know what this thing by his crotch is..? Is it his butt??

No. 1173318

It’s a buttcheeck anon

No. 1173497

File: 1614628882864.jpeg (Spoiler Image,77.77 KB, 1778x999, flipper.jpeg)

It's a butt implant. Poorly done one at that because it made a crease where the bottom of the implant is.

You know, like this one.

No. 1174579

I'm probably being extra here but is the reason why Blaire wears those huge ass glasses is to mask out his male facial features? I'm more than certain that a lor of his videos where he's recording from his phone, he's using a face app filter like SNOW but these other ones? I'm just curious.

No. 1179633

Interesting how the transition seems to be not just about gender but also race. Qwhite interesting indeed.

I reckon it's a bid to seem smarter or more sophisticated. A personality replacement, if you like - it's not like there's much going on here otherwise besides being the transiest trans to ever trans… it'll be interesting to see what the next cash-grab venture will be after Youtube falls through. Surely there has to be a truckstop somewhere nearby…

No. 1179954

>I reckon it's a bid to seem smarter or more sophisticated. A personality replacement, if you like - it's not like there's much going on here otherwise besides being the transiest trans to ever trans… it'll be interesting to see what the next cash-grab venture will be after Youtube falls through. Surely there has to be a truckstop somewhere nearby…

Probably lol It's not like he has anything else going for him. People have speculated that if YouTube falls through for him, we won't be surprised if he starts an OnlyFans and shows off his heavily photoshopped images.

No. 1180788

File: 1615374571020.png (100.1 KB, 313x261, 2.PNG)

Blaire and his filter supports "Super Straight" movement, but he aint slick.
The true reason he supports it is in hopes Joey can FINALLY be see as a actual "Straight man", even though the whole thing is, "Okay you "Straight" but i'm actual straight aka "Super straight".

No. 1180794

Idk anon, in the most recent YouTube video of Blaire’s it was said that if a man dated a transwomen..then he wasn’t 100% straight and that he was somewhere on the Kinsey scale.

No. 1180978

Anon please stop with that stupid kinsey scale. The only thing that thing really applies to are bisexuals but even then, any man who sexes and/or dates a troon is not engaging in a heterosexual relationship, they are engaging in a homosexual GAY relationship. Transwomen are men and will never be women. Let's cut out the bullshit and just call it what it is. The guy may not be gay and just be bisexual but it doesn't change the fact that he's in a GAY relationship and that's just what it is.

As for Blaire supporting this Super Straight movement, of course he does. He's the token, "Not like other trannies" troon, he needs to support it to fit his branding.

No. 1183187

No. 1183225

All the surgery and he still can’t be bothered to fix his eyebrows. Stay mad being an ugly tron, Bob

No. 1183229

He thinks he looks natural, lmao. In what world? There is nothing feminine about this faggot, he is a stereotypical gay man. He is basically jeffree star with bolt-ons

No. 1183238

Still has the inflection and hand gestures of a gay man. Tragic.

No. 1183356

Image on left of that thumbnail looks like downes syndrome with a wig

Image on right is a faggot in a wig

No. 1183376

File: 1615621705147.jpeg (284.19 KB, 960x1465, 882AD90E-EBEA-4B87-B961-3B0BFF…)

The butt pad lol

No. 1183444

Natural? Boooy you've got fake tan streaks all over your man hands. Sidenote never take beauty advice from a man it always ends up looking like drag, no matter what gender.

No. 1183830

Anon take what Blaire says wit ha pinch of salt. He may have got some botox and fillers but the true results are not really seen because he films everything with a face filter and makeup. I guarantee that if he ever did a true reveal of what he looks like without the makeup and turns off the filming filter, we'd be seeing how he looks in photos when other people snap them. The eyebrows are the least of his worries tbh.


For real. Closing your eyes and listening to his voice, it just sounds like a gay man with a very high pitched voice and that's how most of these troons sound.


Eh I think that some men can give good fashion tips but as a general rule, yeah I agree, especially if it's a man with a sissy or bimbo fetish.

No. 1184891

File: 1615802385395.png (2.65 MB, 1125x2436, 81229355-E441-4732-AF17-642835…)

Blaire recently did a video where she takes a political compass quiz, and her result ended up being very slightly center right.

However, people realized that her answers didn’t quite line up with the results, so they retook the quiz along her (assuming the most conservative answers for questions she skipped) and got slightly lib left.

Yes, Blaire edited her results to make her look more conservative than she is.

Need more proof? Well, she had a tab open for a Google search of “center right political compass.”

Some more info: https://www.reddit.com/r/VaushV/comments/m37osb/blaire_whites_fake_political_compass_results/

No. 1184962


I mean it’s common knowledge that Robbie is a liar and only hanging onto the conservatives cause he couldn’t grift to blogging/makeup youtube.

That’s just sad that even his remaining viewers didn’t even let this slide. When will he get tired of the constantly lying and just be honest.


It’s wild because every getty image that these threads have found or going on other peoples podcasts he doesn’t look natural. Why are you taking advice from someone that couldn’t even wait/save to get a breast augmentation by a respectable surgeon and got bolt ons? He still has a square face, any makeup artist would tell him that. Claims natural but still clinging onto this ratty extensions. Nothing is natural about a bunch of Botox and this is coming from someone in LA.

Rule number one is never get fucking free anything when it comes to injectables. Rule two is never EVER cheap out with plastic surgery.

No. 1185158

I mean this isn't surprising. He has a history of lying just like >>1184962 said. Him being Conservative was always faulty because prior to this, he never talked about why he felt he was more Conservative anyway.

> He still has a square face, any makeup artist would tell him that.

Honestly even if he got another face surgery, I feel like he'd just look like a freakish alien if he got his face hammered on some more. And besides, he's still continue to age like a man so imagine what nightmare that would look like lol.

No. 1185343

File: 1615843961361.jpg (1.44 MB, 2048x1536, hunk white.jpg)

No. 1185565

I doubt he's taking testosterone. He is getting older and HRT does not stop male aging. But he also works out so yeah, I just think that we're seeing nature take its course.

No. 1185570

Unironically more manly than his boyfriend. Wearing clothes that cover up his man body would do him so many favors but he just insists on being a fucking exhibitionist

No. 1185577


It’s all the working out. It adds muscle and makes anyone look more masculine. He’s born biologically male so his body will bulk up like a man. Maybe he wants to be a bodybuilder and compete against biological females in bodybuilding competitions?

No. 1185585

What the fuck is up with Timmy Thick there in the center of the photo?

No. 1185635

that long male arm freaks me out

No. 1185662

just a maga fag little person, funnily enough he looks more like a biological woman then Blaire. Has a softer face, he looks like he could be a TIF.
Blaire keeps wearing clothes that show off his boxy waist and negative hips. Even if you didn't clock Blaire irl I'd be like,"Thats a strong odd looking woman" and I'd think he's a lot older then he is.

No. 1186104

So I'm not even a Conservative or anything like that but I recently saw this clip from a debate that Blaire was participating in with some Christian Republicans and while again I'm not a Conservative myself, i applaud that woman for calling Blaire out on his bullshit.

No. 1187297

love the midget in that picture, looks like the Circus arrived early. bunch of mutants.

No. 1187681

File: 1616101261537.jpg (1.83 MB, 2048x1536, x-men.jpg)

No. 1188027

File: 1616150592133.jpeg (679.77 KB, 960x1164, 0D7D846D-9D38-4A48-B4EE-9C9557…)

What is up with those shorts? Da fuq is Robert doing in public like that? Embarrassing!

No. 1188034

Jesus Christ why can’t he dress like a normal woman at least

No. 1188039

Bobby boy please wear flared skirts/dresses

No. 1188162

Because it gets in the way of his Autogynephelia. I mean why do you think that every outfit he ever wears has to be sexual in some way even if it results in an unflattering look? I think he thinks that because he's not fat, he can pull off most of these looks but doesn't really see how ridiculous he looks because he's built like a fridge.

No. 1188165

wow this tranny is so desperate to sex out and objectify himself to get straight guys lusting after him. Lol. obvious baiter. Even REAL female thots aren't this desperate. Fucking loser.

No. 1189040

I remember seeing this on twitter and hard core leftists saying they felt sorry for "her" and that "even though she hates us she doesnt deserve this" blaire gets way too much sympathy and deserves everything he gets, hes the one shooting himself in the foot here, he brought this all on himself no one did this to him.

No. 1189256


No. 1189274

Anon who posted the clip. Yeah I don't feel sorry for him at all. He brought this upon himself and I'm just glad that someone was not afraid to call him out even if it meant they'd get backlash since that woman did get some negative feedback for daring to speak the truth about men like Blaire by essentially calling him a wannabe woman as well as a grifter.

No. 1189278

No one cares that you aren't conservative anon ffs, this isn't twitter you won't get cancelled and mobbed for agreeing with a single statement a conservative makes.

No. 1195157

File: 1616887643090.jpeg (337.51 KB, 637x655, F03AC3BC-322C-464E-805A-CA19EF…)

So that’s a surprise that he didn’t photoshop the ruck out of this picture

No. 1195161

Trying to make it look like he has hips when we've all seen the candid pics kek.

No. 1195633

File: 1616941216757.jpeg (1.31 MB, 960x1630, 8E216E3E-0190-4B62-8942-F112EC…)

Haha! So much photoshop!

No. 1195641

File: 1616941749570.jpg (81.17 KB, 956x568, bb20-bblf-20180704-2014-jc.jpg)

sage for ot but lol it's that tiny little fag from big brother a few seasons ago

No. 1195642

Looks like one of his balls is hanging out

No. 1195645

Why would a trans woman go out of their way to wear bottoms that look like a codpiece?

No. 1195647

he probably delusionally thought they accentuated his "hips"

No. 1195657

>borzoi legs
>negative hips
>enormous back
>skin tone bikini
He needs to take some of the muscles of his back and put them on his hips if he ever wants to have a 1% more of hips than whatever’s going on down there.
The shoop only makes him look more like Michael Jackson than Kim Kardashian.

No. 1195682

He looks like a little person, this is the most masculine and unattractive i've ever seen him look tbh. Imagine driving past and seeing a strong backed, big-headed tranny hiking in a tiny bikini. I've seen drag queens who looked more feminine and sexy fully dressed than blaire does. Negative cleavage, negative hips and negative sex appeal.

No. 1195990

I just noticed that every photo on Robbie's wall is of himself. Photoshopped versions of his photographs are his daily inspiration. I can't even wrap my head around that. Do we have photos of the rest of the place, I imagine most of it is a pink shrine to his "better" self.

No. 1196105

Oh wow anoo, I actually didn't even pay attention to his background but yeah, pics of himself on his wall lol Hmm, could this be the effect of narcissism, something that most troons have? kek.

No. 1209391

File: 1618521562520.jpeg (368.58 KB, 1800x1688, 78BDD669-51E0-40FC-9A50-20AC0D…)

No. 1209392

His bulge is making me want to an hero

No. 1209774

File: 1618574090701.jpeg (895.77 KB, 960x1458, 7A3B7F41-BEDA-4A92-BEF7-138696…)

No. 1209778

Idk how some people would believe that it's a woman, literally a man's skeleton

No. 1209841

it's bizarre to me the level of brazen confidence he executes in all of his horribly chosen outfits and styling and constantly wanting to be seen in bikinis etc. Like he's surely seen his candids and is aware of what he looks like outside of his phone and brain?

No. 1209854

If you've seen the mtf thread it happens all the time. Blaire thinks he's the based true tranny but he's no different.

No. 1209900


>>Goodbye Horses

No. 1209976

I feel like it might be autogynephelia? Can gay men like Blaire have Autogynephelia as well? I heard that typically AGPs are straight while HSTS are Gay but I can't help but feel like even the gay guys are not immune to it.

No. 1217070

She looks gorgeous here

No. 1217192

File: 1619469832249.png (3.8 MB, 2079x960, 9BA88651-5EC9-4629-B69B-2C728D…)

Okay but what about the man hands? They look huge!

No. 1217210


I guess not being an absolute trash fire is equivalent to gorgeous in some circles.

No. 1217267

Totally a man's face too

No. 1217326

Nitpicking. They look normal

No. 1217358

Men are all susceptible to becoming a pornsick coomer regardless of sexuality. I don't think Bob is an AGP though. He wants to keep his dick, right?

No. 1217360

Normal for a man.

No. 1217366


Yea I think Blaire doesn’t want to do SRS.

No. 1217374

Samefag kek

No. 1217600

Nah she looks great. You sound bitter as hell.

No. 1217923

No one is saying he looks abnormal, he just looks like a man in makeup. Nothing abnormal about it lol.

Yeah I believe he wants to keep his dick even though he says he plans on getting SRS. He's not serious about it and only says that to keep playing up the "not like other troons" angle with his pornsck fans.

No. 1217970

She doesn't look like a man at all

No. 1218159

Either you're a delusional scrote or you're just blind. Here's a tip, don't trust everything you see in his videos or the photos he posts that ahooped and altered to oblivion.

No. 1218314

I saw her in others' videos too. She looks good in all of them.

No. 1218400

You just gonna hang out here and stan this tranny all day? How does his dick taste?

No. 1218691

It tastes like you

No. 1228215

File: 1620777747507.webm (1.93 MB, 1920x1080, nice filter bro lmao.webm)

sloppy robert with his sloppy editing skills lmfao.

No. 1228221

I see it on the left but I'm not sure where I should be looking on the right?

No. 1228223

ignore the right side lol its from his newest video and i couldnt manage to crop it without ruining the quality.

No. 1228352

No. 1228400

File: 1620800700009.jpg (5.74 MB, 400x480, 1m2AnUc.jpg)

kek the meitu body filter was glitching in the black one piece. You can also see it in the gucci logo. Too bad for him they don’t have a filter that can erase a bulge.

No. 1228474


The more he does shit like this, the more I believe in what everyone says about AGP/bimbofication fetish.

Literally everything he does is about looks, looks, looks. No other content except “Please validate me.”

Pathetic fucking existence.

No. 1228672

That's what I'm saying. If his AGP/Bimbofication wasn't noticeable before what with how he always feels the need to show off his fake implants and dressing like a cheap streetwalker, this video here is the concept blown into your face.

No. 1239377

No. 1239393

>Sage for nitpicking:
But does anyone else notice that Blaire has a more blatant video filter on for this upload? The eyes seem unusually larger than before, along with some sort of facial filter that slims out the entire head possibly? I’m not sure if i’m just imagining things but Blaire looks even more uncanny than before in this upload specifically to me.

No. 1239430

lmao it's so funny next to the girl being interviewed who's quality looks crisp meanwhile blaire looks like the video was recorded on an earl 2000s webcam due to the filter

No. 1239641

That detrans girl is so beautiful, I love her voice.

No. 1239715

It's not just you anon, I see it too. At first I thought my glasses were blurry so I wiped them real quick and looked again and nope, still looks uncanny as shit. He's clearly using a facial filter for this but I mean, he always does so it's not surprising, we all know what his real face looks like.

Also this isn't the first time he's talked with a De-trans woman but doesn't anyone find it mildly ironic that he almost never talks to de-trans TIMs?

No. 1246344

Blaire made an apprearance in Tom MacDonald's newest music video, who is basically the living embodiment of SJW wrecked compilations decided to become a corny rapper. This is so fucking embarrassing.

No. 1246354

holy fuck I am physically cringing, not even kidding

No. 1246378

I couldn't finish it. That guy can't rap at all and the chorus sounds like discount Hollywood Undead

No. 1246381

File: 1622860336459.jpeg (94.81 KB, 941x888, 3B723EA0-C7EC-4F5A-915F-B26DFD…)

This is so embarrassing and the heavily moderated comments are even worse

No. 1246396

He sounds like a shit tier conservative eminem parody tbh kek.

>screw it, I ain't trippin, I don't mean to be mean

woah, watch out everyone. This guy sounds hard as fuck.

No. 1246399


Whenever I see Blair in the wild I always have flashback to All Star drag queens who show up after having all of the botox/lip injections possible

No. 1246407

wow, this is fucking awful kek

No. 1246408

File: 1622861553292.png (802.33 KB, 1026x667, woah.... badass.png)

robbie probably thinks he's SOO badass

No. 1246410

ironic? no, it makes sense. there are far fewer (public) detrans men and they don't fit the profile and narrative of a large number of young women transitioning then detransitioning.

No. 1246431


The most feminine he ever looked.

No. 1246555

File: 1622871264114.png (4 MB, 1170x2532, AE7E1680-87F4-4B83-986A-D67246…)

i know zoomed in photos are just nitpicking but this frame had me almost crying

No. 1254982

File: 1623582814796.png (2.85 MB, 1516x1240, blair.png)

Robbie got his hip pads on full display in his most recent pics.

If you date a girl and take her clothes off for the first time maybe you find out she was wearing a padded bra. When you take home a troon and take his clothes off, all sorts of padding falls out. Literally all those curves are fake. And ofc his cock falls out too.

No. 1255007

he passes well when all you can see are his sausage lips and fake eyelashes.
i don't think he could fat farm long enough to get a bbl but he really should get illegal ass shots. that way he could stop with the pads and it'll make for good milk down the road

No. 1255025

>he passes well when all you can see are his sausage lips and fake eyelashes.
funnily enough, i think those things actually give away that he’s a hon. trannies fucking love that overly-sexualized bimbo aesthetic more than actual women do because they have to make themselves look like a stereotypical female pornstar in the hopes of even slightly passing

No. 1255051

Yeah it's gone so far that when I see someone who has had a shit ton of plastic surgery and that plastic bimbo look I immediately assume it's a tranny, even if it might be a real woman. It's just so uncanny.

No. 1255684

>Passes well

I dunno anon, have you seen him in person? We learned here that when it comes to pictures, even pictures like this, they still heavily edit and facetune their faces aside from their body.

>illegal ass shots

That would look like a disaster since he has skinny legs.

I'm kinda the same way anon. Ever since the whole Kim Kardashian Drag Queen look with the overdone lips, nails, eyelashes, and contouring became popular in the early 2010s, some women do end up looking like men in makeup.

No. 1258130

I think Blaire should just get that weird hip and ass implant surgery so she has an actual womanly figure, as artificial and fake as it would be. Her hips are deficient.

No. 1258143

File: 1623867905680.png (218.7 KB, 294x442, her.png)

No. 1258151

Kek anon I’ve just always referred to Blaire as she or her, it’s just easier for me. I used to be a fan

No. 1258197

File: 1623873005817.png (10.81 MB, 2208x1242, 323902EE-D4B5-4F3B-AF1D-C0C3F3…)

The obvious shoulder to hip ratio kek

No. 1258547

Oof front shots definitely don't do him any favors, linebacker shoulders strike again.

No. 1258657

File: 1623938411334.png (1.21 MB, 828x939, listen me and this lil pumpkin…)

honestly, i'm not gonna get at him for that shoulder to hip ratio. i wish more men and tims were confident with that. it's how your body is, dont go around with buttpads and shit which dont suite your frame. his manly frame suits him and i dont fault him for rocking it.(unsaged faggotry)

No. 1258691

can you really be 'rocking it' when you're covering your shoulders with your hair in every single photo to try and hide them?

No. 1258721

Well if he stopped with the charade of thinking he's a woman and embraced being a feminine man which is the truth, he more than likely wouldn't be as insecure about his body.


No. 1258741

How can Robbie say his dysphoria is gone most days when he shoops himself to high hell to have a female figure? That shit will never go away

No. 1270022

File: 1625252553298.jpeg (769.87 KB, 1242x870, 61845CC6-64FE-4AC8-8789-C8586C…)

Robert and Oli have the same nose

No. 1270405

File: 1625276394112.jpeg (257.61 KB, 478x700, 3DAE0C4E-09C6-45CC-BB2A-C47734…)

Why dose blaire look like the girl with the birth defect?

No. 1270422

Idk, why can’t you learn to use lolcow?

No. 1270593

Truly impressive lack of self-awareness. All plastic surgery victims look the exact same. Blair doesn't look any better than him.

No. 1270848

His silicone bags look painful and it looks like they are hanging from each side dragging his skin down when he's not wearing a bra. You're supposed to replace them every 10 years but it looks like he already has capsular contraction. Ouch.

No. 1270849

The fact that they both have the same botched nose and long horse looking face.
All you need to do is put a wig on Oli london and he could compete with Blaires ugly ass.

No. 1271013

Are you a blaire white lover?? Lol

No. 1271053

No but you’re a newfaggot. We can tell.

No. 1271054

File: 1625367859003.jpeg (252.44 KB, 635x654, 9D10BCFD-1ED6-4FB0-A290-7508B2…)


No. 1271107

And… you must be 12 years old?

No. 1271111

File: 1625375001271.jpeg (886.19 KB, 960x1531, 7B73FD41-9BF9-46D2-9C4A-DD64B6…)

Blaire literally looks like this(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1271123

Please don't compare this poor woman to him.

No. 1271135

please delete this

No. 1271180

go back to kiwifarms, retard.

No. 1271401

Oh now thats just uncalled for and mean to this girl who has nothing to do with blaire. She cant help the condition she was born with. But blaire CAN stop being shitty.

No. 1271550

And you still can’t learn to sage. Get a clue ffs

No. 1271552

These both scream kiwifarms newfaggotry

No. 1273866

File: 1625811169281.jpg (286.33 KB, 800x1280, Blaire White being a Karen (1)…)

Woah. Bobby dragged Halsey when he clearly tweeted this during the beginning of the pandemic.

No. 1273868

File: 1625811192693.jpg (309.12 KB, 800x1280, Blaire White being a Karen (2)…)

No. 1274433

More than half of this thread is vendetta and same fags. Besides blaire being abit of a hypocrite and bitchy there's not much milk

No. 1274661

You bumped this thread just to say that? Fuck off fag

No. 1274797

This is old non milk, no1curr
I agree with you somewhat, but maybe learn to sage tard

No. 1275083

File: 1626036747779.jpg (124 KB, 1430x670, bulge.jpg)

didnt see that the pic had already been posted oops, have a different one, not a good tuck there Blair

No. 1275092

Wow. Is that a child?

No. 1275137

That's Mark Wahlberg

No. 1275322

Just a normal sized adult man next to an amazonian kween.

No. 1275708

Kek something about that midget irks me. Not because he’s a midget, but his demeanor just puts me off. Idk why anyone would think he’s the life of the party.

No. 1275920

he was on big brother s20 and was the fucking worst

No. 1278328

File: 1626476893745.png (5.17 MB, 1242x2208, 67A9651E-1542-45EC-939D-85E108…)

The butt pads and back arching working overtime

No. 1278575

I can only imagine how hilarious he looks in motion with those things…

No. 1284993

File: 1627342824194.jpeg (634.32 KB, 1242x1390, DB0245C5-2446-48EF-9B3C-23CA37…)

How tone deaf and dishonest can Robert be? It’s apparent that his eating disorder and body dysmorphia hasn’t dissipated according to this thread. He did not “cure” himself and I don’t know how another pointless video repeating the same message “Eugenia is dying” is going to help except provide clout and attention to the creator of the video.

No. 1285826

He dgaf about Eugenia, he just used her as an excuse to talk about her and get attention on his channel. He's pretty known for making videos on popular people in the YouTube scene. He's done one for just about most of them from Onision to Jeffree Star and so on and so fourth. He was bound to get to Eugenia at some point.

No. 1285880

This is old milk but god damn, Blaire pisses me off so much.

So at the airport there are male and female scanners. He says when he goes through TSA the sensors go off at an "unknown object" (his dong) because he goes through the female scanner. He says he always requests to be patted down by a female officer because he doesn't want a man patting him down (which we all know is probably a lie lmao).

He legit gives no fucks that making a woman feel his genitals might make her uncomfortable.

No. 1285881

Blaire's remaining flock are saying they hope Eugenia watches the dumb video. Literally for what? To watch Blaire jerk herself off?

No. 1285898

You can tell immediately he's a man in public. he's so pathetic and delusional

No. 1285983

Isnt he against trans women asking to be waxed by female staff?? Fucking hell this dude is a bloody asshole!

No. 1285999

Believe me anon, we all know this, we know he looks like a man in public but unfortunately some people either can't tell (especially other men) or pretend to not notice (women).

Double standards really. Women shouldn't be required to wax some dude's balls but they have to pat down and touch his? GTFO.

No. 1286119

File: 1627496977054.jpeg (107.24 KB, 517x1419, 944988D1-E142-4EAF-828D-A2B6DB…)

U can see the man shoulders and his lack of curves, especially his ass. Manly ass shape

No. 1286172

Blaire is the type of person who thinks there are “good” and “bad” troons - “based traps” like him who pass (or so he thinks), and lazy ones who don’t, like Yaniv. What he doesn’t get is that women professionals aren’t interested in touching either of their dongs.

No. 1286569

he has the saddest white man ass, it kills me every time

No. 1297534

File: 1628639823854.jpg (229.65 KB, 1080x1023, Screenshot_20210810-165554_Twi…)

ok but why?!??! dr phil is already cringe, this is gonna be a shitshow

No. 1297574

kek what is this going to be about? Is he going to go off on the "bad" troons? I hope he peaks a few of the grannies that watch Dr. Phil.

No. 1297585

gonna be talking about chris chan

No. 1297626

Milkmas in July will run long this year and unfold over the months to come

No. 1297638

chris chan or yaniv. dr phil has been late as fuck to a lot of drama. he was like a year late to the tanacon situation.

No. 1298019

Wtf does Bobby boy and his bf have to do with Chris

No. 1298198

nothing, and I'm 100% sure he never heard of chrischan before a week or two ago when the news came out. blaire's content mostly consists of calling out predators like onision and yaniv, and is considered the authority on that for some reason.

No. 1298889

File: 1628810730001.jpeg (264.92 KB, 583x672, 8473CD10-4997-49AB-88D1-5A95A5…)

Saged for nitpick and dumbassery but the way Robert does his makeup makes me ultra cringe… his sparse pencil thin brows, his skinny sad little wings of eyeliner, and the disgusting lashes covered in 30 coats of mascara. Who else is bothered by this?

No. 1303327

Oh honey I cannot wait to see the screencaps of Blaire's smokescreen wear off and we see angles of him that really showcase his man face, it's gonna be good.

Out of all the troone that they pick for Chris Chan, why Robert? He barely even knew who he was lol. Wouldn't it make more sense to get a troon who actually had been following Chris Chan for a longer while?

Nah anon, I do get the discomfort. It's a waste of time considering he still looks like a man in makeup but if that's the look he's going for, more power to him. But yeah I cannot with the copious amounts of mascara and false eyelashes, like I can already see how flaky and gross that would become throughout the day.

No. 1313639

File: 1630547779122.png (7.56 MB, 2208x1242, 3B1E168B-5363-489D-96F7-BCE2B7…)

his makeup years ago (excluding the brows) looked a lot better. wonder what happened

No. 1314207

I think it's because ignoring the brows and overdrawn lip, his makeup looks much normal instead of caked on trying to create that pornstar look.

No. 1314269

these men are mentally ill and have body dysmorphia and want to turn themselves into bimbos. He was literally passing when he started because he had naturally more feminine features (yes he was still clockable). Now he looks like a drag queen abomination

No. 1314565

I also think his age helped him "pass" better when he was starting as well. I think he was like 20 when he first started YouTube but now he's pushing 30 and the aging male features are beginning to set in.

No. 1317058

Robbie looked so much better before all the plastic surgery, holy shit. He should sue whichever plastic surgeon gave him his facelift/nose job because they really fucked up his face.

No. 1327376

I also thought he used to look way better, but I don't think it's because of the surgeries. he was very young when he started making videos and men just get broader as they age.

No. 1344685

>>1120010(necro )

No. 1359238

File: 1635720919337.jpeg (1.17 MB, 960x1327, F1DAE408-D6FF-450C-8CDB-024393…)

No. 1359258

His tits look awful and for starting out as so trad all he cares about is being a z-list IG tranny like Eden or Nikita

No. 1359323


That’s because at the end of the day, regardless of politics, trannies are just cum-brained mentally ill men.

No. 1359599

Damn he went all out on his disgusting tranny costume. He even rubbed fake period blood on himself.

No. 1360671

the editing on the raised arm… kek, you can see it really well near the bottom of the armpit and where the wing and the wall collide closest to his face.

No. 1362693

He has such a boxy torso…

No. 1389328

File: 1639096122813.jpeg (683.05 KB, 1670x2048, FCE8B8D9-6F5B-4187-B2C7-491452…)

It’s official, Blaire is going to be a guest on an upcoming Joe Rogan episode. To top it all off we have this haunting photo of the two standing next to eachother in studio.

No. 1389332


Not surprising at all that he accepted Robbie as a guest since he’s very anti-trans and bolt ons is the perfect scapegoat

Just going to get asked generic anti-trans question and like a bootlicker Robbie will agree with it all and anything else. Wonder if they’ll ask about the recently call outs.

Also wtf happened the dr phil episode guest appearance?

No. 1389333

they look like father and son, what are they going to talk about? Is it just going to be the, "I'm not like other troons" shit the whole time?Their heads are almost the same size and they look like they wear the same shoe size.

No. 1389337

also, you can see both their dick prints which makes this even more weird

No. 1389341

so much plastic surgery he literally looks like a rubber masker in daylight

No. 1389348

They look like garden gnomes

No. 1389358

Robbie's feet are way bigger than Joe's despite his obvious attempt to hide his massive man feet lmao

No. 1389392

I'm more impressed Rucka Rucka Ali hasn't been buried alive. He's an artifact at this point and not one that aged well at all

No. 1390138

i can't see

No. 1390287

Yeah I see it playing out that way as well. I don't really follow Joe Rogann and the only segment I watched of his was when he had Abigail Shrier on as a guest and that was a pretty good interview I thought. I'm curious to know just what they're gonna talk about. It's a given Blaire is gonna be a disingenuous twit per usual but I have a feeling they're gonna mostly talk about children transitioning.

No. 1390489


Justed started watching the episode on spotify, literally bootlicking and agreeing from minute one. I wanna say the 21:00 mark Joe starts really diving trans questions.

It's already comical because Robbie is already contradicting himself. Robbie goes on a rant about how elementary schools and stuff shouldn't have LGBT flags and suchs because they shouldn't be exposed to that and kids aren't thinking about that stuff.

>moments later

"Yeah so I knew I didn't identify as a boy when I was 5."

I know Robbie isn't bright but like it was actually moments apart.

No. 1390575

male ageing, doesn't matter when they start hrt or how many plastic surgeries they have they'll still age and look like men, see jazz as an example

No. 1390695

stop lol joes is obvious but you’d have to be super zoomed and squinting to see blaire

No. 1390701

LOL at the contradiction. Classic Robbie, that's too good. And how much you wanna bet that the reason he didn't "identify" as a boy at that age (which I kinda doubt), it's because he was more interested in things like makeup, dolls, and got along with girls better? Which isn't a problem or anything but that doesn't make him a woman and I have a good feeling that if Robbie actually did debate with a "terf", she would've brought attention to that whereas as a man wouldn't even bother to question him and ask him to elaborate on what he means.

No. 1390832

File: 1639282004212.jpg (218.16 KB, 506x750, IMG_6890.jpg)

yes this is not milk, just laughing at how much he doesn't pass at all in candids.

No. 1390919

This is why I think these headcases are wasting away their money on pointless surgeries. He went through that "FFS" to "feminize" his face and this is the result? You just cannot escape your biology or else it just remembers to give you a good slap of reality like these candids.

No. 1391108

Probably the purpose of the black pants kek

No. 1391986

get your shoes off the couch you fucking animal

No. 1400619

File: 1640321968507.jpeg (335.98 KB, 603x543, C1F8446B-31AA-4411-8965-97D299…)

Finally Robert got one right. He’s not okay.
I can’t be the only that hates his hideous smug douchbag face?

No. 1400645

crypto creepshow stan?

No. 1400706

The thing that's going to be annoying with his latest video is people are gonna bend over backwards and give him asspats for not being a screeching TRA trying to demonize JK Rowling and once again point at another distracting taking attention away from his own delusional self.

No. 1409917

File: 1641454001243.jpeg (111.44 KB, 960x1132, 8E13977F-4391-4C4F-A431-26DF66…)

Robert has some nice shoulder pads.(nitpicking/ necro)

No. 1410101

nta but what kind of newfag janny thinks 13 days puts a thread into necro and posting a new selfie is nitpicking? Anyway nice fridge body Robert

No. 1410185

You have to know 13 days is definitely necro when you have nothing to contribute, and Blaire's IG exists for ugly selfies if anyone feels masochistic.

No. 1412749

File: 1641734015029.jpeg (431.39 KB, 538x970, DC70D46B-D0D8-4C85-B7A7-C79DE8…)

Oh that horse face mixed with Michael Jackson(unsaged nitpick)

No. 1415119

It’s true tho

No. 1415204

they did contribute, retard. And no 13 days isn't a dead thread. lurk more

No. 1415210

2 weeks is definitely not enough to put a thread into necro. a thread being quiet for a little bit and being bumped randomly is not a necro, it's just unsaged bumping.
his fridge body and rigid bolt-ons will never not make me laugh.

No. 1416084

Why? You love him?

No. 1416103

File: 1642080296121.png (129.36 KB, 1208x508, Screen Shot 2022-01-13 at 8.21…)

Well I guess to actually talk about milk and speculations.

Do we think he'll follow the fate of shoe0nhead and be engaged for like 5 years just for joey to leave him for a younger troon.

Aren't they going on 4(?) year engagement. Although with posts like these I wonder what happens between them behind closed doors


No. 1416118

The cognitive dissonance to go out of your way and date a troon instead of an actual woman and then get mad when you're reminded of who he actually is kek

No. 1416134

he worked in makeup or something on rupaul's drag race. the delusion is real

No. 1416149

Bro literally used to get pegged by his gfs and now gets fucked by a man, but he isn’t like those other faggots. Oh Joey.

No. 1417978

You're correct anon. He worked with Drag Queens at a bar and helped with makeup and hair.

No. 1417979

Yep he clearly has a lot of internalized homophobia and doesn't like to be reminded that he's dating a man which is why he gets all uncomfortable when he sees Blaire's childhood photos or his friends who are more than likely troons and flamboyant gay men just like Blaire.

No. 1427202

File: 1643191124649.jpeg (1.46 MB, 960x1664, AA9905A3-4407-4F27-B16D-9800BE…)

So is Robert going bald??

No. 1427213

God this is so filtered, doesn't even look human anymore lmao.

No. 1427253

That bald spot is embarassing, why wouldn't he shoop that out, since his face is already filtered to hell and back

No. 1427291

That’s exactly what I thought
Robert is such a clown

No. 1427301

File: 1643206235310.jpeg (151.87 KB, 1121x960, B3A60519-A87E-43A5-B7ED-CC68D4…)

I’m wondering why his beard is peeking through and how is he still has busted nails. How cheep are those press ons or is it that his man hands bust the acrylics off?

No. 1427535

File: 1643225278300.jpg (115.86 KB, 903x500, 4lpk6r.jpg)

I think he's probably just a bisexual man LARPING as straight because he can't admit he likes women and also has a fetish for little twinks in dresses. I dont see him ever dating a regular gay man who doesn't larp as female because it wouldn't match his fetish and he clearly hates regular gays. "I'm still straight because I only like males in dresses". Picrel is Joey after fondling robbie's feminine penis

No. 1427549

Now THIS is the perfect example of cringe. People call anything that is remotely autistic cringe, but most of what I see in cringe comps is just ugly/autistic people doing trendy tiktoks but to me that's low hanging fruit.

>the TERRIBLE flow

>lack of self-awareness in being the conservative equivalent of snowflakes

>no sense of subtlety in symbolism, like a Ben Garrison comic you see on your dad's facebook feed

>republican buzzword salad

>Tom MCDONALD and Robbie WHITE trying to act hard, thinking they are victims of a witch hunt, the overt AAVE, the voice, the braids, the outfits, Robbie doing the "periodt" gesture & flicking off the camera

>the hypocrisy talking about slutty women being role models while Robbie is crawling in his skimpy clothes acting like a porn star unironically because he's always like that

>Robbie willingly being passed around by mainstream republicans as the pick me troon even though they are brazenly anti-LGBT

No. 1427637

>Going bald

It appears so anon. Remember, taking prolonged HRT can result in balding of the hair and Blaire has been on it for a good while now and he's getting up there in age. Not saying he's old but he'll be 30 in like 2-3 years and after seeing pictures of other troons who started taking HRT when they were in their teens to early 20s and their hair started to thin and bald as well.

Of course it was inevitable that the same would happen to him eventually. I'm sure eventually he'll just eventually start wearing wigs.

No. 1428040

Which video is this from?(sage)

No. 1428137

This is a saged nitpick, but if you're going to dress up as a woman, surely you'd do a better job with your eyebrows and eyeliner? So many of these TIMs go ham with their makeup but at least they seem to care? And keep up with trends? Ffs Robert get an eyebrow pencil or some pomade.

No. 1428379

I'm a bit confused at the eyeliner crit, I think it looks basic and inoffensive. I do see what you mean with the brows though.

No. 1429126

File: 1643358940070.jpeg (496.46 KB, 748x1404, 5C747B6B-BD0C-44ED-8738-3D56DA…)

Robert really thought this was an outfit lol

No. 1429160

bolt-ons parted like moses did it himself.
also his face is filtered so much, he looks straight up like a dude in the face, more than usual lmao

No. 1432243

File: 1643738282751.png (6.71 MB, 2079x960, 8F40E6FE-D76F-49C7-99D5-BC5A2F…)

Huge(unsaged nitpick)

No. 1432409

I am not straight, so straight/bi women correct me if I'm wrong, but I've heard that if you've been dating a man for 3+ years/engaged for 1+ years and you aren't married yet, he doesn't want to marry you and is using you as a placeholder.

No. 1432743

sage for off topic. but a good friend of mine (almost like a brother) was been with his gf for about 4 years in total (not counting the year they spent apart because they broke up) and every time i ask him if they plan to get married, he gets nervous about it. he has told me he can't marry her yet because of her emotional immaturity/clinginess. idk if he sees her as a palceholder. i honestly hope he doesn't.

it's almost a year that i've been with my bf and he's already told me multiple times that he wants to marry me but we both want to finish school first. imo, if men are serious about being with you, they'll work for it.(no1currs)

No. 1432770

you're supposed to marry who you're engaged with in a year maximum. Shoe had the same issue with skeptical, he got her an engagement ring and all, but they broke up and didn't marry.

No. 1432905

Well considering this is a gay relationship, between a homophobic tranny lover and his "not like other t girls" boyfriend, I don't see them ever getting married. If anything I can see Blaires boyfriend replacing her with a younger bigger dicked troon who can fuck him like he likes. It'd be funny if he does get with a actual woman, sometimes these chasers default back to women so they can have kids or have "serious" relationships with.They still fuxj troons on the side though. I think he genuinely loves dicks with tits too much to do that.Hes either a bisexuality with a strong preference for dick havers or a gay dude. Blair will find another chaser maybe a super right wing one who swears he's straight. Or even a black guy. Regardless they aren't making it down the aisle. Not because Blaire doesn't want it but his Boyfriend clearly doesnt.

No. 1432941

I think your prediction is very likely. It's pretty much a ShoeOnHead situation through and through only Blare's boyfriend is not a YouTuber. I do see him leaving for a hung troon since Blaire's is obviously small and it's probably not as functional neither which may interfere with Joey's want of dick.

No. 1433794

File: 1643909804104.jpeg (252.98 KB, 960x1095, 85A5079C-CC54-47E0-8A1D-925895…)


I swear this is going to be Robert’s new boyfriend! He spends more time with this fool than Joey
Btw am I the only one that sees him looking older and older each day and more like Michael Jackson. ?

No. 1433816

The less he passes the more he blurs and filters his pictures/videos. He looks yellow. That guy does have gayface so you might be right.

No. 1436231

I'm confused. Why does he blurand filter his photos so heavily? I thought he got FFS and got a more feminine looking face from it? Am I missing something?

No. 1436745


Have you seen his face recently? He looks more like a dude than ever recently. I think it could be him getting older

No. 1436827

I actually haven't seen what his face looks like tbh. Has there been a recent photo of him without a filter or something? I must've missed it.

No. 1436966

File: 1644248054851.jpeg (645.13 KB, 960x877, EA035929-583A-46C0-8154-57A882…)


He’s always taking about blending in society and that everyone just automatically see him as female. BUT l highly doubt that because he looks like a DUDE.

No. 1437222

Nah, moids are blind, they see long hair + painted nails = girl. Women are clocking TIM better but they're socialized to accommodate other people's feelings. In his daily life he must really think nobody knows he's a TIM. Plus male are delusional most of the time.

No. 1437239

i promise you they're not kek

you know how they say women seek out sex and then pretend they were raped when they regret it? it's literal projection of how moids operate. the number of moids who were "fooled" by troon fake nails is zero, what actually happens is they get curious and specifically seek trannies, then murder them in a fit of post-nut self-loathing.

No. 1437777

he's looking more and more like michael jackson, it's terrifying.

No. 1437910


Yeah, you gotta be pretty dumb to not notice a masculine skull, hands or the Adams apple. And if you're still fooled that should end once the clothes come off.

No. 1438592

Michael Malice is an odd one. He's apparently a very straight man, but he's really into drag culture. Like years before he was an anarchist voice, he wrote blog recaps of Ru Paul's Drag Race for The Observer. https://observer.com/author/michael-malice/ It's definitely a weird dynamic, Malice is in his late 40s. I am also curious about Joey's absence as well.

No. 1440552

File: 1644584534391.jpeg (845.24 KB, 960x962, 691EF71B-3868-4462-AFB4-3D84E3…)

When your parents are michael jackson and amanda lepore

No. 1440567

why can't trannies just be feminine men instead of masculine """""women"""""

No. 1440605

They used to be, nonna. Back in the day “wrong body” discourse was standard and while it was understood some people felt more comfortable living as the opposite gender, there was no push to change the definition of biological sex. This “trans women are women” shit came much later. I’d actually be ok with going back to that. If troons want to live, dress and present themselves as women, who am I to stop them? As long as it’s clearly understood they are GNC males and have no inherent right to access private female spaces or talk over women about female issues.

No. 1440649

if trannies wanna go back to the days of divine and rupaul, that's fine by me. even the days of early amanda lepore. if men think they're more attracted to the thought of living in a body that looks feminine, who cares? plenty of women do it. it's when they do it to get an advantage over women and to invade the spaces of women is when i think that's insane and unacceptable.

No. 1440738

Society skipped a huge step by jumping straight to “trans women are women” before ever fully accepting flamboyant/GNC men, whether gay or straight. Feminine men are still treated as “less than” men in all areas of society, whereas there’s a well-funded political movement to get them fully accepted as “women.” No wonder so many of them troon out lately, just look at Robbie. He went from a twinky GNC gay boy to a strictly gender-conforming woman. He looks like a wax doll of a basic porn bimbo now. Nothing progressive about that, we’ve actually gone backwards from the 70s and 80s when feminine men and masculine women were more accepted in pop culture.

No. 1440867

File: 1644612796597.jpg (26.39 KB, 441x532, Capture.JPG)

can someone explain to me what causes this face shape

No. 1440874

Y chromosome

No. 1440877

but unaltered men dont look like that. is it just the fillers?

No. 1441378

male face shape after face surgery. Men have bigger head, shaving a few cm off your skull doesn't change that fact

No. 1441817

File: 1644706276807.jpeg (717.42 KB, 960x886, 2A000E93-AFE1-42F2-8275-9CE6D6…)


Rob was born with a very masculine face and body . And unfortunately for him he can’t hide it well.
The surgery and fillers don’t do much for him.

No. 1441879

Isn’t he filthy rich? He could get some weird surgery like a full skull and bones shaving or some shit like that. I mean, looking like a woman is all these men want, the rich ones could at least try to actually fix their bones before trying to steal wombs and such.

No. 1441955

He already tried and that’s what he got. He’s just too masculine and square. And he’s not rich. That’s just what he pretends

No. 1442205

File: 1644765007589.jpeg (735.73 KB, 946x843, 49C3678B-1588-4214-B3C0-037681…)

Robert’s broke ass couldn’t afford to live in LA and his plan to be famous back fired so he moved to Texas. But at least he still has photoshop lol it’s so funny to see him thinking he did that on Instagram. Just imagine what he really looks like without the photoshop HAHA !

No. 1442229

He's about as attractive as most sex worker/porn star trannies which are a step above your usual troon garden variety troon you see on posted up on reddit or twatter. Still, he's clockable if you're not a moid who only thinks with his dick

No. 1442230

Do you think he'll ever detrans? He could just be a regular faggot

No. 1442232

I'm this anon >>>1436827 and holy fuck, I see what you all mean now, especially that bottom right picture, total man-face.

THIS. If his hair was black, he would look like a younger version of him…

No. 1442235

>He's apparently a very straight man, but he's really into drag culture

I really would like to believe that there are straight men out there who can be into drag for pure entertainment purposes but this just feels like another case of closeted homo like Joey. Joey was into drag queens as well and now he's dating one. Just saying lol.

No. 1442237

I agree with you both. It's the delusion and demands to access women only spaces that is the biggest issues. If these men were just staying in their lanes and living in reality that they are not nor will they ever be women, it would be fine.
Pretty much doing like what that Miranda Yardley guy does. I don't know a ton of his history but from what I've seen, he doesn't call himself a woman or "transwoman" that I'm aware of and he claims to not use women-only spaces neither and if this is true, then other trans-identified males should be doing the same.


I agree with this too. I see women every now and then who from afar look like guys because they prefer to dress in masculine styles but yet they are confident in themselves and don't delude themselves into thinking they are men for it so why can't men do the same?

No. 1442238

>Society skipped a huge step by jumping straight to “trans women are women” before ever fully accepting flamboyant/GNC men, whether gay or straight. Feminine men are still treated as “less than” men in all areas of society

This is so true. But honestly it does sound like the only reason this is is because men are the ones who treat feminine men like shit. Most of us women tend to be accepting and open to them. Like I have met some women who don't like feminine men but they usually were more on the conservative side of things and believed in gender roles but still, most women do tend to accept them. It's masculine men who have a problem with them that can sometimes even lead to violence and it's wrong.

It really feels like men are trying to make feminine men disappear by pushing them into the "transwomen are women" bullshit and these men in particular already tend to think low of women if they seriously think we're all about makeup, fake nails, heels, etc.

No. 1442239

Wait anon, those two photos of him on the bottom right, is that AFTER the surgery or before?? Because if that's after, whoa… It really didn't do anything for him, he still looks like a straight up man. Please tell me that was before because kek, what a fucking waste of money.

No. 1442240

Can gay male troons have AGP? Why does Robbie always wear these super short skirts? It just makes me think of creepy AGPs who wear hooker heels with super short skirts…

No. 1442250

he wants straight male attention, the point is to get as much male attention as possible

No. 1442290


No. 1442297

Surprised he hasn't gone to Korea for double jaw surgery. That would be the easiest way to pass in the face. Long face ruins all the work any amount of filler or lashes does and masculinizes you. I wish he'd stop overfilling his lips cuz it just makes it worse kek

No. 1442369

It’s after his face surgery. He got his face and boob surgery together and he still looks like slender man with balloons

No. 1442371

File: 1644785123675.jpeg (472.4 KB, 960x846, 2720FAA3-1B8F-4B81-96FD-470201…)

No. 1442394

AGPS want to be the woman they desire, HSTS want to be the woman they think straight men desire. Not that different really.

No. 1442412

After looking at the photos, I don't understand why Blair insists on dressing up to emphasize those bolted on tits. He would pass better if he learned how to dress like a normal woman. Most women don't wear lacey bustiers or bralettes everywhere they go. Anything he wears, it is always his tits showing and since they are not real it looks very uncanny. It has always bothered me every time I have come across him.

How has none of the females around him, told him about these horrible fashion choices?

No. 1442476

shaving down the jaw on the sides emphasizing the length of the face. he looked better before because he had a wider jaw which served to make his face look a more normal length, now it looks bizarre because taking down the sides while leaving the cheekbones at the same size makes it look way longer and just weird to have a wide cheekbone area with a bizarrely tapered jaw

No. 1442525

Reminds me of the old video that he did with Jaclyn Glenn where they were in Hollywood asking who was trans. The (honest) woman immediately pointed out the bolt ons. Blaire could have worn jeans and a t-shirt like Jaclyn (who also had implants in the video!) to be less conspicuous.
The huge philtrum post-rhinoplasty just makes him look uncanny as well. His old nose was fine.

No. 1442579

KEK it's borderline uncanny. Bl