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File: 1614053145961.jpg (310.09 KB, 772x431, furuya mari.jpg)

No. 139288

Shunao is a 27yo chinese artist and vtuber who was famous in the FGC. She "quit" the internet after falsely accusing someone of rape. She has come back pretending to be a Japanese girl.

>LARPing a Japanese girl with google translate and broken Engrish

>Uses a voice changer to hide her identity
>Perpetual victim, steals from friends and acts confused when they cut her off
>Accused people of rape/physical abuse to be more kawaii
>Her vtuber circle heavily references their designs on more popular vtubers (Hoshino Char, Artemis, etc)


No. 139289

File: 1614053222596.png (473.68 KB, 1000x1500, 1597306300324.png)

No. 139290

File: 1614053306913.png (139.95 KB, 600x1143, furuya mari shunao.png)

Her final announcement on her Shunao persona about quitting the internet to reflect on the harm she's caused.

No. 139291

File: 1614053377726.png (959.11 KB, 1001x800, furuya mari shunao 3.png)

Comparison of art styles from Shunao and the "japanese girl" account

No. 139293

File: 1614053451892.png (8.83 MB, 7500x2405, 045540.png)

Former friends, who stuck with her through the false rape accusations, that left her because she stole their assets. Also included in this image is more proof that Aria/shunao/mari are the same person.

No. 139294

File: 1614053542184.jpg (484.09 KB, 591x658, furuya mari shunao 2.jpg)

Furuya Mari keeps bringing up "unfortunate incidents" that happened in 2020

"Saying 2020 was stressful is definitely undermining how much crap I went through this year"

Video now unlisted because people are becoming aware of her lies.

No. 139295

File: 1614053586605.jpeg (279.61 KB, 614x1365, 77E21563-99BF-4AC8-95CA-232BCF…)

Furuya Mari and her current boyfriend

No. 139296

File: 1614053871034.jpg (352.81 KB, 719x785, furuya mari shunao 1.jpg)

Her new art account shares mutuals with her old account. Disappointingly famous artists are supporting her after the false rape accusations:
raemz @weeee_desu
Moorina @booniecake
ricegnat @ricegnat

No. 139297

File: 1614054094013.jpg (318.37 KB, 738x808, furuya mari.jpg)

her @ing her vtuber account like they're separate people

No. 139298

Aren't vtuber threads banned?

No. 139300

I think this is more artist/her pretending to be Japanese/offline activity related? She's not a vtuber yet and hasn't debuted, but is setting the stage to become one.

No. 139301

More deets on the Corimon siutation?

>the fake broken English
toppest of keks

No. 139302

File: 1614054698137.png (141.76 KB, 720x1178, wk betadood.png)

her boyfriend defending her and blaming the victim for all the backlash shunao caused.

No. 139303

File: 1614054965498.jpg (1.28 MB, 731x2423, hoshi.jpg)


mari is super vague about it here but it looks like she copied corimon's fumikohoshi designs and other stream assets.

No. 139305

>copying stream assets from someone who has free stream overlays
what was the point? she could've just used one of cori's free overlays or commissioned her for an overlay and avoided the drama.

No. 139307


What's recent milk though. Wasnt she already brought up in the vtuber thread before? If all she's got left is vtuber stuff, no one cares. They don't belong here.

No. 139308

>who was famous in the FGC

you r/kappa faggots still here? maybe if you actually played fighting games you wouldn't be ree-ing about a literal no one.

go away.

No. 139310

Fucking scrotes and their uwu vtuber crap. It's so pathetic.

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