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No. 216243


Alexandra Smith AKA queen_al3xi is a 24 year-old aspiring “professional” cosplayer from Connecticut who has a laundry list of bad behavior, including but not limited to; racism and homophobia, e-begging various gofundmes/kickstarters for food, bills, moving out etc. only to use said money for cosplays and going to cons, exploiting various social movements such as black lives matters for her own selfish gain to once again fish people out of money, refused to get a job for the longest time (and may not even have one anymore) and is a general run-of-the-mill attention whore.

She also started a small business that would take orders/payment for various items but almost never actually send said product(s) out to the poor saps who were dumb enough to spend $.

Has an entire website dedicated to outing her and her shenanigans: https://lexiawareness.weebly.com/ but still has over 10,000 followers on instagram as of this post and is still actively playing victim to finesse people out of $.

No. 216244

File: 1653959480805.jpeg (159.93 KB, 1169x832, E236B62C-57A4-4BF1-98F3-2A80E6…)

>gets called out for being bullshit artist

“Y’all wanna say you support BLM until we speak up asking for support!”

No. 216245

File: 1653959596473.jpeg (569.67 KB, 971x1536, D87FEC1D-94AE-413D-87C6-CF63F5…)

More playing the victim after being exposed the first time.

No. 216454

Was the website made by that Sailor Sapphos girl who’s obsessed with canceling and calling out other black girls out of insecurity? It reads like the doc she made on Micky— same wording.

No. 216557

Hell if I know but there’s a lot of evidence/testimony this is the real thing. I can also attest firsthand that her reactions are milky. I’m sure as soon as she gets word of this thread the fireworks will start.

No. 216699

>girl who’s obsessed with canceling and calling out other black girls out of insecurity

She's only ever made a call out towards Micky and that definitely wasn't out of insecurity. Are you a friend of Micky or something?

No. 217062

I was mutals with her for the longest time. We spoke a few times but never too close. She would randomly send her followers or mutuals a copy paste message explaining how she needs money because she is going homeless.

Two days later she went to a con for 3 days with new Merch she bought. Wouldn’t trust her at all especially when she defended another cosplayer who was caught doing some… awful things to cosplayers who were minors.

No. 217068

>Defended another cosplayer who was caught doing awful things to minors

Well if you don't say who and what they did why should we care? Most cosplayers are pedos and shitty people anyways

No. 217069

File: 1654219168009.jpeg (775 KB, 948x1301, E6C85D45-62E1-496D-970A-4B4559…)

Her 'bestie' looks to be twice her age.

No. 217077

Nona, they look the same age

No. 217240

Since some people wanna know what this friend of hers did I’ll try to explain it.

You can look up Kanzee kun on TikTok and the years of evidence and shit can be found. Kanzee kun was saying a bunch of slurs, told a trans person they looked better as a girl, got their kid taken away by CPS for abuse apparently, shared a minors private photos, mocked their neighbors that were Hispanic, verbally degraded their ex (the baby daddy), faked having DID (their family called them out), fake fainting situation. I can literally go on for hours but it’s like 4+ years of shit this person has done.

Alexandra went on a whole live stream rant about how people like Kanzee kun can and should be forgiven and that everything that happened was false despite mountains of evidence.

Alex started to posting on twitter about leaving the cosplay community because people called her out on how stupid her claims were and how she was defending a child abuser.(>told a trans “person” “they” looked better as a girl back to twitter, handmaiden)

No. 217260

>told a trans “person” “they” looked better as a girl

No. 217277

How the hell do these people have children

No. 217305

ma'am, that's a 50yo man. look at that neck.

No. 217431

Ok? I still stand by my comment they look same age. If he looks 50 then she looks 50. She looks like a middle aged mom whose a middle school teacher or works in some boring law firm.

No. 226531

File: 1657144285198.jpg (1.32 MB, 1440x2225, Screenshot_20220706-165118_Ins…)

oh my god lol i was just thinking of posting her it's fucking cringe how she calls shitty phone pics "photoshoots" and don't even get me started on her dancing

No. 226544

Shouldn't this go in regular cosplay cringe?

No. 227338

She is posting on her story about how “sad life is being single.” And all this crap as if she doesn’t get a boyfriend every 4 weeks.(post milk)

No. 227341

sage newfag

No. 227395

Learn to sage and this is an imageboard. Post these Instagram posts.

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