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No. 106029

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jennalynnmeowri
Instagram http://instagram.com/JennaLynnMeowri

- Claims her lips are natural and have grown with age lol (despite her sister posting in 2013 about Jenna having lip injections done by their mom)

-Accused Twitch streaker Mizkif of harassment despite an obvious drunk Jenna harassing him during a livestream.

- talks about her natural thicc booty and breasts but caught wearing cross dressing breast plate

-claims she’s only 22 years old

-publicly harassed Jurai Media Photography because she didn’t like the lighting used in her Peach cosplay photos.(read the rules)

No. 106030

File: 1595317757565.jpeg (317.02 KB, 522x500, 510D1DFD-319C-4AEA-B5F3-C9D50B…)

Constantly mentions she Never had any work done despite old photos showing otherwise

No. 106036

seems like a bit of a reach tho, her mouth doesn't look that different in both pictures

No. 106043

I can't tell if this is sarcasm

No. 106044

Living breathing proof of why you shouldn’t mess with your facial proportions when getting a nose job. Lifting the tip doesn’t fit everyone as it elongates the philtrum too much.

No. 106045

Yeah except the bloated lip injections, marionette line injections, nose refinement and jaw shave it’s pretty much the same person

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