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File: 1528753030798.png (239.16 KB, 447x274, 06B4A56E-C127-4451-98CE-B06281…)

No. 1176

Gyaru secrets is dead now.
It was like lolcow but only about gyarus.
Do you miss gyaru secrets? What were your highlights? The most wtf moment?


No. 1177

File: 1528753323406.png (495.69 KB, 576x571, D959CE2D-1F90-44C7-841C-226AA5…)

My favourite

No. 1178

I don't have one but i remember someone making a secret about GALVIP mag
also shouldn't this be in /OT/ Or /G/

No. 1179

if there's no current drama, do any of you guys mind sharing some of the old gyaru secrets/milk?

I was never into the community but always wanted to get into the juicy deets, so I for one would appreciate the recollection

No. 1180

I remember there use to be a gal that was posted there for her terrible dirty makeup all the time, but it was 100% a guy. I wish I could remember their handle.

No. 1181

That german guy?

No. 1182

File: 1528795736858.jpg (356.9 KB, 656x836, victim.jpg)

No. 1183

same. I used to be part of the comm for some time, back when g_s was very actively posting and I remember checking regularly if the new secrets are up already.

No. 1184

File: 1528802450782.jpg (45.78 KB, 359x640, VLvALrq.jpg)

ah, good old times. feeling nostalgic

No. 1185

Aw, I only got into it when it was already dying, glad you made this.

No. 1186

File: 1528804329773.jpg (197.71 KB, 1142x1008, Z1b0tOJ.jpg)

No. 1187

Isn’t this pretty much like the gaijin gyaru thread? Also feels like it should be at /g/ or /ot/

No. 1188

no, this thread is about the dead gyaru secrets and
posting old secrets

No. 1189

Aw I spent so much time there! So nostalgic.

I remember everyone loved kissing Lhouraii's ass but to me she always looked like hot garbage juice.

No. 1190

she looked like a hot mess

No. 1191

File: 1528817305644.jpg (181.51 KB, 646x900, 257559_900.jpg)

Even back then SJWs already existed lol

No. 1192

File: 1528818125113.jpg (107.85 KB, 800x314, 246101_900.jpg)

No. 1193

hahah good one gaya

No. 1194

File: 1528827140689.jpg (193.14 KB, 480x480, xMOfFMI.jpg)

Ahhh, good ole gyaru secrets. I stopped looking at them awhile ago, but it takes me way back. Here's a good one.

No. 1195

File: 1528827364600.jpg (38.36 KB, 500x500, 2lvuk2.jpg)

No. 1196

Wow, the nostalgia. So much time has come and gone.

I remember there was always at least one secret roasting lhouraii lliand back then Ashley and Shiena were always in the spotlight.

Does anyone remember this finnish gal I think who was actually trans(I think) and really popular. She used to have big pink hair .Probably too vague and I could be remembering wrong but I've always wanted to see what she's up too now.

No. 1197

this is stupid…

No. 1198

File: 1528827808134.jpg (249.65 KB, 334x474, 161ed4fac92d92af82b45ee8aeb7f9…)



No. 1199

I agree. That is partially why I posted it. Dont' get so sensitive on me now.

No. 1200

that's fine, i wasn't accusing you fam, i just forgot how sjw-y and triggery the comm got in it's hayday. but then it was always filled with those particular sex-posi type of tumblrinas.

No. 1201

File: 1528829333028.jpg (32.23 KB, 500x500, Satin_and_chenille1.jpg)



No. 1202

Pin was one of the most original gaijin gyarus imo. Plus he always seemed like such a nice person (we used to message for some time)

Unfortunately I don't know if he's still present on any social media accounts

No. 1203

Omg remember the gal awards?

No. 1204

Oh fuck I forgot about them but yes. Iirc a friend of mine even won in one of the categories in 2012

No. 1205

I do. I know in its later years people started complaing how rigged it was.

No. 1206

@ chapterrxiv

No. 1207

thank you!!
(damn he's cute)

No. 1208

There was another GGA last year.

No. 1209

File: 1528837210637.jpeg (74.13 KB, 645x581, 4A9978AE-8BEF-446E-9F7A-CEF6ED…)

Omg sascha and his wig

No. 1210

Can we take a moment to remember this is the guy who took jojos virginity? Girl must be having nam flashbacks from that

No. 1211

was that the german guy? I think I remember him

No. 1212

which german guy? I always thought sascha is from sweden or something?

No. 1213

Sascha is a fat balding guy from germany

No. 1214

my bad. Out of the male german comm I can only remember that one extremely douchy looking guy (I think he was called kei, I think he was part of boggy peak)

No. 1215

File: 1528842643198.jpg (111.52 KB, 720x554, 155094_1726967819667_140258238…)

found an old picture of boggy peak, this is the guy I was talking about

No. 1216

Kei is a pathological liar
He claimed to be half japanese or worked as hairstylist in japan

No. 1217

Omg nostalgia, gyaru secrets always had so much shady side eye, vague-subtle-hinting, outright messy dramu shit. Flawless. I miss old LJ drama. And egg came back months back with a “reboot” (hopefully with less shady model drama) but it’ll never be the same as early-mid 2000s, riding coattails of 90s gal. IIRC the black diamond bar got shut down again (?) and the reviews were fucking laughable apparently all the girls were salty and boring.


No. 1218

File: 1528875992166.jpeg (85.92 KB, 860x600, 70F1CCD8-44C5-4E7D-9F7C-A94F63…)

Who was that again?

No. 1219

sara mari?

No. 1220

thank you!
I've heard she was really weird when you met her. she was really picky what to eat.
also always stayed at an guys apartment when she was in japan.. but denied it was her boyfriend

No. 1221

File: 1528882523961.png (1.12 MB, 840x919, screw.PNG)

I just went back several posts and found that a lot of picture links in older posts got ridirected to pictures that have nothing to do with gyaru.

No. 1222

File: 1528884670075.jpg (219.45 KB, 621x346, xXJ0wfb.jpg)

Neverending fight of who's the shittiest: Europe vs USA

No. 1223

btw is diane/shadi still living in japan?

No. 1224

File: 1528931929252.jpeg (149.01 KB, 787x577, BC787E29-AF54-41E2-9AD3-444393…)

I was talking about this guy, anyone remember him?

No. 1225

What about Viivi's (cupcakecouture/black saliva) ex bf from Sweden who used to lurk and spam the comment section all the time? I wonder if still keeps hiding his face

No. 1226

God I remember this person. Every time I saw their pics I just wanted to stitch their fucking mouth shut. That facial pose is so punchable.

No. 1227

Lmao that guy! Davie is his bame..I found his Instagram not to long ago and hes in japan hanging out with the foriegn vkei tryhard favs like tomas, yameki and all that

No. 1228

I'm glad I somehow never ended up on it bc I was really into that scene for a few years. Even had cows like Sere and Artemis on my friend's list.

No. 1229

Hahahaha Davie
He almost made me quit gs because his comments and his "better than you"attitude were SO cringey, I just couldn't watch the freak show any more.
Nice to hear he's in Japan now where he can live his weaboo dreams and leave the rest of us alone lol

Didn't he start claiming he was hafu too back then?
He and jojo ex Sascha were the worst

No. 1230

Aw everybody was a mess,but they all did look gyaru and those times were awesome!!!
Lia on the lower right has been popping out kids and stopped gyaru, sui has become a mental I'll old woman. I think all the others have given up on gyaru too (read "they have grown up").

Does anyone remember German Lisa? She did gyaru and decora sometimes. She had this gaijin Hunter from Yokohama come to her place one day. When he left, she followed him to Japan but they broke up quickly.
Ever since then Lisa had disappeared from social media.
Anyone know what happened?

No. 1231

File: 1528960240949.jpg (68.25 KB, 600x800, lau1.jpg)


No. 1232

Well I don't know what she looks like these days, but I don't think that's her.
What's this girl's name?

Lisa was a drama maker in 2012 or something… She had this friend called Stine but they were always fighting lol
She had bleach blonde hair and a big nose

No. 1233


I forgot about this girl, she always had drama bc would refuse to do her make or hair right. She ended up buying a lot of Liz Lisa but still would get shit on and shit on others bc she wouldn't or couldn't do her hair and make. Last I remember of her, she was pregnant.

No. 1234

Do any of you still know the social media handles of the gals back then? The only one I still check on sometimes is Jojo (evilchocobunny on insta), but other than that… would like to see what they've been up to.

No. 1235

Me and some of my friends actually ended up being posted a couple of times. All the stuff about me is gone by now but some posts talking about these former friends of mine are still up. I never really had a huge following on my blog so I'm still wondering why somebody even made the effort to post me.

I don't follow a lot of (ex-)gyarus these days but one of the more well-known gals from the german scene is still into gyaru. Her name is ramona gabriela on instagram/facebook. Her friend (kuroyaya on ig) is still into gyaru fashion as well.
Lhouraii li still uses the same name on instagram. Viivi is "kisumaikuchuuru". Other than that, I'm not really up to date.

No. 1236

I think i know which lisa you mean.. but can‘t find her

No. 1237

oh yeah lia
not only her nose was huge, also her ego.
if you tried to critise her, all her "fans" were against you

i got posted once two. some idiot faked a message conversation i've never had lmao

No. 1238

Didn't know the 2 german gals, I have to say that I don't find them particularly cute but at least they seem nice/friendly.

But god damn does Viivi look obnoxious…

No. 1239

wrong thread
would be better in gaijin gyaru

No. 1240

"hair and make" Are you actually weebo enough to use Japanese's bad English? The word is make-up.

No. 1241

File: 1529141226979.png (136.05 KB, 405x385, hbCya8D.png)

ashley and shiena secrets were the best

No. 1242

File: 1529141597895.png (227.32 KB, 800x600, 2obkKkM.png)

No. 1243

File: 1529141721602.jpg (19.26 KB, 518x168, iDsqPIS.jpg)

No. 1244

I realise this is old, but they definitely went too far. One thing for a friend to do it but internet strangers who don't have the full story is just creepy.

No. 1245

But it‘s a good thing to inform her

No. 1246


Diff anon but what good can come from strangers online snitching to a grown woman's mother? That's weird and borderline harassment. It's a no from me.

No. 1247

Can we get your mother's deets? We have some things we think it would be good to inform her of.

No. 1248

Same along with posting her parents info some people are weird as fuck.
Nah if anything it seemed like her parents could give two fucks just like shiena mom. Ashley is also a grown woman what will her parents do?

No. 1249

File: 1530050228990.png (180.73 KB, 348x270, 68A8F904-FE8D-462D-A54E-863502…)

No. 1250

File: 1530050334186.jpeg (55.22 KB, 770x420, 59064836-DEEF-4F0C-9184-838243…)

No. 1251

File: 1530050452189.png (478.93 KB, 633x597, 997DEF80-5285-430A-851A-0D176B…)

No. 1252

Btw who was endorphin_rush and why did she whiteknight shiena and ashley so much?

No. 1253

File: 1530090633508.jpeg (58.48 KB, 449x546, 859FBC15-C5AF-40C4-AD32-34EE9A…)

Was that true? Or photoshopped?

No. 1254

Its definitely photoshopped. This is one of her puri pics and the crown means high ranking.
Plus they dont allow you to use your real name.

No. 1255

That‘s not a purikura
It was from a photoshoot

No. 1256

I can't remember her name but there was this British kid who pretended to know everything about being gyaru who got roasted when everyone found out she'd done a BBC documentary about being scene only months before.

No. 1257

File: 1530107333678.jpg (93.66 KB, 500x990, ew.jpg)

No. 1258

No the lines are not aligned at the top.

No. 1259

File: 1530132481126.jpeg (36.37 KB, 600x280, 610D6593-9EDA-4104-9A4F-2A44B9…)

No. 1260

File: 1530196648553.jpg (62.12 KB, 720x540, L_F5UA0dZ-qil4gTV8TAQHRDXlDtpl…)

No. 1261

Shiena doesn‘t like any guy other than gyaruo or host style. Looks are the most important thing for her, so it is nearly impossible for her to date a decent guy

No. 1262


Ashleys old blog where she thinks she is half japanese

No. 1263

And that she was born in Japan hah

No. 1264

I fail to see how anybody can find this guy attractive.
He has face of a retard, makes onision look handsome in comparison.

No. 1265

I forgot how trashy gyaru is and how the gyarus are trashy people themselves. Wew.

No. 1266

Everything broken. Cant read or see anything.

No. 1267

lol ashley wrote she was born in chiba and is living in shibuya now. her real name is "直美" naomi lol
and people often tell her she looks like mori izumi

No. 1268

Just searched that chick and she kinda looks like her and why do gaijin gyaru choose the name naomi? Ashley used that name and Del also?

No. 1269

all these girls were super crazy. faking conversations online, writing to peoples SO and manipulate them to break up

No. 1270

Probably because it's a popular/normal name in America too so it's easier to remember.

No. 1271

File: 1546732050687.jpeg (144.31 KB, 1125x643, B52AED2E-CB98-47B2-97C9-65F3F7…)

Ebony thinks she’s light skinned …

I thought the fact that she left Katie’s weeb gang that her new friends would knock sense in her and tell her to get decent wigs. Guess not.

No. 1272

File: 1546732443539.jpeg (289.91 KB, 877x908, 1CB47A32-8676-4230-A9E5-7E4FE8…)

Ebony you aren’t light skinned and you’re not mixed. since you think you look good at age 31 plus sized with eye bags like Betty white in clothes built for Japanese preteens you are in denial on lots of things

No. 1273


Wait - she’s 31?! What?!

Fuck me.

No. 1274

Yeah she’s 31 already. Way too old to be dressing like that

No. 1275


She’s not mixed at all. She was in a few of Katie’s videos and she’s mid tone brown but black. Also wanting a happy meal for a hello kitty necklace. What the fuck?

No. 1276

she just looks like shit. it doesn't matter her age, she just looks like an old hag.

No. 1277

she does paid promo for puroland/sanrioland so this isn't all that surprising???

No. 1278

Girl your not mixed…shut that shit up. The girls who always has to mention their mixed, always end up not being mixed at all. Every weeb claims their mixed.

No. 1279

All her friends have train wreck wigs too.

No. 1280

File: 1546755821804.jpg (34.2 KB, 575x480, b57d7e36.jpg)

Whatever happen to chaudie?

No. 1281


I’m actually mixed - like my mother and father are different races lol. I barely ever talk about being mixed. It’s weird when people always talk about it.

No. 1282

She’s not even light skin though. She’s closer to being dark skin than light actually. Girl is crazy

No. 1283

She’s not even light skin though. She’s closer to being dark skin than light actually. Girl is crazy

No. 1284


She's still weird af. Is super into astrology and tarot and stuff like that but in a weird no one asked you kinda way. Still with the delusions of grandeur calling herself a "trophy wife" when she's just a stay at home mom to a regular ass husband who I believe is a trucker. She's on Twitter don't remember the un.

No. 1285

She’s not paid for them she just wastes her money there

No. 1286

File: 1546815434228.png (4.72 MB, 1334x750, 9CC81B4C-AD09-4B96-8C42-0B82A4…)


Light skin *

No. 1287

File: 1546815539948.png (4.3 MB, 1334x750, 49D2298F-73D0-4744-B6FD-6F4BEF…)

No. 1288

She’s dark brown skin close to being dark skin. She also keeps bringing up that she’s mixed even though a good amount of Puerto Rican’s are black. Plus she looks 100% black so what’s the point in mentioning ~mixed race~ when your “non black” side is one with African ancestry. She’s the same as Obama’s kids, one parent is mixed race and the other is black. So black. And dark skin too.
Lol I’m glad this chick eased up. She always had horrible makeup and coordinations. Low key just as bad as delandra.

No. 1289

File: 1546817632362.jpeg (208.71 KB, 1043x1731, DC34B940-4676-4605-9789-F84ED2…)

Where are her friends and whose letting her leave the house with these struggle wigs and coords ????

No. 1290

She’s yet another self-hater. You can always tell when these creatures whine about how lightskinned and mixed they are when it’s obvious they aren’t. Hell, sometimes they’ll even post pics of their fam and still lie. Ironically, these girls are the most “pro black” but have a history of sperging out against other black people (Micky, Himeka etc).

No. 1291

idk why she bothered to stop being friends with shani. They both pretend to be five shades lighter than they really are you'd think they'd just share meitu tips.

No. 1292

I really don’t think that ebony is about that life(hoeing and fucking everything that walks in Kabukicho) like Shani is. Ebony seems like the nerdy week who got zero attention and was picked on for being ~lightskint~ until she went to japan and put on circle lens and preteen clothes.

No. 1293



No. 1294


Ebony admitted that she was shamed for being feminine and soft as a black girl back in New York. Hence why she likes japan where she can get away from it. I mean - c’mon. In New York could you imagine her wearing what she does back home? Jesus.

I feel like all these grown weebs who go to japan and live there are all one offs. All got bullied or never enough love as a kid, coddled to anime for comfort and now they’re nerding it up over in japan.

When I was in japan I never felt the need to do that. I kinda found some of the cute clothes too much and overbearing.

No. 1295

I agree, but I hope you keep that same energy with people like Halsey and Brittany Venti and don't try to pass them off as ~*mixed women*~.

No. 1296

They’re all a bit “odd” and weirdos but most of them are lame in their own countries and don’t go all out until they get to Nipland and wonder why people don’t accept them there. Ebony would be really pretty if she invested in a wig that wasn’t from bodyline, lost about fifty pounds and wore clothes for adult women. Maybe she is mixed though because I never seen a black woman with wrinkles and eye bags like that at age 30

No. 1297

>hence why she likes japan she can get away from it
So she admits she’s just running away from reality now

No. 1298


Halsey is actually mixed though? We’ve even seen her parents. She’s biracial, bisexual and bi god knows what else she said she was.

Ebony isn’t. Sorry.

No. 1299


Trust me there are some hagged black women out there. Not all are oil paintings.

Ebony is stubby so her weight makes her bigger. Short too. She needs a new weave, a cute but minimal style and to get over this mid life crisis.

No. 1300

Loving all this nostalgia.

No. 1301

Why are you all discussing ebony over and over in this thread and she’s not gyaru? As far as I know never claimed to be either.
Is there any milk on the current gyarus or are they all just boring?

No. 1302

No. 1303

File: 1546893721469.jpeg (156.99 KB, 983x1007, 77344564-2E48-4907-9675-C7D486…)

Does anyone know why after Katie’s crew left her she did post breakup haircut vibes 2007 mall goth phase? She’s having a mid life crisis and it’s sad because she’s in her mid 30s now……..

No. 1304

File: 1546893799556.jpeg (488.56 KB, 1089x1589, 08B72F60-28AF-4AF4-B6A0-BF62A1…)

Anon she calls herself gal even with the struggle fits

No. 1305


I wondered this too! What actually happened? She was a suck up to them and then suddenly went pro black the started hanging with solely just black girls into kawaii shit there in Tokyo.

I have a feeling she got a bit tired of being a third wheel with Katie and her crew. Now if you notice ebony is the IT girl among her kawaii black weeb friends.

I know she didn’t like shani because of the stealing in shops and drama. Alas black girl envy.

No. 1306

File: 1546897706800.jpeg (17.03 KB, 614x410, 13365097-0FE2-4A4D-9B05-9BEE4C…)

>black girl in Tokyo crew
Literally just her and that one brown hair girl who appears every now and then.
>what happened
Ebony isn’t about that life. Katie pretends to be not about that life but all her friends like Shiena, Sere, Shani and Ksara are all hookers or former hookers and Katie used to post on Craigslist offering English classes with “a cute young teacher” and used it as her front of having a Japanese sugar daddy without being a full fledged sugar baby. A few of them like Choom and Manon mind their weeb business and don’t get involved in drama but Katie’s crew is always surrounded by it. They pretend to be positive fluffy friends full of good vibes but the truth is the opposite. Ebony has had awkward beef with Shani for a long time because Shani constantly shaded her at the fashion walks and Katie’s friends treated her like a bookie. I honestly think Ebony got tired and just went her own way. She posted about not wanting to see them on insta and vague tweeted about them a lot last summer. Coincidentally last summer is when Shani got back into Japan after her second visa ran out. I can’t say whether one is more envious of the other because they’re both way too old to be beefing like this. Shani is damn near 27 or 28 and Ebony is in her 30s. All I know is Shani spills everyones tea.

No. 1307


Thanks anon I’ve been wondering what happened for agessas

No. 1308

No. 1309

Her dad is biracial. She comes from two parents with white ancestry (one 100%, one mixed with white), making her white. Sorry.
>Ebony isn’t. Sorry.
Why would you apologize about Ebony? Double standards are just dumb, and I'm seeing them commonly here.

No. 1310


she does look good for 31 though. like there are bitches who aren't even 22 yet with their own /snow/ threads who look her age or older.


No. 1311

File: 1546916008947.jpg (739.53 KB, 1074x1193, 19-01-07-20-53-26-633_deco.jpg)

What the fuck is up with Haratamu's face? Does she really think it looks good?

No. 1312

File: 1546916500013.jpg (1.73 MB, 2560x1920, 19-01-07-21-00-10-593_deco.jpg)

Last one but Konomin face too. Bitches went to the same plastic surgery clinic.

No. 1313

What happened to Ayunyun?

No. 1314

She got married and graduated

No. 1315

fuckin gross
almost all kyabas and gyaru models got dorito chin surgery

No. 1316

I’m really happy for her that she got her botched nose job fixed though. It was really sad when she kept covering her nose up with stickers or blurring it out the photo completely because of how bad it was. Now her nose looks better than her original nose.

…That being said, her face looked much more cute and youthful chubbier, now she looks gaunt and old.

No. 1317

she really has bad BDD man, i agree about her nose tho. looks great now.

No. 1318

Other than shienna getting arrested, what other drama is there with Katie’s friend group? I didn’t think they were that milky except for being weebs - do they start fights or something?

No. 1319

The thing is there isn’t. The drama about them always comes across as Japan being like high school and Katie and group being the popular girls that everyone loves to talk and bitch about.
overall they are actually pretty interesting.

This is just based of observation as I don’t know a lot about them but to me it doesn’t seem that milky. The only that seems moderately controversial right now is shani’s visa hopping.

No. 1320


Halsey always said her dad was black? Does anyone even have any facts on her father even being mixed? You can be mixed and really light. It does happen.

Ebony isn’t actually mixed though. Lmao stop trying to excuse her.

No. 1321


She looks normal for 31 anon. She’s not even old and 31 isn’t old. 41 and we would be talking another story. Alas she’s editing like crazy and in kids clothing. Get a clue.

No. 1322

File: 1546943774040.jpg (97.84 KB, 640x1136, Image1520028619.480500.jpg)

She lied. She's only 25% black. Pictured, her dad with his mother (aka her grandmother).
She is white. No one's "excusing" Ebony, you're just determined to die on this hill. There are also mixed people who are very dark (I don't know if this includes Ebony), but I have a feeling you'd fight them tooth and nail about "not being mixed" if they tried to be open about their heritage.
Stop embarrassing yourself.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1323

Halsey’s dad is visibly black and as a child she looks black.

Ebony is black Puerto Rican and normal black. That isn’t mixed retard

No. 1324

There is though. Every time someone mentions them someone comes here with a Japan IP. They defended Shiena but stopped being her friend when she got caught even though they damn well knew she had a visa marriage years ago. It’s suspected Shani has a paper marriage now because all of her visas ran out. Katie always plays Switzerland but truth of the matter is she constantly swings shit about other people. Ksara had a visa marriage when she was 18 though. Nearly all of them are prostitutes. Plenty of milk

No. 1325

File: 1546944276963.jpeg (52.06 KB, 791x223, 684C2544-3EA8-4222-A293-FF64B9…)

These eye bags aren’t normal for a 30 year old black woman. This is after a shit ton of editing so we know IRL they’re more fucked.

No. 1326

File: 1546944298423.jpg (19.51 KB, 431x397, halsey.jpg)

He's biracial. If 75% black = black, then 75%+ white = white. If Halsey is "mixed", so are Obama's daughters, since their dad is 50% white and looks it.
She also didn't look black as a child, lmao.
>normal black
Holy shit, kek. It sounds like you're the retard here.
By the way, many black Puerto Ricans are part white, and African Americans on average have 10-30% white ancestry. If you stopped being an idiot for a second, you'd know this.

No. 1327

I’m not the anon who brought up Halsey but please stop shitting up the thread. Ebony isn’t light skin, she’s visibly darker skin. Doesn’t matter if her dad is Donald trump, looking how she does she’s black. It’s self hating as hell to go around yelling how mixed you are at every second. Nobody cares.

No. 1328

File: 1546944637578.jpeg (254.52 KB, 772x807, 015C5EE5-44CE-4DF3-99E3-0A4A95…)

sHE LOoKs gUD At tHurDee

No. 1329

Then let it die. I commented agreeing that she's probably not mixed, then some retard felt the need to derail with false claims to defend another retard who lies about being mixed.

No. 1330


Halsey even looks white and Megan markle and Prince Harry’s kid will be white too. I can’t wait for the uproar with the black community on that one.

Obama’s kids are as black as they come.

No. 1331


Puerto Rican’s are mixed along the way from the decades but you can get black Puerto Rican’s.

Ebony is reaching basically. Like those black girls who go “well my geandmother is half Indian somewhere” lmao

No. 1332


That British youtuber names Samantha Maria shes biracial. Black and white (she wears a weave and has 4c hair naturally). But her husband is white and their daughter is basically white as they come. Same as Halsey and the same as the new royal baby to markle.

No. 1333


Halseys dad does look fully black or maybe one of his parents are mixed and the other is a black parent. That would explain why Halsey is so light.

It can happen where a biracial person looks near white. I’m mixed and my ex boyfriend was also mixed. I’m light but he was a tone lighter than me with looser hair. It can happen. We were the exact same mix too. It just depends on genetics.

But I do admit that halseys dad does look like he has something more in him.

You can get black Americans who are so light - they aren’t mixed but you can see they’re full black due to their features. Idk.

That Megan Bowen is a good example

No. 1334

Her dad is just biracial. He and his mother are posted here >>1322, that woman is fully white. Halsey looks white because she's literally less than 30% black, it's not really a mystery. She's as obviously white as somebody like Ebony is obviously black. I don't really know why people like to make different rules for each race ("Any white-looking person could actually be mixed, and should be taken at their word, but any black-looking person must only be black and are self-hating if they say they're mixed"), but it's the same.
Let's not derail the thread anymore, though.

No. 1335

Nobody cares

No. 1336

Those eye bags….damn what is she doing

No. 1337

megan bowen did a dna test and no she isn't "full black"

No. 1338

No black American is full black though

No. 1339

File: 1546963417817.jpeg (Spoiler Image,384.33 KB, 1600x1125, EDDEBD8C-73E7-4267-AEA2-F30337…)

Does anyone remember this crazy cat gal who lives with 19 cats and used to try and organise gyaru meets? She was ugly back then, even worse now, the last thing I expected was her to be getting her baps out. Is every exgal a sex worker now? Did I miss the memo? KEK

No. 1340

I will neve undestand it FFS
no but seriously is she ill or sth?

No. 1341

I read "paid porno for Puroland…" jesus take the wheel

No. 1342

She is indeed cute, she could fix those tear troughs and get them filled just like Abipop did

No. 1343

Doubt it she doesnt even get human hair wigs doubt she would get fillers

No. 1344

Not saying they didn't get some work done but why it looks so wierd is because the took the pic with the beauty app setting turned wayyy up.

Funny how if a gaijin gal does it it's omg shooop but you can't tell when a Japanese gal does it? Almost all the Japanese hostesses/ models use snow cam or beauty plus with the settings set way up.

No. 1345

harutamu got a really bad botched nose job, anon, kind of notoriously bad. i get she's using filters, but we're talking about filtered photos before vs filtered photos after.

No. 1346

Any pics or social media info?

No. 1347

I'm more talking about the Dorito face effect. Not her nose.

Konomi also over does the face tune. It's not just filters.

Alot of our gaijin gyaru in Japan use it too but they're called out for excessive Photoshop or lightening thier skin when it's just a setting on snow or beauty plus. Japanese girls tend to take the settings up to the max which is how you get harutamu's Dorito face effect. She doesn't really have that wonky of a face in real life

No. 1348

why yall hating on ebony, shes the the type of person to live and let live, shes tacky, being gyaru is tacky lol, lets be gal!!

No. 1349

no one was fucking talking about that.

No. 1350

because she looks crazy and I wanna know why. It´s not only her Eyebags from hell but shes just fat and sqeezes into tiny dresses and shoes (omg does any of you remember her posting about her massive feet)??

No. 1351

Live and let live- but she shades other girls on her twitter and is one of those blame white people for everything hoteps? Sure

No. 1352

She is not a hotep lmao you have to be white to call her a hotep. Someone calling Ebony a hotep might be the funniest shit I have ever heard. Talking about racial issues doesn't make a Black person a Hotep. Hoteps wouldn't willingly live in Japan for a decade.

No. 1353

and no one commented on her waist? she has shooped it so it looks like its 3 inches big wtf

No. 1354

She literally just whines and mentions being ~mixed~ every chance she gets despite being dark skin and black.

No. 1355

This thread is so nostalgic. I used to love following the Ashley/shiena secrets.
Does anyone remember koneko/hibisgyaru and that terrible BBC news video

No. 1356

File: 1547267228335.jpg (25.35 KB, 280x158, P1080434.JPG)

They looked a hot ass mess.
Whatever happen to Glee?
She always claim she's every subfashion, while looking like a drag queen.

No. 1357

She's a cosplayer now like the rest of the Gaijin gal who jumped on the bandwagon for attention and jumped off once they didn't get it anymore. Her makeup and style was never really gal to me anyway she tried too hard to be different. She just looked like a typical alt black chick.

No. 1358

File: 1547321828560.jpeg (148.98 KB, 1125x522, B0BE0025-F058-4047-812F-264B59…)

How ironic

No. 1359


Ebony knows what’s upb

No. 1360

She’s doing the same anon

No. 1361

She’s doing the same anon

No. 1362

File: 1547356196086.jpg (168.48 KB, 900x883, CiTl4CE.jpg)

former lorena ass kisser lol

No. 1363

She might want to look in the mirror herself. Did she even try to look gyaru…….

No. 1364

Wasn't Tiffany one of Sere's followers?

No. 1365

File: 1547512581071.jpg (Spoiler Image,220.8 KB, 1218x597, iY2pCiq.jpg)

Ok can we discuss if Ksara is a boy or a girl? Cause it seems like this is a lump(dick) (spoiler). Most of Ksara pictures she weirdly cross legs and when her legs are open mostly are pictures from behind. And always seems like have a lump there and she hides her neck, plus always blurs her neck areas

No. 1366

File: 1547512718368.png (166.16 KB, 656x300, A7yUxXI.png)

is he still alive?

No. 1367

File: 1547512809268.jpg (Spoiler Image,768.38 KB, 1586x684, 1gmvgUi.jpg)

Tucking in tricks as samples

No. 1368

File: 1547512929338.jpg (Spoiler Image,168.77 KB, 1280x720, sG8TBmY.jpg)

Tucking in dicks tricks

No. 1369

i think she is just fat

No. 1370

She clearly has real boobs, it's a girl. Maybe her mons pubis is just big.

No. 1371

She’s just fat and tall

No. 1372

those wigs make me think she's a boy, but her hips say otherwise. also who wears those types of sneakers with a bikini?

No. 1373


She recently posted childhood photos on twitter so definitely a girl. Lots of girls have either a larger pubic bone or a build up of fat just above it - and crossing your legs over hides fat thighs so all fingers point to that.

Is the milk that dry recently?? Really??

No. 1374

File: 1547577408679.jpeg (560.96 KB, 2048x2048, B2DC6CDD-1178-4CE7-B670-11EA26…)

So apparently shes a female, i don’t care but her proportions?? Like stick legs and then round here and round there almost as awkward as Kim K

No. 1375

They look like an average gyaru circle to me?

No. 1376

Her ass looks flat as hell in this pic, I’m sorry but you’re really reaching

No. 1377

File: 1547656399749.jpg (88.22 KB, 720x960, 391226_10150967571428422_14980…)

Whatever happened to Michi, and Cici? I remember the secrets about Michi being obsessed with Cici were hilarious.

No. 1378

I think you're nitpicking too much, anon

No. 1379

Just no
He does workout videos on instagram and he's not gyaru anymore.

No. 1380

What’s their instagram? I want to see these videos kek

No. 1381

LOL these bitches. As far as CiCi I use to keep up with her Chinese blog/myspace, but the chinese site shutdown 2011 I think. Michi isn't gyaru anymore. She's doing her own thing. Michi use to lie about being half-Japanese or whatever. Thank god she stopped. Michi's galsa died off once Tricia stopped coming around and started going full-on idoru weeb with Risa back in 2012.

basically everyone grew up.

No. 1382

Michi does makeup now. I don't know her ig anymore. it was private, and she went through a mass following.

Cici went back to taiwan didn't she?

No. 1383

Does anybody remember Inadoll and Sutewi from germany? And knows why they don’t hang out with each other?

No. 1384

Even a fat girl look feminine in what she wears or does. Her clothes seems weirdly put together in her body (like a masculine body) and boobs, hips..etc can all be done in either plastic surgery or photoshop. Her feminine poses are too forced and what about he massive chokers she uses? hides neck in wigs and hair? I'm sorry but Ksara is totally suspicious.

No. 1385

His insta is @vq.maxime now

No. 1386

still looking hilarious

No. 1387

I’m going through her Instagram now and her neck is on show in almost every picture, this reeks of personal vendetta

No. 1388

k go into her fucking stories and see all her pole dancing videos and then come tell us she is a dude. We told you are reaching go shitpost somewhere else.

No. 1389

File: 1547778253561.png (876.75 KB, 580x870, pile2.png)

What happen to Viivi and Davy?

No. 1390

davy is living in japan

No. 1391

Why do you keep spamming all the threads with this? It’s not true

No. 1392

Are we forgetting that she was a camgirl and there are literally videos of her pussy on the internet? And that gravure dvd showing off her obviously natural tits?

No. 1393

ok ok i see the world natural tits a lot, so ksara get out of here and go get some plastic surgery you still look like a dude.
And that nothing natural with her hair,her neck or her tits.Dude

No. 1394

ok ok i see the world natural tits a lot, so ksara get out of here and go get some plastic surgery you still look like a dude.
And that nothing natural with her hair,her neck or her tits.Dude

No. 1395

File: 1547787997369.jpg (801.73 KB, 960x1276, Dvv1idz.jpg)

personal vendetta? spamming? lmfao you must be a fan, friends of her or herself lol
and you need glasses, all she does it is HIDE her neck with something or blur it.
Obviously natural tits? hahahahah you make me laugh again

pictures from left to right - top bottom

>1. hides neck with high collar

>2. hides neck with choker
>3. hides neck with SAME high collar
>4. blur neck
>5. hides with hair and high collar
>6. blur neck
>7. blur neck
>8. hides neck with collar
>9. hides with santa's choker, hat and lights LOL
>10. hides and blur AGAIN
>11. hides with high collar

No. 1396

Ah yes, it's the calm rational anons with the vendetta, not the conspiracy theorist nitpicking a pretty, slim girl with big tits. Nothing you could possibly be jelly of there, nope.

No. 1397

OMG This is probably ksara herself,trying to have an official thread here.this girls are low like that

No. 1398

I still call vendetta tbh, she was a camgirl peddling videos of her vagina to gross dudes online for money, or are we gonna call that plastic surgery too?
She spent most of her time in japan fucking hosts and I guess now bodybuilders, and you still think she did it while hiding a secret penis? It’s just not realistic

No. 1399

Not that anon but saying someone is “jelly” for posting someone on this site makes you stick out like a sore thumb.

Also sage your bs

No. 1400

How do you know she’s fucking bodybuilders? It’s so obvious Katie’s friends come here to defend themselves. They always give themselves away

No. 1401

Her twitter

No. 1402

Her boyfriend went viral on Twitter.

She clearly isn’t a guy who stop reaching. Pathetic attempt at creating milk

No. 1403

Someone posted about it on the old gaijin in japan thread, I thought it was comon knowledge

She pretty regularly posts childhood pics, wasa camgirl and posts videos dancing etc where she obviously has no Adam’s apple - I honestly don’t get why you’re still grasping at this

No. 1404

yeah saying someone is "jelly" of her is too much,i think this is her own doing.

No. 1405

Seems like the same words are in defense of her here if she's not a dude why bother?
Idk, when there's smoke there's fire.

No. 1406

I thought the same nobody even knows who she is?
Why anon spamming every post with her? Anon posted in Shiena thread too and is Ksara even gyaru?

No. 1407

You: Ksara’s a man
Everyone: she’s obviously not

you sound ridiculous, people are getting sick of you

No. 1408

ksara is just a fat thief and prostitute who married for a visa

No. 1409

She's not even gyaru stfu

No. 1410

Lmao yeah she isn‘t but ksara is still a fat, stealing prositute who married for visa

No. 1411

then this isn't the thread for her, put her somewhere else.

No. 1412

File: 1548288923657.jpg (182.39 KB, 1600x1071, 7IFf7T1.jpg)

What happened to the blond guy in blue jacket?His blog was called Agepoyo

No. 1413

File: 1548523603823.jpg (146.64 KB, 640x425, 2aheySI.jpg)

What happen to Sara Mari? I remember she used to be so active with her japan blog

No. 1414

Let’s talk new gals.
Who do you think has possibility to become big? ModdedMistress has nice coords and BLACKOUT seems interesting

No. 1415

She went full instagram/tumblr larme didn't she? Pretty sure she moved back from Japan but still regularly went back for shopping trips, although i'm not up to date with her anymore.

No. 1416

I have no idea who these new ppl are. Isnt gyaru dead?

No. 1417

She broke up with the short ugly salaryman (her “friend”) that she always stayed with, so no more free room and board. Think she has a normie BF now and struggles with her eating disorder

No. 1418

u don't even know who moddedmistress is y even bother coming to the gyaru thread at all?

No. 1419

>struggles with her eating disorder

I'm surprised by that tbh because she seems genuinely informed about health and worked as a weight loss counsellor http://chouzuru.blogspot.com/2014/06/how-i-lost-115-lb-522kg-weight-loss.html

But I really don't know much more than that

No. 1420

This is a thread about gyaru secrets which was active during the golden era 10 years ago…but is now a ghost town. Most OG gyaru have moved on (both in Japan and the West) so I was hoping to reminisce about them here. Thats hilarious if ppl are still trying to wear this tacky shit.

No. 1421

None. New gals?? No one knows they exist/they're just boring to keep up with.

No. 1422

>only 2k followers

Face it, certain jfashions are long dead, the prominent ones that remain stood the test of time because of gen z tumblr weebs that want to be brand bloggers and are generally sponsorship whores desperate for followers. Ultimately, westerners just can't revive niche trends that Japanese youth have no interest in, therefore no one "has the possibility to become big" in Gyaru.

No. 1423

File: 1548629971957.jpg (491.63 KB, 1080x1173, 20190127_164938.jpg)

I had to do some digging. I guess there was a "summit" event in Illinois and none of the OG Chicago bitches went. Lol Lisha is still gyaru and she was absent. I didnt see the chicks from Diamond in attendance either. And Purin (pic) seems to be in and out of Japan/Korea doing Larme Kei. A handful are really out there clinging to a dead movement omg

No. 1424

The difference between her hands and her face…

No. 1425

Wtf? That seems like a lot to me for just an average gal

No. 1426

holy shit, this is old as fuck but i hope you're still here anon. i knew lisa personally and i knew stine as well. they were absolutely awful people who bullied these two 12 year old girls at a meet-up we went to and then trash talked them on social media. lisa also dated this 14 year old boy when she was 17? and told everyone he was 18 but admitted in private he's 14 lol

No. 1427

almost everyone I follow has around 2000 or more and their accounts arent even really active or popular. 2000 is nothing on Instagram

No. 29101

10k+ is a lot. Your either from Blackout or moddedmistress herself.

No. 29461

yokohama gaijin hunter? who?

No. 29575

Didn‘t she also had a blog and fb but deleted it?

No. 29598

yeah she had an ameblo iirc for a while and i knew her facebook as well but it seems she disappeared from the face of the earth for some reason. she had an emopunk profile too and told people to call her "miffy" but that website shut down unfortunately. she was legit such an awful corny person and i have 300 stories about her.

No. 29604

I was in contact with her like 9 years ago or longer. I can remember she wrote on her blog that she was in japan but is back in germany.
Do you have photos of her?

No. 30492

File: 1548893844439.png (239.8 KB, 443x592, ☆Sekai_no_Gyarusa☆Gals_of_the_…)

I almost feel a bit bad about this gal constantly getting her looks bashed in SnG, but damn, you'd think by now she'd realize. I'm wondering if she has, like … a form of autism of some type.

No. 30493

I'd feel bad if she was bashed for no reason, but damn, a lot of people have already tried to help her and she seems to simply dismiss all of that.
I think she doesn't even know what's "gyaru" to be honest.

No. 30494

File: 1548895524082.png (Spoiler Image,3.36 MB, 1334x750, 42A13DB7-FD09-411E-BEC6-1B4292…)

Why is she scolding her so bad? I understand concrit but you don’t need to roast her (Over Facebook to her face kek)

Gaijin always make me laugh because they take gyaru sooooo seriously
> “clean up your look”
> “Dont use upper lashes on the bottom”
> Forgetting your glorious buraku Nipponjin desu uwu idols look like picture related

No. 30501

I never understood gaijin gyaru's/jfash people who attack each other in western comms wether its outright or subtext when like… majority of gyarus have pretty chunky,thick, glopped on makeup (personally the contrasting harshness & exageration is literally cornerstone for Gyaru too esp considering the rebellion part from neat, 'complimenting', clean makeup. The more fluid the makeup, the less gyaru it is kek)

No. 30504

Gyaru makeup is so inherently sloppy/gross looking - might as well be critiquing somebody on how to make an alleyway dumpster look more appealing. There's literally no point if you end up looking like a clown regardless of whether or not it's done properly.

No. 30505

That's why I'm wondering if she has autism or something.. she just keeps posting and posting and obviously reading the critiques and even replies to them sometimes, and she was getting better? and then she goes right back

No. 30515

Maybe she just sucks at applying makeup.

No. 31139

It's better than walking out in public and getting shit on. Just because, a fair amount of Japanese gyaru looks like shit, doesn't mean you should follow suit. kek

No. 31161

I was also wondering if she has some issues, because that can't be just a language barrier - it's like she understands what girls are saying, her replies point to that, but has very hard time applying it, as if she's completely unaware how bad it looks, gyaru or not.

Noone is roasting her to her face. The comment shown brings up valid points and the only replies to her other posts I've seen are typical 'you look amazing <333' bullshit and quite a few constructive comments.

No. 31636

I actually like her, but I have always wondered what Mitsu's job is, does anyone know?

No. 32016

who tf is Mitsu?

No. 32671

None husband pay for everything, gta me jelly

No. 32686


I would kill for some dirt on Mitsu. I actually like her too but what is her deal? Just a rich bitch?

No. 32948

She went from gal to Chanel vintage too fast. Other than that I don't really like her outfits, too aunty for my taste

No. 33230

Don’t wanna necro her thread, does anyone know whats goin on with Shannon ‘Orange is the New Liz Lisa’ Wong? All she ever does lately is go out places eating junkfood ever since she was deported back to Canada! Does she not have a job? Who is funding this? I thought shipping her belongings to Canada and plane tickets would have been expensive for someone who couldnt even afford a bed kek Are her family letting her leech off them?

No. 33232

Seems like she’s leeching. Fun thing is she seems to know NOTHING about Canada and everything is oh so inconvenient. Like girl please, you’ve been out of your home country for 8 years or what but still have spent most of your damn life there

No. 33373

File: 1549996542886.jpeg (195.05 KB, 1124x768, 6AB7B570-B846-41DA-B3DE-A96511…)

Ebony is still calling herself light skin

No. 33386

… Who?

No. 33392

lmao that Juanita girl has issues

No. 33432

Who's your guys' galentines this year?

No. 34990

File: 1550246210528.jpeg (111.37 KB, 750x819, 3F94BB0A-E330-4E45-BB16-0A99DA…)

I don’t know if this is allowed here, but this is the most atrocious and hideous western gyaru group that I have ever came across. The girls try so hard to look “gal” but they come off to me as Snooki from Jersey Shore. I wanted to see if anyone has the same reactions. I wanted to vomit when I saw the girls in this group.
If anyone has milk, it would be greatly appreciated. This should be a new topic because these girls are the exact reason why most western gyarus look like fails.

https://blackoutgals.wordpress.com/(emoji )

No. 35016

All gyarus look like failures no matter what race. This shit is so outdated and ugly now.

No. 35067

So irrelevant now.

No. 35097

They look good to me you must be blind. They're like the only gyarusa with all members who look on point. The gyarusas way back always looked like shit or atleast one member look like shit.
Let me guess you follow the instagram baddie look now… Kek

No. 35099

She's boring now,no one keeps up with her anymore. She's doing the same thing she did in Japan in America. The only difference is she's not a hostess.

No. 35146

She’s in Canada anon
Can we quit Necro of Shiena? There’s literally no milk on her now besides that she committed visa fraud. That’s it. She isn’t an arms dealer, criminal mastermind or kid diddler. She made a mistake and was punished for it. Move on autists

No. 36098

She's delusional.
Wrong anon autist.

No. 36134

That anon mistakingly said she was in america which she isn’t. Learn to read

No. 36191

They're on indefinite hiatus as of now. It's weird how you post this right after too… Just make up with Reina and stop slandering your group.

No. 36228

We all know the hiatus is just a coverup

No. 36279

Mm was just thinking that. I don't know whether it's Honey or Riko posting here but it's one of them and it's not a good look. They're both great at gal and could have easily just left the circle without drama but nope, gotta act like 12 year olds. The head of Blackout is a fucking firecracker too with plenty of milk of her own so if she sees this it's gonna be a good day for sippin'.

No. 37742

The break up must've been really bad for them to expose each other.
Riko & Honey act as if they chose to leave both were too-faced.

No. 38377

File: 1551540057416.png (1.15 MB, 727x843, fdfsdfs.png)

who remembers her? she called herself michiko lol and told everybody she is japanese/half japanese but she is a normal american white girl.
she married a japanese guy she only met once when she was 18

No. 38473

Did she tell the Jap she was haffu Japanessu too?

No. 39098

I guess at first?

I wonder what her real name is

No. 42018

She doesn't look Japanese??

No. 45149

File: 1556239344612.png (207.61 KB, 500x307, tumblr_mfn0skTOTU1riv6cuo1_500…)

Gyaru secrets was pro-ana paradise.
What the fuck is this?

No. 158608

You’re not funny

No. 161008

holy shit hoping to god this was a troll the skinny one looks like an actual methhead and the one they used for curvy is genuinely one of the straightest bodies ive ever seen

No. 192408

File: 1641786063537.jpg (414.28 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-01-10-05-33-42…)

So this woman who i think is a Gaijin Gyaru tried to scam me thinking i wouldn't Google her ass just to find her from lolcow. She dm'd me on Instagram and i decided to Google her after. What type of scams/frauds has she done before? Where are her whereabouts and how/where should i report her? if anyone has any milk do tell.(newfag)

No. 192434

Nice email

No. 266689

For I am all knowingly uh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 266702

You okay there 6sainhawara9@gmail.com?

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