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No. 109022

Kenzi Sho / 27 years old / social media bodypainting artist who heavily participates in snowflake behavior but I feel this is more appropriate for /w/ as she is very weeb/japan-centric in nature
(Links and usernames at bottom)

>Says the process behind creating her art it is out of her pocket while also claiming it is full time work that she has been building on for years

>Still asks for money from her followers from time to time just to be able to make more "content" because yes, her "work" TOTALLY is self sufficient and comes out of her pocket only
>Constantly fucking whines in forms of long breakdowns on her social media about how she isn't getting enough followers or appreciation for her "work" and blames it on everyone else like "toxic sexuality" or "beauty standards" or this generation
>Ironically enough edits the living fuck out of her own actual physical features in her "art"
>Takes frequent "mental health" breaks and storms off of social media threatening to everyone that she will quit her "work" every time but just comes back to do it again
>Non-binary fkeboi fg kpop fan who insists she is always more masculine irl, inb4 im not like other girls~
>Feels the need to announce she is opted out from being capable of cultural appropriation because of being black/puerto rican and having a japanese "adoptive" family
>In her meltdowns she's threatened about quitting everything again and going to japan or korea to find a boyfriend

Milk with some of her meltdowns/rants will be posted in replies soon

Instagram: @Kenzi_sho
Tiktok: Kenzi_sho
Facebook: http://facebook.com/witheringtodeath

No. 109024

Attentionwhore, built like a fridge & addicted to shoop.

Where's the milk, though? This feels like vendetta.

No. 109031

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No. 109033

File: 1597321891694.png (453.28 KB, 900x650, 5h4h4r4.png)

No. 109035


Dramawhore as well, still not milky. She would fit in the costhots thread, althoes thread, IG thread, etc… How is this one different?

No. 109036

Agreed. No idea why people insist on making threads for near-milkless flakes, she barely has any so I'd say keep her in a containment thread.

No. 109037


Agreed, I've never heard of kenzi so I don't think there would be milk from enough people for this to be a thread

No. 109039


Followed her years, and she is just dramatic, don't remember any milk

No. 109042

Locking. Read the thread criteria before wasting everybody's time.

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