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No. 195505

This thread is for discussion of any cosplay communities/fandoms/trends you find embarrassing or cringe outside of your average costhotery. Any talk of Patreon, Onlyfans, or generally skimpy cosplays should be taken to the Costhot thread. Every few months a new insufferable fandom or trend pops up and overtakes the cosplay landscape — let’s talk about some of the ongoing ones.

Current fandom examples:
>Genshin Impact
>My Hero Academia/BNHA

Current trend examples:
>cosplay tiktoks with bad lip syncing or shitty dancing
>paper wigs
>cosplayers covering themselves in glue and rolling around in garbage
>wigs so crimped they look deep fried
>drag style makeup for every character

Previous thread:

Costhot thread:

No. 195533

Every time aliexpress gets an order for another mass-produced low quality genshit impact cosplay an angel loses it's wings.

No. 195568

File: 1643517439119.jpeg (272.44 KB, 743x926, 1F94791B-BC21-445A-8239-2A4F2A…)

I hate this crimping fad that umbra has started. Sure it adds volume but at what cost

No. 195569

Holy shit not only is that texture bad, but also who tf leaves all that lace on their wig? How stupid do you have to be

No. 195575

Imagine taking inspiration from umbrans work. It all looks like helmets, not hair

No. 195580

Contrary to what most cosplayers/drag queens do, anon, you aren’t suppose to cut your lace super super close esp on complicated hairlines. Tho this is also wrong they should have left it in the middle for more secure/flat ware

No. 195582

Nonnie it looks like shit. But have fun with that really obvious line going across your forehead that you keep trying to convince yourself looks fine

No. 195675

Just say you don't know anything about lace wigs. Drag queens do have excess like this in big heavy wigs. This is basic shit they even teach you in drama class because you need more security when the hairline is receded. You just add more makeup or learn to blend well.

No. 195682

File: 1643566010915.png (1.93 MB, 956x1264, Screenshot 2022-01-30 at 17.53…)

Thats not even scrapping the surface of the barrel with the crimped wigs that are seen on the regular. The technique isn't bad in it's self but it's not being taught or done properly. Crimping adds volume and should be combed out and covered with a layer of uncrimped hair and not crispy from hairspray or heat.

There isn't much quality control in this age of cosplay especially with zoomer cosplayers and even costhots. Theres more emphasis on 'being creative/differet' and all cosplay being valid than doing things properly.

No. 195727

is it weird that i kinda like this makeup as its own thing lol… but yeah wtf that wig is a nightmare. at least umbran's don't look frizzy like this.

but meh, "quality control in cosplay" has always been dicey, there's always been cringe low effort messy cosplay en masse, it's not really a "kids these days" kinda thing, the current bad cosplay trends are just a different flavor than the bad cosplay of previous eras. i do feel like nowadays a lot of the "good" cosplayers on tiktok aren't anywhere near the level of the good cosplayers of the 2010s though, a lot of the cosplayers tiktok worships are just in cheap lazy shit with some random edgy accessories and flashy makeup thrown in, so yeah i get what you're saying.

No. 195872

This is sad because the girl is clearly skilled at makeup but she chose such a cringy look. And the wig is awful.

No. 195922

Is this the same girl who shoots in her garage with clown hammers?

No. 195926

This picture makes me want to take 37 showers

No. 195951

Right?! She seriously looks so dirty. She looks like she would be a strong contributor to con funk

No. 197619

File: 1645020205415.png (317.61 KB, 1080x1709, Screenshot_20220216-085611~2.p…)

Squeakadeeks/Squeakadeekn guilting his followers into being his therapist. How can he not find a single counseling service to talk to? There's dozens.

No. 198140

Please stfu they're a CSA and even with family support that shit is hard to recover from

No. 198145

Then they need a therapist or friends to confide in, not pity points from the internet. Asking your followers to hugbox you or you'll kill yourself is mega cringe.

No. 198168

There a difference between pity points and wanting to vent and if you consider places like Better Help good, get yourself help. Surviors talk about this shit sometimes because they feel isolated and it fucks with how you interact. A lot of people feel safer having these situation breakdowns as a way to help get out of their own head. Nothing about her post is crying for internet clout. You're fucking stupid, anon.

No. 198191

This is a cringe thread. You're taking this very personally.

No. 198231

No, your vendetta is just shit. This ain't it, anon.

No. 199303

Cosplay in general is just cringe as fuck. Not to mention their very egocentric traits.

>lives in fantasy world that supports their delusions

>needs constant praise and attention
>absurdly high sense of self-importance/entitlement

No. 199316

Wow. Just like every hobby or job that involves looks and being popular to get things. At least give us milk and not your garbage 2 cents.

No. 199375

Aliexpress is good enough quality imo
who cares

No. 199376

Dont care plus im sure hes lying for attention lmfao everyone claims csa nowadays kek

No. 199382

Depending on where you buy from aliexpress can have nice quality. But there are always going to be cosplayers who reee if you don’t make everything 100% from scratch

No. 199405

Anon, take your vendetta and just go.

No. 200898

File: 1647209384516.jpeg (294.96 KB, 750x1043, 8B163A9B-EA71-4316-A615-C81106…)

Even Yaya Han is doing a bad job with the crimping

No. 200915

She's never been particularly good at a lot of cosplay related shit, but god forbid you said that back in the day and people called you vendetta-chan. She just knew who to schmooze, how to buy likes, and how to inflate her tits, but in person she always looked like a thai ladyboy and the quality of her costumes are shit. Its like people forgot what a fucking mess her burlesque snow white was without all the photoshop and strategic lighting.

No. 200923

I think it's a bit of a stretch to word it like that because back when she rose to her original 'fame' was before instagram was even a thing and facebook was young. Her weird 2010's ego came from that. Not to say every cosplayer was ugly but tbh I feel like most early 200s 'big name' cosplayers werent lookers to begin with.

The issue comes from since then she's milked being a 'veteran big name cosplayer' to filth and having such a huge ego that she tried to make that 'Heroes of Cosplay' show make her seem like she was the best most famous cosplayer ever when her relevancy was already fading heavily at that point.

No. 200930

Yaya didn’t style the wig so judge the commissioner instead(sage)

No. 200981

To be fair, she was one of the “big name” cosplayers back when there were very few. Before social media, you got famous by working cosplay.com, which she did, so you would get featured on the site that all the cosplayers were on. I’ve never seen her stuff in person so I can’t say how it looks without photoshop, but back in the day I don’t think she made her own costumes. At least that was the general word around the cosplay community

No. 200983

To be honest, I think it kind of works for her. If someone like Moo or Umbran wore it, it wouldn't look that good, but the crimping suits her and doesn't stand out the same way that umbran's non-moving helmets look. The side bangs look terrible, but this wig isn't on Yaya at least. I think she used Wisperia one time, which she should go back to.

She should have the ego she has though, tbh. She's helped mainstream cosplay, has actually put in the work to have her own line collab for fabrics, buttons, other odds and ins. She started really early with ears and worked that out of her garage. Like, Yaya is one of the very few cosplayers with skills and who's put in real work, that I say deserve to be considered a real celebrity. Costumers like her are well known within that realm outside of cosplay and it shows with people she's worked with. Now you have people posing nude, throwing on a wig, and just getting surgery for money. Yaya did look a little unfortunate in the chest area for a lot of the characters she wanted to cosplay. I don't considering a breast augmentation to be an issue either. She does good work too. Her, Nigri, and Kamui even though I know they can be argued, but compared to a lot of thots now, these three have completely gone the opposite direction with the fact that they actually still make their stuff. I just feel like unless it's builders like CBC or other.. names, idk right now, most cosplayers are so lazy now. Like look at >>195682 jesus

No. 200991

Nigri was the one who started the costhot bs we have to deal with now. She got implants, sometimes threw on a wig, posed in her underwear, and called it cosplay. That and the possibly rigged contest is how she got famous. She still does all that. She hasn't even remotely gone in the opposite direction.

No. 200992

Yes, but she actually builds stuff too. She isn't the same as someone like Momokun or Lori. She isn't a basic thot and hasn't really been one even though she kept with the same schtick. She's good at what she does, then you have sloppy seconds like Sushimonster and StellaLewds.

No. 200994

She's always been a basic thot and has lied about making her stuff for years.

No. 200995

Anon she has posted so many videos over the years at this point, that the making her it herself thing should be clear. She does make her stuff or a good chunk of it now, ryan helps. Thats not a big deal. She learned how to do stuff. Thats a massive step up from clown cosplayers. Compare any of Momokun's made outfits for her to Jessica's outfits of the same cosplays. There's a big difference between Jessica's thottery compared to a lot of other costhots. She mainstreamed it and she is still one of the better ones out there with quality and consistancy.

No. 200996

Nigri's claim to fame was all on her ex boyfriend making her big builds. The majority of her old big builds that got her famous were not made by her. I used to be a fan of how dedicated she was to her exercise regime and fan interaction. Even though she's always been busted in the makeup department, she had fun shoots with good production quality. At this point, her body and shoots are mostly photoshop and do not reflect many real crafting abilities of her own.

No. 200997

File: 1647245734390.png (768.57 KB, 672x836, hoeno.png)

Anon Jessica has no talent even if she makes her own stuff now. At least with Yaya and Kamui you can recognize what they're cosplaying and see the quality. This is supposed to be a tauntaun.

No. 201025

Also called a gijinka. Pokemon sluts have done this for years.

No. 201038

Anon, I don't know why you're caping so hard for the bitch who got bolt ons before the other thots came along. Yaya is no prize in any realm and was always a poor man's Marie-Claude Bourbonnais. Cosmetic surgery isn't necessary to be a cosplayer, but Yaya and the other thots made that into a pre requisite.

No. 201040

Seems like a reach to say every thot gets tits because of money. Yaya was flat as a board.

No. 201042


Yaya got her tits way before selling nudes of yourself on the internet was even possible, let alone a career. She got them because she was a stripper at the time.

No. 201070

Other great builders exist but it's next to impossible to become popular unless you're also showing some skin. Kinpatsucosplay is amazingly talented but gave herself a huge leg up by picking cosplays with sexy appeal

No. 201080

OP here and the anons you keep calling vendetta on aren't me. You're really devoted to stanning for Squeakadeeks, huh? Are you a friend or just a big fan?

No. 201109

Then it's not because of cosplay, it's because she hated her body in an industry she worked in which is known for paying more well endowed women. And again, flat as a board. A lot of people feel good when they cosplay, actually looking good in it and filling it out, is probably something that was a nice bonus for her tits, but she did not set that bar. That was Jessica and simps and the fact that normies infultrated cons that have more of these girls attention. We slowly moved on to booth babes without booths.

No. 201157

She absolutely did set that bar because Nigri was up her ass and they're still good friends. Nigri was also not well endowed and got bolt ons. I don't know if this thread was infiltrated by scrotes or old tripfags from 2013 /cgl/, but it was definitely a turning point in the scene and it was several factors. Neither yaya or nigri are innocent.

No. 201158

It’s all these new cosplayers who started cosplaying in the mid 2010’s when you could buy an entire cosplay off of taobao with no work whatsoever and get your ass kissed if you’re cute. They weren’t around before Yaya or Nigri had implants, and only know them as costhots. Nigiri…meh, she’s a thot but she’s making some stuff. Good on her for making millions off s rites even if she isn’t really talented. Yaya though, she put in the work, she built her brand and was able to get deals for her patterns, fabrics and notions. Even if you want to argue that she’s a thot, she’s done quite a bit for the community as a whole if only that there are now cosplay specific patterns for things like schoolgirl outfits that had to be Frankensteined before

No. 201209

No, you just never grew out of hating implants like a child. I don't gaf is someone has fake tits in cosplay, for the most part its how characters are drawn, but discrediting Yaya for literally helping make cosplay mainstream and outside of sword vendors that existed for props, she went out of her way to try to make accessories, that weren't just Party City cat ears, for the general con scene. Even Jessica puts in work and has for about 10 years now. At some point you gotta stop moving the goal post and realize that there are higher teir thots with real work. At least Jessica isn't just wearing lingerie anymore, she actually makes her stuff interesting and has done a lot of canon work too. You must mostly sound mad about cosplayers who put their sexuality on display, but your going after the wrong thots. Even these girls quality far outweigh basic costhots.

No. 201228

Just to add, thots like CosplayDeviants getting the massive attention it did, headlines at certain conventions, real porn hoes like Envyus, Momokun, Chell, Stephanie Michelle, Succubus and Bunny.. There are legit girls to blame for the sexualization normalization of the modern cosplay girl, not Jessica or Yaya. They have their niches but I would never compare Jessica to a CD. Those girls were infiltrating cons, Tumblr, Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter.. They made cosplay the sexualized market it is.

No. 201232

Ah yes, basic ears and wings which existed prior to her and then she sent c&d to other vendors who made shit long before her. You a friend or just a massive fan?

No. 201238

Who? Who had the better mass marketing and was able to use connections for the reach her merch got? The types of fabric ears sold on Etsy weren't even around at the time. No one is being a fan by saying facts. Just say you hate women using sex to make money, but Yaya didn't do that. That's more Jessica. Yaya was massively late to the game with her boudoir stuff.

No. 201239

File: 1647368124783.jpg (456.51 KB, 1080x1134, Screenshot_20220315-111433_Fir…)

And she won the lawsuit because they stole her design to create their own molds. They even admitted it.

No. 201375

I know it's a national pastime for old cosplayers to shit on Yaya, but come on. I remember this rumor too that Yaya was going after poor widdle artist alley artists, but the actual case was about stealing product and molds like >>201239 said. We aren't in 2008 anymore, you can easily find the facts now.

No. 203074

Lol have you seen yaya’s patterns? They’ve clearly been made for people with bolt ons like her. You’d still have to do some Frankensteining if you get her patterns and have normal body measurements

No. 203079

File: 1648184914945.jpg (42.56 KB, 425x610, 81j32zCdYfL._AC_SX425_.jpg)

Ntayrt but I've made her bunny suit pattern for misses size 18, which should be a 40-inch bust. the finished garment for a D-cup has a 45-inch bust! It's really off their standard measurements and it makes me wonder how nobody at McCall's caught it.

No. 203506

Most people already alter patterns.

No. 203945

Five inches of ease on a bunny suit is ridiculous though.

No. 203947

considering how most people who would be making a bunny suit, outside of cosplay, would pad their bras to begin with, maybe pad your own or take it in. It's not that big an issue. You see someone on the front with a massive chest size outside normal women and you don't think twice about it maybe being a larger size? do you do the same with plus size specific patterns? lol

No. 203954

A cup size is roughly an inch difference. Who do you know that's padding a D cup five cup sizes up? The model on the package wearing one size doesn't mean anything when the pattern has multiple sizes. Do you not buy clothes because the model wears a different size than you?

No. 204033


Can you show the measurements since you clearly have them and post to everyone ITT what the sizes are on the actual pattern in her design? I would love, love, love to see exactly this 5" change because not a single damn person has said anything in all these years that I've seen these patterns available. You would think it would've been known already if she patterns catered to her tits and not just her being on the cover and editing her own pattern. I've typed in all sorts of renditions of "big" "too big" "bunny suit bust" and none of the reviews for this suit have any complaints about this random massive edit she has in this pattern because it doesn't exist. If you're going to talk out your ass to try and throw some vendetta at her, at least don't make shit up.

No. 204060

File: 1648593177609.png (163.76 KB, 1156x452, bunnysuitpatternsizing.png)

It's not vendetta to point out the pattern company fucked up. Their size chart says a size 18 is a 40 inch bust but the D cup on the pattern is 45. Even the A/B cup is 3 inches bigger. You even see multiple women here saying the size chart is off: https://sewing.patternreview.com/Patterns/78744
Now stop shitting up the thread with your wking.

No. 204062

Is this the front vs the back of the package?

No. 204063

Back of the pattern vs the company's size chart

No. 204078

File: 1648600721932.png (59.8 KB, 624x556, yaya.png)

Yaya's said she's had to alter her own commercial bodysuit pattern before to fit her because of McCall's. And multiple people had the same problem with the bodysuit pattern having too much ease: https://thegeekyseamstress.com/2015/10/16/pattern-review-m7217/
McCall's dropped the ball on sizing with her patterns just deal with it.

No. 204081

Then it's their fault and not yaya's? So why is anon sperging so hard about how it is only her fault? This pattern has been out for years anyway? Seems like such a nitpick vendetta to only now bring it up when CGL has talked about this 3 years ago.

No. 204122

Are you retarded? I've been pointing out that the pattern is fucked and only that. It's a problem with the patterns she made but McCall's should've fixed it before putting them out. It's not vendetta to point out that her patterns have major issues

No. 209263


McCall's adds five inches of ease to literally every pattern. Same with the other big pattern companies. Only scrubs use back of the envelope sizing, it's never actually correct.

Yaya gave them patterns and they fucked them up because they don't understand the market and how corsets are supposed to work. Andrea Schewe talks about the pattern companies fucking with her designs all the time, too, this isn't a Yaya thing.

No. 209264

File: 1650972197000.png (1.06 MB, 1079x1243, Screenshot_20220426-071625.png)

is anybody else annoyed by this chick? she made such a big deal out of becoming a professional cosplayer even though she doesn't make real costumes and now is begging on Kofi because she didn't have a business plan.

No. 209278

File: 1650980213494.png (1.51 MB, 1080x2023, Screenshot_20220426-092858~2.p…)

God yes. Lizard Leigh was already intolerable from their constant shilling of this Steven Universe transformation dress. Its now worse since they've made a huge deal about becoming a pRoFeSSiONaL cosplayer. Most of their videos are fake shocked Pikachu faces, begging for Kofi donations or gender zoomer content like pic related.

No. 209323

So anons just posted her for vendetta purposes then. What a fucking waste.

No. 209397

Lol well if she’s not making money from it, she’s not really a professional cosplayer is she?
I wish all these clout chasers would realize that the people making money from cosplay are either selling something (books, tutorials, patterns etc.), selling nudes, doing commissions or they’re one of the few people that’s famous enough to do constant appearances (Yaya, Kamui etc. although most of them have other revenue streams as well). You’re not owed a career in your hobby just because you want it, either figure out a way to make something people want to spend money on or get a job like the rest of society. Liz probably thought sooner genderspecials would give her money for existing

No. 210141

File: 1651340554853.png (530.46 KB, 582x595, Untitled.png)

Because you want craftsmanship advice from someone whose wig looks like this

No. 210146

Can't even be assed to wear dark skin tights so that she won't chaffe after a few hours. She's dumb AF. Most bare legged cosplayers do that so that it smoothes out the legs.

No. 210175

>that makeup
Whaltena out here. i swear she does the absolute bare minimum.

No. 210176

>from someone who looks like this
Cosplay really has gone down in the last 10 years.

No. 210200

How can you be in the hobby for this long and not watch a single YouTube tutorial on wig styling?

Also why tf does her skin look so oily? I could maybe understand looking like that at the end of the day, but this is very clearly a photo taken in the hotel room right before heading to the con floor

No. 210203

If fatties breath they sweatin

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