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File: 1646681365315.png (129.08 KB, 300x300, ah4S3Ab.png)

No. 199783

Because the other OP's were incompetent tourists.

>Cutesy anime voice V-Tuber streamer on Twitch

>Claims to have CVID, an immunodeficiency, milks her viewers with sob stories about it
>Has gotten a surge in popularity after being shipped with a British youtuber living in Japan
>Suddenly starts getting money (over $500,000 in the last month from her subathon) where she's noticeably better
>Acts and tries to sound like she's 18, when in reality she has a daughter and is in her 30's
>Married and divorced a supposedly abusive husband
>Streams for days on end while her mother takes care of her 14 year old daughter

>Supposedly had her daughter doxxed as some others claim, which is why she deleted tweets and archives related to her, but I've yet to see any evidence of the doxxing
>May have HIV and not CVID, as the treatments are very similar. Would line up with her story of having an abusive husband, apparently making her daughter a rape baby

Interview from 2018:
>Claims to have a 10 year old daughter at 1:13:40
>Talks a little about her ex-husband

Archived tweets from 2010 and 2011:
>Talks about her daughter
>Deletes after rising to popularity and people start to catch on

Singing opera (real voice?):
>Drops her cutesty anime voice
>Sounds like a /hag/

Acting stupid for cute points:
>Mispronounces words and does baby talk
>Claims it's because she's Puerto Rican

>E-Boyfriend's YouTube

No. 199784

>suddenly starts getting money 500k
Who the fuck is giving her money and why? I could believe Belle making that amount of money, but a no name vtuber?

No. 199790

She did a 31 day subathon where she streamed non-stop. Most of the time she would be asleep on stream with her model tracking her while she sleeps.

Not including the donations, which she got a lot of, she ended with 170'000 subs ($5 each) this month.

No. 199793

Cutesy fake anime voice streamer with an anime avatar milks her sickness and is called brave for watching youtube videos and sleeping on stream. Parasocial losers donate to 'help' her.

No. 199794

File: 1646686096499.png (214.63 KB, 740x832, 1646658702458.png)

Quotes from a woman in her 30s.

No. 199796

It’s sad how the world keeps supporting talentless people who contribute absolutely nothing to society

No. 199797

Not trying to wk but she's not a no-name, she's one of the most subbed people on twitch and is arguably one of the most popular eng vtubers. She's been around longer than hololiveEN.

Tho I would argue that her being ill is definitely part of how she became popular and successful. If you look her up on youtube, a lot of her biggest clips are her talking about her illness or "wholesome" moments about it, and a lot of people donate because of that.

No. 199799

>her being ill is definitely part of how she became popular and successful
Yeah, absolutely. Without that she wouldn't have amassed the audience she has right now at all

No. 199802

Ditching the teenage daughter on her mother 24/7 so she can live out her Vtuber dreams? That's fucked.

No. 199803

So true, and letting them all think their slightly "famous".

She's been around since around 2017 as far as I know.

No. 199829

She's in her 30s with a daughter in her teens, claiming to be sick but spending all day DDLG larping on twitch to scrotes? And making a lot of money? Sounds like every sex worker in /snow/'s dream.

No. 199840

I wish we could go back to having a general vtuber thread.

No. 199869

>Streams for days on end while her mother takes care of her 14 year old daughter
Fucking sad. Wouldn't be surprised if her having a child at all is a lie tho.
Her character models all look garbage too. >>199794
Typical pedo pandering. Imagine my shock. >>199796
It is. Such is life.
It's really fucking sad. I feel for that daughter. I would feel embarrassed if my mother was this.
Me too but I get why mods closed it. It's a shame because vtuber retards are great for milk.

No. 199905

Ok, I listened to the 2018 interview through that -1:13:40 timestamp and she didn't mention a child or ex. Is the timestamp different?

Her simps are out of this world delusional. I told a guy about the child and ex, her bring 30s, and he got legit PISSED and to walk away from me because I even suggest she's not honest about her past holy shit.

No. 199906

The actual time is around 1:13:35, not the time remaining. For time remaining (on the right side) it's around -1:07:30

No. 199912

The actual problem are the cucks who give useless degenerates in society like this money and tacitly support them with views.
>b-but she's actually in her THIRTIES and might have the AIDs and has a DAUGHTER!!1!!
Good. I hope she's also a 600 pound ugly planet who bathes in spaghetti sauce and brushes with jism. It wouldn't make the situation any worse. If you ever believed cute little girls who look and sound like animu waifus are the ones who do 24/7 streams with their digital avatars for your coomer asses, you get what you deserve and worse. If anyone could actually look and act anything close to those cartoons then they'd be busy Delpine-ing themselves instead of hiding.
Scrotes need their heads examined.

No. 199918

Not a wk but who cares if she’s scamming scrotes. They deserve to have their money taken from them.

No. 199922

more like scrotes enabling all these adult child snowflakes

No. 199924

Nice OP. Been waiting for a thread on her. It's hilarious reading the replies to her clips on LivestreamFail, scrotes get so mad at anyone who dares to even imply she's not a perfect uwu princess

No. 199925

Again, who cares? If you wanted to, you could do it too, Nonnie. I understand hating someone for being annoying but if they’re hustling men, it’s a nonissue.

No. 199926

It really is her scrote fanbase that's the problem but it's gross regardless to see how much they pat themselves on the back and get off to keeping her alive because of her illness. It boosts their egos so much and gives them savior complexes, even if she's fleecing them.

Her wks are very serious and dedicated, some will probably find this thread and sperg eventually. They're the bigger cows tbh

No. 199932

I don’t know much about her or her conditions but isn’t it basically impossible for her to take care of her daughter properly? If all she can do is farm money from scrotes than at least her kid can have nice things and opportunities

No. 199949

I'm sure she's milky but this will only attract more males to this website. At least I hope they get banned early this time, last time it had big consequences.

No. 199951

Is being a vtuber even worthy, at this point? It always seems like it attracts the worst of degenerate males and they end up doxxing or harassing everyone involved.

No. 200013

I hate her voice so much

No. 200014

I believe she deserves a thread but why the fuck does OP read like a /vt/ scrote wrote it?

No. 200030

Because it probably is

No. 200095

I'm surprised her face hasn't gotten leaked yet

No. 200133

i remember when she was on younow with truthcrab prior to twitch lol. seems not much has changed other than the gross ABDL shit. IIRC she said she was bed ridden due to her condition.

No. 200618

It's on Google images dude, she's the latina one with the medical air tube in her nose in the first page of results!(sage your shit)

No. 200651

Screenshots? I've looked up 'ironmouse', 'ironmouse face', 'ironmouse real' and can't find what you're describing at all.

No. 200660

File: 1647073425425.jpg (1.92 MB, 4780x3138, 1612496138717.jpg)

All I could find, that matches >>200618 's description is pic related.

No. 200665

Holy fuck. It amazes me how some vtubers are plain white weebs, they would get completely trashed by scrotes if it weren't for they pedo-bait animu characters. Do they have 0 self steem to steep that low for male approval or what?

No. 200666

just how it is
the try hard white girls fake a cutesy UWU anime voice and pander to pedos with an asian fetish

then they can just revert back to their old voice and not have to deal with those guys irl, while some women have to suffer because of it

No. 200679

>While some women have to suffer because of it.
You sound stupid and like you’re from tiktok. Next you’ll say vtubers are why weebs think asian women speak in high pitch voices.

No. 200751

There’s a reason why they are vtubers and not irl internet personalities

No. 200878

Its not low self esteem. Its called being smart. If youre ugly then get rich by being a vtuber

No. 200883


I'm confused; If her disease is so bad she can't leave her bedroom, what exactly are you expecting her to do?

No. 200885

Sage because it doesn't matter at all but the "Operatic Mouse" in the OP links is from a Broadway musical called The Scarlet Pimpernel and not opera at all (no blame on OP since she's the one who miscategorized it).

No. 200890

Bro don't you know that opera just means putting way too much vibrato on everything

No. 200892

Her disease isn't so bad that she can't see or spend time with her family. Her parents regularly visit her room, especially her mother, so she has no excuse not to be spending time with her daughter. But here she is, spending 31 days non-stop LARPing as a anime girl with the mentality of a 13 year old and a cutesy uwu voice while having her mother raise the child.
Also her disease hasn't been so bad since she's milked all that money from her viewers. She went from only being able to stream for a few hours a day, to living a whole month on stream without any worries. Who would've thought that a few hundred thousand dollars would make her feel better so suddenly?

No. 200893

When it comes to internet personalities, it's best to believe anything they say is horseshit. So diseased and fragile, but manages to give birth; arguably the hardest thing a woman's body can go through. I'm sure the illness is made up, but that's just my opinion. Hiding behind the vtuber curtain makes that grift easier. Truly hope her daughter gets the benefits of that money and has a bright future.

No. 200904

Damn y'all are so easy to trigger with just a genuine question lol

While I'm on a roll here, how do you know she doesn't see her daughter when she's able to?(sage)

No. 200905


Oh my bad, you're right.

No. 200914

I kinda dislike vtubers overall but the cutesy voice is a part of the whole 'playing a character' thing and I'm sure majority of the fandom would understand this. Also, she doesn't sound like a hag to me, I quite like the opera voice. What's the milk here, that she has a daughter and an abusive ex husband? I think it's better to keep your private life out of your dumbfuck twitch career, so when she started to get popular it only makes sense to conceal those things

No. 200919

U good bro we all make mistakes

Ikr I wanted to come outta this hating ironmouse but like this is so lackluster LOL

No. 200944

File: 1647222649203.png (1.16 MB, 918x711, Screenshot_20220216-215025.png)

So if I'm reading this right
> Pitches her voice higher
> Thank god other vtubers don't do that
> Got out of an abusive relationship
> Supports her own medical expenses and her daughter, as well as her poor parents
> by flirting with a British dude and literally sleeping in front of some pathetic weebs

Damn OP she sounds based, you make a great case for her

No. 200960

She has a blatent pedobait, AB/DL schtik too, which does bug me because her scrote audience is so huge it further normalizes it and it has to influence scrotes who weren't into that shit AS much before watching her regularly. That's the distasteful part of the grift for me.
Pedobait is everywhere but it sucks when a woman chooses to perpetuate it. She could surely be cute, even loli, without crossing that line constantly. No shit she doesn't talk about her daughter any more and she shouldn't.

No. 200961

> Complains about pedobait/normalizing fetishes
> Watches en vtubers
> Damn bro pick a side

No. 200993

I think shes like every vtuber. She makes money off pedo weebs, kinda like how the idol culture works in japan. I cant even hats. Shit is fucking autistic but moids are so dumb i cant be mad at a woman making money off of them. Im still amazed at how vtubers even have big fanbases but i never got the appeal.

No. 200999

I don't watch vtubers. I think they are intolerable. I know someone who watches Ironmouse in particular and I thought it was gross because it's pedo shit insidiously mixed into what is basically a cutsey anime girl reaction channel. That's the only reason I even familiarized myself with vtubers. Also, I read this >>199794 which is right in the thread.

No. 201008

>i dont watch vtubers
I think you just have a hateboner for them and you do watch them. This whole thread is fucking dumb.

No. 201010

found the guy throwing money at vtubers

No. 201016

I didn't want to be friends, especially irl friends with any man into that shit.

Yeah mr. greentext really sounds like a damn scrote.

No. 201019

Anon bad bait. Every vtuber pretends to be an uwuu innocent loli. Nothing milky about making money off of autistic moids kek

No. 201032

they have big fanbases for that exact reason; appealing to creeps, weebs, and the like for money has a long proud history both online and offline

> This whole thread is fucking dumb
ye lol

No. 201034

File: 1647274831907.jpeg (449.37 KB, 2048x2048, 0237CF22-E831-4F8E-B58F-578B69…)

Her fans have snowballed with how they talk about her. They say she’s a bubble girl who hasn’t had real physical contact outside of medical professionals for years, that she could die at any moment and the money from streams is all that’s keeping her alive, that she’s a fragile young little girl who needs the internet to keep her alive etc. they act like they wake up every day expecting her to be dead. They genuinely believe she’s a pure maiden who has never had sex because she’ll die if anyone touches her. Meanwhile her boyfriend had a vtuber debut and won’t shut up about his 12 inch e-dick

No. 201074

C'mon dude everyone knows britbongs only have 5 inches max(sage your shit)

No. 201145

A brit cucking two different Vtuber fanbases is absolutely hilarious.

Also, the only thing Mouse is doing is being business-smart and milking weebs off of a parasocial relationship with all the "muh sickness" shit. Hell, we'd all do that shit on a heartbeat

No. 201164

Does anyone know the true cost in the states?


In the video, she claims that it costs up to 25k/month for plasma(learn2embed)

No. 201181

>says that she had to pay 25k/month for one monthly treatment
>now has to get it every week but pays 12k/month
I honestly doubt she's paying that much, at least definitely not out of her own pocket. Given her supposed illness, she should have some of the best health insurance (with how much money she makes) which should be paying for most of the treatment anyway.

No. 201182

Scrote got triggered by a thread of her favorite v-tuber and came to WK her?

In all seriousness, she's a thirty-something year old woman who does baby talk (says that she's a brat, does baby talk, etc.), clearly pedo-baiting, while getting pity money acting like someone she isn't.

Her audience believes her to be a pure little angle who they're saving, when in reality she's a talentless snowflake only getting attention from actual pedos who buy into her loli persona and those wth a savior complex believing that their money is actually saving this poor little girl who might die at any moment if they stop donating.(sage)

No. 206375

From what I understand her condition is an autoimmune one where she can't naturally produce enough antibodies, or the ones she does produce are attacked by her own cells. Either way, without the plasma infusions to replenish those antibodies she wouldn't be able to fight off infections and viruses like the rest of us, which sounds similar to someone living with full-blown aids and is why people might think she has HIV instead, which I don't believe is the case. Her condition is also known for leaving the individual with nearly constant lung infections and when Ironmouse laughs super hard you can hear her lungs are bad. I'm sure some days are better than others. Hell, she may be able to go weeks feeling good/normal. In the end, I don't think she's lying about or over-exaggerating her condition. Leaving her room/home puts her at risk which makes sense given her illness.

Now, do I think she overplays her "Cutesy" card? Well, yea. I think she milks the cuteness more than anything, but that's just part of her mouse character that she's grown into, but there are moments when she's being herself and genuine for the most part. And many Vtubers are notorious for making efforts not to reveal or share much about who they are IRL. Perhaps Mouse wasn't as worried or aware of the consequences of sharing too much IRL stuff about herself before she became popular.

All in all, she's just playing a role. There are always going to be haters and naysayers trying to put people down. And some genuinely deserve it, I just don't think Mouse is one of them. At least, not as much as she's getting here.(post milk)

No. 206536

So something like cystic fibrosis?

No. 206963

I sincerely thank you all for showing the truth. Never been a dono but was certainly in the brink of obsession towards this particular vtuber.

No. 206972

I found this at basically the same time as you and listening to younow video all the way through I just don't see anything heinous going on. Like you can put this shit together, common variable immunodeficiency is a gradual onset problem and doesn't generally get diagnosed until their early to mid 20s which is plenty of time to have a kid.

She straight up Says in the interview that it's a character. Shes turned an escape from being stuck indoors into a job that pays 10x or more what other people make in a year, you'd be a fucking idiot not to.

No. 206975

We have confirmation on zentraya I believe.
Fat bald man in its 30s from a stream he did with his girlfriend at the time.

No. 207107

I need pics. All I ever found was some recording of him and her gf's voices that was vague and pointless.

That said no one in this pic is unattractive >>200660. Almost all of them are abusing filters, yeah, and Mel looks kinda weird, but I feel like whenever a vtuber gets face revealed a bunch of femanons (and scrotes pretending to be femanons) shit all over them as if they look like Chantal.

No. 207137

Exactly, nothing heinous. It just prevented me from being obsessed to this vtuber, or any other in the future. We all had preconceptions towards her IRL self, and I certainly did have one, it was shattered. I was highly against consuming vtuber contents because of this particular reason, now I got reminded on why I should've stuck to it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 207171

Stop bumping the fucking thread with your asinine comments I'm going to kill you

No. 207188

You sound like a nofap coomer

No. 208130

the first vtuber threads were nuked because they attracted /vt/ scrotes, who are all extremely mentally retarded.

No. 210977

No way they're actually dating anon(sage your shit)

No. 212330

I wonder why so many stupid idiots think this is real, no wonder there so many salty useless people come here to vent on others cause they can’t do shut with their lives.(the saltiest of them all )

No. 212547

can someone reupload the interview?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 212647

Half this thread is white knights. Thought I had a personal cow, didn’t know there was a thread in /w/, read it and damn. I watched this v tuber bc she makes me cringe with the pedo stuff, pee pee this, always refers to herself doing baby things bc she is smalllll. Wasnt she born late 80s early 90s? Fucking joke, super popular with the boys. Well grown ass men who are pedos on the dl

No. 212650

It should all be white knights. What a stupid thread. It's literally a nothingburger. And I thought something horrible happened. But nope, she has a kid that's it. Pathetic(then don't fucking bump it, idiot)

No. 212660

Saw someone white knighting her condition, and they weren’t even describing it properly. Didn’t sage either. Was literally a copy and paste from Google, guessing it was this scrote. Sorry your into 30yrs who abandon there kids who pretend/act to be age 6-9 yrs old. She has cvid, a serious condition, but you can still live a avg normal life, like everyone else. You don’t have to be in your room 24/7 as she claims, unless some crazy health shit went down. She is very prone to infections, but idk why that’s a reason to excuse the clear pedo baiting. She pedo baits more then belle dephaine imo, whatever her name is.

No. 212668

Didn’t even mention her kid…. I called her a child cosplayer. Poo poo, pee pee, goo goo, gaa gaa.

I don’t need diapers… okay I do… GIVE ME THE DIAPERS NOW!! UwU bs

I’m small… SMALL I SAYYYY!!!

thats stooopid, thats duuom

^^ this is what all her videos/streams are like. there ya go, she doesn’t just do the UwU voice, she does baby talk, and baby pov, it’s gross. This is why I don’t like her, and she was my personal cow. Do I need to provide YOU a reason even? Well here is the reason.

No. 212755


Don't forget she's so small but her tits are huuuuge.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 212767

Yeah the model for her vtuber… even I think her recent model looks cute. you see her irl?! kek

any unattractive human male or female can become a vtuber if they are slightly witty or can pander to a pedo audience. Funny how you whine and whine about people bring up her child, but stay quite about all the pedo baiting. Seems like you can’t even excuse your sick fetish. Just go back to jerking it to your creepy fantasies, and stop trying to convince people to love your 30 yr old child wanna be

No. 212833

I heard she is moving to a "virtual content creators house". How the fuck is she gonna do that? Lol(no idea but learn2sage)

No. 212920

I also heard she is moving to Japan. It’s all speculation at this point.

No. 212921

Lmaooo, how tf is she going to move? Roll to Nipon land in a hamster bubble?(learn2sage)

No. 213142

You my friend are retarded to think sick people can’t move to different counties… at this point she twists her condition to milk her fans for money. I’m not responding to wannabe child fuckers anymore, who clearly don’t know the first thing about her condition besides what she tells you.

No. 213348

Ok, well how is she gonna get a visa then? Even if she’s perfectly healthy and just lying, you can’t just up and move to Japan, you need a visa, which she sure as hell isn’t going to get for twitch streaming/v tubing. If you could get a visa for that half of Tokyo would be gaijin streamers.

No. 213405

Hmmmm maybe that’s why I said it’s all speculation… Japan isn’t even open to the public rn bc of covid

No. 213407

Sorry I forgot to add, it is indeed retarded though to believe you can’t move counties bc “so sick” that was the point I was making. I don’t know why visas were brought up. I really don’t want to give you an education lesson on the Japanese visa system. Felix just did it, and anyone with money can. Its not how hard you’re making out to be. When covid cools down, things will pop off more in Japan. I don’t even think she is moving there, it’s all rumors at this point.

No. 213409

7 million white streamers
/vtuber in Tokyo? Sure Jan. Just because you like anime or anything Japanese doesn’t mean you wanna live there. Way to make an assumption about every single twitch streamer and vtuber. You make assumptions on peoples race too? There in the same group, they all must think and want the same thing in life, with your logic, right?

I’m pretty sure there are between 400-700 j-vloggers alone. From unsuccessful to people as popular as Chris and Conner. A lot of people really don’t want to move away from their lives, friends, and family all for a holy Japan.

No. 213462

Mouse said on stream she caught covid(not cvid like she currently has), which brings the question: how the fuck?

I'm in the camp "she's probably actually sick because who would go through all the effort of faking this very serious illness" but now I'm super doubtful. If she gets exposed as a liar this might be the biggest con in history.

No. 213466

I do believe she has some disease, but not the one she is claiming and she over exaggerates the truth. Things just don’t add up, it would be sad if this whole time she had full blown aids, and was hiding it from being embarrassed. The funny part is the disease she claims to have doesn’t lock you in a room constantly, you don’t become repunzel locked in a tower. It’s like the twitch streamer who needed a wheelchair after a accident, saw all the views and extra donations he was getting, kept it up even after he healed. It’s all a money grab. Anyone having doubt is labeled a bad person, because how can you even doubt someone who is ill?!

No. 213585

She could’ve gotten it from a family member. Just because she doesn’t leave her house, doesn’t mean her family or friends don’t.

No. 213615

last week before or during the connor subathon she told chat her parents got the flu and they would not get near her for the next 9 days… I hope its not covid.

No. 213634

It was an exaggeration dipshit. It’s not that easy to just get a visa to move countries was the point. No, not everyone wants to live there but a lot of weebs would if it was that easy to get a visa off of YouTube/twitch. Ya, Pewdiepie who’s a multimillionaire can but I’m guessing Japanese immigration won’t even give a second glance to anyone who isn’t showing several years of 6 figure income from streaming.

No. 213716

Nice demolition job, you know what they say "The Tree That Bears Fruit Will Be Stoned"
Now, we may never know what her private life really is and honestly its none of your business.
We will never know her true face or her true condition. Not without crossing the line, at which point you will be very, very SORRY!

There is one truth I know, and that's CDawgVA. IF a GigaChad like Connor testifies to this woman's sincerity, then that's all the reason I need. She could be a 40-year-old single mother or an Eldritch abomination behind the avatar for all I care. That doesn't change the fact that her streams are entertaining, and her voice is heavenly. She can keep all the secrets she wants. If she's cool with the Trash Taste Gang then she's cool to me. And that's all there is to it…(newfag)

No. 213722

nice blogpost retard, kys(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 213774

Where is the full Interview?(learn2sage, spoonfeeding)

No. 213829

You can make an exaggeration? But other can’t? See the sarcasm before getting pissy.

No. 213831

She said her family and her ALL her family haven’t left the house since covid started so she will be “safe”

No. 213832

What we do know her true face, how high are you rn? Do you even read the past threads?

No. 214862

File: 1653433848266.jpeg (518.18 KB, 828x879, 327EF8E7-7A16-44CA-B9FB-99288D…)

Is Ironmouse as ill as all the comments make her out to be? They make it seem like she will die if she takes one step out the door, it sounds so exaggerated like a backstory in an anime.


No. 214907

Forums on Google are the same way. Everyone says how she will die if she is exposed to outside. It’s how she gets big donations.

No. 214917

She sounds like a fat huckster to me

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