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File: 1458234369659.png (144.75 KB, 446x319, tumblr_mbt2m19rxA1rwpfak.png)

No. 17713

Nozmo (zeeenya and junjouprince on tumblr, punkblues on twitter) is an artist that eventually rose to internet fame with her (ongoing) webcomic "Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet", after publishing a bunch of unfinished comics on SmackJeeves across the years.

A huge weeb and fanartist as well, Nozmo has dabbled in many fandoms (most notoriously Free!, Yowapeda, Miraculous Ladybug and YuGiOh Arc-V) prdoucing fanart and doujinshi that she put up for sale.

Around September 2015, Nozmo dropped off the face of earth… along with the money of all those who several months prior had preordered her Free! and Arc-V merchandise and never received it.

A new, one-shot comic by Nozmo was posted on her SJ account around November-December 2015. She did not try to contact any of the people waiting on their purchases, nor did she resurface on any of her social media. She simply uploaded the comic without any kind of notice and disappeared again.

Eventually, things started to move, people started to investigate. Some came forward claiming that it's not the first time Nozmo has done this, that there are fans who haven't even received their rewards for backing the TAPV kickstarter (2014). Baseless (?) rumors have it that Nozmo has spent part of that money and the earnings from the Free! book preorders for a trip to Japan.

In December, someone was able to find Nozmo's sister on Twitter, who explained that Nozmo was overwhelmed and scared by the situation she herself created by procrastinating. In February, only after being prodded again, Nozmo's sister stated that the fanbooks and everything are there, they just need to be sent out, that Nozmo has refused help with that from her and the rest of their family. (Caps of the exchange here: http://tapvfans.tumblr.com/tagged/the-nozmo-situation) However, nothing happened since then and Nozmo's sister abandoned her twitter after a few weeks.

Earlier this month, a different tumblr user was able to come in contact with an RL friend of Nozmo's, however, this person stated that Nozmo won't reply to their emails, nor did she pick up when they called her. The friend has however confirmed that refusing help is a weakness of Nozmo and that they're sure she'll come back, eventually. Source: http://matsuoka-lin.tumblr.com/post/140469599203/2nd-update-on-nozmo-orders

So, farmers, what's your take on this?

No. 17714

God, I just KNEW the bitch would do this.

No. 17715

I did knew she use to disappear a lot but no that she is actually even avoiding the problem, is her fault, if she doesn't want help fine but she need to get her sht together

No. 17716

Does anyone have any deets on her from inkblazers? She was usually in the top five. The only thing I know about her is that she lives in Canada.sorry for worthless info

No. 17717

Oh wow, I love Nozmo's comics. Brings me back to browsing Smackjeeves way too much years ago. She was easily one of my favorite creators there. My favorite comic of hers was the one with the school kids and the grumpy male protag.

She honestly doesn't come off as a bad person from this description. I used to have a few friends from the SJ site and a lot of them come off as almost, I don't know, maybe a bit autistic? It sounds like she can't handle the stress very much and is creating her own problems. I don't see her as much a flake or anything. Just sounds like she has some obvious mental issues and is really stubbornly independent.

However, if she did blow the money on a Japanese trip, then kek, that's terrible.

No. 17718

I enjoy her work too! I do not think she's a bad person either, but the situation has gotten out of hand. I mean, at first it was just the people waiting for their Arc-V fanbooks, then it turns it's not the first time it happens.

I agree that as of now she does not qualify to be a 'flake, but I really didn't know where else to bring this.

IIRC someone contacted them some time ago and they said that while they do not know the details regarding her situation, Nozmo is most certainly alive and well.

No. 17719

File: 1466688563571.png (68.42 KB, 540x309, tumblr_o7t93bWX0U1s2sw9qo1_540…)

So. Hiveworks has officially archived TAPV as discontinued after several, fruitless attempts to get in touch with Nozmo over the past 9 months.

Nozmo, on the other hand, has been found out to be quite active on the Japanese side of the internet, trying to make a name for herself there after running away from her western fans.

Here's her drawr (a site similar to the old Oekaki) account, where she's been posting fanart almost daily: drawr.net/eclectic

Here's a one-shot comic she submitted to a Japanese magazine contest, winning almost 1000 dollars, earlier this year: http://www.moae.jp/comic/morningzero_johnnyandlove/1/1

As a fan of her work, I can only say that I've lost all respect I had for her as an artist.

I'm also appalled that so many people out there are still defending her. No, I don't think Nozmo is a malicious person like many of the people posted here, but she fucked up big time and that can't be ignored anymore.

After all, she's been trying to build a new online presence and go pro in spaces where - she assumed - the fans she stole money from would never find her again.

Honestly, she'd deserve an international call out post, warning her Japanese fans and possible future employers.

No. 17720

This reminds me of what happened with Tessa Stone and Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name, although she appears to finally be active again just… not with the comic.

No. 17721

I dont think Tessa ever did a kickstarter though as well as HiNaBN was way more popular(and better let's be real) than nozmo's comics ever were.

I wish I could figure out a way to make a call out post like >>17719 suggested but I dont even know where I'd put it.

I'm going to assume she might be part of the reason for the recent call for new Hiveworks comics though so I'm not going to complain since at least she's not making money off of that anymore and it gives me a chance to promo my comic there kek

No. 17722

Not too long ago, a popular Korean artist was called out on Twitter by fellow Koreans who had witnessed her bullying her underclassmen. The same people tried to reach out to her English speaking fans as well, and succeeded, albeit none of them was really fluent in the language.

If we could get enough people to spam her Drawr with messages in English and Japanese (IIRC you can 'comment' with drawings to people's entries) and do the same on Twitter, things could start to move.

People have reported that (of course) she does not reply to private messages on Drawr. Only stops posting for a day or two before resuming as if nothing ever happened. It appears that her sister's Twitter is as of now locked too: at this point it seems 100% certain that she's gonna try and avoid people forever and has no intention of returning the money.

It would also be good if we could get a list of all the people who were scammed to get an idea of how much she stole exactly (I've seen people mention thousands of dollars).

No. 17723

Oh, god. I always assumed HiNaBN's demise was because of some gag order issued by Tessa's production company, 4DE. I heard rumors the dude running it was kinda scummy.

Sage for off-topic.

No. 17724

Her coming has been shared on Twitter by Japanese readers and it appears that some are popular aritsts themselves like https://twitter.com/kusomiso/status/738400939590062080
Maybe someone could write up a Japanese message to tweet in reply to these people?

No. 17725

What a piece of shit. I hope something actually comes out of this so people can get their money back. There's nothing that can excuse this kind of behaviour. Her art is underwhelming, too.

No. 17726

What's really disgusting is that she's clearly been making money which she could use to refund people and chose not to.

No. 17727

File: 1467739265412.jpeg (1.62 MB, 2592x1936, image.jpeg)

I just wanted to update I did receive a package from Nozmo today with the books I ordered and a sketch as well, so they may be in the way to you!

No. 17728


fuckin rinharu tho

shame on you anon

No. 17729

File: 1467742860524.png (322.45 KB, 700x520, fb.png)

her comic books better be fucking mind-blowing because I don't see how or why anyone would pay money for art skills this utterly shit.

No. 17730

Why is it always the shitty artists that get recognized. Shitty as a person and shitty art skills.

No. 17731

Because they're the ones active on social media. There's some great artists I follow that have way less of a following, but they don't really promote their own work or post anything more then an image every now and then.

No. 17732


You gotta do work for fandoms to get more recognition these days and weeb out

No. 17733

-Post Frequently (preferrably daily)
-Draw fandom shit
-Have an interesting style
-Sell. Merch.

The people who go to cons and sell merch seems to do the best from what I've seen.

tbh nozo gets by because she is willing to jump on any big fandom (i.e. Dingle Hoppers and Swim gays) and then even in those she will stil to a few main characters to draw.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 17734

Interesting styles like hers are what I live fie

No. 17735


No. 17736

And really except For those who ordered someone
It it really none of your business of why she is not updating

No. 17737

why was this person banned?

No. 17738

mods wtf?

No. 17739

I would like to say something, after reading all the comments so far. I would like to state something, don't you think it's a bit too soon to judge? Yes, she's been very mysterious and stubborn to ask others for help. But I don't think she's a bad person, more of, I think handling tons of package and prefer to do everything herself is too much for one.

How about we give her some time, I heard she's been shipping the items late than usual, but still it is going to process, better than nothing.

I don't she's running off with the money, more like, her being lazy and stubborn led her readers to conclusion that isn't even proven at all. And let's be honest, nozmo is a timid person. And noticing all the swears and exaggerated conclusions about her deceiving isn't helping her depression at all, it's making it worse.

I have a feeling that she's not being active to western sites so far due to her delays in the package and rumors, and I think she'll only return once the situation is over.

Besides, there is no such thing as a shitty art style. There only an art style that captivates more than the other, let us not discriminate something further other than this field please. Styles are a whole new different topic that shouldn't be brought up, if you don't find it attractive than beat it and leave. Because I clearly can see some who appreciate it, we all have are taste. There's no good or bad to that.

No. 17740

>comes to lolcow of own free will
>bumps an almost month old thread
>tells us to beat it if we don't like it
pls go.

No. 17741

if you check her twitter profile, she even changed the profile pic to chat noire from the magnificent ladybug.

in fact, shes been active on twitter. her last activity was 25 sept 2015 which really isn't that long ago.

>>17739 this isn't about 'too soon' to judge, and people have a right to deride her for failing to follow through with her promises. she took peoples money, promised them a service, and never delivered on that service. she deserves to be sued. people need to start taking steps to filing a lawsuit against her because she just committed fraud and defrauded people who believed in her. if she can't follow through, then she needs to summilarily return all the money she took from people.

she shouldn't be doing these kinds of things all by herself. am i supposed to pity her for being so brave and doing everything on her own? nah, she costed people who believed in her thousands of dollars and that is criminal. this is theft.

No. 17742

if she was jsut doing her own thing that would be one thing but she's literally been selling other products in the meantime and that's BS. She doesnt deserve any 'mercy' or 'pity' she should have fessed up from the beginning

she could have easily said 'wow I wasnt expecting putting this all together to be so hard so I'm going to take my time and process everything please be patient with me'

She literally dropped all her responsibilities in the 'western' world (even a funded webcomic wtf???) to run around and be a fucking weeb and try to pretend to be someone else. She is literally scum imho.

No. 17743


>I don't she's running off with the money, more like, her being lazy and stubborn led her readers to conclusion that isn't even proven at all. And let's be honest, nozmo is a timid person. And noticing all the swears and exaggerated conclusions about her deceiving isn't helping her depression at all, it's making it worse.

>I have a feeling that she's not being active to western sites so far due to her delays in the package and rumors, and I think she'll only return once the situation is over.

Lmao. So let me get this straight. She has depression, which in its own is bad and I empathize with her for it, but that just means that there's all the more reason to HIRE someone ELSE so she can have help putting in the orders. And because of this, she stopped responding to her fans in the west who funded her and ran away to Japan where she not only resumed making comics under the same name, but entered a contest unabashedly and won $1,000. She apparently is active in the Japan manga scene and is trying to build up a fanbase. Meanwhile, her fans that paid her got jack-didly squat.

I used to love nozmo. I loved TAPV. I recommended it to all my friends and everyone I knew, because I thought that it was so great. Years down the line and inconsistent chapter posting asside, I was loyal to her because every chapter she put out was amazing to me. When I found out she had that kickstarter for her comic, I was more than ecstatic for her. After all, if you see your fave moving up in the world you'd be happy for them too, right? Then news of this nonsense came around and at first I was shocked. Then I became angry because my fave artist at the time defrauded these people.

When I saw her sister or whomever that was defending her, I thought "how unprofessional". You literally cannot contact her because there is no way to reach her. Even hiveworks, the website that picked up her comics after mangamagazine closed down unexpectedly couldn't reach her, so they archived her comic.

If any exaggerations being posted here make her feel something, then that is good. She should feel a pang of guilt for ghosting on people's orders for years. Nozmo, if you're reading this, you need to do right by whatever fans you have left and post up a response or something. Communicate to us what the hell is going on.

A similar albeit not so similar situation happened with yuumei, where after she ran a massively successful kickstarter her co-founder betrayed her and sicked her lawyers on her over some nonsense, so for the longest time people that ordered her product didn't get it for a good year+ after the fundraiser happened. The difference between both is that yuumei gave people back their donations and consistently update people with news. Nozmo went ghost and reappeared later somewhere else.

My call-to-action by way of lawsuit still stands. She should have never run off to begin with. Shit happens with your brand? Then you sit through that shit and work it out. You can't just up and leave, especially when people are rooting for you and invested in you.

No. 17744

Also if you look at twitter it's simple to see that yes a FEW people received their doujin orders but there are PLENTY MORE who still havent and now it's past the time of making a paypal claim ?? it's absolute nonsense. I used to be casual artist friends with nozmo and I've been through a super similar situation and yeah it super sucks to run a business all by yourself especially when most of your orders and in another country but nah son you dont get to run away and pretend like nothing ever happened. I literally spent a year making sure people got either refunds or their orders in the long run (at least the people who got back to me about it)? but nah seriously.

idk I see so many small artists struggle to get by and deal with shit so tbh seeing her literally run away like this??? it really grosses me out.

No. 17745

I followed her on twitter and thought it was strange that her endless stream of tweets about Arc-V and Miraculous Ladybug just suddenly stopped. Really sucks that she ran off with the money and disappeared, I actually enjoyed the Todd Allison comic. If she had just given refunds and an apology for inconvenience, then she could've continued building her comic and fanbase without all this shady shit.

No. 17746

I only spent $20 on one of her fanbooks and I still didn't receive it. I feel more sorry for people who spent more than that.

No. 17747

I feel like people who got the comics should at least post them some where. At least the people how payed can see what they're missing. And so what if other people see it. She shouldn't have just left

No. 17748

I wonder if that was it and nozmo won't be sending any other orders out. I hope not i got excited that my order would finallly come in, only to get my hopes dashed again. I hope she would at least say she is sending out orders in her time and it would be forgiven. It's the lack of communication that really made this situation what it is.

No. 17749

Did she stop posting even on the JP side?

No. 17750

Lmao did she? Guess she knows she's been found out then.

No. 17751

yeah i think she did. nothing new on her drawer for a couple months i think. i hope she's using that time to fulfill the rest of the orders she owes people. i hope i get mine but my hopes aren't very high. wish shed say something cause the silence only makes it worse and worse.

No. 17752

So this person claims nozmo actually refunded some people?


Is this true? She seems to be defensive of nozmo.

Holy shit, how do people not know anything at all? Don't people know her IRL?

No. 17753

I know I never received a refund for the 3 doujinshi i ordered from her more than a year ago now. Yeah, they do seem defensive of her, understandable of an artist you admire, but they seem to know nothing of the circumstances involved in this case (maybe they're a new fan). They say "only 15 dollars was lost get over it." Like no its not right my order was over 15 bucks, but thats beside the point. Nozmo offered a product and it was her duty to work with the customers to either fulfill the orders or make it right. While the complete opposite happened, she up and disappeared from all online interaction in the western world went on a trip to japan and is making comics one of which won 500 + dollars. All the while she basically took advantage of her fans by not saying or contacting any of the people who gave their money to her because they loved her work and wanted to support her. A big fu if you ask me. I know some people, a month or more now, have gotten the stuff they ordered, but I haven't received mine. I think all the people who got their orders are from Canada(maybe). Im in the us, so I'm hoping that nozmo is just working on the other orders finally at her pace (which she should have been doing all along) and that she just hasn't decided to forego all the others who ordered from her. I wish she'd let anyone know what is up with orders or just contact the people who ordered from her and offer a refund if it's to much for her. If not, oh well maybe next year haha.

No. 17754

@cheapexorcism also nozmo did refund ppl as much as she could but aight" HAHAHAHA LOL UM NO. How in the heck do you refund as much as you can? You freaking either give a refund to all those whose orders you cannot fulfill or you don't at all, which is what Nozmo did. It's so easy to refund people on paypal she just couldn't be arsed. They obviously know nothing about this and weren't affected by it, yet act like they know it all. Like shhhhhh. I still love nozmo and her art and wish she would comeback, but still what she did to her fans was wrong. From my point of view, well after a year from when the order was placed, Nozmo has stolen my money and I still have no clue whether i'll ever get what I paid for. She has not ever contacted me or anyone else that i know of to let them know that there was a hold up in the orders (which would have been more than fine) or to offer a refund or just outright refund on paypal, if it was to much and she didn't feel up to it no explanation required. I'm glad nozmo is sending out orders recently and I hope I get mine. I do feel bad for nozmo because of this whole situation and i love her work a lot and hope she is okay, but to just say "eh who cares" does a great disservice to those who supported her and are her fans.

No. 17755

any news?

No. 17756

Yeah I don't think we'll hear anything from her unless we fly to BC and find her ourselves.

No. 17757

i was excited to see this thread, i found her through the Petunia Violet webcomic as well.
no news on the whole situation though? it's been a year now

No. 17758

Even after everything that's happened I'd give anything to see Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet concluded.

No. 17759

me too, have been following since 2012

No. 17760

I dont feel bad for her. I hope she attempts a comeback and gets shot the fuck down and that people continue to shoot her down for a solid year after she comes back. She fucked up in TOO many ways to deserve any pity. It's one thing to take a year to get people their stuff but she also ran off to japan, was still making money off of hiveworks. It should have been as simple as limiting the amount of preorders and doing them in sets.

I dont give a fuck if she's young or whatever idk how many orders she sold but even if it was 100 (which I'm assuming it was a lot more) I see it less as 'people complaining about $15' and more as 'an artist ran away with hundreds to thousands of dollars with seemingly no intention to send them out.

No. 17761

File: 1474889979338.jpg (89.61 KB, 500x738, 1457473570142.jpg)


Like her art style or not, I think she's a good story teller and it saddens me that at this rate TAPV will most likely never be finished, but she fucked up big time.

She had talent, a decent fanbase and things could have only gotten better from there but no. It's over for her and she's got no one to blame but her own fucking self.

I wonder what is she up to, now that she's stopped posting on Japanese sites as well? Will she try and reappear with a new identity and style, eventually? She literally has nowhere to run at this point and boy, do I wish someone could get a hold of her irl and force her to admit that she stole thousands of dollars from her fans.

At the very least, her artist friends who tabled with her should be able to get in touch with her? Why has no one done anything yet? Are they still protecting her?

No. 17762

I agree that I think she stole money and knew what she was doing in my opinion. Everything now is just damage control. I remember when I ordered my zines they sold out quick and I was really happy to have snagged a few for myself. But, then nozmo put up more for preorder after the initial ones sell out. So I'm left wondering the whole story of getting overwhelmed doesn't make sense to me because she conciously took the time and effort to update the storenvy page and put "more" up for sale. What doesnt make sense is why didn't she put a cap on how many she was going to sell/ print the seller has all the control. if she was overwhelmed because she got to many orders than she could dish out she should have started form the bottom giving refunds to those who bought last and apologizing that she oversold her merch. Idk with that Japan trip and all it just makes sense she knew what she was doing from the get go.

No. 17763

If her own publishers can't get ahold of her, none of us stand a chance. All she had to do to fix things was refund people or keep them in the loop about the printing process. I back a lot of artist kickstarters and whenever there's a delay and the artists gives an explanation and update, they're always met with "It's okay! Take your time~". If she's not willing to own her mistakes, she's a fraud

No. 17764


Me as well. Might be off topic, but I guess I'll just ask here: while following the Nozmo situation on Twitter, I found a single tweet (https://twitter.com/RforRoo/status/750835360834293761) mentioning that the TAPV site's domain expires at the end of this year. I don't know anything about maintaining websites or how Hiveworks functions, but should fans be concerned about the comic site being a 404 in the future?

No. 17765

I don't know who this is, just saw how people never got a product they ordered.

You can absolutely contact your credit card and file for a claim that you never received the item. You fill out a simple form, and you can even add in some online proof they have not refunded everyone. They will then contact the seller asking for proof of shipment. If they can't provide it, they do a charge back and you get your money back.

Hope you all get refunds. Nothing pisses me off more than scammers.

No. 17766

*credit card company

Also I should add it doesn't matter if a long period of time has passed if there is proof they kept putting things off and not shipping, but telling you they would. So you can do this any time. Good luck anons.

No. 17767

>178481 thank u for posting that information.

and i agree with the others, TAPV was a great comic and imo it had the potential to be even more awesome. i loved how in between chapters she had this really nice art-and-craft interlude with the main characters. it truly was a work of art and i cant begin to express how incredibly disappointed i am that all of this happened. the accountability is just not there and hopefully people can get their refunds back.

No. 17768

Hopefully she'll come back and make an official statement. It would be her last chance. She'll never be able to work again because nobody will trust her. Are there other legal things we can do?

No. 17769

No problem! Happy to help!

>Are there other legal things we can do?
You could perhaps report her to the better business bureau, or whatever equivalence would be in the country she is from/lives in? (Sorry, again I didn't much about her.) But that depends on if she is established as a business or not. If not, you could perhaps report her to that other one which handles people getting scammed on the internet (I think it is FBI related?).

If everyone she scammed reports her and also contacts their CC company or bank, I think that would be very effective.

No. 17770

I think you can report her to paypal and storenvy even though her store is closed. IDK I think the best thing to do is keep awareness up. Like dont be mean because then you'll be dismissed as a 'omigawd h8r'

Play the pity card like 'It's been x-months and I still havent gotten my nozmo books. Starting to feel like she just ran off to japan with my money and I'll never get them' or whatever fits. Cause it's just like to completely disappear and to ACTIVELY try to continue being an artist online in another country is just SO SHITTY.

idk i just keep thinking she literally had it ALL and had time to post stuff otherwise too? She has a webcomic she was getting paid for, sold seemingly hundreds of doujinshi (which is super rare for western artists) and sold other merch??? Like she probably made enough money to go to japan 100% on the money she made and the average artist who is BETTER than her isnt able to do that.

No. 17771

I've only recently learned that she upped the number of copies up for preorder myself and I have to say that I agree with you, at this point.

My theory is that she saw shit sold out fast, saw the potential to make enough to fund her trip and overestimated herself/underestimated the situation and went on to sell more than planned. I believe the anxiety and stuff came into play once she came back and realized that she wouldn't be able to send out all orders nor to send out what she had and refund the others. IMHO the reason for this would be that she didn't have all the doujinshi and charms printed out beforehand (would make sense considering the raised the cap) and when she came back she didn't have enough money left to get everything done.

What she did was shitty and I'd slap anyone trying to defend Nozmo at this point, however I do believe that the root of the problem here is her immaturity and selfishness. I don't think she meant for this to be a scam from the beginning.

I will also say again that I'm surprised none of the fellow artists that know her irl have come forward. People at Hiveworks can only do so much as they've always communicated through email from what I gather, but surely, the people who know what she looks like and have her number, her address could have done something to help.

No. 17772

I've only paid attention to this thread because I thought the art looked cute, but for Paypal, I believe you can only make your claim after no more than 180 days. If the account is tied to your credit card, you might have more luck with a chargeback there.

No. 17773

That is true for paypal, but not your CC company. That is why I said contact your CC company or bank, they can do much more than paypal in a situation like this.

No. 17774

I have faith the nozmo will send out the rest of the orders. I hope I get mine like those a couple months ago did.

No. 17775

i found her name and phone number;; i hope she will do the right thing, refund people/send out orders, finish her comic n keep social media presence to nil

No. 17776

For real? How did you do that?

No. 17777

uh, I have the same hopes as well, but I'm wondering a lot about the first part of your post…

No. 17778

I just found this thread after like…. two years of wondering where Nozmo went and I'm pretty surprised at all the information everyone's found! Is it bad to still be a fan of TAPV? It holds a lot of sentimental value to me as well as the fact that I just thought it was so cute. What Nozmo has done so far is wrong and I hope she eventually comes back in some way, even just with an apology statement as a sign that she is still thinking about this.

No. 17779

No, there's nothing wrong with still liking her work. I'm also still fond of TAPV as a comic and I wish the author wouldn't have done something this stupid and disappeared before it could finish.

All the potential future opportunities her comics work and fanbase (which seemed to only be growing until the incident) could have offered her was probably way more than a quick (and dishonest) buck made off of a doujinshi.

No. 17780

It wasnt hard i just googled, the original url for the comic is under her name, but her internet presence is still pretty nil anyway. Just a fb page with pictures of rin from free that is scrubbed clean otherwise.

No. 17781

I've been seeing Nozmo in the active users section of smackjeeves at random times throughout the day for a couple of weeks now. Unless she's posting comics with the hidden setting on then she's not doing much of anything.
I guess she could be reading one of the two active comics on her reading list but she wouldn't need to login for that.

No. 17782

Isn't her name jasmine but I don't really see what knowing her real name does anyone

No. 17783

Surprised to see Nozmo here! I was recently wondering where she went the past year since I follow her twitter like >>17745
I've been a fan of her since her Death Note/Alternate days so it's surprising to see this from her. She was always really nice, active, and energetic online but seemed to have anxiety problems in real life. I hope she gets this situation sorted out and works on redeeming herself. Sage for no milk to contribute.

No. 17784

anyone know where nozmo is posting now? I think she stopped using her drawr and I'm curious bc i miss her art.

No. 17785

she still doesn't post on tumblr

No. 17786

guys i just found nozmo's real name, her address, and her phone number. i don't know if i should spread that here but i literally found everything, not sure if she's moved but it did not take very long to find them

No. 17787

also, found a picture of her. remember that one time she posted in TAPV that drawing of herself?? a picture showed up when i typed in her full name and it is really really similar to that drawing she did even tho it was kind of doodley

No. 17788

the address is in canada so i am like 99.9% sure i actually found her real info

No. 17789

Just post it it isn't against site rules and we aren't going to doxx them or something

No. 17790

please don't post it. i'm really disappointed and angry with nozmo too, and i doubt anyone is going to go to her address and fight her, but don't spread that information. she's a person and she deserves some level of privacy

No. 17791

It's not against the rules since she's an adult, so deliver or gtfo. Most people in this thread seem sympathetic to her, so I doubt anyone's gonna pull shit.

No. 17792

dude are you fucking kidding me? dont post someone's personal details online do you know how much that would freak anyone out? shitheads gotta chill…

No. 17793

…they were already online.
and the person said they weren't even hard to find lol

No. 17794

What a terrifying turn of events!
In related news:
It looks as though the domain to petuniaviolet /does/ expire on Dec. 31st 2k16 though! I hope she renews it before then.

I still see Nozmo on sj should I send a pm her way? What should I say? I'd hate to scare her off but :^I

No. 17795

I'd say go for it?

No. 17796

What is sj?

No. 17797

The comic hosting site!

No. 17798

I think she would be aware already since it's her site. If she lets it expire it probably means for sure that the comic is done for.

No. 17799

Oh thanks. Yeah hope she renews it will be sad to see taatpv go.

No. 17800


Same anon who originally asked about the site here, and I hope she renews it too. :C I'll be sure to back up everything just in case.

Huh, and you mean she is still logging onto Smackjeeves? Idk if you've already decided on whether or not to pm her, but I'm not not sure if it would help resolve things. I'm aware that at least one person who was posting about the Nozmo situation on Twitter/Tumblr had messaged her on Drawr a couple times, though they didn't mention what they wrote… I could be wrong, but I'm assuming other people have sent her messages as well, and judging from the range of people's reactions (concerned, disappointed, sympathetic, unforgiving, upset), it's quite possible that she's received different messages reflecting these. But that could be just be speculation on my part. xD So… I guess my unhelpful answer is anything could happen since we don't know exactly what's going on. She might get scared off again, or she might not.

man do i just wish she'd say something to her fans

No. 17801

*heh, "not not sure", I meant just "not sure"

No. 17802

I wish she would say something too. I feel like just communicating with the buyers/ fans would resolve a lot of the tension and things could get back on track for her or she/ we can move on from this issue.

No. 17803

Do you know an easy way to backup the comic?

No. 17804

I can't think of an "easy" way to back it up, but I could potentially go through the entire comic and save every page, then post them all somewhere else! I'm sad to see it go, too. Even if she doesn't keep it updated, I still love what's already been online to see.

No. 17805


Me again, I'm pretty unknowledgeable on an 'easy' way of backing things up, but I was just going through each page of the comic and saving them in both the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and archive.is. Wayback Machine in case archive.is goes down/has ads someday (they seem to be asking for donations now), archive.is in case the site gets slapped with a robots.txt or something and Wayback can't display the site anymore. There are… probably better ways of going about making sure things are archived, but I'm okay with this since I'm basically rereading the comic again :D Currently archived up to page 298. I'm busy with school so it's a little sporadic, but I'll have it done unless I die or don't have Internet for some reason.

And also I already have the majority of the comic pages saved on a thumb drive somewhere, so there's that

No. 17806

That sounds really smart to me! I was going to save things on a Tumblr or something where the posts were laid out like the general online comic format (each "post" would be a comic page and would take up a page of the tumblr, so it would function like the real deal) and maybe some of nozmo's older art from their blog in case that would be the next thing to go (just based on nozmo's potential future actions).

No. 17807


Thanks xD Setting up a Tumblr thing is a good idea as well! I'd say go for it if the site ends up being taken down(xD)

No. 17808

I'll definitely get on it!

No. 17809

I just want my money back tbh.

No. 17810

That's totally understandable.

No. 17811

don't blame you one bit

No. 17812

I want my money back too. I mean it's good a couple people got what they ordered a couple months ago but like me and many others are left in the dark & will prob never to see any merch or our money ever.

No. 17813

As far as I know the people who got their orders all resided in Canada. She's too cheap for international shipping and only sent those to placate people after some figured out she was shitposting on drawr daily.

No. 17814

Can you verify this? At one point I looked at the Twitters of people who received their orders and one of them said their location was New Jersey, I think.

No. 17815

I live in Canada and I didn't get my order.

No. 17816

I remember this ask sent on tumblr
>starrwinter asked:
>I can confirm just received my Nozmo order and sketch, so they're definitely on the way which is awesome news! In Canada, so might take a little longer for others.

It would be nice if she sent ALL her Canadian orders but she obviously only sent out a handful.

No. 17817

Yeah, I searched around for a bit and found that ask. I also made a list of tweets I found in which people said they received their orders (if anyone wants and if it's not bad, I could paste it for reference, I guess). It didn't seem to me to be just Canadians, but then again people weren't really disclosing their locations. I think two others were from California though, from poking around.

At any rate, the list of tweets is a rather short one. I don't know how many people placed orders, and how many people just didn't make ecstatic announcements on social media, but it's 9 tweets. And not much else but ppl's reactions afterward, unfortunately :/ Sorry all.

No. 17818

I live in the UK and I got my order quite quickly. Almost as if nothing was wrong at all and no one was running off to Japan.
I only realised like 6 months ago that Nozmo had gone ghost.

No. 17819

You gotta post a picture for receipts otherwise no one has any reason to believe that.

No. 17820

I doubt that, since a friend got her order months ago and we live in Florida.

No. 17821

if u don't have pics of the merch sent to u or your friend these is no reason to believe

No. 17822

File: 1478984984702.jpg (1.13 MB, 1836x3264, 20140917_144819.jpg)

No. 17823

Wow, wish I had those. But are the Todd & Petunia books part of this merch mess? I thought this was over her doujins from her Storenvy (I didn't follow the results of the TAPV Kickstarter, so might be a dumb question)

No. 17824

Are you even following the conversation here? This isn't about tapv books, she wasn't in charge of sending those out at all.

The only thing tapv kickstarter thing she didn't do was complete the $200 commissions.

No. 17825

Yeah it's not about the tapv books its only about doujinshi. I wish I had one too :-) can you take a pic of the back of the book I'm curious what is on the back cover o can't find any images of it online anywhere?

No. 17826

File: 1479947256804.jpg (226.22 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

Hi, there! I had honestly been terrified for over a year that Nozmo had died. I'm thankful to this thread for proving otherwise, but I'm so sad and sorry to everyone who was mistreated in this incident. :(
anyway, I wanted to share the back cover of the TAPV volume for you.. It's a very lovely book. I'm sorry that the picture is a little dark.

No. 17827

Yeah I'm glad Nozmo isn't dead, I wondered about her long silence too. Ugh wish she would overcome this and come back and make things right .wish I had the book! Thanks so much for posting the back cover
it looks so fab!:0

No. 17828

Was one of the people who ordered the $200 commissions. Got everything but the commission. Whenever I asked about it, back when she was still responding, the response I got was always "I'll be doing those soon orz" or something to that effect.

Considering pursuing it through my bank like someone here recommended but it's been a good two years or so, so I'm probably out of luck :\

No. 17829

the fuck anon. I would have been pissed after a month. are you a saint?

No. 17830

Do you guys think she'll be back?

No. 17831


I'm betting people are gonna say no. I personally feel there's still hope, but Nozmo definitely needs to be able to pull herself together and get stuff done. I wish there was more information about exactly what happened so I could have a definite opinion about the state of things, haha. I want to believe that Nozmo has the desire to set things right and the courage to come back… but I don't know her personally. I would venture to guess that she needs help though.

No. 17832

Well, I finally finished making sure the TAPV site is fully archived on the Wayback Machine and archive.is in case the Dec 31st apocalypse occurs. I hope it doesn't, but it doesn't hurt to be safe. archive.is has duplicates with the old disqus comments because I can't view them on Wayback for some reason. Also the Wayback link below says 602 urls instead of 607 like it should, but I think that's a temporary thing.


No. 17833

Pfft well the Wayback link I posted didn't quite work out, but I guess that's cause asterisks got turned into italics or something. I don't frequent this place so sorry for being a moron

No. 17834

If anyone still hasn't gotten or seen her doujins I have a few of them including her original ones for TAPV that I could post if needed, also the bonuses in the kickstarter TAPV vol.1

No. 17835

yes please!! would you be willing to sell those?? (for original or discounted price)

No. 17836


I've always wanted to see the tapv ones! Can you post a pic of your collection? :>

No. 17837

File: 1482182919090.jpg (1.23 MB, 2448x2448, IMG_5111.JPG)

Certainly! I don't have her yugi oh one nor the first in her TAPV series (there was 3, AA,BB,CC) and I don't have her free! One she released in color with her stuff from online but these are the ones I do have. And sorry anon I don't have intentions to sell these I do apologize.
But I can scan them and set aside files to send out for anyone that wants to see them.

No. 17838

hey we'd love if you posted the scans, thanks for offering dude

No. 17839

Np once I finish scanning them I'll throw them into a zip and share a Dropbox link here for people to access and download if that works for everyone.

No. 17840

File: 1482234744736.jpg (2.04 MB, 2448x1593, IMG_5113.JPG)

Finally finished scanning everything, it's late here at the moment so I will be uploading this tomorrow sometime later if not the day after, will post link when I do. (All the files will be in one zip)

No. 17841

Hey everyone!
As seen in the earlier comments I offered to scan what I had of nozmos collection of doujin/zones etc and put it all together in one file.
Well I have finished doing so and it can be found here at this Dropbox for anyone who wants to see the things stated.

feel free to pass along the link to anyone else that you may know that wanted to see these pieces of work by NOZMO.

LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wqfjitegpbclyvi/NOZMO%20COLLECTION.zip?dl=0

If there is any issues with files or the link do let me know.

Cheers and take care everyone.

No. 17842

* ZINES I meant

No. 17843

thank you!

I would never support this artist so this is satisfying

No. 17844


Thanks for taking the time to do this! The files seem to be in order. I feel a bit parasitic since I'm just a TAPV fan who wasn't financially involved, but this is kind of thrilling to see after over a year nearly devoid of Todd and Petunia. I hope the doujin stuff will help those who weren't able to get physical copies they paid for at least a bit happier

No. 17845


You're amazing! I'd ordered Yowapeda zines and they never arrived, been a fan of TAPV and Free! as well, so I'm really glad you took your time to scan all of these.

It sucks I'll never get hard copies, but this is still better than nothing. Once again, thanks!

No. 17846

Thank you! I probably could have saved you the trouble with scanning the kickstarter book bc I have the pdf copy on hand LOL,, I'm really digging that scanned look though. ty for including the mini prints! I gasped!

No. 17847

Can someone post screenshots of the scans? Sorry but I can't see them in my device

No. 17848

Thank you so much! You are so sweet to take the time to do this for us! I really appreciate it! I will read all of these comics <3 I honestly miss nozmo even if she did something like that, I don't support what she did but I love her art and I think that is never late to do the right thing and send all the orders even if has been like more than 2 years or something, so much people still love her so I think that she can be forgiven, I hope she come back soon.

No. 17849

File: 1483667910540.png (4.27 KB, 364x100, rip tapv.PNG)

Todd Allison and the Petunia Violet is a 404. Apparently it was down yesterday too. Reminder that everything has been saved on Wayback Machine and archive.is.

No. 17850

File: 1483724511633.png (11.61 KB, 438x211, nozmo.PNG)

My Japanese is really dusty, but it seems Nozmo won another original manga competition…

No. 17851

Link: http://morning.moae.jp/news/3372

… :c Well, this is disheartening, though according to http://morning.moae.jp/news/2781 the deadline was way back on August 31. She got quite a bit of money there… I gotta wonder why she isn't going by a different name.

No. 17852

File: 1483744921422.jpg (462.88 KB, 1280x837, ygodj.jpg)

Would anyone be interested in me scanning these? I bought them from her at a local con a few years back and reading through the thread a lot of her ygo djs never got shipped?

No. 17853


yes thatd be great! :)

No. 17854

She's fucking awful. How can some people still say she can be forgiven? Love yourselves.

That's 6 thousand USD that she won.

I don't think changing her pen name would matter, her artstyle can't be disguised and people would still find out eventually somehow.

Did the person who had her personal details call and speak to her parents? I wonder if they even know their child has stolen thousands from people who trusted her. Dishonor on her family, their cow, etc.

No. 17855

I know. At first i tried not to blame her,ok she has issues,she'll probably work something out eventually. But it's been 2 fucking years and she just seems to don´t give a shit about anything, she just left TAPV behind and never looked back, with all the money she actively stole from many people. I think she deserves to be called a bitch tbh

No. 17856

Okey guys you are right :( I was saying she can be forgiven but then I read this post of the japanese contest that she won and I´m a little dissapointed :( Because I´m starting to thinking that she is just making new comics in Japan so she don´t really care about people of Orient :( if she won all this money she can send all the orders but she did´t so now I just don´t know :( Is hard to me thinking that someone can do something like that so I´m just trying to not judge but… I just don´t know now :( that´s so bad of her.

No. 17857

Yes pleeeaseeee! That would be great! <3 <3 <3

No. 17858

I feel the same as you do. To me, people can be forgiven if they come forward, admit they messed up, and then do what is needed to correct it. I'm not saying that she should be forgiven as things are right now. If she returns, acknowledges everything, GETS HELP, and fixes it, then that'll be good. I feel as if with the nozmo.tumblr.com site and her using the same nickname for the newer contest (though I guess it should kept in mind that she could have entered that one from anywhere in between March 1 and August 31; the spurt of doujin orders being received was from July 1 to July 10) are signs that she wishes to return at some point. She just needs to take the steps to do so.

No. 17859

Some of you guys must be tripping.

The doujinshi orders were from May 2015.

Since she stopped shitposting on twitter, she has posted Sweetie and won prize money from two different japanese manga competitions in 2016.

What signs of returning? She posted a few orders after people found her active on drawr and then disappeared again. If anything, this is a sign she doesn't give a fuck that people know she's alive but is ignoring what she can do to make things right.

Also keeping to the same pen name only helps her build her brand if she can point to her past work as her portfolio. What's the point of pretending to be a new artist if others can easily pick out her art style anyway.

No. 17860


Pretty please anon. I would love it! Thanks in advance!

No. 17861

where is the wayback taatpv site? any links? so sad its gone but as is life i guess. so weird nozmo would just drop years of work on a great stories witch such wonderful characters over a few hundred doujinshi. kinda show what kind of person she really was.

No. 17862

No. 17863


I can see your logic about the pen name, but using it has made finding her extremely easy via Google. Although I guess I don't know how people found her on the .jp comic site (I'm curious if it was or wasn't by search engine). Doesn't this also make things easier for people intent on telling Japanese fans on what Nozmo's done? I'm not saying you're wrong; it just seems like something I'd avoid doing. This thread is the first thing that turns up on Google when you search for "Nozmo" in English, and is still among the first results in Japanese.

No. 17864

Her new manga is up.


She's fucking shameless, her author comments there indicate clearly to me that she will only continue to do stuff in the japanese market and hopes to start a serialization there.

Nozmo-apologists need to realize she doesn't deserve to be defended further.

You're assuming japanese publishers would care about what she has done. If they think she can sell and might have an established fanbase, why wouldn't they publish her work? Clearly she still has international fans who don't care what she did and just want her to start drawing again. So why would japanese readers care? It didn't happen to them.

Also obviously what Nozmo has done is not comparable to the heinous acts of Woody Allen or Roman Polanski, but those two still have fans saying their body of work is more important than what they've done to actual human beings. Most people are just not gonna care as long as they are entertained (by her comics), that's how Nozmo will get away with this. Or rather, is already getting away with it.

It seems like something you'd avoid doing because I'd wager you wouldn't have just flounced off with other people's money either but Nozmo has done both. Your logic won't apply to her behavior.

No. 17865

She is an horrible person :(

No. 17866

Hey guys It seems that you can send a message to the japanese web about the manga of nozmo… Im not sure because I can't read japanese :S but why you guys think? You think this would be helpful?


No. 17867

What the actual fuck. I didn't think she would pull this shit AGAIN. Give me my goddamn refund.

No. 17868

Yes you can send a message through this link about nozmo, though I dont know what you could write that would wake them up

No. 17869

Twitter is exploding with Western fans cheering on her for publishing in Japan. I'm not sure if they are unaware or they actually choose to ignore the whole drama, but it seriouly makes me sick.

No. 17870


A serialization, huh. Well I guess I'm out on being neutral now. I'm disappointed. If Google Translate on that link is correct, her statement on winning in the contest includes 'trying to continue to do her best'. People have lost their money and TAPV has died with no forewarning, with only its fans to ensure it doesn't disappear from the Internet entirely. Nozmo, I don't think this is your best.

In the meantime, this new comic has blown up a little more than "Johnny and Love" did amongst Japanese Twitter people: https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=nozmo&src=typd I feel a little ill…

No. 17871

At this rate would an online petition be a bit more organised to send to the publisher instead of individuals trying to contact them through the website? We could perhaps even find someone to properly translate the open letter to the company.

No. 17872

You guys could all contact the payment method you used (paypal, bank, CC) and get a claim going. If you all ban together and do it and say you have proof she never shipped what you bought, you have a case.

I have seen this done before in collector comms with people who ran off with a lot of money and it works.

A few of you just need to tally together the numbers and perhaps get a group going of those who got ripped off (maybe exchange contact info?) so you have more weight to your case. If you can also provide proof that she is still active online despite not shipping goods, your bank/cc/paypal will do something about it.

No. 17873

>nozmo apologists on twitter

No. 17874

This is so much like Dakota to me, where she needs us, her Western fanbase, until she doesn't. "We're so dramatic" when really they're the one that caused the drama to begin with. I have zero clue what's wrong with Nozmo because this is so self-created. If I were her, I'd just come out honestly and say "I blew the money on a trip to Japan to achieve my manga-ka dreams and you'll never get what you payed for."

No. 17875


ygo doujin anon pls come thru ;_____;

No. 17876

Can anyone else get into the TAPV archive? I think it's been deleted?

No. 17877

It's kind of sad since she might have established a much more stable (and eventually larger) stream of $$$ from her comics like TAPV if she simply gave out refunds and apologized after the incident. Missed opportunities all around.

No. 17878


It's dead as a doornail, and will be unless Nozmo decides to renew it. Only way to access the complete TAPV comic at the moment are through the two archiving services mentioned up in >>17862

No. 17879


should we involve the law in this?

No. 17880

It's not the law per say, but it does involve some legalities, yes. But you guys have EVERY right to go through your payment sources to get your money back. I suggest you do, because people like this will never do the right thing.

No. 17881

Does anyone think she'll ever come back?

No. 17882

I'll have to say. No it's been two years since she took doujinshi orders and abandoned taatpv and months since she was on drawr. She has obviously decided to leave the west behind and try to fool the eastern audience into thinking she is great. When she is a scum thief who had no respect or any appreciation for people who liked her and her art.

No. 17883

I honestly think that people who still support her are really stupid -_-U but lately I realize that people everywhere are so stupid with all the problems in the world or internet, I just tired of people in general I can't even read all the good things of her in twitter that's pissed me out they just don't care about the bad thing that she does, she is literally a thief -_-U Sorry guys I really upset

No. 17884

she really needs to give refunds to at least salvage some of this situation…it's past the point of no return and she's just pushing on and trying to ignore what she did. i called but went to voicemail and i wasn't sure it was even her so i didn't leave a message.

No. 17885

yeah for her it does seem over. too bad/ i don't think she post anywhere for the time being. i hope she at least feels \a\\ bit ashamed for deceiving people and leaving them dry

No. 17886

I used to really enjoy TAPV and I'm sad I won't see it finished. If she scams her eastern audience (which she might try to do) then she'll run out of places to hide. Part of me hopes she gets in trouble there and is forced to confront her mistakes.

No. 17887

Part of me thinks she won't try to scam them. Everyone's shitty weeaboo dream is to be a ~*~*manga-ka in japan*~*~ and she seems to be getting her foot in the door, so why mess it up?

I don't think scamming western fans was her intention, as much as it was "lets get these books out!" turned into "oh i dont need my western fans to get big in japan time to leave them behind" and then just got up and left with no regard to her old fans, rather than "i'm malicious and plan to outright scam them from the start"

No. 17888

Pretty sure it was was malicious and for sure was willful negligence. No matter if she saw her dreams coming true and wanted to pursue her comic dreams in Japan she just fucked off everyone. She didnt owe anything to her audience and supporters and to decide to have radio silence on her social media and to give up taatpv is her decision. But she hell of a lot did owe the people who put money into this to get a product we never received shit a response on wtf she was doing and just issue a fucking refund. She was malicious and I hope she can live knowing she is a literal thief and con. Overwhelmed fine but no excuse to not just give back what she owes which is as easy as one click.

No. 17889


I think it was at least in part malicious. Once she realized she didn't her western fans, she blew everyone off without so much as an apology or an update about where people's products went. A decent person would have at least apologized.

No. 17890

Can someone explain to be how she got so big because her art looks extremely mediocre at best. Was she just one of those inexplicable tumblr BNFs?

No. 17891

My uninformed response: I followed her for her original works, and so did others. Dunno about people who bought her fan stuff. Not sure how I feel about her art style these days (and I'm not a critic, lel), but I always liked her storytelling and characters. And remember she won those Japanese contests, which wasn't fan stuff. YMMV I suppose though.

No. 17892


She was a good storyteller and some of the more experimental chapter covers for TAPV were very visually interesting. She was also a big presence in a lot of fandoms like Yu Gi Oh.

No. 17893

I think it's telling that everything she worked to establish is gone imo bc this is the first link when you type in her name now. Which tells a lot and idon't see that changing in a long time.

No. 17894

Basically this >>17891
I followed her pre-tumblr (aka dA years) and she had a recognizable style and a fun sense of humor. She also would actually update her smackjeeves comics which was impressive considering most comics would give up around 10 pages in. Her art isn't the best but it's recognizable enough to tell if an alt account is hers and her storytelling beats out a lot of webcomic artists

No. 17895

RIP Nozmo

No. 17896

Anon here who scanned the zines:

I'm very happy that people got to see content they didn't get to and that it helped those who needed it.

Also about the PDF lmao no worries (it was worth to scan it for you guys who got cheated by her)
And with the yugi oh doujin that would be great to see! If you ever get free time to scan it We appreciate the offer!

But yeah after coming back to check this forum it's fucking unbelievable that she did this, I meet her at a con in person and she seemed so down to earth and well liked amoung the Vancouver artist community especially, can't believe things turned out this way.

I have no sympathy for her for what she's done and if she ever gets caught in it, I guess as others say we can't tell for sure what she is thinking but the hole is dug in way too deep for her now, it's sad to see someone do this to people in general and again I hope she gets a big wake up call one day for thinking she can just sweep it under a rug cause that's so disrespectful even if that wasn't her intention in the first place.

As they say, what goes around comes around.

No. 17897

say, can't we hire someone that can find her, like a private detective or something, it sounds dumb i know, but i don't think she's ever coming back

No. 17898

It's pretty disappointing her behavior. and especially how old fan/friends of hers who seem to be cheering for her on twitter about her comic.
If it was an honest mistake of hers why did she run away and go silent? some of her mutual followers on twitter seem like they havent spoken to her since she left either.

I would be happy for her success too but it all just seems so shady running off to another community after scamming people. If only there was a way to communicate to the JP community about her. I honestly feel like she knows/hopes the language barrier will keep her safe from the drama she caused.

No. 17899

Now we need someone to come through with scans of the zines people ordered

No. 17900

Seriously, where the hell did you guys order that physical copy of TAPV? I lost my respect my Nozmo but gdayum, I still want a copy of that.
I don't care if it's not on sale or whatever anymore, I just want to know.

No. 17901

>>17900 I ordered one from the InkBlazers store before it went down. I'm not sure where you would find one now

No. 17902

I reached out to a couple of Nozmo's old 2k10 fanbase for some pics or scans of Asymmetrical Applications. The trilogy is complete. http://imgur.com/a/UWlGg (Sorry for taking so long to post. I actually haven't read it myself yet. )

No. 17903


Dang, I was wondering about that one. Thanks for posting :)

No. 17904

So anyone know if Nozmo is still posting anywhere online anymore I saw ppl talking about drawr or simething like that any clues I miss her so much lol

No. 17905


No posts on her drawr since June, not aware of any postings elsewhere. I noticed she hasn't updated nozmo.tumblr.com Works page with the Underground manga.

In random news, I found that one of the lucky people to get their doujins last July (https://twitter.com/princeofichis/status/749039984552927232) got into hot water themselves for not sending stuff that people paid for: http://pacaprincessholly.tumblr.com/post/157752163513/do-not-buy-from-prince-ichiichi-art-scammer So that's… sad and mildly amusing.

No. 17906

is nozmo @princeofichis?

No. 17907


Nah, ichi's someone else entirely: >>>/snow/256213

No. 17908

I'm still mad I never got what I paid for. It's weird tho that someone who over put themselves online like nozmo with multi account and posted multiple time A day doesn't have anything or isn't talking online to their buddies. I didn't think she could go this long but I guess she prob just has a priv twitter or something and they are just protecting her or are over her scam.

No. 17909

Okay LOL one day after I said there were no postings, she started posting art to her drawr: http://drawr.net/eclectic well um ok then

No. 17910

On her drawr
"Location : 独房
"Location: Cell
Nowadays Depressed"

Get help, Nozmo. >_>

No. 17911

She's in my basement

No. 17912

Wow ok lol cool. I missed her but can't believe what she did. What does cell depressed mean? I hope she is ok but she dug her own grave so to speak and it would have lightened her load a bit if she would just refund or give ppl their stuff. Maybe it's weighing on her conscience

No. 17913

Didn't people start getting their merchandise though? I remember some people on Twitter getting their stuff in late 2016. Honestly I just want her to face everyone and continue Todd Allison. It's so tiring checking her tumblr and waiting for updates that probably won't come

No. 17914

It was a handful of people back in July (I found 10 tweets where people got the things), but there are plenty who never got their stuff.

I second >>17910, Nozmo get help headdesk

No. 17915

I'm gonna go ahead and assume there were just lots of people that have private twitters or didn't say anything, but I hope everyone gets/got their merch

No. 17916

I've been a fan since her smackjeeves days so call me selfish but I hope she gets over whatever it is she's dealing with. (been in a rut too) She, as a creator, had made me so happy during some dark times so I at least appreciate how much love she put into her works. I'm sure she wouldn't be able to live with herself if this issue went unresolved.

Nozmo, wherever you are, I hope you know there are still people out there rooting for you. Thanks for all the good memories and great stories!

No. 17917

lmao I'm not. There are thousands of mediocre artists on tumblr for you to find and fan over. Go there and give up on this person who clearly doesn't give a shit about their fans and the people who actually gave her an audience to get noticed.

No. 17918

Nozmo is a stellar storyteller, and I loved her for her stories. Yeah, what she did was wrong, but that doesn't mean I DON'T want her to continue her story

No. 17919

wow glad she could afford a copy of P5! :^)

No. 17920

From the looks of it the only people that got their orders were those who were really close to her, to use an excuse that "she did try to send the merch".

>I'm sure she wouldn't be able to live with herself if this issue went unresolved.
She already is, she made off to Japan with all the money she stole lol.

No. 17921

No. 17922


Can you prove that these people were close to her at all?

I also don't believe she's living in Japan, and I'm not sure how people got to that conclusion. On her sister's twitter there are a bunch of tweets regarding P5.

No. 17923

Just going back if anyone knows where I'd be able to get a copy of TAPV, I wanted the physical copy for so long, and would love to know if there's any way for me to get one

No. 17924

File: 1492686724312.jpg (1015.3 KB, 1936x1296, DSC_4595.JPG)

Throwback to this fucking thing

No. 17925

I also doubt she moved to Japan, as her newer tumblr still says she's based in Canada

No. 17926

I found out about Manami Murder Mania too late to buy but seeing this sensual beanpole here I'm a little glad I missed out. Jeepers.

>>17923 You're going to have to shake someone down for their copy or maybe ask former Inkblazer employees if they know where unsold copies went. I've always wondered that myself,, Where'd the books, stickers and handmade dolls go?

No. 17927


Is it weird to say that I kinda like the style?

It seems familiar to another artist who mostly does tragic stories…. the name escapes me

No. 17928

It reminds me of Usamaru Furuya a little bit; actually kinda wish I could read it, seems like something I might like tbh. Maybe I shouldn't admit to that though lol

No. 17929

The nozmo story is only three pages unfortunately

No. 17930

Could you take pics of the other pages pls:3 if you have time. Also what is Nozmo tumblr I miss them!

No. 17931

"New" tumblr is at nozmo.tumblr.com, but it's more of a portfolio type thing and hasn't changed since last year or so. She's active on drawr.net/eclectic, but posting in Japanese…

No. 17932

What even is this thing? Is it dousing or original and what's the name?

No. 17933

Doujin, not dousing. Thanks, phone.

No. 17934

File: 1492812705723.jpg (255.82 KB, 800x1195, DSC_4606.JPG)

Here's the third and final page of nozmo's comic. I'd scan it but I don't want to damage the book, sorry.

It's a Yowamushi Pedal Doujin

No. 17935

Omg! Thanks so much for the pic! I really love Nozmos stuff but still all these years later i can believe she flew the coup like that Smdh

No. 17936

does anyone know Nozmo's real name? I got a whole lot of people claiming to know her full name and how she looks and everything but after reading most of the replies, they all seem to just be false claims.

No. 17937

No one is posting about it here bc not
only is it useless info but it's pretty easy to find online.
but mostly, who gives a shit.

Get me that good info. How often is noz playing/drawing p5 instead of
working on orders from 2k15? Someone fill me in and end me.

No. 17938

Just face it, those orders are never coming.

No. 17939

no one seems to be doing anything either! i mean hell, i would have called someone already, cause what she did whas clearly a scam.

No. 17940


lol ikr. I'm still sympathetic towards her but has anyone gone ahead with what >>17872 said? DO IT GUYS

No. 17941

What did they say? Was it legal action? If so that's more hasle than it's worth luckily I only lost aroun 40!ish bucks from what I can recall and the date for PayPal is well past for reclaim even more than a year + ago it was too late. She is a scammer for sure though and I hope she feels horrible

No. 17942

lol well ok if its so easy to find can you point me in the direction where i can find it?

No. 17943

i hope with all my soul she's reading this, and makes her feel like the piece of shit she is.

No. 17944

her name is jasmine. just search "nozmo jasmine" and her full name comes up. but she's wiped her social media clean so it's useless to know it.

No. 17945

File: 1493695179000.jpg (66.56 KB, 250x200, nozmo.jpg)

Found a picture of her. She's on the left.

No. 17946

She looks so happy, i guess she genuinely doesn't give a shit

No. 17947

What is she wearing?

No. 17948

It's a hijab lol

No. 17949

I doubt this picture was taken after the drama went down. And didn't she already send out the orders? jesus guys

No. 17950

Not when they haven't been received for two years or so

No. 17951

Yeah that pic was from before everything fell apart. I knew someone was gonna take an unfair jab at it lol. But she only sent some of the orders. I really wish we could have genuine numbers here, besides 10 tweets of people getting their orders…

No. 17952

I never got my order from her. I was so excited last year around this time when I saw a handful of ppl on twitter getting their orders and proud of Nozmo for doing the right thing at the time but here we are. Still nothing oh well >:-p

No. 17953

I wanna read the whole thing god damn it!!!

No. 17954

They said that was the whole thing it was a short only a couple pgs. The rest is other artists not solely Nozmos stuff

No. 17955

I never received them.

No. 17956

I honestly want Nozmo back.
Even if she is a bitch and all for running away, we can't lie she makes good shit…

No. 17957

I know exactly how you feel, would give anything to see TAPV finished

No. 17958

not sure how many, but a bunch of people finally got what they bought from her?? if you search through twitter you can see a bunch of people got what they ordered after 2 years… apparently from nozmo's sister and not nozmo herself

No. 17959

I ordered some of her yowapeda zines back in may of 2015… never heard back from her again, read this thread, assumed I was never going to get my shit… until I got both the zines I ordered today. I'm glad she's doing right…. even tough it took 2 years

No. 17960

I believe Nozmo is just staying low up until she gets everything delivered.
Remember her kickstarter? The people who bought her stuff are more than she anticipated, I think she didn't thought it through of how famous she is in the online art community. I believe she sent the finish work to her sister and let her handle the rest like transportation, etc.

No. 17961

Just wanted to post on here I got my order today from Nozmo yay I never doubted she would be back and set things right! I'm pretty sure Nozmo did the sending out of packages etc bc she went above and beyond and did sketches in all the zines, put a big original drawing in as extra, plus she put a cute sketch on the packaging too. So I'm sure it's Nozmo mostly with ppl helping her out maybe. I'm glad she is coming through and I'll be anticipating her return online if she feels up to it , but I wouldnt be afraid to bc there are a bunch of people who support and love what they do.

No. 17962

lmao I find it hilarious how people are still licking her ass after she took 2 years to mail it out, when she wasn't even the one who did it, her sister did.

people are sooo thankful as if yall didn't pay for this shit 2 YEARS AGO lmao. she had no problem taking the money and using it to fund a trip but actually completing and sending out the product was ~*too stressful uwu*~…come on. ugh

No. 17963

Yeah I'm genuinely baffled at some of the posts in this thread. It's mediocre art and I feel like it's either just complete denial that they got scammed or it's rose tinted goggles that their "fave artist could never be scummy uwu"

No. 17964

Nozmo's stories and characters were phenomenal, and unfortunately some people can give out from stress. I got my order and yeah I was a little pissed, but I just want tapv to continue. And if you were reading, Nozmo has been doing a lot and I'm assuming all the orders being sent out have extra sketches in them.

No. 17965


Nah, no ass licking, more like "damn im glad I finally got my shit after 2 years instead of never getting what I paid for". Because it did not feel cool at all, nor do I ever want to "uwu support nozmo-chan" again after I and hundreds of others paid for her escape ticket to Japan.
So her (or sister, whatever) sending out our shit and being able to finally put it past us feels good

No. 17966

Yeah to each their own you don't have to like her art or stories. People have different tastes in things and that doesn't make one thing bad over the other it's personal preference. I mean having waited for 2 years is pretty pathetic without any word from the creator to let customers know there would be a delay. But I'm glad I got my order and it shows that she does still care enough to give ppl what she owed them. She could have just issued a refund,it would have been quicker, but she is pulling through, making an effort and putting in drawings for the extra wait which she didn't have to do. Idk why ppl keep saying her sister sent them bc it's obv she did them(not saying she didn't help pack and stuff) her sister couldn't have drawn in all the books and put extra sketches in or drawn on the mailing envelopes like they were. Any yeah I'm glad to put this to rest and move on.

No. 17967

Just wondering: is any of you lucky recipients from Europe? I'm located in one of the post-socialit countries and it feels like the chance I get my package is somewhat lower.
Besides, I remember everyone getting hopeful last year when a handful of people received their orders only to get their hopes crushed with another radio silence, so I'm not holding my breath this time.

No. 17968

I just got the Yu4 Arc-V doujin I ordered from her store 2 years ago in my mailbox today. Better late than never and I'm glad that at least in the end she wasn't planning on being a 100% con artist, even if it took forever and a half for a 20 page book.

If it hasn't been put up anywhere yet and anyone wants to read it (although I don't expect anyone else here to give a shit about Arc-V) I can scan it to the best of abilities and post a link here

No. 17969

I would be interested in scans! I still like her art tbh. I think it woulve been much smarter to refund people and send out PDFs of the comics, because this is a mess. As a fan of TATPV and her other work I'm disappointed she just bailed on her comics with no explanation.

No. 17970

Alright, I'll probably have it done tonight or by tomorrow morning. I genuinely like the book itself but it's like why 2 years? Oh well

No. 17971

Swede here and I just got my order

No. 17972

I just checked twitter and a ton of people are getting their orders. Apparently coming from her sister and not nozmo lol.

No. 17973

How could it not be coming from nozmo? People are getting nozmo's art all over their zines. Her sister might be sending them, but nozmo's doing most of it. In any case I'm glad she's finally getting her shit together

No. 17974


The Yu4 book scanned in as best I could manage

No. 17975

this shit is ugly and terrible, why was anyone waiting with bated breath for this? jesus christ, get some standards. after all this commotion and waiting and forgiveness, i at least expected good art and skillful layouts, this is some high school tier shit

No. 17976

Someone's got their panties in a wad u don't have to like it mate. Get over it lol. To each their own and she has wonderful storytelling capabilities that some people enjoy.

No. 17977

lmao i've got my panties in a wad yet you replied, unsaged, within 5 mins to wk this trash? do you know where you are?

really, i'm just genuinely surprised at how bad this is when people have spent this entire thread fapping and crying about how they'd still forgive her as long as they got their precious doujin 4 years late. i really expected something a lot more… quality

No. 17978

I forgot I even ordered the book until it showed up. It's the only piece of merch I ever bought from her store so it honestly wasn't a big deal for me personally. The lack of transparency and her basically running away from the issue is as scummy as it gets, but you seem pretty disproportionately assblasted about it since it's pretty much out of anyone's hands besides the author.

No. 17979

i think you guys are misreading my surprise for intense hatred here, but i'm becoming really suspicious about the continuing amount of white knighting itt

alright, in your words then, what makes this worth putting up with a scammy artist and waiting years for? it looks like a weird recolour multiverse yugioh?

No. 17980

Well you called it shit so it sounds like hate but if you do hate it is ok it's your opinion. I mean also it's not really about putting up with it. It was forced upon them in a situation that was out of their control. People mostly wanted what they paid for and they gave money in the first place because they enjoyed the artist and their stories. I mean if you downloaded the yugioh doujinshi that's pretty much Nozmos art style so if you hate it based on art you probably won't like their other stuff. you can google their tumblr if you wanted to look at their other orig comics, taatpv was great and a lot of people are sad about it just ending abruptly.

No. 17981

Obviously I didn't know I would have to wait 2 years for some niche fanbook when I first ordered it, not knowing exactly how much of a flake the author was going to be. It was pretty much what I expected it to be since there was a PV and I had read through TAPV.

The doujin was made before Arc-V nosedived and became the shittiest anime (even for a merch anime) known to mankind but I'm still a fan of the characters (or what they used to be) so I enjoyed it, especially since the source material itself failed to deliver on the main characters' interactions.

Also very obviously, I won't be supporting any of Nozmo's future endeavors if she ever works up the gall to try launching any projects on the western side of the internet again. Wouldn't be unwarranted if the people burned by her spread the word about her like wildfire on twitter if she tried anything again. She burned her bridges and should face the furthest extent of the potential consequences in that case, which is about the most anyone can do.

No. 17982

And why are you surprised this late into the thread despite this thread being months and months old with links to all her other works? I don't like Questionable Content and think Gunnerkrigg Court is way overrated, but I'm not going to sit in a thread dedicated to those webcomics and flail around asking why people like a thing.

No. 17983

i mean, i called a spade a spade. go look at axel ash's thread or holly brown's or any other art-related cow; they all get way harsher criticism than this, and no one cries that it's anything personal. the tone change in this thread makes me wonder where a lot of you came from and if you're really frequent users of the rest of this board.

also it's beyond just the art style, there's just not much talent to the layout or the paneling either. really, it looks amateurish. it's surprising to see a thread full of so many hopeful fans for something that looks like axel ash could have done the layout.

>Obviously I didn't know I would have to wait 2 years for some niche fanbook when I first ordered it
>Also very obviously, I won't be supporting any of Nozmo's future endeavors
this is fair, and i'm also curious how many people WOULD reorder after being burned by that, even if she's apparently sending out at least some orders now. i definitely agree that her shitty attitude should ruin her career, regardless of the quality of the work she puts out.
(also, thank you for being reasonable and not getting super defensive like the other anon shouting HAAATE)

to be totally honest, i skimmed this thread when it first got traction when it was first posted and then never read it again until now because it became a weirdly hopeful circlejerk. most threads like this would have devolved into pitchforks and torches, not having anons dreaming that the artist would keep doing more or being happy to see her continued works elsewhere.

>I'm not going to sit in a thread dedicated to those webcomics and flail around asking why people like a thing.

this is what makes me say what i said above about the tone of this thread being weird and wondering if y'all are really regular posters. it's lolcow. we're here to tear people apart for the nitpickiest of things. this isn't a fan thread, it's a hate thread on a hate site. why is it so ridiculous to think that someone would come shit on it?

No. 17984

> it's lolcow. we're here to tear people apart for the nitpickiest of things. this isn't a fan thread, it's a hate thread on a hate site
Except that naturally most people in here would be fans (or former fans) of her work since unlike the /pt/ darlings Nozmo is very closed off about anything in her personal life and the most she would talk about on twitter is whatever tv show she's into.

In fact, it's that lack of info of her life that led to this thread. Since she's as transparent as a brick wall about any issues or logistics problems there might have been with the orders, which was a very retarded move on her part.

No. 17985

I agree it's was the static silence and lack of courtesy that made all this snow ball the way it did. I'm a poster since last year and just got what I ordered from them and am glad to put it behind me( I still like Nozmos work but I will never put money behind it again.) The purpose of "lolcow" or not I feel like the purpose of this thread was for us users who actually bought a doujinshi and got boned (or people who follow and knew Nozmos work) to talk and vent about the current situation and see who if anyone had received anything or head from noz. Not to just randomly hate just to do it as it's not useful at all

No. 17986

I just want to read more TAPV. nozmo pls come back
also anyone know a site where all the most recent pages were archived? since that one site removed the comic

No. 17987

Look up a few post back two people archived it there's a link or two above

No. 17988

No. 17989

It's sad it took this long, not boo-hoo but she should be ashamed sad. It would've been better if she just said something, like the author of Best Friends Forever

No. 17990

I love reading content creator/scammer drama like this and the guy who made Sad Pictures for Sad Children… Makes me sad and frustrated for the people who get screwed over though. At least this person got their act together a bit after two(!) years.

No. 17991

What was wrong with Arc-V? I remember a while ago, people were saying it was really good for a YGO spinoff.

No. 17992

File: 1498572165938.gif (729.49 KB, 267x200, 1498346485689.gif)

It became a trainwreck

No. 17993

File: 1498600770719.png (1.34 MB, 600x1436, 1490840736232.png)

Every single character on the main cast got majorly shafted in some way. The MC became insufferable, even relative to the average shounen MC, so it's not like there were any high (or even average) standards going on around this toyetic show.

The main cast spent a lot more time on irrelevant bullshit dealing with unlikeable or boring one-off/side character nobodies rather than actually interacting with each other. Main cast interaction is one thing all its predecessors got at least halfway right even if they're also heavily flawed in other ways.

There's more but I dropped the show somewhere mid-way. It all led to the show eventually becoming the most infamous and lowest rated anime on nico, which is the most visited anime streaming site in Japan.

No. 17994

>Except that naturally most people in here would be fans

by that logic, any of the other artist threads should be full of stans too. someone on the internet thinks you have shit taste, get over it.

i definitely dont have the patience to read all this shit but she better be some jk rowling tier storyteller to get traction with that mess, wew lad>>17990

literally mte

No. 17995

>by that logic, any of the other artist threads should be full of stans too. someone on the internet thinks you have shit taste, get over it.
Except my point only was that you said that you were surprised there were any fans in here when it shouldn't be a surprise. I entirely understand why Nozmo's art would be unappealing to some people, no one's going to like everything. So why are so eager to tell everyone 10x you don't like a thing when everyone heard you the first time? Comes off as kinda insecure.

99% of the people who even recognize the name "Nozmo" and bother with this thread would've found her through her comics and art since she was very reserved about her personal stuff. Artists who get mentioned negatively here are often those blog more about their lives or are some kind of 'internet personality', or have a style that's purposely a lot more repulsive in the name of being a rebel against normal beauty norms.

No. 17996

Her art reminds me of amateur chinese knock-off shoujo manga, but it's really not the worst I've seen from webcomic artists who have managed to somehow attract a fanbase willing to shower them in money

No. 17997

I'm just glad I got my shit tbh. I see no need to be salty about this anymore. Yeah, two years and no response was shitty af, but I've commissioned one or two artists before that flat out took my money and ran, and I was attacked by their henchmen when I tried to speak up about it. In comparison, the fact that I got my shit is in itself a godsend

No. 17998

Does anyone remember Nozmos dreamwidth? I want to look at their comic again lol but can't remember it?

No. 17999

Dreamwidth? I'm not sure. What comic are you talking about? (all I'm aware of from her comics-wise are her Smackjeeves sites and the TAPV site)

No. 18000

Has she apologized for her behavior and going MIA on people who gave her money?

No. 18001

I think you should already know the answer to that lmao. If she apologizes and finishes tapv and never takes commissions/sells things when she can't handle it, I'll be fine. I'm just saying it's leagues better than being scammed and attacked for it.

No. 18002

Yeah I knew the answer but wanted to ask just in case. Until she apologizes, she's still in the hot seat. I mean, it's lolcow. Cows are here because they don't really take responsibility for their actions. It's good that she's finally sending out all of the stuff, but she's still mute about the whole thing.

No. 18003

Yeah, it's super unfortunate. I'm hoping that after she finishes drawing everyone's stuff that she gives a long apology to everyone otl

No. 18004

tbh I just want them to finish TAPV. That's the best apology imo

No. 18005

I will honestly forgive all else if I got to see the end. It left off on an interesting point too

No. 18006

read the rules; don't enter a name or use the subject line

No. 18007

Nozmo's sister made a few comments on twitter about the recent packages

No. 18008

Does anyone have a link to somewhere I can read Todd Allison and the petunia violet?
Every site I find that has it stops at chapter 11, but I know it went to at least 15 chapters.
I can't find it archived anywhere, and it's very dear to me. :(

No. 18009

idk why people thought that her sister was sending them in the first place when Nozmo drew stuff all over the orders. Knowing that she "probably" cut ties with the western fandom makes me sad though

No. 18010

I know. Some part of me has hope for TAPV to return one day. It really meant a lot to me.
I just can't accept that she's really never going to return to her fans here in the west.
I wish there was something I could do or say to make her come back. I loved her work, and she's my biggest inspiration as an artist.
It hurts that she'd leave us. She meant the world to her fans. :(

No. 18011

I wouldn't even mind never getting my order. I just really wish she'd finish that comic.
It was amazing, and I really poured all of my love into it. It got me through one of the toughest times in my life. I'm still so attached to the characters and the story.

I remember her being very sweet when she messaged me back in the day.

I'd be willing to forgive her, I know how difficult life can be sometimes.

But it's very painful the way she went about things. I wish she would at least talk to us.

No. 18012

stop samefagging and get over it

No. 18013

I wasn't aware that it would be a problem to post more than once, I don't typically go on forums. :/
Sorry if that's frowned upon, but there's no need to be a dick about it.

No. 18014

File: 1501716803873.png (50.19 KB, 202x200, 20170524_215646.png)

No. 18015

Someone uploaded all 17 chapters on imgur http://toddallisonpetuniaviolet.imgur.com/

No. 18016

Thanks so much! But when I open that, it takes me directly to imgur, not the pages or the account that posted them.

No. 18017

Same guy here:
Never mind, I am in fact a goddamn idiot. It's working just fine.

No. 18018

any news?

No. 18019

No. 18020

Her art is still pretty nice. I haven't seen her style in a while, it's nostalgic.
Damn shame about this whole mess, seeing that stuff reminds me of how much I always loved her shit. She used to inspire me a lot, in terms of her art style.

No. 18021

Agreed. She had a good thing going and threw it all away. Part of me hopes she'll somehow step up and apologize, but it's never going to happen. Using the same handle is pretty insulting.

No. 18022

A lot of people are now getting their orders and posting on twitter Oct of 2017

No. 18023

This is by far the kindest and most understanding thread on lolcow, so I expected some truly enlightened art, but this is average 'established fan artist on Tumblr' tier. Sit the fuck down and stop whiteknighting a mediocre scam artist.

No. 18024

People have been getting their orders so I can't call her a scam artist lmao

No. 18025

glad that she's not a sociopath and she's doing the right thing after all this time.

i hope once she finishes sending out the orders she comes back to english space.

No. 18026

Keeping people's money for years without delivering is not a scam? Okay.

Also sage your shit

No. 18027

what's so special about this shitty artist. really what the fuck

No. 18028

i mean why would anyone pay for this, why would this art have a huge fan supporting

No. 18029

Well, their popularity came from Mangamagazine.com (Before they went bankrupt) Their work was being advertised ALL OVER the site. So they were able to get a huge following. All of the other comics didn't even come CLOSE to getting the amount of exposure that her work got. So the popularity of the story came from the unfair advantage that she had over EVERYONE else. She was pretty much monopolizing the site and earning maybe 70% of the pie as a result of this. As to the art, I guess that's up to personal preference.

No. 18030

Have all of you already received your packages? I have seen that most people have received packages during October of 2017. Are there still people who have not received anything?
The latest update of Nozmo was 2018-01-01 : http://drawr.net/eclectic

No. 18031

I haven't received anything. At this point I don't even care about the anime those fanzines were for. Looking at her drawr I don't even know why I liked her art in the first place. It ranges from mediocre to hideous.

No. 18032

Well a lot of people liked her drawing more for the story when it was about tapv, I feel the art style was very good in the middle of the story, but now her style has became… strange Idk how to say

No. 18033

Yeah, got mine six months ago

No. 18034

Any news? I still can't help but miss Petunia Violet, even if Nozmo isn't morally the best person around :\(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 18035

Man at this rate I feel like we should take Tapv finish the story and take our fucking money back from her. I didn't order from her, since I'm not interested into these kind of things and also because I live in France, but man she just showed to us how shitty an artist can be and it makes me sad. A lot of others artists deserve the recognition she had during the old times

No. 18036

People on here so upset about an artist ripping them off when I know every single one of you is on the internet reading and watching illegally distributed manga and anime lmao. Like just cut your losses and be happy the artists you've stolen from aren't all busting down your door looks for the probably thousands you owe by now lololol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 18037

hey nozmo thanks necroing this thing for some random crap opinion no one gives a shit about

No. 18038

At least she isn't a scam artist. Phew!

No. 18039


No. 18040

Any news?

No. 18041

nozmo is a muslim ? i saw her pics with a head covering, maybe her religion hinders her work. judging tapv is not halal content with all the BL shiptease, foul language and violence, and infidel/kufir characters who knows she is arranged marraiged with a nasty man whom she is forced to have family with and be a muslim wife and mom without chance in fulfilling her dream. just like what happened to my muslim girlfriend so SAD and true story. i dont wanna assume but its my opinion sorry guys. when you are being forces to choose between culture,religion and freedom :((USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 18042

It’s been 3 years and nothing? I’m still not over TAPV and it’s so sad to the that I’ll never know what happened with those great characters. No one knows anything?

No. 18043

i'm not over it either, what a fucking tragedy man, it was the only webcomic i respected

No. 18044

It's been updated!

No. 18045

What updated?

No. 18046


No. 18047

File: 1542116569736.png (260.13 KB, 1248x1164, Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 8.42…)

No. 18048

Lol literally fuck her, that's some nerve to just come back and keep updating her comic like nothing ever happened. I still care about the comic but it's clear she thinks she can just pull a fast one and never officially address anything.

No. 18049

holy shit shes back after 3 years like nothing happened. what a TWIST. Wonder if she'll address all the shit her fans had to go through, or just be unapologetic about it.

No. 18050

File: 1543119390035.jpg (211.7 KB, 888x2154, IMG_20181124_201514.jpg)

I might have found her new Twitter? The art seems close enough, and they have the same way they format their comics. Thoughts? Pic related.


No. 18051

File: 1543122918227.jpeg (134.62 KB, 1022x872, A270E34E-87AA-436E-986A-BC87D2…)

I was put off by the art style at first but the variety of similar interests is too much of a coincidence for me. Plus she could definitely have adjusted her style to put people off her track. This picture definitely reminds me of her style though. I also saw her twpf link says she may post “incest, noncon, underage, shota etc”.

No. 18052

File: 1543146086545.png (34.49 KB, 839x372, 2018-11-25 12_40_28-Todd Allis…)

I'm not convinced but like the other anon said, the combination of art style and interests makes it seem plausible.

Nozmo is just updating TAPV like nothing happened, wonder if she's going to return to her old socials.

No. 18053

File: 1543178021200.jpg (115.12 KB, 1068x702, 0000.jpg)

Okay, does anyone else think it's more than just a coincidence that nozmo and this person happened to be into the same old non-mainstream anime in the same year? In addition to this person also loving chat noir, komaeda, and arc v as well as the art style, it just seems like too much of a coincidence.

By the way, do you think Nozmo browses this thread? It's the first thing that appears when you google her. There's something I'm considering but obviously it won't work if she already knows about it.

No. 18054

File: 1543190056909.jpg (145.18 KB, 1200x1166, komanguito.jpg)


nozmo definitely browses this place. just probably not all the time.


One of the biggest factors that sells me on the fact that this is nozmo is the fact that she first started posting using Japanese, then later to english. Her older works are also somehow cleaner and neater than the ones she worked on before? This twitter page was also made in feburary, which would make some sense in the timeline of nozmo disappearing and then reappearing on Japanese sites later on.

No. 18055

File: 1543291402677.jpg (103.46 KB, 937x578, 1.jpg)

Hey so… this probably wasn't the smartest course of action but I just went ahead and asked Nozmo if the account was hers(and asked if she'd return to social media), and she responded with this. Less than 2 hours later I found out that account went on private(I already saved some drawings so I'm not as concerned). She also posted an apology on smackjeeves and said she'd continue the comic http://todd-petunia.smackjeeves.com/comics/2702439/001-call-at-7/

And you may take this with a grain of salt, but a friend told me they saw the account's recent tweets before privating, something along the lines of "I'm a big idiot" and "I love my fave artist so much". So do you think this person really is just some Nozmo impersonator?

No. 18056

damn this is so weird lmao, I definitely think it’s just some kind of skin walker who really looks up to nozmo (obsessively copying her style, liking all of the same series/characters bc she does) because the style is more of a cheap imitation than really feeling like her work imo.

No. 18057

Yeah, that's definitely a possibility. To be honest I'm not sure because there's also a possibility of Nozmo lying and altering the style to throw people off. I wouldn't be surprised if Nozmo did have those kinds of weird fans, but I don't get why one would just pop up in February after 2 years of her being gone. She also hasn't posted on her drawr since April, so it'd make sense if it was because she got more active on twitter.

No. 18058

I checked again and it looks like she opened the account back up. I wonder why.

No. 18059


Eh, I can maaaybe see the resemblance if I squint? Doubt its her. Nozmo is too much of a coward to go back to twitter/tumblr.

No. 18060

File: 1543297159025.jpg (357.25 KB, 1202x976, dsnjkls.jpg)

Drawr pics on the left, Komanguito's on the right. Tell me if you find a better comparison but they remind me of each other because of the eyes and how the right one looks like it was done in drawr too.

No. 18061

That's weird as fuck, but I'm leaning towards skinwalker. The art looks more rough than hers/a slightly worse version of it and there's nothing on that Twitter that would warrant denying owning it.

No. 18062

Gotta love how people just dropped being critical of Nozmo in her own thread for the sake of focusing on a skinwalker when Nozmo herself doesnt even have an original style.
No surprise considering how excited people seemed when she was back, cause who cares that shes a big fat fucking scammer.

No. 18063

Yeah, plus the apology she posted on smackjeeves was pretty shit and completely ignored the whole scamming issue. I think people on smackjeeves are actually completely unaware of what she did, judging by the replies.

No. 18064

Just to add on, this actually gave me a stronger feeling the account was hers. She doesn’t seem bothered by the account at all and complimented the art, but then the account all of a sudden mentions its fave artist and goes on private? Of course it ended up unlocking but it’s just…..strange.

No. 18065


That hardly seem like evidence that this artist is actually Nozmo in the hidding. Like, no shit that artist locked their account, their art/account is being shared on here, they could've just panicked and decided to lock.

I'm digging up their tweets and I've noticed a shit ton of consistent grammatical errors, which would make sense since they appear to be japanese– or to not speak english fluently, at least.


They regularly fuck up past tenses and butcher words ('tought' instead of 'thought', 'ayone' instead of 'anyone') and probably some other stuff I'm too lazy to look up.

Even the person who contacted Nozmo, @alienlesbians/@nymria https://twitter.com/meowzerswowzers/status/1067263480837926913 ) and her friends are publicy tweeting about it/potentially planning to brigade ( https://twitter.com/necronyamicon/status/1067224805013774338 ) , so imo it's not farfetched to think someone might have contacted Komanguito upon being posted here, causing them to panic and lock their account.

They unlocked pretty quickly though, so it seems doubtful that person is actually trying to hide anything.

No. 18066

They've said that they're from Peru. I don't think this is Nozmo either.


No. 18067

I think that's why she felt comfortable returning there, most people were probably just there to read the comic. Twitter and tumblr would be much harder to get away with.

Yeah, it's obviously not her, and honestly even if it somehow was it doesn't really matter compared to her sneaky return.

No. 18068

There is a reason to deny owning the account. Their twpf link says they may post shotacon/noncon and there is some art like that on there, which would pretty much destroy whatever's left of Nozmo's reputation in the art community on twitter and tumblr if it was hers. I'm actually starting to believe it's not her anyway, because of the shitty grammar and Peru thing already mentioned. She's still scummy but it is pretty worrying that someone's out there imitating her while posting shotacon porn.

No. 18069

Despite what it says I didn't see any porn on there skimming it, and like >>739293 said, it's just a weird conspiracy to focus on when something's finally happening with the actual nozmo.

No. 18070

What else is there? Nozmo posted her apology and ignored addressing the scamming issue like she always has for the past 3 years. You could try contacting her on sj about it but she might ignore that too. At best I guess you could comment on her comic so fans on that site would be aware too?

No. 18071


everyone who agrees with this is pretty blind lmao. yall never seen an artist knockoff before? just because they draw the same content and pairings doesn't mean it's them, artists get people into fandoms all the time. also, this person commented on nozmo's comic with a vector icon. no point in commenting on her own comic with another acc. the style is a sad copycat version of nozmo's but the layout/anatomy/proportions are so butchered it's…completely off.

No. 18072

This thread really went to shit with the baseless conspiracy theories and desperate shota porn accusations huh

"The eyes in this picture remind me of Nozmo and they share some interests, it's clearly her!!!", "they talked about having a favourite artist and locked their account, PRETTY DAMNING EVIDENCE!!!!" are yall retarded

The style is actually pretty generic ("copycat"'s pulls it off better imo) and it's normal for people in japanese fandoms to use drawr. Who cares

No. 18073

I mean it was just conjecture to begin with. I didn't mean to stir it up this much. I just thought the art style was close and their interests were similar enough that it could have been her. Oh well, the peru thing pretty much debunked it.

also please sage unless something important happens

No. 18074

This is an imageboard, Post caps.

No. 18075

File: 1543754587893.png (164.61 KB, 1080x1241, 20181202_074302.png)

No. 18076

>I really wish I came back when I actually had the money to offer refunds
Why would she even say that and make herself look so much worse? "I could have refunded you all, but it had to line up with my big online comeback, so I just decided to keep the money and now I spent it all."

No. 18077

File: 1543837126076.png (134.28 KB, 517x501, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 3.38…)

she genuinely seems regretful, but… coming back on tumblr without thinking that you should have the refunds ready? Have fun trying to make people think you have your shit together nozmo.

No. 18078

It honestly reads like she's hoping people would just let it go and forget about it since it happened so long ago. So why didn't she come back when she won those contests and had the money? What's even the point of coming back now? She must've known that people would be demanding for refunds.

No. 18079

She keeps posting art like nothing happened… Did she assume people would be too occupied with the tumblr apocalypse to care? I’m shocked at how blatantly shes forcing herself back in, nozmo is such trash, no respect whatsoever

No. 18080

Tbh I am glad for the comic, I think a lot of people will only read tapv without forgetting what she did, and if she does merch again and people will order some, then I'm sorry for these people cause they would have seems to not understanfd wtf was going on during these 3 years. Back then when it was around a year I would say so, if she would have came back with an apology it would have been okay, but the fact that she went to Japan made comics, forgetting the west side and hiding the things to her japanese fans… no like give a clear explanation. Why did she came back when she was broke ? I read her apology but still man, she could have tried to do something back then when she had money, maybe paying back the persons who have ordered. Sorry for that long ass message, but I am going to say it again I am just happy to see my first and fave comic getting finish ed that's all.

No. 18081

I think Nozmo has disappeared again she said she had some sort of deadline and that she'll be back for early January but not any update. I mean it might be nothing but with all the things that have happened, she might go again and come a few months later idk…

No. 32383

Did she really spend all that money on a trip to Japan?

No. 55052

Well It seems that she simply does not care more about people who did not receive anything, she posts as if nothing had happened ….. https://betabboytoy.tumblr.com/

No. 62561

she posted something on her dyscotheque twitter account about a new bl gore comic called oral obligations. i feel like people have just forgotten she ran off with their money … and i only found out through other artists retweeting it so it seems the popular artist community on twitter has forgotten as well or they're covering it up

No. 62562

File: 1565983514695.png (497.51 KB, 1080x1046, Screenshot_20190816-152354~2.p…)

forgot my caps

No. 62563

File: 1565983542817.png (744.75 KB, 1080x1543, Screenshot_20190816-152407~2.p…)

No. 62567

Did her art get worse? This looks so ugly.

No. 62573

Jesus christ, what is with that blond guy's nose?

No. 62607

Well people can pay nothing to read it, hopefully not to many are throwing her money for that trash

No. 70638

File: 1571878299788.png (1.14 MB, 1523x2048, Screenshot_20191023-175038.png)

This is getting a lot of traction on twitter

No. 70672

sometimes thread bumps are boring updates but this kind of thing…well i would never thought someone would do despicable me incest fan-art

No. 70686

File: 1571901013768.jpeg (262.57 KB, 1242x1028, C0FB450E-45BF-49AC-83E0-8FF4E0…)

Nozmo 2019

No. 70693

File: 1571914219433.jpg (263.04 KB, 1142x892, IMG_20191024_125038.jpg)

glad to see her style hasn't progressed at all

No. 70702

Just read about this today and it's fucking hilarious.
>nozmo creating tapv, a comic about racism, class oppression and indigenous people organizing in defiance of human rights violations, and then running a despicable me incest art account feels like an actual literal clock to the face
>What happened to nozmo after they ran away with that kickstarter money to bring them to draw despicable me incest
>of all the things i thought i might wake up and see today “nozmo is back and has a side account devoted to despicable me incest shipping” was truly not even in the ballpark
>"former yowamushi pedal, yugioh, dmmd, fire emblem, miraculous ladybug and free fanartist nozmo now runs a despicable me incest yaoi account" sounds like something from a riverdale script
I mean I don't care about the kinky trash she is into but to be back on the radar because of this ridiculous shit is just…

No. 70707

Problem with nozmo is the fact she is a scammer. All this people saying the problem is the incest are just as cows as nozmo.

No. 70723

Anyone here still didn't get a refund? I've tried to forget about it, but whenever drama about her pops up, I can't help but remember.

No. 70729

>people saying the problem is the incest are just as cows as nozmo
>people saying the problem is incest are cows
I'm kinkshaming you, anon.

What a glorious return.

No. 70736

did anyone save any of the despicable me art, im morbidly curious what ship art you could make of this child movie

No. 70741

it's of gru and his brother. i was expecting to see art of the actual children which would be fucking mortifying, but it's thankfully not as bad as that. it's still fucking bizarre though. ive only seen what was capped on twitter (i'll try to see if i can find it again) but since the exposure tweet got viral, she has since then locked her side account.

No. 70743

doesn't she routinely get attacked for liking "problematic" things anyways? this doesn't really feel like anything new and I don't really care for the puritanical cancel culture twitter has going these days but it is funny that it had to be despicable me of all things

No. 70745

File: 1571967430883.jpeg (184.43 KB, 750x1092, 913580D9-9D65-4A50-814C-73D6A4…)

I have one picture but it’s a screencap

No. 70746

wht the fuck would anyone make yaoi fanart of Gru

No. 70747

Nothing is sacred.

No. 70751


>> Nozmo tries to scam people AGAIN

>> people crying because of fictional cartoons and questionable art because muh pure eyes I’m so triggered and no one mentioning the actual scamming

Go back to tumblr

No. 70755

It ain't that deep anon. We're literally laughing at this shit. Breathe.

No. 70758

Isn’t nozmo muslim, this is very haram

No. 70759

Well the Despicable Me certainly explains the NOSES, but at the same time raises more questions.

No. 70762

File: 1571985562095.jpg (82.15 KB, 750x986, IMG_20191025_083831.jpg)

screencap with more Despicable Me art from one of the callout posts

No. 70763

File: 1571985585939.jpg (224.17 KB, 1079x1628, IMG_20191025_083837.jpg)

No. 70770

What's the significance behind the date?

No. 70774

Eh, people focusing on Despicable Me over the scamming is annoying but I don't mind that twitter blew up because of it since it actually helped spread more awareness about her being a scammer(a few popular posts calling her out actually did mention it). Beforehand a lot of her fans probably didn't even know and she's lost hundreds of followers since then, so at the very least it lowered the potential of people financially supporting her. Were there even any big callouts for Dyscotheque actually being Nozmo the scammer before this went down?

No. 70776

dunno, the original tweet already had the screencap marked like that https://twitter.com/dwakengawd/status/1187071202923290626?s=19

No. 70785

Newfags need to understand saging but also that these threads are for Nozmos entire cow behavior. Yes she scammed but unless the buyers actually do something about it the "heat" of those actions eventually die down because nobody besides the people who wasted money on some random online artist with a less than stellar trackrecord are actually affected by this. The Incest art is the funniest cow comeback I have seen especially from someone who has kept low for the most part so I hope the thread fills up with it kek

No. 70788

Seriously. I'll never get why twitterfags come here to try to rally against cows/flakes and cowtip. Not the point, read the rules, learn to sage and enjoy the milk. This shit is funny, I just wish we had more caps before she went into hiding.

No. 70798

twitter and tumblr fags are here to virtue signal and try to compile information for their "epic callout posts" instead of just laugh. moral fagging should be banned on sight tbh

No. 70804

File: 1572021224633.jpeg (612.61 KB, 1088x2341, 661426B2-615A-42D7-9696-8FF344…)

Not incest but I do find this screencap pretty golden

No. 71053

her style is far too distinct for her to ever hide behind a different name or account

she could have laid low forever, considering she was lucky enough not to have that big of a fall out from her initial scamming, but I guess she can't live without the attention of online fandoms

No. 71213

imagine getting wet over gru from despicable me lmfao
i think babby tumblr/twitterfags policing ppl over whatever fetish art is dumb af and is a trend that needs to die but this is seriously the funniest shit to happen that i never could've imagined and holy shit her art has become so ugly now

No. 71252

File: 1572274473114.png (57.62 KB, 1048x184, Screenshot 2019-10-29 at 12.51…)

got this scrap from wayback machine out of morbid curiosity

No. 71253

File: 1572274500858.png (264.57 KB, 737x692, EHeYu4bUwAEBRVL.png)

No. 71256

DM is already a weird style but works but this….this is just so hard to look at. Her style was always kind of ugly but it was like…acceptable ugly.

No. 71541

She even wears a hijab, I'm not surprised by this gotta redirect that energy somewhere since they aren't allowed to date.

No. 83583

Last year I re read the web comic again until the part where Todd comissions petunia and cyryl to work for him and then I lost the link(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 159806

Since the dumbass above me already bumped the thread, i just want to add that with the shutdown of Smackjeeves her comic has been lost
There are some reuploads in shitty manga sites but half of the pages are 404'd

Please anons, does anyone have an archive?

No. 161006

youre no less of a dumbass than them do you really not know how to sage?

No. 228967

So does no one have a source for the more recent chapters?(necro)

No. 229008

Aside from a few image dump sites that don't even have full chapters or anything past chapter 12, i haven't found anything either

No. 239988


Does anyone still have this zip file?

No. 297992

Does anyone else still think about Tapv?

I honestly wish I could just pay her to continue it or just give a summary of the rest of what was going to happen. I don't know why but I still get weirdly emotional about this series, guess it just hit the right spot at a formative time for me.(necro)

No. 298006

fuck, i was so excited to see the thread bumped.
but yes, i wish we got a conclusion. sucks we will never get that

No. 298041

At least I'm not the only one dealing with feels about it still.

Wonder if there's anyway to convince her to start up again like a patreon goal, but I'd say after all this tapv might be kinda traumatizing to return to.

Worst part is my favourite character was a minor one so there's precious little content to revisit

If anyone wants to reread Tapv here's the link

https://archive.is/20170802235343/http://toddallisonpetuniaviolet.imgur.com/(sage your shit)

No. 298096

Anyone have the copy of book and willing to part ways with it?(don't bump this thread unless you have evidence of new drama)

No. 302939

Yes but it’s autographed with my name in it, how much would you pay for it nonnie?

No. 303219

about $30 plush shipping?(sage your shit)

No. 312096

Anyone has that zip file? I would really like to read TAPV minicomics.(lost newfag)

No. 324628

I'll try get a zip file together with everything(sage your shit)

No. 324924

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