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No. 106420

Since PULL has finally met it’s demise. Let’s continue to talk and trash what’s left of the J-Instagrammer community.(no)

No. 106422

I wish Rune would change that wig. It doesn’t suit her at all. A darker wig would work and how does she have as many followers as she does?

How is being a housewife a goal?

And she settled for that ugly Russian man as an anchor to stay there.

It was either going to be a white man or a asian man. She keeps posting stories on fetishising and mixed kids when this woman herself fetishes mixed children, Asians and white people.

And as for that article she did on black femininity with Ebunny/Ebony annoyed me. She claims not to have very black features.

Girl, no amount of SNOW filters or pink pale blush on your cheeks, a white husband or a biracial child will never make you non black.

You are black and you’ll die black

And you have black features.

The delusion is unreal

No. 106429

If you really want to take your nitpicking here learn to adapt and make a proper thread

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