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File: 1650789551566.png (2.26 MB, 1079x1915, please terry no.png)

No. 208755

Previous Thread

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tchall
Cosplay Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ManaKnightPage/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manaknight/?hl=en
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ManaKnight?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@manaknight

Terry Hall aka Manaknight is a self-proclaimed "famous" cosplayer, soon approaching his 40's who currently resides in Maryland.
Terry self proclaims to be NB and Asexual, despite otherwise being fine with being a male for 30+ years and regularly posting/sharing sexual posts/memes, "friends" with and regularly shares OF/cos thots.

Recap of previous threaad
>>198264 Terry breaks his shit prop
>>198318 Calling out Rachniqueenfor racism
>>198471 Post Katsu bitch fest
>>198946 >>204673 >>205797 Terry runs into a zoomer girl he has stalked for years and gets ghosted by her. He then proceeds to obsess over her for months (seriously way to many examples to link I swear half of last thread was him obsessing over getting ghosted by a child)
>>199493 >>201356 bragging about money again
>>199687 Terry wants an even bigger house even though he doesn't utilize the space he already has
>>199836 nonnie queen simply agrees with a statement Terry madeand Terry proceeds to call her a bitch on his story
>>200203 >>200444 Terry does so much internet
stalking he realizes people he's never met have him blocked
>>200486 complaining about pronouns even though he is clearly a man claiming to be nb to seem non-threatening to younf girls
>>200908 Terry pretends to hangout with another cosplayer when she was only there to buy a cosplay off of him
>>201178 skin lightning drama
>>201242 >>204066 randomly tells a young girl he wants to hangout at a mall with her then stalks her at a mall a few weeks later
>>201532 probably lying about his weight
>>201988 puts on 2 sets of hip shapers and looks exactly the same
>>203135 only wants to sell cosplays to people who will come try them on at his house
>>203751 Terry doxxes himself
>>204699 enters his short shorts phase so he can make everyone look at his junk
>>204829 posing like an idiot to pretend he wears crop tops
>>204369 >>204707 >>205061 bad craftsmanship. How does he get invited to cons?
>>205431 expanding his palette beyonf tendies
>>205638 says he would not help anyone out financially unless they are providing him a service
>>205874 called out for ableism
>>206240 >>206772 current unfiltered photos of Terry looking a haggard 39
>>207616 hating on furries at Sakura Con
>>207898 >>207988 Terry drops a con because he'll ONLY know 20 people there and he requires 100+
>>208285 proof Terry likely lurks here
>>208365 finally admits he might have autism
>>208610 more fake claims about stepping away from cosplay next year

No. 208757

damn idk why but some of my links got fucked? sorry nonnies

No. 208763

File: 1650805646292.jpeg (191.83 KB, 1284x759, 67E2C076-6C52-4646-BA49-CD90CA…)

Terry will be out in the wild again at a mall! Shouldn’t he be prepping his awesome props and cosplays for his judging appearance?

No. 208766

He probably posted this to hope zoomer girls would DM him “OMG I’m going to X mall too. Let’s meet and do makeup!”

No. 208772

File: 1650809039234.jpeg (389.38 KB, 1170x2532, 3A1D6658-68EB-4C53-9025-E5DF46…)

Former victim of the Terry experience spoke out.

No. 208775

>Shouldn’t he be prepping his awesome props and cosplays for his judging appearance?
Does anyone know how he keeps getting asked to judge? I genuinely don’t understand how he can get a position as a judge when he buys all of his cosplays and all the props he makes are piss poor quality. He’s been in this hobby for such a long time and his props still look like the work of a beginner.

>hope zoomer girls would DM him “OMG I’m going to X mall too. Let’s meet and do makeup!”
I think this is accurate. He’s desperate to experience life how he imagines a teen girl would

No. 208802

File: 1650819654627.png (1.07 MB, 828x1792, 7FE03771-CAEB-48C3-A385-F3CBD3…)

He really thinks he’s lost so much weight that none of his old pants fit him anymore and he has to go buy pants for young women instead

No. 208803

File: 1650819707671.png (8.27 MB, 1170x2532, 58ABE180-8B75-4046-B26E-4BC73F…)

Yay! Bullying works!

Terry if you read this: it is not your face shape or the fact you’re not in your 20s. There are a huge amount of beautiful and successful cosplayers in their late 30s and beyond. You just are trying looks meant for 18yr old white skinny girls in a desperate attempt to be likeable to those types of girls instead of looking for inspiration from people near your age, race, and body type. Your denial always have made even your most highly polled cosplays look like shit. Hope this helps!

No. 208804

Thank god. I was not looking forward to seeing him butcher the madoka girls

No. 208805

Why does he like to show off his belly so damn much? He probably picked that up from some ethot and kept parroting them.

No. 208806

Shouldn’t he be buying some work-appropriate pants then?
We did it nonnies
>I WISH I was still early 20s and beautiful looking
I guess this is why his cut-off age is 25. Very gross if you to think no one above 25 can be beautiful, Terry. People age, it happens. There’s plenty of older cosplayers that embrace their age and make age-appropriate cosplays that look really well, dressing as characters that a younger person couldn’t pull off.
PS since you lurk here Terry, stop bathing with Palmolive and get some heavy moisturizer to fix those nasty chicken feet hands.

No. 208828

Since it’s a new thread and Terry pretty much confirmed to be lurking I wanted to bring up my own Terry experience and my thankfulness for this thread.

I got really unsure of Terry around the time that Terry was constantly posting about cats and just blatantly ignoring or hand waving the criticisms people had towards him about this. I vented my anger to a friend about it and they told me they expected more from him since he was nearly 40. I hadn’t known his age so I was shocked and disgusted considering his previous insistence on cosplaying with me. He had even told me before about how he had space in his room for a con. My friend sent me this thread and honestly it’s a lifesaver. I am not disgusted that he’s nearly 40, I’m disgusted he lies by omission to me and many other women. I could have ROOMED with him. He still had 25+ in his bio then so I was convinced he was only like 27, 28. I was 19 - 21 when I had the most interaction with him.

A bonus to learning about all of this is that I realized I’m one of the last people to find out about him in some of my friend circles. The second I asked if anyone has seen Terry’s lolcow thread everyone came out of the woodwork to say they have and they dislike Terry. Even people who would comment encouraging bullshit to him and take selfies with him (which I found out they actively seek him out for selfies at cons just to make fun of the faces and filters he uses) also just disliked Terry, but since he whines any time he is deleted or blocked it’s always easier just to accept him and have a feed of constant secondhand embarrassment to look at. I’ve sent this thread now to other friend groups of mine and it’s nice to watch the disdain for Terry grow as he constantly ignores the valid criticism people give him all because we didn’t use his they/them pronouns to tell him to stop bothering young women.

No. 208830

File: 1650827852523.jpg (1.21 MB, 3930x4022, 20220424_131456.jpg)

Things that have never happened

No. 208833

uh Terry, pretty sure this is what your "friends" think. People pass YOU because they are expecting you to look like your smooth and lightened selfies, not a 40-year-old wrinkly creep.

No. 208843

I’m glad you’re surrounded by friends who recognize how creepy Terry is and informed you. This really makes me curious now, I wonder what percentage of his followers can’t stand him and only follow for a laugh or to avoid drama from him?

No. 208850

File: 1650833884768.jpeg (295.44 KB, 1284x1647, BFDFE2FD-99B7-45B0-AAF3-119212…)

Sir pretty sure you starve yourself in between feedings of eggo waffles, shake n bake oven cooked pork chops, chicken tenders and basic bitch Safeway white cake cupcakes with vanilla frosting.

Your skin looks like it’s never been hydrated since you came into existence due to your trash diet.

No. 208851

>relationship memes

No. 208856

File: 1650837173581.jpg (602.71 KB, 1080x1860, Screenshot_20220424-175154_Ins…)

so now you're using your guest booth as a donation center? no one is going to go to your booth to sift through your shit cosplays you probably haven't even washed or your crappy props

No. 208859

File: 1650837867704.jpeg (585.09 KB, 1284x1140, 503ED035-51C5-470C-B943-5CA22F…)

Sir… You’re suck a fucking cheapskate maybe if you weren’t one and spotted friends money when they’re going through hard times you’d have actual friends.

No. 208860

I doubt enough people are begging him for money for him to actually make this post, but also if they are maybe they wouldn't if you'd stop flaunting your wealth around

No. 208861

What the hell? Sometimes people don't have their wallet on them or forgot to bring extra money. Whatever the reason, food at a con literally isn't that expensive. I haven't seen anything cost more than $12 (these are at cons with concession stands). Buying food for your friends is the nice thing to do, Terry. Because you know, you're supposed to care about your friends?

Also I do not understand what he is talking about in that second paragraph. He regrets paying a barber to give him haircuts? Or is this some rando that asks him for money and gives him haircuts occasionally in return? I don't understand Terry-speak.

No. 208862


>>Food can cost $1

Not everyone lives off of frozen chicken tenders like you Terrance.

>>loaning money for haircuts

is he talking about wigs because he doesn't have any hair kek

No. 208863

File: 1650838664764.jpg (474.53 KB, 1080x1667, Screenshot_20220424-181704_Fac…)

and then he has actual decent human beings in his comments. thank god people aren't agreeing with him on this shit take

No. 208865

He complains about people asking him for money all the time but only hangs out with children that aren't old enough to have stable careers.

This is what you get for flaunting your wealth to all your zoomer mutuals.

No. 208868

Terry, people won’t ask you for money if you just stop talking about how much money you make, how big your house is, or how amazing your job is. You can’t rub our faces with your wealth and then complain about it.

You are sending out mixed signals. You trying to pick up zoomer sugar babies or not?

No. 208869

Wow I am so grateful my friend group isn’t like that. We pay for each other all the time. If I pay for something now, I know my friends are going to cover the cost of something else later. It all evens out basically, so no one needs to keep track.

Meanwhile Terry views every human interaction as an exchange and he keeps a tally in his head. If he doesn’t get something of equal or greater value from you, then he thinks you’re clearly just using him. THAT IS NOT HOW RELATIONSHIPS ARE SUPPOSED TO WORK TERRY

Love seeing people call him on how incredibly selfish that behavior is. I mean if you say they can find food for just $1, then why not give them a dollar??

No. 208870

This gives me at least a shred of hope for humanity

No. 208872

He is such a piece of shit. Loaning someone $5 or $10 for a meal when all he does is brag about how much money he makes is such a shit take.

No. 208878

Same, although I also tend to bring A LOT of food with me and I ALWAYS am willing to share it with friends. I've done this even as far back as when I first started attending cons my first year of college. I was broke, but still shared.

No. 208882

what probably happened

cosplayer: i got no money for food.
terry: i will buy you food. I'm a good guy.

a few months later
terry: come to my house to do makeup. we'll be cute together
cosplayer: ewww no
terry: cosplayers are parasites

No. 208884

Nooo not mr big bucks complaining about possibly feeding one of these starving zoomers he stalks
Yeah same, if you see friends regularly and have similar interests, paying in alternating weeks (or whatever) works perfectly. I hate splitting the bill and all that shit, it's much nicer to pay alternately.

No. 208894

Good god, how autistic can you be Terry? Maybe people are asking for money or mentioning that they don’t have money since you’re always bragging about how much you have. If you don’t want to just give someone money, buy them a snack or something. Ya it’s shitty if someone spends all the money to go to a con and then has to ask for money for food, but it’s too late at that point. Maybe find friends that are old enough to have careers if you don’t want to be asked for money.

No. 208909

The fact that money is literally all he has to offer (personality like a wet blanket, boring, not much to look at, poorly disguised troon fetish, poorly disguised fetish for young white and asian women…and so on) YET that's the thing he balks at. Like if you want young people to be your friend and you have absolutely no talent, charisma, or looks, you gotta be a sugar daddy or at least them a hamburger and coke every so often.
Honestly men who have much more money than the women they're going after but still insisting she pays for herself - like not even an offer out of politeness, or buying a small treat (he's literally crying about a possible dollar spent in that post) is so unattractive it explains why he's still a kissless virgin at 39. Just as a personality trait it's such a turnoff.
Young, pretty women get a lot of attention so you really need to have anything to offer in terms of making her life better if you want to stand out. The fact he clearly wouldn't even buy a girl a coke, exasperating really.

No. 208970

File: 1650886917289.jpeg (644.64 KB, 1284x1970, 1A15B98E-6B02-48BE-9822-30D0EF…)

Are you projecting sir?

No. 208978

>I seen this
Why is he typing like he's ESL all of a sudden? Did this elderly man have a stroke

No. 208983

Why did he post this? We know it’s not from his personal experience since he’s asexual. Is he posting this to indicate he’s one of the good ones? Terry you’re not slick.

I noticed this too. I have known him for half a decade. His English wasn’t this noticeably bad until the pandemic happened. I could be wrong. I didn’t analyze his writing before because he used to be quite normal

No. 208984

Checked the status again and now the majority of people agreed with terry. my faith in humanity is gone. Why do all these dumbasses agree with mr money pants who can’t even spare $1

Also, what can you buy for $1 ? A piece of gum?

No. 208993

It's how plenty of black people talk/write. AAVE/ebonics

No. 208995

it seems like a lot of the agreeing comments are interpreting his status as these people are always asking for handouts when that's not what he said at all. he made an assumption that if a cosplayer asks for money for food once they'll constantly do it and are taking advantage of others. what if that person forgot their wallet and were going to pay next time or pay the person back? what if they had unexpected financial issues right before the con but everything was already paid for so they can't just waste that money and not go? theres so many what if scenarios and he's just choosing to think everyone is out for his money.

I understand that if a person has a habit of asking for money because they can't afford xyz but then spends lots of money on new cosplays/going to cons/etc, that's an issue. but again this isn't what he said. he just made this assumption of all people who do this regardless of the situation

No. 208997

given his track record of poor grammar I doubt this has anything to do with AAVE

No. 209004

He grew up in the whitest of white neighborhood. No way this is AAVE. Thanks for stereotyping.

It’s more of his attempt at zoomer-speak

No. 209009

“i seen” is actually aave, even though terry grew up in a white neighborhood in the midwest he grew up in a black family. so it wouldn’t be that strange if some aave slipped out of him sometimes. though i agree that person probably was just stereotyping as they used the word “ebonics”

No. 209011

File: 1650898021401.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1284x1949, 71C69AB2-622B-41B0-89AF-92A975…)

Just no

No. 209012

The weird thing about Terry is his obsession with women of a certain race actually has more to do with solely skin color itself rather than race as a whole. I can think of plenty of really light skinned black and latina girls that he interacts with frequently, but 0 brown/dark skinned Asian girls like Indians or Laotians for example. I bet he would be ok with being black if he was light skinned.

No. 209014

>sanrio kuromi
Really trying to attract those zoomers

No. 209033

I feel bad for the forever xxi employees that have to interact with him almost every day. You know he probably loiters for hours deciding on which booty shorts and "crop tops" he wants.

The fact that he meitus himself 10 shades lighter in every selfie makes this obvious

No. 209042

File: 1650905052998.jpeg (300.29 KB, 1284x710, 90803819-00BD-4040-8AA9-F31921…)

I question how the fuck he graduated college with how he forms sentences.

No. 209049

Terry’s being really hasty with buying new clothing. He could easily gain that weight back, as he’s not doing anything but crash dieting. His weight loss seems more of an excuse to himself to buy a bunch of teen clothing to crossdress in. “I’m not a creep for buying clothes from Forever21 and dressing like a teenager! I just lost so much weight that it’s all I can fit into uwu”.
>Shorts can be male or female IDC
Then why are you specifically buying booty shorts from the girl’s section in Forever21? And specifically looking at female zoomer photos for inspiration?
Again, if he’s apparently lost so much weight, shouldn’t he be buying clothes to wear to work? He is so obvious.

No. 209050

Small con plus high follower count. People probably requested him and he's fine with paying for everything himself.

There's a ton of reasons why someone might need money for food at a con. Maybe they're short a couple bucks cuz of tax, maybe they got their wallet stolen, maybe their card is is having issues and they don't have enough cash, etc. Especially if you're friends and you have the money, why wouldn't you spot them money for food or just pay for them?

No. 209056

I legit can’t tell if this is boomer or zoomer speak. I’m leaning toward him trying to sound relatable to zoomers versus growing up speaking aave with his family. We all know Terry hates being black and rid himself of all AA identities

No. 209084

Yeah i think his strange sentence structure is a result of him being confused. He naturally speaks like an older person, but tries to force himself to speak younger. He naturally speaks some AAVE, but wants to force himself to be rid of everything Black.

No. 209107

File: 1650919180028.jpg (519.09 KB, 1080x1896, Screenshot_20220425-163816_Ins…)

"oops" stop saying that everytime you order a new cosplay as if it was some impulse decision. you've been talking about cosplaying him for a while now

No. 209129

is this really milk? at least he's cosplaying a guy and not an underage girl

No. 209134

This isn’t really any better, at least most of Terry’s girl cosplays are high school aged I think (not that that’s much consolation). Toshiro presents as a preteen child

No. 209135

Terry: I will not give you even $1
Terry: oops here’s my purchase history of almost $200 worth of cosplays.

No. 209142

He erased the order time and order number for precisely this reason.
Terry's month:
>stalking zoomers in the mall
>Vagueposting about a zoomer that dropped and unfollowed him (many times)
>Awkward con photos
>Why do I have such difficulty making friends? Must be the 'tism
>I would never help a friend in need, the only people I give money to are those offering a service, like the guy that gives me (???? man is bald) haircuts
>House next door is worth 400-500k
>I would not spend a single dollar on a hungry friend at a con
>I'm not young and beautiful like I was at 20 (you never were, fam)

No. 209166

File: 1650930367082.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1284x2224, 411CBF9D-CB85-475F-B5BD-942E04…)

Keep telling yourself that you 40 year old cheapskate.

No. 209175

>shorts can be male or female
Yes and no though. Male shorts are made to fit with the male genetils in mind, and not so much for women since we dont have a useless sac of hanging garbage. I hate this whole 'men and womens clothes are all unisex' when that is not true. But terry's zoomer followers wont care to tell him when he cant fit women's shorts from forever 21.

Exactly. There are plenty of aged up looking characters from Bleach
>also cosplaying my husbando Hitsugaya
Gross af.

No. 209177

No wonder he is struggling to get rid of all his hoarded cosplays. $37.20 is going to be a party city trash bag quality

No. 209182

File: 1650935006702.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1284x1609, 90BAAC0F-F91F-4840-924E-B4D05E…)

Stumpy AF Kaeya.

The pants/leggings are so baggy it is a tragedy.

No. 209191

Nasty ass manlet needs to take that shit off right now. What is he, going through a Genshin roster for characters to cosplay? Imagine how much cosplay waste goes into the landfill.

No. 209202

what the hell does this guy do for a living to afford this constant stream of garbage?

No. 209210

File: 1650941241244.jpeg (867.13 KB, 1284x2055, 32D2E042-9627-445E-BD71-D9CA69…)

Aiming straight at these zoomers

No. 209212

people like Terry is making me question my political leaning. He's clearly a predator that's doing this to get close to young girls

No. 209216

This is why I hate garbage China costumes so much. They’re so cheap that these costhots and clout chasers buy a ton, wear them once and throw them away. It’s so wasteful. Terry could afford to commission nice costumes but god forbid he spend more money to not support sweatshops.
For fucks sake is he incapable of cosplaying anything age appropriate? ANY of the other male captains would be better than this, of course he has to pick the character that is supposed to physically be around 12 years old. He should cosplay creeper Kyoraku or Urahara. Plus do zoomers even know what Bleach is?

No. 209220

Bleach recently got a revival, and there was a handful of zoomers that cosplayed from it at a con I was at this weekend so sadly he’s not that out of touch with what animes zoomers currently like

No. 209221

Terry’s actually been talking about cosplaying Bleach every so often for a while now, like before the revival was confirmed. I can’t really elaborate but I have reason to believe he is doing it for the attention of a specific zoomer.

No. 209227

it's really shocking terry began his troon phase barely a month ago. A whole midlife crisis triggered by some zoomer blocking him. how pathetic

No. 209228

kek you mean the one he roomed with at sak

No. 209265

File: 1650974079831.jpeg (121.1 KB, 1284x361, E467E35A-928D-499E-94C5-B783CA…)

Funny cause she never posted a selfie with him and he was the one to post it on IG and FB.

He also didn’t get a cosplay photo/TikTok of them together in Genshin cos or at least hasn’t posted it yet.

Side note… this post from last night definitely gives predator vibes.

No. 209266


I noticed she didn’t even like her selfie with terry! I wonder if something is up. She didn’t look happy in the selfie at all.

Did she cosplay Genshin though? That would explain no Genshin TikTok. I don’t know how, but Terry managed to make all his roommate posts sound extra creepy

No. 209267

File: 1650975167292.jpeg (1.96 MB, 1284x2246, 1E5B78D4-486B-482F-A95F-C57C44…)

She has photos of her in Raiden/Ei on her IG highlights.

So I’m surprised there was no “OMG we cosplayed Genshin together and didn’t plan it teehee” photo

No. 209272

Thanks anon. I didn’t know. Thought she only cosplayed tifa and gantz. It’s hilarious he cosplayed Genshin the same day as her and she wasn’t (I assume) comfortable with doing a tiktok together.

No. 209274

File: 1650978386448.jpeg (249.94 KB, 1503x1800, B7998415-BA8B-458E-BB32-C8AB24…)

No. 209280

File: 1650985182232.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1284x2230, EEF5967C-7699-4A3E-A80F-EB0EE5…)

The desperation

No. 209281

File: 1650985293236.jpeg (206.54 KB, 826x1131, A1B30D84-A94E-4996-9649-4CB6A8…)

Kek guess terry realized it benefited him more to claim being autistic

No. 209285

Damn anon you really went way back for this one

I miss the old awkward autistic terry who’s comfortable with being Black. The new whitewashed, predatory autistic terry makes me sad.

No. 209287

Me too. I used to like Terry honestly. He was a harmless and sweet awkward weirdo. I keep asking myself if he really changed or if I just only recently realized his true character but I really do think he’s changed. I can find no evidence of him being this creepy before like 2018 ish.

No. 209292

File: 1650991150711.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1284x2238, 27A4412F-A583-4EC9-8236-E4A92D…)

Is he really this proud of his eye make up? Like… he looks very sick and crusty…

No. 209294

What character is this? I never cared enough to look. Thought he’s one of those constantly sick or sleep deprived characters.

No. 209297

Must’ve put on 5 coats of mascara…you know it looks worse in person. And Terry really needs to blend down the neck if he’s gonna be filtering his photos, looking like chicken skin there with all the razor bumps.

No. 209298

It's not having obsessions that makes you come off as a sperg Terry it's making posts like this. At least he is more self aware in 2022 and not in denial kek

This makeup straight up looks like he got a pink eye infection

No. 209299

they hung out together on friday as kazuha and raiden, sure photos are floating around somewhere (on his account?)

No. 209303

File: 1650994575899.jpg (53.85 KB, 827x468, gojoo.jpg)

I'm personally finding it hard to tell because his shitty makeup is so distracting, but pretty sure he's supposed to be Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen that is the character most anime zoomers have as their husbando at the moment.

No. 209304

He really needs to stop wearing red eyeshadow on literally every cosplay. This character isn’t even wearing eyeshadow (from what I can tell by this picture).

No. 209320

How will all the zoomers know hes non binary if he doesn't add trashy drag queen makeup to every cosplay

No. 209337


I agree. I used to be friends with Terry but he’s changed. I have no doubt it has to do with his scrambling for cosplayer and zoomer praise. He’s realized but not accepted that he’s older and the stuff he actually likes won’t get him popular. Now he just wastes tons of money on shit he doesn’t know to impress people who could care less if he deleted his entire socmed presence at any time. It would be sad to see normally, but considering he reads these threads most likely and doesn’t accept any criticism from it just means he’s a lost cause and a decently milky cow.

No. 209345

The eye makeup makes no sense (I guess that goes for a lot of his characters). Maybe his eyes change when he uses his power or something? I just can’t imagine why someone would go out of their way to do the eye makeup when it doesn’t fit the character at all.

No. 209353

I really feel like the root cause of all this is that he has a serious fear of aging and now that he’s at the point of being considered middle-aged he’s just losing his mind. He’s literally having a midlife crisis although it’s been going on for quite some time now. I think that the way he used to be is more like his true personality (or at least I like to think that). Some things aren’t related to his fear of aging (like his weird financial stinginess, his anti-blackness) but I think most of the stuff we talk about in these threads are— his obsession with zoomer approval which causes his excessive photoshopping, his misleading people about his age, his recent cross dressing era, his suddenly deciding to claim autism, etc. He used to be friends with men and people his age and I think that’s the biggest teller tbh

No. 209364

Pretty sure he's just bad at makeup, anon. He does a similar look for Cloud Strife and there's no reason for that character to have flamboyant eyes either.

No. 209437

tbh i think he’s just illiterate.

No. 209458

I assumed he’s dyslexic, or having problem with typing as he became older.. a stroke maybe? He just seem to make a lot of typos and don’t care enough to proofread. And people just assume it’s AAVE cause racism lol

No. 209462

File: 1651061175333.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1284x1837, 08856506-FFA2-4301-B918-02A61F…)

I’m always the odd one out, take pity on me!

No. 209464

I mean that sure does look like him at cons. standing around waiting for people to approach him as if he's some sort of celebrity

No. 209466

File: 1651064041726.jpg (287.27 KB, 1080x1876, Screenshot_20220427-085001_Ins…)

I took this just to see how easy it is to fudge your answer to what you want, and it's so obvious which ones are supposed to be the "feminine" traits vs the "masculine" traits. I have a feeling he chose more things that seemed more feminine to get this result

No. 209467

He has an engineering degree and makes six figures I don’t see how he would be illiterate

No. 209471

People in those fields can be absolute morons and that's what hurts the most. In any real social situation where he cant talk about anime and shitty gatchas, he wouldnt know anything.

No. 209472

I bet the answers were sexist as fuck.
>do you like lipstick
>do you like cooking
>do you like pink
I bet he answered 'feminine' stuff on purpose to get this result. Gross ass motherfucker

No. 209479

I give it one week and he is back to posting upcoming underage female cosplays he plans to do

No. 209480

all the feminine ones are like "are you shy. do you like children, are you intuitive, etc" and then the male ones are "are you aggressive, are you assertive, are you dominant" so yeah its really sexist and going by the assumption of gender roles. so even if Terry answered them honestly, it doesn't mean he's feminine because those aren't inherently feminine traits

No. 209482


yea they definitely can be dumb as fuck but not really illiterate lol

No. 209496

The tag photo of him will always make me giggle and laugh. Just because he looks so different then what he allows on his main account.

No. 209504

I guess the kitten phase is over? For a while he was stopping by pet shops every week. Sometimes even multiple times a week just to take photos of cats to post for zoomer attention.

I feel bad for the store workers having to deal with this man who’s there to harass the cats and waste their time.

No. 209548

File: 1651094572313.jpg (336.93 KB, 1080x1462, Screenshot_20220427_171200.jpg)

Wasn't this guy bitching last month about how this show had a gyaru scene that he thought was black facing?

No. 209554

File: 1651095930221.png (302.17 KB, 442x544, Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 4.44…)


No. 209555

File: 1651095987187.png (144.58 KB, 618x390, Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 4.45…)

muuhhfuckka I'm high as hell(shitpost)

No. 209559

not everyone is naturally a good speller lmfao, it doesn’t mean he has an intellectual issue or had a stroke. he wouldn’t be able to function properly if it was the latter since strokes affect other gross motor skills like walking or swallowing depending on what part of the brain it was on. he’s in tech/engineering/math heavy fields so it isn’t uncommon for them to have poor written communication skills like poor vocabularly or shitty spelling.

No. 209566

Not from what I remember? Jessie pridemore was bitching about that though, which is hilarious because she blackfaced for a cosplay

No. 209570

File: 1651106211245.jpeg (185.74 KB, 1141x518, 6B15FFD6-A851-4AA3-8CDA-3D49BE…)

even facebook thinks he’s meitu’d a little too much

No. 209575

File: 1651108984783.jpeg (733.2 KB, 1284x1364, BA6DB38F-B018-4895-BE9E-13BAD5…)

I’d think this is someone else if I were a robot.

No. 209580

why is his hand so white!??? I never noticed that before. is he becoming michael jackson?

No. 209591

Ok i hate terry just as much as the next guy but some of you just stretch and nitpick as hard as humanly possible. Dark skinned people are never dark on the palm of their hands. Palms are always many shades lighter than the top of the hand. A lot of times a black person’s palm isn’t much darker than a white person’s palm. If there was any part of his skin that michael jackson could have left alone, it would be his palm. Sometimes i think these things are common knowledge but then i remember some people have no lived experience and have never really interacted with people different from them

No. 209595

I think >>209580 is talking about the whole hand. His fingers and wrist/forearm are very pale in this picture especially.

This is so sad. It's hard to imagine someone you cared about so radically different like that.

Always looks like a bad case of pinkeye or hayfever to me. Not attractive or in-character at all.

No. 209599

The filter isn't whitening his face properly because of the sunglasses is my guess. Compare it to >>209292

No. 209600

chill, bro. scroll up and look at his selfies. his arm/top of hand are very similar to his face color. here his arm is WHITE and his palm is PINK

put your thumb on top of his face and tell me that arm still belongs to a black person, lol

No. 209603

same anon here. before someone tell me light skin Black people exist, it's obvious i mean a Black person with skin tone that's similar to Terry.

No. 209604

He is so weirdly filtered he looks like a white man doing black face I’m dying

No. 209612

Yeah i think this is the case too. His face looks extra brown here. I mean extra brown as in his real skin color, not the ashy chalk filtered skin color we’re used to seeing on him

No. 209622

Maybe that’s why the system flagged the photo. It thought he’s doing blackface. I’m dying. We solved the puzzle!

No. 209624

File: 1651147512787.jpeg (197.62 KB, 1284x1289, 85031D96-9ACA-4411-8CFD-61ECA3…)

Compliment me my zoomers friends!

No. 209630

of course it's set for close friends only. can't let those lesser people respond

No. 209638

Why would he make that his profile pic, it looks like he's wearing pink gloves. And the makeup is terrible.
I actually think he became a coomer and his posts are all typed dick-in-hand hence the dodgy spelling and grammar. Many people fell into fetishes and cults over the pandemic due to a shortage of real life social interaction.

No. 209650

File: 1651163015199.jpg (534.27 KB, 1080x1885, Screenshot_20220428-114934_Ins…)

obviously not trying hard enough

No. 209652

Why is he so ugly? he legit looks like he's missing a chromosome.

No. 209654

He’s very much the opposite of honest

Also, terry please wear your mask correctly

No. 209656

He’s so skinny, he looks sickly. He lost weight by cutting back the amount of food he eats but it didn’t give him a fit/healthy look, it just made him look sick because he still only eats chicken tenders and eggos, just in smaller amounts

No. 209689

In Terry's mind he doesn't lie, he just doesn't tell the truth. Ie: his being 25+ years old

No. 209700

I like his "crop top" is really just him holding up his rolled up shirt for the photo lol

No. 209705

File: 1651189126206.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1284x2207, 131E21CD-9000-4F66-A792-4ABF7D…)

No. 209708

I love how he says he's going to stop thinking about this stuff and people from his past, yet loves to go on and on about it any chance he can

No. 209709

where are these posts? I have been following this thread since katsucon and I don't remember coming across them

No. 209715

File: 1651192993276.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1284x2192, D022C8D6-BC3E-42C5-87F4-CED171…)


No. 209716

These are I think his IG posts to his close friends list.

He’s like a never ending rickroll for himself.

No. 209717

i mean "made various posts online on me that cannot be removed"

No. 209725

I think these are the posts he’s talking about

No. 209734

File: 1651199959319.jpg (214.08 KB, 1080x1885, 1651163015199~2.jpg)

I've been staring at this for a good minute and can't wrap my head around what it's supposed to be. Is it poor editing?

No. 209738

probably just a poor angle plus thigh muscle. he is looking sickly, more so after sak.

No. 209740

Anyone think he’s macrocephalic?

No. 209742

File: 1651201958174.jpeg (114.99 KB, 1284x332, 50B965A5-8B10-4EA9-96F1-A9A42E…)

Which zoomers wants to room with me and I’ll watch them sleep…probably.

No. 209743


His replies are so long and boring, I now know what anons mean when they say he approaches them at cons just to talk about himself at length.

No. 209750

It’s so funny. It seems like every time some poor girl decides to room with him, they don’t post about him, they don’t want to hang with him at the con, and they usually don’t look super pleased to be in any pics with him. It seems like once they meet him and see how old he truly is and just how self obsessed he is too, they start to regret rooming with him. Does anyone know if any of these girls ever roomed with him more than once?

No. 209751

i believe camicat or whatever her name is roomed with terry multiple times

No. 209753

She looks old and haggard so Terry probably doesn't creep on her like he would with the zoomers he wants to room with.

No. 209754

we found the unicorn in his friend circle. surprised terry would room with a 30 yo instead of a teenager.

No. 209775

File: 1651235874397.jpg (119.28 KB, 1079x474, Screenshot_20220429-083651_Fac…)

whatever happened to that six flags season pass he got? he went like once and then never talked about it again. but now he's wanting to take his kiddos to theme parks?

No. 209780

File: 1651243067639.jpeg (211.28 KB, 1242x611, D4B3C17A-DA8F-4541-9BDD-76154D…)

Lmao we get it, you lost weight. Why don’t you get one of those millions of friends you have to take it in for you? Right, because nobody wants to interact with you. I could have sworn he had a sewing machine. Even if he can’t sew for shit, taking in cheap cosplay pants should be somewhat easy even for beginners. But nah he just wants to brag about losing weight

No. 209781

this 40 year old man is so insecure about himself. seriously? afraid to wear glasses in front of your family? this man has a lot of issues and i'm very concerned with the people he interacts with.

No. 209788

it's strange to me how black cosplayers make everything about race when race was never an issue for years and years and tons of non asians did asian cosplays or characters. Dont get it, but terry needs his ass pats.

No. 209789

Oh no! Bad news. call the press.
Also, taking in clothing is easier than letting out. Why would a man with supposedly 10 years of cosplay experience not know how to take in pants that are too big?

No. 209802

How can you be a cosplay guest and judge when you constantly make statuses like this? smh, Terry. I get it you’re proud to lose weight but there’s a better way to brag

No. 209803

He's said this before and it's so autistic. Doesn't like half the population wear glasses? Why would it be some dark secret he's ashamed of?

No. 209821


kek why doesn't he just buy another one with all of his brag money? his aether is the only cosplay he does that doesn't make me recoil in terror anyways

No. 209835

File: 1651260084126.jpeg (268.9 KB, 1284x2083, C496FCD3-72C2-4578-9870-1AF2E7…)

Wheee more Genshin impact

No. 209836

how does he fuck up the name when he 1) can read it on the screenshot and 2) already cosplays xinyan???? holy fucking shit just quit cosplay already

Considering how popular genshin is at every con this year he would actually stand out literally doing ANYONE else

No. 209844

He's so annoying. he probably cant even pronounce her name. Also, why does he always include the price tag with his orders? he's actually a black autistic nerd.

No. 209846

Just quit cosplay already, Terry. You are a garbage person and now you're only cosplaying genshin impact for clout and zoomer girls

No. 209848

I thought he said he was gonna quit cosplaying young girls? Once again Terry lies.

No. 209849

What relevance does him being black have here

No. 209869

him hating his own race is relevant. he wishes he were asian so badly

No. 209932

He hardly plays Genshin at all. Someone should come up to him when he's in Genshin cosplay and ask him what level he is and what his favorite event is.

No. 209936

I love how he talks about stuff like this thread as if it’s made of known haters or random people.

Terry’s bitching about people who quietly or not quietly block him is enough reason to show he’ll be even more obsessed with you if you try to avoid him so best to just like his dumbass comments on your posts and respond to his “are you going to this con” DMs than to actually avoid him. He would absolutely notice me immediately if I blocked him but at least I can warn my friends never to interact with him. Keep those message requests on read.

No. 209939

File: 1651280352751.jpg (807.72 KB, 1079x1642, Screenshot_20220429-205826_Ins…)

what a depressing looking table set up in a high school gym lol. the trash bags of what I'm assuming are cosplays and wigs under the table are a great touch

No. 209941

That giant they/them pronoun card
“Selfie buddy”
the trash bags are indeed a nice touch

Just when I thought he can’t creep me out anymore.

No. 209943

He blurred out his area in the bottom maybe cause he noticed he doxxed himself last time

No. 209944

ROFL what a loser. if any anon sees him, take a photo

No. 209946

Praying no one actually spends money on his creepy overly filtered selfie prints.

No. 209948

File: 1651282267377.jpeg (2.04 MB, 1284x2210, B7BDFE62-50A0-459D-AFC5-E33D84…)

Should we be amazed at this?

The room can’t possibly be more than $100/night…

No. 209957

Keep bragging Terry. i'm sure your cosplay friends really care

No. 209960

I’m cackling at that last-minute homemade “THEY/THEM pronouns” sign.
I’m sure he’s hoping for someone to beg to sleep over with him.

No. 209964

He probably hopes that some zoomers will message that they have no hotel and ask to stay with him. At least I hope he isn’t bragging. Staying in a hotel room alone would be lame as hell.

No. 209971

I just noticed the printed selfies on the table. Is he seriously making people pay for those? Usually cosplayers sell their photos of photoshoots, not Instagram selfies (although I haven’t been in the cosplay scene in a few years, that might’ve changed…) You can just download those photos and print them yourself.

No. 209979

I saw a story earlier. He’s giving away signed selfies to his friends/fans

No. 210068

File: 1651318740498.jpeg (574.12 KB, 1284x1175, 2A5701B9-DA43-40DB-A023-5B904A…)

Sir you only talk about yourself and your cosplays.

No. 210073

I wonder if she’s a zoomer girl. I bet he put in more effort when he talks to zoomers who might hang out with him.

I agree with you. He tends about himself a lot or just straight out dismiss non-zoomer or males who approach him.

No. 210075

Does he always do a table like this? Cause first thing that comes to my mind, is instead of wandering aimlessly alone through the cons hoping to creep on zoomer "friends" he's going to make them come to him, and if they don't they're TOTALLY not real friends and omg how could his FRIENDS not come to his booth to buy his selfies?! And we'll never hear the end of it.

No. 210079

File: 1651327717177.jpg (622.07 KB, 1079x1669, Screenshot_20220430-100807_Ins…)

a helper for what?? you really think you're going to get that much attention that you're going to need help? lmao fuck off

No. 210090

he probably didn't realize he can't get up to do anything, kek. and he has no friends to bring him snacks or water or watch it for a few minutes.

No. 210091

he probably could use a help carry his bags of wigs/props, and watch over his booth to make sure his valuables don't get stolen while he out there on the con floor mingle with his fans

No. 210094

He probably wants the helper to be a young female.

No. 210100

he did emphasize he has a room with two beds. creep

No. 210116

Who would want that, even for free? I mean, if you're into cosplay, you'd want to be gifted a picture of the actual costume, not a filtered selfie of an old man.

No. 210137

I got one of these from him one time, i thought it was so funny i hung it up on my pinboard in my room with other pictures and it was up there for a LONG time but one day i realized i was creeped out by it so i threw it away

No. 210139

nobody got a photo yet? I imagine he just sit at his booth looking sad all day.

No. 210178

There's so much here to unpack:
>The They/Them hastily written
>The trash bags peeking out from behind the banner
>The stacks of business cards keeping the banner up, likely because he forgot tape
>Not a single thought to bring a table cloth
>The awkward selfies as photos, instead of you know, professional picture
>The standard Papyrus font
> "Selfie Buddy"
> Two chairs like he's hopeful someone will willingly sit next to him.

Kek, Terry you absolute autist

No. 210186

File: 1651365250207.jpeg (524.37 KB, 1284x999, 0CCD259F-AE9F-4757-8014-837FDF…)

Stroking his ego because he managed to give away one of the cos in his trash bags…

It’s nice, but also like… you just want to be put on a pedestal.

No. 210187

I hate how he says young one instead of kid. that sounds so predatory

No. 210205

>(Young one)

No. 210209

File: 1651371926841.jpeg (591.54 KB, 2048x2048, C44EC311-E05A-4ABA-A11B-0DB0CF…)

Guess he decided to stop virtue signaling about always wearing a mask indoors

No. 210210

there are so many different words he could have used other than "young one" but he had to choose the creepiest term

No. 210211

Someone should ask him about his mask. I can understand not wearing mask during the panel, or in his booth selfie (we know he's social distancing since nobody would visit him), but selfie with people indoor? Oh terry you hypocrite

No. 210214

File: 1651375873089.png (772.73 KB, 1500x1500, B6FD75A1-34F1-42DD-9926-2975B7…)

He looks so damn weird…I can’t explain it. It’s like he’s wearing a rubber mask. I think the eyeshadow he’s doing makes him look even creepier. He would look better without all the bad face paint.

No. 210258

>Gives whole ass cosplay away
>Will not loan a few dollars for food.
What a humanitarian.

No. 210263

that's so accurate. I snapped a few phone photos of him thorough the years, and he always does this weird smile. are you human, terry?

No. 210264

he another status mentioning how fast his cosplays were gone. He's doing it just to brag and take selfies with the zoomers i bet.

No. 210326

I think it’s because he considers those cosplays trash. He probably tried to sell them, but wasn’t successful. Was only getting rid of his garbage.

No. 210338

File: 1651437206156.jpeg (560.94 KB, 1284x2582, 25166877-79F7-4359-A84C-1B6BC9…)

So young and fresh looking

No. 210343

Hope he washed them first at least. ew

No. 210344

This entire status could have been wholesome about a cosplayers first time cosplay, but he legit had to be male and make it creepy. autist head ass

No. 210347

kek wtf. his whole big toe is hanging off the sandal.
i doubt it. his cosplays probably have holes, rips, and stains.

No. 210350

What a creepy crusty fuck. He really needs to stop cosplaying as 15 year old boys.

No. 210351

File: 1651441611608.jpeg (168.73 KB, 1284x510, E372AD8B-AAD7-4F6D-958A-715F7D…)

He’s got such a weird mind… hope the kid that got the free cos realizes that.

No. 210352

Typical Terry, instead of making a normal conversation he mentions the clout he gained for his actions.

No. 210353

>3 seconds

Were you waiting for his awful reply lmao

No. 210354

File: 1651442266557.jpeg (230.75 KB, 1170x886, D5286CB5-1FA8-4CB9-A642-FD3989…)

He posted the comment everywhere with the 3s reply time. Can’t let a good deed go without clout.

No. 210355

nona i would prefer you just waiting, what is actually wrong with him??

even at sak it was just gloating about him jfc, full-fledged narc troon arc drop when?

No. 210356

This is so damn weird. No "you're welcome" or "it was nice to meet you too". Just…
>everyone loved the story
He only gave you that cosplay because he wanted a good "story" about himself. I guess that was his price. He can't simply be nice and give someone something, he has to have an ulterior motive.

No. 210358

Potato quality footage from an autismo, but you can briefly see Terry at 3:20.
Also, the convention is mainly maskless. Surprised Terry didn't have a fit about that…of course, he's not wearing a mask either.

No. 210359

You weren't wrong. This is like a shitty found footage video except instead of a bigfoot sighting its Terry being himself.

No. 210382

Not only is that an unbelievably narcissistic reply, but the fact that he immediately took a screenshot to post on other platforms is mind boggling

No. 210421

Do you know how the con was advertised? Looks mainly like a 30+ crowd, surprised Terry still found a zoomer to latch onto for fodder

No. 210438

File: 1651496290012.jpg (157.46 KB, 1080x341, Screenshot_20220502-085617_Fac…)

he made a whole post about the con itself which was kind of a boring read until you get to the end where he says young ones again, but this time he says it along with kids as if they're somehow different?

also I guess you can only be a kid, young one, or middle age there's nothing in between

No. 210441

Why couldn't he just say convention attendees?? Why must he be so descriptive??

No. 210444

It really shows how insecure about age Terry is. You know he hates being part of the “middle aged people”.

No. 210445

Being his pedo self, Terry probably doesn’t view teenagers as the kids/minors that they are. I think that’s what he means by “young ones”.

No. 210447

By kids I assume he meant toddlers to really young. “Young ones” are basically younger starter cosplayers. He views himself sandwiched between the young ones and middle aged people, the “normal” age group

Did he talk about the Covid policy? I remember him saying he planned to boycott Awesomecon because they don’t have a vax/mask mandate

No. 210453

nope. he didn't mention anything about the covid policy. I'm really surprised since he's been so adamant about covid policies, but I guess if a con pays for his room and treats him like a celebrity then covid doesn't exist anymore

No. 210459

he wasn't invited, he just got a booth.

No. 210461

He’s listed on the website as a guest. He was part of a panel. His hotel room was also paid for. What’s your point?

No. 210465

he was invited, he talked about this so much how they approached him to go to the con. he was a guest, a judge, and his room was paid for. he wouldn't have gone if nothing was paid for

No. 210469

The fact that he feels the need to separate people into these very specific categories is telling. Most people would just say people, con goers, or attendees. Does anyone else shudder anytime he says “young ones”?

No. 210492

File: 1651509798499.jpg (69.04 KB, 960x768, FB_IMG_1651509720628.jpg)

lmao the "why did you seat me next to these older women" look on his face. looking right at the camera and not the announcer like the other judges

No. 210496

Lmao he’s so out of place and awkward looking. It looks like he sat there the entire time staring down the camera

No. 210499

But I mean, let's face it. He is also the one who bought those clear masks that don't work too.

No. 210500

If someone said that he was photoshopped there, I’d believe it kek
He is so damn ugly. Rubber face looking ass

No. 210502

I can’t believe he shared this photo. The man is so full of himself and he’s proud of it.

No. 210503

Why even be a guest when he doesn’t even make his costumes?

No. 210573

And this is why we need to weed out men with autism. they cant just accept a normal interaction and go. What does he want? a fucking metal?

No. 210574

because he's black and non binary, so that's good enough for them. cringe. that's how the cosplay world is now. Being black is already a high standard to them

No. 210585

??? There’s plenty of nice people with autism, not all people with autism are perverted and obsessed with “young ones” like Terry. I feel like this was unnecessarily discriminatory lol

No. 210615

I agree lol I've met plenty of decent men with autism.

If he ever actually gets diagnosed it's just going to be something he uses to get sympathy from zoomers. Just another pin to wear next to the they/them one. Which is the saddest part because many people who get a diagnosis as adults view it as a life changing sigh of relief but this man's gonna use it for all the wrong reasons

No. 210641

Are you new

No. 210645

pick one

No. 210666

File: 1651595193283.png (7.95 MB, 3849x2065, IMG_1986.png)

Guys I'm quitting cosplay and most especially quitting female Genshin characters, but which should I choose to cosplay?

No. 210667

Back to twt with all your question marks, newfag.

No. 210695

File: 1651601581917.png (7.33 MB, 1170x2532, D0147083-01ED-4A4D-89A0-E2B4AF…)

Terry you can go for free. What the fuck is your problem fr

No. 210697

File: 1651602142322.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1284x2224, 53FE1360-E926-4903-9835-43FCCB…)

But everyone else should go get checked just not me!

No. 210699

To be fair to him I think he is meaning he doesn’t recommend not going for years. He is just saying it weirdly as he does.

No. 210715

This man hasn’t gone to a dentist in 8 years? I’m sick of seeing him bragging about his fancy engineering job and nice corporate benefits. Some of us don’t even get benefits from work.

No. 210727

I like how on this website a lot of people use internet lingo/grammar/punctuation/whatever and it goes ignored normally (as it should bc who cares) but once it’s used by someone you disagree with it suddenly becomes a point of contention

No. 210728

gagging, thanks nona for pointing that out

No. 210731

this frustrates me so much, what is even stopping this fucking idiot from going to see a dr? he can definitely afford it (all that fucking bragging shows how well off he is) and at the age he’s at, he definitely needs to go. no amount of chicken tenders and bathing in fucking dishsoap will cure whatever shit he may have

No. 210732

Same reason he didn’t want to be diagnosed with autism. You can’t get Covid if you don’t get tested. You are health if you don’t get checked up by a doctor. You don’t have bad teeth if you don’t go see a dentist.

He also mentioned he got assaulted by a doctor when he was a young one. I can’t find the post to link it

No. 210736

File: 1651610016311.jpg (93.16 KB, 920x360, Screenshot_20220503-163235_Fac…)

I don't think he ever specifically talks about SA with the dr, but heavily hints towards it. here's one instance I found for you. "flashbacks" as if it was a traumatic event when it was probably a normal checkup

No. 210738

lmao they probably pressed into his stomach and he thinks its the ed of the world like when that stripper "r*ped" him by giving him a lap dance

No. 210762

He's always so adamant about pointing out how he hasn't seen a Dr in x years. Nobody cares. Nobody asked.

No. 210779

File: 1651628978464.jpeg (187.01 KB, 1284x424, B4A875B8-C20E-4D77-9D1A-9E0FE1…)

No. 210788

Why is he so obsessed with his neighbors ? why is he posting it on his public fb? (Even if it's friends only, he adds anyone. He's a weirdo)

No. 210789

File: 1651637618099.jpg (39.08 KB, 675x194, lolautism.JPG)

lol, he most definitely had a doctor do a routine physical exam that involved checking genitals and he freaked out thinking he was being sexually assaulted.

No. 210795

This has been brought up and upon investigation, some doctors do genuinely assault men on their physicals, like wayyyy too long exams (where it should be a minute or two but it's 15, basically jacking off the patient)
I've never had a physical but I don't know why men's are so invasive.

No. 210796

Yeah i’d be more likely to believe this over the stripper story. Especially considering the fact that terry has always told the stripper story in detail but only hints towards this. We all know he will meticulously tell any details that will get him attention but in this one instance he chooses not to. There’s only the fact that he constantly tells everyone that he doesn’t go to the doctor which maybe is some sort of weird cry for help.

Idk, I’m not saying i believe him in this case either. Obviously he is weird and untrustworthy. I’m just saying i would believe this over the stripper thing if i had to choose. Also i think i just like theorizing about this man he’s so freakish and interesting lol

No. 210808

I can’t… Terry was tagged in someone’s post about how he inspired them and they want to do a cosplay giveaway/giveaway a cosplay. He tries to hijack the post by putting up a long winded explanation in the comments.

No. 210809

I saw the original status and thought it was cute regardless. Then I saw Terry’s awful long winded essay, and I almost threw up.

Watch he’s going to make another status saying he has inspired people. Fucking narcissistic pedo.

No. 210810

File: 1651668143450.png (1.36 MB, 828x1792, 4D2AA58D-8BE7-4ED4-8F28-F0540F…)

Sage because it’s not even milk at this point but he’s once again saying he’s def not gonna cosplay anymore female characters

No. 210817

Post images, this is an imageboard

No. 210912

I mean, women have a doctor ratchet open their vagina, feel around to check the ovaries and rub a mascara wand around on the cervix. Ya men have a prostate exam but I don’t think that’s any more invasive than what women go through? Get a damn physical anon, you’re either gambling with your health or underage.
I don’t think he was actually assaulted because he’d use that to get sympathy. My guess is that his “traumatic event” was either shots (if he has a needle phobia or something) or the doctor saying shit he didn’t want to hear. I think he’s just autistic and doesn’t want to take the time to find a doctor/dentist and has never had a reason that he needed to go. But he’s getting to an age where he really needs to get regular checks for cancer and stuff, especially colon cancer since he has such a shit diet. It’s super curable if caught early and often metastasizes before showing symptoms in which case curability is a lot lower

No. 210914

File: 1651712451851.jpeg (142.71 KB, 1284x461, 0B821041-0742-4A89-B283-C43CA3…)

Ah his ego is inflating.

No. 210924

Can someone post screenshots of this?

No. 210925

File: 1651720383292.png (180.08 KB, 396x1585, Gross.png)

No. 210928

holyshit,he's so autistic. Did he really
have to write that long ass reply praising himself? A simple thank you would have sufficed.

It's an imageboard, newfag. learn to post, sage and use images.

No. 210929

As much as i hate terry, honestly I wouldn’t want to see him die or get cancer or some other terrible fatal disease. I genuinely hope he goes to the doctor. He really is at a crucial age because the beginning of your middle ages is when random shit starts to pop up

No. 210935

Wow what an unnecessarily long reply, which he then follows up on with 2 more unnecessary replies to make sure everyone is focused on him

I feel the same way. His behaviors disgust me, but so far he hasn’t crossed a line that he can’t come back from. At the very least I wish he would see a therapist. A therapist could help him with his phobia of hospitals, his fixation on “young ones” as he likes to call them, his weird complex about age, and give him coping mechanisms for his (probable) autism

No. 210953

File: 1651739297787.png (2.16 MB, 1440x1779, terry's favorite topic.png)

No. 210982

What’s the context here? I know we’re on an image board but this is really confusing. Why would anyone feel sorry for whatever text Terry posted?

No. 210988

The “I ain’t reading all that” part is a widely used meme

No. 211039

File: 1651770175421.jpg (398.75 KB, 1080x1900, Screenshot_20220505-130024_Ins…)

user posts about how they're proud of winning a cosplay contest

Terry: I'm in the background on this post

No. 211048

muhhh would you look at that arm?

No. 211053

Good for her for winning first place
Terry is a really annoying attention whore and getting worse.

No. 211054

File: 1651773694901.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 2320x3088, yikes.jpg)

wow…..the shit quality of her costume's construction has me wondering how shitty the rest of the entries must have been.

No. 211058

File: 1651774032461.jpeg (682.95 KB, 1270x1714, DC60956A-C558-4A52-B843-0E70D8…)

Terry posted the same thing on his FB, but edited it to sound less shitty.

No. 211060

File: 1651774423191.jpeg (718.06 KB, 1284x1838, 1A614990-BB2A-44DF-AB50-40693B…)

People are talking about how unfair it is towards fat cosplayers.

>> As a PoC

Terry stfu

No. 211061

This isn’t really relevant and is unnecessarily mean for no reason. Maybe she’s a beginner. Or maybe she’s one of the only ones who actually made their costume. This thread is for shitting on terry, not random women who didn’t do anything wrong

No. 211063

it always has to be about him. why did he feel he had to mention that he was in the photo? as if he was the main focal point of the reddit post. and then turning a comment/post about how plus size cosplayers get treated badly with "as a POC" when hr whitens himself anyway and hates being black? oh but because he's been losing all the weight he's skinny so he can't join in on relating to fat shaming so he has to find something else. he could have easily replied with more about how shitty plus size cosplayers are treated rather than try to find pity for himself. I'm so sick of him

No. 211126

Ntayrt but I think it’s relevant. It was a small con so you could be right about her being the only entrant to hand make her cosplay. But if you read >>211058 and >>211060 he’s going out of his way to praise the quality of the cosplay, which speaks to his incompetence as a cosplay judge. The quality is bad, plain and simple. If she was the only one with a handmade cosplay in the contest, then yes obviously she should win. But it’s ridiculous to then go around praising how high quality it is afterwards on social media, when in reality it looks like shit. I mean it wouldn’t matter if this was a 14 year old, but she’s clearly an adult and could’ve looked up one single YouTube tutorial on sewing by hand

No. 211135

The fact he put a trigger warning just because he's talking about a fat person shows how he feels about her lmao

No. 211154

File: 1651796007592.jpg (315.87 KB, 1080x880, Screenshot_20220505-201300_Fac…)

he's so proud to wear his mask but then doesn't wear it to a con over the weekend. makes sense

No. 211169

Sorry for the autism but everything this guy says is insufferable. Wearing a mask isn't something to be "proud of", its literally just there. The whole world did it for 2 years. It's like bragging about not pissing on the floor. You're not special, Terry. There isnt even a single picture of him wearing a mask correctly over his fat nose, he's literally so boastful over something he can't even get right.

No. 211188

>And some tried to chime in saying bad things to pepper who just wear facemasks even if vaccinated or not.

This a new low in Terry's language skills. Wtf does this even mean

No. 211190

I think it's an autocorrect typo.
Pepper is probably people.

No. 211203

She likely was the only one who made their costume, or all the judges were incompetent and just heard how long she spent on it. But I have to assume that there was nothing high quality. I’m not going to rip on the girl because everyone starts somewhere and it looks like she tried hard and with some practice could make nice stuff. But Terry knows fuck all about construction since he buys all his costumes. Nothing wrong with that but you shouldn’t be judging if your only skill is typing in a credit card number

No. 211230

also he said she put herself down when all she did was state the truth that she’s fat.

No. 211242

This. I mean it's not a perfect costume but it's not that bad either. Terry isn't a worthy judge of shit either way kek

He's a complete narc and it's truly insufferable

No. 211261

i wouldn't call a cosplayer with 8 years of experience just starting. ezio's outfit always look weird on people.

but i agree about terry. the cosplayer is miles ahead of this "judge"

No. 211262

it actually looks pretty bad. but cosplay contests like these are pretty much bs. they're usually nepotism central or have shit judges(like terry). serious cosplayers don't care about contests or "pro" cosplayers who only earn those titles via networking, and cosplayers who just do it for fun don't care either. it's only social climber types who care.

No. 211288

File: 1651859227947.jpeg (658.79 KB, 1284x1572, DC1F6793-D8F7-4BBE-BA4F-672744…)

No. 211290

Shut up Terry, you have like 200 cosplays laying around in your messy ass house. Maybe you should wear them more than once instead of ordering more sweatshop taobao shit.

No. 211291

His entitlement level is unreal. This is Terry's true side.

It really shows that he shared the "young one" story just to make himself look good.

No. 211292

"woe is me! life is so hard for me and me alone just because shipments of my cosplays are always getting delayed and I don't know how to make props to save my life!" literally all I get from this post. you have plenty of other cosplays to wear so why not just wear one of those?? maybe your cosplays always get delayed because these companies are sick of you sending shit back or demanding a refund when you rip something that doesn't fit you constantly or nitpick. you could easily get someone to make you a cosplay with all the details you want, but you refuse to pay someone's worth for a cosplay and would rather cheap out so you can have lots of cosplay with no quality. get over yourself these are rich first world problems

No. 211308

Can we stop detailing about her costume? Wanna see really bad? Look at someone like invadernoodles or Momo

I would like to know exactly how many of these fast fashion cosplays he actually has and where exactly he keeps them. Absolutely blows my mind how much he spends on absolute cheap products for "clout". Can you imagine a whole room dedicated to ratchet cosplays all over the damn floor? Yuck

>sending back items
I completely forgot his does thi. smdh

No. 211328

I hope he doesn’t commission cosplayers for the sole reason that he would do those exact same things to them. Demanding a partial refund because one fabric color is half a shade off, giving wrong measurements and complaining it doesn’t fit, claiming the product came broken when really he just broke it because he refuses to get things sized correctly. I could not imagine setting him loose upon an individual creator like that. And you just know he would be name dropping that cosplayer to talk shit about them on their close friends ig story (which idk why he has that because it seems like he’ll basically add anyone to it?)

No. 211337

To be fair, most commissioners worth their salt have contracts that protect them against this sort of thing. China factories don’t want to fight about it and get hit with a chargeback when it’s cheaper to just send him a new one, but someone who’s doing the work themselves isn’t going to stand for that shit and if he tried that, he’d quickly get a reputation and no one would work with him. >>211288
Jesus Christ Terry, maybe plan ahead instead of jacking off to teenagers on tik tok. Apparently he’s so special that the shutdowns in China due to Covid shouldn’t affect him

No. 211340

>people are dying Kim.gif
Like other anon said, he has like 3,000 costumes to wear. Him bitching over one umis beyond pathetic. Autism.

No. 211341

File: 1651890518696.jpeg (187.99 KB, 1284x428, F65C80C4-7F27-46D5-8D2B-BBCA4D…)

Sorry I haven’t been stalking you zoomers lately.

No. 211344

oh great. he'll delight us with another one of his "the tax i'm paying is more than your paycheck" statuses down the road

No. 211348

>have not been able to hangout
Who tf is he kidding? He doesn’t hangout with people. The closest he gets to hanging out is when he stalks zoomers at the mall

No. 211362

Sounds like he's trying to get people to reach out and wanna hang (out of pity) which is… ugh, just manipulative and cringy just like his "polls"

No. 211488

Kek, trying to pretend like people are actually asking him to hang out.

No. 211635

File: 1652051034761.jpg (307.24 KB, 1080x1728, Screenshot_20220508-170209_Ins…)

Favorite Genshin girl who is cute and shy, so Terry does his standard uncute sexual pose for her. Worst Ganyu imo.

No. 211668

Nice job sticking your tongue through the lipstick filter Terry.

No. 211688

File: 1652098300706.jpg (320.24 KB, 1080x1776, Screenshot_20220509-080442_Ins…)

at this point you're going to go after girls half your age, so you should give up

No. 211694

Is this why he’s so stingy about lending/giving friends money? Because of some girl 20 years ago that took advantage of him? (Just assuming, Terry likes to lie and over-exaggerate).
>surrounded by a lot of racists with very little cultural mix
I’m gonna guess he’s only ever asked out white girls and that’s why he’s saying this, knowing his preferences.

No. 211726

It annoys me so much how he always has this pattern of making a statement and then saying “Why?” on all his posts and statuses. Do you guys know what i mean lol like why does he write like that it’s so bizarre

No. 211727

File: 1652109672912.jpeg (470.48 KB, 1284x1777, 9F2FC47B-60E9-47EF-8175-650412…)

Cause you don’t shut up about not drinking and not smoking

No. 211731

File: 1652111986212.jpeg (372.57 KB, 1284x730, 71E48E74-E418-464E-BB6D-77FE36…)

No. 211732

Why is he constantly quizzing people on himself like anyone gives a shit about Terry trivia?

No. 211740

Terry thinks he’s a celebrity now after having one measly booth at a comic con hosted in a gym. This is just Celebrity Trivia: 40-year-old Crossdresser Edition.

No. 211745

>it’s okay not to attend every single con
I feel like this is less of a PSA and more of a giant cope for himself. We all know how he whines about not going to every single con in the vicinity.
Terry should take his advice and do a “cosplay hangout”. In his house. With the door closed. Alone. And preferably, not make a Tik Tok out of it. It saves him time, money, and no one has to see his ugly mug in teen girl outfits.

No. 211750

This is absolutely rich (pun intended) coming from him when all he does is brag about money. Is he talking to her his zoomer follows? Because most people his age are fine money wise and wont spend it all on anime cons anyway.

No. 211755

Right message, wrong messenger lol

No. 211764

Pretty bold for mr moneybag to say this. Sorry peasants, don’t be like me and go to a different con every month.

No. 211777

File: 1652117504349.jpeg (288.08 KB, 1170x2532, 6BF648C9-C1BA-4410-82F4-D5353F…)

No doubt he’s being made fun of and isn’t aware of it. Even keeping in mind if they could be kids, as a kid I made my icons ART of the characters I liked, not some weird cringey cosplayer.

No. 211786

>mahou shoujo
>terry characters
Kek this has to be some sort of joke they’re doing. Probably saw him at a convention, maybe found this site, and thought he was cringe. If it’s kids actually doing this unironically as fans, then I would be surprised.

No. 211805

I saw this on his story earlier and I'm wondering how he figured out this person is 18 when it doesn't have any indication anywhere on their profile. did he cyberstalk this kid to find this info out?

but yeah I feel like they are trolling him lol I doubt they'd actually want sameface Terry as their profile pictures

No. 211815

They’re def kids like between 14 and 18 and they are just making fun of him im sure. I know this because terry’s been at this shit for so long that i was also making fun of him in a similar type of manner when i was a minor and I’m now well into my 20s. Never during my teens (or now) did i ever idolize some awkward cosplayer over twice my age, let alone enough to unironically make them my pfp

No. 211850

File: 1652138914657.jpeg (462.33 KB, 1284x2238, 8FB556CD-5487-4455-945F-6AB6CE…)

Guess he’s gonna cosplay Soifon since they sent him the wrong cosplay?

No. 211857

File: 1652143785445.jpg (114.25 KB, 928x596, Screenshot_20220509-204914_Fac…)

there's a few other comments encouraging him too, but yeah he's most likely going to cosplay her anyway and play it off like it was meant to be

No. 211864

Wait his ~fancy~ house is significantly less than 500k? Where does he live, the swamp?

No. 211865

it's just a cheap townhouse. you people don't know anything about real estate.

No. 211866

File: 1652147016899.png (721.06 KB, 662x770, 64.PNG)

No. 211868

$390k is a lot of money to most people. Even terry had to take out 401k loan to afford his house. I swear some of you still live in your parent’s mansion basement.

No. 211870

Damn, calm down… House prices are insane in a lot of populous areas. I mean I guess buying an entire house by yourself is kind of a flex, even if he is a loser buying more house than he even needs.

No. 211871

I expected him to return the cosplay. Of course terry the autist can’t skip the chance to put on the cosplay for some selfies before returning it.

No. 211873

Why do I feel like he ordered the wrong cosplay on purpose?

No. 211885

>i really was trying to quit the girl cosplays!! really! but look, the company sent me a Soifon cosplay, so i guess i'll just try it on and take photos…and might as well just do a full cosplay because this was toootally an accident!

No. 211971

File: 1652197305558.jpeg (462.56 KB, 1284x1352, 6B5F4681-2927-482F-97F8-A67232…)

Wonder if he’ll pay the photographer

No. 211976

first of all he'll probably only shoot with someone cheap or who he's friends with and can get them for free or something. hence why he's asking on Facebook who wants to shoot him.

second, why is he just now wanting "good" photos of his cosplays? have our comments about how he's annoying for just doing stupid tiktoks and selfies in every cosplay getting to him finally? it's just odd that he's claiming he's going to be slowing down, yet now he wants to do shoots

No. 211979

He’s definitely looking for someone that will do it for free. He is probably hoping for a zoomer to take photos of him, that way he can creep on them and make inappropriate poses.
It’s possible Terry read the comments here about him giving out his selfie photos at his booth. Perhaps he’s thinking about selling prints of himself at a real photoshoot kek. He’s too ugly for anyone to want to buy those though…and a professional photographer probably isn’t going to whitewash Terry like he does in his edits.

No. 212006

File: 1652210062648.jpg (486.73 KB, 1080x1591, Screenshot_20220510-151051_Ins…)

he's so down bad for this 19 y/o he "randomly" ran into like a month ago at a mall. this is the 2nd time in the last couple of days he's shared her and I know I've seen him share her a few times after he met up with her too. it's just creepy for a 40 y/o to be sharing this 19 y/o at all

No. 212025

she looks like that one really creepy glasglow smile belle delphine skinwalker kek, forgot her name but she's one of the more infamous ones

No. 212031

Probably looking for attention from her…Terry, young girls don’t want to date ugly old guys, they want someone their own age. Only way he’s ever going near a young girl is through sugaring, but he’s doesn’t want to spend money on even friends.
She really photoshopped her face to oblivion. That shooped smile is uncanny. Probably the only thing her and Terry have in common. And before some anon comes along to whine “don’t pick on the girls”, bad photoshop is just bad photoshop.

No. 212064

File: 1652229751570.jpeg (112.5 KB, 1284x357, EC51EA0D-82A9-44F3-94A9-8F9A09…)

Sir are you back to starving yourself for weight loss?

No. 212065

File: 1652229818561.jpeg (266.18 KB, 1284x640, EF6D9117-1D25-4298-88FD-62893D…)

How is this professional or acceptable for a 40 year old to do?

He thinks he’s mature, but that’s definitely not the way bro.

No. 212066

This is cringe at any age but don't lots of offices have rules against changing the backgrounds and lock screens on company computers? Isn't his job something computer related? Why is he calling them windows 10 computers like that means something?

No. 212067

kek let the troon mid-life crisis begin

No. 212073

If his company is as "right-wing" as he says they are, I'm sure they all know it's Terry…and if he works at a tech company, they might be able to monitor who logs in at what computer.
He's just going to land himself in a HR meeting. Then he's going to cry "gay discrimination" when he was the one immaturely changing computer screens to anime ships. That's high school stuff.

No. 212080

File: 1652234146725.jpeg (2.18 MB, 1284x2236, D734D73B-F74B-4A86-9BF5-153E49…)

Did he shit in the upper right corner?

Also could you make a creepier post you freak?

No. 212082

File: 1652236217833.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1284x1677, 6F55AB32-E5AD-4C19-9AB0-67636B…)


I mean if you expect everyone to do as many cosplays as you I would think one other person would be the limit for space reasons.

No. 212084

I feel like Terry being so old he’s used to refer to Windows SOMETHING. 95,98,7, 8, 10,etc. Most people would just say windows or PC.

No. 212087

File: 1652238096396.jpeg (201.62 KB, 1125x2000, F11F2D6C-C1C1-4128-87A7-729345…)

He works for Northrop Grumman. Found a Terry Hall in the right location and position/field on SignalHire, searched him up on Linkedin and there you have it. He uses heavy filters for his Linkedin picture too.
I’m sure they’ll love seeing anime wallpapers downloaded to company property.

No. 212088

This has nothing to do with gay/lesbian. This is
vandalizing company properties. How is a 40 yo engineer be this immature? I hope he’s punished for this. Wasting company dollars to reset the computers and subjecting his fellow coworkers to Genshin shit.

No. 212089

File: 1652238816709.jpg (72.4 KB, 1080x266, Screenshot_20220510-231114_Fac…)

yeah Terry that'll show them. like seriously? how immature are you. getting back at transphobes by posting gay fanart?

No. 212090

I want to see this as a banner

No. 212105

Good god he’s going to need an autism diagnosis to keep from getting fired for doing this kind of retarded shit. Ok he probably won’t get fired unless he has previous violations, but he will likely get talked to because this is immature as shit. It’s one thing to put an anime screensaver on a work computer only he uses, but putting it on all of them is like what an antisocial weaboo does in a classroom in high school

No. 212122

This is hilarious kek. Imagine some poor normie 40 year old man going into work and wondering wtf is on his screen.

No. 212126

1: he's definitely not doing that and risking his $job$
2. Everyone would know which retarded weeb did it

No. 212127

>frat boys acting trans/homophobics

The fanfiction of himself, there are no frat boys in your stuffy office full of old men tapping away on the keyboard, Terry

No. 212129

File: 1652270351400.jpeg (288.57 KB, 1284x974, 085D7617-3B63-4B70-BCD3-86AD5C…)

Sir, stop trying to be cute or edgy.

No. 212131

File: 1652271541027.jpg (224.55 KB, 1054x804, Screenshot_20220511-081555_Fac…)

why would they waste their time disabling the wallpaper change feature when normal 40 year olds aren't running around changing them to "trigger" coworkers? just because it's an option, doesn't mean they want you to do it… stupid

No. 212134

Even IF that’s “true” (highly doubt), I’m sure there’s still restrictions on what is an appropriate wallpaper. Anime girls kissing or shota ships shouldn’t be on a company computer.

No. 212152

I don't believe for a second he changed any wallpapers, he's just trying to relive his high school days with that frat boys reference, but even in his wildest dreams and fantasies he's still a cringe weeb which is amusing.
If anyone here has worked in an office before they'll know how deeply unlikely this story is. Nobody leaves their desk for long enough for someone to run around changing desktops unnoticed, sitting at someone else's desk is a massive no-no, and everyone is carefully monitored to the point this couldn't happen.
Tinfoil, one of the girls he stalks has expressed interest in bad boys and this is his attempt to impress them.

No. 212159

if his company is like mine and a lot of people working hybrid, especially because of covid, there may be plenty of open desks that are unassigned for people to use when they decide to go into the office. so it is possible for him to run around changing computer backgrounds on unassigned computers

now did he actually do this? probably not. I agree he's just trying to get attention online from the gen z kids who hate corporate work and think he's sticking it to the man or showing those homophobes what's what. which if he actually did do this wouldn't be the case. I'm sure they would absolutely catch him and give him a write up for some sort of behavioral issue

No. 212165

How can he work doing testing and troubleshooting electronic equipment and still not figure out how to set up a 3d printer?

No. 212168

Terry must have a beta complex. He mostly shares cute cosplayers with known bf. It looks like she has previously cosplayed with her bf.

No. 212169

Based on his statues, I always assumed he’s more of a equipment operator (push buttons according to a manual) than some high tech skilled labor.

No. 212175

I'm just reading off what he has on his linkedin. I know he lies a lot but lying about your work on there sounds like a dumb idea.

No. 212177

He's smart enough to know he can get fired putting that kind of stuff up there. Most employers are okay with Neutral back grounds but something considered remotely sexual can get you written up, warning or fired.

He's essentially forcing his life choices on others and that would warrant a HR visit.

No. 212178

Kek. This is some Fight Club fantasy shit. Terry is either making up edgy (to him) story or acting like a zoomer (his idea of what’s cool to zoomers) Tune in next week to see how Terry cope with his midlife crisis

No. 212182

He probably thinks if he's playing his cards right he'll be close enough with them so any of those girls will rebound with him if/when they break up. Sorta like a "I was always there for you, supporting you all the way, because I cared so much for you all along" like the underdogs who get the girl do in movies.

No. 212184

File: 1652299882419.png (251.69 KB, 816x1022, Screenshots_2022-05-11-16-10-1…)

Terry going off about mask policies on colossal con but didn't even wear a mask at his last event.

No. 212185

God he is such an annoying hypocrite. Also didn’t he briefly put one of the colossal cons on his potential cons list for this year?

No. 212186

File: 1652300999309.jpeg (150.85 KB, 1080x518, E65FA787-D7B5-4B6D-A42B-26CF3C…)

Found the post in a previous thread. He posted this in February. It’s so fucking obvious that he has no real moral objections. He’s just going with whatever will get him the most attention in the moment.

>colossal is bad and evil. No one go, please stay here and give me attention on the internet

>oh wait all the cool kids are going? Lol nevermind I think I might go

No. 212187

Would colossalcon please invite him as a guest so he can shut the fuck up about it?

No. 212188

File: 1652301052036.jpeg (388.74 KB, 1170x2532, CEEE7483-85D5-4FD7-8A86-96BE0A…)

If you’re talking about this, colossalcon is on his “never” list. Which is the stupidest thing ever.

Where’s the Koph cons on there, Terry? Can you excuse cons run by creeps but draw the line at cons with drinking and partying?

No. 212191

File: 1652301775556.png (108.2 KB, 816x674, Screenshots_2022-05-11-16-06-4…)

Same thread. He mentions the young ones. Should be his only reason to go

No. 212211

Thanks anon. I didn’t even realize his obsession with this cosplayer until you pointed it out. He shared her pic again today. I’m not posting a cap of her because its not about her. I actually feel bad and worry for her.

No. 212212

Didn't he do this with the pipirain cosplayer as well? Seems like a moving fixation on any barely legal female cosplayer that he comes within some vague vicinity of

No. 212218

File: 1652318611373.png (206.26 KB, 399x2224, Untitled-1.png)

No. 212220

You beat me to posting this bullshit on here lmao

Like Hey Terry, is it cool if I breathe in the room? Maybe take a piss in the toilet or did you forget to add that to your list of 40 rules for rooming with you?

No. 212221

File: 1652319382197.jpg (59.39 KB, 1080x550, 20220511_213603.jpg)

Suuureee Jan

No. 212224

This nigga really out here with a wall of rules that basically all say the same thing. He could just make 5 or 10 tops. What the fuck– How many times does he mention showering and confunk?

Something tells me if a cute white or asian zoomer girl asked him, he'd break a lot of these rules. Pure autism

No. 212225

he is literally leveraging the division of payment for a room? he literally said "rules for thee but not for me" like a jackass. Oh sorry, he's doing you a favor by only making you pay less than half, try not to breathe in his general direction or use the towels for cleaning up since you pay so little uwu

No. 212226

I don’t give a fuck about the one off “rules” he has like the McDonald’s, he seriously calls a maid over to fix his bed if someone sits on it? God, I’ve had friends with legit mysophobia/germ phobia sound less retarded than Terry.

No. 212228

mans probably smelling himself since he washes with dish soap and cannot fathom the smell of actual bodywash and deodorant lmao

No. 212229

For real! What a tyrant. At this point, it's probably better to room with people you know where you aren't watched every minute of your stay to make sure you set a coaster down before putting down your solo cup of non-alcoholic drink.

No. 212230

it's literally all basic givens. maybe if he roomed with people older than 25 he wouldnt have this problem lol. most of these could also be mitigated by actually rooming with friends instead of random zoomers looking for a deal (not to discount that bad roomies wouldnt happen anyways lol)

No. 212231

but if you do the same to him you are ruining his con experience! per rule #4

on another note, to rule 25 (ohmy god there are 40 fucking rules) how would he even charge for the extra person, say, who had a con emergency and needed to shower? isnt he being nice by taking on the role of paying for half anyways lol

No. 212232

>Please pay for my share of the room on the first day
>Please no alcohol, smoking, vaping, weed etc brought into the room or used in the room
>Please no spray painting or gluing in the room without proper ventilation or newspaper for protection of carpet
>No outside guests in room without permission
>no loud noises after midnight
>No sex
>Shower nightly to protect yourself and others from con germs
>Use one towel for showering. Be considerate of others.
>clean up after yourself
>Do not sit on my bed
>Be ready for check out early on Sunday
Is kind of the condensed version, but he is legitimately insane. Also, number 29 and 33 are definitely personal.

No. 212233

Yeah, most people 30+ just need to be told basic shit like no drinking or partying allowed in room once and that's it. This sounds like a zoomer issue when he is making a huge wall of rules. And so many of them sound personal.

No. 212234

kek now i wanna know more about the personal ones

No. 212235

I want to vape terry's cumin salted cum right in his face right in his room at the con. RUINED

No. 212236

Same I want to know what zoomer made Terry drive to mcdonalds at night to pick them up lol. I'm guessing it was the katsucon mcdonalds

No. 212238

I was thinking it was the Mcdonalds at the gaylord hotel area too. kek. Definitely a bad katsucon experience. Especially since it's winter during that con period and very cold in Maryland area.

No. 212239

He is so insufferably obnoxious. Not only could this list have been condensed down to about three sentences, but most of these things are a given already for anyone 25+

Also not a fan of the way he intentionally undercharges con roommates for the sole reason of power tripping and holding it over their heads to make them follow every little rule to a T

No. 212240

sage your faggotry, newfag.

No. 212241

audibly gagged thanks nona what the fuck

please sage, integrate and never post again fml

No. 212242

how many times did he have to mention alcohol and confunk? what a tyrant

No. 212243

the way you worded the last line really put it into perspective

No. 212245

thanks anon. His way of splitting the room cost have always turned me off. I'm cutting you a deal. now do a tiktok with me or you won't get the deal again.

No. 212246

'Don't eat my food without asking' fucking cheapskate… every con room I've stayed in has a communal snack table where everyone brings stuff to share. but i also am a adult who rooms with other adults and not manchildren

No. 212248

this one is common sense for adult. I agree with terry but now in the way he laid out the rules. I always bring food and drinks to share but I would hate for my roommates to go thorough my private stash.

once again. it's basic communication here.

No. 212249

hmmm it's almost like Terry is incapable of basic communication except when it comes to bragging about himself or prostituting himself out to zoomer egirls who aren't interested kek

No. 212250


i understand the sex part, but fucking CUDDLING???

No. 212253

I seriously don’t get his towel rule…why does he reuse the same towel over and over when most hotels have plenty of towels and want you to use a fresh one? Room service usually replaces them every day, or if you ask for more. His rules really showcase his autism.

No. 212255

most of these rules are clearly communication issues that shouldn't happen with ADULTS

poor maid. poor sob probably doesn't tip well either. what's the maid going to do about it? spray deodorizer on his bed?

Why would anyone read these rules and still room with him?

No. 212258

i know people who worked room service for a hotel that did conventions relatively often (not just for anime but for horror sfx, comics, etc.) and they never had an issue with the towels besides jokingly guessing what kind of paint they used. he's making every non-issue an issue for no reason.

No. 212260

he's staying in a 4 people room with 2-3 people. Towel use shouldn't be an issue. he would call maid on a heartbeat to tidy up the room, but not towels. just get more fucking towels, terry.

No. 212262

Leave room for Ter-I mean Jesus. Is his room a middle school dance or something?

So many of these are just "don't fuck up the hotel room and respect your roomies". If your potential roomies are too young to know this stuff, they're too young to room with you.

He probably stands there watching the maid strip and remake the bed cuz someone sat on it for two seconds.

No. 212264

I thought that was weird too, but then I realized that was a way for him to weed out girls who already have a romantic partner

No. 212267

people need to call him out on this one "Please do not tell me who I can/cannot have in the room when you are paying such a tiny share and they happen to b a friend/never did anything wrong."

This man enjoys absolute power and don't want the same or similar rules applied to him.

I might have missed this somewhere. Does he have any rule about roommate being a minor? that's a huge red flag.

No. 212268

surprisingly the one rule he does not have!

No. 212269

Nope, no rules on age are mentioned…
Which is probably why there was an incident where someone wanted to be picked up from a McDonalds. They might’ve not even had a drivers license, or a car. And also why some roommates have asked him to fix their costumes. They see him more as an adult guardian. Gross that he’s likely rooming with minors.

No. 212270

Oh shit I didn’t think of that.

Eww terry. Why would anyone room with this guy? This whole list is big red flag

No. 212273

File: 1652323673435.png (493.63 KB, 500x635, whoa-do-you-really-expect-me-t…)


No. 212274

I can also attest that he’s perfectly comfortable with rooming with minors. When I was a minor, he was very interested in a friend of mine, who was also a minor, 15-16 range. He tried to initiate conversation with her all the time, and as I was associated with this person it didn’t take him long to come onto me as well. I was slightly older than my friend at 16-17. He said to her that he would gladly “let us” room with him, that we were some of few who he would allow to stay in his room. At the time my friend was excited, because a semi-well known cosplayer paid some attention to her.
The way Terry described rooming with him made it sound like it was some sort of privilege. This was almost ten years ago at this point, but he has always been like this to some degree. I am extremely grateful we never took the bait.

No. 212275

the fixing cosplay one is oddly personal. I wonder what's the story behind that one.

he has 40 rules but age isn't one. hide your kids!

No. 212278

he can combine at least 5 rules into one rule "full payment due before the con or before you get your key"

He's cutting deals with the "young ones" and that's how he got himself involved with people who can't follow basic rules.

No. 212281

That’s fucking horrific. I’m glad you and your friend didn’t get hurt. Ugh Terry is so gross it makes my skin crawl

No. 212283

Anyone else think he might also have severe OCD? His obsession with control and cleanliness could point to that. Though that could be a side effect of the autism, I guess. Whatever he has, no mentally sound person calls for housekeeping when someone sits on your bed for five seconds.

No. 212294

He’s afraid someone is going to get the con funk on him and scare away the teenage girls. Because that’s what he’s after: teenagers and early twenties. People with real jobs can afford to room 4 to a room without their part being subsidized by a middle aged man. But kids and students don’t have much money. It’s clear that Terry should room alone (or with like one adult friend/couple if he had them) but he wants to use a cheap room as leverage to get kids to hang out with him.

No. 212300

>His obsession with control and cleanliness
The man bathes in dish soap and every mirror selfie shows his floor is always dirty. I agree he definitely is obsessed with control, but I disagree on cleanliness.

No. 212302

I agree about the cleanliness. His OCD seem to be very selective. Maybe I don’t know much about the “real OCD”, but it’s very odd to me that he’s obsessed with cleanliness is super selective. His mirror selfies show his room is a mess. Every single time.

No. 212306


I don’t think any of this really fits OCD diagnostic criteria, almost all of this is consistent with autism symptoms like being obsessed with consistency and control

No. 212311

Some of these rules, I can understand to have but I feel some of these rules will not only make those who room with him more anxious and scared, especially since there are so many that just don't make sense but could also mess up their convention weekend just cause 1 rule was broke. Like the cuddling and the towel issue. I mean, what if someone was on their time of the month? A bit TMI but not only is there odor, but considering the towels are white, some people may have to use multiple towels. The amount of bitching he'd complain about just cause periods will randomly happen. Some of these rules are just flat out stupid. They may end up on Terry's bad side for no reason at all. He needs to stick with people his own age who he knows are responsible and stop having these zoomers room with him.

No. 212312

>Some of these rules, I can understand to have but I feel some of these rules will not only make those who room with him more anxious and scared, especially since there are so many that just don't make sense but could also mess up their convention weekend just cause 1 rule was broke

Agreed. I tried to imagine ever rooming with someone with such strict rules and it would honestly make me feel uncomfortable to even go back to the room at all.

Does he really think anyone is gonna want to share a con room with him after reading all of that??

No. 212314

i had a roommate literally ban all food in the room day-of and was stalking my ig stories to see what i was doing and how late i stayed up, cant imagine willingly rooming with this old ass money-leveraging freak just for him to do something similar and ruin the weekend

No. 212326

File: 1652353883745.png (2.73 MB, 1440x1852, terry long post challenge.png)

He's really outdone himself here, I didn't think it was possible to write a more needlessly lengthy post that approximately 2 people will read, but Terry really did it. I doff my cap.

No. 212327

Samefag, after skimming it it's just sad. If he had friends he knew well he wouldn't need to have this insanely lengthy list of all the possible ways someone could be rude while sharing a room, since generally your friends won't take the mickey or you don't mind the few annoying things they do anyway.
Also very no fun allowed vibes. Heaven forbid someone enjoy the con they spend hundreds attending! Not everyone attends a con every other week, some people want to have fun on what might be the few times they get to that year. Stuffy old man here says you must silently walk into the room at 9pm, not speak, smell nice, sleep quietly and primly while only using one (1) handtowel all weekend, drink ribena only and quietly leave before the maid cleans the room every day before finally ensuring you pay him for using the bed. I can't see why anyone would want to room with him after reading that.

No. 212329

Shockingly. Most people on his fb agreed with his rules and only one question them (the no cuddle one) It never cease to amaze me how much was kiss people would do. Terry isn’t even a famous cosplayer and people are worshipping him.

No. 212332

Ewwww why would any 40 yo man be ok with sharing rooms with minors who are not related to him? This man is making six figures. He doesn’t need to share his room, but he’s choosing to share his room with people who are old enough to be his kids. If this isn’t a red flag I don’t know what is.

No. 212334

I think he wants to “relive” his youth in a way and pretend he’s a teen again, so he tries to surround himself with minors and young adults to keep up that illusion. Along with being a pedophile. He is so gross.

No. 212337

First of all, lol at this whole post, but I think the thing that stands out the most is, like other pointed out, these are definitely issues YOUNGER people have. We've all been through/seen this phase. It happens. The most telling things are that everyone I know generally has a no minors rule when it comes to sleeping in rooms. It's just too much of a risk and usually the younger weebs can be obnoxious lol. It's definitely a red flag that Terry has no set friend group. I usually room with the same groups of people because we're friends and have no room issues, but Terry doesn't seem to have that. It's the equivalent of rooming with a "free hugs" guy that you see at every con.

No. 212341

the sad thing is, with all his recent posts about wanting roommates at cons, I immediately thought of this list which he posted in 2018 and was about to post the old list here. thankfully he "updated" it and re-posted it for us to cringe at

I remember my partner having a friend who got jealous of couples so she would tell her friends that their partners couldn't stay in the room with them. I'm surprised Terry hasnt gone that far with his rules especially with the "no cuddling" bs

No. 212342

File: 1652361813784.jpg (235.79 KB, 1080x913, Screenshot_20220512-092137_Fac…)

someone brought up the age thing and his response was "oh they're usually 18+" like sorry but when you're pushing 40, 18 isn't an appropriate age anymore to room with just because they're technically not a minor

also the comment about the 17 y/o is creepy. basically "oh she was close enough to 18" pedo mentality

No. 212345

“Birthday 2 to 3 months to 18” and “knew that person for a while at cons”.

Eww terry. How could he type all that and be so proud of himself?

No. 212347

It’s very odd that Terry has been going to cons for 10+ years now and don’t have the usual group of people to room with, especially when he offers such good deals. Does everyone just room with him once and then add him to creeper list and avoid him at cons?

Any anon roomed with him at cons? Is he really a clean freak like the 40 rules suggested? Or is he the messy guy we see from his selfies?

No. 212353

These people are all such kiss asses it’s actually disgusting. No sane person would read that bizarre post and think “Omg he’s so right!” and then comment that to let him know. They think whatever he says is law.

All these people who commented and agreed with him are older people (in their late 20s and older), but the one person who questioned him looks to be a zoomer (Not the first time i’ve seen her subtly questioning/calling him out in the comments lol). So why doesn’t he get it? Room with people closer to your own age and they will be more likely to agree with your rules. I cant believe he admitted to rooming with a minor and nobody called him out. That’s so frustrating. Does he not understand that even rooming with a 18 or 19 year old is still a little inappropriate for his age?

No. 212357

I don't think his deals are that good. He stated he pays for half of the room and assuming he gets his own bed that means the two sharing the other bed are paying 1/4 each. I think that's fairly standard considering they have to share a bed?

He is trying to come off as kind & benevolent to the young ones while still being a greedy fuck

No. 212362


Rule 5 makes me laugh. He's so lonely he can't even stand looking at happy couples

Rule 11 is body shaming

Rule 15 is dumb AF there aren't many chairs in the room and many people use the bed just to sit. Lay out and sleep? yea I can see but sitting?

Rule 21? generally undergarments don't smell unless you are REALLY REALLY sweat or shit your pants. and almost everyone puts that kind of things in their bag since it plays into rule 22 I think he is being over dramatic

Rule 31- makes me laugh. he lists so many rules about not making him uncomfortable then defends his choices because He likes them. This shows me he doesn't care about how you feel and it's all about him.

32 Makes me laugh even harder because sometimes people lose things like glasses and you can tell them where it is and because THEY ARE BLIND they still cant see them

37 makes me howl because he talks about how he can afford the room himself and he pays for majority then talking about hate being stuck with it. I Thought you could afford the room terry?

I can respect Rule 38. But he has a thing for smell and its creepy. I wonder if he uses Deodorant? because that smell is likely him or his crusty wigs.

A lot of these rules are common sense and why I generally keep people my age in rooms now. because the 18 year olds he goes after don't care.

No. 212367

The underwear thing weirds me out especially. He must be sticking his nose in his roommates' panties and getting upset that they don't smell like roses

No. 212370

I certainly have had roommates (both males and females) just scatter their underwear over the bathroom and bedroom. It's more of an eww factor. Can't say they're bad enough that I can smell their body odor from it. Maybe Terry has a hyper sensitive nose?

No. 212372

File: 1652372731550.jpg (310.18 KB, 1080x1862, Screenshot_20220512-122429_Ins…)

sorry breaking away from the room rules for a second because yikes. this girl needs to run

No. 212374

This girl who he stalked, sorry """"accidentally""" ran into in hot topic and she didn't even recognize him kek

No. 212375

How is rule 11 body shaming…? That is literally one of the only sensible rules on his list, I think it’s common courtesy to step into the bathroom if you’re changing or at least turn to face the wall or something, I also wouldn’t want a con roommate to just whip their private parts out in front of me. I don’t think you have the right definition of “body shaming”

No. 212376

I see it as body shaming because its a general knowledge that cosplayers often change in the room or at least communicate with that information before hand.

I was shocked by it at first (when I was a teenager) then grew to learn that it's just a body every body is pretty much similar. and there is no reason to embarrassed to walk in on someone changing.

Terry has a thing for young girls and tends to try and get them to room with him. THEY might be comfortable with other people but not him because lets be honest he probably stares. They probably mentioned to him that it makes them uncomfortable so he put a broad band rule out because he is no longer allowed to stare. Or they told him they weren't comfortable with a middle aged man in his underwear walking around.

No. 212381

isn't it reverse body shaming by not allowing a middle aged man in his underwear to walk around?

No. 212382

I think there is a slight difference of someone in the process of changing verses someone just walking around in their undergarments with no intentions of putting clothing on

No. 212392

how does one ensure they smell nice after a whole day at con? a lot of people i know do kpop panels, cosplay chess, contests, etc in full fledged costume lmao

No. 212394

exactly, he is only paying in exact proportion to what he uses vs what the others use. so why is he holding that over someones head, especially a younger persons? Didnt he only room with 1 person at sak? would they be given the same courtesy of his "privileges"

No. 212395


hmm you made a good point. his offer isn't all that great. people are paying the same for their spot (1/4 of the room). The only advantage is 3 people max vs 4 people max.

One can argue his massive amount of cosplays and wig collection take up as much space as another person.

No. 212398

File: 1652386921723.jpeg (280.04 KB, 1284x600, A1FCB44B-9FEE-4AA5-B305-FA1952…)

No. 212399

File: 1652386995229.jpeg (557.69 KB, 1284x1379, 393B42BB-2488-448B-AE3E-C730BF…)

Guys I can’t respond to my zoomers!

No. 212402

>piles of laundry
Why complain about this? Maybe if you didn’t scatter your dirty clothes all over your house Terry and washed them consistently, you wouldn’t have a huge load. And didn’t he make some rule about guests having dirty laundry in the hotel room? So I guess he’s okay with his own dirty laundry waiting there, but not other people. Once again, “rules for thee, but not for me”.
>packages to ship
Thought he stopped selling cosplays online because people were complaining that his measurements were off.

No. 212403

File: 1652390049949.jpg (400.46 KB, 1080x1519, 20220512_171051.jpg)

Might be a little vendetta but still Terry related since he just posted this.

This girls a little milky, I'm not surprised they had full on posing pictures together. She's definitely zoomer age so its only natural he actually shared their Facebook anniversary.

No. 212404

Whose fault is it that he only sleeps 5 hours a day? He has time to vandalize work computers but not proper sleep?

No. 212406

I know his wigs are normally crusty but damn that Noctis wig on the right middle image looks like it got dunked in actual grease

No. 212407


Maybe if he didn't spend 3 hours composing excel spreadsheets outlining the rules of rooming with his crusty ass he'd have time to respond to all of those non-existent messages he gets.
If you have time to create pointless polls like it's your full-time job and write Dickens novels replies to a three word comment, you have time to sleep.

No. 212409

where’s the milk? I can’t find thread for Lauren. I was surprised by his share since she’s in mid20s and not his typical zoomer type.

No. 212410

8 props to make for momocon? Honey, how about just wear different cosplays?

No. 212414

She don't have a thread. She's been kinda under the radar lately but as far as milk, she's just incredibly fake and will try to fuck cosplayers that have a bigger name in the GA con scene. Clout chaser basically

No. 212418

He's literally Black Mignogna. His Hall Cows are just like the Vic-stans

No. 212428

"sewing" kek

No. 212429

Ew, why would an almost 40 year old be close to a not yet 18 year old for a while? Terry a nasty piece of shit and someone REALLY needs to call out his pedo ass.

No. 212438

File: 1652400462019.jpeg (180.53 KB, 1284x449, D0154C42-D7DB-4BBE-9F32-605465…)

No. 212442

oh my god just buy a new one and please stop treating facebook like an open log thought bubble

No. 212443

File: 1652401487162.jpeg (551.41 KB, 1284x1656, D0051756-10E3-45BA-969E-ACD64D…)

kek cause you’re a creep Terry

No. 212444

damn does anyone know the OG post

No. 212445

File: 1652402658125.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1284x2140, 2AD5CB1A-B6C7-4089-853C-B2AFF4…)

No. 212450

thank u nona

No. 212451

kek. dude is right. Terry belongs on that predator list.

No. 212467

i don't understand why terry keeps posting content that draws attention to him being a creeper

No. 212468

Honestly I don’t think he understands what that person was implying. If he did he would’ve sounded more upset and been sending his fans after them but he just seemed confused lol

No. 212470

why didn't he give away this trash two weeks ago when he guested and gave away free shit.

No. 212482

Omg they are 100% calling him a creep too and Terry is too dense to realize it! I hope it goes somewhere so we can see him sperg

No. 212484

Thanks for finding the original post for the rest of us! And good for that guy for calling out Terry publicly like that. It’s very telling of how fucked up Terry is that he gets tagged in a groomer post and reposts it playing dumb like he doesn’t know that’s exactly what he’s doing
I’m also genuinely grateful Terry confirmed he isn’t going to Acen so I won’t have to worry about running into him next weekend

No. 212505


No. 212520

File: 1652442426094.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1284x2213, FDBC348A-BFB5-4CDC-9FA7-01C61B…)

OMG I said I was quitting cosplaying female Genshin characters~

No. 212531

Why dont you make your own cosplay for once, you loser?

No. 212533

Someone called him out for rooming w a minor in the comments on the 100000 rules post LOL someone post it here please my phone won’t let my upload my screenshot

No. 212534

How can he post this photo as if there is a 1% chance of him resembling the model in the photo when wearing the same cosplay. I wouldn't even do this and at least I'm the correct gender for it.

No. 212542

File: 1652454279066.jpg (955.01 KB, 4096x2057, InCollage_20220513_110325745.j…)

do you mean the comment on the left?

I also like the comment on the right that I found on that thread actually telling him that the rules are overboard and finding it weird to post them

No. 212551

That left friend has always looked out for terry. He really doesn’t deserve the kindness.

He liked the comment on the right lol

No. 212554

Right? Like that’s a good friend who watches out for him, politely calls him out and tries to keep him from embarrassing himself. Unlike his “fans” who let him show his ass every day and don’t say a word

No. 212560

File: 1652460645683.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1284x1513, D09A25AF-0131-4FE5-A790-EC379B…)


No. 212561

File: 1652461247819.jpg (371.67 KB, 831x1176, Screenshot_20220513-125950_Tik…)

There he is sticking his tongue out again but as Sora. This is just sickening. And don't even get me started on the creepy smile he made near the end of his video.

No. 212565

he will also end up throwing a fit when the red temporary tattoos don't show up well on his skin tone.

No. 212568

>"Just want you to be safe"
Terry is not the one in danger in this situation.

A 40 year old man should not be sharing a room with a 17 year old regardless of if she is almost 18 or not. Terry bringing up that they knew each other for awhile is such a groomer thing to say.

No. 212570

I misread this at first and thought it was someone warning a minor, but instead they're warning Terry of all people. How are people this blind to all these waving red flagsin their face? If a 40 year old man is cool with rooming with a 17-18 year old female, then that is an issue. End of discussion.

No. 212574

I think that person was just trying to be nice about it, I doubt she seriously fears for his safety. That’s the same person that questioned him about the cuddling rule on that same post, probably sick of his BS but doesn’t want to cause a scene.

No. 212576

if he thinks 2 weeks is a long time to go without chicken tenders i wonder how often he normally eats them. it actually grosses me out like if i ate like that i would have an explosion in the bathroom

No. 212578

Now that I think about it that's probably the only way she can go about calling him out. Any more direct or critical and Terry would block her and start posting about her in his stories.

I was under the impression that most of his meals were tendies. He was probably cutting back on them to avoid actually going to a doctor

No. 212580

If I ate like him, I’d feel miserable all the time, and I’m just over half his age. He’s just shy of 40 and he’s been eating like this presumably for his entire life, 40 years of nothing but fried or sugary junk with no regard for proper nutrition has to have wrecked his body. All the more reason for him to get checked out, but it doesn’t matter what any doctor says. His head is so far up his own arrogant ass that, even if he goes, he’ll never take what any doctor says seriously. He can’t even admit to his family that he wears glasses, how could he ever admit to having health problems? Him getting heart disease and/or diabetes is inevitable at this point. High blood pressure and high cholesterol likely, too.

No. 212583

Eating a lot of junk food is one thing, but another thing is the fact that he literally doesn’t eat vegetables. Like if he ate too much junk food but also ate vegetables as a side sometimes that would be different. Still bad, but different. But according to terry he really hasn’t eaten vegetables for his entire life. I don’t even think he eats fruit either. How is this poor tortured soul’s heart still beating

No. 212592

nona youre right. I didnt think about this, lord knows he will just gaslight himself into not having health problems. that coroners report at 46 is gonna be mad interesting kek

No. 212596

Terry’s mentioned before that when he had to take a vision test before college, he deluded himself into thinking that the eyesight chart was wrong. He made a whole poll about it. Imagine thinking that it’s not your eyesight that’s blurry, it’s the intentionally blurred chart kek
If Terry actually went to get a check-up, he would blame the doctor, the diagnostic tools, or the tests, if anything was wrong

No. 212597

do you think he is grounded to reality jussssst enough to not sue kek

No. 212606

Him and Momokun literally do the same type of makeup and it's one look only. Why would Sora ever wear eyeshadow like this and false lashes?

No. 212627

File: 1652491912196.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1284x2210, 7324D2F9-FA43-4A2E-8B2B-55E7CA…)


No. 212628

Yeah i definitely interpreted this as a gently worded call out. Sadly he is dense so he might not have understood that, he might have actually taken it as she is concerned that he is in danger. But yep this is the only way someone could bring it up without getting blocked and posted on his story and attacked by the terriers

No. 212639

Yep, no one will recognize the main character from the newest installment in a very popular video game series! (Alphen from Tales of Arise)

No. 212642

A fool of himself?

No. 212676

File: 1652522827415.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1284x2009, 7FBB54DF-54B6-4571-A126-7EB200…)

These props look like they’re the cheap Halloween store props imo… either way they’ll most likely look flat since he never does any shading/highlighting on his props.

No. 212687

His props are always worth a good laugh. Context for anons who may not know: the sword on the left is supposed to be made of fire/magma, so making it a flat piece of wood probably isn't the best route.

No. 212690

How’s he going to finish all these props in one and a half weeks without them looking like shit? Terry is such an autist. This is after him making that long ass status explaining how he’s so busy and have no time for his fans hangout.

No. 212713

File: 1652547789366.jpeg (998.78 KB, 1284x2084, 49D0AE5E-EE5A-4FA5-AE34-9E16C9…)

Ruining yet another childhood favorite…

No. 212720

He has no time to make shitty props but have time to make a dozen polls a day. Fucking clown.

No. 212723

I don't give a fuck about Nier, but Vincent Valentine is my childhood husbando. I remember buying a PS1 in 1997 just to get this game. After i saw Vincent on a brady games strategy guide, I knew i had to marry him. Luckily for me, Lucrecia chose Hojo over Vincent.
Terry cannot ruin him for me.(no one cares)

No. 212750


Kinda surprised no one here is celebrating the fact that he wants to cosplay adult men

No. 212751

Adult men with drag makeup….

No. 212754

File: 1652563510564.jpg (327.98 KB, 1080x1786, 20220514_152538.jpg)

Considering he posted this earlier today, No.

No. 212762

How often does he actually buy the cosplays he makes polls for? Like, I know he buys new cosplays all the time, but he makes like 3 polls a day asking who he should cosplay next. Its just so crazy that a 40 year old man posts "which smol animu girl should I cosplay" and then when he doesnt get enough attention there, he jumps to FB and makes a "Im going to stop cosplaying boohoo" post, because he knows his legion of "woke" cosplayers will tell him he shouldnt quit.

No. 212764

File: 1652569899098.jpg (520.37 KB, 1080x1764, Screenshot_20220514-191030_Ins…)

the cat is showing no signs of loving you. why are you back on the cat trend again

No. 212766

I thought it’s a video so I checked his story. He could not have shared a least cat loves him photo. His last few cosplay statuses didn’t do too well so he’s back to his old trick again.

No. 212769

File: 1652573822303.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1284x1552, 74A1F6DC-9754-4C0F-A0F3-2BE266…)

Stumpy looking Cloud

No. 212771

He looks so sickly and unhealthy…I can't explain it, but I think he's far too skinny for a 40yo male. Face is gaunt and his skin looks so dehydrated. Those are the arms of an old man. Dude really needs to eat better and see a doctor.

No. 212772

File: 1652575905087.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1284x1651, 8AF14E66-5AB1-433A-96F4-7B8E35…)

What are those….?

No. 212778

Instead of eating healthy. He’s starving himself. I hope someone talk some sense into him. As much as I dislike him, I don’t want to see him suffer

No. 212781

File: 1652582077029.jpeg (1.93 MB, 1284x2258, EEB6307E-1681-41BF-B336-4E4262…)

He “hung out” with someone today!

No. 212782

File: 1652582168145.jpeg (392.21 KB, 1284x824, 5A8936A6-5BB8-49F7-B422-3365E9…)

Talk about awkward…. Also good way to get used by a random?

No. 212784


My sides. This man just made a status saying he has to work both Saturday and Sunday. He’s behind on all his momocon prep. Can’t hang out with anyone, sorry.

And this zoomer girl basically used him as transport and he called it a hang out.

No. 212785

the saddest uber

No. 212787

He’s not even 40 yet, but he looks almost 50 years old. He is literally so unwell

No. 212788

Zoomer chick legitimately used him for a ride. Holyshit, what an idiot Terry is.

No. 212789

File: 1652591773802.jpeg (62.61 KB, 602x596, F3A7B74E-3F7D-4E41-9BB5-8E894E…)

She not only used him for a ride but he ate his spicy chicken and sat in the corner petting the cat kek.

No. 212796

Why does he keep making boot covers like that? There’s so many tutorials out there that he could be using

Wow I almost feel bad for him, but he really put himself in this position by chasing zoomers instead of making friends his own age

No. 212818

File: 1652613358846.jpeg (509.11 KB, 1284x1588, 76A77E78-6AA6-4A57-935E-88B808…)


No. 212819

File: 1652613461855.jpeg (508.72 KB, 1284x1563, 820A6D60-3F97-4CE1-B5B6-2B4FF2…)

No. 212826

lmao it’s just two days. besides aren’t you suuuuper busy kek.

No. 212827

This actually explains some of the rules in his “40 rules of how to be my roommate”. He was totally fine with driving roommate to McDonald’s or being their handlers until the zoomers decided he’s too creepy and distanced themselves. He’s going to make a “rules when hanging out with me” status soon. And one of them will be “do not use me as a rideshare” or “always pay your portion if you ride in my car”

No. 212829

This actually explains a lot.

>cats look away/ignore terry

>terry Omg the cat loves me!

Replace cat with zoomer girl

No. 212839

File: 1652625304747.jpeg (107.29 KB, 1284x406, 2BAE8D4E-8E82-4A9F-933A-E39B7F…)

Pretty sure this confirms Vincent.

No. 212842

Noooo!! His ugly ass.

No. 212844

what's his first new FFVII cosplay? Zack? Where's he going to wearr all these cosplays

No. 212848

He's one of those people that plans like 3+ cosplay changes a day, which is always a stupid idea as you end up being in your hotel room for half the con just getting into cosplay.

No. 212853

he's mentioned before that he changes when a cosplay doesn't get enough attention lol I don't think he even changes his makeup all that much for him to take super long changing before he hits the con floor again

No. 212854

didn't he just say that he won't give rides to people because he's been taken advantage of in his rule list? and now he even mentioned that she only invited him because she needed a ride. lmao he'll go against his word for zoomer attention.

I also bet the cat hated him and he just kept harassing it the whole time

No. 212871

He’s mentioned before that he wouldn’t do things for free for friends, so I’m wondering if he saw this as an exchange? A ride in exchange for free food?

No. 212877

I bet in his mind he thought it was a chance to "meet the family" from when he read about it from a dating book 25 years ago

No. 212897

This isn’t surprising but it’s also kind of gross and sad that he admitted it. That’s basically admitting that you’re only in it for the attention and not because you love the character (although that was obvious from how he picks flavor of the week characters like every character from Genshit)

No. 212936

File: 1652663380075.jpg (3.99 MB, 4096x4096, Terrysvictim.jpg)

So the "zoomer" that used Terry for a ride is this chick. iirc she is in her early 20s and used to be known for taking advantage of guys in the east coast convention scene for rides and hotel rooms. This was 5~ years ago so sort of funny to see her still baiting crusty moids to be her uber.

No. 212954

he's been cosplaying for 10 years, why do his props still look like shit? They are good attempts for a beginner, not something i expected from his experience. his swords always have basic shapes and terrible paint job. come on, man. you're a 40 yr old man making six digits a year. this is embarrassing.

No. 212958

File: 1652675712171.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1284x2203, BECE66DE-5DE7-473C-80C5-2C0734…)

Progress photo cause who doesn’t love a progress photo from such an expert prop maker.

No. 212962

Wow it appears he doesn’t even tape between colors so it’s all “baby coloring outside the lines”

No. 212963

The paint looks so chunky too…he doesn’t know anything about building thin layers either.

No. 212964

looks like terry applies the "quantity over quality" approach to both props and cosplays. how about having just one or two decent props versus nine shitty looking props? no wonder he had to trash his old props because they look like shit up close.

No. 212994

File: 1652701291079.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1284x2072, 18EF1EE8-D2A6-46AF-BF3C-037B78…)

More cons!

No. 213006

File: 1652703564874.jpeg (2.66 MB, 1284x2204, B89E146F-C392-469E-8E33-5616B9…)

Sir we know that’s outside of your skill range because you refuse to take the time to learn.

No. 213007

Hmm magnets. How do they work? I would worry about making them look not shitty before making them float.

No. 213011

he can't use magnets. he's a robot and magnets will wipe his hard drive

No. 213012

I really don’t understand Terry. He just made a long ass status saying he’s stressed out by momocon. Now he’s considering back to back con? Thought they’re under staffed at work?

I bet he just found out a zoomer girl he’s stalking is going to tekko

No. 213014

File: 1652706319674.jpg (84.85 KB, 1080x349, Screenshot_20220516-090509_Fac…)

no one ever said there was an age limit to cosplaying

No. 213015

Kek I thought he’s said before that there was an age limit to cosplay? I think last thread or the first. It’s why he wanted to “quit soon”, because older people aren’t appreciated enough, according to him

No. 213016

I was just gonna say. People have done this trick before with a back harness and some magnets inside the prop but he's retarded.

Mr moneybags going to so many cons again. Also, his props look like the most basic, entry level shit. He really does choose quantity over quality.

No. 213019

Only one I know who constantly say there’s an age limit is himself. Also Indy was cosplay Indy ,whether adult or old Indy I can’t remember, not a teenage boy/girl. Big difference.

Does this mean Terry’s cancelling his retirement?

No. 213025

it all comes down to numbers and attention for him. I wonder if he even likes cosplaying or just the acknowledgements.

No. 213030

File: 1652711691521.jpg (773.12 KB, 1080x1873, Screenshot_20220516-083216_Ins…)

I wonder if he's going to ignore the poll results again or actually cosplay this character that looks 12. The fact that he even put that as an option is revolting.

No. 213032

What does this poll even mean? He’s already making props for the con so that implies his lineup is set.

He said “double check” here. Is he just quizzing people to see if they remember his lineup?

No. 213040

File: 1652716674054.jpg (252.54 KB, 1067x1659, Screenshot_20220516-115728_Ins…)

new genshin character so of course Terry thinks he needs to cosplay him and that the character was meant for him

No. 213044

>fits me well

nobody wants to see your malnourished ribs ter

No. 213046

File: 1652719629863.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1284x1947, 0084B9FD-5962-4373-A70A-9C6C41…)

Line up swapped~

Who could have guessed?

No. 213051

literally posted the same genshin character on facebook and said this is a "manaknight cosplay" lmao how conceited could you be

No. 213062

I don’t get it. There must be some thought process behind it. What makes this a “manaknight cosplay”?

No. 213069

It’s an almost-shota character. He likes dressing like anime boys that could look like tweens or young teens.

No. 213085

File: 1652724693660.jpg (690.42 KB, 1080x1569, Screenshot_20220516-141105_Fac…)

he was literally just a guest at a con with no vaccine or mask mandate. why does he get to pick and choose which cons he's upset about doing this?

No. 213088

Really…there’s footage of the con and nobody is wearing a mask or social distancing, including him. I guess it’s only okay if they make him the guest.

No. 213094

File: 1652727200558.jpg (138.53 KB, 1080x1211, Foul.jpg)

The only thing he has in common with that character is they are both short manlets

Shocking he thinks he fits them so well because his unfiltered face screams 40s-50s

No. 213107

File: 1652729557667.jpeg (447.74 KB, 1284x1704, AF459320-4D10-4F48-B2E1-AB38C2…)

“Too big”

No. 213120

Holyshit, he looks like a hon in the left photo. Tranny vibes

No. 213131

Damn anon was right. He’s not even 40 yet and he already looks like a 50-year-old man.

No. 213132

Have you seen him recently? He’s a bit skins and bones now. Grotesque af!!

No. 213139

>There's no age limit to cosplay! Just look at that older man cosplaying an age appropriate character!
Like, Terry, I think you missed your own point there. They're not 40 year olds trying to hang out/room with zoomers while cosplaying.

No. 213151

File: 1652755042765.jpeg (1.61 MB, 1284x2213, 7FD4C0F8-1D3D-421B-A397-ABA802…)


No. 213152

That looks way too tight on him. Terry, you might be malnourished, but you still aren’t skinny enough to be an Asian S.

No. 213155

how is this man not banned from wherever he's shopping from? he broke more cosplays than I can imagine.

No. 213182

File: 1652785756927.jpeg (574.23 KB, 1284x2150, 90C93683-C401-4A82-8A29-332022…)

No. 213191

File: 1652791434781.jpeg (375.9 KB, 1125x1061, 7F3F1D62-D006-4047-9B00-68EBBB…)

No. 213193

Is someone here reporting him? Stop! It would be much harder to keep tap on this creep if he starts a new account. I’m not even on his alt account right now.

This is the first time I have heard of the purge. Is this more of his fake threats just to have people beg him to stay?

Bless that one person who mentioned he has a second account already.

No. 213196

He used to purge his friend list years ago like 8+ years ago every 3-6 months because he’d hit the cap

No. 213198

Can't wait for him to re-add 4,998 friends back instead of 4,999

No. 213207

Maybe he really will become less involved with cosplay but that doesn’t really say much considering the way he is now is excessive

No. 213210

File: 1652804982152.jpeg (308.48 KB, 1284x717, C675C100-26E9-474E-AFE5-848C70…)

No. 213213

>keep my FB more personal
Lmao, OK, Terry. You know that you'd whither away if less people hit that like button

No. 213231

File: 1652810272348.jpg (468.83 KB, 1052x1320, Screenshot_20220517-135724_Fac…)

"""normal""" okay

No. 213232

0 days without Terry attention-seeking on Facebook.
He is just panicking in case he loses access to those zoomers and other women out of his league he's collected since 2004 or however old that account is.
The fact he gaf about a Facebook account makes him look so old.

No. 213234

So cute Terry, you are matching the thread pic!

No. 213239

File: 1652812281448.jpg (1.26 MB, 4083x2560, 4857282947.jpg)

This retard is so wasteful. Every time he breaks a cosplay or one doesn't come on time he just orders more.

Man cares so much about being relevant and trendy to the kids that he never considers reusing his 1000+ old cosplays.

No. 213252

does he ever re-wear cosplays and keep ordering new ones? it's so wasteful and bad for the environment.

No. 213257

he rewears the ones that get him the "most attention" and sells/gets rid of the ones that dont, his cloud and kazuha cosplays are probs a good example of the former, and his akali cosplay a good one for the latter

No. 213270

Well if he didn't white face all of his cosplays, maybe people wouldn't be reporting his ass.

No. 213288


Yeah he keeps a couple of the popular ones in his rotation for special events like him guesting at that con a few weeks ago. The majority he buys cheaply from China for $30 and complains when it doesn't match the description or arrives later than he expects.

You'd think someone that has been cosplaying multiple decades would know better than to buy cheap trash cosplays.

He definitely makes more than enough money to actually commission a good seamstress but considering he doesn't even like paying people for haircuts I doubt he would be willing to pay them what they ask.

No. 213298

That's like most cosplayers I know but at least they know beforehand what the most popular characters are. kek

No. 213316

File: 1652836308257.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1284x2228, D5866275-810C-4255-B306-96051F…)

New cos~

No. 213319

puke if i saw that manlet in that irl

No. 213320

File: 1652839211777.jpg (777.14 KB, 1080x1532, Screenshot_20220517-195816_Ins…)

His attempt at Aerith looks more like Wendy Williams during her addiction.

Forever using trashy makeup on characters it doesn't suit.

No. 213323

Wait this is so accurate omg he actually does look like wendy williams

No. 213338

Giving MtF Hon vibes
His forehead looks huge kek. The makeup is surprisingly different though, not a lot of red eyeshadow

No. 213346

kek the wig is sitting like 2 inches too far back

No. 213347

Actually this makeup isn’t bad, it looks a lot better than the drag levels of eyeshadow he usually wears. The wig looks like shut because it doesn’t fit him right and has a harsh hard front. It would look much better as a lace front, but that would cost more than $12

No. 213354

he's lightened these photos so much, it is making his wig blonde instead of the proper brown color.

No. 213361

Yeah I agree, the makeup is not the best, but this is way better than the red/pink he was using for every character

No. 213367

he puts it where his natural hairline is.

slap some fukkin cheese on that five head kek

No. 213418

File: 1652896406319.jpg (302.11 KB, 1080x1740, Screenshot_20220518-135143_Ins…)

renting out cosplays?? I can't see this ending well on his end. he'd probably complain about the smell of the cosplays when they get returned when I bet he doesn't even wash them when he sells them

No. 213419

ive literally never heard of anyone doing this. borrowing cosplays? sure! because theyre your actual friends lmao. nothing like cis straight male incel logic to treat every relationship as a transaction(integrate)

No. 213439

Yeah, this is healthy especially with covid cases rising.

No. 213445

>my stomach isnt fit cuz i ate a lot of dinner.
that's not how it works, terry

No. 213450

Kek if he doesn't like zoomers leaving "con funk" in the hotel room, he's going to be in for a rude awakening renting out his cosplays. Zoomers sell cosplay shit on Depop with animal hair, stains, smells, etc. They aren't going to return his cosplays washed or lint rolled.

Also, there's no way he's an Asian women's size Medium. That's about the equivalent of a U.S. Women's Small and he looks much bigger than that. That's why his cosplays keep ripping and the zippers break. You can see the fabric stretching too tight across some of these try-on photos.

No. 213454

All of his cosplays are like $90 pieces of crap too? Who would pay for this they can order from AliExpress on their own.
I could maybe see a market for renting things with like intricate master level sewing but preworn dokidoki cosplays ??

No. 213457

File: 1652917799074.jpeg (2.35 MB, 1284x1903, 95DBBE75-0978-40D6-B26D-C95BE9…)

Would someone rent this…?

No. 213463

File: 1652918485393.jpg (192.48 KB, 281x422, b7OdFHN.jpg)

idk anything about genshit so i looked up a photo for reference.
the paint job is awful and the colors aren't even close to being accurate. the rest of the strings aren't even pulled taut.
there's metallic paint that looks like picrel, but being the dumbass he is, he probably thought "gold is gold" and didn't bother to color match.

No. 213468


No. 213470

Imagine cosplay being your main interest, being an elder in that community, and your props still looking like something a 13 year old cobbled together

No. 213473

he also could have used some clear thermoplastic but no.

No. 213475

im laughing so hard kek

No. 213478


It's no where close to what Skyward Harp looks like. It's like he didn't even try to mix paints together to attempt to get close to the correct colors. He just took whatever stock paint he had and said "close enough." Mix some white and green paint in with that blue or something. This hurts to look at.

No. 213479

i want to laugh but i can't. We are looking at a 40 yo man being proud of something that can be passed for something made by a grade school child. I'm starting to worry about his mental health.

No. 213481

let alone the lack of depth. the actual harp has clear layers and stacking and his is just a flat cut. theres no shading, no mix of colors, and you can the gold paint was painted really thick because it has these dark streaky globs

No. 213490

File: 1652927855131.jpeg (2.02 MB, 1284x2222, 9D929CEE-7D4C-44B9-B2DD-210C1F…)

Expert Craftsmanship

No. 213492

>this time
As if he’s made an actual pair of boots before

No. 213496

i was confused too. That implied he made real boots before and I just can't remember him actually making boots

No. 213500

This is some Sarah Spaceman craftsmanshittery. Is it that hard to align those black straps so they are not crooked and look like they were slapped on with a hot glue gun? Lazy.
Brags about how much money he makes but is too fucking cheap to buy quality cosplays and props.

No. 213502

File: 1652934683452.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1284x1539, 0A52D74E-DC60-42B5-A851-705BE1…)

He was focused today.

No. 213504

File: 1652935270700.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1284x1892, F6F7CF64-0A75-4494-A247-1C58B5…)

I guess it has the same amount of clunk to it…?

No. 213505

File: 1652935427875.jpeg (1.91 MB, 1284x2103, 75ACF42B-8B24-4925-8C2B-F351D8…)


Such beautifully painted and high quality shoes for Hu Tao

No. 213508

only thing im impressed by is how fast he can paint things

No. 213540

File: 1652959954770.jpeg (513.74 KB, 1284x2054, 9F19D264-20D3-4E47-A266-E3AD62…)

Thought you said you would stop talking about them?

No. 213547

maybe they don't need to talk to you because they have enough evidence of you being a creep, and they know you'll just lie about it like you're doing here and claim that evidence is lies. there are definitely times where both sides of a story aren't needed

No. 213549

This is stuff i would be proud of in 2012. Like crazy happy to churn this out. Not today with the amount of tutorials and materials we have access to. this is embarrassing.

No. 213564

File: 1652973557781.jpg (236.98 KB, 1080x1920, 3618e9r2018e96.jpg)

>Plenty at the con would love to have me back (I am on their flyer)

He really talks like he's some sort of celebrity at these smaller-mid size conventions.

No. 213569

im full witch cackling rn

No. 213570

I can't with these 35-40 year olds who really think that being 'con' or 'cosfamous' is some sort of accomplishment. I know someone who does this shit. she's 35 and thinks being invited to cons to judge is a huge deal, though she already has a 6-figure career. Similar to Terry in many ways.

No. 213580

File: 1652977800710.jpg (30.65 KB, 425x557, 05ed008422375025e006d4abaf46be…)

I'm curious as to if those shoes have the proper heel or not…did he use men's shoes or actually purchase women's shoes? Also, the sloppy hot glue strings and bad red paint job are hilarious.

No. 213584

Too cheap?? Yet he has over 20+ cosplays of Genshin characters??

No. 213588

Those are 100% a cheap pair of mens penny loafers. The heel is way too short

No. 213631

Nope. Can actually tell these are brown. They’re not filtered white.

No. 213632

Why are his paint jobs always so sloppy? Is he retarded or blind?

No. 213641

File: 1652989927286.jpeg (306.37 KB, 1170x1133, 6B0A90FF-AF7F-4EE7-973A-BF6058…)

Better hurry and friend request him y’all!

No. 213655

the lies tho, facebook hasn't been out since he was in high school? trying to seem younger than me is

No. 213673

Guessing the light skinned zoomers were the first to be sent a friend request from Terry

No. 213675

Didn't get an invite. Totally expected since I'm not a zoomer. Going to miss all the cringe content

No. 213679

(autism incoming)
Facebook was founded in 2004 and open to the public from Sept 2006
>On September 26, 2006, Facebook opened to everyone at least 13 years old with a valid email address
Assuming he signed up immediately, that makes his account 16 years old.
Terry is 39, 16 years ago he was 23. 23 is the age a person may graduate from college in the US.

However he is creating a vague age range of anywhere between 14-23 by using the words "high school" when he was at the upper end of that. If he signed up at 14 years old in 2006 he would be 30, a mere 9 years difference.

Honestly never seen a man try to conceal his age this much in this many ways.

No. 213693


so much for 1/4 of people. His new account already have 1k friends. So many people he considers friends he can trust

No. 213695

File: 1653007488639.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1284x2017, 48472254-BC81-427C-A73E-024DC1…)

Woe is me

No. 213698

Where, Terry? Like maybe there's a discord somewhere but it seems like he's imagining this, nobody here is trying to take down any accounts (then we'd lose the comedy)
Facebook are notoriously overzealous about identity and trying to block fake accounts, maybe he just interacts like a bot (comment and like-spam)

No. 213700

>didn’t like me for being a POC, older, and non-binary
Yeah it’s easy to mock anyone calling themselves “nonbinary” kek, but no one hates him for being black or old. But he gets more pity telling people he gets hate for being black, instead of for the gross stalker pedophile he is

No. 213701

File: 1653009849008.jpeg (399.27 KB, 1284x733, 431B28E2-D8F7-464A-BBA4-224EFF…)

Whelp what was the point of switching if you were gonna ditch it?

No. 213708

"a few i was once close friends with who kind of stopped talking/responding to me are just not gonna add me anyway"

what's his deal? he now wants to keep the old account just to keep taps on people who don't talk to him anymore?

No. 213713

>>I had it since high school/college

Facebook didn't come out until February of 2004, and I don't believe people really got onto it until sometime in 2005. And when it first came out, you needed to have a verified University email address to sign up. Terry graduated high school in like…..2000? Also, there would have been no way for him to sign-up if he were still in high school like he is trying to trick people into thinking.

No. 213720

I was in the first year that it was open to anyone in a college with an .edu email address, and I graduated high school in 2005. Terry likely graduated from COLLEGE in 2005. I feel like I’m ancient compared to most cosplayers these days, and I’m pretty sure I have nothing in common with them. I cannot imagine why he’s so obsessed with being friends with them (but I’m also not a creepy old man).

No. 213751

>for being a poc
I think they stopped liking you because he’s a pos not a poc

No. 213767

File: 1653048074626.jpeg (425.02 KB, 1284x913, A2AD98AE-F560-4D24-B3B6-60869A…)

More account issues~

No. 213769

File: 1653048473249.jpeg (426.53 KB, 1284x2199, A00C1933-8112-4028-9E73-E2AFCF…)

Sir you’ve gone to more cons than anyone else that I know.

No. 213777

Just don’t go, Terry. Why is he making the decision of going to a con such a dramatic issue?

I really hate all these polls because he obviously just like the attention and does not care what people think. “We will see”

No. 213784

bet you he have sent out so many requests to zoomers who are aware of how much of a creep he is, and they started reporting his spam requests.

No. 213787

This. Also he himself hates being black so he uses being a POC when he thinks he'll get attention. Gross

No. 213861

File: 1653076043190.jpeg (550.95 KB, 1284x1685, A048B670-4CAA-4374-A43F-767943…)

No. 213865

File: 1653076147659.jpeg (808.54 KB, 1284x2279, 35C9A473-5D84-468E-8F10-DC4EE1…)

No. 213866

File: 1653076358185.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1284x2215, 1401B3BA-BAFB-4C75-AD30-1FED99…)

No. 213868

File: 1653076456879.jpeg (242.39 KB, 1284x543, F6950BF6-DE8D-477D-BAB7-D92E75…)

No. 213869

File: 1653076529216.jpeg (165.14 KB, 1284x389, 6C159792-FCCD-4CE6-9B5C-81C6F6…)

Sir isn’t this pretty much your burner account?

No. 213873

I like how he calls it a nasty message to try and make people think this person was bullying him for nothing, when in reality they were calling him out for being a hypocrite about con covid mandates lmao

No. 213875

I couldn’t see this status. Guess I got purged. I was mostly lurking. Big sad

No. 213880

Wrote a whole novel when he could just say rules don’t apply when he’s guesting.

What a hypocrite. It’s not bullying to simply call him on it.

No. 213888

Why would someone put their phone number in their burner account?
His problem-solving abilities are absolutely nil, it's obviously just a random generated username
>user847574361: stop cosplaying as little girls
>Terry: wow this girl Sarah ignored me when I said hi at a con in 2009, she lives in northern Chigago so this user must be her

No. 213893

his reasoning dooesnt make sense. he mentioned spacing cons out so why even consider tekko. it's right before otakon. And we all know otakon is his favorite con. how we know? he won't shut up about it.

No. 213904

Cherry picking when con rules apply to him aside, he makes so many status updates its insane. He complaines that he has 0 time, but he spends a ridiculous amount of time posting polls/statuses that nobody cares about.

No. 213908

This doesn't make any sense. Why does he act like he can't wear a mask if other people are maskless? Why would he have a higher chance of getting covid from coworkers vs congoers? He's really outing himself as someone who will drop his "morals" if he gets paid/enough attention. You're too old for the "well everyone else was doing it" excuse Terry.

No. 213921

he needs to shut the fuck up and not talk about it. We all noticed he was virtue signaling for two years and then broke all the rules when he was a guest and everyone didn't wear mask. just stay quiet and most people will forget about it. a lot of people don't even wear masks nowadays. just…stop…virtue…signaling, terry

No. 213932

Terry's writing seems to be better whenever he is raging about someone. It's actually readable.
I think he does the poor writing for most of his statuses to look "harmless" and "too stupid". He's still an autist in a lot of ways, but this predator knows what he's doing.
>I got better things to do
You mean like driving hours away to stalk some zoomers at a mall?

No. 213940

File: 1653099827228.jpeg (204.61 KB, 1284x489, 59AD0150-848A-46F4-9893-518715…)

No. 213941

2 days, at most. He can’t live without the attention.

No. 213945

File: 1653105101975.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1284x1268, B1C65647-DAD0-43AF-B5E6-9969EB…)

At first I was like who the fuck and then I remembered it is a Genshin character

No. 213958

File: 1653122983210.jpg (85.27 KB, 940x530, gm-d24742f1-51cf-41fa-bfd4-5f1…)

Is that supposed to be Thoma? The wig is the wrong style and the wrong color…also, he is wearing that shit way too far up on his head.

No. 214003

Thanks anon. I couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to be! He’s really off on this one. Maybe the color is off because of his whiteface filter? I agree he’s wearing the wig way wrong.

No. 214010

>deactivated his fb account because too many things going on
>immediately put up two pointless IG polls

You’ll be back before Momocon is over.

No. 214015

File: 1653142185334.jpeg (2.79 MB, 1284x2139, A0E6052A-85BB-4234-B41A-073EF3…)


No. 214020

His real job

No. 214024

he has an interview for a different position within his current company coming up. so much for his post from months ago saying he wanted a career path change lmao

No. 214030

He works in a big corporation. He definitely can change career path without quitting

No. 214059

File: 1653151208468.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1284x2227, EDD60FB7-02F9-4814-BC1D-4024A9…)

Why does he style so many wigs if he never improves?

No. 214069

Same wig? That's very telling of how much he puts the whitening filter on.

No. 214109

Jesus, no kidding. His selfie looked like it's 4 shades lighter than it is irl.

Also, how would a whole different wig be any less work than styling this one? I swear he gets high off just throwing money around.

No. 214128

He's so wasteful. he can easily rewash the wig and re-style. fucking hell. Terry is living proof that money doesnt buy happiness or talent.

No. 214159

File: 1653167197945.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1284x2251, 22B69675-CE36-4B98-9A38-C6C067…)

Doesn’t really remind me of Toshiro…. Reminds me of Rick of Rick and Morty…

No. 214183

File: 1653173806944.jpeg (155.01 KB, 1284x359, E7652A34-1D03-414E-84F5-7FA97C…)

Holy crap you guys called it.

No. 214188

This man changes his mind multiple times in a single day. Thank god he’s single. Have to be a saint to deal with him.

No. 214253

Nobody in the chicago cosplay community hates him, he's just not relevant here.

No. 214268

File: 1653226613828.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1284x2152, A1FBB9B6-F25E-4409-A8D7-181AA9…)

No. 214269

File: 1653226718952.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1284x2185, 67561B40-774E-4B94-BE10-EA57FA…)

Clean your damn mirror!

No. 214290

He should cosplay Rick. At least it would be age appropriate.

No. 214293

Is that the dial soap he washes with on the bottom right?

No. 214318

Imagine styling wigs fairly consistently for years but literally never improving in the slightest.

No. 214327

Please bring back the spaghetti hairline please

Might just be lighting, but am I seeing gray chin fuzz?

No. 214329

How long has Terry been cosplaying? Because before 2010ish there were so few pre made costumes available, did he commission costumes back then? There’s no way he made them with his lack of skills. I know he’s been cosplaying some of the Final Fantasy stuff forever so where did those ones come from?

I just don’t think he cares enough to improve honestly. He has so many costumes and it seems like most get worn once before they live in a closet forever. So he doesn’t feel the need to work to improve at it. Also considering he just buys the cheapest cosplays on AliExpress, I don’t think he cares about the quality of anything, he just wants attention. The irony being that if he had good costumes and wigs (commissioned from talented and skilled makers), he would likely get more attention. I’m more likely to talk to someone with a good costume since it shows that they care about it. I’m sure other people think the same way. But Terry thinks he’s famous and that that is enough.

No. 214330

there were chinese sites to order from back then. It was pretty much what wish dress ordering is today, sometimes you'd get lucky and from a distance it'd look ok. Most times it was a travesty. But there was no way to really dispute so he probably has a mound of shitty scam cosplays.

No. 214431

Just saw terry's laest selfie in his rick cosplay. Was going to make fun of him until i saw his hands and arms. Does he have vitiligo?

sorry my phonee won't let me upload photo

No. 214443

vitiligo confirmed. you can see the two tones in this photo >>214269 Alsoo his neck has a white patch.

I met him at otakon a couple years ago and can confirm he wasn't patchy like this back then.

No. 214460

Pretty sure he doesn't. He loves to filter himself to look like he rolled in flour, but his tagged photos/rare unfilterd post by him doesn't have anything but shitty eye make up

No. 214474

File: 1653269800424.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.62 MB, 4096x4096, 628472920.jpg)

Spoiler for nasty manlet feet. It looks like vitiligo on his feet and hands? I dont think his retard filtering or lighting would fuck it up this bad.

No. 214489

All dark skinned people still have light palms this is literally common knowledge. I know it looks a little more extreme in this picture but I don’t think it resembles vitiligo at all. We’ve seen clear pictures/videos of his hands plenty of times including recently so we know that vitiligo wouldn’t suddenly appear that fast

No. 214495


That's vitiligo. You can see the spread between his toes and going from his palms to the outside of his fingers. Vitiligo can spread rather quickly if there's other underlying issues or stress. The chicken nugget doesn't see the doctor so it's not shocking that he hasn't been officially diagnosed or is even aware himself.
Congrats Terry, in short time those whitening filters will no longer be a necessity.

No. 214496

I agree with anons, it does look very much like vitiligo, the pattern and dispersion is not at all like normal skin variations (e.g. lighter palms as anon above mentions) normal skin variation is usually not so extreme in contrast, more a soft gradient at the tips of fingers and palms/soles rather than a harsh, jagged line like we can see in those images.

Could be a consequence of his shit health and diet, he has been starving himself recently which may have triggered something?
From the NHS page about vitiligo, the most common type is caused by an autoimmune condition.
>Autoimmune conditions
Non-segmental vitiligo (the most common type) is thought to be an autoimmune condition.
>In autoimmune conditions, the immune system does not work properly. Instead of attacking foreign cells, such as viruses, your immune system attacks your body's healthy cells and tissue.
>If you have non-segmental vitiligo, your immune system destroys the melanocyte skin cells that make melanin.
>Vitiligo is also associated with other autoimmune conditions, such as hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid gland), but not everyone with vitiligo will develop these conditions.

No. 214498

Samefag, since we know Terry lurks, please go to a doctor about this since they may be able to help. Explain to them that you had a bad past experience with a doctor and you can decline whatever examinations you are uncomfortable with, but surely this is a sign you need to go for a checkup to see what's going on. There may be some other problem aside from the skin changes.

No. 214499

It's especially clear in the close-up hand photo. His whole thumb tip, nail and all, is white. Same with his pointer finger. It's not just on his palms.
Really, Terry's not even 40 yet and he looks horrible. He shouldn't be looking like he's in his mid 50s. He shouldn't be starving himself of nutrients, especially at his age. Maybe he doesn't care about dying young…but I don't think that's the case. Terry, see a doctor.

No. 214503

Terry you are sick. You have a terrible diet, you don’t take care of your skin (using dish soap to bathe with), and to lose weight you began starving yourself instead of modifying your diet. You don’t look good, you’re starting to look older than your age and your skin looks weird. You might be discouraged from listening to anyone here because you know we hate you, but I don’t think anyone here hates you enough that they would want to see you seriously ill or dying. You don’t take care of yourself and you need to see a doctor before something develops that can’t be reversed.

No. 214529

We know Terry hates how dark he is. I honestly hope that he's not stupid enough to ignore what's probably an autoimmune disorder (especially since he keeps doing things that put him at risk of getting covid) just to get light skin.

No. 214549

File: 1653308493446.jpg (1.6 MB, 2560x1920, 22-05-23-07-15-34-902_deco.jpg)

Interesting. Here's an unfiltered hall shot that shows his thumb better. It's not as prevalent in other shots, so he may use DARK SKINNED MAKEUP Gasp to conceal it maybe?

No. 214551

File: 1653309262127.png (64.76 KB, 817x494, passive_aggressive_nice_guy.pn…)

eyeroll Latest installment

No. 214565

File: 1653317063480.jpg (4.74 MB, 4096x4096, CollageMaker_20220523_09162459…)

You sound like some white person who read about black people from a textbook or had class with a black person once. LOOK AT HIS FUCKING FEET AND FINGERS. Dude has been having more noticeably aged ass fingers/hands for the past few years now

Also, here's some older terry pics for skin splotch evidence (see belly button and toes)

No. 214572

ew, spoiler that shit

No. 214600

Off topic, but ew at anyone running around a con barefoot.

No. 214623

His face looks so different here. He aged so much so fast. It’s honestly sad

No. 214650

He so badly wants to not age, but he’s doing everything wrong…he’s actually made his appearance worse. Washing with palmolive dish soap, starving himself, only eating junk food. Take care of your health and you’ll look better Terry.

No. 214722

I almost feel bad for him, because he just does not seem to understand social cues at all. If someone doesn’t respond to your message and doesn’t talk to you when you see them, they don’t want to be friends. And for some reason he didn’t seem to get it. He’s a total creep towards young girls now, but I assume at some point he was trying to make friends his own age when he was younger. I wonder if he feels like he “fits in” better with younger people because autistic kids often get along with younger kids due to developmental delay, and he never grew out of that?
Anyway, someone needs to tell him straight up to his face that he is a creep and needs to get friends his own age.

No. 214737

this. i get that social unawareness can come from loneliness, but. if he made some friends his own age adults are usually more understanding of that shit.

Wouldn’t be so understanding of his obsession with young women though.

No. 214777

probably a big reason why he isn't making friends his age. they see him talking and hanging out with such a young crowd that it makes them uncomfortable. I mean I know personally I wouldn't want to hang out with an adult and have a chance of being in a crowd of people that much younger than me, it would make me feel like a creep by association.

but also, he obviously drops people when they get to a certain age because he stops gushing over them suddenly and talking to them in general, and replaces them with more kids. so it really is his fault he doesn't have friends his age, and it's something he could easily have avoided if he just didn't talk to kids

No. 214803

Exactly. Don't pity him. The girls who are older but still maintain a young look all have an onlyfans account and consistently post sexual cosplay stuff. You can see those are the tiktoks he likes all the time. That's the type he wants- young cosplayer that ages into a thot.

No. 214891

File: 1653445459342.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1284x1740, E0C8A112-C106-432E-BA7B-50481F…)

If you’re attending look out for him!

No. 214893

I cannot even fathom bringing 8 whole ass cosplays to a single con, especially when I have room mates. His wigs/luggage/props are going to take up 3/4ths of the damn room.

No. 214905

>the girl cosplays
he needs to stop. he looks awful crossdressing. most men do.

No. 214913

>a period of time
>3 days

Totally called it. He re-activated his old account just in time for momocon

No. 214939

File: 1653479636281.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1284x2039, 8C5C298C-655C-4D8A-AE8A-95EF4D…)

If his coworkers are so anti-LGBTQ like he says they are him wearing nails would be a red flag to them.

No. 214946

i fail to see how his new fb accomplish anything. he accepts anyone (Especially young girls)

No. 214950

Those don’t even look like they would fit his wide male sausage fingers.
He’ll probably just wear them for a few photos or cons, then take them off for work. He doesn’t even want to wear glasses around his coworkers, doubt he would try wearing nails.

No. 214989

This is just disgusting. This dude would do anything just to look like a girl.(learn2sage)

No. 215047

Hilarious how he cosplays all these female characters online where he can hide behind snow filters but coincidentally brings almost all male characters to cons. Pussy ass old man

No. 215056

We should be thankful for that. He looks sickly and hideous as a female. We don’t want to see that IRL without filter

No. 215113

File: 1653504562876.jpeg (994.17 KB, 1284x1300, D0942F07-DF8D-45DD-9AD2-7D01DC…)

Not that hideous, but then again his face is covered

No. 215118

File: 1653505089363.jpg (27.75 KB, 301x398, 333f8a64fd1367cb7712db9d88d7a2…)

His props are always so awful. That orb looks like he just bought one of those bouncy balls from walmart.

No. 215133

ugly af and very obviously a male.

No. 215191

File: 1653523428011.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 1284x1796, 317D77A4-07AC-4B6D-8151-BE86D4…)

This shit is nightmare inducing. Just choose a fucking pair of contacts on your own Terry.

No. 215192

File: 1653523878662.jpg (29.58 KB, 429x405, ybourykina-spirit-blossom-ahri…)

it's supposed to be a dress why the fuck is he wearing it like that?

No. 215199

Why does he have five different pairs of green contacts they must be so crusty

No. 215203

nona we all know he bought it too small

No. 215215

File: 1653533203279.jpg (488.31 KB, 1080x1776, Screenshot_20220525-223429_Ins…)

just delete it lmao boomer mentality thinking telling a spam text to stop is going to actually get them to stop

No. 215222

I gasped omg he is in desperate need of eye cream

No. 215232

File: 1653538917145.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.14 MB, 1284x1630, 86086DF7-E9C1-47DD-BFAD-855DB6…)

Those contacts look the same color just different designs and I am fairly certain Toushirou has more blue in his eyes.

Still crusty eyes

No. 215263

different designs means they're not the same pair.

No. 215412

File: 1653605480390.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x1516, 06DDE0E6-E84C-47B0-86F2-504986…)


No. 215413

When in doubt cosplay the current FOTM furfag character.

No. 215415

File: 1653606421902.jpeg (6.08 MB, 4096x5120, 8D2BE3CB-24C4-4D94-A455-57886F…)

I’m fascinated by what he actually looks like while wearing this. If it’s anything like his filter vs. IRL Inuyasha it’s got to be nausea inducing.

No. 215419

File: 1653607459029.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1284x1261, E09AC38B-2DCA-4A0E-A505-C844C6…)

Elevator pic? Still proves he’s disgusting to look at in this.

No. 215420

File: 1653607786863.jpeg (745.5 KB, 977x2178, 5490D085-DCCA-44BE-BB15-9611EA…)

Spotted him walking by himself

No. 215421

This really shows how short he actually is.

No. 215424

Must be on the prowl looking for his 100+ friends

No. 215430

kek our lil prop master has the flattest bow ive ever seen in my life

No. 215431

That's the shower behind him but still, ew.

No. 215432

File: 1653618330381.jpg (132.38 KB, 1080x730, Screenshot_20220526-222357_Fac…)

hundreds and hundreds? why do you always have to exaggerate so much

No. 215433

i wouldn't say hundreds of hundreds but people did yell "your gorou is so cute" a lot. I am starting to doubt myself. maybe I'm just a hater

No. 215434


No. 215435

any roommate victim at this con? He's in genshin so I am expecting some awkward roommate selfies.

No. 215436

I think part of it is just virtue signaling, since he’s an old black dude.

No. 215438

It's okay anon, it's just because no one could see his face and Gorou is the twink flavor of the month.

No. 215439

Was thinking the same thing, they cant tell he is geriatric if 80% of his face is under a mask & wig.

No. 215444

File: 1653629120558.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1270x1554, 452307DB-410A-4B81-B881-6277F2…)

Probably this person?

No. 215445

If he’s so obsessed with masking, why is he wearing the stupid fangs? Which, by the way, make him look even stupider than usual with his mouth hanging open.

No. 215452

thought that was sarah spaceman for a sec lol

No. 215474

terry is such a creepy fuck. ewwww

No. 215477

The fact that this mofo makes 6 figures and seeks validation from cosplay he didnt even make is proof men are the lowest form of life on earth.

No. 215484

Dude's been into cosplay for a decade+ and still doesn't know how to pose like a human in a mirror selfie with another person. It looks like his whole body is hover-handing.

No. 215489

File: 1653666832497.png (1.83 MB, 1440x2297, Screenshot_20220527-105153~2.p…)


No. 215493

Gods, i hate westerner cosplayers so much. they always look like shit. Whats with the sign?

No. 215495

I don’t understand the sign either. Is this some sort of meme? A genshit reference?
>need mora for my reduction surgery
Sounds like she’s a fakeboi or hangs around to many pedos that want her to be “flat”.

No. 215500

He was hanging out near a table I was sat at a little bit ago and I was literally blown away by what a soyboy voice this faggot has. What a retard

No. 215522

Genshin fans are like the new generation of Steven's Universe/Hetalia/Homestuck autists.
They are so loud and obnoxious with their shitty memes. Definitely a community that will welcome Terry with open arms.

Someone needs to record him talking- I've been aware of this man for 6 years now but have never heard him speak.

No. 215538

>need mora for my [peach emoji] reduction surgery
It's a dumb genshin meme about the character having a big butt. Really more cons need to ban signs.

No. 215547

File: 1653685063908.jpeg (992.22 KB, 1284x1022, 6DF15A06-761B-4A3D-8260-854145…)

Crusty Terry

No. 215555

i came here to say this nona kek. same ugly ill fitting costume

No. 215560

File: 1653687561787.jpeg (2 MB, 4032x3024, 274D9B2B-2862-4B63-9CB9-CF1FB7…)

No. 215567

caught in the act of contacting every zoomer he knows is at Momocon im sure

No. 215582

everything about this image is perfect. the hunched over shoulders. the flat yet spiky wig barely hanging onto his skull. the long polearm, in all of its textureless, 10 years of skill glory, pitched between his arm and his side. the pink bag held in one hand, the other hand tapping away on a new facebook post describing how much of a hit his Thoma cosplay was (spelled wrong, of course)

No. 215591


You forgot bragging about hanging out with his 100+ "friends" as he stomps around the con badgering young girls for pics, alone.

No. 215595

File: 1653695448039.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.53 MB, 1284x2142, ABE35147-33B6-4867-ADA3-6A3820…)

Nightmare fuel, quite deranged in this one…

No. 215600

god I hate the placement of the wig on his head. it looks way too far back, and honestly looks photoshopped on. also why does he always widen his eyes to look deranged like that?

No. 215606

sometimes i like to have a good day and forget he is a creep

No. 215614

File: 1653700182001.jpeg (1.08 MB, 875x1492, 18BDDD79-14FB-4709-989A-A456C1…)

Is this just a western cosplayer thing? I don’t understand…

No. 215616

Yes. Western cosplayers, especially zoomers are like this. It's gotten worse in the cosplay scene in America in the last 5-6 years.

No. 215619

Why is she hovering her hand under his ass? Gross
Also damn you can really see that loose skin on his stomach from him not eating

No. 215633

Terry stop doing these god awful poses. You're an embarrassment!

No. 215638

You know what I’d rather him do the red eyeshadow than this

No. 215647

is that a little girls backpack?

No. 215648

It's probably his silly Inuyasha backpack.(sage your shit)

No. 215664

File: 1653737661802.jpeg (427.8 KB, 1284x1696, 86DEA542-5DEA-451D-AC27-0FAA47…)

So he’s not met with over 50(?) of his “friends” at Momocon?

No. 215665

No. 215671

Terry been rocking a small and clearly young girl’s backpack since a few months ago. I found that to be very creepy

No. 215681

Oh shit, he's got the time. Better hurry

No. 215703


No. 215711

He needs to get bigger wigs, these China ones don’t fit his head and look really stupid. This style needs to be a lace front, and he has the money to commission that, but he’s too cheap because he can buy 5-10 AliExpress cosplays for the cost of the commissioned wig

No. 215728

This looks so miserable that I almost feel bad. 40 year old man all alone in full cosplay at a con. He’s so desperate for attention and validation that he goes all out with his cosplays. And he goes to an outrageous amount of cons. All in vain, cause in the end he just stands there all alone.

No. 215779

File: 1653774318226.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1284x2230, 377A993C-1463-42E7-904C-27BC48…)

Wtf with the eyeshadow Terry???

No. 215800

The whole makeup is WTH. Why is he wearing super thick cat eyeliner, when this is a plain male character? This look must be awful irl without the filters. He looks alien

No. 215806

File: 1653784422711.jpg (8.52 MB, 4096x5120, CollageMaker_20220528_19263545…)

I wanna see see an unfiltered photo of this cosplay so badly

I found this one at least in the meanwhile

No. 215811

He looks so weird with those fangs, especially when he keeps opening his mouth. It's gross! Gorou is a

No. 215813

funny how you can barely see the makeup in the pic on the left. so he does this makeup to only have it show up on ultra filtered selfies?

No. 215814

For someone who's been starving himself he sure does have one hell of a double chin without the filter gods blessing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 215818


Damn he looks so bad both photos but in 2 completely different way. Filtered, he looks like a weird alien with drag makeup but unfiltered he really just looks like an old man. It’s not even funny anymore it’s actually sad and makes me feel depressed for some reason Lol is that weird

No. 215821

File: 1653790291692.webm (9.55 MB, 1080x1872, Terry.webm)

This cosplay somehow looks even worse in motion.
The mouth breathing,tongue movement, fluttering eyelashes, filtered skin tone, him being shorter than this zoomer. Gross!

No. 215837

This really looks like she didn’t want to be in his video, but he pushed her to be in it anyway. She waves at the camera and then it looks like she’s about to leave the frame, but then stays when she realizes he’s still filming.

Also want to point out that I personally find it weird that she’s supposed to be part of the video, but he’s clearly trying to keep all the focus on himself

No. 215838

He is such a gross narcissist. Looks absolutely stupid

No. 215857

i've been in such a bad mood lately because of my stupid ex and seeing this made my day. good to know that there's people out there having harder than me and he doesn't even know it

No. 215874

File: 1653826596380.jpeg (236.08 KB, 1284x484, 74BA020F-7DD6-4699-B951-E3813E…)

Some stuff broke again.

No. 215875

>Dear Diary, I'm so excited that people paid attention to me today. I was the star of the con.

No. 215882

feels bad for the photographer. They tried. He's a 40 year old man who didn't take care of himself.

No. 215884

I feel like the only people that cared are the people too young to understand. they're just giving him pity points for being black

No. 215896

File: 1653834839929.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1284x1578, 3DAB3949-920F-4ED8-83B5-4431C7…)

Roxas, a fan favorite…surely all of his other friends will come and see him today!

No. 215903

I don’t think the “pity points” he receives are solely due to him being black. There are plenty of black cosplayers who don’t receive “pity points” because they act like normal people. It’s a huge combination of many factors for him, not just because he is black.

No. 215913

He gets pity points because if he doesn't get treated like the king of cosplay, he flips out and stalks people online because they're not "real friends." He has a habit of being that guy that keeps tabs on people who unfollow him and people don't want to deal with the fallout so they pacify him.

No. 215949

I think he takes every interaction as people loving his costume and is too socially retarded to see that it’s out of politeness.
Like he sees someone he “knows” (has met at a con and is Facebook friends with). He goes up and talks to them, they make small talk and compliment his costume to be polite before making an excuse to leave. He may even ask what they think of his costume, and no one is going to just say it looks like shit.
Also, a lot of people at cons will see a cosplay of a character they like and just shout out “hey, I love your ____ cosplay!” It doesn’t matter what it looks like, they just like the character. So that’s probably also what he’s referring to.
He’s so bad at socializing that he doesn’t realize that it’s people being polite and people who like a character. He thinks these are all legitimate compliments for him specifically. It’s honestly really sad that he’s gotten to 40 and no one has talked to him about this stuff

No. 215960

Overheard a small group of cosplayers talking about him at momocon and had been warning young(er) girls to avoid him. Good to know people are looking out for others, though.

No. 216005

Anyone has non selfie photo of this? I saw him in person and he just looked grotesque. Some of his cosplays are alright and this one ain’t it.

No. 216024

File: 1653869488377.jpeg (2.49 MB, 1284x2257, 7DDDCB53-C264-49AC-AC4D-EEB8B4…)

From his stories

No. 216033

kek its floating

No. 216041

I can confirm this is true. He's done this to me several times, especially over the past year as well as to my friends. We'd literally just be doing our own thing, minding our business and he'll come up to us and start bombarding us, talk about how terrible he looks so we compliment him then brag about how many people wanted his photo.

No. 216049

The Cosmo cosplay is cute.

No. 216127

File: 1653916610503.jpeg (1.49 MB, 1284x2225, 77E4B0B9-1BF3-43FB-8550-8EBE7E…)

Still going to go with he has some kind of fetish regarding bodily fluids…

No. 216131

Marta really does smell like piss at every train station. Especially the underground ones in summer in atl

No. 216132

I noticed that too but I’m not autistic enough to write a story about it. No surprise Terry hates the homeless. He made a story about downtown atl last night and I assume it’s a jut the homeless too.

No. 216162

File: 1653933738692.jpeg (486.99 KB, 1243x1440, 060861DB-FE27-4834-92CD-DB6A9B…)

good god

No. 216168

Did he put dark makeup under his eyes for some reason or does he just have dark circles that are that bad?
At least the makeup doesn’t look as unhinged in a candid I guess. What kind of filters is he using that his makeup always looks so intense?

No. 216169

ewwww, i knew this would look crusty irl. why is he using gray eyeshadow on his dark circles? And all of his wigs really do float off of his head…dude just needs to invest in lace front. You can even see the poor stitching and uneven cut on that sash he is wearing. This guy shouldn't have been a judge anywhere, he clearly doesn't know anything.

No. 216175

Yuck! First time wearing that wig and its already crusty beyond repair. Also you can see his receded hairline which confirms how abnormally high he wears the wig on his head.

No. 216182

File: 1653937937100.jpg (Spoiler Image,34.57 KB, 560x373, 88f10ed0a2772d0ad02da893fb2bda…)

he needs to stop trying to copy Asian cosplay makeup. He does not have the same features and that shit just doesn't end up looking right. Also, I lol'd at his wig. It is so close to just yeeting itself right off of his head.

Picrel, this makeup only looks good on asians.

No. 216199

He looks at pictures like these and tries to replicate their eye makeup. This makeup won’t look good on western eye shapes, especially Terry because he has extremely downturned eyes

No. 216225

File: 1653951825502.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1284x1707, F2B3B87C-C3A4-4BE4-8313-935C67…)

The people that say he looks great… What are you guys on?

No. 216226

i don't really believe anyone saying it, that know it's him, actually means the compliment. At a con a few weeks ago he kept goading me to compliment him by continuously talking about himself and oh how much work he put into his bought cosplay (kazuha) and i made an extra long point to not compliment him and redirect the convo outwards like to the convention so far. he didn't stay long kek

No. 216230

He looks like he's missing a chromosome

This. I dont know why so many ugly, crusty americans do this makeup when it is made for specific eyeshape. It makes them extra retarded.

No. 216234

you can tell his face is just sunken. probably from starving himself. this photog at least smooth out his face a bit. eye makeup is very similar to the last photo. is his bright red makeup just selfie filter?

No. 216237

I feel like if anything people are complimenting the costume itself, which is just store-bought lol but not complimenting him as the cosplayer

I think the makeup color is enhanced/brightened by the filters he uses so when you see it irl or in un-filtered pics it just looks muddy

No. 216240

LOL thanks for the candid anon. The dude looks like a cracked squash with a rat on his head

Is the brown/gray under the eye his new thing??? Looks fucking awful in both

No. 216242

Terry, when we said to stop eating tendies, we meant to eat food that is healthier, not to stop eating.

Honestly it’s pretty concerning how bad he looks. He really needs to see a doctor

No. 216246

His eyes are also super deep set and he has multiple eyelid creases. Dude needs to invest in a skincare routine and start following tutorials suited to his features.

No. 216247

Even all the filters and makeup/editing in the world can’t help him anymore. He doesn’t even look like Gorou, he literally looks like a 40 year old man wearing a weird ass child’s costume.

No. 216249

Maybe it’s supposed to be aegyo sal contour that Terry thinks will give him “bigger eyes”, but he’s failing horribly at it? Or some YouTube tutorial told him brown/gray cancels out dark circles and that’s why he’s doing it. Who knows with Terry.
If Terry ate healthy, had a skincare routine (NOT Palmolive), and got some exercise, he would look somewhat younger, like he wishes. But him starving himself and using harsh stuff on his skin is making him look older. Without filters/smoothing, he looks 50.

No. 216255

If he was smart he’d use that excessive income of his to go to a dermatologist and get plastic surgery or something. Not like the weirdo spends it on anything else.

No. 216257

File: 1653963265257.jpeg (862.91 KB, 1284x1154, 74D2DB0D-71C3-4C5C-A50C-6FDF97…)

So youthful~

I wish he’d listen to us saying that he should invest in skincare and eat healthier but… healthier means starvation.

No. 216258

i saw him in person at momocon and his hands surely didn't look white like that. terry please stop using this whitefacing filter.

No. 216261

I've been curious, when/where did he exactly say he uses Palmolive? I really wish he would open up an askfm or something similar where people could ask shit anonymously. I feel like he would get A LOT of questions from people who are too afraid to get called out on his instagram.

No. 216264

huh. do you think he is too cheap to buy a foundation or concealer/doesnt really know what his shade is so he uses eyeshadow instead? I know some people (myself included) who uses eyeshadow as a sort of highlighter, wonder if he tried it but.. poorly?

No. 216265

did he even say he uses it? i feel like i vaguely remember him posting a picture of his shower with only dish soap in it while on a sperg about con-goers smelling lmao

No. 216266


It is from the first thread, he uses it for bubble baths.


No. 216268

I wondered about that too. so he's probably using palmolive bathing products, not the dish soap. It's not the best, but hardly warrant these jokes?

No. 216269

Point is he could use something better that doesn’t dry out his skin. He even said that no matter how much lotion he uses, his hands look crusty.

No. 216270

File: 1653972108359.png (927.8 KB, 2048x2017, Screenshot_20220530-233307.png)

Why does this middle aged man take credit and feel validation from cheap cosplays he purchased from China and Amazon? This is behavior I'd expect from a kid attending their first con who didn't have experience with design, sewing or creating. Here we have a full grown adult with a well paying job who can't be assed to commission quality cosplays.

I'll never understand how or more importantly why this pos creep has a following when there well respected creators and cosplayers who actually put time, effort and creativity into their work.

No. 216272

File: 1653972777134.png (48.33 KB, 200x149, 2192bd12a79f57efa73c06c235b445…)

nta but I don't know of any palmolive skincare that looks like this

No. 216273

File: 1653973023821.png (680.88 KB, 478x986, thebestskincareproduct.png)

kek it looks like the ultra strength labeling, not sure what the circular label at the top is tho

No. 216276

Yup. In my and my friends' experiences, that's always how it goes. He hounds us at a con, badgers until we compliment him, he brags then leaves because he's "so busy with his fans/friends/followers."

No. 216279

As other anons have pointed out he 100% uses the dish soap. Ultra strength concentrated soap that's used for cleaning grease off of dishes and kitchenware is going to heavily dry out your skin.

Not to mention that it probably makes him smell like a sterile kitchen 24/7 kek

No. 216280

i know palmolive says it's good for your hands, but they mean compared to other dish soap…

No. 216282

He’s got to have some sort of complex about that “funk” he hates, and uses dish soap for odor. Or he thinks that the only way to be clean is to be “squeaky-clean” and dry out the skin from any natural oils. Either way it’s really strange and there’s cheap body washes he could get that would probably do better than dish soap.

No. 216290

I'm so tired of this guy bitching and complaining about con funk or any kind of smell. He has to announce it for every con. Maybe he shouldn't be going to these cons cause there's always going to be con funk no matter which con you attend.

No. 216296

File: 1654000641283.jpg (435.84 KB, 1079x1894, Screenshot_20220531-083622_Ins…)

I mean, wouldn't this cosplay be pretty on brand with his pedophilic tendencies? he's becoming self aware

No. 216299

same anon who asked the question earlier. I'm sorry for giving terry benefit of doubt. wtf who uses dish soap to bath in?

i loled at him saying he doesn't use fruity soap. he probably changed now.

No. 216301

i feel like this is just proof that he doesn't watch/play any of the things he cosplays from…

No. 216314

I think hes admitted to this in the past?
He just cosplays whatever is trending among the young ones to get attention. This is why he has like 20+ genshin cosplays lol.

I'm guessing he saw some zoomers thirsting over Hisoka online.

No. 216316

I feel like he knows. It’s very on brand for him. He’s going to be out chasing all the zoomers and taking selfies with them. Disgusting

No. 216336

kek imagine him with white face paint.. wouldnt even seal it

No. 216339

The way he filters and overexposes his selfies its basically already pure white lol

It would be interesting to see what kind of drag queen look he gives Hisoka though

No. 216347

I don’t think he’d paint himself white. He would probably just be a black version but keep the triangle makeup.
Kek I can imagine it would probably be huge false lashes, even more red eyeshadow, and tons of white eyeliner on his under eye. Probably something like he does for the girls he cosplays.

No. 216393

File: 1654031171717.jpeg (305.11 KB, 1170x1670, 844AAD37-1F29-4E57-A6F3-54710E…)

Took long enough.

No. 216396

File: 1654031276971.jpeg (863.65 KB, 1170x1908, EC5FAAD3-F965-4722-9F7E-EBEEFD…)

is anyone remotely surprised

No. 216399


he does understand it takes about a week to pop up and that it wont immediately pop up positive. With his back to back cons this was going to happen

No. 216412

File: 1654033737347.png (2.12 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220531-174514.png)


The way he worded this on his Instagram is funny. Why is he only admitting it on his private FB instead of on Instagram?

No. 216434

Fuck no. Leave Hisoka alone.

No. 216435

Maybe stop going to cons during the pandemic. especially unmasked, Terry

No. 216438

serve him well. Fucking hated him virtue signaling about mask. He can't even wear mask correctly plus he was wearing cloth mask at momo

No. 216452

Kek so it finally caught up to his dumbass. Serves him right, going to cons in a pandemic, especially unmasked while telling people to keep wearing masks

No. 216459

Life sure can be funny. Here I am unvaccinated and unmasked not giving a fuck with no covid to speak of dating back to early 2020 and this hermit with his vaccines boosters and masks catches it.

Must be the chicken tender diet.

No. 216462

with his body in such bad state i think there's a chance his covid fight will be pretty serious.
I don't want him to suffer. I hope this is a wake up call to start taking better care of his body.

No. 216463

right after he was whining about being called out about not wearing a mask at a whole con and making excuses saying it's because they payed him so its okay. serves his hypocrite ass right, and I hope he doest get off easy with just the sniffles and a headache version of it. I don't want him hospitalized or anything, but he keeps saying he's been careful when he's not and he needs something to knock sense into him

No. 216465

Same nonna; I just hope it gives him a wake up call and actually take care of himself since he’s 40 and already doesn’t go to the Drs as is…but I doubt it sadly

No. 216502

Was showing off those stupid little fangs worth it Terry? He’s going to have to miss work until he’s negative, although he probably has sick days.
He needs to stop virtue signaling and just wear the mask properly including outside.

He’s most likely vaccinated so it’s unlikely he’ll get seriously ill. The only good thing would be he’d be forced to go to the doctor then. >>216412
Was this all he posted? He should say that he’s positive to let anyone who was around him know to get tested….

No. 216520

I just realized his momocon selfie album is going to be a list of all the people who he might have exposed covid to

No. 216530

Past covid person here, you’ll test positive up to 6 months. I tried to take one a few weeks back after having it 3 months ago an still tested positive. Dr told me I will keep showing positive for 6 months. I also have 2 shots, no booster though. Terry’s an idiot but I still caught it wearing medical masks, and going into work, I’m a hermit so I don’t go out much. Groceries an what not is about it.

No. 216546

since he was sick on sunday, he was infectious that day or even the whole weekend. maybe he went to momocon already sick.

Why is he not making a public post about it? his selfies exposes him to so many people!

No. 216552

He's literally such a piece of shit. I'm sure he took pics with TONS of "friends" at Momocon but can't even publicly admit he got covid? What about the people he took pics with? Don't they have a right to know so they can get tested. Retard shit

No. 216565

This is not a proper announcement at all!! I hope people call him out on this. Disgusting.

No. 216577

File: 1654092556049.jpeg (741.93 KB, 1284x2120, 1D6054A0-283D-4369-9EAB-205C19…)

Just a handful of his selfies, but if they’re on his new FB act then he’s probably notified them via post? Idk, wishful thinking his boomer brain works.

No. 216582

Imagine getting covid bc a weird old man demanded a selfie and compliment

No. 216584

File: 1654093599120.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1284x2178, 8A36FAF3-EE39-4CC0-99A4-885D6C…)

Sir you have fucking Covid fucking focus

No. 216586

File: 1654093963657.png (257.77 KB, 500x375, stupidmofo.png)

wtf the dude from Dgrayman?? He has never expressed interest in that show. Just butchering all my husbandos. Also, why is he planning a con when he just tested positive? Stop going to cons, you dense bastard.

No. 216590

File: 1654096350336.jpg (89.25 KB, 1080x480, Screenshot_20220601-111131_Fac…)

then wear your mask properly at cons, and stop shoving your face into zoomer girls faces for selfies and to show off your crusty makeup

No. 216593

I think D.Gray-man might be something that he's actually into for once. He cosplayed Allen Walker before, but I'm not sure if that was before it resurged a few years ago

No. 216600

Wtf Terry is so alien…his expression is the exact same in all of these photos. Blank stare, slight awkward smile. If someone overlapped all these images of his face, it would probably look like a single photo kek.

No. 216602

Samefag, but notice that Terry is only (half-assedly) wearing a mask if the other person is wearing a mask? Just goes to show he’ll bend at any social pressure. If he really cared about catching covid, with how hard he pushed it, he would wear a mask regardless if the people around him wore one or not.

No. 216604

Under this post he said, this isn’t going to stop him from doing things. Confirm covid spreader

No. 216610

File: 1654099863569.jpeg (425.68 KB, 828x1474, E0D797CE-C736-418C-9D35-31C1D5…)

So you have time to book a room for ANOTHER con but can’t be bothered to tell people that you have Covid. Ridiculous.

No. 216611

He was only virtue signaling because HE didn't want to catch covid. Terry is selfish and doesn't care about the people around him's health. No surprise here

No. 216615


I’m not on his fb anymore. I checked his IG and he mentioned none of this at all! How can this man knowingly exposed dozens of people be so calm and keep posting useless polls all day?

I hope he at least notify the people he had selfies with that he tested positive.

No. 216624

Jfc he has the exact same expression in each of these photos. He’s like an alien that’s trying to act human, it’s uncanny as fuck

No. 216647

File: 1654105942968.jpeg (Spoiler Image,628.29 KB, 1888x1888, 2D467FEB-D069-4BE7-83E1-DD34B9…)

Someone has to call this man out for his serious lack of consideration for others. I’m so sick of seeing people suck his dick when he exposes himself daily in of being a pedo and Covid hypocrite. Picrel showing he has no problem interacting with barely legal girls.

No. 216668

Imagine being hospitalized with Covid because some haggard old man wanted to go to ANOTHER con just to creep on teenage cosplayers. What a piece of shit. I hope someone sees this post and his announcement of testing positive and gets him kicked. He's an unrepentant super spreader.

No. 216691

>met one of my cosplay idols
>is a thot
these zoomers are genuinely fucking retarded.

No. 216692

“Church of christ” is the icing on the cake.

No. 216695

Image please? That sounds terrible.

No. 216696

please post caps I need something to seethe about right now

No. 216747

File: 1654121751895.jpeg (128.43 KB, 1284x389, 8599E5D1-1509-48DC-972F-B9AC2F…)

No. 216749

Wth Terry. He has no sympathy. He was always complaining about cons that didn’t have mask mandates because HE could possibly catch covid and it was sooo unsafe for him. However, here this asshole is now, saying he’s still going to go out anyways, knowing he has covid. This autist piece of shit. Now that he’s got covid, he justifies it by “it can come from anywhere”. It likely came from you attending cons and traveling, Terry, it didn’t just “happen”.

No. 216755

Studies and all the trial data show that makes him more likely to get a severe version or worse.

No. 216756

What an idiot, I was hoping he would at least use this as a chance to actually really consider retiring cosplay and focus on looking after himself and set up doctor appointments, check ups, ect. But no, he’s still willing to go to cons where he’ll just stand around alone, wearing cosplay he wastes so much money on and lament about how nobody is his friend, despite being a social retarded autist. What a fuckin joke

No. 216766

File: 1654126669321.jpeg (279.44 KB, 1284x545, FDB1F8A8-84FF-41B7-A5A5-F5CA6C…)

No. 216767

>I should recover by the end of the week
I dunno, depends how severe Terry has it. Some people couldn’t get back smell or taste for months after, or had issues breathing for some time. If he has it bad, it serves him right.

No. 216818

File: 1654144825669.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1284x2196, 4B77B425-93F4-43E8-836F-AE7CFA…)

Sick and deciding new cons yay being responsible

No. 216820

The loft in his bedroom is so cool it’s a shame he just made it into a cosplay junk storage. I would love to have that in my room there’s so many nice things you could do with that

No. 216821

He’s going to go to cons whether he’s well or not.
Is it cowtipping to post on Instagram to try to get this info out to people who went to Momocon? It’s shitty that he’s being so casual about this and not telling people he saw at the con. Especially since he wasn’t wearing a mask.

No. 216829

Do it. Attendees, esp the zoomers he creeps on, need to be aware of his selfish behavior and stay away.

No. 216832

I’m usually really against cowtipping of any kind, except when there are risks of innocents getting affected physically. We don’t know if any one he might have infected might be planning on seeing their grandma this weekend or meet someone with compromised immunity, and everyone are very lax on testing unless they are showing signs now. So do it, better safe than accidentally having someone possibly die.

No. 216861

please do! I'm fuming reading his replies on facebook. He was sick on Monday and he blamed it on the plane ride? He might not be contagious during momocon but it's highly likely! he didn't just endanger the zoomers he bugged during the con, he endangered their parents and families too.

No. 216869

Maybe he can't show remorse because of his autism? He doesn't seem to recognize the maskless selfies (and the ensuring close talking) is dangerous during the omicron wave. He literally doesn't realize what he did was dangerous

No. 216872

This is a pretty silly thing to do especially for a con in the south. Hardly anyone in Georgia gives a shit about covid and masking anymore and it’s not shocking to see tons of people unmasked at an event. It’ll be like screeching into the void

No. 216886

Stop defending him. He's a grown ass man. You sound like one of those people defending school shooters because they were b-bullied.

No. 216887

He needs attention, that's why he doesnt care. Cons are his only means of seeing other people. He has a good job and makes good money, but instead of making friends his own age, he would rather go to anime cons and hit on zoomers. He's a predator

No. 216905

Imagine people got sick (and I really do not wish to happen) or died because some attention seeking 40 year old man wanted to dress up and hit on zoomers.

No. 216932


Send us a SS if you do just edit your info out.

No. 216934

Yeah, he seems like the kind of person who'd can't stand being away from a con if he's sick with covid or not. He is disgusting and needs to be called out for his shitty behavior.

No. 216951

I wasn’t under the impression that that person was defending him, just speculating. Who knows, it could be true. An explanation ≠ an excuse.

No. 216983

You're right. I apologise to that anon. So many newfags come in recently to defend Terry so I was rude for no reason.
What's crazy to me are zoomers who think terry is some kind of cosplay idol. Why? he doesnt even make his own shit aside from those horrible props

No. 217003

Maybe those zoomers assume that because he’s old and has an Instagram with some followers, that he’s somehow an “influencer”? Like a cosplay “elder” of sorts kek.
Nowadays most people don’t make their own cosplays either, especially zoomer e-thots. They buy aliexpress-tier cosplay of whatever female character is popular at the time too, just like Terry. It’s probably why no one cares that he doesn’t make anything.

No. 217023

File: 1654202124403.jpg (520.84 KB, 862x1229, Screenshot_20220602-163353_Tik…)

Terry! Stop posting your stupid tongue for every character. Thoma didn't deserve this.

No. 217048

File: 1654211716802.jpg (771.74 KB, 1079x1875, Screenshot_20220602-191315_Ins…)

dude. you're 40, never go to the doctor for a checkup, and eat like a 4 year old. you are definitely at high risk. stop pretending your some spry 20 year old with no health problems when you're clearly very sickly and that's why covid is hitting you hard even though you're vaccinated

No. 217050

It always blows my mind how much he hates his age and his skin color. This looks NOTHING like him if you crossed paths with him at a convention. I’d feel bad if he wasn’t such a slimy fucknugget.

No. 217051

would someone please make a public call out so I can share it? it's not about his cosplay and behaviors at cons anymore. This man is clearly dangerous. Today is day 4 of his covid saga and he haven't made a single public announcement.

No. 217058

File: 1654215828008.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1284x2721, 9C2BE7A7-192F-40DE-8FBF-3C6C91…)

Guess the cosplay

No. 217064

Why is there always shit on his floor?

No. 217065

why can't this fucker clean up his room before taking selfies? He's so sloppy I can't believe it took him 2.5 years to get covid

No. 217103

isn't this guy supposed to be suffering at home? but he's working on cosplay?

Maybe he's lying about being positive so he can skip his day job and work on his cosplays? watch he'll magically test negative and show up at awesomecon this weekend

No. 217104

File: 1654224692708.jpeg (220.07 KB, 1284x2538, 008E7372-9382-4F26-84CC-4A0BD0…)

Has Covid yet only has cons on his mind while he’s miserable…. Sad.

No. 217106

No chance he will follow through with this. Terry will wilt away and die if he goes a month without fishing cosplay compliments from zoomers

No. 217110

File: 1654227268203.jpg (339.12 KB, 1080x1920, Loona.jpg)

Did Terry ever show an interest in this kpop group before or is he just going so he can creep on young women?

No. 217113

Sorry I’ve been at work all day. I don’t have any following and I’m not in the same circles so my posting would not be seen by anyone who needs to see it. Someone who’s in the same area/runs in similar circles to him should post though, because it’s absolutely tucked and dangerous that he hasn’t posted about it. People he was around for the weekend need to know.

No. 217116

File: 1654229308539.jpeg (283.78 KB, 828x926, 4705FDEE-5F38-4303-BE96-435CF9…)

Someone finally said something but they are not directly naming him.

No. 217117

Slight offtopic but the way he constantly announces where he is and where he's gonna be is very male privilege of him

No. 217123

yes! she's totally talking about terry. i'm going to retweet it and spread the word. hopefully this will gain traction and get rid of terry

No. 217129

I’ve seen him talking about kpop groups before but never Loona. He definitely just wants to go stare at the “stan loona” girlies in the audience with their skimpy little kpop outfits lol

No. 217166

File: 1654257942845.jpeg (933.52 KB, 1170x1798, C5A2570A-024B-4E1B-BE81-286C22…)

It’s a fresh account but someone outed him openly.

No. 217176

File: 1654262550539.jpg (919.01 KB, 1079x1841, Screenshot_20220603-092136_Ins…)

Only after he got called out he opened up with a long ass excuse.

No. 217181

File: 1654263635249.jpg (382.11 KB, 1080x1878, Screenshot_20220603-093646_Ins…)

his 2nd part to this bs excuse. I highly doubt he contacted every single person he was in contact with at momo considering how many selfies he took. when he takes selfies he sticks around and talks to these people for a while it's not just click and done usually…

hiding your covid exposure is selfish because it doesn't just affect the people you were in contact with. if you're in a crowd, it affects everyone there even if you don't personally know everyone there idiot

No. 217182

The part where he said it random people he didn’t take a selfie with and didn’t tell my social media too. Do they not matter to you? Maybe if he posted it on the con Facebook page, Twitter hashtag. He purposely used his least popular social media and did a close friend group. Because he doesn’t really care if he potentially got other people sick. His boomer mentality really said “as long as my zoomer friends are okay, then everyone else can die”

No. 217187

this is way worse than i expected. fucking terry i wish you have long covid so we can keep the zoomers from you.

he only cares about his close friends (zoomer girls) Randos who high five him? they can all die. I'm so angry reading these caps

No. 217190

File: 1654266915307.jpeg (493.92 KB, 828x1186, 2C767E55-B69C-487F-BE54-8F84A3…)

He is trying to defend himself on Twitter but it’s not helping. Putting that you have covid on a Twitter that no one follows is not contacting people.

No. 217191

ew, he definitely wants to go to meet zoomers. fuck, stay out of kpop. it's insane enough

Never looked at it this way until now. So true. he has no sense of danger because he's a male.

No. 217192

naychan is such a terry white knight. i can't understand how people can defend him for this

No. 217193

I hate vague posts like this. Just say Terry.

I hope Terry gets dragged

No. 217196

File: 1654268206656.png (837.28 KB, 1170x2532, 5B613EAF-D288-42DC-BAF4-A5E3F4…)

I’m curious how he’s going to get out of this one.

No. 217198

Kek get em falco

No. 217200

Where's the lie? I'm glad he's getting called out for his shitty hypocritical takes.

No. 217202

File: 1654269640224.jpg (326.25 KB, 1080x1883, Screenshot_20220603-111931_Ins…)

so now people who call others out for endangering others are trolls? okay Terry

No. 217204

File: 1654270002884.jpeg (455.24 KB, 828x1123, CB7F7F77-9C14-4DF6-8DDF-3E7C58…)

This is so satisfying to watch honestly.

No. 217205

File: 1654270446300.png (1.89 MB, 1170x2532, F1993BCE-079A-4183-BB23-266423…)

I’m loving how people are referencing his age knowing full well it kills him inside.

No. 217206

She’s a queen to be honest. Calling out his age, he’s going to freak out. I think we need to get this on Instagram where most of the young kids are, do they even use twitter?

No. 217208

Based. He's given nothing but facts and I hope other people learn that he's a hypocrite after that.

No. 217209

>you're 40 years old, start acting like it
Kek!! Terry on suicide watch

No. 217214

File: 1654271344756.png (689.28 KB, 1170x2532, FFC05C3E-D73E-4EC8-B65C-E46210…)

Pow right in the kisser.(to the moon, retard)

No. 217222

>you’re 40 y/o, act like it

the way I screamed omg, get his ass

No. 217224

Hi, FelcoNard.

No. 217229

this meltdown is glorious. Hopefully people (please falconerd) will bring his predatory behaviors out in the open so we can put him down for good. I don't want to see him at AX or Otakon preying on young girls

No. 217231

Get him out of the con scene. It's time! He's been such a stick in the mud ever since he gained a following.

No. 217234

This is absolutely not true lol

No. 217236

Maybe you are thinking about an antibody test? PCR tests will show negative once the infection is gone. Some foreign countries will quarantine you on arrival until you have a negative test, do you really think they would quarantine you for 6 months? lol

No. 217239

If this gains traction, hopefully young girls who he’s creeped on will come forward and share their stories. And hopefully it will got around and he’ll get canceled. I think even if his true age gets out people might come forward because it’s straight up weird that he’s always trying to hang out with girls that are half his age. If they thought he was like 25-30 it might have just seemed weird but 39-40 makes it a lot worse imo

No. 217248

File: 1654278673127.jpeg (326.35 KB, 1125x1059, A63D709D-F5D3-4975-960F-449B23…)

“PredaterryHall” is killing me.

No. 217249

Exactly, not to mention this dude shouldn't even thinking about attending his next con and what other cosplays he should wear next. He should be resting and taking care of himself, which we all know he doesn't do. Dude thinks about attending anime conventions and buying his next Genshin cosplay moreso than his own health yet he complains about someone else doing that? What a hypocrite!(learn2sage)

No. 217251

Stop cowtipping and selfposting you retard

No. 217328

File: 1654295695853.jpeg (319.5 KB, 1284x1569, 0E8971D5-0CDD-4ED3-8FC8-67746F…)


Bro whoever this is please fucking stop cowtipping

No. 217330

This is cringy as fuck. Just let him catch flack for hiding his Covid status, which is deserved.

I wonder if his weird creeping is so far removed from the girls he’s actually creeping on that they don’t have any real stories. Or if they just think he’s a well meaning retard. If they think he’s actually retarded they might be afraid of looking like heartless assholes

No. 217340

File: 1654297498734.jpeg (393.72 KB, 1284x1092, 5666E984-61B0-4975-8C81-3510C9…)

They enraged him

No. 217354

He should seriously consider spending money on a psychiatrist. What is his big grievance with the number 40? Ok Terry, you aren’t 40, you 39 3/4 years old. Happy?

No. 217357

Yikes.. I agree that this twitter account was cringe but the way he just demands "Report it" shows you that he is aware that the terriers will do anything he asks.

And learn how to read Terry it says 40 in sept. not 40 currently you retard.

No. 217361

File: 1654300197217.jpg (651.74 KB, 1080x1678, Screenshot_20220603-174715_Twi…)

Some antivax weeb twitter account is referring to Terry as she and saying that it was just con flu


No. 217371

Either this is a mega retard that doesn’t know who they are defending, or Terry has started telling people in-person that he is now a she/they.
In the past Terry has said he doesn’t mind being called “she” when wearing female cosplays, but I don’t think he even dressed as girls during momocon. He was already crossdressing with Forever21 clothing, maybe he was testing the waters at con and told zoomers that he is a “she”.

No. 217390

i'm pretty sure minsitry of otaku is just a retard. he's some anti-vaxxer who makes no sense

No. 217395

i feel like this account was a mistake. it's too outrageous. it turns people off and makes it look like terry is being bullied. I wish what happened today was more successful. zoomer girls are going to rally around this retarded old man being bullied.

No. 217432

Cowtipping is against the rules, Falco, we can see it's your tweet here with the statistics button.

Terry was never careful as he claims, he never wore n95 masks, and always wears masks incorrectly with them half off his face.

No. 217491

Even if he was wearing an n95 correctly he was still putting his egg head so damn close to the other people that transmission is still a risk.

Terry is so desperate to show himself close to his young female "friends" that he can't control himself in the middle of a pandemic.

No. 217492

File: 1654366993758.jpg (344.65 KB, 1080x1719, Screenshot_20220604-122128_Ins…)

Terry this doesn't even apply to you because you buy all your cosplays from china.

No. 217544

This is probably a response to anons who have criticized his props. Terry, you’ve been in cosplay for a decade or more and your props still haven’t improved, at all. It’s one thing to make mistakes and learn, but he hasn’t.

No. 217548

And even then it'd not be terrible if it was just a hobby for him but he lives and breathes it, wants recognition and all the asspats without any of the effort.

No. 217655

The guy that runs Ministry of Otaku is fuckin Jkid from the old /cgl/ board on 4chan. Fuckin' spaz antivaxxer asshole.

No. 217676

File: 1654451658287.jpg (183.42 KB, 1284x1567, tewrry.jpg)

Holy shit this actually describes Terry perfectly.(sage your shit)

No. 218126

>what is his big grievance with the number 40?
kek remember when pt was depressed for turning 30? he's morphing into her and i'm living for it.

No. 218162

File: 1654612200900.png (1.6 MB, 828x1792, 8C79AE19-B0CE-4FA0-AB96-207DD0…)

I want to bash his brains in because the irony

No. 218172

Terry is a man in his late 30s that has roomed alone with a 17 year old.

I really wonder if he is genuine with his concerns or he is just virtue signaling to make people think he is innocent and not a predator.

No. 218182

I think it's both. The warnings are for himself who once had the nightmarish experience with a doctor and he's so kawaii and gorgeous with makeup and weight lost that he needs to be careful. But it also gets him points for looking safe and caring with the teens. He's fucking disgusting inside and out.

No. 218277

It’s to make himself seem “safe”. Terry’s logic is that if he calls out other moids for being predators, then he couldn’t possibly be one himself. Terry is such a nasty creep.

No. 218428

I’m sure he does it to look like he cares and would never do such a thing, but I think it contributes to people thinking he’s actually retarded. They think, oh