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No. 106445

- Runemidgarts (Instagram.com/runemidgarts)
- Capsulebunny
- Comic95
-(Holyterrianbri - Brianna does have a thread but it’s dead and she has a lot of tea.

Here are the snowflakes that have caused conflict within the living in japan group. This group of women have problems with being honest about who they are, they can’t handle people not kissing their ass.
-Runemidgarts is not able to handle negative criticism, she runs to her platform the minute someone says something mean about her. She follow holyterrianbri aka morenxinjapan who is the most problematic person who has ever touched japan. She said she was adopted by white people when in reality she is full Jamaican and not adopted.
-Ebony aka ebunny is a 30 something year old who hates being black. She is trying to change her image which is poorly done. If there is a situation where she can say she doesn’t look black she does. But will try to be a ig baddie showcasing black culture which she is. Ebony and runemidgarts were once friends but had a suspicious falling out as well as the girl duo ame.link has fallen out.
-capsulebunny showcases that she’s this perfect bunny when in reality she’s a 30 some year old who married a younger man to stay in japan.
-Comic95 is a youtuber and instagrammer who says very conflicting things non stop, she believe she’s men thirst after her she is a god sent baddie. She is a bit delusional stating in a video “ I think like a dark skin black woman”
This is my first time writing a thread!(stop trying it)

No. 106453

Waiting for the katy whiteknights

She also got some dirt on her and acts like a teenager

No. 106459

Rune's overly exaggerated posts about happiness & self care are incredibly cliché. She acts like a pure housewife who's living the Disney princess dream caring for her man child yet she's been commenting on fellow cow VenusAngelic's content recently, like firmly up her ass compliments and began following her along with some of the other thots that VA is chums with in Japan. Fake as they come.

No. 106467

The new thot wenusangelic? that continues the idea about how rune is not true to her personality she used to post about how you have to be surrounded by similar women. That lets us all know what she really is

No. 106469

File: 1595547751253.jpg (517.35 KB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1595547612113.jpg)

She finds two degenerate thots "inspirational". This is from a Purikura pic June Lovejoy posted, who literally pisses in men's mouths in porn and Weenus panders to pedos lmao ok Rune keep sucking up to them.

No. 106473

venus anyway has a thread. Is there any real milk on June or just hating on her sex content? This isnt Pull, fags.

No. 106477

This is just highlighting Rune and her fake uwu perfect housewife persona. Nobody is hating on thots here, only that Rune has suddenly began buttering up with them, so carry on.

No. 106480

This thread reeks of PULL.
>Thread about girls living in Japan right after PULL shuts down
>First time writing a thread
>No real milk, thin veiled excuses from weebs seething from jealousy they are not the ones in glorious Japan
>Using problematic seriously as if we give a shit

I think it would be a good idea to lock this before /w/ gets even more infested.

No. 106482

File: 1595553120356.jpg (97.13 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1595552976014.jpg)

Does she not wash her face? There's flecks of makeup all over

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