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In 2017 when Hurricane Maria/Irma happened Kelly Kirstein (cosplayer) asked donations for her to go visit her girlfriend @for_the_love_of_clod down in Florida where the hurricane was going to hit. She made the goal and visited her.

Here were the issues about this:
>People from Florida or any hurricane zone could not leave the state because airlines bumped up the prices costing around $1k-3k just to leave
>Death toll was 134
>She did not care that others were suffering to leave or trying to protect themselves from the hurricane
>She never donated to a Hurricane relief
>Made a “Lapis will stop the hurricane” meme which was insensitive
>White privilege
>Always asked for money to go visit her girlfriend
This is her account if anyone is interested https://instagram.com/kellykirstein?igshid=52cyi63zw5kr(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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And you couldn't just post this in the cos thot thread or bother lurking around enough to realize she already has a thread because…?

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