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No. 242949

Previous thread: >>>/w/236720
Discuss your (in)famous (ex-)Japan-vloggers here.

BEFORE POSTING: Please keep on topic. Post proof about topics before tinfoiling



Lily - ChrisAbroad's ex and ex-friend/acquaintance to most Jvloggers


Connor/CDawg VA





Rachel & Jun
https://www.youtube.com/c/RachelandJun/ [not updated as often]
https://www.youtube.com/user/RachelandJunExtra [updated more frequently]
https://www.youtube.com/user/JunsKitchen [Jun's Kitchen, not updated much]


Tokyo Creative
https://www.tokyocreative.jp/en/ [Actual home website]


https://www.tokyozebra.com/ [Personal site]

>"Michaela" posted on her super secret [but easy to find and know who it is] Reddit about her life and being sad and abandoned by friends but also talked about other person stuff >>>/w/240984 >>>/w/240948 >>>/w/240791
>"Michaela" possibly had an abortion >>>/w/240805
>most of the thread was nitpicking anons mad that people were talking about Lily
>other anons complained that the "Michaela" might be bait like in an old thread where someone was LARPing as her
>Sharla is back home in CAN right now while Chris is staying in Japan
>no real new milk

No. 242950

Sharla's latest video.

No. 243016

What was the point in making a thread if Sharla’s new video is the only thing you could think to post? This isn’t PULL

No. 243018

You can't just embed a video with no context or commentary, what about this is milky?

Also thread is shit, obviously, last thread was full of a lot of stuff but op summarise with a few halfassed lines and a scrawled j threadpic, this is even lazier than the belle threads. Why even bother

No. 243024

Why do people here say Sharla doesn't want kids? The only time I remember her talking about it is here


where she says she does want them and should get on it soon before she's too old. Did she give up?

No. 243027

It's the only new thing. Would you rather see Chris's video? Its to create discussion. Minimod, go away. Not like you made the thread. At the bottom of FRESH MILK it says she's in CAN right now. The video is about that as well, but yeah. Just keep being too be spoonfed instead of watching the embed.

No. 243028

File: 1661635688106.png (478.8 KB, 1080x2385, Screenshot_20220827-222757.png)

Because she tweeted about not wanting to have children.

No. 243034

Not OP but it’s good there’s another thread because the autists were leaking into other threads. Like I seriously don’t understand why they’re so lazy and won’t make a new thread on their own. Literal 2 brain cell npcs

No. 243035

People who say they don't want children go back on it a lot, but end up regretting having them because a partner keeps nudging or saying they want it, but honestly I'm glad she isn't being pressured anymore. Family doing that shit sucks too.

No. 243053

Kids/no kids regret goes both ways. In my experience though late 20s early 30s or after is usually when you know for sure and probably won't regret going for it if that's what you want. Most of the kid regret is early 20s or teens when it could even be accidental but the main thing is that it severely changed the course of their life. Chris and Sharla seem to align on the kid questions which is good. I honestly don't see any of the current big jvloggers having kids anytime soon at least. Mainly because they all want to be in Japan but also don't want to raise kids in Japan. And the trash taste guys don't seem mature enough for that kind of responsibility.

No. 243054

God, OP, never write threads ever again. Its as bad as the previous OP.

No. 243067

Maybe we were fine without a new thread if the only milk is that Sharla said she doesn't want kids two years ago.

No. 243071

What part of micaela self posting and lurking is not milk lmao? If anything she’s probably the other possible candidate who’s been leaking the sharla/Chris shit.

No. 243077

I've been watching the new Journey Across Japan and the videos are great and Okinawa is beautiful. It inspired me to rewatch the old one. It's surprising how different it is. The first one is smaller scale and less youtubey. It feels more adventurous and Chris is pushed more having to cycle. The latest one while good seems more like highlights from a millionaires vacation rather that a closer look at Okinawa which has a great and unique culture. Plus the Mr Beast style titles are a bit of a turnoff. I'm going to enjoy the rest of this JAJ don't get me wrong but I do miss a lot of the old style. As well I think Chris should have two videos where he's pushed physically coming up soon. The spartan race and a bike trip in Hokaido with Conner. I think Jvloggers are at their best when they are closer to the ground in Japan rather than "hey we are rich foreigners on permanent vacation in Japan."

No. 243080

Either post milk or fuck off to meta.

No. 243090

chris' content has stagnated and maybe even taken a few steps backwards. He now outsources some of his editing and camera work leading to lower quality videos.
The subject matter has changed a lot as well, he no longer goes to interesting locations showing new parts of japan.
Instead what he's doing is trying to be more of a personality on camera with less emphasis on being a presenter. So rather than interesting videos with equally interesting commentary, we get the same one dimensional rehashed jokes and boring vlog content which gets old real fast.
what it highlights is that chris appears to have no greater long-term goal, he's going to milk his audience dry with uninspired videos for as long as he can.

No. 243098

File: 1661670218874.jpg (354.07 KB, 1080x1189, IMG_20220828_020337.jpg)

Like a small Jaj1 its seems.
Would he survive it?

It would be interesting to see the difference on his stamina since then.

No. 243115

Not minimodding, just stating fact that Sharla's video isn’t milk, this isn’t a gossip forum it’s an imageboard.
They need to fuck off back to Reddit
None of this is milk, you can’t tell people to post milk if there isn’t any.

No. 243124

File: 1661687363056.png (1.49 MB, 1439x837, ???.png)

At this point in the Chris an Connor video, Connor's speaking Japanese to the dummy. Neither I nor my Japanese girlfriend could understand what he said at this moment. Not even at 50% speed with a few repeats. Just Kono something probably. Anyone else catch what he's actually saying as it's probably not what's written.

No. 243128

ah konichiwa, igirisu-jin desu
(hello, I'm british)
ah arigatou gozaimasu o jouzu demo kono nihongo gomi.
(thank you for saying I'm skilled but my Japanese is trash)

hard to understand since he mutters his way through the entire thing.

No. 243137

I got most of it, but kononihongogomi was unhearable, how'd you manage to catch that lmao. You have better ears than natives lmao

No. 243140

JAJ1 averaged to be 35KM a day where as this seems like its 100KM a day. It should be a lot harder. But he probably wants to push himself for the upcoming Spartan Race. Conner is in great shape and unless he breaks the bike again should be able to do it.

A little bit harsh though I don't disagree. I think with the interesting locations a lot of it was coming from Ryotaro. Who is well connected to North Japan tourism. Now he collabs more with Conner who is more of a youtuber/twitch type than Chris ever was so it's personality based.

Scrolling back the past year or so the three main video types are: Chris sits in his bar/studio talking about his experience/thoughts with X, JAJ with Natsuki and Joey, and Conner collabs. 99% of the time it'll be one of those videos with a random documentary, American Pete, or Tokyo Portfolio collab sprinkled on. It's also worth noting that he also does a lot of collabs with Emma but they're always on her channel not his. Plus on top of that he has a twice a week podcast with British Pete. He does a lot. I wish he'd tone back the Conner stuff for more Ryotaro which would be more interesting videos but Conner is a bigger youtuber so it probably gets more views which Chris seems obsessed with lately (removed that Abe video for the algorithm). But that's a systematic issue not really Chris.

No. 243150

>this isn’t a gossip forum
I mean. It’s an imageboard… for gossip…

No. 243154

You aren't even trying to have a discussion.

No. 243156

Post the video

No. 243159

anyone see the story where micaelas husband "let her" have the afternoon off to rest/take a break? the division of duties there seems unhealthy

No. 243160

This is an imageboard.

No. 243163

anything he does with tokyocreative is visa related, that's the company that sponsors his visa so he's obligated to appear on a few of their videos as per his contract. And you can tell he loathes doing those videos by how he acts there.

100km per day on a bike isn't difficult, its about 4 hours of cycling, even easier if you have a road bike and stay on paved roads.

No. 243165

It's evident you've been responding to everyone in here in this manner when they post something you don't deem "milk." You a jvlogger by chance? Otherwise go minimod elsewhere

No. 243169

NTA, but Learn2integrate. This is an imageboard. Post photos if you see them. This isn't a place to be spoonfed.

No. 243171

TokyoCreative's videos have become so shitty - they were never amazing but the last one with Chris and Emma in Kyoto was awful. Their mics weren't working well, the editing was retarded (at one point it looks like Chris is looking out at himself in the bath) and there was extremely cringy music that didn't fit at all with what they were doing, that was louder in volume than it should've been given how bad the mics were for Chris and Emma. Really a completely shat out video, Emma and Chris both even looked like they just rolled out of bed.

No. 243174

It's not hard for cyclists but I'm not confident Chris in his current shape could do it. Especially since he's already talked about how he'll stop doing it if it gets too hard as it's more Conners obligation unlike JAJ.
Is his visa with Tokyo Creative? I thought he had one from Ryotaro.

No. 243175

A few days helps your stamina regardless. I don't think he will give up, but he needs to give himself some time to not feel bad about the stamina bit in the beginning. It's not hard to learn to casual cross-road. It's not like he's using road bikes and doing a triathlon. Just like how a weak of yoga can help your breathing in general. It's not difficult. Anons are reading way too much into how long it tastes to get accustomed to something as mundane as biking, especially on a mostly flat area he's going to be traveling. Hills here and there aren't going to kill him and tbh, I wouldn't blame his whole screw if they took a bus up the steeper ones. This isn't Yowamushi Pedal, but I kind of wonder if they will talk about it.

I think some of the TC stuff is om commission. Like you make stuff from a list of topics they give you, you make it, and you send it in for approval to get posted to the main channel. Sharla kind of mentioned something like this that the gov does too for gov videos she does, she's given a topic and has to film it and submit it to see if they even want to use it.

No. 243186

I also hate all the "best (thing) in (place)" videos. They're always just pretty standard or maybe slightly above average things for those places. Best restaurant, hotel etc.
Cancer and I hope no-one believes those are genuinely the best the places have to offer

No. 243194

Go back to reddit

No. 243209

Norm has rented out a studio space in Akihabara, talks about it around the 11.30 mark in the video

What's confusing is whether he's still living in Kyushu or not. I think in one of the last 2 threads there was some talk about Norm and his wife having possibly separated.

No. 243257

>"Michaela" possibly had an abortion >>>/w/240805
She admitted to two abortions and her name is Micaela.
>other anons complained that the "Michaela" might be bait like in an old thread where someone was LARPing as her
>anons mad that people were talking about Lily
Sharla and Chris simps still stinking up lolcow I see.
You put it very well.
It doesn't make sense for him to rent out a place in Akihabara if he's moved to Kyushu and still has his house with his wife and kid somewhere in Tokyo (was it near Asakusa?) where he used to work on his videos. I hope he isn't using the space to photograph (lure) young Japanese women to creep on like his acquaintances and coworkers claimed he used to do. He must still be getting money from his wife/ex-wife because it's doubtful he can afford all the travel, moving and rent on his own.

No. 243258

no one's asking to be spoonfed. not everyone on lolcow came from reddit and not everyone is new. im not infighting with y'all, mind your damn business and be gone

No. 243260

File: 1661720697156.png (277.29 KB, 1080x1593, Screenshot_20220828-215443.png)

Sharla's comment has disappeared. Strange.

No. 243262

Interesting indeed, are they no longer friends?

No. 243275

Probably just cant find it

No. 243281

File: 1661725080676.png (648.78 KB, 1080x1346, Screenshot_20220828-230945.png)

She's no longer following Micaela on IG so something's up. Wonder if it's something to do with this. Seems some rumours have been going around.

No. 243289

Y’all are so lame, Sharla still follows her and she follows Sharla on IG! I don’t see how a random comment from Reddit has anything to do with Sharla and mikaela!

No. 243293

And the video wasn’t gossip, that’s my point jfc.
You need to tell this anon >>243281 to go back to Reddit.
Anon, I’m sorry but none of the discussion has been milk. It’s not gossip, it’s lame tinfoils based on disappearing comments or from drama that happened 10 years ago.
You lot need to learn how to imageboard

No. 243297

Just so you know. Per chris own words- 1) he does not get his visa via TC. 2) he is not under contract with TC

No. 243300

No she isn't still following Micaela on IG. Why are you lying?

No. 243306

NTA, but did you use headphones? Japanese household and use Japanese at work, had no trouble understanding him despite the muttering this time. Not just in this video, but his accent and intonation is surprisingly a lot better than many of the other jvloggers who've studied in Japan or been around for much longer though that's more a reflection on them than him.

No. 243307

This isn't milk. Random people who aren't even the cows is no different from anons posting here on LC. Go back to reddit, scrote.

No. 243309

File: 1661730141824.jpeg (443.88 KB, 1284x1004, F329C151-4B97-49FB-8858-0FE9B7…)

Here you go you fucking Idiot. It says in here mikaela followed by Sharla. You are So fucking dumb

No. 243310

File: 1661730281785.jpeg (425.56 KB, 1284x988, 3331040B-20A8-43DB-95F8-ADB941…)

They both follow each other. Now grow up and shut the fuck up with your made up milk.

No. 243335

That's not a bad theory about Norm. Akihabara is one of the hubs for people picking up Japanese women to photograph. Basically Akihabara, Shibuya and Kabukicho.

He's also likely separated.

No. 243338

Yeah it's a bit pig headed that he has video titles like affording this 3k trip that most people watching his video will never afford during which many people lost their jobs.

Once he leaves Japan he'll lose most of his views

No. 243346

I swear that same reddit username was capped in a previous thread too. Either anon is self posting their own comments, or there's one really dedicated reddit schizo.

No. 243350

That would explain why he switching his videos to be more YouTubery and personality based than before. Conner wouldn't lose that much of his subs if he left Japan. If Chris becomes more like Conner perhaps it'd be the same for him.

No. 243354


i don't disagree and prefer his older stuff, but i can't hate on him for the titles. every youtuber is doing that and i think it's pretty clear thats just how the algorithm and kids picking videos to watch works.

No. 243363

Probably the same scrote from 2 threads ago who got caught

No. 243384

File: 1661762654646.png (747.46 KB, 1080x700, Screenshot_20220829-092051.png)

The account is only 10 days old.

No. 243392

Lmao he’s proved you wrong on every point you raised you lowlife weirdo

No. 243397

What evidence do we have that thus isn't just some random person with that opinion? I mean I can't say I dislike Sharla but I find her content boring. Not in a mean way in the same way I found geography boring at school.

No. 243399

Settle down simp.
They're clearly just a random person as they aren't in Japan or Canada and so likely aren't someone who knows her. They also commented about some other jvloggers on that post so it doesn't seem to be a personal vendetta against her.
I'm curious if someone, possibly from the jvlog/gaijin community, has been talking shit.

No. 243402

What are you trying to prove by posting an anonymous post from a random Redditor?
This means nothing! It’s just show someone commenting on jvloggers, why is this newsworthy?

No. 243420

Seriously, its no different from anons posting, they just have usernames instead. They don't know anything more than we do. Its not milk at all. We don't GAF what other randos, besides us, have to say.

No. 243423

so chris and sharla are probably gonna be married in december. chris mentioned being married soon (6 months) on his podcast

No. 243425

Meh some of us have assumed as much since shortly after the UK visit. Wonder why a December wedding… It's so damp here then in the UK and not as green. Sorry I realise I'm casting my green and beautiful dreams on to others XD(XD )

No. 243428

>december wedding

No. 243429

yeah i was one of them that assumed. they were probably scouting locations during the visit.

man the milk really dried up after they announced they were together. the proposal isn’t even all that exciting since we saw it coming years ago.

No. 243431

Natsuki, riotaro, pete,Sharla and chris all have confirmed that they will be in the UK in December. So some are guessing a dec wedding

No. 243435

Post caps, anon.

No. 243439

How am I going to post a cap? The info is from like 4 different sources. Pete mentioned his trip to Uk on twitch. Sharla mentioned it in her video about Uk and on IG. Chris mentioned going back to Uk and inviting Natsuki and riotaro on livestream. He is paining doing a fan meet up in London.

No. 243440

So you have no real source that you can post to prove any of them are going? Not even links to the videos? Fuck off if you can't provide milk.

No. 243444

You tuck off asshole. My question was how do you prove something when it’s coming from 4 diff places on here. Especially if they are 4 difff videos!!!
Fuck off with your demanding for proof, when you yourself bring nothing to the table(post images or fuck off)

No. 243446

This is an imageboard. Post caps. You can't even link livestreams or even bother to cap these 24hr stories. No1currs about your 'facts' when you can't even prove it. Go to meta to complain about what the threads actually require or go back to reddit.

No. 243447


Pete on twitch talk about going to Uk in December

No. 243448

You are so lane with the go back to Reddit comment. I am not on Reddit. I was the one that told y’all about chris dating almost 1 year ago. So I am nis telling y’all about Dec.

No. 243449

Post caps. No1currs otherwise.

No. 243453

Alright guys no need to get our balls or flaps in a twist… for now we are mostly saying it's an assumption not gospel… jeez. Just saying we weren't wrong about them being together for 3 years…

No. 243460

why are y’all arguing? he literally said he’s getting married in december. what is there to speculate about?

No. 243462

He never said that.

No. 243472

he said he’s getting married soon so he still confirmed marriage. i guess fine continue speculating which month it’ll be when it’s pretty clearly december

No. 243474

He never said that.

No. 243480

aight, see you in december

No. 243486

Who the hell keeps using these boring ass stupid infographic thread pics

No. 243506

Is that Nene person Lily? Taking her grudge to different forums.

No. 243508

Here's what he said on the podcast: "Marriage is one of those things I continue to find pointless, at the same time I will rpobably end up married in the not-too-distant future (laughs) and no that's not a scoop, but it's on the cards I think."

So, nothing about getting married in 6 months. It probably just means they are engaged, but that doesn't mean they will have a wedding in December. Who gets married in Kent in the middle of winter?

No. 243521

Lovefag anon (not the one I'm replying to, but a frequent sperg/stan in this thread) who keeps posting weird details about Sharla's livestreams from years ago and about how in love they are and it's so inspiring, handing you the mic here for your opinion on
>marriage is pointless - Chris

No. 243522

Nope you can see by some of their comments that they are Australian.

No. 243523

Maybe Emma? Plot twist! No, that's highly unlikely.

No. 243524

He has always said he's not too keen on marriage. It certainly fits his grumpy persona.

No. 243525

Welp on his most recent podcast he said he will get married soon, so it’s clear he changed his mind.

No. 243526

He said he changed his mind like 3 years ago, I remember because he said it was around his birthday in April 2019, probably when he first started dating Sharla.

No. 243528


No. 243529

Sharla is dumber than I thought if she’s gonna marry a dude that cheated on his gf for her. Shit is gonna go west eventually

No. 243530

Post caps.

No. 243531

21 mins if you listen on apple podcast

No. 243534

What caps can they post? It’s a podcast .
It’s from the latest Abroad in japan podcast title “japan rail refuses to sell to gay couples. “ aug 28 2022
He address getting married in not so distance future starting 21 mins

audios cannot be posted on here so stop asking for people to post caps!

No. 243544

The way Chris and Pete were laughing was a bit “we know something you don’t!” so I definitely think Sharla and Chris are engaged. Why the fuck would he talk about getting married in a “not too distant future” if he wasn’t already engaged?

No. 243547

Yeah one doesn't talk about getting married soon so nonchalantly when in a long relationship.
If Chris is wise a deal of separation of property will be used.

No. 243550

Both of Sharla’s bffs Taylor and Micaela had very small and low key wedding ceremonies, I will be very surprised if Sharla has a big wedding.

No. 243557

I am not saying she will have a big wedding but just because her friend didn’t that doesn’t mean she won’t, also Sunny her friend had a big old wedding bash in Bali. But having said that, I think because of her personality (which is boring) she won’t have a big wedding ceremony but she may have some thing that includes his family and her family and couple friends.

No. 243559

Chris has so many friends though, I can see him wanting to have a big party

No. 243561

I have seen several people mention Emma (tokidoki traveller) and Chris "sexual" chemistry, but I just do not see it.

No. 243562

he was incredibly defensive on reddit when people complained about his latest JAJ video a few days ago.

No. 243564

I don’t know where you get that because Chris hasn’t commented on his Reddit for a while now.

No. 243565

I think Sharla is the type to stom her feet to say she's a married woman. Some ladies are like that. There whole worth goes on being married. I have friends like it. I'm anti marriage because it's cursed in my family. My parents and every single Aunt and Uncle is divorced XD

No. 243566

not true, he commented on the post about the latest video a few days ago.

No. 243567

I think Chris proposed to Sharla either in Cornwall where they stayed at that fancy resort Sharla posted photos from or in Santorini, where I also have reason to believe they stayed at a fancy resort. Both are fantastic places for proposing.

No. 243568

Okay post it

No. 243573



Yeah, I remember seeing that, comments are deleted now though.

Someone had called his latest video boring because it ran through things too quick and wasn't like the earlier JAJ and Chris was definitely defensive of it.

Claims his latest video (The Private Villa rental) was an 8/10 in his eye

Can't screenshot right now, but I'll post the text

This is part of one of the comments that got deleted "I really enjoyed the first JAJ with the cycling because it was far more focused per episode on a single task and/or place, especially the Shiminami Kaido episode, some real great shots of the bridges. This series so far has seemed like one of those "quick 1 to 2 minute vacation recap" videos except roughly 30 minutes, showing what was done but not really being able to enjoy what is happening."

Chris' response - "Honestly mate it's a juggling act.
On the one hand it flies by and I cut down the video ruthlessly. That dinner scene was originally over 3 hours long! It could be argued that the video is too short and lacks depth in some scenes.
But I need to remember most people don't want to sit down for longer than 30 minutes and watch a Youtube video (sadly!). It's about showing as much as possible and not outstaying the welcome. At the end of the day, given the time, resources and effort that goes into producing these videos, my main object is to maintain a decent standard of quality, while maximising the number of views and making it accessible. And while I thrive on constructive criticism and the all important self improvement process, I also need to take a step back and reflect that a million people watched it and 100,000 hit the like button, which I'm fairly pleased about as well.
I try to learn from every video, but also acknowledge when to be proud and satisfied of something I've made and for this video I most certainly am."

From this thread - https://www.reddit.com/r/ABroadInJapan/comments/wwv24u/i_rented_japans_3000_private_tropical_villa/

No. 243575

Chris wishes
Chris is his own biggest critic for video quality as a part of him wants to be a great filmmaker but the algorithm things got to him. The reddit critics were right that the I spent $$$$$ in YYYY is getting old even if it's for the algorithm and that he's not focused enough in each video. I feel like if he was making them a couple years ago the first two eps would be five videos and we'd get more time actually in Okinawa instead of bragging about expensive rentals. People want to see the beauty and eccentricities of Japan not expensive yachts and villas they can't afford or would get in the Caribbean or Mediterranean depending on where they are. Even the legendary Goya Champeru barely got a sentence mentioning it.

No. 243576

I don't even understand why he comes on reddit if he's gonna get this defensive. There are only a few hundred people there compared to youtube and twitter and facebook. Why does he care enough to write full paragraphs defending his video?

No. 243577

Chris wishes? He's with Sharla …

No. 243578

lol i remember saying in one trash taste pod that he's sensitive to view count, he gets worked up when he doesn't hit x number so makes sense his new jaj got to him kek

No. 243579

It's so odd because he always talks about how he doesn't expect JAJ to do that well.

He must be very pleased that his video about dating Sharla has over 900k views.

No. 243582

I don't think he realizes that it's pretty hard not to get likes as a popular youtuber. He'd have to really mess up or do something unforgivable for the video to not get a lot of likes. Most youtubers just slowly have their audiences shrink after the quality drops.
He mentions about people not wanting to watch for longer than 30 minutes and I agree but why do so many events need to be crammed in one video? Personally I would have made about five videos from the two.
1. Okinawa profile/history and explore the capital (Introduction video)
2. Dinner with Chiaki (Draw: The Snake Wine)
3. The yacht video (maybe interview the captain at some point)
4. Mario Kart/Dinner (Draw: The kart racing)
5. Villa (draw: Return of Dr Jelly)
I just hope he doesn't go full modern youtube with silly mouth opened and edited thumbnails and clickbait titles.
I mean he sacrificed his Abe video for the algorithm. It was probably one of his videos that should have been left up the most because very few English language videos got an actual Japanese perspective on the tragedy. Though he also should have known better than to show the actual murder.

No. 243583

Exactly, why not turn it into more videos? More videos equal more profit.

No. 243584


>He mentions about people not wanting to watch for longer than 30 minutes

Except he has many videos around the 30 minute length with a million or more views

>I just hope he doesn't go full modern youtube with silly mouth opened and edited thumbnails and clickbait titles

He's been doing that for a little while now - https://imgur.com/a/lHI3Xd7

No. 243587

Is that what you would describe as a sensitive response?
It’s a balanced answer. He addressed a criticism, acknowledged the opinion in a balanced way, not rejecting it, but taking it with a grain of salt.
We criticize Norm for being an asshole, and contrast, here we see Chris listening to a commenter, not being rude but kindly defending his work and you find issue with that?

No. 243588

I think the only way Chris' videos can evolve is if he leaves Japan and gets out of his comfort zone. He says he wants to be a filmmaker so what is he waiting for? He has all the equipment.

No. 243589

No one said he was rude. It's just weird how he feels the need to go and defend himself on a small forum like his subreddit, especially when the critique was completely harmless.

No. 243590

The Sharla scarecrow part of this video was pretty funny. I wonder if she is close friends with Connor.

No. 243596

Good thing it wasn't cheating because he waited until after he ended his failed relationship with Lily to pursue her.

No. 243599

NTA and how do you know that there was no cheating?
Also we don't know when Chris and Sharla got together.

No. 243601

They got together "a year or two" after JAJ remember? /s

Yeah we don't need to do this conversation again kek, we both cannot prove they did cheat nor prove they didn't

No. 243602

i agree, what exactly did Connor say about Sharla, i couldn't understand the last part

No. 243604

I can't really understand what his tone is like when he talks about it. Awkward, maybe. A little embarrassed but happy at the same time.

No. 243605

That year or two shit was so retarded, you know as an adult when "the best relationship you've ever been in" started. Maybe not by the day, but certainly by the year and likely the month. It really made it seem like Chris was trying to hide something, make sure his story couldn't have Lily shaped holes put through it, but who knows.

No. 243608

I don't think he cheated on Lily, but maybe he is afraid of people thinking he did if he revealed how early he and Sharla got together.

No. 243609

Has there been any updates on Micaela's husband? Is he helping her out post birth, cooking, cleaning et cetera?

No. 243611

based on her ig posts yea
he's a selfish scrote but considering his obsession of being a dad makes sense he'd be pretty involved. HOpefully the baby broke his break 24/7 headphone braindead dazing out in the house waiting for micaela to serve him. But we'll never fully know now since she deleted her reddit immediately right after giving birth lmao

No. 243612

File: 1661821631610.jpg (213.48 KB, 1080x1578, Screenshot_20220829-180756_Pat…)

Sharla just got back

No. 243613

Post the caps, not this retarded shit. Wtf is wrong with you, anon? No one will take you at your word.

No. 243618

I think they hired a "helper" (as they call it or "japanese grandma") to do the cooking and cleaning though, so I have yet to see him actually pull his weight in the kitchen. I don't think she has posted anything about him cleaning, either. In all the photos he seems to just be cuddling the baby which is at least good.

No. 243619

Why isn't she on the bike trip? I thought she was going to join and film Connor and Chris?

No. 243621

Ah yea, right now they’re just playing with the kid, I think the help does the chores for a month or so. Which is cool that japan has this service (for free I think she said?) but let’s be real, I doubt he’ll do any housework lmao headphones are going back on when the baby cries and the “newness” wears off

No. 243622

File: 1661823235296.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1178x1121, DFE9FCC4-864F-4261-AFAE-1BF491…)

She has been back for a week now

No. 243624

She did a little Q & A on instagram last week and someone asked if she ever wanted a family of her own and she said "already have one" or something along those lines and it was a photo of Maro and Tuna.

No. 243630

NTA he could have just said "we got together a little while after JAJ" or "we got together the year after JAJ"
Lying about when they got together just makes him look suspicious as fuck.
Also only a very small amount of his subscribers/followers know about Lily so I highly doubt it had anything to do with him being afraid of people thinking he cheated. I've only seen her mentioned a few times on his subreddit and I only saw a couple of comments that said he had a gf in response to the shipping/"are they a couple?" comments on the JAJ vids back when they were new and those are like half of the comment sections. There was a flood of comments on those vids after Sharla announced they were dating, saying stuff like "they were def together then" and afaik no one has replied saying that he had a gf.

If he's got nothing to hide, then he didn't need to lie.

No. 243637

She's so cringe god.

No. 243654

How's that cringe?

Where did he lie? He didn't lie. Sounds like you're just mad he hasn't said anything alone the lines of what your personal interest is in it. Unless it's a timeline that you're personally happy with, he's either lying or hiding something according to you. Do you understand how batshit stupid you sound?

No. 243662

>alright guys
>get our balls or flaps in a twist
Hope this isn't some weird moid and it's just coincidence that you mentioned balls

No. 243672

How is that cringe? She made her choice to not have kids and have cats instead, if she regrets it in 10 years that is no one's business but hers.

Although I thought it was a little cringe when she asked if she could bring Maro when Micaela invited her to visit her and her baby in the birth post on Instagram.

No. 243673

Yeah that was weird. Do you think that's how unfollow gate began on here. Haha. I joke of course.(haha sage pls )

No. 243674

Sharla spends so much time complaining about Tuna. Why even get a kitten if she wasn't prepared for it to be overactive? She could have just adopted an older cat.

No. 243675

File: 1661857088351.png (1.83 MB, 1080x2290, Screenshot_20220830-113705.png)

He lied about when they got together. We've already been over this you dumb simp. Sharla had commissioned couples art in her apartment in April 2019 >>233324 that she posted about after she revealed they were dating and made it her twitter header for a while.
He edited out the "a year or two after JAJ" >>236318 and it was the only part of that section that he edited out >>236378 >>236381

Again, if he's got nothing to hide, then he didn't need to lie.

No. 243676


You don't have to take it at my word, just click the link that was at the bottom and read through it yourself.

>From this thread - https://www.reddit.com/r/ABroadInJapan/comments/wwv24u/i_rented_japans_3000_private_tropical_villa/

No. 243677


Yes Anon I did. He let her “have a break” because she had to register the birth , Nice guy . They even have someone coming to do the cooking etc. literally what a sack of useless shit he must be . She deserves better

No. 243689

It’s nice to see there’s someone with more than three brain cells in this thread

No. 243690

This is an imageboard. Links don't absolve you of that and fuck off about reddit already. This isn't a scrote site.

He didn't though. No one knows the exact time when they did, a commission photo isn't proof and you just sound exactly as retarded as you did last thread.

No. 243691

But the comissssionedddd arrrrtwoooork.
Fml. The desperation here is real.

No. 243693

i will never understand the anons (or single anon, i feel like it might be one obsessive person) that blindly reject blatant evidence of chris or sharla lying.

chris said he and sharla got together "a year or two" after jaj. sharla had art of her and chris commissioned and hung up in her house 3 months after jaj. both of these things are facts. these two facts mean that chris lied. what's with the obsessive need to deny it? it's honestly not even that big of a deal.

are you the same person that suggested someone faked micaela's reddit account to make her look bad? it's like all of the jvloggers have a shitty PR firm spinning dumbass stories to keep them from criticism

No. 243695

probably the same person who denied chris and sharla were dating sperging 'there's no EVidenceeee!!"
been trapped with this redditfag simp for like 4 threads

No. 243696

lol y’all making things up again! Sharla never asked to bring maro to mikaela she never travels with her cats. She has said in the past that maro gets very stressed getting in the cat bag and traveling so he stays inside.

No. 243697

My theory is I that he panic because he did his live the same day that lily accused him of cheating on Twitter. So he wanted to add some space between his relationship with lily and Sharla, when in fact he jumped right into the relationship with Sharla. So yes the painting shows that they were together way longer than they are willing to admit. But does it prove cheating? No.
We have no way in knowing, but it was obvious to anyone that chris was in love with Sharla during the JAJ.

No. 243711

She did, it was in response to Michaela’s response to Sharla’s comment on the birth post. She asked if she could bring Maro and that he would eat all the house spiders.

No. 243712

maybe Sharla will give up on Tuna and rehome him? i can't see chris being willing to put up with a wild cat forever.

No. 243713

You sound ridiculous

No. 243717

That'd be shocking. It's rare for a youtuber to give up a pet they revealed to the public unless they get bit or something. I think Sharla and Chris of course just like to complain but don't actually hate Tuna. They're probably been pretty happy past few months as everything is seemingly going well for them professionally and personally. So the only complaint is the cat is wild. Chris will put up with the cats because they are a part of Sharla. He doesn't want any other pets or children so it's fine.

No. 243718


Because none of that is blatant evidence, and we've been through this tired shit several times over now, which essentially boils down to the likelihood of him cheating during his relationship with Lily, rather than simply moving on quickly from the toxic relationship as most adults do, is quite low. The reasons you lot have given for the cheating speculation have been incredibly weak. Interesting how you try to rephrase it to suit your ideas every single thread hoping that forgetful or newfag anons will run with it, though.

No. 243721

>[I see where you fixed it, I had to re-read it again]

Yeah on top of anons forgetting Sharla wasn't even living in Japan at the time during that fall/winter where everyone says they were cheating. Then suddenly anons starting claiming "EmoTionAl ChEaTinG" as if that's a fucking thing that happened. Just seems like Chris liked her before Lily, but Sharla was married and wasn't interested, but enjoyed not having a shitty dude around, so of course she got along with Chris. Then Chris got with Lily, then Sharla got divorce, then Chris broke up with Lily.. Like, everything is just circumstantial and literally how shit IRL plays out because that's just what happens. Why does there have to be some nefarious extra drama here when it's clear there isn't? They are dating now. Why are anons even this obsessed with something they can't even prove 3 threads later??

No. 243722

so you took that literally and didn't read it as a joke, like 99% of people. she clearly was making a joke. who brings a cat to someone's house so they can eat house spiders? especially if that person owns a cat already, and your cat hates to travel. use your brain and don't take everything literally! honestly, y'all are the worst dedicative lol.

No. 243725

Given the lack of critical thinking and emotionally/mentally stunted perspectives, this thread is definitely full of children kek

No. 243726

i’m not one of the anons speculating they cheated. i don’t care if they cheated. no where in my post does it even mention cheating?? just that chris lied. the only ones in these threads sperging out and twisting actual proven facts are you weirdos obsessed with defending sharla’s honor for some reason. i’m begging you to stop white knighting

No. 243727

while I agree that there is no evidence of them cheating. just to be clear, what fall/winter are you referring to? Sharla moved out of Korea end of Summer of 2018 and fall of 2018 is when the JAJ started. she had her new apartment already by the end of 2018.
Chris ended his relationship end of 2018.
April 2019 a drawing of Chris and Sharla is seen in her video of her apartment.

But having said all of that. I think that they did not cheat physically, but its clear to me that he had a crush on Sharla for a long time.

No. 243728

Chris and Sharla lies a lot about their relationship, especially when they were together trying to cover it up. they just don't want people to know all the details.

No. 243729

Ntayrt but having a crush on someone isn't emotional cheating.

I'm pretty sure she said in the reveal video that she was hesitant to be open about it before they were sure it was a solid thing, especially given her past relationships. I won't link the video as it's been posted at least 10 times already and most should have seen it by now.

No. 243730

As far as I understand it, you're implying that they lied about their relationship to cover up cheating.

No. 243731

my post was simply to point out that some white knighting anons have been denying facts and "evidence" for like a solid year now, muddling up these threads to lie and say sharla and chris didn't do x, y, or z. my post was not to say "see, so, they're cheaters!" because again, i don't give a fuck.

these jvlog threads have been 75% in-fighting for a long time because people come in and defend these weird ass youtubers from criticism. ofc now i'm contributing to the infighting so this is my last post on the topic. i just wanted to try to reason with the defenders

No. 243732

No one is being a WK by pointing out that you have a significant lack of proof to hold up your conspiracy.

No. 243741

its more likely they hooked up during JAJ, Chris then broke up with Lily after JAJ had ended.
This makes the "start" of the relationship blurry to pinpoint and makes Chris a cheater. The solution, lie about it. The funny thing is they both couldn't agree on one story to stick to so got exposed immediately when their "truth" was presented. Chris is oaranoid about protecting his "brand" and is actively trying to become more of a personality based content creator, so a scandle that paints him as a cheating scrote piece of shit is dangerous and damaging to bis career.

No. 243742

Your narrative sucks and doesn't make sense. Move on and take a break already.

No. 243743

It's not a conspiracy to say that Chris had to have lied about when they started dating. Two normal adults definitely will know when they started a relationship within a few months of it happening. IT is very abnormal to say something happened within "a year or two" when it as monumental as the start of, as Chris says, 'the best relationship of his life'. Basically, Chris definitely was lying in a sense during that video. I don't necessarily think they've cheated or anything, but it is disenginous to act like Chris and/or Sharla have been completely transparent about their relationship. inb4 you say "they don't owe us that!" because no, no one owes some random audience all the details on their inner lives…but this is a gossip based image board so we're gonna talk about it.

No. 243744

Who said it was monumental at all? You're taking their relationship personally and it's weird.

No. 243746

let's look towards the future instead of the past. are chris and sharla engaged already? is a december wedding in england likely?

No. 243749

Chris said it was the best relationship of his life, most normal people consider that pretty important. so, they will remember when it started. Why is this thread crazy with infighting?

No. 243751

While there's a small chance that Chris didn't cheat but lied because he was afraid people would think he'd cheated because his relationship with Sharla started too soon after he broke up with Lily, the vast majority of people who lie about when their relationship started lie because it overlapped with the previous one. Anons who act like it's out of the ordinary to suspect cheating are either 12 years old and under or Chris and Sharla simps.

No. 243756

>He let her “have a break” because she had to register the birth , Nice guy
Remember when she said on reddit that he was too depressed to help with the death certificate when in actuality he doesn't know Japanese while she's lived in Japan her entire adult life so she had to do it herself? Same for registering the birth. You should be careful not to assume that everything Micaela says is exactly how it's happened.

No. 243759

I think It's more that Chris is neurotic and self critical in general. He is trying to become a personality based channel probably so he can do more things like Conner does and so he's less reliant on Japan but he is his own harshest critic. He seemed scared and petrified to even announce he had a girlfriend to begin with and received overwhelming praise for dating Sharla. He probably built up a lot more roadblock and fear to his audience about the relationship and other things than it being a scandal. As well nobody except this board cares about Lily. Before he was dating Sharla he could have been sleeping around with countless random people (to his ability) and his fans wouldn't care. He's never tried to present himself as a classy or family valued guy. Even his hero/model Jeremy Clarkson has had countless affairs and other controversies with zero real backlash among his fanbase. Though Chris isn't as charming as Jeremy to women.

No. 243782

How many years has he lived in Japan now but he still needs mommygf to do every document herself even while recovering in hospital? This man is a programmer of some sort so he's not an idiot, it's just weaponised male incompetence at work

No. 243809

Why are we still going round on this did he cheat or not thing. We are never going to know. We can only speculate.

No. 243816

>How many years has he lived in Japan now but he still needs mommygf to do every document herself even while recovering in hospital? This man is a programmer of some sort so he's not an idiot, it's just weaponised male incompetence at work
He's been in Japan for three years, but works in English and never studied Japanese before arriving in Japan, and would not be able to read the forms or know how to submit requests for required documents. Chris Broad would have trouble trying to read the forms and would need someone to do it with him. He's also likely on Micaela's visa since they married.

No. 243821

bc it's a gossip site newfag
go read the past 15 threads bc it's all speculations and many became true

No. 243823

if your wife is filling out a baby's death certificate, and i dunno maybe it's just me, i think he should least sit next to and be with her. The way she worded it, he just moped (probably with his fucking headphones ignoring her) in his bedroom alone while she did it all. He's a child that micaela takes care of physically and emotionally

No. 243842

For the thing you added later is cringe.
People love for their pets is normal heck some are more happy with them than actual people but some do be treating them as legit people and that's so weird.
Wouldn't surprise if in her marriage she wants the cats to bring the rings.

No. 243843

Sounds exactly like the people who mocked anons for saying they had similar apartment backgrounds or chairs.
Nothing came out of it right…

No. 243847

Most on point comment.

No. 243848

She said "paperwork needs to be filed (birth/death certificate, insurance etc) and my husband has been in such a depressive state I can't ask him for any help," when he couldn't have been able to help her with those specific things she mentioned because he can't read, write and speak Japanese, and she's the one who's lived in Japan her entire adult life. Leaving out such important information like that is being deceptive which is why you shouldn't assume everything happened exactly as she described on reddit.

No. 243850

BUT sharla and chris could've by chance bought the same mugs from daiso! it's a coincidence nO eViDeNCEeeeee

fucking annoying white knights fighting this shit for 6 months

No. 243851

The other speculations were eventually going to come out. Proving someone has cheated isn't going to be proven is it. Whether or not Chris and Sharla are engaged and or getting married at some point will come with time.

No. 243856

I like that the anon defending this has just accepted as a fact that headphone autist will never learn a word of Japanese and depend on Micaela for everything, kinda proving the point that he's a manchild, no? Why is it acceptable the "man of the house" not speak the language of the country he lives in?

No. 243858

Learning how to do things is for cucks.

No. 243881

Some comments here are indeed giving me dejavu.

No. 243895

Filling out insurance forms and applying for death certificates isn't something you learn to do in Japanese class right away. Like I said, Chris Broad would not be able to do any of that by himself. Her husband had only been in Japan for 2 years at that point, but more importantly, she should've been honest about why she couldn't ask him to help her with those forms and had to do it herself. One of them had lived in Japan for almost 20 years and was the MC on a local Japanese TV show while the other had only moved 2 years ago and right before the pandemic when language classes were canceled and opportunities to learn Japanese became limited. She had lied on reddit about how long they'd been married, so she wouldn't have een able to say he hadn't been in Japan as long as she'd claimed before, but she could've described other situations where he actually could've helped but didn't or explained how his limited language abilities were burdening her. You're assuming the rest she said about him and his headphones is true, but she was already disingenuous about the language situation which is a very huge aspect of their lives in Japan and if you're familiar with Micaela, she's always been this way.

No. 243903

Did I summon the headphone autist with my post kek
Ok but is it acceptable that someone
>move to a country
>get married and have a kid there
>speak and write only in their own language, to the point they cannot fill out their own documents
Because generally that is very lowly regarded behavior for any immigrant, forms can be complex but if you set up a life in a country you should put some effort into actually integrating into it

No. 243932

Are you fkng retarded - it’s not help with the language/paperwork she was seeking, it was emotional help/support, of which he is incapable of being with the headphone autistic neck beard Jesus fuckwit he is.

No. 243934

Why does Micaela always use the blonde beard emoji for this scrote? He clearly has greasy brown hair

No. 243935

kek he had her pick up expensive headphones on the other side of town after filing the babies death certificate, if that ain't a manchild I dunno what is

No. 243938

Exactly. Autistic Jesus was too depressed to do anything other than sit in his fart filled gaming chair and play video games, I'm sure. Poor scrote could barely lift his arms to put on his headphones. Could barely move his thumbs on the controller. While is mentally and physically aching wife does all the dirty work. Typical selfish moid.

No. 243952

looks like some anons here have never had the misfortune of being depressed, which losing your firstborn child will definitely put you in that state.
you lose the motivation to do even the smallest of tasks, its like being surrounded by heavy water 24/7 and everything takes much more effort to do.
It takes a special kind of person to anonymously talk smack about two grieving parents who lost their baby girl.

No. 243953

I’m not talking smack bout Micaela, I’m talking smack about her dedass prick of a husband. Her reddit posting was a cry for help. Imagine being the one to carry and then birth your child stillborn for your moid husband to act all scrotey and make you go alone to file a death certificate then take a detour to pick up his headphones so he can disassociate from reality because of his wish of becoming a father at 30 went down the drain. Idiot

No. 243955

>his wish of becoming a father at 30 went down the drain
Technically he did become a father.

No. 243957

Yeah I'm sure Michaela found it a breeze. He's not the only one who lost a child. Thr very least he could of done is be there for his wife. Instead he left her alone emotionally and despite living in the same home he probably only comforted her to conceive this new baby. Feel bad for her, her self esteem can't be great.

No. 243958

Didn’t she say he started talking about wanting a new child even before their first daughter was born? After they found out about her condition?

No. 243959

Correct. In his mind it was a failed attempt

Sage your shit, you’re giving yourself away

No. 243963

something like that but I think it was immediately right after she gave birth. Pretty sure there's a screenshot posted in the previous thread about it, like she said felt uneasy because he was questioning her whether she still wants another baby because HE was scared after the traumatic birth she no longer wanted a baby. Scrote barely waited a month to ask such a thing, fucking hell give her time to grieve. She said "i didn't want to be the one withholding a healthy child from him" and that's why, again, she never used birth control and didn't wait 6 months as the doctor told her to. They just jumped into the next pregnancy without physically nor emotionally recovering.
micaela is desperate to keep him happy - the baby timeline and obsession with weight. Her reddit read as a sad diary tbh

No. 244137

Can you read and write in Japanese? He'd only been in Japan for 2 years at that time and most of the jvloggers you watch, as well as foreigners who've only lived in Japan for that long, would need help with those forms and submitting documents. Birth and death certificates are not the types of documents a 2-year expat would normally have to deal with.

She said she couldn't ask him for help with filing the paperwork.

Are the anons who are eating up everything Micaeala posted on reddit even familiar with her? Did you ever consider she's twisting the truth to gain sympathy? This is someone who, according to her own words, had already gotten pregnant by accident twice before meeting her husband. What makes you think she didn't make the same mistakes again and has created this narrative about her husband and her friends to look like a victim?

No. 244143

Has Sharla shared anything new about Chris recently? I haven't kept up.

No. 244145

File: 1661984252769.jpeg (850.3 KB, 1284x933, EBCCEE84-D51A-4B06-9B77-733579…)

Just some new pics of them together. She is super excited about going to UK.

No. 244149

That’s a cute photo of them, they both look good even though Chris is doing that same pose he does in every freaking photo.

When is she going to the UK?

No. 244179

File: 1661988895459.png (1.33 MB, 986x1483, chris.png)

No. 244191

Lol he's not unhappy with Sharla he just is trying to look cool in a photo. Sharla is more don't give af and will express herself. Chris wants to be a cool guy but it didn't turn out the best. They're on cloud nine.

No. 244193

First x-mas family meal I guess .

No. 244203

Sounds like he liked the idea of becoming a father more than actually having the kid. After the still birth he was worried that Micaela wouldn't want another child. that's what he was worried about, not his wife's mental health.

No. 244218

Just saw the new Abroad in Japan and dare I say he's becoming a Chad in Japan? He has a great attitude and he seems really dedicated to pushing himself to the limit. He even has a personal trainer now. On top of that he's engaging in various personal challenges regarding fitness. The next would be the spartan race. Sharla and to a lesser extent Lily really lucked out with how Chris is going full Rockstar lately. Top tier film making, sculpting a new bod, great hair genes, bold personality for challenges, respected and known throughout Japan, and not afraid to put himself out there. I mean he somehow singlehandedly outdid Trash Taste and pretty much any other youtuber with his fancy studio. Plus he's flying cesnas into volcanos, bungie jumping off shaky bridges, and is boxing. I wouldn't be surprised if he boxes Conner or someone within a year or so. After a bit of stagnation it does seem like this is a renaissance for Chris.

Also as the above posters have mentioned I wouldn't be surprised if Emma has a bit of a crush on Chris. Even being fat he's attractive and he's intelligent and driven too. In 6 months to a year when he's fit he's probably going to rival Conners gender ratios if you know what I mean.hehe

No. 244225

You know these guys have comment sections and subreddits and shit where you can praise them, who goes on an anonymous board so they can compliment someone's "great hair genes" kek?

No. 244232

both chris and sharla are focusing on losing weight for their wedding photos. post wedding those lbs will pile back on because the goal is look good in photos rather than an internal desire for greater health.

No. 244233

Jesus Christ, the cringe. Chris isn't going to read your glowing review of him on here and invite you to suck his dick, anon.

No. 244236

You forgot the /s redditor

No. 244240

Sharla is in Chris’ latest video. They are both cringe and cute, like most couples who are really in love.

No. 244244

What’s Sharla actively doing tho to lose weight?

No. 244252

In a vlog she mentioned a protein shake that she has every morning/lunch instead of food. She's also going to the gym.

No. 244256

Anon I’m begging you please go back to Reddit. Your post made me almost die from second hand embarrassment.

No. 244261

So she's crash dieting… she's going to PILEEEEE those pounds back on when she resumes eating properly. Even with healthy food. With her thyroid issues as well it may come back to bite her twice as hard. I personally don't see an issue with people being large but if she genuinely wants to get healthy. This isn't the way.

No. 244262

File: 1662032119563.png (1.85 MB, 1901x816, brave_qVgivMPhLZ.png)

>plus the Mr Beast style titles are a bit of a turnoff.
He addresses this in the new AMA video and talks about how he would prefer to just call them numbered episodes, but doesn't want to risk losing favor in the Youtube Algorithm.

No. 244274

When was it taken? Looks like Ginzan onsen to me

No. 244276

It is, they went there with Natsuki a few months ago during winter. He filmed a video as well but scrapped it.

No. 244278

Is Sharla pregnant? In Chris video he was asked by Sharla to post three photos no one had seen before and one of them was "what it would look like if i had a child" …

No. 244285

He's making fun of his weight. Don't be aretard.

No. 244286

File: 1662045757458.jpg (252.18 KB, 2048x2048, 03ZpamJ.jpg)

He literally says “what it would look like if I had a child with Elon Musk”. It’s just a joke not a clue to a current or future pregnancy.

Funniest part of the whole thing is the “child” looks just like Lily! Lmao

No. 244288

It's sad how Currently Hannah is better at cinematography than Chris, but only gets like 5% of the number of views he gets on average, if that.

No. 244289

Well idk what Chris is doing because he looks the same.
He can eat big meals through it due burning plenty of calories due the cycling but once the cycling journey ends all will bounce back.
An anon said in the previous thread that such belly is due booze and it seeming like that is the case.

No. 244291

First Chris changed his mind about marriage …. wouldn't surprise me if his opinion in this matter changes too.
He seems way more relaxed and confident unlike previously.A big factor to not wanting to have children according to him was his anxiety but if he outgrows it …

No. 244292

Can you guys actually post things that are milky and in reality vs all these hypotheticals about things that haven't happened or is just straight tinfoil? No one has mentioned a wedding and anon tried to play off >>244286 as if he meant Sharla and not Elon Musk. The state of this thread.

No. 244313

Never heard of her. But looking at her channel she only has 333k so why would she get as many views as Chris?
Had a quick look at the most recent video and I’d say she’s just kind of not that interesting to watch. Titles also unlikely to catch the algorithm.

No. 244314

I agree, she's actually incredibly dull. Her cinematography is fine but Chris, like him or not, does have some personality. I'm sure Hannah does too but she doesn't really show it at all. Women content creators in general always have to be more sensitive because scrotes will rage if she shows any kind of personality they don't like, so I do get it. Sharla I think definitely acts way sweeter and less interesting in her own videos than she is IRL (or even in other people's videos) because women are socialized to be nice and not rock the boat, particularly online. But she won't get the views Chris does without some kind of charisma or interesting gimmick and buying a Jeep and being generally agreeable ain't it.

No. 244316

So apparently off camera all women are cunts, is what you are saying? Anon, get help. You can't tell someone's personality through a curated camera and assume it's something else off cam.

No. 244322

Chris is on a cycle across Hokkaido with Connor. Now up over 100k raised for the Immune Deficiency Foundation in 3 days of cycling. Watched a bit of the stream, will be interesting to see Chris’s Vlog. I can’t watch streams for that long but I do wish the original JAJ videos had included more of the cycling. Chris’s ruthless editing cut out most of the actual cycling. You can see on the stream how he’s just getting bits for the Vlog here and there.

No. 244324

Shut up or post caps.

No. 244327

I think that was Anon’s point, really. Many women subdue their personality online in a way that men don’t feel obliged to do. Sharla has also addressed not swearing in her videos and portraying herself a bit differently for YouTube.

Doesn’t mean that she or anyone else is horrible irl. Men do a similar thing although less about subduing and more playing up aspects of their personality. Like Chris and the grumpy sarky Brit, he admits that he plays it up for his online persona.

No. 244333

This isn't milk because it's not provable and it's just anons being misogynistic and assuming she is faking who she is on camera. Move on to something actually discussable. Not this boring shit.

No. 244340

I think Chris is a lot more mellow in real life and Sharla is a bit tougher than they both appear in their videos.

They both seem very lovey dovey at the moment though. I can't wait for the engagement announcement video, everyone seems convinced that Chris has already proposed to her so the engagement video can't be too far off. Around the holiday season perhaps?

No. 244341

File: 1662057297019.jpg (273.33 KB, 2048x2048, e3XjM20.jpg)

Which bit of the 40 hours of stream would you like a screenshot of?

Here are 3 screenshots showing the money raised, Chris doing one of his Vlog bits with cameraman Paul, and Chris and Connor wrapping up the day 4 stream.

No. 244343

Anon, any caps. It's not a hard concept. This is an imageboard.

No. 244345

Chris should wear his glasses more often. Hot.

No. 244349

Jesus anon, take your meds, you missed my point entirely. I was saying that she doesn't express her personality in videos because, unlike male creators, female creators have to worry about creepy insane scrotes judging them/hating them for HAVING personalities. I feel bad for women who try and eke out an existence online as creators because they DO have to hide their personalities. What I'm saying is as a viewer she bores me, that's all. It's a shame that she kind of just acts so neutral and boring, because women have to be careful online. I'd like her a lot better if she WAS a cunt quite frankly, I'm on lolcow, so I am definitely one and you probably are too. Scrotes would threaten to kill her or some crazy shit though, so like all girl jvloggers she just acts very "nice". Take it easy.

No. 244353

currently hannah uses a mostly safe for tv style personality in her videos. She even hosted a short tv series that was aired in her home country.
her channel isn't as big as chris's because she doesn't do the entire "wacky and wierd" japan type content that chris does.
her videos are better filmed than chris's and her editing is much better. Chris's videos are full of cheap visual gags and lazily composed shots, hannah takes a lot more effort in both of these areas, the colors style she applies to her footage is more consistent and closer to a film look.

No. 244355

No1currs about your personal taste

No. 244356

I definitely wouldn’t go that far. Ok filming and I did manage to stay awake but I couldn’t watch the whole thing because it just wasn’t interesting or engaging.

While I don’t think you need to be wacky and clickbaity to make a good video (although it does get the views), being at least somewhat interesting and not saying “like” every other word would be a great start.

No. 244358

Yes lose your integrity for an algorithm. He's gets a a pretty good amount of money on his patreon and his videos are in the millions, how money hungry can one get?

No. 244360

He’s making YouTube videos, it’s not some great altruistic venture. He’s also paying quite a few people depending on the video including editor, camera person, Natsuki.
Obviously he wants to get views and earn money, it’s his job not a hobby. YouTube doesn’t pay that much most of the time, either.

No. 244361

He was doing pretty well before the mr beast style titles though.

No. 244362

She could do something with her hiking videos honestly, if she focused on that more. Get her bf to be eye candy in her videos too lol.

No. 244370

I think you've hit the nail on the head. I've always wondered why I don't enjoy Sharla's videos! I dint dislike her before her simps go on a tirade.

No. 244371

File: 1662064219521.jpeg (116.64 KB, 820x431, FbNu545UUAAIJdA.jpeg)

Did Chris use a picture of himself from the first JAJ for this thumbnail with Connor?

He definitely looks much thinner and his face is less "full" than it is in his latest videos

No. 244374

You're that one anon who keeps (self?)promoting hannah in every thread but seriously no1currs, stop trying to make her a thing.

No. 244380

In that cdawgva cycling stream (4 days already) we are seeing how Chris is.He is still grumpy and sarcastic but more natural,I'll say nothing out of the typical brit.
A bit of boomer but that's just him(fits with Sharla in this regard).
It's like 7-9 hours of daily cycling livestream so it's impossible to play person all that time.
Dunno how sharla is but at least we have a picture of Chris is.

No. 244390

Anon's nerve is hit, definitely a female vlogger who fakes her personality.

No. 244397

Chris should have done a Q&A with Sharla, not Emma

No. 244407

>the likelihood of him cheating during his relationship with Lily, rather than simply moving on quickly from the toxic relationship as most adults do, is quite low
Like this anon said >>240408 he chose to get involved with her and live with her for over two years.
He chose to take advantage of his fangirl because Sharla was taken and he didn't want to date a Japanese woman and couldn't stand to just be single for a while I guess.
He was a cunt for dating someone he didn't really care much about just to keep them around as his assistant, cameraman and warm hole for his dick. Lily was a dumb cunt for agreeing to be in a relationship with some guy just because she liked his YouTube vids and for simping for him and for not noticing that he was carrying a torch for Sharla for years. She is also a bitter, spineless cunt for not just confronting him if she thought he had cheated on her instead of stewing on it for three years and deciding to tweet about it when she didn't have proof. If he started acting weird after Sharla got divorced - massive red flag, and didn't want her on JAJ, and if she was watching the vids, then she should have seen the breakup coming.
I wouldn't say that the likelihood of him cheating is quite low, cheating is a fairly common thing. It wouldn't surprise me if around 50%-70% of men have cheated.

No. 244410

I think you're right. I think he has spoken more of his Japanese ex GF than Lily. I don't particularly care for Lily but I think she got dealt a rough hand and to a degree, I understand why she's a little loopy about it all. I'm not at all pulling down Chris… even good folks do crappy stuff from time to time.

No. 244413

Guys can also get baby fever so it wouldn't surprise me.

No. 244454

Lily aggressively went after him first. Go defend Lily somewhere else.

No. 244458

Eye candy? They are both average looking. No personality either, I doubt many are tuning in to thirst over them.

No. 244462

Not OP, but Absolutely eye candy! the bf especially so

No. 244464

File: 1662104884220.png (350.31 KB, 1080x1208, Screenshot_20220902-074710.png)

Nope he was the one who pursued the relationship. The only defending that's been going on is all of you simps defending Chris. Even if she had pursued him aggressively he didn't have to date her and have her move in with him.

No. 244466

I agree they are both very average looking. Chris by British standards is very 6/10. Sharla is a master of filters and angles. When others have filmed her she's very plain Jane.

No. 244467

I think Sharla is quite pretty, actually, even in other people's videos. She's got a great face shape, eyes and smile. She has also learnt how to style her hair properly and wears better clothes.

Chris looked very attractive in JAJ 1, but he also looks a lot older than he is probably because he never uses sunscreen.

No. 244469

the years of heavy drinking and lack of sunscreen are aging him rapidly, already looks like he's in his late 30's. maybe he can learn a thing or two from sharla's skincare routine

No. 244471

how the hell is this pic suppose to show that chris pursued her?

No. 244475

File: 1662123410931.png (649.79 KB, 1080x453, Screenshot_20220902-135213.png)

Lily was the mysterious french girl that he had a secret affection for and that Q&A live show was over a month before they met up and filmed the now deleted aokigahara vid.

No. 244481

Chris has a busy Dec
Creators clash in La
His own live show in UK
Wedding ?

No. 244482

Again how does this show that he pursued her? Not saying he didn’t, but this ain’t no proof. Also if you know, she started to heavily comment on his YouTube comment section and on IG years prior to this tweet, so much so that other users where pouting it out.
By the time they did that now deleted video she had already been dating him long distance.

Either way in my opinion whether he pursued her or she pursued him that relationship was a doomed relationship. he was the one in a power position being a creator and she was a fan girl. They should’ve never dated and it look like eventually it became toxic.

No. 244484

>By the time they did that now deleted video she had already been dating him long distance.
How do you know this?
If that is the case then why did this person >>244464 who replied to a tweet about his Q&A live show from a month before he met Lily say that Chris had a secret affection toward her that she didn't know about? Sounds like you're making things up anon.

What I've been trying to say is that he was not innocent in that relationship. He chose to get involved with his fangirl and take advantage of her because apparently he couldn't get a gf in Japan. You should never date your fans.

No. 244486

Her comments. Jfc. We went over this and anons werre soooo mad Lily was even a talking point. You spoonies are the worst.

No. 244488

X2,I don't see neither as above average the typical brit or Welsh guy.I would admit their banter is entertainment though.

No. 244489

Is this a simp or a Sharla fan jealous?

No. 244493

What? Is your brain to small to have a nuance conversation? anytime anyone raises a point you have to go “your a simp or you’re jealous.”?

No. 244496

This was about average Hannah and her bf who is also mid. If they were engaging on camera it would make them more attractive but her channel is a snooze fest.

Chris is not unattractive although also not super hot. However I like his sense of humour although the repeated bits do wear thin. He has a lot of stock jokes and turns of phrase that he recycles. Maybe they help him feel more confident.
Sharla is quite pretty and I like her personality when she’s being herself. Wish she would show more of her true personality on her videos.
I like them together, they really spark off each other.

No. 244497

She was mooching off of his fame. She was fame hungry and wanted the spotlight of dating a famous YTer and he was publicly, constantly, humiliated by her in comments, photos, and the way she would interact with him unless there was a another girl around, then suddenly she got possessive and weird. Did you guys completely ignore all the comments Lily would put on his feed? The shit takes, calling him fat, publicly humiliating him repeatedly, even now still keeping photos of her legs on his head when he's scrubbed basically everything of her.

Please tell me how she was the healthy one in the relationship and how he used her somehow lol

No. 244498

No one is jealous of Lily. She pursued him relentlessly until she got him. Lived in his apartment while going to language school (she must have applied to one in Sendai just to be with him). Then she was let go when the person he really wanted was free.
No one sees that as aspirational.

No. 244499

She even only started vlogging when she got the chance to live there and do what he does. She wanted to be a vlogger like his friends and him and she took the opportunity so quick. Everyone could tell she was two-faced, but Chris obviously did like her and didn't pursue her. he flirted back with her, but all the interactions show her first, so idk what the fuck anons are talking about that he started shit at all. Instagram and Twitter and YouTube make that clear and unfortunately, everything is online now. This wasn't a QPQ situation. She wasn't working under him and he clearly didn't take advantage of her as a fan. Adults can have mutual feelings online people only seem to nitpick and failed ones which this was one, but clearly because of how unhinged Lily was. She only interacted with him after they dated in terms of insulting him or being possessive. Wtf kind of girlfriend does that when messages he would post would be sweet and nice. There's a reason why all the JVlog people stopped talking to her and it's obvious because she was obsessed with trying to be one of them and not a genuine person at all. Super clear when she made her shittake "HE CHEATED THIS IS PROOF" post, 2 years after their breakup, and the vloggers dropped her like flies.

Everyone apparently knew, Joey said he was relived to finally walk around wording things where it wouldn't show him and Sharla were dating, but literally not a single fucking person has mentioned cheating or anything even close and the second Lily mentioned something outlandish, they dropped her further.

What's left, Rachel and Jun because they are nice people and don't want to be mean or because they fucking didn't even notice since they barely use their Twitter? Anons are this disillusioned to their desperation for milk that they are being irrational with exactly what Lily did.

No. 244505

Girl don't try to paint him as victim or some bs, whatever she did to meet him he stayed with her 2+ years and that's a fact. He ain't a newbie in relationships if she was a red flag he would have been aware.
Also the way you describe him leaving when another went available can be interpreted that he simply wanted to have pussy at home.
A legit low tier scrote.

No. 244506

Well it sounded fairly parasocial.

No. 244508

Doesn't that make Chris worse? Like is not like she had a gun pointed at his head. If shit one kicks the person out of one's life.
But it lasted a fair amount of time so let's not ignore that there was something he needed from here. Let it be him not wanting to be alone or sex.

No. 244515

Can't wait until this anon finds out what spoonies actually means
(it means chronically ill people who have limited energy every day, e.g. 4 spoons a day for tasks and then you're out, a person who has limited "spoons" is a spoonie, please fuck off misusing words like this since if you knew literally anything about other humans you'd be familiar with this already)

No. 244518

Yeah. Shes a good manipulator. Welcome to toxic relationships.

No. 244520

>Also the way you describe him leaving when another went available can be interpreted that he simply wanted to have pussy at home.
>A legit low tier scrote.

I like how anon(s) try and defend this situation as "well, Sharla's pussy became available so naturally he moved on from his current live-in-girlfriend" and then somehow Lily is the bad guy here kek. It's a very common situation in relationships, nothing to say about it but it's not a touching love story either

No. 244521

>REEEE the crazy ex REEEE

She's just a perfectly ordinary French woman if you've ever met French people, they are just like that. I don't see anything manipulative about what happened, it's just normal stuff you see every day. The REEE she was mean on Twitter!! upthread sounds like more shit from the obvious vendetta campaign of two threads ago, where people were dredging up nothingburger comments from years ago in a desperate bid to paint an enemy. Give it a rest, sometimes relationships end with nobody at fault. Men having many past long term girlfriends where there were no actual problems in the relationship, he just wanted fresh pussy, is incredibly common from what I know about British men. Have been friends with guys like Chris, never any problems with the relationships but they always want to have a girlfriend, and they have a string of exes they are on good terms with. Can we move on now instead of trying to invent a narrative of the evil ex!!! with no proof.

No. 244522

File: 1662148841326.jpg (314.32 KB, 2048x2048, ncl8bPS.jpg)

Not trying to make him out a victim at all. He was not as well known at the time and I’m sure that the attention was flattering. Obviously he went for it and stayed with her for a long time. Do I think it’s right to drop her as soon as Sharla was available? Not exactly, but better than hanging on for ages when he didn’t really see a future with her.

I do think she was obsessed and also loved the idea of getting famous herself. You can see it in the way she tries to interact with other jvloggers. Joey, even Connor when he first moved to Japan she was all up in his tweets.

No. 244524

You think Chris prayed everyday so Sharla would divorce her korean husband?

No. 244526

Sharla wasn't instantly available. She was in Korea and Lily was treating him like shit during that year. Things seemed like they literally just fell in to place and Japan. Shit happens.

No. 244527

Lmao are really into Chris was fooled?
If that's good manipulation then in the pope.

No. 244529

That's how you described him jumping into another relationship.
If he had feelings for S buy stayed with L just to not be alone then the shitty is him.
L can be a freak but the one not happy was supposedly him.

No. 244530

Sure if not future in the relationship is good to leave, I definitely agree.
Any gf will try to interact with his bf friends that's normal.
Famous or not it happens.
Chris again is not a newbie he knows shit and if stayed despite not being happy then there must be a reason .

No. 244531

No, I'm saying he probably didn't notice how obvious it was that she was YT fame hungry. Look at the anon who posted all her tweets, begging for attention and even after the breakup, she was asking creators to DM her and not the other way around. No one wanted to deal with her because look how she treats people she's close to? She continuously made fun of her boyfriend when he never did that kind of thing to her publicly. She was a manipulator in the sense of knowing what her game plan was when she finally got with Chris. They seemed to actually like each other, no one is refuting that, but she was obsessed, not just liked him. It's clear from the stuff she even still has posted and how chimpshit she was to delete that cheating tweet because everyone knows she just a salty cunt.

No. 244532

This actually a good call, was Chris wishing Sharla to get divorced or something?
Maybe he accepted Lily advances in order to cope with the loss of not having a chance with Sharla.
He looks quite shitty either way.

No. 244533

Scrote, go back to reddit. Stop defending Lily already.

No. 244534

Girl again Chris was not a newbie into YouTube affairs ,leechers and more by then.
Talk me if he was one or two years old into YouTube Chris.
You think Chris never used him being YouTuber to get something?
L can be a freak but the one accepting her is no different or well doesn't care.

No. 244535

She was back in Japan in December of that year which is when he dumped Lily. So yeah he did drop her as soon as Sharla was available and back in the same country.
How was Lily treating him like shit that year? With her same old odd banter and french sense of humour?
Like this anon says >>244521 she's just a regular french person, stop trying to invent a narrative of an evil ex without proof.

No. 244536

her divorce took more than a month, anon.

No. 244537

Jeez if not arguments then don't try to minimod anon.
That fella is not even defending her,shes calling Lily "freak" even kek

No. 244538

Lily was a bitch to him publicly. What about that isn't getting into your brain? How do you rationalize that? How do you rationalize someone still obsessing over you, keeping intimate photos up, of years ago from a breakup without seeing it was being a salty ex, who went out of her way to self insert herself and create fake milk on her Twitter? She deleted it. By THAT logic, she is the one lying because apparently Chris deleting a part of his vlog means he's lying. You don't get to double standard the shit she pulls just because it works in your favor. You sound like FOX news.

No. 244539

She was divorced by September of that year, anon >>232783

No. 244540

You do know that you have to go through a divorce process, right? You don't just go in to the court and they divorce you. Holy shit.

No. 244541

And what about you don't get that Chris is not a dumb boy in his first relationship.
As you and plenty more here can see her shit then so him or do you think he was oblivious to such behavior jeez don't make him a retard.
For me both are crap ,I'm just react when people try to paint him as "oh poor Chris was bewitched " top kek.

No. 244543

>Chris isn't going to read your glowing review of him on here
He probably will since we know he lurks here and uses our thread to determine what he should and shouldn't delete from his videos and social media. It would be funny though if one of the simps here was Chris himself.

No. 244544

It was already proven Lily was a crazy fangirl that's not even in debate the issue is him accepting getting into such relationship.
It takes two to start a relationship don't forget and even more one that will last 2+ years.
And I don't gonna give Lily a mastermind rank for such retard supposed manipulation some anons want to believe.
Let it be loneliness, coping with losing his chance, actual feelings or just a scrote wanting pussy he definitely has a role.

No. 244545

It was already clear what Lily was like before she and Chris met, and Chris used Norm for work and admires Benjamin Rich, two men who are a million times worse than Lily.

No. 244546

Either Chris or Sharla or someone they know lurk here … that livestream got taken down quick and the big booty account got unfollowed right after they were posted about here …

No. 244547

I think the point anon was making is that he isn’t gonna let you suck his dick so go back to reddit

No. 244548

funny how she started talking to connor only after he started hanging with chris in summer 2020 … he had lived in japan for a while by that time

No. 244549

For real anons here think Lily is something like the first leech he ever meets in his life ,that's giving her too much credit.

No. 244550

She said herself that she was actually divorced at that time in the comment that I linked.

No. 244551

Don't forget his comment that he started dating Sharla 1-2 years after JAJ that he mysteriously cut from his answer about the beginning of their relationship in the Q&A, the only part of the answer that was edited out.

No. 244552

Lily is not a victim of mean old Chris like so many are saying. It's like how people were mad at the news of Leo breaking up with his girlfriend. They both should have known what was going on. Lily was a young fangirl who wanted the allure of dating a handsome and romantic celebrity in a foreign land and Chris was the charmer looking for a good time. Lily should be happy she got to have Chris for two years all to herself. Now Chris is with Sharla. The JVlog Brangelina. Though I think with Chris' current trajectory and serious interest in fitness, weight loss, and new challenges it wouldn't be surprising if he left Japan with Sharla and had a different video content. Chris definately has the potential to dominate multiple youtube spaces and he has enough going for him that he could get pretty much any woman he wants. Lily would have to be really naive if she thought she could hold on to him just sitting at home not doing much. Especially when he collabs with so many women who are clearly into him.

No. 244556

What manner of whiteknight simpery is this post?

No. 244564

This has gotta be the same anon >>244218
I hope it's one of them selfposting, otherwise this is really sad

No. 244565

Yea there's definitely one particular chris-sharla white knight thats on standby 24/7 ready to jump in to sperge defend their king and queen of nippon. You can tell by their writing. Ever since they announce they're dating there's been a couple of simps won't go back to his fucking reddit probably bc his reddit is so slow and dry lmao and so desperate to try to squeeze skim milk out of lily

No. 244566

Lily is a cunt. Knock it off.

No. 244569

>I wouldn't be surprised if he boxes Conner or someone within a year or so.
>In 6 months to a year when he's fit he's probably going to rival Conners gender ratios if you know what I mean.
What is this weird fixation on Connor?

No. 244584

Lily is batcrap crazy…
Chris used her but doesn't entirely excuse her being coo coo. While I like Chris he isn't blameless in this situation.
Sharla… she will drop Chris if someone bigger and more popular comes along. (This is a hunch, I'd be happy to be wrong)

No. 244588

How'd he use her? She has nothing to use. She was a nobody when they met lol Clearly not just for sex or company because she was so shit to him.

No. 244589

How exactly did he use her? Wasn't it leaning more towards the other way around, where Lily was trying to use Chris for clout and seemed salty that she couldn't be a power couple with him?

No. 244593

using her doesn't have to mean for content, money, social media. He could've just hung onto her to keep his moidself company and just for the sake of being in a relationship. He dated her until Sharla divorced for a reason.

No. 244594

What a reach

No. 244595

what other reason would he date lily then
he's a fucking moid that'd take anything he could at the time

No. 244599


Nice fanfic you've created there, when are you gonna give it up? You sound like a person who's never had a healthy or functional relationship. The most likely case is he while he had a crush on Sharla, he didn't see it going anywhere and gave Lily an honest chance because she was pursuing him first. Pretty normal stuff. Then came the unforseen problems and clashing personalities and lifestyles between the two, and looking at things as they were he was likely unsure of how to end it neatly and was eager to move on when he could. It doesn't automatically mean Lily was just a hole to him. While I agree that the majority of men can be pretty awful, there are some normal people out there too and it doesn't always play out in the worst way like you imagine. I think people just want to spin things in the worst way possible sometimes to justify their need for an emotional outlet for the frustrations and bitterness they hold in their personal lives, because nothing feels better than to shit all over someone else when you yourself feel like shit and will never be happy. I've been there, so I know, but honestly… it's not going to solve the root issue.

No. 244600

He used her as his cameraman, his assistant and warm hole for his dick.
Can you keep your mouth off his dick?

No. 244604

Excluding the warm hole bit, interesting how you insist that he "used her", as if these aren't things she possibly volunteered to do herself out of a desire to help out her partner as anyone might do.

No. 244605

Finally someone on point. If she was a bad choice then did he date her red flags were around and her behavior was clear in twitter/YouTube.
Lily into dating him? Sure she can want that but C being into it despite the signals shows that him well is a common scrote as plenty of us say yet some simps can't even think it's possible.

No. 244606

No one excludes the idea that she gained more in such relationship anon but Chris must gain something too don't you think? Unless well he was really into her.

No. 244607

When you like someone, it's easy to dismiss the red flags in the beginning. Doesn't mean that he's just a moid looking for a fuck because it would've been easy for him to get with some Japanese girl, considering how low their standards are for foreign men.

No. 244608

File: 1662169699063.jpg (45.64 KB, 708x404, 222zctxi.jpg)

"pooooor chris"
"chris was a victim"
"our 10/10 king escaped"
"glory to sharla"
"mastermind lily used chris for 2 years"
"chris was fooled"
"wholesome chris and sharla waited 1.5~2 year like the king said"
fucking simps holy hell

No. 244609

I mean she's bonkers that's a given.
But such doesn't make C or S saints….even more when we know that they are not clean.
Besties of Norm can't be trusted.

No. 244610

I get the feeling they'd rather slowly distance themselves than risk nuclear fallout with him. And no one's completely clean, if we looked at everyone's personal history here, every last one of you would be a dodgy cunt kek

No. 244611

For 2+ years the mastermind Lily manipulated poor boy inexperienced Chris. Him who is unaware of the evils of this world.

No. 244612

Exactly all have stains issue is some are more notable than others.
Norm ones are clear to all yet they stayed close.

No. 244617

Loool Sharla is not dumb enough to let Chris slip away. Chris is the best fit possible for her and is also the second most attractive Jvlogger after Joey. But Chris wins in charm, intelligence, humour, interests, and passion. Plus he isn't going to like pervy things online and is going to be super fit soon. Sharla would never dump Chris. The second she does someone like Emma or Lily will jump on the opportunity and all will be lost. Lily isn't crazy. She misses it but who wouldn't? I imagine it'd be like dating Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch if you're big into nerd stuff. It would be hard to find a regular guy after that.
Norm is like the crazy guy they keep in the group. He's toxic and they didn't notice quickly enough but they might be afraid of pissing him off. They don't like him but the rabid vicious pitbull he is, is at least useful to keep others who might do harm away. Chris and Sharla know they are going to leave Japan before Norm bites his masters. It's a mixture of pity, fear, and duty. If they really have to put Norm down they have more than enough to ruin him.
As well outside of Chris, Norm, and Sharla there are other Jvloggers hitting it big lately. Tokyo Portfolio did a collab with Chris just now and seems to want to switch from real estate to jvlogger. Kind of like Graham Stephen. The ones who are actually Japanese raised are also getting bigger and bigger. The usual names but also up and comers like Jessogn for example. It'd be nice to see more jvloggers who aren't just white guys and gals from the Anglosphere.

No. 244619

File: 1662174413169.jpg (134.71 KB, 895x936, IMG_20220902_220624.jpg)

"Not into pervy things" Kek
Anon Chris is just like any other scrote. If that is charm then I'm afraid of your romantic life.

No. 244622

>chris could yet any woman he wanted
LOL. Did you type this with one hand?

No. 244635

Who cares? Its an ass account. Guys do this shit. Too bad Lily has zero ass lol Maybe then Chris would've put up with her.

No. 244636

This. Shit happens. But because its Chris and anons hate talking about Lily, big bad Chris-man is not only a cheater, but an emotional cheater and strung Lily along. Which is insane logic. Lily was obsessive, Chris put up with it, even her public abuse towards him whuch anons purposely keep ignoring when I post about it. Wheres the line drawn where anons will actually start realizing Lily was the problem? All the shit Lily did doesn't just not exist.

No. 244640

File: 1662178173892.jpg (411.41 KB, 1440x1348, LilyJapan.jpg)

Lily is doing fine. She's attractive and smart and her ass is fine as it is. Lol. She just needs to get over Chris. Maybe he cheated but most celebrities do. As well did anyone else notice that Lily is anti Norm? She seems to have more sense than most of these Jvloggers.
Intelligent, kind hearted, rich, handsome, strong, cultured, brave, famous, powerful, great hair. Chris has pretty much all the traits to be alluring to women except that he's short. It's not surprising that the last ten threads were about his love triangle.
Have you seen Joeys twitter feed? Chris is a gentleman who slipped up. Joey retweets cringey hentai for most of the day. I don't know how Aki puts up with it. Probably self esteem.

No. 244649

No1currs about your wet dreams about Chris.

No. 244655

>Intelligent, kind hearted, rich, handsome, strong, cultured, brave, famous, powerful, great hair

Am I in the right thread? go outside anon Chris is just a typical English bloke

No. 244656

chris is an average XL english muffin
chris and sharla worshippers are getting worse each week lol

No. 244669

You need glasses. He looks like a greasy and unkempt man. Go back to reddit.

No. 244670

I wonder who Sharla went on a roadtrip with today. She posted a video of a man driving her in a convertible.

No. 244674

Aki puts up with it as she's short, fat, and ugly. She's batting out of her league as she's a 3/10, 3.5 at best.

No. 244677

>Nice fanfic you've created there
>Proceeds to fanfic some things themselves
Good job

My post was based off of stuff that has been discussed and mentioned itt. He showed his Japanese gf but barely acknowledged Lily's existence, she did not appear on any of his social media and in this vid with Keira Ashley >>237394 he sits far away from her and doesn't even look at her. Sharla was divorced in the summer of 2018 and an anon mentioned that she had applied for the Morioka apartment in September. He kept her around until Sharla had moved back to Japan in Dec, then he dropped her like a hot potato. Kek do you think he actually genuinely cared for her?
I didn't say that Lily was just a hole to him, I said she was also his assistant and cameraman. Likely also his housemaid doing all the cleaning and cooking. He did say that he can't cook for shit.
Anons hate talking about Lily because all of you Chris and Sharla WKs were sperging about her and shitting up the thread acting like a pack of wild rabid dogs. You all came off as way more unhinged than she does. Like this anon said >>244521

How is Chris possibly being a cheater and stringing lily along "insane logic" ?
Lily was obsessive before they met. He was not innocent in that relationship, he was not a victim.
Odd banter and french humour is now public abuse? Get a grip anon.

No. 244680

Isn't chris supposed to be on that cycling trip with connor? Whomever it was it was a nice ass car.

No. 244681

Some Tokyo Creative people rented a convertible for a video recently, could be something similar. I could link the video but it's not milk and equally as uninteresting as your post.

No. 244682

I find Aki very unpleasant to look at but realistically she’s average, so a 5/10. Joey is probably a 6. So yeah she is batting out of her league but not by much, and considering men have yellow fever, she’s automatically more attractive to them, as well as having big tits even though she’s fat, men just see the tits and Asian and will think she’s hot. If aki was any other race besides ugu hentai waifu irl shed be a 3/10

No. 244685

It’s one of her guy friend visiting from Tokyo. She is vlogging about it. A

No. 244688

On today’s livestream Chris made a joke about being Sharla’s hubby!

No. 244689

Is he a YouTuber?

No. 244691

File: 1662211663375.jpg (622.23 KB, 1351x1055, ChrisPic1621.jpg)

Aki definitely isn't average. Not in either of her countries or Australia. Too short for US and way too fat for Japan. Joey is also better than 6/10 especially with his hair, music skills, Australian accent, height, and ability to actually speak Japanese.
His Japanese gf was from when he was a normal person still. Lily is from when he made it big. It's not shocking or a scandal that a rich handsome celebrity was sleeping around. Do you think DiCaprio was only with that one gf the past couple years. Celebrities only try to be faithful when someone is the same social status as them such as with Sharla. Lily should have known she couldn't contain Chris to herself.
On a semi related note I wonder what his actual size is. Whenever he says his weight I'm shocked at how low it is but he still has the big belly. Either he has no muscle on him (doubtful as he's cycling and very strong), he has weird fat depositing genes, or he is just very short. CDawgVa is 5'8 - 5'9 and Chris seems a lot shorter than him. Thoughts?

No. 244693

>comparing a weeb vlogger to a hollywood star as an attempt to whiteknight this guy and show your pickmeism "because she should have known!!"
I dont even care about both of them but damn, are you okay?

No. 244696

Are you on something

No. 244698

Chris said he's one 1cm shorter than Connor in a livestream.
Saying the later uses that to joke sometimes ,in videos when next to each other one can see that.
Outside that they tend to take pictures one more closer to the camera .

No. 244701

File: 1662214819123.jpg (285.59 KB, 1080x1566, IMG_20220903_091628.jpg)

Considering the meals he's been eating in camera and the anecdotes of heavy ones as dinner those burned calories are barely gone.
After this cycling he defo needs to change the diet plus exercise routine if it's the same then he'll gain weight fast again.
I'll say tho he has good stamina and at least the cash is for something good.

No. 244703

He posted a photo of the two of them on twitter and Sharla replied to him. I've never heard of him. Are you sure he lives in Tokyo? He doesn't seem to live in Japan.

No. 244705

At 04:48:30. Everyone in the chat was confused by that.

No. 244706

File: 1662215922801.jpeg (499.06 KB, 750x871, 5F21902B-1725-43C3-B606-688AE5…)

He’s one ugly weeb.

No. 244708

A good match.
Yeah but again he jokes about having kids too so gotta not take all as serious. If anything now he's open to joke with the themes of having a gf.

No. 244710

Sharla looks cute. That's a nice color on her. She should wear her hair up more often.

No. 244711

When has he joked about having kids?

Anyway, in the recent podcast when he talked about getting married in a not too distant future he was certainly not joking. I don't think he would joke about Sharla calling him her husband if they were not engaged already.

No. 244712

File: 1662216697771.jpeg (36.05 KB, 625x399, 773BF5F7-C3C0-4CB6-A572-FFB421…)

No. 244716

What was he eating on camera that was so alarming. I think that's the main issue for Chris is his diet. Occasionally he'll do a big fitness adventure like this of JAJ1 but he loves fried chicken and drinking too much to stop. I think he could probably pump out a cool video on something like "I had Japanese diet for a month" or even Vegan. Thank god he didn't take the teaching job in Korea. Their fried chicken is more addictive but even more unhealthy than karaage.

No. 244718

She did show up vids and stuff, but she deleted most of them like she nuked her YT channel. Lily and Chris were never going to have a long term relationship with how she treated him in front of fans and friends.

>she was an assistant and cameraman

And who do you think helped HER film, anon, when she was trying to vlog? You're literally only putting things in one perspective which makes your opinion so biased. Lily ain't a saint. Go rub one out for her somewhere else. It's gross at this point how anons keep acting like she was a regular Snow White when she had a plan to use his popularity to bounce her own YT career off of. She mightve liked him but her he'd and possessiveness was so clear.

No. 244721


You don't agree?

No. 244725

wonder how these two became acquainted, its nice to see sharla helping out smaller content creators

No. 244728

The trip to Korea vid was the only one where you could briefly see Chris.
The majority of her like 6 or 7 vlogs were after the breakup. In the Korea one she was holding the camera and in the north Japan one she was hanging out with a bunch of people and Chris was not there.

No one said she was a saint. Chris is not a saint either, but you all act like he is one and can do no wrong. No one is acting like she was a regular snow white. You are all rubbing one out for Chris. There are two sides to every story.

No. 244729

So while he had here in stuff here and there, she refused to show him while at the same time constantly trying to get in Joey and other YTer's good graces kek Wow, she's pretty slimey. Seems more like she used Chris than anything.

No. 244732

Plenty of times.
So you think he did his big reveal in a cdawgva livestream responding to an a on? Kek
Anyways the marriage rumours are ok.

No. 244733

Connor said they ate a fried feast practically in Sapporo (dinner) so you tell me.

No. 244734

He's joking about it, but they are definitely engaged.

No. 244735

Not that anon.
Dunno but I get the vibes of future lame marriage life if true. Or both are lame and it's a perfect match so I could be wrong.

No. 244737

He did not show her at all. Only her voice appeared in the aokigahara vid. She showed him on her twitter and instagram multiple times. He probably asked her to avoid showing him much in that vid as he apparently didn't want to be in vids together for privacy reasons. There was a screenshot mentioning that in one of the previous threads. Keira Ashley asked her why she wasn't in his vids and that was her response.
If she was his fangirl that he regularly replied to and then he suddenly developed a "secret affection" for her >>244464 after his crush was unavailable and had her move in with him, then it seems much more likely that he was using her.

No. 244738

Sharla is kind of boring in her own videos but perks up and is more interesting when she collabs especially with Chris. Chris is going full on into a hybrid of Jeremy Clarkson/James May and Modern Day Twitch Streamers. When they get married it should go well. I could see them pivoting into a mutual channel where they do non Japan things. Chris wants his content to be based on his personality rather than Japan focused. I think they should experiment with making some videos outside of Japan. Maybe Chris could do a muay thai gym in Thailand since he's beefing up a lot lately. Sharla is trying to do legitimate business like real estate and stationaries so if it really came to it I could see her moving away from youtube.

No. 244747

Sharla one is a good point I do also feel her personality outside YouTube Japan is too common so going into other type of businesses is the right path.
Chris tho idk he is not like Charlie,Ludwig or PewDiePie or other YTs that can make any mundane thing interesting (this is key to not be tied to only few fields) and he has said he simply can't pull it off nonchalantly and we can see it in the cycling marathon he definitely needs cdawgva to keep a long show or talk about anything.
I doubt Sharla can help him here too due being boring.

No. 244748

Does Chris know how to do anything besides YouTube? Like a career an expertise in some field?
Sharla has her own stuff but I don't recall C having anything.

No. 244751

Not really. Iirc his life story is 1. Boring office job during gap year where he was bullied by his coworkers for wanting to start a business
2. Studied English and Business in college
3. ALT with JET for a few years while making YouTube vids on the side
4. Dedicated Japanese language study with the goal of being seen as a genius when he returned to the UK to start a business. Ultimately dropped after failing N2.
5. Becoming bigger and bigger on youtube and putting all his free time into learning editing and filming.
The only business he'd really be capable of right now if he couldn't do youtube or presenting would be some kind of film crew. Maybe destination wedding videographer he'd do well at. Probably keep Ian and the rest of his crew as well.

No. 244764

They have lived together for over three years, things won’t change just because they get married.

No. 244766

It sounds pretty crazy. I know some really well trained bikers and they don't do 100km a day. So either they trained more beforehand than they let on in the livestreams or its just crazy.

Their videos are so boring and even though I have nothing against anyone involved… despite guests like Chris they're all not very interesting.

You have literally no proof of that if you weren't with them.

No. 244767

I agree with >>243608. He probably did it so his fans didn't know how long they were a couple. It could've let to people criticising instead of celebrating their relationship rn. Which is why he is probably so positively surprised (rather relieved) that everyone reacted the way that they did.

No. 244769

JAJ season 1 premiered in october of 2018. The artwork was posted April 2019. So not three months after JAJ. You know it's completely possible that they fell in love or some shit on the journey but just didn't act on it?! You pretend like that's not just what happens sometimes in life? No one always has to expect the worst.

No. 244772

NTA that JAJ was two months long, so the anon wasn't that far off and their point that Chris went out of his way to lie about when he and Sharla began their relationship still stands. Anon never said that they cheated for sure.

No. 244775

Hardly anyone that follows him knows about Lily so I highly doubt that is the case. It's much more likely that there was a relationship overlap like this anon says >>243751

No. 244776

Thanks for answering ,it seems he's indeed way more dependent of YouTube than her which isn't bad cuz his channel + patreon does well.
Still he's no part of the upper echelon of YouTubers(those who can drop YouTube and live without money worries) yet so he can't exactly quit.
Also I doubt he will work under someone he has a big ego.

No. 244783

Then you should stop inventing a narrative framing Chris as the bad one as well. You don't know how their relationship was. I don't even know how you're trying to craft this all with just things that you put together to fit your narrative. You're saying she's just a regular french person oh well Chris might just be a regular british guy in private who happened to fall out of love with Lily and rekindled things with Sharla. Happens every fucking day.

No. 244800

Who fucking cares? Why can't you guys just take the fact people are dating now and move on from there? It's been almost 4 threads or back and forth of "WHO KNOWS THE REAL DATE AND TIME AND PLACE" and it's fucking so up in the air, literally no proof from anyone, and just trolls baiting anons too. Move on, already.

No. 244801

It's like anons only know relationships from movies and shows filled with drama. Wtf.

No. 244805

If he wants to lose weight he shouldn't be tracking his calories on a fitbit, he should just try to follow iifym.

No. 244806

she's not wearing the ring she got in England.

No. 244808

Because it was a decorative jewelry ring, it wasn't an engagement ring a bunch of autists kept insisting it was.

No. 244809

Why would she? It's not an engagement ring. I'm sure her real engagement ring looks different.

No. 244818

Chris and Sharla both have bad diets, and have both ballooned since being together. Fried chicken all round . Sharla likes to make out that she eats healthily but realistically she’s always having a hot choc or some other sugar filled drink. Plus not taking the thyroid meds wouldn’t be helping

No. 244826

>rich handsome celebrity
>comparison to leonardo dicaprio

Ok for one Leo looks like shit and hit twink death hard a looong time ago, plus imo he's a pedo, just gives me those vibes, but maybe just gay - and he supposedly pretends to hook up with women while sitting there wearing headphones so you are very retarded already for making that comparison, but the idea a fat British jvlogger is a "rich handsome celebrity" like either this is one of his friends posting, and caucasian people isolated in Japan genuinely lose their minds and believe the other average whities are god-tier because their brain has tricked them into thinking there are only ten white people left on the planet, or you are him/sharla/his mum selfposting. No other explanation for this level of batshittery.

No. 244835

His ex used to throw comments about his weight I bet that at least that kinda helped him to remain around certain weight.
Sharla doesn't care about it I bet so he went all out and we can see the situation. Got him to the point where he had high blood pressure ,high cholesterol ,etc .

No. 244838

Yeah, Lily would.

No. 244841

I guess you could say Lily was his true soulmate who challenged him to be his best. But he threw it all away for a younger more attractive more famous woman. A tale as old as time. Hopefully Lily can work her magic with someone who appreciates it better.

No. 244853


FWIW, Sharla is four years older than Chris, almost to the day. Her birthday is April 23 1986 and his birthday is April 21 1990.

Lily’s birthday is irrelevant, just like Lily herself.

No. 244859

Sharla is older and totally love the support for someone in the relationship being abusive and that's apparently "his true soulmate".

No. 244860

Girl what the hell are you talking about!? Sharla is older than chris
How the hell do you that lily was his soulmate?
I will assume you are joking because who types shit like this and means it!?

No. 244861

Y’all are insane

No. 244869

Lily: Chris this is the third bucket of KFC this week and you chugged it all down with a pint of cider. I am concerned for you health.
How is that abusive? It takes someone who truly cares about you to say the hard uncomfortable truths. I hope we can all be lucky enough to have someone like Lily in our lives.

No. 244871

If it's to the point of bullying then no. But it would be bad to let someone we care a lot wreck its own body,at least that's my view.
Depending the person it could be a deal breaker,for me not so much if it's not a extreme change.
Chris is someone anxious by his own words so he could have been overeating due it.

No. 244897

She would call him fat publicly on twitter. Your example is not at all what I'm talking about.

No. 244918

I feel Sharla doesn't mind.

No. 244921

Lmao anon… as if anyone gives a shit about someone’s ability to speak Japanese when it comes to their looks. Joey is most certainly not “way above a 6” 7 is the absolute max and that’s if you have yellow fever. He could absolutely improve if he styled himself less like an otaku though, but that’s not on brand for him . Even HIMR Daniel is better looking than Joey. More of a disturbed individual, sure, but basing on looks alone.

No. 244923

Yeah I dont know why anons think everyone is superficial as fuck

No. 244926

P.S. Here's the screenshot >>237341

No. 244929

Sharla clearly loves Chris for who he is. She has never made fun of his weight. Lily made fun of him multiple times.

Guess who gets to marry him?

No. 244935

Kek the Chris and Sharla worshippers are wild.
An anon said that Sharla was still in Korea in March 2019 >>237014 despite her being in the Morioka apartment and a vid that was posted here from late Dec 2018 that referred to her as "Iwate resident"
Anons have also lied 3 times about the date of Chris and Lily's breakup. >>236720 >>237016 >>237727

And now they can't stop rubbing one out to Chris and his relationship with Sharla and acting like they are both saints who can do no wrong.

No. 244936

Are there so many people on here that have never been in relationships? You can have a crush on someone at some point and move on. How hard is it to imagine that he simply was attracted towards Lily and her attention for some time? Probably being in that relationship in "real life" turned out different than imagined. You all sound like children.

No. 244937

>As well did anyone else notice that Lily is anti Norm? She seems to have more sense than most of these Jvloggers.
Maybe she just thinks he's not important enough to get her somewhere.

Wondering, too. I think it's nice but it's probably also always very handy they have…cars. Like Nadine with whom she did the Pokemon hunt.

No. 244939

Lily wasn't the point of my post at all. I know it's hard to imagine by how important she is to some people on here. I meant the simps could've felt betrayed or that they gave them the run-around for x years. That was what he could've possibly been worried about: "I can't believe you guys have been dating secretly for three years, telling us you were somewhere alone while it was the two of you!!1"

No. 244940

I hope Lily tweets passive aggressively when Chris and Sharla announce their engagement, like she did when they revealed their relationship: "if he's happy with her, good for him!"

No. 244945

You said that you agreed with this post >>243608 so I said that that theory is highly unlikely because like only a tiny handful of people even know about his previous relationship.
Why would the simps feel betrayed or even care that they kept their relationship private? They are the ones who have been replying to comments saying that it's no one's business when Chris and Sharla's relationship started and they have been arguing itt about Chris's lie saying that he doesn't owe his followers the exact date of when they began dating.

When are you c&s simps going to stop sperging about Lily?

No. 244947

Noone feels betrayed; I think Chris thought people would be mad because they had hidden their relationship but literally everyone was so happy.

No. 244956

>Maybe she just thinks he's not important enough to get her somewhere.

You chris and sharla shills think the worst thing possible is to be a clout chaser, meanwhile chris cries himself to sleep if he doesn't hit the exact number of views and likes he wants, and all of their friendships are fake. Lily was just trying to make friends in Japan/be friends with the people her boyfriend was, which is normal. She has a handful of twitter followers, an empty youtube and hasn't updated Instagram for a year. wow, what a clout-chaser!!1
She has an actual job as a programmer iirc, unlike this lot.

No. 244967

You just don't get it. Joey is more than a 6 he's at least an 8. The Japanese was mentioned simply because they live in Japan and everyone else is atrocious at speaking the language. It's kind of important to speak the language of where you live so that gives him a big boost for having that surprisingly rare skill. Joey is very attractive especially compared to his contemporaries. You mentioned Daniel HIMR. He could be attractive but he doesn't take care of himself physically or mentally or have anything going on in his life. He's more of a 6 if that than Joey. You don't have to like Joey but please do not try to slander him with falsehoods. Especially in the same breath you're pretending Aki is one of the prettiest women in JVlogging. Thanks!

No. 244969

I agree anon.
I'm baffled at why Lily is still so important to people. I mean I'll admit I'm convinced Chris and Sharla were playing hide the sausage on JAJ. People cheat! It's a crappy thing to do… but so is bullying an irrelevant French girl.
Joey's hotness is an opinion… ny opinion is he's a 6… and so is Aki. I actually like the both of then to be fair. Both look like they need a wash though.

No. 244976

No signs point to cheating. Stfu already.

No. 244985

NTA plenty of things point to cheating being a strong possibility >>233713

It's highly likely that there was a relationship overlap >>243751

Now stfu simp cunt.

No. 244987

It doesn't. No real dates, no one has a concrete idea of if they cheated or where or when, it's all suspect and convenient because it makes good milk for you anons, but unless you guys can actually prove it, it's just derailing garbage discussion. Move on. It's been 4 threads. It's like you are all allergic to milk or something.

No. 244991


Sharla bringing that up would be a pot and kettle situation.

They should try and diet and exercise together.

No. 244996

I can think of few other explanations as to why people want to insist this narrative. They've never experienced anything resembling a healthy or normal relationship in their lives, and to be fair, while the amount of shitty men outnumber normal or decent ones, these have unfortunately been the only examples they've seen so they generalize because it makes them feel secure to have this kind of certainty that the world is full of shit and they're not missing out on anything. The other half just need an excuse to be cunty online because it makes them feel powerful since they lack control of their own life's direction, but because they can't be honest with that fact, they force this narrative that Chris is a moid who cheated with Sharla in order to justify it all and insist anyone who isn't blindly shitting all over them is a WK or simp, hoping to shut detractors up. This conversation should have been over 3 threads ago and it's really an endless regurgitation of forced milk when there's reasonable explanations for things already, but they have nothing else to dedicate their time to so would rather keep twisting and restating things to suit themselves. It's so fucking boring and exasperating at this point.

No. 244998

Anons just want it to be some drama that probably never existed. They are that desperate for milk when they can't even figure out a proper time/date/place which makes it even more obvious cheating most likely never happened.

No. 245000

>It doesn't
What doesn't?
The only idea of where and when is during JAJ. We've been over this a million times.
If you want to move on then just ignore the anons who think that cheating happened.

No. 245001

File: 1662309362497.png (499.64 KB, 973x2196, Screenshot_20220904-173304.png)

This shit is reminding me of the things anons said during the whole dating discussion.

No. 245008

So what if Chris really did cheat? Why do you care? These people aren't your friends. You're not invited to their wedding. You don't have to be outraged about supposed cheating on Lily's or anyone's behalf. It changes nothing about his current relationship because Sharla obviously knows precisely when, why and what happened.
I'll gladly sign a paper I agree with you that he cheated and he's a scum if it's all it takes for you to shut up and move on to some new milk already.

No. 245009

Emmm that's love until some point.
If I see my partner fucking up his body with unhealthy habits I would at least try to talk him if something is worrying him.
"Oh my sweetheart is cholesterol high, high blood pressure and stressed about his weight so lovely"
Wtf anon

No. 245010

If she doesn't well definitely get your comments about it here lmao.

No. 245013

The simps were so strong back then.
Now they are replaced by CxS worshippers that can see C banging someone else and say he tripped kek

No. 245017

I was a denier, I wasn’t so against their relationship but the shippers came here with ‘trust me sis’ type posts, claims with no caps, caps that didn’t prove anything, and the pure cringe (santorini san). The evidence posted here was circumstantial, had the speculation been posted and left till there was more evidence perhaps I wouldn’t have been a denier.
This is an imageboard - not a forum. People want to see evidence or they will call bs until you do, it’s just the culture here.
The simp worshippers are still writing fan fictions and cringeworthy tinfoils, and we’re still gonna tell them to fuck off back to Reddit or post caps. That’s just how it is.

No. 245019

I think Chris and Sharla got engaged when they were in Santorini.

No. 245021

Wait what circumstancial evidence? For over a year people posted proof that rhetoric lily hey were 1 a couple 2 living together. And y’all argued and said the proof was weak. We were right and now you are dismissing it as a good guess? Lol you are laughable, the deniers are so lame.
So The santorini thing is so silly no one takes that seriously.

No. 245022

>loves drinking too much
I haven't heard a lot about him drinking lately. In one of his recent podcasts he said he can't deal with hangovers anymore.

No. 245025

Anon, calm your tits! At the time it was circumstantial. I’m not still denying lol that would be absolutely retarded

No. 245027

There were screenshots posted that proved that that room Chris filmed and livestreamed in was in Sharla's apartment. That shit wasn't circumstantial.

No. 245031

You can drink everyday.
Just not to the point of getting hangovers ,I mean it's common to do so in Uk.

No. 245042

I think it's obvious Chris didn't cheat on Lily, but his heart was probably always with Sharla, from the very beginning. When she divorced her husband he probably let himself feel what he needed to feel and realized he was in love with Sharla and wasn't in love with Lily. He broke up with her when they got home from JAJ, went back to England for a long time, got back to Japan and finally got together with Sharla. It was always meant to be and Lily never stood a chance.

No. 245045

lol i love these fanfictions

No. 245047

Where did you find this? I don't see it on Instagram or Twitter.

No. 245048

It's not obvious that he definitely didn't cheat on Lily, there are plenty of things that suggest it as a possibility.
Now can we stop discussing this shit. Just let it end.
And yeah Lily never stood a chance. Like I've said >>244677 >>244737
He never genuinely cared for her.
That much is clear.

No. 245049

Ngl the more I read the more of a cunt Chris is.

No. 245050

He probably did care for her, but when the girl he according to Lily ALWAYS had a crush on became available by some miracle, he took the chance and broke up with Lily. Now almost 4 years down the line he and Sharla seem happier and stronger than ever and there is even whispers about marriage, while Lily obviously, judging by her tweets, still has not yet healed. It is what it is.

No. 245051

If you're into Chris fan fiction, check the Chris/Connor tag on AO3. It is frequently updated.

No. 245083

I really hope you are on their payroll with all the cringe you write in this thread (directed at all anons who recount their versions of this """love story""" of two average fatties getting together)

No. 245089

It didn’t confirm their relationship though, just that he filmed there.. you could speculate that they were living together/are a couple from that. Ergo circumstantial evidence.
Jeez that was the whole point of my post anon way to whoosh right past it.

No. 245102

It confirmed that they were living together and had been since 2019.
Why would he have moved from Sendai, a much bigger city with more opportunities, to Morioka if he wasn't in a relationship with Sharla?

No. 245104

"it's a COIncidenceee!!!!!!! WEAK evidence"
all from one or two redditfag worshippers

No. 245107

Your insane

No. 245109

You know guys Chris and Sharla couldn't of gotten together on JAJ1. I mean the simps would have known about it seeing as their mouths are permanently attached to Chris and Sharla's butts.

No. 245138

File: 1662350211125.jpeg (117.79 KB, 674x1200, 38AA6BCB-79F7-4156-AA15-E2C311…)

>Joey is an 8

The absolute state of weeb standards
He’s like an uglier Mike Diva, who tbf I did hook up with in my yellow fever one drop rule stage and he’s like a 7 max

Also anyone remember lolicon einshine?

No. 245141

unfortunately. what ever happened to him?(learn2sage)

No. 245142

And when did he move, anon?

No. 245181

>>245107 (you’re)
You do know I am speaking retrospectively; pre England coffee mug posts - I’m not still denying their relationship.
You can reee till you’re blue in the face, all of the evidence back then didn’t 100% confirm their romantic relationship.
I’m not from Reddit, i thought that would be obvious?? I just want to see evidence like most lolcow users. My original post was in relation to the conversation about none of you having had a healthy relationship with anyone/being 12 and not understanding relationships at all.
There was circumstantial evidence, but you obsessive fan girls wrote your own narrative and were unwilling to post undeniable proof until Sharla announced it on YouTube. End of.
Have you been under a rock? Einshine nuked his accounts fucking years ago.

No. 245182

That's exactly what I meant. >>244945 just didn't fucking get it.


You guys are the only ones that brought her up again in this thread. And along accusations that she made that have zero proof. You all just create fiction in your head! That's what's baffling.

As I said: this is all speculation. It's like I'm arguing with tinfoilers. You spin everything back to the starting point.

No. 245186

>As I said: this is all speculation.
I never said that any of it was undeniable proof.
I said that there are a number of things that suggest it as something that might have happened.

No. 245191

Micaela is on Twitter talking about how difficult it is to keep things afloat as a new mom. Poor girl … I really do wonder how much her husband is helping out.

No. 245198

Did "American Pete" join Chris and Connor on their cycle? I thought it was just C & C?

No. 245199

Why don’t any of you post fucking caps when you come here to announce something???????

No. 245207

File: 1662390047396.jpg (129.54 KB, 828x1047, 38VKL1b.jpg)

American Pete was in the van for the last 3 days. Cheerleader basically, Ian and Paul were doing the work. He was streaming on his channel from the van as well. I think he helped by carrying the conversation when Connor and Chris were exhausted. Added some levity at stops that would otherwise just be them gasping for drinks/food/bathroom.

$316,469.69 raised. Connor’s fans clung to the “funny numbers” tenaciously.

Chris did really well honestly. For all people get on him about his health, he smashed that.

No. 245209

NTA, then move on. Its a discussion thats hitting a wall.

No. 245213

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1582110821 (around 04:08:00)
Chris thinks he's capable of having a six-pack by December. He's saying this sitting in front of a massive katsudon+ramen set and they finished the day at McDonald's heh.

No. 245214

That goes for you lot too. Move on and ignore the anons who think that cheating happened. Don't get bent out of shape over someone saying that they think Chris and Sharla were playing hide the sausage during JAJ.
Then we can all move on.

No. 245215

Did you miss when I said, NTA? Go outside.

No. 245218

That's a lot of money! Good for them.

No. 245219

Apartment update video

No. 245220

Seriously, that's some good news. I don't know why anons are nitpicking the trip sometimes lol Even if someone on the ride can't do it, they are still raising money to help a good cause.

No. 245221

Their apartment makes me so anxious because it's always so messy and cluttered. Chris must make a lot of money, why not move into a bigger place with like a separate room for the cats to have all their toys and things?

No. 245224

No, I just watched it and came here to post it and you already had.

No. 245225

Also Japan won't let you do that. They find it really weird that people need extra rooms. A lot of realtors will not show you rooms outside of 1k1r or if you're lucky, only ONE extra room. They got away with 2 in general because they probably said roommates and not sleeping together. Otherwise, couples in Japan are expected to have 1 bedroom only. This isn't uncommon, and especially weary whe it comes to foreingers.

No. 245226

Scrolling through the comments, I can't believe some of Sharla's followers apparently don't understand she and Chris live together.

No. 245227

So everyone knows because I forgot that part:

>I've been living in this apartment for a little bit over a year now.

Enjoy that added timeline. So Chris and her were not living together in Morioka in 2019.

No. 245228

What are you talking about? Chris and Sharla moved from Morioka to Sendai in July 2021, so little over a year ago like Sharla said.

No. 245229

One of my petpeeves is Youtubers unpacking things like clothes or in this case home laundry without washing it first. I know they wash it maybe at some point but it still irks me.

That's interesting. I think where I'm from we should've soome kind of rules, too since most people have way to big houses or apartments and families search for them.

No. 245230

Not in the same place, so when they moved they most likely started living together. Added info for why they probably didn't start dating a few months prior.

No. 245231

Sharla and Chris moved in together in Morioka around May 2019. They lived in that apartment until July 2021, when they both moved into the apartment in Sendai.

No. 245232

That's exactly it. It's a societal wastefulness adversion. They don't think people need the extra space. Also because Japan in the areas people live now are compact, they also only really make places for singles and families and those places already have set room amounts, so going outside of it, you need to actually look in more rural destinations if you want more rooms. This is why you see a lot of foreigners buying houses they need to renovate. More rooms = hands on construction.

No. 245233

He wasn't in Morioka when she first moved there I thought. Remember, anons discussed he had to travel to Morioka to visit her. He eventually moved to Moiroka.

No. 245235

Yes, Sharla moved to Morioka when she moved from Korea, so probably in winter 2018/2019, Chris probably moved into her apartment around May 2019 because that's when he first filmed a video there and that background did not change until July 2021, when they both moved to Sendai.

No. 245237

Yeah, I'm thinking the commission was a gift, kind of the "Hey.. I got this of us.." kind of green light.

No. 245238

Busy now so I wonder if the mysterious room that was used for old furniture will be shown kek

No. 245239

No. She did show Chris' toothbrush and PS5 though.

No. 245240

Watch the video? It's not hard. Even skim through.

No. 245241

Holy shit you guys are still obsessive over this bullshit that doesn’t matter and no one cares about.

No. 245242

It’s all fanfics my dude, even the shit I’m sure you posted in the past. People saying they 1000% cheated or didn’t are fanfics too, because we DONT know.

No. 245243

Some people still seem to think they don't live together so it's good to set the record straight.

No. 245245

This actually helps figure out a better timeline instead of anons saying they lived together from the get-go and stuff, but now I'm thinking from >>245235 that if the background, matching video backgrounds I mean, didn't change until 2021, then that's even more obvious they probably didn't start living together until a year after they both moved to Moiroka in their separate apartments.

So yeah. Doesn't seem like cheating and the timeline of about a year-year and a half seems accurate. Now the removal of the "1-2 years" from his vlog makes sense since it hasn't even been 2 years at all.

No. 245246

Does anybody else feel like Sharla seems a bit "down" in this video?

No. 245248

No. But if she was, it's probably because she's missing her bf.

No. 245249

She just seems chill and she's cleaning while filming.

No. 245250

Chris' video background from May 2019 onwards was in Sharla's closet room in her Morioka apartment.

No. 245255


No. 245256

It's cringe to miss your significant other when you have spent a lot of time away from each other?

No. 245257


No. 245262

I don't think she's fat. She gained weight but that because she had a massive tumor on her thyroid and the hormones that control the metabolism can take a while to get under control after surgery like that.

No. 245264

I love how anons kept saying it wasn't cancer, but that's why they removed it. It could develop in to it.

No. 245269

It's cringe people bringing fanfiction like comments.

No. 245270

He was in the closet room in her first apartment, then he moved his desk into the closet room in that second apartment that she rented out that was in the same building.
What are you talking about with "doesn't seem like cheating"? He broke up with his ex late Dec 2018. The only timeline where it might have happened was during JAJ. It doesn't make any sense to say that.

No. 245271

I mean she is unwilling to take the meds for it for who knows why reason.

No. 245272

How do you know anything about which medicines she does or does not take?

No. 245274

He is a goal driven person but in a flawed way I think he tends to discard the positive knowledge after achieving the goal he wanted.
If he had kept at least half of the habits of those years when he did lost weight he would be fine right now.
He said he migth get the abs but when Connor said let's bet he backtracked fastly Top kek

No. 245279

NTA but she said she was trying to manage it by following a diet given by her doctor first instead of going straight to meds

No. 245282

That was some time ago though. She got plenty of comments on the video that reassured her that the pills were harmless. Maybe she had a change of heart, but we have no way of knowing because it is not any of our business.

No. 245287

>throws a perfectly good soap dispenser and towels with no holes in them
It's picky but geez how wasteful is she.

No. 245288

She said she would use the old towels for cleaning rags

No. 245291

When Connor mentioned the quantity Chris panicked a bit lmao.
As if he would became poor or something lmao.

No. 245293

she never said that in the video

No. 245297

Sharla signed the contract for her apartment in Morioka in September of 2018. This was said during a livestream and mentioned one or two threads ago. She got divorced summer of 2018. Please stop trying to change the timeline, Chris and Sharla fans.

No. 245300

To be more specific, her doctor recommended her to take meds, but she didn't want to and wanted to try the diet route instead until the new year, so her doctor gave her a strict diet to follow, but she was drinking liquor and eating junk on livestream with Chris and Pete. The reason why her doctor recommended meds in the first place was because her numbers were so bad after she got back from the UK, probably due to poor eating habits while she was there, during what was supposed to be her last checkup.

No. 245306

From personal experience, (different medical issue) it’s a big mental adjustment to accept that you are going to be on medication for life.
I don’t think the there’s anything wrong with trying to avoid or postpone that if you can improve your health enough through other means. She may eventually have to go on the medication but I don’t blame her for trying other things first. It does suck to have to take pills every day not to mention the cost depending on your situation. (Idk about medical insurance and Rx drugs in Japan.)

No. 245307

File: 1662411146167.jpg (172.52 KB, 2048x2048, lMgWNvU.jpg)

Signs of Chris living there in the new video. 2 electric toothbrushes in the bathroom (4-ish mark) and “we never use” the light in the bedroom. (11:50) Also an air purifier beside the bed.

Not a fan of those pillow covers. But I get the desire to freshen up your living space.

No. 245316

Is there anyone who still don’t believe they live together? Even Chris’ Reddit seem to have come around to the idea.

No. 245324

Idk seems like people are still clinging to the idea that they just started dating recently lol.
They haven’t acknowledged living together so the little clues that they are keep adding up.

No. 245325

Why do they even care? What’s the big deal about them living together?

No. 245326

No one said they aren't living together now. In morioka, they weren't. They had 2 seperate apartments unless one was just a studio at some point, but matching stuff didnt start showing up until months after she moved back to Japan. Theres being obtuse, then there's you.

No. 245327

People on Chris' reddit page claim they don't live together. They definitely lived together in Morioka.

No. 245328

Why in the world does she put a new tablecloth on that table if the cats like to spill stuff on it? Tablecloths give me grandma vibes.

It's a nice looking table, she could just put placemats on it.

No. 245339

She only lives in morioka after her divorce. Chris moved out of Sendai after his beak up with lily. I am not sure what you are getting at but Chris and Sharla has been living together since the middle of 2019. Matching furniture starred showing up in chris video since May of 2019.

No. 245340

She somehow made her place look worse. The old towels looked much nicer, the tablecloth is ugly, the fake plants are just sad looking and add to the clutter. What she needs a larger cupboarb where she could store all the clutter and get rid of her small baskets and open shelves and all the random stuff laying around on the floor.

No. 245342

The fake plants look way too small … and why would she put real dirt in those glass thingys?! The cats will probably pee in them.

No. 245344

Lol do you only get rid of your towels if they have holes in them? That’s weird!

No. 245345

Sharla apartment had such potential but she chose the ugliest furniture and 2 fucking bean bags to decorate! It’s also always dirty and clutters as fuck. She is gross tbh

No. 245346

LOL I have to agree. Everyone in the comment section of her new vid is asking why she wouldn't wash the bed sheets or towels before using them and she is ignoring them all!

No. 245349

For the bedroom a little bigger plant could actually work and add something to the room. But those things in the living room are unredeemable. They are right next to the cat tree. It's like an open invitation to her cats to fuck them up.

No. 245351

The state of their apartment makes my eyeball twitch… I think Sharla is the hoarder though.

No. 245352

What other reason would there be? Unless there's a huge stain that can't come off but Sharla just said she wanted to change them because she felt like it.

No. 245361

File: 1662426945268.jpg (3.98 MB, 1926x3200, 100hrs in photoshop.jpg)

All she needed to do was to invest into two proper pieces of furniture and all the mess could be avoided.

No. 245362

you should email this to sharla tbh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 245363

This isn't fucking reddit. We don't give a fuck about reddit. Get out of here, scrote.

No. 245364

Yeah. May..a couple months later.

No. 245366

I want to know why Chris and Sharla have hinted at living together but won't say the actual words? How fucking hard can it be to say "yes, we live together"?

No. 245367

do they have to say the exact words? when Chris talks about NOT living alone in Emma's Q&A video. When Sharla talks about buying a PS5 for Chris and Chris telling Connor that he and Sharla just got a PS5 on a live stream.
When Sharla cluttered ass ugly apartment has a 3rd bedroom that she conveniently has never shown.
its so obvious!

No. 245368

Literally what nonreligious couple who's been dating for about/over three years would NOT be living together?

No. 245369

do you know which day they talked about the ps5? and around what time?

No. 245370

To be fair, many people like fans on Chris reddit think they only recently started dating and refuse to believe they live together.

No. 245371

She had that ps5 for awhile we say it a year ago when everyone was trying to figure out if Chris was with Sharla.

No. 245372

Some people are gonna be soooo shocked when Sharla and Chris announce to the world that they are e-n-g-a-g-e-d!

No. 245373

Pretty sure that was a ps4. She had some ps5 games she and Chris were gifted though.

No. 245374

Why does she have a decoy bedroom lmao? Obviously they're playing hide the hotdog

No. 245375

It's Chris' office

No. 245376

File: 1662429756876.jpg (533.75 KB, 1440x1436, ADateInJapan.jpg)

Honestly Chris is pretty money obsessed which is strange because he's a multimillionaire who can write off almost anything as a business expense. I would even say he's worse for it than even a lot of youtubers who are openly about just getting money or dumb vlogs. Which is why he scrubbed the Abe video and always complains on the podcast if a video doesn't do as well as he likes. Just for the algorithm. It's why I can't take him seriously when he acts like he's a filmmaker/artist who shouldn't even be compared to jvloggers. Not to say he isn't talented at filming and editing. But the money obsession is coming first more and more. Which is why this claim I found on reddit doesn't surprise me.
Maybe a guest room? On a side note does anyone else agree that guest rooms are overrated unless you're regularly hosting people? Just wasted space and it's easier to convert a room during those few occassions.
Definitely more cluttered ane eclectic than an apartment for two people and two cats should be. Maybe they could collab with Marie Kondo next and sort themselves out.

No. 245377

Imagine wasting valuable minutes of your life not only figuring out how to improve a Youtuber's clutter situation, but screencapping, annotating and posting your findings

No. 245378


Oh, I can easily imagine that. After all, we're both here wasting valuable minutes of our lives discussing the lives of people we will never meet. All I need to do is use a bit more juice to imagine opening up MS Paint.

No. 245384

Sharla kinda looks like a soccer mom; the blonde dye, nails, large sweater. Just needs a tumbler and lawn chair to complete it kek

No. 245391

A girl I worked with told me that her Mum’s sisters’s son’s ex-gf went on a date with Chris once and all he talked about was the stock exchange and corporate finance.
Lmao what a load of dumb shit

No. 245392

My friend’s Mum’s parrot once said that he went on a fictional date with Chris and he claimed to being a mass murderer when he’s not making shitty vlogs in a rice field.
I decided not to take it entirely at face value.

No. 245400

I'm not pretending this is a smoking gun just that I wouldn't be surprised if it's true it's also pretty old so I doubt its a hater. No need to double post and try to make it bigger than it is in an effort to make it ridiculous. Money obsessed guy was encountered and seen as money obsessed. Nothing groundbreaking.

No. 245401

Autistic shitposting. Just report, anons.

No. 245403

Do you remember the charity stream of trashtaste?
In the you laugh you lose part Chris gets wussy about paying $100 each time he laughs and even tries to bargain with Connor for a lower amount.
For someone like him this should be something not so significant money wise and heck even more if charity.
This alongside his comment about "love is expensive" do tells me how true colors in the money aspect.
Mrs Cat mum*

No. 245409

Dude was clearly joking. Sorry you don’t have a sense of humor. Feel free to just casually glaze over he raised 300k for charity yesterday afternoon.

No. 245416

chris isn't as wealthy as you'd think. he only just recently started accepting and doing sponsorship deals on his channel. up until now it has all been youtube adsense and govt tourism marketing contracts. He's doing well for himself but not to the tune of multimillionaire well, closer to a few hundred thousand pounds (after tax) per year.
He also reinvests a lot of his earnings back into his business in the form of his studio, camera and audio and lighting equipment, paying for assistance on shoots and the usual travel costs etc.

No. 245442

Speaking of the Trashtaste guys' level of attractiveness…

Connor 8/10
Joey 5/10
Garnt 2/10 … yet this uggo managed to pull the hottest girl out of them all. How the fuck did that happen?

No. 245448


Connor is balding, but I guess he has the cash to fix that.
Joey could start selling grease if needed.
Grant has the best hair but has the misfortune of having the ghost of Steve Jobs manage his wardrobe.

No. 245451

>yet this uggo managed to pull the hottest girl out of them all
I guess Sydney is best looking one but she was much better looking five years ago.

No. 245452

What lack of sense of humor anon?
This is something that repeats in him.
I'm aware of the cycling stuff what about it? That doesn't erase the previous examples.
Heck if I remember well he did an odd comment when Connor said something about putting some cash and he said "I'm already cycling".

No. 245453

Pal his channel does well and he has a patreon with 7k+ suscribers on top it.
I don't think he's a millionaire as some said here but he's definitely at some level rich and we can hear him not deny it in a IRL stream that he did with Connor some time ago.

No. 245455

How many times will he need to buy new lights and camera? C'mon the dude is well off.

No. 245457

Even channels with 500k followers and a fraction of patreon following are well off. We should stop lying to ourselves about how much money youtubers make. Chris might be special because of own money he invests in some project tho.

No. 245464

Greasy Syd is still a pretty low bar and Aki could lose weight and probably easily pull ahead

No. 245473

I’m having a chuckle at the guys in the comments who are all like “heee Sharla got a ps5 before Chris!!” and “people can have two toothbrushes !”

No. 245474

Hasn't Aki always been the same size. A little chunky. Sharla refuses to accept her fate with her thyroid and crash diets. She will be twice Aki's size in a few years should she continue. Not that any of it matters.

No. 245480

Why do you think Sharla crash diets? If I understood correctly, she worked out a diet with her doctor. She has a smoothie at lunch and proper food for dinner, with lots of veggies. Sounds pretty healthy to me.

No. 245482

With poorly-matched hair colour that washes her out and movements/mannerisms that make her still look like an awkward high schooler kek

No. 245485

He didn't, Connor did.
Chris was there to film a Wacky Weekend episode as part of his fitness thing. That's why he had a cameraman filming them for Youtube. He said it himself in the podcast, Connor was the one who thought of doing it for charity.

No. 245489

A smoothie for breakfast and lunch isn't a proper diet. If she is having the smoothie it should be the last meal of the day. A good breakfast does wonders for the metabolism and thyroid. She is always doing a diet of sorts for short periods before we see her eating crap. She needs to start taking her meds and I HIGHLY doubt she consulted a doctor or a nutritionist.

No. 245492

Yes Anon, the size of her forearms and jowls in the latest video are alarming , also she has the camera placed from above looking down in an obvious attempt to look thinner but it doesn’t help . Take the damn meds and don’t eat fried tofu (karaage tofu) for lunch, it ain’t low in calories just because it contains veggies and tofu

No. 245493

It’s not very nice to be nasty about a woman’s weight when she just had surgery. None of y’all know anything about whether or not she takes her meds. She’s not fat. She’s not overweight. Getting back into shape can take time, stfu already.

No. 245494

It's inevitable, the normal aging of the body metabolism on top of the hormone issue will wi the war.
She should take the meds.

No. 245495

Anons here attack everyone without caring who they are or the situation of them only you are getting bitchy due Sharla.

No. 245497

not attacking sharla about her weight but she clearly want to lose weight but she do it in a wrong way with her diet plan using only meal plans, she really need to take her doctor advice about taking the meds and not taking advice from some juju organic bs.

No. 245505

plus the money went to the Immune Deficiency Foundation, and a friend of Connor's (ironmouse) suffers from CVID. It was clearly his idea

No. 245506

She's fat and eats like shit. She shows everyone she eats like shit for views. Japan has a great food culture compared to North America and England but the two fatties probably think fighting over the last biscuit is a daily workout. They can afford to do better and they don't. Hopefully they smarten up before they have fat gajin kids getting bullied by kids 1/4 their size.

No. 245507

Western women shouldn't eat unfermented soy anyways but she especially shouldn't with her health issues. Should be taking advantage of local fish markets if she's so against proper meat proteins that would help her condition greatly.

No. 245508

so true, i remember chris make a video about japan scam and the segment about food is so ridiculous bad infos. he eat like still in vacation in japan. the only thing japanese cuisines can offer is fried foods and ramen .

No. 245513

Her diet is pretty bad though, drinking sugary smoothie for lunch and dinner isn't healthy. Getting protein from only protein powder isn't healthy either.

No. 245516

I don't know if video content is always the best way to judge what somebody eats or doesn't eat the rest of the time. However I think the weight gain suggests she doesn't handle her thyroid stuff very well. I'm taking meds for my thyroid for fifteen years and my doctor keeps on telling me how important the thyroid is. My mom doesn't have a thyroid at all anymore and religiously takes her meds as well. I hope Sharla is now taking her hormones.

No. 245517

She eats tofu in the vlog, that’s full of protein.

No. 245528

File: 1662476409489.jpeg (1.21 MB, 2126x1284, 62A6444B-94F5-44D6-961E-ED5E55…)

So in case anyone is still questioning if chris and Sharla lives together. On his podcast today title “chris and Connor’s 750k cycle across Hokkaido” featuring American Pete. At 11:40 he speaks about walking into his sitting room and finding that Sharla got him a PS5. Well we saw the PS5 as clear as days in the sitting room in Sharla’s video. Case closed lol

No. 245532

circumstantial sperg-chan incoming

No. 245538

nothing means nothing lol

No. 245540

From my observation of C and S after the announcement of their dating. It seems that Chris is the more chill about the matter, and Sharla is the one thats been gate keeping the most. Its because her-ex is a super private individual and didn't give any statement after the divorce, meaning we cant scrutinize whose at fault since only one side came out in public. Imagine if their involvement leaked early just when she announced publicly her divorce. She will lose a lot of favour and sympathy, since she just suddenly rebounded. Also the topic of adultery will surely surface on when C and S began their affair. Basically Sharla is enjoying that people here cant stop about Lily, since it gaslit her previous relation(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 245543

I was equally surprised about how open Chris has been. I mean they both lie to cover their tracks. but Sharla is still tiptoeing around the fact that they live together. I think it's because of her glaring lie about the 3rd bedroom is so recent, she wants to put some space between the time she told her simp audience that boldface lie. anyway Sharla has no issues lying to her audience, and that will not stop now.

No. 245544

Since we know that Sharla comes on here, let this be a PSA.
Sharla your place is trash and cluttered as fuck. clean it up.
Sharla redecorate your place its awful. go on pintress and see some designed Inspo on how to decorate small rooms.
please trash those ugly bean bags.
declutter your house.
get better storage.
get rid of that ugly carpet.
ask your talented friends for help, your place looks like shit!

No. 245545

>Why do you think Sharla crash diets? If I understood correctly, she worked out a diet with her doctor. She has a smoothie at lunch and proper food for dinner, with lots of veggies. Sounds pretty healthy to me.
She's been doing diets and yo-yoing for years, and she was drinking alcohol and was recently eating junk on camera when she'd already had a cheat day despite admitting that her doctor told her she had to stick to a very strict diet because she decided not to take meds. She also doesn't exercise properly. I think her diet and lifestyle has gotten even worse since dating Chris and they're both a bad influence on each other when it comes to that aspect of their lives. They both stick to fads or one-time events instead of making realistic, sustainable changes even though they're both risking their health at this point.
>It’s not very nice to be nasty about a woman’s weight when she just had surgery. None of y’all know anything about whether or not she takes her meds. She’s not fat. She’s not overweight. Getting back into shape can take time, stfu already.
First of all, Sharla has been like this for years and she told the whole world on camera that she's chosen not to take meds and won't consider taking them until the year is over. It's very obvious that she's fat (and if you think she isn't, you're probably surrounded by fat people and a fat person yourself) and she admitted her test results were very poor after her trip to the UK where she wasn't eating healthy. She was actually improving right after surgery when she was being more careful about what she was eating. I bet you're the same person who claimed Chris isn't obese.

No. 245546

You're rating Aki as a 6??!!!!
Above average?
Are you blind or retarded? Which one is it?
Her face looks like a dog's asshole and she's likely medically obese with a big wide monkey nose.
She's no higher than a 3. I would have to literally be paid to fuck her. way way below average.

No. 245547

its probably because she can't cook for shit. orders out all the time, and sits around her ugly cluttered apartment doing fuck all.

No. 245549

No one did ITT. We all know they are dating and living together.

Do you think that just because she didn't say his name over and over and over and go on about how he might like organizing? Autistic thinking.
>She didn't talk about him a lot in her video about her decorating
>She doesn't want to tell people they live together

Its a given they do now.

No. 245551

She most likely does take some form of synthroid. Move on.

No. 245562

Connor honestly seems like one of the most genuinely good guys who works hard and is down to earth. Especially with the amount of long streams he's done you'd think more douchebaggery and controversy would slip out. Plus several threads ago he replied to criticism in a mature way that was accepting and receptive. It's pretty mind-blowing to see from a youtuber and especially twitch streamer. Half the time they become megalomaniacs that bully their attention deprived subs.

No. 245567

Migth sounds like an ass buy he if doesn't know how to cook Sharla should help him, if she's doesn't either then well whoops.
It could be he simply him unwilling to eat differently.

No. 245570

Why do we even have the TT and Aki threads if you guys can't keep discussion about them in there?

No. 245571

Yeah he's the most transparent out of 3 and Chris too (well they don't owe us anything but still).

No. 245573

I’m very sure she takes her medication because the consequences are life threatening. Thyroid shock and death. Everyone’s just pissy that her weight is very normal for her type of thyroid condition. Yeah she’s over weight, doubt her food choices help but even with healthy foods you all praise about she wouldn’t be that much of a different weight.

No. 245574

I would say all of them are attractive, as are YouTubers in general. Plus Garnt might be tall. The only thing is that Joey and Garnt are openly pretty pervy, dress themselves like shit, and do zero grooming. Connor pulls ahead easily even if he only wears two shirts. Plus I think he has the best personality.
The Women. Akis issues are obvious and Sydney's content and persona is very cursed. If she counts probably Meilene would win out of the three. Mainly because she seems like she'd be really fun to hang out with.
Chris for all his faults isn't gonna go all out and he was reaffirmed with the positive feedback. I think his big concern was his audience accepting her so it wouldn't upset the algorithm which they did. So he had no reason to keep up a huge smoke and mirrors show. Sharla had a huge divorce on camera despite her husband not being seen outside of one picture so of course she's more guarded. Though she also does seem to lie needlessly and a lot more. My belief is that if you don't lie you don't need to stress out and remember anything. At the end of the day who cares that they live together or are engaged or whatever else there is?
I honestly would be very (pleasantly) surprised if Chris and/or Sharla actually got in shape long term. Neither are really holding themselves accountable in that way and they jump for any excuse not to eat and live right in favor of unsustainable excercise events or fad diets. These people were common when I was a personal trainer and they never got consistent results.

No. 245575

The people that think taking thyroid meds fix your metabolism 100% and you have a normal metabolism after the medication are retarded.

No. 245578

File: 1662486455338.png (455.25 KB, 672x457, Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 1.47…)

Glad I wasn't the only one who thought Sharla's apartment was a tip. That humongous Costco sized bag of raisins really got me. If space is a premium, maybe just go ahead and buy the smaller bag even if it is pricier per raisin? I couldn't believe it when she just started emptying bags of dirt into her apartment for fake plants, too. She has a balcony, guess it was blocked off by cat toys and Huell bags? The state of her place might be what keeps her looking young, it looks like a 22 year old girl's first apartment.

No. 245580

I'm not really a bougie person, but I did feel that if I lived like that close to 40, I'd be a bit depressed. Garnt and Sydney have a whole house they rent, and they live in Tokyo. Why can't they find more space so they can stop living like college students/newlyweds?

No. 245583

Sharla is the one who declared she doesn't take meds, so if she is, that means she's been lying in her videos.

No. 245584


In the recent Wacky Weekend video, Chris takes Connor bungee jumping to celebrate Connor’s birthday. Apparently Chris chose this activity because he expected Connor to be afraid of heights and have an unpleasant reaction.

Connor had an amazing time. It was Chris who was shitting his pants with fear, whining about how “it’s not fair, Connor is supposed to be the terrified one, not me”. Connor was gracious and kind to Chris, encouraging him to face his fears so they could enjoy the day together.

Connor seems like a genuinely good person. Or at least someone who wants to work at being a good person. I enjoy Chris’s videos when he’s presenting a topic, but when it’s just him being himself - or at least his YouTube persona self - “smarmy British fuck complaining” only goes so far. There’s a lot of cruelty played for laughs, when everyone else is trying to have a good time. I know that UK people specifically and men in general get a kick out of “taking the piss” out of each other, but Chris veers into straight up asshole behavior on the regular. Literally trying to make his friend miserable on his birthday for laughs. I’m glad it backfired, and it definitely soured my opinion of Chris.

If Chris is trying to segue away from “expat in Japan” content to “people watch me regardless” content, he might want to work on being more vulnerable. At least more sincere. I wouldn’t want to be the fan favorite of an audience that enjoys “man acts like an asshole to his friends” content.

No. 245585

But weird how he called her his “friend” though. “I know who my real friends are” he said right after that!

No. 245591

That's just what the phrase is, anon. It'd be pretty clumsy to say, "I know who my real friends, in this particular case my girlfriend, are!" It's just a figure of speech.

No. 245592

one look at the completed neko neko inn tells you all you need to know about sharla’s decorating “skills” lol

money can’t buy taste

No. 245600

In AiJ last podcast Chris says he'll take part in Ludwig's chess-boxing event for content creators twitch/YouTube in Los Angeles in December.This will happen before the UK trip as he also said.

Around 12:30

No. 245602

I suppose a December wedding is off the table.

No. 245604


He's only vulnerable when whinging about the algorithm and how he doesn't want to, but has to come up with videos that don't actually have any real content.

Like what's with the current Journey in Japan vids? Renting a yacht? Renting a fancy villa? Wacky souvenirs? Renting an ATV to run loops on a pretty small course? That sort of content doesn't have to be in Okinawa or Japan. Journey Across Your Country With A Tropical Region: Escape To Said Tropical Region.

It's like he just went on vacation, took a couple of characters for content, and just filmed everything so they could just cobble something together in editing.

Production, or planning, has seem to have really gone down from the first JAJ, and even that one lost steam towards the middle of it when it was clear the schedule he set for himself and his crew wasn't going to cut it.

No. 245609

They just got engaged, right? Shouldn't it be like a year till they're married?

No. 245614

We don't know how long they have been engaged for and if they even are engaged, but I think that they got engaged in Santorini in June.

Depending on how big a wedding it is, they could easily have it in December. Finding wedding venues then is far easier than in summer.

No. 245621

Or she was just being retarded, you say something once doesn’t mean that’s your whole life story forever, I watched that video too my friend, many people in the comments told her the seriousness of not taking the meds

No. 245623

the logic of these people
>Sharla says once in a video she wants to try without meds
>maybe decides in her private life outside of youtube to change her mind and take the meds
>"that means she's been lying in her videos."

No it's really fantastic how people keep thinking they can draw conclusions of someone's life outside of YT by watching edited videos

No. 245657

Lol what the hell are you talking about. It’s a video with his styles showing Okinawa. What do you want him to do? He is 30 years old, and successful do you want him to stay in a hostel to make your poor ass feel better. It is not a travel guide it’s for entertainment. His audience are his age an older and can afford to pay 1200 to rent a yatch and stay in a nice hotel. Why don’t you up your game, so that you don’t have to keep staying in roach hotels and stop being a jealous little boy. Grow up and upgrade your life looser

No. 245658

I love how you are still trolling people with santorini.

No. 245660

It’s a joke don’t you have a sense of humor. You don’t need to pick apart every
Word. Y’all are so strange

No. 245663

Garnt's gf seems as tall or taller than him so I doubt it, plus SEA men in general are very short.

I mean yeah but next to him she looks like a 10/10. She's what Asian men with white girl fetishes desperately wish they could have (in shape with blonde hair/blue eyes). Aki would be someone more on his own level.

No. 245664

She is so dumb. That sort of pot is supposed to be decorative. For example even if I planted real plants in that pot, I would put it in another pot and lined the inner part of the glass with small decorative rocks or moss. But then again putting the dirt in fits in with her shitty design!
Sharla stop it!
get rid of 1/2 if the shit in your ugly apartment!

No. 245667

File: 1662500467216.jpeg (28.19 KB, 217x232, 59588C47-B1FC-4D15-8C3C-2DD44C…)

Garnt is 6’1 and his WIFE is shorter than him.

No. 245668

Cant wait till the kitten plays around and throws down those plants.

No. 245670

It honestly isn't trolling, I am 99% certain that Sharla's photo was taken in Santorini. Maybe it wasn't her that took it, but it was likely taken there.

I have seen that hotel countless times on Instagram! They are located in Oia, only have a few suites and are super exclusive. Just the other day that hotel posted a video where you can clearly see two suites with infinity pools, one of which where that photo was likely taken at.

Chris hasn't breathed a word about Spain since he got back from the UK, but said on the podcast that he went away from the UK for a little while before coming back. Like I said, I am 99% sure they went to Santorini but are very reluctant to share that with their followers for whatever the reason.

No. 245671

K, he's still hideous. Sorry, fangirl. Does he have a lot of money or is the girl just that much of a crazy weeb that she can ignore his looks for weebness?

No. 245672

American Pete seems like a really genuine guy. Is he single?

No. 245681

Idiot facts are facts. There’s a huge gap between fan girl and the truth. Just because I corrected your false statement doesn’t make me a fan girl. if you just want to make shit up and lie, don’t be surprised if people call you out. Your little boy ego was hurt awe..

No. 245683

Yes he is married, the rumor is his wife is pregnant and his twitch channel is blowing up.

No. 245684

I know that they went on a vacation to another European island country per the podcast. Yes Chris did speak about Spain prior to going to the UK and yes he has not mentioned it sense.
Yes the picture of the pool was very Greek island like, but it can be anywhere there or Spain for that matter.
It’s very likely that they went to a European summer island spot, but we just don’t know where.
So the repeating that it’s Santorini is silly, cause you have nothing to back it.
Perhaps it’s best to say their island getaway. That’s the only thing we know for sure.

No. 245685

Where do those rumors come from? Is his wife Japanese? He should name his firstborn Chris because Chris has been a true friend to him, hustling like crazy to promote his channel.

No. 245686

I think it's Santorini because it looks exactly like one of the most exclusive hotels in Oia. They post all the time on Instagram, lots of influencers stay there. Literally in on of their latest videos posted a couple of days ago you can see the suite that photo was likely taken at. That's all I'm gonna say.

No. 245687

She made a whole video about how she's not going on meds until the new year at the earliest and following a specific diet prescribed by her doctor, and shared what kinds of foods she eats. It wasn't an off the hand comment and she was eating shit on someone else's livestream when she'd just released the video about her diet, so if she was taking meds as these other anons have been claiming, that would mean she'd been lying. But I wasn't accusing her of lying about the meds. Just pointing out that she's the one who said she wasn't taking them.

No. 245688

Just because she wasn't taking the meds when she did the video doesn't mean she's not taking them now. There were hundreds of comments on that video reassuring her the meds were not a big deal at all and important to take. Maybe she listened. She's allowed to change her mind you know, and not share it with her viewers.

No. 245689

I mean him being married is not a rumor or hidden. His wife comes on his channel all the time. I heard on a Reddit that she may be pregnant but it may be wrong,
Yes Chris helped him out, but he has been getting some bigger help from Connor lately,

No. 245690

Girl spill the tea. It’s not doxing, they are not there right now!

No. 245692

Connor also seems like a great guy. What are the rumors around his love life? Is he married too?

No. 245694

If she was taking meds when she said she wasn't, that means she was lying. Anons were claiming that she was taking meds, not realizing that Sharla herself had said she wasn't. Sharla is the one who's made a big deal about not taking meds and going on a special diet, so if you don't like people talking about what she's said in her own videos, this isn't he place to be.

No. 245695

She wasn't taking meds when she made the video so she wasn't lying but maybe she changed her mind after the overwhelming response she got that she should indeed take them.

No. 245698

That's actually pretty hilarious. I really hope this was just Chris playing a character for the video rather than actually trying to be a jerk to Connor. Either way I do agree that he's doing the mean Spirited persona too much. It was funny when it was just Ryotaro but now it seems like he's mean to everyone.
Lol if it was a casual price anyone could afford then he wouldn't feel the need to brag about it in the titles. As well the complaint I think was being made was more so that he's not doing much specific to Okinawa or exploring their culture or history or modern cities but rather just doing generic resort stuff that could be anywhere. Imagine a Journey Across Mexico where they just hung out at a resort bragging about how nice it is instead of actually exploring Mexico. That's essentially how the Okinawa JAJ is going.

No. 245700

I appreciate Connor more ,he helps Pete but doesn't ask in exchange praise like Chris.

No. 245701

syndey is cringe
she's like the female version joey but maybe worse, she showed her mom fucking hentai kek
she also had a cringe viral weeb moment on the internet a long time ago
she and garnt belong to each other

No. 245702


That's exactly my point. What's so Okinawan about a yacht? Or a villa? Or an ATV track? It's not really about Okinawa. I'm not complaining about the money spent just so you know.

If I didn't know anything about his channel and you put a gun to my head and showed clips of the yacht, the villa, or the ATV track for me to identify the location of, I wouldn't be able to tell you.

So way to miss the mark there skippy. If he spent ten grand to rent out an Okinawan shrine or a castle all to himself for an hour so he could tell us about it, you wouldn't hear a peep from me because that's actual content about Okinawa.

Even if at the very least he visited some small Okinawan island that was culturally or historically significant while renting out the yacht and showed us that instead of the inside of a yacht or a villa that as far as relating to Okinawa, might as well be in Sicily.

No. 245703

Chris missed the opportunity to talk about Okinawa's distinct culture and features, ex their food, ryukyu religion, etc. Chris probably struggles to eat anything that's not ramen, fried chicken, or fast food kek. Probably would struggle to even hike to something like Hiji falls

No. 245706

So between "trust me sis the resort is in Ola I exclusively know this through Instagram and won't post caps," "Sydney's a greasy nlog," "Aki's fat," and the fight over Sharla's medication, we're at peak Groundhog Day.

No. 245708

I think it's pretty obvious that neither and especially Chris don't know how to cook. You don't eat that much family mart chicken if you can cook. Plus for content reasons there is more incentive to eat out.
Youtubers in general live/act a lot younger than they are. Sharla and Chris are mid to late 30s but are essentially in their mid 20s in terms of mentality. Hardships and challenges are what ages you and changes your priorities.

No. 245711

I honestly doubt he cares much about Okinawa. He likes a specific niche of Japan. I mean there's a reason this is his second time going in his decade in Japan/youtube. I also agree that I doubt he'd like most of the food but he could at least explore the culture, history, and cities more. A real missed opportunity but this trip is essentially him Adam Sandlering his vacation.

No. 245715

Dude I even said I was aware of that video and there is no way she is not taking them now because of the feed back. That video was quite awhile ago, times change, stop havin your ass stuck in the past.

No. 245718

So you my darling can go about Out a video about Okinawa, culture history and food, to satisfy the masses.

No. 245720

No. 245721

File: 1662508975464.gif (32.98 KB, 220x165, wk23.gif)

No. 245724

He is not a travel channel lol !!!! Audience don’t want history lessons, they want fun, yatch and action. If he doesn’t want views he will do the exact video you mention and no one Woolf watch it.

No. 245727

I love you Japan defenders! Omg the history the culture. When actually all you want is your Japanese wife. Put your Samurai sword down, lol, post your channel on here. We will watch and critic.

No. 245733

She could have gotten some nice bamboo plants, those aren't toxic to cats. Or instead of floor plants, maybe gotten some hanging vines/ plants she could attach to the ceiling?

No. 245735

Sharla should get home decor tips from Taylor R, her home never looks cluttered and the apartment isn't even that big.

No. 245738

People are free to go check out the top small exclusive hotels in Oia online themselves if they want. There aren't many.

No. 245739

File: 1662509927616.jpg (61.54 KB, 700x700, wk12.jpg)

No. 245742

Yeah except this is an imageboard, dumbass.

No. 245744


Yes, he's not a travel blogger. He's a Japan Vlog channel, as shown in the name of the channel. Which is why it's weird that his recent JAJ videos could be set in Santorini and it would still pretty much be the same content. Though let's be honest, people watch his stuff for the Japan content. I doubt he'd get as many views if this was Journey Across Santorini.

Though I guess he's trying to transition away from Japan content for the future, so good on him, though he'll likely need to change his on screen persona because smug irate Englishman's mileage has been running low.

No. 245745

Chris' videos are getting more boring and uninteresting now that he's chasing the algorithm

No. 245746


Dear, this sounds like something Norm would say.

No. 245752

Taylor is is so beautiful and clutter free!!!!

No. 245753

Oh dear, you figured it out! What a detective you are! You should sign up for the fbi, CIA or something

No. 245755

Yai so now I know for sure you are spinning lies. Just lost the hotel! Sharla has posted the hotel names she stayed in the UK. But you are being secretive? Anyway post it or stop bringing up santorini with nothing to back it!

No. 245758

He used to mix fun and culture plus some cheeky here and there but lately he he's on full algorithm mode.
If he plans to be leave JP is not a bad move I guess.

No. 245760

You guys gotta stop replying to the KFers. They are in here baiting and derailing.

No. 245767

He still does. You don’t have to like his content. You don’t have to like him. But to say that his content is void of information and Japanese culture is off the mark. It’s a hate Bonner that some people have with no facts to back it. Anyway before you call me a simp. I think that there is plenty to criticize chris for. But his videos are generally sprinkled with solid info about japan, history and culture.

No. 245770

Yeah but he hates the algorithm. He's just forced to obsess and follow it more than even less popular youtubers do. I mean can you imagine if he had to live just with slightly less ad revenue, sponsorship money, 7.2k patreons, luxury freebies, 50% of the podcast income, residual views, and easy tax rideoffs? He'd be broke. Even if his partner also is a successful influencer making well into the six figures at the least. But at least he's an artist and not a Jvlogger.
It happens to most youtubers. Once they get big enough they think their viewers will enjoy flashing money around as the content instead of what actually brought them in.
Honestly I love his content and think he's great when he does it. I don't like the direction he's taking lately though or the darksydephil styled rants about the algorithm screwing him and how broke he is. I get that he has to play to the algorithm but he's veering too far off balance and going too much into clickbait and the Okinawa trip is just rich guys vacation with friends rather than much about Okinawa. A few years ago he would have gone more in depth instead of bragging about yachts and villas. All we got was Joey eating Goya Champeru for three seconds and Chris playing up a reaction to snake wine.

No. 245782

Is it possible she likes him for who he is as a person? You know, because he's a nice guy? Or does she have to be that shallow?

No. 245790

Did anyone else notice she didn’t wash the new towels or new bedding beforehand? Fucking gross, no wonder the apartment looks like a cluttered wasteland. The furniture and style is absolutely horrible , which is surprising considering how nice her Airbnb home turned out. Hard to believe she’s my age yet decorates like a 22 year old male

No. 245791

The Airbnb looks like shit, but a better shit then her grey on grey monstrosity that is her apartment.

No. 245792

considering their combined income, they dress and live like paupers, eg. Chris and his only t-shirt featured on every video.

also what the actual fuck is she doing putting that potting mix in with those planters? actually full blown retarded

No. 245806

sharla and ushka can bought a house in tokyo . why not sharla buy a house in sendai ? clearly her apartment is too small and so cluttered . also with 2 cats that place going to smell like cat piss

No. 245815

She's the crazy cat lady stereotype only with a boyfriend.

No. 245827

You fucking retard they bought the house to rent out. Tokyo is the most populated city, it’s to maximize profit retard

No. 245828

Her friend has experience with Airbnb maybe she recommendedgood stuff behind cameras.

No. 245831

Sharla doesn't plan on staying in Japan for very long so she probably sees no point.

No. 245832

Actually you proved my initial point by posting a pic of him side by side with the girl which clearly shows the stark contrast in their levels of attractiveness. Thx

Oh anon, you're adorable. Sure, just like Taytay totally loves her old hideous fat husband for his personality and not because he's rich, right? Ahaha. Good looking woman with ugly man = either money or mental illness.

No. 245838

Ngl I think Sydney is one of the most attractive girls I've ever seen, at least in terms of her face. Sharla is up there too. To each their own I guess.

No. 245852

Sydney is one of those weebs with yellow fever who are desperate enough to go for SEA asians even though they are more into Japanese/Korean men.

No. 245854

I think her office and bedroom look nice. The living room is a cluttered mess though, they should move to a bigger apartment. Their kitchen table is way too small. And those bean bags are way too big for a room that small. The carpet doesn't fit with the style.

I don't understand why she lets the cats on the kitchen table when she has a table cloth that will collect cat hair. How is that sanitary?

No. 245868

She is gross. Her apartment is always dirty and cluttered

No. 245869

Before you call someone retarted for getting something wrong, you should probably make sure that your info is correct. They are not renting the apartment it’s an Airbnb genius

No. 245871

Didn't look dirty to me. Cluttered? Sure.

No. 245875

Why are anons so angry about Sharla lately? Are they Chris simps who are pissed they're probably engaged?

No. 245876

They're butthurt because Sharla is too pretty.

No. 245877

Sharla is looking good lately, despite what some anons think. She'll make a pretty bride.

No. 245886

Same person talking to itself…

No. 245888

No? I’m two of those people, not the one in the middle.

No. 245894

That's standard for a lot of the cat obsessed people. Though dog obsessed people go even further. The hygiene concerns go away. It's why I don't want to eat at some friends houses. To Sharla not wanting cats on the table is like not allowing a child to eat at the table.
Or maybe him being a tall, dark, rich man with a British accent and similar hobbies and weirdness drew her in rather than her "settling" for someone because they are SEA. Ethnicity isn't really a plus or a minus or something to settle for. There's attractive and unattractive people in every country.
Sharla is attractive and she's also overweight. They're not mutually exclusive. In fact some people look better with some extra weight (to a point). If she wants to be slimmer she'd have to make better choices but she looks great especially for someone in their mid to late 30s. Chris also looks great despite his weight or rather how he carries his fat though he looks at least 10-15 years older than he is. Most people would think he's an older guy with a younger partner even though Sharla is four years older than him.

No. 245898

Sharla finally answered one of the "wash the towels" comments by saying she washed them off camera

No. 245903

So yes then kek
Yes sharla and chris are so unbearably attractive, that is why people roast them in this thread, not because they're public figures and this is a gossip board

No. 245904

It's polite to reply to someone who replies to you, just saying nonnie

No. 245907

Your suggestions sound much more tacky kek

They both deserve each other. Very degenerate with their hentai shit.

No. 245908

nta but her suggestions are to prevent root rot, which will happen in that glass.

No. 245910

Oh no. The fake plant will get root rot in its fake plastic roots.

This nitpicking just because you don't see it done lol

You realize Japan, unless youre near like Harajuku or something, their furniture, clothes, designs.. are very bland, right? Furniture is usuall designed as minimization and functionality. Clothes tend to be earth tone. Places to rent, bland. Its common as hell and finding affordable furniture not from a secondhand store or Ikea (which also 90% supplies basic ugly stuff) is all they really have.

No. 245911

File: 1662562295797.jpg (56.69 KB, 940x538, w3what.jpg)

No. 245918

Report the anons who are going on about weight and looks and especially rating them. They are scrotes. Stop taking bait, anons.

No. 245924

Nonnie, no one is saying Sharla should have Harajuku clown shit furniture in her apartment. Just clean out the clutter and make better choices on placement, et cetera. You don’t need to be in the fashion capital of your country to not put fake plants in real dirt. That’s just retarded. I like Sharla but her styling sucks. If she didn’t make a video about it I would assume she just doesn’t care about the space she lives in. Chris wearing one extremely tight black tshirt is also retarded - he could get a few online (at least one size up for god’s sake) and cycle through a handful of other colors. He dresses like Ricky Gervais.

No. 245926

According to the podcast, Chris is getting interviewed by TT this week. Sharla also seems to be in Tokyo.

No. 245927

Does everybody in Tokyo shop in Harajuku? Lol

No. 245928

No, but if you watch the video, she mentions how Japan has not-so-cute stuff. It's very prevalent in society. The fact you are nitpicking the Harajuku thing, when it was meant as an example of color in Japan vs places like Sendai, boggles me. There's a stark contrast between the city where fashion is [and this doesn't include how the furniture stores there also still carry very minimalistic and ugly pieces] more rural, uncrowded areas. It's like you do this on purpose just to reply and fill a thread.

No. 245929

My point is Sharla’s taste would suck in Harajuku and Morioka. She has bad taste. Don’t take it so personally anon, I was just addressing your defense of Sharla’s taste and invoking Harajuku as if it’s the end all be all of having good home sense. Harajuku is a personal fashion area anyway, and we’re all talking about Sharla’s ugly, crowded apartment. Two completely different things ghat you for some reason brought up.

No. 245934

I didn't defend it. I pointed out a fact that Japan has bland shit. You need to pay a lot of money for things that aren't that and they clearly don't have that kind of money.

No. 245936

Shut the fuck up so many people I know who lives in Japan have the cutest most decorated apartments and style . Sharla has no decoration skills and can’t dress herself. when she went the UK and Canada she bought the shittiest clothes she has no sense of fashion.
Even when she lived in Korea her apartment looked like a gray scale of boring and was cluttered and ugly

No. 245937

Chris is pulling at least $800,000 a year himself so yes they have that kind of money & they live very beneath that means.

No. 245938

Okay, well it came off as you defending it. This thread is rife with infighting (which is weird because it concerns some of the most dull cows on the entire site) and I don't want to contribute. My only point is Sharla, who I don't hate, has a cluttered and unattractive apartment. It looks like a college student's first place, and she's in her late 30s. If she never made a vlog about freshening up her apartment I wouldn't have said anything, she provided the content that we're all now discussing. I think she just sees other creators get views on apartment tours and shit like that, and is trying to appeal to the algorithm. Meanwhile it is clear she doesn't actually give a shit about her apartment and the harmony within it. Which is fine, it's just funny to watch her empty a bag of dirt into the corner of her cluttered living room. No one denies japan has bland shit, only like a dorky 14 year old weeb would assume it's all "Harajuku" or whatever. There are loads of people living in Japan without cluttered, cramped, and inhospitable feeling apartments that probably don't make as much money as one of the most successful jvloggers and his girlfriend.

No. 245939

That's good for you and your friends. It doesn't mean it's still not fact.

No. 245941

Her friend sola lived in Sendai and had the cutest most Aesthetic apartment and she makes significantly less money then Sharla and chris.

Look now cute her apartment was!


No. 245946


This is an imageboard. No anons should be clicking links right now with scrotes running around the site.

No. 245947

A white leather couch??

No. 245951

Lol is that what it is? My point exactly. I'm not just talking bland as in style, I mean in color too. The minimalist movement is ridiculous over there, a lot of foreigners have a hard time adapting to not having clutter or excessive things. That's why so many Japanese channels like Reika have such clean homes, but literally all beige, black, white, or other neutral tones. Sharla even mentioned this again in the Air BnB video. You can style things cute, yes, but anons are also acting like clutter Japanese homes don't exist.

No. 245954

. When she live in Korea which is a very stylish country her apartment looked like shit what’s your explanation for that?

No. 245955

It’s from IG TV I can’t post it on here because it’s not pictures ffs

No. 245959

Have you ever tried not being a retard and actually learn to screenshot…

No. 245962


No. 245964

Waiting for you to justify her ugly Korea apartment

No. 245971

Report the scrote

No. 245972

No. 245973

… the plants aren't fake

No. 245977

dresses like shit
lives in a cramped apartment
drives an old honda
whines and nags about having to spend money frequently
the cpm for travel youtubers is quite low and chris has done a poor job of monetizing his channel, getting by mostly on adsense and patreon.
his patreon is good for about $21k / month and thats before taxes.
Chris would more likely be on about $200k-$350k now before taxes, chop that in half for UK taxes. And this income level is relatively recent for him too, with much less earned in prior years.

No. 245979

>You realize Japan, unless youre near like Harajuku or something, their furniture, clothes, designs.. are very bland, right? Furniture is usuall designed as minimization and functionality. Clothes tend to be earth tone. Places to rent, bland. Its common as hell and finding affordable furniture not from a secondhand store or Ikea (which also 90% supplies basic ugly stuff) is all they really have.
Thank you for announcing to the world that you've never lived in Japan. That you would even bring up Harajuku in a discussion about furniture and interior design…

No. 245980

File: 1662574962402.jpeg (165.67 KB, 750x541, 4F97CB58-139C-45B9-832B-FFF54A…)

Chris is just a cheapskate, although his set is $$$. He doesn’t need to pay tax to the UK if his permenant residence is Japan which I believe it is.

No. 245984


The way that YouTube works is that you pay taxes in the country that you register your channel. Chris is registered in the UK, Uk has a tax agreement with the US. So he pays Uk taxes only . But having said all of that he is not making small change even after tax between his Patreon and the small amount of sponsor work he does per grade so that’s probably totals 20k a year. And his Adsense at the very least 200k a year after taxes that is not chump change.
Not saying he is a millionaire but he lives way below his means.
He could be making a million a year but he chooses to not do a lot of sponsor work and releases 2 videos monthly.

No. 245985

He is not A permanent resident of Japan is there on a visa

No. 245986

Lol yes they are. She said she doesn’t have real plants because her cats eats them in the video. Lo lol

No. 245987

It has to do with where you live, more than your actual citizenship. t a british person living abroad

No. 245990

It’s a bit of both. If you look his YouTube is registered in the UK, likely using his parents address, so he get paid in British pound. Which is good for him because the yen is so weak right now.
Am sure he has to pay taxes in Japan but then again because Japan and the UK has a tax agreement as well, because he lives there.

No. 245992


Chris was also a cranky dickhead to Connor during the charity stream. I enjoyed his videos previously, but between what you mentioned on Connor's Wacky Weekend birthday video and how much of an asshole he was to Connor during the cycle, I find Chris unwatchable.

Highlight of the streams was seeing Pete and Connor interact, they both get along really well and I agree that Connor comes across as very kind and genuinely friendly, same as Pete.

No. 245993

Very clear anons didnt' watch the video and are nitpicking just to troll.

No. 245997

I for one watched her video and think that her apartment is cluttered and she has the worst design aesthetic. Gray on gray ugliness. Lol

But having said that I think that they are a cute couple!

No. 246006

May I also add, that when chris was Lily whenever he showed his apartment in his videos, his Patreon livestreams and when Lily herself filmed there, it was always clean and clutter free.
Remember his are you a YouTube tv interview the place was spotless!
Not aesthetically pleasing but clean!
Lol so a point for Lily there although I still think she is unhinged

No. 246008

I like both Chris and Sharla a lot and find their lack of taste in home decor kind of endearing, but they need to get a bigger place. Two cats, two adults and they both mostly work from home … a three bedroom with a SMALL living room and kitchen is way too little space.

No. 246010

He's rich? Well that explains that, I guess. There certainly are plenty of attractive SEA men but he ain't one of em.

No. 246016

I could not agree more!
If I were her I would get a four bedroom apartment, where in the fourth bedroom I would keep all the cat toys and shit as well as a proper guest room and D clutter the rest of my house.

But then again she doesn’t wanna stay in Japan long so probably this is their last apartment in Japan if she has her way.

No. 246018

Huh? Only scrotes point out weight?
Tell you don't have friends without telling you have friends.

No. 246020

And that is with Chris having his own studio where some of his stuff resides.
Imagine all in this apartment kek

No. 246025

How is that going to work with Chris' job? How is it going to work with her job? They should both stay in Japan for a bit longer.

No. 246028

Well if they want to leave, I am sure they have an exit plan in mind. How they will earn income, what they will do with their respective channels etc.
I am sure that they expect to a dip of audience, but that’s a risk they are willing to take, I guess.

No. 246033

im certain chris would have a meltdown if he left, he's built up a channel almost exclusively on japan content and thats why his subscribers watch him. any prolonged duration of non japanese content will have his views decrease along with his income.

No. 246038

He told his Patreon that he accepts it and is at peace with his audience dropping once he leaves japan. He says that he would be okay with rebuilding his channel once he leaves japan and that’s one main reason that he started his 2nd channel and his future collabs with Ludwig in LA in Dec, that’s not Japan related! He also was surprise how well his video with Connor filmed in the Uk did especially since it had nothing to do with japan. But he also anticipates to go back and forth splitting the time between Uk and japan in the future.

No. 246052

Seriously though where did this picture come from

No. 246054

a one off video where you're expected to return to "normal" content is different to abondoning your base content in favour of something outside the interest of your audience.
but a portion of his original audience will continue to watch and provide a platform to grow from, but it'll take a lot of time to equal his current numbers.

No. 246055

Quite sure he backs out to Japan.
He has a great niche and his persona ain't rare if he leaves the country.
If he leaves what would be his description?
"Amateur sarcastic British guy into filmography"?
I feel his views will first go a bit down but eventually his channel will die.
That is if he well can properly become a general content creator.

No. 246065

File: 1662588182699.jpg (202.96 KB, 1080x866, Screenshot_20220907_180006.jpg)

Watched a few of Sharlas videos from 2018 that feature Norm. He comes off as friendly, calm, intellegent - no weird voice inflations or egomanic style talking. When did his youtube style change to what it is now? I wonder what provoked that

No. 246067

Well he says he will be okay with the drop when it happens and is excited about the prospect of having to rebuild an audience separate from the japan content once he leaves. He also says he will split his time between the 2 countries

No. 246068

He was always an asshole, a great majority of his audience have no clue about his bad behavior

No. 246073

I bet shortly after they're married and a spousal visa is sorted for Sharla they'll move to the UK.

No. 246075

A lot
One ttt comment said “hello Chris my husband I love you” and he asked Connor if the comment came from Sharla starting 4:33:50
He talked about Sharla getting them a PS5
One ttt comment asked him how does Sharla deals with his snoring he jokes that she sleeps on the couch

No. 246079

I honestly doubt he'd leave. He complains too much about the algorithm to ever risk blowing up his audience. Plus there's not much for him in England at this point. Sharla and him are antinatal so it wouldn't even be about their kids going to Japanese schools.
Chris seems like he likes this clean and organized but is too lazy to do it without prodding. Lily is more strict. Sharla seems a bit like a hoarder. Lily was probably the best from him but Sharla will let him be comfortable and try less.
What did he do during the livestream? Did it top the petty bitter display of the wacky weekend ? Not surprised Connor won over American Pete.

No. 246081

That's nice for you, anon, but no1currs about your constant sperging about it. It's not your apartment. Thank you for your critiques on it, but move on already.

No. 246082

These comments matter from random people because….

No. 246083

yea i don't think neither will leave kek
Chris and Sharla's identities are Japan, sharla just couldn't hack it in korea and ran back
plus i think chris has talked about leaving japan a few times but keeps pushing back the date. I remember he talked about it on one his Trash Taste interviews about a 5 year plan or something and that was almost 3 years ago and don't think he has plans leaving in 2 years kek

No. 246085

She got divorced.

No. 246086

yea no shit but the final nail was probably she hated living in korea and couldn't handle it. Her korea videos were so discount and low energy

No. 246088

Did she say she hated living there? I thought it had to do with her liking Japan better in general, not because she hated Korea. Did we watch the same moving back to Japan video? Lol

No. 246092

File: 1662591461892.png (1.65 MB, 1683x933, 234932.png)

was supposed to be 3 years as he said in 2020
they're never leaving kek hostage to their niche

No. 246094


She liked Japan more cause Chris was there heehee

No. 246097

The gov. pays them to do videos too. There's no guarantee another country would.

No. 246109

She said she loved living in Korea and was really sad to leave it but couldn’t continue living there after her divorce so Japan is her best option. She no longer wants to live in Japan she has made it very clear I don’t know why this is an argument it’s her words her choice, it’s not even a speculation.

No. 246110

Well since he has made it clear that he wants to marry her and she has it clear that she does not want to keep living in Japan, he’s going to have to move. He said he misses his family and will slplit the time between Japan and the UK. Whether your choose to believe it or not is irrelevant, those are their words, their choice. they have made it clear that they do not want to continue living in Japan. Why are you debating peoples choices on how they want to live their own lives.

No. 246111

No the final nail is she didn’t wanna be married to him anymore. Had nothing to do with Korea

No. 246112

He could get a contract with the government in the uk to make videos, have something guarented before leaving. He could still be doing videos for Japan monthly or whatever all he needs to do is travel there because I'm sure they'll still visit to get their weebo fill.

No. 246113

I feel like discussing something as tedious as Chris's nail-biting habit would be more interesting than the current discussion.

No. 246114

She says she would move to UK tomorrow if she could. She no longer wants to live in Japan, I know that’s hard for you weebs to imagine but she doesn’t want to live in japan anymore and Chris has an exit plan as well. So relax it’s not your business, it’s their money their lives, you don’t need to imagine how it’s going to be, that’s their problem.
And they both seem dead set on leaving Japan so we’ll see what the future brings. People leave Japan all the time it’s not nirvana.

No. 246115

Why bother, simps and white knights will fight every detail to protect their parasocial YouTubers

No. 246116

No they’re from different vods but I do remember seeing him mentioning her those other times. They were more as well but nothing significant. He speaks about her all the time now

No. 246118

Guess we’ll find out their next 3 year plan 3 years later kek

No. 246123

Keep saying they’re dead sept on leaving, but they haven’t made any plans to do so. Chris said he was planning 3 years in 2019, then he said 3 years in 2020. It keeps getting pushed because what can he do outside of japan? He’s trapped in a niche section of YouTube.

No. 246124

Tbh, I wonder if the tourist thing might be a reason why they want to push it, especially now. It'll be hard for them to visit and do their own thing in the future if they leave anytime soon. Would suck because you can't visit Japan without having an itinerary.

No. 246126

>>245992 the cycle was Connor's idea, but it will be shit if Chris didn't come aboard. Chris assemble the team of Ian, Paul and also Pete later on. Without him Connor will be riding solo or with a lesser known jvlogger

No. 246133


I don't think it would be. Connor can easily carry a stream by himself.
Yes, we had fun times with Pete and Chris and the Paul and Ian, but if this were just Connor and someone else, it would still have easily worked and would still have likely raised the same amount for charity, given how well Connor's auction charity stream went.

Without a crew / support van, the stream would have felt more engaging.

We did get to see Chris' directors eye during the stream.

"This place offers a stunning vista of this location etc."
"Now show a drone after that line of the area and play some music, and that's sorted"

Creatively, he's been resting on his laurels a bit too much, because that seems to be pretty much all his recent videos.

No. 246135

Just because they have not said their plans publicly doesn’t mean they don’t have one.
I said dead set, specifically Sharla has said at every chance she gets it she does not want to keep living in Japan. She wants to move to the UK. sne bad said so in her video, her YouTube comment section, IG and Twitter. she no longer wants to live there, she is over japan, so she will move as soon as possible, and chris himself said and that he wants to leave soon. I don’t know why you want to argue about it! It’s their choice!
Sharla literally said she would leave Japan right now if it’s was up to her, if that’s not dead set I dont what is

No. 246136

NTA, but you wanting so desperately to be the "one who called it" is pathetic as hell.

No. 246137

Speaking of Sharla's ex husband, wasn't he some cutesy skinny little femboy? How do you go from that to… Chris. Not that Chris is unattractive but he's like the total opposite of that stuff.

No. 246138

I think they all brought their own style and made it great, but Connor carried most of the live stream weight.
Most of chris work is done with his editing.
You don’t have to like him, but it’s ckear that he puts a lot of work in his video production.

No. 246143

I didn’t call it! Its not a prediction or a guess, I am just quoting what they have both repeatedly told their audiences.
it’s not a secret or a scoop. it’s their words!
I have no reason to doubt what they both have confirmed publicly.
Why are you being so silly about it? LOL

No. 246144

I am leaning towards over 90 percent sure that they will get married in December.
Him casually discussing getting married soon on the podcast and a tone of friends traveling to the UK is my biggest clue!

I think that they got engage on their trip to Kanazawa I have 0 proof of this just a hunch!

No. 246147

I was pretty convinced until he mentioned in the last podcast episode that he's doing the boxing event in December in LA. Unless they get married before the boxing event, I can't imagine wanting to take your wedding photos even a few weeks after a boxing match.

No. 246148

I think the timing is more like hey you are all going to be in the UK for my wedding why don’t I hold an event as well.
Ryotaro and Pete being there was the biggest clue.
Peter has been taking about going to the UK in December way before Chris planned this line show.

No. 246150

I think Sharla is ok for content because it's usually day in my life/apartment setup/traveling around and that's easy to do in the uk. She also said she wants to start a cat hotel and that could bring up some good business while making videos about it.

No. 246152

I was thinking the same thing as well, until he described it as a chess boxing event. Doesn’t seem that intense TBH. I think they will wear head gear as well.
The boxing event is before his live show as well.
The live event is on the 17th.

No. 246155

She also has 2 fairly successful small businesses in japan.

No. 246157

Ps It’s not a podcast event

No. 246158

Sharla mentioned they'll stay for another 10 max years in Japan.

No. 246159

No where did you see that?! Because she says in her IG QA she is ready to leave ASAP. Like 2 years not 10

No. 246160

Chris said at least 3 in 2020
great now who do we believe kek

No. 246161

That’s a lie you made that up

No. 246162

That person made up the 10 years thing as early as July of this year Sharla is like sooon I will leave Japan lol

No. 246164

her Q&A where she revealed she was dating Chris I think

No. 246165

Nope you made that up my dear. She said nothing of that sorts in that video or any video. Stop lying

No. 246169

Are you Sharla's bodyguard,you don't have to take it so personal. She said it I just don't care enough to go around looking for it.

No. 246173

you mean 24/7 white knight kek

No. 246176

Get a new line of insult it’s boring like you are, you say this every time are proven wrong. Simply pointing out facts is not defending someone, it is not simping for someone, I am pointing out facts. if you want make things up and lie that’s up to you, but someone’s going to all it out. the stupid insult means nothing.
This place so inconsistent, lol today I called her apartment ugly and cluttered and said she has shit taste, and people said I’m a Sharla hater, just now I am pointing out facts and quoting her and you’re calling me simp, make it make sense. Lol

No. 246177

White knight, bodyguard Simp is the go to when you guys get called out for making things up about people. y’all are so predictable LOL

No. 246180

File: 1662604658109.jpeg (85.79 KB, 500x746, 23432.jpeg)

No. 246182

kekkkk wtf

No. 246185

Right? A degrade.

No. 246190

Lol I was waiting for you to post a meme. Lol it’s very on brand. You did the same yesterday very predictable get some more material

No. 246191

Chris leaving Japan makes no sense.
1. His career and only skill set is tied heavily to Japan if he left it'd collapse
2. He is obsessed with money and chases the algorithm so he wouldn't risk that
3. Sharla lets him be lazy and wouldn't force him to be active about anything. So she wouldn't force him out of the country.
4. Their whole lives are in Japan
5. They aren't interested in children so the big reason a lot leave isn't there. Many don't want children raised in Japan as foreigners. It's not like their cats will be outsiders.
6. He literally just built an expensive set/studio
Connor twitch streams all the time. Chris did make it more engaging but Connor could carry it by himself and has a lot of contacts. The film crew in regards to Connor weren't too much of a factor as Connors stream was mostly from his own thing. The crew is for when Chris releases the video.
It depends on who he fights. Chess boxing is kind of a meme sport. But the boxing component can be pretty rough. Plus most youtuber boxing is usually lopsided. Odds1Out had to fight a 6'4 chiselled Australian god named IDidAThing and iDubbz had to fight Dr. Narcissist. Chris might end up with a tough opponent too.
Unless she's retiring she's going to regret it. Chris especially. What would the content be? Journey Across Essex? 24 hours is Kent? 21 must try pub foods? All while being a grumpy British guy in Britain?

No. 246193

> > Unless she's retiring she's going to regret it.
There are a lot of jobs in England too anon, she doesn’t have to be a vlogger. Quite frankly she hasn’t been trying terribly hard to be a successful vlogger in years, I doubt she gets loads of new viewers. She could get a job that isn’t on video. I think Chris would have a harder time adapting as he seems more ambitious. Sharla has a personality type that I think would be content living quite a simple life. I am sure she could find a job in the UK that would pay for cat food and Huell.

No. 246199

Nona, narcissists always hide their true colors in the beginning.

No. 246201

There's very few people who can go from being a celebrity with nearly full creative control to having a regular job. Sharla at least has some businesses and her content wouldn't die off in the UK. Chris definitely wouldn't be able to handle an office job with a boss and getting a normal person's salary.

No. 246204

used to love chris video but this recent video or vlogs he such a insufferable to watch, connor really carries all the stream when he interact with chris.
that connor bungee video , i almost cannot watched it because of chris whiny and annoying one-liner he insisted to do while the camera on him . luckyly connor such a good bro

No. 246207

So you think Chris is gonna be a Youtuber until he's elderly or what? Anyone who has Youtube as their "job" will need to find something else eventually

No. 246210

>on an imageboard
fuck you piece of shitOh yes, of course Dear!

No. 246211

It's called retiring.

No. 246212

He’ll recreate a discount version of his ramen shop studio in a England apartment and interview ex alt teachers/YouTubers and make reaction videos to japan content

No. 246215

oh no anon thinks I'm wrong on a gossip forum, I'll go kms.

No. 246230

>gossip forum
go back

No. 246239

You seriously think Chris is gonna make Youtube videos for the next 30 yrs until he's eligible for retirement

No. 246240

Chris has most likely invested his cash and can afford to retire before 35. At least I hope he has. It would be sad if he didn't and had to continue trying to be a youtuber into his middle age, and he certainly can't be doing his current persona back in the UK.

That character only works in Japan and with his circle of friends, and even then it's worn out its welcome. It'd just be annoying back in the UK.

Chris Broad the character has gotten to be a lot like Señor Chang. Funny and amusing early on, but ended up as a caricature that ceased to be funny a few seasons ago.

Or maybe he doesn't even need to because he's actually landed aristocracy and can go manage the many properties they rent out peasants once he retires.

No. 246243

Are you implying the imageboard where anons primarily gossip about Ecelebs isn't a gossip forum? Lmao right I'll just go back to the planet where that somehow isn't true.

No. 246246

if hes smart he'll keep making the money videos that appeal to his audience for a few more years and invest the earnings into something that provides a passive income.
Sharla did this with the airbnb, once the borders open it'll pay off.
in terms of current wealth he's got that studio (which is just another apt in the building he lives in) that he could sell.

No. 246254

>rich man
Maybe nowadays but I doubt he was rich when they got together.

No. 246255

why they struggle with this

No. 246257

You’re absolutely right.
I think he should just kill himself tbh.(a-log)

No. 246258

The things that you don’t seem to get is I dont care what Chris does for his career or for YouTube, it’s not my concern it is his. So if he decides that he doesn’t want to continue to live in Japan, that’s his problem. Whether it makes sense to you or not, it’s his choice not mine or yours.
So you can make all the most you want, but it’s his life.
He has made it clear that Japan is not his forever so I just don’t get your obsession with keeping him there

No. 246259

Are you 10 years old? He doesn’t own the studio, he rents it. He doesn’t live on that building, they live somewhere else.

No. 246260

You tube has been around for 17 years. There is no blue print on how to do YouTube into your retirement. But YouTube has a range of audience. chris audience is an older one, if he grows or ages with his audience there is no reason why he couldn’t appeal to an older crowd.

No. 246261

I think you guys suffer from a lack of imagination that’s why you can’t wrap your head around making a shift in career. Lol do grow up!

No. 246270

Someone doesn't understand visas but has an opinion.

A permanent resident is not a citizen. They have a permanent resident visa which needs renewing every 8-10 years.

No. 246275

>>246240 Chris may not be as lucrative as other youtuber or streamer but his content and persona will carry over in his late age. he can rebuild outside of Japan because his skills and credential can venture into other medias, he already has inside connection with Pete Donaldson in the UK. Connor is grinding because he knows the cross dressing and crane games wont carry in his late thirties. That is why Joey is moving away from anime content, it will be creepy when his forty and still ogling drawings.

No. 246278

>>246260 Well said, Time is not against Chris. He doesn't rely on his looks and prey on virgin incels like Pokimane, Amouranth and Sydney. Pewdiepie made his money before he expires. Chris can transition to sort of a more journalistic foreign correspondent.

No. 246286

Yes… presenting. Like how he was awkward during Cat Nation… then still awkward during his Hyde interview… then still awkward during his Ken Watanabe interview.

No. 246289

>>246286 His best videos are those about Japan as a society and its faults. He has stated that he was approach by tv medias to feature in channels like NHK, but it wasn't good for him, because they want him to react like a native and kiss Japan's ass. Most of his tv work were during less financially stable stage so he grab any side hussle he can such as cat nation. But now he can afford to decline those offers

No. 246292

He's not a good presenter when he can't put his persona out. It would be weird if he was sarcastic complaining Brit to Hyde, Watanabe, or the cats. Imagine if he tried to rib and tease them like he does most of his friends it'd be really disrespectful or even bizarre in the cats case. I will give him credit for knowing when to turn it off unlike when Joey interviewed the Yakuza member and kept acting immature and disrespectful.
I don't think sarcastic Brit in England would have appeal like it does in Japan. The places where it could work are places he wouldn't want to go to live. That said I'm actually surprised he doesn't lean into Abroad more and go do videos in other foreign countries. That would probably do well especially if they're bored of Japan. Best Ever Food Review Show has essentially endless content potential because they're willing to go anywhere and open to any challenge. I've never seen any YouTubers actually acknowledge Central Asia exists and is such depth.
The character is fine I think. Just that Chris seems meaner, lazier, and more money obsessed lately. He just needs to find the right balance of the persona and not being a douchebag to his friends or being a clickbaiter.

No. 246295

>>246292 him acting mean is his set role, When his with Joey, Pete and Coonor, its all part of their play dynamic. When his a guest on trash taste its a role reversal the three host roast him for being a boomer. Can't believe how good Chris portrays his character, that you fall for every bait.

No. 246296


They haven't fallen for the bait. They're saying that while they like the character well enough, Chris' recently turning it up to 11 is getting on their nerves because that's not something they may want to see.

I'm the person who's grown tired of it because in my eyes, it's like he thinks being the irate and annoyed Englishman is content. It's really not. It might flavour the content, but his recent content isn't very good, so no amount of irate Englishman is going to salvage that in my eyes.

No. 246297

Can you fucking learn to sage?

No. 246298

>>246296 When they act so nice and to good to be true in camera, you need to run to the hills, away from them as you could. In WWE the heel makes other look good, to give them a good push. Your just a very soft woke ass soy boy. afraid that mean Chris hurt your feelings

No. 246300


No worries, no feelings have been hurt. You're simply looking at things from your perspective where criticism is a personal sleight so you have to man up because real men don't have feelings to hurt.

My perspective, which I hope you can understand, is that of someone who used to love the content, but noticed the dip in quality of the content post JAJ 1, and would very much like the quality to go back up, but has been constantly disappointed with every video released because it feels more like Chris has just been coasting the past couple of years.

Please don't take this board too seriously, it's a place to gossip and to have a bit of fun. If reading comments here begins to hurt your feelings, you should take break and step outside for some fresh air.

No. 246302

>>246133 Days before the cycle stream Connor went for a test stream while cycling with Josh in Japan and Robcdee to fine-tune the stream setup. It is evident that is a good streamer in his room, but when its IRL outside for a week you need someone like Chris which you can have good banter no holds barred. Both of them does not have to tip-toe a fine line when they collaborate. Even if Connor instead choose Joey or Garnt. They cant be perfectly sync with him. The interplay of the two brits is more enjoyable. Plus connor can be more sarcastic and sassy with Chris.

No. 246304

>>246300 All JAJ after the original has been my least favorite its just a recycle of Dr. Jelly. But he is very much capable of delivering the goods like the Fukushima docu, I think his trying to appeal to the algorithm much more than he would like, and I think it frustrates him that his more society focus videos tend to flop. Maybe when he moves out of Japan he will be free to make more journalistic tyoe endeavors

No. 246305

He doesn’t have a PR, Sharla doesn’t have a PR. She renewed her visa last year and landed a 3 years Visa per her own words and last year chris got a 5 years.
Both Chris and Sharla has starred that they will not pursue a PR because they only see japan as a Short term thing.
Sooooo maybe it’s you that don’t know what you are talking about.

No. 246306


Yes, the Fukushima documentary was actually good and loads better than the celebrity interviews he's done.

It's a shame that it didn't do as well as he expected so he'll probably be saving further videos like that for when he's out of Japan because of the algorithm.

No. 246308

>>246306 In his latest video "Japan tourist ban" he didn't pull any punches on the Japanese politicians running the country. I think that Chris can be a good political analyst, as his next gig after Japan. Hes not so concern about being cancel like Connor, because his audience are not twitch zoomers

No. 246309

What's going on with his hand?!

No. 246310

So you really are retarded, huh? You don't know how to sage and you also don't realize that Garnt is also British.

No. 246311

File: 1662646099918.jpg (307.75 KB, 1468x2048, FcI0XkZakAIhEG3.jpg)

Healing tooling something probably and caught that area without realizing.

No. 246312

Was about to say he looks slimmer but I realized it's the angle and a black shirt kek
The face is less puffy tho.

No. 246315

File: 1662646542079.jpeg (555.81 KB, 546x1420, A239EB41-6A71-4D88-AD5B-223BC1…)

Lol I see him enjoying his new towels

No. 246316

His an honorary brit, and adopted most of the British quirks. Garnt is still an outsider whether you like it or not. Chris and Connor after the first guesting gelled right away. With Garnt Connor had to prove himself to be part of the weeb circle. Garnt is a well known gate keeper of anime fandom, and maybe that's why Chris has yet to collaborate with him. Garnt is allergic to anything outside of anime

No. 246322

How is Garnt not British again? When he was born and raised there. Garnt is more British than Connor, Connor is welsh. The racist in you jumped out I see

No. 246324

Go to the TT thread to talk about him. Jfc. Do you guys now how to use your containment?

No. 246325


His a brit in paper snowflake. Garnt's lineage is Thai, that makes Connor more brit. They became close immediately, since they feel the immediate connection of the crown.

No. 246326

Wales is part of Britain.
Britain = England, Scotland, Wales
UK = Britain + Northern Ireland + A few minor things
Ireland = Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland
As well Garnt is British and acts very British. He and Connor play off eachother pretty well.

No. 246330

Oh I see only white people can be considered Brits.
Garnt couldn’t possibly get alone with white Brits because of his Thai heritage
Not very racist at all

No. 246331

>>246326 Its evident that Connor plays the heel so he can prop-up Garnt. Have you ever considered why Connor collabs more with Chris even in streams. Garnt's content is soon to be expired a married guy that still ogles anime tits wont age well. Out of the three trash taste members his the most adamant to move out of the weeb phase

No. 246332

great are dislocated kiwifarmers the new group to camp out here now too?

No. 246334

I really don't get why you hate Garnt so much and make so many anti Thai and SEA comments. As well learn to sage.

No. 246335

If you call human tendencies as being racist, then it is then. Even in Japan children that are born and classified as citizen from non-japanese parents is still a gaijin, the same applies to Garnt in the UK, you wont understand its a native thing. Chris and Connor are under the umbrella of the queen as true englishmen(race-sperging)

No. 246336

>>246334 Japanese women are more inclined to marry and date a fellow japanese guy, thus that make them racist? what you say Mr. philosopher

No. 246348

>His an honorary brit
>His a brit
It's "he's" not "his", why do you think you're the authority on what makes someone a true Brit when you can't even speak their language coherently kek

No. 246352

You dont have to be a linguist to understand human behavior. a native will always be homies with a pure fellow native, like Chris and Connor in Japan. Its like you haven't went outside of your room and just observe human behavior in the in the internet. Commonality is a strong bond, that is why the gaijin vloggers are tight, not one outed C and S.

No. 246357

Shut the fuck up! British does not equal white. It’s 2022 no reasonable person thinks that. Japan us behind the world when for it comes to racism, no one should be copying gif Japanese thinking like yours!

No. 246358

Alright you racist fuck, go away

No. 246359

What makes you think I give a flying fuck about what a backwards thinking Japanese women think!?

No. 246360

No. 246361

Oh my? isn't somebody here being sexist?

No. 246364

I am super curious to see what Lily reaction will be once the engagement is announced!
Last time she waited about a week to drop the cheating bomb

No. 246374

Whatever bomb she dropped, no one would care getting dumped is typical in this day and age, unless she has milk that C and S hook-up while she was still married to the Korean dude, and adultery is the reason for the divorce

No. 246382

That’s exactly what she claimed. That chris cheated on her with Sharla

No. 246384

>>246374 Sharla was already divorce at the time frame that lily claimed though

No. 246400

the people of britian existed before the term british was created to describe them. when it was created it did not refer to immigrants or descendants of immigrants as british people, becuase they're not, they will always be immigrants and descendants of immigrants.
garnt may have a loose cultural attachment to britian but his thai cultural attachment is stronger. the british people are a race, much like the spanish people are a race and the german people are a race. Moving into and living amongst racially different people does not make you one of them.
Im sure you know what a gaijin is, literally outside person, are all Japanese people racist too?

No. 246402

Imagine being so retarded by your racism that you don't know the difference between race, ethnicity, and nationality.

No. 246407

She claimed that the cheating happened during JAJ and it's already been mentioned that Sharla divorced sometime in the summer of 2018.
Though she did also say that Chris started acting weird after Sharla got divorced. He was in Korea that summer for almost a week I think in July iirc and Sharla was back in Japan that summer so it is possible that they hooked up in either of those two timeframes. I kinda doubt it though.

No. 246414

God he looks so ugly.

No. 246416

>In his latest video "Japan tourist ban" he didn't pull any punches on the Japanese politicians running the country. I think that Chris can be a good political analyst, as his next gig after Japan.
He was very late to the game and just repeated basic points that everyone, including mainstream international media, had already talked about to death. Chris is not an expert on politics or Japan. He's not even fluent in Japanese, has barely any understanding of Japanese politics, and he's not trying to become an analyst.

No. 246451

Wasn't there supposed to be a third JAJ: Okinawa episode?

Did Chris bail on it or has it been delayed (like how all his JAJ series go)?

No. 246455

Maybe he's realized how he's been Adam Sandlering things and is now quickly filming his Uncut Gems.

Or he's been stunlocked coming up with a title that the algorithm will adore.

No. 246459

Are you the same fuck that said Japanese women are backward thinkers. Its called having a preference, dating their own race is not being racist its a practice of choice. You may not be racist but you sure are sexist.(just sage your shit)

No. 246461


No. 246469

Even his subreddit didn't like the new direction. He tried defending it but he probably did take the criticism and we already know he reads this site. If he's actually working on making it better then thats good.

No. 246483

Ummm it is the Ryotaro and natsuki one.
Doubt it's too risky.

No. 246521

Fucks sake, Conner isn't even English he's Welsh, if you knew ANYTHING about the UK you'd know how pissy Welsh people get at being called English. Garnt can be British and Thai

No. 246541

It was a shit boring video in a shit cluttered apartment

No. 246543

So gross, but her view count for this video is in line with her channel

No. 246548

It was one of her most boring videos and their place looks terrible. I can't imagine another young destructive cat and Chris who doesn't seem like he's that thorough with chores is helping much. The place is cluttered, crowded, and poorly designed. I get why Sharla wants to leave Japan if she's living in that kind of a place. I think they should look into minimalism and get rid off all the useless junk.

No. 246549

It was a weird choice for a video. Didn’t she go to Matsushima the same week? Maybe film that instead of unboxing some towels. I don’t get it.

No. 246557

Well she has gone to matsushima very recently and filmed there, so I don’t think that would work.

No. 246558

It’s only 3 days old, she will certainly reach that 200k soon. It’s pacing just like her usual videos.

No. 246604

>The place is cluttered, crowded, and poorly designed. I get why Sharla wants to leave Japan if she's living in that kind of a place.
It's cluttered because of Sharla and it's going to be that way no matter where they move unless she stops bringing in junk. Did you see her airbnb? She had the place remodeled yet it also looks terrible due to her decorating choices and awful and unnecessary junk.

btw, English apartments, which are not as large as what you have in North America, are far more expensive to rent than what you can get in Sendai, which is also much cheaper than Tokyo. Chris and Sharla could easily move into a larger flat or house in Sendai yet choose not to.

No. 246606

She is a collectors mind so she keeps buying cat toys, towers etc. her office is filled with ridiculous stuff animals, her kitchens is filled with shit. I remember Chris saying that he hates clutter, lol and now he is drowning in shit!
The only room that seems to have escaped the mess is the bedroom, no stuff animals on the bed and not cluttered. So perhaps chris put his foot down for that.
But Sharla is just gross. Do you guys remember how disgusting her shiba and Korean apartment was?

No. 246607

Her apartment in Korea was fine. No one cares about your opinions. This is next level nitpicking.

No. 246612

You think they should look into minimalism? Ok lmao. Why do you think that everyone wants to live in a sterile empty box.
There are plenty of minimalist Japan channels if that’s what you’re into. Why should she change her life to suit your personal taste?

No. 246622


I also don't understand this argument. There's tons of YTers to watch and like anons have been saying, they are lucky to even have 1 extra room. Sorry they don't have a massive kitchen and an extra living room too. Their house isn't hoarder looking either. Anons are just brainwashed to think empty = good.

No. 246628

Where? What do people not understand about an imageboard?

No. 246630

It’s already posted on here twice lol

No. 246631

File: 1662758444951.jpeg (407.01 KB, 2222x1228, 504E3DF6-A105-468A-86A1-02E729…)

Lol if this is fine I would hate to see your place

No. 246632

Their apartment looks very average. People with cats buy cat stuff. Plenty of adults have stuffed animals. If they are happy with it, who cares? It impacts literally no one except them.

With that said, putting real dirt into the pots with fake plants was kind of stupid and her cats will surely pee in them and shovel the dirt onto the floor.

No. 246633

I always find the cat addiction cute till some point but Sharla migth be stepping into retard field.

No. 246634

And those adults with stiff animals needs to grow up.
Having a grown up beautiful decorated home, that’s keep knee and tidy especially if your place is that small is a hallmark of a brain that’s been developed, matured and refined. Not a place as full of cute little animals and shit every corner of the house.
She can expand her interest past Pokémon find good art find good music fine and great collections from her travels, things that adults do’ it instead of playing with kids shit

No. 246635

Good trolling.
'things that adult do' I'm sure they do that, too.

No. 246636

Lol your vision of proper adulthood sounds pretty bleak and generic but ok

Sharla seems happy with her toys and Chris is talking about marriage so he must be coping fine with it.

No. 246637

I hope you don't watch martina's vlogs because she even worse than Sharla is.

No. 246638

Sharla is nearly 40. Look at Taylor she had a doll girl phase, but she grew up and matured. Her style and way of thinking is dramatically different. Sharla is still wearing hoodies in the middle of the summer, collecting stuff animals and not making adult strides.
Honesty I like Sharla but she is very much in arrested development in many ways and there is nothing wrong with calling that out!

No. 246639

Well at least Martina while wacky is creative and original not doing bathroom towel upgrade videos. But yes Martina content is not my cup of tea.

No. 246640

What adult strides? She seems to be doing fine financially and appears to be happy. She’s not harming anyone by collecting Pokémon or whatever.

No. 246646

Let her collect what she wants to collect as long as it's not something that hurts others I say.

Yes, their apartment is cluttered, but that's usually a problem with how small Japanese apartments are. I've known people whose bedrooms doubled as a closet or have had to use a storage service for their other stuff.

While I understand why it's cluttered, I still disagree with it because they can easily afford a larger space, especially since they're in Sendai. Why subject themselves to living in a store room? There's being thrifty, but living like that can really mess with your pysche.

No. 246660

I think their apartment is big by Japanese standards for two people. They have also both talked about it being a pain in the ass for foreigners to rent an apartment in Japan. Would it make you happy if they bought a house in a country they don’t plan to stay in long term? Lol

No. 246663

Feel free to leave lolcow and move to Sharla's channel or subreddit if it offends you that people are criticizing the way she's decorated her Sendai and Tokyo apartments, which she's made multiple vlogs about. There'd be a lot less criticism if she didn't keep making these home "makeover" videos and the Tokyo apartment is an airbnb, not her personal space.

No. 246666

Yeah everyone knows it’s an Airbnb. Who said it wasn’t?

No. 246669

It's not that difficult to rent an apartment as a foreigner in Sendai and they can even rent a house if they wanted. Rent is also significantly cheaper than in Tokyo. Anons are suggesting they move into a bigger place because Sharla has so much stuff, not because they're two people. It wouldn't be necessary to move to a larger place if she didn't. If she's planning on moving out of Japan, Sharla really should be cutting down the amount of stuff she has and shouldn't be adopting another cat.

No. 246679

File: 1662767020404.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1354, Screenshot_20220910-003515.png)

Got the date wrong, he was in Korea at the end of June. Sharla was in Japan in late July. She spent a lot of time in Japan mid-late 2018.

No. 246683

Connor is literally ten years younger than her, dumbass.

No. 246690

I just remembered this vid that an anon mentioned. Chris was the one filming so he was hanging out with her in Tokyo in July.

No. 246697

File: 1662771731733.png (1.64 MB, 1080x575, Screenshot_20220910-014427.png)

p.s. I'm guessing he took this pic of her and the one at the new Otani hotel on the 25th. So he went to meet up with her in Tokyo while Lily was traveling around Tohoku.
Wonder if he was also with her at that sake tasting party in Tokyo.

No. 246699

The date got messed up on Sharla's IG pic, it says July 26th 2018.

No. 246701

The one that she posted about on her IG >>246679

No. 246703

now that I thought about it, this was before she announced her divorce, so it kinda strange she'd be back in Japan so soon after leaving and going on a month trip without her husband.

No. 246704

Fuck she looked healthy back then
What a difference in 4 years

No. 246706

well she didn't become unhealthy on purpose, she did have thyroid cancer.

No. 246708

Didn’t she say she gained like 8 or 10kg while in England, have a feeling there’s other problems kek

No. 246710

>hanging out with another woman that's not your girlfriend while she's traveling
It was written on the wall lol

No. 246713

I wonder if the "You're the reason I came to Japan" was ever brought up by Chris' ex when she saw that.

Can be passed off as an in joke / reference while mainly being something to test the waters with.

Or maybe that wasn't advanced flirting and they totally hooked up by then and was rubbing it in everybody's face gaaaaaaaah

No. 246717

For real ,their Queen is the one making videos about her apartment and shit so why we should not criticize if needed.
Feeling like Connor is transparent unlike Sharla who tries to sell two stories.

No. 246720

Why they feel the need to diligently camp out here on the jvlog thread, which has since its beginning shit on jvogglers and then get offended by it, is beyond reason. Just get the fuck out and worship them on their subreddits or learn to integrate

No. 246722


I for one am miffed that the Tokyo Creative chocolate making video with Chris was baked.

Here I was thinking that it would be a fair competition with an unbiased judge, but little did I know that the winner was making the chocolate in the room next to where the judge was filming his judging of it. Also had insider knowledge, and her chocolate was guaranteed fresh unlike the others who had to ship it to Sendai. I had money on Emma winning that, but it was all for naught.

I'm seething.

No. 246724

I’m sorry you seem to think that Connor is the ruler that I measure adulthood as. If you collect stuff animals, happy for you but people are allowed to think it’s immature and silly. If Shalla makes videos about her shit cluttered ugly apartment after she updated three towels, people can criticize her for it, and the content, that’s just life.
Ps criticism of someone does not mean you hate them or that you are simpping for that boyfriend. it’s a just criticism of an aspect of them that I don’t like. I don’t like that she she collects stuff animals as a grown women, I don’t like that her apartment. I think it’s ugly and cluttered and she films around it still. That’s my opinion, I didn’t say she was a bad person and I didn’t she didn’t deserve Chris, I just said that her apartment was ugly and cluttered and than her stuff animal collection is childish.

No. 246725

lol it was an inside job!

No. 246729

No. 246737

>she did have thyroid cancer.
For the last time, she never had cancer.
Nope. I'm >>246663 and didn't make any of the other comments. It may surprise you, but more than one of us is sick of you simps treating lolcow like it's a fan thread.

No. 246739

If it wasn't cancer then what was it?

No. 246740

I swear the whole vibe and infighting started when Chris and sharla confirmed they’re dating. It was never like this before. It’s like a couple of simp stans googled around after the confirmation, found here, and decided to stay to defend them. The best days of the jvlog thread are gone bc of these new stanfags. Fuck off to their subreddits with your fewllow stans

No. 246741

It was just a tumor
Not cancer

No. 246743

And weight gain with a thyroid problem is usually 5-10 lbs so take that as you will kek

No. 246746

File: 1662785257207.jpeg (175.32 KB, 1242x917, 890DE686-24DC-466C-894E-5D4872…)

No. 246747

Your a shitty detective. I inky wrote one of those messages

No. 246748

Your an idiot! She literally said it was not cancer in her video

No. 246749

Cancer, or benign tumor whatever it is it’s not good. To downplay what must have been an incredibly stressful time would be moronic. The stress and anxiety such an affliction would create can’t be understated. For most of the people in here their worst fear is running out of toxic gossip to sink their teeth into from the comfort of their shit stained basements.

No. 246752

She also admitted she was doing well after the surgery and her results were good during her follow up appointments. It was only after the UK trip and what was supposed to be her final check up that her results were poor and her doctor told her she needed to be a lot more careful and take meds and adhere to a stricter diet now. However, she was still drinking cocktails and eating shit on camera even after telling us about her very strict diet. Chris also gained a lot on the trip. They've both gained more and more weight since getting together, maybe enabling each other's bad habits. Sharla's done diet/exercise fads before, long before the thyroid problem, and was unable to make long lasting changes. Same with Chris.

No. 246753

So in summary she’s lying/hiding about shit and wants her cake and eat it too kek

No. 246757

Anon, it was a lump that wasn't cancerous when it was taken out. It was possible it was. Did you watch the video at all or did you gloss over the fact that that was why it was taken out and that she also had history in her family of it? History + lump = sus. Jfc, you guys don't need to be this stupid.

No. 246761

It's so creepy how desperately you wish Sharla had cancer. Too bad for you tho.

No. 246763

You can’t just say it’s usually 5-10lbs that’s not how thyroids work it’s not a set number. It’s very different per case.

No. 246764


So what you're saying anon, is that, while there was a chance for it to become cancerous, prior to it being removed, it was never cancerous and so she never had cancer.

It's ok anon. We're all anonymous here. No need to die on this hill. Take the L and pretend you're someone else and never bring up the cancer thing, and none of us here will be the wiser.

No. 246765

the crawling in the jvlogger community, as also evidenced in these threads, is shameless
>black outfit, nothing of note
>omg your belt! this outfit!
Sharla and Chris will never leave Japan because the culture shock of leaving their cannibalistic/parasitic communities will be too much
>chris, receding hairline, always looks like a dog who pissed on something and is waiting for you to notice, a good 5/10 on the looks scale
>jvloggers and stans ITT: omg his luscious hair! a millionaire handsome celebrity!

No. 246771

Top kek that's true I didn't remember that video.
Bitch did the chocolate and was probably just in the next room.
Enma and akki having to play fool.

No. 246776

Do you understand how doctors remove tumors or no?

No. 246794

You said she had thyroid cancer. But she didn’t. So I don’t understand why you are trying to twist the coils have been to it was, just so you can be right!
That’s like saying I okayed the Lottery, I could have been a millionaire therefore I am a millionaire, because there was a chance I could win.

No. 246796


I imagine they pump you up with anesthesia, slice you open where the tumor is, and excise it, then do clean up before stitching you up. As most benign tumors are removed for cosmetic purposes, they probably do something extra to lower the chance of it scarring.

Though I don't really see what understanding the process of how doctors remove a tumor has to do with the fact that Sharla did not have cancer anon.

No. 246810

Most youtubers are in arrested development. Sharla is pretty bad with it because she still acts like she's 19 despite being in her late 30s.
If you said Joey, Garny, or their partners you'd have a point but Connor is the youngest and most mature of the group.
Lily was the one who was concerned about Chris' health and made sure he didn't just eat fatty fried chicken all the time. She also didn't turn the apartment into a children's store after an earthquake. At the end of the day she was doing what was best for him and it wasn't appreciated and she was betrayed. But she gets the last laugh with the way they have started hoarding and eating themselves to death.

No. 246815

>Lily was the one who was concerned about Chris' health and made sure he didn't just eat fatty fried chicken all the time

judging by lily's tweets, she only recently got into cooking so idk about that. but i think she used to work part-time as a model, so you might be right on the eating healthily part. sorry for no screencaps, can't grab any rn but wanted to add a few things inb4 somebody accuses you of being lily lol

No. 246816

what a nice house. just suddenly on my yt feed.
>in tachikawa , 30 minute by train from shinjuku st
>3ldk house
>96 sgm
>$390.000 on loan with montly payment of $1200
this feel like what sharla and chris should do like buy/rent a house.
I just surprised that it cost very reasonable that it's located in tokyo

No. 246823

Lol you think that house is nice? Lol they decorated it like a college dorm

No. 246824

Lol part time as a model. Every white basic looking bitch in Japan is a model it’s low threshold.

No. 246826

Lilly did not get the last laugh. She’s over there still pining for fat Chris. She’s been single for three years of her life hasn’t gone nowhere she’s a sad sack tweeting to get Chris attention

No. 246829

Sharla anc chris would have a hard time buying a house because neither have their PR. The Airbnb that Sharla claimed she brought is in Ushka and her husbands name only

No. 246831

anons itt:
>sharla is such a radiant beauty
Also anons:
>reee lily basic white bitch!!!

Yeah no bias here kek.(complaints go in /meta/)

No. 246832

better than sharla and chris apartment, lol
they can rent a house in sendai. i dont think it more expensive than tokyo

No. 246836

File: 1662820276473.png (1.94 MB, 1079x1576, Screenshot_20220910-151840.png)

Nta she was talking about finally learning to cook Japanese food, not cooking in general.

No. 246841

Dumb ass I would never and have called Sharla a radiant beautify. But lily is 100 percent basic bland and forgettable. Sharla is prettier than lily but boring and equally bland. Sorry that hurts your feelings.

No. 246843

It’s a hell of a lot cleaner and less cluttered than chris and Sharla’s place, but not nicer.
Personally I find Japanese houses ugly

No. 246844

They are and they have no room unless you pack the place with ugly style storage bc nothing they sell is cute or you dont own anything and you place stays clean. All the clean Japan LS vloggers have boring beige homes.

No. 246845

After all those years?? That would be easier than learning the language. Lily clearly never tried.

No. 246846

File: 1662821365459.jpeg (492.47 KB, 1273x671, 1E2E4C7B-09FB-41B6-B23A-8103F3…)

I mean no, cause in her tweet accusing chris of cheating. She said she only kind of moved on

No. 246851

I'm shocked that any of these people have Stans. Shit is pathetic.

No. 246854

Lily is pathetic and then chimped out when she realized she was wrong about the cheating because everyone around them would've known, except her, because everyone fucking hates her anyway. She's just mad she moved on and on to someone else who does the same work he does. Lily will forever be the jealous ex and I bet she wishes she was the 'one that got away' for him. She's such a sad sack of shit who couldn't even be bothered to learn to cook Japanese food in a country she's live in for over 5 years. Who wants to marry that?

No. 246856

This is so pathetic because she never talked about this until the fake anons who keeps typing as "C and S" made up that story, 4 threads ago, about them 'seeing C and S holding hands outside of their apartments' which makes it so, so, so fucking clean Lily was posting here or she read the bullshit fake stuff anon posted and is calling that her 'friend'. We already know Lily lies and the way anons are typing just like her are really giving it further away.

No. 246857

calm your goddamn tits. why doesn't the same apply to sharla or chris with him getting fit or making a short film? he's been going on and on about it for the past 7 years. who would want to marry a man so lazy?

No. 246858

I said nothing about Sharla and doesn't negate the fact that learning after all these years to cook something Japanese, as simple as THAT fish miso, that's fucking sad. Stop trying to compare her to Sharla for some reason.

No. 246859

That doesn't look so great in light of Chris lying about when he and Sharla got together.

Sharla must've already been planning her move back to Japan in July 2018 since she was divorced and had her Morioka apartment by September.

No. 246860

The fun thing about this is that no one knows if cheating happened and none of these photos look romantic either. Lily will always keep wondering and I hope they did at this point. Lily was a cunt of a girlfriend anyway. Also, the way Lily was constantly flirting with people while dating Chris, trying to get attention from other male creators only, hm..

No. 246861

Seems she was right that there was something going on between them. >>246697

No. 246862

What did Lily do to you, anon?

No. 246863

you're the one who said that knowing how to cook equals good wife. if i was willing to cut you some slack, i would assume you were referring to the simplicity of the skill. why then after all these years sharla never learned how to keep her place clean or how to dress despite being a public person and promoting beauty products?

No. 246864

Not that anon who said that. There are more than one anon in here.

No. 246866

imagine competing over who gets to be a "better wife" to a scrote….

No. 246867

The way she flirted and everything with other male creators, while dating Chris, is okay? Talk about emotional cheating.

No. 246870

Hoping your simp's ex got cheated on because you don't like some of their tweets is pretty damn extreme and parasocial, and yes, actual cheating and stringing along someone for months when you've already started a relationship with someone else is worse than flirting with someone on twitter, if whatever you're describing was flirting at all.

No. 246871

>calling anyone you don't agree with a simp or a whiteknight
This level of shitposting is amazing. Literally no contribution.

No. 246872

you seem to think that chris is some kind of saint. a saint wouldn't let you suck his dick if he's already taken so i don't know why you keep wking him so hard. i say keep going at it. after all, it wasn't lily who dumped her partner and got together with someone else right after, so you might still have a chance. maybe to at least emotionally cheat with him

No. 246874

Stop adding phrases to what anons say. No one said he's a saint.

No. 246875

File: 1662825749514.png (731.69 KB, 764x671, Screenshot_20220910-163921.png)

She deleted the tweet because she was warned about the backlash and tbh it looks like she was right >>246697 the fact that he went to meet Sharla in Tokyo and then spent time with her while his gf traveled by herself around tohoku and their behaviour towards each other in this vid >>246690 and the mount Fuji vid and all the JAJ vids including the livestream on the TC channel makes it abundantly clear.
>Because everyone around them would've known, except her
That's a big assumption. Why would they have gone around telling people that they had cheated?
>Because everyone fucking hates her anyway
And how do you know this?

Kek Chris can't even fucking cook at all. Why are you not holding him up to the same standards?

No. 246877

Only a total simp of Chris would complain about Lily tweeting with male creators, call her a cunt of a girlfriend despite knowing nothing about her relationship with Chris, and try to justify her getting cheated on in response to a comment about Chris lying about when he started to date Sharla.