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File: 1545062759785.jpeg (1.37 MB, 3840x2880, 1545018664971.jpeg)

No. 1771

Previous thread >>727345

8chan thread


Micky is a disgusting, hambeast, tumblrina who claims be a csa survivor, sexual assault victim, bisexual, and have 10 mental illnesses. She's extremely disliked among her local community because of how much drama she causes and her tendency to lie. She started the "Kawaii Black Girls" page and group, both toxic like her. She tries way too hard to come off as a hard hoodrat from the ghetto, when in reality she's a scary wannabe valley girl suburbanite.

Aliases: Micky Martyrdom, Micky Moon, Micky Bunnie, Micky Magica, Miki Akemi,Kumicky Bunnie, Micky Melody

Real Name: Mikaila Jones

Notable Things

- Doesn't believe in bathing everyday and only bathes twice a week

- Doesnt like the smell of clean clothes

- Refuses to clean room unless forced

- Tends to smell terribly because of poor hygiene

- Tried to get a girl doxxed by using tumblr simply because she didn't like what she said

- Posts her nudes on 4chan's /b/

- Constantly looks for SDs on /soc/

- Tried selling nudes on FetLife while in a relationship with ex-boyfriend Adam Putsey.

- Cheated on every single one of her boyfriends

- Continually starts shit with Amina simply because the latter is more likable

- Tried to play tough guy by picking a fight with Taylor online, only to actively avoid her irl, out of fear.

- Claims to dislike lolicon and ddlg while actively posting both on her blogs

- Only started to claim mental illness when she got into menhera

- Made multiple threads about Taylor and Amina on here

- Whiteknights herself and Himeka very often

- Tried to get her threads shut down by threatening suicide

- Got dumped by her boyfriend for lying and cheating. Claims he was abusive and racist after he dumped her.

- Tried to manipulate him into staying with her by faking a suicide attempt.

- It's been revealed her mother enables her shit behavior and knows she's had pedophiles for boyfriends. Despite this, Micky continues to claim her mom is abusive.

-Tried to sell nudes and get a sugar daddy despite having a boyfriend.

-Posted on her Twitter about how she would be happy if Amina died

-Claimed to have "tea" on Amina after being outed on Amina's Facebook for all the shit she's done to her.

-Former friend outed Micky's cheating to her current ex-boyfriend.

-Riding on the digital artist bamdwagon with trash artwork.

-Trying to sell her grotestue nudes again, including old ones, and settles for a way lower price than asked

-Currently trying really hard to prove shes bisexual despite constantly talking only about dick

-Had her friends attack a mental ill girl until they deleted their page

-The constant photoshopping is getting more extreme, to Raychiel or almost Berry levels

Social Media






Menhera blog:

Main blog:

NFSW blog:
uwubondage-chan.tumblr.com deleted

https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/profile/51-milk/ inactive

Make sure to screenshot and archive anything you find. She has a habit of going on a deleting spree.

No. 1773

File: 1545134314981.jpg (138.03 KB, 1077x667, Screenshot_20181217-213906_Twi…)

This bitch is full blown disgusting. At this point nothing she says or does is going to change that fact since she tweeted this shit.

No. 1774

File: 1545134384965.jpg (80.85 KB, 1080x2094, 46911433_386341775435973_98334…)

She posted this to her IG stories but she does almost all these things on her Twitter to her "favs". So she needs to get off her high horse.

No. 1775

The cover photo for this thread is killing me since I first saw it. Her "before" picture reminds me of a celebrity man and I can't figure out which.

No. 1776

File: 1545159541926.jpg (171.15 KB, 1080x596, Screenshot_20181218-122856_Sam…)

She says this shit like she herself hasn't created tons of drama and bullshit up to this point. She's ridiculous.

No. 1777

Sure Micky, if anything it's her own damn fault for bringing on this 'bad energy' since she kept constantly bringing attention to it and saying it was all about her

No. 1778

File: 1545167614588.jpg (64.75 KB, 1070x345, Screenshot_20181217-213225_Sam…)

Exactly, but she's gonna keep pretending it's not her fault. Meanwhile she'll post shit like pic related and be cool with it.

No. 1779

File: 1545172209631.jpg (115.08 KB, 1071x647, SmartSelect_20181218-044044_Ch…)

What kind of bs is this? It's not because you were abused, it's because you're a shitty person and choose to be this way

No. 1780

File: 1545177293185.jpeg (239.43 KB, 1125x897, 7470EB16-9CA2-405E-A929-6BFD35…)


No. 1781

why is this even acceptable? so dumb and 'edgy'

No. 1782

says the girl that desperately photoshops herself in every picture to look lighter

No. 1783

I can just see her wearing that into Forever21 and crying that she got in trouble

No. 1784

File: 1545184589587.jpg (70.47 KB, 1078x343, Screenshot_20181218-195439_Sam…)

I swear she looks for anything to complain about, just to get attention.

No. 1785

File: 1545210238530.jpg (375.06 KB, 751x1532, Screenshot_20181219-040208_Sam…)

Just like every other aspect of her life, she's made no improvement in her art.

No. 1786

File: 1545210354593.jpg (537.19 KB, 1075x1422, Screenshot_20181219-035627_Sam…)

This almost describes her perfectly.

No. 1787

Didn't she post this same exact drawing like 2 months ago

No. 1788

I wouldn't be surprised. Every pic looks the same.

No. 1789

What the fuck is happening with those arms?? Her ass lickers will applaud anything jfc

No. 1790

It’s one thing to be this disgusting and self disrespectful it’s another to proudly brandish it

No. 1791

probably because they're paid for asslickers.

No. 1792

File: 1545266305479.jpg (827.41 KB, 1440x1964, 20181219_193703.jpg)


No. 1793

This gives me major ddlg vibes it's so icky

No. 1794

>literally Micky but white

No. 1795

this girl got hit with the ugly stick HARD

No. 1796

File: 1545290117861.jpg (58.02 KB, 540x960, 48382178_1638947956252034_7179…)

No. 1797

File: 1545290236573.jpg (54.25 KB, 540x960, 48408623_1638948159585347_4425…)

No. 1798

File: 1545295791142.jpg (832.29 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181220-034706_Ins…)

Kinda jarring seeing her man hands in a picture she hasnt edited. Also her disgusting nails look like shit

No. 1799

Is that emi?

No. 1800

Her eyebrows really do not suit her like this. She's wearing an ok outfit though, I'll give her that.

No. 1801

KEK she covered up her balding edges with giant clips this time

No. 1802

I feel like someone of mickey's size is gna need an awful lot of these in order to feel anything lol, good luck selling enough ~*lewds*~ to finance a drinking habit mick

No. 1804

Those things are pretty cheap and decent enough to get you relaxed, but nothing beyond that if you're a seasoned drinker. That said, it's not like Micky is a heavy drinker, she can barely handle weed, so one can would probably get her tipsy.

No. 1806

These are nothing but pure sugar. Whats the point of her so called “diet” and not drinking soda now? She’ll be a an alcoholic and 300 lbs by this time next year.

No. 1808

We all know that diet and exercise thing was bullshit. She just edits her pics, wears her bottoms up under her boobs and constantly sucks her gut in.

No. 1809

the visible hunch and lack of neck is really cute

No. 1811

File: 1545364956051.jpeg (232.53 KB, 1242x431, 9973DCEF-06AB-491A-A0BA-FCB464…)

A real thing that definitely happened

No. 1814

Wow, that literally sounds like something a preschooler would make up

No. 1815

Ok micky but you're an obese adult that wears seifukus from aliexpress

No. 1817

Isn't this the same girl who claims people bully her? (I know this is most likely fake but still)

No. 1819

File: 1545438846513.jpg (263.71 KB, 1076x1265, SmartSelect_20181221-193206_Tw…)

Neither lol you should whip your cow ears and bell back out cause your fat rolls and sadness when no one wants to buy are going to be milky

No. 1820

That's a shit ton of photoshopping to do mucky. Why not try to better your life and get a higher paying job instead of selling an image of you that doesn't exist

No. 1821

This whole thread? Sad!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1822

mmmmmm yeah okay mucky

No. 1823

You're right, micky is sad and pathetic. But it's not just this thread, it's her whole life

No. 1824

you go to work in aliexpress siefukus you fat tard

No. 1825

What's sad is that Micky has not grown at all as person and has no understanding of basic hygiene. What's sad is that people are willing stick up for her despite her showing time and time again that she is wholeheartedly toxic. What's sad is that she plays herself to be some kind of victim when she's nothing but villainous. That's what's sad.

No. 1826

It’s amazing she thinks men will spend their hard earned money on blurry 240p low res quality blubber photos in a dark room with filth in the background when they can watch porn for free or spend the same money on a cam show. She really is delulu

No. 1827

Idk Micky, how about shirts that say "fuck your dark aesthetic"? Am I the only person here that doesn't think what that Jess girl said was racist in the slightest? Micky started being aggressive towards an entire group of people for embracing themselves while she lightens her damn skin. This Jess girl is disgusting too but god damn.

No. 1828

That Jess girl is a cow and in the video she made later, makes it obvious how truly empty-headed she is. But Micky's trying to milk it for much more than it's worth, going on and on about how torn up she is about it one minute, then contemplating moneitizing the whole incident by making shirts the next.

No. 1829

Yeah honestly it's ot cause she has her own thread, but I dont think what she said on mickys post was inherently racist(as a black person) It's all the dumbass shit her & her boyfriend said in that livestream that's got people pissed. Since that whole shit storm took off people have dug up other shit, but micky is just seizing the opportunity to make this about her. Only because shes slightly involved lmao

No. 1830

File: 1545533601905.jpg (37.01 KB, 1080x558, Screenshot_20181222-215113_Sam…)

No. 1831

Probably stole this from Twitter but it's still cringey

No. 1832

micky….please… it's time to stop

No. 1833

File: 1545569861883.jpg (219.79 KB, 1076x855, Screenshot_20181223-075346_Sam…)

She wants to be seen as this beacon of positivity and kindness but posts shit like this. That's not the kind of posts to make if you're that kind of person.

No. 1834

File: 1545569902051.jpg (76.27 KB, 1079x493, Screenshot_20181223-075500_Sam…)

Also need to stop playing Pokemon with mental illnesses.

No. 1835

I heard bipolar people can't be sociopaths by definition but i dont know how true that is

No. 1836

well she's not bipolar so it's possible

No. 1837

Nah she’s just a messy bitch.

No. 1838

Like.. I hate fujos but I hate how she claims to be so bodyposi, so accepting and "love urself uwu" but posts something that's mocking acne and overall looks?

No. 1839

File: 1545688777949.jpg (71.29 KB, 626x1114, 48423978_1642284979251665_3404…)

Another tacky ass outfit. She also edited her waist because you can see the hair on the left being pulled in towards the waist. It's a shame how ok she is with selling lies like that.

No. 1840

File: 1545690898854.jpeg (293.1 KB, 1242x1831, E4D90D9B-14D1-4555-B59D-1BF509…)

Yep, you can see the lines of the counter curving as well.

No. 1841

She can’t take a full body selfie without either pinning her arms to her sides or editing her waist. Anything to hide the fact she has 0 curves.

No. 1842

She really does look like a guy here

No. 1843

This is literally the most uhm edited ive ever seen of a picture of her….shes literally fucking crazy like shes so on her last leg in terms of brain cells and ability possible stability mentally

No. 1844

Legit looks like a poorly constructed cgi character. Nothing looks human it's insane

No. 1845

seriously; hasn't anyone ever told this girl to not wear more than one pattern at a time? jfc

No. 1846

I’m not the hugest fan of Micky.
But y’all need to get over yourself.
Stop crap talking.
Bashing someone for their photos but yet can’t even show your face?
Let’s see what a full body photo of you guys look like?
Leave Micky alone. She does whatever she wants.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1847

nah, You do realize she too run threads of people and shit talks about others in the KBG community for years now.

why not see a whole body of you?

No. 1848

Fuck off. Stop shitting up the Jessica thread, too.

No. 1849

why complain tho
just get off the threads anon

No. 1850

God damn, you make it way too obvious you're one of Micky's lackeys. Get your head out her ass and grow some backbone.

No. 1851

>crap talking
lmao are you 12 for real though?

No. 1852

>why dont you post a picture of yourselves
>on an anonymous board

No. 1853

File: 1545777304869.jpg (578.52 KB, 1060x1517, SmartSelect_20181225-173405_Tw…)

what the fuck is that red shit in her hair?

No. 1854

File: 1545777409541.jpg (192.91 KB, 758x1280, IMG_20181225_173522.jpg)

Part of the braids or something? I never noticed how trashy it looks before

No. 1855

File: 1545777442347.jpg (165.9 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20181225_173520.jpg)

No. 1856

It looks like it's just red weave, either braided into the rest of the weave or dyed. Also, is she only wearing a hoodie.

No. 1858

It's so edited it's like looking at HDR

No. 1859

No, she's wearing a full-sized cardigan from F21 but because she probably got the wrong size, it looks cropped on her. Also the neckline of the cardigan looks like the elastic's been stretched out

No. 1860

File: 1545801303110.jpg (120.57 KB, 1080x589, Screenshot_20181225-111653_Sam…)

Imagine being this disgustingly bitter towards someone you don't even know. Micky, get a life for fuck sake.

It's actually a hot pink fading into a lighter pink. She just edited the pic so much that it now looks red.

No. 1861

File: 1545801333832.jpg (240.89 KB, 1080x907, Screenshot_20181225-204816_Twi…)

No. 1862

>he LITERALLY praised and x song
Come on, it's not THAT shocking and horrible.
X is the most popular rapper in that genre and not everybody is a huge enough moralfag to care about the bad shit he did in his personal life
if people cared about the same moralfaggotry you do to x and bowie, nobody would be listening to 99% of popular rap music period

No. 1863

I hate her but xxxtesticle deserves it. Kill rapists and abusers slowly.

No. 1864

Agreed. For once I agree with her on something. He deserves to rot, and honestly I thought she would have been the biggest Tentacion stan. It doesn’t make her a better person, but at least she’s not making excuses for the bastard.

No. 1865

Hard agree. Can't believe there are people ITT who are/were fans of him, lmao. He was an actual piece of shit, and his death was a good thing, no matter how you look at it.

No. 1866

Exactly this. And it's not like she's in the position to play judge and jury with anyone when you consider the shit she's done. Hell, I'm definitely sure the trash artists she fawns over ain't any better.

No. 1867

File: 1545820833894.jpg (391.5 KB, 1080x1376, Screenshot_20181226-053451_Sam…)

She's so deep into her bullying mentality that she can't even see why offering someone bleach to drink is wrong. It's like that shit with Mariah all over again.

No. 1868

is this her sister? (idk how facebook works)

No. 1869

It’s a chat box from her sis

No. 1870

Does anyone have those old screenshots of Izzabell shitting on Micky?
There’s a thread for her now I know some of you suggested we made one

No. 1871

probably gonna have to dig into the older micky threads anon
but if found, will post it on the izzabell thread

No. 1872

Did anybody else look Micky's dumbass rant on Instagram about people making small talk with her?

No. 1873

File: 1545885296724.jpeg (41.77 KB, 750x402, 70BC25DF-46F8-4005-A6FD-54C3AA…)

The racist who I think also was misogynistic, huh?
No surprise.

No. 1874

File: 1545893362234.jpg (94.8 KB, 1079x401, Screenshot_20181226-231629_Sam…)

What was this about?

No. 1875

File: 1545911753207.jpeg (220.42 KB, 1125x1733, 8894330D-D407-4C46-8BD8-0391B4…)

She is extremely toxic

No. 1876

It’s about Izzabell

No. 1877

Micky is full of shit, Sade was never mean to her greasy ass. Sade was kissing Micky anus and being mean to people who were tired of her shit
Micky always trys to play victim and take the spotlight in everything and her followers eat it up

No. 1878

Who is Sade?

No. 1879

Notice how all the girls commenting are ugly as shit?

No. 1882

File: 1545928839950.jpg (445.7 KB, 1080x1374, Screenshot_20181227-113406_Sam…)

They're only saying this shit because of this post. Apparently Sade commented on the fact OP lightens her skin in pics and OP got pissy and made like, three posts about it. In this one, damn near every single harpy on this post tries to roast Sade's physical appearance. So much for the KBG community being a positive and uplifting place.

No. 1885

File: 1545928868686.jpg (154.91 KB, 1080x533, Screenshot_20181227-113147_Sam…)

No. 1887

File: 1545928979891.jpg (559.2 KB, 1080x1453, Screenshot_20181227-113013_Sam…)

No. 1888

File: 1545929311183.jpg (186.36 KB, 1080x797, Screenshot_20181227-114544_Twi…)

Micky the only medicore person in the equation is you. No honest to god attractive guy is going lower his standard to mess with you.

No. 1889

Why is she bothered by this? Does she have this compulsive need to cheat with any guy she finds remotely attractive? How does anyone believe she's all about those positive vibes when she posts this all the time

No. 1890

lol why would this make her mad? if anything it should give her hope that an actually cute guy might give her a chance. mediocre would be a compliment for her.

No. 1891

She ain't wrong tho
flushable wipes are for shitheads

No. 1892

This is Micky. She's quoting Drag Race.

No. 1893

I did lol, jesus. She gets so enraged at the most pointless shit.

>>1888 included. I mean, this definitely just reads as jealousy. Micky has convinced herself that she's super smart and interest /and/ hot, so she doesn't understand why she can't keep the interest of even average men. The fact is, just because you dress "alternatively" (aliexpressively) doesn't mean that you have anything actually valuable to contribute to a relationship. The girls you think are less than you actually have what guys are looking for - interests with values, opinions that aren't just "hot takes" on what's going on on the internet and copy-pasted Tumblr posts, and goals to do something beyond working at Forever 21 for the rest of their lives.

You're a podunk girl with no education, no drivers license, and no personality, despite what you try to tell yourself every day. You have no right to call anyone else mediocre.

No. 1894

Does Micky have any real life goals? I know she’s been doing minimum wage shit for years now but what does she expect to do as a grown woman? She’s literally a female neck beard

No. 1895

I know I watch the show, but shes not wrong, they are tacky as shit

No. 1896

Honest to god, I think she has zero life goals. She only seems to care about being "popular" on social media, working at a shitty, low paying job and dressing sloppy. Which is really pathetic. Yet, she has the nerve to speak down to others like she's out here making big moves.

No. 1897

It's not that serious. Buzz off.

No. 1898

She wants to ~keep spread black kawaii fashion and positivity~ by bullying girls online from her sloppy room in her parents house while wearing a four dollar top from China that doesn't fit even though she bought an XL.

No. 1899

File: 1545955331155.jpg (175.8 KB, 1080x720, Screenshot_20181227-114635_Twi…)

Did she forget what she looks like without makeup and editing?

No. 1900

File: 1545968638910.gif (829.77 KB, 500x445, NpNoc0q.gif)

But she already looks like shrek tho.

No. 1901

Nothing sadder than a delusional thot tbh. I know you're not supposed to judge people..but she's bottom of the barrel.

No. 1902

shrek has eczema?? bitch you look like a man, your skin has nothing to do with it

No. 1903

File: 1545988238542.jpg (502.62 KB, 778x1512, Screenshot_20181228-040644_Sam…)

She's legit shaped like a fridge. I'm deceased. Lol

No. 1904

>they're so comfyyyyy
Girl you can barely move in this one

No. 1905

Tf is going on with her brows? She looks perpetually angry and a lot more aged. Like a mid 30 something still acting like she's in early 20s

No. 1906

File: 1546024617169.jpg (178.02 KB, 1073x868, Screenshot_20181228-141206_Sam…)


>hUr DuR tHeY HaTiNg

Ok, one, Micky, we know you sent that to yourself. Two, we know you still read this thread. Three, nobody is hating on you. Fourth, no one is mad, just amused at how unfortunate your life is turning out. Finally, you have a very pathetic life and it's part of the reason the threads keep going. The other reason is that you manage to start some form of drama because you're miserable. It's pretty hilarious, if you ask me.

No. 1907

that bald spot tho

No. 1908

File: 1546024868954.jpg (46.62 KB, 1074x264, Screenshot_20181228-141817_Sam…)


This is why I'll never believe she has a genuine mental illness or cares about mental health in general. Because of posts like this.

I bet the black girls that come to her job stay clowning her ass about those patchy, sloppy ass "baby" hairs.

No. 1909

That’s why she hates black girls tbh most of them especially them ghetto girls probably roast her everyday at F21

No. 1910

No wonder she’s single.

No. 1911

It's more gross to think she's been hauling her bullshit around since she was 15/16/17. No improvement whatsoever in all these years.

No. 1912

Oh most definitely. Bougie rats be in there all the time and they don't hold their tongue for shit. Micky isn't ready for that. Just you wait, the moment she catches one of them laughing at her or overhears them talking about her, she's gonna make a big ass rant to her echo chamber.

Exactly. She and her friends really think that shit is cute. It's definitely not.

No. 1913

Lol this bitch and her sister both come here on a daily basis and they know it.

No. 1914

She cares so much it’s hilarious >>1908
Adderrall is expensive. She need to be saving to move out

No. 1915

File: 1546048961441.jpg (455.01 KB, 1067x1651, SmartSelect_20181228-210238_Tw…)

No. 1916

I think Micky is truly slow aka special ed aka learning disability. I’m not even joking the bitch says the corniest most straight retarded shit. She’s anti-funny. It would explain why she’s GROWN and can’t drive cannot keep her room clean, can’t keep a man and can’t keep a real job. The bitch is 21 still working for $7 an hour,a upgrade because her last job was 3 an hour. It would also explain why her photoshopped photos look so shit and obvious or why she keeps doing the same shit over and over. By the looks of her sister and mom’s Facebook it looks like retarded runs in the family. She looks like she even has FAS. I can’t accept that she’s a fully functioning adult. This bitch is slow as hell

No. 1917

Micky is so corny when actual hood girls go there she will lose her shit and run like she did with Taylor at youmacon

No. 1918

Would also explain why she dresses like that and her delusional confidence. Retards always seem to be so self assured regardless of the truth

No. 1919

Ah, that incident with Taylor was hilarious. Honestly wish that Taylor had kicked her ass. Someone needs to do it.

No. 1920

I am pretty sure she's mentally retarded to some degree. She wasn't in regular classes in high school. She was in special ed/remedial classes.

No. 1921

When the threads started she could have easily just made her stuff private and most of it would have stopped. But here we are almost 5 years and she still has EVERYTHING public. Literally everything.

No. 1922

File: 1546071369506.jpg (284.27 KB, 1059x1020, SmartSelect_20181229-031610_Ch…)

No. 1923

File: 1546079956487.jpg (535.9 KB, 1076x1174, Screenshot_20181229-053728_Sam…)

No. 1924

just tell the imaginary guys in your head that you want to be exclusive with this other imaginary guy mickey

No. 1925

She really got nothing going on for her. To micky this probably reads as an actual dilemma, 'the hot girl has too many options but can't choose uwu what should I do????' Girl needs to get new hobbies and form an actual social life that's not just fucking for shit tier weed

No. 1926

she takes tinder really seriously huh

No. 1927


>secret low self esteem

Color me surprised that she has low self esteem.

No. 1928


No. 1929

File: 1546131062437.jpg (70.4 KB, 1080x368, Screenshot_20181229-194920_Sam…)

Micky, nobody looks at you like that. They only at you in a "wtf is this goofy looking shit" way.

No. 1930

Wtf does that even mean? How do you look at someone like that? Anybody got some insight?

No. 1931

File: 1546137656719.gif (8.83 MB, 352x640, SmartSelect_20181229-213707_Tw…)


The bald spots lmao. Shes barely even dancing and still manages to be off beat. Kek at her collarbones disappearing back into her fat when she moves too much and breaks her pose. Also, nitpick, but her music taste is utter trash

No. 1932

>but remember she doesn't lighten her skin!!!!

No. 1934

i think she's trying to say that some white guy looked at her, like checked her out?

this is the message she's always trying to give. she's just so cute so many guys (and girls ofc) are after her! and remember, she's so hot that her "plug" gives her a discount on weed! when really she looks like shrek and no one is interested

No. 1935

File: 1546143204833.jpg (164.03 KB, 1080x791, Screenshot_20181229-231115_Twi…)

Look at this mess here. I know for sure that shit was never said. And if so, then I'm a millionaire, since lies just manifesting into truths now.

No. 1937

File: 1546143697062.jpg (212.07 KB, 1080x921, Screenshot_20181229-231528_Sam…)

More bullshit.

No. 1939

File: 1546143748114.jpg (413.2 KB, 678x1312, Screenshot_20181229-231858_Sam…)

The fuck is the point of her saying this when she cheated on all of her partners?

No. 1941

These lies are getting ridiculous I cannot stop laughing

No. 1943

yeah that's how….that's how being gay works


thought you never checked your thread??

No. 1944

Micky, you have to edit your pics to almost Raychiel levels to look good, you sleep in a dirty ass room, you work a job that pays you in peanuts, you still dress tacky, you're going bald from trying to make baby hairs with your dry ass hair,your hygiene is trash, you can't fight, your makeup is cakey and unblended, nobody really ikes you, and after all these years have nothing of worth built up. How exactly are you a bad bitch? How? I know for surely you're not touching me in any regard. I'm sure the same can be said for others posting here. Even the people you've bullied had more going for them than you. Get your shit together, girl.

No. 1946

come on now anons, this makes total sense to me. obviously her coworker thinks she looks like a dude.

No. 1947

File: 1546152275861.jpg (407.09 KB, 1079x1969, SmartSelect_20181230-014325_Tw…)


But yet she doesnt read here or pay attention to her threads anymore? Yeah okay sis

No. 1948

File: 1546153248039.jpeg (134.17 KB, 640x973, C65BF2FE-42B5-46EF-9241-D2F364…)

For the love of god Mickey, please do yourself a favor and take your own damn advice. You’re the first person to get on your soap box and preach about kindness, but at the same time you’re the most spiteful, self-absorbed piece of gutter trash in existence.

No. 1949

wtf is that guilt one?
>do what makes you feel guilty or ashamed
instead of repair transgressions??

No. 1950

File: 1546159572997.jpg (196.79 KB, 1075x1024, SmartSelect_20181230-034540_Tw…)

Lmao micky got stoned and sad and now shes trying to be deep at 3am

No. 1951

She must be down to her last braincell. What the fuck does this even mean? Sounds like she mixed up the phrases fuel to the fire and salt in the wound.

No. 1952

Is she just gonna ignore her hair until it literally falls off in chunks? How can you just ignore that it looks like straight dog shit

No. 1953

Micky is slow

No. 1954

File: 1546185553735.jpg (96.69 KB, 1073x651, Screenshot_20181230-105851_Sam…)

No. 1955

non medicated bipolar?? so they diagnosed you but didn't medicate you? what type of bipolar mickey??

No. 1956

She isn't medicated because she thinks smoking weed is a better way to treat her supposed mental illness than the medication she says she was prescribed (and subsequently showed off in shitty edgy gifs on her menhera blog)

No. 1957

You sending yourself these asks aside micky, it would be malpractice for them to not medicate you if you're this depressed due to bi-polar.

No. 1958

Didn’t she take pictures with the meds?? Like…?

No. 1959

File: 1546194121323.jpg (268.8 KB, 1072x977, Screenshot_20181230-132039_Twi…)

Girl, nobody is complimenting your manly, 5/10 with makeup looking ass. Shut up.

No. 1960

File: 1546194191973.jpg (155.06 KB, 1080x728, Screenshot_20181230-132257_Twi…)

No. 1961

File: 1546194348646.jpg (1.22 MB, 1920x2560, 18-12-30-13-25-29-869_deco.jpg)

Lol Sure, Micky.

No. 1962

It's a legit fear. Just not for Micky, no one wants her.

No. 1963

No one is complimenting you, people I know who shop there says you stand there quietly as people go about their business, shut up.

No. 1964

I can not believe how delusional this fat ugly bitch is. Does she do this to make herself feel better?

No. 1965

Oh my god. What else have they said about her? Lol

No. 1966

You know people who've witnessed her before at work and waited till now to say anything about it? Dont withhold that milk anon, give us some more lmao. Candids of her obese autistic weeaboo ass hanging clothes up or something would be hilarious

No. 1967

I have bipolar type 1 and I’m not medicated. Depending on how you’re responding to therapy, the medication options are very variable.

No. 1968

File: 1546207186844.jpeg (88.08 KB, 640x747, 8BE067CA-2425-4D18-A5EC-55E488…)

If you have milk, please spill it

No. 1969

Who in there right mind is giving her validation that's genuine and not just weird looks cause she dresses and acts like a retarded toddler. Mucky you ain't pretty enough to be using the attention whore label as a cute quirk

No. 1970

Not that anon but I've seen her there twice now, I went to the mall a couple times for holidays. I couldn't get a picture because she was behind the counter and I would have been too obvious so I didn't think it was worth saying anything, but if I ever go there and she's out and about I'll try.
She's very average and her voice is still very low and husky irl, she was next to the girl who checked me out. She has a very low laugh and she just talked a lot. She doesn't really stand out there more than anyone else who works/shops there.

No. 1971

Which f21 does she work at? The huge one in great lakes crossing outlet? Twelve oaks? Somerset?

No. 1972

12 oaks

No. 1973

She will be fired soon because she’s seasonal.

No. 1974

Does she really wear all of her tacky kawaii clothes to work?

No. 1975

File: 1546242471426.png (389.34 KB, 541x960, 4407F825-AD1C-4564-A596-1CE5C4…)

Yeah, when I saw her there the first time she was wearing this outfit, when I saw her the second time she had her hair like this >>1797 with those same Dangan Ronpa bears in it.
Like, there's seriously some girls who work at F21 (especially the Great Lakes one Emi works at) who are stunning and have a sense of fashion you'd genuinly be envious of.
Micky just looks awkward and out of place. Neither her looks or outfits are something anyone is stopping and staring at in awe, like she tries to make it seem. And her face was much wider in person, like it is in candids. It's more square/oval?? shaped and her jaw is wide. She's not stunning, she's just delusional.

No. 1976

File: 1546245392678.jpg (799.13 KB, 1069x1588, Screenshot_20181231-033354_Sam…)

Her edges look so slop and crusty. Jesus.

No. 1977

File: 1546249362247.jpg (256.26 KB, 1079x1247, SmartSelect_20181231-043025_Tw…)

Always spreading that ~positivity~ and ~~uwu love~ I see. Does she ever rest?

No. 1980

Well I guess that's why her group of friends consists of her sister, Emi, and her delusion

No. 1981

Lol I mean..no one wants to be your friend micky, so good luck with that?

No. 1982

I’ve seen Adams girlfriend at Great Lakes Crossing Outlets she works at that forever 22 which its kinda weird that Micky copies that too.

No. 1983

her old twitter was deleted/changed I guess, am I typing the new one in wrong? oppaidoru_ovo doesn't bring anything up

No. 1984

It’s still showing up for me

No. 1985

Here’s what Muckys fans look like.

No. 1986

File: 1546287361686.jpeg (304.56 KB, 1242x1086, 8FABB8D9-EACE-45D4-A648-BEDCCB…)

The people that respond to her are as nasty as she is.

No. 1987

The old one wasn't deleted, she just changed the @ for it.


That's the link with the current name, those are zeros at the end not O's which may be causing your issues.

No. 1988

File: 1546290151766.jpg (533.34 KB, 1073x1923, SmartSelect_20181231-160129_Tw…)

Let's see how long this one will last. Probably about as long as her diet lmao

No. 1989

Not saying she's incapable of change….but she's incapable of change. How long has she been posting 'Im trying to get better tweets' but then does absolutely nothing

No. 1990

File: 1546327774889.jpeg (252.85 KB, 960x1280, F5E5E133-D79B-414A-A3B6-6F9115…)

There is no cohesion to her outfits. It's just random shit pulled together. She keeps wresting these ugly non slip shoes, I'm guessing she thinks they look like Japanese school shoes but??

No. 1991

File: 1546327824119.jpeg (139.89 KB, 1242x353, 2183AEE7-A438-4CFF-992E-11D172…)

My dad is abusive guise :(((

No. 1992

She looks like one of the Wayan brothers. Is that who you thought?

No. 1993

it was those damn zeros, thanks anon

No. 1994

5 bucks says she got those shoes at Walmart cause those are the exact kind cooks wear so they don't slip in the kitchen. Muckys just too stupid and cheap to buy loafers or oxfords, or something remotely schoolgirl

No. 1995

Wow that poor skirt has completely lost it's shape

No. 1996

File: 1546348469217.jpg (209.92 KB, 1075x709, Screenshot_20190101-081243_Sam…)

Once again, she's trying to hard to be edgy. She honestly comes off as envious and bitter.

No. 1997

Nayrt but I assumed it was the really wide guy from star wars that all the memes were made about, his face looks like hers

No. 1998

Two gay men telling people to stop having kids seems hilariously dumb to me.

No. 1999

Isn't this another one of those shows where they screech their thoughts and opinions as if they're the most important people on earth? Suits Micky and her narcissism

No. 2000

While im not a fan of RPDR, Trixie and Katya do a super edited video 'show' (its ended now Cause they got an offer to do it through Vice i think) thats just mostly comedy, references and basically nothing is supposed to be taken at face value besides when they occasionally squeeze in a real tip/advice.

I just wanna let anons know so we dont have more embarassing posts completely ignoring Micky to make hurried comments about some meh youtube series.
Shes a loser but you're giving her valid reason to laugh at your posts instead of vague bitch posting online while she screams about her "new year, new me uwu" bullshit as if nobody has eyes and can't see her histrionic posting history on her fb/insta feeds lmao
(Also very ironic that mrs 'fuck having kids' edgy ass self also is the community pussy of her street for neckbeards. Shes gonna have a mixed kid that looks like quasimodo with melanin and backne)

No. 2009

It kills me how she ruins her outfits with the shoes and accessories she chooses to wear. Brown loafers or maybe some pink lolita shoes would have been fine. The choker and ears are unnecessary. She also need to retire that knockoff estherloveschuu bag.

No. 2010

Pretty much. I remember trixie getting called out because in one episode she said if 'you cant get pregnant, then maybe it isn't for you' and the dude behind the camera commented he was adopted and loved his parents. it's another show where (gay) men talk about shit they dont understand.

No. 2011

The waistband is way too tight so the pleats are coming loose and the skirt just looks wonky like that. Does she own anything at all that fits her well?

No. 2012

We’re out here acting like Mickey will ever take our advice and learn to dress better, kek. She always wears clothes too small for her because she thinks it validates her in thinking she’s a “smol chocolate milk teddy bear uwu”. She mismatches odd piecesbin her wardrobe because she has no idea how to put an outfit together and thinks that as long as it’s thigh highs, a mini skirt and a cropped t-shirt it must look great on her. A realistic New Year’s resolution would be to learn more about fashion.

No. 2013

Not to bring up old milk, but I’m just absolutely bothered by the fact that this bitch can literally edit her face, lighten her skin, brag about “light skin privileges” and then have to fucking audacity to say “FuCk ThE PaLe AeStHeTiC”…

No. 2014

I honestly think she enjoys dressing like a autistic loser and will never change so she can stick it to the haterzz. I expect nothing less, she'll never get her head out from her ass

No. 2015

That isn't old by any means. She's still acting like she doesn't pale her skin. It's also weird how she attacks girls that are darker than her.

Yeah, the whole kawaii fashion look doesn't work for her. She's better off going the normie route. Especially since she now wants to pretend to be from the hood and act ghetto and that shit. Which doesn't sit well with me, simply because she didn't grow in the hood and experience that life, she's just acting. Treating it like an accessory. It's pathetic.

No. 2016

Nah anon not quite.. that cola renee’ chick she has on her Facebook or that pepperizzu or whatever her name is will rip her to shreds if she even thinks about approaching them like that… micky picks and chooses her battles she knows which dark skins she can and can’t talk shit too

No. 2017

File: 1546390830228.jpg (401.48 KB, 1080x1840, Screenshot_20190101-195740_Sam…)

Well guys, looks like Micky might be fixing to go to jail. That shit is highly illegal. She could easily just hit block and move on. Ya know, how she blocks legitimate criticism and good advice.

No. 2018

Oh no, trust me, the girl has it out for darker women. She's likely just waiting for the right moment to strike and drag them. Remember this the same girl that got into with Taylor and damn near got her head knocked off in front of their whole friend circle for it. That girl she claimed was catfishing as her was gonna knock her head off too.

No. 2019

That maybe true but Mickey is also known for blocking those who intimidate her… I mean for fuck sake the girl thinks that she can whip ass because she used to watch bad girls club honestly I’m not even slightly worried about the girls she’ll come for because the only damage she can do is talking shit on Facebook and getting her gang to white knight her when she’s wrong

No. 2020

the thing is, her skin isn't even super dark to begin with. the idea of her needing to lighten it even more is just bizarre

No. 2021

You guys think shes ever going to vacuum? Or are those just stains all over?

No. 2022


Do people still dress like this? Is kawaii even a thing now? Even the Japanese dropped this shit. I went Tokyo recently and half of them dress normal af

No. 2023

It is, but the trend is more subtle now. She's basically limited to any pastel vomit she can find that comes in an XXL and by her own shit taste.

No. 2024

There are girls that still dress cutely, it's just that they look more put together. Especially since larme is more popular nowadays.

No. 2025

File: 1546430111789.jpg (253.21 KB, 1080x1046, Screenshot_20190102-065441_Sam…)

No. 2026

File: 1546430204462.jpg (146.09 KB, 1075x786, Screenshot_20190102-065629_Sam…)

No. 2027

In response to this, you don't go to Tokyo to find this kind of stuff lol, you never did, that's just an illusion from anime.

The trend is largely over for western weebs because the money finally dried up now that costhots oversaturated the market.

No. 2028

So wait, Micky hates the fact she's black so much she's going to pretend black people are just a phenotype..? I can't understand what this crackhead is even trying to say.

No. 2029

In a sense I think 'mature kawaii' is in? Girls are getting older but they still want the look so they're creating a more refined image. Micky is just stuck in a time loop of 2012 weeb fashions, she's outdated af

No. 2030

Japanese people NEVER dressed like this. This is purely Tumblr-Kei a style started by obese weebs for other obese hambeast weebs. Kawaii in japan has usually been way more subdued and the ones who go over the top are far more out together. They might as well not even call this “J fashion0

No. 2031

Some japanese people do. It's just they're better coordinated than Micky. Remember, this girl wore >>1975 and >>1839. She's just exceedingly tacky and I doubt that'll change.

No. 2032

File: 1546441741437.jpg (126.63 KB, 736x1104, 2eb1d12fdeb84e4a3b903f75b2dde1…)

>Japanese people NEVER dressed like this.

No. 2033

File: 1546442492695.jpg (265.41 KB, 1000x1500, TK-2013-08-031-001-001-Harajuk…)

Yeah, some anons are going too far trying to outweeb this weeb. She obviously wears J-fashion, it's just that she's not cute and skinny (and lacks good taste). And of course older women and "normies" in places like Tokyo won't dress like this, it's alt fashion for youths, alt clothing or tattoo shop people, hairdressers, art/fashion majors and designers.

No. 2034

No EVERYONE in Japan dresses like this. Weebs are just convinced every Japanese girl is uguuu kawaii. It’s more common in Harujuku or Shibuya 109. But you won’t walk around all of Osaka or Tokyo and expect everyone to dress like this.

No. 2035

No EVERYONE in Japan dresses like this. Weebs are just convinced every Japanese girl is uguuu kawaii. It’s more common in Harujuku or Shibuya 109. But you won’t walk around all of Osaka or Tokyo and expect everyone to dress like this.

No. 2036

If you think this looks the same as what Micky is wearing you need your eyes checked. No it’s not about size, race etc. Look at this girls shoes/socks and even the coordination of colours. Micky is an AliExpress Milanoo light in the box reject.

No. 2037

File: 1546451374669.jpeg (550.72 KB, 794x1271, FD9F95D2-4D05-4586-9E4D-E432C6…)

This is how the average Japanese girl dresses

No. 2038

Remember to sage this dumb shit. Also I feel like it's pretty obvious no one is saying Micky is trying to emulate normie Japanese fashion.

No. 2039

No one is talking about the average Japanese girl. I literally said normal people don't dress like that in that very post, anon. Open your eyes.

No. 2040

I was specifically referring to the "way more subdued" or "far more out there" parts of your post. No one thinks Mucky dresses even halfway as cute. A cheap version of Japanese alt fashion is just what she wears, the AliExpress shit she buys are replicas/knock-offs of stuff from actual Japanese brands, and the influence is clear in styling/color/silhouette. Saying "Japanese people NEVER dress like that" is just OTT.

No. 2041

she dresses in what's know in asia as "soft sister" which is essentially chinese knockoff shit that looks similar to jfashion but off in some way.

she looks worse cause she's fat tho.

No. 2042

So all black people look alike and if you're black but don't fit stereotypes you're not black anymore?

No. 2043

Yes, nothing worse than black people who hate themselves and their own people.

No. 2044

I don't know why, but I've been unable to enlarge/open images from here pretty much all day, so what she wrote is readable, but some letters i can only make out with context.

That is to say, correct me if I'm wrong, but did she really write 'if i was black genetically but not phonetically'? I really hope she's not that dumb.

No. 2045

I don't know why, but I've been unable to enlarge/open images from here pretty much all day, so what she wrote is readable, but some letters i can only make out with context.

That is to say, correct me if I'm wrong, but did she really write 'if i was black genetically but not phonetically'? I really hope she's not that dumb.

No. 2046

She put 'phenetically'.

No. 2047

Different iterations of the same ugly outfit, wow, what an icon

When the first blackout on Tumblr happened the tag was literally full of EVERYONE who identified as black, whether they were mixed or albino or anything… I don't understand how someone can be so pro-black but still tell another +WOC that they essentially aren't black enough. I'm not black but that seems… shitty and self-hating, I don't know.

No. 2048

File: 1546512058889.jpeg (285.8 KB, 960x1280, A88F4D7D-FED4-4BA9-9EDB-12D11B…)


No. 2049

I kind of agree with her (as much as I hate to). It's a bit asinine to make being part of a certain race a "point" when you're only 50% and don't look it at all, in your own words. It's like someone who looks like, I dunno, Halle Berry putting tags like "#whitegirlswinning", "#whitegirlwednesday", "#pawg" under her selfies and prefacing her statements on race with "As a white woman". People would raise eyebrows, even though she's technically half-white. I just don't see any good reason why it should be different the other way around. The one drop rule is weird.

No. 2050

Okay micky lol.

The "problem" is, people make it a point when they do "look it", no white person (for example) that may be mixed with black would put blackgirlswinning, just like your halle berry example wouldn't make sense when she herself and most other people sees her as black.

You just have a weird idea of races and identity.

No. 2051

Okay micky lol.

The "problem" is, people make it a point when they do "look it", no white person (for example) that may be mixed with black would put blackgirlswinning, just like your halle berry example wouldn't make sense when she herself and most other people sees her as black.

You just have a weird idea of races and identity.

No. 2052

Not everyone who disagrees with you is this weeaboo hambeast. Calm the autism.
In the case of that Tumblr ask, the person concerned said themselves that they don't look it, so they'd even be going against your argument. They were probably asking because they were confused, and worried that they'd get nasty messages for using the tag when they're not visibly black.
>You just have a weird idea of races and identity.
It just sounds like your reading comprehension is what's weird, for the reasons listed above.

No. 2053

I have a feeling you’re one of these African 2nd gen newly pro black girls. In America if you’re black you’re black. It makes zero sense saying certain people phenotypically aren’t black when black people look completely different and have the most varied features. Most black Americans are 30% white, by DNA standards. Should they call themselves mixed? Halle Berry looks BLACK to nblack people. So does Barack Obama, Yara Shahidi etc. The only people who we should count as ~mixed~ are people who visibly can’t be classed as one thing like Meghan Markle or Maya Rudolph. Most mixed people look black and will be treated black. Micky is 100% black as in both her parents are black yet she’s lighter than Barack Obama and a good number of mixed people(yes even without her horrible skin whitening app). This is such a dumb argument, and I hate these new black poetic justice bitches who keep pushing ~purifying~ the black race when black people’s gene pool is mixed up as fuck.

No. 2054

She might not think she looks black but nobody has ever been half black and never looked it the slightest, one thing is looking mixed race but thats not the same as looking non black. How does anybody know she hasnt surrounded herself with a certain image of black women and now struggles to say she is one too, like jfc Micky really sparked some retards to come to light. For all Mickys opinions some anons gonna die on this mole hill kek

No. 2055

In this particular case, the mixed person doesn't look black by their own admission (unless you actually know who they are, have seen their photos and can confirm they're lying about not looking black for some reason), so I don't see any reason to try and force them into the club, or why they should be in a tag about black people.
It's not that deep, and you sound kind of bitter about something very inconsequential.
>nobody has ever been half black and never looked it the slightest
This is just ignorant, I've known plenty of biracial and mixed people who literally had to inform people they were part black. Genetics are a 50/50 deal, it's a myth that any group's is "stronger" than another's.
This really is a dumb argument, and I don't know why you're stretching out with these essays. Let's just get back on topic.

No. 2056

>about black people
She is black. Her mother is black. Just because she isnt 100% concentration doesnt mean she isnt black the same way she is still asian.
I get if its somebody with a great grandpa who was black and it ends there but anons really gonna say she aint black when she has a b l a c k mom. She is black and asian, but now we have yet again derailed due to race sperging cause I guess you can't be of one race because you look slightly different because golly gee i forgot race just means 'identical genetic clone'.

No. 2057

You must be either white or African. Most mixed people look black by American and Carribean standards

No. 2058

Its what i said???
>just because she is mixed race does not make her non black.

No. 2060

Micky isn’t Asian lol both her parents are black

No. 2062

You're the only one sperging, you've made multiple angry posts about a complete non-issue. If she doesn't look black, not only will it be awkward, she's just going to get attacked for using those tags. End of story. Enjoy your last (You).

No. 2064

There’s two of us who disagree with you

No. 2066

The anon who sent the message to her tumblr was, you absolute retard.

No. 2067

There's a 95% chance she's been wearing the same socks without wash and just the thought of the smell makes me gag. And she's still pushing 'trap kawaii' whatever the fuck that is

No. 2069

what the fuck is that shirt? is she saying she has a dick?

No. 2071

No.."trap" is just a stupid thing usually regarding drugs/pulling tricks etc. Not always referring to the weeb definition of a crossdresser.

No. 2073

No.."trap" is just a stupid thing usually regarding drugs/pulling tricks etc. Not always referring to the weeb definition of a crossdresser.

No. 2075

white anon detected lol

No. 2076

just clueless. who never heard the song trap queen by fetty wap? they had that shit on the radio like every 5 seconds when it came out lol.

No. 2077

lmao yeah sorry, I have somehow never heard it

my b

No. 2078

lol who listens to the radio anymore

No. 2079

Whos listening to top 5 current year songs on the radio unless ur a 14 year old who tries too hard to fit in

No. 2080

the fuck kinda discourse is this lmao

No. 2081

File: 1546553533182.jpg (205.83 KB, 1072x1177, Screenshot_20190103-171045_Sam…)

No. 2082

File: 1546553556699.jpg (199.91 KB, 1080x723, Screenshot_20190103-025104_Twi…)


No. 2083

File: 1546553665630.jpg (212.08 KB, 1067x823, Screenshot_20190103-025126_Twi…)

I highly doubt this.

No. 2084

File: 1546553982016.jpg (459.64 KB, 1080x1508, Screenshot_20190103-171638_Sam…)

This is all really pathetic, honestly.

No. 2085

File: 1546554005526.jpg (138.2 KB, 1072x448, Screenshot_20190103-171807_Sam…)

No. 2086

I agree, but I'm praying anons don't turn this into a thread where this scat-loving, morbidly obese trailer trash Toshi rip-off is WK'd just because she and Micky are fighting, lmao.

No. 2087

File: 1546556219251.jpg (370.59 KB, 855x1672, SmartSelect_20190103-175522_Ch…)

Heres the kicker, these screen shots are straight from lolcow. Kek, but remember she doesnt read here at all anymore and shes all about ~spreading positivity and girl love and being a better person in 2019 uwu~

No. 2088

I wanted to say that I am the anon asking Mickey about tags like blackgirlsarekawaii etc, I wanted to see her opinion on someone who despite being genetically half black, does not look black, because I certainly don't look white either as I said I look Asian and I am frequently mistaken for Korean/Chinese. I am not Asian (that I know of) I don't know why I have epicanthic folds or whatever they're called. I think my mom might be lying about my genealogy, but anyway
I wanted to know what Mickey's reaction would be. And I guess the verdict is: All black people look alike, if you are black but don't look like a stereotype, you aren't black and don't belong in spaces for black people.
Sage for irrelevancy, I was just curious about her ideas.

No. 2089

File: 1546557070263.jpg (478.66 KB, 986x2094, Screenshot_20190103-180443_Chr…)

Couldnt even be bother to go get her own screenshots? Its blaringly obvious, especially since those statuses werent posted 6 hours ago. Doesnt look very good for you, Mucky

No. 2090

Caught in a lie again. Holy shit Micky.

No. 2091

You dont have to come here and tell us it was you anon, that seems like cowtipping now

No. 2092

There are black people with epicanthic folds, by the way, so she might not be lying.
Micky's full of shit, as usual (though, not to be disrespectful, but if you truly don't look black at all, not even like a San person, is there a point?).

No. 2093

most random fucking thing to nitpick lmao

No. 2094

File: 1546560802759.jpg (1.18 MB, 1794x1200, 1502838902798.jpg)

Keep in mind this is what Micky thinks a clean room is

No. 2095

File: 1546562485949.png (74.94 KB, 237x156, WJAT.png)

is that a fucking vibrator??? She couldn't even be assed to move it for the picture?? jesus fucking christ

also i love the febreeze bottle right by her bed. classy

No. 2096

god the absolute state of the carpet. does she just straight up put cigarettes out on the floor or what?

No. 2097

Lol the moldy vibrator makes an appearance, also that bedding looks fucking nasty. I'm a messy person and even I wouldn't be caught dead with a room like this, much less take a before and shitty "after" picture.

No. 2098

Why the fuck would you want your trash can touching your bedding like that?

No. 2099

I can smell these pictures

No. 2100

this literally looks like she put the stuffed animals that she threw off her bed back onto her bed after putting that nasty blanket on then kicked her trash under her bed to say it was clean. also >>2095 nice to see she still has moldy-chan. jesus christ.

No. 2101

That pic isn't new, it's from like 1 or 2 years ago. Didn't she gift that vibrator away?

No. 2102

my memory is absolutely atrocious, but her giving it away definitely rings a bell

sage for no contribution

No. 2103

File: 1546576524078.jpg (117.12 KB, 1080x2094, 47584683_2207701882786146_2788…)

>"FuCk YoUr PaLe AeSThEtIc"

Meanwhile this bitch posting selfie like pic related. Surely she realize how hypocritical she looks boasting that shit.

No. 2104

File: 1546582185367.jpg (260.48 KB, 1056x2048, IMG_20190104_010753.jpg)

The one she gave away was black, pic related. That's her own moudly personal one, I remember it being pink. Probably exactly how it got moldy too, just being thrown under the bed and never being washed…

No. 2105

File: 1546585556392.jpg (274.59 KB, 1072x1378, SmartSelect_20190104-020415_Tw…)

Nobody is surprised.

No. 2106

File: 1546601770733.jpeg (589.67 KB, 2048x2048, 73A60AD5-5D66-4DB9-A8CE-E53DAD…)

Who's gonna tell her

No. 2107

Tell her what?? Is that first pic about her or something??

No. 2108

I feel like she has to be slightly aware she's a hypocrite. Like, there's no way she's completely clueless to this fact.

No. 2109

look at all the filth around the rim and near the top in the "before" picture too. now that shit is just all over the comforter lol. no wonder people say she smells awful.

No. 2110

No, first pic is something she retweeted. It's just funny considering she is constantly bitchy and mean to others. All of those tweets are just hypocritical. No one wants to be friends with her and the way she worded that second tweets sounds super bitchy. Micky has no room to complain about peoples "mediocre" girlfriends (who probably look way better than her), when she is extremely mediocre herself.

No. 2111

Micky is not a looker herself so whos she talking?? And her taste in men is fucking terrible as weve previously seen. I doubt these guys are soo hot unlike their gfs.

No. 2112

So I’ve been following micky for about 2 years now. Had no clue about her drama until the whole Jessica stuff and found out about the Lolcows threads. I think a lot of the followers that micky has have no clue about her drama or most of her social media and a lot of us didn’t know what she actually looked like. The first time I saw a live of her I was honestly shocked. Her voice was very very deep and she was a lot larger in live rather than her photos. Her lives barely get any views either because well, most of her followers don’t follow to keep up with her they just like to see some content and get likes back. She typically gets 5-9 views and even on her Facebook usually she’s surrounded by people who will defend her at any chance possible because the call out culture is popular in their groups. If you help them call someone out it means they’ll help you too. It’s not that people actually are blind when they see what she really looks like, it’s just that They are also enjoying the shitshow as well. They all follow each other to see the drama and shit show and to get support for their own personal drama and beefs. They’ll all encourage her to continue to act like an immature brat because it gives them entertainment. Her echo chamber is full of people who first followed her because they thought she really looked like her photoshops; but stayed for her constant drama and lies, they’re all laughing together while encouraging her to make a fool of herself. They’re milking her for all she has. She doesn’t have any actual organic fans, that’s why she’s getting no deals, no sponsorships, no improvement because they’re not interested in her success or wellbeing, they’ll never pay her for nudes, never pay her for commissions, never help her get sponsorships or an actual feature, they wouldn’t even give her money for a gofundme if she ever made one. Ever since her broadcasting the Jessica drama on her Instagram a lot of her followers found her threads; many of them just thought she was a random girl into a kawaii aesthetic. She opened the door to more people to find out the truth about her.

No. 2113

File: 1546688352697.jpg (620.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190105-063809_Ins…)

My recording of it is too large, but she was sperging on her insta story about being obese and the way she dresses. Someone irl (or not) probably made a comment about her fridge body and it really got to her, kek

No. 2114

You described the situation with micky perfectly.

No. 2115

File: 1546698950061.jpg (502.37 KB, 901x1772, Screenshot_20190105-075747_Sam…)

This shit looks so tacky, holy shit.

No. 2116

By "stunting on these hoes" she means hiding in fear, because she's nowhere near cute..erm KAWAII enough to pull off something most actual Japanese girls would never be caught dead wearing.

No. 2117

look like compression tights

No. 2118

she cleared the floor?? and that's it? trash is next to her bed and her drawers are still overflowing with trash. I can't see what is taking up her shelves, but this entire photo is giving me anxiety. it looks so dirty

No. 2119

Why she gotta pretend to be this kawaii baddest bitch alive? Everyone knows she's just a fucking wimp who can't take critique or comments and pisses tears when someone doesn't give her asspats

No. 2120

lmao those poor tacky socks holding on for dear life on her cankles

No. 2121

I remember this “hoe” group on Facebook and Micky was bragging about making $50 a month from nudes LOL so she def has very very low standards. And this is when she was slightly thinner. I doubt she’s making anything from her blurry dirty room 240p bedroom selfies these days

No. 2122

>still can't close her drawers
>plush still on floor
>carpet still looks like shit
>cluttered/disorganized shelves untouched
>trash not taken out

did I miss anything?

No. 2123

Why does she think shes kawaii when she nonstop bitches about every little thing? Shes never happy, i've never seen someone so negative

No. 2124

I see she has her laces as loose as possible since her cankles are almost the same width as her thighs.

No. 2125

Well you can’t say that, there is a such thing as being white passing for example if you’re a person of color who is mixed with white.

No. 2126

Good lord even her legs are fat as fuck, those socks are stretched to their absolute limit lmaooo

No. 2127

File: 1546753714942.jpeg (451.91 KB, 1612x2015, 5A0ADF64-0BBD-4938-AE16-F9C065…)

That camel toe. How does she not see this? Or does she not care?

No. 2128

probably something to do with pussy power or just too dumb

No. 2129

Oh my fucking jesus she looks absolutely positively ridiculous in this! I can't imagine seeing this 6 foot refrigerator walking around in public like this w that god awful camel toe revealing outfit. The top….. the leggings…. the socks…… How could she do this to herself.. There is literally nothing nice I can say about this outfit.

No. 2130

File: 1546755183463.jpg (94.15 KB, 1080x2094, 49732956_2273864249514091_7388…)

She really needs to stop laying those fully grown ass adult hairs. It makes her look like she's balding.

No. 2131

She thinks it looks cute/sexy and she has a "good body" or that it'll attract guys to her.

No. 2132

Thing is, her legs aren’t proportional to her body. She’s fat but her legs are way too thin for her body even though they’re still fat.

No. 2133

Dunno what to say, this is literally the worst. If I was her I'd be doing everything in my power to not show off the lower body. She has a literal squoval for her hips it's so off putting

No. 2134


I bet if you threw one of those plushies at the wall they’d fucking shatter. Bet they smell like ass sweat and shit.

No. 2135

yeah its really weird. theres a cryptid in the confetti club who has the same body too. idk if you could ever make it work maybe if you lost a lot of weight

No. 2136


her legs don't look proportionate to her body because of the way she poses/stands in every full-body selfie. I think she thinks it's kawaii desu~ to stand this way, but it's not, it just looks weird

No. 2137

She’s built like dr robotnik though

No. 2138

Yeah, that body type only really works when your thin. Not so much when you're fat, like Micky.

No. 2139


if she dropped some weight, she would probably look really good, or at least a lot better than she does now

No. 2140

>really good

No. 2141

File: 1546799614901.jpg (219.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190106-193209.jpg)

She's still bitter lol

No. 2142

Not surprised. She clings to every bad thing that's happened to her and then dramatizes it to the max every chance she gets

No. 2143

File: 1546804878282.jpg (73.38 KB, 1080x616, Screenshot_20190106-145524_Sam…)


Micky you are working a low paying, dead end, seasonal job. You are out of shape, you eat and drink like shit, have almost zero motivation to genuinely improve, your make up is cakey af, you don't have any real friends, you dress tacky, nobody around you likes you, you're so unintelligent you're damn near retarded, your clothes look cheap and dirty, you sleep in a pigsty, still live with your "abusive" parents, and can't keep a man for shit. Not to mention you have a STD.

There's nothing about you that I want or feel need to be envious of, at all. By comparison I have a far better life and fucking absolutely thankful for that when I look at the trainwreck of a life you have.

No. 2144

Why she acting like she doesn't send hate daily? There's an entire log of negative tweets that clearly show she has a miserable piss poor life

No. 2145

whew, if I saw her in person I don't think I could contain my laughter. the overweight wendy williams strikes again.

No. 2146

These should be added to the next new thread pic. They summarize Micky so damn well.

No. 2147


She’s not an artist tho. That’s the hilarious part. She really thinks she’s on some shit.

No. 2148

right? anyone can do that ms paint-looking bs

No. 2149

I think the way she pushes her legs together and uses one of those thin mirrors that make everyone look slimmer/longer doesn't help but her body is very off balance with her linebacker shoulders and saggy tits and no hips.

No. 2150

Is just me or her hair drastically thinning and or balding? I feel like her braids are pulled too tight.

No. 2151

This. Her legs always seem stuck together, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them apart and it makes me uncomfortable. She also always seems to crop the sides of her mirror selfies and makes the pictures skinny which doesn’t do her justice either.

No. 2152

File: 1546950899103.jpeg (563.53 KB, 2048x2048, 42E78085-704E-4EEA-A455-410D51…)

No. 2153

File: 1546963159086.jpg (636.86 KB, 809x1357, Screenshot_20190108-105557_Sam…)

No. 2154

why she keep wearing those clogs lmao

No. 2155

My guess is that either she thinks they look like kawiwi Japanese school shoes or they're work shoes from her old job. Idk tho

No. 2156

what a kawaii armpit stain

No. 2157

And you rlly don’t need to Bc you already look gigantic.

No. 2158

Lmaoooo kawiwi bless you anon

No. 2159

would it kill her to buy some decent fucking footwear for herself?

No. 2160

Lol I first saw people use that in the Pixielocks thread, I'd say it fits in here too

No. 2161

File: 1547035414894.jpg (75.05 KB, 1080x528, Screenshot_20190109-064919_Sam…)

She does exactly that all the time though. The fuck?

No. 2162

File: 1547043617855.jpg (220.42 KB, 1078x843, Screenshot_20190108-201951_Twi…)

>forced heterosexuality

Sure, Micky. Whatever you say.

No. 2163

mickey – it's a show for kids

No. 2164

I know you read these forums so read this slowly:
There is no such thing as "forced heterosexuality" unless the characters/people are gay and pretending to be straight.

No. 2165

What the fuck, “Forced heterosexuality”. Ok, Mickey. It’s not like from the very beginning it was evident that Danny and Sam were going to end up together, and Paulina was portrayed as the stuck up hot bitch.

No. 2166

>forced heterosexuality
>two characters with absolutely no chemistry should have gotten together instead that's not forced at all

I swear to God half of what she says is just random buzz phrases that she thinks make her sound intelligent (and gayer than she actually is, which is…not very).

No. 2167

File: 1547088852602.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 878.3 KB, 2880x2945, F96126AD-7430-4D62-BA60-236E12…)

Is she lying to herself or everyone else?

No. 2168

…why did she choose to post her failed butt sharpie thing tho? lmao

No. 2169

Probably because she actually had SOME resemblance of an ass back then..compared to now maybe? lol

No. 2170

The anon added that just to show she has no ass.

Both. Definitely both.

No. 2171

the sharpie shoved up her ass still kills me

No. 2172

>implying the skirts aren’t only short because she wears them just under her tits because they don’t fit at the hips where they’re supposed to go

No. 2173

File: 1547096480691.jpeg (10.41 KB, 275x246, 1530392810836.jpeg)

>implying the skirts aren’t only short because she wears them just under her tits because they don’t fit at the hips where they’re supposed to go

No. 2174

Micky fucking wishes for a mental disorder .. Degenerate.

>> C-choke me Daddy uwu

"Don't make this weird bro", seriously?
/Sage for irrelevance

No. 2175

File: 1547097495099.jpg (347.12 KB, 1365x658, Screenshot 2019-01-10 at 12.11…)

The screenshot didn't attach.
/Sage for irrelevance, again

No. 2176

So…she can take the time out of her day to edit her selfies to hell and back, so her makeup and her weave, but she can’t take 30 seconds to edit out the pimples and marks on her ass?

No. 2177

all the posts she makes talking about or criticizing something are always about stuff she does ALL the time herself. She’s so hypocritical. She has to be a little self aware about this. I refuse to believe she’s not trolling sometimes.

No. 2178

her ass is a literal square

No. 2179

I can’t wait to see how fat Mickey’s going to get you know forever 21 sells junk food now her fat ass is probably filling up on those Pocky sticks she likes to stuff her face with those when she goes live

No. 2180

She’s fired from f21 from seasonal

No. 2181

Got any screenshots to support that?

She's gonna end up looking like a tall version of Emi.

No. 2182

Fired or just seasonal ended? Deets please

No. 2183

File: 1547175280926.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 216.3 KB, 1114x1320, 32D8F860-D50C-4786-B7EB-C8FF43…)

And yet she wonders why guys leave her herpes having ass

No. 2184

You have no fucking idea how fucking annoying and frustrating it is when I click a spoiler, let it load and it is NOT porn.

No. 2185

>in the Micky thread
anon, love yourself

No. 2186

lmao im pretty sure the op is making fun of guys who shit on women for not “sticking by their man” when they cheat on them and praise ones who stay in shitty relationships but knowing mickey she genuinely probably takes it as advice

No. 2187

Please go back to wherever you came from

No. 2188

Oh right, they don't teach actual language in american schools. Just an fyi, 'forum' is generic term.
She most certainly does because cows like her try to latch onto anything to justify their shit behavior.

No. 2189

Whoops tagged wrong post, meant to tag

Point still stands though, that's kinda disgusting lol.

No. 2190

this is an image board

No. 2191

File: 1547265624098.jpeg (936.61 KB, 1242x1565, E2539FA7-504F-41C9-A41C-E3EF10…)

Still milking this shit. Also going live in IG in a half hour.

No. 2192

File: 1547271041310.jpg (114.53 KB, 1080x2094, 50115211_1022893004561127_7502…)

Is anybody watching the live? Please drop some screenshots of her unedited face.

No. 2195

File: 1547271476835.jpeg (138.52 KB, 750x912, 228F49C3-83B2-4000-99C1-9F5EDE…)

i only got this screenshot then she quit the live

No. 2197


Her live is still up on Instagram, check it out before she deletes it

No. 2199

I'm too lazy to screenshot but here's the full hour she was live. It's like super potato quality at times, she must have a shit connection – https://www.dropbox.com/s/w4r8cpbxam3x5jx/hatsunemicky~1547267653~18022592335027640~1.mp4?dl=0

No. 2200

I'm too lazy to screenshot but here's the full hour she was live. It's like super potato quality at times, she must have a shit connection – https://www.dropbox.com/s/w4r8cpbxam3x5jx/hatsunemicky~1547267653~18022592335027640~1.mp4?dl=0

No. 2202


Her live is still up on Instagram, check it out before she deletes it

No. 2204

File: 1547299933650.jpg (1.67 MB, 2560x1920, 19-01-12-08-28-55-935_deco.jpg)

Her obsession with being pale while screaming "fuck your pale aesthetic" is so dumb and weird. This catfish needs to get it together.

No. 2206


Her edges looks like an overly greased bad lace front. The audacity.

No. 2208

File: 1547305013392.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190112-094601.png)

Only watched a couple minutes and then quit, she's so boring. She kept fidgeting and insists on sitting with her legs open no one wants to get a shot of her herpes infested crotch. There was no point to this live anyway if she just wanted to talk about old shit that doesn't involve her and screech about how she hates pale aesthetics lmao

No. 2211

Watching that live was my first time hearing her speak and wow her voice is deeper than I thought, almost manly

No. 2213

File: 1547333915798.jpeg (1.98 MB, 3840x3840, 6CC5B33B-B6B3-4BA3-82FA-7BD4AE…)

Just some screengrabs.

No. 2214

File: 1547333978575.jpeg (1.79 MB, 3840x2880, 43BE6258-CDCD-47F1-B294-CA0A49…)

You guys know I love comparing her faces. "I don't lighten my skin", O K. Jaw slimming cranked to high.

No. 2216

I don’t think I’ve ever heard her speak before, but everyone says her voice is really low and husky. I’m so curious, I gotta tune in next time

No. 2217

I don’t think I’ve ever heard her speak before, but everyone says her voice is really low and husky. I’m so curious, I gotta tune in next time

No. 2219

Wow at her profile, girl looks like a retarded man. why do her "edges" look like the hair on plastic baby dolls lmao

No. 2221

Wow at her profile, girl looks like a retarded man. why do her "edges" look like the hair on plastic baby dolls lmao

No. 2223

Look at the nose tho, it's half its actual size.

She basically sounds like a gay man. If I didn't know better I'd think she was a troon with those man hips too.

No. 2225

it was linked >>2200

No. 2227

Her voice is exactly what I thought it would sound like. Just a try hard edgy weeb trying to be cool and throwing in so many 'positive quotes' to further herself as an inspiration to others

No. 2229

I knew it I fucking knew it. Her fat ass was gonna some type of Asian junk to stuff her face with kek

No. 2231

??? I think you missed a word or two there, anon. Also you might wanna remember to sage your sperg next time.

No. 2233

File: 1547353871524.jpg (268.79 KB, 693x982, Screenshot_20190112-232817_Sam…)

Yeah because you weren't over editing your pics in Snow, dumbass.

No. 2236

Is that her actual face or that edited too??

No. 2238

Probably edited, but not as much as her recent selfies.

No. 2239

It’s not, you can see her actual face in previous threads.

No. 2242

File: 1547470122710.jpg (250.83 KB, 1080x872, Screenshot_20190114-074558_Sam…)


Again with this bullshit? Micky we all know you weren't talking anything and just playing with the medicine for stupid ass menhera gifs. Not much you lied your way into getting them by claiming illnesses you never had to begin with, you disgusting piece of shit.

No. 2244


Samefag, I meant it’s not her actual face to clear any misunderstandings.

No. 2246

>seroquel and abilify
>lexapro and zoloft
>lamictal and gabapentin
I don't know very much about pharmaceuticals, so forgive me if this is ignorant but: all of those pairs of drugs do the same thing, why on earth would a doctor prescribe both of them instead of just upping the dose of 1 or trying something else if it dnt work?
also why does she list half of them by the brand names and half by the actual drug name(probably copypasted from wikipedia kek)
>feel psychotic

No. 2248

Exactly. I take lexapro, but tried zoloft before it (not at the same time) similarly I took abilify to see if it helped me more than seroquel, again not at once.
She just thinks more meds = more sick
Also no one "feels" psychotic holy shit

No. 2250


>have a fear of choking and can’t swallow pills

>shoves an entire bottle of pills into mouth and spits them out for an edgy “menhera” video

No. 2252

I think she just googled "depression meds" lol and yeah I've taken the same things too, they don't just throw them all at you. This stupid bitch haha gotta get those internet points

No. 2254

Yeah calling BS. No Psychward is going to put you on two medications that do the SAME thing. She probably doesn't even remember what they actually had her taking.

No. 2256

exactly, the docs try you out with different ones until they find which work best, not just prescribe you fucking everything under the sun at once and give you liver damage mick ffs
also kek holy shit if this is her normal body i dread to imagine how she would look on antipsychotics.
>>2254 also psych wards tend to have pill crushers in case people actually cant swallow them, what kind of sadistic nurse is gna make her crunch them up like an animal.

No. 2258

isn't it funny how micky isn't outing the "wilding" facility whose staff were definitely committing malpractice if she were being truthful? guess they gotta stay unnamed so they can't sue her for defamation lmao

No. 2260

>fear of choking
>continuous memes/posts about sucking dick and swallowing

No. 2262

She'll just say 'those are two different energies uwu!!!!' shes such an idiot

No. 2264

File: 1547512042435.jpg (243.22 KB, 1080x965, Screenshot_20190114-192454_Twi…)

I would never on my life do shit else for this bitch if that's what she gave me in exchange for going all the way to her house to drop her shit off.

No. 2266

File: 1547512226397.jpg (404.97 KB, 809x1608, Screenshot_20190114-192933_Sam…)

She really needs to practice more. Those hands are absolutely awful alongside the rest of the shitty anatomy.

No. 2268

You can be prescribed about 2 of these at a time,no way she took all of them at once. Taking them all could seriously mess a person up I should think

No. 2270

How does Micky not see all the obvious mistakes in her "art"? Even children in middle school make better art. Or does she just not care about the quality of her work, since her followers will kiss her ass either way?

No. 2272

Shes a permanent teenager in her mind, this extends to everything from her 'art' to her shitty personality. She hasn't progressed in any aspect of her life cause she dwells in her echo chamber full of fat, gross weebs like herself.

No. 2274


The left leg and the hands are atrocious.

THIS is what she wants to be paid for. This is some MS Paint bullshit.

No. 2276

I know a chick in her early thirties that draw worse than this, and she is always super happy about her pictures (and occasional poorly drawn porn). Some people are just blind to how fucking awful they are

No. 2278

Just how can she expect anyone to pay for her art when it looks like THIS? The audacity …..

No. 2280


art block from what, micky? you draw the SAME thing over and over lol black "kawaii" girls in front facing poses with "alt" fashion. how are you flowing with ideas? you don't draw anything else!!

No. 2282



No. 2284

Whats a "psych ward journal"? Youre not allowed to use pencils or pens in there, thats contraband. Also they dont force you to do anything. Youre allowed to not take medication. The hospital isnt an 1800s victorian movie, Micky.

No. 2286


They have short flexible pens. Source: 3 different hospitals

No. 2288

File: 1547673756303.jpeg (502.11 KB, 1242x760, 92F96CCD-7A30-42FB-BE50-946177…)

God she never shuts up

No. 2291

Knowing Micky she was waiting for herself to be brought up in the vid and was disappointed when she wasnt, even though the whole ordeal has almost nothing to do with her.

No. 2292

Jeaus Christ LMAO does she not get that this isn't all totally about her? Lor isnt saying she's a fan or likes you, Micky. Stop trying to namedrop "one of the moust famouzzz lolitas ever guys" and trying to use these videos/the situation for fucking clout.

No. 2294


It’s hilarious how ironic it is that she’s obsessed with that Jessica person yet she claims we’re obsessed with her. She’s doing exactly what we do- call out a shitty person on their inconsistencies because Micky’s a well known internet thug, bully and a real life coward and actual cow.

Micky hasn’t dropped this dead subject and she’s seething she isn’t considered and has her own mini documentary. The jealousy is oozing from her greasy ass.

No. 2296

KEK not surpised she thinks Lor’s birdface having ass is such a ~popular lolita uwu~ when I’m sure even Lor would take one look at Mickys “lolita” coords and feel the same way she does about Jessica. All 3 are sad excuses for jfashion.

No. 2297

She'll never shut up until another situation like this comes up and she gets to recycle that drama over and over again cause she's got nothing going on in her life. Mucky is addicted to stirring up bullshit, bitch needs new hobbies

No. 2299


She probably feels like she has leverage because the consensus is that Jessica is trash, which she definitely is, but Micky’s past casting the first stone. That bitch is throwing boulders with her manly built ass because a circle of losers don’t like someone. She couldn’t do it with the other girls she bullied because they’re relatively irrelevant or they’re actually attractive and talented. So now she feels oh so involved and special in taking someone down but when it’s her, she’s the first crying and we’re jealous.

No. 2300

This. She hasn’t dropped the Jessacia drama or whining about her shitty art for at least a month now. She really has nothing going on in her life.

No. 2302

The Jessica shitshow happened OVER a month ago now. Lmao. So yeah, she 100% doesnt have anything else going on in her "life", if you can call it that. Shes got no life at all, imo

No. 2303

The Jessica shitshow happened OVER a month ago now. Lmao. So yeah, she 100% doesnt have anything else going on in her "life", if you can call it that. Shes got no life at all, imo

No. 2308

File: 1547791690277.jpg (471.78 KB, 808x1625, Screenshot_20190117-170334_Sam…)

No. 2310

File: 1547791722100.jpg (368.52 KB, 1077x1524, Screenshot_20190117-170723_Sam…)

No. 2313

File: 1547791767235.jpg (1.07 MB, 810x2878, Screenshot_20190117-170908_Sam…)

No. 2314

No. 2315

File: 1547793730620.png (857.28 KB, 750x1334, 1C229496-30A3-4373-B4E4-C5B68C…)

Finally decided to watch the Lolita news video about gothic doll only to find Micky alive and well in the comments. Got to get that clout anyway she can I guess.

No. 2319

File: 1547794574670.jpg (2.39 MB, 2560x2560, 19-01-17-13-42-00-311_deco.jpg)

Micky posted this pic on the yesterday and holy shit she legitimately looks like a man. She also made her skin extra pale.

No. 2321

File: 1547794634129.jpg (536.5 KB, 1080x1120, Screenshot_20190117-094426_Sam…)

Full screenshot of the left image.

No. 2324

Her arm is screaming for help, jesus.

No. 2325

File: 1547798554942.png (308.36 KB, 800x600, babyhairs.png)

She posted this a couple days ago and I wanted to see how bald she really was, sorry.

No. 2327

Man shoop, bad cakey makeup, high ass forehead. Is there anything she can do to save her hairline, I feel sorry for it but with mucky as the owner I'm conflicted

No. 2329

If she pulls that retarded ~validate me~ crap one more time I’m going to scream.

No. 2330


Okay so why did Micky felt the need to post this kind of material on the internet and think potential predators weren’t going to respond?

No. 2332

I've seen many black women be able to restore their damaged hairlines by massaging their hairline area with castor oil, opting for hairstyles with low tension and micro needling. At worst, she would probably need hair transplants if none of that works that doesn't work. I doubt she cares though.

No. 2334

Micky pandered to pedos knowingly, but now she's pretending to be a woke black feminist so now she's acting like she didn't know.

No. 2336


The same way she knowingly lied about her age and was fucking grown ass men. Now she’s the victim and didn’t put herself out there at all.

No. 2338

Exactly like remember how she was friends with that one guy who went viral for being a rapist?? I think his name was Jon Dep…

No. 2339

File: 1547855133431.jpg (376.26 KB, 1079x1279, Screenshot_20190117-233458_Sam…)

She shared this but she's a known cheater. What a fucking hypocrite.

No. 2342

File: 1547872684494.jpg (426.91 KB, 1080x1556, Screenshot_20190118-233702_Sam…)

Micky says that like she has any baby hairs to begin with. Girl, shut up and sit down.

No. 2344

Sorry for being late to the party, but did she really get a job at F21 with Emi? If so, that’s fucking hilarious, because her exes gf works there too. So that’s really fucking bizarre and weird. Chloe might’ve left if that creature decided to get a job there.

No. 2346

Pretty sure Emi works at the Great Lakes Crossing location. Micky is at the Twelve Oaks one.

No. 2348

Thank god for that then. I live near GLC and although I don’t visit it often, if I had to see her I would probably just off myself.

No. 2350

File: 1547906031890.jpg (117.69 KB, 1080x2094, 47691900_383641832413337_19744…)

It's funny how she was going on about "fuck your pale aesthetic" but she's been paling her skin like crazy in her pics recently. I honestly believe she doesn't mean shit she says and only says it to gain followers and likes. It's sad.

No. 2352

File: 1547906326273.jpg (696.83 KB, 1080x1735, Screenshot_20190119-085514_Sam…)

This is in no way a thirst trap. You have to be genuinely attractive for that to be a thing.

No. 2354

File: 1547906367193.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.73 KB, 720x1280, 50286225_114482612957038_52486…)

Also it looks like she has a whole dick down there.

No. 2356

Let’s not forget shooping her nose 3x smaller than reality

No. 2358

ugh really lmao

No. 2360

Reposting another one of her man in drag looks, the shoop is just getting worse. Isn't this the same pic where she 'received' that fake long message she got from some guy who was all 'youre so creative and expressive, you dress so independently' crap?

No. 2362

Ive always found it funny how shes so obese she can only take ""thirst trap"" pics laying on her back.

No. 2364

File: 1547929444645.jpg (Spoiler Image, 590.1 KB, 810x1836, 20190119_152313.jpg)

No. 2366

why does her ass look so white, isn't she a black girl?

No. 2369

No. 2371

Sorry about that mistake. But honestly she is so blatant about this shit, people are just blind to the fact she loves pale aesthetics despite saying the opposite

No. 2373

Lmao she’s bending over at an angle to push her ass out

No. 2375

Has anyone ever seen chloe or Emi in real life?

No. 2377

File: 1547935297417.jpeg (297.92 KB, 868x1280, 437F4B40-A158-4A71-BE3A-7E92E8…)

I saw Chloe a time or two when she worked at F21. I don't know if she still works there or not, it's been a long time since I've been there. She was was really pretty irl.
I've seen Emi up close. She's very very short, like 5'1" or 5'2" or something, and well… Her pictures are pretty honest

No. 2379

She's obsessed with looking pale and Asian. She only really cares about being black and brown skin when she wants to convince her black followers to do something or gain likes. It's really shameful.

Wouldn't be surprised if it's edited. She's essentially turning into Raychiel part 2.

Seconding the part about Emi. Girl is short as hell and straight up uggo.

No. 2381

File: 1547947581691.jpg (71.4 KB, 1080x441, Screenshot_20190119-202140_Sam…)

Oh god

No. 2383

File: 1547947626153.jpg (247.83 KB, 810x1702, Screenshot_20190119-202317_Sam…)

Whose ready to hear her shitty raps?

No. 2385

The bar for female rappers is on the floor. Any ol ho can find a premade beat and write a nursery rhyme about weed n pussy. Too bad she doesn't have a hot bod to sell it with.

No. 2387

>take music and art more seriously
Lmao ok she's gonna push her so called trap kawaii this far

No. 2389

Wtf are you talking about anon? The bar is low for anyone accept female rappers. All you have to do as a male rapper these days is dye your hair a weird color and get face tats. Take Lil Pump for an example. There’s dozens of male rappers like him who rap about nothing but pussy and weed but he still manages to make millions. Only female rappers I know of that are selling like that is Nicki and Cardi.

No. 2391

No way. It's hard being a female rap artist and the last one to make it will be micky. I'm ready to hear her shitty poetry and awful flow.

No. 2393

Oh please let her do music this would be so funny to hear

No. 2395

Funny how she says she wants to take art more seriously, but still cries about that one time someone gave her constructive criticism.

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but didn't she already feature on someone else song? I remember something like that being mentioned in a past thread, but idk.

No. 2397

Its audio of her having a fake orgasm

No. 2399

File: 1548022127720.jpeg (271.14 KB, 1080x1440, 0F90128D-4497-439A-A660-64537A…)

She's really going out in public like this huh

No. 2400

Is she really this unaware of her cameltoe? Just buy high waisted jeans

No. 2402

What is this…? How old is she again?

No. 2403

If these were actually high waisted jeans instead of too small jeggings pulled up way too high. This might actually be a cute outfit.

No. 2405

She is looking so sloppy, my good.

No. 2406


I can already smell the headband with flakey edge grease and that BV coming through from that awkward looking tuck job that almost passed for a camel toe.

No. 2408

Isn't this the kind of headband you wear to push back your hair when washing your face etc. Not meant to be worn out of the house?

No. 2409

Her hips are a straight line.

No. 2411

How tall is she really?

No. 2412

That's exactly what that is.

Likely 5'9

No. 2414

File: 1548059540558.jpg (174.26 KB, 924x689, SmartSelect_20190121-033052_Ch…)

That camel toe is legitimately about three inches long, what the fuck. Are we sure shes not trans? Like have we ever seen early childhood pics?

No. 2420

File: 1548059795082.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 50.9 KB, 750x424, 020BABE2-F009-4A2B-ADF6-F1E06C…)


No. 2422

Shit. Didn’t mean to spoiler

No. 2424

Does this swamp monster even fit in AP at all?

No. 2426

Right?! I guess altered? AP does tend to be nice to fatties. If anything I can’t imagine her tits fitting, lolita is not the style for anyone beyond a C cup at most.. even if you’re thin

No. 2428

File: 1548093425241.gif (5.52 MB, 636x458, 1E35DDDA-29D0-4393-A25D-5F2B9D…)

Wow I can’t wait to see this shit! I hope people gas her up so I can laugh harder. This will be as successful as her attempt to cleaning her room.

No. 2430

She’s going to lose weight in her boobs first. They will just be saggy and deflated and the rest will stay big.

No. 2432

She won’t loose weight at all just like her last diet attempt. She’ll drop some water weight and put it all back on a few weeks later.

No. 2434

I think shes trying to be like Doja Cat? She makes anime references in her music sometimes, Mucky's trying to be the fat, less attractive and talented version?

No. 2436

Doja cat, Rico Nasty, etc. She’s just jumping on the soundclout bandwagon.

No. 2438

It’s below freezing where she lives is she fucking serious?

No. 2441

kek she can’t afford a kawiwi brand even if she lost weight or cow utter size

No. 2443

>thinking micky left her house
She most likely just dressed up for the photo and then immediately took it all off after. Theres no way anyone could survive in michigan like this in more ways than one lmao

No. 2445

I feel bad for the future state of that poor dress. You know it’s going to be stained and thrown on the dirty flooor

No. 2447

File: 1548190556011.jpg (168.74 KB, 1080x2094, 49457226_802377880116107_28471…)

The editing on this is god awful.

No. 2449

this bitch really left the house in one of those ahegao shirts..she’s pretty much a full blown neckbeard at this point

No. 2451

Both her and emi had them on. I honestly don't know how they have the confidence to look AND dress like degenerates.

No. 2453

Kek she had to use a Snapchat filter because she knows she won’t be able to shoop her face as well in the snow app cause someone else is holding the phone

No. 2455

im probably the only one more offended by the facewash headband than the ahegao clothes

No. 2457

The ahegao shirt is actually pretty cute but she ruins it with her ridiculous bust

No. 2459

Nah me too. She never knows what coordinates with what and this is probably the ultimate proof.

I dunno man, I think it's just tacky. Micky always gotta prove she's the sexiest weeb to ever walk earth when shes just gross

No. 2461

Dude yes like she kills me with that wannabe thick shit

No. 2463

Only thing that bothers me is that she wore it out of the house where no one consented to seeing orgasm faces plastered all over her.

No. 2465

File: 1548216602335.jpg (142.36 KB, 1077x1263, Screenshot_20190122-230627_Sam…)

She shared knowing damn well she harasses and bullies other girls still. Did she forget she got her shitty friends to harass a mentally ill girl recently??

No. 2467

>ahegao shirt is cute
Really anon? Fucking gross. I'm embarrassed for her going out like that too. There's children about.

No. 2469

File: 1548225231051.jpeg (251.71 KB, 691x625, 1480266874965.jpeg)

>ahegao shirt

not synonymous, anon

No. 2471

I wonder if she's aware most of the faces there come from rape doujins, and some are child porn.
At least I'm pretty sure, the one in front looks like piece of shit Asanagi, and I think I've seen other shots.

No. 2473

ew this is so misogynist. girls can be mean kek, it's a human thing. micky just hates it when people are mean to HER.

No. 2475

File: 1548237079856.jpg (106.32 KB, 622x1280, IMG_20190123_045006.jpg)


>captioned "Chonkster"

Dont know what that means but its accurate

No. 2477


chonky = chunky

No. 2479

Whos talking like that in their 20s…

No. 2481

File: 1548319692086.jpg (814.25 KB, 1069x1902, SmartSelect_20190124-034259_In…)

The editing is horrendous, per usual. I swear she looks tackier and fakier in every single picture she posts.

No. 2482

File: 1548319997783.jpg (681.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190124-035214_Gal…)

Just when you think her editing couldnt get anymore shoddy…

No. 2484

Like she cut and paste somebody's face onto hers. Thats how creepy it is

No. 2486

Lol the head size in comparison to her body. Yeesh

No. 2488

She edited her thighs bigger. Lmao She's well on her way to becoming the Raychiel of Detroit.

No. 2490

File: 1548343347775.jpg (168.96 KB, 1080x1406, Screenshot_20190124-102117_Sam…)


Girl that doesn't prove anything. We all know you're sending yourself anonymous questions.

No. 2493

lmao woah! 11k! on tumblr??? she so famous

No. 2495

Kek she really thinks 11k on tumblr is worth bragging about. Nothing but porn bots and anime avis isn’t much of a following, Micky. Im sure only a few hundred of them could point her out in a photo lineup and maybe a dozen could recognize her without photoshop.

No. 2497

>cute and interesting
Doesn't describe Mucky, queen of copying other people and complaining about how Wendy's gave her too much ice one time

No. 2499

File: 1548353902635.jpg (2.66 MB, 2560x2560, 19-01-24-13-17-16-653_deco.jpg)

This bitch fucked her face up so bad she's looking a character from The Dark Crystal.

No. 2500

File: 1548354133017.jpeg (47.17 KB, 396x377, FF1C1F8D-8F77-479F-BEE2-2748FB…)

Seriously uhhhh

No. 2502

File: 1548354274325.jpg (182.71 KB, 1080x576, Screenshot_20190124-132302_Twi…)

The audacity of this goofy ass bitch.

Raychiel is quaking rn.

No. 2505

Guess she really got fired from her forever 21 gig. Either that or she's continuing to be a dumb fuck with her money and going back to e-begging

No. 2507

The thread isn’t maxed but this would make a great new thread image

No. 2509

She definitely edited the thighs, the band doesn't even go all the way around anymore where she edited it

No. 2511

KEK look at her foot/ankle. Then she tried to hide her mistakes with the blue tool instead of fixing them. Shes so sloppy with everything she does.

No. 2513

File: 1548371416229.jpg (467.76 KB, 1080x1344, Screenshot_20190124-174606_Sam…)

I'm still trying to figure out her obsession with trying to be a hoodrat while trying to look as white as possible.

No. 2515

Easy. She wants to flaunt her blackness when she's arguing about racism or complaining about how theres no one into alt fashion but her. She lightens the fuck outta her skin for likes on insta.

No. 2518

I'm still trying to figure out her trying to be hoodrat with a nasty personality and constant negative attitude but trying to pull off the kawaii japan look. Autism?

No. 2519

File: 1548390859093.jpg (87.45 KB, 1076x363, Screenshot_20190124-174232_Sam…)

No. 2521

File: 1548391058537.jpg (100.8 KB, 1080x413, Screenshot_20190124-174259_Sam…)

No. 2523

ain't no one wanna see your nasty titties

No. 2525

Im fucking dying omg

No. 2527

Why tf are people supporting her… The twitch community is probably gonna hate her when she shames "Twitch thots"…. we already have enough egirls Micky lol.

No. 2529

She thinks it's an easy gig. She's naive as hell - there's more to streaming than just being a cute girl. All the "thots" on Twitch work to appeal to their audiences. They're funny, or flirty, or actually good at games, or have some sort of gimmick. There are tons of attractive women on the site, you have to do something to make yourself stand out among them. That's also implying that Micky's actually cute lol, which she's not.

She's not cute, and she's not a particularly interesting or pleasant person tbh. On all her livestreams, she just incessantly talks about herself or drama. She's nasty to anyone who she even thinks isn't drooling over her. She's fooled herself into thinking that because she's surrounded herself with an echo chamber, she must REALLY be different and stunning and have… anything of value to offer. Put her on a site like Twitch and see how long she lasts. Once people outside of her circle saw her, she'd get torn apart.

No. 2531

File: 1548434499022.jpg (576.87 KB, 1078x1865, Screenshot_20190125-113400_Sam…)

Unsurprisingly, Micky once again shows her ass by being ok with the idea of killing some kids because their beliefs don't aligned with hers. I honestly hope that she doesn't have kids, not even adopted ones because I fear what she'd do to them if they didn't act exactly how she wanted them to act.

No. 2533

This makes her look really unhinged and retarded and I feel really embarrassed for her.

No. 2535

Even funnier when she has friends or dates people that could be more on the right. She was totally fine with that one Jessica/rottingdoll girl and being friends with her until she said something racist towards her, and that's just one example.

No. 2537

It does. I honestly hope this ends up coming to bite her ass in a major way.

No. 2539

File: 1548447830738.jpg (84.85 KB, 1080x2094, 50175872_239087230350005_65237…)

While I don't care much for the other chick, she's not wrong. It's the same message but with the races reversed. Micky just needs to admit to herself she's just a dumb bigot.

No. 2541

File: 1548448378103.jpg (215.68 KB, 1080x841, Screenshot_20190125-152718_Twi…)

Micky shares shit like this but is all up in ddlg and lolicon shit. Fuck outta here.

No. 2543

File: 1548448520335.jpg (155.46 KB, 1080x729, Screenshot_20190125-152952_Twi…)

So she really did lose her job at Forever21. She's back to e-begging.

No. 2545

newfag here but do we know how or why she lost her job?

No. 2547

not to mention she also supports shayna, who has a literal porn vid of her wearing a diaper and getting fucked by an adult.

No. 2549

it was assumed that she was just in a seasonal position

No. 2551

Yeah, pretty much just let go after the season
"fired" feels like the wrong word when she knew ahead of time she wasn't going to make it past the season

if she was fired you know she'd be making a stink of it

No. 2553

Bet she got that screenshot from here. Hi Micky.
Also what you just said has to do with actual equality and not being a perpetual victim, so of course her and her ilk aren't into it.

No. 2555

Seasonal or not, she's probably butthurt about not being hired on post-season. Remember how absurdly excited she was about her awesome job where she's finally able to dress like herself and sell cool kawaii shit?

Tinfoil, obviously, but it sure sounds like how she'd react.

No. 2557

White anon detected

No. 2559

Being pro white IS anti black. See also; white supremacy, nazis, the kkk etc. Pro black isn’t about hating whites or any other race, it’s just about supporting black people within our own communities. The two are absolutely not the same.

However, this proves Micky is active in the Jessica thread. The time stamps at the top of the screenshot is the exact same and Micky doesn’t have an iPhone anyway.

No. 2561

Y'all both wrong, but ok. Enjoy being wrong.

No. 2563

Wow. Valid arguement, you really got us this time. I must be wrong…dang.

No. 2565

Micky's stolen plenty of screenshots off here recently, even specifically this thread lol. You'll notice once in a while she mentions lolcow or cgl when she's especially salty. She'll always say that anyone who goes on here is shady and suspicious but she's proven she's on here all the time.

No. 2568

Part of me wishes someone would do a video on Micky just expose bullshit like that. I'd like to see her try to defend herself then.

No. 2569

File: 1548511595990.jpg (208.06 KB, 720x650, 20190126_150430.jpg)

No one ever loved your art, Micky

No. 2571

Bitch needs to learn to let go. It's been for fucking ever micky nobody gives a shit

No. 2573

>she's not wrong. It's the same message but with the races reversed.
Anon, please.
A group that's only 13% of the US population, is disproportionately low-income and has only a semblance of a political voice trying to support itself will never be the same thing as a group that's 76% of the population, has most of the wealth and political power and no real need to support itself any more than it already does claiming to do the same thing, lmao. This is like a man responding to "Feminism is not anti-men" with "MRA is not anti-women" and trying to play dumb when we've all seen the shit "men's rights activists" say/do about women.

No. 2575

She only thinks this because of her echo chamber of ass kissers.

No. 2578

Whites don't have most of the wealth jsyk just saying.
I hate that if you, as a black person, don't have a victim complex and bring up legitimate concerns with the black community you're immediately labeled uncle tom and shut down as if the black community is above criticism and didn't do nuffin ever and cannot be looked at objectively and called out on its flaws. It's pathetic.

No. 2580

Some one get this alt-right bitch out of here, go back to shitting up the vent thread in /ot/

No. 2581

File: 1548528499019.jpg (598.57 KB, 1080x1304, Screenshot_20190126-134734_Sam…)

This is highly fucking inaccurate. Jesus, she's utterly delusional.

No. 2583

The only one I can see kinda fitting is Cheryl. And of course Micky thinks she's hot enough to use Jennifer as inspiration, someone open her eyes, she's too far gone

No. 2585

Don't insult Tomie like that LMAO c'mon Micky. No men are killing each other over your camel toe.

No. 2588

I donno, she is two faced so I think that one character is pretty accurate

No. 2590

I mean I guess she's similar to Tomie in that they both carry diseases that cause them to infect men (i.e. Micky's herpes)

No. 2591

File: 1548572142513.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190127-014637_Ins…)

It's okay mucky. You always look like trash.

No. 2593

I'm new to Micky as a cow, how far back would I need to go to see a screencap of it coming out/confirming she has herpes. I feel like it would be worth a chuckle.

No. 2595

it was in the last thread i believe

No. 2598

She posted a pic of her medical documents, trying to prove she was in a mental hospital, that showed she had herpes >>741465. Iirc people from her community also said she gave them/their friends herpes and she mentioned having the symptoms of herpes (fever and sores) a few years back.

No. 2600

>wahh i look like trash and am ugly as fuck but let me upload a photo anyway uwu

No. 2603

Somebody teach this bitch how to dress, that ahegao shirt and gross pink choker have no reason to be put together

No. 2605

Somebody teach this bitch how to dress, that ahegao shirt and gross pink choker have no reason to be put together

No. 2606

Let’s not ignore the black pleather leggings she has hiked up past her bellybutton.

No. 2607

File: 1548615164589.jpg (324.35 KB, 853x642, SmartSelect_20190127-134230_S …)

Fridge-chan uwu~

No. 2609

Top kek. I vote this for next thread pic

No. 2611

It's way worse now honestly

No. 2613

Late to the party, but most seasonal retail positions will offer to let you stay if you want to stay, have availability, and do your job correctly. Mickey obviously has nothing else going on and liked the job, so I’m assuming she got let go because she sucked at the job.

No. 2616

Much appreciated, you are a nice person.

No. 2618

She really got fired?

No. 2619

former retail managerfag - no, you don't get to stay on as seasonal unless you are an outstanding performer

No. 2621

File: 1548633766577.jpg (250.34 KB, 1079x1137, Screenshot_20190127-190000_Sam…)

No. 2623

File: 1548633842200.jpg (72.1 KB, 1079x348, Screenshot_20190127-190211_Sam…)

It's really creepy to me how she goes on about ddlg shit.

No. 2625

I have a friend who was hired for a seasonal job in retail around the same time as Micky. While mickys already gotten herself fired, my friend was asked to stay and is getting promoted to a higher position next week. Micky is just a lazy bum. She should have stayed at Olga’s where she belonged.

No. 2627

Can she not make up her mind if she's for or against this shit? Add wishy washy to the list of traits that people don't like about her.

No. 2629


Very true. During the holidays at my job we hired on four new people as regulars from seasonal because of their performances and foreseeable future to at least give us good performance for the next year or so, but others fell flat and didn’t get put back on the schedule at all.

Micky definitely got herself fired and I’m sure her being fashionably impartial is a factor since it’s a clothing store.

No. 2630

File: 1548651739290.jpeg (558.37 KB, 1242x917, 2DC2B064-46B8-4B58-BB19-533607…)

She's completely for. Emi posted this a couple days ago defending buying clothes from littleforbig. A couple people called her out for sexualizing minors and Micky jumped in and defended "age regression" and ddlg. I should have screencapped the comments, sorry farmers. Emi deleted the comments from the girls who disagreed with her. But I do have these.

No. 2633

File: 1548651806427.jpeg (442.79 KB, 1242x1483, C4C505AC-3560-4CF5-AAF3-03DB8A…)

No. 2635

File: 1548652510347.jpeg (400.95 KB, 1242x1464, FEFBC3C8-52D0-407E-B440-017DE9…)

No. 2638

Age regression and DDLG are not the same thing and any of these dumbasses publicly claiming to be an “age regressor” should be euthanized. Age regression is a legitimate form of therapy and is supposed to be done with and ONLY with a licensed psychologist to treat severe childhood traumas. All of these idiots on tumblr and Instagram claiming to be “age regressors” are only doing so to avoid being called a pedo. No therapist would encourage you to age regress alone or to post evidence of it online. It is to be used ONLY as a tool in therapy while being supervised. Not as an excuse to piss your pants and act like a degenerate.

No. 2639

File: 1548652907778.jpeg (268.97 KB, 1241x1137, 732C6BE2-7B3D-46EE-AC09-B19AE3…)

Really wish she would cut this shit out. Regression is a defense mechanism and it's literally taking on coping behaviors you had as a child during stressful situations, like throwing tantrums or adopting oral fixations like smoking or chewing.

It's not liking cute things, it's not sucking on literal children's pacifiers, it's not saying "I feel smol uwu" and calling your boyfriend daddy while you watch cartoons.

No. 5266

>muckys thread moved
Oh god, shes probably going to take pride in this.

No. 29100

Already sick and tired of this new admin.

No. 29454

File: 1548672158901.jpg (119.73 KB, 1080x798, Screenshot_20190128-002837_Sam…)

No. 29586

What the fuck is even the difference between a tag and a term. Kidcore is a term. You stupid bitch.

No. 29666

Why's she getting pissy? That tumblr anon is correct and literally answered what she asked for. Always with that nasty attitude

No. 29679

>being this dumb

No. 29712

File: 1548776490741.jpg (1.86 MB, 1920x2560, 19-01-29-10-39-40-473_deco.jpg)

These are screenshots I grabbed from a lip sync video she posted. She's still off and does the same shit as always. That aside, Micky is out here looking more and more like a man every fucking day. Yikes.

No. 29733

That wig is awful

No. 29734

File: 1548793139578.jpg (40.42 KB, 1079x538, Screenshot_20190129-151807_Sam…)

No. 30359

that makeup makes her look even more retarded

No. 30384

She’s an idiot for doing her eyeliner like that. She already looks like she has FAS without makeup.

No. 30446

File: 1548863482302.jpg (123.2 KB, 1080x730, Screenshot_20190130-105035_Sam…)

No. 30481

“I’m not looking to actually use age regression as a psychological tool to help cope with childhood traumas like I claim to be, I’m looking for a tag that I can use so I that I have an excuse to post photos in onesies with pacifiers without being called a pedo. I only need the tag and not actual advice from a professional because I want to act like a degenerate on tumblr.com for the clout.”

No. 30489

I wonder if any of her exes ever looks at this

No. 30506

Wouldn't doubt it, some probably post!

No. 30539

File: 1548927542718.jpeg (415.55 KB, 1511x2015, CAA14C47-0B99-4747-BFE0-887FB8…)

What the fuck is this

No. 30542

thank fuck I found this thread lmao. I actually matched this lolcow on tinder. Funny thing is I know Amina irl too

No. 30543

Thank fuck you found this thread too lmao, I mean you dodged a real bullet there. Did you actually ever talk/meet with her? More deatails please, anon.

No. 30544

File: 1548936148327.jpg (117.34 KB, 1075x751, Screenshot_20190131-065214_Sam…)

No. 30545

File: 1548936267898.jpg (127.08 KB, 1080x722, Screenshot_20190131-065252_Sam…)


Idk who she thinks she's bullshitting, but we all know she still checks here daily. Hell, she even sent her dumbass sister to try and defend her.

No. 30546

File: 1548936442641.jpg (133.11 KB, 1074x499, Screenshot_20190131-065513_Sam…)

Micky says all this but she's the one that cheats and acts abusive. Pretty sure she threatened to commit suicide if her one ex (Adam, I think?) left her. Plus each new boyfriend was once someone she was cheating on her previous boyfriend with. So she really has no room to talk at all.

No. 30547

File: 1548936872341.jpg (576.53 KB, 810x2771, Screenshot_20190131-065906_Sam…)

No. 30548

File: 1548936950100.jpg (110.97 KB, 1079x581, Screenshot_20190131-070045_Sam…)

Once again being a hypocrite when we all know she just guzzles down pop all fucking day.

No. 30549

So is she finally taking responsibility for the times the exes of guys warned her about them and she instead slut shamed the exes? I’ve never seen her apologise to Adam’s ex or Amina when they warned her about the guy’s behavior and she laughed it off.

No. 30554

This is victim blaming at its finest.

No. 30558

Can you post a pic of her profile?

No. 31132


Sure thing anons

What do you think about Micky?


No. 31134

File: 1548963464568.png (743.65 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190131-143533.png)

This didn't attach to the last post for some reason

No. 31156

>Video games
Micky, your “art” is on the same level of a third grader’s and you’ve played maybe four games in your life lol.
And finally
>Non conformity
Tfw she claims to be so different when she looks and acts like every other wannabe internet kaweewee bitch out there

No. 31175

She’s so basic

No. 31179

File: 1548981943458.jpg (105.04 KB, 682x1024, 1419575078987.jpg)

Damn even Pt could "match" outfits better than this

No. 31191

>bideo bames
>existential dread
So quirky and attractive, what a dating profile

No. 31196

Glad she at least knows cuddling, smoking and “watching stuff” constitutes a relationship on a fuck buddy site.

No. 31226

Ngl that outfit is cuter and a better representation of “j-fashion” than anything Micky has ever worn.

No. 31233

File: 1549039561120.jpeg (429.2 KB, 1242x653, C8C049D0-E635-4DA2-B1DF-0D442D…)

If you've ever worked retail, you'd know that any sort of gift or points card is literally empty until you pay for it. No card on the sales floor is preloaded literally for reasons like this. It isn't activated until you cash out. Why does she lie about literally the most pointless stuff?

No. 31234


Don't even have to work retail, just need common sense to know any kind of card like that is worthless till you load money/activate it lol.

No. 31247

In essence, she just paid for a points card and got the internet without her parents knowing. Nice story about “stealing” good to know you support that. Even if you lied about it. This girl cannot be trusted.

No. 31254

File: 1549052130459.jpg (185.49 KB, 1080x1653, Screenshot_20190201-140338_Sam…)

This chick is acting like she watches deep shit.

No. 31255

File: 1549052839681.jpg (219.99 KB, 1080x737, Screenshot_20190201-040807_Twi…)

Why does she continue on with lies like this?

I wonder if anyone pointed that out in the comments.

No. 31256

File: 1549053368157.jpg (118.43 KB, 1071x704, Screenshot_20190201-153252_Sam…)

No. 31257

File: 1549053391634.jpg (116.14 KB, 1080x718, Screenshot_20190201-153337_Sam…)

No. 31286

Micky only watches SuPeR dEeP anime like Elfen Lied and Kakegurui.

No. 31292

what guys mickey?? lmao yeah every guy out there wants to goddess worship a girl who looks like a man dressed in onesies w a tuck job

No. 31320


so glad i unmatched and blocked this dumb bitch. imagine being this hambeast lolcow and talking down uninformed/ignorant and innocent men because they don't watch kawaii anime.

No. 31337

Imagine if you hadnt done your research and you ended up falling in her trap. Youd have herpes and nothing to show for it besides an obese, clingy, narcissist woman-child latching onto you, trying to drain everything out of you. And somehow if all that didn't make you wanna kill yourself, you away youd definitely get cheated on, lied to, and walked all over. And she doesnt even look anything like her pictures…

No. 31340

Did you talk to her beforehand? Any pics?

No. 31363


For like 20 minutes until she handed me her insta and I did a bit of back tracing and found this mess

No. 31377

You dodged…MANY bullets my friend.

No. 31379

File: 1549146766743.jpeg (340.36 KB, 1242x1265, 87CB513E-17A7-4D73-9A3F-A2709B…)

WHYYYY THE FUCK YOU LYIN HOE. I know her in person. Why she lie no wonder no one trust her musty pussy

No. 31380

Size 10/11 feet wouldn’t be on someone 5’6

No. 31390

Why is Micky acting like she doesn't talk about nsfw stuff on her blog all the time? She posts her nudes on there and was talking about DD/LG a week ago

No. 31399

She constantly promotes this image of lewd lewd lewd uwu did I mention I'm a bimbo? This only furthers the retard claims considering this bitch can't figure out what you put out into the world is what you get back

No. 31408

I’ve seen her from far away at conventions and she’s at least 5’9 if not 6 feet. She’s fucking lying or hasn’t been measured since she was a kid.

Also what a bitchy response to someone who was asking for advice. She posts nearly 24/7 about sex, fucking, drugs and
nasty shit on all of her social media. Not to mention she had no problem lying to the minors on her tumblr about stealing wii cards. She’s looking to be rude for no reason. Also anyone peep how she’s typing like Angela? Narcissists usually have no identity of their own so…

No. 31424

File: 1549168734522.jpg (442.15 KB, 1080x1570, Screenshot_20190202-233651_Sam…)

I am not surprised she did this. They coddle her in the comments.

No. 31425

File: 1549168861187.jpg (45.17 KB, 1078x536, Screenshot_20190202-234009_Sam…)


Imagine being so dumb you don't recognize a futurama reference.

No. 31437

She could save so much embarrassment by just googling what people are talking about before ignorantly responding. It's the internet, you have all the time in the world to look something up first

No. 31442

not saying micky isn't lying, but a person can be 5'6" with size 11 feet.

I feel like I was robbed several inches

No. 31445

I feel kinda bad for you mate.

With micky it's a definite lie cause if she was 5'6 carrying the weight she has now she'd be nothing but a blob in mismatched aliexpress separates. She should be grateful she's at least a stretched out blob

No. 31446

>idk when the last time I even posted about my height was
Literally just the other day, you insufferable cunt. Lmao, how dumb do you have to be to forget that?

No. 31453

When you lie so much and try to live your lies, you forget the lies.

No. 31454

File: 1549201879066.jpg (370.32 KB, 1080x1281, Screenshot_20190203-084740_Sam…)

She shared this like she hasn't done just that. She really must engage in some serious mental gymnastics to justify the shitty things she's done.

No. 31457

File: 1549202788089.jpeg (387.08 KB, 1125x777, FE378AC7-DCCB-4CEC-8F0E-0EC731…)

>I like my nose

She says as she turns up the meitu nose contour tool to 100%

No. 31459

Who is micky trying to convince?

No. 31460

She has zero self awareness

No. 31483

>I'm a giant
she hates being tall. no one called her a giant, so it goes to show that's clearly how she feels about herself lmao.nothing wrong with being tall, but being a tall hambeast must suck.

No. 31536

File: 1549240386498.jpg (649.42 KB, 1080x1497, Screenshot_20190203-193214_Sam…)

I'm tired of this bitch and her bullshit.

No. 31537

File: 1549240411602.jpg (154.96 KB, 1077x526, Screenshot_20190203-193015_Sam…)

No. 31544

The amount of time and energy spent on whining about how she wants to change or how she can't cause of her past could actually be used on real life progress. Mucky's gonna end up on a TLC show, telling her sad life of how she's still at her parents house at 36, unemployed, and a total hambeast just wasting space

No. 31545

Do her parents just not expect her to go to college or get a trade? Micky ismy from Detroit. She’s from a two parent household of lower end middle class jehova witness parents. She’s always been a grade a idiot without her own identity but her parents must have super low expectations for her. She could become a registered nurse, dental hygienist, driver, beautician, retail manager or any other career that doesn’t pay $3 ph like waitressing and someone with her low IQ could do.. yet she goes from fast food to waitressing job, making less than a living wage. I understand being young wild and free but she seriously has zero goals for life and her parents have pushed her to accomplish absolutely nothing. Sad.

No. 31546

I honestly would have more respect for Micky if she was a legit sex worker($2 nudes on snapchat don’t count) stripping her way through a college education or to make her own business and living independent. The fact that she’s grown as hell still sleeping in her mommas bed smoking weeed and lying on her parents make my blood boil

No. 31550

File: 1549247814475.jpeg (253.23 KB, 1242x412, 4C17989B-C862-408B-A979-CCE27C…)

>a driver
She'd have to get her license first anon lol

Honestly though, if she was living at home while she was getting some sort of associate's degree or certificate or SOMETHING then sure, makes sense. If she was saving up to get an apartment with some roommates then no problem. But she's sitting on her ass. She's working shitty, minimum wage part-time jobs. She's obviously not saving up to move out with how often she cycles through buying shitty cosplays off Aliexpress and begging people to buy her nudes or gifts off Amazon. She's just wasting away in her bedroom, insisting she's intelligent and bad and confident but not doing anything to back it up beyond saying so on the internet.

No. 31568

File: 1549258393834.jpg (87.56 KB, 1045x433, SmartSelect_20190204-002524_Go…)

This autistic cunt really waited til the night right before her concert, that shes been so excited about, to try to bum a ride off of someone on facebook? Lmaooo and she trys to act like she has friends. I mean fuck, you dont know anyone with a car?? She even could have planned it with her dad and gave him gas money? It's not that hard

Though the outfit pics and possibly videos would be hilarious cringe that I would like to see, I hope she doesn't get a ride and misses the concert.

No. 31651

File: 1549316159781.jpg (84.42 KB, 720x1280, 51299029_1679397658873730_2560…)

Holy mother of photoshop. Look at her face. Lol

No. 31652

File: 1549316215354.jpg (71.29 KB, 1080x358, Screenshot_20190204-074456_Sam…)

Look who's reading the thread again.

No. 31654

Her nose is practically blended into her face, I cannot find the shape for the life of me and her lips look pasted on lmao
She hasn't released any new ones in forever and no one in hell is buying her old ones. Stop trying to sell the grand hoe dream of lounging around all day being 'beautiful' and smoking weed while you rack up cash for doing nothing. You were literally asking for a ride like yesterday cause you were too cheap for uber

No. 32015

File: 1549327267055.jpeg (178.39 KB, 1080x1440, 780CBE52-2589-43D5-8306-12EF4D…)

Imagine wearing this and thinking it looks great.

No. 32018

have fun making $100 and bragging about it like it’s real money like she did before

No. 32019

File: 1549329042875.jpg (70.91 KB, 1080x382, Screenshot_20190204-200853_Sam…)


What the fuck is she talking about? This bitch has antagonized plenty of people and when they fight back, she cries wolf. She needs a reality check, stat.

No. 32020

File: 1549329129536.jpg (253.52 KB, 1080x1035, Screenshot_20190204-183357_Twi…)

Another round of Micky lying about shit for clout.

This chick managed to be tacky with only two colors. God damn.

No. 32022

its everyones fave goffic qween wearing plastic skeleton hands as accessories and looking so fucking top heavy, how are her legs supporting her udders and linebacker shoulders?

No. 32026

File: 1549330263774.jpg (194.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190205-022449.jpg)

Maybe because BMTH aren't goth and so isn't their fanbase, dumbass

No. 32034

She’s trying really hard to dress like Chloe

No. 32035

this is why she's so pathetic, she can't even have fun at a concert without being uwu why isn't anyone else like me?? when literally everyone is there for the same goddamn reason

No. 32039

She should lose weight.

No. 32041

yeah ngl She never tried to be goth until she knew Chloe was datin Adam.

No. 32042

For her to be such a big fan she seems to forget the fact that BMTH's fanbase are mostly emos.

Yeah. Before that she was still trying to act like a mix between Angela and Amina. Then she found out about Chloe and has been poorly biting her style ever since.

No. 32075

File: 1549342897446.jpg (261.83 KB, 1080x976, Screenshot_20190204-235636_Chr…)

Seriously girl, you gotta turn your damn brightness up or something when you're facetuning yourself into a different person. Theres so many obvious mistakes and it's embarrassing. Why does she keep trying to photoshop her face when shes so bad at it? yikes.

No. 32077

Speaking of her trying to dress like Chloe, I love how she STILL continuously shades Adam and Chloe whilst her little band wagon friends hop on it to defend her tooth and nail. Bitch, stop being obsessive!! I know it’s hard your ex upgraded after supposedly being so shitty, but that’s a YOU problem!

No. 32116

Of course this girl is cancelling people that likes xxxtentacion yet she support bmth. O. Sykes is known to abuse underage fans and even piss on one of them

No. 32158


>I like the way my nose looks

No. 32186

Body and face aren’t even the same skin tone lmao, stop editing

No. 32196

I feel like everything that she says and does is a lie.

No. 32197

Stating the obvious anon?

No. 32199

She brings it up constantly because she's obsessed with playing the victim and getting as much attention and sympathy as possible. Whether Adam was truly a racist, abusive, misogynist asshole we don't know and probably never will. But she's going to constantly paint him as one and bring it up as often as she can because it's just more "trauma" she can milk.

No. 32336

File: 1549475646967.jpg (156.37 KB, 1080x1311, Screenshot_20190206-125151_Sam…)

Not sure why she shared this considering she's the one always starting shit with people.

No. 32345

Because she talks a lot of shit online but runs and hides whenever she’s called out in public. After her going on for months about the Jessica thing she has the nerve to repost this kek. Micky really does have zero self awareness.

No. 32353

This is rich coming from her

No. 32355

File: 1549485418218.jpg (247.61 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190206-042054_Twi…)

Is this supposed to be a joke or something? I dont get it…

No. 32367

I refuse to believe this girl isn’t autistic.

No. 32397

It's a joke/'riddle' I remember hearing aroung grade 1 or so.

So right about her speed.

No. 32401

File: 1549512142031.jpg (201.88 KB, 934x1920, af5afce7-4ab6-432b-a45a-2a06ae…)

Lmao spot on

No. 32412

File: 1549515936607.jpg (49.62 KB, 1073x260, Screenshot_20190207-000135_Sam…)


One, Micky we know you're stalking this thread, no need to hide it. Two, damn near every single one of your altercations have been public. You're honestly known more for starting shit and bullying others than anything else. So cut it with fake positivity and acting like a victim. You're the real problem, not the people that have to pit up with your shit.

No. 32484


Micky really thinks we organize her shitty life and damn near day-to-day basis of bullshit and histrionics better than she can.

It’s just repetitive when she has no life, money or friends lol.

It’s sleep, stink, internet thug and beg to sell her low quality nudes for $10 for at least five photos of her pimply ass and bumpy pussy. We understand she’s boring with nothing better to do like go to college or get a creative hobby.

No. 32485


Honestly. To be stinky, obese and 5’9” like most men her height she has to be mad at the world when you’re the embodiment of “you’ve gotta fuck a fat chick once in awhile” with no substance as a DUFF.

No. 32525

The only reason she acts fake woke is because she's scared of being cancelled by cola rene and honey lol. She's constantly licking their ass because she knows she's a shit person

No. 32538

File: 1549592001013.jpg (68.26 KB, 1080x342, Screenshot_20190207-180024_Sam…)


No. 32539

File: 1549592042631.jpg (61.89 KB, 1063x431, Screenshot_20190207-211235_Sam…)

SUPER pathetic.

No. 32564

Beg, beg, beg. Go get yourself a new job! Stop being lazy

No. 32584

By actually being likable or worth something lol, I know so many people who can post "wish I had a pizza ; ;" and immediately get offers.

No. 32596

File: 1549631287159.jpg (345.05 KB, 1076x1742, Screenshot_20190208-080459_Sam…)


Bitch shut up. You're not actually into most of the goth and satanic shit you share. You're just copying some other girl's genuine interests for followers.

No. 32598

"Mickycore" oh my god I'm cringing so hard.

No. 32620

Micky, the girl who wanted so badly to prove that she was more goth than her ex's prettier new girlfriend, she got a fucking pentagram tattooed on her.
What an embarrassment.

No. 32630

not sure if she's THAT broke or just lazy, but both ends are pathetic

No. 32650

It's common for girls to get people to buy them food etc because they're hot/costhot/etc.

Mickey is just delusional thinking she has that kinda pull over thirsty guys.

No. 32657

She's always trying to give off the 'I'm too cute for anyting, do it for me uwu' image, but it just comes off as demanding fat bitch whose lazy enough for two people. Also her following is just a broke as her, she ain't getting shit

No. 32658

The internet channel was free on the Wii girl are you good

No. 32942

File: 1549760118989.jpeg (95.04 KB, 582x1128, D92C24EE-D3CC-42C8-8A5B-DBAF72…)

Does she only own three outfits and two pairs of shoes

No. 32943

those socks always remind me of the ones they put on for surgery so you don't get blood clots or w/e

No. 32944

She always looks so out of place wherever she goes. Such a fashion guru wearing a dumpy seifuku, kitchen shoes, and cheap cat ears with that pathetic wig

No. 32958

>no name tag
Is she trying to make it seem like she still works there by taking selfies at her old job? What an idiot, that's so embarrassing.

>dear god please tell me that hideous zebra bag is on the rack and not her arm

No. 33079

File: 1549795559685.png (105.21 KB, 243x340, 6DE6A313-47FE-41C6-A36D-DCA692…)

Who wore it best

No. 33080

Also you’re not allowed phones on the floor. Who is she fooling

No. 33082

File: 1549800862877.jpg (679.26 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190210-071307_Twi…)

Fucking yikes, all of this is so cringey. So glad she did her yearly load of laundry, but it's a shame shell stink up all the clothes again in one wear.

No. 33086

File: 1549806909653.jpg (62.73 KB, 1074x580, Screenshot_20190210-085018_Sam…)


Nothing about her outfits scream baddie to me. Unless we're talking about her shit makeup. In which case, it looks fucking out of place when wearing j fashion shit.

No. 33087

File: 1549807037416.jpg (173.9 KB, 1080x739, Screenshot_20190210-085143_Sam…)

This is coming from the same girl who constantly goes out her way to cheat on her partners and lies about them abusing her when she finds out they moved on to someone better. So she definitely has zero room to talk about anyone else whatsoever.

No. 33088

Micky? In balenciaga? I had to laugh.

No. 33103

File: 1549819978620.png (13.42 KB, 586x107, 545743.PNG)

Fcking junkie

No. 33104

Trap kawaii, baddie kawaii, all the same dumb shit she's trying to coin when we all know its just fat weeb tumblr style

No. 33152

Someone should buy her nudes so we can see how bad they are even with all the editing

No. 33161

Ew…why would anyone do that when her gross nudes have already been posted in other threads?

No. 33195

I mean I would just for morbid curiosity and she charges pennies for nudes, but my friend said her nudes are still the ones that got posted ages back so she's trying to circulate old shit like a lot of thots do.

No. 33196

someone posted them in a thread awhile back and they're not edited…

No. 33212

And give her a whole $10 so she can go on for weeks about how her body is her “currency” and how the rest of us are all “peasants”? KEK honestly I’d like to see that. It never gets old.

No. 33229

There's no point, she always goes on in her Twitter about how she making new sets but this is muckys lazy ass were talking so she just circulates the same pimple ass nudes from decades ago.

No. 33244

File: 1549921264605.jpg (115.55 KB, 960x1280, 51658834_1685646108248885_8034…)

I'm still trying to wrap my head around why she has her skirt on backwards and insists on wearing those ugly ass work shoes. Also he face is edited to hell and back.

No. 33245

File: 1549921364885.jpg (124.34 KB, 1077x447, Screenshot_20190211-163512_Sam…)

She's trying way too hard to come off as ~different and unique~.

No. 33253

As long as there’s ugly 14 year olds with no direction mickys posts will be liked. I wish she realized only decrepits from caves pay attention to her

No. 33256

Holy shit you're right that skirt lmfao. We know she can't coordinate an outfit for shit but god damn she can't even dress herself.

No. 33258

File: 1549928433164.jpg (108.08 KB, 1079x602, Screenshot_20190211-163735_Sam…)

She's still claiming this bullshit I see.

No. 33259

She probably wears her skirt backwards because she thinks it hides her God awful fupa lol

No. 33263

Mentally ill damaged bimbo weeb uwu so aesthetic

No. 33269

Look at how tight it is- she probably can't button it from the back like she's supposed to and this is the only way she can get it on

No. 33270

um all that stuff is normal

maybe they're like prescription shoes lol

No. 33276

File: 1549940308834.jpg (226.98 KB, 832x904, SmartSelect_20190211-215344_Ch…)

Kek, girl, your nose is crooked. Wonder how that could have happened. Must have been the mirror and definitely not her god awful editing skills /s

No. 33278


why the fuck does this walking fridge gotta hike her skirt up every time she wears one? it's not cute, it looks fucking awkward as hell. and why even wear skirts when it's fucking cold here in michigan, unless she's staying inside the house

No. 33299

File: 1549959731941.jpeg (235.67 KB, 739x1165, 967831F9-D435-4D0E-B0A2-F12C31…)

No. 33336

Oh yes the burden of doing nothing all day and e-begging for measly bucks is getting to be too much, feel sorry for me I'm so traumatized. Grow up mucky you fucking neck beard

No. 33340

Then quit bitch. Oh wait you can't, you're addicted to attention.

No. 33341

This bitch really thinks she's a social media influencer? Micky, you don't influence shit on the net. Also, nobody is watching your every move. You're posting every single little thing about your boring ass life, so of course it gets discussed. You don't make "little mistakes" you flat out lie about shit and never take any accountability for that. Again, you publicly display your "disputes". As a matter of fact, they aren't disputes, it's just you outright trying to harass and bully someone because they don't agree with your bullshit. Which leads into my next point, you are not a role model. There's absolutely nothing you do that makes you worth looking up to as a person. Stop letting your little echo chamber lie to your ass. And stop lying about your fucking upbringing. You were spoiled by your parents and they caused you to feel entitled to shit you don't even deserve. All this bullshit about nonexistent trauma just internet pity points and shit is disgusting and you need to cut that shit out immediately. Though since you're acting like you can't, hopefully someone beat your ass and knocks some sense into you, so you can finally get a clue and stop it.

No. 33342

File: 1549974736568.jpg (106.8 KB, 1079x394, Screenshot_20190212-072806_Sam…)

Micky you dumbass, that's how people conversation. You ask them about shit and turn you learn about them as well. Also, nobody is about to sift through post upon of shit you shared that has nothing to do with your real personality. Hell the fact you have to say this is a red flag because that means you don't have shit going for yourself besides keeping up a falsified personality for barely any clout. Nobody genuinely wants to be with someone that pathetic.

No. 33343

File: 1549975064228.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.66 KB, 550x640, IMG_20190212_073722.jpg)

No. 33344

Only thing thats thick about her is her fat belly, yuck

No. 33345

>social media influencer
>less than 1k active followers on any social media account


Also “I’m a shitty person because of my upbringing”
Having shit parents is no excuse to be horrible as an adult. Own your shit Mikaila

No. 33376


Mikaila is too grown to be blaming everything on her parents while LIVING with them. If you’re upbringing is terrible, then get your own coins up and get your own place. Even a shit in the hole apartment is better than living with alleged toxic and abusive parents.

No. 33398

Hello Kitty stickers can't help this pic lmao. Great shot of her unbathed fupa in all its gross glory
That's the thing that proves her parents aren't so totally abusive considering the fact that she chooses to stay in her childhood home and bitch instead of saving her AliExpress money to find a cheap apartment

No. 33404


Built so bad and full of hate. Real karma. She’ll never be happy and that FUPA is FIERCE.

No. 33436

I feel like this is old as hell and she posted it on tumblr at some point, but idk now. Everything she posts looks the same.

No. 33456

File: 1550029478036.jpg (360.95 KB, 1061x1448, SmartSelect_20190212-224251_Tw…)

This girl literally has the self-awareness of a potato chip

No. 33462


Mucky can’t be talking about anyone’s edges. She’s literally going bald.

No. 33479

File: 1550046620617.png (14.53 KB, 588x150, lol.png)

I mean like..since all your stuff is recycled…may as well lol.

No. 33575

File: 1550092461567.jpeg (89.6 KB, 1125x580, 3AD1750D-0F68-4A06-9B77-1EA8EE…)

She may show a supreme lack of self awareness but at least she knows this….

No. 33576

File: 1550092590602.jpeg (582.98 KB, 1125x1183, C0C0C090-30BF-4BAD-B344-A9E1C5…)

If she wasn’t already fired from F21 she will be soon

No. 33577

Apparently she charges $5-50 for her videos based on someone she ended up blocking.

I know people flood premium snaps and such but $50..?

No. 33588

I dunno mate with the way she's been hard e-begging this past couple of weeks, she's probably been fired already
Who tf is gonna pay $50 for 240p quality videos of her pimply ass and herpes ridden cooch?

No. 33593


It’s because you’re fat. They cannot tell her no because she could file a discrimination suit, if her other thinner, prettier coworkers are walking around in crop tops. They set themselves up hiring a ham beast with no fashion sense, so the fact they had to reiterate this to her and her unwillingness to corporate is that locations’ own fault.

No. 33595


I hope one day she’ll just be her normal toxic self and gets cussed the fuck out by the right customer who might beat her ass lol

No. 33609


Looks like someone is using Micky's pics to catfish. Idk why anyone would want to do that but…

No. 33611


Looks like someone is using Micky's pics to catfish. Idk why anyone would want to do that but…

No. 33638

Sorry, slight blogpost but F21 is so lenient on dress code?? I worked there and was literally ecstatic I didnt need to wear a uniform lol. Like seriously wearing a bra is so hard…

Wasn't allowed crop tops though, it's literally just in their handbook not because shes a hambeast, though it probably doesn't help lol

No. 33647

File: 1550110806403.jpeg (182.75 KB, 1242x313, F68B4593-4DCF-4041-B78A-9C939A…)

It may be her tbh, I can't see without an account.

No. 33653

File: 1550113237132.jpg (645.21 KB, 1001x1724, SmartSelect_20190213-214707_Ch…)

I want to say its not her cause shes using her underaged pics, but this tweet combined with the recent activity on the account makes me think it's her. Big yikes.

No. 33654

File: 1550114387864.jpg (Spoiler Image, 540.72 KB, 988x1683, SmartSelect_20190213-221915_S …)

I'm hoping this is a catfish. This looks really bad, even for her, kek.

No. 33655

Doesn’t sound like the usual autistic “kaweewee baddie” writing style she usually does and doesn’t make sense to use so many old photos.

No. 33658

File: 1550115126046.jpg (216.92 KB, 658x980, SmartSelect_20190213-221716_Ch…)

This is the most recent picture on the account. Five hours ago.

No. 33659

Her hair doesn't look like that anymore.

No. 33660

File: 1550116195950.jpg (185.93 KB, 779x626, SmartSelect_20190213-224803_S …)

Thats what I think too. There aren't many simaliarities shared in between her tinder and fetlife bios.
Exactly. Lmao, none of the pictures are new.

No. 33685

It's legit the same catfish from Instagram. From the digging that I did, the catfish themselves is some Asian chick.

No. 33698

Yeah and this is old af. She doesn’t have the same jewelry in her cheek piercings anymore and her hair isn’t currently braided. It’s a catfish, fuck off with the outdated milk.

No. 33728

She uses old pics of her self to sell nudes

No. 33730

That's the catfish from before. Look at the city. Also their user name is similar to what they were using on their Instagram. If you go back one or two threads, you see when they used her pics to catfish on Instagram.

No. 33737

Is that catfish a farmer messing with her or just stupid? Why would someone choice micky to catfish as?

No. 33746

Not anymore. She’s currently trying to sell a video she recorded recently. She may be dumb but I doubt she would sell her underage lewds.

No. 33747

None of the fetlife pics are from when she was underage

No. 33766

Because Micky doesn't look like a catfish. If they chose an attractive girl people would get suspicious, no one would think someone using pictures of micky is catfishing.

No. 33778

So she’s always had a fat belly roll? Yikes

No. 33780

File: 1550186148612.jpg (119.29 KB, 1078x689, Screenshot_20190214-181033_Sam…)


Look at this bullshit here. No one said that shit to her. She's just trying to justify her shitty behavior and call herself an influencer. She knows damn well she ain't influence shit.

No. 33781

File: 1550186292938.jpg (1019.33 KB, 804x3668, Screenshot_20190214-180403_Sam…)


She says this is creepy but meeting random guys to fuck off tinder isn't? Like, this really isn't any different at all. Considering how she is.

No. 33785

That makes no sense at all. How is standing up for yourself teaching people it’s okay to bully others? Obvious lie. If it’s true it’s still just one person, doubt anyone else has said anything like that. You don’t have the following, originality, or ambition to be a real influencer, Micky.

No. 33786

micky literally can't talk to anyone lol everytime I see a message chain from her its always her saying shit like "huh? "whaa??" like she puts a fake deep persona out there and then can't understand why she gets messages like this. and I mean he's not being that weird, he's just some weeb who maybe wanted to hang out with her lol and ofc she couldn't do that cus she doesn't look anything like her photoshopped pics

No. 33798

No surprise she doesn't understand anything if isn't buzzwords or slang or an asslicking comment. She is without a doubt retarded after all

No. 33799

Oh Micky, an influencer is a person most people actually like

No. 35017

Is she socially retarded? Why does she feign ignorance? That guy seems cringey as hell too I don't know why she would post this. He's absolutely right that people get to know each other by talking though so why does she act like this everytime someone sends her a message on Tumblr?

No. 35018


Because she likes to pretend she has the pick of the litter and guys want her, but she basically doesn't like people approaching her, for any reason.

It's like the "Oh I'm so lonely/I wish I had a guy/oh i'm horny I could go for some dick right now" girls who will immediately talk shit/call you creep if you approach them in ANY way. They just post for attention, they don't actually WANT people to want them.

No. 35065

Did she even do anything for valentines day? Kek

No. 36059

Of course not. Why would she? She’s broke and single.

No. 36087

Anyone know the relationship between mugly and russel Gibson? I keep seeing him all over her fb. I wonder if his wife knows mugly will fuck her husband anyway

No. 36091

not a threat. he wont even click like on her comments

No. 36102

Why does he spam her?

No. 36127

File: 1550389416984.jpg (457.03 KB, 805x3962, Screenshot_20190217-024202_Sam…)

Are you talking about this? Because it confused me too.

No. 36128

File: 1550389486073.jpg (494.13 KB, 1080x1180, Screenshot_20190217-024242_Sam…)

Also, what the fuck does she mean by this?

No. 36129

No one wants a matching tattoo with her? She's too fat for plastic chairs? She doesn't have friends?

No. 36130


All of the above.

No. 36133

She’s actually letting these white neckbands call her “mudnaynay”

It really doesn’t surprise me. Before Micky was on her SJW shit she would talk about how “ghetto” certain people are, made a joke saying anal rape is just “surprise butt sex” and lots of shitty stuff. She only believes in sjw shit that other people post so no shocker that she thinks it’s ok for them to call her that lol. Stupid bitch

No. 36149

Tinder is quite literally a meet and fuck app lmao..

Also lets not pretend like this guy isnt a creepy weeby fuck for these messages and accept the fact Micky is just as if not more socially inept. If she had even one non performative attention seeking braincell in her head she could obviously see his weird intentions and block lmao but nah lol

No. 36160

Mudnaynay is so good

No. 36179

Legit I'm calling her that from now on.

No. 36209

Micky will make a call out post for any white girl who looks at her the wrong way, but a mediocre white boy calling her Mudnaynay? That's fine ~~ UwU

Seriously, she gives anyone a pass to treat her however they want if she thinks me they're cute enough, then wonders why men don't actually respect her. She's too desperate to be the "cool girl" that she imagines all the guys wanting to hang around and joke with, she'll put up with anything.

No. 36245

File: 1550460564978.jpeg (117.03 KB, 660x972, 57EA2A17-331F-417D-831B-5F6638…)

Those socks are filthy and pilling

Kawaii fashion icon

No. 36253

The shoes.

No. 36262

What the fuck is on her floor???

No. 36266

That's her floor? I assumed she was out in a sandy playground, or something.


No. 36267

kek what kind of ~self respecting proud black woman u w u~ would let some wigga call her mudnaynay

No. 36271

No, she’s outside, there’s some snow on the left of the picture, it’s just the sideway that’s dirty.
Her socks and shoes are filthy as fuck tho, ngl. Who wears jelly shoes in winter anyways??

No. 36289

I was thinking this too, she's only proud to be black or whatever until she's in the presence of a white man, then she'll do anything for approval

No. 36305

I don’t know about that…you can see a cord or something in the right corner and we all know her floor is absolute filth. It wouldn’t surprise me if mudnaynay tracked all that snow into her room.

No. 36320

File: 1550510269090.jpeg (321.29 KB, 1242x562, D3AC3EAE-EB10-455D-97DC-CF56B8…)

Does she talk about anything else jfc

No. 36321

File: 1550511036934.jpg (109.4 KB, 718x423, 20190218_182605.jpg)

She doesn't have a single clue what GOTH is, does she

So used to seeing her dressed in filth, it's not even shocking anymore - but those fugly socks are literally 2$, why not just get a new pair you nasty

No. 36326

Her logic is so stupid. "I don't like taking time to have personal interactions with people just stalk all of my social media (but don't actually because then I'll call you a stalker) because I'm too autistic to have actual adult one on one conversations"

No. 36329


Spot on. She doesn't seem to realize that it's normal to converse about someone's interests. It's a good way to weed out all the bulllshitters. Then again, that status alone shows she's on some bullshit and isn't interested in the shit she posts. It's all for show.

It's embarrassing to see her tweet that. She really thinks some goths are gonna waste their time at a BMTH concert? There are bands far more fitting that they'd go see instead.

No. 36368

because reading what tv shows someone likes isn't getting to know them? and like even if you did read about someones likes what happens then? you're suddenly a serious couple? i don't understand!

right lol like that guy was talking about how they could meet up and about how she acts on her tumblr or w/e and she's like so confused she thinks he's gonna kill her

No. 36370

I went on her YouTube today and I was really surprised she used to be so much thinner.

No. 36374

Holy fuck, where did she post this? Just as disgusting as ever, mudnaynay. Btw guys, that's definitely her nasty carpet.

No. 36396

File: 1550530988921.jpg (185.86 KB, 1080x787, Screenshot_20190218-175745_Twi…)

Wasn't she acting like she was making money from her shit tier nudes, not too long ago?

No. 36399

File: 1550531191110.jpg (1.05 MB, 2560x2560, 19-02-18-18-05-35-676_deco.jpg)

Nevermind, she just stupidly wasted her money on shit she'll barely use as usual.

No. 36400

File: 1550531224673.jpg (231.78 KB, 1080x1166, Screenshot_20190218-175822_Twi…)

What's this shit about?

No. 36403

File: 1550531287202.jpg (369.55 KB, 1080x1396, Screenshot_20190218-175850_Twi…)

Lol she really called it medicine.

No. 36422

Micky, piercings are $30. Thirty dollars. Does she realize how pathetic she sounds?

No. 36426

poverty-tier begging aside, nobody wants to see her showing off a belly button piercing

No. 36435

not as bad as this instagram


No. 36439

File: 1550536937774.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

No. 36480

File: 1550547588864.png (157.13 KB, 430x520, 2019-02-18 .png)

honestly these are so ugly and probably going to be a 1 time use.

shoe style- Demonia SWING-230G Pink Glitter

these shoes range from $110-230

she probably bought it from a seller on ebay or depop for less

No. 36481

File: 1550547629849.png (70.03 KB, 267x323, 2019-02-18 .png)

No. 36510

File: 1550565115338.jpg (624.75 KB, 1080x2162, 20190219_033206.jpg)

No. 36512

File: 1550565216438.jpg (462.18 KB, 1080x2162, 20190219_033352.jpg)

No. 36513

File: 1550565255570.jpg (486.82 KB, 1080x2141, 20190219_033417.jpg)

The funniest part.

No. 36519

I have no idea what this conversation is about but they're not wrong with that last statement kek

No. 36525

Damn..in a world of free porn and FAR prettier girls, she made enough to buy these ugly ass shoes and pallete? People really paid murky $50 for her video?

No. 36535

Surprised there was no spasming about how she's 100% au naturale and how she's gods gift to earth.

No. 36536

File: 1550583740321.jpg (980.63 KB, 810x3062, Screenshot_20190219-083833_Twi…)

That's cause they posted the side by sides. Lol Then she tried to act like that shit didn't affect her.

No. 36537

File: 1550583840907.jpg (442.58 KB, 1080x1811, Screenshot_20190219-083501_Twi…)

She also posted this highly edited shit on her Twitter.

No. 36538

File: 1550584484015.jpg (692.42 KB, 1080x2084, Screenshot_20190219-084941_Sam…)

She also posted it to her Instagram. She's trying so hard to make sure the filter doesn't come off.

No. 36539

File: 1550584578533.jpg (45.13 KB, 1080x263, Screenshot_20190219-084536_Sam…)


Girl, the only "friend" you have is Emi and even then, she's probably talking shit to Chloe and Adam about your stupid ass.

No. 36540

File: 1550584700774.jpg (522.66 KB, 1080x1558, Screenshot_20190219-084736_Sam…)

Another lie. She probably thinks a dude existing next to her means he wants to get with her.

No. 36541

File: 1550584917343.jpg (122.02 KB, 1080x794, Screenshot_20190219-084807_Sam…)


>I’m non monogamous

Bitch you're a cheater and the moment you date one of the two dudes you're talking to, you're gonna cheat on them and then claim they were shitty all along. We know your fucked up game.

No. 36557

She didn’t make the money from selling her video she still works at the mall, she probably saved and got these which is worse because she should be saving for things that will advance her in life not some ugly shoes the bottom is going to break off of because the weight limit is way below hers.

No. 36559

lol everytime she says she stays at a crushes house its always "we cuddled all night uwu" yea ok

No. 36561

Right? She thinks everyone is too stupid to know the truth.

Micky is dumb and doesn't understand what it takes to be an adult.

No. 36563

File: 1550593556915.jpeg (281.49 KB, 1125x620, 57D83C07-778C-4EEB-95EA-5D9C81…)

Why does she still think this is cute or funny?

No. 36577

Sometimes secondhand embarrassment makes me feel nauseous and this just did it. I'm so embarrassed for her oh my god

No. 36583

It's like she never mentally matured past the age of 12. Like, this is something a genuine 12 yr old would think is funny.

No. 36585

Kek, shes not ever going to be able to wear these except in pictures, cause they'll make her terrifyingly tall. People will think shes a drag queen more than they already do.

No. 36595

It's such a juvenile way of thinking, the whole "you're just i-insecure you're just jealous!" Thing. It is such obvious projection. No one comments or reads here because they're insecure anymore than people read cringe stories or watch cringe comps "because they're insecure." It's because it is entertaining and also difficult to look away from a train wreck.

No. 36604

What are those/10

No. 36609

File: 1550605939876.jpg (278.35 KB, 1080x929, Screenshot_20190219-145041_Twi…)

Forgot to add this bullshit tweet from their back and forth. Micky you know damn well you attack other people to make yourself feel better. There's plenty of screenshots to prove it too. Fuck off with this bullshit.

No. 36612

File: 1550606271794.jpeg (174.25 KB, 1121x965, 2AA21A91-D44B-49B2-93F4-44A6C8…)

lol twitter OP is using Micky’s IRL photo as a banner

No. 36621

That's fucking hilarious. Lol

No. 36628

Mudnaynay needs to stop she's a terrible fucking liar. If you owned up to being insecure then why do you lie about how you edit yourself into a different person every selfie?
She's my hero

No. 36633

Followed lmao. I couldn't imagine interacting with Mickey. She took one for the team.

No. 36675

Fuck, that smug kaneoya sachiko profile pic makes this ten times funnier.

I laffed. The leg area on them looks fucking giganto too so I guess they'll fit her alright.

She legit looks autistic in these with her beady ass eyes will smith meme eyes and the fact that she thinks she looks good in this filter says a lot.

No. 36713

Her body contortion to shove out her collar bone is REAL

No. 36718

File: 1550641502081.jpg (71.95 KB, 1080x359, Screenshot_20190220-004045_Sam…)


Micky bullies another person off the net and acts proud of it. What a cunt.

No. 36720

File: 1550641567740.jpg (285.83 KB, 1080x1158, Screenshot_20190220-004224_Sam…)

No. 36737

god this bitch lol this is literally the morning after >>36609

No. 36741

File: 1550657825477.jpg (363.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190220-111705.jpg)

Go off then

No. 36743

It's really sad that rather than taking a good look at herself and thinking "Why do all of these people find me insufferable?" She reverts to "They're all just insecure and I've done nothing wrong!"
You cannot grow as a person if you act like this.

No. 36769

She says all this but not too long ago she was trying to start a witch hunt for Amina again for old bullshit that she ultimately was lying about(along side starting a thread here for her). Even more recently, she and her friends harrassed a mentally ill girl, and iirc that girl said she was going to commit suicide. Just the other day she got her followers to witch hunt some socially awkward dude for trying to ask her to hang out. Let's also not forget she tried to get a rando doxxed, talked shit about Kassandra's appearance, and continuously blamed some random girl of catfishing as her and got her shit echo chamber to harass the girl. So Micky is really in no position to speak the way she speaking in those posts. Especially when you consider this girl goes out of her way to catfish others by editing the fuck out of her pics. She needs to really read these threads and understand the real reason a good chunk of her city's nerd population hates her and why these threads keep going.

No. 36770

File: 1550668453158.jpg (91.4 KB, 1080x2094, 52401410_120980075645057_71664…)

She's not insecure but meanwhile she edited her face like her name was Raychiel. And that outfit definitely doesn't work in her favor.

No. 36771

Bitch YOU are well into your twenties and still pulling shit from your ass. She really believes she's this positive, secure, confident person that all the haterzzzz are coming after cause they're the opposite of her unbathed ass. Mudnaynay people hate you cause you act like you're 12 when you're a full grown adult whose deluded herself into thinking she's hot shit even though you have herpes and eat nothing but lard

No. 36772

sage for OT. I thought angela made the thread out of jealousy?

No. 36773

All that photoshop and she still doesn’t bother editing her eyes closer together.

No. 36774

It might be a mix of both but I remember Micky having said something about her around the time Amina found out Micky said she would be happy if Amina died. So I thought she made the thread. Like when she made one about Taylor.

Yeah, it's weird that Micky is acting as if she has a life worth being jealous over and that she's suddenly mentally mature. It really makes her look delusional and even more insufferable than she already is.

No. 36797

Angela made the original amina thread out of jealousy (admins proved it) and doxxed her, shit talked her own sister and flooded her own thread with revenge porn and shit about Amina. Micky on the other hand was caught via Facebook screen caps of making a thread about Taylor a black weeb girl nobody in Detroit on here. It’s reasonable to say one of the two made the Amina thread especially since the kinda new one has a ton of doxxing and screenshots from 3+ years ago. It also came after amina exposed Micky for making fun of her miscarriage and saying she wish she died. as a long time bystander I personally think Micky truly believes Amina is the one making these threads about her because at one time they did have mutual beef. The problem is all of micky’s “proof” is from 2012. Amina hasn’t said barely a peep about her since then so now it’s really just Micky stirring shit and won’t let shit from childhood go. as for angela shes been getting dragged since she was 14 because of her shitty cringe weeb vids and now her cringe tumblr shenanigans. she really thinks people are jealous of her and is a really toxic person, seems super mentally ill. I think angela is the main person behind the posts here with Micky and a couple of “woke” PULL fags jumping on the bandwagon.

No. 36817

File: 1550693074850.jpeg (567.81 KB, 1242x2074, 391D423B-43C4-4C1C-94C6-65F572…)

No. 36820

You can treat Mudnaynay literally however you want if you're a white man who is her type.

No. 36821

File: 1550694354158.jpeg (814.61 KB, 1242x1719, 9052E9B2-ABF6-4D35-8C06-90CE91…)

Posting the whole screenshot just for some more context. She really just lets these white guys treat her however they want huh Lmao

No. 36829

lmao at least someone's giving it to her straight

No. 36862

File: 1550707980857.jpg (330.29 KB, 810x2399, Screenshot_20190220-191201_Sam…)

I'm gagging at the thought of her wearing any of these.

No. 36863

micky should maybe consider cosplaying as characters she actually cares about instead of having thirsty cucks tell her what to wear.

No. 36864

So are we going to get a poolside/colossalcon version of tuna melt-chan with mucky because her stank is going to wreck everyone attending this con if she decides to wear a skimpy swimsuit.

No. 36867

She doesn't have anything she actually likes or cares about besides just doing anything she possibly can to get attention from white men.

No. 36879

Kinda doubt it considering that if she is hefting her ass around the con in a swimsuit she's gonna have a meltdown when the candids of her blob body come out

No. 36907

That's already happened with the youmacon rave candids so maybe not I am willing to bet she'll make some post on her Tumblr or twitter begging for money to even attend

No. 36920

If she really does go, it'll be hilarious seeing her dumpy ass standing next to actually attractive con goers. Especially if she's does any of those cosplays suggested.

No. 36965

File: 1550762011133.jpeg (149.1 KB, 997x538, 2342BF48-808D-4C6D-ADDF-75EC97…)

>it’s funny to me

She’s dead inside kek

No. 36970

No one is "super mad" and by "it's funny" she means "I'm really bothered by this thread so I have to try to act as unbothered as I can"

No. 36972

Honestly I'm gonna just say this. I once apologized to Micky because I thought if I could befriend her I could help her better herself and stop being a lolcow. I made up some excuse that I only posted here because I was insecure which is where she's probably getting that from, and her response was like "OMG LOLCOW DESTROYED MY LIFE ITS NOT OKAY THAT U POST THERE" etc. I didn't bother taking screenshots I just deleted it and gave up.
But, that's how I know she's incredibly upset all the time about this thread.(Do not brag or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.)

No. 36974

Doesn't micky has a pull account why is she acting like she's above this?

No. 36983

She very actively shit talks people on PULL and has made threads here

No. 36989

What exactly is she trying to say here ? Because it sounds like absolute nonsense to me.

No. 36999

I'm waiting for admin to tag her posts like they've done with other cows.

No. 37006

omg pls admin

No. 37008

They’ve done this with angela and before when Micky threatened them with suicide so they should do it again. New admins tho

No. 37043

just dm'ed her on twitter and now she want $30 for the video lol guess no one wanted it at $50 ill give less than a month before it goes down again(5c. Do not brag or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.)

No. 37044

Haha..yeah It's like these one girls that tried to charge $120 for a 3 SECOND video. No girl is worth that, not even if halle barry offered me a 3 second video for $120 would I pay those prices.

No. 37045

These girls romanticize sex work and think people will pay them buckets of money just because they’re young and flash a tit. Real sex workers actually put in real fucking work. Just shows her entitlement

No. 37046

not gonna lie i tried to find them online to see what kind of lovecraftian horror she is trying to sell people but i couldn't find them so i dm'ed her apparently she has 3 of them

No. 37061

That's just it, Colossal attracts super hot cosplayers and models and people putting in 100% to look their best for photos and shit. People work out for months beforehand to look decent for this con. The idea of pimply-ass Micky standing next to like, the kayyybear and whatever other insert x costhot here and thinking she's hot shit is hilarious. I truly hope she goes and I get a chance to see her.

No. 37090

Who the heck is mad at mudnaynay not "sharing everyday", lmaooo. I love how she acts like it's a handful of people obsessed with her. Like girl. Over time theres literally thousands of us posting here. Cant speak for others but when I scroll this thread and post here I'm on the shitter & have nothing better to do. Im positive everyone else isnt too far off. KEK

No. 37091

If you cant provide screenshots, could you tell us how recent this was?

No. 37095

File: 1550827140278.jpg (527.59 KB, 809x1405, Screenshot_20190222-041615_Sam…)

I wonder how deep Micky's self-hate really is because she's whitening the absolute fuck out of her pictures. It's sad, really.

No. 37096

File: 1550827161986.jpg (72.75 KB, 1080x2094, 51794419_408849109686309_42220…)

No. 37100

File: 1550827340078.jpg (703.48 KB, 1078x2088, Screenshot_20190222-041746_Sam…)

No. 37110

File: 1550832301308.jpg (71.35 KB, 1080x344, Screenshot_20190222-042233_Sam…)

That's honestly kind of fucked up. Nor sure why she thinks this a thing to be proud of.

No. 37111

Last year I believe

No. 37132

File: 1550845688795.jpeg (27.02 KB, 284x284, B1F75B0E-8574-4174-BF4B-C1FF6A…)

she shooped her chin completely off

No. 37154

I don't understand drugs, what does this mean?

No. 37160

Its just sad how she does nothing all day but smoke away the non existent stress. I feel like Micky would be more productive if she wasn't so dependent on her half priced weed

No. 37172

her top teeth look like they grew sideways and she looks like she doesn't have bottom teeth, just bulbous, pink overgrowths of gums….. Micky, honey, it's time to stop.

No. 37178

She has one of those plastic party city grillz on the bottom.

No. 37180

Wax is a pure concentrate of thc (the main chemical in weed that gets you high) They can leave you on the floor dying from coughing, especially if you're not expecting it. Doesnt really seem that fucked up to me tbh (besides not telling them) depending on the level of stoner she's doing this to & plus she said "tiny" dabs. But knowing micky she likely is making this up anyways.

No. 37232


So Micky wants to drug people without consent. Niiiiice.

No. 37248

mixing it into their bowl implies that they’re already smoking weed anon. she isn’t drugging anyone.

No. 37252

Smoking weed doesn't mean they want to smoke wax and it's still fucked up because she's adding something without the other person's explicit consent.

No. 37296

File: 1550940473341.jpeg (268.41 KB, 1080x1920, 1AA726E2-0818-4CE1-8FDA-61D541…)

Why does she turn her upper lip into a triangle

No. 37308

Cause she thinks it makes them look fuller, but it honestly looks like it's bent, like it's being held in place with tape.

Also this is the worst she's looked, so trap kawaii uwu gangsta weeb life

No. 37367

File: 1550965212310.jpeg (142.18 KB, 1280x720, 0E217B7E-D3B1-4AB3-9CB4-0BD187…)


Lord she looks like a really, REALLY fucked up version of Splatoon’s Marina here

No. 37368

Don't compare her to someone who's actually cute.

No. 37399

that's like comparing beer and straight vodka. Not everyone wants or can handle such an intense experience. Also, mixing any drug into anything without someone's consent is fucked up. Stop

No. 37411

Perhaps a Marina with crippling downs syndrome. at least the tentacles for hair is somewhat accurate of her hair, kek. Especially the braids, but also cause her hair looks and probably is as dirty as squid legs.

No. 37414

Too bad micky has tiny, beady, dark brown eyes that are running from each other. Mudnaynay could never

No. 37416


Exactly lmao. If you’re surprising someone, it’s not consensual off the bat. I wouldn’t want someone pouring more vodka into my drink just because I’m drinking to begin with.

It’s not their choice and Micky’s disgusting. Had it been some ugly guy saying that and she would’ve been flipping her shit.

No. 37417

this is the worst attempt at teeth whitening ive ever seen

No. 37432

File: 1550987877727.jpg (Spoiler Image, 690.06 KB, 1080x1621, 20190224_005811.jpg)

No. 37433

File: 1550987901094.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.69 KB, 804x589, IMG_20190224_005715.jpg)

No. 37434

File: 1550988011146.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.7 KB, 743x602, IMG_20190224_005720.jpg)

No. 37435

File: 1550988107741.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.38 KB, 731x596, IMG_20190224_005718.jpg)

No. 37441

File: 1550991530691.jpg (69.66 KB, 400x369, 1j9ywu.jpg)

it's cool, I didn't need eyes

No. 37463

Those tiddies are some looow hanging fruit. Jesus.

No. 37471

Is that her fupa or her tit on the side there? It's so far down I cant tell

No. 37472

Kek at her room being so disgusting that she had to try draw over it all

No. 37486

She seriously couldn't clean her room for her fucking weak attempt at porn. And the lighting is god awful.

No. 37490

Someone replied to this tweet along the lines of “Omg do I have to buy another video of yours?” and honestly if they’ve bought one before…. what’s keeping them coming back, so to speak? I can only imagine what sort of nasty is going on in these videos, not to mention the pig sty she calls a room and blatantly parades in the background of all her videos and photos. And the fact that I’m sure whats only a handful of people have seen these *~uwu super lewd~* videos is disappointing because she honestly shouldnt even be making a cent from her shitty, bad quality, Snow filtered whale porn.

No. 37491

Why did she water mark this atrocity as if someone is going to steal them or something, God I feel sick just looking at them

No. 37504

File: 1551028746082.jpg (1.21 MB, 809x4049, Screenshot_20190224-121007_Sam…)

I don't why people waste their time looking up to this girl. She's a bully, hypocritical, catfishes, loves to lie, sexist, and self-hating. And that whole "fuck your pale aesthetic" thing is stupid because she goes out her way to lighten her skin like it's cute.

No. 37505

File: 1551028855359.jpg (82.68 KB, 1064x428, Screenshot_20190224-121357_Sam…)

Ah yes, how dare somebody actually give a fuck about how you feel and what you're doing. Ugh. She's insufferable. I see why nobody locally , besides Emi, really hangs with her. She has such a shitty, negative attitude. Constantly.

No. 37507

She's just trying to emulate the "oh i'm so pretty/popular I don't have time for your advances/conversation" thots because it typically makes guys bug them more.

She's not getting asked a damn thing by anyone and she knows it.

No. 37527

Imagine a world where Mudnaynay was an actual inspiring, good hearted role model who just wanted to push alt fashion. Lmao, instead we have a insecure hambeast, hell-bent on destroying anyone she doesn't like who gobbles up white dick despite saying she can't stand white people and who is constantly torn between a woe is me attitude or I'm above it all worship me uwu

No. 37536

Those grills look comical on her

No. 37585

File: 1551058689718.jpg (486.32 KB, 568x1474, SmartSelect_20190224-203637_S …)

Did you even take a look at that persons profile? Kek, this is exactly the type I expect to purchase mudnaynay's content. It probably helps that shes huge and manly.

No. 37690

File: 1551124811869.jpg (422.93 KB, 1080x1320, Screenshot_20190225-145618_Twi…)

Micky needs to shut the fuck up with this when she goes out her way to down and bully other black girls, lightens her skin, and does the ol' soft shoe for any white male she wants to fuck.

No. 37720

Same old same old. Complain about skin colors even though her hypocritical actions show otherwise, post tacky shit outfit, post badly shooped selfies, throw in some nudes, rinse and repeat or in Mudnaynay's case sink bath repeat.

No. 37772

File: 1551150898483.jpg (76.69 KB, 1280x720, 1487699988472.jpg)


No. 37826

File: 1551193834453.jpg (209.16 KB, 1065x974, SmartSelect_20190225-221553_Tw…)

Pics or it didnt happen, mudnaynay.

No. 37827

File: 1551193877966.jpg (500.6 KB, 1017x1766, SmartSelect_20190225-221741_Go…)

And if shes not lying, it's probably cause he looks like this. Lmao

No. 37828

Whoever this creature is he looks exactly her type. Imagine all the nudes she sends him on snapchat.

No. 37846

He's a soundcloud rapper. So she probably spammed him with lewds and shit like that.

No. 37880

File: 1551218954757.jpg (285.02 KB, 1079x1920, IMG_20190226_170931.jpg)

No. 37886

its bc hes a nobody cringe rapper. they are easy to become internet friends with because they are regular people like her. not famous

No. 37891

File: 1551227475326.jpg (176.8 KB, 1080x511, 20190226_192955.jpg)

You threatened to have a knife on you, you goofy bitch. Half the people in the thread aren't even locals, no one is going to be wasting effort trying to fight when you've shown in the past you like to run from fights.

No. 37893

I love seeing her talk like this because it really drives home how she pretends to be "woke" but will straight up use what would commonly be called "alt right" lingo like soyboy and beta cuck. Guess it's just another way for Mudnaynay to appeal to the ugly white men she always goes after.

No. 37898

Yeah. This is the same goofy bitch that ran from Taylor when Taylor squared up. Then followed that up by running from her friend a few years later. Micky, you aren't tough. Also, this dumb bitch ain't got no knife on her. Just square her in the jaw or temple and she'll be down for the count. Lol

No. 37903

File: 1551229684073.jpeg (503.69 KB, 1242x823, AF407C1B-717D-4385-B4AD-A4EEBD…)

Whenever she posts about supporting other girls or internal misogyny I think about her tweeting that she's prettier than the customers at F21 who have hot boyfriends and how they don't deserve to be with them

No. 37905

The girl is so hypocritical that she's blind to her own hypocrisy. Sad really.

No. 37907

This pic is relevant cause it describes Mudnaynays core values, tf do you think you're fooling bitch? She's completely delusional

No. 37926

lolo I like how she’s calling a bunch of girls on a gossip site “soyboy beta cucks”

No. 37931

Also didn't she say she was done giving anything that could negatively influence her any attention? Be it here or otherwise? Because she has sooooo many friends and people who matter to her and that their opinions matter more? Sure, Mucky.

No. 37936

Most of us aren't landwhales so we were worried about your large but flat ass crushing our small uwu bodies.

No. 38047

Ew her pussy is falling out the side of her underwear she’s wearing yuck

No. 38055

File: 1551313575832.jpeg (307.67 KB, 1280x1707, 19117F49-BE44-4641-ADB8-3CB862…)

She talkin bout wanting to be clown goth…. wonder why!

No. 38070

File: 1551316985651.jpg (845.71 KB, 1080x1766, Screenshot_20190227-202219_Sam…)

She's trying to hard to be a hoodrat rapper. This shit is cringe as fuck.

No. 38071

Whose man's is this

No. 38076

She do check it

No. 38078

>I don't check lolcow only pathetic insecure fatties look at sites like lolcow and cgl
>Knows how many threads she has and makes a shitty rap about it

No. 38081

Her ex Adam's girlfriend Chloe. Micky is trying to be her by pretending she's into the same stuff Chloe is into. I think first it was with "goth/edgy" fashion and now clowns. Micky reblog clown shit on her tumblr, and Adam's gf has a clown tattoo.

How the fuck does she know how many threads she has?

No. 38090

At least she doesn’t actually resemble a man like Mudnaynay does.

No. 38094

She reads these threads religiously.

No. 38155

Micky, having multiple lolcow threads isn't a personality trait. or a good rap lyric.

No. 38272

Give it a week of two before she starts posting uwu ~Kawaii Clown Goth lewkz~ it’ll be a fucking mess

No. 38287

File: 1551461125449.jpg (128.59 KB, 1079x662, Screenshot_20190301-122440_Twi…)

Looks like she wants to cheat people out of their money monthly.

No. 38360

File: 1551508612146.jpg (102.42 KB, 660x1280, IMG_20190302_013435.jpg)

Another crappy outfit and shoop.

No. 38401

File: 1551555404316.jpg (80.15 KB, 1080x354, Screenshot_20190301-020208_Sam…)

I can't imagine how gross that would turn out with her lack of hygiene.

No. 38403

File: 1551557561135.jpeg (6.41 KB, 120x133, 00B7D234-E046-462C-9741-B19FC1…)

The feeling when you shoop your face so bad you lose an eye in the process.

No. 38404

This looks like it could pass as one of those martians trying to pass as female on mars attacks.

No. 38434

File: 1551572497382.jpg (649.34 KB, 806x1858, Screenshot_20190302-191457_Twi…)

Back to trying too hard to be edgy. And yes, she's talking about that menstrual blood in the spaghetti voodoo shit.

No. 38441

I like how she crops it so you can’t see her edit lines from shopping herself smaller lmao

No. 38442

That looks like a basement tattoo I’d be embarrassed to show that

No. 38448

Seriously, it's the simplest tattoo in the world and it still looks like it was drawn on with a pen. The line thickness is all over the place and the segments are uneven.

Also lol at her thinking her pulled up granny panties and crotch bulge are sexy.

No. 38460

micky that tattoo is embarrassing. it really does look like it was drawn in pen

No. 38464

her zipper on her skirt isn't even fully zipped and the button looks like it's about to pop off lol

No. 38478

Just found out that Micky is a lolcow. I slept with her a few times about a year ago and I saw something about her having herpes so I thank the gods I used a condom

No. 38480

before you get banned, tell us some stuff we might not know

No. 38513

You may not have herpes but you definitely have low standards if you stuck your dick in Mudnaynay. Gross.

No. 38522

Well I do know if you’ve stuck your dick in her treat yourself for bacterial and yeast infection and don’t pass it on to the next girl.

No. 38523

Y’all need to stop posting pics of her ex new girlfriend. She doesn’t belong on this thread.

No. 38535

theres like one pic bro

No. 38548

You know he's already banned. Let's take a moment to mourn the milk that could've been.

No. 38549

Not banned yet. From what I've seen it seems like you guys know quite a bit. When I was with her she couldn't drive and she luckily didn't smell horrendous. She did want me to slap her during sex though and was really big into the whole ddlg thing

No. 38551

do you have any stories?

No. 38552

Nothing crazy interesting. Although the last time I saw her she wanted to fuck but I didn't have a condom so she threw a temper tantrum and kept on talking about how she was on birth control (which wasn't the thing I was worried about since we fucked after knowing each other for like an hour)

No. 38554

She still can't drive mate and not surprised about the ddlg shit even though she bends over backwards online trying to say she's not into that

No. 38555

Holy hell still? This was all almost two years ago. And yeah she got into her "little space" a few times and called me daddy. I'm no expert but I'm pretty damn sure thats ddlg

No. 38577

Sage for irrelevance but you wouldn’t happen to be that hunter guy right?? Just out of curiosity..

No. 38578

I doubt it… I mean they still love each other remember kek

No. 38581

Wait, so did go to her place or she would uber(or whatever) to your place? How's her makeup? Is it cakey? Is her hygiene good? Sorry, I'm just interested in what people who witness her irl have to say about her.

No. 38584

Nah I don't know if she's talk about me or not and if she has I highly doubt she named me.

I went to her place to pick her up and then brought her back to mine (Very little situational awareness apparently). Her makeup was pretty cakey and her body wasn't a horrendous smell but I can remember her breath smelling off

No. 38586

>Very little situational awareness apparently

Please explain.

>breath smelling off

How off are we talking?

No. 38587

We had talked maybe less than dozen messages before she invited me to pick her up. She knew next to nothing about me and yet she was willing to let me drive her to god knows where. Just seemed and still does seem strange to me. And off to the point where kissing her was something I had to force myself to do so she would eventually suck me off

No. 38595

Gross. Would at least think her dental hygiene was ok despite her tendency to sink bathe her ass instead of showering. Also, was it disturbing how different she looked in person compared to her IG photos?

No. 38599

Mate I’m sorry but condoms do not protect against all STIs, especially herpes. Thanks for the tea but if you’re going to be having casual hook ups with girls of her caliber—or anyone really—you need to do some sexual health research (and remember to get tested frequently! Lots of STIs have dormant periods too btw, herpes is one of them)
Sage for irrelevance

No. 38601

It was jarring, to say the least. like I've met people who use pictures that don't really show how they actually look but hers was pretty out there. I never thought of the fact that she uses photoshop for her face.

I got tested shortly after our last time getting together and safe to say I am STI free. But I appreciate the advice and concern

No. 38604

Curious to know how you found this thread? Did you google her or..?

No. 38607

Googled her tumblr username and came up with a surprisingly long list of results and since then its been a rabbit hole

No. 38608


Did her deep voice throw you off? Was she worth all the hype she parades about herself? And lastly, because she keeps lying about her height, how tall was she really?

It’s a gross curiosity, but man if she’s that self indulgent to think she’s God’s greatest creation, I’ve got to laugh if she’s trash.

No. 38611

oh my god micky is going to be absolutely livid this is fantastic

No. 38614

She made a point to post on all her social media about how she's not going to read here or let "negativity" get to her…we know that's as much of a bald ass like as her "baby hairs" kek

No. 38615

File: 1551688203406.jpg (301.75 KB, 1079x1216, Screenshot_20190304-032833_Sam…)


>when i was younger

Micky, nothing about you has changed. The last few girls you've harassed/bullied have been dark skin. So you can miss us with this bullshit.

No. 38638

Her deep voice doesn't match her style (the whole pastel thing) so yeah that threw me for a loop, I had no expectations when I met her but the sex was alright. The whole her having melons for chests thing really gave her points and as for her height I'm 5'9 and she was about as tall as me so I'd say shes either also 5'9 or at least 5'8

No. 38639

Another thing I just remembered: her ears dirty as hell. Absolutely filled with crusty ass ear wax and it was something I had to keep forcing myself to not look at it

No. 38646

am i the only one that thinks this is fucking weird?

No. 38648

no, it is really weird. get this dude off this thread.. why tf are you caring about someone you fucked two years ago

No. 38653

Odd thing to say in this thread. "Why tf are you talking about your encounter with the subject of this thread."

No. 38654

side note, he didn't say two years ago.
I wonder if this is Mickey.

No. 38655

nta but he did say 2 years ago >>38555

No. 38656

Not weird in the slighest. The only weird thing is, barring being the person in question, people always want someone with actual milk to disappear is what's weird.

It's almost like some people come here just to LIKE/Defend mucky.

No. 38658

idk i think you guys are being overly tinfoily
he didn't really give any milk and any info he does have is 2 years old
kind of just seemed like he wanted the attention but whatever

No. 38661

I'd say 5'9. I'm 5'8 and she was taller than me. But thank you for confirming that she lies about her height.

First her breath, now her ears. Lol You sure she didn't stink when you met up with her?

It's either herself or whiteknight. Just ignore them.

No. 38666


Exactly lmao. Who would give up the opportunity to get some decent milk? I thought that’s apart of why we’re here.

No. 38668

what milk is there other than she can't drive and has dirty ears? lol you guys are something else.

No. 38669



Literally everything else anon’s talking about. From confirming her height, to her deep ass voice in real life, to her being a catfish. We already knew it, but it’s still hilarious from the experience that someone’s actually been close enough to her to say these things. Don’t be so bitter about it lol.

No. 38672



No. 38692

Fuck off micky(hi cow)

No. 38695

Two years ago she was dating Adam, so If that’s the case there’s a whole ass real body she cheated with.

No. 38700

She is known for cheating lol.

No. 38707

lolo not even a whiteknight nor mudnaynay herself, just think its stupid we're counting her not cleaning her ears and being 5'9 as milk. this is legit lainey foot discourse level

No. 38708

It isn't milk. It's confirmation about shit that was just tinfoiled about before, for the most part.

Go read another thread if it bothers you that much.

No. 38725

File: 1551756513484.jpg (23.76 KB, 1072x229, Screenshot_20190304-222721_Sam…)


Imagine wasting all your money on shoes you'll barely wear instead of getting weave you can use to do your hair. Imagine having to beg people to buy your nudes to buy some cheap weave.

No. 38732


I'm def not Micky. I just wanted proof. Like screen shots or something, idk.

No. 38898

File: 1551851394451.jpeg (81.13 KB, 750x627, 697A513F-DF93-4F52-B908-063951…)

~buy my heavily edited low qual nudes so i can buy $7 aliexpress clothes that are 5X too small for me~

No. 38899

File: 1551851661958.jpeg (64.6 KB, 750x441, BBB6B770-EEED-4714-8C88-EAD686…)

She’s still got people out here believing shes an uwu bisexual princess. Meanwhile Mudnaynay will always be a scrawny, ugly white boy chaser and always will be.

No. 38920

This makes me sad, honey she's a straight girl

No. 39061

File: 1551946380800.jpg (275.45 KB, 1080x708, Screenshot_20190307-031014_Twi…)

Get ready for this shit to flop.

No. 39064

File: 1551949885027.jpg (545.46 KB, 1079x1710, Screenshot_20190307-040753_Sam…)

This fucking idiot here. One, you make small too gauge whether or not someone is in the mood to talk or worth dealing with. Two, being nice is actually a fucking personality trait. Holy shit. Honestly, I shouldn't be shocked at this point. She barely interacts with anyone outside her echo chamber. So of course she'd say dumb shit like this.

No. 39065

File: 1551950581544.jpg (88.9 KB, 1080x473, Screenshot_20190307-040634_Sam…)